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Tech Trends | Overview

Tectonic shifts Almost every year, we notice new trends emerging into prominence. In the past few years, Tablets have held centre stage and it is believed in a year or so will also overtake PCs in shipments, yet the spotlight is already shifting away towards new categories. While Tablets will continue to be a fast growing category, IDC believes that the rising popularity of phablets (large screen smartphones) will take away some market from the large screen tablets. In addition, new categories of wearable smart devices like Google Glass, smart watches are emerging and is likely to find significant adoption, especially among youth as these devices will have more aspirational appeal. They may also become statements of fashion. Or they could also be utility devices like the Filip, AT&T’s new connected wearable device and which helps parents keep a tab on where their kids are at all times and provide as well a means of communication. According to Juniper research, there could be great significant opportunities for recurring subscription revenues as well as for apps as these categories evolve further. Sales of smart glasses, smart watches and wearable fitness trackers reached 8.3 million units worldwide in 2012, up from 3.1 million devices in the previous year and are growing at a CAGR of 50.6%, according to Berg Insight. While wearable fitness and activity trackers constitute the vast majority of the shipments today, by 2017, smart watches are expected to take the lead. Wearable technology is expected to shift from being smartphone accessories into becoming proper stand-alone computing devices. Google, Sony and Samsung have already launched products and other major players such as Apple and LG are expected to soon enter the market. A lot many of those concept devices you may have seen in the 007 Movies are now beginning to look more real with each passing day. This hectic pace of innovations is not confined to consumer Technology. In the enterprise markets, we have seen how Big data, the cloud and now trends like SDN (software defined networks) are reimagining the industry as we knew it a few years ago. These are irreversible trends and we will likely witness a quickening pace of how these become an integral part of the world around us.

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In Focus | Belkin Overview

Ready to Roll Belkin has made a great strides as a brand and its buyout of Linksys was an important milestone. Belkin Country Manager Youssef El-Arif discusses how Belkin as a brand continues to differentiate and grow Discuss the synergy with the two brands Belkin and Linksys coming together Both Belkin and Linksys brands have been in the market for many years. We are perceived as valuable brands by consumers as well as our channel partners. The channel and consumers trust our brands and we have a wide range of products to offer to them. This is a great advantage for both the brands and I am working very closely with the Linksys team to make sure that we are present everywhere in the region; we both have skilled teams and experienced people in the field. We are joining our efforts by sharing experiences and best practises . How important is the Middle East and Africa to the larger Belkin family? MEA is a very important region to Belkin International. We have been growing our business year on year across all categories and the most important thing is that we have been profitable in such a competitive market. Despite 4

October 2013

the challenges in the region, we are still aiming to grow not only our business but also our investment in new product innovation and differentiation. And this for sure will help us differentiate ourselves in MEA where there are many players in the market that don’t have the chance to do that. Belkin also recently opened an exclusive store in KSA. Briefly discuss this development. The Belkin Store in Riyadh will serve as an exclusive showroom to display a full range of products available for sale while helping to increase the brand’s presence in the Kingdom. It will provide customers with the opportunity to discover a full range of products in an appealing display, while a knowledgeable and enthusiastic team of retail professionals will deliver expert information and advice to create the finest customer experience. How do you see Belkin navigating through this maze

of competing brands and nonbrands? The reality is that the industry never stands still, it continuously evolves. The market expands and players come and go. Belkin’s commitment to innovation, research and design has inspired more than 2000 products and 200 patents design. We have lots of advantages which put us ahead of everyone else. You would think that price might be the main reason for a brand to be successful, but in fact it is not. There is a need for innovation, fashion, design, solutions, good quality, peace of mind and this is where Belkin has a competitive advantage. Recently we have partnered with Lego, Vans and Orla Kiely which will enable us to offer a variety of iPhone and iPad cases in collaboration with these big brands. Such partnership opens up a whole new audience for Belkin and we are extremely excited to work with these brands that will inspire creativity and promote individuality in people of all ages.

Product Showcase | Belkin Thunderbolt Express Dock The Thunderbolt Express Dock lets you use a single connection to create high-speed, reliable transfers between your laptop and up to eight other devices, including FireWire, Ethernet, USB, and daisy chaining multiple Thunderbolt devices. Key features: • With Thunderbolt Express Dock, all your drives, networking, input and output devices connect to the 8 ports on the back. It in turn connects to your laptop through one Thunderbolt port. • Moves data on two bidirectional 10Gbps channels. That’s 20 times faster than USB 2.0, 12 times faster than FireWire 800. And it means an entire HD movie transfers in 30 seconds • The Belkin Thunderbolt Cable (Not Included) allows you to connect all your Thunderbolt peripherals and utilize the daisy chaining capabilities the technology affords.

WeMo Home Automation Switch + Motion Sensor bundle The Belkin Wi-Fi enabled WeMo Switch and WeMo Motion Kit gives you wireless control of your home appliances and electronics, turning devices of your choice on or off as soon as movement is detected. Key features: • The WeMo Switch and WeMo Motion Kit makes it easy to set schedules for home appliances and electronics and turn devices on and off remotely. The sensor detects movement up to 10 feet away and wirelessly signals the WeMo Switch to turn the connected de vice on or off, depend ing on your preference. • The WeMo kit is completely modular, allowing you to control as much or as little of your house as you like. You can add an additional WeMo Switch to provide control of more areas of your home

Belkin N600 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Range Extender The Belkin N600 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Range Extender expands your wireless network, while its compact, elegant design complements your home décor. With high performance speeds of up to 300Mbps (2.4GHz) + 300Mbps (5GHz) and external antennas for superior range, you’ll have strong, reliable Wi-Fi throughout your home. Simple Start makes set up quick and easy on any smartphone, tablet or laptop —just plug the Belkin N600 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Range Extender right into the wall, access Simple Start and you’re ready to go in minutes.. 6

October 2013

Key features: • Dual-Band speed: 300Mbps (2.4GHz) + 300Mbps (5GHz) • Simple Start: Easy setup in minutes. Browser-based window uses your smart phone, tablet or computer to install your router in just minutes • External antennas: Extend range and provide a strong Wi-Fi signal for improved coverage • Compact design: Elegant design comple ments home décor and provides less clutter • Crossband technology: Sends data continuously – switching between bands to provide the greatest speed • Compatible with G and N technology devices

In Focus | TP-Link What in your opinion is the key differentiator for TP-LINK? Utilizing extensive R&D and independent manufacturing facilities, TP-LINK has strived to maintain a rigorously strict product development process aimed at reducing cost, without sacrificing quality. This is reflected both in the company’s 8% annual revenue investment into Research and Development, a key portion of

devices such as our latest portable router, the M5360 also allows users to charge their mobile devices with a powerful 5200mAh battery, making it an ideal travel companion. How is this impacting home networks? While mobile telecommunications will continue to progress and allow for an increase in the applications

Bold Vision Denny Liang General Manager, ME, TP-LINK

TP-LINK’s impetus is undeniable, moving in just a few years to become a leader in the networking segment. ME General Manager Denny Liang, discusses how the company keeps getting better and better.

Discuss TP-LINK’s ambitions to become the biggest networking vendor in the region We have continued to grow rapidly in the Middle East. We are aiming to be the largest networking vendor in the region and believe that what has driven our impressive growth in the past will continue to be a driving force in the future, with advanced and increasingly aesthetically appealing high quality networking products provided to end users at affordable prices.

which sees nearly half of what is now a 900 engineer-strong team dedicated exclusively to product testing, engaging the company’s extensive testing regime to prevent flaws in either software or hardware, as well as in end-user simulations. Our success has been in providing consumers with access to the most advanced networking technologies at affordable prices.

Discuss some expansion plans in the region in the near future Following TP-LINK’s success in traditional channel markets, we are growing rapidly with Power retailers, while developing our ISP and SMB businesses to make more great products increasingly accessible to consumers through as many channels as possible. 8

October 2013

How does TP-LINK view the future of networking? The future of the networking industry is an exciting one. An increase in mobility allows users to take the advantages of WiFi on the road, opening up a world of freedom to work and play, wherever broadband Internet is available. TP-LINK’s line of portable routers further allow users to share broadband access at high speed, while

available to end users, the home and office will remain an integral part of the networking make-up. As solutions become available to make the home and office network easier to set up and more ubiquitous around the home with Hybrid Wireless solutions such as TP-LINK’s H5 Kit, combining wireless and powerline technologies in a single device will “end the deadzone”. Increasingly powerful Internet access technologies such as GPON and VDSL allowing for incredible bandwidth of up to 2.488Gbps downstream and upstream rates up to 1.244Gbps will allow for incredibly robust applications around the home and office that will be further enabled by the latest 802.11ac standard and products such as TP-LINK’s Archer C7 AC1750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router.

Product Showcase | TP-LINK Archer C7 (AC1750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router) TP-LINK’s Archer C7 comes with the next generation Wi-Fi standard – 802.11ac, 3 times faster than wireless N speeds and delivering a combined wireless data transfer rate of up to 1.75Gbps. With 1.3Gbps wireless speeds over the crystal clear 5GHz band and 450Mbps over the 2.4GHz band, the Archer C7 is the superior choice for seamless HD streaming, online gaming and other bandwidth-intensive tasks.

Key features: • Supports 802.11ac standard - the next generation of Wi-Fi • Full gigabit ports ensure ultra fast data transfer speeds • Simultaneous 2.4GHz 450Mbps and 5GHz 1300Mbps connections for1.75Gbps of total available bandwidth



(300Mbps AV500 WiFi Powerline Extender Starter Kit)

(300Mbps High Power Wireless N Router)

TP-LINK’s TL-WPA4220KIT extends your Internet connection to every room of the house through your home’s existing electrical circuitry. Key features: • One Touch Super Range Extension - Wi-Fi Clone Button simplifies your Wi-Fi configuration and helps build a seamless unified home network • HomePlug AV standard providing up to 500Mbps high speed data transmission over a home’s existing electrical wiring, ideal for lag-free HD or 3D video streaming and online gaming • Extend 300Mbps wireless connections

300Mbps High Power Wireless N Router TLWR841HP is a powerful wireless solution well suited for the home or office. With 300Mbps wireless speeds, TL-WR841HP is ideal for streaming HD video, making VoIP calls and online gaming. Key features: • High power amplifier and 5dBi antennas provide 4x the wireless range of a normal router • Enhanced Wi-Fi signal cuts through walls and obstacles, eliminating dead zones • 2x the wireless speed of a normal router over long-distances enables seamless data transfer and media streaming

AV500 Hybrid WiFi Starter Kit H5 KIT (Hybrid WiFi Router H5R + Hybrid WiFi Extender H5E) The Hybrid WiFi Kit uses your home’s existing electrical circuitry to transmit data to areas of your home where WiFi signals don’t penetrate, for solid wireless connections without interference, limitations over distance or messy wiring. Key features: • To set up your Whole Home network, simply plug your

devices in wherever you want WiFi and use the “pair” buttons on the router and adapter to copy the settings to both devices and enjoy a seamless wireless roaming experience. • Equipped with N600 dual band speeds and full gigabit ports, the Hybrid WiFi Kit can power numerous bandwidth intensive applications such as online gaming, HD streaming at the same time. October 2013


In Focus | Dell giving him a unique global overview of server, networking and storage trends. Dell will also be unveiling a new Solutions Center in Dubai later this year, a state-of-the-art technical lab and datacenter equipped to address the business objectives and IT challenges of customers in the Middle East through powerful solution engagements. “Many of our Middle East customers and partners from

Dave Brooke General Manager, ME, Dell

Dell will unveil its latest array of end-to-end solutions at GITEX Technology Week 2013, demonstrating how its cuttingedge technology can help Middle East businesses manage and scale their IT operations, including examples in the oil and gas, education and finance industries. Dell believes technology priorities can be categorized into four key pillars: Transform; Connect; Inform; and Protect, and will demonstrate on the stand how these pillars can be used to solve technology challenges. Underscoring the importance of the Middle East to Dell, Marius Haas, Dell’s President, Enterprise Solutions, will travel from the US to attend GITEX Technology Week this year. Haas is responsible for the worldwide engineering, design, development and marketing of Dell enterprise products, 10

October 2013

efficiency, and strengthen IT service quality. During GITEX, Dell will connect with channel and alliance partners to update them about Dell’s enhanced PartnerDirect channel program, and how Dell’s technology can help them grow their business. “In the last year, we have significantly invested in Dell’s PartnerDirect program, and strengthened partner

Dell focuses on key pillars the region travel to GITEX , and this is an opportunity for us to reach out to them and demonstrate Dell’s end-toend integrated solutions,” said Dave Brooke, Dell’s Middle East general manager. “Dell has the technology and capabilities to help them solve their IT challenges, and Gitex is a good venue to showcase this.” New launches in 2013 that will be displayed for channel partners and end-users during GITEX include PowerEdge VRTX and Active Infrastructure 1:1. PowerEdge VRTX is the first converged IT solution designed specifically for remote and small office environments, with enterprise-class capabilities in a desk-side, space-saving design. Active Infrastructure 1.1 is a solution that helps organisations accelerate the delivery of business applications and IT services, improve data center

engagement in the region, while continuing to offer simple, rewarding and effective enablement and business development programs that resonate with our partners and their customers,,” said John Coulston, Channel Director, Dell Middle East. Dell will also demonstrate how recent acquisitions such as Wyse, AppAssure, Kace, SonicWall and Quest can help organizations and partners address technology challenges. Joining Dell on its stand this year is close alliance partner, VMware. Additionally, Dell’s stand at GITEX will be completely paperless to reflect both its commitment to a greener society and the power of technology today. Dell will use cloud technologies to share collateral with customers and partners during the show.

Product Showcase | Dell

PowerEdge VRTX

Inspiron 7000 Series The Inspiron 7000 Series laptops provide powerful performance in thin, upscale designs. Featuring diamond-cut beveled edges, the 7000 Series’ forged aluminum design turns heads and feels reassuringly strong. Key features: • The Inspiron 7000 Series features backlit keyboards as standard to make it easy when the lights are low, and is maximized for efficiency with Intel 4th generation (Haswell) Core i5 and i7 options, as well as SSD options. • Ideal for on-the-go types with up to 8 hours and 52 minutes of battery life, the Inspiron 14 slips easily into a sleeve or bag with its ultra-thin 0.6-inch (15.3mm) design. • The Inspiron 15 is the perfect blend of portability and performance, measuring under an inch thin (0.9 inches) with a large 15.6-inch screen and up to 7 hours, 24 minutes of battery life.


October 2013

The PowerEdge VRTX is a shared infrastructure platform offering extensive performance and capacity with office-level acoustics in a single, compact tower chassis. It is an ideal solution for small and midsize businesses as well as remote and branch offices of large enterprises. Key features: • Employing the latest PowerEdge technology and high-availability features, VRTX can help you gain fast application response times, run multiple applications that need performance or low latency, power through peak processing periods and scale for future business growth. Huge internal capacities that support extensive growth Office-level acoustics, much quieter than traditional aggregations of servers, storage and networking • Fresh Air validated configurations that allow you to avoid the need for special cooling or worry when you turn off the AC during non-business hours

Dell Venue 8 Pro Dell Venue 8 Pro, for the first time introduces a complete windows experience in the eight inch version. The Dell Venue 8 Pro and Dell Venue 11 Pro feature the new Intel Atom quad-core processors, code named “Bay Trail” Key features: • Whatever you’re creating, the Dell Venue 8 Pro helps you build it quickly with an ultrafast Intel Atom processor Z3740 • Dell Venue 8 Pro gives you complete access to Office Home & Student 2013. • Your Dell Venue 8 Pro gives you quick access to everything in the Windows Store and easy access to the apps you already have on your Windows 8 PC. • Watch back-to-back movies or spend your day at the office without a cord with up to 10 hours of battery life. • Dual-band WiFi helps establish fast, reliable connections to WiFi hotspots

In Focus | WD saving technology such as WD IntelliPower and WD IntelliPark to reduce power consumption by up to 40% compared to competitor products. A single WD AV drive can simultaneously playback up to 12 simultaneous HD streams without frame drops thanks to our SilkStream technology. As the region is currently investing in digital video surveillance systems in new real estate projects etc. and upgrading from older analog

WD My Book Live family of NAS devices for consumers and WD Sentinel DX4000 Small Business Storage Server for SMBs continue to be the focus for WD. Among your external drives, which are the fastest growing products lines? With our DAS (direct attached storage) products, which comprise external hard drives, the WD My Passport family of portable drives has always been

In pole position

Khwaja Saifuddin Senior Sales Director, MEA & SA, WD

Discuss the new products being showcased? We will be highlighting our second generation WD Red hard drives, which are designed specifically for SOHO NAS enclosures with 1-to-5 drive bays. In the coming years the demand for SOHO NAS solutions and thus the need for drives for those solutions will grow considerably. With our WD Red drive family we are perfectly positioned to address those demands. We will also be highlighting our WD AV family of drives comprising the WD AV-GP and WD AV-25, which are designed for 24x7 video streaming environments. These drives are optimised to tackle continuous video recording and so offer high storage capacities (up to 3TB) and advanced power 14

October 2013

WD, a storage components manufacturing powerhouse, continues to bring to market storage drives that cater to high performance expectations across user segments, from consumer to soho to SMB and enterprise. It has also been strengthening its suite of Business products steadily and has a strong channel program in place as well. Khwaja Saifuddin, Senior Sales Director, Middle East, Africa & South Asia, WD discusses the company’s recent launches and agenda for GITEX systems to digital systems, we look at GITEX Technology Week as an opportunity to promote these drives. Elaborate on new launches in your Business portfolio? From a component standpoint, we recently launched the WD SE line of hard drives which are designed for SMB NAS enclosures with between 6-to-12 bays and for scale-out architectures such as bulk cloud storage, CDNs etc. As open source NAS devices which are sold without hard drives continue making inroads into the SMB space, the need for drives designed for these SMB NAS systems will increase and with the WD SE family, WD can directly address that demand. From a branded perspective the

a strong seller with healthy growth. We recently updated the range with the launch of our new My Passport Ultra drives, which offer up to 2TB of storage capacity and ships with WD SmartWare Pro, which allows a customer to backup data manually or automatically. Has there been volume-wise growth in shipments in the region across product lines? Today there are greater demands for storage than ever before. As a result of this, as well as the need for remote data access and data redundancy, the need for modern storage products and solutions that are designed to address user demands is rising. So yes, we have seen a rise in volumes for storage products across the region.

Product Showcase | WD WD Red drives (3.5 and 2.5 inch)

WD SE 3.5-inch hard drives

WD offers a broader, more comprehensive portfolio of NAS hard drives for our customers. It is not just about NAS drives, it is REDvolutionary. Every component, line of code, and product decision was built on the passion and determination to deliver the best NAS experience. The next generation of WD Red hard drives delivers on this promise with massive capacity and NASware 2.0, which further improves drive reliability and protects your data in the event of a power loss or power disruption.

The Se is best suited for bulk cloud storage, replicated environments, content delivery networks (CDNs), SMB network attached storage (NAS), backup and archiving

Key Features: • 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch drives designed specifically for 1-to-5 bay SOHO network attached storage (NAS) enclosures • NASware 2.0 technology which simplifies the NAS integration process and further improves drive reliability and protects your data in the event of a power loss or power disruption • 3D Active Balance Plus technology significantly improves the overall drive performance and reliability • Enhanced drive reliability. With a 35% MTBF improvement over standard desktop drives, the WD Red drive with NASware 2.0 is designed and manufactured to be a more reliable and robust solution.

Key features: • Datacenter drives undergo at least 5 million hours of functional testing, and over 20 million hours of comprehensive Interoperability testing in an extensive array of server and storage systems • RAID-specific, time-limited error recovery (TLER) prevents drive fallout caused by the extended hard drive error-recovery processes common to desktop drives • Multi-axis shock sensor automatically detects the subtlest shock events and compensates to protect the data. • Enhanced Rotary Acceleration Feed Forward (RAFF) technology includes sophisticated electronics to monitor the drive and correct both linear and rotational vibration in real time. The result is a significant performance improvement.

WD AV Hard drives These drives are designed to last in always-on, streaming digital audio/video environments such as PVRs, DVRs and surveillance video recorders. With the combination of WD’s IntelliSeek, IntelliPark, and IntelliPower technologies, WD has reduced power consumption by up to 40 percent compared to competitors’ drives.

Key features: • Tested for compatibility in a broad range of AV products • IntelliSeek calculates optimum seek speeds to lower power consumption, noise and vibration. • These drives are designed to last in high temperature always-on streaming digital audio/video environments

October 2013


In Focus | Imation Imation, a global data storage and information security company has announced its next-generation, Nexsan NST unified hybrid storage platform and NestOS 3.0, a highly scalable, flexible storage operating system. The new NST6000 platform adds Fibre Channel support and meets demanding SAN and NAS workloads without sacrificing performance. The NST6000 is a fully unified hybrid storage platform,

FASTier technology increases storage I/O performance, lowers latency and extends the life of SSDs. The NST6000 and FASTier acceleration technology are ideal for organizations that are growing their virtualized environments, expanding database applications and adding other applications that require adaptable, highperformance storage. The first NST6000 model, the NST6530, features dedicated

Nexsan NST6530 system was demonstrated for the first time at VMworld 2013, from August 25-29 in San Francisco, at booth #847. The NST6530 system imultaneously supports largescale I/O intensive workloads generated from multiple virtual machines. “By including Fibre Channel support in the Nexsan NST system, organizations can finally deploy a compact, efficient, fully unified hybrid storage system

Imation unveils Nexsan NST unified hybrid storage platform NST6000MC Metro Storage Cluster delivers high availability and disaster recovery between data centers. providing simultaneous support of block (Fibre Channel, iSCSI) and filelevel (NFS, CIFS, SMB and FTP) data traffic in a single solution without additional software overhead or licenses. The NST6000 is ideal for organizations that need highly scalable and high-performance storage that supports SAN and NAS enterprise-class workloads at the same time. An application-friendly hybrid storage system, the NST6000 leverages solidstate technology to create the FASTier acceleration tier. 16

October 2013

high performance controllers and a front-end FASTier caching engine connected to powerful and efficient Nexsan E-Series storage, to meet the most demanding random I/O performance requirements, up to five petabytes. Optimized for virtualized IT environments with high capacity requirements, the

that lowers capital and operating expenses, and scales to meet the extreme data growth occurring in all organizations,” said Mike Stolz, Imation’s vice president of Nexsan marketing and support. “Senior executives, storage admins and IT and data center pros view unified hybrid storage as essential to numerous strategic initiatives, including ongoing server virtualization, backup and archiving, overall data center cost optimization, and support of the increasingly complex natures of their application deployments.”

Product Showcase | imation TDK A73 Wireless Boombox Bringing the original music culture icon back to life, the TDK Life on Record Wireless Boombox featuring Bluetooth wireless technology combines dynamic sound and premium components to provide the ultimate modern listening experience. Like its predecessors, this boombox is made to move and to be seen. But unlike its forefathers, this updated icon is as much about style and portability as it is about modernity and convenience. Key Features: • TDK Signature Sound delivers full range, dynamic, balanced audio • High quality, near lossless wireless audio streaming • Rechargeable battery for up to 6 hours of portable playback • Adjustable bass and treble equalization for optimal sound performance • Built-in FM radio with internal antenna and programmable station presets

Q35 WIRELESS CHARGING SPEAKER Taking the cords out of the equation, the TDK Life on Record Wireless Charging Speaker delivers a new sonic experience that is truly unfettered. Designed with inductive charging capabilities, the speaker allows you to simply place your Qi compatible device on the speaker for a wireless charge. Featuring a compact and portable design, the Wireless Charging Speaker is as visually compelling as it is sonically impressive, with four full-range speakers and a subwoofer built to fill any space with 360 degrees of TDK Signature Sound. Key Features: • Conveniently charge your music device without wires by placing it on the built-in Qi inductive charging pad • Bluetooth v2.1 with AAC delivers high quality, near lossless wireless audio streaming for superior sound • Configured with omnidirectional, room-filling Signature Sound produced by 4 full range left and right speakers and a ported subwoofer • Customize your sound experience using built-in treble and bass controls • Rechargeable battery for portability. • Weatherized design protects against the elements

October 2013


In Focus | Kasperksy We focused on a broader regional level in the past and in the past couple of years, we have intensified that focus on a country to country basis. We have moved deeper and deeper into the channel. We have recruited many new channel through activities and will be looking at adding more in different countries. All over the region, we have done events which gives an overview of our company, product lines and roadmap to our new potential resellers. We now done this in multiple locations including Dubai, Riyadh in KSA, Lebanon

ONE platform, ONE console, and at ONE cost, IT administrators can see, control and protect all systems and endpoints within the organization’s IT infrastructure. The Kaspersky Security Center helps manage all Kaspersky solutions from one console which include Endpoint Security Management, Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Systems Management. Kaspersky Security Center is included in Kaspersky TOTAL Security for Business and all tiers of Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business – CORE, SELECT and ADVANCED.

Steady gains Khalid Abu Baker Managing Director, Kaspersky Lab ME

What is the anticipated highlight of the 2014 version line up? The 2014 product line up will usher a new concept for the market. Our new product will be a multi device product which can be used on different form factors including smartphones and tablets. This will be unveiled around GITEX. The new Kaspersky Internet Security Multi-Device will include licenses for all of Kaspersky’s platform offerings – Kaspersky Internet Security for PC, Kaspersky Internet for Mac and Kaspersky Internet Security for Android. This will merge our separate solutions for smartphones and tablets. Discuss your focus on channel penetration in the region 18

October 2013

Khalid Abu Baker, the new Managing Director of Kaspersky Lab Middle East discusses some of the highlights of the company’s focus.

as well as Egypt. This year, we are hoping to do one in Iraq. We have a channel recruitment manager now on board who will focus on new channel recruitments. We will consolidate the channel on the consumer side as well as the commercial segment. The focus however maybe more so on the latter where we want to strengthen our profile. Discuss your product for the corporate segment Launched beginning of 2013 and available for purchase in specialized bundles for businesses of all sizes, the integrated Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business is a single, unified platform, created by Kaspersky Lab’s engineers from a single code base. Through

How is the retail Business faring? Our retail Business is still the flagship Business. We have developed several products in that area. KIS is the lead product in this segment and the Multi device product will help consumers further. Our success in this segment has also helped us in the corporate segment. Is Mobile security going to be a huge focus? The threat scenario is rising in mobility. Mobile devices are becoming more attractive for criminals as there is a lot of personal and even corporate data on these devices. Mobile security is a therefore a great focus for Kaspersky.

Product Showcase | Kaspersky

Kaspersky Internet Security – multi-device 2014 Kaspersky Lab has announced the availability of Kaspersky Internet Security – multidevice 2014 - a new security product that provides premium protection for the world’s most commonly-used devices. This state-of-the-art solution protects not only Windows PCs, but also Android smartphones and tablets and Mac computers, allowing for the easily securing of any combination of devices with one activation code. Mac computers, smartphones and tablets regularly become a target for cyber criminals who adjust their tactics and targets when they spot new opportunities to steal money. There are also common threats posing risks for users of different devices. Among them are phishing and spam. Anti-virus and anti-phishing technologies in Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device block malicious and phishing links sent via social networks . Further, they inform about suspicious links in messages sent to mobile devices. Key Android Security Features • Real-time protection against mobile malware, including automatic scanning of downloaded programs to prevent the installation of rogue applications masquerading as legitimate ones; • Web browsing protection to ensure users don’t click on malicious websites or phishing links designed to steal personal

can be stored on Macs and inadvertently transferred to PCs; • Real-time data from the Kaspersky Security Network, ensuring users are protected from fast-changing phishing websites; • Advanced Parental Control to ensure children use the Internet safely and responsibly; • On-screen Virtual Keyboard, providing an extra layer of protection

information; • Integration with the Kaspersky Security Network, a global network of real-time threat information that allows Kaspersky Lab to protect users from emerging threats within minutes; • Call and text-message filtering to block spam and unwanted phone calls. • Anti-theft features help to minimize the risk of losing valuable personal information as a result of loss or stealing. In particular, with the help of Kaspersky Anti-Theft Web Management, users can remotely block lost or stolen devices, detect their current location and remotely delete all personal information. Key Mac Security Features • Full protection from all malware threats, including Mac-specific malware, and all PC-targeting malware that

Key PC Security Features • Improved Safe Money proactive protection against financial-theft while shopping, banking, and performing financial transactions online; • New Anti-Blocker technology to defeat malware that locks your computer and demands ransom to return control of your data; • New Trusted Applications Mode, which automatically blocks any programs that aren’t already identified as trusted. • ZETA Shield technology, used for the first time in Kaspersky Lab’s consumer products, to provide in-depth scans for hidden malicious code; • Improved Parental Control to block objectionable content, limit the amount of time spent online, monitor what their children are doing, and automatically prevent children from sharing private information– credit card numbers, phone numbers, home addresses – on social networks. October 2013


In Focus | eScan targeting Windows-based systems. Please comment on your Middle East operations In accordance to our global expansion strategy, Middle East is one of the major focuses of eScan. Recently, we announced the opening of eScan Middle East as a step-ahead to strengthen our business in Middle East. Under

and Android platforms. The latest version of eScan have been receiving lot of applauses from its customers as well as appreciation and awards from the prestigious laboratories of security industry, notable among them being Virus Bulletin, ICSA and continues to get applauds. Elaborate on your support to your partners?

A plot for growth Nazir Kazi AVP, ME & Africa, eScan

While you have products for different segments, describe the key focus areas? While we plan to strengthen our market penetration in SOHO segment across the region, SMB and Enterprise are also major focus areas. Moreover, we also have strategic plans to focus on all the major verticals such as Education, BFSI, Government, Telecommunication, and Healthcare, to name a few. Comment on your cloud version? With our latest eScan version with Cloud security, we aim to provide our customers with an enhanced secured computing environment. eScan version 14 with Cloud Security includes many usability enhancements and improvements in order to deliver superlative protection against emerging threats 20

October 2013

Nazir Kazi, AVP – ME & Africa, eScan elaborates how eScan as a security vendor focuses to remain at the cutting edge of solutions through constant innovations and fulfills the changing security needs of its customers. newly opened eScan Middle East, we will majorly cater to UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait regions with an aim to continue delivering eScan range of security solutions to help protect IT users across the region as well as focus on further strengthening our robust distribution and channel model. We are also looking forward to various OEM tie-ups. How do you view the growing Brand appeal of eScans? eScan as a brand has been successful in drawing attention of IT users across the globe. eScan range of Information Security solutions covers the entire spectrum of security requirements in order to facilitate futuristic security intelligence to computers across Enterprise, SMB, and Home User segments for Windows, Linux, Macintosh

We have especially designed security solutions for various segments that are tailored to fit their distinct IT security needs. Also, eScan security solutions are now available as bundled software that simplifies deployment and installation tasks. Hence, our channel partners have realized excellent untapped opportunities in the emerging anti-virus market. eScan has designed a special partner program that accelerates growth, offers marketing support and includes great sales incentives, all with increased profit for the geared partners. We regularly meet them in order to enhance their knowledge about eScan range of products. We regularly conduct various training programs and partner meets exclusively for our partners about our products as well as offers for partners.

Product Showcase | eScan

eScan Mobile Security for Android

eScan Small and Medium Business (SMB) Editions The latest version of eScan for small and medium businesses has been developed focusing on the growing Security needs of the SMBs. eScan for SMBs, provide corporate level next generation protection to small and medium businesses from Viruses, Spyware, Spam, Phishing, Hacking, Data Theft and Zero day threats with a very low cost of ownership. The centralized webbased administration console helps the network administrator set policies on client computers to prevent malware infections and increases productivity through web access control and application control.

eScan Mobile Security for Android is specifically designed to secure your androidbased devices against viruses, malware, Trojans, and other security threats. It also secures your confidential data stored in them. Key features • eScan Mobile Security for Android scans your device on realtime basis and provides protection against malware, Trojans & other cyber security threats. • It automatically scans all newly downloaded and installed applications on your android based • mobile device, thus keeping your device safe from malware infections. • eScan Mobile Security for Android facilitates content filtering of calls and SMSs based on parameters set through its Whitelist and Blacklist feature. • eScan Mobile Security for Android facilitates backup of all contacts and SMSs on to the memory card. Whenever required, the backed up data can also be easily restored to the device. • eScan Mobile Security for Android facilitates you with advanced parental control features that provides an extra layer of security to your android-based mobile device. I 22

October 2013

Key features: • The new Secure Web Interface uses SSL technology to encrypt all communications. A summarized dashboard provides administrator the status of the managed clients in graphical formats • Administrators can assign privileges to clients on access to the removable devices such as Webcams, CD-ROM, USB Devices as well as composite and Bluetooth devices, SD Cards, Imaging Devices, Composite Devices, etc. • The device control feature assists you in monitoring devices that are connected to the system in the network. • The password protection feature helps block unauthorized USB devices.

Visit us:

Hall 8, A8 - 18, Oct 20t

l a n o s r e P r u o Y Entertainer!


h-24th 2013

Du bai World Trade Ce



• Android 4.1, Jelly Bean • Dual-Core 1.2GHz CPU • 1 GB RAM/8 GB Storage • 7” HVGA (1024*600) • Metal body design • CE/FCC Certified

TRA Approved REGISTERED No: ER0113287/13 DEALER No: DA0102259/13

T102D1 • Android 4.1, Jelly Bean • Dual Core 1.6GHz CPU • 10.1” WXGA (1280*800), IPS • 1 GB RAM • BT, Wi-Fi, GPS

• CE Certified

T714A • Android 4.1, Jelly Bean • ARM Cortex A8, 1.2GHz • 512 MB RAM / 4 GB Storage • 7” WSXGA (800*480) • CE Certified

In Focus | TOUCHMATE plans last year and a few MNCs are still in the planning stages. Discuss how you manage the quality - price balance? In the last one year, Touchmate has made significant gains in the market. We are near the level of a lot of MNC brands because we have a wide range, huge marketing power, best prices and superb quality. Research firm Gfk Q1 reports for tablets figures were shocking for all in the IT industry as Touchmate was

What impact does being a local brand have on Touchmate? We are very proud to be a local brand. Emirates Airlines is also a local company that that has grown into an international brand, awarded as the top international airline many times. It is the wish of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed to have some home-grown IT brands, from Dubai to the world; we are on our toes to fulfil His Highness’ dream.

Top Grade


Vasant Menghani CEO & Founder, Touchmate

Touchmate is a regular fixture in the region’s IT market. Vasant Menghani, CEO and Founder of Touchmate, discusses how the company has managed to hold its own in a region teeming with top IT brands.

Briefly discuss your market strategy that has enabled Touchmate remain among the top brands? We are keenly focused on product quality, price, brand awareness, a vast range of products and value addition for end users. To be sure, good relations count a lot in this country. Also Touchmate partners and distributor’ margins have always been safe. Global IT brands cannot change as fast whereas Touchmate has always been quick to launch new products, offer promotional products with prizes, offer quick services and back this up with an extensive support of retail sector with hypermarkets and IT stores in the GCC. Touchmate was the first company to launch tablets in the GCC approximately three years ago, whereas most companies just rolled out their

no. 1 in all aspects compared to MNCs & other brands. This is the beauty of Touchmate and our team in that we hunt for the best for our partners and customers. We have a factory in China with 200 employees, where we do Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design, moulding, software setup, assembling and managing the way we want to present our products in the market. We have 100% control in managing quality and price. Overall, quality is the intention and the commitment we’ve made to ourselves. There should be a will to produce superior products which has always been evident in our products. This is our corporate culture and that’s why we started our company with the name of “Quality Computers” and that is now our winning strategy with Touchmate.

October 2013

Our major success is the huge impact we’ve had in the GCC where people love the brand and are now proud to use Touchmate products. Having been firmly established in the Middle East, we are now looking to grow our business in India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Africa and Europe even more. Do you follow the same distribution and marketing model in all the other markets as you do in the UAE? Yes, we are trying to do adopt the same model. Our products are already popular in India, Pakistan, KSA, Egypt, Africa and GCC countries. But in Pakistan, KSA and some other regions, we go with our distribution partners who have big name-recognition, good structure and well set goals.

Product Showcase | TOUCHMATE 9.4” Touch-Screen 3G Quad Core Internet Tablet

Touchmate Souvenir Tablet This slim 7 inch souvenir Touch-Screen Dual Core Tablet, Souvenir Tablet is specially designed as a possible gift that you would want to present to someone special.

TOUCHMATE consistently offers innovative Multi Functional All-in-One Products like this 9.4” Touch-Screen 3G Quad Core Internet Tablet. With browsing on the move feature, users can enjoy 3G Wireless Internet anywhere. It has 10 Points capacitive Multi Touch Super Sensitive, Super Sharp IPS Screen. Key features: • Runs on Google Android 4.2.2 Operating System. • You can Internet though 3G or through Wi-Fi Hotspots & enjoy Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Emails, Games, Skype Video Call. • Appx. 400,000 Google Apps can be down loaded & unlimited Internet content as well. • TOUCHMATE Speedo 3G Quad Core Tablet supports High Definition Video Playback upto 1080P through HDMI to TV. • It has built-In Micro USB port to play USB Drives through OTG Cable.

Key features: • It has a capacitive Multi Touch Super Sensitive screen. • Runs on latest Google Android 4.2.2 Operating System which i specifically designed with easy graphics interface. • You can Internet though 3G or through Wi-Fi Hotspots & enjoy Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Emails, Games, Skype Video Call. • It features Dual Core High Speed 1.2 GHz Cortex CPU for quick Internet Access, browsing, real Motion Video, Games & Movies Playback.

MID 980 The world’s slimmest Tablet at 4 mm thickness, MID 980 is a 9.4” IPS 3G quad core HDMI Tablet. It has a 32 GB storage with 2 GB DDR 3 RAM. With browsing on the move feature, users can enjoy 3G Wireless Internet anywhere. It has 10 Points capacitive Multi Touch Super Sensitive, Super Sharp IPS Screen.

Key features: • 1.6 GHz A9 Quad Core CPU • Fast 2GB DDR 3 RAM, 32 GB Memory • Super sharp IPS capacitive 10 point Touch screen • Android 4.2.2 Jelly bean OS • Built in 3G for Internet browsing • Built in Micro SD slot, Micro USB & HDMI port

October 2013


In Focus | XTOUCH and North Africa. In this region we have more than 30 regional distributors and over 3000 resellers. We also have 6 official service centers in UAE operated by XTOUCH and over 100 service centers in different countries run by our distributors. The sales volume is growing by 2-5% every month due to aggressive product and sales strategy. Are people willing to look beyond the iphones and ipads as well as the Samsung Tabs

customers with your knowledge, experiences, promise in quality, innovation etc. You have some unique products including the watch and the TV. Are these already available in the local market? For wearable devices, including smart watch, we think it will be the next revolutionary area of electronics. Now we have 4 models available in the market, including XWATCH01 to 04. There are very few brands that

Innovation pays off Soultim Chen Marketting Director, XTOUCH MEA

Are people looking at owning multiple tablets? Yes, customers are looking for multiple tablets. For example, at the beginning people were using tablets with only wifi function. Later people are looking for 3G tablets. Now most people have the tablet based on IOS and Android operating systems and they use them for the entertainment. We think in the future people will have another tablet with Windows system for Business. XTOUCH will present the windows 8-based tablet with Intel chipset in GITEX 2013. Discuss your success so far in the region? So far XTOUCH products have already been launched in over 30 countries in the Middle East 26

October 2013

Soultim Chen, Marketing Director at XTOUCH MEA expounds on how the company is positioned quite comfortably to take a sizable market share in the booming Tablets Business with its innovative and impressive line-up of devices. and Notes when it comes to picking up their next smartphone or tablet? Yes, definitely. People are more open than those in the past and they are always looking for new brands. For example, 3 years ago in tablet and smartphones markets, Apple had taken up 40% market share with their IOS operating system. However, from the IDC’s research recently, now the market share of IOS is around 10%. It shows people are looking for new innovation, new technologies, new systems and new brands. That’s one of the reasons we are confident that XTOUCH can succeed in this field within a short period of time. In addition, creating a trusted brand is a long journey. You have to dedicate to providing benefits to

have the capacity and ability to develop smart watch in such a short period of time. The demand and feedback from the market is great and we have already sold out 10 thousand units XWATCH in the past 2 months. At Gitex, we will launch 2 new smart watches: WAVE1 and WAVE2. We are sure they will definitely attract customers. The most important thing for XTOUCH is innovation, which is regarded as XTOUCH’s DNA. Also this is the promise for our business partners and customers. As an XTOUCH partner, they will never worry that they will fall behind the new technology. XTOUCH products cover all of the GCC countries, and we are looking forward to cooperating with powerful distributors.

Product Showcase | XTOUCH FW1 Tablet

PF 82 Tablet

A high performance tablet, the FW1 features 5 points Capacitive Touch Screen and runs on Intel BayTrail-M N2805 Dual Core1.46GHz CPU. The 8100mAh Polymer Battery ensure long battery life.

This Tablet comes with 5 points Capacitive Touch Screen, a 6000mAh Polymer battery for longer battery life and features Android 4.2v. Key Features

Key Features:

• 3G Quad-Core Tablet • MTK 8389 Quad-Core • Cortex-A7 1.2Ghz • 7.85inch IPS Display • 8.1 mm thin body • OGS technology • 6000 Mah Battery

• Intel BayTrail-M N2805 Dual Core 1.46GHz cpu • Microsoft Windows 8 • 2G Ram + 32 G Rom • 10.1inch IPS 1280X800 • Glass + Glass Touch Panel

Wave 2 Smart watch

Wave 3

This stand out innovative product feature the Mirasol Display technology developed by Qualcomm that allows users to see the colour display screen easily in direct sunlight. You can make a call, take a video or picture or simply browse

This multi-purpose watch features a 1.54 inch wide LG display, Android 4.2 Jelly bean OS and can be used for making calls, taking pictures and videos as well as a pedometer.

Key Features: • Qualcomm Mirasol Display • Clear in Sunlight and power efficient • You can make phone calls • Features live Weather updates • Take pictures and videos • Can be used as Pedom- eter and to Share sport data • Support Android applications

• Android 4.2 Jelly Bean • Support 3G network • Dual-Core Processor • Capacity Touch Screen • Support SIM Card Slot

Key Features:

October 2013


In Focus | Cursor our latest tablet models Professional and 3G series. While it is a competitive market, it is a growing market as well. We are bringing more tablet models with unique features and specifications as well offering affordable prices to support my distributors. Have you focused largely on re-exports rather than GCC sales? Which have been the fastest growth markets for Cursor?

and many more products that would attract our visitors this Gitex 2013. Discuss the infrastructural investments you have done in the region in terms of warehousing, offices and other support operations? Every year we are improving our infrastructure to cater the demands of our expanding global market. We have a huge Warehouse capacity setting in Jebel Ali Free zone

A Brand rising Murali G. Managing Director, Cursor

Over the past two years of operations, which have been the key product lines for Cursor in terms of sales?

We are considered as one of the fastest growing IT manufacturers in the region with more than 250 SKU’s. so while we have an extensive poroduct line-up and with almost all of them doing well in the market, I would pick our UPS and Sound Systems as the backbone of our success with it comes to sales. Discuss if you have launched tablets? Don’t you think Tablets are a crowded market? Yes, we already launched 28

October 2013

Through strategic investments, Cursor has been successful at bringing the brand visibility to the fore with a large number of partners and consumers. In a short span of time, Cursor has reached nearly 25 countries and has been well accepted by partners and consumers. Cursor MD Murali G. elaborates We are meeting both these requirements but see greater demand when it comes to re-exports to Africa and CIS region, which are incidentally the faster growth markets for Cursor. We believed that GCC require more retail presence and we are already in process of increasing that. Mention some key new products being launched at GITEX? Also are there any new product lines being introduced? We will be unveiling our Android Smart TV Transformer, a revolutionary product that would transform people’s imagination in reality as far as entertainment is concerned. Also, we are launching our Bluetooth sound system series

and Showrooms in Bur Dubai computer market which are exclusively for Cursor products. We have also appointed distributors and channel partners in Dubai and we are expanding our sales and marketing team to support our distributors. Do you have distributors or do you directly work with channel partners? Now Cursor has 25 active distributors globally. We follow one country, one distributor strategy to enhance the profitability of our business partners who are dealing with Cursor brand. This is how we support our distributors so that we both together enhance the market share by creating awareness and branding activities.

Product Showcase | Cursor Android Smart TV Transformer

MID-700 Hawk 3G Tablet

Android Smart TV Transformer is powered with Android 4.2 Jelly Beam, 1.6GHz Dual Core processor with Bluetooth V4.0 and Camera. This is also able support 1080p Video resolution and most of your Video/ Audio and Picture format without any hassles at all.

Powered by Android 4.1.2 OS with full 3G Calling function, 1GB RAM + 8GB Storage capacity. It supports GPS, FM Radio with Active v4.0 Bluetooth connectivity. Key features: • Android 4.1.2 OS/3G Calling • 1GB RAM/8GB Storage • GPS/FM/Bluetooth/Camera/Wifi • Dual SIM/Battery 3000 mAH • HD Capacitive Multi Touch/G-Sensor

Key features: • Android 4.2 OS • 1.6GHz Dual Core CPU/Quad Core GPU • 1GB RAM/8GB Storage/Support HDD up to 2TB • Wifi/Bluetooth v4.0/LAN • HD Camera/Video Calling

MID-800 Pro Tablet


BT-9000W 5.1Ch Home Theater

Powered by Android 4.1.2 OS with full 3G Calling function, 1GB RAM + 8GB Storage capacity. It supports GPS, FM Radio with Active v4.0 Bluetooth connectivity.

Powered by Android 4.1.2 OS with full 3G Calling function, 1GB RAM + 8GB Storage capacity. It supports GPS, FM Radio with Active v4.0 Bluetooth connectivity.

Key features: • Android 4.2.2 OS/3G External • 1GB RAM/8GB Storage • Bluetooth/Camera/Wifi • Dual SIM/Battery 3000 mAH • HD Capacitive Multi Touch/G-Sensor

Key features: • Bluetooth/FM Radio/Remote • SD/USB Slot/Aux/Mp3 • LED Display/Line-in/Line-out • 5.1Ch Surround Sound Technology • Power output (RMS) 40w+125w

October 2013

In Focus | TwinMOS

3.0 Hubs, 2 Way USB 2.0 Hubs, OTG Card Reader/Hub and the Power Bank. We are also quite enthusiastic about the All in One smart PC that we are displaying. Further. There would also be Media products such as Android TV Box, Miracast TV Dongle as

Car reader for Android Devices, Mobile Power Solution – Power Bank Elaborate on overseas markets that you have expanded into in the past year? We are in Middle East market last

A strong intent Mazadul Hoque Marketing Manager, TwinMOS

Discuss products you are highlighting at GITEX. We have en extensive range of new products on display. This includes 32 GB DDR3 DRAM Modules, 256 GB USB 3.0 Mobile Disks, 128GB SDXC Memory cards,Wireless Home Cloud Media Center, Wi-Fi USB Drives, Wi-Fi Disks etc. we are showcasing Quad Core High end tablet PCs with different screen sizes from 7 inch to 7.85 inches and 10.1 inch 3G enabled. In smart phones, we again have a large selection of Quad Core 3G high end Smart Phones with 4.8, 5.0, 5.3 and 5.7 inches. There will also be accessories on display and some of the highlights include USB 32

October 2013

TwinMos has been a long established brand in the region and today the company has extended into several new product lines including Tablets and Media products. Mazadul Hoque, Marketing Manager at the company discusses the company’s new product introductions and its intent to make a stronger impact as a Brand

well as the Smart Remote. Discuss your focus on Tablets and accessories We are in Tablet Business almost last 1 year with significant growth in terms of product design, performance & after sales service. Currently we do have series of models – 3G & Wi-Fi Version. Some new models going to launch soon in 7”/7.85” & 10.1” 3G Quad Core, IPS Display with slim design, 7/7.85 inch Quad Core, IPS Screen, Wi-Fi, GPS. TwinMOS All tablets comes with plenty of free apps namely Free Tablet Security Software & Navigation software. For Accessories currently we have added OTG USB/Hub/

12 years, in terms of growth rate we do progress 15% by year. The newly added product line gives us more breadth in our portfolio to cover additional customer requirements across the entire Middle East, Africa & CIS countries. Which have been the major growth areas for TwinMOS in terms of product lines? We are trying to diversify our product range in Tablet PCs, Smart Phones, Android based Media sharing devices like TV Box, Dingle, Soundbar. We are confident that our new range of products called Smart Computing – All-in-One PC will be a successful product line

Product Showcase | TwinMOS


32GB DDR3-1333

128GB CFC 1000X

Key features: • For servers that support LRDIMMs • Intel®-validated • Up to 35% greater memory bandwidth • Enables more DIMMs per channel • Doubles memory density of the server • Halogen free and RoHS compliant

TwinMOS designed CF CARD offer the highest flash storage reliability and performance in harsh environments such as high humidity, and high temperatures. Key features: • Supports Ultra DMA mode 0-7 • Support high-end DSLR • CompactFlash 6.0 compliant • Built-in hardware ECC technology

Wireless Home Cloud Media Center

Smart Computing - All-in-One PC

Key features: • Gigabit Ethernet & IEEE 802.11n Wireless Network Enabled with Cloud Service allow sharing files with your Family and Friend anywhere of the world • Compatible with any Windows, Macintosh, Linux or Unix computer and any iOS or android cell Phone, Tablet PC • Plug & Play enabled Super Speed USB 3.0 allow as easy and reliable transfer up to 5Gbps • 2x USB Host Ports enabled allow to attach two USB Devices and sharing them • WebDAV, FTP, iTunes and DLNA/UPnP enabled offer various Network Applications • Dual Bay Aluminum Tool Free enclosure allow to mount two 3.5inch SATA drives offer 2x4TB storage

Key features: • All New Design – The desktop is the most advanced form ever • Screen Size: 18.5”, 21.5” & 23/5” • Beautiful LED- backlit, Widescreen Display – 1920x1080 Pixels • Latest Intel Process • Audio and Visual – We’ve made things even more perfectly clear • More space-saving, simple design

T783GQ1Tablet PC

Smart Phone: Sky V505

Key features: • Quad Core,1.2GHz • Android 4.2 • 5” IPS, FHD Display • RAM 2 GB/ ROM 32 GB • Main Camera: 13 MP/Front Camera: 5MP • OGS Full Laminations, thickness only 7.9mm • dts Sound • Unibody Design

Key features: • Quad Core,1.2GHz • Android 4.2 • 5” IPS, FHD Display • RAM 2 GB/ ROM 32 GB • Main Camera: 13 MP/Front Camera: 5MP • OGS Full Laminations, thickness only 7.9mm • dts Sound

October 2013

Techno handbook 2013  
Techno handbook 2013