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VCCA 2017 Annual Report




VCCA 2017 Annual Report

MISSION VCCA advances the arts by providing a creative space in which our best national and international artists produce their finest literature, visual art and music.


VCCA 2017 Annual Report

CONTENTS Letter from the Executive Director


Mt. San Angelo


Fellows in Residence at Mt. San Angelo


Refreshing the Residence at Mt. San Angelo


Mt. San Angelo Events


Moulin à Nef


Fellows in Residence at Moulin à Nef


Moulin à Nef Events


Endowed Fellowships and their Recipients


Sponsored Fellowships and their Recipients


Gifts to the Annual Fund from Wavertree Donors


Gifts to the Annual Fund


Foundation and Government Support


Additional Support36 In-kind Gifts38 Legacy Society 


Remembering Frank Britt40 Fête Champêtre42 Governance46 Financial Snapshot


Cover photo by Fellow Oliver Caplan, composer.


Photo by Bernard Handzel

VCCA 2017 Annual Report

Letter from the Executive Director

Dear friends of VCCA, What an exciting year it has been! This annual report for Fiscal Year 2017 (FY2017) synthesizes, in stories, lists, and numbers, the life of the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (VCCA) at both of our locations: Mt. San Angelo in Amherst, Virginia, and the Moulin à Nef in Auvillar, France. As a stream of amazing writers, visual artists, and composers came through our gates, we took important steps forward as an organization, always in service of VCCA’s mission of providing “creative space.” I begin with a big thank you to everyone who helped to make my first year here such a pleasure, from Board members, led by President Billy Hunt, who welcomed Jack and me and introduced us to VCCA’s wide networks, and to my predecessors Suny Monk and Gregory Allgire Smith, who were generous with their time and reflections. I am also grateful to the Fellows, whose deep affection for VCCA is a steady wind in our sails, and to our amazing staff, in Virginia and in France, whose passion, skill, and sense of fun make light of hard work. I want to give special thanks to Sheila Gulley Pleasants, whose personal qualities of hospitality, caring, and competence pervade our culture and whose commitment, nearly thirty years strong, has shaped our program, here and internationally. Stepping in as Interim Executive Director for the summer of 2016, Sheila steered VCCA with skill and grace. FY2017 was a year of change and refreshment. Our Board of Directors committed early to doubling their annual gifts and to an ambitious event goal, building a solid base of financial support that inspired others. This increased revenue supported the “Refresh” of the Langhorne Residence in May of 2017 (page 15). Contributions were up 31% over budget, and we saw a budget surplus on June 30. After learning VCCA’s history and current practices, evaluating its operations and financial situation, and observing and working closely with the staff, I made several significant changes to the organizational structure. The overarching goals for this reorganization were to work more efficiently and effectively and to utilize the skills, talents, and experience of VCCA’s staff to advance our mission. Additionally, the reorganization provides structure for the support of our Board of Directors and their work, while positioning us for greater fundraising capacity.

Photo by Martirene Alcantara


VCCA 2017 Annual Report

VCCA has long presented opportunities for the public to experience the creative energy of its Fellows through Open Studios and other presentations. While engagement with the village is an expectation in Auvillar, it is voluntary in Virginia. In FY2017, we formalized relationships with several Virginia community partners to give structure to that activity. I am grateful to every Fellow who presented this year (page 16) and to the many others who expressed their willingness to do so. This expansion of our definition of “creative space” to include where art meets audiences, while remaining committed to quiet, uninterrupted time in the studio, is possible only because of the abundant goodwill among our Fellows. This year also brought new leadership to Sweet Briar College, on whose Mt. San Angelo (MSA) property VCCA has been housed since 1975. Since her introduction to the community in February 2017, President Meredith Woo has extolled the long partnership with VCCA and has advanced her goal of deeper engagement between the two organizations. This spirit of cooperation gives us confidence in our future at the MSA location. We are pleased to work with President Woo and her team in designing new ways for VCCA artists to teach, exhibit, perform and engage with the Sweet Briar community. In a world of increasing complexity, creativity is a crucial 21st century skill that humans need to thrive in daily life. Every day in the “creative space” at VCCA, Fellows are tapping into that deep wellspring. Their work encourages us all to see the world differently, to challenge assumptions, to seek new solutions, and to savor the beauty and wonder around us. The partnership between these insightful artists and those who support the creative process prevails throughout the pages of this report. Yours in gratitude,

Joy Peterson Heyrman Executive Director


VCCA 2017 Annual Report

Mt. San Angelo


VCCA 2017 Annual Report


he studios at Mt. San Angelo were crackling with creativity in Fiscal Year 2017. Artists, writers, and composers came from 37 states and 14 countries to find creative time and space to pursue their vision and bring new work into the world.

Over the course of the year we welcomed 399 Fellows: 238 writers, 131 visual artists, and 30 composers. We provided private studio space, a bedroom, and three prepared meals each day to each of these artists. Fellows knew that once they were in their studio, there would be no knock on the door to interrupt the flow of creative thought. With no interruption, thoughts could be finished, paragraphs refined, paintings resolved, and symphonies moved closer to completion. These hard-working Fellows also became part of a community of 25, each pursuing a personal vision, but all gathered together around the dinner table at night to share challenges, successes, personal insights, advice, and encouragement. The added benefit of a residency is this community and the personal and professional connections often extend beyond Mt. San Angelo. Lifelong friendships are made and creative synergy is generated. FY2017 saw the “Refresh” of the Fellows Residence. With Mt. San Angelo eerily empty of Fellows for three weeks, the total number of Fellows and artists days is a bit lower than usual, but May 2017 was a blur of carpenters and painters, furniture movers and carpet installers. We have a detailed report on the “Refresh” on page 15. In addition to the benefits of a residency, Fellows were offered the opportunity to interact with the local community. There were readings at Riverviews Artspace and at Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest, as well as class visits from Sweet Briar College students and an artist's talk at the Academy Center of the Arts in Lynchburg. Over 30 Fellows shared their work with the community and Sweet Briar College in FY2017. Fellows who opted to participate in this program were able to reach new audiences and share their work before returning to the sanctuary of the studio at Mt. San Angelo. Last year, VCCA also offered creative space internationally through its program at the Moulin à Nef in Southwest France (page 18) and through its partnerships with other artists communities. Through VCCA, 11 Fellows found their way to private studios in Austria, Germany, Ireland, and Malta. Likewise, five artists from our partner organizations found creative space here at VCCA. This international exchange provides a fresh perspective, not only for artists working in a new culture, but also for their colleagues who see their own culture through the eyes of these international artists. For almost 50 years, VCCA has stayed true to its crystal-clear mission: providing a creative space in which our best national and international artists produce their best work. It is a formula that has proven its success.

Sheila Gulley Pleasants David Garratt Deputy Director Resident Director


VCCA 2017 Annual Report

Fellows in Residence

Alex Arzt, Adamstown, Maryland Cynthia Atwood, New Marlborough, Massachusetts Veronika Atzwanger, Salzburg, Austria Miranda Austin, Brooklyn, New York Helène Aylon, New York, New York LaMar Barber, Detroit, Michigan Karen Bell, New York, New York Nelleke Beltjens, Roermond, The Netherlands Claire Bennett, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Barbara Bernstein, Amherst, Virginia Deliece Blanchard, Lynchburg, Virginia Lisa B. Boardwine, Grundy, Virginia Louise Bourne, Sedgwick, Maine Christa Bowden, Lexington, Virginia Sally Bowring, Richmond, Virginia Laurie Breen, Silver Spring, Maryland Laurie Krasny Brown, New York, New York Janet P. Bruce, Brookneal, Virginia Sally Brucker, Takoma Park, Maryland m(artha) Holloway Burgess, New York, New York Patrick Burns, Edgewater, New Jersey Agnes L. Carbrey, Lexington, Virginia Carolyn Case, Cockeyesville, Maryland Namwon Choi, Savannah, Georgia Andrea Cukier, New York, New York Luca De Gaetano, Dorchester, Massachusetts Regina DeLuise, Baltimore, Maryland Katharina Dietlinger, Oberviechtach, Bavaria, Germany Noah Doely, Cedar Falls, Iowa Marie Yoho Dorsey, Tierra Verde, Florida Ken Dubin, Fairfield, Iowa Sean Dudley, Arlington, Virginia Zoe Edgecomb, Charlottesville, Virginia Georgia Elrod, Brooklyn, New York Annie Farrar, Greenbelt, Maryland Jodi Ferrier, Washington, DC Colleen Fitzgerald, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts Kate Fleming, Arlington, Virginia Luis Flores, Baltimore, Maryland John H. Franklin, Princeton, New Jersey Stephanie L. Franks, New York, New York Stefan Giesbert Fromberger, Regensburg, Bayern, Germany

Mt. San Angelo


Joshua Baerwald, Tallahassee, Florida G. Douglas Barrett, Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany Hayes Biggs, Bronxville, New York Meredith Brammeier, San Luis Obispo, California Oliver Caplan, Medford, Massachusetts Vienna Carroll, New York, New York Andrea Clearfield, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Maggie Dubris, New York, New York Tevi Eber, New York, New York Randall Eng, New York, New York Peter Fahey, Berlin, Germany Jacob A. Greenberg, New York, New York J. Walter Hawkes, Long Island City, New York Joshua Hey, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Caroline Keys, Missoula, Montana Steven Landis, Greensboro, North Carolina Gregory Mertl, New Milford, Connecticut Eric Moe, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania E. Shawn Qaissaunee, Wilmington, Delaware Mats Reiniusson, Santa Fe, New Mexico Paul Reisler, Washington, Virginia Sid Richardson, Durham, North Carolina Michael Rose, Brooklyn, New York Andrew Rudin, Allentown, New Jersey Marc Satterwhite, Louisville, Kentucky Tony Solitro, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Suzanne Sorkin, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania Michael Valeanu, Brooklyn, New York Joelle Wallach, Bronx, New York Ann Warde, Ithaca, New York


Elizabeth Albert, Brooklyn, New York Martirene Alcantara, New York, New York Theresa Antonellis, Newton, Massachusetts Sylvester Antony, Wrodow, Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Germany


VCCA 2017 Annual Report


VCCA 2017 Annual Report

Fellows in Residence

Christopher McEvoy, Oswego, New York Jenny Lynn McNutt, Brooklyn, New York Kathleen McShane, Fayetteville, Texas Deb Mell, North Truro, Massachusetts Barbara Muth, Reston, Virginia Cushla Naegele, New York, New York Miriam Mรถrsel Nathan, Silver Spring, Maryland Eva Nikolova, New York, New York Karl Nussbaum, Brooklyn, New York Michelle Oosterbaan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Chanelle Aponte Pearson, Brooklyn, New York Vincent Pidone, Kingston, New York Maryam Rasoulian, Yulee, Florida Paul Rosenblatt, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Marcy Rosewater, Brooklyn, New York Ann Marie Rousseau, Newport Beach, California Tara Ruth, New York, New York Miran Sabic, Samobor, Zagrebacka Zupanija, Croatia Jane Sangerman, New York, New York Matthew Schembri, Valletta, Santa Venera, Malta Kenneth Schnall, Milford, New Jersey Molly Segal, Los Angeles, California Fern Seiden, Santa Fe, New Mexico Julie Shapiro, Monterey, Massachusetts Sonita Singwi, Brooklyn, New York Ana Sladetic, Samobor, Zagrebacka Zupanija, Croatia Jane Cornish Smith, Dallas, Texas Stephanie Snider, Brooklyn, New York Anne Stagg, Tallahassee, Florida Susan Stainman, Brooklyn, New York Eric Strauss, Brooklyn, New York Barbara Sullivan, Solon, Maine Azadeh Tajpour, Cambridge, Massachusetts Steve Taylor, Charlottesville, Virginia Krista Townsend, Charlottesville, Virginia Anthony Ulinski, Raleigh, North Carolina Felicia van Bork, Davidson, North Carolina April Vollmer, New York, New York Linda Wachtmeister, Scottsville, Virginia Georgia R. Wall, Queens, New York Kit Warren, Brooklyn, New York Lisa Warren, Sharon, Connecticut Barbara Weissberger, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Stephanie Williams, Washington, DC Alice Pixley Young, Cincinnati, Ohio Patricia Zalisko, Estero, Florida

Mt. San Angelo

Colleen Garibaldi, Washington, DC David Garratt, Amherst, Virginia Mira Gerard, Johnson City, Tennessee Kikki Ghezzi, Brooklyn, New York Janet M. Gorzegno, Hattiesburg, Mississippi Isabel Gouveia, Lake Worth, Florida Brad Greenwood, New York, New York Steve Griffin, Colonial Beach, Virginia Gwen Hardie, New York, New York Toru Hayashi, New York, New York Angela Heisch, Ridgewood, New York Stephen Hendee, Baltimore, Maryland Kristin Herzog, Estero, Florida Susan Hillyard, Santa Cruz, California Andrew Hladky, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Cheryl Hochberg, Kutztown, Pennsylvania Lisa Hochstein, Santa Cruz, California Tucker Hollingsworth, Minneapolis, Minnesota Bryant Holsenbeck, Durham, North Carolina John Humphries, Cincinnati, Ohio Hedieh Ilchi, Rockville, Maryland Anne Conway Jennings, Roanoke, Virginia Nina Jerome, Bangor, Maine Dan Jian, Columbus, Ohio Aaron Johnson, Brooklyn, New York Vesna Jovanovic, Chicago, Illinois Yukari Kaihori, Roseneath, Wellington, New Zealand Hoda Kashiha, Cambridge, Massachusetts John Kelly, New York, New York Leslie C. Kerby, Brooklyn, New York Paul Komada, Seattle, Washington Beth Krebs, Oakland, California Gwenessa Lam, Calgary, Alberta, Canada Laurie Lambrecht, Bridgehampton, New York Christina Laurel, Greenville, South Carolina June Lee, Seoul, South Korea Anya Liftig, Milford, Connecticut Nancy Manter, Brooklyn, New York Barbara Marks, Stony Creek, Connecticut


VCCA 2017 Annual Report


Lydia Conklin, Decatur, Georgia Leigh Anne Couch, Sewanee, Tennessee Darcy Courteau, Washington, DC Torrey Crim, Lake Oswego, Oregon Richard E. Cytowic, Washington, DC Raphael Dagold, Bishkek, Chuy, Kyrgyzstan Judith Dancoff, Los Angeles, California Kristina Marie Darling, Ballwin, Missouri Hayes Davis, Silver Spring, Maryland Teri Ellen Cross Davis, Silver Spring, Maryland Maurice Emerson Decaul, Providence, Rhode Island Jaquira Diaz, Gambier, Ohio Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson, Baltimore, Maryland Katy Didden, Muncie, Indiana Laura Donnelly, Oswego, New York Rebecca Donner, Brooklyn, New York Jeanne Dorsey, New York, New York Michael Downs, Baltimore, Maryland Carla Drysdale, Ornex, Ain, France Valerie Duff, Belmont, Massachusetts Olivia Dunn, Albany, New York Anna Margaret Evans, Hainesport, New Jersey Christine Evans, Washington, DC Andrea Fekete, Charleston, West Virginia Liberty Ferda, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Charles Adès Fishman, Patchogue, New York Mark Fitzgerald, Oakton, Virginia Jon Ford, New York, New York Robert Long Foreman, Providence, Rhode Island Janice Moore Fuller, Salisbury, North Carolina Laura Gabel-Hartman, Brookline, Massachusetts Amy Gadney, London, United Kingdom Debra Galant, Glen Ridge, New Jersey Megan Galbraith, Valley Falls, New York Shamala Gallagher, Athens, Georgia Molly Gallentine, Jersey City, New Jersey Catherine Gammon, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Clifford Garstang, Staunton, Virginia Adam Giannelli, Shaker Heights, Ohio Jules Gibbs, Syracuse, New York Alicia Googins, Cambridge, Massachusetts Charles Graeber, Brooklyn, New York Elizabeth Greenwood, Brooklyn, New York Lauren Halloran, Boston, Massachusetts Elizabeth Logan Harris, Brooklyn, New York Ken Hart, Long Valley, New Jersey

Deborah B. Ager, Hyattsville, Maryland Michael Agresta, Austin, Texas Nawaaz Ahmed, Brooklyn, New York Mike Alberti, Minneapolis, Minnesota Ambarien Alqadar, Rochester, New York Karen Leona Anderson, Saint Inigoes, Maryland James Arthur, Baltimore, Maryland Kate Axelrod, Brooklyn, New York Susan McGee Bailey, Wellesley, Massachusetts Matthew Baker, Grand Rapids, Michigan Christopher Bakken, Meadville, Pennsylvania JoAnn Balingit, Newark, Delaware Frances Bartkowski, Montclair, New Jersey Kevin Basl, Brockway, Pennsylvania Cris Beam, New York, New York Steve Bellin-Oka, Portales, New Mexico Helen Benedict, New York, New York Thomas Bennitt, Lincoln, Nebraska Susan Bernstein, Madison, Wisconsin Wendy Bilen, Hyattsville, Maryland Natalia Bilotserkivets, Kyiv, Ukraine Sarah Blakley-Cartwright, Brooklyn, New York Adrian Blevins, East Winthrop, Maine Tom Bligh, Frederick, Maryland Julie E. Bloemeke, Alpharetta, Georgia Charlie Bondhus, Bridgewater, New Jersey Amy Bonnaffons, Athens, Georgia Wendy Brandmark, London, United Kingdom Kimberly Brooks, Chicago, Illinois Laura Browder, Richmond, Virginia Sarah Browning, Washington, DC Heather Bryant, Sunnyside, New York Maria Rose Burgio, Poughkeepsie, New York Colleen Morton Busch, Berkeley, California Keisha Bush, New York, New York Joshua R. Butts, Columbus, Ohio Ellen Prentiss Campbell, Washington, DC Dana Cann, Bethesda, Maryland Rachel Cantor, Brooklyn, New York Anne M. Carley, Charlottesville, Virginia Jessie Chaffee, New York, New York Kim Church, Raleigh, North Carolina Carin Clevidence, Northampton, Massachusetts Mary Frances Coady, Toronto, Ontario, Canada Alice Eve Cohen, New York, New York


VCCA 2017 Annual Report

Fellows in Residence

Lulu Miller, Charlottesville, Virginia Valerie Miner, San Francisco, California Craig Mod, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan Mihaela Moscaliuc, Ocean, New Jersey Lauren Moseley, Durham, North Carolina Ari Moskowitz, San Francisco, California N. West Moss, West Milford, New Jersey Katie Moulton, Oakland, California Jon Mozes, Chapel Hill, North Carolina Lisa Mullenneaux, New York, New York Madeleine Mysko, Towson, Maryland Clare Needham, Brooklyn, New York Greta Nettleton, Palisades, New York Milena Nigam, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Melody Nixon, Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany Ngwah-Mbo Nana Nkweti, Iowa City, Iowa Randon Billings Noble, Washington, DC Stephen O’Connor, New York, New York Carolyn Ogburn, Marshall, North Carolina Doreen Oliver, Maplewood, New Jersey Shelly Oria, Brooklyn, New York Jacqueline Osherow, Salt Lake City, Utah Alan Michael Parker, Davidson, North Carolina Jennifer Pashley, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Lara E. Payne, Brentwood, Maryland Peter Pazmino, Chester Gap, Virginia Richard Peabody, Arlington, Virginia Gary Eldon Peter, St. Paul, Minnesota Steven Petrow, Hillsborough, North Carolina Julia Phillips, Brooklyn, New York Tom Piazza, New Orleans, Louisiana Judith Podell, Washington, DC Bella Pollen, London, United Kingdom Joanne Pottlitzer, New York, New York Elizabeth Primamore, Jackson Heights, New York Katrina Prow, Santa Maria, California Kirstin Valdez Quade, Decatur, Georgia Peter Ramos, Amherst, New York Anne Ray, Brooklyn, New York Monica Regan, San Francisco, California Molly Reid, Cincinnati, Ohio Rebekah Remington, Catonsville, Maryland Jeannette Rogers, Raleigh, North Carolina Jennifer Rose, Waltham, Massachusetts Lucy Rosenthal, New York, New York Sarah E. Roth, Washington, DC

Mt. San Angelo

Jody Hobbs Hesler, Charlottesville, Virginia Lauren Hilger, Hoboken, New Jersey John M. Hill, Moorestown, New Jersey Katherine Hill, Brooklyn, New York Lily Hoang, Las Cruces, New Mexico Susan Thornton Hobby, Ellicott City, Maryland Amy Hoffman, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts Jacob Hostetter, Stafford, Virginia Margaret B. Ingraham, Alexandria, Virginia E. Dolores Johnson, Cambridge, Massachusetts Cori Jones, Whitehouse, New Jersey Ammi Keller, Oakland, California Angela Kelly, Spartanburg, South Carolina Nancy Kern, Ridgewood, New Jersey John Kessel, Raleigh, North Carolina Colleen Kinder, Brooklyn, New York Dawn King, London, United Kingdom Roger King, Leverett, Massachusetts Burcu G. Koray, Istanbul, Turkey Sarah LaBrie, Los Angeles, California Krystal Languell, Brooklyn, New York Chin-Sun Lee, New Orleans, Louisiana Chris Leslie-Hynan, Brooklyn, New York Kathryn Levy, Sag Harbor, New York David R. Lincoln, Brooklyn, New York Odie Lindsey, Nashville, Tennessee Mimi Lipson, New York, New York Joanna Luloff, Denver, Colorado Alexander Lumans, Denver, Colorado Jennifer Lunden, Portland, Maine Beth Macy, Roanoke, Virginia Kristen-Paige Madonia, Charlottesville, Virginia James Magruder, Baltimore, Maryland Lucas Mann, Providence, Rhode Island Julie McKee, New York, New York Maureen N. McLane, New York, New York Kate McQuade, Andover, Massachusetts Aaron Miller, New York, New York Andrew H. Miller, New York, New York


VCCA 2017 Annual Report

Tammy Ryan, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Abby Santamaria, New York, New York Eric Sasson, Brooklyn, New York Annita Sawyer, North Branford, Connecticut BĂĄrbara Selfridge, Oakland, California Anna Sequoia, Glen Cove, New York Emily Jean Serna, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ruth Knafo Setton, Allentown, Pennsylvania Kristina Shevory, Austin, Texas Gary Short, Panajachel, Guatemala Taije Silverman, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Mike Sinert, Needham, Massachusetts Carlos Sirah, Providence, Rhode Island Paul Skenazy, Santa Cruz, California Karen Skolfield, Amherst, Massachusetts Julia Ridley Smith, Greensboro, North Carolina Peter Snoad, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts Margo Solod, Lexington, Virginia Sandy Solomon, Nashville, Tennessee Danielle Sosin, Duluth, Minnesota Lucas Southworth, Baltimore, Maryland Laura Spence-Ash, Princeton, New Jersey Diana Sperrazza, New York, New York Julie Steinbacher, Raleigh, North Carolina Susan Steinberg, San Francisco, California Hilary Jerrill Steinitz, Charlottesville, Virginia Caitlin Saylor Stephens, Brooklyn, New York Maud Streep, Brooklyn, New York Michele Maria Surat, Richmond, Virginia Terese Svoboda, Greenport, New York Kelley Swain, Westerly, Rhode Island Devin Symons, Washington, DC Jennifer Tang, Forest Hills, New York Stephen Tapscott, Cambridge, Massachusetts Alice Templeton, Berkeley, California Karla Theilen, Missoula, Montana D. J. Thielke, Houston, Texas Kayla Thomas, Bloomington, Indiana Sheree RenĂŠe Thomas, Memphis, Tennessee Anthony Tognazzini, Brooklyn, New York Martha Anne Toll, Chevy Chase, Maryland Nicole Tong, Fairfax, Virginia Ken Urban, New York, New York Gale R. Walden, Urbana, Illinois Michael Waters, Ocean, New Jersey Hilde Weisert, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Luke Whisnant, Raleigh, North Carolina Michael D. White, Wilmington, North Carolina Sally Whitney, Millersville, Maryland Allison Wilkins, Meadville, Pennsylvania Sarah Ann Winn, Manassas, Virginia K J Wolf, Stevenson, Maryland Ryan Lee Wong, Brooklyn, New York Clare Wu, Silver Spring, Maryland Rolf Yngve, Coronado, California Mako Yoshikawa, Cambridge, Massachusetts Andrea Young, New Orleans, Louisiana Jung Yun, Baltimore, Maryland Hananah Zaheer, Durham, North Carolina Virginia Zech, Missoula, Montana Nora Zelevansky, Brooklyn, New York Mary Kay Zuravleff, Washington, DC


VCCA 2017 Annual Report


VCCA 2017 Annual Report

Refreshing the Residence

VCCA friends pitch in to update the Elizabeth Coles Langhorne Residence


uilt in 1980, the Elizabeth Coles Langhorne Residence for Fellows has served as the main housing facility at VCCA for the past 27 years. It is a place of comfort and retreat with views of the Blue Ridge Mountain foothills. It is also a place of gathering, whether in the dining room, around the fireplace in the living room, or amongst the books in a library rich with surprises.

to meet a grueling project schedule, to Marc and Matt Schewel of Schewel Furniture Company for their personal commitment and in-kind support, to Lucy Leake of Williams and Sherrill in Richmond for her discerning eye, and to our stalwart corps of volunteers who helped with the finishing touches.


Like every well-used facility, the Langhorne Residence has seen significant wear and tear. This year, new Executive Director Joy Peterson Heyrman drew attention to the need to invest in our facility, starting with the Residence that is at the center of the Fellow experience. Led by VCCA's Board of Directors doubling their annual gifts and a major anonymous contribution, VCCA Fellows and friends came together to support the "Refresh." Any change to our nearly year-round schedule and 95% occupancy rate requires careful advance planning. We closed for the month of May for a whirlwind of activity, starting with the removal of 24 failing sliding glass doors, old carpeting, lighting, and furniture and the demolition of aging balconies. A new layer of subflooring was installed to stabilize the structure, walls and ceilings were repaired and prepped, and new balconies were constructed. In the final weeks, once painting was complete, new light fixtures, curtains, and furniture were installed in the bedrooms and sound-absorbent panels and curtains went up in the dining room. As the allotted time wound down over the Memorial Day weekend, VCCA staff put their final, caring touch on the "Refresh," sorting books and reinstalling art in each bedroom and in the public spaces. We are grateful to everyone who supported this exciting project. Special appreciation goes to Tom Gerdy of Gerdy Construction in Lynchburg for steering the ship and assembling a dream team of associates and sub-contractors

Begun: May 6, 2017 Completed: May 31, 2017 Bedrooms and Hallways • subfloors repaired • carpets replaced • walls painted • balconies rebuilt • sliding glass doors replaced • new LED lighting installed • bathrooms repaired and fixtures replaced • new bedroom furniture including extra-long beds Dining Room • sliding glass doors replaced • noise-reducing acoustic panels installed • new window treatments and paint Library • books sorted and organized • new art hung

SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR VOLUNTEERS Nancy Gray, Hilary Jenkins, Craig Pleasants, and Jean Stewart


VCCA 2017 Annual Report

Mt. San Angelo Events All events took place in Amherst, VA unless otherwise noted

July 17, 2016 Open Studios at Mt. San Angelo August 20, 2016 Sweet Briar College Orientation Lauren Hilger, Lydia Conklin, Lauren Halloran September 16, 2016 Sweet Briar College, Music seminar Douglas Barrett September 2016 Fellows Reunion New York, NY October 17, 2016 Reading at Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest, Forest,Virginia Stephen O'Connor October 18, 2016 Sweet Briar College, IARTS class Rachel Cantor, Katharina Dietlinger October 20, 2016 Medford Taylor's Sweet Briar College digital photo class shoot at VCCA October 23, 2016 Open Studios at Mt. San Angelo

November 5, 2016 George Mason University class with Edgar Endress Katharina Dietlinger November 9, 2016 Sweet Briar College, IARTS class Debbie Galant, Martirene Alcantara December 1, 2016 Sheila Pleasants presentation to Sweet Briar College Introduction to Arts Management class January 20, 2017 Musical Performance and Reading at Focus Contemporary Art/Victory Theatre, Scottsville,Virginia Caroline Keys and Karla Theilen Feb. 9, 2017 Take 5 Fellows Gathering AWP Conference Washington, DC February 23, 2017 Lunch talk with GLOW Sweet Briar College Steven Petrow March 15, 2017 Reading at Riverviews Artspace Lynchburg,Virginia Chin-Sun Lee, Megan Galbraith March 4, 2017 Artist Talk at the Academy Center of the Arts, Lynchburg,Virginia Jenny Lynn McNutt

October 26, 2017 Sweet Briar College, Studio art seminar Maryam Rassouliam

March 29, 2017 Open Studios at Mt. San Angelo

November 2, 2016 Sweet Briar College, IARTS class Eric Sasson, Julie Shapiro

March 1, 2017 Sweet Briar College, IARTS class Dan Jian, John Hill


March 23, 2017 Sweet Briar College art class Deb Mell March 27, 2017 Sweet Briar College art history class Laurie Lambrecht March 30, 2017 Medford Taylor's Sweet Briar College digital photo class shoot at VCCA April 17, 2017 Medford Taylor's Sweet Briar College digital photo class Karen Bell April 19, 2017 Sweet Briar College, IARTS class Nina Jerome, Valerie Miner April 20, 2017 Sweet Briar College and VCCA Board of Directors met at VCCA for open studios, tour, and reception April 29, 2017 FĂŞte ChampĂŞtre: Annual Gala Mt. San Angelo June 4, 2017 Dante Alighieri Society: Open Studios/ Musical performance at Residence June 8, 2017 Reading at Riverviews Artspace, Lynchburg,Virginia Odie Lindsey June 21, 2017 BLUR Summer Institute Sweet Briar College Kikki Ghezzi, Andrew Rudin, Stephanie Snider, Carolyn Case

VCCA 2017 Annual Report


VCCA 2017 Annual Report

Moulin à Nef

VCCA’s Moulin à Nef Studio Center is an exquisite jewel. In my attempt to pinpoint what it is about VCCA’s France residency experience that makes it stand out from any other, the proverb "It takes a village to raise a child" comes to mind. Le Moulin à Nef is located in the village of Auvillar, a community of approximately 1,000 yearround residents. Integration and participation in the community have always been an important to those participating in VCCA’s programming in Auvillar. Fellows who come to le Moulin à Nef, and other program participants, are asked to consider some kind of involvement with the community, either by participating in scheduled events to which guests are invited or by interacting with villagers in some way. How does this affect a residency experience? A feeling of acceptance and welcome can be sensed almost immediately upon arrival. People are friendly, they nod and offer a "bonjour", and are willing to chat or help out when needed, regardless of language. Doors are opened; opportunities for job shadowing offered, stories shared, questions about North American life asked, and friendships developed over coffee or sometimes a meal. Perhaps we can say "It takes a village to create an unforgettable and unique experience.” VCCA officially opened its doors to Fellows in 2005 with 12 Fellows in residence. In 2017 we hosted 120 visual artists, writers and composers; 35 of those were Fellows in residence. Summer abroad programs included the James Madison University painting program led by VCCA Fellow Agnes Carbrey and the Yale Summer Session travel writing program led by VCCA Fellow Colleen Kinder. Marilyn Kallet led her annual “O Taste and See” poetry workshop in tandem with Sara Taber’s “French Vistas” creative nonfiction writing workshop, followed by the annual Etchings Festival of Contemporary Music, a partnership between VCCA and ECCE, led by Director and VCCA Fellow John Aylward. Other highlights from the season include: • “De l’enveloppe à la silhouette”, an exhibit of several community projects developed by Fellows Linda Schrank (New York, NY) and Cheryl Fortier (Vancouver, Canada, and Auvillar), with artists from the Henri Cros studio near Auvillar and artists from the Alternatives Creation Studio in Vancouver. • The annual meeting and community dinner in October, 2016, when over 60 friends and members of the French nonprofit VCCA France gathered to celebrate the season. VCCA’s board president William Hunt and his wife Archer were also in attendance, along with Executive Director Joy Peterson Heyrman, Deputy Director Sheila Gulley Pleasants, and the four Fellows in residence. The literature, music, and visual art produced at the Moulin à Nef is considerable, and this work is no doubt influenced by the beautiful village and its welcoming inhabitants. It takes a village to make this experience unique. We are grateful for VCCA’s place in this beautiful corner of France. Amitiés, Cheryl Fortier, Resident Director


VCCA 2017 Annual Report

Photo by Bernard Handzel


VCCA 2017 Annual Report

Fellows in Residence


Moulin Ă Nef

A late spring writing workshop with emphasis on poetry’s ability to awaken and inscribe sensory joys. Led by Marilyn Kallet Ashley Baker, Maryville, Tennessee Deborah Bono, Westport, Connecticut William Cole, Hardwick, Massachusetts Diana Engel, High Point, North Carolina Matthew LA Gilbert, Johnson City, Tennessee Christine Greene, Hardwick, Massachusetts Emme Marshall, Knoxville, Tennessee Sara E. Melton, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Helen Benedict, New York, New York Elizabeth Bradford, Davidson, North Carolina Laura Catherine Brown, New York, New York Keisha Bush, New York, New York Jamie Cat Callan, Valatie, New York Meredith Mileti Cohen, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Neverne K. Covington, Saint Petersburg, Florida Paige E. Critcher, Amherst, Virginia Kristina Marie Darling, Ballwin, Missouri Cai Emmons, Eugene, Oregon Meighan Gale, Brooklyn, New York Susan Gubernat, Oakland, California Roger King, Leverett, Massachusetts Linda Laino, Laredo, Texas Katherine Reynolds Lewis, Potomac, Maryland Terri Lindbloom, Tallahassee, Florida Debra Marquart, Ames, Iowa Christopher McEvoy, Oswego, New York Joan Michelson, London, United Kingdom Nancy Mooslin, Los Angeles, California Barbara Morris, Forest Knolls, California Sandell Morse, York, Maine Stephen O'Connor, New York, New York Kathleen R. O'Toole, Takoma Park, Maryland Tim Peck, Pomfret, Connecticut Christopher Preissing, Chicago, Illinois Tom Rice, Kalamazoo, Michigan Jeffrey Roberts, East Hampton, New Hampshire Linda Schrank, New York, New York Faye-Ellen Silverman, New York, New York Claudia Smigrod, Alexandria, Virginia Sandy Solomon, Nashville, Tennessee Bruce Ward, New York, New York Susan Wicks, Kent, United Kingdom K J Wolf, Stevenson, Maryland


JULY 2016 AND JUNE/JULY 2017 Annual contemporary music festival in Auvillar, France. Directed by John Aylward. Guest Composers Raphael Cendo Toshio Hosokawa Philippe Leroux Noriko Muira Yehudi Wyner Guest Choreographer Colin Gee Participants Amanda Bono, Quakertown, Pennsylvia Brandon Chang, West Linn, Oregon Yu-Hsin Chang, Davis, California Tai-Kuang Chao, Urbana, Illinois Christine Elise Chen, Somerville, Massachusetts Yohanan Chendler, Somerville, Massachusetts Joshua Clausen, Minneapolis, Minnesota Richard Drehoff, Jr., Baltimore, Maryland Misaki Goto, Yokohama, Japan Leo Hardman-Hill, Ridgewood, New York Heather Hindman, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Yao Chung Huang, New Taipei City, Taiwan Zhuosheng Jin, Boston, Massachusetts Todd Kitchen, Arlington, Massachusetts Karan Lee, Long Island City, New York Ralph Lewis, Urbana, Illinois Kenneth Lim, Los Angeles, California


VCCA 2017 Annual Report

International Fellows

Shih-Wei Lo, New York, New York Andrew V. Ly, Jersey City, New Jersey Jessica Meyer, Bronx, New York Adriel Miles, Shelburne, Vermont Ioannis Mitsialis, San Diego, California Kaito Nakahori, New York, New York SuNew Yorkeong Pak, Urbana, Illinois Jacqueline Savageau, Worcester, Massachusetts Claudia Jane Scroccaro, Rome, Italy Matthew Simon, New Rochelle, New York Thomas Vacanti, Worthington, Massachusetts Niels Verosky, San Francisco, California Max Wanderman, Minnetonka, Minnesota Shunyin Wang, Shanghai, China Chris Williams, Washington, DC


Anne Glusker, Takoma Park, Maryland Anthony Hawley, Lincoln, Nebraska


Jeffrey Martin, San Francisco, California


Frances Lerner, El Cerrito, California


A Creative Nonfiction Workshop in Auvillar, one of France’s Most Beautiful Villages in the South of France. Led by Sara Taber


Wendy Brandmark, London, United Kingdom Melora Griffis, New York, New York Adam J. Grossi, Chicago, Illinois Jac Jemc, Chicago, Illinois Yukari Kaihori, Roseneath, Wellington, New Zealand Deirdra McAfee, Richmond, Virginia Anne Polashenski, Brooklyn, New York Andrew Watts, New Freedom, Pennsylvania

Devra Adelstein, Cleveland Heights, Ohio Rosemary Carlin, Olney, Maryland Barbara Kazdan, Silver Spring, Maryland Catherine Hiebert Kerst, Silver Spring, Maryland Annette Leavy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvia Jack Muraskin, Philadelphia, Pennsylvia Judith Pitlick, Shaker Heights, Ohio


James Madison University Office of International Programs, Harrisonburg, Virginia Western Washington University, Bellingham, Washington

Michelle Spark at work in her studio.


VCCA 2017 Annual Report

Moulin à Nef Events

July 9-10, 2016 Concerts, Etchings Festival of Contemporary Music July 27, 2016 Workshops Linda Laino, Thomas Rice, Debra Marquart October 1, 2016 Association of VCCA France Annual Meeting/Dinner, Salle des Fêtes October 10, 2016 Poetry Reading by Joan Michelson October 19, 2016 Poetry Reading by Susan Gubernat and Susan Wicks November 14, 2016 Reading by Kristina Marie Darling December 9, 2016 Presentation by Christopher McEvoy April 26, 2017 Exhibition La Cebo au Moulin à Nef May 20, 2017 Presentation by Bernard Won May 28, 2017 James Madison University Student Exhibition at La Cebo June 2-9, 2017 Exhibition: "From the Envelope to the Silhouette" June 11, 2017 "O Taste and See" poetry presentation by Marilyn Kallet June 30, 2017 Dance and Contemporary Music at Galerie ARK Contemporary Art Center in Auvillar


VCCA 2017 Annual Report

Composer Eric Moe and Barbara Weissberger during their fall residency. (Photo by Fellow Bonnie ZoBell) Etchings Festival dance/movement participants with choreographer Colin Gee and ECCE ensemble members after their presentation at ARK Contemporary Art Center in Auvillar.

Bill Dunlap in his studio.

Fellow Lynda Reeves McIntyre with one of the many watercolors that she produced while in residence.

An Etchings concert, conductor Jean-Philippe Wurtz with some of the ECCE emsemble, in La Chapelle Ste Catherine in the port just down the street from le Moulin Ă Nef.


VCCA 2017 Annual Report

Endowed Fellowships and their Recipients


Established in 2004 by VCCA Fellow and former Board Member Alonzo Davis to support writers, visual artists and composers who are American citizens of African and/or Latinx descent

LaMar Barber, Detroit, Michigan Chanelle Aponte Pearson, Brooklyn, New York


Established in 1988 in memory of former VCCA Board President Jane Camp by her family and the J.L. Camp Foundation


Michael Agresta, Austin, Texas Natalia Bilotserkivets, Kyiv, Ukraine Lydia Conklin, Decatur, Georgia Robert Long Foreman, Providence, Rhode Island Joshua Hey, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Jacob Hostette, Stafford, Virginia Chris Leslie-Hynan, Brooklyn, New York Jon Mozes, Chapel Hill, North Carolina E. Shawn Qaissaunee, Wilmington, Delaware Michael Rose, Brooklyn, New York

Established in 2013 by VCCA Fellow Mary D. Edwards in honor of Sarah Stanley Gordon Edwards and Archibald Cason Edwards to support women painters with preference given to Native American painters Colleen Garibaldi, Washington, DC


Established in 2012 by VCCA Fellow Rachel Hadas in memory of her husband, Fellow George Edwards, and awarded annually in rotation to a composer, writer or visual artist


Jacqueline Osherow, Salt Lake City, Utah

Established in 2003 to support writers, visual artists and composers with preference given to teachers and alumnae of the Columbus School for Girls, Columbus, Ohio


Established in 2000 through The Aida Goldfarb Art Law Library Fund by Fellow and former Board Member Ronald Goldfarb, to support a creative non-fiction writer

Mike Alberti, Poughkeepsie, New York Vienna Carroll, New York, New York Peter Fahey, Berlin, Germany Angela Heisch, Ridgewood, New York Paul Komada, Seattle, Washington Katie Moulton, Oakland, California Devin Symons,Washington, DC Jung Yun, Baltimore, Maryland

Mako Yoshikawa, Cambridge, Massachusetts


Established in 2005 by Frances S. Heiner of Lynchburg, Virginia, to honor her sons


Anne Conway Jennings, Roanoke, Virginia


Keisha Bush, New York, New York Tim Peck, Pomfret, Connecticut Christopher Preissing, Chicago, Illinois Jeffrey Roberts, East Hampton, New Hampshire Claudia Smigrod, Alexandria, Virginia Susan Wicks, Kent, United Kingdom K J Wolf, Stevenson, Maryland

Established in 2003 to support artists over 65 years of age Joanne Pottlitzer, New York, New York


VCCA 2017 Annual Report


Established in 2013 through a bequest of Bethea Scott Owen Gwenessa Lam, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

POOLED ENDOWMENT FOR FELLOWSHIPS 2017 fellowships were awarded for the following:

Honoring Quita Broadhead John Kelly, New York, New York Miran Sabic, Samobor, Zagrebacka Zupanija,Croatia Ana Sladetic, Samobor, Zagrebacka Zupanija,Croatia Honoring Elizabeth G. Schneider Jacob A. Greenberg, New York, New York Caitlin Saylor Stephens, Brooklyn, New York Honoring Elizabeth B. Sully m(artha) Halloway Burgess, New York, New York Honoring Harold B. Whiteman, Jr. Isabel Gouveia, Lake Worth, Florida


Established in 2007 through the bequest of VCCA Board Member Bill Sackett Noah Doely, Cedar Falls, Iowa


Established in 2006 in memory of VCCA Fellow and Board Member Karen Shea and later in memory of her husband, developer and arts supporter Gabe Silverman Azadeh Tajpour, Cambridge, Massachusetts


VCCA 2017 Annual Report

Sponsored Fellowships and their Recipients

RICHARD AND CAROLINE T. GWATHMEY MEMORIAL TRUST Supporting residencies for Virginia artists

Deliece Blanchard, Lynchburg, Virginia Lisa B. Boardwine, Grundy, Virginia Laura Browder, Richmond, Virginia Janet P. Bruce, Brookneal, Virginia Anne M. Carley, Charlottesville, Virginia Sean Dudley, Arlington, Virginia Mark Fitzgerald, Oakton, Virginia David Garratt, Amherst, Virginia Clifford Garstang, Staunton, Virginia Steve Griffin, Colonial Beach, Virginia Kristin Herzog, Fairfax, Virginia Jody Hobbs Hesler, Charlottesville, Virginia Jacob Hostetter, Stafford, Virginia Barbara Muth, Reston, Virginia Kristen-Paige Madonia, Charlottesville, Virginia Peter Pazmino, Chester Gap, Virginia Margo Solod, Lexington, Virginia Steve Taylor, Charlottesville, Virginia Nicole Tong, Fairfax, Virginia

THE BAMA WORKS FUND OF DAVE MATTHEWS BAND IN THE CHARLOTTESVILLE AREA COMMUNITY FOUNDATION Supporting residencies for artists from the greater Charlottesville area

Zoe Edgecomb, Charlottesville, Virginia Jody Hobbs Hesler, Charlottesville, Virginia Lulu Miller, Charlottesville, Virginia Hilary Jerrill Steinitz, Charlottesville, Virginia Steve Taylor, Charlottesville, Virginia


Supporting fellowships for artists from the greater Charlottesville area Zoe Edgecomb, Charlottesville, Virginia Clifford Garstang, Staunton, Virginia Jody Hobbs Hesler, Charlottesville, Virginia Lulu Miller, Charlottesville, Virginia Steve Taylor, Charlottesville, Virginia Hilary Jerrill Steinitz, Charlottesville, Virginia


Supporting an annual fellowship for an artist from Montana Karla Theilen, Missoula, Montana


Supporting fellowships for faculty and alumni and funded through the L.E.A.W. Foundation at the Maryland Institute College of Art

THE HARRY D. FORSYTH FOUNDATION Supporting fellowships for Sweet Briar College alumnae

Stephen Hendee, Baltimore, Maryland

Maryam Rasoulian,Yulee, Florida


Funding fellowships for artists from the Mid Atlantic Region Ambarien Alqadar, Rochester, New York James Arthur, Baltimore, Maryland Miranda Austin, Brooklyn, New York JoAnn Balingit, Newark, Delaware Andrea Fekete, Charleston, West Virginia Hedieh Ilchi, Rockville, Maryland Shelly Oria, Brooklyn, New York Joelle Wallach, Bronx, New York


VCCA 2017 Annual Report


Collateral Reparations: Military Veterans and the Healing Power of Artists Residencies Maurice Emerson Decaul, Providence, Rhode Island Odie Lindsey, Nashville, Tennessee Vincent Pidone, Kingston, New York Kristina Shevory, Austin, Texas


Annual two-week fellowship open to applicants working in all genres (writers, visual artists, and/or composers) self-identifying as LGBTQ Cris Beam, New York, New York


Jacob Hostetter, Stanford, Virginia Sarah Ann Winn, Manassas, Virginia


VCCA 2017 Annual Report

VCCA Annual Fund Fiscal Year 2017

The Annual Fund is the single most important component of VCCA’s fundraising efforts, directly supporting residencies for over 400 writers, visual artists and composers annually at Mt. San Angelo in Amherst, Virginia and the Moulin à Nef in southwest France. We are grateful for these gifts received between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017. WAVERTREE PARTNER $25,000 to $49,000

Anonymous L.E.A.W. Family Foundation, Inc.

WAVERTREE BENEFACTOR $10,000 to $24,000

Anonymous Marie G. Dennett Foundation, Inc., Ann and Rick Ramsey Herndon Foundation Thomas Y. Hiner Marc Schewel The Cynthia R. Tremblay Foundation, Inc.

WAVERTREE PATRON $5,000 to $9,000

Anonymous Melanie Christian Elizabeth Logan Harris Margaret B. Ingraham Martee and Charles Johnson Kenneth H. Jones Sandell Morse Sarah Perkins Smither Alice Templeton Carole and Marcus Weinstein Sheila and R. Ted Weschler Wonder Fund of the Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia

Copper Beech, woodcut by VCCA Fellow Jacques Hnizdovsky


VCCA 2017 Annual Report

WAVERTREE SUSTAINER $2,500 to $4,999

Anonymous Laura and George Bilicic Page and Sanford Bond Harry and Jeanie Burn Eva and Calvert de Coligny Fund of Foundation for Roanoke Valley Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Fowlkes II Quinn F. and Scott A. Graeff Janice and Pinkney Herbert Joy and Jack Heyrman Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hunt, Jr. Alieda and Adrian Keevil

McKinnon and Harris Mr. and Mrs. William M. Massie, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Alexander McIver Winstead MCM Foundation Tatem Webb Read Alex Nyerges and Kathryn Gray Steven Petrow Sue and Bob Satterfield

WAVERTREE SUPPORTER $1,000 to $2,499

Anonymous (3) Ruth Camp Campbell Foundation Sharon Carter Mary Page Evans Florence Bryan Fowlkes Fund of The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia L.B. Green Hayward Family Foundation Colleen Hayward Thomas B. Hayward Heiner Family Fund in the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation Lisa and Steven High Lauren and Ben Hilyard Mr. and Mrs. Shelton Horsley Barbara Cole Joynes and Stanley K. Joynes III Katherine Kadish Pat and Jim Kermes Elizabeth L. Langhorne John C. Langhorne Sally and Bill Meadows

Millner Family Fund of The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia Wallace B. Millner Elizabeth Seydel Morgan David Rakowski Barbara Schaff Don and Mary Shockey Gregory Allgire Smith and Susan E. Watts Sandy Solomon Stillfield Fund I in the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation Elsie and Mac Thompson Mr. and Mrs. David van Roijen Bonnie Walker Tina Walls West Family Charitable Trust George and Charlotte West Woodward Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John E. Woodward III Mako Yoshikawa


VCCA 2017 Annual Report

VCCA Annual Fund Fiscal Year 2017


$500 to $999 Anonymous (3) Anonymous Gifts from VCCA Fellows Ann Elder Bestor Memorial Fund of The Greater Lynchburg Community Trust Katharine B. Birdsall Fund of The Bessemer National Gift Fund Katharine Birdsall and Karl Pfefferkorn Drs. Teresa and Robert Brennan Christine and Andrew Brennan Buford Family Fund of The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia Blissie and Bahlmann Abbot Suzanne T. Chitwood Mr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Craddock Betsy C. Dalgliesh Marge Dillard Therese Elron Wendy Flanagan John H. Franklin Bryce and Monty Harris Lucy Levis Hazlegrove Mr. and Mrs. David Hilliard Timothy T. Kloth, D.M.A. Kathryn Levy Josie Merck Nisbet Family Foundation Shirley Mossman Nisbet The Murray and Grace Nissman Foundation Judith Taylor Old Dominion Box Company Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Buhler Nina Ozbey

Sheila and Craig Pleasants Mary Jane and Charlie Pryor Enid Shomer


$250 to $499 Patricia Aaron Samuel H. Adler Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Bradley Kimberly Brooks Ann Goette and Rick Claus Marty and Ray Close Virginia Derryberry Janis A. Donnaud Kate Clark Flora Janet M. Fredericks Joan Grubin Suzanne Hanson Cheryl Hochberg Mary and Tom Horton Dr. Robin Kirby Jane and Joe Knox Koubek Family Rainbow Fish Fund of The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region Christine Koubek Margo Kren Jeanne Larsen Anna and Tom Lawson Mr. and Mrs. W. Tucker Lemon Anne Marie Macari Deirdra McAfee Gardner McFall Bridget and Hugh Meagher Sandra Meagher Deb Mell Tim and Virginia Michel Margaret Woodson Nea Susan Newbold


Patrick O'Connor Stephen Partridge Susan Piepho Virginia Pye and John Ravenal Dr. Cary Roberts and Mr. Robert Roberts Bobby C. Rogers Massie Scott Fund of The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia Mr. and Mrs. Strother R. Scott John R. Seminatore Judith Shatin Anne and Ned Slaughter Stephen Tapscott Linda J. Taylor James E. Tracey Kay and Kent Van Allen Julie Wakeman-Linn Cindy Taylor Walton David W. Weiss Susan Settlemyre Williams $100 to $249 Anonymous (2) Annette C. Allen Idris Anderson Robert R. Angell Phoebe F. Antrim Allen Appel Helène Aylon Joan Baranow Frances Bartkowski Joanne Bauer Judith Baumel David Victor and Naomi Isaacson Becker Charitable Fund Martha Anne Toll Alex and Carolyn Bell

VCCA 2017 Annual Report

Karen Bell Helen Benedict Martin B. Bernstein Eric Raymond Berry Mary Clay Berry Robert Bertoletti Joan Dix Blair Julia Bloom Lisa B. Boardwine Mary Bonina Mary Morris Booth Carole and David Bowen Sally Bowring Betty Branch Wendy Brandmark David Bristol Janet Brof Donnaldson Brown Sally Brucker Family Foundation Dana Cann Sandra and Dick Carrington Bivas Chaudhuri Abigail Child Avy Claire Jenyle Clark Andrea Clearfield Denise Emanuel Clemen Thomas Colbert John Copenhaver Dante Alighieri Society of Virginia Kathy Davis Linda Davis Jones Sally Dawidoff Dr. and Mrs. William Gaspard de Coligny Carol DeForest Martha Dudman Cathy A. Eckdall Laura Elkins George Ellenbogen Constance Evans Rebecca Martin Evarts Ruth Fields Pattie Firestone Shelby Fischer Fleimich Fund Robert Fleisher

Dr. and Mrs. David W. Frantz Judith and Forrest Gager David Galef Jack and Kristiyani Garrity Clifford Garstang Annette Gendler Elisa H. Ghinger Mr. and Mrs. William V. Giles, Jr. Jacquie Glanz Joe and Hilary Tham Goldberg Chris A. and N. Brooks Graebner Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Grayson, Jr. Nana Gregory Dr. and Mrs. Marcus M. Gulley Rachel Hadas Michelle Spark and Bernard Handzel Cathryn Hankla Sharon Harper Sharon Harrigan Lois Marie Harrod Virginia Hartman Molly Haskell Christine Herrmann Jody Hobbs Hesler and Jeffrey Hesler Jane Hilberry Mary Buford Hitz C. Steve and Denise B. Hoffman Mary E. Holland Lori Horvitz Mary Alice Hostetter Molly Howes David Huddle Jeff Jackson Blinn Jacobs Charlotte Jacobs Anne Conway Jennings Sue Johnson Cori Jones Libby Falk Jones Nell Joslin Marilyn Kallet Hoda Kashiha Dr. Neal F. Kassell Elizabeth Lide and Paul Kayhart Edmund Keeley Frances and Al Kemper Barbara Kerne


Ruth Kessler Roger King Nancy Kline Douglas and Rebecca Massie Lane Andrea Lilienthal Pam and Eric Loeb Laura Long Catherine Lynn Mary Mackey Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Madden Nancy Manter Alan Margolis Barbara Marks Tom Martinelli Dr. William McKinnon Massie Sarah Masters Frances Thompson McKay Jenny Lynn McNutt MAGA Fund of The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore Mary Azrael Deborah and John Menari Carol A. Minarick Valerie Miner Deborah Miranda and Margo Solod Suny and Joe Monk Jerry Monteith Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morrison Ben and Jean Moss Miriam Mรถrsel Nathan Eric G. Nelson Bronwen Butter Newcott Karl Nussbaum Stephen O'Connor Mrs. Jan Y. Osinga Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Pettyjohn, Jr. Judith Raphael and Anthony Phillips Vincent Pidone Leslie Pietrzyk Bella Pollen Scott Ponemone Nancy Potter Wanda S. Praisner Lynn Rainville Russell Reece Judith Reed Paul Reisler

VCCA 2017 Annual Report

VCCA Annual Fund Fiscal Year 2017

$100 to $249 (continued) Judith Robertson Deborah A. Rockman Randel Rogers Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Romeo Carolyn and John Rosenblum Marcy Rosewater Fiona Donaghey Ross Ann Marie Rousseau Andrew Rudin Mary K. Ryan Canyon Sam David Sanders and Nancy Brokaw Dan and Stevie Savage Bill Schmidt The Reverend and Mrs. Steve Schulz Abigail Beckel and Jay Schwarz Edward Schwarzschild Julie Shapiro Neil Shepard Susan Shreve Allison S. Simon Anita Skeen Louise Farmer Smith Ron Smith Stephanie Snider E. H. Sorrells-Adewale Larry Specht Diana Sperrazza Marjorie Stelmach Michele Maria Surat Suzy Sureck Dr. Grace Suttle Kathleen Sweeney Eileen Tabios Champneys Taylor and Sandra Beasley Mr. and Mrs. E. Alan Terry

Jim and Toni Thompson Linda and John Thornton Christopher Tilghman Tara Troutner Martin Tucker Anthony Ulinski Catherine MacDonald and John Ulmschneider Mr. and Mrs. William M. Walker Pamela W. Wallace Randall and John Watts Jane and Ken White Laura E. Young Hananah Zaheer Patricia Zalisko Mary Zeppa Up to $99 Michael Agresta Nawaaz Ahmed Elizabeth Albert Martirene Alcantara Karen Leona Anderson T. J. Anderson Sylvester Antony Nancy Arbuthnot Ralph Arlyck James Arthur Alex Arzt Cynthia Atwood Dr. and Mrs. D. C. Augustine, Jr. Kate Axelrod Susan McGee Bailey Christopher Bakken JoAnn Balingit Marilyn Banner


Kevin Basl Cris Beam Susan Nisenbaum Becker Steve Bellin-Oka Nelleke Beltjens Marina Berio Hayes Biggs Natalia Bilotserkivets Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blevins Julie E. Bloemeke Joyce Blunk Karen Bondarchuk Lisa Borders Isabel Case Borgatta George C. and Prilla Smith Brackett Maureen Brady Harvey Breverman Alexandra Broches Laura Catherine Brown Laurie Krasny Brown Timothy J. Brown Sarah Browning Liv and Kasandra Brumfield Heather Bryant m(artha) Holloway Burgess Patrick Burns Caroline Burton Jessica Cadkin Ellen Prentiss Campbell Rachel Cantor Oliver Caplan Robert Carioscia Anne M. Carley Vienna Carroll Carolyn Case Cecilia Cassidy

VCCA 2017 Annual Report

Laura Maria Censabella Jessie Chaffee Sharon L. Charde Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Chase Jan Cherubin Sang-ah Choi Yong-Wook Chung Kim Church Patricia Clark Ted Coffey Hannah Cohen Meredith Mileti Cohen Jim Condron Jocelyn and Tom Connors Carolyn Conrad Judith Cooper Lindsey Crittenden Louie Cronin Barbara Crooker Don Crow Richard E. Cytowic Raphael Dagold Judith Dancoff Stephen S. Dankner Heidi Dawidoff Cathy Diamond Jaquira Diaz Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson Katy Didden Katharina Dietlinger Mary Ann and Leighton Dodd Gray S. Dodson Noah Doely Kerry Dolan Laura Donnelly Susan Donnelly Rebecca Donner Fiona Donovan Jeanne Dorsey Michael Downs Carla Drysdale Valerie Duff Olivia Dunn Jessica Dunne Mary D. Edwards Kimberly Elkins

Georgia Elrod Anna Margaret Evans Christine Evans Peter Fahey Annie Farrar Elen Feinberg Diane Fine Charles Adès Fishman Luis Flores Robert Long Foreman Cheryl Fortier Dr. and Mrs. Parham Fox Stephanie L. Franks Alice Friman Leslie Fry Carol Ann Fuller Janice Moore Fuller Laura Gabel-Hartman Kiki Gaffney Debra Galant Megan Galbraith Shamala Gallagher Molly Gallentine Catherine Gammon Xia Gao Barbara Garber GE Foundation Carmen Romeo Kikki Ghezzi Adam Giannelli Jules Gibbs Eugene Gloria William Goldstein Dr. and Mrs. William R. Goodman, Jr. Sharon Goodman Janet M. Gorzegno Isabel Gouveia Patricia and Tony Gowen Ellen Grabiner Jonathan D. Green and Lynn M. Buck Jacob A. Greenberg Rob Greene Mark Greenside Steve Griffin Ellen Gross Julie Gross


Ned and Wendy Gulley Erik Karl Gustafson Lauren Halloran Dr. and Mrs. John J. Halpin Susan Hand Dick and Barbara Harbison Gwen Hardie Daniel Hauben and Judith Lane J. Walter Hawkes Kylie Heidenheimer Marion E. Held Will Hermes Neva Herrington Kristin Herzog Jody Hobbs Hesler Christine Hiebert John M. Hill Lindsay Stuart Hill Susan Hillyard Andrew Hladky Lily Hoang Susan Thornton Hobby Amy Hoffman Anne W. Holland Tucker Hollingsworth Bryant Holsenbeck Sarah Collins Honenberger Jacob Hostetter Mr. and Mrs. John Howard Virginia Ewing Hudson Doris Iarovici Deborah Zlotsky and Michael Janairo Arlette Jassel Mr. and Mrs. Friedrich Jenkins Aaron Johnson E. Dolores Johnson Julia Campbell Johnson Vesna Jovanovic Holen Sabrina Kahn Ammi Keller John Kelly Leslie C. Kerby John Kessel Caroline Keys Joyce Watkins King Ynestra King

VCCA 2017 Annual Report

VCCA Annual Fund Fiscal Year 2017


Up to $99 (continued) Karen Klein Beth Krebs Heidi Kumao Beth Macy and Tom Landon Krystal Languell Maryvonne LaParliere and Stephen C. Martin Leslie Lawrence Honey Lazar Chin-Sun Lee June Lee Chris Leslie-Hynan Robert Levy Serge J-F Levy Georgina Lewis David Licata David R. Lincoln Odie Lindsey Karl Lindstrom Mimi Lipson Rodney Lister Paulette Livers Ruth Lomon Joanna Luloff Jennifer Lunden James Magruder Lucas Mann Benjamin Marshall Richard McCann Margaret McCarthy Anne Mills McCauley Christopher McEvoy Lynda Reeves McIntyre Julie McKee Michael McSorley Lisa Phillips and Bill Mead

Erika Meitner Meriwether-Godsey, Inc. Gregory Mertl Janice and Michael Metzger Lincoln Michel Andrew H. Miller Eric Moe Allen D. Moore Barbara Morris Mihaela Moscaliuc Lauren Moseley N. West Moss Elizabeth H. Muse Barbara Muth Madeleine Mysko Cushla Naegele Therese Namenek BettyJoyce Nash Roger Neathawk and Chuck Miller Clare Needham Greta Nettleton Mr. and Mrs. Alex M. Newmark Eva Nikolova Randon Billings Noble Carol Dyche O'Brien Ione O'Hara Ellen and Michael O'Hare Gina Occhiogrosso Carolyn Ogburn Amie Oliver Nancy Olivier Elaine Neil Orr Jacqueline Osherow Alan Michael Parker Jennifer Pashley James Pate


Peter Pazmino Richard Peabody Chanelle Aponte Pearson Gary Eldon Peter Mr. and Mrs. David T. Petty, Jr. Howard Pflanzer Kala Pierson Judith Podell Katrina Prow Charles Pryor E. Shawn Qaissaunee Elizabeth Raby Leonard Ragouzeos Maryam Rasoulian Mary Curtis Ratcliff Dr. and Mrs. Larry H. Redmond Monica Regan Molly Reid Rebekah Remington Ethel Renek Frances Richey Jeanne Ridley Dani L. Roach Lisa M. Robinson Megan Marlatt and Richard Robinson Jeannette Rogers Lucy Rosenthal Judith Rushin Tammy Ryan Miran Sabic Jane Sangerman Marc Satterwhite Annita Sawyer Amy Schapiro Whitney Scharer Ann Schaumburger

VCCA 2017 Annual Report

Kenneth Schnall Christine Schutt Suzanne and Joe Seipel Bรกrbara Selfridge Courtney Sender Anna Sequoia Ruth Knafo Setton Gary Short Jane Simon Mike Sinert Sonita Singwi Carlos Sirah Paul Skenazy Karen Skolfield Ana Sladetic Claudia Smigrod Jane Cornish Smith Julia Ridley Smith Peter Snoad April Sopkin Jean Sousa Lucas Southworth Shenandoah Sowash Laura Spence-Ash Anne Stagg Julie Steinbacher Hilary Jerrill Steinitz Kim and Dan Stiffler Linda Stillman Christina Stoddard Ian Strasfogel James Strazzella, Esq. Laura-Gray Street Anna C. Stull Terese Svoboda Kelley Swain Devin Symons Sara Mansfield Taber Dr. Kathryn W. B. Takara Steve Taylor David Y. Todd J. C. Todd Nicole Tong Qiana Towns Krista Townsend Memye Curtis Tucker

Michael Valeanu Felicia van Bork Tabitha Vevers April Vollmer Silvelin von Scanzoni G. C. Waldrep Georgia R. Wall Joelle Wallach Ann Warde Kit Warren Michael Waters Joan Weber Pamela Weiler Hilde Weisert Laura Weiss Barbara Weissberger Michael D. White Sally Whitney Paula Whyman Allison Wilkins Sarah Ann Winn Ryan Lee Wong Dick and Betsy Worthington Clare Wu Rolf Yngve Alice Pixley Young Jung Yun Nora Zelevansky Marilyn Martin Zion Mary Kay Zuravleff


FOUNDATION AND GOVERNMENT SUPPORT $10,000 to $24,999 The Joseph and Robert Cornell Memorial Foundation Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation National Endowment for the Arts Virginia Commission for the Arts $5,000 to $9,999 The Bama Works Fund of Dave Matthews Band in the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation The J&E Berkley Foundation Jacques and Natasha Gelman Foundation Charles Jacob Foundation $1,000 to $4,999 Anonymous IV Fund of The Greater Lynchburg Community Trust Emmy Lou Thomson Fund of the Greater Lynchburg Community Trust

VCCA 2017 Annual Report

Additional Support

GIFTS TO ENDOWMENTS Jane Geuting Camp Fellowship $2,500 to $4,999 J. L. Camp Foundation, Inc.

Fiscal Year 2017

Pooled Endowment for Fellowships The Robert Johnson Fund


$1,000 to $5,000 Margaret B. Ingraham Kenneth H. Jones Tina Walls

$1000 to $2,499 Deborah Bono Eva and Calvert de Coligny Fund of Foundation for Roanoke Valley Elizabeth Ray Hessler Marilyn Kallet Sandell Morse

$100 to $499 Anonymous Gifts from Various Contributors Peggy Woodford Forbes Lisa Schamess in honor of Alonzo Davis

$100 to $499 Anonymous Kenneth H. Jones Susan Newbold Kathleen R. O'Toole Marjan and Frans Wackers

Up to $99.00 Alonzo Davis Judith Podell Kim and Dan Stiffler Karen Shea and Gabe Silverman Fellowship $100 to $499 Mary and David M. Lesser

Up to $99 Judy and Geoff Alexander Jamie Cat Callan Meredith Mileti Cohen Meighan Gale Susan Gubernat Nancy Kline Debra Marquart Nancy Mooslin BettyJoyce Nash Kathleen R. O'Toole Tim Peck Tom Rice Linda Schrank Susan Shreve Faye-Ellen Silverman Claudia Smigrod Elsie and Mike Underwood

VCCA Endowment $25,000 to $49,999 L.E.A.W. Family Foundation $100 to $499 Suny and Joe Monk

GIFTS TO CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS $25,000 to $49,999 Anonymous $10,000 to $24,000 Marc Schewel


In Honor of Page Bond Sharon Carter Sandy and Rossie Fisher In Honor of Cecilia Cassidy Honey Lazar


VCCA 2017 Annual Report

In Honor of Asher, Alice, and Larry Dark Dr. Robin Kirby In Honor of Calvert de Coligny on his birthday Mr. and Mrs. George West

In Memory of Ann Elder Bestor Ann Elder Bestor Memorial Fund of The Greater Lynchburg Community Trust In Memory of Corinne, Jeffery, Jackson and Meriwether Buckalew Laura and George Bilicic Wendy Flanagan

In Honor of Elizabeth Forsyth Harris on her birthday Anonymous In Honor of Joy Peterson Heyrman Judith Baumel Elisa H. Ghinger

In Memory of Fay Chandler The Boston Foundation – Martin Fund In Memory of Elaine Pear Cohen Sally Brucker Family Foundation

In Honor of William E. Hunt, Jr., VCCA Board President 2016 and 2017 Gregory Allgire Smith and Susan E. Watts

In Memory of David B. Davis Judith Reed

In Honor of the Craig Pleasants Family Liv and Kasandra Brumfield

In Memory of Frances S. Heiner Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Buhler

In Honor of Sheila and Craig Pleasants for decades of dedication to VCCA J. C. Todd

In Memory of Conrad Hilberry Jane Hilberry

In Honor of Sheila Gulley Pleasants in her role as Interim Director of VCCA Dr. and Mrs. Marcus M. Gulley

In Memory of Carolyn Johnson Qiana Towns In Memory of Robert Johnson Sheila and Craig Pleasants

In Honor of Carol O'Brien Kim and Dan Stiffler

In Memory of Anne Thomas Neil Elaine Neil Orr

In Honor of Susan Saandholland Helène Aylon

In Memory of Elise Partridge Jessica Dunne

In Honor of Barbara Schaff James Strazzella, Esq.

In Memory of Daniel B. Sweeney Kathleen Sweeney

In Honor of Taije Silverman Mary and David M. Lesser

In Memory of Carol Troxell Gray S. Dodson


In Memory of Pacita Abad Jack and Kristiyani Garrity

In Memory of Sandra Stone Whitehead The Reverend and Mrs. Steve Schulz

In Memory of Abraham Baumel Judith Baumel


$25,000 to $49,000 The Estate of Peggy Anderson


VCCA 2017 Annual Report

In-kind Gifts to VCCA Fiscal Year 2017

A Pimento Catering Candy Banks Karen Bell Kate Benson Bianca Booker Lori Bookstein Fine Art The Boston Foundation Martin Fund Sally Bowring Kimberly Brooks Caspari Inc. Anthony Curtis Amanda de Coligny Mr. and Mrs. Calvert de Coligny, Jr. Mary D. Edwards Festive Fare R. W. Fowlkes II Debra Galant Tom Gerdy Richard Glass Jean Stewart and Nancy Gray J. Walter Hawkes Renée Lucier and Thomas Hiner Andy Hord William E. Hunt, Jr. Hunton & Williams Hilary Jenkins Elizabeth Amelia Lyons Shara McCallum Frances Maclean L. B. Moody Pharsalia Vincent Pidone Craig Pleasants Mats Reiniusson Virginia Tent Rental Susan Saandholland Fern Seiden Gregory Allgire Smith and Susan E. Watts

Susi Smither, The Rock Hound Margo Solod Cynthia Tremblay Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Peter O. Ward, Jr. Ann Warde

ART/BOOKS/SCORE James Arthur Veronika Atzwanger G. Douglas Barrett Ludwig Bäumi Cris Beam Stefan Bechtel Helen Benedict Charlie Bondhus Sally Bowring Wendy Brandmark Kimberly Brooks Preston M. Browning, Jr. Sally Brucker Patrick Burns Colleen Morton Busch Ellen Prentiss Campbell Dana Cann Alice Eve Cohen Ruth Danon Teri Ellen Cross Davis Hayes Davis Luca De Gaetano Kendra DeColo Katharina Dietlinger Ron Domen Jesse Donaldson Laura Donnelly Anna Margaret Evans Anne Ferrer Charles Adès Fishman Mark Fitzgerald Robert Long Foreman Mara Gibson Isabel Gouveia Charles Graeber Brad Greenwood Erik Karl Gustafson Gwen Hardie Kristin Herzog


Kathleen Hill Cheryl Hochberg Fanny Jacquier Jac Jemc Sally Keith John Kelly Suzy Kopf Gwenessa Lam Lindsey Landfried David Licata Anya Liftig Joanna Luloff Benjamin Marshall Maureen N. McLane Megan McNamer Jenny Lynn McNutt Regine Müller-Waldeck Madeleine Mysko Indrani Nayar-Gall Pat Oleszko Shelly Oria Alan Michael Parker Tom Piazza Wanda S. Praisner Jennifer Rose Tammy Ryan Miran Sabic Annita Sawyer Barbara Schaff Matthew Schembri Kenneth Schnall Beverly Sky Ana Sladetic Jane Cornish Smith Danielle Sosin Diana Sperrazza Eileen Tabios Yermiyahu Ahron Taub Craig Urquhart April Vollmer Michael Waters Hilde Weisert Barbara Weissberger Michael D. White Sally Whitney Lex Williford Shigeki Yoshida Andrea Young

VCCA 2017 Annual Report

VCCA Legacy Society Fiscal Year 2017

Anonymous (19) Robert R. Angell Hèlene Aylon Kathleen Ariatti Banton Kelly Cherry Allen Davis III Mr. and Mrs. Calvert de Coligny, Jr. Katherine Y. DeLorraine Ed Dolinger Jessica Dunne Mary D. Edwards• George Ellenbogen Mary Page Evans C. Wayne Ferguson and Robert W. Reeves Ruth Fields Janet M. Fredericks

As we begin to look ahead to VCCA’s 50th anniversary in 2021, it is heartening to know that so many people have testamentary intentions. Those listed here are committed to building the strong foundation that will support our next fifty years. We are deeply grateful for their visionary philanthropy.

Jan Freeman Steven Gilbert Rachel Hadas• Janice and Pinkney Herbert Kristin Herzog Joy Peterson Heyrman Marilyn Kallet Timothy T. Kloth, D.M.A. Toni Mergentime Levi Sally Mann Richard McCann Sandell Morse Steven Petrow• Judith Podell Paul Reisler David Hallock Sanders and Nancy Brokaw•


Robert O. Satterfield Barbara Schaff Enid Shomer Anita Wetzel Laura E. Young Sara D. Young• •Endowed Fellowships

VCCA 2017 Annual Report

REMEMBERING FRANK A good man with a creative spirit. By June Britt


hen Frank died suddenly last spring, friends from far and wide shared remembrances with me. Messages came from childhood pals and classmates, college buddies, clients and colleagues, business associates, wine enthusiasts, and many of his 3,000-plus Facebook friends. So many described Frank as forever young and creative. A lifelong friend remembered “Frank was always young. Posting that he was born in 1949 was so typical, as was ever the tease and a bundle of fun. Of course, he was born in 1939, but he was so young at heart he passed easily as a 60-year old. He was a real Jack Benny, the life of any party, and an amazingly creative person.” A French friend described “Frank as a man of great energy, with a wonderful sense of humor and a great French accent.” Others called him a genuine bon vivant, always young. Frank was a people person. He could “work a room” like no one else, and when he had made his way around, he knew more people than when he had started. He never met a stranger and never forgot a name or a face. He was extremely curious about everyone and everything, and his enthusiasm showed through it all, sometimes to a fault. Like when he was scuba diving and would get so excited about the sea around him that he would use up his oxygen in half the time. One of his friends predicted, “Frank will always be with us, and people will be telling stories about him 20 years from now, some from people who never met him.” Frank’s creative talents were the underpinning for the success of Britt Marketing and Public Relations. His curiosity led to new business ventures and a whole new circle of friends. He assembled a database of 50,000 wine enthusiasts and published an online newsletter, the Official Virginia Wine Lover, as well as a wine magazine. His boundless energy led to organizing his own wine event, the James River Wine & Music Festival. Frank developed many friendships within the wine industry and was recently honored by the Virginia Wineries Association as its “Person of the Year” at the Governor’s Wine Awards. An active participant in civic activities with particular involvement in beautification and environmental projects, Frank headed the Keep Lynchburg Beautiful Commission and co-founded Citizens for a Clean Lynchburg. He collaborated on Operation: Plant-A-Tree, a program that served as a prototype for recycling projects across the country. He served on the boards of numerous organizations and shared his marketing expertise with many non-profits. He was an active Rotarian and a Paul Harris Fellow, fully subscribing to “service above self”. As a young man, Frank lived in France for two years and studied at the Sorbonne. That experience was the beginning of a lifelong interest in the country and its language. He was an active member of Alliance Française de Lynchburg and loved


VCCA 2017 Annual Report

VCCA gratefully acknowledges the following for their gifts to VCCA in Memory of Frank Clayton Britt

to converse with French friends . . . and so proud when complimented on his French accent. A founding member and long-time president of Sister City of Lynchburg-Plus, Frank headed the successful match with Rueil-Malmaison, France, a city on the Seine just outside Paris. The cultural arts were identified as an area of mutual interest between the two cities and many exchanges ensued throughout the years, a testament to Frank’s organizational skills. The first group to travel to Rueil was the Lynchburg City Schools String Orchestra, 100 young musicians strong, who performed at the proclamation ceremony “twinning” the two cities. Lynchburg’s official gift to its first Sister City was a painting by nationally known Lynchburg watercolorist, Annie Adams Robertson Massie. The Lynchburg program received accolades from Sister Cities International, and Frank was elected to its board of directors. He continued efforts to match Lynchburg with cities in other countries, Italy in particular. He was a founding member of the Dante Alighieri Society of Virginia (the Italian counterpart of Alliance Française). Ever the optimist, Frank’s glass was eternally half full. There was always something new to learn and discover, another adventure waiting, and he would give everything for the next thing. Frank was a friend to many, known as the southern gentleman with the bow tie. He had a big heart and a wonderful sense of humor, a good man with a creative spirit. When I was asked where gifts in Frank’s memory could be made, I thought of his appreciation for the arts and his love of all things French. The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts was my obvious choice. The VCCA is, after all, a special place that nurtures the creative spirit that was so much a part of Frank.


Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blevins H. B. and Sandra Brooks Sandra and Dick Carrington Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Chase Jocelyn and Tom Connors Dante Alighieri Society of Virginia Mary Ann and Leighton Dodd Dr. and Mrs. Parham Fox Dr. and Mrs. David W. Frantz Carol Ann Fuller Mr. and Mrs. William V. Giles, Jr. Don and Frances Giles Jacquie Glanz Dr. and Mrs. William R. Goodman, Jr. Patricia and Tony Gowen Ellen Gross Dr. and Mrs. John J. Halpin Dick and Barbara Harbison Mr. and Mrs. William P. Harris C. Steve and Denise B. Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Hunt, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Madden Deborah and John Menari Meriwether-Godsey, Inc. Suny and Joe Monk Mr. and Mrs. Frank Morrison Therese Namenek Roger Neathawk and Chuck Miller Ailsa and William Nelms Carol Dyche O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. David T. Petty, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Pettyjohn, Jr. Sheila and Craig Pleasants Charles Pryor Mary Jane and Charlie Pryor Dr. and Mrs. Larry H. Redmond Dr. Cary Roberts and Mr. Robert Roberts Dan and Stevie Savage John R. Seminatore Allison S. Simon Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stevens James E. Tracey Shannon and Mike Valentine Mr. and Mrs. William M. Walker Jane and Ken White

VCCA 2017 Annual Report

Fête Champêtre For one night in April 2017, the grounds of the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts were transformed into a magical 18th–century French garden. The evening featured cocktails with tours of artists’ studios followed by dinner and dancing in a fantasy setting designed by the enormously talented theater and residential designer John Paul Owen of Charlottesville, Virginia. The Fête Champêtre was designed to showcase the “creative space” at VCCA. The name and theme of the party derived from our bucolic setting and the decidedly French accent is a nod to our program at the Moulin à Nef in Auvillar, France. After a meal catered by A Pimento of Charlottesville, Fellows joined guests on the dance floor to music by four-time Emmy Award-winning composer, trombonist, and VCCA Fellow, J. Walter Hawkes & Friends. To cap the evening, there was one spectacular lot offered for bidding: a suite of jewels including a magnificent Sri Lankan Star Sapphire plus the design services of highly acclaimed gemologist and jewelry designer Susi Smither of The Rock Hound, London, United Kingdom. As the annual event benefiting the VCCA, the evening did not disappoint. Funds raised exceeded our $95,000 goal and the net proceeds provided significantly to the annual operating budget. Our gratitude to the hard-working committee, dedicated Board, supportive friends, Fellows, advocates, and generous sponsors who all came together for a such a splendid occasion.

VCCA Gala 2017


VCCA 2017 Annual Report


VCCA 2017 Annual Report

Fête Champêtre VCCA Gala 2017

COMMITTEE Mary Fowlkes, Chair Shelby Fischer Helen Hilliard William E. Hunt, Jr. Martee Stephens Johnson Alieda Keevil John Paul Owen Ann W. Ramsey $10,000 + L.E.A.W. Family Foundation, Inc. $5,000 to $9,999 BB&T Scott & Stringfellow Page and Sanford Bond Red Light Management Mr. and Mrs. C. Lynch Christian III Cary Brown and Steven Epstein Thomas Y. Hiner Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Hunt, Jr. KVA Foundation Kay and Kent Van Allen $1,000 to $4,999 Janet P. Bruce Elizabeth L. Dudley Sandy and Rossie Fisher Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Fowlkes II Will Trinkle and Juan Granados Donna Tartt and Neal Guma Elizabeth Logan Harris Martee and Charles Johnson Barbara Cole Joynes and Stanley K. Joynes III Alex Nyerges and Kathryn Gray Ann and Rick Ramsey The Honorable and Mrs. Elliot Schewel Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Tina A. Walls Ann Hay Hardy and Adam Wayland Elizabeth Wright


$500 to $999 Campbell Insurance Patt Douglas Janice and Pinkney Herbert Elizabeth Ray Hessler Joy and Jack Heyrman Mary Holland Sandell Morse Beatrix Ost Jim and Toni Thompson Marcia and David Welles $100 to $499 Jane Fisher and Michael Bowles Marty and Ray Close Edith Brodhead Good Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Grayson, Jr. Kathy Heiner Lauren and Ben Hilyard Les Yeux du Monde Charles and Fleming Lunsford Margaret Woodson Nea Patrick O'Connor Dr. and Mrs. James M. Peery, Jr. Peter and Jessica Ward Up to $99 Joan Puma Bennet Kate Buford Rachel Hadas Dr. Cary Roberts and Mr. Robert Roberts

VCCA 2017 Annual Report


VCCA 2017 Annual Report

Governance and Staff Fiscal Year 2017



Robert O. Satterfield, Immediate Past President Afton, Virginia

Sarah Perkins Smither, Secretary Maidenhead, England

Margaret B. Ingraham, President Elect Alexandria, Virginia

Cal de Coligny, Treasurer Roanoke, Virginia

Kenneth H. Jones, Treasurer Richmond, Virginia

Ted Craddock, Lynchburg, Virginia Sayre Graves, Bremo Bluff, Virginia Richard J. Grayson, Jr., Pennsacola, Florida Suny Monk, Amherst, Virginia Cynthia Tremblay, Greenwood, Virginia

William E. Hunt, Jr., President Lynchburg, Virginia

Sandell Morse, President York, Maine

Thomas Y. Hiner, Secretary New York, New York


Page Bond, Richmond, Virginia Shelby Fischer, Charlottesville, Virginia Mary Fowlkes, Richmond, Virginia Quinn Feldmann Graeff, Roanoke, Virginia Elizabeth Logan Harris, Brooklyn, New York Cynthia Henebry, Richmond, Virginia Pinkney Herbert, Memphis, Tennessee Steven Samuel High, Sarasota, Florida Lauren Hilyard, Washington, DC Elizabeth Mason Horsley, Richmond, Virginia Martee Stephens Johnson, Charlottesville, Virginia Stanley K. Joynes, Glen Allen, Virginia Alieda Keevil, Charlottesville, Virginia Sandell Morse, York, Maine Alexander Lee Nyerges, Richmond, Virginia David Rakowski, Maynard, Massachusetts Tatem Webb Read, Mill Valley, California Ann Ramsey, Richmond, Virginia Cynthia Tremblay, Greenwood, Virginia Linda E.A. Wachtmeister (Emerita), Scottsville, Virginia Tina A. Walls, Denver, Colorado

Pinkney Herbert, President Memphis, Tennessee Eva de Coligny, Secretary Roanoke, Virginia

Frans Wackers, Treasurer Lachapelle, France and Woodbridge, Connecticut


James L. Camp, IV, Virginia Beach, Virginia Calvert de Coligny, Jr., Roanoke, Virginia Elizabeth Forsyth Harris, Lynchburg, Virginia Lucy Levis Hazlegrove, Roanoke, Virginia Carter McNeely, Charlottesville, Virginia Tracy G. Savage, Saratoga Springs, New York Elliot S. Schewel, Lynchburg, Virginia

Joy Peterson Heyrman, Executive Director


VCCA 2017 Annual Report




Mt. San Angelo Beatrice Booker, Office Manager/Artists' Services Associate Bijoana Booker, Kitchen Assistant Eugenia Botea, Head of Food Services Lindale Dawson, Kitchen Assistant Crystal Dixon, Kitchen Assistant David Garratt, Resident Director Terri Goff, Sous Chef Greg Ingber, Kitchen Assistant Dana Jones, Assistant Director of Artists' Services Carol O’Brien, Director of Annual and Planned Giving Sheila Gulley Pleasants, Deputy Director and Director of Artists’ Services Barbara Queen, Kitchen Assistant Sarah Sargent, Director of Communications and Grants Management Kimberley Stiffler, Development and Grants Assistant Whitney Wilkerson, Housekeeper Bonnie Wine, Accountant

as of June 30, 2017

Samuel H. Adler, Composer, Perrysburg, Ohio David Del Tredici, Composer, New York, New York Rita Dove, Poet, Charlottesville, Virginia Teresita Fernández, Visual Artist, Brooklyn, New York Gregory Maguire, Writer, Concord, Massachusetts Sally Mann, Photographer, Lexington, Virginia Alice McDermott, Writer, Bethesda, Maryland Claes Oldenburg, Sculptor, New York, New York David Weiss, Theater Designer, Charlottesville, Virginia Naomi Wolf, Writer, New York, New York

Executive Committee Holen Sabrina Kahn, Lead Liason, Visual Artist/ Filmmaker, Inverness, California Amie Oliver, Visual Artist, Richmond, Virginia Christopher Preissing, Composer/Sound Artist, Chicago, Illinois Ami Sands Brodoff, Writer, Montreal, Canada Christina Chiu, Writer, New York, New York Edgar Endress, Visual Artist, St. Augustine, Florida Amy Hoffman, Writer, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts Rone Shavers, Writer, Albany, New York Judith Shatin, Composer, Charlottesville, Virginia Tanja Softic, Visual Artist, Richmond, Virginia Suzy Sureck, Visual Artist, Gardner, New York Evan Williams, Composer, Bennington, Vermont Lex Williford, Writer, El Paso, Texas

Moulin à Nef Cheryl Fortier, Resident Director Sabine van den Bergh, Facilities Staff Fatiha Boukhris, Housekeeping and Cook Joy Peterson Heyrman, Executive Director


VCCA 2017 Annual Report

VCCA Financial Snapshot Fiscal Year 2016

(July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017)

BALANCE SHEET Current Assets



Cash and cash equivalents operating



Campaign Endowment 07






Pledges receivable



Accounts receivable



Accounts receivable - Abroad



Prepaid expenses






Property and Equipment



Less accumulated depreciation






Other assets






Accounts payable



Payroll liabilities



Sales tax payable









Temporarily restricted



Permanently restricted









Property and Equipment

Current Liabilities

Net Assets


VCCA 2017 Annual Report






Foundations & corporations



Government & other grants





Support and Revenue Contributions

Events and sales






Net assets released from restrictions


Residency contributions



Interest & dividend income



Realized and unrealized gains (losses)






Program expenses



Management and general



Fundraising expenses








VCCA 2017 Annual Report

VCCA Abroad Financial Snapshot Fiscal Year 2017

(July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017)




Current assets



Endowment funds



Accounts receivable






Accounts payable



Other liabilities








Permanently restricted









Liabilities and Net Assets Current Liabilities

Net Assets


VCCA 2017 Annual Report

STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES Support and Revenue Contributions



University Partnerships



Residency contributions



Special Program support



Miscellaneous income



Interest and dividend income



Realized and unrealized gains (losses)






Program expenses



Management and general



Fundraising expenses








VCCA 2017 Annual Report

STATEMENT OF POLICY VCCA complies with all applicable laws and regulations regarding non-discrimination in admissions and employment. ANNUAL AUDIT REPORT VCCA’s 2017 audit was prepared by Johnson CPA and Associates, PC NONPROFIT STATUS VCCA is classified as a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization by the Internal Revenue Service and all contributions are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. To obtain a copy of the most recent financial statement, please write to: VCCA 154 San Angelo Drive Amherst, VA 24521 FOR MORE INFORMATION (434) 946-7236 DONATIONS ©2018 Virginia Center for the Creative Arts Every attempt has been made to provide accurate donor and Fellow information. We highly value our Fellows and supporters and greatly regret any mistakes. Please contact the office with questions or concerns: (434) 946-7236


Profile for Virginia Center for the Creative Arts

VCCA FY2017 Annual Report  

The FY2017 annual report for the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts.

VCCA FY2017 Annual Report  

The FY2017 annual report for the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts.

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