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Continuing The Legacy A Long Way From Home HEAT H ER M c G U I RE ’12


That’s the story for Heather

With that rich family history in tow, she’s finding her

McGuire ’12. Except in her case,

own path through a variety of experiences, most

the legacy began with her great

notably serving as a resident assistant for the past

grandfather, Warren Hill, who served

two years. “They [faculty and staff] really emphasize

as the school’s public relations director in the 1950’s.

personal growth, digging up your past and figuring

That was around the same time her great uncle

out who you are today because of it. I’ve had a lot

Johnny Nichols ’51 was attending. Over the years,

of help from professors who have stuck their neck out

more family followed—her grandparents, Dave and

for me and gotten me multiple internships that have

Norma (Hill) Cole ’61; her great uncle and aunt,

helped shape my career path.”

Paul and Carol (Brewer) Cole ’62; and her mother, Dana (Cole) McGuire ’83.

“One thing that my professors have done a good job of is encouraging us to stand by our values in

For Heather, following in their footsteps also meant

the workplace. Soon enough, we will all face ethical

feeling close to home, even though home was

dilemmas where people will ask us to lie and cover

nearly 1,000 miles away in Canby, Oregon. “My

up discrepancies in the books and we will have the

grandparents brought me here when I was in high

opportunity to stand for what we know is right.” After

school. They told stories and took me places on

finishing with a degree in accounting, Heather plans

campus that related to those stories. Knowing my flesh

to pursue her master’s in business administration back

and blood walked the same paths I do and lived in

in Oregon.

the same dorms means a lot.”

I N V E S T I N G I N VA N G U A R D . I S S U E 3 / S U M M E R / FA L L 2 0 1 2

VANGUARD SHINES BECAUSE OF YOU! You are a part of God’s story – miraculously unfolding at Vanguard University. This fall, we will welcome the largest incoming class in the history of the University.

PREPARING HUNTINGTON HALL FOR THE NEXT GENERATION Huntington Hall, the freshman and sophomore men’s residence hall, first opened in 1968. The world has changed a lot since then. Vanguard University has changed a lot since then. Unfortunately for incoming freshmen, not too much had changed in Huntington Hall since then.

Thanks to you, and to your support, these new Vanguard family members will join a community known for exceptional faculty who support each student both academically and spiritually. As you live the story God has for you, thank you for equipping the next

That’s why the building is

The renovations have dramatically improved life for the

Huntington Hall is comprised of seven floors. It currently

undergoing its first major reno-

residents of Huntington Hall. Whether it’s not having to

houses over 160 men and a full-time resident director. The

generation to follow God’s call. Your gifts provide the

vation in over 35 years. Lettie Cowie, vice president of busi-

worry about waiting for a shower after coming in from

first floor provides office space for various campus groups

scholarships and educational resources needed to serve students and grow Vanguard

ness and finance at Vanguard, with a strong background in

sports or just having a common area to meet, watch movies,

including Leadership Development, the Student Government

University. I hope that you will come to campus to see the new Towers dormitory

school construction, has been working with Bruce Crouch,

and hang out, every touch adds up to make life away from

Association and the Student Activities Council.

director of facility services, to oversee the renovation.

home more comfortable.

Bruce notes that while the building structure is solid, it has

Last year’s resident assistant Jon Krapivkin ’12 adds

Hall. This first year women’s dorm houses around 215

cast iron plumbing that is cracking and failing.

“We’ve been able to get more space because of the

women, and is due for more minor renovations that include

lounge. There wasn’t a common area before. We added a

a new elevator and new windows.

renovations, the new Veterans Courtyard of Honor, and the many ways that Vanguard shines today – thanks to you.

According to Lettie, “A major part of the renovation has been to take out all the walls that we could and redo / 714.966.5443


the room suites so that each has a private restroom and shower. It made the most sense to do that while updating

Kelly Kannwischer

the plumbing. Other upgrades include Wi-Fi, new furniture

Vice President for University Advancement

and new carpet.” The renovation has been taking place in stages out of necessity. “Of course, the challenge is to have it ready for


occupancy in the fall, so there’s only a small window to complete the work,” says Lettie. To meet that challenge, first floor work was completed during the summer of 2010. The


second floor was completed the following summer. This summer, plans are to complete both the third and fourth floors before students return in the fall. “There’s an urgency to get the work done. The building isn’t exactly waiting for us,” says Lettie. “We’ve also gained some efficiencies that make doing two floors more feasible.”

Next in line is Laguna Hall, the “sister tower” to Huntington

ping-pong table, and now there’s a space where the whole floor can meet and hang out. With 26-30 students on each floor, that was impossible before. It’s made life a lot easier.”

“Now there’s a space where the whole floor can meet and hang out. With 26-30 students on each floor, that was impossible before. It’s made life a lot easier.”

While it’s a transformative education that we take the most pride in, we’re also proud of transformations like this, which make for a better quality of life on campus.

To contribute to the ongoing renovation visit or donate via the VU mobile app for iPhone or Android.


accepting a short-term call to missions in Southeast Asia through the Assemblies of God foreign missions department. That short-term calling turned into an over 20-year career, which culminated in the planting of a large, evangelical church in the heart of Malaysia. Today, Penang Christian Centre is thriving, and has completed


construction of a $7 million building,

When Anita Hale ’84, MS ’03 was six years old, her teacher discovered she had a

Malaysian people.

special gift for reciting Scripture. She did it so well, in fact, she was invited to read for the chapel service at Southern California Bible College (now Vanguard University). She’s been sharing her love of Christ and the Bible ever since.

which was funded entirely by the

Her husband’s health necessitated their return in 1983. By that time, with two children in tow, she had completed her bachelor’s degree back

“I received so much from Vanguard. It changed my life. The professors were good about discussing openly what’s really in the Bible and what’s just cultural. It was an excellent training ground for the evangelism and missionary work I would do later.”

at Vanguard while on furlough, at age 45. Several years later, she completed a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology at age 65. “I was by far the oldest, but the girls in class treated me like I was their girlfriend.” Anita has been heavily involved in women’s ministries and currently works as a marriage and family therapist.

Ten years after her childhood chapel debut, Anita was back on campus as a student. As if in preparation for later in life, she traveled extensively with the choir. “The choir director and his wife were true evangelists and had a strong influence on me. At the close of the singing, they would invite people forward and we were asked to go and pray with them,” Anita says. Anita left school her junior year to marry Dan Bogdan, an evangelist and alumnus who had graduated a few years earlier. “The Singing Bogdans” traveled as evangelists before

She also serves as president of the Vanguard Alumni Advisory Board. Through The Bogdan Hale Endowment at Vanguard, established with her late husband, she continues the legacy

A Message from the Director of the Annual Fund When you ask your friends, “How’s your job going?” How many of them say, “It’s great. I love it!” In my experience, not many. I love my job. I love what I do each day. And I love Vanguard University! Why? Because everything I do in my role as the Director of Vanguard University’s Annual Fund comes down to Jesus Christ and His amazing preparation in the lives of students at Vanguard. And I love my job because I’m not alone… I have you! Vanguard University exists to equip students for a spirit empowered life of Christ centered education. This May at commencement we had over 500 students walk across the stage to receive their diplomas. These graduates will become business leaders, teachers, pastors, missionaries, engineers, attorneys, doctors – all for the glory of God. Their futures will no doubt be diverse; yet every graduate is fully equipped to lead, no matter where their story takes them. You’ve heard the saying “it takes a village to raise a child.” I want to sincerely thank you for being the village that has selflessly given back to this community. Together, you have been and will continue to be an incredible part of Vanguard’s story. Please know that you are appreciated. You are valued and your generosity IS making a difference!

discussing openly what’s really in the Bible and what’s just cultural. It was an excellent

SERVED AS STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT TWO YEARS IN A ROW. SO IT’S SURPRISING TO LEARN HIS INITIAL COLLEGE PLANS DID NOT INCLUDE VANGUARD. What happened to change his mind is a testament to the strong Christian influence Vanguard graduates are wielding every day in the workforce.

they were at, I thought how much I’d like to make my life like that,” says David. ‘I toured the campus and the more I heard, the more I saw, the more I liked it.”

… but the Lord determines our steps. Proverbs 16:9

A political science and history major, David says what sets Vanguard apart for him starts with the professors. “I’ve found faculty that are not only recognized in their field and have PhDs—I feel invested in and challenged by them. They

“I kept running into graduates, and as I examined their lives, the kind of people they were, how they shared what Vanguard had done to shape and prepare them for where

“I FEEL INVESTED IN AND CHALLENGED BY [VANGUARD FACULTY]. They know your work, they know when you shoot above the bar and below the bar.” DAVID VAZQUEZ ’12

Jodi Goff Steven Goglanian (’08) Patricia and Paul Grawburg Janet and Robert Greiner Dena Gueardino Kyle Haldi Ronald Hall (’04) Nancy Hallahan Janet and Lawrence Hasbrouck Marilyn and Jerry Hedgecock Linda Hehn (’00) Chad (’08) and Ester (’07) Henley Randy Hill (M’05) Joseph Hoover (’93) Ashley Howard (’08) Joseph Hunt (’09) Debbie Hunter (’11) Anthony Ippolito (’11) Hisashi Ishitobi (’04) Irene and Richard Israel Kelly and Richard Kannwischer Marsha Klippel (’08) David Koeblitz Miranda Kreisler (’08)

Kevin Lewis (’03) Xiuling Li (’07) Edel Lopez (’06) Mary Maddock (’10) Shelley and Michael McGuire Evelyn and David Meade Lynette Miller Julie and Don Millsap Sara Northcutt Beth Oberon (’04) Patrick Obrien (’11) Donald Ortega (’98) Nina and Kent Pace Scott Pace (’86) Kevin Parten (’02) Livia Peace (’05) Anais Pimentel Jodi and Phillip Polos Peggy and Donald Popineau Rebecca Reed (’01) Veronica Reyes (’05) Eli Rodriguez (’03) Victoria Rubio Raymond Ruiz (M’10) Alyson Salz Catherine Schulz (’08)

Jennifer and Craig Smith Benjamin Sos (’00) Scott Spafford (’04) Julie Steele (M’01) Seamus Steele Kenneth Sturm Marianne Taylor (’08) Sarah Ternes (M’10) Brent Theobald (’11) Dove Thiess (’06) Jenelle Timm (’08) Beatrice Uljanic (’11) Chris Vesely (’10) John Walden (’98) Wesley Warner (’06) Lawrence Washburn (’74) E. Washington Donna Wegge Megan (’06) and Riley (’06) Whaling Kimberly and Kenneth Whipple Sharon and Gaylord Whipple David Whitehurst Israel Joy Wilson (’11) Ralph Wood Michael Yarber

THANK YOU TO OUR 2011/12 MEMBERS (AS OF MAY 15, 2012) Jennifer Smith, Director of Annual Fund


Ashley Akers (’07) Ingrid and Peter Andersen Julie Bashir (’09) Amanda Bender (M’06) Maureen Blair (M’08) Cathy Breese (’02) Henry Bringas (’97) Misty Brookman (’09) Marc Brown (’03) Sharon and Don Brubaker Richelle Buchmiller (’08) Daniel Cardona (’04) Lou Carlson Becky and James Carter Ramon Castro (M’04) Emma Craig (’06) Kathleen Crain (’07) Jessica Cummings (’99) Jamie Davenport (’02) Christopher DeHoll (’09) Barbara Dove Carroll Elliott Kathleen and Roger Elliott Elaine Foytik (’97) Joshua Franco (’06) Kristin and Joel (M’10) Gackle Alicia Geiger (’10)


“I received so much from Vanguard. It changed my life. The professors were good about



With gratitude,

of successfully training missionaries to go out and serve.

training ground for the evangelism and missionary work I would do later.”


Members of the President’s Medallion Club (PMC) are a distinguished group of donors that support Vanguard University by giving at least $1,000 annually*. PMC members are leaders in helping to provide opportunities for today’s students to become community leaders tomorrow. All contributions** to Vanguard University—including employer matching gifts—count toward membership in the President’s Medallion Club. *fiscal year - july 1 thru june 30 / **excludes sales and mission trips

Loraine Ackerman

Lisa (’76) and David (’77) Gutel

Carolyn and Joseph (’69) Prettyman

Thomas Aguirre (’91)

Sheila and Danny Haile*

Becke and Tom Prince

Laura and Larry (’86) Allbaugh

Anita Hale (’84)

Jennifer (’95) and Daren (’93) Rediger

know your work, they know when you shoot above the bar and below the bar.”

Jacqueline Anderson

Ann and Mark Hamilton

Lisa and Denis (’89) Rediger

Dixie and Ed Arnold

Rowena and Ron Hebert

Judith and Donn Rediger

The school has also provided plenty of leadership opportunities, most notably with his two years as Student Government Association president—an achievement held by only a few other students in the school’s history. As such, he’s not only enjoyed advocating on behalf of the students, but also representing the school itself at conferences.

Shirlee and Everett Ashurst

Debora and Dan (’10) Hickman

Claudia and Duane (’89) Rediger

Marvin Atkins*

Linda and Rush Hill

Amanda (’06) and Andrew (’01) Richey

Samantha and Alvin Austin

Betty Hittenberger (’60)*

Marilyn Riddle

Juan Ayala*

Ann and Gregg Holden*

Barbara and Greg Rieke

Lisa and Joe Banning

Maria and Tom Horton*

Lou Rivera*

Sharla and Fred Barlow

Claudia and Dean (’60) Hundsdoerfer

Evelyn Robertson

Carole Bauer (’89)

Patricia and Ernest Hunter

Rhonda and Nick Sciortino

Patricia (’50) and Glen (’52) Bentley

Irene and Richard Israel

Sarah and Christopher (’07) Scott

Helen and Glenn (’45) Blossom

Rosemary Jackson (’84) and Jack Torp

Marjorie Shultz

Mari-Lynn (’73) and John (’76) Brewer

Engelina and Peter Jansema

Carolyn and William Silvester

Doris and Richard (’51) Brewer

Prudence and Peter Jantz

Jennifer and Craig Smith*

We can help with an easy-to-use tool.

Sharon and Donna Brubaker*

Sarah Jay

Samuel Smith*

Our Wills Guide is a fill-in-the-blank

Dean Burchett*

Kelly and Richard Kannwischer*

Bonni and David Stachowiak

Carolyn (’96) and John Burns

Barbara and Wayne Kraiss

Dorothy (’73) and Steve Stafford

Marilyn and Hap (’03) Byers

Robert Kuppenheimer

Paul Stankan*

Carol and Curt Carson

Michal and Ed (’87) Lee

Wilma Stevens (’55)

Shree Carter (’90)

Paul Lee (’56)*

Yolanda (’69) and Philip Struyk

Lois and David Clark

Cheri and Gregory Leja

Dolly and Delbert Tarr

Connie and Vernon Clark

Brad Little*

Carol Taylor

Sandra and James Cochran

Gary Mack

Brent Theobald (’11)*

Julie Cowen (’07)

Catherine Manes (’73)

Johanna (’66) and James Townsend

Brian Cronin*

Roland Matthews*

Carol and Ray (’74) Umbaugh

Nadine (’53) and Donald (’59) Dockter

Janet and Mark McAnlis*

Shelley and Terry Walker

Kay Dotson*

Mike McKittrick*

Lawrence Washburn (’74)*

Laurie and Jake Easton

Christina (’00) and Donovan (’99) McReynolds

Donna and Thomas (’86) Watt (’90)

Bonnie and James Melton Nevelyn (’65) and Leonard (’67) Morris

Cynthia and Kenneth (’65) Wayman (’75)

Alvin Moser (’83)*

Debbie and Cary Wheeland*

Sharon Mutschler (’97)

Kimberly and Kenneth Whipple*

Dorene (’56) and Dan (’57) Myers

Jerre and Jack White

Mary and Michael (’68) Newcomb

Alma (’83) and William Williams

Adele and David (M’07) Oddo

Mary and John (’76) Wilson

Angeline and Paul Oddo

Lenore (’69) and Lewis Wilson

Helen Perez*

Tamira (’01) and Robert Wilson

Deborah (’79) and Michael (’80) Peters*

Jewel and George Wood

Cheryl and Lance Pittluck

David Yates*

Professor John Wilson notes, “He’s played an integral role in fostering a closer connection between faculty and student life. If something is a problem, he’s sees it as an opportunity to learn and grow.” A HIGHER STANDARD BETWEEN FAITH AND LEARNING.

“This is a place where everyone from students to staff and faculty care about what God is doing in your life. They want to invest in you and help you in your journey. You’re challenged by your friends and growing together. Smaller class sizes also mean a stronger academic accountability with fellow students. Add to that being in a smaller major, and you often have the same two to four people in many of your classes. “In a class with only ten people, if you’re not talking, it’s evident you didn’t read. You can’t fall through the cracks.” Dr. Wilson notes, “One thing that’s happened at Vanguard is he’s made his faith his own.” The point is well made in David’s description of his Introduction to political philosophy class. “Before opening Plato’s Republic, we discussed the scripture that says ‘The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.’ I think that’s a great testament to what a Vanguard education looks like.” David was recently accepted into the Capital Fellows Program, where he will be working for the California senate and receiving credit for a master’s degree in public policy.

Do you need to make plans for the future but don’t know where to start?

booklet that can help you organize all of the information an estate planning attorney will need to create your will or trust plan. To request your free copy, please call 714.966.5451 or email


Shirley (’65) and Winton (’65) Felt


Vonnie Franks (’65)

Christen and Kyle (’94) Ferguson Kristin and Joel (M’10) Gackle* James Gibbs* Sandra and Gregory (’00) Giddings Lois and Dean (’50) Gilbert Janis and Robert Glaus Patricia and Paul Grawburg* Sonja and Gary Gray Brenda and Douglas Green* Janet and Robert Greiner Coni (’79) and Richard (’78) Guerra *NEW PMC MEMBER

Lioudmila Praslova

Ruth and Fred (’80) Waugh

Lynnell Woodward*

SHINE 2012  

A newsletter of stories impacted by giving at Vanguard University.

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