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meet the team | 6 find out who is behind this thing anyway

dig it | 12 take a peek at a few of our summer faves

accent on chic | 14 white, white, and more white. get inspired and learn how to mix them in everyday life. plus some sites for the mobile fashionista in you.

at home | 54 from orla kiely’s retro-greatness to modern ideas from grey & scout - a little something for everyone.

50 | garden beat back those weeds and reap what you sow

46 | eats & entertaining a summer fiesta with all the fixins’!

42 | our bodies helping with those aches and pains

76 | doing it women turning their passions into reality: meet nan lee

72 | give it up giving back - the hole in the wall gang camp

40 | beauty & the beast more specifically, beauty and the BEACH

64 | relax can you say cabo? also, what to read and listen to poolside. plus a movie to watch for.

33 | shoot for the moon borrowed quotes from smart people (also from our pintrest page)

86 | mom-ents a summer challenge for families

92 | tribute lilly pulitzer

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DON’T WAIT FOR THE PERFECT MOMENT, TAKE THE MOMENT AND MAKE IT PERFECT. Not long ago, I came across this comment and it really struck me. I found myself wondering why, and after some reflection (okay – like a couple of minutes) I began to think it had much to do with the pace of life lately. Like many of you, I find myself running from one thing to the next at such speed that at times, I can’t even remember what I did 30 minutes ago. Instead of experiencing and living in the moment, I’m too busy thinking about the next thing on the horizon. I need to remind myself regularly to be more present - to soak up and enjoy each moment (especially “free” time) and just BE. But this comment hit home even more so as it made me think… think about how often I hear people feel deflated because something didn’t turn out the way it should have; or the weather ruined such and such; or if only this and this happened, then we could have done “ x “. (Seriously, does it really matter if the steak at your dinner party turned out to be as hard as a hockey


Why not consciously try to make each moment, or opportunity, or scheduled activity, as close to perfect as we can? Will it actually be perfect? Maybe, maybe not. But wouldn’t it feel better spending some energy working toward that goal instead of feeling let down because you thought someone else understood your idea of perfect and would just make it so? Or better yet, just look for those perfect moments within each situation (as rainy, or crummy, or chaotic as it may be), and relish in it. The laughter, a connection, the memories sparked, the people you have the pleasure of being with… those little things that, no matter how much you could plan, are just – on their own – perfect. When I stop to slow down, I see these moments most often with my kids, but also with friends, family, and even colleagues. Or sometimes, when no one else is around and I might notice something – a peony bush and that amazing fragrance; the sweetness of a freshly picked strawberry (is there really anything quite like it? No.); the way that my husband tells a story – exaggerated or not (man, he can weave a tale!) Is this the cheesiest thing you’ve ever read – quite possibly, but I challenge you, when you find yourself having one of those days, to just stop and take notice – and find something perfect. I guarantee you can find it – and I’ll bet you get an instant lift. Now on to this issue of vérité, our second… and it’s ALL about summer. Well, most of it anyway. We’re big into whites, beaches, and summer parties. Based on your input, we’ve added more products (still with links so you can get that immediate “gotta have it now” gratification). We’ve also added a few new pieces that we hope resonate – like a new regular feature highlighting some of the best online shopping sites or mobile apps out there; great finds for under $100; and motivational quotes – (we’re testing this one out, but our Facebook friends seem to love it). Please, please, please – let us know what you think at You are who we are all about. As we spring into summer, and all the wonderful days and moments that lie ahead, (even as we may already be sensing how fast it will fly), I hope you enjoy, relax, laugh, rest, eat, drink, and be merry. Here’s to taking with us more perfect moments than we know what to do with!



Perfect – def. Exactly fitting the need in a certain situation or for a certain purpose

puck? Or so raw, even a caveman would balk? Wasn’t that belly laugh when you almost peed yourself way more important – and perfect? Or that moment when a friend opened up about something significant and you had a real conversation that could take all night if it needed to?)

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kelly holden allen

jennifer cain

stacey palmer

founder | editor

creative director | asst. editor

features director



janna bissett

miranda boyle

stacey callan

abby feinknopf


style contributor

health contributor


libby held

katie holden

shelleen mchale

amy mcintire

giving back contributor

travel contributor

MOMents contributor

garden contributor

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kelly holden allen founder/editor jennifer cain creative director/assistant editor stacey palmer features director

chel kissler graphic designer ryan scott web designer abby feinknopf illustrator

advertising georgia kontos

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Instant. Gratification. verite.mag summer 2013 |7|

Behind the Scenes

The Location: St. Clair Shores, MI

Hair and Make-up: The dynamic duo of Jania Garner and Stacey Manuel


The Yach Courtesy of the mo Mark Maran

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The Weather: Not at all as expected, but we ended up loving the look and feel of the gray-ish sky. Thank you Mother Nature.

The Photographer: The oh-so-awesome Janna Bissett

The Model: The most fabulous and stunning Wendy Schaffer

(yes, ladies, this is fifty)

ht: ost generous ngon

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| DIG IT | Suri Leather Ankle Boot Elizabeth and James | $227.50

Mahara Necklace Salty Fox Jewelry | $128

| W H AT ’ S H OT Bobby Brown Bronzing Powder Sephora | $38

Fly With Me Large Caviar Tote Henri Bendel | $598


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Flora Thr Chloe $

Navy Ikat Dinnerware C Wonder | $10 and up

Red and White Paper Straws Kikkerland | 144 per box | $6.95 Perfect Chambray Ex-Boyfriend Shirt Madewell | $69.50

Enamel and Pave Elephant Bracelet J Crew | $98


al Chevron row Pillow e and Olive $34 and up

Mind your Manners Burlap Placemats L’Italia | $96 s/6 Royal Egret Bracelet Kiel James Patrick | $75

Hampton Sun | $35

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10 Sandals Under $100 Naya Zenobia Gladiator Flat | $89

Joes Jeans Katey Sandal | $90

So Open To

Dolce Vita Taylor Wedge | $54.99

Seychelles Fearless Sandal | $80

Steve Madden Cufff | $59.95


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| DIG IT |

Tory Burch Thandie | $60

Mia Spring Wedge | $59

ole Society Sheila oe Heel | $59.95

Pixie Market Pointy Ankle Strap Flat | $68

Juicy Couture Shiny Wisp Jelly Thong | $68

verite.mag summer 2013 |13|

BCBG Jumpsuit | $248 Sam Edelman Heels | $130 Michael Kors Fringe Cuff | $195


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e are LOVING whites this season and hope the following pages just might inspire you to embrace the look. WARNING: it can be a little dicey. First, and most obvious, it’s not always the most practical. It shows everything dirt, dust, smudges, food, spills - you name it. And when it comes to finding that perfect pair of white denim, be prepared to try on several before finding the right fit and the fabric that is best “weighted” for you (the lighter weight, and the skinnier cuts are the polar opposite of forgiving). But practical is lame - especially when it comes to fashion. Shake it up and experiment. And viva la summer!

verite.mag summer 2013 |15|

BCBG Jacket | $248 BCBG Jumpsuit | $248 Michael Kors Fringe Cuff | $195 Tory Burch Sandals | $50


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Blouse/Ann Taylor Cuff/Hot Mama Earrings/Ladybird Boutique

verite.mag summer 2013 |17|


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Equipment Blouse | $204 J Crew Pleated Short | $60 Honey Rose & K Necklace | $68 verite.mag summer 2013 |19|


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BCBG Jacket | $248 Pluma Pendant | $158 verite.mag summer 2013 |21|

BCBG Jacket | $248 J Crew Pleated Short | $60 Sam Edelman Sandals | $70 Pluma Pendant | $158


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Tom Ford Sunglasses | $395 Michael Kors Necklace | $225 Michael Kors Swimsuit | $140

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Michael Kors Necklace | $225 Michael Kors Swimsuit | $140 Michael Kors Blazer | $150 Sam Edelman Heels | $130 verite.mag summer 2013 |27|

Top/Michael Kors Pant/Kut Shoes/Michael Kors


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Vince Camuto Peplum Top | $79 DL 1961 Amanda Skinny Jeans | $178 Envelope Clutch | $40 similar here Michael Kors Fringe Cuff | $195

verite.mag summer 2013 |29|


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Ray Ban Aviator | $145 Vince Camuto Peplum Top | $79 Michael Kors Fringe Cuff | $195 Earrings | model's own verite.mag summer 2013 |31|

It’s a wrap!


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Shoot for the Moon story by KELLY HOLDEN ALLEN images shared via PINTREST


e chose to add this new feature to the magazine based on the popularity some of these quotes have received on our Facebook page. (Nothing like a little gem now and then!) For more inspiration from minds smarter than ours, or “pin-spiration� in general, follow any or all of our boards on Pintrest.

verite.mag summer 2013 |33| We cannot talk about mobile shopping and not mention Gilt. This is, by far, my favorite shopping app, Gilt brings high end designer sample sales at greatly reduced prices. In other words, “things this cheap shouldn’t feel this good!”

FAB FIV Mo Fashi for the

story by STAC images courtesy of GO The site is visually stunning and I am a sucker for great design. I also really like how their “Fashion Fix” tab gives you exclusive interviews and trend alerts from the online retailer.


See something you love? Hover over the page for clickable links Unique designs at great prices that you can browse by color, price, and category.

Pinch me, I’m in mobile nirvana... One King’s Lane, or OKL as I call it, carries lovely home goods at deeply discounted prices. Items are only listed for 72 hours, so things sell out quickly.

VE APPS Mobile ionista

CEY PALMER OOGLE AND TUMBLR A flash sale site acquired by Nordstrom in 2011, where you can find top fashion and home goods for up to 75% off.

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|1| |2|

|4| |3|


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While you can go the all-white route, mixing neutrals (especially creams and whites) is a very sophisticated way to update your wardrobe and a perfect way to bring in this summer. Here are some tips on how to wear this look: • Make sure fabrics are different textures on the top and bottom. If you have a lighter weight linen top make sure your bottoms are a bit more substantial – like a denim rolled skinny. I love the added element of more texture like a cream tweed blazer to complete this look. • Make sure you mix your silhouettes as well. A lightweight draped sweater would pair beautifully with a structured pair of wide leg linen trousers. This look would be perfect finished off with a bold scarf. 813 Ottotradeci Amabile Scarf | $258 | 1 | • Make sure you have the all-essential white silk button down shirt (see the Equipment shirt in the Accent on Chic spread). It is so Parisian chic and it is the single item in your wardrobe that you can throw on and look incredibly polished instantly. It is the epitome of a wardrobe classic. Equipment blouse | $204 | 2 | • Lastly, have fun accessorizing! Whites and creams are the perfect neutral pallet to add a pop of color with some super fabulous accessories. A fun belt, stacks of bracelets and a slouchy bag will have you all ready for a lunch with the ladies or a night out on the town. Rebecca Minkoff Dangle Feather Earrings | $98 | 3 | Camponmaggi Black Leather Studded Belt | $168 | 4 |

verite.mag summer 2013 |37|

Sequined Oceanica Clutch Anthropologie | $178 Mermaid meets clutch.

Sequined Stripe Zip Clutch | Gap | $27 Stripes, sequins, AND under $30? A summer trifecta!

Cork Invitation Clutch J Crew | $98 Love the cork with the metallic fleck!

Printed Fabric Clutch Zara | $49 Boho with a bit of structure. |38|

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Clare Vivier Foldo This clutch stands more colors than

Everpurse Persimmon Leather Clutch | $249 Hold the phone! It actually charges your phone. No joke.

Cutout Handle Clutch The Limited | $46 Chic, neutral, awesomeness.

over Clutch | Jaguar Print | $180 s tall or folds over – whatever your mood. It also comes in you can imagine, and that leather is like buttah’!

Sula Small Clutch | Colleen Cordera | $399 California cool with a rockstar edge.

verite.mag summer 2013 |39|



A | Elta Tinted Sunscreen for Face spf 41 $29 | derm store Great for daily wear, this tinted moisturizer has serious sun protection. B | L’Oreal Sublime Sunscreen Oil, spfs 15-50 $8.50 | drug stores It will feel like the 80’s all over again. But a little more sun smart. C | Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment $40 | amazon This miracle oil erases frizzy, unmanageable hair. Smells amazing too! D | Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment-spf 15 $22.50 | fresh Pricey but heavenly.


E | Philosophy Pure Grace Eau de Toilette $44 | Sephora Smells like summer in a bottle. Light and fresh.

F | Ame and Lulu Boat Tote and Wet Bathing Suit Bag | $108/$36 We love this company’s preppy prints. Perfect for summer. Shown in “Astor”

G | Silk Stripe Maxidress | $178 | JCrew The perfect cover up. Because we all just want an excuse to wear a fabulous caftan.

H | Straw Fedora | $14.94 | Old Navy Everyone needs a straw hat, whether it’s this adorable fedora, a fun cowboy hat, or a wide brimmed beauty – go find yours!

I | Seche Vite Top Coat | $4.99 Don’t ever use another top coat again. This doubles the length of your manicure or pedicure. Take it to the nail salon with you!




|F A| |I


How many of you remember this little goody? It’s back! Ban De Soleil Orange Gelee Sunscreen , SPF 4 SPF 4. That’s so 80’s.

ON A Roll Story by


Stacey Callan

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hether active or non-active, all of us at some point have suffered from muscle tension, tightness or even pain. Stress, over use and intense exercise are just some of the culprits that push us to feel this discomfort. I’m by no means a doctor, but from experience I’ve come to find a few things that have helped me reduce a few of my sore muscles.

Over Used and Mistreated Remember when your mom used to tell you to “eat your vegetables” or “floss your teeth”…we knew it was good for us, but we didn’t necessarily do it every day. The same goes for taking care of our bodies – and this is especially true as we move up in age. I, for one, am a perfect example of this. Knee replacement surgery, which my dad has already experienced, is certainly not something I want to start thinking about. But as a long time athlete and fitness instructor, I’ve endured many sore muscles and painful joints in my life and when it came to my knees, I was terrified. I would like to say I practice entirely what I preach, but I guess I would be lying. Stretching is just something that I can honestly say has never been a ritual for my lifestyle. Why? No particular reason, just time, really. In my 20’s and 30’s, I got away with it, but now into my 40’s it’s an entirely different story.

Time for a Change Taking the time for a massage every now and then is truly a treat for me; however, making the time to actually do it is another story. Family, kids, work, basically just life can get in the way. I finally made the time last week and it was by far one of the most eye opening experiences. In my case, my massage therapist deduced that my knee problems could be result of an extremely tight tendon running down the outside of my thigh otherwise known as my IT band or iliotibial band. Basically this strong, thick band of tissue connects the knee to the hip. The band works with the quadriceps (thigh muscles) to provide stability to the outside of the knee joint during movement. Many runners experience tightness in this area from constant pounding on the pavement and my Ironman training had done just that. It was then that I learned I could aid in my own recovery all from the comfort of my own home. Enter…the foam roller.

verite.mag summer 2013 |43|


photo courtesy of

What Is A Foam Roller

I was actually feeling the pain down into my knees. So the key is to be patient when beginning these self-massages and stay consistent.

Knots or “trigger points” are the body’s alarm system saying we need help. And while visiting a masseuse can be beneficial, it can also be very costly with slow results. By using this extremely easy, therapeutic How To Use tool multiple times a day, we might be able to calm When applying pressure with the foam roller, you our wallets while adding a little relief to our bodies at will feel a bit of discomfort. Keep in mind this presthe same time. sure should feel uncomfortable just not unbearable. To begin, roll across the problem area for a few secA foam roller is exactly how it sounds - it’s a cylinder onds and slowly start to increase the time, spending roll made of foam, plain and simple. It is available in extra time on the specific trigger or knot areas. But different lengths, colors, sizes and densities depend- make sure not to roll directly over a bony area or on ing on what you need it for and this incredibly, unyour knee. After you have worked the problem area, complicated piece of equipment could be the answer you should feel some soreness - like your muscles to so many uncomfortable problems. have just been put through a workout. Make sure you drink plenty of water, eat clean and rest. Then repeat in another 24-48 hours. How It Works The idea behind the roller is to basically mimic a deep tissue, gliding massage. With a foam roller, you can control and isolate the problematic area, the amount of weight placed on the muscles and the duration of time spent on each area. By applying pressure to specific points on your body, you can aid in the recovery of muscles and begin to return blood flow to normal. Identifying a trouble area can be a bit tricky and most times it is usually a knot that results in pain when touched or given added pressure. However, in my case, my IT bands weren’t sore to the touch,


Ask For Help I now leave my foam roller next to my bed, it is the very last thing I do before I climb in for the night. I find by working my muscles one last time before I lay down helps me to sleep a little easier. There are still so many areas on my body that I know can benefit by using the foam roller so I intend on working with the personal trainers at my gym who are knowledgeable as well as my massage therapist. Remember, ask for help or do a little research to make sure you are using your roller correctly. It’s never too late to better yourself and your overall health. V

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Stretch it! The IT Band

Two different ways to stretch out your IT band

A. LEGS NOT TOGETHER This method allows for less pressure as you are able to use your outside leg for added support.

B. LEGS TOGETHER This approach allows for greater pressure on the troubled area. If this is too uncomfortable to start, begin with method A.

RumbleRoller Foam Massage Roller $74.99

BODYFIT 30-inch Foam Roller $29.99

verite.mag summer 2013 |45|




Summer is here so why not kick it off by hosting a fiesta for all of your friends and family? Here are some super fun, yet super easy, ideas to get you started… |46|

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|1| |2|

It’s always fun to get an invite in the mail‌here are a few favorites:

| 1 | Fiesta Invitation $42 box of 20

| 2 | Fiesta Flamestitch $63 box of 25

| 3 | DIY Printable Taco + Margarita Invitations $15/3 PDF styles


| MUSIC | Tunes are always key! Go for a Mexican vibe with some Gypsy Kings... or dial it up a notch and add a karaoke machine to the festivities. Guaranteed to be a night to remember!

| FOOD | Make it easy, and let your guests whip up their own tacos 1. Pork Taco Bar with a variety of condiments 2. Radish and cucumber salad (recipe next page) 3. Chicken Spinach Cannelini bean Quesadillas (recipe next page) 4. Maria Verde (recipe next page) 5. Beer tub verite.mag summer 2013 |47|

Radish and Cucumber Salad 12 radishes with tops (radishes sliced thinly, tops washed & sliced thin, and reserved) 1 seedless English cucumber (washed and cut thinly into rounds) ½ tsp kosher salt ½ c rice vinegar 2 tbs evoo 2 tbs fresh lime juice

In a large bowl, toss the radish and cucumber slices with salt. Toss with vinegar, olive oil, and lime juice. Let stand at room temperature for 1 hour. Just before serving, fold radish tops into salad. Makes 8 servings. Courtesy of Top Chef judge Hugh Acheson

Maria Verde - adapted from Mix the following ingredients in a blender with 8 oz water (should yield approx 48 oz of mix) 3 avocados 3 lemons juiced 3 limes juiced 6 tomatillos 1 pinch cilantro 3 jalapenos dash salt and pepper


Rim a highball glass with sea salt. (Please use fresh lime as binder for salt). In a shaker with some ice, combine 3 oz of the puree, 1.5 oz Tito’s Handmade Vodka, muddle all ingredients into ice with 3 wedges of lime and shake. Pour off into high ball and garnish with lime wedge or edible cactus.

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Chicken, Spinach and Cannellini Bean Quesadillas 1 ½ -2 cups seasoned, cooked and diced chicken breast meat 1 tbs olive oil 1 c diced onion 1 c diced red bell pepper 1 banana pepper, diced pinch of crushed red pepper flakes salt and pepper 1 clove garlic, minced 1 (heaping) tbs all purpose flour 3/4 c chicken broth 4 c fresh baby spinach, stems removed, coarsely chopped 1 (15.5 ounce) can of cannellini beans, drained and rinsed Cooking spray Flour tortillas Shredded cheese (Monterey Jack,

cheddar or a combination of the two works well here) Avocados, diced Fat free sour cream

In a large skillet heat olive oil over medium-high heat. Add onion, red bell pepper and banana peppers. Season with the crushed red pepper flakes and salt and pepper. Saute until veggies have softened, 6-8 minutes. Add the garlic and saute for another minute or two. Sprinkle the flour over the veggies and stir to combine. Cook while stirring for several minutes so that the flour loses its raw taste. Whisk in the chicken broth and stir until bubbly and smooth. Add the baby spinach and continue cooking for another minute or two or until

spinach has wilted. Stir in the cooked chicken and cannellini beans and remove from heat. Spray a large skillet or griddle with cooking spray. Heat over medium to medium-high heat. Place one tortilla on griddle and spread cheese over tortilla. Spread chicken, bean and spinach mixture over one half of the tortilla. Check underside of tortilla and when browned a bit, flip the half with just cheese over the half with the chicken. Remove from heat and cut into slices. Top with diced avocado and sour cream, if desired. Recipe and photo courtesy of

verite.mag summer 2013 |49|

Not just any hoe Story by AMY MCINTIRE


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| HOME |


o, by the time this issue is published, it will be mid-June. And while we aren’t in the dog days of summer yet, we are hoping that we have had our last nights of covering our tender lettuces and tomatoes like the newborn babies they are to all farmers and gardeners. Much like holidays are magic to children, the thought of being able to pluck what is needed for your evening meal is magic to grownups and kids alike. In order to keep that magic alive we need to keep up with the day to day maintenance, which means controlling the enemy - weeds. There are many different “weed control” options for the casual farmer or urban gardener: mulching, ground covers, weed killers (chemical, organic, or other), but my all-time favorite is the Stirrup Hoe! The Stirrup Hoe isn’t your average hoe (stop giggling) - it is designed to look like the stirrup of a saddle, but the bottom of the stirrup is a blade that will cut the heads at ground level right off of your weeds, essentially denying them the sunlight and oxygen they need to grow. You can go out to the garden before the sun gets truly hot, run this little beauty in between your plants and be able to keep on top of your weeding chores. The upside? In addition to healthier plants and a lovelier garden, having this handy tool leaves you time to plan a truly special meal with those fresh greens and spring peas. (see recipe on the next page)

Stirrup Hoe | $49.99

The next time we meet again in the vérité Garden, we will be talking end of summer and what to do with all of those amazing tomatoes popping out all over your garden. Until then, keep on top of your weeds, enjoy the bounty that you have grown…..and we’ll see you in the Garden! V

verite.mag summer 2013 |51|



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Garden Salad Recipe I love to venture out and pick some arugula, spinach and peas. Lightly sautĂŠ the peas in olive oil, toss into a bowl with your greens, and drizzle with a delicious olive oil, some Kosher salt, lemon zest, walnuts and freshly grated Parmesan cheese and you have a delightful salad. These garden greens pair really well with a grilled pork tenderloin or fresh whitefish. For another yummy take on this type of salad, check out the link below. balsamic-salad-with-arugula-pea-shoots-andparmesan/ photo courtesy of

verite.mag summer 2013 |53|



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Orla Kiely A Vintage Godess What could be better than living in an Orla Kiely boutique? Wouldn’t it just be heaven if your whole house was Orla Kiely? I mean, literally, the house itself, the walls, the furniture, the accessories, and yes, you might as well have your closets filled too. Orla Kiely’s feminine designs are a favorite of mine. She has the perfect touch when it comes to pattern - I absolutely adore the vintage look and feel. Her home furnishings line is a go-to for ladies who love prints, and it’s no surprise to learn that she has a degree in textile design from the National College of Art and Design. She was so talented in school, that upon graduating from college, her pieces were immediately picked up by Harrods in London. Initially, she started out making hats, until one day her father proclaimed “you see more women carrying handbags than wearing hats” – and that inspired her to chart a new course – into handbags and accessories. Her brand now produces everything from kitchenware to ready-to-wear… each piece crafted with that instantly recognizable sixties-era charm.

verite.mag summer 2013 |55|

Dublin born Orla Kiely, 49, also known as the “queen of retro prints”, remembers her childhood fondly with her parents and three siblings. She was raised in a modern 1950’s-style house loaded with bright colors. It was this home that served as a huge inspiration for her overall aesthetic. “One of my most vivid memories is our family kitchen, with its olive green Formica cupboards and worktops, coordinating green and white patterned tiles that gave full wall coverage, and, to top it all off, an orange gloss ceiling… I loved it!” She now resides in London with her husband, Dermott, their two boys, Robert and Hamish, and a labradoodle, Olive. The Orla Kiely customer is creative, intelligent and stylish. She is not afraid to stand out and does so fashionably. The combination of carefully chosen fabric and attention to detail has led to a loyal following including celebrities like Alexa Chung, Kirsten Dunst, Helena Christensen, Lily Allen, Keira Knightley, and the Duchess of Cambridge. Kiely has three boutiques – two in London, and one on Mercer Street in New York. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting her NY store and walking in through the front door is like walking onto a gorgeous movie set from the 60’s.... like I said… pure heaven. V


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PILLOW: She is known as ‘the sprig lady’ which refers to the stem and leaf pattern that now adorns everything from her handbags to throw pillows. | $69 BEDDING: Ideal for restyling your room in an instant, the fresh colors and iconic style of this bedding is a must have for all Orla Kiely fans. $149-$199

RADIO: Fabulously retro digital and FM radio now available, and includes her signature print designs. $230

TOWELS: Luxuriously soft leaf and stem pattern bath towels. | $9-$35 WALLET: Tonal Oval Stem Jacquard Big Zip Wallet | $176 DRESS: Cloud Organza Boat Neck Dress | $498

verite.mag summer 2013 |57|


with Liz Bachman photos courtesy of SOTHEBY REALTY

i create. Messes huge and

small, art from time-to-time, places to live and relax, desserts that taste amazing and desserts that taste like dirt. I style homes by day and blog by night. And if you’re like me, you’re searching for a daily dose of style inspiration, or you’re bored. Those both bored and looking for inspiration are welcome. No judgment here. Find me at; on instagram and pintrest.


photo courtesy of Grace Combs Photography for Glitter Guide

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Hellooo . . . windows, glorious windows! (views of the San Francisco Bay aren’t too shabby)

verite.mag summer 2013 |59|


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Fusion of sophisticated lines and neutral colored furniture creates an inviting space


LOVE the light hardwood floors

verite.mag summer 2013 |61|


An all over marble bathroom with tub, ya, that ain’t the worst thing I’ve ever laid eyes on


Subtle paint colors flow well throughout the house, and keep the rooms light and bright V |62|

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verite.mag summer 2013 |63|



a e R

The Paris Wife by Paula McLain | $9 Perfect summer read that captures the love affair between Ernest Hemingway and his wife Hadley.

Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead Sheryl Sandberg | $12.99 No matter your age, economic status, employment status, whether you’re single, married, a mom, not a mom... heck - even if you’re a man, (and in some ways, especially if you’re a man) - it’s well worth a read. You may or may not agree with every word, but it will make you think.


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Justin Timberlake The 20 20 Experience | $11 Fun. Zippy. Smooth. That JT is a crooner! You will have a hard time resisting an attempt at a few new moves of your own.


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The Girl Most Likely Lionsgate Films opens July 19 Successful playwright (Kristen Wiig) has a breakdown and is forced to live with her kooky mother (Annette Bening). We hope it’s as funny as it looks!

Esperanza Spalding Radio Music Society | $11 Jazzy, swanky goodness. With a voice that is to die for.

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Heaven story by KATIE HOLDEN photos by KATIE HOLDEN


n our last issue, we took you to the Florence and Chianti regions of Italy. Next stop….Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where I recently celebrated a birthday milestone at the most amazing hotel/ resort – Capella Pedregal. This was an entirely different trip than Italy…I was not on my feet nearly as much! Sometimes your mind and your body just need to be lazy in the sun… especially when you live in the north craving Vitamin D during the winter months.

My favorite part of the trip? 5 minute foot massage whilst relaxing poolside My least? Not realizing said foot massage rubbed off all my sun protection! In one word: Heaven

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MUST SEE/DO “TOURISTY” • Especially if you are celebrating any type of event, dinner at The Office with the Mariachi (Thursday nights) is a must. It is on the beach with great food and drink. But, most importantly, there is a stage for audience participation where regular folks let their hair down and voluntarily humiliate themselves (mostly dancing games). It is a riot and you’d be surprised how much fun you will have if you are tagged to participate…ahem. (Tip: avoid eye contact with the balloon guy and Rambo). • The Marina bustles with options for getting out on the water. You can walk from vendor to vendor and negotiate the best deal – snorkeling, fishing, whale watching, water taxis – and even booze cruising (depending on the crowd)? Personally, I highly recommend a sunset cruise. • I’m sorry, but a trip to Cabo is simply not complete without a stop to Cabo Wabo. I mean, come on, Van Halen made the place famous as far as I’m concerned. The live music is awesome, playing all the 80s/90s hits you love and can’t help belting out.


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• Pancho’s for breakfast – chorizo, great huevos (egg dishes), mimosas with homemade OJ, and homemade salsas as hot or mild as you like. All that, plus fabulous décor – ole! • Found a great little restaurant a bit off the beaten path….Los Tres Gallos. Super cute outdoor patio with great service and great food. It was a more traditional Mexican cuisine experience. • Local markets - Cabo is such a cute town and it’s fun to just walk the streets and pop into shops. And make sure you are ready to deal… EVERYTHING is negotiable.

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INSIDE SCOOP - THE SKINNY • Cabo is a paradise and an ideal beach/poolside getaway. Although there are many things to do, it is also rather enjoyable to do nothing at all. • Keep in mind, fishing is a big part of the Cabo experience and most restaurants will prepare your catch for you and serve with their own side dishes. And if you’re into golfing, you’ll have plenty of options. • There are 2 towns people reference in the ‘Cabo’ area – Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Cabo San Lucas is the busier locale with more restaurants and nightlife. San Jose del Cabo is a quieter place more focused on art and a little closer to the airport.

TIPS • Many resorts lie in between the 2 towns. Taxis from the resorts to the towns can become costly so it is wise to determine what type of vacation you want and which town you might prefer. • If ocean swimming is important to you, look carefully when booking a place to stay. Many of the Cabo area beaches are un-swimmable due to strong currents.

PLACES OF NOTE - TO STAY Okay, Capella was a dream spot for this trip. The location was perfect – within walking distance to the town – and everything about it was top notch. Honestly, I didn’t leave the place that often because it was THAT amazing. Capella Pedregal Also try: Las Ventanas and One & Only Palmilla

PLACES OF NOTE - TO EAT AND DRINK IN GENERAL: Margaritas – SO much better than the stateside version. Anywhere – try them all. Tequila – ditto. I don’t know what happens to tequila when it crosses the border, but my North American experience has been more akin to drinking battery acid on fire; my MX experience – like water. Okay – close to water. Beer – aka cerveza – Pacifico, Sol, or Tecate (and in that order). All are light. And extremely drinkable. Food – any seafood is fabulous and fresh. Chips, salsa and guacamole are a given, but you might want to experiment with the different variations on fish tacos along with all of the other authentic Mexican dishes.

A FEW SPECIFICS: Panchos – especially for breakfast Los Tres Gallos – for a fabulous, authentic, meal Romeo and Juliet’s – known for their Caesar Salads with house-made dressing made tableside The Office – always a bit of a party; outstanding fish tacos - and margs; Thursday night is Mariachi Night and reservations are a must. V verite.mag summer 2013 |71|

Hole in the Wall Story by LIBBY TURPIN Photos courtesy of THE HOLE IN THE WALL GANG CAMP


I recently encouraged my girlfriends to join me in running a half marathon four months from now. These are the same gals who joined me in walking the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day, so I fancied they would be an easy sell. I was wrong. Why would we want to do that? I can’t run that far! My sales pitch obviously did not win them over.

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| GIVE IT UP | Now, I realize training for any type of athletic event - 5K, marathon, triathlon, what have you - is grueling, expensive, even time consuming. Yet, it can be rewarding— both in a self-serving, I’m going to get myself in shape, type of way, but also, so much more. Training for an athletic event can be a selfless good deed. Paul Newman, one of our society’s true humanitarians, started a non-profit organization called The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp 25 years ago. As their slogan reads, it is a camp that offers a different kind of healing for children battling life-threatening illnesses. The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp offers terminally ill children the opportunity to experience a week of living like a child should live. These children know a life of pain, of hospital visits, of treatments, of limitations. This camp gives them a chance to become naturalists, athletes, artists, musicians or woodworkers. And not just for a week. After leaving the camp, there a numerous opportunities for campers to reconnect through outreach programs, family weekend visits, and a camper-only website which focuses on maintaining the bonds of friendships that began at camp. A typical camper is also invited back for three consecutive years; some campers even become alumni camp counselors. Communications Manager, Beth Starkin, organizes the events and programs sponsored by The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. Starkin jokes with her friends about how much she loves her job because there is not a day that goes by where she does not break down and cry. Starkin states, “I’m privileged to tell these stories.” Each and every one of us can be a part of keeping these stories alive. Starkin has found many people seeking to help often create their own event to sponsor. Here, Starkin explains that

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individuals or companies have the freedom to develop an event and establish their own fundraising goals with the help from their event kit. Andy Berman, co-owner of Fitness Factory in Westport, CT, helped organize the Fitness Factory Push Against Cancer. Here, participants performed push-ups for a solid two hours to raise money for the camp. As a business owner, Berman searched for an organization to sponsor in order to get better connected and involved with the community. Berman knew he found the right organization when he heard about Newman’s Camp. Berman shares, “I hate to see children who can’t enjoy their youth; so to be able to help kids and put a smile on their faces was hands down a win for me.” Overall, Fitness Factory Push Against Cancer raised $37,000. They had 50 people who pushed against cancer by doing over 72,000 push-ups.


Looking back, my girlfriends and I walked 60 miles to help find a cure for breast cancer, to support the women battling cancer, and to raise awareness for the need to find a cure. The training, fundraising, and the sore feet were all selfless deeds. As I write this, maybe this is my new and improved sales pitch for my gals to join me once again in something so fulfilling. If I run my half marathon four months from now, I will log approximately 325 miles of training. Let’s say I pledge to raise $1 for every mile I train to donate to The Hole in the Wall Gang. It is a very feasible goal, a very rewarding goal. I’m in. Who is in with me? V

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The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp - Details or call (860) 429-3444

The Camp is located in Ashford, CT. They hold nine, week-long camps throughout the summer for children between the ages of 7 through 15 who either have cancer, a serious blood disorder, or an autoimmune disease. Eight of those camps are for seriously ill children. The last camp of the summer is offered to siblings as well. Here, siblings and seriously ill children are treated to a week at camp together. Starkin states, “It’s a great opportunity for siblings to have a shared opportunity.” They also offer a Hospital Outreach program where they bring creative and developmental activities to seriously ill children yearround. The Camp even provides programs for parents of these children with hopes of establishing connections and support.

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story by KELLY HOLDEN ALLEN photos courtesy of NAN LEE

A Socially Curated Closet Story by

Kelly Allen Shop-Hers

Photos provided by

Jaclyn Shanfeld/Shop Hers


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V How did your boutique come about? Had you been thinking about it for years, or did it just sort of happen? NL I’d been daydreaming about someday owning a small jewelry boutique by the sea but this was just a distant dream. Then, one day I was just inquiring about a second home for my parents at this new development close to my home. It was inspired by a Croatian Village by the sea - I found the idea captivating and I was hooked instantly. They asked if I knew of any retail businesses that would be a good mix for the little downtown they were creating. A year and half later, I opened Nan Lee Jewelry.

V Many of us struggle with trying to determine how to turn our passion(s) into something we can actually pursue as a business. When did you realize there was a means to do this, and how did you begin? NL I actually began my retail career by being born into it. My family has always owned small businesses so I’ve been around my family’s restaurants or retail stores, working every position my whole life. I learned how to work the cash register at 7. It is my comfort zone.

V Who were some of your biggest supporters? NL My family - from my parents to my husband and my kids. Everyone plays a role in making this business a success and allows for my growth. Knowing that you have a support network always there and cheering you on is invaluable. It would be near impossible to be immersed in growing a small business as mother and wife without your family’s support.

V What was the toughest obstacle you faced and how did you handle it? NL I opened Nan Lee Jewelry in September of 2008. The economy and real estate market crashed a month later. I remember that day as if it just happened. Everything came to an abrupt stop. When news broke, I remember standing in

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V Okay - a few random questions: Coffee or tea? OR Wine or cocktail? Coffee!! Movie or musical? Musical Favorite color: Green Heels or flats? Heels Dogs or Cats? Dogs Favorite word: Yes! If I could meet any famous person it would be - Diane Von Furstenberg because - She embodies a strong, successful woman who has a lasting power very few have. She’s reached iconic status and embodies style and class. I’d love to sit down with her and soak up all of her fabulousness!


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an empty store feeling crushed and thinking what have I done? People just stopped shopping, afraid for their investments they spent a lifetime building and worried about their job security the climate was of fear and survival. After the initial shock, I realized I needed to re-merchandise for a different economic climate. Instead of focusing on designer jewelry with higher price points, I immediately went to work sourcing trendy fashion jewelry and sterling silver personalized charms for gift giving. I realized that even if people were cutting back on spending, they still needed to get gifts for special occasions. So, that is where we really set ourselves apart - Nan Lee Jewelry became the go-to jewelry store where you can find meaningful gifts for under $100.

V If you had a chance to do anything differently, what would it be? NL Nothing. Everything I went through has led me to this point and I am so excited about all the new possibilities and growth ahead of me. Embrace it all - good or bad!

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V What type of advice would you give women when debating whether or not to take the leap in trying to turn a passion into some type of career? NL You can go back and forth forever so imagine if you just jumped in a month, a year, 10 years ago, how much further along would you be? Now, I’m not advocating blindly jumping in - you have to do your homework. Write that business plan, get advice from anywhere you can, talk to other business owners in the same fieldyou’ll be surprised at how willing people are to help. If you believe in your dreams just stick to it- work on it each and everyday!

V How do you work to maintain a balance between work and home? NL This is one area that I find quite challenging at times but with some schedule jockeying, and lots of help from an incredibly understanding spouse, we get it all done. As a mom, I always struggle with feelings of guilt for not being the mom with fresh baked cookies and milk after school... however, we do emphasize sitting down and having dinner together every night, we also have other family rituals like movie night and pizza night. When I’m with my kids, I try to limit distractions. I believe that a way to balance work and family is to always be present and in the moment - no checking emails, texting or calling into work when it’s time with family.

V What’s next on the horizon? Perhaps multiple locations- I can see Nan Lee Jewelry in cities across the country. V

Nan Lee Jewelry 106 W Virginia Street McKinney, TX 972.540.2739


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New Beginnings: Dating the Younger Man story by TRACY GARDNER BENO | photography by JANNA BISSET


ou know the feeling. That tingle in the back of your neck, the certainty that you are being watched. Not in a creepy, stalkerish, horror movie way, but an appraisal, an appreciative assessment.

A glance over your shoulder validates the tingle and you make eye contact with a handsome stranger. A smile plays around the corners of his mouth, and you are surprised to find yourself smiling back. It’s not until later, days or weeks later, over coffee with your best girlfriend, that you must explain how in the world you fell into a romance with a man 12 years your junior. Relationships between older women and younger men are increasingly common in today’s world. The cougar stereotype tends to be the first thing to come to mind. However, with so many women pursuing successful careers and finding themselves financially independent, the idea of dating or even exploring a lasting relationship with a younger man has become much more appealing than taboo. You need only chat with a friend to discover that you both probably know someone who is happily reaping the benefits of such a pairing.

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When Jillian’s youngest daughter graduated high school, she found herself on a precipice. Her husband had left two years ago, her children were each on their path toward adulthood, and she was suddenly faced with a freedom she’d never imagined. Well before her marriage ended, she’d fallen into a routine of squelching her young at heart attitude, her ambitions to travel, or even to end an occasional work day with something other than pizza and a movie on the couch. Unless she wanted to do these things alone or with friends, they weren’t happening. The few men her age Jillian dated in the last year just didn’t seem to share her energy level, her love of planning the next adventure.

or where it’s headed, and that’s okay. Early on, she asked Adam what made him approach her in the first place. She’d expected an answer akin to ‘your beautiful smile’ or even ‘I couldn’t resist those legs.’ She’d sorely misjudged her new boyfriend. He peered into her soul with his dark eyes, and ran his thumb from her collar bone over her shoulder and down her arm. He’d explained that she’d drawn him in, there was something about her that he just had to know. He’d seen her first, he said, and he’d never seen a woman so self-possessed. Of course, it didn’t hurt that he wanted to throw her over his shoulder and into his bed—his words. Jillian smiles as she retells it now.

Then she met Adam. She thought she’d spotted him first, meeting his eyes in the lobby on her way to a work function. She tore her glance away and hurried into the event. He approached her later, rescuing her from a less than enthralling lecture by a colleague. They were soon deep in conversation about her plans to take a solo trip to Ireland next summer. Adam advised her not to miss the Cliffs of Moher, as he’d backpacked there after college. Five years ago. When the party wound down and neither of them wanted to end the connection, Jillian gave herself permission to step outside her usual boundaries and climbed into his car, fighting the inner nag asking her what the hell she was doing with a 28 year old. The nag finally shut up when Adam’s hand found her knee at the first stop light.

The consensus seems to be this: the older woman/ younger man dynamic works for many couples. An informal poll of twenty and thirty something men who have dated older women reveals the real driving force behind their interest. Women in their forties and older have achieved a level of confidence that is seldom found in their younger counterparts. They are selfsufficient, energetic and have been through enough challenges to truly relish the fun in their lives, and the men who are lucky enough to be part of it.

A year later, against the odds and the nag that occasionally returns in the form of confused friends or her bewildered children, Jillian and Adam are still going strong. Her youngest daughter has, thank goodness, had an epiphany, counseling her sibling when she didn’t know Mom was in earshot: “Mom’s happy. And Adam did that. Leave her alone.”

While it seems obvious what older women gain from dating younger men, the same informal poll results in much more than meets the eye. These women find in their younger partners someone who can keep up with their energy, someone who has the desire to seek out new experiences and learn new things. Younger men bring that same energy to the boudoir, which is, in the end, a perfect recipe for women of a certain age who are secure in their bodies and their sensuality. All so much more than anything that could be described with a simple predatory cat metaphor. Older women (and their younger partners) have gotten smart! V

For her own part, Jillian has stopped questioning the relationship. She doesn’t know how long it will last,


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Schools out... Now what? A Summer Challenge Story by SHELLEEN MCHALE


I’m going to challenge you to think about summer a bit differently. We all are “busy”, or as I learned in a church one week, “time challenged”, and for those of us moms with kids still at home, (or grandmothers with grandkids nearby) we tend to focus on them once the season hits. I am not saying that is a bad thing, but it is imperative you focus on yourself, your friends and your significant other as well. So take time out to do something fun YOU want to do and don’t ever have time for….remember, a happy mom makes for a happy family! And when it comes to the kids, don’t forget to focus on all ages of the kids… not just the little ones. School agers and teens are probably the hardest to entertain but the experiences with them can be the most impactful. I am going to give you my top seven things to do over summer – and odd number, yes, but it’s what I’ve got - and I bet you end up doing them more than once.

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photo courtesy of

1. Second hand shopping. “Why” you say? Let me explain. It is a family affair and can be done with a specific goal or just to browse and see what you can find. Here are the three options: a. With younger kids you can play a “Where’s Waldo” kind of game, only I call it “Tricky Treasures.” Give them something unique or different to look for. You can break up into teams and see what everyone comes back with. Ultimately someone finds something they want to keep, and it only cost you two bucks! b. Send each person out with the goal of finding something that the other people there would like. Give a time limit. And then you all meet back with your treasures. It is hilarious to see what each person brings back. c. Go with the focus being on a project you want to do at home. For example let everyone know you want to re-do a desk, or make a table with modge-podge pictures all over the top. You can get as crazy as you want or just do a couple simple photos.

photo courtesy of

2. Give back. Choose one or two non-profits that your family believes in and spend some time learning, volunteering and even committing to getting involved for the rest of the year. Have a family meeting and discuss what everyone is passionate about or feels strongly about supporting. I promise this discussion will allow each of you to learn about each other. For your older children, they may want to do this on their own but just need a little assistance in getting started. Remember, there are many ways you can get involved. There are a couple of websites I found helpful. a. b.

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3. Garden I know, I know some of you are saying “no way!” But hear me out. There are so many ways to garden and it can be extensive or simple. This is actually a great way to get your family to try new foods, become healthier and learn about the growing seasons. Here are just a couple ideas and you can choose based on your ambition! a. If you are really ambitious, I suggest purchasing the book Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew. You can create and make a garden any size based on what is good for you and your family. Once you have created and planted your garden…there really is not much maintenance if done this way…I promise! You might have to weed 2-3 times a season, and that is all. You will have to water. And what you yield from the gardening will be unbelievable! b. Get cheap terracotta pots and black chalk board paint. Simply paint the whole pot or just the top to label what you are growing. I got this idea from or you can visit http:// for more “little” ideas like this. c. Tie second hand shopping in with gardening. While you are “shopping” look for items that you can grow small gardens in. I have seen people do it in a shoe holder, (visit pippa5/ for this idea) and then I have even seen people do small herb gardens in items like tea cups. So look for cute items you can grow and display.

4. Travel. I am not saying you have to go and spend a ton of money on a trip. Actually, I am talking about letting the members of the family choose some places to go based on interests and curiosity. And place boundaries on their choices. For example, you may decide that you want to do three day trips over the summer but you want to remain in the state you live in. Or you may decide that you can do one big trip over the summer. Get the whole family involved in researching where you go. The way you get there (there may be a place to stop along the way.) If you are staying close to home, research some places in your state you have never been. You will be amazed at what you find and the places you will be able to visit. And the piece you don’t have to share with the kids…they are actually learning something! |88|

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5. Bring out the old recipes. A family that cooks together stays together. It seems that cooking is a lost art form these days. With hectic schedules, running from soccer to dance and grabbing food on the go, “real� cooking is not a top priority. Who actually makes homemade cookies these days, when you can make them from a bag or a box? I am challenging you to gather old family recipes. Maybe there are some favorites from your childhood you want to share with your children or grandchildren. Or maybe each family member gets to vote on a home cooked dinner they want. Try to cook something every week over the summer and do it together as a family. And now with social media, you can even post to your friends and family you are looking for their favorite recipes. This could be a great way to create memories and to spend time talking and laughing with each other. Each time you are all together cooking, snap a photo or two. At the end of summer, create your own cookbook. It will be something you will cherish forever, and could even give out as presents over the upcoming year. Check out some of these sites to get ideas for creating your own cookbook. a. b. photo credit c.

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6. Watch old movies I know there are movies you watch growing up or as my kids like to say “in the olden days.” I bet you have not watched them in years. Start a summer movie night and share some of those movies with your family. Not only will you get a kick out of watching them, wait ‘til you hear the giggling and conversations that come up about the clothes and hair! As you are reading this, I know you are thinking about a movie or two already. And just in case you cannot remember anything right away, here are a couple websites to bring back some old memories. These brought back memories for me and I didn’t remember several of these that are on the list. a. b.

7. School shop Yes, all summer long let the kids shop for school. Trust me, it makes the entire process more enjoyable, less stressful and the kids actually enjoy it. If you have those kids that hate shopping, this a way that you can get them involved and it is not as painful. I already have one of my kids’ backpacks for the upcoming school year. And I let them know we will be shopping all |90|

summer. The hard part is they cannot use it or wear it till school starts! But it makes it easier when you are out with your teen and they ask to get a new shirt. Your response can be, “sure, but it’s for school.” If they really want it, they will say ok. If it is just a whim and they feel like asking for something, they won’t want it any more. And if you are an organized person (that I cannot attest to), you can plan out your attack route. You can give specific items you are looking for to make it easier to be able to check off a list. And when school is about to start, no crazy rush to get school clothes and supplies (cause they are all picked over by then) because you have all your shopping done already. Summer time can bring a whole new approach to life if you can take a step back and create time with your family. Slow down, smell the fresh cut grass, play four-square with your children and let the kids have a lemonade stand. As you and I both know, time is flying by at an unreasonable pace…unfortunately we can’t stop it, so we better just enjoy the time we have. Happy Summertime Challenge! See if you can fit all seven in before the leaves start to change. Drop me a line on our Facebook page, and let me know how it goes… V

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IRON WOMAN! You may recognize her as she is also our health contributor. More important than that, she is her own person… AND a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend, an instructor, an ambassador (for Lululemon), and the list goes on. And in all of her spare time, she’s been training for, and just recently completed, her first Ironman. At 42. That is some badass inspiration. Congratulations, Stacey! We are so proud of you

- the vérité team

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Lilly Started W Orange‌Not a |92|

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You are certainly familiar with her. You, your mother, and possibly your grandmother all have a favorite “Lilly” hanging in the closet! But did you know that Fashion Designer, Lilly Pulitzer’s professional success, started with citrus? After marrying David Pulitzer in 1950, Lillian Lee McKim was wanting of “something to do”. David owned orange groves in Florida, just outside their home in Palm Beach and would fly back from his groves every morning with bags of oranges, which Lilly started selling out of the back of her station wagon! Graduating to gift boxes of fruit, she then moved into selling them in a shop on the Via Mizner, just off Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Florida.

Lilly Pulitzer

With an a Dress! story by ABBY FEINKNOPF

A natural marketer, Lilly had a juice bar set up in the back of her shop, where she would cut up oranges and offer patrons freshly squeezed samples. She soon found herself coming home sticky and stained from the citrus! Lilly, undeterred, sought out brightly colored printed fabric to camouflage future stains, out of which she fashioned a dress. This simple, sleeveless, shift soon caught the eyes of her customers, who encouraged her to sell them alongside her fruit baskets in the shop. The “Lilly” dress, which some have likened to a cross between a shift and a caftan, literally took off after then First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, began wearing them while vacationing in Palm Beach. Needless to say, Lilly Pulitzer became a major force in preppy resort wear as her style spread from women’s wear, to men’s, children’s and tennis apparel. Fashion Icon Lilly Pulitzer, built an empire upon a simple conceptual style, which she not only created, but genuinely lived, “affluence with ease”. Known for throwing fabulous parties in the comfort of her kitchen, where everyone shared a role, Lilly changed traditional views of entertaining. Never before did women host a party in the kitchen, let alone, allow guests to participate in the preparation! Authentic to Lilly’s personality and character was acceptance. All

verite.mag summer 2013 |93|

“Style isn’t just about what you we it’s about how you live.” - Lilly Pulitzer


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were welcome, from Palm Beach High Society, to assistants who worked for Lilly. Many of her close friends and family have said to this day, that the key to her success was that she lived authentically. She was a generous, fun-loving person who welcomed all into her world. (1) Lilly became president of her own company, Lilly Pulitzer, Inc. in 1959, and continued to grow her apparel line through a main factory based in Miami, Florida, with the fabrics being produced by the Key West Hand Print Fabrics company in Key West. From the 60’s to the 80’s, her famous “Lilly” shifts were worn by the Kennedy, Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, and Whitney families. Divorcing David Pulitzer, Lilly remarried in 1969 to Enrique Rousseau, and although changing her own name to Lillian McKim Rousseau, her clothing company maintained the “Lilly Pulitzer” label. In 1984, however, Lilly closed her entire clothing operation. It was not until 1993, that there was a revival of her brand, when purchased by Sugartown Worldwide, Inc. and Lilly continued as Creative Consultant, as the brand extended into other product lines. Today, there are 75 Lilly Pulitzer Signature Stores, several company-owned retail stores, with the brand also carried by Bloomingdales, Belk, Lord & Taylor, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. photo courtesy of Handout


Legendary Lilly Pulitzer Rousseau lost her battle with cancer in her Palm Beach home, at the age of 81, in April of 2013. She is survived by her three children from her first marriage: Peter, Minnie and Liza and their families. (2) From a simple start in citrus, to wildly popular resort wear, Lilly has left us with the brightly colored example to live life authentically, at any age! V

References: 1. “Essentially Lilly, a Guide to Colorful Entertaining”, Lilly Pulitzer & Jay Mulvaney 2. Lilly Pulitzer- Wikipedia

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