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now gives you a choice of 3 varieties PLUS 2 WHITE-SUNS ( f r o m p e a p r o t e i n )


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Iftum/l | EGG FREE iayonnajse ANndrS i uafewtrOU. M$ge .



orgahk sandwich SPREAD


N e w chocolate wrappers will be appearing over t h e next f e w months, b u t contents provide t h e same tasty vegan ingredients.

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These n e w vegan organic spreads will be available f r o m June

For FREE informative literature please send sae (the larger the envelope the better!) Plamil Foods Ltd., Folkestone, CT19 6PQ

Congratulations to Galina and Paul Appleby o n winning our Millennium competition. Paul Appleby is secretary of Oxford Vegetarians.

Tarragon i ..-^-v

'Jw of Sua..* OH. "•XrfcfcaPMol

New carob wrappers will be appearing over the next few months, but contents provide the same tasty vegan ingredients.

CONTENTS Y O U W I L L HAVE N O T I C E D a couple of changes in this issue of The Vegan. Firstly, it is now in a clear plastic mail wrap. We are farming out the mailing to a specialist company, on a trial basis, and thereby saving a bit of money and a lot of staff time. The plastic wrap is totally animal-free, (unlike some kinds of brown envelope!) and is recyclable, so put it to your local recycling centre with your other used plastic.




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The other change, of course, is that the usual picture of editor Richard Farhall is missing from the top of this column. After more than ten years' devoted service to the Vegan Society, Richard has moved on, to face new challenges as the Town Clerk of Rye. At the same time as he got his new job, I was elected Chair of Council, and thrown in at the deep end, overseeing the selection process for a new ChiefExecutive.


AND THEN THERE WERE TWO... little vegans


IN DEFENCE OF ANGER Challenging the status quo

Since then, in mid-December, until now (writing at end of February), Council has been kept very busy, placingjob adverts, sifting through applications, drawing up and interviewing a shortlist, and finally appointing our new ChiefExec. Many Council members have also been helping out with some of the extra office work resulting from the departure of, first Richard and then Jenny Sawyer.

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Exciting times ahead for veganism, folks!

Editor Gillian Egan

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Meanwhile, Gillian Egan has been putting together this issue o f the magazine, and asked me to write this column. With a little bit of niftyjuggling of deadlines, we have managed to make this column a 'Stop Press', so I can announce that the new ChiefExecutive of the Vegan Society is Terry Bevis, who has been a council member for many years, mostly as the society's treasurer. Full details will be in the next issue of your favourite vegan magazine. By then, Terry will have started in the job, and, hopefully, will take us forward to new heights — building, of course, on the achievements of Richard!



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News KILLING THE FUR TRADE THE HUNGER SITE Starvation kills 24,000 people every day. M o s t of t h e m are children B e t w e e n June 1999 a n d January 2000, m o r e t h a n nine million pounds of f o o d w e r e d i s t r i b u t e d by t h e United Nations W o r l d Food P r o g r a m m e , paid f o r by sponsors of The H u n g e r Site Visitors t o t h e site ( a r o u n d 34 million t o date) donate free f o o d t o the h u n g r y at n o cost once a day simply by clicking o n a b u t t o n . C o r p o r a t e sponsors p r o v i d e t h e f o o d in exchange f o r f r e e advertising a n d links. If y o u ' v e n o t y e t t a k e n part in this 'extraordinary testimony to the power t h e I n t e r n e t ' (WFP official), t h e n please visit t h e site n o w o n V e g n e t is a n e w i n t e r n e t delivery service, selling f r e s h vegetables a n d f r u i t f r o m its f a r m in Lancashire t o homes, hotels a n d r e s t a u r a n t s t h r o u g h o u t England, Wales a n d s o u t h e r n Scotland - and w i t h a guaranteed next-day delivery service Simply place y o u r o r d e r o v e r t h e i n t e r n e t , sit back a n d w a i t f o r y o u r scrummy veggies t o arrive at y o u r d o o r . 2 0 t h C e n t u r y Fox has c o m e u n d e r attack f r o m environmentalists for the d a m a g e it caused t o a n a t u r e reserve w h i l e m a k i n g its n e w l y released f i l m , /'/ic lie,uli. A $2.6 million lawsuit has b e e n f i l e d a g a i n s t Fox. Strangely e n o u g h , L e o n a r d o DiCaprio, w h o stars in t h e f i l m , has b e e n asked t o host Earth Fair 2 0 0 0 o n A p r i l 22 in W a s h i n g t o n DC. This e v e n t w i l l be t h e c e n t r e p i e c e o f t h e 3 0 t h anniversary c e l e b r a t i o n s o f E a r t h Day. T h e B o r n Free F o u n d a t i o n e s t i m a t e s t h a t every h o u r o f every day, p o a c h e r s kill o n e m o r e e l e p h a n t f o r its ivory. T h e STOP THE CLOCK Camp a i g n aims t o b a n t h e ivory t r a d e o n c e m o r e . Visit t h e w e b s i t e a n d send the electronic petition.




Breeding a n d killing animals - such as this mink - f o r their fur will be illegal three years f r o m n o w . Last November, the Government introduced a Bill to ban fur farming in England and Wales on 'public morality' grounds. T h e Fur Farming (Prohibition) Bill will make it a criminal offence to keep animals solely or primarily for slaughter for the value o f their for, from 2003. Fines o f up to ÂŁ 2 5 , 0 0 0 will be imposed on those who break the law. T h e Scottish Executive intends to introduce a separate Bill to extend the ban to Scotland. Meanwhile, the N F U has insisted the action is against E U law. It seems unlikely that any o f the 11 U K mink farms will close before the issue o f compensation (currently pegged at around ÂŁ2 million) is finalised. Between them, these farms kill 100,000 mink every year. C o n cerned that there will be an increase in the number o f animals bred, in order to maximise profits before closure, campaigners are urging the public to continue to fight the fur trade. Regular fur shop demos are held in London mid-week and on Saturdays. Phone the fur picket line on: 0 7 8 6 7 4 7 0 5 6 9 2 9 or London Animal Action on: 0 2 0 7 2 7 8 3 0 6 8 .

MONKEY CLONED IN USA A rhesus macaque has been cloned from an eight-cell embryo which scientists split into four two-cell clones that were implanted into surrogate mothers at the Oregon Primate Research Centre. The technique is


different from that used to clone Dolly the sheep, where a cell nucleus was taken from an adult animal and implanted into an unfertilised egg cell that had had its nucleus removed. This new, 'true clone' technique is intended to provide researchers with genetically identical animals for use in experiments. Researchers say it will also make the growing of'spare parts' possible.

BAN ON BST E U Agriculture Ministers voted for a permanent ban on the use or sale o f B S T (the genetically engineered milk-boosting hormone, bovine somatotropin) last December. A report from the EU's Scientific Committee said that " B S T causes a substantial increase in levels of foot problems and leads to injection site mastitis - leading to significandy poorer welfare in treated animals. B S T should not be used in dairy cows." Imports of meat or dairy products from other countries where B S T is used (such as the USA) are still permitted.

WATCHDOG ERROR A B B C Watchdog programme screened on 31 st January centred around the harmful effect o f soya infant formula on infants' teeth due to its high glucose content. However, the programme misleadingly referred to the formula as 'soya milk', despite having been earlier advised that soya milks do not contain glucose syrup.

The programme subsequently amended its website programme summary (in which 'soya milk' was again alarmingly described as a 'harmful substance') but no correction has yet been broadcast. Plamil Foods are pressing for it to be made at the start o f the next series.

OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES Children attending the Anderton Park primary school in Sparkhill, Birmingham, have decided to boycott Walkers crisps. On discovering the Cheese & Onion flavouring is unsuitable for vegetarians (it contains rennet, an enzyme derived from slaughtered calves), they suggested the company clearly label its packets to show which are suitable for vegetarians. Walkers told them that "at the moment we don't have any plans to put a vegetanan symbol on our packets. This is not done with the aim of discriminating against veggies, but more with the aesthetics of pack design." The pupils' teacher, Miss Ela Chauhan, pointed out that " I f Walkers have a promotion on where there is a toy inside a packet of crisps, it is printed all over the front to attract children's attention and make them buy, so to say there is no room for a small veg symbol is nonsense. They are exploiting the innocence o f young children." Birmingham Evening Post 28.1.00


WHO'S HEP LEAH LENEMAN Sadly, Leah Leneman, whose vegetarian and vegan recipe books have inspired so many of us, died on Boxing Day 1999. Leah worked for the UK Vegetarian Society in the early 1970s before moving to Edinburgh to begin her career as a social historian. But she continued, enthusiastically, in her aim to improve attitudes to veganfoodsand to bring usflavoursomerecipes from around the world. Alongside her many research papers, she published seven cookbooks and numerous articles about her new finds. Herfirstrecipe book, 'Slimming the vegetarian way' appeared in 1980. It was followed by 'The amazing avocado' (1984), 'The international tofu cookbook' (1986) and "Vegetarian pitta bread recipes' (1987), 'The single vegan' (1989), 'The Tofa Cookbook' (1992) and '365 + 1 Vegan recipes' (1993). Many readers will be more than


Is Vegan Society patron, Benjamin Zephaniah, the first vegan to appear in Who's Who'' Or are all the others just keeping quiet 7

familiar with thesetides,which did so much to take vegan cuisine forward into the realms of taste and pleasure.

SOYA SCHOOL MEALS Federal officials in the United States intend to let schools and day care



S H A M R O C K FARM CLOSES "Shamrock (Great Britain) Ltd. announces that its primate facility, located in Small Dole, West Sussex, will be permanently closed, in the coming weeks. The effective date of the closure will be dictated by the professional care required to tend to the humane relocation of the animals residing in the facility. We regret the loss of employment in Small Dole resulting from this difficult decision. Some within our small staff have been with us for more than 25 years. We are entering into generous severance arrangements with our employees, and we thank them for their dedication and perseverance. Shamrock is also deeply grateful for the gestures of support and kindness by many local citizens, and for the assistance of the local authorities over the past months. There will be no further comments from Shamrock on this matter, and no spokesperson will be made available." Shamrock (Great Britain) Ltd. Public Statement, March 10, 2000 After more than forty years o f selling primates to vivisection laboratories, Shamrock Farm is closing down. Save the Shamrock Monkeys are grateful to all supporters who have been involved in their long campaign. T h e y will continue to monitor Shamrock and follow what happens to the monkeys currently held there. Information: PO Box 3090, Brighton BN1 3QU Tel: 07020 936956


centres serve tofu, veggieburgers and other soya products as meat substitutes in federally subsidised lunches. The Agriculture department proposes to drop its restrictions on soya in these meals — currently it is used only as a food additive and in amounts less than 30%. Beef, pork and poultry producers arefightingthe move, but schools approve because they find it hard to comply with government limits on the fat content of meals.

SCOTTISH SALMON FARMS Salmon farming in Scotland is to be heavilyrestricted,with no new farms allowed on the north and east coasts, because of fears that the industry is destroying the environment. No new new sites will be permitted unless the owners can demonstrate they will improve environmental conditions. The government's decision follows decades of official support for the industry. But several disease outbreaks in wild salmon have forced ministers to take action. Sea lice and the 'fish flu' virus - infectious salmon anaemia - are both thought to have have spread from farmed fish. Fish farms are also implicated in the epidemic of amnesic shellfish poisoning that broke out last summer in Scodand. Human consumption of poisoned scallops can cause vomiting, headaches, numbness of limbs and memory loss. It is thought that high levels of ammonia cause a build-up of toxic algae on which scallops feed. Scottish salmon farming produces 7,000 tones of ammonia which is discharged, untreated into the sea. A Scottish Executive spokesperson admitted "It is true that if you look at where the fish farms are and then examine where we have had outbreaks of amnesic shellfish poisoning, there are some correlations." The new restrictions on salmon farms alsorepresentacceptance that there are too many problems linked to the £250 million industry for it to continue unchecked: production has risen six-fold in past 10 years, and number of farms from 32 in 1980 to 330 today. The Independent 23.11.99

The Labour party has dumped its shares in Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). HLS's share price is now at an all time low The Cooperative Insurance Society, part of the Cooperative Wholesale Group (and sister company to the Cooperative Bank), still keeps its shareholding in HLS, purchased for around £1 million in 1989 The clone of a cloned bull has been born in Japan. The calf was 'created' from a skin cell taken from a bull calf, itself the clone of a 16 year old bull. Researchers at the Kagoshima Prefectural Cattle Breeding Institute say the succession of clones will help them understand clone genetics and life cycles. Ultimately the Japanese hope to clone herds of cattle commercially. New Scientist 5.2 00 The National Trust council decided in January to maintain its 1997 ban on stag hunting on its land Amtrack has said that it will no longer transport animals for any vivisection company. Save the Newchurch Guinea Pigs campaigners had told the parcel delivery company of their intention to hold demos outside its distribution depots after seeing Amtrack vans transporting guinea pigs from Darley Oaks Farm For information on the campaign, telephone 01902 564734 Farming costs Britain more than £2 3 million each year - £208 per hectare - through the combined costs of cleaning up pollution, repairing habitats and coping with sickness caused by farming New Scientist 18 12 99 Please ask your MP t o support Ken Livingstone MP's Wild Mammals (Hunting with Dogs) Bill at its second reading on 7 April 2000 The Bill is similarly worded to the one introduced by Michael Foster MP in 1997, which aimed t o ban the hunting of foxes, deer, mink and hares with dogs

The V e g a n , S p r i n g


GM ROUND-UP More than 50 per cent o f genetically modified crop material - soya, maize, oilseed rape and cotton - grown around the world goes into animal feed. A quarter o f the entire U S soya crop, 55 per cent o f which is genetically modified, is imported by the European Union.

o f products containing GMOs. A holding clause in the treaty says shipments should be labelled 'may contain' GMOs. A detailed labelling rule is to be decided in a few years time. Until then, farmers and traders won't have to segregate products containing G M O s from those that don't

Inscct killing toxins from genetically modified maize plants leak into the soil and persist for weeks, biologists in the U S have found. T h e Bt toxin (a protein normally made by the soil bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis) is being used to destroy moth larvae that burrow into maize stems. But the toxin could also harm benign soil organisms and have widespread effects on soil ecology. B t maize plants now cover six million hectares o f U S farmland. New Scientist 4.12.99

Biotech giant Monsanto is to have a new name and corporate makeover. The company will be known as Pharmacia from this summer after merging its drugs business with Pharmacia & Upjohn. A spokesman denied the makeover had anything to do with public hostility with G M foods. New Scientist.1.2.00

Holiday makers to the U S beware — 6 0 - 7 0 % o f processed food in the U S is likely to contain G M ingredients. The Guardian 19.2.00

The investigation also undermines the claims by many supermarkets, producers and fast food chains to be 'GM-free'. Monsanto's G M soya is transported to the UK via US company Cargill, the world's largest grain carrier. G M contaminated feed is then fed to chickens by Sun Valley, the UK's largest poultry producer, also owned by Cargill. Sun Valley's largest customer is McDonald's.

T h e Biosafety Protocol agreed in Montreal at the end January 2000 is designed to control the international trade in G M O s . The treaty (which covers food, animal feed and seeds.but not pharmaceuticals) allows countries to halt imports o f G M O s that they fear 'may have an advene effect' on biological diversity or human health. Until now, the World Trade Organisation has required that safety bans are backed by 'sufficient scientific evidence'. But "we live in a world in which scientific certainty is not available" admitted the U S chief negotiator, under-secretary Frank Lay.There was no agreement on the labelling

AND THE HUMAN TOLL? Meanwhile, researchers at the Wellcome Trust Centre for the Epidemiology o f Infectious Disease in Oxford have predicted that any epidemic o f new variant Creutzfeld Jakob disease (vCJD) in Great Britain will reach a maximum o f half a million cases. This presumes that the total number o f 1999 deaths will mark a turning point in the course o f G B ' s epidemic. If a similar number o f people die in 2000, they predict a maximum o f 1 4 , 0 0 0 cases. T h e model assumes that only a certain proportion o f people are susceptible to v C J D .

ANIMAL DRUG DANGERS M o r e than 10 0 0 0 tonnes o f antibiotics are used in the European U n i o n each year, roughly half o f

which end up in animals. Up to 5 0 % o f some drugs pass unchanged through our bodies into sewage systems, or onto the land and into rivers in farm waste. Watchdogs such as the Environment Agency express increasing concern over the toxic impact o f drugs in soil and water and their possible role in developing antibiotic resistance in diseases. Europe has no ceiling on the amount o f farm drugs allowed into soils, although the environmental impact is monitored for any compound likely to accumulate at 7.5 grams per hectare. But a new agreement reached last year between veterinary regulators from E U , U S and Japan, will raise this threshold tenfold to 7 5 grams per hectare. New Scientist 19.2.00

A Greenpeace investigation, 'Smuggling G M in through the back door' has revealed a trail o f GM contamination from Monsanto's US laboratories to British consumers of McDonald's chicken McNuggets.

" A few big players in the food industry are keeping alive a market for G M contaminated food despite widespread consumer rejection,"said Greenpeace food campaigner Jim Thomas. "People who have sard 'No' to GM food may find themselves unwittingly tucking into an egg or portion ofchicken McNuggets contaminated by G M O s . . . This trail of contamination is repeated time and time again with our pork, fish, eggs and milk." Greenpeace press release

BSE CASES EXCEED ESTIMATES In 1996, the Anderson Committee predicted that cases of BSE would fall to a few hundred in the early years o f the new century. It now seems there will be at least 1500 cases in the year 2000 and MX) in 2001, and that there will be 'a long tail' to the epidemic. The Florence agreement prohibits the export o f live cattle until cases o f BSE in the U K fall below 200 per year. BBC Farming Today programme, 23.12.99

BADGER KILLINGS M A F F are spending £54 million to eradicate badgers in certain parts o f the country, aiming to prove whether ot not they are carriers o f bovine TB. In the last 25 years around 30,000

fco^loj* LifcE. v j O i A e ^ o T rvHjote

V f B .

o P l ^ r A U ^

badgers have been killed by MAFF. Most weren't even infected and T B in cattle has not been reduced. For more information contact the National Federation of Badger Groups Tel: 0 1 9 8 9 5 6 7 9 9 5 . O r visit: www .greengate .org. uk/badger/ ggbadger.htm

END TO DRAI2E IN SIGHT A cornea has been made in a laboratory using a base o f human cells. Safer than a cornea from a donor, it carries less risk o f rejection or disease transmission. The cornea will first be used by cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies for testing products instead o f using rabbits' eyes in the Draize test. Unilever have said that an alternative to animal experiments is about four years away.


f h j l o ^


S f Y i E o i ^ t

Itfose ST£€EfS






m t


on a par with cow's milk as a source of calcium. The Guidelines have long favoured dairy products over other sources of calcium such as calciumfortified soymilk, tofu, legumes, or green, leafy vegetables.

Spread the word with our new membership flyer. Copies available on request from the office (address on page 3).

HUNT SABS WIN HUMAN RIGHTS CASE The European Court of Human Rights found the British Government to be in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights in a case brought by two hunt saboteurs. Joseph Hashman and Wanda Harrup were arrested for Breach of the Peace after using a hunting horn and voice calls to sabotage a hunt. The Court ruled that Dorchester Crown Court's original decision to bind them over 'to be of good behaviour' breached the human rights code, which safeguards an individual's right to freedom of expression. Dawn Preston, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, commented "Yet again we see a case where hunt saboteurs are forced to challenge the legal system to justify their actions, when all they were doing in the first place was trying to save the life of an animal." HSA news release

CALCIUM WITHOUT CRUELTY The US Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has stated that soymilk is


"For the first time, a dietary guidelines advisory committee has acknowledged what many prevention-minded health professionals have long-known: fortified soymilk is a healthy source of calcium and other nutrients. Further, this committee has recognised that dairy consumption is not necessary or appropriate for everyone, and that, for people who are lactose-intolerant or who for other reasons choose not to consume dairy products, consumption of other calcium-rich foods is perfectly fine," said Mandy Kursban of the Washington-based Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

PROTESTS MADE EASY A great new campaign website to check out is Vegan Response. Each month, the site identifies a timely and relevant issue or campaign to take part in and provides contact details and sample texts for your protest letters. "This website is for vegans who want to actually do something, who are prepared to occasionally put pen to paper, or send an email, to protest against some act of cruelty or abuse of animals. It's been set up to make it easy for all vegans to make a protest, so that it is difficult for the abusers to ignore us."

STRAIGHT TO THE HEART "My diet has been completely transformed. I used to eat a lot of meat, but since we started our own berry (arm we have added a lot ofberries to our diet. Ifeelmuch healthier." So says a farmer in North Karelia, Finland, where a heart disease prevention programme has been encouraging dairy farms to diversify into vitaminrich, low fat crops like fruit. The programme is being hailed as a blueprint for the rest ofEurope. North Karelia used to have the world's worst heart disease problems. Now, rates are dropping faster than anywhere else - the number of people dying from coronary heart disease has fallen by 7 3 % since the project began in 1972. "People could see that younger and younger men were dying o f coronary disease. The problem was so obvious that they really wanted to do something" BBC News website, 14.2.00


February's campaign targeted the Farm Energy Centre in Kenilworth, Warwickshire, where trials have shown that keeping catde shed lights on for up to 18 hours a day can squeeze as much as 16% more milk out of cows. To make the most of cheap electricity, it is suggested that the cows are put to bed at 6.30pm, and then woken up just after midnight with some nice bright lights.

-bQmM^To fifths, 0\k(L,

The site also has email links to the BBC's Newsnight, News24 and PM programmes. It really couldn't be easier to make a difference. You'll find Vegan Response at

Gap, whose recent ad blitz called for 'everybody in leather', is being targeted in a new campaign by PETA. The campaign hasfocusedpublic attention on the cruelty behind the international leather trade. Gap sources some ofits leather from India, where cows were once held sacred, but where Western demand for cheap leather has spawned a cruel underground industry: PETA's evidence shows that, while it is illegal to slaughter cows in most of India, corrupt skin-traders use bribes to smuggle the animals at night across state borders. The cows and calves, bought under the pretence that they are going to rural farms, must walk for days before

slaughter in direct violation of the Constitution of India. When collapsing from exhaustion en route, the animals have their eyes smeared with chilli peppers and tobacco and their tails broken in an effort to keep them moving.

VEGAN DIET EASES MENSTRUAL CRAMPS Women following a low-fat, vegan diet can expect significant reductions in menstrual pain and PMS symptoms, according to a new study in the February issue of the U S journal Obstetrics & Gynaecology. "Approximately 10 percent of all women suffer such severe pain during their menstrual cycles that they're forced to miss work and other activities," says Neal D. Barnard, M.D. Thirty-three women took part in the study and besides a decrease in the intensity of menstrual pain, the women experienced an average o f 1.5 fewer days of pain each month."For some women, the change was profound," Dr. Barnard says. "Their pain was gone or dramatically reduced, something they had not experienced for years. If they needed any pain medicine at all, they needed much less than before." Many women also experienced a significant relief from pre-menstrual symptoms, especially water retention and concentration problems. Increased energy levels, lower cholesterol levels, and weight reduction were also noted. Some women were so pleased with the results that when it was their turn to resume their normal diet for two months, they refused.

S l K (cm

P^sluT f k ^ y & i f r a i m o t )





( f c ^ y ^ t ^ p ^ rvjCED^o ~ lS\VÂŁ\





Shoparound The range of vegan goods just keeps getting bigger. Ronny Voysey reviews some innovative new products, plus we give you a handy checklist of vegan goodies to munch over Easter.


EASTER TREAT First, a n e x c i t i n g n e w t r e a t f r o m G r e e n a n d Blacks t h a t deserves a m e n t i o n all o f its o w n . M a y a G o l d Easter Egg is t h e w o r l d ' s f i r s t f a i r l y - t r a d e d Easter e g g ! T h e f a c t i t is also o r g a n i c a n d a n i m a l - f r e e m a k e s it a n u l t r a - e t h i c a l p r o d u c t . Get d o w n t o y o u r local health f o o d s h o p b e f o r e t h e y sell o u t .

CRUNCHINGLY GOOD CRISPS Fans o f K e t t l e Chips, t h e very crunchy h a n d - m a d e crisps will be d e l i g h t e d t o k n o w t h a t t h e comp a n y have j u s t launched a n e w O r g a n i c Lightly Salted variety a n d h a v e plans t o i n t r o d u c e m o r e o r g a n i c products b e f o r e t o o long. V e g a n flavours in t h e existing non-organic range are Kansas City B a r b e q u e a n d Salsa w i t h Mesqurte. All a r e available f r o m selected h e a l t h f o o d shops a n d supermarkets e v e r y w h e r e .


Conscience Cosmetics a r e a n e w l i t t l e mail o r d e r company. All of their products are vegan, cruelty-free and minimally packaged. What's more, t h e y are o f f e r i n g a 25% discount t o r e a d e r s o f The Vegan w h e n placing a first order. T h e Conscience range contains e x c i t i n g c o n c o c t i o n s like Sensual Soak B a t h i n g Bubbles.Sherbert L e m o n Bath B o n b o n and Creamy Banana a n d Vanilla Shampoo. All are very high quality and smell gorgeous.




ANIMAL FRIENDS INSURANCE Getting a good deal on your insurance can mean a great deal t o animals in n e e d -

They will b e on sale a t a variety o f events over t h e summer, including t h e Vegan Food Fayre in September. If y o u ' d rather make y o u r o w n a t home, t h e dried burgermix is also available pre-packed.

Y e t a n o t h e r h e m p p r o d u c t (is there no limit t o the potential uses o f this w o n d e r - p l a n t ? ) is T h e H e m p P o t . A c c o r d i n g t o its p u b l i c i t y materials, t h i s is an e f f e c t i v e t r e a t m e n t f o r h e a d lice! U n l i k e o t h e r c o m m e r c i a l preparat i o n s , i t c o n t a i n s n o harsh, a n i m a l - t e s t e d chemicals a n d is m a d e f r o m 100% n a t u r a l oils. For m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n , t e l e p h o n e 020 8406 4563.

SMOOTH AS SYLK Sylk is a b r a n d n e w product that wil^ be w e l c o m e d by w o m e n w h o experience vaginal dryness. It is a t o t a l l y plant-based lubricant - in f a c t , its m a i n i n g r e d i e n t is extracted f r o m the kiwi fruit!

Sylk w i l l give a w a y f r e e samples t o all readers w h o w r i t e t o t h e m . Send y o u r n a m e a n d address t o :

VAMP UP YOUR LETTUCE W e i g h t - w a t c h i n g salad scoffers will be t h r i l l e d t o l e a m t h a t a n e w lowf a t dressing is vegan. Salad Light comes in n i f t y spray cans, w h i c h ensure t h a t it is used sparingly. It comes in t h r e e flavours. Lemon


Get yourself covered and help animals a t t h e same t i m e . Long-time animal campaigners Elaine and Chris Fairfax, b o t h vegan, have launched A n i m a l Friends Insurance - a unique concept t h a t will generate huge sums of money f o r many animal causes. It is t h e first n o t - f o r - p r o f i t insurance business w h e r e 100% o f t h e net profits g o t o t h e animals. So animal lovers can help p r o t e c t animals at t h e same t i m e as prot e c t i n g themselves.




For a p r o d u c t g u i d e , w r i t e t o : PO Box 5 1 8 0 , M a t l o c k , D e r b y s h i r e , DE4 4 Z W .

Veggies, t h e all-vegan caterers a n d b u r g e r experts have a d d e d a n e w b u r g e r t o t h e i r range. Hempseed Burgers have an unusual crunchy t e x t u r e a n d contain a mixture o f h e m p seeds, sunflower seeds a n d d r i e d vegetables.




A c o m p r e h e n s i v e range of insurance is o f f e r e d , all u n d e r w r i t t e n by respected insurers a t Lloyds e n s u r i n g security f o r policyholders. A n i m a l Friends c a n

a r r a n g e house a n d contents, c o m p a n i o n animal, m o t o r , protKdm yon, protecting awn travel, h e a l t h a n d commercial insurance. All cover is sold direct over t h e p h o n e o n t h e Q u o t e l i n e , 0870 4 4 4 3438, t o ensure prices are highly c o m p e t i t i v e . Fifty per c e n t of A n i m a l Friends p r o f i t s w i l l be shared equally b e t w e e n A n i m a l Aid, t h e Born Free F o u n d a t i o n , t h e Celia Hamm o n d A n i m a l Trust a n d t h e National Federation o f Badger Groups. The r e m a i n i n g 50 per c e n t w i l l g o i n t o a g r a n t f u n d t o w h i c h other projects a n d organisations can a p p l y f o r assistance. /



Policyholders will be k e p t u p - t o - d a t e w i t h a n a n n u a l newsletter a n d via t h e A n i m a l Friends w e b s i t e so t h e y can see t h e difference their choice is m a k i n g . N o o t h e r insurer can even c o m e close t o this! Contact A n i m a l Friends f o r a q u o t e o n 0870 444 3438 or visit t h e m a t

Provencal, Garlic a n d Herb a n d Balsamic Vinegar. Look out f o r t h e m at your local Sainsbury's store.

LINDA MCCARTNEY MADNESS M a n y items in t h e Linda M c C a r t n e y r a n g e are n o l o n g e r v e g a n . But it seems t h a t Linda M c C a r t n e y f o o d s are listening t o t h e m a n y complaints t h e y are

receiving. They say t h e y are r e v i e w i n g t h e s i t u a t i o n w i t h an eye t o change a n d also b r i n g i n g o u t several n e w a d d i t i o n s t o t h e i r r a n g e of f o o d s t h a t w i l l all be vegan. So remember t o check t h e labels before buying a n d let t h e manufacturers k n o w w h y you can't buy some o f their f o o d any more. Freephone n u m b e r 0800 626 697 ( M o n d a y t o Friday 9am-6.30pm)


Vegan Easter Treats CHOCOLATES D&D Chocolates: Easter Egg, Mini Eggs, Large Chuckling Bunny (available in some Waitrose stores), Carob Bunny, Net of 8 Mini Dark Chocolate Bunnies, Carob Teddy, Dark Chocolate Flowers, 2 Small Carob Eggs w i t h Carob Animal. Available by mail order from: 261 Forest Rd, Loughborough LE11 3HT. Tel 01509 216400. House of Dorchester: Plain Chocolate Easter Egg w i t h Assorted Plain Chocolates and Plain Chocolate Easter Egg w i t h Plain Chocolate Disc Filling. Mail order from: Victor Jackson Ave, Poundbury, Dorchester, Dorset DT1 3GY. Tel 01305 264257. Kingsway: Smooth Plain Chocolate. Molle Skovly: After All Mini Mint, Cafe Choco, Mint Heart, Dark Choco (Almond, Hazelnut, Peanut and Raisin flavours). All GMO free. Premier Organic Foods - Bonbon Jeannette range: Dark Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts & Raisins, Dark Chunky Nut Brittle, Vegan Chocolate Assortment Box, Dark Chocolate Bar, Dark Hazelnut Bar, Dark Marzipan Bar, Dark Orange Bar. Mail order from: 1336b High Rd,

ENERGISE YOURSELF Vandemoortele have launched a new organic energy drink. Provamel Soya Cereal is as ultrahealthy as it is free f r o m genetically modified ingredients. Along w i t h soya, it contains oats, hazelnuts, malt and barley. It is ideal w i t h muesli and other breakfast cereals or can simply be gulped d o w n o n its own. Also new is Provamel's Junior Yofu (in Banana, Peach, Pear and Strawberry varieties).


Search f o r t h e m in your local health f o o d shop.

ORGANIC SIZZLERS Fans of the Redwood Company's RashersÂŽ meat-free bacon alternative will be pleased t o hear t h a t an all-organic version is n o w available. Also new are Redwood's organic Lincolnshire-style Sausages (a blend of soya and wheat protein, w i t h herbs) and Organic Frankfurter-style sausages.

HOT CROSS BUNS â&#x20AC;˘: Allinson: Wholemeal Hot Cross Buns ASDA: 4 Reduced Fat Hot Cross Buns Biona: Wholemeal Raisin & Cinnamon Bread Marks & Spencer: 9 Mini Hot Cross Buns, 95% Fat Free Hot Cross Buns Safeway: Instore Mini Hot Cross Buns, Prepacked Hot Cross Bun Cluster, Prepacked Hot Cross Buns, Prepacked White Hot Cross Buns, Prepacked Wholemeal Hot Cross Buns Somerfield: Bakery Hot Cross Buns, Bakery Mini Hot Cross Buns, Bakery Wholemeal Hot Cross Buns Sunblest: Hot Cross Buns Tesco: 4 Wholemeal Hot Cross Buns Waitrose: Mini Hot Cross Buns, Reduced Fat Hot Cross Buns, Wholemeal Hot Cross Buns William Jackson: Plain Hot Cross Buns

The first five readers w h o send their name and address t o the company will receive a selection of goodies f r o m t h e new organic range. Send your envelope or postcard t o 'Vegan Organic Offer', The Redwood Wholefood Company, Earlstrees Industrial Estate, Corby, Northants NN17 4SW. Please include a daytime telephone number so t h a t Redwood can contact you and arrange delivery.


0 8 0 0 458 4442

A special treatfor

for a short catalogue pf animal-free shoes & ) A e s

Bars and Gift Boxes


vegans by post

For information and orderform contact:

F R E E P O S f LC N 1 0 5 0 6

Devon Fudge D i r e c t U n i t 3 , 2A Barton Hill R o a d Torquay T Q 2 8 J H


Whetstone, London N20 9HJ. Tel 020 8446 3585. Safeway: Thin Chocolate Mint Creams. Sainsbury's: Deliciously Dark Vegan Easter Egg. Thorntons: Dark Chocolate Bar, Dark Ginger Bar. Trebor Bassett: Barker & Dobson Chocolate Mint Crisp, Jameson Chocolate Creams (Orange and Strawberry flavours). All GMO free.

T e l : 0 1 8 0 3 3 1 6 0 2 0 Tel/&x: 0 1 8 0 3 8 5 2 5 9 2 Mastercard/Visa accepted

The V e g a n , S p r i n g


Diet Matters Sandra Hood answers more of your diet-related queries

vegans have enough bacterial contamination o f the diet to obtain bacterially synthesised B I 2 .


a n d r a H o o d is a v e g a n of 20 years' standing a n d is a p r a c t i s i n g

B , 2 deficiency can result in abnormalities in the bone marrow, small intestine and nervous system. However, neurological symptoms are less common. Most epilepsy is o f unknown cause and I am unaware o f any link with B , 2 deficiency.

S e n i o r S t a t e Registered Dietit i a n . Please address y o u r q u e s t i o n s t o her at: Diet Matters, The Vegan, Donald Watson House, 7 Battle Road, St Leonards-onSea, East Sussex TN37 7AA, UK. S a n d r a r e g r e t s t h a t s h e is not available for telephone consultations.

s there something in soya beans / that must be broken down ? W e n d y , Cambridgeshire Soya beans contain large quantities o f trypsin inhibitors. Trypsin is an enzyme present in pancreatic juices that aids digestion. T h e trypsin inhibitor will be destroyed by heat, sprouting or by fermentation.

Rinsing any beans or pulses to remove any grit or din is recommended. Pre-soaking will speed up cooking time. he medics want to stamp me an epileptic. Could this be due to B,2 deficiency? G a r y , Lancashire Vitamin B 1 2 deficiency usually occurs as a result o f acquired gastrointestinal disease resulting in a lack o f gastric intrinsic factor, but this is rarely as a result o f inadequate diet. Many




• J| that should I eat to help with I f I f my painful knee joints? Nigella, Berkshire The knee joint is the largest and most complex joint in the body and it is one o f the most vulnerable to injury too.

N o doubt you are aware o f the many health benefits o f soya beans. T h e y are unique among beans because they contain the eight essential amino acids. Soya beans have been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels and are therefore useful in diabetes. They may help prevent cancer and they contain o m e g a - 3 fatty acids that have been shown to control cholesterol levels. Soya beans are also a useful source o f i r o n , calcium and some B vitamins.


For the medic to diagnose you with epilepsy, a full detailed history o f two blackout incidents should have been made and any other possible causes eliminated. If you are unhappy about the diagnosis, you should discuss it with your GP.

Unfortunately, I am unaware o f any particular diet or food that helps with knee injuries or benefits knee joints. There may, however, be a herbal or homeopathic remedy that would help with the pain. You state that you "take a lot o f exercise" but not what type o f exercise you do. As an active person, it is important that you consume enough calories (energy) to meet your energy needs and to carry out the specific activity you do. It is also very important that you 'refuel' your body after activity, in order that your energy stores are repleted and ready for your next active session. Ensure your body is hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids (not tea and coffee). Muscles and joints do not work as efficiently if they are dehydrated. There are numerous sports supplements (ergogenics) promoting improved performances, but little scientific evidence to support supplements' claims to enhance muscle size, mass or strength.


I presume you are vegan, so as long

as you are consuming a mixed vegan diet, including beans, nuts, seeds, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, you will be receiving all the nutrients necessary for good health.


ould you tell me if there is any proven benefit to taking the supplement glucosamine sulphate?

Harvey, Birmingham Glucosamine is a chain of complex carbohydrates (glucos = glucose = sugars (carbohydrates)) attached to a protein (amine = protein) molecule. It is a ground or packing substance that is associated with the structural elements of the tissues such as bone, elastin and collagen. These structural elements are important for holding water and occupying spaces. They cushion and lubricate other structures and accordingly have a very important protective role. T h e body naturally produces glucosamine. The argument manufacturers use to promote supplements such as glucosamine is that the body's ability to produce glucosamine declines as we age. But numerous changes occur within the human body as we age — this does not mean we need to take supplements for this, that and the other. I am unaware o f any studies proving the benefits of taking glucosamine supplements. Nevertheless, i f it was proven that adults needed to supplement their diet with glucosamine, it may not stop there. For example, in order for glucosamine to be utilised it needs to be assisted by other molecules, such as hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulphate and heparin. So does this mean that one would have to also include these as supplements, and then how does one go about measuring quantities? As you can see, it gets very complicated indeed. N o one nutrient on its own is good or bad. It is a combination of

nutrients as a whole that is important. Therefore I cannot see how just supplementing your diet with glucosamine sulphate would be of any benefit. But, at the end o f the day, if you believe in something and it makes you feel better (and if it has been shown that taking glucosamine sulphate is not harmful) then do it! One's disposition plays such an important role in one's physical state. I have seen people with exactly the same illnesses and the same prognosis, yet those with a more positive outlook have lived longer and suffered less than those with a less positive outlook.


ike 'Kate', (The Vegan, Spring 1999), I have problems with sensitive teeth and receding gum. Have you any other suggestions? Theresa, M a d r i d

I cannot find any reason why a vegan diet should cause receding gums. When changing to a vegan diet, people do consume extra fruit and, because most fruits contain fermentable carbohydrates (a potent producer of tooth decay) perhaps this may cause problems if teeth and gums are not cleaned regularly. However, on the plus side, a vegan diet is often low in simple sugars and refined carbohydrates - the types o f food that tend to stick around the teeth and form an ideal medium for bacterial growth. There are many factors that can cause gum damage, including stress, saliva problems, poor diet, hormonal and medical conditions. The three most important things to do to protect your teeth and gums are to: • Floss your teeth twice a day. Experiment with different thicknesses o f floss until you find the one that suits you. • Brush your teeth and gums regularly, but avoid hard brisde tooth- brushes because they can cause receding gums. • Visit your dentist regularly.


m : ® 6 C « n .o </>


c « O a) ® —.


= i2 o o c o — XI oiS" C 0) P m t. (0 . to a . i: 3 V)


OO 2-° 5 u> W


— (0 0 * in a> £ o


<0 3 0) M 5 5 •a _ ID ,0 "DO


1= a: 4> .C {/) 0)

12 Gardner Street, Brighton, East Sussex BN1 IUP. Tel/Fax: 01273 691913

DO YOU CARE ABOUT THE WORLD? You may chink there is very little any individual can do to help the environment, prevent large scale animal abuse and so on. However, the power of investment is immense. The more of us who indicate that we care about what happens to the money in our pension funds, endowments and other investments, the better off we will all be. For advice or more details contact: David Walters ^ ^ Financial Services /—™Hr Horseshoe Cottage, J j Brownbread Street, / Ashburnham, East Sussex TN33 9NX Tel. 0800 0183110 David Walters is a member of Animal and the Vegetarian Society A member of DBS Financial Management is regulated by the Personal Investment

Aid PLC which Authority

A delicious alternative to real cheese for vegans and consumers with milk protein intolerance. 100% DAIRY FREE No Milk Protein ( Casein) Made with Rice & Oat Beverage ( N o Soy) Expeller Pressed Non Hydrogenated Safflower Oil No Cholesterol - No Lactose No Artificial Ingredients Kosher Parve

Made only with non-genetically modified ingredients. N o Sorbates or other artificial ingredients. From the makers of Soya Kaas Manufactured by: American Natural Snacks, P. O. Box 1750, St. Augustine, FL 32085-1750






mm M W

VEGAN SOCIETY NEW MEMBER'S PACK Have the satisfaction o f knowing you're helping to promote veganism and receive the following benefits at the same time: • The Vegan — the leading international magazine dedicated to vegan living — delivered straight to your door • a v o u c h e r giving you £5-ofFvegan footwear from Ethical Wares • a m e m b e r s h i p card entitling you to discounts at 100s o f shops, mail order companies, restaurants and places to stay

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I enclose a cheque/PO payable to ' T h e Vegan Society' (Eire & overseas: payment must be made by sterling International Order or sterling cheque drawn on a British



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Membership intitules The Vegan magazine. This form may he phcloeopied


And then there were two... Tammi Dallaston Wood introduces the latest addition to her family


reasts. Aren't they great? For my five-week-old baby, they are the centre of her universe. Within twenty minutes of being born, she was suckling. One of the most energy-dense foods in existence, breast milk really is fast f o o d on tap - infinitely transportable, always at the right temperature and providing the correct mix of nutrients for her particular stage of development. My milk will also prime her immune system, protect against infection and reduce the risk of developing allergies. If it were possible t o buy a complete feed of such superior quality, I wouldn't be able t o afford it. But I don't have to. It's free!

FUTURE HEALTH Research is showing us t h a t a pregnant woman's diet and t h a t of her infant in the first year can affect the child's health 40, 50 or even 60 years into the future. So now, just as much as during my pregnancy, it is important t o really concentrate on what I am eating. A breastfeeding mother needs more calories, protein (at least 56g a day), iron and vitamins A, B complex and C. She also needs an increased amount of a wide range of minerals. It is possible t o buy mineral supplements, but a much cheaper and tastier alternative is t o snack on mixed nuts, dried fruit and seeds and whizz up a banana smoothie (banana, soya milk or apple juice, ground almonds and a teaspoon of blackstrap molasses). Some fuss was made in the media

about babies not receiving adequate iron from breastmilk after 6 months, but the infant can absorb a staggering 50% of iron present in breast milk, compared t o just 10% of that found in cow milk and 4% in ironenriched formula. The high levels of lactose and vitamin C in breast milk also help iron absorption. The World Health Organisation recommends that babies are breastfed for the first t w o years of their lives t o fully maximise their potential for good health in the future, so it is vital that the breastfeeding mother eats a healthy balanced diet, and eats little and often. Current medical advice also recommends that breastfeeding mothers should avoid peanuts t o reduce the incidence of allergies in children. One American nutritionist states that the single most important way t o avoid the development of allergies is t o breast feed. Breastfeeding also seems t o protect against other health problems, such as diabetes. It is thought that certain proteins cause damage t o the pancreas, and the essential fatty acid omega-3 may have a role t o play here, as it helps t o regulate the way that the body handles glucose. It probably contains substances that haven't yet been analysed, but which are essential and not f o u n d in powdered milk. It could be t h a t omega-3 fatty acid is the magic ingredient. Supplies can be boosted in the breastfeeding mother by regularly eating linseeds or taking linseed oil.

Of course, there are a tiny proport i o n of w o m e n who, for whatever reason, simply cannot breastfeed their babies. There is only one soya infant formula on t h e market suitable for vegans - Farley's Soya Formula. However, Plamil soya milk fortified w i t h calcium, and vitamins D 2 , B2 and B 12 can be used diluted for supplementary feeding. Write t o Plamil for further details, as they like t o provide your doctor w i t h product information.

WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? Constantly (or so it seems!) lifting up my T-shirt really makes me empathise with Daisy the cow. She is in calf for almost as long as I was pregnant, but her calf is taken away 1-3 days later and replaced by the milking machine. She can be artificially inseminated as little as six weeks after giving birth, milked throughout the duration of her pregnancy and have the whole process repeated again, and again, and again, until she is worn out. The milk of any species was designed for just one purpose - t o feed its young. Humans are the only creatures on earth that consistently drink t h e milk of other animals, and the majority never wean themselves off of it.

BREAST IS BEST FOR EVERYONE I breastfed my first daughter until I was about six weeks pregnant with my second, when a huge surge of hormones and the increased demands on my body felt t o o much. I began a grieving process f o r losing


the closeness t h a t my daughter and I had shared - I felt t h a t she was inexplicably moving away f r o m me and o u t into the world. Being a m u m t o a toddler and a newborn requires t h a t you suddenly develop t h e capability t o split yourself in t w o . Lots of juggling and very demanding, but I think t h a t the three of us look forw a r d t o feed times as a t i m e for a drink, a biscuit and a story. My older girl benefits f r o m the chance for t i m e out w i t h mum, and t h e baby enjoys the security and comfort of the breast in the maelstrom of family life.

FURTHER DETAILS National Childbirth Trust, Alexandra House, Oldham Terrace, Acton, London W 3 6NH. Can put you in touch with your local group and breastfeeding counsellor. Vegan Families List, Vegan Society, Donald Watson House, 7 Battle Road, St Leonard's-On-Sea, East Sussex TN37 7AA. Network of vegan families who are happy to be contacted for advice and support. Healthy Vegan Infants/ Children, Plamil Foods Ltd., Plamil House, Bowles Well Gardens, Folkestone, Kent. Information booklet 50p + SAE. La Leche League, PO Box 29, West Brigford, N o t t i n g h a m NG2 6FY Breastfeeding help and information.




In Defence of Laurence Carter-Long believes we've every right to be angry.

' A n y o n e can be angry - that is easy, but t o be angry w i t h t h e right person t o the right degree, at t h e right time, for t h e right purpose, in the right w a y - this is not easy.' Aristotle

'Animal activists, yeah, I agree with a lot o f what you do, but you always seem so emotional. I could never be involved with something that is, I don't know, so angry.' How many times have you heard these words, or the sentiment behind them? Differing approaches to the experience o f anger abound. In childhood, our parents and elders teach us that anger is almost always inappropriate, or worse yet, not allowed. As adults we are told that emotions are dangerous and must be overcome if we are to progress socially or spiritually. Get real. It is our emotions that make us truly alive, rather than just existing. Sometimes anger is justified and sometimes expressing it is more than the right thing to do, it is the only thing to do. Those who can look at pictures of animals caught in traps so that their skins can be stripped off, gawk at whales taken away from their families and forced to live in aquatic prisons, watch majestic elephants be reduced to side-show attractions, or see rats with grapefruit-sized tumours as a result o f artificially induced cancer and not get angry should be checked for a pulse because their hearts have ceased to function properly.





HOW CAN WE DO NOTHING? T h e absence o f anger in the presence o f injustice is a crime far worse than any words or actions that might offend the public, and in doing so, wake those who now sleepwalk through life. Those who decry the activists' anger the loudest are often those who do the least good for anybody. 'Be nice, be kind to others, don't get angry' — in activism, such wellmeaning suggestions have the inference of'shoulds' cleverly masked as caring. W e run the risk of muting the power that anger can provide us if, in the name o f love and non-violence, we mistakenly suppress it. Anger is a natural emotion. Unless it is rooted in frustrated desire (such as when you curse an uncooperative machine or when a child throws a fit

By denying anger we sadly overlook the fact that problems arise not by experiencing anger, but rather in not being conscious of how best that anger is expressed. Those afraid of right anger, and the insight it represents, often attempt to minimise its power by equating it with less threatening behaviours, such as temper tantrums. But when anger is a reaction to injustice it is much more: it can be a source of strength. It is impossible to be empowered if we are in conflict with our passion. Those who don't attempt to avoid anger may instead try to reframe it as violent or aggressive. After all, anger only overcomes those who lack self control. Or so we've been told. Yet many people speak with clarity unrealised

Getting angry is a positive, understandable reaction to cruelty or injustice because she was denied a cookie before dinner), getting angry is a positive, understandable reaction to cruelty or injustice. This is right anger. Right anger springs from an acute awareness that something is wrong. Even among animal activists, who are some o f the angriest people I know — and I mean that as a compliment — seldom is the value of experiencing anger (without trying to redirect, nullify, or alter it) recognised. Anger is not something to be expelled, removed, ignored, or denied — it is a warning from which we can learn.

while supposedly overcome by anger. Far from taking leave of their senses, as is the common assumption, coming to their senses was, in fact, the reason for the outburst. When such realisations are acted upon, change — even at a personal level — is imminent. Since most people can't even bear to see the formula for Coca-Cola change, it is easy to see why a concept like animal liberation meets such resistance. And because right anger can wake us from complacency, therein lies the threat, not from violence or aggression but from challenging the status quo.


THE RIGHT KIND OF ANGER N o w before somebody concludes that I am advocating violence, remember that anger does not equal aggression. Aggression involves attack. Anger often comes from a sense o f being attacked, physically, morally, or emotionally. Aggression, even when sparked by noble intentions, will resist any attempt to feel compassion or allow vulnerability. Right anger, the kind that transforms into activism, is by contrast a product o f intense empathy and compassion, however volatile its delivery. Although consciously expressing anger is not aggressive, it is not passive either. Using right anger requires attention. This begins with the acknowledgement that yep, you're angry, and requires enough awareness to understand both the cause and content o f that anger. Right anger is

Anger does not equal aggression

a rebellion against injustice, and we need to embrace it and control it rather than allowing unfocused anger to control us. I f suppressing anger and e m o t i o n leads to indifference and inaction, I say go ahead, call us emotional. W e ' v e been called m u c h worse. B e t t e r yet, call us angry. A glance at any page o f this magazine shows us that we have every reason to be. Lawrence Carter-Long is co-ordinator of science and research issues for the Animal Protection Institute, USA.

Reprinted w i t h kind permission f r o m The A n i m a l s ' Agenda, PO Box 25881, Baltimore, M D 21224, USA






Raw Foodism:

Veganism for Life Susie Miller and Dave Snowdon think you should give cooking a rest - for good!

A LITTLE BIT OF HISTORY So what is all this raw foodism business about? Where did it come from? Why the sudden interest and where's it heading? And with the wealth o f food choices available to us today, why would any sane person want to turn their back on all this and choose a raw diet — especially one that appears to match the 'rabbit food' label that vegetarians and vegans have been fighting for years?

ands up all those who made a New Year's resolution to eat more healthily? N o w , keep your hand up if you're finding it hard work. O K . . . so how would you react if someone told you that you could indulge in fast food as often as you like and feel even better about your health? Well, that's exactly what we're here to tell you! However, we're not talking about veggie burgers and chips here, but the delights o f a fresh raw vegan diet.


In the good tradition o f media hype, the raw food diet is currently being touted as 'the diet o f the new millennium' and 'the new sex', but, as those who have been experimenting with the diet will testify, this time the promise actually delivers, and not a moment too soon. N o t only is it a totally vegan diet (if kept true to its roots), but it's nutritious beyond compare, absolutely delicious, beautiful to all o f the senses, and you really do feel great on it — not just physically, but mentally, ethically and even emotionally. Sounds a little far-fetched? Just a bit too good to be true? Well in fact, it doesn't get any more simple and straightforward than this: all you need to do is eat a diet as close to nature as possible, that is, raw organic plant foods, and this article will begin to explain why you might just want to do that.





Well, for a start, the raw food diet is hardly the newest diet known to man. In fact, it was the very earliest diet known to man. Relatively speaking, the discovery o f fire and its use in food preparation came way down the timeline, and somehow we made it that far perfecdy adequately without saucepans lining our cave walls. Indeed, many theories have been bandied around about how and why changes happened, why fire came to feature in our food preparation and why it stayed there, but look at the facts. W e are the only animal that cooks its food or tampers with it in any way, and the only animal — apart from domesticated ones which also eat cooked and processed foods — who needs hospitals to pick up the pieces. This is no coincidence.

The raw food diet is currently being touted as 'the diet of the new millennium'

WHAT'S WRONG WITH COOKING? At first the idea that cooking alone can be detrimental to health is, granted, a hard one to swallow, especially when our focus has previously been on additives and preservatives, pesticide usage and genetic engineering. Most o f us begin processing most o f our foods as soon as we get home from work, often without thinking. Whether we turn on

the hob, oven, grill or deep fat fryer, as soon as we begin cooking we are immediately doing away with a high proportion of the nutrition left in a probably already-processed item. Not only are many of those valuable vitamins and minerals being lost but chances are that if you're heating your food above 48"C - and it's incredibly hard not to — 1 0 0 % of the enzyme content is also being lost (vital for every function within the body), as well as all of its oxygen, much of its water, and the beneficial natural plant hormones which are so good for our psychological wellbeing. Quite an impact! Further still, consider that proteins become denatured and are barely viable to the body once heated, carbohydrates release their sugar more quickly into the bloodstream (which can contribute to diabetes), vital fibre is broken down and no longer serves its purpose, and fats coagulate, leading to no end of health problems. In fact, some experts state that heated fats become carcinogenic. Many studies have been done to illustrate quite conclusively just how damaging or alien cooked foods are to the human body and why they are not 'natural' at all. T o gain some perspective ofyour own, it is well worth asking yourself, 'why exacdy do we feel that we should have to heat or process something in order to make it edible?' Nature provides us with a huge array of wonderful and delicious foods that work in perfect symbiosis with the human body, giving us absolutely everything we need to achieve and maintain optimum health, and beyond.

THE BODY'S RESPONSE O n e very profound example of nature's intentions for us was the discovery of a phenomenon called 'digestive leucocytosis' which occurs every time we eat cooked food. Simply put, this means that


millions o f the body's white blood cells (leucocytes) rush to the intestines as soon as cooked food enters the mouth - j u s t as if a toxic substance has been ingested. Until the 1930s this reaction was considered a little strange, but 'normal'. Then Paul Kouchakoff, a scientist studying in Switzerland, discovered that when food is eaten in its natural (raw) state, leucocytosis does not occur. This discovery spelled out loud and clear that despite our own personal wishes and assumptions, the body recognises cooked and processed foods as abnormal and potentially harmful to the body. Flaw foods, on the other hand, because their biochemistry is unchanged from their original and natural state, pass through the digestive system easily, with minimum wear and tear on the body.

tional favourites. In time, as they become accustomed to the new diet and their body becomes cleaner, their tastes simplify and they develop a preference for more simple meals, quickly and easily prepared, yet still bursting with flavour. T o make life much easier there is now a whole host o f raw food recipe books containing menus just as mouthwatering as any you would find anywhere else. Y o u can find a recommended reading list opposite, but the two we would definitely recommend are RA W: The Uncook Book by American celebrity chefjuliano, and The Raw Gourmet by N o m i Shannon. Both have stunning photography and would inspire even the most hardened j u n k food addict. An all-raw diet is far from limited. There are hundreds o f different fruits and vegetables to choose from (ever tried a durian or a jakfruit?), and a vast array o f leafy greens, herbs, wild greens, nuts, seeds, sprouted beans, pulses, legumes and grains, spices, dried fruits, flowers, fungi, sea vegetables, oils and other condiments all waiting to be explored.

Both o f us, after years o f research and experimentation, are now vegan 'rawfooders'. From carnivore, to veggie, to vegan and on to raw foodism. It seemed to personify what we felt a great vegan diet should be - simple, healthful, deli-

In the U S A there are already many restaurants serving completely raw menus, such as raw (vegan) versions o f sushi, pizzas and burgers, as well as beautiful living foods salads and to-die-for cakes and desserts.


The Raw G o u r m e t by Nomi Shannon, Alive Books, 1999 RAW: The Uncook Book by Juliano, HarperCollins, 1999 The Sunfood Diet Success System by David Wolfe, M a u l Brothers Publishing, 1999 The N e w Raw Energy by Susannah & Leslie Kenton, Vermilion, 1994 All books are available t h r o u g h FRESH. For further information, contact: The FRESH N e t w o r k , PO Box 71, Ely, Cambs, CB7 4GU, UK Tel: 0870 800 7070 Fax: 0870 800 7071 e-mail: fresh @karenk. easy net

Website: www.



Other useful sites: Living Foods:

Nature's First Law: www. ra wfood.


Living Nutrition: www. livingnutrition.


Elaine Bruce Living Foods: www. livingfoods.

co. uk

It's nutritious beyond compare, absolutely delicious, beautiful to all of the senses, and you really do feel great on it cious, ethical and sustainable. T h e fact that it fitted all these criteria was a bonus, but the emergence o f other incredible side-effects was way beyond our first expectations. Like anything in life, firsthand experience is the only way to really know something, and when you try a raw/living foods diet for even just a day you can feel the difference.

WHERE DO YOU START? T h e steps to raw foodism are typically very gradual, though there does seem to be a very definite pattern o f what is commonly referred to as 'transitioning, which is why a support network and meeting others o f a likemind is so important. Initially people tend to crave meals as close to their normal cooked fare as possible, following recipe books to recreate raw versions o f their tradi-

There is also a wealth o f information on the web which gives a much better indication o f how far and quickly the raw food movement is spreading, with impressive and inspirational sites from the U S A , Canada, Australia, Portugal, Sweden, Germany and o f course, the U K . Here, the F R E S H Network (Fruitarian/Raw Energy Support and Help) is the main meeting place for all those interested in raw foodism. It's a rapidly growing organisation with a mailing list o f several thousand, and offers the widest range o f services relating to the raw food diet anywhere in the world! In the words o f one recent convert to the diet, 'I have been a 1 0 0 % raw for only seven weeks but the changes have been astonishing... If you are thinking o f going raw, just get on and do it!'

Karen Knoxvler is the coordinator of The FRESH Network. She has been following a high raw dietfor more than seven years and has beat a 100% rawfooderfor the past two. Her first book, 'Feel-Good Food: A Guide to Intuitive Eating' co-authored with FRESH's founder, Susie Miller, is published in May 2000 by The Women's Press. Dave Snowdon is a freelance writer specialising in information technology, health and the environment. He has beenfollowing a high raw dietfor three years and has beenfollowing an exclusively raw dietfor more than six months. Contact:









HAPPY NEW MILLENNIUM! I k n o w it'll be Spring by t h e t i m e you read this, b u t I hope t h a t all readers had a relaxing and enjoyable t i m e a t Christmas - eating a n d d r i n k i n g a n d making merry w i t h vegan f a r e ! I had a peaceful Christmas a n d a nice break after my mock exams. One t h i n g I really noticed was t h e w o n d e r f u l and ever g r o w i n g range of vegan f o o d in t h e stores, n o t t o mention restaurants. M y favourite is t h e

Riverside Vegetaria in Kingston u p o n Thames. And I got a mobile phone - which is proving very useful and fits safely in a fauxleather case. I t h o u g h t t h e millennium celebrations across t h e w o r l d were spectacular - it was as if t h e w o r l d came t o g e t h e r like a community t o celebrate. I spent t h e night in watching t h e events on television, b u t I did g o t o a (belated) party a f e w weeks later.

GOING FORWARD -21ST CENTURY VEGANS It doesn't surprise me t h a t people are still stopping t o think ' w h a t does t h e new millennium really mean t o us?' I'm quite hopeful and w o u l d like t o think t h a t sometime in the new millennium people will realise w h a t f a r m i n g animals for their products is doing and change their ways. I wonder if this century will be t h e time w h e n people change their ways for t h e better... what d o you think? I met up w i t h my Malaysian email friend during the holiday. She came to stay for six weeks w i t h an English family she has k n o w n for years, and it was wonderful t o meet her! She is not vegetarian or vegan, but some of her friends at home are, and Malaysia, having a considerable Hindu population, caters very well f o r them. A lot of vegan


* *

f o o d is f r o m other cultures. It's good t h a t w e can experience a range of flavours and styles from around t h e world. If any of you are interested in finding a vegan penfriend w i t h similar interests, then do send us your details because we have very f e w o n our international penfriend list so far! So please send in your details if you are a young vegan and want t o get in touch w i t h others like you f r o m around the world. And talking of international contacts, I'll be able t o tell you w h a t there is for vegans abroad again soon, as I'm going t o France at Easter and maybe t o Canada for t h e summer. I'm also going t o Dublin for a weekend t o visit relatives w i t h my m u m I w o n ' t be o n my uncle's cattle farm in Ireland! Take care and enjoy 2000. 21st century, here w e come...

Voh/T MO&ZyM, jvpoMG By-me: ~srzÂŁ OF -ji-iArr F7V HÂŁ COU&U'TBVztS UTTLS


Don't forget t o send me your views, stories, feedback and ideas for this page! W r i t e t o me at: The Vegan, Donald Watson House. 7 Battle Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex TN37 7AA. UK.


Would any young readers like to start a penpals club via Young Vegans? If so, send your name, address (and e-mail address if you have one), date of birth and any interests to me c/o The Vegan.

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a n d





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FuMZnaf, T H E U L M U O E Dppig


Delicious! Guaranteed










A selection of delicious springtime recipesfrom Colin Spencer. Reprinted from Green Gastronomy (availablefrom the Vegan Society, price £ 9.99) by kind permission


& 7 0 0 g / l l b 9oz fresh peas 1.2 litres/2 pints vegetable stock sea salt and freshly ground black pepper chopped mint, for garnish soya c r e a m (optional) • Pod the peas and cook the pods in 570ml/1 pint of the stock until they are soft. • Leave to cool, then blend the pods with the liquid. • Strain through a sieve and reserve. • Now cook the peas in the remaining stock; when just cooked, blend these too. • Mix the liquids together and reheat gently. • Season to taste and before serving scatter the chopped mint over the surface. • A spoonful of soya cream can also be added before serving, if you wish.


2 celery hearts, washed and t r i m m e d 4 o r 5 baby carrots, washed and t r i m m e d few sprigs watercress, for garnish For the sauce: 3 0 m l / 2 tbsp tahini paste 10ml/2 tsp l e m o n juice 7 0 m l / 2 l / 2 fl o z sunflower oil 1 garlic clove, crushed good pinch sea salt few drops Tabasco First make the sauce: • Place the tahini in bowl or blender and add the lemon juice - the mixture becomes very thick. • Add the oil slowly until it becomes a smooth sauce. • Add the remaining sauce ingredients and check the seasoning. • Chop the celery into 5mm/V4 inch chunks and the carrots into thick matchsticks. • Toss together, then add the sauce and garnish.


Variation: Use young broad beans and their pods instead of peas. 3 large potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced 3 large onions, peeled and sliced sea salt and freshly ground black pepper a little n u t m e g 2 9 0 m l / 1 0 fl o z strong vegetable stock 3 0 - 4 5 m l / 2 - 3 tbsp brown breadcrumbs • Preheat the oven to 200°C/400°F/Gas mark 6. • Place the potatoes in a bowl, cover with cold water and leave for 30 minutes. • Drain and pat dry with a clean tea towel. • Oil a shallow earthenware dish and arrange alternate layers of potato and onion, seasoning with salt, pepper and nutmeg as you go. • Pour the stock over the top, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and place in the oven for 30 minutes.






& 2 5 0 g / 9 o z frozen puff pastry, thawed 900g/21b rhubarb, t r i m m e d and cut into chunks 6 0 m / i / 4 tbsp ginger marmalade 5 5 g / 2 o z crystallised ginger, chopped 3 0 m l / 2 tbsp currants 3 0 m l / 2 tbsp sultanas 4 5 m l / 3 tbsp caster sugar soya milk, for glazing pansy petals, for garnish • Preheat the oven to 220°C/425°F/Gas mark 7. • Roll out the pastry into a rectangle. • Mix the remaining ingredients, apart from the soya milk, and spread over the pastry, leaving a 2.5cm/1 inch gap around the edges. • Brush the edges with soya milk, then carefully fold the sides to the middle, pressing the edges together. Brush pastry with soya milk. • Place on a baking sheet with the join beneath and bake for 20 minutes, or until puffed up and brown. • Allow to rest for 10 minutes before slicing. • Serve with a sauce made from equal parts of soya cream and ginger marmalade mixed together. • Garnish with pansy petals.


4 5 m l / 3 tbsp olive oil 1 large onion, finely c h o p p e d 2 garlic cloves, crushed 2 2 5 g / 8 o z field o r cultivated m u s h r o o m s , finely chopped hefty pinch o r e g a n o several sage leaves, finely chopped 2 2 5 g / 8 o z arborio rice 5 5 g / 2 o z porcini, soaked overnight and finely c h o p p e d 4 5 0 m l / 1 6 fl o z strong vegetable stock sea salt and freshly g r o u n d black pepper 4 5 - 6 0 m l / 3 - 4 tbsp finely c h o p p e d coriander • Heat the oil in a pan and saute the onion, garlic and field mushrooms for several minutes. Add the herbs, the rice and stir until the rice has absorbed most of the flavours - about 1-2 minutes. • Then add the porcini with their soaking water and the vegetable stock. • Bring t o a simmer, place a lid on the pan and leave over a low heat for 18 minutes. • Add seasoning to taste and serve sprinkled with the coriander. Note: The risotto should be fairly liquid, and the rice should be al dente


still slightly chewy and nutty.


4 5 0 g / l l b seedless grapes 2 2 5 g / 8 o z tofu 2 2 5 g / 8 o z soya c r e a m 5 m l / l tsp vanilla essence 4 5 m l / 3 tbsp muscovado sugar • Place the grapes in a shallow dish. In a blender mix the tofu with the soya cream and vanilla essence so that you have a thick sauce. • Pour over the grapes and turn them so they are covered. • Sprinkle the sugar over the top and refrigerate for about 5 hours so that the sugar melts into the cream.





â&#x201A;ŹIoc(6flc Sjouse


Centre for Healing, Rest & Renewal D o r m a n s l a n d , Lingfield, Surrey R H 7


Telephone 01342 832150 Wardens: J o h n and Rosalind Smith Managed by Friends Fellowship o f Healing, Claridge House is situated in a peaceful south-east corner o f Surrey, easily reached by train from London. Set in beautiful gardens and offering a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere. Guests are welcome throughout the year on our special mid-week breaks at very reasonable prices. Full-board vegan/vegetarian accommodation. We also have an exceptionally wide range o f courses based on health and healing themes, all led by qualified instructors. For a full list o f events please request our Courses leaflet from our Wardens. We look forward

to hearingfrom

Registered charity no 228102



A special treatfor vegans Bars and Gift Boxes by post For information and orderform contact: Devon Fudge Direct Unit 3, 2A Barton Hill Road Torquay T Q 2 8JH Tel: 0 1 8 0 3 3 1 6 0 2 0 Tel/fax: 0 1 8 0 3 852592 Mastercard/Visa accepted


W e are negotiating to buy the H o t e l Sydney in Torquay and 13 acres of land nearby on which t o grow vegan organic crops. More participants needed, rich o r poor, especially t o buy and w o r k the land. Fantastic opportunity for non smoking, vegan singles, couples, families and old age t o join together t o make a better life for themselves and others in a socially responsible programme. Torquay is just the beginning. Ring t o discuss future plans, our ideas are not fixed in stone. SAE for newsletter t o Malcolm Home, 10b Windsor Square, Exmouth, Devon EX8 IJU. o r to acquaint us with your interest

Ring Bob Howes (01656 739 813) Malcolm Home (01395 270 280) (or if we have already moved) the Hotel Sydney (01803 293 553)




TEL: 0116 236 2958


V e g a n ,

S p r i n g

2 0 0 0

Animal Sanctuary: Animal welfare researcher and campaigner Dr Tim O'Brien on one of the UK's largest farm animal sanctuaries.

Left Little meets large. Below Mabel (left), rescued by Hillside in an emaciated condition, with Buttercup, one of the Sanctuary's blind animals.

Hillside's powerful pull relies on a carefully put together combination of gentle persuasion mixed with hard facts about the brutal realities of factory farming ucked away in the Norfolk countryside, just north of Norwich, Hillside Animal Sanctuary seems to revel in a low-key, unassuming approach to the mission it is engaged upon. For almost five years now, the Sanctuary has been rescuing animals from suffering and neglect, and steadily building up an army o f committed supporters, dedicated to helping Hillside in each new campaign it launches against animal cruelty, and in particular against the atrocity of factory farming.


Hillside's powerful pull relies on a carefully put together combination o f gentle persuasion mixed with hard facts about the brutal realities of factory farming. It aims to draw in previously unconcerned members o f the public who may otherwise be put off by some o f the more 'in your face' tactics adopted elsewhere in the animal welfare movement.

FACING THE FACTS The most recent Hillside newsletter, for example, has a front page describing winter at the Sanctuary, with pretty pictures o f rescued pigs peeping out o f their warm straw beds. Inside the newsletter, though.





are articles describing the heavily ulcerated stomachs suffered by horses in training in the racing industry (up to 9 3 % have stomach ulcers, and the newsletter carries endoscope photos to prove it), and an article telling o f the fate o f millions of day-old male chicks killed by the U K egg industry (battery and free-range) each year. The article pulls no punches, noting that it remains legal to kill these tiny creatures by putting them live into mincing machines. And Hillside doesn't shy away from the only practical solution â&#x20AC;&#x201D; after all, you can't make an omelette without killing day-old chicks. So, as well as encouraging the Sanctuary's supporters to write to the press and the Agriculture Minister, the newsletter article also asks readers not to subsidise the egg industry: " I f you don't want to support this appaling practice, please consider giving eggs a miss". This drive to enlist consumer power in the battle against intensive livestock farming has been a recurring theme in Hillside's campaigning activities over the years. Governments come and go, and animal welfare legislation sometimes seems designed to be flouted, but the vul-

the quiet crusade! If ever there was an idea whose time has come, then Hillside is it nerability of cost-conscious industrialised agriculture to changes in the public's buying habits remains the true Achilles heel of factory farming. And Hillside knows that people will only stop buying milk, cheese or eggs when they want to; brow-beating the public, or lumbering them with a guilt-trip will never succeed. Nurturing people's instinctive and deepseated compassion for their fellow creatures will win in the end. And how best to nurture that compassion? By inviting people to meet a live individual turkey, or a hen, or calf, or pig — perhaps even Topsy the camel! One to one. It works every time. That look o f delight on people's faces, young or old, when they first encounter Pollyanna

the pig at a Hillside Open Day — "ooohh, her nose is wet — just like Patch's!" Suddenly, their dilemma — " W h o do you pet, and who do you eat?" — is resolved, intuitively, in a flash. N o need for lengthy explanations - Pollyanna is just like Patch.

BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS People come back to Hillside's open days again and again, through the warm summer Sunday afternoons. They join the Sanctuary's adoption scheme, first of all adopting Pollyanna. Then, as they make friends with the other animals, perhaps they adopt Topsy the camel (who came to Hillside from Chipperfield's circus) or La Vizelle, a rescued ex-racehorse, great-granddaughter

Above: Topsy (right) and Alice, Hillside's rescued camels. Below. Dennis the donkey, after a trip to the dentist, with some of the hundreds of get well cards he received.

of Mill Reef. Each time people visit, they take back some more leaflets from Hillside's Information Centre, and by the end o f the summer, o f course, they couldn't bear to see pork on their plate - well, it would be like eating Pollyanna, wouldn't it? There are many great reasons for being involved with Hillside, but the best reason by far is that it works! If ever there was an idea whose time has come, then Hillside is it. It uses a knockout combination o f real, live rescued animals (around 7 0 0 , at the last count), some o f whom the public can adopt, coupled with gentle but persistent campaigning. And Hillside is unafraid to lay it on the line when, say, a radio interviewer asks 'tricky' questions: "Surely you're not saying we should all stop eating eggs?" "Well, that's exactly what we're saying, yes." Or: "It's all very well saying 'don't slaughter these baby calves', but the alternative is to stop drinking milk, isn't it?" "Yes, you've got it exactly: people have to make the choice." This simple position makes it easy — not having to side-step these issues, and knowing that the whole Hillside idea will bring people with you. After all, when our supporters already appreciate that every single life we can save, every animal we rescue, is precious, how could they feel otherwise about tiny day-old chicks or baby calves? So, i f you've never visited Hillside Animal Sanctuary, please do come along. We're open every Sunday afternoon, from Easter to the end o f October. In the meantime, write or phone us (details below) to receive Hillside's newsletter, free o f charge, six times a year. There's a quiet crusade going on — do j o i n us!

Hillside Animal Sanctuary is at: Hill Top Farm, Hall Lane, Frettenham, Norwich NR12 7LT. Tel: 01603 891227.





Grow Vegan Maggie Dunn encourages us to get outside and get our hands dirty

Often those bugs join you in the kitchen to watch you cook your veggies, so try Meadowsweet's Kitchen Cooks Pebble Pot Pourri to gently help them on their way.


2 K heralded a new era for humankind. For me it was a sharp contrast to the seasons which often seamlessly and gendy blend into each other. Changes in our gardens are generally seasonally related, but during the last century fast and widespread alterations occurred throughout the British landscape. Huge areas o f land were ploughed under to produce food for the war effort. This large-scale production has generally continued to the present day.

Unfortunately this rate o f change meant the widespread destruction o f wildlife habitat, the poisoning o f the soil with vast amounts o f chemicals and the loss oflife for millions o f 'farm' animals. Whilst the tide is turning towards a less exploitative lifestyle, the change is slow.

GARDEN FEED W h i l e home-made comfrey and netde liquid feed is a firm favourite in my garden, I am pleased to see a large range o f ready-made vegan plant feeds to choose from. When time is at a premium, these products can really be useful.

T o help you 'do your bit', I've chosen a selection o f vegan products which I hope will help you produce succulent vegetables and blooming flowers for the garden this year.

IT'S A BUGS LIFE! I f insects always make a beeline for you, then try some o f the many vegan-friendly insect repellents now available. I must taste horrible because they never bother with me! Lothian Herbs Insect Repellent Aromatherapy Push U p Stick is useful for the active gardener. Just pop in your trug to use as and when required. If you simply can't fit anything else in your trug, smother yourself with Kobashi's Insect Repellent Moisturising Lotion before you venture out.



If your terracotta pots are looking a bit drab this summer, give them a face lift by painting them with bright colours. Acrylic is a good medium as it is hardwearing and since it is water-soluble it is very easy to use. All D a l e r R o w n e y System 3 Acrylic Colours are vegan-friendly — available from art shops or mail order. Y o u could also choose Finity Artists Acrylic (except Ivory Black) or Galeria Flow Fonnula Acrylic (except Ivory Black) by W i n s o r & N e w t o n — available from art shops. If you want to capture your garden on canvas, a full list o f other artists materials can be found in the new Animal Free Shopper.

O n a rather smaller scale, vegan gardeners are 'doing their bit' and showing by example how a low impact animal-free lifestyle can be healthy and interesting.



M a x i c r o p have a good selection available including something for hungry tomatoes. Choose from Calcified Seaweed, Organic Plant Growth Stimulant, Plus Complete Garden Feed, Plus Flower Fertiliser, Plus Sequestered Iron, Plus Tomato Fertiliser and Seaweed Meal. P i n e t u m Products list a variety o f vegan products including Fertile Fibre Multi Purpose Compost and Green G r o w Soil Conditioner & M u l c h . I f you require fertilisers look out for the Calcified Seaweed, Cumulus K (potash), Dolomite Lime, R e c l a y m Garden Gypsum, R o c k Phosphate, Seaweed Meal or Volcanic R o c k Dust. Seaweed Meal is a great general fertiliser and may


be used as a soil conditioner every 2 - 3 months. Tamar Organics have two vegan composts — Fertile Fibre Vegan Mix and Natures Own Seed Compost. They also sell a range of fertilisers including Garden Potash/Potassium, Liquid Comfrey, Pelleted Hops, R o c k Phosphate, Seaweed Meal and Seaweed Liquid. Vegans can also safely use West Country Compost and Cocoa Shell Mulch. Don't forget to use Cocoa Shell Mulch to discourage slugs (providing it remains dry) and to help retain moisture in the soil during dry spells.

NEW CATALOGUES C h i l t e r n Seeds have over 4600 items for sale in a fascinating catalogue. Choose from a huge selection o f wild flowers, trees, shrubs, cacti, annuals, house plants, exotics plus the usual vegetables and herbs. D . T . Brown have some interesting additions to their catalogue including organic vegetables and herbs (approved by the Soil Association), companion plants, green

GROW VEGAN PUZZLER Which of the following is not a herb? a) sage b) sorrel c) salsify Write your answer on a postcard, with your name and address, and post to Grow Vegan Puzzler, The Vegan Society, Donald Watson House, 7 Battle Road, St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex TN37 7AA, by 25 April 2000. The sender of the first correct entry drawn will receive a selection of organic vegetable and herb seeds. The answer to the last GV Puzzler was b) An oriental vegetable. Congratulations to Karin Ridgers who wins a box of Vegan Society Fine Mint Chocolates.

manures, oriental vegetables and a new herb range. They also have a 'high density' range o f vegetables which may appeal to the 'raised bed' enthusiasts. Their seeds are free from genetic modification and some sections include a 'cropping programme' listing varieties that can be grown in succession for continuous cropping.

USEFUL ADDRESSES Chittern Seeds Bortree Stile, Utverston, Cumbria LA12 7PB Tel: 01229 581137 (24 hrs) Fax: 01229 584549. Web site: Daler Rowney 12 Percy St Tottenham Court Rd, London W1A 2BP Tel: 020 76368241. Web site: D.T. Brown Station Rd, Poultorv le-Fylde, Lanes FY6 7HX Tel: 01253 882371 Fax: 01253 890923. Kobashi 2 Fore St, Ide, nr Exeter, Devon EX2 9RQ Tel 01392 217628 Web site: Lothian Herbs 1 Peffermill Industrial Estate, Peffermill Rd, Edinburgh EH 16 5UY. Tel 0131 661 9803 Email: Web site: www.lothianherbs Maxicrop Weldon Rd, Corby, Northants NN17 5US. Tel: 01536402182.

Courtyard, Stowupland Rd, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 5AN. Tel: 01449 676940. Pinetum Products Pinetum Lodge, Churcham, Glos GL2 8AD. Tel: 07452 750 554. Tamar Organics 5a Westbridge Estate, Tavistock, Devon PL19 8DE. Tel: 01822 618765 Email: tamarorganics



So, What do you eat? A practical guide to healthy

Warming Up to Living Foods

animal-free nutrition

By Elysa Markowitz

By Liz Cook

£11.99 (plus £2.50 p+p)


Elysa Markowitz's book has a good selection of enticing recipes for the novice raw fooder. Alongside many interesting ideas and creations she also explains how to 'warm' or 'dehydrate' certain foods whilst preserving their nutritional content. As she says in her introduction, "When you say raw or Iving foods to most people, they think salads". Elysa is well-known in the United States where she produces her own public access television programme, Elysa's Raw and Wild Food Show, encouraging America to change its dietary habits towards a more ethical and healthful way ofliving.

This isn't just a cookery book, it is a work o f art! Seventy large glossy pages of vegan recipes, all hand-written and beautifully illustrated by Liz in the same style as her famous nutrition wallcharts.

and healthy family meals.

Raw food earing saves more animals than a vegan cooked diet and is more environmentally-friendly. Less insects are killed, there is less habitat destruction and a fruit-based diet is much more friendly to the environment than a grain or bean based diet. While Warming Up to Living Foods contains a wider and more varied selection o f raw foods than the Raw Energy book by Leslie and Susannah Kenton, the latter contains vital information as to why we should go raw in the first place. That said, the photographs in Elysa's book - of recipes such as Scambled Com with Veggie 'Chips', Cauliflower Casserole and Unbaked beans are beautiful and inspiring, and for those who are transitioning into a raw food diet, having learned o f the health benefits, it is a good start! I must, however, as a health-care professional, warn that caution is needed. Most of the recipes are wrongly combined and contain foods which are poisonous to the human body, such as onions, garlic, peppers, herbs, etc. Also dehydrated foods have been denatured, if only slighdy. Nevertheless, Elysa's contribution to the taw food vegan movement in the United States can only be applauded and is very encouraging - hopefully saving many, many animals from the misery of farming and slaughter. A good book for those starting to gain an interest in raw foods! Gina Shaw MA This title is availablefrom the Vegan Society (01424


ALSO ON THE EDITOR'S D E S K . . . Incredibly Delicious: The Vegan Paradigm Cookbook, by Gende World Over 500 recipes, plus information on raw food preparation, veganic gardening and inspinng/supportive quotes. Introduction by Michael A Klaper MD. Price $22.50 plus $3.20 shipping from Gentle World, Inc, POBox 238, Kap'au, Hawaii, 96155, USA ( Further details at the web site:

mm:^ S 1 S 1 :

The book begins on a very enthusiastic and positive note and it is clear that Liz was motivated to write it by a desire to help and inspire new vegans. She writes, " is perfecdy possible to eat wonderful food, much of it easy and simple to cook, and to have an amazingly healthy, well balanced and compassionate diet, without using animal products." Liz then launches into a comprehensive summary o f all the nutrients we need and the foods we can find them in, with explanations o f what some o f the less common foods (such as tahini) are. The savoury recipes range from basic soups and stir fiys to roasts and hotpots. There are a good selection o f sweets and desserts too, from baked bananas and home-made jelly to upside-down pudding. The recipes in this book are designed to be wholesome and satisfying, rather than diverse and adventurous. It is not a book for wildly imaginative cooks who want to stimulate their kitchen creativity; it's more o f a reference point for safe, reliable staple meals. The recipes I tried were certainly tasty, but not exciting or strongly flavoured. This book is ideal for families as the simpleness o f many o f the recipes ensures that children will enjoy them and the bright pictures and easy instructions will probably inspire many very young vegans to take an interest in cooking. In fact, the book is dedicated to the author's eight year old son James, whom I'm sure helped to test and fine-tune all the recipes! At the back o f the book are conversion charts and a suggested 'all you need' shopping list. Overall, this is an attractive, user-friendly and extremely practical cookbook which I find myself continuously wanting to pick up and flick through. Highly recommended. Ronny Worsey This title is availablefrom Stewart Distribution (01273 or direct from the author herself(01273J88 864)


whose parent companies do carry out animal testing). Mail order and vegan product manufacturers listed. Price £1.50 (inc p+p) from Naturewatch, 122 Bath Road, Cheltenham, Gloucester GL53 1JX Animal Healing No 3 of Chris Burrows' Inner development Videos. 40 minute video on developing techniques to harness positive healing energy needed to work with sick animals. Chris Burrows has studied Buddhist meditation since 1969 and spent 16 years as a Zen monk. Details from The Chris Burrows Foundation, 151 Bumiston Road, Scarborough, North Yorkshire YO!2 6QX

T h e Real Food B o o k by Friends o f the Earth Foreword by Hugh Feamly-Whittingstall. Handbook explaining what F O E believes is wrong with food today, what policies are needed to put it right and what individual consumers can do to ensure they're eating real food. Price £4.99 from Friends of the Earth (Tel: 0201490 1555, email: Naturewatch Compassionate Shopping Guide — 7th edition Lists beauty/skincare/household products not tested on animals (and big name brands

REVIEWERS Ronny Worsey is a Vegan Society Council member, cookery enthusiast and an enthusiastic and friendly vegan campaigner. Gina Shaw MA is a vegan health and nutrition consultant. Her books, The Dangers of pharmaceutical and herbal drugs and the fallacy of animal experimentation' (price £1.50 plus A5 SAE) and 'Animal Intelligence' (price £4.50, inc p+p) are available from GLS Publications, c/o 8 Marston Road, Clayhall IG5 0LZ.

The V e g a n ,




A fruitful venture on the Isle of Wight

Mary and John Anderson had always planned to open a coffee shop - until Brambles wrapped itself around them...


e have been active members o f the Vegetarian and Vegan societies for many years and had a dream o f one day opening a vegan coffee shop. Our children, both vegan, had grown up and moved on, so along with our parents we decided to move into a smaller property. W e searched unsuccessfully for a year until in exasperation the estate agent persuaded us to look at an hotel on a half acre plot. In a quiet location just five minutes from sandy beaches and the town, we felt it would lend itself very well to being run as a vegan guest house. Having to wait until the end o f the season before we could move in enabled us to plan our venture without distraction.

WHERE TO BEGIN? Firsdy, we had to decide if a stricdy vegan guest house was a viable proposition. While we had catering experience (at outside fayres and food demonstrations, etc.) as part o f the Isle o f Wight Vegetarians and Vegans, we had done no market research. Armed with some hurriedly produced business cards and copies o f the Isle o f Wight Vegetarians and Vegans' Meals Without Squeals cookery book which we had helped to compile, we attended the first Vegan Festival held in London. The response was very encouraging and 'Vegan Village' put Brambles on their web site.

The V e g a n ,



Confident ofits potential, we committed to opening our guest house in May 1999. So, what were the pros and cons? Well, the property was ideally situated on the beautiful unspoilt south coast of the Island. Ferries are frequent and trains run from Ryde through to Shanklin for foot passengers. Sharing our home with strangers was something we had not experienced before but we felt that with our common ideals we would in fact be opening our home to new friends. O f course, we would be tied to the house and restricted to times for breakfast and dinners - and there would be very little time for leisure during the summer season. All the rooms were already en-suite which we felt was a major plus factor. While there was a licensed bar, we didn't want to run it as such, so we decided to turn it into a juice bar, servingjuices, beverages and soya milk shakes. W e both enjoy cooking and had taken a food hygiene course â&#x20AC;&#x201D;John had also taken a wholefood cookery course, so we were confident and enthusiastic about the whole venture. In October 1998, we moved into our new home. Now the hard work really started. We could not open our guesthouse until we had redecorated and refurbished throughout. With the help o f some willing friends we set to, on what appeared to be an impossible task, using every waking hour to accomplish a transformation in seven months. John, who still maintains a dayjob, would arrive home to rooms full of brick dust and stripped wallpaper. We named the property 'Brambles' after removing eleven trailer loads of brambles and ivy to the green waste tip during a four week period. The vegetable patch was prepared in readiness for our vegan-organic crops and a second greenhouse erected.

presented us with the first of several culinary challenges as we have subsequently catered for macrobiotics, raw food diets and diabetics. It has encouraged us to develop a greater knowledge and understanding o f individual requirements.

Advertising is costly but it is essential to starting up any business. Fortunately, veggies and vegans normally look in just three or four specialist magazines for holidays so we haven't needed to explore other avenues. In fact our local newspaper, the Isle of Wight County Press heard about our venture and did a great editorial all about us just after we opened. We consider ourselves to be very fortunate to have the opportunity to encourage a more compassionate lifestyle. We aim to make our guests feel very special by providing a good variety of home cooked vegan meals in comfortable and relaxed surrounding, at affordable prices. For the comfort of all our guests we have adopted a non-smoking and, (much as we love them) a 'no pets' policy. As we are not licensed, our guests are very welcome to bring their own wine to drink with their meals. We had a very enjoyable summer season during 1999 and met some really lovely people. We are really looking forward to our next season, when we hope to meet old friends and new.

OPENING DOORS Although we were committed to open at the beginning o f May, in fact we had our first couple stay with us for Valentine weekend. They were vegan coeliacs which

For i n f o r m a t i o n a b o u t Brambles and bookings, please contact





Bodycare with a Conscience

Not tested on animals (1986 cut off date)

For a Free Product Guide Write to: Conscience, PO Box 5180, Matlock, DE4 4ZW Or phone our awswerphone orderline 01629 822972


VMM, the first dating & friendship agency specially for vegetarians and vegans (established 1980) VMM, Concord House, 7 Waterbridge Court Appleton, Warrington WA4 3BJ tel. 01925 601609








For further information and publications list, please contact THE ORDER OF THE CROSS (VGN), 10 DE VERE GARDENS, LONDON W 8 5AE Telephone: 0 2 0 7937 7012 Internet

Member of A.B.I.A.

S l o p !


The Order of the Cross is an informal, religious fellowship whose members are vegetarian or vegan and pacifist. It was founded in 1904 by the Reverend John Todd Ferrier, a former minister in the Congregational Church. The Order seeks to follow a mystical, spiritual path and "to proclaim a message of peace and happiness, health and purity, spirituality and Divine Love". Its Message sets out a vision of Christianity which re-interprets much that has been taught and believed in during the last 2000 years. It is universal in its scope, revealing the essential oneness of all religious aspirations, and the unity of all living creatures in the Divine. God is spoken of as the FatherMother, thus emphasizing the dual mystery which pervades the Universe. Regular public meetings are held on Sundays at 11 am and Wednesdays at 7 pm (except during the Summer recess) at the Headquarters of the Order as below. Meetings are also held at other centres throughout the country and elsewhere.

Full Range Of Vegan Skin And Haircare Products Beautifully Fragranced With Fruits And Herbs Or Unscented For Sensitive Skins




The UK's biggest ( & constantly growing . . . ) selection of ethically produced , environmental products, made from Cannabis Hemp, the world's most valuable & versatile crop


GoCd-preggod CiotUng,


N e w

Oli, ORQANJC cm o Products,

P r o d u c t U e m p


Paper B




& t*\ ucA more a






£ 3.00 Inc. P4P ,ne

Off*'* l T h e ultimate food mix ! H o m o M m s M B a r s £ 4.00 (4) - gift-wrapped lnc P4P Nutritious & naughty ! SEE 'SHOP-AROUND' FEATURE FOR MORE INFO . . . Please quote 'Vegan' for the above SPECIAL PRICES 1

c-aclae 3




WRITING SET £ 3.00 0

SOAP GIFT BAG (3 mixed

A5 s h e e t s / 1 0 envelopes bars & bag




NEW INFO. PACK - Now Available I Inc. catalogue, leaflets, product / hemp Info., hemp history, recipes & a selection of product samples from: paper, fabric, food bsrs, cosmetics / soap, seed etc.


- F O R A L I M I T E D P E R I O D O N L Y - FREE! Sold in bookshops for £ 3 . 9 5 It's essential reading - everyone should have a copy! | O o t t



0 S i l i c t r i

"j)*e)ucls A


WHOLISTIC RESEARCH COMPANY LIMITED Dept VN, The Old Forge, Mill Green Hatfield, Herts AL9 5NZ Agent

& Trade Enquiries



Just £5.00 including p+p. For a copy of our NEW Mailorder Catalogue (including NEW clothing ranges ) send an SAE + 2 x 1st class stamps to:

24 Anlaby Road HULL HU1 2PA Tel/Fax: +44 (0)1482 225328 Email: NEW Website: For more information s e e our feature in the Animal Free Shopper Guide.

The V e g a n ,



People laughed when I offered to explain how to conquer 9 out of 10 illnesses without money or doctors^ Dr V e r n o n C o l e m a n It may sound too good to be true - but it is true! There is a doctorapproved secret w h i c h w i l l show you how you can easily conquer 9 out paperback of 10 illnesses without spending money or seeing a doctor. Listed as one of the Most illnesses can be top 100 books dealt w i t h w i t h o u t pills, of the past twenty years m e d i c i n e s , o r t h o d o x or alternative therapies. You can get better without spending t i m e and money on doctors, specialists, acupuncturists or hypnotherapists - and without exposing yourself to hazardous and uncomfortable side effects. We have just published a new edition of Bodypower - the sensational book by Vernon Coleman w h i c h was recently chosen by readers of The Good Book Guide as one of the top 100 Medically Approved books of the last 2 0 years. International Bestseller T h i s f a s c i n a t i n g book, reprinted 15 times in the Includes tips on: UK and sold in just about every country in the world, • How to improve your figure • How to break bad habits such as shows exactly how many illnesses can be conquered nail biting, smoking etc. • How to relax your mind and body without seeing a doctor, and our money back guarantee • How to lose weight permanently means you have nothing to lose but your symptoms!

What the papers say about Vernon Coleman "Britain's leading healthcare campaigner" The Sun "Dr Coleman is one of our most trenchant and sensible dispensers of medical advice" The Observer "His advice is optimistic and enthusiastic" British Medical Journal "The m a n is a national treasure" What Doctors Don't Tell You "One of the country's top health experts" Woman's Journal

Vernon Coleman, a committed vegan, is the UK's leading medical author and campaigning journalist. He has a string of international bestsellers to his name and his books are sold in their millions around the world. He scours the world's medical journals and libraries to bring you invaluable information that could dramatically improve the quality of your life. Here are extracts from just a few of the many thousands of readers' letters sent to our offices. "It's lovely to have someone who cares about people as you do. Vou tell us things that we are afraid to ask our own doctors" 'If only more people in the medical profession were like vou, it would a much better world" Mrs R.

"I greatly admire your no nonsense approach to things and your acting as champion of the p e o p l e " Miss I.

Still n o t c o n v i n c e d ? Read o n f o r m o r e e v i d e n c e ! What the papers say about Bodypower "One of the most sensible treatise on personal survival that has ever been published. It sets out ... an enormous amount of knowledge in the easiest possible way." Yorkshire Evening Post "Don't miss it! Dr Coleman's theories could change your I if e." Sunday Mirror "...a self-help manual for maintaining or regaining health using your own resources. Vernon Coleman presents his evidence with clarity and evangelical fervour." The Good Book Guide "Arm yourself with a copy of Bodypower- it could make stress a thing of the past." Woman's World D r Vernon C o l e m a n M B C h B DSc A full catalogue of books will be sent with every order - or on request.

'Vernon C o l e m a n writes brilliant books" (The Good

TO ORDER your copy of Bodypower send a cheque or postal order for £ 9 . 9 5 (payable to Publishing House) OR Send details of your credit card number & expiry date w i t h your name & address to: Sales OfficeVG3, Publishing House, Trinity Place, Barnstaple, Devon EX32 9HJ, England OR Use the credit card order lines. To speak to a real live person please ring between 8 . 3 0 am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Outside these times you can talk to our friendly machine!

Postage and packing is FREE •

Mrs K.

• FULL money-back guarantee


Book G u i d e )

CREDIT C A R D ORDERLINES TEL: 0 1 2 7 1 3 2 8 8 9 2 FAX: 0 1 2 7 1 3 2 8 7 6 8


Listings Diary Dates


DISCOUNTS Vegan Society members receive a discount from hundreds of businesses providing holiday, dining, retail and mail order services.

(When writing, please send SAE. See abo I'egan Society Local Contacts on page 33)

For the current list send an SAE marked 'Discounts' to:

April Laboratory Animals M o n t h . Info: NAVS, 0181 846 9777. 1 Horse Racing Awareness Day. Info: Animal Aid, 01732 364546. 8 Grand National, Aintree, nr Liverpool. Info: Animal Aid, 01732 364546. 15 World Laboratory Animal March, Hyde Park t o Trafalgar Square. Info: NAVS, 0181 846 9777. 15-21 Huntingdon Life Sciences publicity stunt week. Info: 0121 632 6460 24 World Day for Laboratory Animals, 1 minute silence at noon.

May Mayday 2000. Global day of action. Email: 19-21 Animal World Show. Info: NAVS, 0181 846 9777. 20-27 Greyhound Awareness

June 4 Fundraising walks for the Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society. Info: 01225 334511 16-24 National Anti-Angling Week, Campaign for Abolition of Angling. Info: 0171 278 3068 26 National Vegetarian Week begins. Info: 0161 925 2000

July 10-16 34th World Vegetarian Congress, Canada. Info: Toronto Vegetarian Association, 29 Vegan Raw Food and Fruitarian Gathering, Ramsgate, 1 1 a m - 8 p m . Info Gerard Bane 01843 589010 For a comprehensive list of dates - including regular weekly / monthly events - send an SAE plus additional first class stamp to: The Animal Rights Calendar, 180-Mansfield Road, Nottingham NG1 3HW. Or visit the w e b site:

The Vegan Society, Donald St Leonards-on-Sea,

Watson House, 7 Battle East Sussex TN37 7AA.


To join the Vegan Society, simply complete the Membership Application form on page 12.


Amarjeet Bharma, Atma Institute, 34 Burnham Close, Windsor SL4 4RN Tel/Fax: 01753 831841.10% discount on complementary medicine courses and treatment. Earth Angel, 33 Myddleton Street, London EC1R 1VA. 10% discount VEGANISM may be defined as a way of living which seeks to exdude, as far as possible and practical, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, dothing or any other purpose. In dietary terms it refers to the practice of dispensing with all animal produce â&#x20AC;&#x201D; including meat, fish, poultry, eggs, animal milks, honey, and their derivatives.

and help increase its influence by joining. Increased membership means more resources to educate and inform. Full membership is restricted to practising (at least dietary) vegans, as defined above, but sympathisers are very welcome as supporters of the Society. Both members and supporters receive The Vegan.

Abhorrence of the cruel practices inherent in an agricultural system based on the ab/use of animals is probably the single most common reason for the adoption of veganism, but many people are drawn to it for health, ecological, resource, spiritual and other reasons. If you would like more information on veganism a free Information Pack is available from the Vegan Society in exchange for two first dass stamps.

The Vegan Society Trade Mark is the property of the Vegan Society. The Society is prepared to authorise the use of its trade mark on products which accord with its 'no animal ingredients' and 'no animal testing' criteria.

THE VEGAN SOCIETY was formed in England in November 1944 by a group of vegetarians who had recognised the ethical compromises implicit in lactone dairy-dependent) vegetarianism. Today, the Society continues to highlight the breaking of the strong maternal bond between the cow and its new-born calf within just four days; the dairy cow's proneness to lameness and mastitis; her subjection to an intensive cyde of pregnancy and lactation; our unnatural and unhealthy taste for cow's milk; and the de-oxygenation of river water through contamination with cattle slurry. If you are already a vegan or vegan sympathiser, please support the Society

The Vegan Society Donald Watson House, SOCIETY 7 Battle Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex TN37 7AA, United Kingdom Tel 01424427393 Fax 01424 717064 email: Office hours: Mon: 9.30-5.30; Tues-Fri: 9.00-5.30 Visitors by appointment please Registered Charity No. 279228 Company Registration No. 1468880 VAT Registration No. 448 5973 95

Founder Donald Watson Hon Patrons Serena Coles, Freya Dinshah, Dr Michael Klaper, Arthur Ling, Cor Nouws, Wendy Turner, Donald Watson, Benjamin Zephaniah Council Anne Barr (Vice Chair), Brian Barker, Alex Bourke, Vanessa Clarke, Frank Hutson, Laurence Klein, George Rodger (Chair), Julie Rosenfield, Rick Savage (Hon Treasurer), Chris Sutoris, Sharon Worsey ('Ronny') National Local Contacts Co-ordinator George Rodger Volunteers Val Ardimento, Eileen Hardy, Steve Nicholls, John Rawden, Derek Sinfield, Erica Wilson, Chris Tomlinson STAFF Chief Executive Terry Bevis Administration Officer Bill Palethorpe Information/Membership Officer Catherine Grainger Membership Assistant Ann Bloomfield Administrative Assistant Helen Cunliffe General Assistant (Part-time) Vacant

The V e g a n ,



THE VEGAN Prize Crossword


Send in a photocopy (or original) of the solution t o this crossword, together w i t h your name and address, by 25 April 2000 and you'll be entered in a draw for a T-shirt f r o m Hemp Union Limited (size XL only). Solution in the next issue. Congratulations t o Cathy Bryant, sender of the first correct solution (in spite our deliberate omission of the clue for 7 d o w n ) t o The Vegan Prize Crossword 18 t o be drawn. Our apologies for the error.

Compiled by Kate Sweeney



4 Currant-like yellow-green fruits used in jam (7.2,) 8 Farmhouse loaves, bloomers and 18 Down (6) Piece of saffron (6) 9 10 Followed an eating regime (6) 11 Irrigated field where rice is grown (5) 14 Turner, vegan TV presenter (5) 15 Large lemon-like fruit (6) 17 Cup and (6) 19 Sounds like a lamb? (6) 20 Replacing (12)

1 Grains used to make breakfast gruel (8,4) 2 Soup (5) 3 Layer of a cake (4) 5 Laver (7) 6 Fruit or chips may be served in it (6) 7 Where killed chickens are put prior to plucking (8,4) 12 Small window in a greenhouse to allow a breeze to circulate (3,4) 13 Choice morsel (6) 16 Rub against a cutter (e.g nutmeg) (5) 18 Large hazelnuts (4)

Name Address

Postcode p a q r r ) 6 i 0 U ! U J V 8 l azaajj 9 1 Uij8|a9 S I El SB9 W ulp ajeq 3upa|g L ld S uozeujv V uisey f eubpsp ] 3 jap/wod ||ilq 1 — ua100 ajuep e a i zz P"!M I Z laqjans OZ 61 Jaddej/w LI R e t u r n to: The Vegan Prize Crossword 19, T h e Vegan Society, Donald Watson House, 7 Batde je6n$ V l ssajj z L s;ue6jo 0 1 up Bon 6 uiejsns g ao|v 9 :>eua|ai) 1 — ssojiv pjomssoj;} azud ue6a/\ am o; U0rin|0$ R o a d , St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex T N 3 7 7AA, U K


VEGAN PUBLICATIONS Vegan Views Informal quarterly. 4-issue sub: £ 3 . 8 0 (non GB — £ 5 ) Flat A15, 20 Dean Park Road, Bournemouth BH1 1JB Figan Cymreig (The Wales Vegan) Bilingual quarterly. Sub: £1.50 Bronyr Ysgol, Montpelier, Llandrindod, Powys, Wales

LISTS Send an SAE to the Vegan Society for any o f the following lists: Animal-Free Shopper Update; Vegan Travel Guide Update; Health Care Professionals; Information Sheets; International Contacts — mainly individuals; Trade Mark — registered users; Vegan Families — child-raising vegans willing to be contacted to provide mutual support.






VEGAN SOCIETY LOCAL CONTACTS Local Contacts are Vegan Society members who have offered to act on a voluntary basis, as a point of contact for those interested in the Society's work. They are not official representatives of the Society. Their levels of activity and knowledge may vary according to their individual circumstances. When writing to a Contact, please remember to endose a SAE. Full members of the Vegan Society who are interested in acting as a Local Contact are invited t o contact either the National Local Contacts Co-ordinator, George Rodger (see Region 4, ABERDEENSHIRE), or Bill Palethorpe in the Vegan Society office.

fN rri 00


The V e g a n ,



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I w a n t t o make a complaint. How on earth a m I going t o keep my current account in t h e black, or stop my credit cards f r o m melting, w h e n you send o u t Vegan Society catalogues full of w o n d e r f u l and yummy items? Will I have t o moonlight so I can keep my dear wife in chocolate? Will I be t h e last vegan on the planet t o wear t h e dead cool Vegan Soc. fleece? Will I have t o have counselling because I cannot decide on whether t o buy t h e n e w range of t-shirts or go f o r t h e xmas hamper. Unfair, unfair!! I t h o u g h t t h e mag and the catalogue were brilliant. A n d the n e w AFS graphics are ace too. Well done Vegan Society. Nigel Bedrock, by email

I d o n ' t think anyone reading Postbag over t h e last f e w issues will have missed t h e numerous letters about differing vegan viewpoints, or your a t t e m p t in t h e A u t u m n issue t o award yourself t h e Star letter, (was t h a t funny?) and d a m p the ongoing discussion d o w n before you get buried in letters.

You rightly pointed out t h a t you have t o address t h e needs of newcomers, vegetarians, and the like, so this is t h e perfect way of spreading our wings w i t h o u t going o f f the




diate area. 'None of them will serve vegans!'. I said I'd never had any trouble getting something t o eat in a pub before. 'This is a meat eating area,' I was told. 'But everyw h e r e is a meat eating area,' I responded.

I was pleased to find that the good old standby, baked spuds, were mentioned in a pub menu. M y friend ordered his mushroom curry and I said that I was a vegan and could they do baked potato or chips and salad or anything suitable. 'No' was the uncompromising reply. 'Just a baked potato and salad would be fine,' says I.

And w h y did he believe that veggy people (and especially vegans) w e r e dangerous, divisive, subversives w h o w e r e out t o destroy his lifestyle? A f e w years earlier, a girl had stayed for B & B and explained at breakfast that she was a vegan. W h e n he said they didn't have anything for her, she proceeded t o eat (gulp) muesli with (arrrhhhh!) fruit juice. And said she was quite happy w i t h it!! For him, this was the ultimate attack on the Big Breakfast, ordained to be served as part of the B & B industry - four times as much and four times as greasy as anything you'd eat at home.

' W e don't have baked potatoes!' 'Well it's on your menu.' 'No it's not.' 'Look, here it says cauliflower cheese served w i t h baked potatoes or chips.' ' W e don't do t h e m by themselves!'


W e are all in t h e same vegan boat, but are still in need of more informat i o n t o learn about, and understand t h e differences between us. Surely t h e best way t o improve this situation is t o devote more pages t o these aspects, so w h a t w e need is a bigger magazine! I realise t h a t more frequent publication w o u l d cost a lot more, but adding extra (thinner?) pages t o each issue w o u l d be a cheaper option. This w o u l d give much needed space for us t o educate each other, and t o cover the minority's needs.

Benjamin Zephaniah mentioned a place in Lincolnshire w h e r e t h e locals eat vegans (The Vegan, A u t u m n 1999). It partly explains my experience this summer in the village of Wansford, Lincolnshire.


It w a s the same in the next pub: 'If it's not on the menu - w e don't do it!' A couple of days later, I was back in the pub w i t h some friends and started chatting to a local at t h e bar. W e had a great discussion about all kinds of things, but as soon as w e touched on vegetarianism, the landlord joined in. He said there w e r e ten pubs in the imme-

track. Maybe another survey would be useful t o find out a bit more about us all! The secrets of a vegan! Keep up the good w o r k Ron Marsh, by email

MUCH MORE THAN A DIET I'm dismayed and taken aback by Alison Ramage's letter (Postbag, A u t u m n 1999). W h o would not want t o campaign for animals? To fight for justice and help defenceless beings, both human and animal? I went vegan for the animals. I hope there are many, many more of us out there. Monica Lilley, Guildford


So, is Lincolnshire the last bastion of the Dark Ages? Or is this typical everywhere and I've just been lucky in the past? Any communications welcome at: Rob Tyler, by email Rob wins a box of Vegan Society Fine Chocolates to sustain him on his next into deepest darkest Lincolnshire.

AREYOUTALKIN'TOME? Alan Profitt writes that he is a vegan because he believes it is our natural diet. This is actually wrong. We are descended from apes in tropical rainforests, who ate mainly fruit. Even today, we still have 99% of our genes in common with apes, with the same shape of intestines, colon and teeth. Our natural diet is uncooked vegan. Alan is vegan because it helps t o keep us healthy. So he will be very interested that cooking destroys many of the vitamins and all enzymes - he could be even more healthy. He writes 'Let's just stick t o veganism, and develop other interests

Mint foray

elsewhere.' Is he telling raw food vegans that we are not part of the vegan movement? Amanda Warren, London Surely there are as many reasons for why we eat what we eat as there are vegans on the planet? Being vegan doesn't make us all the same and doesn't mean we'll agree on everything. Live and let live - that's my motto, for what it's worth. Ed. THE DEADLINE FOR THE SUMMER POSTBAG IS 25 APRIL

CLASSIFIED Readers are asked to note that advertisers in The Vegan may also offer non-vegan products and services.


R A W FOOD children's party, Sunday 30th April 2000. Mainly organic, vegan buffet. Socialise with parents oflike-minds. £3 for children, £4 for adults. Write to Lisa Ceneri at 80 Bullwell Crescent, Cheshunt, Herts EN8


TEMPEH KITS — Organic, non-GM protein food. Easily and cheaply made at home. Starter and comprehensive book £10 by return. www. micropix.demon,, e-mail: Middle Trai>elly, Beguildy, Knighton, Powys LD71UW.


VEGAN CATS! Animal-free supplement for home-made recipes. In use since 1986. SAE: Vegecat, The Vegan Society, Donald Watson House, 7 Battle Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex TN37 7AA, UK


WINDMILL R E S T A U R A N T 486 Fulham Road, SW6, (020 7381 2372). Well established vegetarian/vegan restaurant and takeaway serving only good food made on our premises. No additives, just warm, friendly service. Open Mon—Sat 1 lam—11pm. Saturday breakfasts, lunches, evening meals. Join us sometime.


GREEN/DIY FUNERALS Eco-friendly inexpensive coffins, memorial tree-planting. Please send £\ in unused stamps with A5 size SAE to Box 328.


VEGAN B O D Y BUILDING is possible. Muscles without meat. Prove a point. Free membership help/advice & contacts. W B B , 17 Inglewood Road, Rainford, St Helens, Lanes WA11 7QL. SAE appreciated.


BANGOR-ON-DEE Welsh Borderlands vegan B&B. Organic food, en-suite shower rooms, TV, video, coffee, non-smoking, carpet-free, dogs welcome. Tel/Fax: 01978

BAR CAFE VENUE 50-60 King Street Glasgow G1 5 Q T 0141 553 1638 Come along to The 13th Note and experience our delicious home-cooking. There is a 10% discount on food bill for all Vegan Society members. The 13th Note cafe is completely animal/dairy free and is therefore suitable for both vegans and vegetarians. Opening hrs: Noon-11.45pm Food served noon-7pm

EVENTS 7th V E G A N SUMMER GATHERING Devon 26th August - 2nd September Discussions, talks, communal meals, trips out... and good company. Selfcatering accommodation (single/twin/ double rooms) from £70 for the week, but less if low income. Day visitors welcome. SAE for leaflet: Malcolm Home. Flat 10B Windsor Square, Exmouth, Devon EX8 1JU 01395-270280 (evenings)

B R I S T O L Arches Hotel for vegan & vegetarian B&B. Colour TV and beverage making in rooms. Some en-suites. NON-SMOKING. Close to central stations. Discount to Vegan Society members at weekends. Tel: 0117 924 web: uk. C O R N W A L L , Lanlivery. Bodmin 5 miles. Stricdy vegan B&B. Traditional Cornish cottage in quiet rural location; wildlife garden; centralforall coasts, moors and nature reserves. En-suite facilities; colour TV; ketde. Full cooked breakfast. £\9pp. No smoking in cottage. 01208 872316 email: DEVON (Lydford). S/C for N/S visitors at VEGFAM's HQ. SAE to: 'The Sanctuary', Nr Lydford, Okehampton EX20 4AL. Tel/Fax: 01822 820203. GLENWOOD, B U X T O N Vegetarian and vegan guesthouse in the Victorian spa town with its opera house and festival, surrounded by peak national park. 'Corden verte'. Private bathrooms. Telephone: 01298 77690 N O R T H Y O R K S H I R E Comfortable, homely, exclusively vegetarian/vegan B&B from £\ 5 p.p. at Prospect Cottage situated in Ingleton village. Wonderful walking country. Tel: 015242 41328. ORGANIC B&B South Devon. Vegan, vegetarian, wheat free. In-house registered iridologjst/nutntionist. Colour brochure. Tel/Fax: Totnes 01803 867462. R E N E W A B L E E N E R G Y fcrmhouse, holiday lettings, sleeps 8, on vegan-organic farm. North Wales, scenic Snowdonia, among forests and reservoirs. Ideal for cycling, walking,

boating, relaxing. Tel: 01244 819088. ST IVES Cornwall. Vegan guest house. Close to beaches and picturesque harbour. En-suite rooms. Self-catering apartment also available. Stjudes, St Ives Road, Carbis Bay, St Ives, Cornwall T R 2 6 2SF. S N O W D O N I A Old Rectory Hotel, Maentwrog, 01766 590305. Three acre riverside garden. Main house/budget annexe/s.c. cottage. All en-suite. Informal atmosphere, home cooking, vegan & Italian menu. Reduced 2+ nights. Dogs welcome. S O M E R S E T Exclusively vegetarian guest house. All meals vegan. Bordering Devon and Dorset. It is an ideal house base for touring, walking or relaxing in our 16th century house. Crewkeme 01460 73112. S O U T H W E S T SCOTLAND cosy country cottage. Two acre peaceful secluded riverside woodland garden. En-suite double room. Nonsmoking. Exclusively vegan/vegetarian B&B. Ideal for walking, cycling, exploring.

J . Quiet Country Hotel WCMUMfi overlooking beautiful /f # tidal estuary and bird y^jflOtQl/ sanctuary. Britain's oldest vegetarian/vegan hotel stands in its own grounds close to beaches and unspoilt coastal walks. 'Woodcote', The Saltings, Lelant, St Ives, Cornwall Tel.



W H I T B Y B&B. Vegan/Vegetarian. Organic bread, muesli, etc. Quiet location, seven minutes walk from centre and harbour. Lounge and sunny breakfast room. Parking near house. Tea-making facilities. £17 (plus child reductions). Tel: 01947 603507. WHITBY, GEORGIAN COTTAGE, sleeping 5, North Yorkshire Coast, quiet cobbled street, excellent facilities, vegan shopping/eating out nearby, 0121 688 6709\ Y O R K Vegetarian/Vegan wholefood, nonsmoking B&B. Comfortable en-suite accommodation. 10 mins walk centre. £18. Mrs


St.lvei, Cornwall

Beautiful eco-renovated Victorian house. Ocean views, minutes to shops, beaches & picturesque harbour. From £ 1 9 a night. Best Vegan Guest House 1999/2000. Call Simon: 01736 793 895





Vegetarian/vegan B&B, delightful country house accommodation. Situated in Beatrix Potter's picturesque village with its olde worlde inn, 2 miles from Hawkshead, Lake Windermere (car ferry) 2 miles. Delicious breakfast, lovely bedrooms, Superb


Final copy date for Summer 2000: 25 April



Garlands (juestJiouse Stives Cornwall


K e s w i c k Charmirq Victorian guest house with every comfort Centrally located in Keswick and close to tell walks Lovely rooms some en-suite A with mountain views Tempting and plentiful b r e a k f a s t s

'Enjoy our VeyarvVeqetarian "sunshine" breakfast and relax in our cozy Victorian Cjuest Jiouse. Minutes walk from town, beaches and coastal walks. Tree parking, non-smoking, families welcome.

-100% Vegetarian & Vegan-B&B from £18pppn^ Please phone for brochure Eden Green Vegetarian Guest House

Tel: 0 1 7 6 8 7 7 2 0 7 7

h t t p : //www. S m o o t h Hound c o . uk/hote Is/edengrn html




Exclusively Vegetarian and Vegan Bed & Breakfast

Spacious detached house with spectacular views across open countryside to the sea. Close to village and picturesque Mullion Cove. Rugged coastline and beautiful beachesfiveminutes away. Comfortable rooms with showers and wash basins. Wholesome and satisfying meals. Optional evening meal. Warm, friendly, family atmosphere. Non-smoking. Open all year. Lanherne Meaver Road, Mullion, Helston, Cornwall T R 1 2 7DN Tel 01326 241381 Fax 01326 240662 Kathy Rowlett & Andrew Reeve

Sedgwick, Kendal, Cumbria, LAS 0 J P 2 Rooms, 4 miles south of Kendal. South Lakes. Stricdy no smoking. Children very welcome. Good local walks & marvellous vegan food!





L I Z A R D PENINSULA T H E C R O F T , Coverack, Cornwall TR12 6TF


Vegetarian Quest

Offers magnificent sea views from all rooms. Terraced garden bordered by S. W. Coastal Footpath, stream and cliff edge. Sandy Beach. Exclusively vegan/vegetarian & non-smoking. Home cooking, including the bread! Twin en-suite accommodation. Lift. OS ref: SW 783187


and Vegan Jfouse

In the Victorian spa town with its Opera House and Festival, surrounded by Peak National Park cordon verte . private bathrooms Telephone 01298 77690

F Pet












Guest House Relax in our 12 acres, or explore Exmoor. North 4 Mid-Devon En-suite, non-smoking rooms "i pets welcome, Children <& I Ver host. Cordoni Vert Tel/Fax 01769


Relax in our spacious comfortable house overlooking Loch Rannoch and Schiehallion. Log fires, own organic produce. Homemade organic breads, special diets catered for. Brochure: Richard Of Margaret Legate. Glenrannoch House, Kintoch Rannoch, Perthshire PH16 5QA

Tel 01882 632307





Old Uanigon,




Get away from it all in the beautiful countryside of Exmoor, ideal for walking. Freshly prepared vegan food. Non-smoking. Most rooms en-suite. Telephone Nigel for colour brochure.


A very special, distinctly different, 11th century listed bouse at the foot of the Black Mountains. Only two miles Separate from the famous book town of Hay-on-Wye. guests sitting room, lovely bedrooms & relaxed atmosphere. Exclusively vegetarianAjegan. From Tel: 01497 82000ft 117 pp



Comfortable Edwardian guest house with spectacular views across Porlock Bay and set in the heart o f Exmoor's wild headier moorland. Delicious traditional vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Fine wines. Log fires. Candle-lit dinners. Luxurious bedrooms, all en-suite. E T B 2 crowns Highly commended AA 3 Q Recommended 2 day break Nov-Feb incl ' £49 pp/DB&B Christine Fitzgerald, Seapoint, Upway, Porlock, Somerset TA24 8QE


Tel: 01643

(All rooms en-suite) Non smoking (Dinner available on request) 5 minutes walk to sandy beaches & town



Abundant wildli surrounds this cottage in rural East Sussex; ideal for walkii relaxing; weel or longer breal exclusively veg vegetarian B & B ; Non smoking, en: facilities, guest'




Mostly Organic. N o smoking. W i n n e r o f the Innovation Award. H i g h l y c o m m e n d e d . Paradise for vegans. 39 Woodfield Road, Blackpool FY1 6AX.


Tel 01253 346143




C o m e and enjoy flair and style o f true Tranquilly situated just in the heart o f one

Castle Acre, Norfolk Vegan B&B

fectly preserved Paskins evokes cious age. Vegans will particularly appreciate the varied and imaginative cuisine using organic and farm-fresh local produce.

Exclusively Vegan & Vege B&B in our large 18th century home adjacent to the castle ruins in picturesque medieval conservation village. Vegan evening meals a speciality! From j£16.50pppn.

Tel: 01273-601 203 F a x : 01273-621 973






West cUiUuijtOH, Wist

Glenrannoch House


Stissue. Magical


nlf-CAttri*q village.

by trtyaju.


for tun

ideal for exploring


Help- untk food-provided.

uvpicRmt phonefor

W E S T C O R K so If catering apartments for singles, couples and families in peaceful wooded surroundings. Organic vegetables, bread and wholefoods. Green Lodge, Pearsons Bridge. Bantry, C o Cork. Reasonable rates. Tel: 003532766146. Web: http://wuw. angetfire. com/biz/stay vegetarian/





A N D A L U C I A Picturesque village in Alpujarras mountains near Granada. French chef Jean-Claude Juston welcomes up to 12 guests, b&b or full board. Vegan cookery courses, guided walks, etc. English, French and Spanish spoken. Very reasonable rates. Membership discount. Phone: 0181 265 3277 (UK) or 00 34 958 857 501 (Spain) atelier web: A N D A L U C I A C A S A 'Monchito' Mountain village cottage to rent. Rustic with mod cons. Beautiful area. Forests, rivers, views south to the Med and North Africa beyond; easy drive up the mountain from either Gibraltar or Malaga. Also, limited number o f spaces available for all-inclusive guided tour o f the local area in vegetarian/vegan Hotel'Monchito'. River swimming and spa bathing in the natural Roman bath order o f the day. K E R A L A , S O U T H I N D I A . A vegan's paradise. Range of accommodation including self-catering. Brochure: Tel: 01892 722440, com. website: M O J A C A R , unspoilt Almeria, Spain. On the beach two Apartments each with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, two-storey small complex, guitarshaped pool. Available all year round. Tel: 020 8866 6804. P Y R E N E E S Vegan N/S B & B in stone a r m house in quiet wooded valley. From £69 equiv. pppw. Evening meal mosdy organic, incl wine & coffee: £6.50 equiv. Trevor + Sue, Le Guerrat, 09420 Rimont, France. T 61963703 T A R N , F R A N C E s/cateringapartment. Spacious converted barn sleeps 4. June October. Small village, peaceful area, borders forest. Art tuition available. Telephone St Paid de Manuac, F-81140, Penne.



OR WRITE TO. PATRICIA COOKE, " L E BRAG1ER" Member of the Vegetarian Society and Drink Guild CHEZFood ROBINET 16450 SAINT-CLAUD FRANCE

Christmas/New Year in Ireland. Cusscns Cottage Vegan/Vegetarian Guest House House Parry Atmosphere All rooms ensuite with Remote control TV Tea & Coffee making facilities in rooms. No smoking. No Children. No Pets B&B plus dinner for four days £ 2 7 5 per couple For details Tel/Fax Ita 00353 63 98926 E-mail: cussenscottage(§> Website hnp://homeps^'_cussensc-ott3ge

Open all year

MISCELLANEOUS V E G A N R U N W E B design company offers websites, pages, site overhauls, and web solutions at competitive prices. Contact Paul or p

or see

XHE VEGETARIAN CHARITY Funds are available to help young vegetarians/vegans, up to the age o f 2 5 , w h o are in need and to educate young people in the principles o f vegetarianism. Applications to: T h e Grants Secretary, T H E VEGETARIAN CHARITY 14 Winters Lane Ottery St Mary E X 1 1 1AR

SPRITUAL VEGANISM - T h e Ultimate B e l i e f - 0 Spiritual Vegans, K e n t House, Kent Place. Lechlade, Glos. G L 7 3 A W


£3.00 inc p&p, cheques payable to Peter Mason, 30 Wynter Street, London SW11 2TZ. VEGAN VOYAGING Starve no more! Vegetarian Europe £9.99, Britain £7.99, France £6.99, London £5.99 from bookshops or cheque/Visa/Mastercard to Vegetarian Guides, PO Box 2284, London W1A 5UH Credit card hotline: 020 89865488. Fax: 020 8533 5821. Sae for catalogue of other guides. www. vegetarianguides. com

CO<N?&CT CE'N'T'R'E C O N T A C T C E N T R E is a caring, so low fees friendship agency, quite different from all others catering exclusively for vegans and vegetarians both in Britain and abroad for any purposes. C O N T A C T C E N T R E enables you to choose friend(s) from detailed adverts and/or to write an advert yourself without disclosing your name and address. C O N T A C T C E N T R E gives full scope to your individual wishes; you don't even have to complete a form. Instead a friendly ear is lent to every member. As we cannot tell all in this advertisement, please write for membership details from:

All prices inclusive o f VAT Loyalty discount (repeat advertising): 10% Series prepayment discount (4 issues): 2 0 % Box No: (per insertion) £2.40 extra Lineage Commercial: £7.92 for 20 words (minimum) Additional words: 47p each Non-commercial: £5.41 for 20 words (minimum) Additional words: 29p each Copy ofVegan in which ad appears: £1.95 Semi-display (boxed) Commercial: £8.50 per single column centimetre Non-commercial: £5.80 per single column centimetre Typesetting: £5.00 Graphic scanning: £5.00 Spot colour (green): £5.00 Display (non-classified boxed) & Inserts Please ring for a rate card.

V E G E T A R I A N VISITOR 2000 The only annual guide. Lists over 120 guest houses, hotels, and private homes plus nearly 200 cafes, restaurants and pubs. £2.50 pbk.

LIVING W I T H O U T CRUELTY D I A R Y 2000 Unmissable! Many special contributors including Joyce D'Silva. Juliet Gelltley. Maifc Glover. Kathleen Jannaway. Sarah Kile. Chris Packham. Peter Singer. Peter Tatchell. Andrew Tyler. £5 inc VAT

(MV) B C M Cuddle, London WC1V 6 X X enclosing in SAE and stating your gender

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MIDDLE AGED vegan Pisces lady, qualified

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25 April



AHIMSA. Quarterly magazine of the American Vegan Society. Veganism, Natural Living, Reverence for Life. Calendar Year subscription £12. Address: PO Box H, Malaga, NJ 08328, USA. CARIBBEAN C O O K B O O K for vegans,




from Jon Carpenter Publishing (VS). 2 The spendlove centre. Charlbury OX7 3PQ



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t h a t ' s also friendly t o

your feet - and f r i e n d l y to t h e eye Freerangers are crafted f r o m L O R I C A 速 a revolutionary synthetic m a t e r i a l . B r e a t h a b l e ,

durable and supremely comfortable to wear, each pair is hand sewn and can be c u s t o m i s e d to your own requirements. You'll be refreshed to know t h a t Freerangers o f f e r style and individuality unmatched by other vegan shoes. Shown above is the ' P i n e ' , one of t h e styles f r o m our new range. Telephone, fax or e-mail us for a free brochure, so you can see for yourself how t h e idea of animal friendly footwear has been created for your lifestyle.

Kind to animals. Kind to your feet. All Products registered by the Vegan Society

Call us for a free brochure 0 1 6 6 1 8 3 1 7 8 1 or visit our web site:

A selection from the Dr Hadwen Trust's VEGAN and CRUELTY-FREE luxury confectionery range.

Dr Hadwen Trust Humanity in Research

bout the Dr Hadwen Trust... The Dr Hadwen Trust works to find alternatives to animal experiments.

1. R o s e a n d L e m o n Turkish Delight ( 3 0 0 g ) This delicacy uses natural rose and lemon oil extracts to bring alive the taste of Turkish Delight. Full of vegan promise! £2.99.

3. S t a n d a r d A s s o r t m e n t (225g) The best in vegan chocolates. An irresistible selection of mouth-melting favourites, including Apriot Fourre, Orange Marzipan and Butterscotch Creme, in a white ballotin gift box. £5.69.


2. C h a m p a g n e Liqueurs (670g) Pop open a bottle of bubbly with a difference! Corkshaped chocolates bursting with the delicate elegance of champagne liqueur. An excellent gift to celebrate those special occasions - birthdays, congratulations or just because you fancy a treat! Completely vegan. Reduced for a limited period only from £6.99 to £5.49.


In contrast our research into cancer, diabetes, heart disease, dementia and other illnesses doesn't cause a single animal to suffer. By finding superior, nonanimal alternatives we can save animals from experiments.

4. Hadwen Magic selection (11b) This box has all you'd want - rich, dark vegan chocolates with the most heavenly centres, in a gold foil decorated presentation box. Hadwen Magic! £14.40.

By making a purchase or simply sending a donation, your support will contribute directly to our wholly positive work.

6. ChocolateDipped Honeycomb (150g) Bubbly honeycomb bursting with flavour dipped in rich dark chocolate - sheer bliss. Comes in keepsake Boutique jar. Totally animalfree and bee-free. Just £3.85.

5. M i l l e n n i u m Fudge (150g) This fudge is one in a Millennium! Creamy, sweet and a vegan treat to eat. More than a match for dairy cream fudge! C o m e s in special gift box. £2.99

In Britain alone over 21/2 million animals are used in experiments every year. These include cats, dogs, rabbits, monkeys and mice.

j-.^SdSE^r phone


on 01462


or send the coupon below to: Dr Hadwen Trust, FREEPOST SG335, Hitchin, SG5 2BR [ [

] P l e a s e s e n d m e a c a t a l o g u e a n d info a b o u t the Dr H a d w e n Trust. ] I w o u l d like to order: Qty. Total

1. R o s e a n d L e m o n T u r k i s h delight 2. C h a m p a g n e L i q u e u r s 3. S t a n d a r d A s s o r t m e n t 4. H a d w e n M a g i c S e l e c t i o n

5. M i l l e n n i u m F u d g e 6. C h o c o l a t e - D i p p e d H o n e y c o m b

£2.99 £5.49

I enclose a cheque/PO made out to "Dr Hadwen Trust" for £




£5.69 £14.40

£2.99 £3.85 Donation for Postage

I would like to make a donation to the Dr Hadwen Trust's non animal research

..Postcode.. Thank you for your support.

Total Dr Hadwen Trust Trading Ltd (company number 3273710, VAT registration number 700484760) is wholly owned by the Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research (registered charity 261096), and trades only to raise funds for its parent charity's objectives.


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