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1st Annual International Soul Central Awards 2019 May 24th - 26th Las Vegas, Nevada

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Beauty & Beyond Ent.

Verb'z Up

VERB'Z UP About Verb'z Up Magazine is a global publication dedicated to the unheard and unseen talent across the WORLD! We do not limit ourselves by publishing just musicians and models but poets, community leaders, business owners, actors, actresses, & ANYONE with a voice and a POSITIVE MESSAGE!!! North Texas Tattoo Photography Models: Pg. 17 - Leah La Vonne Pg. 18 - Stephanie Aggtown Bettie Pg. 19 - Pypr Brueland Pg. 20 - Caitlin Alford & Amber Nicole Ferguson Pg. 21 - Shelby June Pg. 22 - Elva Gomez

Welcome to The Worldwide Underground On behalf of the entire Verb'z Up staff we would like to welcome our new readers to The Worldwide Underground and to send a #soulute to our loyal return readers across the WORLD!!! Major thank you for those who submit your hard work / movement to our magazine. Beauty & Beyond Models: Pg. 30 - Tiffany Benson (OWNER) & Tiffany Baker Pg. 31 - China (Photographer - Sophisticated Snapshots) Pg. 32 - Shikiia (Photographer - 924 Photography) Pg. 33 - Sidney (Photographer - Dorkside Cookies; Designer - Shookboyz; Event - LVLUP Expo 2019) Pg. 34 - Ashlii (Photographer - Expressed heArt; Designer - Shookboyz; Event - LVLUP Expo 2019) Pg. 35 - Valentine (Photographer - Sophisticated Snapshots) Pg. 36 - Sarisa (Photographer - Vibrant Imagery Photography) Pg. 37 - Tiffany R. (Photographer - Sophisticated Snapshots) Pg. 38 - Dani (Photographer - N/A) Pg. 39 - Megan (Photographer - Fashion Model Reel) Pg. 40 - Sophisticated Snapshots

Verb'z Up

Battling Sickle Cell Anemia: Lady Chevar's Story Verb'z Up

"My 8's aren't always the same 8's and my 9's aren't always the same 9's"

Hello my name is Shaquita Norris, Co-CEO and president of Verbz Up Magazine The Worldwide Underground, born and raised in Lubbock, Texas. At seven days old I was diagnosed with a hereditary disease called Sickle cell anemia. A blood disease that causes extremely server pain throughout your entire body. what makes things difficult for not just my family, myself, and doctors is the fact that I’m highly allergic to most medications. My 9’s aren’t always the same 9’s and my 8’s aren’t always the same 8’s. There is never a day that go by that I’m not pain free. I’m in excruciating pain 25/8.

Due to the fact of me having sickle cell I was a high risk pregnancy which lead to my daughter having the trait. You inherited the/ trait from one or both parents which is a 50% chance that your child will inherited the SC gene this disorder which proves that scientifically the disease run in the family. The only cure for SCD is bone marrow or stem cell transplant. In the United States there approximately 100,000 people with sickle cell disease and 2million have the sickle cell trait. I been battling this disease for 31 years and now its time to find an opportunity for not just me but others to get a bone marrow transplant, stem cell transplant, or further research to cure this awful disease. That is why I’m starting my own non-profit organization for not just myself to receive a bone marrow transplant but for other SCA sufferers. In conclusion, Let work together and with the power of prayer “Let end sickle cell today”

Verb'z Up

The Cannabis Corner

Best Budz Lemon Cap - Hybrid Characteristics: Euphoric & Uplifted THC Level: 25%+

Cherry Louis - Hybrid Characteristics: Body High & Relaxation THC Level: 30%+

Wedding Cake - Hybrid Characteristics: Relaxed, Euphoric, & Happy THC Level: 25%+

Deadhead - Hybrid Characteristics: Relaxed, Happy, & Euphioric THC Level: 22%+

Verb'z Up

SERIOUS MAK: Life's Serious Verb'z Up

Let's get Serious.... MAK Musically talented and blessed with a great voice and energy for hip-hop, Serious MAK challenges himself by incorporating different genres into his tracks. He has developed a skilled rhythm with words, gaining public awareness while staying positive through shows, tours, and events, both in and out of the studio. MAK has performed for a phenomenal number of shows with many major artists and has collaborations with some of the best underground artists in the spotlight. Serious has been reaching goal after goal and is now The Main Headliner in his city.

Bursts of energy, mind full of creativity MAK puts all his energy into promotion, public awareness for his sponsors, events, collaborations, and also helping other upcoming artists get a taste of the spotlight! Serious MAK Has collaborated on songs with: Young Buck ( G - Unit) Lil Wyte (36 mafia), los ghost, Glasses Malone, Twisted Insane, Chingy, Lil Jack, Lil eazy e3, Seed of 6ix, equation, Scum, Big hoodoo, JL of B.Hood, Swisher Sleep, DBO$$, KI$H, Don Prodigy, Floetic,Yuppie Monk, GrewSum, Kutt Calhoun, Stevie Stone, Potluck, KD, Hemi, Spaide ripper, nekro-damus, Mike Jones (who), Ruka puff and many, many MORE...... (Every year Serious Mak finds a way to fund his own NATIONAL tour along side mainstream artists)

Verb'z Up

"Inspire people with love and energy for music"

Are you looking to Sponsor, book or collaborate with Serious MAK? Sponsorship packages available at: Serious MAK offers potential sponsors, a business opportunity intended to broaden brand awareness (of all affiliated parties) among the urban professional community. This is designed to attract and appeal to supporters for commercials, live shows, merchandise sales, and collaborative endeavors.

Targeting all ethnicity, ages around the world with music and message with diverse and positivity. Goals: + To inspire people with love and energy for music + To build Public Awareness for Sponsors, Upcoming sale, discounts, newsletters, subscribers etc + To involve other parties to feel appreciated and successful

Serious MAK is also teaming up with non profit organization 7 Angel's and legendary Rapper Glasses Malone help build positivity thru communities bringing people together to help each other with living needs and much more. You too can also participate in our movement connecting us with your community in your city. Just visit

Verb'z Up

Richard Mosholder: North Texas Tattoo Photography

Verb'z Up

Meet Photographer & Tattoo Master: Richard Misholder


ichard A Misholder III Born in Pennsylvania, January /15, 1978. Moved to Texas in 1984 with my parents. Went to Castleberry from 84’-94’ & Boswell from 94-96 where I Graduated with a 4.0.

For me Photography has been 2nd nature. Ever since I can remember ive had a camera in my hand. My hobby as a Photographer really dint take off till around 2000. I tried back then getting a grant of some sort to help me pay for Photography School at then TCJC, now TCC. NO luck in doing so. Thought my dream was always gonna be a dream. Many years down the road (2016) a real good friend of mine, Nichole Broholm said it was time to step up my game and get a Real Camera. So I did. I got to talking to a College Deen from an Art Institute & I was telling him about my dream & told’m I couldnt afford college and they dont give grants for Photography. He told me I didnt need a college to teach me to Photograph. Experience teaches you Photography. If I was serious about to get out there and photgraph the world. The Deen told me it takes 1,500 hrs to become a photographer and that should take aboutta year. Everything else you dont know I can learn on Youtube. 1,500+ hrs later I Photograph in & Do Photo Shoots in 10 Different Tattoo Shops around North Ft Worth, Tx. Ive been the Photographer for the Damned Dolls 2ce. Once as their 2nd Photographer & Once as their Head Photographer. I Own North Texas Tattoo Photography & have 7+ Male & Females that Model for me & an Intern that im training. Just Inked’s Chasity McMillian knew of me by seeing pictures here and there. 1 day outta the blue Chasity called me & told me that I was her New Photographer/Editor for Just Inked LLC, if I wanted the Job. Like I was gonna say No. Worked with Just Inked for a Year & decided to split off to build North Texas Tattoo Photography. Jus received my 3rd Publication in Audacious Magazine and the rest, well im writing history!

Verb'z Up

Staright Outta The 806: DOLLAS a.k.a Zbegunz

Zbegunz is a artist from Amarillo a city in the big 806. Also known as dollas to many. He started rapping with friends as a hobby just messing around for fun. One night while hanging out with a group of friends in the blue 2 door coup Lexus With Whiz Kmac and some friends the group ZBE was officially born. Alothugh the group was created nothing was officially put on wax as ZBE until late 2017 2018. As the ZBE momentum was building up a huge block in the road occurred on June 29th 2017.

A late night shooting involving Dollas also known as ZBE Gunz and associate Whiz also a member of ZBE Where both arrested on aggravated assault charges. Now both behind bars facing 5-99 and the first offer of 15 years as quickly as things seemed to rise they seemed to fall much faster. After almost a year fight with the case dollas also known as ZBE Gunz recived 6 years probation. “I got the name Gunz while In was incarcerated and it just kind of stuck and I’ve been runnin with it ever sense. Kind of hard to shake the name when you’ve been on the news for an entire week”.

After being released Both ZBE Gunz and whiz went full force with the group ZBE. Releasing multiple songs and throwning the 1st annual Halloween/ music video party and doing multiple interviews throughout the 806. As momentum was rising again another road block Occurred as Whiz was locked up on the charges from the case after being on the run for over a year.

Verb'z Up

"It's my duty to take the reigns & be fully responsible for ZBE"

Both artist both having newborn sons now was more crucial than ever. “With Whiz being locked up and both of us having newborn sons it’s my duty to take the reigns and be fully responsible for ZBE and take it to another level and have it ready when Whiz gets out”. 2019 Started and tons of music started getting pumped out many prod. By dj lil sprite And engineered by lil e from yellow Ville ent. ZBE Gunz took off started doing fts for many artists through out the 806 and linking up with other artist for his own music doing many shows such as sxsw preforming for T Rell and Big Chief and shooting a video to Fuc Boi prod. By dj lil sprite Ft Nellz and was directed by none other than CrackA-Lack.

ZBE Gunz also opened up for mike jones and preformed the unreleased single Trap Jesus. Made merchandise such as stickers and logos from pilla. While many things are still in the works for 2019 the next thing coming very soon is the trap Jesus video. Music from ZBE GUNZ is on all platforms from Apple Music, Spotify, Shazam’s, Deezer, tidal, YouTube and many many many others. “I would personally like to thank the fans supporters and non supporters of our music and also my solo music and would like to thank Verbz up magazine for this opportunity stay tuned for more things coming soon”.


Verb'z Up

Y'man DOG


'man Dog was born in Washington D.C. but raised in the city of Forest Heights; a section of Oxon Hill, MD where he has evolved as a N.U. breed of entertainer. From the late 80s’ to late 90s’ Y'man Dog matured through growing pains while developing a passion for music while admiring

the talents of artist like Earth, Wind, & Fire, Quincey Jones, Stevie Wonder, Micheal Jackson, and Jodeci to Eric B & Rakim, 2Live Crew, N.W.A., Wu-Tang, D.M.X., 2Pac, Redman, Jay-Z, Nas, Geto Boys, Spice 1, Mc Eiht, Master P., Three6 Mafia, Cash Money Records to name a few. Flowing through the new millennium as a trailblazing artist Y'man Dog went through the free styling with the homies and scribbles in the notepad to writing songs and eventually producing tracks in a local basement/home studio with producer Lex-D {BloqueRockaMusic} with aspirations of becoming a career music artist. Y'man Dog’s music is a shed of blood, sweat, and tears illustrated from within the depths of his soul. Y'man Dog is a lyricist; an eccentric contribution to the music industry. Y'man Dog's songs are intricate illustrations of what a "day in the life" consumes. His tracks are articulate conceptions produced into songs projected from the mind of a D.(M.)V. dog. Y'man Dog is a multi-talented & versatile originator; an intelligent and self made Dog. Y'man Dog is a realist; open minded, business orientated, optimistic, ambitious, humble, outgoing, spontaneous, hard working, provider, educator, and community icon/advocate as well as a father. With all of these attributes combined, Y'man Dog has been stamped to be notarized as what he describes his aura of being a "GangstaHumanitariaY'man Dog has studied the music industry and history while developing and originating his own style! Y'man Dog is an "ultimate" performer! His stage presence and energy is astounding allowing him to deliver an "entertaining" performance. Y'man Dog has been able to produce multiple works packed with versatility which in turn coincides with his definition of the acronym N.U. (Naturally-Unique) in reference to his independent "label" N.U. Breed Entertainment."

Verb'z Up

"The GangstaHumanitarian" Y'man Dog has attracted the likes/interests of fans across the globe; currently obtaining an #international artist status after performing in August of 2018 at the 6th Edition Urban Hip Hop Festival in Mantanzas, Cuba. Y'man Dog has vowed to stay certified and motivated by his goals/aspirations, fan support, network, and associates with intentions of becoming a monumental success.

Currently Y'man Dog is politicking & networking with "professionals" that are capable of exercising qualities of tenacity in executing demands that will ensure progressive show bookings, appearances, production, and tour possibilities! /301dingo Instagram: @301dingo Spotify: artist/ 5bIJJpf7l938KZuJ30X56S?si=D UeDERmwSpm_d2WTNnI56g

Facebook: Y’man Dog Twitter: Y’man Dog Soundcloud: Y’man Dog

Verb'z Up

Las Vegas' Beauty & Beyond Ent. Verb'z Up

Las Vegas' "Body Positive Modeling Agency" Welcome to Beauty & Beyond Entertainment, your number one source for Models & Talent in Las Vegas and beyond. We're dedicated to giving you the very best Talent with a focus on Dependability, Customer Service, and Uniqueness. Founded in 2018 by Tiffany Benson, Beauty & Beyond Entertainment has come a long way from its beginnings.

When Tiffany first started out, she found it hard to find an Agency / Agent that worked for her needs and wants Especially since she didn’t have an “Industry Standard Body” , this drove her to and gave her the impetus to turn hard work and inspiration into a booming “Body Positive Modeling Agency”. We now represent Models & Talent all over Las Vegas, California, & Arizona and are thrilled to be an Agency that is open for ALL Aspiring Models that are not considered “Industry Standard”. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

www.beautybeyondent. com IG: https://www.instagr beautybeyondent/ TW: beautybeyondent FB: https://www.facebo BeautyBeyondEnt/

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