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M o t h e r ' s Pride White Bread ( m e d i u m cut) Hovis Wholemeal Bread (medium cut) V e g e t a r i a n H a g g i s , M a c s w e e n of Edinburgh S c h e e s e ( G o u d a style), B u t e Island Foods F r o m s o y a with H o r s e r a d i s h , K a l l o Foods T e s c o Calcium-Enriched Soya Milk Provamel Soya Dream Rich's Whip Topping GranoVita Strawberry Flavoured Soya Dessert

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Plamil Concentrated Sugar-Free Soya Milk So G o o d Natural Soya Yoghert Unisoy Raspberry Soya Yogart C o w & Gate Olvarit Country Vegetable Ratatouille C o w & Gate Olvarit Apple, Banana & O r a n g e Dessert F a r l e y ' s OsterSoy Swedish Glace (Vanilla), Winner So G o o d T o f u Delights Sainsbury's Soya Dairy-Free Margarine Vitaquell M a r g a r i n e Tartex, Vessen Ltd M r Kipling Bramley A p p l e Pies Granose S u n f l o w e r & Sesame Roast Mix

2 3 Vegetarian's Choice Vegetable Protein Burgers 24 Cauldron T o f u (Plain) 25 Somerfield Golden Almond Marzipan 26 Sunnyvale Date & Pecan Cake 27 Vegetarian Rashers, The Redwood Company 28 Vegetable Pie, Pukka Pie 29 Marmite, C P C International 30 R o b e r t s o n ' s Blackcurrant Pure Fruit Jam 31 Beef & T o m a t o Pot Noodle, Golden Wonder 32 Somerfield Traditional Mincemeat 3 3 Somerfield Piccalilli 34 Branston Pickle, Crosse & Blackwell 3 5 Waistline Reduced Calorie Dressing, Crosse & Blackwell 36 Plamil Egg Free Mayonnaise 37 Pepsi Cola 38 Heineken Lager 39 Samuel S m i t h ' s Nut Brown Ale 40 Merrydown Original Extra Strong Dry Vintage Cider 41 Chateau de Boisfranc Beaujolais Superieur, Vinceremos 42 Smirnoff Vodka 4 3 Serge Faust Champaign, Vintage Roots 4 4 D o v e s Farm Organic Cornflakes 4 5 Linda M c C a r t n e y ' s 10 Sausage Rolls 4 6 Jus-Rol Vol au Vent Cases 4 7 Weetabix 4 8 J a c o b ' s Crackers 49 Bisto Powder, R H M Foods 50 T o f u Scrambler, Fantastic Foods 51 T a m - T o v Kosher Pareve Instant Creamer 52 Marigold Vegan Bouillon Powder 5 3 Somerfield Vegetable Suet 54 B i r d ' s Custard Powder 5 5 J a c o b ' s Fig Rolls 56 C o - o p Plain Chocolate Wheatmeal Biscuits 5 7 Dorchester Vegan Selection Chocolates, Animal Aid 5 8 Plamil Plain Chocolate with Soya & Hazelnuts 59 60 61 Vegetable Ravioli 62 63 & Blackwell 64 65 Crystals, Just W h o l e f o o d s 66 67 68 69 70 71 Crunchy Potato Crisps The Vegan, Autumn 1994I1

Editor: Richard Farhall Design and production by Taylor McKenzie Printed by Litho Techniques (Kenley Ltd) on recycled paper. Advertising Manager: Richard Farhall, 0424 427393 The Vegan is published quarterly by The Vegan Society Publication Date: March, June, September, December Copy Date: 25th January, 25th April, 25th July, 25th October ISSN 0307-4811 © The Vegan Society The views expressed in The Vegan do not necessarily reflect those of the Editor or of the Vegan Society Council. Nothing printed should be construed to be Vegan Society policy unless so stated. The Society accepts no liability for any matter in the magazine. The acceptance of advertisements (including inserts) does not imply endorsement. The inclusion of product information should not be construed as constituting official Vegan Society approval for the product, its intended use, or its manufacturer/distributor. Contributions intended for publication are welcomed, but unsolicited materials will not be returned unless accompanied by an SAE.

SOCIETY The Vegan Society 7 Battle Road, St Leonards-onSea, East Sussex TN37 7AA England. Tel. 0424 427393 Fax. 0424 717064 Registered Charity No. 279228 Company Registration No. 1468880 VAT Registration No. 448 5973 95 Founder Donald Watson Hon Patrons: Serena Coles, Freya Dinshah Arthur Ling, Tony Martin. Cor Nouws, Donald Watson, Robin Webb Council: Martyn Allen, Terry Bevis, Alex Bourke, Patrick Browne, Frank Hutson, Robin Lane, Tony Martin, Martin Masterman-Lister, Tim Powell, Rick Savage (Vice Chair), Louise Wallis (Chair) The Vegan, Autumn 1994

Hon. Treasurer Terry Bevis Local Contacts Co-ordinator Martyn Allen Prison Liaison Officer Simon Russell STAFF General Secretary Richard Farhall Assistant General Secretary Julie Whitlock (part-time) Office Manager Amanda Rofe (part-time) Administrative Assistant Keith Bird Veganism may be defined as a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as possible and practical, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose. In dietary terms it refers to the practice of dispensing with all animal produce — including meat, fish, poultry, eggs, animal milks, honey, and their derivatives. Abhorrence of the cruel practices inherent in dairy, livestock and poultry farming is probably the single most common reason for the adoption of veganism, but many people are drawn to it for health, ecological, spiritual and other reasons. If you would like more information on veganism a free Information Pack is available from the Society's office in exchange for two first class stamps. The Vegan Society was formed in England in November 1944 by a group of vegetarians who had recognized and come to reject the ethical compromises implicit in lacto-(i.e. dairy-dependent)vegetarianism and consequently decided to renounce the use of all animal products. If you are already a vegan or vegan sympathizer please support the Society and help increase its influence by joining. Increased membership means more resources to educate and inform. Full membership is restricted to practising vegans, as defined above, but sympathizers are welcome as supporters of the Society. Both members and supporters receive The Vegan.

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THE FIRST 50 YEARS 1944-1994

The Making of Truth or Dairy Strange but true

Where There's a Will Looking ahead


A Vegan in the Family Vegan rock


J D Hoo 14 A sunshine celebration


Vegan Food — Past and Present Getting historical The Vegan Society Trade Mark is the property of the Vegan Society. The Society is prepared to authorize the use of its trade mark on products which accord with its 'no animal ingredients' and 'no animal testing' criteria. Applications for use should be addressed to the General Secretary. Unauthorized use is strictly forbidden.



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Cover photographer: Bill Burnett Chief illustrator: Suzanne Whitelock





Editorial R

esearching the Society's ethical frontier-busting half-century (see 'The Vegan Society — the First 50 Years') has been a fascinating, but mostly humbling, task. Here I sit, in a warm (well it is summer!) cosy (cramped?) office, surrounded by modern office technology, with food and drink a-plenty! — when, in the pre and founding years of the Society, vegan pioneers routinely underwent tremendous hardships as they ventured, sometimes fearfully, into the unknown.

The odds were stacked against them: The world was pre-occupied with the mindnumbing tragedy of war and its mind-boggling aftermath; rationing, coupled with an unsympathetic officialdom, ensured a highly restricted diet; there was no scientific testimony — required by our western culture before even passing consideration is afforded — as to the adequacy (or even desirability) of an animal-free diet; plant protein was still considered considered inferior to its animal counterpart: B, 2 had not been discovered (and inevitably some pioneers experienced a deficiency); and the now wellestablished and accepted link between a high saturated fat intake, cholesterol and coronary heart disease simply did not exist. Despite all this, even though they lacked knowledge and resources, and were commonly greeted with scepticism and ridicule, they clung to their contention that humankind had lived, and could therefore live again, without recourse to the flesh and produce of kindred creatures. They were not only breaking new ground but rediscovering the old. Pushed on by a passionate desire to break society's enslavement of cow and hen, and trusting an instinct that their commonsensical approach to veganism was, in principle, well-founded, they then set about encouraging 4

manufacturers to re/formulate products which would make the task of obtaining a balanced, varied vegan diet less onerous and more attractive to those open-minded enough to contemplate taking the plunge. Commodities investigation, developed over 20 years into an art form by former Vegan Society Chair and Hon Secretary, Eva Batt, has remained a fundamental part of the Society's work to this day. Enquiries have consistently shown that on receiving The Vegan, most vegans turn straight to the 'Shoparound' page. Desmond 'Naked Ape' Morris would probably suggest that thumbing enthusiastically through The Vegan for 'Shoparound' is a modern-day replacement for the 'thrill of the chase', but other more plausible theories have been proffered. For example, it could simply be a conscience-settling exercise, seeking confirmation that the new 'surely-too-nice-to-bevegan?' frozen dessert you've been tucking into every night for the past two months is above board and tickety-boo. This issue's cover undoubtedly suggests that, in Britain at least, the guilt-ridden 'surely-too-nice-tobe-vegan?' response — together with any out-moded notions of vegan martyrdom based on perceived deprivation — is now on shaky terrain and should be consigned to the vegan dustbin. Admittedly, however, a good case can be made for the argument that there are now far too many branded vegan products in the marketplace and that depicting a selection of them on the cover of The Vegan is undesirable because such an action promotes consumerism which, in turn, perpetuates a system that wastes finite resources through duplication, advertising, packaging and transportation (etc.). These considerations are all important ones, but it's up to the individual to decide when (or even whether) to incorporate them into his/her lifestyle. The purpose of this issue's cover is threefold: To remind vegans just how many (edible) commercial-

ly-produced vegan products there are out there; to pay tribute to the sterling work undertaken by the Society's commodity investigators; and, most significantly, to demonstrate to potential vegans the ease with which they could incorporate more vegan foodstuffs into their normal everyday diet. Of course vegans can survive perfectly satisfactorily — indeed, preferably from a health perspective — on a principally wholefood, raw vegan diet — but consider how appealing that proposition is to a would-be vegan brought up with a sweet (to the point of dissolving) tooth and microwavable ready-meals. If, after adopting their new vegan diet, individuals decide to embrace other ethical considerations, all well and good, but this isn't going to happen unless the transition to a diet free of animal suffering is made as smooth and painless as possible. The ingredients are there; all we need add to the recipe is our support, understanding and encouragement. And remember: If veganism makes you feel good about yourself don't be ashamed to admit it. The idea that veganism is all about dutiful self-sacrifice and not allowing yourself to experience any joyful emotions because 'the suffering animals can't experience them and to do so is disrespectful' is highly undesirable. Not only will your health suffer (making you less efficient in your educational endeavours), you will present a poor advertisement for veganism. Who wants to adopt a lifestyle that seems to offer permanent penance, a husk-like appearance, no fun, no friends and an early demise? So, if veganism makes you happy, radiate your positive and beneficial feelings to others. It's not necessary to set up shop with the other peddlers in the spiritual enlightenment bazaar; just be yourself. But back to a cause dear to all our hearts: The Vegan Society. The one thing that really hit home as I spent weeks (or was it months?) wading through back copies of The Vegan, other Vegan Society publications. Council Minutes, and Annual Reports, is the fragility of the

Society; it doesn't take much too knock the Society back — be it a couple of years of diminished revenue or the loss/incapacitation of a key member of Council or staff. Since its inception in November 1944, the Society has depended for its very survival on the generosity of its members and. at any one time, major and sustained over-andabove-the-call-of-duty contributions from a handful of individuals. Little has changed. Although the Society appears to have established itself as a respected, permanent feature of the vegan, vegetarian and animal protection movements, the vulnerability remains. You can help secure the Society's future and ensure the expansion of its work by enrolling new members and making sure the Society is remembered in your will. As time passes, and generations come and go, and more is discovered about the effects of diet on human health, and veganism becomes fully integrated into the mainstream, there is a real danger that the hardships borne by the vegan trail blazers will be — if not forgotten — greatly underappreciated. We may all pay tribute to our 'founding fathers', and honour the memory of those of them no longer travelling with us, by resolving never to forget them and by stepping up our own efforts to secure the day when humans pivot their relationships with one another, other animals and their shared habitats, around compassion, empathy and tolerance. Richard Farhall The Vegan, Autumn 1994I1

News Oxford Vegetarian Study The results of a 12-year British study of more than 11,000 adults — including 6,000 vegetarians, vegans and (some) fish-eaters — published in the British Medical Journal (25.6.94), suggest that vegetarians are "40% less likely than others to die of cancer". The study also suggests that the incidence of coronary heart disease may be 24% lower in lifelong vegetarians and 57% lower in lifelong vegans. Researchers isolated, and set aside, other important factors such as smoking, being overweight and social/financial differences. Dr Margaret Thorogood, senior research fellow in the Department of Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, who lead the research, "would like to know which types of vegetarian diet offer the most protection and she hoped to investigate both questions in the future." Independent 24.6.94 VSUK Information Sheet

Right (Air) Wave Length "I am pleased to confirm that we have now replaced the previously used 'non-dairy' creamers and margarines with appropriate products and have also received confirmation from the manufacturer that our World Traveller Mints are compatible with vegan principles because of the fact that the magnesium stearate which they contain is produced through a chemical process rather than the traditional animal based approach." Kurt Hafner, Head of Catering Standards and Development, 25.7.94

Premarin An undercover investigation initiated by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has revealed that, "each year, tens of thousands of horses are impregnated, then confined for most of their pregnancy in stalls so small they cannot take steps or lie down. This is so their urine can be collected and used in the production of Premarin, a drug taken by millions of menopausal women. The foals (unwanted byThe Vegan, Autumn 1994

products) are sent to slaughter at three months of age." All this despite the fact that a synthetic alternative is available. The equine factory farms are located in Manitoba, Canada and North Dakota, USA. PETA(Europe) News Release, 20.7.94

By George! Many congratulations to vegan, George Crocker, who chalked up 101 years on 5 June this year.

MMR|| Vaccine The measles and mumps viruses in the Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccine (live, attenuated, MSD) are grown using cells derived from chick embryos. In all three component viruses there are traces of bovine serum albumin present as a stabilizer. The vaccine is tested for safety on small mammals, usually rats. Letter from Merck Sharp & Dhome, 15.12.93


Special Deadline The Vegan's designer will be travelling in Africa later in the year. Consequently, the deadline for contributions to the Winter issue is Wednesday 12 October 1994.

McLibel Trial The libel case brought by McDonald's against Helen Steel and Dave Morris, two unemployed environmentalists, finally began in a jury-less High Court Room in London on 27 June. After a summer break, the trial recommenced on 12 September and is expected to run until December. It is open to members of the public, starting 10.30am daily, at Court 35, Royal Courts of Justice, The Strand, London WC2. The McLibel Support Campaign exists to generate support and financial backing for the two Defendants, who are not entitled to legal aid. McLibel


Bernard Drake, a familiar face at recent AGMs, was one of the handful of people who attended the Attic Club meeting in early November 1944 which formed the Vegan Society and adopted the word 'vegan'. He sat on the first (temporary) Vegan Society Committee, formed in May 1945, and at the Society's first AGM, held on 15 December 1945, was elected to the Executive Committee as 'Food Investigator". Summer 1946 saw the first appearance in The Vegan of his column, 'Food Findings'. He served on the Committee for just a few years, followed, in November 1948 by his first wife, Muriel.

EPIC is the largest study of diet and health ever undertaken. It involves more than a quarter of a million people in seven countries — Britain, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands and Spain — and is co-ordinated by the World Health Organization and partly funded by the EC. By studying very many people in different countries with differing diets, and by using carefully designed and tested questionnaires, EPIC should produce much more specific information about the effects of diet on long-term health than previous studies. The main results will start to emerge after about five years — around the year 2000 — but a number of preliminary analyses will be conducted before then.

Although his adoption of a vegan diet was short-lived, he was close to being a vegan in his final years and, in the Vegetarian Society's Research Section, pressed for studies into acceptable alternatives to cheese and eggs. Following the disbandment of the Section, Bernard cofounded VEGA — Vegetarian Economy & Green Agriculture. He died on 22 March 1994, aged 81.

A special emphasis of the British part of EPIC is to study the health of vegetarians and vegans. This will be of immense scientific value to the study as a whole, because the diets of vegetarians — and especially vegans — differ substantially from those of meat eaters and this makes it much easier to detect relationships between nutrition and health. There is already some evidence that vegetarians are healthier than average, but much more needs to be known about which aspects of vegetari-

Support Campaign, c/o 5 Caledonian Rd, London Nl. (Tel/Fax. 071 713 1269.) McLibel Support Campaign Press Release, 3.8.94

In Brief • A 1994 Roper Poll puts the number of vegans in the USA at 500,000. East Bay Vegan News, Summer 1994 • P&O has announced that it will stop carrying animals for slaughter from the beginning of October 1994. Meat Trades Journal, 4.8.94 • "Genuinely" native woodlands now cover just 2% of the Scottish Highlands — and most are suffering the effects of browsing from deer, sheep and cattle. New Scientist, 6.8.94 • Varroa, a blood-sucking parasite which attacks adult bees and larvae, has now affected 1,100 apiaries in 28 counties. The Guardian, 3.8.94

an diets are most important in maintaining good health. For example, the Oxford Vegetarian Study is not large enough to show which foods or nutrients are most important or which types of cancer are most affected. EPIC aims to recruit more vegetarians and vegans than the Oxford Study, and to combine the results of the two studies in future analyses. This study therefore presents a great opportunity — which may not occur again — to establish a definitive source of information on the long-term health of vegetarians and vegans. It is essential to have really hard data from 'orthodox' organizations to be able to convince the medical profession and politicians of the viability and benefits of vegetarian and vegan diets. We therefore hope that you will find time to fill in a questionnaire for this study. Some of you may have already completed a questionnaire for EPIC after receiving one in Vegetarian Living, or as a previous participant in the Oxford Vegetarian Study; in this case there is no need for you to complete another questionnaire, but we would of course be delighted if you could find another vegan or vegetarian to fill it in. Tim Key, DPhil, Research Scientist I1

The Making of

TRUTH O R DAIRY One of the leading lights behind the Society's new video, Franny Armstrong explains how it came to be


haring a flat with the President of the V e g a n Society w a s never easy at the best of times, but when she piled on the d r i n k s late o n e night, d i d n ' t chastise us about our continuing absence of washing-up skills, and then casually asked, "Your d a d ' s got a v i d e o p r o d u c t i o n c o m p a n y , h a s n ' t he?", we knew we were in trouble. N o n e of us had ever made a blancmange b e f o r e , let alone a video, so we set about writing the credits. This making a film business seemed like a good idea — who needs to k n o w h o w to hold a c a m e r a w h e n you k n o w the location of every health food shop in north L o n d o n (and w h e t h e r they sell A l p r o c h o c o l a t e soya milk shakes)? What w e c o u l d n ' t f o r e s e e , of course, w a s one e v i c t i o n f r o m said shared flat (never did m a n a g e to get that washing up done), one splitting up of mutual pop group, two births, o n e death, t w o arrests, three psychotherapists and at least four extra-marital affairs. Still, never lose the light to the true path and all that, and so 16 months after its first conception it was time to write the script. It was obvious from the beginning that the film should start with a close-up of a lettuce a n d that it should be presented by Sean Hughes. My co-producers suspected ulterior motives on the latter point — h e ' s not even a vegan, after all — and when he pointed out 6

the obvious mistake even I had to concede. W e chose Benjamin Zephaniah to be Sean's successor 'cos he was vegan and keen. May sound obvious, but those two characteristics are hard to find all at the same time and in the same person. Also, he was damn talented and had a car, so he was in. By this time it was about September or

'At all times pretend you know what you're doing; if anything goes wrong always blame someone e l s e . . April or June and time for the first meetingwith-BZ-to-discuss-the-script. Sounds fine, but we were still lacking in the big S department. Knocked one off in a couple of days and much to my amusement it seemed to get rave reviews wherever it went (the Vegan Society quickly put a stop to the scene featuring a well-known clown chopping down the plastic rainforest, though). Next step was to persuade lots of expert camera & sound people to help out. This was surprisingly easy and we soon had a top crew who had j u s t finished working on The Young Americans. One crash course in video production

f r o m Dad later (At all times pretend you know what you 're doing; if anything goes wrong always blame someone else, and keep your eyes on my very expensive camera 'cos if it goes walkabout your pocket money's stopped for two weeks), and we were ready to shoot.

Day One Film Day One on location in Camden went swimmingly — got that all important lettuce shot, round to Al's kitchen for the 'beans on toast' bit and then on a tour of the local restaurants to sample (I mean film) their vegan edibles. Pasta Place had changed its mind so we didn't get the spaghetti unfortunately. (Later rectified by pretending our kitchen was an Italian restaurant.) Day T w o got off to a bit of a bad start when a certain person couldn't get out of bed at the pre-arranged time of 5.30am due to complete exhaustion and a sudden inexplicable hating of all things vegan. Made it to Brighton to learn that the Director was delivering his baby (on his own — what a man) and couldn't make it. Nevertheless, the star of the show — Daisy the pantomime cow — performed immaculately and we all shed a tear when she was picked up by the The Vegan, Autumn 1994I1

knackers at the end of the day. A slight miscalculation meant that it was dark when we got to the shoe shop (Vegetarian Shoes) and so we just lit up the whole street claiming we were from News at Ten. Day — or rather Night — Three was always looking to be the dodgy one. A friend of ours worked nights at a wellknown-but-shallremain-nameless TV company transmitting tacky adverts to Israel. W e ' d arranged to sneak in at lam to film a couple of scenes in their studio, but at midnight she phoned in with the Mayday that her boss couldn't sleep and had decided to drop in to check up on her. As he left through the front door at 2.30am we crept past the night patrol man at the back with our blow-up spiders, artificial grass, plastic palm leaves, furry monkeys and pot plants and set up the rainforest in studio B. Benjamin was half asleep by the time we started filming — he hadn't slept for 48 hours, poor boy — and by the time the scenes were in the can (man) he had to rush off to drive to Manchester to appear on a chat show chatting (hence the name) about just how healthy and vibrant one can be on a vegan diet. (Strangely enough this show was cancelled so he popped over to Liverpool to talk about racism instead.) Had a complete panic about 4 months later when we thought we'd wiped the rainforest scene, but luckily it was just a minor tape labelling mistake.

The Great Celeb Hunt So, production was over and we were on to trying to track down vegan celebs. Phoned a producer friend of mine for a few tips on contacting the stars, and as her advice was that we "might as well forget the whole idea unless y o u ' v e got at least six researchers working full-time for four

We spent three whole days arguing over who would have the honour of calling him. But on Saturday he was dead months" we ignored it and started phoning record labels. Moby (top techno tune man) was the first to reply, with a friendly handwritten fax and the o f f e r of making us a The Vegan, Autumn


'In Bed with Benjamin' got voted out in the final round

special theme-tune. This spurred us on to greater things and when Casey K a s e m ' s specially f i l m e d 10 second w h y - I ' m - a vegan arrived in the post, we could hardly get over our euphoria. After getting a letter from River Phoenix's manager saying that River would be delighted to be in the film and please phone on M o n d a y , we spent three whole days arguing over who would have the honour of calling him. But on Saturday he was dead. The vegan posse started to trickle in oneby-one. Uri Geller would give us an interview on Sunday. Heather f r o m M-People was keen. Consolidated would film something specially, Bryan Adams may be able to give us 10 minutes of his 36 month world tour, and Michael Stipe isn't a vegan but can he be in it anyway? Had a few false alarms with the likes of John Barnes, Stanley Matthews, Toyah, Meatloaf and the new barmaid in Coronation Street, but the good news is that Boy George is one of us and k.d. lang has given up leather. Carl Lewis's asking price of $40,000 dollars to use a clip of him running was a little out of our league (like eight times our entire budget) and the news that Michael Bolton is vegan was nearly enough to send me down McDonald's! The highlight of the whole affair, however, was getting back f r o m college one day to find a message from RICHARD E. GRANT (totally attractive actor as seen in Withnail & I, The Player etc.) which I taped off the answer phone and played relentlessly to unsuspecting callers. (Bad news was that he isn't actually a vegan, although he "may well be on the way".)

In Contention Losing Our Bottle, Beyond The Pale, Passed Your Eyes, One Step Beyond, Hell for Leather, Pull the Udder One and Food not Feed were all c l o s e contenders but nothing could match the unqualified brilliance of Truth or Dairy (what on earth does it mean?). Unfortunately, my suggested sub-title of In Bed with Benjamin got voted out in the final round, as did Who Dairys Wins which some thought was d a m n a m u s i n g . Anyway, who, what, where, when, how and why vegan had the kind of completely unsubtle ring in keeping with the rest of the film and so everyone was happy. Apart from finding an elusive shot of a cow having a shit and that most tricky stage, getting the approval of the Vegan Society Council members, eighteen months later the video is finally finished. So, the Vegan Society got its third film/video in 50 years of campaigning, I got a message from R.E.G., Boo got offered a £350 a week video editing job, Frank got a pep talk from super-vegan-lets-all-swim-across-theNorth-Sea-before-breakfast Jack McClelland, Richard Farhall got a year's worth of abuse and Louise got extremely angry extremely often. Whether the video's any good or not is up to you, dear viewers, to decide. And the moral of the story? If you d o n ' t want to land yourself in all sorts of trouble, always get the washing up done on t i m e , don't admit to having contacts in the video world and never share a flat with members of strapped-for-cash educational charities.

VEGAN VIDEO FUND w e i i d o n e ! The Fund has now reached its £7,000 target and was officially closed on 30 June. The final 'role of honour' of donors (11.5.94-30.6.94) is as follows: H T Bonnie • 11 Franklin • J S Gold • P A Goodwin • K Hill • 1 C Kelly • V R Lane • T Nickerson • R Salton • J Symmons • L Thacker • W Price


Truth or Dairy would not have been possible without the considerable efforts of Franny and Rachel Armstrong, Frank Hutson, Louise Wallis; the generosity and expertise of Peter Armstrong; those members and supporters who contributed to the Video Fund.




o > < o

£4.95 + 65p p&p

A shopping guide for those wishing to buy goods which are free of animal ingredients and involve no animal testing. handy pocketbook format

• t h o u s a n d s of entries

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guidance o n additives

g l o s s a r y of a n i m a l substances

• mail order addresses

suggested reading

Send a cheque/PO payable to 'The Vegan Society' for £5.60 to: The Vegan Society, 7 Battle Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex TN37 7AA






wouldn't you invest your money 'ethically'? If you are investing in a unit trust, a personal pension or a life assurance, the fund Mind it is probably holding the shares of companies who do things you don't believe in. Pacifists are investing in armaments firms, teetotallers in breweries ASH supporters are investing in tobacco conglomerates, environmentalists in companies with a bad pollution record. And so on...





9 e , a r ' a n s a n c i Vegans who have been unhappy wearing leather shoes -"-"'and have found canvas and plastic shoes unsatisfactory, finally have a choice. These new 'Vegetarian shoes' look and feel like supple leather but are infact 100% man made, - the uppers are made from a new high-tec polyurethane, that is scuff-resistant, water-resistant and most importantly breathable' like leather. Combined with the quality, comfort and durability synonymous with Doc Martens we feel we have now produced the ultimate vegetarian shoes!


But ft doesn't hate to be that way. Banhester specialises in identifying those investments which put the energy of your money in the direction of your values, lit the pensions field, for instance, the longest established of these funds has outperformed 95% of all individual UK Growth pension funds over the last 9 years.' So 'ethical/green' investment doesn't have to be unprofitable. And 'profit1 doesn't have to be a dirty word.

Why not contact Rib Yellowhammer, at 5 Regent St, Leamington Spa, or telephone (0926) 832014.

D M. SHOES £47.00 + £3.95 P&P BLACK & BROWN D.M. BOOTS £49.95 + £3.95 P&P BLACK, GREEN, PURPLE & CHERRY RED Make cheques payable to VEGETARIAN SHOES, and send to:



fagE <m only)

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BARCHESTER - Giving you the choice niAttlMicnN)

To: BARCHESTER GREEN INVESTMENT. S Regent SI, LMMRftM Spa, Warwitltshire CV1I SIW Please tell me more about ethical/green options in personal finance.


Address: Tel:


R e m e m b e r , t h e price of units can tall as well as nse and past performance Is n o t a g u a r a n t e e t o t h e future


QQ 8

The Vegan, Autumn 1994I1

262 K E N S I N G T O N HIGH STREET LONDON W8 10% discount on production of The Vegan Tel: 071 603 4422 Britain's oldest Lebanese restaurant, established 1968 We also serve vegetarian and vegan meals. A special set vegetarian or vegan menu at £7.85 per person (minimum of two people) consisting of nine different selections of hot and cold Lebanese hors d'oeuvres (Mezzeh). ALL OUR DISHES BOAST HIGH FIBRE, LOW FAT NATURAL INGREDIENTS, AND POSITIVELY NO ADDITIVES


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The widespread use of leather by those who consider themselves compassionate towards animals is due mainly to Ignorance about its production and the perpetuation of various myths

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The Vegan, Autumn


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Richard Youngslgets historical m vegan food

f / y / j i i m


n 1944, shortly before the launch of The Vegan News, the o r g a n i z e r s of the C o v e n t r y Vegetarian Society, Frank and Kathleen M a y o , held a 'Vegetarian Supper Without Dairy Produce". The UK had experienced nothing like it for, as reported in The Vegetarian News, it w a s the p u b l i c ' s first encounter with vegan food. And, as soon as 1946, w h e n The Vegan News b e c a m e The Vegan with a print-run of 1,000 copies, the first vegan cookbook, Vegan Recipes by Fay K Henderson, was published. Somehow, at a t i m e of h a r s h f o o d rationing, w h e n b e i n g vegan w a s difficult, and in a society much c o n c e r n e d with the human atrocity of war, r a t h e r than a n i m a l cruelty, v e g a n i s m and vegan f o o d had found a home. O u r western culture is but one case. From p a g a n t i m e s o n w a r d , the peasant diet had consisted mainly of grains, pulses and vegetables. Meat and dairy produce, however, w e r e e x a l t e d as luxury items, s p a r i n g l y added to meals during standard hardship and the means of feasting in celebration. The rich s p e n t their m o n e y on a c o n s p i c u o u s c o n sumption of these foods. Sure enough, in the Middle Ages there were a few non-meat and n o n - d a i r y f o o d s c o n s i d e r e d ' t r e a t s ' . For example, the spiced pears and apples eaten at autumn and winter festivals, or the figs eaten on P a l m Sunday, which up until this century 10

was also k n o w n as Fig Sunday. These, though, were instances of non-meat and nondairy cooking within an essentially meat and dairy based cuisine. Moreover, awareness of the moral and spiritual issues involved in what we eat was scant. The Jewish and Christian traditions, mind, o f f e r Daniel as one w h o embraced a vegan-like life while in the court of Nebuchadnezzer, the King of Babylon. It is a classic tale of good against evil. Ordered to eat the King's meat and wine, Daniel chose, instead, to live on pulses and water. After ten days he and his companions were found to be healthier than those who had dined on the K i n g ' s offerings. So, f r o m then on all ate vegetables. Whether or not Daniel existed or not is unclear. Certainly, there is some simplification in the story; mere pulses and water is not a balanced vegan diet and noone would thrive on it. However, if he is a mythological character then his significance is undiminished for he reflects in some sense a society's beliefs, those of the Jews persecuted under the reign of Anthiochus from 167 to 164 BC. Clearly, though, Jewish food law is not the same as the tenets of vegan life. Elsewhere, however, real life precedents for veganism do exist. Perhaps one of the most significant is that of the Indian Jain

community. Founded by Mahavira in India during the sixth century BC, Jainism is a religion one of whose doctrines is 'ahimsa', whereby through a non-violent life we will minimize the harm done to other sentient beings. Indeed, even t o d a y ' s westernized Jains — and there are 5 million in India — make great efforts not to harm any soul deemed to have more than one sense. It is a widespread Jain practise to visit cattle markets, buy animals and then free them. Obviously, their diet is one based on a concern for minimizing the destruction of living organisms. Jains, however, have not always been strict vegetarians. There is evidence that early adherents would accept meat as a gift, while dietary restrictions practised by many lay Jains today often cover meat, honey, eggs, fermented foodstuffs — for example, alcohol or yoghurt — and manyseeded fruits — such as figs — but not milk. The bacteria that enables fermentation, being a living organism, and seeds, being the start of life, are both held to be sacred. The logical extension of ahimsa, though, is that no Jain would eat or drink anything but vegan food. Indeed, the quarterly magazine of the American Vegan Society is called Ahimsa, and a typical Jain meal is centred on combining vegetable proteins such as dhal and rice — a classic vegan dish.

The Vegan, Autumn 1994I1

' S h o j i n ' , the 600-year-old cuisine that started in the Zen monasteries of Japan, however, is unequivocally meat- and dairyfree. It is also proof that the vegan diet need not be dreary. My understanding of the Japanese language is non-existent. I, therefore, cannot vouch for the varying accuracy of the many translations of Shojin I have met. Among them, however, are 'religious purification' and 'spiritual progress'. The latter rightly suggests something positive, for Shojin is a celebration of food, emphasizing the abundance of available foods rather than dwelling on restrictions. Rice and soy products such as tofu and miso are the staples, while their accompaniments vary with the seasons. Many cooking methods are employed and much thought is given to ensure the food is not only characteristically flavoursome, but also visually stunning. While Shojin is still going strong, strictly speaking, all that is pre-history. To avoid anachronisms, vegan cookery began in 1944 when Donald Watson invented the 'vegan' word. It is some measure of the Vegan Society's success that being and eating vegan is much easier now than it was in 1944. Granted, staying at an average hotel is fraught with difficulties, and the food offered in many public places is far from inspiring. Perceptions and practices, however, are changing. Fifty years on there are numerous fresh, dried and preserved vegan foodstuffs from throughout the world on grocer's shelves. With vegan restaurants, vegan options on omnivorous menus and several vegan cookbooks in print, there is, clearly, a global vegan cuisine developing. Vegan food has come to be varied and exciting. It need not be second best to vegetarian and omnivorous fare. As merely one illustration of this point, here is a recipe for a rich wedding/Christmas-style cake with which to celebrate 50 years of the Vegan Society.

The Vegan, Autumn 1994


50TH ANNIVERSARY CAKE 8 oz (225g) vegan m a r g a r i n e 8 oz (225g) m u s c a v a d o s u g a r 8 oz (225g) t o f u 8 oz (225g) self-raising f l o u r 1 oz (30g) pre-cooked ( t r e a t e d ) soya f l o u r 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp cinnamon 1 t s p mixed spice 1 lb (450g) mixed d r i e d f r u i t (sultanas, c u r r a n t s , raisins) 4 oz (I15g) exotic d r i e d f r u i t ( p a p a y a o r pineapple) 4 oz (115g) mixed c h o p p e d n u t s 6 tbs vegan whisky

Break up the m u s c a v a d o sugar until an even texture. Beat or blend together the margarine and sugar until thoroughly smooth and slightly f l u f f y . Next, work in the tofu, again, until the mixture is smooth. Add the flours, baking powder, cinnamon and mixed spice. W o r k into a dough. Then add all the dried fruits and nuts, along with the whisky. Mix well, making sure the fruit and nuts are well distributed. Turn the mixture out into a greased and papered tin, then c o v e r with foil. Bake in a pre-heated moderate oven for 2'/ 2 - 3 hours or until a s k e w e r c o m e s out clean. R e m o v e f r o m oven. L e a v e to cool for 5 minutes, then turn out onto a rack and allow to cool completely. R e m o v e any grease-proof paper still stuck to the cake. Transfer to a tightly-lidded tin and allow to mature for a few d a y s b e f o r e cutting.

I 1

GRAND CRUELTY-FREE DRAW 1994 ^ T i c k e t s e l l e r relurn.nS

1ST PRIZE: £ 1 , 0 0 0 2ND PRIZE: £ 2 5 0 3RD PRIZE: £ 1 0 0 + 10 CONSOLATION PRIZES OF £10

video. Benjamin Zephmtah

4 N H V

TO BE DRAWN ON TUESDAY 1 NOVEMBER 1994 (WORLD VEGAN DAY) For tickets please ring 0424 427393 Ticket stubs and monies must be returned by Friday 28 October 1994. Cheques/POs should be made payable to 'The Vegan Society'











Road, Whyteleafe,

Surrey CR3 OEA

T h e m e e t i n g will b e f o l l o w e d , at 5 . 0 0 p m , by a 5 0 t h A n n i v e r s a r y Social c o m p r i s i n g : g o o d c o m p a n y , m u s i c f r o m the 1 9 4 0 s - 9 0 s , f o o d p r o v i d e d by v e g a n c a t e r e r s Close to t h e Edge, stalls, a s h o w i n g of the S o c i e t y ' s n e w video — Truth or Dairy, and a bar. The Social is open to non-members — so encourage your vegan a n d potentially v e g a n f r i e n d s to c o m e along and join in t h e celebrations! Please consult the 1 9 9 3 - 9 4 A n n u a l R e p o r t & A c c o u n t s for further details, or alternatively ring the office on 0424 427393.

The Vegan, Autumn 1994I1



Published with the Autumn 1994 issue o / T h e Vegan






The First 50 Years & Messages of Congratulation (xxxv) Vegan News A/o./ (xxxix) The Changing Face of The Vegan

(xl) The Evolution of the Society's Vegan Shopping Guide (xli) Editorial, The Vegan, Winter 1967


Vegan Society Founder, Donald Watson with his wife, Dorothy — who helped him coin the word 'vegan'

T H I S COUNTRY HAS a reputation for abolishing slave trades of one kind or another, so it was not surprising that veganism, which seeks to bring about the greatest emancipation of them all, should have made its roots here fifty years ago. Beginning with a long overdue exposure of the cruelties of the dairy industry, and the risks in using its products, we then set out to show that man is by nature neither a predator nor a parasite and that many of his problems arise because he tries to fit himself into these roles. We saw that he has the choice of a kinder, safer and healthier life in a sustainable ecological system even if the world's population continues to expand. No other movement offered so much. The fact that our programme could not be fully implemented in a world organized around endemic violence did not deter us from pursuing it as a goal, for as Browning wrote: Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp. Or what's a heaven for? The vegetarian movement had already proved that man need not feed himself on dead bodies to stay alive, indeed that he was better off without them. We were to show that neither need he feed on the products of living animals, and that he would be better off without these too, providing he chose more suitable foods from plants instead. With so much livestock now artificially housed and fed, and medicated to control disease, the residues in animal products present an even bigger threat to human health.

An early warning of the danger of feeding vegan cows as if they were carnivores appeared in the first printed issue of The Vegan, dated Spring, 1946. Now scientists more knowledgeable about the transmission of disease from animals to man warn that a human form of mad cow disease could appear on an epidemic scale in the years ahead after its long incubation period. We did give the warning! No movement before had challenged so much tradition and vested interest. We pointed to neglected areas in animal welfare work, and to similar areas where religion ignored blatant evidence of evil and thus broke its own rules. There had been no evolution in the vegetarian movement since its inception in 1847, though it often quoted Tolstoy as saying "vegetarianism is only the first step". We took the second step by ceasing to use dairy products, then went on to condemn the use of all products from animals, knowing that they all involved cruelty. This demanded the tedious on-going work of making endless enquiries to manufacturers so that we could compile a Trade List, later to become The Animal-Free Shopper. We are grateful to all who have shared this work over the decades. Strong as the health and ecological reasons for veganism are, they came second to compassion as the force that drove us on to start the Society at that most difficult time of food rationing. As a group we were not religious in any orthodox sense, but we did accept that our conscience could not have arisen if the universe consisted of nothing more than rock, liquid, gas and space. Whatever the origin of conscience, we felt compelled to respond to it, believing that there must be a way to combine the ethical and the scientific and so avoid the dead-end 'solutions' that follow when the two are divorced. We were good listeners and we sought support from any quarter

which deplored man's voracious predatory lifestyle. There was little such support around in 1944. People were so shattered by the human tragedy of the war that they had little time 'to fuss about the fate of a few animals'. It was always 'a few', never the many billions. Our suggestion that man's tyranny against the animals and his tyranny against himself could be related was usually unproductive. We saw a world desperately seeking and preaching peace before first defining it in any meaningful way. We could not accept that the war against animals was a 'just war' — to use a term much debated at that time. We found more support in history from philosophers, writers, artists and poets for whom compassion had been a source of inspiration in their search for truth. Alongside these immortal giants our critics were as pygmies trying to defend a status quo which in so many ways was failing before their eyes. If our vision of a better world was a dream, it was a dream to escape from the nightmare of a world overflowing with evil through breaking the commandment "Thou shalt not kill", and in its place to lay the foundations for a truly humane society. We saw this abuse of creation around us as slaughter by proxy on behalf of people — many of them pious — who could not do the killing themselves. They saw nothing wrong in it. We on the other hand felt we were facing the issue of morality at its most basic. These are still early days for the vegan movement, which now deserves to take its place among other great reforms as a landmark in human progress. In a rare sermon on animal welfare preached more than a hundred years ago, Cardinal Newman referred to the slaughter of those who have no means of defence, not any power or intention of attack, as "satanic". He, and many others, said it before we did. Our purpose in founding the Vegan Society was not to claim the discovery of a new ethic, but to show how this ethic could be implemented to absolve mankind from such a damning charge. Donald Watson Founder, The Vegan Society



ONG BEFORE 1944, individuals in the vegetarian movement had experimented with diets free from foods of animal origin, but these pioneers were few and far between, and no attempt appears to have been made to bring them together. Opposition to their 'extremism' came frequently from their fellow vegetarians, and even so great a writer for the cause as Henry Salt referred derisively in his Logic of Vegetarianism to the "cock and bull" arguments used by critics of vegetarianism when they discussed the inconsistencies arising from the use of dairy produce and eggs. However, the 1930s and early 1940s brought events that meant changes in thought and outlook. The movement was being influenced by the forces of evolution. In 1938, the Arnold F Mills Memorial Lecture was given by Dr White, of the Stonefield Maternity Home, who took as his subject 'Health Without Dairy Produce'; Dr White's partner, Dr Pink, testified repeatedly in his lectures and writings to the superior condition of babies reared without cow's milk; orthodox dieticians were beginning to question the long-held belief that proteins from animals were superior to those from plants; the Coventry Vegetarian Society, through the enthusiasm of Frank and Kathleen Mayo, staged a Vegetarian Supper Without Dairy Produce which received glowing praise from Frank Wyatt, Editor of The Vegetarian News; the Croydon Vegetarian Society carried almost unanimously the motion "That vegetarians should aim at eliminating dairy produce "; Bert Jones, in his writings on world and national food supply, illustrated the enormous economic advantages of what he called a "vegetal" diet; the Leicester Vegetarian Society issued a cookery booklet entitled Vegetarian Recipes Without Dairy Produce, a large edition of which was taken by the London Vegetarian Society . .. Donald Watson, The Vegan, Autumn 1965

In July 1943, a letter from Leslie Cross (who gave up dairy products in 1942) about the use of dairy produce by vegetarians appears in The Vegetarian Messenger. This prompts correspondence. In March 1944, The Vegetarian Messenger publishes a summary of a lecture given by Donald Watson to Leicester Vegetarian Society on 14 December 1943 — 'Should Vegetarians Eat Dairy Produce?' At a Vegetarian Social Club holiday in Minehead, in August 1944, Donald Watson and Elsie Shrigley agree on the desirability of co-ordinating non-dairy vegetarians and decide to ask the Vegetarian Society if it will authorize the formation of a non-dairy group within the Society, with a page of The Vegetarian Messenger for news and views. The Executive Committee of the Vegetarian Society, though sympathetic, does not agree to the proposal. In response to a letter he has published in The Vegetarian Messenger, 30 readers send Donald Watson 1 shilling to cover the cost of the first four quarterly issues of a news-sheet he offers to publish under the title The Vegan News.

Elsie Shrigley

We were few in number and widely dispersed, and all of us were heavily involved in our own careers. We had no funds, no private transport — apart from bicycles, no precedents to work on, no office, little experience in public speaking, and none in publishing. The War was ending, food

rationing was at its most severe and was to continue for another seven years. There were few health-food shops, and even these had little to offer in protein foods suitable for vegans. The vegetarians had been successful in obtaining an additional cheese ration in lieu of meat, but all my approaches to the Ministry of Food to obtain some comparable concessions for vegans failed. There were few vegetarian guest-houses, and fewer still adept at providing meals for vegans. There were no vegan recipe books, and vitamin Bn had not yet been discovered. Not surprisingly, some vegans who could not manufacture this vitamin in their own gut fell ill after a few years. Donald Watson, 'Out of the Past', The Vegan, Summer 1988

THE BIRTH At the beginning of November 1944, Mr D Watson, Mrs W Shrigley, Mrs G A Henderson, Mr A Hy Haffenden, Mr P Spencer, Mr B Drake and Mme Pataleewa (an interested observer) meet at The Attic Club, 144 High Holborn, London to discuss the name and formation of a new society. "It was a Sunday, with sunshine and a blue sky, an auspicious day for the birth of an idealistic movement." (Elsie B Shrigley, The Vegan, Spring 1962.) The meeting decides to adopt the description 'vegan' (coined by Donald Watson — with the assistance of his wife, Dorothy — by taking the first three and last two letters of 'vegetarian') because it is "strong and short". Donald Watson becomes the first Secretary, Treasurer and Editor.

I am happy to see the Vegan Society celebrating its 50th Anniversary as during my youth veganism was considered 'cranky', but I attribute my long healthy life to a vegan lifestyle GEORGE CROCKER, 101 YEARS OLD, VEGAN FOR 76 YEARS

Heartiest congratulations on the occasion of your 50th Anniversary! Thanks largely to the Society's efforts, veganism is emerging as the diet of choice among informed, compassionate people everywhere. And people, animals, and the Earth itself are the better for it. Well done! TOM & NANCY REGAN. FOUNDERS, CUL1URE & ANIMALS FOUNDATION

Address 67 Evesham Road, Leicester. Why did we do it then of all times? Perhaps it seemed to us a fitting antidote to the sickening experience of the War, and a reminder that we should be doing more about the other holocaust that goes on all the time. Or perhaps it was that we were conscious of a remarkable omission in all previ-



the one on the right. Credit: Franny Armstrong

The vegans are Unstoppable, Revolutionary And flowerpowerful, They must be watched. Their Society inspires Benjamin Zephaniah And now He thanks them for 50 years of doing All animals (Including humans) A great service. CONGRATULATIONS FROM HR ZEPHANIAH AND THE WILD ONES OF EPPING FOREST

Earnest congratulations on fifty meritorious years of encouraging harmlessness and best wishes for the next halfcentury and beyond. VENERABLE PHRA AJAHN KHEMADHAMMO, ABBOT OF THE FOREST HERMITAGE AND SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR OF ANGUUMALA, THE BUDDHIST PRISON CHAPLAINCY

ous vegetarian literature — namely, that though nature provides us with lots of examples of carnivores and vegetarians it provides us with no examples of lacto-carnivores or lactovegetarians. Such groups are freaks and only made possible by man's capacity to exploit the reproductive functions of other species. This, we thought, could not be right either dietetically or ethically. It was certainly wrong aesthetically, and we could conceive of no spectacle more bizarre than that of a grown man attached at his meal-time to the udder of a cow. Donald Watson, 'Out of the Past', The Vegan, Summer 1988

The first newsletter — The Vegan News (Quarterly Magazine of NonDairy Vegetarians) — is published at the end of November, price 2d. It is issued as duplicated foolscap sheets stapled in the top left hand corner. The membership is invited to suggest alternatives to 'vegan'. There are 25 members on the books.

The response had been far greater than anticipated, and letters poured in at twenty or thirty a day. Many were deeply philosophical and called for long answers. Many did not contain a stamp for reply, which added to the difficulties of a conscientious objector who for three years had been trying to live on a reduced salary of £2 a week! I was working single-handed and frequently never went to bed. Donald Watson, The Vegan, Autumn 1965 Among the heavy post I received at the start was a letter from Bernard Shaw informing me that dairy produce and eggs had never formed a prominent part of his diet. Donald Watson, 'Retrospect', The Vegan, Spring 1989

WINTER 1 9 4 4 - 4 5 Membership rises to 48. "No stipulation has yet been made regarding the use of honey." (The Vegan News, no. 2.) Suggested alternatives to 'vegan' include: 'allvega', 'total vegetarian', 'neo-vegetarian', 'dairyban', 'vitan', 'benevore' and 'bellevore'. 'Is Milk a Curse?', by James A Goodfellow MB CM is reproduced in The Vegan News.

SPRING 1945 A temporary committee is formed comprising: Mr & Mrs G A Henderson, Mr & Mrs A H iv

Haffenden, Mr & Mrs G Crocker, Mrs W Shrigley, Mr B Drake and Mr P Spencer. At its first meeting, held in London on 8 April, the Committee agrees the Society should: "work for the abolition not only for all food of animal origin, but also of commodities made from animal products", and issue a Vegan Trade List "giving particulars of proprietary articles free from animal materials." 'Associate' membership is introduced.

The addition of three-quarter per cent, milk powder to National Flour, which was introduced in 1943, has now been discontinued. Publications Vegetarian Recipes Without Dairy Produce by Margaret B Rawls (published by Leicester Vegetarian Society), 2d; Should Vegetarians Eat Dairy Produce? by Donald Watson, 3d; Is Milk a Curse? by James A Goodfellow MB, CM.

SUMMER 1945 A London Group of the Society is formed on 14 July.

AUTUMN 1945 The November 1945 Vegan News is distributed to 500 subscribing members.

WINTER 1 9 4 5 - 4 6 A G M The Society holds its first AGM, Attic Club, 15 December. . . . it was decided by 31 votes to 14 to have the Society consisting of Supporters only, in place of Members and Associates who formally had been asked to sign pledges. Thus the Society now concerns itself wholly with stating its case and Supporters must each regard the degree of consistency in practising the Society !s aims as a personal matter. The change arose through the objection which many have to signing pledges, and also to the difficulty of knowing with certainty whether under every condition of life the stringent pledge could be fully honoured. The Vegan, Spring 1946 Elected Mr Barry Green (Chairman), Mr Donald Watson (Secretary & Editor), Mrs T F Rawls (Assistant Secretary), Mrs G A Henderson (Recipes Advisor), Mrs W Shrigley (Press & Minutes Secretary), Mr Bernard Drake (Food Investigator), Mr Paul Spencer (Commodities Investigator). Finance Expenditure for the year to 15 December 1945 amounts to £84 15s Id, leaving a balance of £19 2s 4d.

SUMMER 1946 Publications The Society publishes its first cookbook, Vegan Recipes by Fay K Henderson, 2s 6d.


The Vegan Printed by H H Greaves, 106/110 Lordship Lane, East Dulwich London SE22 (the arrangement continues until Winter 1971). First appearance of 'Vegan Commodities' by Paul Spencer and 'Food Findings' by Bernard Drake. Your leather shoes are the first thing the destructive critic picks on . . . You will have been on the look-out for those plastic shoes the Americans are wearing. Too bad they have not arrived in our shops yet. Events (internal) Mrs K V Mayo becomes Organizer of the Vegan Baby Bureau, set up to "concentrate on the particular needs of mothers who wish to rear their families on Vegan lines".

SPRING 1946 The Vegan The first issue of The Vegan is published, price 6d. 1,000 copies are printed. First appearance of classified ads.

Seasonal Health Tip Never drink from a d a m p cup.

The Vegan. Summer 1946

AUTUMN 1946 A G M Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, London NW1, 30 November. Donald Watson resigns as Secretary and Editor due to "pressure of his professional work". Elected (Provisional Committee until rules are adopted) Mr Donald Watson, Mr G Allan Henderson (Editor and Treasurer), Mrs Fay K Henderson (Secretary), Mr Bernard Drake, Miss D I Maclachlan, Mr Frank Needham, Mr Frank V N Mitchell, Mr A Hy Haffenden (who later resigns), Mrs K V Mayo, Mrs E B Shrigley. "To mark their gratitude for his splendid efforts, the Meeting unanimously elected Mr Watson to be the First President of the Society, which office he duly accepted." The Vegan, Spring 1947 The following day he accepts an offer to become the Society's first Life Member. Finance Annual income (30 November 1945-30 November 1946): £188 16s 8'/ 2 d; deficit: £23 15s 5d. The Vegan Sales of The Vegan reach 1,500. Events (internal) Fay K Henderson is appointed Organizer to facilitate the setting up of 'Vegan Circles' and local groups. Events (external) First Annual Conference — 'Milk Conference to Discuss the Production and Distribution of Vegetable Milks', Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, 30 November.

Mr C Allan Henderson

After the meeting, a new soya milk was served at tea, and aroused much HEALTH FOODS LTD. interest, being one Pioneers in the Preparation of Vegetarian Foods of the best nonwithout Dairy Produce animal milks so A wide range of specialities, including Nut Meats, Brawn, far produced . . . Rissole Powders, etc., are available to suit the taste, and It is hoped that consistent with the principles of Vegans and Vegetarians. Ask at your Health Food Store for all "Pitman" products, the new soya milk or, if unobtainable in your locality, write to the sole will shortly be manufacturers at the address given below. available at PITMAN HEALTH FOODS ARE Health Food CHEAPER THAN ILL>HEALTH Stores: being in powder form it is V I T A L A N D , F O U R OAKS, S U T T O N G O L D F I E L D as easy to prepare as dried household milk and is Aug). Representatives are drawn from suitable for most domestic purposes. The Vegan, Spring 1947 Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Holland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia, Eire and America. Address Rydal Lodge, Ambleside, The Society is formally accepted as Westmorland. an IVU member.


WINTER 1946-47 The Vegan Speaking on October 8th, the Food Minister said that fruit supplies had increased in 1946 by 50 per cent over 1945, and that an increase of 80 per cent over 1946 is expected in 1947. Oranges, lemons, bananas and apples are being bought in bulk by the Ministry.

SPRING 1947 SGM Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, 15 March. First set of rules adopted. 'Supporters' now known as 'Members' — "those who are interested in the Society's aims". Elected President — Mr Donald Watson; Vice-President — Mr Dugald Semple; Secretary — Mrs Fay K Henderson; Treasurer — Mr G Allan Henderson; Committee — Mrs Evelyn Howard, Mrs M B Rawls, Miss D I Maclachlan, Mrs K V Mayo, Mr Ivor H Sercombe, Mrs E B Shrigley. The Vegan Price rises to 9d. First 'President's Log' and display advertisements appear. Membership subs Member Life Membership — £5.


Events (internal) As a result of a revenue-raising appeal. Life Members total 14. Mrs Fay K Henderson

SUMMER 1947 Events (external) 11 th Congress of the International Vegetarian Union, Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, England, July 29-August 5. Donald Watson delivers a lecture on veganism (2

Congratulations on 50 years of promoting sanity and compassion in a cruel and unhealthy world. Vegan philosophy is the light in our darkness and the essential element in continuity of life on our planet. JACK MCCLELLAND, INTERNATIONAL LONGDISTANCE SWIMMER, CHAMPION WRESTLER, LECTURER, WRITER AND BROADCASTER. FOUNDER OF A CHAIN OF VEGAN HEALTH FOOD SHOPS

AUTUMN 1947 A G M Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, 22 November. Members agree that the volume of work now requires the services of a full-time paid Secretary at a salary of £250 a year plus expenses. A Secretarial Fund is launched. Elected President — Mr Donald Watson; Vice-Presidents — Mr C C Abbott, Mr William V Collier, Mrs Elsie M Neale, Dr Cyril V Pink, Mr Dugald Semple; Secretary — Mrs Fay K Henderson; Treasurer — Mr G Allan Henderson; Committee — Mrs Evelyn Howard, Mrs M B Rawls, Miss D I Maclachlan, Mrs K V Mayo, Mr Ivor H Sercombe, Mrs E B Shrigley. Staff Secretary Henderson.

G Allan

Events (internal) Second Annual Conference — 'Moral Aspects of Veganism', Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, 22 November. Speakers include a dairy equipment engineer who, "contributed a detailed survey of the appalling conditions prevailing it) the dairy industry today, and stressed the need for immediate reform." (The Vegan, Winter 1947.)

Chlorella Health, the natural, healthy fast food for the future, wishes the Vegan Society all best wishes for its future. ROSALIND GALBRAITH, DIRECTOR

Congratulations to the Vegan Society on reaching its 50th Anniversary. It is a wonderful achievement. Here's to the next 50 years, which can only become easier and easier. THE COMMITTEE, CAMPAIGN FOR THE ABOLITION OF ANGLING

Commodities Research — Mrs E B Shrigley. A new vegetable powdered milk, Soylac, is distributed privately by the Society through local distributors at l/5d per lb plus postage and a "suitable tin for packing".

WINTER 1947-48 Finance At the end of February, the Society had funds in hand of £190. This v

Congratulations on reaching your half century. May your principles and directives be as ethical as ever - for ever! MIKE BARWELL. MANAGING DIRECTOR, BIO-D COMPANY LTD

Best wishes for the next fifty years - if anyone can - vegan!

includes the sum of £62 7s 6d received towards the Secretarial Fund — by a coincidence, almost equal to the salary paid for the three months. Our Life Members now total 42. The Vegan, Spring 1948 The Vegan The vegan case has proved itself impregnable against all reasonable criticism. The moral argument is so strong that no one dares to oppose it, and the physiological benefit is proved in practice. The economics of veganism are demonstrated to be sound by the fact that in time of economic crisis, nations tend to move towards vegan diets — the greater the crisis, the greater the move. Donald Watson, 'The President's Log'

THE WATERMILL Teacher: "Can anyone tell me why mother's milk is best?"

Congratulations on reaching your 50th Anniversary. Long may your excellent work continue. Montagne Jeunesse thanks the Vegan Society for caring. STEVE FARROW, GROUP PRODUCT MANAGER

Johnny: "Yes. teacher. I can. It is always ready for the baby, it is nice and warm — and the cat can't get it!''

Events (internal) Fay K Henderson addresses well-attended meetings in Dublin and Belfast. In Scotland, she begins her tour with a cookery demonstration in Largs, Ayrshire. In Glasgow, she addresses a public meeting and meets the newly-formed Vegan Section of the Scottish Vegetarian Society. Events (external) Soylac is available in some retail outlets at 2s per lb.

For 50 years no more no less (as old as me I must confess), the Vegan Society has stood the test congratulations! JEMIMA COPPING, MANAGING DIRECTOR, BOREALIS PRODUCTS

SPRING 1948 Finance 31 May funds of £160.

The Society has

We have recently had occasion to travel by train from Euston to Windermere, and by telephone arrangement the previous evening with the Train Meals Department at Euston Station we have been served with a vegetarian lunch without eggs, cheese, or milk, at the ordinary charge. The meal consisted of special lentil soup, a generous variety of vegetables, fresh salad of lettuce and tomato, stewed fruit with 'synthetic' cream, black coffee. We wrote to the British Railways Hotel Services expressing our appreciation of the meal and the special arrangements that were made, and received a courteous reply. Readers need have no hesitation in following our example.

AUTUMN 1948 A G M Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, 27 November. Elected President — Mr Wm V Collier; Vice-Presidents (subject to acceptance) — Mr C C Abbott, Mrs Fay K Henderson, Mr Frank K Mayo, Dr Cyril V Pink, Mr Donald Watson, Dr A Leon Winer; Secretary & Treasurer — Mr G Allan Henderson; Committee — Mr Leslie J Cross, Mrs Muriel E Drake, Mrs Amy Little, Miss D I Maclachan, Mrs Kathleen V Mayo, Mr Frank Needham, Mrs Margaret B Rawls, Mrs Elsie B Shrigley. The Vegan . . . it must be emphasised that there are many handicaps in carrying out the Society's activities. The Committee


M e m b e r s h i p Includes 45 Life Members.

M i

Finance 31 August — The Society has funds of £88. M e m b e r s h i p Includes 47 Life Members.

WINTER 1948-49 17 December — 54 Life Members.

d o w n .

Publications Additions: An Address on Veganism by Donald Watson, 6d; Vegan Viewpoint by Fay K Henderson, 7d; Man & Nature by "1TEGAN c v / t /'IEWPOINT Leslie Cross, 2d; Man's Natural Food by Dr Sydney f o u r Annexes M Whitaker, FAY K. HENDERSON 7d.


Staff Secretary Brace Litten. Address 'Steepholme', Shipham, Winscombe, Somerset. Commodities Research — S Douglas Smith.

I f * " ' " *

P R U < t * A l » L o / x M v S t .

Events (internal) There are local groups/secretaries in London, Yorkshire, the Midlands, Bristol, Manchester and Scotland.


Events(internal) Third Annual Conference — 'Veganism's Contribution to Health', Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, 27 November.


The Vegan First appearance of 'Horti-Vegan Notes' by Alec Martin and 'Health Advice Bureau' by C C Abbott.

Commodities Research -— Mrs Fay K Henderson.

Representatives are all particularly busy people in other spheres. They are scattered about the country and have to undertake long journeys to attend meetings. The real work of the Society is performed by a handful of people, and it is on their integrity that our strength has been built up in four years, but the future will depend on the enthusiasm and active support of the rank and file of Members . . . G Allan Henderson, 'The Vegan Society Report for Year 1947/1948'


N o need to call them twice this morning—they'll be round that breakfast table in a twinkling. Fruitysweet — crunchy crisp — Fru-Grains supply the energy of natural sugar. That's what kiddies need and li^e. What pity supplies are still so short! From Health Food Stores and maul/ troccrs





- G






LTD. <D.»t. V.31


The Vegan. Autumn 1948

The Vegan. Winter 1948


Some Further Straightforward Facts In my previous Talks to you British Housewives, I stressed the need of " F r o m e n t " t o build up your s h a t t e r e d nerves, and I now give you a f e w m o r e straightforward facts about this wonderful Vitamin Bi nerve restorer :— " Froment " is prepared solely from t h e LIVINC SEED in t h e wheat-grain, the embryo of t h e w h e a t - t o - b e . This wheat-embryo is amazingly rich in FIRST-CLASS PROTEIN, the substance essential for t h e repair and renewal of t h e body; which means t h a t it helps t o make good any present or possible shortage of such foods as cheese, eggs, nuts, etc., and it is more readily assimilated than any of these. The wheat-embryo is known to b e THE RICHEST NATURAL SOURCE OF THE Bi VITAMIN, which is essential to t h e brain and nervous system, to good digestion and normal bowel activity. It contains LITTLE OR NO STARCH ! FROMENT is so prepared t h a t the invaluable oil c o n t e n t (Vitamin E) remains unimpaired. " Froment " has a noticeably fine FLAVOUR and an attractive TEXTURE, and its COLDEN COLOUR truly indicates its sterling worth. " F r o m e n t " is MOST ECONOMICAL, the 3 / - Carton contains 18 ounces n e t t , which works out at approximately ONE PENNY A DAY. »t is ready for use. FROMENT is sold in Cartons 3 / - (18-oz.) and 1 / 7 * <8-ox.) a t Health Food Stores only.

AUTUMN 1949 The Vegan Leslie J Cross points out that the Society has yet to define veganism and suggests: "The principle of the emancipation of animals from exploitation by man."








Publications Aids to a Vegan Diet for Children by Kathleen V Mayo, Is.

KATHUKN v. M -vn

ONE SHtUt-.-:.

WINTER 1949-50 AGM Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, 26 November. Elected President — Mr Wm V Collier; Vice-Presidents (subject to acceptance) — Mr C C Abbott, Mrs Fay K Henderson, Mr G Allan Henderson, Mr Frank K Mayo, Dr Cyril V Pink, Mr Donald Watson, Dr A Leon Winer; Secretary & Treasurer — Mr Bruce Litten; Committee — Mr William Ashley, Mr Leslie J Cross, Mrs Muriel E Drake, Mrs Sheila Johnstone, Mrs Amy Little, Miss D I Maclachlan, Mrs Kathleen V Mayo, Mr Frank Needham, Mrs Margaret B Rawls, Mrs Elsie B Shrigley. Finance Annual income (to 31 October 1949): £663 Is 9d; surplus: £140 2s 3d; bank & cash: £227 Is lOd. The Vegan Committee Members have borne their own expenses . . . The demand for

vegan footwear continues to increase . . . Mrs [Muriel] Drake organised the vegan stand at the Animals' Fair in 1948, and, apart from valuable propaganda, made a profit of about £20 for the Society. 'The Report for the Year 1948/49' Events (internal) Fourth Annual Conference — 'Veganism and Agriculture', Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, 26 November.

SPRING 1950 JOKE! One of our members got into the Royal Scot at Euston and, as the train moved out, settled down to some reading. The last number of The Vegan happened to be on the seat and caught the eye of a Scotsman to whom the word was new. To satisfy his curiosity, he politely enquired what it meant. Our member found difficulty in making him understand, so eventually said: "Well, it's like this. Suppose a vegetarian and a vegan got into the train together at Euston, the vegetarian would only travel as far as Crewe, whereas the vegan would go on to Preston. Do you follow?" "Aye, aye," replied the Scot slowly, "but gosh me, I'd like tae see ye when ye reached Glasgae!"

Commodities Soylac is renamed SMP and the price is now Is 4d per lb.

AUTUMN 1950 A G M Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, 11 November. The Society reaches a critical stage; it cannot afford to pay officials or publish The Vegan. All subscriptions become due on 1 January. Two categories of membership are (reintroduced: 'Full' and 'Associate'. New rules are adopted. The object of the Vegan Movement ("to end the exploitation of animals by man ") is clarified as to the meaning of exploitation by Rule 4(a), which pledges the Society to "seek to end the use of animals by man for food, commodities, work, hunting, vivisection, and by all other uses involving exploitation of animal life by man. " By the adoption of this rule, the Society has clearly come out on the side of the liberators; it is not so much welfare that we seek, as freedom. Our aim is not to make the present relationship between man and animal (which if honestly viewed is mostly one of master and slave) more tolerable, but to abolish it and replace it by something more worthy of man's high estate. In short, our aim is to set the creatures free — to return them to the balance and sanity of nature, which is their rightful place, and so end the historic wrong perpetrated when man first decided he had the right to exploit and enslave them. Leslie J Cross, The Vegan, Spring 1951 Elected President — Mr Frank K Mayo; Vice-President — Leslie J Cross; Hon Secretary — Hilda Honeysett; Hon Treasurer — Eve Rowland*; Editor of The Vegan — Sheila Johnstone*; Advertisement Managers — Norah & Bruce Litten*; Distribution Manager— Elsie B Shrigley*; Committee — Jeanne Arnaldi, Don Burton, Leslie Cameron-Jones, Grace Churchward, Donald Cross, Muriel Drake, Sheila Johnstone, Amy Little. Kathleen Mayo, Adna Ryerson, Elsie Shrigley, Mabel Simmons.

Fifty years of compassion to all creatures great and small. Congratulations to everyone who began this great venture. May the world open its eyes and ears. KATHY SILK, GROUP LEADER, BROMLEY & ENVIRONS VEGETARIAN GROUP

50 years of providing a vital contribution to the struggle against animal persecution. Keep up the good work - until everyone is vegan. RONNIE LEE

KK Wholefoods wishes the Vegan Society a happy and prosperous future. LEYLA EDWARDS, J M DIRECTOR

Congratulations on your anniversary from a common or garden vegetarian. RT HON TONY BENN MP

* Appointed by new Committee

Finance Annual income (to 31 October 1950): £291 6s Od; deficit: £155 Os 7d; bank & cash: £72 Is 9d. The Vegan First contribution by Richard St Barbe Baker, Founder of Men of the Trees, highlighting the value of nut trees. Membership subs Member — 7s 6d, Life Membership — £7 7s Od. Address 38 Stane Way, Ewell, Surrey. vii

Annette Mills and 'Good old' Muffin the Mule

We congratulate the Society on the positive and responsible way its has raised awareness on the use of non-animal products and we send our best wishes on its 50th Anniversary. PENNY VINER, DIRECTOR AND GENERAL MANAGER, WELEDA (UK) LTD

Hearty congratulations on your Golden Anniversary. Long may you continue flying the vegan flag with everincreasing strength and success. CLAIRE & TOM HARRAL, HON SECRETARIES, THE FELLOWSHIP OF LIFE

Vinceremos Wines (8), distributors of vegan and organic wines, congratulates the Vegan Society (50). We'll drink to the next 50! JEM GARDENER, DIRECTOR

Congratulations for 50 years of enlightening the world to veganism. It is the key for our survival as individuals and as a species. SUMMER KAHN, SECRETARY, GENTLE WORLD

Commodities 'Vegan PlantenMargarine' appears in Holland.

WINTER 1 9 5 0 - 5 1 The Vegan Not published (insufficient funds).

SPRING 1951 The Vegan First (of many) recipe contributions by Mabel Simmons. Commodities Research — Fay K Henderson Deaths Frank K Mayo, 14 April.

SUMMER 1951 The Vegan Not published (insufficient funds). Dr Cameron-James becomes temporary Editor.

A G M Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, 10 November. 44 members present. Elected President — Mrs Elsie B Shrigley; Vice-President — Mrs Muriel Drake; Hon Secretary — Mrs Hilda Honeysett; Hon Treasurer — Mrs Eve Rowland; Editor — Miss Vera Stanley Alder; Committee — Mrs Jeanne Arnaldi, Mr Don Burton, Dr L Cameron-James, Mrs Constance Cross (Auditor), Mr Donald Cross, Mr Edgar Hewlett, Mr Alec Martin, Mrs Kathleen Mayo, Mr Jack Sanderson, Miss Mabel Simmons.

Shrigley; Vice-President — Mrs Muriel Drake; Hon Secretary — Mrs Hilda Honeysett; Hon Treasurer — Mrs Eve Rowland; Editor — Miss Vera Stanley Alder; Committee — Mrs Jeanne Arnaldi, Mr Don Burton, Dr L Cameron-James, Mrs Constance Cross (Auditor), Mr Donald Cross, Mr Edgar Hewlett, Miss M Lardge, Mr Alec Martin, Mrs Kathleen Mayo, Mr Jack Sanderson, Miss Mabel Simmons.


Finance Annual income (to 30 September 1951); £237 2s 5d; surplus: £6 16s'/ 2 d; bank & cash: £78 19s 9'/ 2 d.

Finance Annual income (to 30 September 1952): £291 10s 5'/ 2 d; surplus: £91 13s 4d; bank & cash: £171 2s 11 '/ 2 d.

The Vegan Not published (insufficient funds).

Events(internal) The Vegan Diet Group evolves into the Health Council — formed for the purpose of studying health in relation to veganism. Its inaugural meeting takes place on 1 November. "Well-known vegetarian doctors, scientists, nutrition experts and others have expressed their willingness to co-operate in this important work." (The Vegan, Winter 1952.)

SUMMER 1952 The Vegan Advertisement Manager — Jack Sanderson. Douglas Ramsey asks if any other vegans are interested in forming a community. Events(internal) The Vegan Diet Group formed.

AUTUMN 1952 A G M Friend's House, Euston Road, 8 November. An Editorial Board — comprising Muriel Drake, Elsie Shrigley, Gordon McGinley and Jack Sanderson — is appointed to "assist the Editor". Following the meeting, Mr and Mrs Arnaldi give demonstrations of ballroom dancing. Elected President — Mrs Elsie B


WELCOME TO A NEW LIFE MEMBER — ANNETTE MILLS How warmly welcome is Annette Mills to the company of the vegans! Her famous television acts with Muffin the Mule need no introduction. But the tireless work she has done for so long in the cause of humane diet and treatment of animals is, we may be sure, equally dear to her heart. Her fellowship with us The Vegan, Summer 1952 should certainly bring us all much joy.

SUMMER 1953 Events(internal) The Society's Library is formed with a nucleus of 40 books. Events(external) The German Vegan Society becomes the world's second national vegan society.

AUTUMN 1953 A G M Friend's House, Euston Road, 7 November. Elected President — Mrs Elsie B Shrigley; Vice-President — Mrs Muriel Drake; Hon Secretary — Mrs Hilda Honeysett; Hon Treasurer — Mrs Eve Rowland; Editor — John Heron; Committee — Mrs Jeanne Arnaldi, Mr Don Burton, Dr L Cameron-James, Mr A L Clark, Mr Donald Cross, Mr L Cross, Mr Edgar Hewlett, Mr Alec Martin, Mr Jack Sanderson, Miss Mabel Simmons. Finance Annual income (to 30 September 1953): £282 17s 7d; deficit: £38 9s Id; bank & cash: £132 Is 7d.


Membership 409 (as at 7 November).

Finance Treasurer — Mr L C Warren.

Events(internal) Vegan Baby Bureau Organizer — Serena Coles.

The Vegan Editor — John Heron.


Events(internal) First Society Dinner — Stratton Court Hotel, 32-34 Cadogan Square, London SW1, 1 May.

The Vegan Price rises to Is.


Commodities Research - • Christina Harvey.

The Vegan Not published (insufficient funds).

The Vegan, Summer 1952


TH Journal Vol. VIII.

of The


No. 2

A N O P E N LETTER T O T H E MINISTER O F F O O D Dear Minister of Food, W e would like to draw your attention to a small section of the community whose way of living should be of deep significance to your work. W e wonder if you are aware that we, the vegans, are helping to a considerable extent, per person, to relieve the pressure of the rationing situation? Whereas the vegetarians, who do not wish to kill, abstain from meat, bacon and lard rations, the vegans, who do not wish to exploit animals in any way, abstain from their egg, butter and cheese rations, and also from their milk and cream allowances as well. A s there are officially about seven hundred of us vegans, besides innumerable others who are "on the way", w e feel that you would consider that w e merit a small place in the public conscience, because we are thus releasing yearly many hundredweights of rations for the use of others. But we must eat something! and this effort is being achieved at considerable privation to ourselves because w e cannot obtain those delightful foods which to us are our essential rations— foods such as raisins, sultanas, prunes and apriccts, which w e need all the year round. W e therefore now appeal most urgently for you to do what you can for us. W e should be grateful if all the dried fruits could be made available to us as rations to replace our eggs, butter and cheese rations; and also if we could be allowed nuts at much reduced prices in place of our milk allowance, because, as you may know, we make our vegan milk from nuts, which are far too costly for us just now; and there are the little vegan children to consider also. W e do hope you will be able to help us, and thus gain the gratitude of a group of people whose uphill pioneer work is especially difficult in these times. Yours very faithfully, T H E

AUTUMN 1954 AGM 50 Gloucester Place, London, 20 November. Those attending hear that membership is static and that during the year twelve members went to Oxford "for tests to help in the investigation of the health of vegans". There are four official Vegan Society branches — London, the Midlands, Yorkshire and Bristol. Members are told that during the year to 30 September, Gordon McGinley resigned from the Editorial Board and was replaced by Antony Clark.

Finance Acting Treasurer — Winifred Simmons.



S U M M E R , 1952



Veganism, startling and extreme to so many at its inception, now, after ten years, finds its ideals echoed throughout the world. Among a discerning minority in Europe, North America, in India and in Japan, the word 'veganism' is known, its meaning and significance accepted and acknowledged. John Heron Publications The first guide to vegan commodities. The Vegan Trade List by Christina Harvey (Is 3d), is published.

Finance Annual income (to 30 September 1954): £260 9s 4d; deficit: £47 19s 1 Id; bank & cash: £83 12s Od. Leslie Warren resigns as Treasurer.

Events (internal) The Vegan Baby Bureau becomes the Child and Baby Bureau.

The Vegan 10th Anniversary issue.

Deaths Annette Mills, 10 January.

WINTER 1954-55


The Vegan Members are invited to send ideas for a Vegan Society symbol.

The Vegan Antony Clark resigns from the Editorial Board.

AGM 50 Gloucester Place, London, 19 November. It is reported that the Society has no funds. A 'Bring and Buy Sale' is held at the meeting. Events (external) A page of World Forum, organ of the International Vegetarian Union, is allocated for international vegan news.

We and our family and helpers are expressing our hearty congratulation and kind regards to the Society on your 50th Anniversary - om shanti Shanti Health & Beauty Products. DR & M R S P I L L A I , DIRECTORS

WINTER 1955-56 The Vegan Miss Christina Harvey joins the Editorial Board. We do not seek to convert, that is forcibly to alter the dietary habits of others; but we do seek to get others to investigate impartially, and thence to admit the injustice and the moral inadequacy of the monstrous dependence of civilized, mature man on the bovine race. John Heron

Rakusen's would like to congratulate the Vegan Society on reaching its 50th Anniversary. Every good wish for the next 50 years. JULIETTE LEWIS, SALES & M A R K E T I N G DIRECTOR

SPRING 1956 The Vegan Leslie J Cross invites support for his proposal that a 'Veganmilk Association' be established to research, manufacture and market a non-animal milk. Those of us at the Annual General Meeting last year were reminded that there were no funds at the disposal of the Society. Nearly six months later, regretfully the position is still unchanged. The Vegan Society calls its members to a very high standard of life, in that they abstain from all things which involve the exploitation of the creatures. Because of this high calling the outer membership is small, as only those who are able to endorse its principles as their own, link their names with the Vegan Movement. D W Simmons (Treasurer), E B Shrigley (President)

SUMMER 1956 Events (external) The Plantmilk Society is inaugurated on 23 June. Its object is to: "promote the manufacture and sale of a satisfactory alternative to dairy or other animal milk used for human consumption, the ingredients of such alternative to be exclusively of plant origin." The annual subscription is "not less than five shillings". (The Vegan, Winter 1956)

Congratulations on your first halfcentury! Cheers, good health, salute and prost. For people, animals and nature you do the most! R O Y C O O K , DIRECTOR, SEDLESCOMBE O R G A N I C VINEYARD

Happy birthday! Let us all drink and toast to the day when animals are treated with dignity and respect. Congratulations to the Vegan Society for helping to bring that day closer. VERNON COLEMAN


Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary. Your support is gratefully acknowledged from Fantdme vegan skin care and vegan perfume blenders. JANE HOWARD, DIRECTOR

Vintage Roots congratulate the Vegan Society in its 50th year. Here's towards 20441

AUTUMN 1956 F i n a n c e Hon Assistant Treasurer — Christina Harvey. C o m m i t t e e Hon Assistant Secretary — Muriel Drake. The Vegan Assistant Editor — Jack Sanderson. E v e n t s (external) First A G M of the Plantmilk Society, Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, 6 October. The meeting is chaired by Arthur Ling. Elected: Chair — Arthur Ling, Secretary & Treasurer — Leslie J Cross. Three Vegan Society Committee members are elected to the Committee — Jack Sanderson. Muriel Drake and Christina Harvey. Unsuccessful attempts are made to arrange for the manufacture of an American plantmilk in the UK.

WINTER 1 9 5 6 - 5 7 Congratulations on reaching your Golden Anniversary. May you continue the good work promoting the vegan life style. SIMON HAIGH, MANAGER. HAPPIDOG PET FOODS LTD

Happy 50th Birthday to the Vegan Society from all at Fleur Aromatherapy. Hope there will be many more to come. Well done. SUE BAKER, OWNER

A G M 50 Gloucester Place, London, 1 December. The meeting decides to call a Special General Meeting to further consider the Committee's proposed rule changes. Elected President — M r John Heron; Vice-President — Mr Jack Sanderson; Hon Treasurer — Miss Winifred Simmons; Hon Secretary — Mrs Muriel Drake; Editor — Mr John Heron; Committee — Mrs Jeanne Arnaldi, Mrs Serena Coles, Miss Christina Harvey, Mrs Hilda Honeysett, Mrs Elsie B Shrigley, Miss Mabel Simmons and Miss Ann Wicker. F i n a n c e Annual income (10 September 1956): £337 15s 5d; surplus: £121 3s Id; bank & cash: £144 7s 7d. C o m m i t t e e Chair — John Heron. The Vegan The Editorial Board is disbanded. A d d r e s s 35 Tweedy Road, Bromley, Kent. E v e n t s ( i n t e r n a l ) The Health Council is disbanded.

SPRING 1957 S G M Friends International Centre, 32 Tavistock Square, London WC1, 13 April. The meeting adopts a new 'Declaration' and 'Rules'. Declaration: Veganism is the practice of living on the products of the plant kingdom — to the exclusion of flesh, fish, fowl, eggs, animal milk and its derivatives — proceeding from a consideration of x

the following: (a) Aspects of design in man and nature. (b) A reformed relationship of man to other living creatures. (c) The most efficient use of the fertile potential of the earth. (d) An enlightened concept of health. (e) The spiritual and ethical development of man.

Events(internal) Members may borrow books from the Society's Library. The first meeting of the Society's Nutrition Group is held on 12 July. Its Chairman is Jack Sanderson and its main object is to compile and collect literature on nutrition of relevance to veganism.

AUTUMN 1957 A G M Friends International Centre, 32 Tavistock Square, 9 November.


CHELVEY NUT CHEESE Ideal in «uuhcichmt, with bisruiu.salatU. Available through Health Food




A checte flavoured delicacy

Tasty, nutritious unadulterated

Made by VEGAN FOODS LTD. 436 H n n l M »

R o a d , W * * t x " r o r v T r y i n , Br i, t o I

The Vegan Contains the first 'Nutrition Forum' by Jack Sanderson, details of the Vegan Correspondence Bureau (co-ordinated by Edna Towell), and a review of Intensive Gardening by Rosa Dalziel O'Brien (1956, 21s). It [Intensive Gardening] is simply and purely a thoroughly practical account of a new and revolutionary system of horticulture, presented as an alternative to orthodox gardening techniques, without any desire to convince. It appeals strictly to practical motives in offering the amateur gardener and commercial grower a method of producing better-quality crops with an increase in efficiency giving a great saving in costs. But for veganism this book and the experience that lies behind it constitute a milestone of immense significance, since for the first time a strictly vegan system of agriculture, tested over many years on an intensive commercial holding, has been fully disclosed. 'Amicus'

SUMMER 1957 The Vegan Advertising — H H Greaves Ltd. Contains the first (of many) reports submitted by Margaret Cooper, Secretary, Crusade Against All Cruelty to Animals.

Elected President — Mr John Heron; Vice President — Mrs E B Shrigley; Hon Secretary — Mrs Muriel Drake; Hon Treasurer — Miss Winifred Simmons; Committee — Mrs Jeanne Arnaldi, Mrs Serena Coles, Miss Christina Harvey, Mr John Moore, Mr Charles Perry, Mr Jack Sanderson, Miss Mabel Simmons, Miss Edna Towell, Miss Ann Wicker. Finance Annual income (to 30 September 1957): £332 14s 9d; surplus £116 12s 5d; cash in hand/reserve: £261. Committee Chair — Ann Wicker, Deputy Chair — Winifred Simmons. Events(internal) First 'Week-End Nutrition Conference', London, 8 - 1 0 November. The Nutrition Group becomes the Nutrition Council.

WINTER 1957-58 Commodities Research — John Heron.

SPRING 1958 The Vegan Reports the founding, in 1957, of the Vegan Society of India.

SUMMER 1958 The Vegan Contains a recipe for vegan ice cream, supplied by Mr D C Desai, Vice-President, Vegan Society of India. Publications 'The Reasons For Veganism' (leaflet), free. Events(external) Vegan Society member, Marie Dreyfus compiles Crimes Against Creation — dealing with slaughter, veganism, medical research and vivisection, fur-bearing animals, performing animals, pets, hunting and fishing, insects and 'pests'.

AUTUMN 1958 A G M Friends International Centre, London, 29 November. Members are told that during the year the President

The Vegan, Spring 1958

Its delicious flavour improves a cake

The content of nutrients will in general closely resemble that of cow's milk, but in certain respects will be superior to cow's milk and more closely resemble that of human milk. Plantmilk News, February 1959 Considerable credit is due to Dr Frank Wokes for his skilful, persistent, and painstaking work on this piece of original research and development. In his turn, Dr Wokes has acknowledged the value of the moral support and interest which the Society has been more than glad to afford him in his work. The Vegan, Spring 1959

Congratulations to the Vegan Society on its 50th Anniversary from Shepherdboy whose delicious ranges meet the members' requirements. MRS G M GIBSON, DIRECTOR

The Plantmilk Society continues its efforts to discover if leaf protein can be used as the basis for a general purpose plantmilk.

Hater a tuec of Wtwlt-Qil w,

GOLDEN BLOCK Made by the flavour-preserving Cold Process MARGARINE 10£d.a±-lb. COOKING FAT (essential 1/2d. a f i b . for frying)

At all high-class Grocers, Co-operative and Health Stores L E W I S A. MAY (PRODUCE DISTRIBUTORS) LTD., STUART HOUSE. FLETCHER STREET. LONDON. E.L ( T E L : ROYAL 1841)

Elected President — Mr John Heron; Vice President — Mrs E B Shrigley; Hon Secretary — Mrs Muriel Drake; Hon Treasurer — Miss Winifred Simmons; Committee — Mrs Jeanne Arnaldi, Mrs Serena Coles, Miss Christina Harvey, Mr John Moore, Mr Jack Sanderson, Miss Mabel Simmons, Miss Ann Wicker. Finance Annual income (to 30 September 1958); £349 3s Od; surplus: £81 19s Od; cash in hand/reserve: £342 19s l i d . Assistant Hon Treasurer — John Moore.

The Vegan The Vegan Correspondence Bureau welcomes new members: H Jay Dinshah, Dinshah Drive, Malaga, New Jersey, USA, a young man of 25, who is already doing wonderful work for veganism, and wishes, one day, to find a wife!. . . our first vegan family to join the VCB: Mr and Mrs Cluer, and Dilys, 11, and Edwin, 7, of 12 Elm Walk, Raynes Park, London, SW20. I hope that more children will feel inspired to join, and who knows, we may have a Young Vegans organisation one day! Edna Towell


Marketing Managers:

gave talks in Newcastle, Cardiff, Llandudno, Liverpool, Sheffield, Chester, Leeds, Brighton and Newport. Following the meeting members participate in an 'Any Question Session' and are treated to a number of pianoforte solos by Mervyn Bocking.


Committee Chair — Ann Wicker, Deputy Chair — John Heron, Cooptee — Eva Batt. Events(external) Those attending the Plantmilk Society AGM. 4 October, hear: "soya-based plantmilk has been developed by the well-known limited company which produces, among other products, the beverage Ovaltine". (The Vegan, Winter 1958.)

The Vegan First appearance of 'Vegan Commodities' by Eva Batt. (The column becomes a four-page pull-out in future issues.) Commodities Research — Eva Batt. Wanderlac's "flavour and texture for domestic purposes do not yet reach the standards of its American counterparts".


I'd like to wish the Society a very happy birthday and increasing influence and effectiveness over the next 50 years. PETER COX

Nearly 20 years ago the Vegan Society showed me how to be a true vegetarian and I am forever grateful. Good luck for the next 50 years. Congratulations! KIM W STALLWOOD, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, 'THE ANIMALS AGENDA'


WINTER 1958-59 The Vegan Membership remains steady. Events (external) After trials with a number of babies, Wanderlac — a powdered soya-based plantmilk developed primarily to combat galactosaemia in infants — is marketed at 6s 8d for a lb tin.


by Tb,




Congratulations to those pioneers of the compassionate diet who, past and present, have helped build the Vegan Society. Our wishes for a flourishing future. JOYCE D'SILVA, DIRECTOR, COMPASSION IN WORLD FARMING

Over the years the Vegan Society has shown us the way to live our lives by showing us that we do not need to hurt and kill animals; bringing individuals, companies and organizations together who campaign for cruelty to stop; and promoting peace between us and all other species who share this planet with us. Congratulations to the Vegan Society for everything it has achieved. Here's to the next 50 years. D HARRIES, DIRECTOR, POPPY SEEDS LTD



A G M Friends International Centre, London, 14 November.

The Vegan One of the joys of serving on the Vegan Committee has been to be associated with a group of people who, despite the tensions, problems and difficulties which are our common lot, have given of themselves and their time to this and other causes in a wonderful spirit that is very close to that of the 'Sermon on the Mount'. Jack Sanderson

Elected President — Mr John Heron; Vice-President — Mrs Elsie B Shrigley; Hon Treasurer — Miss Winifred Simmons; Hon Secretary — Mrs Jeannne Arnaldi*; Editor — Jack Sanderson*; Committee — Mrs Jeanne Arnaldi, Miss Maria Arnaldi. Miss Barbara, Mrs Eva Batt, Mrs Serena Coles, Mrs Muriel Drake, Miss Christina Harvey, Mr John Moore, Miss Mabel Simmons. * Elected by the Committee Finance Annual income (to 30 September 1959): £356 3s 4d; surplus: £78 6s Od; cash in hand/reserve: £421 5s l i d . As a result of the care and devotion bestowed upon her work by our Treasurer, the Society has emerged from a period of rigorous internal financial adjustment with a substantial reserve fund . . . So we shall be empowered to launch the Society forward into a new phase of more intensive activity and wider growth. John Heron, President, The Vegan, Winter 1959 C o m m i t t e e Chair — John Heron. The Vegan Devoted entirely to carrying the complete text of the Society's new booklet, A Handbook of Practical Veganism. Publications A Handbook of Practical Veganism, 2s 6d; 'Vegan Protein Nutrition' (12-page leaflet), Is. A d d r e s s 258, Scott Ellis Gardens, London NW8.

WINTER 1 9 5 9 - 6 0 Events (internal) A very enjoyable Social was held in the Hall of The London Vegetarian Society at 53, Marloes Road, W8, on Saturday, January 16th, 1960. Competitions, games, dancing and refreshments contributed to an evening of companionship and jollity. The Vegan, Winter 1960 Events (external) The American Vegan Society is founded by Jay Dinshah — who also acts as President — on 8 February. The Plantmilk Society Committee commissions the assembly of a pilot unit, "necessary for advanced research into the production of a general-purpose plantmilk from leaf protein and other plant ingredients". (Plantmilk News, January 1960.)


Publications At the beginning of the decade: 'Declaration and Rules of the Vegan Society', 'The Reasons for Veganism', 'Vegan Protein Nutrition', A Handbook of Practical Veganism. Events (internal) During the year, the Vegan Society Committee sets up a Publicity Sub-Committee. Advertising is found to be too expensive.

coined by Geoffrey L Rudd — is derived from the first two letters in 'vegetable' and last five letters in 'organic'). The same issue carries an article on wool by Eva Batt. Address 47 Brighton Road, Purley, Surrey.

SPRING 1961 The Vegan Contains a 'Practical Page' of hints from readers. Vegan Distribution Secretary — Serena Coles. Committee Hon Secretary — Eva Batt. Address 123 Baker Street, Enfield, Middlesex.

Commodities Eva Batt does outstanding work tracking down vegan footwear and clothing.

Events (external) The Plantmilk Society concludes that producing a plantmilk from leaf protein is not scientifically possible. However, in anticipation of an imminent breakthrough it brings together individuals to form Plantmilk Ltd.



The Vegan Not published (Personal commitments of Editor).

Committee Co-optee — Dr Frey Ellis.


Events (internal) Dr Frey Ellis initiates a survey of the health of vegans. A sub-committee is set up to examine "imminent changes in the law with regard to charities and societies".

A G M Alliance Hall, 12 Caxton Street, London SW1, 12 November. Members consider that, despite voting in favour, they need more time to decide on the Committee-sponsored proposal for resolution: "That our quarterly journal The Vegan should be discontinued and that the Vegan Society should purchase 4 pages per issue in The British Vegetarian as a forum for its news and views." The Committee's main motivation is the promotion of vegan-vegetarian unity. A decision is postponed for one year. Elected President — Mrs E B Shrigley; Vice-President — Mr Jack Sanderson; Hon Secretary — Mrs Jeannette Arnaldi; Hon Treasurer — Miss Winifred Simmons; Editor — Mr Jack Sanderson; Committee — Miss Maria Arnaldi, Miss Barbara, Mrs E V Batt, Mrs Serena Coles, Mrs Muriel Drake, Miss Christina Harvey, Miss Mabel Simmons, Mrs Dorothy Thomson. Finance Annual income (to 30 September 1960): £290 3s 4d, surplus: £42 4s l i d ; cash in hand/reserve: £463 10s lOd. The Vegan First appearance of a veganic-gardening column by Rosa Dalziel O'Brien. ('Veganic' — a term

AUTUMN 1961 A G M 53 Marloes Road, London, 21 October. 40 members attend. The first draft of the Society's new rules (to bring it into line with new legislation) is considered. Elected President — Mrs E B Shrigley; Deputy President — Mr Jack Sanderson; Vice-Presidents — Dr Frey Ellis, Dr Catherine Nimmo, Mr Dugald Semple; Hon Secretary — Mrs Eva Batt; Hon Treasurer — Miss Winifred Simmons; Editor — Mr Jack Sanderson; Committee — Mrs Serena Coles, The Lady Dowding, Mrs Muriel Drake, Dr Frey Ellis, Mr Martin McCulloch, Miss Mabel Simmons, Mrs Dorothy Thomson, Mrs Constance White. Finance Annual income (to 30 September 1961): £383.79; surplus: £168 8s lOd; cash in hand/reserve: £631 19s 7d. Committee Chair — Serena Coles. The Vegan Dr Frey Ellis invites vegans to fill in a questionnaire and send a personal blood sample.

Membership subs Member — 15s (concessions for additional members of one family at the same residence and those under 18), Life Membership — £10 10s Od.

WINTER 1961-62 The Vegan Price rises to Is 6d.

SPRING 1962 Merchandise First Vegan Society badge appears, price 10s. (Later available additionally as a pendant.)

.. The ..

Vegan Badge This neat, attractive and dignified symbol incorporates the Vegan emblem with blue surround.

have 4 pages in the British Vegetarian'. That way would have led to the decay and extinction of the Vegan Society for it would not have had a free voice and the fact that it is flourishing and growing now is a further tribute to her wise judgement". (Jack Sanderson, The Vegan, Spring 1963.) The Committee decides unanimously to make Winifred Simmons a Vice-President. Mrs Serena Coles is appointed Hon Treasurer. The Vegan Kenneth Dalziel O'Brien invites support for a small veganic demonstration centre. Publications The Vegan and Vegetarian Societies, and the London Vegetarian Society publish The Vegetarian and Vegan Food Guide, (1962-1965), 2s. Events (external) The development of Plantmilk is "now in its final stages". It will be marketed by Plantmilk Ltd. The company's Secretary is Arthur Ling. Commodities Research — Mrs Constance White.

Supplied with pin or charmring fitting as illustrated in quality chrome and enamel. 1 0 / - post free From the Secretary,

THE VEGAN SOCIETY 123 Baker St., Enfield, Middx.

WINTER 1962-63 Events (internal) Eva Batt contributes to the BBC World Service feature Eat No Meat, 1 February. Commodities Research — Eva Batt.

AUTUMN 1962 AGM 53 Marloes Road, 20 October. Considers the final draft of the Society's new rules. Elected President — Mrs E B Shrigley; Deputy President — Mr Jack Sanderson; Vice-Presidents — Dr Frey Ellis, Dr Catherine Nimmo, Mr Dugald Semple; Hon Secretary — Mrs Eva Batt; Hon Treasurer — Miss Winifred Simmons; Editor — Mr Jack Sanderson; Committee — Mr H T Bonnie, Mrs P M Collins, The Lady Dowding, Dr F Ellis, Mr M McCuIloch, Mr M S Sholl, Miss M A Sump, Mrs D Thomson. Finance Annual income (to 30 September 1962): £604 18s Id; surplus: £64 15s 2d; assets: £758 7s lOd. Committee Chair — Elsie Shrigley. Two weeks after the AGM, Winifred Simmons resigns as Hon Treasurer. During her term of office annual balances have risen annually. " . . . I will never forget that she was one of the three voices that stood out at the AGM of 1960 against the proposal 'to discontinue The Vegan journal and to

SPRING 1963 The Vegan First appearance of Janet E Ling's 'Mother and Baby Bureau' column. (Overheard recently). Lady pouring tea for guests: "Do you take nut milk, or the udder kind?"

SUMMER 1963 Committee Accepts an offer from the Nature Cure Clinic to use one of its rooms for meetings on a regular basis. Events(external) Jack McClelland becomes the first person to swim the 20 miles across Galway Bay (Ireland), in just under 7 hours. On coming ashore he receives a "tumultuous ovation from thousands of people (police estimate 50,000)". (The Vegan, Autumn 1963.)

AUTUMN 1963 The Vegan The Committee asks members to purchase six leaflets of members' favourite recipes. Once tested, the recipes will be adapted and published in book form.

Vegans must be ever on the alert — even some toilet paper is 'lanolised' now!

Events (external) On 13 November, Kenneth O'Brien reads a paper, "The Transformation of Soils by Surface Cultivation and Veganic Manuring' to the Royal Society of Arts.

WINTER 1963-64 A G M Caxton Hall, Westminster, 14 December. Elected President — Dr Frey Ellis; Deputy President — Mrs E B Shrigley; Vice-Presidents — Mrs Muriel Drake, Dr Catherine Nimmo, Miss Mabel Simmons, Miss Winifred Simmons; Hon Secretary — Mrs Eva Batt; Hon Treasurer — Mrs Serena N Coles; Editor — Mr Jack Sanderson; Committee — Mr E T Banks, Mr H T Bonnie, Mrs P M Collins, The Lady Dowding, Mr Jack McClelland, Mr M McCuIloch, Mr W H C Wright.

Half-way there? Let us hope that when the Society celebrates its centenary the UK will be 100% veganminded. Congratulations! PEGGY MURRAY, COORDINATOR, CUSTODIANS

Congratulations to the Vegan Society on its 50th Anniversary. All steps towards a more compassionate society are to be welcomed, and the Vegan Society has made a major contribution to this end over the years. JAMES BARRINGTON, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, LEAGUE AGAINST CRUEL SPORTS

The Vegan Society has achieved remarkable success in the past 50 years and it keeps on growing - help it! ROBIN LANE. CO-FOUNDER, CAMPAIGN AGAINST LEATHER & FUR

Publications 'Unnecessary Cruelties among Farm Animals' (8-page leaflet), 3d. Events (internal) A Vegan Dinner at Maxims Chinese Restaurant on 15 March attracts 100 people. Short speeches are delivered by Lady Dowding, Dr G Latto, Dr A Stoddard and long distance vegan swimmer and all-round athlete, Jack McClelland. A Publicity and Publications Fund is launched. Events(external) During the year Chris Aldous founds Vegfam — the first charity to provide exclusively vegan food to the hungry. Eva Bat1


F i n a n c e Annual income (to 30 September 1963): £397 9s Od; deficit £81 10s 9d; assets: £723 18s Od. The Vegan Vegan Distribution Secretary — Mrs Miranda Barker.

SPRING 1964 Thanks to the work and influence of the Vegan Society we no longer have to eat that crap tinned cat food our Mummy makes us healthy and nutritious vegan nosh incorporating Vegecat. We probably won't make 2044 but we're sure the Society will! KATZ 6 0 VEGAN - TOFU CAT, BILBO (BAGGINS BAGSHOTT BUTTERFLY CATCHER) CAT, GOLIATH CAT, BESSIE CAT, BASIL (BIZZY B A Z Z Y ) CAT, HARRY (THOMAS WILHEM CHEWY-TABLE ROOFRUNNER) CAT, ROSIE CAT, KATY CAT, SPOCK CAT & STIMPY CAT

Congratulations on 50 years of pioneering the vegan ethic and educating so many to the value of the vegan diet and lifestyle. DAVID & GILLIAN FAIRCLOUGH, FOUNDERS, VEGETARIAN VEGAN BODYBUILDING

The Vegan Contains a review of Ruth Harrison's Animal Machines. E v e n t s (external) Production commences of Plantmilk. It contains protein, calcium, iron, iodine, and vitamins A, D, B,, B 6 , and B 12 .

Batt; Hon Treasurer — Dr Frey Ellis; Editor — Mr Jack Sanderson; Committee — Mr E T Banks, Mr H T Bonnie, Mrs Serena N Coles, Mr Jack McClelland, Mr M McCulloch, Mrs E B Shrigley, Mr W H C Wright.

The Vegan Contains the Society's Rules in full. Sympathizers are known as 'Subscribers'.

WINTER 1 9 6 4 - 6 5 The Vegan Vegan Distribution Secretary — Sam Wolf. Twenty years ago a handful of people met in the Attic Club to discuss the possibility of forming a Society to exchange ways and means of living without exploiting any other living creature.

D e a t h s Dugald Semple, 19 January.

Some of these far-sighted, courageous souls are working with us today and we sometimes wonder whether they are not somewhat discouraged that greater strides have not been made over the intervening decades. For however hard we work and strive to bring the vegan way of life to the attention of all, "big business " with its terrific economic power, introduces ever new forms of cruelty. 'Committee's Report' Finance Assistant Hon Treasurer — Grace Smith.

E G M 12 July. To agree "a few small alterations in the wording of the Rules of the Vegan Society to comply with the requirements of the Charity Commissioners ". E v e n t s (internal) Lord Dowding, Ruth Harrison and Dr Gordon Latto deliver speeches at the Annual Vegan Dinner, Maxims, 12 June. Registered charity status is obtained on 25 August. Serena Coles is involved in a serious road traffic accident.

Publications 'Vegans and Vivisection' (8-page leaflet), 6d.



A G M Alliance Hall, London, 24 October.

The Vegan Price rises to 2s 6d. Vegan Distribution Secretary — Frances Howard.

Elected President — Dr Frey Ellis; Deputy President — Mrs E B Shrigley; Vice-Presidents — Mrs Muriel Drake, Dr Catherine Nimmo, Miss Mabel Simmons, Miss Winifred Simmons; Hon Secretary — Mrs Eva

Events (external) Plantmilk Ltd commences full-scale trading. Its Memorandum and Articles of Association stipulate that it can produce only vegan foods.



Veganism is a way of living on the produce of the plant kingdom to the exclusion of flesh, fish, fowl, eggs, honey and animal milk and its derivatives. and encourages the study and use of alternatives for all commodities normally derived wholly or partly from animals. 3


(a) To further knowledge of and interest in sound nutrition and in the veganic method of agriculture as a means of increasing the potential of the earth, to the physical, moral and economic advantage of mankind. (b) To do all such acts as shall further the active and corporate life of the Society or may be conducive to the above Objects and may lawfully be done by a body established only for purposes recognised by the law of England as charitable. xiv

The Vegan Vegan Distribution Secretary — Serena Coles.

Another fine product by

Finance Annual income (to 30 September 1964): £526 l i s 7d; deficit £16 l i s 4d; assets: £684 l i d 9s.

C o m m o d i t i e s Plantmilk is supplied to healthfood stores in concentrated "triple strength" liquid form in and around the Fulham distribution centre. Granose distributes an American B 12 containing soya-based powdered plantmilk under the name 'Granogen'.



Britain's Leading Health Foods Nuttolene A high protein, vegetarian food which it both appetising and nourishing. It cuntaioa no animal ingredients ami la ideal lor salads, sandwiches, soups.slews and poddinge. Nuttolene is a topical Granose Health Food

Manufacturers of a wide variety of protain foods and health drinka. GRANOSK FOODS LIMITED WATFORD • HERTS

Events (external) Jack McClelland swims the 16 miles from Coonana, Caherciveen to Handball Rock, Dingle Harbour, Ireland. Jack McClelland issues a Challenge to the World... He will race any man non-stop over ten miles swimming, ten miles road cycling, and ten miles running . . . Mr McClelland can cover ten miles of water in five hours, twentyfive miles of road by bike in sixty-four minutes, and run a mile in just under five minutes. (Sunday Express, 15.8.65.) The founding of the "radical" Vegan Communities Movement is announced.

AUTUMN 1965 The Vegan 21st Birthday issue. A G M Alliance Hall, Westminster, 30 October, "the best attended yet". Elected President — Dr Frey Ellis; Deputy President — Mrs E B Shrigley; Vice-Presidents — Mrs Muriel Drake, Dr Catherine Nimmo, Miss Mabel Simmons, Miss Winifred Simmons; Acting Hon Secretary — Mrs Eva Batt; Hon Treasurer — Dr Frey Ellis; Assistant Treasurer — Mrs Grace Smith; Editor — Mr Jack Sanderson; Committee — Mr E T Banks, Mr H T Bonnie, Mrs Serena N Coles, Mr J Hopkins, Miss T C Larkin, Mr Jack McClelland, Mr M McCulloch, Mrs E B Shrigley, Mr Sam Wolf, Mr W H C Wright.

Finance Annual income (to 30 September 1965): £564 13s Od; surplus: £177 0s 7d; assets: £864 18s lOd. The Vegan . . . let us honour those who had the courage to follow where their hearts and minds led them, for they had founded the Society when rationing was at its worst and when there were no 'lists of alternatives' available and very few of so many products and foodstuffs we now take for granted. Jack Sanderson Harry Bonnie, like a modern day John the Baptist, and an uncompromising tower of vegan strength as you know, opened my eyes and mind . . . Thanks to him I have embraced the vegan outlook completely. James Chase, actor (appearances include Dixon of Dock Green, Dr Finlay's Casebook and Z Cars) Events (internal) 21st Birthday Dinner and Dance, Cora Hotel, London, 31 October. Among those present: Dr F Wokes, Dr H J Shonfield, Dr A and Mrs K Long, Mr R Lightowler, Mr G L Rudd, Mr J and Mrs F Dinshah, Mrs Stella Lief, Miss Lait Sandys, Mr P Patel, and Doctors Monica, Douglas and Gordon Latto. Commodities Plantmilk is now on sale in most large towns in the south of England. It costs 2s 9d a tin and dilutes to 1 '/2 pints.

WINTER 1965-66 The Vegan Distribution Secretary — Mrs Thelma Larkin. Events (external) On Christmas Day, Jack McClelland breaks an endurance record by 18 minutes when he spends 90 minutes in the sea at a water temperature of 38 °F.

SUMMER 1966 Committee Hon Secretary — Luise Davis. Address 82 Brightfield Road, London SE12. Events (internal) Mr W Wright takes over from John Heron as Vegan Society Librarian. Events(external) On 31 August, Jack McClelland swims 20 miles across Tralee Bay, Ireland in a time of 4 hours and 20 minutes. Commodities To comply with legislation governing the use of the term 'milk', Plantmilk Ltd announces that


by the firm that makes nothing but vegan foods

in non-animal milk


As fellow protectors of animals in our case through animalfree medical research - the Humane Research Trust, Bramhall, warmly congratulates you.


SO LIKE MILK TO LOOK AT— SO LIKE MILK TO USE and so full of goodness


From your Health





... and try some PLAMIL and'- PLAMIL Fudge You'll like what you








PLANTHILK LTD., Tithe Farm, High St., Langley, Bucks,


it has re-named plantmilk 'Plamil' (combining the first three letters of 'plant' and 'milk'). Plamil Chocolate and Plamil Fudge are now in production.

Events (internal) Harry Bonnie starts compiling a list of vegans and vegetarians willing to give blood in an emergency to others of the same disposition.


Events (external) On 10 September, Jack McClelland collects the Ron Scott Trophy after winning a race across The Wash from Skegness to Hunstanton.

A G M Alliance Hall, Westminster, 4 November. 35 members attend. Jack Sanderson and Dr Frey Ellis are asked to form a sub-committee to study "scientific matters concerning veganism". Elected President — Dr Frey Ellis; Deputy President — Mrs E B Shrigley; Vice-Presidents — Mrs Eva Batt, Mrs Muriel Drake, Dr Catherine Nimmo, Mr Jack Sanderson, Miss Mabel Simmons, Miss Winifred Simmons; Hon Secretary — Mrs Luise Davis; Hon Treasurer — Mrs Grace Smith; Editorial Board — Mrs Eva Batt, Mrs Serena Coles, Dr Frey Ellis; Editorial Advisor — Mr Jack Sanderson; Vegan Distribution Secretary — Miss Thelma Larkin; Committee — Mr E T Banks, Mrs E Batt, Mr H T Bonnie. Mrs S Coles, Dr Frey Ellis, Mr J Hopkins, Miss T C Larkin, Mr M McCulloch, Mr Sanderson, Mrs E B Shrigley, Mrs G Smith, Mr W H C Wright. Finance Annual income (to 30 September 1966): £760 l i s Od; surplus: £248 19s 5d; assets: £1,132 0s 9d. The Vegan Our member, M W Wright, who has four small children, suggests that vegan parents with welfare tokens for milk on their hands should approach their MPs with a view to making these tokens available for vegan milks (that is, Granogen, Plantmilk or Velactin).

AUTUMN 1967 A G M The Parish Hall, St Olaf's, Hart Street, Mark Lane, London EC3, 11 November. 30 members hear that £15,000 has been collected for research into vegan nutrition and health. There are 13 candidates for 12 Committee seats. Elected President — Dr Frey Ellis; Deputy President — Mrs E B Shrigley; Vice-Presidents — Mrs Eva Batt, Mrs Muriel Henderson, Dr Catherine Nimmo, Mr Jack Sanderson, Miss Mabel Simmons, Miss Winifred Simmons; Hon Secretary — Mrs Luise Davis; Treasurer — Mrs Grace Smith; Editorial Board — Mrs Eva Batt, Mrs Serena Coles, Dr Frey Ellis; Editorial Advisor — Mr Jack Sanderson; Vegan Distribution Secretary — Miss Thelma Larkin; Committee — Mr E T Banks, Mrs E Batt, Mr H T Bonnie, Mrs S Coles, Mr A Ellis, Dr Frey Ellis, Miss T C Larkin, Mr J Sanderson, Mrs E B Shrigley, Mrs G Smith, Dr F Wokes, Mr W H C Wright. Finance Annual income (to 30 September 1967): £748 4s Od; deficit: £25 15s Od; assets: £1,096 10s 9d.


Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary and best wishes for success in your next 50 years promoting crueltyfree living. MARGARET COOPER, CHAIRPERSON, EARTHKIND

Congratulations on the 50th Anniversary of the Vegan Society in England. It has been half a century of continuing leadership and inspiration to thoughtful and compassionate people around the world, without which there would have been no American Vegan Society, and perhaps no other such organization. We look forward to working with you in the decades to come. H JAY DINSHAH, PRESIDENT

Committee Chair — Eva Batt (she retains the position until 1982). xv

The Vegan, Summer

Wishing the Vegan Society another fifty years of success, the Vegan Community Project hopes to do even half as well. BOB HOWES, ORGANIZER



Due to the persistent efforts our Harry Bonnie, the National Blood Transfusion Service has now made arrangements for vegan blood donors to be separately listed so that vegan blood may be available to anyone desiring it in an emergency. Events(internal) Dr Frey Ellis is given a grant by the Lawson Tait Memorial Trust to investigate the incidence of disease in vegans.

SUMMER 1968 Sending you our warmest best wishes on your Golden Anniversary. Keep on keeping on! From 'all' at Advocates For Animals. STAN BUCKLEY, CAMPAIGNS OFFICER

Congratulations on your Golden Jubilee. No other group works so logically for the salvation of all creatures great and small. CHRIS ALDOUS, FOUNDER OF VEGIAM IN 1963 AND KENDAL VEGETARIANS IN 1988

Congratulations on your 50th birthday. Many an imprisoned activist has thanked the stars for your work on the vegan diet in prisons. Let's hope you won't need another 50 years of work. SIMON RUSSELL, EDITOR/TREASURER, ALF SUPPORTERS GROUP


Events (internal) A Garden Party (the first of many to be held at 47 Highlands Road, Leatherhead) is held at the home of Jack and Kathleen Jannaway, 30 June. . . . about forty adults and a dozen children met to spend an enjoyable afternoon together in glorious sunshine . . . Never before can I remember having a paddling pool for the children at a vegan party and we were indebted to Mr Wright for bringing his along and to Mr Jannaway for his help in filling it! One felt rejuvenated to see the little nudists splashing merrily in the sunshine . . . Most of the ladies of the committee had obviously spent the previous day — and night? — cooking . . . Our Secretary, Mrs Davis seemed to be non-stop carrying tea pots! . . . A letter received from somebody who was present stated that it was the loveliest, most harmonious garden party that she had ever visited . . . We can only hope that the creatures, our lesser brethren, have also benefited from an afternoon spent in a lovely garden . . The Vegan, Autumn 1968 Events(external) Jack McClelland adds to his long list of impressive achievements (including winning an Irish professional wrestling title, swimming the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain to Africa and 'seeing o f f ' 24 meat-eaters to come first in the English Channel Race) by conquering the 12 miles between Tory Island and the Donegal mainland in 7'/ 2 hours.

AUTUMN 1968 E G M Nature Cure Clinic, 13 Oldbury Place, London W l , 7 September. To elect an auditor. A G M Alliance Hall, London, 9 November. Elected President — Dr Frey Ellis; Deputy President — Mr J Sanderson; Vice-Presidents — Mrs Eva Batt, Mrs Muriel Henderson, Dr Catherine Nimmo, Miss Mabel Simmons, Miss

Winifred Simmons, Mrs E Shrigley, Dr F Wokes; Hon Secretary — Mrs Luise Davis; Treasurer — Mrs Grace Smith; Editorial Board — Mrs Eva Batt, Mrs Serena Coles, Dr Frey Ellis; Editorial Advisor — Mr Jack Sanderson; Vegan Distribution Secretary — Miss Thelma Larkin; Committee — Mrs E Batt, Mr H T Bonnie, Mrs S Coles, Dr Frey Ellis, Mrs C Fugeman, Miss T C Larkin, Mr J Sanderson, Mrs E B Shrigley, Mrs G Smith, Dr F Wokes, Mr W H C Wright. Finance Annual income (to 30 September 1968): £958 5s Od; surplus: £309 1 Is Od; assets: £1,406 2s Id. Membership




The 2 £th Anniversary to commemorate the founding of

The Vegan Society will be


at the



SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6th, 1969 6 p.m.


7 p.m.




in commemoration of reaching our first quarter century. A few (short!) speeches, then DANCING AND SOCIAL ACTIVITIES.

We hope all who possibly can will join us on this happy occasion, and bring your friends, alt are very welcome


TICKETS 37/6 Souvenir Menu/Programme Events(external) On 20 C O N V E N I E N T P A R K I N G NEARBY BAR September, Society member, George Tintner conducts the AUTUMN 1969 London Mozart Players at the Royal Events (internal) Vegan Festival Hall. Society/London Vegetarian Society illustrated talk, 'The Practice and Ethics of Veganic Gardening' by WINTER 1 9 6 8 - 6 9 Kenneth Dalziel O'Brien, Kensington The Vegan Contains an article about Central Library, 27 September. silk production by Luise Davis.

WINTER 1969-70 SPRING 1969 E G M 42a Mount Pleasant Road, London SE13, 20 April. To elect an auditor.

The Vegan 25th Anniversary issue. Advertisements — Philip Dawes. No advertisement will be accepted for merchandise, food or remedies containing animal matter or injurious chemicals.

The Vegan . . . I have not grown any weaker on vegan food, even under unfavourable circumstances. However, if I ever do get work that is less exhausting and more interesting (and a wife to cook for me) I honestly think I can become one of the strongest men there is. Fred Chamberlin, house painter and vegan weightlifter, Ohio

SUMMER 1969 E G M Nature Cure Clinic, London, 12 August. To approve the 1967-68 Annual Accounts. The Vegan Carries an ad from 'Veganic Gardening' offering postal tuition. Events (internal) Frances Howard initiates a 'Family Round Robin', mainly for vegan parents.

A G M Cora Hotel, London, 6 December. It is announced that no photographs will be taken of the 25th Birthday Dinner & Dance following the AGM because the Society has discovered that the processing of photographic material involves the use of gelatine. Elected President — Dr Frey Ellis; Deputy President — Mr J Sanderson; Vice-Presidents — Mrs Eva Batt, Mrs Serena Coles, Mrs Muriel Henderson, Dr Catherine Nimmo, Miss Mabel Simmons, Miss Winifred Simmons, Mrs E Shrigley, Dr F Wokes; Secretary — Mrs Luise Davis; Treasurer — Mrs Grace Smith; Editorial Board — Mrs Eva Batt, Mrs Serena Coles, Dr Frey Ellis; Editorial Advisor — Mr Jack Sanderson; Vegan Distribution Secretary — Miss Thelma Larkin; Committee — Mrs E Batt, Mr H T Bonnie, Mrs S Coles,

Mr P Dawes, Dr Frey Ellis, Mrs C Fugeman, Miss T C Larkin, Mr J Sanderson, Mrs E B Shrigley, Mrs G Smith, Dr F Wokes, Mr W H C Wright. Finance Annual income (to 30 September 1969): £673 6s 7d; surplus: £62 17s 8d; assets: £1,468 19s 9d. Membership Declines slightly. Events (internal) 25th Birthday Dinner & Dance, Cora Hotel, London, 6 December. 100 people attend the celebrations. 'Personal Cards' are introduced at 8d each. If the carrier is involved in an accident, the card informs medical staff that the carrier is a vegan and lists any treatments s/he objects to.

SUMMER 1970 The Vegan Editor — Jack Sanderson, Vegan Distribution Secretary — Mrs D Hanson.

AUTUMN 1970 AGM Alliance Hall, Westminster, 28 November. 41 members attend. Elected President — Dr Frey Ellis; Deputy President — Mr J Sanderson; Vice-Presidents — Mrs Eva Batt, Mrs Serena Coles, Mrs Muriel Henderson,

Dr Catherine Nimmo, Miss Mabel Simmons, Miss Winifred Simmons, Mrs E Shrigley, Dr F Wokes; Secretary — Mrs Luise Davis; Treasurer — Mrs Grace Smith; Editor — Jack Sanderson (Autumn and Winter issues) and Philip Dawes (Spring and Summer); Editorial Advisor — Mrs Eva Batt; Vegan Distribution Secretary — Mrs D Hanson; Committee — Mrs E Batt, Mr H T Bonnie, Mrs S Coles, Mr P Dawes, Dr Frey Ellis, Mrs C Fugeman, Miss T C Larkin, Mr J Sanderson, Mrs E B Shrigley, Mrs G Smith, Dr F Wokes, Mr W H C Wright. Finance Annual income (to 30 September 1970): £644 l i s lOd; deficit: £117 5s 9d; assets: £1,351 14s Od. Publications Health Food Guide, (incorporating the Vegan and Vegetarian Shoppers' Guide) 15s. Membership subs Member — £1.25, Junior 62'/ 2 p, Life Membership — £10.50. Events(internal) 'Gardening Without Poisons' by Lawrence D Hills (Director of Henry Doubleday Research Association and Gardening Correspondent of Here's Health), Alliance Hall, Westminster, 26 September. In the 12 months to 30 September, only 6 books have been borrowed from the Library.


FOODS FOR YOU TO TRY D E L I C I A Soya B e a n s in T o m a t o Sauce 10 oz. can 1 / 1 1

DELICIA M e a t l e s s C o u l a s h 7 1 o x . c a n 2 / 5 : 1 5 ox. c a n 3 / 1 1

Commodities Plamil introduces the "first food reform cream replacement" — Delice.

WINTER 1970-71 DELICIA M e a t l e s s Steaks 71 ox. can 2 / 5 : 15 ox. can 3 / 1 1

DELICIA M e a t l e s s F r i c a s s e e 7 } o x . c a n 2 / 5 : 15 o x . c a n 3 / 1 1

These new DELICIA foods taste just as good as they look. Made from the purest of natural ingredients, they are full of the rich, wholesome goodness that satisfies. No synthetic materials of any kind are used to produce these exciting new dishes. Ask for DELICIA at your Health Food Store.



The Vegan Lists 39 styles of vegan footwear supplied by one company, Marshall Ward. It also carries an appeal for volunteers to help with the Society's "encouraging rate" of expansion. Membership Over 500 members live in Britain, a few dozen in Scotland and Ireland and the remainder abroad.

Deaths Hilda Honeysett, 83.




The Vegan New style, price lOp. Editor — John James, Editorial Advisor — Eva Batt. Carries an appeal for donations to help acquire an office in central London and the first 'Eating Out' by Leah Leneman.

SUMMER 1971 The Vegan Editor — Jack Sanderson. Publications Vegan and Vegetarian Shoppers' Guide by Eva Batt, 22'/ 2 p incl post. Staff Secretary — Kathleen Jannaway.

AUTUMN 1971 AGM Alliance Hall, Westminster, 27 November. 42 members attend. The meeting is followed by a talk on veganism in America by Jay Dinshah. Mrs Batt explained that the production of the Vegan journal was proving to be a financial burden on the Society. We must try to find an alternative means of production. At the moment production costs were so high that we are selling the magazine at less than half of what it cost to produce. My Jay Dinshah had offered to produce the journal combined with his bi-monthly Ahimsa. 1971 AGM Minutes Elected President — Dr Frey Ellis; Deputy President — Mr J Sanderson; Vice-Presidents — Mrs Eva Batt, Mrs Serena Coles, M r J Dinshah, Mrs Muriel Henderson, Dr Catherine Nimmo, Miss Mabel Simmons, Miss Winifred Simmons, Mrs E Shrigley, Dr F Wokes; Secretary — Mrs Kathleen Jannaway; Treasurer — Mrs Grace Smith; Vegan Distribution Secretary — Mrs D Hanson; Committee — Mrs E Batt, Mrs S Coles, Mr P Dawes, Dr Frey Ellis, Mrs V Farrell, Mr J Sanderson, Mrs G Smith, Mr A Williams, Mr W H C Wright.

Hope the Vegan Society's next 50 years are even more successful than the last. JOHN ROBINS, ORGANIZING SECRETARY, ANIMAL CONCERN

You are 50 and we are 10. Look to the future with hope, the past with pride and keep the dream alive. Congratulations and thanks. MICK & VAL PERRYMENT AND ALL AT TIME FOR CHANGE

Congratulations to the Vegan Society - may you change many more lives. MARK & SALLY, EVERGREEN (VEGAN) WHOLEFOODS, DEWSBURY

Vibrant congratulations for all your fruitful, wonderful work! From all of the rawfoodersofthe FRESH Network. SUSIE MILLER, COORDINATOR

The Vegan Advertising Manager — Donald Scott. Vegan Distribution Secretary — Linda Emptage. Publications Literature Secretary — Mrs V Farrell. Merchandise Sticker: 'Be Kind to Animals By Not Eating Them'. Membership subs Life Membership — £20.



A great achievement-a full 50 years proving that we humans do not need to kill animals to live. MARIAN CHANTER, WINNER OF THE KRYPTON FACTOR", 1987

FRAME (The Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments) congratulates the Vegan Society on reaching its halfcentury and wishes it every success in the future. DR JULIA H FENTEM, SCIENTIFIC OFFICER

Vegan congratulations to those who love animals. They've had 50 years less suffering thanks to you. JOHN BOYCE, VEGAN POWERLIFTER

Congratulations on 50 years of success. And 50 years from now, when most everyone is vegan, the meat-eaters will huddle in church basement support groups. PHYSICIANS COMMITTEE FOR RESPONSIBLE MEDICINE


Address 47 Highlands Road, Leatherhead, Surrey.

WINTER 1 9 7 1 - 7 2 Events (internal) Alan Long, Eva Batt and the Howard family put the vegan case on B B C 2 ' s The Philpott File. Events (external) Surrey and District Vegan Group forms, 9 January.

SPRING 1972 The Vegan First appearance of a young vegans page by Tony Williams, Chairman of the newly-formed Young Vegans Section (YVS). Commodities The 'Shopping with Eva' column reports the discovery of vegan golf shoes.

AUTUMN 1972 A G M Alliance Hall, Westminster, 25 November. 45 members attend. Kathleen Jannaway reports that the Society "had gained nearly twice as many new members in 1972 as it had in 1971". Elected President — Dr Frey Ellis; Deputy President — Mr J Sanderson; Vice-Presidents — Mrs Eva Batt, Mrs Serena Coles, M r J Dinshah, Mrs Muriel Henderson, Dr Catherine Nimmo, Miss Mabel Simmons, Miss Winifred Simmons, Mrs E Shrigley, Dr F Wokes; Secretary — Mrs Kathleen Jannaway; Treasurer — Mrs Grace Smith; Vegan Distribution Secretary — Mrs Linda Emptage; Committee — Mrs E Batt, Mrs S Coles, Mr P Dawes, Dr Frey Ellis, Mrs V Farrell, Mr J Sanderson, Mrs G Smith, M r A Williams, M r W H C Wright. Finance Annual income (to 30 September 1972): £1,400.99; surplus: £466.66; assets: £1,809.40.

. . . those who join the Vegan Society have come to the point when they can no longer base their own lives on the wanton cruelty of the factory farm and the slaughter house. For some it is a simple rejection of evil; for others it is worked out according to some religious, philosophical or ecological insight. The Vegan Society can use them all in the furtherance of its work which is to help its members to live full and healthy lives that demonstrate the adequacy of the vegan way, to give them opportunities to find the strength and joy that comes from associating with others of a like mind and to spread its insights, knowledge and activities as rapidly and widely as possible. . . What is needed above all is the example of lives lived joyfully in the service of life; lives lived in selfgiving and tolerant fellowship with others.




Kathleen Jannaway Events (internal) First AGM of the Young Vegans Section, 8 Basterfield House, Golden Lane, London EC1, 11 November. Membership totals 50.

WINTER 1972-73 The Vegan Contains a list of 32 Local Groups and Contacts. There has been an increasing flow of correspondence, the average of 160 items a month during the last winter having risen to 220 this month to the Secretary alone; a further 120 on average per month is dealt with by the Chairman, the Literature Secretary and other members of Council. . . Two new leaflets have been published: 'Egg and Milk Machines' by Eva Batt and 'Two Population Explosions' by Kathleen Jannaway ... A new practical handbook has now been printed under the title An Introduction to Practical Veganism. 'Report of the Council'

The Vegan The Vegan Editorial Board comprises: Kathleen Jannaway (Editor), Eva Batt (Chair of Council) and Karl Farrell (Young Vegans Section). Jack Sanderson acts as Editorial Advisor and Dr Frey Ellis as Scientific Advisor.


Our speakers have addressed various audiences during the past six months; a Spiritualist Convention, the Salvation Army, Townswomen's Guilds and smaller groups of Young Wives etc.

Committee Veda Farrell resigns.

Readers are asked for their views on the eating of honey.


E G M 8 Basterfield House, Golden Lane, London EC1, 23 May. To consider accounts not presented at the AGM. A quorum is not present and so another meeting is arranged.

The Vegan Contains 4V2 pages of views on the consumption of honey. ' T o sum up: -— There is no case for a 'Yes or No' vote on this issue".

Publications What's Cooking ? by Eva Batt, £1.25. It contains a guide to nutrition and "simple and economic recipes for one — or a family". Events (external) The first newsletter of The Veganic Association, convened by Christopher Fettes, is published. The Association exists to disseminate practical information among veganic growers and promote the veganic system.

SUMMER 1973 Finance Assistant Treasurer — Linda Emptage.

AUTUMN 1973 EGM Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, 13 October. To adopt the 1971-72 Annual Accounts. Over 50 people attend. The Vegan Donald Watson, founder of the Vegan Society, announces his retirement. In 42 years of schoolteaching he had only three days' absence due to illness. We wish him long and active years ahead. Staff Clerical Assistant Webber.


Commodities Most men's shoes in this country still have leather uppers, although the soles have mostly gone synthetic. However, approximately 50% of all shoes for women now contain no leather. 'Shopping with Eva'

WINTER 1973 AGM Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, 15 December. Around 40-50 members attend. The meeting agrees to set up a fund to help elderly vegans and ratifies Council's decision to appoint Eva Batt, Grace Smith and Frey Ellis as Vegan Society Trustees. Elected President — Dr Frey Ellis; Deputy President — Mr J Sanderson; Vice-Presidents — Mrs Eva Batt, Mrs Serena Coles, Mr J Dinshah, Mrs Muriel Henderson, Dr Catherine Nimmo, Miss Mabel Simmons, Miss Winifred Simmons, Mrs E Shrigley, Dr F Wokes; Secretary — Mrs Kathleen Jannaway; Treasurer — Mrs Linda Emptage; Editors — Mrs K Jannaway, Mr Jack Sanderson; Vegan Distribution Secretary — Mrs Linda Emptage; Council — Mrs E Batt, Mrs S Coles, Dr Frey Ellis, Mr J Sanderson, Mrs G Smith, Mrs T Wade, Mr W H C Wright. Finance Annual income (to 30 September 1973): £16,987; surplus: £15,155; assets: £16,964. The Vegan Reports that the Young Vegans Section has over 120 members. Publications The Health of Vegans by Frey R Ellis and V M E Montegriffo, 25p; Vegan Mothers and Children — accounts by 12 vegan mothers on bringing up vegan children, 30p. Events (internal) Volunteers are required by Dr Frey Ellis and T Sanders for an investigation into levels of phospholipids, lipoprotein, essential fatty acids, trigylcerides and cholesterol in blood and depot fat.

SPRING 1974 Publications First Hand: First Rate, 25p. "Nearly all ingredients could be home produced and homegrown".

I "C




•wMwa KV tA.rJM'rewfe HAEW roobsss-v; AKEC«O»-. « VWfcOIRI &AB3KK AKf!.UsSAUM &&}> TflAt HAVE


Events)internal) Mabel Cluer runs a Vegan Cookery Course, Wimbledon Community Centre, 19 February-26 March. Commodities A "cheese like spread", Veg-eez is marketed by Plamil but is soon unavailable due to production difficulties. Deaths Frank Wokes, 83.

SUMMER 1974 The Vegan A vegan culture is a tree culture. From trees man can get not only food and fuel and wood for innumerable purposes but also help with the maintenance of the water supply. Kathleen Jannaway

AUTUMN 1974 AGM Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, 16 November. Around 100 members attend. New Rules are approved but some members express concern about the dropping of the word 'honey' from the definition of veganism. After the meeting Eva Batt reads from her new book of verse, In Lighter Vein. Elected President — Dr Frey Ellis; Deputy President — Mr J Sanderson; Vice-Presidents — Mrs Eva Batt, Mrs Serena Coles, Mr J Dinshah, Mrs Muriel Henderson, Dr Catherine Nimmo, Miss Mabel Simmons, Miss Winifred Simmons, Mrs E Shrigley; Secretary — Mrs Kathleen Jannaway; Treasurer — Mrs Grace Smith; Editors — Mrs K Jannaway, Mr Jack Sanderson; Council — Mrs E Batt, Mrs S Coles, Dr Frey Ellis, Mr J Sanderson, Mrs G Smith, Mrs T Wade, Mr W H C Wright. Finance Annual income (to 30 September 1974): £9,722; surplus: £5,026; assets: £22,170. The Vegan 30th Anniversary issue. Advertising Manager — Mrs D Hanson. During the thirty years over 100 issues of The Vegan have been distributed to members in many countries of every continent, serving as a forum for the exchange of views and the passing on of information and the gradual development of veganism as a philosophy of life. It has particularly served as a link for those who, because of location or other circumstances, are isolated from other vegans . . . After passing through some very tight situations in earlier days the Society now has a firmer financial basis and hopes to be able to supply

more literature to fill a variety of needs in the near future . . . A longer term problem is how to set up demonstration centres where food can be grown by veganic methods and where trainees may learn and practise the principles; and also larger commercial units are needed where such food can be grown and from where it can be distributed to those that want it. Jack Sanderson Each must decide how he or she can best fight and serve the general cause. Perhaps we do best if we try to understand personal difficulties and weaknesses — not least our own — rather than notch up our asceticism in the fatal 'holier than thou' attitude. Fully humane living is not possible for any of us in this imperfect world, but by trying to follow the ideals and advice of the Vegan Society we can now travel further along the road than anyone has ever done before, and that is no mean achievement. Donald Watson Events(internal) Local Contacts Secretary — Mr Hugo Stearn. Deaths Muriel Henderson, November.

WINTER 1974-75

Veganism: The cornerstone for any change of lasting value. The Society and its Founder are destined for posterity's history books. JON WYNNE-TYSON, AUTHOR AND PUBLISHER

Congratulations to the Vegan Society for fifty years of successful campaigning. Best wishes for the next fifty years.

EGM Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, 15 February. Around 40 members vote to adopt the 1973-74 Annual Accounts.


Publications Pioneers of the New Age — a collection of contributions from 12 long-standing vegans on how they have fared through the years — 20p. 2,000 copies of What's Cooking? have been sold since publication.

Congratulations on your 50 years spent encouraging people to eat healthy and delicious foods unconnected with the terrors of the slaughterhouse.

The Vegan Reports that membership of the Young Vegans Section has passed 200. At the moment I and two of my comrades are free in the world. By the time you read this we may not be. The magistrate "took a chance" — we are on £2,000 bail reporting to the police every night. Our crime is caring. As members of the militant animal liberation guerrilla group 'Band of Mercy', we carried out attacks by fire and other damage methods on property connected with seal hunting and vivisection. Animals were saved from death and torture. No humans suffered injury — we were very careful. But the state cares more for bricks and mortar and boats and motor vans than it does for animal or even human life and so we will stand trial. . . . in truth, organizations like the Vegan Society which seek to quietly



educate are playing, and will play, a far more important part in the struggle for animal liberation than guerrilla bands and arsonists of the night. But we have our place. Ronnie Lee, 'Letters'

SPRING 1975 Rebecca Hall, author of Fruits of Paradise: a Vegetarian Yearbook, congratulates the Vegan Society on the past 50 years' work. May the idea of veganism prosper and grow with the Society during the next 50 years.

Eat a balanced vegan diet and make my life easy. Then we can celebrate the vegan centenary together. Congratulations at the halfway mark. DR DAVID RYDE, HON CLINICAL ADVISOR

Wishing the Vegan Society continued success in spreading the vegan message in the UK and encouraging the newer organizations overseas. BARBARA GAMSAJACKSON. COORDINATOR OF SIXTH INTERNATIONAL VEGAN FESTIVAL 1992

Finance The Fund for Elderly Vegans reaches £23. The Vegan Contains the first of a series of articles on 'Vegan Nutrition' by Dr F R Ellis and T A B Sanders. Publications Saladings by Mabel Cluer — an "attractive booklet on choosing and using the fresh foods around us", 55p.


AGM Hall of the Boscombe Reform Church, Christchurch Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth, 22 November. 71 members attend. It is the first to be held outside London and constitutes part of the 'Autumn Week-End' — which includes a public meeting, cookery demonstration by Mabel Cluer and lecture by Jack Sanderson. It is reported that the Charity Commission will not allow the word 'honey' to be omitted from the definition of veganism because it had been included when charity status was granted. The meeting votes to change the end of the financial year from 30 September to 30 June. Elected President — Dr Frey Ellis; Deputy President — Mr J Sanderson; Vice-Presidents — Mr J Dinshah, Dr Catherine Nimmo, Miss Mabel Simmons, Miss Winifred Simmons, Mrs Eva Batt, Mrs Serena Coles, Mrs E Shrigley; Secretary — Mrs Kathleen Jannaway; Treasurer — Mrs Grace Smith; Editors — Mrs K Jannaway, Mr Jack Sanderson; Council — Mrs E Batt, Mrs S Coles, Dr Frey Ellis, Mr J Sanderson, Mrs G Smith. Mr K Bryan, Mr W H C Wright. Finance Annual income (to 30 September 1975): £4,847; surplus: £67; assets: £22,387.

Staff During the year, Eileen Scott is appointed to assist the Secretary with typing. Membership The membership of the Vegan Society rose to a few hundreds during the foundation years of the late Forties, doubled in the Fifties, rose again in the Sixties when there were periods where the new members were almost cancelled out by the wastage, and now, in the Seventies, the graph has settled into an upward curve that looks well for the future. At our public meeting in February, Kathleen Jannaway passed on the good news that the Society is now averaging one new member every day. Jack Sanderson Events (internal) Council launches a 'Grow the Food You Live On: Live on the Food You Grow' campaign.

SUMMER 1975 Events (external) Food For a Future by Jon Wynne-Tyson, is published — ' T h e logic of the vegan case is absolute." xx


Publications In the 18 months to the AGM, 2,500 copies of First Hand: First Rate have been sold.

The programme had scarcely finished at 11.25pm before the phone at 47 Highlands Road started to ring and it went on until 1.15am and intermittently during the next three weeks until over 300 calls had been received. Monday morning brought a message from the local Postmaster — the mail would be brought by van later as it was too heavy for the postman and would we mind not filling the postboxes with replies; another van would call for them! We had hoped for hundreds, perhaps even a thousand letters but not the nearly 9,000 that came. The Vegan, Spring 1976 Publications The following leaflets are available from the Society: 'Footwear', 'Wool Factories', 'Hazards of Animal Milk", 'Power of Kindness', 'Athletes Diet', 'Reasons for Veganism', 'The Vegan Diet' and 'The Vegan Way'. The second edition of First Hand: First Rate is published. It contains a new section on "self-sufficiency gardening".

SPRING 1976 The Vegan Price rises to 15p. Surprisingly, dogs often take readily to a vegan diet. There are Cruft champions vegan since birth. Events (external) The Vegan Activities Group opens the Vegan Cafe at 87 Highgate Road, London NW5.


Membership subs Life Membership — £20 (except for retired people).

Finance Annual income (to 30 June 1976): £7,695; surplus: £3,694; assets: £31,153.

WINTER 1 9 7 5 - 7 6

Events (external) Peter Singer's Animal Liberation is published.

The Vegan Contains a contribution from the Vegan Activities Group — it organizes stalls, offers practical advice and publishes the Vegan Newsletter, and 'Why Fruitarianism?' by Malcolm Home. Events (internal) In the middle of December, the BBC invites the Society to contribute an Open Door programme to be broadcast on 31 January (repeated 7 February). Kathleen Jannaway and Jack Sanderson spend much of January working with the BBC's Community Programme Unit. The programme, A Better Future for All Life, is presented by Erica Cook, a vegan from New Zealand, and includes interviews with Jack Sanderson, Dr Frey Ellis, Tom Sanders, Serena Coles, Eva Batt, the Bray and Bland families, Harry Bonnie and Kathleen Jannaway.

AUTUMN 1976 AGM Digbeth Civic Hall, Birmingham, 11 September — part of the second 'Autumn Week-End'. The first AGM to be held outside the south of England. 56 members attend. At a public meeting, participants in A Better Future for All Life field questions. Colin Howlett chairs. Workshops are run on the Sunday. Elected President — Dr Frey Ellis; Deputy President — Mr J Sanderson; Vice-Presidents — Mrs Eva Batt, Mrs Serena Coles, Mr J Dinshah, Dr Catherine Nimmo, Miss Mabel Simmons, Miss Winifred Simmons, Mrs E Shrigley; Hon Secretary — Mrs Kathleen Jannaway; Treasurer — Mrs Grace Smith; Editors — Mrs K Jannaway, Mr Jack Sanderson; Council — Mrs E Batt, Mr K Bryan,

Mrs S Coles, Dr Frey Ellis, Mrs K Jannaway, Mr J Sanderson, Mrs G Smith, Mr W Wright. The Vegan Recent issues [of The Vegan] have run to 2,250 as compared with 1,200 when the present edition was launched just over three years ago. '1976 Annual Report of the Council of the Vegan Society' Publications New leaflets introduced during the past year include: 'Advice for Diabetics Wishing to Adopt the Vegan Diet', Advice for Slimmers', Cow Milk as a Food for Humans', 'Feeding Dogs and Cats' and 'Blueprint for a Humane World'. Membership During the 10 months since the 1975 AGM, the Society attracted 600 new members. Events (external) In October, Dee North, Ulla Janson and Stefan Troeng establish the Swedish Vegan Society.

WINTER 1976-77 The Vegan Carries a report on a visit to the Veganic Gardening Training Site, Cheddar, run by the Dalziel O'Briens; and an advertisement for Eva Batt's Enfield Boutique, 123-5 Baker Street, Enfield — a store selling a wide range of exclusively vegan products (including footwear, cosmetics & toiletries, brushes and household products). Council Co-optee — Arthur Pay.

be released as a closer relation with the higher consciousness permits the flow of intuitional inspiration. Jack Sanderson

Finance Annual income (to 30 June 1977): £14,703; surplus: £10,119; assets: £43,555. The Vegan The greatest release for those who adopt veganism is the shedding of the blood guilt. The resulting uplifting of the consciousness has to be experienced to be appreciated. One can now truly begin to serve all life — no longer serving one part whilst exploiting another. Untapped resources will

Deaths Rosa Dalziel O'Brien, pioneer of veganic gardening, 23 September.


Elected President — Dr Frey Ellis; Deputy President — Mr J Sanderson; Vice-Presidents — Mrs Eva Batt, Mrs Serena Coles, Mr J Dinshah, Dr Catherine Nimmo, Miss Mabel Simmons, Miss Winifred Simmons, Mrs E Shrigley; Hon Secretary — Mrs Kathleen Jannaway; Treasurer — Mrs Grace Smith; Editors — Mrs K Jannaway, Mr Jack Sanderson; Council — Mrs E Batt, Mrs S Coles, Dr Frey Ellis, Mrs K Jannaway, Mr A Pay, Mr J Sanderson, Mrs G Smith, Mr W Wright.

Events (external) The Vegan Newsletter becomes Vegan Views. It is edited by Malcolm Home. Due to insufficient time and energy — and the likelihood of eviction — the Vegan Cafe closes.

SPRING 1978 The Vegan Price rises to 20p.

The Vegan 2,700 copies are now printed. A Membership Application form appears in The Vegan stating that applicants for associate status must be vegetarian — non-vegetarians may apply for a magazine subscription only.

Staff The AGM is told that Eileen Scott has taken on the work of Advertising Manager and Local Contacts Secretary. Peter White, Ruth

Events (internal) Council announces that it will hold Social Evenings on the last Tuesday of the month, beginning 26 April at the Nature Cure Clinic, Oldbury Place. The Society has the first (of many) stands at the Mind & Body Festival, Olympia, 19-24 April.


Events (internal) Serena Coles and Brian and Margaret Gunn-King represent the Society at the World Vegetarian Congress, India.

AGM Friends Meeting House, St Martins Lane, London, 15 October. Around 90 members and associates attend. Serena Coles reports that Council has accepted an a offer from Homes for Elderly Vegetarians Ltd to open a home for vegans jointly with the Society.

SPRING 1977 The Vegan Dorothy Hanson resigns as Advertising Manager.

Membership New members: 471.


Publications New leaflets: 'Youth Hostelling & Camping the Vegan Way', The Vegan Products List', 'Food for a Future'.


Oakshette and Pat Buxton have taken over the work undertaken by Yvonne Webber.

Events (external) A vegan cafe opens at 37 Ashley Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth. Bob Howes announces the formation of the Vegan Land Project. Deaths: Elsie Shrigley, 13 May.

SUMMER 1978 Finance Annual income (to 30 June 1978): £6,540; deficit: £1,022; assets: £42,586. The Vegan Full Membership is open to all vegans who live on the products of the plant kingdom only. (As honey is produced by insects, it was included in the Rules when Charity status was grant-

It's 100% vegetable ... made from the soya bean and packed with protein and goodness. Its production involves no exploitation of animals. The flavour is quite delicious—all the family, particularly the children will love it. You can drink it on its own as a super health drink or use it on breakfast cereals, in coffee or tea or in dishes such as milk puddings and custards. What's more it will keep in tlie can just as long as you want to keep it. A wonderfully versatile and nutritious food ... Golden Archer Beanmilk by Itona. It's at your health food store.

Congratulations to the Vegan Society. The cruelty involved in the production of dairy products is often overlooked. It is important that vegetarians step further forward with the Vegan Society and complete their disentanglement from cruelty. CARLA LANE, ANIMALINE

If we all pull together, we can make the dream a reality. Here's to the next 50 years of the Vegan Society and the realization of a more compassionate world. Best wishes from Vegetarian Living magazine. LINDSEY RUSSELL, DEPUTY EDITOR

The manufacturers of Provamel would like to pass on their sincere congratulations on reaching your first 50 years. ROBERT WITHERINGTON, NATIONAL ACCOUNT CONTROLLER, VANDEMOORTELE (UK) LTD

'Golden Archer*

BEANMILK The Milk That's 100% Non-Animal


Oxford Vegetarians congratulates the Vegan Society on reaching its 50th Anniversary and for proving that there is life beyond Oxford! PAUL APPLEBY, SECRETARY, OXFORD VEGETARIANS

ed. Most commercial honey production involves ruthless exploitation, but since home production of honey need not involve cruelty and bees are essential to fruit production, the 1974 ACM voted that the use of honey need not be a bar to full membership, but the Charity Commissioner has refused permission to alter the original wording) Events (internal) The Society enters into an Agreement with Homes for Elderly Vegetarians.

SPRING 1979 The Vegan Publishes a letter from Vice-President, Dr C Nimmo, aged 91, vegan for 67 years. Publications Vegan Mothers & Children (second ed), 45p; Vegan Nutrition — consisting of (revised) Vegan articles written jointly by T A B Sanders and the late Dr Frey Ellis, 55p. Staff Assistant Secretary — Maggi Taylor.

Deaths Luise Davis, 63, 16 August.

Congratulations - not just for all the good work you've done, but for your staying power! Here's to the next 50 years. JANET HUNT, COOKBOOK WRITER

Congratulations to the Vegan Society. I dislike the word 'vegan'. It makes me think of ETs from the planet Vega. Despite the handicap of the name-you have stood for a vision of non-violence in what seems an increasingly cruel and violent world. Vegans are proof that there is nothing so practical as a good theory. THE REVD PROFESSOR ANDREW LINZEY, MANSFIELD COLLEGE. OXFORD


AUTUMN 1978 A G M Friends Meeting House, St Martins Lane, 7 October. Around 90 members and associates attend. The 'Dr Ellis Fund for Vegan Research' is launched. During the tea break, over 40 people give blood samples to Dr David Freed, Department of Bacteriology & Virology, University of Manchester. Members are told that he seeks to test a theory that mental illness could be caused by allergies to certain foodstuffs. The meeting is followed by a lecture by Stephen Clark, author of The Moral Status of Animals — and a vegan. Elected President — Mr J Sanderson; Deputy President — Mrs S Coles; Vice-Presidents — Mrs Eva Batt, Mr J Dinshah, Dr Catherine Nimmo, Miss Mabel Simmons, Miss Winifred Simmons; Hon Secretary — Mrs Kathleen Jannaway; Treasurer — Mrs Grace Smith; Editors — Mrs K Jannaway, Mr Jack Sanderson; Council — Mrs E Batt, Mrs S Coles, Mrs K Jannaway, Mr A Pay, Mr J Sanderson, Mrs G Smith, Mr W Wright. The Vegan

Print run is now 2,900.

Membership New members: 382. Commodities The 'Shopping with Eva' column reports the availability of Vega, the first (known) non-bristle shaving brush. Deaths Dr Frey Ellis. Dr J W T Dickerson agrees to become the Society's new Scientific Advisor. Dr Dennis Jones, once a GP, agrees to act as Medical Advisor.

WINTER 1 9 7 8 - 7 9 Events (external) Over 90 people attend the all-day Luise Davis Memorial Meeting, Mary Ward Centre, Tavistock Place, London.

Events (internal) The Enfield Vegan Boutique closes. It was "just a little ahead of its time" (Eva Batt). First 'Intensive Day Course in the Practice & Theory of Vegan Nutrition', Richmond Adult College, 28 April. First Dr Frey Ellis Memorial Lecture, Plant Foods for Human Health' by Dr J W T Dickerson, University of Surrey, 29 March. Events (external) Plantmilk Ltd becomes Plamil Foods Ltd. Commodities Only vegan margarines available: Tomor, Co-op Slimmers Spread.

SUMMER 1979 Finance Annual income (to 30 June 1979): £10,015; deficit: £1,388; assets: £66,381. The Vegan To us Veganism is solely about stopping suffering, and, to this aim, converting others to the diet. So where do health foods come in, how does the use of brown rather than white flour help the animals? What do you imagine the average flesh eater would think of having bean flan, nut loaf, carrot juice and bread spread with vegetable oil? It makes us feel ill, and we 're vegans! . . . Like most people we live on a trash diet, living a hectic life and eating almost entirely out of tins, the deep freeze and the local chippy as do most young Vegans we know. We have neither the time or the self interest to worry about health foods, and only eat nuts at Xmas . . . As atheists we also feel too much emphasis is put on the supposed religious and spiritual benefits gained from a Vegan diet. Again surely we have a reason enough in stopping the slaughter. John & Jo Hicks, Animal Activists Publications Plant Foods for Human Health by Professor J Dickerson, 30p.

Staff Membership Secretary — Frances Quinn.

AUTUMN 1979 The Vegan Price rises to 25p. EGM Friends Meeting House, St Martins Lane, 20 October. Members vote to register the Society as a limited company by adopting a 'Memorandum of Association' and 'Articles of Association'. 47 members vote in favour, none against, but 4 members abstain because they disapprove of the clause: "the taking of honey is left to the individual conscience". The qualification of lactovegetarianism is no longer required for associates. AGM Friends Meeting House, St Martins Lane, 20 October. Around 90 members and associates attend. The meeting is told that a bequest has enabled the Society to buy an office, with living accommodation, for the Assistant Secretary. In the evening, Harold Bland, Harry Bonnie, Christina Harvey, Colin Howlett. Marjke McCartney and John Strettle form a panel to answer questions. Elected President — Mr J Sanderson; Deputy President — Mrs S Coles; Vice-Presidents — Mrs Eva Batt, Mr J Dinshah, Dr Catherine Nimmo, Miss Mabel Simmons, Miss Winifred Simmons; Hon Secretary — Mrs Kathleen Jannaway; Treasurer — Mrs Grace Smith; Editors — Mrs K Jannaway, Mr Jack Sanderson; Council — Mrs E Batt, Mrs S Coles, Mrs K Jannaway, Mr J Sanderson, Mrs G Smith. EGM Conan Room, Sherlock Holmes Hotel, Baker Street, London, 13 November. 14 members vote to confirm the resolution passed at the 20 October EGM. The Vegan Members and associates are asked to apply to join the Vegan Society Ltd. Staff Assistant Secretary — Winifred Fisher. Membership subs Member — £2.00 "(£1 for pensioners, students, apprentices, juniors etc.)". Events (internal) Mabel Cluer and Kathleen Jannaway commence a series of cookery demonstrations on the first and third Tuesdays of the month at the Nature Cure Clinic, 7-9pm, beginning 6 November.

WINTER 1979-80

deficit: £602; assets: £68,442.

Merchandise Maggi Taylor's 'Veganism Shows the Way' design appears in the form of economy labels, 60p/100.

Events (external) Wildwood House publishes a vegan cookbook, Healthy Eating for the New Age by Joyce D'Silva.

AUTUMN 1980 AGM First AGM of the Vegan Society Ltd, Friends Meeting House, St Martin's Lane, 4 October. "Below average" attendance. The meeting is followed by a talk given by Jon Wynne-Tyson.

Staff Assistant Secretary — Laurence Main. Mole Valley District Council objects to the Society's property being used as an office and so he works from home. Events (internal) The Vegan Society Ltd is incorporated on 27 December and registered with the Charity Commission on 31 January. Membership Over 500 people have joined the Society during the last year, i.e. over 2,500 during the last 8 years as compared with fewer than a thousand during the previous 27. 'Annual Report 1979' Commodities Vitaquell Margarine becomes available in the UK. Deaths Leslie Cross. 2 December.

SPRING 1980 The Vegan [Vegans] must seek non-violent methods of dealing with all life's problems and meanwhile discipline themselves to live as harmlessly as possible. Without such fundamental changes in individual behaviour all the fine talk of the New Age teachers will come to nothing. Kathleen Jannaway Publications What's Cooking? (3rd ed, enlarged) by Eva Batt, £3.45 (p&p incl); The Vegan Shoppers' Guide, 63p (p&p incl). Events (internal) Second Dr Frey Ellis Memorial Lecture, 'The Role of Plant Foods in Feeding Mankind' by Professor A E Bender, Friends Meeting House, 52 St Martins Lane, 31 March. 100 people attend.

SUMMER 1980 Finance Annual income (for 6 months to 30 June 1980): £6,836;

Elected President — Mr J Sanderson; Deputy President — Mrs S Coles; Vice-Presidents — Mrs Eva Batt, Mr J Dinshah, Dr Catherine Nimmo, Miss Mabel Simmons, Miss Winifred Simmons; Hon Secretary — Mrs Kathleen Jannaway; Treasurer — Mrs Grace Smith; Editors — Mrs K Jannaway, Mr Jack Sanderson; Council — Mrs E Batt, Mrs S Coles, Mrs K Jannaway, Mr J Sanderson, Mrs G Smith. The Vegan Print run: 3,500. Considerable damage can be done to the vegan cause by sweeping and extravagant claims on the grounds of benefit to health from a vegan diet. Good health depends on a number of factors besides what one eats or doesn't eat important though that may be. Individuals vary greatly in their needs and reactions and vegan diets can vary enormously too. Publications The Role of Plant Foods in Feeding Mankind by Prof A E Bender, 40p. Staff Michael Hearne replaces Frances Quinn as Clerical Assistant. Events (internal) 'Post out' — 6,800 items pa. The Society sells its house on 12 September. The Vegan Family Round Robin is resurrected after a 10year break. It is co-ordinated by Lis Howlett.

Membership (To 30 June) New members: 615. Events (external) First International Vegan Festival, Denmark, July. First Vegan Family Camp, Gwynedd, Wales, 1-9 August.

AUTUMN 1981 AGM Friends Meeting House, Wharncliffe Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth, 17 October — part of the third 'Autumn Week-End'. 42 members attend. 40 members of the public join Vegan Society members to listen to a talk by Jean Pink, Founder of Animal Aid. Elected President — Jack Sanderson; Deputy President — Serena Coles; Vice-Presidents — Eva Batt, Jay Dinshah, Dr Catherine Nimmo, Mabel Simmons, Winifred Simmons; Hon Secretary — Kathleen Jannaway; Treasurer — Grace Smith; Editors — Kathleen Jannaway, Jack Sanderson; Council — Eva Batt, Serena Coles, Christopher Hall, Kathleen Jannaway, Jack Sanderson, Grace Smith, Alpay Torgut. EGM Friends Meeting House, Wharncliffe Road, Boscombe, Bournemouth, 17 October. Members vote to require Council candidates to have been members of the Society for at least 3 years, and to require onethird of Council members to retire/stand for re-election annually. Publications The Vegan Way.



Why? & How ?..




SPRING 1981 Events (internal) Third Frey Ellis Memorial Lecture, 'Trace Elements and Health' by Professor D Davies, Friends Meeting House, St Martin's Lane, 2 April. During the year, Kenneth Dalziel O'Brien writes Guide to Veganic Gardening — the Clean Culture System for Home Gardeners.

SUMMER 1981 Finance Annual income (to 30 June 1981): £20,841; surplus: £5,170; assets: £71,005.



Congratulations and happy birthday. I hope you enjoy many more years of your important campaigning work. RICHARD AUSTIN, MANAGING DIRECTOR, KINGFISHER NATURAL TOOTHPASTE

At Solgar, we believe in living right, eating right and civil rights. We wish the Society another fifty years dedicated to excellence. CHERYL THALLON, MARKETING DIRECTOR

In the course of its 50 years of its existence the Vegan Society has encouraged the leading of a healthier and more compassionate way of life. As a Buddhist, it gives me great pleasure to congratulate it on its anniversary and wish it many more years of service to people, animals and the environment. VEN URGYEN SANGHARAKSHITA, FOUNDER, WESTERN BUDDHIST ORDER

Merchandise A slide set of 42 slides portraying "the suffering of animals in factory farms and the vegan alternative with its healthy vegan families living with wiser use of land" is made available. Events (internal) The Fund for Elderly Vegans is now administered xxiii

Critchleys, Chartered Accountants, congratulate the Vegan Society on its 50th Anniversary and look forward to the next half century! PETER KEMP, PARTNER

by Homes for Elderly Vegetarians. As at 30 June, the fund stood at £16,142.


Kathleen Jannaway, Jack Sanderson; Council — Serena Coles, Colin Howlett, Kath Manners, Jack Sanderson.

The Vegan

Council Chair — Jack Sanderson.

Price rises to 30p.

Publications New/Revised leaflets include: 'What Happens to the Calf?', 'Two Population Explosions', 'Trees not Nuclear Power Stations'.

What happens to the Calf ?

As an athlete I am very pro veganism as a healthy, energetic way of life. Well done . . . keep on running! LUCY STEPHENS, GB TEAM TRIATHLETE

Warmest congratulations on your 50th Anniversary. Wishing you successful campaigning in the next fifty. MIKE & CHRIS NEWMAN, ETHICAL WARES

The seed that the Vegan Society planted 50 years ago has spread around the world. And the world will be a much better place when all those seeds reach full bloom. CASEY KASEM

Merchandise The 'Veganism Shows the Way' design, with the additional words 'Vegan Meals Served Here' appears as a window sticker. Staff In addition to Mick Hearn (who works 3 days a week maintaining membership), Peter White (accounts) and Rosemary Childs (general typing) are paid by the hour; and Madeline Teverndale is paid for typing The Vegan — all at Leatherhead. Commodities Research — Linda Emptage.

Merchandise 'Veganism Shows the Way' tee shirt, £3.50. Events (external) Fourth Frey Ellis Memorial Lecture, 'Eating for Health or Farming for Wealth' by C Robbins, Director of the Coronary Prevention Group, Friends Meeting House, St Martins Lane, 30 March. Alan & Elaine Garrett announce the formation of the Vegan Self-Sufficiency Network. The Vegan Society (New South Wales) is formed in May.

SUMMER 1982 Finance Annual income (to 30 June 1982): £24,015; surplus: £1,960; assets: £113,357 (Including Homes for Elderly Vegans Fund — £22,022). The Vegan Carries an article by Lawrence Hills, Henry Doubleday Research Association, describing the development of "the first vegan grain fanning system" by Manfred Wenz, a German organic stockless farmer.

AUTUMN 1982 A G M Friends Meeting House, St Martin's Lane, 23 October. Around 75 members and associates attend. The meeting is followed by a shared buffet meal and a lecture by Dr Gill Langley, 'The Eating Revolution: Towards the Vegan Ideal'. Elected President — Jack Sanderson; Deputy President — Serena Coles; Vice-Presidents — Eva Batt, Jay Dinshah, Dr Catherine Nimmo, Mabel Simmons, Winifred Simmons; Hon Secretary — Kathleen Jannaway; Hon Treasurer — Grace Smith; Editors —


Events (external) The Animals Film is shown, Channel 4 , 4 November.

WINTER 1 9 8 2 - 8 3 The Vegan Contains 'What Happens to the Kid?' by Laurence Main.

SPRING 1983 Council Colin Howlett resigns. The Vegan Reports the existence of the Dutch Vegan Society. Publications 'Vegan Diet for Beginners'.

AUTUMN 1983 A G M Friends Meeting House, Paradise Street, Liverpool, 22 October — part of the fourth 'Autumn WeekEnd'. 69 full members attend. After considerable discussion on proposals sent in by Gill & Christopher Langley and Colin Howlett, and introduced by Colin Howlett, it was agreed that Working Parties should be formed to report to next year's AGM on matters relating to Publicity, and to submit to the Council ideas on Fund Raising and Catering. The Vegan, Winter 1983 Elected President — J Sanderson; Deputy President — S Coles; VicePresidents — E Batt, J Dinshah, C Nimmo, M Simmons, W Simmons; Hon Secretary — K Jannaway; Treasurer — J Cummins; Editors — K Jannaway, J Sanderson; Council — D Barrett, K Jannaway, T Key, L Munn, G Smith, K Stallwood. Council Chair — Jack Sanderson. Co-optee —Veronica Dawson. The Vegan The vegan way of life will be judged by the way that vegans react to others. There can be no hint of self-righteousness or overbearing zeal if we are to attract people towards sharing our different diet and our whole new way of living. Laurence Main Publications What Else is Cooking? by Eva Batt, £3.45.

Staff New assistant — D Guffog. Events (internal) Fifth Frey Ellis Memorial Lecture, 'Veganism, Scientific Aspects', Dr T A B Sanders, Friends Meeting House, St Martin's Lane, Westminster, 28 April. Over 100 people attend. Events(external) On 3 May, Vegan Society members Liz and Steve Shiner begin a 1,272 mile sponsored 'End to End Walk' from John O' Groats to Land End. Colin & Lis Howlett act as press officers.



SUMMER 1983 Finance Annual income (to 30 June 1983): £38,415 (legacies are now included as operating income)-, surplus: £9,964; assets: £125,164 (Including Homes for Elderly Vegans Fund — £25,370). The Vegan Reports that the Society is sponsoring a demonstration of bio fuels at the National Centre for Alternative Technology, Wales.

Membership subs Member — £3 (additional members at the same address and unwaged, £1.50). Events (external) The Shiners complete their End to End Walk on 17 September. It raises around £3,000 for the Vegan Society, Vegfam and the Dr Hadwen Trust and obtained coverage in over 50 local newspapers. 12,000 leaflets were distributed en route.

WINTER 1983-84 Council Co-optee — Robin Dawson. The Vegan It may be of interest for your readers to know that Emile Van de Merwe, a . . . Vegan for the past five years, has just come 19th out of 1,000 starters in the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon, swimming 2'/2 miles in the open sea, cycling 119 miles over hilly terrain and then running 26 miles (a normal marathon distance) to finish. Richard Carruthers, 'Letters' Publications 1984 Directory of Places Catering for Vegans, 65p (p&p incl). First issue of Y Figan Cymreig/The Welsh Vegan, a quarterly bi-lingual journal published for Welsh members. Leaflets: 'Feeding the Family', 'For Beginners and the Uncertain'. Staff Council agrees to the appointment of a new typist. (L Jefferies is later appointed.) Deaths Jack Sanderson, 72, 14 December. He is succeeded as President by Serena Coles.

tor of all Vegan Society publications. Address: 1 Orrin Close, Tilehurst, Reading, Berks RG3 4DB. A shop is rented for storage space in Dinas Mawddwy. Around 60 people attend the Sixth Frey Ellis Memorial Lecture, 'Biofuels' by Prof David Hall, Friends Meeting House, St Martins Lane, 3 May. Local Contacts meet for a Spring Bank Holiday Gathering, Dinas Mawddwy, Wales, 26-28 May. Events (external) Alpay Torgut publishes Vegan Times (formerly London Vegan News).

SUMMER 1984 Finance Annual income (to 30 June 1984): £38,684; surplus: £4,792; assets: £129,809 (Including Homes for Elderly Vegans Fund — £29,889). Publications New/revised leaflets: 'Wool Machines' by Eva Batt, 'Vegan Diet no 2'. Merchandise New film, Time for Change — deals mainly with the health and ecological benefits of veganism. Staff General Secretary — Barry Kew. Membership (To 30 June) New members: 1,192.




SPRING 1984 The Vegan Carries an advertisement for an Assistant Editor. A 2-page article, 'What is the ALF?' by Ronnie Lee and 'Partings' by Kathleen Jannaway are removed before distribution. Staff Marion McEwen is appointed to assist Laurence Main. Kathleen Jannaway announces her resignation as Hon Secretary. "M Hearnes's appointment would be terminated but he would continue to deal with membership matters (and post in KJ's absence), working on a casual basis as would P White and L Jefferies as long as the need arose." (Council Minutes, 2.4.84.)

A G M Friends Meeting House, St Martins Lane, 10 November. Kim Stallwood chairs. The meeting votes to withdraw the new film "in its present form". Tony Mumford presents the Report of the Working Party on Publicity & Fundraising. The meeting adopts the proposal to start an activists mailing list and agrees to the employment of a Fundraiser. New publicity materials have been initiated by Working Party members. A new vegan cookery video by John Morris & Diana Virgo is shown.

Elected President — S Coles; Deputy President — C Langley; VicePresidents — E Batt, J Dinshah, C Nimmo, M Simmons, W Simmons; Hon Treasurer — J Cummins; Editors — K Jannaway, J Sanderson; Council — Philip Brown, Clive Gray, John Cummins, Chris Langley. Council Chair — Chris Langley. The Vegan Last to be edited by Kathleen Jannaway. Carries an appeal from the President seeking donations to help fund the Society's expansion plans — including renting an office, purchasing office equipment, greater publicity and employing more staff; and reports that Neil Robinson, a professional footballer with Swansea City, has been a vegan for 3 years. Merchandise 'Famous Vegans . . . & Me!' tee shirt (£3 adult/£2.50 children's). Staff Hayley Griffiths is employed in Wales on a 3-month contract. Events (internal) Laurence Main begins a lecture tour of England and Wales. Events (external) Vegan shop Time For Change opens in Southsea, Hants, 29 October. Commodities Research — Sandra Hood.

WINTER 1984-85 Staff Janet Davies is thanked for work done at the Wales office. Membership subs Individual — £5, Unwaged Individual — £3, Life — £75. Address PO Box 3, Charlbury, Oxford OX7 6DU. Events (internal) The General Secretary is authorized to find suitable office accommodation in Oxford. Council decides that The Welsh Vegan should be published independently of the Society. Commodities The Vegan reports the availability of Happidog. Deaths Mabel Simmons, 92; Catherine Nimmo, 97.

SPRING 1985 Council Kathleen Jannaway resigns.

Events (internal) Liz & Steve Shiner set up The Vegan Shop. In addition to selling a range of vegan products, they are appointed principal distribu-

Congratulations fifty years of commitment to making a better world! Here's to the next fifty years. SIMON WRIGHT, DEVELOPMENT MANAGER, WHOLE EARTH FOODS

Congrats to Donald Watson for founding the Society at a time when a vegan diet was unproven and generally considered 'dangerous'; and to the Society for demonstrating over the succeeding years that the diet is nutritionally adequate. With vegan clothing now being freely available, may the Society be clothed with another 50 years' tangible progress. ARTHUR LING, MANAGING DIRECTOR, PLAMIL FOODS LTD

Congratulations on half a century's great work. By education, compassion can only grow from our species for others - let's continue to be their voice. LIZ SANDEMAN & MARGARET DODDS, FOUNDERS, THE MARINE CONNECTION

The Vegan A Finance Report appears. Council's projected income and expenditure for the year ending xxv

Congratulations to the Vegan Society on its 50th Anniversary. Long may it continue to support and inform those wishing to avoid animal products! HUGH ADAMS. MARKETING ADVISOR. THE REDWOOD WHOLEFOOD COMPANY

A congratulatory exchange for 50 years' recognition that animals are equal. Happy birthday from Equal Exchange Trading - fair trade for all. LORNA YOUNG, DIRECTOR

In celebration of the Vegan Society's 50th Anniversary, biOrganics are offering a human friendly opportunity, FREE COSMETICS!!! Details: 061 872 9813. DAVID ASHWORTH, MANAGING DIRECTOR, BIORGANICS

30 June 1985, will, unless additional funding is obtained, result in a deficit of £20,413, and the spending of the Society's reserves in approximately two years. Readers are urged to recruit new members. Publications Winter 1984 Shoppers' Guide, £1; The Directory of Places Catering for Vegans, 90p (p&p incl). Staff Peter Assinder is contracted to fund raise. Events (external) In April, scientists identify a fatal brain disease — BSE (bovine spongiform encephalopathy). (Over the next nine years it kills tens of thousands of British cattle.)

SUMMER 1985 Finance Annual income (to 30 June 1985): £32,130; deficit: £16,239; assets: £113,595 (Including Homes for Elderly Vegans Fund — £32,219). The proposed staff costs are reduced by around £10,000. Council John Cummins resigns as Hon Treasurer and Council member. The Vegan Re-launched in a larger, restyled format, price 50p. 10,000 copies are printed. Its Editor is Colin Howlett. New regular features include: " N e w s ' , 'Healthwise' by Drs Chris & Gill Langley, 'Shoparound', 'Family Matters' by Lis Howlett, ' G r o w h o w ' by Alan & Elaine Garrett, 'Noticeboard', 'Reviews' and 'Postbag'. Juliet Breese becomes the main illustrator. Barry Kew acts as Advertising and Distribution Manager. I cannot stress too strongly that the present Council is every bit as committed to the Society's aims and objectives as its predecessors. Its approach to achieving them is radically different however. . . . The Society's traditional goals are being pursued, only in a more professional and dynamic manner. . . . The '84 AGM could, it's my impression, even be regarded as a watershed in the Society's history, since its overwhelming endorsement of the 'new look' proposals of the Publicity & Fund-Raising Working Party amounted to a mandate for a major rethink of veganism's public image. Chris Langley, 'Fast Forward' Staff Laurence Main is made redundant. Office Manager — Susan Kew. Local Vegan Contact Mike Green is appointed Fund-Raising Assistant/Press & Publicity Officer. Colin Howlett is taken on as salaried Editor. (He later becomes Managing




Address 3 3 - 3 5 George Street, Oxford OX1 2AY. Events (internal) The Society opens its new office in Oxford. Its Transit van is sold. Events (external) Thorsons publishes Eva Batt's What's Cooking? under the title Vegan Cookery. Second International Vegan Festival, Martinus Centre, Klint, Denmark, 3 - 1 0 August.

AUTUMN 1985 EGM Oxford College of Further Education, Oxpens Road, Oxford, 9 November. To avoid further confusion, members pass a resolution clearly empowering Council to appoint the Editor and Treasurer.

W a s t e d land...

Suffering animals ... Starving



bet us

hungry AGM Oxford College of Further Education, Oxpens Road, Oxford, 9 November. Peter Assinder provides an update on the Fund-Raising Campaign. The meeting votes to adapt Time for Change for Council approval before public release, and to set up a Working Party to facilitate the establishment of an experimental farm. Elected President — Serena Coles; Deputy President — Chris Langley; Vice-Presidents — Eva Batt, Jay Dinshah, Winifred Simmons; Council — Paul Appleby, Vincent FitzGerald, Colin Howlett, Lis Howlett. Council Chair — Lis Howlett, Hon Treasurer — Vincent FitzGerald. Kim Stallwood resigns. Staff A part-time typist is engaged. Events (internal) Seventh Frey Ellis Memorial Lecture, 'Food, Fats and Health' by Dr W R Hare, Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, 20 November. Council enters into negotiations with "a kindred organization regarding the use of land for an agricultural project". (Known as the 'Vegan Farm Project'.)

A p p e a l 1986 Campaign. The Society's new logo makes its debut on the Appeal leaflet. Publications Sales of the Society's publications and promotional goods are administered from the office. Staff Peter Assinder's contract is extended until April. Mike Green's employment ends. Philip Brown resigns from Council to take up the post of Information Officer. Membership subs Individual — £6.50, Unwaged Individual — £4, Family — £8.50, Unwaged Family — £6, Life — £ 1 0 0 . Commodities Research — Lis Howlett.

SPRING 1986 The Vegan Not published (rescheduling of publication dates). Events (internal) During the year, the Society persuades the Home Office to introduce a vegan dietary scale into prisons.

Commodities Research — Sandra Hood resigns.

Events (external) To celebrate its 21st Anniversary, Plamil Foods stages the first Vegetarian & Vegan HalfMarathon at St Mary's Bay, Kent. The race is won by a vegan, Ian Snow, in a time of 1.12.01. Vegan shop Whole in the Wall opens in Rhos-on-Sea.

WINTER 1 9 8 5 - 8 6


Council Clive Gray resigns.

Council Co-optee — Gavin Jones.

The Vegan Publication coincides with the launch of the Fund-Raising

Finance Annual income (to 30 June 1986): £67,524; deficit: £27,526;

Events (external) Kathleen Jannaway launches Movement for Compassionate Living(The Vegan Way). It publishes New Leaves.

assets: £53,850 (Not including the » Homes For Elderly Vegans Fund (£32,219) which, being non-returnable, has been written out).


The Vegan Reports a disappointing response to the Appeal leaflet. Veganism, at least in its dietary manifestation, has been advanced as the ethical 'bottom line' below which no genuine and informed humanitarian can allow himself to fall. And rightly so, for a morality which turns a blind eye to the ethics of the dinner plate is a sham. Colin Howlett


We do

ROBIN WEBB, OWNER Council — Chris Langley.

Events (external) Thorsons publishes Veganic Gardening by Kenneth Dalziel O'Brien.

Deaths Winifred Simmons, 94.

AUTUMN 1986 AGM Oxford College of Further Education, Oxpens Road, 18 October. The meeting is told that there has been a poor response to the request for people to serve on a Vegan Farm Project Working Party. Elected President — Serena Coles; Deputy President — Chris Langley; Vice-Presidents — Eva Batt, Freya Dinshah, Jay Dinshah, Grace Smith;

Events (internal) Eve Gilmour co-ordinates the Vegan Families Contact List.

Council Chair — Chris Langley, Hon Treasurer — Vincent FitzGerald. Anthony Mumford resigns. The Vegan Reports that Appeal donations from members "have reduced to a tiny trickle and none whatever have been reported from the many companies and grant-making trusts approached." Events (internal) The Local Vegan Contact Network is disbanded.

Events (internal) Eighth Frey Ellis Memorial Lecture, 'An Epidemiological Study of Vegetarians and Vegans' by Dr Jim Mann and Margaret Thorogood, London, 10 July.

Congratulations on reaching your first fifty, meatfree years from all at Vegetarian Shoes!


Publications New leaflets — 'The Milk Marketing Fraud', 'Are Your Meals Costing the Earth?', 'Good Health', 'World Tragedy', Behind Every Animal Product . . . and Slaughter of the Innocent'. Books: Vegan Shopper's Guide, Vegan Holiday and Restaurant Guide, both £1.50. Merchandise A Better Future For All Life is judged to be dated and is withdrawn from circulation. New range: badges, stickers, car/window sticker, re-use labels, notelets, ball pen, bookmarks. Two slogans predominate: 'Give

Survive and be healthy without any animal products? "Can't be done", they said. Congratulations to the Vegan Society on 50 years of proving it can.

Commodities 'Shoparound' reports the availability of Vive — the first 'acceptable' substitute for dairy ice cream.

Commodities The Vegan reports the availability of Vegecat.

SPRING 1987 Council Co-optee — Amy Austin. The Vegan Price rises to 75p. Contains the first of two articles against angling by Richard Farhall. Janet Hunt becomes the regular cookery writer. Membership subs Individual — £6.50, Unwaged Individual — £4, Family — £8.50, Unwaged Family — £6, Life — £ 1 0 0 .

WINTER 1986-87 The Vegan . . . despite the organizational effort and creative energy and money expended, the response to our Appeal has fallen far short of our hopes and expectations . . . In the wake of 'Live Aid' and other laudable initiatives 'appeal fatigue' has certainly been a potent factor, dealing a crippling blow to scores of other worthy charities this last year. But we have laboured under an additional and even more serious handicap: veganism is still perceived by many as too radical a philosophy, too heady a brew to even contemplate, let alone financially support. Colin Howlett

Events (internal) Ninth Frey Ellis Memorial Lecture, 'The Environmental Debate: Intensive, Organic and Vegan Organic Agriculture' by Nigel Dudley, Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, 26 March. The Society receives a compensatory payment from G B Britton for having made use of the word 'vegan' in one of its Tuf range of men's shoes; and a £20,000 bequest from the estate of Roy Mclntyre Smith — plus an additional £5,000 donation from his wife, Janet. She requests that the sums be used exclusively for computerization. The Society installs Apple Macintosh computers.

The widespread adoption of veganism would wonderfully improve the welfare of animals and the environment. The Vegan Society has the desire and motivation to achieve this, and I hope the next 50 years will see the dream become reality. GILL LANGLEY

Haldane Foods Group, the UK's largest manufacturer of vegan foods, sends its congratulations to the Vegan Society for reaching its 50th Anniversary. LIZ O'TOOLE, PR CONSULIANT


SUMMER 1987 Finance Annual income (to 30 June 1987): £105,743; surplus: £11,498; assets: £65,348.

• Congratulations to the Vegan Society on your 50th birthday I Please keep up the good work promoting a lifestyle which respects all life on the planet. HOWARD JONES. MUSICIAN

Congratulations to the Vegan Society on your 50th Anniver."" Keep up the good work in promoting cruelty-free living. Together we can achieve it.

The Vegan Barry Kew becomes Editor of The Vegan, Colin Howlett — Managing Editor, and Philip Brown — Advertising & Distribution Manager.


Events (internal) Requests for Information Packs double as the national press publicizes pop superstar Madonna's vegan diet. Events (external) The Society has a stand at the Animal Aid's first national Living Without Cruelty Exhibition, 19-21 June. (It exhibits every year (save one) until the final Exhibition in 1994.)

AUTUMN 1987 E G M Westminster Cathedral Conference Centre, London, 10 October. Articles 15, 15(a), 31 and 32 are amended. Dr Tim Lang, London r o o d Commission, gives a talk — 'The Politics of Food'. A G M Westminster Cathedral Conference Centre, Lxrndon, 10 October. 66 members and associates attend. Chaired by Chris Langley.

Retiring President, Serena Coles with Arthur Ling (left) and Harry Bonnie

Elected President — Arthur Ling; Deputy President — Chris Langley; Vice-Presidents — Eva Batt, Serena Coles, Freya Dinshah, Jay Dinshah, Grace Smith; Council — Charlotte Edwards. Council Chair — Chris Langley, Hon Treasurer — Vincent FitzGerald. The Vegan Kate Bowen and Craig Wilkinson design this issue (and all future issues). Staff Administrative Assistant — James Crawford. Phil Brown's employment ends. Events (internal) On 2 October,


Events (external) The Vegan reports the demise of the Vegan SelfSufficiency Network.

WINTER 1 9 8 7 - 8 8 Membership (To 30 June) New members: 1,448.


Silver speech (not silence) has propelled the Vegan Society to its Golden Anniversary. Congratulations from Vegfam, the charity which feeds the hungry with plant foods, without exploiting animals.

Animal Aid, Compassion in World Farming, the Vegan Society and the Vegetarian Society launch the monthlong first Great British MeatOut Campaign. It raises £5,400 for a leaf protein scheme in Sri Lanka.

The Vegan . . . And if the cosy yuletide myths have long been torn through (Santa now pulling Rudolf's sleigh?) each year is a chance to dispel a few more. So hold on to your bobble hats and balaclavas, let's rip through some of these and not a few assumptions: that being vegan means being antinuclear; that every meal needs to complement proteins; that everyone has a garden; that every vegan has photos of Gandhi on the wall; that veganism is difficult; that veganism is a pinnacle rather than a starting point; that veganism aims for a return to a golden age; that vegans are enemies of technology; that if you 're not out on the streets you 're not campaigning; that an organization can operate like an individual; that every good idea must immediately be put into practice; that veganism is something to do with anarchy; that veganism is party political; that veganism is devoid of soul; that veganism is hairshirtism; that veganism is short on laughs; that cruelty-free means freerange; that veganism is extreme. You '11 realize by now that the list isn't by any means exhaustive — no doubt, you can add to it — and not all of the above are held by a single person (one hopes). They come from within and outside of veganism . . . An additional misunderstanding is ripe for reassessment as the snow falls: that veganism is something to do with religion. Perhaps it is, though nothing to do with any church. Barry Kew, 'Through the Wrapping' Publications Cruelty-Free Shopper by Lis Howlett, £1.99; The Caring Cook: Cruelty-Free Cooking for Beginners by Janet Hunt, £1.99. Staff Information Officer — Ian Thompson. Membership subs Individual — £7.50, Unwaged Individual — £5, Family — £10, Unwaged Family — £7.50, Junior (under 18) — 5, Life — £125. Events (external) Dietary vegan, Marion Chanter becomes the first woman to win TV's The Krypton Factor.

SPRING 1988 Council Charlotte Edwards resigns. The Vegan First to be produced using electronic publishing methods. Members receive two books of raffle tickets for the Society's first-ever Grand Prize Draw (raises £2,531). Publications The Vegan Holiday & Restaurant Guide by Colin Howlett, £2.50. A 'Vegan Publications Fund' is launched. THE



Staff Ian Thompson's employment ends. Events (internal) Sandra Battram takes over prison liaison work. Events(external) Veganomics, a vegan restaurant sited in Lewisham (London), opens. Arthur Ling initiates the formation of Vegan Inspired Proprietors — "dedicated to the promotion of veganism via the healthfood trade". (The Vegan, Summer 1988.) During the year, Vegans International is established.

SUMMER 1988 Finance Annual income (to 30 June 1988): £85,942; deficit: £875; assets: £64,473. The Vegan Reports that 6 months on since publication, sales of the CrueltyFree Shopper have reached 5,000 copies. Membership (To 30 June) New members: 1,229. Events (internal) Tenth Frey Ellis Memorial Lecture, 'Ethics and the Peaceable Kingdom' by Stephen Clark, Living Without Cruelty Exhibition, Kensington Town Hall, London, 25 June. Events (external) Third International Vegan Festival, Bringhausen, Lake Eder, nr Kassel, West Germany,

16-23 July. On 18 July, 20 supporters of 'Vegan Mothers & Children' stage a 'women and children only' National Demonstration at Sturminster Newton (Dorset) cattle market.

AUTUMN 1988 EGM Westminster Cathedral Conference Centre, London, 24 September. Members vote to require that full membership requires nonconsumption of honey — as set out in the Society's original Manifesto of 1944.

Membership subs Individual — £10, Unwaged Individual — £5, Family — £12, Unwaged Family — £7.50, Junior (under 18) — 5, Life — £125. Events (internal) Council terminates the membership of Alfred Bunting. Deaths Eva Batt, 81, 26 February.

SPRING 1989 Council Co-optees — Richard Farhall (who later resigns), Tim Key.

Elected President — Arthur Ling; Deputy President — Chris Langley; Vice-Presidents — Eva Batt, Serena Coles, Freya Dinshah, Jay Dinshah, Grace Smith, Donald Watson; Council — Vincent FitzGerald.

The Vegan Price rises to £1. Reports that the response to the Cruelty-Free Database Appeal has been disappointing — £3,000 and no donations from national animal welfare/rights organizations. A logo competition is announced — for a "national and international logo to identify genuinely cruelty-free products". Geerings of Ashford takes on printing, and selling display advertising space. A communication from the Chair, 'Vegan Society v Oblivion' is issued. (The Appeal raises £7,000.)

Council Chair — Chris Langley, Hon Treasurer — Vincent FitzGerald. Cooptee — Arthur Ling.

Publications Import: Pregnancy, Children and the Vegan Diet by Dr Michael Klaper.

WINTER 1988-89 The Vegan Reports that Vegan Inspired Proprietors is now known as the Vegan Business Connection and announces the setting up of CrueltyFree Database Appeal. An "anonymous would-be donor" offers to match all donations.

Events (internal) The jointly-organized Great British MeatOut Gala [vegan] Dinner & The Animals Awards take place at the Cafe Royal, Regent Street, London, 17 March. Animal Aid, Compassion in World Farming, the Vegan Society and the Vegetarian Society run a coalition stand at the British Food & Farming Festival, Hyde Park, 4 - 7 May.

Publications Vegan Nutrition: a Survey of Research by Gill Langley, £4.95.


A G M Westminster Cathedral Conference Centre, London, 24 September. Members hear Donald Watson speak on 'The Vegan Society: The Early Years and the Present Challenge'.

Finance Annual income (to 30 June 1989): £101,785; deficit: £6,676; assets: £57,797. Publications A number of publishing projects are halted due to insufficient funds. Staff General Secretary — Richard Farhall, Office Manager — Amanda Rofe. Colin Howlett is made redundant. Membership (As at 30 June) 3,300 (new members — 1,221). Events (internal) Eleventh Frey Ellis Memorial Lecture,

'Eating Without Cruelty: Myths and Reality' by Gill Langley, Living Without Cruelty Exhibition, Kensington Town Hall, London, 17 June. The Grand Prize Draw becomes the Grand Cruelty-Free Draw and establishes itself as the main annual fundraising event. (To 30 June) 'Post In' — 18,000. Events (external) Bloomsbury publishes the second Cruelty-Free Shopper by Lis Howlett. In June, a new vegan shop, the Radical Carrot, opens in Worcester. Fourth International Vegan Festival, Nordhem, Sweden, 7 - 1 3 August. Commodities Farley's reformulates its infant formula OsterSoy to make it vegan-friendly.

Congratulations on your 50th Anniversary. We wish you further success in future campaigns. TINA RICKARDS& JOHN BEDDOWES, OWNERS, ONE EARTH SHOP, BIRMINGHAM

Many congratulations to the Vegan SocietyHappy 50th! JON MANN, DIRECTOR, HONESTY

AUTUMN 1989 The Vegan First to be edited by Richard Farhall. First appearance of 'Young Vegans Go For It!' by Amanda Rofe. A G M Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London, 30 September. Over 100 members and associates attend. After lengthy discussion, members agree to adopt an amended set of Annual Accounts. Citing expiry of allotted time, the Chair adjourns the meeting "to an unspecified date and venue for the purpose of considering unfinished business — Appointment of Auditors, Proposals for Special and Ordinary Resolutions, Election of Deputy President, Election of VicePresidents and AOB". Elected President — Arthur Ling; Council — Harold Atkinson, Amy Austin, Terry Bevis, Kaylie Day, Sandra Battram, Adrian Ling, Arthur Ling, Louise Molyneux, Tim Powell, Teri Richardson, Richard Savage. Council Chair — Rick Savage, Hon Treasurer — Vincent FitzGerald. Louise Molyneux resigns. Council adopts a 'Voluntary Code of Conduct for Council Members'.

Congratulations on your 50th birthday! What you need is a famous Bay Tree chocolate cake(!) and hopefully many more years. Best wishes. THE BAY TREE CAFE COOPERATIVE, GLASGOW

When we're sabbing every day, Helping foxes get away, Our success we think may, Come from living the vegan way! BY NECKIE (PEOPLES' POET!) PAUL GAMMON, CHAIRPERSON, HUNT SABOTEURS ASSOCIATION

Events(external) Ashton-underLyne's Sunflower Restaurant becomes vegan. Gelatine-free photography becomes possible with the launch of the Canon Ion — a camera which uses a floppy disk instead of film. Images are viewed via a TV screen and it may be possible to print hard copies using desk top publishing systems.

WINTER 1989-90 Finance The Society ends the year with around £13,000 in reserve. The XXIX

As proponents of the ideas of true vegetarianism we send the Vegan Society our congratulations and continuing support for its cause. l/Ve have been associated with research and campaigning to this end in the styles of the Vegetarian Nutritional Research Centre and then as a section of the Vegetarian Society of the UK, and now as the newly-formed VEGA (Vegetarian Economy and Green Agriculture). The Milk Marketing Board folds up this November as the Vegan Society celebrates its own 50th Anniversary. Milk, like meat, fish, and eggs, is being tipped from the dietary pedestal. Let us look forward to the dismantling in the next 50 years of many or 'our' organizations as their vigour and effect render them redundant with the demise of the live/deadstock industry. ALAN LONG, HON RESEARCH ADVISOR, VEGA


Treasurer warns that by July 1990 the Society could face extinction. The Vegan First appearance of Mark Thatcher's cartoon strip, 'A Vegan in the Family'. Staff Kathleen McCormack becomes the second part-time Administrative Assistant. Membership subs Individual — £12*, Unwaged Individual — £6, Family — £15*, Unwaged Family — £10, Junior (under 18) — 6, Life — £250. (* Includes a complimentary Cruelty-Free Shopper.) Events (internal) The rent on the Society's office is about to double and so members are asked to indicate their interest in applying for debentures in the Society for the purpose of purchasing freehold premises. Commodities The Vegan reports the development, by Green Dragon Animal-Free Foods, of a hard 'cheese' — Scheese.

SPRING 1990 A G M (Reconvened 1989), Friends Meeting House, Bull Street, Birmingham, 5 May. 30 members and associates attend. " N o outstanding proposals for resolution or items for A O B are dealt with — all having been withdrawn by the proposers/seconders or effectively withdrawn by the proposer '/seconders' non-attendance." (The Vegan, Summer 1990.) Elected Deputy President — Vacant; Vice-Presidents — Serena Coles, Freya Dinshah, Jay Dinshah, Grace Smith, Donald Watson. Council Vincent FitzGerald resigns as Hon Treasurer and Council member. Joint Hon Treasurers — Harold Atkinson, Terry Bevis. Hospital Liaison Officer — Tim Powell. The Vegan Price rises to £1.25. A Vegan Club Draw is introduced. (It boosts revenue by an average of £1,000 /year.) First appearance in The Vegan of 'Prison Eye' by Sandra Battram. Staff James Crawford is made redundant. Merchandise 'Free Zone' tee shirt, £5.95. Events (internal) The Society obtains a private mortgage of £60,000 from member, Kathleen Maxwell. It is repayable over 10 years at 5% pa interest. Plamil Foods' accountant is

€jHujjO O Lhoujtxb Jnjfc £h<z majority

jWicC QY&n'k

ink^li^nh [if^J &v<*rv v a c a t e 1 1 •

A Multi-Purpose

authorized to handle administrative tasks, excluding payment, associated with staff salaries. On 16 May, the Society moves to its new freehold property near Hastings, East Sussex. It comprises a ground floor for office use and two floors for residential use. The Society launches its new Trade Mark. It commences licensing companies to use it on products meeting its 'no animal ingredients' and 'no animal testing' criteria. Plamil Foods is the first to be licensed.

Events (external) Vegan Society member Sally Eastall is the 18th woman to finish in the London Marathon, with a personal best of 2:34:31. Address 7 Battle Road, St Leonardson-Sea, East Sussex TN37 7AA.

SUMMER 1990 Finance Annual income (to 30 June 1990): £116,924; deficit: £3,153; assets: £54,644. The Vegan Contains the results of 'The Vegan Readership Survey'. Around 66% of respondents are unwaged or low-waged; 86% consider The Vegan 'very good' or 'good'; 70% are aged 18^44; 63% became vegan for 'animal' rights' reasons. The Vegan Advisory Committee — comprising Amy Austin, Adrian Ling and Tim Powell — is formed. Advertising returns in-house. Merchandise New sales goods: 'Blood Curdling' poster (75p), Multi-



Purpose cards (£1.50/4), 'Vegans Go All the Way' tee shirt (£7.50) and a writing pad (£2.25). Membership (As at 30 June) 3,150 (new members: 1,261). Events (internal) Twelfth Frey Ellis Memorial Lecture, 'Living Without Cruelty: Why Business and Politics Must Mix', Melody Lovelace and Ron Bailey, Living Without Cruelty Exhibition, Kensington Town Hall, London, 16 June. Council terminates the membership of Colin Howlett. (To 30 June) 'Post In' — 18,000, 'Post Out' — 30,000. Events (external) Fifth International Vegan Festival, Hengelo, Holland, 21-28 July. The Vegan Bikers Association and French Vegan Society are formed. In August, Sally Eastall is the 11th woman home at the European Games Marathon, with a time of 2:41:37.

AUTUMN 1990 AGM Methodist Central Hall, Storey's Gate, London, 27 October. Over 100 members and associates attend. Elected President — Arthur Ling; Deputy President — Amy Austin; Vice-Presidents — Serena Coles, Freya Dinshah, Jay Dinshah, Cor Nouws, Donald Watson. Council — Harry Bonnie, Lance Cruse, Clive Forest. Council Chair — Rick Savage, Joint Hon Treasurers — Harold Atkinson, Terry Bevis. The Vegan First appearances of 'KeyNotes on Nutrition' by Tim Key and 'Growsense' by Julie Walsh. Amanda Rofe takes over 'Shoparound' from Lis Howlett. The issue reports that: "a substantial num-

ber of products — both food and nonfood — are tested routinely for the presence of bacterial contaminants, and that the nutrient media 'fed' to the bacteria (in order to identify them) are derived from meat, slaughterhouse products or milk". The Vegan Advisory Committee is re-named The Vegan Editorial Committee. Events (internal) Members are sent a personal 'Supporter's Money Box — Change For the Better'. When they have saved £12 in change and deposited with the Society they receive a free entry into a draw for a vegan hamper. The Society runs a 'Food For All' Festive Draw. 10% of proceeds go to developing and promoting leaf concentrate for relief purposes. Events (external) A new vegan shop, Evergreen Stores, opens in Dewsbury, West Yorks. Katherine Monbiot, a vegan, becomes the champion British Heavyweight Woman Arm Wrestler. The Vegan carries an item on the recently-established, Cornwall-based 'Plants For a Future' — a vegan alternative plant project with 12,000 species of plants. "Its aim is to demonstrate the wide variety of useful commodities such as food, fuel, fibres, medicines etc. that can be obtained from plants grown in this country." Deaths Grace Smith, 76, September.

WINTER 1990-91 The Vegan The masthead is changed to match the Society's logo. Eco Projects takes over display and semidisplay advertising.

Publications The Vegan Society, Vegetarian Society, Compassion in World Farming and Chicken's Lib jointly produce a leaflet against the festive turkey slaughter.

Staff Employment Trainee — Keith Bird.

Membership subs Individual — £12, Unwaged Individual — £8, Family — £15, Unwaged Family — £10, Junior (under 18) — 6, Life — £250.

Events (internal) Thirteenth (and last) Frey Ellis Memorial Lecture, 'The Necessity For Compassion' by Kathleen Jannaway, Living Without Cruelty Exhibition, Kensington Town Hall, London, 15 June. The Local Vegan Contacts Network is re-activated; co-ordinated by Clive Forest. Plamil's accountant ceases to undertake the Society's payroll administration. (To 30 June) 'Post In' — 18,237, 'Post Out' — 33,014.

Events (internal) Jointly-organized 'MeatOut Fair', Kensington Town Hall 2 December.

SPRING 1991 The Vegan Lists three 'famous vegans': Carl Lewis — Olympic sprinter, Lindsay Wagner ('Bionic Woman'), and Benjamin Zephaniah — Rasta poet. It asks for members' views on postal voting for Council members and the provision of proxy voting for other AGM business. Events (external) Sally Eastall is the third British woman home in the ADT London Marathon.

SUMMER 1991 Finance Annual income (to 30 June 1990): £140,370; surplus: £26,289; assets: £80,933. The Vegan Chief illustrator — Suzanne Whitelock. Annie Brosnan takes over 'Shoparound'. Two more well-known vegans get a mention: Martin Shaw — actor, Gordon F Newman — writer and Vegan Society member. Publications Animal-Free Shopper, £4.50. Payment of book royalties to Colin and Lis Howlett cease.

Membership (As at 30 June) 3,250 (new members — 1,264).

AUTUMN 1991 AGM Methodist Central Hall, Storey's Gate, London, 19 October. Over 200 members and associates attend — many on the strength of a rumour that the Society is about to be taken over by supporters of the Animal Liberation Front. It is a stormy meeting. The President rules that the Council election will be undertaken by post with The Vegan. "The President closed the meeting at 5.15pm, announcing that there would be a reconvened meeting. A large number of members tried to continue the meeting by attempting to elect new members of Council. In order to permit a Council meeting to be held at 5.30pm the President summoned the police, who cleared the hall." (AGM Minutes) Council Local Contacts Co-ordinator — Terry Bevis. Events (internal) The Society's auditors, Critchleys, conduct the Council election by post.

Congratulations to the Vegan Society on its 50th Anniversary from Hartwood Aromatics, suppliers of aromatherapy products to vegans. LINDA EDGE. MARKETING & DISTRIBUTION MANAGER

Sincere congratulations to the Vegan Society on reaching its 50th Anniversary. As the number one name in sweets, Trebor Bassett is committed to providing a range of products for every consumer. This includes veganfriendly products such as Pascall Fruit Bob Bons and Murray Mints. TREBOR BASSETT

If it wasn't for the Vegan Society animals and people everywhere would have a very bleak future. Thanks for proving it's easy to live a compassionate lifestyle. JIM, CO-ORDINATING ANIMAL WELFARE

The Vegan, Summer



Congratulations to the Vegan Society on its 50th Anniversary May it long continue to support those desiring an ethical and healthy world. JOHN BROOKE, VEGAN HOMOEOPATH



Congratulations! Keep going on forever! URI GELLER

Congratulations to the Vegan Society on its first 50 animal-friendly years. Here's to the next 50 years of cruelty-free shopping! KATE BLACK, BEAUTY WITHOUT CRUELTY CHARITY

Inspired by the ethical integrity of Britain's vegan pioneers, we in Australia join in your celebrations. May the next 50 years see the vegan lifestyle adopted worldwide. DR MYER SAMRA, VEGAN SOCIETY (NSW)

Events (external) In September, Canadian vegan singer, Bryan Adams, breaks a 36-year-old record by topping the British charts for the 12th consecutive week with Everything I Do) I Do It For You. In the same month, vegan Carl Lewis breaks the world 1 OOm record at the Tokyo World Athletics Championship, with a time of 37.5 seconds. Veganomics closes.

WINTER 1 9 9 1 - 9 2 E G M Methodist Central Hall, Storey's Gate, London, 19 October. Members vote against validating the postal vote. A G M Methodist Central Hall, Storey's Gate, London, 19 October. Members vote to introduce postal voting for all future Council elections and to drop 'Ltd' from the Society's name. A Council-backed proposal to remove Carl Turner from Council, for allowing himself to be elected under a false name (Clive Forest), is not considered. Elected President — Louise Wallis; Deputy President — Rick Savage; Vice-Presidents — Serena Coles, Freya Dinshah, Jay Dinshah, Arthur Ling, Tony Martin, Cor Nouws, Donald Watson, Robin Webb. Council — Barry Emptage, Tony Martin, Bill Poad, Louise Wallis, Robin Webb. Council Chair — Rick Savage, Vice-Chair —Bill Poad, Hon Treasurer — Terry Be vis. Lance Cruse resigns. The Vegan Carries an article on the Vegan Way Environmental Builders. The Vegan Editorial Committee is disbanded. Publications The joint festive turkey leaflet is re-issued. Membership subs Individual — £15, Unwaged Individual — £10, Family/Joint — £20, Unwaged Family/Joint — £14, Junior (under 18) — 8, Life — £250. Events (internal) Jointly-organized Great British MeatOut Christmas Fayre, Kensington Town Hall, 1 December. Council adopts a policy statement on violence. Council destroys the sealed envelope containing the results of the invalid postal election.

SPRING 1992 The Vegan Carries the first instalment of 'Veganism and Fitness' by xxxii

former vegan professional footballing brothers, Neil and John Robinson. Regular cookery writer — Richard Youngs. Council Co-optees — Dougie Gordon, Martyn Allen (Joint Local Contacts Co-ordinators). Hospital Liaison Officer — Dougie Gordon. Barry Emptage resigns. Events (internal) Athene Trust Coalition stand, ASDA Festival of Food & Farming, Hyde Park, 14-17 May. Jay Dinshah resigns as VicePresident on 30 April. Council applies to the Charity Commission for a cy pres scheme to allow specific donations to the Cruelty-Free Database Appeal, and monies raised by means of the 1989 Grand CrueltyFree Draw, to be properly transferred to general funds. Events (external) The Radical Carrot becomes The Carrot Returns.

SUMMER 1992 Finance Annual income (to 30 June 1992): £96,266; deficit: £13,482; assets: £67,451. Publications A5 general leaflet. Council Carl Turner resigns. Membership (As at 30 June) 2,926 (new members — 905). Events (internal) (To 30 June) 'Post In' — 17,342, 'Post Out' — 30,289. Events (external) Sally Eastall is the first British woman home in the Barcelona Olympics Women's Marathon. She comes 14th in a time of 2:41:20. Vegan Society member, Barbara Gamsa-Jackson organizes the Sixth International Vegan Festival, Ickwell Bury, Beds, England, 1-8 August.

AUTUMN 1992 A G M Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, 5 December. Around 100 members and associates attend. The meeting votes to abolish the positions of President and Deputy President, re-name Vice-Presidents 'Honorary Patrons' and require that Council elects a Vice Chair. (A recording of the AGM is later made available on videotape.) Elected President — Louise Wallis; Deputy President — Rick Savage; Vice-Presidents — Serena Coles, Freya Dinshah, Cor Nouws, Donald Watson. Council — Martyn Allen, Terry Bevis, Olive Jones, Martin

Masterman-Lister, Tim Powell, Rick Savage. Council Chair — Louise Wallis, Hon Treasurer — Terry Bevis, Local Contacts Co-ordinator — Martyn Allen. Arthur Ling resigns. Events(internal) The Society's computers are replaced. Richard Duriez commences work on a video.

WINTER 1992-93 The Vegan Contains an article on 'Invertebrate Pain' by Ashby McGowan. Events (internal) The Vegan Video Fund is launched with a target of £5,000. In January, a Mediation Panel — comprising Robin Lane, Dave Wetton, and Robin Howard — is appointed to "investigate and make recommendations for finally resolving Colin and Lis Howlett's disputes with the Vegan Society".

SPRING 1993 Council Co-optee — Robin Lane. Robin Webb resigns. The Vegan Carries an article on bristle production by Sandra Battram, the first 'Womenspeak' by Louise Wallis, and a report that EC Directive 666/934-1 (Control of Dangerous Subversives in Member States) requires all EC-resident vegans to present themselves to their local police station on 1.4.93 for the purpose of registering their details on the 'EC Register of Dangerous Subversives'. Events (internal) Council adopts a 'Statement of Intent' and decides the Society cannot afford to renew its registration of 'Vegan' as a trade mark in class 25 (Boots, shoes & slippers). In May, the Society finds itself swamped with national and regional media coverage resulting from an inaccurate report that it wants to ban egg and spoon races. It provides an unexpected opportunity to draw attention to the cruelty involved in both battery and freerange egg production. Events (external) The '1993 Realeat Survey into Meat-Eating and Vegetarianism', conducted by Gallop, 20 January-3 February, puts the number of adult vegans in Britain at 87,000-139,000.

SUMMER 1993 Finance Annual income (to 30 June 1993): £114,570; surplus: £9,520; assets: £81,231.

The Vegan Carries the first part of the well-received 'The Manual of Animal Rights' by David CowlesHamar, and the first instalment of Barbara Smith's 'Vegan Gardening Notes'. First appearance of the offbeat cookery cartoon strip 'J D Hoo' by Sarah Hymas. Display & semi display advertising return in-house. Publications Second Shopper, £4.95.


Staff Administrative Assistant — Keith Bird. Membership (As at 30 June) 3,024 (new members — 841). Events (internal) Franny & Rachel Armstrong, Frank Hutson and Louise Wallis take over production of the video. (To 30 June) 'Post In' — 17,766, 'Post Out' — 34,234. Events (external) On 5 June, George Crocker celebrates his birthday. Seventh International Festival, Tossa de Mar, Spain, July.

vegan 100th Vegan 17-24

WINTER 1993-94

The Vegan Print run: 5,000.

Council Olive Jones resigns.

Publications Joint VS/Campaign Against Leather & Fur 'Leather' leaflet.

Events (internal) Prison Liaison Officer — Simon Russell. The Vegan Video Fund target is raised to £7,000. Membership subscriptions are now due on the anniversary of joining. Homes for Elderly Vegans Fund: £73,733.

SPRING 1994 The Vegan Angela Novello takes over 'Young Vegans'. Merchandise 50th Anniversary commemorative tee shirt, £8.95. Events (internal) Robin Lane resigns from the Mediation Panel. Council designates 1 November each year 'World Vegan Day'. 'Ltd' is removed from the Society's company name. Deaths Bernard Drake, 81, 22 March.

SUMMER 1994 AUTUMN 1993 AGM Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, 13 November. Around 100 members and associates attend. The meeting votes to re-name associates 'supporters' and to give greater representation to members facing expulsion. The meeting is followed by an illustrated talk by Julia Hope Jaquel on her travelling experiences and meetings with vegans worldwide.

Finance Annual income (to 30 June 1994): £159,062; surplus: £55,658; assets: £132,541.

Staff Assistant General Secretary — Julie Whitlock. Membership (As at 30 June) 2,972 (new members — 862). Events (internal) The Vegan Video Fund reaches its target. Launch of the new video, Truth or Dairy (£9) is postponed after the BBC withdraws permission to use footage. The application for the Cruelty-Free Database Appeal cy pres scheme is concluded. Council resolves, subject to the Founder's approval (later granted), to name the Society's premises 'Donald Watson House'. A significant upturn in legacy income prompts the formation of a sub-committee — comprising Terry Bevis, Richard Farhall and Rick Savage — to conduct a major review of all activities undertaken by the Society. (To 30 June) 'Post In' — 16,221, 'Post Out' — 27,777.

Council Chair — Louise Wallis, Vice-Chair — Rick Savage, Hon Treasurer — Terry Bevis, Local Contacts Co-ordinator — Martyn Allen. The Vegan Price rises to £1.75. Carries an article on vegan bodybuilding. Merchandise 'Festive Postcard', £1.95/8. Events (external) In October, Katherine Monbiot comes first in the women's 55 kilo class at the 14th World Arm Wrestling Championships, held in Edmonton, Canada. Vegan actor River Phoenix dies, aged 23.


Events (external) The British government decides not to contest (in the European Court) the EU statutory requirement that soya milk producers be prohibited from using the descriptive term 'milk'.

A very happy 50th Birthday to the Vegan Society! Always a constant source of invaluable information and an inspiration to me throughout my football career.


T h e w i d e s p r e a d u s e of l e a t h e r by t h o s e who consider themselves compassionate t o w a r d s a n i m a l s is d u e m a i n l y t o i g n o r a n c e about its production a n d t h e

Elected President — Louise Wallis; Hon Patrons — Serena Coles, Freya Dinshah, Jay Dinshah, Cor Nouws, Donald Watson. Council — Alex Bourke, Patrick Browne, Frank Hutson, Robin Lane, Tony Martin.

From an impossible ideal to worldwide recognition in just 50 years and your 'compassion power' increases daily. Veganism is animal liberation. Well done and thank you.

L€&tr>€R p e r p e t u a t i o n of v a r i o u s m y t h s

Congratulations to the dedicated members, supporters and sympathizers who have proudly upheld the principles of veganism since 1944. Best wishes for the next 50 years from Doves Farm Foods CURE MARRIAGE

Continued success in your extremely worthy venture ROBIN GIBB, MUSICIAN






The Aims of The Vegan Society are:â&#x20AC;&#x201D;

The Vegan Society


(1) To advocate that man's food should be derived from fruits, nuts, vegetables, grams and other wholesome non-animal produces and that it should exclude flesh, fish, fowl, eggs, honey, and animals' milk, butter and cheese. (2) To encourage the manufacture and use of alternatives to animal commodities. The Vegan Society seeks to abolish man's dependence on animals, with its inevitable cruelty and slaughter, and to create instead a more reasonable and humane order of society. Whilst honouring the efforts of all who are striving to achieve the emancipation of man and of animals, The Vegan Society suggests that results must remain limited so long as the exploitation in food and clothing production is ignored. The Vegan Society is eager that it should be realised how closely the meat and dairy produce Industries are related. The atrocities of dairy

farming are, in some ways, greater than those of the meat industry but they are more obscured by ignorance. Moreover, The Vegan Society asserts that the use of milk in any form after the period of weaning is biologically wrong and that, except when taken directly from the mother, it becomes polluted and unsafe. The Society, therefore, sees no honourable alternative but to challenge the traditions of orthodoxy by advocating a completely revised dietary based on reason and humane principle and guided by science to meet physiological requirements. It is not suggested that Veganism alone would be sufficient to solve ~ all the problems of individual and social well-being, but so closely is its philosophy linked with morality, hygiene, aesthetics and agricultural economy that its adoption would remedy many unsatisfactory features of present-day Life. Thus, if the curse of exploitation were removed, spiritual influences, operating for good, would develop conditions assuring a greater degree of happiness and prosperity for all. Enquiries should be addressed to:â&#x20AC;&#x201D; The Honorary Secretary, The Vegan Society, " 67 Evesham Road, Leicester.

ft** tfbh Vegan Society Manifesto,





P r i c e Sd. NO.


( P o s t free


Yearly Subscription 1/'NOVEMBER


The recent a r t i c l e B and l e t t ^ s i n " T h e Vegetarian Messenger" on the question of the use of d a i r y produce have revealed very strong evidence to show that the production of these foods involves much cruel e x p l o i t a t i o n ard slaughter of highly sentient l i f e . The excuse that it i s not necessary to k i l l in order to obtain d a i r y produce i s untenable for those with a knowledge of livestock farming methods and of the competition which even humanitarian farmers must f a c e i f they are to remain i n b u s i n e s s . For years many of us accepted, as lacto-vegetarians, that the flesh-food industry and the dairy produce industry were r e l a t e d , and that in some ways they subsidised one another. >/e accepted, t h e r e f o r e , that the case on e t h i c a l grounds for the d i s u s e of these foods was exceptionally strong, and we hoped that sooner or l a t e r a c r i s i s i n our conscience would set us f r e e . Tha't freedom has now come to u s . Having followed A d i e t free from a l l animal food for periods varying from a few weeks i n some coses, to many years io others, we b e l i e v e our i d e a s and experiences a r e ' s u f f i c i e n t l y mature to be recorded. The unquestionable cruelty 'associ'ted with the production of d a i r y produce has made i t clear that lactovegetnrianism i s but a half-way house between flesh-eating and r. truly humane, c i v i l i s e d d i e t , and we t h i n k , t h e r e f o r e , that d u r i n g our l i f e on earth we should try to evolve s u f f i c i e n t l y to make the ' f u l l journey*. We can see quite p l a i n l y that our present c i v i l i s a t i o n i s b u i l t on the e x p l o i t a t i o n of animals, just a s p a s ' c i v i l i s a t i o n s were b u i l t on the e x p l o i t a t i o n of s l a v e s , and we b e l i e v e the s p i r i t u a l destiny of man i s such that i n time he w i l l view with abhorrence the idea that men once fed on the products of animals' b o d i e s . Even though the s c i e n t i f i c evidence may be l a c k i n g , we shrewdly suspect that the great impediment to man's moral development may be that he i s a p a r a s i t e of lower forms of animal l i f e . Investigation into the non-material ( v i b r a t i o n a l ) properties of foods has yet barely begun, and i t i s not l i k e l y that the usual m a t e r i a l i s t i c methods of research w i l l bs a b l e to h e l p much with i t . But i s i t not p o s s i b l e that as a r e s u l V of e l i m i n a t i n g a l l rnimal vibrations from our d i e t we may discover the way not only to r e a l l y healthy c e l l construction but also to r. degree of i n t u i t i o n and psychic awareness unknown at present? A common criticism I s that the time i s not yet r i p e for our reform. Can time ever be ripe for any reform u n l e s s i t i s ripened by human determination? Did V/ilbetforce wait f o r the ' r i p e n i n g ' of time before he commenced h i s f i g h t agoinst._&lrvery? Did Edwin Chadwick, Lord Shaftesbury, end Charles Kingsley w°.it f o r such a non-existent moment before trying to convince the great dead weight cf p u b l i c opinion that clean water and bathrooms would be an improvement? I f they had declared their i n t e n t i o n to poison everybody the opposition they met could hardly have been greater. There i s an obvious danger in leaving the fulfilment of our i d e a l s to p o s t e r i t y , f o r p o s t e r i t y mr.y not have our i d e a l s . Evolution can be retrogressive as w e l l as p r o g  e s s i v e , indeed there seems always to be a strong gravitation the wrong way unless e x i s t i n g standrrds are guarded and new v i s i o n s honoured. For t h i s reaBon we heve formed our Group, the f i r s t of i t s k i n d , we b e l i e v e , i n t h i s or any other country.

Congratulations to the Vegan Society on its 50th Anniversary. We wish you every success with your very practical help for the animal kingdom. MARJORIE SUICLIFFE, CAPTIVE ANIMALS' PROTECTION SOCIETY COUNCIL

Having seen veganism grow steadily during 25 years, I congratulate the Vegan Society on its 50th Anniversary. HARRY MATHER, EDITOR, VEGAN VIEWS'

Everyone at Daniel Field Organic & Mineral Hairdressing wish you continued success promoting awareness of vegan products and companies. Keep up the good work! SAM LEWIS

Well done! Hopefully the world will be vegan within the next fifty years. GRAEME WOTHERSPOON, OFFICER MANAGER, PETA(EUROPE)


Congratulations to the Vegan Society on your first fifty years. Good luck for the next fifty - hopefully you won't be needed after that! JAN CREAMER, DIRECTOR, NATIONAL ANTIVIVISECTION SOCIETY

Congratulations to the Vegan Society on reaching its 50th Anniversary. Many thanks to the earliest members whose trailblazing efforts made being a vegan much easier today. SALLY EASTALL, VEGAN INTERNATIONAL MARATHON RUNNER

Thanks for 50 years of inspiration and example. In a world that seems increasingly filled with suffering, abuse and neglect we need the Vegan Society. WILLIAM TRAVERS, DIRECTOR, BORN FREE FOUNDATION

ORGANISATION OP THE GkQUP. Our 25 Members are scattered far and wide, therefore a Committee is not possible. In the fbsence of other volunteers I have undertaken the duties of Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, find Hon. A u d i t o r , and i f this undemocratic Constitution offends, I nm open to receive suggestions of any scheme that would enable me, either i n t e n t i o n a l l y or a c c i d e n t a l l y , to embezzle the Group's funds from 6UbscriptionB of a s h i l l i n g a year.' The work of the Group at f i r s t will be confined to the propaganda contained in the Bulletin. Very great interest has recently been aroused by our a r g u m e n t s , and i t seems certain that the bulletin will be widely rend. Many orders for the f i r s t four quarterly issues have already been received, and more w i l l come when we advertise. Mr J.W.wobertson S c o t t , Editor of "The Countryman", has written to us - " I should be glcd to hear what success you have in collecting non-dairy produce consumers. I have nlwaye f e l t that from the agricultural point of view the vegetarian occupies a n i l l o g i c a l p o s i t i o n , for Just as eggs cannot be produced without k i l l i n g cockerels, dairy produce cannot be economically got without the co-operation of the butcher." The clarity by which vegetcrians generally n,re seeing this issue i s «sirell represented by the result of e recent debate arranged by the Croydon Vegetarian Society, when the motion was carried almost unanimously 'That vegetarians should aim at elimincting a l l dairy p r o d u c e ' . I f we remember rightly the voting was 30 to 2 . Our Members are pronounced Individualists, not easily scared by c r i t i c i s m , and f i l l e d with the spirit of pioneers, rnd one feels they w i l l never allow their magazine to degenerate into a purely secretarial production. A l l are invited to subscribe something periodically to make the magazine interesting, u s e f u l , and thought provoking. Could we have a s e r i e s of articles ( o f about 600 words) on "My Spiritual Philosophy"? A r t i c l e s , l e t t e r s , recipes, diet charts, health records, press cuttings, gardening h i n t s , advice on baby culture, advertisements (free to Members), a l l w i l l be welcome. Letters of criticism from those who disagree with us w i l l also be published. This is real pioneer work, and if. we cooperate f u l l y we shall certainly eee| an advancement in humanitarian p r a c t i c e , and perhaps we shall reveal some otherwise inaccessible dietetic truths.--* Let us remember how very much of modem dietetic research i s fostered by vested interests and performed in vivisection laboratories, and that incidentally we are s t i l l without much data concerning the merits of d i e t s free from animal food. We .know that domesticated animr.le to-day are almost universally diseased, therefore so long ae 99.9999% of the population consume the products of these d? .eased bodies, how ere we to measure the mischief such foods may be doing? A hundred people living • s t r i c t l y on a ' l i v e ' non-animal diet for a few years would furnish data of inestimable value. Government grants have been made for much less u s e f u l s o c i a l work! WANTED - A NAME. W© should a l l consider carefully what our Group, and our magazine, ar.d ourselves, shall be called. 'Non-dairy' has become established as a generally understood colloquialism, but like 'non-lncto' i t i s too negative. Moreover i t does not imply that we are opposed to the use of eggs as food. We need a name that suggests what we do eat, and i f p o s s i b l e one that conveys the idea that even with all animal foods taboo, Nature s t i l l offers ua a bewildering assortment from which to choose. 'Vegetarian' and ' f r u i t a r i a n ' are already associated with s o c i e t i e s that allow the ' f r u i t s ' ( I ) of cows and fowls, therefore it seems we must make p. new and appropriate wo^pd. As this f i r s t issue of our p e r i o d i c a l had to be named, I have used the t i t l e "The Vegan News". Should we adopt t h i s , our diet w i l l soon become knov/n as a VEGAN d i e t , and we should aspire to the rank of VEGANS. Members' suggestions w i l l be welcomed. The virtue of having a short title is best known ^o those o f us who, as secretaries of vegetarian societies have to type or write the word vegetarian thousands of times a year.' OUR RELATIONS WITH THE LACTO-VEC STiuixANS. The object of our Group is to state a case for a reform that we think 1b moral, safe end logical. In doing so we s h a l l , of course, say strongly why we condemn che use of dairy produce and eggs. In return we shall expect to be criticised. It w i l l be no concern of ours i f we f a i l to convert others, but we do think


Congratulations on 50 cruelty-free years. i t should concern them i f , deep in t h e i r h e a r t s , they know we are r i g h t . In any c a s e , there need toe no fchimosity between ourselves and the ' l a c t o s ' . We a l l accept that lacto-vegetarianism hae a w e l l appointed place i n dietary evolution, c.nd f o r t h i s reason several uf us spend a great d e a l of our time working for the lacto-vegetcrina C a u s e , i/uring recent years the two national vegetarian s o c i e t i e s have devoted much space in t h e i r magazines to t h i s question of the u s e of d a i r y produce, and we have every reason to b e l i e v e they w i l l attach importance to our work and occasionally report on i t . (Before forming the Group, the suggestion was to The Vegetarian Society that such e ° e c t i o n be formed as part of the Society. The suggestion was considered sympathetically by the Committee, who decided that the f u l l energies of the Society must continue to be a p p l i e d to the task of abolishing f l e s h - e a t i n g , and that any such Group would, t h e r e f o r e , be freer to act as an independent b o d y . ) The need to prove that i t i s possible to t h r i v e without d a i r y produce i s , of course, f a r too important f o r any lacto-vegetnrian to ignoreTo-resign oneself to lacto-vegetnrianism as a. s a t i s f a c t o r y solution to the d i e t problem i s to accept a sequence of h o r r i b l e farmyard and slaughter-house incidents as part of an i n e v i t a b l e D i v i n e P l a n , deed i t be added thnt i t would imply too accepting the spectacle of a grown man attached to the udder of a cow as a d i g n i f i e d and r a t i o n a l i n t e n t i o n on the part of HatureJ Without making any claims to 'self-righteousness, we f e e l i n a strong position to c r i t i c i s e lacto-ve^etnrianism, because the worst we can say w i l l be but f r e p e t i t i o n of c r i t i c i s m we havg already levelled against ourselves. Therefore we s h a l l express the Truth as we see i t and f e e l i t , and though our f r i e n d s the lacto-vegetnrinns may reject our ideas i f they w i s h , we hope they w i l l ' n o t reject us for s t a t i n g them.


The Vegan Society stands at the forefront of the world move towards compassionate living. Congratulations and good wishes for future success. MAXWELL GLEE, HON GENERAL SECRETARY, INTERNATIONAL VEGETARIAN UNION

CONCERNING OURSELVES. So f a r as we are aware, every Member cf our Group has discarded the u s e of d a i r y produce f o r humanitarian reasons, we a r e not by any means ignorant of orthodox d i e t e t i c t h e o r i e s , end i n e x e r c i s i n g our moral conviction we f i n d we must r e f u t e some of these theories. We do 30 without f e a r because we f e e l that, 0 jnoijal philosophy .combined with a dash of common sense i s a more r a t i o n a l guide than theories hatched i n vivisection laboratories. We w i l l no^ accept thnt adequate n u t r i t i o n need v i o l a t e conscience. . We question very strongly whether tt-ose d i e t i c i a n s who laud the praises of animal proteins have ever tried l i v i n g on a sensible d i e t f r e e from such p r o t e i n s , and i f they have n o t , w e f a i l to see how they can pass u s e f u l Judgment. We lrnow that man's anatomy i s unquestionably frugivorous. We know that rruxk d r i n k i n g by adults i s an absurdity never intended by Nature. We know that we a r e at least as w e i l without d a i r y produce as we were with i t . We know that 404 a t least of cows are now tubercular. We know that p a s t e u r i s a t i o n enables the milk r e t a i l e r s to s e l l milk several days olC:, We know what happens to those who feed on the 'nourishing f i r s t - c l a s s p r o t e i n s ' recommended by orthodox d i e t i c i a n s - they nearly a l l d i e of malignant and f i l t h y d i s e a s e s . Heaven h e l p us i f our d i e t f a l l s us to anything l i k e the same degree,' Apart from saying thnt we are ' Q u i t e w e l l , t h a n k s ' , we consider the time perhaps premature to make any great claims for the p h y s i o l o g i c a l superiority o f our d i e t . Humbly, your Secretary i s a b l e to state that he can now cycle 2 3 0 miles i n a d a y , whereas years ago when h e stoked himself with milk and eggs he was ready for Bed and Breakfast s f t e r doing h a l f thnt d i s t a n c e . He can also dig-his allotments f o r ten hours a day without f e e l i n g any d i f f e r e n t next m o v i n g , but we must be careful i n making claims lest the world hears of 'us and expects to meet eight foot rosy cheeked muscular monsters who are immune tc a l l i l i a ox' the f l e s h . We may be sure that should anything so much as a pimple over appear tc marr the beauty of our p h y s i c a l form, i t w i l l be e n t i r e l y due in the eyes of the world to our own s i l l y f a u l t for net eating ''. Agninet such a pimple the great plagues of diseased now ravaging n e a r l y a l l members of c i v i l i s e d society (who l i v e on 'proper f o o d ' ) w i l l pass unnoticed. I t i s as w e l l that we p 4 â&#x20AC;˘ < ourselves to meet our c r i t i c s ' In our more r e f l e c t i v e moments wo catiuvt help t h i n k i n g that there are greater r i s k s in l i f e than l i v i n g on clean s a l a d s , f r u i t s , n u t s , and whole cereals. We can hardly wish to be classed as moral g i a n t s because we choose to l i v e on a d i e t so obviously faVouring s e l f preservation.

Dolma Vegan Perfumes congratulate the Vegan Society on its 50th Anniversary. We will continue to support it with our entirely vegan products. APRIL FARNATH, PROPRIETOR

Congratulations from Bethany, the only exclusively vegetarian and vegan nursing home in the country. We currently cater for 6 vegans. ROSEMARY WALKER. PROPRIETOR


Congratulations on the first 50 years. May the next 50 achieve your highest hopes and dreams. GAIL JOSLIN, VEGANS IN SOUTH AFRICA

Congratulations and very best wishes from Plan 2000 and the European Medical Journal.

Fifty years on and going strong. Excellent news. Keep promoting the diet. Keep promoting those ethics. And keep crunching those carrots! For human and animal liberation. NOEL M, NEWSLETTER EDITOR, DEVON VEGANS

Congratulations on your tireless work. May our message for a kinder world reach out and touch many generations yet to come. COLCHESTER VEGETARIAN & VEGAN SOCIETY

Congratulations on 50 years of making the world a healthier and more compassionate place! MOBY


4. B e l i e v i n g th? t some Members luay wish to c.irresponi with o t h e r , we propose to p u b l i s h i n our next i s s u e their names and addresses. Any Member p r e f e r r i n g not to be included i n the l i s t should l e t me knew. le h e a r that a pamphlet opposing the u s e of milk was w r i t t e n 4 0 y e a r s ago by a H n r l e y S t r e e t s p e c i a l i s t . .Does any Member happen to know a n y t h i n g of t h i s p u b l i c a t i o n ? CONCERNING THOSE JOT YET WITH US. V/e agree that to eliminate a l l d a i r y produce c r e a t e s p e r s o n a l d i f f i c u l t i e s which vary i n magnitude from one i n d i v i d u a l to another. <le agree also that the present i s not the e a s i e s t time to make such a change, but we think that i n laying the foundations of our Movement now, many w i l l soon join u s as one of t h e i r 'Peace A i m e ' . We know that there i s p a r t i c u l a r unrest i n the minis of vegetarians g e n e r a l l y concerning the use of rennet i n cheese making, end cs t h i 6 a p p e a r s to be the most g l a r i n g inconsistency of lncto-vegetarianism, we s u g g e s t t h a t others do as we d i d and eliminate cheese f i r s t . Our f r i e n d and f e l l o w member Dug&ld bemple t e l l s ue he has never tasted cheese, t h e r e f o r e i t cannot be considered a s fin e s s e n t i a l ' b i n d i n g a g e n t ' f o r body and soul.' The f o l l o w i n g passages from the e d i t o r i a l of the current i s s u e of " T h e V e g e t a r i a n Hews" does not, we t h i n k , allow of much argument: "Most v e g e t a r i a n s a r e d o u b t l e s s aware that the u s e of c a l v e ' s rennet i n the p r o d u c t i o n of cheese has always presented a problem to anyone :.f humane p r i n c i p l e s , n e c e s s i t a t i n g as it does the k i l l i n g of calves to o b t a i n the r e n n e t . In tho uupposed absence of any purely vegetarian s u b s t i t u t e f o r rennet some vegetarians a b s t a i n altogether from the use of c h e e s e , except f o r t h e simple cottage v a r i e t i e s , w h i l e probably the m a j o r i t y of v e g e t a r i a n s take t h e i r ration of ordinary cheese end try to f o r g e t the i n c i d e n c e of the c a l v e ' 3 rennet i n i t s m a k i n g . " Shoull m o r a l i s t s d i s s i p a t e t h e i r energies trying to forget auch things? D u r i n g the w E t r eggs have a l l but v r n i s h e l , and they can r e a l i l y be d i s p e n s e d with f o r good without any s e n s e of loss i f one dwells on the f a c t that they are f o r the most part nothing more than reconstituted grubs and b e e t l e s ! The e l i m i n a t i o n of m i l k u n d o u b t e d l y presents the grertest difficulty. Nut milk i s r ^ood s u b s t i t u t e , but it loes a^t go w e l l i n t e a ( t h e r e f o r e cut out the tea and add yet another ten years to your l i f e . ' ) Those of us who have l i v e d f . r long periods without dairy produce a r e a b l e to g i v e the assurance that we remain w e l l and strong; that we e n j o y our f o o d as much as e v e r , and thet orce t h e new d i e t has beeft a r r a n g e d the sight and smell of d a i r y produce i s soon forgotten.

" T h e I n c i d e n c e of d i s e a s e of one kind and another continues to be a g r e e t l i m i t i n g f a c t o r i n milk production, b e s i d e s involving loss to the farmer. T u b e r c u l o s i s i s one of the most i n t r a c t a b l e sources of t r o u b l e , so much so that a speaker at the Farmers' Club recently said we had ma.U no p r o g r e s s i n the l a s t 4 0 y e a r s . " The jÂťgrlcultural uorrespon.ient, "The Yorkshire P o s t " , 18.11.44.

" G i v e me a d r i n k of w h i s k y , I ' m t h i r s t y . " " Y .u should d r i n k m i l k - m i l k makes b l o o d . " "But I ' m not blood-thirsty." 6 7 Evesham R o a d , Leicester. November 2 4 t h , 1 9 4 4 .

Donald Vsatson,

THE CHANGING FACE OF THE VEGAN T h e Vegan News November 1944










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Introduction of a new standard cover illustration by Nigel Sinclair, who describes it as a: "visual poem on the correct relationships of the main kingdoms of planet Earth"











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VEGAN SHOPPING GUIDE Vegetarian and Vegan Food Guide 1962-1965

Health Food Guide Incorporated The Vegan and Vegetarian Shoppers' Guide.


jointly with the Vegetarian Society and London Vegetarian Society

Published 1970. [No archive copy available]

The Vegan Trade List 1954 ThTfir^egan shopping g«*

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£1.25 The Vegan society Shopper's Guide Spring 1985

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Vegan and Vegetarian Shoppers' Guide 1971 Published in co-operation with the VS(UK)

The Vegan Society's Animal-Free Shopper June 1991


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The Vegan Shopper's Guide July 1986 The Cruelty-Free Shopper December 198/


The Cruelty-Free Shopper Published by Bloomsbury in 1989

The AnimalFree Shopper June 1993



Journal of the Vegan Society WINTER, 1967

EDITORIAL One of the first vegans known to history is Apollonius of Tyana. This remarkable man lived in the first century A.D. and is said to have healed, performed miracles, taught by example and to have been indifferent to the outer forms of religion. He lived his philosophy and refused to discuss it and left behind him legends wherever he travelled. He was one of the greatest travellers known to antiquity. Among the countries and places he visited are the following: â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Babylon, India, Nepal, Antioch, Cyprus, Ionia, Ephesus, Athens, Smyrna, Spain, Africa, Egypt, Lesbos and Rome. Sidonius Apollinaris in the fifth century A.D. describes him as follows: "Courted by sovereigns, but never courting them; eager for knowledge; aloof from money-getting; fasting at feasts; linen-clad among wearers of purple; rebuking luxury; self-contained: plain-spoken; shock-headed in the midst of perfumed nations; revered and admired for his simplicity . . ." 1 His diet and clothing were strictly vegan, "Hence he refused to touch anything that had animal life in it, on the ground that it densified the mind and rendered it impure". He considered that the only pure form of food was what the earth produced, fruit and vegetables. He also abstained from wine, for though it was made from fruit, "it rendered turbid the aether in the soul" and "destroyed the composure of the mind". Moreover, "he went barefoot, let his hair grow long, and wore nothing but linen." 1 He adopted this way of life for practical reasons and not for sentiment, "The refraining from flesh of animals, however, was not simply based upon ideas of purity, it found additional sanction in the positive love of the lower kingdoms and the horror of inflicting pain on any living creature." Thus Apollonius bluntly refused to take any part in the chase, when invited to do so by his royal host at Babylon. "Sire", he replied, "have you forgotten that even when you sacrifice I will not be present? Much less than would I do these beasts to death, and all the more when their spirit is broken and they are penned contrary to their nature."1 When asked at his trial before the Emperor Domitan, "Why do you not wear the same garments as other men, instead of this peculiar and conspicuous costume?" Apollonius replied, "Because the same earth which feeds me clothes me too, and I would not wish to add to the troubles of the animals." 1 Apollonius demanded that his followers should adhere to definite ways, "If any say he is my disciple, then let him add, he keeps himself apart out of the Baths, he slays no living thing, eats of no flesh, is free from envy, malice, hatred, calumny, and hostile feelings, but has his name inscribed among the race of those who've won their freedom". 1 To win freedom from envy, malice, hatred, calumny and hostile feelings is a very great attribute. Perhaps Apollonius is suggesting abstinence from animal products results in such freedom. Pythagoras, who was almost certainly a vegan, like Apollonius left no writings. He apparently was aware of the results of an animal free diet, "Pythagoras, therefore, having been benefited by Thales in other respects, and especially having learned from him to be sparing of his time; for the sake of this he entirely abstained from wine and animal food, and still prior to these from voracity, and confined himself to such nutrients as was slender and easy of digestion. In consequence of this, his sleep was short, and his soul vigilant and pure, and his body confirmed in a state of perfect and invariable health." 2 It would be interesting and important to learn of any special experiences and feelings that may have occurred as a result of a vegan diet. Does this diet lead to greater sensitivity, clairvoyance and greater powers? It might be that a group of members could make a special study of this aspect of veganism. 1

Apollonius of Tyana, G. R. S. MEAD.


Life of Pythagoras, THOMAS TAYLOR.



The Vegan Society, 7 Battle Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex TN37 7AA. Tel. 0424 427393 Fax. 0424 717064 Registered Charity No. 279228 Company Registration No. 1468880

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CALLIN AUTHOR & ARTIST The Editor invites authors, artists and cartoonists to submit material for possible publication in The Vegan. Negotiable fees payable for work of suitable quality.





Please write to: The Editor, The Vegan, 7 Battle Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex TIM37 7AA.

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WHERE THERE'S A WILL... . . .There's a way to ensure you continue to promote the vegan cause long after you're gone. Vegan Society Honorary Treasurer, Terry Bevis explains:


here is a way to ensure that the resources you have built up during your life-time reflect your beliefs, views and intentions after your passing. The single act of setting down in writing what should happen to your estate means that you can make a difference, not only here but hereafter, to the world w e live in. It also avoids burdening those who care for you with the onerous task of sorting out what should happen to your estate with all the time, legal cost and aggravation that intestacy involves. Why, therefore, do three-quarters or more of the adult population not bother to make a will? Some of the reasons are, I believe, conscious and some subconscious. Practically, it

requires the effort of either going to a solicitor and paying for the service, or getting a will f o r m f r o m a stationers and reading the instructions for completion. Less obvious, but more powerful, disincentives exist. W e have to actually think about not only what property we have, or may have, to dispose of, but also who is going to be the fortunate or, depending how we feel, unfortunate recipient. We also have to think of one or more persons to act as executor and two people to act as witnesses, all of whom, we

suspect, may try to determine what our intentions are, or be unwilling to act in those capacities. More daunting than any of these factors, however, seems to be the fact that we don't, and for the most part don't want to, spend time thinking about our own demise. Naturally, the younger we are the less inclined we are to think about death — particularly our own. But illness strikes, acci-



^ j X T T ^

hp 14




H W -

b t-ff CfiLQfrl , Hdi jt^OW-vJ NLZ- gjEJKJli (JUTJCN IC/VJOU W H A T I ft(0r4£j WiTHLtye OU> COCOA Q£FC4-.. The Vegan, Autumn 1994 14

individuals and o r g a n i z a t i o n s which are important to us. T h e d r a f t i n g of the will itself can be as simple or as c o m p l i c a t e d as o u r personal effects and our personal relationships dictate. Generally, the more complicated a pers o n ' s estate and intentions are, the m o r e likely the need for formal legal advice and preparation of the will. So in a situation where a trust is being set up — perhaps for the benefit of a person under the age of eighteen who is unmarried, or a business partnership is involved w h e r e the d e c e a s e d person's share of the business has to be valued — then it may be advisable to have the will drawn up by a solicitor for which, of course, a fee will be chargeable. However, w h e r e our r e l a t i o n s h i p s are relatively straightforward — e.g. single with parents or close family surviving, or married with children — and our possessions (including land and buildings) are uncomplicated, irrespective of total value, then a will f o r m obtained f r o m a stationers and c o m p l e t e d c a r e f u l l y and clearly a c c o r d i n g to the accompanying instructions should suffice.

dents happen and we can depart this mortal coil long before we would reasonably expect to. So, for all. the reasons given earlier, we should make that e f f o r t to f o r m a l i z e our affairs in the event of our departure. T h e process can also be a productive one, giving us the opportunity of reflecting on, and sorting out our possessions, relationships and aims for the future.

Getting Started So how do we go about this task? Firstly, it is important to assess accurately what our possessions are and, indeed, where they are. This is because some of them may be of a financial nature — i.e. stocks and shares, savings accounts, insurance policies etc. — and some may be tangible but inaccessible

A feeling of satisfaction or peace of mind can be achieved by allocating our surviving personal resources or even forgotten about — e.g. stored in the attic! — or loaned to a relative or friend. Listing all our significant possessions carefully will not only enable us to determine which of our beneficiaries gets which of our possessions, or the value thereof, but also m a k e s it much easier for our e x e c u t o r to locate and distribute our property in accordance with our requests. Once we have prepared this inventory, we can begin to reflect on our relationships with relatives and friends to determine the distribution of our estate. A feeling of satisfaction or peace of mind can be achieved by allocating our surviving personal resources — once any debts, taxes and expenses have been paid — to the

Laying It Out The layout of the will follows a commonly accepted format starting with the sentence: "This is the last will and testament of . . ." preceding the name and address of the person m a k i n g the will. T h e date of the will needs to be clearly shown and a statement making clear that this will revokes all previous wills, codicils (which act as simple supp l e m e n t a r y additions or c h a n g e s to an existing will) and any other testamentary — i.e. legally b i n d i n g — p r o v i s i o n s . T h e executor/s names and addresses need to be set down and, if professionals, whether any fee is payable to them (non-professionals —

i.e. family — c a n c l a i m e x p e n s e s o n l y ) . Before listing the d i s p o s a l of assets, it is advisable, u n f o r t u n a t e l y , to detail the disposal of o n e ' s remains — f u n e r a l arrangements and location, donation of organs for transplant purposes etc. Then, after a note to say that funeral and other expenses involved in assessment and distribution of the estate, together with a n y o u t s t a n d i n g d e b t s a n d taxes (including i n h e r i t a n c e t a x e s w h e r e applicable), should be paid out of the estate,

'This is the last will and testament o f . . o n e can get down to the proposed distribution of the assets proper. Legacies of a financial nature to persons or organizations should be clearly set d o w n — whether in actual m o n e y , s t o c k s a n d shares or savings accounts. Actual personal possessions — furniture, jewellery, vehicles etc. — can be allocated, of course, to specific persons. The main disposition is likely to be of a house or land and the intentions h e r e must be unmistakable. Unless there is a sole beneficiary, such as a spouse (any previous wills are r e v o k e d on m a r r i a g e ) , it will be necessary, after specific allocations, to determ i n e the disposal of the r e m a i n d e r of the estate — a f t e r debts, e x p e n s e s and inheritance tax (if this is not to be deducted f r o m the specific value of legacies) — are paid. W h e n all details have been covered the will m u s t be signed and witnessed by two pers o n s who n e i t h e r t h e m s e l v e s , nor t h e i r spouses, can be beneficiaries. Note: This is intended as a general description of will preparation and not a guide. Specific legal requirements operate in different parts of the UK.

C>H ' Tfffc" ^ a T J U & T f b e t y o f Efrucfc, A

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) F THt*£'S


The Vegan, Autumn 1994

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V i ^ s e M v f a ^ ,





*3 / W J A C M S -

Vivae-' M D


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tf/Hor^ m / r c c








Note: Local Contacts are Vegan Society members who have offered to act, on a voluntary basis, as a point of contact for those interested in the Society's work. They are not official representatives of the Society. Their levels of activity and knowledge may vary according to their individual circumstances.

Lashings of delicious vegan food!

X j

BrocTorvs v c a e f r a r t o r t

1 0 % off for Vegan Society members Open daily exc. Wed & Sun, 9 to 5

c a f e

Tel: 071 7 3 8 6161

The Overseas Aid Charity for Vegetarians & Vegans is


(Registered Charily Nr. 232208. Inland Revenue Ref XN8555I

FEEDS THE HUNGRY WITHOUT EXPLOITING ANIMALS The Fragile Environment of Developing Countries cannot support T W O populations — H u m a n s and their Food Animals. For nearly 30 years V E G F A M has provided short and long-term Relief to People who have been the victims of Drought, Flood, Cyclone or War in 30 Countries. Our Supporters control how much of their Donation goes on Administration since V E G F A M operates three separate Funds for the use of Donors/Testators the particulars of which are: • D O N A T I O N S for P R O J E C T S * go to The Midland Bank pic Deposit a/c Nr. 73006921 Bedford Square. TAVISTOCK. • Donations for Administration Devon. P L 19 0AH Expenses* = a/c Nr. 7 1 1 1 7 6 % S O R T C O D E : 40-44-05 • Donations for O f f i c e Building • F u n d s needed U R G E N T L Y Fund* go to a/c Nr. 91125257 Please telephone Lydford I= 082 282) 203 (or Hitchin (= 0462) 456294 for more details — Covenant Forms/Bankers Order Forms etc. A (SC Visitors' Accom) or write tSAE appreciated) to:

VEGFAM, "The Sanctuary", Nr. Lydford, OKEHAMPTON, Devon, EX20 4AL Thank you for your Support 16

The Vegan,


1994 16

The Vegan Society and

The Institute of Nutrition, Education & Research in collaboration with

The Vegetarian Society


THE 1994 MICHAEL KIAPER MD UK LECTURE SERIES This autumn, vegan doctor, Michael Klaper MD — author of Vegan Nutrition: Pure & Simple, and Pregnancy, Children & the Vegan Diet — will be making a rare visit to the UK. Catch up with this excellent speaker at one of his free public lectures, to be held in The Board Room, The Royal Homoeopathic Hospital, Great Ormond Street, London WC1N 3HR (nearest tube: Russell Square), on the following dates: Monday 26 September, 7.30-9.00pm Tuesday 27 September, 7.30-9.00pm Thursday 29 September, 7.30-9.00pm On Wednesday 28 September, Dr Klaper will be presenting a free public lecture in Manchester. Further information from: Philip Lloyd, The Vegetarian Society, Parkdale, Dunham Road, Altrincham, Cheshire WA14 4QG. (061 928 0793.)

Seminar A more in-depth seminar, "Nutrition & Health', for those who already have some knowledge of vegan nutrition, will be held in the Bayes Ward, Royal Homoeopathic Hospital, on Saturday 1 October, 10.00am-1.00pm. Light refreshments will be provided. Space is limited to 60 so post your booking fee now to reserve your place. Send a cheque/PO for £5. payable to 'The Vegan Society' to: Richard Farhall, The Vegan Society, 7 Battle Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex TN37 7AA. The Vegan, Autumn 1994


Publications & Merchandise moral, ethical, medical and scientific arguments — and what you can do to stop it. £6.95 (200g)


Beyond Beef — The Rise and Fall of the Cattle Culture

The Animal-Free Shopper Richard Farhall, Kathy McCormack & Amanda Rofe Vegan Society (UK) Second edition of the popular shopping guide for those wishing to buy goods which are free of animal ingredients and involve no animal testing. Includes product listing sections — Food, Drink, Toiletries & Cosmetics, Remedies & Supplements, Baby & Infant Care, Footwear & Clothing, Home & Office, Animal Care, and Garden & Leisure; useful addresses; and information on animal substances and additives. £4.95 (145g)


Anything Within Reason

Why anynal I experiments must stop

The Cruelty-Free Guide to London Alex Bourke & Paul Gaynor Cruelty-Free Living Very useful and informative guide to vegetarian and vegan eating places, health/wholefood shops, places to visit, and travelling in central and outer London. £4.95


The Caring Cook: Cruelty-Free Cooking for Beginners Janet Hunt Vegan Society (UK) An easy-to-follow first vegan cookbook, written expressly for those new to cruelty-free living. Offers a comprehensive selection of everyday and special occasion recipes, plus a mass of hints and tips. Durable wipe-clean cover. £3.45


Why Animal Experiments Must Stop Vernon Coleman European Medical Journal Animal experimentation: The


Jeremy Rifkin Thorsons Exposes the real costs of the 'cattle culture': Animal suffering, global hunger and poverty, and environmental destruction. £8.99 (550g)

And how you can help stop them


The lirt %i«iaccxo» idl The moral and ethical anpimciiM The ntedkal ami toentifk argument* % continue —^ *tup animal

truth o r





Jon Wynne-Tyson Oakroyd Press Satirical novel about an environmentally-sensitive, strapped-forcash, progressive boarding school headmaster who, by chance, is confronted with a rational (but macabre) solution to the problems of meeting the basic nutritional needs of pupils and staff. £14.95 Hdbk (397g)

Truth or Dairy — who, what, where, when, how and why vegan Vegan Society/Word <> Pictures VHS Video (PAL) An upbeat, informal introduction to the vegan diet — the thinking behind it and the health and environmental benefits. Presented by vegan poet Benjamin Zephaniah and featuring a host of vegan athletes and celebrities — k.d. lang, The B52s, Martin Shaw, River Phoenix. Moby, Consolidated. Uri Geller, Spice Williams, Heather Small (M- People), and Casey Kasem. £9.00 (325g)

A Diet For All Reasons Michael Klaper MD Paulette Eisen Nutritional Services VHS Video (PAL) A recording of an illustrated lecture given by Dr Michael Klaper, author of Vegan Nutrition and Pregnancy Children and the Vegan Diet. £14.99 (200g)

• All titles are paperback, unless otherwise indicated • A number of titles listed here lack a vegan perspective but have nevertheless been included on the basis of their informativeness • For full details of the Society's range of publications and merchandise, please send an SAE marked ' P & M \ The Vegan, Autumn 1994 18


Vegan Nutrition: Pure & Simple. Michael Klaper MD, Gentle World (US) £6.95 (250g)

Animal Rights/ Liberation


Animal Liberation, Peter Singer, Thorsons £8.99 (550g) Animal Liberation: A Graphic Guide. Lori Gruen, Peter Singer & David Hine, Camden Press £4.95 (265g) Animals, Politics & Morality. Robert Garner, MUP £12.99 (380g) Animals' Rights. Henry Salt, Centaur (hdbk) £12.00 (430g) The Savour of Salt, George Hendrick & Willene Hendrick, Centaur Press £12.95 (400g)

365 Plus One Vegan Recipes. Leah Leneman, Thorsons £6.99 (270g) Cook Vegan, Richard Youngs, Ashgrove Press £5.99 (170g) The Vegan Kitchen Mate, David Horton, Vegan Society (NSW) £3.25 <140g) An Allergy Cookbook (vegetarian edition), Patricia Carter, Ian Henry Publications £6.25 (170g) Gourmet Vegan, Heather Lamont, Gollancz £S.99(145g) Simply Vegan. Debra Wasserman & Reed Mangels. VRG (US) £6.95 <315g)

Home & Garden Forest Gardening. Robert A de J Hart, Green Books £8.95 (340g) Veganic Gardening, Kenneth Dalziel O'Brien, Thorsons £6.99 (270g)

Nutrition & Health Pregnancy, Children & the Vegan Diet, Michael Klaper MD, Gentle World (US) £6.95 (355g) Vegan Nutrition: A Survey of Research. Gill Langley, Vegan Society £5.95 (240g)

The Single Vegan, Leah Leneman. Thorsons £5.99 (220g) The Vegan Cookbook, Alan Wakeman & Gordon Baskerville, Faber & Faber £6.99 (375g) Vegan Cooking, Eva Batt, Thorsons £5.99 (270g)

Reference Guides Fruits of Paradise: A Vegetarian Year Book. Rebecca Hall, Simon & Schuster £7.99 (450g) The Animal Welfare

Handbook. Caroline Clough & Barry Kew, Fourth Estate £8.99 <3J5g) The Extended Circle. Jon WynneTyson, Centaur £7.50 (580g) The Pocketbook of Animal Facts & Figures, Barry Kew, Green Print £6.99 (225g)

Background Reading Abundant Living in the Coming Age of the Tree, Kathleen Jannaway, Movement For Compassionate Living £1.50 (55g) Compassion: The Ultimate Ethic (An Exploration of Veganism), Victoria Moran, American Vegan Society £4.95 (190g) Food For a Future, Jon WynneTyson, Centaur £4.99 (150g) Food: Need, Greed & Myopia. Geoffrey Yates, Earthright £3.95 (!S5g)


(Prices include


General A5 100 — £1.75; 500 — £5.95; 1,000 — £10.50; 2,000 — £19.25 Are Your Meals Costing the Earth? 100 — £2.50 Good Health 100 — £2.50 Milk Marketing Fraud 100 — £2.50 Leather: More Than Just Skin Deep 100 — £ 1 . 7 5 , 5 0 0 — £ 5 . 9 5 . 1,000 — £10.50, 2,000 — £9.25

MERCHANDISE Multi-Purpose Cards — Four original vegan-oriented cartoons by Pete Donohue. Blank inside. Recycled card and envelopes. Black and red on white. 45p (50g) REDUCED

The New Why You Don't Need Meat. Peter Cox, Bloomsbury £4.99 (2I0g)

Poster — 'Blood Curdling' anti-milk poster by Paul Evans. Recycled paper. Red, pink, green and black. 15p (15g) REDUCED

The Vegan Magazine

50th Anniversary Stickers — 1 1 V dia, green and black on white. 10 per sheet. 20p (3g per sheet) NEW

(Quarterly.) Four issues. Please stale first issue. Price includes p&p. £7.00 Current issue £1.75 (llOg) Back issue/s. Please state. £1.25 each (llOg)

50th Anniversary Tee Shirt — Unbleached cotton, vegetable dyes, green & black on white, XL. £8.95 (155g) NEW

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R e t u r n to: T h e V e g a n Society, 7 Battle R o a d , St L e o n a r d s - o n - S e a , E a s t Sussex T N 3 7 7 A A . (0424) 427393.

The Vegan, Autumn 1994



Guiding Schools


Cock-Eyed Rearing Pheasants for Shoots — The Disturbing Facts is available from the Farm Animal Welfare Network for 50p + 2nd class stamp. FAWN, PO Box 40, Holmfirth, Huddersfield HD7 1QY. 0484 688650.

Local Groups (See also 'Contacts News')

Diary Dates

McDonald's. Assemble Euston Station, London, noon.

Weekly Saturday pickets to close London fur shops. Details: .

1 Nov World Vegan Day.

17 Sept National Demo, Wickham Research Lab, Starts Mill La Car Park, Wickham, Hants, 2.30pm. 24 Sept Essex Living Without Cruelty Fayre, Shire Hall, High St, Chelmsford, 10am—4pm. Details: Gary, 0245 400110.

12 Nov Vegan Society AGM (lpm) & 50th Anniversary Social (5pm), Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Sq, London WC1. 3 Dec Christmas Without Cruelty Fayre, Kensington Town Hall, Hornton St, London W8. Details: Animal Aid 0732 364546.

Time for Action 26, 27 & 29 Sept Dr Michael Klaper Free Public Lecture, The Board Room, Royal Homoeopathic Hospital, Gt Ormond St, London WC1N, 7.30-9.00pm. Details: 0424 427393. 28 Sept Dr Michael IClaper Free Public Lecture, Manchester. Details: 061 928 0793. 1 Oct 'Nutrition & Health' Seminar by Michael Klaper, Bayes Ward, Royal Homoeopathic Hospital, Gt Ormond St, London WC1N, 1 0 a m - l p m , 60 spaces. Bookings £5 to: Vegan Society office. 8 Oct Nationwide Day of Action Against McDonald's. Leaflets £12/1,000 from: 0602 585666. 14 Oct Picket of McDonald's Euro/UK HQ, High Rd. London N2, 4.30-6.30pm. 15 Oct National March Against 20

Ten-year-old vegan shop Time For Change is in urgent need of your support. Grab your purse and pop on down to: Time For Change, 167 Fawcett Rd, Southsea, Hants P04 0DH. (0705 818786.)

MS Vegans (or their family members — vegan or not) suffering from Multiple Sclerosis are requested to contact Dr David Barnes to assist in research on the disease.

Animal Experiments — A Reference Guide for Schools has been published by: BUAV, 16a Crane Grove, London N7 8LB. 071 7004888.

Doctor On Call Retired vegan GP, Dr David Ryde is available to lecture — especially to those involved in health-related professions — within "reasonable travelling distance of Kent". He would also like to hear from anyone who has experienced a change in health, mood or weight after adopting a vegan diet. Write to him via the Vegan Society office.

Attention Vegan Mums! Pregnant and iactating vegan women, and mothers who have given birth in the last couple of years, are required urgently for comparative nutritional assessments being carried out at South Bank University and Hammersmith Hospital. London. Contact:

Savings Contraception A useful article on contraception, examining ingredients and the animal testing connection, appeared in the June 1994 issue of Vegetarian Living. For a copy of the piece, send an SAE marked ' C O N ' to the Vegan Society office.

Vegans Society members may claim a discount at: • Tigh na Mara Vegetarian Guest House, Loch Broom, nr Ullapool IV23 2SE. 0854 85 282. 10% (except high season). • Rasa South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant, 55 Stoke Newington. Church St, London N16 OAR. 071 249 0344. 10%. The Vegan, Autumn 1994 20

Information Vegan Magazines. In addition to The Vegan — the official organ of the Vegan Society — the following independent publications may be of interest: Vegan Views 6 Hayes Avenue. Bournemouth BH7 7AD. An informal quarterly with articles, interviews, news, reviews, letters, cartoon strip. Subscription rate for four issues: £3.00 (Europe and surface mail overseas: £4.00). New Leaves 47 Highlands Road. Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 8NQ. Quarterly journal of the Movement for Compassionate Living — The Vegan Way (see below). Annual subscription: £3.00. Cheques/POs payable to: 'Movement for Compassionate Living'. Y Figan Cymreig (The Wales Vegan) Bronyr Ysgol, Montpelier, Llandrindod,

The Vegan, Autumn 1994

Powys, Wales. Bilingual quarterly. Annual subscription: £1.50. The Vegan Business Connection has reformed and would be pleased to hear from anyone interested in supporting the venture. Contact:

ties. While some of its members seek merely to live close to other vegans, others wish to establish a vegan land project or centre for the promotion of a vegan lifestyle. Newsletter subscription (4 issues): £2.00. Contact:

we live and the way others suffer, and between development, consumption and the destruction of the planet. Co-ordinators:

Lesbian & Gay Vegan Group. Contact:

The Vegan Bikers Association aims to promote veganism amongst motorcyclists and set up a fund for the purchase and distribution of alternatives to leather. Newsletter: 'The Long Road'. Enquiries:

The Vegan Families Contact List provides a link between parents throughout the UK seeking to raise their children in accordance with vegan principles. To receive a copy of the list, send an SAE marked 'Vegan Families Contact List'. To register your family, please send an SAE marked 'Vegan Families Contact List Application'.

The Vegan Community Project exists to form a contact network between people who are interested in living in a vegan community and to establish one or more such communi-

The Movement for Compassionate Living — the Vegan Way seeks to spread compassionate understanding and to simplify lifestyles by promoting awareness of the connections between the way

Vegans International co-ordinates the promotion of veganism, encourages the formation of new organizations, and organizes an annual vegan festival. Contact:

Vegan Contacts Abroad. For a listing, send an SAE to the Vegan Society marked 'Vegan Contacts Abroad'.



Classified ACCOMMODATION D O N A T I O N S R E Q U I R E D to help purc h a s e sheltered a c c o m m o d a t i o n for elderly v e g a n s in need. Contributions to: 'Homes For Elderly Vegetarians Ltd', Estra House, Station Approach, Streatham. London SW16 6EJ. Specify ' V e g a n F u n d ' .


HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION A B S O L U T E L Y S C R U M P T I O U S vegan cuisine, comfortable room, warm likeminded hosts, sanctuary, bicycles, woodland walk. Greeshop House, just outside ForTes in beautiful Moray. Station '.^nl. F i n d h o m Foundation 4m. B&B. EM. No smoking. 0 3 0 9 675707. B & B , V E G E T A R I A N / V E G A N . Near Heathrow, Windsor, Henley, Reading, Berkshire, Bath Rd. A4. £35 double, £20.00 single. Tennis school for lessons. Bradfords, Maidenhead 0628 29744. C O R N W A L L . Spacious self-contained holiday flat over-looking picturesque estuary, sleeps 4, vegan owners. SAE: Blackaller, Meadowlands, The Saltings, Lelant, TR26 3DL (0736) 752418.

ANIMAL CARE M E A T - F R E E C A T S ! Vegan supplem e n t s f o r h o m e - m a d e recipes. In use since 1986. S A E : Katz Go Vegan, Box 161, 7 Battle Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex TN37 7AA. D U E T O M O V I N G , committed o w n e r required f o r intelligent, lively shepherd/collie m a l e dog, aged seven, h o u s e trained, loves people/children. Box 314.


Shiatsu T h e E u r o p e a n Shiatsu School has b r a n c h e s in London & throughout the UK & Europe For prospectus, please send 3 first class stamps to: ESS Central Administration (Dept VE) High Banks, Lockeridge, Nr M a r l b o r o u g h . Wills S N 8 4 E Q Tel: 0672 861362

C O T S W O L D S , Winchcombe, B&B. delicious vegan meals. Near Cotswold W a y walk. Friendly atmosphere in Victorian house. Tel: 0242 603911 for leaflet. C U M B R I A . Vegan B&B. 2 rooms. Strictly n o smoking. Children very welcome. G o o d local walks and marvellous vegan f o o d !

D O R S E T . Large, comfortable, en suite, in quiet rural setting 2 1 / 2 miles north W i m b o m e . Vegetarian/Vegan B&B. tea/coffee facilities. TV. Non-smoking. Sorry, no pets. £14.00 pp pn. 10% reduction for members. . I R E L A N D , Co. Wexford. Cosy farmhouse in peaceful coastal area, 20 minutes from ferryport and Wexford town. R e c o m m e n d e d by Bridgeslone Irish Food Guide, 100 Best Places To Stay and Vegetarian Guide. Vegan food on request. Y v o n n e Pim, Furziestown, Tacumshane, C o . W e x f o r d . 0 1 0 353 53 31376. LAKE


EATING OUT P O R T S M O U T H , Orchard Cafe, Francis Ave. 0 7 0 5 6 1 4 6 6 6 . Vegetarian/Vegan, organic, c o o k e d food. 3 courses under £6.00. T a k e - a w a y available. M o n - S a t 9 a m - 5 p m , Friday until 9 p m .


BEECHMOUNT NEAR SAWREY, AMBLESIDE, CUMBRIA LA22 OLB VegelarianAegan/iraditiona] B&B. delightful country house accommodation. Situated in Beatrix Potter's picturesque village with its olde worlde inn. 2 miles from Hawkshead. Lake Windermere (car ferry) 2 miles. Delicious breakfast, lovely bedrooms, some en-suite. Also panoramic views of Esthwaite Water.

V E G A N / V E G E T A R I A N cafe in prime location in Brixton, London. Excellent reputation and success established in this vegetarian stronghold. Further potential possible. £54,950. Tel.

HEALTH A R T H R I T I S may be C U R E D without d a m a g i n g d r u g s or surgery. Send for tape priced at £ 7 . 0 0 incl. postage or you can send f o r a free leaflet. Cheque/TO made p a y a b l e to:

G O F R U I T A R I A N and reap the harvest of good health. S A E to: The F R E S H N e t w o r k , H a r m o n y Cottage. Whitestone, Exeter. D e v o n E X 4 2HE.



Quiet Country Hotel overlooking beautiful tidal estuary and bird sanctuary.

Britain's oldest vegetarianA-egan hotel is family owned and stands in its own grounds close to beaches and unspoilt walks. Superb cuisine and friendly personaI service. Some rooms with shower <4 w.c. en suite. For furth hure please c STIVES,

Cornwall. Tel 0736 753147.



Enjoy a relaxing h o l i d a y a m i d s t beautiful c o a s t a l a n d moorland scenery - ideal for walking. Spacious E d w a r d i a n h o u s e overl o o k i n g Porlock B a y . Excellent traditional, v e g e t a r i a n and v e g a n f o o d . L o g fires o n chilly evenings. All b e d r o o m s e n s u i t e w i t h t e a / c o f f e e making facilities. Special w e e k e n d breaks.


C h e s t n u t House Crosby Garrett K i r k b y Stephen Cumbria CA17 4PR

Our cottage guest house is situated in delightful walking/cycling country in the tranquil Eden Valley, between the Dales and the Lake District. DeUcious food, exclusively vegetarian/vegan. No smoking. T w o family bedrooms with H & C. Brochure from

Tel 0 6 4 3 8 6 2 2 8 9

Dolphinholme Vegetarian Guest House Walk the Northumbrian Hills, explore historic castles and Roman sites — then relax in a homely atmosphere in f r o m of open fires and e n j o y exclusively vegetarian/vegan* 3 course evening meals and wholesome breakfasts. Non-residents catered f o r by prior arrangement.

Write or phone for brochure to:

FOXLOW GRANGE BUXTON Derbyshire 17th century historic Georgian Grange guest house. Bed/breakfast/evening meals (optional). Total vegan/vegetarian meals prepared by a Cordon Vert chef. Special diets catered for. Totally non-smoking establishment. Restaurant open to non-residents. Fully licensed. All drinks vegan/vegetarian. Open all year including Christmas and (he New Year.

5 Leazes Crescent, Hexham, Northumberland NE46 3JX. (0434) 601583 * Vegan meals by prior arrangement. NTB 1 Crown D o l p h i n h o l m e is a n o s m o k i n g z o n e


WILDLIFE HOTEL Licensed. 100% non-meat. Small friendly hotel. (Exclusively vegan/vegetarian. Special diets catered for — all freshly made.) No smoking throughout. Situated two minutes from the sea. Near all the attractions. Parking available. 3 9 Woodfleld R o a d . Blackpool F Y 1 6AX. Tel. 0253 46143. I S L E O F W I G H T B&B. Peaceful home of vegetarian/vegan owners. Picturesque valley village. Tel. (0983) 731279. Evening meals available by request. L A K E D I S T R I C T : Luxury accommodation in 18th c. vicarage. Excellent 100% vcgetai ian/vegan cuisinc. Modest tariff. Coniston (05394) 41717. M A D E I R A ISLAND. Compassionate living vegan retreat in warm temperate zone. Why not have a relaxing break in small countryside retreat. North Madeira. March to October. 3 twin-bed accommodation. Non-smoking. No domestic pets kept. Some veganic produce expected. Photograph appreciated which will be returned. £150 per person per week full board. Vegan Retreat, Madeira Island. M I D - W A L E S . Stredders Vegetarian Guesthouse, Park Crescent, Llandrindod Wells LD1 6AB. Telephone 0597 822186. Vegan and special diets a speciality. O L D R E C T O R Y H O T E L , Maentwrog. 0766 85 305. Three acre riverside garden. Main house/budget annexe. All en-suite. Informal atmosphere, home cooking, vegan & Italian menu. Reduced 2+ nights. Dogs welcome. P E A C E F U L C O T T A G E adjoining Hill C o m m o n (1200ft.) Panoramic views. Sleeps 6. South Herefordshire. Available August. £120 per week. 0981 580453. REPUBLIC OF IRELAND. Accommodation Co. Limerick. Midway Kilamey, Blarney, Tralee, Shannon Lakes. 13th century Kilmallock. Private entrance,

For further details please telephone Mrs

en-suite, TV, sun lounge. Cycle hire, walking to pub/shop. Evening meals. Week £84, night £13. Reductions negotiable. West, "Cussens Cottage", Ballygrennan, Bulgaden, Kilmallock, Co. Limerick, Republic of Ireland. Tel: 010 353 63 98926. S T IVES, Cornwall vegetarian/vegan guesthouse overlooking St Ives Bay, close to Carbis Bay's beautiful golden sands, station and St Ives picturesque harbour. Delicious vegan/vegetarian menus, ensuite rooms, tea making facilities, central heating. Children welcome. Brochure:

S C O T L A N D . Solway coast. Homely B&B. vegetarian/vegan on request. Walks, beaches, bird-watching. C.H., Pr. parking, large garden, tea/coffee all rooms. Phone 055 664 269. later 0556 640269. S C O T T I S H H I G H L A N D S . Tigh na Mara Scottish Vegetarian Guesthouse and information centre. Highly acclaimed base to discover Inverness. Sutherland. Ross gr Cromarty. Idyllic seclusion and gourmet Scottish vegan farmhouse cooking. Tel/Fax 0854 85 282 (24 hrs). Nr

S H R O P S H I R E . Bentley House. 18C house in unspoilt countryside, close Ludlow, Strettons, Ironbridge. Exclusively vegetarian/vegan wholefood. Vegan proprietors. Central heating. No smoking. B&B, EM, packed lunches. Tel. 05887 255. S O M E R S E T . Exclusively vegetarian guest house. All meals vegan. Bordering Devon and Dorset. It is an ideal base for touring, walking or relaxing in our 16th century house. Crewkeme 0460 73112. T A K E A N A T U R A L B R E A K ! Vegan bed & breakfast (non-smokers). Charming accommodation. "Helensholme" Guesthouse,

T O R Q U A Y . Brookesby Hall. An exclusively vegetarian/vegan hotel. Glorious sea views. Quiet. Close beach and town centre. Fully centrally heated. 10% discount for members for stays over 3 days. Colour brochure on request. Hesketh Rd. 0803 292194. W E L S H B O R D E R S , Hay-on-Wye, two miles. 17c. character house near Black

The Vegan,


1994 22

Mountains and famous book lown. Vegetarian/Vegan B&B from £14. W T B two crowns commended. 0497 820008. W E S T C O R K . Self contained accommodation. Cooking facilities and en suite bathrooms. Vegetarian/Vegan cooking only. Green Lodge. Trawnamadree. Ballylickey, Bantry, Co Cork. Tel: 010 353 27 66146. W H I T B Y . Falcon Guesthouse. B&B. vegan/vegetarian. Quiet location, seven minutes walk from centre and harbour. Lounge and sunny breakfast room. Parking on street near house. Tea making equipment. £13 (child reductions). Tel. 0947 603507. Y O R K . Vegetarian/Vegan wholefood, non-smoking B&B. Comfortable en-suite accommodation. 10 mins walk centre. £16.

Y O R K S H I R E D A L E S . Sansbury Place. Settle. Small, friendly vegetarian/vegan guesthouse. Home cooking, open fires, non-smoking.

T H O U G H T and the HUMAN MIND. Orissor Inspirational Tapes. This set of tapes is the first in a series on topics relating to the Mind. Body and the Environment. The purpose of these tapes is to benefit you — and the benefits can be VAST. This is the start of knowing what you really are. Three tapes priced at £12.00 incl. postage, or you can send for a free leaflet. Ever wondered where a thought came from? Notice you are talking to yourself as you read this. Cheque/PO made payable to:

SITUATIONS VACANT V E G A N H O R T I C U L T U R E on a c o m mercial scale must be possible. Our exciting new experimental project aims to prove it. W e now need another full-time worker. N o experience is necessary — we will provide training. If you are interested, please write to: 'Growing Green', L o w Walworth Market Garden. Walworth. Darlington. Co. Durham DL2 2NA.

SITUATIONS WANTED NURSING HOMES B E T H A N Y V E G E T A R I A N Nursing Home caters exclusively for vegetarians and vegans with wholistic therapy. 7/9 Oak Park Villas, Dawlish, Devon EX7 ODE. Telephone 0626 862794.


MAIL ORDER C A N D L E S : dipped, rainbow, mushroom, zodiac, nightlights. Many colours, shapes, scents. SAE: Vegan Candles, 8 Bruminglhorpe Wa\. Binlev, Coventry CV3 2GD. D O L M A offer a range of over 60 high quality vegan perfumes, toiletries and skin preparations. Send SAE for brochure or £10.95 for set of eight trial size perfumes to: Dolma, 19 Royce Avenue, Hucknall. Nottingham NG15 6FU. Agents required. E N J O Y R E F R E S H I N G S L E E P . Full size hop/herbal polyester pillows. Brochure: Freepost (38). The Maltings, Bury St Edmunds IP33 2DS. 24hr phone (0284) 752275. Fax: 725587. Makers since 1966.


L I Q U I D C O N C E N T R A T E is the biodegradable liquid soap derived from coconut oil, which is free of animal products and animal testing. SAE for details: Dept EV, Janco Sales. 11 Seymour Road. Hampton Hill. Middlesex TW12 1DD.

CONTACT CENTRE is a caring, so lowfees friendship agency, quite different from all others catering exclusively for vegans and vegetarians both in Britain and abroad for any purposes. CONTACT CENTRE enables you to choose friend(s) from detailed adverts and/or to write an advert yourself without disclosing your name and address. CONTACT CENTRE gives full scope to your individual requirements; you don't even have to complete a form. Instead a friendly ear is leant to every member. As we cannot tell all in this advenisment. please write for membership details from:



(MV) BCM Cuddle. London WC1V 6XX


RATES A N D CONDITIONS All prices inclusive of V A T Series d i s c o u n t : (4 consecutive insertions prepaid): 10% Box No: (per insertion) £2.00 extra


CUSTODIANS We are animal rights campaigners throughout the UK, who oppose slaughter and exploitation of God's creatures. Details and newsletter from: C u s t o d i a n s , Kent Place, Lechlade, Glos, G L 7 3 A W

THE ORDER OF THE CROSS SPIRITUAL AIMS AND IDEALS The order is an informal Fellowship, having for its service in life the cultivation of the Spirit of Love towards all Souls: Helping the weak and defending the defenceless and oppressed; Abstaining from hurting the creatures, eschewing bloodshed and flesh eating, and living upon the pure foods so abundantly provided by nature; Walking in the Mystic Way of Life, whose Path leads to the realization of the Christhood; And sending forth the Mystic Teachings unto all who may be able to receive them — those sacred interpretations of the Soul, the Christhood, and the Divine Love and Wisdom, for which the Order of the Cross stands. Regular Services, Meetings and Retreats are held in London and elsewhere. For further information please contact: The Headquarters (VN), JO De Were Gardens. London W8 5AE, telephone 071-937 7012.

The Vegan, Autumn


N A T U R A L F R I E N D S , the one and only nationwide friendship service for sincere single vegans, vegetarians and others interested in alternative therapies, outdoor pursuits and much more. Send for full details today: NATURAL FRIENDS (VN), 15 Benyon Gardens, Culford, Suffolk IP28 6EA (stamp appreciated) Tel/Fax: 0284 728315 anytime.

O R G A N I C F A R M I N G uses plant eating animals. Could you help save this Earth by using an alternative to the W.C.?


Non-commercial: £4.50 for 20 words (minimum) Additional words: 25p each Semi-display (boxed) Commercial: £7.26 per single column centimetre Non-commercial: £4.95 per single column centimetre Display (non-classified boxed) & I n s e r t s

A H I M S A . Quarterly magazine of the American Vegan Society. Veganism, Natural Living, Reverence for Life. Calendar Year subscription £12. Address: PO Box H. Malaga. NJ 08328. USA.

Please ring Richard Farhall on 0424 427393 for a rate card.

T H E V E G A N , complete set, 36 issues. £36 including post and packing.

PAYMENT P r e - p a y m e n t please by cheque or postal order made payable to 'The Vegan Society'.

SERVICES IMPORTANT Final copy date for WINTER 1994: 12 OCTOBER 1994

Commercial: £6.60 for 20 words (minimum) Additional words: 39p each

N A T U R A L H E A L I N G with flower essences by Registered Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner — animals also treated. Personal/telephone consultations.

Eire and overseas: Payment must be by sterling cheque drawn on an British bank or by sterling International Money Order. PUBLICATION DATES March, June. September. December COPY DATES 25th Jan, 25th April. 25th July, 25th October


CONDITIONS OF ACCEPTANCE Advertisements are accepted subject to their satisfying the condition that the products advertised are entirely free from ingredients derived from animals: that neither products nor ingredients have been tested on animals; and that the content of such ads does not promote, or appear to promote, the use of non-vegan commodities. Books, records, tapes etc. mentioned in advertisements should not contain any material contrary to vegan principles. Advertisements may be accepted from catering establishments that are not run on exclusively vegan lines, provided that vegan meals are available and that the wording of such ads reflects this.

The submission of an advertisement is deemed to warrant that the advertisement does not contravene any Act of Parliament, nor is it in any other way illegal or defamatory or an infringement of any other party's rights or an infringement of the British Code of Advertising Practice. The Vegan Society reserves the right to refuse or withdraw any advertisement. Although every care is taken, the Vegan Society cannot accept liability for any loss

IMPORTANT Final copy date for WINTER 1994: 12 OCTOBER 1994 ALL LINEAGE ADS MUST BE PRE-PAID BOX NUMBERS When replying to a bo* number address your envelope as follows: Box No. , The Vegan Society, 7 Battle Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex TN37 7AA.

DISPLAY ADVERTISING For rates please ring Richard Farhall on 0424 427393. or inconvenience incuired as a result of errors in the wording, or the late or nonappearance of an advertisement.

When replying to an advertisement please mention that you saw it in . . .

The Vegetarian Union of North America & The American Vegan Society present

THE EIGHTH INTERNATIONAL VEGAN FESTIVAL 6-13 August 1995 San Diego State University California USA For details and a booking form send an SAE to: The Vegan Society, 7 Battle Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex TN37 7AA. Payment may be made by sterling cheque drawn on a British bank IT'S CHEAPER IF YOU BOOK BEFORE 1 DECEMBER 1994!

CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT ORDER FORM Please insert the following advertisement in the next


issue/s of The Vegan under the heading (Please use capital letters)



















































Continue on a separate sheet if necessary. This form may be •

I enclose cheque/PO for £

payable to 'The Vegan Society Ltd.'


Address _

Tel. No.


Lineage charges. See 'Rates and Conditions'. Box No. (£2.00 extra). Tick if required • Copy. (£2.00). I require a copy of The Vegan in which my ad. will appear


Post code


Return to: The Advertising Manager, The Vegan Society, 7 Battle Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex TN37 7AA. (Tel. 0424 427393)


The Vegan, Autumn 1994 24

Promoting a diet free from all animal produce and a more compassionate way of living that seeks to avoid exploiting animals for any purpose


WHERE THERESA WILL THERE'S A WAY There must be many readers who would like to offer financial support to the Vegan Society in its unique work but have limited means at their disposal. There is, however, an easy way of helping regardless of present circumstances — by including a legacy to the Society in your Will. Great or small, such legacies can make a real and enduring contribution to the promotion of vegan ideals. For those who would like to make a bequest to the Society the following form of words is suggested: I bequeath to the Vegan Society, Registered Charity no. 279228, presently at 7 Battle Road. St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex TN37 7-4.4, the sum of £ . and declare that the receipt of the Treasurer or other authorized officer of the said Society shall he good and sufficient discharge of such legacy. Property left to the Society is another valuable contribution to our cause. If you wish to will land or property to lii . Society, please write for details of how to arrange this.


Brown, one-piece upper, Vibram sole, Cambrelle lining.




Black, two-piece upper, Vibram sole, Cambrelle lining.



C W O O D L A N D Green-brown, fabric boot. Heavy duty woven Cordura, Action sole







May 1994 1st






Mrs S Cunningham Ian Davidson Ms D Brotherton

£47.63 £28.58 £19.04

Ideal for hiking, rambling or simply leisure wear. Available in sizes 35 - 47 (2^-12). Sizes for the Trekking boot are 36 - 46(2^-11). * Prices include postage & packing and VAT. * If not completely satisfied, return unworn for a refund (less p&p) or exchange for a different size/style. For further details and information on our cruelty-free belts, socks and wetproofing, write to Ethical Wares, (DEPT V .M .) 84 Clyde Way, Rise Park, Romford, Essex, RM1 4UT (Tel/Fax: 0708 739293).

We are a vegan, ethically-based


108 292



Amanda Spiers Alexandra Murphy Gill Hamilton

£47.25 £28.35 £18.90



116 86 135

The Vegan Society's

MONTHLY CASH DRAW Cash prizes every month!

If you'd like to make a regular contribution to support the Vegan Society's work and stand a chance of winning a cash prize every month, then the Society's Monthly Cash Draw is for you. Each month, three cash prizes — comprising 50% of that month's total entry money — are drawn. A monthly entry is £1.50 but you may make as many entries as you wish. The draw takes place on the last working day of the month. A list of winners is published in The Vegan. To take part just complete the form below and enclose your remittance for 3, 6 or 12 months as required. Don't worry about forgetting to renew — you will be reminded in good time!

MONTHLY CASH DRAW Address Post code


Please enter me for

entry/ies for


I enclose a cheque/PO payable to 'The Vegan Society'

July 1994 lst



June 1994 1st


* *

The Vegan Society's


Fabric boot, very attractive, four colours, designed for leisure wear

Ms D Brotherton Janice Gale Tom & Bev Lithgow

The Vegan, Autumn 1994

£46.88 £28.13 £18.74

for£ 3 MONTHS — £ 4 . 5 0 6 MONTHS — £9.00 12 MONTHS — £18.00

Return to: Cash Draw Organizer, The Vegan Society, 7 Battle Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex TN37 7AA. (0424) 427393


. / G F IT • « yprfen 5

Deed of Covenant

Promoting a diet free from all animal produce and a more compassionate way of living that seeks to avoid exploiting animals for any purpose





Post code


Profession/Skills Signature Tick as appropriate: • I am interested in veganism and enclose a large SAE for an Information Pack • I adhere to a vegan diet and wish to become a Vegan Society member. I undertake to abide by the Society's Memorandum and Articles of Association (£2 or may be viewed without charge at the Society's office) • Although not a vegan I support the Society's aims and wish to become a supporter member Q Individual £15 • Family/Joint £20 Q Unwaged individual £10 Q Unwaged family/joint £14 • Junior (under 18) £8 • Life £250 Q Donation

Eire and overseas: All applicants must add £5

I enclose cheque/PO payable to The Vegan Society' for £ (£ membership + £ donation). Return to: The Vegan Society, 7 Battle Road, St Leonards-onSea, East Sussex TN37 7AA

A Deed of Covenant substantially increases your gift or subscription to the Vegan Society at no extra cost to yourself, because the Society is able to claim the income tax that you have paid. Provided you are a taxpayer, the Society can claim an additional 33p (at current tax rates) for every pound you covenant. The Deed need only apply for four years, assuring the Society of a regular income so that it can plan for the future. It is easy to complete and once made you only have to sign a claim form which we send you in the first year. H O W YOUR C O N T R I B U T I O N G R O W S H e r e are s o m e e x a m p l e s : Annual Tax Benefits Amounts Rebate over 4 y e a r s £






50.00 75.00

16.66 25.00

266.64 400.00

If you wish to make a single donation, the Society can gain the same tax benefit if you use a Deposit Covenant. For futher information, please contact: The Office Manager, Vegan Society, 7 Battle Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex TN37 7AA.





2 0 p

per sheet

+ p o s t a g e & packing ( 1 - 1 6 sheets add 25p; 1 7 - 3 3 sheets add 45p; 3 4 - 6 6 sheets add 65p)

• 1 V diameter • 10 stickers per sheet • Ideal for envelopes, letters and milk bottle tops

+ 65p p&p


Water-based vegetable dyes Unbleached cotton COMMEMORATIVE TEE SHIRT ORDER FORM COMMEMORATIVE STICKER ORDER FORM Please send me sheets of Commemorative Stickers @ 20p per sheet + postage & packing (see above). I enclose a cheque/PO for £

payable to 'The Vegan Society'.

Please send me Commemorative Tee Shirts @ £9.60 each (p&p incl.). I enclose a cheque/PO for £





Post code

Tel. Return to: The Vegan Society, 7 Battle Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex TN37 7AA

Post code

. payable to 'The Vegan Society'

Tel. Return to: The Vegan Society, 7 Battle Road. St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex TN37 7AA

Profile for The Vegan Society

The Vegan Autumn 1994  

The magazine of The Vegan Society, 50th anniversary issue

The Vegan Autumn 1994  

The magazine of The Vegan Society, 50th anniversary issue