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2014–2015 Exhibitions & Lecture Series Throughout the year, VCUQatar offers a diverse program of public exhibitions and lectures, including solo and group exhibitions hosted by the Gallery at VCUQatar. Through local and global collaborations, the Gallery encourages the appreciation and understanding of art and design and their roles in society. The Gallery stimulates active learning about the creative process through dialogue among communities of students, faculty, artists, scholars and the wider public.


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Yousef Ahmad in conversation with Dr. Yasser Mongy Opening Night of “Confluence” exhibition Tim Makower starts off the year's exhibition series Flo Orktrass, Random International

64 — Issue 4

The Gallery opened the year with “100 Thoughts: Chapter 1” an exhibition by Doha-based artist Tim Makower. Makower has created sketchbooks throughout his years in Doha which were exhibited throughout the gallery as a way to share his personal narrative, or “100 Thoughts” of Doha. The second exhibition for Fall 2014 was “Confluence: Photographic based works from the Contemporary Middle East” which brought together the work of Arab artists Atfal Ahdath, Ali Cherri and VCUQatar faculty member George Awde. This exhibition of contemporary photography and video installation from across the Middle East demonstrated the thematic diversity of photography while also exploring the medium itself. In Spring 2015 the Gallery, in partnership with the British Council, exhibited the work of well-known UK artist David Batchelor in “Flatlands Remix.” The exhibition brought together his vibrant and intricate drawings as well as his more recent paintings and sculptures. The year closed with the annual BFA & MFA Exhibition, a celebration of the creative achievements of our graduating students.

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Context Magazine 2014-2015: Issue 4  

Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar's annual magazine

Context Magazine 2014-2015: Issue 4  

Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar's annual magazine

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