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VMM VISION & MISSION Introductions from the President of the Board and the Director

EDUCATION Ways in which the VMM provides Educational Programs & Public Events

COLLECTIONS + ARCHIVES Details of our 2017 exhibitions & notes from our Collections + Archives

DEVELOPMENT & SUPPORT Our 2017 partnerships, associations, supporters and sponsors have helped the VMM flourish

VMM PEOPLE The people who help bring the visions and mission of the Museum to life!


2017 was another year of significant progress and change for the VMM. In January we again began the year with a well attended exhibit at the Vancouver Boat show. Hundreds, in fact thousands, of people of all ages had fun piloting the St. Roch through the North West Passage. Executive Director Ken Burton secured the former RCMP vessel Nadon (St Roch II) for the boat Harbour and furthered his planning for the North West Passage Hall of Fame. After receiving Ken’s decision to step aside as ED we formed a committee led by Peter German to oversee the process of recruiting a replacement. After three months of working through applications and interviews we appointed Dr. Joost Schokkenbroek who had many years of experience at the Amsterdam Maritime Museum with a particular emphasis on curatorial practice. Joost began in mid-July and within a surprisingly short time met a great number of our supporters and contributors. He has worked with staff and engaged in collaboration with many others looking to the future growth and success of the museum. We certainly see an exciting time ahead. The efforts of our Director of Development and staff along with some wonderful volunteers achieved great success with the two fireworks nights in July

and August. The evenings were enjoyed immensely by all who were lucky enough to obtain tickets. The September gathering to honour the inductees into The NWP Hall of Fame, including Dean Hadley, who was on the original voyage was a fun filled evening. In the fall Catherine began marketing tickets for the raffle which included very generous prizes of a Northwest Passage voyage donated by One Ocean Expeditions and a fishing trip to Rivers inlet donated by King Pacific Lodge. In November the Board appointed three new trustees. We welcomed Kelly-Ann Speck, Shaleena Meghji and Peter Helland and anticipate some new and different thoughts to increase the diversity of our organization. We are thankful for the support from numerous organizations which continued in 2017 including TK Shipping, Washington Foundation, One Ocean Expeditions and many other individuals and companies. As well, we acknowledge with thanks the continuing support by the City of Vancouver, The B.C. Arts Council and the B.C. Gaming Corp. We are looking forward to many exciting prospects in 2018. PETER BERNARD, PRESIDENT OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES


FROM THE DIRECTOR During the first six months of 2017 significant efforts were made to address a number of long-standing internal HR and financial/administrative concerns. In support of a seamless transition of the Executive Director’s office, significant effort was put into communications and relationship maintenance to allow many of the planned exhibitions and programs to advance uninterrupted. Also, major additions were made to Heritage Harbour, positioning the VMM to continue to offer exciting and enhanced waterfront programming. Heritage Harbour dock facilities were expanded, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police donated the police vessel Nadon, and later in 2017 Honey Badger, a world class ocean-rowing vessel, found a place in Heritage Harbour as well. A critical “Demand and Needs” analysis report was commissioned in early 2017. This report is designed to develop a quantitative needs review of the VMM. It is expected that both City and museum can use the results of this report as guidelines for dialogues and policies regarding the future of the museum’s footprint, location, and offers. On 20 July I took over the helm from Ken Burton. I thank him for his efforts to make the museum financially sound. Two weeks later the VMM organized two successful fundraising evenings – a great way to get to know dozens of people and immediately feel part of the VMM family. Sparked by my experiences in the Scheepvaartmuseum (National Maritime Museum) in Amsterdam and by the VMM’s vision and mission a number of basic standards for good museum practices stood out for me upon arrival: let the VMM be credible and thus authoritative; organize the registration and management of the wide and varied collections – consisting of artefacts and library and archives; enable collections staff to conduct research, give lectures and publish; create top-class educational programs; be community-based and focused on societal issues and utilize exhibitions and public programs to take part in the debates. During the first few months I have put much time and energy into getting to know ‘my’ people – the staff members and volunteers who with all their talents make the organization run. I want to be dazzled on a daily basis by their ideas and initiatives. So far they do a darn good job, and I trust they will continue to surprise me. Regular meetings with the Executive Board and the Full Board of Trustees have confirmed my expectations about the Trustees’ enthusiasm, commitment and passion for the VMM, and their willingness to show trust and confidence in the new

course we are setting. Over the last few years the VMM has become more stable financially. In 2017 we have taken initiatives to not only consolidate but also expand this sound financial foundation. Late September there was the inauguration of the Northwest Passage Hall of Fame. Three inductees – an organization, a vessel and a (group of) person(s) – received proper acknowledgement for their respective achievements in increasing awareness about and knowledge of the Arctic. Furthermore, a fabulous Raffle was introduced; thousands of tickets were purchased by hundreds of individuals hoping for a spectacular cruise through the Northwest Passage, an awesome angler’s adventure or one of the many other precious prizes. The writing is on the wall: with an international trend of receding governments shying away from subsidizing culture to the fullest we need to reach out increasingly to private and corporate sponsorships. I strongly believe that confidence, credibility and collaboration are key in this process. I see it as my responsibility to create confidence within and around the museum; to gain trust amongst our stake-holders; to see the enormous potential for the creation of new partnerships with peer institutions, with our neighbours in Vanier Park, and with other cultural and academic institutions across the Vancouver area and British Columbia; and to tell the maritime history of Western Canada in an innovative, entertaining and authentic way. Together we can do this.

In the pages ahead you can learn what this multi-faceted organization has to offer. You will notice that there is more space reserved for Education and Public Programs and for Collections, as we need to elaborate on the large number of new initiatives in these respective fields. I am proud to be part of the VMM, and I happily take the lead in bringing the museum to a higher level regarding professionalism and reputation. It is not only commensurate with our vision (“To be a world-leading maritime museum and heritage centre”): arguably even more important our staff, our collections and our supporters have been waiting for this moment and should be rewarded for their patience and loyalty. JOOST C.A. SCHOKKENBROEK, PHD EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE VANCOUVER MARITIME MUSEUM

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Our school programs continue to be popular for students, teachers and parents. We love it when we hear, “that was the best field trip this year!.” Or as one teacher said, “I hope to come back… because the quality is excellent for my students.” In 2017 the Vancouver Maritime Museum offered school programs to students from preschool to high school as well as ESL groups. In September we launched a brand-new school program based on our temporary Lost Fleet exhibition. This program provided us with a fantastic opportunity to discuss Canadian immigration history as well as to highlight the social injustice of the forced seizure and sale of Japanese-Canadian fishing boats during the Second World War. All school programs are designed to support the BC Ministry of Education’s curricular core competencies, essential learning, and literacy and numeracy foundations for each grade. This year we were fortunate to work with a teacher at Waverley Elementary in Vancouver, who was able to share some of his family history and to provide some mentorship and guidance in writing and developing The Lost Fleet school program.

In 2017, 5,235 children and adults participated in 200 on-site school programs. An additional 1012 students, teachers and parents went on a guided harbour tour as part of the NSWIA Working Waterfront School Program. In partnership with the RBC Foundation Bridge Program, the Vancouver Maritime Museum was able to bring 412 students from innercity schools to the museum free of charge. Thanks to the RBC Foundation for making our field trips more accessible to everyone!

School Programs Offered in 2017 »» Tugs for Tykes (preschool to grade 1) »» Pirates! (preschool to grade 4) »» Amazing Arctic Animals (preschool to K) »» Mountie Sailors (grades 1 to 3) »» Man the Oars and Chart the Coast (grades 4 & 5) »» Arctic Explorers (grades 4 & 5) »» NSWIA Working Waterfront (grade 5)* *IN PARTNERSHIP WITH NORTH SHORE WATERFRONT INDUSTRIAL ASSOCIATION*

»» The Lost Fleet (grades 5, 6 and 9) »» Two Worlds: Above and Below the Sea (grades 8 & 9)

»» What is War Good For? (grades 10 to 12) »» Self-Guided Museum Visit (all grades)

PUBLIC EVENTS Public events foster the museum’s mission to be a centre for dialogue, education, research, artistic expression and experience regarding the maritime heritage of the Pacific and Arctic Oceans. The museum is committed to working with community partners to make our public events relevant and enlightening to a wide audience. Highlights from 2017 include:

Kidsworld Events

In 2017, the Vancouver Maritime Museum expanded our partnership with Kidsworld, an organization that promotes activities and attractions for kids and families throughout the Lower Mainland. This year, the museum offered a summer program in July that featured a printmaking activity facilitated by WePress, a community art space on the downtown east side. Plus, we also highlighted our Lost Fleet exhibit and offered origami boat building. And we worked with Parks Canada and the City of Vancouver Sustainability Group to present programming to families throughout the day. Later, in November, we hosted a second Kidsworld event. At our second event, participants built wooden fishing boats and Inuit author and storyteller, Arvaarluk Kusugak, entertained the audience with stories from the Arctic. We also partnered with Parks Canada and the Underwater Archaeology Society of BC. In total over 400 visitors came to us as a result of this partnership.

Summer Programming

With support from a Young Canada Works grant, the museum was able to hire two summer program assistants. In 2017, the museum developed a new Heritage Harbour tour making use of the Nadon or St. Roch II, an RCMP police boat that travelled through the North West Passage in 2000 on a voyage of re-discovery. We also focused our summer programming on The Lost Fleet exhibit and offered guided tours and craft activities for visitors and families.

Birthday Parties at VMM

Book Talks and Readings

In 2017, the museum offered the Hot off the Press series of book talks and readings. Featured authors included: Mari Tasi - The Hidden Journals: Captain Vancouver and his Mapmaker Michael Layland - A Perfect Eden (In partnership with The Historical Map Society of BC) Sylvia Taylor Beckoned by the Sea Ken McGoogan - Dead Reckoning Howard MacDonald Stewart - Views of the Salish Sea Celeste Snowber & Sean Wiebe - Blue Waiting

Two new birthday party programs were launched in 2017. These new programs complement our two regular birthday parties. The Vancouver Maritime Museum currently offers: Pirates! – Discover how pirates work and live together navigating the open seas. Tugs! – Meet the hardest working boat in the harbor – the tugboat! Arctic Animal Adventures – Discover how Arctic animals survive in Canada’s most extreme environment. Legends of the Sea – Explore mermaid lore and uncover the secrets of sea monsters. In total, 12 children celebrated their birthday at the Vancouver Maritime Museum and approximately 200 children and adults attended. 9

Winter Wander - 2017


The Museum continues to work with many community partners and is an active supporter and participant in many community-based events and festivals. In 2017, museum staff and volunteers attended 12 off-site events, engaging with approximately 4,600 people through fun, hands-on maritime-themed activities. Community events attended in 2017: • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

VanAqua Divers’ Weekend Vancouver International Boat Show Franklin Lectures at the Port of Vancouver (Delta) Royal Vancouver Yacht Club Opening Day Pull of the Net at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery Easter Seals Charity Regatta Variety the Children’s Charity - Boat for Hope BC Field Trip Fair Canada Day Celebrations Easter Seals Charity Regatta River Fest at the Fraser River Discovery Centre Richmond Maritime Festival Vancouver Wooden Boat Festival BC Social Studies Teacher’s Association Conference


COLLECTION REFLECTIONS - 2017 2017 brought about new opportunities for the Vancouver Maritime Museum. Through the year’s exhibitions, we were able to reach new audiences and create contacts for future collaboration. The Collections Department also began the implementation of our de-accessioning program for selected model ships in the Museum’s collection. The exhibition George Vancouver Goes to Chile was inspired by conversations with the Consul General of Chile, and for the opening reception a large contingent of the Consular Core was in attendance. There are now further discussions with South American consular representatives to publish portions of the exhibition in their annual report. In March of 2017 the VMM launched The Lost Fleet exhibition, which addresses the struggles faced by Japanese-Canadian fishermen and the Japanese-Canadian population as a whole during WWII. This exhibition allowed the Museum to reach out to new Japanese-Canadian audiences and to create education and public programs which touch on societal issues today. Dr. Joost Schokkenbroek was welcomed as the new Executive Director at the VMM in July 2017.

With his 30 years of experience in the museum industry he is bringing a focus to collections management. One major step forward in collections management at the VMM was taken this year when we began de-accessioning a large selection of model ships that no long fit the Museum’s mandate. To date, the museum has transferred 37 models to new institutions. The majority of these have gone to the SFU Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology where they will be used in conservation courses as well as underwater archaeology courses to teach students about different types of ships. Lost Fleet Archaeology: In July of 2017, the VMM took part in an archaeological excavation related to the subject of The Lost Fleet exhibition. Working with a local archaeologist and the Underwater Archaeological Society of BC the VMM undertook a 3-day excavation on a JapaneseCanadian built fish packer located near the mouth of the Fraser River. The construction of the vessel is unique on the west-coast and the report generated from the findings will be shared with those connected to the Japanese boat-building community. 11

EXHIBITIONS CAPTAIN VANCOUVER GOES TO CHILE January 2017 to December 2017 - TK Gallery In 1795 George Vancouver finished his survey of the Pacific Northwest in search of a Northwest Passage. On his voyage back, his ship Discovery was damaged and had to put in at the port city of Valparaiso, Chile. While repairs to the ship were being made Vancouver travelled to the capital of Santiago to meet with the Governor. He and his officers were entertained and learned about the military resources of the colony and the defensibility of Valparaiso. In the 1800s the port city was used as the headquarters of the British Navy in the Pacific, that is, until it was relocated to Esquimalt on Vancouver Island. Archibald Menzies, the ship’s surgeon and botanist, collected many plant samples throughout their journey, one of which was the Araucaria araucana (monkey puzzle tree). The tree is native to Chile and following the return of Capt. Vancouver and Menzies, the tree became popular in Britain and was then transported to, through immigration, to North America.This exhibition augments current exhibitions and educational programs which focus on the explorations of the Pacific Northwest. It shows the broader scope of these early explorations and how the knowledge gained and connections made during the voyages had later effects on places such as Vancouver and British Columbia.

THE LOST FLEET March 2017 to July 2018 - Temporary Gallery On December 7, 1941 the world was shocked when Japan bombed Pearl Harbour. For the Vancouver area, this action resulted in confiscation of nearly 1,200 Japanese owned fishing boats by Canadian officials on the British Columbia coast. Seized boats were sold off to canneries and other white fishermen. Although this was all done in the name of national security, there are far more deep-rooted racial and economic factors that have been ongoing since the earliest immigrants arrived from Japan. The Lost Fleet looks at the world of the Japanese fishermen in BC, their settlement in the province, the systematic racism they faced, and their struggle during the internment process. It considers the legacy of the seizure, and sale, of Japanese-Canadian property and internment of an entire people: what lessons have been learned and how Canadian society has changed because of this experience. Visitors are encouraged to ask if the present political and economic climate is very different today; current legislation, policies and public sentiment about immigration begs the question of whether this type of injustice could be carried out against other groups. The VMM consulted the Nikkei Museum on artifacts and content of the exhibition, and also worked closely with Masako Fukawa who was instrumental on content consultation.


NORTHWEST PASSAGE HALL OF FAME In September of 2017 the Vancouver Maritime Museum launched the Northwest Passage Hall of Fame as part of it’s permanent exhibition around the historic St. Roch vessel. The purpose of establishing this Hall of Fame is to educate the public and honour significant achievements in exploration, science, human perseverance, culture which have taken place in Canada’s Arctic Archipelago. One new inductee is added every year in each of the following categories: Individual, Vessel, and Event/Expedition. The Inductees for 2017 included Eugene “Dean” Hadley (individual category), RCMP ST. ROCH (vessel category), James “Scotty” Gall and the HBC AKLAVIK (event/ expedition category).

ST. ROCH II/ NADON: FLOATING EXHIBITION A fundraising effort was undertaken in the year 2000 in order to raise funds to restore the St. Roch. The RCMP catamaran Nadon was christened St. Roch II and was taken into the Arctic to retrace the path of the St. Roch. At the end of Nadon’s service with the RCMP she was given to the VMM to be part of the floating exhibition in heritage harbour. In summer 2017 the Museum restored Nadon to the way she was in the year 2000 so that the vessel could become part of the harbour tour developed by the education department.



ACROSS THE TOP OF THE WORLD: THE QUEST FOR THE NORTHWEST PASSAGE AUGUST 2017 ongoing travelling exhibition For a 3rd year, VMM partnered with One Ocean Expeditions (OOE) to present the travelling version of Across the Top of the World on both of their vessels Akademik Iöffe and Akademik Sergey Vavilov. Staff went aboard late August to interpret the exhibition and present artifacts and lectures to augment the display. This exhibit also completed its second year onboard Crystal Cruises vessel Crystal Serenity.

ST. ROCH WHEELHOUSE EXPERIENCE Vancouver International Boat Show One of VMM’s most popular exhibits is the interactive St. Roch Wheelhouse Experience, which won a special judges’ award in its first year at the Vancouver International Boat Show (2016). The VMM was invited back to the 2017 VISB with the wheelhouse where it was displayed along with the ROM/Parks Canada John Franklin micro exhibition and received crowds of nearly 5,000.

FRANKLIN EXPLORATION POP-UP DISPLAY Developed by the ROM and Parks Canada with input from partner institutions, this micro exhibition tells the story both of the historic search for John Franklin as well as the recent discovery of HMS Erebus and Terror by Parks Canada. The VMM took advantage of the portable nature of this exhibition to set up the display at the Vancouver International Boat show in January 2017. The exhibition was also set up at The Port of Vancouver’s Delta Community Office.


2017 News from the W.B. & M.H. Chung Library and Leonard G. McCann Archives. The W.B. & M.H. Chung Library and Leonard G. McCann Archives used 2017 as a year to increase accessibility to the collections. Every month we correspond with a variety of patrons, including staff, family historians, authors, film makers, businesses, media, students, and many more. To simplify the research process, the Librarian & Archivist created an online research request form, created a simple online library catalogue, and continued work on the archives database, (Collective Access), in order to prepare for the eventual public interface launch. The online public catalogue for the library collections, (Libib), permits staff and volunteers to check-out books. This allows the Librarian & Archivist to track the usage of the collection for better statistical analysis and collections management. The catalogue also enables staff and the public to browse the collection remotely. The Librarian & Archivist continues to write the “History Lesson” column for the industry magazine BC Shipping News. Some topics covered were the Cates family, surviving canneries on the coast, the history of rafting, and ship figureheads. This year the Library and Archives received 17 new acquisitions. These included the fantastic photograph collection from Glen K. Sargent, documenting his later Arctic policing career (see below for more info). We also acquired some documents and artefacts relating to the St. Roch from Hazel V.B. Abbott, niece of the former City of Vancouver Archivist, Major Matthews. Another photograph collection donated was the Vancouver Sun & Province’s ship reference files. These should make an excellent addition to our general photograph collection documenting local vessels.

We would like to give a special thanks to our volunteer cohort: Elizabeth Hawkins, Sandi Ma, Marilyn Ramen, Rob Ondzik, Tor Rognmo, and Jeffrey Zingeler for their excellent work this year. We also hosted a group of Library and Archival students from the University of British Columbia for the course “Digital Image and Text Collections”. They worked on scanning and describing a series of photographs from the Glen K. Sargent photograph collection. Sargent was a crew member on the St. Roch and continued to have a career with the RCMP in the Arctic into the 1960s. His collection of photographs reflects this later part of this career and even covers part of the Inuit relocation. For this project, the students created a website to display the photographs. In addition to this project, we hosted another group of students from the Langara Library Technician program. They created a proposal to develop a vessel type controlled vocabulary to use throughout the collections. This was an excellent effort to get us started using proper vocabularies while describing the collections, which will allow greater access to the public. In 2018, we look forward to improving accessibility to the collections, both physically and online, by focusing largely on collections management. This year we will be developing the public access interface of the archives and artefact collections to further improve accessibility. We also look forward to showcasing the collections in our celebration of the St. Roch’s 90th birthday. This year will certainly be one to celebrate.


HERITAGE HARBOUR This year has seen hundreds of school kids on the wharf through the museum’s education program; the addition of the wharf extension; a Canadian Coast Guard search and rescue dive training session; the Caravan Stage Company and their Thames Barge replica; a lovely private pilot cutter; Water’s Edge Day and Winter Wander with Coast Guard and Whale watching vessels, dragon boats and war canoes; a few of the World 6m vessels; the first annual Heritage Harbour Classic; a memorable wedding aboard North Star of Herschel Island with salsa dancing around the capstan; professional mermaids having a photo session; the arrival of ‘sea angels’ swimming around the harbour; the departure of hereandthere and Night Wind and the arrival of Providence, Honey Badger, Winsome III, and Aegean. Heritage Harbour is our outdoor display of privately owned classic and heritage vessels including the recent addition, The Providence.

MODEL WORKSHOP VMM Model Ship Yard had a very busy and productive activity in 2017. Among the usual small restorations and repairs on VMM Model ships collection, Lucian completed a model of the “Juanita”. She was the long boat of the Spanish Navy “Sutil” and she was actively involved by the Sutil crew in charting portions of the BC Coast. This model is built to a 1:12 scale entirely from scratch and will be used by the VMM in the new “Explorers” gallery in 2018. Also in 2017, Lucian started a 1:24 scale model of the “St Roch”. This will be a combination of plank on frames and a cutaway type of model showing intricate details of the ships internal structure as well some of the major interior components. When this model will be completed, visitors will be able to explore areas of the ship impossible to see even on the real ship.

FACILITY RENTALS Facility Rentals/Operations had a fabulous and diverse collection of events this past year.

Throughout the year, the Vancouver Maritime Museum hosted a wide array of special events; 5 weddings, 10 birthday parties, 3 film shoots, 39 workshops/meetings, 7 BBQ’s, family celebrations, corporate launches and more. The Museum has been honoured to host a number of successful large-scale fund raisers. These events include all areas of the Museum, from the galleries and St.Roch to the terrace and T.K.Gallery; providing the perfect backdrop for formal dinners, silent auctions and live entertainment. The Bad Angels Productions TV series ‘Beyond’ filmed at the Museum on a number of occasions. The St.Roch is a unique location for photo shoots of local talent. This year we were happy to welcome the band No Mothers to shoot their album art on the historic ship. The TK. Gallery was the location of numerous conferences and workshops, including WorkSafe BC, 311 Call Centre, BC Emergency Health Services, Next Up Vancouver IndigenEYEZ Youth Program and the Canadian Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Association of Canada. The National Transportation Safety Board hosted a press conference in the T.K.Gallery. During the summer, many groups celebrated the season with a BBQ on the museum terrace. VGH Anaesthesiology Department, UBC Sauder School of Business and Robert Allan Ltd to name but a few. We welcomed back the BC Music Therapy Association, Body Soul Sundays and Bluewater Cruising. In 2017, The Museum, in collaboration with the Vancouver Parks Board and the City of Vancouver, was honoured to be a part of Pulling Together Canoe Journey-Gathering of the Canoes. A group of approximately 300 paddlers came ashore in Vanier Park, on traditional Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh territories on July 14 to share their traditional landing with the public as part of Vancouver’s 150+ celebrations. This was the fourth year that we supported the Georgia Straight Alliances’ Waters Edge Day by providing the venue and offering free admission to all who attended that day; always a wonderful day that features activities and booths educating visitors on protecting our coastal waters. 2017 was a year of making new connections and welcoming new partners to the Museum. We were happy to have Bluewater Cruising join our Affiliate Partner Program.


PARTNERS & ASSOCIATIONS COMMUNITY PARTNERS The museum’s community engagement extends beyond the programs and activities provided by museum staff and volunteers. The museum encourages and supports the activities of other likeminded maritime community groups by offering low cost meeting spaces and business services. The primary criteria for participating in this program are that the group must have a mission statement and objective that is in alignment with the mandate of the museum. This mutually beneficial program not only supports these organizations, but it also enables the museum to engage with different communities of maritime enthusiasts. • Artificial Reef Society of BC: To create environmentally and economicallysustainable “artificial reefs” in British Columbia; • SS Master Society: Dedicated to the preservation, restoration and operation of the SS Master - the last operational wood hull steam tug on the coast; • B.C. Ex-Forest Service Vessel Squadron Dedicated to the retired vessels of the B.C. Forest Service and associated vessels; • Gulf Yacht Club: A collection of sail-boat owners and their families who like to cruise under sail and explore the waters of British Columbia and beyond (does not include racing);

• Oarlock and Sail Wooden Boat Club: Wood boat enthusiasts who build, operate and maintain fleet of small wood boats; • Tiddly Cove Yacht Club: A Vancouver yacht club focused on keelboat cruising and PHRF racing; • Underwater Archaeological Society of BC: A group of volunteers who conserve, preserve, and protect the maritime heritage lying beneath British Columbia’s coastal and inland waters; • Underwater Council of BC: dedicated to promoting safe recreational SCUBA diving, environmental protection. • Vancouver Power & Sail Squadron: is part of a nationwide organization emphasizing boating safety, power and sail navigation and offering accredited boating courses. • Vancouver Wooden Boat Society: To promote, encourage and facilitate interest in wooden boats and any and all activities involving and related to wooden boats. • Bluewater Cruising Association: is a Canadian Association that fosters seamanship and friendship for people with an active interest in offshore cruising.

The museum continues to support the community by maintaining its membership of the Alliance for Arts and Culture, International Council of Maritime Museums (ICMM), Council of American Maritime Museums (CAMM), Lower Mainland Museum Educators Association, as well as the British Columbia Museums Association (BCMA) and the Canadian Museums Association (CMA).

• • • • • • • •


• •

• Georgia Strait Alliance (Water’s Edge Day) • Museum of Vancouver, H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, Vancouver Academy of Music, Bard on the Beach and City of Vancouver Archives

One Ocean Expeditions Vancouver Public Library (Summer of Learning) Parks Canada Culture Days North Shore Waterfront Industry Association Next Up Vancouver IndigenEYEZ Youth Program Canadian Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Association of Canada BC Music Therapy Association Pulling Together Canoe Journey-Gathering of the Canoes

CORPORATE PARTNERS, DONORS AND SPONSORS Allied Shipbuilders Ltd BC Maritime Employers Association BC Shipping News Bernard & Partners LLP British Columbia Coast Pilots Ltd. Canadian Fishing Company Canadian Pacific Railway Company Canexus Chemicals Cargill Ltd. Catherwood Towing Ltd Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia Chan Family Foundation Chemtrade Logistics Income Fund Cloverdale Paint Council of Marine Carriers Cruise Lines International Association - North West & Canada Easy Park Vancouver ERCO Worldwide Fibreco Export Inc. Franklin Museum Network Fraser Surrey Docks Ltd. Golder Associates Gulf of Georgia Cannery GVTV - City of Vancouver Haley Sharpe Design H.R. MacMillan Space Centre Industrial Works Ltd International Longshore & Warehouse Union James Richardson International Japanese Consulate Jones Marine Group

Juliet’s Café Kinder Morgan Terminals Lodestar Management Services Limited Partnership Lohn Foundaation Mercury Launch & Tug Ltd Metro News. Museum of Vancouver Neptune Bulk Terminals (Canada) Inc. Port Metro Vancouver RBC Royal Bank Foundation RCMP Veterans Association Robert Allan Ltd. Saam SMIT Canada Inc. Seaspan Marine Corporation SFU Museum of Archeology and Ethnology TD Bank Group Teekay Shipping (Canada) Ltd. The Amix Group The Boathouse at Kits Beach The British Columbia Coast Pilots Ltd. Univar Canada Ltd. Vancouver Academy of Music Vancouver Archives Vancouver Board of Trade Vancouver Foundation Vancouver Fraser Port Authority Vancouver Pile Driving Volvo Penta Western Stevedoring



Evening at the Museum had a fabulous turn out on August 2nd, and we are hugely grateful to all those who joined us! SPONSORS & CORPORATE


A & B Party Time Rentals Ltd. Amix Group BC Coast Pilots BCMEA BC Shipping News Bernard LLP Canfisco City of Vancouver CLIA - NorthWest & Canada COSBC CP Rail Easy Park Focus Audio Fraser Surrey Docks GardaWorld One Ocean Expeditions Port of Vancouver Robert Allan Seaspan Signarama Richmond Taste Catering Ltd Teekay Shipping (Canada) Ltd. Western Stevedoring Vancouver IMC Volvo Penta Canada

Aburi Restaurants Bard On The Beach BC Coast Pilots Burrowing Owl Estate Winery Canadians Baseball Canfisco Capilano Suspension Bridge Chuck Zuckerman Ecomarine Everything Wine Executive Airport Plaza Hotel Fairmont Vancouver Airport Gluskin Sheff Golf BC Granville Island Hotel Granville Island Brewing Helijet Helly Hansen Joachim Waibe John Horton Keelside Consulting Inc. KPMG Museum of Anthropology at UBC Pacific Gateway Hotel Peake of Catering

Port Metro Vancouver Robert Allan Ltd Steveston Marine & Hardware The Listel Hotel Tom Beasley Vancouver Chamber Choir Vancouver Maritime Museum Western Stevedoring


Fire & Light Night was our first public fireworks gala evening held on August 5th. The evening was summer perfection - delicious food and wine plus dancing on the terrace to the fantastic sounds of Rain City 6. SPONSORS & CORPORATE A & B Party Time Rentals Ltd. BC Shipping News BlueShore Financial Easy Park One Ocean Expeditions Taste Catering Ltd

AUCTION DONORS Bard On The Beach Canfisco Chuck Zuckerman Ecomarine Gluskin Sheff Golf BC Granville Island Hotel Granville Island Brewing Helijet Helly Hansen Joachim Waibe John Horton Keelside Consulting Inc. Pacific Gateway Hotel Port Metro Vancouver Robert Allan Ltd Tom Beasley Vancouver Chamber Choir 21

NORTHWEST PASSAGE HALL OF FAME To honour individuals, vessels and expeditions who have successfully navigated through the entire Northwest Passage, the Vancouver Maritime Museum initiated the Northwest Passage Hall of Fame in 2017. Each year, the Hall of Fame will induct one individual, vessel and expedition.

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VMM OUTREACH & ENDEAVOURS Dr. Joost Schokkenbroek Lectures: Port, maritime industries and education: A Tantalizing Trinity. International Maritime Day. Conference organized by the Vancouver International Maritime Centre, Vancouver, 28 September 2017 Major projects at the Vancouver Maritime Museum. International Congress of Maritime Museum, Valparaiso, Chile 16 October 2017 Scrimshaw: Laws and Flaws. Canadian Bar Association, Maritime Law Subsection, Vancouver, 22 November 2017 Publications Peer reviewed article: Joost C.A. Schokkenbroek, ‘Sailors in Wonderland: Dutch Sperm Whaling during the Nineteenth Century, 1827–1849’, International Journal of Maritime History, vol. 29, nr 2 (May 2017), 261—275 Book editing: Joost C.A. Schokkenbroek (co-editor with Jerzy Gawronski and Andre van Holk), Ships and Maritime Landscapes: Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Symposium on Boat and Ship Archaeology, Amsterdam 2012 (Eelde 2017), 525 pages.Book review: Joost Schokkenbroek, Globale connecties in locale context. Book review of Catia Antunes and Jos Gommans, eds., Exploring the Dutch empire. Agents, networks and institutions, 1600-2000 (Bloomsbury Publishing; London 2015), Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis, vol. 130 (2017), no.3, 489-491 Duncan MacLeod Lectures: Extreme Explorers: The Lost Franklin Expedition. Bluewater Cruising Association November 8, 2017 Conferences & Events British Columbia Library Association’s Annual Conference The Association of Canadian Archivists Student Chapter (UBC) 9th Annual International Symposium, “Managing the Analogue” The Library & Archives Canada opening of the new service point in VPL, with a speech from the Right Honourable Kim Campbell International Congress of Maritime Museum, Valparaiso, Chile 15 - 20 October 2017 In the news BC Shipping News, The Globe and Mail, The Vancouver Sun /The Province, The Georgia Straight, Westender, North Shore News, Daily Hive, Sing Tao Daily News, Ming Pao Newspaper, Vancouver Shinpo, The Fraser Monthly, Daily Hive, Darpan Magazine, Inside Vancouver, Do604, The Source Newspaper, Populist Media, Tintas Cultura (Online,) and My Van City. Additionally, The Canadian Press featured a preview of The Lost Fleet exhibition, which resulted in pick-up in multiple media outlets throughout BC. Several media interviews aired on CBC Radio: The Early Edition, CBC: North by Northwest, CBC: On the Coast, CBC: All Points West, News1130, Roundhouse Radio: Sense of Place, CITR: Arts Report and Co-Op Radio: Arts Rational. 23


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As with years passed, 2017 has been yet another phenomenal year due to the Volunteers of the Vancouver Maritime Museum. An incredible total of 2930.5 hours was contributed by our 85 volunteers this year, compared to 2663 hours in 2016, and with 5 individuals dedicating over 100 hours each. Breaking down these increased numbers, our Board of Trustees put in an incredible 648 hours, some 268 more hours than last year. As a group, our education volunteers also committed 1500.5 hours to leading student groups, almost 50 hours more than the year before, which is a good reflection of the continued growth in interest towards our school programs. Our curatorial and archival volunteers have been hard at work this year as well! They dedicated a total of 263 hours to work on numerous projects like the preservation of images and the translation of texts. Additionally, another 519 hours were contributed by our volunteers in support of the Maritime Museum’s many special events and public programs including the Fire and Light Gala, the inaugural Northwest Passage Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, and the monthly Engine Room Tours of the R.C.M.P St. Roch. We also welcomed five international volunteers this year: Chava Levine, Robert Link, Clémentine Marcelli, Veronica Moglia, and Sebastian Wetzel. They all made the long journey to Canada from various countries around the world and chose the Vancouver Maritime Museum as the place where they wanted to build experience. Collectively as a group, they contributed 357.5 hours to help the museum in many different aspects including programming, curating, and hosting special events. This past summer, we also recognized Rosemary Hanna as 2016’s volunteer of the year for her many contributions to the Vancouver Maritime Museum. She is a wonderful artist who put together a fantastic exhibition with us from July to October 2015 called Salt Mist Seasons and began volunteering shortly afterwards. With her background, she played a vital role in mentoring our Youth Team in their project to paint and create a massive canvas pirate treasure map for children to make crafts on. Moreover, she showed incredible dedication as an educational volunteer, and went above and beyond all expectations, taking the time to learn and deliver all our offered school programs. In total, she contributed roughly 300 hours to the organization. To her, and all our volunteers, we would like to give a big thank you for all their hard work and support, we could not have achieved the great things we did without them!

UP TO 100 HOURS Niki Ballantyne Tom Bell Mike Bentley Courtney Bilodeau Charley Blackburn Allison Campbell Richard Creed Ted Davey Iris Dayson Norma Dixon Sam Dodd Audrey Dronsfield Tzara Emanuelli Bill Farmer Fay Fergusson Gerry Fuchs Sharen Fuchs Roxie Giles Joy Gong Sheryl Gounder Rosemary Hanna Elizabeth Hawkins Gabrielle Haynes


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