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Dec-Jan 2017-18 • Local Business News, activities and events


Ramar Contractors Inc.–Celebrating 40 years building a sound future on a solid past

For Venture Guelph Publications Ltd.

1 lyon avenue, guelph 519.766.0001


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Jaral Centre, 160 Research Lane, Guelph, Ontario–This 20,000 square foot multi-tenant office facility is located within steps from the University of Guelph campus and many other amenities. The Research Park, as well as the surrounding areas, are the most popular areas within the City of Guelph. The building is home of some very high profile companies and associations; most are agribusiness related and have links with the University and other related businesses within the Research Park. (supplied photo) Founded in 1978 Ramar Contractors Inc addresses modern building design requirements. For 40 years owner Ralph Marziano and his family have provided excellent province wide service in all phases of construction for industrial, commercial, institutional, multi and custom residential. Ramar prides itself on its excellent reputation built on service, quality, and workmanship, competitive pricing and guaranteed completion dates. In the beginning Marziano resigned his position with a company out of Kitchener. He was unable to secure consistent work, however, he was soon contacted by past co-workers asking if he would look after a home addition. He admits he was a little bored and not up to much so he agreed to the job. While working on the home addition, Ralph was asked by a neighbour if he would put an addition on their home. Then another opportunity came along for an expansion to an equipment manufacturing facility which Marziano could not refuse. After a few years of building a good reputation for himself, he had more work than he could handle. Unable to keep up with paperwork, Ralph’s wife Jane quit her job to take over

all administrative duties and work full time in their one room home office. Ralph was therefore able to focus his time on more work in the field and soon hired an estimator, and superintendents. Ramar Contractors Inc. was born. The company quickly grew and they had no choice but to relocate their office. The perfect spot to build his headquarters was 449 Laird Road in Guelph where they currently reside and the company continues to grow. Over time the company has under gone many changes, but the one constant is their dedication to bringing small business values to a large portfolio of clients. Ramar does not consider themselves just another builder. They offer complete consulting with the expertise and dedication to follow through. They offer free estimates, complete design consultation and design services which keep in mind the desired esthetic value and budget as well as function. They supervise, manage and build projects in close consultation with the client and their qualified staff assures that the best quality, cost control and completion dates are achieved. Ramar’s sister company, Jaral Holdings Inc. was founded to handle tenant services and

develop strategies for land reserved for future industrial, commercial and institutional uses. “We’ll purchase land for development on strategically located sites to build buildings that most suit our tenants or a client that wishes to own on a build to suit method,” says Ralph, “We do the research to confidently recommend sites that are best suited for our client and their specific operations.” The advantage to consolidating Jaral Holdings Inc. with Ramar Contractors Inc. is a one tier overhead and markup, instead of two or three: They have infinite control over the quality, the cost and the maintenance. This sister company currently owns and operates several properties across Guelph with locations on Research Lane (University of Guelph’s Research Park), Gordon Street, Arkell Road, Laird Road and on Hanlon Creek Blvd., Guelph’s latest prominent Business Park. The second generation, Ralph and Jane's children Bruno and Melissa are taking over the day to day operation of the construction as well as the property management of our rental properties. Ralph says, “There will be much more growth over the years ahead with renewed energy as well as tons of knowledge –continued pg 2

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Ramar Contractors Inc. that my children have learned over the years working side by side with their old man.” Many clients, friends and acquaintances have asked Marziano how he has succeeded in such a competitive business. Ralph’s answers are always the same and there are more than one … • I worked very long and hard: No business will be successful without hard work and long hours. To develop and grow a business 2,000 hours a year is not going to do it. • I loved what I did and still do: I never considered going to work as a chore, but rather as fun and enjoyment. • We always treat our clients/customers the same as we want to be treated: My belief has always been that if it’s not good for me it shall not be good for our clients. (Treat others the way you want to be treated). • I believe that the customers pay us for the work that we do for them, therefore we must look after their interest before ours. If we look after their interest ours will automatically be looked after. • Once I make a promise I keep it no matter what, whether it be completing work on schedule, providing good quality and within the agreed cost. Never ever break a promise. • I always found the best solution with the best cost for my customers, no different than if I was looking for myself. • We travel all over Ontario to serve our clients. If our client trusts us and want us to serve them, it does not matter

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where it is, we will try our outmost best to do so. • I made it my business to make sure that once the work was completed we didn’t walk away and leave the owner to deal with warrantees or any unforeseen problems with equipment and service. We were the contact for them and we encouraged them to contact us. The customers pay us for our knowledge, if they had the knowledge they would not need our service. Marziano has found the past 40 years very rewarding. “I work hard and had lots of fun doing so and hope that the people and my employees that work by my side have fun as well.” Ralph adds, “I have made many lifelong friends and business associates during these years, and although we had to survive hurdles along the way, such as severe recessions, 20% interest rates and some major losses, I would never change a single thing.” Ralph said “I have been blessed to have had my amazing wife Jane, along with my supportive and encouraging children at my side. With good health, the drive to succeed, the virtue to understand the need and wants of our clients and the many friends that have taken the time to encourage me when things didn’t look too promising. I thank them all for their invaluable advice and referrals that, many developed into projects and continued clients. I am very proud of our employees and thank them for their hard work and loyalty, we couldn’t be here without them. I am extremely pleased and proud of Bruno and Melissa for the way they have taken over on directing the business and hope they contin-

ue to provide honest, valuable service and advice to our many clients as we have in the last four decades.” For 40 years Ralph Marziano has ran an operation that has class, style and staying power. His advice for his children, employees and all who may be reading is this: Love your work, if you do it is not “work” but rather fun and enjoyable. Look after the best interest of your clients and your employer, if you do, your interest is automatically taken care of. Never deliver a product and “assume” it is acceptable, if it’s not acceptable to you–it is not acceptable to the client. Have empathy: always, always put yourself in the other person shoes and you will find that you will do the correct thing. And lastly, don’t waste time. Time is the most precious thing you have … don’t waste it.”


Local Business News–Activities & Events 25 YEARS 2017–The opinions and stories that appear in the columns of Business Venture are for information purposes only. Statements and opinions within the pages of are those of the writers and do not necessarily represent those of the publisher, advertisers or Venture Guelph Publications Ltd.

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40 years 1978-2018

• Providing building services of exception quality and lasting value for 40 years. • General Contractors and Project Management.

• Providing excellent province-wide service in all phases of construction for industrial, commercial, institutional, multi and custom residential. • Family owned and operated.

• Building a sound future on a solid past. • Our promises: Quality Workmanship, competitive pricing, guaranteed completion dates.

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Publisher’s message As the year comes to a close, it is an opportune time to reflect on the accomplishments of the past and to look forward with optimism to what’s in store for the future. Venture Guelph Publications Ltd. has been a proud member of the Guelph community for over 20 years. And year in, year out it never ceases to amaze me just how much this city has going for itself. It has been my pleasure to play a part in highlighting much of what is great about Guelph while working closely with businesses and not-for-profit organizations. There are big things in store moving toward 2018. The most significant is the transition from printed content to a fully digital format. I am thrilled to announce that as of December 15th Venture Guelph Publications Ltd. will be merging popular and widely read assets like Business Venture with GuelphToday.com, Guelph’s online choice for local news. Through their site, GuelphToday.com will provide wonderful advertising opportunities for valued clients, existing

and new. Digital media is more significant than ever and the future of how content is consumed. Its platform allows for a broad audience reach along with interactive, engaging and trackable marketing solutions. We have also been putting the finishing touches on the much-anticipated 2018/2019 New Resident Guide. I’d like to thank the City of Guelph for their support on this project and recognize the featured local businesses that see value in this initiative. I’ll end by saying thank you to all who have chosen to trust your advertising needs with Venture Guelph Publications Ltd. and allowed us to share your local stories to our readers. I look forward to continue providing effective ad solutions through GuelphToday.com Wishing you a Merry Christmas, happy holidays and all the best in 2018. Mike Baker, Publisher Venture Guelph Publications Ltd. venture@golden.net website: ventureguelph.ca

Guelph Public Library Annual Campaign How can I join the Guelph Public Library's Annual Campaign? Every gift to the library has the power to enrich, improve and transform lives. Large or small, today or planned, onetime or ongoing, all gifts make a difference. Here's how you can make a taxdeductible gift to the 2017-2018 drive today: • Complete a 2017-2018 appeal card available at any library location or online at guelphpl.ca/annualgiving. • Donate through our secure site on

CanadaHelps.org. Search for Guelph Public Library. Click on current campaigns and select annual campaign. You may choose to do any of the following with your gift: 1. Please split my gift between a New Main Library & Early Literacy initiatives. 2. I'd like my gift to support the Rosa Rattray Early Literacy Fund. 3. I'd like my gift to support a new Main Library. Visit any library location for more details or online at guelphpl.ca/annualgiving.

Merry Christmas! Best wishes... ndise for the for a Happy New Year

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NEW to Guelph EXAMINATION, TREATMENT, CONSULTATION Preventative Care Flu Shot Vaccination Pregnancy Test Birth Control Clinic Urgent Care Burn treatment Change dressing

Family Care Well baby Complete physical Senior care Pediatric care Driver’s physical Skin treatment Wart treatment ... and so much more

MALE & FEMALE DOCTORS – PHARMACY ON SITE – PHYSIOTHERAPY NOW AVAILABLE Seniors & Drug Plans • Everyday senior discount • Organizing your medications • Easy prescription transfer while you wait • Medication reviews • FREE parking • FREE delivery

Edinburghmedical.ca 492 Edinburgh Road South, Guelph www.ventureguelph.ca BUSINESS VENTURE • Page 3 DEC/JAN 2017-18 ISSUE



25% OFF (over the counter medications, vitamins, and supplements)

Charitable giving through a Life Insurance policy Helping others feels good, either through individual efforts or donating to charities. People have personal attachments to specific causes but need direction to provide support. Charitable giving through a life insurance policy provides a tax credit and increases your donation potential. Scenario 1. Erin age 35 wants to donate to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. She can purchase a $50,000 whole life policy that will ensure the policy stays in force. The monthly premium is $80 and after 20 years the policy is paid in full. Scenario 2. Fred age 45 wants to donate $25,000 to Providence House a care facility that assisted his mother during her palliative care. Fred does not want to go through a medical underwriting. He can purchase an instant issue policy after answering 5 qualify-

What is all the fuss about Net Neutrality? To anyone using the Internet at all over the last few months “Net Neutrality” likely sounds familiar. I know lots of people chalk that up to a “geek thing” and not something that they need to pay attention to. That couldn’t be further from the truth. The idea of Net Neutrality is to keep the functionality of the Internet a raw information source. As it stands at the moment everyone in North America enjoys virtually unfettered access to anything that they wish to see on the Internet. In the absence of Net Neutrality the speed at which content arrives to you could be determined by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Let’s imagine for a moment that you’re someone who frequents a particular social media site, Facebook for example. In the absence of Net Neutrality it’s possible for you to have signed up with an ISP who has a partnership with Pinterest but not Facebook. Because of that partnership that ISP could ensure that any visits you make to Pinterest are speedy and all content loads efficiently. Under the terms of their agreement with Pinterest your ISP could be required to ensure that any visits

ing questions. The monthly premium for this policy would be $91 for 20 years. Tax credits are available for on-going premiums or on the final tax return of the estate depending when the policy is assigned to the charity. In both cases the amount paid in premiums is less than the charitable benefit. Scenario 1 provides double the benefit with less premium. This stresses the point to purchase the policy at a younger age when premiums will be lower. Charitable giving through a life insurance policy is a great way to donate to a cause by maximizing your contribution. Dave Menegotto: Account Executive, Sutherland Insurance, dmenegotto@sutherlandinsurance, 519-822-0160.

Give the gift of the Arts this Holiday Season At the Guelph Arts Council, we like to get into the spirit of the season by supporting the inspiring artists and arts organizations of Guelph. Visit us at guelpharts.ca and find a list of local markets and sales where you can discover the perfect handmade gift or incredible performances perfect for sharing with your loved ones this holiday season. Happy Holidays from the Guelph Arts Council!

made to Facebook result in a much slower experience. Content providers who have not paid accordingly would be restricted to a “slow lane”. A world without Net Neutrality can cripple development of new technologies. Think for a moment that your business has a phenomenal new competitor to an existing technology. If the existing technology company has the monetary resources to allow their website to be accessed faster by users then they have an unfair advantage against your newly launched company. Even a vastly superior technology can never gain a foothold due to unfair Internet delivery practices. The world remains unable to use this new technology unless it is first sold to a larger, existing company. Keep yourself apprised of Net Neutrality laws and how they might impact you and your business. Kevin Davison, IT Consultant, Kadence Solutions. 888-387-7393, info@kadencesolutions.ca


Save-the-Date for The Collector’s Dilemma

• Multi Residential• Commercial • Industrial • Project Management

A benefit event for Guelph Arts Council, on the afternoon of Sunday, February 18, 2018 at the River Run Centre. Learn how to start an art collection, bid on fabulous art, and enjoy drinks and delicious nibbles with other Guelph arts supporters. Sign up for Arts Blast e-news at guelpharts.ca for updates.


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Business and Personal Finance How proposed tax changes may affect small business Current tax laws allow business owners some latitude when it comes to income distribution and exemptions. Proposed changes will tighten the rules. Perhaps the most discussed change is a proposal to close the loophole on "income sprinkling". This practice allows business owners to distribute income to individuals– often family members or investors–who may not play an active role in the day-to-day operation of generating income for the business. The changes will limit these practices with an intent to level the playing field for all taxpayers. The change may not be absolute: under current discussions, the Ministry of Finance is planning a reasonableness test to limit the dividends being paid to a family shareholder where there is no capital contributed or

work performed. The government is also looking to adjust the "kiddie tax" rules which results in top rate income tax being payable on dividends paid to minor children. The proposed changes will to apply to individuals until age 24, as well as continuing to apply kiddie tax on second generation income. Capital gains exemptions are the other critical area of discussion in the changes. These are profits earned by owners from the sale of shares in a business. Converting income to capital gains by selling shares to a holding company can help business owners take advantage of lower tax rates. This is a common way for them to save for retirement or business expansion. On this, the government adjusted their initial stance. To accommodate these strategies,

proposed relief measures for passive income in private companies would see the first $50,000 of passive investment income not subject to a new tax, where conditions are met. The details of this legislation to be announced as part of the 2018 fiscal budget this spring.

Ontario AGRICentre 100 Stone Road West, Suite 301, Guelph Telephone: 519.822.4680 Fax: 519.822.1583 Toll-Free: 1.866.658.0092 www.millerthomson.com

Will Mactaggart, will.mactaggart@richardsongmp.com, 519-827-2906 All material has been prepared by Will Mactaggart. Will is a Director, Wealth Management and Portfolio Manager at Richardson GMP Limited. The opinions expressed in this report are the opinions of the author and readers should not assume they reflect the opinions or recommendations of Richardson GMP Limited or its affiliates. Richardson GMP Limited, Member Canadian Investor Protection Fund. Richardson is a trade-mark of James Richardson & Sons, Limited. GMP is a registered trade-mark of GMP Securities L.P. Both used under license by Richardson GMP Limited.

Guelph City Council approves tax-supported operating budget and infrastructure levy City Council approved a $232,965,140 tax-supported operating budget representing a 2.45 per cent increase over last year’s budget, and a one per cent infrastructure levy to be funded half through a tax levy and half through a transfer from reserves. “Staff was diligent in providing Council with a 2018 budget that is focused on what the City needs to drive prosperity, deliver programs and services that meet our residents’ expectations, and demonstrate financial sustainability,” said Trevor Lee, deputy chief administrative officer, Corporate Services. The approved budget includes: • $32 million transfer to capital from the operating budget, which includes approximately $2.2 million from the infrastructure levy • nine new City additions at a cost of about $1.5 million including multi-residential waste collection and four paramedics for Guelph

• $77 million for Guelph’s Local Boards and Shared Services–Guelph Police Service, Guelph Public Library, Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health, The Elliott Community, and the County of Wellington for Social Services For the second year in a row, Council approved the infrastructure levy to address the infrastructure backlog and ensure dedicated funds are available for future infrastructure needs. “The approval of the 2018 infrastructure levy shows Council’s continued commitment to work toward sustainable funding to maintain our infrastructure,” said Scott Stewart, deputy chief administrative officer, Infrastructure, Development and Enterprise. So what does the City’s 2018 budget mean for property taxes? The answer to that question won’t be known until April. The budget increase isn’t necessarily equal to the proper-

ty tax increase for 2018. Changes to property taxes will not be known until the City receives the final property tax roll from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC), and City Council approves the tax policy in April 2018 which sets the final tax rates by type of property. These items are vital to determining the 2018 property taxes. The approved City budget represents the dollars the City needs to deliver the programs and services approved by Council. Budget highlights The 2018 non-tax supported and capital budgets were approved on November 2. Council approved a 2.6 per cent increase to the stormwater, water and wastewater service rates and fees, and a capital budget of $90,308,062. The City will post the final approved 2018 budget in January on guelph.ca/budget. • SITE PLANS • SEVERANCES • SEPTIC DESIGN • STORM WATER DESIGN


GUELPH ON N1H 3X7 TEL.: 837-3111 Thank you for reading the local stories that appear in Business Venture.





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Funeral Home and Chapel Ltd.

“Wellington County's Oldest Family Owned Funeral Home”

Pre-arranging one's own funeral is now widely practiced across Canada. Gilbert MacIntyre & Son have been helping individuals and families with funeral prearrangements for almost 80 years. If you would like to make an appointment to discuss prearrangements, please contact us. Or, if you like, you can prearrange your funeral online. You will be asked the same basic questions you would in a one-on-one prearrangement meeting; but within the "comfort" of your own lifestyle. Our experience in dealing with prearranging funerals has lead to the development of the GILBERT MACINTYRE & SON TRUST PLAN for those who wish to pre-pay their funeral expenses.


www.gilbertmacintyreandson.com BUSINESS VENTURE • Page 5 DEC/JAN 2017-18 ISSUE

Representing three generations of funeral service - Established in 1933

75 Years–2008

The GILBERT MACINTYRE & SON TRUST PLAN retains all the advantages of the pre-arranged funeral, but goes further with respect to the financial advantages. · The GILBERT MACINTYRE & SON TRUST PLAN is hedge against inflation. The cost of the funeral will never increase, no matter how long it is before the funeral services are required. · Pre-payment reduces the financial demands on the survivors. Costs will be paid out of income now, rather than from much needed funds of the estate. · Like a paid-up life insurance policy, this plan is of immediate and far-reaching benefit to survivors.



· Interest on funds held in a GILBERT MACINTYRE & SON TRUST PLAN is tax free. · The GGILBERT MACINTYRE & SON TRUST PLAN may be purchased on a convenient time payment plan. Usually the prearrangment service is entirely paid for by the time it is needed, thereby relieving the family of expense at the time of the funeral. · Money is held in trust and fully refundable any time.

The GILBERT MACINTYRE & SON TRUST PLAN is designed to comply with all regulations under the Funeral Services Act of Ontario and is fully insured.


Guelph's Bracelet of Hope travels to Mountain Kingdom in Africa The sun rises and begins to carry the warmth and golden glow over the mountain peaks and across the rolling hills. Lesotho, Africa is called the Mountain Kingdom, and the Kingdom in the Sky, as the lowest point above sea level in Lesotho is 1500 metres, making Lesotho the country with the highest low point in the world. In September, a team of eight Canadians travelled to the Mountain Kingdom with Bracelet of Hope. Bracelet of Hope is a grassroots organization supporting orphans and families affected by HIV & AIDS in Lesotho, Africa. Bracelet of Hope has partnered with Apostolic Faith Mission Development Division (AFMSDD) to support six foster homes in Lesotho. The goal of the trip was to create partnerships, visit all six foster homes to support restorations and to further the development of income generating activities with training and workshops. The team met each foster child, foster mothers and team, we played, danced and sang. We worked tirelessly to help clean and paint the homes. Medical support and massage therapy was also given to many foster children, mothers and members of the community on the trip. Lesotho captured the team’s adventurous spirit, filled our hearts and made us feel like we had finally come home. The sun was bright each morning with doves waking you to hear school children sing nursery rhymes and play songs. Basotho people are caring, hard-working, intelligent and hopeful for the future of this

small, landlocked country. As you walk the streets in the villages, the smells of peaches, smoked meat and barbequed corn will follow you as children smile and greet you. The country has just over two million people with the second highest rate of HIV prevalence, at 23%, living with HIV. This has left over 200,000 orphans in the country, most due to the AIDS pandemic. With many children left behind by AIDS, traditional systems like extended family cannot cope, so many children are placed in vulnerable situations of living in the streets or making their way to orphanages. The foster homes Bracelet of Hope supports are focused on family centered care. Each home has one to two parents who care for all the needs of the children, including education, nutrition, medication and play. Our goal is to support the emotional, physical and social well-being and development of each child to ensure they can grow up and fulfil their hopes and dreams. These houses become the children’s homes. They stay in the foster homes until they finish their postsecondary education or find full time employment. Bracelet of Hope and AFMSDD are

working on creating sustainability in each of the foster homes, through healthy gardens and income generating activities such as a piggery, chicken layers and a grocery store. Sustainability is key to a continued, uccessful home for the community. Through the support of donors, volunteers and organizations, Bracelet of Hope and AFMSDD can care for orphans and families in Lesotho so little girls like Relebohile can have their first pair of school

(supplied photo) Photo by Phil Maher

shoes, so that young men like Hlompho can finish trade school and begin building homes, or so that young women like Lerato no longer have to fear for the health and safety of her younger siblings. Hope is building in Lesotho. With continued dedication, partnership and hard work, we will see the end of AIDS in our lifetime, and more children able to reach their full potential. For more information about Bracelet of Hope, please visit www.braceletofhope.ca

Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes for a happy, healthy 2018!

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Tel: (519) 824-9900 Fax: (519) 824-2471 info@naiparkcapital.com

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Events Guide

Dec 2017/Jan 2018

Daniel Champagne in concert February 1 at Silence

(supplied photo)

Silence: Guelph's Portal For Adventurous New Sound Events is proud to host a stop on Daniel Champagne's North American tour. The concert will be held at 8pm on February 1 at Silence, 46 Essex Street, Guelph. Tickets are $15/advance and $20/door. Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite.ca. The story goes that the young Australian singer, songwriter and one-of-a-kind guitar virtuoso first picked up the guitar as a five-year-old following in the footsteps of a musical father. Daniel began writing songs at 12, training classically throughout his teens and performing solo wherever he could, honing his craft and developing what would become the dynamite live show that he is renowned for today. At 18 he left school, turned professional and hit the road. The next several years saw him traversing North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, New Zealand and of course, his homeland Australia playing such festivals as California WorldFest, Winnipeg Folk Fest, Vancouver and Mariposa Folk, Belgium's Labadoux Festival and Australia's Woodford, Falls Festival, Port Fairy Folk Festival and the legendary Byron Bay Bluesfest. Daniel has accomplished all of this while writing, producing and independently releasing two Eps, Gypsy Moon Volumes 1 and 2, his first long player Pint of Mystery (2011) My Own Design (2009), Wide Eyed and Open (2010), Real Live (2012), and The Heartland Hurricanes (2014). His latest release Fault Lines is available now, and is receiving airplay and accolades globally. For details, check out Silence's website at www.silencesounds.ca

Sparkles in the Park–A Family Tradition for all ages Sparkles in the Park returns for the 2017 season on Saturday December 16, 2017and runs nightly until Sunday, December 31, 2017. Join us for this celebration in lights every evening from 5:30 - 9:30pm. Enjoy free rides on the carousel from 6:00 - 9:30pm beginning Saturday December 23 until December 31. The New Year will be celebrated in traditional Sparkles fashion with fire works on New Years Eve at 8:00pm. Donations support both local and international programs and projects of the Rotary Club of Guelph. Stay warm in your car as you drive through Guelph’s Riverside Park enjoying the festive light displays. There is also ample free parking if you would rather take a stroll through the park and take in the displays close up.

New Years Eve Celebration and Fireworks Join us at 7:30pm Sunday December 31, 2017 to kick-off the New Years Eve Celebrations with a fantastic fireworks display at 8:00pm.


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ventureguelph.ca Guelph and Area activity & events guide

Art on the Street 2018–Call to artists opening soon Music Lessons – Enroll Now!!

Guelph Arts Council will soon be accepting applications from artists for Art on the Street. Guelph’s popular annual art exhibition and sale will return to Quebec Street on Saturday, June 23 from 10 am to 5pm. Applications from artists for this juried event will open on January 12, 2018 and will be accepted until March 9, 2018. The detailed artist guidelines and application form will be posted at guelpharts.ca. Guelph Arts Council offers assistance to artists in preparing their Art on the Street applications. Interested artists are invited to review the application guidelines and to contact Sarah Goldrup for assistance at administration@guelpharts.ca or 519-836-3280. Art on the Street is co-presented by Downtown Guelph Business Association and Guelph Arts Council and features contemporary fine art and craft. The event has grown both in scale and calibre of artist since its inception in 2003 to become

Guelph's largest outdoor exhibition and sale. Art on the Street spotlights multi-disciplinary talent within the regional arts community and offers a fresh-air art experience for Guelph’s residents and visitors. Each year, approximately 100 established and emerging artists showcase their works in temporary, open-air studios. Art on the Street is an opportunity to meet painters, potters, blacksmiths, jewellers, glass blowers, wood carvers, textile artists, photographers, and more, and to take home a piece of Guelph's creative culture. Art on the Street is a free event which welcomes art lovers of all ages. Art in the Shops, presented by Downtown Guelph Business Association, will take place during the week prior to Art on the Street. Artists will be paired with downtown venues to showcase selected work. This associated event highlights both Guelph’s creative talent and its downtown business community.

Guelph Youth Singers: Example of choral excellence

R.E.C.E. Qualified Staff

WINNER Reader’s Choice Award

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Did you know that 3.5 million Canadians sang in a choir in 2016 (10% of the population) and more Canadian children sing in choirs than play hockey? This information was identified through research for Choral Canada in January 2017 and locally we can see these statistics on display through the fun, skills and talent to be seen regularly with the Guelph Youth Singers (GYS.) Led by accomplished Artistic Director, Markus Howard, the choir has developed over the past 27 years. “Engaging in the creative expression and community building inherent in performing in a choir is inspiration for your whole life,” agrees Howard.

The level of performance is easy to hear for anyone that attends a GYS concert but don’t just take our word for it: this year two of the choirs within GYS won national Kiwanis Awards, and the reviews for the performances at both the Elora Festival and the recent Celebration 150 concert in Guelph were outstanding. “I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was to bring an out-of-town guest to the concert and to be blown off my feet by the exceptional singing by the GYS–what a jewel!” were the unsolicited comments we received from a concert-goer. Our young people will soon be showcasing their skills by touring in April 2018, performing at the Cantando Festival in Whistler BC. Billed as an exceptional learning opportunity, the Festival employs only adjudicators and clinicians of the highest stature, that have achieved success in their fields and that continue to have a major impact upon music education. What an opportunity! If you know a young person who loves to sing, encourage them to audition, call Cathy: 519-821-8574. Support by attending a concert, listen on-line www.guelphyouthsingers.com or follow on social media, you’ll be glad you did!

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Guelph Youth Music Centre (GYMC): A Very Charlie Brown Concert What would Christmas be without the much-loved A Charlie Brown Christmas? This delightful annual favourite is an Emmy Award-winning holiday tradition enjoyed by children – both young and old. Equally magical is the soundtrack created by Vince Guaraldi. Everyone knows the popular Christmas Time is Here, sung by a children’s choir. “Fifty years ago drummer Jerry Granelli, the newest member of the Vince Guaraldi Trio, with Fred Marshall on bass, went into a San Francisco studio. In a three-hour session they recorded the soundtrack for a scrappy little animated Christmas special featuring the Peanuts gang. The trio had never seen any of the artwork for the session; no one knew that this would become the iconic soundtrack to the classic A Charlie Brown Christmas.” Interesting that when it was written for the 1965 Peanuts television special, the network, CBS, didn’t like the jazz soundtrack. But when it premiered, the reviews were unanimous–it was a hit and the album has never gone out of print. The Guelph Youth Music Centre is going to re-create that magic on December 21 with a remarkable jazz trio: Adam Bowman on drums, Thomas Hammerton on piano and Tyler Wagler on bass. They will be joined by

The Kingsbury Music Singers (children’s choir) directed by Shannon Kingsbury. “For as long as I can remember, A Charlie Brown Christmas has been the soundtrack of the holidays for me,” says drummer/leader, Adam Bowman. “There are great jazz albums and great Christmas albums, but very few that are both. The holidays can mean different things to different people. From the magic of youthful excitement to nostalgic reflection, from melancholy memories to great delight, this music visits all of those emotions. I look forward to playing these songs with some great musicians and friends, and hope it can add a little enjoyment of the season for all.” Start your Christmas holidays at Guelph Youth Music Centre (GYMC) as they present this jazz classic. Established in 1992, the GYMC is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to education and the development of youth through music and the arts. The unique 13,000 sq. ft. facility officially opened its doors in September 2001 after six years of renovations. The GYMC is an exciting cultural hub for children of all ages and backgrounds in the community. Through a variety of programs, provision of space to partner organizations and outreach into the community, the

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Slow cookers are a great way to cook. A typical meal costs an average of 17 cents of energy usage for a family.

December 21 at 7:30pm, the GYMC Recital Hall, 75 Cardigan Street, Guelph Family: $20. for families of four. Adult: $15. Student or Senior: $10. each. Tickets are now available at the GYMC main office 519-837-1119 or online. Online tickets can be purchased at squareup.com/store/gymc.

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MAKE 2018 A YEAR TO SAVE! Let the sun shine in! Keep your curtains and shades open during the day so the sun can naturally warm up your home.

GYMC enriches many lives. The GYMC is grateful for the support of Cascades Canada Ltd., sponsor of the GYMC Music Concert Series. Bring an item of non-perishable food, or make a donation to the Food Bank and receive a musical Christmas tree ornament. gymc.ca

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a very charlie brown concert

Change all of your lights to LED bulbs as they use up to 90% less energy and can last 30x longer than incandescent.

bring a donation for the food bank & get a free ornament Unplug electronics when they’re not in use or use a power bar with a timer or auto-shutoff.

Start saving today. Visit guelphhydro.saveonenergy.ca for more tips, programs and energy-saving ideas.

music at the gymc a great concert in support of the centre

Adam Bowman drums Thomas Hammerton piano Tyler Wagler bass

Thursday December 21, 2017 at 7:30 pm GYMC Recital Hall A Charlie Brown Christmas is an Emmy Award-winning holiday tradition enjoyed by children everywhere. Equally magical is the soundtrack created by Vince Guaraldi— Who doesn't know the popular Christmas Time is Here? Join us at the Guelph Youth Music Centre this holiday season as we present this jazz classic featuring Adam Bowman on drums, Thomas Hammerton on piano, and Tyler Wagler on bass, as they perform the album, top to bottom. They will be joined by The Kingsbury Music Singers directed by Shannon Kingsbury. SPECIAL FAMILY PRICE $20* * family of 4: e.g., 2 parents & 2 children; 1 parent & 3 children

Single tickets $15 adult $10 student or senior Order by phone 519.837.119 Order online squareup.com/store/gymc Subject to additional terms and conditions found at saveonenergy.ca. Subject to change without notice. Save on Energy is powered by the Independent Electricity System Operator and brought to you by Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc. OMOfficial Mark of the Independent Electricity System Operator. Used under licence. Tips credit: Natural Resources Canada – www.nrcan.gc.ca


75 Cardigan St., Guelph 519.837.1119


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Children’s Foundation 6th annual Trees for Tots The Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington’s annual Trees for Tots event has become a community favourite and a true show of the strength of people working together. Now in its 6th year, the annual Christmas tree pick-up is a donation-forservice event: Guelph residents register for a minimum $10 donation and on the first Saturday in January, 200 volunteers brave the brisk winter air to collect over 3,000 discarded Christmas trees. Recently, at a planning meeting for the event, Brenda Walsh, Administrative & Outreach Coordinator of the Children’s Foundation, addressed the Trees for Tots Volunteer Outreach Committee which helps spread awareness to increase registration: “It’s really win-win-win! Funds raised help the Children’s Foundation programs, trees get chipped and mulched and put back into the environment, and people get their trees picked-up!” The community support that makes the event possible has only grown and strengthened over the years. The Foundation is helped with mapping support from the City of Guelph Information Technology Department, logistical support from several community partners donating time, expertise and machinery, and the more than 200 volunteers who help take registrations, clean data, prepare administrative kits, and finally show-up on a Saturday morning in January to drive around the City and gather discarded Christmas trees. This year, the Foundation is hoping to register 3,500 residents to donate to the event.

The incredible impact of Trees of Tots is made possible by the City of Guelph and several supporting businesses including Battlefield Equipment, Baum Professional Tree Care, Cooper Equipment Rentals, Davey Tree, DOZR, Hersey Bins, Ignatius Jesuit Centre, Impact Mobile Signs, Jamie’s Lawncare, JL’s Tree Service, Premier Equipment Ltd., Sloot Construction Ltd., Universal Rental Services, the Wellington Catholic District School Board and Zoup! The support of these event partners allow all of the funds raised to go directly to the Children's Foundation’s programs, working to empower local children and youth living in poverty with the opportunities they need to build hope for lifelong change. Trees for Tots also has a great environmental impact: all of the collected trees are used in local naturalization projects. This year the trees will be used at Ignatius Jesuit Centre, converted to mulch to line kilometres of hiking trails or used whole in fish re-habitation projects. This year’s pick-up date is Saturday, January 6 and registration is open to all Guelph residents for a minimum $10 donation. Registration is open until Friday, December 29th by visiting treesfortots.ca or by calling 519-826-9551 ext. 25. Volunteers interested in helping can also visit treesfortots.ca to sign-up for the event. Any businesses wishing to help increase the impact of the event are asked to please contact Kasia by emailing kasia@childrensfoundation.org or calling 519-826-9551 ext. 27.





Polypharmacy and multiple medications for Seniors

Exercise common sense

by Karen McElroy, Age Friendly Guelph Leadership Team member, CEO Boardroom Metrics Inc.

One of the main goals in pharmacare is that elderly patients are not harmed by the drugs meant to heal them. If this is the case, then why are half of the hospital visits by older adults associated with drug-related complications? Polypharmacy is defined as ‘the simultaneous use of multiple drugs by a single patient, for one or more conditions’. As Guelph’s aging population increases, Polypharmacy effectiveness is a serious issue that needs to be considered for ourselves, our loved ones and for our community. There’s a tendency in medicine that every time a new medicine is prescribed, there is never any indication of when to stop it. Have you or your family member (ever) had your medications reviewed? At age 84, my mother had issues with the side effects (dehydration, couldn’t swallow food) from a medication for a painful leg injury. Within 4 months, her leg healed and we all thought she was well on her way back to good health. However, extreme weight loss and dehydration became life threatening. An emergency room intervention helped, with referral to a Specialist Doctor that would review all of mom’s medications. Within minutes of this appointment, the prescription issue was discovered and removed. The Doctor also revised the dosages on 2 other medications. Within 36 hours mom was back to feeling great again. A University of BC Medical Association study pub-

lished in 2016 estimates that Canada spent about $419 million on drugs prescribed to seniors that aren’t appropriate for them. When factoring in hospital visits and other issues related to inappropriate drugs, the study says the cost to Canada's healthcare system is closer to $2 billion.* Do the multiple drugs taken decrease the quality of your life? If yes, please seek review of the situation with your personal Doctor, sooner rather than later. Be especially aware of any medications that could exacerbate underlying conditions or could be associated with the risk of falls. We have all heard sad stories about someone elderly falling - and never fully recovering. Please put reviewing your or your loved one’s multiple-medications on the list of top priorities for this upcoming year. Note: The Age Friendly Guelph Leadership Team would like to thank Mike Baker and Venture Guelph Publications Ltd. for their incredible support and giftin-kind of Age Friendly Guelph over the past years! * Leung, M. (2016, June 22). More than $400M a year spent in Canada on drugs that harm seniors. Retrieved from: www.ctvnews.ca/health/ more-than-400m-a-year-spent-in-canadaon-drugs-that-harm-seniors-study-1.2956741

Article sponsored by Venture Guelph Publications Ltd., a community collaborator of Age Friendly Guelph. For more information about how you can support or get involved with Age Friendly Guelph, get in touch via agefriendly@guelph.ca or visit guelph.ca/agefriendly

Welcome to December! This year, the winter solstice (the shortest day of the year) is December 21st. As we approach the “midnight” of the year we might feel more sluggish, gloomier, sleepier and find ourselves eating more sugar and carbohydrate dense foods. The solstice is the threshold of winter, a time in the cycle of nature for rest, recuperation and going inward. Ironically, in North America it is also the time of year of very long “to-do” lists that include more shopping, cooking and cleaning as well as late nights and more social obligations with family and friends. Little wonder our fitness plans potentially get side-tracked in December. However, “common sense” can help us stay healthy. Common sense means good sound judgment in practical matters or doing what obviously needs doing. When we apply common sense to our fitness plans, we give ourselves the best chance of success. Here are a few common sense strategies. 1 Don’t be too hard on yourself. This is the cycle we all know; start an activity program with great intentions, stumble, get frustrated and give up. Be nice to yourself; stumbles and failures are going to happen. 2 Stop using your workout as punishment. Try to have fun, enjoy, and

This holiday season you can provide comfort and care to those who need it most by supporting St. Joseph’s equipment Christmas Wish List

Our community turns to St. Joseph’s Health Centre Guelph when they are faced with significant and often life-altering health challenges. Whether it is a mother who is managing complex injuries from a serious accident, a father who is recovering from a stroke or a grandmother in need of palliative care in her final days– St. Joseph’s continually strives to deliver state of the art healthcare and compassionate, patient-centred services. You can help us purchase the following urgently needed equipment: BiPap Machine: to help our patients breathe easier. Palliative Care Comfort Carts: to offer warmth and compassion to our palliative patients and their loved ones Therapeutic Tubs: to allow patients to bathe in a more comfortable and dignified way Hi-Low Beds: to provide a safe and secure night’s sleep With your support, we can continue to care for some of our community’s most frail and elderly at a time when they need us most. Please visit www.sjhcg.ca to donate. BUSINESS VENTURE • Page 8




take the guilt out of not having a “perfect” workout. Focus on your overall health and feeling good. 3 Take a practical approach to your activities with realistic goals. Remember that rest and recovery are physiologically essential to better health. 4 Stay injury free by training sensibly. Remember to breathe properly and work on good form not the number of repetitions or time. 5 Be opportunistic. If you have 10 minutes, do something, do anything! When waiting in line try calf raises, hamstring curls, shoulder rolls or abdominal engagement. Don’t get caught in the “all or nothing” mindset. Let common sense guide you towards your own combination of tools, tips and techniques that will support your health goals through December and into the new year. Remember that it is easier to stay fit than it is to regain fitness. Use your common sense to take charge and have a happy, healthy December. Gail Moore, Certified Personal Trainer, owner of Fitnessafter50. (519) 827-7170 gail@fitnessafter50.ca.

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Book your events in our newly renovated facility. Great Spaces At the Guelph Golf and Conference Centre, our professional function spaces demonstrate our commitment to delivering extraordinary meetings and events. Our Waverly Room and Heritage Room offer flexible room configuration and set up, as well as integrated and fully supported audio visual systems complete with Wi-Fi and conference call ability–all at no extra charge. Culinary Excellence From a simple continental breakfast to a formal dinner, our hospitality and banquet staff take immense pride in providing you and your attendees with a creative and exceptional dining experience. Our team will work with you to tailor a menu solution that will impress, while adhering to your budget. At the Guelph Golf and Conference Centre we truly believe that our people represent our competitive advantage. And we believe that you deserve a Great partner during the intricate process of crafting a meeting or event. From planning to closing remarks, you’ll feel confident knowing that you are supported by an entire team of meeting professionals fully vested in your success.

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Pundits love trends As the old saying goes, it’s difficult to make predictions–especially about the future. And yet pundits continue to pontificate; they love trends. They watch something emerge and boldly predict the future based on the assumption that what goes up will never come down. We see this in the world of retail, where Amazon is kicking the stuffing out of bricks and mortar stores. It seems sure that the future is all about drones to doors, all about surfing and clicking. The decline and fall of many retail giants (most recently Sears, but before that Zellers, Woolworths and Eaton’s–not to mention the arrival and quick retreat of Target, or the sell-off of retail assets by mall owning behemoths RioCan) makes it easy to predict that online shopping will crush traditional methods. The trend line shows that it has already won the war. Game over. Except, of course, that it’s not. Consider if you will, the case of bookstores and grocery stores. Both of these categories were early targets of on-line platforms. Amazon started in books (it used to have the tagline “the world’s largest bookstore). But even after all this time, with so much ease and such ability to discount, even in 2016 more books were bought in person than on line. (Source: www.booknetcanada.ca/how-canadiansbuy-books) For some of us, nothing can replace holding a potential book purchase in your hands. The tactile stimuli–its lightness or heft, the rough or smooth sensation of



by Marty Williams, Executive Director, Downtown Guelph Business Association

paper across your fingers, the smell of the ink–these all contribute to the book buying decision. Some shopping may be dreary, but for most of us, spending time in a bookstore is pure joy. In Downtown Guelph, that’s great news for the Bookshelf. They are a beloved institution, and the many readings, author signings, and writing-related community events they sponsor would evaporate without the support of book lovers who choose to spend their money where it does the most good. How about groceries? Well it’s even more skewed there: fewer than one per cent of Canadians’ total food purchasing happens online (Americans buy three per cent online; in the U.K. it’s four per cent). A story in the Toronto Star says that Sylvain Charlebois, the dean of the faculty of management at Dalhousie University in Halifax, anticipates Canadians will purchase about 10 per cent of their food online within the next 10 or 15 years. But he would be surprised if it ever surpassed that. “A lot of people want to go into a store,” he said. “We’re social beasts. We want to interact. We want to touch.” (Source: www.thestar.com/business/2016/06/18/ canadians-warm-to-online-groceryshopping.html) And that, in a nutshell, is the crux of the matter: delivery services like Grocery Gateway have been around for twenty years but ninety-nine percent of us choose to buy food in person at real stores. It fulfills a deep-seated human desire. In Downtown Guelph, independently

owned and operated stores are building community through good food and the irreplaceably great experience you get from a family-owned-and-operated business. Market Fresh stocks brands the chains don’t, including local food products and produce that can’t get shelf space at the big stores. Dutch Toko, has been a destination for speciality imports since 1959, and they have items you won’t see anywhere else in Guelph. Add to this the (relatively) new kids on the food block, Trotters Butcher Shop and Charcuterie on Cork Street (locally sourced meat and a “nose to tail approach”), and I think it’s safe to say that there is still lots of demand for bricks and mortar food stores, especially ones that can deliver the difference. With expert service, personal interaction, conversations, and establishing of relationships–not to mention the fun of bumping into friends and neighbours–Downtown Guelph has an abundance of what on-line can never and will never replace. Retail and restaurants in traditional shopping districts can survive and thrive by doing what they do best. Amazon delivers packages, sure, but Downtown Guelph delivers an experience, a human connection, and real civic life. That might not show up on a trend line, or grab the headlines, but it is–in its own way–extraordinary and certainly worth celebrating. downtownguelph.com

ee-Gift -Gift Cards Cards aavailable vaiilable

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