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The Revitalize Issue Daniella Monet: actress, mother, serial entrepreneur, and vegan Dr. Neal Barnard talks Your Body In Balance A guide to self-growth




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on i t i r t u N Facts




P O O R TA S T E. No one will enjoy being advised that by purchasing products with palm oil in them they are supporting widespread human trafficking, slavery, child labor, and mass destruction of tropical forests, will they? What can you do? READ & SHARE APNews articles on palm oil. CHOOSE products with no palm oil.

C’mon.We’re better than that.

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Pivoting During The Pandemic


VEGWORLD: A World-wide Vegan Leader

26 New Spring Beauty Products

50 Chef Spotlight: Lindsay Nixon



Simple Spring Rolls & Thai Peanut Dressing


Chef Spotlight: Caitlin Shoemaker


Broccoli Cheddar “Egg Cups"


Caitlin’s Favorite Kale Salad


Golden Milk Mango Popsicles

60 A Greener Irish Colcannon 62

Spanish Vegetable Paella

64 Vegetable Shepherd’s (No Beans Here) Pie 66 Snow Pea & Radish Salad With Pistachios & Mint 68 Cottage Pie With Sweet Potato Mash

features 28 Hormone Health Or Havoc? VEGWORLD Chats With Dr. Neal Barnard About His New Book, Your Body In Balance

32 Recovery For All Lifting The Roadblocks On The Journey To Heal-Creating A Path To Eating Disorder Recovery For Vegans

38 Self-Growth Takes An Active, Not Passive Response How A Detox Can Change Your Present and Future

42 The Victorious Vegan Daniella Monet Sprouts Change


Photo by thought-catalog-unsplash

ROSE BRUNO BAILEY Rose Bruno Bailey is a poet/writer, vegan weight loss/philanthropic blogger, and author of Camellia in Snow. Her work is published online and in print magazines. She was born in Chicago and raised in Cleveland, OH. Her background is in theater with an emphasis on dance. Her life journey has taken her from New York to West Hollywood, CA, and she now resides in Texas. Her partners in this journey are her husband James and two beloved Siamese cats, Spanky and Max.



Heidi Roy is a plant-based lifestyle & business coach, clinical hypnotherapist, licensed massage therapist, certified yoga instructor, author, travel enthusiast, and chef, residing in Rosarito, Mexico. Her mission is to act as a change agent in the lives of others by combining areas of holistic wellness and mindfulness practices.

Andreea Fegan is the author of the blogs Little Bites of Joy and Feeding the Real You. She attended Living Light Culinary Institute and is a graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the Rouxbe Plant-based Professional Certification Program. She loves creating farm-to-table recipes that highlight whole, vibrant food. The garden is her favorite place to be. 

In 2016, she launched a vegan meal preparation business called Alternative Junkie and later used the recipes of her best-selling meal items to write a cook book entitled Recipes for Change: A Guide to Living Plant-Based. She hopes to inspire others to find personal empowerment through alternative food choices as did she, years ago.

littlebitesofjoy.com littlebitesofjoy feedingtherealyou.com feedingtherealyou dreea@littlebitesofjoy.com

alternativejunkie.com alternativejunkie

BRANDY EDWARDS Brandy Edwards is an attorney turned Empowerment Speaker and Coach in Dallas, TX. She is the Founder of The Self-Love Challenge and emphasizes the importance of self-love, confidence, and courage. Her selfdiscovery journey led her to be strong and courageous, to take action despite fear, and to follow her happiness to create a life she loves. Her magnetic energy captures the attention of both youth and adult audiences, and her inspiring vulnerability empowers listeners to bridge the gap between fears that hold them back and bravery that can propel them forward. Speaking, coaching, and collaboration inquiries may be sent to TheSelfLoveChallenge@gmail.com. SelfLoveChallenge.com


ROBIN ROBERTSON Robin Robertson has written more than twenty-five cookbooks, including Vegan Planet, 1,000 Vegan Recipes, and QuickFix Vegan. A former restaurant chef, she is also a recipe developer and cooking teacher and has written for magazines, including Vegetarian Times, Cooking Light, and VegNews.

Wendie Pett is a full-time business owner of Visibly Fit as well as a naturopathic doctor, wife, mother, fitness expert, author, speaker, TV host, and part-time volunteer. Her business consists of whole-food plant-based wellness coaching, emotional healing, personal online training, educational and motivational speaking, and creating new products/ tools to assist clients along their wellness journey. www.wendiepett.com

CAITLIN SHOEMAKER Caitlin Shoemaker is the recipe developer, photographer, and creative mind behind the food and lifestyle brand From My Bowl, founded in 2016. In her new cookbook, Simply Delicious Vegan from ABRAMS Books, Caitlin shares the laid-back kitchen magic of her simple, flavorful recipes and proves that unprocessed, plant-based food doesn’t have to be expensive, complicated, or boring.

LINDSAY NIXON Lindsay S. Nixon is the author of the Happy Herbivore cookbook series and founder of GetMealPlans.com, the premier plant-based vegan meal plan service. Nixon also has a research-based podcast, “Shortcut to Slim,” where she debunks myths about nutrition and weight-loss. happyherbivore mealmentor

frommybowl.com frommybowl


GABRIELA HERRERA Gabriela Herrera was born in Ohio, raised in Florida, and lived most of her adult life in Texas. She is the founder of the Conflicted Vegan Blog a judgment-free zone and has a passion for all things vegan. Her focus is making vegan food that is not only delicious but attainable for all, using ingredients that are pocketfriendly, flavorful, and easy to find. She welcomes persons of all walks of life on her subscribers list on her website www.conflictedvegan.com and knows that veganism is a lifestyle that we all can attain at our own pace. You can find Gabriela on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for daily vegan food inspiration. therealconflictedvegan

Vegan for nine years and vegetarian for many years before, Karin Olsen is passionate about living and sharing the plant-based lifestyle. Born in Dallas and raised in Tulsa, she grew up in the cattle country, knowing from a young age that she didn’t like eating meat and didn’t understand why some animals are pets and others are food. Karin believes food is medicine and has a passion for helping people heal themselves through plants-notpills. She is a certified (but amateur) health coach and Bikram Yoga instructor. After many years of working in PR and marketing in Los Angeles and New York, she moved to Dallas where she recently launched Plant Power Productions. The company offers consulting services in PR, marketing, communications, content creation, business development, and sales. She has a special interest in whole-food / plant-based / vegan lifestyle, holistic health and healing, sustainable living, and animal welfare. PlantPowerProductions.com plantpowerproductions Plant Power Productions




karin@plantpowerproductions.com plantpowerproductions.com

MICHAEL GREGER, MD A founding member and Fellow of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Michael Greger, MD, is a physician, New York Times bestselling author, and internationally recognized speaker on nutrition. He has videos on more than 2,000 health topics freely available at NutritionFacts.org, with new videos and articles uploaded almost every day. Dr. Greger has lectured at the Conference on World Affairs, testified before Congress, and was invited as an expert witness in the defense of Oprah Winfrey in the infamous “meat defamation” trial. He is a graduate of Cornell University School of Agriculture and Tufts University School of Medicine. Three of his recent books— How Not to Die, the How Not to Die Cookbook, and How Not to Diet all became instant New York Times Best Sellers. His latest book, How to Survive a Pandemic, was just released in May. All proceeds he receives from the sales of his books go to charity. https://nutritionfacts.org

SHRIYA SWAMINATHAN Shriya is an animal rights warrior in training at PETA’s International Science Consortium. She is also a certified 
Vegan Hospitality Consultant and founder of Nourish by Shriya- her new consulting service that helps restaurants attract vegan clients. A proud travel foodie, she enjoys exploring local vegan cuisines! In her free time, you can find her hanging out with the residents at the Gentle Barn Sanctuary, while educating folks about the abundance of a vegan lifestyle. Her precious companion pooch Halley joins her activism on the #adoptdontshop message!

KIM CAMPBELL Kim Campbell is the author of the PlantPure Nation and the PlantPure Kitchen cookbooks. She developed more than 250 delicious whole food plant-based recipes using no processed oils. Kim is also the Director of Culinary Education and Development at PlantPure, where she works with her husband, Nelson, building an organization that promotes a whole foods plant-based diet. Nelson directed and produced the groundbreaking movie, PlantPure Nation. Kim graduated from Cornell University with a BS in Human Service Studies with a concentration in Nutrition and Child Development. Her passion has always been nutrition education for children, families, and adults. Kim has been a plant-based cook for more than 25 years cooking for her family and friends. Her love of culinary goes back to her early childhood growing up in a large traditional family. Kim is gifted at creating traditional American cuisine using 100% accessible plantbased ingredients. She builds flavors and textures that are familiar to most people, helping to make the transition to plant-based diet easier for people. She is also the daughter-in-law of Dr. T. Colin Campbell, considered by many as at the science ‘father’ of the rapidly growing plant-based nutrition movement.



the dream team


COURTNEY GARZA Courtney Garza is a passionate vegan who brings her love for journalism, creativity, helping local businesses, and animals together with her compassionate social media agency, Sprinkles Creative, which she co-founded with her business partner Christina Bluford to aid businesses with their branding strategy. Courtney also owns and operates VEGWORLD Magazine, an international vegan lifestyle publication, as the Editor-in-Chief to curate and promote plant-based stories about vegan products, services, and individuals from all walks of life.

Art Director


V e g W o r l d M a g a z i n e i s p a s s i o n at e a b o u t s tay i n g a h e a d o f t h e r a p i d ly g r o w i n g t r e n d of plant-based/vegan. Because of this p a s s i o n , w e h a v e c r e at e d a c o m m u n i t y o f r e a d e r s w h o s e l o ya lt y i s s e c o n d t o n o n e .

Clay Garrett is a husband, father, marketer, graphic designer, and vegan from Texas. After a lifetime on the standard American diet, Clay dealt with gallbladder, sinus, and gastrointestinal issues. In his early thirties, Clay transitioned to a vegan diet, curing his health ailments and his cognitive dissonance. Listen to his story on the Plant Yourself Podcast, https://plantyourself. com/190. Now, Clay spends his time working on projects more aligned with his values. https://claygarrett.com

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Marketing Director LYDIA PALMERI

Senior Editor


Business Writer

Editorial Assistant

ALORA MIDDLETON HALE Alora Middleton Hale is a former educator turned Social Media Manager, writer, and the Editorial Assistant at VEGWORLD Magazine. Vegetarian for a majority of her life, Alora went vegan five years ago. She is passionate about spreading awareness about veganism and lowwaste living. Other loves include the arts, vintage fashion, travel, and eating nachos with extra guac. Alora lives in Southern California with her husband and an imaginary corgi named Fenton. alora.naturally

Style Editor



Carissa Danielle is the founder and director of North Texas Vegans. She is an intersectional vegan entrepreneur with a passion for educating others on the topic of living a vegan lifestyle. Carissa resides in Dallas, TX, with her partner and rescue dogs, where she works as a vegan business consultant and educator. In her spare time, Carissa enjoys hiking, camping, and traveling, as well as practicing yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.

Quintessa “Tess” Chavez is VEGWORLD Magazine’s Style Editor and a lover of all things beauty and fashion — of course, vegan and cruelty-free! She is also the owner and founder of Vegan Bites Guide, a dine-out vegan options guide. Her vegan journey started with her love of animals; soon the health benefits came along, and then the environmental welfare, and it was a done deal. Based in Dallas, TX, Tess continues to carry out her vegan mission of spreading awareness.


Food Editor

CATHY KATIN-GRAZZINI Cathy Katin-Grazzini, Food Editor at VEGWORLD Magazine, is a plantbased personal chef, nutritional coach, cooking instructor, and owner of Cathy’s Kitchen Prescription LLC.​ Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies at Cornell, Cathy is also a graduate of Rouxbe Cooking School’s Professional PlantBased Program. She has a B.A. from the University of Chicago, attended graduate school at Harvard University and received a M.A. from Johns Hopkins University. Cathy lives with her husband Giordano in Ridgefield, Connecticut.​ When she’s not inventing and fermenting, she loves to run, hike, and adventure travel atop their trusty Ducati​. cathyskitchenprescription.com cathyskitchenprescription

Editor’s Note A message from VEGWORLD Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Courtney Garza

In the spirit of moving into a new season of Spring and revitalization, I thank you for joining us on this journey to continue to grow in compassion. With the state of the world being so uncertain every day, I find myself often lost in the haze. But with a conscious community like you-the VEGWORLD readers - I am thankful for thoughtful conversations around animal and human equality, mental and physical wellness through plant nourishment, and how we are collectively working for a better future for every being. Let us actively continue towards that better future for us all by sharing our stories and inviting everyone to the table. Thank you for your compassion and voice in this world. Sincerely,




March/April 2021


APRIL15 -17 th



Organized by

APRIL18 -20 th


The biggest PLANT-BASED EVENT ever in the HIMALAYA ! Media Partner Worldwide

Sponsored by

World Vegan Organisation Nepal

Organizing Partner

& The World Vegan Organisation’s 7th Annual International Conference


Highlights of The Event l Over 100 International Vegan Speakers, Delegates & Celebrities and 75+ Exhibitors l l Vegan Food & Product Bazaar l Live Bands, Music & Dance l International/Local Vegan Chefs l Free Film Screenings l l Free Cooking Classes l Free Vegan Health l Fitness & Fashion Workshops l 5k Mini-marathon l Vegan Challenge l Learn to Make Vegan Milk l l Vegan Mock-Meats & Dairy l Vegan Sweets l Kids Activities Corner l Animal Education by Local Organisations & Much More.. l



“The food was, hands-down the best I’ve ever had in my life !”

“For anyone with curiosity and adventure in their souls.”

"Mouth-watering, Heart-expanding, Soul-enriching"



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March/April 2021


The Revitalization Photo by CharlesIssue Roth from Pexels








As a lover of AirBnB, it was always my goal to choose the most unique places to rest our heads. Upon arriving in Rosarito we realized that we had discovered a mini-paradise. A serendipitous oasis of succulent gardens, hand-painted art, and tile-work curated by the host: a 70-year-old clairvoyant and jewelry maker who had spent the last 40 years of his life entertaining and cooking for guests at his home by the ocean. “What a dream”, I thought. As a lover of engineering and sharing my vegan food (I’ve owned a small vegan meal prep business

March/April 2021


The Revitalization Issue




for the last 5 years) I quickly imagined how fun it would be to do as he did. I imagined the joy it would bring me to serve my guests their meals piping hot instead of prepped in boxes. I imagined how amazing it would be to hold a space for even more like-minded people to gather and enjoy each other’s company. Upon returning home after a few nights of our host’s amazing food (he even catered to our



March/April 2021


The Revitalization Issue



DESTINATION SPOTLIGHT dietary choices), intelligent conversations, and relaxation by the ocean, I had been instantly inspired. I had met my muse. A few months later when 2020 hit, I declared it as the year of “intention”. My goal was to return to Mexico by the end of the year, but then the quarantine unexpectedly hit us all. Two weeks into it, my boyfriend and I sat on the living room floor armed with markers and a piece of used wrapping

paper and mapped out alternative endings to the pandemic. If things didn’t return back to normal by June, we were shipping out to Mexico. And by May, we very quickly realized things were not going back to normal. We began searching for homes in Baja Norte (which starts only about 30 mins south of the San Diego border). We succeeded on the first try. We found a dream home in a private community

with a huge kitchen, perfectly furnished guest bedrooms, and steps from its own private beach. It was also located just one community south from my muse. He later told me he never doubted my word that I’d be back. In just one month we were able to INTENTIONally create a space where we could offer people the same good food & conversation I had experienced the year before. A small business that allows us to share our love of travel and meeting other like-minded people without leaving the comfort of our home. A place where we can offer guests a comfortable bed, a morning coffee with almond milk creamer, menu items like chilaquiles, spicy “tuna” bowls, pasta Bolognese, without having to worry about dietary choices being a burden on vacation. A fireplace on a chilly night with a glass of wine and a movie on a projector screen. A beach walk while listening to your favorite podcast. Imagine a place, completely catered to your lifestyle shared with like-minded people. Where you don’t have to lift a finger, and you can let your creative juices flow. Basically, a private vegan beach oasis you never have to leave.  My boyfriend Aaron and I value relationships with people and experiences over material things. We hope when people come here, they leave re-charged and inspired to create a life doing what they love. During a time of fear, anxiety, uncertainty, we realized that the best way to predict our future was to create it. And it turns out it was the exact right time. A few short months



March/April 2021


after being in Baja, my muse suddenly passed away from a heart attack. It has been our privilege and honor to continue to serve others as he did for us. We feel fulfilled serving many guests here so far, despite the challenging circumstances. If you’re reading this, we hope this story inspires you to chase your dreams regardless of your external circumstances. Sometimes the biggest magic happens when we pivot. We hope you come to see what we’ve created.  For additional questions, housing accommodations/photos, and availability please contact Heidi and Aaron at https://www.lacasaamarillamx.com.

The Revitalization Issue





VEGWORLD set to sponsor the Himalayan Vegan Festival & The World Vegan Organization's 7th Annual International Conference Spring 2022


EGWORLD has signed on as the worldwide media sponsor of the inaugural Himalayan Vegan Festival and The World Vegan Organisation’s 7th Annual International Conference in Kathmandu, Nepal April 15-17, 2022, and in Thimpu, Bhutan April 18-20, 2022. VEGWORLD joins Vegan Travel Asia and VegVoyages Foundation as sponsors. World Vegan Organization, Nepal (WVON), and Nepal Vegetarian Association are producing.

than 75 exhibitors. Attractions will include a vegan food and product bazaar; live bands, music, and dance; international and local vegan chefs as well as film screenings, cooking classes; and health, fitness, and fashion workshops. Attendees can also participate in a vegan challenge, attend animal education classes and kids have their own activity corner. There is no cost to attend. As Worldwide Media Sponsor, VEGWORLD is launching a year-long promotional campaign and collaborating with event organizers to facilitate a

The festival will feature more than 100 international vegan speakers, delegates, and celebrities plus more



March/April 2021

dedicated press run of VEGWORLD Magazine for the events. The publication will serve as the commemorative program to be distributed in gift bags and at the VEGWORLD exhibitor booth. This special issue/ souvenir/reference guide will include a program guide, schedule, event articles, speaker bios, interviews, recipes, and health tips. Courtesy of VegVoyages Foundation, VEGWORLD will also give away two pairs of all-inclusive Patron’s Passes and Packages for the festival that includes three days/three nights in Kathmandu and the same package in Thimpu. Prize and drawing details to be announced soon.

Courtney Garza “This is a great example of how vegans from around the world can make a true difference for the animals on such a large scale. We are excited and honored to be associated with this VegVoyages’ mission to educate and inspire for the greater good”. Organizing committee member, speaker, and sponsor, Zachary Lovas who co-founded VegVoyages Vegan Adventure Tours and the VegVoyages Foundation said, “We are super excited to be a part of this landmark event and be able to help our local friends and activists on

The Revitalization Issue



bringing this history-making event in the Himalaya to life. It will focus on raising awareness about veganism through a wide variety of activities from a fantastic plant-based food fair and informative talks, to free in-depth workshops, film screenings, and entertainment with speakers coming from all over the region and around the world. This is very much in line with what we like to do at VegVoyages, and we know our vegan friends in Nepal and Bhutan are going to put together a fantastic festival – the largest ever of its type in the Himalaya!” Speakers include: Dr. Zeeshan Ali, PhD (USA), specialist at Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine Dr. Leanne Campbell (USA), president of T. Collin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies; Karma Dendup (Bhutan), founder of Jangsem Monday (Meatless Monday Bhutan), animal advocate, film director and producer; Chef Jajah (Thailand), vegan master baker, Veganerie Founder and vegan restauranteur; Keegan Kuhn (USA), award-winning co-director and producer of the highly acclaimed documentary feature-films “Cowspiracy – the Sustainability Secret” (executive produced by Leonardo DiCaprio) and “What The Health” (executive produced by Joaquin Phoenix); Palak Mehta (India), Vegan First Founder and CEO; Dr. Seto Mulyadi (Indonesia), vegan educator and



March/April 2021


child psychologist; Shara Ng (Hong Kong), Vegetarian Union Asia Pacific Region representative and Asia Pacific Vegan Union vice president; Suresh P. Sharma (Nepal), vegan activist, WVO Chair Nepal and director of VegVoyages Himalayas Vegan Tours; Abhishek Sinha (India), CEO of GoodDot, India’s leading homegrown mock meat brand; Ken Spector (USA), principal marketing and ideas an, HappyCow; Dr. Susianto Tseng (Indonesia), World Vegan Organisation founder and doctor in nutrition; A current and regularly updated speaker list will be available on the website: https://himalayanveganfestival.org.

The Revitalization Issue



SPRING BRINGS NEW PRODUCTS FOR YOUR MAKEUP BAG Embrace the change in season by exploring a new looks with these great selections B Y B R A N DY E D WA R D S


s Spring arrives, the easiest way to transition your makeup is to incorporate a new lip color. Whether you love light colors, a variety of nude shades, or bold and vibrant colors, the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick by KVD Vegan Beauty is a great product to add to your makeup bag. I love this brand because of the non-traditional, incredibly unique colors that are available. For the extra bold and brave, “Roxy” is a bright purple, “Echo” is a satin navy blue, and “Dreamer” is a neon turquoise. While I love “Backstage Bambi”, a vivid hot pink, this highly pigmented matte liquid lipstick line has a range of colors that will inspire every personality type, from laid back to edgy! The “Lolita” lipstick shade is KVD Vegan Beauty’s self-proclaimed “iconic neutral shade that looks beautiful, and different, on everyone.” This lipstick line is designed for every skin tone and provides long-lasting wear while maintaining its vibrant color throughout the day. This gorgeous lipstick is a creamy liquid formula that sets to a matte finish. All you need to do is add your favorite gloss on top of the matte lipstick for the days you want shiny, luscious lips. Not only are the



March/April 2021


colors beautiful and attention-grabbing, but they are natural lip conditioners with ingredients like vitamin E and sunflower seed wax. When switching up your lip colors this Spring, challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and try a color that you typically would never wear. Why not? Makeup is such a unique way to try new things in your life and experiment without making long term commitments. Whether you are going into an office, are on zoom calls all day, or you are living your best life at home working, or lounging, in your most comfortable clothes, add an exciting lip color to your routine, even if you choose to not wear any other makeup. Elevate each day by expressing yourself with the lip color of your choice, whether or not anyone else will see it.

Reality Eyeshadow Palette, which is also fully recyclable! The palette is also by KVD Vegan Beauty and contains 14 highly pigmented shadows, which include blendable mattes and shimmers. This edgy palette accommodates the days you want a minimalist look, as well as the days you want a full glam look. Challenge yourself to get creative with your makeup this Spring and try various color combinations. You can create your own rules, both in life and with your makeup color choices.

To add in an extra layer of freshness to your new Spring look, consider trying the Edge of

Embrace your inner free-spirit and let your imagination guide you. Just like the weather is changing, explore how you can change both your makeup routines and various aspects of your life. Spring is such a great time to reset and refresh your life. Prioritize things that make you happy and know that even the smallest change, whether it is with your makeup or in your routines, can inspire you and create a positive ripple effect in your life.

The Revitalization Issue




Hormone Health

OR HAVOC? VEGWORLD Chats with Dr. Neal Barnard about his new book, Your Body in Balance


utrition researcher and New York Times bestselling author Neal Barnard, MD, demonstrates how foods affect our hormones—and our health—in his most recent book, Your Body in Balance. In it, Dr. Barnard shares the science behind how common conditions—like infertility, weight gain, menopausal symptoms, breast and prostate cancers, thyroid problems, and acne—are fueled by hormones that are hidden in or influenced by the foods we eat. He was kind enough to answer some of our questions about this compelling new science.

The Revitalization Issue




If you have diabetes, however, your insulin is not working right and can’t do its job. Why was there a need for this book?

What do our hormones do and how do they become unbalanced?

When I figured out the powerful role foods play with our hormones, I had to share it. The old-fashioned approach to nutrition says that if we eat bad food, we will have bad outcomes like extra weight and disease. It turns out that the process is a bit more sophisticated. Every physical function in our body is controlled by hormones in one way or another. Foods control our hormones. When we figure that out, we have control over a vast number of health outcomes.

Your body’s hormones—estrogen, testosterone, thyroid, insulin, and others—direct how your organs work. They are the chemical messengers that travel through the bloodstream to tell your body what to do. Your hormones turn your metabolism up or down, alter your moods, control your reproductive function, and affect how you store body fat and how you burn it. The body can become unbalanced if we have either too little or too much hormone.



For example, an imbalance with the hormone insulin can lead to diabetes. Glucose is your body’s natural fuel that powers your muscles, brain, and the rest of you. With diabetes, there is too much sugar, or glucose, in the bloodstream so it builds up there rather than going into the cells of your muscles or liver, where it belongs. Normally, glucose is escorted into your cells by insulin, a hormone made in the pancreas. If you have diabetes, however, your insulin is not working right and can’t do its job. Too much body fat can also lead to hormone haywire. Fat cells crank out hormones, starting with those produced by ovaries and adrenal glands, and turn

March/April 2021

FEATURE and has become a Food for Life instructor, which allows her to share her enthusiasm for this new way of eating with others.

these raw materials into male hormones and female hormones that control your basic biology. The more body fat you have, the more hormones they produce. This can get your hormone balance out of kilter and interfere with fertility.

Why didn’t my doctor tell me about this?

How can we rebalance our hormones? The liver plays a crucial role in ridding your body of excess hormones by filtering your blood, removing things that do not belong, like toxins, medications, and other things including hormones. Your liver sends them into a small tube, the bile duct, which leads to the intestinal tract. There, fiber soaks them up and carries them out with the waste. You are literally flushing away excess hormones. There is plenty of fiber in beans, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, and this healthy fiber escorts unwanted hormones out of your body. But animal products do not have fiber. If animal products are a prominent part of your diet, you may not have enough fiber to soak up and remove unwanted hormones.

That means hormones end up being reabsorbed back into your bloodstream. Instead of flushing away unwanted hormones, your body keeps reabsorbing them, leaving you with more than you need. The answer? Get rid of animal products and bring in the veggies, fruits, beans, and whole grains. One example of success I discuss in the book is Air Force Iraq War veteran Katherine Lawrence, who was facing infertility after a diagnosis of endometriosis. This was a devastating diagnosis for a young woman planning a family. A change in diet resulted in her feeling much better and improved her condition to the point that she did not need surgery. She now has three children

In part, this is a new scientific frontier. It is possible that your doctor may not have heard of it or may not realize the extent to which problems can be solved with nutritional adjustments. Part of the blame for this goes to the chronic lack of nutrition education in medical schools, which my colleagues and I at the Physicians Committee are working to improve. Is there anything you would like to add? Your hormonal systems respond to changes in your diet, and the range of health problems that are caused by hormones—and that can be successfully treated by using foods in a smarter way—is truly surprising. Very basically, if we can increase the fiber and reduce oil in our diet, we can get our hormones into better balance, feel healthier and avoid many common ailments.

NEAL BARNARD, MD Neal Barnard, MD, FACC, is president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a faculty member of the George Washington University School of Medicine, and a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology. In 2016, he founded the Barnard Medical Center in Washington, D.C., to create a new model that integrates nutrition into conventional medical care. Dr. Barnard’s federally funded diabetes research revolutionized the nutritional approaches to type 2 diabetes, and he now aims to empower readers with life-changing information on hormones and health. He has written 19 books on nutrition and health, including Your Body In Balance, 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart, The Vegan Starter Kit, and The Cheese Trap.

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FOR ALL Lifting the Roadblocks on the Journey to Heal-Creating a Path to Eating Disorder Recovery for Vegans B Y S H R I YA S WA M I N AT H A N


he relationship between veganism and diet culture is complex especially in the day and age of social media and celebrity endorsed ‘diets.’ A lifestyle rooted in causing no harm is often criticized for advocating restrictive and disordered eating, which perpetuates a harmful misconception in our society. It’s fascinating how many vegans attest to the contrary and credit this lifestyle for having healed their relationship with food and their bodies. Food is no longer an enemy to be demonized, but rather a source of nourishment. It fuels them to live their best lives, while doing good by the animals and the planet. But how does the Eating Disorder recovery trajectory compare between vegans and non-vegans? Does the added misinformed perception of veganism deter recovery centers from accommodating vegans? Are vegans challenged out of their food choice if they were to receive inpatient care? When Alsana Eating Recovery Centers took an informal survey in January 2019 of registered dietitians who treat eating disorder clients, the results revealed that 98% of dietitians surveyed provide consultation to vegan clients for an eating disorder; however, treatment for vegan clients at the



March/April 2021

residential level of care for those who are unable to recover on an outpatient basis was not available. Vegan clients with eating disorders did not have access to 24/7 treatment with a multidisciplinary team within a program that truly accommodated their vegan lifestyle throughout the recovery process. Research has also revealed that an individual who is denied treatment, such as the inability to accommodate a vegan lifestyle, will not seek treatment again for an average of two years. With the mission to ensure equal access to quality care at the forefront, Alsana’s Vice President of Clinical Nutrition Services Tammy Beasley, RDN, CEDRD-S, CSSD and her team are spearheading a vegan-friendly eating disorder treatment program that launched in August 2019 and continues to evolve. We hope this unprecedented move inspires other treatment centers around the world to encourage vegans to seek the

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care they deserve without compromising on a lifestyle that encompasses their ethics. She graciously sat down with VEGWORLD for an insightful conversation about her team’s goal to bring high level care for vegans to the mainstream. To Treat or Not to Treat? That’s the Vegan Question… As a veteran in this field of care, Tammy recalls how as recently as the late 90s, being a vegetarian was recognized as indicating an Eating Disorder (ED)



March/April 2021


among the professional community. Research on vegetarianism or veganism and eating disorders is limited in the first place, and the majority of the research studies from the 80s and 90s are flawed in methodology and definition, most often using ‘semi-vegetarian’ as the defining variable to classify ED without a concrete or consistent definition of what ‘semi-vegetarian’ means. This may have caused widespread misunderstanding among professionals, who had difficulty accepting that being a vegetarian and having an ED can be mutually exclusive. But over time, professional perceptions have changed and looking at the system of care now, all residential treatment centers cater to vegetarians with ease! It’s only a matter

The Revitalization Issue

of time that the same progress is made for vegans. A New Frontier for Eating Disorder Treatment In the case of ethical vegans, who align their values with their food choices, denying care unless they consume animal products as a planned meal challenge within their treatment can hinder their progress instead of improving their relationship with food. Overall, the program emphasizes a no judgment or shame approach when it comes to ones’ food choices. That is precisely the mindset that the ED feeds off of and Alsana’s staff are here to equip vegans with the tools to challenge their ED and embrace their nourishment through a wide variety


of nutrient-rich plant foods. In cases where veganism can be enmeshed in the ED, the focus becomes highlighting the abundance of nutrient-rich variety of plant foods, challenging the fear of enjoying foods for taste and sensory pleasure, and emphasizing that veganism is not a means for deprivation. The objective is to empower patients to shift their mindset and view veganism for its copious variety, including fun foods like vegan desserts and vegan snack foods, rather than as a restrictive ‘diet’. Comprehensive Adaptive Care Alsana’s commitment to vegans is to provide holistic care that includes routine medical monitoring, educational lectures on nourishing the body that





March/April 2021

includes vegan meal plans, meal and snack challenges to embrace variety, intuitive eating principles, mindfulness sessions, and immersive culinary classes. According to Tammy, the more cooking and kitchen life skill-type experientials offered, the better. These experientials include pantry inventory/budget pricing, grocery shopping for ingredients, basic kitchen skills, and preparing a meal alongside the chef for the community. In fact, many vegan clients who participate in these challenges prepare delicious vegan meals for all to enjoy! Tammy recounts- “In California, we have done things like “CHOPPED” in which the clients find ingredients already available and brainstorm together on what to make for dinner using those ingredients – it was a really fun experiential! In 2021, we plan to offer more culinary exposures and skills labs related to learning how to nourish yourself in the kitchen and prepare meals with variety and balance” Overall, the approach to treatment and care is described with this thoughtful metaphor- The client is the driver and Alsana’s resources assist them in navigating their unique roadmap to recovery. Space for All to Learn and Grow Being the first center to fully embrace veganism within the entire scope of treatment at all levels of care is not without its challenges and drastic learning curve. Tammy recounts the skepticism rooted in internal biases that the thought leadership encountered during the early stages of developing the program. Discomfort with an all-vegan treatment plan within the ED community and a lack of research in the field also pose complications to navigate. However, the determination to treat was unwavering and after thorough consultations with ethical vegan therapists and vegan dietitians to review the program guidelines, the overarching mission, and gain a comprehensive understanding of catering to vegans effectively, vegans are

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able to receive the vital care they deserve. The dedicated staff are committed to providing homemade vegan entrees as part of the meal plan, identifying all recognizable animal-based products, labeling vegan foods to assist staff in accuracy and working with the client to embrace more vegan variety. Owing to their diligence and eagerness to always improve, Tammy and her team are coordinating with mental health and nutrition experts on a pilot assessment for their vegan clients. The objective is to distinguish between clients whose ED behaviors reflect in their veganism and those with more strictly ethical or environmental motivations in order to provide the appropriate tools for recovery. The Journey has Just Begun, and the Best is Yet to Come Since its implementation, Alsana has treated over 60 vegans who joined the program because the doors were open to them. Based on an internal review of current data, a majority stick to veganism throughout the course of treatment! They learn how a vegan lifestyle can provide optimum nutrition to not only meet individual energy and protein needs but also sustain nourishment for continued recovery, to celebrate the variety of wholesome plant-based foods and maintain their mental health as a vegan in a non-vegan world. This effort has paved the way for more and more centers to incorporate extensive care at every stage of recovery for vegans. It’s high time the community come together and challenge the stereotypes of what a vegan body ‘ought to’ look like and dismantle the diet culture that may trigger individuals to choose veganism for reasons outside of their ethics. The fearless Alsana team is here to show us that despite how daunting the challenge may seem, progress is only achieved when we find the courage to take the road less traveled by.


I’ve been vegan since a day after the heart attack





March/April 2021




Takes an Active, Not Passive Response How a Detox Can Change Your Present and Future BY WENDIE PETT


ou can’t get better and “grow” unless you change the way you’re currently doing things in life that cause you to fall short of desired outcomes. And you can’t change the way you’re currently doing things if you don’t invest in yourself financially by taking time, practicing disciplines, or by implementing coaching and equipping tools to level up in life. You only get better by taking intentional action steps daily. You’ve heard the phrase, “You become the sum total of the five people you hang out with most often.” In theory, this sounds great, but if you aren’t hanging out with successful people you will consequently suffer. The word successful can be an opinion word, so in order to define success for you, the first step is to identify

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Challenge yourself this month to this type of detox and notice if you and others see a difference in your self-growth. your goals and the reason you desire to reach those goals. Are those goals in alignment with the people you spend the most time with daily? If not, it’s time to hang out with new people. Now, in lieu of the global pandemic, there hasn’t been much in-person “hang-out” time with others, so this could very well be a stuck point in your self-growth, but it could also just be an excuse. In reality, we are influenced one way or another, dare I say especially, by the media we tune into daily. Whether the chosen media is television, radio, podcasts, social platforms, books, or the like, you will become influenced by them. Or if you’re tapped into certain communities on or offline, you will become influenced by them. The question is, where do you want to grow in life, and where are you putting your efforts? If there isn’t intentionality behind those efforts, you’ll get lost in the cesspool of entertainment and merely become a passive consumer. This consumer passivity ultimately becomes the direction in which you begin to go, whether you realize it or not. For instance, I know someone who felt as if he lost his Dad way before Alzheimer’s stole him from the family due to the imbalanced views and opinions in which he saw the world. The media he listened to and the communities that he chose to immerse himself took his mind and heart down a deep, dark conspiracy theory hole. Now, I’m not saying that all conspiracies are completely false, but there must be a balance of reality and imagination. If you are looking to grow in life, you must ask yourself if the people you’re surrounding yourself with are authentic, honest, loving, kind, and generous human beings with healthy values. Do their definitions of success line up with yours? If not, stop scrolling on their feed and wasting time in their space that won’t get you closer to your desired goals in life. Have you ever considered a detox? As in a detox of media and a detox of unhealthy people around you. Once you detox in this area and surround yourself with healthy people, then your actions will become healthier as well. Challenge yourself this month to this type of detox and notice if you and others see a difference in your self-growth. Are you less stressed? More productive? Better attitude? Healthier and happier? Just notice. Life truly is what you make of it. Be active. Show up. Take healthy measures to ensure a better chance of reaching your heart’s desire to minimize the risk of disappointment or regret in the future. You have more control over your “5 people” that are directly or indirectly influencing you than you may even realize. Make your sum count.



March/April 2021

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Daniella Monet is a great example of the modern vegan woman- entrepreneur, activist, mother, compassionate soul. With the new launch of her fourth business, Sprouted (the first certified vegan diaper brand), which is making its mark as a diaper unlike no other out there. Daniella, best known for her role on VICTORIOUS opposite Ariana Grande, which is streaming now on Netflix, can also speak to her recent pregnancy and newborn girl Ivry, as well as managing to stay sane and creative these days!


Daniella also serves as an expert in the vegan wellness and beauty space, Daniella regularly takes to her social media where she shares all sorts of tips and 42

March/April 2021

The Revitalization Issue



tricks for recipes, and her favorite products to more than 4 million followers across her social media platforms. Daniella is also the co-host of the hit podcast Adulting Like A Mother, Father (on Spotify and Apple Podcasts) alongside her fiancé Andrew Gardner where they talk parenting and all things adulting. She’s also a powerhouse in the plant-based community with four cruelty-free businesses: SUGAR TACO (a vegan Mexican restaurant on Melrose in Los Angeles), KINDER BEAUTY (a beauty box of luxurious cruelty-free products co-founded with Harry Potter’s Evanna Lynch), OUTSTANDING FOODS’ PIG OUT CHIPS, and of course, SPROUTED, her new diaper line.


We got the chance to sit down with her (virtually) to dive deeper into her ever-growing journey of Revitalization. In the spirit of Revitalization, how would you say you have revitalized your life with the new projects you’re working on, like your diaper line Sprouted, in addition to your new baby on the way? Anytime I take on a new project a part of me grows up. I become more focused, more energized to accomplish a goal, and hopefully solve a problem. Sprouted has been extra special in that way as diapers are such an important necessity during a time when parents need to feel like they have a product they can trust and rely on.


What would you say you’re most excited for in 2021, besides your new little one, of course? I’m excited to spend time as a family. As things start to slowly open up and become safer, I look forward to experiencing more new adventures together. Our son Gio is at such a magical stage. He’s so smart and eager to soak in new information. Is it strange to say that right now, in this moment, the thing I look forward to most for 2021 is being a mama? Did you ever think your career would have veganism at its core like it is now? When you started your acting career, were you vegan? I was vegetarian at about the same age I began acting, which

March/April 2021

FEATURE was about 5 years old. I began learning about Veganism around 10 years old and didn’t take very long to make the transition from there. As a young kid, I don’t think I ever knew I would involve my passion for Veganism in business, but I’m glad I have. In a lot of ways, I need both to feel fulfilled - WE need both to survive. Creating more ethical options to the masses is something I take very seriously, and I’m willing to work as hard as I have to be part of a much bigger solution to help end cruelty, save our planet and create more resources to live an all-around healthier, more mindful life. What is something you teach people when asked how you raise your children on a plant-based diet? Are they shocked? I often encourage people to cook with a variety of ingredients, some that are there just to add more nutrition to the meal. Like, hemp seeds, chia seeds, spirulina, and nutritional yeast! Most people find the idea of eating plantbased a bit overwhelming, and maybe assume it could be boring, but the truth is, you can enjoy an incredibly fulfilling diet of strictly plants by just being open to expanding on new recipes or restaurants that offer vena options. It’s a trade I believe is worth it in every way. What would you like to share with plant-based parents to be? Any advice/tips to help them prepare since you have been through a plantbased pregnancy twice now? Listen to your body, drink plenty of good water, and feed your body rich colorful foods, or simply foods that

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Creating more ethical options to the masses is something I take very seriously, 45


sit well in the event that some people experience sickness. I’ve thoroughly loved each pregnancy, and I do think being plant-based has played a significant role in my level of consistent stamina and all-around comfortably. Plus, I feel so lucky to be able to nourish my growing babies this way. What motivated you to create a vegan diaper line, and why should parents invest in Sprouted diapers for their babies as opposed to the others out there? While pregnant with Gio I found it difficult to find a disposable diaper line that I aligned with ethically. There just weren’t many options that were free of unnecessary harmful ingredients, and definitely none that were cruelty-free and vegan. I didn’t want to just create a vegan diaper though, I wanted to create a reliable diaper. A diaper that was soft to the touch, fit well and was as absorbent as possible while being mindful not to use excess material to help cut back on any waste. For the aspiring vegan entrepreneurs out there, what advice would you give them in order to chase after their vegan business idea? My advice would be this. We need you. The planet needs you. Our babies need you. Start now. VEGWORLD


March/April 2021

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Food is really and truly the most effective medicine. - Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Photo by Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash


Photo by Edgar Castrejon - unsplash


Lindsay Nixon



March/April 2021

CHEF SPOTLIGHT What got you interested in cooking?

challenge of “making it work.”

It was a necessity for me. When I adopted a whole-foods, plantbased, no oil vegan diet in 2006, there were only a handful of vegan blogs or cookbooks around, and they often relied on ingredients I couldn’t find or use. There also wasn’t the huge array of vegan options we see in restaurants or supermarkets now, so I had to go into the kitchen and figure it out. What started off as a chore soon became something I enjoyed doing.

What’s your go-to meal at home when you’re pooped or have little time? Rice or a potato with beans and kale (or another vegetable from my freezer) plus some kind of condiment or sauce on top (e.g., soy sauce, teriyaki, mustard, barbecue sauce, salsa, peanut butter, hummus, marinara, balsamic vinegar, hot sauce). The type of bean and vegetable I use tends to decide the topping. What dish is YOUR comfort food?

What would you say is your signature dish?

It used to be mashed potatoes, but now I’d say it’s definitely kale or strawberries when they are in season.

I think I was the first person to publish vegan black bean brownies online, and they definitely helped get my name out there, but now, I think the most popular and well-known recipe might be my black bean burgers. My gravies are also very popular.

Do you have a favorite cooking tool? A good chef’s knife is #1. Beyond that I love my ceramic skillet.

Where do you go for cooking inspiration? I typically start with an ingredient I have on hand. I’ll think about the different ways I can use it and also what I’m in the mood for. The other ingredients I have available also influence what I make. This is saying the same thing twice. For example, last night I had red lentils I wanted to use up. I thought about the different meals I make with red lentils: Misir Wet (an Ethiopian dish), red lentil dal (Indian), red lentil soup, chili, etc. I looked to see what else I had, and since I had leftover rice and a box of frozen spinach, I made a red lentil dal and saag (a spinach dish) to serve over the rice. I loathe wasting ingredients and enjoy the creative

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What advice do you have for the budding plantbased home cook? It’s okay if your results don’t look like the picture in a magazine or on Instagram. Also, know that even a seasoned chef gets it wrong sometimes. I botched a pot of brown rice this morning. It happens! Is there anything new that you are working on that you are excited about? I’m currently developing new recipes to add to my app (MealMentor) in early 2021. It’s been wonderful to let my creativity go wild.



simple spring rolls

AND THAI PEANUT DRESSING BY L I N D SAY S. N I XON Perfect for lunch or dinner, or to share with a friend, following is one of Dr. Barnard’s favorite recipes from Your Body In Balance.

RECIPE Prep time 15 minutes for spring rolls, 5 minutes for Thai peanut dressing Makes 6 spring rolls



Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls

1 (14-ounce) bag coleslaw mix

In a large bowl, toss coleslaw mix, bell pepper, and cucumber together.

1 cup thinly sliced red bell pepper

1 ¼ cups diced cucumber

6 rice paper wrappers

Sriracha (optional)

Thai Peanut Dressing, coconut dressing, or hoisin sauce (thinned with water), for dipping (optional)

Thai Peanut Dressing (makes 1 ¼ cups)

Select a pan large enough for the rice paper to lie flat inside. Add 1 cup very warm water to pan. Working with 1 sheet of rice paper at a time, soak for 20 seconds, or until it’s pliable, but not “gummy bear” soft. Place soaked wrapper on a cutting board and gently flatten. Place vegetable mixture slightly below the center. Drizzle with sriracha, if desired. Pick up edge closest to you and fold rice paper up and over the mound of filling. Fold right and left sides toward center. Pull the spring roll gently toward you as you roll it up like a burrito. Repeat with remaining wrappers and filling. Serve with Thai Peanut Dressing, coconut Dressing, or hoisin sauce (thinned with water), for dipping, if desired. Notes: 1. While the vegetables can be prepared in advance, it is best to roll them directly before serving to prevent the rice paper wrappers from becoming gummy.

¼ cup peanut butter

1/3 cup hot water

¼ cup lite coconut milk (or soymilk)

2. Add fresh fruit like sliced peaches or avocado for variation. For more elaborate spring rolls, add shredded lettuce or carrots, thin strips of tofu or mango, fresh basil, or soaked cellophane noodles for the filling.

¼ cup sweet red chili sauce

Per spring roll (1/6 of recipe): 72 calories, 2 g protein, 16 g carbohydrate, 3 g sugar, 0.5 g total fat, 4% calories from fat, 2 g fiber, 57 mg sodium.

2-3 tablespoons plus 1 teaspoon rice vinegar

Thai Peanut Dressing

¼ teaspoon garlic powder

¼ teaspoon ground ginger

Sriracha to taste

In a small bowl, whisk together peanut butter and hot water. Stir in remaining ingredients. Add more garlic powder, ground ginger, or sriracha to taste. Per tablespoon: 29 calories, 1 g protein, 3 g carbohydrate, 2 g sugar, 2 g total fat, 53% calories from fat, 0 g fiber, 102 mg sodium.

Excerpted from Your Body in Balance by Neal Barnard, M.D. Recipes text recipes by Lindsay S. Nixon. Copyright © 2020 by Neal D Barnard. Reprinted with permission from Hachette Book Group, Inc. All rights reserved.


Caitlin Shoemaker


Featuring recipes from her new cookbook Simply Delicious Vegan VEGWORLD


March/April 2021

Broccoli Cheddar

“Egg Cups BY CAITLIN SHOEMAKER These broccoli cheddar cups pack a proteindense and flavorful punch, thanks to chickpea flour! If you’ve never worked with this high-fiber, high-protein flour before, don’t worry. It’s easy to handle and is available in the baking aisle of most grocery stores. I recommend baking these in a silicone muffin pan—you can skip the paper liners, and they’ll still pop right out without the need for oil.

Hands-on time 15 minutes Cook time 30 minutes Makes 12 “egg” cups



2 cups (185 g) chickpea flour (garbanzo bean flour)

½ cup (25 g) nutritional yeast

Preheat the oven to 350°F (175°C) and line a 12-cup muffin tin with parchment paper or liners (or use a silicone muffin pan).

½ teaspoon ground turmeric

½ teaspoon paprika

1 teaspoon pink Himalayan salt

1 teaspoon baking powder

2 cups (480 ml) nondairy milk

2 ½ cups (140 g) broccoli florets, cut into bite-sized pieces

¼ yellow onion, finely diced

1/3 cup (35 g) shredded peeled carrots

Whisk the chickpea flour, nutritional yeast, turmeric, paprika, salt, and baking powder together in a large bowl. Pour in the milk and mix until a thick batter forms. Fold the broccoli, onion, and carrots into the batter, then evenly divide the batter among the cups in the muffin tin. Bake for 30 minutes, then remove from the oven and let sit for 10 minutes. Serve immediately, or transfer to a wire rack to cool before storing in the fridge for up to 1 week. NOTE: Place the silicone muffin pan on a baking sheet before you fill it for easier transfer in and out of the oven.

From Simply Delicious Vegan: 100 Plant-Based Recipes by the creator of From My Bowl by Caitlin Shoemaker. Abrams Books copyright © 2020. Reprinted with permission.



March/April 2021

CAITLIN’S FAVORITE KALE SALAD BY CAITLIN SHOEMAKER This is my go-to weeknight side salad; it’s made of really simple ingredients, but it hits the spot every. dang. time. I actually first made this recipe back when I was in graduate school—I would get home from class late and absolutely starving. I’d quickly take my rice and beans (or whatever I’d meal- prepped for the week) out of the fridge and would whip up this salad while everything else warmed up. And while I do get sick of eating some foods over and over, this is one combination that I don’t think I’ll ever tire of—seriously, I still eat it to this day! If you’re about to skip this recipe because you think kale is bitter and/or tough to chew, let me stop you right there and say that this recipe is neither. The secret? Massaging the kale in its dressing! This helps to break down the tough cell walls of this leafy green and really work all of that creamy, rich, and tangy goodness in there. Your hands will get messy, but that’s nothing a quick rinse at the kitchen sink can’t fix. I could easily polish off this entire recipe in one sitting.

Hands-on time 10 minutes Serves 2 to 4



1 large avocado

Juice of 1 lemon (1 to 2 tablespoons)

Scoop the flesh of the avocado into a large bowl and mash it with a fork. Add the lemon juice and sauerkraut to the bowl and mix until evenly combined.

½ cup (65 g) sauerkraut

1 large bunch curly or Lacinato kale, stems removed, roughly chopped

Freshly ground black pepper

Toss the kale into the bowl, then use your hands to firmly massage the dressing into the kale for 60 to 90 seconds; don’t be afraid to really work it in there! The kale will drastically decrease in volume and take on a darker, almost translucent color. Transfer the salad to serving plates, then top with black pepper to taste. Serve immediately. NOTE: You can use pretty much any type of sauerkraut for this recipe—all we’re looking for is something with a briny tang. I often make my own at home, but have also used store-bought kraut (or even kimchi!) with the same results.

From Simply Delicious Vegan: 100 Plant-Based Recipes by the creator of From My Bowl by Caitlin Shoemaker. Abrams Books copyright © 2020. Reprinted with permission.

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March/April 2021

Golden Milk Mango Popsicles BY CAITLIN SHOEMAKER I feel like many of us group popsicles into the “kid-only” dessert category. Those sugarfilled, artificially dyed, plastic-wrapped icicles? Yeah, I’m ready to leave those behind. But a creamy, dreamy popsicle made of fresh fruit, coconut milk, and warming spices? I’m totally ready to get down with that. These mango popsicles are a refreshing year-round treat, especially after a warm bowl of Curried Carrot Soup or Chickpea Tikka Masala. You will need a popsicle mold in order to make this recipe; I have tried my fair share, and find that silicone-based molds work better than the hard plastic ones. The stretchy nature of the rubber makes it easier to loosen the popsicles before removing them from the mold. Be sure to carefully run room-temperature water around the outside of the mold, too, or you’ll be in for a fantastic pre-dessert arm workout.

Hands on time 15 minutes Freeze time 4 hours Makes about 8 popsicles (depending on the mold)



1½ cups (215 g) frozen chopped mango

Put the mango, coconut milk, maple syrup, ginger, lemon juice, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, and salt in a high-speed blender and process until smooth and creamy, 45 to 60 seconds.

1 (13½-ounce/400 ml) can full-fat coconut milk

1/3 cup (80 ml) grade A maple syrup

1-inch (2.5 cm) knob of fresh ginger, peeled

Juice of ½ small lemon (about 2 teaspoons)

1½ teaspoons ground turmeric

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

¼ teaspoon ground cardamom

Pinch of pink Himalayan salt

Use a funnel to pour the mixture into your popsicle molds, leaving a little room at the top to allow the mixture to expand as it freezes. Place a popsicle stick in the center of each mold and seal the mold as necessary. Place the popsicles on a level surface in the freezer and freeze for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight. Use a funnel to pour the mixture into your popsicle molds, leaving a little room at the top to allow the mixture to expand as it freezes. Place a popsicle stick in the center of each mold and seal the mold as necessary. Place the popsicles on a level surface in the freezer and freeze for at least 4 hours, preferably overnight.

From Simply Delicious Vegan: 100 Plant-Based Recipes by the creator of From My Bowl by Caitlin Shoemaker. Abrams Books copyright © 2020. Reprinted with permission.

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a greener irish




March/April 2021

BY C AT H Y K AT I N- G R A Z Z I N I Every culture has its comfort food, and colcannon is Ireland’s ~ a marriage of potatoes with kale or cabbage and, traditionally, lots of butter. Simple, warming, hearty, this plantbased reinterpretation loses the butter, milk and cream and builds layers of flavor not with fat but with aromatic onion, leek, garlic, scallions, and chives. The aroma and taste are heavenly, and you have a soothing dish that not only doesn’t clog your arteries but is rich-tasting, creamy and anti-inflammatory. Skip the eggs, boiled ham and Irish bacon that traditionally shares colcannon’s table. Serve it instead with an array of blanched or dry sautéed seasonal veggies and “yum!”

Photo by Giordano Katin-Grazzini

Prep time 30 minutes Cooking time 30 minutes

Serves 3-5



3 pounds floury potatoes (5 medium). Scrubbed, whole and unpeeled

1. To dry roast garlic head, remove papery outer leaves. Bake in 375°F/190°C oven for 30 minutes. Cool. Peel. Mash to a pulp with a fork. Set aside.

1½ pounds kale, lacinato kale, cabbage of other hardy greens, cut chiffonade (in thin ribbons)

1 large onion, diced

Dry vermouth or no-sodium veggie broth to deglaze pot

2. Bring a large pot of water to a boil, add greens and cook until tender but intact. Transfer to a colander using a large slotted spoon or tongs. Set aside. Return pot to a boil and add potatoes. When it returns to a boil, lower to simmer and cook until tender but intact. Drain. Peel while hot, mash immediately. Set aside. Drain pot and dry.

1 leek, well cleaned, diced

1 head garlic, dry roasted, peeled, mashed

1 bunch scallion anor chives, sliced

1 cup unflavored, unsweetened almond or other plant-based milk

Several big grinds of black pepper

Salt, if using, to taste

The Revitalization Issue

3. Heat pot for 3 minutes over medium-low flame. Add onions and leeks, stirring frequently. Cook slowly until onions sweat their liquid and soften. When they begin to darken the pan and adhere, deglaze pot with a few tablespoons of liquid. The onion and leeks should be very soft. Lower heat and add cooked greens, stirring, then smashed garlic, mixing well. Stir in potatoes and mix thoroughly, distributing the garlic and aromatics evenly in the potatoes and greens. 4. Add the plant milk, stirring and cook for another minute or two for flavors to blend. The colcannon should not be dry or soupy but creamy with the vegetables melting into the potatoes. Mix in scallion and/or chives and cook for another 2 minutes or until soft. Season to taste. Serve hot on warmed plates and enjoy!



Spanish Vegetable Paella BY KIM CAMPBELL Paella is a traditional Spanish dish that brings rice, vegetables, and mouthwatering flavors to the table. It’s a family-style simple meal that’s served right from the pot! When our daughter traveled to Spain and raved about paella, I decided to create a whole food plant-based, oil-free version that we all could enjoy. The flavors begin with beautiful saffron rice and an assortment of spices that are sure to warm your belly. I cheated on so many levels with this paella because I wanted to use brown rice, no oil, and no seafood. Cooking brown rice all in one pot with the vegetables would have overcooked the vibrant vegetables, so I cooked the saffron rice in a separate pot. I even cheated more when I cooked the rice in the Instant Pot®, making perfect rice every time. When I build paella, I always start with cooked brown saffron rice straight from my Instant Pot.



March/April 2021

RECIPE Prep Time 30 minutes Cook Time 1 hour (30-40 minutes if using an Instant Pot®) Yields 6 servings


DIRECTIONS 1. In a medium saucepan, add 3 cups vegetable broth, 1½ cups short grain brown rice, and 1 teaspoon saffron threads (or turmeric) and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to low and allow the rice to simmer for 45 minutes or until tender. *Quick version: Use your Instant Pot and cook on high pressure (using only 2 cups vegetable broth) for 20 minutes with a quick release.  

Saffron Brown Rice •

1 ½ cups short grain brown rice

3 cups low sodium vegetable broth (2 cups if you are using an Instant Pot or pressure cooker)

1 teaspoon saffron threads (or 1 teaspoon turmeric)

Paella Vegetables •

1 red onion, medium diced

5 cloves garlic cloves, chopped

1 red pepper, sliced

2 carrots shredded

8-10 ounces shitake mushrooms, sliced (you can also use button mushrooms)

1 cup green beans, 2 inches slices

½ teaspoon red pepper flakes

1 teaspoon smoked paprika

2 teaspoons chopped fresh rosemary (or ½ teaspoon dried rosemary)

1 teaspoon chopped fresh thyme (or ½ teaspoon dried thyme)

1 teaspoon sea salt or to taste

½ teaspoon black pepper

1-15 ounce can fire-roasted diced tomatoes

¼ cup dry red wine

1 Tablespoon vegan Worcestershire sauce

1 Tablespoon low sodium tamari sauce

2. In a large 12-14-inch skillet over medium-high heat, sauté the onions using water or vegetable broth to deglaze the pan. Add the garlic, peppers, carrots, mushrooms, green beans, red pepper flakes, smoked paprika, rosemary, thyme, salt, and pepper and continue to cook until the vegetables are tender.   3. Add the tomatoes, red wine, vegan Worcestershire sauce, and tamari sauce. Continue cooking over medium heat for 10-12 minutes, so the flavors begin to develop.   4. Add the cooked brown rice to the skillet and continue cooking on low heat for another 10 minutes.   5. Top the paella with thawed peas and plenty of chopped kalamata olives and artichokes. Place the top on the pan and allow the mixture to rest and warm for another 10 minutes. Serve warm and top with lemon slices and parsley.

TIPS & HINTS For a true one-pot quick version, try using parboiled rice so you can cook it directly in the pot with the paella sauce. I use 1 ½ cups parboiled rice with 3 cups of vegetable broth. You can also experiment with various white rice varieties if brown rice isn’t your thing. Traditional Spanish paellas are made with short-grain white rice. Don’t forget to add the saffron or turmeric to the paella pot!

Garnish •

1 cup frozen peas, thawed.

½ cup kalamata olives (or any olive you love)

1-15 ounce can artichokes, drained and rinsed

1 lemon cut into wedges

¼ cup chopped parsley (optional)

The Revitalization Issue






March/April 2021


Prep Time 25 minutes Bake Time 35 minutes Servings 8


Shephard’s Pie Filling

Instant Pot (optional)

Stove, Oven

Mixing Bowls


Oven Safe Baking Dish

1 Pound of Baby Bella Mushrooms

Potato and Cauliflower Topping

2 Pounds of Frozen Mixed Vegetables

8 ounces of Soyrizo

6 Slices of Vegan Cheese (I used Gouda from Follow Your Heart)

4 Tablespoons Chickpea Flour

1 ½ Cup of water for sauteing and thickening the sauce


2 Cups Steamed Potatoes

2 Cups Steamed Cauliflower

2 Tablespoons of Nutritional Yeast

4 Tablespoons Vegan Butter

DIRECTIONS 1. In your Instant Pot on a

steamer basket place your rinsed cauliflower and potatoes and steam for 10 minutes. Remember to secure the lid properly.

2. Remove the potatoes and cauliflower add the butter, nutritional yeast, and a little salt if you feel it needs it. Remember salt preferences are different in every household. 3. I used an immersion blender to get a silky mash, but you can use what you have on hand.

The Revitalization Issue

DIRECTIONS 1. Set your oven at 350F to prepare it for the baking of this Shephard’s Pie. Sauté your mushrooms for 10 minutes on medium on your stovetop with 1/2 cup of water. 2. Once the mushrooms release their moisture add your Soyrizo and sauté another 10 minutes. 3. Prepare your frozen mixed veggies. If you are short on time let them defrost while they cook and marry with the mushrooms and Soyrizo. But try to defrost them prior. 4. Cook all your ingredients for another 5 minutes. Taste for salt and add if you need to. In a bowl mix your chickpea flour and 1 cup of water and whisk to make your thickening agent. Once whisked add to the mixtures and sauté another 5 minutes. 5. Butter your baking dish if you do not mind using a little butter. (is there an alternative for fully vegan users?) Do not forget to turn on your oven at 350F. 6. Add all your vegetable mixture. 7. Top with cheese if desired before adding the mashed potatoes and cauliflower. 8. Add your mashed cauliflower and potatoes. 9. Get artsy. Make a presentable design so you can impress your guests. Bake at 350F for 35 minutes. Time may vary based on your oven and where you live so keep an eye on it. 10. Make sure it is nice and golden.






March/April 2021

Snow Pea & Radish Salad

with Pistachios and Mint BY ANDREEA FEGAN This versatile salad is the cheerleader of spring! It showcases crispy snow peas and radishes, light and fluffy quinoa, fresh mint and chives, a pop of brightness from lemon, and a nice crunch from pistachios. Season to your liking and enjoy the flavors and vibrant colors of spring!

Photos by Andreea Fegan

Prep time 15 minutes Cooking time 25 minutes Serves 1



A handful of snow peas, about ½ cup, sliced lengthwise or chopped

A handful of radishes, about ½ cup, sliced

½ cup cooked quinoa (see note below)

A sprinkle of pistachios

A handful of mint, julienned

Combine all ingredients together in a bowl and season with salt and pepper to taste. This is a versatile salad, and goes well with many proteins to complete a meal. Feel free to add in a hearty protein such as lemon garlic roasted chickpeas or even some pan-fried lima beans.

Few sprigs chives, cilantro and parsley, finely chopped

½ lemon, juiced

Drizzle of good olive oil

Salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste

A note about cooking quinoa: For salads, I typically enjoy quinoa that is light and fluffy versus a breakfast quinoa that may be more like porridge. For a fluffy quinoa, use a ratio of 1-cup quinoa to 1.5 cups water.

Excerpted from The Seasonal Eating Cookbook, by Andreea Fegan and Katie Gates, Copyright © 2020. Reprinted with permission.

The Revitalization Issue






March/April 2021

Cottage Pie

with Sweet Potato Mash BY ROBIN ROBERTSON & DR. MICHAEL GREGER One of my favorite comfort foods. This warm, savory dish is just as flavorful with mashed cauliflower instead of the sweet potato topping, so mix it up if the mood strikes. Photo by Antonis Achilleos

Makes 4 to 6 servings Difficulty Moderate Prep Time 30 minutes Cook Time 30 minutes



2 pounds sweet potato, cut into 2-inch chunks

½ teaspoon onion powder

¼ teaspoon ground black pepper

1 small red onion, chopped

1. Place the sweet potatoes (peeled) into a large pot with enough cold water to cover and bring to a boil. Cook for 15 to 20 minutes, or until fork-tender, then drain and return to the pot. Stir in the onion powder and black pepper and mash until smooth. Set aside.

1 carrot, chopped

2 garlic cloves, minced

1½ cups fresh or thawed frozen corn kernels

1 cup fresh or thawed frozen green peas

1 cup cooked fresh or frozen lima beans

2 cups cooked or BPA-free canned or Tetra Pak salt-free brown lentils

1 cup Light Vegetable Broth

8 ounces mushrooms of choice, chopped

3 tablespoons nutritional yeast

2 tablespoons salt-free tomato paste

1 tablespoon white miso paste

1 teaspoon minced fresh thyme, or ½ teaspoon dried

2. Preheat the oven to 400°F. 3. Heat ¼ cup of water in a large skillet over medium heat. Add the onion and carrot and cook until softened, about 7 minutes. Stir in the garlic and set the heat to low. Stir in the corn, peas, and cooked lima beans. Cook until the vegetables are tender and any liquid is absorbed, 3 to 5 minutes. Stir in 1½ cups of the lentils, then transfer the vegetable mixture to a shallow baking dish and set aside. 4. Heat the Light Vegetable Broth in the same large skillet over medium heat. Add the mushrooms, nutritional yeast, tomato paste, miso paste, and thyme and cook, stirring, for 5 minutes, or until the mushrooms are soft. Transfer the mushroom mixture to a blender or food processor, add the remaining ½ cup of lentils, and blend until smooth. If the gravy is too thick, blend in up to ½ cup of additional broth. Taste and adjust the seasonings, if needed. 5. Pour the gravy over the vegetable mixture, stirring to combine. Spread the mashed sweet potatoes on top, smoothing to cover the surface. Bake for about 30 minutes, or until the filling is bubbly.

Excerpted THE HOW NOT TO DIET COOKBOOK: 100+ Recipes for Healthy, Permanent Weight Loss by Michael Greger, M.D. FACLM. Copyright © 2020 by Michael Greger. Reprinted with permission from Flatiron Books. All rights reserved. Photography by Antonis Achilleos.   



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