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We partner some of the best known manufacturers from highend to contract ranges and with our excellent product knowledge, you can rest assured your bathroom design and installation is in good hands.

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Teak Garden Furniture

at affordable prices Family Dining Sets from


Benches - all styles and sizes Bistro Sets

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Thinking of buying Garden Furniture? VISIT US FIRST!!

Hammocks and Stands

Free easy parking 1 mile from the A3

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Westminster Law Wills & Estate Planning

If you are over 65 it will only cost you £85* to make or update your Will. We are also Lasting Power of Attorney Specialists - only £95* each LPA if instructed during the Will appointment.

Our prices include home visits and Inheritance Tax advice. Call us now for a no obligation chat on: 01252 601062


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*OUR PRICES INCLUDE VAT. These very special rates are only available if you are over 65 years old. Our normal low price for a standard single Will is £125, £195 for two.

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June 2018

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• THE EDITOR'S NOTE My early May bank holiday was interesting. As it was a lovely day, I met with a friend for a lunchtime drink at the Dog & Pheasant in Brook (other pubs are available…). I left around 2pm to return home, and about half a mile from house I drove past my other car! My immediate thought was to wonder who had borrowed it, closely followed by the realisation that it had been stolen from my house. After briefly trying to give chase, I called 999 and spoke to the police, who by the end of the call had also had a report about the car, probably because it was being driven at great speed. I returned home to find that my house had been broken into, but apart from some cash and the car, nothing else had been taken and there was thankfully no damage. A policeman arrived within 30 minutes and took a statement, telling me that several cars and the helicopter were ‘on the case’. A few minutes later, he received a call to say that my car had been found undamaged in Liphook. A colleague of his soon arrived to get my key to recover the car, and just before the first policeman left, he told me an arrest had been made. An hour and a half later, a young lady from the Serious Organised Crime Agency came to dust for fingerprints and any DNA.

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So within three hours, it was for me all over, bar the return of the car. What a great service!


There was a slight sting in the tail, however. The car was only ready for return on the Thursday and I had to collect it from Midhurst and pay a £150 ‘recovery’ fee plus £20 per day storage! Had I known, I could have collected it on Monday and kept it secure in my garage and saved £210… still, a small price to pay for its safe return.


Stefan Reynolds, Editor & Publisher 01483 421601


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Shall we get a


Zoe Blake offers advice to anyone looking to re-home one of the very many rescue dogs looking for love. MAKING THE decision to welcome a dog into the family is never an easy one. You need to think it through, chat with family and friends and consider what impact a new addition will make on your life. Can you provide exercise, routine, stability and of course give the correct care to the dog? If the answer is yes to all these then it’s probably time to start doing your research. After all the recent public awareness surrounding puppy farms, you may be cautious of getting a puppy and may feel that maybe a rescue dog would be a good option, especially given the large number of dogs looking for a new home. Rescuing a dog that maybe hasn’t had the best start in life and offering them a second chance can be very rewarding. Rescue dogs come in all shapes and sizes, pedigree breeds, mixed breeds and dogs from overseas. We are surrounded by many well-established dog rehoming centres like Battersea/Blue Cross/Dogs Trust as well as


many lesser-known organisations. I could probably predict that nearly every town in the country will have some kind soul doing their best to rescue and re-home dogs. If you were considering a particular breed, the kennel club have a breed rescue list so you can look up the organisations that work with the specific breeds. So what now? First and foremost you need to decide what type and size of dog you would want. I always ask my clients ‘what do you like to do at the weekend?’. If you are a stay at home type trying to catch up on your housework and box sets, a working type dog would not be for you. However, if you like to go out and stomp for miles over the countryside, then a more active type would suit you. Also the type of property you live in would influence your decision. It would be no good considering a giant mountain breed type dog if you live on the top floor of a 5-storey apartment complex. So once you have decided what type would suit then you can start to search. These days most people start

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Desktop & Laptop Repairs Wireless & Wired Networking PC Upgrades & Tune Ups Virus & Spyware Removal Data Backup & Recovery Server Support

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Providing a comprehensive and caring service for your pet. Our caring and compassionate team, putting you and your pet first, are based in Farncombe and Ash. Why not pop in for a chat? Vale Veterinary Centre in Ash 01252 337310 Farncombe Veterinary Surgery 01483 421833



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Farnham, Guildford, Haslemere and Liss The people we care for enjoy more care than most: • Home-care, sheltered housing, residential care and nursing care • Person Centred Care – we always put you first. Abbeyfield Wey Valley Society • Friendly, highly trained Staff Enabling older people to live their chosen lifestyle Our residents enjoy: • Companionship • Sheltered residential andreflect nursing care • Fees which en-suite bedrooms charitable status homely services, while offering appropriate • Single occupation At Abbeyfield Wey Valley Society we have lounges levels of care and support to preserve the • ‘Home-from-home’ over 30 years’ experience as one of Surrey’s Care homesrelaxation provide: At Abbeyfield Wey Societysheltered, we have over privacy, 25 years’dignity experience one of Surrey’sof every • Nutritious meals cooked on site andasindependence leading providers of Valley home-care, • A real “home from home” leading providers of sheltered, residential and nursing care for older people. person we look after. residential and nursing care for older • Beautifully landscaped gardens and patios • Single, en-suite bedrooms people. Maintaining homes on four sites, we pride ourselves on alleviating loneliness and providing • Wheelchair-friendly and lift access • Free Wi-Fi friendly, relaxed, homely environments, while offering appropriate levelsor of to care andabout any of To see our facilities talk • Fees reflective of our charitable status • Beautifully maintained support to preserve the privacy, dignity andon independence of every person we look after. our services without obligation, Maintaining and providing care homes please call any 01252 735507 fiveTosites, wefacilities pride ourselves on we alleviating gardens see our for yourself, invite you to look around of our homes

Volunteers Wanted

Abbeyfield Wey Valley Society

Enabling older people to live their chosen lifestyle

loneliness and providing friendly, relaxed, without obligation.

or email admin@abbeyfieldweyvalley.

Wey Valley Society Find out more at abbeyfieldweyvalley.co.uk June 2018

Home Care 01252 735522 Care01252 Homes735507 01252 735507



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All homes fully CQC compliant. Fees reflect charitable status.




their search online. Many rescue centres will let you go and have a look around to see who they have there. Others may only let you go by appointment once you have completed a comprehensive questionnaire to ensure that you would be suitable. The rescue centres work tirelessly to try and match the right dogs to the right people to give the dog the best chance of finding their forever home. They don’t want to see the dogs returning time after time as things haven’t worked. So as much as the forms and application process can seem intense, it is for good reason. When buying a puppy, you may go with a checklist of questions to ask about the start they have had and would want to meet the parents to gain an idea about temperament. However when you get a rescue dog you won’t often know its history. This may feel like you will be taking quite a gamble. How do we know that they will be ok with our children, our cats, other dogs? Sadly the answer may sometimes be ‘well you don’t know... you will just have to wait and see’. This is often why people are put off getting a rescue dog. Understandably they want to know that they can trust the dog and that it will fit in to their family unit. Anyone who is involved with dog rescue would have tried to gain as much information as they can about their history. They would fully assess them and ascertain any behaviour/temperament issues that may need to be flagged up. They may test them with children and other animals to gain a better idea of their overall temperament.


On top of this they would have had a full health check to ensure there are no underlying health conditions. I would always advise that you meet the dog on a number of occasions and ensure that they meet all members of the family. I would go for a walk and try and see how the dog reacts away from the place they are staying. Some dogs may not show favourable behaviours whilst in a kennel situation and so can often be overlooked. Equally a dog who may appear quiet and unsociable may be the opposite once it was put in a more favourable environment. Many rescue centres actually foster their dogs out now so that they are in a home - this should provide a better temperament test. Before you obtain your rescue dog I would already have training/behaviour help set in place. It’s never too late to learn for these dogs and there are people out there who can help you bond with your new dog. Training is great for this; one of my rescue dogs excelled in his classes and became a TV star... who would have thought that when he was pacing up and down in his run in the rescue centre?! FIND OUT MORE Zoe Blake is a registered veterinary nurse and runs The Friendly Pet Nurse. Call 07917 094715 or visit www.thefriendlypetnurse.co.uk.

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We specialise in: • New Roofs • Flat Roofs • Tile & Slate Roofs • Re-pointing Chimney Stacks • Leadwork • Valleys Reneweed & Repaired • All Roof Repairs • New PVC Fascias & Gutters • External Painting • Moss Removal



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SURREY CRICKET in the community

Phil Kemp visits Surrey County Cricket Club at The Oval I MUST confess that although I’ve personally never taken a particularly active interest in cricket I was genuinely bowled over by what I was to experience during my visit to The Oval Cricket Ground. I’d seen images of The Oval of course on television, but to experience for the first time this expansive and very imposing cricket ground was nothing short of breathtaking. However, even more extraordinary for me was how much I was to learn about the Surrey County Cricket Club (SCCC), who have made The Oval their home for over 170 years. My coach on all things cricket was Richard Gould, the chief executive of the club. As I entered his office I almost froze to the spot in complete disbelief. Don’t worry - it wasn’t Richard, who was most welcoming – it was purely and simply the magnificent panorama that dominated the room from beyond its windows. There, laid out in full view, was the whole expanse of The Oval. The beautifully maintained pitch stretched out in all of its green glory in every direction, the imposing stands visible on all sides, and the towering electronic scoreboard. But, best of all, is the fact that Richard can watch every match - literally without having to leave his desk!

area.” Richard’s hand waved a descriptive path across his window scene. “The Duchy of Cornwall gave permission for the land to be leased and we’ve been here ever since, and at the time of course this wasn’t even a London borough.” That last point neatly resolved my puzzled bewilderment that Surrey’s county club is based in London’s Borough of Camden. What Richard was to recount next served to stoke up my interest even further. “Then there was this chap, Charles Alcock.” Richard’s tone of voice hinted that this was going to get very interesting. “He

He almost had to cough to catch my attention, but thereafter it didn’t take Richard long to have my full attention with the fascinating story he began to tell. “The cricket club began at the Oval in 1845. Prior to that this was literally a vegetable patch, it was quite a rural


Richard Gould and the view of The Oval from his office (Phil Kemp)

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Call now on: 01252 715576 0% Finance options now available At the practice, we can provide access to two interest-free finance options that allow you to spread the cost of treatment, making it more affordable. Call our friendly reception team today. *Please quote ‘Vantage Point’ when booking

A: 11 Castle Street Farnham Surrey GU9 7JA W: castletondental.co.uk E: info@castletondental.co.uk Sound interesting? Read on to find out more! For anyone considering using interest-free finance facilities to fund their private treatment, the advantages are: Makes treatment instantly affordable by allowing you to spread the cost, you can opt to have the treatment you want, when you want it. Greater choice of treatments by making treatments more affordable, you can access a wider range of treatments and choose the one perfect for you. Payment terms to suit you with two interest-free options available, you can choose the one best suited to your circumstances. As a practice we have worked continuously to not only provide our patients with every aspect of their dental needs but go the extra mile every time with every patient and every treatment in our welcoming state of the art modern practice. New Patients always welcome call today on 01252 715576 to talk to our friendly reception team.

was outstanding in that he invented and created so much. He put this place firmly on the map. For example, it was Alcock’s idea to stage the first ever FA Cup Final here in 1872 – and he even managed to get to play in the final! It was him too that created The Ashes here. He’d heard that Australia were touring, and in those days they used to only play against the county teams really. So, he arranged a game whereby England would play against Australia. And that was the first one in 1870. Although not long after, in 1872, Australia beat us for the first time”. I noticed Richard glancing out of the window at a match in play on the pitch below. I was about to ask him about the game when he bowled another googly at me. “The Oval at the time was in effect a mix between the O2 Arena and the Wembley of its time. They even had a walking race here – one thousand miles over a week and a bit, with competitors only allowed a 15-minute break every hour. And much of the first ever flood-lit sport took place here too. It was the entertainment and sports capital of the country – and believe it or not the first rugby international in England was held here as well". I was about to steer Richard back in the direction I really wanted to explore. How the modern-day club not only staged high profile cricket competitions at the ground but

also engaged at grass roots level in Surrey. However he had already eyed-up that wicket. “Fortunately, this place is mostly left to cricket nowadays, playing three different formats of the game. Championship cricket, which is the county version of test cricket played over four days; one-day cricket competitions in which the teams bat and bowl for 50 overs each, and then there’s a version of Twenty20, which is the most popular in terms of driving attendance on match day. The only games we don’t play here are when we go down to Woodbridge Road in Guildford". At that moment a huge cheer could be heard from the ground. Richard excitedly raised both his arms and shouted loudly: “Got it. Got it. Well done Virdi – another LBW for Virdi!” I couldn’t but help feeling a little jealous of this very unusual and positivelycharged office atmosphere. Richard explained that the Surrey bowler was one Amar Virdi and he’d just taken the wicket of one of Hampshire’s strongest batsmen in the Championship Match currently

Corinthian Room, The Oval


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SURREY CRICKET IN THE COMMUNITY in play. And the real magic was that Amar is one of the county’s up-and-coming young players – which brought us back totally on pitch. “Surrey has been playing cricket at Guildford since the early part of the century and it is effectively our home away from the Oval. We’ve been recently working with the council to refurbish the pavilion there – and the council have done an excellent job. The pavilion opens this season, which will be great news for cricket in Guildford. It also means that we’ve got excellent facilities we can use when we come and visit. It’s a great facility for the whole of Guildford too because there are good meeting and event rooms there. We do a lot with Guildford and our academy works out of there.” Noticing that I had glanced quickly out of the window distracted by action on the pitch, Richard nodded in the direction of the match adding: “Surrey has got seven home-grown players out there today. From Guildford, our academy recruits players into our county teams from schools and cricket clubs throughout Surrey. We work with them and provide the best possible coaching, so that they can hopefully one day come forward and represent Surrey, and perhaps England. But if not, we encourage them just to really enjoy their cricket and to play to their best possible potential”. SCCC also works closely with the Surrey Cricket Foundation who have 15 officers working throughout the county, and who have their very successful Chance to Shine inner-city cricket initiative. This has engaged nearly 27,000 young people since 2008 with a fast-paced version of tape-ball cricket. Another successful youth initiative that Surrey has engaged with is the English Cricket Board’s Kwik Cricket. This is tailored specifically for children up to the age of 11, playing in teams of eight players with a plastic bat and ball over only eight overs. Having satisfied my interest in the county’s grass-roots initiatives to actively engage local communities’ interest in cricket, I had also unwittingly reminded myself that as well as Guildford Cricket Club providing great opportunities to play and watch cricket - they also have a very popular Beer Festival at the Woodbridge ground every June. Just before I left Richard, leaving him to carry on enjoying the Championship Match from the comfort of his office chair, he perfectly summed up what makes SCCC so successful. “We do have a really supportive club here – and I think it’s because the club is owned and managed by its supporters, all of whom are focused on the long-term interests of the club. No one is trying to make a quick buck. We are trying to make sure that cricket continues to thrive and appeal to the widest possible audience – and that we just do things in the right way.” June 2018

All images: Iain Marriott-Smith / Surrey CCC

FIND OUT MORE The Kia Oval is the home of the Surrey County Cricket Club www.kiaoval.com Guildford Cricket Club promotes, organises and encourages amateur cricket in the Guildford area. www.guildfordcc.com The Surrey Cricket Foundation supports communities, schools and clubs by providing funding, knowledge, coaching and competitions in Surrey and South London. www.surreycricketfoundation.org Kwik Cricket is a fully inclusive game where the emphasis is on participation and enjoyment. It is specifically tailored for children up to the age of 11. www.ecb.co.uk/play/junior/ kwik-cricket

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brilliance rewarding retail


High Street Haven • FASHION

With Kirstie Smillie

Searching the high street for clients' wardrobes, I often find myself in Guildford’s Hobbs store, says fashion stylist, Kirstie Smillie The story of Hobbs started in 1981 when Marilyn Anselm opened a shoe store in Hampstead, London. Now a global force, the company has over 140 stores including concessions within the larger department stores. I have had a little look behind the scenes and it’s good to know that as a brand, the company upholds corporate responsibilities of ethical initiatives, fair-trade and fair pay. They also support the Smart Works charity, donating interview clothes to unemployed women helping them to enter the UK workforce again. AS A great wardrobe has to include perfectly fitting classics, which in turn make it easier to add the creative pieces, I frequently find myself in Hobbs. I am able to find the key items like great trousers, fitted jackets, jeans, white t-shirts and a striped Breton top in a quality that will last. I recently had the pleasure of meeting manager Jay Syedan, who joined the company in 2011 and took over the helm at Guildford in September last year, with a supporting managerial role over stores in the south. When Jay is not in-store, customers have come to know the cheerful team including deputy manager Oliver, team leader Amy and AnaMaria, the in-house stylist, with whom you can book complimentary 1-2-1 appointments. The team are also happy to accommodate event bookings, be that your office of fifty or just five friends with bubbles included.

Accessories are still a large part of the design brief, and shoes are made in their own factory in Porto San Giorgio on the Adriatic Coast of Italy to high standards, from classic patent courts to on-trend metallic brogues.

Team hugs from left: Oliver, Karishma, Yasmin, Raitvile, Ana-Maria, Emily, Gemma, Jay.

THE CAPSULE WARDROBE Rebecca leather tote, £199; Striped Sonya top, £35; Mallory machine washable crops, £79; Ava slingback, £149. All at Hobbs.


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THE HOLIDAY WARDROBE Sorrento linen dress, £139; Kate leather trainer, £99; Amelie Bikini top, £39; Iris Maxi skirt, £69; Pink Pixie Tee, £22; Lula leather bag, £149. All at Hobbs.

With on-line shopping very much part of our lives, the experiences we have in stores are more important than ever. I believe if the service is good, most of us would prefer to try on and buy instead of guessing and possibly returning items. For me, a smiling face and simple greeting is essential when you first enter a store. Happily, Jay and his team are on board with this, ‘customer-centric’ being an ethos of the brand.

I started my Style Workshops a few years ago as I love the idea of having fun with fashion, allowing you to experiment with shapes and colour again (as we did as teenagers) - layer with this or with that, and try a new colour combination, gain confidence with friends and find out what styles really work for your lifestyle now. Come along and join me at Hobbs and see how you get on!

Style Workshops at HOBBS Guildford Former fashion stylist for Good Housekeeping, Ideal Home magazines and House of Fraser, Kirstie Smillie has teamed up with HOBBS in Guildford to host Style Workshops for a chance to experiment with fabulous clothes and learn summer wardrobe tips. Tuesday 19th June Wednesday 20th June Friday 22nd June Saturday 23rd June Tickets, £30, including refreshments and 20% off full-price items For times and ticket details please contact: kirstie@kirstiemsmillie.com or call the Hobbs Store on 01483 579646 HOBBS June 2018

141 High Street


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20% off


Images clockwise from top left: Pippa with the 100-year-old pig; tan harnesss breast collar; halters; telescope case; case and bag.



Phil Kemp is introduced to the ancient craft of leatherworking NESTLING IN the beautiful countryside in Capel near Dorking is Broomells Workshop, home to skilled artisan leatherworkers who apply ancient skills to create beautiful and practical leather goods. Pippa Bassett, ably assisted by her fellow artisan Becky Harman, not only provides a service to the equestrian community but also to anyone who wants virtually anything made out of quality leather. “We are working in a time where things are changing rapidly, especially in saddlery. Online, things like eBay mean that people can buy factory-made saddles more cheaply


which has resulted in hand-made saddles, which can take weeks to make, falling out of favour,” Pippa explained, whilst seated at her workbench in the workshop. “Then saddlers can make adjustments to ensure the saddles fit the horses correctly. But unfortunately, quite a few owners are not checking for a correct fit which means that horses get terrible back problems, and sometimes riders get injured when a horse chucks them off due to a poorfitting saddle.” Looking around the workshop, with its welcoming log burner glowing gently at the far end, I could see various items at different stages of creation and repair. As you enter the workshop you pass by a large display of equestrian equipment and accessories, including of course saddles and harnesses.

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RUGMART Surrey’s Biggest Rug Shop www.rugmart.co.uk

Volunteer with TALK TALK is a local charity that supports people with communication difficulties after a stroke. We run five groups in Guildford, Woking, Ashford and Walton on Thames.

We are currently looking for volunteers at our Tuesday morning and afternoon groups in Guildford. Working one to one with a stroke recoverer you will find its very rewarding, great fun and with a increased sense of community. Training and support provided.

Visit us for a huge range of Modern, Contemporary & Bespoke rugs

Please contact the TALK Coordinator on 07718 425953 or email info@talksurrey.org.uk

www.talksurrey.org.uk Charity no: 1176014

Hand Woven Oriental Rugs Traditional & Antique Rugs Large and Over Size Rugs Persian & Afghan Rugs Handmade Tribal Kilims Hall Runners & Hearth Rugs

Come and visit our showroom: 2-3 Woodbridge Road, Guildford GU1 4PU Be inspired by our treasure trove of rugs over 4 floors and 7000 sq ft!

01483 578874 June 2018

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PIPPA BASSETT: ARTISAN LEATHERWORKER how to mould leather from my father, and the seat needed moulding. One of my friends had dropped in for a cup of tea, and I used her bottom to mould the seat!” Pippa’s infectious laugh at the memory got me going too. “But of course, I use other ways for moulding now!” Once we’d both stopped chuckling, Pippa went on to explain that she has successfully branched out into making bespoke leather items which has in effect saved her business, which she has been running for over 27 years. “I get requests for handbags and other items like briefcases, belts and curtain ties. They’re all of course handmade to exactly what the customer wants which means a lot of work goes into it – a handbag for example may take a day and a half to make, sometimes longer. Collars for dogs and cats are popular too. We also do a lot of leatherwork restoration for old cars and motorbikes. And we make, for example, leather washers for traction engines, and leather strapping for old carriage springs. And we only use best quality English leather from Cheshire.” Repair work also helps keep the workshop busy, and I couldn’t resist asking about a large leather pig that had been staring at me for some time from its vantage point by a large stitching machine. “Oh, he’s come in for some bottom work – his tail has fallen off!” I had to fight another fit of giggles. “He’s over 100-yearsold. His hide is genuine pig hide which is really tough, and he’s stuffed with straw. I take my hat off to whoever crafted him.”

Images from top left: At work on a leather belt; the workshop and log burner; Broomells Workshop (all PK)

“A turning point for me was when we had the foot and mouth outbreak. This meant that you couldn’t move your horses around or take part in equestrian activities, and it hit us very badly on the saddlery side. I started to play around making other bits and pieces and put these up on our new website which a friend had built.” Pippa’s face brightened up as she continued. “Then people started to come in asking us to make things for them. One gentleman came in and asked me to make a saddle for his vintage motorbike. At first I refused, having never made one before, but he successfully persuaded me.” Pippa put down the tool she was using on a leather belt before continuing. “To be honest I was very proud as it turned out really well. It was a bit of trial and error but I’d learned


As I watched Pippa continuing to work on the belt she was creating, I asked her to take me through what is involved on a step-by-step. The process, even for something like a belt, is incredibly involved. I was introduced to various tools including a plough gauge for accurate cutting, a clickers awl for marking the leather, an edger for scribing rounded edges and a screw crease for creating decorative marks. And when it comes to stitching I was amazed to learn that a belt could have 60 stitches just around the top with hundreds more along the full length. Pippa also demonstrated how leather is dyed and boned, which is where a cow’s rib bone is rubbed up and down to push the dye in and smooth the leather. Pippa is also an accomplished horse-drawn carriage driver with a number of bronze and silver awards in national and international competitions, which has contributed to her hands-on knowledge and undoubted skills in saddlery. Phil Kemp is a Godalming-based writer and photographer. www.weyriver.co.uk FIND OUT MORE Broomells Workshop, Misbrooks Green Road, Capel, Near Dorking RH5 5HL Tel: 01306 711514 www.broomells.com.

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Treat your dad this Father’s Day to a wonderful treatment experience at our Clarins Gold salon. Get an extra 10% off any of the following services quoting FDAY18

Back massage £39 | Reflexology £45 | Full Body Massage £55 Clarins Men’s Facial £55 | Aromatherapy Body Massage £60 Purchase over the phone to post voucher out or visit us to buy. D&J Sweetman:Layout 1 13/10/2010 10:02 54 Downing Street, Farnham, GU9 7PH. Tel: 01252 712830

DIANE & JOHN SWEETMAN Airport and Long Distance Private Hire Airports & Docks Fixed Rates London & Longer Distances Business & Social Occasions Reliable & Friendly Service

Tel: 01252 659524 Email: john.sweetman@ntlworld.com 24 Newton Way, Tongham, Farnham, Surrey GU10 1BY

Could you use some help with Cleaning, Ironing or Both?

Farnham: 01252 364 122

• Regular hourly rate £12-£13/hour • One off spring cleans available (call for prices) • Times and hours to suit (min 2 hours per week) • Reliable, honest, professional service • Insurance provided

Call 0800 0925 773 services@maid2clean.co.uk | maid2clean.co.uk You deserve a rest... so be served by the best

June 2018

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Conservatory Sails Sail Blinds are the exciting new way to shade your conservatory. They control heat and glare and work with any shape of roof or construction type. They were developed specifically for UK conservatories to tackle some of the issues associated with traditional pleated blinds. The specially designed sail uses a high performance fabric to control the heat without having to cover all of the roof. Allowing you to enjoy all of the benefits of the view and sun without the excessive heat. The breathable fabric and robust flexible construction means you don’t have to look at the dead flies trapped in your pleated blinds because you can simply shake them off and then when you want to remove any dust or dirt you can wash them in your machine at 30 degrees.

closed. So with the most effective heat control available you can enjoy your conservatory more than ever before, enjoying all of the benefits of a glazed roof without suffering from excessive heat on all of those beautiful sunny days. Paul Baglin at InShade says “customers are always amazed by the transformation, they feel an instant impact on the heat as soon as the sails are put up. Once they see the sunlight filtering through the sails they love the way they look and make the space feel. Then later when it’s needed they really appreciate how easy they are to clean”. Richard and his team work closely with the specialist designers at InShade to tailor each solution to your requirements, budget and the look you want.

Creative Blinds and Shutters have been a leading supplier of Blinds and Shutters for over 20 years, and when Richard Teague owner of Creative Blinds and Shutters saw InShade Conservatory sails blinds at the British Blinds and Shutters Association trade show he instantly recognised the benefits. For the first time ever you have a solution that not only controls the heat but also truly enhances the conservatory and the time you spend in it. Unique within the blinds industry the design led process is tailored to how you want to use your conservatory to ensure that you get the best possible solution to suit the way you want to use the space.

For you outside space this summer, Creative Blinds and Shutters can supply and fit and outdoor patio Awning. These patio awnings will extend your living space outside and extend the usability of those long summer evenings. They have a huge range of fabrics, a 5 year guarantee, motorization and custom colour matching to get that perfect look.

The whole process works because InShade conservatory sail blinds are made from a unique solar control fabric. The ISX fabric is 100% UK made and provides the ultimate in heat control, solar efficiency and has been proven to be durable in even the most extreme temperatures. This is important because the air temperature inside the roof of your conservatory often reaches more than 70 degrees centigrade when the roof vents are



If you are interested in getting more use out of your conservatory this summer then call the team at Creative Blinds and Shutters on 01252 727490 or 01483 478857 to discuss your requirements, book an appointment or to talk to an expert.

Visit our showroom Monday-Saturday: 11 The Street, Wrecclesham, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 4PP

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Start enjoying your conservatory again! New product for summer Conservatory roof sail blinds Machine washable Reduce heat and glare Fast delivery

Creative Blinds and Shutters Visit our showroom Monday - Saturday 11 The Street, Wrecclesham, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 4PP T: 01252 727490/01483 478857 E: info@creativeblindsandshutters.co.uk


Gin Kitchen cocktails and recipes • FOOD & DRINK World gin day is on Saturday 9th June, so we have teamed up with The Gin Kitchen in Dorking to celebrate! Picture the scene: two friends, Kate and Helen, working away in the corporate world. Both with a common interest in gin. A very good interest to have if you ask me. These two did not take it one step further they took it leaps and bounds further!

Gutsy Fever This uses our full bodied, rich and perfectly smooth Gutsy Monkey Winter Gin. Don’t be put off by the seasonal reference - the citrus hit you’ll get from the lime zest and Croatian Juniper means this gin can definitely be enjoyed all year round! 50ml Gutsy Monkey Gin 20ml Agave syrup 100ml Lychee juice 25ml Fresh lemon juice Fresh coriander leaves Lots of ice Add all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker and shake HARD. Double strain and serve in a martini glass with a stem or two of coriander and a twist of lime zest to garnish.


They took their idea all the way to Kate’s kitchen where they first embarked on this new venture. Fast forward a couple of years and how far Kate and Helen have come is an inspiration. For more information, visit www.gin.kitchen. Here’s two of their favourite cocktails showcasing both their delectable gins… whip up one of these and relax in the summer sun for a moment of true bliss.

Dancing Blackberry Martini Our Dancing Dragontail Summer Gin with its zesty pink grapefruit giving way to aromatic cardamom and sweet vanilla notes will give you a taste of summer whatever the weather. 50ml Dancing Dragontail Gin 25ml Blackberry puree 25ml Fresh lemon juice 10ml Toffee nut syrup 10ml Earl Grey syrup 20ml Egg white Add all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker and dry shake (no ice). Now hard shake, strain and serve in a chilled martini glass. Garnish with blackberries and if you’re feeling fancy add an edible violet or two.

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Don’t be mistaken, gin’s not always just for drinking! Here Kate and Helen offer a couple of sweet treats...

Helen’s Lemon and Dancing Dragontail Gin Cupcakes

Kate’s Gutsy Monkey Sorbet

Cupcakes are definitely not just for kids! These zesty little treats are the perfect accompaniment to a summer BBQ.

Make a batch and enjoy this delicious cooling treat on a hot summer's day. It’s also a perfect dish to complete a dinner party. This recipe was created in partnership with the lovely people at The Salt Box, Reigate.

Ingredients: 200g butter 200g caster sugar 4 eggs 200g self-raising flour Finely grated zest of 1 lemon 75ml Dancing Dragontail Summer Gin


Makes 24.

200g caster sugar 270ml water 600g blackberries (fresh is best) 100ml Gin



1. Preheat the oven to 180c 2. Beat the butter and sugar until smooth 3. Add the eggs one by one, stirring all the time 4. Fold in the flour and lemon zest until smooth 5. Add the gin and combine thoroughly 6. Add the mixture to 24 individual cupcake cases 7. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes or until slightly golden 8. While the cakes are baking make the frosting with icing sugar and gin. Stir until you have the desired consistency 9. Leave the cakes to cool before icing.

1. Heat the water and sugar in a pan to make a syrup; stirring often 2. Add all the blackberries, stirring until they go mushy 3. Blend the liquid and blackberries and leave to cool 4. Strain off the blackberry seeds before adding the gin 5. Churn in an ice cream maker for one hour.

June 2018

If you don’t have an ice cream maker try putting the mixture in the freezer for two to three hours, removing every twenty to thirty minutes to stir to prevent ice crystals forming.

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Summer in Farnham Farnham Town Council’s summer season of events will get off to a lively start on Sunday 3 June with Dance in the Meadow. The event takes place at Gostry Meadow from 1-5pm and is a celebration of the wonderful variety of dance that happens in and around Farnham.

Woodlarks and Brightwells Gostrey Centre which were the charities supported by Councillor Mike Hodge during his Mayoral year. The otter was chosen as a way to raise awareness of the importance of clean rivers and waterways when encouraging rare species to return to the River Wey.

Secret Gardens Gardening enthusiasts in Farnham and surrounding villages are being urged to show off their gardens by entering this year’s Secret Gardens competition. This is an annual competition to find Farnham’s best secret gardens and is part of Farnham in Bloom.

Bring a picnic and your dancing shoes and enjoy the fun. The programme includes: • A new youth dance performance made by New Adventure's, Re-Bourne, Stopgap Dance Company and The Dance Movement • Youth dance performances from local dance schools • Adult dance performances from local dance schools • Dance workshops so you can join in, and • Professional performances from Stopgap Dance Company and New Adventures. Dance in the Meadow is brought to you by The Dance Movement, Farnham Maltings and New Adventures in partnership with Farnham Town Council.

Otter Wey trail A bevy of otters have made an appearance in Farnham as part of a fundraising open-air art project supported by the former Mayor of Farnham Councillor Mike Hodge, Blooming Arts and the Lions Club of Farnham. The one metre tall otters have been decorated by a mix of professional, amateur and community group artists and sponsored by local businesses and organisations. The 44 otters are on display in a variety of locations around Farnham until the end of June.A guide to the 3.7mile otter trail is available from Farnham Town Council. On 30 June, the otters will gather for a guest appearance at Farnham Carnival. Visitors to the carnival will be able to vote for their favourite otter. Selected otters will be auctioned at Farnham Castle on 9 July. The proceeds will be distributed between 28 VANTAGEPOINT

Secret Gardens of Farnham is open to all gardeners in Farnham, which includes its surrounding villages. There are ten categories in all, covering large and small spaces, container gardens, business, community and private gardens. The full list of categories, entry requirements, prizes and guidelines for how the competition is judged can be seen at www.farnham.gov.uk/bloom. In this year’s competition, there is a brand new category called the Madge Green Community Gardening Project Award.This remembers one of the initiators of Farnham in Bloom. The deadline for entering the Secret Gardens Competition is 13 June. Judging will take place from Monday 18 to Friday 22 June. For an entry form or more information, visit www.farnham.gov.uk/bloom.

A splash of colour Children from 16 local schools and nurseries have planted up over 80 hanging baskets for this year’s Farnham in Bloom. Each school group has one of their baskets displayed in Central car park, while the others have been taken back to school and are being looked after by the children ready for judging by the Mayor of Farnham in July. Farnham in Bloom is sponsored by Specsavers Farnham and over 70 other businesses.

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Spring 2018

The summer music line-up includes:

Make your own hanging basket

If you would like to plant your own hanging basket, why not head down to Forest Lodge or Squire’s Garden Centre, gold sponsors of Farnham in Bloom, to pick up everything you need to plant a basket just like the ones created by the young people of Farnham. For our pink and white themed basket, you will need: One 19” basket Biodegradable hanging basket liner Peat-free compost Compound fertiliser 3x non-stop pink begonia 1x bacopa white 3x petunia pink vein 1x begonia trailing 1x calibrachoa can can cherry blossom 1x calibrachoa can can pink star 1x trailing geranium light pink 3x diascia little dazzled 1x ivy gold 1x verbena pink bicolour

17 June – Farnham Brass Band 24 June – twentyfivemiles 1 July – Picnic in the Park featuring Vic Cracknell’s Swing Band, Farnham Music and Drama,The Salts, Grandpa Spells Jazz Band,The Choir Company and Farnham Ukulele Jam. 8 July – Out of the Shadows 15 July - The Revivals Band 22 July – The Dolomites 29 July – Famous in Farnham 5 August – Late to the Party 12 August – Love2Groove 19 August – Alder Valley Brass Band 26 August – A Train Quartet 2 September – Brass Monkeys Visit www.farnham.gov.uk/events to read more about the bands and their style of music.

Picnic in the Park

Music in the Meadow Music in the Meadow is back so it’s time to sit back, relax and fill your Sunday afternoons with live music. The summertime concerts will start on Sunday 10 June with The Farnham Big Band featuring as the headline act. From 3pm to 5pm, the 17-piece jazz orchestra will play a variety of big band music. Jumbo garden games will keep the children entertained and picnic benches will be available for anybody who wants to bring a picnic. Alternatively, light refreshments can be bought from the tea tent which will be hosted by a different local charity at each concert. The summer in Farnham events programme is sponsored by Kidd Rapinet Solicitors.

Finish Farnham’s carnival weekend on a musical note and enjoy an afternoon of live music at Picnic in the Park on Sunday 1 July. Bring a picnic or enjoy lunch from the street food stalls, which will include Thai, gourmet hot dogs and crêpes. Treat yourself to a glass of fizz or a fresh fruit mocktail. From 12 to 6pm, Vic Cracknell’s Swing Band, Farnham Music and Drama, The Salts, Grandpa Spells Jazz Band, The Choir Company and Farnham Ukulele Jam will perform live on the big stage in Gostrey Meadow. Kidd Rapinet Solicitors are sponsoring Farnham’s summer programme of events.

New Mayor As Vantage Point goes to print, the new Mayor of Farnham was elected. Cllr David Attfield has taken over from Cllr Mike Hodge. See www.farnham.gov.uk for more details.

Farnham Town Council

Town Council Office, South Street, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7RN Telephone: 01252 712667 Email: customer.services@farnham.gov.uk Web: www.farnham.gov.uk Twitter: @farnhamOfficial Facebook: Farnham Town Council Town Clerk: Iain Lynch Mayor: Cllr David Attfield June 2018

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Fabulous Florence Fennel • GARDENING

With Beth Otway with some extra nutrients and will help to increase the water holding capacity of the soil, all of which will benefit your plants. To grow Florence fennel successfully, choose a bright and sunny or partially-shaded location, as Florence fennel does not enjoy growing in too shaded a spot. There’s no need to start your seedlings off in seed trays - Florence fennel seed is best sown directly in the soil where it is to grow.

WHAT A joyful month June is! June’s warm sunshine seems to infuse every fibre of our beings, imbuing our souls with a feeling of uplifting bliss that can only be found outdoors. June also brings us the gift of sweet summer rain to refresh our plants, and with it the excitement of a great many wonderful growing opportunities in the garden. It’s hard to beat this time of year!

Ensure that your plants receive regular, frequent watering to enable your Florence fennel plants to grow and develop their sweet, slightly aniseedy swollen leaf bases. Do make sure that you provide your plants with sufficient water. Give them a good soak twice a week - if Florence fennel plants become too dry, even for a few days, they very quickly sulk, before bolting skywards when they then become tough and inedible.

Florence fennel is a marvellous vegetable to grow! The entire plant is edible, so there’s no waste. There’s also very little time-consuming washing or preparation required, which is a real boon when you’ve been working hard in the garden, or at your allotment all day. All you want is to eat some of your freshly harvested, home-grown, delicious produce for supper, but have exhausted yourself gardening and so need to prepare a delightful, but simple meal. If you’re really tired, you’ll be glad to know that Florence fennel tastes great raw too.

Make sowings of Florence fennel seed every few weeks to provide you with a good, sustained harvest at regular intervals into late autumn or early winter, depending of course on our great British weather. Happy growing!

There are a number of fantastic Florence fennel cultivars, which can be sown now, including ‘Romanesco’, ‘Zefa Fino’, and ‘Rondo’: three of my top-performing Florence fennel cultivars. In previous years, ‘Rondo’ has produced the largest bulbs for me out of these three when sown this month, but all three cultivars flourished, producing delectable tasting bulbs and foliage. I have found that Florence fennel thrives on our sandy soils. For best results add a mulch of home-made garden compost, or peat free compost over the soil prior to sowing your seeds. This mulch will help to suppress weed growth, it will also provide your plants


Clockwise from top left: Florence fennel; fennel Romanesco; fennel Rondo; and fennel Zefa Fino.

FIND OUT MORE You’ll find more gardening advice for the month ahead, the results of my Compost Trials, and much more besides on my website, www.pumpkinbeth.com.

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FFER*** *O

Alpines £1.50 each 6 for £7.50




E R * **





All Purpose Compost 50 litre bags 3 for £12


FFER* O * * * All Bedding Plants £2.95 per tray


Herbs £1.50 each 6 for £7.50

Over 150 varieties of roses now available


***O F

Tilford Street • Tilford • Farnham • Surrey GU10 2AA Telephone 01252 783546

R ** *

Perennials £1.95 each 3 for £5

OPEN 7 days a week

Barns Green, West Sussex This is a calming walk through quiet green meadows and woodland, with one or two surprises, especially the church at the tiny village of Itchingfield. This walk is taken with permission from www.fancyfreewalks.org.

• THE WALK 1. Directly opposite the pub, take a narrow path signposted as a bridleway. In 200m or so, you reach a 4-way fingerpost. Turn right here, still on the bridleway. Where, in 80m, you reach a tarmac drive, go straight over through a bypassable small wooden gate on a woodland path. On your left is Muntham House, now a school for boys with special needs. Ignore a crossing path at a 4-way fingerpost. After 700m on this path, you come through a patch of woodland and through the remains of a small wooden gate to the right of a larger wooden gate on a drive coming from the school. Avoid a track sharp left and keep straight ahead on an easy straight track. In 230m, you come to a 4-way fingerpost. Turn left here over a stile into a meadow. (The track also leads onwards to Itchingfield but the route chosen for this walk is a series of lush meadows giving you a sudden surprise encounter with the church.) 2. Walk along the right-hand side of the meadow with great views left to the South Downs and some solitary rugby posts. At the other side, cross over a farmer's path and immediately turn very sharp right and left to go over a stile and a 2-plank bridge with handrail. Go along the right-hand side of a grassy field and, at the other side, keep ahead through a wooden swing gate and continue as before in the next field. In 100m, ignore a swing gate on your right and continue beside the meadow, but only for another 50m. Under a large oak tree, avoid a path ahead that cuts across the meadow and instead go right through a wooden swing-gate and over a The Walk 2-plank bridge into the adjoining field. Barns Green was once called Slaughterford and the name persists in some names. It was always no left more than a smallthe collection of houses and 3. place Turn immediately along left-hand side of farms, expanding a little after the war to resettle homeless people. The village this field. In 100m, in Billingshurst the corner, go over a lies grassy on the railway line between Horsham and but it is too insignificant to have its own railway halt. 6

5 4

Elmshurst Farm


Shiprods Farm




7 Muntham House

road/lane track/drive path


Barns Green 1


Directly opposite the pub, take a narrow path signposted as a bridleway. In 200m or so, you reach a 4-way fingerpost. Turn right here, still on the bridleway. Where, in 80m, you reach a tarmac drive, go straight over VANTAGEPOINT To advertise, please through a bypassable small wooden gate on a woodland path. On your left is Muntham House, now a school for boys with special needs. Ignore a crossing


2-plank bridge into the next meadow and continue as before. You can see the cedar by Itchingfield Church ahead. In 50m, ignore a 4-way fingerpost. In 250m, in the far corner, go right. Just before the next corner, your path takes you left into the woods and down over a bridge with handrails. Just after the bridge, avoid a gate leading into a meadow and keep left on a path into the woods. The path leads over a 2-plank bridge and up, past an old kissinggate, into the precincts of St Nicholas’ church, Itchingfield. Go past the little timbered Priest's House and turn left to the church. 4. Keep left, past the west side of the church with its free-standing wooden tower and under the great yew tree. Your path takes you through a small wooden gate, down steps and left beside a pasture. It zigzags down to a modern kissing-gate, over a 2-plank bridge and on a path between wire fences. Shortly, at a 3-way fingerpost, ignore a path on the right. Your path crosses a stream via a long bridge and takes you up steps, through a wooden swinggate into a floral meadow. Go straight ahead on a path across the centre. You may have noticed for some time that you are on the West Sussex Literary Trail; this is a 55-mile walk from Horsham to Chichester, along which you meet Shelley, William Penn, John Galsworthy and Hilaire Belloc. Your path veers right to go through a gap past a fingerpost leading into the next meadow. Keep ahead on a faint path which runs about 15m from the lefthand edge. Your route veers left through a wooden swing-gate and then right on a narrow path parallel to a driveway on your left belonging to The Warren, Bashurst Hill. The whole length of the hedge is a line of wild roses and their wafted fragrance in summer is one of the joys of this walk. The scented path finally goes through a small wooden gate, left to join the drive and right to a tarmac lane. 5.Turn left on the lane and, in 50m, turn right on a driveway for Black Cherry Farm, still on the Literary Trail. The drive bends left to reach a large metal security gate. Here, go over a flimsy stile and shortly, at another gate, keep to the left on a fenced path, as directed, joining a track leading into a large pasture. Bear a fraction right to walk beside a wire fence that separates you from a smaller sheep field. At the other side, go through a new metal kissing gate, over a stile, over a grassy crossing path, through a large wooden gate and straight ahead along the left-hand side of a meadow. At the other side, go over a rare “T-V” stile and turn left on a wide track, signposted as a bridleway. call 01483 420173


St.Nicolas, Itchingfield - churchyard and the house, known as The Priest House. Copyright Peter Trimming


6. Keep ahead past the house and buildings of Elmshurst Farm and go through a small wooden gate beside a large one. You are now on a fine surfaced woodland path. In 200m or so, your path narrows and runs in a more open landscape. You come through a small metal gate and arrive at a signposted junction of tracks. Keep straight on, through a small wooden gate beside a larger wooden gate, passing Shiprods Farmhouse on your right, and follow a concrete drive running beside open fields. In 150m, the drive veers left beside a wood. Where the track bends left into an avenue of oaks, leave it by keeping right on a rough track. Ignore a stile on your right after 100m. After 250m through handsome woodland, just as the line of oaks on your right ends, look to your left for a metal kissing gate. Don’t miss this turn! Go through this gate and follow a parallel path in the wood. 7. In 120m, you glimpse from your woodland path a boundary between fields on your right. Opposite the next field boundary, 200m later, your path suddenly kinks left and right at a fingerpost, now deeper in the wood. After a twisty 200m, you come out of the wood onto a grassy bank just before a stream. Turn left and immediately turn right over a 2-plank bridge with handrail and through a metal kissing gate, leading into a large meadow of waving grass. Turn left along the left-hand edge of the meadow. In 100m, you pass some field gates on your left and go over a wide plank bridge. Continue to the far corner and go through a metal kissinggate, over a 2- plank bridge to a tarmac lane. Turn left on the lane. 8. In 150m, you pass an untidy farm and, just as the lane curves right, an old farm house (in a pitiful state

DISTANCE: 5 miles OS MAPS: Explorer 134 (Horsham)

in 2016). Immediately after the house, turn right on a signposted track, through a large metal gate. The track is surfaced at first, then degrades as it runs 200m straight across the centre of a meadow. At the other side go through a large metal gate into woodland. This path runs under trees, tarmacked in patches, and comes out after 200m to a junction of tracks opposite a house called Owlers. Ignore a wooden gate into a pasture on your right and turn right on a wide track. The track veers left and, after 200m, you pass the entrance to Muntham House school. In just 20m, opposite a wooden gate on your left, turn right on a bridleway which may be familiar from your outward journey. In 80m, at a 4-way fingerpost, turn left on a narrow bridleway, leading, in 200m or so, to the road in the village of Barns Green, opposite the Queens Head where the walk began.

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Breaking Free, the independent Outdoor shop 6 Townhall Buildings, The Borough, Farnham GU9 7ND

Specialists in walking footwear Stocking the largest range of walking boots and shoes in the South East. We stock footwear from Altberg (the only British Boot manufacturer), Berghaus, Hanwag, Keen, Meindl, Scarpa and The North Face.

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STARTING POINT: Barns Green, near Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 0PS, opposite the Queens Head pub. REFRESHMENTS: Queens Head, Barns Green For many more walks, please visit our website www.vantagepointmag.co.uk/category/walks. June 2018

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Creative Response • PROFILE

It is an exciting time of year for us all at Creative Response, as we have the opportunity to contribute to the summer exhibition ‘IDENTITY’. The exhibition runs for seven weeks from 2nd June to 20th July, the first two weeks as part of Surrey Artists’ Open Studios. We are number 115 in the brochure for SAOS: www.surreyopenstudios.org.uk. We will be showing ceramics, paintings, prints, mosaics, felting, textiles and other delights, most of which are for sale. All are welcome to join us for our launch event on Saturday 2nd June, 11am-5pm, at Creative Response in Farnham - we are located in the same building as Farnham Public Library on West Street. The atmosphere will be buzzing as we have live music from Eden Blacklist (1pm-2pm), and Peter Rush is offering wire bird making workshops. There are also wire bug making workshops with Mark running on Saturday 9th, and air-drying clay with Liz on Saturday 16th, all at a cost of £20 each. Please call for more information and to book onto the workshops.


Creative Response is an independent, arts-related charity running groups in Farnham and Cranleigh. We also provide outreach sessions within Surrey, West Sussex, Hampshire and bordering counties. Established in 1993, practising artists share their skills with vulnerable people, using art as a catalyst in a therapeutic environment. Referrals to Creative Response can be made through Community Mental Health Teams, Social Services, NHS fund-holders, voluntary or charitable organisations, or private individuals, providing funding is in place. Participants are encouraged to develop their selfesteem and confidence, and the opportunity to exhibit artwork is a fulfilling and valuable aspect of that. We look forward to seeing you at our summer exhibition. Thank you to our kind volunteers, sponsors and supporters, The Friends of Creative Response, Hilary Williams, D J Murphy and Waverley Borough Council. FIND OUT MORE Creative Response Arts Ltd, Vernon House, 28 West Street, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7DR (the same site as Farnham Public Library). Tel. 01252 716876, email contact@creativeresponsearts.org. www.creativeresponsearts.org.

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Jottings is your FREE community noticeboard for charities, local events, groups and information, compiled by Nick & Angie Crisell. To feature, please email jottings@vantagepublishing.co.uk by the first Friday of the month prior to month of publication. Please note that space is limited and inclusion cannot be guaranteed.

VISIT OUR BLOG AT WWW.VANTAGEPOINTMAG.CO.UK FOR MUCH MORE! Look out for exclusive online competitions, charity profiles, Jottings from all five magazines, weekend walks and much more... There is a lot going on in June. From coaching sessions for young anglers at Marsh Farm to a bee-keeping demo at Albury Vineyard, not to mention all the fetes and fairs, open gardens, theatre and concerts. It is good to get out and about and make the most of the longer days, so have a good look through the jottings; I’m sure you will find plenty to interest you. Have a great month. Surrey Artists’ Open Studios Farnham potter Janet Gale will be opening her studio on 2nd and 3rd, 7th to 10th and 14th to 17th June. The studio is at Derwent Close, Folly Hill, Farnham and will be open each day from 11am to 5pm. Janet works on the wheel and specialises in functional pottery and raku. Demonstrations and workshops are available. Call her on 07733 353331 or email janet@gonetopotceramics.co.uk. Frensham and Dockenfield Horticultural Society This will be a busy month, with members holding plant sales at Dockenfield Day on Saturday 2nd June and at Frensham Fayre on 16th June. The plants will have been raised in local gardens and members will be able to give advice on what conditions they are suited to and how to look after the plants. On Sunday 24th June, there will be a celebration of the 70th anniversary of the club with lunch at Quinettes in Churt and a talk and plant sale from Graham Gough from Marchants Hardy Plants. Further information from Dan Bosence on 01252 792442. Dockenfield Day Saturday 2nd June 2pm-6pm Traditional village fete with games, magician, human fruit machine and other stalls, together with the legendary fun dog show. Activities for all ages. Bar and BBQ will be serving local beer and food. The theme this year is ‘Dockenfield Rocks’ and there's a fancy dress competition for children and adults, so let your inner rock star come out and join them for the afternoon! Takes place on the playing field opposite Abbotts' Cottages GU10 4HT. Summer Concert Saturday 2nd June 6pm-7.30pm It will take place at St Thomas-on-The Bourne, Frensham Road, Farnham GU9 8HA. Andrew Harrap, the Organ Scholar, will play Haydn’s piano Sonata No. 59; and the Quartet from the Girls’ Choir will perform a variety of solo, two, three and four part sacred and secular music by Fauré, Handel, Mendelssohn, Bernstein and others. Free entry with a retiring June 2018

collection for church and choir funds. There will an interval and light refreshments will be provided. RHS Garden Wisley Saturday 2nd June 11am-4pm and Saturday 9th June 10.45-4pm The Gardens are host to two plant societies’ shows on respective Saturdays; The British Iris Society Summer Show and The Peony Show, with top growers and experts available to answer questions, wonderful plant displays and even a photographic exhibition. On 16th and 17th June there is the Plant Society Show where around 30 Plant Societies gather featuring all the garden favourites such as delphiniums, clematis, sweet peas, iris and dahlias as well as alpines, fruit and vegetables, hosta, carnivorous, bonsai and cactus. Visitors can also attend free demonstrations of clematis pruning, bonsai shaping and wiring, seed and spore sowing and advice on how to cook with your garden produce. Plants and seeds will be on sale all weekend. The show will be open 9am – 5:30pm (5pm on Sunday). All these shows are free with Garden admission. The Therapy Garden Sunday 3rd June 11am-4pm The garden will be open to the public as part of the National Open Garden Scheme. Take a stroll around the garden and enjoy light refreshments available throughout the day. Entry is £5 per adult (children go free). For more information visit their website at www.thetherapygarden.org or follow them on Facebook - The Therapy Garden. The Shepherds Rest ‘dream’ Café It’s a Tuesday and you are out walking, the sun is shining the birds are singing and the bees are buzzing, suddenly you turn a corner and in front of you is the most pretty village church. In your dreams the church is open, and inside is a welcoming and homely café, this time with the ‘buzz’ of people. But this is not a dream; this is the Church of the Good Shepherd, home to the Shepherds Rest café. You will find it in the village of The Sands, near Farnham GU10 1LJ. It is open every Tuesday from 12 noon until 2.30pm for a range of homemade lunches. For group bookings (6 or more) or further information on the café, contact Ann Payne at ann. payne303@btinternet.com or call 01252 782873. Christian Prayer for Healing Wednesday 6th June 8pm-9pm A gentle and informal service of prayer for body, mind and

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Jottings Surrey Artists’ Open Studios An opportunity to visit artists’ studios in and around Surrey

2-17 June 2018 11am-5pm daily & Thursday evenings 6pm-8.30pm

8 June to 12 August


Make the most of your summer in Guildford Media Partners

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www.guildfordsummerfestival.co.uk TEL. 01798 344481 07831 886402 A L A N _ C O R D E RY @ YA H O O . C O . U K







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The West Surrey Family History Society Wednesday 6th June 8pm They meet in the Friends Meeting House, Ward Street, Guildford. Jane Lewis, from the Surrey History Centre, will be speaking on Irish genealogy. She will mention what sources for Irish research are available in the UK and Ireland and what records are offered online. Visitors are very welcome for a small donation. For further enquiries, contact Mrs I Hawkins on 01483 535986. Wealth Investing Network (WIN) Guildford Wednesday 6th June Wealth Investing Network (WIN) Guildford meets on the first Wednesday of every month at Old Thorns in Liphook (just off the A3). Registration from 6.30pm. At their next meeting Gill Fielding will speak on making money in property, business and investments. Gill is a self-made millionaire with a no-nonsense, positive approach to finance, whose personal mission is to educate the nation in managing and improving their own financial position. A limited number of early bird tickets are available at £15 from Facebook. com/WINGuildford or https://winguildfordfirstwednesday. eventbrite.com.


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spirit. Just as Jesus healed people when he walked on earth, so he now heals by the power of his Holy Spirit, working through members of his Church. Everyone is welcome, regardless of faith, to experience the peace of Christ, who lifts our burdens. Takes place at the Catholic Church of St Joan of Arc, 19 Tilford Road, Farnham GU9 8DJ. For more information contact Alastair on 01252 714809.

Würth Philharmonic Orchestra Thursday 7th June 7.30pm G Live in Guildford are truly blessed this season to be ending their series with a visit from a violinist who many feel is the greatest virtuoso in the world today, the famous Russian violinist Maxim Vengerov. To hear this great musician perform two major works as a violinist and then conduct his beloved Shostakovich Symphony No. 10 will indeed be a highlight of the season and something not to be missed. Tickets are £25.50, £37, £40.50, 42. Students and under 16s, £12.50. Group discounts available. Go to www.glive.co.uk or call 01483 739047. Elstead Afternoon Women’s Institute Thursday 7th June 2.15pm for 2.30pm The next meeting will be in Elstead Village Hall, when Jo Mabbutt will present a talk on the ‘City Livery Companies’, with an insight into the history of craft guilds in the City of London. Jo is a decorative artist, lecturer, a Painter-Stainer Liveryman, and an Administrator of the Livery Companies Apprenticeship Scheme. Visitors are always welcome, so do go along and become a member! In July Angela O’Connell will relate the story of the National Gardens Scheme. For more information contact Hilary Pettman on 01252 703217. The Arts Society Grayshott Thursday 7th June They meet in Grayshott Village Hall and the next talk is entitled

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www.nrgardendesign.com Tel: 01483 893989 Email: enquiries@nrgardendesign.com ‘Zaha Hadid - Architectural Superstar’. Colin Davies will discuss one of the most important architects of our era. Despite a frustrating period when many of her designs were considered unbuildable, success followed all over the world including the London Aquatic Centre. For more information about their events and the society, contact Caroline on 01428 714276 or visit the website www.theartssocietygrayshott.org. The Wey & Arun Canal The Canal Trust achieved another milestone in April with the completion and opening of Gennets Bridge Lock on the Surrey/ Sussex border near Alfold (Surrey) and Loxwood (Sussex). After the ceremony, small boats were able to navigate across the county border, possibly for the first time since the late 19th century. As well as rebuilding the lock, the volunteer team constructed a new arched bridge to take the Sussex Border Path across the canal and restored the canal channel northwards towards the Surrey border. Fantastic! For general information on the work of the Trust, telephone their Northern Office on 01483 505566, or visit www.weyandarun.co.uk. Waverley Dowsers Society Friday 8th June 7.15pm for 7.30pm At their next meeting, Christopher Strong will give a talk entitled ‘Extracts from the diary of a sceptical dowser’. Christopher has been dowsing for about 40 years and although retired, still teaches at the College of Psychic Studies. He will share his experiences on subjects from how dowsing works, to curses, ghosts, lost objects, finding that which is unseen, relevant past June 2018

lives and much more. They meet at the Unitarian Hall, Meadrow, Godalming GU7 3JB, opposite the Texaco Garage on the A3100. Meetings are held every 2nd Friday of the month. £5 entry for members, £8 for guests. All welcome and free refreshments available. More information at www.waverleydowsers.co.uk or call Geoff on 01276 472977. Grayshott Folk Club Friday 8th June Their 2017/2018 season draws to a close when their special guests at Grayshott Village Hall GU26 6TZ will be O’Hooley & Tidow, two of Folk music’s finest performers. It is a fitting way to end their most successful and adventurous season to date. Tickets: Adults £14/Under 16s £7 and are available from Des O'Byrne on 01428 607096. If you would like to have a little listen to them, go to www.youtube.com/ watch?v=QYwP1OKO4zo. GFC’s 2018/2019 season begins with a bang on Friday 31st August when The Churchfitters will be making their fourth visit to Grayshott Folk Club. They will be ably supported by local rising star Ellie Fountain from Guildford. More details in the August edition. Café Culture Wednesday 9th May 2.30pm-4.30pm Loneliness and isolation is a growing issue within our communities. Café Culture is one of the initiatives that is setting up in Farnham to encourage people over the age of 50 to meet up weekly as a social group within the local area. The first meeting was in May and will now take place every

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Jottings Live-in Care for the ones you love Melody Live-in Care has been providing the highest standard of care to those who want to remain independent and in the comfort of their own homes since 2010. Our trained and experienced live-in carers offer a very personal service ensuring that the highest quality of care is provided for our clients. The cost of a live-in carer represents good value for money. Our carers provide a range of services from shopping for and preparing food, managing medication, helping with personal care and household chores, organising social appointments and looking after pets.

If you would like further information please call our team on 01252 419541 or email info@melodyliveincare.co.uk Wednesday at The Plough Public House, 74 West Street, Farnham GU19 7EH. To find out more call 01483 503414. They are always looking for volunteers. If you would like to help do get in touch with them. For more information visit www.ageuk.org.uk/surrey. Alton Abbey Open Days Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th June 12 noon–5pm The Anglican Monastery of Our Lady and St John in Beech will be open for visitors from. There will be several stall selling items such as beautiful stationery, second hand books, plants and Hadeel products from Palestine. There will be lacemaking, and a display of work. If you have never discovered the beauty and peacefulness of the Abbey do try and get along; if you have been before, you will probably want to make a return visit! Entrance is just £3 and teas are also £3. Summer Fête Saturday 9th June from 12 noon St George’s Church, Badshot Lea will be holding their Summer Fête with activities for children including face painting, crafting and bouncy castle. Why not pop along and buy plants for your garden from the popular plant stall. There will also be games, tombolas, an auction, book stalls and raffle. Homemade jams and chutneys will be on sale along with Delivios homemade cakes. Tasty refreshments will be served including a BBQ, bar, cream teas and homemade cakes. It is free to enter and there is free parking. https:// badshotleaandhale.org/.



Summer Fair Saturday 9th June 11.30am-2pm Folly Hill Infant School, situated in Coniston Drive, Farnham GU9 0DB, is holding a Summer Fair. They will have games, adult and children’s tombolas, face painting, BBQ, Pimm’s tent, cakes, raffle and the highlight will be the opening Maypole dances! Only £1 entry per family. All profits go to help buy a much needed new interactive whiteboard for the school. Sustainability Fayre Saturday 9th June After a successful event last year, the Sustainability Fayre is back! Organised by Farnham Community Farm (formerly Farnham Local Food), it is a unique gathering of small and large businesses from Farnham and the surrounding area and takes place at Gostrey Meadow, Farnham. The theme of the fayre is to promote health and well-being, the environment and local produce with stalls ranging from organic farming to yoga workshops and recycling. There will be live music, drinks and food stalls too!

300th Birthday Party Saturday 9th June 6pm-10pm You are cordially invited by The Museum of Farnham, to Willmer House’s 300th birthday celebrations and fundraiser. With a vintage theme, BBQ, live music and cocktail bar provided by Four Marks’ based Gorilla Spirits, this will be a birthday party to remember. Every ticket sold will support the

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Lynn Henderson

Providing legal adviceinand support in matters: all family law matters: Providing specialist legalspecialist advice and support all family law

Divorce and Separation • Divorce and•Separation • Children

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• Financial Remedies • Mediation and law Collaborative law • Financial Remedies • Mediation and Collaborative • Domestic Violence • Domestic Violence • Arbitration • Arbitration If you arematrimonial experiencingand matrimonial and relationship If you are experiencing relationship problems thenproblems then can to explore options and find affordable solutions. we can supportwe you tosupport explore you options and find affordable solutions. Our you aim move is to help you move forward and get on your life back on track. Our aim is to help forward and get your life back track.

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we please can help then please us for a free initial appointment. If we can help Ifthen contact us for acontact free initial appointment.

THE WHITE HOUSE | |2aGodalming Meadrow | Godalming | Surrey THE WHITE HOUSE | 2a Meadrow Surrey | GU7 3HN | GU7 3HN

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www.hendersonsfamilylaw.co.uk info@hendersonsfamilylaw.co.uk www.hendersonsfamilylaw.co.uk info@hendersonsfamilylaw.co.uk Museum in its efforts to purchase a locally found Bronze Age ring for its collection. Booking essential, please contact the Museum or visit Eventbrite. The ticket price includes a BBQ dinner, drinks available separately. Tickets are £16. Godalming Angling Society Saturday 9th June Their popular coaching sessions at Marsh Farm GU8 5AE, are starting on the 9th June and running every second Saturday right the way through summer to September. Sessions are open to anyone from 5 upwards who want to try fishing or improve their technique. Taster sessions are free and tackle and bait is provided. The facilities at Marsh farm are fantastic and it is a great place for the whole family to have a go at trying angling! There are two teams of qualified coaches running sessions. Registration is from 8.45-9.15am and sessions run from 9am-12 noon. Space is limited so booking in is essential, email info@ godalminganglingsociety.co.uk or call Bill Harris on 01932 785005. Farnham Flash Fiction Competition Submission Deadline 10th June There is still time to send in your 500 words for a chance to win book tokens and cash prizes up to £100 in several categories: Age 7-11 (Prize £25), Age 12-14 (Prize £25), Age 14-18 (Prize £50), Over 18: (Prize £100). There are a few instructions to follow: 1. Format your story as a word doc, font 12px Times New Roman, double spaced. Add word count. June 2018

Nikki Lynch

2. Do not include your name, pen name or identifier on your competition submission. 3. Pay £5 competition entry fee using Paypal on FFF website www.farnhamflashfestival.org.uk. 4. Forward your Pay Pal receipt by email to competition@ FarnhamFlashFestival.org.uk. 5. Put FLASH FICTION SUBMISSION together with the title and author in the subject line. 6. In the body of the email include; Your name and Pen name, name of your story, contact details inc. phone no and age category, as above. Ten short listed stories will be read aloud at the Farnham Flash Festival awards ceremony on Tuesday 26th June. But hurry with your entries, you only have until 10th June. Farnham Festival of Transport Sunday 10th June Here is a chance to see one of the best collections of old cars in the area, in a spectacular show organised by the Farnham Weyside Rotary Club in conjunction with the Farnham Herald. The vehicles gather in Upper Hart Car Park, Farnham and then tour around the town and out into the country. There are stalls selling food and drink, and others showing automobilia and other items. Plenty of music provides entertainment through the day. It is a great day out for all the family and will also support the Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice. For more information about Farnham Weyside Rotary Club, see www. farnhamweyside.org.uk or contact the Secretary, John Cattell, on 01252 715048, or email farnhamweyside.sec@ gmail.com.

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Bee-keeping demo at Albury Vineyard Sunday 10th June 10am This exclusive session starts with an introduction into bees and bee-keeping with Sergio, bee-keeper at Albury Vineyard. Learn about the equipment and tools used by bee-keepers, and get a glimpse inside one of the Albury hives. You'll be suited up and so able to handle the frames and enjoy a closeup view of the busy workers. After your demonstration, you'll return to the vineyard barn for a question and answer session with Sergio whilst enjoying a glass of their award-winning Classic Cuvée. Return home with a jar of Albury Honey (10% discount on purchases will be offered on the day). All sessions start at 10am and last between 2 and 2.5 hours. Booking essential via https://www.alburyvineyard.com/collections/ events/products/bee-keeping-demonstration. Friends of Farnham Park Flower Walk Tuesday 12th June 5.30pm The walk will be led by Isobel Chamberlain of Surrey Wildlife Trust, who will take you to locations where there are flowers of interest at this time of year. Meet at the Ranger’s House Car Park, Folly Hill. Events are free to FoFP members, £3 to nonmembers. www.friendsoffarnhampark.co.uk.

Conservation Area and Period Property Specialists

Godspell Tuesday 12th to Saturday 16th June In its 90th year FAOS Musical Theatre Group (formerly Farnham Amateur Operatic Society) is presenting this ever popular musical at Farnham Maltings. Using parables taken from St Matthew, mixed with a rockingly good score and beautiful ballads, the show remains as topical and relevant as on its opening night in 1971.The memorable score includes Day By Day, Light of the World and Turn Back O’Man. Tickets from The Box Office 01252 745444 or go to www. farnhammaltings.com. Friends Together Do you know anyone who is suffering from bereavement and would like support? If so, do take them to an informal friendly get-together, over a cup of tea, where they can meet others in a similar situation. Discussions cover anything of interest to the people present. They meet weekly, Monday afternoon 3pm-4.30pm and for those who cannot manage daytime meetings they also meet on a Monday evening, from 8pm9.30pm, on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month (excluding Bank Holidays). Meetings take place at 40 Degreez, Dogflud Way, Farnham, GU9 7UT. For more information go to www. friendstogetherbereavement.org or call 07999 368128.

01344 868 668

www.sashwindow.com 40 VANTAGEPOINT

Farnham Afternoon Bridge Club Wednesday 13th June They meet at Farnham Maltings every Wednesday afternoon except the first Wednesday in the month. Bridge (Rubber) starts at 1.45pm and they have a short tea break midafternoon and finish at 4.30pm. The members all enjoy their bridge and find it a great way to meet together in a nice friendly atmosphere. New members are very welcome and can obtain further information from the Membership Secretary, Eileen Besgrove on 01252 710819.

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YOUR COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD • Helen Arkell Dyslexia Charity Wednesday 13th June 7pm You would be very welcome to join their new monthly support group for anyone with an interest in dyslexia. Share experiences, hear inspirational speakers and discuss useful topics. The next meeting is at their centre in Arkell Lane, Frensham, Farnham GU10 3BL. To find out more go to www. helenarkell.org.uk/news/monthly-dyslexia-support-groupevenings.php. The Farnham Pottery Trust Call for Trustees The Farnham Pottery Trust, a registered charity, trading as 318 Ceramics, which is based at the historic Farnham Pottery, would like to expand its board of Trustees. Anyone willing to help in areas including publicity, HR, IT and fundraising would be particularly welcome. The pottery is situated at Quennells Hill, Farnham GU10 4QJ, just off the A325 at Wrecclesham. It also hosts a range of events including exhibitions, theatre productions and even dinner parties. There is also a café, which is open TuesdaySaturday from 9am-4pm. For more information, check out the website at www.318ceramics.co.uk. If you think you would like to be involved, email Glenda Anderson at info@318ceramics.co.uk. Hale WI Wednesday 13th June 1.45pm Hale WI will meet at the Village Institute and the speaker will be Lyn Chalcraft, who will give advice on how to guard against Osteoporosis. Visitors are most welcome. There is a charge of £3.50. Please ring 01252 714363 or 01252 722817 for further information. Engaging with Ageing Wednesday 13th June 10.30am–12.30pm A new advice service specifically for older people has launched in Farnham at the Farnham Conservative Club, just off Downing Street. Engaging with Ageing takes place on the second Wednesday of every month offering information and advice to help people make the most of life. Whether it be advice on care funding, wills or probate; finding out about a local craft group or exercise class; or trying out the latest living aid, local residents are welcome to drop in to ask questions and find out what support is available locally. Call 01252 783426 for further information. Grayshott Gardens Wednesday 13th June 7.15pm for 8pm They are delighted to welcome Paolo Arrigo of Franchi Seeds of Italy; the oldest family run seed company in the world, to their next meeting. Paolo’s talk is for gardeners, foodies and Italophiles as he will be sharing his family's practical traditions and 'passione' for food, advising on the best varieties to grow, as well as offering growing tips and explaining how all the resulting delicious produce should be best prepared, cooked and preserved. Born and brought up in London, he is still very much an Italian at heart and was taught from an early age how to pick mushrooms, grow and cook vegetables and shout loudly when watching football! June 2018


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Members free, visitors £5. For more details call 01428 722000 or visit www.grayshottgardeners.net. Guildford Shakespeare Company 13th Open-air Season Their first production is Robin Hood and runs from 14th June to 28th July at Racks Close, a former chalk quarry now beautifully overgrown into an Idyllic natural amphitheatre in the heart of the town centre. Their second production takes place at Braboeuf Manor at the University of Law, Portsmouth Road and is Love labour’s Lost. It runs from 13th to 28th July. You can find out more at www.guildford-shakespearecompany.co.uk. Tickets are £25, (£21 concessions, £16.50 for under 16s). Go to the website or call 01483 304384. Group booking and family ticket discounts available. Farnham & District Museum Society Afternoon Seminars Friday 15th June and Monday 18th June The last of the season’s local history seminars will look at how the people of Farnham have entertained themselves over the years. Led by local researcher and author Pat Heather the seminar runs from 2pm to 4pm in the Museum’s Garden Gallery; the Friday session is repeated on the Monday. Please contact Pat on 01252 721576 to book; cost £5 per seminar. www.farnhammuseumsociety.org.uk. Grayshott Concerts Friday 15th June 7.30pm Anne Denholm, The Official Harpist to HRH Prince of Wales, will perform Mozart’s popular Flute and Harp Concerto with


award-winning flautist, Emma Halnan at St Luke’s Church Grayshott. The programme also includes Debussy’s Dances Sacred and Profane for Harp and Strings, accompanied by the London Mozart Players. Also featured in the programme will be Britten’s Prelude and Fugue and Mozart’s Divertimento in D. This should be a delightful evening of music. Tickets and more information at www.grayshottconcerts.co.uk. RHS Garden Wisley Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th June Wisley Gardens host the Plant Society Show where around 30 Plant Societies gather featuring all the garden favourites such as delphiniums, clematis, sweet peas, iris and dahlias as well as alpines, fruit and vegetables, hosta, carnivorous, bonsai and cactus. Visitors can also attend free demonstrations of clematis pruning, bonsai shaping and wiring, seed and spore sowing and advice on how to cook with your garden produce. Plants and seeds will be on sale all weekend. The show will be open 9am–5.30pm (5pm on Sunday). All these shows are free with Garden admission. Brooklands Double Twelve Motorsport Festival Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th June The festival takes place in June following the major transformation of the Museum site last year. Other highlights for the weekend include live entertainment, extra catering outlets, trade stands and family-led activities. Half-hour virtual supersonic ‘flight’ experiences on board the Brooklands Concorde and racing and flying simulator rides will be running

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in the 4D Theatre all day too. Of particular interest is the Test Hill Challenge which invites anything on one, two, three or more wheels to tackle motorsport’s most infamous hill. More information at www.brooklandsmuseum.com. Frensham Fayre and Party in the Park Saturday 16th June This year’s Frensham Fayre is going ‘all around the world. Join everyone’s favourite marmalade-loving bear, Paddington, as he leads the parade to Hollowdene Recreation Ground. Enjoy the classic car rally, the More House Band, dog show, kid’s sports day or Punch and Judy. Indulge in the multitude of quality gifts, crafts and bargains available to buy as well as the tastiest food and drink around. Put your dancing shoes on for Party in the Park as Foxy Lauz and the Hounds of Sound return to overwhelming demand. Join your friends for a delicious dinner or cheeky cocktail from The Hollybush’s fabulous bar. Visit www.frenshamfayre.co.uk or follow us on Facebook for more information. It takes place at Hollowdene Recreation Ground, Frensham GU10 3BJ. St John’s Church Churt Saturday 16th to 23rd June Celebrations! St John’s Church is 150 years old. There will be an artistic celebration of Churt’s history in the church with art and flowers. Open daily from 10am to 4pm, entrance is free and there is parking opposite the Church. Do go along and refresh your memory of your earlier years - and those of your parents and grandparents too! June 2018

William Cobbett Primary School Summer Fair Saturday 16th June 12 noon-3pm William Cobbett Primary School in Farnham is holding its annual summer outdoor extravaganza with over 35 stalls and games this year. Highlights include visits from emergency service vehicles, classic car show, bouncy castles, homemade cakes, BBQ, Bar and much more. Lots of fun for all the family! Farnham Fizz Fest Saturday 16th June Now here is an event that is not to be missed; it takes place at Farnham United Reformed Church. There will be Prosecco, cocktails and sparkling wines from around the world as well as live music, a DJ, dancing and street food. There are two sessions, 4pm-7.30pm and 8pm-11.30pm. Tickets at £15 include a free fizz fest glass and a free drink and are available from the Spire Coffee Bar at Farnham United Reformed Church, South Street (opposite Sainsbury’s) or online from www.ticketsource.co.uk/farnham-fizz. Farnham Art Society Summer Pop Up Show Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th June They are holding this show weekend at the beautiful 17th Century Barn at Coxbridge Farm, West St. Farnham. Due to the limited exhibition space they are currently restricting entries to one painting (max size 24”x24”) or 3 x 3D pieces (no large pieces without prior consent). This way they can give as many artists the opportunity to exhibit as possible. Entry will be on a first come first serve basis and priority

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Jottings will be given to those who are able to commit to assist with receiving, hanging, vigilating , cake making, serving tea and coffee- (proceeds going to the David Shepherd Wild Life Foundation). The delivery day will be the evening of 14th June from 7pm-9pm. They do not need your entry form until the delivery day; however, they do need to know numbers! If you would like to take part in this exciting new venture, email your commitment by return to Lisa Bartlett at farnhamartsociety@ hotmail.com. Also, please don’t forget to notify them if you would like to be one of the helpers. Sing Squad Sing Squad are a modern community choir based in Aldershot. There are no auditions and no sheet music. Chart music is taught by ear. Everyone welcome. They are running free taster sessions on Mondays from 7.30pm-9pm at Alderwood Leisure Centre. Sign up for your free session on www.singsquadwebs.com or email gemmadenman@yahoo. co.uk. Farnham Humanists Sunday 17th June 7pm for 7.30pm ‘Who controls our schools? ‘is the topic for the evening. Head teacher of a large, mixed comprehensive school for 23 years, Dr Robert Sykes was awarded a CBE for services to education. His Hampshire school was graded as outstanding twice by Ofsted. The talk examines the development of state funded faith schools and Government policies regarding selective, academy and free schools. All welcome. Takes place at Daniel Hall, Long Garden Walk, Farnham GU9 7HX. Tea, coffee, biscuits provided, but there is a pub nearby! Donation £2 to cover costs. See http://farnham.humanist.org.uk/. Open Gardens in The Bourne Sunday 17th June 2pm–5pm Ten gardens to visit in the Bourne Farnham. They are all within walking distance of St. Thomas-on-The Bourne Church, Frensham Road, Farnham. Tickets are £5 (children free) either in advance at the Parish Office at the Church (open 10am 12noon Monday to Friday) or on the day at the Church. Tea and cake will be available at the Church from 3.30pm-5pm. Also, garden advice will be available from local gardening guru John Negus. Bubble Rush for Hospice Care Sunday 17th June If you’re looking for a fun run with a twist, then why not try out Phyllis Tuckwell’s new Bubble Rush event! It’s a 4k foamfilled fun run at Merrist Wood College in Worplesdon and participants will take part in one of two waves - wave 1 starts at 11am and wave 2 starts at 1pm. Registration is £18 and includes a Bubble Rush t-shirt, medal, goody bag and bottle of water. For more details and to register, visit www.pth.org. uk/event-diary or call Phyllis Tuckwell’s Fundraising team on 01252 729446. Father’s Day Bacon Butty Brunch Trips Sunday 17th June The Wey & Arun Canal are running special trips on Father’s Day to treat Dads and their families to a canal trip whilst


enjoying a tasty bacon butty! The trips will last approximately one and a half hours and will depart at 9.45am and 12 noon. Tickets cost £14 for adults and £10 for children. They are also running a Midsummer Supper Cruise on Friday 22nd June. Celebrate the Summer Solstice by gently cruising through beautiful countryside on one of the longest evenings of the year and enjoy a sparking summer drink and a sensational supper. It runs from 7.30pm to 10pm and costs £21 per person. Booking in advance is essential. To book a place on these trips, call 01403 752403 or email office@weyandarun. co.uk. Surrey Border Movie Makers They meet on the first Friday of each month. They are a film making club whose members consist of retired professionals, experienced film makers and complete beginners. They share a love of making films which they do to the best of their ability including holiday films, drama, comedy and documentary. They always welcome new members. If you are interested in seeing what they do, go along to one of their monthly meetings, your first visit is free. They meet at St Joan's Centre, 19 Tilford Road, Farnham GU9 8DJ where there is plenty of parking. Contact secretary@surreyborder.org.uk for more information. They are also on Facebook www.facebook. com/SurreyBorderMovieMakers/timeline. Museum of Farnham - Farnham Beneath Your Feet Tuesday 19th June to Saturday 22nd September From Prehistoric roots, to Medieval expansion and Georgian grandeur, discover the archaeology of Farnham this summer. Featuring artefacts on loan from the Surrey Archaeological Society, as well as some very special objects from the Museum store, this exhibition is a chance to find out about the Farnham beneath your feet. The Museum is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am-5pm. Free entry. The Arts Society Farnham 19th June 10.30am ‘The Art of Cuisine and The Cuisine of Art’ by Ghislaine Howard, is the title of their next lecture in the Great Hall, in the Maltings. Artists often talk about their art in culinary terms. When we look at a beautiful painting we do too! ‘Delectable!’ ‘Delicious!’ This lecture is a feast for the eyes and the taste buds and will inspire your cooking! It features the art, anecdotes and recipes of artists who loved their food. The lecture will be preceded by AGM and finishes at 12 noon. Non members are welcome to attend the lecture for £5. For more information, see www.theartssocietyfarnham.org.uk. The Bourne WI Thursday 21st June What was life ‘on the road’ really like for a singer in the 60’s and 70’s? Well, be prepared to be highly entertained when Billy Clayton tells all! Join them for a fun evening of stories and songs with Billy. They meet at Brambleton Hall, Talbot Road, Farnham GU98RR at 7.45pm for 8pm. All visitors and new members are very welcome. For more information contact Gail on 01252 735751 or email thebournewi@gmail. com.

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Millbridge (Frensham) WI Thursday 21st June 7.30pm The meeting the Marindin Hall, Frensham, starts with a talk by Paul Patton, the well- known gardening expert. He will give an insight into what happens behind the scenes at the Chelsea Flower Show, which promises to be both interesting and topical. This will be followed by refreshments and WI business. Visitors are welcome. Further information from Bridgette Wilson on 01252 792527. Wessex Chamber Choir Thursday 21st June 7.45pm The Choir is opening its doors to potential new members with an open rehearsal. It is being held to offer a taste of singing with the Choir followed by the chance to chat with choir members. It will take place in the music room at Robert Mays School in Odiham RG29 1NA, where the choir rehearse on Thursdays from 7.45pm-9.45pm. The choir consists of 25 to 30 mixed voices from a variety of musical backgrounds and live in Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire. They perform concerts in a variety of venues across the region and visit cathedrals around the country several times each year. If you would like to find out what it is like to sing with The Wessex Chamber Choir, and maybe join them, let them know so that they can provide copies of music for you. Email enquiries@wessexchamberchoir.co.uk or call 07803 214435. More information at www.wessexchamberchoir. co.uk/. June 2018

Bake Natter and Roll WI Thursday 21st June 8.15pm They meet in central Farnham at the United Reformed Church, South Street on the third Thursday of the month. New members and guests are always welcome and pay £4. To mark the first national WI Wellbeing Week they are welcoming Laughing John to lead a Laughter Therapy Workshop and get everyone giggling! For more information email farnhamwi@ gmail.com or visit their Facebook page www.facebook.com/ bakenatterandroll. Farnham Roller Hockey Club Every Sunday from 5pm Have you just got your first pair of roller skates and want to learn to skate, or do you enjoy roller skating and want more excitement? Then pop along to Farnham Roller Hockey Club – new members of all ages welcome. Beginner’s sessions Sundays from 5pm (juniors) and more experienced skaters from 6.30pm. Held at Farnham Sports Centre, Dogflud Way GU9 7UD. Contact Adam on 07979 505878 or visit www. farnhamrollerhockey.co.uk for details. Farnham Rep Thursday 21st June and Friday 29th June 7.30pm There are two rehearsed readings for June. Both plays are the Rep’s contribution to the Farnham Flash Festival which takes place in June. The first is a repeat performance of Colin Baker reading ‘Dear Lupin’, lively correspondence of a father, racing journalist Roger Mortimer to his son Charlie. This will take

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Over 100 works of art to go on show at ‘Art & Soul’ 2018 exhibition in Haslemere in June LOCAL ARTIST, David Paynter, who operates under the banner of The Artful Gallery, is hosting 21 renowned artists at his studio and six acres of grounds in Haslemere in June. Over 100 works will be on show, including paintings, drawings, ceramics, glass, metals and a sculpture trail around the beautiful gardens and woodland of his 'Huf' house on Marley Common. This is the seventh year David has staged the exhibition, in conjunction with Surrey Artists Open Studios. David’s sculptural work ranges from semiabstract human figures to animals and abstract forms. Many of his pieces are accompanied by a poem, adding another dimension to the work. This year, for the first time, there will be live demonstrations of sculptural techniques given by the well-known animalier, Carol Orwin. From midday until 4pm on weekends, visitors can watch Carol creating animal sculptures in clay, and see the stages of casting. Entry to the Art & Soul exhibition is free.


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Call NOW for a FREE estimate: 01252 place at Farnham Conservative Club. Tickets are £10 from 01252 316009 or from the Conservative Club Secretary on 01252 723712. The second reading is ‘My Dear Miss Terry’ by Jean Rogers. This is a celebration of the love letters between Bernard Shaw and the much loved Dame Ellen Terry. Farnham Town Council Chamber is the venue for this event and tickets are £10 from 01252 316009 or at the Council Office reception or on the door. Vintage Fashion Fair Saturday 23rd June 10am-4pm Spend a leisurely Saturday at Farnham Maltings browsing and buying from the many stalls of beautiful vintage clothing, shoes, handbags, hats, jewellery and textiles. All authentically vintage and dating from 1900s-1980s. The fair offers wearable vintage at affordable prices and a selection of vintage designer labels. Something to suit all tastes and budgets. Entry £2 (under 16's free) www.vintagefashionfairfarnham.co.uk. Voices Together Community Choir Saturday 23rd June 7pm They are holding their Summer Concert at St Andrew's Church, Farnham. Their guests, Farnham Taiko Drum Club, will also give a performance. No tickets, but net proceeds from the retiring collection will be donated to Guide Dogs for the Blind. More information can be found at www. farnhamvoicestogether.uk. June 2018

759010 Sherlock Holmes: The Final Curtain Monday 18th to Saturday 23rd June He never truly believed Moriarty - his arch nemesis - died at the Reichenbach Falls. Now Sherlock Holmes is determined to solve the mystery and confront his own demons at the same time. Could this be the final curtain for the world’s greatest detective? Chilling, gripping and filled with unforeseen twists and revelations, this new thriller at The Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, stars Robert Powell and Liza Goddard. For more information, visit www.yvonne-arnaud.co.uk or call 01483 440000. The Wintershall Players - The Life of Christ Tuesday 19th to Saturday 23rd June 10am–3.30pm This open-air epic promenade performance enacts, in three acts, the life of Jesus in Palestine. James Burke-Dunsmore leads a cast of more than a hundred dedicated volunteers, dressed in full costume, in this moving and authentic reenactment of the remarkable events of Jesus’ life. It takes place at the beautiful Wintershall estate in Bramley, Guildford GU5 0LR. Tickets are: Adults £20, children £9.50 (3 – 18) (tickets to be bought in advance). Concessions £18 (over 65), Family (2 Adults & 2 Children) £50, Student £12 (19 – 25) Go to www.wintershall-estate.com. For groups of 10+, call 01793 418299. There is free car and coach parking and light refreshments are available to purchase. Alternatively, take a picnic lunch. Grounds will be open 90 minutes before start of performance but do take a fold up chair or rug as no seating is provided. Camping is available on request for Friday 22nd

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Jottings June. Phone Wintershall Ticket Helpline on 01793 418299 for further information. Dire Straits Experience Friday 22nd June G Live sees a return of this brilliant band who recreate the music of the original band that disbanded 25 years ago. Perhaps it’s not surprising that they are so good as in their line up, they have original Dire Straits member, Chris White. They also have Terence Reis who sings and plays with a remarkable similarity to Mark Knopfler. If you are a Dire Straits fan you will love them. Tickets at £30 are on sale via musicplussport.com. More information on the band at http://www.direstraitsexperience.com. Jazz in the Park Sunday 24th June 5pm until 8.30pm An evening of live jazz in aid of the bowel cancer charity GUTS in the beautiful setting of the walled garden at Loseley Park. Featuring the Director of the Ronnie Scott's Big Band, Pete Long and his Quintet, the programme includes a jazz arrangement of Holst's The Planets, a tribute to the great ‘King of Swing’ Benny Goodman, plus an opening set from the Farnham Big Band. Take a picnic and your favourite tipple and spread out on the lawns to enjoy a musical midsummer's evening! Loseley Park, Guildford GU3 1HS. Entry from 4.30pm. Tickets £12 in advance, £40 for a group of 4, or £15 on the door (under 16s free). From GUTS on 01483 408316 or online from www.gutsfbc.co.uk. Crondall Open Gardens 2018 Sunday 24th June 2pm–6pm This year 8 gardens will be open, spread around all parts of this attractive and friendly village. Tickets will again be £5 (accompanied children free), with proceeds going to The Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice. Tickets (each including garden descriptions and a map) will be available on the day, either from the gardens themselves, the Village Hall, or Crondall Village Stores. Plants and cuttings will be on sale at the Village Hall, where there will also be refreshments. There will be plenty to excite and interest younger visitors, whilst lifts will be available to help those a little less mobile. For further information email simon@rawle. waitrose.com or call 01252 852347. Electric Theatre Jazz Café Tuesday 26th June 7.30pm Since forming in 2016, the highly enthusiastic audience reactions to the concerts of the Alex Curtis band bear testimony to how well the band works together in this setting. Drawing on a whole range of influences, they demonstrate outstanding musicianship and very strong collective writing skills. Features special guest, Dave O'Higgins on tenor sax who has twice won Best Tenor Sax at the British Jazz Awards. Takes place at The Electric Theatre, Onslow Street, Guildford GU1 4SZ. Tickets are £14; call the Electric Theatre Box Office on 01483 444789. The Farnham Probus Club Tuesday 26th June At their next meeting John Parker, a volunteer with the


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Email: info@trade-timberwindows.co.uk www.trade-timberwindows.co.uk 01252 591855 | 07730 384028 Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance service, will be giving a presentation on the activities of the Air Ambulance team. Attendees should gather at 11am for a prompt start to John’s talk at 11.15am. The Club, founded in 1969, is a luncheon club for men of retirement age from professional and business backgrounds. Meetings are held usually on the last Tuesday of the month at The Farnham House Hotel. Social events are arranged periodically. If you might be interested in joining, they would be delighted to hear from you. Contact the Honorary Secretary, Maxwell Hubbard, at maxwellhubbard2@yahoo.co.uk. The Arts Society – Farnham Evening Wednesday 27th June from 7.15pm They have an evening Talk on ‘Celebrating the Royal Academy of Arts: Its 250th Anniversary, 1768 – 2018’ with Pamela Campbell-Johnston. This talk includes a selection of its ground-breaking temporary loan exhibitions and the annual Summer Exhibition and its impact on the art scene. Pamela will also reveal some anecdotal stories based on her twelve-year career with the institution. Farnham College, Morley Road, Farnham GU9 8LU. The evening commences with a brief AGM, followed by the talk after which there will be a social event when wine and hearty nibbles will be served. Visitors are most welcome. (£5 if you are a member of another Arts Society NADFAS group, or £7) Either show up or contact: kay.roudaut@btopenworld.com or call 01252 793811. More information on the society at www. theartssocietyfarnhamevening.org.uk. June 2018

Bugsy Malone Thursday 28th to Saturday 30th June The acclaimed Yvonne Arnaud Youth Theatre returns to the Main Stage with a dazzling production of the timeless classic which follows the rivalry of two half-witted gangs, headed by Fat Sam and Dandy Dan. As the chaos ensues, can Bugsy keep a cool head and help restore order on the streets and save his friend’s livelihood? For more information, visit www. yvonne-arnaud.co.uk or call 01483 440000. One Voice (Six Women, One Voice) Friday 29th June 7.30pm One Voice celebrates the beautiful voices and powerhouse songs from iconic women in music through the years. It is performed by a cast of 6 strong women, who have performed in London’s West End, and toured in the UK and Europe. Backed by a great live band, they perform hits from legends such as Tina Turner, Carol King, Dusty Springfield, Aretha Franklin, Cher, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and many more. With slick choreography, stunning vocal arrangements and dazzling costumes, it’s a night you won’t forget. It is on at Camberley Theatre and tickets are £21; go to www. caberleytheatre.co.uk or call the box Office on 01432 340550. VOX Farnham Chamber Choir Saturday 30th June 7.30pm Their next concert celebrates the centenary of the women’s vote, through the music of women over the last 900 years

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Jottings from Hildegard of Bingen, 12th century, to music of the 21st Century. It takes place at St Thomas-on-The Bourne church, Farnham. Tickets are £15 on the door, or £12 in advance from the church office (open 10am-12.30pm) u/18s free. For more information about Vox find them on Facebook - search for Vox Chamber Choir, or email them at voxchamberchoir@outlook.com. Farnham Carnival Saturday 30th June 2pm-9pm With its theme of ‘Rock and Pop legends’, the 2018 Farnham Carnival promises to have everyone tapping their toes and dancing in the streets! The Procession in particular, which starts from Upper Hart Car Park at 6pm provides a great opportunity for young and old alike to salute their musical heroes and dress up in the most outrageous costumes. Throughout the afternoon and evening Gostrey Meadow will provide music and entertainment put on by local performers, as well as a wide range of charity stalls, drinks tents and food stalls, a craft marquee and children’s play area and entertainers. Organised by the Farnham Lions and The Hedgehogs, the Procession and Fayre always attract huge crowds to the town. For more information, visit the Carnival website at www.farnhamcarnival.org,uk. Farnham ASSIST Saturday 30th June They are holding a Hog Roast evening at Crondall Village Hall GU10 5QG. Do pop along after the carnival for a fun evening

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of delicious food and live blues/rock music courtesy of The Original Plan B. There will be a cash bar as well as a raffle and a good area for dancing the night away. The evening starts at 7.30pm until 11.30pm. Tickets priced at £20 are available from Farnham ASSIST office 7, St Georges Yard GU9 7LW or call 01252 717710 or on Eventbrite.co.uk. Sedici Saturday 30th June 6.30pm Local choir Sedici, directed by Valerie Hoppé MBE, will be presenting a varied concert of vocal and instrumental music at St James' Church, Rowledge. The evening will include music from film through folk to Fauré. Tickets are free and there is no need to book. Just go along and join them afterwards for drinks and nibbles. There will be a retiring collection for ActionAid's Rohingya Refugee Crisis Appeal. Countryside Walk for Hospice Care Sunday 1st July Phyllis Tuckwell’s annual sponsored Walk for the Wards will take place with a new route which sets off from the picturesque village of Frensham. Starting at More House School, the walk will offer both five and ten mile route options, so those taking part can choose between a leisurely stroll and a longer ramble. The walk will start at 9.30am and a free cream tea will be on offer to all who take part. Registration for the Walk is £12 for adults and £5 for children (u-14) but it will be higher on the day, so register now to take advantage of the lower prices. Call Phyllis Tuckwell’s Fundraising team on 01252 729446, email fundraising@pth.org.uk or visit www.shop.pth.org.uk/ walk-for-the-wards . CAP Money Course Tuesday 3rd for three consecutive weeks 10am-12 noon Farnham residents are being given another chance to get their finances in order with a popular free course being run by a local church. Members of Weybourne Community Church, are again running the three sessions aimed at helping the local community to best handle finances. The Course has been found to be useful for newly retired people, soon-to-be students, mums dealing with mounting bills, families saving for a wedding and everyone in between. Takes place at Millstream Community Room, Millstream, Farnham GU9 9HT. This course is free to attend, however pre-booking is required.To book and for further information, contact Gille Bulteel on 01252 715542 (evenings) or email info@weybournecommunitychurch.org.uk. For further information, visit www.weybournecommunitychurch.org. uk. Farnham Runners From Wednesday 4th July They are running a ‘Get me started’ course, designed for those who have not really run before. It consists of two sessions each week – one on a Wednesday evening from their clubhouse on Bourne Green, and the other at Alice Holt parkrun on a Saturday morning. It starts with warm ups and

To advertise, please call 01483 420173


YOUR COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD • then follow structured, progressive, jog/walking sessions. The sessions are designed to be friendly, inclusive and encouraging and all are very welcome. The 9 week summer programme starts on 4th July and has a maximum of 30 places so sign up as soon as you can if you are interested. The fee is £49 which includes the cost of the course, annual membership to Farnham Runners and affiliation to England Athletics. Contact Helen Bracey email frclubsec@gmail.com or call 07868 616374 if you would like further information. Farnham Motoring Revival 2018 Sunday 15th July The event this year, run by The Hedgehogs, Farnham’s local charity helping ‘Local People in Need’, will be advanced ticket sales only and will have a number of great activities for all ages, ensuring a great day out for family groups. The event as in previous years will take place at one of the largest private motor collections in the South East. The final list of attractions is still being finalised, but entry tickets will include: Sunday morning car treasure hunt (Navigation Scatter), exclusive access to private motoring collection, cooked food and 'bubbles' on arrival, children's rides, go karts, barrel Train, Scalextric track, live music and charity auction and raffle. The Hedgehogs are very proud to support Help4Harry this year as the beneficiary charity. For further details on the Farnham Motoring Revival 2018 please visit www. the-hedgehogs.org.uk and to find out more on Help4Harry please visit www.help4harry.co.uk. Prudential Ride London-Surrey Sunday 29th July Join the Oakleaf Team and help raise money for better mental health. Test your stamina in this 100 mile open road cycle race. Minimum Fundraising Target £250 + Gift Aid. No sign up fee! Guaranteed places available. For more information, or to book, contact Camilli on 01483 303649 or email camillidabreau@oakleaf-enterprise.org. GET IN TOUCH

To send in an entry for Jottings, please email us at jottings@vantagepublishing.co.uk or go online to www.vantagepointmag.co.uk.


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www.connectsurrey.uk June 2018

Woodland Fairy Fair Sat 7 - Sun 8 July





Watts Gallery - Artists’ Village Guildford GU3 1DQ | wattsgallery.org.uk

elstead chiropractic & therapies

In pain, but can’t take time off work? Our fully registered clinic offers out of hours appointments for: * Diversified Chiropractic * McTimoney Chiropractic * Osteopathy * Sports/Remedial/NMR Massage

Monday-Thursday: 08:45-20:00 Friday: 08:45-14:00 Saturday: 08:00-13:00 01252 941529 www.elsteadchiropractic.co.uk

To advertise, please call 01483 420173

Tel: 1252 703633

VANTAGEPOINT 51 www.elsteadchiropractic.co.uk

• BUSINESS CARDS GEI Ltd_Layout 1 14/06/2013 09:44 Page 1

To advertise here from just £25 per month, please call 01483 661088 or email lauren@vantagepublishing.co.uk. The LOCAL Independent Choice for ALL Your WINDOWS, DOORS & CONSERVATORIES

GEi (UK) Ltd

Giving a Family Service Since 1992 to Our Private and Trade Customers

Fully Independent Stove Installers HETAS Approved

Chimney Sweeping Services also Provided

01428 643484 07563 618415


Tel: 01483 894489 admin@bramleywindows.co.uk www.bramleywindows.co.uk

• PVCu - Timber - Aluminium • Bespoke Conservatories • Soffits & Fascias • Guttering & Cladding • Highest Quality of Workmanship Paint PotThe- Tannery, Painting and decorating service base Tannery Lane, Gosden Common, • Full 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee Guildford GU5 0AB to detail an Farnham, Surrey. High Bramley, end Þnish, attention • Deposits Insured • Trade Counter work quickly while maintaining a clean and tidy s • Genuine Customer Care with a Relaxed Approach

Repairing, wallpapering and painting walls, freshenin woodwork and creating painted feature walls are all t that we are good at, at www.paintpot.com Go online see photos for inspiration and testimonials for revie our service.

Denture Repairs Denture Repairs

Painting and decorating service based in Farnham, Surrey

• Denture Repairs, 1 Hour Service • Collection & Delivery Upon Request • Free Denture Cleaning Service

• Denture Repairs, 1 Hour Service • Collection & Delivery Upon Request • Emergency Service Available Open:

Brooks Campbell Dental Laboratory Monday – Friday 9am until01252 5pm Call 375169

Paint Pot - Painting and decorating service based in Farnham, Surrey. High end Þnish, attention to detail and we work quickly while maintaining a clean and tidy space. Repairing, wallpapering and painting walls, freshening up woodwork and creating painted feature walls are all things that we are good at, at www.paintpot.com Go online and see photos for inspiration and testimonials for reviews of our service.

• Wallpapering and painting walls • Repairing walls • Freshening up woodwork • Creating painted feature walls Painted feature wall

Painted feature wall www.paintpotuk.com paintpotuk@yahoo.com 07715 527560 www.paintpotuk.com or 07388 449130 paintpotuk@yahoo.c

Saturday 9am until 1pmHeath End, Farnham GU9 9AQ 35 Farnborough Road,

Brooks Campbell Dental Laboratory

07715527560 or 07388449130

Painted feature wall

www.paintpotuk.com paintpotuk@yahoo.com 07715527560 or 07388449130

John D Bickley !1

Call 01252 375169

Fine Cabinet Maker & Joiner

21 Woolmead, East Street, Farnham, GU9 7TT


Garden maintenance, formal lawn care and mowing Hedge cutting & clearing fallen leaves - Tree work Patio and drive jet washing Fully insured.

30 years experience, fully qualified, free quotation and references available. • All interior kitchen, bedroom, flooring and household joinery • Exterior garden buildings, fencing and decking • Tiling and painting

Mobile: 07549 910187 Email: johnfeoo@gmail.com www.bespokegardenretreat.com

Contact Gary on 07903 224565 or 01252 318418 garymalcolm@gmgardenservices.com

Need a Professional Ex BT Engineer?

Kitchen Fitting Specialists

• • •

Professional kitchen installation Let us look after your new kitchen installation from design to completion Est 1984


Farnham based

Fast expert repair of Phone Line faults, Broadband Speed and WiFi issues. Fast 4G Mobile Broadband for your Home Solutions to Stop “Buffering” on Smart TVs, Laptops, iPads, Smartphones etc.

Get your home ready for “Internet of Things” technology - Free estimates, No Call Out Charge, No job too small by Local Ex BT Engineer.

Call Adrian on 01252 916889 or 07799 105008 (emergency number)

To advertise, please call 01483 420173


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To advertise here from just £25 per month, please call 01483 661088 or email lauren@vantagepublishing.co.uk.

Accounts Book-keeping Tax Returns Payroll VAT

Personal Service, Competitive Pricing, flexible office hours and no VAT to pay ! Tel: John Gardiner FFA FTA on 07795-276426 / 01252-723269 e-mail: jgardiner@aspireaccounting.co.uk

here nd


orked ly with on, and worked d’ of

es in odern nd both men, ort of your own home, or by appointment at The Hair ourne, Farnham.


Hello I’m David the hairdresser. Formally with Leonard of Mayfair and Vidal Sassoon Hamburg. For Ladies & Gentlemen’s hairstyling exclusively at your home or in salon. Sundays & Mondays, some Saturdays at ‘Hair Stop’ On The Bourne, Farnham. For info: www.somewhereinengland.co.uk Or call me on 07767 885856.

Don’t have time to clean…. ...Let us do it for you

for women £65 for men £40

ary consultations welcome me visits)

Whether you are just too busy to keep your home the ewhereinengland.co.uk 7 885856 way you like it, or you are now finding your household ewhereinengland@ chores a struggle to do. I have a service for you. mail.com


- weekly clean - two weekly clean 29/09/2016 14:56

- one off - moving in/out

Craig's Garden Service 

Precision hedge trimming  Lawn mowing  Strimming Tree care & pruning Friendly and personalised service with 10 years’ experience in domestic & estate management


07891 730 671

cghservices@yahoo.co.uk  www.cgservice.online Creating the WOW effect

Ovens & More

For the cleaning of Domestic Ovens from £45, Hobs & Extractors from £16, Ranges, AGA/Rayburn, Combi ovens I can also clean Showers, Microwaves, Fridges. Defrost Freezers. Why not get the BBQ, Patio or Garden Furniture cleaned For more information, a quote or to book please call or e-mail Darren

01252 265465

Call Natalie on 07379 136903



G. Jones

DECORATING CONTRACTOR Fully Insured 16 years experience Domestic and Commercial

All aspects of Interior and Exterior decorating Mob:07737664201 Home:01252 724039 Email: ljdevaneydecorating@gmail.com

Plastering & Painting All Hampshire and Surrey areas Fully insured gjones.decor@hotmail.co.uk

07875 662521

J E Carpentry

City & Guilds Qualified Carpenter

All aspects of Carpentry & Joinery undertaken including Kitchen Fitting, Wardrobes, Space saving cupboards. Tiling, Painting & Decorating. Free Estimates.

Tel: 01428 608153 Mob: 07876 230634 www.jamesgraytreesurgery.co.uk June 2018

Contact Jack Edmonds on 01276 506838 or email jack.edmonds@virginmedia.com

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Enter at www.vantagepointmag.co.uk

Please enter online unless otherwise stated. Postal entries can be sent to us at the address given on page three.

WIN... a fantastic hospitality evening of T20 Blast cricket at the Oval Surrey play hosts to their visitors from north of the river, Middlesex, for one of the ‘needle’ matches of the T20 Blast season in what is likely to be a ‘sell-out’. You will watch the game from one of the most incredible sight lines in world cricket and enjoy outstanding hospitality during the evening. The prize is two tickets to the Corinthian Roof Terrace for Surrey vs Middlesex, on the evening of Friday 3rd August 2018. The match starts at 6.30pm and includes two seats, an extensive hot and cold buffet, beer, wine and Pimms, plus tea and coffee. This is the ultimate cricket barbeque and we suggest you arrive early to soak up the great atmosphere! To win these tickets worth over £100 each, please answer the following question: Q: Who is the current captain of Surrey County Cricket Club? Please enter online at www.vantagepointmag.co.uk by 29th June 2018.

WIN... a two family tickets to ANiMALCOLM at Yvonne Arnaud We are offering you the chance to win a family ticket (4 seats) to David Baddiel’s ANiMALCOLM on Thursday 14th June at 7pm. Malcolm doesn’t like animals, which is a problem because his family love them. Their house is full of pets. After a bizarre school trip unlike any other, Malcolm begins to understand animals more deeply than anyone. But will he end up the same as before? Because sometimes the hardest thing to become is…you. ANiMALCOLM combines physical theatre, puppetry and the company’s outstanding storytelling style to bring David Baddiel’s magical and wonderfully comic story to the stage. To win one of two family tickets worth £44 each, please answer the following question: Q: Who wrote ANiMALCOM? Please enter online at www.vantagepointmag.co.uk by 17th June 2018.

WIN... a family ticket to Enchanted Horsham on 27th-29th July Horsham Park comes alive from 4pm to midnight on the 27th, 28th and 29th July with the mysterious and magical family fun extravaganza that is Enchanted Horsham. With a real live unicorn, mermaids, street theatre, live music, vintage funfair, neon circus, illuminated gardens and giant dragon eggs, it is not to be missed. Mingle in a market celebrating local lifestyle and fashion and a sumptuous array street food and drink and meet Princess, our real live unicorn. Then as dusk falls, the wondrous secret illuminated gardens will reveal itself magically bring to life dragons eggs and mystical tales. To win a family ticket, please answer the following question: Q: Where is Enchanted Horsham located? Please enter online at www.vantagepointmag.co.uk by 29th June 2018. TERMS & CONDITIONS OF ENTRY: By entering these competitions you agree to receive periodic emails from VantagePoint Magazine, Vantage Publishing Ltd and the originator the competition you are entering. You can opt out of receiving these at any time and your data will never be passed on for use by third parties. The prizes are non54 ofVANTAGEPOINT call 01483 420173 vantagepointmag.co.uk transferable and have no cash alternative. Only one entry To peradvertise, person perplease competition and prizes will only be sent to homes with a GU, KT and RH postcode.

 Bumper Scuff Repairs  Dent Removal  Paintwork Scratches & Chips  Alloy Wheel Scuffs

T: 01252 560780 / 07967 778232 info@smart-pro.co.uk Have you ever returned to your car and found it to be damaged? Maybe a small, but annoying dent, caused by a door being opened against it? A scrape from another driver’s parking error? A vandal scratch on the paint work? Or maybe you have misjudged a gateway, brushed a kerb with an alloy wheel, or scuffed a bumper corner? Smart Pro offers a mobile dent removal and paint repair service, specialising in small to medium area repairs, to body shop standard, at your home or place of work. Most repairs take only a few hours to complete and cost less than your insurance excess! The customer of this Honda Jazz was facing an insurance claim, which would have resulted in the bumper being replaced and the loss of their £250 excess. Smart Pro was able to repair the damage for much less than the excess and with no insurance claim on their record!

Spring Time!











FROM £100




Spring is coming and it’s time to sort out your garden in time for the legendary British Summer! Beat the crowds this Spring and get your order in early.

Why should you install a Resin Drive? That’s simple; our product naturally drains water through it which means no puddles. Also with a slip resistant surface it provides better traction for tyres and gives more grip for when you walk on it, making your drive a safe place to be!


0800 007 5733

L I N E S O P E N 7 A M - 1 0 P M O R V I S I T W W W. R E S I N D R I V E S .CO. U K Resindrives.co.uk is a trading name of resindrives.co.uk ltd. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN743675) We are a credit broker and not a lender, we offer credit facilities from a panel of lenders.

BankBuster Loan Example Total Loan Amount: £7,500 Monthly Repayment: £227.83 Number of Repayments: 35 And Final Payment of: £227.54 Agreement Length: 36 Months Total Amount Payable: £8,201.59 Total Credit Charge: £701.59 Rate of Interest: 5.7% AIR Representative APR: 5.9% APR

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