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The Venterra Experience

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WE ARE VENTERRA. The Venterra Experience































What A Year!

2017 has been a very full year. Ups, downs, and all arounds! The Venterra family came together and proved time and time again that we truly are “The Best Place To Work. Ever.�


Who is Venterra? WE ARE VENTERRA. As I was sitting in our Customer Experience renewal class, Priyanka Sequeira, the leasing consultant at Ventana and Palazzo, shared that she has a commercial pilot’s license. I was left thinking…WOW - She is so interesting! To Priyanka, this bit of information was no big deal. To me, it was huge and inspired me to want to know more. I thought, there are probably many people in our lives that are unknowingly inspiring simply by being themselves. Memories flooded my mind… onsite visits, resident stories, employee stories… It was at this point that the Employees of Venterra and Residents of Venterra were born. Who are our employees? Who are our residents? I wanted to know! Beginning with the next few pages and then throughout the book, you will notice orange boxes around the stories that represent our residents and blue boxes around the stories that represent our employees of Venterra. Who is Venterra? Venterra is made up of real people, interesting people. Venterra People. JOHNNA BACAK Experience Leader, Marketing & CX Administrator




employees of Venterra I have been blessed to live in and visit several different countries growing up, one of which makes me a part of history! I was born in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo, formerly known as Zaire, in Central Africa. I lived there for a few short years before my father moved us to France while he was going to university and graduate school. I only remember bits and pieces of Montpelier, and Nice in the south of France where we lived for almost 5 years.

Fairy Tale Love Story: I married my High School Sweetheart twelve years after graduating High School. I have our Prom pics on the shelf next to our wedding pics!

We moved back to Kinshasa just before my 5th birthday after my father’s graduation and shortly after, became a diplomat for our government. This started our family on a travel-filled journey. We moved to Belgium for a year, then Germany for 3 years where we all witnessed the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989. It was an incredible event, and you could feel the city buzzing for several days before and after the collapse of the wall. We traveled from East Berlin (RDA in French) to West Berlin to our school in the French Quarter.

MOLLIE WITT Experience Leader, Regional Trainer Me and a buddy of mine were sitting at a Chinese restaurant with our two little girls talking about our recent indoor skydiving trip in Austin. Just by chance, I checked my email and saw a Groupon for tandem skydiving, and he dared me to buy it. The very next weekend, we’re at an airstrip in Luling about to strap some dude on our backs and jump out of a plane! Except, there’s one problem...it’s too cloudy! Rather than waste the drive out to Luling, we had the bright idea to begin solo classes so we can jump without some random dude on our back. So, the next weekend comes along and we’re ready to jump but there’s another problem... the pilot is sick! We leave, eat barbecue and go home. So....the next weekend comes and there’s not a cloud in the sky, and the pilot is good to go. We strap up, get in the plane and are quickly at 14,000 feet! In the plane, the instructors are telling us all to get excited, but excitement is the furthest thing from my mind. I’m freaking out yet keep my composure and don’t hesitate one bit when it’s time to jump. I come out of the plane with my two instructors and they are giving me all the hand signals that I learned but I have no comprehension. All I see is blue horizon. I look at my altimeter but I’m just

We went through checkpoints each morning and afternoon on our way to and from school, or if we went to visit friends that lived on the other side. While in Germany, I learned German and English. I already spoke French and Lingala, which are the national languages of the Congo. After Berlin, we moved to the north side this time, Ethiopia. I lived there for 5 years, and still went to a French system school at the time. I learned Spanish at school and Amharic with the locals. I moved from Ethiopia to the U.S. in 1996 and have been here ever since! I really miss traveling, because it was a part of my life for so long. I have only been abroad 2 times since I relocated to America. I went to Japan in 2006 and Turkey in 2012. I am still teaching myself Japanese. What I enjoyed the most out of all the travel was learning new languages and being immersed in the different cultures.

SANDRA SALAS Experience Leader,Project Assistant

going through the motions and don’t pull my chute when I’m supposed to. My right-side instructor pulled my chute for me and BAM! My whole harness is jerked up and my chest strap smacks my chin, knocking me loopy and locking my head in a chin-up position. I CAN’T SEE WHERE I’M GOING AND I’M PANICKING! Once I get close enough to the ground to see where I’m at, I realize that I’m too low and too far away to make it to the landing zone. All I can see is me heading for a two-lane highway and power lines! I can also hear my instructor trying to direct me through the radio strapped to my harness. He’s Australian so it’s...”Mate, Mate...go left. MATE GO LEFT!” I pulled the left toggle and I speed up. They told us in an emergency to land in an open field but the best I could do was a field full of low-lying trees and rusted old trucks; so of course I hit one of each. In hindsight, I think going through the tree helped me tremendously, but I cursed that dang tree for all the welts it put in my body that day. I think the truck I slammed into was a 50’s era Studebaker tow truck. Pretty cool...never seen one of those. I can still hear an Australian accent yelling in the radio. “Are you ok, mate?! Please answer...make some noise if you can, we’re coming to getcha!” WOW MATTERS


I yell back in the radio and check myself real quick...I’m ok! Just a little blood coming from somewhere, but I can move! I’m lying on the ground thinking to myself.... After my shoulder healed, I jumped 2 more times and it was awesome!

BARRY YOUNG TAYLOR Experience Leader, Community Manager Palazzo

I just completed my year reign as Ms. Petite Texas United America 2016 and Ms. Petite Houston United America 2016. And I’ve held other titles such as Mrs. Houston United States 2016 and Miss Southern States United Nation 2007. I was the 10-year National Baton Twirling Champion for the Universal Amateur Athletes and competed in competitions all over the southern states. I have a black belt from the International Tae Kwon Do Alliance. And I graduated as the Secretary of Alpha Betta Gamma-International Business Honor Society at Lee College where I received an Associate Degree in Business Management and Administrative Technology, and completed 10 certifications. CRYSTAL BRADFORD

Experience Leader, Community Manager

College View

employees of Venterra I am a huge NBA fan! And although I live in Canada, I grew up cheering on the LA Lakers. Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar were my idols while growing up. My wife (Nahid) and I have three young kids that I am already hoping to groom into future stars. KAZEEM JAFFER Experience Leader, Senior Director Accounting & Finance Corporate/Regional I won a Jalapeno eating contest. I ate ¼ pound of fresh jalapenos in 30 seconds! And after, I called 911 and the ER for medical advice –they thought it was a prank call. It was the worst three days of my life! JAIME GALVAN Experience Leader, Regional Maintenance Manager Corporate/Regional

In 2008, my friends and I went up to Luckenbach, TX to be a part of “Pickin for the Record”. This is a Guinness Book World Record attempt at the most people playing the same song with an instrument. With nearly 3000 people, we strummed and sang “This Land is Your Land” and officially held the record for 3 months. It was great fun! JASON EDWARDS Experience Manager, Maintenance Manager Palazzo In high school, I had the record for the most goals scored by a freshman in soccer in the state of Missouri for 8 years. I also played soccer for Auburn University. ALEX MASSEY Experience Maker, Better Living Consultant Tuscany at Lindbergh

I believe my creative side sets me apart from the typical Venterra peeps, however all of our Venterra peeps are awesome and creative in their own ways. I majored in Liberal Arts in college because I was going to be a famous dancer/choreographer. I started my path engaging in the late 80’s aerobic competition world. Betcha didn’t know this but I was a finalist in the World Aerobic Competition sponsored by Suzuki. It was held in Tokyo, Japan. This is something I will never forget. My choreography and talent got me there for sure; I had to win the US finals to qualify. After that I went into Property Management to pay the bills so never ended up pursuing my dream. Since then I’ve always dabbled in creative ventures. I choreographed routines for cheerleading teams and dance schools but always on the side. In the past 10 years I took up photography because this allowed me a creative channel where I could be an artist with full creative ownership rights. I dived right in to portrait and landscape photography-even opening my own business 8 years ago. It was so successful I came to a point where I had to make a decision...continue my full-time Property Management gig and give up photography, or drop the corporate job. I couldn’t do both any longer. At the same time, I had just interviewed for Venterra. Once I met the folks at Venterra Realty and saw that this was a company that I could feel good about myself and my contributions I knew the answer right away. I took my website down and never looked back. I still do portraits for friends as favors but I don’t charge. I shoot because I love it and love the feeling it gives me helping someone else have a forever picture they love. I never quite liked the business side of shooting because this was not why I picked up a camera 10 years ago. It was never about the money but more about the artistry. My mother was an oil painter who sold portraits and was recognized for her talent. During her lifetime she won many 1st place oil painting and miniature painting gallery awards. I know this is where the right brained need to express myself in art came from. A little bit of my mother shows up in all my shots. TERI DAVIS



Experience Leader, Regional Manager Southeast


Airplanes have always caught my interest ever since I was a little child. My mum often told me of how difficult it was for her to feed me food when I was a child. She could only get me to eat a morsel of food every time an airplane took off. From our home we could see the takeoff path of the international airport. My dad is a travel agent, and I would often visit his office growing up. There were posters all over his office of various aircraft. My dad often gave us the inside scoop of the industry. This interest lead to me getting my commercial pilot’s license. My experience includes working as a pipeline pilot for an energy company. My heart flutters with the sight of aircraft and the roar of jet engines. My dream is to captain heavy aircraft someday. I first flew solo at age 19 and also got my private pilot’s license. I am constantly looking at the sky on tours, as Ventana comes under the takeoff or landing path, and at Palazzo you get to see military fighter jets and fuel tankers from the nearby base. A lot of girlfriends back home are captains of the Boeing 777’s and 737’s. Women make great pilots because they are good at multitasking, are attentive, detail-oriented and sensitive. One quote I live by, “You are the sky, everything else is just the weather.” PRIYANKA SEQUEIRA

Experience Maker, Better Living Consultant Ventana

I served in the US Marine Corps and have been stationed in over 10 different countries. I got to spend my 21st birthday in France. I also ran my own company for over 15 years building million dollar homes. I am truly a Jack of all trades. ROGER BURTON II Experience Leader, Maintenance Manager Carrington at Park Lakes

I was told 3 years ago that none of the previous managers were able help turn the St. Andrews Maintenance team around and bring the property up to Venterra’s Standards. I’m proud to say that I have been one of the main contributors in doing both – creating an established Maintenance team and helping to remove the team from a super stressed environment back up to Venterra’s Standards.

I love to BAKE! I am by no means a master chef, but I love to try new recipes that I come across, just to see if I can do it! I also love anything that is theme related, so holidays are especially my favorite when it comes to baking! KELLY LEVESQUE Experience Leader, Community Manager Silverbrooke

STEPHEN DAALLING Experience Leader, Maintenance Manager St. Andrews

Funny and true. I have 52 aunts and uncles! I might even be related to you! JUANA SANTOS Experience Leader, Community Manager District Universal Boulevard I earned my degree in Fine Arts. In my free time, I enjoy painting, sculpting and working on a large scale with steel. DAVID WILLIAMS Experience Leader, Regional Maintenance Manager Corporate/Regional



Over the course of the 13 years I have been with Venterra, I have saved and rehomed over 200 puppies, dogs, kittens and cats. ADRIANA RAGAN Experience Leader, Community Manager Carrington at Park Lakes

I have always been able to make people laugh or smile. When i think about it, with everything that is going on in today’s world, more than anything, I would rather spread joy and laughter. I have been told that I should perform, but the funny thing is that this is my natural personality! LAURIE DELAFIELD Preserve at Old Dowlen

I’m a three-time, national medalist in ice dancing and competed internationally. I skated for 13 years and home-schooled myself through my senior year in high school so that I could move to Michigan to train with the best coaches in the world. I retired from ice dancing recently to pursue my education and, occasionally, to coach skating seminars around the country. MICHAEL COULTER ilume Park

I have worked for The Dallas Cowboys at Texas Stadium and AT&T Stadium for 28 seasons. STEVE EPPERSON The Phoenix

I worked at Walt Disney World as a character perfomer for over 2 1/2 years as Cinderella.

I’m a Retired Firefighter, a Paramedic, and a Registered Nurse. I’m an amateur writer and a frequent traveler. RICHARD BAIER Balmoral Village

I’m the author of the book, 1720 East Woodrow St., The Alvin W. Johnson Story ALVIN W. JOHNSON Champions Green


Hamptons at Woodland Pointe

I was on the cover of Parents magazine once! KRISTYN BERRY Fairways at South Shore

Residents of Venterra I work as a correctional officer. My husband and I got married a month after I turned 17 and have been married for 5 years. We’ve been working for the State of Texas for 2+ years. IVY Westover Oaks

I am a classically trained opera singer and have a degree in vocal performance. Also, I can play the piano and the guitar.

I’m moving down from Portland Maine with a business associate. We are chefs moving here to open our first Maine Lobster themed food truck!

KAITLIN Champions Woods


I am currently training to pilot the International Space Station, but I am not an astronaut. The International Space Station is controlled from consoles in the Mission Control center at Johnson Space Center. I will be a space flight controller who works in the Mission Control center. I hope this is still cool enough to make the cut!

SCOTT BONK South Shore Lakes




I’m a Vietnam Vet who pursued a career in music, what is now called classic rock. My band has opened for such acts as REO Speedwagon, Cheap Trick, and the list goes on. I currently have a recording studio on the basement floor of our townhouse and love to spend my time recording.

GARY TULL Tree Park What sets me apart is that I’m very diverse. I’m a massage therapist, a yoga teacher, a nutrition coach and a personal trainer. I’m a professional fire-eater, staff spinner and a fan dancer. I also design and hand-craft custom wedding dresses, clothing, costumes and accessories. LYNN ilume

I work for a police department. I like to hang out with family and friends. DAVID FOX South Shore Lakes

In the early 80s, I started working in radio on marketing concepts and music programming. After many years there, I decided to leave music and focus on public relations. I’ve been fortunate enough to work in one capacity or another with talents like Selena, Oscar D’Leon, Brian McKnight, SWV, Havana NRG!, Grupo Niche, Tito Puente, Tito Puente Jr., Celia Cruz, Run DMC, Cypress Hill, Nia Long, Fat Joe, Notorious B.I.G., Chayanne, Luis Enrique, Stevie B., and TKA. In 2000, I started a company focused on moving from traditional forms of media relations to the digital world called ‘Artistik! Media’. In 2006, I changed the name to ‘Creative Juice Online’ and focused more on digital brand management in the DFW market. I am also a contributing writer for Monster Nation Magazine and Mercado Bilingue Magazine, and was featured in Alegria Magazine.

I am a registered nurse and had the honor of working for more than a year at the Naval Hospital at Camp Pendleton in California, which is home to our nation’s largest Marine Corps base. Working as a civilian nurse alongside our military, I gained so much more love and respect for the men and women who serve in our military; it was a true honor and something I will never forget. Another interesting things that sets me apart is that I am related to the drummer of ZZ Top, Frank Beard. He’s my maternal grandmother’s, cousin’s son. RAECHEL Dominion

I’ve had a few interesting things happen. When I was 8 years old, I was on the back of a runaway elephant. At 40, I went bungee jumping for the first time. I once met actress Jeanne Tripplehorne. i enjoy walking for fitness and like to do day-hikes on the Appalachian Trail.

I work for SkyCam.We are the ones who operate the flying aerial camera that you see covering NFL and NCAA football games, PBR and NFR Rodeos, and CONCACAF Gold Cup Soccer matches. I first started working for SkyCam after graduating from Stephen F. Austin State University with a degree in broadcasting. I’ve gotten to travel all over the country visiting some of the largest, and loudest, venues and see some of the world’s greatest athletes play. My very first day on the job I came face to face with Leo Messi and even had a brief conversation with Landon Donovan.




I have accomplished some amazing things in my life by following the philosophy, “where there is a will, there is a way.” I tell my story to my son like it was a fairy tale. Like other kids, I had a lot of dreams – of being on television, of being a model, and of being in a beauty pageant. They were dreams because opportunities were rare and seldom. Aside from that, our society said that girls from educated and good families weren’t supposed to be modelling and making careers in movies. I had a strong will and fortunately I always had the support of my parents. They stood by me and helped pave the way for me to be a model and even star in a commercial when I was 16. Then, I was lucky enough to represent my country in a beauty pageant that was held in Seoul, Korea. Competing in the beauty pageant, and meeting 85 other contestants from around the world, made me more knowledgeable and helped me build confidence. My mind opened and my thoughts became much more diverse and I gained a greater appreciation of the human race as a whole. At 20, I got the honor of being a News Presenter on TV. I have always loved the idea of being famous and I have to say it honestly felt great when I would return home and get that kind of attention from family and friends, and even people in the street. People still remembered me a decade later when I went back home, which pleasantly surprised my son. Now, I live here, in the land of dreams, but I don’t dream anymore. I think it’s because I feel like I’m living a dream with my son. BINITA J SHRESTHA

I design hotels and apartment I am a 2014 Cancer survivor; and buildings. My work includes I am a TGI Fridays Restaurant City Walk at Universal Orlando. Manager whose goal is to ensure every guest has a CHANTZ WESNIDGE wonderful dining experience. District Universal Boulevard BOBBY PHILLIPS Apex West Midtown




I’m a Level 4, Certified USA Hockey coach and once coached in the Dallas Stars junior organization. JARED SMITH ilume





Our stars shine bright

Having our company culture noticed outside the organization through workplace awards and honors is the direct result of an enormous amount of effort on the part of Venterra Experience Leaders. These individuals work tirelessly to create an atmosphere where our employees can learn, grow, and be truly excited about coming into work every single day. PRIYANKA SEQUEIRA EXPERIENCE MAKER, BETTER LIVING CONSULTANT







In 2017, Venterra received numerous accolades: Glassdoor Best Places to Work, Great Place to Work® Best Medium Workplaces, and Apartment Ratings Top Rated. These honors showcase our commitment to Employee Engagement and satisfaction in Customer Experience. We are honored to be recognized by these top organizations. When it comes to employees we’re only looking for the best of the best, and the candidates who are in highest demand look for the same in the organization they join. Company accolades are a sign to top talent that we really do “walk the walk,” and with candidates more savvy than ever before, they’re critical to attracting the types of individuals who will fit right in with our unique workplace culture.

EASTIN ISAAC Experience Leader, Recruiter & Brand Specialist

GLASSDOOR BEST PLACES TO WORK We are pleased to announce that Venterra was selected again for a Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award, honoring the Best Places to Work in 2017! This is the second year in a row that Venterra has won this accolade. In the Small & Medium Company category, Venterra has been selected from more than 700,000 companies on Glassdoor’s site, a truly amazing achievement! Glassdoor is the fastest growing jobs and recruiting site where employees can anonymously share their workplace experiences. The site has 34 million monthly viewers and 13 million employee reviews across 190 countries. Glassdoor is dedicated to “helping people everywhere find companies they love” and consider themselves “the world’s most transparent career community.”



This popularity has positively affected our Glassdoor profile by giving us the ability to transparently show viewers what it’s like to work for Venterra while attracting the right people to join our team. We want to thank the many employees who play an important role in creating an amazing work environment for their team members. This recognition is also a great tribute to the many Venterra leaders who embrace our Corporate Values and Employer Promises, which are the foundation of our culture and ultimately our long term success. Special thanks to all those employees that took time to share experiences working at Venterra, as we couldn’t have received this recognition without their reviews! We were excited to accept this recognition for our past efforts, and look forward to partnering with our many great Experience Leaders and employees to make Venterra an even better place to work in the future.


THE BEST IN FORT WORTH Each year, the Fort Worth daily newspaper, The Star-Telegram, holds their “Fort Worthy contest” recognizing the “Best of Fort Worth” in a wide range categories including restaurants, hospitals, nightlife, and a number of other services. Making the list is no easy feat as it requires nomination for the recognition and undergoing a lengthy voting process.

After all the votes were tallied up, the Belterra team found out that they had moved from the top ten list to the top three best apartment community list and were invited to attend the Star-Telegram Fort Worthy party to celebrate the achievement along with others who had reached the milestone in their respective category!

Earlier this year the team at Belterra Apartments discovered not only that a “Best Apartment Community” category had been added to the list for 2017, but that their community had been nominated for the recognition! The voting process had been underway for several months when they got word that the results put them on the Forth Worthy top ten list and voting had now gone public! Given that the city is home to some seriously great places to call home, the team was thrilled at the news of making the short list of amazing communities, but in July the news got even better.

It was at the event that the team discovered that they had been voted THE Best Apartment Community in Fort Worth! Being named the “Best Apartment Community in Fort Worth” is an outstanding achievement for Belterra and is a testament to the entire team’s dedication to providing their residents an exceptional living experience.

GREAT PLACES TO WORK Venterra has been selected for a Great Place to Work® Institute Award, honoring the Best Medium Workplaces in 2017! Published with FORTUNE, we are #48 of 100 in the medium company category (companies between 100 and 999 employees.) This is the second year in a row that Venterra has won this prestigious accolade. Given the evaluation for the list is based mostly on the Great Place to Work® Trust Index© Employee Survey, it is a true reflection of our employees’ opinions and feelings about working for Venterra, and is an amazing testament to the positive work environment, leadership and values that we’ve strived to create.

For over 25 years they have studied and identified great workplaces around the world. Published with FORTUNE, the Best Small & Medium Workplaces rankings are based entirely upon feedback from more than 74,000 employees at Great Place to Work-Certified companies. By partnering with Great Place to Work for our Employee Survey, we were able to compete for this award while receiving great feedback showing that 94 percent of employees say that Venterra is a great workplace! It is also a great privilege to be recognized alongside other 2017 Best Medium Workplaces winners such as Yext, WillowTree, and GoFundMe.

Great Place to Work® Institute is an independent research firm that aims to understand what it is really like to work at a company and what employees really say about their experience.




LIVE HAPPY. LOVE VENTERRA. Check out the rankings from ApartmentRatings.com

venterra’s average score

average city score

100% 95% 90%


85% 80%





82% 79% 75%
















60% 55%




























APARTMENT RATINGS TOP RATED Every year ApartmentRatings.com publishes their list of the top properties across the nation as ranked by the general public’s reviews. To qualify, properties must have a Recommended Score of 70% or higher, a total of 10 reviews, and at least


5 reviews published in 2017. In 2017, 96% of Venterra communities were Top Rated and all of our regions were above the city average. This chart showcases our city scores vs. the city averages on Apartment Ratings.



EMPLOYEES OF VENTERRA I get to go to a future Super Bowl of my choice...for FREE! I went to the Steelers/Packers Super Bowl in 2011 in Dallas. The Fire Marshall didn’t approve some of the temporary seats that were added to the stadium, so hundreds of people basically didn’t have seats...and my friends and I were some of them! We didn’t find out until we got to our section, and eventually were reseated elsewhere. After the game, which sadly ended in a Steelers loss, we contacted the NFL and now have a standing free ticket that we can claim once the Conference Champions are decided!










We couldn’t do it without you!

The employees of Venterra work so hard to take care of not only our prospects and residents, but of each other. Without them, the Venterra Experience would be incomplete. So, Thank You!




RESIDENTS OF VENTERRA I’m an avid traveler and love new adventures. Luckily, I work in a job where I get to travel and I love it! I am an associate producer for the Golf Channel; I get to create video content for our international broadcasts. Also, I have the world’s cutest dog - she loves making friends around our community, so if you like puppies come say hi! MEGHAN KUEBLER


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS After 16 years and 9 books, our passion to be the best and our quest for innovation has never been stronger. The employees of Venterra are how we’ll get there. They are the true heart and soul of everything we do and all the success we’ve had. Our people not only care about residents but about each other as well. Thank You for all you do to make a difference in so many lives. Special thanks and photo credits to Teri Davis and to Johnna Bacak for the countless hours dedicated to the details of the book. Your passion is contagious and very much appreciated. John Foresi • Andrew Stewart • Richard Roos • Calvin Lee-Young












2011 24

Annual Leadership Survey

401K Matching Annual Family Fun Day

30 Day Live it. Love it. Guarantee


CX Training Class

24/7 Calls

Our Venterra Experience Book provides a great opportunity to reflect and celebrate on what we have achieved. It also serves as a reminder

Budget for Creating WOW Moments

Employee & Employer Promises


Ratings & Reviews Response Requirement 1ST WOW Matters Book

1ST Leadership Conference Launch

1ST Annual awards ceremony

Core values

120 point apt inspection (TQMR)

The Experience Book tells the story of how we have been able to achieve success on the customer and employee fronts, and the timeline below highlights major milestones and achievements along the way. Being recognized as a Fortune Great Place to Work and a Glassdoor Best Places to Work and having 96% of our properties rank in the top 5% nationally by ApartmentRatings.com, has almost become expected. It is amazing to see the big dreams from 10+ years ago become real today.

The Experience we are focused on creating for our residents and employees is anchored in an incredible level of caring that takes place throughout the organization. A caring that permeates the organization and is felt by employees,ustomers, business partners and the communities where we do business. I love the stories in the book. I am inspired by the actions and the kindness of our employees to be a better person. The stories move people to tears. I believe Venterra’s culture of caring and “doing business the right way” is the primary reason we have been able to achieve recognition by FORTUNE magazine, Glassdoor and ApartmentRatings.com. Protecting and enhancing this culture is an important responsibility we all share.

First Annual WOW Book Published

I love the Venterra Experience Book. It is a reflection to the amazing journey we have been on. A journey that began and continues with our Core Values as a guiding light. Along the way, we decided to pursue excellence in both the customer and employee experiences. These offshoots from our core values have really come to define us as an organization over the years.





by Richard Roos, Experience Leader, COO that we must build on our efforts from the past 10+ years and continue to evolve and improve upon the experiences we deliver. In 2017, milestone markers included the transformation of our branding and new website, launching of our Disney vacation suite for employees and the expansion of our community service commitment with the addition of our Volunteer Day off. It’s exciting to see how far we’ve come since 2001, and even more exciting to look forward to where our journey could take us in the next 10 years.

2015 25



3D & Virtual Floorplan Tours


new website & branding

Orlando Disney Vacation Suite Volunteer Match


Volunteer Time Off


Maintenance Appreciation Week

Employee Experience Training

$25 gym memberships Paid Birthdays Off

Fun Fridays Fun committee 2014

Take Your Dog to Work Day

I want to thank everyone who helped write this book with their heartfelt actions towards our residents, their fellow employees and the communities we operate in. It is awesome to be part of an organization where people care so much for others and are making such a positive impact in the lives of those around them. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me, your peers and all future Venterra employees and residents.





Get Better, Faster!

It’s all with the aim to surpass our residents’ expectations and transform how they perceive apartment living that we’re able to outperform our competitors. We’re constantly asking, “What more can be done?” “How can we get better faster?” ”Get Better, Faster.” - it’s said by our COO and it’s meant for our business, our employees, our residents, our investors, and our communities. It’s a sense of purpose that permeates our daily thoughts and fills us with inspiration.









WHY DID WE REBRAND? Consistency We strive to provide the same experiences at every Venterra community. Recognition We want our customers to recognize a Venterra community no matter where they are, not just by our look, but by the level of service they receive. Without seeing the logo or Venterra colors, you should be able to know you’re at a Venterra property, just based on the way you’re being treated. Representation It’s important that we make it known what we stand for: our values, people, service delivery, communications, effective and consistent use of brand assets, all impress upon strengthening our brand footprint by driving trust and loyalty.

OUR NEW BRAND We want the Venterra brand to be synonymous with quality, service and trustworthiness in the multifamily industry. Working together, we can strengthen our brand by highlighting key differentiators and providing a world-class customer experience. Our values, communications, effective and consistent use of brand assets, all impress upon strengthening our brand footprint by driving trust and loyalty.

#VELO is the Venterra Lotus. #VELO has a very modern, simple design. It conveys growth, which was designed to represent Venterra‘s identity and belief structure.


SUPPORTING THE BRAND Whether you’re in Texas or Florida, you’ll experience the same level of commitment to the customer experience from Venterra. Operational excellence, along with happy employees proves a great combination for delivering on our promises. Aligning our world-class experience with a consistent look and feel results in a strong brand and creates the Venterra experience.




#LILO is the Venterra tagline Live it. Love it.™ #LILO expands on the beliefs and identity of Venterra. Bolded, Love it, stands out slightly more, putting emphasis on the caring community atmosphere that Venterra represents.

CORE VALUES In 2017, Venterra set out to reinvent its branding and launch a new website. While our “look” and logo/mark has been updated, and the website has advanced, our 7 Core Values have not changed, nor will they. Our 7 Corporate Values honesty and integrity, humility, never-ending pursuit of excellence, candor and openness, unparalleled service excellence, team first, prudent cost management have remained unaltered for 23 years and will continue to stay this way. In fact, these Core Values are reflected all throughout our website. They are the most important building blocks in pursuit of our vision. They define the organization, help us to make good decisions, and see us through the turmoil that markets and natural disasters (Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma) inevitably foist upon us. It is through our Core Values that the Venterra Team has collectively built an awardwinning environment that benefits all of our stakeholders including residents, investors and the expanding team of Venterra employees.

Venterra stands out because of its Core Values.I feel that our executives and upper management stand behind our core values. When you have a company that truly shows they are committed to being great leaders, it is inspiring for employees to do the best that they can do. GLASSDOOR REVIEW



by John Foresi, Experience Leader, CEO

[HONESTY & INTEGRITY] The highest standard of integrity and honesty will permeate all of our actions [HUMILITY] We are always learning. We will not allow personal or corporate arrogance to get in the way of progress and success. [NEVER-ENDING PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE] We take pride in what we do and our pursuit of a “Better Way” never ends. We have an intense sense of urgency in everything we do. [CANDOR & OPENNESS] We will respectfully tell each other the truth; both the good and the bad. Politics will not be allowed to get in the way of our pursuit of excellence. [UNPARALLELED SERVICE EXCELLENCE] We aim to be the standard of service excellence against which others measure themselves in our industry. [TEAM FIRST] While we encourage and reward individual achievements, we make team success a priority. We will make personal sacrifices to ensure the team succeeds. [PRUDENT COST MANAGEMENT] We will make careful and sensible value-based decisions about all money and other resources entrusted to us.


If you don’t hold these values, that’s fine, but you can’t work for Venterra. [HONESTY & INTEGRITY] Honesty and integrity have always been the most important to me and always will be. I’m a miliatry brat and my dad, the Colonel, taught me that all you need is your integrity. If you have that you are 90% there in life. I will always shoot you straight from the hip. I will always admit my mistakes, and I will always make it right. I love that everyone in Venterra thinks like this.


[NEVER-ENDING PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE] It is important to take pride in what you do and make every effort to do your best. It exemplifies to others the importance of providing excellent customer service in all situations. When a resident and/or prospect understands that we are never-ending in our “Pursuit of Excellence”, they can feel confident that they are in good hands and that we care for them and their needs.

PRIYANKA SEQUEIRA Experience Maker, Better Living Consultant Ventana

Experience Leader, Regional Manager Southeast

[UNPARALLELED SERVICE EXCELLENCE] I love offering to help residents with things that may make their day or life a little simpler. Even something as simple as retrieving a package for a resident and offering to place it in their apartment so it’s waiting for them when they get home. They absolutely love and appreciate it!

[HUMILITY] When we are humble, we don’t go out to seek attention or search for validation. Instead, we constantly look for opportunities to make a difference, and always stay open to learning. Humility is the solid foundation of all virtues.



[TEAM FIRST] Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. It has been my experience you can build an exceptional team by focusing on strengths. Build on people’s strengths and your team will excel.

LISSA MAY Experience Leader, Senior Asset Manager Houston

Experience Maker, Better Living Consultant Villas at Newnan Crossing

[PRUDENT COST MANAGEMENT] Venterra treats communities as their own entities and Community Managers more as business owners than employed managers. This instills a sense of ownership where Prudent Cost Management is a value that factors into almost any decision. Venterra trusting me with the purse strings really makes me aware of how much I spend and where.

Experience Leader, Community Manager French Place




Experience Leader, Community Manager Calais Midtown


[CANDOR & OPENNESS] In my role it is critical that people feel comfortable talking to me, that candidates are getting a true picture of what it’s like to work for Venterra and that I am on the same page as all the managers I work with. This value is pivotal to achieving the open, honest relationship I strive to have with everyone I work with.

NATASSA ZERVOPOULOS Experience Leader, Senior Manager of Employee Experience

SERVICE VALUES The power of nice is insane. It’s not even a hard thing to do, but it makes the biggest difference. CHELSEA FLEMING Experience Leader, Community Manager Hampton at Woodlands Pointe

[MAKE IT THE BEST] “Make it the Best” means the most to me because I feel like no matter what type of situation you’re in, you have to make it the best. If it’s a negative situation, you have to find a way to make it the best situation in the end. You have to find a way to turn it around and have them say, “Wow! That was the best way they could have handled my issue”.

ARACELI HERNANDEZ Experience Maker, Better Living Manager The Park at Waterford Harbor

[POWER OF NICE] Nothing beats the “Power of Nice!” When you focus on the power of nice, you make a difference, say thanks, find better ways, personalize it, and just listen. When your inner being wants to do good, you will always find clarity in thought to be a step ahead, wisdom to do what’s right when stuff happens, make smart decisions, especially when the clock’s ticking, and never being mediocre by always making it the best!

[A STEP AHEAD] When I think about Venterra and our “A Step Ahead” value, I immediately think about technology and our competition. Venterra seems to adopt on the latest and greatest technology available and incorporate it into our dayto-day operations to help us be more efficient as a maintenance team. Things tha come to mind are Pocket Encasa, digital refrigeration gauges, and a simple moisture-reading tool that plugs into our cell phone. As Maintenance Techs, having this technology, given to us by our Leadership Team, puts us steps ahead of our competition. We are able to diagnose and accurately repair just about any issue a resident may have in a short amount of time.

PRIYANKA SEQUEIRA Experience Maker, Better Living Consultant Ventana



MATTHEW DOBIAS Experience Leader, Maintenance Manager ilume Park


[JUST LISTEN] We have two ears and one mouth for a reason and most of the time our customers just want to be heard.

ALEX CHACON Experience Maker, Better Living Manager Fairways at South Shore

[STUFF HAPPENS] Stuff does happen! I love that we are able to make things right with our customer service and using our wow funds to go above and beyond.

CRYSTAL SANCHEZ Experience Leader, Community Manager ilume Park

[MAKE IT THE BEST] Do things right the first time and ensure total product and service quality. [POWER OF NICE] Be positive, smiling and willing to share a laugh. [A STEP AHEAD] Anticipate the unspoken needs of our customer. [JUST LISTEN] Listen to every request with an open mind and always consider our customer’s point of view first. [STUFF HAPPENS] Be willing to admit our mistakes in the pursuit of doing what is right. [PERSONALIZE IT] Look for opportunities to go above and beyond to create memorable and personalized experiences. [CLOCK’S TICKING] Respect our customer’s time and respond with an exceptional sense of urgency. [A BETTER WAY] Look for better ways to make our customer’s life more convenient, simple and enjoyable. [SAY THANKS] Continuously thank our customer for choosing Venterra. [MAKE A DIFFERENCE] Deliver WOW! [PERSONALIZE IT] I love that our company encourages everyone to truly get to know their residents. When we personalize things, it creates a life-long memory for the person we are doing it for.

CANDI GARLAND Experience Leader, Better Living Manager Southeast

[CLOCK’S TICKING] In the day-to-day rush, it is very easy to put off the smaller tasks, like changing a light bulb, until tomorrow, especially when you are faced with other emergencies today. However, to our residents, that light bulb is just as important as any other maintenance request, emergency or not. I tell myself “quit burning daylight and don’t put of to tomorrow what you can do today the clock’s ticking!”

DAYLON SHAFFER Experience Maker, Roving Maintenance Technician

[A BETTER WAY] Your ideas make us better. This is the first time I’ve worked for a company that not only LISTENS to the feedback of employees and customers, but actually implements those ideas. “A Better Way” is not just about improving a company process or goal, it’s about listening to the most important people…..our prospects, residents, and employees….that’s how we continue to improve the Venterra experience every day.


Experience Leader, Marketing Technology Manager

[SAY THANKS] My favorite is “Say Thanks”. Such a simple concept that has an enormous impact. Telling a resident “Thank You” for just stopping by the office or for renewing their lease – it makes their day. I don’t do it enough, but I am trying to get better at it. I love to see their eyes light up when I do.

[MAKE A DIFFERENCE] It’s great to work for an organization that allows us the tools to be heroes for residents and peers. Venterra foots the bill, we take the credit!




BRENDA GRASHA Experience Leader, Community Manager Timber Mill

ALLEN RAFIEHA Experience Leader, Senior Maintenance Operations Manager

SERVICE PROMISES [SIMPLE] we make every encounter easy and convenient. [CLEAN] we keep our properties clean and inviting. [FUN] we provide a fun and social atmosphere. [WORKING] we are the industry leader in reliable apartment features and amenities. [EXCEPTIONAL] we go above and beyond to create memorable experiences.

A simple leasing experience; clean apartments; fun atmosphere; working harder and smarter; and an exceptional customer service – these make the resident’s experience 100% better!


Experience Maker, Better Living Manager Links at Windsor Parke

Our promises are important to our residents because they can be the deciding factor when choosing a community. Our promises become an expectation that our residents cannot live without.


Experience Leader, Community Manager Estancia at Morningstar

They are important because it’s not just what we promise; it’s who we are. It’s what sets us apart from other organizations. We strive hard to keep our promises, and that is the reason why we have residents that come back to Venterra, or stay with us for years.



Experience Maker, Better Living Consultant Ventana



Our customer service promises are very important to our residents because these are the promises they are seeking out in a community. They keep them with us, bring them back to us, and make them want to refer their friends and family to us as well!

ROSE LISLE Experience Maker, Better Living Consultant The Phoenix

Great customer service is something, as a customer, you expect when you spend your hard earned money to live at an apartment community, but it is not something you always get. However, when you do, you don’t take it for granted. It creates value in a community, and customers will always continue to spend their money on something they feel is valuable.

DUSTIN CRANDALL Experience Maker, Better Living Manager Apex West Midtown


You Promise

You will be treated with respect and fairness

Treat others with respect and value their contributions

You will have a voice

Continually learn and grow professionally

We will invest in your professional development and strive to promote from within

Embrace innovation and change

You will always know how you are performing, through thoughtful and comprehensive feedback

Share my ideas, opinions, and “Better Ways” Take great care of the assets entrusted to me

We will make time to have fun and celebrate success

Do everything to the best of my abilities Always live our values and defend them

Your contributions and accomplishments will be appreciated and recognized We will strive to ensure that you have the tools and resources you need to be successful

EMPLOYEES OF VENTERRA I was fortunate enough to have traveled to several continents with my parents at the age of 16 and then again at 19. I completed my degree in Marketing in Manila, Philippines and then migrated to the U.S. at the age of 24 with a 2-year-old daughter and my husband. Although my parents were always available to assist us financially, I was too proud to ask for help. My husband (Mark) and I made it a goal to succeed on our own with little financial help from our family. I can proudly say that we are now paying it forward to our mothers and other family members who are very close to our hearts. I also speak three languages (English, Spanish and Tagalog), and the dialect, Bisaya (I’m not as proficient but understand it more than I can speak it).






Our residents say it best.


This place is the BOMB.com! I’m so happy to be a resident here at Apex West Midtown. The staff is amazing from the management to the maintenance men. To have a great priced apartment in the heart of Midtown is wonderful, but most of all, to have such great amenities is a plus as well. I feel right at home here, and honestly, I’ve never been more excited to live in a place. It’s a heartfelt place to stay, and it adds a touch of spice that we have cute retail shops in the same facility. What more could you ask for? Let me add - my apartment is sooo cutezy wutezy!! I wish that I would have found this place when I first moved here three years ago. I’m amazed at being able to pay my rent and bills online, and I don’t ever have to go through the hassle of money orders again. I can just login and pay with my card to make my monthly payments and be on the go. That is the most convenient thing ever for me because I’m always so busy. I’ve never heard of a company ANYWHERE that does all of this, and I just can’t explain how happy I am. Apex West Midtown needs to be blasted all over the city. I must give props where they are due, and please believe me, my new place is EVERYTHING! Do you hear me? EVERY T-H-I-N-G! It’s such a blessing to be around a staff that cares about their residents, well-being. I moved from a place that SUCKED at that! Thank you for hiring such caring and loving people here! Your employees brighten up the place. Justin, Dustin, Alisha, and Keisha! They always have a smile on their faces, are ready to help in any way possible, and make you feel right at HOME! KENDRA WELLS Apex West Midtown Resident Since 11/14/2016

Tiffany was a joy to work with. I was impressed with her knowledge of the community, interior features of the apartments, and the area in general. The customer service was out of this world. I have never been so well received and appreciated just for my interest. It felt like I was shopping at Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom. She is definitely an asset too, and the icing on top of a well managed property. NICHOLE JAMES Gateway North Resident Since 8/17/2016 I moved to Estancia at Morningstar in May of 2014, and it was a little piece of heaven. Then I married and moved to Dubai. After 5 ½ years we had to move back to the USA. I couldn’t consider any other place in DFW than Estancia at Morningstar. These people are truly family. They made me feel so loved and wanted. I cried after coming back. The apartment is amazing with the crown molding, the paint, and the beautiful carpet. My neighbors are so nice and considerate. Fed-Ex dropped off a package at my front door when I was away for a couple of days, and my neighbor put the parcel inside her place until I returned. The location is great also. We are close enough to walk to nice restaurants, and if we want to go downtown we just jump on the toll road. But we don’t need to go far; everything we need is right around us. I can’t imagine living anyplace else. Do yourself a favor and visit the property, and see for yourself how friendly and approachable they are. MELINDA LEE-FLORENTINY Estancia at Morningstar Resident Since 5/12/2014




About a year ago my hot water heater failed, so I opened up a ticket and expected three days of drama. To my delight, the heater was completely replaced several hours later. This is unbelievable in this day and age. Yesterday, I opened up eight tickets. Two tickets were significant and the others were routine annoyances that had been stacking up. I figured I would just hammer the team with all of them and let them knock ‘em out as they had time. After opening EIGHT tickets in one shot, I didn’t expect maintenance to be very happy. Well, lighting struck again. Two hours later, Chris and Eric (Calvin) showed up at my door. I was working from home and on a conference call, but Chris told me not to worry; he’s got it. Ninety minutes later, he knocks on my office door and tells me everything is complete minus some roofing repair that is scheduled. Once again, I was amazed with the responsiveness, friendliness and effectiveness of the maintenance team. Are you guys feeding them service steroids or something? My expectations of service these days is almost non-existent.I can’t get a cup of coffee without a fiasco. This crew knocks it out of the park every single time I ask them for something. Stellar job, and I am very thankful. ROBERT MICCICHE Balmoral Village Resident Since 5/9/2015 I love everything. And to top it off, I have no car, so they offered to bring an UBER to pick me up, where ever I was. So, thank you for everything, the your tour was amazing, and Amanda Nieves did an awesome job on showing all the areas. KINGSLEY FEEDBACK

Tracy is awesome!!! She is warm, welcoming efficient and patient. I remember her brightening my first impression of the complex. I’d booked online and driven two days to get here. My friend and I were coming into the lobby from out of state, and she greeted us like I’d lived here forever. She multitasks well and communicates effectively. I appreciate her upbeat attitude and fantastic memory. She’s a true gem. NKOLIKA ANYAEJI Carlyle Place Resident Since 4/8/2017 I loved the customer service I received and the friendly welcoming atmosphere in the leasing office. I was treated like a guest in their home. I was offered coffee, water, and juice.They treated me like I was their priority. I was also immediately impressed by the grounds when I got a tour. Everything is clean and well kept. When I moved in I again was given priority treatment and escorted to my apartment. Since moving in, I really appreciate the quick responses to my maintenance needs, and I am always greeted with a smile. MARIBEL BRIONES St. Andrews Resident Since 4/7/2017 Y’all really made my day with the breakfast at the gate! It was so sweet and nice to see a happy, smiling face in the morning before work. It was a nice treat, especially when you are hungry in the morning! YUM! It was most greatly appreciated because it wasn’t a special holiday or anything like that. It was just because and that made it more heartwarming. What a nice surprise. Thanks to all the staff. Ya’ll are very nice and helpful; keep up the good work! NATHAN LAMB The Cape at Grand Harbor Resident Since 9/1/2016




These are hands down some of the best people you will EVER come into contact with. They always have such an amazing attitude and go above and beyond to make sure things get taken care of in a timely fashion. Diana, Darlene and Priscilla have made this such an enjoyable stay that I am excited to sign another lease.The maintenance staff is great as well and very prompt. My daughter and I love it here! AMBER WHEELER South Shore Lakes Resident Since 7/13/2016 I love coming into the leasing office to pick up my packages! The office staff is absolutely awesome! They are always so nice and cheery! Plus, they always remember my name and apartment number. They are the best!!! ALICIA BOYD South Shore Lakes Resident Since 8/18/2015 I could not be more satisfied with the Cape at Grand Harbor. As a single mom of a 5-year-old boy and living on my own for the first time, I could not feel more at home. Jennifer, the manager of the community, has been an immense blessing ever since I arrived. She has taken care of my every concern. It’s great to know that I am living in a place where my needs truly matter to the staff. There are always nice events going on, and the complex is always so clean. I feel safe here and there’s never a day that I don’t thank God for where I chose to live. There could not have been a better manager at any other complex in all of Houston or Katy, and I could not have loved living at any other apartment more than here at the Cape at Grand Harbor. MARIA VARGAS The Cape at Grand Harbor Resident Since 12/9/2016






After the hurricane hit, many of our residents were displaced and without a home. This was a scary and financially stressful time for many. We wanted to help ease the stress as much as possible for our effected residents. We credited rent back for the remaining days of the month, refunded all deposits and gave $250 to those who had to move to another location.




VENTERRA PEOPLE STAND TOGETHER The parable of the Good Samaritan revolves around the question: “who is my neighbor?”. There are many interpretations, but in its essence the story tells us, that a neighbor is defined as someone who makes personal sacrifices, to help both friend and stranger in time of need. It’s easy to forget just a few months later, the extent of the needs that were brought on by the crisis that hit the city of Houston in the form of Hurricane Harvey; and the impact of Hurricane Irma on the state of Florida. It’s in that time that we got to see Venterra people living out what it means to be a neighbor. All of our people in the affected areas were insanely busy during this crisis period. Yet in the many stories from residents who watched our people in action, you see a repeated theme: Our people putting needs of others (both team and residents) ahead of their own, and repeatedly taking time out from the big tasks at hand, to take

care of immediate personal needs. Community Managers stayed at their properties overnight to assist nervous residents; porters, maintenance, Better Living Consultants worked late into the night, alerting residents as flood waters rose, assisting them with temporary moves, and getting belongings to higher ground. Countless residents wrote in stories of special personal attention in their time of need. And in addition, we together raised $47,000 to help out team members who suffered significant loss due to the storm. It gives me the greatest satisfaction possible, to see the values and culture we hold to at Venterra, being displayed by our people in the broader community – especially at critical times like these. The spontaneous response of our people during the crises, as depicted in some of the examples above, are a true reflection of who we are. This is how our society is changed for the better. I am proud to be associated with Venterra People, who are part of that transformation.



by Andrew Stewart Experience Leader, Chairman


I felt so welcome with all the staff and their smiles. I can express my gratitude to all of them. Many of us felt so lost after being displaced from other flooded houses/ apartments due to the hurricane Harvey. All the staff from maintenance to management went above and beyond their duties. I salute all of them! They should be an example for other apartment complex staff on how to treat tenants/people.

During Hurricane Harvey, the Maintenace Crew, in particular Jose & Eric - that I saw, were out and about checking on Residents, to make sure they were fine and if they needed anything! In knee high water, they made sure and did a Walk About. Thanks to them and keep up the great job! MARK LOU-HING Cole’s Crossing Resident Since 8/24/2013

MARIA DRAWERT Bala Woods at Kingwood Resident Since 10/8/2017

I just want to say thank you to the maintenance and office staff for their prompt response with the repair of our unit. The water from Hurricane Harvey caused some damage to our unit. My daughter’s has a high allergy to mold, which resulted in full body reactions and difficulty breathing. After I explained this to the staff they expedited our repairs and went above and beyond to get her room and our air vents clean. We just moved in a few months ago and I am way more than just satisfied with the staff.They have treated us with such kindness and compassion to make our new place our new home. Thank you again! KATHERINE TREVINO Park at Waterford Harbor Resident Since 4/8/2016

LIFE GAVE HER LEMONS, SO WE MADE HER LEMONADE ​ he Preserve at Old Dowlen was lucky enough to bypass damage from T Hurricane Harvey, however, many surrounding areas were effected. As a result, a lot of people needed a new home. Mrs. Glenda stopped by the first day we were open after the storm. She had lost everything; her home was completely submerged in water (including the entire roof). She and her husband (who is a terminally ill) were emergency evacuated from their home and ended up in a hotel. She expressed concern in getting an apartment because of the care her husband would need. We had a team huddle and discussed what we could do to support them. We purchased gift cards for Chico’s and Academy so that she and her husband could buy new clothes (since they lost everything). We also found a chair that would allow Mrs. Glenda’s husband to easily get in and out of the tub without having to worry about maneuvering his wheelchair in/out of the bathroom. She and her daughter came in on their move-in date and we presented them with these gifts. They were both overwhelmed with joy and were crying and hugged us both. We were so honored to make a difference for them in such a trying time. TRACY RUTHSTROM Preserve at Old Dowlen Resident Since 9/12/2017 WOW MATTERS




Tracy did a fantastic job dealing with the effects of Hurricane Harvey and making sure the residents were well taken care of and informed. It was very thoughtful and caring of her to stay on site with her family throughout the storm to make sure things ran smoothly, especially while having little help from staff due to displacement. Thanks Tracy! HANNAH MARSHALL Preserve at Old Dowlen Resident Since 2/4/2017

BREAKFAST, LUNCH & DINNER ON THE HOUSE As we are all aware, Ms. Not-so-little-Hurricane-Irma left a large part of Florida in the dark, we at Falcon Square fell victim as well, however, we were blessed to have power in a little less than 48 hours later thanks to the diligence of our energy company! As we resumed business we learned that one of our buildings was not so lucky! We were receiving reports of random power outages from residents sporadically throughout the entire building. Olga and Danny moved swiftly and hired

an electrician to come out and assess the situation. The electrician could not diagnose what we had on our hands, so our Regional Maintenance Manager, James Bingham, came in and was able to diagnose the issue! We then as a team sprang into action! We emailed, posted flyers to every door, and phoned each and every resident to keep them in the loop! We knew the power outages were a huge inconvenience to our residents and wanted to do something to WOW them. We offered the usage of washing machines and dryers in a vacant apartment, a portable cook top in the office, extension cords, and hot food. Olga also purchased gift cards to cover 3 meals per day, per resident, to use over the weekend along with “You’re in Our Thoughts” cards to place the gift cards in. We all hand wrote messages and signed the cards, and hand delivered them to each resident! Our residents were extremely grateful! JASMIN GOMEZ, OLGA KOSTERINA, JORDAN CURRIER, CHRISTINA SAMPSON, JAMES BINGHAM, JUAN SANCHEZ, & DANYER RODRIGUEZ Falcon Square at Independence




Cole’s Crossing was severely damaged by Hurricane Harvey. Boat evacuations were done and all tenants on the first floors were left homeless. Venterra really stepped up to the plate. Offering relocation assistance, a quick refund of their security deposit, and assistance with food, water and such to all tenants. David and his team (Ashley, Alma, Natalie, Michelle) were patient as they listened to numerous people who had so many issues of different kinds with this flood. The maintenance staff worked long hours to assist any tenant with any need. I have no idea of the costs of the remodeling, re-construction, and refurbishment and loss of revenue to this company but it must be exorbitant. The parent company is not blinking an eye as they continue to work on this complex. Now I am told they are coming back with an even better complex for residents to enjoy. We will severely miss Coles Crossing and their super fine staff. But we know it will be a signature place to live in the Cypress area in the new year. VERIFIED RESIDENT Apartment Ratings Coles Crossing



When Venterra started their Harvey Recovery efforts, I just broke down in tears, I had so many overwhelming emotions come over me and a sense of comfort. When we left our home on a boat we only had one bag full of two sets of clothes for each of us and diapers for my youngest son. I just looked around crying, trying to hold it together for my kids; I honestly did not know how we were ever going to rebuild, with all our belongings either floating or under water. Venterra gave my family a sense of comfort in knowing we were not alone. I had so many Venterra employees texting or calling to see if my family was safe and asking if we needed anything. Receiving the assistance was like coming up for a breath of air (I honestly felt like I was drowning). Venterra helped contribute to our rebuild, to buy furniture, kids clothes, and just get back on our feet. Venterra has given my family and I the chance to have our home back and words cannot express how much I appreciate Venterra and all the wonderful people who worked hard to make this happen. KRISTI ROBERTS Experience Leader, Community Manager South Shore Lakes

Your name and contact info was given to me by the great management team here at Bala Woods in Kingwood. I’ll keep this short, but wanted to let you know that you have an outstanding staff here, but one in particular that I have to make you aware of. Patrick Cobb went above and beyond, and, in my opinion, deserves to be recognized for his actions during Hurricane Harvey. During the recent hurricane, I had a situation that could have turned out bad, but instead resulted in all parties being safe and sound. I work as a consultant at Bush Airport and had been assigned to work 12 hour shifts in the Airport’s Emergency Operations Center the weekend that Harvey hit Houston.

During the 2017 Hurricane Season, several of our Florida properties lost power and phone lines, and our residents were unable to call the Leasing Office to check on their apartments. Facebook Messenger became a lifeline. We were still able to stay connected, as long as their phones stayed charged!

DEXTER RENDON Experience Leader, Community Manager Gateway North




The night of the 28th was when the I59 bridge over the San Jacinto was closed due to high water, which left me stranded at the Airport and unable to get back to my apartment at Bala Woods. While it was not a huge discomfort for me, I had left my dog in my apartment utility room and knew that if I could not get home he would not be able to go outside, drink or eat. I knew it could be several days or more before the bridge might be reopened. After making every attempt to find a way to get home, my last thought was to call the Bala Woods maintenance line and leave a message to see if anyone could help. Patrick Cobb happened to get my message in the early hours of Tuesday morning and returned my call. When I told Patrick of my concern, he quickly calmed me down and let me know that he could take care of Owen (my dog) and for me to stay safe and not worry. Mr. Cobb also was able to get my dog to a neighbor friend at the complex who could feed and house him until I returned home. Luckily I was able to get back to the apartment late Wednesday morning (8/30), but without Patrick’s assistance I’m sure I would have been dealing with quite a sick animal, at the very least. Mr. Cobb has always been a very friendly and quick to serve employee here at Bala Woods, but his caring attitude and willingness to provide help to a desperate resident (as I was) is something that is not always easy to find this day and time. I hope that there is something that can be done to recognize Patrick as a valuable Venterra employee. His actions definitely deserve it! Thanks for your time! WADE MCLAURIN Bala Woods at Kingwood

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We’ve got you covered!

Short Stay, Lifetime Memory

Two Friday’s ago we got a phone call from Kirby, one of our newest residents here at Venue at Hometown. He told us that his parents and sister were without power and water from Hurricane Harvey and would be driving up to stay with him for a couple of days. He asked if we would be able to let them into his apartment as he was traveling for business and would not be back until Sunday. Even as I was talking to him on the phone, Kaelea and Stacey immediately knew we had to do something special for his family. They went straight to Target and bought them a wire basket with snacks and goodies: bottled water, chips, granola bars, popcorn, peanuts, jolly ranchers and sour strings.

I had a family come in needing an apartment for immediate move in for three months due to losing everything in Harvey. I moved them in the same day with just the clothes on their back and a few other items. I knew they had one more night in their hotel, so I called them and asked if maintenance could go in to look for a lost tool. Instead of looking for a tool, I delivered some essential items to help them get through their short stay with us. The following morning, she called and could barely speak because she was crying so hard. She said, “this is exactly what my husband and I were going to buy at Walmart today! I can’t believe you guys did this for us!” I told her this was the least I could do for them. She again thanked us on our Facebook page. I am humbled to have made a positive difference for them during their difficult time.

We also included a gift card to Gloria’s Latin Cuisine right down the street because Kirby had asked about a Mexican Restaurant they could eat at as it is their favorite food. We wanted to make sure that they did not have to worry about finding something to eat after a long drive. We sent an email to Kirby to let him know that we had keys made for his family, and we added a little something extra in his apartment for them. We are so happy that we could do something nice for them during such a hard time.


Venue at hometown

I really cannot thank y’all enough. There’s not a lot of places that would do this for me and you guys have gone above and beyond. Thank you so much.


Lissette Gonzalez




wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters Changing Sad Tears to Happy Ones - Post Harvey! We have some new residents that lost everything in Harvey. To make things more difficult, their electricity account had a glitch, and the electric company would not connect it for ten days. Of course, we let them stay in another apartment, as this is not their fault; however, this morning, the resident came in to explain that they did not want to stay in the apartment without their things and he pleaded with us to do something about their electricity, but we do not have that ability. To top it off, their car was burglarized last night, making them a little uneasy. We found a vacant preleased apartment in the same building they could stay in to allow them to stay closer to their things. The resident stated that he did not want to move everything again, so I told him that we could lend them a TV and DVD for the time, and they didn’t have to move theirs. At this point, he told us that they lost theirs in the storm. Shortly after this conversation, the second resident came into the office and emotionally broke down.

Preserve at old dowlen

She wanted to move and did not care about double moving; she just wanted a place to stay with air conditioning. So, we offered them a transfer at no charge and waived rent for the time that they did not have electricity in their apartment as a courtesy to try and ease the pain. They left, and we could see one resident crying. Raquita decided to recruit friends to move the apartment for free, and Jonathan made sure everything was ready in the other apartment, so they could have a home again. I started pricing TVs, and Jonathan went to Target to grab a Roku TV, a DVD player and an antenna. Now, the residents were expecting to borrow our tv, so when we came over with it, they thought it was a loaner and thanked us. Raquita explained that this was their brand new smart TV, and they could keep it forever. We did see tears and red faces again, but this time, it was truly happy tears and not the sad and frustrated kind!









Best Place To Work. Ever.

People are the center of Venterra’s culture, setting it apart and making it the most fun place to work and live.




Glassdoor Feedback

Employees are saying... EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE

Check out this feedback posted on Glassdoor.

When my four-year-old asked, “What do you do when you are at work, mommy?” I am proud to say that for over a decade, I have helped create a place to work where people have fun, where they care about each other and enjoy what they do. Every year, we set out to hire amazing people and then strive to make their lives even better. Whether it’s rewarding our team members for reaching their personal goals, celebrating their success, listening to their “better ways,” providing time to volunteer in the community or creating special moments in their lives, the Venterra culture is truly unlike any other. Our employees embrace our culture every day and look for opportunities to put smiles on the faces of their customers and team members – they are what makes the Venterra difference.

I love hosting the Employee Experience Class each year! My passion is leadership and our managers are passionate about leadership so it’s always a good time! Our teams work really hard to provide a world class customer experience, and our leaders do such a great job of keeping them inspired and feeling appreciated! I’m honored to be a part of that process! JESSICA SHAW Experience Leader, Employee Experience Manager

by Bridget Sherrod Experience Leader, Director of Recruiting & Employee Development




Expect to experience SPONTANEOUS


acts of kindnesS. Venterra is my second family. The work environment and treatment by all staff has made me immediately feel the “Team” feeling. Everyone pulls together, and no one waits for the other person to do it.

I felt welcomed immediately and could tell the people I interviewed with were happy employees, which made me realize the company was great and treated them well! Crystal and Jen are awesome, and I knew they would be great mentors through my journey with Venterra!

Venterra trusts & believes in me everyday to go out & make the best decisions that I can at each & every situation that may arise. My favorite thing about Venterra is that almost everyone I meet within the company is genuinely a good person.







My 2017 New Years Goal is to pay off at least 3 of my credit cards. I have already started going through the totals and what I need to pay monthly to pay off. I have spoken to a person who teaches the Dave Ramsey financial peace. I’m super excited for this journey to be debt free!

The Better Living program helps encourage employees to set their own personal or professional goals on our Better Living Yammer Board. Employees can track their goal progress, celebrate milestones along the way, and cheer on fellow employees in making their goals a reality. Whether it’s getting healthier, reading personal development, or giving back to the community, the program has made a real impact in the lives of our team members. In 2017, over 100 goals were accomplished by Venterra employees and we rewarded over $10,000 in prizes and incentives. In addition to providing participants with prizes for accomplishing monthly challenges, we also recognize an annual “Better Living Champion” and reward them with a $2,000 grand prize to celebrate their successes over the year.

My first Better Living Goal is going to be to complete a Half Marathon (13.1 miles) this December! Let me explain... I am not a runner. I started on my first half marathon preparation run last night with a 5k, and I have a lot of training to do. My goal is to complete the half marathon and run the entire way! BECCA DUPONT Experience Maker, Better Living Consultant The District Universal Boulevard

Growing up, I always had long hair. It may be due to my insecurities of my monkey ears, but I always thought I could not pull off short hair. The shortest length of hair I’ve had was a little past my shoulders, and I freaked out when I saw myself in the mirror. I want to make a difference & actually donate my hair to a person in need. I plan to grow out my hair as long as possible & donate it by summer time. Here’s to making a difference in someone else’s life for the better for the new year! CAROLINE JOHNSON Experience Maker, Better Living Consultant Belterra


UPDATE I paid off $20,000 in debt! KRISTI ROBERTS

Experience Leader, Senior Community Manager South Shore Lakes

This month my goal is to finally tackle making my house “home”. Since I purchased my home 1 1.5 years ago, I have just left it as it came - with plain white walls and no curb appeal. I didn’t do any decorating at all! Well, now I have finally saved up the money and have a little more time on my hands to get started! I am so excited to finally decorate my home! ANGIE CAREY Experience Maker, Better Living Manager Park 9



For the past couple of weeks I have been slowly transitioning to a low carb diet. I lost 12 pounds in about 3 weeks of doing this. For August, I’m kicking it into high gear and am going to attempt to maintain a Keto diet. Goal completed! I maintained a Keto diet for the past 4 weeks and saw the loss I was striving for this month. 7.1lbs lost and I’m down a pant/ shirt size!! That is a great feeling! This is better living. ROSE LISLE Experience Maker, Better Living Consultant The Phoenix

Giving Back in 2017 I wanted to make a difference and give back in 2017. Growing up my mother always took my younger brother and I on her work volunteer adventures and I really appreciate that she did that. I am so happy that Venterra is all about giving back with programs such as WOW, Better Living, and Volunteer Time Off because we are encouraged to do good for others. That is how I know I work for the right company! SALLY FLORES

Experience Leader, Regional Better Living Manager

Habitat for Humanity • Big Brothers, Big Sisters • Christian Assistance Ministry • San Antonio Food Bank 6 TIMES! To continue my Better Living Goal of emotional healing, joining life again and making the most of every day - I finally traveled back to my home town of Ouray, CO to put Dad to rest and get some closure. It only took 18-months of me staring at his ashes stuck in a box before I finally got the courage and support to fulfill his wishes and let him go! I attribute much of that to this amazing company! Big thanks to Jennifer McFadden and Heidi Palazzo for covering the office and allowing me to take one of the most important trips ever! Dad is finally home!

My goal is to finish reading the Bible all the way through. I’ve been reading the bible daily for the past 13 years, but I usually skip around and can’t say that I have ever read it all the way through. I started this goal in 2016 and as of today, I am 53% through it - according to the app that I have been using. If I stay on target, this will put my completion about 6 months from now, so July 31.

My sister and I wanted to surprise our mother with a much needed vacation. She has recently gone through a lot of changes, started a new job, moved 2 hours away and is raising my 12-yearold little sister. She doesn’t have much money to spend on things for herself. So, we did it for her! We took her on a road trip to Mobile, Alabama and went on a dolphin boat tour (dolphins are her favorite), treated her to a spa day, took her to some very nice dinners and lots of relaxing by the pool. My sister lives in California and it’s been 10+ years since we have all spent more than a few hours together. We all had a blast!

ALLISON KOLOWICH Experience Leader, Community Manager Monticello Oaks

LEIGH SUBLETT Experience Leader, Demand Generation Manager

KIM BAKER Experience Leader, Community Manager Calais Midtown




I started a new journey last night. I am jumping in head first with an open mind and wild heart and starting Yoga Teacher Training with CorePower Yoga! If you had told me at the beginning of the year that I would be doing this, I would not have believed you. Action has propelled me forward in more ways than I thought possible. I am intimidated and excited about this journey. I know it will challenge and push me in ways beyond what I think I’m capable of. I am committed to seeing this through and completing my year of ACTION with a bang. ROBIN FINNEY Experience Leader, Customer Relations & Communications Manager

So, I’ll be honest. Healthy eating isn’t my strong suit. So, when the e-mail came out about the Healthy Potluck, I wasn’t super enthusiastic...our potlucks are usually full of casseroles and dips and desserts! But, when we talked about it in our weekly team huddle, the rest of the team was totally on board. So, we did it. And, much to my surprise, it was amazing. We had quinoa, kale, boiled shrimp, salads, soup, quiche, hummus, fruit, granola, vegan chocolate chip cookies...and other things that are so out of the realm of my normal eating, that I can’t even remember their names! I loved being wrong about this one! And, happy to be a part of a team that gets on board with every challenge!

This year I would like to gain more knowledge of the maintenance side of property management. My goal is to become CPO and HVAC certified by the end of the year.

ERIN KROHNE Experience Leader, Community Manager Valencia at Westchase

Stepping Up the Weightloss Game! RICHARD COMEGY

Experience Maker, Porter ilume park


Experience Leader, Regional Manager

Hardworking and dedicated to his property and team, Richard Comegy is our Porter at ilume Park! He does an amazing job keeping it beautiful and even offers to come in on Sundays to get a jump on those crazy Mondays. With the encouragement and help of his doctor, he is on a healthy lifestyle mission and has a weight loss goal of 50 lbs. Having already lost 25lbs, Richard is well on his way and says he may not even stop at 50lbs! Your ilume Park team is proud of you and wants to help you reach your goal! We hope this new Fitbit will help get you there! Way to go, Richard!




STEPHANIE BURNS Experience Leader, Community Manager Estancia at Morningstar



My year began with a lot of loss...first my grandmother at the age of 97, then my dog Alex at 17 years old. Although losing both back to back was painful, the time I spent with them in 2016, inspired by my better living goals, left me with zero regrets and countless memories I will always cherish. Thank you Better Living for always encouraging me to focus on what’s most important in life! TRACY WALL

Experience Maker, Better Living Consultant Carlyle Place

I love Better Living because it promotes actions that benefit my personal growth. It helps me transform into a more accomplished person, team member, and leader. STEPHANIE BURNS

Experience Leader, Community Manager Estancia at Morningstar

I’ve had the same goals year after year in terms of fitness and weight loss. What’s different this year is that my husband has become my weight loss buddy. This year I am going to join Weight Watchers and lose 25 pounds by May 31st. I’ve lost 13 pounds so far, and I have 12 more to go. I don’t intend on stopping at 25. I also want to get a form of exercise in at least 4x/week be it walking, Zumba or using the elliptical machine when traveling. Can’t wait!

I am so excited! I finished my book as planned and I have started book #2 for the month of February! And this book is so good that I don’t want to put it down. I think maybe I will be able to do 2 books instead of 1 this month!

MAITINA MORRISSEY Experience Leader, Senior Asset Manager

IVY RODRIGUEZ Experience Maker, Better Living Consultant Park 9




I want to declutter! I downloaded LetGo and OfferUp this weekend. My priority for the next month will be making sure I “offer up” my extras and “let go” of things we no longer need! I’m kind of a saver for the “just in case we need it” items, but come 3/31 my garage will be a few items less. TERESA HEENEY Experience Leader, Community Manager Ventana


Our employer promise to “strive to promote from within” is at the core of our multifaceted training program. In addition to one-on-one instruction, the program includes role-specific online courses, Employee and Customer Experience courses led by a Venterra veteran, and the Venterra Book Club. Our annual Venterra Leadership Conferences help inspire managers through speeches from our executive team and outside motivational speakers. To facilitate a smooth onboarding process, our Mentor Program matches new hires with a peer who can answer questions and provide guidance and, from day one, they can take advantage of our Educational Assistance Program which provides upfront funding for learning outside the organization.

75% of our corporate and regional leadership positions are held by individuals promoted from within the company.

I am so excited to be part of an organization that takes pride in a focus on Lifelong Learning for every employee! Venterra’s initiatives in the areas of training, mentoring, education assistance, Better Living and Venterra Reads reinforce this culture of learning and demonstrate a commitment to employee growth and advancement. I love that my role at Venterra allows me to focus on the continual development of our employees. I look forward to finding new and unique ways to help build our employees’ talents and equip them with the skills, experiences and exposure they’re looking for to meet their personal and professional goals.

I have enjoyed all the training that I have received. The time that Venterra puts into their employees is amazing. I’ve never worked for a company that does that. It definitely makes a difference.


Experience Maker, Better Living Consultant ilume

What I enjoy the most about Venterra is the tremendous and continuous growth opportunities that I’ve received.


Employee Learning & Development Manager

I have only been with Venterra for a little over four months, but this company exceeded all of my expectations. I knew as soon as I read the job description that this was a company that I wanted to be a part of. The Glassdoor reviews blew me away with how much support everyone felt they had with Venterra. It’s the first company that I’m excited to work for. The training always inspires me, informs me, and gets me pumped up about implementing new things at my property.


Experience Maker, Better Living Consultant Axial Buckhead





Experience Leader, Community Manager Hamptons at Woodland Pointe

Listen Up!


CHECK OUT THESE SURVEY RESPONSES FROM REAL VENTERRA EMPLOYEES I really appreciate all the time and effort my managers and coworkers have dedicated to make me feel like I really fit in the office, and really understand my position to the fullest. I feel empowered to do my best and have had great training to help me succeed. Venterra is an incredible company that I feel honored and proud to work for. They care for their employees’ growth and future. It is uniquely unusual to have a company that values you as an individual and promotes that individualism throughout the company to provide a better atmosphere to perform in.

RESIDENTS OF VENTERRA I am an active member of the 501st Legion, which is a world-wide, Star Wars costuming community dedicated to charity. They make appearances in parades, make hospital visits, go to library and school events, and so much more. I have loved Star Wars since I was a little girl and a few years ago I decided that having a realistic, movieaccurate Stormtrooper costume would be such a cool thing. After finally getting connected with someone else who had one, I learned about the 501st Legion and the amazing things they do. Almost 2 years ago, I ordered my armor kit with no idea how I was going to put it together. Luckily, I met some amazing people who were also Legion members and they helped me along the way. My costume was approved in February of 2016 and since then, I’ve had a wonderful, galactic adventure of making people smile. I went to almost 40 events in 2016 and have hit 21 events so far in 2017. My favorites have been the Atlanta St. Patrick’s Day Parade, visiting the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta hospital, Braves Star Wars night, Read Across America Day at Rockbridge Elementary School, Connectability Sidekicks Prom for Special Needs Children and Adults, and performing with Weird Al on stage at the Fox Theatre. The 501st Legion is a close knit, devoted organization that is known as the “Bad Guys Doing Good” and one that I’m proud to be a part of. KATHLEEN CAMPBELL





Hands on training. In my past experience the first day someone will review a few things and give you information to read and from there you are on your own. With Venterra I was assigned a mentor that spent several days with me. It gave me a good jump start and allowed me to feel confident in many areas that allowed me to properly support my team. Venterra is very unique in that they really care about its employees and works to develop them.


I had the privilege of taking on Venterra’s Better Way Initiative towards the latter part Q2 2017. It is such an honor to be an administrator of one of our CORE VALUES: Never-ending Pursuit of Excellence. Venterra team members take pride in what they do, and it shows when suggestions and questions are posted in our Better Way site. This truly represents the pride they take in sharing their ideas to help improve our daily operations. I personally get excited when suggestions come in, and as I’ve said in the past, I consider them all winners. It never ceases to amaze me how often I hear our team members say, “there has to be a better way” and before I know it, a suggestion is posted! We had over 700 Better Way submissions in 2017 and a total of 97 winners! Almost $20,000 was awarded which is record breaking! Seeing these numbers brings a smile to my face. MAITINA MORRISSEY

Experience Leader, Senior Asset Manager


I love, love, love the Better Way program! Better way is constantly making my work There is really something special about being life better! Whether it’s through ideas able to submit a suggestion about anything I submit or the countless number from others and everything that may cross your mind in across Venterra, each one makes regard to how the company might be able to do us an even better company. something a better way. To me, the best part of LAUREN MOSELEY this program is that the suggestions are often Experience Leader, implemented, which really gives us as employees Regional Manager a true sense of being valued and heard. And, Venterra Realty Corporate Office as a company, we can tap into the brilliance of all the different “minds” we have working across our various offices. This provides so many amazing ideas that may have never been brought to light otherwise. It’s a win/win program Better Way is great because you get the maximum amount of input and ideas. When for everyone! you get more people together, you get so many different perspectives. You get ideas that you ERIN KROHNE may not have had otherwise. I think it’s great Experience Leader, that we get the chance to voice ourselves to our Community Manager Valencia at Westchase company. CHELSEA FLEMING Experience Leader, Community Manager I can’t explain how amazing it feels to feel Hamptons at Woodland Pointe important and that your opinion matters. When submitting a better way, I feel like I am contributing to this company in a positive way and helping it grow.

ANGIE CAREY Experience Maker, Better Living Manager Park 9

So many great ideas have helped us to make each department run more efficiently and be more productive!

CANDI GARLAND Experience Leader, Regional Better Living Manager Venterra Realty Corporate Office




Last Year’s Winner BRENDA GRASHA

Experience Leader, Community Manager Timber Mill

I LOVE the Better Ways! I love to see my ideas come to life. EMPLOYEES OF VENTERRA I am a Court Appointed Child Advocate. I represent children that are abused or neglected in the Bexar County court system. These children do not have a voice, so I volunteer to be there for them through this time in their lives. I have been awarded Recruitment Volunteer of the Year and was also nominated by CASA for the VOYA Volunteer Of The Year for the United Way in San Antonio. I work with attorneys, physicians, therapists, social workers, Child Protective Services, police and detectives, children and their parents, grandparents and family. I report to the judges the best outcome for these children to be safe and loved. Placement is the recommendation I make to the court after gathering all the information to determine what is best for the child or children. I am blessed in the uniqueness of working for an organization that supports my mission in so many ways. The San Antonio properties support the children every year with a Christmas Toy drive and Back to School drive.

”No one can do everything, but everyone can do something”

Max Lucado, Outlive Your Life: You Were Made To Make a Difference




• • • 97 WINNERS • • • • • OVER $20,000 AWARDED • • • • • WOW MATTERS



VENTERRA CELEBRATES Every year at our annual Kick-Off Party we get an opportunity to give back for all the hard work our teams put in the previous year. Appreciation is shown through awards of all types for individuals and teams, through heartfelt speeches from our executive team, by giving out tons of prizes, and by just having a chance to enjoy an all-around amazing time! All the excitement is a great way for us to gear up for the New Year and this year’s party was no exception. We took a trip back in time for this year’s 50’s themed event and had a shake, rattle, and rollin’ good time (and leading up to it!). The 2017 Kick-Off Party included the unveiling of our newest Experience book, a rockin’ Elvis impersonator, photo booths, root beer floats, and a TON of our employees embodying the decade in their own way. 2017 Kick-Off parties were held in Houston and Atlanta, and we were delighted to see everyone’s smiling and excited faces again! The opportunity to mingle with a variety of Venterra cool cats from other regions is a huge part of what makes the parties such a blast to attend. Kick-Off is just one example of how we follow through with our Leader Promise of “making the time to have fun and celebrate Success!”




COMMUNITY MANAGER OF THE YEAR ALISHA LEVINE Experience Leader, Community Manager Tree Park It was such a great honor to be chosen as Community Manager of the Year. It was such a team effort at Apex. It starts with surrounding yourself with the best, and I had the best team. Winning this award gave me such a great sense of accomplishment and pride.

MAINTENANCE MANAGER OF THE YEAR ALI KIKIC Experience Leader, Maintenance Manager Gateway North It felt so good to be nominated for the Maintenance Manager of the Year last January. I was pretty surprised, and my first thought was, “someone screwed up big time calculating the winning points”, after all, it was my first year with the company. What’s so incredible about Venterra is that they really care about their employees. They guide you to be the best you can be and instill in you outstanding core values. It makes working for, and with them, very enjoyable. For the past year I’ve been trying my best to see if I will get surprised again like I did last year at the kickoff party, I hope I do.







VENTERRA HAS FUN We can thank our “Fun Ninjas” on our “Fun Committee” for helping us keep our promise to “make time to have fun and celebrate success.” This group of employees, gathered from all levels of the organization, are responsible for making sure our teams keep fun on the brain every day. They’ve rolled out initiatives that have included themed “Fun Fridays,” “Take Your Dog to Work” days, money-winning talent, costume, and sports contests, and even a company Spotify music playlist. Fun is so well-engrained into our culture that the committee even presents annual awards to the teams who stood out from the crowd by cutting loose and just having a good time at work.

ENJOY BIRTHDAYS OFF It seems like a small thing, being given your birthday off, but what really makes the difference is the celebration of it. More than a ‘Happy Birthday from your company’ email, Venterra celebrates birthdays and how you spend them – away from work! They built a place set aside for people to post pictures of what they did on their birthday day off and people can comment on them and ask questions. Seeing good comments and having these conversations about where we were and how it was really keeps birthdays going for more than just one day and really makes you feel that people really care.

FUN NATIONAL HOLIDAYS It’s no secret that our employees love an excuse to have a good time. Luckily, there are plenty of Fun National Holidays every year to help make it happen! From the indulgent “National Banana Split Day” and “National Hot Dog Day” to those for a good cause like “Red Nose Day,” Venterra teams definitely aren’t shy about celebrating in their own way!




WELCOME BOARD CONTEST In keeping our Leader Promise to “make time to have fun” we’re big fans of holding contests at Venterra. Whether it’s showing off talents, coming up with ideas to make the company better, or selecting March Madness picks, there’s no shortage of friendly competition within the company. In a recent contest to take the portfolio by storm, our employees got to show off their artistic sides in a big way!

FAMILY FUN DAYS Family fun days around Venterra were a great time! Whether we were bowling, gaming, splashing, dunking, racing or even tightrope walking, we had a blast and were so glad our families could be a part of it! Family Fun Day is a personal favorite of mine. It is pretty cool to meet family members of our teams!

Employees were challenged to turn up their creativity by decorating their community welcome board (signs used to welcome our newest residents home,) in whatever way they saw fit. Our three top winning boards earned the artist and their peers money towards a fun team activity!

FANTASY FOOTBALL When football season 2017 got underway, Venterra Fantasy Football got back in full swing, too! Similar to past years, we had a ”Pick ‘em League” and a “Survival League” and employees could participate in one or both to win cash prizes! MARCH MADNESS After a painful loss at the buzzer the previous year, the North Carolina Tar Heels were named the 2017 NCAA champions, and the crowning of a new champ meant it was time for our Fun Committee to announce the Venterra March Madness 2017 tourney winners, too! Bragging rights went to Financial Analyst, Joshua Delzell, who was able to correctly pick three of the teams in the Final Four securing his 1st Place March Madness 2017 win worth $500!




LISSA MAY Experience Leader, Senior Regional Manager


FUN FRIDAYS Our Fun Fridays have continued to be a hit across the Venterra portfolio! On select Fridays everyone in the office gets a chance to dress up for the day’s theme.


I Love how Venterra implements so much “FUN” into everything their employees do! I love bringing Lucy (my dog) to the office. It helped us relax and we enjoyed her company.

MARIED ALEMAN Experience Maker, Better Living Manager Links at Windsor Parke


Anytime there is a Fun Friday it feels like I have a break in my week. I find myself coming into work with an even more positive outlook on the day! I really enjoy seeing what the rest of the company is up to on Yammer! All these awesome ways Venterra incorporates fun into our environment gives me something to look forward to and really make this an anything but an ordinary place to work!


ROSE LISLE Experience Maker, Better Living Consultant The Phoenix





HAPPY HALLOWEEN Teams across the portfolio are never shy about getting into Halloween mode! We again held a contest across the portfolio in multiple categories: Best Individual Costume, Best Team Costume, and Best Office Decor. Our most ghoulish teams and employees took home $50 to $150!






MAINTENANCE MANIA Our maintenance teams showed up in force for their regional Apartment Association’s Maintenance Mania events. As usual, the office teams were their to cheer them on! Big congrats to David Reyna, Maintenance Manager at The Fairways at South Shore who went back to his community with a 2nd place win for his water heater assembly skills!

BRING YOUR DOG TO WORK DAY Employees have loved being able to have their pups come into the office to lend a paw since the introduction of our dog days in 2016! From Noah’s visit at The Links in Jacksonville, FL to Jake’s at Westover Oaks in San Antonio, TX, offices all across the Venterra portfolio have seen a serious uptick in adorable since the program was rolled out. There are plenty of great reasons why we decided to invite our canine pals into the office: Take Your Dog to Work Days can help decrease stress! A study published in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management showed that people who brought their dogs to work were less stressed than those who didn’t. Pets encourage camaraderie and bonding between team members! And our prospects and residents will get to see a side of us that goes far beyond our job function! Having a friendly dog in the office helps create a warm and welcoming environment that our residents and prospects will be able to feel! We already do so much to make our Venterra communities feel like home, this is just the cherry on top!








Our Venterra team members spend a ton of time and energy on creating memories for those around them! So we wanted to make sure they got to make some memories with the people they care most about, too! In the spirit of making time to have fun, we offered a complimentary vacation suite to our amazing team members! 2017 was our inaugural year and it was an absolute success! 40 groups of family and friends enjoyed the vacation suite and all that Falcon Square and Orlando had to offer!

Venterra thought of EVERYTHING for the Venterra vacation suite! I loved making memories with my little family and seeing the excitement in Wyatt’s (my boyfriend’s son) eyes as we walked into Magic Kingdom for the first time. We had a lot of “firsts” that trip and they were all possible with Venterra. I NOW understand the magic that is Disney!

Jennifer and I are both die hard Harry Potter fans (we even have matching Harry Potter tattoos) and have wanted to visit the Wizarding World at Universal for quite some time, so in a lot of ways this trip was a magical adventure!

ALEX CHACON Experience Maker, Better Living Manager Fairways at South Shore

SALLY FLORES Experience Leader, Regional Better Living Manager San Antonio/Austin

We went to Aquatica, spent a day at the beach and split a day between seeing Orlando and then Universal City Walk and Blue Man Group. We had a blast! Blue Man Group was great- I actually played some percussion when I was in band, so this was amazing to see as it was pretty much all percussion music. This was a WOW-EE from Lissa, Shawna and Mary- and it meant so much to see! I also loved the beach- my husband and I spent a whole day down there and it was nice to just leave everything and grab a good book and put my toes in the sand! The water was beautiful and the temperature was perfect! Aquatica was great- they have a lazy river that is built through a dolphin habitat, and it was so nice to swim next to them. There is also a water slide that takes you right through the habitat as well, and it looks like the dolphins have fun racing the people sliding down. I felt like I was a kid again here.




MOLLIE WITT Experience Leader, Regional Trainer Texas

Nothing short of magical, this trip was filled with poolside mornings and Disney afternoons! Having a place to stay that was close by and had everything we needed allowed us to focus on quality time with our family.

NATASSA ZERVOPOULOUS Experience Leader, Manager of Employee Experience Canada

This was a first for everything –first family vacation, first time at Gatorland and first time for Westin to see a gator; first time at Disney World; and first time for Westin to go to the beach!

CRYSTAL BRADFORD Experience Leader, Community Manager College View




VENTERRA ‘S MAINTENANCE We loved having a chance to spoil our maintenance teams a little more than usual during Maintenance Appreciation Week 2017! The week was an opportunity for us to show our onsite maintenance teams just how important they are to us. These are our employees who are responsible for taking care of the difficult jobs that are par for the course in our industry like plumbing, electrical, and HVAC repairs, as well as those outside the typical maintenance requests like running errands, fixing bikes, jumping cars, and tons more, not to mention the all-nighters they frequently have to pull! They are the backbone of our resident satisfaction results and the reason we can confidently say that living at a Venterra community means a resident experience that is by far the best. To show our maintenance teams the love they deserve, our communities went all out during maintenance appreciation week. From goodie bags, to surprise breakfast and snacks, to time off the job just to relax and catch a movie, our Experience Leaders stepped up to thank their maintenance crews for all they do in some fun and creative ways. Thank you so much for all you do, Venterra Maintenance! Nobody does it better than you. We hope you enjoyed your week and all the accolades! You very much deserve it!

With all the hustle and bustle of maintaining a community, and the start of busy season, our maintenance team was due for a relaxing time right after lunch. A few fell asleep, while enjoying a relaxing massage, some had never experienced a nice massage and absolutely loved the idea. The entire maintenance team was so happy and appreciated all the eating, acts of kindness, and appreciation shown to them in recognition of Maintenance Appreciation Week. Happy Friday and Thank You to the District Maintenance Team and those across Venterra. Thank you for your time, energy and all your hard work.

Maintenance Appreciation week was lots of fun at Valencia! The week included gift bags for each team member that included a Yeti Rambler and a cooling towel, lunch at a local Wing House, a weekly huddle dedicated to why we appreciate each maintenance team member, cards and a certificate for a paid hour off, a team breakfast, and we finished out the week by successfully escaping a Sherlock Holmes themed escape room! Valencia isn’t an easy property and we are so fortunate to have such an amazing maintenance team to keep things running. We’ve come a long way in the last year and couldn’t have done it without each one of them! I’m thankful for a company that gives us the resources and encourages us to show our appreciation!



JUANA SANTOS Experience Leader Community Manager The District Universal Boulevard

ERIN KROHNE Experience Leader Community Manager Valencia at Westchase


VENTERRA GIVES BACK With our 8 hours of paid volunteer time off per year and our new partnership with VolunteerMatch, our team members were able to connect with causes that are important to them…and have some fun, too!

People always want to volunteer but don’t always know where to go or have the time to do it on their own. By offering time away from work and the Volunteer Match program, we now have the resources to finally do it.

I recently volunteered at Habitat for Humanity. We boarded a whole house that would help with insulation. I feel so proud and humble at the same time!

PRIYANKA SEQUEIRA Experience Maker, Better Living Consultant Ventana

I’ve done a little volunteering here and there throughout the years, but I’ve never felt able to dedicate real time, because I’m always taking care of my family. This takes the stress out of taking a day off from work in order to give back to the community.


Hurricane Maria hit the country of Puerto Rico very hard. Several hundred thousand are still without safe access to clean drinking water. Venterra has partnered with World Vision to provide them with water filtration straws to provide clean water. Providing this life necessity is the first step in recovery and will allow the most vulnerable to gain a chance to rebuild. WOW MATTERS

MICHELLE QUIROZ Experience Leader, Community Manager French Place

JUSTIN BOND Experience Maker, Better Living Consultant The Cape at Grand Harbor

I love that I am encouraged to be a better version of myself and this year it was getting back to serving others by volunteering with different organizations throughout San Antonio.



SALLY FLORES Experience Leader, Regional Better Living Manager

20,000 meals sorted, donated or served

500 toys donated

$4,000 donated WE ARE VENTERRA



Every drop of sweat gave me such gratitude and it was all well worth it! It was such a rewarding experience!

CAROLINE JOHNSON Experience Maker, Better Living Consultant Belterra

For me volunteering is a very positive experience. And since I don’t get to do it often, it’s something that makes me feel like I’m contributing to a cause that’s making an impact in the community!

BIANCA THERVIL Experience Maker, Better Living Consultant Park 9

It makes me feel like I am part of something big and special; like I am making a difference in this world.

LAKEYA STEWART Experience Maker, Better Living Consultant Links at Windsor Parke

Amazing in a word. To know that when we wrapped the house in insulation, we were actually turning that house into a home for a family. Getting soaked that day was well worth it. We were giving back to our San Antonio community from the Best Place to Work, Venterra. Thank you Sally, for the opportunity to be a part of this experience.

ANNA FLORES Experience Maker, Better Living Consultant French Place

For myself, volunteering with Habitat for Humanity really drives home the true meaning of “community”. It’s a band of people coming together, ready to help whenever it’s needed. I loved the time I spent with my coworkers volunteering at Habitat for Humanity. I think we all feel most satisfied when we can positively impact another person’s life and when we contribute to our own communities.

I loved Habitat for Humanity! It’s one thing to take in & give donations for a good cause but when you use your hands and skills to help build something that’s a basic human need, it gives you a more genuine and fulfilling sense of pride. I’d do it again in a heartbeat, rain or shine!

JENNIFER MENDEZ Experience Maker, Better Living Consultant Ventana



BARRY TAYLOR-YOUNG Experience Leader, Community Manager The Palazzo CULTURE




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Now That’s Funny!




RESIDENT EXPERIENCE by Stephanie Gonzalez, Experience Leader, Director of Marketing & Customer Experience



The secret behind providing a really awesome customer experience is simple: Good Listening. Good listening is truly where effective communication begins and how a great experience can then be delivered. More important than a powerful voice, listening to what residents say and putting ourselves in their shoes to better understand their perspective encourages us to do the right thing. We obsess over feedback and view complaints as opportunities to improve. We love turning industry norms upside-down to discover new and better ways to solve choke points for our residents. From the time a prospective renter begins their search on Google, tours the community, moves in, and moves out, our people focus on listening and getting to know our residents, their needs, and their goals. By doing so, they deliver an experience that surpasses expectations. I’m so grateful to be a part of this journey that we’re on and humbled by the feedback we receive daily from residents.














FINDING YOUR NEW HOME IS A COZY FEELING Finding the perfect new home isn’t a logical process. It’s an emotional one and when you find it, it’s like finding the perfect adult onesie - all warm and cozy. When someone walks into a Venterra community, we want them to feel welcomed, and warm and cozy too! MICHELLE QUIROZ AND ANNA FLORES | French Place WE ARE VENTERRA



Belterra made my out-of-state move very easy and gave me peace of mind. They provided the local school information and any other information I needed in a timely manner. The staff go above and beyond and I am forever grateful. Overall, this has been an excellent moving experience. ANDREA BROOKS Belterra Resident Since 4/7/2017

Destiny has helped me from the beginning of the process. She gave me the initial tour, walked me through the application process, and was there when I arrived to move in. She is truly wonderful. Everyone that I have met in the office has always been very helpful and friendly. EMILY RAMSEY Calais Midtown Resident Since 6/14/2017

I knew I would love living here when I first took the tour, months before I planned to move. I appreciate the clear and open communication with the staff, and my home already feels like home. JASMINE THOMAS Carrington at Park Lakes Resident Since 7/25/2017

Jennifer was amazing with our move-in experience. The way she treated us during our apartment search was one of the deciding factors in choosing to move into Champions Green. AMY GREGOR Champions Green Resident Since 2/16/2017

92% of residents say they are happy with the overall leasing process.

My wife and I searched far and wide for an apartment that fit our budget and also met all of our needs. Gateway North didn’t just meet our needs and expectations, it exceeded them by quite a large margin. Our application process was quick and easy, the staff answered all of our questions along the way, and we couldn’t have been happier with the condition of the apartment on move in day. Highly recommended.

This was a great experience. I have lived in several apartments and this was the best movein by far! I was living overseas when I selected Villa Lago. I made my selection site-unseen, based on two important things - the video tour, and the outstanding email communication with the Villa Lago office. The communication prior to my selection was the deal-maker. I was in Thailand. The Villa Lago staff made me feel very comfortable. They were honest and prompt. All good. Please give Liz and Samantha proper recognition. They are golden!

NATHANAEL BERGEN Gateway North Resident Since 3/31/2017

REED MANKIN Villa Lago Resident Since 2/9/2017

Maried was absolutely awesome. Having to move for work very frequently, this was one of the best experiences I have had with an apartment complex. She was organized, detailed, and extremely welcoming.

Please extend my sincere thanks to Mrs. Lili Crohn for making me feel so welcome today. Her assistance with applying for and selecting my new home was nothing short of outstanding. My new home is beautiful and the resident facilities are awesome! Mrs. Crohn is a wonderful ambassador for The Balmoral Village.

KOURTNEY CLARK Links at Windsor Parke Resident Since 4/24/2017

PATRICK HERENDEEN Balmoral Village Resident Since 1/25/2017





Employee Feedback

It’s the friendly and inviting atmosphere that prospects experience while touring our communities and the top-notch customer service they receive at all contact points. It’s a glimpse they get of what it’s like to experience the Venterra difference. It’s not just our product, but it’s our people too!

DUSTIN CRANDALL Experience Maker Better Living Manager Apex West Midtown

I feel that first impressions make a lasting impression.

SALLY FLORES Experience Leader Regional Better Living Manager

The first impression is always so important. We have their undivided attention and they have chosen to visit our community for a reason. We need to take the opportunity to show them what separates us from the rest; whether it’s with the 48-Hour Service Guarantee, or the Live it. Love it. Guarantee., or the Resident Referrals even after they move out. These are part of what makes us different, showing that we value our residents and their time, even after they are gone.

MICHELLE QUIROZ Experience Leader Community Manager French Place

Anthony Ellwood made my move-in process extremely quick, seamless and easy. Every question and concern was addressed quickly and professionally. I could not have asked for an easier, more enjoyable application and move-in process.

My boyfriend and I temporarily moved to Texas from Florida. We really didn’t have much time to physically come and look for apartments, so I had to rely on pictures and communication. The communication with Emily was absolutely amazing! She answered all of my questions and concerns and provided me with a 3D model of the apartment. Fairways is such a great community and it’s absolutely beautiful. In my boyfriends words, “It’s going to stink to move out”.

I just wanted to take a minute to say how great Jazmin has been! We haven’t even moved in just yet, but the entire application process and lease signing process was a breeze. Jazmin was super friendly when I came by to look at a unit and was patient with me while I called my husband to convince him that this was the right place for us. I cannot wait to move to Ilume Park, and I am beyond thrilled with the level of customer service we’ve received so far.Thanks!

ALEXANDER MARTIN Tuscany at Lindbergh Resident Since 5/7/2017

NIVEA TEJADA Fairways at South Shore Resident Since 8/18/2017

KAYCIE AKERS ilume Park Resident Since 3/24/2017

My experience during my apartment tour won me over. Abby is wonderful, detailed, friendly, and took the time to answer all our questions. This type of service coupled with a beautiful community left no doubt in my mind that this would be my home for some time to come. I look forward to moving in. EMMA OMBOGO Valencia at Westchase Resident Since 3/3/2017


of residents rated the Leasing Staff as Excellent!


I love everything, and to top it off I have no car so they offer to send an UBER to pick me up wherever I was. So, thank you for everything. The tour was amazing and Amanda Nieves did an awesome job showing all the areas. KINGSLEY FEEDBACK


RESIDENTS OF VENTERRA I am a professional musician. I’ve released 4 full length studio albums, played over 800 shows nationwide over the last decade, and won several music awards. I’ve been nominated for a Grammy and several Independent Music Awards, and I’ve won 5 International Music Awards, including Songwriter of the Year twice. NATE CURRIN






No matter what, moving is not fun. On top of putting everything you own in boxes and having to request time off work, friends disappear faster than when you show up with your kid’s fundraiser order form. We know this and it’s why we do everything we can to ensure the move-in process goes without complications… or fundraiser order forms. We always escort our newest residents to their new homes so that we’re there to take note of anything needed. For example, Pizza! Because after moving, who has the energy to go out for food?




I worked almost exclusively with Jazmin throughout the entire process. When I came to look at the complex, she showed me the apartment, and she was my contact person through lease signing, and on move-in day. She was fantastic to work with, and I give her credit for us moving to ilume Park - the facilities are amazing, but she really went above and beyond in terms of friendliness and being helpful!

Belterra has exceeded my expectations. It is a beautiful and well-maintained community that provides comfort and quality. The staff are wonderful, the apartments are spacious and clean, the amenities are amazing, and I feel very safe in my home. I’ve lived here for over a year and have had very few problems. Any problems I did have were remedied immediately. Living here has been great!

KAYCIE AKERS ilume Park Resident Since 3/24/2017

STEPHANIE SCHMIDT Belterra Resident Since 8/1/2016

I have only lived here for a month, and I love it! It’s convenient to downtown, yet not in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of the city. There are great restaurants located underneath, and you get ten percent off. It has a great pool, and the apartments are so nice. Everyone in the leasing office is friendly and very helpful. My roommate put in a maintenance request in the morning and it was fixed a few hours later.

College View is by far the best apartment community I have ever lived in. The property is small, safe, quiet, and well kept. The people who live here are very friendly, and the variety of cultural differences is a nice welcoming touch. I’ve always felt safe, and I feel safe allowing my child to play outdoors without direct supervision. On hot summer days everyone comes together to play by the pool, which is refreshing. The office staff is excellent and so is the maintenance crew.

DARIAN FRANO Apex West Midtown Resident Since 7/10/2017

MICHELLE MCKAY College View Resident Since 3/3/2017

This community is beyond beautiful. The staff is friendly and efficient. Any questions are answered quickly and concerns are resolved immediately. The girls in the office are gracious and reassuring. I can’t think of a nicer welcome to Texas.

After selling my home of 25 years, I was hesitant and quite leery of moving into an apartment. However, I am well pleased with my choice. I feel safe, and I love my apartment.

DIANE SCHUMACHER Fairways at South Shore Resident Since 7/15/2016

JUDY TILBURY Cole’s Crossing Resident Since 1/4/2016


I am so in love with my new apartment at Calais Midtown. I recently moved into the Travis and I really love it! In my opinion Calais Midtown has some of the best floor plans I’ve ever seen in apartment living. I love all of the updates they’ve done and continue to do to the property! It’s super quiet on my floor which was one of the concerns I had moving from a house to an apartment. All in all, the staff and residents are friendly and I really love my new home and the wonderful positive energy it brings. ROBYNN MOORE Calais Midtown Resident Since 3/20/2017

I moved to Estancia in May of 2014 and it was a little piece of heaven. Then I married and moved to Dubai. After five and a half years we had to move back to the USA. I could not consider any other place in DFW than Estancia of Morningstar. These people are truly family. They made me feel so loved and wanted, I cried after coming back. The apartment is amazing with the crown moulding, the paint, and the beautiful carpet. It’s so quiet, all I hear are the children playing outside. My neighbors are so nice and considerate. The location is great also. We are close enough to walk to nice restaurants, and if we want to go downtown we just jump on the toll road. But we don’t need to go far; everything we need is right around us. I can’t imagine living anyplace else. Do yourself a favor and visit the property, and see for yourself how friendly and approachable they are. And did I mention they are pet friendly? MELINDA LEE-FLORENTINY Estancia at Morningstar Resident Since 1/13/2017



87% of residents say their Move In Experience was great!

I just wanted to take time to communicate how grateful and pleased we are with the service the maintenance staff provides. We have lived in other apartment complexes, and the service received was mediocre; however, this staff is always ready to serve and is always very friendly and courteous. AISHA CASANOVA Park 9 Resident Since 2/27/2016

Falcon Square apartments are absolutely amazing. The apartments are completely updated and beautiful, but where the complex really shines is with its leasing staff. We’ve dealt with nearly everyone in the leasing office since moving in, and they have all been exceptional. Coming from other apartments, I didn’t expect much. Most leasing staff is just there to get you into the apartment, and once you’re in they don’t seem to care. That is not the case with Falcon Square. I have never been more impressed with the attentiveness and kindness of leasing staff before. CHRISTOPHER INGLE Falcon Square at Independence Resident Since 8/17/2017

The process of moving can very stressful, but the staff at Gateway North made it a breeze for me, from touring the complex, to moving in. The associates could not have been more helpful and accommodating with all of my questions and needs. The facilities are also great. The maintenance team always makes sure that all of the maintenence needs are taken care of. Overall, I would highly recommend this place for those looking for a modern, yet home-like place to live. CAMILA ESPINAL Gateway North Resident Since 2/20/2017

I absolutely love this community, and the office staff is excellent. I have never met such a wonderful group of individuals as those here at The Vinings. Everyone is so kind and thoughtful. Any concerns or work needed is done immediately. The office staff is wonderful and the maintenace staff is just as kind and hard working. It is a clean, quiet environment and I really love it here. TEREZA JALOMO The Vinings Resident Since 6/14/2016

Jessie was fabulous in getting us moved into our place in a short period of time. He has always gone out of his way to accommodate us. The residence is a calm, nice environment. We enjoy living here!

My wife and I are a retired couple living at the Villas. We are in-between homes as we await the completion of our new home in the same area. I highly recommend this property for anyone wishing to find a nice, quiet place to live. The staff is excellent, very helpful, and fully engaged in the welfare of their clients. The maintenance staff is very good - I see them traveling all day long on their golf carts as they tend to the myriad of maintenance issues that spring from this complex. I would like to particularly single out Jeff for special kudos. He assisted me in pushing my car to a convenient space from which a tow truck could access it for removal to a shop. The engine would not start, and thus, he helped me manually move the car; it was a hot afternoon and he was more than willing to help me. Again, we highly recommend the Villas to anyone wishing to find a nice place to live, even for a short period.

ASHLEIGH GLOVER Silverbrooke Resident Since 12/16/2016

CAROL BUTTERWORTH Villas at Newnan Crossing Resident Since 5/2/2017

I am absolutely in love with this community. First and foremost, the staff was absolutely incredible! They were very responsive, and made the whole move super easy and very welcoming! Second, the residents are all so friendly! I’m very happy with this move! KAITLYN FOSTER Fairways at South Shore Resident Since 8/12/2017




Westover is a phenomenal apartment complex. The staff are genuinely kind and sincere, as well as accommodating. I have never met a friendlier group of people or felt more comfortable among neighbors. This is a very well maintained little community and my wife and I truly feel fortunate in settling in such a great location. KURT GILLMEISTER Westover Oaks Resident Since 4/27/2017

I LOVED my move-in experience! I have never been escorted to my apartment for the first time where I was handed the keys to do the honors. Then when I entered and looked around, I found little gifts with notes stashed around the apartment. Never have I been more excited to move to a new complex or felt so welcomed! It truly is the little touches that make such a difference and I have already told all my friends about Zang Triangle because of it! SARAH DUBEC Zang Triangle Resident Since 6/2/2017

EMPLOYEES OF VENTERRA I appeared in the reality TV show OutDaughtered on the TLC network and showcased my beautiful property! KRISTI ROBERTS


RESIDENTS OF VENTERRA I am a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and have competed in the Junior Olympics 5 times. I started when I was in kindergarten, in my home state of Colorado. My brother and I started practicing at the same time, he was in second grade, and together we worked at mastering the art. Our instructor was a seventh-degree black belt and was very strict, he’d actually competed in the Olympics; he always pushed us to do our best. My brother and I competed in Junior Olympics events across the country, with one of us always taking the gold. When I was 13, eight years after starting, I earned my black belt. Now I’m 23 and in law school. I have started boxing and kickboxing classes and my instructors love to learn Tae Kwon Do techniques and integrate them into their fighting style. I believe that my diligent, persistent, optimistic, and unabating spirit was formed during my time in Tae Kwon Do and it shaped me into who I am today. CARLY POWER CARLYLE PLACE




I don’t think maintenance is aware of how extremely awesome they are and always have been. I want it to be known that I absolutely admire their drive and willing spirit to always keep the residents (especially me) comfortable and satisfied. They even come out on their days off with a smile. I’m not sure of the name of who last came out to repair my cooling system the last two times, but he’s truly an asset and awesome at everything he does. He never ever complains of anything. SUZANNE STEWART Preserve at Old Dowlen Resident Since 4/14/2011

One day I was going to my car with my bags and trash. One of the maintenance staff was passing by, and he stopped to take my trash to the dumpster. He didn’t have to, but his kindness was truly appreciated. His action made me feel like this is a true community. My only regret is that I didn’t get his name. CYNTHIA CARTER St. Andrews Resident Since 4/1/2014

This is a wonderful place because the front office is polite and enthusiastic. The environment is clean, safe and welcoming. Maintenance requests are responded to quickly and by people who are respectful and polite. So far, no complaints!

These are hands down some of the best people you will EVER come into contact with. They always have such an amazing attitude and go above and beyond to make sure things get taken care of in a timely fashion. Diana, Darlene, and Priscilla have made this such an enjoyable stay that I am excited to sign another lease.The maintenance staff is great as well and very prompt. My daughter and I love it here!

HOLLY BARRAS Tree Park Resident Since 2/15/2017

AMBER WHEELER South Shore Lakes Resident Since 7/13/2016


Thank you to Christine and Cele for making my move in stress-free and simple. I don’t know how you ladies get it all done, but it’s amazing to me that each time I have a question or an issue, y’all are able to get an answer or a solution almost immediately for me. Thank you for putting up with me through the move-in process. I greatly appreciate you both! Also thank you to the guys in maintenance that came out the day of my move in and were kind enough to do small touchups with paint spots and even offered to bring up some boxes from my car. Thank you Francisco for going above and beyond to help me; your generosity will not be forgotten. ANNA ZAMBRANO Stonecreek Ranch Resident Since 1/12/2017

Manuel delivered his usual excellent, above-andbeyond customer service again today. I don’t even know if I would call it customer service. It’s more like a caretaker meeting the needs of a friend. He made me a priority and took extra care to make sure all my needs are met. I am, as always, very grateful that we have him on our staff. Thank you, Manuel! EMILY LENTZ Timber Mill Resident Since 7/18/2013

I hiked the Appalachian Trail, which is 2168 miles long. It took me six months! I had never hiked a day in my life before starting this journey. I had been six months clean and sober. I titled this journey ‘Conversations with God’.





Jessica Durow, a Venterra employee rescued Cooper around 3 years ago after he was dumped in a trashcan. Recently, he lost use of his back legs and was taken to the emergency vet and rushed into surgery. Jessica has saved his life once, and is doing everything to do it again. Follow the progress on social media. #CooperTheJourney


Like Cooper waiting for leftover breakfast bacon, we can’t wait for service requests. It’s our opportunity to nurture our relationship with a resident and when one comes in, we jump to get it fixed fast. Our Maintenance teams are a big part of the Customer Experience discussions at Venterra. They’re known for fixing a curtain rod, assembling bookshelves, and even putting together a baby crib. It’s just like our mothers said, “leave things better than you found them”. Our Maintenance Teams are the core of the Venterra Experience. They’re the best in the business and we’re fortunate to have them. FRANK CORNEJO | Park 9 WOW MATTERS



About a year ago my hot water heater failed, so I opened up a ticket and expected three days of drama. To my delight, the heater was completely replaced several hours later. This is unbelievable in this day and age. Yesterday, I opened up eight tickets. Two tickets were significant and the others were routine annoyances that had been stacking up. I figured I would just hammer the team with all of them and let them knock ‘em out as they had time. After opening EIGHT tickets in one shot, I didn’t expect maintenance to be very happy. Well, lighting struck again. Two hours later, Chris and Eric (Calvin) showed up at my door. I was working from home and on a conference call, but Chris told me not to worry; he’s got it. Ninety minutes later, he knocks on my office door and tells me everything is complete minus some roofing repair that is scheduled. Once again, I was amazed with the responsiveness, friendliness and effectiveness of the maintenance team. Are you guys feeding them service steroids or something? My expectations of service these days is almost non-existent.I can’t get a cup of coffee without a fiasco. This crew knocks it out of the park every single time I ask them for something. Stellar job, and I am very thankful.

I am so appreciative of the maintenance staff at the complex. They are beyond helpful! My roommate and I ordered furniture for our apartment that was way too heavy for us to carry, so they offered to help. It’s hard to find the level of customer service that both the office and maintenance staff offers here at Tuscany. I am so thankful for the helpful and friendly people here. NAM NGUYEN Tuscany at Lindbergh Resident Since 2/16/2017

These guys are great! Our A/C went out twice within 24 hours, and they came within 30 min to fix it! They always say hello when I see them, and they are really fast at responding toany issue! Thank you!! KRISTIN NEWTON Valencia at Westchase Resident Since 8/5/2017

ROBERT MICCICHE Balmoral Village Resident Since 5/9/2015




I want to take a moment out of my day to say how much I appreciate our maintenance team as well as the staff that coordinates scheduling contractors. Every time I have entered a maintenance request, I have never waited longer than a day for its completion, and for that I’d like to say thank you for working so diligently and courteously. DANIEL GALVAN Ventana Resident Since 3/23/2016

Luis is beyond a shadow of a doubt deserving of recognition for his helpfulness, professionalism, and great attitude. Throughout my stay here, he has helped me with various maintenance issues. I truly appreciate everything he does,and he is someone I trust. ALLEN SPECTOR The Phoenix Resident Since 9/26/2016

I can’t say enough good things about the staff in the office and maintenance. My elderly aunt lives with me, and they go above and beyond to bring her mail to her and promptly respond to each and every need she has. I’ve never lived in an apartment where every request I’ve made has been addressed within hours. ELAINE MORALES The Vinings Resident Since 11/22/2016

Ty and I never get tired of saying thank you to the phenomenal staff here at the PWH. We would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge Rob and Enrique for their hard work and can-do spirit in resolving our concern yesterday. These two wonderful human beings are truly a Godsend in our lives, and we so appreciate their alwaysready willingness, quick response, warm hearts, genuine caring, and utmost professionalism. They are always ready with a genuine smile that brightens our day and a cheerful greeting. Thank You, Thank You, Rob and Enrique. TYRONE JENKINS Park at Waterford Harbor Resident Since 12/18/2014

I don’t often write reviews, but my experience with the maintenance team was so amazing that I need to write one. It was past midnight when I had an issue with the bath faucet. It wouldn’t turn off, and water was flowing out uncontrollably. I left a message with the emergency maintenance line, and two hours later, the issue was completely fixed. I wanted to sincerely thank Luis, the outstanding maintenance technician, and Vanessa the property manager for their immediate attentiveness. The maintenance team is prompt and professional. I am thankful for having an excellent maintenance team with great customer service at Westover Oaks. OLIVIA LIAO Westover Oaks Resident Since 5/18/2017



of residents rate the quality of work provided by Venterra maintenance as better than the competition. Jose R. has worked on my last two maintenance requests. He is extremely hard working, very efficient, thorough, quick to respond, very friendly, and kind. My mom was staying with me for the holidays and met him the first time he came over to do some repairs. My mom couldn’t say enough great things about him. Today I walked in, and my maintenance request was done earlier than I thought, and it is perfect! I’m so glad we’ve got him here at Zang! Thank you Jose for everything you do for our building! TARA BOUDREAUX Zang Triangle Resident Since 8/23/2013

I had a maintenance issue with my toilet, and Chris was on top of the issue and he fixed it. I also had a problem with my dryer; I couldn’t get a screw out and asked him to just loosen the bolt for me. I came home from work today, and not only did he loosen the bolt, he replaced the cord on the back of my dryer making my day easier and putting a smile on my face. Way to go above and beyond! LUANN DAVIS Villas at Newnan Crossing Resident Since 9/15/2016




of residents say they are happy with Venterra’s maintenance response time. I LOVE the maintenance staff. They go out of their way to help, and they fix whatever is wrong fast and right the first time. And if you’re not home when they come, you would never know they were there. They always clean up after themselves. They’re GREAT! WENDY HUNSINGER Gateway North Resident Since 2/17/2017

I love the maintenance staff, Rogelio and Paul. They are friendly and always show up within 24 hours. They always fix whatever issues we have very quickly, and I feel comfortable with them being in my apartment when I’m not home. I like that the head maintenance guy is the same guy since we started living here. I also love the pool, and the nice trees and plants on the property. The volleyball court and track are a nice addition, which makes the apartment stand out. The guys in the front office are also very friendly and helpful, mainly Alex. ELLEN HAY Silverbrooke Resident Since 5/23/2017

Belterra has been our home for about two years now and we are so happy to be here! The grounds are beautifully maintained, the office staff is very friendly and excellent at communication, and the maintenance staff is always on time, polite, and respectful of our home! Belterra does a great job of making this feel like a community by always having fun events! I always feel safe here, even when I work late or early hours. I would recommend Belterra to anyone! LINDSEY LELAND Belterra Resident Since 9/18/2017

Maintenance here is top-notch and always friendly and caring, even with the smallest of details. They are highly qualified and skilled and make all the difference in apartment living. The environment here is clean and safe, from the beautiful pool area to the gorgeous landscaping and tidy dog parks. IDA VELASCO Villa Lago Resident Since 7/12/2017

Apex West Midtown has the BEST maintenance staff EVER! Turnaround time on maintenance requests is quick from start to finish, and the job is well done. Keep up the great work! JAELA CLARK Apex West Midtown Resident Since 6/19/2017


Wow! We are always amazed at how quickly our maintenance requests are completed, either the same day, or by the next! This is GREAT! MARCIA BRYAN The Dominion Resident Since 4/4/2017

I love everything! The office staff and David in maintenance are fantastic. They always have time to talk, and are excellent in taking care of any problems or situations that arise. The grounds are kept neat and it’s just a great place to live. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. A lot of my friends are jealous because of where I live... it feels good. TONI DURAN French Place Resident Since 6/30/2016

I can’t say enough positive things about our maintenance staff. I am most familiar with Manuel and he takes excellent care of me and my home. This is true also of Genaro and Sab. Manuel always goes above-and-beyond in his efforts, taking great pride in his work and treating me with great respect and loyal friendship. His most recent act of caring was to help me clean my ceiling fan, something I’m pretty sure is not exactly in his job description. As someone struggling after a difficult surgery and is also badly allergic to dust, his care for me meant so much. Thank you. EMILY LENTZ Timber Mill Resident Since 5/4/2017



Employee Feedback The real resident experience happens on a day-to-day basis with how we care about and respond to their daily needs. Service requests are only one point, but how we take care of their community and other issues that may come up is the real relationship.

BARRY YOUNG Experience Leader, Community Manager The Palazzo

No matter how insignificant the issue may be in the big picture, for this resident at that particular time, it is the most important thing to me becasue it is to them.

RAMON GONZALEZ Experience Leader, Community Manager ilume

Most of the time we don’t hear from residents except for when they have a maintenance request, so this serves as an oppurtunity to show the resident what we are all about, even after they’ve moved in.

ERIN DOBIAS Experience Leader, Community Manager Belterra

Take YOU Out to the Ball Game This summer has been such a scorcher that our AC units have had some trouble keeping up. The AC went out for one of our families here at South Shore Lakes and it took some time to figure out what was wrong. Maintenance Technicians were there working hard to solve the problem and window units were put in place to help cool the apartment until it was fixed. We were in the office plotting a WOW! We knew we wanted to do something nice for them because of all of the trouble they were having, but what?

south shore lake WOW MATTERS



After doing some research, we found out that the parents love supporting their favorite baseball team, the Astros! We went online and purchased tickets for the Astros vs Cubs game, which gave them a few weeks to prepare. We also bought the family some new jerseys and Astros dresses for the girls, with matching bows! We called them to the office for a package and surprised them with the gift, all in Astros colors! They were blown away by all the cool new gear and super excited about the tickets. ​


When someone decides to renew their lease with Venterra, we get excited. It’s up there with Beyoncé retweeting our posts, which hasn’t ever actually happened, but we know how excited we’d be if it happened. It means we’ve made it! We’re trusted and liked and that’s the biggest compliment we could ever ask for. COMMUNITY MANAGERS | Southwest Regions WE ARE VENTERRA



Belterra Apartments has been nothing short of incredible. It is coming on 13 months of living here, and after searching for a new property closer to work (to shorten my 25 mile drive), we decided to renew our lease. The property is as a whole very well kept and clean. The staff is incredibly helpful and always willing to help. I would recommend Belterra Apartments to anybody searching for apartment home living.

My husband and I have lived here for 2 years now and we couldn’t be more pleased with our experience. None of them come close to being as great and warm as Carlyle Place. You’re not just a nameless resident around here. Our apartment is lovely, and we get compliments from our visitors all the time. Everyone always comments about the great job maintenance does keeping the community beautiful. We love our home.

DEVEN CUDAR Belterra Resident Since 1/5/2016

JACQUELINE DANIA Carlyle Place Resident Since 7/20/2015

This is seriously the best apartment complex I’ve ever lived at, with fantastic floor plans, great location, amazing staff, and tons of useful amenities. The management clearly cares about continual improvement- constantly upgrading, and making things better. Move here!

I love my apartment! I even met husband at the pool. We will be married Jan 6th. I love the people in the office and the maintenence workers, too.

GREGORY CRISLER Calais Midtown Resident Since 5/12/2016

GAIL PHILLIPS Cypress Pointe Resident Since 5/8/2016

94% of residents agree that Venterra genuinely cares about its residents.

The management and maintenance staff (Gloria, Robert, and Mayra) always make me feel like FAMILY! During a recent power outage, Gloria personally walked over to my unit to check on me after not being able to reach me by phone. As a disabled senior dependent upon oxygen 24/7, her concern for my welfare and whether I had enough battery backup melted my heart and calmed my nerves! ROBIN PHILLIPS Champion Woods Resident Since 6/10/2016

EMPLOYEES OF VENTERRA Growing up I loved to watch detective shows – Rockford Files, Simon and Simon, and, of course, Magnum P.I. Many moons ago, when I lived in Virginia, I was working in men’s clothing, in a department store, when a friend of mine told me about an academy offering classes in private investigation. I looked them up in the yellow pages, called them, and enrolled in the full package. After four months of training classes, I was a certified sharp-shooter and an executive protection agent, and a registered private investigator. I worked for about a year-and-a-half following cheaters and embezzlers, finding people, and executing process service – which is a fancy way of saying serving subpoenas. Process service was my favorite part. Yes, it sounds mundane, you’re essentially handing someone a piece of paper, but you can’t underestimate how much people do not want to be handed this particular piece of paper. The fun was in tracking someone down and finding a creative way to get that piece of paper in their hand; like taped to the bottom of a pizza box or slipped in a bar napkin. I also learned quickly to find an escape route and know when to run, especially when I told them ‘It’s been a pleasure serving you.’






Community Managers Mrs. Michelle and Ms. Anna made us feel super welcomed. They have been very professional, helpful, friendly, and courteous in all of our contacts with them. We love it here. It’s very quiet, the neighbors are polite, and the quality of the apartment in relation to the rent amount is very reasonable. We enjoy the swimming pool almost every day. Mrs. Quiroz organizes social activities which are an excellent way to get to know our neighbors. BERNARDO BERNAL French Place Resident Since 3/4/2017

This is my fourth year living here and I’m loving it. The staff is very friendly and they make you feel like family. They respond in a timely manner and are always up to help any residents. It’s the greatest place I’ve lived so far.

Bravo to The Venterra Team at The Links at Windsor Parke! Hail and well done! The landscaped grounds of building six are looking sharp with all the new sod, a new bulkhead, the scrubs and trees trimmed. You have done a wonderful job. Thank you. MARLENE BORAWSKI The Links at Windsor Parke Resident Since 11/23/2011

This is by far the best apartment service we’ve ever received, and we have lived in three or four different places. Best, best, best customer service and great timing when it comes to having something fixed. Y’all are awesome! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. CHANTELLE KELLEY Estancia at Morningstar Resident Since 11/17/2016

RICARDO LORES College View Resident Since 12/20/2013

RESIDENTS OF VENTERRA I am a female construction worker and welder, except I work underwater as a commercial diver! I work maintaining, salvaging, and preventing accidents in the oil industry in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a small world of hard working men with few women. I spend days on end out at sea. The world below the waves is undiscovered, stunning, thrilling, and dangerous. I love what I do. Most don’t even know this profession even exists. MARENA KANZLER

When Erin came in to renew her lease, she was extremely excited about her upcoming Disney trip with her teenage Daughter. She mentioned that this was going to be their first time traveling together without her other children, and she was looking forward to some quality time with her oldest daughter. We knew we had to do something special for them. Once we had the dates of their trip, we purchased front row seats for La Nouba by Cirque du Soleil! The day before their flight, we called Erin into the office with the excuse that she missed signatures on her renewal. We handed her the tickets, and at first, she seemed confused but soon realized what the tickets were. She left the office very happy and gave hugs to everyone!




A Disney Trip



Employee Feedback The Renewal Experience is a neverending focus where our property management teams continuously work on providing an excellent living experience to our residents. To us, it’s more than just our residents saying they wish to live at our community for another year, it’s a chance for us to show appreciation and renew upon our promise to provide a world-class living experience. Choosing to renew their residency with us is a great compliment and our teams place an extreme amount of focus on ensuring our residents’ day-to-day experience is a positive experience.

DANIEL HAMANN Experience Leader, Director of Revenue and Strategic Initiatives

The key to a succesful renewal experience is that residents have a positive experience and feel we truly care.

RACHELLE HERNANDEZ Experience Leader, Analytics Manager

Renewal time is the perfect opportunity to reaffirm why Venterra is the best place to continue their residency!

LISSA MAY Experience Leader, Senior Regional Manager Houston

We have enjoyed living here since 2009, after retiring and selling our home. We love the home environment and well-kept property. All of the office management and maintenance staff are great people.

91% of residents are happy with the management communications.

LARRY EWERT Park at Waterford Harbor Resident Since 12/5/2009

The manager and office staff are always friendly and professional. They really care about the residents and work so hard to make everyone happy. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, I would give a 10++. JOYCE LOWELL South Shore Lakes Resident Since 2/2/2011

Ventana provides a great living experience in so many ways. The property is lovely with lots of trees and is well maintained. The staff is friendly and responsive, and my maintenance requests have always been handled promptly. I love being able to enjoy a pedestrian lifestyle with so many shops, restaurants, and a theater within easy walking distance. Ventana is a comfortable, quiet environment and I highly recommend it.


AMBER WHEELER Preserve at Colony Lakes Resident Since 7/13/2016

This is a great place to live, and I couldn’t be happier. A clean, beautifully maintained property, a professional and courteous staff, and a prompt and knowledgeable maintenance crew make my apartment a perfect fit. TAMMY HOLGERSON The Links at Windsor Parke Resident Since 10/8/2016

SUSAN MCGONAGLE Ventana Resident Since 8/18/2017


These are hands down some of the best people you will EVER come into contact with. They always have such an amazing attitude and go above and beyond to make sure things get taken care of in a timely fashion. Diana, Darlene, and Priscilla have made this such an enjoyable stay that I am excited to sign another lease. The maintenance staff is great as well and very prompt. My daughter and I love it here!




Why? 8% of our Move Ins annually are residents that have lived with Venterra previously. The relationships we build with our residents go beyond the terms of a lease. Move. Live. Repeat. That’s life. The opportunity to be the solution for renting happens throughout life: first time renter, rent between selling/ buying homes, divorce, temporary housing, marriage, empty nesting, retirement. There are even times when moving to one of our competitors for a 6 month stay leads them back to Venterra. And we’re happy to be here for them when it does.




JOS, Cassidy, and manager Jennifer as well as the maintenance personnel helped me. WOW, WOW, WOW. They all went above and beyond for me. I have never come across an apartment complex that will go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable. I will always call Carrington my FH. If you’re wondering what those initials stand for, it stands for “Forever Home”. With deepest appreciation and very grateful to all. TABITHA DANSBY Carrington at Park Lakes Resident Since 11/29/2016

Jenna assisted with the move-out and final billing. She was very thorough in going over every detail of the move-out and breaking down the financial aspect. Everything was clear and I was left with no questions. JUAN GARCIA-PARDO Calais Park Lofts & Apartments Resident Since 8/8/2015


Bala Woods staff, as always, was very polite and professional. They are warm and approachable. It’s bittersweet saying goodbye, and I hope for bright futures for each of them.

of residents agree that Venterra genuinely cares about its residents.

JERED DOWDEN Bala Woods at Kingwood, Resident Since 4/16/2015

Best apartment experience! I recently relocated to Ft. Worth, and I’m so glad I chose Villa Lago apartments as my first place to stay in the DFW area. Villa Lago is a nice compromise between city living and enjoying the countryside. Grocery stores, shops, and small restaurants are also conveniently located nearby. Downtown city life is a short drive away, and country backroads are in the area as well. I received another job offer and unfortunately had to move to another residence. If I’m back in the area, they will be my first choice! JORDAN ALLEN Villa Lago, Resident Since 8/16/2016

Leaving with Love

As maintenance we get the opportunity to get to know all of the resident’s pretty well. There is one couple in particular that stood out to us. Belinda and her husband have been valued residents since construction. They are an elderly couple getting ready to move to Austin to live with their daughter and brand new granddaughter. Mr. Edward is recovering from major back surgery and Miss Belinda seemed a little stressed as she was explaining to Randy about the upcoming move and all the care he needs, and the packing etc. We decided a nice way to help out would be to assist them with the packing of heavy belongings, taking art and pictures off the walls, and gifting them a gift card to aide in the cost of packing supplies, and moving materials. They were completely relieved.

Life’s journeys bring residents into our communities and hearts for many different reasons: marriages, graduations, new jobs, divorces. And, unfortunately, sometimes those journeys lead them out and that’s when it’s hard to say Good-bye. Knowing that the move-out process is likely just as stressful for our residents as the move-in process, we work hard to show the same consideration and respect whether they are coming or going. The relationships we build with our residents sometimes go beyond the terms of a lease, however, and oftentimes we are able to stay in touch. And, believe it or not, eight percent of our move-ins per year are residents coming back to a Venterra community. Whether you are a current or previous resident, though, we will always pay a referral fee when your friends and family move in.

The Cape @ Grand Harbor WOW MATTERS

Employee Feedback



LEIGH SUBLETT Experience Leader, Demand Generation Manager





Making a Difference When it Matters Most Venterra truly cares about improving the lives of our residents and employees. WOW Matters enables us to make a difference when it matters most.






In 2008, Venterra launched WOW Matters – an initiative meant to inspire our teams to make a difference in the lives of our residents. As it turns out, they never needed inspiration, they only needed a budget. Venterra provided a budget and empowered everyone to use it at their discretion to create WOW moments for our customers. After the overwhelming success of WOW Matters (and a lot of tears of joy), in 2015, Venterra launched a complimentary program called WOW-EE – where Venterra Experience Leaders were given the same resources to create WOW moments in the lives of our employees. This has served as a way to appreciate and recognize our teammates; and it speaks to our Employer Promises very well. The stories you will read are not only inspiring but also show a culture that demonstrates exceptional experiences for our residents and employees as well. Every person working for Venterra has the power to make a difference; simply by caring, many lives are touched. Everyone at Venterra focuses on the “Experience” which is why we incorporated it into job titles. If you are a resident or employee, an exceptional experience is what you will get. Experience Makers are what we do and who we are at Venterra.




EMPLOYEES OF VENTERRA In my twenties, I was blessed to celebrate my love for sports and passion for dance by being a professional dancer/cheerleader for six years. I started with NBA as a Houston Rockets Power Dancer for one year, took a year off and decided to try out for The Houston Texans Cheerleaders which I was one for four years. I ended my professional dance career with the most elite and world-recognized NFL Cheerleader organization, The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. I was fortunate to have one terrific season at the time the new Cowboys Stadium opened in 2009 and end my dance career with a bang! I will cherish this part of my life and am forever grateful to have the incredible experience and timeless memories!






wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters We have an Orange Crush on our resident!

Hi! me and my boyfriend would like to know if there is any way the soda machine could be moved to an area where it could be accessed 24/7 such as the mail room. Ever since my boyfriend had a massive heart attack and had an internal defibrillator placed in him, he has strong cravings for orange soda as it’s the only type he can have because the caffeine and sugar content it contains. It’s dangerous for him to drive all the way to 711 or Walmart to get one so this would be a huge help!

We received this message on our resident feedback section over the weekend, and I was a bit taken aback by this message because the location of the soda machine is super convenient (not available 24 hours though), and Walmart is nearby our community. Olga and I were discussing this message when she says, “lets “Wow” him by stocking him with a ton of soda!” I was in disbelief because this is not the reaction I am familiar with (coming from other management companies). When I went to Publix to purchase the soda, they were BOGO (buy one, get one) so, I got double the amount and free movie tickets for purchasing more than

” Falcon Square at Independence thank you, Jake and Amanda Porter

2 cases. When I delivered all the cases to the resident, he was asleep; however, I left the soda with his son who was in shock and continued to say thank you repeatedly. Every time I brought up 2 cases he would say, “oh sweet thank you!” By the 3rd time, he was like “NO WAYYYYY”! Later we received a phone call from Jake thanking us and stating how it was “SO COOL”, and how he craves his orange soda and totally appreciates the gesture! Yet again, I was left in disbelief by the actions and culture this company provides. Little by little I fall in love with Venterra Realty due to the sweet little things I see done daily for both residents and employees.


Who’s going to see ZZ TOP? A while back, Thad stopped by the office to thank us for all the repairs and work we have done to the property. He told us how happy he was with his home. We got in a conversation about the Rodeo and that he really wanted to go see ZZ Top, and he was going to see if there were still tickets available. As soon as he walked out the door, we knew we had to help. We jumped online and purchased 2 tickets for him in section 121, right up where the action is. We called Thad back to the office, saying that we had a surprise for him. He was shocked that we purchased tickets for him. He was smiling ear to ear and was speechless.

College View Apartments

No one has ever done anything like this for me. You really didn’t have to do this. Thank you. Thad





wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters Our resident was moved... ...in more than one way Andrew frequently visits the office to say hello, and to see how the leasing team is doing. One day he came in to visit, and as usual, he asked how my daughter and I were doing.”We are doing good”, I said. “She will be one soon, so I’ve been pretty busy planning her party”. As the conversation went on, I could see that Andrew didn’t seem his usual self, so I asked him how things were going for him, and if he had already started packing for his apartment transfer. He expressed to me that he doesn’t spend much time in the living room, due to canceling his cable, so he doesn’t really need his couch anymore. He also told me that he has no one to help him move his furniture, therefore he is actually just giving it away. He mentioned that he had already put his items on craigslist and other sites. Lots of questions began to float in my mind, but the main question was, where is he going to sleep? On the floor? So I asked him. He said, “I plan on getting a blow up mattress. I think I can get by with that”. I couldn’t let Andrew give away the last bit of what he had, especially when I know that those things are what make a home feel like a home. When he left, I spoke with Ramon and told him that I felt like we should do something for Andrew. I thought we could possibly get him some movers. Of course Ramon agreed, so I got on the phone and called him, but his line went straight to voicemail. The next day I saw Andrew going to his mailbox, so I ran outside to speak with him. I told him that he would not need to sleep on a blow up mattress and to quickly remove his ads from those sites, because we were going to get him movers. He was literally at a loss for words. I could tell that he was fighting back tears as he looked at me, and just shook his head in disbelief. After a few minutes, he gave me a hug and said thank you. After the move, Andrew brought donuts to the team, and he even wrote a little note that said, “Thank you, St. Andrews! I am so proud to call this place my home.”

Sharing is Caring! Over the Memorial Day weekend, I decided to take my family for a swim and hang out at the pool. There were a lot of kids at the pool, and I witnessed Brenden celebrating his graduation from elementary school. He received a giant turtle float as a gift and was eager to use it. All the kids were so excited to see this large turtle that they surrounded him as he played. Being a nice guy, he decided to share his float. He got out of the pool for a short while to take a break, and to his dismay, when he returned, the children had busted his float. He was so sad. When I returned to work on Tuesday I mentioned to Alma what I had witnessed, and we decided to WOW him with new pool toys. We ordered a float for him that was even larger than the one he had received before, some goggles, some torpedoes and some other pool items. When we called him into the office on Saturday to receive his items, he was SO happy. We wanted to make sure he knew how rewarding sharing can be even if it doesn’t feel so great in the moment; in the end, it pays off!

coles crossing

st. andrews






Baby Shower for Xara! ​ y Better Living Consultant Lissette has M an 18-month old boy, Xander and is now expecting a little girl, Xara. She had a baby shower a few weeks ago that a few of us were able to attend. She received lots and lots of presents, but I really wanted to get baby Xara something from the Venterra family. I kept having covert conversations with Lissette trying to figure out what she still needed. I found out that she needed the crib/bedding set she had registered for, as well as some of the matching accessories. So I went out and bought those items, as well as a couple little outfits - little girl clothes are just so cute, and I couldn’t resist! MANAGER: ERIN CAINE

We wanted to have a celebration with the Valencia family, so during our weekly huddle, we set up for a mini baby shower in our model. We had cake and balloons and all of the gifts wrapped. At the last minute, I texted the team to let them know that the huddle was going to be in the model this week, and the rest of the team all got there just a smidge early so we could surprise her! It was super fun, and we loved having the opportunity to celebrate Lissette and Xara. We are going to miss Lissette while she is out on maternity leave, but we could not be happier for her or more excited to meet Xara!

I was very exited. I had no idea they had this planned, I truly thought we were having a meeting and that I was late because everyone was in there waiting for me. The presents were beautiful, they got me a lot of the things I still needed for the baby’s room and some beautiful clothes for her. I love my team and love working for a company that allows for special moments like these to happen.

Lissette Gonzalez


A Well Deserved Cruise

Venterra’s Dedicated Agents at RealPage’s Contact Center are an extension of Venterra’s Sales Team and they love getting WOW’d, too. Shanay Perry was going on her first cruise to the Bahamas with her family.


Shanay had been working hard with perfect attendance for the month and even racking up 27 hours of overtime. Through RealPage’s partnership with Venterra, Shanay received a gift card for Carnival Cruise Lines so she could have the best vacation ever!





A Big Kid at Heart! Terrell came into my office one day with an empty box... a video game box at that! Genesis Classic Game Console. He said ”Tonya, can I get you to buy this game on your Amazon Prime account? I really, really want this game!” I told him that I would check to see if I could purchase it on Amazon Prime. The next morning I told Terrell that that Amazon Prime didn’t have the game. I had already ordered it for him so I could surprise him. He was so bummed and said that he was looking forward to buying the game. MANAGER: TONYA DIX

The game arrived a few days later. I left it in the Amazon box that it came in, and one afternoon I called him to my office to discuss a few things concerning the property. We talked for a few minutes, and then I asked him to open the Amazon box because I couldn’t remember what I ordered. When he opened it, you would have thought there was a MILLION dollars in it! He was so excited and couldn’t wait to go home to play his new Genesis Classic Game! Just look at the smile on his face!


Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

Evelyn is expecting a baby in December! Jennifer Mendez helped me host the gender reveal party for her family and closest friends. Her theme was, “Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how we wonder what you are”. Everything was decorated so beautifully in gold, white, and stars. Of course Evelyn knew about the gender reveal, but she didn’t know about all of the special touches. She said when she saw the little girl outfits and the book to match her theme it all became real. Evelyn cried so many happy tears! Evelyn and Nick will be welcoming a baby girl into their family! Baby Cardenas is due December 31st! This little star just may be the New Year’s Baby! Congratulations, Evelyn! We can’t wait to meet this precious baby! MANAGER: TERESA HEENEY


It is the most amazing feeling to find out that you are pregnant, but even more amazing to find out what you are having! I am so grateful to have the best coworkers and to work for a great company! Teressa and Jennifer went above and beyond to make my gender reveal an unforgettable day! From the decorations to the grand reveal, we will never forget it! The excitement of finding out we were going to have a beautiful baby girl, is beyond words themselves! The real tears came when we were given my babies first outfit, it became real! In just a few months we would have a beautiful baby girl! Thank you to my wonderful Ventana team and Venterra! You have made one happy mommy to be!

Evelyn Cardenas WOW MATTERS



wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters Mobility Gained for Beloved Neighbor Josephine moved in at the end of last year because it put her close to the hospitals, so she could receive treatment. She was battling cancer at the time, and she had to give up her job as well as stop driving because the treatment was making her weak. She now takes the bus or medical transportation to get around. She often stops by the clubhouse to wait for the medical transportation company to give her a ride to the doctor’s office. Last week, when she stopped by, she was struggling to push her walker.

When I asked what happen to the walker, she told me that the driver had broken it on her last visit. The wheels of the walker constantly rotated in different directions, the support was damaged and the brakes no longer worked. This was unsafe for her as she also walks to the bus station - a half mile away! Even though she had spoken to the transportation company, they couldn’t give her a definite answer as to when they would fix her walker or get her a new one. So, we decided to take care of the problem. We called to tell her that she had mail in the office. Josephine was so ecstatic and couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the new walker which came with a seat and backrest. “That really can’t be for me!” she cried. Team Palazzo is once again grateful for the WOW program. Every WOW gives us the opportunity to put the brightest of smiles on faces, touch the deepest corners of hearts, makes the greatest memories, and leaves us feeling fluffy inside. May we have many more WOWs to come!

People hold their stress so tight and close, and when someone is able to do find out a little something about their stress, do something, and just surprise them with an act of kindness, it allows them to release that grip on their stress. I have seen the release. They walk away with happy tears and their shoulders a little higher because that stress that they were holding isn’t as heavy when someone acknowledges it and takes the time to show they care.

I love the WOW program and the opportunity it gives us to show that we really care about our residents. In this industry you can get so busy that it can be hard to consciously make time to do such things, so I’m proud that the company makes it a priority. It goes a long way toward helping people feel like they do meaningful work. GREAT PLACE TO WORK FEEDBACK




Experience Leader, Regional Trainer



wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters Uber on the way!

Our resident Robin was in the emergency room last week, and as soon as we heard, we were calling her every day to see how she was feeling. She felt so happy when we would call her, and she said we were her emergency contact. Fast forward to last Friday- she called us around 9:30am to let us know she was just waiting to be released, and wanted to know what time we closed, so we could let her in her apartment. She went on to tell us that she was taken to the ER without her keys, cell phone, or her purse. She mentioned that her ride would only drop her off at the leasing office, and asked if one of us could drive her to her apartment and let her in, because she couldn’t walk on her own yet. Mayra immediately let her know that it was no trouble, and we would wait for her. Around 4:00pm, I received a frantic call from her. She tried to explain to me how her day had turned upside down since the person that was supposed to pick her up wouldn’t answer any of her calls. Mind you, she was released at 1pm and was waiting for her. She was very upset and very sad that she would not be sleeping in her own home. She even mentioned seeking shelter. Mayra quickly jumped to the rescue and said that was not problem, and said, “Ask her for her address, let us get you an Uber”. She couldn’t believe we were doing that for her, and she kept saying we were just amazing, and she would pay us back. We said, “Absolutely not, this is on us!” We just wanted her to come back home to get a good night’s sleep. She arrived right at 6:10pm and I was able to let her in her own apartment. She hugged me and was crying; we saved her day! We are so happy she is part of our Champions Family


Design On A Dime! A couple of months ago, the sweetest couple joined our Balmoral Village family. They were exhausted when they arrived after being on a plane for more than 18 hours with their 7-month-old son. Lili finished their move in paperwork and walked them to their home noticing that they only had two suitcases and a stroller. We just couldn’t stand the thought of them having nothing in their home but didn’t know how we could ever afford to furnish their home. A few days ago, another awesome resident came to turn in his keys and told us that local movers would be coming to pick up his furniture that he was donating to charity. As you can imagine, the wheels started turning in our heads. We asked if he would consider donating his furniture to this family, and sure enough, he said that he would love to do it. We recruited friends in the community to steal them away for a couple of hours one evening, and our crew entered their home; there was just a blanket on the floor where they slept and a lamp in the corner. There was no furniture at all! Their kitchen had a few items but very little. We stocked their cabinets with towels, silverware, dishes, pots and pans. Their living room got lamps, end tables, a gorgeous area rug, and a hide a bed love seat with a huge ottoman. In the bedroom, we set up a beautiful bed and dresser. In the dining room, we added a dinette set, gorgeous stand lamp, and flowers for the table. For the bathroom, we stocked it up with towels and washcloths. In just two hours, we transformed their little house into a cozy, little home. We were all waiting for them when they returned home, and the look on their faces made it all worthwhile. They just couldn’t believe that this was their home. This was by far the best thing that we have ever been a part of. Cost of labor (lots of sweat and sore muscles) + furniture for the entire home (free) + Look on the residents’ face when they saw their new home = PRICELESS!





WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE Paw Prints Left by Gizmo Caroline recently went through the loss of her beloved Yorkie Gizmo. The loss hit her hard. She loves dogs, so her unconditional love for Gizmo was obvious. In hopes of lifting her spirit in joy and remembrance of Gizmo, I customized a few things she could always remember him by. While I myself don’t understand the loss of a pet, as I have never owned one, I understand the days after a loss are hard. I hope Caroline can look at these items and smile and remember the good times Gizmo gave her, and she to him. Love ya girl!


A Camera for Guatemala

What we have once enjoyed, we can never lose. All that we love deeply, become part of us.

Jorge is heading home on vacation to see his family in Guatemala. He hasn’t been able to go home in a few years and was ready for his big vacation. I gave him a camera today so he could capture all of his adventures and have a great time making memories! Jorge was super excited. We also gave him a quick camera tutorial so he was ready to snap pictures like the paparazzi.





WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE Best Gift Ever!! Before Leadership during one of our team lunches, I overheard Juan, our new Make Ready, and our Better Living Manager, Luis, talking about Puerto Rico. Juan was telling Luis how much he misses his boys, ages three and six, and that he has not seen them for almost a year since he moved from Puerto Rico to Orlando. Luis asked him why he wouldn’t take a couple of days vacation to go visit his family. Juan replied that being new to Venterra he has not accrued vacation time, and he didn’t want to take time off just yet because he has not saved enough for the trip. A couple of days later, I asked Juan to stop by my office and I showed him some good deals on tickets for the weekend to Puerto Rico. I asked him if he would be willing to just get packed and go if he had tickets on hand. Without suspecting anything he said, “Of course, I would! I miss my boys so much!” Little did he know I immediately completed the reservation and purchase of the tickets. I handed him the electronic ticket to fly to Puerto Rico from Friday, February 24th through Sunday, February 26th.

Juan was standing by my desk watching me complete the transaction and out of the corner of my eye I saw tears rolling down his cheeks, which he tried hard to hide from me. He was speechless, he didn’t know how to thank me... Later that day, Danny, our Maintenance Manager, told me that Juan had tears in the shop when telling him that no one in his life has ever done something this big for him and how much this specific gift meant to him because it was about going to see his kids! During leadership I stayed in touch with Juan, updating him a couple of times on changes made to his Gate, and of a flight delay. On Saturday I received a picture and a message from him that said, ”Thanks for the gift! I can’t stop saying thank you. You gave the best gift!” That had me standing in the kitchen in tears. He stopped by my office and holding my hand, he bowed his head to it. He said he would be forever grateful for this, and that he had the time of his life with his two little boys! Juan is divorced and seeing his children is a big deal for him, since they no longer have a family.

falcon square at independence






wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters A Night to Remember Love, Laughter & Memories There is a resident here at Villas at Newnan Crossing that is not only the oldest resident, at eighty-three, but was also the very first leaseholder. Thirteen years ago, when the property was still under construction, Ms. Marcia toured the grounds and the buildings wearing a hard hat and decided which apartment was to be her new home. She never left and has decided to spend her final days here. Over the years, Ms. Marcia has seen residents and staff come and go, but she continues to remain connected with our community. She is a woman who is kind, generous and filled with goodwill. Her unwavering care for others never ceases. Her presence and infectious laugh always lights up a room, and she has never met a stranger. Before her health declined, it was not uncommon for her to stop by the leasing office and bring the staff meals. She would often call and ask how we and our families were doing. She would even send us birthday cards. It was as if her mission in life was to serve others and make people feel good. Unfortunately, Ms. Marcia is now facing difficult days with numerous health issues, and each day is a gift. Ms. Marcia’s 83rd birthday was coming up, and we wanted to make it special and memorable, so we decided to host a surprise dinner party with her closest friends and family, including guests from out of state. We were determined to make this special evening a night she would never forget. Our leasing office was converted into an elegant dining room with candles, dimmed lighting, flowers, tablecloths and delicious food. The ambiance was wonderful with music of her generation (40’s, 50’s, and 60’s)

Villas at newnan Crossing WE ARE VENTERRA



wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters


playing in the background, and the aroma of Italian spaghetti, spring salad and dinner rolls in the air. Three large picture frames were displayed throughout the room. These frames were pictures of her and those who meant so much to her over the years. There were about 40 people that attended her celebration, and she felt overwhelmed by the surprise and love that was bestowed upon her. Great fellowship and stories were shared by all. As a gift, the Villas also presented a scrapbook to her filled with pictures and sweet sentiments written by all those who attended. It was a wonderful night filled with love, laughter and memories. Her parting words as she exited from the leasing office were, “I don’t want to leave. I don’t want this night to end. This is one of my best days ever!” We don’t know how much time Ms. Marcia has with us, but we all will forever cherish the beautiful memories. It is her heart, her soul and her spirit that will live on within us. For now, we will continue to treasure these sweet and unforgettable moments.

A night to remember” from the Villas at Newnan really had a positive impact on me. Wowing someone that has dedicated herself to us over the years is truly special. Those types of residents don’t come along all the time, and I love that we showed her how much we appreciate her, and consider her our family too! Dustin Crandall, Experience Maker, Better Living Manager @Apex West Midtown




Barbershop Glory This particular WOW really touched me, and may easily be one of my favorites thus far. It’s actually quite simple, yet the response given by the resident was amazing. I would see Chima sometimes within the community and he’d always be in great spirits. One day in particular he was standing outside the office waiting on an Uber. I happened to pass him and asked if there was anything I could do for him. He mentioned that he was on the way to the barber shop. Our next interaction a week later, and he again mentioned going to the barber shop. I asked if he would mind giving his barbers contact information, as I was in search of a great barber to refer my brother. He gave me his barber’s information. I then called his barber and applied a credit to his account. Towards the end of his haircut, Chima’s barber informed him that his haircut had been paid for. I then received a call from Chima asking what time our office closes. He came by and stated, ”No one’s ever done anything like that for me before.” His response was so sincere and we couldn’t help but all feel so lucky to have been a part of the small gesture. EMPLOYEES RECOGNIZED: TARA SCHULTZ

westminster at buckhead


Let me peek at you One my newest Better Living Consultants is pregnant with her 4th baby, due in November. One day when we were talking about children, she mentioned that she is dying to see what her baby boy looks like, and if he would have more of her husband’s features, or hers. I mentioned that 4D ultrasound is an awesome way of peeking inside and seeing the baby before birth. Christina said she never had it done with her previous 3 children, and that it’s not covered by insurance. I decided to get a gift certificate for a package including a 4D ultrasound with the video, and pictures printed, as well as a gift for an expectant mother, and many other cool things! With her upcoming move on site and care for three kids in summer camps, I knew her budget was tight, so she wouldn’t make the 4D ultrasound a priority expense. When she discovered the gift certificate on her desk after the lunch break, her first words were: “Olga! You didn’t! You didn’t!”, and she gave me a hug! Christina was overwhelmed with joy and the next day told me that her husband wanted to come and personally thank me for this gift to their family. AND HE DID! What a great way of welcoming their new baby boy by starting to build great memories so early in their lives.





WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE Houston Dynamo Trooper Araceli has been such a trooper, handling our office while I have been helping at a sister property training a new Community Manager, exterior rehab, and now helping at a property with Better Living Manager duties. She has handled this with no complaint, but instead has offered to help too. She lost her father last year, and anybody knows that after losing someone who means a lot to you, you don’t forget, you learn to move on the best way you can. I can tell this has been on her mind lately, so I decided to surprise her. I got her an hour massage, pedicure, bottle of wine, face masks, bath bombs, and even got her sweet puppy Eve some toys. She was so excited and teared up. I was more excited to be able to bring some joy, peace, and happiness back.


Jose mentioned to me that he would love to WOW his team, but wanted to do something together like a team bonding. He stated his guys LOVE soccer and he would like to get them tickets. I immediately went to work to learn who they wanted to see, and tried to learn a little more about soccer so we could execute the WOWEE 100%! I ended up getting great seats for the team they wanted to see, and pictures the whole time! It was great to see the guys enjoying their time, bonding, and enjoying their passion!

I felt excited to be able to WOW my guys with Dynamo tickets. This is their passion and we are not only co-workers but family also. It was a great team bonding! Jose Gomez

I love soccer and Dynamo is my favorite team. I had a great time with my team. Miguel Canas


south shore lakes WOW MATTERS



I was very happy that I got to go with my team and enjoy something that I am passionate about.

Edgar Delcid

I was really happy and excited. We had a good time with the guys.

Luis Hernandez

wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters Devonte’s Fun Day!

Destiny and her adorable six- year-old son, Devonte, have been coming into the office almost every day. Through the months, little Devonte has won our hearts as he is one of the sweetest little boys. When Destiny came in the other day to pick up a package, I asked how her day was going, and she told me that it was not going great because Devonte has an illness which requires treatment and surgery. Because of this, they had to cancel a beach trip to Japan, and little Devonte was heartbroken. I knew right then that I needed to do something to make them feel better. Devonte loves to swim, so I thought getting a fun day at a waterpark would be amazing, so we got them passes for the Schlitterbahn waterpark in Galveston along with a cooler full of goodies. I called Destiny and told her she had a package marked ”perishable items”. When I gave her the surprise, she just broke down crying. She kept saying ”Really? This is for us? Thank You so much.” EMPLOYEES RECOGNIZED: LIZETTE AVILA & CATHERYN COLLINS


Recently we WOWed a single mother who just had a car repossessed and for several months struggled to pay her rent. She came into my office to pay rent and all the late fees and just started talking about how hard things were to get back on her feet. She mentioned that she didn’t have basic household items for herself and her daughter. I ask her more specific questions and found out she didn’t have dishes, pots and pans, towels, or food. I immediately went out to and bought all the items that she mentioned and we WOWed her the next day. She cried so hard and hugged me so tightly; it was so special to do this for someone really in need.

True love really does exist! It’s not just in fairytales, it’s in real life too. I met my love and best friend in 7th grade, he is amazing and he even chased me for 20 years. I can’t imagine my life without him in it. He has been my rock, my teddy bear, and even my laughter when I needed it most. He isn’t a resident here. He will help anyone who needs it. He is a father, a friend, a brother, a son, and most of all my heart. CHRISTY DUNCAN





Experience Leader, Community Manager Westover Oaks


wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters Big Dreams deserve Big Screens! Starting over is never easy; it takes courage, strength, faith and determination. Our Shadowbrooke Resident, Mariely, embodies these qualities. Moving here from Puerto Rico to create a better life for her and her son, she arrived on Saturday with a big dream and a suitcase in her hand. After speaking with her, I learned that she had never been to Texas before. She left her whole family in Puerto Rico. Mariely leased her apartment home without ever seeing it, and she was starting a new job in the upcoming weeks. She needed to purchase all the essentials needed for a home. We knew we had to help. We spoke with Mariely throughout the next week, checking to see what she had purchased for her home, and we noticed she frequently visited the office to use the internet and watch


television. Lightbulb moment! A television. We can get her a television. Big dreams deserve big screens! We purchased some balloons and a card for the finishing touch, and Christi made a welcome home sign to put on the TV box with bows. Our entire Shadowbrooke team came down to the office to welcome her home. Jose, Bertha, Libby, Christi and Nicol exclaimed, “SURPRISE! Welcome home” as she opened the door. She was stunned and overwhelmed. Tears of joy began streaming down her face as she asked if this is something we do for all our residents. She touched our hearts with her courage and perseverance. Mariely is working hard and building her new life here day by day. We can’t wait for her son to see the fruits of his mom’s labor.


EMPLOYEES OF VENTERRA From a young age, I have always loved traveling. In college, I studied abroad in Vienna, Austria and it changed my life. Since 2004, I have been to 32 countries and 5 continents - and 49 states (only Oregon left). My travels have taken me all over Europe and more unique places like Australia/New Zealand, Jordan, Iceland, Africa (Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, and even the Democratic Republic of the Congo - DRC). I’ve had incredible adventures such as skydiving from a helicopter in the Swiss Alps and over a lake in New Zealand; bungy jumping in the adventure capitol of the world in Queenstown, NZ; driving on the wrong side of the road in numerous British colonies; hiking volcanoes and mountains; scuba diving in Jamaica, The Red Sea, Hawaii and the Great Barrier Reef; going on a safari in Africa; and my most thrilling adventure to date - trekking in the jungle and standing face to face with 12 Mountain Gorillas in their natural habitat in the Congo. I live for travel and adventure and add at least one new country to my list each year. Life is too short to stay at home.






WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE Warm Jacket for a Warm Heart Richard has always been the type of husband and father to put his family first. As the only source of income for his family, he always makes sure to take care of them, before getting anything for himself. This winter season I overheard him mention that he had been shopping around at thrift stores for a leather jacket for himself, but was having a hard time finding one. I decided this was the perfect way to thank him for the great job he has done at Carlyle, trying to fill an Assistant Maintenance Manager position and most recently becoming Maintenance Manager of our region. I found the perfect new jacket for him online and he was able to sport it both at Kick Off, and Leadership this year. Thank you, Richard, for being a warm-hearted man who dedicates himself to his family and his work!

Atlanta Beach Bound

carlyle place apartments MANAGER: MAYRA DEHOYOS


Dakota, one of our Better Living Consultants here at The Villas at Newnan Crossing, planned a last minute trip to the beach with some friends. A few days before she left, she was talking about how she needed a new cooler for the beach, and a beach chair. Well, guess what!!! Megan, my Better Living Manager, and I decided to surprise her with a few items for her beach trip! We surprised her with a new cooler, some of her FAVORITE beerStella Artois, a new Tommy Bahama beach chair, and a beach towel. We set up her beach scene out by her Kia, called her outside, and surprised her! She was so excited and could hardly wait to go ahead and leave for her trip!

EMPLOYEES OF VENTERRA My husband and I eloped on Halloween 2017, at The Stanley Hotel in Colorado. This is the same hotel where Stephen King wrote The Shining.






They caught me totally off guard! I was venting about how I could not find my favorite beach chair anywhere at my house! The day I was supposed to leave for my trip Megan ran in the office and told me that Tonya had found a baby squirrel outside (I am a sucker for baby animals), so I ran outside to see it. To my surprise, there was Tonya standing beside my car beside a mini beach scene. There was my new Tommy Bahama Chair, rolling cooler, beach mat, and a 12 pack of my favorite brews ;) They did such a great job listening to what I needed and pulling off the surprise! Dakota Johnson

Our excellent Make Ready Tech, Tom, just purchased a new TOYOTA TACOMA! He had been wanting a new truck for quite some time now and was finally able to make it happen! He didn’t just take the truck with standard options; he chose every option he wanted and had it custom made all the way down to the type of rims! Ever since he purchased his new ride he has been ecstatic to drive it to work. He takes so much pride in his new truck and was making comments about needing a full cleaning kit to give it real nice detail, with all the works! So I decided to get him a professional grade waxing kit, with everything he needs to ​bring the shine out of his truck. It has different types of waxes, detailing sprays, interior sprays, rim cleaner, tire shine, microfiber towels, and buffers.

In order for him to show off his love for his new ride I also ordered him a Tacoma keychain and a Toyota money clip. I also knew that he LOVES to go fishing, so I purchased a fishing hook set, water gremlin split shot set, fishing tackle set, and a ton of snap-on floats! Needless to say, Tom was ecstatic with all of his gifts. He laid them all out to look at each one and couldn’t wait to put them all to good use! We appreciate all of his hard work and dedication.






wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters #TeamAnderson

Belterra has a resident named Blake who has been trying to better himself through fitness. I see him every so often cutting through the office after a jog around the neighborhood. One day, I stopped to chat with Blake to see how things were going. He was going through some personal tough times, but you would never have guessed it, because he always has a smile on his face. He got the news that his kids may move to West Texas, which will make it more difficult for him to see Carter and Addy. Blake’s news tugged at my heart strings. There have been many times where I have seen Blake playing basketball with his son Carter at our basketball court. It was a pretty awesome sight, seeing a father giving his son some pointers and cues to become a better baller. One can see the heart Carter has for the game and that one day he could possibly make it to the pros.

Life is a highway,and Johnny wants to drive it!

I wanted to give Blake, Carter, and Addy something special to bind them, even when there would possibly be times when they might not get to see each other often. I custom designed and ordered three sets of reversible basketball jerseys for the Anderson family to sport. We’re so excited to present their jerseys to them, and show them that our family at Belterra will always be rooting for them. Blake repeatedly said, “This is so awesome!” after opening the box of jerseys that we made for him and his two kiddos. We look forward to seeing ya’ll sporting those jerseys around.


Johnny and his family moved into Balmoral this summer from India. They are eager to learn everything about our culture and participate in everything we do at the property. We found out that Johnny was trying to get his license, but he was a little overwhelmed by the process, so we decided to simplify it. We scheduled a driving school that would pick him up at the property, provide a nice car, and teach him everything he needed to know. On the day we gave Johnny the gift, he was blown away. They just couldn’t believe that we would do something like that for him. We are happy to announce that Johnny has received his learners permit, and is well on his way to becoming a licensed driver.



balmoral village WE ARE VENTERRA



wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters Bucha Brew! The other day I was drinking my regular serving of Kombucha when one of our residents came in to get a package. Jeff noticed what I was drinking and was going on and on about how much he LOVED the “Bucha” brew and how he spends about $100/month on them. We shared our similar interests about the delicious magic tea. I asked if he’s ever had a chance to make his own, and he told me he never thought about, but it would be amazing. I told him about the starter kits on Amazon, and Jeff said he would most definitely look into it. I immediately ordered the starter kit with some brewing bottles and the fermenting jar. I emailed Jeff when it arrived and told him I had something for him in the office whenever he had a chance to come get it. He came in two days later and was so blown away by the present. I told him I also bought one for me, and we decided to compete to see who’s tastes better. We are going to take pictures of the progress and share our tea in 7 days or so. Not only did we WOW him, but we gave him something that he can continue doing for a lifetime. I’m so excited to see the outcome.

When I got Natalie’s email I was absolutely intrigued. When I showed up this afternoon and she gave me the Kombucha Starter Kit I was elated by your random act of kindness. Thank you again for your generosity. I am super stoked to begin brewing my first batch of Rocket Fuel. I did some research online and found there are 81 different names for Kombucha. This is going to be way too much fun! Jeff

coles crossing










One of my Better Living Consultants and I were recently talking about a new pair of sunglasses I had bought. During the course of the conversation, she let me know that she had fallen in love with a pair of purple Coach sunglasses that she had seen while shopping for sunglasses for her husband’s birthday. She told me that they were on sale and were only $99, but she couldn’t talk herself into spending that kind of money on herself. In fact, when her husband asked her if she liked anything, she said no, so they wouldn’t spend the money. As soon as she left my office, I knew I wanted to get these for her, but I had no idea which Sunglass Hut she had been to, or which exact sunglasses she was referring to. With the help of my Maintenance Manager Sean, he struck up a conversation with her later that day about how he was looking for some new glasses and maybe sunglasses too. He asked if she had any recommendations. When he found out which store she had gone to, I set out with the three pieces of information she had given me that I could use to identify those glasses: 1) Coach 2) Purple 3) $99. I knew it was a long shot that I would get the right pair, but I didn’t want to just get her a gift card. I got to the store, looked at every pair of sunglasses they had that resembled the description even a little, and finally chose which pair I thought it might have been. I confirmed with the person working at the store that their return policy would allow her to return them if they were the wrong pair. When I got back to the property, a few of us called her into my office and acted like we had something super serious to discuss with her about a resident. Eventually I handed her the gift bag. When she opened the case, it turns out that I had chosen the RIGHT pair! I was so excited, but she was more excited. She says she loves them and I was so happy to be able to do this for her!



I have won three National Championship titles and one Reserve World Championship title in Equestrian sports. I was also part of an American team who went to the 1st Canadian Morgan Horse National Championships and became the first-ever Canadian Morgan National Horse Bowl Champions. AIMEE LANTER THE PHOENIX

I was very surprised when I received the sunglasses. I was so surprised I didn’t know how to react or what to say. I’ve never had anyone do such a nice gesture for me. I love my glasses, I’ve never had a nice pair before in my life so this meant a lot to me. I knew my boss was great, but Erin is truly amazing!

Lissette Gonzalez





​ y Maintenance Manager Aaron and I have been Venterra partners for 9 years now. M Every year Aaron takes an October vacation just for fishing. He counts down the weeks for this vacation. This year has been a little different, though. Hurricane Harvey stormed in and blew Aaron’s favorite fishing town apart. Aaron has spent several weekends in Rockport rebuilding, clearing debris, and volunteering his time to get his vacation spot fishing ready. Even with all of his efforts, Rockport has a long way to go to be rebuilt. I love working with Aaron and appreciate all of his continuous efforts and his never ending pursuit of excellence. His efforts at Ventana are truly unbelievable. I wanted to make sure his vacation fishing plans did not get interrupted. I booked a fishing adventure for Aaron to enjoy a day of bay fishing. I cannot wait for the pictures of the fun. Hopefully, this will be a great day of adventures for him! Hurry back from vacation Aaron! I miss you already!




Made Clean!

Tiffany, my Better Living Consultant, here at Belterra shared with us that she and her husband would be getting water baptized at their church on Sunday and invited the office to attend if we wished. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it due to feeling ill, but my Better Living Manager made it there to witness this amazing moment in Tiffany’s life. To let Tiffany know that


although I wasn’t there physically, I was there in spirit and was thinking about her that day, I got her a personal gift from me. I also indulged in getting a gift from her Venterra team, and let her know that we are so proud of her, and her husband! We wish them many blessings as they plan their wedding, and continued blessings into their marriage!

I was so surprised and grateful to receive these gifts from my manager. This was a big step in my life and to have a supportive team to let me have off to celebrate with family was so great. Then to receive gifts from my new co-workers was a blessing and sign that I knew I had become part of a great work family. Tiffany Greenshaw WOW MATTERS



wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters New Move-In Success

Preserve at colony lakes

Moving can be stressful, especially when you’re moving from somewhere you have lived for over eight years. When our new resident toured, all we had available to show was our two-bedroom mini model which included a built-in desk. Naturally, she assumed that the three-bedroom would have the desk as well. While purging for the move, she threw out her desk thinking she had one built into her new home. She didn’t. She stopped by the day prior to moving in to see what her apartment would look like and was shocked to find out that there was no desk in that floor plan. She told me how she just got rid of her desk; even her kids seemed disappointed. Darlene and I came up with the perfect idea to WOW our new family and we really wanted to go above and beyond. We went shopping for a new desk, note pads, pens, an office lamp and sticky notes. As we were shopping, I recalled how excited she was about getting to have her own bathroom with a soaking tub so, we doubled her WOW by giving her bubble bath, a loofa, face mask, a candle and Epsom salts to help with the moving aches. They were so surprised and grateful. She thanked us over and over! We hope she stays here with us another 8 years. EMPLOYEES RECOGNIZED: FABIOLA CELADO, DARLENE SEALE, LAUREN RICHARDSON, LINDA CHAVEZ & MELISSA EDWARDS

Good Night, Sleep Tight...

Ms. Hall, a grandmother of four, recently called the office to see if our maintenance team could do some light work in her apartment. She explained to me that her granddaughter’s bed broke and wanted to see if someone from maintenance would volunteer to try and fix it. I asked our team and Felipe was the first to volunteer for the challenge. It was the little girl’s birthday that day and she was super-excited to see that Felipe was working on fixing her bed. Unfortunately, the bed was in pretty bad condition and couldn’t be fixed, so Felipe came to the office to see if we could WOW her with a brand new bed. We found her the perfect bed with a diamond headboard and surprised her with it when she got home from school





wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters Those We Love Don’t Go Away Lorna was having a few problems paying rent the past few months; every time she came in to let us know when she would be able to pay, she would tell us how sick her mom was and how she keeps going out of town to spend time with her mom and take care of her; that is what is causing her financial difficulties. Two months ago, Lorna gave her 60-day notice to vacate. She didn’t want to leave us, but she needed to go live with her mom and take care of her. A few weeks ago, she called to let us know that a few things changed, and she wanted to cancel her notice. Last week, she broke down crying and told us that her mom passed away and said how hard it is for her. She is always decorating her exterior apartment with pots, plants, and flowers, so after hearing about her loss, we got her another decoration to add to her “mini garden.” It says, “Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day, unseen, unheard, but always near; Still loved, still missed, and always dear.” We got her a sympathy card to go along with this.

Dominion at Woodlands

I really appreciate this. I hope no one ever has to go through what I have gone through this past year. It has been hard, so very hard. But thank you guys for everything.


EMPLOYEES OF VENTERRA I may not be personally unique or have an incredible story; but I come from a unique family, specifically because of my dad. My dad is a real-life rattlesnake hunter - let me explain! He didn’t hunt them for sport, he hunted them to catch and study them, well, their venom. Growing up, I remember my dad (who I’m named after) was featured in National Geographic TV segments, in all sorts of news specials, and in many publications. He dedicated his life to the scientific studies of rattlesnake venom. My dad is the founding Director of the National Natural Toxins Research Center (NNTRC), in Kingsville. Before he retired, his purpose was to help global research efforts, provide training, and share resources that will lead to the discovery of medical benefits found in snake venoms. You can imagine that with my dad, I have been around snakes my entire life and have zero reaction to them. That’s not to say that I like them, necessarily; but rattlesnakes were a normal part of my childhood. When I was little, my initial thought about a rattlesnake would be, “A rattlesnake let me take a picture for my dad”. I remember going on RV excursions with my dad, snake-hunting trips across the United States. Believe it or not, my dad and his crew would hunt snakes at night and bring them inside to the RV where I was sleeping. If you have ever been in an RV, you know the set-up; the kitchen table turns into a bed. Well, I slept on that kitchen-table bed during our trips and the snakes lived under it. Of course, they were always contained!







WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE Glass Animals Concert Treat ​ esterday, I posted a screenshot of a performance of Glass Animals that I was streaming from Y Lollapalooza. One of our Better Living Consultants liked the post and asked if I knew they were coming to town. So we had a little conversation on my Instagram. When I had a moment today, I reached out to her Communtiy Manager and let him know she wanted to go to this concert, and worked out a sneaky way to see if she had already purchased tickets. I let him know that I knew she wanted to go to this concert, and worked out a sneaky way to see if she had already purchased tickets. I texted Natalie and asked where her seats were, and she told me she had not purchased them yet. Jackpot! I went online, grabbed the tickets for her, and found some amazing seats- Row F, seat 1 and 2! And since the tickets were coming from a third party site, I didn’t want her to think they were SPAM and delete them- so I sent her a very cryptic message with a picture of a pineapple (the band has a pineapple on the album) and a picture of the band. The subject was something to indicate that other email is not SPAM. :)

I was having a rough morning so receiving this gift was especially exciting!! What made it even better was that not only did they get me one ticket to see Glass Animals, they got me 2 so I can take my sister!! We can’t wait!! Thank you!!

When she got back from moving in a resident, she checked her email, and I got a text thanking us for the tickets. Hope she enjoys the show!





Natalie Currence

WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE WOWEE Life is a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving!

A new suitcase goes a long way

Anthony Carillo is the Porter here at the Fairways at South Shore. He has epilepsy and is unable to get a driver’s license. He lives close by at sister property, South Shore Lakes, and was getting rides from family so he could make it to work. The family who was helping him had to relocate, so Anthony had to start walking. Even though it was only May, if you’ve been to League City, you know how hot and humid it gets. Anthony approached Jose, the Maintenance Manager at South Shore Lakes, about a bike that had been found on the property. He asked about getting it and fixing it up if no one claimed it. Jose mentioned it to Kristi the Community Manager, and Kristi, being her amazing self, called me right back and said, “I have a WOWee we can do for Anthony!” After we spoke I went the next day and picked this beauty up for him. Now he is able to get back and forth to work, the store, etc., without the stress of asking for rides! He says it really gives him a sense of freedom, and the peace of mind that he can now not only get to work on his own, but to the grocery store too!

Shelby is a very budget conscious, responsible, single mother that carefully budgets for every expense that comes her way. Earlier this year, she had a big trip coming up where she was traveling out of state, and she asked me if I had a suitcase she could borrow. Unfortunately, my suitcase had bit the dust last year, so I did not. We then got into a conversation about how she wanted to budget to buy one of her own, and that she wanted it to be a very specific kind- hard shell, with the 4 spinning rolling wheels that made it easier to control. Eventually, Shelby realized that the suitcase was out of her budget prior to the trip, as they can be quite pricy. Instead, she had found a friend that had one she could borrow. The day she was supposed to pick up the suitcase from her friend, I had her pop into the office and surprised her with a really nice hard shell suitcase and a neck pillow. She was super excited and happy, and has been able to use it a couple times already this year!

South shore lakes

Valencia at Westchase






wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters Unimagineable Heights Not long after I began working at Tuscany, I received a call from one of our residents, Ms. Jimmye. She was calling from the hospital just to let us know how she was doing, and that she would pay her rent as soon as she returned home. Speaking with her on the phone touched my heart. Come to find out, she is very unwell and has been battling cancer, heart complications, and many other major health concerns, and yet she wanted to call us and make sure we knew she was planning to pay her rent. My phone call with Ms. Jimmye stayed on my mind as the next few days progressed. I soon found out she doesn’t have anyone close to the area that would be considered family to call. We received another phone call from her just letting us know how she was doing in the hospital. Once again my heart was so moved by the fact that she didn’t have anyone else to call. I knew we had to do something for her. Upon her return home, we ordered flowers for her and I had the privilege of delivering them to her personally. She was so surprised and excited. She had me place them in a special spot in her home and hugged me with tears in her eyes. She said ”I can’t believe you all would do this and think of me, thank you so much.” For someone who is chronically ill, it can be common to no longer receive ”Get well soon” notes or special flowers. It proves that noticing someone’s illness that they’ve been fighting for so long is encouraging to that person, no matter what.

Your kind deeds that emanate from the warmth of your hearts surely uplifted my spirits to unimaginable heights. Long after the petals had fallen the aroma continued to permeate the room and make me smile. Thank you. Sincerely, Jimmye

I was reminded to look for those who are alone and struggling and remember that they need to be showered with love and encouragement to keep fighting on! There wasn’t a dry eye in the office as we spoke of how Ms. Jimmye responded. She also wrote us a card that she brought in later telling us, ”You must be angels, because that was just so amazing what you did.” What a sweet memory! Ms. Jimmye will always be our special poet and an encouragement to keep fighting on!





Ms. Jimmye

wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters A Christmas Miracle

Gentle Heart

Telisa is a resident at Bala Woods and she loves her home. She has decorated it very carefully and has insistef that we come see what she has done. She is very proud of the home she has made for herself and her daughter, Cerenity. Shortly before Christmas, she came by the office to show off pictures of her tree and Darcy had been talking to her about what Santa would be bringing for her daughter. She was a little hesitant and then she opened up to Darcy that times were a little tough for her, so she will ust be getting a few things. Darcy and I talked once Telisa left and we knew we couldn’t let Christmas go by without some gifts. One Target trip down the Barbie aisle later (and a quick gift for Mom), we had a specail delivery for Cerenity straight from Santa himself! Since we were not able to give them to her directly, Telisa sent us a very nice email with pictures from Christmas morning.

Carlyle Place has a very special resident, J, who was born premature and with a hole in her heart. She has spent her entire life in and out of hospitals. J has always had her mother to call and lean on when complications with her pacemaker and seizures have sent her to the ER or ICU, but a year ago, J’s mother’s job moved her away from San Antonio to Tyler, TX. This left our resident J without someone to call on in her time of need. Tracy has always looked after J, so back in January 2016, Tracy received a text from J saying she was being hospitalized for a week, and she was not sure what to do with her fur babies. Tracy wasted no time in stepping into J’s mother’s previous role. This past year, J has been hospitalized 8 times, and each time, Tracy made the drive from Boerne to San Antonio twice a day, every day, to walk, feed, and love on J’s 2 dogs. Tracy always sends J video clips and pictures of them, knowing that J’s recovery will be faster without the stress of worrying about her babies. Each time she’s released from the hospital, J insists on bringing Tracy a card or token of her appreciation for always taking care of her. Tracy has gone beyond this by popping over to see J on holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year with flowers, food, and gifts so that J and her dogs are never alone on the most special days of the year. This is a bond and friendship that will last a lifetime. Tracy’s desk is covered with these tokens of J’s love and appreciation for her.

bala woods


Bala Woods Staff, First, I want to thank God for each and every one of you. This has been a trying time for me financially; however, you all have blessed my family beyond all I could have ever imagined. Cerenity was so happy when she opened her gifts. I appreciate your kindness (words can’t describe my gratitude). I pray that God blesses each one of you beyond your wildest dreams. Thanks again Bala Woods staff, for a wonderful 2016 Christmas, it would not have been the same without you.


Telisa & Cerenity




wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters Paw Patrol Fanatic At Carrington, we have a wonderful family who is the sweetest and kindest. One day, Monica and Geo (their 4 year old son) came in to pick up a package. Geo was thrilled as the package had his name on the shipping label. He thanked me over and over again as he thought this package was a personal gift from me. I was off for the next couple of days, but upon returning, I saw a box on my desk that said “To: Kassidy”. When I opened it, I found a card from Geo and a box of raisins. I immediately called to thank Geo for the sweet gift. Monica laughed and said since he believed the package was from me, the next time she came in to get a package, he insisted on bringing me a gift in return. I thought this was the cutest gesture, so I just had to WOW Geo. Each time he comes into the office, he is covered from head to toe in Paw Patrol. I knew immediately that when we WOWed him, it would have to be Paw Patrol related. I told Adriana about this, and we looked up Paw Patrol toys. We finally decided to get a Paw Patrol ATV, and he absolutely loves it. His mom sent a picture of him riding it at a local park with a huge smile. I am so glad we get to WOW our wonderful residents; these moments definitely make all the hard work worth it.

carrington at park lakes


A Shiny New Laptop We have a resident who is a single mom and works non-stop. She has a son who, like a lot of teenagers, was struggling in school. Ramon asked her how he was doing in football, as he knew that football was his life, and she said that he was not eligible to play at the moment, because his grades were slipping.

st. andrews


We see him a lot at the business center working on school work, because they did not have a computer at home. She happened to come in earlier than usual one day, and mentioned that she was coming home early because it was her son’s 16th birthday. Ramon knew she probably didn’t have a lot to spend, and wanted to make his 16th birthday special. He went to Walmart and purchased Christopher his very own laptop.



We went to their door and started to sing Happy Birthday, and gave Christopher his gift. I wish everyone could have seen the excitement on his face when he saw the laptop. He kept hugging us all and now he comes in all the time just to say Hi. I have no doubt that he will get his grades back up so that he can continue playing the sport he loves so much!


wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters wowmatters Where Dreams Come True Emma came to the office, as usual all smiles and super sweet, wanting to know if I would allow her girls Izabella, Anaiya, and Natalia to sell chips around the property. Before I could even ask why, she got very serious and said, “Ivy, my girls are trying to raise money so that we can go to Disney.” In a matter of three seconds I saw all the images of my girls at Disney and my eyes filled with tears. I looked at the girls and their innocent faces. Izabella quickly said they will be only $1. While I didn’t quite know how to tell them they couldn’t, I quickly told them that I would be their first client. They were so happy. I explained to Emma why they couldn’t go around selling them, but whenever they had them, I would definitely buy some. A couple of days later, the girls came back to the office and I purchased chips for my girls. While the girls were doing the transaction all by themselves, I was asking them questions about Disney. When I asked Izabella why she chose to go to Disney, she looked at her mother and said, “Oh we just want to take our Mom, because she has never gone to Disney.” That really hit me; these little girls thinking about their mom this way with so much love, I definitely had to WOW them. So I prepared a certificate for the girls so they could go to the theme park along with Mom and we would purchase the tickets. I got them the park map so they could start planning their day at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. I called Mom and told her the girls had a gift at the office so they could stop by. I sat with the girls and asked them how the chip sale was going.

They replied not that good and Izabella was quick to mention she had a long way to go. I started laughing with her, and then asked how they would feel if the Park 9 Staff invited them to go to Magic Kingdom? Mom broke down in tears, and they could not stop smiling. The joy that was in the office... we all teared up. I felt a special kind of way during this WOW. I just know that the experience these three beautiful little girls and their mother will have is going to be beyond this world. I am so fortunate to have the privilege to do this.









Thank You! You are AWESOME! Thank you for being an integral part of the Venterra family. All of your skills and talents come together to make Venterra the Best Place To Work. Ever. Look for your community on the next pages and have fun reading!

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Belterra: 13, 50, 77, 81, 88, 89, 91, 106, 116, 119

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Corporate/Regional: 8,9, 10, 11, 16, 19, 31, 33, 35, 48, 51, 52, 53, 54, 56, 61, 66, 69, 73, 74, 84, 95, 99 104, 113, 121




FUN wise SENSITIVE ______________. WE ARE _________________________. WE ARE _________________________. RMINED adventurous WE ARE _________________________. loving AWESOME SPECIAL HONEST NICE ______. WE ARE _________________________. WE ARE _________________________. WE ARE _________________________. WE ARE OCIAL FAMILY A TEAM GENEROUS ______________. WE ARE _________________________. WE ARE _________________________. WE ARE _________________________. UNIQUE MARVELOUS WE ARE _________________________. COMPASSIONATE WE ARE ______. WE ARE _________________________. WE ARE _________________________. ACIOUS WE ARE _________________________. HUMBLE CANDID KIND ______________. WE ARE _________________________. WE ARE _________________________. GOAL ORIENTED WE ARE _________________________. AMAZING WE ARE _________________________. PERCEPTIVE WE ARE ______. WE ARE _________________________. SSED CHARITABLE WE ARE _________________________. INCREDIBLE WONDERFUL ______________. WE ARE _________________________. WE ARE _________________________. FRIENDLY WE ARE _________________________. CARING HELPFUL ______. WE ARE _________________________. WE ARE _________________________. WE ARE NICE CARING GRACIOUS WE ARE _________________________. SOCIAL ______________. WE ARE _________________________. WE ARE _________________________. ACCEPTING WE ARE _________________________. OPEN CONSTRUCTIVE WE ARE ______. WE ARE _________________________. WE ARE _________________________. RVELOUS THE BEST CONSIDERATE WE ARE _________________________. BEAUTIFUL ______________. WE ARE _________________________. WE ARE _________________________. ______. WE ARE _________________________. WE ARE _________________________. WE ARE _________________________. WE ARE THE BEST UPBEAT CHEERY SIONATE WE ARE _________________________. UNDERSTANDING WE ARE _________________________. DETERMINED WE ARE _________________________. THOUGHTFUL ______________. HAPPY EXCLUSIVE WE ARE _________________________. BLESSED ______. WE ARE _________________________. WE ARE _________________________. WE ARE MILY ENTHUSIASTIC WE ARE _________________________. INSPIRED WE ARE _________________________. ALLIES ______________. WE ARE _________________________. GIVING RESOURCEFUL WE ARE VENTERRA. ______. WE ARE _________________________. WE ARE _________________________.

______. WE ARE _________________________. WE ARE _________________________. WE ARE _________________________. WE ARE




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