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WOW MATTERS Venterra Realty, A Better Way of Living Third Edition

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Preface by Richard Roos, Chief Operating Officer


Introduction by Stephanie M. Gonzalez, Director of Marketing

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Venterra’s Customer Service Values


Venterra Supports Susan G. Komen For the Cure Foundation


Don’t Take Our Word For it. Our Residents Say it Best.


Venterra’s Customer Service Promise


Resident Raves and Kudos For: Amber Place 36 Bent Tree 38 Blanding Place 40 Bradford Pointe 42 Carlyle Place 46 Cedar Springs 48 Champions Woods 50 College View 52 Foxborough 54 French Place 57 Huntcliff 59 Legacy at River Crossing 61 Merrywood 63 Palm Club 65 Park Manor 66 Providence of Northlake 68 Raintree 70 Reflections on Sweetwater 72 Regency Park 74 Reserve at Pebble Creek 76 Riverstone 78


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Preface By Richard Roos, Chief Operating Officer Passion - Snowboarding WOW! It has now been 3 years since Venterra went from being like many other companies that “say” they focus on Customer Service to one that lives, eats and breathes Customer Service. While it took a great effort from many employees to get where we are today, Customer Service now is a guiding light in all the decisions we make, and we always ask “How will this impact the Customer?” Having been there right from the beginning, it has been amazing for me to see such a dramatic and positive transformation within Venterra. Our employees and operating strategy have continuously evolved to support an effort to be a World-Class Customer Service Organization: • More Focused – With our Customer Service Vision and Values there is clear direction from senior management as to who we want to be. •

Better Listeners – With our annual resident satisfaction and employee surveys we have become more in tune with what matters to our residents and employees.

Quality Driven – With our TQMR (Total Quality Make Ready) initiative we have become passionate about the quality of our Apartment Homes and the resident move-in experience.

More Caring – With company-wide training, shifts in our hiring practices and WOW rewards we have become an organization filled with people who care deeply about our customer.

Great Storytellers – With our 3rd annual “WOW Book” we have continued to share our amazing stories with prospects, residents, employees and business partners.

True Believers – With our 30-day Live it. Love it. Guarantee we believe in our communities, service delivery and recovery skills with such confidence that if someone is not happy for any reason within 30 days of move-in – they can move out!


When you go through a significant organization shift you must constantly look for external indicators that you are being successful and that what you see within the organization is being recognized outside your organization. It has been very rewarding for me to see positive external data points that show we are on the right path: •

In 2011, Venterra ranked in the Top 3 of the Industry recognized EPMS (“Ellis”) Benchmarking Survey that assesses the overall quality of the leasing experience.

In the 2 years following our commitment to being world-class at customer service, Venterra was able to increase our resident retention rates by 25%.

92% of residents surveyed online say they would refer their family and friends to our communities.

Venterra communities reached an all-time high in Sept. 2011 with a positive response of 83% (70% higher than our competitors).

Acknowledgements Special thanks should be given to Robin Finney, Leigh Sublett, Natasa Hadjigeorgiou, Christina Ho, Nickii Dhaliwal, Shazieh Khan, Stacey Siewierski, Sangetha Raja and Vanessa Ho who helped in many ways including hours of proofing and late nights collaborating together. Also to Chris Griffin and Angela Wallace for contributing to the inspiration that lead to the book cover design.

Recently, I was talking to a friend about Venterra’s customer service strategy and during this conversation he asked me “What have I learned most about Customer Service Excellence?” After giving it some thought, what stands out to me is that “Customer Service” is really about “Caring”. Yes, you need to have a clear strategy, proper training and supportive policies but at the end of the day, unless you have the employees that truly and deeply care about the customer, any Customer Service Strategy will be just words on a piece of paper. Over the last 3 years I have loved reading WOW stories and watching WOW videos. I find it both inspirational and humbling to see our employees delivering on our commitment to Customer Service Excellence, and Making such a Difference in the lives of our customers. I want to express my sincere appreciation to all of our employees that have helped Venterra get to where we are today, and for making Customer Service so much more than just words on a piece of paper. I feel privileged to work alongside all of you, and I am very excited to see you raise the bar again in 2012.



Introduction by Stephanie M. Gonzalez, Director of Marketing Passion – Trinity and Football “Perseverance is not a long race: It is many short races, one after another.” Walter Elliot Since 2009, we have collected, shared and celebrated over 4,500 WOW Moments with each year producing more than the year prior. A culture of WOW doesn’t survive without Perseverance – we have the determination and persistence to stay the course despite obstacles and challenges presented. This book provides a glimpse into our culture and a collection of stories and testimonies shared with us by our residents and employees; in their words. Our Core Values, Service Vision and Service Values were created and defined with employee participation and feedback. We believe in them because we contributed to their existence. In addition, the leadership at Venterra is committed to that which we promise our employees. One of these (written) promises is to make time to have fun.. We believe that having fun at work and at home is important for creativity, staying motivated and for creating WOW moments! To complement the WOW story-telling momentum, we implemented a fun initiative last year of adding our passion to our name tags. Wearing our passions on our name tags serves as a constant reminder to us and our peers of what we enjoy outside of business hours and serves as a great conversation starter. As such, a number of the videos referenced in this book are that of our employees sharing their passions in life and how they stay motivated. They were shared across the organization and our residents – even on Facebook- and ignited conversations and relationships across states. That was Fun. That is WOW! Our Beliefs and Values combined with a culture of having fun provide the foundation for WOW moments to be created. From WOW moments witnessed and shared with each other to extreme stories of Teamwork, these stories will inspire.


Of course, the best WOW story is one told by a resident. The last section in this book, Our Residents Say it Best, contains actual feedback and WOW stories we received from our residents over 2011; even resident testimonial videos. It’s also my favorite section. The result of our perseverance and determination to stay the course and create WOW Moment after WOW Moment is a database of Kudos, Thank You Notes and Great Stories from our customers. I invite you to read and share in the excitement. We strive to provide A Better Way of Living for our residents. These stories indicate that we are well on our way and doing just that.



WOW Matters


Venterra’s mission is to acquire and manage multi-family real estate assets in the southern United States that deliver a superior resident living experience. Our residents will experience A Better Way of Living. We will achieve this while maintaining profitable operations, long term appreciation and preservation of capital. Venterra creates an enduring environment where honesty, integrity, respect and humility flourish in the never ending pursuit of excellence. Venterra deploys proprietary technology and leading people management systems to pursue our focus on people, customer service and operating excellence. Our culture of innovation and access to our real-time information drives productivity, focus and a never-ending pursuit of a “Better Way”. Venterra’s success is rooted in our Core Values - values that define who we are and how we conduct ourselves. It is the bond that ties us together and gives our organization strength.

13,000 Apartments 450 Employees 48 Properties 5 States 1 Mission

Honesty and Integrity- The highest standard of Integrity and Honesty will permeate all of our actions. Humility- We are always learning. We will not allow personal or corporate arrogance to get in the way of progress and success. Never-ending Pursuit of Excellence- We take pride in what we do and our pursuit of a “Better Way” never ends. We have an intense sense of urgency in everything we do. Candor and Openness- We will respectfully tell each other the truth; both the good and the bad. Politics will not be allowed to get in the way of our pursuit of excellence. Unparalleled Service Excellence- We aim to be the standard of service excellence against which others measure themselves in our industry. Team First- While we encourage and reward individual achievements, we make team success a priority. We will make personal sacrifices to ensure the team succeeds. Prudent Cost Management- We will make careful and sensible value-based decisions about all money and other resources entrusted to us.



THE T HE WOW W OW CULTURE C U U “Over the years I have become convinced that we learn best-and change-from hearing stories that strike a chord within us…Those in Leadership positions who fail to grasp or use the power of stories risk failure for their companies and for themselves.” -John Kotter, Harvard Business School professor, and author of Leading Change


Our Customer Service Values As part of our pursuit of our Service Vision we are committed to our Service Values and realize that achieving Customer Service Excellence depends on our ability to consistently deliver these values in every customer interaction. Make it the Best - do things right the first time and ensure total product and service quality. At the very heart of our WOW culture is Teamwork. Our employees celebrate in one another’s successes. They encourage, motivate and support each other. They make personal sacrifices for one another. Our employees care about their Team First. With that in place, a routine of sharing WOW moments created by one another generates excitement and the desire to provide a WOW moment becomes contagious. Using our Customer Service Values (below) as a guide, we create and share WOW stories with each other every day. In this section, we illustrate our culture with WOW stories and pictures; along with videos that demonstrate our secrets to staying motivated. We hope that they motivate and inspire others just as they continue to inspire us.

Power of Nice - be positive, smiling and willing to share a laugh. A Step Ahead - anticipate the unspoken needs of our customer. Just Listen - listen to every request with an open mind and always consider our customer’s point of view first. Stuff Happens - be willing to admit our mistakes in the pursuit of doing what is right. Personalize It - look for opportunities to go above and beyond to create memorable and personalized experiences. Clock’s ticking - respect our customer’s time and respond with an exceptional sense of urgency. A Better Way - look for better ways to make our customer’s life more convenient, simple and enjoyable. Say Thanks - continuously thank our customer for choosing Venterra. Make a Difference - deliver WOW!


WOW Matters


Michael Garcia and Marcus Bledsoe to the Rescue – Sunray, San Antonio, TX

Our Maintenance Tech Nick received a phone call on Sunday from a resident stating there were raccoons that had gotten into her a/c closet. Nick was busy working on an a/c for another resident so he called Mike for help. Although Mike was at a basketball game, he immediately left and came out to help. When Mike got there it turned out that there were actually two baby raccoons that had fallen from a hole in the attic into the closet. There was no way he could catch them both without help, and Nick was still working on the a/c. So, Mike called Marcus who actually lives at Sunray and explained to him the situation. Even though Marcus had company at the time, he left to help with the situation. It actually took the both of them quite some time to rope the little guys in but in the end the team effort and sacrifice all paid off for the resident.

we had another employee leave which meant we were back to being shorthanded. After working all weekend, Ashley was to have Wednesday and Thursday off. Boy what a surprise it was to me when Ashley showed up for work today, early!!! Just because she cares!!! That is a wonderful feeling for a manager! So lots of kudos to my wonderful new leasing consultant Ashley!

See How the Team at Waters Edge Stays Motivated to WOW

See How the Team at Sunray Stays Motivated to WOW

Lauren Brooks “Team Player & Gardener” – Westminster at Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia

Having the pleasure of working with Lauren, I’ve learned so much and she never seizes to amaze me!! She always has the best ideas and is always working towards goals that help enhance us as a team. But this one here really takes the cake and says so much about her character and her as a person. I came in this morning and saw Lauren getting down and dirty planting beautiful flowers here on the property in our courtyard area. She planted flowers throughout the entire property! What a wonderful, cost effective way to save the property money which really helps our bottom line. No matter what the task, Lauren’s never afraid to get down to it regardless of what it requires! I respect that about her and appreciate her dedication. It motivates me and keeps me striving towards great ideas to implement here at Westminster. Ashley Gibson Makes a Huge First Impression on her Team - West End Lodge, Houston, Texas

We have been a little shorthanded here at West End Lodge lately and have just recently had a new Leasing Consultant, Ashley, join our team. Ashley has been doing a great job, but then just last week 8

Jessica Harrison Gets Down and Dirty for the Property - Bradford Pointe, Austin, Texas

Jessica was walking move-ins today and came across a not-so-clean tub. A resident used it when we resurfaced her tub. We were short-staffed at the time so Jessica wanted to help out anywhere she could. Even though she’s eight months pregnant, she got down on her hands and knees and cleaned the tub herself! Tracy Wall Keeps the Property Clean - Carlyle Place, San Antonio, Texas

Driving through the property the other day, I noticed Tracy wondering through the property with a pooper-scooper in hand. She took it upon herself to walk the property and pick up any doggie mess throughout the property. Way to go Tracy! Samantha Garcia Gives the Shirt off of Her Back for a Team Member - Bent Tree, San Antonio, Texas

After checking our career apparel orders today Samantha tried on one of her selections and realized the sizing was significantly off. Without even a thought of returning the item, Samantha realized it would fit our newest leasing consultant, who has no career apparel yet. We all know how hard it is to build your wardrobe on the first order so Tiffany is off to a great start with this new shirt, courtesy of Samantha!


WOW Matters


Diana Shares Her Passion for Shoes Diana Calderon, Regional Leasing Manager – San Antonio, Texas

systems and has taken prospects on tours while continually ensuring that exceptional customer service is given to prospects and residents. He has closed leases; markets on the weekend by giving away Frisbees at the beach with contact information on them; paints AND turns many of the units. He still finds time to lend a hand to our assets in Florida that have a greater need. I am blown away by his dedication to his team and Venterra. Jason, thanks for all you do- you are a true “ALLSTAR”!

See How the Team at The Preserve at Old Dowlen Stays Motivated to WOW

The San Antonio Region Goes Above and Beyond in a Time of Need – San Antonio, Texas

When I think of how our region came together to make this WOW happen for an individual that I can guarantee the majority of employees didn’t know personally, it just warms my heart. My housekeeper suffered the devastating loss of her son recently. He was only 23 and left behind 2 young children, with no life insurance. I immediately enlisted the help of Vanessa Sullivan of Shadow Valley to be my co-pilot to set up a BBQ Plate Sale to benefit the family. Jesse from Shadow Valley also volunteered his expertise and service from start to finish. He helped set everything up, get us the discounts, helped with the prep, service, and BBQ-ing of the meat at 5 AM. Without their help none of this would have been possible. We all wanted to at least try and do what we could to set up a fund for the children he left behind. It took two weeks to get together, but by the time the big day arrived, over 60 employees in the San Antonio region contributed to this cause. Some people donated money, some helped sell plates to friends, family, residents while others donated their time to help pick up items we needed like the BBQ pit or groceries, or to help with prep or service the day of the event, and still others actually donated their time and money to make the side dishes to keep the cost to a minimum. At the end of the day, and after all expenses, we were able to raise over $2,200.00. I just want to personally thank every single individual who made the choice to sacrifice their time and money to make a difference in someone else’s life. If this isn’t a true testament to the purpose behind WOW then I don’t know what is. Jason “Wearer of Many Hats” Biggs – Palm Club, Jacksonville, Florida

I need to take a moment to recognize the contributions Jason Biggs provides at Palm Club. He is a wearer of MANY hats at this property. In the role of Assistant Maintenance he has had to act as maintenance manager, leasing agent, painter, make ready tech and on occasion, I think he could be misconstrued as a housekeeper. He has taken the time to familiarize himself with the operating 10

Brandi Lumley Recruits One for our Team – Legacy at River Crossing, Atlanta, Georgia

I need to take second to thank Brandi Lumley for all the work she has contributed to the recruiting and preparation for Amber Place. She had no reason to invest herself other than for the sake of my sanity and her own commitment to the company (to the contrary, she could be preparing for the staff changes coming to Legacy). Not only did she make all preparations for the job fair, but she was available for two days, morning to night, to help. She kept the whole event organized, followed up with reference checks and any other requests I had; all while I was in and out of the office and probably not showing the appreciation I should have. Know, Mrs. Lumley that I will always understand how good you are to me, even when I may not show it. April Benton Steps in Where Needed- Waterford Mandarin, Jacksonville, Florida

April was done with her duties today and knew the maintenance team was busy with a few AC calls on property so she grabbed a few work orders and did them herself! April can change dirty AC filters, light bulbs and caulk a sink like nobody’s business. This is one housekeeping manager who’s not afraid to do the dirty work. You rock!


WOW Matters


Bob Shares His Passion for Fishing

Eastin Shares His Passion for Disk Golf

Robert Dunn, Maintenance Manager – Signature Ridge, San Antonio, Texas My Passion is Fishing

Eastin Isaac, Leasing Consultant – Signature Ridge, San Antonio, Texas

Teresa Heeney Goes the Extra Mile for her Team - Sunray, San Antonio, Texas

Last Friday I had to have emergency oral surgery. Before the doctor would even start the procedure he mentioned that I needed to have someone present to drive me home. I called Teresa to give her an update of what was going on and she was in the middle of a working lunch with the other San Antonio managers and our regional. Without question, she volunteered to come and get me. She even had me stay in her home to keep close watch on me in case something else was to happen. She picked up my meds and even fed me the special diet they had prescribed. This is one of the reasons I love Venterra so much. We are truly like family and everyone is always willing to help each other out in a time of need! Thanks, Teresa, for coming to my rescue.

Donald Crow Soaks One Up for the Team- Regency Park, Dallas, Texas

I want to give a great big “Shout Out” of thanks to my porter Donald Crow. Thursday night we had a really hard rain and Donald went out on property to make sure all the drains were draining and keeping the parking areas free of water so the residents wouldn’t have to wade in the water to get around. He got soaked to the bone but the residents were happy! And that’s what it’s all about: Keeping it working. Nicholas Tyser Goes Above & Beyond for a Resident - Sunray, San Antonio, Texas

We had a resident who was having hip surgery that would be in the hospital for several weeks. Nick didn’t hesitate to agree to help her while she was gone. Not only did he feed her cats and water her plants while she was gone, but he re-routed her cable box for her from the living room to her bedroom because he knew she would be bed-ridden for a while after she got back home. If this wasn’t enough, she had asked him to check and see if her retirement check had arrived because she had bills due. So Nick actually went up to the hospital and took her check to her so that she wouldn’t be late on her bills. Now that’s Customer Service at its best. Sonya Machado Goes the Extra Mile for a New Family - Shadow Valley, San Antonio, Texas

Sonya recently had a family move in from Saudi Arabia who were foreign military officers training at the Language Institute at Lackland Air Force Base. The wife and sister of the foreign military officer were left at home to figure out how to register the children for school, etc. without a vehicle. Sonya 12


WOW Matters


stepped in and helped with everything! Sonya helped them set up the children’s school registration, vaccinations appointments and forms needed. She also called for taxi service for their many appointments. Finally, she helped the husband locate a second vehicle using the Google search “used car info”. She printed all the info and handed it to the husband to go car shopping. Thanks to Sonya for going the extra mile to help our residents!

Maitina Shares Hers Passion for Traveling

Donald Crow Helps with Curbside Services - Regency Park, Dallas, Texas

Donald Crow, our Regency Park Porter, is always willing to help someone in need. Yesterday as he was walking across the parking lot, one of our residents was unloading groceries from the trunk of her car. Donald came to the rescue and helped the lady tote all her groceries into her apartment for her. I know she really appreciated it, and we appreciate Donald for being so willing to help!

See How the Team at Signature Ridge Stays Motivated to WOW

Maitina Morrissey – Regional Manager, San Antonio, Texas Eugenio Diaz Always to the Rescue – Somerset at Spring Creek, Dallas, Texas Beatriz Mejia and Yesenia Vigil Contribute to a Resident in Need - Sandstone Apartments, Houston, Texas

Although all of our employees at Sandstone are special, two of them are exceptional for the heartfelt lengths they went to in order to assist a resident in need. After hearing that a long-time resident’s electricity had been disconnected due to the financial hardships from medical expenses for cancer treatment, Beatriz Mejia and Yesenia Vigil both contributed $50 each to the resident so her electricity could be reconnected. Feeling that there was more that they could do, Beatriz and Yesenia decided to make pupusas and sell them to raise money for the resident. All the while, the never spoke a word of it to management. I was completely amazed this morning when they brought $120 to my office and told me of the kind hearted efforts they put forth to help a person in need. WOW! Shannon Velasquez Takes an Egg-stra Step - Shadow Valley, San Antonio, Texas

Shannon hosted the Easter Egg Hunt last Saturday. Shannon had double the participants than last year! At the end of the event, Shannon saw a family arrive too late for the event. Shannon saw how disappointed they were, so she bought a few extra eggs and a candy basket and delivered it their apartment home to make them feel better! Thanks, Shannon, for going that egg-stra mile! 14

I received a page-out after hours one evening - it was from someone concerned for the safety of one of our residents. The resident had not been seen in a couple of days and was not returning phone calls, so the resident’s friend was concerned. Since I live so far away, I called Geno to help do the “well check”. Geno quickly went to the apartment and spent half an hour getting the resident to finally open the door. Thank you to Geno for saving me a trip back to the property and for making sure our residents are alive and well. Angela Lau Assists from Afar- Venterra Realty Corporate, Richmond Hill, Canada

One of the Landing’s elder residents was having issues with his ACH application. Angela Lau stepped in and saved the day! Angela discovered that the voided check Mr. Scott had given us had two additional numbers on it causing the bank to be unable to verify his account. Angela called Mr. Scott and patiently explained what the error was and let him know that she had resubmitted his ACH application to the bank. She then asked Vivian to set a calendar reminder to make sure Mr. Scott’s application went through and to call him with an update by the 20th of the month! Way to go, Angela, for stepping in and assisting with this resident’s needs!


WOW Matters

Stephanie Burns Shines for Our New Residents – Reserve at Pebble Creek, Dallas, Texas

Stephanie Burns, my Leasing Consultant at Pebble Creek, was taking an application for a new lease on one of our large 3 bedroom apartment homes. The applicant’s little girl just couldn’t take her eyes off Stephanie’s sparkling earrings. She thought they were very cool and asked her Mom if she would take her to get a pair. Mom and Dad were clearly focused on their move and getting settled in their new home, so shopping for a pair of earrings wasn’t a high priority. Upon their move in, Stephanie made a stop at Sam Moon on her way to work and picked up a pair of earrings (just like the ones she had on) and left them for the little girl as a part of their move in experience. The little girl was so excited that you would have thought Stephanie gave her pony. The parents were equally grateful. It was truly a gesture of kindness on Stephanie’s part.


Robyn Shares Her Passion For Ballet Robyn Keller, Property Manger – Somerset at Spring Creek, Dallas, Texas

Jose Rangel Morning, Noon or Night Helps Us Out - Shadowbrooke, Houston, Texas

I wanted to take the time to say thank you to my co-worker Jose for taking the time to come out and help me when I really needed it. Last Saturday, a pipe burst and flooded three units. I needed to wet vac the units ASAP, and it was already 10:00 at night. I called Jose who was in the middle of eating dinner and he did not even flinch before he was out the door and on his way to help me. Jose stayed till 2 AM helping me clear out the water. This really WOW’d me, as he did not have to help the way that he did. Thank you! Marco Juarez Goes from Painting to Leasing to Help Us Out - Foxborough, Dallas, Texas

Marco, our new porter, has really stepped up and been helping us in the office since we are currently short one leasing agent. For the first time in months, today has been the first day that all of our guest cards have been followed up—all thanks to Marco! Not only did he stay after hours with me, he also completed all the guest cards that had come in through Level One by following up with the prospects. Marco is such an asset to Venterra and has been of great help in our office.

Irene “Bees Won’t Stop Me from Helping” Alvarado - Shadow Valley, San Antonio, Texas

Irene Alvardo, the housekeeper at Shadow Valley, was a real trooper recently when she was stung by a wasp. Irene was sweeping a patio on an early Friday morning and was attacked by several wasps. About 3 wasps actually stung Irene in the ear and her ear started to swell. Irene came into the office and we did an ear wash on her from the first aid kit. The manager Vanessa told her she should go home but Irene said “Boss, no there is too much work to do and 5 move ins.” WOW....that is dedication to the job and the residents! Irene stayed the remainder of the day and finished all touch-ups for the move ins and spruced up the office, too. Irene, the wasps didn’t win but you are a WINNER! Thanks for the dedication to the job. Lissa May and Christopher Griffin Don’t Let Rain Stop Them - Venterra Realty Regional, USA

Lissa and Chris to the rescue! They have spent so much time at our new properties (Silverbrooke and Shadowbrooke) helping us. We had some parking lot repairs going on so the dump truck was not able to go back to empty all of the bins. Lissa and Chris ran out in the rain to help the dump truck back through the gates and down the parking lot. Mission accomplished. Chris always says “we won’t ask you to do anything we wouldn’t or haven’t done ourselves”. Way to show us how it’s done. Thanks for all your help! Karen Nelson Our Residents’ Cheerleader – College View, Houston, Texas

Karen was so excited about going to our residents’ graduation that she made huge poster boards signs to take with her. The poster boards had each girl’s name on it in BRIGHT colors. Each of the staff members signed their names, but it was Karen who, after working long hours decided to cheer



WOW Matters


on our graduating residents. Karen is always willing to go the extra mile. That is why all of our residents love her. Kristi Schimming Saves a Resident’s Life – Preserve at Old Dowlen, Beaumont, Texas

Kristi was working at the office late and had gotten a call from a very concerned resident. She said she was out of town and her husband had just had surgery. When she left that morning he was fine but he called her and said he did not know who he was. The wife was in a panic and explained to Kristi that she tried calling 911 but they weren’t able to help her because she was out of town. Kristi was her only hope to call and find out what was wrong as they didn’t know anyone else in town. She called 911 for our residents and then ran to her property manager’s apartment onsite. Both the girls ran over to the in-need apartment. They waited for EMS to come and help the resident out. The girls talked to the husband who was sitting in a chair and kept him awake asking him questions. They made sure he left with shoes, his phone and his apartment locked up. He ended up having emergency surgery that night at the local hospital. His wife called the next day crying and letting us know we had saved his life. We explained that is what we are here for and we are just glad everyone is okay.

Robin Shares Her Passion for Traveling

See How the Team at Bent Tree Stays Motivated to WOW Bent Tree – San Antonio, Texas

Brenda Grasha Helps a Sister in Need – Houston Corporate Office, Houston, TX

Just want to send a ‘Shout Out’ to Brenda Grasha and let everyone know what a special person she is and how lucky we all are to have her as part of our team. About a week ago I was asked to become the new manager at West End Lodge, leaving my guys at The Pointe. Unsure of when a replacement would come, I juggled (only for a couple of days) going back and forth between the two properties to help out. That’s when Brenda came to the rescue! She volunteered her time away from home to help. She spent two days here last week and has been here for The Pointe again this week. She has jumped right in and picked up where I left off.....and then some!! She has been such a blessing to us here in Beaumont and has taken very good care of the guys and the property I was sad to leave. Brenda is always there when you need her and I can’t say how much I appreciate everything she has done here!! Brenda, you are the ULTIMATE ROCK STAR! Thanks again!

Gilbert Gallardo, Pedro Gadara and Billy Torres Dive In to Help - Bent Tree, San Antonio, Texas

Murphy’s Law struck again! Thursday morning our maintenance team noticed the pool pump on our “sunny” pool was acting strange. After a closer inspection the pump was actually failing and was beyond repair. Gilbert, who was on vacation, came in, looked everything over and was able to locate a new pump from a local vendor. Before we knew it the pump was here and ready to be installed. Pedro went and purchased the materials he would need to complete the installation and even stayed until 8 PM to make sure everything was installed, running smoothly and clean so our residents would be able to use the pool over the Easter Holiday weekend. Way to go Team Bent Tree - no green pools for us!



WOW Matters


Adriana Shares Her Passion for Helping Animals Adriana Galicia, Property Manager – Silverbrooke and Shadowbrooke, Houston, Texas

say a “BIG THANK YOU” to Sonya for making the best potato salad ever and to Irene for making some amazing rice and to Sonya’s dad who labored over the smoker all night to make the most mouthwatering brisket; and of course to the Boss Lady, Vanessa who kept us all in line! We were able to feed over 75 residents plus all the employees at Shadow Valley! This is definitely proof that you can accomplish more as a team. Thank you, Team Shadow Valley!!

See How the Team at Carlyle Place Stays Motivated to WOW James Matthews and Kevin Prado “Our Team Decorators” – Blanding Place, Jacksonville, Florida

On Monday, I was in the office by myself and unable to get the mini model ready. Well, Kevin Prado and James Matthews took on the task at hand and surprised the office staff by setting up the mini model!! It looked so good that it almost had its own woman’s touch! Thanks guys! Jose Garcia and Ramon Gonzalez Team Players – The Vanderbilt, Houston, Texas

we had a boiler break down & the plumber asked if we could get him a helper. Jose Garcia from The Vanderbilt came to our rescue with very little notice. Not only did the job get done hours early, but the plumber was very impressed with Jose’s knowledge. Thank you, Ramon, for being a team player & letting Jose come!!! Taylor Foster Sacrifices her Day Off for Her Team - Somerset, Dallas, Texas

I am sending a special WOW to Taylor Foster for sacrificing her day off to help me at the office! With someone on vacation and a busy week planned, Taylor did not hesitate to give up her day off Thanks, Taylor! Sonya Machado, Irene Alvarado and Vanessa Sullivan Team Chefs - Shadow Valley, San Antonio, Texas

We had our Annual Pool Party at Shadow Valley on Saturday and we knew this one was going to be BIG! So, in order to keep the budget to a minimum the entire team pitched in to help. I just want to 20

Irene Alvarado “Housekeeper to Leaser” - Shadow Valley, San Antonio, Texas

It was a very busy Monday morning at Shadow Valley. Our manager Vanessa was left in the office alone because her Leasing Consultant was on vacation and her assistant was out sick. Vanessa was going over a lease with a resident when a prospect came back to relook at an apartment. Vanessa didn’t want him to wait so she called our Housekeeper Irene to help. Irene, who has been working at Shadow Valley for 20 years, volunteered to take the prospect on the golf cart to relook at the apartment and also show the exact location of his apartment. Irene and the prospect returned to the office and gave the application to the prospect and gave directions for filling out the app. The prospect leased the apartment immediately. He said that he had seen eight apartment communities and his first choice was Shadow Valley but coming back today truly sealed the deal because the great customer service’. Thank you, Irene for going beyond your role and helping out the entire team. You are awesome. Nazario Zavala Team Member On and Off the Clock - Champions Woods, Houston, Texas

My parents were tight on funds and were in need of a new washer. I asked Nazario if he knew where I could purchase one for my parents since he is after all THE Maintenance Manager and knows people who know people who know the who, what, where and how’s of finding a washing machine. Well, I was off on Monday afternoon, being a couch potato, half awake, when Nazario called me telling me, “Flor! Get up! I found your parents a washing machine! Let’s go take it to them ok?!” Well, I’ll tell you, I was gosh darn surprised to be surprising MY folks with some gosh darn good news. Nazario, after 21

WOW Matters


working more than EIGHT hours, drove an hour to Baytown with me to take my folks their new washer. My mom, who was unsuspecting of our unannounced visit, greeted us with deafening excitement and was oh so thankful to Mr. Nazario Zavala for his selfless kind act. So, in conclusion, Nazario hooked up my family with a washer AND hooked up the washer in their home. How’s that for a WOW story!?

Lissa Shares Her Passion for Animals, Friends and Family Lissa May, Regional Mangaer – Houston, Texas

Mike Shares His Passion for Tattoos Mike Martinez, Maintenance Manager – Salado Springs, San Antonio, Texas Luis Martin DelCampo “The Interpreter” - Huntcliff, Houston, Texas Jose Padilla Creates Fun for Our Residents – College View, Houston, Texas

The pool was closed one day for routine inspection. One of the residents brought her kids to the pool but when they saw that the pool was closed, the little three year old started to cry. Jose took the water hose and put a sprinkler on it so the kids could run through it. The resident kids were laughing and the three year old kept saying, “Osay, Osay” because she can’t say Jose. Jose always goes above and beyond every day for our residents. Rie Gresham, Marcelino Berrospes and Enrique Amaro Help a Resident Get Settled – Park at Waterford Harbor, Houston, Texas

The Park recently had an elderly man move in. This resident has nobody and required a little extra TLC. His move was a bit rough; it left him frustrated and very flustered to say the least. He asked Rie to stop by to look over some things in his apartment. When Rie got there she found him waist high in boxes everywhere, furniture misplaced in the wrong rooms was a hot mess. They got through as much as they could and then Rie let him know that she would be back on Monday with some muscle. Enrique and Marcelino were happy to help. They trashed out boxes, they moved furniture - moved it again, hung pictures and so much more - all the time with a smile. Over all they spent an hour on Monday helping the elderly resident but made an impression that will stay with him FOREVER!


Today we had a prospect come in who didn’t speak any English. I asked our maintenance manager Luis to send someone to help me with this prospect. Luis dropped what he was doing and came to the office. He went with me on the tour and translated everything that I said for the prospect! This enabled me to give her the same tour that I give everyone else. Great job, Luis!! Nathan Swanson “Firefighter and Hero” - Signature Ridge, San Antonio, Texas

It was a typical hot summer day in San Antonio when a frantic resident came barging into the office. He was screaming, ‘My apartment is on fire!!’ We immediately called 911. Nathan, being the hero that he is, hopped on the golf cart to see if there was anything he could do to help the situation. The apartment fire was on the third floor and Nathan sprinted up the three flights of stairs (even though he was still recovering from a broken foot that happen two weeks prior). By the time he got inside the apartment the fire had subsided, but the sprinklers were still pouring down. He did not waste any time helping the resident salvage his furniture and electronics from the pouring water. When Nathan returned to the office he was soaking wet! If it wasn’t for Nathan coming to the rescue, the resident would be stuck without his sofa and flat screen TV. Thanks Nathan for being our superhero!


VENTERRA Cares Venterra recognizes the challenges that each person must face when being affected by breast cancer. It is our hope that our support and participation will not only raise awareness about the importance of early detection and early treatment, but also end breast cancer forever. Venterra is proud to support a cause that affects not just those diagnosed with breast cancer but those who love them as well. We hope that you, too, are inspired by the pictures and videos of participation and will join Venterra in our fight to find a cure. To browse our online store, go to venterracares. A portion of proceeds from all purchases goes to the Susan G. Komen For the Cure foundation.

WOW Matters




WOW Matters




WOW Matters




OUR O UR RESIDENTS R ESIDENTS SAY S AY A Y IIT TB BEST EST “When a resident refers to where they live as the best apartment living experience they’ve ever had, it is the BIGGEST compliment any company in the multifamily industry can receive. It’s both humbling and exciting.” Stephanie M. Gonzalez, Director of Marketing Passion – Trinity and Football

WOW Matters


We’ve made a promise to our residents. It’s written (as shown below) on the back of our business cards. We go about operating our communities with these promises in mind. They prioritize our daily agendas. Categorized by property, we’ve shared a collection of the feedback and video testimonies we received from our residents over 2011; each one highlighting this promise.

Our Customer Service Promise At Venterra, we are raising the standard of apartment living through our commitment to exceptional service and our never-ending focus on the core elements of the resident’s living experience. Simple. Clean. Fun. Working. Exceptional.

Our commitment of caring is an underlying theme to everything we do. We appreciate our residents and will show that appreciation through providing an environment where you are surrounded by people who care for you and work to improve your quality of life



WOW Matters


The employees here at Amber Place are SO helpful. Thanks so much to Mr. Brandon Ridley for going out of his way to help me move items into my home! He didn’t have to but he did. Jasmine Edwards, Resident since September 2011

Amber Place Thank God for Joyce; she is dependable and gets things done. She also is one of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet.

Featured Story I’ve lived at Amber Place apartments for a number of years and now that Venterra has given the tenants of Amber Place a means to express their comments, I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation of the staff here at Amber Place. In particular, I like to say a special thank you to Joyce, who has always provided superb help. She has always made sure that I and other tenants are taken care of. If it were not for her leadership, professionalism, and customer service know how, I would not be here today. The apartments are wonderful and I love my apartment, but customer service is everything and she has it down. Joyce, thank you with appreciation.

Donald Barry, Resident since June 2010

Charles Williams, Resident since June 2010

There are quite a few places in Warner Robins a person can choose from to call home (believe me, I have looked at 90% of them). Some were appealing on the outside but the inside needed updates. There were those that were too new to have any track record of how they took care of their tenants. Then there were the ones that you liked but either the price was too high or the leasing manager’s people skills were less than desirable. Personally, I found two that I liked equally and would have been pleased with either one (Amber Place and Bedford Parke). The deciding factor was Joyce Rogers. Her representation of this community along with her people skills were inviting and warm. Surprisingly a year later she is just as committed and caring about the tenants as the day one walks through the gates. The new property manager seems genuine as well. I just placed a request for maintenance support less than thirty minutes ago and received a call from her letting me know my requests will be taken care. My yard sign says “Welcome to God’s Gift!” and truly belongs here.

Joyce Rogers and Gilnnie Mendez - Amber Place, Atlanta, Georgia A resident was going to a fund raiser for a presidential candidate so Joyce offered to do her hair and makeup.

I think it’s wonderful to have the different contests and activities that the residents can participate in. Thanks Antwaun Flowers, Resident since June 2011

Connie Hackler, Resident since June 2011 I have not moved in yet but thus far the office staff has been awesome! Hello, my name is Lisa. I am sending praise to Barry in the maintenance department. Barry is always a pleasure to deal with in the a.m. and p.m. He answered my call on Saturday Oct.1, 2011 at 12:34a.m. The call was in regards to all three smoke detectors BEEPING loudly. My husband tried to test and hush the beeping, which worked for two hours. Barry asked me at 12a.m if I needed him to come out. I told him that the beeping had stopped and it was not necessary for him to come out. However, two hours later I placed another call at 2:37a.m. He promptly answered and came out with batteries and an extra smoke detector. Barry, my entire family greatly appreciates you. After all, I cannot function without my eight hours of sleep. Again, much thanks to you. Delrico Davis, Resident since December 2010

Troy Hamilton, Resident since August 2011

Amber Place is a very quiet, peaceful complex. The units are very roomy, updated, and clean. We have found problems to be taken care of in a very timely manner, which have been very few. The staff is very accommodating and friendly and the grounds are well kept. We looked at all the other complexes in town and decided to wait on Amber Place. It has been very well worth the wait. I have already recommended Amber Place to several acquaintances. Martha Baggett, Resident since April 2011

Nice Environment, excellent service, clean and well kept. Lawrence Haslem, Resident since October 2008



WOW Matters


Bent tree has a lively atmosphere that I do not find anywhere. Nagmani Lnu, Resident since May 2011

I’d like to thank the maintenance crew for doing a great job and the painter that painted my apartment. They are greatly appreciated. Carolyn Joiner, Resident since April 2007

I just wanted to give my compliments to the Bent Tree Apartments staff in San Antonio, TX. They honestly have been the kindest and most professional staff I have ever dealt with. They are always understanding and go above and beyond for their tenants. I also think the maintenance crew at Bent Tree is incredibly helpful, courteous, and professional. I couldn’t renew my lease, because I am moving into a home, but I am definitely sad to go. Every apartment staff should be like the team at Bent Tree. Melissa Hernandez, Resident since April 2010

The Maintenance team is always prepared and ready to get the job done, no matter what the task. The entire maintenance staff has been very kind and helpful. Gilbert, Billy, Pedro and their team do a wonderful job! James Littleton, Resident since April 2011

The office staff at Bent Tree is the best office staff I’ve ever dealt with in my nine years of leasing. They are all pleasant and caring, and I love that they know me. I feel very lucky to have such wonderful people in charge of the apartments, and I am trying to convince everyone I know to move here!

The office staff is always concerned, friendly and ready to help. I truly can say they have been a pleasure to work with. Thanks! James Littleton, Resident since April 2011

I wish to thank the office staff for being so friendly and making Bent Tree Apartments feel like home. Thanks, guys, for making me always feel welcome. Carolyn Joiner, Resident since April 2007

“Venterra’s WOW stories are changing Customer Service expectations in the multifamily industry. Not only do residents have an outlet for expressing their appreciation, but employees are able to inspire teamwork by complimenting each other. WOW has grown over the past three years and will continue to transform the way residents experience A Better Way of Living.” – Leigh Sublett, Marketing Administrator Passion – Baking

Leah Breeding, Resident since March 2011

I love our maintenance team. They do a great job! I was having issues with my AC and they had come out a few times to look it over. In the last visit they fixed it completely! It no longer leaks or rattles. They are very efficient and get the job done in a timely manner! Very much appreciated! Alanna Terpening, Resident since February 2011

Feels like home. Anne Burner, Resident since 2011

I moved to Bent Tree from Colorado, and the staff was more than accommodating! They are a pleasure to work with and will go out of their way to assist their residents. Caleb Calame, Resident since September 2010



WOW Matters


would like to take the opportunity to compliment the staff of the Blanding Place Apartments. Since my arrival at the complex I have been treated with dignity and respect at all times. I recently had an AC problem which was handled immediately, and I was cool again during these hot days. The staff wasted no time in helping me deal with my issue and making me comfortable. I would also like to say that the grounds here are the best I’ve seen yet. The property is clean and I have yet to have a single complaint. Keep up the good job! Thank you. Claude Hurley III, Resident since November 2010

Featured Story I recently had to have my AC fixed so I called about 9:30am and it was done by 11:30am. The man who fixed it went the extra mile and asked if I had any other concerns and he fixed a couple other things and installed new smoke alarms when he saw how old mine were… this was without being asked to do it; he was concerned enough to take the time to check them. Unfortunately, I can’t remember his name but hope you have a way to tell him how wonderful he was to me. This work was done on Easter Monday.

Thank you for the fabulous lunch last week. It was such a surprise to have you knock on my door and deliver it. Elaine Roper, Resident since November 2009

Very friendly and helpful office staff and maintenance crew. Problems are always handled very quickly!

Bonnadell McIntyre, Resident since May 1998

Mason Raley, Resident since August 2009

Travis is great! He gets things done and is courteous and respectful. He needs to be head maintenance! Travis and Dexter are so great and caring about every concern and go out of their way to help. They make you appreciate your community. Shani and the reception do the same. Thanks to you all, be blessed.

Out of all the apartments I have lived in, this one is the best.

Ricky Quick, Resident since October 2009

We have always found the management team to be very helpful and maintenance issues always solved promptly. The parking is great, and it is a nice community with great neighbors.

Jacob Entrikin, Resident since May 2010

Bonnadell McIntyre, Resident since May 1998

We have really enjoyed living here. The staff is always friendly and helpful, and maintenance requests are completed efficiently. Melissa DiVito, Resident since January 2010 Bobbi Christmann – Blanding Place, Jacksonville Jacksonville, FL Bobbi is showing her team spirit on her head!


Professional staff. Clean and tidy property. Claude Hurley III, Resident since November 2010


WOW Matters


I noticed my kitchen light went out on Friday when I got home. I put in a request and to my surprise, about five to ten minutes later, maintenance was at my door to fix it! Thanks for the fast service! Alexis Silva, Resident since April 2011

There are so many great things to say about Bradford Pointe, but one thing we know is that we couldn’t have chosen a better place to live and raise our family.

Featured Story

Julian Farmer, Resident since April 2011

Angelica has the ‘I will help you’ attitude! She is always smiling; this is helpful because it makes us feel comfortable enough to ask questions, be well informed and really enjoy picking out an apartment. We went to Bradford Pointe a couple of times previously to see if anything new was available for our timeframe, but unfortunately we felt uncomfortable and rushed, as if our decision was not important. I don’t even remember the lady’s name. I just remember how it made me feel – that I didn’t want to be there any longer. When we visited Bradford for the last time to make a final decision on the apartments, we spoke with Angelica. She took the time to look at the apartments available – something we hadn’t done before. We had been truly taken care of by Angelica and we knew we wanted to live at Bradford Pointe that day. Victoria Remigio, Resident since August 2011

Our kitchen light was out and needed replacement. Rudy was wonderful. He came in and replaced it quickly and made sure to ask if there was anything else we needed. He was quick and efficient and respected our property. Kudos to him for sure!!! Also quite friendly!! Rachel Patneaude, Resident since February 2010

Rudy came over after hours and was outstanding. He fixed the sink really quickly and asked while he was here if anything else was wrong. I asked him to check the a/c and he said he would look at it while I was there. He was very helpful and noticed the a/c was not working properly. He stayed until the issue was fixed. He needs a raise. Parker Beaty, Resident since November 2009

I just wanted to say “Thank You” to the maintenance staff for taking care of our requests so quickly. I know we’ve had quite a few this month, so thank you for being so timely. Nicole Larison, Resident since April 2011 Robert Herrera - Bradford Pointe, Austin, Texas Even in the midst of a major sheetrock project Robert still finds a way to get his copies made!

We just wanted to say “Thank You” for taking the time to make sure that we are happy here at Bradford Pointe. The office and the maintenance staff have exceeded our expectations when it comes to apartment living. We appreciate living in a community where our concerns and requests are addressed in a timely manner and with respectful and positive responses. We hope as we continue living here things will stay much the same as they are now. Thank you, Staff, for making living here a nice place to be! Nicole Larison, Resident since April 2011

I think Robert and the entire staff has been very helpful and prompt on fixing issues. Robert is doing a great job. It is why I look forward to living here for many more years to come. Parker Beaty, Resident since November 2009



WOW Matters


Bradford Pointe Team - Bradford Pointe, Austin, Texas A new resident gave us all sunglasses as a sign of appreciation. We’re still trying to figure out who in the office gives the best customer service!

“I’ve seen members of my team get a bigger energy boost from doing things for other people, whether residents or co-workers. Instead of just the internal warm fuzzy that comes from helping others, we get the bonus of public recognition among team members, having it permanently recorded in Venterra history, and sometimes even winning money! I love the growth in positive energy that I’ve seen in my team!” – Jessica Nofsinger, Property Manager, Bradford Pointe Passion – Building Leadership

“WOW has helped our maintenance team get motivated to provide great customer service to our residents, while also creating a little friendly WOW competition. Team members jump at the opportunity to provide excellent customer service and getting recognized is just the icing on the cake.” – Robert Herrera, Maintenance Manager, Bradford Pointe Passion – Fishing

Robert Herrera – Bradford Pointe, Austin, Texas Robert always helps us stay motivated with laughs including being a good sport about the Justin Bieber shrine we built around his computer.

“When prospects or new recruits are in the office or around the community they notice we are a family unit not just here to work for the day.” – Jessica Harrison, Leasing Consultant, Bradford Pointe Passion – The North Star

“I think it was awesome to get the opportunity to win my drill and at the same time make a video that will help residents.” – Rudy Molina, Assistant Maintenance Manager, Bradford Pointe Passion – Music



WOW Matters


The staff is great here. Megan and Tracy are very nice and always friendly and helpful every time I come in. Mark Elwartowski, Resident since August 2009

The property is clean and well maintained. I love its location. The management is friendly and helpful and maintenance requests are quickly taken care of.

Featured Story Today the ladies in the front office made an eleven year old boy very happy. My son has been waiting for a promised package from his father since his birthday on May 29th. Each day he would send me or go with me to check on his package. It has been one month and three days and no package. My son is autistic and believes that everyone tells the truth so he looked for that package to arrive each day. Today, I received an email and a phone call from the ladies in the office informing me that my son had a package. I thought, ‘Wow, I could finally stop seeing the disappointed eyes of my son each day.” I sent my son into the office to get the package, and when I walked in behind him, he was holding a beautifully wrapped gift. The gift was from the ladies in the office. My son believes the gift was from his dad. If his dad actually sends him a gift, I will let him think he got two gifts from him for being such a wonderful son. I want to thank the ladies in the office. Their gesture was heartfelt and it made my son and I feel loved. Their kindness will be forever remembered. May God bless you both. Sonya Lynch, Resident since February 2011

I just wanted to give a BIG thanks to Margarita from the maintenance staff. I came to put in a request today and she literally came in within ten minutes to take care of the problem. She, as well as the rest of the maintenance staff, have always been very courteous, polite, and also very skilled in their work. I know that they might not hear it all the time, but I really appreciate all that they do. I’ve lived at several apartment complexes, and this is by FAR the best staff that I have ever interacted with. So thank you all!

Andraya Young, Resident since November 2006

Leasing Agents and Office Staff are extremely kind and helpful, especially if you are just moving into the area. Agents have provided exceptional support, even beyond my renting the property and seem to genuinely consider their customers as being more than a profit or number on a list of clients. John Brown, Resident since August 2011

The staff at the Carlyle Place is exceptional. They are always quick to respond and very helpful. Jacob Eisenrich, Resident since May 2010

We recently sent in around four or five maintenance requests in a period of about two weeks and every single one was completed the next day even though none were urgent concerns. I’ve only lived in one other apartment complex before, but our maintenance requests were never completed as promptly or effectively as they have been here. Craig Lamison, Resident since July 2011

Aziz Tejani, Resident since July 2010

I have been consistently impressed with the quality of service and the commitment to my happiness and comfort received from Carlyle since I moved in about a month ago. What has really stood out to me is the recycling service they’ve just started offering. We were informed that Carlyle arranged for the city to start picking up our recycling starting in January which is really convenient, and in my experience, unheard of in an apartment complex. On top of that, the staff will be collecting and sending in recycling for us until the city starts coming in January. How can you not love living here?

When I think of WOW, I automatically think of the Golden Rule—to treat others as you wish to be treated. When we WOW someone we are truly carrying that spirit with us. – Robin Finney, Marketing Administrator Passion - Traveling

Craig Lamison, Resident since July 2011

I am glad that all my maintenance requests were taken care of ASAP. Thank You! Ebele Achebe, Resident since July 2009



WOW Matters


I have lived in several apartments and none made the move in so nice. I would like to thank the office and maintenance staff for making sure everything was perfect. Michelle Marvin, Resident since September 2011

I absolutely love it out here. It’s my third apartment since relocating to Raleigh, and I will be here until I leave the state or am ready to buy!! Teague was so sweet yesterday. I asked him when I got home from work if I could pick up a filter later and when I opened my door to go walk my dog, the filter was right there. I have never had more reliable service. Teague and the office staff are SUPER!!!

Chemika Rhodes, Resident since December 2010

Mary Hillard, Resident since November 2009

Moving in was great. Gilnnie was awesome to work with. I’m sad to hear she transferred but Tracy picked up right where she left off and was a great help to me on check in day. I’ve not met Christy in person yet, but she has been very helpful over the phone, as well. My apartment looks great; I love the pond-side view. Now back to unpacking. Thank you all for your help!

“As a corporate employee, WOW allows me to hear what our peers are doing on the front line and feel a sense of pride that we delivering world class service.” – Christina Ho, Payroll Supervisor Passion – Traveling

Cari Huffman, Resident since July 2011

Thank you so very much for your help in making me feel a little bit safer. My new blinds are not only beautiful, but the gap is gone, and I no longer feel someone is looking in at me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Beverly Wilson, Resident since November 2011

I would like to send a compliment to maintenance. One of my commodes was flooding from the back of the toilet on Saturday, and they were very prompt in handling the matter!! I know this wasn’t considered an emergency because I have two bathrooms, but I also had four relatives staying for the weekend so it was much appreciated as there were no inconveniences to my guests!! Chemika Rhodes, Resident since December 2010

The office staff is wonderful, the maintenance crew is awesome and the complex location is great. Beverly Wilson, Resident since November 2011



WOW Matters


Floralicia has been so flexible and nice regarding my move-in dates and answering any questions I’ve had about the space, which I’ve rented blindly based on the website since I will have no time to visit in person before I actually move in. Yvonne Colebank, Resident since July 2011

I appreciate how fast maintenance arrived at my apartment tonight when I called about the A/C not working. The young man was very sweet and courteous. He covered all bases to make sure my apartment cooled off. He went above and beyond the call of duty to help me out. He responded to my call within three minutes. I really had a great time on Cinco de Mayo with fellow residents. The staff really went all out. The food and company were outstanding, and my daughter and I had a great time. Thank you for going to all the trouble and effort. Debra Woloson, Resident since October 2009

I enjoy living at this community where everything I need is in a two mile radius. I also appreciate the fact that they made it easy to renew my lease. Shughnessy Parks, Resident since August 2010

Lelah Loftin, Resident since July 2008

Thank you, Elizabeth, for taking care of my dryer issue and also the gentlemen in the maintenance department for his quick response. Xiomara Rodriguez, Resident since June 2011

Mauricio Hernandez saw that I did not have an umbrella yesterday during a pop up storm (left it in my truck) so even though he had work to do on the grounds, he offered me his. I’ve NEVER had a maintenance staff member anywhere offer such kindness. He has always been extremely friendly and is an amazing person to work with. Glenn Sieracki, Resident since April 2011

Mauricio Hernandez – Champions Woods, Houston, TX Mauricio exercised his grilling skills at our resident cookout by the pool. Our cookout would not have been a success without his help!

Champions Woods is a great property. I would recommend this property to anyone. The staff is great, very caring, friendly and willing to help whenever needed. Maintenance responds to issues immediately and is very friendly as well. Stacey Hylton, Resident since July 2010

The customer service is excellent. I had issues with my dryer and the team took care of me the same day I put in the request. Xiomara Rodriguez, Resident since June 2011

Once again I am BLOWN AWAY with our Maintenance guys at this location. Hip hip hoorah! They really go out of their way to do the job right! Every time! Thanks a million, Nazario, for spending hours replacing my A/C when I thought it was just a drip pan problem! You rock!

Champions Woods is a great place to live and the maintenance is great and fixed my problem right away. Johnny Lister, Resident since March 2010

Judith Krebs, Resident since April 2006



WOW Matters


I would and have recommended College View to my friends. I am very proud of the staff and the building itself. Jose is awesome and always completes my maintenance request quickly. Ms. Karen is awesome as well. She makes everyone feel welcome and safe at home. Felicia White, Resident since April 2011

Complex is quiet, clean, and well maintained - very good value as well. College View is a wonderful place to live. Karen and Amy are wonderful and really go the extra mile to make you feel at home. The maintenance staff is great and almost always gets it right the first time around. The grounds are always clean and the office is always welcoming. All in all, it’s a wonderful place to come home to. Michael Garcia, Resident since July 2010

Thank you Ms. Karen for the donuts and kolaches you got for the kids to eat while they waited for the bus. I appreciate how you care for them. I know how early you had to get to the office in time for the kids before their bus got there at 6:20am!! I just wanted to say thank you for all of your acts of kindness to all of us at College View.

Barbara Acker, Resident since March 2011

“It’s truly a joy to read such great accounts of good deeds. Whether a resident or employee, its always reassuring to know there is someone there to help. Just another reason Venterra is a great place to work and live!” – Joey Bruce, Director of Maintenance Passion – Helping Others

Mickey Moreno, Resident since January 2011

Excellent service! I reported two maintenance items after I got home from work and when I came home from work the next day both of them had been taken care of. Thank you for the prompt attention! Gary Shaffer, Resident since August 2011

I turned my keys in last night. That marked the end of my 27 months living in College View. I will miss the staff so much! Especially Karen! I would like to thank her for making my time in College View a wonderful experience. I will recommend this property to anybody that I know needs a new apartment. I have enjoyed living here and I will visit Karen as often as I can. Jonathan Heuring, Resident since May 2009

I love my new apartment. The apartment manager and staff have made me feel welcomed! Samantha Fontenot, Resident since April 2011

I really like living here. The property is well kept and the staff quickly responds to any issues. Erin Moore, Resident since May 2011



WOW Matters


request are addressed the next day, or depending on the matter, the same day. Leasing Office and Maintenance, THANK YOU!!! Please keep up the great work; we appreciated you. Priscilla Wesley, Resident since June 2011

I like the size of the apartments. The maintenance crew is knowledgeable and very quick to respond. It’s a very quiet complex. Shannon Harader, Resident since February 2011

After learning about Foxborough from a friend, Susan has found her home. As a four month resident, Susan’s expectations have been surpassed, especially when it comes to the staff.

Every year gets better. A fantastic management team and staff. Thomas Yoakum, Resident since July 2001

The property is quiet, beautiful and well kept. The maintenance men are very nice and do a great job when things need to be fixed. The gentleman and ladies in the office are very sweet and are very helpful, as well. Monica James, Resident since June 2011

I have had some nightmarish experiences with my current apartment complex and management. Moving to Foxborough has been a joy, despite some obstacles. I am not even fully in and settled and already I feel important, at home, welcome and well attended to. Wish I had known about Foxborough two years ago when I first moved to Texas. Susan Murray, Resident since June 2011

I just recently moved in. Everything about Foxborough has been great. Today I had a maintenance request solved by Jesus, and he was just great! When I first got my keys he was there and helped explain to me how everything worked and fixed some things for me. The whole staff has been great and helpful throughout the application and move in process. I finally feel, after two years in an awful place, that I have a home! It is so comfortable and peaceful here and everyone is so friendly and nice. It has the real feel of a home and not just a rented box. Thank you again. Susan Murray, Resident since June 2011

I can’t tell you how good it feels to know that when you express or speak on an issue, someone is listening. How do I know this? Because the apartment office responds to my emails and maintenance 54

I love it here. I am a fairly new resident (on my second month) but it has become home to me. The staff members are all great, and I can go to them with anything and it gets fixed and questions are answered. I am always made to feel special. Susan Murray, Resident since June 2011

I have lived in other complexes and this is by far the best place to live in Irving. Great staff, wonderful amenities and spacious living spaces. Great job! Damaris Lawson, Resident since April 2011

It’s peaceful and things here are very consistent. I feel like I am getting a pretty darn good value for my money. Mike Owens, Resident since November 2010 55

WOW Matters


This place is so comfortable and quiet. I haven’t complained about any residents that live here. When you have a problem, they fix it right away or give you a date as to when it’ll be completed. Beatriz Castillo, Resident since August 2010

Aniseto Bonilla – Foxborough, Dallas, TX A tree fell at the property so maintenance came to the rescue!

We recently moved from French Place Apartments after residing there for 7 1/2 years. We would not have left if we had not needed more space for visiting children and grandkids. During the time that we lived there, the management service was outstanding, the grounds well kept, maintenance issues dealt with promptly and fellow residents were pleasant and polite. We thoroughly enjoyed our time there and will miss many of its unique features. In the future, we will highly recommend this property! Thanks for everything, Michaela Steele and James Pellman, Resident since December 2003

The maintenance staff is always exceptional, timely and thorough. I love that about living here. Evita Mendiola, Resident since January 2011 French Place is great! Andres Roman, Resident since June 2011

“The WOWs have come a long way at Foxborough; it has gotten my team more involved in making them happen and getting me more involved in posting them!” – Ary Salas, Property Manager, Foxborough Passion – Coach Purses

Great place to live! So convenient. Very quiet. Great staff. Celita DeArmond, Resident since February 2011

The French Place staff will do anything to make you a happy resident. They’re awesome. Caitlin Darrow, Resident since March 2010

It’s a wonderful place to live. I have been here for over 17 years and have shopped around over the years, but there is no other place I would want to call home. Anna Flores, Resident since March 1993



WOW Matters


I love it here. All problems and maintenance issues are solved fast. Thank you. Jacob Campos, Resident since March 2010

A great value! James Sloan, Resident since January 2011

I like my apartment a lot. Andres Roman Resident since June 2011

I just rated Huntcliff on Apartment Ratings and the new rating is 87. That’s pretty good. Y’all have been awesome. Thanks.

We (husband, wife and nine year old boy) love it here. Wi-Fi in the courtyard, gated complex, clean pool, clean laundry facility and quiet area.

Crystal Peasgood, Resident since September 2010

Jacob Campos, Resident since March 2010

Management is great, the property is beautiful and at a great location. What more could you ask for? Bobby Boyd, Resident since May 2009

Jose Longoria – Huntcliff, Houston, TX Jose delivered a resident’s 10 gallon water jug to their apartment …. Just because.

A wonderful place to live and raise your children. Lucas Foster, Resident since September 2010



WOW Matters


It is a very quiet complex. Tracy Herrington-Hal, Resident since April 2011

The management at Huntcliff Apartments is SO FRIENDLY! They are always available when needed and they like to keep in contact with all residents! Metzery Landry, Resident since September 2010

Love Huntcliff!

This is a wonderful place to live. It is quiet and has a great sense of community. The maintenance staff is polite and fast.

Tiffany Lane, Resident since October 2010

Amanda Johnson, Resident since September 2010

Nice quiet property and a great staff.

I enjoyed our Meet and Greet last week. I had fun and met some great neighbors. I look forward to the next event and hope to meet more of my fellow residents. Thanks for the pizza and cake. I enjoyed the free dinner!

Rachel Chavarria, Resident since September 2011

Wonderful people and staff!

Servando Saldivar, Resident since November 2010

Tiffany Lane, Resident since October 2010

Rebecca Hale – Legacy, Atlanta, Georgia Becca gave a resident a new Soundscape Spa to help her sleep!



WOW Matters


Legacy at River Crossing is the perfect place to live. The office staff and management go out of their way to make your life easier. They do their best to form a sense of community by having the neighborhood get together for community functions. The maintenance staff is quick to respond and very friendly and professional. The grounds are kept clean and well maintained. All of this makes the residents take pride in where they live, and together we have created an amazing place that anyone would be lucky to live in. Amanda Johnson, Resident since September 2010

Thanks for power washing the sidewalks in my area - they look great! Cynthia Patterson, Resident since January 2011 Earnest Jackson – Legacy at River Crossing, Atlanta, Georgia Earnest & Tony making it fun to trash out a unit!! Momma B says ‘No, No boys’!!

Another great service done so well! Thank you so much for helping me get my spring house cleaning done. I used my carpet cleaning bonus yesterday for signing a new lease. I appreciate Molly for setting this up for me and the follow up call Robert made to make sure I was ready yesterday morning. I was ready and came home in the afternoon to clean carpet. It was like coming home to brand new carpet! Thanks! Joyce Evans, Resident since October 2009

I appreciate how quickly Jose was available to help me change out my car plates. I often travel between cities so time is very limited for me. Thank you very much! Also the office staff members, Carmen and Molly, are very helpful and pleasant to interact with. Brenda Maris, Resident since June 2011

“There is something to be said about the sense of community when touring a prospect and a resident interrupts the tour to tell the prospect how wonderful the community is because of the people. Venterra recruits employees who have that sparkle and that is why our communities outshine the competition with what we do.” – Mollie Witt, Assistant Manager, Merrywood Passion - Animals

Thank you, so much, for power washing the grime and spider webs from the front door and porch area. I won’t be ashamed to have someone come to my front door now that all is clean. Linda Harris, Resident since July 2009



WOW Matters


Merrywood is a wonderful place to live. I chose them following a divorce and was pleasantly surprised at the space of the units, the friendly staff and beautiful property. I would highly recommend Merrywood to any family. Jill Young, Resident since November 2010

Beautiful property, excellent office staff and maintenance, completely secure and safe...lovely place to live! Dory Kathleen Purser, Resident since November 2009

This is a very quiet, nice, cozy, and family friendly property. There are also fast and great responses for any maintenance requests. Louis Breedlove, Resident since May 2011

The staff has always gone out of their way to assist us.

Maintenance had to be called to my apartment last Monday at 7:30am. We had a leak in the laundry area from the apartment upstairs. The Maintenance man was quick to answer my call and take care of the issue. They are very professional and courteous. Donna Woodward, Resident since March 2011

Jimmy is wonderful! He came in to do the little move in maintenance jobs. He was quick, efficient, and happy about his job, informative about our community, etc. It will be a joy living here knowing he works with us! LINDA HINSON, Resident since July 2011

Thomas Greve, Resident since September 2010

I am so glad to see Sherry in the office. She is a great asset to Palm Club Apartments Management staff. I knew her at a previous complex, and we are lucky to have her here.

I absolutely LOVE it here!!! I feel like I live in a house because it is always so quiet and the complex feels like a neighborhood. The management is awesome!

Donna Woodward, Resident since March 2011

Meryl Sullivan, Resident since October 2010

We so appreciate the quick response to our maintenance requests and not to forget the great attitude and friendliness of both Jimmy and Jason. They always bring a smile to our faces and make us feel like they really enjoy the opportunity to be of service to us.

Property is well maintained and in a very desirable location in Cinco Ranch. The community lacks any noise, and the units are spacious. Luis Herrera, Resident since September 2011

Jack Jones, Resident since June 2011

In a word, NICE! Ronnie Leggett, Resident since April 2011

So far, so good. The property is beautiful and the staff is kind and friendly. Cinda Jensen, Resident since August 2011

Sherry and Kim made it a pleasure to live at Palm Club. They seem to want to see residents happy, safe, and well taken care of. Thanks ladies! Jack Jones, Resident since June 2011



WOW Matters


This Apartment Community is wonderful. It truly feels like home. The staff does a wonderful job in representing Park Manor. They make you feel that they appreciate you living there and they try very hard to make your living there the best it could be. I love the atmosphere at Park Manor. It’s a wonderful place to live! Patricia Walker, Resident since May 2011

I would like to compliment the Maintenance Staff and how efficient and quick they were to respond to our maintenance request. About a week and a half ago, I sent a request regarding our air not working properly and the quick response was very impressive. Within a few minutes of our request, not only was our issue addressed, the problem was fixed in a matter of minutes! So I am very happy, and this is why WE LOVE PARK MANOR!! Tatum Mitchell, Resident since March 2011

I am a returning resident of Park Manor and I would like to comment on your staff here. Just like the first time I rented here, I was greeted with a warm smile and a tour of your facility. The grounds are very well kept and the maintenance staff was ready to offer any assistance if I needed them. Both Edie and Michelle are to be commended on the great job they do here at Park Manor. I would recommend anyone that is looking for a beautiful place to live to first check out Park Manor in Newnan, Georgia. It makes me feel like I live in a home rather than an apartment.

I think this place makes a great home. Clarence Walker, Resident since May 2011

Because all the staff is great, the apartments are so clean and there are nice landscapes. Sarel Robberts, Resident since January 2011

Patricia Walker, Resident since May 2011

Today I went swimming in a very crystal clear pool at Park Manor. The water was just the right temperature. The deck and chairs were neat and the flowers were ever so beautiful. Thanks to all that make this happen. God Bless. Clarence Walker, Resident since May 2011

Thank you so much for you hard work! I had a problem with my A/C and after one call, you came to fix it in less than an hour. Thank you so much! Sarel Robberts, Resident since January 2011

Thank y’all for getting our air working!!! It feels great!! Megan Sheridan, Resident since August 2011



WOW Matters


The property is very clean and the staff at our office goes over the top to help us. Candace Stacy, Resident since July 2010

I love it.....friendly staff and beautiful place to live!! Moved in in May and we are loving our new home!! Linda Washington, Resident since May 2011

Still enjoying our new home at Providence. Rolando Alexander, Resident since March 2011

Kristine Cohn, Resident since June 2011

I love the property. It is normally very quiet and well maintained. I like it because it is smaller than other communities. The staff is very friendly and helpful. My apartment is updated and spacious and suits my needs very well. It is one of the nicest places that I have lived. Carisa Benton, Resident since July 2010

The property is beautiful and the maintenance department is unbelievably helpful in taking care of the residents’ needs and requests. I’m very happy!! Kristine Cohn, Resident since June 2011

I have already told friends about this property! It’s great! Raynette Owens, Resident since June 2010

Love it here. Everyone is nice and friendly. I feel safe and part of a family. Linda Washington, Resident since May 2011

As I embark on renewing my lease for the fourth time, I am sure that I will receive the highest quality of service from the entire staff. Everyone is professional yet friendly, which provides a well-rounded living experience. Requests are handled promptly and before I can even register an inquiry someone is always asking if things are okay with my apartment. This has been an enjoyable living experience and I don’t foresee myself leaving until I relocate within the next year or so. I love it here!!! Phillip Holley, Resident since August 2008

Yes, it is a pleasant apartment complex. Raynette Owens, Resident since June 2010



WOW Matters


I just want to say that I really love that you are noticing our four-footed residents! It was a wonderful treat to come home after a really long day at work to find a present on the door for my furry babies! It was very thoughtful & made them VERY happy! Thank you!!!! Leetah Anne Meadows, Resident since April 2010

Very friendly staff, the property is very clean and the property is very quiet and safe. Hands down the best apartments my family and I have ever lived in. Freddy Gonzales, Resident since September 2010

I had wanted some kind of covering in front of my patio, some bushes or flowers or something like that. We just moved in at the beginning of March and I only mentioned it one time to the Raintree staff. I want to stress that it was only mentioned in passing when I was speaking with one of the employees. Well wouldn’t you know, about three to four days later I walked up to go into my apartment and some beautiful roses were planted in front of my patio. I really do appreciate how quickly things are taken care of here and any concern or question you have are always taken care of in a timely manner. I’m loving this place and the staff! Great team, friendly service and a whole lot of care for their residents! Lindsey Bage, Resident since March 2011

I just want to thank Brittney and Amy for being the special people that they are. They both are very caring people and willing to help in hard times. Thank you, ladies, for all of your support. You are a couple of reasons why Raintree is so nice to come home to. Tina Parsons, Resident since December 2010

I love it here. I would have to say it has been the best apartment complex I have lived in. I give the maintenance group an A+ when it comes to response time. That surely is rare to find with apartments. Rachel Kovac, Resident since June 2010

These apartments are VERY well maintained, the staff is great and the amenities are awesome for the price! Alba Perez, Resident since June 2011

I would definitely recommend this property to family and friends!! I love the atmosphere! I love my new apartment and the maintenance department rocks!! Elvia Quinones, Resident since August 2011

I searched several apartments before deciding on Raintree. The staff was very friendly and helpful. It was the only place I didn’t feel like I was bothering them. The apartments were beautiful as well! I am very excited about my choice! Amanda Cleveland, Resident since November 2011 Amy Pollack, Primo Berrospes and Cindy Thomas – Raintree, Houston, TX The team at Raintree assisted a resident who had fallen and was unable to get back up. After about an hour, we were able to get back to her back to her apartment safely.

“Incorporating WOW has inspired, motivated, and bonded teams across Venterra. We worked through some issues in the beginning as what might be constituted as a WOW however looking back retrospect it worked itself out. We learned the bottom line here is whether big or small, minute or significant it all really matters. We have started to focus more on our customers, residents & team members. It’s the accumulative effect of building a positive mind set daily.” – Amy Pollack, Property Manager, Raintree Passion – Music



WOW Matters


Many, many thanks to Ulises for coming to my rescue and helping me to carry in several packages today so I didn’t have to make so many trips to my car. He, Zuly, Minerva, Frances and Debbie have all been an incredible blessing for me this week. Thank you, Angels of Reflections on Sweetwater. Mary Caroline McNair, Resident since September 2011

I have been living here for two years, and I love it. It’s so peaceful and a great home.

Featured Story Hello, I just wanted to say how much I appreciated two members of your maintenance staff. I had some water damage in my apartment from a leakage in the roof in my apartment. I ran into a member of your maintenance staff (I’m sorry I don’t know his name but he sounds like he’s from the islands and has dread locks) and he was gracious enough to listen to my concern yet again. He, in turn, relayed the matter to the Maintenance manager who came in to examine it for himself. The matter is presently being addressed. I just had to write in and say a heartfelt thank you to both of them simply for listening and communicating properly and even more importantly following up to ensure that the issue was addressed. Many times as residents we complain only about our bad experiences but it is so important to make note and applaud exceptional customer service. So my hat goes off to both gentlemen. I just had to say thank you so much for showing that you care and making Reflections on Sweetwater a wonderful place to live. Warm regards. Shavonne D. Greer, Resident since June 2010

Thank you so very much Robert and Ulises for coming to my rescue on this very hot afternoon and helping me to carry all of my groceries down to my apartment. You guys are just the very best there is. God bless you! Mary McNair, Resident since September 2011

I just wanted to compliment the great staff at Reflections on Sweetwater. The apartment complex is great, clean, safe and up to date. I have lived there over a year know. I have not had any problems. The maintenance crew is very fast, dependable, and timely in getting problems done around the complex. It is done right the first time also. The office staff is always there to help. They are always very polite, dependable and always have a smile on their faces. The staff has great customer service and is very knowledgeable about the complex. I am very pleased with picking to live at Reflections on Sweetwater, and I always suggest to friends and people who are looking for somewhere to reside. The complex is well kept, up-to-date, very safe, and overall a great place to stay. Thanks!

Sherrie Bostick, Resident since May 2009

Since moving into Reflections on Sweetwater, I have been made to feel at home. I love the smaller size of the complex compared to the many huge ones that can feel like a maze while driving through them. My health required that I live in a ground level apartment with no stairs and I found just the right apartment. What makes this place truly special are my favorite residents, the ducks. There is a family of ducks, a momma and her three babies that come up to my patio hoping to find food. I have in a way adopted this special family and look forward to watching as the babies become adults. Patti Pacer, Resident since November 2009

The Staff is very friendly and provides excellent customer service. When I submit a service request they do it ASAP - very good service. The property is kept very clean and is a nice, quiet neighborhood. Gilma Ventura, Resident since April 2011

Beautiful property, very well managed! April Carrillo, Resident since August 2011

“It’s gotten my team motivated and EXCITED to give great customer service to residents, prospects, and each other every day! They also have fun at work because we are capturing these awesome moments on video!” – Diana Calderon, Regional Leasing Manager Passion – Shopping for Shoes

Johnathan King, Resident since June 2010



WOW Matters


Regency Park has an outstanding staff with Shana, Valerie, and Kristi. They always have a friendly greeting for everyone and maintain a professional and welcome atmosphere in the clubhouse. They are very professional and treat every resident and visitor with equal respect and dignity. The grounds are maintained and, with the landscaping, create a welcoming atmosphere. Our property is beautiful and I appreciate the trees that make it stand out from other properties. If you are looking for a fun place to live, then visit Regency Park because the resident activities are fun and varied. If one month doesn’t have a holiday, they will invent a promotion. They are cooking breakfast for everyone tomorrow morning. For the value and the space in each apartment, this is best value and truly the place you will want to call home. Michael Goforth, Resident since May 2010

The people in the office are always so friendly. Every time I go in, I feel as if they are genuinely interested in speaking to me and not just doing so because they are being paid for it. I have had great communication with them since before I even moved in, and I appreciate this. Carolyn Mills, Resident since April 2011

I would like to take this time to say how much I enjoy my home, its location and most of all the friendly staff. I wouldn’t live anywhere else. You make me feel like family and that’s love. Thank you for all you do to make Regency Park number one in East Texas. Special acknowledgement to Shana for always being there, to Kristi for your warm personality and to Valerie for always working things out. My air conditioner friend and Donald for always having a friendly smile, Marquesia Mitchell, Resident since March 2011

I am a new resident. While I was shopping for apartments there were two things that were highest priority for me - the property management and an open floor plan. I love the floor plan in my new apartment. It is cheerful and just perfect for me. But I have been blown away by the office staff. You are all so attentive and helpful. I love the way you take care of the residents. Somehow you all remember my name every time I come into the office. Beyond that, you’ve done so many extra things for me personally that I wouldn’t have expected. I’ve had two minor maintenance issues and each one was resolved immediately. Thank you all so much! I’m so happy to be at Regency Park. Tami Wiersig, Resident since September 2011

I absolutely love my new apartment. The office staff and maintenance staff are very friendly and helpful. I would recommend the complex to anyone looking for a great place to live. Nancy Tarrant, Resident since October 2011

Great community and those who work in the office treat you as a friend instead of just a renter. “The concept of WOW has been embraced whole heartedly by our team. We have always gone above and beyond to help our residents. They are more to us than just residents - they are our extended family. Exhibiting WOW is the way it should be all the time! When you treat someone nice, it makes you feel nice inside too!” – Shana Jones, Property Manager, Regency Park Passion - Traveling

I just want to give my heartfelt thanks to the Regency Park staff for your absolutely amazing customer service. That goes for those in the office and in maintenance. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate everything you guys did for me this week. I know it wasn’t easy! I feel you actually care about me and the other tenants and that’s really saying something these days. Dorothea West, Resident since December 1995


Aaron Burroughs, Resident since February 2011

I’ve just signed my third lease here at Regency Park. I love my open floor plan! When renewal time comes around, I do not even hesitate to re-sign. The maintenance guys are great! I have a dog and they always give him a little attention if they have to come in while I’m at work. The women in the office are so friendly too. During my first lease here, if I called the front office, they knew exactly who I was. In a complex this size, that is impressive! I have and will continue to refer friends to move here! Kandice Page, Resident since May 2010

Great staff! They made move in easy and fast! Everything is as described and I love my new home. Mary Ticknor, Resident since September 2011


WOW Matters


It was exciting to hear about the Zumba class on Oct. 13th! I would like to RSVP for that class. I would also like to thank the Management team for providing the creative door hangers for Halloween---so cool. I really enjoy living at Pebble Creek and really appreciate the extra time and thoughtfulness that the Management (Katie and Stephanie) put into everything they do to make Pebble Creek a great place to live. I would also like to compliment the staff for keeping the community grounds neat and clean. Great Team!!! Constance Smith, Resident since July 2011

Justin and his wife love the parking and the staff at Reserve at Pebble Creek. Find out how long it takes the maintenance team to ďŹ x any problems.

My wife and I have lived here for almost a year now and it has been great. The staff has been very helpful solving the very few problems that we have had. We would both recommend this property to anyone. Justin Brown, Resident since June 2010

The best place to live - worries free! Melchor Sayavedra, Resident since 2008

I love Reserve at Pebble Creek. It is a wonderful community and the office staff always takes care of me! Jared Wright, Resident since April 2010

Exceptional staff and property! They always warmly welcome, no matter if they are tired after working extended hours. All staff members are ready to serve with devotion and keen interest. Syed Ahsan, Resident since March 2010

I am very impressed with the customer service the Maintenance and Office Staff has offered. All my maintenance requests are completed the same day and it makes me feel like management truly cares about their residents. I am very happy living here. Iris Mellado, Resident since June 2011


Dilsia Guardiola, Resident since September 2010

The service is really excellent and is provided on the same day the request has been made. Mahesh Chandana, Resident since May 2011

I recommend The Reserve at Pebble Creek to anyone I know is looking to move! Jared Wright, Resident since April 2010

I love it here. The staff is excellent and the apartments are magnificent. Everything is just great! Benjamin Figg, Resident since February 2011


WOW Matters


I would like to say thanks for the office management plus maintenance for resolving my issues. They are very quick to resolve any problem, and I appreciate the kindness shown. Janet Gilder, Resident since September 2011

We moved in at the end of May and have absolutely loved it here. We had an issue with not having a ceiling fan and as soon as we mentioned it, it was done in less than 24 hours. Everything has been wonderful and we finally feel at home.

Dan has lived at Riverstone a long time and gives great details about the property, the staff and even the jogging trails nearby.

Jim Bob Steen, Resident since May 2011

My husband and I moved to Riverstone in January 2011. We have to agree that it’s one of the best apartments ever. It is very quiet, and you feel very safe. Also, the staff is great and maintenance is wonderful, too. Tosha Hood, Resident since January 2011

I have had such a great experience here. They fix any problems almost immediately. It is so quiet around here, and everyone is so nice. It is definitely a family type of neighborhood! Kyli Adrin, Resident since February 2011

Repairs are addressed same day if possible. Friendly staff and beautiful property.

Carol Jean Shields, Resident since June 2011

Thank you for being so prompt! Y’all are doing a great job!

It’s a wonderful property with the BEST maintenance staff I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

Laura Buettemeyer, Resident since September 2010

Todd Halbert, Resident since February 2009

Thank you again for the good service with our ice maker problem. Ricky stayed with us, and he and Ricardo were able to get it working on Monday. Our maintenance requests are always handled fast and with courtesy. Thank you all for making our experience here be so easy for us. Frank Kilpatrick, Resident since August 2008

What a wonderful surprise to email you late last night about a shower problem and it was fixed before I ever made it home from work today. Thank you so much. You guys do an awesome job and you are always so nice. Thanks for all you do! Brandi Stearns, Resident since June 2007


“It has made us all more appreciative of each other and what we do each day, not only our with our team members but for everyone we come in contact with on a daily basis.” – Kimberly Knearem, Property Manager, Riverstone Passion - Cooking “It’s nice to know we can be recognized by others for nice gestures and those WOW moments. It lets everyone know we can make a difference and be awarded for it!” – Erin Cross, Assistant Manager, Riverstone Passion - Soccer 79

WOW Matters


I would like to thank the maintenance team for their quick response to our requests and for the concerned assistance that they provide. Thank you guys! Raquel Ramirez, Resident since March 2011

Since we weren’t home at the time, I would like to show a bit of gratitude to the maintenance staff Marcus, I believe, and others who assisted for swiftly fixing our air conditioning unit in a timely manner. We understand it wasn’t easy but we do appreciate all their hard work. Maintenance here at Salado Springs is phenomenal. We have lived at other apartments, and their maintenance would never come close to how we are treated here. Again, thank you so much! Adrian Aleman, Resident since February 2010

Laura Lopez has been a resident at Salado Springs for six years! Find out what she thinks about the school system and the staff. You won’t believe how many of her family members she has referred to live at Salado Springs.

I just want you all to know that the maintenance crew does a great job every single time. They are always on time when I need something. They are very kind and wave every time I see them. They are excellent in keeping up with the apartment. Thank you for fixing the hot tub also and the sauna! This is the best apartment ever! All thanks to you all! Roseann Almendarez, Resident since January 2011

Johnna Bacak – Salado Springs, San Antonio, TX Nurse Johnna comes to Marcus ‘rescue! Featured Story Eastin went above and beyond last Saturday. My son was going to his first prom and we had planned on taking pictures in the clubhouse, thinking it closed at 6… not 5. Eastin stayed there with us, took pictures and even tied my son’s tie. I know what it’s like to just want to go home after a work day but he happily stayed and was a huge help to us. Thank you, Eastin!

I just wanted to say thank you and compliment Marcus on getting my plumbing problems fixed. I was very frustrated my first month with the guest toilet clogging, and he responded each time in a timely manner, professionally and politely. It’s been a month now and we have not had any more problems at all... yay! Thank you so much, Marcus and management team! Diana Batres, Resident since April 2011

Tracy Carlson, Resident since July 2005



WOW Matters

Johnna and Eastin are absolutely amazing!! I forgot to sign my lease in time and Johnna was able to get everything set up, called me and left a message on my cell phone that everything was taken care of and relayed the information to the rest of the office staff to ensure that I was well taken care of. Most of the time when I stop by the office, I encounter Eastin who is always smiling and usually multi-tasking so I never wait too long! He always makes me feel important and offers a warm smile when I’m usually in a hurry. I work in customer service and am SO grateful that when I get home, I have a great environment to live in!


Helen & Jim Welker, Resident since June 2011

Pamela Gregory, Resident since June 2010

I sent a maintenance request this morning before I left for work. The handle on the master bath toilet was broken. When I returned home there was a note on my door letting me know it had been fixed. Thank you, Edward, for being so quick and professional. Marcus also responded quickly and very professionally when I submitted my first maintenance request right after moving in. The staff is amazing. Thanks so much!

Eastin Isaac - Salado Springs, San Antonio, Texas Over the weekend, Eastin had a prospect tell him that if he played him a game of ping pong and won, the guy would lease. Needless to say we now have a new future resident scheduled to move in soon!

Pamela Moore, Resident since May 2011

I would like to compliment the entire staff! Every maintenance request I have made has been attended to immediately upon request. Everyone in the office is very friendly, and the grounds look great, even in this drought! Compliments to ALL! Kay Ann Squires, Resident since February 2011

Kudos to the Maintenance staff: efficient, classy and they even reset my alarm when they had finished. Thank you for your great work, as always. Colin Gilmore, Resident since February 2009

We moved in on June 28th of this year. It has been a very pleasant experience. All staff members that we have had dealings with have been exceptional. After living in our own home for over 25 years, we were concerned when we were transferred here. We have been very happy with Salado Springs.



WOW Matters


My sincere appreciation for getting the job done so fast! You guys are the best!! Betty Tauzier, Resident since April 2008

Hats off once again to our maintenance crew! Awesome work, guys and thanks for all that you do. God bless each of you and your families, and may you have a most blessed Easter! Betty Tauzier, Resident since April 2008

Just wanted to say thanks to Diamond for being so helpful on my move in and to the rest of the staff for making me feel so welcome and at home! Looking forward to calling y’all home for a long time. Thanks! Jana Porterfield, Resident since May 2011

Sandstone Team – Sandstone, Houston, TX Beautification Award for “Renovation of the Month” The Pasadena Chamber of Commerce

I just wanted to let you know that I was quite impressed to see the maintenance golf cart zooming around last night around 10 pm. It is nice to know that you are here for us even when it is late at night. Another resident and I were relaxing at his place and saw the cart zooming around- it’s one of the reasons we love this place! Paula Franklin, Resident since March 2010

In other news I would like to compliment the property for its prompt attention to any maintenance requests and to say how much I am enjoying living here. I love the complex. It is very quiet considering I sleep during the day, and school is out for the summer. So I would like to say ‘Job Well Done’ to all of the staff at Sandstone Apartments. Thank you all for being so professional and readily available to take care of any concerns. Consuela McCowen, Resident since April 2011

This is the first time I have ever rented anywhere and I’m surprised that it’s this easy! The move in process was very fast and smooth! I didn’t have any questions because Floralicia Contreras informed me about everything I possibly needed to know before I moved in! She was a great help and made me feel very comfortable about moving into my first place with my son! I love everything about the apartments, from how well the move in process went to everything in my apartment! I also love that we can practically do everything online like pay our rent and enter maintenance requests! I would definitely recommend Sandstone to friends and family! Maria Rios, Resident since February 2011


To all office employees: Thank you for your patience and concern regarding the problems I have had with my apartment issues. Yes, we had a bit of a rough start but we made it over the hill. Thank you to all office personnel and maintenance personnel. Hope Warner, Resident since May 2011

“The spirit of the “WOW” has given my team the opportunity to recognize everyone’s contribution to our customers, weather internal or external. It’s the welcomed “pat on the back!” – Veronica Mier, Property Manager, Sandstone Passion – Motivating, Achieving and Training 85

WOW Matters


Thanks for being there when I needed you the most! Nina Mae Cleary, Resident since February 2010

Thank you for replacing the light in my computer nook so quickly and also for taking care of the running/walking track in such a timely manner. Your team is the best!

“Now we approach a Resident thinking how can we Wow them.....rather than simply how can we serve them.”

Karyn Shrophire, Resident since February 2008

– Bob Dunn, Maintenance Manager, Signature Ridge Passion – Fishing

This is my first experience living on my own and have found this apartment complex to be clean and safe. I feel comfortable here. Sharon Schlauch, Resident since May 2010 Shadowbrooke Apartments The facilities are clean. The staff is friendly and makes you feel welcome. Beverly Moses, Resident since June 2010

I know you guys have tons of work requests and not all can be done right away. Thanks for all the hard work y’all put into make us comfortable! Melissa Winebarger, Resident since June 2011

I love that there are security guards after midnight. I am a restaurant manager and can get home late. The other night there was a car coming in before me, and the guards would not let them in because they did not live here. Kudos for caring! Jacqueline Davila, Resident since

Shadowbrooke Apartments I love living at Shadowbrooke Apartments - it is the closest thing to a house! The staff is so nice and professional. Makes me feel good to come home! Nina Mae Cleary, Resident since February 2010

I love it here! My apartment is beautiful! Janelda Anderson, Resident since June 2011 Even after months of no rain the lawn and landscaping have been maintained as good as can be expected. The Landscaping does not appear to be neglected as do many other apartment complexes.

I’ve lived at Signature Ridge for a couple of years now and have always enjoyed it. Since the new management staff has taken over, I’m even more pleased. The security person at the gate late at night was unexpected at first but helped to make me feel a little safer in my home. The fact that now we have the capability to recycle in such a convenient way is incredible. The maintenance staff is pleasant and courteous. The office staff is always a pleasure to speak to. You have managed to not make this a mere apartment complex like other places I’ve lived, but an actual home. This is more appreciated than words can describe. Thank you!v Tina Massingale, Resident since June 2009

Ray Horvath, Resident since November 2010



WOW Matters


Nathan Swanson, Jessica James and Bree Tovar – Signature Ridge, San Antonio, Texas Hear no evil. Speak no evil. See no evil.

Quick and awesome! Laura Gomez, Resident since January 2011

Thanks for all your work and for keeping the grounds looking clean and nice! I appreciate it! Melissa Winebarger, Resident since June 2011

Love the trash service, the community, and the security. Christina Berger, Resident since March 2011

Really like how pet friendly the community is. Jessica Hanson, Resident since August 2009

All my issues are addressed in a timely manner. I’ve never had a bad encounter with any of the staff. The location isn’t bad and there isn’t anything I would change. Monthly community activities are great. Clarissa Carrillo, Resident since February 2010

Managed well, clean, safe, maintenance is swift and good. Other tenants are professionals so it’s quiet.

I love ALL of them, nice, kind and professional. Thumbs up to the New Management! Rhonda Hill, Resident since May 2010

Officer Mathew Hricko, our on property security officer, deserves a big THANK YOU from all the residents who (during the hours of 3am-5am) detected a power failure due to a transformer failure. He took it upon himself to contact Centerpoint Power, and a crew was here within one hour. I watched the whole operation of replacing this unit. Without Officer Hricko’s awareness and diligence, we would have never had the power restored for the morning rush. Again thank you, Officer Hricko, for caring. Charles and Mary Jane Pita, Resident since September 2007

Great customer service! Very friendly staff members. Jessica Cantu, Resident since August 2011

It’s clean and quiet. Kenneth Johnson, Resident since May 2008

William Bailey, Resident since June 2011



WOW Matters


Somerset at Spring Creek Apartments is not like apartment communities; it is like home! We have lived on the property for 4 years and have always enjoyed every aspect of this community. The office staff and maintenance staff have consistently been courteous and quick to resolve any issues that we have had. The property is clean and the community is great! Byron Richmond, Resident since December 2006

I just wanted to take the time to thank the maintenance and office staff for always being so on top of any issues I have ever experienced, which are very few, another reason I love you guys! I haven’t lived here that long, but I love it, and all of the staff has been amazing. More often than not, I have someone knocking on my door five minutes after I report an issue... which is absolutely rare with most apartment complexes. I really do think you all love your jobs and take Customer Service very seriously. I have recommended you to anyone who is looking for a place. Thank you again! Krystal Pfaff, Resident since November 2010

I want to thank the maintenance staff for promptly attending to the issues we have been having of late. Great job! Suresh Korlapati, Resident since December 2010

Great place to live and support staff are awesome. Place always looks neat and clean and the maintenance team are always on top of my maintenance requests. Vernon Guyer, Resident since October 2009

I’ve been here almost a year and so far everything has been good. Maintenance is quick to respond regardless the day of the week. Richard Rousseau, Resident since October 2010

I made a call to the leasing office to have my A/C looked at while I was walking my dog and maintenance beat me to the door! Nicole Goodspeed, Resident since August 2011

Wow, what a hot summer! And when my A/C stopped working on a Sunday night, I was in a panic. But when I called, our maintenance guy Salomon showed up quickly to remedy the situation. He was prompt, efficient and friendly! Things got cooler quickly! Tell Him thanks for me!

As an apartment resident, one thing that is very important to me is responsiveness by the girls in the office. They are just great and all over it!!!!!!

Robert Gable, Resident since March 2006

Sharon Boswell, Resident since December 2009

Just wanted to drop a line and say something good... Geno did an excellent job on the maintenance order. Thank you! Robert Holinka, Resident since September 2010

I went into the office the other day to let Taylor know my sink was leaking. She said maintenance was at lunch but she’d let them know when they got back. Not five minutes after I got home, maintenance was here and got the job done within the hour! Thanks to Taylor and Maintenance! Y’all are awesome! Annalyse Gierschick, Resident since August 2011



WOW Matters


I just wanted to compliment and say thank you to a member of the maintenance staff. My car had a flat, and I was having trouble removing the wheel (it had rusted onto the car) and he helped me by getting a rust remover and hammer so I could knock out the tire. He was tending to other business (a gate that had been smashed) but took out time to assist me. I would have been really inconvenienced without his assistance. Simanga Cele, Resident since July 2011

The entire Sunray Staff rocks!!! They are all so friendly and helpful!!! Marcus and Bree are the reason I got an apartment here!! The entire staff is great. They are always happy to help and wonderful!! Sylvia Lopez, Resident since November 2010

Thanks to the maintenance staff for taking care of my requests. Their assistance is so valuable and appreciated! Kathleen Able, Resident since October 2008

Sunray has great apartments, management and staff. We love it here! We have found our home. Laura Bonnet, Resident since April 2011

I would recommend this property because when you arrive, you actually feel at home. There is peacefulness about the property. The staff is always courteous, kind, genuinely concerned and ready to help with any situation. The maintenance staff is amazing and very responsive. Cynthia Bradley, Resident since May 2009

Wonderful staff especially Marcus and great efficient maintenance. Redmond Ritter, Resident since January 2011

I think the service is great and the maintenance people are quick to repair. I consider this to be a very important feature of any apartment complex. Debra Baez, Resident since February 2010 Michael Garcia – Sunray, San Antonio, TX Michael really has dug himself into a hole this time.

Marcus, Teresa and the whole management in general are great! Not to mention they give you complimentary shampoo and conditioner when you first move-in!! If only we could get Samantha from Bent Tree to complete our Sunray family. After all the apartments I’ve seen, Venterra Realty properties were the best choice for me. Ina Houston, Resident since July 2011



WOW Matters

Richard did a very nice job of painting the baseboards black in the basement and in the lobby. It has made the property look nice and clean. Thomas Adams, Resident since August 2007

I would like to give a special thanks to the office and maintenance staffs for being on point with my needs! I have a small problem that seems to come and go but we are in the works of fixing it and I hope I can once again amend the courteous staff by thanking them for always taking care of the problem. Shane Glombik, Resident since July 2011

I am a new resident and required the water heater be replaced and asked for a digital thermostat. I would like to say thanks for the quick turnaround on these requests. I am very pleased with the maintenance crew. Lydia Ornelas, Resident since May 2011


I just wanted to say thank you to the Maintenance Staff. I put in a request yesterday afternoon concerning hornets and the fact that my daughter and I are allergic. The maintenance staff actually sprayed the area this morning! I truly appreciate that your staff so quickly resolved the situation! Thank you! Jeannine Blair, Resident since July 2006

Jason did an excellent job with my recent maintenance issue. He was courteous, professional and friendly and went out of his way to fix the problem and make sure it wouldn’t break again. He is an asset to The Landings of Brentwood. Julia Jill King, Resident since April 2006

I just want to say thank you to everyone who works here at The Landings. I just moved in recently, and the moving process went so smoothly! Also, when I drive to and from my new home now, I feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful place. Thank you all! I love my new home! Hillary Hirst, Resident since May 2011

Thanks for the quick action on the graffiti on the front sign. I have to say, the response times on the maintenance is awesome. Thanks so much!

Thank you for addressing the ant problem in my apartment. I haven’t seen a single ant since Jason Fusciardi stopped by and sprayed the complete outside of the apartment. I appreciate the speed and attention to detail in this work order.

Arron Diaz, Resident since July 2011

Mitchell Walker, Resident since October 2010

We have lived on the 21st floor of The Enclave for the past two years and enjoy the lifestyle high-rise living provides us. I travel a great deal on business and know my apartment is secure when I return home from a trip. I also know my significant other is safe once she enters the building and that our cars are secure in the parking garage. The staffs are top notch and very responsive to our needs. Our apartment is bright, airy and the view is spectacular.

I would like to compliment Carrie for her prompt attention to my last minute request to get my carpets cleaned. I called the latter part of Tuesday afternoon and inquired if my carpets could be cleaned the next day as they are only done on Wednesdays. Carrie contacted the appropriate person to make that happen!

Rog Beaudro, Resident since March 2009

Michele Mendenhall, Resident since October 2008

I love Enclave’s scenic views.

Thanks for taking care of maintenance requests so quickly. It’s appreciated.

Leticia Hernandez, Resident since October 2011

Siblyl White, Resident since April 2010



WOW Matters


Matt came over here at 9pm Sunday night to fix a thermostat that was not working. He dropped everything to be here within 30 minutes of the request. Exceptional customer service with no complaining about driving 30 minutes out of his way! It’s people like this that deserve to be treated really well in companies. Thanks! Michael Dillon, Resident since May 2011

The maintenance staff and office staff for very kind and friendly! I put in a work order and in just a matter of hours, not days, it was complete!! Thank you Landings Staff! Jaclyn Grigg, Resident since June 2011

I have lived at the Landings for two and half years and love it! Location is great! The office staff is very easy to work with and really seem to care about residents. I intend to sign another lease when this time period is over because of the quality of living, and it really makes a difference when the staff is kind and helpful. I have lived in two other apartments in this area, and I recommend the Landings over any of the other communities. Angela Schlitt, Resident since September 2008

We certainly appreciate your quick and effective solution to our recent pest control problem. Many thanks. We especially thank you for all your efforts in making us feel welcome in living here. We love our unit in all respects; it is more than we expected and provides us an excellent life-style experience. Don and Diane Scott, Resident since March 2011

I moved in May and since then I had a maintenance issue with the dryer and gate access and I just wanted to say Thank you for the prompt service. I love the community here at The Park at Waterford Harbor, and I love my place. Thanks again. You all are awesome! MaryAnn Guillory, Resident since May 2011

The grounds look wonderful and the flowers are just beautiful. Also, the management team is great and has really made an effort to be friendly, prompt and so helpful in assisting with any and all requests. They really cater to the needs of the tenants--me, at least! I really appreciate them. Alexandra Doane, Resident since October 2009

LOVE our home at the Park. Management takes care of everything immediately. We feel like we are part of a family. Our property is meticulously clean and landscaped. There are plenty of places to park. We have the most beautiful pool and patio area ever!!! Love it here!!! Larry Ewert, Resident since December 2009

I find the apartment complex well-kept with knowledgeable staff, quick maintenance service and well- kept common areas. “Wow stories wiped geographical barriers and for me, it’s a continuous reminder of why I love Venterra - because of its people. To be good, humble and honest, it’s so easy at Venterra, yet so rewarding! – Gabriella Baliutu, Corporate Accountant Passion - Decorating

Patricia Bruce, Resident since January 2008

The staff is the best! We love living here! Clinton Hopper, Resident since August 2010

The staff, the grounds, the water!!! Everything is fabulous. Billee Miller, Resident since March 2011



WOW Matters


So very thankful for the years of continuously impressive customer service! Thank you guys! Jessica Hanby, Resident since June 2009

Love these apartments. It’s a beautiful area, nice and secluded. Brittany Johnson, Resident since July 2011

The office staff at Park at Waterford Harbor is AWESOME! I LOVE my apartment! Being able to paint the walls and make my apartment reflect my personality and decorations means the world to me. I highly recommend Park at Waterford Harbor! Russell Depoy, Resident since March 2011

GREAT STAFF and Facilities!!! Gary Plunkett, Resident since April 2008

Bryan recently returned to me a $350 North Face tent that had blown away in the heavy winds, despite being staked down. We honestly thought someone had walked off with the tent, when we set it up to let it dry after a recent trip to the beach. After mentioning the loss to Bryan, another member of the complex brought him the tent after having found the tent attempting to escape into nearby fields. I am much appreciative of Bryan’s help in returning the tent! Sommer Linscomb, Resident since September 2009

I sent in a late maintenance request on Wednesday, June 8th that I did not expect to have fixed until Thursday. Pablo responded immediately and had the problem fixed before I got home from work. He always does a great job and is prompt, courteous and friendly anytime that I have seen him around the property. David Sharpe, Resident since November 2010

I would like to compliment Bryan in his persistence and attention in addressing concerns that I’ve brought up during my residence at The Pointe. He does a great job. “Over the past two years, the WOW stories have provided insight to the various roles, the hard work and dedication of everyone that makes Venterra so exceptional, and the fun everyone has while doing this!” – Shazieh Kahn, Accounts Payable Manager Passion - My Three Children, Art and Music

Craig Bryant, Resident since June 2010

Quiet. The staff is friendly and organized. Gabriel Young, Resident since February 2011

Having been a resident since January 2005, I have loved every day. The property is well maintained, safe, and the staff is courteous and quick to respond. Have recommend the property to anyone I encounter who is looking for a new home. Christina Reifel, Resident since December 2004

I enjoy living at The Pointe. The staff is very friendly and welcoming. Brandi Chicas, Resident since May 2010



WOW Matters


The Pointe is a fabulous place to live! The residents, office staff and maintenance staff are very pleasant! Needs are met promptly and precisely, which I find very efficient! The office staff is always friendly and concerned with the needs of their residents! FABULOUS PLACE TO LIVE! Tori Sheffield, Resident since January 2011

The staff is unfailingly polite and helpful. They are interested in the quality of service they provide and are invested in addressing any concerns I have.

Awesome place to live! Have recommended to many over the years looking for a home.

I called in a repair order last week and Tiffany took my request, and before I knew it, within hours I came home and I had the note on my door saying that the light fixture in my bedroom and the handle on my son’s toilet were fixed!!!! That was great, fast and very IMPRESSIVE. Also each time I call there for questions (since I’ve only been there since February) Chelsea is a great help, and I can hear her big smile and sincere concern on the other line. So, kudos to all the great staff. You are doing a great job. Keep up the excellent work, especially the customer service!

Christina Reifel, Resident since January 2005

Stephanie Pearson, Resident since February 2011

AnnElizabeth Card, Resident since November 2009

I recently moved to The Preserve at Old Dowlen from out of state. The move-in process went exceptionally well. Upon moving in, I had a couple of issues regarding items in the apartment. The office staff was very helpful in making sure these concerns were addressed timely and efficiently. I am truly impressed!!! From what I have seen so far, the management here works tirelessly to keep folks informed as to the happenings in the community. Keep up the great work. “I love reading the team wow stories – it is truly inspiring to read about how we are making a difference in not only the lives of our customers, but also the lives of those we work with every day.” – Bridget White, Director of Recruiting and Employee Development Passion – Water Sports

Charles Spell, Resident since April 2011

I must say that the Manager and her staff work very hard to make sure the residents here are well taken care of. The groundskeepers are always hard at work and the pool and BBQ area are always ready for a party. Thanks again and we love living here. Aaron McGlothin, Resident since November 2010

Tiffany Dunlap – The Preserve at Old Dowlen, Houston, TX Tiffany hands out a Compliments Card to one of our new residents. We have a VIP in the making!



WOW Matters


The Maintenance Manager, Zach, has been very AWESOME about contacting me to follow-up with the work that has been done in our unit, as well as giving me a heads up before work is done. This is EXACTLY what I want, and I just want to give him applause because I know he has been working very hard to make sure that I am happy. Amanda Smolka, Resident since September 2010

So my lease was scheduled to be up at the end of August, and I wanted to move to a different apartment. I wanted to get it all set up because I have a busy few months ahead and didn’t want to leave it to the last minute. Well that’s where Tiffany came in. She was amazingly helpful and just like that I was set up with a new apartment for September 1st. She completely understood how busy I am and made it very easy for me to take care of this problem. I should also mention that there are two females by the name of Chelsea that got this process started for me, and I am very grateful. Overall, after living at The Preserve for a year I couldn’t be happier.

I would like to express my appreciation to Allen (our property manager) for making us feel at home. My family was going through one of the hardest times of our lives and Allen made us feel at home the whole time we lived there. Thanks to Venterra for their vision and core values.

Joseph Murphy, Resident since August 2011

William Bergen, Resident since February 2010

I have lived here for about a year and half and I couldn’t wish for a better place. I sold my homes and instead of moving into them I wanted to stay here. I really want everyone to know that this is the place to be. I’m not on here to brag about my home but it’s really a great place to live. The grounds are kept up nice all the time and the staff is very caring; always friendly and great with customer service. My sleep has never been interrupted and it’s always quiet here. Thank you for your time reading this.

We are very happy about the fast service we had received last weekend. On Saturday morning, we found out that our fridge did not work. Alex, the maintenance guy, showed up immediately. He was done in thirty minutes. Thank you very much!! Anyway, every service we previously received was done fast.

John White, Resident since September 2010

Thank you, office staff, for making cookies last weekend. The oatmeal raisin cookies were great. I am always happy to get a great cup of tea/coffee with a snack after working out. Thank you for offering those treats to residents and guests and always keeping a good stock! Derrick Thomas, Resident since June 2011

Kevin Kowalke, Resident since July 2011

Ricardo is so quick and efficient. We can always count on his professionalism and speediness. Kelly Reed, Resident since May 2007

Movie night at the pool was such a hit! My family and I enjoyed this experience and really had a great time! Thanks so much to all the office staff for making this possible. What a wonderful community to live in! Stephanie Springer, Resident since July 2011

The condition of the property is excellent. I do not have one negative thing to say about the up keep of these apartments. Everything is taken care of daily and unlike other apartments I have visited, there is always parking, which is a plus! Destiny Malone, Resident since July 2011



WOW Matters


If you are looking for luxury living at affordable costs and a well maintained place to live, this is IT!!! Totally worth every penny spent!! Monica Allen, Resident since March 2006

Best management ever! The people in charge are fair, they work with you, and when something messes up that they should have taken care of, they gladly make it up to you. This is my first apartment, and all of my expectations have been blown away with the quality, atmosphere, and pleasant nature of the Ravinia. James Smith, Resident since March 2011

The management here is really great. They make you feel at home and help you out as much as they can. Kristina Chandler, Resident since April 2011

Great company. Property well maintained. Monthly events for tenants & their family and friends. Friendly Staff. Prompt service calls. Just a few of the reasons I have lived here for 3 years. Eva Cotton, Resident since March 2008

“Our team is somewhat quiet and we typically shy away from the limelight. The WOW campaign exposed our team to a flood of recognition and appreciation. We were both humbled and empowered. It even made some of the introverted IT guys smile!” - Andrew Basso, Senior Software Developer Passion – My Daughter and Baseball

“It is one thing to get a pat on the shoulder from a superior, but have your coworkers actually go out of their way to praise you to the whole company – that really boosts your self-esteem.” – Brenda Grasha, Maintenance Operations Administrator Passion – VR411

The grounds are always neat in appearance, and the staff is always professional Ester Brown, Resident since October 2011

It’s always nice when maintenance requests are handled within 24 hours. The Staff here has always been courteous and professional. Peter Kust, Resident since April 2008

Thanks for completing all maintenance issues I’ve submitted. They have been completed with professionalism and in great timing. Agnes Creeks, Resident since March 2011

I would just like to say that in my time of stay here, I have had a very pleasurable experience with the current staff as well as the maintenance. The staff is very kind and courteous and very eager to help with any issues you may have. It’s as if no question is stupid in their eyes and I, for one, highly appreciate that. Moving from the country to the city was a huge step for me and my family and they were there 100% to help accommodate us and help us with this move. The maintenance team responds almost immediately after a request has been sent. They are very knowledgeable about what they are doing and get it fixed promptly. They have done a fantastic job with fixing the few issues we have had along with answering a few questions. I appreciate their fast and solid service. I would give both teams a 10/10. I just wanted them to know how much I appreciate everything they have done for me and my family. Thank you! Austin LaRue, Resident since September 2011

It’s very quiet for a community of its size. I wouldn’t know I had upstairs neighbors if I didn’t hear them every now and then. This is such a pleasure to live in a downstairs apartment and your neighbors respect that they have someone under them. The management is very friendly and professional. Cheryl Sumbler, Resident since April 2011



WOW Matters


Excellent staff and it’s a very quiet community. I’ve been living here since 2009 and can’t see a reason to leave! Christina Dawkins, Resident since July 2009

The staff is amazing, warm and friendly. The ‘up keep’ of the property grounds are impeccable. I feel secure knowing that we have on premise security. I was very impressed with the breakfast that was provided by the staff to the tenants at the exit gate one morning. It left me with a feeling of appreciation and for that and many other reasons, I appreciate them as well. Thank you, Vanderbilt. Levera Davis, Resident since September 2010

Excellent property to raise a family; the maintenance staff is excellent!

Hear what Sharla from The Villas of Bristol Heights says about her community. Who is her favorite staff member? Will she be renewing her lease?

LaTara Jacobs, Resident since October 2010

The location is decent and the price is right. I have had little to no issues. Joseph Martin, Resident since December 2010

“It’s been such a pleasure watching my team get together for their WOW posts; whether they are commentaries, photos or videos. I’ve seen how this brings them together and how it adds an element of friendly competition among properties.” – Maitina Morrissey, Regional Manager Passion - Traveling I cannot begin to express how pleased I am with the office staff at Bristol Heights. All have gone out of their way to make my transition to apartment living a pleasant experience. Veronica has been extremely helpful, but all have been wonderful! Thank you for your kindness. Phillip Williams, Resident since December 2009

I have lived in this community for the past seven years, and I would like to commend you for the service provided by one of your staff members. When I met Veronica, Assistant Property Manager, she brought back memories of the original management company with which we happily signed our first lease contract. She is very courteous and empathetic to the residents while at the same time being committed to her duties as your employee. Veronica is organized, efficient, extremely competent, 106


WOW Matters

and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. Her communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent. Always willing to go the extra mile, Veronica is extremely diligent, has a sharp eye for detail, a strong work ethic and is very much goal oriented. With employees of the caliber of Veronica, I am sure you won’t have any problems retaining residents in this property. In summary, I highly recommend Veronica for any position or endeavor that she may seek to pursue. She will be a valuable asset for any organization. Wamed Arroyo, Resident since June 2004

With regard to the maintenance request, I would like to thank the technician for fixing the problem. I appreciate the quick turnaround and great work! Thanks!


My sister is moving back to Austin, and she is moving to this residence!! Bristol Heights is Austin’s Best Kept Secret!! I love you guys!! Sharla Pierre, Resident since April 2011

Though I have had some issues in the past, the property has gotten much better and my issues have been taken into account by the office staff and property owner. It is really becoming a community that cares about its tenants. Jeremiah Owens, Resident since March 2009

Ashita Vora, Resident since April 2011

Bristol Heights has a very responsive and friendly staff, is a clean property and very nice apartment homes. This is one of the most well managed facilities I have ever lived in. The staff is always friendly and much more flexible and understanding of residents’ needs than other properties we have lived in before. I would definitely recommend The Villas of Bristol Heights to anyone looking for an apartment home.

“It is always extremely rewarding for me to hear our new employees get excited about WOW. They are excited to be working for a company that encourages them to Make A Difference in people’s lives.” – Mary Green, Training Manager Passion – My Daughter, Addison

Stephen Beveridge, Resident since September 2010

This is a secure and beautiful property. The management is helpful and is always here when you need them! Sharla Pierre, Resident since April 2011

Bristol Heights offers friendly service and has a kind, competent staff. Kelly Pedersen, Resident since July 2010

Without a doubt, this is one of the most friendly and family oriented apartment communities I have ever lived in. Veronica Jackson, Resident since April 2010

I have nothing but positive things to say about the management at this property! They go above and beyond for their residents to make sure they happy and feel at home. That is why I will renew my lease for another year! Micheal Hess, Resident since August 2010



WOW Matters


Meghan Martinez – Waterford at Mandarin, Jacksonville, FL This is no Cinderella story! Meghan went from Glamour Girl to Mrs. Clean when we were short on help but long on lists!

I just want to send a note of thanks to the maintenance team for their promptness in my maintenance requests. It is greatly appreciated. Crystal Budde, Resident since March 2011

Since we have moved here, we have had nothing but positive experiences! The little maintenance issues we had were fixed right away! The staff is the nicest group of people we have ever dealt with and the complex itself is so clean and quiet! We love it here! Scott Holman, Resident since March 2011

I just submitted a concern, so I would also like to submit a compliment. My thanks for the extras that the whole staff is trying so hard to provide. Love the breakfast on the go, the coffee in office, and the yard sale, which was a great idea. I couldn’t participate due to short notice, but I will next time!

A week ago today a maintenance man named Wayne worked for over three hours straight fixing and performing maintenance on the coils of my air conditioner. I just want to say he worked extremely hard and was a very nice, professional tech and did a great job. It is much appreciated – air conditioner working great. Thanks!

Joyce Graber, Resident since July 1998

Chris Dew, Resident since January 2010

The maintenance staff has responded quickly to all of the requests that were recorded to the on-line maintenance requests. They leave a report on the counter letting me know the requests have been completed. Thanks, Maintenance Staff! You do great work. Doug Jones, Resident since June 2011 Meghan Martinez - Waterford at Mandarin, Jacksonville, Florida Meghan welcomes our newest resident! These guys already love their new home.

I really wish to give a shout out of THANKS to Angela and Pamela for their quick and courteous response to ALL of my concerns involving my bathroom tile mess and for quickly working to resolve these concerns! I have faith that no matter what our concerns are, you guys work very hard to get it resolved! This really is excellent Customer Service! WAY TO GO! Thank you very much for your help with this matter and for solving all my issues so quickly and going above and beyond, as usual! We really do matter. Donna Sherych, Resident since March 2010



WOW Matters


Tree Tops is an excellent complex with loving staff. I love living here! Tomas, Cindy, and Jose are the best! Audrey Chatman Resident Since June 2011

Haven’t even moved in yet, but the staff, property and grounds are positively awesome. Judith Jenness, Resident since April 2011

It’s a great place to live.

The resurfacing of the pool has been a pleasing project that none of my other apartments have done in the past. This place is very concerned about upkeep and resident satisfaction.

Peggy Nirider Resident Since September 2010

Jeremiah Young, Resident since December 2010

We feel at home at Waters Edge and the people are very professional. “Life is just a story but a WOW is one we share!”

William Pritchard, Resident since April 2010

– Cindy McClain, Property Manager, Tree Tops Passion - Family

Tree Tops Apartments is a quiet and secure location with great supportive staffs! Nancy Hare and Joey Zamora – Waters Edge, Austin, TX We caught Nancy and Joey practicing for a part in their upcoming debut in Green Acres.

Jorge Briceno Resident Since June 2010

Jose and Cindy are amazing and are the two of the nicest people I’ve ever met! Brian Somerford Resident Since April 2011

Cindy is a valuable asset for your company. She is professional, courteous, and customer oriented with a great personality! Rick Schmidt Resident Since June 2011

I love living at Water’s Edge! The recent improvements, great neighbors, awesome management and maintenance staff make me proud to be a resident! You’re doing an excellent job! Thank you!

The management team at Tree Tops is the best!

Marielee Weir, Resident since March 2011

Arlene Criner Resident Since February 2006 112


WOW Matters


The staff is all awesome and nice. I have no complaints. I love living at Waters Edge Apartments. Michelle Mcgarvey, Resident since December 2009

I’m impressed with the maintenance and management. Stephen Samuel, Resident since March 2011

Best place I’ve ever lived! Judith Jenness, Resident since April 2011

I was called by the manager to discuss my concerns and was pleased with her fast and professional resolution of my complaint. Johnny Letman, Resident since November 2007

It is a beautiful place to live; very well kept and any maintenance problems I have had have been taken care of in a very timely manner. Very much a family-oriented environment.

Late last night I filled out a maintenance request for my washing machine. It took less than twelve hours (including the night time hours) to get my washer fixed. I even went home at lunch and ran two loads of clothes.

Regina Terrell, Resident since March 2011

Daryl Evans, Resident since March 2011

I think the property offers a lot to its residents, and I also think the property itself is the best in Beaumont. Kristin King, Resident since November 2010 “I would have to say that WOW sets us apart from other realty companies because it shows that we care about our residents and love them as if they were family.” – Leland McPherson, Maintenance Manager, Waters Edge

I would recommend West End Lodge for spacious apartments at a reasonable price. Gerald Kimani, Resident since May 2011

West End Lodge has a very friendly staff and is very well-kept from the gardening and grounds-keeping to the buildings and amenities. I love all of the features of my apartment and the spacious complex. There is no room for boredom at West End Lodge with a large pool, cabana area, volleyball court, pool table, and dog park. My favorite place to be is at home in my new apartment! Jamie Bailey, Resident since March 2011

We have lived here for over a year, and it is a great community. The staff is professional but also personable: they know who you are. The pool is beautiful, and we have made a lot of friends here. This is a place I would recommend to anyone looking for a great place to call home! Rebecca Allen, Resident since June 2010

We visited a few different apartment villages in the Beaumont area. West End Lodge was head and shoulders above anything we had seen from the approach to the gated entrance where everything 114


WOW Matters


was beautifully landscaped, and the friendly welcome and tour from Ashley who had actually lived there and was a great source of information. The apartments are well thought out and very appealing to look at from the outside and the inside, plus they were super clean. The pool, gym room and barbecue area were also well kept and immaculately clean. The final huge plus for us is this is a gated community with a 24 hour help service available which is always a winner with a single female. I would recommend this property to anyone. Fiona Cameron, Resident since July 2011

I love this place and management does everything to make it the best place to be.

The newly renovated Exercise Room is great. The new machines, flooring and upgrades they have made are a welcomed addition.

Walter Janssens, Resident since March 2011

Matt Holtzman, Resident since July 2009

I have lived in these apartments for three months, and I have to say it is the best thing I have ever done. I love these apartments! Paula Ferguson, Resident since September 2011

I have had a very nice experience living here, and I have recommended this property to my friends. They also enjoy living in this community. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.

Cassandra Kirkland – Westminster at Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia

Donna Stendel, Resident since August 2011

Talk about finding a needle in haystack, Dumpster Divin’ Cassandra found a resident’s lost college class ring!

“WOW has provided a sense of positive competiveness that shines through each of our Regions. A source of expressing pride, team accomplishments and devotion to making Venterra stand out from the rest!” – Yvonne Monica Hondros, Acquisitions Coordinator Passion – My Twin Boys

The new lady who is doing the maintenance and housekeeping is doing a very good job. Her name is Cassandra. She is always pleasant and is always hard at work. I noticed her because I work from home during the day. Cassandra seems to be trying very hard. Jody Borochoff, Resident since March 2010

Great location! Nathan Riso, Resident since April 2011



WOW Matters


Good location, friendly staff and quiet environment. Tolen Kelly, Resident since July 2010 Westminster at Buckhead is a great place to live. It has clean new apartments and is located in a great area. It is just walking distance to popular restaurants and bars and is located in a pedestrian friendly area. There are lots of side roads nearby for running/walking without city traffic. Meera Shah, Resident since August 2010

It is very quiet and everyone is very friendly within the complex.

Everyone is great! The Apartment Complex is nice and quiet, but it still gives the warmth of vibrant people.

Michael A. Garcia Jr, Resident since April 2011

Margaret Keller, Resident since March 2011

Good location, good neighbors, and good maintenance. Screened patios are a plus. I have been here for more than five years. You get what you pay for.

I have loved living here for the past two years. I would recommend it to anyone, however I will be moving out after this lease as it is time to try something new. It was a lot of fun!

Mario Posada, Resident since December 2003

Andrew Mossburg, Resident since January 2011

Staff and maintenance are awesome, neighbors are quiet, grounds are always left clean and kept up nicely.

This Apartment Complex has extremely helpful staff and is clean, quiet, tucked out of the way and safe.

Thomas White, Resident since June 2010

Stephanie England, Resident since November 2011

Great place to live! Staff is friendly, maintenance is done quickly, grounds are well kept and rent is affordable!

This is a great community, perfect location and very friendly staff. I love this place!

Kimberly Archer, Resident since March 2007

Asiya Khasnutdinova, Resident since July 2011

I love it here. It is my home. Robert Davis, Resident since August 2011

I lived at Willow Springs for nine months and enjoyed my stay. The only reason I left was to relocate to a location closer to my job. These are the things I liked about living at Willow Springs: safe area, good management, inexpensive, good floor plans, well maintained and aesthetically pleasing building and grounds, friendly neighbors and screened in patios. Sally Nasr, Resident since October 2010

Staff is great and work orders are done in a timely manner. Best place I have ever lived in!! Jeannette Guerra, Resident since November 2010



WOW Matters


It is so quiet and peaceful here that I look forward to coming home every day. Everything is clean and well maintained. Elizabeth Webb, Resident since April 2011

Place is very nice and kept up-to-date. Everything gets fixed within hours, and the front office is very helpful. Veronica Jimenez, Resident since August 2009

Well maintained property, excellent customer service. Nora Sanchez, Resident since March 2011

The apartments are nice with lots of extras and we have the BEST maintenance guys. Lisa Martinez, Resident since August 2009

I have been on this property for three months now, and I have been very impressed with the way that things are handled. The property is kept up, it’s very clean, the landscaping is very nice and the employees have been very helpful. I would recommend this property to anyone that is looking for an apartment.

Betty, Edith and Cristina are very professional, caring and always willing to help. They make you feel better. Luis Avila, Resident since March 2011

I would like to thank all of the office staff that I have worked with. But I would like to send out a special ‘thank you’ to Cristina, she is so awesome. I work in customer service and can be very picky, however Cristina handled my concerns, the same way she handles all her customers- in a PERFECT manner. I just moved in and am looking forward to being here a very long time. Melissa Chance, Resident since April 2011

Diane Phelps, Resident since July 2011

“From my experience, WOW stories have raised the bar in terms of the service we deliver, which creates an environment where in each person approaches every opportunity from the point of “How can I turn this into a WOW,” which increases customer service, subsequently resident satisfaction and employee happiness, which in turn minimizes turnover and maximizes occupancy. Three little letters, one giant concept. Wow.”

Ruth Regalado – Wilshire Place, Houston, TX Ruth took it upon herself to redecorate the Maintenance Manager’s office. Thanks to Ruth, he now has an office and not a storage space!

– Chris Griffin, Regional Leasing Manager, Houston Passion – Music and Accuracy



WOW Matters

Hey, just a quick shout out to the office staff for their help in making this an easy transition from New York. I’m still getting settled but I certainly feel the Southern hospitality. Thanks guys!!


Contributors Aaron Leal

Debbie Davis

Julio Mendiola

Raul Ponce

Abderrahman Eloutmani

Debby Lawyer

Justin Brown

Raul Santos

Adalberto Roman

Deborah Eads

Karen Nelson

Rawlins Wiggins

Adan Ferman

Deborah Lawyer

Karina Hernandez

Rebecca Hale

Adell Lyerla

Dexter Rendon

Kathleen Cox

Rebecca McNeely

Adriana Galicia

Diana Calderon

Katie Vara

Rene Garcia

Adriana Ragan

Donald Crow

Keli Jenkins

Ricardo Grimaldo

Alan Flores

Donna Scott

Kelsey Franta

Ricardo Medina

Ruth Tryals, Resident since January 2011

Alberto Silva

Dora Nolasco

Kevin Predko

Richard Clayton

I love the layout of my apartment. I have the room necessary to lay-out my furniture. I have checked out other apartment complexes and even if they have more square footage (my apartment is 1000 sq ft) I would not be able to accommodate my furniture. Our property manager, Adriana, is wonderful as is all of the maintenance staff, especially Rafael. Adriana not only makes sure your issues are addressed immediately, but she also takes the time to really get to know her tenants. Kudos to Adriana and her staff.

Alex Alas

Dora Sandoval

Kim Rader

Richard Collins

Alex Rafieha

Douglas Rutter

Kimberly Baker

Richard Connell

Alexander Diaz

Dustin Cronister

Kimberly Knearem

Richard Gallardo

Alexander Mejia

Earnest Jackson

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Kristi Schimming

Robert Cotrone

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Robert Dunn

Amie Vaughn

Edith Sanders

Kristin Schubert

Robert Herrera

Amy Hiles

Eduardo Cervantes

Lamont Taylor

Robert McCrimmon

Amy Pollak

Edward Arredondo

Latricia Thierry

Robert Thomas

Amy Wylie

Elizabeth Ziegler

Laura Martin

Roberto Herrera

Andrea Martinez

Emberly Benitez

Lauren Brooks

Robin Finney

Andrew Basso

Emma Clark

Leann Cordes

Robyn Keller

Angel Dubon

Enrique Amaro

Leigh Sublett

Rodolfo Molina

Angela Lau

Erika Morrell

Leland McPherson

Rogelio Garibay

Angela Wallace

Erin Cross

Leslie Ress

Ronald Sparks

Angelica Bermudez

Esteban Martinez

Linda Chavez

Rosa Del Rio

Aniseto Bonilla

Eugenio Diaz

Lisa Black

Rudy Butterfield

Allison Neckles, Resident since June 2011

I would like to thank Alex for getting me into my new apartment as soon as he could. The last apartment A/C was broken and it was getting very hot. Now I am very happy with the apartment they moved me into; it’s nice and it feels great coming home to a nice cool apartment. Again thanks for everything! Richard Vasquez, Resident since July 2011

I believe Cristina is by far the best employee at this facility. She is always friendly and helpful. Whenever I have a problem, she handles it with grace and ease. She is one of the reasons I love this facility. In my opinion, she is The Wilshire Apartment’s Employee of the Year.

Marianne Chernau, Resident since February 2008

I love this place. Office staff is very courteous and polite. Lovely atmosphere. Very family friendly!! Tabatha Bullard, Resident since October 2008

I have been living here for almost two years now, and so far so good. Whenever I have an issue or require maintenance, it gets taken care right away. They are also doing some remodeling which is nice. Issac Tello, Resident since May 2010 The staff is very friendly and the property is beautiful and clean. Brandon Jefferson, Resident since May 2011

For the first time in my life I heard everyone whom I had ran into while moving in Wilshire say so many wonderful things about living here! Not one complaint from anyone!! My husband & I had a tiny issue when we moved in (9 pm) and within twenty minutes a maintenance guy was at our doorstep to fix the problem! Wow! I must say the Maintenance guy came in with a smile and was quick to fix the issue. The staff at Wilshire is very nice. I’m glad that we chose to live here. Thank you! Keep up the good work!! Joann Vela, Resident since June 11



WOW Matters


Anitra Henning

Fabiola Celado

Lissa May

Ruth Regalado

Brenda Grasha

James Skinner

Melissa Jewkes

Steve Carlan

Anthony Thanos

Fernando Loredo

Lori Knight

Ryan Andrews

Brittany Bonds

Jason Biggs

Melody Hubbard

Sue Sloan

April Benton

Floralicia Contreras

Luis Aguilar

Sally Flores

Bryan Anaya

Jassenia Guillen

Michael Bailey

TaiRae Richey

Ariel Villaviciencio

Francisca YanezGamez

Luis Gonzalez

Samantha Garcia

Bryan George

Jatavia Thomas

Michael Garcia

Tammie Wilder

Arlene Alcaraz

Francisco Rodriguez

Luis Martin DelCampo

Samantha Kley

Candace Garland

Jayne Theiss

Michael Martinez

Taylor Foster

Armando Galindo

Francisco Vazquez

Mable Woo

Sandy Porter

Candi Smith

Jeffery Sams

Michelle Meigs

Teague Page

Ary Salas

Gabriela Balutiu

Maitina Morrissey

Sarah Arzola

Carmen Waliuddin

Jenniffer Martinez

Miguel Canas

Ted Nieto

Ashley Beltran

Genaro Rangel

Manuel Melendez

Saul Zertuche

Carrie Price

Jesse Sanchez

Miguel Durand

Teresa Heeney

Ashley Gibson

German Neira

Marcelino Berrospes

Scott Alexander

Cassandra Kirkland

Jessica Harrison

Minerva Monger

Tiffany Dunlap

Ashley Oliver

Gilbert Gallardo

Marco Juarez

Scott Fraze

Catherine Sparkman

Jessica HennessyLewis

Mohammed Mitha

Tiffany Felgere

Ashli Butler

Gilnnie Mendez

Marcus Bledsoe

Sean McCord

Chad Roark

Jessica Hernandez

Mollie Norton

Timothy Wong

Ashton Bailey

Gloria Reyes

Marcus Wilson

Sean O’Leary

Charles Jones

Jessica James

Mollie Witt

Tomas Gonzalez

Barry Rhodes

Gracie Martinez

Margarita Lazcano

Sergio Aguirre

Chelsea Hubbard

Jessica Nofsinger

Monica Rodriguez

Tracy Kerr

Beatrix Mueller

Gregory Robinson

Maria Arevalo

Shana Jones

Chelsey Starkie

Jessie Wireman

Myilicia Hare

Tracy Wall

Beatriz Mejia

Gustavo Gonzalez

Maria Camacho

Shani Joyner

Chris Griffin

Jesus Dominguez

Nancy Hare

Travis Gano

Bertha Hernandez

Hannah Morris

Maria Cruz

Shannon Velasquez

Chris Singleterry

Jim Mann

Narzario Zavala

Trish Thierry

Bettie Lyerly

Holly McKinney

Maria Moya

Shazieh Khan

Christina Ho

Jimmy West

Natasa Hadjigeorgiou

Tristin Sylvester

Bill Allison

Ian Ritchie

Mario Gonzales

Shelley Dehne

Christopher Earle

Joe Mata

Nathan Swanson

Ulises Hidalgo

Billy Torres

Ignacio Arredondo

Mark Alvarez

Sheri Judy

Christopher Griffin

Joe Sarate

Nazario Zavala

Valerie Nation

Blanca Pacheco

Ima Forgus

Marvin Valdizon

Sheryll Autrey

Christopher Singleterry

Joey Bruce

Neil Duncan

Valerie Santiago

Bobbi Anne Christmann

Iqbal Mann

Mary Green

Sonia Melendez

Christy Blankenship

Joey Zamora

Nelson Mejia

Vanessa Aragon

Bobbi Christmann

Irene Alvarado

Mary Gummelt

Sonny Revel

Christy Hein

Johnna Bacak

Nelson Rodriguez

Vanessa Rodriguez

Brandi Hall

Irma Palacios

Mauricio Lopez

Sonya Machado

Cindy McClain

Johnnie Scott

Nicholas Tyser

Vanessa Sullivan

Brandi Lumley

Jacqueline Gerrie

May Yu

Stacey Siewierski

Cindy Thomas

Jonathon Moreno

Nickii Dhaliwal

Veronica Mayfield

Brandi Polvado

Jaime Canizales

Mayra De Hoyos

Stephanie Burns

Consuelo Ramos

Jorge Maldonado

Nicole Glaab

Veronica Mier

Brandi Simmons

Jaime Galvan

Megan Gustafson

Stephanie Chang

Cridlaian Lindsay

Jose Flores

Nicu Durus

Veronica Neil

Bree Tovar

Jairo Aguilar

Meghan Martinez

Stephanie Gonzalez

Cristina Canales

Jose Garcia

Nikki James

Vianney Avila

Breeana Tovar

James Matthews

Mel Hubbard

Stephanie Snow

Crysta Brooks

Jose Gonzalez

Noah Best

Vickie Campbell



WOW Matters


Crystal Bradford

Jose Mascorieto

Obed Moncada

Vivian Cheung

Crystal Jimenez

Jose Padilla

Pablo Berrospes

Viviana Macias

Crystal M. Jimenez

Jose Platero

Pamela Greene

Wayne Swint

Cynthia Degollado

Jose Ramirez

Paul Stockley

Whitley Palmer

Cynthia Gonzalez

Jose Rangel

Pedro Gandara

William Rodgers

Cynthia McClain

Jose Reyes

Pedro Ramirez

William Vigil

Danny Banegas

Jose Torres

Philip Sank

Yassin Yassin

David Rojas

Joselynn Lara

Preston Wallace

Yesenia Vigil

David Torres

Joyce Rogers

Primitivo Berrospes

Yvonne Hondros

David Wells

Julian Quinones

Rafael Martinez

Zach Leviner

Deana Irvin

Julio Cerna

Ramon Gonzalez

Zuly Lozano


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