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SEPTE 2017

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David Rips, CEO

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FT28 Bifocal • FT35 Bifocal • 7 x 28 Trifocal

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kensie / unique


BOOTH #16031 | @kenmarkeyewear | #kenmarkeyewear

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Taking its direction from the clean, modern aesthetic of Danish design, KLiiK denmark eyewear is subtle yet always inspired. The rich, saturated coloring, laser cut detailing and mixing of patterns and materials are some of the design elements that are integral to the KLiiK denmark collection. Designed for both men and women, KLiiK denmark focuses on smaller eye sizes and is a go to brand for the smaller fit, small PD consumer with a strong sense of style.

KLiiK.COM K• 590

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K• 581

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19031 | 800.966.2020

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Presenting the all new SPINE Collection with the introduction of the 4.6 mm hinge. Half the size. Same amazing grip.

LAUNCHING VEW 2017 Booth #19065

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MONDOTTICA LAUNCHING SPINE AT VISION EXPO WEST 2017 FLEX APPEAL Here at SPINE we solve complex problems through intelligent engineering. Form follows function and aesthetics are dictated by technology and the solutions their relationship offers. Science takes center stage. Inspired by the interaction between vertebrae, SPINE solves age-old hinge limitations. Unencumbered by traditional parts and manufacturing processes, we strive to out-think the competition. Globally patented, you can be assured there is no substitute, so don’t accept one. SPINE hinges grip all day long, morphing to fit any face shape and head size, all with the lightest of touch. Temples open and close smoothly and gradually without flicking and traditional “dead” points. There are no screws loose here - because there are no screws used in SPINE working mechanics. Accidental impacts are glanced off as SPINE moves in all directions, absorbing and dissipating shocks which greatly reduces breakage. Temples shut automatically. Yes, they really do. STYLES GALORE SPINE has a new and expanded collection with the introduction of the new 4.6 hinge. This hinge has the same performance as the 7.5,

just half the size! Now SPINE has two great options. The original 7.5 hinge provides a strong statement which perfectly displays the signature hinge that is unmistakably SPINE, while the 4.6 hinge gives way to a more subtle and minimalist look. Both have the same performance that you have come to expect from Spine. Of the 17 styles, 11 are optical, made up of seven plastic and four metal hinge designs. The remaining six are sun styles made up of two metal and four plastic hinge designs. Merchandising materials for SPINE include an acrylic logo block and a countercard. ENGINEERED FOR COMFORT AND FUNCTIONALITY Along with a multitude of styles to choose from, SPINE eyewear offers its users a variety of key design and performance features. Signature tips offer vertebrae-engineered technology for better grip and reduced slipping, while signature nosepads encased in the highest quality of silicone provide the perfect fit and maximum comfort. A signature end piece machine milled to echo the front housing of the hinge, which maintains top-tier performance now at only half the original size, creates a seamless integration from temple to front.

MONDOTTICA USA 866.666.3662 • • XX September 2017

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September 2017 9

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12960 West State Road 84. Davie, FL 33325 • 954-835-2155 • 800-293-9588 • E-mail: •





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Guest Editorial THINK ABOUT YOUR EYES by Christopher J. Babin, OD and Charlene Walton, OD 20 PRODUCT BUZZ 22 EXPO BUZZ 24

Making the rounds at fashion weeks throughout the world, Stevie Boi’s NOIR spring/summer 2018 collection, which features both clothing as well as sunwear and accessories, exudes an edgy mood in the designer’s favorite color, black. With spikes and studs and unusual shapes, Boi’s sunwear collection includes both one-off couture pieces as well as a line of luxury sunglasses created in partnership with independent optical house EDA Frames. Boi, who first made his name appearing on the cover of Vogue Italia, introduced this, his first men’s collection, at the Bernic Hotel in New York City this July. The designer behind Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” headpiece and “Judas” shades has a client list of celebrities who set the trends rather than follow them. In addition to Lady Gaga, Boi’s regular fans include Elton John, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Madonna, Britney Spears and Katy Perry. To discover more about this avant garde designer, read the exclusive interview starting on page 46. Model wears 5B Chronicals • SBShades ·


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NOTEWORTHY When ‘Zero’ Means More 28 ONE-TO-ONE Kurt Atchison, President, Schneider Optical Machines, Inc. 30


EYEWEAR & FASHION The Upper Crust 35 Petite-Fit Road Test 38 Vying for Value 42 Interview Stevie Boi Wonder 46 New Collection Brings Safilo Back to Brand 48 Closeup Pretty in Pulitzer 52 Frame Front Joie de Vivre 54 Panorama The Daring Style of Police 56 Panorama Just Wear It 58 Panorama Sharper Image 60 NEW 62

‘ECLIPSE’-ING THE NEWS FACEBOOK.COM/ VISIONCAREPRODUCTNEWS.COM Our social media followers liked the educational videos and articles VCPN posted leading up to last month’s solar eclipse. News that United Healthcare donated eclipse viewers and educational materials to thousands of children nationwide reached many followers.

VCPN AT THE ACE AWARDS FACEBOOK.COM/ VISIONCAREPRODUCTNEWS.COM VCPN was live at the Accessories Council ACE Awards at Cipriani in NYC. Safilo’s Eden Wexler and VCPN’s John Sailer snagged an exclusive interview with actress and honoree Eva Longoria, who talked about her must-have fashion accessory: sunglasses.

Being Social September 2017 11

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S U I T E # 3 6 - 11 2

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Edging Myths Debunked 78

Executive Editor Michele Silver•

NEW 83

Assistant Editor Cara Aidone Huzinec •


Assistant Editor Alex Evans •

Inside Job 88

Ping! 86

Production and Web Manager Anthony Floreno • Contributing Writers Christopher J. Babin, Mark Clark, Joy L. Gibb, Sharon Leonard, Richard McCoy, Travis Reed, Kaitlyn Robertson, Samantha Toth, Charlene Walton Editor Emeritus Ed De Gennaro, MEd, ABOM

83 96 63

Are You Making These Social Media Mistakes? 90

Vice President, Design Jane Kaplan • Assistant Art Director Bruce Kenselaar •


All Wrapped Up 75

Vice President, Editorial John Sailer •

NEW 92

ADVERTISERS’ INDEX Advertisers’ Contact Information 92

VISION EXCHANGE Classified Advertising for the Optical Industry 93

LOOKING BACK Napoleon Scissorhands 96



BUSINESS STAFF President & Publisher Frank Giammanco • Executive VP & Associate Publisher Shawn Mery • Director of Sales Janet Cunningham • Vice President, Marketing Debby Corriveau • Vice President, Operations Sharon O’Hanlon • Subscriptions

14 September 2017

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Take Patient Education to New Heights

ular note are some new electronic tools to assist attendees with their educational plans. These include the new Interactive Education Brochure to help attendees find the JOHN SAILER

VIEWS ON VEW We will always need trade shows so we can meet face-to-face in order

Educate your patients and build your practice with free services from

• Free listings in the Eye Care Practice Network

marks and reading course descriptions, all in one location. Available




Education Brochure is the newly

work and learn. A few years back,

launched Education Concierge

one of the established electronic

to help attendees select the best

marketing firms in optical launched

education options based on

a virtual trade show, where sem-

individual needs, navigate the

inars were presented online and

registration process and effi-

exhibitors and attendees had the

ciently schedule for the show. To

opportunity to interact in real time.

further coordinate their learn-

After a couple years trying this,

ing opportunities at the show,

the virtual trade show didn’t gain

attendees can also access the new

any traction and quietly faded away.

Education Highlights section

Because even in this era of predom-

of to cus-

inantly electronic communication

tomize the continuing education

(such as in the article about sms on

information they receive from

page 86), there’s need for a specific

show organizers.

sets aside for in-person interaction.

• Free, comprehensive, trustworthy patient education

searching keywords, creating book-

to conduct business, socialize, net-

time that the entire optical industry

Visit to learn about…

classes that matter most to them by

Also new this year, VEW will host three days of digital marketing dis-

The success of the Vision Expos

cussions in the new Google Partners

East and West reflects this. Twice a

Lounge led by a Google campaign

year, every year, the industry’s par-


ticipants are busy preparing for,

For further show planning, in

• Free Eye Health Videos for practice websites

participating in and following up

this special Vision Expo West 2017

• Free Eye Health News Feeds for practice Facebook pages

on these two annual events. This

issue of VCPN you’ll find Expo

year is no different as we gather to

Buzz detailing many of the specials,

discuss where we are and where we

promotions and company events

are headed with our businesses.

planned at the various exhibitors’

• And more! is a leading provider of online eye health and vision correction information. We have hundreds of pages of easy-to-understand, trustworthy content that is developed with the input of eye care professionals on our Editorial Advisory Board.

Of course,Vision Expo facilitates this by providing the educational

booths throughout the show. So



are, another

sessions and exhibit floor that com-

September and another Vision

prise the event’s foundation then

Expo West, with these new tools at

builds upon that with new initia-

your fingertips to make it your most

tives each year. This year, of partic-

effective and efficient show yet. is a Supporter National Sponsor of Optometry Giving Sight. © 2016 Access Media Group LLC. All About Vision and are registered trademarks of Access Media.

email me at 16 September 2017

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For the uninitiated, omni-

LP6075 | VEW 2017

channel refers to the blending of physical retailing/marketing with a digital component that, to the consumer, appears seamless and FRANK GIAMMANCO




personalized. Shopping is an experience,


whether it’s done on a computer or

We’ve all heard the stories or seen

in an actual store. And that experi-

the hard evidence: shopping malls

ence needs to be unique and con-

like ghost towns, storefronts shut-

sistent with consumer preferences

tered and accumulating cobwebs.

and proclivities.

What’s more, the trend is not

Optical, for its part, has remained

exclusive to the general retail or

somewhat resilient within the retail

variety store model (think Sears

world, notwithstanding the pres-

and JCPenney); retail special-

sures created by third-party reim-

ists such as Radio Shack, Payless

bursements and lack of disposable

Shoes and Gymboree have also

incomes. But regardless, in this


age of consumer dominance what

But while the Amazons and

impacts traditional retailing will

Walmarts of the world are becom-

eventually impact optical as well.

ing online retailing juggernauts,

And if shopping malls—where

brick-and-mortar actually held

many optical locations reside—are

its own. For the first half of 2017,

seeing sharp declines in customer

retail sales were actually up by 4%

activity, that will certainly affect the

over the same period in the pre-

business of those locations.

vious year, and while that’s not

In order to stay ahead of the

necessarily cause to shoot off fire-

curve on retail trends, optical

works, it does indicate that retail-

will have to change along with

ing still has some fight left.

them. That means doing business

What success the category has

online at some level, merchandis-

had is due to one thing: the growth

ing store environments consistent

of omnichannel shopping and the

with consumer expectations and

willingness of some retail to accom-

maintaining and balancing both

modate it. What was “the flavor of

the physical and cyber stores so

the month” just a couple years ago is

that the customer sees continuity.

an essential practice now. Certainly




online shopping has seen an uptick

taken a hit because it didn’t see

in sales—particularly in apparel

change coming, and when it did

and consumer electronics—but the

it didn’t respond to it. Optical

demand for physical stores is still

should be sure not to make the


same mistake.

email me at 18 September 2017

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Take the Challenge this October so that every child can see their future clearly

Photo courtesy Ver Bien para Aprender Mejor

When Eyes Need a Break The first thing many peo-

seconds. This gives eyes a break

ple see in the morning is their

from focusing on items in close

smartphone—The Vision Coun-

range. Dimming screen light can

cil’s Digital Eye Strain report

also alleviate symptoms. Using

showed that 55% use one as an

lamps rather than overhead light

alarm clock. Email and reading

can reduce screen glare. Keeping

news make this device an inte-

devices at least an arm’s length

gral part of morning routines.

away helps eyes with focusing.

Many people then go to work

Also discuss the benefits of an-

and sit in front of their comput-

ti-reflective lenses for reducing

er until close of business. Re-

digital eyestrain.

turning home, laptops, tablets

An annual eye exam provides

How do I take the challenge?

and smartphones remain a part

the perfect opportunity to check

3 Make a personal, practice donation, pledge and/or

of life.

in with patients about their

3 Donate $2 for every pair of frames or glasses sold during October and/or

The AOA’s Eye-Q survey in

screen time and device habits,

2016 showed the role screens play

which is why I’m proud to sup-

in our life. A 61% majority use

port Think About Your Eyes and

multiple devices simultaneously,

the importance of annual eye

with 58% saying they experience


3 Raise funds from patients, employees, friends and family. Why children especially need our help?


of the school day

involves visually based tasks.

Children with vision problems are

times more likely to fail at least one grade.

digital eyestrain or fatigue as a result of screen time. I see patients who think they have a serious vision problem when their vision is blurry and they have a headache at the end of the work day. How-

Visit or call 888-OGS-GIVE to register or to learn more

Transforming lives through the gift of vision

proud supporters of

20 September 2017

TAYE_Sept17.indd 20

ever, they don’t usually consider


time spent on digital devices as

Christopher J. Babin, OD, and

the cause. The visual demands of

Charlene Walton, OD, are mem-

holding a smartphone at a short-

bers of Optometric Physicians of

er working distance are far great-

Washington and among the 18,000

er than a book.

doctors listed on the Think About


Educating patients on the

Your Eyes online locator. Think

causes and ways to alleviate eye

About Your Eyes is a nationwide

fatigue should be an important

public awareness initiative pro-

part of every patient’s annual

moting the importance of an an-

eye exam.

nual eye exam and overall vision

Patients need to be aware of

health. First Vision Media Group

the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 min-

supports Think About Your Eyes as

utes, look 20 feet away for 20

a media partner. VCPN

8/24/17 3:39 PM



Lenses that keep up with kids. Everywhere they go. From the backyard to their favorite screen and everywhere in between, TransitionsÂŽ lenses help protect young patients from UV rays and harmful blue light, indoors and out. So their lenses keep up with them no matter where they go. Find Back-to-School Materials at

Transitions, the swirl and Transitions Adaptive Lenses are registered trademarks of Transitions Optical, Inc., used under license by Transitions Optical Limited. Live the Good Light is a trademark of Transitions Optical Limited. Š2017 Transitions Optical Limited. Photochromic performance is influenced by temperature, UV exposure and lens material.

Untitled-1 1 to_35905_01_VCPN_kids_ad_m.indd 1

8/24/17 1:26 PM 6/8/17 6:11

PRODUCTBUZZ LAUNCHES, PROMOTIONS, MERCHANDISING, EVENTS AND OTHER THINGS TO KEEP YOU IN THE KNOW HAPPY FOR HONG KONG Celebrating its 25th anniversary, the Hong Kong Optical Fair returns Nov. 8 to 10. Along with its “Brand Named Gallery” fashion parades, the show will host the 15th Hong Kong Optometric Conference, this year focused on neuro vision rehabilitation. Exclusive offers for new overseas buyers include air and hotel packages. 212.838.8688, HKTDC. com/Fair/HKOpticalFair-EN.

A SWEET SIGHT Think About Your Eyes (TAYE) launched its heartstrings-tugging campaign “Seeing is a Gift” with one commercial focused on children’s vision and the other for an adult audience. The campaign was developed from TAYE’s market research that showed that reaching the public on an emotional level was the best approach, according to Jon Torrey, executive director.


LIGHTING UP SOCIAL MEDIA Actress Jamie Chung and eyewear design duo Coco & Breezy are among the brand influencers who use social media to share how Transitions lenses help them see more comfortably and protect their eyes from harmful UV rays. Part of Transitions’ “The Good Light Project,” this online initiative also has a component for consumers, #goodlightproject, which encourages wearers to post photos of themselves in the brand’s photochromics. Visit Don’t miss out: Transitions will start accepting nominations Oct. 1 for its annual Innovation Awards, due Oct. 31. Winners will be announced at the 2018 Transitions Academy, Feb. 11 to 14 in Orlando, FL. 800.848.1506, www.

22 September 2017

ProductBuzzSept.indd 22


AND THEN THERE WERE FIVE Italian eyewear company Area98 announced the five finalists of its first annual Coco Song Award, a competition it co-sponsors with Harim Accademia Euromediterranea, which offers professional training in creative arts. Evaluated on uniqueness, wearability and merchantability, the sunglass prototypes were designed by students who undertook an internship with the company. The winner will be announced Oct. 9 at Silmo Paris, and Area 98 will produce the winning design.; Facebook. com/Area98Eyewear; Instagram: @area98eyewear.

CAMERA AT YOUR TEMPLE TIPS From ClearVision Optical comes the Op collection with a PogoTrack camera. Six ophthalmic and six sunglass styles for men and women feature the wearable technology that comprises a magnetic strip on the temples to which the PogoCam is attached. Wearers can now take handsfree photos and HD video. The platform paves the way for future wearables such as UV meters and alertness monitors, according to David Friedfeld, ClearVision president, who added: “You can use it with PogoCam right out of the box, but the possibilities going forward are endless.” 800.645.3733, VCPN

8/24/17 3:41 PM



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8/24/17 1:19 PM

EXPO BUZZ ImageWear/Nouveau Eyewear, #16042

ClearVision Optical, #16087

Kenmark Eywear, #16031

Zyloware, #18031

Morel, #G21015

Costa, #21087

ZEISS, #LP8065

L’Amy America, #16043

ImageWear/Nouveau Eyewear #16042, is hosting the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, who will perform live Friday, Sept. 15 from noon to 4pm, and you can snap a picture with them in a half shell. Receive a free My Little Pony shopping tote and check out the girls’ collection while you’re there. Schedule an appointment and receive a free cosmetic bag, plus look for special savings (discounts of up to $900 on a single purchase) on Nouveau, ImageWear and Revolution Magnetic Clip-Ons.

L’Amy America #16043,

Register for the annual Holiday Charity Program “Buy 1, Give

1 to See a Better Tomorrow, Today.” All re-orders placed online will count as one sold and L’Amy will match and donate one frame to a person in need.

Vivid Eyewear #19017, has specials on Vivid and Ecru frames: buy 50, get a $50 gift card; buy 100 for a $100 gift card. All orders purchased at the show will be shipped free. ClearVision Optical #16087, Stop by to play “Red’s Journey” mobile game starring Dilli Dalli’s pediatric eyewear mascot, and daily point leaders will receive prizes. Proceeds from the game (available to download this month) will be donated to Orbis International and Optometry Cares - the AOA Foundation. Zyloware

Eyewear #18031, will hold daily raffles for such prizes as a Randy Jackson-autographed guitar, a signed Shaquille O’Neal basketball and an Amazon Echo Show. Kenmark Eyewear #16031, is giving away a five-night trip for two to the Hotel San Cristobal in Mexico, plus luggage from Away and travel essentials from Lilly Pulitzer and Original Penguin. ZEISS #LP8065, is also raffling a trip to its company headquarters in Germany. Pop in to discover how ZEISS integrated equipment and premium solutions can make your practice stand out to enter. Liberty Sport #20001, Place an order at the show to enter a daily raffle for an Adventurer GPS Outdoor Tom Tom Watch, a $349 value. Morel

#G21015, invites you to have your badge scanned for a chance to win either an Amazon Echo or an 18-piece kit complete with frames and P-O-P materials from Öga or Koali. Costa #21087, Play the ”Spin to Win” wheel for various prizes from suns and ophthalmic frames to gear, cleaning cloths and apparel. 24 September 2017

Expo Buzz_new.indd 24 VCPN

8/24/17 3:47 PM

We’ve taken all we’ve learned making legendary sunglasses and put that into a new line of expertly crafted frames. Introducing Costa Optical. Because not every moment of our lives takes place under the sun.

F o r n e w a c c o u n t i n q u i r i e s o r t o o r d e r C o s t a O p t i c a l f r a m e s , c a l l 1- 8 0 0 - 4 4 7 -3 7 0 0 .

Untitled-1 1

8/24/17 1:17 PM

EXPO BUZZ Alternative Eyewear/ Plan “B” Eyewear, #G23031 New York Eye, #16111

Tura, #16021 Stereo Optical, #LP11064

McGee Group, #19031 OptiSource International, #LP13079 Essilor, #LP6065

Inspecs, The Suites

Signet Armorlite #LP11103, will test your eyewear for blue light protection at its Kodak Total Blue Lens Demo Unit. Check out the new Practice Plus website and receive giveaways. San Diego Zoo Lemur Plushies will be raffled every hour. OptiSource International #LP13079, is giving a free 12-piece P-O-P display if you purchase 24 pieces in each color of the Kool Klean Kit. Essilor Instruments #LP6065, is rolling back the price of the Neksia Edging System to the Essilor Kappa 1999 introductory price of $27,500 plus 0% financing. Inspecs, The Suites, will give you one sun frame from O’Neill, Superdry or Santana collections half off for each ophthalmic frame ordered. Hilco Vision #13107, #13054, is offering its 72-piece Croakies display for $280.80, a 10% discount. McGee Group #19031, wants to make your life even better: Purchase 36 frames from Vera Bradley, Trina Turk or Badgley Mischka and receive your choice of 10 free frames from Life is Good, XOXO, Ducks Unlimited, Totally Rimless or Arglyeculture. Purchase 24 to receive six free. Stereo Optical #LP11064, has a show offer of $6,500 and 0% financing on its Optec Plus smart vision screener. New

York Eye #16111, is

running a 59 cents-each special on all hard cases (excluding styles S411 and S412). Tura

the all-new Brendel collection and new styles in other collections Thursday and

#16021, View Friday from 1pm to 3pm and get a custom “Eye Design” manicure. Alter-

native Eyewear/Plan “B” Eyewear #G23031, Buy 24 pieces from the VUE collection or 12 from any other line to receive a $50 Visa gift card. De Rigo REM #16086, is compensating buyers at various buy-in levels with such gifts as American Express gift cards, a Sonos 5 Play Speaker, a 55inch Samsung Curve Ultra High Definition TV and an Amazon Echo. The first 20 new accounts to place an order at the show will receive either a John Varvatos or CH Caroline Herrera sunglass of their choice and all OPTImum members who review the John Varvatos collection will receive a special gift from the brand. 26 September 2017

Expo Buzz_new.indd 26 VCPN

8/24/17 3:47 PM

Booth # 18023

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8/24/17 1:18 PM

NOTEWORTHY “Shamir Blue Zero allows for ultimate protection indoors from blue light while maintaining nearly clear lens clarity. We are excited about the opportunity to provide eyecare practitioners with this level of protection to their patients. Just as sunglasses are important outdoors, Shamir Blue Zero is as necessary indoors and the marketplace is realizing that.” Mark Becker, VP of marketing and strategic partnerships


S H A M I R I N S I G H T ’ S N E W B L U E L I G H T- B LO C K I N G S O L U T I O N O F F E R S T O TA L P R O T E C T I O N T O PAT I E N T S O F A L L A G E S . Developed out of customer demand for a blue light solution from Shamir, Blue Zero was launched in June to protect patients from harmful artificial light in the 415nm—455nm range. “Blue light has been a growing interest in the industry in the past few years, and our customers have been very interested in a solution from Shamir,” said Candice Keating, director of marketing. “It isn’t our intent to rush to market with anything unless we believe that we are offering the most technologically advanced solution.“ Currently available in SuperLite1.67 and Trivex materials, Shamir Blue Zero is a “nearly clear treatment” within the lens material that blocks three times more harmful blue light than clear lenses, according to the company. Based on a polymer formula, Blue Zero is appropriate for all wearers, including children. It can also be added to most Shamir Freeform lens designs in both Rx and plano: progressive, single vision and bifocal, as well as Shamir’s Work (Computer, Workspace and Relax) and Play lines of lenses.

S H A M I R I N S I G H T, I N C . • 8 7 7. 5 1 4 . 8 3 3 0 • S H A M I R L E N S . C O M • I N F O @ S H A M I R L E N S . C O M 28 September 2017

September Noteworthy.indd 28 VCPN

8/24/17 3:42 PM

New Beta-Titanium or Stainless Steel Classic Collections

We’re Back! Bigger and Better!

Pick A Shape, Pick A Color. 81 Combinations







Limited time offer. Subject to change without notice. Limited quantities per customer.

Call 800-293-9588 TODAY! SALES TERRITORIES ARE AVAILABLE THROUGHOUT THE USA VISION EXPO WEST VENETIAN HOTEL, SUITE 35-370 12960 West State Road 84. Davie, FL 33325 • 954-835-2155 • 800-293-9588 • E-mail: •

Untitled-1 1

8/24/17 1:31 PM


retail eyecare professional prac-

SAILER: Schneider announced

coating system answers this need

tice labs, and what products does

remote virtual reality troubleshoot-

for fast response AR coating. Its

it offer them?

ing capabilities at this year’s Digi-

technology solves the problem of

CON event. Can you describe how

fast response coating that produc-

ATCHISON: Since 2006, we had

that works and if it can be used by

es beautiful lenses with durability

President of Schneider Optical Mach-

“smaller lines,” but they weren’t

retail eyecare professional practice

and perfect color uniformity.

ines’ U.S. operation since June of 2008,

really geared to retail. In the last few

labs using Schneider equipment?

Kurt Atchison has a long history in the

years, we’ve created specialized

optical field. He started as production

retail-based technology that culmi-


your background in the optical

supervisor at Omega Optical in 1990

nated in the new Nano Line. We’ve

ulo system, or Virtual Technician,

field, and what are your continuing

then took a sales job with Coburn in

had success through the right sized

fits well for small operations. It goes

goals for Schneider in the North

1996, starting his now 21-year career

and priced technology and the right

well beyond guided menus and easy

American market?

on the equipment side of the business,

packages and support to succeed in

push button operation. Any service

small operations.

requirement is identified automati-

ATCHISON: I started as a produc-

which included nine years with Satis-

SAILER: Personally, Kurt, what is

cally. What to do, how to do it and

tion supervisor at Omega Optical

SAILER: The Nano line is designed

what’s needed to do it are all pre-

back in 1990, so I learned how to

with retail eyecare professional

sented in a control center environ-

make lenses and later how to work

practice labs in mind. What makes

ment. And using VR glasses, any

with doctors and opticians. In 1996,

JOHN SAILER: How long has

it different and sets it apart in the

remote location has the benefit of a

I took a job in sales for Coburn and

Schneider been in the U.S., and


trained technician alongside them

started a now 21-year career on the

virtually. The days of guesswork,

equipment side of making lenses.

ATCHISON: We had great success

callbacks and extensive training

Having been president of Schneider

KURT ATCHISON: Schneider ent-

with our Prolab system previously,

requirements are in the past.

U.S. for nine years now, I’ve seen us

ered the U.S. market after pioneer-

but it had certain limitations. To

ing the digital surfacing method in

invest today, retail labs want to be

SAILER: What other news was

focus has been on providing total

the late 1990s. We established a

certain they can produce the same

announced at this year’s DigiCON

solutions for lens production. Hav-

permanent location in Dallas in

lenses as the big guys. The Nano line

event that was directed at retail

ing been known in the invention of

2004 and have expanded twice to

shrinks the same innovations down

eyecare professional practice labs?

digital surfacing and technology for

our new 26,000 square-foot, state-

to retailers’ needs without any lim-

of-the-art facility here in Frisco,

itations on quality. This brings into

ATCHISON: The Nano surface

see the new retail technology like

TX, just north of Dallas.

play any lens type, including sophis-

line, sized and priced right, with

Nano and RPT grow and become

ticated branded lens products.

full capabilities to match the large

the go-to technology for the smaller

SAILER: Schneider made its name

There is no other retail-focused

labs and lens brands is part of the

producers. With industry consoli-

in digital processing for wholesale

technology for the price that assures

story. But the ability to produce

dation, the smaller operations need

labs. How long has it also been

the capability to make any type of

top quality AR coating at the retail

a competitive edge, and Schneider

offering in-house equipment for

lens on the market.

level is also a must. Our new RPT

would like to lead the way.

loh, three in the role of vice president of sales and marketing.

what was its entry into the market?

30 September 2017

One-To-One_Atchison.indd 30

evolve into the industry leader. Our

the higher volume labs, I expect to VCPN

8/24/17 3:41 PM


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8/24/17 1:21 PM


855.455.0042 |

Untitled-1 2

8/24/17 1:37 PM

EVERYTHING STARTS WITH A VISION With an equal focus on fit, function and aesthetics, EVATIK eyewear strikes the perfect balance between comfort and luxury. Clean, understated designs are elevated by high quality materials such as handmade acetate, high grade stainless steel, Japanese titanium and European hinges. Deep, rich, masculine colors and custom design elements define the collection, creating the perfect eyewear accessory for today’s modern man. E-9147

Untitled-1 3

8/24/17 1:37 PM


original FYSH UK is a unique brand of fashion eyewear designed for the woman who embraces her own sense of spirit and style. FYSH UK combines key fashion influences with leading European eyewear trends, creating beautifully designed eyewear in an array of bold colors with intricate detailing. Eye shapes are designed with a deeper B measurement, providing a modern look that is perfect for the progressive lens wearer.


FYSHUK.COM 855.455.0042 |

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8/24/17 1:29 PM

Eyewe ar & Fa s h i o n T H E



Jewelry-inspired spectacles made from precious metals and decked out with gems offer a taste of the high life. By Kaitlyn Robertson There’s top of the line, and then there’s the tippy top of the line. A select number of manufacturers produce eyewear that’s fancy enough to wear with a couture dress from Gucci and a vintage Judith Leiber purse. The customer for this type of purchase seeks a premium pair of glasses, often made just for them. Frederic De Muenynck, a European optician who hails from a long line of eyecare professionals, operates two stores in Monaco and cares for many of the royal families in Europe. “Through our experience, premium customers definitely do not want frames that casual customers can buy. High end is not just dealing with price but rather exclusivity and luxury,” De Muenynck said. Jessica Reyes Mileti, manager of Clairmont Nichols Opticians in New York City, said that it’s important to carry prestigious frames to set your retail establishment apart. “Some customers have a special occasion for which they want eyewear that will be like jewelry, and some just like to treat themselves to a pair of glasses that makes them feel good.” GOLD STANDARD The first step is using premium materials, and the Atelier collection from Silhouette does just that. The elegant frames are made with 18-karat yellow, white or rose gold and then get taken a notch up with

Ørgreen • 816.220.7533

ethically sourced diamonds, rubies and sapphires. According to Silvia McGinley, Atelier brand manager, each gemstone is selected by hand and all inlay woods are acquired from certified producers “to creVCPN

Jewelry_Robertson.indd 35

September 2017 35

8/25/17 11:53 AM

Eyewe ar & Fa sh ion

Silhouette Atelier 800.223.0180 •

ate custom-made contemporary precious eyewear that underlines the unique personality of the wear-

Loree Rodkin by Sama Eyewear 877.788.7262

er.” For fall/winter ’17, Atelier will offer art deco-inspired designs with clear geometric lines, onyx

Atelier frames can take 10 to 12

lection from designer Sheila


Precious metals and high-end

Vance of Sama Eyewear in col-

This caliber of eyewear takes lon-

weeks, depending on the design/

bling also take center stage in Ør-

laboration with jewelry designer

ger to produce than its economi-

embellishment ordered, accord-

green’s Grand Danois collection.

Loree Rodkin finds inspiration

cal counterparts, and Reyes Mileti

ing to McGinley. “Each piece is

“The name reflects Ørgreen’s ped-

in decadence and drama. “From

explained that this level of artisan-

truly a work of art from start to

igree of materials, precision and

the couture and pret-a-porter

ship can lead to lifelong customers.

finish–with more than 240 steps

regal designs,” explained Eja Jo-

runways, we saw fabulous state-

“I think brand loyalty starts when a

meticulously crafted by hand in

hansen, PR and communications

ment jewelry done in incredi-

client buys that frame for the first

our workshop,” she said.

manager. A base layer of 24-kar-

ble crystals, onyx, minerals and

time and they realize that the qual-

While a labor-intensive, precious

at gold is topped with a layer of

gold,” Vance said. “There was

ity will last much longer than the

metal and gemstone-adorned pair

either 18-karat gold, palladium

also an influence that [Loree

average frame,” she said. “When

of eyewear may not be recognized

or ruthenium in addition to dia-

Rodkin] was intrigued with—

people move into this category of

for its true value to those other

mond details; the collection ap-

Bijoux Punk—that was adapted

eyewear, they want the frame to be

than the wearer, that really doesn’t

peals to the wearer who craves a

in the colors, styles and place-

durable, attractive and something

matter. De Muenynck likens jew-

“contemporary yet timeless look.”

ments of stones.” The Loree

they look forward to wearing.”

elry-inspired eyewear to having a

In adherence with United Nations

Rodkin by Sama Eyewear collec-

A single frame in the Grand

custom-made suit with a beautiful

guidelines, Ørgreen Optics sources

tion uses plating in 24-karat yel-

Danois collection takes a pains-

inner lining that no one sees, but

ethically, supporting the elimina-

low gold, 18-karat rose gold and

taking seven to eight months to

the wearer knows it’s there. “Our

tion of “conflict diamonds.”

genuine platinum to showcase

produce, according to Johansen.

patients are mainly looking for two

custom Swarovski crystals as well

Each style is set with one to 10

things: exclusivity and social status.


as skulls, studs and other art deco

high-quality diamonds, appearing

Knowing that it is high-end makes

Debuting for SILMO, a sun col-

shapes in cut onyx and marcasite.

as a luxurious yet subtle detail.”

them feel proud.” VCPN

stones and baguette diamonds.

36 September 2017 Jewelry_Robertson.indd 36 VCPN

8/25/17 4:20 PM



877.662.6006 Untitled-1 1

7/26/17 9:13 AM


Petite-Fit Road Test

VCPN’s Executive Editor Michele Silver visited two completely different optical shops in northern New Jersey to find stylish options for her smaller features. She not only found great glasses but also uncovered the great histories behind the owners and their businesses. L E VAT O E Y E W E A R 2 1 O A K S T. , RIDGEWOOD, NJ L E VAT O E Y E W E A R . C O M

Modern wood floors and warm

nesses. After working as an optician

his littlest patients often stay with the

lighting create an instantly wel-

in Bergen County for 15 years, he

practice until they’re old enough to

While I personally love many of

coming environment as I walk

purchased Levato & Gaudiomonte

drive there themselves. “We make it

those brands, they simply don’t fit

into Levato Eyewear. A front dis-

Opticians in 2000. Over the past 18

a family environment here—we want

my smaller face and nosebridge.

play case shows off owner Don

months, he has been transitioning

to know who you are,” Axelband

Axelbrand directed me to the Ann

Axelband’s personal collection of

its name to Levato Eyewear, based

said. “Whatever you need, we’re here

Taylor Petite Collection from L’Amy

vintage frames, and he encourages

on the fact that “Gaudiomonte”

for you and it’s really personal.” The

America. Although I’ve worked in

me to try some on. Axelband, who

doesn’t exactly roll off customers’

conservative town of Ridgewood is a

the optical industry for nearly three

has a youthful energy and nearly

tongues. “People would come in

combination of old and new money;

years, I still have a need for classic

40 years of experience in optom-

saying, ‘Levato and Guacamole’ or

many residents commute to NYC,

brown tortoise. We narrowed (pun

etry, is immediately ready to joke

‘Levato and something with a G that

and there is a robust downtown with

intended) the choices to a rectan-

around—although he takes his

I can’t pronounce,’” he said.

many shops and restaurants.

gular-shaped pair (ATP808) and

profession and service to his Ridge-

for a fun browsing experience.

His team comprises frame stylist/

A curated frame selection from

a more trendy, youthful rounded

manager Jessie Martinez (pictured

brands such as Alain Mikli, BOZ,

style with nosepads (ATP404). They

A native New Yorker, Axelband

above with Axelband); frame styl-

Dolabany, Innotec, John Varvatos,

both fit beautifully and would’ve

became a licensed optician in 1978

ist/social media manager Hannah

iGreen, Gold & Wood and Oliver

had a place in my eyewear ward-

and went on to teach dispensing

Gomez; and optician/lab manager

Peoples for adults; Jelly Bean, Lily

robe, but I ultimately decided on

and manufacturing as well as man-

Ingrid Insignares. Levato Eyewear

Pulitzer, SwissFlex, Nike, Social

the latter. I can’t wait to show them

age and operate several optical busi-

carries frames for the whole family;

Eyes and Converse for kids make

off in the fall!

wood community quite seriously.

38 September 2017 VCPN

The Amelie

Vision Expo West | Booth G23017 Silmo | Booth 5 CD 101

Untitled-1 1

An Ogi Eyewear Brand | 1.888.560.1060

8/24/17 1:23 PM


G L E E K & H O WA R D O P T I C I A N S 1 0 S . F U L L E R T O N AV E . , M O N T C L A I R , N J G L E E K A N D H O WA R D . C O M

As a Montclairian for the past nine

Gleek & Howard’s frame boards

Elmini (pictured above, left, next to

Acetate styles from Bevel and theo

years, I have passed by this optical

are filled with stunning looks from

Berk). “It’s all about demonstrating

fit my petite face the best; Berk es-

boutique countless times. What I

Blake Kuwahara, Lindberg, SALT,

the value to the patients and stand-

pecially loved a theo model in black

didn’t realize is the sheer volume

Silhouette (this was one of the first

ing by the product.”

with a middle layer of orange while

of designer eyewear housed in this

European brands he stocked), Anne

When it was time for my fitting, I

I embraced a geometric pair from

900-square-foot store in existence

et Valentin, Mykita, Face à Face, Bar-

was struck by the super focused way

the Plie collection from the theo +

since the 1960s, now owned by Bill

ton Perriera, Jacques Durand, Feb. 31

in which Berk effortlessly chose five

James collaboration.

Berk since 1972.

and Moscot (Gleek & Howard is the

frames for me, each one funkier

Gleek & Howard, which Berk re-

The bedroom community of

only location in New Jersey that sells

than the last but yet still wearable.

fers to as a “little giant” of designer

Montclair, NJ, has been drawing

this NYC-based brand). Finding new

We piled them in the store’s “Wish

eyewear, will undergo a renovation

New Yorkers by the trainloads over

inventory from Europe and Japan is

Dish” (an antique-looking plate

over the next year. After all, for a

the past 10 years. Ethnic restau-

“an obsession,” Berk shared.

with a spectacle image) located on

shop that draws patients from a 25-

rants, good public schools, prox-

But he takes just as much pride

the counter in the middle of the

mile radius, it seems fitting to have

imity to NYC, an art museum and

in producing state-of-the-art lenses

store. Then he patiently watched

an interior design that reflects the

annual festivals for film, food and

for his patients. “We try to accen-

me put them on, explaining what

hand-selected inventory and up-

wine have made this urban/subur-

tuate the optics–we’re trying to give

he liked about each frame for my

scale quality of the optical work in

ban town very desirable.

people quality,” said optician Justin

facial characteristics and lifestyle.

progress here.

40 September 2017 VCPN


Preview the collection at our Vision Expo West Booth #13087


Untitled-3 1

1-212-378-7910 8/23/17 12:34 PM

Eyewe ar & Fa sh ion

Modern Optical, Savvy

Modern Optical, Fascinate

Modern Optical, Intellect



wear, i-dealoptics and The Britalia

high end of the low end”, under-


In the eyecare world, there are in-

Group, for whom this category is

scores it’s goal for producing styles

Independent eyecare profession-

creasing pressures that have been

their sweet spot.

that reflect current fashions and

als (ECPs) who dispense glasses

exacerbated by the uncertain fu-

“I target this market because

are constantly faced with what to

ture of insurance availability. On-

there is less demand for both the

Manufacturer i-dealoptics has

carry on their frame boards.

top-selling shapes and colors.

line retailers have also taken some

high end and the super cheap,” said

a like-minded approach to this as-

Savvy buyers will have a solid

nibbles from the average ECP’s

William Kautsky, president of The

pect of the business.“We continu-

handle on the demographics of

sales. Additionally, some areas of

Britalia Group. “My clients prefer

ally work with our manufacturing

their practice, and most optical

the country have not fully recov-

quality at mid-price, whereas in the

partners to produce the highest

offices work with the “average” pa-

ered from the 2008 depression.

urban areas most practices focus

quality, fully featured and best-fin-

on high-end brand names or ex-

ished frames while at the most

tremely low end.”

controlled price points possible,”

tient from varying income levels,

As a result, value eyewear has

age categories and lifestyle needs.

become even more critical in the

Meeting those needs as well as



Eight to Eighty Eyewear has a

said Matt Weingarden, VP of mar-

providing frames that qualify for

there are a number of manufac-

similar modus operadi, accord-

keting. “We specialize in filling the

myriad insurance plans can be a

turers including Modern Optical

ing to CEO Barry Slovinsky. The

needs of the eyewear market with

delicate balancing act.

International, Eight to Eighty Eye-

company’s motto, “We are the

innovation, quality and style.”

42 September 2017

Value Eyewear.indd 42

landscape, VCPN

8/25/17 11:28 AM

Untitled-1 1

8/24/17 1:29 PM

© 2017 Max Mara S.r.l. Eyewear produced and distributed exclusively by Safilo USA, Inc. 1.800.631.1188. All Rights Reserved. Style: MM1327

Eyewe ar & Fa sh ion


keting at Modern Optical Inter-

Virtually all frames in the value

national, concurred and stressed

category are manufactured in

that cost-conscious patients have

China. Once considered provid-

increasingly turned to the inter-

ers of low-quality eyewear, the tide

net for “transparency and value.”

has turned quite a bit—which is

She expressed, “Consumers want

music to vendors’ and ECPs’ ears.

the designer look without the de-

“Our frames come from the same

signer prices. Eyewear is no excep-

Asian factories as most designer

tion. Getting something for less is

brands, and we use the same ma-

simply the new consumer way of

terials and manufacturing meth-


Eight to Eighty Eyewear, Pam

ods. Our workmanship is identical but without the designer cost,”


Kautsky said.

When it comes to new product de-

Paula Weissman, VP of mar-

velopment, all of these companies

Eight to Eighty Eyewear, Stella

follow fashion trends and adapt their product lines accordingly.

tremely lightweight and strong

Kautsky frequently travels to the

plastic known as Ultem from

factories to make sure newer looks

Eight to Eighty Eyewear, and ex-

are translated into a product line

pansions of the titanium models

that will ultimately please buyers

from The Britalia Group.

and patients. i-dealoptics, Casino Eyewear, Claire

Modern Optical International

For fall, ECPs can look forward

will debut 73 releases, with a spe-

to new materials, such as the ex-

cial emphasis on its extended-size i-dealoptics, Casino Eyewear

women’s collection, GB+. Be sure to check out the eight new styles featuring chic designs in bold, rich tones. This new season introduces several rounded silhouettes in autumnal hues such as burgundy and color-infused tortoises. Mixed materials and smartly placed metal accents create a contemporary vibe. Temple details including texturized surfaces and embedded embellishments elevate the versatile collection. Value frames offer the perfect opportunity for ECPs to compete


with online sales, offer special promotions that encourage multiple purchases, and to stock their frame boards with options that are fully covered by insurance for the Skylar

dollar-challenged consumer. Sharon Leonard, LDO, ABOC AC, FCLSA, is a licensed optician and contact lens practitioner in the Syracuse, NY, area.

WHERE TO FIND IT: The Britalia Group 800.323.2409 • // Eight to Eighty Eyewear 516.705.8000 • // i-dealoptics 800.758.6249 • // Modern Optical International 800.262.8761 • 44 September 2017

Value Eyewear.indd 44 VCPN

8/25/17 11:28 AM

i-dealoptics-VCPN ad Sept 2017.qxp_300 dpi cmyk 9 x 10.875 inches 8/15/17 10:43 AM Page 1

Durable Stainless Steel, Finely Crafted Acetates, Lightweight Flexible Titanium, and Wide Fit Sizes

Vision Expo West Booth 13115 Untitled-1 1

(800) 758-6249

8/24/17 1:18 PM

Eyewe ar &Fash ion Inter v iew

He’s a dynamic doer. Not only has

The Story, a film he wrote, directed

John Sailer interviewed the design-

an adult and being creative. That’s

he just launched his spring/sum-

and stars in, demonstrates the ver-

er about the new collection and his

how I decided to get into fashion.

mer 2018 eyewear collection, but

satility of the boi genius.

approach to eyewear:

I was already destined to be in the spotlight because I was way too

he’s also released a book, directed a

But it is his eyewear that made

film and expanded into social and

him famous when he first appeared

JOHN SAILER: What’s your back-

connected with so many different

other media.

on the cover of Vogue Italia, followed


individuals in the fashion industry.

Shade Built My Empire is the

most recently by the release of the

name of Stevie Boi’s new book,

NOIR S/S 2018 collection, which

STEVIE BOI: My entire family

doing shirts, but because I would

alluding to how his otherworldy

plays up his favorite color, black.

comes from a criminal law back-

make sunglasses for me to wear

Just like everybody else, I started

sunwear brought him international

Stevie Boi has outfitted the likes

ground. I went to law school, but it

on a daily basis, [one of my fash-

notoriety. “This year’s NOIR, will

of Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé,

didn’t feel right. I’m more artistic and

ion friends] said, “You really need

have a darker, edgier feel,” he said

Madonna, Britney Spears, Katy Per-

out there. I dropped out of college af-

to capitalize off these sunglasses.

about his just released spring/sum-

ry and many other A-list celebrities

ter focusing on finishing high school

They’re so unique and different and

mer 2018 collection.

whose unique fashion sense sets

because my mom kept telling me

crazy and bizarre, just make more.”

trends rather than follows them.

when you finish high school you can

I did and then they ended up on

More than an accomplished eyewear designer, he recounts in this

During an international tour to

go do all the creative stuff. Of course,

the face of Eva Marcille Pigford

year’s autobiography his brand’s

promote the new NOIR collection,

I finished high school and she still

from Top Model on the cover of a

growth from its roots in sunwear

Stevie Boi hosted a fashion show at

didn’t let me. So I moved out when

magazine. From then they went on

design, and his debut of CÄBIN

Manhattan’s Bernic Hotel. VCPN’s

I was about 17 and focused on being

a whole bunch of celebrities.

Stevie Boi Wonder

The avant-garde designer is back in black with his wild signature sunweaR.

Stevie Boi 46 September 2017

Stevie Boi.indd 46 VCPN

8/25/17 9:37 AM

JS: What inspires your designs?

ic products. I’ve made sunglasses

but the luxury glasses are not. I

ury glasses, I do a couture version–

from a lot of different materials,

partnered with EDA Frames for my

which is handmade, of course, not

SB: I didn’t want to do typical eye-

but the one I think I don’t want to

luxury sunglasses, and they’re get-

manufactured. Then I’ll send a pic-

wear because I thought if I make

go back to is wood. I made a col-

ting them into certain stores.

ture to EDA Frames which makes it

regular luxury sunglasses it may

lection of wooden sunglasses, and

not work out for me because I don’t

they were very fragile.

have the name [recognition]. Let

professional with the CAD files and JS: Then when you’re designing for

the designs and the measurements.

a superstar like Lady Gaga or Elton

me go ahead and shock with bi-

JS: When you’re designing and it’s

John or someone like that, what is

JS: What’s next for Stevie Boi in

zarre, crazy fashion so I can even-

not for a celebrity, what type of

it that you try to achieve for them?

eyewear and beyond?

tually do luxury, and that is literally

wearer are you envisioning? SB: I always have a conversation.

SB: I directed a film I’m releas-

the concept of how that happened. SB: I design for the mood I’m in.

They come to me, and I just listen

ing next year entitled CÄBIN The

JS: You’ve used some interesting

Hot outside, I need big giant black

to whatever their perspective is or

Story which you can find on my

materials. What are the materials

glasses. Cold outside, I want a per-

what they like. That’s how I can vi-

website. It got picked up by a lot

you like working with in eyewear?

spective I can see through. I never

sualize. I don’t want to sound artis-

of film festivals including South by

design with people in mind, unless

tically crazy, but designing is really

Southwest. I released a book en-

SB: I’ve done some crazy stuff, sun-

a client wants something custom.

not that hard. I don’t do it the tra-

titled Shade Built My Empire, and

glasses with burning cigarettes,

I mean, people pay up to $600 for

ditional way. I literally don’t draw. I

I’m touring all around the world

candles. I’m doing a music video

a pair of reading sunglasses and

don’t stay on the computer and do

showcasing my collection. Walk

and there’s candles burning, so I

some people pay up to $3,000 for

CAD. I don’t do any of that. I simply

Fashion Show has me headlining

just put candles on sunglasses. It

mine because they’re looking for

sit at a table and make a mockup.

a lot of their shows, so I’m tour-

was more of an artistic expression.

this artistic expression.

It’s not like I’m selling those specif-

The couture ones are one offs,

It doesn’t require a team of people when I design. When I do lux-

ing with them. I’m producing TV shows and all types of stuff.

S B S h a d e s · St e v i e B o i . co m · I n f o @ St e v i e B o i . co m VCPN

Stevie Boi.indd 47

September 2017 47

8/25/17 9:37 AM

Eyewe ar & Fa sh ion

New Collection Brings Safilo Back to Brand Launching this season, the new

SAFILO EYEWEAR COLLECTION brings the iconic company back to its artisanship roots. The 16 styles for men celebrate

trailblazing history in which

body, one stem, two miniatur-

Unveiled in a hidden room to a

Italian manufacturing, starting

it introduced the iconic Elasta

ized harmonic steel springs and

select few at this year’s MIDO

with their names that include

hinge 40 years ago, the SAFILO

two anti-cam-out Teflon-coated

eyewear show in Milan, the new

Calibro, Canalino, Buratto, Lastra,

eyewear collection’s new hinge

screws. The new hinge allows the

SAFILO eyewear collection is

and Bussola. A range of classic

features a titanium body and

temples to adapt to the unique

launching this autumn in designs

colors include vintage havana

an innovative system of double

shape of every face, while the dis-

that combine advanced hinge

and subtle tones of black, brown

springs that the company has

tinctive tubular section enhances

technology with acetate, metal or

and gray.

tested out to a range of 15 years

the flexibility of the temples.

By John Sailer

titanium along with interchange-

of durability. The hinge mecha-

To further ensure a fit that can

able modular parts that ensure a


nism involves six components,

be customized to any face size

customized fit for any face.

Picking up on the company’s

one seamless cylindrical titanium

and shape, the new designs

48 September 2017

Safilo Rebranding V2.indd 48 VCPN

8/25/17 9:41 AM

MODEL // LIVIO 8693 / Available with prescription lenses ©2017 Serengeti Eyewear



SERENGETI_AP_241X289MM_COUPLE.indd 1 Untitled-1 1

22/08/2017 8/24/17 1:1517:58 PM

Eyewe ar & Fa sh ion

feature ergonomic and inter-

can be ordered and replaced. All


as more sexy than working on

changeable nosepads in two sizes

elements are created to be easily

STREET by SAFILO for youth,

our own core brands. We have

on the metal styles, ergonomic

assembled and disassembled in a

and Elasta and Emozioni for the

changed that, and today we put

anti-slip tips and an adjustable

way that quickly allows an optician

mature market.

our best people on our own core

pantoscopic angle.

to repair or change the parts.

MADE TO BE MODULAR The new SAFILO optical frames

In an exclusive interview with

brands, from Carrerra to Polaroid,

Signaling a return to company-

VCPN, Safilo’s CEO Luisa Delga-

Safilo to Smith. In the U.S. we also

branded products and to cover all

do remarked about the company’s

focus on brands such as Elasta

optical market opportunities, this

relaunching of its house brands:

Emozioni and Chesterfield. We

are a modular design system with

newly launched SAFILO eyewear

“They are our history. For many

see our core as our house brands,

a varied choice of materials, shapes

collection is complemented by a

years, Safilo was enamored only

representing between 40% and

and sizes with spare parts that

wide portfolio of brands, includ-

with licenses. It was perceived

50% of our business.”

SAFILO frames are designed as a modular system with a choice of materials, shapes and sizes with parts that can be replaced. The hinge mechanism involves six components so the temples can be adapted to every face.







50 September 2017

Safilo Rebranding V2.indd 50 VCPN

8/25/17 9:42 AM

Toll Free: 844.771.7710 Untitled-2 1

Vision Expo West suite # 36-112 8/25/17 1:49 PM

Eyewe ar &Fash ion C los eup







PRETTY IN PULITZER That iconic shift dress meets its optical doppelgänger with By Joy L. Gibb, ABOC

Kenmark Eyewear.


Those design elements carry

ing for a modified chic cat eye,

front, suit more average or slightly

The town of Palm Beach, FL, was

over to the Lilly Pulitzer eyewear

consider Sydney, which comes

larger faces.

instrumental in shaping Lilly Pu-

by Kenmark Eyewear for both

in amber, green havana and navy

For girls, the four new styles

litzer’s design career—she was liv-

women and girls. The multi-gen-

havana and offers playful and

comprise Fanning (round, over-

ing there year-round and needed

erational styles will appeal to

colorful patterns on the insides

sized); Brit, a rectangular cat eye;

a frock that would be comfortable,

young women 15-29 and women

of the temple. It’s a particularly

Livie, a super fun style in bright

stylish and casual enough for day-

30-55+ while the Lilly Girls line

great frame for the smaller lady or

tortoises such as aqua and ocean;

time but could be dressed up for

targets ages 6-14.

tween, and it’s available in eyesizes

and Opal, a chic look with enam-

evening. So Pulitzer created the

For fall/winter ’17, there are

of 49 and 51. Carlton is also a pe-

el-filled metal detailing in awe-

shift dress with slits on the side, and

six new ophthalmics for wom-

tite fit, in a trendy round style. The

some colors of cherry granite, navy

in doing so, she wound up starting

en. The Ashby is a chic clubmas-

full-rimmed Bailey and Blythe,

granite and aqua granite.

a new genre of fashion, American

ter-inspired model with cutaway,

which feature a keyhole bridge

Resort Wear. Her clothes showcase

epoxy-filled detailing and the

and a bit of pizazz in berry with a

Joy L. Gibb, ABOC, is the

fun, playful and feminine shapes in

signature gold logo on the tem-

crystal front and gold temples or

lead optician at Daynes Eye

custom colors and patterns. Ac-

ples. Color options comprise blue

blue, with a navy front and silver

and Lasik in Bountiful, UT.

cording to Lilly, “Anything is possi-

marble, tortoise mandarin and

ble with sunshine and a little pink.”

tortoise pearl. If a wearer is look-

52 September 2017

Lilly P_Closeup.indd 52

Kenmark Eyewear • 800.627.2898 • VCPN

8/24/17 4:39 PM • 800.645.6596 • Style: PE 359

Visit us at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas - Booth # 18015

PE_359_SEPT_17_v1.indd Untitled-3 1 1

8/24/2017 8/24/17 2:00:15 3:32 PM PM

e r v i V e D e i Jo

Eyewe ar & Fa sh ion




Arletty 800.832.8233

Thinktwice2 from Woow 888.388.3223

BOND Selima Optique 212.677.8487

Balmain Studio BL1101 800.243.6350

Koali 20014K 800.526.8838

54 September 2017

French Frame Front.indd 38 VCPN

8/25/17 3:56 PM

CG0458 CG0537 Marcolin U.S.A. Eyewear Corp. 1 888 MARCOLIN Untitled-1 1


8/24/17 1:20 PM


By Michele Silver

sun and four ophthalmic styles in

Madonna, Michael Jackson, the “Brat

subcollections Heritage Urban, Core

Pack,” acid-wash jeans, neon and big

and Fast Fashion/Discovery for men

hair were just some of the pop-cul-

and Savage, Goldeneye and Wonder

ture phenomenons in the 1980s. The

for women. Metropolitan-inspired

Italian-made Police brand by De Rigo

Heritage Urban links Police’s past and

Vision (distributed by De Rigo REM in

present. Light and flexible, Core rein-

the U.S.) also emerged onto the fashion

terprets signature elements in a mod-

landscape in 1983 as an expression of

ern way, and Fast Fashion/Discovery is

rebellion characterized by this decade.

an exploration of cool, epitomizing the

“The eighties can be addressed as perhaps one of the most significant

latest trends with avant-garde silhouettes and cutting-edge materials.

eras in terms of innovation and ad-

Savage experiments with bold and

vancement in the fashion industry,”

feminine color palettes juxtaposed

stated Enrico Furlan, creative director,

edgy accents to deliver a playful look,

house brands of De Rigo Vision. “As for

while Goldeneye is defined by its keen

the eyewear industry, sunglasses tran-

attention to detail with multifaceted

scended from being just ordinary items

construction and stunning metal de-

to an absolutely essential accessory.”

tailing that boasts a thin or flat profile.

Now carried in more than 80 countries,

Each style in the Wonder Collection

Police eyewear is far from dated; in fact,

packs a daring personality with its ar-

Robert Downey, Jr. wore style Neymar

ray of oversized, stand-out silhouettes

Jr. 1 (named after soccer superstar and

that ooze modern details. “The Police

Olympic gold medalist Neymar Jr.) in

customer is someone who searches for

last year’s Marvel blockbuster, Captain

a style that interprets trends in a per-

America: Civil War. Additional brand

sonal and unique way,” Furlan said,

ambassadors have included inherent

who added that the edgy eyewear ap-

Hollywood rebels Bruce Willis, David

peals to those who have followed the

Beckham and George Clooney.

brand’s evolution as well as first-timers

The fall collection, with the brand’s signature “P” wing logo, features two



who want to take a fashion risk and fly on those iconic wings.

De Rigo REM 800.423.3023 • DeRigo.US • CustomerService@DeRigo.US 56 September 2017

Police Panorama.indd 56

8/25/17 11:35 AM






September 2017 57

Police Panorama.indd 57

8/25/17 11:36 AM


NIKE ushers in the next generation of sport performance gear with Helix Elite and Hyperforce Elite from Marchon.

58 September 2017

Nike Panorama.indd 58

8/25/17 3:57 PM




the temples a nice, responsive

an athlete moves.

thletes, professional or

will need. Athletes can’t have glass-

otherwise, commit time

es that slip and slide during activity,

feel and keeps them secure in ei-

The Hyperforce Elite lens tints were developed with contrast in

and effort into becom-

and Nike addressed this by using

ther the open or closed position.”

ing the best. They invest in train-

TR90 nylon throughout the frame.

There are four color combinations

mind to allow wearers to better

ing, diet and equipment–and that

This lightweight material provides

that include gray or brown frames

pick up the details of their spe-

equipment should always include

durability and flexibility, making

with silver, deep green, milky gold

cific activity, such as the stitches

superior eye protection. The new

the eyewear tough and comfort-

or black mirror lenses.

on a baseball when pitched as

Nike Helix Elite and Hyperforce

able during intense activity.

Nike Hyperforce Elite, which

well as being able to track the ball

Elite from Marchon, designed in

Additionally, the temples of the

comes styled in black matte with

against the sky. “The mirrored

part by studying athletes in action,

Helix Elite have a thin nylon and

four color/lens choices, presents

lenses project power and strength

are the most technologically ad-

rubber construction, allowing for

the same level of comfort and

against the wearer’s opponent

vanced models to date from the

a flexible and firm grip that adapts

durability but with even greater

by hiding the eyes,” according to

“Just Do It” folks.

to the head; this is important as

emphasis on advanced optics. For

Marchon. “For professional ath-

The Nike Helix Elite is the epit-

the wearer begins to perspire. The

Hyperforce Elite, the lens tints

letes, the mirrored lenses can also

ome of modern performance and

frame uses a snap-in hinge with

and designs were developed to

tie into the athlete’s team colors,

style. First, Nike and ZEISS have

cam functionality that does away

benefit a wide variety of wearers

creating more visual unity and

created state-of-the-art optics that

with the need for a hinge screw,

who need to track objects quickly

demonstrating team strength.”

provide incredible clarity and per-

simplifying the construction while

across a wide field of view. This

ception. Second, the frame con-

making it more robust. According

one-piece lens and MAX Optics

Joy L. Gibb, ABOC, is the lead

struction addresses virtually every

to the Nike Vision Design Team,

provide an uninterrupted line of

optician at Daynes Eye and Lasik

aspect of what a wearer in motion

“The cam hinge geometry gives

sight, no matter how and where

in Bountiful, UT. September 2017 59

Nike Panorama.indd 59

8/24/17 4:41 PM


Driven by fashion and solid engineering, WestGroupe’s Evatik collection knows how to cater to the modern man.

By Cara Huzinec

tanium front with beta titanium

A good men’s line can be hard to

temples. A laser-cut split temple

find, but WestGroupe may have

adds additional detail, and the ti-

just the right thing. Evatik, which

tanium temple tip cap is discreet-

was launched in 2009, is a distinc-

ly engraved with an “E.”

tively masculine, high-quality eye-

The style E-9155 provides a

wear collection that ranges from

twist to the popular crystal trend

bold and assertive to minimalist

by playing with acetate contrasts

and sleek.

and custom-engraved OBE UNO

“Men have become more de-

flex hinges provide for a discreet

manding in their style choices,

logo. Designed around a custom

both in fashion and eyewear,” said

hinge, both E-9166 and E-9167 are

Beverly Suliteanu, WestGroupe’s

made from a single block of stain-

vice president of product devel-

less steel, eliminating the need for

opment. “Evatik was one of the

soldering and providing a stronger,

first dedicated men’s collections

more aesthetically pleasing look.

that focused on stylish, detailed-

A pinstripe design is lasered onto

oriented eyewear.”

the temples and brought alive by

The Evatik collection does a beau-

hinges provide an extra measure

painting make the frames pop with

tiful job of balancing luxury and

of durability and comfort, while

on-trend coloring. The wide vari-

“Since the brand’s inception, we

color with comfort and wearabili-

nylon coated screws ensure that

ety of sizing, from 52-60, is another

have had a strong vision of who

ty. WestGroupe uses best-in-class

three- and five-barrel hinges do not

key selling feature.

the Evatik man is,” Suliteanu ex-

materials such as high-grade stain-

loosen. On the design side, laser

The fall 2017 collection com-

plained. “The brand was created

less steel, Japanese titanium and

cutting techniques allow for fine

prises eight new models for your

around evolving technology and

Mazzuchelli acetate.

detailing and an array of coloring

most discerning customers. One

to this day, continues to evolve

European components includ-

techniques including spray appli-

highlight, style E-9156, combines

and grow from both a stylistic

ing OBE and Redtenbacher spring

cations, digital printing and hand

a round, Japanese mono-block ti-

and technical standpoint.”



two-tone coloring.

60 September 2017

Evatik_B.indd 60

8/24/17 4:42 PM





E-9154 E-9156





September 2017 61

Evatik_B.indd 61

8/24/17 4:42 PM

Eyewe ar &Fash ion N EW





A&A OPTICAL, CREMIEUX EYEWEAR ”Contemporary classic style mixed with a timeless French Riviera touch” is how A&A Optical describes this men’s collection of 12 models. Created in collaboration with designer Stephane Cremieux of preppy men’s clothing brand Cremieux, the frames are made with handmade Japanese and Italian acetates and feature German and Austrian spring hinges. Inscribed on each model is a quote from Stephane Cremieux: “Ma vision du style,” meaning “My vision of style.” 800.492.4465,

62 September 2017

Sept17_NEW.indd 62 VCPN

8/24/17 4:46 PM


Untitled-1 1

6/30/17 11:23 AM

Eyewe ar &Fash ion N EW






ØRGREEN, AUGUST 2017 COLLECTION Inspired by the great explorers of the world, this collection comprises seven ophthalmics (three women’s, two men’s and two unisex) that highlight the role of color in self expression. Designed in Denmark and handcrafted in Japan, models are constructed of sleek titanium and incorporate “electro color,” which reacts and changes according to surroundings and come in both mono- and bi-chrome color combinations. Each style is named after an explorer such as Columbus, Vasco and Cook. 844.796.4623,


64 September 2017

Sept17_NEW.indd 64



Vitus VCPN

8/24/17 4:47 PM

Untitled-3 1

8/22/17 3:17 PM

Eyewe ar &Fash ion N EW





Seven models in soft,


Bright colors and patterns


rounded shapes have been


characterize three styles


designed to flatter feminine

A full metal-rimmed frame

in two color choices each

By adding an acetate rim to

faces. Whether in acetate

incorporates a laser cut-


that have been added to

0.6mm-thick beta titanium

or stainless steel, features

out pattern on an acetate

By layering metal and acetate

this contemporary women’s

153, MODO takes lightweight

include color blocking, glitter

temple for a 3D-geometric

and using cutting effects to

collection. HK70 features

and flexible to the next level.

and marbleization in neutral

effect. Available in black

expose colors, styles for fall

either a mixed floral pattern

Styles 4512 and 4513 feature

colors such as black, ivory

or slate, 158M includes the

take a cue from the runway

or glittery frame top and

an exposed metal brow in

and tortoise with punchy

brand’s “globe” logo on

trend of sheer layering. Soft,

temples while HK67 fuses a

color combinations such as

accents of red, blue and

the outside temple along

feminine shapes incorporate

solid front with patterned

crystal acetate/gold titanium

emerald. 800.645.3733,

with spring hinges and

unique details such as metal-

temples. 800.292.4342,

and blue tortoise acetate/

snap-in nosepads for easy

wrapped endpieces and

blue titanium. 800.223.7610,

adjustments. 800.765.3700,

metal inlays. 800.242.8872,

66 September 2017

Sept17_NEW.indd 66 VCPN

8/25/17 3:58 PM

Thursday, September 14, 2017 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Sands 303 Women and men are welcome. Advanced registration is required at

In today’s fast-paced world of competitive workplaces, each of us is searching for effective tools that can help us to manage, adapt, and strike out ahead of the pack. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) could be the key to both personal and professional success. Sponsored by ABB Optical Group, the Connection Series event features a panel of industry professionals who know what EQ is and how to use it for recruitment, staffing, and in their roles as organizational leaders. Moderating is Erinn Morgan, editorial director of Eyecare Business magazine. Lunch is included with your registration.

Enjoy hors d’oeuvres and cocktails while networking with friends. Place bids during our silent auction and enter our raffle for designer items, travel packages, gift certificates, and much more. All proceeds go to Professional Development Programs.

Friday, September 15, 2017 5:30 – 7:00 pm Sands 303 Free admission. Everyone welcome, including non-members. Advance registration is required at

OWA thanks OWA thanks its its 2017 Professional 2017 Professional Development sponsors Development for their belief in and Sponsors for their generous support support of generous its mission to enhance and belief in its and promote mission to enhancethe leadership role of and promote women in the optical the leadership industry through role of women networking, education, in the optical and peer support. industry through networking, education, and peer support.

For more information on the OWA and/or to become a member please visit our website at Our thanks to Vision Care Product News for providing this space for OWA’s message.

VCPN_OWA_VEW_2017.indd Untitled-1 1 1

8/10/17 1:24 8/24/17 2:02 PM

Eyewe ar &Fash ion N EW









Winner of the “Red Dot”


Metal detailing, vintage

Designed for actor, musician

ALPHA 38, 30005L

Award for outstanding


colors and retro frame

and Carrera brand ambassa-

Four ultra-light frames for

design, Urban Neo full-frame

Two styles incorporate tem-

shapes dominate the fall/

dor Jared Leto, two models

men and women include

models incorporate flattened

ple tip branding inspired by

winter ‘17 collection. The

(one sun and one ophthalmic)

a screwless, flexible hinge

wire temples with ultra-thin

denim rivets and triple-lay-

rounded acetate FT0520

make a statement with strong

system that adapts to a

frame fronts in compact ret-

ered acetate lamination.

features polarized lenses

rectangle frames crafted from

wearer’s face. Acetate

ro shapes with velvet matte

PJ3282 Knox features a

with a bold and recognizable

high-density acetate. Stick

frames have two superim-

and glossy effects. Each

modified square frame with

“T” logo on the frame front.

temples incorporate the metal

posed layers on the front

style (two unisex, one men’s

tortoise pattern, and PJ3284


“C” logo inside the left end tip.

and temples blended with

and one women’s) comes

Myla pairs neutral brown and


solid and marbled colors in

in six colors. 800.223.0180,

black with stronger colors

glossy and matte finishes

such as pink, yellow, blue

68 September 2017

Sept17_NEW.indd 68

for contrast. 800.526.8838,

and green. 866.666.3662, VCPN

8/24/17 4:47 PM



ARCHIVE 1993, CRS-00052 A fresh take on the original





style released 20 years ago,


This classic rectangle in


Merging the angle of The

the 6558 Series has been

Four men’s and four wom-

acetate has five-barrel

Available in three colors

Hexagonal with the flat up-

re-released to include the

en’s styles offer practical

hinges with silver and gold-

(black, tortoise and black/

per bar and temples of The

limited edition CRS-00052,

comfort as well as chic

tone accents that impart a

teal), this model comes

General, Ray-Ban created

crafted with custom acetate

styling. EB32200 for women

distinguished look. Crafted

with two clip-on lenses: one

this distinctive model that

to mimic Murano glass.

has a bendable frame

and polished by hand, Cum-

mirrored sun lens for daytime

comes in seven colorways,

Frames incorporate five-bar-

designed to stay put and

berland comes in a choice

protection from UV rays

including silver, gunmetal

rel hinges and cut-and-paste

contrast coloring on the

of four sophisticated colors:

and another anti-blue light

and polished gold. Lens

inserts at the temple tips

temple. A TR90 top mixed

deep tortoise, transparent

clip-on that guards against

options include G15, polar

and a flat graphic O-base

with a metal-rimmed bottom

gray, black and deep blue.

harmful light emitted from

green and gray gradient,

lens. 310.876.9735,

gives the men’s EB32008


electronics. 800.372.6372,

plus three gradient mirrors.

a retro feel. 800.645.2121,

800.422.2020, VCPN

Sept17_NEW.indd 69

or September 2017 69

8/24/17 4:47 PM


Dia E1000

Multifunctional Patternless Lens Edger 

Highly configurable to suit anyone from master optician to novice

Advanced re-edge and finish options—even process lenses cut on another edger!

Maintains 20 jobs of edging data unlike others that hold only one

State of the art vertical wheel technology

 

Shape adjustment feature

5x7 inch high definition color touch panel control

Software upgradeable


Multi-width grooving and safety beveling

High-end features. Entry-level price. Vision Expo LV Booth LP11079 Dia products are exclusively distributed in the US by Optek International. Optek and Optek International are trademarks of Intuitos, LLC. All information is subject to change without notice.

Untitled-1 1



8/25/17 9:08 AM

Vision Care Technology

The WX Boss KRYPTEK Highlander from Wiley X features a pattern similar to military camouflage netting.



extends into the endpiece/temple

a wider field of view with a negli-

for patients who prefer a larger


area, which further protects against

gible amount of distortion.

near vision area.

Today’s eyecare professional main-

sun, wind and debris.

In addition, Costa’s filter with

tains an arsenal of lens/frame

They can also act as a protec-


Costa 580 sun lens technology

products to match the diverse

tive device against accidental blunt

Long known for superior wrap

provides better color enhance-

needs of today’s eyewear patient.

force injury/trauma. Many wrap

sunwear by anglers and other

ment over traditional sunglasses

Nowhere is this more evident than

lens designs are constructed from

outdoorsy people, Costa’s sin-

while blocking 100% UV light. In

in wrap lens/frame designs, which

high-impact resins and are des-

gle vision, progressive and

addition, the 580 filtration selec-

meet a multitude of ophthalmic

ignated with a Z-87 safety rat-

blended bifocal designs are

tively filters out yellow light and

lifestyle needs, including superior

ing. In addition, the high-impact

available with Waypoint digi-

high energy visible blue light,

sun protection (because the added

resin lenses allow for 2.0mm center

tal processing technology. Every

which in turn increases clarity

wrap provides a formidable shield

thickness, resulting in a great look

Waypoint lens is customized

and gives a higher standard of

against solar radiation) and pro-

combined with weight savings.

and compensates the patient’s

ocular protection.

viding additional relief to dry eye






Rx to provide superior acuity

For lens materials, Costa’s 580G

sufferers (numbering well into the

frame design is the lens itself.

in high-base wrap sunwear in

Lightwave Glass is 20% thinner

millions in the U.S.).

Breakthroughs in digital/free-

progressive lens designs. Costa

and 22% lighter than convention-

Safety is another category ben-

form lens processing have made

recently introduced Waypoint

al polarized glass, according to the

efiting from wrapped lens/frame

wrap lens designs possible by

C-SCAPE blended bifocals, a

company, and features an option-

designs, which deflect wind, grit

utilizing computer numeric con-

digital backside round segment

al mirror coating encapsulated in

and other foreign bodies during

trol (CNC) and software to gen-

in a 22mm diameter for patients

the glass itself, providing superior

bicycling, motorcycling and jog-

erate superior optics and control

needing basic near vision. The

scratch resistance and increasing

ging. In addition, the frame front

oblique astigmatism, resulting in

Varilux Stylistic lens option is

contrast and visual acuity. Costa


McCoy Wraps.indd 71

September 2017 71

8/24/17 3:59 PM


580P polycarbonate and Trivex

The WX Boss KRYPTEK High-

for Rx options feature C-WALL

lander frame sports a special

surface protection, which features

micro/macro layered pattern that is

scratch resistance and a barrier to

similar to military camouflage net-

repel water, oils and salts.

ting. The result is a quality stealth

Limited edition OCEARCH frame from Costa is a smoke crystal color with green mirror lenses on a copper base.

appearance for those operating in

-6.00D to be fabricated in most



a variety of diverse environments.

high wrap Oakley Sport sunglass

Rudy Project’s wrap lens/frame

Wiley X is long known for man-

In addition, the frame features a

frames. True Digital surfacing

combinations are well regarded

ufacturing various types of

patented removable facial cavi-

technology minimizes oblique

for cycling. Rudy’s Impact X-2

eyewear that meet and exceed

ty seal that blocks out peripheral

astigmatism, resulting in a wider

photochromic and Impact X lens-

ANSI Z87.1 High Mass and High

light, wind and airborne hazards,

field of view for the patient.

es feature Freeform TEK digital

Velocity impact standards with

an excellent advantage for contact

Recognizing the rigors of an

technology in a virtually unbreak-

many styles meeting the strin-

lens wearers. Lenses are available in

active outdoor lifestyle, Oakley

able 8-base wrap design in plano

gent MIL-PRF-32432 (GL) bal-

plano and Rx using DIGIFORCE

has added Oakley Stealth, an AR

and Rx. Freeform Sport lenses by

listic standards. Consequently,

digital technology to ensure Rx

coating designed exclusively for

Rudy Project use polycarbonate

Wiley X is a leading provider of

accuracy, visual clarity and wide

the needs of athletes and patients

lens materials and are fabricated

protective eyewear to the U.S.

field of view.

with active outdoor lifestyles. It

with digital free-form technology.

military. This expertise brings

provides reduced reflection from




a new product to the vast line


the back surface, repels dirt and

wrap can be configured in three

of Wiley X offerings. The new-

Oakley’s wrap eyewear choices

oils using anti-static and oleop-

sport-specific packages for sailing,

for-2017 WX Boss available in

include sport-specific progressive

hobic protection, and it’s durable

general outdoor use and cycling.

the KRYPTEK Highlander Frame

lens designs, which cover a wide

hardcoat is backed by a two-year

Available lenses include plano

and Polarized Venice Gold Mirror

range of outdoor activities such as


and Rx using Freeform TEK and

lenses represent state-of-the-art

cycling, golfing and fishing.

Completing its sport-specif-

Freeform Sport in Polar3Fx polar-

design in a sunglass for hunters,

Oakley’s True Digital II lens fab-

ic lens offerings, Oakley PRIZM

ized polycarbonate. Fotonyk by

shooters and anglers. The lens-

rication technology helps main-

light management technology for

Rudy pushes the frame/lens design

es combine an amber base that

tain a consistent control of dioptric

specific environments features

combination further with inter-

cuts light transmission to 12%

power across the surface of the lens

a wide selection of lens options

changeable protective bumpers,

and is linked to eight layers of

in all sun and dress Oakley frame

ranging from standard colors to

lenses and unique vent controller

polarization to cut glare in harsh

styles. In addition, this technolo-

performance tints and changeable

air channels to manage internal air

reflective environments.

gy provides Rx’s from +4.00D to


flow and mitigate lens fogging. For high Rx’s, the Fotonyk’s Optical Dock allows strong corrections to

company’s Ibex model is made

be mounted into a removable plat-

using B-88 nylon for its frames

form in the frame.

and B-20.3 polycarbonate for its

Available colors of Bollé’s new-for-2018 Ibex include matte black blue.

lenses. Polarization is available

Richard W. McCoy, LDO,

for the Ibex, whose colors include

ABOC,NCLEC, is program

matte navy petrol, matte black,

director, opticianry at Reynolds

matte white green, matte gray

Community College in

white and matte black blue.

Richmond, VA.

Photo courtesy of Rudy Project USA

Wrap lens/frame combinations are also a specialty of Bollé. The

WHERE TO FIND IT: Bollé 800.222.6553 • // Costa 800.542.5668 • 800.447.3700 • • // Oakley, Inc. 800.733.6255 • // Rudy Project North America 888.860.7597 • • // Wiley X, Inc. 800.776.7842 • • 72 September 2017

McCoy Wraps.indd 72 VCPN

8/24/17 3:59 PM


Untitled-1 1

8/24/17 1:16 PM

POGOCAM1VM VEW ad.indd 1 Untitled-1

8/11/17 1:25 8/24/17 9:56 PM AM









TECHNOLOGY SOMETIMES NEEDS TO CATCH UP WITH STYLE, AS WAS THE CASE WHEN WRAP EYEWEAR HIT THE MARKET, BUT NOW LENSES CAN HANDLE THE CURVES. By Ed De Gennaro, MEd, ABOM Wrap lenses with steep base curves upset the apple cart of lens design. The fundamental spherical base curve design concepts we use today originally came from research in the late 1800s and early 1900s by people such Photo courtesy of Coburn

as Moritz Von Rohr and Marius Tscherning. But today, if it weren’t for free-form lens design and surfacing techniques in concert with advanced edging methods, wrap lenses with good optics wouldn’t be possible for most

notably marginal astigmatism.

than +6.00D and minus lens-


The All-In-One sysTem wOrkIng wITh mOre cOmfOrT, speed, precIsIOn And versATIlITy.

es need a base curve lesser than

become increasingly blurred the

+6.00D. That’s fine for “general

improving visual clarity by re-

farther a wearer looks from the

use” ophthalmic lenses, which

ducing lens aberrations, most

lens’s optical center. Tscherning

tend to be relatively flat, but wrap

taught us that there is only one

lenses use a base curve of about

ideal base curve for every lens

+8.00D to +9.00D. Using a base

power and using the wrong one

curve in this range for most Rx’s

causes reduced clarity through

and tilting it dramatically in front

the lens. He plotted the ideal base

of the eyes (as wrap sunglasses

curve for each power on a graph

do) would result in very poor

Learn More Today !

(known as Tscherning’s Ellipse),

optics. Today, free-form design

which guides spherical base

and production techniques en-

curve lens designers to this day.

able lenses to have steep base


Photo courtesy of Briot

This aberration causes objects to

Von Rohr’s work focused on


Wrap_De Gennaro.indd 75

In simple terms, Tscherning

curves but retain the visual clarity

tells us that plano lenses need

that Von Rohr and Tscherning in-

a +6.00D base curve while plus

tended by correcting for errors ob-

lenses need a base curve steeper

tained by using the “wrong” September 2017 75

8/24/17 4:09 PM


:C O N T R O L: :> Service

:> Quality

:> Flexibility

:> Responsiveness

Take it all back.

:> Profit

Outsourcing lens production = outsourcing control of these vital areas of your business. Why not put control back where it belongs and ignite your hidden potential? Let us explain how Optek’s in-office lab systems make taking control and unlocking potential easier and more affordable than you ever imagined.

Vision Expo LV Booth LP11079




Optek and Optek International are trademarks of Intuitos, LLC. All information is subject to change without notice.

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8/25/17 9:31 AM


base curve—a steep one instead

tilt, prism and other parame-

of a flatter one.

ters. Their lenses have evolved into a highly complex array of

a wrap lens solution. Some clear-

films and treatments combined

ly market this option as a brand.

with compensated optics to de-

For example, Shamir’s Attitude

liver features that enhance the

III is available in a wrap sunwear

wearer’s experiences, including

version. Other companies include

scratch resistance, anti-reflective,

a steep lens option inside select-

mirrors, anti-fog, hydrophobic,

ed brands. For example, Younger

oleophobic, polarization, pho-

Optics offers the Image WRAP

tochromic properties, UV, blue

NuPolar polarized polycarbonate

light and more.

EXAM LANE SET Photo courtesy of FEA

Nearly every Rx lens caster offers

bevel, which on a conventional

progressive design with an effec-

While higher prescriptions on a

edger would be cut at the wrong

tive blank size of 83mm, and Carl

steeper base curve call for a lens

angle because of the grinding

Zeiss Vision labels its newest wrap

thicker than what is normally

wheel’s bevel shape and location.

lenses lenses “Sport” within select-

available, both lens casters and

Equipment manufacturers such

ed lens brands.

surfacing labs have found solu-

as Briot (Luneau Technology

Upper end sunwear compa-

tions for this. For example, FEA

USA), Coburn Technologies, Es-

nies such as Bollé, Oakley, Wiley

Industries uses a special process

silor Instruments, Santinelli In-

X, Rudy Project, Smith Optics,

of blending lenticularization into

ternational, MEI, Optek and oth-

Costa, SPY Optics and others

the lens. Carl Zeiss Vision has de-

ers offer edger systems that can

have all learned the value of pre-

veloped a software program that

adjust a lens’s bevel for high base

mium wrap lenses that have been

uses free-form lens calculations

curve frames and create dramatic

compensated for their steep base,

to make the lens aspheric and

and custom edge bevels and con-

reduce its thickness. The bene-


Photo courtesy of Santinelli

fit of this technique is that the

The wrap lens market is fairly

lens comes out of the generator

small, but its technology has be-

already thinned and with opti-

come very advanced. Consider-

mal optics; no other treatment

ing the low percentage of Rx sun-

is needed. All ZEISS Sport lenses

wear that’s sold to patients each

use this feature.

year, it’s clear this category has

One of the difficulties of pro-

plenty of room to grow.

ducing wrap eyewear is that it’s challenging to keep a steep base

Ed De Gennaro is editor

curve lens in a frame. Most lenses

emeritus of First Vision Media

use their rim to encircle the lens’s


WHERE TO FIND IT: Bollé 800.222.6553 • // Briot USA 800.292.7468 • • // Carl Zeiss Vision, Inc. 800.358.8258 • // Coburn Technologies, Inc. 800.262.8761 • CoburnTechnologies. com • // Costa 800.447.3700 • • // Essilor Instruments USA 855.393.4647 • // FEA Industries, Inc. 800.327.2002 • • // MEI S.r.l. 847.357.0323 • • // Oakley, Inc. 800.733.6255 • // Rudy Project North America 888.860.7597 • • SRiding@ // Santinelli International, Inc. 800.644.3343 • • // Shamir Insight, Inc. 877.514.8330 • • // SMITH 888.206.2995 • // SPY 800.779.3937 • // Wiley X, Inc. 800.776.7842 • • // Younger Optics 800.366.5367 • YoungerOptics. com • VCPN

Wrap_De Gennaro.indd 77


enhance your expertise in the exam room with your special package: * sTAndArd * AdvAnced * premIUm Learn More Today ! 855-393-4647

September 2017 77

8/24/17 4:10 PM


Ed g i n g M y t h s D ebu n ke d BECAUSE EYECARE PROFESSIONALS CAN BE SKEPTICAL ABOUT EDGING IN-HOUSE, VCPN SET OUT TO DISPEL THEIR CONCERNS WITH THE HELP OF EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS. completed in less than three days. For questions after training, you will not only have your sales rep’s

Photo courtesy of Essilor Instruments

It’s too complicated, and I don’t have anyone on staff who is technical enough or who can handle the training. How would I be able to train my staff to edge lenses?

personal mobile number, but our tech support team is also ready to help free of charge with a simple

Most equipment offers prompts

phone call.

that guide the operator, so virtu-

–Alex Incera,

ally any staff member can operate

Coburn Technologies

it, making unplanned absences or loss of specific employees easier.

Partnering with the right equip-

Advanced technologies allow for

ment vendor is critically import-

faster processing without the loss

ant. Carefully research reputation

of quality and accuracy, allowing

and longevity—these are the

means you are not obligated to

tice volume. An entry level sys-

operators to focus on other du-

difference between promise and

use a lab’s lenses, so you can find

tem can see an ROI with as few as

ties while providing a new level

reality. Advanced technology in

better deals. The other savings in-

a couple of jobs per day; one with

of patient service.



clude the lab’s charge for edging

all features will need five to seven

–Kevin Paddy,

the need for operator skill and

and the shipping costs. Once you

jobs per day. Most representatives

National Optronics

training. One example is a user

figure out your total savings, use

can calculate ROI using a prac-

interface that allows the opera-

this formula to calculate ROI:

tice’s current volume and recom-


Edging lenses is a repetitive pro-

tor to touch an icon to perform

cess that anyone can easily achieve.

a desired function. Full onsite

All training should be part of the

training and free lifetime tech-

purchase price and be handled by

nical phone support are always

the company that the equipment


is purchased from. –Robin Rhodes,

–Alan Hodges, Optek International

jobs per month x savings per job = savings per month cost of equipment / savings per month = number of months to recover initial cost

Essilor Instruments Coburn’s user-friendly finishing equipment provides a great number of edging options without any difficult steps. Our equipment can be used by anyone,

mend the appropriate system. –Robin Rhodes, Essilor Instruments The ROI must also consider the reduction of labor costs for rework, breakage reduction, delivery time improvement and a

I’m not sure of the return on investment when edging in-house. How much time will we need to devote to edging and how many jobs will we need to finish in order to realize the necessary ROI?

including your receptionist. Our

With in-house finishing, you no

more flexible work organization.

longer have to wait for finished

In-store edging in the past was

lenses, saving time from submit-

considered a useless cost because

ting orders. You can easily edge

equipment available was not

ten lenses in less than an hour.

meant for industrial use. Using

–Alex Incera,

labs with industrial machines was

Coburn Technologies

considered a better option. Now,

team will work with you and your

ROI varies depending on the

staff to customize a training plan.

practice. First, figure out your to-

The ROI will be determined by

labs is available for retail shops.

Installation and training can be

tal cost savings. Edging in-house

edging system features and prac-

This milling technology, intro-

78 September 2017

Edging Myths_Evans_Print.indd 78

the same technology used by big

VisionCar VCPN

8/24/17 7:31 PM

ry risk will be re-dos. Your lab bill

sizing or axis issues, completely

savings will make up for this. Loss

changing the ROI equation.

of savings can result from high

–Fabio Verzeri, MEI

Photo courtesy of Coburn Technologies, Inc.

duced by MEI, edges with no

repair bills if your equipment is not properly maintained, follow-

Our tracers use 3D technology for

ROI is a two-part equation. How

ing proper procedures, there are

sizing and placement calculations,

many jobs need to be processed

very little dangers to employees.

eliminating spoilage associated

daily? What will the future of my

There is misinformation regard-

with 2D tracing that shapes one

business look like if I don’t pro-

ing toxic waste or air quality. Our

side of the frame and flips it for

vide the services my competitors

coolant system addresses this.

the other. As long as you follow

–Matt Vulich, AIT

do? With a range of options and

the doctor’s prescription, you’ll be within industry standards.

price points, there is a system that is right for you. The more elabo-

With modern patternless tech-

–Alex Incera,

rate system, the more choices you

nology, there are no operator

Coburn Technologies

can offer patients. More choices

risks. MEI’s milling technology

equal more profit. Drill mounts,

ensures a reliable process avoid-

high wraps and interchangeable

ing lens breakage. MEI uses mill-

lens style frames can propel prof-

ing tools that have a gentle action,

its quickly.

protecting the lens and coating

I’m not sure my office is equipped for in-house edging. What kind of infrastructure do I need?

-Kevin Paddy,

from damage. All of MEI’s equip-

You can edge with an all-in-one

National Optronics

ment is safe and complies with

system in less than three square

regulations in each country.

feet or up to six square feet for sys-

What are the risks (spoilage of expensive lenses and coatings, dangers to employees, conforming to rules and regulations, etc.) when it comes to edging in-house, and how do I overcome them?

–Fabio Verzeri, MEI

tems that have two or more pieces. Most systems operate with recy-

There are no risks associated with

cled water by means of a pump

lens spoilage. Coburn’s edgers

and tank positioned directly be-

have a patented axial mode that

low the edger. A vent or filtration

eliminates lens slippage, even with

system will help with any dust,

the best hydrophobic coatings.

and a 20 amp dedicated outlet meets all electrical requirements.

Edging hydrophobic AR lenses requires a system designed for

–Robin Rhodes,

these lenses or the recommend-

Essilor Instruments

ed blocking pads. When edgMost in-house edging equipment

a milling system or attaching a

systems operate on standard 110v

filter to capture the dust, which

power. Some require water sys-

will also alleviate the odor. While

tems, while others use vacuum sys-

spoilage should be calculated

tems. A complete in-house finish-

into the ROI, proper procedures

ing area can be as little as 50 square

–Robin Rhodes, Essilor Instruments After taking on responsibility of the finished product, your primaVCPN

Edging Myths_Evans_Print.indd 79

Photo courtesy of MEI S.r.l

ing high-index lenses, consider

should eliminate any spoilage.


feet. A sturdy countertop will work great, and manufacturers can rec-

The perfect corneal expert : * precIse diagnosis * effOrTless contact lens fitting * AdvAnced Tear film Analysis * UnIQUe dry eye screening

Learn More Today ! 855-393-4647

ommend a room layout or provide specifically designed cabinets. –Kevin Paddy, National Optronics September 2017 79

8/25/17 4:06 PM


from wastewater. You can then

initial purchase, is consumables

ment is great for all size labs be-

dispose of the remaining water

that are easily found at a low cost.

cause of its small footprint. They

according to your local munici-

You’re saving money on shipping

pality’s ordinances. To keep the

and lens purchases, increasing

cost low, budgeting for mainte-

the amount of business you can

nance visits every depending on

perform in-house and increasing

volume is important.

your customer service.

Photo courtesy of National Optronics

Our table-top finishing equip-

range from four square feet to six feet depending on the number of jobs per day. The only two requirements are a table or stand to place the equipment and water. –Alex Incera, Coburn Technologies

What about maintenance, space, noise, odor, waste disposal and other recurring considerations?

–Matt Vulich, AIT

–Alex Incera, Coburn Technologies

What other pertinent factors will we need to address before edging in-house?

Demographics, staff experience and volume are important to determine what features you need.

Edger maintenance involves keeping the cutting chamber clean.

When purchasing new equip-

A high-end boutique might pro-

Beyond that, follow basic main-

ment, financing is a great option.

cess more rimless, so the abili-

The right system for the prac-

tenance and calibration. A vendor

It’s good to research rates and

ty to process drill mount work

tice’s physical characteristics can

with reliable support will provide

special financing opportunities,

might be important. Another

address most concerns. Any costs

peace of mind for unexpected is-

such as deferring payments for

office might be busy and want

to transform an area of the prac-

sues. For noise and odor, Optek’s

several months while you cre-

the most efficiency, so automat-

tice to accept a finish lab can be

wet-process edger is quiet enough

ate new cash flow. Look into tax

ed lens verification in the block-

calculated into the ROI.

for just about any room and in-

deductions on capital purchases.

er along with a high-speed edger

–Robin Rhodes,

cludes a deodorizer. With direct

Understand that there will be

might be best.

Essilor Instruments

water hookup, waste is captured

costs outside the equipment pur-

in a replaceable nylon filter bag

chase. While minimal, be sure to

attached to the drain hose.

factor for items like consumables.

Consider who is going to operate the system and what are the

The only maintenance required

–Matt Vulich, AIT

is to keep the equipment clean.

–Alan Hodges,

Investing in your business is also

As long as the room is separat-

Optek International

a great time to reach out to your

skill levels to do assembly. If you

ed from the customer area, noise

customers. Publicize technology

have more than one location,

and odor should not be factors.

Newer edging systems, such as

upgrades and additions to retain

would you like to trace remote-

Coburn’s machines make min-

the Briot Attitude or WECO

and gain customers.

ly? Would you like a lab ordering

imal noise and just let off odors

E.6, have brushless motors and

–Kevin Paddy,

system? Would you like to be able

from processing high-index lens-

sound- dampening material to

National Optronics

connect to a practice manage-

es. An optional filter is available

help reduce noise. The AIT air-

to decrease odor. Waste disposal

ment system? Does the company

MAX air purification system

Coburn still services and sells

provide ongoing training when

is simple. All hazardous materials

eliminates smells associated with

parts for machines purchased

needed? Does the system have

are released into a bag with water,

edging high index plastic and

20 years ago, proving durability.

remote maintenance capabilities?

which is drained, leaving garbage

polycarbonate lenses. With a ny-

Another benefit of Coburn’s fin-

Can the system be upgraded with

and a bucket of water.

lon filter attached to the recircu-

ishing equipment is the warranty

software? Is there a cost?

–Alex Incera,

lating pump and tank, all large

on parts. The only cost associat-

-Robin Rhodes,

Coburn Technologies

particulate matter is eliminated

ed with finishing, other than the

Essilor Instruments

WHERE TO FIND IT: AIT Industries, Inc. (Weco) 800.729.1959 • • // Optek International 727.522.2301 • // MEI S.r.l 847.357.0323 • • // National Optronics 800.866.5640 • • // Coburn Technologies, Inc. 800.262.8761 • • // Essilor Instruments 800.542.5668 • 80 September 2017

Edging Myths_Evans_Print.indd 80

VisionCar VCPN

8/25/17 4:06 PM

Come to visit us at Las Vegas September 14-16, 2017 Booth LP5087 - LP10107

Untitled-1 1

8/24/17 1:22 PM

WHO IS THE VCPN READER? Someone who recognizes the importance of staying up to speed with new product information, who prides himself or herself on being able to offer patients the latest in vision product innovations by remaining constantly informed. s

A recent survey* of ECPs revealed that half of regular VCPN readers consider product information the most important content an optical publication can deliver and look to VCPN as their first choice for that content.

DELIVERING PRODUCT INFORMATION FOR OPTICAL PEOPLE SINCE THE TURN OF THE CENTURY *based on results of a reader survey conducted by GfK Market Research, September 2015

Readership_HouseAd2_VCPN_Sept.indd 82

8/24/17 5:51 PM


NEOCHROMOES FLAT TOP 28 PHOTOCHROMIC LENSES FROM IOT Indizen Optical Technologies has added Neochromes Flat Top 28 photochromic polycarbonate lenses to its line of products. Developed using IOT’s own polycarbonate manufacturing process, this segmented bifocal lens allows for “seamless integration into existing product lines,” according to IOT. 877.414.7809,

EXCELON EDGER HPE-410 FROM COBURN TECHNOLOGIES The new Excelon Edger HPE-410 has a stronger wheel for longer durability. Lens slippage is eliminated thanks to a new adaptive lens chuck, position sensor and a hydrophobic mode. 800.262.8761,



Aerial Poly Spheric Fast Tint ®

Aerial Poly Peak AR Spheric Fast Tint w/AR







Red Dynamite





Rx-able & adjustable 100% UV400


99 ea.

For 50 pcs. per order

1,000 pads/roll

HiLine 1.67 Sync AR $18.98/pr. Super Hydrophobic


Register at All prices subject to change without notice.

1.67 Blueguard+ AR HEV Blue Light Protection Super Hydrophobic


** Same day delivery (NY/NJ). Orders received by 5:30pm ship same day.

170 LeGrand Ave. • Northvale, NJ 07647 PHONE: (800) 822.4343 • FAX: (800) 627.7280


VCT NEW_Sept.indd 83

FREE GROUND SHIPPING on lens orders of $70 or more when placed online only.

9025 NW 13th Terrace, #2 • Doral, FL 33172 PHONE: (800) 822.4343 • FAX: (800) 627.7280

16128 Cohasset St. • Van Nuys, CA 91406 PHONE: (855) 589.5367 • FAX: (877) 229.3862

September 2017 83

8/24/17 4:16 PM


EYEBRAIN MEDICAL LAUNCHES NEUROLENS This progressive prism lens design works to reduce or eliminate eye misalignment at all distances caused by overcompensating during digital use. Neurolens also relieves symptoms associated with digital device overuse with its embedded neuroClear treatment that blocks 94% of high energy blue light in the 400-420nm range. 949.339.5157,

TWO ULTIMATE LENS PACKAGES FROM ESSILOR Essilor is now offering the Ultimate Lens Package (ULP), a combination of its newest lens technologies and Transitions Signature VII, designed to meet each eyeglass wearer’s visual needs in a single lens. For single vision patients, the ULP includes Eyezen+, Crizal Sapphire 360o UV and Transitions Signature VII. For presbyopic patients, it includes Varilux X Series, Crizal Sapphire 360o UV and Transitions Signature VII. Consumers can purchase an Ultimate Lens Package and get a second pair of qualifying lenses that is of equal or lesser value at no cost through independent ECPs who are enrolled in the offer. Enrollment is through Dec. 30, 2017, and the consumer offer period is Sept. 12 through Dec. 29, 2017. 800.542.5668,

84 September 2017

VCT NEW_Sept.indd 84 VCPN

8/24/17 4:16 PM



Bring your vision to New York—the city where things change in the blink of an eye—for the event of the year, where eyecare meets eyewear, and education, fashion and innovation mingle.




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8/23/17 12:28 PM


SMS (Short Message Service) technology is just the start of what these practice management systems provide to stay in touch with your patients and build your practice. By Mark Clark, ABOC

quency and efficiency. Offering a great deal of flexibility,

ing instant messaging or texting—

4PatientCare allows organizations

or “pinging” as it’s known because

to design services to reflect unique

of the alert that sounds on a smart-

preferences for scheduling, remind-

phone—has become a highly effec-

ers, recalls, pick up and no-show

Photo courtesy of Solutionreach

In today’s era of mobile devices, us-

tive medium for communication. estimates that texts typically have a 99% open rate and a 90-second response time. So what better way to reach your patients than via SMS (short message service)? SMS and other tech-driv-

communications. It also allows freedom to create custom communications, including postal, unique messaging, drag and drop newsletters, and meticulously executed marketing and communication initiatives, all designed to reflect the look and

en services are the focus for these

above the monthly service fee. An-

more than 18 years. The compa-



other focus of these technologies is

ny offers bidirectional integration

Care Coordination (CareCo) is

reach, Demandforce, 4PatientCare

to capture and control reviews for

with office practice management

the latest addition to the 4Patient-

and WebSystem3.

your online reputation, which is

software. It offers real-time sched-

Care suite, solving the inefficien-

These services will integrate with

an important element of how your

uling within the actual office sched-

cies and frustration of the referral

most practice management software

business is perceived in cyberspace.

uling software for major practice

process with one unifying plat-



platforms to remind patients of up-

feel of each individual company.


form. CareCo automatically con-

coming appointments and promo-


The system is set up to follow all of

nects multiple entities on disparate

tions through text, email or phone

Specializing in the eyecare field,

the complex scheduling rules and

systems to present a unified view of

calls. Adding this mode of commu-

4PatientCare has been in the pa-

any ongoing updates to available

the patient journey throughout the

nication alone can pay dividends

tient communication business for

appointments with unbeatable fre-

referral process.

86 September 2017

Clark Bar_Sept.indd 86

system VCPN

8/25/17 3:15 PM


receive responses through an In-

Prime Nexus is a new cloud-based

stant Message interface on an office

patient relationship management

computer. The system has the abil-

system by EyeCare Prime, a sub-

ity to send one text listing all fam-

sidiary of CooperVision. Devel-

ily members’ appointments; some

oped specifically for optometry, the

platforms are unable to distinguish

Prime Nexus platform offers email,

this and cause multiple texts to be

phone and text-based communica-

sent to one person. Solutionreach

tion features that enable practices

also offers the ability to keep a dig-

to maximize appointment book-

ital waiting list. Users are then able

ing, improve patient retention and

to send a blast message out to the

streamline office efficiencies to pro-

patients on the waiting list when an

pel practice success. Prime Nexus

opening arises. Finally, Solution-

is compatible with major practice

reach allows each customer to be

management systems so that on-

communicated with in their indi-

line appointment confirmations

vidual language preference.

Photo courtesy of WebSystem3

phone number, and the office will

to review the demographics of

tually find this feature preferable.

patients who were unable to be

Demandforce also limits its rob-


contacted through one modality or

ocalling to regular business hours

Practices also have the capability

Demandforce is another platform

another. This helps secure future

and offers a prompt to immediately

to send automatic post-appoint-

forged in the fire of multiple practice

marketing avenues with each patient.

speak to a staff member. This helps

are automatically updated in the practice’s calendar.

ment survey requests to patients via

the office handle any issues that may

text message and email, and com-

arise with a patient. Demandforce

pleted reviews can be automatically

has a digital waiting list called the

published to a dedicated practice

“Hot List” that can be used to fill

review web page to save staff time.

unexpected openings in the day. Whether you are looking to de-

izable email campaigns, with a full

crease your daily no show rate or

Photo courtesy of 4PatientCare

Prime Nexus also includes customlibrary of pre-written emails dedicated to eyecare. Created by an eye doctor, WebSystems3 caters specifically to ECPs.

Solutionreach While Solutionreach isn’t exclu-

to simply stay abreast of the latest automation technology, you will find an online demonstration to be highly informative. While it may be some time before the lean management techniques of automation are ready to be launched in the

sively focused on the eyecare in-

disciplines. The platform strives to

Another key feature of Demand-

other facets of the eyecare practice,

dustry, it offers patient commu-

be very HIPAA compliant through

force is the ability to target internal

these companies have proven that

nications tools via text, email and

regular auditing. While each of these

marketing by purchase history or

the patient communication side is

phone for reminders and reviews,

systems has a compact type of dash-

even diagnosis codes. The appoint-

both available and intuitive.

and there is value in knowing the

board to track no-show rates and

ment scheduling system is not a

program has been widely tested

practice metrics, Demandforce had

live scheduler but sends requests

Mark Clark, ABOC, is founder

across many practice circumstanc-

one noticeable difference. Each

only. Some offices wanting to have

of iProfit Group, a healthcare

es. Texts will utilize the actual office

day, staff members are prompted

strict scheduling control may ac-

investment consulting firm

WHERE TO FIND IT: 4PatientCare 877.777.9078 • // WebSystem3 866.575.3937 • // Solutionreach 800.995.8444 • // Demandforce 800.220.1136 • VCPN

Clark Bar_Sept.indd 87

September 2017 87

8/25/17 3:16 PM


INSIDE JOB Using plants to enhance table top displays

Paint an accent color After

EYE Designs mockup for center area




By Travis Reed The interior design of your practice

• Did you find the restrooms clean and appealing?

additional potential revenue. Once

out the lobby area. Throw pillows

you have a punch list of what needs

on love seats and sofas add a cozy,

is something that most owners tend

• Should the flooring be updated?

to be changed, consider some of

homey touch.

to ignore over time. It’s often not in-

• Is our front desk appealing and

these ideas that can dynamically

tentional—you and your team are in the space daily and may not realize what’s become, well, eyesores. To start figuring out the visual problems so you can come up with

functional? • Do you find the lighting

update your overall interior. There

Paint: Figure out where you might

are lower and higher-priced options.

be able to place your accent color on

sufficient? • Are the frame fixtures to your liking?

walls. Make sure the area is not too

LOWER COST Art: Many practices

large, walls that are only 10-15 feet have wall

wide are often ideal, and that there

better-looking solutions, ask some

The free service SurveyMonkey.

decor that is easily 10 to 40 years

is nothing else on them other than

of your new patients or someone

com allows you to set up questions

old. Consider a clean, modern look

art or a mirror. The color becomes a

right off the street to answer five

online and provides a link that you

with stretched canvas prints with

design in itself.

questions from this list (or come

can use on a tablet or email out.

no frame, and choose ones that

Get color swatches from a paint

up with your own):

Consider giving a small free gift or

are at least two inches in thickness.

or home repair store and match the

•W  hat was your first impression

discount on purchase after patients allows you to search art-

paint to your artwork and throw

fill out the survey so they feel their

work via genre, subject matter and

pillow color. This color could be

time is appreciated.

color, so choose an interior pop of

sprinkled throughout the interior,

color and keep that theme through-

perhaps on every other hallway

out the next choices as well.

wall, or on one or two walls in the

of the interior as you walked in? •W  hat about our interior design needs updating most? •D  o you like our current color scheme? •D  o you feel the artwork is up to date? • Is  the guest seating attractive and comfortable?

After you get the necessary feedback, go over the results with the whole team and the owner. Find

optical display area. You can also

out if anything about the interior

Throw pillows:

is not working on a functional level

have chosen an accent color for

and address those issues first, as

your interior, you can add pillows

they may be preventing you from

with more of that color through-

Once you

paint one wall in each exam room and restroom.


Real flowers are the

88 September 2017

Reed_Sept.indd 88

8/25/17 11:29 AM

It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to refresh and update the look of your practice. Paint, modern décor and better lighting are relatively small changes that will make your space worthy of a second look—and increased popularity. Accent wall color

Throw pillows

Themed displays Decals create visual interest

way to go, so it’s worth it to set aside

often look stronger in clusters of odd

While no one wants to spend the

get so that you can do it in stages,

a bi-weekly budget and ask your lo-

numbers in varied heights, so group

money to replace them when they

perhaps every year for the next

cal florist for a wholesale price and

three items to create an invisible tri-

are still fully functional it might be

three to five years. Commit to one

a stack of business cards so you can

angle with their varied heights.

time to bite that bullet. If you re-

big renovation and a couple of small

place some or all of the laminate on

ones each year. If you need help

help promote them. They will get

HIGHER COST Flooring: There

the fixtures, this can totally reinvent

making these decisions and finding

patients will use that card to place

are several

them. Also consider replacing any

the right vendors, hire a consultant

an order.The florist will notice and

great options. Consider carpet tiles

built-in lights with brighter LED

or an interior designer. Make sure

in all probability will become more

because they are easy to swap one

bulbs. Warmer looking light is very

their decisions feel correct for your

generous with price over

endless compliments, and many


out if it gets a coffee stain or worn

flattering on eyes and skin tones,

brand image and that the changes

Ask for arrangements that are

out before the others. has

but cool, almost bluish-white look-

don’t feel so modern that they could

clean, simple and very long lasting.

a great assortment. Carpet tiles are

ing LED lights make the colors in

look dated in a few years. Check out

Some orchids or calla lilies can be

also a great way to add a pop of color

frames pop out. The best combina-

what your favorite stores are doing

submerged underwater to last for

to the bottom of a window display

tion can be warm lights over areas

in your area and duplicate that with

weeks or longer.

or as a faux area rug. Many practic-

with mirrors and cool lighting pro-

your own spin on the designs.

es are going with modern options

jected on areas with frames. You can


such as ceramic tile, luxury vinyl

also play it safe and get neutral light-

Travis J. Reed is owner of

A few vases, small art prints, candle

tile (LVT), vinyl composition tile

ing that is in the middle between

Creative Visionary Inc., a

holders and other décor in your new

(VCT), hardwood or laminates.

warm and cool.

company that provides visual

shelf displays can tie in nicely and


These often look the

your practice’s space, make a list of

and special event production

draw attention to your frames. Props

most dated of anything in a practice.

what needs to be done and a bud-

services for the optical industry.

color added to some of your optical

When you are ready to refresh

merchandising, interior design

CVInc • 312.399.9091 • • September 2017 89

Reed_Sept.indd 89

8/25/17 11:29 AM

S o c i a l Me d i aA dv is or

Are You Making These Social Media Mistakes? Samantha Toth Having



tions and encourage your follow-


ers to comment. When you think

presence can be the difference

of an idea, find a way to reword

between stagnation and growth.

the post and turn it into a question

Your online and social media

or call your audience to action

presence creates a window into

with a photo challenge or a poll.

your business for current and potential patients to learn about your practice’s personality, quality and service. But building a

2. Just Posting About Business Social media provides you with an

strong presence requires multi-

opportunity to share the personal-

ple, ongoing tasks. From deter-

ity of your practice with patients.

mining your target audience and

A good rule of thumb for your

overall strategy to posting content

posting mix is to include10% pro-

every day and tracking engage-

motional, 70% about your practice

ment, it’s easy to make mistakes.

and 20% shared content or articles.

Here are three of the most com-

Try posting a staff spotlight once

and leave reviews. When a patient

Often, the measure of success is

mon faux pas and three relatively

a month to build the story and

posts a comment or review on

how many people are engaging

easy ways to fix them!

personality behind your brand.

your page, make sure to respond

with your brand both online and

Your online and social media presence creates a window into your business for current and potential patients to learn about your practice’s personality, quality and service.

in store. It is important to look at your metrics every month to determine if your current strategy and posting style are working. If you are not seeing an increase or successful level of engagement,

1. Not Being Social

Adding a fun fact about the person

in a timely manner. Even bad

While social media was initial-

whether it’s their favorite color or

reviews can turn good if you are

Social media is a very forgiv-

revisit your posting strategy.

ly created as a way for people to

most recent vacation is a great way

respectful and speak with your

ing platform, so don’t worry if

communicate with each other

to add even more personality to a

patient about their concerns.

you have made one or all of these

personally, it has grown into the

practice’s brand and help patients

perfect platform for businesses to

get to know you better.

talk to their consumers. One of the biggest mistakes a

3. Not Listening

practice makes when using social

One of the most beneficial areas

media is not writing and posting

of social media is the ability to

content that encourages followers

gain insight into your patient’s

to interact, reply or respond. The

opinions. Work with your staff to

most engaging posts ask ques-

encourage patients to go online

90 September 2017

Social Media Advisor_Sept17.indd 90

Measuring Success

mistakes. Understanding them and always working toward a bet-

After you’ve addressed these faux

ter online presence is an import-

pas, you need to determine if your

ant step in promoting continual

new approaches have worked.

growth of your practice.

Samantha Toth is the resident marketing rockstar for Innereactive Media, a full-service marketing company specializing in the optical industry, in Grand Rapids, MI. VCPN

8/24/17 4:14 PM

Think About Your Eyes

Because Life is Worth Seeing! Your sight is a gift. That’s the message of new Think About Your Eyes advertising. Millions of Americans

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©2017 All rights reserved. Think About Your Eyes® is a public awareness campaign focused on educating consumers on the importance of vision health.

Untitled-1 1 August Trade Ad-9x10.875.indd 1 57-0544 2017

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communication. Built for and enabled directly within RevolutionEHR, RevConnect simplifies delivery and tracking of patient reminders, recalls and messages via email and text message for RevolutionEHR users. RevConnect increases office efficiency while allowing patients to connect with the practice, resulting in more revenue, engagement and retention. 877.738.3471,,

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92 September 2017

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EyeCarePro, provider of websites, online marketing and practice growth solutions for eyecare professionals, has implemented security layers on all of its websites to protect from data breaches. By adding HTTP Secure, or https://, EyeCarePro now ensures its customers are using the best available technology. With HTTP Secure protocol, all communication and data transmission is encrypted between web server and browser, providing the highest level of security for practices and patients., 415.481.9008. VCPN

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New Marketing Technology Bulletin


In-Practice Marketing Automation: • COGNITIVE PRACTICE: Understand, Reason, Learn, Interact • MOBILE STRATEGY: Client Interaction, Attractive to Millennials • INFLUENCE PURCHASING: Offer Best In-Class Products & Services • MARKETING & AD TECHNOLOGIES: Draw Efficiencies, Better Customer Experience • BRAIN MARKETING: Connecting People, Process, Technology, Strategy • EXISTING DATA: Utilize & Implement Your Best Practices • VIDEO & IMAGE CONTENT: Wi-Fi Remotely Controlled & Activated *Based on approved credit & lease. $79/Month for 36 months - Includes hardware, access to software, library of images and videos plus access to 1 hour of free graphic design and video editing services per annual quarter

Scan with your phone to watch a video

22821 Silverbrook Center Dr. Suite 140 Sterling, VA 20166 | USA | 1-877-274-9300


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September 2017 93

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94 September 2017

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Classifieds_Sept2017.indd 95

September 2017 95

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Napoleon Scissorhands

The well-known French dictator embraced these corrective lenses designed in the shape of a classic cutting tool. Although first produced in Germany around 1750 by optician S.M. Hoffman, and then later in London when optician George Adams took out a patent on them in 1780, scissor spectacles became a popular accessory notably used by Napoleon Bonaparte to correct his myopia. His brother Jerome (who became King of Westphalia) owned a pair in ducat gold. Hung around the neck by a chain or cord and mounted on scissoring stems rather than temples, scissor spectacles could be used for either near or distance viewing. They were intended to be held from below, making it necessary to place the hand over the lower part of the face— the precursor to side-held hand frames. Later on, scissor spectacles, which were still sold in 1900, had no handle and were meant to be held by the pivot, with some having a suspension ring so they could still be worn around the neck. Courtesy of the British Optical Association Museum at the College of Optometrists,

96 September 2017

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17-105 @2017 Caleres, Inc. Via Spiga is the registered trademark of Caleres, Inc.


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