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Wellington Motors was recently announced as one of 18 FIAT dealers opening across Ontario. The dealership is expanding with the addition of a 2,000 square foot dedicated FIAT Studio. Pictured at the ground-breaking event, left to right: Paul Everest (District Manager Chrysler Canada), Phil Orobono (Gridline), Frank Valeriote, Mike Woods, and Ted Woods.

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The Europeans have a bumper sticker that says ‘eat your view’–meant to drive home the point that if you want to preserve the views from your window, you should eat from the food chain that created them. In recent years, the concept of buying locally produced food has gained more momentum. The Guelph Wellington Local Food initiative with the taste~real brand has not only increased consumer spending from local producers, but many local restaurants are now also using local produce for their menu. Purchasing locally produced foods provides a healthier, fresher product and benefits the environment by using fewer gas miles for transporting food. However, on a broader scale, should we not in fact be shopping our view? Shopping local is not a new concept, but is perhaps one that should be given more attention for the continued economic development of our community. "It is important to buy locally to build community, the economy and jobs,” says Kate Vsetula, Guelph

Wellington Local Food Initiative Coordinator. “When people invest into the local food economy by purchasing food from the region they invest in their health and the environment, they are also helping create sustainable food options for the future." In early 2009, Cinda Baxter, a Minneapolis-based retail consultant, wrote a blog post in response to an episode of Oprah, where the hour-long program advised consumers to stop discretionary spending. As someone who knows how small business works, Baxter found the program devastating. The post, meant for only a few friends, was the start of what would soon become an international movement to support locally owned businesses. Baxter’s idea was simple: if half of the employed U.S. population chose three locally owned independent businesses they would hate to lose, and then spent a combined total of $50 a month with them, it would have a major impact–generating an estimated $42.6 billion of revenue annually. Baxter spent a Sunday afternoon designing a

by Heather Grummett

website– Launched in March of 2009, it drew 7,600 unique visitors in seven days. By early November, more than 12,800 businesses had become supporters, there were 21,600 Facebook fans, and absolute unique hits were at 203,700. The website now lists independent businesses across the U.S., Canada and into Australia, and soon Europe. A phone App allows visitors to find local registered shops when they travel. The 3/50 Project takes a realistic approach. “We’re the only buy local movement that doesn’t ask consumers to stop going to big boxes. I understand that while you can find many things in a local business, there are some items that people will continue to go to big boxes for. We just ask them to balance their spending a little better; that all or nothing mentality is what got us into this mess in the first place,” states Baxter. “Local businesses make our community go. Money made in Guelph and money spent in Guelph provides a living for the people living here. Cont’d on page 10

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Model Home Grand Opening! Custom Country Estate Homes

y Onl 5 Minutes from HWY 401 y 25 Minutes from Mississauga


Charleston Homes introduces Audrey Meadows, a collection of Country Estate Homes in Aberfoyle just minutes from Highway 401 and 5 minutes south of Guelph. Audrey Meadows will be an exceptional enclave of 48 large homesites surrounded by green space and mature woodlots. All lots are expansive, with a minimum of one acre. With an in-house designer, Charleston Homes customers have the opportunity to personalize their oorplans. Each home features Charleston Homes enduring value and extraordinary oering of quality standards and built-in features, including an extensive landscape package. Visitors can take a tour of this Model Home and discover the classic and casual country chic that are the hallmarks of Charleston Homes. Pricing from $1 million.

Model Home Hours: Saturday & Sunday 12 -5 Monday - Wednesday 1-7 Thursday and Friday call 519-823-1900 for an appt TO HAMILTON

w w w. ch a r l e s t o n h o me s . c a September 2011 page 2


Wellington Motors adds Wellington FIAT to product line


by Heather Grummett

FIAT dealers were recently announced at 18 locations across Ontario, with Wellington Motors being chosen to serve the Guelph, Waterloo and Wellington County area Wellington Motors has served the Guelph area since 1940 and moved from their downtown location to the Woodlawn Road Auto Mall in 1977. In 2003 the dealership expanded into a brand new 38,000 square foot Having served the Guelph area since 1940, Wellington facility. With the recent addiMotors launches Wellington FIAT, the newest brand at the tion of the FIAT brand, renova- Woodlawn Road dealership. Pictured at the ground-breaktions are almost complete on ing ceremony for the new dedicated FIAT Studio, from left the building of a 2,000 square to right: Ted Woods, Joan Woods, Brock Woods, Alyssa foot dedicated FIAT Studio. Woods, Mike Woods, Angela Woods, Beverly Ann Woods, and Frank Valeriote. Named as the European car this type of product, customers have a real of the year, the 500 Series model and the 500 Cabrio Convertible model are both for appetite for it.� The exceptional car boasts 55 miles to sale now at the current Wellington Motors the gallon. Operating with a patented, showroom. The original FIAT 500 was built in 1957. state-of-the-art, multi-air engine–the car is super efficient. While this is the first time FIAT has sold While the sleek, stylish profile appeals to cars in North America in over 40 years, it is a younger crowd, many older generation known as a global car with models sold European customers are excited to once across Europe and South America. again own a car that reminds them of their “It is the ultimate time for FIAT to reyouth and their home country. enter the North American market,� says Staffed with FIAT specialists and highly Mike Woods, General Manager for Wellington Motors. “The fuel economy of trained technicians, the Wellington FIAT the FIAT makes it a very green car and not showroom is expected to be open by the end of October. only is there room in the marketplace for


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2012 FIAT 500 Sport & Pop shown.

Proud P roud new new C Canadians. anadians. 55 5 5M MPG PG Hwy Hw y * â&#x20AC;˘ 7 standard standard airbags airbags â&#x20AC;˘ 14 14 exterior ex terior colours colour s â&#x20AC;˘ 11 11 seat seat colour colour and and material material combinations combinations FIAT FIA AT is a registered trademark trademar k of FIA FIAT AT Group Mar Marketing keting & Cor Corporate porate Comm Communication unication S.p S.p.A., .A., used unde under er license b byy Chr Chrysler ysler Group LLC LLC.. *Imper *Imperial ial gallons. 5.1L 1L/100 /100 km (55 MPG Hwy)/6.7L Hwy)/6.7L/100 /100 km (42 MPG C City) 20 2011 11 EnerGuide fuel consumption rrating ating sho shown. wn. Transport Your consumption mayy var vary. T ranspor t Canada C test methods used. Y our o actual fuel consumpt tion ma y.




Financing up to 36 months

Now Available! 500 Cabrio

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*0% Financing available up to 36 months O.A.C. Example: $10,000 financed over 36 months. COB $0. See Dealer for Details. Wellington Fiat is a Division of Wellington Chrysler Jeep Dodge September 2011 page 3


What a difference a year makes Last August I was in a meeting in Toronto and received one of those unforgettable phone calls. I was informed that one of our elementary schools was burning and that there was considerable damage. The fire at St Michael School was an accident that changed many lives in that moment. Thankfully, students were not in the building–although younger children in our Day Care in one portion of the site had to be evacuated. They were not in any danger as most of the fire was contained to another part of the building. In a site visit the next day, I was reminded about how invasive a fire can be but I remained optimistic that we could be back in a renovated building within a few short months. My assumptions were hopeful but unrealistic. From the day of the event until this September we have experienced an incredible amount of patience, understanding, diligent work and some frustration as we literally gutted most of the structure and have created a fully functional school that opened its doors again this month. Our collective work included the Principal (who had just been appointed to that school) our Occupational Health & Safety Officer, our Manager of Plant, the Asst Superintendent of Finance, all staff and faculty, all parents and of course all students. The immediate action was to redeploy the entire student population to two alternative sites and concurrently to begin the

by Don Drone

extensive cleaning and removal process. Working with insurance representatives, restoration companies, and manufacturing enterprises was extremely detailed. To cite but one example, every resource and piece of equipment from individual classrooms had to be assessed for reuse or disposal. Then the ordering of materials to replace damaged goods was very extensive. On average there were over 250 items per class that required ordering. This sounds simple but the replacement details, the accurate costing, the predictability of delivery and the insurable amounts on each item were all to be considered. Any challenge will create opportunities. Despite the costs, the time, the disruption

and the losses we were able to install newer equipment as part of the infrastructure of the school in addition to some of the more recent aesthetic features that are integrated into current building systems. In summary, we confronted a crisis, we met the challenge and we have been able to move forward in service to our families and students. Many, many individuals made this happen and we are very grateful to each of them. Finally, thanks to our parents and families who continued to be very patient and supportive during the process.

2011–The opinions and stories that appear in the columns of Business Venture are for information purposes only. Statements and opinions within the pages of Business Venture are those of the writers and do not necessarily represent those of the publisher, advertisers or Venture Guelph Publications Ltd.

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Don Drone, Director of Education & CEO Wellington Catholic District School Board.

Sing for your health Singing makes many feel good, but did you know it’s also good for your health? When stress and emotions are pent-up, your blood pressure can rise. Singing, along with prescribed treatment, can help to lower stress and boost relaxation by reminding you of happier times. Blood pressure can be reduced by the subsequent calming of the sympathetic nervous system. Instant energy comes from the increased oxygen that singing allows you to take in. This will also boost your alertness and circulation. Oxytocin, or the “feel-good” hormone is found to be higher in people who sing. Oxytocin causes a chemical reaction, which reduces pain levels in some illnesses and also boosts enjoyable sensations. Singing has also been shown to produce higher levels of immunity-building proteins such as immunoglobulin A. A German study measured antibody levels when people “just listened”

business to business | homes and lifestyles

2 Quebec Street unit 232 Guelph Ontario This issue: 16 pages and NO inserts.

by Anna Bartolomucci

and when “they sang” and levels increased when people were singing. Studies have shown that amateurs get more of a rush from the pure joy of belting out a song than those who are professionally trained. Singing, which involves deep breathing, helps you to breathe easier and may even help to quiet your snoring. It’s a great way to exercise your diaphragm-the large muscle that separates the chest and the abdomen. This muscle is used to push air up and out. All muscles need regular exercise so any song that will make you sing from your toes, will do the job well! Music as therapy has been used in workshops in England for people with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and feedback from participants indicated that their breathing improved and overall, they felt better. Melodic Intonation Therapy (MIT) is used to

help rehabilitate stroke survivors. By activating parts of the right side of the brain, singing may help the brain to take over speaking when areas of the left side can no longer function. In a study on “Creativity and Aging” research shows that seniors who join choral groups report better health and fewer falls. The Alzheimer’s Society reports that singing helps people with dementia. Recalling songs boosts self-esteem and while not yet proven, singing seems to slow the on-set of memory problems. There are many benefits to singing but if nothing else, it’s FUN! Anna Bartolomucci RN, WellServe Health Care Management, 519-837-3896 Ext 17,

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Lifestyles Q&A–With Greg Schirk, PC MPP Candidate Q. Why do you want to run for Provincial office? A. Citizens of Guelph have two clear choices in the October 6th election–a Liberal government that continues to spend more money than you and I can afford, or a fiscally responsible Tim Hudak government that will reign in taxes and government spending, while protecting health care and education for future generations, by eliminating the deficit and retiring the ¼ trillion dollar debt run up by the Liberals sooner than other parties. Progressive Conservatives will have 3 key priorities if they form the next Government of Ontario: (1) balancing the budget by 2017-18 (2) reducing Ontario public spending (3) reducing corporate subsidies. Achieving these priorities will be good news for Guelph. It will relieve the financial pressure that the Ontario government puts on all of our residents and businesses to take in the revenue it needs to support its ever-growing bureaucracy. This will result in greater spending and investment by both households and organizations. Reducing corporate subsidies will result in a more level playing field, providing greater opportunity for Guelph’s small and medium-sized businesses to compete. I believe these are the correct priorities for the Government of Ontario at this point in time and I want to help ensure that they are achieved!

work tirelessly to restore respect for taxpayers (who fund our society), respect for private business (the creator of the jobs that are needed for a healthy economy), and dignity to families (who rely on hospitals, schools and other essential government services). As your MPP, I will also return your phone calls and messages! I look people in the eye when I communicate with them. I answer honestly but not harshly. I am a genuinely sincere person who cares about the people around me. Ask around. I am sure you know someone who knows me and can vouch for me. My friends and family joke that I know everybody in Guelph!


A Natural Treasure

821-3206 534 Speedvale Ave., East, Guelph



Family Fun Day on behalf of the Blanket a Child with Love Program

Photo supplied. The Allan Boynton Marketing Group

Q. What are your specific views regarding taxes, jobs and the economy? A. More jobs mean fewer people using social assistance and less drain on our local financial resources. More jobs mean that more wealth is created and the tax base is larger, allowing us to properly fund vital public services like health care and public education. Private sector jobs are the most productive and yield the greatest benefit for our community. As your MPP, I will promote a more business-friendly environment to increase private investment in Guelph so that new jobs are created and existing jobs stay in our city. Q. What makes you proud to hail from this part of Canada? A. I have lived and worked in Guelph since I was a teenager. My wonderful wife, Bonnie, and I fell in love, married and decided to stay in Guelph almost 25 years ago. We have often commented on how lucky we are to live here and to have been able to raise our children, Brian (20) and Anny (19), here. We have so much to be thankful for. Having traveled in Europe, the US and South America, Bonnie and I truly appreciate and are grateful to be part of this wonderful, diverse, safe and vibrant community called Guelph, Ontario.


Fall Landscape Photography Workshop OCT 1 Tree Identification Workshop OCT 4

Wedding, Banquet & Conference Facilities for 3 to 225 people (banquets 150 people) 3 unique meeting rooms with lots of windows looking onto our spectacular grounds.


Nature Trails • Gardens • Workshops Wedding & Conference Facilities

This year’s RIBFEST was another huge success because of you. Attendance of over 50,000 people over 3 great days of great weather helped raise a significant amount of money to be donated back to our community. Special thanks to our sponsors and our volunteers for their generous support and time spent making RIBFEST “happen” once again. We look forward to seeing you all once again next year!

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Four years ago Tanya McCuen’s daughter Ashlynn, almost lost her life due to a Respiratory Syncytial Virus, an infection of the lungs. During her stay in the hospital family members were not aloud to hold her and it was suggested they bring a blanket from home to comfort her. Since then the family has set up the Blanket a Child with Love Program, to give back by reaching out to children who are currently receiving critical care. McCuen collects donated blankets, both new and used, to give to hospitals throughout Ontario. In support of the blanket drive the Fleecy T’s are planning a family fun day on Saturday October 15 (rain date October 16), from 12:004:00pm, at 919 York Rd. (the former Legion location). Targeted to families, the event will include a day full of fun activities for children. The event is free to attend with the donation of a blanket per family. Corporate sponsors are needed to help support this fundraising initiative. Assistance can include financial support to cover entertainment costs, a donation of a silent auction item or door prize, donated new blankets, volunteering, or simply posting event information within your organization. Sponsors will be promoted throughout the event. For more information on the blanket drive for children’s hospitals contact Tanya McCuen at or at 905-864-3401 ext. 3574 (day), or 519-826-9016 (evening).





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Q. Why do you think a Provincial Conservative Government will be good for Guelph? A. Tim Hudak and the PC Party have worked hard to understand the priorities of Ontarians. The PC plan (“Changebook”) was developed through consultations with families and voters across the province. It reflects the roadmap Ontarians want its MPPs to use to guide our province over the next few years and to return Ontario from a “have not” province to the economic engine of Canada. This roadmap calls for making necessary investments in health care and education while remaining fiscally responsible. What does this mean for Guelph? Guelph has a diverse economy. We have many manufacturing facilities, the University of Guelph, Conestoga College, many public sector offices and a large retail Q. Why would you be a good choice for Guelph? community, all of which employ thousands. This A. I honestly believe that government must listen to diversity helped Guelph weather an economic and communicate directly with the people it serves. storm like the recession we experienced in 2008-09. Government should be steered by the people, not However, Guelph isn’t an island. Guelph needs to the other way around–as is the case with the current continue to build its economic base to weather the McGuinty Government. current global fiscal situation. Having a PC MPP As your MPP, I will listen to and take the conwill help Guelph take full advantage of the opportucerns and priorities of Guelph families and businities that will be generated by the Tim Hudak nesses to Queen’s Park. I will fight to ensure that all government’s efforts to rebuild Ontario’s economy. legislation passed is in your best interests. I will

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Publisher’s message I’ve been in the print media business for a long time now and I am aware that there have been many changes in the industry, particularly the dynamics of the daily and even the community newspapers. As we deal with the convergence of print and digital media I’m trying my best to “keep up” with social media trends. I’m on Facebook, I have my company Facebook page, I’m “LinkedIn” (although my profile needs work), I don’t “tweet” and truth be told I have trouble remembering my classmates. It seems all so new and it’s happening all so fast, I’m trying, I really am to “change my spots” and stay in tune. But wait a second here, should I really be in that much of a hurry? According to a few articles I’ve read lately things are changing but not quite as quickly as they seem. Certain myths and perceptions out there simply are

not true. For example: “Old Media” is dead. Hold on there a second! Digital media spending has gone from 0%-10% of total advertising since 1996 according to Zenith Optimedia in an article written less than two years ago. While in terms of advertising, daily newspapers have only dropped approximately 10% and magazine advertising has actually risen. The rest of the media world remains the same with slight increases and decreases here and there but for the most part staying relatively stable. “Social Media Gurus” will offer evidence of failed “Old Media”. They point to a company that went bust or a newspaper going entirely digital. But they don’t mention that MYSPACE and “Friendster” (never heard of it) have seen better days.

Speaking of “Social Media Gurus” I’m not sure there really are any out there. We are all learning “on the job”, some may be more savvy than others, but at this stage of the game I am assuming we are pretty much all on a level playing field. When it comes to marketing yourself or your company a lot of it is trial and error. Whether you choose “Old Media” or online social networking, keep things in perspective and remember the best way to make an impression is still in person. Mike Baker, Publisher Venture Guelph Publications Ltd. Guelph, Ontario

Media release

School Board receives $59,000 in rebates to increase energy efficiency and improve student comfort V E N T U R E G U E L P H P U B L I C AT I O N S LT D .

Media release

More Ontario food for Municipalities Exciting changes are happening as more municipalities in the province are serving Ontario food. With support from the Ontario government, the Greenbelt Fund is helping to increase the amount of Ontario food served in daycares, schools, universities and colleges, hospitals and long-term care facilities through the Broader Public Sector Investment Fund: Promoting Ontario Food. This funding will give children, patients and residents greater access to the nutritious food grown and produced in Ontario. Food distributors, farmers, buyers and operators are working together to change procurement practices to increase the use of local food, creating a ripple effect of change across the broader public sector. With the announcement of the second round of grants, an additional 15 innovative projects will receive support. The County of Guelph Wellington is working to increase awareness of its diverse local food system. This grant will expand the bounty of local food provided to 99 public institutions. Involved in the projects are six municipalities, three high schools, five daycare centres, three health care facilities and one university. The overall goal is for food purchases to reach 65 per cent. “When we buy Ontario, everyone wins. It strengthens the local economy and supports our farmers. Through this program, we are increasing the amount of local food in the kitchens of our hospitals, schools, daycares and other public institutions, providing our patients and families with fresh, local Ontario food,” says Carol Mitchell, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. From small and large farm operations to food distributors, the local food movement is spreading along the food value chain. With a total of 27 projects approved to date, we are beginning to see the results and this second round of grantees are building on that momentum. “The vast availability of fresh Ontario food in our county inspired us to grow the amount of local food served in our public institutions. This grant from the Greenbelt Fund provides us the opportunity to create channels and networks to increase the County of Wellington and Ontario food found on the plates of high schools, daycare centres and health care facilities and other public institutions,” Kate Vsetula, Guelph Wellington Local Food. The Greenbelt Fund provides grants to local food industry leaders, producers, distributors, food service providers and public institutions working to serve more Ontario food. Helping to overcome challenges, support economic growth and the sustainability of agriculture in Ontario, the Fund’s goal is to help create systemic change to permanently increase the amount of local food in the province’s public institutions. For more information about the program, please visit “In this second round of grants we are seeing leaders who are creating systemic change to incorporate more Ontario food into their food service operations. Municipalities are just one of the organizations leading this charge and taking initiatives to put more high quality Ontario food and home-cooked meals in their day care centres and long-term care facilities,” says Bill Duron, Program Director, Greenbelt Fund.

Thanks to the Ontario Power Authority’s (OPA) Retrofit Program, local businesses that take steps to improve the energy efficiency of their operations can apply to receive a rebate of up to 50 per cent of their project costs. One example is the Wellington Catholic District School Board that has received more than $59,000 in incentives from Guelph Hydro for energy retrofits with a total capital cost of $169,000. As a result of the retrofits, the School Board also expects to save $60,000 annually on its energy bills. Prior to the energy upgrades, the heating systems at Our Lady of Lourdes and St. James High Schools were inefficient and communication between the heating system and the control panels was unreliable. This resulted in poor air quality and uncomfortable temperatures in both schools. As part of the energy retrofit projects, new control systems were installed and new controllers were installed on all fan coil units, unit ventilators, heat pumps, and variable air volume units. All faulty valves and actuators were also repaired or replaced. Energy retrofits that are eligible for OPA Retrofit Program incentives include upgrades to lighting and motors as well as heating and cooling equipment. Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc. handed out more than $254,000 worth of incentives to local businesses in 2010 for a variety of energy

retrofit projects. The OPA Retrofit Program has proved to be extremely popular with business owners in 2011 with more than $830,000 in incentives given out by Guelph Hydro in the first half of the year. Since the launch of the OPA Retrofit Program, a total of 28 million kilowatt hours (kWh) have been saved because businesses have installed more energy-efficient equipment. This is equivalent to removing the energy consumption of about 3,000 homes from the Guelph and Rockwood communities. Local businesses that are interested in exploring the incentives available through the OPA Retrofit program can contact Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc. for direction on how to proceed. Guelph Hydro has had a great deal of experience in this area. In recent years, the company has assisted a wide range of local businesses with 80 applications for incentives for energy efficiency projects. For more information about the OPA Retrofit Program, visit or contact Giorgio Boccalon at Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc. at 519-822-1750 (ext. 2308) or

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Thank you! We would like to thank everyone who supported our charity golf tournament on June 23, 2011 at the Guelph Country Club. A special thanks to Jason Hunter and Bob Patrick of Synergenics for supporting our 12th annual golf tournament. Spira Fire Protection Ltd. Guelph Police Senior Officers Association Stoakley-Dudley Consultants Ltd. Royal LePage Royal City Realty Thomasfield Homes Ltd. Guelph Police Association Inc. The Heritage Group Rosmar Drywall Ltd.

Wellington Dufferin Mutual Aid Fire Guelph Police Services Board HJM Insurance & Financial Services Ltd. Ontario Provincial Police Branch #6 Comco Pipe and Supply B & G Industrial Inc. The Investors Group Syncronos Security Systems

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September 2011 page 6

THANK YOU! 2011 FUND-RAISING GOLF TOURNAMENT Special thank you to: The prize donors and hole sponsors. All the teams and individuals who came to golf! The volunteers. The Guelph Country Club. The event was a great success because of your contributions!



Business and Personal

A return to common sense and traditional investing by Glen Barckert Ontario AGRICentre 100 Stone Road West, Suite 301, Guelph Telephone: 519.822.4680 Fax: 519.822.1583 Toll-Free: 1.866.658.0092

Those who watch the trends in the markets and the economy have noticed an interesting shift in people's behaviour in their spending practices. They are coining the term "shift to thrift" to describe a behaviour that will be familiar to many of us. More and more Canadians are shifting to spending less, and saving more. Many of us will have grown up with these traditions. If you wished to buy something, you saved for it, over months if need be, until you had the money to afford it. You did not put things on credit, and if you did, you made paying it off quickly a priority. You bought items when they went on sale, and stocked up if it was a good sale. You shopped around to get the cheaper prices. You bought used cars instead of pricey new models. Sometimes you just went without a luxury item because it was out of your budget. You understood

Tax free cash from your RRSP In the April issue of Money Sense a strategy for taking cash out of one’s RRSP at either a very low tax rate or even tax-free was illustrated. The concept although not new, has merit and I though I would share it with you this month. Essentially the strategy involves taking money out of your RRSP, transfer it to a Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) and then withdraw it to take advantage of the Pension Income Tax Credit. It’s an allowable procedure that can save seniors between the ages of 65 and 71 hundreds of dollars a year. Many individuals don’t set up their RRIF until age 71 but if you are not receiving pension income there can be a distinct advantage to setting up one’s RRIF earlier.

the difference between "needing" something and "wanting" something. As mentioned, some of us grew up with this pennypinching mindset, and have continued it. Unfortunately many did not, and for them, this saving and thriftiness is a relatively new concept–one that seems to be growing in popularity. Financial common sense and budgeting are coming back for the majority of people mostly due to necessity. The trend watchers predict that we may expect to see this thriftiness continue for a good five to six years as the economy recovers and people's sense of security increases. Hopefully these good financial practices will lead to other traditional values coming back. Value for our money, goods built to last, improved customer service,

by John Moran

The reason–Canada Revenue Agency gives you a tax break on the first $2000 you withdraw from your RRIF each year. It works as follows: you transfer $2000 from your RRSP to your RRIF–then you withdraw the $2000 from the RRIF. Income tax will apply on the withdrawal at first but you will be able to claim the Pension Income Tax Credit, which will eliminate 15% in Federal tax and between 4% and 11% in Provincial tax. As a result a person can save $400 to $500 in taxes annually. If you are in the lowest tax bracket you will effectively pay no tax on the $2000 in RRIF withdrawal. Becoming even more creative, one could actually take the $2000 and put it back in his or her RRSP (assuming RRSP availability

exists) and claim a deduction, which enhances the strategy further. Keep in mind though, that you will have to pay tax on that redeposit when you withdraw it again, but if you are in a low tax bracket it may be a viable consideration. Tax and investment planning is a detailed and sometimes complicated process. Make sure you consult your accountant or investment advisor to ensure the strategies you are contemplating make good sense for you. John Moran BA, EPC, President of Lyon Financial Services, 519-766-0001 or

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and an appreciation of customer loyalty would certainly be welcome. Traditionally for the past 40 years or so, about half of your total return on investing came from income from investments (interest, dividends, net rental income and capital gains). Now called Distribution of Income–I favour investments that pay regular income–annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly. These distributions can be compounded to increase your rate of return. This year and every year, we strive to help you increase your share of the wealth of the world. Glen Barckert CFP®, Director, Private Client Group, DundeeWealth. Contact him at 519-823-2790 or at


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Bensol Consulting offers custom employee benefits solutions that deliver high employee satisfaction while helping you manage your bottom line.

15 paisley st., unit a t 519-829-2860

Funeral Home and Chapel Ltd.

“Wellington County's Oldest Family Owned Funeral Home”

Pre-arranging one's own funeral is now widely practiced across Canada. Gilbert MacIntyre & Son have been helping individuals and families with funeral prearrangements for almost 80 years. If you would like to make an appointment to discuss prearrangements, please contact us. Or, if you like, you can prearrange your funeral online. You will be asked the same basic questions you would in a one-on-one prearrangement meeting; but within the "comfort" of your own lifestyle. Our experience in dealing with prearranging funerals has lead to the development of the GILBERT MACINTYRE & SON TRUST PLAN for those who wish to pre-pay their funeral expenses. September 2011 page 7

Representing three generations of funeral service - Established in 1933

75 Years–2008

The GILBERT MACINTYRE & SON TRUST PLAN retains all the advantages of the pre-arranged funeral, but goes further with respect to the financial advantages. · The GILBERT MACINTYRE & SON TRUST PLAN is hedge against inflation. The cost of the funeral will never increase, no matter how long it is before the funeral services are required. · Pre-payment reduces the financial demands on the survivors. Costs will be paid out of income now, rather than from much needed funds of the estate. · Like a paid-up life insurance policy, this plan is of immediate and far-reaching benefit to survivors.


· Interest on funds held in a GILBERT MACINTYRE & SON TRUST PLAN is tax free. · The GGILBERT MACINTYRE & SON TRUST PLAN may be purchased on a convenient time payment plan. Usually the prearrangment service is entirely paid for by the time it is needed, thereby relieving the family of expense at the time of the funeral. · Money is held in trust and fully refundable any time.

The GILBERT MACINTYRE & SON TRUST PLAN is designed to comply with all regulations under the Funeral Services Act of Ontario and is fully insured.


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Guelph-Wellington Business Enterprise Centre Seminar Series

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A history of success in protecting and enhancing wealth It is with pride that we celebrate the third anniversary of the opening of Richardson GMP Limited in Guelph. During these three years, we have seen a growing number of families in the Guelph region join our firm as they seek innovative investment solutions supported by an exceptional level of service. With Richardson GMP, clients are confident in our ability to offer sophisticated advice, as well as customized and exclusive solutions focused on their complete wealth management needs including investment, estate, philanthropy, insurance and business succession needs. Today, Richardson GMP is recognized as a leading independent wealth management firm serving Canada’s most successful families and entrepreneurs who have entrusted more than $14 billion to our care. The firm is national in scope with Investment Advisor teams conveniently located in major centres across Canada. Richardson GMP is a powerful combination of history, financial strength and innovation, achieved by uniting the Richardson family legacy with GMP Capital Inc. - one of Canada’s most dynamic and innovative investment dealers. Partnering with GMP Capital Inc., Richardson GMP draws upon the strengths of GMP Capital Inc., with proven expertise in both wealth management and capital markets. As well, it leverages James Richardson & Sons, Ltd.’s proven experience as one of the most trusted names in Canadian financial services. Top ranked in the Investment Executive Survey, two years in a row, for providing support and service to high net worth investors, Richardson GMP attracts and invites Canada’s most experienced financial professionals to join the firm. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce a new team member, Cory McKay. Cory has recently completed the post-graduate Diploma in Accounting at Wilfred Laurier University. Prior to returning to post-graduate studies, Cory worked as a proprietary trader at a boutique trading firm. We believe that our strengths and synergies are consistent with the evolving expectations of our clients as we are looked upon for leadership in enhancing and protecting their wealth. As we celebrate three years of success, we thank our clients for their trust and we look forward to a long and prosperous business relationship. Richardson GMP Limited, Member Canadian Investor Protection Fund. Richardson is a trade-mark of James Richardson & Sons, Limited. GMP is a registered trade-mark of GMP Securities L.P. Both used under license by Richardson GMP Limited.

Phillips Fortress Solutions. Krista, Matthew, Renee, Cory

These two-hour seminars, held at GWBEC, 401-42 Wyndham Street N., are $32 each (incl. HST) or 5 seminars for $130 (incl. HST). To register call 519-826-4701. Working at Home Effectively Nov 23, 1-3pm Stay energized and effective while working from home. Key issues such as time management, maintaining motivation and focus, and work-life balance will be covered, as well as, home office design, and communication tools to maximize your productivity. ABC's of Marketing & Marketing Plan Oct. 7 or Dec. 9, 1-3pm Look at the basic process of focusing on your target market and making marketing decisions that bring results to get your idea or product known in the marketplace. Designing Your Customer Service and Daily Operation Plan Oct. 11 or Dec. 12, 1-3pm Image is your professional presence. It communicates your approach to everything that your business does from the quality of your products and services to the level of your customer service. This seminar will guide you in creating a marketable identity for your business.

Projecting Sales, Costing & Pricing Oct. 13, Nov. 18 or Dec. 14, 1-3pm Concerned with costs that seem out of line? Not sure if your pricing practices make sense? Want to improve sales forecasting? Learn proven techniques to help you understand and manage these key drivers of business success.

Smart Selling Skills Sept. 22, Oct. 20, Nov. 24, or Dec. 20, 1-3pm Learn techniques to successfully sell your product or idea, including how to find out what your customer is really looking for, how to close the sale and how to get return customers.

Managing Your Cash Flow Sept. 20, Oct. 18, Nov. 22, or Dec. 16, 1-3pm The Cash Flow statement is the most important document a businessperson needs. Discuss the advantages of using Cash Flow spreadsheets in your business and how to use the numbers from your sales forecast and current expense information to develop a projected cash flow for the next year.

Keep I.T. Simple Oct. 4, 1-3pm Sharon Bennett, Bennett Business Connections, will introduce the Small Office Home Office business owner to basic IT knowledge to improve, maintain and secure their current IT environment. Topics covered include: backups, shared storage, basic computer networking, securing your data, growing IT infrastructure, remote access, and cost saving techniques.

Websites 101 Sept. 21 or Dec. 8, 1-3pm Todd Kasenberg, Sandbox Software Solutions, will provide information on the basics of getting a website for your business. Discuss different types of websites (static, dynamic, flash animated, etc.), the different terminology used, options for website hosting, domain name registration and cost for website hosting.

Monday, October 24th, 2011 Pike Lake Golf Centre, Clifford ON 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

The 10-80-10 Principle– Unlocking Dynamic Performance

With the support of Richardson GMP, Phillips Fortress Solutions brings a powerful combination of financial strength and innovation achieved by uniting the Richardson family’s 150 year legacy in Canadian business with GMP Capital – one of Canada’s most dynamic and innovative investment dealers.

Matthew Phillips, CIM, FCSI Director, Wealth Management Portfolio Manager

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011 Holiday Inn Scottsdale, Guelph ON 3:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Featuring Guest Speaker Sunjay Nath

For more than 21 years, Matthew Phillips has been building trusted relationships with local families and entrepreneurs by enhancing and protecting wealth.

Phillips Fortress Solutions – Non-Negotiable Integrity

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Celebrate Small Business Month Forum Bridges To Better Business

A history of success in protecting and enhancing wealth

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you and your business please contact us:

Finding and Researching Your Target Market Oct. 5, or Dec. 7, 1-3pm Business does not operate in a vacuum and market research will assist you setting objectives, tactics and strategies for protecting and growing your business.

The 10-80-10 Principle is a framework that allows you to increase your performance and results by focusing your energy and efforts on highest yielding activities. This program presented by Sunjay Nath helps individuals and teams operate at a dynamic level.

This unique forum brings together businesses in various stages of development for an open exchange of ideas, advice and networking opportunities.

Knowledge is Power! Call 519-826-4701 today to register as seats are limited. For more information visit t 519.780.4171

Richardson GMP Limited, Member Canadian Investor Protection Fund. Richardson is a trade-mark of James Richardson & Sons, Limited. GMP is a registered trade-mark of GMP Securities L.P. Both used under license by Richardson GMP Limited.

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Real Estate

New Homes, Residential & Commercial

Audrey Meadows, Country Estates in Aberfoyle Respected local homebuilders George Good Construction and Charleston Homes are proud to present a rare new home opportunity for the discerning few. Just south of Guelph and mere minutes from Hwy 401, Audrey Meadows will be an exceptional enclave of 48 large estate acreages surrounded by green space, with mature woodlots and pretty ponds in the picturesque Aberfoyle countryside. Prices will start at approximately $1 million for a custom-inspired home and, can go as high as the clientele wishes when designing and crafting their one-of-a-kind dream home. Audrey Meadows will provide a unique real estate opportunity. Clientele will first choose a lot and then select from either Charleston Homes’ portfolio of custom-inspired country estate homes or work directly with George R. Good Construction’s team to design a completely custom estate home. “Audrey Meadows will be a classic country estate enclave. All lots are expansive, with a minimum of one acre! The size of these properties guarantee privacy and grandeur,” says George R. Good, the developer and builder of Audrey Meadows. “Audrey Meadows will offer sprawling estate bungalows and classic two-storey manor homes with architectural guidelines and an enhanced landscape criteria that will certainly assure its place and value as the most exclusive enclave and address of distinction in SW Ontario,” offers George R. Good. Charleston Homes president Charlie Kuiken adds that, “fine materials such as tumbled stone, rich heritage brick, architectural shingles, sophisticated colour palettes and two and three car, side loaded garages will result in stately facades and stunning streetscapes.” Two Model Homes are now available for viewing! And all information is available on the Charleston Homes website at For those wishing to buy a custom-inspired home look no further than Charleston Homes at Audrey Meadows. With an inspiring collection of estate bungalows and twostorey plans to choose from, Charleston Homes offering are available for immediate purchase and spring construction.

With an in-house designer, Charleston Homes’ customers also have the opportunity to personalize their plan. Each home features Charleston Homes’ enduring value and extraordinary offering of quality standards and built-in features such as: 9’ ceilings on the main floor, 9’ basements, hardwood or ceramic on all main floor principal rooms, stunning trim and mouldings, even drywalled garages! The Charleston Model Home is open Mon- Wed 1-7pm Sat and Sun 12-5pm Thurs or Fri you can call 519-823-1900 for an appointment.

New Homes Now! Only Brand New Inventory & Builder Model Homes Available for Quick Closings

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Coming soon! Seaton Ridge Communities is pleased to announce a new luxury townhome community in the South End of Guelph! Downey Trail is a private enclave of condominium townhomes nestled in a wellestablished neighbourhood and surrounded by open-space parkland and trails; yet it is close to everything–shopping, dining, schools and services. Downey Trail consists of 45 distinct residences including Lofted Bungalow

Townhomes, Two-Storey Townhomes and 2-Level Stacked Townhomes. Our homes are designed to suit every range of lifestyle including young professionals, young families, empty nesters and retirees. We have worked with the surrounding neighbourhood over the past few years to design a unique mix of homes that fit within the community standards, are aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious. Register today at info@.finishedhomes www .finished





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Shop locally–continued from page 1 It’s called the “multiplier” effect: a dollar paid in local salaries to purchase local goods and services, provides income to purchase more local goods and services. Local businesses invest in themselves to pay more local people and the cycle continues. Local economics makes enormous sense,” says Lloyd Longfield, President of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber, with the City and U of G, is launching a new joint business directory, Connect Guelph. With the goal of connecting all business people within Guelph, it is designed not only to promote Guelph to people coming into the area - but also to give Guelph residents and businesses a better understanding of what is available within the City. A small business may be providing goods and services here that other businesses

may currently be leaving the city limits to obtain. So far the Chamber has connected with 2800 local businesses and will soon be dividing them by sector as well as working with Universities and Colleges to determine areas where employees are needed. The directory is available on the Chamber website– “As transportation costs continue to increase and the global market goes through its challenges you can better control your costs by working close to home,” adds Longfield. “ By working with local businesses you are closer to your support network and therefore are not as vulnerable to things happening in the global market.” Of the 1229 businesses listed in the City’s 2010 Guelph Business Directory, approximately 60 per cent had nine employees or under,

with 74 per cent accounting for businesses with 19 employees or under. “People often look at entrepreneurs or small businesses with only one or two employees, and they don’t recognize the importance they have on the local economy,” says Judi Riddolls, Executive Director, Guelph Wellington Business Enterprise Centre (GWBEC). “A business that may only make $60,000 to $100,000 may seem small, but when you take several of those businesses as a group, the impact is significant. Together they have a greater impact on the local community than a single large employer, but people just focus on the one or two employees.” Over a period of ten years, GWBEC has assisted 2,706 start-up businesses with average first year sales between $36,000 to $45,000. In 2008-2009 the Centre assisted 540

new businesses–multiply that against the lower end first year sales of $36,000 for revenue of $19,440,000. That’s just new businesses in Guelph, of which 38 per cent are in the retail, wholesale and service industry. Plus, for every 78 businesses started, there are an additional 50 jobs created beyond the owner. What are your three favourite locally owned businesses? Just as The 3/50 Project strives to save independent brick and mortar business, so too should we. We are approaching the final quarter of the year, which brings the greatest revenue for retail. Before stepping out to shop, consider where you are spending your dollar and how that money spent could not only contribute to Guelph’s small businesses but in turn, through taxes and wages, the community as a whole.

Media release

2012 Employer of Distinction Awards to recognize local businesses The Guelph & District Human Resources Professionals Association (GDHRPA) is pleased to announce the opening of the nomination period for its fourth annual Employer of Distinction Awards. The Awards recognize local companies as outstanding employers who shape organizational excellence and raise awareness of the human resources profession through the success of their organizations. This recognition will give employers the opportunity to share their stories–that they are great places to work. This annual Award has been well received by the Guelph and district business population. The most recent recipients of the Awards in 2011 were The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA). Previous recipients also include The Cooperators, Colley Insurance, Global Tox and the City of Guelph. “For the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs to receive an Employer of Distinction Award was a perfect complement to the recognition that the broader Ontario Public Service has received over the last few years,” said Alan Crawly, Manager, Ontario

Food Exports. “It was a pleasure to work with the judging panel. Their inclusive approach fostered a very positive internal atmosphere, as through a series of interviews a number of staff were in a position to contribute to the judges’ overall view of our organization.” The GDHRPA invites anyone in the community to nominate a company they believe goes above and beyond, and should be recognized as one of the area’s top employers. Nominations will be received until October 28, 2011. Award recipients will be announced at the GDHRPA Chapter Event on January 19, 2012. The GDHRPA was established in 1953 to promote the value of people in achieving the business goals that result in organizational success. It provides resources and education to Human Resources Professionals within the Guelph community and surrounding areas. Visit for your online nomination form today! For more information email .

Seminar Series–cont’d from page 8 Is Your Contract Legal & Binding? Oct. 6, 1-3pm Stephen Smith, Miller Thomson Law Firm, will cover the basic elements of a contract and various types of contracts (employment, contacts, agency contracts, leases, consignment contracts). Bring your contracts and your specific questions will be answered.

Bookkeeping Basics Oct. 19, 1-3pm Joani Gerber, Stratford Perth Centre for Business, will lead you through the basic elements of business bookkeeping, what accounts you should have, what terminology is used and how to use the resulting information in your business decisions.

Online Communication Strategies for Small Business Oct. 12, 1-3pm Rob McLean, Sociable Communications will look at online marketing and communications strategies and tactics to grow website traffic for small business: search engine optimization, web advertising, and social media engagement.

Time Management Oct. 26, 1-3pm Increase your daily results for your growing business by learning set up strategies for planning, organizing, goal setting prioritizing, making to do lists, and other aspects of effective time management.

Managing Budgets for Business Oct. 27, 1-3pm Stacey Aarssen, Achieve Financial Services - Budgeting lies at the foundation of every financial plan. It doesn’t matter if you’re living paycheck to paycheck or earning six figures, you need to know where your money is coming from and going if you want to have a handle on your finances. Budgeting isn’t all about restricting what you spend money on and cutting out all the fun in your life. It’s really about understanding how much money you have, where it goes, and then planning how to best allocate those funds.

Is your company Do You Want To Be An an Exceptional Employer? Employer of Distinction?

2 0 1 2

Do you knoware an Employer of Distinction? Nominations now being accepted. We invite you to nominate any company that exceeds in demonstrating their commitment to employees through progressive human resources initiatives & practices. You do not need to be an employee of the company that you nominate.

The Guelph & District Chapter of the Human Resources Professionals Association is pleased to sponsor their Annual Employer of Distinction Awards–recognizing two outstanding employers, small & large, within our community.

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How to Ask for Referrals Nov. 8, 1-3pm Cam Guthrie, HJM Insurance & Financial Services Ltd. will show you how years of referral based selling has boosted sales and created loyalty with customers. You will learn how to incorporate “The ASK” into as many aspects of your business as possible. Deciding to Incorporate Nov. 15, 1-3pm What are the issues to look at when deciding to incorporate? Smith Valeriote, LLP will look at the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating and how it would be beneficial to your business.

Employer Distinction

“Be Recognized” Go to Submission Deadline:

October 29, 28,2010 2011 October



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McIntyre, Wilkie, Gilchrist and now Skipper Complying with AODA’s First Compliance Standard by Tanya Walesch Cam Skipper has a new chair although he doesn’t expect to have much time for sitting. At the beginning of July the veteran Guelph funeral director took over the owner’s chair at Gilchrist Chapel–McIntyre & Wilkie Funeral Home where he has worked for the past 25 years. While Cam is looking forward to the new challenges that come with the new role he isn’t anticipating a lot of down time anytime soon. “Not a lot has changed,” he notes, “same place, same people, same work and lots to do.” Add to that the responsibilities of ownership and management and he expects to stay busy. Cam admits to a few ‘butterflys’ but he attributes them to excitement more than nerves; “after 25 years I think I know my way around.” On a more reflective note, Cam suggests he feels he is investing in a piece of Guelph’s history and he takes that responsibility seriously. “There is almost 80 years of service and tradition and trust tied up in this business along with poignant memories for thousands of families. I’m a bit humbled when I think about all of that.” Established by Elmer F. McIntyre in 1932 on Woolwich Street, the firm moved to it’s current location at the corner of Delhi Street and Eramosa Road in the early 1940’s. WWII veteran Harry W. Wilkie joined the firm after the war eventually becoming the owner. Donald W. Campbell followed Mr. Wilkie at the helm and

brought Doug Gilchrist into the firm in 1980. Doug Gilchrist and Karen Gilchrist purchased the business in 1985.

“This is a wonderful opportunity and, obviously, the high point of my professional life so far and I’m very grateful to Doug and Karen for all they’ve done to build and sustain the business and now for giving me the chance to carry on the legacy,” concludes Cam. An avid sports fan Cam says he is a dedicated spectator these days, entrusting his exercise needs to regular walks with his two dogs. He is also a charter member of the Rotary Club of Guelph Trillium and has been honoured for his service to club and community with a Paul Harris Fellowship. Married for more than 21 years, Cam and Barb happily reside in Guelph but enjoy getting away to the family cottage when time permits. They have two adult sons, Conor and Carson.

Beginning January 1, 2012 (for the private sector), Ontario’s own Accessibility Act will come into compliance. Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) is Ontario’s own proactive approach to make all of Ontario completely accessible for people with disabilities by 2025. This vision will be achieved through five compliance standards that all businesses with one or more employees in Ontario will have to implement. These are the customer service standard, the transportation standard, employment standard, information and communications standard, and the built environment standard. Ontario will implement these standards one at a time beginning with the customer service standard, which must be complied with by January 2012 for all private sector and non-profit businesses and organizations. All businesses in Ontario with one or more employees that provide goods or services to the public or third parties must comply with the customer service standard. This standard enforces certain legal requirements for business that include setting up a plan of action for how their business will provide goods or services for people with disabilities through assessment and gap analysis, developing applicable policies and procedures (ex. a policy on providing goods and services, a policy about the use of assistive devices, a policy about allowing

support people reduced or free admission, etc.), providing training for staff on how to serve people with disabilities, and finally creating and making available a process to receive and respond to any feedback. Businesses that employ 20 or more employees have additional requirements to comply with as well that generally focus on communicating and making available all information about the company’s practices, taking into consideration all disabilities. Accessibility reports are also required for companies with 20 or more employees in order to inform the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services that they’ve met the compliance standard. Typically when thinking of disabilities and barriers to accessibility, only those that are visible come to mind. It is essential to remember that disabilities include those that are invisible such as mental health and learning disabilities. As well, barriers aren’t just a lack of wheelchair ramps; they can include communication and attitude as well. By ensuring companies understand where their gaps and requirements lie, compliance can be made easier. Tanya Walesch, H.B.A., Human Resources and Safety Consultant, Beyond Rewards Inc. 519-821-7440

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Discreet and professional investigation for your business For over 30 years, Larrek Investigations and Research has been providing discreet and professional investigations to the business community locally as well as across Canada and internationally. While the investigation firm works closely with law firms and insurance companies, corporations across many sectors are beginning to rely on the discreet surveillance, reporting and investigative techniques the firm provides. From pre-employment screening and background checks, to fraud, white-collar crime, harassment, workplace violence and evidence gathering and witness interviews, the investigation firm uses anti-fraud and anti-theft measures to help protect the businesses. An investigation in the workplace is a sensitive issue for management. While the need for an investigation may only surface occasionally, today’s business climate demands that managers draw on professional resources to properly assess and investigate serious matters. For example, when the economy gets tight, it becomes commonplace for potential employees to embellish resumes when applying for a job. It has been estimated that over 30% of Canadian resumes have fraudulent or have misleading information in regards to experience, references or schooling. Certificates, degrees and diplomas are often in question with the easy access of making these purchases from a website complete with transcripts. September 2011 page 11


Many companies are looking to private investigators when hiring to eliminate risk. Larrek Investigations and Research works with HR departments of local corporations, and service providers to perform background checks to eliminate fraudulent or exaggerated claims. Larrek also offers a unique program for Executive Employment Screening by conducting Integrity Interviews with executive applicants that may reveal information that was not apparent on the resume or missed during the applicant interview. Larrek now has three locations to serve clients in Kitchener, London, and Toronto. event

Regional Watertech Summit September 22 Delta Guelph Hotel and Conference Centre This is an industry event hosted by Ontario Environmental Industries Association, The Walkerton Clean Water Centre and Innovation Guelph. The Ontario Environment Industry Association (ONEIA) and Innovation Guelph are pleased to present a networking business luncheon with a panel comprised of business leaders. Stay for an afternoon of programming where leading companies share their experiences collaborating to create and implement successful projects that put the region on the map. Following the summit will be an Industry-Researcher Connector Event hosted by the University of Guelph & NSERC. Details and register at

St. Joseph’s Health Centre Guelph Yesterday • Guelph’s first hospital bed was opened in 1861 followed by: • Guelph’s first lung resection • Guelph’s first hip replacement • Guelph’s first corneal transplant • Guelph’s first arteriogram • Guelph’s first angioplasty

New Buildings. New Technology.

Same Devotion to Care.


Today • St. Joseph’s is Guelph’s only specialty rehabilitation and complex continuing care hospital • Guelph’s first choice for long-term care • Our region’s only clinical telemedicine site • Our adult day programs are recognized as among the best in Canada • Guelph’s only program for survivors of acquired brain injury • Guelph’s only rheumatologist

St. Joseph’s is building the next generation of health care.






St. Joseph’s is changing–growing to embrace the needs of a generation. We’re building new capacity today to deliver the health care your community will need, the exceptional care you’ll want–tomorrow.


76 Dawson Road, Guelph

340 Woodlawn Road West, Guelph 485 Silvercreek Parkway North, Guelph Units of 2,500 SF of commercial space available in hightraffic area. Up-to 7,500 SF of contiguous space available. Easy access to Hanlon Expressway. Ideal for restaurant, office or service establishments. Minimum Rent: from $9.00/Sq.Ft.

51 Woodlawn Road West, Guelph Approx. 1,600 SF of commercial space for lease in hightraffic location. Conveniently located close to Home Depot and Wal-Mart development. Ideal for restaurant. Outdoor patio possibility. Additional 400 SF in basement with office and washroom. Minimum Rent: $16.00/Sq.Ft.

2,160 SF available in plaza located at Woodlawn Road and Silvercreek Parkway. Easy access from Hanlon Expressway. Ample free on-site parking. Minimum Rent: $11.00/Sq.Ft.

+/- 27,000 SF industrial space for lease in building with easy access to Hanlon Expressway. Dock and Grade level loading, 600 Amp, 550 Volt electrical service. Minimum Rent: $4.70/Sq.Ft.

161 Waterloo Avenue, Guelph 15 Surrey Street West, Guelph Approx. 2,537 SF available in professional service plaza. Free on-site parking. Close to downtown amenities. On bus-route. Located next to established medical centre. Ideal for professional/medical office. Minimum Rent: $14/Sq.Ft.

Professional second storey office space for lease in recently renovated building. Central location in close proximity to downtown amenities. On-site parking available. Minimum Rent: $750.00/Month.

Park Capital Inc., Brokerage 76 Dawson Rd., P.O. Box 923 Guelph, ON N1H 6M6 Tel: (519) 824-9900 - Fax: (519) 824-2471 Email:


The Realtor and its agents have relied upon the owner and other sources for the information provided in this material and although we believe it to be substantially accurate, it is all subject to verification by the prospective purchaser or tenant and his/her/its respective legal, tax and other advisors. The Realtor and its agents assume no liability for the accuracy or use of this information in any manner by anyone and reliance upon or use of this information by anyone is solely at his/her/its own risk. The Realtor and its agents reserve the right to change prices, terms and other conditions or withdraw the property from sale and/or lease without notice. This material does not constitute an offer for sale or lease. Not intended to solicit properties currently listed for sale or lease, or to entice parties to breach any existing agency contracts.

September 2011 page 12


GCC Annual Report Highlights

New Members

The Guelph Chamber of Commerce completed its 142nd year of service to our community at the end of June 2011. Many thanks are due to over 100 volunteers that enable the Board of Directors to implement its program, and the staff who support all of our work.This past year was a year of many changes: new staff, new programs, and lots of new members. Our members new and old continue to set the course for the Guelph business community through their involvement in the Guelph Chamber of Commerce.We are now 850 strong and growing, with always room for more at the table. After over 30 years of operating the MotorVehicle Licensing branch on Lloyd Longfield Woodlawn Road, in December 2010 the service contract was not renewed.A new issuer moved in to continue the operation, and provide service in particular to the automotive dealers on Woodlawn Road as well as members of the public.With this revenue source discontinued, other changes followed. Innovation Guelph: The Guelph Chamber of Commerce obtained a contract from the Ministry of Research and Innovation to open a Regional Innovation Centre in Guelph. Innovation Guelph opened in December 2010 in St. George’s Square, providing business acceleration programs, and industry academic collaboration programs to the Guelph business community. In its first six months of operation, Innovation Guelph has seen over 100 clients and completed 9 projects that have attracted $1,450,000 in direct investment. Six of the 9 projects relate to water technologies, including treatment, conservation, and rainwater harvesting.Walkerton CleanWater Centre now has an office within Innovation Guelph, using Guelph as their remote campus for training and lining up research projects connecting to business.The Province of Ontario is focusing on water technology development and creation of jobs through the Water Opportunities andWater Conservation Act, and Guelph is well placed to take a lead in clean technology development. The Guelph Chamber of Commerce also continued the work of providing an innovation breakfast series for the Guelph business community.This series will continue in the coming year, highlighting innovation achievements and providing inspiration for Guelph businesses focused on innovating what they do. Please join us at our AGM on October 5th to hear more about the Guelph business community accomplishments in the past year, and discuss where we are going in the years ahead. For information or to register visit our website at or call our office at 519-822-8081.

The Athletic Club 80 Stone Road West, Guelph, N1G 0A9 (519) 824-2200

HR Promoters 28-190 Fife Road, Guelph, N1H 8L4 (519) 827-0728

BioSense Environmental Inc. Box 24061, Guelph, N1E 6V8 (519) 900-2056 Toll Free: (888) 502-5157

Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) 150 Bloor St. West Unit 200, Toronto, M5S 2X9 (416) 923-2324 Toll Free: (800) 387-1311

Boston Pizza 35 Woodlawn Road West, Guelph, N1H 1G8 (519) 826-5200

Instant Imprints 221 Woodlawn Road West, Guelph, N1H 8P4 (519) 265-7119

Buffalo Wild Wings 35 Harvard Road, Guelph, N1G 3A2 (519) 836-9464

JTU Consulting Guelph, (519) 836-3739

Buzz on Business Execulink Telecom: has launched its new website,, offering new features, tools and tips, as well as additional information about their products and services. They have even included a fun, cool "Spheres of Service" widget.... see if you can find it! The Towne Winer: was awarded a Bronze Medal in the category Other White Vinifera Varietals. They placed this medal at the 2011 WineMaker International Amateur Wine Competition amongst 4,235 total entries, 965 judging hours, 50 American states, and 8 Canadian provinces. Congratulations–well done!

Winmar: was awarded the 2011 Community Partner Award in recognition of the $100,000.00 commitment ($10,000 /yr for 10 years) to fund the "Restoring Family Values Initiative" in conjunction with the Guelph Police Service. The initiative was the brainchild of Winmar, owner Paul Schmidt, who wanted to make a difference in lives of the youth in our community.

Moving About Town TD Commercial Banking: has relocated their Guelph Commerical Banking Centre effective June 10th. Their new address is 204-806 Gordon Street, Guelph. A formal open house is being planned but in the interim please feel free to drop by the office for a tour!

Career Aviators Guelph, (866) 873-7633

Krown Rust Control 549 Massey Road Unit 4, Guelph, N1K 1B3 (519) 824-7770

Custom Protect Ear Guelph, (905) 464-7523 Toll Free: (800) 520-0220

M&T Bank 161 Bay Street 25th Floor, Toronto, M5S 2S1 (647) 880-7973

Debits "N" Credits Bookkeeping Guelph, (519) 763-6820

Phoenix Wellness Consulting 5420 Highway 6 N. Suite 321, Guelph, N1H 6J2 (519) 767-6738

Double B Automotive 15 Alma Street South, Guelph, N1H 5W4 (519) 767-3252

PlantForm Corporation 120 Research Lane Suite 200, Guelph, N1G 0B4 (416) 572-7795

Emotion Dance Company 361 Southgate Drive, Guelph, N1G 3M5 (519) 400-8735

Responsible Transportation Services Guelph, (519) 824-4114

Employee Benefit Solutions Ltd. 11 Peer Drive, Guelph, N1C 1G9 (519) 265-2299 Toll Free: (855) 244-4465

T's Complete Move Solutions Guelph, (226) 820-1032

Euro-Tech Windows 470 Collier MacMillan Drive Unit 8, Cambridge, N1R 5Y7 (519) 623-4643 Toll Free: (800) 796-6055 Guelph, (519) 824-9333

Tranquil Therapeutic Solutions 650 Scottsdale Drive Unit 2-C, Guelph, N1G 4T7 (519) 265-3799 Wellington Cakes 9 Douglas Street, Guelph, N1H 6J3 (519) 831-4649 Wiebe's Rust Control 56 Wells Street, Guelph, N1E 6B6 (519) 265-7283

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Chamber Pub Night Monday, October 17, 5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. Holiday Inn Guelph Hotel & Conference Centre, 601 Scottsdale Drive GCC Breakfast Academy Friday, October 21, 7:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m. “Lead with Wisdom” Marva Wisdom of Wisdom Consulting Holiday Inn Guelph Hotel & Conference Centre, 601 Scottsdale Drive Business After Five Tuesday, October 25, 5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. Sunrise Therapeutic Riding & Learning Centre R.R. #2, Conc 1 #6920, Puslinch


State of the City Address Thursday, November 10, 7:30 a.m.-9:00 a.m. Mayor Karen Farbridge Delta Guelph Hotel & Conference Centre, 50 Stone Road West GCC Breakfast Academy Friday, November 18, 7:00 a.m.-9:00 a.m. “Disaster Preparedness & Recovery-A Panel Discussion” Holiday Inn Guelph Hotel & Conference Centre, 601 Scottsdale Drive Chamber Pub Night Monday, November 21, 5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. Guelph Country Club, 133 Woodlawn Road East Business After Five Tuesday, November 22, 5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. Habitat for Humanity Wellington County Guelph ReStore, 104 Dawson Road

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When searching for the right employees, it all comes down to fit. The following steps will help you hire the best employees and keep them engaged in your organization. 1. Know who you are. No two businesses are identical. Understanding your company’s culture is the first step in finding the right fit. Whether traditional or modern, formal or informal, you need to know your organization to know who will thrive in it. 2. Know what you need. Failing to understand the skills and experience a position requires can be a recipe for disaster. Even a person who fits your culture will struggle in the wrong role. Identify the “must-have” qualifications; you can teach them the rest. 3. Know what success looks like. Both the organization and the employee must recognize the expectations, measures of success and compensation. Not all employees respond the same way to expectations and rewards so look for approaches that maximize employee performance and satisfaction while staying true to your company’s vision and culture. 4. Hire for skills and fit. Really, you need both. If you are unsure, look for a candidate with excellent fit potential, strong

work ethic, acceptable skill set and an ability and eagerness to learn. 5. Mentorship breeds fit. Identify your ambassadors and pair new employees with them. With proper modelling, employees do not have to guess what is expected in your culture– they get first-hand exposure. Five best practices of exemplary leadership/mentors a) they model the way, b) they inspire a shared vision, c) they challenge the process, d) they enable others to act and e) they encourage the heart/passion for the organization. 6. Hire for fit, fire for fit. Even with a rigorous hiring process, onboarding (orientation and training) and continuing support, sometimes employees and organizations are just a bad fit. A considerate, professional process will help both of you move on to a better situation. In the war for talent, you must find the right employees. Identifying and retaining employees that fit with your organization’s culture gives you a work force to be reckoned with. Janet Roy, President Premium HR Solutions. 519-824-2428, email

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Entrepreneur applications being accepted for small business awards Guelph Wellington Business Enterprise Centre is accepting applications for seven Small Business Star Awards to be presented October 25, at the Small Business Event, Bridges to Better Business. Awards are to be presented in the following categories–outstanding new business, outstanding marketing materials, outstanding customer service, outstanding retail or hospitality business, outstanding consulting or service business, outstanding health or wellness business and outstanding trades or professional business. Deadline for applications is September 19, 2011. For information and applications visit and click under established businesses and events or call 519826-4701.

Building owners and Property Managers have a legal duty to protect the health and safety of maintenance workers and contractors working in their buildings. The requirement to identify the presence of all hazardous materials in a building and to complete a Designated Substance Survey prior to undertaking any renovation or demolition activities at a facility is outlined in Section 30 of the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). Unexpected disturbance of a Designated Substance poses not only a potential health hazard to the workers but could also result in contamination spreading throughout the building, necessitating a costly cleanup. There are 11 Designated Substances defined under the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). Each Designated Substance has its own health and safety regulation. While some of these substances are industry specific, arsenic (pressure treated wood), asbestos, lead (paint and plumbing), mercury (control switches and fluorescent light tubes) and silica (concrete and concrete blocks) are the substances most likely to be present in commercial, residential and institutional buildings built prior to the mid 1980s. A Designated Substances survey should only be conducted by a qualified environment, health and safety professional. A typical survey should include: • a room-by-room visual inspection of the building; • bulk material sampling and/or non-



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destructive testing, if possible, to identify any designated substances that may be present; and preparation of a detailed survey report to document the type, condition and location of any designated substances, as well as any recommendations for remediation, if required. The cost of a designated substance survey will vary depending on a number of considerations, such as: • the complexity and size of the buildings being surveyed; • the scope of proposed renovation projects which would determine the extent of the pre-demolition survey; • any building access or security concerns that must be addressed; • laboratory analytical costs; and • rental costs for specialized, non-destructive inspection equipment that may be required for the type of designated substance / hazardous materials to be surveyed. John A. Szymanski, B.Sc., B.Sc. (Agr), CRSP, President, Sterling EHS Consulting Limited. 519-265-5158 or




Designated Substances and Hazardous Materials Surveys in Buildings by John A. Szymanski


Install Energy-Efficient Measures and Receive up to 50% of Your Project Costs RETROFIT PROGRAM Program benefits include: • Decreased operating and maintenance costs • Lowered energy consumption and costs • Reduced payback periods Incentives for: • Lighting and controls • Unitary air conditioning • Synch belt • Variable frequency drives • Agribusiness • Alternative energy measures • Motors • Pumps • Fans • Refrigeration, and more … What incentives are available? • $400/kW for Lighting • $800/kW for Non-lighting

For many business owners, capital costs prove to be the primary barrier to investing and participating in a retrofit project. The RETROFIT PROGRAM’S incentives tackle this barrier head on, making it possible for you to install and benefit from newer, more energy-efficient technologies.

Lighting projects

Participate and save

The greater of either: $800/kW of demand savings or $0.10/kWh of first year electricity savings to a maximum of 50% of project costs.

The RETROFIT program provides substantial financial incentives for replacing inefficient existing equipment with high efficiency equipment and for installing new control systems that will improve the efficiency of your operational procedures and processes. Start saving sooner Getting your project underway without delay is our priority. We’ll work with you to make a quick pre-approval process so your project can move ahead as soon as possible. Whether your project is PRESCRIPTIVE, ENGINEERED or CUSTOM, you’ll find plenty of available incentives. Contact us today: Visit for more information, perspectives from experts and clients, or to apply online.

The greater of either: $400/kW of demand savings or $0.05/kWh of first year electricity savings to a maximum of 50% of project costs. Non-lighting projects, including lighting controls

Who is eligible? Owners or tenants of commercial, institutional, industrial, agricultural and multi-residential facilities, including social housing. To take part, your project must be worth a minimum PRESCRIPTIVE incentive of $100 to apply. For the ENGINEERED or CUSTOM measures, your project must have an estimated demand reduction of 1 kW and/or first-year annual savings of 2,000 kWh. If you are unsure of your eligibility contact your local electric utility.


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