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Nikki James, Miguel Garcia Reflections on Sweetwater Apartments Lawrenceville, GA

GREAT KID + Great Grades + Role Model ___________ Video Game

Here at Reflections on Sweetwater we have TREAT Fridays for the kids in the community and they LOVE it! There’s one boy in particular that always stops to talk to Tara on his way home. Recently he was headed home from school with a project graded with a large A+! He’s such a positive role model for the other children, we wanted to do something special for him. We were able to find out that he really wanted the WWE 2K14 wrestling game for his PS4. We got an okay from his father to buy it. His parents are proud of him, too. They understood why we wanted to WOW their son and were very appreciative. I mentioned that he is such a positive role model and everyone is so proud of him. He said, “I’m going to cry.” Keep up the great work!

Time to Cook!

We Make It All Better

Ramon Gonzalez, Sandstone Apartments, Pasadena, TX

Jesus Rico, Foxborough Apartments Irving, TX

A resident came in the office to complain about the landscapers. He had just washed his car and while the landscapers were using the blowers they got it dirty again. This particular resident has been with us for 6 years, so Jesse decided it would be nice to we presented her with the gift, she sounded like she was having a panic get him a gift card to the Mi-T-Fine Car attack, repeating, “I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it! Nothing like this has ever Wash up the road. This way he could happened to me!” A new prospect was in the office at the time, and we had get his car washed and detailed. He to explain that nothing bad had happened to Amanda; we had just surprised was very happy when Jesse gave him her with a gift that made her day! the gift card. Amanda is new to our community. One evening when she came in to rent a movie, she mentioned how much she enjoys cooking. She added that recently she had not been able to enjoy her hobby very much because she didn’t have any pots or pans; with this move they were starting over from scratch. That gave me a great idea. I ran out to the nearest Walmart and purchased a new set of pans and a set of plates for her. When


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