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the holidays are over and it’s a new year. let’s get strong, ladies.


inspired women turning their passions into reality. meet jaclyn shanfeld.

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as we get older, we tend to want to give back more. here’s an underreported opportunity... the Jorge Posada Foundation.

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ever heard of tinted moisturizer? now you have.



ahhh....sit back and enjoy - the “cliff notes” version on florence and the chianti region of italy with some wonderful visuals; also the latest music and books worth considering.

a derby party gets real

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We are all getting older… there, I said it. Unfortunately, it seems that many of us women still have a tough time admitting that, including yours truly. So what does this have to do with anything? Let me explain. You’re probably wondering aloud “is there really a need for another women’s magazine?” Frankly, there are already too many to count. But I think one is missing. I think it would be refreshing to see a publication that speaks specifically to women in their 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond. And not one that just speaks to them, but features them. How often do you thumb through magazines, and only see twenty somethings, or younger, on the pages? Mind you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with younger women – we were there once!

And a shout out - to Detroit. While not my actual hometown, (that would be the suburb of Birmingham), I will always feel like a Detroiter and be proud to claim it as my own. In that spirit, we were fortunate enough to shoot there, and work with - and feature - some of the wonderful people that embody the City.

|4| verite.mag spring 2013

But what happens to women over forty? It’s not as though we’ve suddenly vanished - disappeared off some cliff or into some abyss. It’s not as though we’ve become any less relevant at 45, 55, 65, or 75. Don’t we all still feel like we’re 25? (Okay, maybe more mentally than physically, but you know what I mean). And why are we encouraged to strive to keep looking like we’re 25, when, clearly, we are not?

I imagine a magazine with... > ideas on how to incorporate the latest styles and trends in a way that doesn’t look absurd, yet always recognizing the best style is one that is personal and individual; > articles that might begin to explain what the hell is going on with our skin – and bodies – now that we’re not in our thirties? > features that reflect a shift in priorities… I think we place more importance on giving back as we begin to grow up and are looking for ideas on how to make an impact; > stories about other women who wrestle with similar decisions, family situations, obstacles, and successes; > and, of course, entertaining – okay, so this may not change with age, but it just wouldn’t seem right not to talk about great parties. So, the spirit behind vérité and our tagline, AUTHENTIC AT ANY AGE, is an amalgamation of the above. The idea of recognizing and owning that we are older, yes, but we are also just as relevant, passionate, engaged, inspired and motivated as we ever were. And the belief that the desire to remain authentic in the midst of it all is a worthwhile pursuit.

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kelly holden allen

publisher | editor-in-chief

jennifer cain

assist. editor | creative director

stacey palmer features director


janna bissett

stacey callan

libby held

katie holden

shelleen mchale

amy mcintire


travel contributor

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our body contributor

MOMents contributor


garden contributor

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| DIG IT | Issac Mizrahi “Janis” Pump

Totes adorb, pointy perfection, a heel that won’t kill you, and a bit more on the reasonably priced side. Love it.

Monogrammed Linens Preppy fab.

San Pelligrino Limonata

Refreshingly delish!

WHAT WE’RE LOV Madewell Lacebloom Top

Parisian Chic Style Guide

Fun tips from the French. And the illustrations are a hoot.

The staple that will go with almost everything in your closet.

J Crew Liberty Invitation Clutch If the idea of going floral this season makes you nervous, try a small dose.

|8| verite.mag spring 2013

Warby Parker

The ultimate in online shopping for glasses (flagship store coming soon to NY). Spot-on eyewear.

MK Josephine Sandal

Instax Mini

Seriously. Credit card sized photos instantly.

Yes, glads are still around. And here’s one of our favorites this year.


The water is tasty; the bottle is even better.

My Drap Dinner Napkins

“Table Chic on a Roll” – 100% cotton Dinner Napkins – available in 17 colors, supplied on a roll of 12.


Choose any one, really (they are all fabulous) but the chronographs are our favorite

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Tuileries Garde Paris Reflecting Art 16 x 20 / etsy paris print shop


s you may have heard, Pantone’s number one color for Spring is emerald green. Here are some different ideas on riding the green wave.

Nicole Miller

Check out

Pantone’s Spring Color Report NEW YORK FASHION WEEK • SEPTEMBER 6 – 13, 2O12 2O13

(Courtesy of Pantone) |10| verite.mag spring 2013


Alexander McQueen (Courtesy of

Ikat Stripe Dhurrie Rug

(Courtesy of

Nirvana Emerald Ring

(Courtesy of www. shopstyle. com)

Tory Burch / Pinched Logo Clasp Bangle

Briggs Tide Chauncey Bottega Veneta Clutch

(Courtesy of verite.mag spring 2013 |11|


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Spring Trends

d e c o d e d Kelly Allen Janna Bissett

Story by Photography by Hair and Make-up by Clothing by

Douglas J Salon

The Village of Rochester Hills and Ladybird Boutique

Shot on location,

Presence II Productions, Detroit, MI


y now, most of you have heard about all of the “it” colors, looks, must-haves, and trends for this Spring. The challenge isn’t necessarily knowing what those trends are, but more often, how to take those runway looks and adapt them to real life – e.g. real life for those of us who may not be in a position to rock a micro-mini or who can’t (or don’t want to) pull of the skinny jean trend because, a. we’re nervous we may literally split them in two, or b. the world really only needs to see so much. So what follows is our take on a few key trends for the season – featured on women 40 and up (well, actually, 43 and up). For real.

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BLACK WHITE Can the concept be more timeless? No. No it can’t. So embrace this idea, and you’re “on trend” in a big way this season. If you want to dip your toes in an edgier version, then start to play with textures – something lacy on top and something simpler below. Or not. Also, you really can do no wrong with mixing prints and graphics. And while truly, the only rules you establish are your own, often times mixed prints look best when one is simpler and the other more bold – e.g. a bold, polka dot pant, with a tiny print top. My favorite approach with this look? Keep it all black and white – with shoes and accessories too. Or go neutral with the shoes and accessories. There are places for color in a major way this Spring, but I think the black and white on it’s own stands tall.

Blouse/Ann Taylor Cuff/Hot Mama Earrings/Ladybird Boutique

verite.mag spring 2013 |15|

Blouse/Ann Taylor Trousers/Giorgio Armani Shoes/Kate Spade Cuff/Hot Mama

|16| verite.mag spring 2013

Top/Ann Taylor Shorts/Ann Taylor Shoes/Guess

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|18| verite.mag spring 2013

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MENSWEAR Menswear-inspired pieces for women have been around for a long, long time, and this season is no exception. High waisted, low waisted – makes no difference. What’s so wonderful about having a great pair of trousers (and a tailored shirt) in your arsenal is that not only will you always look pulled together, but you just may feel like running a small country. Or a very large one. Or multiple countries.

|20| verite.mag spring 2013

Shirt/Zara Trouser/Vivienne Westwood Shoes/Vince Ring/Ippolita

Jacket/Theory Top/Theory Trouser/Giorgio Armani Shoe/Anne Klein (vintage) verite.mag spring 2013 |21|



Ok – my two cents? This trend will not be for everyone. If you’re a risk taker, find a pattern and colors that speak to you, and then rock it and never look back. If you’re a bit more conservative, but like the idea of incorporating something new in your wardrobe and want to shake things up a bit, then start in small doses. Ideas? A great skinny belt with a floral print (try Ann Taylor); a fabulous handbag (see the J Crew clutch in our Dig It section); or a beautiful shoe – paired perhaps, with white denim – or any denim – and a fun top. Done. For our take on Floral? Well, we fell in love with this Sam & Lavi number. Puh-leeze. Gorgeous print; beautiful details; the pants have pockets; and comfortable to boot. Sold.

|22| verite.mag spring 2013

Bag/Dooney and Bourke verite.mag spring 2013 |23|

Top & Pant/Sam & Lavi Bag/Dooney and Bourke Shoe/Michael Kors Earrings/Lilac Pop |24| verite.mag spring 2013

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|26| verite.mag spring 2013

ANIMAL PRINTS Yes - this trend is still here and it can be treated much the same as floral can be. Go big with tops, bottoms or entire jumpsuits in something animalistic. Or go minimal with a skinny belt, a handbag, or shoes.

Top/Michael Kors Pant/Kut Shoes/Michael Kors

Our pick – some pointy toe heels are a fun way to dabble in the animal world without overdoing it. And you can pair them with more than you may think. If shoes are one of your first animal-print purchases, than you may feel more comfortable keeping the rest of your outfit simple – e.g. a crisp white shirt and a pair of solid trousers or a pencil skirt. If not, you can mix these with graphics, prints, or whatever suits your fancy. But generally speaking, one animal print is enough in one ensemble. (Cheetah AND zebra could look more like a safari gone wrong).

verite.mag spring 2013 |27|


GREEN Whether it’s emerald or mint, green is big this season. No reason to go into a lot of detail on this, but if you’re feeling the green vibe, treat yourself to a little something and mix away. (and Go Spartans!)

|28| verite.mag spring 2013

Jacket/Old Navy (similar) Necklace/Banana Republic Belt/Banana Republic Skirt/Anthropologie Shoe/Sam Edelman Bracelet/Ann Taylor verite.mag spring 2013 |29|


Emerald Gree Blue Denim/S |30| verite.mag spring 2013

en Top/Banana Republic Seven for All Mankind

IT’S A WRAP Here are a few parting thoughts: White Denim No – we’re not devoting multiple pages to this. If you don’t own a pair, get one – and in whatever fit suits you best – skinny, cropped, trouser, boot leg… makes no difference. They’re cool. They’re chic. They go with everything. Enough said. Flat Shoes It doesn’t matter if they’re gladiators, smoking slippers, tassel loafers, pointed toe or ballet - a few options are nice. Dress ‘em up or dress ‘em down. You and your feet will be so happy. Make a statement One statement piece will do – a fabulous necklace (tucked under an open collar shirt, or right over top of it); a dynamite cuff; or big honkin’ earrings or a ring. When all else fails, and you’re tired of thinking about what pants to pair with what top, keep your clothes simple, add your go to piece of jewelry and “Voila“– you look like you just put more thought into what you’re wearing than you actually did.

verite.mag spring 2013 |31|

FACE IT We’re not getting any younger. And you could be inadvertently making yourself look older by outdated makeup trends.

Photos by

|32| verite.mag spring 2013

Story by jennifer cain jennifer & Charlotte cain

Now, we don’t think you’re still wearing bright blue eye shadow, but if you haven’t gotten on the newest beauty bandwagon, you may be adding 10 years to that gorgeous face. Pressed powder is no longer the last stop in your morning makeup regimen. In fact, you can put that compact in the back of your makeup drawer. Dry, matte makeup is out. Dewey, fresh faces are the look of today and that is achieved by a wide variety of tinted moisturizers. This


Although the jury is still out on the whole “stiletto nail” trend (pointy, sharp, dangerous) we can wholeheartedly tell you that nude nails will bring you safely from winter to spring. We love Essie’s Miss Fancy Pants

Are you wondering, what’s a BB crème? BB stands for “Beauty Balm” or “Blemish Balm.” Think of these crèmes as tinted moisturizers on steroids. You get the sun protection, moisture and coverage of a tinted moisturizer plus anti-aging benefits like peptides and antioxidants. Now, that’s a bang for your buck. trend is especially perfect for women in their 30’s and beyond because tinted moisturizers minimize imperfections and fine lines. “Powders can tend to settle in fine lines and wrinkles, calling attention to the areas we’re actually trying to hide” says Linda Buj, esthetician at Rodgers Dermatology in Frisco, Texas. Tinted moisturizers are more sheer and go on lighter than traditional liquid foundations, so you can feel pulled together without feeling overdone.

Try these: Loreal: Youth Code BB Cream, light coverage Jane Iredale: Glow Time, Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream

Nearly every brand in the market has it’s own version of the tinted moisturizer, so whether your shopping at the department store, the dermatologist or the drug store, the problem won’t be finding a tinted moisturizer, it will be choosing one. Here are 3 we especially like: Dermalogica: Sheer Tint Moisture, spf 15 Laura Mercier: Tinted Moisturizer, spf 20 Jane Iredale: Dream Tint, spf 15

verite.mag spring 2013 |33|


YOU Story by

Stacey Callahan

If you would have asked me in my 20’s to talk about the issue of “strength”, I would have focused entirely on exercise, lifting weights and being strong physically. Now into my 40’s, it’s a whole new ball game.

photo courtesy of Sofia van der Dys

|34| verite.mag spring 2013



aving strength or being strong is so much more than physical; it now encompasses everything from head to toe…literally. For me personally, I feel there are three fundamental “strengths”…our minds, souls and our bodies. Our mind is something that, if not kept in check, can play dirty tricks on us. Having a healthy mind can make or break our entire mood, change our day, alter our views, etc. But how do we exercise our minds in order to stay healthy? Plain and simple, we need to put our minds to use, to keep learning and educating ourselves. Not necessarily going back to school, but just learning new things. Whether it’s a second language, learning how to sew or just reading a book - by allowing our minds to grow we will get out of our comfort zones and into something healthy and rich. The popular book, Chicken Soup For The Soul, was not a best seller for nothing. Our souls or our emotions all need to be cared for in order for our bodies to find that perfect balance. Caring for our emotions is a bit different, however, then caring for our minds. This is something that takes time and practice. For starters, make sure you surround yourself with like-minded individuals. Find those friends that build you up instead of bringing you down. My circle of friends are people who I love being around and who motivate me when I’m feeling down. They are not going to just tell me what I need to hear, they are going to push me to be a better person and in return, I will do the same for them. We enjoy exercising, going to movies, getting our families together but most importantly, we just have each other’s backs. Unfortunately, it has taken me some time to find these individuals. I have had to distance myself from certain friends in my life because I found that we just were not benefiting from each other – and while that is very hard to do, it is well worth it. I’m not saying go out and ditch a few friends, but keep your eyes and your mind open to how you feel when you are around certain individuals. Self-reflection, meditation, rest & relaxation are also other ways to help calm your soul and strengthen your emotions. From the day I was born, I was taught (and I hope you were too) to take care of my body and I’m honestly understanding, more so, as I get older. From cleaning the house, playing with my son, exercising and just going up and down the stairs,

verite.mag spring 2013 |35|


Move it! The Plank

lanking is a great way to build strong abdominal mus-

Pcles and it’s something you can do practically any-

where. This exercise works both the upper and lower ab muscles as well as the lower back, which will in turn promote better posture and a leaner midsection. This move will also help to train your ab muscles to stay contracted while in a regular standing position. To begin, come down on to your forearms so your elbows are under your shoulders (90 degree angle), hands relaxed, shoulders are away from your ears and eye gaze is focused on the floor. Extend your legs out behind you – raising your knees off the floor without lifting your hips. Place all of the weight on your elbows. (Beginners may want to start with their knees on the floor and work up to planking on their toes.) Your goal is to have a long, straight, neutral spine. Hold this position for 15-30 seconds, rest and repeat up to a minute. Breath through each set; focus on tightening your core muscles; and avoid lifting or lowering your hips.




|36| verite.mag spring 2013

I am using my body all day. Our bodies begin to change with every year our birthdays hit so we must continue to change with it. We have been given one body and unfortunately we cannot trade it in if it should wear out. Cardiovascular or aerobic exercises such as running, swimming or group fitness classes are beneficial to our bodies for so many reasons. Not only does this type of exercise allow us to burn fat, which in turn leads to weight loss, but 20-30 minutes of moderate exercise could help improve our overall mood, appetite and sleep cycles. How? Serotonin is a hormone released from the body every time we exercise and when you combine that with a proper diet, your mood is on track for a good kick in the pants. Anaerobic exercise or weight training is another important component for strengthening our bodies. Not only will you build muscle all over your body but we burn 50 calories a day for every pound of muscle we have. So that means the more muscle we have, the more calories we will burn when we are at rest. By combining both aerobic and anaerobic exercise our bodies will work as a well-oiled machine. Spinning your wheels may be awesome if you are on a stationary bike, but when your goal is to lose weight or gain strength, that is exactly what you do not want to do. It has been said many times that you cannot out-train a

bad diet and that is so incredibly true. It took me until I entered my 40’s to truly understand what this meant. I have been an athlete for most of my life and for the majority of that time I have indulged in whatever I wanted. It wasn’t until I started meeting with a nutritionist that I finally realized I had indeed been spinning my own wheels for too many years. By combining a balanced diet with exercise, I was actually starting to see legitimate results. However, the term “balance” is sometimes a hard word to decipher. What exactly does balance mean? For me it means learning how to control portions, and at the same time, not depriving myself of any type of food. Just like anything in your life, creating a healthy,

strong balanced lifestyle takes practice and effort. What effort you put into it, is a direct correlation of what you will get out. For example, better results will happen in your relationship when you show your partner love on a daily basis versus once a week, right? The exact same thing holds true for your exercise and nutrition. There is no magic pill or hidden secret to getting and staying fit. It takes work and a lot of it, but isn’t it worth it? Change does not have to be a bad thing. Changing up your diet, exercise, or for some, learning how to exercise should be looked at as exciting and an adventure. It goes back to what I talked about earlier…learning something new and exploring the unknown. It may be scary at first, but it’s amazing on the other side. V

stacey’s “dig it” list >

Garmin 310xt watch Any Garmin watch that includes GPS is fabulous. I use the one that also has a heart rate monitor so I can follow my workouts based on the intensity of my HR.


Oatmega Bars Chocolate mint is my fave all natural & a great snack. (gluten free)


True Lemon Flavoring that you can add to your water to give it a little pick me up. It’s made with stevia which is why I love it and it’s made with all natural ingredients.


Wunder Under Crop Pant So comfortable!


These Wunder Unders As well as their “Hipsters”, wear like underwear, but they are seamless and therefore you cannot see them under tight workout clothing. I am obsessed with them.

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Host a



Viewing Gala! Story by

Stacey palmer

No need to travel to Churchill Downs, here are some fun and easy ideas for hosting your own “Race for the Roses” right in your own backyard.

|38| verite.mag spring 2013

|attire| Hats, Hats, and more Hats. Vote for most outrageous and most creative!

|Menu| Polka Dot Design

|invites| Whether you kick it old school and mail invites, or do it online, here are some fun options: • Order postcards with the

Kentucky Derby theme and send a handwritten invite

• has cute Derby invitations • My favorite: the Derby Clothing invitation, available at Polka Dot Design

Kentucky Burgoo

This is a must at any derby party! Traditionally made with game meat, this slow cooker stew recipe will be ready by gate time.

Kentucky Hot Browns Basically a turkey sandwich with a warm mornay sauce.

Benedictine Spread

A mix of cucumber and cream cheese Dessert

Kentucky Derby Bars

(see next page for recipe) An easier take of the Derby pie. Who doesn’t love chocolate and pecans?

verite.mag spring 2013 |39|

|décor| Roses, seersucker accents, derby silks


image courtesy of Ross and Simons

|drinks| A tradition dated back to 1938, the Mint Julep is a must at every derby gala. Looking for a Julep with a twist? Try a Lemon Ginger ‘Tulep’- a light mix of ice tea, bourbon, and mint. See recipe on next page.

|40| verite.mag spring 2013

Derby Pool - Make a poster with a large block for each horse that is in the race. Each person should place a bet by purchasing a block for a specific amount. Each bet should be the same amount. Write the person’s name on the block they choose. Your guests can put their names in the same horse’s block, and they can also place bets on more than one horse; however, they must pay for each block. They can even put their name under one block more than once, which increases the amount of money they will collect if their horse wins. Once the race is over, divide the money by the number of bets on the winning horse. Distribute that percentage to each person who chose the winning horse. Remember that if a name is listed twice, they will receive twice the amount.

kentucky derby bars Graham Cracker Crust: 2 cups graham cracker crumbs 1/2 cup (1 stick) butter, melted Filling: 1 cup granulated sugar 1/2 cup (1 stick) butter, melted/cooled 2 large eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla 3 to 4 tablespoons Bourbon (optional) 1/2 cup all purpose flour 1 cup chopped pecans 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips

1. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F. Butter a 9x13-inch baking dish (or use non-stick cooking spray). 2. To make the crust: Place the graham crackers and the melted butter in a medium bowl and mix together until the crumbs are thoroughly moistened. Press mixture firmly and evenly on the bottom of the baking dish and

set aside. 3. To make the filling: Place the sugar and butter in a large bowl. With an electric mixer, beat mixture on medium speed until well combined. Reduce the mixer speed to low and the eggs ones at a time, add the vanilla and Bourbon, if using. Gradually add the flour until just combined. Use a wooden spoon or spatula to fold in the pecans and chocolate chips. Pour the filling on top of the crust and spread it evenly. 4. Bake for 33-38 minutes, until the bars begin to turn a light golden brown. Remove from the oven and let them cool before cutting. Or eat them while still warm and gooey. Recipe and photo courtesy of lickthebowlgood.blogspot

lemon ginger tulep Makes one serving

3 Tablespoons ginger simple syrup (recipe follows) 6 to 8 fresh mint leaves, plus a sprig for garnish 1 cup lemon iced tea, “Pure Leaf” recommended cold club soda candied ginger, for garnish Ginger Simple Syrup (makes 1½ cups) ½ cup fresh ginger, thinly sliced ½ cup sugar 1½ cups water

1. Simple Syrup: In a saucepan, combine ginger, sugar and water and bring to a boil, stirring until sugar dissolves. Remove pan from heat and cool. Strain the syrup and refrigerate syrup. Good up to one week. 2. In an old-fashioned glass, muddle ginger simple syrup with mint leaves. Add ice and iced tea; stir well. Top with a splash of club soda and garnish with a slice of candied ginger and a sprig of mint. 3. To make a cocktail, add 1½ ounces Kentucky bourbon before adding the tea. image/idea courtesy of

Source: Adapted recipe from Gail Simmons’, “Top Chef” judge and Food & Wine Magazine contributor.

verite.mag spring 2013 |41|

Green. Growth. Possibility. Patience. Story by

Amy Mcintire Kit Yoon

photos by

|42| verite.mag spring 2013

| HOME |

I am going to be 50 in two months and all I want is a goat! Life is funny that way; a short time ago I was 20, full of adventure and dressed to kill. Now, 30 years later I am still full of adventure but now, I know how to butcher and dress a chicken. I can still dress to kill but it’s for an evening with friends in our gardens; sharing fresh produce, homemade goat cheese and wine. The amazing thing to me; when I look back on what I consider a very short time in the “Life of Amy”, I have come full circle. Not in an “I was a tennis player and I picked up the racket again at 40” way but in a generational way, a circle that continues to teach me. I come from a long line of farmers, both sides of the family, both career and hobby, Iowa and North Carolina. I guess you could say it’s in my blood. There are times when I am standing with my mom in our backyard and she looks at me to proclaim “you look just like my grandmother did in her garden”. Hmm… Good comment ~ like you rock as a farmer or bad comment ~ like you look like a big German Grandma? I don’t really care because it is a link from the past to our future. Now being in my garden continues to teach me. Whether I am learning about a new tomato or waiting for my asparagus to come up, that lesson is patience. We planted our small patch of asparagus during the fall, six years ago, knowing we would only get one tiny tender stalk the next Spring. As we patiently hovered over our asparagus patch, waiting for that first tender green curl reaching for the Spring sun we learned that it is really easy to plant asparagus but you need to have patience… and that isn’t always easy. When we decided our first stalk was big enough to harvest, harvest we did. We plucked it and shared it and then we waited… for another two years until we were able to harvest our first real crop… ten spears. Now every spring, come rain or shine our asparagus is there in the first warm days of May. Its planting an afterthought; its arrival heartily welcomed.

verite.mag spring 2013 |43|

So as we gather together in our vérité Garden ~ let’s explore the possibilities of growing. Whether it is for health, beauty and or just for the fun of it. No matter if your patch of green is in a pot on your front porch, a raised bed on your roof or behind your garage, each quarter we’ll be talking growth, variety and care of our gardens and for ourselves. Meet me in the Garden; I’ll be the gal in the dress with her goat! V

|44| verite.mag spring 2013

photo courtesy of getty images

Spring to do list: > Clean and Oil tools (when needed). Check

out Living the Country Life’s website for more information

> Organize Seed Catalogues and place

photo courtesy of ©


Clean up winter debris for Composting. See Tuthill Farms’s website for more information

> Plant your spring peas, and lettuces

photo courtesy of

orders (try something new this year like a heritage bean or pea) Check out Seed Savers website for more ideas

verite.mag spring 2013 |45|

photo courtesy of

Operation Closet Clean-up Story by

Shelleen McHale

It was the year of the Tiger, spring 2010, and it was the month that spring cleaning starts for manyâ&#x20AC;ŚMarch. As I made my way up the stairs to begin my annual kids closet crusade, I suddenly felt a strange feeling to put myself first. As a mom, that is not a feeling one gets very often. Right then and there I decided I was going to clean out my closetâ&#x20AC;Śnot the kids or the husbands, mine! I have to be honest. I stood in my closet for a good twenty minutes just looking around. Not even knowing where to begin or how to even start the whole project. Then I decided to make a bold move, I went and got several garbage bags. It was an ugly first year. You

|46| verite.mag spring 2013

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

would not believe what I found in my closet or what I donated that year….and I thought my husband was bad!

you need to find a good way to store them. It has to be easy to get them out and easier to put them back where they belong.

This spring marks my third straight year in making my closet a priority. It is not only exhilarating, it also provides a feeling of progression in life. My husband still doesn’t understand the importance of the whole process, but he knows to simply let me be during the day of cleansing….or he will be missing many items of his own! And he knows that my process is in sync, purposeful and planned out. I have it down to a science and it has served me and many of my friends well. This year I have decided to share my secrets to a well organized closet.

3. Now Purge: Once you have all of your like items separated, you need to decide what to keep and get rid of. Number one rule to always remember when cleaning out anything-if you haven’t used or wore it in a year, it gets donated.

1. Hangers: I know it sounds odd to start with the hangers, but trust me here. Do it all at once, or do it over time, but GET GOOD HANGERS. You will be surprised at what a difference it makes. 2. Separate Like Items: Go through the entire closet and pile purses with purses, scarves with scarves, belts with belts and so on. I found I had belts hung with scarves and hats in with my purses. So in actuality, I really didn’t even know what I had. For small items,

4. Shoes: Take out all your shoes out and separate them by season first. Create two different piles; one is spring/summer and the other is fall/winter. You will be storing one of the piles at all times in a plastic bin during the off season. There are many different ways to display your shoes, but I personally feel like it is more fun to actually “show them off” since we know you can never have too many shoes! I find it really fun to use some of the designer shopping bags on shelves in my closet. It brightens things up and I can actually store items in the bags and no one can see them. Some helpful hints: a. Place flip flops in smaller bins b. Try to find a way to hang knee length boots so they stay in good shape c. Do not store winter boots (suede for example) without first cleaning them

verite.mag spring 2013 |47|

5. Coats/Jackets: I highly recommend purchasing cedar hangers or cedar rings and placing off season coats and jackets in a temporary storage area that is not in your closet. This will instantly remove bulk. 6. Dresses and Suits: Consider plastic shoulder covers or bags to keep suits from becoming dusty and invest in bags for your nicer dresses. You can find fun bags to coordinate with the color of your hangers or even clear ones so you can see what is hung inside. Keep all of these items in one specific location in your closet for easy access. 7. Clothes: NOW, take the time to organize your closet like you see in the movies. The first year I organized my clothes, I did it all by color. It made me feel like my tiny closet was something out the Princess Diaries. Anything I had not worn in a year, I donated… and believe me, there was a ton. With my one Coach shopping bag perched on the shelf and all my clothes organized by color – I almost felt like I should take a photo and send to HGTV! And let me tell you what else it does for you…you completely see what color your wardrobe is. I decided after the first year of doing this, I needed to back away from purchasing anything black for the next couple of years. But I also realized I needed to go and get a pair or two of high quality jeans, since I donated all but two. *Jeans are a staple in a wardrobe. If they do not fit perfect and do not look amazing, do not keep them. Maybe I will do an article on finding a great pair of jeans someday. 8. Mirror: It is important, no matter how small of a closet you have, you must find a space for a mirror. One, a mirror will make your closet look much larger than it is and two, it helps you to dress in peace. No walking out into the hallway so your teenager can say, “What are you wearing?!” Take my word for it. Invest in a mirror in your closet, you will thank me. Look for over the door mirror or they even have ones that store and pull out when needed. 9. Ironing Board and Iron: Have them handy! If you can’t fit them in your closet, have them close by.

|48| verite.mag spring 2013

10. Good Lighting: I know it’s a closet, but you need to have good lighting when you are getting dressed. Ever leave the house with black shoes and navy tights? (yeah, me neither…well, maybe once) So, get to it and good luck with your “Operation Closet Clean-up”. I would love for you to share your before and after photos - please send to V

verite.mag spring 2013 |49|

At Home with

Liz Bachman The force behind Grey + Scout

|50| verite.mag spring 2013

Story by

Kelly Allen

Photos by Liz Bachman and Grace Combs Photography

I still can’t quite recall how I stumbled on Grey + Scout, but I did, and I’m hooked. I’m hooked on her style (modern, clean, crisp, fresh, and yet still warm and inspiring); her wit and candor – referring to her ability to create desserts “that taste amazing and desserts that taste like dirt”; and I’m hooked on the feeling I get when I peruse her socially available photos (pinterest, instagram, her blog, etc.) – the feeling like “wow – that’s really cool, why didn’t I think of that?”, or “wow – that’s really cool, I’d never think of that”, or “wow – that’s really cool, why do her photos turn out like that and mine look like a two year old took them while running at full speed?” There is a simplicity and elegance to her design and the images that are captured that I hope you enjoy as much as I do. So readers, meet Liz, and enjoy a glimpse at her own living space. (p.s., how cool is that bar set-up?) verite.mag spring 2013 |51|

|52| verite.mag spring 2013

VM - SO, INTERIOR DESIGN - HOW DID THAT COME ABOUT FOR YOU? LB - I’ve always been interested in the placement of objects and furniture. To be truthful, I think my obsession started when I began putting everything in a particular place so that I could tell if my little sister touched anything. I’m the kid who came home from school and rearranged picture frames, my bed, my desk, looking for a fresh arrangement. To this day, if you come to my house in April, there’s a good possibility it will look significantly different in May. It became clear that I needed an outlet after I saw my husband searching for a cutting knife in the kitchen, only for his hand to be met with a vase of flowers. He handled it well (for better or worse, right?). So, I began staging homes, and while my husband and I were looking for our first home, I befriended a few fabulous people in the world of realty who recommended me to their clients looking for styling help in their new homes, and it just kind of took off from there. VM -WHEN IT COMES TO DESIGNING SPACE, DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE ROOM? ANY FAVORITE FINISHING TOUCHES? LB - I style a lot of open spaces, so it’s about pulling together the kitchen, dining and living areas. It can be a challenge, but I love it. The rooms must have their own touch of uniqueness, but also need to flow together. One of my favorite ways to pull an open-concept together is by creating a bar/storage area or gallery wall/ console table area. This is perfect way to infuse old and new pieces together. Styled correctly, a bar instantly infuses character, and gallery walls designed with personal photos and artwork give a space personality. Adding storage underneath/ around a bar helps since many open-concept homes don’t have a ton of closets or built-in’s, and it’s a super fun and easy way to style a piece of furniture or shelves with personal items and found objects.

verite.mag spring 2013 |53|

|54| verite.mag spring 2013

VM - WHAT ARE THOSE “LITTLE THINGS” PEOPLE CAN INCORPORATE IN THEIR OWN HOMES THAT REALLY HELPS TO PULL EVERYTHING TOGETHER? LB - My go-to’s for pulling any space together are throw pillows, placement of fresh flower vases and plants, lighting and area rugs. You can change the look and feel of a space dramatically with those items.

verite.mag spring 2013 |55|

VM - ANY GENERAL DESIGN ADVICE? LB - People walk into homes and fall in love, go back and try to replicate it in their space. First, always look at other spaces, magazines, and design blogs as inspiration, a road map if you will. You’ll never love a space that feels like someone else’s. Second, incorporate vintage and new pieces into your space. That’s what instantly gives any room character and interest. Too much vintage looks cluttered and outdated, too much modern/new can sometimes feel cold. So mix it up! Everyone has their own tolerance level for too much vintage/too much modern, so start by finding your own balance. VM - SOCIAL MEDIA (BLOG, FACEBOOK, PINTEREST) HAS BEEN A NATURAL EXTENSION FOR YOU. AND IT SEEMS YOU’VE BEEN DOING IT LONG BEFORE OTHERS. WHAT WAS THE IMPETUS BEHIND THAT? LB - The blog began before Pinterest. It was a way to capture what inspired me the most. All the things in my head that I felt about a space or thought about a piece, I could write about on the blog. And I’m not gonna lie, from time-to-time the blog is a place I share “what the hell were they thinking??” thoughts. The blog allows me to connect with people I otherwise would never meet, and not to sound super nerdy, but I think that’s cool! Besides the blog, I’m probably on Pinterest the most. It’s such a quick and easy way to bookmark all the things I love on the internet. It’s become an extension of me and my style. Before people hire me, just as important as them wanting to see how I have styled my home, they want to see what catches my eye. It’s the reason I follow others. It’s always interesting to see what others find inspiring. VM - WHAT INSPIRES YOU MOST? LB - In the design world, up-and-coming interior designers that don’t play by old design ‘rules’. There’s a lot of new designers today who are breaking the rules and putting a much needed fresh spin on things. For example, you

|56| verite.mag spring 2013

actually can have nightstands that do not match, layering of different designs is fantastic, and random pops of bright color are not scary. I promise. In the real word, my family and friends. Getting a billion blog hits in a day (letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s be clear, that has never happened for me) and the most comments on a post, all that stuff is absolutely exciting and fun, but itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not what drives me. Personally, having my priorities straight, knowing what works for me personally, and being multi-focused helps me to not stress over the small stuff and stay focused on the bigger picture. Real life. verite.mag spring 2013 |57|

VM - YOU JUGGLE A LOT - WHAT HELPS YOU STAY INSPIRED AND MAINTAIN YOUR SANITY? LB - For me, keeping sane with a crazy workload and staying inspired is really all about the work I do outside of my office, away from the computer. Participating in real life is what inspires me to come back to my blog and share. I created many posts because of a piece that I recently used for a client and want to share, or a home I came across that I think would inspire my readers and clients. I see color combinations, even in the outdoors, that inspire me to curate a post that brings those colors indoors, or I spot an awesome vintage piece for a client that gives me an idea I want to share with readers. I absolutely come across pins or other blogger’s posts that inspire me and that I want to share, but scouring the internet for topics to post would a) drive me insane and b) totally translate into ‘blah’ for my readers because it didn’t come to be with any original thought.

Love Liz and her aesthetic as much as we do? Visit and and get on board. And look for her fresh ideas in our coming issues.

|58| verite.mag spring 2013

VM – LAST BUT NOT LEAST, THE NAME GREY + SCOUT – WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? LB- I wanted something simple and sophisticated that at least in a small way I had a connection to - Grey is my favorite color, and Scout came from my favorite book. How’s that for crazy creative? V



Alabama Shakes, Boys and Girls This gal can belt it! Great blues-y sound, with a edge.

The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

If you wish for something hard enough, could it come true? This touching novel will transport you to the raw beauty of the Alaskan wilderness in the 1920’s. Think Little House of the Prairie with a bit of magic. A rich and captivating story.

The Lumineers, The Lumineers Fun and upbeat or slower and more thought provoking. A great album all around.


East of Eden

by John Steinbeck

Ray LaMontangue, Trouble

Cool. Mellow. Easy. And beautiful.

Steinbeck considered this novel his “magnum opus” and we cannot agree more. Published in 1952, this is one of the great American novels. Spanning three generations, this epic saga explores the classic theme of good versus evil. Don’t let the length scare you – you won’t want it to end.

verite.mag spring 2013 |59|


Florence and Tuscany Story by

Photos by

|60| verite.mag spring 2013

Katie Holden Katie Holden



n each issue of vérité, I have the true pleasure of telling you about some great locales. When I was thinking about how to write about these places, I started thinking about how I would want to read about them if I were sitting in your shoes. I would want to see photos - so I will share several. I’d also appreciate a “cliff notes” version of the stops that I would call a “must see” - thinking that this type of insight might save time when it comes to planning the trip itself. I also thought it might be helpful to throw in any sort of local knowledge I absorb along the way. (e.g. one time in MX, I was told that “por su pollo” is a very common phrase. Let me assure you, it is not. Unless, you like to say, “for your chicken”, in your everyday conversations.) So, here we go… Italy/Florence and Tuscany (the Chianti Region)

KHE My favorite p art? walking the s treets of Florence and eating

My least favo rite? getting lost o n the way back to the airport!

(I suggest rent al cars with GPS!)

In one word: Beautiful

verite.mag spring 2013 |61|



Must See & Do ”Touristy”

• However you get there, you MUST head up to the Piazzale Michelangelo for the amazing views of Florence. For the runners out there, a run up from the city center provides a challenging (a serious climb) and beautiful course. I recommend going in the morning, the earlier the better. • The Bargello. There is so much art to see in Florence, but I was particularly impressed with the sculpture collection housed here. • A trip to Florence would not be complete without a visit to the Uffizi. A former ‘headquarters’ of the Medicis and the government, the building itself is spectacular (with a connecting, ‘secret’ walkway above the Ponte Vecchio). But, the art adorning its halls and walls is sublime. The Botticelli paintings were my favorites. • Have to mention the amazing frescos which are everywhere in this city….the ones in the Duomo, Cappella Brancacci, and Palazzo Medici Riccardi are standouts.

Must See & Do ”Local Flavor” • Every morning I headed to O Café for a light breakfast (chocolate croissant – the best – and fresh OJ for me). This place is not to be missed…great food, fabulous décor, a view of the Arno, and lots of locals grabbing their espressos before work. • There is a fantastic market, Mercato Centrale, that has fresh everything and more. Ignore the San Lorenzo leather market you have to walk through to get there. • Florence is a relatively small city and quite walkable. I highly recommend just taking off in no particular direction and enjoying the scenery…. see what you see. Don’t forget about the ‘left bank’ of the Arno.

|62| verite.mag spring 2013

| RELAX | The Skinny • There is a reason people say this city is overrun with tourists - - its rich history, setting, well-preserved buildings and art and Renaissance lore make it an idyllic place. Almost as soon as you notice, you forget about everyone else and are immersed in the glory of Florence. • Be ready for odorous sites….I was surprised to find the Uffizi had a hint of body odor. And I went in September. Ventilation in the old buildings is difficult. • Watch out for stylish Florentines approaching you on the street…they may want to take you to their leather shop. Innocent, of course, but be strong! Sorry, Romano. • ‘Lo amo’ means ‘I love it’. I promise. This is useful when experiencing many things in Florence. • Most people were very friendly and spoke English.

My Tips • Consider the Firenze Card if you plan to visit sev-

eral of the museums. It will likely save you money and long waits in line (it was a dream at the Uffizi). • Look closely at the hours for the museums and cappellas. Some have strange hours and peculiar schedules, ie ‘Closed 2nd, 4th Sunday and 1st, 3rd, 5th Monday of the month’ or some such craziness.

Places of Note To stay… Hotel Continentale Vicolo dell’Oro, 6r To eat and drink… Parione Via del Parione, 74/76r & Via della Vigna Nuova, 17 Coquinarius Via delle Oche, 15r Sant’Agostino23 Via Sant’Agostino, 23r Trattoria 4 Leoni Via de’ Vellutini 1r (Piazza della Passera) Grom (gelato!) Via del Campanile To shop leather accessories… Madova gloves Via Guicciardini, 1r Infinity Borgo S.S. Apostoli, 18r (I had a custom belt made within the same day)

my favorite! verite.mag spring 2013 |63|

|64| verite.mag spring 2013



(Chianti region)

Must See & Do ”Touristy” • Tuscany is all about the landscape…rolling hills covered with vineyards and fortified, historic towns. Driving the winding roads is an experience, one that leads to some spectacular finds. • Volterra – An imposing, walled town as you approach with an impressive Medici fortress on the edge, this place awes. It doesn’t attract as many tourists as neighboring San Gimignano so it feels like Italians actually live there. Volterra has much to offer and is a delight to explore. • Castellina in Chianti – This is one of Chianti’s most charming hilltop villages. • Forgot to mention Tuscany is also all about meat. There is a famous butcher in Panzano named Dario Cecchini and his butcher shop is a must see.

Must See & Do ”Local Flavor” • Market days. Find out the local ‘market days’ near you in Tuscany. They are usually weekly and only for half a day. On offer are fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats, linens, clothing….all at reasonable prices. Locals certainly shop these. • There is a fantastic little, family-run winery in Panzano that I recommend….Le Fonti. It’s quaint and the owners are very accommodating. And the wine is superb.

The Skinny • Tuscany is known for its wild boar, beef and other meats. This is not the traditional pasta region. If you order a bistecca, be ready for almost half the cow to be served, quite rare. An exaggeration, but close. • Have you heard of Chianti ‘butter’? Well, I hadn’t. It is not yellow. Basically, it’s flavorful Crisco with peppercorns in it. The Tuscans do not waste lard. Tastes like bacon. • Keeping with the meat theme, if you find roadkill in your villa’s driveway, ie a dead deer, rest assured locals will arrange it’s pick-up for someone to use. Our experience was quite interesting…the ‘killer’ stayed until the remains were collected. Very efficient process evidencing the strong community present in these areas. • You will see the black cockerel everywhere, even in the wild. It is used as the symbol for wines from the Chianti Classico region.

My Tips • If shopping Italian designers is your thing, you may want to check out The Mall, an outlet shopping center about a half hour outside of Florence. I figured prices reflect about a 75% discount off of retail prices here in the USA. • Be careful driving the country roads. Cycling is a popular sport and many times you will come upon a group of cyclists who take up the entire lane. Take curves slowly and keep your eyes open.

Places of Note To eat and drink…. La Vena di Vino Via Don Minzoni, 30 – Volterra Ristoro di Lamole – Via di Lamole, 6 – Greve in Chianti (fantastic terrace with spectacular view) Officina della Bistecca – Via XX Luglio, 11 – Panzano in Chianti Il Vinaio – Via S. Maria, 22 – Panzano in Chianti (“good bye” in Italian)

verite.mag spring 2013 |65|

Elle and her big sis today

Communities are Key Story by

|66| verite.mag spring 2013

Libby Held

Innately, by nature, mothers fall in love with their babies at first sight. We continue to love them for all their quirky, or sometimes telling, features. Their button noses. Their strawberry birthmark. Their outie belly buttons. Their fire engine red hair.


Meredith Voisin felt the same when her daughter Elle was born. Elle’s head was misshapen. Meredith, who gave birth to Elle via cesarean section, carries her babies sideways. Her husband, Vince, and her always joked that she just got a bit too mushed in the womb. Yet, all joking came to a sudden halt when she took Elle to her one-month check up at her pediatrician. Here, Meredith’s pediatrician diagnosed Elle with craniosynostosis, a birth defect, she could hardly even say, let alone spell. Craniosynostosis is a condition where one or more of the joints between the bones in an infant’s brain are closed or fused together, restricting the growth of an infant’s brain. This defect, which affects 1 in every 2500 live births, could cause severe seizures, brain damage and in extreme cases, even death. The Voisin family was fortunate for two reasons. Elle’s pediatrician diagnosed Elle early. And, the Voisin family, from Atlanta, GA, live very close to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta hospital, CHOA. Both factors have helped give Elle the best chance for successful treatment. Like any parent, fear penetrated Meredith’s life once Elle was diagnosed. Fear of treatment, which in most cases is surgery. Fear of side effects, which range from permanent brain damage to deformed features. And, mostly, fear of the unknown. Elle post-op Luckily, the Voisin’s discovered the Jorge Posada Foundation, started by former NY Yankee, Jorge Posada. (Posada created the Foundation after his own son was diagnosed with crainosynostosis.) The Voisin’s realized this group had much more to offer than just information and resources. The Foundation’s main goal is to establish a mentor program where families are matched with neighboring families who are experiencing a similar course of treatment. The Voisin’s were paired up quickly with a nearby mentor family. “It’s all about building relationships for support,” says Meredith, “We are a tight knit group because it’s such a small community.” verite.mag spring 2013 |67|

The waiting game for appointments with a pediatric neurosurgeon required a great deal of patience as the Voisin family also wrestled with many questions. The Voisin’s relied on their mentor family to help cope with the questions prior to surgery. Elle’s surgery took place when she was a mere three months old. The surgery was an invasive four hour procedure performed by both a pediatric neurosurgeon and a pediatric cranial facial plastic surgeon. The surgery was not met without some difficulties. Elle had to still wear a helmet after her operation, and will most likely have to have a second surgery down the road. However, for now, she is hitting all her growth milestones.

Elle in her new head gear

Prior to publishing, we learned that the Jorge Posada Foundation set up a fund for children with Craniosynostosis with the National Foundation for Facial Reconstruction (NFFR). Please consider giving to the NFFR at

Given the gratitude the Voisin family has for the Jorge Posada Foundation, they have signed up to be a mentor family themselves. They are also active participants in fundraisers for CHOA. “They are incredible,” shares Meredith, “They are focused on children and families. They provide fun activities so it’s not such a dreaded, dark and dreary place.” A little more than a year later, Elle, who actively plays with older sister Sophia who is four, is progressing like any 16 month old. Meredith confirms, “She is a real trooper.” For more information on how you can support children with craniosynostosis, log onto the Jorge Posada Foundation. V

|68| verite.mag spring 2013

want more? join us daily on

Florence Italy

verite.mag spring 2013 |69|


A Socially Curated Closet Story by

Kelly Allen Shop-Hers

Photos provided by

Jaclyn Shanfeld/Shop Hers

|70| verite.mag spring 2013

Her first job out of college was with a modeling agency - not a bad gig, but also not her lifelong dream.


uring her college years, and over the course of her time spent in the modeling business, she found herself going from “five to five hundred friends”, and not being in a position to afford the dresses and dynamite outfits for all of the wedding invites, parties, you name it - aka the social circuit that a gal would attend. Jaclyn Shanfeld’s “aha” moment began to percolate. She was looking for a career change, desiring a better wardrobe, (similar to the designer labels she was accustomed to) and wondering. In an attempt to make some easy money, she headed off to a local resale/consignment store with thousands of dollars worth of designer pieces she had accumulated over the years. Months later, she received a check from the store for just $200. Disappointed and frustrated, the “aha”

verite.mag spring 2013 |71|

got closer. After hearing of similar resale horror stories from friends, and talking her idea over with her mother and sisters, Jaclyn knew what needed to be done, and ShopHers was bourne. The site, (think Etsy meets Facebook meets a celebrity’s closet) does not disappoint. Shop-Hers, says Shanfeld, “is a way to refresh and reboot your wardrobe without having to go on a Ramen noodle diet.” The idea is simple: offer pre-owned designer clothing and accessories to style savvy shoppers. Shop-Hers is essentially a social closet times infinity. The online experience is designed to feel like you’re shopping in a luxury boutique, complete with the knowledgable sales associate. The “style soul mates” feature gives you the ability to enter your measurements, and the designers you adore and then shop your “style soul mate’s” closets – other individuals who share your style, your size, and your tastes. So it takes less time to find something that you may actually be interested in and that will fit. The best part? The entire experience is carefully curated. Shoppers can take comfort in knowing that each item is authenticated and insured by Shop-Hers, so it takes the worry out of wondering if your purchase will arrive and if so, is it truly a Yurman, a Bottega Veneta, or a DVF. You can also operate incognito on Shop Hers for those that like to keep a low profile. The site is designed so that sellers, if they chose, can use an alias. |72| verite.mag spring 2013

So how did she pull this off? While she never once doubted the concept, and was thrilled to partner with Jenna Stahl (who helped create Nordstrom’s website), Shanfeld admits the idea of developing the algorithms around the “style soul mate” concept seemed daunting. And certainly not a strength either she or her partner possessed. In the process of searching for investors, one man’s name rose to the top and came with great recommendations. Thanh Khuu signed on as their CTO and all of the pieces came together. “We are a very lean team – everyone does everything,” Shanfeld admits. Initially, they were worried about finding enough merchandise, but their office is overflowing with designer frocks, jewelry, a “floor full of Blahniks” – you name it. Business is off to a tremendous start. “This morning, we received a letter from a man in the Midwest who told us that he’s never been a wealthy man… he’s never been able to af-

ford to buy his wife what he felt she deserved and that our site has changed all of that. He was so grateful.” (Thirteen purchases and counting.) On the other end of the spectrum, there’s the woman who uses Shop-Hers to clean her closet out of some to-die-for pieces, and then use her proceeds to treat herself to the latest – greatest… swapping each check for a new update. Either way you look at it, it’s pretty cool. Shanfeld’s long term vision for Shop-Hers? “A sustainable marketplace for men, women, and children alike.” The ultimate in global recycling for the fashion industry. A lofty vision? Yes. But, with the tremendous response in only a few months time, you get the feeling it’s a shoe in. (sorry – couldn’t resist that one). V

verite.mag spring 2013 |73|

|74| verite.mag spring 2013

Inspiration comes in funny places. Much of mine comes from my mom. Inner resolve; strength; confidence; perserverance; and the ability to dream (with my eyes wide open)*.


n fact, my mom was a real inspiration for this magazine. I see the two of us - like when I was 7 at my backyard birthday party, and mom managing the "drop the clothespin in the bottle" game - making sure everyone had equal opportunity and making me feel like a superstar; or when I was 12 and we would go shopping together and instead of telling me outright that I looked absurd in the Gloria Vanderbilt jeans I was dying to have, she would just politely inform me that some other pair of jeans (probably Lee) "were more flattering"; or as I had my first child and clearly had no idea what I was in for, there she was, dropping off meals, cleaning my house, pitching in at a moment's notice so I could catch a few zzzs, and never judging**. And more than anything? Showing me, by example, the true meaning of unconditional love. I see the two of us now, at 42 and at 66, and wonder what's next on the horizon. Where do we go from here? What's just around the corner that we can't influence, and what are those things that we can? I know I'm not alone. How does your mom - or daughter - inspire you? Send us a photo and a few sentences at We'd love to feature some of your submissions in coming issues. V

*Disclaimer: I'm lucky enough to have pretty wonderful family who, admittedly, help to foster many of these qualities. **Disclaimer number two: In reference to my recollection of years where I "see" my mom and I, it was no accident that I omitted the late high school/early college years. Those were not my best/easiest years.... no use in "seeing" them again - once was enough.

verite.mag spring 2013 |75|

Interested in seeing our summer, fall and holiday issues? Subscribe. |76| verite.mag spring 2013

vérité spring 2013  

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