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Leadership. LEADERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ESTABLISHING THE DIRECTION, TONE AND VALUES OF THE ORGANIZATION. John Foresi CEO, Co-Founder and Director Andrew Stewart Chairman, Co-Founder and Director

EMPLOYER PROMISE Frames the work environment that senior management is committed to delivering, and the standard to which our leaders are held accountable. Richard Roos, COO

EMPLOYEE PROMISE Defines the employees' responsibilities to create a positive work environment.

92% of employees agreed: “I have confidence in the leadership of the organization”.

Leaders Discuss. Leaders are Candid.

ANNUAL 3-DAY LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE 150 people made up of our Managers, Senior Management Group and Executives gather to discuss vision, strategy and leadership.

Assess Leadership Skills and Hold Senior Managers Accountable

LEADERSHIP SURVEY Our Senior Managers are held accountable through our Leadership Survey which assesses their leadership skills and provides guidance.

Venterra Leadership Survey results ranked in the top 10% of companies benchmarked.