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Distribution of Vegan Trademark holders


Vegan Trademark incoming funds

In the UK alone there are 60 million consumers of vegan products. Whilst many products are incidentally vegan, increasingly people are consciously seeking products free of animal ingredients and animal testing. The Vegan Trademark is a valuable distinguishing asset for specialist vegan producers aiming specifically at vegan customers. At the same time, the logo is a means by which non-vegans bring the word ‘vegan’ into their own homes, helping veganism become familiar and non-threatening. The year 2011-12 saw the Vegan Trademark team, led by George Gill, further increase the number of Trademark holders, making the Vegan logo an increasingly familiar sight in shops and homes. Registered vegan products have been promoted at major trade shows, including, in conjunction with Vegan Trademark holders, an innovative, prominent and highly successful Vegan Pavilion at NOP-Europe, bringing and demonstrating the value of veganism to a wide range of businesses, organizations and key individuals. With Vegan Trademarked products now routinely appearing in prime-time television commercials, London Underground poster campaigns, etc., keep an eye open for the logo. While being an important outreach tool itself, the Trademark continues to provide essential revenue for the Society’s range of activities.

Thank you for your interest in and support for The Vegan Society. We hope next year will be even more successful.

Summary Financial Statement year ended 30 June 2012

The Vegan Society’s vision is a world in which humans do not exploit other animals. Our mission is to make veganism an easily adopted and widely recognised approach to reducing animal and human suffering and environmental damage by means of meaningful, peaceful and factual dialogue with individuals, organisations and companies. In order to achieve the vision, people will ultimately need to desire that exploitation and cruelty to other animals end, and that respect for all life should be increased. Working towards this vision, The Vegan Society’s goals in the next ten years are therefore two-fold: 1. Government, public and private sector demonstrate improved knowledge, practice and policies in vegan catering, nutrition, and agriculture, and reward sustainable and compassionate lifestyles 2. An increased number of people adopt and sustain vegan lifestyles We look forward to continue to support vegans, and above all, inspire more people to transition towards a plant-based diet and cruelty-free lifestyle. Without your help and support we would not be as effective. So thank you very much to members and supporters, and please consider joining The Vegan Society if you’re not already a member.

For an animal-friendly and sustainable world, Jasmijn de Boo, Chief Executive

The full financial statements, Council of Management Annual Report, and Auditors’ Report, may be obtained from: The Vegan Society, Donald Watson House, 21 Hylton Street, Birmingham, B18 6HJ or the ‘About The Vegan Society’ section of

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The Vegan Society Donald Watson House 21 Hylton Street Hockley Birmingham B18 6HJ UK

Local rate 0845 45 88244 Tel. 0121 523 1730 Fax. 0121 523 1749 e-mail:

Charity no. 279228. Co. no. 1468880. Registered in England & Wales. VAT Registration No. 448 5973 95

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The Vegan Society Annual Review 2011-2012

One world. Many lives. Our choice.

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Vegan Society Sponsorship One service that The Vegan Society is able to offer to help groups to spread the vegan word is sponsorship for vegan events and festivals. So far in 2012 we have been able to give grants for many events including: n Eat Out Vegan Wales held their latest Vegan Café 4 the Day in Aberystwyth. This is an event where free vegan food is given to the public to try, in a café style format. It was incredibly busy all day with visitors spilling out of the main hall to the rest of the building. n VegfestUK Brighton: with 123 stalls and 2,700 visitors (the majority being non-vegans), vegan cookery demonstrations, talks, vegan food, music, films and other entertainment this event at The Hove Centre, Brighton was certainly worth the sponsorship money we provided. n BRAVE collective – Birmingham Alternative Vegan Extravaganza on the 31st of March 2012 at The Edge, Digbeth, Birmingham. Aimed at non-vegans and to educate attendees about veganism and ethical living through a series of skillsharing workshops run by the collective and to encourage attendees to consider becoming vegan themselves by providing lunch, dinner, food samples and baking cake on the premises throughout the day. n Vegofesten in Örebro, Sweden: with 550 visitors trying vegan food samples, talks about veganism, a vegan restaurant and 35 stalls this amazing annual event was well worth our while sponsoring. n VegfestUK Bristol 25-27 May 2012: with over 25,000 people through the door the event was a great success with great music, vegan food, entertainment and over 120 stalls. Vegan Society staff gave talks and Vegan Society PR/Media Officer Amanda Baker was interviewed about the event and about being vegan by BBC Radio Bristol. More information about grants is available on our website: The coming year we hope to sponsor more events organised by Local Contacts and other groups. Thank you once again to everyone who organises or helps at vegan outreach events across the UK and beyond.

The Vegan Society stall at Bristol VegFest

None of these achievements could have been done without the generosity of our members and supporters. We would like to thank all of those who support our vital work.

You can find out more about supporting us at: You can also set up your own ‘Just Giving’ fundraising page through our page where you can put information about something you might do to raise funds for The Vegan Society and the money raised will go to us. The Vegan Society has teamed up with JustTextGiving. Anyone can text 'VEGN44' followed by an amount (£1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10) to 70070. The sender will receive a text message receipt, and the chance to add Gift Aid, making donations even more worthwhile. Wherever you are, or whenever you want to give, just send a text. Thank you!

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The Vegan Society launched a new website: Guide to Vegan Living The guide is full of practical advice and tips about becoming vegan, staying vegan, or catering for vegan friends and relatives, delivered in a down-to-earth and friendly style. The guide was based on research into people’s real-life experiences of becoming vegan or trying out a vegan lifestyle. It focuses on topics such as eating out, dealing with other people and moving on from dairy cheese, where potential vegans are most likely to benefit from guidance.

Education Our fantastic network of volunteer Speakers engaged hundreds of people in the 2011-2012 financial year, delivering high impact talks and workshops. We also greatly increased our capacity to deliver workshops and talks by doubling our network of Speakers, a growth set to continue with more individuals waiting to join the network. Our Education Service has a professional new look with a redesigned exclusive logo, back-drop banner, and classroom materials. Our new classroom resources uploaded to the Times Educational Supplement website were looked at 3878 times, and downloaded 1299 times.

New World Vegan Day and World Vegan Month Logos

We have two new logos which can be used by The Vegan Society and affiliated groups.

International Outreach With thousands of people from all over the world taking our Vegan Pledge and increasing numbers of translations of our films our international work carries on apace. In addition to Vanessa Clarke’s continuing International work, during this period our CEO Jasmijn de Boo and one of our Nutrition and Health Spokesperson Stephen Walsh spoke at international events, bringing The Vegan Society vision and sound nutritional advice to vegans and non-vegans alike. We plan to expand our international reach in the year ahead.

Last year was marked by a fresh approach, developing new strategies and processes, and raising the bar of our education service for the year to come. Through deep and lasting impact, we help to ensure that the next generation will be more aware of the reasons underpinning veganism than the last. Looking forward we have plenty of high level lobbying and government engagement planned to try to secure rights for vegan students and minimise exclusion.

Working with the British Dietetic Association We have secured an agreement with the British Dietetic Association (BDA) that the questionnaire distributed as part of the “Mind the Hunger Gap” campaign should include a question about belief based (i.e. vegan) diets. They also secured agreement in principle for the future “joint badging” of nutritional information sheets. That would mean that The Vegan Society could issue information on nutrition in conjunction with the BDA. They are the first source of nutritional advice for health and care professionals, as well as members of the public. By working with them, we will ensure that positive messages regarding veganism are received as widely as possible. The BDA invited us to submit a 2000 word article for their magazine: Dietetics Today on vegan dietetics, for their Christmas 2012 edition.

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Advocacy As well as helping vegans who are in vulnerable situations, our advocacy work also helps to promote veganism. It does this in two ways; by removing barriers for people to become and stay vegan and making veganism more visible to those who are not yet vegan. One project that is already underway is a telephone befrienders scheme. Volunteers would undertake to make regular telephone calls, usually once a week, at an agreed time and then talk to the befriendee about topics of mutual interest. Forming links between older vegans and younger vegans could be invaluable, helping to challenge preconceptions and foster understanding. The scheme would also provide older vegans with a new opportunity to connect with other vegans.

Making History Our great new video clip: Making History calls on viewers to have the strength to follow their convictions, and try veganism if they believe all animals seek life and freedom. We ask nonvegans to sign up at for free vegan mentoring so that they too can be part of Making History. Our PR and Media Officer, Amanda Baker, helped take our 'Making History' film short to over 15,000 viewers. Check out the Making History video clip here:

Vegan for the Animals booklet Our great new Vegan for the Animals booklet is available to download here: or contact The Vegan Society for free copies.

Eggs and Dairy leaflet Our very popular new Eggs and Dairy leaflet is available to download here: or contact The Vegan Society for free copies.

Working Closely with the Vegan Prisoner Support Group (VPSG) Working with VPSG to produce joint publications such as prison caterer’s newsletters and guides for caterers and vegan prisoners means that catering provision in prisons around the UK is of a high standard with prison caterers actively competing with each other to win the VPSG/Vegan Society awards.

Making the Connection Tens of thousands of people have viewed The Vegan Society film (made with Environment Films) Making the Connection online. The film is now available with subtitles in eight different languages. If you have not seen it yet please do view it here:

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Sponsoring Vegan Outreach Events Targeted Media work Political Lobbying

Engaging with Caterers

Social Networking

Political Lobbying

Chris Williamson (vegan Labour MP), Jasmijn de Boo (Vegan Society CEO) and Kerry McCarthy (vegan Labour MP). Photo by Vicky Alhadeff Š

Veganism first in Westminster Labour MP Kerry McCarthy spoke about vegan solutions to global food security, healthy diet and cutting climate change at an adjournment debate at about 10pm on World Vegan Day (November 1 2011). It was shown live on BBC parliament TV and parliament live TV.

It’s All A Enabl Posit Behav Chan

Social Networking

Kerry McCarthy and Vegan Society staff also hosted an event on World Vegan Day at Portcullis House where roughly 15 MPs and 65 others (including the Parliamentary Assistants of numerous MPs) and representatives from NGOs saw our film Making the Connection and took home free vegan cupcakes and Vegan Society literature. Arrangements were made for House of Commons restaurants to put on vegan options during the week beginning Monday 31 October and, helped by the information posters that we supplied, five House of Commons restaurants averaged 12% vegan meals sold. The chefs received very positive feedback. Following on from this a World Vegan Eve event will take place at Portcullis House on 31 October 2012.


Social Networking Social Networking is a key form of communication for The Vegan Targeted Media work Society. Journalists regularly check our Twitter pages and proactively contact us to comment on news stories. Many experienced vegans regularly check our Facebook pages and help those trying out veganism for the first time: swapping recipes or discussing vegan issues. Facebook is also a great way to send messages to our followers and encourage action on various vegan projects. At the end of June 2012, the Vegan Society Facebook page had around 97,000 'likes'.

Engaging with Caterers

Political Lobbying

Sponsoring Vegan Outreach Events


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Social Networking

Targeted Media work

Political Lobbying

Partnership Working

l About bling sitive aviour ange Political Lobbying

The Vegan Pledge Between 1 July 2011 and 30 June 2012 we received thousands of requests from all over the world to take The Vegan Pledge: a massive increase compared to last year. A significant number of those people are staying vegan. Please see an article in Winter issue of The Vegan magazine for more details.

Engaging with Caterers

Sponsoring Vegan Outreach Events

Sponsoring Vegan Outreach Events

Targeted Media work

Targeted Media work

Partnership Working

Media and Communications Our PR and Media Officer, Amanda Baker, has helped us reach tens of thousands of people through traditional (radio, newspapers, magazines) and new media including Social Networks, inviting them to take The Vegan Pledge, and put their compassion in action by living vegan. She has successfully re-launched our 'Vegans Catered for Here' window sticker scheme, and has continued to support our Local Contact volunteers to get vegan food into cafes and restaurants. Amanda has also written a draft Communications Strategy for our work to 2015. She will develop this further with Ian Liddle, our new Trustee with PR expertise.

Targeted Media work Political Lobbying

Partnership Working

The Vegan Society Annual Review 2011-2012  
The Vegan Society Annual Review 2011-2012  

The Annual Review of The Vegan Society (Reg. Charity No 279228 in England & Wales) for 2011-2012