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“Some of the News That’s Fit to Print”

December 10, 2012

The VA Voice Vermont Academy, Saxtons River, Vermont 05154 “Discere verba et opera Dei”

VA Holds Kurn Hattin Christmas

By: Christopher Kringle Vermont Academy held the annual Kurn Hattin Christmas on Tuesday. It was held on a cold winter evening, but VA was abuzz with Hanukkah and Christmas cheer. Some select VA students dressed up as elves and Mr. and Mrs. Claus. The elves were assigned to run sporadically around the dining hall in a flamboyant fashion, and big brothers and sisters were told to point them out as they saw them. When everyone finished eating the scrumptious chicken nuggets provided by the superb student wait

staff, Santa made his grand appearance. There was much mirth as Santa Claus and his lovely wife Mrs. Claus greeted the eager children with Ho Ho Ho’s and hugs hugs hugs. They made their way across the dining hall to the festively decorated Aldrich Lounge. The elves and Mrs. Claus handed Santa Claus sacks chock-full-o’ gifts that the children had asked for in their lists. Santa then proceeded to ask them what they wanted for Christmas, and then handed them their sacks. The children went to open their gifts, and Santa made the rounds ensuring that the elves had sorted the gifts appropriately. Santa yelled in a fit of uncontrollable rage at the naughty elves for the lack of batteries in the sacks. The children played with their gifts, and then Santa escorted them to their busses. Ms. Perkins did an amazing job organizing the evening. It is a highlight for many of the underprivileged children at Kurn Hattin School, and embodies the true holiday spirit.

Volume 17, Issue 7

IN THE MARGIN Unemployment Rate now 7.7% Data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Friday reported that the US economy added 146,000 new jobs in November bringing the unemployment rate to 7.7%. This number is the lowest in nearly four years, and shows that the US economy is growing at a faster pace. Hurricane Sandy and the looming fiscal cliff don’t seem to have had much of an impact on the economy. Dave Brubeck Dies Famous jazz pianist and composer Dave Brubeck died on Wednesday at age 91 in Norwalk, CT. Brubeck had an illustrious career as a jazz pianist, and formed the Dave Brubeck quartet. Brubeck was on the way to a regular hospital visit. Johnny Manziel wins Heisman Johny Manziel of Texas A & M University became the first freshman to win the Heisman trophy. He beat out Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o and Collin Klein of Kansas State. His nickname is “Johnny Football” thumb/5/55/DaveBrubeckbyPabloSecca2.png/220pxDaveBrubeckbyPabloSecca2.png johnnymanziel2_ms_400.jpg

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The VA Voice

Why I Play by: Kasi White

Why do I like to play? I like to play because sprinting down the court feels good to me--taking all the shots you can--hearing that swish noise when you make the shot-playing as a team. If you couldn’t figure it out, it’s basketball. Basketball is the sport that I go to when I feel like I can’t handle things. It makes me feel better. When I was little I always watched the NBA games on TV with my brother and sister. We followed the Celtics on their journey to victory. When I saw Paul Pierce or Michael Stewart playing together, making all of their shots and helping the team with their victory, I said, “Wow. I want to be like that someday.” I was determined to get there. I used to go outside everyday and just throw the ball in the air until I could actually get it to the rim. I was only five years old. I worked and worked. I even started watching my siblings’ practices whenever I could. Sometimes the coach would let me play, as in passing the ball and taking short shots. I would get so excited because I got to play with the older kids. It made me feel good. When I was old enough to start playing on a real team, I was ready. I was ready to work my butt off every practice and help my team on our season’s adventure. My first season of basketball, I was not a starter. This was really upsetting because I thought that I was going to be the best. I was far from it. All this made me do was work harder. After prac-

tice I would shoot with my dad and mom. They would make sure my shot form was good and that I had good angles. When the fourth grade season was over, I got an award for most improved player of the year. Even though the season was complete, I didn’t stop playing. I still practiced four times a week with my family. This was a lot for being only eight or nine years old. In my fifth grade season I was finally starting as a post player. I was the tallest on my team all through eighth grade. I was a starting post player all of those years too. I worked my butt off throughout this time. I was voted for captain my eighth grade year because I always pumped the team up before our games. This was when I realized that basketball is who I am and what I always want to do. Now, here I am. I’m in ninth grade on a Varsity basketball team. All of the hard work all of those years paid off. Basketball is a sport that I love so much and I am willing to do anything for it. I’m starting all over again. I may not be a starter this year, but I’m going to work as hard as I did in my grade school years, or even harder and get there. I am determined.

Words of Wisdom by Julian Stolper Abraham Lincoln was defeated for eight different political positions and then became president. This is proof that you can do anything.

December 10, 2012

Vermont Academy Introduces: Hustle Hut

By: Salty Pennington FitzGerald The Hustle Hut was a great success during last Friday’s basketball and hockey games. This wonderful snack stand, created by the senior class as a fundraiser for the senior trip, was located in the lobby of the gym. Its name was inspired by the football team’s unique motto. The Hut offered delicious snacks, such as candy, chips, and Scooby Doo Treats, as well as cold drinks and high quality VA gear. There was also a surprisingly large selection of chewing gum, which was a big seller. No one could have predicted the amazing success of the Hut. Famished fans, exhausted from nonstop cheering, lined up nearly out the door. Candy flew off the table, and Blue Gatorade was in high demand. A good number of knit hats and gloves were sold, and, although he suffered from severe buyer’s remorse, Jon Lesser purchased the final VA snapback. The Hustle Hut will be present at many athletic events throughout the year. The location may change depending on which games are being played, but for now, the hut will reside in the gym lobby. The senior class hopes to add new and exciting merchandise to the hut. One interesting idea was the VA Bacon Plate (whether this would be a plate of bacon or a plate made of bacon is still unclear). If you have any ideas for something you would like to see at the Hustle Hut, don’t hesitate to tell a member of the senior class. The Hustle Hut will continue to provide food, drink, apparel, and school spirit to the VA community when we need it most.

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George Atkins on Sports

This year’s outlook for winter sports is a great one. There are currently 11 different sports or activities being offered, with 4 other teams that are at the JV level. The sports on snow program added a new option to its lineup this year. A new backcountry skiing group coached by Mr. Oullet, joins the usual ski/snowboard program. This includes free ski which iscoached by Mr. Marks, alpine skiing coached by Mr. Tesar, Nordic skiing coached by Mr. Sotskov and Mrs. Vindiktova, recreational skiing organized by Mrs. Atkins and Mrs. Soboleski, and snowboarding coached by Mr. Kelly. The basketball program has 4 teams this year. Mr. Bopp, Mr. Edwards, and Mr. Hatt are coaching the boys’ varsity team. Mr. Sorci is coaching the JVA basketball team and Mr. Mayhew is coaching the JVB team. Mr. Atkins and Ms. Boomgaarden are coaching the girls’ varsity team.

The VA Voice The hockey program includes 4 teams; boys’ varsity, girls’ varsity, boys’ JV, and girls’ JV. Mr. Gaudet, Mr. Miklusak, and Mr. Frey are coaching the boys’ varsity, while Mr. Jarcho is the JV boys’ coach. Mr. and Mrs. Gabarro are coaching the girls’ varsity hockey team, and Mr. Senerchia is coaching the girls’ JV. Mrs. Lanterman and Mrs. McArdle coach the dance program. Also, this year there is another Theatre option being offered, organized by Mr. Lynch. We have already seen some great victories from boys’ and girls’ hockey, and at all levels of the boys’ basketball teams. The sports on snow program has already put kids on the mountain and others training on land. We have also seen some great contests for the boys’ JV hockey team and the girls’ varsity basketball team. We are glad to see that there is always the option for different levels of differ

Questions Around Campus???

Eric Alexander

Mr. Frey Lloyd Wilson

By: Ross Holzschuh

What is your least favorite board game? Why? Backgammon. It brings me grief.

What is the worst movie you’ve ever seen? I only watch good movies

Chinese Checkers. The marbles roll around Sorry. Tough memories

The blob. A movie about green ooze. Sharktapus. Half shark half octopus. It didnt make sense

What is your favorite activity in Club Shep? Mini sticks a.k.a knee hockey. That stuff is crazy with Pat Bart Remove the dents from the ping pong balls Pool. It’s fun to improve.

December 10, 2012 Cont. George Atkins on Sports ent sports, which allows students to have the opportunity to try a new sport. There is a promising outlook for this coming winter, so we hope to see you at a game. Come out and support a fellow Wildcat.

Food Thoughts with: Erik Neilson The crisp smell of cheese; the aroma of steak. These were just some of the many things that they were hit with when students entered the dining hall for the December 6th, 2012 Community Lunch. As previously stated, the main entrée for the lunch was Philly Cheese Steaks. With additions such as onion straws to be put on the side or on top of your Sammy, it was a very hearty meal. The green beans and peppers/onions were also a good addition. I heard a few murmurs of there being a lack of rolls, but the onion straws were a great substitution. Mr. Mayhew had a salad with the rather pink raspberry dressing, and he described it as “tasting like rasberries.” What a veteran food palate we have here on campus. The eclairs were good as always, but some wished they were a tad bit bigger. All in all, the meal was very good and the general consensus around my table was the meal was a solid 8.

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The VA Voice

December 10, 2012

“Superheroes of Stoke” Plays at Vermont Academy

By: Ms. McCardle Vermont Academy presented “Superheroes of Stoke”, one of the most eagerly awaited ski films of the last two decades, on Saturday, Dec. 1st, at 7:30 pm in the Nita Choukas Theater in Horowitz Hall. This spectacular new film visited over 150 locations around the world during the 2012 MSP Movie Tour, which began with the world premiere in Seattle, WA on September 15th. “SUPERHEROES OF STOKE” celebrates 20 years of skiing progression, showcasing icons of the sport and honoring the moments that helped define modern freeskiing. This awe-inspiring new film takes a captivating look at the past, present, and future of freeskiing through comprehensive storytelling and engaging first-person perspectives from those who helped change the game. The film honors the heroes who have emerged over the years and pays tribute to the heroes who have been lost. “SUPERHEROES OF STOKE” showcases incredible new action from all corners of the globe, encompassing overhead powder at Chatter Creek, massive spine walls in Alaska’s Tordrillo Mountains, pillow lines and tree jibs in Japan, and massive man-made features at Whistler and Alyeska.

VA Freeskier Sage Voigt: courtesy of Sage Voigt

VA Six Word Memoirs

By: Eamon O’Keefe The esteemed Dr. Cohn (chair-woman of the history department) organized a six word memoir project. This is based on a similar endeavor at Smith College (Cohn’s alma mater). The project was a great success, with many entries from almost the entire student body. Mr. Mayhew was particularly adept at crafting these memoirs, and provided students with excellent ideas. This is part of a larger effort to promote speaking and writing across the curriculum. A presentation of the six word memoirs will be made during Community Meeting on Monday.

The Heroic Return of: Mehmet Thoughts: People need to get their priorities straight. There are the friends you will have in high school, and then there are the friends you will make in high school but keep for the rest of your life. Make sure you know the difference.

Picture courtesy of Mehmet Eroglu

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