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THE WEEDIUM>>> An Interview with PSYCHIC MEDIUM, Shannon Roc

Shannon Roc, aka “The Weedium”, is a California-based psychic medium that spends most days speaking to those on the other side. She is a creative, a singer and songwriter by trade, who went through most of her life believing she was mentally ill because (seriously) who talks to dead people? I recently had the chance to find out about her gift and how she is able to help people with it. *Editor’s note: After this interview, I had a personal reading with Shannon where she was able to speak to my dad who transitioned unexpectedly in 2010. She relayed details about his death that only my sister and I would know and provided loving closure for me.

SS: Full disclosure, I'm a bit of a skeptic when it comes to most anything that I have not seen with my own eyes or experienced personally. I am curious, have you always been psychic?

THE WEEDIUM: Most people are! I have always had the ability to see and hear things. Essentially, for me this all started when I was still in the crib. That is my earliest recollection of when things were just different for me. I think that young children are open to receiving messages and such because they have no filter, no preconceived notions about spirits and no fear of the unknown.

SS: So true. I can see where children might be the most open to something like this.

THE WEEDIUM: I recall one morning, as a very young child, it was early in the morning. I had a small kitchen set, over in the corner of my room. As I looked through the slats of my crib I saw a little boy peeking out from behind my kitchen set. His mouth wasn’t moving but I do remember hearing him. I remember hearing him say, “Do you want to play?” I freaked out, I screamed and my mom came running into my room. She looked around and clearly there was no one there.

SS: Oh wow! I cannot imagine how you felt and also cannot imagine what your mom thought about the situation.

THE WEEDIUM: My mom chalked it up to me having a nightmare. But, it started happening more frequently. There was another time, when I was about 4 years old, I was wearing Winnie the Pooh footie pajamas, it was during the holidays and I was at my grandparent’s home in Dallas. I must have had a fever or an ear infection because I remember my mom mentioning that after the fact. I was laying in my grandparent’s room and there was a big window that had large bushes outside of it. It started to rain and I got up to look out the window. Across the street, there was a woman standing in the driveway in the pouring rain dressed in a sort of Mary Poppins-like outfit. She began walking towards the window and I screamed for my parents. Again, when they came in, there was no one outside the window.

THE WEEDIUM: Well, many years later, I did do some research on the house I was living in as a baby in Oklahoma. That home was a newer development, my parents were both in the military and my first few years of life were spent in that house. When researching, I discovered that prior to homes being built there, the land had been either an Indian reservation or an old Indian burial ground. I am sure that the little boy I saw was a Native American child, and possibly one that had been buried underneath that land.

THE WEEDIUM: My parents are actually my aunt and uncle. My life began very tragically. My birth mom had me as a teenager and just two months after I was born, she was killed in a horrible car accident. My aunt and uncle took me in and I consider them my parents. They were both military and extremely religious. I grew up very sheltered. I wasn’t allowed to listen to certain types of music or watch certain movies. Because they were so religious, they were unable to embrace my talks with people on the other side. To this day, my dad is still closed to this discussion. They have since divorced, and my mom is actually a bit more open and able to talk to me about the things I see and hear.

SS: Seeing and speaking to those that have transitioned to the other side must have been scary at times. As you got older, was it harder or easier to deal with?

THE WEEDIUM: I always knew I was different. I never felt like I belonged in this world and I eventually learned to keep most things to myself. When I was in the 3rd grade, I was talking to my neighbor and I was telling her about the people that lived in her house before her. She freaked out and I knew then that it was not a good idea to tell people the things I knew. In fact, as a young adult, I truly began to think I was mentally ill. I sought out ways to feel better which included seeing a psychiatrist, and dabbling in both pharmaceutical drugs and street

12 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014
SS: You were so young, when you think back now, what is your take away about those situations?
SS: Did your parents ever open up to the possibility that what you were seeing were in fact spirits?


SS: You saying this makes me wonder how many people that are diagnosed with mental illness, could very well be hearing from spirits. Was there a turning point where you became accepting of yourself the way that you were?

THE WEEDIUM: I moved to Los Angeles in 2010. Previous to that, I had lived in places like Oklahoma, Georgia and Texas, which were extremely conservative. When I got to California, I realized that the people there were much more accepting of people with gifts like mine. I was finally comfortable. People weren't so rigid and conforming. Suddenly I was open… and I didn’t even know what open meant.

It wasn’t until 2017, when my Granny died. I was at her memorial which was held at my cousin’s house and I was drawn to this one room. I couldn’t figure out why, as this was a house I had never been in. There was an armoire in the room and I kept going in there even though I felt super uncomfortable. I remember saying “granny, if this is you in here, just please don’t scare me.” There was a lot of tension in the house as there are sometimes when a family member passes and I remember talking to my cousin Kerrie, who also lived in the house, and all of a sudden I saw my cousin’s ex-husband Julian, who had taken his own life six years prior. Julian was very close with my Granny and I believe he showed up at that time to let me know that he was with my Granny when she transitioned. As I see him standing there, the dog starts to go crazy and I begin to panic because this is not really something I want to talk about with my family right now. I end up not saying anything and then the next day, I am standing in the kitchen with my cousin and I see her ex, Julian again and he says to me, “ask her about the boat.” I tried to ignore him but he got louder and said again, “ask her about the boat.” Worst time ever as everyone around me is grieving. I finally said to my cousin, “Hey Kerrie, I know you guys think I am crazy and different and that I sometimes talk to dead people.” and she says “yah.” Then I said, “Julian is here and he has been here for a while.” Her jaw dropped and her eyes welled up with tears. I told her that he told me to ask her about the boat. I asked her if they had boats and she told me her husband did have a couple boats and then Julian said to me, “no, ask her about THE boat.” She seemed a little dumbfounded and then her daughter said to her, “oh my gosh mom, THE boat!” Kerrie then tells me that Julian had one boat that on the side of it were the letters EHFAR which stood for Everything Happens for a Reason. Once she said that, Julian said to me “tell her I am sorry.” He then said, “the check in my pocket.” Both my cousin and her daughter started to cry and let me know that the day he took his own life, he had gotten his final paycheck and it was in his pocket. This was the moment I knew this was real. That I was hearing from those that had transitioned and that relaying these messages could help people find closure.

SS: What an experience! I know so many people that would jump at the opportunity (myself included) to have just a few words with a loved one that has passed. Especially those times when the loved one transitioned unexpectedly. You call yourself "The Weedium" - what role does cannabis play in your work?

THE WEEDIUM: When I met my husband, he had been in the weed game here in California back before it was recreationally legal. And, he was concerned with the harder drugs and dangerous pharmaceuticals I was on. He really encouraged me to make the move to only cannabis which could obviously help with the relaxation and anxiety reduction I needed. I grew up in the midwest where no one gives much thought to healthy food and lifestyle choices. Once I moved to California, I realized that many people here were very conscious of their choices and I began to gravitate towards the natural, “hippie” type people. These people were ok with me being a little out there, they were ok with me being me and smoking cannabis. Gradually, cannabis became a part of my everyday life. It helped me turn off all the noise, and it helped me focus. Eventually I realized that the prescription medications were not helping me and I did exactly what I shouldn’t have and I quit all of them cold turkey - cannabis helped me with this.

SS: What an awesome transition you made, from pharmaceuticals to cannabis. I love that. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain your experiences with us. How can readers connect with you?

THE WEEDIUM: Readers can connect with me on Instagram @ theweedium.

13 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014


Cannabis Patient, FARMER &

advocate Shares His Story

At 31 years of age, John Prinz became disabled after a work-related injury at a paper mill in California in 1992. He’s suffered with, what he refers to as, “intractable pain,” for more than 29 years.

From 1993 to 1996, he went through five spinal surgeries with discs removed and hardware inserted. He’s gone through multiple epidurals, enduring many years of pain. Prescribed opiates for the first 12 years, he became addicted, with many negative side effects, including damage to his teeth.

He credits Dr. Lester Grinspoon’s book, penned with James Bakalar, the 1993, Marijuana: The Forbidden Medicine (1993) in saving his life.

Dr. Grinspoon (June 24, 1928-June 25, 2020) was an American psychiatrist and longstanding associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, best known for his groundbreaking work in the science of and social policy of cannabis, psychedelics and other drugs, with a focus on harm reduction.

But, Grinspoon’s legacy didn’t begin by supporting the plant. In fact, in 1967 he set out to show how damaging cannabis was, but after finding efficacy as medicine, he changed his tune, becoming one of the most outspoken physicians for cannabis in the country.

“Dr. Grinspoon’s book taught me that cannabis was used in 1914 to replace the opiate of the day, heroin,” he shared. “And here we are again, with more people suffering from opiate abuse and addiction. I’ve learned how to use cannabis in a very strong form to replace all my prescription opiates. My own doctor admitted that the cannabis medicine I use works far better than the pharmaceuticals prescribed.”

Replacing Oxy

Prinz’s doctor, Michael Moskowitz, MD, backed up Prinz’s treatment, “There are excellent studies from UC Davis and UC San

Francisco that are randomized, double blind placebo controlled trials on the usefulness of cannabinoids for pain. There is excellent basic science research that shows cannabinoids to have over 60n different alkaloids which work centrally and peripherally to block pain and to decrease inflammation.”

Dr. Moskowitz went on to state that even though he discussed with Prinz the fact that cannabis is still listed on the US Health

Department’s Schedule 1, with no medicinal value acknowledged, both could not deny the efficacy of the plant in treating Prinz’s longtime chronic pain.

“The patient has continued to use medical cannabis to maintain pain control,” Moskowitz continued. “He used it to come off of 770 milligrams of Oxycodone, daily, and remains focused upon this as a strategy for pain control, and for good reason. He has done so well with medical cannabis, this is understandable.”

Moskowitz went on to say that even Prinz's health insurance carrier will not pay or reimburse for medical cannabis, despite

Daily Dose

the health insurance company knowing he replaced the opiates.

Prinz continues to medicate with the plant, making his own strong cannabis oil using olive oil as a base, allowing him to add the medicine to his food daily.

Historic Buyers Club

Prinz became a member of the infamous Cannabis Buyers Club on Church Street in San Francisco in 1997.

The club was formed in 1992 by John Entwistle with his husband, Dennis Peron (April 8, 1945-January 27, 2018) - who has since been dubbed the “Father of Medical Marijuana.”

The club had taken over an existing cannabis collective run by Thomas O’Malley, after his passing in 1992. The buyers club was run with the help of Mary Jane Rathrun, also known as, Brownie Mary - known for the cannabis infused brownies she home delivered to HIV/ AIDS patients - the demographic that started the compassionate care program further defined by the club.

Brownie Mary, along with Entwistle and Peron, and others were also co-authors of Prop 215, making California the first state in the country to allow cannabis as medicine.

Dosing with Infused Olive Oil

Prinz grows his own medicine, and is convinced the high levels of both tretrahydrocannbindol (THC) and nonpsychoactive THCA, the actual compound within the cannabis plant (THC is only activated by heat), are the main compounds helping to successfully reduce his pain for the past 18 years.

“I’ve found that drinking the cannabis infused olive oil, testing with 300 miligrams of both THCA and THC per one tablespoon, works best for my pain,” he explained. “I take two tablespoons, three times a day. Each tablespoon has 195 miligrams of THCA, and

16 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014

130 milligrams of THC. I know that works for me, and so do my doctors - who have witnessed me in what seems like a lifetime of pain. This plant works for me.”

Prinz has also added Delta-9 to his regimen, the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, otherwise known as THC.

Stating that the anti-spasmodic, analgesic properties are key in increasing a general overall sense of well-being with mild euphoria.

Delta-9 has also been shown to treat nausea and vomiting, with antioxidant, antiinflammatory, and neuroprotective properties. It’s also a sleep enhancer, reduces stress and anxiety, and helps deal with disorders on the spectrum. It also works with bodily pain receptors in minimizing pain.

While many of the compounds of cannabis extracted from the plant work well, you really can’t replace the whole plant compounds, numbering in the hundreds, working together in ways we still don’t fully understand.

That said, in states that still outlaw THC, where only cannabidiol or CBD only is allowed, Delta-9 has been instrumental in dealing with more maladies than CBD is able to on its own.

The Future Looks Green

Prinz sees cannabis as a first remedy for the future of pain medication, not a last resort, as many end up doing out of desperation.

“The thing is, I estimate I’ve saved my health care insurer more than $70,000 annually by replacing prescription drug use with cannabis,” he said. “It’s frustrating when you see so much savings, with so much help for my pain, yet the health care provider's hands are tied by the federal government and its lack of acceptance of cannabis as medicine.”

As more people are helped and educated, he sees more doctors prescribing cannabis for pain over opiates.

“I see Americans using this medicine for pain in every state, with every kind of patient, from every demographic, using it freely,” he concluded. “I have great hope for the future of cannabis medicine. It was a life changer for me, and I know it can help many. I’ve lobbied, spoken out, have been arrested and detained, and I’m not going anywhere. This is my truth, because it works - there’s no denying it.”

17 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014


International Cannabis Business Women’s Association are putting women first.

Beginning in Reno and expanding as far nationally as Atlantic City, the Women in Cannabis Expo has become a traveling convention showcasing the many powerful women employed or being an advocate in the diverse fields related to cannabis industry and culture. From law and politics to artistic outlets to extraction and even the oftentimes convoluted field of banking within cannabis. Nearly every field either directly related to or holding an ancillary relationship with cannabis, is represented at this convention in droves and entirely by women.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and the number of cannabis employees grows along with it, it’s important to acknowledge how womenled this industry truly is. The percentage of women executives in legal cannabis range from 22 to 37 percent depending on the year and state of the economy. However even with fluctuating ranges, the number of women holding executive or C-level seats in the cannabis industry is still considerably higher than the number of women in those same positions in other industries outside of cannabis. For all US industries, women only account for a total of 13.1 percent of total executive positions, at least nine percentage points lower than even the lowest estimate of women executives in legal cannabis.

Three prominent cannabis advocacy and industry networking organizations in Las Vegas and greater Nevada are all primarily women-led. The Board of Directors for the Chamber of Cannabis and the Cannabis Equity and Inclusion Community are largely led by women employed in cannabis to one extent or another and the great inclusion of women in cannabis within the organization Lady Led Collabs is self-explanatory.

One such organization started in 2019 to empower women in cannabis anywhere and everywhere is the International Cannabis Business Women’s Association. Similar to the women-led cannabis organizations in Nevada, the ICBWA is directed by dignified and incredibly experienced leaders in multiple industries and fields of expertise.

“We had a conversation and realized that this is the time to try and create a platform in the industry to destigmatize the concept of cannabis.” said Vice President and co-founder of ICBWA Dennise Mejia. Being originally from Bogota, Colombia, Mejia is very familiar with the medicinal and cultural importance of cannabis that often isn’t mentioned or even acknowledged when the dollar signs of cannabis are being discussed.

As a professional entrepreneur and civic leader, Mejia’s resume and list of accomplishments is impressive. A business owner herself and founder of multiple companies, the allencompassing California Physician Network and the Southern Californiabased trucking company freight service Donaly Express Inc, Mejia understands

the many complexities and requirements that business owners must operate under and even live by to a degree. Among organizations advocating and promoting female business ownerships and especially Hispanic business ownership at that, the Vice President of ICBWA is a powerhouse.

Mejia previously founded the Chicano Latino Immigrant Democratic Club of Los Angeles County as well as being a current member of Kiwanis International and Past Vice President of the Los Angeles chapter of National Latina Business Women’s Association.

As cannabis legalization spread across the country, Mejia collaborated with two other women equally as established in their fields and communities to create an organization catering to the same female business ownership that Mejia’s previous organizations had. In an industry already so driven by women professionals and business owners, it made sense to have an organization specializing in exactly that.

“Our other co-founder, Sofia Felix, was passionate to address the issue of PTSD and passionate to find ways to educate on therapeutic uses of CBD. Then we have Suzie Ortega who is the owner of Artistic Rejuvenation.”

Felix, who founded the internationally operating acting and modeling agency HBM Talent and Management and does public relations for the CBD company Y+M, has been honored with a Leadership Award from Sacremento’s ABC affiliate, a California Hero award in 2017 by State Senator Joel Anderson and the 2021 San Diego Hometown Hero Award among many other accolades. She’s also very involved in philanthropic efforts in Southern California, such as being President of the region’s chapter of

20 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014

America’s Children of Fallen Heroes.

Ortega, a Soft Tissue Therapist and entrepreneur in holistic healing, utilizes CBD in some of the many therapeutic treatments that she offers clients for a variety of conditions. As well as also being a former member of the Los Angeles chapter of National Latina Business Women’s Association and Artistic Rejuvenation even received a nomination for San Fernando’s Best Small Business in 2018 along with a recognition from the California Assembly Member Adrin Nazarian.

“We all took a little of each other’s strengths and came together and said let’s make this possible. But not just locally, let’s make it possible internationally. We did see this was going to be bigger than we imagined back in 2019. So we’ve seen how much it grew in the industry and how important it was for Hispanic communities to have access to some resources for education, which we shockingly lack in our society in general.”

While the professional and personal accomplishments of these three women are certainly admirable, Mejia has a deeply personal reason for getting involved in cannabis. Mejia had been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis yet through using holistic methods and approaches of healing with cannabinoids among other treatments, she’s stayed walking and physically active in direct contrast to the physically damaging symptoms of MS.

Among many multi-faceted messages, the primary message that Mejia would like ICBWA to send as an organization is that cannabis is certainly not a “drug”, as it’s easily the most organically natural and unrefined substance found on the horribly outdated federal Controlled Substances List.

“We found that putting this together would be the intent of all of us three to find ways to destigmatize, to provide women a platform to educate and to advocate in an industry needing to prepare for what was coming.”

The mission statement of ICBWA is


certainly one that states its undying support of female business ownership and flourishment in this rapidly expanding industry beyond just the 2237 percent range of female management that’s currently estimated in the industry.

The mission of ICBWA is to help women unleash their power and potential as business owners in the cannabis industry. We will stand as a premier resource in their ventures as business owners and help catapult them in the emerging cannabis market.

“We obviously wanted to develop relationships that are different and diverse in the industry of cannabis. We’re not just focusing on Hispanic communities but instead women from all communities. We wanted to create a platform as a mission to help women get into the industry to have that platform to have that exposure to collaborate with like-minded women in the industry. To collaborate and participate mutually with different women organizations and come together joining forces by having collaborative events.”

To their credit, the ICBWA frequently promotes and attends events hosted by other female-led cannabis organizations in the California-Nevada region as well as abroad; whether that be the several events hosted by the “global feminist community for active cannabis culture” group Tokeativity in LA or the Cannabis Wedding Expos hosted in multiple cities across America. At the recent Cannabis Wedding Expo in Las Vegas, ICBWA had a table at the expo to spread their mission and activities.

ICBWA provides their members many opportunities for networking and further exposure and brand marketing. From their monthly newsletter to their social media channels, ICBWA prides itself in showcasing the best of female business ownership in cannabis.

“People need to see that women come from all different types of diverse communities that have a mutual interest, a purpose and a mission and vision. We’re seeing women from all professional fields and doing amazing

things with the cannabis industry.” Mejia said.

“It’s predominantly women who are the caretakers, who are the nurses, who are the mothers, who have the mindset of finding ways to help the areas in our society that are hurting. You find women in such diverse capacities wanting to find a purpose to do something that is useful. Cannabis has been something that’s opened that opportunity for women to see how they can lead with the need.”

Even if diversity in the cannabis industry still has room to grow until the board rooms and offices of companies truly resemble the vast diversity of cannabis consumers, Mejia and the ICBWA will continue to empower their fellow women towards greatness in the cannabis industry. Future plans for the organization include expanding on their professional resources and education offered to their communities.

A noteworthy example of ICBWA expanding upon their mission statements and their opportunities is their partnership with the Triumph School of Cannabis to provide affordable online lectures and hands-on training lessons about many common factors in the cannabis industry. After completing the range of courses offered, graduates will then be able to network with the other members and businesses associated with ICBWA to ensure they’ll be quality employees and business owners themselves. Starting at the end of September, ICBWA and Triumph will begin a course called “Fundamentals & Budtending.”

“In today’s world, women aren’t allowing themselves to be set aside anymore. Women are speaking up and wanting to have those C-level positions in the cannabis industry and ownership and that entrepreneur mindset because they’re seeing the potential and the strength. Even more when they come together, organize and mobilize with different organizations in the cannabis world. “

21 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014

Ask the Leaf Nurse

Sexual Health, Weed and Women

Menstrual Cramps, Painful Sex, Hot Flashes, Oh my! We want to feel like a woman, not feel the pains of womanhood, right?

Women’s bodies are regularly changing, which presents a unique set of health challenges, from menstruation, endometriosis, menopause, painful intercourse, to hormonal imbalances. Some women are using cannabis to deal with sexual health issues and yet cannabis remains highly untouched by many women. They are either unaware of its benefits or hesitant to try it due to the lingering stigma around marijuana use.

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) can become deficient in endocannabinoids. This can cause ECS dysregulation, leading to an imbalance in the body and eventually health issues. Cannabis can play an important role in treatment, by interacting with cannabinoid receptors located in the female reproductive system.

That’s where the benefit of cannabis comes in. Cannabis contains more than 100 plant-derived cannabinoids, called phytocannabinoids. Like endocannabinoids, these cannabisderived cannabinoids are able to interact with the body’s cannabinoid receptors. In essence, the cannabinoids derived from cannabis can serve to supplement the body’s own endocannabinoids, helping ensure the ECS performs its regulation duties effectively.

Up to 90% of women have painful periods - Some women are lucky enough to use an aspirin or ibuprofen and have sufficient pain relief. Others have to call in sick from work or take opiate painkillers. Will smoking a joint help for instant relief? Yes. So will rubbing a cannabis-infused topical lotion on your pelvis, a great option if you get drug tested at work and can’t have THC in your bloodstream.

Endometriosis - Chronic pelvic pain lasting 6 months or more impacts 25% of women. It is a condition poorly treated by regular surgeries, hormone shots, and hysterectomy. Can cannabis help? Yes, but you’re going to have to do more than smoke it for lasting relief. Try eating 1:1 or 2:1 CBD:THC ratio tinctures or candies. For prevention of pain and actual treatment of your symptoms, try a vaginal suppository with THC and CBD.

Menopause – it’s something 50% of humans on earth will go through. Hot flashes, night sweats, moodiness, it’s not something anyone looks forward to going through. Current treatments include hormone replacement therapy or HRT, with a list of harmful side effects like increased risk of stroke or breast cancer. Research shows a well-operating endocannabinoid system can help suppress mood swings. At a time when so many dramatic shifts are occurring, the use of cannabis during menopause may help bolster the ECS’s abilities to keep functions

balanced, reducing the risk of depression. Cannabis’s support of the ECS can also help encourage better bone regulation to reduce the risk of osteoporosis, a condition more common in postmenopausal women. Cannabis can relieve many symptoms of menopause without these scary side effects. Tell your mom, your sister, anyone with a vagina!

Cannabis and Pain with Intercourse - Vaginismus refers to a spasm of the vaginal muscles so painful that many afflicted women find sexual intercourse difficult, if not altogether impossible. While ads for erectile dysfunction medications are everywhere, vaginismus remains a condition hidden in the shadows, receiving little if any attention. This is due in part to the reluctance of women to mention this private agony to health professionals. Let’s talk about the dry vagina and how to treat it!

Medical cannabis, particularly certain indica-sativa hybrids, heightens sexual pleasure and decreases inhibitions. As many women with vaginismus developed the condition as a result of sexual trauma, using cannabis in conjunction with sex therapy can help women relax enough to tolerate intimate touching. Indicadominant strains help relax the body and ease muscle spasms while sativa strains elevate the mental state.

Better Sex - Cannabis may also help women enhance their sexual health. A recent study in the journal Sexual Medicine found that nearly 7 of 10 women who used marijuana before sex had a more pleasurable experience. Using cannabis before sex also boosted sex drive in over 60 percent of women and more than half experienced an increase in satisfying orgasms. While researchers are still unsure why, some believe it has to do with cannabis’s effect on stress and anxiety, which may make a woman more confident.

Cannabinoid receptors are found in areas of the brain that are responsible for balancing hormones that play a role in sex. Plus, women’s sexual arousal has shown to increase when there are higher concentrations of cannabinoids in their systems.

Celebrate being a woman, and if you are experiencing any health issues, explore your options with some cannabis!

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>>>The Sanctuary Hosts Doobies for Boobies Fundraiser

Benefitting Angels of Las Vegas in Honor of Breast Cancer

This month, community-driven dispensary, The Sanctuary, will unveil a new limited-editionSolaris cannabis strain, Pink Ribbon, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As part of their “Doobies for Boobies” fundraising effort, Pink Ribbon will be available at The Sanctuary exclusively during the month of October, with a portion of its sales proceeds being donated to Angels of Las Vegas, a local non-profit which supports those battling cancer by providing a variety of critical resources, including financial support, wig donations, nutritional programs, counseling and more.

According to the American Cancer Society, in a survey of over 600 breast cancer patients, 42%reported using cannabis to relieve symptoms.

“Cannabis is a holistic form of herbal medicine that many breast cancer patients use to counteract the debilitating side-effects of chemotherapy, such as nausea, vomiting, inflammation, pain, insomnia, anxiety, and stress,” says Dr. Pejman Bady DO, co-founder of The Sanctuary. “I’ve seen it work miracles to counteract the side effects of my mother’s cancer treatments. As a board-certified physician, I want to use our “Doobies for Boobies” fundraiser to make a direct impact on those in our community suffering from the same taxing side effects.” The Sanctuary’s exclusive Solaris brand, Pink Ribbon, cannabis flower, starting at $10, will be available at both of the dispensary’s convenient

locations, including North Las Vegas at 2113 Las Vegas Blvd N. North Las Vegas, Nev 89030, and in the downtown Art’s District at 1324 3rd St. Las Vegas, Nev. 89104.

About The Sanctuary Dispensary

The Sanctuary Dispensary is a boutique-style high-quality medical and recreational cannabis dispensary with two convenient locations in north and downtown Las Vegas. Founded by award-winning emergency and family medicine doctor of over 29 years, Pejman Bady DO, The Sanctuary provides an alternative approach to healing and offers a wide variety of medicinal and recreational cannabis products – vapes, flower, CBD, tinctures, and more. The popular dispensary places a huge emphasis on educating its patients about medical marijuana and its benefits and in turn, provides ongoing monthly webinars hosted by Dr. Bady, diving into a new medicinal cannabis topic each month. Sanctuary’s downtown location is located at 1324 3rd St. Las Vegas, Nev. 89104, and is open from 9 a.m. until 10 p.m. on Sunday through Thursday and from 9 a.m. until 12 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. The North Las Vegas location is located at 2113 Las Vegas Blvd N. North Las Vegas, Nev 89030, and is conveniently open 24/7. For more information, please visit Sanctuary’s website at thesanctuarynv. com, where you can place pickup, delivery, or curbside orders. Also, follow Sanctuary on Instagram @thesanctuarynv, Facebook, and subscribe to their Youtube channel.

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Made with only heat and pressure, binske Solventless Live Rosin is one of the most sought-after products for cannabis purists.

We start with fresh frozen cannabis flowers and separate the trichomes with water and ice. Next, this ice hash is freeze-dried in order to preserve terpenes, flavor and aroma before being squeezed in a rosin press. The heat and pressure separates a lightly colored extract from the trichome heads, refining the ice hash into glorious live rosin.

Smooth smoking and full of terpene-rich flavor, binske Solventless Live Rosin captures the pure essence of cannabis flowers.



Meet the ladies OF taproot>>>

Kadie was an early advocate of cannabis, but it wasn’t until undertaking a yoga and fitness journey that she began to value the mental and physical benefits that came from incorporating the plant into her life on a regular basis.

Kadie Sturgeon

Kadie Sturgeon, born and raised in South Carolina, moved to Las Vegas in 2015 after graduating from East Carolina University with a degree in Hospitality Management and Business Administration. Shortly after arriving in the city, she secured a position in VIP casino services and events at a high-end Strip casino.

"When I think of hospitality, I think of the authentic desire to help and accommodate others. I've met more individuals that desire to help others in cannabis than I ever met during my time in the Las Vegas hospitality industry."

It wasn’t until she had exposure to the professionals traveling to Las Vegas for MJ Bizcon and other conventions in 2018, that she realized a legal career in Cannabis was even a possibility. After networking with show attendees and developing relationships with her convention guests, Kadie expressed interest in the industry and was offered an opportunity to help launch a new cannabis beverage brand in Nevada.

"People discredit how challenging it is to be one of the first few employees of a company. You don't have a handbook to refer to, standard operating procedures or any defined process, for that matter. When you don't know what to do in a certain situation, you just figure it out."

After a few years of selling in the Las Vegas market, Kadie was elevated to a national sales position. She enjoyed the opportunity to learn about how other markets operate along with the logistics behind partnerships and licensing deals.

Shortly thereafter, she was offered a wholesale opportunity with the largest greenhouse cultivation in the state. During this time, she represented a portfolio of 12 top selling cannabis brands and worked closely with almost every dispensary in Nevada. Last July, she was introduced to the team at Taproot Brands.

"There was a massive amount of synergy from the beginning. My first interview with their team lasted for four-and-a-half hours. Ironically, TapRoot's CEO, Shane Terry, was a bad ass Top Gun pilot, just like my dad! His girlfriend and TapRoot Co-Founder, Dana, was one of the staple yoga and meditation teachers at the studio I received my yoga certifications from, and their Director of Sales had an extensive background in Las Vegas hospitality and nightclub."

Kadie joined the TapRoot team as a Senior Account Manager on August 1st.  Within the last few months Roots has made facility improvements and onboarded some of the best production and facility managers in the state.

"We always strive to increase quality and customer experience, by sourcing the best of the best material, and continue to develop unique and meaningful products for the community."

Dana Kay Co-Founder and Brand Strategist behind TapRoot Brands

She is an herbalist, yoga and meditation teacher, sound healer, writer, and community architect.

Dana spent over a decade traveling around the world, immersing herself in different cultures and wisdom practices, and working deeply with plant medicines and ancient healing modalities. This education inspired her to create brands and products that restore the sacred connection between people and plants.

Dana entered the cannabis industry in 2014 and has since made it her mission to build an ecosystem rooted in plants, people, and planet.

She combines her wisdom of traditional folk herbalism, alchemical traditions, and indigenous plant medicine with modern science and chemistry to create unique brands and products that tell a powerful story and harness the full synergistic power of humanity, nature and science.

Dana is passionate about giving back to her community and using her platform to create powerful moments of connection. She is also the founder of Rooted Lounge, a natureinspired wellness space in Downtown Las Vegas dedicated to building community and facilitating connection between ourselves, each other, and our planet.

In her free time, Dana can be found dancing in the desert, DJ’ing, throwing parties and events, riding motorcycles, skateboarding, snowboarding, writing poetry, and talking to plants.

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Meet the Candidates 2022 MIDTERMS

n the lead up to the 2022 Midterm election season, informing cannabis consumers about the issues that may impact their lives and the representatives fighting to influence state action, is of the utmost importance.

Especially in states where cannabis is already fully recreationally legal, it’s vital for consumers and advocates to remember that the fight for cannabis reform and equity in the cannabis industry is still far from over. Thousands of cannabis consumers are still in prison in fully legal states, while thousands more live with the social disadvantages of a criminal conviction. To be blunt, the costs and taxes of running a compliant cannabis business are higher than Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson in Amsterdam.

To ensure that Nevada cannabis consumers, professionals and advocates are informed about who their voting choices are when November 8th arrives, the Chamber of Cannabis recently hosted a Meet the Candidates Forum venue and barcade, Diversion Amusements. The meeting featured almost a dozen different candidates running for a variety of positions both statewide and on the national level.

Through hosting incumbent candidates and newcomers to Nevada politics alike, the diversity of the candidates invited showcased how mainstream and heavily supported the subjects of cannabis legalization and reform have become. Among the panel of candidates were currently serving US Congress members, the current Attorney General of Nevada, Purple Heart veterans, educators employed in the Clark County School District, a 25-year serving member of Las Vegas Metro who wants to end violence caused by illegal cannabis and a Libertarian musician/business owner who wants to put more cannabis professionals on the Cannabis Compliance Board.

“It’s important for the cannabis community to know which candidates support cannabis and matters that are important to our future,” explained Chamber of Cannabis president Tina Ulman. “With 18,000 active cannabis industry employees and the majority of them being under 40 years old we can’t afford for people not to know more about our local elections, especially with the challenges our industry is facing.

Meet the Candidates

Congresswoman Susie Lee

The first candidate to speak was Congresswoman Susie Lee, the Representative for Nevada’s Congressional District 3. While Lee sent in a pre-recorded segment, Lee mentioned wanting to expand upon expungement opportunities for both Nevada residents as well as on the federal level for low-level cannabis charges. Running for her third term in the United States Congress, Lee did in fact vote in favor of House Resolution 3617, the most recent version of the MORE Act which would provide widespread cannabis reform on the federal and judicial levels.

To her credit, Rep. Lee has also voted in favor of other drug reform measures during her tenure which started in January of 2019, including investing in organizations that combat opioid abuse and even wrote a letter to President Trump to allocate more money to fight opioid abuse among veterans.

State Treasurer Zach Conine

Next to speak was Boyd School of Law graduate and current Nevada State Treasurer, Zach Conine. Serving since January of 2019, Treasurer Conine is in charge of state investments and projects as well as processing the payments of public agencies and organizations. Running for re-election, Conine wants to assist the cannabis industry from a financial standpoint. While it seems like a small victory on paper, Conine allowing Nevada cannabis employees to pay their agent card fees via credit card did expedite the agent card process a notable amount. Being a financial expert, Conine also highly recommends The SAFE Banking Act or equivalent bills being pushed on the federal level so cannabis businesses can finally have safe and stable access to financial services that are hard for cannabis businesses to obtain due to the federal status.

Attorney General Aaron Ford

Both a former math teacher and three-term State Senator, current Attorney General Aaron Ford has shown his support for

cannabis reform and going against Big Pharma since taking office. In 2021, AG Ford won a $45 million settlement for the state from pharmaceutical marketers McKinsey and Company who famously provided marketing for the producers of the highly addictive and deadly OxyContin, Purdue Pharma. A year prior, Ford joined a bipartisan coalition of 34 other state/territory Attorneys General that stressed the importance of the SAFE Banking Act and the many beneficial reasons why the United States Legislature should pass the bill.

In coordination with Governor Sisolak, Ford famously implemented a mass automatic pardon program in 2020 for any Nevadans convicted of low-level cannabis possession, which in total impacted about 15,000 people. If re-elected, Ford would likely continue to implement even further cannabis reform measures in Nevada and advocate for those changes on the federal level.

Brandon Davis, Gubernatorial Candidate

While a registered Libertarian by affiliation, musician and business owner Brandon Davis will be running for Governor. Davis spoke about reforming the costly problems that frequently arise for cannabis businesses, such as the high costs of CCB inspector visit fees and wholesale taxes that cannabis businesses must pay in order to deliver to dispensaries.

Most notably and a point not brought up by any other candidates that night, the gubernatorial candidate mentioned wanting to restructure the CCB and including more cannabis professionals on the regulatory body instead of those from other fields such as gaming or finance. Davis would also like to see more cultivation licenses being issued for small business owners and expansion of social equity measures in Nevada cannabis besides simply just a few consumption lounge licenses.

Assemblywoman Selena Torres

Currently the incumbent State Assembly member for District 3 and up for re-election, Selena Torres has gained quite a following on social media platforms including TikTok by making videos that discuss everything from the everyday life of a state legislator to highlighting the importance and functions of local government. Torres is both the proud daughter of an El Salvadoran immigrant and the youngest woman serving in the Nevada Legislature and was instrumental in getting AB 341 on Sisolak’s desk. At the meeting, Torres mentioned the importance of continuing to expand upon social equity measures in Nevada cannabis and voters telling their stories of how the issues they’re passionate about reflect and impact their lives.

Assemblywoman Torres’ voting record in the Nevada Legislature is ripe with voting in favor of socially progressive measures, such as a LGBTQ business protections bill in 2021 and another bill to abolish the death penalty that same year. Torres also voted in favor of the “cannabis DUI” bill that reduced penalties with drivers found with cannabis metabolites in their system but not impaired at the moment.

Rueben D’Silva, District 28 Candidate

A Purple Heart Marine veteran and now serving as a teacher at Rancho High School, Reuben D’Silva is a true immigrant success story. Moving from Mumbai, India at age six, D’Silva became a musician in his youth before eventually receiving two different Master’s degrees from both University of Pennsylvania and Yale University, two Ivy League universities, and becoming a Purple Heart veteran from being shot through the forearm during a 2007 insurgent battle in Fallujah.

Running for the Northeast Vegas-located District 28, D’Silva is running on a platform of economics and strengthening Nevada’s notoriously lacking public education. He supports the productive and creative value behind cannabis and even organized block walks to register voters for Question 2, the 2016 ballot measure that ultimately legalized cannabis in Nevada on an adult use level.

Clark County Commissioner Justin Jones

Elected to the Nevada State Senate a decade ago before moving over to serve on the Clark County Commission, District F Commissioner Justin Jones was instrumental when it came to ensuring that cannabis tax revenue was allocated towards homelessness services and education as well as Red Rock Canyon conservation among several other issues in Nevada. Outside of his County Commission work, the George Washington University Law School graduate provided legal representation to victims of child abuse and neglect through the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada's Children's Attorney Project.

Elected to Clark County Commission the same time as the “godfather of Vegas cannabis” Tick Segerblom and up for reelection in November, Jones voted to appropriate $500,000 towards efforts to provide expungement opportunities for Nevadans who still have criminal records.

Francis Allen-Palenske, City Council Candidate (Ward 4)

Having the distinct honor of being the first Asian American woman elected to the Nevada Legislature, Francis AllenPalenske is running for Ward 4 City Council. She previously served two terms in the State Assembly from 2004 to 2008 before transferring over to the private sector and has been a

business owner and franchisee for about 15 years now. One of Palenske’s most prestigious achievements during her time in the Nevada Assembly was the “Outstanding Assemblywoman Award” by the Peace Officers Research Association of Nevada.

As a businesswoman, Palenske sees how the street market cannabis is affecting the legal industry and thus wants to make entry into employment and business ownership in legal cannabis more affordable and accessible to those who don’t come from either multi-state operators or intergenerational wealth.

Lt. Ray Spencer, City Council Candidate (Ward 6)

Arguably the most surprising candidate that night in terms of their line of work was Las Vegas Metro Police Lieutenant Ray Spencer. Coming from such a heavily prohibitionist and policeran state such as Texas, I was surprised to see a seasoned member of law enforcement supporting cannabis so openly. Yet, certain law enforcement officials supporting cannabis reform shows how far this county has progressed in acceptance of cannabis.

Running for Ward 6 City Council, Spencer has served over 20 years in LVMPD and graduated from both Western High School and University of Nevada-Reno. During his time in LVMPD’s homicide division, Spencer witnessed far too many tragic cases of young cannabis users being killed in sketchy alleyways over unsafe and illegal cannabis deals gone horribly wrong. As a member of law enforcement, ensuring Las Vegan’s safety is a cornerstone of Spencer’s campaign. To combat this, Spencer believes that legal cannabis is the safest way to purchase cannabis and wants to strengthen the cannabis industry with less unnecessary taxes and regulatory costs.

Anna Albertson, Judicial Candidate (8th District Court)

The only judicial candidate on the stage that night, Anna Albertson is running for District Judge of Nevada’s 8th Judicial District Court. Prior to the election, Albertson served as the Truancy Court Judge and a court-appointed arbitrator. Currently, she owns the Legal Angel law firm which provides affordable legal representation to those in need. Being the only candidate having practiced, tried cases and provided criminal defense in the very courthouse she’s running to be judge of, Albertson has witnessed the inequalities and unfairness of our court systems and wants to be a judge that provides fair justice that matches the nature of the offense.

Congressman Steven Horsford

The final candidate to speak that night was US Congressman Steven Horsford. Serving the 4th Congressional District since 2019 and eight years in the Nevada Senate before that, the UNR grad and son to Trinidadian immigrants spoke about cannabis reform needed on the federal level that would certainly benefit

the state level. Citing his support of the MORE Act and the SAFE Banking Act, Horsford stressed that a pro-cannabis majority is needed in the Legislative branch, especially in the Senate.

Horsford also wants to reform Tax Code 280E, the federal tax code which prohibits cannabis businesses from deducting “ordinary and necessary” business expenses from their taxes and results in significantly higher operating costs than other industries.

The Importance of Paying Attention to Politics and Cannabis Reform

Even though the Chamber organized the event, there were still a few candidates that surprised Ulman with their views on cannabis and experience.

“All the candidates were very well spoken and came prepared to share their views on cannabis and what initiatives they would support if elected. A few did surprise me though, Ray Spencer, a former law enforcement officer sharing he saw too many people dead in a back alley over a couple grams of cannabis and supported legalization was the kind of information the community should know. Reuben D’Silva also blew us away with his accomplishments and connectivity to the plant and community,” she said.

It was also great to hear from Assemblywoman Selena Torres who supported both AB 341 and AB 400. She is a huge ally for reform and inclusion and she’s really leveraging the power of social media to educate young Nevadans.”

Overall, events such as this show how important it is for cannabis consumers, professionals and advocates to become and remain politically involved. In order to see the many cannabis reforms still desperately needed in our country come to fruition, political involvement is vital. The only way that cannabis has become medically or recreationally legal in any facet was entirely by the democratic process; either through state legislatures or through ballot initiatives started by progress-minded constituents.

“Our future depends on it!” Ulman says about the importance of cannabis consumers, professionals and advocates becoming politically engaged.

“We live in one of the best states in the nation and it’s important we elect civil servants who have the best interest in Nevadans at the forefront of their objectives. While crises are happening around us in other states, we need to make sure we fight to protect our freedoms, our industry, and our resources.”

SPECIALTY,SUBVERSIVE,SUBCULTURE,INDEPENDENT AtNewOrleansSquare IntheHistoricCommercial Center AvantpopBooks.com @avantpopbooks 900KarenAve.,D-102 LasVegas,NV89109AvantpopBookstore

Lady Led Collabs hosted the Lifted Lady Led Lounge Experience last month at the Tasting Room inside Nuwu Cannabis Marketplace. As a follow-up to the Cannabis Wedding Expo, participants enjoyed flower, infused drinks and great conversation. In addition, attendees took home bags filled with fabulous goodies!

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Photography: Megan Evans & Social Booth LV
Bobby Duque

JEN SOLAS: A CARING LEADER in the nevada CANNABIS industry

n the ongoing Nevada cannabis story, Jen Solas is a living legend. From getting medicine to patients back in a time when you were considered a danger to society and a complete criminal in Nevada for doing so, to her three-hundred person cannabis parties that raised money to help change the law. A cannabis outlaw who led the peacekeepers through battle and weathered the storm. Jen Solas is a legend, and now with Tree of Life Dispensaries, she continues to set the highwater mark for the entire cannabis industry.

Shwa: I figure what we could start with is just for the new readers who don't know about your history. When did you become a cannabis activist here in Nevada?

Jen: In 2010, I became a cannabis activist by making a meetup group, and the meetup group was for other people that had their medical licenses. It was so that people could feel less alone and kind of have a resource for everybody to kind of get together and share either clones or ideas or information. There wasn't a lot out here at that time.

Shwa: Now, is this when you started wecann.702.org?

Jen: I started wecann about a year or two later. It first started out as a meetup group.

Shwa: Since you've been in for so long, what are some of the positive changes that you've seen over time?

Jen: Some of the positive changes that I've seen over time is access to cannabis for everyone. What I was most concerned with back in 2012 was that people would come to my wecann

parties, and support the party and give money for the initiative to go to the legislature and stuff like that. But then people would ask me to sell them cannabis. Could I provide this? And I couldn't do that. I would give people what I could because I was growing, but I couldn't sell anything. I'm a teacher. I was a veterinary nurse, and I taught veterinary medicine for like eleven years. So I didn't really want to risk my profession and start selling on the black market, that's why we kept going to the legislature, trying to get access for everyone. That's my biggest thing that I'm really glad about.

Shwa: Now you've got Tree of Life, the new dispensary. How did that come about?

Jen: MJ Jameson and I have been friends for a long time. We used to throw parties at their estate in Boulder City, and we threw some of the biggest cannabis parties out there, two hundred to three hundred people. They knew I had been working as a GM for Shango, and then I worked as a compliance regulator for Cura Select Products. They asked me to come on board to do their licensing, their regulation, and their HR and get them good people. And so now I'm the COO of their company.

Shwa: Can you tell us a little bit about what makes Tree of Life so special?

Jen: Tree of Life was created to give back. The whole reason Florence Jameson went for the licenses is for a funding mechanism for all of the philanthropic work they do in Southern Nevada. The Jamesons have a 30-year history of philanthropy in Southern Nevada. Every year they throw galas and fundraisers and grants and all of this other kind of stuff just to keep the free clinics working and able to give out

medication. Dr. Jameson thought that this would be a great way to be a funding mechanism for these nonprofits as they get older.

Shwa: It seems like that was supposed to be the goal with all dispensaries in the beginning, but it's kind of gone a little bit outside of those realms and so it's very nice to see that's what Tree of Life’s mission is.

Jen: And that was one of the disappointing things with all of these dispensaries that started in the medical day, as they all promised a bunch of stuff that they would do as their social equity or their give-back. And I found that more often than not, they did not fulfill any.

Shwa: Now that’s criminal.

Jen: Since October [2021], we opened two dispensaries, but more importantly, we've already given back $51,000 in donations. We're trying to hit $75,000 by the end of this year.

Jen Solas, Folks. And that's how you become a true cannabis legend.

To learn more, visit treeoflifenv.com. Follow Tree of Life on Instagram @treeoflifedispensary.

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Deep Roots Harvest is committed to expandingopportunities for women in the cannabis industry

According to MJBizDaily’s annual Women & Minorities in the Cannabis Industry report, female executive representation across the industry was down to 22% in 2021, a dramatic drop from the industry’s high point of 36.8% in 2019 and far below the national average of about 30% for all businesses. The reasons for the sudden drop are uncertain, but many experts attributed it to an influx of executives entering the industry from other, more “mainstream” businesses, as well as a lower number of funding opportunities for woman-owned businesses.

Although disappointing, the figure is hardly surprising. Like so many of the industries that came before it, the cannabis industry has always been a male dominated business since its inception. But as the industry changes and begins to mature, more and more industry leaders are recognizing the opportunities created by recruiting women for leadership positions, as well as for roles company wide. Many believe the cannabis industry has a rare chance to create a truly inclusive industry as it expands.

“Because cannabis is still a relatively new industry, there really is an incredible opportunity to create the kind of business we would like to see in the world,” said Brenda Snell, chief administrative officer for Nevada’s Deep Roots Harvest. “We have found that women can excel in any role the company has to offer, and we think we are a stronger company when we have a more diverse workforce.”

Currently, approximately 45% of Deep Roots Harvest employees are women, according to Snell. She added that the company has many women working in what have traditionally been thought of as maledominated positions. For example, Deep Roots Harvest currently employs women as grow laborers, a grow supervisor, a facilities supervisor and even an extraction supervisor. In addition, about 20% of the company’s executive leaders are women (including Snell), 10% of all company directors are women, 35% of managers are women and 48% of all supervisors are women.

“We believe that women bring a lot of insight to our operations, particularly as more women begin to consider cannabis for their wellness and recreational needs,” Snell said. “Having women in positions throughout the company ensures that our products and services incorporate what women are seeking from cannabis and the dispensary shopping experience.”

The inclusion of women is more important than ever in the cannabis industry, Snell said. According to Headset, an industry data and market intelligence firm, cannabis sales to both men and women have

increased since 2020, with sales to women increasing the most. The Headset data also shows that although only about one-third of total cannabis sales are to female customers, that market share is steadily increasing – causing many analysts to suggest that women are the fastest-growing demographic of cannabis consumers.

“Cannabis businesses, including Deep Roots Harvest, are paying closer attention to the things that matter most to female consumers, like well-designed packaging, clear information labels, better dosing information and engaging branding,” Snell said. “Our female employees can help bring that perspective to the table when we are developing new products or designing our retail stores.”

As more women begin to consume cannabis, it only makes sense for cannabis businesses to increase opportunities for women in the workplace – and that means bringing more women into leadership roles within companies. Known colloquially as the “Grass Ceiling,” the barriers that have kept women outside of leadership positions include a lack of female mentors in the industry and the industry’s early reputation as being a “bro fest.” However, as more women enter the industry and more women become dispensary customers, these barriers are beginning to crumble.

“Women are still working their way into executive positions in nearly every industry, so it is not surprising that the cannabis industry is struggling with this issue, too,” Snell said. “However, the difference in this industry is there is a rising chorus of voices across the cannabis industry that is saying we can do better. I know that Deep Roots Harvest is committed to making a difference, and I believe that many others in cannabis are committed, as well.”

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Nevada Cannabis Company Embracing


Health for Life has been an established destination for quality cannabis, exceptional service and a great value to customers in Arizona for over 9 years and now, they have expanded into the Nevada market. Their brand MPX has been in Nevada for over 6 years, so they aren’t complete newbies to the market. We had a chance to visit their newest location in the Downtown Arts District to find out all that they have to offer.


Health for Life

200 E. Charleston Boulevard Las Vegas, NV 89104 healthforlifenv.com Instagram & Facebook @healthforlifenv


Health for Life wanted to find a home where they could really engage with the community and their customers in a unique way, and the Arts District was the perfect location for them to do that. The team loves the culture and the vibe, and can’t wait to collaborate with local artists and be a part of First Friday, among other things.


Health for Life understands the importance of customer service, so they are dedicated to providing quality products with exceptional service to recreational customers and medical patients, in an inviting and welcoming atmosphere. They also will offer value through perks such as discounts, daily deals, first-time visitor specials and a rewards program to earn free product and cool swag.


The Health for Life team plans to have vendor days and pop ups, to participate in First Friday with some surprises in store, and to also have Customer Appreciation Days to show their appreciation for their customers and the community!


A variety of brands are offered across all categories to give customers a great selection to choose from, including their own, in-house brands Melting Point Extracts Premium Concentrates and Vapes, Anthologie Flower, and Black Label Concentrates and Vapes which will be offered at a great value. Other brands they currently carry include Stiiizy, Willie’s Reserve, Virtue, Rove, Wyld, Tyson 2.0 and more!


Health for Life offers various discounts to their patrons. They have daily deals and special discounts for Veterans, seniors, those in the cannabis industry and firsttime visitors. Customers also enjoy a penny pre-roll on their birthday!

40 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014


NEVADA Dispensaries


Bruce Banner Earth Line THCA Sauce Cartridge

Great tasting and long lasting sauce cartridge from Roots is sure to not “make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.” This potent and beloved strain brimming with terpene goodness is delivered by way of pure sauce and THC-A liquid diamonds. The purest form of raw canna-power! Each Roots cartridge comes complete with a pen and charger.

THC- 81.7%

Myrcene- 5.2mg/g

Caryophyllene- 4.0mg/g

Limonene- 2.9mg/g



Garlic Cookies White Line Plus 1-gram HTE Cartridge

This vape came to me in a dream last year. I woke up and all I could remember was it whispering in my ear- “Blend the sauce with the THC-A… Blend the Sauce with the THC-A… and then the meaning of life will be clear…” Well, I guess dreams do come true, thanks to Roots. Now, everything makes sense.

THC- 78.70%

Myrcene- 19.18mg/g

Limonene- 18.74mg/g

Caryopyllene- 9.61mg/g

ROOTS Pineapple Fanta

Black Line Hash Oil Cartridge

This is damn good. The bar is set right here on vapable cannabis oil 2022. Any company using botanical terpenes to flavor-up their vape cartridges is living in the stone-age, and doing a major injustice ro stoners in the “Stoned Age.” Roots serves this vape cartridge up properly. There is absolutely nothing that anyone could do to improve this product. It tastes pure and natural and rips heavy white Pineapple Fanta clouds. Bravo!

GMO Sherb Crasher

Craft Concentrate Sugar


Roots just stepped into the room like a Boss! I have yet to try one of their products that doesn’t punch like a professional. This one in particular will have you drooling from the mouth and dripping from the brain. If you plan on getting in the ring with this showstopper, be ready to get pummeled.

THC- 81.9%

Caryophyllene- 13.7130mg/g

Limonene- 5.2602mg/g Humulene- 3.9985mg/g

THC- 75.47%

CBG- 5.73%

Caryophyllene- 15.1mg/g

Humulene- 7.6mg/g

Limonene- 4.7mg/g

42 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014


Sour Apple Highwire

This Sour Green Apple Highwire Licorice Rope by Tryke is not of your standard candy shop variety!

This infused licorice rope allows for segmented/ individualized dosing. And, the sour apple flavor enhances this deliciously infused experience.

THC- 100mg

Filthy Animal

You can feel it in the air, and see it on the streets. The weather is getting better and our inner beasts are ready to be released. So pull together your murder, corral your caravan, drive in the drove, ship in your shrewdness, call in the parade, gather the gang and the gaggle…. It's time to party with the pack. Now let the season of the filthy animal begin.

THC- 25.70%

Limonene- 4.42mg/g Myrcene- 3.48mg/g

Caryophyllene- 3.73mg/g

TRYKE Banana Krumble

For those just getting started with their flower game, might I suggest this luscious strain?

A fantastic smoke and perfect for those that like to keep their head on their shoulders and their feet on the ground, but are still looking to get elevated. This weed is a friend, indeed.

THC- 22.30%

Limonene- 7.49mg/g

Caryophyllene- 2.87mg/g

Pinene- 2.09mg/g



Every brand needs a worker’s strain in their company. Something you can puff on, then go back to the task at hand. A safety meeting strain. A midday break bud. A flower that picks you up and gives you focus. If your menu is going to contain a variety of strains, make sure one is for us working-folk, just looking to get through the day.

THC- 20.487%

Terpinolene- 10.530mg/g

Myrcene- 4.886mg/g

Limonene- 1.878mg/g

WILLIE’S RESERVE Red Headed Stranger

Solid strain, allowing me to think things through before falling asleep. The heavy head high allows for full body relaxation. Bring this Red Headed Stranger on a road trip when someone else is in the driver’s seat. You are guaranteed the munchies and a nice nap.

THC- 24.0995%

Terpinolene- 9.592mg/g Myrcene- 6.528mg/g

Limonene- 1.671mg/g


Heavy Jazz

This Heavy Jazz is music to my ears. Have you heard the Heavy Jazz they've been playin’ on the radio? I love the easy-listening melodies that DJ Dizzy has been serving up lately. Heavy Jazz is deep and mellow and serenades your mind with an everlasting effect. Stop listening to the AM static. Tune in and get tuned up.

THC- 23.9172%

Limonene- 6.505mg/g

Myrcene- 5.262mg/g

Caryophyllene- 3.809mg/g


What a treat! This was the flavor of the month. Everything about it is amazing. It's arguably the best strain at one of the most prestigious cultivations in Nevada. That being said, you need to try it before you're dead. Limonene winds up your mind and pulls your eyes out from the back of your head. Let the screws loose and let the creativity flow. C’mon party people, let’s go!

THC- 23.291%

Limonene- 5.86mg/g

Myrcene- 2.43mg/g

Caryophyllene- 2.22mg/g

43 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014
SHWA SHWA BILL SHWA Redwood, Cheech & Chong, Willie's Reserve, Dizzy Wright and Tyson 2.0 strains photographed by Katie Peede

TYSON 2.0 Uppercut

Do you remember breaking Glass Joe’s jaw, and pounding Soda Popinski, thinking you were ready for The Champ? Then, Iron Mike mopped your ass all over the ring, and you thought your controller was broken. Now, he wants to knock your ass down again. Mike Tyson is still crush ing you with the same devastating Uppercuts he hit you with almost 40 years ago. Except this time, it's not a game.

THC- 26.3397%


Myrcene- 4.597mg/g

REMEDY Grapes and Cream

Here’s a pretty tasty new strain from Remedy. Steady as she goes. Grapes and Cream offers energy and helps reduce stress and anxiety if you're the type of person that doesn't experience too much hyperactivity from limonene. I like the busy-minded feeling. Keep 'em reeling Remedy. This one's a keeper and a real creeper.

THC- 23.790%

Caryophyllene- 5.167mg/g

Limonene- 4.318mg/g

Humulene- 2.579mg/g

REMEDY 707 Headband

I love this strain. From the name, to the flavor, the aroma, and the effects… my type of high.

As you may already know, linalool is my jam. I incorporate lavender into my wellness routine and especially love it in my weed! Remedy is one of the most consistent brands on the market.

THC- 28.212%

Myrcene- 10.881mg/g

Caryophyllene- 3.058mg/g

Linalool- 2.877mg/g


Vanilla Frosting Live Resin Sauce

So what I like to do is take my Vanilla Frosting Live Resin Sauce and smear it all over my Wedding Cake flower then twist it up in a big ol’ fat blunt that I like to call my ceremony, then I tie the knot and go all the way. When I make a commitment, I go deep, hard, and for life. This triad is a love affair I have no shame about.

THC- 76.9402%

Limonene- 16.96mg/g

Caryophyllene- 14.42mg/g Myrcene- 11.70mg/g



Orange 43

REMEDY Wedding Cake

An indicadominant hybrid strain, this calming flower eases the mind and body with a (wedding cake) slice of euphoria. Excellent for pain, struggles with insomnia, migraine headaches, anxiety and low appetite. Hefty doses of THC and myrcene promotes serious relaxation!

THC- 27.09%

Myrcene- 4.83mg/g

Limonene- 4.83mg/g

Caryophyllene- 3.91mg/g


Vanilla Diesel Cured Resin Badder

Oh my! So sweet and sassy! I wrapped up my chores early today, and rewarded myself with a ferocious head change. All I needed was one modest dab, but screw it; I deserve round 2. Now it's about 20-30 minutes into my solosession, and I'm getting a second wind beneath my wings. I think I'll utilize this new-found energy to wrap up some projects I've been working on. Vanilla Diesel has gradually become my favorite Remedy badder. It tastes and feels awesome!

THC- 82.1559%

Limonene- 30.79mg/g

Myrcene- 12.87mg/g

Caryophyllene- 12.31mg/g

By far one of the tastiest strains grown by the Bohemian Bros and one of my top 3 favorites of all time. I really enjoy the citrusy scent that overwhelms your nose when taking a whiff opening a jar. It reminded me of a Florida orange crop.

THC- 31.55%

Terpinolene- 15.30mg/g

Myrcene- 9.40mg/g

Caryophyllene- 3.40mg/g

RYTHM L’Orange Energize Disposable Vape

Rythm provides energizing sativa relief, exploding with fresh citrus goodness, with this L'Orange disposable vape. Juicy and aromatic, limonene overpowers the terpene profile with tons of uplift and happiness- perfect for depression, stress, inspiring motivation and creativity.

THC- 88.33%

Limonene- 13.10mg/g

Caryophyllene- 5.90mg/g

Linalool- 5.50mg/g

45 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource

TICAL Ghost Berry OG

This coming Halloween, you’re going to want to dress up as Ghostberry the minute you consume a few hits of this spooky good ganja. Let the spirit take you to the other side, or at least to the door to dish out candy because you’ll be too blazed to join the other ghouls out in the real world. This isn’t candy corn, it’s freakin’ Ghostberry, and it’s exactly what you need this Halloween.

THC- 24.38%

Myrcene- 4.47mg/g

Caryophyllene- 3.87mg/g Limonene- 3.83mg/g

GREEN & GOLD Blue Dream

Blue Dream is an old faithful strain. This one from Green & Gold is pleasing to the eye and it tastes yummy. I didn't need much to feel the onset of the herb. And herbal it is… with hints of pepper and flavorings that will keep you coming back for more!

THC- 20.11%

Terpenes available at Thrive Dispensary

GREEN & GOLD Pure Kush

A gorgeous indica strain- there’s nothing more kush than Pure Kush! Potent and painrelieving, this strain is fantastic for getting great sleep, reviving the appetite, feeling relaxed and settling down at the end of the day. Earthy and aromatic, this flower is full of flavor.

THC- 20.84%

Terpenes available at Thrive Dispensary


Platinum Apricots Live Resin Sugar

What's crackin’ yo?! They're crackin’ Apricots and extracting the Platinum Resin that lies beneath the fresh, frozen tundra. Huni Labs has the extraction process down pat, and the cannabis badgers love it. This team has quickly become a permanent pillar in the Nevada concentrate scene. They are the only company that has both concentrates and a state of the art device that enables us to consume.

THC- 73.118%

Terpinolene- 21.041mg/g Myrcene- 14.346mg/g

Caryophyllene- 10.262mg/g

PISTOLA Wedding Cake

So what I like to do is take my Wedding Cake nugs and roll them all up in my Vanilla Frosting Live Resin Sauce, then twist it up in a big ol’ fat blunt that I like to call my ceremony, then I tie the knot and go all the way. When I make a commitment, I go deep, hard, and for life. No matter how you look at it, this triad is a love affair I have absolutely no shame about.

THC- 26.46%

Limonene- 6.08mg/g Myrcene- 5.49mg/g Caryophyllene- 4.55mg/g

Jack Herer - Sativa Five-Pack Mini Prerolls

I have a Jack Russell Terrier named Jack Russell Herer. Jack isn't the type of dog to take walks. He only uses 2 gears: go, and go-faster! So, we take “runs”. When he spotted the Jack Herer prerolls, he grabbed the Dogwalkers tin and his leash and waited by the door. I guess we are runnin’ with that.

THC- 19.90%

Terpinolene - 11mg/g

Ocimene- 1.5mg/g


Northern Lights #6 Vape Cartridge

Wow, talk about my new favorite vape cartridge. This Northern Light has me lit! Disappear into the forest with this one or maybe the farmlands, pull over in the dark and explore the Northern Lights #6. The myrcene level has me blasting to the moon. Count your sheep, this one helps with sleep.

THC- 82% Myrcene- 28.19mg/g Limonene- 5.45mg/g a-Pinene- 6.61mg/g b-Pinene- 4.46mg/g

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Event Collects Eight Storage Bins of Art Supplies for Grant A Gift Autism Foundation

Local cannabis dispensary, The Sanctuary, hosted their first “Cannabis & Canvases” art-themed fundraising event, benefitting local nonprofit, Grant a Gift Autism Foundation – Ackerman Center, at their downtown Arts District location on Friday, Sept. 23.

Dozens and dozens of cannabis lovers came to The Sanctuary to watch the live art demonstrations and donate to the art-supply drive.

The live art demo by local ISI group artist was a huge hit –partygoers watched in awe as the artist created what can only be referred to as a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The artwork was raffled off at the end of the event, with one very happy customer getting to take it home. Attendees were intrigued by the glass blowing demonstration, excited to see how glass pipes are created.

The cannabis celebration also featured a DJ and food trucks (for shoppers with a case of the munchies). The community-driven dispensary was able to collect eight 64-quart storage bins filled with brand new art supplies and $165 in raffle proceeds, which went directly to helping local families by providing family-centered clinical care and social programming for children and young adults living with autism.

All in all, “Cannabis & Canvases” was a huge success!

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October 29-31 • 6pm-11pm • Tickets on sale at eventbrite.com



October is a creatively charged month for Aries that bodes well for work and personal life. You’ll want to take advantage of this increased energy of endless potential. Don’t be afraid to use it to make big changes like renovating or reorganizing your space or even giving yourself a mini makeover. You’ll also gain a lot of positive attention for your original ideas at work. The full moon in Aries on October 9th is an ideal time to move from planning to taking action towards your goals. An energizing, tasty strain like the Pineapple Express by Flora Vega will help motivate you! Try to touch base with family and friends before Mars moves retrograde in Gemini on the 30th in your solar third house of communication.


You’re feeling much better this month thanks to Venus in Libra, as well as Mercury in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn moving direct. Venus rules both Libra and Taurus, and when in either sign, helps Taurus express themselves and gain positive attention from others. With Venus in Libra, you have an eye for beauty and will want to indulge in nice things that make you happy. We recommend treating yourself to a super grounding Ice Cream Cake Live Rosin Badder by Mammoth Labs to help you forget about all your troubles over the previous few months. Your communication is strong and an increase in empathy, thanks to Libra’s scales, helps you build a closer emotional connection with friends and loved ones. By the end of the month, you’ll feel like you’re back in action!


You have a rush of energy in October as Mars in Gemini helps activate you to get things done. With so many planets in retrograde, you’re able to slow down and patience will be your strong suit if you don’t fight it. Uranus, the planet of surprise, retrograde in Gemini, may make you feel impulsive and stubborn. Reading and researching how to overcome an obstacle is a great habit to prevent this transit from causing any trouble for you. It’s also a good idea to keep a super discreet vape pen around for when you feel like acting out. The Apple Smack Live Resin pocket disposable by Matrix is small and potent enough to save the day on a whim. Make important decisions and business moves before the end of the month as Mars stations retrograde in Gemini on the 30th.


It’s time to come out of your shell, Cancer! Although you don’t typically branch out to meet new people, you find

yourself easily communicating with others thanks to all the Libra energy this month. Others are impressed with what you say and how you carry yourself. You’ll enjoy people’s company and charm new connections which makes it a great time to network or negotiate business. It’s best to wait until after October 2nd to confidently put yourself out there, as this is when Mercury stations direct in Virgo. Although everything looks good for your emotional well being, you may be prone to muscle aches. Try not to over exercise this month. We recommend picking up a pain relieving topical like the 1:1 Eucalyptus Synergy Relief Balm by Baskin to soothe any discomfort.


It’s easy for you to be in a great mood this month, Leo! Follow your intuition and you’ll unlock some juicy new experiences. With Mercury entering Libra on the 10th and Mars in Gemini, you’re feeling sharp and inspired to invest in learning something new. Try taking a different class at the gym, watch a documentary, or go to an educational seminar. You’re also feeling super romantic and will find it easy to surprise someone special in your life. You’ve been in the spotlight for the past couple of months so it’ll be nice to share a private moment alone with someone that you care for. Taking time to plan some exclusive time together will go a long way with them. While you’re at it, grab a pack of Bluebirds to share in an arousing, euphoric strain like Gorilla Goo by Deep Roots Harvest.

VIRGO (AUG 22 – SEPT 22)

After a month of celebration with others, you’re longing for some much needed time to yourself. Indulge in solitude and peace, especially in nature, to recharge your battery. There are a lot of unresolved issues that are stressing you out. Once Mercury stations direct in Virgo on the 2nd, and Pluto stations direct in Capricorn on the 8th, you’ll have momentum again. You may rub others the wrong way, taking distance to realign yourself. Be sure to hear them out so they feel validated but don’t be afraid to put yourself first! Enjoying a DTLA OG infused hemp blunt by Packwoods is the perfect thing to do while you put your phone on silent and enjoy the solitude you need to work things out.

LIBRA (SEP 22 – OCT 23)

It’s your month to celebrate Libra! With Mercury entering Libra on the 10th and Mars in Gemini, your mind is stimulated and you find yourself interested in expanding your knowledge base. This could mean investing in professional certifications or learning something new. You’ll find yourself creatively inspired as well, which encourages making art, playing an instrument, or dancing. With Venus in Libra until the 23rd, don’t think twice about indulging in the fancy things that make you happy. Make sure to give

50 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014

yourself some time to reflect to keep negative thoughts at bay. A delicious live rosin badder like the Phatt Fruity by Tsunami is exactly what you need to chill. You’re craving inner balance this month so try not to spend all your time out and about!


As Scorpio season nears, you are feeling revitalized. You have amazing communication and are recognized at work and at home for giving great advice. People admire your strength. You come across as calm and balanced. You can use this to your advantage to get what you want, especially in the workplace. The new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio on October 25th creates a powerful fresh start for you as it relates to intimacy, control, and money. This powerful energy illuminates anything preying on your power such as addiction or debt. Take time to set intentions for when the Sun moves into Scorpio on the 23rd, you will have the chance to achieve things you never thought possible over the next six months. Try a crazy potent strain like Green Life’s Chasing Unicorns #10 to help you daydream your best life!


Thanks to Venus in Libra, it’s easy for you to appreciate the beauty around you this month. It also gives you great taste and a desire to improve your space. You’ll want to indulge in some redecorating and retail therapy, so give yourself a day to go shopping. You are popular as the people around you see you as a beacon of harmony. You’re able to hold it all together and inspire peace in others, especially your family. Things are going smoothly and with the influence of the fall season you’re looking forward to getting cozy in the cooler weather. Try the ultra euphoric 1:1 THC:CBG Pear Gummies by Wyld to keep you zen while tackling projects at home.


Sometimes you have to slow down to speed up and now is the time! Don’t beat yourself up for needing extra rest, your dedication and performance will make up for it later. It’s a great time to sort your thoughts out and reflect on any lessons that have come up recently. With Pluto stationing directly in Capricorn on the 8th, it’s possible to put those lessons to the test and think about how you’d like to be moving forward. Try to spend time with family and pets, they’ll keep you from getting too lost in your thoughts. An uplifting pack of prerolls like the TK Stardawg Haze 5 pack by SeChe should keep you in good spirits as you work through it.


October feels like a breath of fresh air as situations that have been

put on hold finally change their course! Three planets station direct this month, including Saturn in Aquarius on the 22nd. This four month retrograde has caused us to reevaluate the structure of our lives. Now that it’s over and Mars is in Gemini, it’s a good time to make things happen! You’ll find that your coworkers and friends find you entertaining this month, but your boss might take this humor the wrong way. Just keep an eye on who is watching you and only share free time with those you trust. Try to stay under the radar as you sort things out for yourself. We recommend picking up a strong sativa like the Conjugal Visit by The 55 while you take care of business.

PISCES (FEB 18 – MAR 20)

Don’t take on too much this month Pisces! There is a lot on your plate already and expecting too much of yourself will only make things worse. If it feels like you’re juggling responsibilities to no end, take a second to prioritize and figure out what is necessary. That way, you can focus on one thing at a time without getting overwhelmed. Your stress may come out as anger towards others. Now is a great time to invest in a therapist or try to find a friend to vent to. If you’re feeling hopeless, pop a 1:1 Marionberry Jelly by Mellow Vibes to keep you in your happy place.

International Spotlight

usanne Caspar is the current CEO of Linnea SA, a Switzerland-based manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients and natural botanical extracts.This year marks Linnea’s 40th anniversary manufacturing high quality natural botanical ingredients like Bilberry, Ginkgo Biloba, Red Clover, 5 HTP, HMR Lignan™, Vinpocetine, Vincamine, and Butylscopolamine for use in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and dietary supplement industries in over 70 countries, including some of the most trusted finished product producers in the cannabinoid industry.

Under Susanne’s leadership, Linnea has also paved the way in research, standardization, and providing a pharmaceuticallevel of quality of cannabinoids. Linnea was the first company worldwide to get a GMP certificate for a Cannabidiol (CBD) extract in 2016. She is excited for Linnea to be contributing positively to the growth of the emerging global cannabis industry.

Linnea Cannabinoids has been focusing primarily on delivering non-psychoactive cannabinoids like CBD and Cannabigerol (CBG). Their CBD is available as a GMP-certified full spectrum extract and a 99% pure isolate. Their standardized GMPcertified full spectrum CBG extract is available for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics market and their CBG 99% pure isolate is available for food and cosmetics, for the pharmaceutical market is under development.

Susanne was born in Bochum, a city in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. At an early age, she fought to attain a higher level of education and whilst doing so realized that she enjoyed deliberately inserting herself into so-called male domains. In university, she was told by classmates that she would end up leaving university to become a wife and mother. However, Susanne used such experiences as fuel to further motivate her to fulfill her ambitions and dreams.

As she entered the workforce, it was cemented that society has a certain idea of what is expected, not just professionally, but in terms of personality traits of women in power versus men. Women are expected to, among other things, be caring and nurturing. These are traits that are not initially expected of a manager in a company and can be perceived in a man’s world as weakness, where more maleexpected traits like assertiveness and decisiveness are required. Nevertheless, Sussanne quickly climbed the ladder of the industry from an entry level in the marketing department of a pharmaceutical company. She went through a classic career in pharmaceutical marketing and acquired the tools for more demanding tasks in the C-Suite. Prior to accepting the role of CEO at Linnea, Susanne held prestigious positions in various

Susanne Caspar

CEO of Linnea

pharmaceutical companies including Whitehall-Much (now Pfizer), Merck Darmstadt, Steiner Arzneimittel and Schaper & Brümmer.

Women have to work harder than men to get into leadership positions. At one point early on in her career, she recalls having to jump through a number of ridiculous hoops in an interview process and later learning her male counterpart going for the job did not have to do anything extra. Throughout her career as an executive in a male-dominated profession, Susanne found she often had to prove herself to be smarter and better than the men in the room. However, there was also a balance to attain. Women who are assertive, strong leaders can lead to being perceived as unfeminine and too power-oriented. Whereas, the same actions in men would be respected.

Susanne’s advice to women who want to have a powerful career in general and in the pharmaceutical and equally male-dominated cannabis industry, is to hold back any natural resentment of the male leadership style and focus on seeing the power struggles that occur as playing the game. To play the game, you have to know the rules of the game. If you play by your own rules, it will be difficult.

Another way to think about it is this: If you want to order something in a foreign country, you should know the proper terminology for it and not insist on your own. If one thinks of the “man’s world” today as another language, problems learning and using the “new vocabulary” eventually melt away. She considers this approach as a way to change one's attitude without giving up on personal values. You cannot work independent of established rules and structures. It is only by accepting them as a foundation and adapting that you can be in a position to create new rules.

Susanne firmly believes that women should lift other women up whenever possible. She understands that being in positions of leadership and power can best be leveraged by empowering other women and changing the inherent male dominated culture from the inside. For this reason, Susanne is a mentor in a female network called Healthcare Frauen in Germany. In this program, a successful business leader like herself sits down for 2 hours a month for a year with a young woman who wants to “move up” and use her skills to improve the healthcare system. They discuss, among many topics, how to assert themselves in a predominantly male environment and structure, getting to know male rules of the game, practicing and mastering them in order to change structures internally. They are urged to use their femininity and female values and competences instead of hiding them.

52 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014

Woman-Owned An Interview with


What is your background prior to the cannabis industry?

Prior to cannabis, I was an international flight attendant, high limit attendant on the strip, and a stay at home mom of two.

What led you to the cannabis industry?

In 2016, I got involved with a 501c3 and started to plan events and throw parties. I started in sales and then began working in cultivation and production in 2017 when I was approached about starting a staffing agency with a distribution company. For a year, at the start of the pandemic, I also took a position as a general manager for a local cultivation and production until I was able to get Full Spectrum going.

What inspired you to start Full Spectrum? Are you the sole owner?

I am the sole owner of Full Spectrum. Launched during the pandemic when the last company closed their staffing division. There was a need in the industry and I wanted to help people find work.

Tell us about your company and what you do.

We do temporary staffing for cultivations, productions, and dispensaries. We offer full time placement of all staff levels from trimmers to general managers. We also offer custom packaging services, discounted ancillary, supplies, nutrients, and various support for our facilities.

Do you provide education or hand-on training?

Full Spectrum Services provides paid training in a licensed facility utilizing actual cannabis products.

What about agent cards? Do you help with that?

Agent cards are required and must be obtained by the employee. They are easy to obtain by going to ccb.nv.gov. We are here to answer any questions if needed.

What challenges do people face when applying for positions within the cannabis industry?

It is often difficult for an employee to find facilities or figure out how to apply with them. We put you in different places to try until we find a great fit. Facilities also use us for their hiring because it gives them the opportunity to see how the prospective employee works, if they have good attendance, etc. Our placements have longevity because of this and the facility doesn't have to deal with the paperwork of someone that only works a day.

What sets you apart from other staffing companies?

Full Spectrum operates differently because we care about the success of both our clients and our employees. We love having the opportunity to launch people into a new career in cannabis! We enjoy offering our clients other support services to make their jobs easier.

Any tips you would give to those looking to get into the industry?

The industry needs people to be on time, have good attendance, and be team players. Be ready to work, sometimes there is mopping, cleaning trays, dumping soil, lifting heavy plants. It is not all glamorous but the opportunities are limitless if you put in the effort.

What challenges have you encountered as a woman business owner in the industry?

We are female owned and operated. I work in our Spring Mountain office with my Executive Assistant, Courtney Dollarhide. Courtney started as a trainee, and worked

as a temp, until I brought her on with me exclusively in August 2020. She is amazing and manages all the staff's scheduling, placements, and the office. This allows me more time to work with clients on their other needs.

Any changes you would like to see made industry wise?

The changes I'd like to see in the industry are probably what everyone wants. Change FMV, let facilities pay actual tax on sale price. Stop the invoicing for the inspections, and limit fines. Allow success for the license holders so employee pay can go up, benefits can be offered, and everyone can succeed.

How can readers follow Full Spectrum Services?

We can be reached via phone at 702-2179929 or email at fullspectrumserviceslv@ gmail.com. Also, follow us on Facebook @ Full Spectrum Services and on Instagram @fullspectrumservices.

Anything you want to add?

Full Spectrum Services interviews two days a week and have work available normally the next day. Text 702.217.9929 to schedule a time!

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Budtender of the Month Las Vegas


Budtender at PLANET 13

There are very few budtenders that hustle harder than Laveda Woodfork. She's able to work with speed and efficiency but also maintain top notch customer service. Laveda's passion for cannabis has motivated her to start her own merchandise line called "Gas Only." Head over to Planet 13 Las Vegas to experience Laveda's awesomeness.

What motivated you to join the cannabis industry?

My husband. Around 8 years ago I watched him take a Girl Scout cookie plant and grow it into basically a tree. That intrigued my interest so in October of 2018 I walked in a smoke shop and there was this magazine called Vegas Cannabis, I saw Bob the owner of Planet 13 on the cover, he was about to open up a new dispensary.after reading the magazine article I said to myself "I want to work for the world largest dispensary".

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned since becoming a budtender?

Terps, they are the essential oils in a cannabis plant that gives it its taste and effects. Normally you would just go for high THC numbers but to know what really gives cannabis its glory is having a good terpene profile, it's amazing. I even like to have Terps in my soaps and shampoos now

What are three characteristics/attributes a budtender must have to be successful?

Must be knowledgeable about your products, be excited about what you're selling, and really listen to your customer and what their needs may be

What’s the most frustrating part of budtending for you? The most frustrating thing for me as a budtender is

when I'm super excited about a new product and I'm explaining it to my customer, they're also excited. When I go get it, we've sold out

How do you stay educated and up to date on products and industry news?

I stay educated and up-to-date on new products in the industry by reading books and magazines. Also Instagram and YouTube can be sourceful. I also like to go to any cannabis events in my local area

What’s your experience been like being a woman in the cannabis industry?

It's been absolutely amazing. I'm so proud of the women who have nurseries and cultivation facilities and who are being innovative with new brands. It's absolutely amazing

Has your smoking habits changed since becoming a budtender? Are you more selective of what you smoke?

Yes, I've become a little bit more bougie when it comes to my smoke. I want a certain terpene profile with great flavors, the gassiest smell, and I like her to shine bright like a diamond (in my Rhianna voice)

What’s your favorite way to consume?

I would say my favorite way to consume is to have rosin, badder, sugars all rolled up with some good flower in a Mike Tyson ×Futurola tobacco-free terpene infused blunt wrap. Not only do they burn slowly but they taste amazing so I would recommend them to anyone

Do you have any favorite cultivators or brands?

Not really but I'd like to thank Berner for Cookies or Bama for Runtz and Sticker Farms for giving us the cool artsy mylar bags. I think what they did definitely changed the culture in cannabis

What have you been smoking on?

I'm smoking on Lemon Cherry Gelato, OG Kush, and Biscotti.

56 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014

Budtender of the Month Las Vegas


Budtender at EXHALE

Nashone Greene might be one of the hardest working individuals in the cannabis industry. Even though he has multiple hustles, budtending at Exhale Dispensary is what brings him the most joy. His work ethic and hunger for more has made him a top performer and a superstar in the making.

What motivated you to join the cannabis industry?

Learning the medical aspect of it made me wanna get into it. I was a medical patient before it was recreational. So I started helping friends with home grows and extractions. Then I wanted to further my knowledge and that’s when I decided to join the industry.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned since becoming a budtender?

How loyal customers are to products and brands. And how brands take care of the bud-tenders, as far as product knowledge and experience.

What are three characteristics/attributes a budtender must have to be successful?

Good customer service is a priority! Making sure they feel welcomed and taken care of every time they come through the door. Keeping up with products and trends. Gotta stay ahead of the game. Last would be product knowledge and experience. I feel it is key to have this so you are giving out the correct information

What’s the most rewarding part of budtending for you?

Seeing my customers leaving with a smile on their face. Then returning the next time happier than the last. And that’s real!

How do you stay educated and up to date on products and industry news?

I follow a lot of companies on social media. And attend cannabis events. I see daily what new products are coming out. Also being in cultivation gives me a bit more insight. As far as changes and news in the industry.

What do you look for when you are purchasing products for yourself?

I look for specific brands, THC and terpene profiles. When it comes to products I’ve never tried, I’m willing to try anything.

Has your smoking habits changed since becoming a budtender? Are you more selective of what you smoke?

Definitely! I feel at first everyone thought of cannabis as just weed. Just smoke and get high. But then the more educated I got, I learned about THC and terpenes and what I liked best.

What’s your favorite way to consume?

As I always say, “ a dab a day will take the pain away”. Dabs all day, folks! And you can never go wrong with a nice hand rolled J. Also, I do like to have some edibles on the side as a snack.

Do you have any favorite cultivators or brands?

This may sound biased due to me working for both companies. However, after being in different grows and seeing how they treat their products Tsunami and GT flowers all the way! I’ve never seen so much passion being put into a business. It is motivating! Also big fan of Jungle Boys, Back Pack Boys, GLP, Nature's Chemistry and 710 labs.

What have you been smoking on?

Tsunami concentrates are my daily diet. Also, Jungle Boys Strawberries ‘n Later is too enjoyable right now. The Nature's Chemistry Pineapple Fanta has been keeping me going through the day. And before bed I’ve been enjoying the Cereal Milk fruit mix Dreamland Chocolate.

57 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014 57 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014

Let's Talk with Tee how cannabis works in the female body

There’s a lot of speculation on what cannabis does for women, which pretty much consists of anecdotal claims. So, since this month’s issue focuses on women and cannabis, I decided to uncover some recent literature reviews on research studies that have been conducted to discover ways that cannabis plays a role in the female body.

Sexual Function

A survey study was held for the duration of 11 months by an obstetrics and gynecology practice to evaluate how cannabis use prior to sex may affect the experience. Two specific measures were conducted. The first measured satisfaction, orgasm, pain from penetration, and overall experience. The second measure was on the effect of satisfaction from consumption. 34% of women reported that they used cannabis prior to sex. Most of the women experienced increases in sex drive, orgasm, decrease in pain, although lubrication was not altered. These results showed researchers the importance of further research and the possibilities of treating sexual dysfunction in women (Lynn et al., 2019). Low doses have shown to enhance arousal, whereas high doses tend to decrease sexual desire (Craft et al., 2013)

Sleep Regulation

A study conducted in Italy was held on chronic cannabis consumers. Other countries are ahead of the U.S. as they allow scientists to research human studies. Yup, you read that right! The Schedule I federal regulation is definitely holding us back in medicinal research. The researchers in this study predicted that women would have poorer sleep and would be more vulnerable to the effects of chronic cannabis use. They discovered that women tend to have poorer sleep than males. They also found that those who are life-long cannabis users had significantly more sleep issues. Whereas males didn’t show any issues.

These findings prove that women are more sensitive to the behavioral and neural activity effects of using cannabis. Especially for those who are long-term cannabis consumers (McPherson et al.,2020).

Decision Making

Sensorimotor involves both motor functions and sensory pathways. A very recent study (just a month ago) in Canada discovered that habitual cannabis use impacts performance. Task performance levels were decreased in women who were intoxicated (“high”). They also experienced a decrease in decision-making times. These findings showed the significance of the reduction in cognitive flexibility in women. Estrogen has also been found to increase the effects of cocaine and amphetamine (Banks, 2021). This also confirms that peak levels may be responsible for these results. Since peak levels of cannabinoid (CB1) receptors are reached earlier in women than they are in males (Berrendero et al., 1996)(Romero et al., 1997).


Women are reported to have more effects of dizziness. It also takes longer to detect the “high” in women and has also been shown that women tend to experience a longer duration of the “high” (Craft et al., 2013).


Depending on the frequency of cannabis consumption by the mother, it is possible for a fetus to be continuously exposed to significant levels of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) during pregnancy. THC is a lipophilic drug, meaning that it dissolves in fats and lipids allowing it to get through layers of the body, making it easier to transfer to the fetus's brain. It is also possible for other cannabinoids to cross the placental barrier, the blood-brain barrier, and accumulate just as THC does. Being that the body takes several days, weeks, and sometimes months (depending on the frequency of use) to eliminate THC, caution should be taken as more frequent use multiplies which leads to higher concentrations accumulating. Leaving the elimination of THC to move even more slowly out of the body (Monfort et al., 2021).


Studies have shown that CBD, CBG, and THC are still present in breast milk for at least 40 hours. Some studies show that THC is detectable for up to 6 days in breast milk.THC is absorbed and metabolized by the infant when breastfeeding. It is possible that THC can be eliminated more slowly during the first months after delivery, and will transfer to the infant's brain. The negative outcomes that can derive from cannabis use during pregnancy or breastfeeding are reduced birth weight, prematurity, neurocognitive and behavioral impairment, brain development and cognitive deficits, as well as psychopathologies. These are all higher risks that are associated with cannabis consumption during or after pregnancy (Monfort et al., 2021). Some cannabis doctors speculate that CBD may provide benefits for the child’s interpersonal and social skills. Although, there is limited research to validate these arguments. I’ll be on the lookout for more research to come!

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“Educator of the Year” Las Vegas Cannabis Awards 2021.

References Banks, P. J., Bennett, P. J., Sekuler, A. B., & Gruber, A. J. (2021). Cannabis use is associated with sexually dimorphic changes in executive control of visuospatial decision-making. Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience. https://doi.org/10.3389/ fnint.2022.884080

Berrendero F, Garcia-Gil L, Hernandez ML, Romero J, Cebeira M, de Miguel R, Ramos JA, Fernandez-Ruiz JJ. Localization of mRNA expression and activation of signal transduction mechanisms for cannabinoid receptors in rat brain during fetal development. Development. 1998;125:3179–3188

Craft, R. M., Marusich, J. A., & Wiley, J. L. (2013). Sex differenc es in cannabinoid pharmacology: A reflection of differences in the endocannabinoid system?. Life sciences, 92(8-9), 476. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.lfs.2012.06.009

Lynn, B. K., López, J. D., Miller, C., Thompson, J., & Campian, E. C. (2019). The Relationship between Marijuana Use Prior to Sex and Sexual Function in Women. Sexual medicine, 7(2), 192–197. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.esxm.2019.01.003

McPherson, K. L., Tomasi, D. G., Wang, G., Manza, P., & Volkow, N. D. (2020). Cannabis Affects Cerebellar Volume and Sleep Differently in Men and Women. Frontiers in Psychiatry. https:// doi.org/10.3389/fpsyt.2021.643193

Monfort, A., Ferreira, E., Leclair, G., & Lodygensky, G. A. (2021). Pharmacokinetics of Cannabis and Its Derivatives in Animals and Humans During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding. Frontiers in Pharmacology. https://doi.org/10.3389/fphar.2022.919630

Romero J, Garcia-Palomero E, Berrendero F, Garcia-Gil L, Her nandez ML, Ramos JA, Fernandez-Ruiz JJ. Atypical location of cannabinoid receptors in white matter areas during rat brain development. Synapse. 1997;26:317–323.

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Cooking for a Queen with Marnie Montroy

Holiday Recipes with a Twist

Infused Gravy, Sweet Potatoes with Cinnamon CannaButter, and Infused Roasted Brussel Sprouts

If you’ve checked out my IG page (@ cookingforaquee) you already know one of my favorite cannabis chefs is Chef Garza (@chef_garza). Chef Garza is a 2 time Las Vegas Cannabis Awards nominee as well as a great friend of mine.

I ran into Chef Garza recently and asked him if he could bless us with some of his amazing holiday side dish recipes. He was more than happy to do that for me, so I decided to switch it up and give you guys a special treat. I can tell you I have tried his cooking not only on my show, but I’ve had the pleasure of being at multiple events and private parties that he was hosting or featured in including my best friend Leilani Coat’s wedding dinner.

He’s one of the best and now you get to experience some of what I have… truly delicious food. Enjoy yourself making these and remember to have fun. Happy holidays and bon appetit!

Sweet Potatoes with Cinnamon CannaButter


1/2 cup of homemade herb-infused butter

1/3 cup of brown sugar

1 tsp of cinnamon

1/2 tsp of vanilla extract 4 sweet potatoes


Wash and dry the potatoes well. Place a sheet of parchment paper on a baking sheet. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Use a fork to poke holes in the potato skin. Poke it about 12-15 times as you rotate the potato with your other hand. Drizzle with some olive oil and rub all over the potato skin. Place on the baking sheet and bake for 45 minutes. It may take up to 60 minutes for larger sweet potatoes. While the potatoes are baking, mix the brown sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla extract with the infused butter. Stir well. When the sweet

potatoes are ready, remove them from the oven and place them on plates. Slice the sweet potatoes down the middle and drizzle the infused cinnamon butter onto your piping-hot sweet potatoes.



1 cup turkey drippings from the oven

2 cups of chicken stock

3 tbsp infused butter

1 sprig of rosemary or thyme

1/4 cup all-purpose flour Salt and pepper to taste


In a medium saucepan over medium-high heat, bring turkey drippings, chicken stock, and rosemary to a boil. Once it’s boiling, remove the rosemary and turn the heat down to medium. Add in infused butter and stir until uniform. Whisk in all-purpose flour and continue stirring until the gravy thickens. Once you reach the desired consistency, turn the heat to low. Add salt and pepper to taste and serve.

Infused Roasted Brussels Sprouts


1 lb. brussels sprouts

1 1/2 tbsp infused extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) or butter

2 1/2 tbsp balsamic vinegar

2 cloves fresh garlic, minced

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper


Preheat the oven to 450F. Cover a baking sheet with aluminum foil and set aside. Rinse brussels sprouts in cool water and chop off the tough ends. Cut sprouts in half. Whisk together oil, half the balsamic vinegar, minced garlic, salt, and pepper. Drizzle it over the chopped sprouts and then toss to combine. Spread the sprouts evenly on the baking sheet. Roast for 20-25 minutes or until the sprouts are tender-crisp. Drizzle with the remaining vinegar, and sprinkle with salt to taste.

60 Nevada's Original Cannabis Resource // Since 2014
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Cooking With CannaBushi


4-5 mixed variety bell peppers

2 cups of white rice

2 cups of black rice

1-2 pounds ground beef, turkey, tuna or Impossible meat

1 pound of your favorite cheese

1 stick of cannabis-infused butter

¼ cup parmesan cheese

3-4 oz of soy sauce

1-2 oz of sesame oil

1.2 oz white truffle oil

1 Tbsp celery salt

1 Tbsp garlic powder

1 Tbsp black pepper

1 Tbsp Everglades Seasoning

1 Tbsp rosemary

1 Tbsp sage


What’s up all you Stoner’s and Stonette’s. Glad to be back, infusing foods for you. I missed you all last month, as I was busy on a new adventure of sorts. Did an event for the Kali Mansion plus a lot more. This month I did a little something ‘off the cuff’ with these peppers. Recently I've been making sushi at 700 Fremont (Sushi @700) where I got the tremendous opportunity to have my own kitchen, menu, recipes, and to present some rolls that were featured in this magazine over the years.

This month, I had a few items that were going to go bad, so I decided to turn them into something else. Sometimes the best food is created that way. Through throwing things together between a few random people and just getting together to create something delicious. Food is a way for all of us to connect, be with one another and be social. The comradery that goes into not only feeding your hunger…but your soul. Now, let’s get high while doing it!

First, make both rices according to the instructions on the box. While those are cooking, let’s start with the meat of your choice. In my peppers, I used ground tuna that was leftover for spicy tuna. I used it for The Red Alert Roll at Sushi@700. Cook the meat thoroughly depending upon what you chose. You can put anything ground in these bad boys. I added sage, rosemary, and garlic powder to mine to manipulate the flavor of the tuna and give it a more savory depth of flavor. Next, grab those bell peppers while your meat is cooking and cut the tops of them off. Use a spoon to scoop out the inside of them to remove the seeds and tiny bit of membrane. Or, just take your hand and pull it all out. Either way works. I also save the tops and dice them up to be used for later. Once you have the rice, meat, and bell peppers ready, grab a large bowl or container that will be able to hold everything. Mix the rice and meat together so everything is well balanced. Add all other ingredients that you have minus the cheese and THC infused butter. Preheat your oven to 250 degrees F and start stuffing the peppers with your rice/meat/seasoning/oil mixture. Have just a little canola oil off to the side for the outside of the peppers once stuffed. Slightly coat them with it. If your mix seems a bit dry, add just a splash or two of water. Place your stuffed peppers upright in an oven safe container. Cover with aluminum foil and cook for 1 hour.

Once cooked, pull the aluminum foil, add one Tbsp of butter to each pepper, depending upon how strong your butter is. Slightly push it into the peppers and begin to cover each pepper with cheese of your choice. Move your oven to low broil and without the foil, place into the oven until you get a nice melted cheese with that great golden crispness we all love. Give it ten minutes and you should be right there. There you have it, a great stuffed bell pepper that is now infused!

I hope you all enjoyed this recipe. If you end up making some of your own, please take a photo, share on Instagram and tag me @ Cannabushi so I can see your creations!

Chef Chris Rodarte aka CannaBushi Chris is a five star Sushi Chef and inventor of the first THC/CBD infused dessert sushi roll in America. Traveling across America and working for some of the most renowned restaurants and Chefs in the country like 2 Star Michelin rated Chef Tetsuya Wakuda of The New Wakuda Japanese restaurant inside The Palazzo, and Michelin rated Akira Back of Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant inside the Bellagio. Nominated for the Best Cannabis Chef in Las Vegas 2020, 2021, and 2022 as well as the first Cannabis Chef ever to be inducted into The Marquis Who's Who of America! Follow Cannabushi at www.cannabushi.com or @Cannabushi on IG.

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