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Beyond adventure – Guiding and Scouting

Volunteers at German Protestant Kirchentag Every other year numerous VCP Guides and Scouts add a second neckerchief on top of their blue one: they work as volunteers at the German Protestant Kirchentag, a joyful Lay movement offering platforms for intensive discussions and forums for critical debates about present questions. For members of VCP working there as volunteers this is not only a dear tradition but a highly valued honour.

Adventures with a purpose Young Guides and Scouts want to experience as much as possible: by hiking, camping and participating in various other activities, they are gaining these experiences. They are attained through participation in their groups and on solo activities that can be done within Germany as well as internationally. Through their experiences, the young people get to know the world and contribute in the creation of a better one. It is the aim of Guiding and Scouting to help young people to become responsible citizens. For our members democracy and participation mean carrying out their own projects from beginning to end, discovering and trying out new things, understanding how they work and what effects they have. VCP offers them a secure environment to test their abilities, discover their strengths and assume responsibility.

Peace Light from Bethlehem Since 1993 each year during the Advent season Guides and Scouts distribute the peace light: This flame, set alight at Christ’s birthplace Bethlehem, spreads all over the world. The burning candles are signs of hope and peace for all people – regardless of their faith.

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Verband Christlicher Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder (VCP)

Beyond adventure – Guiding and Scouting

VCP | Our association Protestant girls and boys, women and men participate in, have fun with and work for „Verband Christlicher Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder” (VCP) – the Association of Christian Girl Guides and Boy Scouts. Our association is open to people of no or any other denomination, religion or belief. In VCP more than 47,000 children and young people participate in Guiding and Scouting and more than 5,000 volunteers commit their time, energy and dedication to the movement. Focus on the individual As a protestant Guide and Scout association, VCP conveys norms and values that enable children and young people to interact actively with their environment. Individuals are accepted and valued beyond measurable achievements and constraints. This enables them to develop self-awareness and a sense of responsibility. Small groups give the individual members security and comfort while at the same time encouraging the need for tolerance and respect. The cornerstones of our work are education for democracy, peace and justice as well as the conservation of nature by protecting it.

We are more than 40 million! Scouting and Guiding is an international community with more than 100 years of tradition. In 1907, Robert Baden-Powell started the Scout movement by inviting some 20 British boys of all social levels to a camp. Despite the traditional educational concepts of the time, the lieutenant-general had discovered during his military service that youngsters are very capable of solving tasks on their own and like to assume responsibility. Today more than 40 million young people in about 160 countries share and live B.P.’s – as he is known as in Scouting circles – concept of a peaceful global co-existence. National Guide and Scout organizations are united in two world organizations; these being the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) and the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). VCP through its membership in the „Pool of German Guide and Scout Associations” is a registered member of both world organizations.

Our national jamboree – a great event

A castle in the south – a campsite in the north VCP invites its members and guests to arrange their activities or join programmes at its two centres: At „Burg Rieneck” – a medieval castle in Bavaria – a committed team offers a variety of training and leisure activities from high ropes courses to impromptu theatre. The campsite in Großzerlang – close to Germany’s capital city Berlin – is situated on the shores of a big lake and surrounded by forests. This provides perfect conditions for adventure and outdoor experience as well as cultural activities and city tours.

Every four years some 5.000 VCP members from all over Germany invite their Guide and Scout friends from around the world to the association’s national jamboree. For ten days a gigantic tent city arises on an open field: The characteristic black tents can be seen from a distance and residents are intrigued by the cheerful co-existence. In 2010 the national jamboree focused on sustainability, participants contributed actively to improving the environment and dealt with various renewable energy options. Nearly all food consumed was locally grown and procured.

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