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November 22, 2022


A Glowing Sunset

Alberta is known for its natural beauty and this sunset shows how beautiful an Alberta sunset can be. Photo Sue Chikie




Nov. 25 7:00am - 6:00pm


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Angela Mouly Reporter


The Vermilion Voice | November 22, 2022

Indoor Soccer Up And Running

The Vermilion Soccer Association (VSA) kicked off their first season of indoor soccer with a practice on November 14. The club has been active for approximately 40 years and operates with 240 players in the summer, and so far have approximately 40 children registered for their winter program. President of the VSA, Gordon Barrett, said soccer is such a great sport and he would encourage children to participate because of the cardio, teamwork, dexterity, and skills that a person can gain. “Practice through the winter is so beneficial because it allows the opportunity to build on technical skills; both individual and team skills in terms of playing as part of a cohesive group. In our district many of the associations we compete with have well established winter programs and are leaving us behind (they are more advanced because of it). Having an indoor season will allow children and parents the ability to keep in touch with the game,” said Barrett. Because of the condensed space, he

said indoor soccer is more technical than outdoor soccer. He said it allows people to witness the beauty of the sport because it forces participants to learn tight knit passing instead of just running around a player in a large, open space. For now the season will consist mainly of practices and scrimmages, but being in its infancy he hopes it will evolve quickly to become more competitive. As part of their preparation for next year, they will also be assisting with coaches’ development. “Next season Alberta Soccer will be pushing the Standards for Quality Soccer (SQS) to create a benchmark of appropriate level of coaching. They set the minimum to adhere to in order to get through online training, and our indoor season will help facilitate that for local coaches,” said Barrett. Many fans are watching as the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 began November 20. Canada is competing for the first time in 36 years and will have their first match on November 23. Even in the midst of a Canadian winter, the excitement has sparked new fuel and love for the sport in

young players across the country. According to Scoop Canada, soccer remained the most played team sport with 767,000 youth players in 2018. Made famous around the world, Barrett said it remains popular because it doesn’t require much equipment. Being held at Vermilion Elementary and J.R. Robson Schools, children any age can participate and will only require indoor shoes and water. He said they are tremendously

Photo submitted

thankful to the schools and volunteers for being willing to put this season together, allowing children the opportunity to have fun and provide a chance to run, learn and make new friends. The season will run until February but there are only a couple days left to register before November 24. The VSA is currently developing a new website, so for more information or to registration, you can call Gordon Barrett at 587-217-1995.

The Vermilion Voice | November 22, 2022

Angela Mouly Reporter

T h e Ve r m i l i o n To w n C o u n c i l discussed snow removal, distribution of their newsletter, and support for a new potential HUB project in the region during their meeting on November 15. CAO, Kev in Lu c a s s ai d t hat Alberta HUB is moving forward with a Biomass Designated Zone Project and was looking for a letter of support from the Town of Vermilion. “ The Bioeconomy Development Opportunity (BDO) Zone Initiative is a certification and regional risk rating program that enables economic development agencies and communities to effectively and credibly disclose feedstock-related risks and promote biobased development opportunities to developers and investors around the world,” said Lucas. “The goal of the BDO Zone Initiative is to catalyze biobased investment, decrease GHG emissions, minimize development risk for new biobased manufacturing plants in low-income rural and urban areas, and thereby create jobs in economically disadvantaged communities across Canada. They will do this by awarding 100 regions with BDO Zone designations over the next four years.” Manager of Economic Development, Mar y Lee Prior said that Ecostrat (the company from Toronto) applied for a $100,000 grant from the Clean Fuel Fund to cover all of the project costs, so there would be no cost to Alberta HUB or individual communities. “They had to identify wood, barley, oats etc., but this study will be done on wheat waste. Myrnam will be the centre of the project within a 150km radius,” said Prior. “From all of the


Town Council

villages and municipalities in the HUB region, Bob tried to pick a community in the centre of the wheat area. This allows us to include the M.D. of Wainwright and the Count y of Minburn creating an area with more wheat pro d u c tio n. With Myr nam being the hub for the 150km radius, it doesn’t mean any manufacturing will go there, but within the region. This will use unused wheat waste and bring possible manufactures to our area that would use that waste.” The motion for the letter of support was carried and Mayor Greg Throndson said, “It sounds like a wonderful project for our area, and if it brings more business that is fantastic.” He also brought the Talk of the Town newsletter back for discussion as it had been brought up two months ago, but he said there were still quite a few citizens who were not receiving the information. “We are here to fulfill everyone in this town. We have to approach this mainly for the seniors and those who do not have internet or Ipads. For the people that don’t have, we need to do it a different way,” said Throndson. Councillor Snow suggested a sign up option where if people wanted a paper copy they could sign up, and councillor Whitlock suggested opening it up to the community and asked

Monday - Friday 11:00 - 2:30 PM ICABAM TAXI



the public to provide some options on how they can work this out. Mary Lee Prior noted the easiest way to reduce the number of pages printed and the cost from 14 to 2-4 would be to remove the photos from what is currently distributed online. Council and administration had received several comments on the snow removal at the beginning of the season, and chose to address it publicly with the largest issue b e i n g c u r r e n t l y u n d e r s t a f fe d i n Public Works with one on vacation and two out sick. Director of Infrastructure and Planning, Ben McPhee said they also had some mechanical issues, but were hoping to be back to full staff shortly. “ Using the loader and tandem is extremely inefficient to do snow removal that way. It’s a balancing act

Menu Mon and Sat

Lunch 11am - 2:30pm

because our snow removal requires four staff to do it effectively; one on the grader, one on the blower, and two tandems, and at the time we only had two public works staff. We only have one staff member trained on the grader but we are working on cross training. Council suggested adding major crosswalks to priority routes to avoid seniors slipping and falling, as well as to wait on hanging winter baskets until more snow removal had been done. They also suggested going out earlier in the morning and considering other plans when their policy comes up including plowing to the middle of the road, or on one side one year and the other side nex t year on streets that would be wide enough to accommodate that style of clearing.

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Dawn Hames Columnist

Living on the prairies means experiencing half of the year as cold. Sometimes extremely cold, thus, our love affair with cozy drinks like coffee, cocoa, tea, and chai. During the winter a hot drink is welcomed and very appreciated to warm up. The origins of Chai tea go back to ancient India thousands of years ago. In the King d om of Assam, the use of tea with spices was developed for health and healing medical purposes. Black tea is usually used, but in Kashmir, green tea is used. For a caffeine-

Helen Row Toews Columnist

Missing and presumed lost Ever had household items go strangely missing from your home? I’m not talking about socks, the last Oreo, or a book you lent to Aunt Fiona. That sort of stuff always disappears, and we understand it. Well, maybe none of us really gets the sock thing. Socks that go into the washer/dryer and are henceforth never seen again defy explanation. No. I’m talking about things like casserole dishes, expensive sheets, and tablecloths. Stuff that has no business getting up and shuffling out the door to go goodness know where. At least in my case, the common denominator is children, with a possible dog thrown in for good measure. You can

Chai Spiced Tea

free version, you can use rooibos tea. Spices in Chai Tea are full of health benefits; cinnamon improves blood sugar and insulin levels. Ginger warms the body and increases metabolism. It also increases our happiness hormones serotonin and dopamine, which are so important as winter days shorten. Pepper boosts the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric by 2000 percent! Cloves, allspice, and nutmeg are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant. Together all of these spices help promote health and weight loss. Sugar-free, black tea catechins balance blood sugar and improve insulin response. When black tea is drunk regularly, it provides the body with heart-protective antioxidants. These

The Vermilion Voice | November 22, 2022

antioxidants help to prevent fat storage and are even protective against cancer. Using whole spices is preferred to ground spices, as they strain out better, with no particles left to cause you to cough, like a piece of pepper caught in your throat. This is a delicious creamy drink, with loads of health benefits that are sure to make cold winter days more enjoyable. I have been drinking this all week, and I love it. CHAI – spice tea 3 cups water 2 cinnamon sticks 1/4 teaspoon ginger or 1/2” of fresh chopped 1/8 teaspoon turmeric or 1 teaspoon fresh chopped

1/8 teaspoon pepper or 6 whole pepper balls 1/16 teaspoon of cloves or allspice or 6 whole cloves A sprinkle of nutmeg and/or carda mon or 6 – 10 cardamon pods 2 black tea bags 1 cup milk (I use 3%) or coconut milk 1 tablespoon of sugar, honey or monk fruit sweetener In a small pot bring to a boil and then simmer the water and all the spices, for 10 -15 minutes, add more water if some has boiled off. Remove from heat and add the tea bags and allow to steep for 5 minutes. Remove the teabags, add the milk and sweetener and reheat. Pour into cups through a strainer. Enjoy

Prairie Wool

tell me yours later. There’ve been countless incidents, but one of the first was when my children were young, and I couldn’t find the set of quality sheets I’d bought for the guestroom bed. I looked everywhere. Naturally, I lined my kids up against a wall and interrogated them closely. “You must have seen them?” I probed. “They’re new. I washed the bloody things yesterday and hung them on the line to dry.” The children shook their heads, gazing at me with wide, blameless eyes that reflected innate morality and goodness. Their faces wore the pained expression of decent people falsely accused of a heinous crime. Nearby, the dog sat in a similar state of grovelling innocence. “You mean those green ones?” Rebecca burst out. I rounded on her. The kid knew something. But before I could pry it forth, her

eyes slid toward Chris, the instigator, and parrot-like she responded. “Nope, haven’t seen ‘em.” Those kids are now in their 30s and still haven’t broken their vow of silence. Then there was my best casserole, a small serving bowl, and two springform pans, to name only a few more. I find it hard to believe a heavy, red casserole dish would exit the premises on its own steam and make its way, unaccompanied, to seek the bright lights of the city. However, that was the very story I was given by those same children when I questioned them yet again. The serving bowl turned up at Dad’s, somehow. He had the grace to look a little abashed when I caught him early one morning, spooning a helping of hot cereal into its depths. “You won’t take it though, right Helen,” he said in a wheedling tone. “It makes a dandy porridge bowl.”


I sighed. No, of course, I wouldn’t take

Recently, I was asked to make a dessert baked in a springform pan. I searched high and low for it. Nothing. From past experience, I texted my son, the same Chris who led the green sheet brigade back in 1997, and asked him if he’d seen them. While he initially denied responsibility, lo and behold, he sheepishly showed up at my door with two, along with a saucepan and several dinner plates, all thrown in for good luck. What a guy! He claims I gave him the dishes to carry food home, but he did lead several family revolts in his glory days, and I’m not sure he can be entirely trusted. In any case, I got them back and will guard them jealously from this point on. However, the mystery of the missing sheets and my best casserole remain unsolved until this day. Could you tell a similar tale?

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Publisher: Susan Chikie Editor: Lorna Hamilton Photographer / Reporter: Lorna Hamilton, Angela Mouly Graphic Design: Braxton Hoare Sales: Susan Chikie, Lorna Hamilton

The Vermilion Voice | November 22, 2022

Craig Baird Columnist

In April 1913, the entire community of Vermilion was abuzz with news of an accident that thankfully didn’t hurt anyone, but certainly did some damage to an important piece of infrastructure. It was on April 30, 1913 when a 22-ton threshing engine owned by James Armstrong was traveling along the road when it began to cross a bridge.

Braxton Hoare Columnist



Threshing Engine vs Bridge

Armstrong was taking the engine out to start ploughing as the season was beginning and as he reached the first span of the bridge, the engine began to put too much stress on the bridge. The engine began to break through the timbers on the bridge and then the bridge collapsed. As the bridge collapsed and the threshing engine began to fall, Armstrong and his crew jumped from the engine to safety. Thankfully, no one was injured but the bridge was destroyed.

With ever yone safe, work began to jac k up the hug e eng ine whi c h was expected to take several days to complete. It would be a few days before it could even be moved into a position where it could be moved out. The bridge though had to be completely replaced and it was expected that a steel structure would be used due to the use of larger farm equipment at the time that needed to cross. The timber bridge at the time of its collapse was old and in dire need of repair with several timbers beginning

to decay. All in all, it was an exciting start to the season for not only Armstrong and his threshing crew, but Vermilion as well. Contact Craig at craig@canadaehx. com Support Craig by donating at www. canadaehx.com (Click donate) Listen to his podcasts Canadian Histor y Ehx, Canada’s Great War, From John to Justin, Pucks and Cups and Canada: A Yearly Journey on all podcast platforms.

3” wide version

e SqueezGoing Facebook's Rebrand Is Not Welldollars MOST out of your advertising

At the beginning of 2022 Facebook rebranded its company to ‘Meta’ i n or d er to s h ow Mark Zuckerburg (Facebook CEO)’s self proclaimed focus on building a leading vir tual realit y social media plat form. This came conveniently at the same time that Facebook was undergoing antitrust lawsuits and government investigations. It seems more than likely that the company was just eager to escape the burning ship that is the Facebook brand. The truth is that Facebook as a company had already been stagnating for years before any questions about integrity were raised. So when the focus became how much data does Facebook save to sell to advertisers it was clear they needed to try something new. Meta launched its vir tual realit y

plat form ‘Horizon Worlds’ to much d i s d a i n. T h e p l at fo r m ju s t wa s n’ t very good. Featuring an art style that perfectly embodies the lifeless corporate cash grab. The problem is, Meta really struggles to keep users interested in the platform’s lacking content. Their closest competitor ‘VRChat’ has roughly the same number of daily users, with more content, and more tools, but it was created by a team of just two people initially. Nothing demonstrates just how ridiculous Horizon Worlds



development has been more than the people didn't stick around after the Advertise ‘exciting’ half hour announcement money slowed down since it just isn't M ar k m ad e to s how t hat t hey are fun and does not have the tools they Province-wide a combined circulation indeed working on adding legs to with their need to make interesting experiences. of over 750,000 for only... plus GST/HST avatars; sometime next year. Horizon Worlds could have been a Value Ad Network Meta has sold Horizon Worlds was supposed to be success considering like any other social media platform, Alberta around 20Newspapers million virtual Weekly Associationreality headfree to 1-800-282-6903 x225 goal was to have where they provide the right tools toll sets date. Their classifieds@awna.com for users to create the content that email at least 500 thousand users by the or visit your community newspaper keeps people coming back; but that end of 2022 but they haven' t even didn't play out at all. At first they had been able to retain their 300 thousand some people make experiences on users from the beginning of the year; the platform while they initially paid a only capturing 200 thousand users wide version few creators for their work. But these3.75” actively.


SqueethezeMOST out of your advertising dollars Advertise Province-wide



with a combined circulation of over 750,000 for only...

plus GST/HST

Value Ad Network

Alberta Weekly Newspapers Association toll free 1-800-282-6903 x225 email classifieds@awna.com or visit your community newspaper

File photo

Vermilion Soccer Association, will be running an Indoor Soccer season 2022/23.

The season will run from November 14 through to February 2023. U11 and up Mondays and Wednesdays 7:30 - 9 pm at JR Robson. U9 and under Mondays 6:00-7-00 at VES (a second night may be added if viable.) Many of our competitors in our district have well established indoor programs with their kids benefiting from increased time to build individual skills and team cohesion. We are looking to achieve the same at VSA and provide children with fun cardio activity through the winter. If you are interested and would like more information email vermilionsoccer@outlook.com or call 587-217-1995.


Santa Anonymous Donations - A Toy Drive for children ages 0 to 10 will be held at the Bargain

Shop. Chamber Cash Cards and Gift Cards from Local Businesses may also be provided for ages 11 to 18. Money donations with Tax Receipts upon request for donations over $20 and can be made at Scotia Bank, by mail or the White Donation boxes at Grocery Stores, Banks, Drug Stores, Mainstreet Hardware, Craig’s Block, Western Financial, UFA, Fountain Tire & Integra Tire in Vermilion. In Mannville - Credit Union, Co-op, ATB & Mannvile Beauty Salon starting Nov 12th. Deadline for Tax Receipts for 2022 Tax Year will be Dec 20th.

Toy collection boxes: will be located at Long’s, Shoppers Drugs, Mainstreet Hardware, St. Jerome's School, Vermilion Elementary School, and the Bargain Shop. In Mannville it will be located at the School.


Delivery -

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Silver, Proof Like Sets, Coins and Bills

Sat Nov 26th, starts at 10:00 Lasecki Downsizing Estate Auction LIVE ON-SITE AUCTION WITH ONLINE BIDDING UFA Estate Overstock And Vehicles Wed June 22nd, 6pm On Timer Only Downsizing Estate Auction with Elvis Collection Lasecki Downsizing Auction

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Location 43425 Township Road 622, near Alexander Hall. Look for signs on Highway 28.




Garth Rowswell Talks Healthcare

Angela Mouly Reporter

MLA Garth Rowswell will be adding healthcare to his platform focus priorities for the next provincial election. “The three areas I want to focus on are fossil fuels, utility systems (how electricity and gas are priced) and healthcare,” said Rowswell. He has been working towards the development of pipelines since he was first elected. In the past seven years, Albertans have seen several projects halted after federal interference. However, Rowswell was recently appointed chair of the Alberta First Cabinet Policy Committee which he says deals with all policies relative to Ottawa. For example, by following the proposed Sovereignty Act, Premier Smith (who sits on the same committee) has commented on plans to eliminate billions of dollars in regulatory costs and get energy projects off the ground. “It’s a change in the development of policies and the overall caucus gets involved in the process which I think is a real positive thing,” said Rowswell. “As for the reason to run on healthcare, there are a lot of local issues relative to health that

Angela Mouly

The Vermilion Voice | November 22, 2022

need to be solved. While trying to solve the problems, I became quite involved with the health ministry, and was asked to represent rural Alberta on their tour this year. You’ve got to pick your battles in the political world. Healthcare occupies a bigger part of my time, it impacts everybody, and there are specific issues that relate to each area in my constituency.” Throughout June, July, September and October, they toured hospitals in 24 communities meeting with doctors, nurses, dietitians, EMS staff, lab technicians, as well as health foundations and councils. Rowswell said, “They were all asked, what’s working well, what are some challenges, and what are some solutions? We wanted to talk to frontline workers to find ways we can improve the system. It was really worthwhile,” said Rowswell. They are in the process of writing a report and the health ministry will release a newsletter. One local highlight he mentioned was the full body CT scanner being put into Wainwright which he said, “had a lot to do with funds being raised locally and is a real positive; a real win for the community.”

Some of the recommendations for how to improve the EMS system he said were already in place; notably nine new ambulances bought and staffed in Edmonton and ten in Calgary, so rural operators will be less likely to be stuck taking calls in the city when providing transfers. “From a healthcare perspective trying to recruit and maintain medical staff is a problem right across the province and the country, but some things take time to see results,” said Rowswell. Long term, he said they plan to get more seats in the University of Alberta and University of Calgary and designate a specific stream for rural students who are more likely to return to their home town and stay there. Midterm they are looking at immigration, he said they just signed a deal with the Philippines to have nurses come over and have their credentials recognized sooner. Bridging courses within the plan will get them up to par from LPN to RN status as fast as possible. Of the $600 million funded from their last budget for training professionals, he said about half went to the medical field. “The RN program at the U of C allo-

cated eight of their spots to Wainwright so you can take the entire four year program in Wainwright. For people that don’t want to travel, they can do it locally and they are more likely to stay locally,” said Rowswell. “If it works well, they will expand the option to other areas of the province. I think it’s great. So far two groups have went through, and it initially wasn’t funded, but now it is.” He will be back at the legislature for the next session November 29 December 15. Rowswell said it was nice to see highway work being done this year on Highways 16 and 14, and he enjoyed getting out and about meeting with the public face to face more than the past couple years. He also met with school boards, enjoyed a number of fall suppers, and Remembrance Day ceremonies. He was thankful that people continue to bring their concerns forward. “For example, I wouldn’t have known if a local producer hadn’t brought it to my attention about the shortage of truck drivers in the livestock industry. Cattle hauling trucks are sitting idle due to a lack of drivers, so I talked to the minister and they aware of the issue,” said Rowswell.

Christmas Cantata Back In Full Form


T h e Ver m ili o n Cant at a Ch o ir i s returning after a two year hiatus with three performances this season. The Cantata had been previously performed for nearly 20 years in Vermilion. “There is so much good Christmas music and people don’t always get a chance to sing it, so this group generally gets together every year to put on a performance, and we are trying to get

that re-established. A cantata is simply a program of music all connected like chapters in a book, unlike a concert with individual pieces,” said director, Bernie Huedepohl. “Pepper Choplin writes some really interesting cantatas and we will be performing, ‘Lead Me Back To Bethlehem.’ We also picked up an a capella piece this year (that was not part of the cantata but set to a modern piece of music) that was very challenging and a lot of fun to do.”


Ever y year, he said they have to replace a few members and this time they ended up with about 20 singers. Together they’ve had a lot of fun singing twice per week for the past two months. “There’s a pile of reasons we like to sing but number one is the comradery; we become like a family. There is something viscerally satisfying in singing well and singing with a group of people when we take a difficult song and finally master it. The group accomplishment provides a really powerful feeling; like winning the grey cup game. It’s a wonderful thing to get involved in because music does fabulous things for peoples brains, and the people

Murder on the Battle River Express

Little Willow Creek Bred Heifer Online Sale

150 top quality reputation home raised heifers. Bred to Red Angus bulls, to start calving March 1st. RWF traditional & goggle eyes, red & red baldy Simmental X, black & black baldy Simmental X Timed Sale opens Dec 8th at 8:00 AM MST and closes Dec 9th at 6:00 PM MST.

Theme is Harry Potter Dress to match!

For more information call Scott Harland at 1-780-214-1198 or Blaine Harland at 1-306-821-0112 or Jim Pulyk at 1-780-787-0646 .

involved feel that change happening within them,” said Huedepohl. He noted that it also provides a service to the community having been told that it is a recognizable way to start off the Christmas season. They will be per forming at the Vermilion Valley Lodge November 27, at 7 p.m., and at the United Church December 4, at 2 p.m., as well as December 11 at 7 p.m. A reception for people to visit and eat together will follow the performance on December 11. Admission is food or cash donations (on December 4, they will support Hearts and Hands; and on December 11, they will support the Vermilion Food Bank).

Saturday, November 26 Train Departs Kelsey at 3:00 pm travels to Forestburg

Sunday, November 27 Train Departs Kelsey at 1:30 pm travels to Forestburg A murder has taken place on the Battle River Express...find out whodunit with a murder mystery by a local theatre group, then enjoy a Christmas Feast with licensed bar. A perfect Christmas party for businesses and families.

306-825-8831 Wayne Woodman 306-821-6310 • Kyle Soderberg 306-883-7374 Kody Smith 306-821-6720 • Jim Pulyk 780-787-0646 WWW.NORTHERNLIVESTOCKSALES.CA


Ticket Prices: Adults $120 Youth: $100

Full details & Book Tickets visit: www.battlerivertrain.com or call 780-781-9260


The Vermilion Voice | November 22, 2022

Lorna Hamilton

Horizon Ridge Christmas Coming To Vermilion


The Vermilion Allied Ar ts is at it again, this time bringing a familyfriendly Christmas per formance to t h e s t ag e at t h e A l m u n i T h e at r e in Vermilion Lakeland College on November 27. The event will also have an extra twist as the council will be spreading some holiday cheer before the performance by serving Christmas punch with shor tbread, as well as having local artisans who will be displaying/selling their wares from 1:30 to 3 p.m. along with the Ratte String Trio. Stor y tellers in song, Horizon Ridge is a group of fine multi-instrumentalists and seasoned sing-

Submitted After taking a COVID break, Snowmobile Expo returns to the Vermilion Regional Centre Saturday November 26. This show, is the largest indoor event of its kind in Western Canada, features vintage and collectible sleds with contributors attending from all over Alberta and Saskatchewan. In t he 19 5 0 s t here were a few manufactures attempting to build a machine that could traverse snow but the first practical snowmobile was a Ski-doo invention in the early ‘60s. The craze caught on and by the mid ‘70s over a hundred different manufac turer s were buil d ing snowmobiles. Some, such as John Deere and Massey Ferguson, relied on existing dealer networks, while many were no more than “mom and pop” shops. As quickly as it started, by 19 9 0 only four manufac turer s remained. This event showcases many old and seemly forgotten models, Snojet, Rolliflex, Kawasaki and many more. In recent years more of the purpose built factor y racers have b e e n o n d i s p l ay a n d t h i s t r e n d continues. Oval racing legend, Russell Liba returns this year with a few of his classic racers. As well as collector sleds, dealers will be on hand with new sleds, and merchandise. There are also door prizes, and a concession provided by The Red Brick is available. Come for lunch and enjoy the show! The show date is Saturday, November 26 from 11 a.m. till 5 p.m. at t h e Ve r m i l i o n R e g i o n a l Centre. Admission is $5 and please support those in need by bringing a donation for the Food Bank. For more info or to enter a sled contact Warren at 1-780 581-0716

er s k nown for their intuitive tight harmonies and polished a cappella s i n g i n g. B a s e d i n Ca l g ar y, b a n d members Helen and Steve Good child, Peter May, and Dianne Quinto n h ave p l aye d fe s t i va l s, m u s i c clubs, gala events, and concerts in Canada, the US, and the UK, drawing musical inspiration from their roots and journeys near and far. Horizon Ridge is described as a versatile and engaging group whose per formances embrace traditional a n d c o nte m p o r ar y fo l k , c o u nt r y, blues, and gospel. Dianne Quinton is a singer/songwriter who got her first guitar at the young age of 6 and hails from St. John’s Newfoundland. Quinton’s voice

is described as the low, slow burn of the sassy blues and the sweetness of pure folk harmony. She is skilled in guitar, banjo, and bass. Her repertoire draws from the traditions of the Eastern Seaboard, deep roots in country music, as well as from blue, folk, and gospel influences. Steve Goodchild has been performing in folk clubs and festivals since he was 15 years old with influences rooted in the North-East of England, via Houston, Texas. His songs draw from the folk tradition from both sides of the pond and include contemporary interpretations and his own compositions. Helen Goodchild joined the lineup in early 2013 and is a ‘Geordie’

from North-East England’s historic N ewc a s t l e - u p o n -Ty n e a n d h a s a histor y in music teaching, Choral singing, and classical music. She has also performed at New York’s Carnegie Hall and adds fiddle, keyboards, bass, with her voice that’s described as ‘rich.’ Peter May brings his talent to the band which includes bass, guitars, harmonica, and vocals. May has a certificate from Berklee College of Music and is a longtime board member of the Foothills Acoustic Music Institute where he has led workshops and classes. T i c ke t s a r e $ 2 5 a n d ava i l a b l e through Fantasy Flowers or e-transfer via vermilionalliedarts@gmail.com

2022 Snowmobile Expo

Photos submitted

Featuring dancers from Wainwright Dance Academy




Submitted Dear Mayor and Council, We are writing this let ter as concerned residents of the Town of Vermilion, regarding the unnamed “ B r o ad b a n d Pr o j e c t ” a k a Pr i m u s, V N e t , KC H o r i z o n t a l , A N e t , a n d whichever other monikers you have used since the beginning of this project 5 years ago. Obviously, the fact that we are unable to name the project that we have concerns with, is also of grave concern. Overall, the Councils disregard for providing clear communication of information and the lack of transparency provided to taxpayers regarding spending of public funds, throughout every step of this project, has been alarming to say the least! As public representatives, Mayor and Council are responsible to provide clear communication to Town resi-


Letter To The Editor

dents regarding major projects that are planned or underway in our community. Residents of this town have been ask ing questio ns, an d re questing further information regarding this project in various ways, including on Town Facebook posts (where questions and comments are often deleted), email, public open houses, etc. We were shocked this summer, when out of the blue a construction sandwich board informed us that we would be having pipe installed in our neighbourhoods, and on our front lawns. Of course, as all who seek information nowadays do, we went online to search for information on the Town Website and app. We were disappointed to find nothing. This seems especially odd considering we are talking about a digital information network! There has been a ribbon cutting done for this project.


Cornerstone Co-op welcomes applications for a full time Pharmacist at the Vermilion Pharmacy and Active Living Centre.

Pharmacist Qualifications & Responsibilities: Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy Prepare and verify medications/prescriptions

Develop patient care plans Provide a high standard of professional care

Cornerstone Co-op offers a competitive salary along with a comprehensive benefits plan that includes extended health care, dental coverage, life insurance, a company matched pension, an employee & family assistance program, and an employee purchase discount. For additional information please see details on our website www.cornerstonecoop.crs

Email: careers@cornerstone.crs Phone: 780-853-6732 Fax: 780-853-6563

The Vermilion Voice | November 22, 2022

Yet, when did it officially start, and when are you anticipating that it will be finished? Residents of Vermilion need clear communication regarding this project so that we can ourselves make the best decisions possible with our personal spending. We need to be sure that we can pay for the costs that this “increased” service will provide. We can’t make good decisions without good information, and neither can Town Council. Af ter at tending the Town’s Budget Forum on November 8, and asking for clarification regarding the project, I was disappointed to receive differing information and responses from each of the councillors present. It appears that the internal plans and understanding of this project are inconsistent. Again, this is very concerning for a project of this size and importance. As the govern-

ing body for our community, surely you would have a cohesive plan for this project, that would be clearly understood by all stakeholders prior to an event such as this?!? Our biggest concern, however, is with the lack of transparency provided to residents regarding the funding of this project. Who is paying for what and how much is it going to cost? Again, considering this is a digital information project, we should be able to go online to the Town’s website to access this information. Instead, we read about the 2.4 million dollar loan that the Town has taken out to fund this project in our local newspaper, printed in the bottom righthand corner. Good thing we read the paper! How is council providing accountability to the public regarding the spending of taxpayer dollars? This is a generational loan. My children will still be paying for this, likely after some new form of technology has taken over years from now. Pacifying the public with a nondisclosure agreement should not supersede the Municipal Government Act. As a former public servant for the Town of Vermilion, I feel it is my duty to make sure that residents of the Town are aware of the issues, namely the lack of communication and transparency with regards to the spending of taxpayer dollars on this project. Moving forward, I would like residents to be provided with the following: -A clear actionable plan for this project (including a name, timeline, and funding plan). - A c c o u n t a b i l i t y f r o m To w n Council and Administration with spending of public dollars. Sincerely, Derek Young & Anna Svenungard


1 866 263 7480



British Columbia | Alberta | Saskatchewan | Manitoba

Ranfurly Seven 7 Quarters For Sale January 11, 2023 from 9am-10am

Ranfurly, AB

Seven quarters selling in 4 Parcels just 4.5 miles south of Ranfurly, AB. Situated in the agricultural heart of Alberta, this assemblage includes a residence and 2 farmyards with bins and outbuildings. See Website for Starting Bids.

Vermilion River 893 1 Quarter For Sale July 4, 2023 from 9am-10am

Vermilion, AB

157 acres located on Hwy 893 less than 15 miles SE of Vermilion, AB. With exceptional access and great soil quality, this quarter is ideally located in Alberta’s agricultural heartland. Starting Bid: $600,000.

Selling Farm Land, It’s All We Do

The Vermilion Voice | November 22, 2022

Dear Editor Are the UCP really fiscally responsible? Alber t a’s new Premier, Danielle Smith, recently announced that the road ahead is “going to be a bit bumpy.” You mean to say it’s been smooth sailing until now? Over the last 3 years, Albertan’s have watched their governing par ty disintegrate into a squabbling playground of spending and de c ision -


Letter To The Editor

making that registers as a national embarrassment. The ‘fiscally responsible’ UCP lost 8.1 billion dollars on a gamble that the Keystone pipeline would happen and spent 30 million dollars of tax-payer’s money on a ‘war room’ created to refute (unsubstantiated) claims of undermining the oil industry. They pushed through a new school curriculum, despite the objections of 90% of school boards, parents and teachers; tried to sell our parks

Let me say that I am anti-war but I pipe at Remembrance Day ceremonies when asked to acknowledge those who stood up for some (I hope) of what I believe in. Many had never held a gun, many were terrified, many cried, many fought for something they didn’t understand and they did it for us. Remembrance Day All those poppies row on row

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Award Winner

and build a coal mine in one of Alberta’s most pristine wilderness areas, gut ted post-secondar y institutions (those that were not religious anyway), and did this all while giving corporations a tax break of 8 % instead of 12%. The UCP have targeted Doctors to the point that many have left the province, and continue to work very hard to make our public health system private. Now, they are working to create a

Letter To The Editor

All those lives lost, so we can grow. so high? We say that they died so we could be Leaving those most in need struggling free just to get by. Seems our vision ran short from what Did they die for MY chance to put MY they could see. needs first? Did they fight for division that our politics And then call it ‘my right’ or ‘my free bring? dom’, much worse. Separation of people seems to be the Did they die for our flag to represent new thing. hate? Did they fight for the wealthy to rise up Which it has many times at rally’s of late.

provincial police force, in spite of the fact that 70% of municipalities have voted against this. The cost of having the RCMP is 500 million a year, with federal subsidies of $170 million. If Alberta decides to go it alone, the cost will sky-rocket to $735 million a year, with $366 million just to start up. Are the UCP fiscally responsible and doing the right thing? Think again Alberta. Jan Scott

May each of us pause for two minutes today And ask if how we are living is worth what they gave. May we Remember May we learn May we listen May we understand that they fought and died so that we might find peace. Shelly MacDonald (Vermilion)

 Deluxe Christmas Buffet | Sparkling Wine | Live Music

Carol Coleman, FCSS Coordinator Submitted

We have a medal winner in our community! Leslie Bensch, on behalf of the Advisory Committee for the Town of Vermilion Family & Community Support Services (FCSS), submitted a nomination for the dedication and volunteerism done by Pat Calyniuk. FCSS has been a partner and a funder for over thirteen years with the Vermilion is Being Empowered (VIBE), a mental health project serving the Vermilion area. VIBE has an integrated, multidisciplinary team approach to providing promotion, prevention and early intervention mental health services to children, youth, and their families. Pat has been the first and only Manager of this project. She also contributes her time to multiple other community non-profit groups. She serves with the Lions Club, Vermilion & Area Brighter Beginnings, Friends of the Vermilion Public Library, and Vermilion Allied Arts, just to name a few. On November 17 at the FCSS Association of Alberta Annual Conference at West Edmonton Mall, Pat was honored with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Medal award for being a leader in the community, and a contributor to FCSS and preventive social services, both locally and within her profession. “I am honoured and humbled by this award. My parents raised me to give back to the community. I know there are many people who deserve this as well,” commented Pat.

From left, Pat Calyniuk with her medal and Lori-Ann Stenhouse from Vermilion FCSS. Photo submitted


+ GST Tickets available by calling 780-679-2376 ext 3566 or by emailing catering@camroseresortcasino.com


The Vermilion Voice | November 22, 2022

Incredible discounts, spectacular savings




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CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS garlands, wreaths, candle rings, picks,


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1808 - 50TH AVE, LLOYDMINSTER, AB www.accentlightinginc.ca



The Vermilion Voice | November 22, 2022


Bringing Awareness, Supporting A Cause

Lorna Hamilton Reporter

According to cancer.ca (Canadian Cancer Society,) Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among Canadian men (1 in 8 men will be diagnosed in their lifetime), and it is the third leading cause of death from cancer in men. Shockingly, it is also estimated that 1200 Canadian men will also be diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2022, with an estimated 35 dying from the disease. It is commonly known that men’s health issues are not discussed or made aware of as much as health issues in women but times are changing and with the Movember campaign men’s health issues are finally being recognized and made aware of more. Another staggering statistic for men is that over 225 million Farmers worldwide struggle with their Mental Health and 3 out of 4 suicides in Canada are men. “Movember is the leading charity working to change the face of men’s health. Since 2003, Movember has funded more than 1250 men’s health projects around the world, challenging the status quo, shaking up men’s health research and transforming the way health services reach out and support men struggling with their physical health, Mental health and Suicide Prevention, Prostate Cancer, and Testicular Cancer,” states the Movember website. Chris Frederick who was born and raised on the family farm just south of Vermilion has

stepped up to the plate and has been raising awareness and supporting the Movember campaign for the past six years after talking with a customer of his who was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Chris currently lives in Crossfield, AB. with his wife Jennel and their two children Kristen (age 10) and Arthur (16 months). Chris spoke openly in regard to his own cancer journey and his Movember fundraising campaign. “After I graduated from J.R. Robson High School I started my first year at Red Deer College. Soon after I enrolled, I started to experience a stabbing pain in my left testicle. I put up with this as long I could telling myself, “this will go away.” While on Christmas break that year, it got to the point that I couldn’t put up with the pain and discomfort any longer. My Parents made me a Dr. Appointment in Vermilion. That appointment led to an Ultrasound, that led to the Oncologist, and he immediately referred me to a surgeon. When the testicle was removed it was confirmed that the pain was caused by a tumor the size of the end of my thumb. After it was biopsied it was confirmed. I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer. Luckily, the cancer was discovered early enough that surgery was able to completely remove it. For 5 years after the surgery I had monthly CT Scans, Chest X-Rays, and check ups to make sure the Cancer was gone,” explained Chris. Chris went on to explain that while they touched on the subject of testicular cancer briefly in health class he didn’t really know anything about it. “I had no idea how common it was and

that it is one of the most successfully treated cancers a young man can be diagnosed with,” said Chris. Chris also mentioned how he kept very quiet about his experience for a lot of years after his diagnosis, and that he didn’t want anyone to know what he and his family had went through during the experience. “Even after I met my wife and we got married in 2006 I had a hard time talking about it,” said Chris. Chris’ personal focus with Movember is to raise awareness in regards to men’s healthfocused around testicular cancer. “This year, we had a co-worker and Movember Team Mate receive his own Testicular Cancer Diagnosis. Luckily, his cancer was caught early, and like mine, was able to be removed. It found it shocking how differently his follow up appointments spaced is compared to how mine were 17 years ago. Information about this kind of Cancer is spreading, research is happening, and treatments and screenings



Men’s Health Awarness Month Support Men’s Health

Deborah A. Tovell

Suite 14, 5125-50 AVE. Phone: 780-853-2801 www.accountingvermilionab.ca

Chris Frederick. Photos submitted


23rd Annual


Monday, December 5, 2:00pm


Derek Westman & Family

are changing and Movember is playing a role in these changes,” explained Chris. Since Chris has started fundraising he has been able to raise just under $5,500 for Movember and his goal for this year is to raise another $1,000 and his fundraising page can be found at https://movember.com/m/ chrisfrederick335?mc=1. In 2019, through what was then Cervus Equipment (Cervus was purchased by Brandt Tractor where Chris works) set up a Movember Fundraising team called the Moustache Machine and over the past four years has raised $36,614, as each team member had set their own personal goals. The team goal this year is to raise another $5,000 of which they have raised $2,350. Chris’s daughter Kristen is also on the team and has raised over $1,500 over the last three years. Her fundraising page is https://movember.com/m/14343872?mc=1 The teams fundraising page is at https:// m o v e m b e r. c o m / t / t h e - m o u s t a c h e machine?mc=1



MACHINERY 780-853-5196

Regular sales every Wednesday AT 9:30 AM

FriDAy November 18 at 10:00 aM BRED COW SALE

WEDNESDAY November 23 AT 9:30 AM

All Breeds Presort and Regular Sale to follow

WEDNESDAY November 30 AT 9:30 AM

All Breeds Presort and Regular Sale to follow 14 miles south of Vermilion on highway 41 Watch for signs

February 1st Calving (exposed for 45 days)  150+ Black & Black Baldies  150+ Red & Red Baldies  60 RWF - Traditionals

March 22nd Calving (exposed for 45 days)  50 Black & Black Baldies  50 Red & Red Baldies Videos of heifers available on cattlevids.ca November 21st Online bidding on sale day -DLMS.ca

For More Info Call Derek 780-853-1141

OFF SITE BIDDING - Contact Jim Pulyk 780-787-0646 Or Bryon Wolters 780-581-8396

WEDNESDAY december 07 AT 9:30 AM

All Breeds Presort and Regular Sale to follow

FriDAy december 09 at 10:00 aM BRED COW SALE



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Agents for Direct Livestock Marketing Systems



The Vermilion Voice | November 22, 2022





Reaching out to families & individuals

We will provide a gift of Food, Personal Items, Cleaning Products, Baby Formula and Diapers.


PHONE ONLY 780-581-0521

• Skid Steer & Excavator Attachments • TMK Tree Shears • Brush Cutters • Mulchers • Screening Buckets • Grapples • Tillers • Custom Products • And Much More!

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-Copying & Printing -Booklets -Posters & Wide Format -Laminating & Foam Core -Large Format Scanning


Dr. Joe DeGirolamo Dr. Michelle Radasic (deJong)


Vermilion Dental

Services available at Lakeland College

Family Dentistry

-Business Cards -Tickets - Event & Raffle -Padding -Cutting -NCR(Carbon Copy)

(780) 853-7714 Derek Selte Vermilion, AB

Therapeutic: People & Animals

Ph: 780.853.6505 5003 - 50th Street Vermilion, Alberta T9X 1M6

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512059 Rge Rd 64 5944 53 Ave, Vermilion Cell: (780) 581-3843

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The East Central Family Day Home Agency

*Helping Families Build Happy Children We have licensed Day Home Providers who have room to provide care for all ages. We provide snacks, lunches and planned activities. Parents can apply for subsidy.

Call Shelley today to find your quality Child Care 780-853-6190

Financing Available for Bred Cows, Bred Cows with Calves at Side, and Bred Heifers 59

Rick Rewuski Box 1265, Dewberry, AB T0B 1G0 Ph: (780) 847-4166 Fax: (780) 847-4944

You Dump it, We Pump it

JEFF’S SEPTIC TANK SERVICE and Porta-potty Rentals Box 5 Myrnam, AB T0B 3K0 Cell (780) 581-3867 H (780) 366-3855 or Abe (780) 210-0431

Tom’s Interior/ Exterior Handi Man

E L E C T R I C Murray Brown • R E SID E N T I A L • C O M M E R CI A L •SERVICE

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Lasting Impressions Catering Charlene Young PH: 780.853.3856

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18,000 plus potential customers will see your ad HERE!! Call 780-853-6305 vermilionvoice@gmail.com

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1 Improbable drama 6 Alack's partner 10 Puff 14 Expression 15 Soft drink 16 Seaweed substance 17 Leah's husband 18 Horse's foot 19 Bible book 20 Make angry 21 Bode 23 Numb 25 Schema 26 River (Spanish) 27 Unwind 30 Turned over 34 Parts to play 35 Fines 36 Influential person 38 Fairy Tale writing brothers 39 Southwestern Indian 40 Porcelain 42 Clairvoyance 43 Native ruler in Asia


44 Spa 45 Wrote 48 Take away weapons 49 Caustic substance 50 Castle canal 51 Old Testament prophet 54 Snaky fish 55 Pocket 58 Trolley 59 Small particle 61 German "milk" 63 Bark 64 Force 65 Screamer's throat dangler 66 Dines 67 Kill 68 Pancake topper

1 Pacific island nation 2 6th month (Jewish calendar) 3 Fredrick's nickname 4 Murmur 5 Blood vessel obstruction 6 Ashy 7 Seabird 8 Hubbub 9 African expeditions 10 Fast pace on a horse 11 Accent mark 12 Reason 13 Preparation (abbr.) 22 Bad (prefix) 24 Drink slowly 25 Sonnet 27 Suggest 28 Scandinavian 29 Hair holders 30 Stinking 31 Look 32 1997 Madonna movie

33 Eater 35 Be mad 37 Medal 40 Hebrew literary poetry 41 Entertain 43 Facial parts 46 Droops 47 Positive vote 48 Pain unit 50 Substantive 51 Eye infection 52 Realm 53 Thick drink 54 Volcano 55 Speak indistinctly 56 American Civil Liberties Union (abbr.) 57 Lad 60 Grease 62 Climbing vine

Solution Page 13


The Vermilion Voice | November 22, 2022

AWNA BLANKET AND LOCAL CLASSIFIEDS AUCTIONS MEIER UNRESERVED GUN & SPORTSMAN AUCTION. Saturday, Dec 17 - 10AM, 4740 57 St. Wetaskiwin, AB. Consign Now. Free Pickup. Phone 780-4401860. Visit www.meierauction.com for more details. CAREER TRAINING LOOKING FOR A REWARDING CAREER? Massage Therapy offers many options. Study full time or in a distance format. Contact the Alberta Institute of Massage for details at www.albertainstituteofmassage.com; phone 403.346.1018. COMING EVENTS FIREARMS WANTED FOR DECEMBER, 2022 LIVE & ONLINE AUCTION: Rifles, Shotguns, Handguns, Militaria. Auction or Purchase: Collections, Estates, Individual items. Contact Paul, Switzer’s Auction: TollFree 1-800-694-2609, sales@switzersauction.com or www.switzersauction.com.


BOOKS FOR BELIZE Due To Overwhelming Success, We Are Starting A Third Sea-can!


Accepting generous donations of:

November 28, 2022

Children & Youth Books, School Supplies, Teacher Resources, Looseleaf Paper, Printer Paper are priority. Please no encyclopedias, magazines or textbooks

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on Monday, December 5, 2022 at 7:30 p.m. in the Clandonald Arena


By Allen Ronaghan

If you have a claim against this estate, you must file your claim by 2022-12-30 and provide details of your claim with at

Morrow Tchir LLP Box 336, 5226-50 Avenue St. Paul, Alberta T0A 3A0

The Early History of Vermilion

If you do not file by the date above, the estate property can lawfully be

$10.00 Cash Pick up your copy at the Vermilion Voice 5006-50 Avenue Vermilion

distributed without regard to any claim you may have.

Drop donations off at Vermilion Voice Office - 5006 - 50 Ave

WE ARE HIRING Position Overview As an insurance broker in personal and/or commercial lines you are responsible for quoting & writing new polices, and servicing a group of valued clients. These valued clients will be looking to you for professional advice & exceptional customer service. Your positive, and innovative mindset with a focus on customer experience will support Vermilion Insurance Services objective to stand out in the marketplace and exceed expectations.


Proud Supporter of Vermilion Rotary

-Deliver best in class service to your book of clients

Everyone Welcome

Robin Sherwood 780 853-7255 or any Vermilion Rotarian.

Everyone Welcome!

The Bull’s Eye Book

Estate of Anne Zayac who died on 2022-08-24

Meeting will be conducted in the St Jerome’s classroom at 4:00 pm.

For More Information Contact:

Classifieds Build


LAND FOR SALE 3 QUARTERS OF CROPLAND South of Weyburn, SK. Distressed sale. Priced below market at 1.27 x assessment, with a 4% return with lease. $594,800.00. Call Doug at 306-716-2671. FARMLAND AND PASTURE LAND BY SASKATCHEWAN RIVER. 160 acres. Best hunting in Saskatchewan. Excellent fishing. Thick pine & poplar bluffs, by water coulee. Old yard site with power and water. Revenue Potential. East of Prince Albert, SK. $248,000. Call Doug 306-716-2671.


-Earn long lasting relationships with clients based on trust, professionalism, & pro-active thinking to protect your clients

Requirements -You have experience in personal Lines or Commercial Lines insurance service & sales, or a willingness to learn -General Insurance license is preferred, or working toward an insurance designation -you are a self starter with strong communication skills in person, on the phone, and in digital channels -You are comfortable working in a variety of different Microsoft programs -You are a problem solver with a solutions based, and positive mindset -experience working in Epic is considered an asset

Interested candidates are invited to email their resume & cover letter to: jason@vermilionins.ca



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You can be sure that any dealing with large institutions should go well. Equilibrium in your romantic life is likely if you treat your partner well. You are best to move quickly and to get in good with the boss.

Romantic encounters will develop through group activity. Go after your goals and don't be afraid to ask for assistance. Stand up and propose your ideas, and you'll be surprised how many people will follow you.

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Daily Sudoku: Fri 18-Nov-2022

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6 2 6

9 1 7 8

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1 3 5

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8 4

(c) Daily Sudoku Ltd 2022. All rights reserved.

Romantic opportunities are evident if you get involved in large groups or organizations. You can increase the value of your dwelling. Look into residential moves that will give you more space.


Your own small business on the side sounds pretty lucrative. Get ready to do some fancy footwork when it comes to taking care of your financial situation. Be inquisitive about unfamiliar circumstances. Focus on using your creative abilities in other ways. You have worked hard and the payback is now. Drastic changes regarding your personal attitude are evident.


Make sure that you have covered yourself legally and try not to let your temper get out of hand. You will be up and down emotionally.



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5 6 1


Be sure to keep communication open with those you live with. Before you proceed be sure to talk your plans over with those they will affect. Dream a little today.


You must watch your tendency to spend whatever you make. You may get upset with peers or relatives. Don't let them blame you.

You're in the mood to get out and visit friends. Your outgoing nature will surprise others today. Don't hesitate to sign up for lectures or seminars that will enlighten you.



Help if you can, but more than likely it will be sufficient just to listen. You need time to make things better. You can make new friends and experience new things if you do a bit of traveling.


Refrain from using the highway as a racetrack. You might get behind if you spend too much time debating senseless issues. Property deals look good.

1 7 8

9 3 2 8 6 5 9 Daily Sudoku: Fri 18-Nov-2022 Crossword Puzzle

9 6 Page 12


(c) Daily Sudoku Ltd 2022. All rights reserved.

6 3 7

9 1 2

(c) Daily Sudoku Ltd 2022. All rights reserved.



Art investment will pay big dividends in the long term. Question your mate if you must. Plan some family outings.



Anna Svenungard Submitted

O n Fr i d ay, N ove m b e r 4t h , S t . J e r o m e ’s h e l d a R e m e m b r a n c e Day ceremony to pay our respects and acknowledge our gratitude to those who have ser ved our countr y and allowed us the freedoms that we have today. The tone was a somber one, as piper Barry Roth led the March of the Colours into the gymnasium to begin the service. The gymnasium was a sea of red as Spartans wore the colour and a poppy to commemorate this special occasion. Ms. Svenungard’s Grade 1 c l a s s p r o u d l y l e d ever yo n e i n singing “Oh Canada.” High school student president and vice president, Cadence Jackson and Raph Ag b ay, e m c e e d t h e s er v i c e a n d Fat her J oy le d a s p e c ial pr ayer.

The Vermilion Voice | November 22, 2022

St. Jerome’s School News

We were honoured to be joined by Cor poral Arie Chubak, an ac tive s o li d er s t at i o n e d i n Wa i nwr i g ht . It was incredible to listen to him define the word “honour” and hear him speak of his experiences serving our country, both good and bad. He spoke of comrader y, courage, and hope. We were humbled by his strength and resilience. Thank you Cpl. Chubak for your ser vice and your stories. The Grade 5 classes recited Canadian war doctor John McCrae’s famous poem “In Flanders Fields.” Class representatives came forward from Grades 1-12 to place wreaths at the front of the stage during the wreath laying portion of the ceremony. It felt like a bit of a historic moment as Mrs. Mar tin’s g r ad e 4 c l a s s to o k t h e s t ag e to per for m, for the fir st time at our

school, “God save the King.” Overall, it was a very touching ceremony to honor our veterans and troops. Our student Faith Squad, along with VIBE & Miss Ramona, organized “Operation Christmas Child” through the Good Samaritan. Donation boxes were given to each classroom for items to donate to fill shoeboxes. We were thrilled to deliver 79 shoeboxes filled with goods for children all over the world in need at Christmas. O u r El e m e n t a r y S p a r t a n s a r e a l r e a d y h a r d at w o r k p r a c t i c i n g for the annual Christmas Concert. T h i s ye ar we w i l l b e p r efo r m i n g the musical “All About That Baby.” The performance will be held at the Lakeland College Alumni theatre on December 15 at 7:00pm. We hope to see you there!

St. Jerome’s School was honoured to be joined by Corporal Arie Chubak, an active solider stationed in Wainwright, for our Remembrance Day Service. It was incredible to listen to him define the word “honour” and hear him speak of his experiences serving our country, both good and bad.


- Diagnostic Skills - Hard Working and Disciplined - Benefits and Incentives available Send your resume to anton.krys@webbs.ca


Discretionary Use District: Residential Permit No.: 329329-22-D0056 Location: SE-21-53-4W4M; 7-14-8621214; #67J 1st A Avenue Use Approved: Placement of a 980 sq. ft. Mobile Home for Residential Use

Date of Notice:

November 17, 2022

Permit Valid on: December 8, 2022 A Development Permit for a discretionary use does not take effect until twenty-one (21) days after the date of this notice provided that no appeals have been registered with this office. Any person affected by a development permit for a discretionary use may appeal the decision in writing stating reasons for the appeal along with a four hundred ($400.00) dollar appeal fee. The appeal must be submitted within twenty-one (21) days of notice to the Secretary of the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board of the County of Vermilion River.

Michelle Harvey, EP Development Officer

Our student Faith Squad, along with VIBE & Miss Ramona, organized “Operation Christmas Child” through the Good Samaritan. We were thrilled to deliver 79 shoeboxes filled with goods for children all over the world in need at Christmas. Photos submitted

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Grader Operator EMCON SERVICES INC., a progressive Road & Bridge Maintenance Contractor in BC, Alberta and Ontario, is looking for a fulltime grader operator in Vermilion or Dewberry. This is a union (AUPE) position. Our teams perform a large variety of road maintenance related tasks such as installing, repairing and maintaining signs, guiderails, fences, ditches, culverts, but the primary function for the winter season is driving plow trucks. Qualifications include: • Must be proficient in operating grader to blade and maintain roads • Operate Grader on public roadways, safely and efficiently, with continuous awareness of surroundings. • Perform routine maintenance and safety check to ensure smooth operation of the grader. • Valid Class 5 for Grader Operator, class 3 preferred • 24/7 on call in winter season • Pre-employment drug screening Qualified applicants are invited to submit résumés, along with photocopy of driver’s licence and an up-to-date driver’s abstract: Emcon Services Inc. Fax: 780 449-0574 Email: jobs.alberta@emconservices.ca


The Vermilion Voice | November 22, 2022


Vermilion Elementary School News

Karen King Submitted

Kindergarten visited the Fire Training Center for an action-packed field trip with so many amazing surprises. Students were over the moon when they got to experience spraying a fire hose, trying on some gear and going for a r i d e in a fire eng ine. A ver y spe c ial thank you to Q uinn’s d ad, Mr. Brett Jackson, and the rest of the Lakeland College crew for this unique opportunity. Perhaps we have some future firefighters in the making. VES teachers spent Novem-

ber 7 at school working on Professional Learning. We had three virtual presentations from numeracy, literacy and assessment gurus – Lana Lane, Gerry Varty and Anne Davies. Then on November 8, we travelled to Wainwright for an ATA Professional Development Day. We started our day listening to opening keynote speaker, Dr. Brad Johnson and ended it with closing keynote speaker, Ken Valgardson. In between those sessions were two time slots of several presentations and we could choose which two we wanted to attend.

The Canley Cup All-Star game will be take place on December 1. The Student All-Stars will face off against the St af f Dream team. We will be h av i n g a Te d d y B e ar/S t u f f i e to s s after the first Student All-Stars team goal. Every student is welcome even if they don’t have a Teddy Bear/Stuffie to donate and toss out. The Teddy Bears and Stuffies will be donated to Santa’s Anonymous. We are excited to welcome Mrs. McLean back to VES to teach Grade 2 for the remainder of the 2022-23 school year. VES would also like to

welcome Ms. Krista Bensmiller to our school. Ms. Bensmiller will be doing her practicum with Grade 2A and Mrs. Heinrich. She is currently attending the University of Calgary and says she is looking forward to learning from and alongside the VES students and staff. Dates to Remember: Dec 1 – Plaid or Christmas Sweater Day; Dec 21 – Kindergarten and Grade 1-2 Christm a s C o n c e r t at 7:0 0 at L a ke l a n d College Theatre; Dec 22 – Grades 3-6 Christmas Concert at 7:00 at Lakeland College Theatre; Dec 23 – Pajama Day.

Playground fun. Photos submitted

J.R. Robson School News

Raynette Schroeder Submitted

BTPS Superintendent Rhae-Ann Holoien will be at the Nov. 30 school council meeting and parents are welcome to attend and meet her. Marauders football lost to Hinton on November 3rd, which unfortunately means football season is over for them. A great effort by our young team and we look forward to getting stronger next year. Awards Night was held on Friday, Novem-

ber 4. Congratulations to all the awards recipients. Thank you also to the local businesses, organizations and individuals who sponsor an award. A complete list of all award winners can be found on our website (jrrobson.btps.ca). Social Studies 10-1 class is going on a field trip to Blue Quills former residential school on November 23rd. Important Dates: Dec 22: Ski Trip Dec 23: Pancake Breakfast & Pajamas Day Dec 24-Jan 8: Christmas Break.

Grade 7 Awards recipients. Photo submitted

Northern Livestock Sales



306-825-8831 WWW.NORTHERNLIVESTOCKSALES.CA Division of Northern Livestock Sales Lloydminster, Meadow Lake & Prince Albert


PRESORT SALE SUNDAY *Presort cattle MUST be pre booked for all sales. *kilometers and mileage must be on your manifest to ensure proper shrinkage rates are applied. MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY Presort Internet Calf Sale at 9:00 am NOVEMBER Regular Cow & Bull Sale 1:00pm SUNDAY



Presort Internet Calf Sale Featuring Black & Red Angus 9:00 am Regular Cow & Bull Sale 1:00 pm 6

6 13

13 20

20 27


Presort Internet Calf Calf SaleSale Featuring BlackCharolais & Red Angus Presort Internet Featuring X 9:009:00 am am Regular Regular Cow Cow && Bull Bull Sale Sale 1:00 1:00 pm pm

7 14

Presort Internet Featuring X 9:00 am am Presort Internet Calf Calf Sale Sale Featuring Black Charolais & Red Angus at 9:00 Regular Regular Cow Cow && Bull Bull Sale Sale 1:00 1:00 pm pm

14 21

21 28











Westman Farms on Farm Annual 5 Bred Heifer Sale at 2:00 pm



4 11

5 12

6 13

7 14


Boxing Day











19 Regular 20


Boxing Day

16 23

Remembrance Day

Presort Presort Internet Internet Calf Calf Sale Sale at at 9:00 9:00 am am Regular Regular Cow Cow && Bull Bull Sale Sale 1:00pm 1:00pm

Remembrance Day

3 10



Presort Internet Calf Sale at 9:00 am Regular Cow & Bull Sale 1:00pm

4 11

10 17

11 18

Presort Presort Internet Internet Calf Calf Sale Sale at at 9:00 9:00 am am Regular Regular Cow Cow && Bull Bull Sale Sale 1:00pm 1:00pm

17 24

22 29

23 30

18 25


5 12

Bred Cow and Heifer Sale 1:00 pm

12 19

Bred Bred Cow Cow and and Heifer Heifer Sale Sale 1:00 1:00 pm pm

19 26

Internet Sales Website: www.dlms.ca 24 25




Internet Sales Website: www.dlms.ca



All Breeds Presort Internet Calf Sale 9:00 a.m DECEMBER Followed by Regular Butcher Cow & Bull Sale THURSDAY



15 22

9 16



Westman Farms on Farm Annual Bred Heifer Sale at 2:00 pm


8 15



Presort Internet Calf Sale at 9:00 am Bred Cow and Heifer Sale www.northernlivestocksales.ca 1:00 pm Regular Cow & Bull Sale 1:00pm

Presort Internet Calf Sale Featuring Black Red 9:00 Angusam at 9:00 am All breeds Presort Internet Calf&Sale Regular Cow & Bull Sale 1:00 pm All breeds Presort Internet Calf Sale 9:00 am Regular Cow & Bull Sale 1:00 pm







Bred Cow and Heifer Sale at 1:00 pm 2



Willow Creek Bred Heifer Online AllLittle Breeds Presort Internet Calf Sale 9:00Sale a.m Little Willow Creek Bred Heifer Bred Cow and Heifer Sale sale opens at 8:00 AMBull Sale Select Sale at at Heifer 1:00 pm FollowedTimed by Regular Butcher Cow & Online Sale End 2 1:00 pm 3 All Breeds Presort Internet Calf Sale 9:00 a.m 1 Sale closes at 6:00 PM Followed by Regular Butcher CowOnline & BullSale Sale Little Willow Creek Bred Heifer 8 Little Willow Creek Bred Heifer 9 Timed sale opens at 8:00 AM Select Heifer Sale at 10 Online Sale End All Breeds Presort Internet Calf Sale 9:00 a.m Bred Cow1:00 andpm Heifer Sale Sale closes at 6:00 PM Followed by Regular Butcher Cow & Bull Sale at 1:00 pm 8 15

All Breeds Presort Internet Calf Sale 9:00 a.m Followed by Regular Butcher Cow & Bull Sale22 CLOSED DECEMBER 23RD- JANUARY152ND 29

Sale 21 Every Thursday. Main Office 306-825-8831 22


9 16

10 17


Bred Cow and Heifer Sale at 1:00 pm 24 New Years Eve 17

16 30




New Years Eve

25 | Kyle Soderberg 306-883-737 26 27 306-821-6720 28 | Jim Pulyk 780-787-0646 | Brent Brooks 306-240-5340 29 30 (Bonnyville Area) Wayne Woodman 306-821-6310 | Kody Smith | Brian Romanowicz 780-207-0290 Regular Sale Every Thursday. Main Bob Foxwell 780-842-0410 (Wainwright) | Ryan Noble 306-839-7949 | Blair Jackson 780-853-0069 (Innisfree & TwoOffice Hills area)306-825-8831 | Brody Brooks 306-240-6504 (St. Walburg/Loon Lake/Edam area)



The Vermilion Voice | November 22, 2022

Here at Vermilion Chrysler,we believe in being a VITAL part of the community.


CLEAROUT MONTH We are overflowing with end of year stock! Come see Wayne for details!

2022 Dodge Durango R/T All-Wheel Drive

2022 Jeep Compass Trailhawk 4dr 4x4

2022 RAM 1500 Limited 4x4 Crew Cab

STK# 22CP4719 | SALE PRICE $49,979

STK#22R15024 | SALE PRICE $86,399

2019 Dodge Grand Caravan Crew Passenger Van

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit

2023 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4dr 4x4

STK# 22PA0757A | SALE PRICE $36,116

STK# VI9573 | SALE PRICE $79,991

STK# 23WR3110 | SALE PRICE $72,249

MSRP $67,635


STK#22DR8914 |






Vermilion Vital, Vermilion Value

MONDAY - FRIDAY 8:30 - 5:00 | SATURDAY 8:30 - 3:00 | SUNDAY CLOSED B2035634

STK# 22DR0814A | SALE PRICE $34,777