Volunteers Centre Skopje: VOICES

Volunteers Centre Skopje: VOICES

Skopje, Macedonia

VOICES is a magazine for all young people from Skopje, published in Macedonian, Albanian and English languages - VOICES - is a project of “Volunteers Centre Skopje”. It was created to provide more opportunities for the young people: to gain experience of working in an international team, to get to know other countries and cultures, to learn about creating and designing magazine, as well as to promote volunteerism, non-formal education programs and active youth involvement.

The participants of this project are volunteers working in “Volunteers Centre Skopje”. Some of them come from different European countries to do here their “European Voluntary Service” and some are students from Macedonia.

Because we are crazy proactive young people who want to improve things and simply be happy by helping the others in this unique international experience. Here we are the connection between international and local community.

Can you join us? Yes! Please contact us...