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Senior Spotlights: Cole Halliday & Kristin Tropf

“The Thought” by Alexa Piccirillo

“Captured” by Sydney Jameson(fair use)

Van Buren is packed full of all kinds of outstanding talent. Not only were our athletic skills represented at the state wrestling tournament and musical flair showcased in our very own Open Mic Night, but we have three art students whose masterpieces have been recognized at the Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Exhibition. Seniors Cala Reynolds and Sydney Jameson, and junior Alexa Piccirillo paid a single dollar to have their artwork entered in the show and were rewarded with the priceless honor of being named as a regional winner. Across the state there were 12,000 pieces entered at the regional level with only

3,000 deemed as regional winners, and Van Page 4 Buren held three of these worthy titles. With 15 regions in the competition, a mere four pieces of work from our region were awarded to then appear in the state show. Alexa’s piece “The Thought” was one of these four and among the total 300 exceptional pieces that will be exhibited in the state art show. She is the second student in the history of Van Buren to have their work make it to the state Governor’s Show. “The Thought” will » Sand Sculpture be on display in Columbus at the James A. » Blood Drive Rhodes Office from April 14 – May 16. Congratulations, girls, on all of your » Trip to Mars success!


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Teacher Troubles

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How To Efficiently Solve a Dispute With Your Teacher Laura Endicott

You would be called the true master of brown nosing and put in the teacher’s pet hall of fame if you said you have never had a dispute with a teacher before. Unless you study the art of flattery and are training for the Olympic sport of sweet talk, odds are you have been in some type of argument with someone of authority at one point or another. If you think for a second that you must be pretty good at your charm because you can’t recall a single heated disagreement, think again: Has there ever been a time where you simply were too afraid to speak up, in fear of upsetting the teacher? As much as I hate to put down your smooth guy vibe, that is not an example of charm my friend. So if you are not an expert suck-up and actually want to resolve an issue, read the following tips given by teachers themselves that could potentially increase the effectiveness of an argument! Won’t a teacher be out to get me if I speak up? What’s the point? The point is that speaking up can simply help a teacher clarify their reasoning more efficiently, ultimately leaving you with a better understanding on an issue so it

does not become a continuous problem. “I hope for myself and any other teachers, we would have the integrity not to punish a student for asking a question. It’s good to ask questions because I know I have made mistakes in the past or have made mistakes that students need to point out to me and I am glad they do,” explains Mr. Bratt, an English teacher at VB. Always remember, though, that speaking up means just that. It does not mean roaring up, but instead simply speaking, such as what people do when they are calm and composed.

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What are the big no no’s of an argument? Regardless, if you are completely positive that a teacher has a goal to make your year miserable, going at them full attack mode is not a good idea. “You cannot accuse a teacher. Use phrases such as ‘I feel’ instead of ‘you’. Remember that timing is critical. Do not just blow up in the middle of class but instead wait for the right moment to address a situation,” explains Mrs. Long, a math teacher at VB. Mr. Rader, another math teacher at VB, added, “Do not think that a teacher has to agree with your argument either. As long as a teacher has listened to you, that may be the best that will happen. Be sure to drop a subject after it is discussed.” » See Teacher Troubles pg. 6

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An Out of This World Vacation Alisa Warren

Imagine being in a enthusiastic. “I think I relationship for 501 days: could do that. If my wife for the majority of high were with me, I could school students, this is make the 501 days.” perhaps a feat in itself. “This is really symbolic This time, picture being and we really need it with that significant other to represent humanity,” for the entire duration of says Taber MacCallum, that time, in an RV sized the passionate potential space capsule, launched crew member and chief miles away toward Mars technical officer of and back. That’s quite a Inspiration Mars. This thought, isn’t it? Dennis would be a monumental Tito, American tycoon and moment for a private world’s first space tourist, organization to achieve wants to turn this arguably something in space that insane imagination into a the government has not. reality. The timeline is set to image courtesy of use) The Inspiration Mars be a launch on January 5, Foundation hopes to send two people (preferably a 2018, a flyby by August 20, 2018, and a landing back couple) in a capsule that would pass within 100 miles to Earth on May 21, 2019. That’s right: round trip, the of the planet by 2018, which is the time when the journey is 16 months long. two planets would be closest in their orbital paths. Although this plan is plausible, there are obvious The next opportunity would be in 2031, so for the 72 year old Tito, this is perhaps his last time to see his vision take shape. The purpose of this privately funded mission is Alisa Warren to revitalize American science, and to inspire future generations. There is yet to be details on where funds It’s become an Easter holiday tradition: local come from, and no formal application process has artist Roger Powell’s enormous sand sculpture begun, but resumes from various people are being depiction of Jesus Christ has captivated and submitted as there is an obvious interest for many in brought together many people from the Findlay being the first people to ever get so close to the red area and beyond. The annual event hosted at the planet. Hancock County Fairgrounds begins on March 25 Michaela Conkle, senior, seems to share the same and lasts until March 31, as spectators can witness interest. “I think it’d be fun,” she says enthusiastically. Powell, along with his many volunteers, transform “You’d be the first people to go to Mars. I love the a mountain of sand into a masterpiece. stars, and that’d be awesome.” This staggering work of art contains 300 Mr. Rader, Van Buren math teacher, is equally tons of sand, and there will be “over 120 people that help out this year,” according to Powell. This sculpture seems to be fueled by generosity, with restaurants such as Olive Garden and The Landing Pad donating food for the volunteers of the project. The sculpture has become a spectacle, attracting the eyes of many during the Easter season, such as Christian fiction author, Catherine Alisa Warren Ritch Guess. Inspired by his work she wrote three novels based on Powell’s creations. “She came and lived with my wife for seven days, and I shared stories,” says Powell, referring to Ms. Guess. “That’s how the first book was written.” “There have been some really fond memories,” says Powell, “and this isn’t about Roger Powell. This is about the Lord. It’s for everybody.” One of the inspiring stories that he has experienced through this project is that of a boy who came to the sculpture one night. Around nine in this particular evening, a father requested permission to allow his son to cross the fence, as he wanted to view the sculpture. Powell, Get pumped to pump some blood! The thinking that the boy was possibly too short to National Honor Society is once again hosting view the sand, allowed him in. Although in reality, a blood drive right here in the Van Buren High this boy was blind, with only the ability to see School gym on Thursday, March 21. images from the corner of his eye. He was led to After donating, a delicious buffet of Christ’s head, at the very top of the sculpture, to refreshments will be provided by the Honor take it all in. That evening sparked many feelings Society. Also, did you know that a single blood for Powell, and a few days following that evening, donation can save up to three lives? Now that’s he was met by a powerful response. quite the priceless incentive to step up to the “Three days later, a letter in the braille from task! the boy arrived, thanking me for how he saw and If you are at least 16 years of age and are found Christ that night.” interested in giving blood, but did not sign up for There are tour buses that come in from this particular donation, don’t fret! The American Chicago, and even the Amish community to Red Cross is always hosting blood drives in various witness the creation. He’s even encountered many locations in the area, so visit that gather in the darker hours of the day. “Two for more details!ls. o’clock…3 o’clock in the morning, people come to pray.” Although what he does during Easter every year has granted him much recognition and

risks involved with sending two humans that far into space. Besides the unbearable levels of isolation these people might experience from being miles and miles away from their home planet, there are various health concerns with this mission. One would be cosmic radiation, increasing their risk of cancer. The solution: dehydrated solid and liquid waste from the astronauts may have to be used to shield the walls of the capsule from the radiation. This will be done by replacing the initially water filled bags against the side of the capsule with their waste, dehydrated through the bags. Gross. “It’s a little queasy sounding, but there’s no place for that material to go, and it makes great radiation shielding,” says MacCallum. Other concerns would be bone and muscle loss from long term weightlessness, and the need to ration the 3,000 pounds of available freeze-dried space food. On top of that would be the mental stresses from being with the same spouse in those cramped-quarters for an entire 501 days! This adventure of a lifetime, however exciting, is anything but a romantic beach honeymoon.

Carving a Message Out of Sand

Let’s Get Our Blood Flowin’!

Image Courtesy of (fair use)

admiration, he says with humility, “I feel guilty, because I’d rather give God the credit.” He also notes, “The point of this whole thing was from day one, this would stay completely free for everybody.” There is no admission fee for anyone that would like to view the sculpture. “We will also cook 700 meals for anyone that comes. It’s like breaking bread together.” His stance on his message resonates through his words, as he explains why his project is referred to as “On Common Ground.” “No matter what status of life, we are all people. We are all equal. We are all children of God.” During the week of Monday, March 25 while Powell and his volunteers are working on the construction of the sculpture, there will be live music every night from 7:00-8:00 p.m. until Friday. The complimentary meal will be served at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, and a “Meet the Artist” session with Powell will follow from 1:00-2:00. On Easter Sunday, there will be a sunrise service held in front of the sculpture, led by the pastor of the Evangelical Free Church. The sculpture will only remain there for two weeks under the fairground pavilion following Easter, so one might wonder if Powell would find the destruction of his temporary artwork sad. “It’s not,” responds Powell, with an appropriate metaphor to summarize his message. “if Jesus were still here today, people wouldn’t appreciate him in the same way. If this sand sculpture was here every day, would people come? It wouldn’t be as special. It builds curiosity. These three weeks is the time to come.” There is plenty of parking, and the exhibit is open 24 hours. Come out to be inspired by the sand and the message, and include this as part of your Easter holiday tradition this year!

The Knight Life

Oz: Pretty Great and Powerful Michelle Flanagan

We just can't get enough of the enchanting land of Oz; not only is there the original book series, written by L. Frank Baum, the 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz, the Broadway musical Wicked, but now there is a new movie: Oz the Great and Powerful. The story follows James Franco's character, Oscar (or Oz), as he goes from being a circus magician in Kansas, to Oz, where the citizens believe he has come to fulfill a prophecy. He encounters the witches Theodora, Evanora, and Glinda, who all have their own story on how Oz got to the wreck that it is in, along with other colorful characters you won't soon forget. As he struggles with the decision on whether to be a good man or a great one, secrets begin to unfold and plot twists keep coming around every corner. Every life in the land is depending on this man, and he's not quite sure how to handle that. In turn, it keeps the audience unsure of what to expect next. A fan of both the original movie and Broadway musical, I wasn't entirely sure on how this movie would measure up. And while it sings quite a different tune about the background of Oz than Wicked does, I loved it. Oz was beautiful, with effects that reminded me of The Wizard of Oz and both Alice in Wonderland movies. It begins like the first one, in black and white, and after a tornado, everything is in technicolor. With these awesome graphics, though, comes even more terrifying flying monkeys...prepare yourselves. Overall, I thought it was done beautifully and will please longtime fans and also newcomers. I definitely recommend going to see it, and getting lost in a new land for a few hours.

Image courtesy of (fair use)

Heard in the Halls Jessica Gilts

Heather Clark

I don’t know what you’re rockin’ out to, but I’m rockin’ out to N’Sync!

Am I stupid? No.

My arms hurt so bad, they were shaking! I couldn’t even text!

America, America! This is America! That means you walk on the right side of the hall!

Dude, it was going as fast as a Nascar! Them things have to go at least 200!

If it’s, not leather….it’s metal!

I will not hear words of murder. . .

You really need to stop farting in the hallways, it’s getting really annoying!

Don’t even ask me for help, I’m really stupid…

Two Lanes of Freedom

Miss out on Mahan?

Jessica Cunningham

After a switch to Big Machine Records, Tim McGraw has released his newest album Two Lanes of Freedom. The highly-considered king of country has done it again. For just adjusting to a new record company I’d say overall it was a pretty good album. It definitely was country thick, so if you’re not a fan of real country-country music, this is your warning. If you’re looking for some true honky-tonk, farm boy music, go with “Truck Yeah,” and if you want something upbeat “It’s Your World” is the best bet you have. I’d have to say my personal favorite was “Highway Don’t Care,” a duet with none other than Taylor Swift. It’s a generally Image courtesy of (fair use) good driving song, that’s soft and mellows you out. Some other star songs on the album are “Nashville Without You”—a dedication to past country icons—and “Tinted Windows,” a steamy, reminiscent teen ballad. The toughest song on the album though, one that might even bring a few tears to eyes is “Number 37405,” which details the consequences of a young man driving drunk and taking a life. The album has many slower songs, with a few party ones thrown in, and was number one on the charts for a while after its debut. It’s been out for over a month, so pick Two Lanes of Freedom up today!

Crank Jessica Cunningham Summary: Loosely based on the author’s real life, Crank is about Kristina. The reserved, straight-laced, sweetheart kind of girl that every parent desires. Until she’s introduced to “the monster,” otherwise known as meth. What started out as nothing more than a simple trip to see her faraway father turns into a quick struggle into adult world, from drugs to sex to crime. As Bree—Kristina’s alter ego the monster has created—begins to take over, she’s faced with the challenges of multiple unexpected situations, one particularly difficult one at the end of the book you’ll have to read to find out. Jessica’s Judgment: The book seems very long but it’s all written in verse. Image courtesy of (fair use) It’s a very unusual style which I believe adds a lot of impact. I really liked the stark imagery Hopkins often uses in her poetry. It’s subtle, to-the-point, but very becoming. There’s definitely some pretty hard stuff that takes place in the book, so be warned. But if you’re in need of a warning against drugs, there are quite a few glaring warnings all throughout Crank. To conclude though, I’d say the style is very unlike any book I’ve read. In addition to the fact that the story has some very real situations in it, some Hopkins has faced herself. Crank is a New York Times bestseller, so make sure to check it out today.

Last week, motivational speaker David Mahan spoke at our school about what he so strongly emphasizes: abstinence. All of the high school students weren’t able to attend, so here’s a refresher of what you may have heard in middle school or possibly, missed out on completely. Mahan’s experiences of working in foster homes, helping kids with the desire to change, and leading assemblies at middle and high schools all across the country qualify him with the subjects he energetically tries to get across. Abstinence, in Mahan’s definition, is described as voluntarily choosing not to do something, so this word isn’t just limited to sex. In addition to sexual activity, Mahan’s desire is to stop the peer pressure of alcohol, violence, bullying, and other issues that surround our generation. He “keeps it real” and shares stories that we may laugh about, but truly need to hear. “Young adults sign up for a fantasy and receive reality,” Mahan exclaimed about the way kids today look at the media shown on music videos and television shows. Many of us are blind to the truth. The desire to go to a party, find that ideal guy or girl, or be that “wannabe thug” or “Barbie-girl” is all portrayed in the things we glue our eyes and ears to on a daily basis. Some of us pursue these desires and realize, “I didn’t feel like this when I watched the video.” During the presentation, Mahan explained what he calls, “simple, stupid” concepts. For his first concept, he got the crowd to repeat, “Whatever lifestyle I choose, I have to accept the consequences.” Young adults would prefer to be looked at as mature, but the definition of the word maturity is so frequently misinterpreted. “How many dumb things can I do to prove I’m grown?” is more commonly used than “knowing you can get away with something, but you still choose not to do it.” Mahan discussed how an individual can possess a goal, but it takes more Facts made by Mahan: than talent • 750,000 teen moms to achieve • #1 reason girls go to that goal. hospital is pregnanGood grades, cy h a b i t s , • 25-30 major STDS c h a r a c t e r, • 42% of kids do not respect, have birth fathers self-control, present in lives and most • 60% of kids are importantly, choosing abstinence maturity, all today tie together in developing the person able to reach that anticipated goal. His second “simple, stupid” concept was everything in life has a boundary. “Don’t practice to make perfect, because practice makes permanent.” Mahan didn’t come to lecture, he came to inspire. “If you have made mistakes, I don’t judge you. Everyone makes mistakes.” His motive is to teach kids to forget peer pressure and change your decisions to something you’d be proud of, something your children would be proud of. His words catch your attention and make you think about what you may have not thought about before. These assemblies are always enjoyable to watch and open your eyes to the choices you are making. The last couple quotes from Mahan were what stuck with the students after the assembly: “To the ladies: You are diamonds. Treat yourself like diamonds. If you don’t know you’re beautifully and wonderfully made, you won’t receive respect.” “To the men: Learn to love one woman a million ways, not make love to a million women.” This quote was actually said by a high school senior during an assembly at an inner city school. For any further information about David Mahan you can visit his website at frontlineyc. com!

4 Vol. 1 Issue 10  March 21, 2013


We all call her Kik, but in The Courier and Silver Blades Ice Show program she's known as Kristen Tropf. Kristen started off her senior year as captain of the girls' soccer team, she just finished basketball season, and now she will move into track. Madi Endicott Before she officially starts track season, Kristen has one more sport to wrap up, ice skating. Kristen says she will miss being on the ice. She described how skating makes her feel, “The freedom of just gliding on ice is relaxing and enjoyable. It's not as stressful and uptight as the other sports I do.” She will end her ten-year skating career with a bang when she performs her senior salute this weekend at the Silver Blades 38th Annual Ice Show. With her personal and the team's success last year, Kristen is looking forward to her senior track season. “The thing I'm looking forward to most is just getting to bond with a new group of people and having fun,” she explained. Kristen qualified for state last year in the mile after running what she considered the best race of her career at regionals when she ran her PR of 5:16 and was interviewed by The Courier afterward. Stay tuned to The Knight Writer to see how Kristen and the rest of the track team does this season.


What is your favorite part of skating? Probably when I'm done with a show and I know I did well, and that's mostly because that is the only time that I'm not nervous and can finally relax. What is the weirdest thing about skating? I'm not one of those graceful skaters, so whenever we have to do slow stuff where our arms have to be, like, perfectly straight and stuff, I don't like it. I like the fast beat stuff. Photo Courtesy of The Yearbook Staff? What is your “secret weapon” in track? My mom, because she always knows exactly what I need to fuel my body for a meet to make sure I succeed. What was your favorite year of high school? My junior year, because I did really good academically and athletically. What is the funniest thing that has happened in track? When we ran two miles in lane eight in the snow for punishment last year and I smacked Tyler Hiatt's calf afterward which hurt him, so he tackled me and made me lick the track. Favorite movie: Pitch Perfect Yummiest thing your mom makes: Calzone Favorite race: 4X400

Cole Halliday

The phrase “A face in the crowd” would not hold true when describing Cole Halliday. Halliday is not just another face in the crowd; he is the face leading the crowd. As the ultimate Black Knight fan, Halliday traveled to and attended nearly Sarah Benson every basketball game this winter season, missing a few away games and only one home game. His support and enthusiasm towards the Black Knights helped propel the team to always try their best. Cheering on the Black Knights was something Halliday could do without interrupting the healing process of his knee, after destroying it mid-football season. Despite his injury, Halliday has been training hard and relearning throwing routines in hopes of competing during his last track season. His dedication is admired by all and his loud personality will be missed during next year’s basketball season. Halliday plans to attend The University of Cincinnati and major in operations management. You can assume that Halliday will be just as supportive towards the Bearcats during his college years. What’s your favorite part about being in the student section? I like to let loose and be loud in an environment that allows it, all while supporting my friends and classmates. Photo Courtesy of The Yearbook Staff? Why is it important to you to participate in track and field this season? I like to prove myself and others wrong because I am a very competitive person. Interesting facts about your injuries: I have gone through 25 total hours of surgery and have 12 screws and 2 staples in my legs and feet. Favorite Teacher: Mr. Heitkamp Favorite Subject: Applied Business

La Vida Vistoso de Señora McIntosh Mrs. McIntosh’s Colorful Life Michelle Flanagan Often seen in the hallways sitting across from her students, speaking quick Spanish and firing questions, Mrs. McIntosh, or Señora as her students call her, is a familiar face at Van Buren. What many students don’t know, however, is how colorful her life has been. She lived in Costa Rica for a year during high school, backpacked around Europe while in college, and has been blessed with an awesome family and a job she loves. Mrs. Lisa McIntosh grew up in the Youngstown area of Ohio, but didn’t become interested in Spanish until she took the leap to go to Costa Rica the July before her junior year of high school. “I went into the exchange program just wanting to go to another country. I had listed Australia as number one, because there wouldn’t be a language barrier there, Spain as number two, and I picked Costa Rica off a map as number three.” She explained that Costa Rica had a very active exchange program, and it was rare that a student would actually list it among their top three,

so she was chosen to go there right away. She admits that she was nervous when she first got there, hearing everyone at the airport speaking rapid Spanish, and only being able to pick out a few words. “I didn’t really know Spanish before [I got there]. We did lists in my class; we didn’t do readings or conversations or anything. I had this sinking feeling, like, ‘What did I get myself into?’ But I knew I wouldn’t go home early, I’m not a quitter.” She smiled, and added, “It was the best experience; you learn so fast, and you learn because you have to. Basically, in a few months you’re conversationally fluent.” It was easy to see how in love with Costa Rica she was as she elaborated on her time there. “Not having any idea what to expect, it was beautiful. I learned the language, I learned to surf because my host brother was on the surf team, and the rainforest, the volcanoes, the national parks; I had no idea it was as beautiful as it was.” But just because you love something doesn’t necessarily mean you want to make a career out of it. She had friends in high school who told her she would make a great Spanish teacher, but she started in, and quickly transferred out of, fashion merchandising at Youngstown State University. » See McIntosh pg. 6

Vol. 1 Issue 10  March 21, 2013  5

Craving The Maddness

SPORTS Strength Through Action

Ryan Brauneller

Brice Lawerence

Image courtesy of Courtesy of Yearbook Staff

Weightlifting is an option for all studentathletes at Van Buren. Building muscle mass for the sport(s) you participate in can greatly increase your competivitveness, your playing time, and lead to a healthy lifestyle. Lifting weights now gives an advantage, as opposed to lifting when you're, say 25, because being young now means that muscles, tissues, and bones recover faster and get stronger faster. Head Football Coach and Weight Room Coordinator, Mr. Shoup states that he is confident that “the weight room is beneficial to all of our athletes regardless of age. Those who work hard in the weight room at a young age (freshman), with proper technique and coaching are able to increase coordination and general athleticism during a time where many adolescent athletes struggle through growth spurts causing them to loose coordination.” With that being said, Shoup also stated a “refuse to lose” mentality generally helps a student-athlete in competition, and being better in competition can push the athlete to lift more, and get better, and also possibly increasing their playing time. According to Shoup, lifting can also improve a students' social life. “People will respect you as long as you work hard,” says Shoup. “Those who come and work hard will be respected by their peers and this will inevitably benefit them socially.” Senior Matt DeVore agrees. “It's allowed me to get in touch with a lot of different people growing up I never thought I would. Like older guys on the football team. Personally, (lifting) has been a big part of my life.” Eating right is also a big part of gaining the right weight and getting stronger. DeVore recommends “carbs, carbs, carbs, because you need a lot of energy. But for me, eat anything and everything, because I'm going to college and play football.”

According to Van Buren Boys’ Soccer Coach Jeff Swaisgood, weightlifting not only builds muscle but builds character as well. “Weightlifting for me has taught me to be more organized, getting my priorities straights, helping me manage time, and teach me to stay fit throughout my life. It's taught me to be a leader, to teach kids younger than me, like my brother's grade, and kids coming up, and having to teach them everything I know, and teach them technique.” Swaisgood thinks lifting while growing older is a good thing. Keeping the muscle mass and strength is also an important part. “Staying fit and strong allows you to be able to do things around your house at a much easier, and faster pace.

While the NCAA tournament has always been serious about finding who is truly the best college basketball team in the country, the upset factor has truly morphed “The Dance” into the most entertaining time of the year. Sunday, March 17 marked the day many teams waited to be announced if they are going to the NCAA basketball tournament after all. If they were lucky enough to be invited, their biggest goal now is to fight their way to the championship on April 8 in Atlanta, Georgia. Many men and women across the nation wait to watch their favorite teams make their way to the championship or make that amazing upset. They may even be the “Cinderella Story” team as they make the greatest upsets of the year. Two years ago, VCU or Virginia Commonwealth University, made it to the Final Four after taking down several highly ranked teams. You could also be a fan of the number one seeded team that always tries not to be on the losing side of the upset and makes their way further into the tournament. It seems every year a number one team takes an early ticket home as they suffer an unforseen defeat. In the 2013 tournament, Louisville earned the overall top seed. Following the Louisville Cardinals, Indiana, Kansas, and Gonzaga are the other number one seeded teams. One surprise in this tournament this year is Kentucky not even making in as they lost their chances when they couldn’t win their conference tournament. Kentucky dominated their schedule last year winning every game but one and then winning the championship. This year, ESPN is projecting Louisville to take the championship and arise as the best team in the nation. Tune in to watch your favorite team make their way into the championship or see if they are the upset of the tournament. You could even get a group of friends around and challenge each other to see who makes the most correct bracket. Whether you filled your bracket based on team’s records, mascots, colors, or campuses you’d like to visit, have fun, enjoy the games, and cheer on your favorite teams.

Courtesy of Yearbook Staff

Spring Into Running with 5Ks Allison Arthur

With spring in full swing, students and other athletes are looking for ways to get outside and enjoy the air, but how? Whether it be for the enjoyment and benefit of yourself or the benefit of an organization, 5Ks are a great way to get out on these perfect spring days. There are two scheduled 5Ks coming up this spring near Findlay. On Saturday, April 6, the We Pink We Can 5K For a Cure! will be held in Findlay. A 5K and 1 mile fun run is available for the entry fee of $20 & $10 respectively. On April 13, The Larry Beagle Memorial 5K takes place in Arlington. Proceeds benefit the Arlington

track program and the Larry Beagle Scholarship Fund for Arlington track athletes. There are awards for first and second female runners as well as age group awards. This spring, you can take charge of the way you exercise by training for a 5K. 5Ks are also a great way to train yourself for a marathon. Not only is the personal benefit great, but the benefit of the organization holding the marathon as well. For more information on 5Ks and other races in Ohio, check out http://www.

Courtesy of

6 Vol. 1 Issue 10  March 21, 2013

Teacher Troubles Cont’d. Mrs. McIntosh Cont’d. How can I seem as mature as possible when approaching an argument? As stated above, timing is critical. Rather than bringing up an issue right in the middle of a lesson plan, shoot the teacher an email asking to set up a time for when they are free. “Be sure to keep your request professional and well formatted! Tell the teacher what you would like to discuss so they can briefly prepare themselves,” explains Bratt. Mr. Rader elaborates on this point. “Make sure you are providing a logical argument with support rather than what you simply want or think. Steer clear of whining to a teacher,” adds Rader. Can’t I just discuss the argument completely through email? Face to face is better than email for multiple reasons. Not only does it make you appear as a more mature adult and expresses the seriousness you feel about an issue, but it also is just a more efficient way of communicating. “Things can be construed differently than what might have been originally meant via writing. With face to face, things can be addressed easier and questions can be asked right away. If you do write a letter, be sure to sign your name! We really want to know what students have the issues so we can help. Anonymous letters are not nearly as helpful,” explains Long.

Will a big group of people get my point across better? Before you get your entire posse to discuss something with a teacher, take this thought into account: Would you want a bunch of teachers coming to talk to you about something? This was a point that Mr. Rader brought up. “Neither party should feel like it is being attacked. Often times, people’s needs differ.” Mrs. Long adds, “The focus on what really needed attention can be lost and no one is really satisfied because of the constant shifting around.” Ultimately, we should look at the classroom as a preparation station that can help guide us through more than just a specific subject. We must learn to adapt and adjust ourselves because we can’t just send the real world an email saying you do not agree with what is happening. If we trust our teachers, teachers will trust us in return and we can all grow together, successfully achieving the most out of our experience as students.



However, she continued to take Spanish classes simply because she enjoyed them, and even tutored some students. That’s when it really hit her that maybe she did want to teach. She graduated college as a Spanish major, and took her education classes after spending a summer in Spain. During a summer while in college, Mrs. McIntosh and one of her friends decided to take a few classes in Spain, and to travel after their courses were done. They opted to get an “open jaw” ticket, so they knew they were starting in Spain and had to leave from Italy when their time was finally up. They had about two months of classes and a month of pure travel. Even while in classes, they were able to travel on the weekends, jumping on a train and just going somewhere. She emphasized the importance of spending an extended amount of a time in a place. “Ten day trips are great, where you spend a small amount of time in a few cities, but take a chunk of time and literally travel through Europe on a train with a backpack for at least a month. A month is minimum. You don’t feel like a tourist when you’re there for that long, you get some roots. You’re able to get up and eat your breakfast every morning, and have your churros, chocolate, and coffee while reading the paper.” Now that her roots are back here in Ohio, she spends a lot of her time outside. “My husband and I have a lot of raised garden beds, and we have these really big, amazing blackberries. I spend time with my kids, we go to the zoo a lot because we live really close, so we take advantage of that.” She’s very happy that she wound up here at VB, but admits that she still loves traveling, and hopes to get back to Spain sometime soon.

If you’re ever wondering about doing a foreign exchange program, or even just about traveling to a foreign country, ask Mrs. McIntosh for some advice. She’s got great things to offer, and her only request is that you remember to send a postcard from wherever you get to go! Is there anywhere you wouldn’t go back to?: No, I don’t think so. If I’m planning a trip, I try not to repeat places that I’ve been to, but it’s hard because there are places that I’d love to go back and visit. Travel must have: Something to tuck your money and passport in so they won’t get taken. And my Let’s Go Europe book, which would tell you where to buy your Euro pass, and what hostels to stay at. Best travel advice: Every graduate needs to try to travel through Europe for an extended period of time! Favorite book: I really did enjoy the Harry Potter series, and it’s so cliché, but I do love it. I like series because when you finish a book it’s just sad, and with a series you get to read it for longer. If you hadn’t taught, what would you have done?: That’s a tough one, but probably psychology. That and Spanish were the classes I always took, no matter what my actual major was, just because I really enjoyed them.

The Water Bottle Policy: A War on Thirsty Athletes? Alisa Warren and Sarah Benson

For years, student athletes at Van Buren High School have been struggling to keep hydrated throughout the day, due to the ban of carrying water bottles while school is in session. There have been questions as to why this ban is in place, and if it would ever be overturned, especially for athletes. “I don’t like it,” expresses Mr. Schumaker, cross country and track coach at Van Buren. “I think students should be given the ability to carry around water bottles with them…especially the athletes.” Many argue that it is extremely difficult for athletes to meet their coaches’ requests for staying hydrated to prevent health problems such as dehydration, especially when the temperatures get warmer as spring rolls around. Water is an important factor in keeping the body healthy for any athlete. The muscles and body need to be hydrated to perform properly. Track and field Coach, Brian Beining states that, “Hydration is a big part of being an athlete. Drinking small amounts all day long is better for you than drinking a 20 oz. bottle all at once.”. “I don’t know if [lifting the ban] would completely eliminate dehydration,” says Schumaker, “but it would definitely help to solve that problem. Winter athletics aren’t as influenced by it, but during fall and spring, there is definitely a major impact and safety concern.” Mr. Grant, Van Buren athletic director, sees it in a different light. “Well technically, it’s for any student, not just athletes,” he says, referring to this ban. “When you make a rule, you have to make it apply to everyone.” The rule was established to keep students from consuming non-water substances during the school day, such as alcohol. So is there any possibility of having a lift of the water bottle ban

in the future? “Changes in rules like this have to be earned,” answers Grant. “If this is something that the student body really wants, a good first step would be to leave the cafeteria clean after lunch.” Track and field Coach, Brian Beining understands why water bottles are not allowed to be carried during the school day, but wishes “there were more water fountains for students to drink from between classes.” It appears to be that there isn’t much of a possibility in changing this rule anytime in the near future. But for those that qualify as individuals with a history of dehydration related issues, there is a way around this rule, as long as a doctor’s note is written. For anyone else though, there’s only one solution in the meantime. “Unless the policy changes, all you can do is any chance you have, get a drink from the fountain,” advises Schumaker. It’s often referred to as a solution for athletes to drink from water fountains, but the lack of these on route to classes for many student-athletes could be directly associated with the cramps and abnormal fatigue that Van Buren athletes have been experiencing on the field. For some students, their schedules make it so that they do not pass the water fountains enough times throughout the course of the school day. If you feel like you are not given the opportunity to be properly hydrated stop by your doctor’s office and ask for a note, or sign out of class for a drink of water. Van Buren students: stay happy, stay hydrated. Courtesy of (fair use).

The Knight Writer, Volume 1, Issue 10  

March 21, 2013