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Margaret Lonsdale Columnist

I still had access to television when the so-called Senate Scandal was the most sensational news stor y to excite us in the spring of 2013. As voyeuristic as the next curious onlooker, I watched the proceedings, observed the manner with which the perpetrators of the apparent transgressions were handled, and considered my own opinions about the alleged conduct of Brazeau, Duffy, and Wallin, now former (but still on public payroll) Senators appointed by our leader, Stephen Harper. It’s hard not to conjure the image of ‘Hogs at the Trough’, even for the most fairminded and diplomatic among us. Don’t these good folks get paid enough through legitimate remuneration to which they are entitled, we wonder? To hear the details of per diems charged to the public purse was

The Big Sad Show

more than a little disheartening. Temptation exists all around us. It’s not unusual for each one of us, at some time during our lives, to find an opportunity to take more than we deserve and act upon it, to filch a record for personal advantage, to slip an extra item into the bag without paying, to claim expenses on an expense account that we fully recognize borders the edge of bogus. If you steal and nobody sees or catches you, does it count? When I was twelve or thirteen, I tried my hand at shoplifting. I stole two lp records in the bright light of day, in the middle of a busy Saturday afternoon. That was a scary endeavour. And stupidly puzzling, I know, particularly as I had the money to pay for the goods but opted instead to pilfer from the retailer. The memory of it gives me a bit of a quiver even now, a hundred years later. As an adult, I wouldn’t pinch a roll of lifesavers, but something about getting something extra, something without paying, drew me

The Vermilion Voice | August 17, 2015

into that brief moment of larceny. That’s all it takes, I think. In the moment you’re faced with an opportunity, you either act or turn away. I am happy to report that despite my participation in that unsavoury act, for me the thrill of thievery is definitely long gone. Amid the current bombardment of eau de skunk attack ads featuring foolish assertions about political opponents, the lizardly deeds of the Senate continue to slither into the collective Canadian psyche to assault us in the form of the long and winding road of the Mike Duffy trial. If details were quicksand, reading or viewing even one-tenth of those associated with this one fellow would sink our expectation and belief that there exists a high standard of honesty among those who depend upon public monies for their livelihoods. Is it human nature to take as much as possible, given the opportunity? What is the reward for being an honest, hardworking citizen as opposed to be a smiling diplomat

upholding a respectable public image while grazing and grabbing from every source possible when you think no one’s watching? And what’s the cost of this insatiable appetite, the bloodless crime of greed? Well, we all pay in one way or another. The retailer jacks the prices to balance the ripoffs of product guaranteed to come. The surveillance required to deter potential thieves adds to the cost of operations. Up the ladder a few rungs, we pay again for the transgressions of those who just can’t seem to figure out how to live within their means. We pay for the disruption these acts create in the efficiency of our government. We pay again for the prosecution. We probably pay for the defence. We pay for the damage done. When there are cracks at the source of that which we look to for guidance, for exemplary adherence to what is fair, we all pay. We all pay for the spectacle of it, and each one of us is diminished that it exists at all.

Raise The Roof Fundraiser For Kitscoty Curling Club

Marie Conboy Reporter

The Kitscoty Curling Club is holding a shrimp and steak fry event at the Kitscoty Hall on Thursday, August 20 to raise funds for their curling rink. There will be entertainment from The Dirt Rich Band and musician Aaron Pritchett. “The roof has been leaking for the last couple of years and we were kind of getting to the point where we would have to either end the curling club or put some money into it,” said Kitscoty curling club committee member, Landon Franson. “We came together for this fundraiser and it’s been great, the community has really pulled together. All the proceeds go to keeping our curling rink alive and waterproof. Our tickets are already sold

out for the event,” said Franson. supper is at 6:30 p.m. The Dirt Rich Band will close out the evening. “The cost of the new roof is estimated will start at 8:00 p.m. and Aaron Pritchett at $40,000 to repair and construction aims to be finished by the end of September.” Prizes up for grabs include a trip for two to Mexico to an all-inclusive resort for one week, 10 hours of combining from Tingley’s Harvest Center, an autographed Andrew Ference Edmonton Oilers jersey and an autographed John Chick Saskatchewan Roughriders jersey. “I would like to extend a huge thanks to the community of Kitscoty for all their support,” said Franson. “There has been a huge amount of community support and we wouldn’t have been able to put this together if it wasn’t for the community.” Doors will open at 5:30 p.m. and Aaron Pritchett. Photo submitted

The Arts Corner

Vermilion Allied Arts Keri Pullyblank

Here we are midsummer, enjoying the warmth and the foliage, but we are all aware of how quickly the last two weeks of August will fly by, sending us into fall activities. From the Arts perspective, things have been gradually unfolding even though we are in our summer hiatus. Murals The third mural, the portraits of a fireman, an RCMP, and a veteran is underway and then Barry Overn, our muralist, will move to the Seniors’ Centre to do a sign on the wall adjacent to the mural there. This sign will read VERMILION HERITAGE PARK, A Tribute to Community Builders Past and Present. These words reflect the intent of

the plaques bearing names of those who have supported our community by donating to the Vermilion Mural Project. The fourth mural, a floral tribute to Communities in Bloom, will be the last mural project for this year. Barry will complete this late August/ early September after the dust settles from the Coop demolition. Because of the quality of the murals and the interest from the public, we have future mural hopes and plans, so we invite you to contribute to this project if you haven’t done so. Cheques can be made out to Vermilion Allied Arts and mailed to Box 3042, Vermilion, T9X 1B2. A $200 donation allows you to enter the name of your choice on a plaque. Four plaques have been mounted on the Seniors’ Centre below the mural, and we are currently work-

Vermilion Ukrainian Cultural Association

SAMOTSVIT DANCERS for the 2015-16 Dance Year

Enjoy High-Kicking Fast Paced dancing, Ages 3 to Adult. Learn Various Regional Dances, Syllabus exams if desired, Family events and much, much more! Remember you don’t have to be Ukrainian to join Ukrainian Dance.

Registration & Placement Class Age 3 to 13 years--September 9, 2015 Age 14 to Adult--September 10, 2015 All Classes are at the Vermilion Regional Center. Regular Classes Run Wednesday (Age 3 to 13) and Thursday (Age 14 to Adult). Very Affordable. Costumes Provided by the Club.

Placement Class Times Wednesday, Sept 9

Grade k- 1 4:10 pm - 5:10 pm Age 3 to 4 5:10 pm -5:40 pm

Thursday, Sept 10

Grade 2 -3 5:40 pm - 6:55pm Grade 4 to 8 6:55 pm to 9:10 pm

Age 14 to 17 4:30pm - 7:30 pm Age 3 & 4 yrs 5:10pm- 5:40pm Adults 7:30 pm -9:00 pm Grade 4 -8 6:55pm-9:10pm

For more information Call Jason Stelmaschuk @780-2146857 or Deb Venance @780-846-2206

ing at entering names for plaque five. “Play Me, I’m Yours!” By mid- September or earlier, Vermilion will have joined in the world wide “Play Me, I’m Yours” venture. Forty one participating countries have pianos on main streets in their cities and towns, and the theme means exactly what the words say. People are invited to sit down at these pianos and make music. Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto and several more Canadian centres have street pianos. In fact, after Karl and Jean Vidal came across a street piano in Kelowna, they expressed that they felt it’s time for Vermilion to have a piano. As a result, a piano for Vermilion mainstreet, generously donated by Sarah Lynn Kennedy, will sit under the arbour by Apple Drugs for June, July, August, and September each year. Doreen from Vermilion Paint & Home Decor is not only donating the paint but has also rounded up some cohorts to do the painting and art work that will transform this piano into a fun item for our town. Get your fingers practising on the ivories so that you can be part of the fun. Alberta Culture Days, September 25 – 27 The details for our Alberta Culture Days celebration our sliding into place and before long you will see a detailed schedule for each day. Mark these dates on your calendar because there will definitely be something for everyone. Art Attack by FOCUS, a Japanese drumming group, a BBQ, and more will be on the Friday schedule. Saturday will provide a host of activities including Fearless Art with Joan Blamire, hand bells, taekwondo, jiujitsu, art activities for children, Art in the Park sponsored by Good Life, ham radio activities, a storyteller just back from international competitions in Greece, “Spying on Solar

Rays” with Rob Baron, applied research information with Lakeland College and the scoop on drones, and more. There will even be carriage horses at the fairgrounds – come for a ride or try driving a carriage! Alumni Hall at the College will be the place to go on Saturday evening to wander the Hallway of the Arts and take in Showcase where dance groups and talented young people will entertain. Hopefully a string quartet will be playing during the Hallway of the Arts, so you won’t want to miss out on the wonderful sound these strings produce in the open area of Alumni Hall. Such a nice effect! After Showcase, Bye Bye Blues, another film by CBC Director Anne Wheeler, will be shown in the theatre at 8:45. On Sunday, in addition to the CLASS multicultural potluck and entertainment, there will be art activities and storytelling time for children. I haven’t mentioned everything because some details are still falling into place, but I can say for sure that you will be able to find some food Saturday noon, maybe browse through a show and shine, and maybe this and maybe that! Allied Arts Tickets Allied Arts tickets will be available after August 20 at Fantasy Flowers. The first show, October 3, is the The Carolines, a trio of ladies, who know how to sing and entertain. Saturday, November 7, is Going to Graceland, and the Mistletoe Celebration with the Pelletiers is Saturday, December 5, complete with dinner and show. If you think it’s time to get involved with the ar ts in town, whether it be quilting, art, pottery, music festival, hand bells, senior choir, or Allied Arts, there are opportunities for you to do so. Call Keri at 780 853 4820 and I will give you the contact for any of the several clubs.

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