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CORE VALUES Honesty and Integrity-

The highest standard of Integrity and Honesty will permeate all of


our actions. Humility- We are always learning. We will not allow personal or corporate arrogance to


get in the way of progress and suc-

Our Core Values and Employer Promises provide the framework that sets the tone for the Organization.

in what we do and our pursuit of a

cess. Never-ending Pursuit of Excellence- We take pride

"Better Way" never ends. We have an intense sense of urgency in everything we do. Candor and Openness- We will respectfully

tell each other the truth; both the good and the bad. Politics will not To succeed at Venterra, our employees must be earnest Believers in these values, exhibiting a sincere commitment to all that Venterra aspires to be.

be allowed to get in the way of our pursuit of excellence. Unparalleled Service Excellence-

We aim to be the standard of ser-


vice excellence against which others


measure themselves in our industry. Team First- While we encour-

age and reward individual achievements, we make team success a pri-

ority. We will make personal sac-

– – We


rifices to ensure the team succeeds. Prudent Cost Management- We will make careful and

sensible value-based decisions about all money and other resources entrusted to us

Culture. WOW Matters

Our WOW Matters initiative encourages exceptional customer experience acts that are celebrated in our annually published WOW Matters book.

“Today the ladies in the front office made an eleven year old boy very happy. My son has been waiting for a promised package from his father since his birthday on May 29th. Each day he would send me or go with me to check on his package. It has been one month and three days and no package. My son is autistic and believes that everyone tells the truth so he looked for that package to arrive each day. Today, I received an email and a phone call from the ladies in the office informing me that my son had a package. I thought, “Wow, I could finally stop seeing the disappointed eyes of my son each day.” I sent my son into the office to get the package, and when I walked in behind him, he was holding a beautifully wrapped gift. The gift was from the ladies in the office. My son believes the gift was from his dad. If his dad actually sends him a gift, I will let him think he got two gifts from him for being such a wonderful son. I want to thank the ladies in the office. Their gesture was heartfelt and it made my son and I feel loved. Their kindness will be forever remembered. May God bless you both. – Sonya Lynch, Resident since February 2011

Culture. WOW Matters continued


2011 WOW MATTERS EXCERPT “We have a married couple here that has been having a hard time from being laid off to living pay check to pay check. The resident was just in the office telling us how it seems like its something new and both her sons are in this growth spur and she was going to have to get a second job to just be able


to buy them clothes that fit. Well Cherry and I took off to Wal-Mart and bought them clothes plus a little bigger sizes so they could grow more into them!

You will be able to see her reactions in the pictures.. Plus the boys come in each day and show us their outfit for the day! “

Culture. Employees

WOW Matters 2009

“You can’t fake this stuff and investors in our properties have said as such after hearing executives talk about this unique customer service culture at Venterra, “I love that Venterra takes the time to make a differ2011 ence for our residents by creating memories for each individual. It’s all the small important memories that stick in people’s minds and make a huge difference for a person’s perception of us now and their expectations of others later. We’re not scared to set the bar high for what customer service really looks like.” – Eastin Isaac, Regional Leasing Manager

reading the WOW Matters book

“Venterra’s WOW stories are changing Customer Service expectations in the multifamily industry. Not only do residents have an outlet for expressing their appreciation, but employees are able to inspire teamwork by complimenting each other. WOW has grown over the past three years and will continue to transform the way residents experience A Better Way of Living”. – Leigh Sublett, Online Marketing Manager

having on residents’ living expe-

and then seeing it in action during property tours. It is clearly recog-

nized by all, the incredibly positive impact that our efforts are

rience at Venterra communities.” -John Foresi CEO, Co-founder and Director

100% of employees agreed that “I make a difference in the lives of my customers.”

We give employees a voice and they give us A Better


We’ve selected 26 employee suggestions from our Better Way Contest to implement this year.

A BETTER WAY The Better W ay forum receives dozens of suggestions daily. All from employees telling us what we could do to make something better about any part of our operations. Nothing is off limits. We not only encourage ideas, we reward them! Last year alone we received 309 suggestions and awarded $4,050 for winning ideas and suggestions.

HIRING FOR CULTURE FIT Our Culture Fit Assessment is used in the interviewing process and ensures we focus on personality traits that are highly correlated with success in our culture.

Transparent decision making and open communications allow employees to understand company decisions and gives them a voice.


Make Time to Have Fun

99% of employees agree that “Overall, I like my job.�

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