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Hope College Bnchor Official Publication of ttie Students of Hope College at Holland Michigan


Homecoming To Bring Traditional Events Soon


Homecoming is .pnce again on Hope's Calendar of Events. October 27 has been selected as the tentative


Before the

depleted the ranks of students, Homecoming


our men was the

highlight of the school year. Determined to continue all campus activities WAL is arranging a celebration for this year that will include




known to such homecoming celebrations.

There will be just one

variation, however, there will be

Alcor Kotfee Kletz Will Be Open Today

Student Teachers Are Practicing In Local Schools

Hope's early days Holland







the clothes of the boys attending Relaxation



clothes-mending, however, is the

Teaching assignments for senior purpose of the new "Koffee Kletz," Alcor's snackbar scheduled to open and elementary education students today. doing their teaching first semester The "Koffee Kletz" features a were announced last week by Prof. coke-machine, coffee, donuts, rolls, Garrett Vander Borgh, director of and candy. It is located in the practice teaching. Those teaching basement of Van Raalte hall in in the English Dept. at Holland the room under Dr. Raymond's Senior High are; Milly Scholten, room. It will be open every schoolwhose critic teacher is Miss Hagen, day morning. Margery Curtis under Miss ReePale blue and canary-yellow verts, Margery Prince, who is unpainted tables supplement the bar der the supervision of Miss Mulder, Evelyn Shiffner, teaching and carry out the Dutch theme.

no men participating. A touch football game in which the upperclass girls will be pitted against the lower class girls will be played in the afternoon. Water girls, managers, a female announcer, and even the water bucket under Miss Van Dyke. Mary Elizawill be in evidence. Peanuts and beth Aldrich is teaching Latin candy will be sold during the game under supervision of Miss Geiger. by the A.D.D. girls. Freida Grote is teaching music unThe Queen of the Campus, Mary Elizabeth Aldrich, with her court der Miss Moore. Those student will honor her subjects by attend- teachers in the junior high are: ing the game. Rosanna Atkins, supervised by In the evening a buffet supper Miss Shackson, Constance Scholten

Hope Students To Purchase Jeep in Nation's Next Big Bond Drive

Kletz" regularly in order to mend Hope.

There are drapes and potted plants at the windows, and Alcor hopes to acquire a nickelodeon later.


snackbar is Alcor's special project for the year and will raise money to be used for the college.


society will not be selling candy in the dormitories as it did in pre-

will be served in Carnegie Gym. A under Miss Brower, Elaine Schol- vious years. Members of Alcor are Edna Mae program given by members of the tens, teaching under Miss Ewald Richards, president; Connie CrawMusical Arts Club and Palette and and Arlene Vorhorst under M i s s Masque is being arranged. Vander Werf. Myra Kleis is teach- ford, vice president; Irene Lun-

Cbming to Hope as Van Vleck housemother is Miss^Ann Nowlan, who arrived here Saturday, September 30. Miss Nowlan has been living in Detroit, where she acted as housemother for a nurse's residence and was engaged in religious education for one of Detroit's Presbyterian churches. Mrs. Van Zomeren is retiring as housemother of Voorhees Hall. She will live in Holland. Other faculty news of interest includes Dr. Wynand Wichers' meeting with the Board of Education in New York Tuesday, October 3. Dr. Harvey Kleinheksel of the Science Department served on a visiting committee appointed by the Michigan College Association to inspect the science department of Aquinas College in Grand Rapids. Dr. Bruce Raymond, head of the History Department, served on a committee to inspect the University of Grand Rapids History Department, recently.

die, Secretary-treasurer; Eleanor The Emersonian House, the new ing math under Miss Shoup. Irene girls' dormitory, will have O p e n Lundie is teaching under Miss Everse, Marie Jenkins, Elaine Denton in the social studies de- Scholten, Peggy Cross, Rosanna House a f t e r the supper. partment. Lorraine Ver Meulen is Atkins, Milly Scholten, Myra Kleis, Announcements concerning the under Mr. Norlin in the physiol- and Mary Liz Aldrich. tryouts for the program and the ogy department. game will be made soon. Those teaching in the early elementary grades in Washington School are J a n e Fichtner, kindergarten, and Helen Wilhelm, first grade. The student teachers in

Plans Being Made for New Dormitory Tentative plans are now being

made for the new dormitory. The first blueprints have been drawn up, but nothing is definite as yet. Mr. Thebaud of Grand Rapids, who designed the science building, is the architect. The dorm will be on 12th St., just east of Van Raalte, and the practice field will be Hope's A.D.D. girls are operatmoved toward Columbia Ave. ing the Blue Key book store since The dorm will be a quadrangle the Blue Key has disbanded for with a formal garden in the center. the duration. Irene Lundie nr*»<*i- The Hin«ng room, kitchen, and dent of the A.D.D., is supervising large game room will be located on this project and Lucille Tenninga the first floor. The second floor is the main floor that will have is acting as bookkeeper. the housemother's quarters, guest The Athletic Debt Diggers girls rooms, and social room. The social formerly were in charge of re- room will seat 250 people, and freshments at the football and bas- there will be a stage at one end. ketball games, which were discon- In addition to the large social room, the^e will be several smaller tinued because of the war. The reception'rooms. A general office iP 1 " 0 ^ made was used to purchase where the phones will be located athletic equipment such as bad- and where the mail will be sorted minton "birds," hockey sticks, and is also planned f o r the second floor. any other equipment needed by the The third floor will have a large study room for all of the girls. Phys. Ed. department. This year, There will be a kitchenette on both h o w e v e r , will be donated to the second and third floors for Women's Athletic Association. everyone's use.

Campus BookStore

Committee Needs

Serviceboard Data The

Hope Service



again be continued this year under the supervision .of the YM and YWCA on the campus. The serv-

Under the A.D.D.

Froebel School are: Vera Pennings, first grade, and Jane Smies, kindergarten. Those teaching in Van Raalte are: Verladyn Saunders, first grade, and Shirley Lemmen, Kindergarten.

ice board, located in Graves Hall, lists the name and address of each Hope man and woman in the service of the Armed Forces, the number of which is over three hundred. The Anchor works with the Y organization by sending the college publication to each serviceman both in camps in the States and overseas. The servicemen appreciate this connection with the college and have made their appreciation known many times over.

Editor Announces Milestone Additions Seven new appointments to the Milestone staff have been listed by the editor, A1 Staver. They are Eugene Van Tamelen, art staff; Bunny Goff, Dorothy Weyenberg, Carol Kile and Roger Patterson, literary staff, and Elaine Mensinger and Adrian Bos, photography staff. The entire staff met September 26 and work on the year book is well under way.

In order for this service to continue, we ask the cooperation of students and of parents of the servicemen in seeing that the addresses are correct at all times. We therefore ask that you bring or send the new addresses to the The annual Round Robin Tea college office. Servicemen, too, are requested to send their new ad- held Saturday, September 23, at dresses to the college office as they 2:00 was, as always, a great succhange from time to time. cess. All the sororities were decked

October 4 , 1 9 4 4

Goal Set at $1165, Jeep to Have College Name Plate On, Pledges to Be Made Hope College Bond Drive started today in order to help our nation in what we hope is to be the final "Big Drive." The goal of our drive is $1,165.00 which will be used to purchase a jeep. The War Finance Division will furnish the jeep with a name plate "Hope College" as evidence of her origin.


Spike Sawitsky, chairman of the and WAL Bond Drive, urges everyone YMCA is bright. Plans are being to keep up the pledges which were made for Prayer Week in the made on the pledge cards in chapel spring the Mission Drive, skating this morning. Stamps and bonds may be purparties during the year, fireside chased at the newly decorated Bond discussion forums in various homes Booth any Wednesday or Friday of the faculty, letter-writing meet- morning. ings and chapel tours to be conThe




Campus Bonfire

ducted soon. The Y-Fore will also be published throughout the year. The Women's Activities League Above all, the purpose of the Y Is offering as its next project an will be kept in mind—Make Christ afternoon of leaf-raking f o r all. In King of Our Campus! a few weeks the campus is to be reconverted. A shortage of laborY.W. HEARS MAATMAN ers prevented the college authoriA record breaking number of ties from having the leaves raked girls attended the first regular this fall. Our undaunted spirit is Y.W. meeting last Tuesday eve- again asserting itself, however, ning. The enthusiasm t h a t was since W.A.L. has decided that the shown was very encouraging. Har- leaves must be raked. To accomriet Maatman, Y.W.C.A. president, plish this every student and memdiscussed the topic, "And the ber of the faculty will be d r a f t e d Greatest of These Is Love." Mary to clean the campus. On a date, Ellen Brower, freshman, accompa- determined by the fall of the last nied by Marian Ter Borg, sang leaf, everyone will rake all the "One Sweetly Solumn Thought" leaves into a pile on the athletic and "O Love That Wilt Not Let field. A bonfire will then be built and everyone t h a t has worked will Me Go." be served hot dogs and coffee. Hinkamp Speaks o The Y.M. meeting was held on the same evening. In the absence of the president, Wesley Dykstra, the meeting was opened by Wilbur Brandli, who also led devotions. Prof. Hinkamp spoke on "Daniel." He emphasized the point that today we are apt to worship three gods — a god of liquor, a god of nicotine, and a god of A's. Daniel never bowed down to the idol gods of his day. Can we be a Daniel? The meeting adjourned with the singing of hymns.

If Y is worth your dollar it's worth your presence.

Sororities Entertain Frosh at Round Robin Tea introduced the Sorosites and alumnae to the guests who in turn introduced themselves. Then followed

the Sorosis song and a general getin holiday attire and put all their acquainted process. Before the Record Number Attend energy into really giving the new girls left each was given a cactus girls a good time. Each program pin cushion to remind them of Faculty Reception was varied and gay and the five sunny Mexico and the "Carramba Approximately 200 students groups spent a short period in each Club." came out in record number to the room. Here are some of the things Dorian annual faculty-student reception, the girls saw. held in the basement of the Hope The Dorian Music Box took it Sorosis Memorial Chapel on Wednesday upon itself to prove the t r u t h in night, September 27. Sorosis took the frosh "south of the words "Music h a t h , charm." Dr. Wynand Wichers gave a few the border down Mexico way" The first attempt was the "Prelwords of welcome before everyone where they witnessed a broadcast ude" in the form of the thrilling gathered around the piano for from the "Carramba Club." Presi- strains of "Gypsy Love Song" and group singing, with Mrs. Snow dent Millie Scholten welcomed the 'My Hero" sung by our own Frieda accompanying. guests and then turned the "Feste- Grote. No music box would be complete Prof, Hinga, a t the head of the jo" over to the Master of Cerereceiving line, introduced students monies, Ruth Joldersma, who was unless It turned to a lighter vein. to the faculty and their wives. Fol- proceeded by an advertisement f o r Bunny Goff characterized humor lowing the reception line Eleanor Mexican jumping beans sung by with her inimitable style. Everse, president of Student Coun- Mary Liz Aldrich, Rozanna Atkins "This world is so full of a numcil, opened the program with a wel- and J a n Bogart. ber of things, I'm sure we should come. Frieda Grote and T h o m a s The leading lady of Mexico a la all be as happy as kings." Perhaps Baslooper e n t e r t a i n e d with Elsie Parsons, gave forth with a the composer had these words of "Wagon Wheels," "Wanting You" few helpful hints on beauty treat- Robert Louis Stevenson in mind and f o r an encore the duet, "Love ment the Mexican way. Senor N a t when he wrote "There Are Such Me T o n i g h t " Bosman (the Voice AH Mexico Things." Out of the Dorian Music Dr. Wynand Wichers gave a few Loves) rendered the song, "Marie Box came the voices of E l a i n e words of welcome before everyone Elena," a t the conclusion of which Scholten, Thelma Oonk and Evelyn gathered around the piano f o r she collected a handful of pennies Shiffner singing the ever lovely group singing, with Mrs. Snow ac thrown at her by her adoring audi- melody. companying. ence. Since the words lend added beauty to music, it was appropriate Prof. Hinga, Master of CereThe next big thing featured was t h a t in a music box we should find monies, made appropriate remarks the Bilkert twins as Coco and beautiful thoughts expressed by and turned the evening over to the Bango doing a Mexican dance Polly Naas. faculty women who served refresh (with apologies to Mexican dancments. Miss Laura Boyd was chair ers). The broadcast ended with The cover of the Music Box man of the faculty social commit- Nat's sober announcement, "That slowly closed with the prevailing tee. Refreshments were fumi8he< is all, keep smiling." melody, the Dorian Song, sung by by the college. President - Millie Scholten then each member of Kappa Beta Phi.


A "jeep poster" will be placed in Van Raalte Hall where the "body" will be colored according to the amount of bonds and stamps sold.

Increase Is Noted In Enrollment Dr. Wichers has announced t h a t the enrollment this year shows marked increase. The Senior Class is the smallest with 52 members, the Juniors follow with 60 members, and the Sophomores rank with 65 members. The Freshman class is unusually large this year with 115 new students. The sharp increase necessitated the opening of the Emersonian House as another girls' dormitory. There are 32 girls living a t the Emmy House, 38 a t Van Vleck, and 80 a t Voorhees Hall, totaling 150 campus girls. There are 30 new fellows and approximately 10 live on campus at Zwemer Hall.

especially me for such a wonderful Class Elections Held letter. Dear Bill: By Underclassmen Love, Today was the Round Robin tea JULIE. On Wednesday, September 27, at college and I want to write and the Freshman Class met f o r the Delphi tell you what a major part you first time and elected officers f o r unconsciously played in Sib's proGlad you decided to drop in for the coming year. The students who gram. a breather at the Delta Phi Crack- were elected are a s follows: PresiDo you recall that "Remember" er-Barrel Club, before p u t t i n g the dent, Tim Harrison; Vice Presiletter you wrote me (probably finishing touches on your shopping dent, Ruth Hoffman; Secretary, weeks ago but it certainly arrived tour. But before we begin the Virginia Hemmes; and Treasurer, here a t an opportune t i m e ) . Any- show, we'll give you time to catch Ted Boeve. For the two Student way, we thought if it could only your breath and put a nickel in Council representatives Mildred portray to the girls a little of the the juke box. Will Mike Brouwer VerMaire and Marvin DeYoung feeling all you boys have f o r Hope, singing "The Sweetheart of Delta were elected. it was the least we could do. Your Phi" be okay? Wednesday was also election day description of t h a t interesting perWe are especially glad you're f o r the Sophomores. The class met f u m e shop in France and what the here today because the Club is put- in the basement of the Chapel and different perfumes reminded you ting on its annual fashion show. elected the following officers: Bill of — Holland's Sundays, the fourAnd here is our own Lucille Vos, Haak, President; Marion Kortelmile, those wonderful formals, just "Silly dress, silly gal, sweater and ing. Vice President; Louise Ter walks on the campus in the rain skirt, and she's my pal." You can Beek, Secretary; Dick Vriesman, and otherwise — was j u s t perfect jump into this zooty twosome whiz Treasurer. Phyllis Barense and to build our theme around. We Robert Danhof were elected Stuquick. read your letter aloud while sister Mary Lois DeFouw, modeling a dent Council representatives. I t Sibs floated by dressed a s in my stunning aqua and black slate was also announced t h a t all dues imagination I pictured those wondress is sure to put a detour i n must be paid to the Treasurer, derful times we both remember so Dick Vriesman, by next Wednesany young man's fancy. well, and which you made so real Now, off for a merry fling at day, October 4. Plans are in the again in your letter. F o r favors tennis, as Pinks Mulder dons shorts making f o r a class party to be we made small sachets; I wanted in t h a t delicious sherbet shade. held in the near f u t u r e . to uie t h a t Tailspin you sent me Alan Staver was elected presiClassy chasy on t h a t lassy. to make them smell e x t r a nice but dent of the Junior Class at their I couldn't bring myself to use • Time out f o r a short root beer meeting on Tuesday, September t h a t much. as several of our shoppers, Jeanne 26, in the Y.M.C.A. room. Other That tea was such a nice way to Timmerman and J a n e Fichtner, officers chosen at the meeting were get to know the new girls better dispossess themselves of their Harriet Stegeman, Vice President; and knowing them as well as we many bundles f o r a bit of "catty Elaine Mensinger, Secretary; and do already I'm sure you boys won't chatty." Strictly "S.S.Q." these Edith Wolbrink, Treasurer. Busibe disappointed with the Hope you new girls, w h a t ? ness of the class at present is the And now for something "Sweet collecting of dues. In the near fucome back to. It's not that we don't miss you, but we're not sit- and Lovely" with the Delphi trio, ture, by announcement of the new ting back and marking time either. Myra Brouwer, Connie Crawford, president, the class plans'to sponThanks from all the Sibs and Continued on page 4 sor some all-college activity.

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Hope College Anchor

Hope College Anchor Member


W o Gehen Sie?

" R e d " Wierenga and Bob Rot-

Cotegiote Press

Editor's Note:

HELEN WILHELM. Editor-in-Chief All of us at times submit to the popular temptation to disdain the schafer took a few days from their This camp to campus column Ruth Joldersma Associate Editor truly educated — the wholly educated, while we apply ourselves with studies in Chicago to visit the s for student readers of the ANPeggy Cross Business Manager only doubtful interest and zeal to the task before us. We wonder at home town. CHOR, but it is also for Hope the inspired individual who loves and lives each integral part of learnSTAFF service men stationed in this counEarl Holkeboer moved from Asing. We, however, slide effortlessly to the f u t u r e finality of hopeless Feature Editor Rose Seith dissatisfaction. You must not admit the f a c t that you do study an bury Park, N. J., to the midship- try and overseas. It is one of the Society Editor Jenkins mly ways we keep in touch with appreciable amount because D.A.R.'s are repudiated by the student man at Northwestern. 'Camp to Campus" Editor Evelyti Shiffner them, and that they get news of body. Circulation Manager Verladine Saiinders Waiting to go to Dental School one another. Therefore it is the It seems to be traditional for college students to envelop themselves Published every two weeks d u r i n g the M-hool year by th# atudenta of Hop* <toll«(r«. is "Woody" Woodworth, Ph.M., at hope of the ANCHOR that any Entered s i second class m a t t e r at the post office of Holland, M i c h i c a n , a t • g ^ l a l r a t e in a denseness of pretty pink illusions about the purpose of college postage provided for in section 1103 of Act of Congress. October 5.'11)17. and Great Lakes. news of service men will be given of authorised October 19. 1918. training. to the editor — Helen Wilhelm. For too many, the ultimate of college is to acquire a minimum of Ken Steketee Mail subscriptions, one dollar per year majors or minors, the completion of required courses, or the aggregaAddress — The Anchor, Hope College, Holland, Michigan Also waiting for navy dental Telephone 9436 tion of 126 credit hours, accumulated like green stamps to trade in for school is Ken Steketee in Maryanother diploma. The greatest asset for having spent four years? — P R I N T E D A T OLD N E W S P R I N T E R Y land. a tide over for a year or two between inflicted college training and Paul Hinkamp is in the Radio something more permanent.

iiH u a i r

! would not advocate sacrificing all pleasure for scholastic drudgery, School a t Fort Monmouth, N. J . nor yet propose Knowlege For KnowledKe's Sake, the ideal of philosophically minded educators.




iB ax


for Platts-

Education for what then? — for personal burg, N. Y. last Thursday. He re-

satisfaction and advancement? — Yes, but so much more than t h a t — Education For Life — learninR for living.

As a Liberal Arts College,

Hope is more than prepared to fit you with the means, you must create

This year is going to be a big cently received his commission as one for everyone on campus and big things are coming from the


Bill De Witt is working in Sur- music departments. the end. Expect not the confined obvious from education, but the limThe choir has made a good beitless impossible. Work toward that, for education of the whole is gery in New River, N. C. ginning with 80 members. We are man's most priceless equipment for an intelligent, enjoyable, useful life. Jeff Wiersum duly grateful for the large conJeff The ANCHOR editor and staff would like to call to your attention and special consideration the formation of campus.





For years Hope College had an

When You Want ICE C R E A M Remember


is a

Camp Fannin, Texas. the climate a trifle hot.

at tingent of men. Glee Club has a grand total of He thinks 36. They are already practicing


no more than it is now. We, as a

bellish such achievements by the reorganization of an orchestra. If you own an



Hope '40 ed secretary in place of Anna Ruth '43, has completed Poppen, who is attending Colorado

French Pastry Shop

for active duty at Coronado, Cal.

Try O u r Line of D e l i c i o u s

Roge Koeppe


"Hepf'i Pntry

instrument, if

you play an instrument, or if you have once played an instrument won't you

make yourself


and respond in full enthusiasm? Now is the time to organize an orchestra on Hope's campus.

concert. Elaine Scholten was elect-

lain USN graduate of


president of Musical Arts Club to take Anna Ruth's place.

able reputation for musical prominence and we could very well em-


Christmas carols and songs for a Lt. Harold Colenbrander, Chap-

training at the Chaplain School, University. Also, Freida Grote was elected Williamsburg, Va. He will report

orchestra when the enrollment was college, have always had an envi-


Over C. Thomas Store, 32 W. 8th

Plans are being made to have

Roger Koeppe finds Camp Harke- John Lloyd Kollen, associate professor of piano at the University ley a little rugged. He has just of Michigan, give a recital on our finished his six weeks' basic trainnew Steinway grand piano some ing. time in October. PFC Sterling Morgan is in Phila-


Our voice professor, Mr. Baugh-

where he is studying a man, with his wife, will also give a program sometime during the medical course at Temple Univeryear. sity. Don't forget our college orchesJim Mooi is home really enjoy- tra. The turn-out was good. Let's

A Large Selection to Choose from WE ARE PROUD TO HAVE HOPE COLLEGE



C.M.K. Holland State Bank Rldf.

ing his furlough.

hope the plans will materialize!



BOOKS! For the New Semester



BOTH USED and Keep Your Pledge NEW Up-To-Date

T. K E P P E L ' S SONS John Vander Broek, Prop. Established 1867



HOLLAND STATE BANK Deposits Insured up to $5,000.00 HOLLAND, MICHIGAN


We also help you sell your used Textbooks, so bring them in

A M BOOK STORE Van Raalte Hall Next New Commons Room

Attention . . . Hope Students! Have You Ever Tried Our Economy Fluffed Dry Service at 10c per Pound? SAMPLE BUNDLE: 3 shirts, 2 drawers, 2 undershirts 1 pajaraa, 3 pair socks, 6 handkerchiefs, 3 soft collars,' 8 towels, 3 wash cloths. Average weight, four pounds—40c NOTE I: This is probably less than the pareel post charge for sending home and return. NOTE II: You mav have any or all of the shirts in this bundle finished at 11 cents each.

Stamp Booth Open MODEL L A U N D R Y , Inc. Wednesday and Friday Mornings, For Anything in Fine Printing . . . in Van Raalte m EAST EIGHTH S T R E E T , HOLLAND




9 East 10th S t

Phones: 4887 and 9281

Holland, Michigan


Hope College Anchor

Local Rtd Cross

What Became

Tolls of Gorman Prison Camp Life The local Red Cross has made available to us an edition of the " K r e g i e Times." " K r e g i e " is an abbreviation of the German word " k r i e g s g e f a n g e n e n , " meaning war prisoner. The " T i m e s " is a paper printed in Stalag L u f t III S a g a n ,

Page Three

7 { / 6 o o f c t ?


of Suzy

SPORTS By Millie

Didja ever wonder what became of S u z y ? You remember Suzy — she was in our F r e s h m a n English If you have not heard the mod- like he's never had before — Could class and quit school a f t e r one semester. ern version of the Three Bears ask :hat be a compliment? Or to be more practicle, how'dja BUNNY G O F F — she'll ^ive you The lowans are back in full like to hear about the latest doin's stage, action, and thrills. force this year, mainly P E N N Y of a bunch of ex-Hopites? P E N N I N G S . and MARCIA HUno time at all Voorhees will There's Jeannie Boshart, Semi-

Do you have aches or pains, we can see volleyball games in full scratches, bruises, or callused f e e t ? swing. Ruth Mary Cook, a newly Could it have been the b r e a k f a s t appointed W.A.A. board member, hike last S a t u r d a y m o r n i n g ? Forty sleepy gals clamped their weary bones together,



is in charge of this sport.


your name and pronto — youH be on a team and ready for business

pheus' a r m s and dragged down- a f t e r Y on October 17. stairs at 7 a. m. Early mornings

Germany, a camp f o r British and be beautifully decorated with red BERS, who declare there's nothing nary Pin-up girl of last year. Her St op — look — and listen — roses if GLORIA D I E H L keeps more beautiful than a field of com big brown eyes are now sparkling are beautiful, aren't t h e y ? (to American prisoners of war. each week the gym will be open mention nothing about how we in autumn. The " T i m e s " is presented to receiving them f r o m her man. for the University of Syracuse. to the campus co-eds on Monday, looked!) Gertie Vredeveld thought MRS. K hasn't taken up Miss GEORGE T E N HAVE finds balAmerican POW's weekly, and conWe doubly miss the Misses VanWednesday and Friday from 2 p. she was s m a r t putting her bottle tains all the general news t h a t ancing chem. equations a bit dif- Lichty's cry of shhhh — instead derLindens — Mil 'n' Mae to you. m. to 3 p. m. and Tuesday and of milk in her pocket — collision reaches the camps via mail. One ficult when NORMA VADER is she breaks the midnight silence The twins are living in Hynes, Thursday from 1 p. m. to 2 p. m. and she ended up with a milk-white typewriter plus 1,000 reporters is around. (She's the gal who suffo- with "close your — t r a n s u m ! " At California, and attending Whittier It's a f r e e for all — badminton complexion. It was cheap at half cates her roommates by seating 11:30 every night she distributes College. They are music majors the equipment for printing. (be careful with the "birds" — the price! Watch for the next hike. The following is an excerpt writ- her favorite teddybear on her saucers of milk to take c a r e of and have plunged into the year and losers-weepers), high jump, pingYou know what — the W.A.A. "YOUR DUST K I T T I E S . " ten by Deimar T. Spivey, Colonel, ighted pin-up lamp. already made themselves known in pong, volleyball, etc. Don't forget board will t r e a t themselves f o r a Jack Schouten delivered a politiUSAAF: their own inimitable way. LOIS VAN WYK tried her skill to wear your "sneakers." change. October 12 is the d a t e of In the hope t h a t our people at it the ;irt flvintr but unfortu- cal harangue comparable to FDR A visit to Milwaukee Downer their annual supper hike a la autoHave you heard about the female home may have a small insight •mtely found t h a t the trip wasn't but not about him in his last gym College would find Joan Droppers mobile. No visitors or snitchers football g a m e ? That goes without into our prison life, we dedicate ?o pleasant from the second decker class. MLH has lost a very valu— yes Drooppy — "nursing her allowed — private p a r t y ! They saying, eh! Applications will be able article — composition? — this issue of our camp newspaper, o the floor. career." She says there are quite have a secret spot in the Hamilton accepted for the various positions. rubber!!! designed for home consumption. a few midshipmen floating around! woods for this rendezvous. It seems a young man's f a n c y 1 Watch this space for f u r t h e r deWe hope you receive it and by so One of Dewey's major campaign turns to thoughts of love in sumLooking into the "crystal ball" velopments! And who could forget Janey doing come into closer contact with mer too. because just look at what promises has been to c o n f e r on Waldbillig? She's practicing her us and our daily lives. J A N E F I C H T N E R , HAPPY Ruth Ellison a "Distinguished It is extremely difficult f o r us MAATMAN, J A C K I E G R A N E R T , Service Medal" for her services as cooking on the family in Albany, and struggling through tough to keep abreast of your doings and .ind EV E V E R S E wear on their his most ardent campaigner to French and Biology courses at Alwith the trend of the times because hird finger left hand. date. Miss Ellison is distributing bany State. She may be out to see of our complete isolation imposed PROF. McLEAN says working gratis the LIFE magazine picturus some fine day. Hurry yup, To Vitalize Your Wartime Diet by censorship, separation from all it a girls' dorm is an experience ing her HERO—Thomas E. Dewey. Janey! You need til your energy, all your health during these other than German news, and critical months So keep your pep at par with Myrt Bos and La Verne Huiper barbed wire and alert guards. wheatamin Tablets. Taken as directed with fruit j'uice, are at Butterworth hospital in We strive to set up a model I 0 " * ? t u L ™ , E . c V ' T A M I N S k n o w n t 0 ^ <***> fo; good health — PLUS the minerals most commonly lacking. Grand Rapids looking like the postcommunity designed to keep our plus brewers yeast and wheat germ oil. Try '•Wheatamin?'



bodies, minds, and

souls healthy

and alert, awaiting the day we can

Friendship Rings—Indian Jewelry

Both gals are s t a r t i n g their second


J a n e Mulder, Leona Overbeek, all


return to our own homes within our own land.


of you for your wonderful g i f t s to the Red Cross, YMCA, and other charitable institutions — and above all, for your letters and prayers.

Lois Vander Schel, M a r y

Grand Rapids have all succumed to the lure of nurses training.

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Betty Christie is working in a place that

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with oxygen.

Shirl Otteman, who always did like New York, has deserted us


er. The spirit of the Geneva conour treatment, in general, has been

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are g r a t e f u l and know, that in return,




prisoners at home is considerate. We have our moments of loneliness and hunger for the compan-


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State at


Bay City is claiming Betty Van

"Shenicki" De Kleine can be seen tral College in Pella. University of Illinois has claimed Marge Hoobler where she is taking

play most of the time.

the course in Journalism.

The rest

We shall hold firm to our faith in all of you and are ever assured of your love and consideration.


Hazel Olsen is going to school


When her parents moved to Colorado, Anna Ruth Poppen accom-


panied them and stayed there just

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coming back next semester. Jean Cann has decided on taking a business course away from Hope. Now — you know what became

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leger will be glad to hear she's

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Hope College

somewhere in Chicago.

to go to the Colorado U.


(or heard) on the campus at Cen-


but on the whole we laugh and

ing, working, and hoping.


for her many activities this year.

next year.

ionship of home and home folks,

of the time is spent studying, read-



Dyke this year. But she'll be back

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for Keuka College in New York. And Vonnie Yntema has settled


vention has been carried out and this consideration we

Y o u r F r i e n d s at T h e

We wonder if that

us many small concessions which



is the place for her!

Those who detain us have not



something to do

treated us badly, and have given have made our incarceration light-


of Holland, and Donna Mulder of

We think of you and thank all us — from individuals, and from

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of Hope College


Hope College Anchor

i our

My Daze Waiting Tables

SIhi? # t i r o r t t t ? s - - THBSAURIAN

painting, "The Angelus." The m e e t i n g was closed with the singI>ast F r i d a y a f t e r n o o n the Thei n g of Negro s p i r i t u a l s by the s a u r i a n s , piled with blankets and g r o u p with Ann F i k s e, went f o r an evening and n i g h t of f u n , e a t i n g , and sleeping ( ? ) at a c o t t a g e in the ChiDELPHI cago Addition n e a r M a c a t a w a Delta Phi m e m b e r s , with excitBeach. Miss Millie S c h u p p e r t , an ing t i m e s in the p a s t and expecting h o n o r a r y m e m b e r of T h e s a u r i a n , still m o r e exciting t i m e s f o r the was t h e i r g u e s t . f u t u r e , g a t h e r e d last F r i d a y , S e p t . A f t e r s u p p e r the T h e t a s had a 29, for their first l i t e r a r y meeting devotional m e e t i n g around the of the year. It is in f r i e n d s h i p ' s b u r n i n g e m b e r s of the fireplace. name t h a t Delta Phi m e e t s each A f t e r s i n g i n g " D a y Is Dying in week, and it was in f r i e n d s h i p ' s the W e s t " an a p p r o p r i a t e poem name t h a t Connie C r a w f o r d s a n g was read by Lucille T e n n i n g a . f o r devotions " T h e Lord Is My S c r i p t u r e was read by Verladyne S h e p h e r d . " J a y n e Smies, the soS a u n d e r s . Various m e m b e r s gave rority president, followed with a short sentence p r a y e r s . E d n a May f o o d - f o r - t h o u g h t p a p e r which is Richards read the story about the read in Delta Phi each y e a r at this

time. Elaine Meussen s a n g " T h e End of a P e r f e c t D a y . " Following the brief but p l e a s a n t p r o g r a m . Delta Phi m e m b e r s realized t h a t they had " R u s h i n g Business" on their hands, and t u r n e d to the discussion of its accommodation as the business m e e t i n g opened. SOROSIS P r e s i d e n t Millie Scholten called the Sorosites to order f o r a short business meeting F r i d a y night. T h e r e was no p r o g r a m but two new m e m b e r s were f o r m a l l y initiated into the society, Glenna Gore and Ann Vander J a g t . Also present a t the meeting was a l u m n a , Mrs. Wichers, the f o r m e r Miss Lois De Vries, s i s t e r of Sorosite, Betty De Vries.

Round Robin Cont.

"My Hero." The p r o g r a m was con- song. cluded with everyone singing the Tea was served to the last g r o u p and P e g g y Cross. Hope College songs and the The- with Ruth Ann Poppen p o u r i n g at Would you like a ticket to glam- s a u r i a n s singing their sorority an a t t r a c t i v e l y decorated table. o u r ? Well, here's smoothie Elaine P r i n s in a gown g u a r a n t e e d to sweep the cobwebs out of any young m a n ' s heart.


If you want to greet the sandman in s o m e t h i n g snazzy, t a k e a


scant glance at petite Arlene Voorhorst in her lush

pink p.j.'s.

Cleaning and Steam Pressing

And so, with the Delta Phi Lullaby, we tuck our young co-ed into bed a f t e r a p l u m - y u m m y day of

Phone 24^5 • W e Call For and Deliver

college doings.


THESA IRIAN Thesaurian

welcomed the n e w


girls on Hope's campus to s h a r e an Album with them at the Round Robin


sented and








album and












A f t e r the new girls were wel-

Always QUALITY Photographs

comed by Ruth Ann Poppen. presiof


Theta Ann



muse t h r o u g h

One of the college f a v o r i t e s , "Tell


Me W h y , " was s u n g by Lois and Meulendyke, Betty T i m m e r ,

wishes for Hope College and The Anchor

and Marion Dame. The student reception, open

house, an


the Success it Merits

s p r e a d , and the all-college picnicwere brought to mind by short scenes.











a song Brandli.

President Dick Hine welcomed all new men and explained the p u r p o s e and function of the o r g a n i z a t i o n . Wilbur Brandli then s a n g " T w o G r e n a d i e r s " and " A s l e e p in the Deep." T h e Men's Union Constitution was then read by Dick Hine for the benefit of the new men. Introductions w e r e made and the remainder of the m e e t i n g was spent in g e t t i n g acquainted. It is hoped t h a t more new men will a t tend the next meeting.



other were



doing sane


busiest r u s h h o u r lets you know his

t h i n g s life h i s t o r y plus t h e f a c t t h a t he's

like knocking t h e i r brains out at s u m m e r school, a c t i n g as secretaries, riveting nails at Bull Run or t a k i n g it easy in some o t h e r way, I decided to delve into the a r t of w a i t i n g tables and play inseparable to a guest check. I bet I met more people than Dewey, and I had to be democratic about it too. ( T h a t ' s more than you can say for Dewey.)

had ulcers f o r simply y e a r s and c a n ' t possibly e a t a n y t h i n g on t h e m e n u ; so, of course, he could h a v e a fried e g g with t h e s u n n y side up. (I never knew b e f o r e t h a t an e g g had a disposition).

Then a g a i n t h e r e ' s t h e m a n who decided on coffee and When asked " b l a c k " or " w i t h " t h e questioned a l w a y s looks up with a s u r p r i s e d The people I waited on were all g l a r e a n d a n s w e r s "of c o u r s e " . shapes, sizes, and a p p e t i t e s . Some But business is business! Then t h e r e is the c u s t o m e r who days t h e r e were more than o t h e r s and every day t h e r e were too r a t t l e s off his order in a whispered many. Of course, the r e g u l a r run monotone and wonders why he g e t s of working food devourers rush in red b e e t s instead of r a w beef. In between c u s t o m e r s for a f o r t y - c o n t r a s t to him is the slightly deaf The new officers a r e : P r e s i d e n t , eight cent special. c u s t o m e r who d e m a n d s an e x p l a Richard Hine; Vice President, WilThen again t h e r e ' s the f r u s t r a t e d nation of his menu. It a l w a y s bur Brandli; S e c r e t a r y and T r e a s business man with a slouch in his made me feel like an a d v e r t i s e r urer, Adrian Bos. pouch a one track mind. He dis- over N.B.C. using television. tractedly orders " t h e u s u a l " and I c a n ' t leave out the c u s t o m e r Scalpel, P and M Make it's like pulling porcupine quills to who comes in a m i n u t e b e f o r e closfind out what his usual is. It could ing t i m e when 1 have e l e p h a n t i t i s Plans for the Year be a n y t h i n g f r o m a well done tur- in all ten toes and my h e a d a c h e is The first m e e t i n g of P a l e t t e and nip to a bacon and cucumber sandhaving headaches. All the d e a r Masque was a picnic Monday night. wich. But business is business. boy w a n t s is a smile and leaves a Many old and some new m e m b e r s Hard to f o r g e t is the jovial con- 50c tip. Boy, business is picking met to discuss plans for the com- versationalist, w h o during the up. ing year. The c h a i r m a n for the meeting was Betty T i m m e r , who had planned a worth-while meeting and a good t i m e f o r everyone. Because the Scalpel and Biology I Clubs a r e much s m a l l e r this year, 1 t h e r e h a s been some talk a m o n g the m e m b e r s of h a v i n g more open meetings. This would be for t h e , s t u d e n t s at large, with the pro- , g r a m s based on s o m e t h i n g of in- i terest to the g e n e r a l s t u d e n t body. There is a possibility, too, t h a t all s t u d e n t s really interested might come to all the m e e t i n g s , even if they are not biology m a j o r s or premeds. However, such s t u d e n t s

Pi, they

her album of f r e s h m a n memories.


meeting F r i d a y , S e p t e m b e r 29. It

would actually not be members of the clubs. All this, however, h a s not been definitely a r r a n g e d , but will be taken up very soon, a t the next meeting.



Hope college songs.



Men's Union m e t f o r its initial

When summer

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... or giving a returned soldier a taste of home There's an easy way to make a soldier on furlough feel right at home. It's to offer him refreshing Coca-Cola. Have a "Coke" is always the hospitable thing t o say. In many lands overseas, as in your o w n living room, Coca-Cola stands for the pause that refreshes, —has become a happy symbol of hospitality, at home as everywhere else. BOniEO UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMrANY BY



o = Coca-Cola It's n a t u r a l for p o p u l a r n a m e * to acquire friendly abbrevtaf t a n t . That'* w h y you hear called " C o k e " .


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