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Cheesmans Accountants

All the services you would expect from an accountancy firm and a few that might surprise you, including Wills.

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February 2018

“Must you always ask me if I’ve made a will just before we get on a plane?” VANTAGEPOINT






Surrey’s Biggest Rug Shop

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14 Community Theatre Phil Kemp explores local amateur theatre 20 Local Physio 1to1 and their links with community sport 22 Arts The Art Society - West Surrey Area 24 Style Kirstie Smillie looks at some local workshops 28 Gardening Sensationally scented plants 30 Food & Drink Cheese with Michel Roux

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From beautiful curtains and blinds to sumptuous drapes and soft furnishings, you will find everything you need to make your house a home at C & H.

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• THE EDITOR'S NOTE Well, that’s the end of January, often a difficult month for many people with post-Christmas bills, diets and more. With the honourable exception of the editor, who has French blood, everyone in the office embraced ‘dry January’ for various reasons and I am sure for most of them February cannot come soon enough.

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For others, it is a good time to start thinking about sunnier climes, of long, warm days and the joys of a long-awaited and well earned holiday. Happily, help is at hand in the shape of the VantagePoint Travel Fair which is on Saturday 7th April between 1pm and 4pm at the Wilfrid Noyce Centre in Godalming. In conjunction with Travel Dream, a local travel agent, we will have a number of travel and cruise companies attending to offer advice, guidance and offers to all visitors. There will be presentations from some of the companies, a prize draw and a welcome drink and steel band to get everyone in the mood. That day is also Godalming’s Spring Fair which gives those of you from further afield a great reason to come and visit for the day. We hope to see you there! This year sees the 60th anniversary of the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, most of which is covered by the VantagePoint circulation. The Surrey Hills was one of the first landscapes in the country to be designated and is now one of 38 AONBs in England and Wales. On 8th May 1958, the Minister for Housing and Local Government confirmed the Designation Order for the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty under the National Parks and Access to the Countryside Act 1949. The act legislated for the designation of AONBs and National Parks. They were both considered to be of equal landscape status with the purpose to conserve and enhance natural beauty. The Surrey Hills stretch across rural Surrey, from the chalk North Downs that run from Farnham in the west to Oxted in the east, covering a quarter of the county. It is a very precious landscape which I hope you all agree we must do our utmost to preserve for future generations.

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Print: Buxton Press Cover: Godalming Theatre Group Steel Magnolias October 2017 by TiCa Photography



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Mutual Wills – to revoke or not to revoke?

This month local expert Caroline Foulger from TWM Solicitors discusses recent case law and the implications for people who are considering setting up mutual Wills. Mutual Wills are Wills made by two or more individuals who agree not to cancel them without the agreement of the other(s). They have created a contract between them not to cancel or change their Wills; this agreement is legally binding and can be enforced, as is the case with any contract. For some couples, the idea of entering into Wills which mirror each other and cannot be varied or cancelled once one has died may seem appealing, and there are some circumstances where they are appropriate. Families are increasingly less nuclear than they have been in previous generations and can stem from multiple relationships. There may be good reason to crystallise, once the first of a couple has died, who will benefit on the death of the survivor, especially if the survivor has inherited the estate of the first to pass away. In the recent case of Legg and others v Burton and others [2017] the High Court held that a married couple had made mutual Wills, on the basis of evidence of an express promise to each other not to revoke them. In this case, subsequent to the mutual Will and following the death of her husband, the deceased made thirteen Wills which differed to the Will she agreed with her husband. The Court ruled that the deceased had promised her husband not to change or revoke her Will, and that he had relied on that promise. Accordingly, it was that mutual Will which dictated who benefited from the widow’s estate, and not any of the thirteen Wills she made subsequently.

The personal representatives of the widow were therefore ordered to hold her estate on a trust on the terms of the mutual Will. The widow had lost any ability to change her wishes once her husband had died; crucially, this restriction applied to her own assets, as well as those she inherited from him. Whilst mutual Wills may be appropriate in some situations, they are often not the most suitable approach. There are other ways to structure Wills, such as using trusts, that are more appropriate and achieve the desired outcome of crystallising who benefits from your estate once your partner has died, whilst enabling them to benefit from your estate whilst they are alive. Sometimes mutual Wills are created inadvertently, without a full understanding of the consequences. This is one of the reasons why obtaining legal advice when making your Will is so important. Unintentionally putting in place mutual Wills can result in costly and lengthy disputes over estates. Equally, establishing mutual Wills when this is not the appropriate structure can cause problems. For example, if the survivor wants to consider Inheritance Tax planning measures in the future, the ability to do this may be curtailed. At TWM, we have a dedicated team of experts across our offices who specialise in Wills ranging from the simple to the more complex and we can advise you about the best structure to achieve your wishes. If you would like to arrange an appointment, please contact Caroline Foulger.

TWM Solicitors – Guildford 65 Woodbridge Road, Guildford, Surrey GU1 4RD

Glass Magic

Phil Kemp meets a talented sculptor who combines art and science to persuade glass to take up fascinating shapes and forms that are nothing short of magical. IT TAKES lateral thinking and a very creative mind to be able to take an everyday material and literally coax it into taking on very different forms. This is exactly what glass sculptor Lisa Pettibone achieves and I was invited to spend a fascinating hour with her in her studio in Shere to be introduced to her whole new world of glass. “I’ve been doing creative things all my life. I was a graphic designer for 20 plus years and have always been fascinated by glass,” Lisa explained. “I decided to take some evening classes initially and then did a degree in three-dimensional design at the UCA (University for the Creative Arts) in Farnham. I graduated in 2005 and initially set up a studio in London before moving here.” Lisa walked across her studio to stand by a wall display of fascinating glass sculptures. “My work was mainly sculptural


and I really like kiln-formed glass. This isn’t hot glass blowing. The process gives me a lot of options and glass is an amazing medium. It’s really flexible and you make it do a lot of different things. I like the way it plays with light and its flexibility.” Lisa has attracted attention with her sculptures. In no particular chronological order she has been shortlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize, was the winner in the National Open Art Competition’s Installation Prize, was a participant in Open West and was a winner in an international competition hosted in Japan for glasswork Lisa had created in her final year at UCA. And it’s not difficult to see why. I asked Lisa to explain what processes she uses to literally coax glass to take up three dimensional forms that bring beauty and fascinating shape to a substance that was lying flat on her workbench a few hours earlier. “I have two kilns here, one top-loading and shallow - the other one much deeper where I can make glass move a lot more,

Main image: Green Fold glass sculpture. Left: Collapse glass sculpture To advertise, please call 01483 420173

Stunning retirement apartments, exclusively for the over 70s “You can be completely independent, yet when you need help or assistance it’s available. I can only say I wish I had made the move sooner!” Homeowner, McCarthy & Stone

The Clockhouse

For more information or to book an appointment please call

London Road Guildford, Surrey, GU1 1FF Open: 7 days a week, 10:30am - 5pm

0800 310 0540



February 2018

MOB: 07788 824326


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Left: Lisa with some of her sculptures. Above: Ceramic shapes that provide shape to glass sculptures. Below: Nested glass sculpture.

said Lisa, opening the door of the second kiln. “The process I use is called ‘slumping’. I heat the glass just enough so that it’s not running like honey, but warm enough to behave like toffee. It starts to bend on its own and if you hold it in the right places it will start to stretch and sag.” Inside the kiln I could see a collection of cones and angular blocks. “It’s a natural process, that’s what’s interesting about it. I’ve had to develop methods of holding the glass in position so I make props that let the glass fall in a particular way. A lot of the technique is in very careful temperature control.” Lisa picks up a tall ceramic cone to explain how she can persuade the glass to take up a totally different shape. “I’ve had to learn about ceramics as well. In the kiln I build little setups using these ceramic shapes that look like they don’t make any sense at all, but when you set the glass onto it, as it falls it starts to shape itself.” Having looked closely at some of the glass sculptures on display I had wondered how glass could be persuaded to adopt such fascinating forms. Two in particular had caught my eye. They clearly had started out as completely flat pieces of glass until Lisa decided to apply her mix of artistic magic and a precise understanding of how glass behaves at different temperatures. One was a transparent smoked glass shape and the other painted bright yellow, but both shared similar shapes distorted by folds and drooping edges. “It’s a careful orchestration between what nature will give me and what I’m hoping it might do. And then I’m kind of letting go the minute I shut the kiln door.” Lisa’s laugh was almost a nervous one, but I quickly realised that Lisa blends art and science seamlessly together and after eleven years practicing her art has a lot more control than


she will admit to. My suspicion was further enhanced by what Lisa explained next, and this was to take sculpting of glass to literally a much higher level. “I’m doing an MA in Art and Science at Central St Martins. I’ve had an interest in physics, astrophysics and astronomy for a long time – so my work is taking a particular direction at the moment.” Lisa led me over to a small slatted table on which there were several containers holding an interesting array of different types of coloured glass and shapes in other materials. “Making glass respond to physics principles in some way fires up all kinds of creative sparks in me. I’ve started to have conversations with the people over at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory in nearby Holmbury St Mary and it’s been really interesting talking to them about the work they are doing. It fits well with the kind of processes I work with in glass but also to combine other materials to achieve different kinds of form and tension”. I could see the creative excitement in Lisa’s face and looking down at the colourful materials lying on the table between us I have no doubt that Lisa will be making glass sculpturing attain a whole new level. Watch this space! Phil Kemp is a Godalming-based writer and photographer. FIND OUT MORE Website: Blog:

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Waverley Abbey House - Historical | Spacious | Versatile

There is seldom a place where history and modern day meet like they do at Waverley Abbey House in Farnham, Surrey. Imagine for a moment the spiritual presence of the 12th century Cistercian monks who built Waverley Abbey in 1128 (its magnificent ruins can still be explored today), then the time when Florence Nightingale’s uncle bought Waverley Abbey House centuries later in 1832, up to the present day where the beautiful surroundings are used for films such as Into the Woods and Tom Cruise’s The Mummy. Steeped in history, Waverley Abbey House presents a unique diversity and visitors are stunned by its beauty. More recently Waverley has become home to the charity CWR and the house has been welcoming a host of private parties, charities, business meetings and conferences.

Visited by Florence Nightingale, Sir Walter Scott, Tom Cruise,

Meryl Streep, King George V...

and you?

Waverley’s elegant function rooms boast natural light, flexible layouts and range from small and intimate to spacious and versatile with capacity for up to 100 guests. The attractive, extensive grounds can be hired for team building, musical events, theatre productions, film shoots, and other events. The in-house chefs and catering team are on hand to provide fresh, delicious food, whether for a family celebration, company BBQ or special occasion dinner. For more information or to book an event, please get in touch: 01252 784733






...TO BE AU TIFUL WAVERLEY ABBEY HOUSE For more information or to book an event, please contact us: 01252 784733 | |

February 2018


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Guildford Spring Music Festival • PROFILE

Guildford Spring Music Festival 2018

Music to Inspire

GSMF’s wonderful array of events will celebrate performances by exceptional local young musicians who will be inspired by hearing and playing alongside celebrated musicians, actors and dancers.

Friday 16th March

Sunday 18th March

Jess Gillam

Edward Fox & Sarah Walker


2016 BBC Young Musician Concerto Finalist

GSMF Jazz Day George Abbot Big Band Jazz at Lunchtime

Directed by Atalia Fuller 12pm – 1pm Holy Trinity Church, Guildford

Jazz Vocal Workshop

with Pete Churchill Afternoon workshop & Evening performance All welcome!

2.00pm – 5.00pm Holy Trinity Church, Guildford

Jazz Evening

The Pete Churchill Quartet plus the Jazz Workshop Choir

7.30pm Holy Trinity Church, Guildford

Full details and tickets from Tourist Information Centre 01483 444 334

O Duo

Tuned percussion and vibrant drumming 7.30pm Holy Trinity Church, Guildford

3.00 - 6.00pm St Catherine’s School, Bramley

Monday 19th March

Saturday 24th March

Young Artists Showcase

Piano Masterclass

Bell Cramer | Amelia Hinton-Carroll Oli Davis | Theo Golden

in partnership with

Friday 23rd March

In conversation

7.30pm Holy Trinity Church, Guildford

Saturday 17th March

Free tickets are offered to students accompanied by a paying adult. Why not come to hear and meet these wonderful artists right here in Guildford?

7.30pm Holy Trinity Church, Guildford

with Lucy Parham

GSMF’s Artistic Director will coach gifted young pianists from the Guildford area. 10.30am - 1.00pm Holy Trinity Church, Guildford

Tuesday 20th March

The Santiago Quartet


Julian Rowlands, Bandoneon Latin American music and live dance

Sposored by

GSMF Gala Concert Haydn ‘The Creation’

7.30pm Holy Trinity Church, Guildford

Wednesday 21st March

The High Scorers Concert

Performances by outstanding ABRSM exam candidates

7.30pm St Mary’s Church, Guildford

Thursday 22nd March

John Lill, Piano & John Suchet, Host

Surrey Mozart Players Guildford Chamber Choir The Occam Singers Soloists from Royal College of Music Conductor: Kenneth Woods 7.30pm Holy Trinity Church, Guildford

Sunday 25th March

Elégie - Rachmaninoff, A Heart In Exile

Lucy Parham, piano Henry Goodman, narrator

An Evening with Beethoven

To include performances of the Moonlight, Appassionata & Pathetique Sonatas

7.30pm Holy Trinity Church, Guildford

Lucy Parham’s latest Composer Portrait chronicles Rachmaninoff’s exile from Russia and longing for his homeland Sposored by

2.30pm - 5pm Holy Trinity Church, Guildford

Fr ee fo r mu s i c s t ud e n t s a c c om p an i e d by a p a y i n g a du l t 12 VANTAGEPOINT

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20 O % FF

LOVE YOUR HOME. LOVE OUR SHUTTERS. Transform your home with our finest S:CRAFT made-to-measure interior shutters and with the *Love Shutters Sale now on with a blissful 20% off, what are you waiting for? Get a no-obligation quote today with 20% OFF when you order by Valentine’s day 2018.

T. 01252 727490 - 01483 478857 E. W. or visit our showroom 11 The Street, Wrecclesham, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 4PP *All orders must be submitted by 14th February 2018, terms and conditions apply.


Blinds & Shutters

Godalming Theatre Group Aladdin A Genie-Us panto December 2017 (TicaPhotography).

COMMUNITY THEATRE Phil Kemp explores the long tradition amateur theatre has played in our local community

AMATEUR THEATRE companies provide a long-established tradition for local people to not just enjoy affordable theatre but also to have the opportunity to take part in productions. The outmoded and almost disrespectful label of ‘Am Dram’ has been rightfully replaced with a friendlier ‘Community Theatre’, particularly cogent given how professional these groups are with their productions. So popular is community theatre that there are more than 2,500 active local theatre groups across the UK staging between them thousands of productions every year. I approached two local groups to find out just what it takes to put on productions and how people can volunteer to help their group create and stage brilliant theatre. Both groups are entirely run by dedicated teams of unpaid volunteers. The Merrow Dramatic Society was founded in 1922 and has been proactively involved in community theatre in Guildford ever since. I met up with the group’s president Jenny Pegman and group member and archivist Claire Martin-Brown at Merrow Village Hall, where rehearsals for

Both groups actively encourage younger generations to engage with theatre...

January’s performance of Cinderella were enthusiastically underway. “The group was set up by local dignitaries who found commuting into London to watch professional theatre expensive,” explained Claire. “They realised there were sufficient people with an interest in Merrow so that they could start their own local group, and put on performances at Merrow Village Hall. Merrow used to be a lot smaller then with people spending the summer playing cricket and each spring putting on plays. Both very community-based activities.” Jenny added: “It’s a group with a real family feel to it and is deeply rooted in the local community where everyone is welcomed and everyone of all ages has a part in it.” The Godalming Theatre Group celebrated its 50th anniversary three years ago and has also gone from strength to strength. Madeleine Gibb is the group’s secretary and production manager, and is an enthusiastic champion for community theatre. “Our very first production was at the Wilfrid Noyce Centre where we still rehearse to this day. And coincidentally that was


To advertise, please call 01483 420173

s d nt te se an re e! w sp m Un ma elco t ris e w Ch ar

Are you or someone you know struggling with an addiction? Alcohol, Drugs, Gambling, Sex, Co-dependency & Relationships, Spending, Internet & Computer Games, Work, Compulsive Overeating & Bulimia – these are just some of the addictive behaviour that people can have issues with.

THE CHARITY SHOP IN THE WOODS Visit our three shops for new and pre-loved items Selection of sports-wear available for that New You!

We take: Bric a Brac Clothing and Matching Shoes Accessories Toys/Games DVDs, CDs and Books *Furniture (*not upholstered)

Please no: Electrical Items Children’s Cots Car Seats Moses Baskets Prams Children’s /Adults Bicycles Beds/Mattresses

Addiction destroys lives, rips through families, damages relationships, health, careers and opportunities. Its effects are always wide-ranging, often incalculable, and sometimes fatal. I offer 1-1 help for people with all addictions - a professional and face to face treatment to help people turn their lives around.

Call now and book an assessment - Based Central Guildford

Peter J Davies NCAC Accred Telephone - 01483 533808

New weekday hours Summer hours

11.00am - 4.00pm

Winter hours

11.00am - 3.00pm

1 May - 31 October 1 November - 30 April

Saturday opening

10.00am - 1.00pm

First Saturday of the month only

We regret we do not deliver or pick up furniture. Tel: 01483 860516 Email: Website: Address: Hydon Hill, Clock Barn Lane GU8 4BA Registered charity no: 218186 (England & Wales) and no: SC005117 (Scotland).

February 2018

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Left: Godalming Theatre Group Steel Magnolias October 2017; below: Godalming Theatre Group Made in Dagenham April 2018- both TicaPhotography. Right: Merrow Dramatic Society Cinderella December 2017 (Andy Friend-Smith).

Aladdin, which we are doing this week at the Ben Travers Theatre at Charterhouse. We have some of the founder members still acting on stage even now.” “The season has always been built around three main productions - Christmas panto, a spring musical and a play staged in the autumn. We put on quality theatre that appeals to all ages, and we are not afraid to experiment. In April we are staging Made in Dagenham as a musical which will be a very interesting production, and politically very current what with the debate around equal pay at the moment.” Both groups actively engage with local residents, not just to come along and enjoy performances but also to take part both on stage and off stage. “At Merrow we always hold open auditions, and if there is the potential to cast from known members of the group within our existing pool of talent we’ll consider that too,” said Jenny. “We also put the word out through the Guildford Amateur Theatre Association. Some auditions are formal but we also like to do workshop-style auditions too where people get to play around and do some warmup activities to get the energy going. We then put people in different groups to try different scenes to get the best out of them. We’re doing an exciting adaptation in May of Terry Pratchett’s Carpe Jugulum at The Electric Theatre with a big cast and where we are doubling up some roles, partly because of numbers but also because it will be fun for the cast to have lots of things to do.” “We also have an open audition policy so that you also get new members joining. Everybody auditions for every show and there is a very strict audition protocol,” said Madeleine. “We are lucky in


that we have people who may have played the lead in one show, but are equally happy working backstage on the next, joining the ensemble in another, or even working front of house selling raffle tickets.” And it’s not just on stage that members are in the production spotlight. All performances rely on the skills of those working behind the scenes to make them a success. “The atmosphere backstage is always very buzzy, and they work very hard,” said Madeleine. “They are rigging lights, building and painting scenery. New members quickly learn the ropes by being hands-on, which includes tech too. We sometimes use back projection where perhaps we need a really complicated scene to be set, for example showing the inside of a car factory for a production like Made in Dagenham. And we’ve had quite a few backstage members who have gone on to successful stage management careers at West End theatres.” “We welcome anybody at Merrow who loves theatre but doesn’t necessarily want to perform,” added Claire. “We’ve had people come through us who knew what they wanted to do, came as teenagers and then have gone on to study technical theatre production at the Guildford School of Acting or RADA (The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art). Longer term this helps us too as we have people who are now fully qualified we can contact for technical help in productions.”

To advertise, please call 01483 420173

with a 25% deposit*



oweed n*** r N nt tio de ara alla Or r gu inst fo ng ri Sp


Wide range of bespoke designs Huge choice of frame colours and weatherproof finishes Manufactured in all shapes and sizes to suit your home Professionally installed by skilled craftsmen Our glass verandas can be converted into an open glass room at any time Optional energy efficient heating and lighting 10 year guarantee

Call for a FREE no obligation quotation and brochure

** 30% OFF when you quote

0800 107 2727

code VP01/02

Eden Verandas Ltd is an Appointed Representative of Shermin Finance Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FRN 727594. Shermin Finance Ltd is a credit broker and not a lender. They offer credit facilities from a panel of lenders. Eden Verandas is a trading name of Eden Verandas Ltd Reg No. 08259394. *Representative example: Cash price £6000 deposit £1500, total amount of credit £4500. Payment within 12 months 0% interest. If not settled in the deferred period, 59 monthly payments thereafter of £118.36 at 14.9% APR. **Terms & conditions apply. ***Subject to planning permission not being required.

Our specialist team of employment lawyers can help you with: Settlement Agreements • Contracts of Employment Restrictive Covenants • Grievances Disciplinary and Performance Issues



Please contact Emily Kidd for an appointment on 01932 588568 or *Places are limited and subject to availability – please mention Vantage Point.

The Tanners • 75 Meadrow • Godalming • Surrey • GU7 3HS • 01483 861848 •

February 2018

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Left: Merrow Dramatic Society’s Jenny Pegman, president and Claire Martin-Brown, archivist. Right: Madeleine Gibb – Godalming Theatre Group’s production manager

Both groups actively encourage younger generations to engage with theatre, which also provides the life blood for community theatre in the long term as many younger members stay with the group as they enter adulthood. “We have a very well subscribed junior group that’s been going for many years,” said Madeleine. “We train our own young people up with group members auditioned, and we try to keep it to around twenty at any one time. They are a very talented bunch and we know that the future of the theatre group is assured. Many of them go on to professional training and we have had a lot of young people eventually going on to professional careers in theatre.” “A lot of the juniors stay with us for a number of years, and then disappear off to university, only to eventually find their

Local Community Theatre Groups Space does not allow us to list every single group here. Check online for other groups that may be local to you. Compton Little Theatre

Haslemere Players

Dorking Dramatic and Operatic Society

Merrow Dramatic Society

Dunsfold Amateur Dramatic Society Ewhurst Players FAOS Musical Theatre Group (Farnham) Godalming Theatre Group


Peaslake Players Players of Elstead Theatrical Society Pranksters Theatre Company (Guildford) Tilbourne Players (Tilford)

way back to us,” said Jenny. “We’ve been auditioning for our May production recently and one of our old juniors said she wants to audition for a role. We’ve got another ex-junior who is now back in Guildford and doing panto with us.” Many British actors and actresses who attained fame and stardom started by treading the boards of their local community theatre productions. Our local groups are no different, and this includes those who have worked backstage making sure the productions run smoothly and to script. “Our president is Ben Elton. Ben worked with us many years ago in quite a few productions, most notably as the artful dodger whilst he was at Godalming College,” said Madeleine. “Both on stage and off stage there are many others. To name but a few these include Paul Bryant who is now a successful writer having been awarded funding for his award-winning feature film The Lighthouse. Emma Dalton, Chris Jenkins, Nick Wyschna who runs Guildford Fringe, and also my daughter Daniella I’m proud to say, between them have a long list of West End and touring production credits.” The Merrow Theatre Group is no different. “Over the almost 25 years I’ve been involved I’ve seen quite a few members go on to train professionally as actors,” said Jenny. “They may not necessarily be household names but are very successful jobbing actors.” THE AUTHOR Phil Kemp is a Godalming-based writer and photographer.

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Getting involved in


A couple of months ago, we talked about the great benefits of community sports. Here, Physio 1to1, talk about their work with local sport organisations. to feel part of the local community and a real pleasure to support local talent. We also work with people who have neurological impairments following a stroke or conditions such as multiple sclerosis and motor neurone disease. Again the same principles apply, teaching people an understanding of their body's capabilities as well as limitations and working towards optimising movement and function. We are always constantly motivated and inspired by many of our clients positive attitudes and love it when we can help them achieve more than they thought they were capable of. Physio 1to1 in Godalming are proud to be celebrating their 10th anniversary and reflect on how they’ve enjoyed using their business as a platform to contribute to supporting fitness, health and sporting endeavours in their local community. Working within the local community and providing a positive contribution to the area was a key part of our business plan. The aim was to establish a physiotherapy practice which integrated the principles of pilates in an environment with a positive 'can do' attitude, which we hoped to instil in all our clients. Making a success of this has allowed us to offer heavily discounted services to local clubs and free treatment to local talented athletes. We've always been positive about the power of movement and how knowledge of your body's capabilities and limitations can be used to overcome physical pain and disability. We wanted to provide a service that didn’t make people rely on us, but instead gave them the skills to keep their bodies in tip top condition.

To celebrate our 10th anniversary we have decided to set ourselves 10 challenges. We are really looking forward to one challenge in particular. We are helping Hilary, a client of ours who has multiple sclerosis, achieve one of her ambitions. She wants to complete a Tough Mudder course. As well as assisting her, we will also be raising money for the Samson MS centre in Guildford. Please support us by visiting our Just Giving page fundraising/hilary-birkinshaw. To see how our 10 challenges are coming along please visit our Physio 1to1 Facebook page. Physio 1to1 Tel: 01483 424470

“Physio 1to1 provides the best service I’ve ever seen outside of the championship” Dave Ward, Harlequins RFC and head coach at Guildford Rugby Club

Being involved in the local community sports scene is a big part of that. The ability to develop our service to be part of the broader community is a wonderful privilege and we enjoy watching the success of our sponsored athletes and local sports teams. As a small business owner it is wonderful


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“I have worked with and been in the hands of many ‘elite’ and international team Physio’s over the years. None come close to Rob at Physio 1to1. I would trust no one else to guide me and manage my occasionally fragile body” Chris Scott, GB athlete (Discus)

All wrapped up for Winter

Boiler Service

Plumbing Repairs

Heating Repairs

Drainage Repairs

Home Emergency Policies Year round protection for: • •

Plumbing Heating

• •

Drainage Electrics

From less than £8 per month

A one off repair or service from £50

Call us today on: 020 3627 3890 or visit

SES Home Services, Pixham End, Dorking, Surrey, RH4 1GB Terms and conditions apply – visit for full details. CP01118

February 2018

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The Arts Society • ARTS

Come and join The Arts Society Join your local Arts Society and become one of over 90,000 members of this international organisation that will celebrate its golden anniversary in 2018. Arts Societies are open to everyone who has an interest in hearing more about decorative and fine art subjects. The Arts Society has a directory of over 350 top quality experts in various fine art fields – you may well have seen some of them on TV in programmes such as the Antiques Roadshow – and each month one of these experts delivers a one hour talk on a chosen subject. Each local society choses a balanced programme from an astonishingly wide range of subjects, so

you might hear a talk about Constable, about The Borgias, about the History of Pantomime, about Mozart or about Early Photography. In addition to monthly lectures, local societies arrange day visits to places of historic and architectural interest, and longer guided tours both national and international. There are also days when there are two or three consecutive lectures on a special subject and most societies have outings to places of interest. Volunteering to take part in locally-based art projects is also offered where, with training, you can learn a new skill. How do you join? It couldn’t be easier. Within the West Surrey area there are 18 individual societies so you are sure to have one near to you. If you have internet access, you can visit the national website - - to find the societies that are closest to you. Since different societies meet at different times, you should find one that fits your timetable. If you do not have internet access, you can contact Liz Coult, part of the West Surrey area team, on 01483 417269 and she will be very pleased to answer any questions you may have and provide details of how to contact your nearest society.

PLANNING & DESIGN SERVICE Architectural drawings for Extensions, Alterations & New Build Free No Obligation Quotations

Tel: 01483 417555 Mob: 07818 014357


How much will it cost? Society fees vary but expect to pay about £45 per year for a programme of 10 lectures which, considering the high level of expertise of Arts Society lecturers, represents excellent value for money. Above all, Arts Societies are full of friendly and welcoming members and you are bound to meet new people with similar interests. Most members continue to belong for many years and some volunteer to serve on the organising committee, thereby helping to choose the annual programme of lectures and visits. So, don’t delay, go and join them today.

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Milford Window Company Oct 13_Layout 1 12/03/2015 14:57 P


• Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors • Composite Front Doors • UPVc WIndows • Aluminium Windows • Conservatories • Porches • Orangeries


Durable and attractive aluminium structures are available with a range of glazing or fabric covers, allowing you to choose the perfect structure for your setting and budget. SBI Ltd est. 1998 – Over 1000 customers – BBSA registered

Insurance Backed Guarantees 1st Class Workmanship

01483 426141

CALL NOW 0800 0742 721  

Leading the way in providing an AFFORDABLE PROFESSIONAL service

Westminster Law Wills & Estate Planning

If you are over 65 it will only cost you £75* to make or update your Will. We are also Lasting Power of Attorney Specialists - only £85* each LPA if instructed during the Will appointment. FREE home visits, so no travelling! Call us now for a no obligation chat on: 01483 256625


Westminster Law, Hindhead, Surrey, GU26 6UG

*OUR PRICES INCLUDE VAT. These very special rates are only available if you are over 65 years old. Our normal low price for a standard single Will is £125, £195 for two. Mag half page landscape Jasper 05/09/17

February 2018

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New Style Workshops • STYLE

With Kirstie Smillie

Workshops are the new word on the street as Kirstie Smillie finds out. ON-LINE SHOPPING has no doubt put pressure on our high streets but a creative buzz has appeared within boutiques and venues where they are hosting workshops and weekly courses. Relaxed and fun experiences, these events could add a sparkle to your week as you learn and grow in confidence, meeting up with friends at the same time. Last year, I started a jean workshop with small groups experimenting with different shapes. This

year I have expanded to personal image workshops, ‘Dress with Confidence’, a chance to learn about your own style and flattering shapes, see right. For more workshops, Church Street in Godalming and Farnham are particularly thriving creative hubs, alive with artisans making and sharing their passions and knowledge. Here are just a few:

Learn how to make a leather bag Designer Rebecca Eaton runs a variety of leather making courses in Surrey and Brighton, from beginners to advanced levels in bag making, belts and dog collars. Clutch as shown, £50 for 3.5 hour course, including materials. When: Thursday 22nd February/every Thursday fortnightly Taster Course 10.30am-5pm Where: I MADE THIS CRAFTS, 10a Church Street, Godalming GU7 1EH Contact: Email: or visit

Learn how to make a pair of earrings Make a pair of earrings with jeweller, Christine Johnson, using silver and copper whilst learning how to work creatively using metal. This one-day workshop is aimed at adults and is great for beginners and those who have some previous experience. Learn piercing, texturing, drilling and polishing. £70, including materials. When: Saturday 24th February, 10am-4pm Where: FARNHAM MALTINGS, Bridge Square, Farnham GU9 7QR Contact: 01252 745444. Email:

Learn how to create intricate paper cutting Gemma Lewis’ beautiful store Wattle and Daub, shows off her impeccable style for interior design, collaborations and faux flower arrangements and hosts hand picked workshops including calligraphy, print making, and pottery. For a calming experience try the Beginners Paper Cutting Workshop with Aimee Richards, £45, including materials. When: Sunday 11th February, 10am-1pm Where: WATTLE AND DAUB, 18/20 Church Street, Godalming GU7 1EW Contact: Gemma on 07919 556822 Email:


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“It’s the best home improvement we have ever made. Our conservatory is now our dining room in the garden.” Mike Millis, Middleton On Sea

* Quote Ref VANT0218



ARS Before

Later that day

Your conservatory that was too cold to eat breakfast in, could be nice and toasty by teatime

Our lightweight insulated panels can make your conservatory: • Warmer in winter • Cooler in summer • Quieter in bad weather • Installed in less than a day • Usable all year round For more information call:


0800 652 5157

As seen on

*Orders placed by end of Feb 18. Applies to orders over 8 panels. Smaller orders receive calculated discount. Not valid for use with any other offer.

Learn how to sew Serious crafter, Claire Dadswell’s new shop, I made this crafts, is now open to teach you crafts and sewing. She has sewing machines at the ready, or take your own, to learn from beginner level upwards, including a drop in Sew Surgery, £20. Six week Beginners Course, £180, including materials. When: Tuesday 20th February/6 week course Where: I MADE THIS CRAFTS, 10a Church Street, Godalming GU7 1EH Contact: 01483 417352 Email:

Learn how to make a hat or fascinator Learn directly from master milliner, Beverley Edmondson, as she takes you through traditional skills and techniques. During a half day course you could make a fascinator for a wedding or learn how to block fabrics for a cocktail hat. Special offer: £125 if you mention this magazine, and includes materials. When: Dates by request. One to one or small group options Where: BEVERLEY EDMONDSON, 27A The Borough, Farnham GU9 7NJ Contact: 01252 715039 Email:

Learn how to make cards This workshop is held once a month above the artsy, Arty Crafty. Crammed with haberdashery pretties you didn’t know you needed: stamps, buttons, ribbons, threads, wools, card, jewellery tools, craft kits and plenty of glitter. £12 including materials. When: Wednesday 7th February, 10-12.30pm/first Wednesday of each month Where: ARTY CRAFTY, 9 Church Street, Godalming GU7 1EQ Contact: 01483 427133 Email:

Learn how to Dress with Confidence I have teamed up with fashion boutique, Catwalk, to offer personal image workshops. In small groups we discover how to wear colours, put outfits together and find your own jeans shape. Grow in confidence as you learn what suits you, £30 including refreshments. When: Monday 19th or 26th February, 10-12.30pm Where: CATWALK, 29 High Street, Godalming GU7 1AU Contact: Catwalk 01483 527634 Email:

FIND OUT MORE Kirstie Smillie is a Personal Fashion Stylist. Book appointments for wardrobe edits and shopping experiences. Email or call 07773 234947. Follow her blog at


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Desktop & Laptop Repairs Wireless & Wired Networking PC Upgrades & Tune Ups Virus & Spyware Removal Data Backup & Recovery Server Support



Fully licensed with 6 interior designed suites each with a climate controlled bedroom leading to a spacious play area, room service and plenty of one on one care and play ensuring that your cats have the time of their lives whilst you enjoy your time away!


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2 Links Cottage, 78 Portsmouth Rd Liphook, Hampshire GU30 7EF



Our first three sitesthree are launching in early 2018, and2018, we're and we're Our first sites are launching in early

INTRODUCING MORE INTRODUCING MORE WORKSPACES aiming to open FLEXIBLE further in allFLEXIBLE yourinfavourite areas. areas. aiming to opensites further sites allWORKSPACES your favourite SPECIAL FOR MIND & BODY FOR THERAPISTS MIND & BODY THERAPISTS OFFER!


Our first three sites areOur launching first three in early sites2018, are launching and we'rein early 2018, and we're

Sign up now and getup now and get Sign 3 free hours! 3 free hours!


Sign up now and get Sign up now and get TRODUCING INTRODUCING MORE MORE WORKSPACES FLEXIBLE WORKSPACES 3 free hours! aiming to open furtherFLEXIBLE sites aiming in to all open your favourite further sites areas. in all your favourite areas. SPECIAL 3 free hours! SPECIALAPR JAN MAR JAN MAR APR SPECIAL FOR MIND & BODY THERAPISTS OR MIND & BODY FOR THERAPISTS MIND & BODY THERAPISTS OFFER! OFFER! OFFER!

INTRODUCING MORE FLEXIBLE WORKSPACES FOR & BODY THERAPISTS 2018 2018 insites 2018 favourite 2018 2018 to openMIND sites all your areas. areas. aiming tofurther open further in allfavourite your

2018 2018we're 2018 first three sites are Our launching first three insites early sites 2018, are launching and we're in early 2018 2018 Sign upwe’re now and get Sign up now and get Our first launching in 2018, early 2018, and aiming Our first three sites are launching inand early 2018, and we're JAN JAN are MAR MAR APR APR 3 free hours! 3 free hours! ng to open furtheraiming sites intoallopen yourfurther favourite sites areas. in all your favourite areas.




SPECIAL Sign up now and get

3 free hours! Guildford, Surrey Wilmslow, Cheshire Islington, London Guildford, Surrey Wilmslow, Cheshire Islington,OFFER! London Our first three sites are launching in early 2018, and we're Guildford, Surrey Guildford, Surrey Wilmslow, Cheshire Wilmslow, Cheshire Islington, London Launching January Launching March 2018 2018 SignApril up now and get Launching January 2017 Launching MarchIslington, 2018 LondonLaunching April Launching 2018 JAN MAR 2017 MAR APR APR 2018

Launching 2017 March March Launching 2018April 2018 Launching April 2018 aiming toLaunching open January further sites2018 in allLaunching your favourite areas. 2018 7 Hawthorn Lane, SK92018 1AALane, SK9 1AA Hawthorn 7 Hawthorn Lane, SK971AA JAN MAR APR

Launching January 2017

2018 2018 2018 54 Quarry Street, GU1 3UA Quarry Street, GU1 3UA 54 Quarry Street, GU1 3UA 5454 Quarry Street, 7 Hawthorn GU1 3UALane, SK9 1AA

dford, Surrey Guildford, Surrey Wilmslow, Cheshire 2018 January ching January 2017 Launching Launching 2017 March 2018

Wilmslow, Cheshire Islington, London


Islington, London

Launching March Launching 2018 April 2018 Launching April 2018 MAR /BrighterSpacesUK 4 Quarry Street, GU1 3UA JAN 54 Quarry Street, 7 GU1 Hawthorn 3UA/BrighterSpacesUK Lane, SK9 1AA 7 Hawthorn Lane, SK9 1AA /BrighterSpacesUK Guildford, Surrey Wilmslow, Cheshire /BrighterSpacesUK 2018 2018 020 7971 1104 Launching January 2017 Launching March 2018

/BrighterSpacesUK Guildford, 54 QuarrySurrey Street, GU1 3UA FebruaryLaunching 2018 January 2017


Wilmslow, Cheshire 7 Hawthorn Lane, SK9 1AA To advertise,March please call 01483 420173 Launching 2018

3 free hours!



Islington, London 2018 Launching April 2018 Islington, London VANTAGEPOINT 27 Launching April 2018

Sensationally Scented Plants • GARDENING

With Beth Otway wood first, then gently prune where necessary to maintain a pleasing shape.

IF YOU'RE looking to plant up containers to bring an immediate dose of cheer to your garden, varieties of pansies and violas, purchased in flower from your local nursery in your favourite colours, will brighten your garden. With regular deadheading, they will flower from now until summer arrives. If you're looking ahead to the summer and you're keen on bedding plants, this is a great time to sow seeds of Lobelia, Antirrhinums, and Pelargoniums, in the warmth indoors. Chimonanthus praecox ‘Grandiflorus' is a super witch hazel, which while it grows well in most well drained soils, thrives on chalky soils. It is a large shrub, which flourishes when planted in a warm, sunny, and sheltered position, where it can be enjoyed, admired, and appreciated during the winter months. Prune it immediately after the flowers have finished in early spring. This isn’t a shrub that is invigorated or grows well after a dramatic cut back, so take care to only lightly prune, removing any dead

Chimonanthus praecox ‘Grandiflorus’ can be slow to flower, so it's worth investing in a large specimen. Shrubs of four years old, or older, will be more likely to enchant you with their flowers, which are comprised of waxy, translucent, soft lemon yellow outer petals, and inner petals which are the same subtle lemon colour but washed over, painted, and infused with maroon. These distinctive flowers would make the most perfect hats or skirts for flower fairies. The deeper lemon coloured, rounded flower buds decorate the branches of this shrub, adorning it like pretty beads. Certainly Chimonanthus praecox ‘Grandiflorus’ flowers look very pretty - their heady perfume will delight, encourage, and entice you to venture outdoors! It has the most exquisite perfume, it’s loud, it calls you over and bewitches you with its decadent, strongly perfumed citrus, floral scent, which has notes of coconut, banana, and soap. To experience this shrub for yourself, a beautiful example of this enticing witch hazel can be found close to the lion statues, which are next to the lake, opposite the Palm House, as you enter the gardens at Kew. If you're looking for a day out, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew is a fantastic place to visit at this time of year. The Orchid Extravaganza opens on the 10th February 2018. For an immediate dose of scent that you can enjoy indoors, look for pots of forced hyacinth bulbs at your local nursery or garden centre.

Above top left: pansies and violas can offer an immediate cheer. Left: Chimonanthus praecox ‘Grandiflorus’. Above: the Orchid Extravaganza at Kew (image: Beth Otway). Right: Beautiful hyacinths (image: Beth Otway).

FIND OUT MORE To see the results of my Peat Free Compost Trials, for gardening advice and lovely ideas for the month ahead, information on orchids, indoor gardening, and much more besides, visit my website


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Enjoy a beautifully created outdoor space all year round A O&


is e


£100PP DISCOUNT OR A FREE AIRPORT LOUNGE PASS ON ALL OCEANIA AND REGENT CRUISES BOOK BEFORE 28TH FEB 2018 Planning a garden makeover? Give us a call… • Landscaping • Planting • Patios & Stone Work

• Decking & Steel Work • Water Features • Outdoor Play Areas

Contact us for a free estimate: 01306 611 231 email: Contact your Cruise Specialists Andy Church & Olivia Chapman Award Winning Garden Design & Construction

)01483 578565

for your peace of mind 0944

ABTA No. J5035 288923

Volunteer 2018 Emotional support and practical help at home Life-threatening illness can strike out of the blue and can be devastating for the family. It’s often hard to cope – not just with the routine of hospital visits and treatment but with the emotional strain and worry. Our trained volunteers can make a real difference. Brigitte Trust volunteers offer the chance to share some of the many feelings and concerns serious illness brings. Volunteers visit weekly, helping people facing any life-threatening condition when it’s increasingly hard to cope at home. Sitting and listening can be the most valuable help of all. Join our next volunteer “taster sessions” in February and March and train in April. You’ll gain the skills to support local people at a time of real need.

Call 01306 881816 today February 2018

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Cheese with Michel Roux



The numerous journeys I made through France while I was writing my last book, The Essence of French Cooking, rekindled many childhood memories for me, including, among others, my discovery and love of cheese… so much so, in fact, that I decided to devote my next book to the subject. From the age of seven, my mother entrusted me with the task of buying a few items from the local market of St Mandé every Thursday. I would set off around midday to arrive when the stallholders were reducing their prices, preferring to sell their wares for less rather than having to pack everything up again. After buying fruit and vegetables, and some meat or fish, I was drawn like a magnet towards the cheese stall. The pleasure for me, as a kid, was an awakening of all my senses: smell, sight, touch and taste. Every market day was invariably a voyage of discovery for me, because new cheeses appeared on the stall in different shapes, sizes and colours with the changing season, only to disappear again after a few months… I used to think that they wanted to play hide-and-seek with me. The woman on the stall would always spoil me. I think she loved seeing my face light up in front of the display of cheeses, my eyes devouring them all. She would give me little morsels to try, especially the fresh cheeses or any that were relatively mild on the palate while still being flavourful. Through her gentle handling of it, she succeeded in developing my palate. Our finances didn’t allow us to spend a fortune on cheese, and my mother’s instructions were strict: I must use the few precious coins deep in my pocket to get maximum value for money. I would often pick Cantal, a cheese known at the time as ‘poor man’s cheese’, since it was the least expensive, yet nourishing, or a piece of Gruyère that, according to my mother, was vital for bone growth. Sometimes I’d choose a Camembert or half a Coulommiers, first checking it was perfectly ripe to the centre by pressing it with my thumb. A piece of Roquefort, the king of cheeses, was a real treat. It was expensive, so I would buy just a tiny piece – around 50g – to spread over a whole baguette to pass around the table and share on a Sunday. So there you have it, that is how I discovered my love of cheese. Since then, of course, I have come across hundreds of types of cheese on my extensive travels around the world. And at our restaurant the Waterside Inn, we offer our clients a choice of between 30 and 40 cheeses every day.

Recipes by Michel Roux

Cream of broccoli and Stilton soup This gently hued soup has a nicely balanced flavour, and the crunch of the almonds adds a delightful contrast.

Welsh rarebit

This is a lovely warming snack, best appreciated in winter, around the fireside. Some people prefer a milk- rather than beer-based sauce, but I favour the latter as it brings more character and flavour to the dish. 6 INTRODUCTION


with ip

Ingredients: Ingredients: 350g tender, green broccoli, 50g butter, 1 onion (about 100g), sliced into rings, 100g potatoes, peeled and diced, 1.5 litres water, 100g Stilton or fourme d’Ambert cheese, cut into small pieces Juice of 1 lemon, sea salt and freshly ground pepper. To finish: 100g flaked almonds, 150g whipping cream. Serves 4.

1. Peel the broccoli stems and pick off a dozen very small florets, about 100g in total. Blanch these in boiling water for 30 seconds, then refresh and set aside. Roughly chop the rest of the broccoli. 2. Heat the butter in a flameproof casserole or pan over a medium heat. Add the onion and sweat for 2 minutes, then add the chopped broccoli and potatoes. Cook for 2–3 minutes, then pour in the water, salt lightly and cook at a low simmer for 30 minutes. Add the cheese and cook for 2–3 minutes. 3. Working in batches, process the soup in a blender for 2–3 minutes, then strain through a chinois into a clean pan; keep hot. 4. Just before serving, add the lemon juice to the soup and season with salt and pepper to taste. Lightly toast the flaked almonds and whip the cream until thick enough to hold a ribbon. 5. Divide the reserved blanched broccoli florets between warmed bowls or soup plates and pour on the hot soup. Spoon the lightly whipped cream on top of the soup and scatter over the toasted flaked almonds. Serve at once.

15g butter, 15g flour, 80ml dark beer or stout, ideally Guinness, 15g Dijon mustard, a generous pinch of English mustard powder, 150g Cheddar, Gloucester or Cheshire (at room temperature), grated, 1 small egg, plus an extra yolk, 20ml Worcestershire sauce, 6–8 drops of Tabasco sauce, a small pinch of cayenne pepper, 10 small (10cm) thick-cut slices of white sandwich loaf, 10 small cherry tomatoes, halved horizontally, sea salt and freshly ground pepper. Makes 20 triangles.

1. Melt the butter in a small pan over a low heat, then add the flour and stir with a small balloon whisk. Cook the roux gently for 3–4 minutes, stirring all the time. Gradually add the beer and bring to the boil, stirring with the whisk. Cook the sauce for 2–3 minutes, stirring constantly, then add both mustards and the grated cheese and cook for a further minute. 2. Remove from the heat and stir in the whole egg and egg yolk, followed by the Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco and cayenne pepper. Season with salt and pepper to taste. 3. Preheat a grill and lightly toast the bread slices. Using a palette knife, spread about 50g sauce on each slice of toast. Place under the grill until the sauce turns a dark golden colour. 4. Transfer the cheese toasts to a board and use a large chef’s knife to trim off the crusts, then halve each slice diagonally into 2 triangles. 5. Serve piping hot on a serving dish or individual plates, arranging the cherry tomatoes around the rarebit.

Recipes taken from Cheese by Michel Roux (£20). Published by Quadrille Publishing. Photography by Lisa Linder.


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Do you need roof repairs? Whatever the size of your roof or the scale of your problem, you can count on a team of professional roofers to sort it out in no time at all. Come to us for quality repairs; we have the experience, tools and materials to deal with any requirement. Call us out to wherever you live in Surrey, Hampshire or Sussex for a free, no obligation consultation and quotes on all parts of your roofline that need repairing.

Our services are available 7 days a week for all types of Roofing repairs and new installations. These services include: • All Types of Roofing Repairs • New Roofs Installed • Guttering & Leadwork • Chimney Renovations • Flat Roof Installation & Repair • Slate & Tiling • uPVC Fascias & Soffits • Storm Damage & Insurance Work Also Experts in fixing or replacing • Guttering, Facias & Soffits • Moss removal Typical prices: Re-guttering from £150 Replacing up to 12 roof tiles and clear out gutters from £225

Contact BESPOKE ROOFING SERVICES for your bespoke quotation

Freephone 0800 696 5760 or 01483 342102 or email WHY USE BESPOKE ROOFING? • Free estimates • 15+ Years Experience • 100% Professional Service • No hidden charges • Fully qualified tradesmen • Expertly trained in new products

A service you can rely on

Normandy toBOWL: WoodHIGH Street DEVIL'S PUNCH ROADVillage AND PINE VALLEY This walk takes you through woods and fields to a lunch stop in Wood Street Village. There is an option to drop out earlier, after only 5 miles. The walk was submitted by Guildford Rambling Club (see Visitors are welcome.

• THE WALK 1. Go out of the back of the car park to walk along the left-hand side of the tennis court then jink right towards Hunts Hill Road but immediately take a path left, into trees. Follow this path to emerge in a cricket club car park. Go through it, heading over to the left. Immediately before a fork, turn right along a path into trees. Ignore a fork left, staying parallel to the field on your right-hand side. When you pass the field a bank rises up to your right. Continue on, ignoring paths left and right. 2. The path swings left then rises a little and passes a ‘Normandy Traditional Orchard’ information plaque. Ignore a left by a house, instead go out to a road and turn left. A little way along, cross to enter a track to ‘Dolley’s Hill Park’. This track swings left and runs behind houses. Quickly turn right into a wood at an MOD warning sign. Soon turn sharp left along a wide track through trees. Now walk for 0.5 miles, ignoring lefts and rights. The track climbs and then narrows, winds up some more and, at the top, reaches a more open area, still in trees. Take the path dropping down to the left. It has a low section of corrugated concrete wall at its start. At a T-junction at the bottom, turn left. 3. Follow the new track as it swings sharp right and passes, on your left-hand side, some houses. Go through a little car park and on to reach the Guildford Road in Ash. Cross, turn right and walk a few yards to turn left into a recreation ground. Go across to the far left corner to find a path heading out left along a fenced corridor between fields. Go straight across a crossing track and continue on to reach a road. Cross and head right. Reach houses

and turn left into a side road. Walk on through an estate to its far end and through a gap in a hedge to reach a T-junction with a path on which you turn right and walk between trees, ignoring side paths and passing by gates. The track swings left and now there is a field on your right-hand side. Continue on for another 0.5 miles to reach a road. 4. Cross this and head left for about 300 yards to turn right on a track opposite ‘Westwood Place’ and by the gates to ‘Peakwood Farm’. Follow the wide track for almost 0.5 miles, at the end walking along the left-hand side of a field to reach houses and a road. (You could drop out here. This is Glaziers Lane in Normandy and the starting car park is about 0.5 miles along it to your left.) If you are continuing, go left anyway but for just a little way until, just past the ‘Emmanuel United Reform Church’, taking a track right, signed to a Strawberry Farm. Eventually, this track becomes a narrow path passing to the left-hand side of some farm buildings. It enters a field and runs along its right-hand side and over a little footbridge to enter a corridor between fields. 5. Then, pass between two houses and continue along their access track, ignoring an immediate left, going straight over a crossing track and onto a path running ahead into trees. Continue forward for about 0.75 miles, ignoring lefts and rights and, along the way, passing a house on the left and, later, passing between a car parking area and Wood Street’s cricket ground. Continue until reaching a gravel road with some houses on the right-hand side. The road surface becomes tarmac and you quickly reach the White Hart in Wood Street. The

DISTANCE: 8.75 miles (or a 5 mile option) OS MAPS: Explorer 145 Guildford & Farnham STARTING POINT: The car park at the cross roads of Hunts Hill Road and the A323 Guildford Road in Normandy, just beyond the Royal British Legion car park and opposite ‘Session Music’ (GU3 2DA). GR 4 927 1 516. REFRESHMENTS: The White Hart, Wood Street Village. Tel: 01483 235939. For many more walks, please visit our website Neither the publisher nor the author can accept any responsibility for any changes, errors or omissions in this route. Diversion orders can be made and permissions withdrawn at any time.


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Henley Park ridge north of Normandy © Copyright Alan Hunt


green, if you intend to picnic, is only a few yards further on. Thus far you will have walked just under 6 miles so the next leg will be much shorter. 6. Afterward lunch, go left along the main road running along the side of the green, Frogs Grove Lane, for about 600 yards, passing a side road to the Cricket Club to reach a path heading left into a very big field. Cross this half-right to reach a kissing gate onto a track running between trees. Go left along this for about 0.5 miles, eventually emerging at the junction of Bailes Lane with the Guildford Road. Turn right along the latter and walk a short way to cross left by a sign for ‘Chapel Farm Eggs’ and enter a field. 7. Go straight out across this field and into the next. Again follow the path straight out. On the far side go over an unusual brick built footbridge over a stream and continue forward to the far right corner across a (very marshy in winter) field. Exit right, through a kissing gate. Stay on the left-hand side of the field and go up a slope. At a fence at the top, turn left. Go over a little footbridge, along a fenced corridor and through another kissing gate into a big field. Stay on the top of the slope, on the right-hand side of this field, until it swings down left to meet a cross track. 8. Go straight over and straight out across a very big field. Partway out, a signpost directs you halfleft. Reach the far side and go through a gap in the hedge into a small field. Now, cross to the far right corner of the field and pass a small block of stables. February 2018

Immediately past them and before a house, take a fenced corridor off to the right. Emerge on a road and follow it to the right, ignoring an immediate left into trees. Continue along this road to turn left at its T-junction with Hunts Hill Road and quickly reach the starting car park.

Tra Travel, Explore, Adventure

Breaking Free, the independent Outdoor shop 6 Townhall Buildings, The Borough, Farnham GU9 7ND

Specialists in walking footwear Stocking the largest range of walking boots and shoes in the South East. We stock footwear from Altberg (the only British Boot manufacturer), Berghaus, Hanwag, Keen, Meindl, Scarpa and The North Face.

Paramo Partner store Paramo Partner store

01252 724347

To see our full range of outdoor equipment and clothing Sign up to our online newsletter

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Godalming Music Festival The Godalming Music Festival, one of the largest in the South, with over 2,500 competitors, welcomes audiences to its competitions. For 2018 dates and venues are as follows: DANCE Rodborough School, Rake Lane, Milford Afternoon and evening 12th to 16th February, all day 17th February

ORGAN St Peter and St Paul Church, Borough Road, Godalming From 5pm 6th March

SPEECH Prior’s Field School, Priorsfield Road, Godalming All day 3rd, 4th 10th and 11th March

SOLO SINGING Borough Hall, The Burys, Godalming Afternoon and evening 16th, 19th, 20th, and 21st March and at

MUSICAL THEATRE Prior’s Field School, Priorsfield Road, Godalming All day 3rd and 11th March WOODWIND and BRASS Borough Hall, The Burys Godalming Afternoon and evening 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th March SCHOOL CHOIRS Chapel, Charterhouse, Godalming From 2pm 6th March

PIANO Borough Hall, The Burys, Godalming Afternoon and evening 15th, 17th, 22nd, 23rd March and at Anniversary Halls, St Catherine’s School, Bramley Afternoon and evening March 16th

STRINGS Borough Hall, The Burys, Godalming Afternoon and evening 9th, 12th, 13th and 14th March

Wilfrid Noyce Centre, Crown Court, Godalming Afternoon and evening 9th March

ADULT CHOIRS United Church, Bridge Road, Godalming From 2pm 17th March


Saturday 24th March 4pm at St Catherine’s School, Bramley

For each session morning or afternoon visitors will be charged only £2. Join and leave events when you please (between classes). The Festival Concert is free with a collection on the door.

and detailed times for each class and performance are in the printed programmes available from Ballethoo in Godalming High Street or Record Corner in Pound Lane Godalming.

Morning sessions generally start at 9am and afternoons at 4.30pm. However these times vary

Latest information on the website:


To advertise, please call 01483 420173

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Unit Unit 5 Abbey Business Park Business Unit 55 Abbey Abbey Business Park Unit 5 Abbey Business Park Park GU9 8HT Farnham Monks Walk, Farnham Monks Walk, Farnham GU9 8HT Monks Walk, Farnham GU9 GU9 8HT 8HT Monks Walk,

UnitUnit 5 Unit Abbey 5 Abbey 5 Abbey Business Business Business Park Park Park

Walk, Walk, Farnham Walk, Farnham Farnham GU9 GU9 8HT GU9 8HT8HT Monks Monks Monks

Please contact Please us by contact phone, us by or fax e-mail as soon or fax as as as Please contact use-mail by phone, phone, e-mail or fax as soon soonin: as We specialise possible with possible your approval with your or approval any alterations. or any alterations. possible with your approval or any alterations. New Roofs •as Flat Roofs •soon Tileas & Slate Roofs Please Please Please contact contact contact us us bythat us by phone, by phone, phone, e-mail e-mail e-mail or faxor fax fax as soon as soon as as by Please note Please that we note have towe make have any to make alterations any alterations by Please note that we have toor make any alterations by Re-pointing Chimney Stacks • Leadwork possible possible possible with your approval your approval or or any or any alterations. any alterations. alterations. 12 Julywith sowith 12 ifyour we July have so if not we have not from heard from 12 July so ifapproval weheard have not heard from• All Roof Repairs Valleys Renewed & Repaired you by then, you we by will then, assume we will your assume approval. your approval. Please Please Please note note note that that that we have we have have to to make to make make any any alterations any alterations alterations bybyby you bywe then, we will assume your approval. New PVC Fascias & Gutters

SAS Roofing & Building Ltd

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Guildford: 01483 399727 Mobile: 07590 246654

Maintenenance Free SAS No joints, seams or welds UV resistant Waterproof

Proud members of Roofing & Building

Recommended, vetted & monitored local traders & service providers. Recommended by previous customers, 12/07/2017 12/07/2017 12/07/2017 10:37 10:37 Proud members of Recommended, vetted & monitored vetted by Checkatrade, monitored via Wherelocal reputation matters traders & service providers. customer feedback. Recommended by previous customers, Obtain an up-to-date of SAS monitored Roofing via on vettedreport by Checkatrade, Where reputation matters customer feedback.

Obtain anScaffolding up-to-date report of SAS on In partnership with Scorpion - Roofing 01483 235514

February 2018

10:37 10:37 10:37

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for every

unique taste... ...make Elstead Lighting your first stop


LIGHTING Tel: 01420 590510 Elstead House, Mill Lane, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 2QJ Showroom open 9:00am - 5:30pm Monday - Saturday



Jottings is your FREE community noticeboard for charities, local events, groups and information, compiled by Jane Gosnell. To feature here, please email us at by the first Friday of the month prior to month of publication. Please note that space is limited and inclusion cannot be guaranteed. We believe you should demand the highest levels of service from your travel company. Travel Dream will tailormake your holiday experience by listening to your ideas, then hand pick resorts for you in stunning locations around the world. Please mention VantagePoint Travel Club when calling to secure the best offers available.


13 Bramley Business Centre, Station Road, Bramley GU5 0AZ Tel: 01483 865 970 Email: Website:

Welcome to our February Jottings! It’s time to dust yourself off after a dreary January to have some fun and perhaps join a new club and make some new friends? I’m thrilled to see so many activities in our jottings this month, from walking, dancing and music to cinema, Scrabble, art and meditation! Or if you are looking to set yourself a challenge, how about signing up for the Phyllis Tuckwell Glass Walk on the 24th February, raising money for this wonderful local charity - are you brave enough to try? Local Folk Music Sessions Every Monday 9pm, plus every other Wednesday 8.30pm and Sunday 8pm There is a folk music session every Monday at the Star in Church Street, Godalming at 9pm, at the Leathern Bottle Farncombe every second and fourth Wednesday at 8.30pm and at The Stag at Eashing every second Sunday starting at 8pm. All musicians, singers and audience welcome. Free entry, just turn up. For more information phone Kevin Gorton on 01483 415962 or 07990 727802. Winter Walk At RHS Wisley Until 31st March Wrap up warm and enjoy the colours of winter at Wisley. Pick up a trail leaflet at the Garden entrance and follow the trail around the Winter Walk with its winter interest plants; colourful stems reflected in the lake, sweet smelling winter flowers, frost covered leaves and many different barks showing off their rich textures and colours. Beyond the Winter Walk trail, slip into the Pinetum with its gentle giant evergreens; or wander along the grass paths through the Arboretum where skeleton trees are silhouetted against the sky. Drop in for a warming drink at one of the cafes, or stay for lunch. The walk is free with normal Garden admission. For further details about this and other events visit Turner at The Lightbox Until 4th March J.M.W. Turner (1775-1851) is widely regarded as one of the greatest English landscape painters of all time. Although he lived in London for most of his life, his favourite pastime was to escape the hustle and bustle of the capital and go in search of beautiful and tranquil countryside which he would capture in February 2018

Adam Aaronson Glass Studio

Glassblowing Taster Courses

Make a paperweight, tumbler or vase

Details, dates and times: glassblowing-short-taster-course T: 01483 375035 Foxbury Barn (next to Squires), Epsom Road, West Horsley, Surrey, KT24 6AR

drawings, oils and watercolours. In the early 19th century, whilst living at Syon Ferry House in Isleworth, he frequently made trips into Surrey along the Thames and the Wey Navigation. This landscape was a source of great inspiration for him and for the first time a unique collection of these works will be presented by The Lightbox gallery and museum in the exhibition 'Turner in Surrey'. Visit for further information on this and other events at The Lightbox. Guildford Natural History Talks Thursday 1st and 15th February 2.15pm-4.15pm On the 1st Barbara Jones will talk about sea lions, bald eagles and a black bear in British Columbia where she spent two weeks sailing and a week travelling across Canada by train.

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New Truck Mount Equipment Fast and Efficient

Specialist in Floor, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning and Renovation Services A family run business with over 35 years’ experience

Free 1ltr Prochem Stain Pro Spotter with every carpet clean booked in February (quote VP0218)

01483 566802 Then on Thursday 15th February Janet Buck will tell you about her trip to Spitzbergen in July 2016 in search of polar bears on ice, with Paul Goldstein. Talks take place at the Guildford Institute in Ward Street and are free to members of the society. Visitors welcome, although they do ask for a small donation. Further details from Vanessa McClure on 01483 303417. Probus ’83 Club Guildford Meets on the first Thursday monthly This is a club for retired men with a professional or business background to meet for drinks, lunch and an after lunch speaker. Other activities include golf, bowls, visits to places of interest and an investment group. Held at Weybourne House, off A3100 Old Portsmouth Road, Guildford. They welcome new members. Visit, call Paul Sherren on 01483 531623 or email Guildford Spike WI Meeting Thursday 1st February Meeting at The Spike, Warren Road, Guildford on the first Thursday of every month. They are a group of caring, sharing, cake loving women who enjoy developing new friendships and knowledge. This months talk will be on Clandon House - fire and restoration. They also have interest groups including walking, reading, cinema, gardening, craft and chatter and supper club - something for everyone. For more details visit www. and new or prospective members are always welcome.


Computing Help with AgeUK Weekdays 10am to 12 noon AgeUK Surrey is offering a free drop-in service on weekdays for those over 50 to help with their computing problems with laptop, Tablet, Ipad or phone, at the Computer Drop-in Centre located at the Dray Court on Madrid Road, Guildford GU2 7UW. Novices, beginners and experienced are all welcome to use the service. No appointment required; Just drop in. For further information phone 01483 452944 or email: computerdropin@ Classes for the Visually Impaired Twice weekly Mondays and Fridays WeySight is a local charity dedicated to helping adults who have a visual impairment develop new communication skills so that they can increase their independence. Classes include Braille, Moon, Touch Typing and IT skills using specially adapted software. Classes in Guildford and Godalming. Volunteers also needed. For more information please contact Kate on 07790 434952 or Shere Village Cinema – ‘The Beguiled’ and ‘Victoria and Abdul’ Thursday 1st February and Sunday 18th February 8pm On the 1st - the unexpected arrival of a wounded Union soldier at a girls school in Virginia during the American Civil War leads to jealousy and betrayal. On the 18th - Victoria and Abdul - Queen Victoria strikes up an unlikely friendship with a

To advertise, please call 01483 420173

YOUR COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD • The LOCAL Independent Choice for ALL Your WINDOWS, DOORS & CONSERVATORIES Giving a Family Service Since 1992 to Our Private and Trade Customers

• PVCu - Timber - Aluminium Tel: 01483 894489 • Bespoke Conservatories • Soffits & Fascias The Tannery, Tannery Lane, Gosden Common, • Guttering & Cladding Bramley, Guildford GU5 0AB • Highest Quality of Workmanship • Full 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee • Genuine Customer Care with a Relaxed Approach young Indian clerk named Abdul Karim. Book online at www. or visit their Facebook page www.facebook. com/sherevillagecinema for details. Woking Astrology Group Monthly Talk Friday 2nd February 8pm-10pm Woking Astrology Group holds talks on astrology and related subjects every month by established experts. They are a friendly group and welcome anyone interested in the subject to share ideas and meet like-minded people. Meeting the first Friday of each month. Members £4 and Guests £6. Annual membership just £10. For more details contact Woking_Astrology@yahoo. com or Beryl on 07954 384023. Held at Mayfield Community Centre, Board School Road, Woking GU21 5HD. Parking Free on-site. Holy Trinity Church Bramley Saturday 3rd February 7pm Why not join the next Bramley Music concert ‘In Celebration of Friendship’. It is in support of the local charity Dan's Fund for Burns, and promises an enchanting medley from Bach to Bernstein, Liszt to Lerner, Loewe and Mozart to Monteverdi - an evening of duets, arias and solos through the ages, with something for everyone, opera, songs from the shows and even some jazz piano. They are delighted to welcome Danae Eleni, Edward Saklatvala and Kimon Pallikaropoulos. Tickets are £10 (£5 for under 18s and students). A free glass of wine or soft drink is included and are available in advance from Robertsons February 2018

in Bramley High Street, or can be reserved via Stuart White on or 01483 892645. Romeo and Juliet with Guildford Shakespeare Company Saturday 3rd to 24th February The award-winning Guildford Shakespeare Company will open their 2018 programme with Shakespeare’s timeless love-story, staged in Surrey’s largest Georgian church, Holy Trinity. An ancient feud spills out onto the streets and strict family and religious ties strain to keep control. At a high society party, a young man and woman meet, igniting a passion that sets all Verona alight. To stay together, they must risk everything… For full details and bookings please visit Celebrate Chinese New Year With G Live Monday 5th February 7.30pm Touring across the country to celebrate the biggest festive event on Chinese calendar, ‘Chinese New Year Extravaganza’ features a team of performers showcasing amazing Chinese performing arts. From the cheerful spirit of the auspicious Lion Dance, to the majestic and awe-inspiring contortion, the show is a colourful display of Chinese cultural tradition. Witness the daring stunts of Chinese acrobatics alongside energetic kung fu performance, the ancient magic of Face Changing and more. This colourful and action-packed show is the perfect entertainment for all ages to enjoy on this auspicious occasion. For more information and ticket booking visit

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Jottings Providingspecialist specialistlegal legaladvice adviceand andsupport supportin inall allfamily family law law matters: matters: Providing

Divorceand andseparation separation ••Divorce

Children ••Children

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••Pre-nuptial Pre-nuptial&&cohabitation cohabitation agreements agreements

••Financial Financialremedies remedies

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Lynn Lynn Henderson Henderson

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If you are experiencing matrimonial and relationship problems then If you experiencing matrimonial and relationship problems then we can are support you to explore options and find affordable solutions. we can support you to explore options and find affordable solutions. Our aim is to help you move forward and get your life back on track.

Our aim is to help you move forward and get your life back on track.

If we can help then please contact us for a free initial appointment.

Simon Clark

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If we can help then please contact us for a free initial appointment. THE WHITE HOUSE | 2a Meadrow | Godalming | Surrey | GU7 3HN

THE WHITE HOUSE | 2a Meadrow | Godalming | Surrey | GU7 3HN 01483 901060 01483 901060 Guildford Ramblers Association Walk Programme Dominic Faulkner will give a talk entitled 'Colorado - The Great Various dates during February Unknown'. After climbing Everest Dominic wanted a very All are welcome to join Guildford Ramblers Association walks. different challenge and decided to kayak down the Colorado For those wondering whether this is for them, on Monday 5th where he experienced close encounters with snakes as he February there's a leisurely 3.5 mile walk from the Artington was swept through the remote canyons and stunning geology Park and Ride site starting at 10.30am. Call Keith on 02483 of Utah and Colorado. For further details please visit www. 563392 for more information. Usually on a Wednesday there or contact Jenny Allan on 01483 are two walks are about 5-6 miles and a longer walk of 8-10 452399 or email miles on a Saturday. For instance on Wednesday 7th February Guildford Cricket Club there's a choice of a 5-mile walk around Hascombe and It may be cold outside and our cricketers may be feeling the Hydon's Ball (Call Barbara on 078899 868128) or a 6-mile heat down under but Guildford Cricket Club are already walk around Hindhead and the Devil's Punchbowl (Call Mary preparing for next season. The club has a proud tradition for on 07590 113476). Both start at 10.15am. On Saturday 24th producing friendly, inclusive and competitive teams and they February there's a 10-mile walk around Selbourne and the are keen to welcome new junior players. Winter nets started on Hampshire Hangers starting at 10am (Call Andrew on 07722 Jan 28th and are held on Sundays at the indoor sports centre at 193931). Details of all the month's walks can be found at www. RGS. If and click on the walks tab. you’d like to join or try them out please contact juniorfixtures@ Guildford Travel Club Illustrated Talks Tuesday 6th and Tuesday 20th February 7.30pm for 8pm Home-Start Guildford Volunteer Preparation Course start This is a family support charity covering the whole of the Guildford Travel Club meets fortnightly, at Onslow Village Hall, Guildford Borough, plus Bookham and Fetcham in Mole Valley. for illustrated talks on travel by a range of photographers, They provide home-visiting volunteers to support families who travellers, explorers, mountaineers and writers. On the 6th have at least one child under five and are struggling to cope. February Dr Simon Butler will give a talk on the history of the Their next Volunteer Preparation Course starts in February. If you Mediterranean region.. He will travel its length and breadth have parenting experience, would like to make a real difference visiting the landscapes, cultures and civilizations that have and are interested in learning new skills on this friendly, free shaped the region over thousands of years. On the 20th, 40 VANTAGEPOINT

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YOUR COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD • course, please call Debbie or Liz on 01483 511181, or email for more information. New Members Wanted at Cranmore Sports Association Tuesday and Wednesday evenings between 7.15pm-9pm They play Badminton and Squash and are looking for new members. Playing at Cranmore School, Epsom Road, West Horsley. Please contact them if you are interested via email to

February Half Term

Walking For Health in the Guildford area Various days during the week New to the area? Feeling the blues? Why not go out for a healthy walk and talk this winter with Guildford Walking for Health. There are four friendly walk groups offering free 30 minute, 60 minute or 90 minute walks, from the Boxgrove Park shops Mondays at 10am; Merrist Wood Golf Club car-park Wednesdays at 10 am; Shalford Seahorse Inn overflow car-park or Watts Artist Village overflow car-park Wednesdays at 11am; and the Whitmoor Common Jolly Farmer pub car-park Fridays at 11am. Optional hot drinks afterwards. See the web-site for more information: Well-behaved dogs on leads welcome. Monthly Lecture with The Arts Society Shalford Thursday 8th February 10.15am coffee, 10.45am lecture Angela Smith, an experienced lecturer and author of numerous articles and books including A Timeline of Art History (2013), will be lecturing on Elisabeth Vigee le Brun. A leading portraitist at the court of Louis XV1, she exhibited a painting in Paris that caused consternation. The subject was smiling and showing her teeth - and the subject was the painter herself! Moral deficiency! She was forced to flee although she went on to have a successful career across Europe. Find out why she was smiling?! For more information contact Katie 01483 860969. The Guildford Society talk – ‘Why Students are important for Guildford’ Thursday 8th February 7pm for 7.30pm Tales place at The Guildford Institute, Ward St, Guildford GU1 4LH (refreshments available). Cities and universities have been active participants in the creation of new economic and research structures yet the understandings between “town” and “gown”, and the deepening and diversified relationship on either side, can be quite complex. Our speaker, Ian Handy, Community and Events Co-ordinator, The University of Surrey Students’ Union will explore the ways in which UniS students benefit our town and community. This is an open meeting,There February 2018

Illustration by Lizzy Stewart

The West Surrey Family History Society Wednesday 7th February 2.30pm. This months talk will be on The life of a WRAF in the mid 20th century. Sheila Davidson will be speaking about her interesting experiences as a WRAF during a time of social and political change, including her overseas travel. Held in the Friends Meeting House, Ward Street,Guildford. For further information about attending this meeting for non-members, please contact the Co-ordinator, Mrs I Hawkins on 01483 535986.

Tuesday 13 - Sunday 18 February Watts Gallery - Artists’ Village Guildford GU3 1DQ |

The Building Maintenance People

We are skilled local tradesman carrying out quality building installation and repair work in the local area. Kitchens, Bathrooms, Carpentry, Wall & Floor Tiling, Replacement Floors, Wood Floors, Decoration, New Roofs, Replacement Fascia & Guttering, Paving & Landscaping.

Don’t wait weeks for essential repairs, your new kitchen, bathrooms or building works. Just call The Building Maintenance People and your works will be carried without delay. All our work is guaranteed for 10 years

Tel: 01428 684898 Mobile: 07799 627247 Email:

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Jottings is no charge for entry but donations to The Guildford Society will be welcomed. See also website


Join us for the Six Nations 2018

Sat 3rd Feb

Wales v Scotland


Sat 3rd Feb

France v Ireland


Sun 4th Feb

England v Italy


Sat 10th Feb

Ireland v Italy


Sat 10th Feb

England v Wales


Sun 11th Feb

Scotland v France


Fri 23rd Feb

France v Italy


Sat 24th Feb

Ireland v Wales


Sat 24th Feb

Scotland v England


Enjoy our new 50 inch LG Smart 4k Ultra HD, HDR LED TV and our big round table that seats 10. Book it now!

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The Therapy Garden Shop Normandy Daily Monday to Thursday 10am-2pm Open and full of local, freshly grown produce – visit them in Normandy to see what’s been freshly dug. They are a horticulture and education charity that uses gardening to generate positive change and they are also looking for volunteers. If you have a few hours to spare and fancy working in their garden, visit the website or call 01483 813846. The Arts Society Guildford Quiz and Supper Evening Friday 9th February 7pm Held at Onslow Village Hall. Tickets £10 each, including supper. There will also be a licensed bar and raffle. Make up your teams with a maximum of eight per table. Further details and tickets 07836 550355 or 01483 825210, or email guildford@ Guildford Repair Café. Saturday 10th February 10am-12 noon Join the Guildford Repair Café and learn how to repair your items yourself under the supervision of volunteers that have the know-how to fix them.. Expert diy-ers, seamstress, a bike doctor and a portable appliance tester will be available to help you make possible repairs, free of charge. Bring clean, broken items along. Held at Park Barn Community Centre, Cabell Road, Guildford GU2 8JHF. Visit Meet the Vineyard Manager Saturday 10th February Join their Italian vineyard manager Alex for an informative and insightful pruning demonstration on the vineyard overlooking the beautiful Surrey Hills, have a go at pruning some vines yourself and take a little bit of Albury Vineyard home with you in the form of vine cuttings. Includes a tasting of their award-winning sparkling wines. For more information and to book online visit Surrey Mozart Players Concert In Stoke A’Abernon Saturday 10th February Surrey Mozart Players make a welcome return to the beautiful surroundings of the Menuhin Hall, Stoke D’Abernon for an evening of classical masterpieces by Mozart, Beethoven and Mendelssohn, composers who feature at the very core of this orchestra’s repertoire. SMP is excited to welcome guest conductor Edward Farmer. He will conduct the orchestra in a performance of Mendelssohn’s Symphony No 1, written at the astonishing age of 15, but by no means a juvenile work. The influences of Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven can be heard throughout this engaging piece. Mozart’s Overture Cosi Fan Tutte and Mendelssohn’s Overture The Fair Melusine introduce each half of the concert, so it promises to be an evening not to be missed. Tickets are available online at www. or telephone the Box Office on 08700 842020. Adults £19 Children under 16’s £9.50.

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YOUR COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD • ‘Mud & Machines’ at RHS Wisley Saturday 10th to Sunday 18th February 10.30am–3.30pm Mud and Machines! Tractors, mud, soil and rocks. Learn all about the wonders of this icky, sticky stuff! Magical events for messy kids include seed bombs, mud snails, puddle jumping, sand pictures, pedal tractors and a special machine photo opportunity. Different events every day with all details on the Wisley website Holy Trinity Heritage Lecture Monday 12th February 7.30pm Trinity Centre, Trinity Churchyard Titled ‘Holy Trinity Steps: A Silent Witness to Guildford’s Past’, local historian and writer David Rose's illustrated talk will focus Events on historic events that have taken place on or near the steps of Holy Trinity Church. These include royal proclamations, public gatherings, notable services at the church, as well as events in the street such as the infamous Guy Riots, carnival processions and parades, cycle racing and, of course, the people linked with them. For further information on this and their lectures this year visit Half Term Activities At Watts Gallery Monday 12th to Friday 16th February 10am-4pm Join Watts Gallery near Guildford this February Half Term for a fun-filled week of activities, workshops and events. There will be Paper Architects - Create a paper house using simple net templates. Personalise it with fabric and paper before folding it into a 3D construction. In The Picture - Step into the world of a Helen Allingham painting in this multi-sensory space filled with sounds, smells, costumes and props. Then go the gallery to see if you can find the picture and Terracotta Tea light Cottages. Many activities are free with admission. Visit www. for full details of these and other events on during half term and throughout the year. Horsley Floral Decoration Group Tuesday 13th February 1pm This will be their Annual Lunch and AGM (members only). The Horsley Floral Decoration Group is a friendly afternoon flower arranging club. They meet at East Horsley Village Hall on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. They have a varied programme of Demonstrators, Speakers, In-house entertainment, trips, internal competitions (optional), sales table, refreshments,etc. Visitors and New Members very welcome for fun, flowers and friendship. For details please phone Beryl on 01483 831422 or email The Guildford Scrabble Group Every Wednesday 7.30pm-10.30pm This is a very friendly group who welcome all new players, from beginners to seasoned players. Meeting in Shalford Village Hall weekly. Car parking is free and the cost is £2.50 per evening, which includes tea, coffee, cake and biscuits. For more information contact Barbara on 01483 579873.

February 2018

TheWalled Walled Garden The Garden Weddings Parties Venue, Garden & ~ Tea Room in Midhurst Celebrations OpenSpecial to the public all year round Dogs Welcome

A Garden & Tea Room Cowdray Park Midhurst

Celebrate Valentine’s Day Pre Booked Champagne Afternoon Teas

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Jottings ‘Shakers’ at The Nomad Theatre Tuesday 13th February to Saturday 17th at 7:30pm In a not-so-chic London bar called Shakers, we meet Carol, Adele, Nicky and Mel, four friends who have taken to waitressing in desperation but who also have wit and resilience enough to never let any of the colourful characters they come across shake them up !By John Godber and Jane Thornton. Directed by Michael Ayres. Call the Box office on 01483 284747 or online nomadtheatre for bookings. The Pilgrim Ringers Wednesday evenings Learn to ring tunes on handbells. Good teamwork, lovely music, stimulating brain-function, great for entertaining others and emotionally satisfying. Practices are on Wednesday evenings in Normandy Village Hall. Everyone is welcome. Call 01483 538373 for details. Guildford and Woking Humanist Meeting Tuesday 13th February 7.30pm This months speaker is Charlie Yianoullou with a talk title: Secularism Protects. Britain today is one of the most religiously diverse countries in the world. That's why it is more important than ever that the state is neutral on matters of belief, treating all citizens equally and without bias. Find out the basic principles of Secularism and how it sets out to protect us all, both religious and non-religious. Do you have to be an atheist to be a secularist? What are the differences between humanism, secularism, theism, deism and atheism. Held at The Guildford Institute in Ward Street, Guildford, GU1 4LH. There is no charge, but a small donation is requested of £2 or £3 to cover the speaker's expenses and hire of the hall. Further info from Mike Adams on 01483 233324.

• Caring Independent Practice • Advice on all aspects of Pet care • Discounted Health Plan available • Consultations by appointment

Out-of-hours services from Monday to Friday until 10pm on weekends/bank holidays 9am-6pm. Covered by Vets Now Guildford weekdays after 10pm and weekends/bank holidays after 6pm.

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 0830 – 1830 hours, Saturday 0900 - 1100 hours Sunday emergency Clinic 1000 – 1100 hours 20 Knoll Road, Dorking RH4 3EP - 01306 883086 Rothwell House, Church Road, Bookham KT23 3JP - 01372 452531 Station Road, Gomshall GU5 9LE - 01483 205066


The Gingerbread Man at G Live Wednesday 14th February 11.30am-2.30pm A delicious adventure for families. 'Run run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man!’ Chase after this cheeky gingerbread hero as he sets off on the biggest adventure of his life! Out of the Kitchen, through the town, across the fields and all the way to the river… Now if he could just avoid that sly old fox! Hiccup Theatre cook up a brand new version of this classic tale adding delicious original live music, tasty story telling and dollops of fun. For more information on this and other half term events visit The Arts Society Horsley Wednesday 14th February 10.30am The February lecture will be ‘More Than Meets the Eye: Artists and Camouflage’ by Jo Walton, in East Horsley Village Hall, Kingston Avenue KT24 6QT with coffee available 9.45am - 10.15am. Visitors (£5) and new members welcome. Lectures take place every second Wednesday of the month (except August and September). For more information and the full programme phone 01372 451015 or see www.

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We a natural approach to good health and Weoffer offer a natural approach wellbeing including osteopathy and homeopathy to good health and wellbeing to get your body back in balance. including osteopathy and · SPORTS INJURIES · POSTURAL STRESS · JOINT&BACK PAIN ·STRESS · ALLERGIES ·homepathy HYPOGLYCAEMIA · WEIGHT · LEARNING DIFFICULTIES toMANAGEMENT get your body back in balance. New Social Group launched with Age UK Research shows that a staggering 1.2 million older people in England are chronically lonely and 200,000 older people have not had a conversation with friends or family for an entire month. Following on from the success of their two previous Café Culture groups in Cranleigh and Staines a third has been launching at Bill’s Restaurant, Guildford and will run weekly. It is a great initiative for people to get out of the house and make new friends in a social environment. Anyone aged 50+ can attend, no booking required. Pop along on your own or with others for conversation and company and get to know new people. Age UK Surrey staff and volunteers will be on hand to welcome you. Held at Bill’s Restaurant, 1 Angel Gate, Guildford GU1 4AE. If you would like to find out more call 01483 503414. If you would like to volunteer call Lesley Power on 01483 4466646 or Jo Cooling on 01483 446662.

The Arts Society Guildford monthly lecture Wednesday 14th February from 7.30pm. Clare Walsh talks on Tamara de Lempika – Mistress of Art Deco. Tamara de Lempika dazzled Paris’ artistic circles in the 1920s and 30s and was one of the few artists able to embody the decorative style of Art Deco in her paintings. Her extraordinary talent is explored in the world of fashion and photography and as one of the most iconic painters of her generation. Held at Onslow Village Hall,The Square, Wilderness Road, Onslow Village GU2 7QR. Visitors welcome £10. Lecture starts 8pm. Free parking. Guildford Wey Valley Decorative and Fine Arts Society Thursday 15th February 10.45am Please join them in Shalford Village Hall for their next lecture entitled 'Art and Architecture in Docklands Past and Present' when Sue Jackson will explore the transformation of London’s Docklands from Georgian warehouses to the modern architecture and witty street furniture of Canary Wharf. Refreshments available from 9.30. Visitors £6 and new members very welcome. For more information about their programme, contact the Membership Secretary on 01483 423090 or visit Make Life Sweeter For A Child In Your Area Form a new volunteer support group for the NSPCC or join an February 2018



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existing one! Get together with friends, have fun and raise vital funds for children. Perhaps you could arrange a coffee morning, golf day, dog walk or cake sale? Or come up with your own fundraising ideas – it’s a great way to meet new people and help vulnerable local children. On behalf of them all – thank you. Please contact Sarah Ferris, Community Fundraising Manager on 07769 301528 or Oakleaf Annual Quiz Night In Bramley Friday 16th February 2018 The Oakleaf Quiz is back. A great night of tantalising trivia and friendly competition is in store, not to mention a fabulous raffle draw, with all proceeds go to Oakleaf. Cash bar available on the night. Tickets are just £15 each, to include a two course meal plus tea and coffee. Held at St Catherine’s School, Bramley. For more information, or to book, please contact Camilli on 01483 303649 or email Guildford Folk Dancers Saturday 17th February 7.30pm-11pm Come out of the cold, bring a plate of food and wear your dancing shoes as Madeleine Smith is calling, with live music from Sue and Peter Hall at Normandy Village Hall, Manor Fruit Farm, Glaziers Lane, Normandy, GU3 2DT. Call 01428 683423 or visit their website; for more details. The Guildford Symphony Orchestra’s Young Artists Concert Sunday 18th February 3.30pm Taking place at St Catherine’s School, Bramley, this event is always massively popular because the soloists are right at the start of professional careers as concert stars and are hungry for success. GSO Music Director Darrell Davison selects the soloists by very competitive audition and they are the cream of the upcoming generation of concert virtuosi. This year our successful candidates come from France, Korea, Latvia, Taiwan and Israel.

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Jottings Ticket £14 (under 25’s save 50%, under 16’s free with each paying adult) via GSO Box Office 01483 415847 or visit website The Alternative Bridge Club Every Tuesday 7.30pm-10.30pm They are a friendly duplicate club and would welcome more members. Held at Sutherland Memorial Hall, Burpham. Please call Davina on 01483 869855 for more details.

Professional Tree Surgery & Hedge Maintenance Services

• Tree Removal and Felling • Tree Pruning • Tree Planting and Aftercare • Stump Removal • Hedge Trimming • Hedge Planting • Crown Reduction • Pollarding • Local Authority Planning Applications

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Guildford Rambling Clubs walks programme Various dates during February and March For most, visitors are welcome to join these walks. They normally start at 10am. For the 10 mile walk from Winterfold Forest on Sunday 18th February, call Olive on 07872 613505. Call Sue L on 079720 644558 for the 5 mile morning walk from Guildford on Thursday 22nd. Then Sue again for the 10 mile walk, again from Guildford, on Sunday 25th February. Contact David A on 07922 189114 for the 10 mile figure of 8 walk from Selborne on Sunday 4th March. And for Sunday 11th March, it will be Alan C on 01483 480168 who leads the 9 mile walk from near Box Hill. Visit for more details. West Horsley Parish Council monthly meeting Tuesday 20th February 8pm Find out what is going on in the parish. Held at West Horsley Village Hall. Everyone welcome. For more information please visit or contact Historical Association (West Surrey Branch) Lecture Tuesday 20th February 7.30pm Dr Carey Fleiner, University of Winchester: 'A Boy and his Mum: the story of Nero and Agrippina.' The Roman Emperors didn't go in much for quiet domesticity. Held at St Nicolas' Hall, Bury Street, Guildford, GU2 4BW. Visitors very welcome (£3 at the door) students free. Further information from Rollo Crookshank 01252 319881 or email East Horsley WI Meeting and Talk Wednesday 21st February 8pm The WI meets at the East Horsley Village Hall, Kingston Avenue on the third Wednesday of every month except August and are entertained by a speaker before having refreshments and a good chat. This month their speaker is Monica Weller whose talk is entitled 'Ruth Ellis - my sister’s secret life (How I came to Ghostwrite the book)'. Also they will be signing up for various outings to The Clink, the theatre etc. Within their WI they have other activities - book clubs, painting group, bridge and rummikub, as well as outings and craft events. All visitors very welcome. Any enquiries to Surrey Branch: Western Front Association Wednesday 21st February 7.45pm Clive Harris talk: Breaking the Hindenburg Line. Clive examines the Allied offensives that broke through the Hindenburg Line system in September 1918. These successful operations were the beginning of the end for the German army. Held at The

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YOUR COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD • Day Centre, Cobham, KT11 2LY. For full details contact: Andy Thompson West Surrey Natural History Society Thursday 22nd February 8pm ‘The Jewel Hunter’ - illustrated talk by Chris Goodie. The talk details the adventures involved in trying see all of the world's 32 species of Pitta (or Jewel Thrush). Along the way the Jewel Hunter encounters a stunning array of birds, animals, people and places during a year spent travelling to the beautiful rainforests of southeast Asia, Australia, Uganda and Zambia. Chris has been birding since he was twelve years old. In 2009 he followed his dream and went to the rainforests of Asia, before writing the story of his adventures. Held in Ripley Village Hall. Non members £5 payable on door.

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Voluntary Action South West Surrey Voluntary Action South West Surrey is a local support and development organisation working with the voluntary sector to provide advice, support and information. If you would like to find out more about what volunteer roles are available and how you can get involved, you can get in touch on 01483 565456 or 01252 725961 or email Les Amities Françaises Thursday 22nd February 7.30pm Meeting this month to hear about two French painters, Gauguin and Cézanne, and a major English novelist, DH Lawrence. What do they have in common, do they know each other’s work, have they met? All will be revealed by Dr Catherine Greensmith. Held at the Baptist Church Hall, Queen Street, Godalming GU7 1BA. The talk starts at 7.30pm, doors open at 7pm and coffee and biscuits are available. Les Amities Françaises are one of the largest and most active groups in the country with a growing membership and are linked to, and have the support of, the Alliance Française de Londres. For details of events and membership, please email or visit: www.

February 2018


Harlequin Chamber Choir's festive Christmas Concert Friday 22nd February 7pm This concert is titled 'Gloria'. Featuring Surrey Brass and a BusinessCards.indd 2 children's choir from Tillingbourne Junior School. See www. Before for full necessary details. Held in the Holy Trinity Church, Guildford. They would love to see you there. Hand-tied Bouquet Workshop Thursday 22nd February 12.45pm-2.45pm Learn to create a glorious spring flower bouquet in this hand tied bouquet workshop. Guidance will be given by Jennifer, a qualified Master Florist and owner of local floristry business Yours Truly Flowers, who will introduce some clever but simple techniques for making a beautiful hand tied bouquet to take away with you. For more information or to book a place, please call 01483 562142, email or visit our website at

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Drives - Paths - Patios Walls - Fencing - Turfing

Guildford Landscapes are a family run business and approved by several associations. All of our work is guaranteed and insured for 7 years. We work within a 15-20 mile radius of Guildford and offer a complete design and build service, covering all aspects of landscaping and paving. Whatever the project, you will always receive the highest standards of workmanship and customer care.

Free nouildford obligation quote andscapes Ltd Guildford Landscapes are proud to be members of the following associations:

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WEDNESDAYS - VISITORS WELCOME! COOKED BREAKFAST 08.30 -10.30 The Make Space at Watts Gallery Every Sunday Drop in 11am-4pm No space at home to be messy? Drop in to their family friendly Make Space every Sunday. From printmaking to painting and sewing to sculpture, families can explore different kinds of materials and making, with a new activity every week, free with admission. Visit for more details. Go barefoot and brave for Phyllis! Saturday 24th February, Local Hospice Care charity Phyllis Tuckwell is challenging people to go barefoot and brave for its newest fundraising event – the Glasswalk. Held at the Rotunda in Guildford, this is set to be the ultimate challenge for those who want to put themselves to the test - walking across broken glass to raise money for Phyllis Tuckwell. All of the money raised will go towards funding the supportive and end of life care which Phyllis Tuckwell provides for patients and families who are living with a terminal illness such as cancer. Registration is £30 with a requested minimum sponsorship of £150. To secure your place or find out more about this intriguing challenge, visit www.pth., email or call Phyllis Tuckwell’s Fundraising team on 01252 729446. Surrey County Walkers Various dates throughout the month This is a walking group in Surrey. They have walks every weekend, usually in West Surrey, in the Farnham, Guildford, Woking or Dorking areas. Some walks are held in neighbouring counties, such as Hampshire or Sussex. Most walks are completed in a morning, followed by a visit to a local pub. Some walks, particularly in summer, last all day. This is often the case for walks along long distance paths, such as the North Downs Way, South Downs Way, Thames Path and the Mid Sussex Border Path. For more information and the full walk programme visit The Occam Singers Concert Saturday 24th February 7.30pm Italian Baroque Concert with internationally acclaimed soprano Erica Eloff. The Programme includes Alessandrando Scarlatti: Dixit Dominus Domenico Scarlatti: Stabat Mater. Held at St Nicolas' Church, Bury Street, Guildford, GU2 4AW. Free pre-


Heritage & Conservation Consultancy Professional advice for owners and buyers of listed buildings and historic structures, including extensions, alterations, repairs, site development potential and planning. We work with your existing agent or help you find the experts you require. Informed heritage impact statements, heritage assessments, verbal advice and historical research. Help and advice to agents, architects, surveyor’s developers and Councils. Tel: 07976 266686 E:

Concert talk with Conductor David Gibson. Tickets £15 (£7 students) at the door or pre-booked £12.50. Call the Occam Singers 01252 783977; Record Corner, Godalming 01483 422006; GTIC 01483 444333 or Occam Singers are pleased to be supporting the Guildford branch of the Charity CRUSE for their 2018 season. Hedgerow Heroes get off to a flying start Armed with billhooks, spades and loppers, Hedgerow Heroes are on a mission - to save Surrey's hedgerows! From Guildford to Reigate, Warlingham to Leatherhead, volunteers have been getting stuck in to planting and restoring hedges. The conservation campaign is all part of a new initiative by Surrey Wildlife Trust to protect the county's precious hedgerow network. In Guildford, teenagers from Tormead School tried their hands at the traditional art of hedgelaying, as part of their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. Reigate and Redhill Allotment holders are also Hedgerow Heroes - they planted a native hedgerow at Paddock Allotment. To sign up as a Hedgerow Hero visit The Arts Society Surrey Hills monthly lecture Tuesday 27th February 9.45am for a 10.30am start Continuing their programme of lectures with a lecture entitled ‘Charles Rennie Mackintosh’. Anthea Streeter traces Mackintosh’s career looking at his major architectural commissions and interiors, such as those for his masterpiece The Glasgow School of Art. They will also look at his less well known but exquisite watercolour paintings. The Society meets in Shalford Village Hall on the fourth Tuesday in the month. New members and visitors are very welcome. Details of their programme of lectures, visits and holidays for 2018 can be found on their website or by calling 01483 414976. Horsley U3A Meeting Fourth Wednesday of each month 10.30am Meets at the East Horsley Village Hall at (except July, August and December) to hear interesting and entertaining speakers. Coffee is served from 9.45am. On 28th February there will be a talk on Guildford Cathedral by its Director of Operations. The U3A welcomes new members, the only qualification being that you must be no longer in full time employment. The aim

To advertise, please call 01483 420173

YOUR COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD • is to “Learn, Laugh and Live”, so if you want to try something new, joining one of the fifty plus activity groups within the organisation, making new friends and sharing experiences, the U3A may be for you. For information visit or contact Bill Hewlett on 01483 283635. The Horsley and Clandon Society of Arts Demonstrations Wednesday 28th February 8pm Offering a programme of demonstrations and talks that promise to be interesting and exciting. On the 28th the well known artist Roger Dellar will be giving a demonstration in Oils with a pallet knife of a Coastline. On the 28th March they welcome Hashim Akib to give a demonstration in Acrylics - subject to be chosen from photos. The meetings are held in the East Horsley Village Hall. Guests are very welcome (£4). Ample Parking and refreshments available. For further information contact Mrs Robyn Cormack on 01483 224063. Horsley Garden Society Wednesday 28th February 8pm Horsley Garden Society has encouraged the gardeners of the Horsleys and surrounding villages since 1924. They hold flower and produce shows, meetings and talks at West Horsley Village Hall. Visitors are welcome. The February talk is by Dr Alex Valsecchi of Albury Vineyards. Anyone interested in membership at the modest cost of £5 per annum should contact the Chairman, Roger Lindsay, email r.lindsay339@btinternet. com or the Membership Secretary, Terry Lazenby, email The Adams-Sweeting Lecture series – ‘Surviving the Century - hopes and threats from new technology’ Wednesday 28 February 6.30pm-8pm The Guildford Society is helping to promote the inaugural Adams-Sweeting Lecture which will be delivered by Professor Lord Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal. former President of The Royal Society and author of seven popular science books. Lord Rees will explore the threats posed by humanity’s heavy footprint on the global environment as well as the consequences of ever more powerful technologies. Professor Alf Adams and Sir Martin Sweeting will join Professor Lord Martin Rees, along with University of Surrey, Professor of Ceramic Materials, Julie Yeomans, for a Q&A after the talk. Location: 03 MS 01, Rik Medlik Building, Stag Hill Campus, University of Surrey, Guildford, GU2 7XH. Visit the website for detailed information. Inner Wheel Club of Bookham and Horsley Friday 2nd March They are holding their annual, ever popular Charity Cream Tea in the Old Barn Hall in aid of the CoCo foundation. There will be a short presentation about the Charity before the tea and there will be a raffle and stalls. If you would like tickets contact Clare on 01372 459147. Helping Disadvantaged Children Action for Children helps disadvantaged children across the UK.

February 2018

Bina’s Foot Health Care & Reflexology I offer a range of Foot Care services & Reflexology Foot health Prices start from £30 30% discounts for Pensioners Reflexology from £35 I offer a 15 Minute Free Taster Session to help you understand the benefits Also Qualified to provide Natural Gold Facials Contact detail: R Abbas MCFHP MAFHP At Guildford Physio Clinic , 85 Epsom Road Guildford

Tel: 01483 575876 Tuesdays and Wednesday

Drop in for a consultation and treatment (initial treatment is 45 mins with successive appointments if necessary 30 mins )

Have you had a stroke? Do you have aphasia? Difficulty speaking, reading, writing or understanding what is said? At your local group in Guildford on Tuesday afternoons: • Come and meet other people with aphasia adapting to life after stroke

• Practice all aspects of communication • Rebuild confidence and self-esteem

• Friendly groups are run by trained volunteers For more information and to make a referral please contact Susan Houston: Tel: 01784 420371 or 07718 425953 Email: VOLUNTEERS REQUIRED!

Please contact us to find out more about volunteering

To advertise, please call 01483 420173


Jottings SAVE 20% This month only… *

refreshing your tired kitchen EST.


• Trusted reputation • Installed quickly and cleanly by our own local, professional fitters • Huge choice of worktops, doors & appliances • Ask about our range of beautiful quartz overlay countertops


01483 378934



Visit our Showroom: 56 Westfield Road, Westfield, Woking GU22 9NG *Terms and conditions apply. Please ask for details.

As a local support group they raise vital funds and have fun at the same time. They have run coffee mornings, garden parties, walks and teas. They are always looking for new fundraising ideas and for more volunteers to help organise them. Contact if you would like to join them with fundraising for this worthwhile charity. Concert at Guildford Cathedral: Baroque Treasures Saturday 3rd March 7.30pm Vivace Chorus, the Brandenburg Sinfonia and soloists from the Royal Academy of Music present a glittering collection of Baroque favourites including Bach's 3rd Brandenburg Concerto and Magnificat in D, Handel's Zadok the Priest and Albinoni's Adagio which many will know from its use in the soundtrack of many films, including Gallipoli and more recently, Manchester by the Sea. More information and tickets (£16 - £26, under 18 half price) from or or phone TIC 01483 444333. Butterflies in The Glasshouse At Wisley Until 4th March The vibrant Butterflies in The Glasshouse exhibit returns to the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Garden Wisley providing a tropical retreat for visitors this winter. More than 50 species of exotic free-flying butterflies will inhabit the Tropical Zone of the cathedral-like Glasshouse for this eye-catching exhibit. The special guests will showcase their magnificent colours, patterns and form amongst lush-tropical plantings, such as palm trees,


Over 360 reviews on

bananas, bromeliads and climbers, as well as aquatic plants that thrive in the warm jungle pool. For further details about this and other events, visit Guildford Folk Dancers Saturday 10th March 7.30pm-10.30pm Pop along to Normandy Village Hall with your dancing shoes on for an enjoyable evening of English Folk Dancing or join them on a Thursday for our weekly club evening at All Saints Church Hall, Onslow Village. Call 01428 683423 or visit www. Mothering Sunday Cruise on the Wey & Arun Canal Sunday 11th March 11am, 2.15pm and 4.30pm Special cruises will be running on the canal on Mothering Sunday. A Coffee & Danish Pastry Black tie service will enhance the relaxing treat for Mums (and all passengers)! The trips take one and a half hours. Tickets cost £14 for adults and £10 for children and must be booked in advance. Bookings for all special events and weekend public trips can be made online via the Trust website. For enquiries about private charters, volunteering opportunities and membership please call The Wey & Arun Canal Trust Office on 01403 752403 or email office@ Web: Guildford and Woking Humanists Meeting Tuesday 13th March 7.30pm This months talk is titled The Psychology of the Paranormal by

To advertise, please call 01483 420173

YOUR COMMUNITY NOTICEBOARD • Professor Chris French. In all societies a substantial proportion of the population has reported paranormal experiences, from ghosts and alien abductions to dowsing and psychic phenomena. In his illustrated talk Chris will examine possible explanations for such experiences. He is a professor of psychology at Goldsmiths, University of London and has written several books, published over 130 articles and frequently appears on radio, TV and in the press, casting a sceptical eye over claims of the paranormal. Held at The Guildford Institute in Ward Street, Guildford, GU1 4LH. There is no charge, but a small donation is requested of £2 or £3 to cover the speaker's expenses and hire of the hall. Further info from Mike Adams on 01483 233324. Kelly's Clandon Park Run Saturday 17th March The Kelly's Clandon Park Run is a once a year opportunity to experience exclusive parts of the Estate opened specifically for the event by kind permission of the Earl of Onslow. At HQ there will be free parking and a bag drop provided by Kelly's Storage and refreshments. Entrance is by voluntary donation - every penny of which is sent to George Abbot PTA to fund additional resources. To enter go to Guildford Model Engineering Society Events Sunday 18th March 2pm-5pm This is a public open afternoon for Stoke Park Railway. There will be miniature steam train rides, garden railways and an indoor railway layout. Refreshments. Free entry. Free parking. Guildford Model Engineering Society, Stoke Park, London Road, Guildford GU1 1TU. To find out more on this event and may others throughout the year visit Chantry Singers Chamber Choir Spring Concert Saturday 24th March 7.30pm ‘In Memoriam’ is a reflective programme of music on themes of sorrow, hope and remembrance, centred around Tomas Luis di Victoria’s sublime Requiem mass for unaccompanied choir. The Chantry Singers will be interpolating the movements of this mass with other songs and motets based on similar themes, including Tavener’s 'Song for Athene', Elgar’s 'They Are At Rest”' and Ireland’s 'Greater Love', plus more contemporary reflections by Randy Newman and Elton John. Held at St Nicolas Church, Guildford. Tickets are £14 with concessions, available from the choir 07970 627412 or The Guildford Tourist Information Office 01483 444334. Themed Easter Cruises With The Wey & Arun Canal Trust 30th March, 1st and 2nd April 11am, 12 noon and 2pm. Plenty of Easter characters will be on the canal to entertain you – join in the fun! Children will receive a chocolate gift from the Easter Bunny while adults can enjoy the chance to unwind and enjoy the scenery. Tickets cost £10 per person and include refreshments. Booking in advance is advisable. Bookings for all special events and weekend public trips can be made online via the Trust website. For enquiries about private charters, volunteering opportunities and membership please call The Wey & Arun Canal Trust Office on 01403 752403 or email office@ February 2018

West Horsley Spring Litter Pick Saturday 7th April 2018 10am Meeting outside West Horsley Village Hall for distribution of Litter Pickers, gloves, bags and High Viz vests. Afterwards enjoy tea/coffee and homemade cafe in the Village Orchard. All welcome, especially families. Contact Cllr P Holt on 07909 963466 for more details. VantagePoint Travel Fair Saturday 7th April 1pm to 4pm Travel Dream in Bramley together with VantagePoint Travel Club are delighted to announce their annual Travel Fair will be held once again at Wilfred Noyce Centre in Godalming. Admission is free to all visitors with a complimentary drink and a prize draw. A steel band will great you to help you get in the mood to talk holidays. Workshops and exhibitors will be on hand to help with all your travel options with local Travel Agent Travel Dream. Godalming's Spring Fair is also on that day, so even more reason to come into Godalming! For more information please contact Johanne Wishart on 01483 865970 or email holidays@ Kelly's Cycle Challenge at Alice Holt Sunday 20th May This Kelly's Cycle Challenge returns for a fifth consecutive year with more of the same beautiful routes for you to enjoy. At Alice Holt HQ there will be stalls and activities to cater for all the needs of the cyclists and spectators who come to enjoy the atmosphere and cheer the cyclists in! All three sportive routes follow quiet country roads, with plenty of great views and open road riding to be had plus a family 7 mile route. Entrance is by voluntary donation. To enter go to Kelly's Cross Country Challenge Sunday 14th October Back again for the fourth year, Kelly's Cross Country Challenge has something for everyone! With stunning 5k, 10k and half marathon routes through the Loseley estate this event is a proper cross country event with tracks, trails, hills and fields to cover. The challenging terrain means you will really earn your medals! Major benefit is that you get to enjoy breathtaking views and the chance to share the experience the exclusive grounds at this prestigious venue. makes it a must for all runners!! As well as being a challenge for serious runners we aim to make this a real family event. There is a 1k untimed children's challenge and plenty of entertainment for them with various activities to keep them amused. This, together with great food & drink at HQ, means there really is something for everyone. All proceeds will go to local charity Challengers. To enter go to GET IN TOUCH

To send in an entry for Jottings, please email us at or go online to

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Low cost franchises now available.

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High earning potential... To receive business video, text details to 07434 706934. Response may be slow due to demand.

Garden and Groundcare Maintenance

Mowing - Strimming - Plan�ng - Pruning - Hedges and more No Lawn Too Big! Ride-on mowing available. Reliable, Friendly, Local with Full Insurance. Contact Peter: 01428 687962 - 07800 596193 Domestic, Commercial and Public Gardens and Groundcare.

Garden & Groundcare Maintenance

Cranleigh Handyman Services

Regular & One-Off Appointments

Services Include:

Painting. Small roof repair. Guttering. All types of windows. Plumbing. Repairs include double glazing kitchen and bathroom repair. Repointing. Conservatory repairs. Hourly rate or Fixed price 35 years’ experience in multi trades.

From landscaping to extensive site excavations, we offer a high quality, honest, reliable and competitively priced service, guaranteed to meet all your needs.

T: 01483 277796 M: 07833 317538

07871 051661 / 01372 458616

DBS cleared. Reg number 3897.

Mowing (push & sit-on) * Strimming Edging * Weeding * Planting Pruning * Mulching * Hedge Cutting

LANDSCAPE & GROUNDWORKS Reliable, Friendly, Local with Full Insurance For more information, please contact; Peter (T) 01428 687962 (M) 07800 596193

Surreyhills Home and Gardens Services Ltd Reg no - 9072784 VAT - 213941453




Wills. Lasting Powers of Attorney. Estate Planning. Court of Protection. Home visits, lunch time meetings. We come to you.

01483 564833 52 VANTAGEPOINT

07988 494922 We provide a fast, efficient, professional, commercial and domestic pest control service in the local area. Rats, Mice, Moles, Wasps, Bees, Squirrels, insects and all other pests destroyed or removed. Call us now: Milford: 01483 429105 Woking: 01483 822204

L. J. DEVANEY DECORATING CONTRACTOR Fully Insured 14 years experience Domestic and Commercial

All aspects of Interior and Exterior decorating Mob:07737664201 Home:01252 724039 Email:

To advertise, please call 01483 420173

BUSINESS CARDS • To advertise here from just £25 per month, please call 01483 661088 or email

Low Cost Counselling Service in Guildford

20 Glebe Road

Surrey’s leading counselling and psychological service is now also able to offer low cost counselling for adults on a limited income in areas such as; • Depression

Road Cranleigh Connor Dollerson20 Glebe 20 Glebe Road • Anxiety Cranleigh Connor Dollerson Surrey, GU6 7AS Cranleigh Connor Dollerson • Stress Surrey, GU6 Road 7AS 20 Glebe Surrey, GU6 7AS M: 07842 481000 LOCKSMITH Connor Dollerson M: Cranleigh 07842 E: 481000 totbc



01483 917000

M: 07842 481000 Please mention you require low cost when calling W: E: W: M: 07842 481000 W: E: W:

GU6 7AS Vetted • Inspected Qualified E: •Surrey, totbc

• Relationship Difficulties • Bereavement • Workplace Issues


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We are local. Visit:

GEI 1 14/06/2013 Page506 1 M:Ltd_Layout 07766 901 484 T:09:44 01483


GEi (UK) Ltd Fully Independent Stove Installers HETAS Approved

Chimney Sweeping Services also Provided

01428 643484 07563 618415

Call us today for a FREE quote • Flat Roof Systems • All Roof Repairs • All Guttering Repairs Check us out online or freephone

February 2018

All made in beautiful timber

A no-obligation visit to discuss your project - We survey & install

Email: 01252 591855 | 07730 384028

0800 011 4599

• Box Sash Windows • Flush Casements • Entrance Doors • French Door sets • Bi-fold doors

• Traditional Chimney Sweeping service • Local chimney sweep • New customer discounts available • Cages, Caps and Cowls supplied/fitted

Tel: 01483 207420 To advertise, please call 01483 420173



Enter at

Please enter online unless otherwise stated. Postal entries can be sent to us at the address given on page three.

WIN... one of 2 pairs of tickets to Beerex on Thursday 12th April The 2018 Farnham Beerex will be held on April 12th–14th at the Maltings, Farnham. Forty breweries have been chosen to supply a range of over sixty real ales, including ten that will form the special ‘Cumbrian Bar’. There will also be a wide range of ciders and perries including old favourites as well as some that will be new. The 42nd Beerex will celebrate 40 years of Bill Tidy programme covers with exhibits of all programmes and cartoons throughout the Maltings. Also, the 50th year of the Lions Club of Farnham which will be celebrated with a locally produced special beer. Visit To win a pair of tickets for Thursday (6pm-11pm), please answer the following question: Q: In which year did a Bill Tidy cartoon first appear on the cover of a Beerex Programme? Please enter online at by 28th February 2018.

WIN... a meal for 4 at the Surrey Oaks, Newdigate worth £125 The Surrey Oaks in Newdigate is an award-winning and family-run independent free house that specialises in local ales, wines, ciders and produce to create traditional homemade food often from their wood fired oven which is fired by local sustainable timber. They work closely with a range of local suppliers to source meat, cheese and vegetables from local suppliers to provide guests with the best quality, freshest food, together with a large selection of guest ales and ten different ciders. Housed in a beautiful building dating in part from the 16th century, they are open seven days a week for brunch, lunch and dinner, and for breakfast at weekends. For more information, visit To win a meal for 4 people including wine up to a value of £125, please answer the following question: Q: From what century does part of the pub date? Please enter online at by 28th February 2018.

WIN... free venue hire of The Walled Garden, Cowdray Park, Midhurst The Walled Garden at Cowdray Park is alleged to have been a Tudor Pleasure Garden which was visited by Henry VIII and Elizabeth I and reflects elements of its time. There are turf benches, arbours, lavender walks, sweet-smelling herbs, fruit trees – apples, pears and plums and herbaceous beds enclosed by brick walls. There are two stunning function rooms that can be used: The Courtyard Room and The Castle Room. Both reception spaces, featuring gorgeous Georgian stonework, look fantastic by day and exude an enchanting atmosphere by night. Visit for more information. To win the use of The Walled Garden on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday for a function (renewal of vows, ceremony, party etc) followed by a drinks reception for 2 hours, please answer the following question: Q: Name one of the function rooms at the Walled Garden. Please enter online at by 28th February 2018. Full terms and conditions are on our website.

TERMS & CONDITIONS OF ENTRY: By entering these competitions you agree to receive periodic emails from VantagePoint Magazine, Vantage Publishing Ltd and the originator of the competition you are entering. You can opt out of receiving these at any time and your data will never be passed on for use by third parties. The prizes are nontransferable and have no cash alternative. Only one entry per person per competition and prizes will only be sent to homes with a GU, KT and RH postcode.







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£4,995 PCM

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NewYear New Home? Selling or Letting?

Pewleys... A traditional independent Estate Agent where service still comes first. To book your property valuation please call Sales 01483 304344 Lettings 01483 347888

Pewleys Independent & Traditional Estate Agents Shalford Office: 01483 304344 Richmond House, Station Row, Shalford, Guildford GU4 8BY Merrow Office: 01483 347100 249 Epsom Road, Merrow, Guildford GU1 2RE Lettings Office: 01483 347888

VantagePoint Magazine February 2018 - Guildford & Villages  

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VantagePoint Magazine February 2018 - Guildford & Villages  

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