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DearReaders As thecyberworld rocks theX Generation wehereatTHE HACKERS NEWS spin the kalidoscope oftechnology news on its axis . Becauseofthat,Igetto warmlyandappreciativelywelcomeyouto ISSUE 2 of"THE HACKER NEWS MAGAZINE." THE HACKER NEWS was created from the need for up to date informative and practicalhacking news and information. we were spinning from the over 50,000 downloads of the first issue of THE HACKER NEWS MAGAZINE! As Editor,Iwant you to know that issue 2 willkeep you reading andlearningfrom theuniqueinformation compiledjustforyouby securityprofessionals and hackers alike. Notonlydowehaveatechsavvymonthlymagazinewealsoprovide hackernews24 hoursaday,7 daysaweek. Wewantyou to bethe bestinformed and educated on theweb today,tomorrow and well into thefuture. Thankyou for thepleasureofproducing this magazineand Ilook forward to yourinputand H continued interestin THE HACKER NEWS. Sincerely, MohitKumar(Chief-in-Editor)

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Pretexting Pretextingistheabilityto createafalsescenario thatwouldmakeatargeted victim feel comfortable giving you is more than simple lying.Often it is impersonating an individual that the targeted victim perceives has the right to know the information. it could be a police officer,bank personnel,tax authorities,or insurance investigators.Sometimesallthatisneededisanauthoritativeandearnestsounding voice.

Diversion theft This technique originated in the east end of London and thieves who employ this technique are well rehearsed,and are extremely effective. Basically,itisthejobofthesocialengineerto divertgoodsto adifferentlocation.Theengineermustpersuadetheadministratororpersonnel ofatransportorcouriercompanyto issueinstructionsforthedriverto redirecttheconsignmentorload.

Phishing Phishing is a popular emailscam thatfraudulentlyobtains privateinformation. An emailsentfrom an officiallooking business warning ofsome direconsequenceifthepersonalinformation is notprovided. Phishing can involvecreating websites thatresemblea legitimateorganizations site which convinces the targetitmustbe okayto give financial orpersonalinformation.

ivrorphonephishing This technique uses the phone to recreate a legimate sounding business that the intended target is persuaded to call from an email or letter. One technique uses voice prompts to get password or account information or the person willbe transferred to the socialengineer posing as thecustomerservicerepresentiveforquestioning. phonephishing is also callvishing. www. t heha c k er news . c om 02| Ma y2011| I s s ue02

Baiting This technique requires the engineer to make a malware infected floppy disk,CD rom,orusbflash driveinaplaceanintendedtarget(s)mightpick itup outofcuriosityor greed. the titles maybe corporate information thatwould appearto allow thetargetinformation thatwould givefinancialgain.Howeverpresented,oncethediskisinsertedtheusersinstalls malware giving the engineer unfettered access to the targets pc or a company’s internalcomputernetwork.

Quid pro quo Quid pro quo is simply “something for something,� in other words the social engineer calls the targeted victim and offers something,maybe money,chocolates,merchandiseforpasswordorotherpersonalinformation.Surprisingly,largenumbers ofvictims readilygivethis information believing theyaregetting something in return.

SocialEngineering God Father

Kevin David Mitnick Kevin David Mitnick (born October 6,1963)isacontroversialcomputer hacker and convicted criminalin theUnited States. Mitnick was convicted in the late 1990s of illegally gaining access to computernetworks and stealing intellectual property.Though Mitnick has been convicted ofcomputerrelatedcrimesandpossessionof severalforged identification docu ments,his supporters argue that his punishmentwas excessive. www. t heha c k er news . c om 03| Ma y2011| I s s ue02

Kevin Mitnickbegan socialengineeringorperhapsdiscoveredhisfirstengineerable situation at the age of 12.He realized he could bypass the punchcardsystem usedfortheLosAngelesbussystem:bybuyinghisown punch,he could get free bus rides anywhere in the greater LA area. Social engineering became his primary method of obtaining information, whether it be user names and passwords,modem phone numbers or any numberofotherpieces ofdata. In high school,hewas introduced to phonephreaking,theactivityofmanipulatingtelephoneswhichwasoftenusedtoevadelongdistancecharges forhis benefit. Mitnickbrokeinto hisfirstcomputernetworkin 1979,when afriendgave him thephonenumber for theArk,thecomputer system atDigitalEquipment Corporation (DEC) used for developing their RSTS/E operating system software.Hebrokeinto DEC' scomputernetworkandcopiedDEC' s software,forwhich hewaslaterconvicted.Thiswasthefirstofaseries ofrun-ins with thelaw.

Acts byKevin Mitnick: 1.)Using theLos Angeles bus transfer system to getfreerides Evading theFBI 2.)Hacking into DEC system(s)to view VMS sourcecode(DEC reportedly spent$160,000 in cleanupcosts) 3.)Gaining fulladmin privileges to an IBM minicomputer attheComputer Learning Centerin LA 4.)Hacking Motorola,NEC,Nokia,Sun Microsystemsand Fujitsu Siemens systems Kevin Mitnickis now a professionalcomputer consultant(doing business as MitnickSecurityConsulting,LLC).

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Interview with thecreatorofthesocial engineering toolkit,David Kennedy!

THN Editor :First,tellus aboutyourself,your experienceand whatyou haveproduced in thesocialengineering field? David :I' m a Director of Information Security for a Fortune 1000 company.Don' tletthetitlefoolyou,beingaDirectorjustmeansIcan focus on the stuffIlove which is breaking things.Ihave a heavy penetration testing and exploitation background dating back to the military intelligencedaysaswellasasecurityconsultantworkingwithanumberofFortune500 and 1000 companies.As a penetration tester a few years back, Social-Engineeringwasamajorportion ofwhatIneededto do in orderto gain access either physically or through social-engineering attacks againstorganizations.It' sbeen ablastworking in thesecuritycommunity and contributingasmuch asIcan to open source.Myphilosophyin lifeis IlovewhatIdo and whereIworkand mygoalis to giveas much backto thesecuritycommunityandmakethem successfulandhelpifIcan.I' m one of the founders of DerbyCon,a security conference in Louisville Kentucky,creator ofthe Social-Engineer Toolkit,Fast-Track,member ofthe Social-Engineer crew/podcast, and main blog post at THN Editor :Please explain what Social Engineering is and how we use SocialEngineering? David :Social-Engineering simplyputis themanipulation ofhuman behavior to achievesometask.For us as penetration testers,Social-Engineering can beleveraged in multiplecapacities to compromisean organization and gain accesswhich typicallycircumventsthemajorityofsecuritycontrolsin placein an organization.Forme,IleverageSocial-Engineeringon a regular basis to identify weaknesses within my security program and user awareness.Mostorganizations arespending a ton ofmoneyon the latest shiny technology that promises to fix their security problems whileourhumans arefinding theeasiestwayto getin. www. t heha c k er news . c om 05| Ma y2011| I s s ue02

THN Editor:Whatarethebestways to perform SocialEngineering? David:Social-Engineeringtakessometimetolearnandsomethingthatrequirespractice.There' sno easyansweron whatthebestwayto social-engineer a victim.When I' m going after an organization Ilook atwhatthey have on the Internet,who the personnelis,their language,whatcompanies they own,and as much information Ican possibly learn from open source intelligence (osint).I' ll develop a pretext (my attack)based on what Ilearn and practice it before hand to make sure it' s perfect and flawless.A lot of times leveraging social networking sites in order to learn a lotofinformation aboutmytargets is beneficialand leveraging trustwith people theytrustcan always make thatlittle bitofa difference. THN Editor :Whataretherecentusages ofSocialEngineering,such as the,HBgaryhackbyanonymous OR RSA hack? David :Ithinkthemostrecentonewould betheRSA hackwherethedetailsarestillabitvaguebutleveragedspear-phishingin orderto target aselectamountofpeoplewith aFlash zero day.We' veseen theseattacks becomemoreandmoreprevalentandsomethingwehavebeenpreachingon podcastfor a largetimethatthesetypes ofattacksarecomingandit' sgoingto besomethingreallydifficultto protect against. THN Editor :How did "SET (SocialEngineering Toolkit)� come about and Whydid you developit? David :When SETwas firstconceived Chris Hadnagyand Iweresitting in achatroom on IRC to try to bring more awareness and education to the community about social-engineering and how it relates directly to security.We started chatting and found that there really was no tool out thereforsocial-engineeringandsomethingthatwasahugegapforusas penetration testers.Outofthattalk,araw version ofSETwas created www. t heha c k er news . c om 06| Ma y2011| I s s ue02

which was reallybasic in nature,ithad a mass mailer,somePDF exploits and thatwas reallyit.Even with its early,earlyrelease itgota ton of positivefeedback and ithas justgrown from there.Inever thoughtfor oneminutethatSETwouldbecometheleadopen sourcetoolin social-engineering and something thatpenetration testers leverageon a regular basis,it' s quiteimpressiveand I' m humbled byit. THN Editor:Is SocialEngineering dangerous ? David:Social-EngineeringisextremelydangerousandTHE largestthreat thatIseein information securityto date.Asmentioned before,wehavea ton of technology in place that is specifically designed to stop buffer overflows (or detect them),catch malware (kind ofa joke at this point), and protect our web applications.Yet our user population is still completelyvulnerableand clueless on thesigns ofabreach.A finebalance between technology and user awareness needs to be accomplished and it' ll never be 100 percent but it' ll be a lot better than an uneducated userpopulation. THN Editor:How does someonemasterSocialEngineering ? David :Social-Engineering requires you to changeyour behavior,remove yourbarriers,and startto manipulatehumans to do yourbidding.Iknow that sounds awful,but use Social-Engineering in a positive way at your organization to seeifyou can affectadecision in yourmanner.Read and learn from studies on behavioralanalysis and how humans interactwith framework to help you getthe knowledgeto expand on.Ultimatelyit' sgoing to beyourselflearning the techniques and applying them on a regular basis and be able to manipulateyourown behaviorto getadesired outcomefrom someoneelse. www. t heha c k er news . c om 07| Ma y2011| I s s ue02

THN Editor:Giveusan overview ofthesocialengineeringtoolsandwhat itoffers. David :TheSocial-EngineerToolkit(SET)is an open-sourcepython driven arsenalfor penetration testers aimed at testing how wellan organization can withstand a social-engineer attack.SET has a number ofattack vectors specifically aimed at targeting the user population.SET aids a penetration tester in social-engineer attacks however doesn' tperform it forthem.It' suptothepenetrationtestertoperform intelligencegathering and form their pretextin order to haveasuccessfulattack.SEThas a number oftools and attacks including theSpear Phishing Module,Web AttackVectors,TeensyUSB Hid,WirelessAttackVectors,andanumberof additionalcapabilities and features that make SET unique when it comes to social-engineering and penetration testing.SETis being used internationallybypenetration testersandacriticaltoolto them in everycapacity as social-engineering is a highly important attack vector to leverage during normaltesting. After that great interview with the creator of the social engineering toolkit,David Kennedy,iwondered how many readers really understand thedifferencein socialengineering as opposed to hacking. TheEND

Vi s i tHi ma tht t p: / / www. s ec ma ni a c . c om/ www. t heha c k er news . c om 08| Ma y2011| I s s ue02

Testyourunderstanding On SocialEngineering See ifyou can identify what technique ofsocialengineering was used in thefollowing examples. (Answers atend ofarticle) A)You receive an email where the sender is the manager or someone on behalfofthesupportdepartmentofyour bankand is presenting a problem thatcan beresolved with you giving personalinformation aboutyour account. B)A person representing your company contacts the shipping company thatdelivers your merchandiseand convinces them thattheymustdeliveracertain deliveryto adifferentaddress. C)You getan automated voicecallfrom afamiliarcompanyorbankasking you to key in password information or other pertinent information. You could betransferred from this callto alivecustomerservicerepresentive. D)You arewalking byyour bank and on thesidewalk you find a computer diskthatistitled “accountsover100k.” Thismakesyou curiousand you insertitinto yourcomputerto read theinformation. E)An attacker calls random numbers ata companyclaiming to becalling back from technicalsupport.Eventuallytheywillhitsomeonewith a legitimate problem,grateful that someone is calling them back to help them.Theattackerwill“help”solvetheproblem and in theprocess have theuser givepasswords or accountinformation or typein commands on theircomputerthatgivetheattackeraccess orlaunch malware. www. t heha c k er news . c om 09| Ma y2011| I s s ue02

Facing thefacts Thetruth is socialengineering is rarelydiscussed.Peoplemostlyliketo talkaboutcracking and phreaking. Let’s bring social engineering out of the closet and onto discussion blogs.Sharing information,learning thetechniques and knowing how to protectyourselffrom socialengineering is thebestwayto beskilled in this method ofhacking.

Answers A)Pretexting B)Diversion theft C)IvrorPhonephishing D)Baiting E)Quid pro quo

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ny # PSo

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Thos et ha tha vea bus e dpowe ra ndkne e lonl yt ogr e e ds houl dr e c ogni z et ha tA NEW REVOLUTI ON I SUNDERWAY.Agr owi ng,f ul l yf or me da ndde t e r mi ne dc ybe rARMYOFMANYha sf or me d. The i rr e vol ut i oni sa ni ns ur r e c t i on a ga i ns tt hec r ue l t i e sofGREED a ndCor r upt i ona ndi sbe i ngwa ge di nc ybe r s pa c ef r omPC’ Sa r oundt hewor l d.

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Apr i l16t h -Anonymouspl a nsaboyc ot tofSony Apr i l22nd-Pl a ys t a t i onne t wor ki sha c ke da nds hut down Apr i l26t h-Pl a ys t a t i ona nnounc e s77mi l l i onPSNc us t ome r si nf or ma t i onwa s ha c ke d Apr i l27t h -Theha c ke rne wsl e a ksc ha tl ogofPSNha c ke r s Ast hi si swr i t t e nwea r ee nt e r i ngda yni neoft hes hut downma nyus e r sa ndonl ooke r sa r ea s ki ngque s t i ons .I fyoua r enotoneoft he77mi l l i onne t wor kus e r s youmi ghtbea s ki ng,“ Whati st hepl ays t at i onne t wor k? ”TheSonyPl a ys t a t i onne t wor kwi l lc onne c tyourpl a ys t a t i on3t ot hei nt e r ne ta ndt os ony’ sc l oud s e r vi c e s . I fyoua r eoneoft he77mi l l i onus e r swa i t i ngt or e s umeyourga mepl a yi ng, you mi ghtbea s ki ng, “ Howl ongwi l lt hepl ays t at i onne t wor kbedown? ”Aha c ke r mi ghtt e l lyou, ar e vol ut i ont a ke st i me .Sonyha ss t a t e dt he yhopet obeba c kup i nawe e k. Aha c ke rmi ghtr e s pondt ot ha ta sa nopt i mi s t i cpr e di c t i on.

Onet hi ngonmos tpe opl e ’ smi ndsi st heque s t i on “ I smydat as af e ?” www. t heha c k er news . c om 12| Ma y2011| I s s ue02

Sonyc ompl a i nst ha tt hec ompr omi s e di nf or ma t i onmi ghtbeus e dbyt heha c ke r s ort hei nf or ma t i onc oul dbes ol dt oat hi r dpa r t y .TheHac ke rNe ws[ THN] t hi nkst ha t i far e vol ut i oni saf oot , t her e be l swoul dnot e nda nge rt heve r ype opl e i t i st r yi ngt opr ot e c t . Not et ha t We l l sFa r go, Ame r i c a nExpr e s s , a ndMa s t e rCa r d ha vebe e nmoni t or i ngc a r dhol de r sa c c ount sa ndha ves e e nnouna ut hor i z e da c t i vi t yr e l a t e dt os ony . Pr e s e nt l y ,SonyCor por a t i oni sf a c i ngac l a s sa c t i onl a ws ui tbyagr oupi nCa l i f or ni af orf a i l i ngt opr ot e c tus e r si nf or ma t i on.i na ddi t i on,t hi ss hut downc oul d c os ts onyupwa r dsof24bi l l i ondol l a r s . Ast hewor l dwa t c he ss onys t r uggl et or e s ol vet he i rpr e s e ntc onf oundi ngs i t ua t i onwemus twonde rwha tt he s ec ybe rwa r r i or sa r et r yi ngt oc onve y?Coul di t bea n“ Awake ni ng�i nc onve ni e nc et ot hega me r sc oupl e dwi t hahe f t ymone t a r y l os sa ndi nc onve ni e nc et os ony?I nf a c t ,pe r ha pst he ya r ea t t e mpt i ngt os e nda bi gge ra ndmor ei mpor t a ntme s s a get ot hewor l d. Coul dt he i rme s s a gebeac a l l t oa r ms ?Onec a nonl ys ur mi s ei fc or por a t eowne d gove r nme nt sa ndgr e e ddr i ve nmul t i na t i ona lc or por a t i onsc ont i nuet owa gewa r a ga i ns tma nki ndi nt hena meofgr e e da ndpr of i t ,t he nt het a kedownofSONY PSNa ppe a r st oha vegi ve nt hec ybe ra r mya ne ve nt t or e ve l i napr oba bl er e c r ui t i ngt ool . Wear eAnonymous Wear eLe gi on WedonotFor gi ve WedonotFor ge t Expe c tUs

www. t heha c k er news . c om 13| Ma y2011| I s s ue02

A71ye a rol dma nna me d AnnaHa z a r ede c i de st of a s t unt ode a t hunl e s sgove r nme nt r e c t i f i e si t si l l s .

Wh a td o e si ta l lme a nf o r

I n d i a . . . ? I ts e e me dunl i ke l yt ha tKi s anBabur aoHaz ar e ,t heol de s tofs i xs i bl i ngsa ndof humbl ebe gi nni ngswoul de ve rbei nt hepos i t i onofa l t e r i nggove r nme ntpr a c t i c e s wi t ht hes oundofj us tt wowor ds —“ Hunge rSt r i ke ” .

Bor ni n1940i nt hevi l l a geRa l e ga nSi ddi ,Ki s a nBa bur a oHa z a r e ,be t t e rknowni n t hewor l da sAnnaAa r a r e ,ha sdonej us tt ha t .I ns pi r e dbyt hewor ksofVi ve ka na nda , Ga ndhi ,a ndVi nobaBha ve ,hebe c a meas oc i a lwor ke ra nda c t i vi s t . Toda yAnnaHa z a r ei sr e s pons i bl ef ort hegove r nme ntc ons i de r a t i onoft heJ a n Lokpa lbi l lwhi c hwoul de s t a bl i s hi ni ndi aac hi e fombuds ma na nda nt i c or r upt i on pa ne lout s i deofgove r nme nt a la ndpol i t i c a li nf l ue nc e . But ,hedi dn’ tc omebyt hi sa c he i ve me ntwi t houtc ons i de r a bl ee xpe r i e nc ea ndape r s ua s i vet e c hni queofs ubmi t t i ngt ohunge rs t r i ke st obr i ngs omee nl i ght e nme ntt o I ndi a npol i t i c s . St a r t i ngi n1975a ndwor ki ngi nRa l e ga nSi ddhivi l l a ge ,het r a ns f or me dt hewa t e r di s t r i but i ons ys t e m whi c hl e dt oawa t e r s he dde ve l opme ntt ha tbr oughtas ol ut i ont o i r r i ga t i onpr obl e ms . Soi nf l ue nt i a l a ndpr ogr e s s i vewa shi sde s i gnt ha t t heI ndi a ngove r nme nt pl a nst ode ve l opamode lofi tf orot he rvi l l a ge si nt hec ount r y . I n1991Ha z a r ewa sa bl et oe xpos ec ol l us i onbe t we e n f or e s t of f i c i a l sa ndt i mbe rme r c ha nt sr e s ul t i ngi ns us pe ns i onoft he s eof f i c i a l s . www. t heha c k er news . c om 14| Ma y2011| I s s ue02

I n2003hee nt e r e daf a s tl a s t i ngs i xda ysbr i ngi ngi ndi c t me nt sf orc or r upt i ona ga i ns t f ourNCPMi ni s t e r soft heCongr e s s NCPGove r nme nt . Soona f t e r , Ha r a z ewa ss uc c e s s f uli ns t r e ngt he ni ngt heMa ha r a s ht r ar i ghtt oi nf or ma t i ona c tbye nt e r i ngahunge rs t r i kea ga i nl a s t i ngs i xda ysbe f or et hegove r nme nt a gr e e dt oa me ndt her i ght t oi nf or ma t i ona c t t oe xc l udet hef i l enot i ngsbyt hegove r nme ntof f i c i a l sf r omi t spur vi e w. I n201 1AnnaHa r a z ei ni t i a t e damove me ntt opa s st hej a nl okpa lbi l l .heonc ea ga i n be ga na98hourhunge rs t r i ket of or c et hegove r nme ntt opa s st hej a nl okpa lbi l lby 15a ugus t201 1. Shor t l ya f t e rt ha thede ma nde da na me ndme ntt ot hee l e c t r oll a wt oi nc or por a t et he opt i onof“ noneoft hea bove ”i nt hee l e c t r oni cvot i ngma c hi ne sdur i ngI ndi a ne l e c t i ons . Spor t i ngt he s ea c c ompl i s hme nt s ,i ti s n’ tawonde rt ha tt hel oot e r swhogove r nI ndi a ha veputupauni t e df r ontt ode r a i lHa r a z ea ndhi smove me ntt of r e eI ndi af r om t he c l ut c he sofl oot i nga ndc or r upt i on. Ast hee c onomi cc ondi t i onofi ndi ade t e r i or a t e sf ur t he ra ndf ur t he r , Ii mpl or ea l l i ndi a nst or i s eupa ndde ma ndt hepr i nc i pl e sa nddoc t r i neofAnnaAa z a r ebei ns t i t ut e d a ndf ol l owe d. Annaha r a z ec a nnot s i ngl eha nde dl ys t opt hede e pr oot e ds t a t eofc or r upt i oni nI ndi a . Hene e dsI ndi a ,t hepe opl eofI ndi a ,t os t a ndwi t hhi m,l oudl ya ndr e t ur nI ndi agove r nme ntt oi t sr i ght f ulowne r s . The r ec oul dbenot r ue rwor dsofAnnaHaz ar et hant he s e :

Theul t i ma t egoa lofa l lpol i t i c sa nds oc i a lwor k “

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Q/ A Ques t i on: Whys houl dt hegener a t i onoff r eel ov e , hi ppi es , a nd pol i t i c a l di s s entbea wa r e , i nt er es t ed, educ a t eda nds uppor t i v eof ha c k i nga ndot herc y bermet hodsofa wa k eni ngpeopl e? Ans wer: T hes eda y sev en5y ea rol dsha v eaf a c ebookpr ol e .Asa l l a ge gr oupsa r er egul a ri nt er netus er st hei nt er netbec omesac r i t i c a l pa r tofev er y onesl i f e .I fpeopl edon' tk nowhowt owor konl i nes a f el yt hent heyc a nbe v i c t i m ofc y berc r i mea nyt i me . Oneoft heobj ec t i v esof T HNi st obr i ngt her ea l i t yofs ec ur i t ya ndi t ' sc ons equenc est oi nt er netus er s .T hegener a t i ony our ef ert oi ny ourques t i oni s c omi nga l ong, butt heyneedmor eeduc a t i ona nda wa r enes soft hepowera nd t het hr ea toft hei nt er net . I bel i ev ewec a neduc a t epeopl eonhowt obet t erpr ot ec tt hems el v esa nd br i ngunder s t a ndi ngt ha tj us tbec a us eabi gc or por a t i ont el l sy ouy ouri nf or ma t i oni ss ec ur e , don' tbes oqui c kt obel i ev ei t . T oda ywec a n" ha c k "i nt omos ta l l s y s t ems .T hei ndus t r yi snotones t epa hea d ofus , , , , , wea r eones t epa hea doft hem.T i mef orev er y onet or ea l i z et ha tgov er nment sa ndc or por a t i onst ha tenga gei nc or r upt i on, dec ept i ona nds t ea l i ng ofc i t i z ensha r dea r neddol l a r swi l l bee x pos ed.I tmi ghtbef a i rt os a yt ha t ha c k er sa r et heba by s i t t er soft heev i l oft hewor l d.Wea r ewa t c hi nga ndwe a r edi s c ov er i ngwha tt hes et hei v esa r edoi nga ndt heya r ebewi l der eda st o howt oc opewi t hi t . T i mef ora l l gener a t i ons , es pec i a l l yt hegener a t i onoft he1960' st ha tunder s t oodgov er nmentneededa nov er ha ul , t os uppor ta ndut i l i z et hei nt er nett o a c c ompl i s ht hi s . I bel i ev et hi sc ur r entgener a t i onc a ndowha tot her sc oul dnot .Wi t hout r i ng ones hot , ga t her i ngi nonepubl i cs qua r e , c a r r y i ngonepr ot es ts i gn, wec a nv i a ourc omput er sbr i ngdownt heoutofc ont r ol unet hi c a l beha v i orofgov er nmenta ndc or por a t i ons . Pat t i Gal l e, Cont entEdi t or , TheHac kerNewsMagaz i ne

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1. )Sos or r ySony‌. . SonyOnl i neEnt er t ai nmentannouncedt hati thasl os t12, 700cus t omercr edi tcar dnumber sast her es ul tof anat t ack,andr oughl y24. 6mi l l i onaccount smayhavebeenbr eached.ReadMor e@ht t p: / / t i nyur l . com/ 3r y9675

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3. )DSLRepor t . com Hacked-t hei nf or mat i onandr evi ews i t eonhi ghs peedI nt er nets er vi ceswhi choper at esover200f or umshasbeenhi twi t habl i ndSQLi nj ect i onat t ack,whi chr es ul t edi nt hecompr omi s eofatl eas t9000account s .ReadMor e @ht t p: / / t i nyur l . com/ 3pphma4

4. )LadyGal lat wi t t eraboutheraccountbei nghacked.Ahackergai nedacces st oLadyGaga' st wi t t eraccountandbeganpos t i nganumberofs pam mes s ages ,al lwr i t t eni nSpani s h.ReadMor e@ht t p: / / t i nyur l . com/ 3g55t 6a

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8. )Hacker seatt hei rown.ATur ki s hHacker sGr ouphacksCyber hacker s . or g.ReadMor e@ht t p: / / t i nyur l . com/ 3nmbl 7j

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9. )I ndi aandPaki s t anati tagai n.I ndi anHackerCodeBr eaker shackedPAF( Paki s t anAi rFor ce)s er ver.ReadMor e@ ht t p: / / t i nyur l . com/ 3kwo43k

10. )Empl oyeet ur nedHackers eesr ed.Anempl oyeecl ai msr evengef oran" i l l egi t i mat er i ng, "s t at i ngt hathewasabl et obr eak a200megawatwi ndt ur bi nes ys t em ownedbyNext Er aEner gyRes our ces .ReadMor e@ht t p: / / t i nyur l . com/ 6l 42yg8

11. )Ever yt hi ngi smadei nChi na……evenHacker s !Ther ei sagr owi ngt hr eatt oWes t er ngover nment sandcor por at i onsast hey ar eunderat t ackf r om hacker sbas edi nChi na.ReadMor e@ht t p: / / t i nyur l . com/ 3kkf ac2

12. )Hacker sar eoutoft hi swor l d!TheEur opeanSpaceAgency( ESA) ,es t abl i s hedi n1975washackedbyTi nKode. .ReadMor e @ht t p: / / t i nyur l . com/ 3bnqe7u

13. )Wor dPr es shasbeenhackedr es ul t i ngwhatt hecompanys ai dwasal owl evel( r oot )br eaki nt os ever aloft hei rs er ver s . ReadMor e@ht t p: / / t i nyur l . com/ 3baxshd

14. )Hacker sdot hei rownadver t i s i ng.Eps i l on' s( Mar ket i ngs er vi ces r m)Cus t omerLi s t sofMaj orBr andsCompr omi s ed.Read Mor e@ht t p: / / t i nyur l . com/ 3cg4x4l

15. )Whoi sbabys i t t i ngt hebabys i t t er ?Howdi dahackermanaget oi nl t r at eoneoft hewor l d’ st opcomput er s ecur i t ycompani es ?Ar eRSApr oduct snowuns af et o40mi l l i onus er s ?ReadMor e@ht t p: / / t i nyur l . com/ 3w8knw6

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HACKERZ TOOL KI T 1 . )Me t a s p l o i tFr a me wo r k3 . 7 . 0Re l e a s e d-h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m/ 3 j e f l 8 a 2 . )To r0 . 2 . 2 . 2 5 a l p h ar e l e a s e d-h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m/ 3 k v 8 5 6 h 3 . )Ha c ky o u rSo n yPSP:I SOTo o lv 1 . 9 7 5Re l e a s e d-h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m/ 3 u b a 3 z f 4 . )Go o g l eHa c kDa t a b a s eTo o lv 1 . 1-h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m/ 3 z we v l 3 5 . )USBI mmu n i z e r: An t i Ma l wa r eTo o l-h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m/ 3 u 5 c 5 w3 6 . )Ar p ON2 . 2r e l e a s e d-ARPh a n d l e ri n s p e c t i o n-h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m/ 3 d l f e 6 z 7 . )Hy d r av 6 . 3Re l e a s e dwi t ho r a c l e&s n mp e n u mmo d u l e s-h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m/ 3 k c o 7 2 m 8 . )Pa c k e t Ma n i p u l a t o r0 . 3r e l e a s e d-i n c l u d i n gWi n d o wsI n s t a l l e r-h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m/ 3 k p n e wl 9 . )Li v eHa c k i n gDVDv 1 . 3Be t a-Do wn l o a d-h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m/ 3 mm7 u q s 1 0 . )Nc r a c k0 . 4Al p h a-Ne wVe r s i o nd o wn l o a d-h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m/ 3 b 8 n 4 j 6 1 1 . )J o h nt h eRi p p e r1 . 7 . 7n e wv e r s i o nRe l e a s e d-h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m/ 4 y r u 6 2 4 1 2 . )Mi c r o s o f tWi n d o wsMa l i c i o u sSo f t wa r eRe mo v a lTo o l-h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m/ 3 d p k ws h 1 3 . )Ca i n&Ab e l4 . 9 . 4 0r e l e a s e d, Do wn l o a dn o w-h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m/ 4 4 8 wz 2 u 1 4 . )Pa n g o l i nv 3 . 2 . 3Re l e a s e d , Do wn l o a dNo w-h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m/ 3 n z q g x k 1 5 . )Th eSo c i a l En g i n e e rTo o l k i tv 1 . 3 . 5Re l e a s e d-h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m/ 3 p y 5 o 2 e 1 6 . )I n f o n d l i n u x-Se c u r i t yt o o l si n s t a l ls c r i p tf o rUb u n t u-h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m/ 3 s p c 4 p 9 1 7 . )Bo d g e I tSt o r e:Vu l n e r a b l eWe bAp p l i c a t i o nFo rPT-h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m/ 4 y h 9 u h 4 1 8 . )f i l e i n f o g u i-Fo r e n s i ct o o lf o rf i l ei n f o r ma t i o n-h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m/ 3 k s q n 6 8 1 9 . )THCAma pv 5 . 3-a p p l i c a t i o np r o t o c o ld e t e c t i o nRe l e a s e d-h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m/ 6 j wt r 9 x 2 0 . )Ph o e n i xe x p l o i tk i t2 . 5l e a k e d , Do wn l o a dNo w-h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m/ 4 y 2 g k r c 2 1 . )Wi r e s h a r k1 . 5 . 1De v e l o p me n tRe l e a s e-h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m/ 4 x u mg 4 6 2 2 . )Ol l y Db g2 . 0 1a l p h a3Re l e a s e d-h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m/ 3 c z x q 4 j 2 3 . )Sq l ma pv . 0 . 9-a u t o ma t i cSQLi n j e c t i o n-h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m/ 3 o l t 5 e z 2 4 . )Ra wCa ps n i f f e rf o rWi n d o wsr e l e a s e d-h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m/ 6 y 5 g l 7 q 2 5 . )Wi Fi t eTh eWEP/ WP ACr a c k e rv e r s i o nr 6 8r e l e a s e d-h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m/ 3 z v 7 e j 6 2 6 . )Pe n TBo x1 . 4–Pe n e t r a t i o nTe s t i n gSe c u r i t ySu i t eDo wn l o a d-h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m/ 4 2 y d z s x 2 7 . )DRI L:Do ma i nRe v e r s eI PLo o k u pTo o lDo wn l o a d-h t t p : / / t i n y u r l . c o m/ 3 w5 ml v g

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' TheHacker sPar adi s e' hackedbyKhant as t i C On30Apr i l2011,Khant as t i C( Paki s t anihacker )Hackedi nt o ht t p: / / www. t hehacker s par adi s e. com andaddhi sdef acepageont hat . ReadMor e@ht t p: / / t i nyur l . com/ 3huasms

Pr es i dentofPaki s t an–Dat abas eHackedByMohi tPandeAkaTos hu On1may2011,Mohi tPande( I ndi anHacker )hackPaki s t aniPr es i dent ’ s Offici alwebs i t eandexpos eddat abas eashackpr oofht t p: / / pas t ebi n. com/ Vt a6hVWTHackedSi t eht t p: / / www. pr es i dent of paki s t an. gov. pk/, ReadMor e@ht t p: / / t i nyur l . com/ 3hyl zo6 Es cuel aUni ver s i t ar i aDi s eno-Spai nhackedbyFr 0664/ FCA,26740 emai l s / pas s wor dsDumped-On1may2011,Fr 0664/ FCAhackeddat abas eofEs cuel aUni ver s i t ar i aDi s eno–Spai nanddumpt hedat abas eatht t ps : / / r api ds har e. com/l es / 460080122/ es ne. edu. 7z. ReadMor e@ht t p: / / t i nyur l . com/ 4y4g7r v

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Cambr i dgeNet wor kshackedbyShak[ PCA] On27t hApr i l2011,Shak( Paki s t anihacker )hacki nt o cambr i dgewebwor ks . com andcambr i dgenet wor ks . co. uk. ReadMor e@ht t p: / / t i nyur l . com/ 42csl at

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TheFi l m andPubl i cat i onBoar d’ s( FPB)webs i t eHackedbyDr . Kr oOoZBy. NeShTeR/TTG On26t hApr i l ,TheFi l m andPubl i cat i onBoar d’ s ( FPB)webs i t e,hos t edatht t p: / / www. f pb. gov. za,hadbeenhackedby Dr . Kr oOoZ-By. NeShTeR/TTG. ReadMor e@ht t p: / / t i nyur l . com/ 43bg64u

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Pakr ai l . com dat abas eandus erdet ai l shackedbyAngel4k44d0r 4b13 Angel( I ndi anhacker )hackedt hedat abas eofPakr ai l . com on26t hApr i l 2011.HackedDat abas e-ht t p: / / pas t ebi n. com/ y6WQ1Qr r ReadMor e@ht t p: / / t i nyur l . com/ 3k33kvq

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CEHTr ai ner( Cent enni alMedi aTr ai ni ng)GotHacked On12Apr i lAhackerhackedi nt owebs i t eofCEHt r ai nerat ht t p: / / www. cmt r ai ni ng. com. au/. ReadMor e@ht t p: / / t i nyur l . com/ 3vkz6me

www. t heha c k er news . c om 22| Ma y2011| I s s ue02

70I ndi anWebs i t esHackedByShadow008( PakCyber Ar my) On10Apr i l2011,Shadow008( PakCyber Ar my)hack70I ndi anwebs i t es . Her ei sl i s tofhackeds i t es-ht t p: / / pas t ebi n. com/ 8weEL5Bx. ReadMor e@ht t p: / / t i nyur l . com/ 3r hznzo

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Securi tyEvents Bel netSecur i t yConf er ence,5May2011i nBr us s el s Secur i t yont heI nt er neti soneofBel net ' shi ghes tpr i or i t i es .Bel netaf t eral lhasext ens i veexper t i s eati t sdi s pos ali nt he ar eaofI nt er nets ecur i t y.Mor eover ,wi t ht heexpans i onofi t ss ecur i t ys er vi ces ,Bel netwi s hest or ai s eawar enes sont he par toft heus ercommuni t ywi t hr es pectt os ecur i t y. Ther ef or eBel netor gani zes: What?Bel netSecur i t yConf er ence When?Thur s day5may2011 Wher e?atMar i vauxHot el ,Boul evar dAdol pheMax98, 1000Br us s el sAcces s map ReadMor e@ht t p: / / t i nyur l . com/ 3sbqzcg

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www. t heha c k er news . c om 2 9| Ma y2 01 1| I s s ue02

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www. t heha c k er news . c om 30| Ma y2011| I s s ue02


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Getal l Vul ner abi l i t yNews@ ht t p: / / t i nyur l . c om/ 6xl nmwz

www. t heha c k er news . c om 31| Ma y2011| I s s ue02

F eedba c k Dea rRea der s , T ha nky ouf orbei ngapa r tofamov ementof a wa r enes sa ndc ha nge .Y ours uppor t ,pa r t i c i pa t i ona nd enc our a gementi swhywec ont i nuet oma k e‘ THEHACKER NEWS’ t hebes ts our c eofi nt er nets ec ur i t yont heweb. T oget herwec a nbr i ngf or wa r dt hei nf or ma t i onwe needt oha v eas us t a i na bl ea ndhea l t hywor l d.Wec a n' t wa i tt obr i ngy oune x tmont h' sedi t i on, " T ot al Expos ur e" t ha twi l l c ov er , i ndept h, howv ul ner a bl egov er nment sa nd c or por a t i onsa r e .Y ouwon' twa ntt omi s si t! Pl ea s ef or wa r dourma ga z i net of r i ends , c owor k er s , bos s es , f a mi l ya ndbus i nes s esy ouk nowwoul denj oyr ea di nga ndl ea r ni nga bouti nt er nets ec ur i t ya ndt hewho' s whooft hei nt er networ l d.I nt hemea nt i me , T ha nky ou. y our oc k! T heHa c k erNewsT ea m

#E ma i l Usy ouF eedba c k / Ar t i c l esa tt heha c k er news @gma i l . c om #Vi s i tours i t eht t p: / / www. t heha c k er news . c om/ #Dona t eus , KeepusS t r ong:ht t p: / / t i ny ur l . c om/ 64b7x s 2 #J oi nourf a c ebookpa ge: ht t p: / / t i ny ur l . c om/ 6de49r 9 #F ol l owusonT wi t t er: ht t ps : / / t wi t t er . c om/ # ! / T heHa c k er s News

www. t heha c k er news . c om 32| Ma y2011| I s s ue02

The Hacker News (Issue # 2 - May 2011)  


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