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Devil’s Punch bowl and The Tunnel Nature now flourishes where traffic once flowed

Phil Kemp tours the route of the old A3 at Hindhead with lead ranger Matt Cusack THE DEVIL’S Punch Bowl was once separated from Hindhead Common by the traffic-clogged A3 trunk road that connects London with Portsmouth on the south coast. The dangerously overladen Hindhead stretch of road was, by necessity, narrowed from a two-lane highway to a singlelane carriageway in order to squeeze through the steep contours of the deep natural amphitheatre on one side and Gibbet Hill rising to almost 900 feet on the other. After 30 years of campaigning, a 1.1-mile-long twin tunnel was excavated in a £370 million project to remove the horrendous bottleneck motorists had suffered for years. There were of course other major benefits too. Nature was at last able to fully reclaim its rightful place in this beautiful natural landscape, and Hindhead residents were at last able to enjoy their now traffic-free village, the highest in Surrey. The tunnel opened in 2011 allowing for the old A3 road around the Punch Bowl to at last be removed. And who better to introduce me to this remarkable opportunity to reinstate this natural site than Matt Cusack, lead ranger for the National Trust. “I’ve been here since 1993 and I’ve got a real affection for this site,” Matt said with a genuine passion in his voice. We were standing at the popular viewpoint near the café with its spectacular views over the Punch Bowl below, and


clearly visible in the distance you can see the regenerated route of the old A3. “As a team of rangers we manage the heathland we can see in front of us, and this directly benefits the flora, fauna and insect life – and of course our three rare birds: the Dartford warbler, the woodlark and the nightjar. If left to its own devices the heathland would just scrub up and you’d eventually end up with woodland, which is not their preferred habitat. So as rangers we are out there throughout the winter months with volunteer groups and contractors, trying to keep these open spaces open.” We turned to walk along the ridge towards the old road. Matt continued to set the scene. “The old A3 is starting to grass up. We’ve had a lot of difficulty in trying to get the Images clockwise from top left (Phil Kemp unless stated): Walks around the Punch Bowl; Route of the old A3; The rare Silver-studded Blue butterfly (Matt Bramwich); Hindhead Common ponies; The Dartford warbler(National Trust – Martin Bennett).

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Separated? Could social media cause you more problems? Many of us enjoy social media, sharing photographs and reading about the good times that people are enjoying with their friends and loved ones. But have you thought that any information you share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can potentially be used against you in your separation/divorce proceedings? Suppose your ex partner is late returning the children. It is very easy to post something very reactive and emotional because you are stressed, annoyed and upset. But remember, the world, including your ex and your children can read your post and, your ex may choose to show it to the court. Photographs may tell the true story of who you are socialising with but they can also be misinterpreted. You could have your arm innocently around your colleague in the pub after work, but this could be misinterpreted to be something more intimate. Photographs of you in a bar with posts saying what a great night you are having could give the impression that you have been drinking alcohol all evening as opposed to soft drinks.

Both of these examples could portray you in a bad light and influence the Court’s opinion of you. The communications recorded on social media are becoming more frequently used as evidence in the court room of infidelity, new relationships, how people spend their money, not being where or when they say they are. It can track people’s lifestyles and spending habits, for example the purchase of cars, meals, trips out and holidays. The best advice is to be very careful about what you post on social media whilst you are going through a separation or divorce. If you don’t want a Judge to read what you have been up to….. don’t publish it. The author, Nicola Conley, is a family lawyer at Downs Solicitors in Dorking. She has over 14 years’ experience and specialises in all areas of family law. Contact Nicola Conley – 01306 502293. To find out more about the full range of services offered by Downs Solicitors check their website ADVERTORIAL

Our specialist team of family law solicitors can advise and guide you through: Divorce • Civil Partnership Dissolution • Children-related issues Matrimonial Finances • Co-habitation Agreements/Issues Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements




Please contact Nicola Conley for an appointment on 01306 502293 or *New appointments only. We reserve the right to charge our current normal hourly rate if the initial appointment exceeds 30 minutes. Includes VAT. Please mention Vantage Point.

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March 2018

Above from left: Route of the old A3; Matt Cusack, lead ranger. Bottom right: The twin-tunnels nearing completion in 2011 (PK).

heather to regenerate up there. We’ve been doing some scrapes where basically we scrape off the top soil, which has grass and tree seed in it, and this will eventually benefit the invertebrates and insects, as well as nesting birds as the heathland returns. “What we don’t want is the very green scar that we’ve got at the minute up there – to me that still looks the ghost of the road if you like, and so we are trying to cover that up the best we can. We intend to formalise the path that runs along the old route to keep people off the soil, and add a bit of surface dressing to make it easier to walk along. Then they can easily walk up the original historic Portsmouth route and loop back along the old A3.” I felt that getting a bit of an historical perspective would help – whilst deliberately avoiding the temptation of tales recounting a popularised history of the place, some a lot taller and more frivolous than others I’ve no doubt. “There was a turnpike up there above the old A3 back in the 1700s, the original London to Portsmouth Road,” said Matt, pointing up to the top of Gibbet Hill. “As you can imagine, getting horses and carriages up to the pinnacle of the hill was just too much for them. So, in the 1820s it was benched into the hillside lower down by men with spades and shovels, a real engineering feat of its day. This was eventually of course to become the notorious trunk road of the A3.” We had reached what was a very muddy track that runs along the full length of the old route, sodden from a very wet January. I wished with hindsight that I’d brought my wellies along, but damp muddy feet make for more of a oneness with nature. Or at least I was trying to convince myself of that romantic notion. I could see why Matt and his team wanted to create a single maintained path to protect the surface soil on which they are trying to re-establish the heathland. There were multiple paths criss-crossing everywhere, unwittingly created by walkers keen to explore the new route.


I asked Matt how the tunnel, clearly the most expensive option of various routes being considered at the time, had come about. “There were three options, one being the tunnel of course. But there was also a red route, which would have needed a viaduct across the northern end of the Punch Bowl, and a yellow route which would have been a big cutting pretty much starting where the tunnel is now but heading up and across Hindhead Common. Both of those would have been visually appalling – and as environmentally bad for the location as the existing road. The tunnel was hugely expensive, but I think with the experience of Twyford Down, where they had a similarly big cutting resulting in hugely disruptive protests, it probably would have cost more in downtime than it would to build the tunnel. “We had no downtime as there were no protesters here at all. And what a fantastic thing it was to take a road completely out of the environment. Normally you would leave a road in and build another, making for a net gain of roads.” Another hugely positive outcome in removing the A3 from the Punch Bowl has been the award of Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) status by Natural England, six years after the tunnel opened. Matt regards the status of SSSI as ‘the gold standard’, and rightly so. An SSSI from Natural England brings with it protection in law for wildlife and importantly, geology too.

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“We’ve always had some lovely lichens here, some quite rare, and these are now spreading up towards the old A3 route – which is a sign at last of good air quality, and something walkers and school groups can enjoy. Alan, our education officer, leads visits from local schools and some as far away as London. He has been working on a tracker backpack for the school children which has activity sheets and identification guides inside.”

Matt, who has lived in the Punch Bowl for some years, recounted how the spring water they used to drink became contaminated after the A3 had been resurfaced, and oil from the tarmac had leached down into the water table. “We’ve got rid of all of that pollution, including the air and noise pollution. Now the traffic has gone, the churr, the lovely churr of the nightjar, can again be heard as it happily nests in the southern end of the Punch Bowl.” March 2018

The largest ever survey of over 8,000 walking enthusiasts for their best walks had The Devil’s Punch Bowl rated in the top 100. At the time of writing, ITV’s Britain’s Favourite Walks hadn’t yet revealed the UK’s top walk – but if you’ve not ventured to this remarkable National Trust property add it to your bucket list. It’s free to visit – and you’ll not be disappointed. Phil Kemp is a Godalming-based writer and photographer. FIND OUT MORE National Trust Natural England

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Latest news • MOTORING

With Andy Goundry the same basic chassis to make several different models and even makes of car. Sometimes this can be foreseen: the similar SEAT Ateca and Skoda Karoq SUV’s share the same VW Group Czech assembly plant, for example. However, the same factory also produces some Audis! One of the more unusual examples of both unexpected manufacturing sites and platform-sharing is the Renault Koleos SUV, which is made not in France but in South Korea at a Samsung factory.

Don’t be a car badge snob! HOW MANY of us stay loyal to one particular brand of car, perhaps because it is built in Britain, or maybe it’s seen as being of higher quality than lesser makes? Yet, the increasing globalisation of the car industry means that brands associated with particular countries are often made far away from their assumed home. For example, the C Class Mercedes Benz. Definitely made in Germany, right? Wrong! Most C Class Merc’s actually originate in South Africa – not a place you might traditionally associate with automotive quality. And they are not alone: the latest Volkswagen Polo, for example, is made in both Spain and South Africa, not Germany as you might expect, or indeed hope. And even the iconic MINI - surely a truly British brand - is affected, with the production of some cars taking place in Holland! Perhaps the most unexpected build site, though, is for the upmarket Volvo S90 and V90 models, some of which are put together in China and shipped to us in the UK by rail! The situation is complicated further by the ever-increasing “platform-sharing” - using

Images from top: MINI: a British icon, but some are made in Holland; The first Chinese-built luxury Volvo S90 saloon is unloaded from a rail container after its journey from China. Right: Cummins first clean, green Euro 6 repower – an iconic London Routemaster owned by ex-TfL chief Peter Hendy, seen here. Photo courtesy of Cummins.


So should you be worried that the quality of upmarket makes is lost by being made in unexpected places or sharing parts with lesser marques? Not at all, in my humble opinion: each brand adopts the same quality standards regardless of where their cars are built. Even more importantly, the fact that the same components as diverse as engines and electrical switches are used on many different models means that the manufacturers can justify spending much more on developing those parts, meaning that their quality and reliability should be improved, which benefits all of us!

The diesel saga continues As the potential health hazards of diesel engines become increasingly widely known, sales of diesel-engined cars are reducing dramatically in favour of petrol power. This reduction should in due course work its way through to reduced levels of pollution. However, many people are, rightly, concerned at the amount of diesel pollution emitted from buses, accusing bus manufacturers and operators of ignoring this issue. This is far from the truth, however, for the latest Euro 6 bus engines are extremely clean. Unfortunately, simply replacing all pre-Euro 6 buses with clean new vehicles is not a quick process, as a bus can have a service life of anywhere up to 15 years. Scrapping older buses with years of life left in them would result in massively increased fares to pay fo r the new buses, even if the manufacturers could produce them fast enough. Engine manufacturer Cummins has come up with an excellent solution, however, by developing upgrade kits to rework older buses with the latest in clean, green engines – much cheaper than replacing whole bus fleets. The first of these upgrades hit the streets recently, in the form of a venerable London Routemaster, and more conversions are in progress. So hopefully, we can look forward to reduced pollution from buses as well as cars in the future.

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Is the future electric? Although sales of diesel cars have increasingly given way to petrol, there has also been an increase in the number of electric cars being sold. Many people remain apprehensive about electric cars, not least because of negative publicity which claims that the electricity supply network is vastly inadequate to recharge large numbers of electric vehicles. Media hype said that UK’s electricity generation would need to increase by 50% (30 gigawatts) to meet electric vehicle demand by 2040. Britain’s National Grid company, however, says that this is untrue: they believe the most likely scenario is that electric vehicle usage even by 2050 will only prompt an increase of 8% (5GW) over today’s peak electricity demand of 61GW. National Grid says that the highest period for electric demand is typically a cold evening when Manchester United are playing in the Champions League and everyone switches their kettles on at halftime! This could be handled, they say, by Smart Charging: if capacity has been reached in a particular area, smart vehicle chargers can be signalled to either delay charging or charge at a lower power in the relevant areas until the demand settles down. Should a customer need to charge their vehicle urgently, they could over-ride the system with the press of a button. Smart Charging should, therefore, avoid the need to build extra power stations. Sci-fi? No – the use of smart chargers is likely to be mandated in the Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill 2017-2019 which is currently making its way through the House of Commons. Indeed, some charge point providers are already producing devices that are smart-charge-ready. So perhaps electric cars are more practical than you might have thought. March 2018

How soon will we see Driverless cars? Politicians and manufacturers alike would have us believe that the age of driverless cars is almost upon us, but I suspect that it will, in reality, be many years before fully driverless cars are common. Why, as a petrolhead and engineer, do I hold such a Luddite view? Not because of doubts about the technology, for to all intents and purposes, all the necessary systems exist today, indeed many are already incorporated into the cars we drive now. My reservations are purely related to human nature: unless driverless cars are totally segregated from other traffic, they will need to share the roads with cars driven by humans. There will inevitably be a transition period, most likely taking decades, between the first fully autonomous vehicles and the last human drivers on the road. Driverless cars will be programmed never to speed, to give way to others as much as possible and generally to obey every rule of the road – in other words, to be perfect drivers. Driverless cars will turn in perfect circles, never cut corners, and would certainly never jump a red light. If a person walks out in front of one, it will stop instantly, with superhuman reflexes. However, the impeccable behaviour of driverless cars is likely to cause drivers of ordinary vehicles much frustration, indeed the knowledge that a driverless car will do everything possible to avoid an accident is likely to result in them being “bullied” by aggressive human drivers, for example by cutting in front of them to gain a few seconds in a traffic queue. So driverless cars could actually turn humans into worse drivers! When roads have no more human drivers on them, we are likely to be much safer, for human error is involved in 90 percent of accidents. But in the period until then, for driverless cars to become a reality, they must deal with their biggest problem: the flaws of human beings! Images from top left: Will we need lots more power stations to support electric car charging stations? National Grid thinks not! Above: Driverless cars are programmed to avoid accidents. Could they be bullied by other road users like this jaywalker and cyclist? Photo courtesy of Waymo.

FIND OUT MORE If you have found this article of interest please visit the writer's website for more motoring news and views. © Andy Goundry

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Outdoor adventures with


Walking your dog outdoors and off the lead is a joy, but does come with responsibilities, says Stefan Reynolds THERE IS always great excitement when you get a new dog, more so if it is your first. Those of us who have been through it also know that it is a big learning process, both for the dog and its owner, and it can be quite tough at times, especially in the first few weeks and more so if you get a puppy. Like anything new, it all gets a bit easier as the puppy grows and is able to get out for longer. When young, they should get five minutes exercise per month of age (up to twice a day) until the puppy is fully grown when they can go out for much longer. To avoid frustration and offer more interest, it is important that puppies and dogs go out for exercise every day somewhere safe and secure. Sticking to your garden, however large, is no substitute for exploring new places. It is also helpful for socialising with other dogs and people. However, once off the lead, you do need to be very careful because puppies and dogs are inquisitive things and are always prone to wandering off, as well as wanting to play with other dogs and children, some of whom may not be so playful. Before you go anywhere new and open, you must make sure your dog is trained to recall so that you are confident that it will return to you when called. You need


also to try and find places to walk which offer the safety and security you need. Even now, I am always wary of walking my dog off the lead anywhere close to a road. If Humphrey sees a deer, or even picks up their scent, he will take off immediately and I am sure he would be oblivious to any road that might be in the way. We are, however, very fortunate to live in an area which has so much countryside and does offer places to walk that are fairly safe and secure, although as dog owners we always need to be vigilant wherever we are. If you can’t walk your dog off the lead for various reasons, there are some places where you can take them where they will be completely safe and in a controlled environment. For instance, my sister has just started ‘Life off the Lead’ and has a field available for hire near Fernhurst in Sussex which is totally enclosed with 6-foot high deer fencing. It also has privacy

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screening and wooden base boards to stop the smaller dogs from breaking out, and is the perfect place to train your dog, walk nervous dogs, avoid other dogs or those recovering from injury (

Are you taking the lead? According to the RSPCA, there are now more than 8.5 million canines in the UK and if you’re a dog owner you probably don’t need us to tell you about the health benefits they bring. Walking your dog gets you outside in all weather, no excuses, and keeps you fit and healthy. But we’ve all been on walks that have been spoiled by dog mess – either on the path or decorating gates and trees in plastic bags. The people who let this happen are in the minority and they’re giving dog owners a bad name. Over the last couple of years, South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) has been working with dog owners in the National Park with their ‘Take the Lead’ campaign which uses humour to spread the word about responsible dog ownership. “We’re not here to tell people off but to celebrate the great dog walkers,” says SDNPA campaign lead Charlie Hellewell. “We want to show the positive actions that owners can take – including encouraging your fellow dog walkers to do the right thing.” Uncontrolled dogs are a big problem for other people, livestock and wildlife so this is one of the key messages in their animation and ‘Canine Confessions’ films on their website ( Using social media to spread these messages they reached over half a million people during the 2017 ground nesting bird season (March to September).


We want to show the positive actions that owners can take – including encouraging your fellow dog walkers to do the right thing... In 2018 they will be trialling a ‘Dog Ambassador’ scheme as part of the 'Take the Lead' campaign. Volunteer dog ambassadors have been recruited at popular dog walking sites to encourage others to pick up after their dogs, to stick to the paths during ground nesting bird season and to keep their dogs on a lead near livestock. The trial is happening on key heathland sites within the National Park as part of the Heritage Lottery Funded 'Heathlands Reunited' project and, if successful, they hope it might be used at other popular dog walking sites in the future. How to be a responsible dog owner: • Make sure your dog has good recall • Keep dogs on a lead near livestock • Bag and bin your poo, any public bin will do • Protect ground nesting birds. Stick to the paths, especially 1st March to 15th September • Do not enter military training areas when the red flags are flying.

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Good places to walk As mentioned earlier, there are some great places to walk locally. Here are a few in the wider local area that have been recommended by VantagePoint readers: Blackheath, near Wonersh – lovely sandy tracks here, always dry; Elstead/Royal/Thursley commons – an amazing and safe expanse with heathland, sand, metalled paths, boardwalks, ponds and more! Can be very wet in places; Farnham Park – more great views, lots of lovely grass, café and toilets; Frensham Little Pond – ideal for dogs that like a swim, wet in places; Godalming to Guildford towpath – cool along the river for dogs on hot days; Hankley Common, near Thursley – very safe, lots of varied terrain, great views and fairly dry but watch out for the military who may be training there; Holmbury St. Mary – loads of paths around Holmbury Hill here, dry underfoot too. Two dog friendly pubs; Leith Hill - loads of tracks here. Tower at top has lovely coffee and snacks. Newlands Corner – unbeatable for views, parking and two dog friendly cafés, one open air; Petworth Park – very safe and fabulous, free-range deer may be an issue. Parking charges apply unless National Trust members; St Martha’s and Pewley Downs, Guildford – fabulous views, fairly dry underfoot; The Hurtwood, near Peaslake – a great expanse of woodland with stunning views at Pitch Hill; The Mount, Guildford – quite dry, more terrific views; Whitmoor Common, north of Guildford – beautiful expanses of heathland, woodland, grassland, ponds and streams. The good news for dog walkers is that many pubs around here, especially those in the countryside, are completely dog friendly. Nowadays, more and more of them will have dog bowls scattered around the place, a big jar of dog treats on the bar and sometimes even dog beds or cushions lying

in corners for our four-legged friends. If you are planning to eat, it is wise to check first as some pubs will not allow dogs into their restaurants, and the number of tables in the bar may well be limited and in demand. Owning a dog is a great joy but also comes with a lot of responsibility when you venture out with it, especially when off the lead. But by following just a few basic guidelines, you can make your outdoor adventures a pleasure for everyone.

If your dog goes missing VantagePoint's Claire Taylor offers her advice This is every owner’s nightmare, says Claire Taylor. Then first thing you must do is alert your local dog warden, as well as all the vets and kennels in the area. If your dog is micro-chipped, alert the microchip company that your dog is missing. Social media is a great way to get the word spread fast; make sure you have photos and share them on as many forms of social media as possible. Two websites where you can register your dog as lost and are interactive so people can post on the forum about any possible sightings, locations and times are and Dogs tend to return to the place they were lost in so make sure you keep going back and checking. Place a bed or blanket in the area they were lost, something that smells familiar to them, as sometimes the noise and panic will scare them and they might return after dark when everything has calmed down a bit. Try to get some posters printed so those not as active online will be able to see a picture of the dog and the number they need to call to reunite it with its family. Trust me, people will go above and beyond to help playful pooches get reunited with their owners. I know that first-hand!

March 2018

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Sensational Sweet Peas • GARDENING

With Beth Otway sweet pea cultivars. Lathyrus odoratus 'Naomi Nazareth' has featured in my Sweet Pea Trials over the past few years, where she has performed and flowered both wonderfully and consistently. Which has been, well, simply marvellous to see! Lathyrus odoratus 'Naomi Nazareth' is a Spencer sweet pea, which produces long stemmed, sweetly scented, large sized, pale, dusky blue coloured, frilly flowers. Another of my favourite sweet peas is Lathyrus odoratus 'Betty Maiden'. This absolutely charming Spencer sweet pea cultivar produces ivory-coloured flowers, which are distinguished by a mauve picotee edge and matching veining and markings across the flower's petals. As the flowers age these markings deepen and become more pronounced, taking on an iridescent sheen. The blooms of Lathyrus odoratus 'Betty Maiden' produce a very sensual, musky, yet sweet fragrance, which offers the aromatic notes of rose, hyacinth, clover, and hay. Lathyrus odoratus 'Betty Maiden' is a beautiful sweet pea, which is very floriferous; this is also one of the earliest sweet pea cultivars to flower.

I JUST love growing sweet peas. I love to be enveloped by the sweet pea flower's powerful and sensuous scent, while I'm encompassed by the flower's beauty and charm. Eternal bliss! Everyone should have at least a few moments of pause and reflection, to recharge with their favourite sweet pea blooms each and every summer. March is a great time to sow sweet peas. Indeed, during my 2017 Sweet Pea Trial, the plants that were sown in the middle of March produced more flowers than the plants that were sown during October, November and February, which were the other sowing times trialled. It's often said that October is the best time to sow sweet peas, yet I disagree and my trials prove otherwise, so please don't think you've missed the boat. Get ready to sow sweet pea seeds this month, for decadently fragrant blooms all summer long! If you wish for floriferous sweet pea plants, that will provide you with an abundance of blooms, then it's important that you purchase seeds of the best performing


Lathyrus odoratus 'Aphrodite' is a very vigorous, pure white flowered sweet pea cultivar. It is another floriferous cultivar, which produces long stems that are decorated with a great number of blooms. It's not unusual to harvest Lathyrus odoratus 'Aphrodite' flowering stems that feature six or seven flowers per stem, and particularly good plants can produce ten or more flowers per stem.

Above top left: Lathyrus odoratus 'Naomi Nazareth'. Above: Lathyrus odoratus 'Aphrodite'. Right: Lathyrus odoratus 'Betty Maiden' (images: Beth Otway).

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We’ll be there, when life comes full circle. VANTAGEPOINT 19

Easter Baking • FOOD & DRINK

Chocolate and Salted Caramel Crunch Ingredients: For the cake 100g dark chocolate (72%), finely chopped; 200g plain flour; 1½ tsp baking powder; ½ tsp bicarbonate of soda; 40g dark cocoa powder, sifted; 125g unsalted butter, plus extra to grease; 150g caster sugar; 150g light muscovado sugar; 3 Clarence Court Braddock Whites duck eggs; 125g natural yoghurt. For the salted caramel sauce and crunchy topping 175g caster sugar; 2 tbsp liquid glucose; 150ml double cream; 50g cold unsalted butter, cut into cubes; 100g cornflakes; ½ tsp sea salt. For the buttercream 50g dark chocolate 72%, finely chopped; 150g unsalted butter, at room temp; ¼ tsp sea salt; 500g icing sugar, sifted. For the cake 2 tbsp cocoa powder; 180g full fat cream cheese. Serves 18

1. Heat the oven to 180°C , 160°C fan, gas 4. Grease 2 x 20cm cake tins and line with baking parchment. 2. For the cake; put the chocolate in a bowl and heat in the microwave for around 30 seconds, (keep heating in short bursts if needed), then mix until just combined. In a jug mix 175ml of lukewarm water with the yoghurt, mix around a third of this into the melted chocolate, once combined mix in the rest until smooth. In a separate bowl mix the flour, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda and cocoa powder. 3. Cream the butter and sugars until creamy and pale. Gradually beat in the eggs and then gently fold in the flour mixture. Gently fold the chocolate mixture into the cake batter. Divide between the cake tins, smooth the top then bake for 25–30 mins. Allow to cool for 20 mins in the tins then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely. 4. For the salted caramel sauce and crunchy topping; (have a baking tray lined with baking parchment ready) put the sugar, liquid glucose and 2 tbsp of water in a medium heavy based saucepan over a low heat to melt. Do not stir the mixture; tilt the pan to help combine and, if required, use a wet pastry brush to help push down any undissolved sugar into the mixture. Meanwhile, put the cream in a separate small saucepan and set over a low heat until warm.


5. Turn up the heat to medium high and bubble the mixture until it’s golden caramel coloured (3–4 mins). Take off the heat then add 3½ tbsp of the cream, once it stops bubbling add the butter and mix until smooth. Carefully ladle a third of this mixture into the pan with the cream. Add the cornflakes to the caramel mixture in the larger pan and fold with a spatula until evenly coated, spoon into 6 large or 12 small rounds and put on the baking tray to set and cool (around 20 mins). 6. Put the pan with the salted caramel sauce back on the heat, add the salt and mix until smooth and glossy. Set aside to cool. 7. For the buttercream; pour 2 tbsp of boiling water over the dark chocolate, put in the microwave for a few seconds then mix until smooth; leave to cool. Beat the butter and salt in a mixing bowl until soft, add the icing sugar and cocoa powder then beat until smooth. Mix in the melted chocolate then gently mix in the cream cheese. 8. To assemble; put one of the sponges on a serving plate, using a palette knife spread a layer of the buttercream over the top then set the other sponge on top. Spread the rest of the buttercream on top and on the sides of the cake in an even layer. Set the cornflake rounds on top of the cake around the edges then pour the salted caramel sauce into the middle and between the cornflake rounds.

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PSDS • PROFILE adults,” Helen explains. “So we’re looking at the different levels of support our young people may need to live as independently as possible and participate fully in their local communities.” Receiving support from the local community is vital for charities like PSDS. Without it they would struggle to survive, as the wider age of children and young people accessing a broader range of services puts pressure on fundraising.

LAST YEAR, we wrote about a local charity, PSDS, providing support for children with Down Syndrome and their families. Amidst preparations for Down Syndrome Awareness Week (19th–25th March), we caught up with PSDS to ask what’s new…? “So much has happened in the last year,” PSDS Trustee, Helen Shiers, whose daughter, Thea, has Down Syndrome, explains. “During a review of our services, we identified gaps in the provision for older children we decided we’d try to fill!” As a result, a new PSDS initiative called 'High5' was launched in October. High5 offers children with Down Syndrome aged 10 and above an opportunity to meet up and take part in different activities. “So far we’ve been bowling, enjoyed a dance and yoga workshop, created some fabulous pieces of splatter-painting art and made pizzas," Helen enthuses. “Once it gets a bit warmer we’ll be outside doing more sporty activities and we’ve got plenty of suggestions from the children to fit in too.” PSDS has also started planning ahead beyond the teenage years. “Our young children are rapidly turning into young


During Down Syndrome Awareness Week (19th–25th March), PSDS challenges local schools and businesses to “rock their socks” to raise awareness and funds. “Charging £1 to wear socks that don’t match is an easy, fun thing to do and gets people talking,” Helen continues. “We’ve put together a 'Rock Your Socks' pack which also has other ideas in it.” PSDS is grateful for the support of community groups too. The Rotary Club of Dorking has been busy organising events including a Quiz Night and St Patrick's Day Dinner to raise funds for the charity. The most recent support for PSDS comes in the shape of Mole Valley Girls' Football Club. Kev Pither, Chairman, MVGFC, comments: “We love the aims of PSDS, helping each child to reach their full individual potential. That really resonates with us. We’re looking forward to raising awareness of PSDS and funds for them through events such as our football tournament in May!” With such enthusiastic support, it’s no wonder PSDS feels optimistic about the future. It sounds like a celebratory high five is in order! FIND OUT MORE To find out more about PSDS, visit To request a Rock Your Socks fundraising pack, email To find out more about MVGFC and their Tournament, visit

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surrey: 01483 399 727 London: 0208 050 8727 304727 Dorking: 01306 mOBiLe: 07590 246 654 surrey: 01483 399 727 20 years material guarantee Leatherhead: 642727 mOBiLe: 07590 01372 246 654 Fire retardant SAS Roofing & Building Mobile: 07590 246654 Very durable SAS Roofing & Building Maintenenance Free No joints, seams or welds UV resistant Waterproof

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Beyond the Devil's Punch Bowl DEVIL'S PUNCH BOWL: HIGH ROAD AND PINE VALLEY This walk takes you first round one rim of the Devil’s Punch Bowl in Surrey giving you a dramatic high view into the depths that made it a subject of such superstition in the past. It then makes a short excursion to a hamlet and gentler farming country before returning through the centre of the Punch Bowl to show you its gentler qualities. This walk is perfect at all times of the year, including winter. There are no steep climbs – just one slow ascent at the very end – and no stiles. The ground is mainly sandy and dry, occasionally stony, making the walk generally pleasant underfoot so any sensible footwear is fine. There are no nettles, so shorts are ok. If you bring your dog, be sure to have a lead handy because of the Highland cattle that roam freely. Taken from


point your feet on a new path

1. From the back of the car park, go past the noticeboard and the Surrey Hills pole to the famous viewpoint over the Devil’s Punch Bowl. Turn left along the wide level high path, passing some tall pines. After about 700m with fine views, you reach oderate walking a junction of tracks near a prominent relay mast, Date written: 19-jun-2011 by the small Highcombe Edge car park. Bear slightly right, through a gate or over a grid, passing a Date revised: 3-feb-2016 noticeboard. In 100m fork right on a narrower path that rejoins the main track while giving better views of the Punch Bowl. A little further on, by a marker post, fork right with the main track but immediately feedback: fork right again on a lesser path that leads to a seat or distributing this document exactly as and a memorial to the bequeathal of Highcombe on main webpage. r editing. See Principles Copse to the National Trust. Continue onwards to rejoin the main track. Highcombe Copse is one of several pieces of donated land that make up the Devil’s Punch Bowl. Historically, the Punch Bowl was regarded as a dark malevolent province of

of you at n the oa ore ch This

Bird’s Eye View

ow The

our ause

6 NT end sa at


guide 24 VANTAGEPOINT e).

smugglers and deadly spirits and few people dared to set foot there. 2. After nearly 800m, just after entering trees, at a post with arrows, the main track curves sharply right to descend into the Punch Bowl. Leave the track here by continuing straight ahead on a broad path, always keeping to the right. In 150m, just before the path narrows and begins to descend, turn right on a wide path, which may be muddy at first. The path bends left, winds a bit and descends through a coppice. At the end, go through a small wooden gate to arrive at the corner of a grassy pasture. Immediately turn right on a wide sandy path. (It is also possible to take a clockwise route, which may be drier, by keeping straight on, turning right at the first corner and eventually right on a sunken path.) Your path curves left at the first corner, zigzags right left at the start of the second pasture. At the far end, turn left to stay next to the field, avoiding a steep ravine on your right. At the next corner, by a large metal gate, turn right and sharp right again on a wide sunken track. 3. The track winds downhill. It comes down to a spectacular section with a stream and a gully on your right with a rich collection of ferns. The track fords the stream which you cross via a footbridge. Avoid a stile and footpath to your left and stay on the wide track which curves away right, between banks. Where a cottage comes into view, ignore a bridleway right (really a bypass to save horses the sharp incline) and go steeply up, ignoring a track on the right by the cottage, soon coming to the little settlement of Lower Highfield and a 4-way fingerpost 4. Turn right on a very rough tarmac track that will soon deteriorate. After 650m, the track forks by a National Trust sign. Take the right fork, over a grid or through a gate. Less than 100m further, the track forks again, at a marker post. This time take the left fork. Go straight ahead over a fingerposted crossing track on a stony path that rises towards the rim of the Punch Bowl. Near the top, nearly 250m from the crossing, look for a green metal one-bar barrier. Turn right here. (Some walkers like to stay on the rim and return via the new path long the old ‘A3’ road, adding a little to the length.) The next stretch takes you down into the Punch Bowl and shows you

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Hindhead Common and the Devil's Punchbowl © Copyright National Trust

its wondrous beauty and variety. You will see that, contrary to the superstitions of the past, this is not a deadly morass but an enchanting mélange of sunlit glades, meadows, light woodland and rare plants, trees and birds. 5. The path curves left down into the valley. On a sunny late afternoon, the green of the valley and the heather and woodland around it make an unforgettable picture. The path winds right, goes over a small ridge and runs alongside a meadow in the right. Sometimes you used to see those gentle highland cattle in this area, as documented in the lettering carved in the bench seat. At a T-junction with a track, turn left over a cattle grid (or through the adjoining gate), avoiding the driveway on the left. The track curves left, descends into a dell and shortly passes Gnome Cottage on the left that somehow seems so aptly-named. 6. Ignore a wooden five-bar gate on the right that leads into Two Oaks Field and continue to the next junction by a bench and a fingerpost. Turn sharp right here. The track leads to a picturesque house, previously a youth hostel, with its front meadow on the left. Keep right here between stumps on a woodland path. The path soon descends via steps with wooden rails to a bridge over a brook. It then


goes up the other side on a sunken path. At the top, go through a swing gate and turn left on a wider path 7. This broad path winds left around a forested area of pines, most of which are currently harvested with only stumps remaining. Here, at a junction, ignore a narrow path right and continue straight on, past a pedestrian path sign and through a wooden gate. The path runs for some distance through beautiful beechwoods. Later it begins to rise and this section can be a bit long and arduous except for knowing that this is the last bit. On gaining the top, turn right through a wooden gate and continue straight on, back to the car park where the walk began.

Tra Travel, Explore, Adventure

Breaking Free, the independent Outdoor shop 6 Townhall Buildings, The Borough, Farnham GU9 7ND

DISTANCE: 4½ miles

Specialists in walking footwear

OS MAPS: Explorer 133 (Haslemere) STARTING POINT: To get to the National Trust Punch Bowl car park, take the A3 and turn off, just south of the tunnel, at a sign for Hindhead. Go through the traffic lights in Hindhead into a cul-de-sac. The car park is on the left and there is a charge for non-National Trust members. Refreshments are available in the Punch Bowl (or Punchbowl) café. For many more walks, please visit our website March 2018

Stocking the largest range of walking boots and shoes in the South East. We stock footwear from Altberg (the only British Boot manufacturer), Berghaus, Hanwag, Keen, Meindl, Scarpa and The North Face.

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Jottings Jottings is your FREE community noticeboard for charities, local events, groups and information, compiled by Jane Gosnell. To feature here, please email us at jottings@ by the first Friday of the month prior to month of publication. Please note that space is limited and inclusion cannot be guaranteed. We believe you should demand the highest levels of service from your travel company. Travel Dream will tailormake your holiday experience by listening to your ideas, then hand pick resorts for you in stunning locations around the world. Please mention VantagePoint Travel Club when calling to secure the best offers available.


13 Bramley Business Centre, Station Road, Bramley GU5 0AZ Tel: 01483 865 970 Email: Website:

As I write these Jottings, it is a frosty morning but the sun is shining and I can see outside that the garden starting to come to life. The bees have started foraging already and there are green buds sprouting up everywhere. Spring is on the way, with Mother’s Day and Easter this month. There are some great days out and ideas for all the family. Why not get into the spirit of spring by visiting one of the many National Trust properties in the area to see the daffodils out in full bloom? Inner Wheel Club of Bookham And Horsley Friday 2nd March They are holding their annual, ever popular Charity Cream Tea in the Old Barn Hall in aid of the CoCo foundation. There will be a short presentation about the charity before the tea and there will be a raffle and stalls. If you would like tickets contact Clare on 01372 459147. Dorking Business Breakfast Group Every Thursday from 7am This is Dorking's oldest and largest business networking group with members from over thirty local businesses. They meet at Betchworth Park Golf Club near Dorking, to exchange business referrals and discuss matters affecting the town. For further information about Dorking Business Breakfast Group, please visit or follow @DorkingBBG on Twitter. Woman’s World Day of Prayer Friday 2nd March 11am At St Martin’s Church followed by a Lenten lunch. All welcome! Please use St Martin’s Walk car park RH4 1UX. Local History Society Monthly Meetings Third Friday of each month 8pm The society has a full programme of lectures held at the Leatherhead Institute's Dixon Hall. Every talk starts at 8pm, with coffee served from 7.30pm. Admission costs just £2. Guests are always welcome. For more information go to Dorking Museum Archive Sale Saturday 3rd March 11am-2pm Dorking Museum is holding an Archive Sale, including maps,


postcards, pictures, library and reference books which are duplicates or less relevant to our geographical area. Please come along to the Christian Centre small hall, Church Street, Dorking RH4 1DW to buy yourself a piece of Dorking History and support your local Museum. For all enquiries and further information email Dorking Museum exhibition with Capel Camera Club Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays 10am-4pm The Museum's spring exhibition, in association with the Capel Camera Club, features beautiful landscapes and iconic images of our stunning market town and the surrounding countryside and villages. The club is a group of both amateur and professional photographers who have come together to create this joint project. Held at Dorking Museum, 62 West Street, Dorking RH4 1BS. For details please visit www. Leatherhead Rotary Club Meetings Wednesday evenings 7pm Meeting at the Police Federation Headquarters in Highbury Drive, Leatherhead. For further information about the club and its wide range of community, fundraising and social activities please visit, contact Simon Edmands on 07753 821964 or email the club at Chasamba Dance Fitness Every Thursday evening 6pm-7pm This is a partner free fitness class using Ballroom and Latin dance steps. No previous dance experience required. Just a desire to get fit in a fun way! Classes held at Capel Village Hall, 55 The Street, Capel RH5 5LD. Drop in price £7, first two classes half price. Optional five week block £25. For more details see Facebook Chasambafitness with Sheila Chamberlain, or email for more information. Adventures in Asia: A Socialite Abroad At Polesden Lacey Until 3rd May To escape the cold and dark winters here in England, Maggie Greville, the socialite owner of Polesden Lacey, would often travel to warmer climes. Polesden Lacey's new year programme Adventures in Asia: a socialite abroad celebrates

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YOUR COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD • Maggie's travels throughout Asia in the 1920s and 1930s. Visit the house and discover how the elite travelled in the early 20th Century. Explore the servants' areas to find out what Maggie's staff were up to while she was away. Outside, the house borders will feature classic blue and white blooms inspired by Chinese pottery. Explore the formal gardens as they come to life and discover which flowers were introduced to England from Asia. Visitors can taste the delicacies of Asia in the Granary Café. Visit for more information. The Arts Society Dorking Second Tuesday of the month 9.30am for 10.30am During 2018 they have a wonderful series of lectures and visits arranged. We meet in the Dorking Halls. You can learn about things such as the Nations Hidden Oil Paintings; The Making of Venice from Swamp to Serenissima; Pop Art in the Swinging Sixties. Visits planned for 2018 include a trip to Laverstock Mill and the Bombay Sapphire Gin Distillery. Further information on our website: www. Chair Exercise at the Christian Centre, Dorking Every Tuesday at 11am Seated exercise to music designed for the more mature person to increase strength and flexibility. Why not join this fun and friendly group - it will do you a lot of good, everyone is welcome. For more information please call Jasmin 07584 861802. The Royal British Legion Women's Section Every Second Monday 7pm Their meetings cover interesting speakers, members nights, raising funds for the Poppy Appeal and a lot more. If you feel this group is something you would like to try please go along. For further information please phone Jane on 01372 811422. Held at North Leatherhead Community Centre, Kingston Road, Leatherhead. Refurbishment of Newdigate Village Hall Users of the village hall are delighted with the newly refurbished kitchen, fitted by Orchid Kitchens of Horley and partly funded by a £5,000 donation from the Gatwick Community Trust. The Hall is a superb venue for children’s and adult’s parties as well as group and business meetings. The hall can seat and cater for up to 95 people, the kitchen has a large range cooker, dishwasher and fridge freezer and the hall has an overhead projector. To book please ring the caretaker on 01306 631391 or visit Dorking Museum ‘Local Heroes’ Short Film Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays in March 10am-4pm A new short film telling the story of local suffrage campaigners Emmeline and Frederick Pethick-Lawrence, made in conjunction with Royal Holloway and filmed in Dorking, Holmwood and Leith Hill, is available to view in the Museum to mark the centenary of the vote for women. A new book on the fight for the vote in the Surrey Hills is also March 2018

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Jottings available. Held at Dorking Museum, 62 West Street, Dorking RH4 1BS. For details please visit uk or call 01306 876591. Age Concern Free Computer Courses Once a week for 6-8 weeks If you are over 55 and live in the Mole Valley area, you can use Age Concern’s free computer courses. Topics covered will include: browsing on the internet, basic keyboard and mouse skills, using an IPad/Tablet, setting up and using your own email or skype accounts and how to shop on the internet as well. Before coming to the course, you must register your interest by telephoning 07442 017169 / 01306 899104 or by emailing Dorking Branch of the Embroiderers' Guild Meets every second Monday of the month 10am Join them for coffee and a talk at the Friends Meeting House, Dorking RH42LE. New members and visitors are welcome, the only requirement is an interest in stitch and textiles. The junior branch - Dorking Young Textile Group- meets on the second Saturday of the month at South Holmwood Parish Room RH54JX- 10am to 12.30pm. They have a varied programme, introducing their members (aged 7-18) to a wide variety of creative textile techniques. New members are always welcome. Contact for more information. Beat Loneliness in Surrey The Alzheimer’s Society in Surrey urgently needs volunteers to enjoy hobbies with people with dementia. The UK’s leading dementia charity is launching its innovative Side by Side service in a bid to reconnect people with dementia with their communities and favourite pastimes. From joining a local club or just going for a stroll in the park, this service, pairs people with dementia and volunteers with shared interests. Anyone interested in becoming a Side by Side volunteer or would like to access the service should visit sidebysidevolunteer or call 0330 333 0804. Probus social events for retired men Every first Tuesday Each month they meet at Tyrrells’s Wood Golf Course for lunch followed by a speaker of note, covering subjects such as ‘Brooklands Past and Present’ and Drones Uses and Abuses’. Also, mid-month social lunches, theatre visits, and outings for family and friends. If curious to learn more please contact Jon McCarthy on 07947 361406 or membership@, who will explain all and he will arrange for you to attend with member as their guest. Brave the fire for St Catherine's Hospice Firewalk Friday 2nd March 8pm St Catherine's Hospice is heating up Crawley town centre with a brand new Firewalk! Now, the local hospice is calling on brave soles to come forward and face the flames to raise funds for local terminally ill people and their family and friends. They are looking for 100 fearless fundraisers to


put their bravery to the ultimate test as they walk barefoot across 15 foot of red hot embers. No previous experience is needed as UK Firewalk's expert staff will share the secrets of successful firewalking with everyone who takes part before they face the flames. Think you can take the heat? Places are limited to 100 so get in early. Fire up and register before Thursday 18th January to quality for an early bird registration of £20. You will also need to raise a minimum of £150 sponsorship. Sign up at Whist Drive at Leigh Village Hall Held every Thursday at 7.30pm Join this fun, friendly and welcoming group who are are looking for new members to boost their numbers. Admission is only £3 so why not pop along. For more information contact 01306 631373. Dorking Museum exhibition with Capel Camera Club Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays in March 10am-4pm The Museum's spring exhibition, 'A New View', in association with the Capel Camera Club, features beautiful landscapes and iconic images of our stunning market town and the surrounding countryside and villages. Both amateur and professional photographers have come together to create this joint project: vote for your favourite images. Held at Dorking Museum, 62 West Street, Dorking RH4 1BS. For details please visit www. or call 01306 876591. Gala Fundraising Concert Saturday 3rd March 7.30pm Fundraising Friends supporting Sight for Surrey (Children’s Events and Activities) invite you to join them and the pupils of the Yehudi Menuhin School for a Gala Fundraising Concert at The Menuhin Hall. Tickets are available from the Box Office 08700 842020 and online at boxoffice@menuhinschool. Tickets are £25 to include wine and canapés from 6.30pm to 7.15pm. The Bee Club at Albury Vineyard This club is for people fascinated by honeybees who want to learn more about what they do and how they survive. Beekeeping can be an expensive hobby and requires a regular commitment throughout summer in order to properly look after the bees, but by joining the Bee Club you won't have to invest in bees, hives, extracting equipment, or even a bee suit which is provided for all inspections. Membership of The Bee Club runs for a 12 month period and includes an opportunity to inspect a hive at different times of year including a honey extraction event, several jars of Albury Honey to take home plus a wine tasting voucher for two people to be used at Albury Vineyard on open days. To find out more and to sign up, visit Capel WI Glorious Jumble Sale. Saturday 3rd March 2pm Why not pop along to this event at Capel Memorial Hall. There will also be refreshments available together with millions of Billy Bargains.

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YOUR COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD • Walking in Dorking – Town Centre Heritage walks Open days 3rd and 24th March and group bookings Journey into Dorking’s history with a guided walk of the town to see hidden Dorking: the secrets that lie behind the modern streets and the people who built the town’s reputation. Tours last 90 minutes. Individual bookings, March 3rd 3.30pm and, for families with children, March 24th 3.30pm. Group walks (minimum of 10 people) arranged by appointment. £3 per person, booking via website. Details on www. or email New Fitness Dance Class in Capel Every Monday 9.30am-10.30am The class is Fit4tap, which is a fusion of tap dancing and a cardio workout. These classes will be held at Capel Village Hall. For details contact via email or call 01306 627095. Dorking Folk Club Presents Lynne Heraud And Pat Turner Wednesday 7th March Lynne and Pat have both served long apprenticeships on the shop-floor of folk music. They are not in the least averse to dressing up or dancing should a song require it. With a stunning blend of song and harmony, they perform with a humour that takes their audience on a roller-coaster ride – ‘everything from high tragedy to ingenious smut in glorious vocal harmony’. Vist for more information. Held at Dorking Golf Club, Deepdene Avenue, RH5 4BX. Further details on Facebook or www. Dorking and District RSPB Group Walks Various dates during March Their walks are at 10am unless indicated and indoor meeting at 8pm. This is a very friendly group. Visitors, beginners or more experienced, very welcome to all walks and talks. Small charge for non members on walks, refundable if you join the group. For more details of their monthly programme visit, call 01372 454850 or email Oddfellows Visit to Dorking Museum Thursday 8th March 2pm Join this informal visit to the Dorking Museum and tea in West Street. The Museum’s permanent collection tells the story of Dorking and the surrounding villages. There is also a temporary exhibition by Capel Camera club. £1 members/ non-members to the Museum. Followed by an optional afternoon tea in Gorgeous Gerties, West Street, please pay for your own tea on the day. To confirm attending and any more information please contact Jenny at the office on 01306 877792 or email for more details. Dorking Scrabble Club Every Wednesday at 7.30pm For a friendly game of Scrabble, pop along to The Roy Currie Room, United Reformed Church, West Street, Dorking. You March 2018

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FRIDAYS - VISITORS WELCOME! COOKED BREAKFAST 08.30 -10.30 will be welcomed whether you are a beginner or an expert. For more details ring Priscilla on 01737 767072 or David on 01306 889308. Mothering Sunday Cruise on the Wey & Arun Canal Sunday 11th March 11am, 2.15pm and 4.30pm Special cruises will be running on the canal on Mothering Sunday. A Coffee & Danish Pastry Black tie service will enhance the relaxing treat for Mums (and all passengers)! The trips take one and a half hours. Tickets cost £14 for adults and £10 for children and must be booked in advance .Bookings for all special events and weekend public trips can be made online via the Trust website. For enquiries about private charters, volunteering opportunities and membership please call The Wey & Arun Canal Trust Office on 01403 752403 or email www. Dementia Group Offers Support in Effingham Alternate Thursdays from 10am to 12 noon ‘Connect’ is a group for carers and partners living with dementia. Why not join them for support, refreshment, friendship, activities and fun. They hope to have something for everyone with activities for all, puzzles, quizzes, music, snooker, music and more. Monthly outings also arranged. You don’t have to live in Effingham to come! They meet in St Lawrence Church Hall, Browns Lane, Effingham KT24 5LX. For more details contact Gill on 01372 457987 email or Kim on 01932 586988.

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Leith Hill Place opens for its fifth season At the end of this month the National Trust will be opening Leith Hill Place once again, and welcoming visitors to the house and estate. The house opens on 23rd March and will be open 11am-5pm Friday to Sunday until 28th July. This year there is a packed programme of arts events planned from artists in residence to exhibitions and workshops, plus the usual run of music and concerts to enjoy. Below is a taster of the events coming up: Workshops

Songs by Ralph Vaughan Williams and his friends

Scone making

Sat 16th June, 6-7.15pm, £12.50

Thur 26th April, Thur 10th May, 10am-12noon, £20 per person. Booking Essential on 01306 711685

Trio Martinu

Pottery course with Reiko Evans

Vaughan Williams Singers, "Over Hill, Over Dale"

Tues & Weds in May, 10am-1pm, £100 per course (4 sessions) or £30 per class, includes all materials and hot drinks. Booking Essential on 07917 886910 Wedgwood inspired embroidery workshop Thur 14th June, 10am-4pm. £45 including all materials and light lunch. Booking Essential on 0344 249 1895 Concerts (Booking Essential on 0344 249 1895)

Sat 28th July, 6-7.30pm, £25 Mon 27th August, 6-7.30pm, £15 Sussex Wind Quintet Sat 22nd September, 5.15-7pm, £15 Talks (Booking Essential on 0344 249 1895) Ralph Vaughan Williams: The Legacy of a Leith Hill Upbringing Thurs 17 May, 2-4pm. £15 including afternoon tea.

Opera Prelude: 'Forever England; English song in the years of the First World War'

For the Love of Words: Literature that fired the imagination of Vaughan Williams

Sat 2nd June, 6-8pm, £28

Sat 14 July, 6-7:30pm. £23 including cold buffet. ADVERTORIAL

Volunteering at Leith Hill Place There are many opportunities to help out at Leith Hill Place. Current roles include:  Event co-ordinators (for music groups)  DIY and maintenance  Bakers & kitchen helpers  Welcome team  Gardeners  Audience research  Historical research If you have any skills in these areas that you would like to share to develop the long term future of Leith Hill Place please email or call using the details below. Email: Tel: 01306 711685 30 VANTAGEPOINT

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Bourne Buildings May 14_Layout 1 11/05/2015 14:51 Page 1





ONLY £229

ONLY £469




ONLY £239

ONLY £419



5x5 1-storey

ONLY £345

7x5 or 8x6 2-storey

£629 / £679












Stone Ornaments

Garden Furniture






9:30am – 5:00pm Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10:00 – 4:00pm on Sundays


Mother's Day at Hatchlands Sunday 11th March 10am-5pm Why not take mum to Hatchlands Park for the day and enjoy a special Mother's Day treat in the café. Mums go free too! Normal admission applies. Hatchlands Park, East Clandon, nr Guildford, Surrey GU4 7RT. For more details call 01483 222482 or visit their website hatchlands-park.

01252 718481 / 725733 39 – 43 Guildford Road, Farnham, Surrey GU9 9PY

888745. Dorking Museum: Guided walks on the Deepdene Trail Open Day 11th March and group bookings Dorking Museum walks team runs guided walks on the Deepdene Trail: the grotto, woodland walks, parterre and temples, spectacular views across the Weald and exclusive access to the grade II* listed Hope family mausoleum. Tours last 90 minutes. Individual bookings, March 11th at 2pm, or group walks arranged by appointment. £4 per person, booking via website. Visit the-deepdene-trail or email

Capel Choral Society Rehearsals Weekly 7.45pm Capel Choral Society has started the New Year with an interim new Conductor – he is Ben Costello, who is also a Chorus Master for the Leith Hill Musical Festival. Under Ben’s direction the Choir have started learning the music for the Festival which include Vaughan Williams’ Five mystical songs and John Rutter’s Mass of the children. With 10 weeks still to go before the Festival on 14th April there is still time for new singers to join. Please contact the Secretary if you would like to experience the joy of choral singing, ianmoir20@yahoo. com, telephone 01306 889817.

Hire - Walliswood Village Hall, RH5 5RJ The recently refurbished hall is double glazed with full central heating, fully fitted kitchen and can accommodate up to 80 people. The Hall is ideal for holding parties, family gatherings, and business meetings/training sessions. Bi-fold doors open on to a large secure playing field, perfect for children’s birthday parties. Includes free Wi-Fi For further information or to view the hall phone Valerie Miles on 01306 627248, emaila or alternatively visit their website at

Dorking Walkers Every Tuesday and Thursday Would you like to try walking with a friendly local group? Two hour walks (4-5 miles) within ten miles of Dorking. Check out their website, email or contact Ann on 01306

Oddfellows Talk From The Woodland Trust Monday 12th March 7.30pm Marta Centena Figueras, a volunteer speaker for the Woodland Trust, will be giving a talk on the work of the Woodland Trust, in particular the Project the Woodland trust is running in Langley Vale. Held at the Oddfellows Lounge (Oddfellows

March 2018

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Jottings Hall), Dorking High Street, RH4 1QT. Non-members £2, Members free. Tea and coffee also included. Please contact Jenny via the office on 01306 877792 or email Mid-Surrey@ for more details. Watermill Jazz at Betchworth Park Golf Club Various dates during March Dorkings Watermill Jazz during March present two duo performances. Firstly on the evening of the 6th American vibes player Joe Locke with British pianist Gwilym Simcock, then from Germany on the 13th trumpeter Marius Stockhausen (son of composer Karlheinz Stockhausen) and pianist Florian Weber. The following Tuesday features the trio of pianist Elliot Galvin, with Jazz at the Movies Quintet appearing on the 27th. Visit for full details and bookings, or call the box office 07415 815784. Newdigate Local History Society Tuesday 13th March 8pm They will be hosting a talk by Claire Vidler on the Rebuilding of the Newdigate Bakehouse. The Newdigate Bakehouse was dismantled in 1988 and is in the process of re-erection at the Weald and Downland Living Museum. Held at Newdigate Village Hall, Kingsland, RH5 5DA. Admission is £2 for members, £4 for non-members. Everyone is welcome! For further information, call 01306 631233. Village Hall Café Tuesday 13th March 9.30am Another chance to try out the new Village Hall Café on Tuesday 13th March in Newdigate Community Centre, this month they will open at 9.30am to give mum’s a chance to come in after dropping their youngsters off at school. The aim is to open the hall for the community to have the chance of a chat and get together over a cup of coffee (or tea or hot chocolate) with cakes and/or biscuits. The entrance will be free but we will request donations to cover the cost of the refreshments, we expect it to be non-profit making but any surplus money could go to help with the running of the hall. This will be open to all age groups from pensioners to young mothers with toddlers and babes. Any offers of help or suggestions please phone 01306 631115 or 631391 The Arts Society Leatherhead, Wednesday 14th March 7.15pm Their March talk is about the Basilica of San Francesco in Assisi. Its walls and vaults are covered in frescoes by great masters from Rome, Florence and Siena – including Giotto and Pietro Lorenzetti. The society welcomes visitors for £5 at the door, at Leatherhead Parish Church Hall KT22 2BD, but please make initial contact via email to info@ or telephone John Andrews on 01372 373083. Leatherhead Carousel Sequence Dance Club Weekly on Thursdays 7.45pm-10.15pm Join this friendly club for Sequence Dancing at Parish Church


Hall, Church Road, Leatherhead, KY22 8AY. If you are interested and would like more information, please phone Doris on 01372 324160. The Musical Theatre of Gilbert and Sullivan Wednesday 14th March 2.30pm Find out more about these legends of musical history, how they blended acerbic satire with splendid lyrics and glorious music – and how they met and worked together in those heady days of Edwardian theatre. Writer and broadcaster Bernard Lockett will tell all at the University of the Third Age’s Monthly Meeting at the Christian Centre, Dorking. New members are very welcome and there’s ample parking in nearby St Martin’s Walk car park (RH4 1DX). For more details call 01306 889278, or visit Surrey Country Walkers Various dates throughout March SCW have been in existence for 35 years. They walk at weekends, on alternate Saturdays and Sundays. The walks vary from about 7 to 10 miles, mostly around the Surrey Hills area, plus some linear longer walks that are done in stages. Potential members are more than welcome to join them on these walks, they may sample up to two walks before being asked to join the club. As they walk all the year in all weathers and over variable terrain, suitable footwear and clothing should be worn. For details of the club and their walks programme see surreycountywalkers or contact Colin on 01276 474258. InChoir Thursday mornings Singing with local singing group inChoir is good for you. Singing promotes your ‘happy hormones’, giving you a natural high - it’s like going to the gym, without the effort. Like eating chocolate without putting on weight! It lowers stress levels. But best of all, it is the most amazing fun to do So what are you waiting for? Come and have a try! No previous experience required, and everybody welcome. Meeting on Thursday mornings in Dorking. More information from www.inchoir. or 01342 713068. Leatherhead University of the Third Age Thursday 15th March Leatherhead U3A meets in the United Reform Church Hall, Epsom Road, Leatherhead, when speaker will be ExSuperintendent, Terry Johnson, who will talk about the Great Train Robbery. The U3A welcomes anyone no longer in full time employment or raising a family. For more information contact or check out their website at to pursue an interest and to make new friends. Ashtead Bowling Club Free Indoor Coaching Session Wednesdays and Thursdays Sessions are tailored for beginners and provide an excellent introduction to the sport of bowling. A £1 fee is required to cover temporary membership for the day. You would then

To advertise, please call 01483 420173

YOUR COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD • be eligible for full membership of the club with use of all its facilities. Please contact Mike Bradford on 01372 273142 to book a session. Dorking Town Centre Pub Walks Open Day 17th March and group bookings 6pm Dorking Museum's walks team's guided pub walks take in former and current town centre pub sites, relating their history and stories and pointing out features. Tours last 90 minutes. Booking via the website, £3 per person. Group walks (minimum 10 people) arranged by appointment. Details on or e-mail Home-Start Volunteers Needed Can you spare a few hours each week to help a family with young children? Home-Start Guildford is a family support charity covering the whole of the Guildford Borough, plus Bookham and Fetcham in Mole Valley. They provide home visiting volunteers to support families who have at least one child under five and are struggling to cope, support families with a whole range of difficulties: postnatal depression, lone parenting, illness/disability, multiple births, family breakdown, or they might simply be finding parenting a struggle. Their next Volunteer Preparation Course starts in September and they are recruiting now! If you have parenting experience, would like to make a real difference please call Debbie or Liz   on 01483 511181, or email for more information.



school Friday 30th March to Saturday 14th April To be opened by Roger Dellar Open daily from 10am – 4pm Admission FREE

Further details from Evelyn Phillips AppArt Office email:

Music In Dorking Various dates during March On the 17th there will be the LHMF Youth Choir Competition at Dorking Halls. The annual Leith Hill Musical Festival begins this month with a performance of Handel’s Messiah and the Youth Choir Competitions, which are always very popular, with about twenty school choirs and other young people’s choirs taking part – and always showing a very high standard of singing. The main festival concerts will follow in April. There are also several opera and ballet screenings at the Dorking Halls this month, from the Royal Opera and the New York Met, the Royal Ballet and the Bolshoi ballet. Full details are on The Dorking Group of Artists Tuesday afternoons through to Easter Membership is open to artists of all abilities, from beginner to professional and costs just £20 per calendar year. The activities programme is varied and includes workshops and demonstrations. Held at Beare Green Village Hall. Visit www. for more information or contact Jane Anderson Wood, tel 01372 375123 or email andersonwood@gmail. com. Fairfield Social Centre, Leatherhead Various days in March 10am-4pm, Monday to Friday Would you enjoy a bit more company? Then pop along to the Fairfield Social Centre and make new friends. Enjoy a wide March 2018


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Jottings range of activities including Pilates, Word Games, Music and Movement, Line Dancing, Singing for Health, Tai Chi, Yoga Gold, Art Group, plus other services including Hairdressing, Chiropody, Beauticians and Massage. There is something for everyone. All this is complimented by in-house catering, providing a wide range of delicious traditional dishes. A fantastic opportunity to Improve your lifestyle. Call 01372 376058 for more details. The Fairfield Centre, 34, Swan Court, off Leret Way, KT22 8AH.

Care and Cuppa Tuesday at Oddfellows Lounge Tuesday 20th March 2pm-4pm Charlotte Bufton an Audiologist with Leighton’s will be giving an informal talk on Hearing and Cognition. A basic overview of hearing and how to protect and look after your hearing. Come for a cup of tea, a chat and also a chance to meet the local Oddfellows welfare visitors Pat Christmas and David Day. David and Pat are available to visit any Oddfellows members with any health or welfare concerns and can put you in touch with the care and welfare helpline and support from the Oddfellows Care and Welfare Department. Free event .All welcome to the Oddfellows Lounge (Oddfellows Hall), Dorking High Street, RH4 1QT. Please contact Jenny at the office on 01306 877792 or email for details. Quiz Night With Dorking Friends of Cancer Research UK Saturday 24th March 7.30pm for 7.45pm start Please join Dorking Friends of Cancer Research UK for a Quiz Night at Oddfellows Hall in support of Cancer Research UK. Fish and chip supper, vegetarian option on request. Bring your own drinks. Tickets £12. Oddfellows Hall, 270 High St, Dorking, RH4 1QT. For tickets call 01306 881364 or 01306 882759 or email dfcancerresearchuk@ Art and Landscape In The Surrey Hills Surrey Hills Arts are delighted to announce a grant awarded by Arts Council England of 67K for an exciting new project exploring the natural materials of the Surrey Hills landscape. This exciting project called ‘Surrey Unearthed’ will see ten selected artists create new work along the entire width of Surrey’s Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), which covers a quarter of the county, engaging a wide range of people along the way. Projects will include monolithic chalk symbols, giant structures formed of hay bales which slowly illuminate as dusk falls, an innovative ceramic installation and an art documentary exploring the process of sand extraction. There will be an exhibition at Leith Hill Place in July as well as opportunities for the public to get involved through a series of talks, workshops and community celebrations. A New Coffee Shop In Town Open 9.30am-4.30pm Monday to Friday Are you looking for somewhere different and inexpensive to go for a cup of coffee? Why not try this little coffee shop at Dorking Community Hospital. You will receive a very warm welcome from one of our friendly volunteers and whilst you


are here you can browse around the shop and see what other lovely things they have for sale. All profits go to help the Hospital, so you will be supporting an excellent cause. Wanted - Weekend Wildlife Warriors! Are you looking for something wild to do this weekend - then why not volunteer with Surrey Wildlife Trust? As well as having fun in the fresh air, you can get fit, make new friends, learn new skills and it's free! The Trust has nearly 100 staff, but its ranks are swelled by an army of almost 2,000 registered volunteers, who provide around 8,000 extra 'people days' every year. And now the Trust is on the look-out for new weekend recruits to join its conservation squad. The Trust runs weekend volunteer conservation groups throughout autumn and winter, on sites right across the county - from scrub clearance on Wisley Common, to coppicing at Newdigate Brickworks, to path clearance on Chobham Common. If you would like to help protect Surrey's wildlife as a weekend wildlife volunteer, visit www. and sign up for your wild weekend. Brockham Choral Society Performance Saturday 24th March 7.30pm They will be performing R. Vaughan Williams ‘A Sea Symphony’ and ‘The Lark Ascending’ with the British Sinfonietta Orchestra in St. Martin's Church, Dorking, RH4 1UX. Conducted by Patrick Barrett. Admission: £12 in advance, £15 on the day, £5 under 25 in full time education. Box Office: Tickets from Pauline Whitehead 01306 881821, Maria Chadwick c/o Michael Frith, 40 South St, Dorking, 01306 882728 or at Themed Easter Cruises With The Wey & Arun Canal Trust 30th March, 1st and 2nd April 11am, 12 noon and 2pm Plenty of Easter characters will be on the canal to entertain you – join in the fun! Children will receive a chocolate gift from the Easter Bunny while adults can enjoy the chance to unwind and enjoy the scenery. Tickets cost £10 per person and include refreshments. Booking in advance is advisable. Bookings for all special events and weekend public trips can be made online via the trust website. For enquiries about private charters, volunteering opportunities and membership please call The Wey & Arun Canal Trust Office on 01403 752403 or email www. Chasamba Fitness Weekly classes Chasamba has arrived in Abinger Hammer Village Hall. Come along and try this amazing unpartnered ballroom and Latin style dance fitness programme for a £6 drop-in fee. You'll be hooked on the music and the moves! And the first two classes are half price. The successful Beare Green Village Hall class continues to run on Mondays at 2.30pm. For more information on either venue, please email or phone 07985 672358 or see the Facebook page, 'Chasamba With Nicola.'

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YOUR COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD • Fetcham University of the Third Age (U3A) Fourth Tuesday of each month 2.30pm When you retire or semi retire, very often there is a void in your life. Why don’t you join us so we can help fill that unwanted gap? Their activities are varied and broadly educational but mainly about having fun, covering subjects from Art Appreciation, Beer Appreciation, Aviation, Motor Sport, Pilates, Bridge, Walking, Wine Appreciation to name but a few. Held at St. Mary’s Church Hall, off The Ridgeway, Fetcham, Surrey KT22 9AZ. For further details contact Mrs Ann Chance on Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt at Hatchlands Park Friday 30th March until Monday 2nd April 11am-4pm Follow the nature-themed trail around the parkland to claim your chocolate prize. Normal admission applies plus £3 per trail. Visit, or call on 01483 222482 for full details. Capel Choral Society They are half way through their spring term, with about six weeks to go to the Leith Hill Musical Festival. Under Ben Costello’s inspirational direction, the Choir has been gaining confidence in performing the seven pieces of music which it will be performing at the Festival on the 14th April which include Vaughan Williams’ Five mystical songs and John Rutter’s Mass of the children. The Choir is also already looking ahead to its Summer Supper Concert which will be on Saturday 30th June. Please contact the Secretary if you would like to know more about the Choir: ianmoir20@yahoo. com or telephone 01306 889817. Dorking South Street Caves – Cave Tours Open day 31st March and group bookings Spring re-opening. Take a trip under the streets of Dorking to explore the famous 17th century caves. Discover how they were created and how they evolved over the centuries. Check out the ‘mystery chamber’. Open tours, March 31st, 10am, 11am, 1pm, 2pm. Tours bookable for any group or organisation, family or friends. Tours last 45 minutes. Email to arrange a group tour. Visit for Open Days bookings. Horsley Garden Society They hold flower and produce shows, meetings, lectures and visits to bring together those with an interest in gardening - from beginners to experts. New members and visitors are always welcome. Membership is only £5 per annum, contact the Chairman, Roger Lindsay for details via email or Terry Lazenby at Big Band Concert Thursday 12th April 7.30pm Leatherhead Rotary Club presents the British Philharmonic Orchestra’s Big Band In Concert at The Leatherhead Theatre. March 2018

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Featuring the sounds of Sinatra and the swing music era plus other big band classics. With special guest vocalists. All proceeds to Prostate Cancer UK. Tickets are priced £20 or half price for 18 and under. Call the theatre box office on 01372 365141 or book online at www. Beare Green and Newdigate Choral Society Friday 13th April Beare Green and Newdigate Choral Society are now well into their rehearsals in preparation for their day at this year’s Leith Hill Musical Festival on Friday 13th April (they hope this is not unlucky). If you like jazz then you will love this year’s main work, it is ‘Mass in Blue’ by Will Todd, something very different for BGN. Will Todd kindly ran a workshop on Saturday 3rd February for the members of LHMF Blue Division so that they had better understanding of the music. Most of the division attended at the Priory School and everyone agreed it was very worthwhile. The other main pieces are ‘Songs of a Rainbow Nation’ four songs from South Africa, arranged by Alexander L’Estrange, this an absolutely delightful piece, which all should enjoy. ‘Buffalo Gals’ by Bob Chilcott will lighten the whole event. BGN would be really pleased if you would come and support them. Please book through the LHMF booking office: boxoffice@ 01403 240093 where there is no booking fee and more of the profit is directed to the festival fund. Please do not forget to mention that you are a BGN supporter.

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Do you know your blood pressure? Saturday 14th April 10am-3pm If you do, well done ... if you don't, read on! High blood pressure is the greatest single cause of a Stroke or a Heart Attack. However once detected, high blood pressure can often easily be managed, reducing your chances of suffering such a sudden, unexpected and debilitating change to your life. Each year Dorking Rotary Club organises for you to have your blood pressure checked by trained healthcare volunteers without the need to make an appointment with your GP. Just come along to The Christian Centre beside St. Martin's Church in the centre of Dorking and take your first step to reducing your risk of a Stroke or a Heart Attack.

Blackheath and Bramley Choral Society Saturday 14th April 7.30pm Join Holy Trinity Church Guildford for an evening of French music. They are performing two beautiful works, Duroflé's Requiem and a Widor Mass, under their conductor David Condry. Tickets £15 (students £8). Information and tickets from choir members, by phone 01483 454972, from Guildford Tourist information centre 01483 444344 or alternatively visit Charity Classic Car Run Sunday 22nd April Organised by The Rotary Club of Croydon Jubilee, the Annual Classic Car run starts at Denbies Wine Estate, London Road, Dorking RH5 6AA and take a stunning route over two counties through the high grounds of Surrey Hills and country lanes of parts of “Old Surrey and West Sussex”, incorporating the most beautiful villages and hamlets. Picnic at one of the beautiful sights on the way or enjoy a lunch at one of the plentiful pubs. They end at Glorious Goodwood Motor Circuit, Chichester, West Sussex, PO18 0PH. Nestled at the foot of the Sussex Downs just a few miles from the sea, the track is the only circuit in the world to remain entirely in its original form. Should you wish to have a bite at Goodwood it has the Aero Club and NAAFI wagon. The entry price is £45 which includes the car, the driver, one passenger, a run pack, route guide and finisher’s plaque. Additional passengers are £15 each. Space is limited to 150 cars. All surplus will go to local charities Closing date for entries is 19th April 2018. Contact dhiraj@ or 020 8686 7757. Mole Valley Ramblers - Spring Walks Festival Saturday 28th April to Monday 7th May Their Group is holding a ten day Walks Festival, aiming to encourage anyone to join, to experience the Surrey countryside, exercise for healthy living and walk with a friendly group. There’s something for everyone, short walks, long walks, leisurely to challenging, with pubs, picnics and even an evening/night walks, plus the challenge to walk 100 miles. Detailed information can be found on their website, 36 VANTAGEPOINT

Dorking Bowling Club Open Day Saturday 28th April 10.30am-12.30pm and 2pm-4pm All ages and abilities are most welcome to have a go at playing lawn bowls. This is a friendly club, with social and competitive games, a superb green, clubhouse with licensed bar, free Monday evening coaching and a full social calendar. Dorking Bowling Club was highly regarded by Bowls Surrey in its Award of Excellence Competition Held at .Drill Hall Road, Dorking RH4 1GL. Phone either Peter on 01306 640553 or Lynne on 01306 883689 for more details or go to Please wear flat shoes! GET IN TOUCH

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Dog Lovers Wanted

Open your home to a friendly dog for his holiday! We are looking for dog lovers to welcome guest dogs into their home for a holiday while owners are away.

If you are at home all day, have no children under the age of six, have no more than one dog of your own and would like to enjoy the companionship of guest dogs please get in touch

Home dog boarding company looking for dog lovers to host doggy guests in their homes and receive small payments for the pleasure. Ideal for someone working from HOME home, AWARD WINNING DOG BOARDING Sue Day house personGive or retired. a dog a holiday! Phone: 01306 880 389 / 07791 596880 Email: Call Sue on 01306 880389 for more details

A franchise owned and operated under licence by Sue Day

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Where happy dogs holiday

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March 2018

One-to-one lessons from top session guitarist Any style ~ Any level ~ Beginner to Professional Electric/Acoustic/Classical ~ Guitar or Bass

01306 713349 ~ 07931 960153

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WIN... 2 tickets to an evening of adventure at G Live on 11th April

The Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour features two different collections of brand new adventure films taken from hundreds entered into the prestigious Banff Mountain Film Festival, which takes place every year in the Canadian Rockies. They star the world’s top explorers on mind-blowing journeys in wild and remote parts of the globe. It is coming to G Live in Guildford on Wednesday 11th April, and we have a pair of tickets to give away! The evening involves a selection of thrilling adventure films, with intrepid explorers taking on incredible journeys in wild and remote corners of the planet. Expect amazing cinematography, high-adrenaline action and spectacular wildlife. There are free prize giveaways too! For a chance to win a pair of tickets, please answer this question: Q: Where does the Banff Mountain Film Festival take place? Please enter online at by 30th March 2018.

WIN... a pair of tickets to the Spring Garden Show at Loseley House Loseley Park starts its busy season with the Spring Garden Show on Friday 20th– Sunday 22nd April from 10am–5pm in the stunning Walled Gardens and visitors always look forward to stocking up with plants from the first class nurseries that attend. Other exhibitors include garden bygones and sundries, garden furniture, plant supports and ironwork, home furnishings and food stands, and delicious refreshments are served throughout the day.

Loseley House was built in 1562 and the Walled Garden, which adjoins the House, has had many lives since it was set out formally in the 16th Century. More on the website at Loseley Park has teamed up with VantagePoint magazine to offer 5 pairs of entry tickets to the Spring Garden Show. To win, please answer the following question: Q: In what year was Loseley House built. Please enter online at by 28th March 2018. Full terms and conditions are on our website.

WIN... 2 tickets to 'Rhythm of the Night' tour at Princes Hall, Aldershot Strictly Come Dancing dance professionals Ian Waite and Oti Mabuse are coming to the Princes Hall, Aldershot as part of a major new national UK tour. An Audience With Ian Waite & Oti Mabuse – 'Rhythm of the Night' promises dance fans an extravaganza of high intensity Latin and Ballroom favourites in one thrilling evening at Princes Hall on Wednesday 4th April 2018. Ian and Oti always push the boundaries of dance to bring the best out of their celebrity partner, with both reaching the final of the hit BBC Saturday night show. Last season it was Oti who almost triumphed with her celebrity partner, Hollyoaks’ Danny Mac. For more information, please visit www.princeshall. com. For a chance to win a pair of tickets, please answer this question: Q: What was the name of Oti's partner in the last season of Strictly? Please enter online at by 23rd March 2018. TERMS & CONDITIONS OF ENTRY: By entering these competitions you agree to receive periodic emails from VantagePoint Magazine, Vantage Publishing Ltd and the originator of the competition you are entering. You can opt out of receiving these at any time and your data will never be passed on for use by third parties. The prizes are nontransferable and have no cash alternative. Only one entry per person per competition and prizes will only be sent to homes with a GU, KT and RH postcode.

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VantagePoint March 2018 - Dorking & Villages  

Your best view of what's going on locally

VantagePoint March 2018 - Dorking & Villages  

Your best view of what's going on locally