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Employer/Employee Promise To give structure to our leadership tone, we created our Employer Promise, which frames the work environment that senior management is committed to delivering and the standard to which our leaders are held accountable.

I went from being a ‘resident’ to becoming a proud employee; and I can honestly say that I’m still impressed with Venterra as a whole. They WOWed me as a customer and WOWed me as an employee! The people that work for this organization are what attracted me to seek an opportunity and a career with Venterra. They are people with high morals, quality character values. – Anonymous Employee Experiience Survey Response Dallas/Tennessee Region

“The people that we work with make the difference. I love that every person on our corporate team is approachable, fun, respectful, and open about who they are and what they want. Most company leaders do not behave this way. I love the constant need in everyone to want to improve Venterra and be the best.” - Anonymous Employee Experience Survey Response Southeast Region 10

“I love working here! I love my team and coworkers! This job can be extremely stressful at times, but my team keeps me going! We support each other through encouragement and through pitching in to help when someone feels overloaded. I feel like this job is a great fit for my abilities and personality. I love that Venterra rewards good work, encourages team work and unity, offers great team building opportunities, and always offers continued training! Venterra is one of the most unique companies I’ve ever worked for!” - Anonymous Employee Experience Survey Response, Dallas/Tennessee Region “The culture within Venterra makes people feel like they are at home. It is very hard to find a company that focuses more on its core values than on policy. You really feel the humility and the power to be candid about certain situations that one may not agree on. This makes it enjoyable and makes us not afraid to voice our opinions.” - Anonymous Employee Experience Survey Response Houston Region

These are my favorite! I love that Venterra has provided written promises to me as an employee!

- jdv

WOW Matters, The Venterra Experience, 7th Edition  

Read about the culture at one of Glassdoor's Best Workplaces for 2016, Venterra Realty. WOW Matters, The Venterra Experience, is packed full...

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