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SAL AD S Springtime |vegan Fresh spinach and with Einkorn sprouts, home-made basil pesto (slightly piquant), tomato, radish and basil. 350 gr / 7,90 lv

Vitality |vegan Sweet tomatoes and fragrant rucola, shaved carrots and cucumbers, roasted sunflower seeds and sprouted Einkorn in lemon dressing. 300 gr / 7,90 lv

EN T R E E S Edamame with Himalayan Salt |vegan A high-protein, fiber-rich pick-me-up snack, made of Japanese green soybean pods. Edamame combines well with Japanese green tea and is gluten-free. 200 gr / 6,90 lv

Hommos |vegan A favourite dip from the Arab tradition made from mashed chickpeas, tahini, olive oil and lemon. We serve it with tomato and seeds. Make sure to order some bread with it. 200 gr / 6,90 lv

Chickpea, Spinach & Almonds |vegan Chickpea with fresh spinach, rucola, cherry tomatoes and almonds in ginger dressing. 200 gr / 6,90 lv

Hemp Power Salad |vegan Fresh greens with crunchy radish and red pepper, tomatoes and hemp seeds in mustard dressing. 350 gr / 7,90 lv

Quinoa Tahini |vegan Quinoa with fragrant rucola, olives, fresh peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers in a delicious sesame dressing.

Spicy Hommos |vegan A spicy version of the traditional hommos, topped with olives. Make sure to order some bread with it. 200 gr / 6,90 lv

Guacamole |vegan

Inspired by the traditional Mexican recipe with avocado, tomato and pepper in spicy lemon dressing. 200 gr / 8,90 lv

Lots of parsley, a bit of tomato, buck-wheat and lemon dressing.

Crisp cabbage shreads and tomato pieces in coconut & peanut dressing. 300 gr / 6,90 lv

Avocado |vegan Ripe avocado on top of fresh green salad with tomato pieces, sunflower seeds and lemon dressing. 300 gr / 8,90 lv

Veda Tarator Variation of the traditional Bulgarian cold yogurt soup with cucumber, carrot, sunflower seeds, fennel and black cumin seeds. 300 gr / 4,20 lv

Savoury cauliflower smoked in black tea from the Lapu mountain in China, complemented by fresh walnuts, sweet raisins, peppers and carrots. 300 gr / 8,20 lv

Veggie Tofu |vegan Roasted tofu cubes with cashew nuts and sesame, brocolli, ocra, peppers, chilli, ginger and a pinch of masala. 300 gr / 9,50 lv

Saitan |vegan A delicious meal of grilled saitan with quinoa, thyme and colourful vegetables. 300 gr / 10,50 lv

Spicy Buckwheat Balls |vegan option Savoury balls of buckwheat, chickpea flour & potatoes with lots of spices. Pick a sauce: Yogurt & Dill, Spicy Tomato or Mustardy Chickpea. 350 gr / 8,50 lv

Veggie Balls |vegan option

Freshly baked bread made of variuos types of flour, seeds and cheese. 120 gr / 3,50 lv

350 gr / 8,50 lv

Whole Grain Bread |vegan 150 gr / 1,90 lv

300 gr / 7,90 lv

Gobi Pachadi |vegan

Smoked Tea Cauliflower with Walnuts |vegan

Slightly piquant balls of red and green pepper, tomato, cucumber and zucchini fried in chickpea flour with Indian spices. Pick a sauce: Yogurt & Dill, Spicy Tomato or Creamy Mustard.


300 gr / 8,50 lv

Tabbouleh |vegan


PAS TA Pasta Alfredo |vegan

Pakora |vegan option Perfectly spiced and crispy Indian snacks with broccoli, cauliflower and carrot. Pick a sauce: Yogurt & Dill, Spicy Tomato or Mustardy Chickpea). 350 gr / 8,50 lv

Veda Mash Red peppers, tomatoes, white cheese, roasted sunflower seeds and pine nuts. 350 gr / 8,50 lv

Ayurvedic Rice |vegan option

Creamy and elegant pasta with cherry tomatoes in a cashew, smoked tea and basil sauce.

Yellow basmati rice with hazelnuts, almonds, sultanas, carrots and oriental spices, cooked with purified butter (ghee).

300 gr / 9,50 lv

300 gr / 8,90 lv

Pasta Verde |vegan A refreshingly green pasta with Japanese Edamame, our home-made basil pesto, fresh rucola, crushed walnuts and roasted sesame seeds. A bit spicy. 300 gr / 9,50 lv

Тomato Pasta with Goat Cheese Goat cheese with olives and pine nuts in tomato ghee sauce, mixed with Penne pasta. 300 gr / 9,50 lv

Spicy Edamame Rice |vegan option Spicy basmati rice with edamame, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, carrots, chilli, tomatoes and spices, cooked with purified butter (ghee). 300 gr / 9,50 lv

Grilled Cheese Potatoes Delicious potatoes baked with sour cream, white cheese, yellow cheese and smoked cheese. 300 gr / 8,50 lv



Fromage Ă la Creme & Basil

A piece of Cake

A wholegrain pancake with fresh basil and fromage a la creme, tomato and other crispy veggies. 250 gr / 7,20 lv

Sun Dried Tomatoes & Parmigiano

(may contain diary, nuts, sesame, gluten... or may be vegan. please ask) 150 gr / 5,20 lv

Freshly Baked Cookies

A wholegrain pancake with Parmigiano cheese and sundried tomatoes pesto, capers, cucumber and tomatoes.

(may contain diary, nuts, sesame, gluten

250 gr / 7,90 lv

or may be vegan. please ask)

Ice-cream & Forest Fruit A wholegrain pancake with forest fruit jam and cream filling, served with veda ice-cream scoops. 250 gr / 7,20 lv

SW E E T BAL L S Ginger Balls vegan |raw| Two fresh green balls made of fresh ginger, lemon peel, oats, spirulina, sugar and coconut oil. 40 gr / 2,50 lv

Ladhu Two pieces of Đ° traditional Indian dessert made of butter, chickpea flour, sugar and nuts. 40 gr / 2,50 lv

Simply (white balls) Two sweet balls made of milk, butter, sugar, vanilla, walnuts and sultanas. 40 gr / 2,50 lv

Carob Chocolate Two pieces of home-made carob chocolate wth lots of nuts. 30 gr / 2,50 lv

Raw Chocolate Truffles |vegan |sugar-free |raw Two delicious truffles made of raw cocoa, cashew and other nuts, dates, coconut oil and agave nectar. 40 gr / 2,80 lv

Chilli balls |vegan |sugar-free |raw Two raw and warmingly spicy balls made of almonds, dates, agave nectar, coconuts and chilli. 40 gr / 2,80 lv

Coconut Truffles |vegan |sugar-free |raw Two melting-in-your-mouth truffles made of coconut, dates with a hazelnut core. 40 gr / 2,80 lv

A plate of all sweet balls 7 in total / 9,20 lv


30 gr / 1,80 lv

Sweet Tea Bread (may contain diary, nuts, sesame, gluten) 100 gr / 2,80 lv

ICE-CR EAMS We make in the house artisan ice-cream using real cream, tea, spices, fruits and nuts.

Istanbul Ice-cream made of sesame tahini, a pinch of Eastern magic and cream. 100 gr / 2,80 lv

Ginger Banana Ice-cream made of fresh ginger, sweet bananas and cream. 100 gr / 2,80 lv

Carob with Hazelnuts Ice-cream made of carob, cream and hazelnuts.

Ice-cream of the day Some new flavour we are testing, which might as well be vegan. 100 gr / 2,80 lv

Yoga Ice-cream made of Indian chai with masala spices and cream. 100 gr / 2,80 lv

Winter Chocolate

Forest Fruit

Ice-cream made of vanilla, cream and coconut. 100 gr / 2,80 lv

Caramel Peanut Ice-cream made of caramelized sugar, roasted peanuts and cream. 100 gr / 2,80 lv

We prepare your food when you order it, cooking it on real fire and we use no microwave. Please allow enough time for us to do everything nicely. And is this not the perfect opportunity to try some new tea? Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.

Ice-cream made of Japanese Matcha tea and cream. 100 gr / 2,80 lv

Vanilla & Coconut

All the meals are perfectly balanced in their constitution and spices, baked with love and garnished with positive thoughts.


100 gr / 2,80 lv Ice-cream made of cocoa, cream and chilli. 100 gr / 2,80 lv

Our cuisine is lacto-vegetarian and consistent with the principles of the ancient Indian wisdom Ayurveda.

Ice-cream made of dried forest fruits and cream. 100 gr / 2,80 lv

Cinnamon Pear Ice-cream made of cinnamon, pears and cream. 100 gr / 2,80 lv

Mango Ice-cream made of mango and cream. 100 gr / 2,80 lv

Please tell us if you have any food allergies. Be advised that any dish may contain traces of: sesame, nuts, diary, gluten, mustard seeds or soya.

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Veda House Food Cart  

This is the food that we offer at Veda House in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is purely vegetarian and prepared according to the highest standard of A...

Veda House Food Cart  

This is the food that we offer at Veda House in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is purely vegetarian and prepared according to the highest standard of A...

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