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FAC U LT Y & S TA F F Achievements

Throughout the year, faculty and staff

The City, September 7–8, 2015, where he

College in Oakland, California where he

publish in professional journals and public

presented on “Emerging Trends in Interior

successfully completed the advanced-level Arabic course. He has since enrolled in NYU's

magazines and participate in conferences

Architecture: Impact of Neuroscience.” Dr.

and exhibitions as guest speakers and

Amor served as a moderator for the Qatar

Certificate Program in Arabic to English

artists /designers. A few examples of these

Green Building Conference that was held in

translation. Dr. Bianchi is also translating

endeavors are listed below. Position titles

April 27–28, 2015 at Qatar National Conven-

Classical Arabic religious texts for the Bahá'í

and achievements reflect the academic year

tion Center. Likewise, in collaboration with a

World Centre on a volunteer basis. In terms of


doctoral student from Texas Tech University,

research, he published an article on 3arabizi

Law Alsobrook, Assistant Professor in Graphic Design, exhibited his interactive sculpture, “Te kalliste: to the fairest,” at the

Dr. Amor presented “Learning and applying

in Q-Science's Tasmeem journal in Spring

sustainability principles is a challenging edu-

2014, completed a book chapter for Springer

cational task.” The outcome was published in

Publishing Company on English language

QScience Proceedings, (2015), 26.

education in Palestine, which is forthcoming,

20th International Symposium on Electronic

George Awde, Assistant Professor of Photog-

Arts (ISEA) in Dubai, UAE. He presented “Are

raphy, exhibited in the critically acclaimed

we our fictions? The narrative boundaries of

exhibition Imagined Cities at the Los Angeles

and drafted another book chapter on the future of the Arabic language for Akkadia Press. On a creative note, he has almost completed his first novel, “7abibi.”

self” at Fak’ugesi, a Digital African Arts

Municipal Gallery in the fall of 2014 and “I

Conference, hosted by University of the

Spy with my Little Eye” at The Mosaic Rooms

Ryan Browning, Assistant Professor in the

Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South

in London in May 2015. He also had a solo ex-

Art Foundations Department, had an FRG

Africa. The paper was subsequently published

hibition “Fragile States” in May 2015 at East

grant-supported solo exhibition of paintings

in Technoetic Arts: Journal of Speculative

Wing in Dubai and was an artist-in-residence

entitled “Cruiselandia” at ADA Gallery in

Research. He was invited to submit an

at Light Work in Syracuse, New York, during

Richmond, Virginia in the fall of 2014. He

article, “The Tesseract: between mediated

the summer of 2015. His work has just been

received a Faculty Research Grant in the

consciousness and embodiment” to the

featured on the cover of this month’s Canvas

spring of 2015 supporting an upcoming solo

online journal Noema: Technology & Society.

magazine and there is an article on his work

exhibition, entitled “General Drift” which will

In June 2015, together with Diane Derr, he

in this month’s Art Asia Pacific.

conducted the workshop “Variable There: Reconfiguring narrative through urban data” at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa and at the conference Arte Present: Mapping Space that Could Return to Earth Again in Havana, Cuba. His TedxEducation City talk was recently included on the list of “50 of the best inspirational and motivational talks for creatives.” Ranked number 14, he shares the list with JJ Abrams, Neil Gaiman, and Steven Spielberg. He also published poems in Petite Hound Press, The Volta, Typehouse Literary Magazine, and After the Pause.

Dr. Summer Bateiha, Assistant Professor of Mathematics in the Liberal Arts & Sciences

be held in 2016 at The Third Line gallery in Dubai, UAE. In June 2014, Marco Bruno, Assistant

Program, was the keynote speaker at The

Professor in the MFA in Design Program,

3rd Abu Dhabi University Annual Interna-

together with Simone Muscolino, Director

tional Conference in March 2015. She also

of Art Foundation, presented an interactive

presented her research in the “Show and Tell

installation titled “Borrowed City Flip” at

Series” at Virginia Commonwealth University

Crow's Eye View (CEV), the Korean Pavilion

in Qatar and in the Mathematics Depart-

at the XIV Venice Architecture Biennale.

ment at Qatar University. In addition, she

Due to the success of the exhibition (the

gave a talk at the competitive 2015 Liberal

Korean Pavilion received the Golden Lion

Arts and Sciences Conference at Texas A&M

for Best National participation), the CEV

University in Qatar. Two of her papers were

was installed again in Seoul at Arko Center

accepted for publication—one as an article

(March–May 2015) and in New York City at

in Investigations in Mathematics Learning

Tina Kim Gallery (September–October 2015).

Cherif Amor, Chair of the Department of

and the other as a book chapter in “Learning

During the New York opening, Professor

Interior Design, presented at and served on

Across Borders: International and Trans-

Bruno participated in a public talk at the

the conference committee for EDRA 46 Los

national Education.”

Storefront for Art and Architecture and

Angeles Conference, May 27–30, 2015. He also served as the conference chairman for the Future Interiors Qatar conference that was held at the Intercontinental Hotel

60 — Issue 4

Assistant Professor of English, Dr. Robert Bianchi, was selected to attend the prestigious Arabic Language School of Middlebury

lectured at Rhode Island School of Design School of Architecture. In addition, a revised second edition of his book “Borrowed City,”

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Context Magazine 2014-2015: Issue 4  

Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar's annual magazine

Context Magazine 2014-2015: Issue 4  

Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar's annual magazine

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