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We hear it all the time.

It’s different here. We know it, we welcome it, and we thrive on it. Rich with cultural diversity, progress and creativity, this is a place where we can unapologetically be ourselves — the insatiable minds that are VCU.

Bring your eclectic



of freshmen are first-generation college students

1,703 international students

Cookie cutters don’t cut it, so we focus on bringing driven, diverse individuals into our community who offer new ways of thinking, creativity and unique solutions to issues and problems. Who you are as a person and the ideas you bring are the most important things. At VCU, we look like the world we live in. With students coming to us from more than 100 countries, our community bonds over the shared values of acceptance and equality. There are countless perspectives that support new collaborations.

Students from VCU Globe, a global education living-learning community


student organizations


Psychology major, minor in media studies, Class of 2016

At this point, I have only 4 percent of vision left, which is basically nothing. I used to get a lot of people telling me what I can’t do, and part of me started to believe it. But it’s not true. Now I just use that stuff as self-motivation to push and motivate other people. Truth is, I can do everything everyone else can do. I just have to do it differently.

Find your inner



certificate and degree programs

Our students’ learning goes much deeper than sitting inside a classroom. They gain practical understanding that only comes with hands-on work done within their field. Experiential learning coupled with our progressive, culturally enriched curriculum make for a unique education experience. Expert mentorship provided by our renowned faculty ensures that our students leave us fully equipped with the inherent creative thinking and innovation that come with being a part of this one-of-a-kind institution.


of graduates completed an internship at a company, non-profit, government agency or other organization

3.404.02 GPA

middle 50 percent of all admitted freshmen

ALLISON BILLS Photography major, Class of 2016

People hear ‘art major’ and think ‘starving artist.’ I don’t subscribe to anyone’s idea of success but my own. Last summer I worked with NASA as a photographer — I met more astronauts than I can count and saw more technology than most engineers ever will. I felt empowered to open eyes to what photographers — and all artists — are capable of.

Satisfy the need to



of VCU students want to start a company

With DIY in our DNA, VCU has programs and activities focused on identifying entrepreneurial students and connecting them with resources that are available around the university and region. Come turn your concepts into reality. Entrepreneurialism means a lot of things: building a business, inventing something, taking a tailored approach to your education. After all, what you’re really building here is your future.

VCU Venture Creation University's pre-accelerator program is a competitive process that provides stipends to help student start-ups reach the next level.



entrepreneurship stipend for student ventures

I came here to be a philosophy major — entrepreneurship wasn’t even in my vocabulary. But I quickly realized that Richmond is an epicenter of craft and artisanal companies — it seems like another one pops up every week. What was missing was a local artisanal chocolate company. VCU taught me to recognize opportunity, so I jumped on it to start Upchurch Chocolate.


Philosophy major, Class of 2016

Make a positive


1,462,854 student service hours (2014-15)

VCU is made up of vastly different programs and majors, but something that unites our campus community is the commitment and drive our students have to doing work that matters. Work that makes a real impact and benefits others. Our living-learning communities bring together motivated, passionate students from a range of diverse backgrounds to exchange ideas and viewpoints and participate in dynamic research and projects in the community.

The Student Leadership and Involvement Center (SLIC) encourages students to become involved with the VCU campus and the Richmond community.


students in service-learning courses

I chose VCU because of my love for Richmond, and am thrilled that the skills I’ve gained in the IS program are making an impact by aiding food deserts in our community. I’m currently partnering with the departments of Education and Transportation to make information about farmers markets and other healthy food resources more accessible for everyone.

FABY ARGANDONA Information systems major, Class of 2016

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VCU 2016 Junior Viewbook  
VCU 2016 Junior Viewbook