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The Marches Festival of Education 2017

Primary School Programme

Primary School Programme

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Primary School Programme

Welcome We are delighted to announce the 2017 line-up of workshops for our first programme of events for primary schools in North Shropshire on Thursday 29th June 2017. Students and teachers can get involved in a wide range of events, exploring many subjects and themes and offering students the opportunity to meet a variety of experts whose aim is to inspire and inform all students on the day. This year’s programme will cover major curriculum subjects including English, Literacy, Maths, History, Poetry and Science. Students will be required to bring a packed lunch to picnic on our school grounds and the cost will be £5.00 per student for the day. Please use the booking form attached to choose your activities and please send your payment either by BACS transfer or via cheque made payable to “The Marches School”. We hope that your Year 5 students will be inspired and enthused by the programme and we look forward to welcoming you on site. Sarah Longville Executive Headteacher

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Primary School Programme

Programme at a glance Time

9:35 a.m. - 10:40 a.m.

Event Life Long Ago Gamelan Chinese Dance Forensic Science Diya Painting Aardman Animations Workshop – Being Shaun the Sheep Operating Theatre Live (same group throughout the day)

10:55 a.m. - 11:10 a.m.


11:10 a.m. - 11:50 p.m.

Life Long Ago with Dinosaur Assembly Gamelan Chinese Dance Forensic Science Diya Painting Operating Theatre Live (same group throughout the day)

12:05 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.

Life Long Ago Gamelan Chinese Dance Forensic Science Diya Painting Aardman Animations Workshop – Being Shaun the Sheep

12:45 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Lunch on the School Field

1:35 p.m. - 14:30 p.m.

Life Long Ago with Dinosaur Assembly Gamelan Chinese Dance Forensic Science Diya Painting Aardman Animations Workshop – Being Shaun the Sheep Operating Theatre Live (same group throughout the day)

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Primary School Programme

Your questions answered How do I book tickets? You can request tickets by submitting the supplied booking form via post. Bookings will be dealt with in order of receipt. Please note the closing date for applications is Friday 28th April 2017. Can we go to more than one event? You can attend as many events as you wish, as long as there is space available. Is it safe to bring a large group of children to the festival site? Yes, the site is designed for safety and comfort. Each school will be greeted as they arrive on site and guided to their first venue. Festival staff will be on hand throughout the day to answer any queries you may have. The site has full security, with a comprehensive lost child procedure. Are the events accessible? Yes, our venues are wheelchair-accessible and have infrared audio loops for students with hearing difficulties. We can also provide a palantypist or British Sign Language interpreter, given advance notice. Can we bring packed lunches? Yes, there is plenty of space on site for students to relax and enjoy themselves during the lunch break. In the event of rain, everyone will stay dry inside the tents. Is there anywhere we can buy tea and coffee on site? The Delegates Lounge sponsored by Arla Foods (UK) will be open throughout the day, serving tea, coffee, soft drinks and snacks. There will also be a Food Court where you can purchase food and refreshments throughout the day. Where should we park? The festival has parking on site for minibuses, this will be clearly marked on the day. Please mark on your booking form if you need parking during your visit. Minibuses should arrive at least 20 minutes before your first event.

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Primary School Programme

Workshop information Aardman Animations These clay building workshops offer a truly unique experience giving participants the opportunity to learn from expert model makers how to make world famous Aardman characters. The workshops provide a creative and hands-on activity for all ages! Participants will also get a rare chance to ask questions about Aardman Studios and hear about the animation processes involved in the making of award-winning films. And the fun doesn’t have to stop there. Participants can take their clay models home and try animating them using Aardman’s easy to use Animate It! Software.

Chinese Dance Traditionally, it was a time for the Chinese to pray to their ancestors as well as to all the gods. Highlights include the Lantern Festival on the 15th night, spending time with family, eating lots of food and being extra kind to dogs (the second day is believed to be the birthday of all dogs). Our Chinese New Year Dance workshops are suitable for all ages and incorporate traditional Chinese dragon or lion heads. We can work with a class at a time across a school day and create an exciting dance performance. These class performances can even be showcased at the end of the school day for everyone to enjoy. We encourage schools to allow the children to wear red for our dance session, as traditionally it's believed that the colour will ward off evil spirits.

Diya Painting The lighting of a diya lamp in honor of Diwali is regarded as forcing light upon darkness and evil. Further, since light represents all things good, a light shining from a diya in every corner is meant to bring hope and prosperity to all. Education Group’s diya painting workshop is the perfect way to celebrate Diwali or can be enjoyed as a learning experience for classes studying India or Asian culture as a topic. It can also be enjoyed together with one of our Indian Dance Workshop days for a truly inspiring cultural experience.

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Primary School Programme

Forensic Science The context of a scientific investigation brings science to life and stimulates interest at a young age. The workshop allows children to practice Science Key Stage One and Two skills such as observing, exploring and asking questions. A crime has been committed and it is the responsibility of each class to work together to piece together the evidence. Our workshops are suitable for all primary school children; however our younger investigators are always reassured that the story is make believe. Once inside our crime scene our young investigators must tape off the area in order to protect any evidence that may be found. Clues and evidence must be identified, collected, interpreted and analysed. This includes finding, developing and characterising fingerprints, investigating tool marks and other impressions, identifying hairs and fibres and investigating blood, bones and DNA.

Gamelan A gamelan orchestra usually consists of a number of gongs, drums and metallophones made up of various shapes and sizes. They are commonly made of materials such as bronze, iron and even bamboo. Education Group's gamelan orchestras originate from Bali and are made up of 3 different sized gongs known as ageng, kempul and kenong. Our three metallophones carrying the core melodies include the saron, peking and demung whilst drums and bells are incorporated to maintain the rhythmic flow. During the workshop several pieces of music are introduced and there are enough instruments for every child to participate. This allows each child to fully experience Education Group’s Gamelan Workshop.

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Primary School Programme

Life Long Ago In vast sandboxes, children will locate and identify the fossils of some of the most iconic dinosaurs from the past. Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and a few other surprises are all thrown in. The children will learn when each dinosaur lived, where they came from, what they ate and much more. This workshop is suitable for all age groups and is a fantastic way for young people to understand life long ago. As well as a whole host of fossils and the tools required, there will be an expert on hand to deal with all the burning questions from your young fossil hunters. Meet Sophie, a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex, just seven years old and approaching KS2. A little nervous about going to a new school but looking forward to meeting the pupils and trying out the school dinners! This is a life-like, full body costume that is worked by a puppeteer. Modelled on puppets from the Walking with Dinosaurs live show, it has animatronic features and a realistic roar - making it the most dynamic interactive learning experience you will ever see.

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Primary School Programme

Operating Theatre Live KS2 Junior Medic Workshop 2016-17 Our KS2 Junior Medic workshop is a one-day event designed for pupils in KS2 who are studying the new National Curriculum. The course builds on and secures basic principles of biology that are require by the end of KS2. Over the course of the day students will dissect real anatomical specimens developing a comprehensive understanding of how the human body works. This course assumes little prior knowledge of KS2 science. Children should have been introduced to the heart and be able to recall that the heart has four chambers. Duration: 1 school day Ideal for: students studying the KS2 national curriculum. Muscles and Bones During this workshop pupils dismantle a leg separating the muscle from the bone. Children will learn how bones are held together by ligaments and how muscles are attached to bones by tendons. The Circulatory System. The children will use a stethoscope to listen to their heartbeat. Once they have located their heart they will then meet their life-size patient to observe the heart inside the patient. They will secure their knowledge of the four chambers and the four blood vessels (arteries and veins) by carrying out a heart transplant from one patient to another. The Teeth Children will be presented with a real head and jaw dissected into two, we will study the inner head anatomy looking at the jaw and teeth. Children will look at the different types of teeth and what they are adapted for. The Digestive System Children will see a real digestive system and have the chance to see, touch and feel the oesophagus, stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, small intestine, large intestine, rectum and anus. We will look at Chron’s disease and parasitic threadworm and how they affect the digestive system.

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Primary School Programme

Booking form Visible Learning Festival of Education 2017 The cost will be £5.00 per student for the day. Please fully complete and return this form by the closing date stated. Thank you. By post: Helen Lloyd, Training School Administrator, The Marches School, Morda Road, Oswestry SY11 2AR Queries: 01691 664407 Closing date: Friday 28th April 2017 YOUR DETAILS School: ___________________________________ Contact name: _____________________________ Contact email: _____________________________ Contact address: ___________________________ Contact number: ___________________________ Trip supervisor: ____________________________ Mobile number (for the day): __________________



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Payment Details: Bank: Barclays Bank PLC Address: 44-46 Castle Street, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY2 1BU Sort Code : 20 77 85 Account No: 73398226 Please make cheques payable to “The Marches School”. If you need to raise a Purchase Order Number please contact our Finance Department on 01691 664406.

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Primary School Programme

Website list Aardman Animations - Chinese Dance, Diya Painting, Forensic Science, Gamelan and Life Long Ago workshops Operating Theatre Live - The Marches Academy Trust Festival of Education - @marchesfestivalofeducation @MEducationFest

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