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FOR ALL Lifting the Roadblocks on the Journey to Heal-Creating a Path to Eating Disorder Recovery for Vegans B Y S H R I YA S WA M I N AT H A N


he relationship between veganism and diet culture is complex especially in the day and age of social media and celebrity endorsed ‘diets.’ A lifestyle rooted in causing no harm is often criticized for advocating restrictive and disordered eating, which perpetuates a harmful misconception in our society. It’s fascinating how many vegans attest to the contrary and credit this lifestyle for having healed their relationship with food and their bodies. Food is no longer an enemy to be demonized, but rather a source of nourishment. It fuels them to live their best lives, while doing good by the animals and the planet. But how does the Eating Disorder recovery trajectory compare between vegans and non-vegans? Does the added misinformed perception of veganism deter recovery centers from accommodating vegans? Are vegans challenged out of their food choice if they were to receive inpatient care? When Alsana Eating Recovery Centers took an informal survey in January 2019 of registered dietitians who treat eating disorder clients, the results revealed that 98% of dietitians surveyed provide consultation to vegan clients for an eating disorder; however, treatment for vegan clients at the



March/April 2021

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VEGWORLD 63 - The Revitalize Issue  

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