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WOW Matters Venterra Realty, A Better Way of Living Fourth Edition

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Identifying Some of Our Favorite WOW Moments


Preface by Richard Roos, Chief Operating Officer


Foreword by Stephanie Gonzalez, Director of Marketing & Customer Experience


About Venterra


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Venterra’s Customer Service Values


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WOW Winning Stories Through the Years


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Why Are There Red Bars in the Book? You will notice red bars throughout the book. These red bars represent some of our favorite WOW moments experienced throughout the year.


Preface Richard Roos, Chief Operating Officer

As I write this, I find it incredible that we are now on the 4th version of our amazing “WOW Book”. It is such a remarkable project and one that draws such a positive response from employees, potential employment candidates, asset managers, investors, vendors and customers. The “WOW Book” is definitely a highlight of the year for me.

The customer experience culture that is illustrated by all of the wonderful stories in the “WOW Book” has not happened by accident. Venterra’s journey has been fuelled by our employees’ willingness to embrace our vision of being a customer experience leader and an organizational commitment to make changes to our business model that supports delivering a positive and memorable customer experience. This pursuit of excellence has produced many customer centric initiatives: 

30-day move-in guarantee

On-line leasing application via our website

Total Quality Make Ready (TQMR)

48-hour service request completion guarantee

WOW contest and book

Company-wide resident satisfaction surveys

Interactive iPad leasing app

ApartmentRatings.com ratings > 83%

Customer Experience Scorecard

Proprietary online resident portal

These important milestones are a tremendous testament to all of our employees who have worked tirelessly over the years to help us create a customer centric company culture. As everyone knows, a plan is only as good as the execution; and certainly with our customer experience vision, the battle is won and lost with our employees. I would like to express my endless appreciation to all of the Venterra employees that have helped, and continue to help, make Venterra’s customer experience vision a reality.


Looking Ahead to 2013 With as much as we have accomplished over the years, you might be wondering if it is time to rest on our laurels in 2013 and take a breather. For those who know Venterra well, you know that won’t fly at all. We want to take what we have built so far and take it even higher! As part of our ongoing pursuit of being a customer experience leader, we will be investing time and effort in the following initiatives to make Venterra an even more customer centric organization: 

Expanded resident driven survey feedback

Increased funds at the property level to create truly memorable WOW moments

Greater investment in training programs

Review of all customer interactions to ensure the experience is simple and that Venterra is “easy to do business with”

Further enhancements to our on-line resident portal

Simply about “Caring” In talking about customer service, it is important to remember the simple truth that great customer service starts with simply “Caring”. We must truly connect with our customers if our goal is to provide an amazing customer experience - listening with interest, understanding, compassion and empathy about the matters that are important to them. We have achieved great success taking this approach, but for us to achieve continued success, we must practice it each day. A great quote that always keeps me grounded when I am considering customer related matters is the following: “A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work – he is the purpose of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to serve him.” - Mahatma Gandhi

I am very excited about 2013 and all of the opportunities ahead of us to set new standards of customer experience excellence in the Multi-family Apartment Industry. Thank you for your efforts in 2012 and let’s keep dreaming big.


Foreword Stephanie Gonzalez, Director of Marketing & Customer Experience

This year, I found myself thinking more and more about the constant intersection between our business and some of life’s most stressful events. Take moving for example; which is something our business revolves around. Looking for a new apartment and worrying about budget constraints are just a couple of reasons people find moving to be so stressful. As I thought about this more, I realized that while moving in itself is stressful, it’s actually the bi-product of some other stressful event – getting married, going to school, relocating for work, getting divorced, a death in the family, illness or retirement. Moving can be for positive or negative reasons, but is usually related to something significant happening in one’s life. This was an “Aw” moment for me - our customers are interacting with us, but at the same time managing multiple layers of stress that stretch beyond the move itself. They aren’t leisurely shopping. They aren’t on vacation. More than ever, they just want things to be simple and pleasant.

It made me wonder if we are mindful of this in our day to day interactions. It certainly changes how you approach a conversation. I started digging into thousands of prospect and resident feedback comments and the hundreds of WOW stories being shared by our teams. We are in a position to provide positivity, calmness, simplicity and peace - if even to a small degree - during an intense time for our customers. I wanted to see if we are delivering such an experience to our customers.

Of course, the 400 plus employees that make up our community teams have it figured out and are delivering care, positivity and WOW consistently across the multiple times we interact with our residents. I was worrying needlessly; and in this moment, the inspiration for this year’s WOW book came to be. Our goal this year is to demonstrate how our teams deliver care, positivity, simplicity and WOW. For example, we took the WOW stories and grouped them into common themes; like helping a resident up the stairs with their groceries or delivering a package. This resulted in 12 areas that have become a standard service for our residents in an industry where they aren’t so standard and are detailed in the Make A Difference section of the book. We also took a look at the feedback we received from our residents and grouped them into common customer experience touch points (reasons for interacting with us) such as leasing an apartment, moving in and submitting a service request. We wanted to see the level of service being delivered for each. This process warmed my heart. I read story after story of how we made a difference in someone’s life. We brought positivity, care and simplicity to their challenging and sometimes complicated situations. In some cases it was something simple, while in others it was much more; but each was memorable, and meaningful and collectively are the inspiration for Experience VenZen, Zenful Apartment Living.


Companies around the world are increasing their focus on the customer experience as they realize its importance for sustainability. We recognized this trend many years ago and continue to push the standards on our customer experience delivery. Simply stated, we want to be the customer experience leader in the Apartment Industry. In an industry where our customers are likely experiencing higher levels of stress and anxiety at various points in which they interact with us, our focus in 2013 will be to ensure that living at a Venterra community is as easy and stress-free as possible. It begs the challenge and question: can we create an experience that enables our customers to forget about the stress in their lives, if only for just a short period of time?

Experience VenZen, Zen-ful Apartment Living – I like it. I think it has legs. I know we’re ready. I look forward to the challenge of creating a world where doing business with Venterra is simple and completely stress-free for our customers.


About Venterra Venterra's mission is to acquire and manage multi-family real estate assets in the southern United States that deliver a superior resident living experience. Our residents will experience A Better Way of Living. We will achieve this while maintaining profitable operations, long term appreciation and preservation of capital.

Venterra creates an enduring environment where honesty, integrity, respect and humility flourish in the never ending pursuit of excellence.

Venterra deploys proprietary technology and leading people management systems to pursue our focus on people, customer service and operating excellence. Our culture of innovation and access to our real-time information drives productivity, focus and a never-ending pursuit of a “Better Way”. Venterra’s success is rooted in our Core Values – values that define who we are and how we conduct ourselves. It is the bond that ties us together and gives our organization strength.



make a difference 1238835938

Review of Make A Difference, Venterra Realty Part of what makes our communities great to live in is our employees and their dedication to serving our prospects and residents. Whether they are diving into dumpsters to find lost keys or helping with groceries or furniture, these 12 areas have become the standard services our residents receive in an industry where they aren't so standard.

So turn your volume up and get ready to be WOW’d by the great stories in this Playlist.


Welcome to the Jungle We Love All of Our Furry and Not So Furry Friends

Life is a Highway Got Car Trouble? We’re Here to Help!

One Day Doing One Nice Gesture Will Lead to Many Great Gestures

Hard Working Man Because Without Maintenance, We Wouldn’t Make It Through the Hot Summers and Cold Winters

Live While You’re Young Our Smallest Residents Mean the World To Us

Rescue Me When Emergencies Happen, It’s Good to Know We Have the Best People On Our Side

Mr. Postman Package Delivery at Its Finest!

Lost and Found Don’t Worry. We’ll Help You Find It!

I Like to Move It Whether It’s One Item or Many, We’ll Help You Move It!

Stand By Me We Catch You When You’re Falling

Change It’s About the Difference I Make in the Lives of Others Every Day

Garbage Man From Dumpster Diving to Carrying Out The Trash, It Gets Messy




‘Welcome to the Jungle’ Playlist Nikki James, Westminster at Buckhead, Atlanta, GA


Nikki to the Rescue This past weekend Nikki helped a resident in need by helping her with her sick pup! The resident definitely appreciated the time that Nikki put into helping her and her puppy!

Danyer Rodriguez, Falcon Square at Independence, Orlando, FL


Danny to the Rescue We kept receiving phone calls regarding a cat that was lurking around the community, and Danny, maintenance supervisor, was able to find the owner of the lost cat! A resident was very distraught that her cat was missing, and Danny was able to get the cat back safely to the rightful owner!

Angela Wallace, Waterford at Mandarin, Jacksonville, FL


Just Keep Swimming! While checking out the community amenities the other day, Angela came upon a tiny turtle stuck in the kiddie pool. She scooped the little guy out and sent him back to dry land. Thanks for looking out for the little guys out there, Angela!

Jerri El Williams, Champions Green Apartments, Alpharetta, GA


Go Jerri El Go! While our grounds keeper was working, he noticed one of our residents running after her dog, but the dog was too fast. Jerri El immediately ran after the dog. The lady was very happy because if it hadn’t been for Jerri El, she wouldn't have been able to catch her dog!

Kristi Schimming, Silverbrooke, Stafford, TX


Another Beautiful Day at Work We had a resident call to ask my leasing consultant Kristi if she would take his new puppy out for a walk while he was at work. Kristi didn't hesitate to help the resident and his cute new puppy!


ď€´â€˜Welcome to the Jungle’ Playlist Lazcano & Megan Gustafson, Carlyle Place, San Antonio, TX


Pet Lovers to the Rescue! Margarita, one of our residents had recently adopted her very first kitten, Tiger. She was going out of the country and was nervous about leaving him at a kennel with strangers for several weeks. The team at Carlyle Place volunteered to take turns each day feeding the kitten, changing his litter box, and playing with him. By doing so they saved the resident from both worrying as well as incurring the cost of using a kennel. Way to go team!

Richard Connell, Waterford at Mandarin, Jacksonville, FL


Richard Flew the Coop! We had a new resident who called this morning with an unexpected visitor. Her dog was barking in the living room in front of the fireplace. She looked to see what all the commotion was about, and, to her surprise, she found a tiny bird in her fireplace! Unaware of how it snuck in or how to retrieve it without her rambunctious dog barking furiously, she called in help from the maintenance staff. Richard jumped at the chance to help out both the resident and the trapped wildlife. After running over to help the resident, they were able to get the bird out safely and set it free, back out into the world.

The Team at Sandstone, Pasadena, TX


Helping the Homeless A stray cat had been roaming around the community for several days, and we could not catch her. Finally a resident called to inform us that the cat was pregnant and had given birth in front of her front door! The mother cat had left the kittens all alone, abandoning them. The residents brought the newborn kittens into the leasing office. We didn't know what to do with all of these sweet kittens, so we called various family members and friends, asking if they wanted a new cat. Unfortunately no one did. We then decided to call Animal Services office, but it was closed. It was also closing time for us, and we didn't know what to do. Fabiola volunteered to take the kittens home with her that night. She bought little bottles, filled them with milk, and fed them through the night. She ended up doing this for three days in a row until Animal Services opened again the following Monday.


Slow and steady wins the race for this turtle.


‘Welcome to the Jungle’ Playlist David Torres, Waters Edge, Austin, TX


Above and Beyond the Call of Duty! We had a resident with an air conditioning problem a couple of weekends ago. David was on call when the resident called the 24-hour line. The resident was very worried about her dog (who was loose in the apartment) getting too hot while she was at work. David was able to calm her down when he sympathized with her worry about her dog—he had three at home himself. The resident wanted David to come to the office to let us know when he was going over to her apartment and to return to the office with a report about what he did while he was there. She had some very specific ways to open and close the gate to her home. David did not hesitate; he came straight to the office and let me know he was on his way. Afterward, he came straight back to let me know what he did. He also came back a little later that afternoon just to check on her air conditioning and the puppy. David showed the resident he really cared for not only her but her dog as well. Thank you, David, for your great customer service.

Angela Wallace, Waterford at Mandarin, Jacksonville, FL


The Great Puppy Rescue We recently had an apartment vacated, and the residents left behind a puppy! This poor little guy was found locked on the patio with no food or water. Angela, being the big-hearted dog lover that she is, took it upon herself to get some water and food from her own dogs to help out this abandoned pup. She also contacted the local animal control center and had it come retrieve this poor lonely guy to find him a new, permanent home. Where there is a wet nose in need, Angela is there!

The Team at Huntcliff Apartments, League City, TX


PUUURRRFECT Rescue! Two of our animal-loving residents saw two abandoned, helpless, hungry, and very hot little feline friends under a truck in the parking lot. The residents ran out, rescued them, and quickly brought them to us so that we could get them some cold water to help cool them down.

Shannon Stokes, Raintree, Baytown, TX


Pet Sitter We have a resident whose grandfather passed away and had to rush out of town to Louisiana. He had to leave his dog at home and didn't make it home when he thought he would. Shannon was excited to help this resident when he asked if she could check on his dog. Shannon went to the resident’s apartment, gave Max fresh food and water, and even took him for a walk. The resident then called and was filled with joy to hear that Shannon went above and beyond to meet his request.


This lucky kitty survived being stuck in this car’s engine!


‘Welcome to the Jungle’ Playlist Brandi Lumley, Legacy at River Crossing, Macon, GA


Our Own Dr. Dolittle! Last week a resident was jogging near the office when he felt a bird land on his shoulder—true story! He noticed how sweet and loving the bird was and walked over to our office just as Brandi was leaving for the day. He explained what happened; being our fearless pet enthusiast, she took him and began petting him, placing him on her shoulder. The bird immediately took to her, and she brought him into the office. Needless to say, Brandi took the sweet bird home and is now caring for him. Brandi always has her heart in the right place!

Megan Gustafson, Carlyle Place, San Antonio, TX


Megan Saves The Day! A couple of Saturdays ago, a resident came into the office carrying what looked to be a two to three week old kitten. The resident reported there to be a whole litter of these newborns in the bushes right outside his apartment home. It was a busy Saturday, and I was unable to care for the kitten. I decided to call Megan, who was off that day, and ask her if she could help. Megan dropped everything and came by Carlyle to rescue not just that kitten but it's brother as well. Upon taking them to the vet, she learned that they would not have lived to the end of the week due to dehydration! She and I eventually rescued the remaining two kittens and were able to place them in loving homes. The resident who found the original kitten followed up with us and was very impressed with the action Megan took. Thank you, Megan, for coming to the rescue and making a difference for not just the kittens but the community as a whole by reducing the number of stray cats on the property and showing our residents that you are there for them in all situations no matter how big or small.

Daylon Shaffer & Kimberly Knearem, Villa Lago, Fort Worth, TX


We had a resident call in this morning to let us know that there are a few stray cats wandering around the property and that they are often walking on his car and so forth. We told him that we were waiting on traps from the city and that we were working on having the problem resolved soon. He then proceeded to tell Kim that he was stranded on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck not too far from the property and that he had two kittens stuck in his engine. The resident said he heard a loud bang in his car and pulled over only to find two kittens in the engine—STUCK! Kim immediately offered assistance to the gentleman, grabbed Daylon, and headed out the door to help the resident. When they got there, Daylon was able to get both kittens removed from the engine safely and taken to the animal shelter for care. Way to go Kim and Daylon on such good customer service!


Here Kitty Kitty!




 ‘Life is a Highway’ Playlist Nicu Durus, Riverstone, Fort Worth, TX


Helping a Stranded Resident! Thanks to Nicu for jumping in to help one of our residents whose car had a flat tire. The resident has arthritis, which makes it hard for him to do manual labor. Nicu was eager to help and had the resident’s tire changed in no time!

Debra Anderson, Bent Tree, San Antonio, TX


Bad Day Gone Good Dee was heading to the office on her golf cart when she passed a car that wouldn’t start up. Dee was quick to turn around and see if the driver needed help. When Dee asked her if she could help, the lady was in tears, so Dee quickly went to get her own car to jump the lady’s car. The lady was so shocked at Dee’s generosity that she came to the office and told everyone the story. Great job, Dee, going above and beyond!

Miguel Canas, Huntcliff, League City, TX


Who Needs a Mechanic When You Have Miguel?! It was my second day at Huntcliff, and I was already wowed by my team! An elderly lady came into my office and asked, “Where can I get a man?” As I was trying to understand the meaning of her question, she informed me that she had opened the door to her van too far and it locked up on her. Therefore, she needed a man to help her try to unlock it so it would close. I looked outside and saw Miguel getting ready to leave for lunch, so I asked if he could assist us with the van. Of course Miguel was very willing to help and was able to unlock it within a few minutes! The lady was extremely grateful for Miguel's help and then turned to me and said, "I knew men were good for something!" Gotta love the residents!

Adalberto Roman, Salado Springs, San Antonio, TX


Who Needs a Mechanic When You Have Rob?! One day when I was leaving work at 7 PM and walking to my car, I saw Rob underneath the hood of a car. It turned out that a resident needed to go pick up her mother very early in the morning at the airport and had to go to the store for some last minute things to prepare for the visit when her car started to overheat. Rob determined the problem and fixed it for her so she would not have any trouble. Thank you, Rob, for taking the time to help her out, even after hours!


 ‘Life is a Highway’ Playlist Michael Martinez, Salado Springs, San Antonio, TX


Super Mike to the Rescue Mike was driving home from work one day and stopped at the corner gas station to grab some things before heading home. When he pulled into the parking lot, he noticed one of our residents here at Salado Springs standing outside her car looking at her flat tire. Mike took it upon himself to help her out, even though he was off the clock and not even on the property! Thank you, Mike, for being so super and truly making our resident feel appreciated even when you were off duty.

Marvin Valdizon, The Villas of Bristol Heights, Austin, TX


Marvin Scoots to the Rescue! While on his way home Marvin saw a resident having trouble with her scooter. Her scooter had lost power, and she was unable to push it to her apartment. Marvin immediately got out of his car and helped the resident and her scooter inside. Thank you, Marvin!

Alan Flores, Waters Edge, Austin, TX


Jump Starts Their Day! At Waters Edge, we had a resident that was having trouble starting her car. She was very alarmed, as she was running late for work. Our porter noticed she was having trouble and offered to jump-start her car. After a couple of tries, her car started. She was very grateful that Alan went out of his way to assist her and mentioned that she always appreciates the great customer service she receives at Waters Edge.

Marvin Valdizon, The Villas of Bristol Heights, Austin, TX


No Keys? No Worries! The other day Patricia Hikes, one of our residents here at the Villas of Bristol Heights, had locked her keys inside her car while using our car-detailing center. When Marvin, our assistant maintenance manager, was driving by and saw her in distress, he picked her up on the golf cart and drove her to our office to get her house key. He then took her back to her home to pick up her other set of car keys and back to the car-detailing center to retrieve her car!



 ‘Life is a Highway’ Playlist Jason Biggs, Palm Club, Brunswick, GA


Going the Extra Mile A resident locked her keys in her car, but it was going to take AAA an hour to get there, which would make her late to work. Jason was able to unlock the door for her, and she made it to work on time!

Manuel Melendez, Silverbrooke, Stafford, TX


Happy Resident! A resident's vehicle was broken into at the Walmart down the street. After going to two different car washes to get the broken glass out of the passenger side of her car, neither let her vacuum her car. Distraught, she came into the office crying, saying she had to go pick up her daughter from day care and couldn’t let her ride in the car with glass pieces flying everywhere. I proceeded to call maintenance to see if they had a shop vac that she could use to help. Manuel didn't hesitate before asking the lady to come to the maintenance shop where he vacuumed the car out for her! She came back in, thanking us for caring so much and helping out when it had nothing to do with her actual apartment! Way to go, Manuel!

Cole Roark, SunRay, San Antonio, TX


Cole to the Rescue! While out on property, Cole noticed a resident having problems with his car. He was running late for work because his car wouldn't start. Cole immediately went to his truck and came over with jumper cables. In no time, Cole had jump-started the resident's car so that he could get on with his day and make it to work.

Marvin Valdizon & Jairo Aguilar, The Villas of Bristol Heights, Austin, TX


Maintenance Men...Mechanics Too? Marvin and Jairo helped a resident remove his temporary license place and put on his new tags and plate since the resident didn't have any tools to do so.

Marvin Valdizon, The Villas of Bristol Heights, Austin, TX


Jumping to the Challenge! Marvin noticed a resident having car trouble, so he grabbed his cables and jump-started the resident's car.



 ‘Life is a Highway’ Playlist Richard Collins, Carlyle Place, San Antonio, TX


Hero of the Day! It had been raining cats and dogs all day at Carlyle Place! Unfortunately, with all the flooding in front of our property, a belt popped off of the vehicle of some prospective residents as they were coming in to get information from our leasing office. The entrance blocked by their vehicle, and the prospects were getting drenched standing in the rain looking under the hood, neither knowing what to do. Richard, who was just returning to the property from lunch, saw the girls in distress and quickly came to their assistance. For over half an hour, he stood in the rain getting the belt back on and their vehicle back on the road. Upon entering the office we greeted him with lots of applause—and lots of towels.

Alan Flores, Waters Edge, Austin, TX


Jump-Starts a Resident’s Day! The porter for Waters Edge, Alan Flores, noticed a resident having trouble starting her car one morning. Although Alan was in the middle of picking up the grounds, he asked if she needed some assistance and offered to grab some jumper cables to start her car. This resident was running late for work, so she really appreciated the initiative Alan showed to help her out.


Doing One Nice Gesture Will Lead to Many Great Gestures


 ‘’One Day’ Playlist Shannon Stokes, Raintree, Baytown, TX


Little Things Make a Huge Difference! A resident of ours had been without a job for some time, and the resident had become worried that he would not be able to pay his bills. He came into the business center daily to search for jobs on the Internet. Shannon knew of the resident's hardships and wanted to help. She took the time to help the resident post his resume to various job sites. Several days later the resident came into the office and was very excited. He had found a job thanks to Shannon's help!

Tammie Wilder, Legacy at River Crossing, Macon, GA


Tammie Making Our Resident Feel Right at Home! One of our residents recently moved to Legacy from out of state. She was new to town and missed her hometown. Tammie wanted the resident to feel welcome and at home in this new place. Tammie researched restaurants from the resident's hometown and then made a list of all of the same restaurants in the area so that the resident could have a little bit of home.

Nikki James, Westminster at Buckhead, Atlanta, GA


Home Sweet Home! Recently we had a resident who moved in that was starting all over again. The resident didn't really have any furniture, so Nikki decided to help her look up furniture stores and find decor. She even called the furniture stores to ensure that they had the items needed in stock.

Cassandra Kirkland & Jacqui Sullivan, Westminster at Buckhead, Atlanta, GA


Putting the Residents First Cassandra is always thinking of others and ways to help them. Every time we have a resident activity at our property, Cassandra always packs up the extra food and takes it to some of our residents who are unable to make it out due to illness.

Sally Flores, French Place, San Antonio, TX


Passport Panic The other day a resident called in a panic; he was up north and needed his passport out of his apartment to get to his next destination. Sally told him that she would mail it to him. He was very excited that she would do such a thing. Thanks, Sally, for going the extra mile!



 ‘’One Day’ Playlist Shaunta Hall, Bent Tree, San Antonio, TX


Tour Guide Shaunta Shaunta recently had a new resident that was a newcomer not only to Bent Tree but to Texas as well. She told Shaunta that she needed some retail therapy stat, so right away Shaunta went to her computer and looked up all the malls in our area. She printed out directions to each of the malls as well as a mall directory so that our new resident would know which mall to go to first. The resident was so thankful—way to show that everything is bigger and better in Texas Shaunta!

Jacob Mann, The Villas of Bristol Heights, Austin, TX


Top-Notch Customer Service Our newest addition to the Bristol Heights family, Jacob, has been with us for two weeks and immediately fell right into the leasing consultant role. He brought his A-game, which has been noticed by our residents and prospects. While attending our budget workshop in the conference room, I overheard a prospect talking to Jacob in the business center. She would not stop complimenting the great customer service he had provided her. She told him she was very grateful for all he had done for her to assist with getting her new apartment. Jacob even looked for movers for her and provided her with the best deal out there. What a way to step into the leasing consultant role and be a superstar by week two. Keep up the great job, Jacob, and welcome to the Venterra family.

Timothy Wong, Natassa Hadjigeorgiou, & Mable Woo, Venterra Realty Canada


We have a resident that just received word that her employer will be transferring her to Mississauga, Ontario, in several months. Not knowing anything about Canada, but loving her apartment with Venterra, she came into the office to see if we had properties in the area. She was disappointed to hear that we did not but was extremely excited when I offered to reach out to our corporate office to see if anyone had any Realtor contacts or general information regarding the area. This morning I sent an email, and within a matter of minutes Natassa and Tim had jumped at the opportunity to help! Tim sent me emails detailing what she could expect in Mississauga including the types of properties available, transportation needs, and general economic profile. Natassa quickly started a search for a Realtor that our resident could use in her house hunt. To make the situation even better, the Realtor that offered to help our resident is one of Venterra's very own—Mable! I can't thank you all enough for your extra efforts in helping out. Our resident is so thankful and absolutely floored at the level of service she has received from not only our team here at Northlake but also and more importantly from those in our corporate office who stopped their daily tasks to take on the role of relocation specialists!


Canadian Customer Service at Its Finest!


‘’One Day’ Playlist Judy Heuge, Bradford Pointe, Austin, TX


Tacos = Leases Judy had a prospect that toured but didn't take an application. She works at Taco Bell, so Judy continued her closing and follow-up efforts on her lunch break! Yesterday the prospect said she didn't have time to come get an application, so Judy dropped it off to her personally today. Great customer service and great follow-up!

The Team at the Preserve at Old Dowlen, Beaumont, TX


Time Warner


One of our new residents had been trying to get his cable setup with the cable company but without much luck. Danielle heard of the resident's frustrations and offered to call the cable company for the resident. She was able to get someone and verify that he was a resident. His cable was then setup in no time thanks to Danielle's assistance!

Geno Diaz, Somerset at Spring Creek, Plano, TX


Grocery Delivery! We have an elderly resident who is not able to get around very well and rarely leaves his home. Our caring Assistant Maintenance, Geno, loves to help our residents any way possible. Twice every month when Geno gets off work, he goes by to get a shopping list from the resident and heads to the grocery store to pick up everything on the list. He even unloads and puts away all of his groceries. And on top of all of this, Geno picks up his rent check each month and turns it into the office. Thanks Geno for caring for our residents!

Samantha Garcia, Bent Tree, San Antonio, TX


The Job Hunter A gentleman stopped by our office to fill out an application for each of the maintenance positions in San Antonio. He was uncertain about how to get to the other Venterra properties in San Antonio, so Samantha took time out of her busy schedule to print out a map and give him directions to each property. She also provided the gentleman with the website for the San Antonio Housing Association so that he could look at other positions in the San Antonio area. Way to go Samantha!



 ‘I’m a Hard Working Man’ Playlist Taylor Cook, Champions Green Apartments, Alpharetta, GA


Coin Laundry! One of our residents was trying to dry her clothes in our clothes care center. The dryer stopped working halfway through and wouldn't give the resident her money back. She went to the office very upset. Taylor immediately gave her $2 to replace the money that was lost.

Chelsea Hubbard, The Preserve at Old Dowlen, Beaumont, TX


Chelsea to the Rescue! Recently our gym entry was out of order, so residents were not able to access the gym after hours. One of our residents was training for a marathon and maintaining a very strict schedule. She was supposed to be at the gym at 4:30 every morning to train. Chelsea saved the day by finding a courtesy officer who would stay overnight to let residents in and out of the fitness center. And on top of that, Chelsea went to the store and bought a marathon pouch, which holds a bottle of water and an iPod. She gave the gift to the resident. The resident was so ecstatic and touched.

Carlos Quintanilla, Champions Woods Apartments, Houston, TX


Seven Years Bad Luck? A resident stopped by the office before closing time to pay her rent. She looked extremely tired and seemed to be upset. She explained to the office that she had had a long day at work and, to top it off, the mirror in her bathroom had fallen off of the wall and broken into many pieces. Carlos overheard the resident talking and offered to go to her apartment to help her clean it up. Carlos didn't let the end of the day stop him from being of service to a resident in need.

Robert Herrera, Bradford Pointe, Austin, TX


Wow = Robert There was a call from an upset resident after AT&T did not properly set up the cords for her laptop to connect to the Internet. She was trying to understand how to get it hooked up but was unable to get it working over the phone. Robert went straight to her apartment and was able to hook up everything and made sure it was working within 10 minutes. The neighbor was so happy and stress free! Way to wow, Robert!



 ‘I’m a Hard Working Man’ Playlist Rawlins Wiggins & Edwin Benson, Amber Place, Warner Robins, GA


Making Things Better An older man was moving into a top-floor apartment, so I asked Rawlins and Edwin to help get things moved into his new apartment. I left the boys to finish up while I came back to put his auto pay together. He came back to me and said that a job that would have taken him four hours took the boys only thirty minutes. He said he had never seen anyone take so much pride in their work or help out when not asked to do so. When he wanted to pay us in cash, I told him that was unnecessary but that he could go onto apartmentratings.com and share his story. He came back into the office for me to walk him through how to open an account. The last thing he said to me when he was leaving my office was, “You and your team really made my day. I know I will love living here!”

Fabiola Celado, Sandstone, Pasadena, TX


Super Fab On a rainy Wednesday, we were done for the day and headed home around 6:20 PM. I was behind Fabiola, waiting for the access gate to open. After we sat there for about a minute, we realized the gate was not opening. I started to call maintenance to come help open the gate as cars started stacking up behind us. I looked up, and Fabiola was out of her car, pushing the gate open by herself!

Christopher Singleterry & David White, The Enclave at 1550, San Antonio, TX


Chris & David Save the Day! Thanks to Chris for lending his corporate apartment to my resident while her air conditioning was being fixed. I know her and her dog appreciated it! Also, thanks to David for coming out on a Sunday evening to give me keys for that apartment. No one likes sleeping in a hot apartment in this San Antonio heat!

Raul Santos, The Preserve at Old Dowlen, Beaumont, TX


Can I Borrow Your Drill Sir? While Raul was completing some work orders in an apartment, he noticed the resident struggling to hang curtains. The resident asked for Raul's assistance, and in no time, Raul was able to help the resident get the curtains up as well as install a shower head.



 ‘I’m a Hard Working Man’ Playlist Ina Houston, SunRay, San Antonio, TX


Ina Makes It All Better! Recently at SunRay we had a move-in that for some reason fell through the cracks; the carpet was listed as shampooed by our vendor but hadn’t been. Ina, the leasing agent, did her standard walking the resident to the door and noticed immediately that the carpet had not been shampooed! Immediately she brought the new residents back to the office and consulted with the manager on what we could do. Ina handled the situation with the resident by offering to pay the U-Haul truck for one more day, setting up the resident in the model for the evening, and called to ensure that the carpet vendor would shampoo the carpet ASAP. The resident was extremely kind and understanding. This move-in mess up could have been a disaster, but it all went smoothly with the customer service skills that Ina used to fix the problem. Ina, thanks for thinking fast on your feet and taking care of the resident.

The Team at the Villa Lago, Fort Worth, TX


Vacation? What Vacation? It was just a typical Monday at Villa Lago. A resident had come to move in as soon as the office opened. As usual, Erin called Andrew, assistant maintenance, to come to the office to program the garage remote for the new resident. Andrew came into the office to get the remote. Erin noticed that Andrew was not in his uniform, and then it dawned on her that Andrew was on vacation! She had forgotten that he was on vacation; Andrew had come over to help anyway. Thanks to Andrew for giving up part of his vacation to help a new resident out!

Alberto Mendez & Barry Rhodes, Amber Place, Warner Robins, GA


A Helping Hand No Matter What the Situation One of our residents was moving out and came by the office in tears because she didn't have anyone to help her move all of her stuff nor a place to take her son. Without hesitation, Alberto and Barry offered to help. Alberto stayed the entire time to make sure the resident got everything moved.

Crystal Jimenzez, The Villas of Bristol Heights, Austin, TX


Crystal! Crystal was stopped by a resident after the office had closed one evening. The resident told her that the remote to his garage was not working. Crystal immediately took the remote, went back to the office, and replaced the battery in it.


‘I’m a Hard Working Man’ Playlist Gustavo Gonzalez, Willow Springs, Pasadena, TX


Cool Down On Saturday, Gustavo was called out to look at an air conditioning system that could not be fixed without ordering a new unit. The resident was expecting company that evening and was very upset. Gustavo put the window unit in her bedroom and went above and beyond by bringing his own window unit from home to help cool off her two-bedroom apartment for her and her company. She was very thankful!

Jason Biggs, Palm Club, Brunswick, GA


Jason Rocks! We had a new resident who was trying to decorate her new home. She was having trouble hanging a clock, so Jason stopped by her apartment on his way home and hung her clock for her. Not only that, but he also saw she had trash to take out and decided to save her the walk from her third-floor apartment and took her trash to the compactor! Way to lend a hand, Jason!

Hassan Zeadel, Westminster at Buckhead, Atlanta, GA


Hassan Is Key To Customer Service Our resident was yet another unfortunate person to fall victim to our ferocious trash machinery. She tipped her trash into the chute, but at the same time accidentally released the keys to her car. Worried she may never see them again, she was incredibly relieved when Hassan solved her problem. He unlocked the trash compactor and retrieved the relieved resident's keys while she waited.

Rebecca Hale & Jeffery Sams, Legacy at River Crossing, Macon, GA


Jeff & Becca to the Rescue! We recently had a resident move in who was having difficulty hooking up her new washer and dryer. Upon hearing this news, Jeff and Becca took the time to help her connect her washer and dryer. She was so grateful and very impressed with them for offering to help (without her asking)!



‘I’m a Hard Working Man’ Playlist Mollie Witt, Merrywood, Katy, TX


Mollie's Office Hours: From Dawn to Dusk This was not the first time Mollie had started her day before 7 am or handled concerns after hours, but this particular instance deserves recognition. Mollie takes her company iPad home with her daily, and often checks it after office hours if she hears her email alert go off. Yesterday, when Mollie woke up at 6:30 AM, she heard the alarm go off and promptly checked her iPad. She noticed that a resident was emailing and complaining that she was having problems with her air conditioner. Of course, the resident did not expect a reply at 6:30 AM, but she got one. Mollie was able to place the maintenance call and also contacted the on-call maintenance technician to ensure that the message was received. She then called the resident back and offered an ETA for when the technician would be there to fix the problem. The resident was grateful for Mollie’s kindness, which went above and beyond including even before changing out of her pajamas. This surely made an impression on the resident. After starting work at sunrise and barely taking a lunch break, Mollie was beat and went home to relax. Between 8:30 and 9 PM, a resident called the property manager to complain of an illegally parked vehicle blocking her trailer. The property manager called Mollie (who lives onsite) to go and take a picture of the vehicle for notation purposes. Mollie got up without asking a question to go find the vehicle. However, while looking for the vehicle, she encountered the resident and the constable who had already been called. Mollie mediated the situation and calmed the resident down while knocking on doors to find out whom the vehicle belonged to without having to call for a tow truck. Mollie finally finished dealing with this situation at around 10 PM After working basically from 6:30 in the morning to about 10 at night, most people would not be in the best mood the next day—but not Mollie. She still managed to get up in the morning, pick up donuts, kolaches, and breakfast sandwiches for the office staff and any early morning residents or prospects, and still come in with a smile on her face. It is great to work with such a team player who is so passionate about her community, her neighbors, and her co-workers.




 ‘Live While You’re Young’ Playlist Angela Wallace, Waterford at Mandarin, Jacksonville, FL


Thank You Notes We recently had a bake sale at Waterford at Mandarin and had some cupcakes leftover. Rather than letting them go to waste, Angela decided to bring them to the children in the neighborhood to brighten their day!

Taylor Cook, Champions Green Apartments, Alpharetta, GA


Snack Time Two of our smaller residents stopped by the office after school one day. We usually have snacks set out for our residents and prospects; this particular day it was Oreo cookies. At the same time, both little girls looked up and saw that there was only one Oreo left! One of the little girls ran up and grabbed the last cookie. The other little girl became very sad. Taylor witnessed what was happening and quickly slipped out of the office and to her apartment. A few moments later, Taylor appeared with an Oreo cookie for the little girl who didn't get one earlier. The little girl was overjoyed!

Kristin Schubert, Forest View, The Woodlands, TX


Everyone Deserves a Treat While sitting in the office, Brenda overheard Kristin calling a resident to find out what kind of candy her son was able to eat. Kristin had decided to get an early start this year on putting together the candy bags for our residents for Halloween. Kristin remembered that this particular little boy could not have some of the treats that were being given out to the other kids in the community. So to make sure that the little boy didn't miss out on his Halloween bag, Kristin took the extra step to call his mom to find out what he could have!

Champions Green Apartments, Alpharetta, GA


Marco Helps! Marco Reyes Marco walked by the playground and noticed a little boy sitting in the playground with his bicycle turned upside down. He asked the boy what was wrong, and the boy informed him that the chain had come off of his bike. Marco helped the boy fix the chain. The little boy was so happy!



 ‘Live While You’re Young’ Playlist Frances Yanez, Champions Green Apartments, Alpharetta, GA


Frances Rescues an Innocent Child Frances noticed a group of children walking near the leasing office. There was a little boy who appeared to be upset. Frances went over to the children to see that the boy was being bullied. She immediately pulled the boy away from the group and took him home to his parents. She then called the parents of all of the children responsible for bullying.

TaiRae Richey, Huntcliff, League City, TX


Our Sweet Tai! There is a super-nice resident here who brings her grandson in for a cookie from time to time. The other day they came in, but he was allergic to some of the ingredients in our new cookies. TaiRae came up with a sweet idea to buy him some gobstoppers since he loves those. Way to go TaiRae! You always go out of your way to make our residents feel special.

Jessica Nofsinger, Bradford Pointe, Austin, TX


Do You Know the...Muffin Woman? A new resident was signing her lease, and her 6-year-old son was unhappy about not having candy and waiting for so long. Jessica was walking by and heard how upset he was, so she grabbed some left-over muffins from our pastry day. Logan's eyes lit up. He whispered to his mom, “I know the muffin woman. She's in that office!” and pointed to Jessica.

Marvin & Alex, The Villas of Bristol Heights, Austin, TX


Always There to Help! The other day Marvin waited with a resident’s child at the bus stop because the child’s parents were running late. Later that week, Alex saw that same child waiting outside his apartment door, so he offered the child a phone to call his parents.




 ‘Rescue Me’ Playlist Taylor Cooks, Champions Green Apartments, Alpharetta, GA


Emergency! While coming from an apartment, Taylor looked up and noticed one of our residents walking toward our office. As she got closer, she noticed that the resident was having a hard time breathing. Taylor immediately put her arm around the resident and helped her into the office. Taylor grabbed a bottle of water for the resident and then called an ambulance to come and make sure the resident was okay.

Carlos Quintanilla, Champions Woods Apartments, Houston, TX


Another Day on the Job While Carlos was on call one weekend, he received a frantic call from one of our elderly residents around 10:00 PM. When he got to the apartment, the deadbolt was locked, so he was unable to get into the apartment. He could hear the resident, and yelled to her that he was going to go over to the patio. He was able to open the patio door. When he entered the apartment, he found the resident on the floor. He called 911 and stayed with the resident until the ambulance arrived. He later found out that the resident had broken her hip. She was so grateful that Carlos was there with her, helping her during this time.

Tracy Wall, Carlyle Place, San Antonio, TX


Here at Carlyle, We Are Family! One of our residents was working out in the fitness center when she passed out. Tracy happened to be in the fitness center while on the phone with Megan, our property manager. She noticed the girl pass out and called 911. Megan stayed on the phone with Tracy while all of this was happening. When the paramedics arrived, the girl was breathing but not awake. She came to a little but was unable to get her thoughts and words together. Tracy pulled her file so that she could give the paramedics all of the information that they needed, which the girl was unable to provide. The paramedics put the girl on a stretcher and into the back of the ambulance. Tracy started getting in the ambulance with them when one of the paramedics told her that she could not be in there. Tracy said that the girl didn't have any one here. She then told the paramedic that the leasing office was her family and got in the ambulance. After the girl made it to the hospital, Tracy went back to the girl's apartment to check on her dog. It turned out that the girl had a pacemaker that had malfunctioned. Thanks Tracy for being in the right place at the right time and for your quick thinking and service !



 ‘Rescue Me’ Playlist Mark Hughes, Hamptons at Woodland Pointe, Nashville, TN


Saving Mrs. Burchaell One Saturday while Mark was working, he received a phone call from a resident who needed some help. She had taken her dogs out for a walk while riding her scooter. She moved the leashes, and they seemed to get caught in the scooter. Mark came to her rescue. He was able to untangle the dogs and help her get them tied back up safely again. The resident then expressed that she needed to get back to her apartment quickly because her blood sugar was low. Mark was able to help the resident and her dogs back to the apartment. Mark grabbed a can of cola out of her fridge and quickly handed it to the resident. The resident was very relieved that Mark was there to help.

Taylor Cooks, Champions Green Apartments, Alpharetta, GA


Take My Breath Away One day when Taylor pulled into a parking spot near the leasing office she looked over and noticed a resident hanging out of her car. The resident appeared to not be breathing. Taylor immediately assisted the resident by calling 911 and carrying her into the office!

Joseph Lopez & Sonya Machado, SunRay, San Antonio, TX


Damsel in Distress & Her Heroic Maintenance Man Joseph noticed one of our residents wandering around on the property who appeared to be lost. It turned out that this particular resident has Alzheimer's disease and got lost trying to find the laundry room. Her daughter was out, and she didn't know where to go. Joseph helped the resident find the nearest clothes care center. He didn't want to leave her alone, so he kept checking on her until she was done with her laundry. He then led her back to her apartment safe and sound.

Jose Flores & Gustavo Gonzalez, Willow Springs, Pasadena, TX


Whatever It Takes We received a call from a resident concerned about his wife; he was out of town and could not reach her by phone. A family friend (with the husband's permission) came by the office to do a welfare check on her, as she had not been feeling well the night before. Jose took the friend to the apartment, but the top lock was on. Jose grabbed the ladder and, with the assistance of Gustavo, climbed through the patio onto the second floor to enter the apartment. We did have to call 911. All is well—thank goodness for Jose and his urgency and quick thinking!


 ‘Rescue Me’ Playlist Ricky Booth, Riverstone, Fort Worth, TX


Missing Child! So scary—this morning Ricky was approached by a resident who was holding the hand of a missing 3-year-old boy. Ricky took swift action to look around the building to see if anyone was out looking for the boy. Just as he was about to alert the authorities, a very panicked dad came running and hugging the little boy, who had snuck out while his dad and the rest of the family were still sleeping! Soon after, his mom arrived (who was already on her way to work) also panicked and crying. She immediately started hugging her child. This was a very scary situation, so thank you to our two heroes: Ricky and our good citizen who first found the lost boy. We are all thankful it worked out so quickly and that the lost boy was in good, safe hands!

Lisa Black, West End Lodge, Beaumont, TX


Lisa Black is West End’s Midwife! Yesterday at West End Lodge, Mrs. Boushek came (waddled) in to use the business center, looking very pregnant. Lisa and I looked at each other, and I said “She's going to have that baby,” just cutting up over her size. I said “I'm going to go tell her.” I walked over to the business center, popped my head in, and in a tongue-incheek manner said, "You know, you're getting ready to have that baby at 3:00...and it's 3:00...should I call someone?” She busted up laughing. Cut to 4:45: Jon answers the phone; it's for Lisa. Can anybody guess whose water broke in her apartment? That's right—Mrs. Boushek was in her apartment going into labor. She doesn't have any family in the area and wanted Lisa to come right away. She asked for Lisa by name to sit with her until Devon, her husband, arrived. Since Mrs. Boushek was about to have her first child, Lisa found her crying and scared to death. “Come sit with me please,” was Sonya's request. Lisa said, "Where's your wedding album?" Lisa sat there for the better part of an hour, holding her hand and calming her. She asked Lisa at one point, “Can I do this?” to which Lisa replied, “Honey? You're doing it right now!” Kudos, Lisa! So we're here to announce the birth team; come by our office any time, I will predict within two hours the birth of your child, and Lisa will hold your hand and calm you! It's a free service that Venterra provides.




 ‘Mr. Postman’ Playlist Tracy Kerr, Cedar Springs, Raleigh, NC


Tracy the Courier! One of our residents was expecting a very important package and asked us if we could call him when the package arrived. Instead of calling the resident, Tracy took the extra step to deliver the package directly to the resident at his office!

Adan Ferman, Huntcliff, League City, TX


Adan Made Her Day! Adan was outside maintaining the grounds on the property when he noticed a resident struggling to unload groceries from her car. She was holding on to two of her young children while trying to load groceries into a small red wagon. Adan quickly stopped what he was doing so that he could come to her rescue! He unloaded all of her groceries from the car to the wagon and then helped take them to the apartment.

Taylor Cooks, Champions Green Apartments, Alpharetta, GA


Renewal on the Way! A resident called the office to renew her lease but was unable to make it to the office due to joint pain in her knees. Taylor printed the resident’s renewal and brought it by the apartment for her to sign. She even sat down with the resident in her home to go through the lease changes.

The Team at Champions Green Apartments, Alpharetta, GA


Groceries Delivery! Champions Green is within walking distance to Target. One of our residents decided to walk to Target to buy some groceries. She ended up buying almost more than she could carry. Marco happened to see her struggling to carry all of her bags. He immediately jumped on his golf cart to pick up the resident and her groceries and drove them to her apartment!



 ‘Mr. Postman’ Playlist Danyer Rodriguez, Falcon Square at Independence, Orlando, FL


Danny to the Rescue! One of our residents had recently undergone back surgery and was unable to lift heavy objects. Danny noticed that he had a TV in the back of his car and offered to carry the TV up to the resident's third floor apartment.

Frances Yanez, Champions Green Apartments, Alpharetta, GA


Frances Is There to Help! One of our very pregnant residents stopped by the office to pick up a package. Frances offered to carry the package to her car so that she would not have to manage on her own.

Joey Zamora, Waters Edge, Austin, TX


Joey Makes Someone’s Day Joey Zamora noticed that a resident had received a package at the leasing office that was very heavy. He knew that this resident was a nurse who worked during the day and had trouble coming by the leasing office during business hours. Joey emailed the resident to let her know that she received a package and that he was going to deliver it to her apartment. The resident was extremely happy. She emailed him a thank-you note stating how appreciative she was for his nice gesture.

Robert Thomas, Reflections on Sweetwater, Atlanta, GA


Making Mom & Baby Happy Robert helped one of our residents who is nine month's pregnant carry her groceries into her apartment.

David White, The Enclave at 1550, San Antonio, TX


Delivery Dave Yesterday I noticed David, Enclave's assistant maintenance, getting on the elevator with service requests and resident packages in hand. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that David had been delivering resident packages to any floor where he had work to do. Now that's multitasking! Keep up the good work, David!



 ‘Mr. Postman’ Playlist Adalberto Roman, Salado Springs, San Antonio, TX


All It Takes Is a Helping Hand and a Smile One morning Rob was walking back up to the office from doing grounds when he noticed one of our long-time residents carrying a few items to her apartment. He dropped what he was doing and asked if she needed help since she had such a large amount of items in her arms. He then learned that she was just in a car accident and was carrying the things from her car into her home. She thanked him for helping and explained that it really turned her day around to know that there are still good people out there.

Kristi Schimming, Silverbrooke, Stafford, TX


Package Anyone? One of our residents is in a wheel chair, and he received a couple of packages today. Kristi noticed he was in the office, grabbed his packages, and asked if he needed his mail checked (his mailbox is in the top row). She also offered to walk him to his apartment with all the boxes and his mail. Thank you, Kristi—our residents can always count on you!

Anna Flores, French Place, San Antonio, TX


Late-Night Package Run Anna, who lives at French Place, received a knock on her door from a resident at 10 PM on a Saturday night. The resident was heading out of the country the next morning and needed a package that was in the leasing office. Without any question, Anna went to the office and found the resident's package. The resident was very relieved and thankful for Anna taking time out of her Saturday night to help.

Marisela Vara, The Enclave at 1550, San Antonio, TX


First Class Delivery A resident was notified that she received a parcel and that it was being held in the leasing office. The resident is a senior citizen and was surprised by the size and weight of her parcel. She was very concerned about how she was going to get it up to her apartment. Without hesitation or waiting to be asked, Mari volunteered to assist her. Mari carried the resident's package up to the apartment and lifted her spirits as well.




 ‘Lost and Found’ Playlist Marco Reyes, Champions Green Apartments, Alpharetta, GA


Marco Works Overtime for Customer Service One Wednesday night after the office had closed there was a resident frantically waiting outside of the leasing office. Marco happened to be on call that evening and noticed the resident outside. The resident informed him that she had lost a diamond earring that her husband had given her. Marco spent the next 30 minutes searching for the earring until he finally found it!

Shannon Stokes, Raintree, Baytown, TX


Shannon Finds $500 in the Lobby During a busy move-in day, one of our residents came in the office. He had a money clip with $500 in it that happened to fall out of his pocket. He didn't realize this until he got home. Shannon had found the money but wasn't sure to whom it belonged. The resident later called the office, frantic about his lost money. Shannon told him that she had found it and was holding it for him. The resident was overwhelmed with happiness.

Cole Roark, SunRay, San Antonio, TX


Cole Roark Gives Back Cole was doing his daily trash clean-up rounds when he stumbled upon an iPhone in the parking lot. It appeared to be a brand-new iPhone, so he picked it up and brought it to the office for the manager to try to find the owner. The office staff called the home number on the phone and left a message for someone to return the call. The resident called the office very happy that someone actually turned the phone in, saving her tons of money on a new phone!

Brandi Polvado, Willow Springs, Pasadena, TX


Found Owner of Fat Wallet A resident turned in a wallet to the office that he had found outside the office area. Brandi, who is great with investigating, opened the wallet to find the following: the person's social security card, his driver's license, several credit cards, and $280 of cash (basically, his life was in that wallet). The person was not a resident, so Brandi called one of the credit card numbers and explained what she had found. After further investigation by Chase Credit Card, they found the person and Chase called the owner. The owner of the wallet came in the office to pick up his things from Brandi.



 ‘Lost and Found’ Playlist AJ Alas, The Villas of Bristol Heights, San Antonio, TX


Louis Vuitton Returned! AJ was walking the vacant apartment of a resident who had recently moved. While in the apartment he noticed a large box with a Louis Vuitton bag inside of it! The bag was valued over $1600. AJ brought the bag back to the office and called the resident who had moved out. The resident was so thankful to AJ for finding the bag (and for returning it)!

Anna Flores, French Place, San Antonio, TX


Cell Phone Drama! One of our residents is out of town for a month, and while at an airport in New York City she lost her cell phone. She called the office in a panic, stating that she needed Anna to search her apartment to see if she could find her replacement. Anna went and searched high and low, inside boxes and all. She was unable to find that phone, but the resident was grateful that Anna would help her out with such a favor.

Aaron Leal, SunRay, Austin, TX


Honest Aaron! Yesterday was a regular working day for Aaron and Joseph out in the jungle of Sunray. While walking in the parking lot Aaron found a wallet on the ground. He looked around to see if anyone was looking for anything. A man came out, and Aaron asked him if there was anything he could help him with. The man said no and walked off. On his way to the office a young guy came frantically past Aaron and straight to the area where Aaron had found the wallet. Aaron turned around and walked toward him and asked him the same question. This time, he did ask him for help. Have you seen a wallet around here? I don't know where I dropped it. Aaron asked what it looked like and handed it right over. He explained he was just about to turn it into the community office. The owner of the wallet (who was not a resident) was so happy he wanted to give Aaron a kiss. Of course our manly Aaron kindly declined and just accepted his verbal thanks.

Ariel Villaviciencio, Wilshire Place, Houston, TX


Ariel Is Key to Customer Service! One evening as Ariel was working late, he saw a resident walking toward the office only to find that it was closed. Ariel walked up to the office to see what was wrong. The resident explained that a valet had lost the keys to both her car and her apartment. Ariel went straight to the maintenance shop to cut another key for the resident and then drove the resident on a golf cart back to her apartment.


 ‘Lost and Found’ Playlist Aaron Leal, SunRay, San Antonio, TX


Recently, an elderly resident at SunRay was out for his daily walk and somehow lost his hearing aid near the pool area. Aaron, maintenance manager at SunRay, saw the resident searching on the ground for something and asked him if he needed help. The resident explained to Aaron that he lost his hearing aid. Aaron helped the resident look but was unable to find the hearing aid at that time. The next day, Aaron was still thinking of how the poor resident had lost his hearing aid, so Aaron went back to the area again and searched. Fortunately, he found the hearing aid! Aaron went to the resident's apartment and gave him the good news. The resident was thankful and happy to not have to purchase another aid in order to hear well. Aaron's dedication and customer service to our residents paid off. Thanks, Aaron, for the great work!

Jesus Dominguez, Foxborough, Irving, TX


Can You Hear Me?


Found Lost Keys! Jesus came in with a set of keys in his hand that he had found on the property. He said since he found them near the townhomes, of which there are only eight, he decided to check every key on the board to see if any of them matched the key on the chain. He only had to try two before he matched the keys to the correct apartment. I immediately called the resident to see if she had lost any keys. She said yes and described the key chain. She was so happy to know that Jesus found them and that he was able to determine whom they belonged to so quickly. She was extremely thankful and asked to relay her thanks to Jesus!

Ryan Andrews, Carlyle Place, San Antonio, TX


It's Raining Money! Yesterday while Ryan was walking a vacant apartment alone, he noticed an envelope that had slipped in between the washing machine and wall. He retrieved the envelope and upon opening it found $233 in cash! The former resident was a medical student who was here for only three months and had already returned to Mexico. Ryan, knowing how much this money would mean to a student, came to the office and asked Megan to place a call to the former resident, letting her know what he'd found and that it would be returned to her.





 ‘I Like to Move It’ Playlist Ivan Koynarski, Champions Green Apartments, Alpharetta, GA


Clean Up Time! We had a resident who was scheduled to move out. The only thing she had left to do was clean out her storage room. Unfortunately, she had recently hurt her back and could not move very well. She had no one there to help her move, so Ivan offered his help. Together, Ivan and the resident were able to clean the storage unit in time for the resident to turn in her keys. Even though the resident was moving from our property, Ivan still treated her with care.

Nicholas Tyser, Bent Tree, San Antonio, TX


Nick to the Rescue of an Innocent Television While finishing up a work order in a nearby apartment Nick noticed one of our residents struggling to drag a 50inch tube television up a flight of stairs. Nick inquired, “Are you trying to get the TV to the dumpster?” (Nick assumed that with all the damage that was being caused to the TV, it couldn't possibly work). The resident informed Nick that he was actually trying to get the TV to his car because he was giving it to his friend. So without a second thought, Nick lent the resident his muscles and helped to save the TV from further damage. Thus, our resident's friend now has a working TV to watch.

Jessica Harrison, Bradford Pointe, Austin, TX


Just a TV A transferring resident came in to see if any maintenance personnel were available to help move her TV. Knowing they were very busy, Jess offered to move it for her. After committing, she found out there were a few heavy boxes and a very dusty TV and stand that needed a bath before moving. The resident was so grateful that she offered to pay Jess for her time. Instead, Jess just told her that if she was happy, it would be awesome for her to recommend us on ApartmentRatings.com. Smart!

Danny Banegas Jr., French Place, San Antonio, TX


Danny Do Good Yesterday Danny helped one of our resident’s move his couch to a moving truck. This was not an easy task, since we have tight hallways and staircases. Even though we are sad to see a resident leave, we still make sure our residents see our outstanding customer service until the very end.



 ‘I Like to Move It’ Playlist Sean McCord, Brian Banalewicz, & Travis Gano, Blanding Place, Jacksonville, FL


Helpful Hands Blanding Place has been rocking and rolling with leases and move-ins this summer, and the guys have been very busy preparing for each new resident. A few ladies were moving large furniture in on an extremely hot Florida summer day. Sean, Travis, and Brian saw that they were struggling and stopped what they were doing to help them move in a few large, heavy pieces of furniture. What a bunch of gentlemen! I am sure the new resident was very thankful for their helpful hands.

Jairo Aguilar, The Villas of Bristol Heights, Austin, TX


Goodbye Guester! One of our long-time residents was moving out and needed some help unhooking her washer and dryer. She saw Jairo outside and asked for his assistance. Jairo went over to the resident's apartment, unhooked her washer and dryer, and helped her move them out.

Consuelo Ramos, The Villas of Bristol Heights, Austin, TX


Carried Away! Our housekeeper of the year, Consuelo Ramos, had just pulled into the parking lot one evening when she saw one of our residents struggling to carry in suitcases. Consuelo, being the helpful lady she is, grabbed a suitcase without asking and gave our resident a hand.

Alan Flores, Waters Edge, Austin, TX


Who Needs Professional Movers? Our porter, Alan Flores, lives onsite and noticed that some new residents moving in this weekend were struggling with heavy furniture. Alan offered to help them, and they completed the move in a very timely fashion. These residents were so happy and commented that they had never received such great customer service and that this nice gesture gave them a great first impression of Waters Edge and the staff.





 ‘Stand by Me’ Playlist Trying to Make a Better Day! Erica had been trying to reach one of our residents to discuss a small balance owed on her account. Erica finally reached the resident and soon learned that she had spent the last ten days at the hospital with her son. He was diagnosed with Alpers’ disease, which is a degenerative disease of the nervous system. The resident's son (who was only 2 years old) had already lost his vision and was having multiple seizures. Erica wanted to do something for the little boy, so she went out and bought a soft toy that he could hold onto for comfort. The mother was so thankful for Erica and her thoughtfulness.

Brandi Lumley, Legacy at River Crossing, Macon, GA



Erica Clary & Haley Dorman, Riverstone, Fort Worth, TX


Brandi’s Big Heart! One of our residents became very ill and was admitted to a hospital. He ended up being there for over a month. Brandi checked on him weekly and stayed in touch with his daughter to offer help where needed.

Jacqui Sullivan & Nikki James, Westminster at Buckhead, Atlanta, GA


A Property that Cares One of our dear residents is recovering from cancer. The team at Westminster at Buckhead wanted to do something to cheer her up, so they filled a goodie bag with all of her favorite foods and tied a balloon around it. They also bought her a one-hour massage to help her during her recovery. The resident was so touched by all of the kindness displayed.

Loving Adriana! We have a resident that is very ill, so while out shopping for the property, Adriana took the extra time to find an inspirational book and a journal to give to the resident and then hand delivered it to her door. The extra time that Adriana took brought a big smile to the resident's face and a lasting impression!



Adriana Galicia, Kristen Earle & Sonia Melendez, Silverbrooke, Stafford, TX


 ‘Stand by Me’ Playlist The Team at Tree Tops at Post Oak, Houston, TX


Hope This Helps One of our new residents had just arrived to Texas for a new job. He moved from Indiana after graduating from college. One day he stopped by the office, looking kind of depressed. Cindy and Jose asked the resident what was wrong. He informed them that he had lost his new job and was barely making it financially. He had enough money to pay rent but really nothing left over for food. The team at Tree Tops took it upon themselves to go to the grocery store to purchase basic food (bread, milk, eggs, etc.) for the resident. They delivered the groceries and a thinking-of-you card to the resident. He was completely blown away at the act of kindness shown from Tree Tops.

Raul Santos, The Preserve at Old Dowlen, Beaumont, TX


Helping Hand An elderly resident was having trouble getting from her apartment into her car. Raul noticed the resident and came over to help her get into her car!

Arlene Alcaraz, Willow Springs, Pasadena, TX


Awesome Housekeeper We recently hosted a breakfast for our residents at the office. Arlene took it upon herself to fix several plates of food and hand deliver them to some of our elderly residents who were not able to make it to the event.

Jose Mascorieto, Tree Tops at Post Oak, Houston, TX


How to Make a Grown Man Cry It was not the beautiful flower arrangement that Jose took to the hospital for one of our residents that impressed him but the fact that Jose took the time to do it! Our resident was so overwhelmed that Jose would take the time out of his busy schedule to go see him that he started to cry. Enough said!

Petar Petrov & Ivan Koynarski, Champions Green Apartments, Alpharetta, GA


Feel Better Soon! Our maintenance team learned that one of our residents had been sick for a couple of days. They wanted to cheer the resident up, so they bought a get-well card and delivered it to the resident's apartment. The resident was very excited to receive the card from the maintenance team and to see how much our team cares!


 ‘Stand by Me’ Playlist The Team at Park Manor, Newnan, GA


A Sad Birthday Made a Bit Better A resident of Park Manor had been traveling back and forth from Georgia to Utah for the past year to care for her sister who had been diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer. She had stayed in Utah with her sister for a few months but returned home so that she could celebrate her daughter's third birthday. When the resident returned to Georgia, she received the phone call that her sister couldn't fight the cancer any longer and had passed away. The team at Park Manor learned of the situation and extended a hand to help the family with some of the funeral arrangements. They even bought the resident's little girl a stuffed animal, book, a cupcake, and some balloons. Although this was a difficult time for the resident, the team at Park Manor was able to help the resident.

The Team at Park Manor, Newnan, GA


Heartfelt Thanks While arriving to work on a Saturday morning, we looked over at one of our resident's apartments to find lots of cars parked outside. We soon learned that our resident's father had unexpectedly passed away earlier that morning. We immediately headed to the store to purchase donuts, juice, cups, and napkins and hand-delivered them to Victor's apartment within the hour. The family was blown away at our gratitude and for thinking of them all during this difficult time. We later talked to Victor, who was clearly still in shock and upset. He was going to be traveling for the funeral. We offered him a garage to keep his car in while he was gone, as we were going to be resealing the parking lot the following week and didn't want him to have to worry about his car. A couple of weeks later when Victor returned, he stopped by the office with a card thanking everyone at Park Manor for their kindness during this time.

Tracy Wall, Carlyle Place, San Antonio, TX


Residents First! One of our long-term elderly residents, Claire, was extremely sick for two weeks with bronchitis that turned into pneumonia. Claire became very weak, and it was hard for her to get out of bed, so Tracy went to Claire's apartment to open her medicine bottles! Tracy also poured Claire a glass of juice and helped her take her medicine. I know she made a big difference in Claire's life!


 ‘Stand by Me’ Playlist TaiRae Richey, Huntcliff, League City, TX


Our Own Personal Betty Crocker! So TaiRae, an absolutely amazing Assistant Property Manager,worked so hard to make delicious cakes for some residents. It started when she became inspired to make strawberry shortcake for one resident who was having a birthday. Of course he was so happy and surprised (and he said he ate the whole thing!). She decided to make another cake to surprise an elderly man who lives at our community. When she took the cake over to his house, he almost began to cry because he was so touched. He said that no one had ever done something so nice for him. TaiRae always goes above and beyond to make our residents feel like this is their true home. She makes a huge difference at our community and in the lives of our residents.

Kristen Earle, Shadowbrooke, Stafford, TX


A Very Heartfelt Gesture from Kristen Kristen was talking to a resident when he told her that he had lost his mother during the week. He explained how difficult it had been on him because she was his best friend. He said that he was really sad and did not know how he was going to get past this. Kristen continued talking to him, offering him words of encouragement. As soon as he left, Kristen said, “I am going to get him a card today so that when he comes home from the funeral he will have it waiting for him!” Although it was still the first of the month and Kristen always has her plate full with many additional tasks, she took the time to search for the perfect card. When she returned, she had us read it, and it was absolutely beautiful! We all signed it, and she delivered it to the resident’s door. I know that this gesture is going to be something that really touches him, giving him a sense of comfort and reminding him that we all care.

Danielle McFarland, Falcon Square at Independence, Orlando, FL


Flowers for a Resident One of our residents adopted a little boy about two years ago. She loved the little boy dearly and was such a caring mother to him. A few days ago she came by the office to pick up a package. Danielle noticed that she looked rather devastated and asked what was wrong. The resident informed her that the biological mother to her son decided that she wanted the little boy back. The biological mother won and received legal custody of the boy, depriving our resident of all rights to see him. Danielle felt so bad for the resident and wanted to do something to show that she cared. She bought the resident flowers and a card of encouragement and hand delivered them to her front door.




 ‘Stand by Me’ Playlist Jose Mascorieto, Tree Tops at Post Oak, Houston, TX It Pays to Have Friends in the Right Places!


One of our residents was rushed to a hospital two nights ago. When Jose found out what hospital he had gone to, he immediately called his friend who is the CFO of the hospital group to make sure our resident was given priority care. The next day the resident's wife came by crying and thanking Jose for what he had done. It turned out that her husband had been moved from intensive care to a private room on a private floor! The wife called it “rock-star treatment.” Not only does Jose give five-star treatment to our residents when they are at Tree Tops, but he goes out of his way to make sure they get the same kind of treatment at other places as well. This story really wowed us!

Gracie Martinez, Foxborough, Irving, TX 84-Year-Old Resident’s Birthday at Foxborough!


Today Mr. Charles Shepard turned 84 years old. Let me start by saying that, despite his age, he is not retired and still has a job. Today while Gracie went to make her daily bank deposit, she stopped at the store to purchase a small gift and birthday card for him. She just wanted to be nice and show him she truly does care about him. He has lived at Foxborough since 1994, and Gracie not only values his long-term residency but also wanted him to know that she remembered his special day. Thanks Gracie for showing Mr. Shepard how much you care for him on his birthday!

Mike, a resident of Park Manor, started to have debilitating headaches and blurred vision. After several different tests, the doctors found a large brain tumor that needed immediate removal. He was scheduled for brain surgery the next morning. After tests were run on the tumor, Mike’s worst fears were confirmed; it was malignant. Not only did he find out he had brain cancer, he also discovered that he had colon cancer. Mike did well after the surgery and has been recovering quietly with the help of his new wife, Sonya. (Did I mention that Sonya and Mike are also newlyweds?) This past week he was scheduled for his first of ten rounds of radiation treatments with chemotherapy to follow in the next few weeks. On his first radiation treatment, we thought it would be nice if we treated them to a dinner. Sonya has been there for him 24/7, taking care of all his needs, and needed a break. We found out what foods he could have and his favorite treats as well. Our team purchased a special dinner for them and also created a personalized care package filled with his favorite snacks, drinks, a special neck-support pillow that his doctor recommended, and topped it off with a huge balloon bouquet. Our team at Park Manor hand delivered our special surprise once Mike arrived home from the hospital. Mike and Sonya were not expecting this special delivery and showed much appreciation with hugs, tears, and even some much-needed laughs. Laughter is the best medicine! Sonya and Mike do not have any family in Georgia and expressed that they felt that we were their new family and loved living at Park Manor. The team is so glad they can help Mike and Sonya through this difficult time. The doctor requested that Mike be as stress free as possible and that he get lots of fresh air. We plan on filling that prescription with fun golf cart rides around the community and lots of laughter.



The Team at Park Manor, Newnan, GA When It Rains, It Pours



 ‘Change’ Playlist Nikki James, Westminster at Buckhead, Atlanta, GA


Life Saver Today a resident came in frantic about her hair. She had washed it, but afterward it was so tangled that she could not run a comb through it. She said that she was so embarrassed to even come to us about this but knew that we would help. Immediately Nikki sat her down and got to work. It didn't even take 15 minutes before Nikki had all of the tangles out! Whatever the challenge, Nikki is always there to help!

Taylor Cooks, Champions Green Apartments, Alpharetta, GA


Taylor Thinks Outside the Box! Taylor had a resident who recently moved in that was a bit tight on money after paying for her moving expenses. Taylor wanted to do something to help, so she decided to go out and purchase a welcome mat for the resident's new apartment. The resident was very surprised and happy about the thoughtful gesture.

Kimberly Knearem, Villa Lago, Fort Worth, TX We recently had our monthly Pizza at the Gate event at Villa Lago, which is always a huge success. A few of our residents came to buy pizza but noticed that they were short on cash. Kim offered to pay the difference for three different residents so that they could get their pizza!


Short on Cash? Kim's Got your Back!


Rebecca Hale & Jeffery Sams, Legacy at River Crossing, Macon, GA


Jeff & Becca to the Rescue! We recently had a resident move in who was having difficulty hooking up her new washer and dryer. Upon hearing this news, Jeff and Becca took the time to help her connect her washer and dryer. She was so grateful and very impressed with them for offering to help (without her asking)!

Damion Jackson, Reflections on Sweetwater, Atlanta, GA


Damion Helping with Technology On Monday, a resident came to the office to ask for instructions to save a picture on a flashcard. Damion took time out of his day to show her how to save a picture on a flash card and gave her a flashcard of his own for free since she did not have one!



 ‘Change’ Playlist Pedro Gandara, Bent Tree, San Antonio, TX A new resident had just had a bad day at work when she came in to purchase a laundry card. Our laundry machine only accepts $5, $10, and $20 bills—no coins and no $1 bills. You could just see her sadness when the machine wasn't accepting her $1 bills. Pedro immediately came to her rescue and gave her a $5 bill; she graciously gave him four $1 bills and four quarters. Way to go Pedro the ATM!


Pedro the ATM


Jonathan Moreno, Salado Springs, San Antonio, TX


Quarter Round Jonathan was approached by a couple of our residents who don't drive and was asked if he had any quarters to exchange because they needed to take the bus for their doctor's appointments that day. Unfortunately he did not have any quarters, so on his lunch break Jonathan went to the bank to get a roll of quarters. He brought the residents the quarters so they wouldn't have to worry about bus money. What a way to show how much you care about making things easier and more convenient for our residents—thanks for caring, Jonathan!

Meghan Martinez, Waterford at Mandarin, Jacksonville, FL


Meghan Going the Extra Mile A future resident got held up by an unforeseen delay, so she was unable to arrive prior to the office’s closing time. Meghan was kind enough to wait until the future resident arrived so that she could get moved in after hours. Thanks, Meghan, for going the extra mile.

Jason Biggs & Thomas Wood, Palm Club, Brunswick, GA


Happy Plants = Happy Residents! A current resident at Palm Club went on vacation for a month and was very concerned about her plants getting taken care of while she was gone. However, with the excellent maintenance team we have in place at Palm Club, little did she know that she had nothing to worry about! Jason and Tom watered her plants every day until she returned home. She was very happy to see all of her plants alive and well when she returned!


‘Change’ Playlist Adriana Galicia, Silverbrooke, Stafford, TX


Working Late Adriana was working at 11 pm the other night when she heard banging on the vending machine. She peeked her head out her office and noticed a guy trying to get a drink. She proceeded to go back to her desk until she heard the banging again. She went outside to see if she could help the gentleman and realized it took his dollar and he had no other money. Without hesitating, she gave the gentleman a dollar so we would have a happy resident and a working vending machine.

Anna Flores, French Place, San Antonio, TX


Chef Anna A resident at French Place who has had air conditioning issues for quite some time now stayed the night at the Enclave last night so her and her dog could sleep comfortably until her issue was resolved. Anna, who was helping cover at the Enclave on Monday, took it upon herself to make the resident a quiche so that she had something warm to eat since she wasn't in her own apartment. That is what Venterra is all about—going that extra mile and showing our residents that we really do care!

Jose Ramirez, Foxborough, Irving, TX


Checking on a Resident’s Home! Last week we received a call from a resident letting us know that she was going to be out of town for a few weeks. She asked if someone could check her apartment and car while she was away to make sure everything was okay. Jose overheard the phone conversation and asked if there was anything he could do to help. After hearing what the resident had requested, Jose immediately dropped what he was doing to go check out the resident's apartment and car. Jose called us on the radio to confirm that everything in deed was perfectly fine so that we could call the resident back to reassure her.

Jose Flores, Willow Springs, Pasadena, TX


Walker Wow! One of our residents called the office and needed help with her walker. One of the walker’s legs was stuck, and she could not use it. Jose stopped what he was doing and fixed her walker so she could enjoy her day.



‘Change’ Playlist Judy Heuge, Bradford Pointe, Austin, TX


Swims with the Fish While Jessica was walking out of the office to tour some prospects, she noticed a slight drizzle outside. She knew that Austin was supposed to get rain but didn't think it was going to hit until later in the afternoon. Once the tour was complete and they were ready to leave the model, Jessica looked out to see that it was pouring down rain! Jessica and the prospects decided to make a dash for it—they took off running in the rain. Judy quickly came running toward them with two umbrellas, open and ready! Thanks to Judy's quick actions, the prospects were able to get back to the office without getting soaked.

TaiRae Richey, Huntcliff, League City, TX


T-Rizz, My Amazing APM One weekend when TaiRae was working in the office, she received a phone call from a very upset resident. The vacant apartment above the upset resident was in the process of being made ready for a new resident, which included being cleaned inside and out. As the porch was being cleaned above, water spilled through to the resident's patio below. She happened to have boxes out on her porch containing priceless items that had belonged to her deceased sister. Rather than just apologizing and letting it slide, TaiRae immediately went to the upset resident's apartment to help. TaiRae not only cleaned the resident's porch, but she also took it upon herself to rewrap and repackage each item that was in the boxes. She went above and beyond to make sure the resident was satisfied and happy.

Michelle Meigs, Park Manor, Newnan, GA


Michelle Always Goes Above and Beyond for Her Residents! One of the residents at Park Manor was going on vacation and needed someone to water her plants for her while she was gone so that her “babies” wouldn't die. With a great leasing consultant like Michelle at her leasing office, there would be no worries! Michelle watered her babies twice a day in over 100-degree temperatures! Not only did Michelle keep the resident’s plants alive, but she also collected her mail for her every day so that she didn't have to put a hold on it with the post office! Way to go above and beyond, Michelle!



 ‘Change’ Playlist Jacqueline Gerrie, Merrywood, Katy, TX


Jackie to the Rescue We had a waterline problem at Merrywood that left an entire building without running water for a period of time. One of the residents in the building was mid-shower when the water was shut off. She was, understandably, very upset and stormed into the office in her bathrobe, shampoo in her hair and soap on her. She wanted to know what she could do to finish her shower. Without hesitation, Jackie jumped up to help. Jackie offered her apartment to the resident to use her shower. The resident was appreciative of the offer but felt a little awkward using her apartment, so she asked if there was an empty apartment for her to use. Jackie hurried to find a vacant home for the resident to use. Although this was inconvenient timing for the resident, Jackie conquered the situation and jumped into action to find a solution for the resident.

Nathan Swanson, Signature Ridge Apartments, San Antonio, TX


Nathan's Nighttime Niceness Nathan had a family moving from Houston, but the lady called at 4:00 to tell him she was running late. Nathan told her not worry and that he would wait for her. At 6:00 Nathan went home and came back to the office at 7:00 PM, expecting them to be arriving anytime. He called the family, and they were still in Sealy, which is about 2½ hours from San Antonio. He told her not to worry; he left and came back at 9:45 to move them in and walk them home. Needless to say, they were wowed by Nathan and his niceness! Nowhere else but Venterra would you find customer service to this extreme!




 ‘Garbage Man’ Playlist Petar Petrov, Champions Green Apartments, Alpharetta, GA


Nice Deeds! While out on property, Frances noticed a resident handing a bag to Peter. Frances was curious about what was going on, so she asked Peter. It turned out that Peter was taking out the resident's trash for her. Peter told Frances that any time he sees a resident with a trash bag, he drives over, puts it on his golf cart, and takes it off to the trash compactor.

Jerri El William, Champions Green Apartments, Alpharetta, GA


Going the Extra Mile Today I saw Jerri El going about his normal work routine, making sure the grounds looked impeccable. While doing his daily routine, he noticed an elderly woman walking to the compactor. It appeared as if she was really struggling; with no help around, Jerri El immediately assisted her by taking her trash to the compactor. To ensure he was being fair, he even took on a couple more bags for other residents that saw this kind gesture!

Brandon Ridley & Rawlins Wiggins, Amber Place, Warner Robins, GA


Our Men Jump to Help! We had a bad lightning storm that struck a resident's TV. She was in the process of trying to get it down the stairs to throw it away when Rick and Brandon were headed out for the day. The boys were quick to jump up and help haul away her TV. Great job boys for always being there for the residents, even after hours!

Angela Wallace, Waterford at Mandarin, Jacksonville, FL


Superwoman! As we were closing up the models yesterday, Angela and I noticed a resident struggling with a fivedrawer dresser vanity, moving it to the trash pick-up. The woman, huffing and puffing as she moved the heavy furniture piece, did not even see the lightning bolt, AKA Angela, jumping to pick it up without hesitation. As I tried to help her, I was struggling! Angela picked up this heavy item as if it was as light as a feather and carried it to a vehicle to drive it to the trash pick-up with no help at all! Apparently I need to step up my weightlifting to keep up with my superwoman Assistant Property Manager! Of course, the resident was as stunned as I was and so thankful for the job well done.


Venterra is proud to be a supporter of The Susan G. Komen for the Cure- not only for those diagnosed with breast cancer, but for those who love them as well. We recognize the challenges that each person must face when affected by breast cancer, so we will continue to support, fundraise and Race for the Cure in the hopes to raise awareness not only about the importance of early detection and treatment, but ultimately fight for a cure to end breast cancer forever.


“Since it was founded it 1982, Susan G Komen for a Cure has played a critical role in every major advance in the breast cancer movement – in awareness, education, early detection, treatment and in breakthrough research that has significantly increased the number of breast cancer survivors. I feel very fortunate to be a part of an organization that not only supports this cause, but encourages their employees to support it too. To work at a place where employees have turned into breast cancer activists, where they look for ways to make a difference every day, where they believe every step counts when Racing for the Cure…and every dollar adds up when hosting fundraisers at their apartment communities.” - Bridget Sherrod, Director of Recruiting & Employee Development 87



seconds, somewhere around the world a

case of breast cancer is diagnosed among women.

U.S women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime.


seconds, somewhere in the world,

someone dies from breast cancer. 89













“My mother-in-law Kathy Alwell was diagnosed with invasive

ductal carcinoma Stage 2 A

Breast Cancer on October 24, 2007. She felt a stinging sensation when in the shower in her left breast. She didn’t feel a lump she just felt a sharp pain when she washed. She had just moved to Tennessee and was late on her routine mammogram so she decided to call around and find a doctor to have one done. The day she called to give us the news we could not hardly believe it. Our first thoughts were, “Is

this really happening? What can we do to fix it? How long will the treatment take? Is there a guarantee?” Terror set in throughout our family. Kathy is the patriarch of our family. She is also my children’s only grandmother and a mother to me...not just a mother-in-law. I lost my mother when I was 10 years old and have been around my mother-n-law since I was 16 years old. This wasn’t any ordinary news by far; this was our family’s mother!

She was told that a mastectomy would be the best way to go, so the procedure began immediately. Shortly after she began an advanced treatment of Chemo. This one was dubbed “The Red Devil” and the devil it was. It was the most aggressive form of Chemo you can choose. Chemo is no joke. Unfortunately Kathy and my father-in-law Randy lived in Tennessee at the time so it was a hard journey for them with no family near. They did have friends there who became their surrogate family and helped take care of her.

The road was a long and hard one. This disease is one I would not wish on anyone. The pain you go through does not stop once treatment is over. You still have side effects of the Chemo that result in other illnesses. Kathy

went into remission on October 15, 2008 and was officially Breast Cancer free on August 11, 2012. She continues to strive despite the side effects from this disease. We are so thankful to have her with us today. Hopefully a day will come when we have a cure.” - Kristi Gillespie, Portfolio Collections Manager, Venterra USA



“My Sister in law Kathy had breast

cancer 15 years ago and is a survivor. I am personally touched by the Susan G. Komen for the Cure event each year and walk in honor of my sister in law each year. I recall receiving the phone call from my brother about the news of her having breast cancer and how it brought the family to their knees in prayer. I remember how priorities shifted and how the priority suddenly changed asking God to forget the vacation, new car, or to let me win the lottery, but instead to please have mercy and grace upon my sister

in-law to heal her of his dreadful cancer.� - Amy Pollak, Property Manager, Raintree Apartments


I race for the cure because breast cancer should have more survivors out there. It hit close to home when my aunt was diagnosed. She was the only one I had personally known to ever have it. This set my passion on fire. The battle for breast cancer became personal. Then I met my friend Sonia who has beat breast cancer twice. This doubled my passion. I race for the cure so the people who are important to me that battle this horrific disease can survive and be around many more years to come. I race for my Aunt Sinada and my friend Sonia! - Diana Calderon, Regional Leasing Manager, San Antonio/Austin/Florida


“My step grandmother had breast cancer and ended up losing one of her breasts. My step mother’s family has had family members fighting the breast cancer battle and she is huge on breast cancer events and raising money to support the cause. As well, my roommate’s mother is currently

fighting the breast cancer battle and is so grateful for people that help to raise money for the cause. One of the things we did to help raise money for the cure was a car wash for the residents to raise money. We raised $50!” - Danielle McFarland, Assistant Property Manager, Falcon Square at Independence


I am happy to race for the cure because it makes me feel great to help others and to be a part of a

world-wide fight to cure this disease. It’s a wonderful thing. - Nicol Bashir, Leasing Consultant, Silverbrooke/Shadowbrooke Apartments

I race to support my fellow female-beings and the beauty that lies within each of us. - Stephanie Gonzalez, Director of Marketing and Customer Experience

I race for my Mom who is a 21 year survivor! To me, supporting Susan G. Komen is supporting a cause that will allow ALL daughters to celebrate cancer free anniversaries with their Mom's. - Lauren Brooks, Senior Property Manager, Providence of Northlake

Doing the Susan G. Komen for the Cure race and continually doing fundraisers to me means taking the time out to help someone you know or even a stranger in a way that will hopefully one day better the quality of their life by finding a cure. Venterra is always doing things to raise money to put towards finding a cure which helps in obvious ways...but the fact that we show support by running

the race...raising awareness & being supportive...or just wearing our Susan G. Komen Tshirts helps to show that we care and will continue to fight for the cure and I'm glad I get to be a part of that! - TaiRae Richey, Assistant Property Manager, Huntcliff Apartments


“During my first Venterra Kick Off ceremony in January 2008, Venterra announced that we would be supporting Susan G. Komen for the Cure. I can still remember the emotions I felt. It was one of the many reasons I knew that I was working for a great company since my aunt Maymie was at that time fighting the good fight. Even though my aunt lost her battle in June 2011, I continue to

show my support. I know that she would be proud of ALL of OUR efforts!� - Sally Flores, Property Manager, French Place Apartments


“Susan G. Komen impacted my life when I lost my Grandmother at the age of 66, I was 18. She was my best friend and lived across the street from me all my life. Before her passing she asked me to take care of "Dad". I got into the apartment industry at 18 and was faced with having to mature at such a young age and not only support myself but also my grandfather. I know with finding such a great company and having such good coworkers, I know she is proud as well as my family. The fact that everyone from Venterra supports Susan G. Komen makes me glad that I can now help others with what I spent several years supporting.� - Kristi Schimming, Leasing Manager, Silverbrooke/Shadowbrooke Apartments




As part of our pursuit of our Service Vision we are committed to our Service Values and realize that achieving Customer Service Excellence depends on our ability to consistently deliver these values in every customer interaction.



Johnna Bacak, Marketing Administrator 108

Working for Venterra has raised my standard for exceptional Customer Experience when doing business with others; it has made me expect the best. I expect to be treated fairly, moved, inspired and WOW'd when I walk into a store or a place of business. And in turn this has opened my eyes to the type of experience that I provide to others. Exceptional Customer Experience starts with me.





Katie and Jennifer are great. They have done a fantastic job of making our transition from house to apartment living a pleasant one. When we first contacted them about an apartment, we were stressed out and exhausted by our sudden move due to a quick house sale (mostly me, the wife). They handled my gruffness and shortness with grace and worked with us to meet our needs in an excellent manner. I did not want to fail to bring this to Venterra management's attention, so thanks to your website, I have a way to do so! - Mrs. John Anderson, Reserve at Pebble Creek Future Resident

The leasing experience with Kathleen has been so delightful, and we love our new apartment home at Timber Mill and look forward to making many wonderful memories here! Thank you, and God bless you! - Christine O'Brien, Timber Mill Resident since July 2012

Out of all the apartments we visited, the staff here at Reserve at Pebble Creek was always friendly and willing to answer any questions or concerns. The neighborhood is nice and quiet and very kid and pet friendly. The apartments are spacious and open, and I am very glad we chose these apartments to be our


- Marsye Metcalfe, Reserve at Pebble Creek Resident since May 2012

The pool looks great, and I am really glad I signed a lease here. It's been a great time so far, and the girls in the office are really helpful. - Saud Alhamad, Preserve at Old Dowlen Resident since August 2012


All of the ladies at Amber Place have been so nice and very helpful, very upbeat. Joyce has gone to


lengths to help me out with a problem related to my SS card. She was able to get the problem worked out—it was a typo somewhere. I can't imagine a group of employees being any better to work with. Thanks girls! - Annette Roberts, Amber Place Resident since August 2012

Best business transaction I have had in a long time. I cannot say enough about how professional the leasing agents (gals) in the office were when I was searching for my apartment. They were the biggest reason I decided to rent here. When I moved in, my apartment was spotless, and I couldn't have been more pleased. No doubt I will be recommending these apartments to anyone who wants to know. - Greg Carson, Park Manor Resident since August 2012

I had spent a lot of time looking for a new place and had looked all over the Internet and visited places throughout Houston. The staff at some of the locations I visited seemed in a rush to get things done and close a sale. Some of the other locations also didn't feel very safe. When I went to Tree Tops, I was


by Jose, and he was very polite and courteous. He knew all of the residents who passed by and spoke with them in a casual, friendly

manner. It was very refreshing. It didn't feel like I was looking for an apartment; it

was more like having a normal conversation with a friend. He offered a tour of the location and answered any questions I had. Residents also came by and spoke highly of living there. I knew this was the place I wanted to live. Thank you, Jose, for welcoming me to Tree Tops! - Benjamin Finn, Tree Tops at Post Oak Resident since July 2012


I wanted to say that Maria in the office did an excellent job during the whole process from application to renting the apartment. I must say that the security here makes me feel very safe as I was robbed at my last apartment. The interior design with the colors makes me feel that this is a home and not an apartment. Management’s attention to details makes me feel that they care about how people feel and do really care about how the apartments look; the colors give such a warm and rich environment to come home to instead of boring white. Details such as having the pool open all year round instead of only three months is one of the details I'm talking about. We had some small problems with the cable company after I signed the contract, and Maria acted very professionally in helping to solve the problem even though it was not the apartments’ problem. I would highly



property to anybody looking for a place to call home. - William Bub, Wilshire Place Resident since March 2012

I was in property management for 10 years, and the team at Huntcliff is one of the best teams I have ever had the pleasure to come in contact with. They made my move-in process quick and easy. I am very much looking forward to moving in at the end of April. - Amanda Cox, Huntcliff Resident since April 2012

I would absolutely


Amber Place to family and friends. I have been residing here for al-

most two months. The ambiance of Amber Place is extremely pleasant, and the landscaping is gorgeous. The staff is very friendly, exuberant, attentive, and professional. Great amenities as well. While apartment searching via the Internet, this was my first choice, and after the visit, it was the last because I did not bother visiting any other apartment communities. - Lamanda Morant, Amber Place Resident since July 2012


I recently recommended this property to good friends who are looking for a new place to live, and they came, toured, loved it, and

signed the lease and will be coming next month! - Michael Knowles, The Landings of Brentwood Future Resident

These apartments are nice and a good place to live. They are well taken care of, and even though there are a lot of units, it is peaceful and quiet. I love the floor plan that was recommended to me, and my friends who come to visit like it, too. The staff at the office was very friendly from the time I arrived and up until now. I was greeted by Monica; she is very attentive and friendly. She made my

move-in quick and easy.

- Wilmer Argueta, Sandstone Resident since September 2012

I have not moved in yet. Just got approved, BUT the office staff, including manager and assistant manager, have been wonderful. I have had many questions and have found them all to be VERY courteous and understanding. This makes me really

look forward to living here. I had a wonderful referral from a

friend who lived at Regency Park for a year or two and just moved out of town. So I was thankful to find the staff as warm and kind as she said. - Michael Thorpe, Regency Park Future Resident

The girls in the office were

very helpful to our needs and explained everything in detail about the

apartment complex.


- Elizabeth Scoggin, Preserve at Old Dowlen Future Resident

Everyone wins when we own up to our mistakes. We win, because we learn from them; the customer feels better, getting the straight goods; the organization gets stronger, as politics and finger pointing disappear.

Andrew Stewart, Chairman, Co-Founder & Director

Stuff Happens - be willing to admit our mistakes in the pursuit of doing what is right.


I had already put a deposit on another apartment in a whole other city, but decided to live at Park Manor instead because the office staff is so friendly, attentive, and responsive. I was made to feel like I was home from the moment I arrived, and that's what decided it for me. I

would recommend

Park Manor to

anyone who wants a quiet, well-kept place to live. - Christopher Rue, Park Manor Resident since March 2012

Shawnacee and Tyray were really nice and let me pick a different apartment on the first floor away from the sun!

They both were sweethearts, and they answered all my questions over and over again.

This is a cool location and a neat place! - Kristi J. Heer, Huntcliff Resident since September 2012

Yes, I love my new home and am soooo glad I chose this property! - Laranda Jones, Legacy at River Crossing Resident since April 2012

I haven't even moved in yet, but I am so pleased with the tour I received. The

office staff were

wonderful, and the apartment is just what I wanted. - Gail Hammond, The Park at Waterford Harbor Resident since May 2012


My roommate and I were greeted by staff member Monica; she was very friendly and polite. Other apartment complexes do not have such

friendly members at their offices. Monica made our move-in experi-

ence very easy. She pays attention to your suggestions and delivers on her promises. My roommate and I are very happy with the apartment that she suggested to us. - Wilmer Argueta, Sandstone Resident since September 2012

It was very hard for us looking for an apartment in Texas while we were still in Virginia, but the office staff at Riverstone was SO understanding and helpful! Any questions or concerns were answered politely, and my emails were returned so promptly!!! Way beyond the customer service I received when calling around about other apartments. When we got here, we were even more surprised at how beautiful it was! And again customer service was amazing; the lady in the office walked with us all the way to our apartment, answering any questions. Our apartment was BEAUTIFUL, even better than we expected!!!

We were amazed. When

we had our first maintenance issue, someone was over here within hours; the maintenance is very professional, polite, and helpful! We since had the same reoccurring issue, and when maintenance came back, instead of being rude about having to come assess the same problem, he was kind and apologetic and went hard at work trying to find the problem. Also I was having a hard time trying to send a fax at the office, and one of the ladies who looked hard at work at her desk got up politely from her work and proceeded to help me figure out the fax machine. She was so kind and helpful. I have seen nothing but EXCEPTIONAL service so far here at Riverstone; I truly am amazed. Thank you all for being such a great team! - Richard Castillo, Riverstone Resident since April 2012


Greg Finch, President, Co-Founder 120

Say Thanks. Gratitude is a gift that should be given daily.

I would like to

express my appreciation

first and foremost to the staff at Blanding Place

Apartments. I have had several joint replacement surgeries and had to give up my previous apartment to do another 7 week stint in a rehab facility. After leaving the nursing home, I spent time with relatives unsuccessfully. I remembered that a therapist of mine had once lived here about 4 years ago, and thought that the apartment and the community were quite impressive. So after a 4 day stay at a hotel, I decided to return Mr. Will Doty’s call. This is quite the Professional. He Called me on a couple of occasions and I decided not to erase his

very warm invite

to come out and just take a look at what they had to offer.

He told me that the property was well kept and that since my last visit with my therapist, there were several major improvements. I could not resist seeing the description that he'd given me of the apartments on the phone, and once I spoke with Him personally, I drove over at the end of the day, and it was actually closing time and His Birthday! He and the staff gave me a

warm welcome

and offered me cake and cool

refreshments. I was quite nervous‌I could not find my wallet and instead of shutting down the process, He went full steam ahead and told me to just be positive...He made me feel as if He knew that the apartment was mine already...In closing I would like to say, that there's just not enough I can say about this staff and Mr.


message; it was a

Doty. I was able to get in the very next day, and the apartment is perfect...Heavens!! The floors are beautiful, I love the kitchen and I can't get enough of my view! I open the vertical blinds and watch the setting of the sun and the it's serene reflection on the Lake every evening I am at home. I love the extracurricular activities and the perks are above and beyond what I imagined. I have certainly

never been this happy in

any other apartment...Thank You for taking the time to read my review, it's is not at all embellished, my friends and colleagues are a bit overwhelmed with my bragging...Love it love it love it. - Deborah Sanders, Blanding Place Resident Since June 2012



I just want to commend Candi in your office for being a wonderful customer service representative! She went above and beyond to help me in my transition from Illinois to Georgia in the Amber Place Apartments! Candi was professional and knowledgeable and helped me choose the correct apartment home to fit my needs. Candi always answered all of my questions via email or phone in a very prompt manner, which helped me make my final decision to choose Amber Place over renting a single-family home or looking at the Houston Lakes Apartments‌I am going on my third week here and absolutely love it! I give Candi and your office staff here 5 stars for their exceptional service! I have worked in customer service for many years, so I am not easily impressed unless the

service is exceptional, like it is in Amber Place! - Maria Clavijo, Amber Place Resident since June 2012

We moved to Austin from Waco, and the management and staff

bent over backwards

to help us

with all the paperwork to move in to our new home! We love it here!! - Veronique Adames, Waters Edge Resident since June 2012

I am extremely grateful to the staff at Villas of Bristol Heights for the smooth move-in, the ease with which I can submit work orders and get them completed efficiently and accurately, and just the overall kindness of the staff and their professionalism. Thanks for a great place to live. The grounds are clean, and there is plenty of parking and lots of peace and quiet. Hope to be here for a long, long time! Please

don't change

anything...unless you plan to improve! - Alicia Villanueva, The Villas of Bristol Heights Resident since April 2012

Due to the closing of our home occurring sooner than we expected, we wanted to push our moving date to one week earlier. The office staff was very accommodating and granted us the earlier move-in date. Everyone has been very helpful. - Thomas Prahl, Waterford at Mandarin Resident since July 2012


I just wanted to praise Frank and Ronnie for doing such a wonderful job in getting our apartment ready for our move-in! The unit looks amazing, and we so appreciate all your hard work! We are so thankful to now be residents of Timber Mill and know we will enjoy every minute of our time here! Thank you, and God bless you all! - Christine O'Brien, Timber Mill Resident since July 2012

The leasing office has been very professional and easy to work with. The staff members have been very kind and helpful during my move in process. - Kristen Santti, Villa Lago Resident since May 2012

We have had such a pleasant experience here. Samantha, the assistant manager, has been invaluable to us. She made the move-in arrangements so quickly and was so pleasant throughout what can be a really stressful time. We couldn't have asked for a better,

more helpful individual. - Charles Throckmorton, The Pointe Resident since March 2012

I have enjoyed my first full week here on the property and appreciate that all the staff members have sincerely shown

a caring spirit! - Sean Williams, Silverbrooke Resident since July 2012

Just want to say how helpful and pleasant Stephanie and Marlise have been. They have made our move


nice and have been so helpful. Cheers to the girls in the office!!!! 124

- Brenda Schoneman, Reserve at Pebble Creek Resident since January 2012

I moved in about four months ago and have had nothing but

good experiences. My area of the com-

plex is extremely quiet, with friendly neighbors. All of my maintenance requests have been completed within 24 hours, and the staff has always been friendly and helpful. - Chasity Pickett, Silverbrooke Resident since April 2012

I'm very pleased with my experience at The Landings of Brentwood. I moved here from another apartment complex in the area, and the difference is night and day. Our home is quiet, comfortable, and well maintained by an attentive maintenance staff. The community here is

top-notch. I'm very pleased that I chose The

Landings of Brentwood as my home. - Rachael Milburn, The Landings of Brentwood Resident since April 2012

We have been here for close to two months, and we are so at home here. The staff is helpful, the grounds are nice and well-kept, and the pool area is kept nice. We really love the cozy feel and layout and feel like we are in a neighborhood, not just an apartment complex. We also chose this location due to the close proximity to shopping and sidewalks and really enjoy that aspect, too. - Jean Bennett, The Pointe Resident since June 2012

The few months we have lived here have been

very pleasing. Nice and peaceful, which I love. The

townhouse is very nice, and the management is above average. - Virginia Holcomb, The Pointe Resident since April 2012


Calvin Lee-Young, Vice President of Finance 126

What I love most about our values is that they aren’t just work values, they are personal values. Power of Nice, Just Listen, Stuff Happens, Say Thanks; these are the kind of things we try to teach our children.

Beautiful facility, great resident service. My move-in experience was excellent, thanks to the wonderful ladies in the main office. They worked around my schedule, were always available to answer questions, and customized my move to fit my needs. Thank you so much! - Katherine Houchard, Villa Lago Resident since May 2012 We have not been here long but already feel at home. We have had some maintenance requests, and they have been solved immediately. Everyone is so nice. - John Verhelst, Falcon Square at Independence Resident since May 2012

The move-in experience was phenomenal! The office staff was very friendly and made me feel very welcome the SECOND I walked through the entrance. They accommodated my every need with haste! I also had the opportunity to meet with the maintenance team and had a very pleasant encounter. I would definitely recommend to anyone! - Nathaniel O'Brien, Preserve at Old Dowlen Resident since April 2012

I moved in just a month ago, and I'm so grateful to the office staff for helping me feel right at home! I felt confident in moving here sight unseen because of Marlise's awesome customer service. Each one of them took the time to learn my name, and Stephanie has been wonderful about answering every question I have. I love my new home! Thank you! Sarah - Sarah Seidel, Reserve at Pebble Creek Resident since March 2012

Our move-in after two days of driving was made easy and smooth. Thank you, Hannah and Samantha. - Nandhakumar Radhakrishnan, The Pointe Resident since June 2012


My husband and I are very happy here. We have never made a request that wasn't addressed immediately. Thank you to everyone in the office and maintenance for making our move-in

a painless experi-

ence. - Candice McDowell, Wilshire Place Resident since August 2011

We have been here for two weeks now, and

we love it.

- Evelyn Robertson, Waterford at Mandarin Resident September 2012

I just moved to the property last month. The grounds are clean, the floor plans are massive, and the office staff is extremely nice! For the price and size of the apartments, I definitely am going to live here for long, long time. From what I have seen in the area, it’s the best in its class!

Highly recommend!!

- Rupinder Pannu, Somerset at Spring Creek Resident since April 2012

I love my new home, the staff, and the friendly environment. The Enclave gives new meaning to the word luxury. - Jeannette Segundo, The Enclave at 1550 Resident since April 2012

All of the staff members are very friendly and

welcoming, and they made sure that move-in went as

smooth as possible. They were there for me from the very beginning to assist with anything that I needed. - Constance Dennis, Shadowbrooke Resident since July 2012


When our family came to tour, Elizabeth made our family feel so at home. It was a simple and easy move in process. The complex is beautiful, and such a home like atmosphere. Right away we knew this was the place we wanted to be. Elizabeth was

kind and friendly and made us feel very welcome. - Amy Schulz and Joseph Mason, Champions Woods Resident since May 2012

I'm very happy with the friendly yet

professional attitude the office staff had with me on leas-

es signing/ move-in day. My apartment was ready and waiting for me on the date we agreed on. There were a few minor fixes that needed to be made. For example, I needed a door stop‌little things. When I brought it to the office’s attention, they got right on it. The repair was made first thing the next morning. I felt welcome here, like a person and not just another renter. - Brian Stephens, Foxborough Resident since September 2012

Everyone was so helpful in making my moving

experience a smooth one. This is all I can say at this

point. I have not lived in the unit long enough to comment on the living arrangements and surrounding of the community. I am hoping for peace and quiet. - Wanda P. Adams Anderson, Reflections on Sweetwater Resident since June 2012

I just moved in, and I

absolutely love

my new apartment. The unit was clean, the staff responded

quickly to my maintenance concerns, and everything was in great condition. I usually suffer from a bit of buyer's remorse when I sign a lease and discover the apartment or complex isn't what I had expected, but I can honestly say this is one time I didn't. Thanks, Riverstone! - Caitlin Kuisis, Riverstone Resident since July 2012


Ashli Butler, Regional Leasing Manager 130

You choose your destiny; choose a beautiful one.

Moving in was easy for my mom. Robyn was fabulous and so helpful! Thank you! - Pauline Hamilton, Somerset at Spring Creek Resident since May 2012

The Park at Waterford has

become home to my children and me. We had to move in a hurry, and

we were made to feel at home from the time we first arrived in the leasing office. The staff has helped me immensely with resources for the upcoming school year, etc. I love and feel safe at The Park! - Telishia Long, The Park at Waterford Harbor Resident since June 2012

I have just moved up here from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and between the airlines, car transporters, movers, and finding a place to live. I was extremely overwhelmed with everything! I have to take my hat off to Mrs. Brenda Bean; from beginning to end, she has been there helping me over the phone and email, no question ever being too big or small. She is a major asset to the office team, and I will always be thankful to her for

helping me

with this huge step in my life!! Thank you sooo much, Brenda; you’re an amazing per-

son! - Rachael Rogue, The Landings of Brentwood Resident since July 2012

I am a new resident at Regency Park; I am very pleased with the customer service. The staff is always very friendly and always calls me by my name when I come in. I have been very excited to move into the community. I love that there are community activities for the residents to be a part of—I can't wait to get involved! Thank you for making my move

an easier process. - Sarah O'Leary, Regency Park Resident since September 2012


The staff helped me so much with my move in! I already feel like

I am at home!

- Telishia Long, The Park at Waterford Harbor Resident since June 2012

Even though I have only been living here for about a month, the staff has welcomed me with open arms. They have made my transition moving from a house to an apartment very smooth! Sonia and Nikki are the BEST! They go above and beyond to make sure we are satisfied! Anytime I have a question or a problem, they get on top of it ASAP! Thanks! - Renita Crutchfield, Shadowbrooke Resident since June 2012

I've had a terrific experience with Somerset. Even before moving in, Stacey and Robin were very helpful. Stacey answered all my emailed questions very promptly and was

very warm and welcom-

ing. When I moved in, I found the apartment very clean and everything working properly. I've only been here for a month and a half, but so far I'm very happy. Thanks! - Veronica Arteseros, Somerset at Spring Creek Resident since April 2012

I must say that Charles (manager) and Shawnacee have been extremely helpful since our date of move-in. My three young children and I have found

our new home inviting and cared for. We have quick re-

sponses to our maintenance requests and always see smiling faces in the office. We are safe, acknowledged, and cared for by the staff here at Huntcliff. Thank you all so much for everything you do for your residents! It is all appreciated. - Sherie Franke, Huntcliff Resident since March 2012


Management was

incredibly flexible with regard to our move-in. It was somewhat complicated

due to corporate movers and our time of arrival. This management crew could not have done a better job of accommodating my fiancĂŠ and me. - Aaron Frye, Preserve at Old Dowlen Resident since August 2012

Ashley Oliver is amazing! She was my leasing agent and was so friendly and thorough. But the customer service didn't stop once I moved in. She has also continued to

know me by name and greet

me eve-

ry time I see her...going out of her way to make sure everything is going well and all of my needs are met. Courtney and Brenda in the office are also extremely friendly and helpful...you have a great staff! - Jerrod Carlgren, The Landings of Brentwood Resident since February 2012

The movers Marco recommended for my move were awesome! They were on time and did an excellent job for a fair price. They were

very hard workers and took exceptional care of my furniture and possessions. I

would recommend this company, and especially the two men they sent to move me, any time. Thank you, Marco, for this recommendation! - Londa Perrett, Foxborough Resident since September 2012

My very first day, here I wrote down three minor things that needed attention on the move-in inspection. I went to turn it in, and literally 5 minutes later, barely the time it took me to get back to my place from the office, Jose showed up and fixed all three things right then. Now that is

fast service! So thanks, Jesse, for addressing

the issues quickly, and thanks, Jose, for fixing them. I think I'll like it here! - Jayson Prouty, Foxborough Resident since August 2012


I just moved to the Palm Club apartments, after 21 years of owning a home. I have to say that so far I feel like I am on vacation. The staff has been very helpful and pleasant. My first experience with maintenance was a good one. Recently, the ceiling fan in my room stopped working, and the smell was horrible. The next morning I went to the office around 9:00 a.m. to report the problem with the fan. I had to leave, and after I returned home the maintenance man was at my door. He ended up replacing my fan and stabilizing the fan in the living room. He also took the time to help me program the thermostat to agree with my schedule. After 21 years of doing everything by myself, it was very nice to have someone coming and taking care of the issues in my home. Six days in my apartment, and I am so pleased and happy with my move. Thank you. - Lourdes Sanchez, Palm Club Resident since April 2012


saying "hi" can make all the difference in the world to someone. It cost nothing, but the simple gesture is worth so much!

Jennifer McFadden, Regional Manager

The simplest things, like opening a door, offering a smile, actively listening or just



This is the best place to live in Warner Robins, and the staff members are fantastic and wonderful

, caring

people who make you feel welcome and special. You won't regret your decision to come to Amber Place, and that's a guarantee! - Charles Williams, Amber Place Resident since June 2010

Nice Property, good neighborhood,

friendly and helpful staff.

Greatly recommend this

property to people. - Bhargav Pandya, Amber Place Resident since May 2011

I thoroughly enjoy living here at Amber Place. The staff here is very


professional and so

in all areas, making things seem just like it’s only you. It gets no better than Amber Place. I

highly recommend YOU

coming to live with us. - Steve Hunter, Amber Place Resident since May 2008

I wanted to

say thanks to the office staff for handing out free breakfast again! This is the second time

they have done this, and we are VERY appreciative of them doing this. What a nice way to start the day. - Brigid O'Hearn, Amber Place Resident since April 2012


I've loved living at Bent Tree! The staff is extremely friendly and helpful, and quick to address any concerns or maintenance issues. I really like the free DVD rentals that they offer, and I've enjoyed the


ience of paying my rent online. If I were staying in San Antonio, I would definitely live here again next year. - Robert Slater, Bent Tree Resident since June 2012

Good apartment to stay in,

very friendly

staff...I really recommend this place for my friends and

family. - Venkataramana Siddhi, Bent Tree Resident since September 2011

It's centrally located. The maintenance team is

so friendly

and takes care of our needs. The property

is awesome with the old trees. The pools (2) are beautiful! The office is a wonderful gathering place for residents. - Joye McQueen, Bent Tree Resident since November 2003

Clean environment, responsive management. This place seems to have mostly want to

working families that just

enjoy life after they're done with a long day at work. - Renee Davis, Blanding Place Resident since August 2012

I am very happy here. Property is always well maintained, and staff is


friendly and helpful.

- Melissa Chiang, Blanding Place Resident since February 2012

My wow moment was when I discovered how much Venterra cares about others. It is refreshing to see how much Venterra does for its residents, employees and the even more great WOW moments!

Shiela Torres, Marketing Administrator

community. I am excited to be part of such a great company, and look forward to


Very nice; enjoy my view from my apartment, and my neighbors seem

friendly. Also for the go-out

kind of people, everything is close by—most within walking distance. - Brian Banalewicz, Blanding Place Resident since June 2012

The grounds are

magnificent, and the people are kind and generous. It’s a wonderful place where

everyone greets you with a smile. - Joseph Wyman Sulzer, Bradford Pointe Resident since May 2012

The staff is really nice, and they care. The property is well maintained. When a maintenance request is put in, it is

answered right away. I'm proud to live at Bradford Pointe. - Tricia Young, Bradford Pointe Resident since July 2012

Great staff, maintenance, neighbors, workout facilities, and pool. Quiet, safe area, great for a graduate student or young professional, especially given proximity to the medical center and value/affordability. - John Brown, Carlyle Place Resident since August 2011

Best property I've ever lived in. - Darren Pichon, Carlyle Place Resident since January 2011


The apartments are nice, the staff is above and beyond the norm, and we always are

treated with

respect and kindness. - Hector Delgado, Carlyle Place Resident since November 2011

Best place I have ever lived!

Quality homes and exceptional service! - Joe Guerra, Carlyle Place Resident since February 2012

I love living here! It's so quiet, and I can really come home and enjoy a nice quiet evening without having to worry about noisy neighbors. The maintenance staff is

wonderful and prompt. Meghan

and Tracy are amazing, loving people! They're always smiling and happy! I couldn't have chosen a better place! - Claribel Guerra, Carlyle Place Resident since December 2011

It's a great place to live!! And the staff is the

best!! - Jose Flavio, Carlyle Place Resident since March 2011

It is a very nice place to live, with

friendly people. - Moneaca Walton, Cedar Springs Residents since August 2012


The floor plans of the apartments are great, the grounds are

kept clean, and the staff here is wonder-

ful. - Dana Johnson, Cedar Springs Resident since April 2012

This is a very good environment for staying with family, and

immediate response

for any

issues. - Balunaik Desavath, Cedar Springs Resident since May 2004

I appreciate management’s

attentiveness to the residents’ needs. There is room to grow. - Travis Brown, Cedar Springs Resident since April 2012

It is a good neighborhood, and the schools around are

very good; it is quiet and a nice place to live.

- Diana Plazas, Champions Green Resident since February 2010

We love having the option to

pay our rent by internet for free. It

is so convenient!

We don't have to worry about going to the office to drop off our check each month. - Isabel Tarrazas, Champions Green Resident since October 2005


Lissa May, Senior Regional Manager

Maya Angelou once said, “Nothing will work unless you do.� This simple quote says it all. Get busy, daylight's burning. Good words to live by.


Great place to live. Staff is

friendly and helpful. Close to schools, day care, and shopping. - Albert Lee, Champions Green Resident since December 2011

The new ownership seems to be

more professional. - Darlene Walls, Champions Green Resident since January 2011

I love living here.

Having the CARES Team makes it so much easier to meet people, go to the

events, and build relationships. - Apartment Life, Champions Green Resident since November 2012


great location with good schools, restaurants, movie theaters, and midtown/downtown Atlanta. - Rochelle Coleman, Champions Green Resident since August 2011

Great community. Love the way management takes charge. They

take pride in our small community.

- Lesia V. Archibald, Champions Woods Resident since September 2011


I'm not completely happy about, but that doesn't mean the girl at the front desk wasn't


respectful, and understanding of my being upset. Now, the problem isn't fixed as of yet, but I'm confident it will be soon enough. The thing is that since she started, she’s always been very professional and cheerful. I commend her for keeping this demeanor through my being upset and getting my point out. She sat and listened politely and explained what was happening and made me feel like she was actually listening to what I had to say versus giving me some automatic response. She’s been trained to talk with someone who is upset. You really have a rock star on your hands here. I'm still absolutely livid at the situation but as far as her professionalism and courtesy goes, she's awesome. The fact that I’m taking the time to write this WHILE still fuming about the situation should help to accentuate my point.


This morning I received a call from the front desk girl (I'm terrible with names). There is a serious issue that

- Denise Deleon, Champions Woods Resident since September 2010

Karen and the other staff are

extremely friendly and helpful. Anytime you have a ques-

tion, there is someone there with a smile, and if they do not know the answer, they will find out in short order. The grounds are always clean, and the pool is always inviting. My family is extremely glad that we moved here. - David Payton, College View Resident since December 2011

Love this place, and the

management is great! - Katie Kent, College View Resident since September 2011

The property manager is excellent at what she does and always tries to make you feel at home. The maintenance staff is great also—very prompt. Although I have only been here since January, I would definitely recommend this property to anyone looking for a place to stay. - Richard Stobb, College View Resident since January 2012


Curtis Oeser, Director of Engineering

I feel our most important value is “Stuff Happens�; it can be difficult to stand up and announce when you make a mistake, but doing so is essential to positive results. When all involved are aware of a mistake, a proactive response can be put into action and negate the negative affect. On the other hand, a hidden mistake will always surface and when it does, it often becomes a much larger issue.


Wonderful management,

quick service when repairs are needed. Clean, quiet complex. Just an

overall terrific place to live. - David Payton, College View Resident since December 2011

Karen, the property manager, is so nice and caring of her tenants and the property. Jose, the maintenance man, is very helpful and

quick to respond to any issues or concerns you may have with your apart-

ment. It is by far the best apartment community we have seen or lived in. Every neighbor of ours agrees and brags at how much they love it here. We are glad to be tenants here. - David Johnson, College View Resident since April 2012

This complex is quiet and well kept up, and the staff is exceptional. My service requests are

taken care

of promptly. There is always someone in the office during business hours to answer questions, and they are always helpful. A wide variety of people live here, but all seem very respectful of the property and their neighbors. I have been very happy here. - Barbara Acker, College View Resident since March 2011

Good morning. I would like to say to you that I am

very happy in living here, and you are doing

great things to make us feel happier and more satisfied. Thank you so much! You are doing a great job. Congratulations! - Elaine Fiori, Falcon Square at Independence Resident since June 2012


Thank you so much, Mary, for helping me with the rent payment issue I had this month.

I appreci-

ate you! - Carmen Castro, Forest View Resident since January 2003

The staff and management are very friendly and take the time to get to know their residents. Personally, I find it to be a

hidden gem of comfort. I am also impressed with the maintenance staff and their

ability to resolve any issues quickly. Thanks to all the staff of Foxborough for welcoming me into the community. Keep up the great work! - Robert Pooley Jr., Foxborough Resident since July 2012

The staff is always on top of things and

genuinely cares about what goes on at the property! - Brent Kelley, Foxborough Resident since August 2011

The best place in this area! The manager and all her staff are

always available

to improve the day

of each resident. Excellent location, cleanness, and maintenance. The apartments are comfortable, and prices are affordable. The complimentary breakfast on September 14 surprised me. It was a beautiful detail. Also, I like all the incentives that you offer to motivate us to attend the meetings, participate in specific programs, and make referrals. We are pleased to live here! - Myrna Andolz, Foxborough Resident since July 2012


I have been here for over 12 years, and this is the

finest management and


nance team I have ever seen. The property is beautiful, and you are central to Dallas and DFW. - Thomas Yoakum, Foxborough resident since July 2001

I love the fact that the office staff offers breakfast every so often for the residents; that shows how much they

value those who live in the community. - Paris Walker, Foxborough Resident since July 2012

I would certainly recommend this property to our family and friends. Marco has been


very atten-

and gets everything we need done as soon as possible. The other office personnel is very nice and

friendly. - Yvonne Leija, Foxborough resident since May 2012

The property is clean and well maintained. The complex is quiet and safe. The prices are

fair. The mainte-

nance team is awesome. We have enjoyed our stay here. - Andrea Lama, Foxborough Resident since September 2010

I have lived at Foxborough for several years now and have enjoyed it very much; everyone in the office is friendly, and the maintenance is always done

promptly. - Rhonda Valero, Foxborough Resident since July 2009


Having been a

long-term resident at Foxborough, I can say that I've always been treated fairly.

My maintenance needs are met within a very reasonable time frame, and the office staff has always been responsive when I have a need. I enjoy the close proximity to Hwy 161...makes it so easy to get to work on time. Check it out! - Wanda Allen, Foxborough Resident since December 2007

The staff and people make this place

feel like home. The location is great, and I feel that it's worth

every cent! - Laura Rambikur, French Place Resident since April 2012

Such a great place to live. Very quiet, and the staff are fabulous. Great location, too! - Celita DeArmond, French Place Resident since February 2011

The office staff is

wonderful!!!!!!! I am very happy that Sabrina and Mark have stayed through the

property management change. Thank you for all that you do! - Tami Fowler, Hamptons at Woodland Pointe Resident since December 2011

The apartments actually feel like a home, which is wonderful, especially when you are used to living in a home! The community is well maintained and peaceful, and I

enjoy coming home every night

from a busy day at the office downtown! The prices are reasonable, maintenance is immediate, and all of the staff are like family...LOVE IT!


- Ruth Freeland, Hamptons at Woodland Pointe Resident since September 2011

Rebecca McNeely, Acquisitions Manager

I am always amazed how many people don’t smile or even say Thank You. To me this is simple, very effective and makes all the difference in whether someone will remember you and your service or product in a positive way.


Huntcliff is a wonderful place to live. The staff is helpful and friendly, and the manager is


with all things. I am so thankful to have found a true home in my area. My previous living situation was a nightmare, and I am just grateful to call this home, where I can live and enjoy like any person should be able to. - Alexa Coello, Huntcliff Resident since November 2011

Very calm neighborhood. I recommend that anybody who likes peace, quiet, and cleanness come look at Huntcliff Apartments! Plus if there is anything wrong in your apartment,

management is

quick and makes sure you are taken care of. - Yesenia Vega, Huntcliff Resident since April 2012

The staff are the absolute greatest! Always friendly and willing to help you.

They feel like

family! The apartments are beautiful, the pool area is absolutely gorgeous, and I love their new gym! Everything about this place is perfect. - Edwin Diaz, Legacy at River Crossing Resident since September 2011

You all are so friendly and extremely generous! Thank you for making our life at Venterra an


bliss! We love you guys for having the patience to deal with our constant visits to use your fax machine! - Edwin Diaz, Legacy at River Crossing Resident since September 2011


I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much my husband and I enjoy living at the Hamptons at Woodland Pointe. It's a beautiful property, and you have a wonderful staff. Anytime we ever had a problem, it has been taken care of promptly. We looked at many different properties in a 25-mile radius for a period of 5 months before making our final decision to lease here; we always seemed to come back here after looking at other properties. The main reason we kept returning was

sincerity of Mark, the leasing agent. He never hesitated to show us the

grounds and apartments every time we came back. My husband is a Veteran and retired hotel manager. He operated Holiday Inns and Double Tree Hotels for 42 years and knows that customer service and staff friendliness are the main reasons people keep returning and making recommendations. Everyone here, including maintenance and the office staff, have always made us feel welcome. I also want to commend Mark for assisting me in an emergency situation back in the summertime when it was extremely hot. I have a balance disorder and am a severe Type II Diabetic, requiring insulin injections. My husband was out running errands, and I had to walk my puppies. Since I can't walk without assistance, I was riding in my electric scooter. All of a sudden, I felt nauseous, hot, and dizzy, and felt as though I was going to pass out. I have two puppies, and both leashes got tangled in the wheels of my scooter. I had the office number programmed in my cell phone, so I called the office. Mark answered immediately. I was too sick to tell the whole story, so I said, "Mark, I am in trouble; I am sick, and my puppies are all tangled up." I gave him my location, and he came immediately with no hesitation. He cut the leashes loose from the wheels and assisted me back to my apartment—giving me a drink from the garage fridge—and made sure I was all right before leaving. I don't think Mark realizes he saved my life that day; my blood sugar had dropped drastically, and I could have died. I feel Mark goes above and beyond the call when it comes to customer service. He is an outstanding asset to your team.


the friendliness and

- Barbara Burtchaell, Hamptons at Woodland Pointe Resident since October 2011

This is a very nice and quiet place to live, and everyone is soooo nice.

I love living here!

- Melissa Chilcote, Huntcliff Resident since March 2012

I have lived here for several years and

absolutely love it. - Tracy Herrington-Hall, Huntcliff Resident since November 2011


The girls in the office are incredible! Anytime I need something or request a repair, it gets done right away! They always call to make sure I don't need anything.

Professional, friendly, fantas-

tic! - Heidi Schulte, Merrywood Resident since May 2012

Merrywood has a homey feel; the neighbors are all friendly, and you always feel safe. Love the


touches with the landscaping to make it feel more like home and less like an apartment complex. The office staff is great! - Patricia Jaloway, Merrywood Resident since June 2012

It's been great living here at Merrywood the past eight months. I travel for work, and I have no doubt whatsoever that my family is OK and

not worrying about home maintenance. Safe and secure, too. - Solomon Esekheigbe, Merrywood Resident since July 2011

Great location, lots of kids, nice apartments,

excellent resident events, and awesome staff. - Darin Leblanc, Merrywood Resident since March 2012

Awesome job

on the breakfast and Easter Egg hunt this past weekend! The kiddies had a great

time, and the adults made some new friends and had a great breakfast!!!


- Darin Leblanc, Merrywood Resident since March 2012

Kim Rader is the BEST!! I come down to the clubhouse every day just to see her because

I can count

on her to put a smile on my face even if I am having a bad day. She is truly interested in the lives of the residents and always has a positive attitude. She has made my stay here at Palm Club entertaining and enjoyable. I am glad that I have gotten a chance to get to know Kim. She has been very helpful with my move-in and has made my experience living here better than I imagined. I am thankful for all the staff here at Palm Club, but especially for Kim and her everyday effort in making each and every day better for me. - Quinnon Roberts, Palm Club Resident since June 2012

Great Staff! Friendly,

courteous, and extremely helpful. - Vivian Washington, Park Manor Resident since October 2011

Yes, I was very pleased. The staff is

very nice and sweet, and the apartment is clean and well

kept. - Darold Foriest, Park Manor Resident since August 2012

Great people and really nice, and

they are willing to work with you. - Hurley Hankey, Park Manor Resident since February 2012


the best apartment property in Newnan, Georgia, by far. - Clarence Walker, Park Manor Resident since May 2012


Maitina Morrissey, Senior Regional Manager

“Do what you do so well that


they will want to see it again and bring their friends.� Walt Disney

This pretty much sums our WOW Moments. It is our time to showcase what we do best while having fun with it. We create WOW Moments because we enjoy them. It has become our culture and our residents have noticed.

The staff here is just wonderful; they made me feel so at home, and the maintenance guy is so nice and willing to please. I think I will

enjoy my home here. - Lucille Newsome, Park Manor Resident since April 2012

Everyone here is wonderful! I've gotten to know several of my neighbors, and we are like a big family over there. I

would recommend this place to anyone looking. - Donna Yon, Park Manor Resident since October 2011

Best place to live in Beaumont hands down! - Derrick Thomas, Preserve at Old Dowlen Resident since June 2011

Walking into the office, I can tell the

environment is positive. It is also quite obvious that

the staff enjoys each other’s company as well as making life easier for residents. Everyone in the office always has a smile on their faces and are quite helpful. I’m new to Texas, and they've helped me make lots of decisions, from where to buy good-quality furniture to where the best restaurants are. PLUS the cookies they bake every morning are always something to look forward to. And if the cookies are out, they offer their secret stash of chocolate at the front desk. I like the monthly events that go on, such as the free wings night. I'm excited to see how the Halloween event goes. My husband and I greatly appreciate the work you all do. THANKS!

Happy Renter. - Logan Swan, Preserve at Old Dowlen Resident since August 2012


Best apartment complex in Beaumont! Great amenities, awesome pool and recreation, social activities planned every month...Awesome! - Juan Melendez, Preserve at Old Dowlen Resident since March 2012

So far this has been a great property. My first apartment, and I feel safe being a single female. New appliances,

the best in Beaumont. - Jennifer Jackson, Preserve at Old Dowlen Resident since May 2012

EVERYONE in the front office is

ALWAYS willing to help with any/all needs, DAILY. - Suzanne Stewart, Preserve at Old Dowlen Resident since April 2011

The apartment is clean and intact, and the pool is amazing.

Everyone I know is jealous!

- Trey Bambino, Preserve at Old Dowlen Resident since July 2012

Absolutely the best

residence in Beaumont. The security gives you peace of mind, while the

staff, especially Irish and Chelsea, are always willing to do whatever it takes to please the residents. If you are in the market for a house, be careful—you may never want to leave! - Tyler Bracken, Preserve at Old Dowlen Resident since April 2012


Great place to live! The appliances, down to the two-tone paint scheme, are amazing.

Very pet

friendly, and friendly neighbors. - Tyler Bracken, Preserve at Old Dowlen Resident since April 2012

Great, fun place to live! It is quiet, and the pool and hot tub are great! Great staff; they are very polite and understanding!

Happy I picked here. - Logan Walker, Preserve at Old Dowlen Resident since March 2012

All my friends or family who come to visit with me share the same sentiments: this is a nice clean place; it is gated and groomed, and your unit is too darling. They never come and see suspect people walking around— always couples or singles walking their dogs, and people greet them with a friendly and warm smile. If they were looking to move into an apartment, they'd

move here!

- Rene Madison, Providence of Northlake Resident since September 2011

I have

loved my experience

thus far! The office staff is great, maintenance team is highly re-

sponsive, my apartment is spacious and comfortable. Would recommend. - Denise Strickland-Tillman, Providence of Northlake Resident since June 2012

I love living at Providence of Northlake. It's convenient and safe, and

I feel at home.

- Vanda Jackson, Providence of Northlake Resident since December 2011


Allen Rafieha, Regional Maintenance Manager

These days most companies are catching the "customer service" wave. It simply is not enough to provide good service because at the end of the day professionalism and courteousness are really just common sense ways to behave toward consumers in the first place. To WOW someone, you have to do the right thing at a time that may be least convenient for you - not just when it's easy or standard practice. People know when you are going out of your way for them or their loved ones and this recognition can be the start of a reciprocal relationship of WOWs for years to



staff that makes you feel at home, great maintenance, and wonderful communication!


recommend!! - Alexander Blake, Providence of Northlake Resident since February 2012


I have lived in 9 apartment complexes, and this is the best place hands down! Best management, friendly

I absolutely love living here! My apartment is gorgeous, and the area is very quiet. The property management team is incredibly nice and

treats me like family. - Emanual Pierre-Jean, Providence of Northlake Resident since May 2012

It's quiet and peaceful here, and property managers are

very caring and are on the ball.... - Mary Hendrix, Raintree Resident since February 2012

Love the front office personnel and management. Very kind, and they make you

feel at home.

- Jason Medellin, Raintree Resident since February 2012

I am currently deployed in Africa, and the Raintree property managers and office staff have been very helpful with any issues I have had regarding my rent auto draft and paying online.

Thank you

Cindy and

Crystal! - Adolph Salines, Raintree Resident since June 2009


This is a very well-maintained property, especially considering this is not a new complex. The apartments are nice inside and out, and the staff is great. I

would recommend this complex to anyone. - Donna Rodgers, Raintree Resident since April 2012

This community's appearance is beautiful inside and out; it is well managed, too. Everyone at the office is very friendly, helpful, and always ready to fix requests. I like it here, and I

will keep referring


friends to move here. - Dennis Rodriguez, Reflections on Sweetwater Resident since January 2012


haven’t had any problems during the two years I been living in the property! - Diana Jaramillo, Reflections on Sweetwater Resident since October 2012

Love the staff, and in three years,

no complaints

about security, which is crucial for me because I

have children. - Maria Guevara, Reflections on Sweetwater Resident since August 2012

Reflections is a very nice place to live. I

would definitely refer everyone to this apartment

community. The staff is great, and the customer service is the best. - Dennis Rodriguez, Reflections on Sweetwater Resident since January 2012


Great, friendly people in the office. - John Rauch, Regency Park Resident since August 2012

Great staff with plenty of extras. Apartments are nice with very nice neighbors. - Jason Criss, Regency Park Resident since September 2011

I think staff does a great job of planning

fun resident activities, and they appear to make

meeting residents’ needs a priority. - Pam Balfour, Regency Park Resident since October 2010

Friendly, helpful staff...the grounds are beautiful and well maintained...lots of activities...great neighbors! - Paul Sugden, Regency Park Resident since March 2011

I appreciate the green spaces that are part of this complex. As I travel around the area, I see that the grassy areas we enjoy here are not found at other complexes where there are just concrete and buildings. - Kent Lewis, Reserve at Pebble Creek Resident since February 2009

Katie and Stephanie provide

the best management for our property, ever. We've lived in this

community for over four years and would recommend it to anyone who asks. - Barbara Bellah, Reserve at Pebble Creek Resident since August 2012


The staff here at The Reserve is absolutely amazing!! Katie, Stephanie and Robin from Somerset are


best; all three of these women helped me make a new resume when I needed help looking for a new job. As for the complex here, the amenities are great—plenty of parking, a well-equipped fitness center, a big swimming pool, and of course the business center where I prepared my resume. I had only minor issues with my apartment, and they were always fixed within 24 hours or less. If I were not moving out of state for my new job, I would definitely be staying here; this is the perfect location to live, with plenty of restaurants to choose from and several malls, shopping centers, and theaters less than 30 minutes away!! Downtown Dallas is only 30 minutes away, Ft. Worth is about 45 minutes, and Oklahoma is about a 2-hour drive. Want to go to a game? Cowboys Stadium is less than an hour away, and the Mavs arena is only about 30 minutes!! There is no other apartment community like this in Plano, Dallas, or the world!! - Stevan Molina, Reserve at Pebble Creek Resident since December 2010

All the staff here are wonderful, so very helpful and efficient. The

maintenance guy is amaz-

ing; he can fix anything. We are also LOVING the pool this time of year. - Brenda Schoneman, Reserve at Pebble Creek Resident since March 2012

The success of a company resides in the hands of the employees responsible for implementing and sustaining the company's motto. For two young ladies, Katie and Stephanie at the Reserve at Pebble Creek, handling all necessary requirements for this property and doing an amazing job, they should be honored. They are always there to assist and resolve any issues.

Their commitment is an example of ex-

cellence! -Brigetta Dolivio, Reserve at Pebble Creek Resident since September 2008

The staff is always informed and helpful, and the apartments have amenities not found in many other facilities.


- Chester Moore, Riverstone Resident since July 2012

The office staff is always helpful and

quick to solve any problems that may arise. - Ellen Eilerts, Riverstone Resident since April 2012

I have had a wonderful experience thus far. This complex is an amazing value! I can't believe what I get for my money! It's also clean, safe, and well maintained. The staff is also very helpful. - Natalie Carver, Riverstone Resident since May 2012

I love this apartment; the people are friendly, maintenance is on top of things, and I

plan on stay-

ing here for a while. - Jose Fidencio Munoz, Salado Springs Resident since April 2012

You all really make the residents feel at home and

go the extra mile to assist with whatever is-

sues we have with the apartment. - Audley Logan, Salado Springs Resident since August 2011

I actually


Salado Springs to a coworker's daughter and I've only been here a

month! It's safe, and the people are friendly! You guys have been super helpful at fixing any problems! Even little ones! Thank you! - Stephanie Ann Beauvais, Salado Springs Resident since June 2012


The entire team here at Sandstone Apartments is very polite, friendly, helpful, and informative. I have recently

referred two of my family members to come aboard. Monica is the best there is. She's been help-

ing me since I decided to make this my home, and I'm very grateful for all her patience and time—and for her team members. Thank you! - Yentl Jones, Sandstone Resident since August 2012

I have already

referred two family friends, and now I am in the process of getting another friend to

move in also. I cannot speak highly enough about the staff, the cares team, and the manager. They know me and my family by name and give us the attention we need to have our needs addressed. We are beyond thrilled and do not foresee a move-out date anytime in the future! - Janet Stoney, Sandstone Resident June 2012


muy feliz

en el complejo. Me siento muy segura, y el staff en general es muy amable. Estoy

muy contenta viviendo aqui. - Michelle Ramirez, Sandstone Resident since June 2011

Wow!!! I had an awesome time at the end-of-summer bash!! It's good to go out and meet and greet with other residents when during the week we are too busy for a simple hello. I like when Sandstone and the cares team do something

so simple that it's fun—the food, fun, and atmosphere just made for a great

Saturday. Can't wait for more events! - Angelina Solis, Sandstone Resident since May 2010


Hello. My name is Cherry, I want to say thank you to Veronica for helping us out in our time of need. My husband’s overtime was cut this month, and we needed some extra time to pay out our pet deposit, so I went to the office and explained our situation to Veronica. She was so kind and understanding; she said, “


worry, I will give you some extra time to pay that so that you and your husband don't have to stress.” I am soooo grateful for her kindness and understanding. Thank you, Venterra, for having such wonderful staff. We love living here and being a part of a great community. - Cherry D Tijerina, Sandstone Resident since October 2011

I want to once again thank our manager, Veronica, for all she does. I really hope Venterra realizes what an asset she is to their company. She is always there when you need her and goes out of her way to help you. She has done so much for me and my husband, and now for my daughter, too. Thank you again. - Cindy Cormier, Sandstone Resident since June 2010

I like how it is quiet, and how fast the maintenance and the online service are. - Maged Ezat-Angly, Abdilmalak, Sandstone Resident since January 2012

The property managers are great to get along with; that is extremely important to make you

feel at

home. All of your problems, if you have any, are taken care of immediately. Great and quiet place to live. - Geraldine Henry, Sandstone Resident since May 2011

I love this apartment complex; it’s quiet and beautiful, and the staff here is very friendly and helpful!


I wanted to say that I am very satisfied with how the office staff works hard to make the tenants happy. I had a problem with my apartment, and they allowed me to transfer to another unit. They were



about my problem. The office staff is so nice; that is actually what drew me to this proper-

ty. Sonia and Nicci greeted everyone who came through the door with a smile and hello. It's like a big family. Wow, what a pleasant change. I would highly recommend this property. - Sonya Pratt, Shadowbrooke Resident since September 2012

Sonia and the other women in the office are so friendly. Sonia in particular was a great help to us. We moved from Massachusetts, and she answered all of my questions—trust me, there were many. She is very helpful and will help keep the anxiety of moving to a minimum, and she'll also make you

feel at home

when you arrive. Thank you, Sonia! - Robin King, Shadowbrooke Resident since July 2012

I have lived here for almost three years. The management staff is great! It is family oriented—always with planned activities each month. It is conveniently located, and a safe area to live in. - Sadie Ratliff, Shadowbrooke Resident since May 2010

I've been a tenant at Shadowbrooke for more than six years, and I've seen the quality of management severely deteriorate. With that in mind, I figured that the new management company would be more of the same, but boy am I glad I was wrong! Just recently I had the pleasure of meeting Nikki, Sonia, and Kristen, and I was more than impressed by their

ism. They did

courtesy, helpfulness, and professional-

everything they could to make my day better. Thank you, Ladies! - Lauren Harison, Shadowbrooke Resident since May 2006


life to brighten someone else’s life by providing exceptional service. I strongly believe in making whatever you choose to do in your day count, as you exchange a day of your life doing

Nickii Dhaliwal, Purchaser

I would gladly exchange a day of my

it...so why not Make a Difference!


This is one of the best apartment communities I've lived in over the years. The office staff is always friendly, and maintenance is really on top of things. I

highly recommend Signature Ridge to anyone

looking for an affordable, hassle-free community to call home. - Ryan Andrews, Signature Ridge Resident since July 2011

The staff is great, especially the manager, Teresa. She is very understanding and very easy to work with. She always gives 110% for everything. The complex is very well maintained, and the courtesy officers are a plus; they are very professional and friendly. I feel very safe around here. Overall, the apartment complex gets two thumbs up and 5 stars from me. - Bryan Martinez, Signature Ridge Resident since August 2011

I have


four of my friends and family members, and I would not hesitate to refer more and

more to this gorgeous property. - Hussain Alismail, Signature Ridge Resident since July 2011

Just wanted to say thank you for doing such an awesome job. You definitely provide the BEST customer service I've ever received from an apartment complex, and I'm happy to call Signature Ridge my home. Keep up the great work! - Thuy Nguyen, Signature Ridge Resident since April 2011

Overall, the apartment management does an excellent job of responding to resident requests in a timely manner. Also, the grounds are well kept. I enjoy living here!! Great service and care!!! - Stacy Singleton-Williams, Signature Ridge Resident since November 2010


Muhammed, Christy, and Adriana—thank you so much for your help. We have had some real tough times and thank God that he put you guys in our path because who knows how things would have been if it were not for you guys‌ - Gabriel Flores, Silverbrooke Resident since January 2010

We really like everything about this place. The office staff is so nice and easy to talk to. Any complaint (there has been only one) gets taken care of immediately. The maintenance staff is fantastic! Everything gets fixed very quickly. The grounds are well maintained, and the pool is always very inviting. I can't imagine living anywhere else. - Dawn Underwood, Silverbrooke Resident since January 2012

This is the best apartment community I've ever lived in! My boyfriend loved the place so much that he's moving here too! - Shellie Natho, Silverbrooke Resident since July 2011

I love this community! Staff and management always made sure we were take care of! I would


recommend this property to my friends! - Eloina Juarez, Silverbrooke Resident since August 2011

Thank you to Kristy for her support and help during a family medical emergency. These are the actions that make a difference in a community. Again, thank you to both Kristy and Mohamed, her supervisor. - Charles Pita, Silverbrooke Resident since September 2007


The property is extremely well maintained, with rental and maintenance staff that truly seems to


about their residents. - Eric Trevilian, Silverbrooke Resident since September 2012

Once again, the staff at Somerset have made living here a no-brainer. Any time our family thinks about looking for a house, we are reminded of how easy it is to live here! Pretty grounds; roomy townhouse; clean, wellmaintained pool; attentive staff; and quick responses to issues. Carefree living at its best...thanks guys! - Kristi and Matthew Faley, Somerset at Spring Creek Resident since April 2012

Haven't had any issues...very nice place, and the staff has been great to work with. I actually had a cell phone issue one day and went into the main office to ask if I could make a quick local call...the woman (I think her name was Stephanie) was very nice and said no problem and helped me out. I very much appreciated that as a lot of other places would probably not allow that. Thank you! - Lanny Gibson, Somerset at Spring Creek Resident since November 2011

I love to stay here. It is so family oriented, and the staff is so great.

Maintenance is prompt.

- Shankar Krishnamurthy, Somerset at Spring Creek Resident since August 2012

Somerset is

the ideal place to live. The units are spacious, with updated features and appli-

ances. The staff is friendly and always willing to help. Special kudos to the maintenance staff, who willingly and quickly respond to any maintenance concern. Great place to live. - Vernon Guyer, Somerset at Spring Creek Resident since October 2009


Put a smile on someone’s face by saying “Thanks”. This one simple word can make a world of difference to the unexpected recipient. Give it a try!

Joey Bruce, Director of Maintenance Operations

Saying Thanks:


The management staff is very friendly and helpful. The maintenance staff is very responsive and resolves all problems very quickly and effectively, no matter how small or major. We love the location of the Enclave at 1550; it is in a central location in San Antonio and close to every type of attraction or entertainment. - Daniel O'Donnell, The Enclave at 1550 Resident since April 2012

Great location, love the floor plans, and staff makes you

feel at home.

- Debra Dimando, The Enclave at 1550 Resident since June 2012

The courteous staff and prompt maintenance is worth it. I especially enjoy the pet-friendly atmosphere. - Shirley Riemann, The Enclave at 1550 Resident since August 2011

Great views, well-maintained property, friendly neighbors,

unique place to live.

- William Bailey, The Enclave at 1550 Resident since March 2012

Great place to live...country feel with all the conveniences just around the corner. - Barb Arger, The Landings of Brentwood Resident since April 2010

I love living here at The Landings of Brentwood. The office staff is a great group of people who are very friendly. I appreciate their friendship as well as their professionalism. The maintenance staff is fantastic also. - Jeanne McWhirter, The Landings of Brentwood Resident since January 2012


Management is not easy, but customer service should be. Thank you again, Mrs. Anthony, for your quest, with the exception of Mrs. Anthony.


It is essential that I provide you with some background information so that you are fully aware of my deepest gratitude to Mrs. Stacy Anthony, property manager at St. Andrews Apartments. Upon completion of the renovation, I inquired on several occasions (in person, email, phone calls, et cetera), regarding my options for upgrade to my apartment, for assessing the rental increase and benefits (or lack thereof), and for continuing my residency with St. Andrews. No one was able to provide me with a response, nor did they seem to have any interest in my concerns as a three-year resident. Initially, I settled on moving, considering the treatment I was receiving. I no longer cared to reside there; however, in my last attempt, Mrs. Anthony showed compassion and concern for my issues. Her professional demeanor and conduct was exceptional. She was honest and assured me that she would look into my request but could not promise anything. Needless to say, she was able to come through and provide me with an acceptable answer within a remarkable time frame. A response was all I wanted, and no one was able to grant such a reasonable re-

professionalism. - Evelyn Mitchell, St. Andrews Resident since October 2011

Great place to live...Venterra has really made it super nice. - Erick Peterson, St. Andrews Resident since October 2011

They are very helpful and always there when I need them! They are awesome!!!! - Sylvia Lopez, SunRay Resident since November 2010

I have enjoyed the two months we have been here. I love all the trees, birds and three swimming pools. It is nice and quiet here. - Betty Parker, SunRay Resident since March 2012


Candi Garland, Regional Leasing Manager

At Venterra, we aren’t looking to just lease apartments; we’re looking to make a difference in others’ lives! We are always looking for opportunities to go above and beyond for our residents and prospects and leave a lasting impression that truly makes a difference.


Great place to live and play. This complex meets all of my needs, from the beautiful landscape to the spacious layout of my apartment. Great place to live! - Kurt Gadke, The Landings of Brentwood Resident since July 2012

This is the most wonderful place I have ever lived. The staff goes above and beyond the call of duty to help you. The maintenance is quick to respond and very competent. It's gorgeous here, and even though there are a lot of units, you always feel it's a private, secluded apartment. The neighbors are high class and nice. You'll love The Landings. - Ray White, The Landings of Brentwood Resident since August 2012

Best pet-friendly, resort-style apartment complex in this area. The landscaping is beautiful, and the secluded setting makes walking a true joy. - Beatriz Mohsenin, The Landings of Brentwood Resident since June 2010

So far, my experience has been very good. It's quiet, very, very clean, and the folks here are very easy to work with. - Dennis Herlihy, The Park at Waterford Harbor Resident since August 2012


love my cozy one-bedroom—it's the nicest layout for a one-bedroom—I also love the location because

everything I need is within a mile of the complex. - Gail Hammond, The Park at Waterford Harbor Resident since May 2012


Just want to say that the staff at the Park at Waterford Harbor is the best that has ever been in place in the 11 years that I have been a resident here. Rie is always there to handle any problems, requests, etc., and always happy to be of assistance. And Amy and Tawn are just lovely people. I like them all so much. They treat me as if we were good friends, and that is a very rare quality to have in your staff. I hope these three never leave this property! Thanks. - Alexandra Doane, The Park at Waterford Harbor Resident October 2009

This is the best apartment complex I have ever lived in! Office and maintenance staff are wonderful; the complex is safe, well-lit with ample parking, and quiet. Parties at the pool on weekends are fun, and the fitness center is great. I love it here—am about to move into my 2nd apartment here! - Cory Toellner, The Park at Waterford Harbor Resident since September 2012

Thanks for

Venterra deals! I was able to save 12% off my cell phone bill, and with back-to-school

shopping, I am able to save 15% from Aeropostale! Great savings! Thanks! - Telishia Long, The Park at Waterford Harbor Resident since June 2012

Just want to say that Rie Gresham has been an angel and has been as accommodating to me as anyone could possibly be.

Very professional, respectful, friendly, helpful...all in all, a great

property manager! I couldn't be happier living here, and I have been here for 11 years....going on forever! - Alexandra Doane, The Park at Waterford Harbor Resident since October 2012

I would absolutely recommend the Park at Waterford Harbor to family and friends! This is the best place I have ever lived. I love everything about living here.


- Katherine Sullivant, The Park at Waterford Harbor Resident since December 2011

Beautiful landscape as well as the entire package. Management is very kind and helpful, and

there when

you need them. Maintenance is always on top of things, keeping The Pointe very clean and in shape. I would recommend this property to anyone seeking a clean, safe, and fun environment, for any who like family values. I love it here. I have been here one year and going on two. It is a wonderful place to live. I sincerely mean that. - Christopher Burnette, The Pointe Resident since October 2011

Kudos to all those who contributed to the pool party. What a fun time it was. My son enjoyed every minute. - Nandhakumar Radhakrishnan, The Pointe Resident since June 2012

This place feels like home. - Britni Brobey, The Pointe Resident since June 2012

I love coming home to a beautiful property that is well maintained, well run, and with good neighbors. The property staff are professional and very easy to work with. I also like the fact we are located between Houston and the Woodlands and I45 and 249, so we have multiple options for shopping and entertainment—and yes, I would absolutely

recommend The Ravinia. - Joseph Sage, The Ravinia Resident since June 2012

The Ravinia is a safe, comfortable, and happy place to call home. The staff is exceptional and has done nothing but help in my 8+ months here. - Seth Newsome, The Ravinia Resident since February 2012


It's a really nice place to come

home to everyday. I love that the property is well kept and has lots of trees

and nice outdoor areas. The office and maintenance staff have been personable and professional and have responded quickly to the few requests we've had to make. - Julie Huerta, The Ravinia Resident since October 2011

Because it's a

home with family and friends instead of unseen neighbors and uncaring office staff—it's NOT

just another apartment. Everyone in the office really made me feel welcome. I can count on them whenever I need them—whether it's with a question about my apartment or that I want to attend one of our community events. It's an awesome place to live. - Sarah Grant, The Ravinia Resident since February 2012

The apartments here are nice and well-kept. The property itself is clean, quiet, and very pretty, and the management is always there to help you with any issues. - Jillian Ward, The Ravinia Resident since August 2011

I have to say the staff here is exceptional. My needs and requests are met in a more-than-timely manner. I am glad I chose The Villas! Many thanks to all the staff members who keep this complex in tip-top shape. - Angie Levario, The Villas of Bristol Heights Resident since May 2012

This property is elegant, clean, and very welcoming. Staff are always friendly and ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have. - Angie Levario, The Villas of Bristol Heights Resident since May 2012


We wanted to let you know that we are really enjoying our stay here. We feel that you have developed a beautiful, relaxing environment that really

feels like home.

- James Campbell, The Villas of Bristol Heights Resident since February 2012

Great place to live; quiet, beautiful landscape property; good management with staff members who are very friendly;

on-the-spot maintenance. - Joy Simmons, The Villas of Bristol Heights Resident since May 2009

Staff very courteous. The new extended hours are a plus. Prompt response to service requests! - Euguen Bonetti, The Villas of Bristol Heights Resident since December 2011

Wonderful apartment community. Office staff and maintenance people extremely courteous and helpful. Very clean, safe, and well-maintained place to live. - Anthony Chelston, Timber Mill Resident since July 2011

This is a nice, clean, decent, small property and very accessible to the freeway, shopping centers, and concerts at the Woodlands Pavilion. I have lived here for almost six months, and I love it! I feel safe, and the community is friendly.

Love it! - Maria Adriano, Timber Mill Resident since March 2012


Leigh Sublett, Online Marketing Manager 182

With WOW, we are really only limited by our imaginations and the desire to treat our customers better than the rest. It’s not always about how much money is spent, but by the message that is sent to our customers. Creating a moment they will remember and talk about is what WOW is all about.

I have lived here for 6½ years.

I love it here, and the staff are the greatest. - Kathleen Steen, Timber Mill Resident since July 2006

This is by far

the best apartment home

I have ever lived in. The staff is phenomenal, very

attentive, and always with a smile. I truly feel at home here. - Sylvia Soliz, Tree Tops at Post Oak Resident since December 2011

The management and staff are excellent. I have always felt safe and taken care of at this complex. The location is extremely convenient. I couldn't praise this apartment enough. - Alycia Eubank, Tree Tops at Post Oak Resident since June 2012

The Tree Tops is

the best apartment community

I have ever lived in! The manage-

ment is excellent, and they really care for their residents. They go above and beyond to make your living experience smooth and worry free. I would recommend this property to anyone seeking a secure and comfortable environment with great neighbors and low noise levels. - Traci Cope, Tree Tops at Post Oak Resident since June 2012

I have received exemplary service from office staff and maintenance staff during the year I have been here. It is beautiful and quiet. I love it here. - Debra Gregory, Villa Lago Resident since June 2011


The office staff is always friendly when I visit the office. They do a great job with the property and are always helpful. The management of this property is top-notch, always looking for ways to improve the community. They are very active in day-to-day activities and have been very receptive to ideas or suggestions.


job, Venterra, on selecting a management team and staff who know what they are doing. - Eric Stevens, Waterford at Mandarin Resident since May 2012

I just wanted to let you know that your office staff is always cheerful and courteous anytime I go in there. I really appreciate them!! Thank you! - Steven Farrell, Waterford at Mandarin Resident since May 2012

I love the

quick and efficient help that is always available both from the office personnel or

the maintenance staff! - Donna Sherych, Waterford at Mandarin Resident since March 2010

The staff at Waters Edge are so great! They are always so friendly and take care of matters so quickly! I’m so happy to be living here! - Kristin Pittman, Waters Edge Resident since February 2012

Love this place; the maintenance is fantastic, and the office is really helpful.

What a great place to

live! - Ashley Cooper, Waters Edge Resident since November 2011


The pool lured me in, and I'm in it almost every day. It's never crowded. The landscaping is pretty. It's incredibly dog friendly. The apartment (town-home w/loft) is nice and spacious, and the walls between apartments are thick for a complex. I almost never hear my neighbors. The appliances are all new. Cabinetry is a little outdated, but otherwise—loving it here! Neighbors have all been great. Parking is rarely an issue. Small and safe community complex located in a great location—nearly everything is a short drive away. Maintenance immediately addresses any minor issues, and

Joey and Nancy in the office have been helpful

and welcoming. I spent a lot of time researching apartments in Austin, and after selecting Waters Edge and moving halfway across the country to get here, sight unseen, I couldn't be happier! Phew! ~Happy tenant! - Kimberly Stock, Waters Edge Resident since August 2012

The office staff here is stellar. They address all of my concerns within 24 hours and work hard to make us feel comfortable and happy in the community. I really appreciate all of the hard work they put into making sure that we are taken care of. I have been working with

Joey Zamora

for years and have always been

impressed by his professionalism and friendliness. In my time here, I think we've gone through at least four managers, but Nancy is by far the most committed to making sure everything runs smoothly. - Johanna Hoyo, Waters Edge Resident since April 2009

It's very quiet and peaceful. Management always sends out emails inquiring about my comfort here. I will not move to another facility unless I'm moving to a house that I will invest in. - Demetris Burton, Waters Edge Resident since January 2012

Great value for the price—good area if you're looking to be close to Atlanta's northern suburbs but still in Atlanta. - Emily Garai, Westminster at Buckhead Resident since July 2012


The office staff is

superior to that of other apartments where I have lived. I will state the obvious: the whole

community is beautiful and well maintained! - Darrin Cline, Villa Lago Resident since July 2012

Kim is an awesome property manager who is very customer-service orientated. She always has a smile and cando attitude! Makes you feel good to be able to call Villa Lago

home! The maintenance staff takes great pride in

the appearance of the property. If you ever have a maintenance issue, it's taken care of promptly and fixed right the first time! Truly a wonderful community to live in! - Kathy and Mark Smith, Villa Lago Resident since March 2011

Minerva is a great employee! Was so helpful with our entire process. Many thanks to her! - Karen Richardson, Waterford at Mandarin Resident since September 2012

Property management employees are so

helpful, especially Minerva and Meghan. We feel secure in this

complex. - Bernard Volante, Waterford at Mandarin Resident since August 2012

Angela did an outstanding job!!!! Awesome person you have on staff! - Brian Middleton, Waterford at Mandarin Resident since August 2012


Great value for the price—good area if you're looking to be close to Atlanta's northern suburbs but still in Atlanta. - Emily Garai, Westminster at Buckhead Resident since July 2012

Nikki and Jacqui are always pleasant and a joy to deal with—makes you feel

valued as a tenant.

- Adam Breit, Westminster at Buckhead Resident since December 2012

I have lived at Westminster at Buckhead since April 2012, and so far, I absolutely love it. The property is beautiful, and the complex is in a very nice and safe area (which is sometimes hard to find in Atlanta). The office staff has always been extremely friendly and very prompt to answer all of my questions. We get somewhat frequent emails from the property manager informing us of upcoming events, things they are fixing around the complex, etc. I really appreciate that they keep us informed. I have submitted a couple maintenance requests so far, and they have been properly fixed within 24 hours. I used to work for a property management company in another state, so I consider myself well versed when it comes to all things apartments, and feel that I therefore have extremely high standards when it comes to finding an apartment for myself. I did a lot of research before I chose Westminster and am genuinely happy to say I couldn't be more pleased with my choice. I would definitely recommend this complex to anyone. I am a female and live by myself, I come home every day feeling very safe and comfortable—two things you definitely want to feel in your own home. I feel the rent is extremely fair for what you receive in return. If you want cheap rent and don’t mind living in a sketchy area, then this place probably isn’t for you. But if you want an affordable, well-kept apartment in a safe area, then you should definitely check out Westminster. - Heather Guss, Westminster at Buckhead Resident since April 2012

The apartment is spacious with a great layout, and it was

clean at move-in. Very quiet too.

- Laurie Born, Westminster at Buckhead Resident since June 2012


Thank you to the office staff for making this apartment community feel like a

home, sweet

home. The friendly, welcoming atmosphere is a pleasure to come home to. - Amanda Niskar, Westminster at Buckhead Resident since October 2010

This has been the best place I've lived since graduating from college in 2009. The staff is incredibly friendly, helpful, and willing to accommodate every request I have had. The complex is so quiet, which was exactly what I was looking for when searching for an apartment because I'm currently in law school and need a quiet atmosphere in which to study. I would highly recommend this property to anyone I know. - Lauren Ferrelle, Westminster at Buckhead Resident since February 2012

Great location and property. Very quiet community. - Tammy Haynes, Westminster at Buckhead Resident since September 2011

Great place to live.

Recommend it highly. - Ivy Samuels, Wilshire Place Resident since August 2011

Alex and his staff really make Wilshire Place a place to call

home. My wife and I love you guys!

- Daniel Payton, Wilshire Place Resident since July 2011


current and future residents by creating memories for each individual we encounter. It’s all the small important memories that stick in people’s minds and make a huge difference for a person’s

Eastin Isaac, Regional Leasing Manager

I love that Venterra takes the time to make a difference for our

perception of us now and their expectations of others later. We’re not scared to set the bar high for what customer service really looks like. 189


I just wanted to say that Joseph is always professional and explains what is going on when we have concerns. Sometimes it makes someone not feel so frustrated when they are given an explanation concerning an ongoing issue such as the pool. Thank you, Joseph, for being a great

maintenance guy. - Betty Parker, SunRay Resident since March 2012

Lovely place. Apartments are maintained, and any issues are addressed promptly. - Mary Stec, Silverbrooke Resident since November 2010

I have had nothing but great service from the

maintenance staff here. My concerns are always

met with a smile and very promptly. Easy living at its very best. Thank you!! - Matthew Faley, Somerset at Spring Creek Resident since April 2012

I had to take time out of my very busy schedule to say a sincere Thank You for having such a wonderful

maintenance team. Oliver, Cantu, and Bongi did a wonderful job on my blinds, lights, and other aspects of my home. They were respectful of my space and very professional. It makes a big difference when you feel safe around those who enter your home. Again, please tell them I said thank you! They did not know that I took their names down. - Evelyn Mitchell, St. Andrews Resident since October 2011


maintenance crew is the BOMB!!! Thank you for your awesome service; I do appreciate it! - Lorna-Margaret Shanks, SunRay Resident since May 2010


Natassa Zervopoulos, Financial Systems Training & Support Manager


I think it’s amazing that Venterra recognizes that everyone makes mistakes and makes you feel safe enough to admit that and move forward.

You guys are the best! Thank you so much for your immediate response to my

maintenance re-

quests! - Julia Kine, The Landings of Brentwood Resident since April 2006

We would just like to thank Brandon for coming out right away to resolve our problem with the air conditioning. We called late last night, and he called immediately and was willing to leave his home in the middle of the night to come and work on it. We told him no, but he was here first thing in the morning and had it resolved in less than one hour. We really appreciate the hard work he did in making our home cool and comfortable. The manager called also to make sure someone had contacted us and resolved it, so we are very confident regarding any problems or issues we may have here because we know the

maintenance and manage-

ment are always on top of it and are very skilled with repairing all problems. Thanks for taking great care of us. - Joanne Eskreis, The Landings of Brentwood Resident since April 2007

We really love it at Waterford. The office and

maintenance crew are always helpful and quick

with my fixes. - Kelly Gonzales, The Park at Waterford Harbor Resident since October 2011

Love it here at The Pointe. Office staff are very helpful, and the excellent

maintenance team is quick

in its response to work orders and/or maintenance issues. - Wanda Harrington, The Pointe Resident since March 2012

Thank you, Pablo, for taking care of the a/c vent leak. You are faster than lightning. - Nandhakumar Radhakrishnan, The Pointe Resident since June 2012


We just had to let you know that Jim came out first thing this morning and realigned and repaired our sliding screen door. We were very, very impressed—Jim came out to see what was required and said he'd return shortly, and he did just that. He went right to work and was finished in no time flat. Jim was very friendly and extremely competent. Wow! What a

wonderful maintenance experience.

Thank you so very much. The Jenkins. - Tyrone Jenkins, The Park at Waterford Harbor Resident since January 2012

Louis introduced himself the first time a

maintenance request was being taken care of. He has al-

ways been friendly as he promptly resolves the maintenance issues....and he went above and beyond any expectations when he saw me walking to my car and offered to take the trash bag in my hand to the dumpster for me. I have never experienced such outstanding staff at any apartment complex in the past. Thank you! - Victoria Irving, Wilshire Place Resident since June 2012

Earlier this summer, my apartment had a leak around the fireplace; when it rained, my living room became soaked. The problem was repaired professionally, and the

maintenance crew

all responded

above and beyond the call of duty after hours to keep my furniture safe and to save the carpet inside. I really appreciate them and enjoy living here at the Waterford. - Janet Thomason, Waterford at Mandarin Resident since January 2012

My thanks again to

maintenance staff, especially Phil and Steve. Very prompt and quick to finish. - Douglas Herath, Waterford at Mandarin Resident since October 2011


Maintenance staff is always very helpful in a timely manner. It's great! - Ashley Cooper, Waters Edge Resident since November 2011

I really appreciate the prompt, considerate service I receive from the live in a community that is reliable and professional.

maintenance staff. It's a comfort to

-Amanda Niskar, Westminster at Buckhead Resident since October 2010

I just wanted to let you know that the young man who fixed my AC was very, very prompt and helpful. My AC was fixed ASAP. I was surprised at how fast he replaced the motor in the AC unit. You have very very attentive

maintenance staff

working for you. I wish I knew his name to give him proper recogni-

tion. -Alicia Gary, Wilshire Place Resident since May 2012

We really cannot say enough good things about Marvin. Today, we inadvertently left the door dead-bolted, preventing him from coming in to complete two

maintenance requests. He left us a note saying

he would return Monday to complete the repairs once the door was unlocked. Later on, he noticed we had returned home, so he came back by our place to complete the work. He was his usual smiling, friendly self, and he is always gracious—he thanks us after each visit. - Kelly Pedersen, The Villas of Bristol Heights Resident since July 2010

A/C went out on Sunday night, and it was fixed before I woke up on Monday—and it was a holiday weekend. Thanks for the quick fix, guys. - Hanan Alzharni, The Pointe Resident since August 2012


Stop. Listen. Think. In the hustle and bustle of our every day interactions, how often do we do

Robin Finney, Content Specialist

this? Just imagine how much more efficient and


understanding we would all be if we took the time to stop and listen to our customers and residents. You never know what someone is going through until you take the time to listen.

I was scheduled to have a light fixture installed so when I got home, there was water in the bathroom from the toilet! I phoned the office and told them of the problem. Teague was there in less than 10 minutes, and Miguel was there in 10 more minutes to replace a flapper—20 minutes total! There wasn't even time to type up a maintenance request...NOW THAT IS SERVICE!!! Office/Maintenance...as always, above and beyond duty! - Mary Hall, Cedar Springs Resident since November 2009

Quick service. Always respond to

maintenance situations in a reasonable amount of time.

Very friendly and helpful staff. - Shari Wijt, Champions Woods resident since August 2011

I appreciate the quick, efficient, trustworthy work that Jesus does. He really is awesome and appreciated. - Holly Ray, Foxborough Resident since July 2011

I just want to say thank you to Jesus for the repairs he made to my apartment. I submitted a request yesterday afternoon, and when I got home that evening, it was completed. I know we do not always say thank you for all the hard work they do in

maintenance, but I want Jesus and all the guys to know I think they do a

great job. - Sharon Frazier, Foxborough Resident since March 2012

Well landscaped and

work orders completed quickly! - Jennifer Nguyen, Cedar Springs Resident since October 2011


I would love to say thanks to the new maintenance man, Alex. Here in Houston, it is still humid and hot. My a/c unit went out this weekend, and he was so helpful in making sure that he fixed the problem. Even though he could not fix it completely that day, he brought in a window unit to keep me cool until he could fix the problem the next day. Thanks so much again for your help. Once again, our

maintenance staff

is on the ball. - Lesia V. Archibald, Champions Woods Resident since September 2011


maintenance requests

are handled very quickly, the front staff is the friendliest, most

professional, and caring that any tenant could ask for, and the apartments are kept in pristine condition. - Russell Ticer, Amber Place Resident since July 2011


maintenance people

respond promptly and get things fixed for me as soon as they can.

Also, I love the parking lot and the way the grounds are kept up so nicely. - Hal Mcintyre, Blanding Place Resident since May 1998

Whenever notified of an issue, the office staff and

maintenance staff are all over it. The staff is cour-

teous and professional. - Travis Brown, Cedar Springs Resident since April 2012

Thank you so much for repairing my washer, and in such an expedient manner. I am truly appreciative and impressed. Thank you again.


- Steve Hoisington, Foxborough Resident since September 2012

I have to compliment Nick, the new

maintenance supervisor, for his attention to detail and ob-

vious pride in his work. I've lived here for eight years and have never had issues handled with such speed. Thank you to Nick and his staff! - Kaye Morgan, Bent Tree Resident since October 2004

I feel safe here, and I love the

maintenance crew...always there for me. - Hal Mcintyre, Blanding Place Resident since 1998

Floralicia, Elizabeth, and the

maintenance team here are awesome! They are on top of all requests

made and always have a smile! - Yannick Douchant and Elizabeth Kelly, Champions Woods Resident since June 2012

Thank you so much for repairing my washer, and in such an expedient manner. I am truly appreciative and impressed. Thank you again. - Steve Hoisington, Foxborough Resident since September 2012

I would like to commend Jesus for a job well done. I have to say he's one of the best

maintenance work-

ers I've ever run across. Actually, I've never personally met him; I'm going off the note he left advising me of everything he completed. I put in 3 requests, and each request was completed in less than 24 hours of being submitted. I've lived in 3 states, and this is a first. Thanks again for a job well done. I must also advise of how great my neighbors are. All of my neighbors are very respectful of one another, and that's just awesome. - Diane Blow, Foxborough Resident since April 2012


We have really enjoyed our time at Foxborough Apartments. The floor plans offered are very nice. We have lived in the Shire floor plan for the last two years. It has been a great size for our needs. The


nance team is the best! I can't say enough! They take care of things quickly and professionally. We have never had a request not be answered within a 24-hour period, and it’s usually a lot less. - Andrea Lama, Foxborough Resident since September 2010

The complex is well maintained and looks nice. The

maintenance men are awesome! They ful-

fill requests the same day. The price is reasonable, and the floor plans are good. - Andrea Lama, Foxborough Resident since September 2010

Danny, in

maintenance, is super responsive, and Anna is the best! Also, the location, location, loca-

tion‌ - Susan Richardson, French Place Resident since February 2008

I LOVE the staff in the front office. Everyone. However, this compliment is especially for the


nance staff. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable about home and apartment repair issues. I haven't had a lot of maintenance problems, but the little things I have submitted have been fixed quickly and effectively. I really enjoy living at Legacy! - Korey Allen, Legacy at River Crossing Resident since July 2011 7/15/2011


Yes, I would, and one of the reasons is that the

maintenance employee, CJ, does a good job and makes

you feel that Providence really cares about its residents. He is always respectful and knows his job well. - Debra Thompson, Providence of Northlake Resident since November 2010

They deserve an increase in pay! Good work, and always on time! - Anthony Morrison, Reflections on Sweetwater Resident since December 2009

The team you have at these apartments is awesome; they were always ready to help, and when I submitted a

work order, they were quick to solve the issue. Thanks! - Melchor Sayavedra, Reserve at Pebble Creek Resident since September 2008


maintenance staff

is awesome! They have all been so courteous and prompt in completing even

the smallest requests. Thank you! - Sarah Seidel, Reserve at Pebble Creek Resident since March 2012

We have experienced one of the most polite and efficient

maintenance staff teams in this communi-

ty. Thanks a lot for the same. - Amit Yadav, Somerset at Spring Creek Resident since January 2012


Matt is AWESOME! He always goes above and beyond to help me out with any maintenance issues. Tonight, the door on my lock broke, and I couldn't get into my apartment. I felt so guilty about calling in a

maintenance emergency, but Matt was very kind and came and helped me immediately. Matt always does a thorough job and is always friendly and professional. - Kristen Nguyen, The Landings of Brentwood Resident since September 2012

Had a leak in my bathroom on Saturday morning (holiday weekend). Yassin was there within minutes and went above and beyond to get to the root of the problem (a pipe coming from the bathroom upstairs). He was so friendly and accommodating. Makes me feel safe and secure living here! - Jerrod Carlgren, The Landings of Brentwood Resident since February 2012

I must say this: the

maintenance staff

is really amazing. I’ve never had to sit with a problem

for more than an hour. Even though they have 48 hours to respond, I’ve always gotten my issues fixed within that time. Thank you—Please continue the great work! Kudos! - Mindy Lyn, the Landings of Brentwood Resident since August 2012

I wanted to express my thanks to Alex, who fixed my air conditioning. Alex was very professional and courteous during the repair. Ho responded quickly and assured us that the AC was fixed and up and running. Now our AC works great, thanks to Alex. Thank you for having a

super maintenance team!

- Carl Williams, The Villas of Bristol Heights Resident since August 2008


Very quiet and nice apartments.

Maintenance responds fast. I love my apartment! - Cynthia Nickel, Riverstone Resident since April 2012

Had a problem with bathroom flush. Thanks a lot to maintenance staff for attending very quickly. Love the service. - Suresh Korlapati, Somerset at Spring Creek Resident since February 2012

The whole property is being renovated, and that takes care of the exterior problems my apartment had. - Darcy Walker, SunRay Resident since March 2011

Thanks to David and Joseph to their attention to my maintenance matters this weekend. Thanks for quick attention. - Thomas Adams, The Enclave at 1550 Resident since August 2007

I turned in a maintenance request this morning, and in no time at all, a very polite and helpful maintenance technician came to my unit to look at the problem. His name was Matt. He quickly made the repair that I had called about. Then I consulted him on another issue of concern, and he fixed that as well. His work was completed quickly and efficiently. I consider Matt to be an extremely good representative of the quality of the maintenance staff here at The Landings. - Sarah Sears, The Landings of Brentwood Resident since January 2012



good maintenance, well signed, good lighting at night, well-managed apartments. - Venkata Akella, Signature Ridge Resident since February 2010

Amazing service, speedy

maintenance repairs, and friendly environment. - Thuy Nguyen, Signature Ridge Resident since April 2011

We like that you take our


requests very seriously and do everything very quickly.

Thank you for giving us peace of mind. I would really appreciate if the guys would always cover their shoes while entering the apartment. We don't bring shoes on the carpet and keep it very clean. Thank you! - Abdul Wahid, Silverbrooke Resident since May 2010

Geno is the best! He has helped me out many times over the seven years or so that I've lived here at Somerset. - Noel Kerns, Somerset at Spring Creek Resident since August 2005

My compliments to the

maintenance department, especially to Luis! I submitted five maintenance

requests this morning, and Luis was already working on them by noon today!! That is awesome customer service! - Kathleen Able, SunRay Resident since October 2008


Never let it rest, Until your Good is Better, And your Better is Best

Shazieh Khan, Capital Expenditures Accounting Manager

Good, Better, Best.


I recently submitted a maintenance order to inspect and potentially repair the AC unit in my apartment. I made the order while I was at work and fully expected to have to wait until the next day to have a functioning AC. I was very pleasantly surprised to find when I got home that the AC was working. I give my deepest gratitude to the

maintenance technicians who fixed the unit and my greatest compliments to the peo-

ple who designed Venterra's online work order system. The two function together seamlessly. - Andrew Shiels, SunRay Resident since October 2011

David finished up the bathtub leak repair today, and I just wanted to say that he was efficient and courteous, and I was impressed with his over-professionalism. I've never had a better experience with


nance in all the years I've been renting. He's a keeper! - Jonathan Marroquin, The Enclave at 1550 Resident since April 2012

Office staff is very friendly and cooperative. Any


issues are addressed

immediately. - Brima Kiran Manepalli, The Landings of Brentwood Resident since July 2010


maintenance staff is the greatest! Thanks for everything! Veronica—you are awesome! - Betty Tauzier, Sandstone Resident since 2008


Awesome, awesome, awesome, I had severe a/c issues, and Veronica took charge and took care of it. Veronica was direct and to the point and gave me straight answers that I needed to hear. I understood what was going on, and as I talked Veronica, my irritation level went from boiling down to a slight simmer. As of now, the a/c is working beautifully (knock on wood), but if there are any issues, I will definitely know that Veronica can handle it! - Angelina Solis, Sandstone Resident since May 2010


maintenance staff!!! I am so glad that every time I have a request, it is taken care

of. You guys and gals are amazing!! - Angelina Solis, Sandstone Resident since May 2010

I would like to thank the

maintenance staff for the great job they are doing. This is probably the

best reason that my wife and I keep renewing our lease. Thanks, David and Laura. - Laura Everling, Signature Ridge Resident since July 2011

Thank you for such a quick response for

maintenance work. The Maintenance staff really rocks!

- Surajit Goswami, Somerset at Spring Creek Resident since March 2012

I really appreciate the efforts to maintain the pools. They all look much cleaner, and the lights were replaced on the back pool and the one by the office. Just need a light in the pool at the front. Looking much better! - Betty Parker, SunRay Resident since March 2012


I wanted to send a thank-you to the

maintenance staff

at Bristol Heights as they once again solved

my maintenance issue. I appreciate getting my air conditioning fixed the same day I sent in the request, especially since it was a Sunday. Really great customer service, and always friendly staff. Thanks! - Micheal Sanchez, The Villas of Bristol Heights Residents since November 2011

I wanted to thank the

maintenance staff—in particular, Jason—for helping me with my washer

and dryer. Talk about excellent service! I had a very old, stackable unit that was only swishing one way, and the dryer had seen better days—but after evaluating it and checking his options, Jason arrived at my door with a whole new unit! I know that is not always the answer to every problem, but it saved me having to call and go through repairs again in a month or two. It was the best long-range solution, and I very much appreciate it! Thank you, thank you so much! Dawn in Cooks! - Dawn Cass, The Landings of Brentwood Resident since November 2010

Yassin came over this afternoon to repair our leaking toilet. He was extremely helpful, quick, friendly, and thorough. He even asked me to review his work to ensure that I was satisfied—which I greatly appreciated. That level of

service is almost unheard of these days! Two thumbs up! - Erik Harriman, The Landings of Brentwood Resident since November 2008

I just wanted to put in a good word for Luis and Joseph. They are both friendly and helpful. Any repairs so far have been handled in a timely and professional manner. The Parkers - Betty Parker, SunRay Resident since March 2012


Maintenance staff is always polite and professional, and Cassandra is exceptional. - Adam Breit, Westminster at Buckhead Resident since December 2012

After living in this unit for a couple of years, a few small maintenance issues suddenly came up all at once. The maintenance crew here is fantastic! They responded to our requests and fixed everything within 24 hours! Leland is always very courteous and polite and takes the time to explain what he is doing and what it will take. We feel safe here, knowing that the

maintenance crew

is always ready to jump in and take

care of us!

There is a gentleman (I think his name is Phil, but I am not sure); he is an older person with a short, light haircut. I think this man is one of the hardest-working people around. The other morning I saw him out cleaning up the grounds at around 7:30 a.m. I told him of the mess that was dumped around the back retention pond, and he immediately cleaned it up. On other occasions, when I am leaving for work or taking out my trash, he is so kind and takes the trash up for me, knowing I have problems with the steps. Finding someone like him, who takes pride in his work, is extremely hard. People like him should be rewarded and kept around. Thank you for your great work! - Denyse Diggins, Waterford at Mandarin Resident since November 2003

I love how well the grounds are maintained. The


- Johanna Hoyo, Waters Edge Resident since April 2009

maintenance men take care of the apartments

ASAP. - Karen Williams, Villa Lago Resident since August 2012


I would like to thank the

maintenance staff for getting my AC unit changed out so quickly. With

the temperature soaring as it has for the past couple of weeks, the new unit has been greatly appreciated!! It is working well, and I am sleeping much more comfortably! - Consuela McCowen, Sandstone Resident since April 2011

Thank you SO MUCH for coming out so fast to clean the drain when the parking lot was flooding by the community center! We appreciate our

maintenance staff! - Paula Franklin, Sandstone Resident since June 2012

I love the

maintenance guys! They are very friendly and helpful!! No matter how big or small

the issue, they are available at all times!!! - Jessica Lovell, Salado Springs Resident since June 2012

Love my apartment!

Maintenance is great—always there when you need them!! - Cynthia Nickel, Riverstone Resident since April 2012


maintenance, and nice placement of lawns next to the apartment. - Gautami Pingali, Reserve at Pebble Creek Resident since August 2011


Most of my personal negative customer service experiences were dealing with simply wouldn’t admit they or their company made a mistake or that there was an issue at all. They spent more time trying to convince me that they didn’t do anything wrong or worse —that it was somehow my fault! Genuinely saying you’re sorry and then moving on to the solution is the best way to go for everyone in-

Jessica Nofsinger, Area Manager

because the person I was




maintenance staff

always does a great job—so quick at responding to and fixing problems!

Thanks! - Shannon Colvin, Bradford Pointe Resident since January 2012

I feel safe here, and I love the

maintenance crew...always there for me. - Hal Mcintyre, Blanding Place Resident since 1998

Thank you for coming out so promptly and taking care of the gaps in my doors and requesting pest control for my unit! I am very impressed with the way this issue was handled! I am from the North, and we do not have the size of bugs up there that we have down here, so it's a big deal to me to have them under control! Thank you once again! I am happy living at Amber Place, where they take great care of their residents! - Gerardo Clavijo, Amber Place Resident since June 2012

Management is very efficient; if you have a

maintenance issue, they are very quick to solve it. - Edgar Ogutu, Foxborough Resident since April 2010

Yassin (hope I spelled it correctly) did a wonderful job fixing my AC after hours last night. I want to commend him on a job well done and for the care he showed! And so dedicated...he did not even stop for dinner. He and others like him are reasons that I love where I live! - Katherine Prats, The Landings of Brentwood Resident since September 2011


Great service! Fast solutions to issues. - Melchor Sayavedra, Reserve at Pebble Creek Resident September 2008

The maintenance staff is awesome. My air conditioner went out the other evening, and they came to check on it right away, after office hours. Even though it wasn't able to be fixed that night, they were on it first thing in the morning and made sure it was fixed by the time I got home from work. You guys rock! Thanks. - Sarah Seidel, Reserve at Pebble Creek Resident since March 2012

Fast and friendly. - Jan Wuenschell, Regency Park Resident since September 2011

Donald does an excellent job of

maintaining the property, assisting residents, and caring about

the overall quality of life for residents. I am extremely grateful to him for connecting me with another resident with a truck when I needed to move some furniture to my offsite storage unit. - Pam Balfour, Regency Park Resident since October 2010

I just had an air conditioning emergency at 9 p.m., and maintenance was here within 10 minutes of me calling it in and had it repaired within 30 minutes. Great customer service!!! - Nancy Harrell, Merrywood Resident since March 2012


Mary Green, Training Manager

Becoming a mother has really allowed me to appreciate the value of time more than ever before. Not only my own time, but the time of others as well. We live in a world where everything is fast paced and everyone is looking to have their needs met immediately. Time is precious to us all. By remembering that the clock’s a ’ticking, I can get through my day and still have time for my sweet family!


Great property staff,

maintenance is spot on, and above all, quiet and peaceful. - Sean Johnson, Merrywood Resident since December 2011

I just want to let you know, to whom it may concern, that I would like to give a tenant compliment to one of our maintenance people here at Providence of Northlake. CJ, or you may know him as Charles, is very efficient any time he comes to my apartment. As a matter of fact, I wish that whenever I have a maintenance request, you would send CJ because then I know, and you should know, it will be taken care of. I am a person who understands that the employees of any company are actually responsible for taking personal ownership when it comes to making your business flow. CJ gets that! GO MAINTENANCE AT PROVIDENCE OF NORTHLAKE! - Raynette Owens, Providence of Northlake Resident since June 2010

The staff is very friendly and accommodating. The maintenance staff is just as cordial. If there is anything that needs to be repaired, it is done immediately. No waiting. They are absolutely WONDERFUL. Cannot wait to renew my lease. - Linda G. Wright, Reflections on Sweetwater Resident since December 2011

I'd like to say Thank You to Stan! He helped me a few weeks back when my dishwasher seemed to be acting up. Stan was extremely nice, courteous, and thorough when trying to figure out the issue. He went above and beyond and also helped me get a panel put back on my patio blinds. Thanks, Stan!! - Dana Kincaid, The Landings of Brentwood Resident since September 2011

Good and excellent response whenever we put in a request. Keep it up. Thanks. - Solomon Esekheigbe, Merrywood Resident since July 2011



We have lived here four years now and will be

signing another 18-month lease shortly. Aside from parking

issues, my wife and I have no complaints. We do highly recommend this property. The maintenance people are great and really do a fantastic job keeping the property maintained. David and Laura. - Laura Everling, Signature Ridge Resident since July 2011

Wish to thank all the staff involved with Amber Place. Everyone is friendly and quick to help with any question or problem that may arise. Joyce in particular has been a big help to us and is a major reason for us


here for our second year. Everyone keep up the good work. - Deborah Brown, Amber Place Resident since April 2011

My family and I love it here. It's a great place for kids. It's always clean, and the office staff are very helpful. Have not had a problem the whole year I've been here, and I am

renewing for another happy year here. - Stacy Palomares, Huntcliff Resident since August 2011

The staff makes all the difference. Samantha, Hannah and the maintenance guys are great! I have


my lease several times, and they are the reason. - Michael Cloutier, The Pointe Resident since October 2011

Great management! If not for the management (essentially the face of the apartments), we would not have just signed our 2nd lease

renewal! - Justin Brown, Reserve at Pebble Creek Resident since June 2010


Well, I turned in my 60-day notice to move to a 2-bedroom apartment without looking at the 2-bedrooms available at Providence. My daughter and I went to visit Scott, and he showed us the Sandhill Crane floor plan, and it is beautiful. Unfortunately, there are no vacant apartments available, but because the property is well kept and the customer service is wonderful, I decided to wait and renew my lease and hope this floor plan will become

available in the future. Yes, we could have moved to a newer property, but excellent cus-

tomer service, attentive staff members, and genuine care and concern are what I've experienced living at Providence. So, I am happy to

renew my lease for another great year! And Scott said he would miss me! - Vanda Jackson, Providence of Northlake Resident since December 2011

I love living at Shadowbrooke. I am now in my third year and have enjoyed living every moment. The staff members are awesome, and the property is well kept. When I have maintenance issues, they are addressed in less than 24 hours. The grounds are kept clean, and notices are well posted and communicated. We have struggled with construction issues, but it is almost over; when that happens, we

will return to our A+

status! Easy access, and location, location, location! It’s always great to come home to Shadowbrooke! - Nina Mae Cleary, Shadowbrooke Resident since February 2010

The office staff at the French Place is wonderful. Sally, Anna, and Danny provide excellent customer service. They always try to help and played a large part in my decision to

renew my lease. They make French

place feel like home. - Stephanie Chirico, French Place resident since August 2011


Diana Calderon, Regional Leasing Manager

My favorite things in the world are random acts of kindness. Whether it's paying for the guy in line behind you at Starbucks or by simply smiling at a stranger in the grocery store; little nice gestures can truly make someone's day. You never know what other people are going through in their lives and your nice, positive gesture could turn their frown upside down. Positivity is contagious. I believe that if we are all nice to one another we could spark something in them to pay it forward also.


I love it here at Signature Ridge and am upgrading to a larger apartment once my lease expires. - Albert Silva, Signature Ridge Resident since April 2011

I've had such a great experience here at Sandstone Apartments that I will definitely consider renewing the contract another year. I love the staff and the property manager. They are very welcoming! I would definitely refer anyone to this apartment complex. - Ruth Martinez, Sandstone Resident since September 2011

We appreciate the carpet cleaning we received on Friday. It was totally unexpected, and it

made our

day! - David Mackey, Reflections on Sweetwater Resident since July 2012

Just a quick note to say thank you once again for making it such a joy to live here at Reflections on Sweetwater. The office and maintenance staff are so helpful, and it's a pleasure for me to have such wonderful people looking out for me who really care that my living here is a really good experience. It's always great to see Zuly. I miss Debby and Frances, but know they have moved on to a great

new adventure

for them. Jose

and his crew couldn't be more helpful when I have a problem, and even when I don't. I am really looking forward to getting to know the new staff and starting my fourth year living here. Thanks again for all you do. - Mary McNair, Reflections on Sweetwater Resident since September 2011


As a resident of Amber Place Apartments under the previous owners and now under the new owners of Venterra Realty, I am compelled to take a moment to let the staff know—particularly Gil, Joyce, and Candi— that they are a breath of fresh air; my life and that of others have improved in so many ways. It was very frustrating and problematic to get anything done under the previous management. As a satisfied resident, I just wanted to compliment your staff for their excellent, friendly customer service! The staff is kind and very professional. Prior to Venterra, I had planned to leave because of the attitude of the previous management and the lack of customer service skills; it was extremely difficult to get anything done, which was very frustrating. Now, I plan to stay on and live here as long as possible. I want you to know that I am very pleased with the quality of service your staff provides. I

sincerely appreciate their responsiveness and the way they conduct

business. I have recommended Amber Place to others because of my satisfaction with your office and maintenance staff’s

outstanding service, quality of service, and excellent customer service. - Charles Williams, Amber Place Resident since June 2010

You all are wonderful—always professional and dedicated to pleasing the residents. You all rock. Thank you so much for making my stay a

pleasant one.

You all are the reason I re-signed my lease. Thank so

much. - Felicia Zanders, Legacy at River Crossing Resident since September 2009

The office staff at the French Place is wonderful. Sally, Anna, and Danny provide

excellent customer

service. They always try to help and played a large part in my decision to renew my lease. They make French place feel like home. - Stephanie Chirico, French Place resident since August 2011


Bryan George, Senior Operations Manager 222

Say Thanks. As we head into this holiday season, I am reminded just how thankful Venterra is every day that our residents chose to make our apartments their home. That is why every time we get the opportunity, it is so important to thank them for allowing us to be such a large part of their lives.

I have lived at Bent Tree since 2006, minus a year, and have had a

wonderful experience at this

community. I truly appreciate all the help I've received over the years from the Bent Tree staff and maintenance crew, especially the professionalism shown. I and my dog Bryan would like to thank everyone as I go into my 7th year at Bent Tree. - Robert Trevino, Bent Tree Resident since September 2011



It's bittersweet moving out—I'm excited to be moving in with my new wife, but sad about leaving my home at Merrywood. You all are the most friendly and helpful apartment staff I've experienced; the grounds and maintenance crew make the property something I'm proud to call home. And Mollie, you are the best! I've enjoyed all of our conversations, and I can't tell you how much I have appreciated all that you have done for me over the past two years. I'm going to miss you! Good luck to all of you in the future!


Hey guys, I want to let you know how much I have enjoyed living at Merrywood for the past two years.

- Shawn Siemers, Merrywood Resident since June 2010

New Residents were referred to us by our current and previous residents

Number of Previous & Current Residents that said they would recommend us


Since 2009, we have narrowed down the hundreds of WOW stories written each year to choose a story or compliment worthy of the Grand Prize of $2,000. Although the cost of WOW is priceless, we wanted to take the time to recognize those who are making a difference each day in the lives of our residents. 226

One Saturday afternoon at Vista Del Rey a prospect came in looking for an apartment. They were relocating from Virginia with the military. Sally showed them around and invited them to sit down and they filled out their application. As they sat there and talked with Sally, the girlfriend told her that she worked in the auto business back home. Sally told her that she had just left that business to get into this business. The couple moved in about a month later and the girlfriend kept coming into the office to use our business center that whole week. She finally told Sally that she was looking for a job and was getting frustrated since she didn’t know San Antonio. She had sent off her resume to tons of places and no luck. Sally asked her if she still wanted to work at a dealership and she said, “Yes I love it!” Sally told her that she would call around and help her out since she had met a ton of people over the years. She was so amazed that someone who barely knew her would do such a thing. Sally called about four dealerships and no luck. She finally called the corporate office to a big dealer in town and spoke with a lady and told her she had a friend looking for a job. Sally hung up the phone and walked over to the business office and told her to send her resume right away. A day went by and the resident came in with a grin so big and said, “Thanks Sally, I got the job.” Sally felt so good inside that such a small thing made a big difference. Since then Vista resident has also been promoted. WOW!

- Sally Flores, French Place, San Antonio, TX


Recently a couple from Australia moved into our community. They were only living in the states temporarily, so they didn’t bring much with them. They asked Robyn if she could help them find some basic things for their apartment –dishes, linens, groceries, etc. After buying everything, Robyn took the extra step and delivered everything to their apartment and helped them setup. Robyn definitely went the extra mile! - Robyn Keller, Somerset at Spring Creek, Plano, TX


Today the ladies in the front office made an eleven year old boy very happy. My son has been waiting for a promised package from his father since his birthday on May 29th. Each day he would send me or go with me to check on his package. It has been one month and three days and no package. My son is autistic and believes that everyone tells the truth so he looked for that package to arrive each day. Today, I received an email and a phone call from the ladies in the office informing me that my son had a package. I thought, “Wow, I could finally stop seeing the disappointed eyes of my son each day.” I sent my son into the office to get the package, and when I walked in behind him, he was holding a beautifully wrapped gift. The gift was from the ladies in the office. My son believes the gift was from his dad. If his dad actually sends him a gift, I will let him think he got two gifts from him for being such a wonderful son. I want to thank the ladies in the office. Their gesture was heartfelt and it made my son and I feel loved. Their kindness will be forever remembered. May God bless you both. – Sonya Lynch, Resident since February 2011 - Tracy Wall & Megan Gustafson, Carlyle Place, San Antonio, TX


Mike, a resident of Park Manor, started to have debilitating headaches and blurred vision. After several different tests, the doctors found a large brain tumor that needed immediate removal. He was scheduled for brain surgery the next morning. After tests were run on the tumor, Mike’s worst fears were confirmed; it was malignant. Not only did he find out he had brain cancer, he also discovered that he had colon cancer. Mike did well after the surgery and has been recovering quietly with the help of his new wife, Sonya. (Did I mention that Sonya and Mike are also newlyweds?) This past week he was scheduled for his first of ten rounds of radiation treatments with chemotherapy to follow in the next few weeks. On his first radiation treatment, we thought it would be nice if we treated them to a dinner. Sonya has been there for him 24/7, taking care of all his needs, and needed a break. We found out what foods he could have and his favorite treats as well. Our team purchased a special dinner for them and also created a personalized care package filled with his favorite snacks, drinks, a special neck-support pillow that his doctor recommended, and topped it off with a huge balloon bouquet. Our team at Park Manor hand delivered our special surprise once Mike arrived home from the hospital. Mike and Sonya were not expecting this special delivery and showed much appreciation with hugs, tears, and even some much-needed laughs. Laughter is the best medicine! Sonya and Mike do not have any family in Georgia and expressed that they felt that we were their new family and loved living at Park Manor. The team is so glad they can help Mike and Sonya through this difficult time. The doctor requested that Mike be as stress free as possible and that he get lots of fresh air. We plan on filling that prescription with fun golf cart rides around the community and lots of laughter.

- The Team at Park Manor, Newnan, GA



Helping Families Around the World For the 2012 Holiday Season, Venterra purchased a kid goat through World Concern速 for each of our investors, brokers and lenders to help children in Bangladesh, Haiti, Kenya, Myanmar and South Sudan. One full grown goat Watch the Video about World Concern

provides up to a gallon of milk everyday for these families

& their initiative for helping families

in need as well as a form of income to help children go to

around the world.



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“ Step into any of our Venterra communities and witness something very special happening; a customer experience powered by our people’s deep commitment to our Service Values. Our investors have witnessed this unique customer experience culture at Venterra after hearing executives talk about it, reading the WOW Matters book and then seeing it firsthand during property tours. This customer experience transforms our residents’ living experience from good to great.” — John


– CEO, Co-founder and Director

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