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Not only do Vanliners offer one off conversions to trades people, we also specialise in large fleet conversions. From a single van to a large fleet, Vanliners take great pride in every vehicle we convert. Established for over 20 years, Vanliners are built on the foundations of developing long term partnerships based on the highest standards of quality, exceptional service and craftsmanship. The company has enjoyed rapid growth to quickly become one of the market leaders in vehicle conversions and after market vehicle accessories. At Vanliners our aim is to become your first choice vehicle conversion specialist. To achieve this we offer a full range of products and services, including van shelving solutions, vehicle security, VL-Systems modular racking and many more.



With so many different accessories and styles of vehicle conversions it can be hard to visualise what the client is looking to get from their vehicle. To help with this problem Vanliners provide a 3D visual design service to aid the customer with their conversion proposal. This ensures both Vanliners and the customer can agree the perfect solution for their vehicle conversion needs.

“FROM CONCEPT TO REALITY” This approach is ideal for arranging fleet conversions and is a vital tool for ensuring peace of mind for the client. Our 3D modeling software not only shows the internal conversion but also the external accessories.

BESPOKE CONVERSION OPTIONS UTILITY CONVERSIONS Vanliners reputation with Utility companies has gone some way in its growth and development over the years. The relationships we have sustained over many years have allowed us to continuously develop the services we offer ensuring that our utility conversions are suitable for the latest market demands. Utility vehicles have to be adaptable and be able to perform a range of duties. With Vanliners design software, you are able to see a concept of your conversion. This makes the development and fitment time much quicker as any changes can be made without impacting the vehicle.

PUBLIC SECTOR CONVERSIONS Vanliners work continuously within the public sector for many housing associations and council groups. Each council offers a different challenge to Vanliners, which we surpass each and every time. With the work we do in the development stage of the contract we manage to ensure both managers and the operator of the vehicle are happy in what they are looking to achieve from the vehicle. Vanliners bespoke service offers the client the best possible outcome to ensure they are 100% happy with their conversion.

GLASS FRAIL SYSTEMS Vanliners offer a wide range of internal and external glass carrying systems. Constructed from aluminium the glass frail offers a lightweight, strong and robust solution for safely transporting glass. Suitable for nearly all commercial vehicle types the glass frail is the product of choice for many window fitting companies and glass manufacturers alike.

LIVERY DESIGN Vanliners offer a wide range of branding options suitable for all trades. From Highway chevrons to full livery branding, Vanliners provide a full in-house service from design to implementation. This service ensures that all aspects of a conversion are completed under one roof. Preventing any unnecessary vehicle movements.



VL-SYSTEMS LINELITE LINING Vanliners are continuously developing new ways to reduce weight, our newly developed range of lightweight linings provide a 40% weight saving compared to plywood.

Suitable for any vehicle, and available for the majority of vans in a 1 piece floor option, Linelite offers the rigidity of 18mm plywood at a fraction of the weight. It is also 100% waterproof and is currently being used by major fleet operators to prolong the lifespan of their vehicle.

LINELITE SIDES WITH HEAVY DUTY FLOOR The heavy duty floor and wheel boxes are made from wisadeck, which is a resin-coated plywood that is hard wearing, water resistant & non-slip. It is available in 9mm sheets and is generally stocked in dark brown. Line Lite (plastic, durable and easy to clean is used for the side panels and door panels. This light weight durable plastic protects the side panels from damage but is also easy to clean.

SPEEDLINER Spray lining coats the internal load area of a vehicle in a waterproof polymer. It enables the user a practical, washable and easy clean interior, with the added qualities of internal panel scuff and scrape protection.

GRP (GLASS REINFORCED PLASTIC) Fiberglass is the perfect cost efficient system if you require complete waterproofing of the load area: from fleets of jetting vehicles to police dog vans this lining is used widely when the interior requires jet washing or the user carrier bulk liquids.




The steel framed Linelite racking is a new innovation created by Vanliners to keep the overall conversion weight down. VL-Systems Lightweight shelving is also 40% lighter than modular steel. Due to its plastic construction the shelves are also very easy to clean so can be used to give a clinical look. This type of shelving is made on site and can also be made to customer specifications.

VL-Systems modular shelving is becoming very popular within the commercial vehicle market. It is heavy duty and robust enough to take heavy amounts of weight without faltering. It is fully crash tested and is available in a number of designs to suit everyones needs.

This type of shelving is fast becoming a hot topic within the current conversion market and has featured in numerous conversions that we have recently built.

VL-Systems modular shelving offers the same standard of build as our competitors at a more affordable price. A full range of accessories available to suit all shelving units, including rubber matting, bins, bottle holders and perforated end panels are available.



DEADLOCK These are additional security locks for your van, similar to the mortice locks on your front door. Available in S series (standard and on request T Series (Thatcham approved. Deadlocks bring high security protection to van doors under the control of the driver. Ideal for tradesmen and larger operations where drivers can be relied upon to lock the doors.

SLAMLOCK These are replacement locks for your van that lock automatically when you close your van door. When they close, they ensure maximum load security combined with easy operation. Individual doors can only be unlocked using the appropriate High Security key. Available in S Series (standard and on request T Series Slamlocks, T Series are the first Slamlocks accredited by Thatcham. Includes easy to use internal escape mechanism to ensure full Health & Safety at Work Act compliance.

REP-LOCK The Replock offers a secure replacement of the original manufacturers lock (When fitted additionally to the handle on the door). It benefits the user by replacing the possible vulnerable manufacturers lock with a secure antiscrewdriver, nut fixed system which can, if required, be linked into the vehicles existing central remote locking facility. The Replock is the alternative to a protection plate facility, when it cannot be installed either because of damage or if the end user requires a more cosmetically sound solution.

SPARE WHEEL LOCK The Sparelock has been developed to specifically address and combat the growing problem of spare wheel theft from commercial vehicles. Whilst many people do not fully recognise this problem, those who have experienced it appreciate the average cost for replacing the tyre and repairing the damage caused by theft to be around £380. Most don’t realise it’s been stolen until its needed.



HI VIS REAR STEP Hi vis rear van steps and platform steps are designed to make entering and exiting the van much safer and easier. They also double up as protection for the rear bumper when loading cargo in and out of vans. Typically van steps are installed using the factory fitted mounts underneath the van. These steps come in various styles and can incorporate rear parking sensors and even a towing capability.

RHINO SAFESTEP Rhino Products offer a wide range of steps covering almost all makes of van. These versatile steps look stylish and are practical, offering easy access. Made from strong steel with anti-slip plastic tread plates these steps are TUV approved. They also come with facility for tow bars or reversing sensors.

RHINO IMPACT STEP The Impact Step has been designed to protect a vehicle from low-speed parking and loading impacts. The step has been engineered to achieve a safe failure mode to minimize any significant damage occurring to the vehicle chassis.

TOWBARS Towbars are an important feature for jobs where all the necessary equipment cannot be loaded into the main vehicle and must be “towed” behind on a wagon or utility unit. Towbars can be fitted in many configurations depending on customers needs. We offer various couplings and all types of electrics. The most common type is the ball & pin. (pictured)


RHINO SAFESTOW 4 Three versions are available to safely carry single, double (two parallel and extra wide ladders.)

RHINO MODULAR RACK The Modular Rack is a fully welded, heavy duty system that allows quick and easy installation using bolted together modular sections. The rack includes a full width front aerofoil that significantly reduces overall wind noise and drag as well as a full width roller system that aids loading and unloading.

Multi gas ram assisted (This eliminates the need to lift up/down heavy ladders, significantly reducing potential lifting injuries) Safe loading and unloading in seconds manufactured from highly robust aluminum & stainless steel components. Fully adjustable to carry most ladder types secure and lockable (padlock not included) Load Stops included. Available in 2.2metre and 3.1metre lengths Fully independently approved. 20g crash tested TUV approved

All racks enable the transportation of 8′ x 4′ boards.



CATLOC The Catloc anti-theft device is designed to secure the Catalytic Converter to a commercial vehicle. The universal design allows the device to mount around most catalytic converters and the stainless ropes wrap around a chassis member rendering the catalytic converter safe. Manufactured from marine grade stainless steel with two stainless security ropes and complete with a 24/7 ISR (international security register marking kit to etch a unique code to your converter.

VL-SYSTEMS TOOL-VAULT VL-Systems sleek NEW Tool-Vault is the perfect storage solution to hold tools. Built from strong durable galvanised steel and finished in a tough black powder coating. Tool-Vaults are made from a riveted construction with hinged lids, The Tool-Vault also incorporates a gas strut opening lid. All Tool-Vaults are also supplied with an integrated locking mechanism and keys.

SLOPING TOP STORAGE CONTAINER The sloping top storage bin is designed to store hazardous or flammable materials. They include a hasp and staple enabling the user to fit a padlock if required. The sloping lid prevents items from being placed on the top of the bin. The bins are manufactured from high quality steel and then the metal is powder coated and finished in bright yellow, signposting their hazardous contents. The tray that is supplied is removable, so if there are any spillages internally, the substance can be easily removed and disposed of in the correct manner.

GAS LOCKER These robust metal cabinets have been designed to have good structural stability. They are supplied with GHS labellling. Suitable for the secure storage of chemicals, paints, solvents and dangerous substances as classified by chip and CLP regulations.





Hazard Lighting is used to make your vehicle more visible when stationary. There are multiple options available. Low Profile LED Bars are the current market favourite as they consume less power.

First Aid is an essential part of a vehicle's stock. These contain all the elements required to cleanse, dress and bandage any minor injuries. Brackets are available to store this equipment securely in the load area of the vehicle. Fire Extinguishers come in a variety of sizes and First aid kits also come with the option of mountable box or a soft bag that can be easily stored away.

Power supplies are an integral part of a part of any vehicle conversion where the user requires 240v power. They enable the user to charge tools and work away from their office. Inverters come in a wide range of sizes depending on what is being powered from them.




Stale air, strong odours, condensation and excessive heat can create a severely degraded working environment. These vents work 24/7 as long as there is a light breeze. They are available in multiple options to allow the flow of air without being too much of an eye sore.

Unobtrusive reverse camera systems offers an ideal solution for any type of commercial vehicle. The LCD colour monitor can also be integrated into a rear view mirror where space is limited. Reverse cameras are available in numerous options depending on the vehicle and customer’s requirements. These include overhead cameras to undetectable number plate camera, there is an option to suit everyone.

Work Lamps & Striplights are a very useful accessory for van users. It enables the user to continue working in even the lowest levels of light. There are various options available. LED Striplights are beneficial to those that work in the load area of their vehicle. Work lamps are useful as they enable the user to work outside and have additional lighting where natural light is minimal.

ACCESSORIES RAMPS Loading ramps are designed with efficiency in mind. Our loading ramps are adaptable to fit into most light commercial vehicles, making them the ideal solution for your loading needs. The patented spring-operated system allows a single person, using only 15kg of effort, to open and close the vehicle ramps. With over 800 versions and 12 different models of vehicle ramps, we're confident that we have the perfect loading solution for your business. Relieve your backaches and headaches, and return more money to your pocket with one wise investment.

SIDE STEPS Side access steps are a useful accessory for vehicles that require a large step by the user from floor level to the load area. Available in both manual and electrical versions there is an option to suit every user. The most popular step on the market is the kick out step which slides out from under the vehicle sill with a single foot push. This model also includes a bleeper when the step is in use to alert the user not to forgot to safely push it away before driving off.

PROTECTION BARS Protection Bars benefit the user as they provide additional protection at the rear of the vehicle. In the event of the driver reversing into an object or being involved in a collision the bar protects the rear of the vehicle. These bars come in a variety of options including bars and steps with the additional option of towing capability available, this bar is very versatile.

WINCH When it comes to hauling heavy loads and getting out of tricky transport situations, winches have been an essential tool for industrial, manufacturing and emergency professionals for decades. Originally an aid for the manual hauling of goods and vehicles, modernised appliances such as our range of 12V winches, are fully motorised and can be adapted to suit a wide variety of tasks and breakdowns. 12v winches can haul up to 13,500kg and can be fitted to any vehicle type.

MISSION STATEMENT We are the number one commercial vehicle conversion company in the country. We will maintain this achievement because we work in an environment where communication is key with both our customers and employees, We are leaders in the industry, enabling us to grow by reputation. Vanliners invests heavily in its people through training and development, showing continuous improvement and as a result, enabling us to deliver an excellent service to our customers. This company is a welcoming and diverse employer, which builds and maintains solid relationships with employees using the principle of TREC. (Trust, Reward and Recognition). We are the company where people want to work because they feel empowered and want to be in an environment where a valued workforce leads to a happy customer by using best practice at all times, offering quality through training and investment. Vanliners maintains strong financial health by gaining business from both new and returning customers who enjoy a solid partnership that we have created with them. This enables us to continue with reinvestment and growth, giving us the ability to explore new innovative ideas that offer a benefit to the business, its customers and all members of the Vanliners Team. We are a business that continually improves its facilities for both customers and Employees, Putting Quality above quantity and keeping it real by never setting itself up to fail by imposing unnecessary pressures or creating unrealistic targets. Vanliners will continue to be a company that considers the environment and the people in it, always looking to make the future cleaner and brighter with everything we do.

VISION We want to continue being the number one Commercial Vehicle Conversion Company that offers a one stop solution to our customers. We see us delivering these services from a green building which has been designed and built to keep utility costs to a minimum, allowing more capital for investment in training and equipment. A dedicated workforce will be put in place to deal with specific areas of the vehicle conversion. It will be a clean, dust free environment with excellent welfare facilities and an area which is purpose built for training and apprentices to complete their written work in a quiet area. We will have a team of people who look after all of the websites that cater for both trade and retail customers. The items ordered will be delivered using our own team of drivers to ensure the items are delivered on time and without damage. There will be a separate building that will be dedicated to manufacturing. This will be used to supply lining kits to our Conversion and Fitment Centre, to our satellite depots and web customers. The fabrication will run from this site and will not only continue to manufacture our steel framed racking but also manufacture our own branded VL Systems Modular Racking as well as tool chests and glass racks. This unit will also have the capacity to store wood, allowing us to buy in bulk giving us a more competitive price. Vanliners will fly the flag for apprentices by giving young people the opportunity to not only learn new skills but to offer them a career and a future with a business that is innovative and constantly embracing new ideas and technology, allowing it to grow at a steady and sustainable pace. We want to be a company where people are proud to work because of our values and their security. Employees will be led by a strong Management Team that listens, learns and always leads by example. We will be the company that competitors watch and follow.

VALUES QUALITY: What we do, we do the best. UNDERSTANDING: We listen, we process and we deliver. INTEGRITY: We are honest, have high morals and we keep it real. RESPECT: We hold our colleagues, customers, the community and our environment in high esteem. KNOWLEDGE: Share our skills and experience willingly and always strive to better ourselves through training and gaining knowledge from each other. ACCOUNTABILITY: That will be me, I will be responsible TEAM WORK: We are one team with shared goals.


“WE'VE GOT IT COVERED” NATIONWIDE COVERAGE Vanliners offer our extensive range of products and services on a national scale. We have built up a close working relationship with certain suppliers within our network so that we can save the customer costly vehicle movements. Our Head Office is based in the North-West where our experienced installation team travel from to complete a whole range of services to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Vanliners Ormside Close Hindley Industrial Estate Hindley Green Wigan WN2 4HR E: T: 01204 399 842

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