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RUGMART Surrey’s Biggest Rug Shop



6 The Editor's Note Plus contact information

8 Winter Safety Andy Goundry with tips for safe winter motoring 12 Celebrating Christmas... ...with culinary delights from local producers

Visit us for a huge range of Modern, Contemporary & Bespoke rugs

17 Christmas in Godalming With Churches Together 18 Fashion Kirstie Smillie with girly gifts for Christmas 22 Gardening Beth Otway with gifts for gardeners 25 Godalming Town Council Latest news 30 Walk

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Costco Wholesale is a membership warehouse club, dedicated to bringing our members quality goods and services at the lowest possible prices. We provide a wide selection of merchandise, plus the convenience of speciality departments and exclusive member services, all designed to make your shopping experience a pleasurable one. We are confident in the quality and value of our products, and we stand behind them with our guarantee of satisfaction. The annual membership fee for Standard Trade Membership* is £22 ex VAT (£26.40 inc VAT). The annual membership fee for Standard Individual Membership* is £28 ex VAT (£33.60 inc VAT).

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• THE EDITOR'S NOTE Christmas is almost upon us and it does not seem that long since it was still summer. In this issue, we have included plenty of gift ideas from our writers to help you choose the right present for your loved ones. Where you can, please not only try and buy through our local shops but also try and buy things that are made or grown locally. Phil Kemp writes about just some of the great food and drink products that are made with passion within just a few miles of where we live. From chocolate to gin and condiments to sparkling wine, these often award-winning items are well worth locating and many will be available at some of the Christmas fairs and markets that will be taking place in December. Imagine a Christmas table where the food miles for almost everything you are about to eat is barely into double digits. It is perfectly possible and something worth trying. I have ordered my beef, chipolatas and turkey from a local producer and will try and make sure the vegetables have not been anywhere near an airport. Mince pies will be homemade (look out for our recipe in this edition) and festive fizz is easily sourced from one of any number of fabulous local vineyards. However I will draw the line at red wine - for me, it has to be claret!

CONTACTS Marcus Atkins, Sales Director 01483 420173 / 07702 132157 Jesse Boon, Sales 01483 418141 / 07542 710508 Lauren Broughton, Sales 01483 661088 / 07852 041227 Claire Taylor, Sales 01483 661089 / 07787 157263 Nick & Angie Crisell, Jottings 01483 421601



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Contributors: Louise Buchanan, Andy Goundry, Gill Kellett, Phil Kemp, Beth Otway, Kirsty Smillie

Print: Buxton Press

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Christmas Cracker! Be one of the first 20 callers and receive a Chiropractic or Osteopathy New Patient Consultation at HALF PRICE* FREE PARKING!

*offer valid at first consultation appointment only, on presentation of this advert. Offer runs 1-31 December 2017 This advert must be mentioned at the time of booking and presented at the first appointment for the discount to apply.

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Westminster Law Wills & Estate Planning

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December 2017

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Winter Safety Andy Goundry with tips for safe winter motoring

The winter may be upon us, but most of us will need to use our cars, even though the seasonal weather could bring hazardous driving conditions. So what can you do to make driving safer? First, let’s start with correcting a widely-held misunderstanding – that 4x4s are the thing to have in bad weather conditions. Unfortunately, most of the time it’s just not true. True, a 4x4 will get you moving on slippery surfaces better than a conventional 2-wheel-drive vehicle. However, having 4-wheel-drive offers little or no benefit if you need to stop quickly on those same slippery surfaces. And stopping, or being able to take avoiding steering action, are of course far more important than being able to get going in the first place. Far better is to have tyres which are optimised for the season: most of the tyres that we buy or indeed are fitted to our new cars, are not at their best in winter conditions. In fact, below around 7°C, the rubber of these so-called summer tyres hardens, giving much less grip than at higher temperatures, resulting in longer stopping distances and a much higher risk of skidding.

These are powerful arguments in favour of changing to winter tyres when temperatures drop. However, most people are put off doing so, both by the costs of buying an extra set of tyres, and the hassle of changing them over twice a year. Also, winter tyres tend to perform slightly worse than summer tyres above that critical 7°C temperature. All is not lost, though, for a new breed of tyre has emerged over the last few years, ‘all season’ tyres. These, as the name implies, offer most of the benefits of both winter and summer tyres and can be kept fitted all year round. Typical of these all-seasons tyres is the highly-regarded Michelin CrossClimate range, although many of the well-known brands are now offering similar products. So, consider fitting all-season tyres when your car next needs new rubber, but


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Image: HiQ

So what’s the answer? Traditionally, fitting special winter tyres which do not harden at low temperatures is the best way to keep safe. To give you a flavour of just how effective winter tyres can be in adverse conditions, Auto Express magazine carried out a test of emergency braking on snow from 30mph using cars which were identical except for tyre fitment. The winter tyres stopped in 27 metres, whilst the summer tyres took an incredible 85 metres to stop from the same modest speed! And just to reinforce the point about 4x4s, other independent tests have demonstrated that a 4x4 on summer tyres will take far longer to stop in winter conditions than a conventional 2-wheel-drive car on winter tyres.

Some of your most promising shareholders could be living right under your nose.

Are you the owner of a company? Or are you thinking of starting one? Well, here’s something else to think about. Who should your fellow shareholders be? You could be living cheek by jowl with some of the most ideal candidates, yet perhaps the least obvious: your children. Yes, that’s right, your children.

“Darling, I saw the doctor and guess what! There’s another little shareholder on the way!”

A tidy sum tax-free By making your children shareholders, and paying them dividends from the company’s profits, you can quite legally pay each one £11,500 a year, tax-free, plus the tax-free sum in dividends to which every shareholder is entitled. There are, though, a couple of catches. Firstly, a child’s blood parents cannot provide the shares for their offspring. But almost anyone else can, as long as the shares are a gift for what’s known as ‘love and affection’. Secondly, you can’t spend the dividends willy-nilly. They must be used to buy items or experiences that are purely for the benefit of the child, for example, school fees, or clothing and shoes, or to save for university tuition fees later.

Want to know more? Children as shareholders are all part of a wider consideration when setting up a company: good corporate structuring. At Cheesmans we’re only too aware of the need to ‘get the paperwork right’ as we put it. We’ve helped hundreds of companies into existence and re-structured many others. Which is why we consider corporate structuring to be one of our specialisms Call Carol Cheesman on 020 7354 3914 or drop us a line at We’ll arrange a meeting to talk things over, with no obligation on your part.

WINTER SAFETY remember that it’s best to change all four at once. Cost wise, they are only a little more expensive than summer tyres. After tyres, it’s particularly important in winter months to keep your wipers in good condition. Wiper blades are past their best after a couple of years, and the resulting smeared windscreen causes increased glare, making for tricky night driving. New blades are not too expensive, particularly if you buy online. The same goes for lights: they need to be clean and functioning. Not just to help you to see clearly, but even more importantly to make sure that you can be seen. How often do we meet an oncoming vehicle with only one headlight working, making it extremely difficult to judge its width, which can easily have disastrous results. Sadly, it’s tricky to replace headlight bulbs on many modern cars without a costly dismantling job. Nevertheless, urgent replacement of failed bulbs is vital if you want to stay safe. On a positive note, an increasing number of newer cars are being offered with either xenon or LED headlamps. These have a much greater life expectancy than conventional halogen bulbs, making this one option box which is well worth ticking if you order a new car, for as well as the improved life, they are much more powerful, lighting up more of the road ahead, provided, that they are correctly adjusted. Correct headlamp adjustment needs specialist equipment, so a garage visit is necessary if you suspect your headlights are not as powerful as they should be. Again, correctly

adjusted lights help not just you as a driver, but also oncoming drivers, who are not dazzled by poorly-aimed beams. And finally, always ensure your windscreen and other windows are clean, for dirty screens again increase glare from oncoming traffic. Many proprietary car glass cleaners are available which do an effective job, although an old traditional method of using damp newspaper also works well. Don't forget the inside of the glass, where an insidious layer of grime can develop unnoticed. Screen washers should also be checked and topped up with winter grade fluid. So with suitable tyres, good lights and wipers, and a clean screen, stay safe and happy winter motoring!

FIND OUT MORE Find more of Andy’s articles at © Andy Goundry 16 October 2017

Delicious 3 course Festive Feast with Live music & Dancing. Thursdays & Fridays throughout December with The Jukebox 6 Band or Tipi Tribute Saturdays with Frank Sinatra, David Bowie & Elvis Presley See website for details

From £40

The Three Crowns Inn Wisborough Green RH14 0DX 01403 700239 10 VANTAGEPOINT

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Petworth A Grand Tour Christmas



2 December - 1 January

Visit selected rooms of the house dressed for the festive season celebrating Christmas traditions across Europe. @PetworthNT

Petworth1 House & Park _Jan17:Layout 1 05/01/2017 10:07 Page Church Street, Petworth, GU28 0AE Registered charity no. 205846. Artwork by Victoria Spearing. Normal admission prices apply.

Call us on

01483 424470

antage Point Christmas.indd 1

FAMILY LAW SERVICES 26/10/2017 11:18

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Divorce • Civil Partnership Dissolution Children-related issues • Matrimonial Finances Co-habitation Agreements/Issues Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements

FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION* Please contact Sarah Hodges for an appointment on 01483 411503 or

December 2017

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Celebrating Christmas

WITH CULINARY DELIGHTS FROM LOCAL PRODUCERS Phil Kemp has his Christmas palate tantalised and teased by Kevin Depree of The Godalming Food Company

Every year in the run-up to Christmas, we invariably suffer from a promotional tidal wave of publicity from the large manufacturers and national retailers who want us to fill our homes with their Christmas-themed grocery products. For many of us catering for Christmas understandably becomes a dreaded chore – but, there is another way which is not only refreshingly different, it can also be great fun too.

itself as ‘A Food & Coffee Oasis’. And given that its proprietor Kevin Depree some 25 years ago joined the catering industry as a chef, to quickly rise up through the ranks to end up running restaurants, who better to guide an exploration of the culinary side of Christmas?

Scattered across Surrey is a healthy community of independent grocery retailers, who not only supply a refreshingly different range of food and drink to proudly grace your Christmas dinner table, but also source exciting products from local producers. They will also provide suggestions and helpful guidance on what you can do to make this Christmas special.

“Here at The Godalming Food Company we run a deli-style shop where we pride ourselves on a totally personal shopping experience,” enthused Kevin, as we stood close to a display of extremely tempting breads and cakes. “And I have tasted every single product you see on the shelves in here, some more often than not, especially when it comes to the decent wines. I’ve made a point to refresh my memory how each of those taste - quite regularly!”

Tucked away in my home town of Godalming’s High Street is an independent retailer that quite deservedly describes

Kevin laughed at my quip on how poor memory does have a hidden benefit in his line of business, before quite appropriately leading me over to the shelves laden with wines, spirits and beers.

Proprietor Kevin Depree in festive spirit


“Our motto is local wherever possible, and if not local then certainly English next. There appear to be a lot of local brewers making good beer. We’ve also got a very good wine scene in Surrey, and some great spirits up and coming too.” Kevin picked up a bottle of ale. “This is from the Crafty Brewing Company, a micro-brewery in

To advertise, please call 01483 420173


Dunsfold. Luke, the owner, used to brew in Godalming and the five ales he makes are extremely good.” “Now this cider has got a really good story behind it,” said Kevin as he tapped at a bottle labelled The Garden Cider Company. “It’s made in Chiddingfold using apples brought in by people from their gardens, and in return they get rewarded with bottles of cider made from their and other people’s donated apples. It sells here really, really well. “To the wine and gin. There is a good demand for Horsmonden White, a still wine from the Davenport Vineyards in Sussex. Closer to home we stock Silent Pool Rosé from the Albury Organic Vineyard, a good wine, as are the wines from the Greyfriars Winery near Guildford who do a really good sparkling wine. All of these are in our fridge at the moment so that you can come in and taste them. You can also sample the gins we have including Juniper Green from a company based in Bramley and Dancing Dragontail a summer gin - here with Gutsy Monkey the winter gin from The Gin Kitchen in Dorking. And, of course, we stock The Silent Pool Distillery’s range of gins and cordials.” Having previously seen a hamper that The Godalming Food Company had filled with an interesting range of different items, I asked Kevin to suggest how he could


make a choice from the products he was introducing me to. “There is a demand for hampers all year round, and as well as alcohol there are of course many food items to choose from. To make it easier for Christmas we provide some hamper ideas in our brochure – but we can adapt the range to suit what you need. This can, for example, make allowances for gluten intolerance. We’ll even walk around the shop and help customers fill a hamper tray by making suggestions according to who they intend the hamper to be given to. And at Christmas we try and make it all about families sharing. Steering Kevin back to continuing my tour, particularly with locally sourced products, we moved on to the food sections. “Some time ago I was asked by a customer: ‘What products wouldn’t you be without?’ A great question, and here I can give you some examples. The guys at Briscoes used to run pubs in Reigate where they used savoury jellies in their food recipes. Now they produce artisan jellies that can be mixed in sauces or eaten with cheese or cold meats. They sell phenomenally well throughout the year. Another is Le Mesurier Horseradish Sauce, created in Godalming and described as ‘so hot it makes your eyes water’! “Local cheeses include those from the Gimblett Cheese micro-

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HAMPTON ESTATE IS A FAMILY OWNED AND RUN TRADITIONAL AGRICULTURAL ESTATE LOCATED IN BEAUTIFUL RURAL SURREY. We supply the most succulent English Beef, and other produce, naturally reared on the Estate. Join us for our next collection days on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd December. For further information on how to ‘place your order’ as well as details on our ‘Pop Up’ restaurant and woodland walk on New Year’s Day, please visit our website:

Telephone: 01483 810465 Email: Hampton_VantagePointAd_147x91.5mm_Landcspae.AW.indd 1

December 2017

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09/11/2017 12:42


CELEBRATING CHRISTMAS WITH CULINARY DELIGHTS FROM LOCAL PRODUCERS dairy in Haslemere. Little parcels of creamy goodness! Local company Crosbies make loads of quiches and tartlets, as well as fantastic cakes. Chris and Claire Crosbie are excellent bakers and make some of the best gluten-free brownies I’ve ever tasted.” Kevin noticed that I was keenly eyeing up the chocolate section. “Ah, Amelia Rope’s chocolate is lovely, as are those from Noble & Stace Chocolatiers. Farnham-based Mummy Makes crumbly fudge is a nice local product. But let’s get spicy with the Art of Curry sauces made by Sameena, her products are amazing – as are Dee’s Pies from Kingston in Surrey. Amazing pies with lots and lots of filling and not too much pastry which seems to be the cost-cutting norm from other makers. “Our artisan coffees come from Redber, roasted and blended in Guildford, and also from the Surrey Hills Coffee roastery in Dorking. All Fairtrade and very tasty coffee. You’ll love this too.” Kevin picked up a pack of Tweetea. “They’re over in Cranleigh and have come up with something so unique. She has created tasty fruit teas from natural ingredients for children. Not only is it popular with kids, adults like it too!” Kevin was in overdrive now, so although I’m running out of space I’ll let him finish with the passion he undoubtedly has for food, and as he told me right at the beginning of the interview: ‘I’ve always loved food, I’ve never wanted to do anything but be in and around food.’ “Our Surrey Honey is produced so close to us we believe that the bees fly over the deli at some point en route to visit flowers to feast on! Jams and marmalades? Mad Jams in Godalming are handcrafted in a unique style – try pineapple and cracked pepper for instance, or strawberry and Pimms! And a great way to finish is with Two Birds, an additive you can add to yoghurt, porridge and muesli – it really lifts the texture and flavour of what you are eating. Very, very popular and we’ll always stock those.” To say I enjoyed my introduction to locally produced food and drinks that will go down extremely well at Christmas is a total understatement. It’s a no-brainer to me. Hunt out your local independent deli retailer and go and talk to them. It’ll be the best Christmas feasting you’ve had in a long time! Phil Kemp is a Godalming-based writer and photographer. FIND OUT MORE The Godalming Food Company, 99 High Street, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 1AQ. Tel: 01483 239891 Visit an independent food and drink retailer near you to find the best local producers.


Featured producers: The Crafty Brewing Company - Dunsfold The Garden Cider Company - Chiddingfold Davenport Vineyards - Rotherfield Albury Organic Vineyard - Albury Greyfriars Vineyard and Winery - Guildford Juniper Green - Bramley The Gin Kitchen - Dorking The Silent Pool Distillery - Albury Briscoe's Jellies - Reigate Le Meseurier - Godalming Gimblett Cheese Micro-dairy - Haslemere Crosbie Foods - Wormley Amelia Rope Chocolate Noble & Stace Chocolatiers - Easebourne Mummy Makes - Farnham Art of Curry Sauces - Godalming Dee's Pies - Kingston Redber Coffee - Guildford Surrey Hills Coffee - Dorking Tweatea - Cranleigh Two Birds Cereals

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Programme of Events taking place in Godalming during the festive period in association with

Churches Together in Godalming and District “CHRISTMAS TOGETHER IN GODALMING” CHURCHES TOGETHER CHRISTMAS DAY LUNCH SATURDAY 9 December 2017 MONDAY 25 December 2017 Godalming Town Centre 12 noon 10.00am-4.00pm at Godalming Baptist Church, Queen St Stalls and Entertainment PROCESSION TO THE BLESSING OF THE CRIB SATURDAY 9 December 2017 3.30pm at the Pepperpot, High St, Godalming TOWN CAROL SERVICE SATURDAY 9 December 2017 4.00pm at Godalming Parish Church, Church St

CHURCHES TOGETHER WEEK OF PRAYER FOR CHRISTIAN UNITY United Service of Holy Communion on SUNDAY 21 January 2018 10.30am at Godalming Parish Church, Church St

This Christmas time there are many different kinds of carol and other type of church services and events in Godalming and District. Details of these can be found on the Christmas page of the churches website at To advertise, please call 01483 420173

Girly gifts for Christmas • FASHION

With Kirstie Smillie

What to buy the ladies in your life? Kirstie Smillie offers a few hints. Slinky underwear has its moment but in reality most of us would like to receive gorgeous everyday things we will actually use. Leather bags, dramatic scarves, cashmere sweaters and designer treats. Aim for small and luxurious rather than big and budget. For the lady who likes hands free

For the luxury loving vegan


For the never have enough stripes

2 For the outdoorsy ankles gal

3 For the label lover on a budget

4 For the creative with swish


5 For the ooh aah, ‘it’s cashmere!’

7 To advertise, please call 01483 420173

For the print on print drama


Wrap it up Put some thought into how you are going to present your present! Get creative with gift wrapping and select a theme with arty bits you have or visit a local craft shop for ribbon, trims, letter stamps and card punches. If you are visiting Godalming, take a browse in Arty Crafty in Church Street, Godalming as it's full of gorgeous inspiration to get you into the ‘Christmas creative’ mood. Tel: 01483 427133. GRAPHIC Natural and black, cut out letters in sparkly card and add stripy ribbon.

TARTAN Multi-coloured tartan ribbon, a different plaid for each gift.

BAUBLES Use small Christmas tree baubles with clashing ribbon and paper.


NATURAL Go natural with brown paper, string and a few green sprigs. 1. Great backpack, natural leather with plenty of pockets and strap options, £95.99; 2. Waxed canvas and vegan leather make up bag, £48.50; 3. Cotton stripy top that will always be in fashion, £29; 4. Wool blend Fairisle Bonnie socks, £19.; 5. Dior Vernis nail varnish, £20,; 6. Tassel silk thread earrings, £48; 7. Cashmere boyfriend cardigan, £139; 8. Printed quilted scarf wrap, £19.99

Kirstie Smillie is a Personal Fashion Stylist. Follow her style blog at For appointments, email or call 07773 234947. All images found on December 2017

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Gifts for Christmas • GARDENING

With Beth Otway Charles Dowding, who will give a talk entitled 'Successional Sowing and No Dig Gardening' at 8pm, on Wednesday 14th March 2017, at East Horsley Village Hall, Kingston Avenue, East Horsley, Leatherhead, KT24 8QT. Entrance is free for NVS members. Tickets are £1 for members of affiliated societies, £2 for RHS students, and £5 for other visitors. Post a stamped envelope, marked with your address, to NVS Treasurer, 1 Oakfields, West Byfleet, Surrey, KT14 6RZ, with a cheque payable to the National Vegetable Society Surrey District Association.

I treasure the joy I experience when I find the perfect gift for a special person. I will share this joy with you by mentioning the best products that I have tried and tested this year, to help you find superb presents for your loved ones this Christmas. There are many great local gardening societies who meet regularly across Surrey. Membership of a gardening society is a lovely gift. Society members can learn more about gardening, make new friends and have fun! If you're looking for a society near you, or a friend or relation, visit where you'll find details of horticultural societies and information about their meetings, talks, shows, and events. The Surrey Horticultural Federation are hosting a very special Spring Talk entitled 'Trees a Cut Above the Rest' with Tony Kirkham, Head of Arboretum at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, at 2.30pm, on Sunday 4th March 2018 at Normandy Village Hall, Manor Fruit Farm, Glaziers Lane, Normandy, Guildford, GU3 2DE. Tickets to this event are limited and available in advance. Ticket prices: £7.50 for members of affiliated societies, £10 for non-members. Please enclose a stamped envelope, marked with your address, with a cheque payable to Surrey Horticultural Federation and post to SHF Secretary, Redleaf Nursery, Green Lane, Tilford, Farnham, GU10 2AP.

I was thrilled to receive a gift of an Access Garden Products Exbury classic growhouse this autumn (below). This growhouse, is rather like a tall cold frame, it is free standing (lean-to models are available) and boasts some great features, including an automatic watering system, sliding doors, 4mm toughened safety glass, versatile staging and shelves that are easily added or removed. The Aluminium framework can be colour coated in a range of attractive colours and has a 25 year guarantee. If you don't have room for a glasshouse, this is perfect! Green & Blue Bee Bricks and Bee Blocks (right) are brilliant. Designed as nest sites for solitary bees, these bricks and blocks can be incorporated into house builds, extensions, or used as a bee home in your garden or allotment.

The National Vegetable Society are hosting a very special evening with 'No Dig' advocate


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GU7 September 13_Layout 1 13/08/2013 16:21 Page 45

Design • Construction • Planting Contact David Neale for a complimentary initial consultation Surrey, Hampshire, Sussex and London Visit our website to see further case studies Web: Tel: 01483 893989 Email: VANTAGEPOINT To advertise, please call 01483 420173 Award Winning Garden design and Build Team

December 2017


GARDENING - GIFTS FOR CHRISTMAS I love my BiOrbAir Terrarium! This updated terrarium offers a number of new features and runs silently, it's a great improvement on the older model. I grow a wide range of miniature orchids, ferns, and terrarium plants inside my BiOrbAir terrariums.

Permanent Publications (ISBN: 978-1-85623-301-9) is a fabulous book, full of information for gardeners, cooks, and anyone inspired to create products using natural ingredients. The Book of Orchids: A Life-Size Guide to Six Hundred Species from around the World by Maarten Christenhusz, published by The Ivy Press (ISBN: 978-1-78240-403-3) is a wonderful book for orchid enthusiasts that features lifesize pictures of each orchid.

Dalefoot Composts produced the best performing composts in my 2016 Peat Free Compost Trial. Dalefoot Composts are available for purchase online and delivered to homes across the UK, saving the recipient the task of collecting and unloading their compost.

The Chinese Kitchen Garden: Growing Techniques and Family Recipes from a Classic Cuisine by Wendy Kiang-Spray, published by Timber Press (ISBN: 978-1-60469-677-6) is a charming book that's certain to delight keen cooks and gardeners alike.

In my 2017 Sweet Pea Trial, the Maxi Rootrainers from Haxnicks performed better than the more widely used Deep Rootrainers. These larger-sized seed trays are ideal to use for sowing sweet peas, tomatoes, beans, and other deep-rooted plants.

The English Roses by David Austin (ISBN: 9781-84091-751-2), published by Conran Octopus is an updated book of roses, ideal for anyone planning a rose garden. Garden membership is a wonderful gift. The recipient will enjoy unlimited visits during opening times, with many gardens offering other exclusive, member only benefits. We are fortunate to have so many glorious gardens open to us and many are close by. It’s important to support these gardens and charitable organisations, to ensure we protect these beautiful spaces of historical and horticultural importance, their plant collections, horticultural knowledge, expertise, and training opportunities, for future generations.

Now for some book recommendations. Hedera: The Complete Guide by Hugh McAllister and Rosalyn Marshall, published by the Royal Horticultural Society (ISBN: 978-1-90705-773-1), is a marvellous ivy encyclopaedia. Packed full of everything you could wish to know about ivy, this fantastic book is perfect for Christmas.


Why not give Charles Dowding's latest book alongside the talk tickets? No Dig Organic Home & Garden: Grow, Cook, Use and Store Your Harvest by Charles Dowding Stephanie Hafferty, published by


Christmas is traditionally thought of as the season of goodwill. Friendship and times shared together are priceless. Why not volunteer to help in a friend or relation's garden, at a school, or in a local garden? Gardening is wonderfully uplifting - it's magical to share the experience and the joy.

FIND OUT MORE For full reviews and more information about each of these gifts, a planting list for terrariums and bottle gardens, gardening advice for the month ahead, and much more besides, visit my website

Allium ledebourianum (Beth Otway)

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NEWS - Christmas 2017 -

Rescuing Boarden Bridge The bridge, where many generations of Godalming’s children have played ‘pooh sticks’, was closed in 2016 due to the safety of the structure. The challenge for both the Town and County Councillors was how the repairs would be financed.

Godalming Town Council is delighted to announce that Boarden Bridge, the ancient crossing of the River Wey in Borough Road, is to be completely re-built by Surrey County Council. In addition, the approaches to the bridge from the Town are to be improved by Godalming Town Council.

The Town Council would like to publicly acknowledge its heartfelt and grateful thanks to the Caudle Memorial Fund who have generously agreed to finance the work for future Godhelmians. Without its support, it is doubtful whether this historic bridge would ever have been rescued. The Caudle Memorial Fund was established in memory of the late Peter Caudle, for whom the Caudle Hall at the Wilfrid Noyce Centre is named, a lifelong resident of Church Street whose legacy continues to support Godalming Town and its residents.

Town Council to Re-open Public Toilets



By the time you are reading this, the public toilets in Godalming and Farncombe village will be open!

The most important thing was to get the toilets reopened for the community and once the legal transfer is complete, the Town Council will then turn its consideration into improving these facilities.

Our thanks go to all those members of the community especially the Farncombe Initiative who supported Godalming Town Council in its negotiations with Waverley Borough Council. Boarden Bridge image from the Albert Watson Collection, Godalming Museum. Farncombe Toilets image from Get Surrey. Photos at top by Phil Kemp. www.theshutterbox.

December 2017

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Godalming Museum

After nearly 12 month's of negotiations Godalming Town Council and Waverley Borough Council agreed the transfer of the ownership of the Godalming Museum to the Town Council.

Council will be able to ensure that the excellent museum service, which is of so much benefit to the town, can continue.

However, the many residents and visitors to our town who enjoy the wide and varied exhibits and exhibitions held at the museum will hardly notice a difference.

The first benefit that users of the museum may notice will be the provision of Wi-Fi in all public areas of the museum, which will allow users to enjoy a cup of coffee in the museum’s café whilst they continue with their research.

The committed team from the Godalming Museum Trust will continue with the day-to-day operations of the museum. With a five-year support agreement from Waverley Borough Council in place, the Town

With the support of the Godalming Museum Trust, museum staff and the army of dedicated volunteers, the Town Council is confident that the Town’s museum service will go from strength to strength.


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The New Oglethorpe Hall You may have heard the name General James Oglethorpe, a Godhelmian of note, who in 1732 left Westbrook Place (now The Meath) in Godalming to establish the state of Georgia, USA. Since that time General Oglethorpe has been fêted around the world with many statues, monuments and buildings named in his honour, but none as important to Godalming as the new Oglethorpe Hall at the Wilfrid Noyce Centre.

Following the success of the first phase of refurbishment of the Wilfrid Noyce Centre the demand for space was so great that the Town Council agreed to extend the centre and build another selfcontained hall for community use. The Oglethorpe Hall is now available for hire and those wishing to make use of this facility should contact Godalming Town Council on 01483 523575 or email For more information about the Oglethorpe Hall, please visit the council's website at

The Oglethorpe Hall and town councillors using the room for a meeting

Diary Dates 2018

Sat 31st March First Farmers Market of 2018, thereafter the last Saturday of each month until October Sat 7th April Godalming Spring Festival, Town Centre Sat 5th May St Johns Church Spring Fair, The Bury’s Field Sun 13th May Godalming Run Sat 2nd June Godalming Round Table Town Show, The Bury’s Field Sat 7th July Godalming Summer Food Festival, Town Centre Sat 4th–12th Aug Godalming Staycation Sat 11th Aug Dogalming, Ockford Ridge Fri 2nd Nov Godalming Fireworks, The Bury’s Field Sun 11th Nov Remembrance Sunday, 100th anniversary commemorations of the Armistice and unveiling of the new War Memorial Sat 24th Nov Godalming Christmas Festival, Town Centre Sat 8th Dec Godalming Town Day including Blessing of the Crib and the Town's Carol Service

December 2017

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Binscombe Ward 3 Netherwood Court, Filmer Grove, Godalming, GU7 3AF T: 01483 427159 E:

Binscombe Ward 86 Furze Lane, Farncombe, Godalming, GU7 3NP T: 01483 421231 E: Waverley Borough Councillor

Binscombe Ward 1 Sol-Y-Vista, Frith Hill Road, Godalming, GU7 2EF T: 01483 423492 E: Waverley Borough Councillor

Binscombe Ward 4 South Hill, Godalming, GU7 1JT 1c T: 07860 861771 E:


Town CouncilCentral & Ockford Ward 4 Huxley Close, Supporting our Community Godalming, GU7 2AS T: 01483 429078 E: 1d Waverley Borough Councillor


Central & Ockford Ward 9 Hilltop Close, Guildford, GU3 3HR T: 01483 234253 E:

Supporting our Community

Central & Ockford Ward 21 Overbrook, Godalming GU7 1LX T: 07493 014625 E:

Charterhouse Ward 3 Hillside Way, Godalming, GU7 2HN T: 01483 414035 E:

Charterhouse Ward 15 Nightingale Road Godalming, GU7 3AG T: 01483 424483 E: Waverley Borough Councillor

Charterhouse Ward 27 Nightingale Road, Godalming, GU7 2HP T: 01483 417051 E:


Town Council Charterhouse Ward Brooklands, Red House Lane, Supporting our Community Elstead, Godalming, GU8 6DR T: 01483 421601 E: Waverley Borough Councillor


Farncombe & Catteshall Ward 19 Overbrook, Godalming, GU7 1LX T: 01483 429815 E:

Supporting our Community


Town Council

pporting Our Community

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Farncombe & Catteshall Ward 26 Town End Street, Godalming, GU7 1BH T: 01483 239997 E: Waverley Borough Councillor

Holloway Ward Acorns, The Fairway, Godalming, GU7 1PG T: 01483 420014 E:


Holloway Ward Acorns, The Fairway, Godalming, GU7 1PG T: 01483 420014 E:


Holloway Ward 18 Windy Wood, Godalming, GU7 1XX T: 01483 425644 E: Waverley Borough Councillor Surrey County Councillor


Central & Ockford Ward


Farncombe & Catteshall Ward Flat 2, 42 Croft Road, Godalming, GU7 1DD T: 01483 374575 E:

Godalming Town Council

Holloway Ward Tanglewood, Station Lane, Enton, Godalming GU8 5AE T: 01483 527006 E: Waverley Borough Councillor

Supporting Our Community

Godalming Town Council, Municipal Buildings, Bridge Street, Godalming, Surrey GU7 1HT Tel: 01483 523575 E-Mail: Web: 28 VANTAGEPOINT Acting Townplease Clerk: To advertise, callAndy 01483 Jeffery 420173



1st-18th NOVEMBER

for every

unique taste... ...make Elstead Lighting your first stop

LIGHTING VISIT OUR SHOWROOM TO TRY OUR NEW DECORATIVE LIGHTING ADVISORY SERVICE Our 10,000ft2 showroom is open 9:00am - 5:30pm Monday - Saturday Tel: 01420 590510 Elstead House, Mill Lane, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 2QJ

Climping Beach DEVIL'S PUNCH BOWL: HIGH ROAD AND PINE VALLEY This is a lovely walk along a great and unspoilt beach, just perfect for some post-Christmas exercise with the family and dogs. Just one factor that might influence your choice of date: it may be best not to go during a high tide. This is because the shingle on the beach is uncomfortable to walk on but at low or medium tide there is a wide mixed sand-and-pebble strip all the way which is perfectly walkable. To check before you go, try the tide times website at: and click on 'Worthing'. This walk is taken with permission from

• THE WALK 1. Facing the sea, turn left along the beach. If you go down the shingle you will find a fairly sandy strip and, although there are pebbles here and there, it is quite comfortable to walk on. At low tide, you may find even more sand. If you are walking at high tide, you can make use of a tarmac drive and continue over the dunes. Your first destination is a long breakwater in the distance. It guards the outflow of the River Arun. After a walk of 2km, turn left back up the beach alongside a sea barrier, looking across the river to Littlehampton and its funfair. 2. Go through a pay-and-display car park and continue near the river. You can either take a concrete lane or go down a strip of sand even closer to the river. If you choose the sandy route, you need to go left-right round a creek by the marina and possibly duck under some boarding ramps, after which you must exit left back to the concrete lane, through the Littlehampton Yacht Club and ferry entrance. Continue along the lane and, where it bears left to the West Beach car park, leave the lane by forking right on a narrow tarmac footpath. There are small sand dunes here and, as a temporary diversion, on your right a footbridge takes you to an islet with a seat, a possible picnic spot. Continue following the high path, passing a creek with several interesting old wrecks, going beside the white Dormy Cottage. You come out to a road. Keep straight ahead along the road, ignoring a footpath on your left. On your right soon is Ruth’s Café, a pleasant outlet with generous sandwiches. At a T-junction, turn right. Straight ahead, but not   

 







 


 


 

    To advertise, please  


on your route, is a swing bridge and, on the other side of the Arun you will find two pubs, the Steam Packet and the Arun View, both well regarded for food. Believe it or not, the River Arun didn’t always reach the sea here. Until the late 1400s it flowed into the River Adur 10 miles to the east. That route got silted up and the river found its own way to form the present estuary during the 1500s. 3. Turn immediately left on a wide tarmac drive for the Littlehampton Marina. In 50m, turn right as indicated, continue straight across the gravel to the riverside and turn left on a grassy path. After several impeccable mobile homes, you pass the Marina and, at a fingerpost, your path veers left across the concrete slipway and then veers right on a tarmac drive, passing the Boat House Café which is noted for its fresh fish. Keep right by some chalets and fork left, as directed by a signpost, through a gravel parking area and through a modern kissinggate onto a woodland path. As the path quickly winds its way out of the wood close to a road bridge, fork right up a bank onto a higher path, going under the road bridge and rejoining the wide path. Very shortly, before a solid metal fence, turn left as indicated on a rather overgrown path, up a step, over a wooden bridge into a field. 4. Follow the nice clear straight path across the barley field. After 600m, as you enter the next field, the path turns right at a fingerpost. Fork immediately left on a narrower path, avoiding the large metal gate ahead. You have a good view on your right of Arundel Castle and the South Downs. Your path veers left at a fingerpost onto a wide path and comes out, via a large metal gate to a road. Your route is left along the road, but 300m to the right, if you wish to visit, the late 12th / early 13th -century church of St Mary's Clymping, with many interesting features. Having turned left on the road, using the footway, continue to a roundabout and cross straight over to Crookthorn Lane opposite. (To avoid the barrier, it is best to switch first to the right-hand side.)

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Climping beach by Stefan Czapski

5. Just after a thatched cottage, turn right on a byway, passing St Mary's Clymping Primary School. Ignoring the footpath ahead, turn left opposite the school on a wide track between fields. After 300m, you reach a 4-way signposted junction. If you are not visiting the pub and the village, there is a short cut here: simply keep straight ahead on the track and turn right at the beach, or on a tarmac track, back to the start. Turn right on a nice clear path across the wheat field, continuing on a drive past thatched cottages to a lane. Turn left, immediately reaching the Black Horse Inn, a traditional country pub. After a possible break, continue on the lane, passing some old flint houses of the village and some woodland, arriving back at the beach where the walk began. Directions: Arriving at the big Arundel roundabout (via the A29/ A284 or the A27), take the minor turning for Ford, Climping. Go 3 miles through Ford, crossing a railway, to a major crossing of the A259 with a roundabout. Turn right on the A259 and, in nearly ½ mile, turn left as for Climping Beach. Park at the end of the lane

DISTANCE: 5 miles OS MAPS: OS Explorer 121 (Arundel)

in the car park. There is a modest charge by ticket, calculated from arrival time. A possible alternative free parking site is Crookthorn Lane, postcode BN17 5QU, with some competition from the school run. An alternative route is via the A24 and Worthing. Follow signs through Littlehampton and, from the A259, look for Climping Beach as above.

Tra Travel, Explore, Adventure

Breaking Free, the independent Outdoor shop 6 Townhall Buildings, The Borough, Farnham GU9 7ND

Breaking Free wish all our customers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Specialists in walking footwear

Stocking the largest range of walking boots and shoes in the South East. We stock footwear from Altberg (the only British Boot manufacturer), Berghaus, Hanwag, Keen, Meindl, Scarpa and The North Face. We are a Paramo Partner store.

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STARTING POINT: The walk begins at the Climping Beach car park, near Littlehampton, West Sussex, postcode BN17 5RN. For many more walks, please visit our website at

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Neither the publisher nor the author can accept any responsibility for any changes, errors or omissions in this route. Diversion orders can be made and permissions withdrawn at any time.

December 2017

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Food for Christmas • FOOD & DRINK

Recipes by Gill and Louise, the Great Little Cookery School

Mincemeat and Mince Pies Christmas for me is a time for family traditions, whether long-established ones or newly added. This recipe is my mum's mince pie pastry recipe; although she sadly died almost 17 years ago a lot of my recipes that I use today constantly evoke her memory. I have a small A6 handwritten book that she gave me back in Christmas 1994, now falling apart at the seams and so well thumbed through, a very treasured possession. It all depends how much time you have but I find shop-bought mincemeat overly sweet. I tend to add to a 400g jar a selection of things: some grated peeled cooking apple, a handful of chopped dried apricots, sultanas, some chopped cranberries either fresh or dried, possibly a slosh of brandy. I decant the jar into a larger bowl and stir in my additions. Do not let the mixture become too wet. Any that I am not using straight away can be frozen in a zip lock bag for the next baking session. Or add to stewed apples for a simple festive apple /mincemeat with crumble topping.

Ingredients: For the mincemeat: dried fruit -raisins, currants, apricots, cranberries, mixed peel approx 350g total weight, 150g beef or vegetarian suet, 120g dark brown sugar ,1/4 tsp mixed spice and 1/4 tsp nutmeg, zest and juice of a small orange, grated peeled cooking apple, 1/2 inch root finely grated peeled fresh ginger, approx 75ml brandy, or if you prefer alcohol free 75ml of well brewed black earl grey tea. For the pastry: 225g/8oz plain flour,110g/4oz packet margarine (I use Stork), 25g/1oz lard or vegetable baking fat -Trex, 1oz sugar, 1 egg yolk, 1-2 tbs cold water

For the mincemeat, add all to a large bowl and mix thoroughly with hands. Store in fridge in clean sterilized jars for one week or freeze in a zip lock bag and use within three months. 1. In a large bowl rub fats into flour until resembles fine bread crumbs. Stir through sugar. Stir through egg yolk. Now add water slowly initially 1 tbs and keep stirring through with a knife. Add more water slowly. You are aiming for a cohesive non-sticky ball that you can gently knead briefly. Really no more than 30 seconds otherwise you will have tough pastry. If you have added too much water simply dust with a small quantity of extra flour and gently knead until you have smooth dough. 2. Cover with cling film and allow to rest for at least 30 mins. It will keep well at least a week at this stage. 3. When you are ready to make the mince pies pre heat the oven to 210C - gas 7. Lightly flour both your work surfaces and rolling pin and roll to desired thickness. I find shop-bought mince pie pastry too thick and the fillings too sweet. With home made you can create them exactly how you like them. For me, I roll to about 2mm thick. 4. The number you make does depend on the thickness of your pastry but I make around 15 with this quantity. Don’t despair if you are new to pastry making -if the first rolling out doesn’t go well simply form back into a ball and start again - it is always easier to roll second time around. I like my mince pies decorated with a variety of pastry shapes such

as hearts and stars rather than a full pastry lid. 5. Make sure your mince pie tins are lightly greased – I use the wrapper from the packet margarine to do this. Don’t overfill each pie - approx 1 heaped tsp as you don’t want the mixture bubbling up and over the edge on cooking. If that happens just work fast to remove from the trays before it starts to stick. 6. Cook for 10-15 mins in the oven until lightly browned and smelling delicious Carefully lift out the pies whilst still hot. I use the tip of a rounded knife to ease out- allow to cool on a cooling rack. The filling will be very hot at this stage so resist all temptation to eat straight from the oven. 7. Once cold or just pre serving, sprinkle lightly with icing sugar. Stored in an airtight tin they will keep well in a cool place for one week or freeze well wrapped.

For more information, please visit They offer gift vouchers which make fantastic presents to the would-be cook. 10% off either a course or a voucher if you mention VantagePoint Magazine.


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Well, can you believe it, Christmas is here again. I know that I was always told that the older you get, the faster time goes by, but this is ridiculous! There seems to have been a huge number of Christmas fairs and markets in November and there are still quite a few happening in December, so still plenty of opportunity to finish the Christmas shopping. We are hosting Christmas this year, thirteen around the table. Wish us luck; last time we did it there was a serious incident with the gravy! Anyway, we wish everyone a very happy and peaceful Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Candle-Lit Carols Thursday 31st November and Friday 1st December 8pm Friends and visitors are warmly welcome to The Memorial Chapel, Charterhouse, Godalming for an enchanting evening of candle-lit carols sung by the School’s Chamber Choir. This festive occasion is an atmospheric performance of carols including Vaughan Williams’s Fantasia on Christmas Carols, Silent Night and Away in a Manger, as well as some lesser known carols. The music is interspersed with readings to celebrate advent and Christmas. The event, which lasts about an hour, will be conducted by Mark Blatchly. Choral singing is outstanding at Charterhouse, go along and hear for yourself! Admission is free with a collection for the charities, Amnesty International and Godalming Old People Welfare Association. Wait Until Dark at Guildford’s Yvonne Arnaud Theatre Tuesday 28th November to Saturday 2nd December Frederick Knott’s edge-of-your-seat thriller stars Jack Ellis and Oliver Mellor. Set amidst the social turbulence of 1960s London, the play follows the story of Suzy, a blind woman who becomes embroiled in an elaborate scam. For more information, visit or call 01483 440000. Jack and his Giant Stalk Tuesday 28th November to Sunday 31st December 8pm (Saturday matinées 3pm) No you haven’t read this wrong, this is the title of Guildford Fringe’s ADULT Panto, their fifth offering to date. It is was it says, an adult panto and is strictly for over 18s so please don’t go if you are easily offended! This is the ultimate adult Christmas party night out and it takes place at the Back December 2017

Room of the Star Inn, Quarry St, Guildford. Tickets are on sale now and are £18.50 each (£17.50 concessions) and they sell quickly – to make sure you don’t miss out on the action, call 0333 666 3366 or visit www.GuildfordFringe. com. The Magic of Christmas Wednesday 29th November to Saturday 23rd December Visit Santa and Mrs Claus at RHS Garden Wisley, for stories, songs and a present. For a more magical experience, join them to decorate gingerbread and make your own horticultural Christmas decoration as well as the stories and songs. This takes place at the weekends and from Tuesday 19th to Friday 22nd December.

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• PVCu - Timber - Aluminium Tel: 01483 894489 • Bespoke Conservatories • Soffits & Fascias The Tannery, Tannery Lane, Gosden Common, • Guttering & Cladding Bramley, Guildford GU5 0AB • Highest Quality of Workmanship • Full 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee • Genuine Customer Care with a Relaxed Approach Christmas Glow at RHS Garden Wisley Friday 1st to Wednesday 3rd January Enjoy the atmosphere of the festive season with the breathtaking Jigantics installation of giant illuminated flowers around the garden. The shop and plant centre will stay open late for your Christmas shopping needs. The Glasshouse will be open from 10am – 7.15pm (last entry 6.45pm) and features the special display ‘T’was the Night Before Christmas’ based on the poem by Clement Clarke Moore. The catering facilities will be offering supper, hot and cold drinks and snacks. Check website for details uk/wisley. The garden is closed on Christmas Day. Knit & Natter at Cranleigh Arts Centre Every Friday 10.30am-12 noon Are you nifty with needles or fancy being a wonder with wool? Join them for tea and biscuits, knitting and nattering in relaxed surroundings. All abilities welcome. Take your own yarn and needles. No booking necessary - just turn up! It’s free but a small donation towards tea would be welcome. Grayshott Folk Club Friday 1st December 7.30pm Grayshott Village Hall is the venue for the next gig which features The Way Down Wanderers on tour from Chicago, U.S.A. Young, upbeat and full of vitality, they are a blast of fresh air from the Windy City and will bring their own style of lively Americana/Folk/Bluegrass music to Grayshott. You won't be able to sit still! ( 34 VANTAGEPOINT

watch?v=Tt4kV6vFnVI). Support will come from Jonas & Jane, a home grown Bluegrass/Folk duo who make a very welcome return visit. Tickets £15 from all the usual places or Des O'Byrne on 01428 607096 or visit www. Guildford Gag House Christmas Specials From 1st December The line up for December is as follows; Friday 1st December, line-up includes: Matt Price, Maff Brown, Stephen Bailey and Mike Cox. Friday 8th December, line-up includes: Danny Buckler, Phil Jerrod, Jake Lambert and Aaron Simmonds. Friday 15th December line-up includes: Larry Dean, Abi Roberts, David Jordan and Darren Walsh. All gigs take place at The Back Room, The Star Inn, Quarry Street, Guildford GU1 3TY, start at 8pm and cost £15. Julian Lewry Music From Saturday 2nd December These are the last two gigs of the year, and excellent ones they are too. Making his 9th appearance at St. John's Church, they welcome back Tom Russell and his guitarist Max de Bernardi. Tom has a fabulous new album ‘Folk Hotel’ which is getting rave reviews. Tickets are £18 adv / £22 door. Then on Saturday 9th December, they welcome back ‘Any Colour You Like’ a fabulous 10-piece Pink Floyd tribute band. The net proceeds of the concert will be donated to the Godalming based Trinity Trust Team youth project. Their aim is to raise over £1,000 as they have done on Any Colour You

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YOUR COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD Oxenford 2012_Layout 1 07/11/2014 15:36 Page 1 • Like's previous shows for this charity. Call 01483 421520 or 07769 592452 or go to Also,


Christmas Fair Saturday 2nd December 10am-2pm The Clockhouse Christmas Fair will take place at The Clockhouse, Chapel Lane, Milford. There will be a raffle, tombola, gifts, arts & crafts, books, cakes, jams and chutneys, better buy, toys galore and kitchenware. To keep you sustained, there will soup and Dave’s famous hot beef rolls! Entrance by voluntary donations. Art for Christmas at Cranleigh Arts Centre Saturday 2nd December 10.30am-3.30pm Art for Christmas is returning for another one-day event presented by Surrey Artists’ Open Studio members, offering a fantastic opportunity to buy beautiful and unique gifts for your loved ones by their very talented artists. They will have original art and craft for sale at affordable prices, from a range of Surrey-based artists. You will have a chance to meet artists from across the county and learn how they produce their work. A range of jewellery, textiles, paintings, ceramics and more will be available to buy on the day and there will be a café open selling tea, coffee and delicious cakes. Free entry.

Member of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association


Open Every Day from 25th November, 9am to 6pm and 7pm on Fridays


Cranleigh Village Sports & Social Club From Saturday 2nd December Apart from all the sporting activities at the club, December has a number of live musical nights lined up. On Saturday 2nd, it is Revivals band, on Saturday 9th, there is a dance evening with David Read – ballroom, latin, sequence and disco. On Thursday 14th, it’s, the Startled Hampsters Band and on 23rd December its Changes Duo. Finally, on 31st December there is a New Year’s Eve Party featuring Forever Young – this is an all ticket event. The club is situated in Parsonage Road, Cranleigh GU6 7AN. To find out more about the club and all it offers, go to

Tel 01252 702109 e-mail:

St Hilary's Christmas Fair Saturday 2nd December 10am-3pm Elfridges, the Children's Shopping Emporium, will be opening its doors for one day only at the St Hilary's Christmas Fair which will take place at the school in Holloway Hill, Godalming. While the children are entertained, parents can browse the beautiful gift stalls, nibble on festive food, buy local wine and gin, and enjoy the carol singing - a festive fete to put a smile on everyone's face! There will also be a Santa's Grotto. The Cranleigh Art and Crafts Society Saturday 2nd December 2.30pm-4.30pm The Society are holding their last Demonstration of the year when artist and author, Joe Francis Dowden, will be painting using watercolour. He is always popular and provides an entertaining afternoon. Visitors are welcome to join them [£3] in the Bandroom, Village Way, Cranleigh GU6 8AF. Contact 01483 278698 or 01483 275721 for further details. December 2017

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Lynn Lynn Henderson Henderson

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If you are experiencing matrimonial and relationship problems then If you experiencing matrimonial and relationship problems then we can are support you to explore options and find affordable solutions. we can support you to explore options and find affordable solutions. Our aim is to help you move forward and get your life back on track.

Our aim is to help you move forward and get your life back on track.

If we can help then please contact us for a free initial appointment.

Simon Clark

Simon Clark

If we can help then please contact us for a free initial appointment. THE WHITE HOUSE | 2a Meadrow | Godalming | Surrey | GU7 3HN

THE WHITE HOUSE | 2a Meadrow | Godalming | Surrey | GU7 3HN 01483 901060 01483 901060 Mead Christmas Fair or call 01483 304384. The venue is St Mary’s Church, Saturday 2nd December Quarry Street, Guildford GU1 3UA. Park Mead Primary School, Cranleigh, will be holding its Mane Chance Christmas Events Christmas Fair on Saturday 2nd December from 11amFrom Wednesday 6th December 1.30pm. Join them for some festive fun! The Mane Chance Christmas Lunch in association with Historical Association (West Surrey Branch) Europasat will be held in the Mandolay Hotel in Guildford on Tuesday 5th December 7.30pm Wednesday 6th December at 12 noon. A prosecco reception At their next lecture, Professor Andrew Jotischky, from the will be followed by a 3 course festive lunch with wine. The University of London will talk on ‘The Crusades: Holy War guest speaker is Chris Moon, MBE, who lost two limbs when or the Clash of Civilisation?’ What really happened has helping to clear landmines and is the only westerner to become an issue in our times. Takes place at St Nicholas’ have survived kidnap by the Khmer Rouge. There will be a Hall, Bury Street, Guildford GU2 4BW. Visitors very welcome tombola, raffle and silent auction. Tickets at £55 and further (£3 at the door) students free. Further information from details are available from www.manechancesanctuary. Rollo Crookshank on 01252 319881 or email crookshank@ org/lunch. Then on Sunday 10th December, The Church of St. Peter & St. Paul in Godalming is the venue for their 6th annual Christmas Carols. They will be joined by St. Hilary’s GSC Bard Walk Film Premiere School Junior Choir and a number of celebrity readers. Tuesday 5th December 7pm for 7.30pm Mulled wine and mince pies will be available after the Last year Guildford Shakespeare Company’s co-founder Matt carols. Tickets are just £10 with concessions £5 and are Pinches, embarked on a walk that Shakespeare once took available from Mane from Stratford-upon- Avon to his place of work, London’s Chance Sanctuary, founded by actress Jenny Seagrove, is a Bankside. His 146 mile adventure was filmed including vast oasis of peace and tranquility and home to 29 horses shots of Shakespeare’s birthplace and The Painted Room in on their 60 acre site in Compton. Oxford, where he reputedly stayed overnight en route. The Bard Walk was a fund-raising event to help GSC establish a Ockford-Godalming WI Group long-term home for their wonderful productions. Tickets cost Wednesday 6th December £10 and include an introductory talk from Matt and a Q&A. They meet on the 1st Wednesday of every month at the Book online at www.guildford-shakespeare-company. Scout and Guide Headquarters, Seymour Road, off Eashing 36 VANTAGEPOINT

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YOUR COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD • Lane, Godalming. At the next meeting there will be a talk entitled ‘British Comedy Greats’ by Bob Harding-Jones. As well as monthly meetings, outings and theatre trips are arranged throughout the year. There are also pub lunches, book reading evenings and regular craft sessions. The group welcomes new members. Contact the secretary on 01483 415702. Grayshott Flower Club Wednesday 6th December 7pm The club meets at Grayshott Village Hall and at their December meeting, there will be a demonstration given by Christine Evans the title of which is ‘Christmas’. The members’ competition is ‘All that Glistens’ so it looks as if they are starting the Christmas Festivities early this year! On Saturday 16th December Ann Maree Dicker will be giving a Christmas Workshop helping to make one or two seasonal arrangements. If you would like any further information on this friendly club, which always welcomes visitors and new members, call 01428 651956. Annual Christmas Concert Thursday 7th December 8pm Celebrate the festive season at Cranleigh Art Centre’s wonderful Christmas Concert, when they’ll be performing the very best of The Cranleigh Community Choir’s repertoire! A great event for all the family, with a high standard of wonderful performances from professionals, students, dancers and of course the choir - so be there for a brilliant night out! Tickets: £7.70; £5.50 Child under 12. Call 01483 278000 (Tuesday-Saturday 10am-4.30pm) or visit www.





MOT Testing +Servicing & Repairs Centre +Tyres +Diagnostics +Fault finding +Brakes +Airconditioning +Free courtesy cars +While you wait service +Free Collection & Delivery service within the local area +Female friendly Garage

Low Prices on Big Brands MOT AND SERVICING Free Brake FROM Pads£139.00 INCLUDING VAT

MOTS £39

CHECK for the lifeFREE timeWINTER of your car!

MOTS £39 interim service from £75 + vat Woodside Park Garage, Unit 1A £20 &1B, Coopers Place, Combe Lane, Wormley, MOT only when booked Godalming, Surrey, GU8 5SZ

with a full service

01428 687831

All services include a complimentary

car wash and hoover Elstead Afternoon Women’s Institute Thursday 7th December 2.15pm for 2.30pm Air con Recharge £49.00 For their meeting in December in Elstead Village Hall, instead woodside park A6 v2.indd 1 includes free anti-bacterial clean of four volunteer ladies providing the usual delicious tea, the worth £20 committee will take their turn to present the refreshments for the Christmas Party, when members can also enjoy ‘In Accord – Music for Christmas’. If you would like to become V MOT Testing V Air Conditioning a member of the WI, do join them on the 4th January 2018 – V Servicing & Repair Centre V Tyres you will be very welcome. Contact Venetia Pierce on 01252 702415. V Diagnostics V Fault finding V Brakes

01/10/2015 12

Cranleigh Antique Collectables Fair Thursday 7th and 21st December 7.30am–3pm This takes place at Cranleigh Village Hall, Village Way, Cranleigh GU6 8AT. There’s easy access and parking nearby. There are many stalls at this long established popular fair and freshly cooked refreshments are available. You will find antiques, collectables, vintage, bric-a-brac, books, records, cards and jewellery. Free entry. Contact Paul on 07980 384491 or David on 01483 274012.

V While you wait service V Female friendly V FREE courtesy car V Free collection & delivery service

Les Amitiés Françaises Thursday 7th December at 7.30pm The next lecture will be on Judaism in France. Cedric Cabanne, a wonderful speaker, is a history and geography teacher and also lectures on cruise ships. The presentation will take place in central Godalming, at the Baptist Church

Unit 1A & 1B Coopers Place, Combe Lane, Wormley, Godalming GU8 5SZ

December 2017

Woodside Park Garage

Tel: 01428 687831

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Late Night Openings

• Fresh, home grown Christmas Trees • Meet our resident reindeer

8th & 15th DECEMBER 6pm - 8pm with 10% discount on all trees purchased between these times.

• Visit Santa in his grotto * • Two fantastic shops for decorations and gifts • Wreath making & Pottery painting workshops (Booking essential)

• Local produce market * • Catch the barrel train * • Horse and carriage rides * • Refreshments from the 140 field kitchen * * Weekends only

Hall on Queen Street. Visitors are welcome. For details of events and membership, email or visit: and their Facebook page: @amitieswaverley

Concert in the Trees will take place at St Nicolas Church Cranleigh on Saturday 9th December at 6.30pm. Tickets at £10, from Handyman, Church Office (01483 273620), www. or on the door.

Milford & District U3A Friday 8th December 2pm The next talk in Milford Village Hall will see Sarah Oldridge talk about ‘The Story of Kew Gardens’ where she has worked for over 30 years. The U3A choir will entertain with a selection of Christmas carols and the afternoon will include tea, cakes and mince pies – all for £1! Members and non members welcome.

Cranleigh Folk Friday 8th December Cranleigh Folk will be hosting a Christmas Special of acoustic music and song in the upstairs room at The Punchbowl Inn in Okewood Hill RH5 5PU, just south of Ockley. Music from talented local singers and musicians starts at 8.30pm and ranges from folk to popular and will include Christmas songs both Victorian and traditional. Admission is free and all are welcome, whether performers or listeners. If you need more information, email or see their facebook page: Cranleigh Folk Club.

Dick Whittington at Guildford’s Yvonne Arnaud Theatre Friday 8th December to Sunday 7th January Judy Cornwell (Keeping up Appearances) will star as Fairy Bowbells in the traditional family pantomime adventure, Dick Whittington, this Christmas! Bag the best seats in the house by getting your family Christmas outing in the diary now and join the Panto gang on their magical, swashbuckling search for fame and fortune. For more information visit www. or call 01483 440000. Christmas Tree Festival Friday 8th to Monday 11th December This takes place at St Nicolas Church Cranleigh with refreshments being served in Church throughout. Check with the website or call the office on 01483 273620 for further details on opening times. 38 VANTAGEPOINT

Waverley Dowsers Society Friday 8th December 7.30pm Ann Stallybrass will give a talk – ‘Star Gates and End Times’. Held at the Unitarian Hall, Meadrow, Godalming, GU7 3JB. Meetings are held the 2nd Friday of the month. Check their website for more information at www.WaverleyDowsers. Christmas Concerts Saturday 9th Sunday 10th December Two Surrey Hills Christmas Concerts to put you in the festive mood! Join them for their family concert featuring

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Live-in Care in the comfort of your own home

Rest assured we care ltd, established in 2002, is a specialist live-in care agency offering a real alternative to a nursing home. We aim to help you maintain your independence and quality of life in your familiar home environment.

Our Care Services: • Companionship • Personal Care • Medication Reminders • Assisting with Mobility • Meal Perparation

• Respite Cover • Post-Operative Care • Specialist Care • Dementia Care • Reablement

Our care workers are fully trained, referenced, police checked (DBS), fully supported and selected for their caring nature and practical abilities.

T: 01483 481000 E: W: the children and adult choirs on Saturday 9th December, 6.30pm at Cranleigh Village Hall. Or, if you’d prefer a more sophisticated evening, join the adult choirs for a candlelit concert on Sunday 10th December, 8pm at St Nicolas Church, Guildford. Tickets are available online at www. or by emailing tickets@ Cregan and Co Saturday 9th December 8pm Rod Stewart’s guitarist and co-songwriter for 20 years Jim Cregan, joins forces with 2006 X-Factor finalist Ben Mills, together with a great band, to celebrate the smash hits of the many top artists that Jim has worked with, including Family, Cockney Rebel, Joe Cocker, Katie Melua, Cat Stevens, Linda Lewis, and of course Rod Stewart! It takes place at The Wilfrid Noyce Centre, Godalming and you can get tickets from Christmas Fair Saturday 9th December 2pm-4pm Ewhurst C of E Infant School are holding their annual Christmas Fair in the School Hall and Grounds. This popular annual event will have Fantastic Festive Fun for all the family, including their Grand Raffle with superb top prizes, face-painting, bottle and chocolate tombolas, crafts and activities, gifts, decorations, refreshments and, of course, the opportunity to meet Santa in his Christmas Grotto! All are welcome and entry is by donation on the door. All proceeds December 2017

will go towards supporting this lovely school. They would love to see you there! Cats Protection Guildford and Godalming Branch. Saturday 9th December It’s your last chance to buy our quality Christmas cards, diaries, calendars and presents for your cats and all the family. So please come and find us at the Churches Together Day in Godalming on Saturday 9th December. We shall be there from 9am until 4pm. If you can help our branch in any way please call us on 01483 422529, email: Festive Cruises on The Wey & Arun Canal From 10th December The extremely popular Santa Cruises will be running on 10th, 17th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd December. Trips depart at 11am, 12noon and 2.00pm and cost £10 per person to include festive refreshments and a gift from Santa for all children under 12 years of age. There will also be a Santa Cruise for the grown-ups on Friday 15th December, 7.30 – 9pm. It’s a 90 minute trip along the canal whilst enjoying a glass of mulled wine with snacks, and seasonal sing-along music. Santa will also have a small gift for everyone! Tickets cost £15 per person. On Boxing Day and New Year’s Day festive trips depart at 11am, 12noon and 2pm. Tickets: £6 for adults; £3 for children. Booking in advance is essential for all the trips. Full details are available on the website and bookings can be made online. Alternatively, call The Wey &

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Arun Canal Trust Office on 01403 752403 or email office@ More information at www.weyandarun. Christmas Sale Sunday 10th December 10am-4pm You are invited to pop along for a cup of hot Wassail at the 27th Have a Heart Christmas Sale. Every penny you spend enables them to support over 60 charities at Christmas, and throughout the year. The more you buy, the more they give! Beautiful, unique, driftwood angels, antique linen angels, and lavender-filled hearts, delicate hand crafted ceramics, delicious chocolates and festive fare, and much much more. Takes place at Old Farm Barn Stovolds Hill, Cranleigh, Wassail at 11am. The Hogs Back Road Race Sunday 10th December Believe it or not, this is the 57th Race and, at the time of writing over 800 runners have already entered. There may still be a few places left should you feel a last minute urge to participate. You need to go to hogs-back-road-race/ as soon as possible. The race starts and finishes at Loseley House. Runners follow a professional race pacing team along a marked and measured route to the Hogs Back, 11.7km in total. All runners receive a cheeky pig medal and complimentary refreshments and there are prizes for the first few finishers. Event sponsors Wilkins Kennedy are organising a fuel station roughly 5km into the race. 40 VANTAGEPOINT

‘Aladdin A Genie-Us’ Pantomime Thursday 12th to Tuesday 17th December Godalming Theatre Group’s production, at Ben Travers Theatre Charterhouse, tells the traditional story of a poor laundry boy who falls in love with the beautiful Princess Jasmine, before meeting his ‘Uncle’ Abanazar. Things do not go to plan and Aladdin is sealed in the cave where he meets the Genie of the Lamp! What happens next? With great routines, jokes and one-liners, Aladdin A Genie-Us Pantomime is an exciting, funny production for the whole family. Tickets are just £12.50; call the Box Office on 07402 484484 or go to What a great way to start the festive season! Electric Theatre Jazz Café Tuesday 12th December 7.30pm Guildford Jazz presents an evening of first class jazz with one of the UK's finest trumpeters, Enrico Tomasso. A lifelong friend of Louis Armstrong, Enrico has worked with Bryan Ferry, the Pasadena Roof Orchestra, Claire Teal, Ray Gelato and many more. Seating is cabaret style, in the intimate and authentic ‘jazz club’ atmosphere of the Jazz Cafe at the Guildford Electric Theatre in Onslow Street GU1 4SZ. Tickets are £14; call the Box Office on 01483 444789. Ewhurst History Society Tuesday 12th December 8pm ‘Ewhurst Through Historic Eyes’ is a talk by Janet Balchin, Chairman and archivist of the Society. Janet will ask us what

To advertise, please call 01483 420173


you can learn from looking at original images, paintings and early photographs. She will show a wide variety of local views of Ewhurst followed by mulled wine and mince pies. All very welcome. Non members £2 at the door to include tea/coffee. Takes place at Ewhurst Baptist Church. See Christmas Concert Tuesday 12th December Kathryn Harries Presents a Celebration of Christmas at St Nicolas' Church, Guildford. Do try and support your local cancer charity, the Fountain Centre, at their annual Christmas concert. It promises to be a wonderful evening of Christmas music hosted by international opera star Kathryn Harries with special guests. Join them for an evening that cannot fail to get you in the mood for Christmas! Tickets from Godalming Evening Townswomen’s Guild Tuesday 12th December The Guild is part of a nationwide organisation. The first Guilds were set up in 1929 and the Godalming Guild was formed in 1937 and earlier this month members celebrated the anniversary with a dinner and entertainments. Members and guests were presented with an anniversary gift. This month’s meeting is on the 12th December and will be a Christmas Party with bring and share supper, parcel swop, quizzes and games. The venue is the Baptist Church Hall, Queen Street Godalming. The hall will open at 7.15pm and the meeting starts at 7.45pm.

Upholstery services,UPHOLSTERY furniture & fabric, TRADITIONAL courses & workshops and curtains & blinds • Modern and traditional • Sofas, winged armchairs, foot-stools, drop in seats • Chair and sofa cushions replacement • Latest stunning fabrics available • Email a photo or call for a free quote.

Funky new studio at 57 St. John’s Street, Farncombe

One stop shop for all upholstery needs Upholstery Day Workshops & 10 Week Courses available See website forand details For further details to book

01483 801108 -

01483 801108

Studio space is available for private hire

Busbridge Evening WI Tuesday 12th December 8pm A very enjoyable evening is in store for Busbridge Evening Advert_SarahLouiseDix_artwork.indd 1 14/01/2015 WI members at their Christmas meeting, when The Pilgrim Heritage & Conservation Consultancy Ringers will be playing their handbells. The meeting is Professional advice for owners and buyers of listed held in Busbridge Village Hall, Brighton Road, Godalming buildings and historic structures, including extensions, alterations, repairs, site development potential and GU7 1XA. Further information about the Institute's regular planning. We work with your existing agent or help you find meetings, lunches, groups, walks, etc from Pat Oxborough the experts you require. on 01483 417303. Informed heritage impact statements, heritage assessments, The Branch Café, Godalming Have you tried the new café in Godalming? It is on the 1st Floor of 11, Wharf Street, which is accessible by a lift or stairs, and has been designed for those wanting a cafe December 2017

verbal advice and historical research.

Help and advice to agents, architects, surveyor’s developers and Councils. Tel: 07976 266686 E:

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✔ Fixed-Fee Probate ✔ Inheritance Tax ✔ Care Fees ✔ Conveyancing ✔ Family Law

Carl Ingram, Partner & STEP qualified solicitor

FREE 1/2 hour of advice

POWER OF ATTORNEY £195+vat each £350+vatfor two

up to

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01252 471211 01483 494122 Eastgate House, Dogflud Way, Farnham £129+vat single/£199+vat couples*

*Straight-forward wills completed in one appointment(normally £199/299). GoodLaw are authorised & regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Court fees apply to register powers of attorney

with a more peaceful environment. If you would like to work, relax or just read a book in a comfortable setting, the Branch Café will suit you. They serve coffee, tea and healthy food and have superfast Wifi. Opening hours are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and they are located between Seymours Estate Agents and Halo Hairdressers. Why not go and try them out? Western Front Association Surrey Branch Wednesday 13th December 7.45pm Taking place at Cobham Day Centre, the next event is a talk by Max Arthur entitled ‘Forgotten Voices of the Great War’. Max will share his experiences of interviewing the last 21 British veterans of WW1 – the youngest at the time was 104, the oldest 109! “I particularly remember one man who had gone over the top at Arras with the East Surrey Regiment kicking a football ahead of him before a bullet penetrated his helmet and he was left for dead. Fortunately, a stretcher bearer spotted a slight movement and he was saved. Listening to his story was his 86-year-old son who had never heard his father talk of the war”. Wow, this should be an absolutely fascinating evening. Email Andy Thompson at for full details. Farncombe Morning Townswomen's Guild Wednesday 13th December 10am-12noon This month's meeting will be the guild's Christmas Party for members and visitors, held in their usual venue, The Church Room, St. John's Church, St. John's Street, 42 VANTAGEPOINT

Farncombe. They meet on the second Wednesday of each month, and besides a speaker or activity, there is a raffle and refreshments. Visitors are always welcome to visit this friendly guild; the fee is just £1. For more information, contact Wendy Morton on 01483 429409. The Wintershall Nativity Play Wednesday 13th to Sunday 17th December The hugely acclaimed Wintershall Nativity Play will be performed both inside and outside of Holly Barn at Wintershall, Bramley near Guildford. To book the Nativity, call 01793 418299 or book online at Performance times are 13th-15th December at 4.30pm and 7pm, 16th December 11am, 2.30pm & 5.30pm, 17th December 2.30pm & 5.30pm. Performances are 90 minutes long and there is free parking. The plays are extremely popular so do book early. Dick Whittington Panto in Cranleigh Thursday 14th at 6pm Friday 15th December at 7.30pm and Saturday 16th December at 2.30pm Join hero ‘Dick Whittington’ on an adventure to London, where the streets are paved with gold, to seek your fortune. ‘Dick Whittington’ is their funniest and most spectacular pantomime ever! Packed with songs, slapstick, silliness, breath-taking special effects, audience participation and all the fairy-tale magic of traditional pantomime! Takes place at Cranleigh Arts Centre. Tickets: £12 child; £14.50 adult; £48 family of 4. Call 01483

To advertise, please call 01483 420173

YOUR COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD • 14:57 Milford Window Company Oct 13_Layout 1 12/03/2015 278000 (Tuesday-Saturday 10am-4.30pm) or visit www. A 70/70/70 Challenge Do you remember in October we wrote about an amazing, nearly 70 year old lady, Bridget Bagnall, who proposed to walk 70 miles in 70 hours from Ham House to the South Coast via the Thames, Wey and Downs Link Paths. Well she has done it! She had to survive blisters, sore toes and a swollen ankle but completed the task and has raised over £3250 for the wonderful Shooting Star Chase. She says that she is not promising to do anything so foolish again! However, she reckons that she will be fully fit by the time of her 70th birthday in April so who knows what she might do next. A remarkable lady indeed! Watts Gallery Artists Village Thursday 14th December 7pm They are, in association with Ventura Cinema, screening the 2015 adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s masterpiece ‘Far from the Madding Crowd’. The story was first illustrated by Helen Allingham in 1874 when serialised in Cornhill magazine. During the interval, you can enjoy live music and order drinks from the bar. It is also a chance to see Allingham’s work, which is being exhibited at the gallery. Tickets are £15, £12.50 concessions. Call 01483 810235 or go to the website Watts Gallery is situated in Down Lane, Compton GU3 1DQ. Milford Probus Club Friday 15th December This is a club for retired and semi-retired professional and businessmen and women and have members from Waverley and beyond. They meet in Godalming on the third Friday of each month for lunch followed by a talk on a wide variety of subjects. The December meeting is the Christmas lunch. Guests are always welcome to meetings by invitation, and on visits such as the recent walking tour of London. Prospective members are invited to attend a meeting without obligation. Lady members will be especially welcomed. More information at You can also contact Mike Thompson on 01483 428181, email The Clockhouse Cinema Friday 15th December 7.30pm They are showing 'The Sense of an Ending', a Drama/ Mystery starring Charlotte Rampling, Jim Broadbent and Michelle Dockery at The Clockhouse, Chapel Lane, Milford GU8 5EZ. Licensed Bar. Tickets at £5 are available from The Clockhouse on 01483 420668. The doors open at 6.45pm for a drink at the bar. They have a 20 minute interval with refreshments available. Milford and District U3A Friday 15th December at 2pm Their singing group will be marking Christmas with ‘A Noel Celebration’ in words and music at St John's Church, St John Street, Farncombe. All very light-hearted and not what you're used to. No admission charge, but there will be a voluntary retiring collection in aid of organ repairs and December 2017


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GLASS & GLAZING SERVICES New Premises, Same Great Service In House Glazing Service Replacement Windows and Doors Secondary Double Glazing supplied and fitted Kitchen Splashbacks - Double Glazing Repairs Lead Lights made and repaired Unframed mirrors and table tops made to order Framed mirrors now available Toughened Glass made to order Unit 2, Miltons Yard, Petworth Road, Witley GU8 5LH Tel: 01483 422799 Mob: 07851 620463 Monday to Friday 8am-5pm, Saturday 8am-Midday

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Fungal Nail Infection is an extremely common problem in the UK.Simply treat fungal nail infections using Lunula ‘cold’ laser therapy Today the latest Cold Laser Technology can be used to eradicate this problem.

Fungal nail infections are an increasing problem facing many people within the UK. Many people don’t recognise the infection allowing it to grow and spread without control for months or sometimes years. Topical treatment are often tried but rarely result in an improvement. Nail fungus is caused by fungal organisms such as dermatophyes which thrive in the warm, dark and humid environment within our shoes. The fungus digests the keratin within the nail and also skin, associated with other skin infections such as athlete’s foot. The nails appear discoloured and become thickened; eventually nail may become brittle and 01252 716611 crumbly, in many cases leading to the total nail break down. Suites 5 & 6, 29 East Street, Farnham GU9 7SW The latest treatment available in Farnham can be found at Waverley Foot Clinic. Lunula ‘Cold’ Laser therapy is a simple process of five consecutive weeks’ treatment (half hour each week). As the name suggests, the laser light used is within the cold spectrum so there is no sensation at all. Lunula ‘cold’ Laser is a therapy from the USA and has been successfully used in the UK since June 2012 and is now available at Waverley Foot Clinic in Farnham. Finally, it’s very important to understand that fungal nail very rarely goes away without treatment. For a diagnostic appointment to discuss all aspects of a nail fungus infection and Lunula ‘cold laser therapy please call Waverley Foot Clinic on 01252 716611. Much more information is also available on the website at The results before and after | 01252 716611 Suites 5 & 6, 29 East Street, Farnham GU9 7SW church maintenance. Why not join them afterwards for a mince pie and a cup of coffee (or tea, if you prefer) in the Church Hall. Further details about the event and the singers from Wayne Richardson at Handel’s Messiah Saturday 16th December 7.30pm The Occam Singers together with the world-famous Hanover Band, one of Britain’s finest period instrument orchestras, under the baton of David Gibson, will be performing this classical masterpiece at Holy Trinity Church, High St. Guildford. Handel’s Messiah is surely one of the musical wonders of the world and it is indeed miraculous that Handel composed it in just 24 days in 1742. Tickets: at the door £15, pre-booked £12 (£7 students). You can also call the The Occam Singers on 01252 783977, the Record Corner, Godalming on 01283 422006 or GTIC, 155 High St. Guildford on 01483 444333. This season Occam Singers will be supporting the work of local charity LinkAble, whose main aim is to champion people with learning difficulties. Guildford Folk Dancers Saturday 16th December 7.30pm to 11pm The club’s Christmas Dance will take place at Normandy Village Hall, Manor Fruit Farm, Glaziers Lane, Normandy GU3 2DT. Ivan Aitken will be calling a variety of traditional English folk dances with accompanying music by Keeping Thyme. The club meets regularly on Thursdays from 8pm–10.15pm at All Saints Church Hall, Onslow Village, Guildford GU2 44 VANTAGEPOINT

7QJ. They welcome new and experienced dancers, either with a partner or alone. For further details visit www. or call 01428 683423. Extend Exercise Classes Fun fitness classes for the over 60's take place on Mondays from 2.30pm-3.30pm at the Gostrey Centre in Farnham. Also, on Wednesdays from 11.30am -12.30pm at the Reform Church in Godalming. On Thursdays, there are classes from 2pm-3pm at St Joan's in Farnham. For more information contact Joanna Payne on 07880 722272, email jololoma@ A Family Christmas Concert Saturday 16th December 7pm Held in the beautiful setting of St Peter’s Church, Hascombe, The Tapestry Chamber Orchestra will perform a lovely programme of Christmas music, a mix of some of the most popular Christmas carols and old favourites such as White Christmas. Tickets, limited to just 100, are £25 each of which £12.50 will go to The Bridewell Foundation and St. Peter’s Fabric Fund. Send your cheque made payable to Hascombe PCC and a Gift Aid Declaration (if appropriate) with a SAE to Levine Andrade, 7 Great Goodwin Drive, Guildford GU1 2TX. Contact 07730 533679 email The price includes mulled wine or soft drink for under 18s plus mince pies donated by The White Horse. You can book a post concert dinner at The White Horse; call 01483 208258 or email pub@whitehorsepub. net. Diners can use the pub car park!

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HIGH STREET, BRAMLEY, SURREY GU5 0HE The Unattached Group Are you looking to have a more exciting, enjoyable social life in 2018? The Unattached Group is a social group for single people aged between 55 and 69, who participate in social events together, including, theatre, cinema, walks, meals out, day trips to London attractions, and many more. They have a weekly pub meeting in the Guildford area. If you are interested in finding out more, why not go along to one of their pub meetings. For further details, contact, or ring Becky on 07855 008897. They look forward to welcoming you. Godalming Baptist Church Saturday 16th December The coffee shop will be open from 10.30am to 1.30pm with The You-Ukes band playing from 11am (donations for the Cellar Café). A new and old Christmas sale will also be on until 12 noon. A good chance to browse the various stalls and bag some Christmas gifts. Email for more information. On Sunday 17th December the church, in Queen St, Godalming GU7 1BA, will be holding a Nativity play at 10.30am. There will be a part for all children, even visitors, so do take the children along where they can borrow a costume and play a part on stage, email catherine@ for more information. Grayshott Folk Club's Christmas Special Saturday 16th December They welcome back Magpie Lane to Grayshott Village hall. December 2017


They are renowned for their harmony singing, beautiful playing and melodic presentations of traditional Christmas and seasonal songs. Their famous Christmas shows in Oxford sell out every year. Support from Mervyn Mewis & Kathryn Young who enchanted everyone when they supported Faustus back in April. Numbers will be limited so that they can seat the audience around larger tables together. They encourage the audience to bring their own food and table decorations if they want to (but this is not obligatory), whilst they supply complimentary Christmas Crackers and Mince Pies, there is also the usual fullylicensed pay bar. Tickets £15 from all the usual places or call Des O'Byrne on 01428 607096. www.grayshottfolkclub. Christmas Concert Saturday 16th December Godalming Band and Godalming Youth Band are holding their traditional joint Christmas concert at Godalming United Church. The evening rounds off the band’s 80th anniversary celebrations with a concert of musical treats and Christmas spirit for friends and supporters. Doors open at 6.30pm for a 7pm start. Adults £6, U16s £3, reserve via Dominic on 01483 355129. Scouting in Godalming As more and more young people join the adventure of Scouting in and around Godalming each year, they are on the lookout for more adults to support and manage their

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Jottings Our specialist team of private client solicitors can help you with: Wills • Trusts • Powers of Attorney • Probate and Estate Administration • Estate and Inheritance Tax Planning



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The Tanners • 75 Meadrow • Godalming • Surrey • GU7 3HS • 01483 861848 •

fantastic team of adult volunteers. In particular, Godalming needs a District Commissioner who will support and lead the talented team of uniformed leaders. Anyone interested in volunteering can find out more at www.surrey-scouts. Scouting provides fun, challenge and life changing adventure to 450,000 young people, both boys and girls across the UK, building confidence, and promoting practical, employment and character skills. All of this is made possible by 100,000 adult volunteers. For more information contact Julia Kielstra at or on 01737 842093. West Surrey Decorative and Fine Arts Society Tuesday 19th December They continue their programme of lectures with a lecturerecital entitled ‘The Twelve days of Christmas’. Each year, Christ’s birthday, 25th December, signifies the beginning of twelve festive days of celebrations and music making. In this lecture-recital Peter Medhurst explores the wealth of Christmas music, traditions and curious legends that are connected with them. The society meets in Shalford Village Hall on the fourth Tuesday in the month at 9.45am for coffee. The lecture starts at 10.30am. New members and visitors are very welcome. Details of their programme of lectures, visits and holidays for 2018 can be found on their website or by calling 01483 414976. Godalming Flower Club Tuesday 19th December Join them for fun and to learn a new hobby. The club 46 VANTAGEPOINT

meets on the third Tuesday of each month in the Baptist Church, Queen Street, Godalming. You can watch expert demonstrations, join the craft club or a workshop to learn the basics of flower arranging. For more information, go to the website or email You can also call Linda on 01483 495727. A Christmas Carol - A Folk Opera Wednesday 20th December 7.30pm A brand-new retelling of the best-loved Yuletide adventure of them all – Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’. Using new lyrics and traditional English folk tunes. The first half of the show is a blend of Victorian carols and midwinter folk songs, the second half is an hour-long ‘folk opera’ of his most iconic novella - the tale of how flinty-hearted miser Ebenezer Scrooge undergoes several ghostly visitations over the course of a cold and bitter Christmas Eve and awakes the following morning transformed into the epitome of the Christmas spirit - warm-hearted, generous and loving. Tickets: £11. Call Cranleigh Arts Centre on 01483 278000 (Tuesday-Saturday 10am-4.30pm) or visit www. Jazz at the Movies with Joanna Eden Wednesday 20th December 7.45pm An enchanting show rich with anecdote, sophistication and swing, ‘A Swinging Christmas’ gathers jazzy festive favourites of the Silver Screen, with songs and soundtracks

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from classic films such as From Russia with Love and Let’s Make Love and Christmas tunes ranging from Winter Wonderland to Santa Baby. Regularly sold-out at Ronnie Scott’s, Jazz at the Movies have a reputation for vivid music, deep repertoire and droll presentation. Takes place at St John’s Church Hall, St. John’s Street, Farncombe, Godalming GU7 3EJ. Tickets £15, including a glass of fizz and a mince pie, from For enquiries, call 07725 109890.

be the first Christmas that the Cathedral will open since their recent renovations. The event will be a mix of traditional Christmas carols and readings. The Guildford Cathedral Singers, the Surrey Cantata singers and Organist Matthew Kelley will perform and dignitaries from across Surrey will be attending. Free entry to all, donations welcome. Car parking is available on site. If you require wheelchair access, or are bringing a group call Age UK Surrey on 01483 503414 or email

Ex Service Personnel Get-together Wednesday 20th December 7.30pm Are you an ex-service person? Were you in the Army, Navy, Air Force or Royal Marines? If so why not go along to their regular get-togethers for Godalming veterans which are held every 3rd Wednesday in the month at 7.30pm in the Oxborough Room. This is on the 2nd Floor of 11 Wharf Street, Godalming. The entrance is between Seymour's Estate Agents and Halo Hairdressers. There is a lift to the second floor. You are sure of a warm welcome and good company among like-minded people, all with a background similar to your own. Just turn up.

Godalming Country Market Friday 22nd December 8.30am-10.30am Here is a great opportunity to get some last minute Christmas shopping - they are holding their Christmas Market at Milford Village Hall and would love to see you. There will be a great selection of festive cookery, preserves, plants, beautiful handmade jewellery and lots of crafts all of which will make ideal presents. They will also be holding a Christmas raffle.

Age UK Surrey and Guildford Cathedral Christmas Carol Concert Thursday 21st December 11am-12.15pm Age UK Surrey’s annual Carol Concert will be held in Guildford Cathedral. Refreshments and mince pies will be served before the concert from 10.15am - 11am. This will December 2017

Bramley Music Friday 22nd December 7pm In past years they have held Christmas concerts by the Harlequin Chamber Choir. This year, their Christmas concert is at a different venue, namely Holy Trinity Church in Guildford. Many of you like to hear Harlequin perform so if you would like to hear their festive 2017 Christmas offering, Gloria! Carols and Classics for Choirs and Brass, book your tickets now. They are joined by Surrey Brass and

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Jottings SAS Roofing & Building Ltd

We specialise in: New Roofs • Flat Roofs • Tile & Slate Roofs Re-pointing Chimney Stacks • Leadwork Valleys Renewed & Repaired • All Roof Repairs New PVC Fascias & Gutters External Painting • Moss Removal Free Estimates No Obligation Pay No Deposit SAS Roofing & Building @sasroofingandbuilding SAS Roofing &&Building SAS Roofing Building Live feed video roof inspections @sasroofingandbuilding @sasroofingandbuilding London: 0208 050 8727 Live feed video roof inspections Live feed video roof inspections

surrey: 01483 399 727

London: 0208 050mOBiLe: 8727 07590 246 654 Godalming: 01483 399727 surrey: 01483 399 727 SAS Roofing & Building mOBiLe: 07590 07590 246 654246654 Mobile:

20 years material guarantee Fire retardant Very durable Maintenenance Free SAS Roofing & Building Proud members of Recommended, vetted & monitored local traders & service providers. No joints, seams or welds Recommended by previous customers, UV resistant Proud members of Recommended, vetted & monitored vetted by Checkatrade, monitored via Wherelocal reputation matters traders & service providers. customer feedback. Waterproof Recommended by previous customers,

Obtain an up-to-date of SAS monitored Roofing via on vettedreport by Checkatrade, Where reputation matters customer feedback.

Obtain anScaffolding up-to-date report of SAS on In partnership with Scorpion - Roofing 01483 235514

also a Children’s Choir from Tillingbourne School. Tickets are £14 (under 18s £7) and are available from Guildford Tourist Information on 01483 444334 or Free refreshments are provided. Godalming and Haslemere Ramblers Sunday 24th to December to Thursday 4th January Twelve Walks of Christmas. Expanding their normal December programme, over the festive season Godalming and Haslemere Ramblers will be undertaking twelve walks in twelve days, including Christmas Eve, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. The routes vary from 5 miles to 10 miles in length and cover the North Downs to the south coast. Put your boots on and walk off that holiday excess! Further details: Chiddingfold Tipteerers Tuesday 26th December from 12 noon ‘Tipteerers’ is an old Sussex word for ‘Mummers’. Any the wiser? Well basically they are street theatre group carrying on an old English tradition with lots of laughs and music. They will be performing at about 12 noon outside The Swan in Chiddingfold and will then be at The Crown at 12.30ish, probably feeling extremely thirsty! Do go along and join the fun, it will be a great laugh! The Nutcracker & Giselle Tuesday 26th to Thursday 28th December After a hugely successful tour last year, the Saint Petersburg Classic Ballet is returning to G Live this December! 48 VANTAGEPOINT

Presented by PMB Presentations, the elite Russian company will be performing their favourite repertories with stunning sets, lavish costumes and sublime dancers. The Nutcracker will be performed on Tuesday 26th at 2.30pm and on Wednesday 27th December at 2.30pm and 7.30pm. Giselle on Thursday 28th at 2.30pm. Call 01483 369350 (Monday – Saturday, 10am-6pm) or go to Guildford Rambling Club From Thursday 28th December Their walks programme can be found at www. Unless otherwise stated visitors are welcome to try them out on any of their walks which normally start at 10am. For the 9 mile circular walk on Epsom Downs on Thursday 28th December, call Mick, on 07765 205353. Look to David R on 07935 887499 as your contact for the 9 mile circular walk from Bentley on Sunday 7th January. For the 8 mile circular walk from Milford on Sunday 14th January, again call Mick. Then David R again for the 5 mile morning walk from Ockham on Thursday 18th January. New Year’s Eve Party Sunday 31st December After being disappointed last year when trying to find a family New Year's Eve event locally at a price that was within a tight post-Christmas budget, a group of enthusiastic individuals have organised a Community New Year's Eve Party at Compton Club, Spiceall, Compton GU3 1JQ. The

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YOUR COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD • evening starts at 7pm with the first hour dedicated to the children with music, fun and games for all ages, organised by the leader of Farncombe Brownies and her team, followed by a disco with music through the decades, a grand raffle, and a finger buffet. The evening ends at 12.30am. Cost is £6 per person and £3 per child up to and including 10yrs, booked in advance, or £10pp on the door. There is a licensed bar at the club. Everyone is invited to bring a plate of finger food which will be added to the buffet to help keep the cost low. Dress code - smart party attire preferred. Tickets are available from Compton Club on 01483 810268, or by phoning Julia Foster on 01483 415023. Mane Chance New Year's Day Walk Monday 1st January 10am–12 noon Start the New Year with an enjoyable and fun-filled walk around Mane Chance Sanctuary in Compton; see their beautiful horses, ponies, chickens and countryside. A two mile walk (or shorter if you prefer) around the farm to work off those extra inches! There will be bacon butties and hot chocolate to help along the way! Bring your family, friends and dogs (on leads) - all are welcome. There’s a children’s quiz and lots of fun. Adults £3 and children (over 5) £1.50. Pre-book your places for discounted rates of adults £2 and children £1. Places can be booked by emailing tickets@

Accounting support for you Bookkeeping - Accounts - Payroll - VAT Company Secretarial - Management Accounts Providing accounting and payroll services since 1935.

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Hampton Estate Pop-Up Restaurant Ashcombe Court, Woolsack Way, Godalming GU7 1LQ 01483 416232 Monday 1st January 2018 The famous Hampton Pop-Up is back and will open at Myrtles Courtyard from 11.30am-2.30pm for Hampton Beef in a Bap followed by fresh apple fritters and cream. BYO drinks. They will also signpost a woodland walk for those Outsourcing Ad and Payroll_Xmas 2017.indd 1 06/11/2017 13:38:14 who want to blow away the cobwebs and exercise the dog, a must for New Year’s afternoon. To book please RSVP ses to or ring the Estate Office rui AC & O 01483 810465 with your preferred lunch time. Myrtles Courtyard is off the Littleworth Road GU10 1JH and will be £100PP DISCOUNT OR A FREE signed. Guildford Folk Dancers Thursday 4th January 8pm-10.15pm Make an enjoyable New Years’ resolution and keep healthy by trying English folk dancing with the Guildford Folk Dancers. The club meets weekly on Thursdays, starting 4th January, at All Saints Church Hall, Onslow Village, Guildford GU2 7QJ. They also hold dances on Saturdays and Sundays at Normandy Village Hall and welcome new and experienced dancers either with a partner or alone. For further details visit or call 01428 683423. Godalming Choral Society Saturday 6th January 7.30pm Godalming Choral Society will be performing Britten’s St Nicolas and Festival Te Deum, Walton’s Jubilate and music by Finzi in the Great Hall, Charterhouse, Godalming, GU7 2DX. This will be their first concert conducted by their exciting new Musical Director, Sam Hayes. Tickets are £15 (£8 for students) and are available from Record Corner, Pound December 2017


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YOUR COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD • Lane, Godalming; Guildford Tourist Office, 155 High Street, Guildford tel: 01483 444333; Godalming Choral Society Ticket Office tel: 07505 203468 or online. For more details go to

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Grayshott Concerts Wednesday 10th January 7.30pm Nicola Benedetti is one of the most sought-after violinists of her generation and is, arguably, the most famous British violinist since the time of Yehudi Menuhin. So, you can imagine the delight of Grayshott Concerts in announcing that Nicola Benedetti MBE will perform the Brahms Violin Concerto with the famous London Mozart Players at St Luke’s Church, Grayshott. The programme will include Beethoven’s Coriolan Overture and Brahms’ Symphony No.1 in C minor. The performance will be conducted by her long-time associate, Leonard Elschenbroich, who will be known to many as the accomplished and charismatic cellist working in trio with Nicola and pianist, Alexei Grynyuk. This concert is sure to be a sell out so I am not sure as to the availability of tickets but try at Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre From Monday 8th January The centre, a registered charity, offers dyslexia support and advice to anyone who may need it, whether they think they have dyslexia or care for someone who may have dyslexia. They support children and adults alike. They provide high quality dyslexia training for teachers and TAs and in-service training for schools and colleges. They have a number of courses starting in January. For more information and to book, go to Puss in Boots Thursday 25th and Friday 26th January at 8pm; Saturday 27th January at 3.30pm and 7.30pm The SHADES (Shamley Green Amateur Dramatic and Entertainment Society) are proud to announce that their 2018 Pantomime, Puss In Boots, will take place in the Arbuthnot Hall, Shamley Green. This year’s Pantomime tells the old tale of a poor miller’s son who inherits a cat, but no ordinary cat! Tickets are available online at, and from Celebration Cakes of High Street, Cranleigh and the Bricklayers Arms Public House, Shamley Green Country Stores and Hair Gallery, all in Shamley Green. Also, through the Box Office line on 01483 274530. Ticket prices adults £7 children/seniors £5 (Thursday night special adults £5 children/seniors £4). GET IN TOUCH

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T: 01483 608110 / 07967 778232 Have you ever returned to your car and found it has been damaged? Maybe a small, but annoying dent, caused by a door being opened against it? A scrape from another driver’s parking error? A vandal scratch on the paint work? Or maybe you have misjudged a gateway, brushed a kerb with an alloy wheel, or scuffed a bumper corner? Smart Pro offers a mobile dent removal and paint repair service, specialising in small to medium area repairs, to body shop standard, at your home or place of work. Most repairs take only a few hours to complete and cost less than your insurance excess! The customer of this Honda Jazz was facing an insurance claim, which would have resulted in the bumper being replaced and the loss of their £250 excess. Smart Pro was able to repair the damage for much less than the excess and with no insurance claim on their record!

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DNSLANDSCAPES Providing Surrey with a professional, friendly and complete landscape design and construction service. Specialising in all types of fencing, patios, walling and garden maintenance. Fully insured - Free quotations. Please contact David: Tel: 01483 414957 Mob: 07766 428053

Painting. Small roof repair. Guttering. All types of windows. Plumbing. Repairs include double glazing kitchen and bathroom repair. Repointing. Conservatory repairs. Hourly rate or Fixed price 35 years’ experience in multi trades.

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DBS cleared. Reg number 3897.


GEi (UK) Ltd

Mercedes Benz specialist

Mobile servicing and repairs, alternatively fully equipped workshop available,with free collection and delivery,we also service and repair any make and model, available 7 days a week.

Fully Independent Stove Installers HETAS Approved

Chimney Sweeping Services also Provided

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Fencing, Gates, Decking, Patios, Driveways, Small Constructions, Turfing, Garden Maintenance, Tree Surgery, Removals

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We also provide , Regular Cleans, Spring Cleans or House Moving Cleans

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We provide a fast, efficient, professional, commercial and domestic pest control service in the local area. Rats, Mice, Moles, Wasps, Bees, Squirrels, insects and all other pests destroyed or removed. Call us now: Milford: 01483 429105 Woking: 01483 822204

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K. P. Oddy

Property Maintenance Carpentry, Plastering over Artex, Floor & Wall Tiling Painting All General Building & Maintenance Work Free Estimates 25 years Experience Tel: 01483 424662 Mob: 07870 893515 Email:


• We repair and paint furniture • Large stock of painted and vintage furniture in our new showroom • We design, make and fit understair, cloakroom storage and alcove shelving • Repainting of kitchen units, cupboards etc.

T: 07534 0781821E:08/11/2011 JP Orrin_Layout 12:23 Page 1 The Studio, Whipley Manor Farm, Palmers Cross, Bramley GU5 0LL

J. P. ORRIN DECORATING Specialising in both internal and external decorating All domestic and commercial work undertaken Offering a highly professional, reliable service. Local references available. Fully Insured. Tel: 01483 527460 Mob 07808 254721 Email:

Got something dirty? – No time to clean it? - Take your cleaning to:

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Ovens ‘n’ Stuff

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For the cleaning of domestic ovens, hobs, extractors, microwaves and freestanding cookers. We specialise in AGA /Rayburn/Range cleaning Prices from £49.50 for a basic single oven, inc Racks and a tray, Hobs & Extractors £16.00, AGA’s and Ranges priced accordingly.

Mobile: 07825 710905 e-mail:

Local, Fully Insured Qualified Electrician.

NICEIC Approved

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Free Estimates

Tel: 078 078 16 347

Re-wires & Faults

Garden Power/Lighting

Fuseboard Changes, Earthing & Bonding

Low Energy LED Lighting

Portable Appliance Testing ( P.A.T )

Find us on Facebook Or at, Email us at: Based in Godalming, Surrey Est. 2009

• Traditional Chimney Sweeping service • Local chimney sweep • New customer discounts available • Cages, Caps and Cowls supplied/fitted

Tel: 01483 207420 December 2017

A convenient solution for men who are constantly tired, no longer want the ‘Dad Bod’ and need to do something about their declining health

FREE 5 day trial

It’s possible to lose a stone in just 2 weeks!


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Paul Beadell Aerial & Satellite Specialist Freeview Digital-FM-DAB, Multipoint Systems, TV Wall Mounting. Over 20 years experience. Sole Trader no VAT


Made to measure curtains & soft furnishings. 20 years experience, professionally designed & hand sewn to order. Free advice, quotation & expert measuring in your own home. Made out of your own fabric.

Phone 01483 416841 or 07917 843313 - 01483 419247 - Facebook: Emma Martin Curtains

Opal Tax Consultancy Services



For all individual and company tax and accounting matters

Painting inside & out since 1985

Fiona Bird FCA 07907 214591

Tel: 01483 898163 Mobile: 07767 384143

Need a Professional Ex BT Engineer?

Gardening Services: Tom Sargrove

• • •

Fast expert repair of Phone Line faults, Broadband Speed and WiFi issues. CCTV and Door/Gate Entry Systems Solutions to Stop “Buffering” on Smart TVs, Laptops, iPads, Smartphones etc.

Get your home ready for “Internet of Things” technology - Free estimates, No Call Out Charge, No job too small by Local Ex BT Engineer.

Call Adrian on 01483 566182 or 07799 105008 (emergency number)

NVQ2 & LANTRA Cert. Merrist Wood Trained. Fully Insured.

Maintenance & Landscaping work, pruning, planting, mowing, hedge cutting etc. – very competitive rates Email: Tel: 07747 815629

Garden and Groundcare Maintenance

Mowing - Strimming - Plan�ng - Pruning - Hedges and more No Lawn Too Big! Ride-on mowing available. Reliable, Friendly, Local with Full Insurance. Contact Peter: 01428 687962 - 07800 596193 Domestic, Commercial and Public Gardens and Groundcare.

Garden & Groundcare Maintenance


Regular & One-Off Appointments

Master Chimney Sweep

Services Include:

Mowing (push & sit-on) * Strimming Edging * Weeding * Planting Pruning * Mulching * Hedge Cutting

Call us FREE on 0808 1646030

Reliable, Friendly, Local with Full Insurance


For more information, please contact; Peter

20 Glebe Road DO NOT PUT YOUR HOME AT RISK Road Cranleigh Connor Dollerson20 Glebe 20 Glebe Road WE ARE EXPERTS IN CHIMNEY SWEEPING, Cranleigh Connor Dollerson Surrey, GU6 7AS Cranleigh Connor Dollerson SAFETY INSPECTIONS Surrey, GU6 7AS 20 Glebe Road Surrey, GU6 7 AND CHIMNEY MAINTENANCE. M: 07842 481000 Connor Dollerson M: Cranleigh 07842 481000 FREE CCTV INSPECTION WITH EVERY SWEEP E: GU6 M: 07842 481 7AS E: Surrey, W: totbc E: connor@to W: M: totbc THE COOMBE, BETCHWORTH, SURREY RH3 7BT 07842 481000 W: totbc E: W: totbc (T) 01428 687962 (M) 07800 596193

Surreyhills Home and Gardens Services Ltd Reg no - 9072784 VAT - 213941453

A Unique Facial Experience combining Facial Rejuvenation Massage and exquisite Certified Organic Skincare to visibly refine, tone and lift the eye area, face and neck. Your personalised 75 minute experience is just £35.

Fiona Sweeney 07968 752099 Based in Ewhurst


M.&D. Building & Contractors Ltd. Building, Carpentry & Fencing Contractors No Job Too Big or Too Small For Free Quotations & Advice Call

Dave Ells 07767 606116 or 01483 200277 To advertise, please call 01483 420173

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4 adult tickets to Beaulieu National Motor Museum and Buckler’s WIN... Hard - PLUS an overnight stay at the 4 star Holiday Inn Winchester

Our lucky winner and three friends will experience an exciting Friends Short Break exploring the world of Beaulieu’s National Motor Museum, with the tickets including entrance to Beaulieu’s World of Top Gear, Secret Army Exhibition, Palace House, Gardens and Abbey. PLUS tickets to Beaulieu’s sister attraction Buckler’s Hard, the 18th century shipbuilding village with its Maritime Museum and more. After this fascinating and stimulating day our winning party can retire to the comfort of the 4-star Holiday Inn Winchester for an overnight stay in two standard rooms, followed by breakfast before departing. The hotel is ideally based to explore all that Winchester and the surrounding area has to offer. To win, please answer the following question: Q: Name the nearest major motorway to the Holiday Inn Winchester Please enter online at by 31st December 2017. Full terms & conditions are on the website.

WIN... a Family Karting Experience at TeamSport, Farnborough TeamSport, the UK’s No 1 for indoor karting, with its 24 centres nationwide, is offering VantagePoint readers the opportunity to win a family karting experience for up to four people at its local Farnborough circuit. With kids and adults karts available everyone can come along and compete together for the top spot on the podium.

With their specially-designed Cadet Karts for the over-eights and friendly team of trained professionals, there’s never been a better time to safely enjoy all the fun that karting brings. Race across multi-level tracks, speed down the straights and master the hairpin bends in powerful eco-friendly electric karts. To win, please answer the following question: Q: How many centres do TeamSport have across the country? Please enter online at by 31st December 2017. Full terms & conditions are on the website.

WIN... One night dinner, bed & breakfast at the White Horse, Dorking

Dorking's historic White Horse is set to re-open in December 2017, following a substantial £4 million investment. Featuring 56 stylish bedrooms, a reimagined dining area with a capacity of 100 covers, introducing an all-new drink, dine, deli concept, specialising in local Surrey produce. To celebrate, we're giving away a night's stay, along with breakfast and dinner in 'at The Dozen', the property's exciting new restaurant. For a chance to win dinner, bed & breakfast with a value of £250, please answer this question: Q: How many bedrooms does the White Horse have? Please enter online at by 31st December 2017. Full terms & conditions are on the website.

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VantagePoint December 17 - Godalming & Cranleigh  

Your best view of what's going on locally

VantagePoint December 17 - Godalming & Cranleigh  

Your best view of what's going on locally