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Fuel scarcity to bite harder — Investigation •NNPC cannot meet demand •Marketers buy from black market at high price •Companies stopped importation due to huge debts



AGOS—INDICA TIONS are that the current fuel scarcity across the country may persist for a long while, as NNPC cannot meet the current demand. Also it was gathered that major and independent marketers were yet to start full importation of fuel products. Vanguard investigations across the country show that motorists are buying the product above the approved Continues on page 5



There was a country, there was starvation (1) •P.17 FOR FLOOD VICTIMS—Nollywood stars Chinedu Ikedieze and his friend Osita Iheme (Aki and Pawpaw) during a visit to some of the flood displaced persons in ICE camp, Asaba, yesterday. Photo: Henry Unini

Kalabari protest moves to cede five Rivers oil communities to Bayelsa •P.12 C M Y K

RACISM: Mikel accuses Ref •See Back Page

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2— Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012


Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012—3


4— Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012


Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012—5


Fuel scarcity to bite harder — Investigation Continues from Page 1 price of N97, as petrol now sells between N110 –N120 per liter at most filling stations in the country. Concerned major and independent marketers, who spoke to Vanguard expressed fear that the situation is likely to get worse in coming months, as the demand is currently more than supply.

Situation in Warri In Warri, Delta State, on Sunday morning, there was only one filling station, Oando, dispensing petrol, along the busy Warri-Sapele Road, from Airport Junction to Refinery Junction at a pump price of N110. Buyers did not bother about the price, as they were desperate to get it because it was not available in other petrol stations. The manager of the station was not available to tell Vanguard why the meter read N97, but the product was being dispensed at N110 per litre. The fuel attendants were not in position to speak either, but a source said: “They are selling based on how they bought it. It

is scarce. Go and find out from the Petroleum Pipeline Marketing Company, PPMC, in Warri; they are rationing petrol, it is hard to come by, so marketers buy from black market and sell to make little gain”. At Total Filling Station, near the Refinery Junction, Effurun, near Warri, there was no petrol, as at Sunday morning. Vanguard was told there was no supply to the major marketer at that time. A staff, however, said: “Total is a major marketer, we get our supply from the government depot, but it is not regular. We sell at the pump price of N97 when we get. Right now, we do not have”.

Enugu groans Vanguard survey in Enugu State shows that the state has been experiencing severe scarcity of petrol, which now sells between N120 and N125 per litre at stations owned by independent marketers. The price hike has lasted for one month but while the major marketers always lack products with their sta-


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God was there as a vast presence of love, Alexander said, “it was all of eternity and all of conscious existence, “but it was this brilliant orb of light that was almost as necessary as a translator to bring in that message from the divine and the incredible —Dr. Alexander Eben.


TRUE account of a near death experience and proof of heaven from Dr. Alexander Eben, an Harvard neurosurgeon. “My first memories from when I was deep inside: I had no language, all my earthly memories were gone,” he said. “I had no body awareness at all. “I was rescued by this beautiful, spinning, white light that had a melody, an incredibly beautiful melody with it that opened up into a bright valley.” Alexander said there was a young woman who soared across time and space with him on a butterfly wing and gave him a message to take back from Heaven. “She looked at me, and this was with no words, but the concepts came straight into mind: You are love; you are cherished; there’s nothing you have to fear; there’s nothing you can do wrong,” he said.

tions locked, the independent marketers usually have enough products on daily basis, which they sell at cutthroat prices with motorists and other buyers purchasing with grudges. Only few major marketers like NNPC Mega Station, Mobil, Oando and Total located within the Enugu capital city sell at the official pump price of N97 per litre whenever they have the product. Apart from NNPC Mega Stations, other major marketers sell for few hours and shut down their stations apparently to hoard the product. Investigations revealed that some of the major marketers allegedly divert their supplies to the independent marketers to sell to the public at N120 per litre, hence the gates of their stations are usually shut against buyers. A manager of one of the private (independent) stations along Presidential Road, Enugu, Mr. Okey Ozoalor, told Vanguard that the product they sell since the price hike commenced were sourced from the major marketers and from other sources in Lagos at N110 per litre. He said that even though they sell at N120 per litre, the profit they make was too meager to cope with the huge expenses incurred in bringing the fuel down to Enugu, adding that they (marketers) were not happy with the situation. Some staff of the major fuel marketers approached said they were grossly under-supplied, making it impossible to meet public demand. They said that the moment the supply situation improved, the independent marketers would have no option than to revert to the official pump price.

It's fallout of subsidy saga — IPMAN Chairman, Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria, IPMAN, Eastern Zone System 2E, Barrister Chuka Utazi, blamed the scarcity of petroleum products on the face-off between petroleum importers and the Federal Government over fuel subsidy.

He said that major importers refused to bring in products following the refusal of the government to release subsidy on fuel, stressing that the dispute had created a major problem for Nigerians and the economy. “IPMAN is aware of what Nigerians are passing through but it is the consequences of the current fuel subsidy problem. Since the Federal Government refused to pay subsidy on fuel insisting that those indebted must pay before they talk of subsidy, the oil companies refused to import. The only option left for the marketers was to source fuel from anywhere to sell to the public. “For now, it is only the NNPC that is importing and they cannot bring enough to meet the needs of Nigerians. Most of these ships that bring in fuel are customized and they are owned by oil marketers, who have grounded them in protest for non-payment of subsidy. “Since NNPC is not importing enough, marketers go outside the refineries to source fuel above the governmentapproved pump price. There is no place to lift the product now. Warri refinery has been under turnaround maintenance for over three months now.

Rivers State “In Port-Harcourt, we have products but all the people from the North especially Abuja, were permitted to lift from Port Harcourt refinery through trucking. Abuja is being fed from Port Harcourt while other marketers in the East were stopped from loading. The NNPC is under instruction to concentrate on trucks from Abuja while those from East wait endlessly and thereby starving the people of the East,” said Utazi, who is also Commissioner for Transport in Enugu State. He explained why fuel could not be sold at N97 per litre within the East for now, saying: “The position of IPMAN nationwide is that until the fighting elephants solve the problem of deregulation, the problem of scarcity and high cost will

remain. Marketers lift fuel from NNPC at N88 per litre but the marketers are picking from the open market at between N92 and N95. Most of the private depots in Lagos are without products. When you add cost of trucking and other logistics, the product lands at over N100, so there is no way you can expect the person to sell at N97 per litre.” Utazi revealed that IPMAN had commenced the process of establishing its own refinery as a way of tackling unavailability of petroleum products in the country, stressing that this would not only help to boost activities in the sector, but would alleviate the plight of Nigerians who have continued to suffer on account of intermittent disruption of activities in the energy sector.

Abia State IN Abia State, fuel scarcity has persisted. Many petrol stations are closed both in Umuahia and Aba. Those that have, sell at higher than the N97 official price. In Umuahia, the state capital, apart from the NNPC stations and other major Marketers like Oando, Total, MRS, which sell at N97 when they have the products, other stations sell between N115 and N120 per litre. The same thing is also applicable in Aba, the commercial city of the state, where they even sell as much as between N125 and N130 per litre. The situation is worse in the rural areas, where the product is sold for between N140 and N150 per litre. However, the State Government has created a task force that monitors prices but the marketers still beat them by closing up shops whenever they notice that the task force is at work. They claim not to

have products.

Plateau State In Jos, Plateau State, fuel scarcity is biting harder as supply to the state has dropped drastically. Only a few filling stations dispensed fuel to motorists during the Sallah break with long queues stretching to several kilometers. Last Friday, only about three filling stations had fuel to sell at the official price of N97.00 per litre in the whole of the state capital. However, some filling stations often referred to as “black market” had less queues as they were selling for between N130 and N131 per litre. At one of the Total filling stations where the quantity was rationed at 20 litres per motorist, a staff told Vanguard that supply to the station was irregular and small. “Sometimes, a truck that is supposed to go to one station is shared among three and it comes irregularly”, he said. However, some Taxi drivers found at one of the “black market” stations along Farin Gada Road, accused the major marketers of diverting their supplies to make extra money. They wondered why the 'black market' stations were always having fuel while the regular ones were without fuel. They appealed to government to do something urgently so that regular supply may be restored.

Hard time for Abuja residents Vanguard investigation show that, in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory and its environ, transporters continued to face a hard time for several weeks running, due persistent fuel scarcity in the city, even as Continues on Page 48

6 — Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012


Two ex-Heads of State battle Jonathan BY KINGSLEY OMONOBI

BUJA — FOLLOWING the directive by President Goodluck Jonathan that the investigative report into the $180 million Halliburton bribery scandal be reopened and the major culprits re-arrested, Vanguard gathered that this has resulted in a fall out between two former heads of state and President Jonathan. The two former heads of state (names withheld) were said to have been found in the investigative report to have benefitted from the sharing of the Halliburton bribe money using fronts who have already confessed that they were only fronting for their principals. Incidentally, when the investigation team took off from Abuja sometime in 2010 and landed in Ibadan on their way to the home of one of the indicted persons, Bodunde Adeyanju, to recover documents relating to how the Halliburton bribe money was collected and disbursed, the team was sent back to Abuja from the Ibadan airport.


Jonathan determined to prosecute suspects It was gathered that President Jonathan is determined to prosecute those found wanting in the bribery scandal to demonstrate not only to Nigerians who feel he is a toothless bulldog when it comes to fighting corruption, but also to show the international community that corrupt people, no matter their status in the society, can be brought to book in Nigeria. And as part of this determination, it was gathered that an approval has been secured by the five-man inter-agency panel headed by the Inspector General of Police, including EFCC, SSS, and ICPC, to travel to France, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Spain to confirm the foreign leg of the investigations which mostly involves wiring of the funds, the amounts and the account holders. It will be recalled that this aspect of the investigation was to be carried out in 2010, as the visas had been acquired and about N50million meant for the

trip and investigation expenses made available but the trip was called off following pressure said to have been mounted on the office of the Attorney General of the federation by a former head of state. Already, Vanguard gathered that the US government has sent a letter to the Federal Government warning that it may apply certain amount of sanctions in line with international anticorruption protocols if the culprits are not prosecuted and if the $26.5 million paid by Julius Berger as Plea Bargain is not located and given to the Police.

Director General, State Security Service, SSS, Mr. Ekpeyong Ita (left) and Minister of State for Education, Mr. Ezenwo Nyesom Wike, during a meeting to forge a partnership to check diversion of textbooks donated by the Federal Government to the 36 states of the Federation.

NPAN sues APCON, IGP over alleged violation of freedom of expression AGOS — THE Newspaper Proprietors Association of Nigeria (NPAN) has dragged the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON) and the Inspector General of Police to court over a code enacted by the council which infringes on the right of members of the association to freedom of expression, including freedom to hold opinion and to receive and impart ideas and information without interference In a suit filed at the Federal High Court, Lagos by the chambers of Tayo Oyetibo, NPAN is asking the court to determine: *Whether having regard to the provision of Section 1 (d) of Advertising Practitioners (Registration, etc) Act CAP A7,LFN 2004, Articles 21 and 137(a) of the Nigerian Code of Advertising Practice and Sales Promotion are not ultra vires the Advertising Practitioner Council of Nigeria (APCON) in so far as the provisions of the Articles affect media houses who do not engage in the practice of advertising; *Whether the provisions of Articles 21 and 137(a) of the Nigerian Code of Advertising Practice and Sales Promotion are not inconsistent with the provisions of Section 39.of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 which guarantees the freedom of expression including freedom to hold opinion, and to receive and


impart ideas and information without interference; *Whether having regard to the provision of section 4 (1) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 it is competent for the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria to create offences and impose penalties as done in the Nigerian Code of Advertising Practice and Sales Promotion.

Declarations The association is, therefore, praying for: * A DECLARATION that Articles 21 and 137(a) of the Nigerian Code of Advertising Practice and Sales Promotion are ultra vires the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria in so far as the provisions of the Articles affect members of the Plaintiff’s Association who do not engage in the practice of advertising; *A DECLARATION that Article 21 of the Nigerian Code of Advertising Practice and Sales Promotion which require that all advertisements except public notices, goodwill messages, obituaries and vacancies shall be presented for vetting and approval by the Advertising Standards Panel (ASP) before publication is inconsistent with the provisions of section 39 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 and therefore is

unconstitutional, null and void; *A DECLARATION that the Advertising Practitioner Council of Nigeria has no power under the Advertising Practitioners (Registration Etc) Act Cap A7 Laws of the Federation 2004 to create criminal offences and impose penalties as done in Article 137 (a) (b) and (c) of the Nigerian Code of Advertising practice and Sales Promotion and as such the said Article 137 (a) (b) and (c) is unconstitutional null and void; *A PERPETUAL INJUNCTION restraining the 1st Defendant from treating or continuing to treat Articles 21 and 137 (a) of Nigerian Code of Advertising Practice and Sales Promotion as valid Articles in the Code * A PERPETUAL INJUNCTION restraining the Defendants whether by themselves, their servants or agents and or representatives from implementing, or otherwise applying the provisions of Articles 21 and 137 (a) (b) and (c) of the Nigerian Code of Advertising Practice and Sales Promotion against any of the members of the Plaintiff ’s Association or their servants officers or representatives.

The genesis In a 22-paragraph affidavit deposed to by Comfort Obi, General

Secretary of the association, she averred that: “On April 16, 2012, officers of the 2nd Defendant issued a letter of invitation to one of the members of the Plaintiff/ Association namely Leadership Newspaper Group Ltd, publishers of 'Leadership Newspapers' whereby the media house was informed of an investigation being carried out by the Police following a complaint by the 1st Defendant of the violation of the provisions of Article 21 of the Nigerian Code of Advertising Practice and sales promotion. According to her, “Leadership Newspaper was then requested in the letter to release some of their members of staff for interrogation. “Upon arrival at the FCT Police Command on the appointed date, that is, April 25, 2012, the members of staff of Leadership Newspaper were subjected to interrogation by the Police on the allegation of violation of Article 21 of the Code and released on bail. “On June 7, 2012, another letter was issued by the Police to another member of the Plaintiff/Association namely Vanguard Media Ltd, publishers of Vanguard Newspapers informing the media house of investigations being carried out by the Police pursuant to a complaint by the 1st Defendant of the violation by the media house of Article 21 of the Code. The letter then listed certain names who were to be

released for questioning by the Police. “The invited persons honoured the Police invitations whereupon they were also subjected to interrogation before they were released. In the course of investigation by the Police the invited persons were threatened with further arrest and prosecution for allegedly violating the provisions of the code. She further averred that “unless the defendants are restrained as prayed, they would continue to harass and intimidate members of the Plaintiff/Association and their staff with threat of arrest and prosecution in purported implementation of the provisions of Articles 21 and 137 of the aforementioned code. “I verily believe that APCON does not have the power to regulate activities of members of the Plaintiff or any of their employees who are not registered members of APCON or practising advertising. “I also believe that the provisions of Articles 21 and 137 of the code are inconsistent with section 39 of the 1999 Constitution (as amended). ‘”In the premise of the foregoing facts, I verily believe that it would be in consonance with the provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 if the reliefs being sought by the Plaintiff are granted.”

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012—7

S-Court ruling: BFIG moves to take over ALSCON from Russian firm BY SONI DANIEL, REGIONAL EDITOR, NORTH

BUJA — THREE months after the Supreme Court had voided the controversial sale of the Aluminium Smelter Company of Nigeria, ALSCON, to Russian Aluminium, RUSAL, and declared an American firm, BFIG, as the rightful buyers of the firm, the latter has begun moves to take over the company and start production in earnest. Vanguard gathered, last night, that the American firm planned to physically possess the plant before the end of the year. Findings revealed that the US firm had been working quietly with several Nigerian and American groups to finetune its strategies towards a seamless takeover and operations of the company. It was also understood that BFIG, which has a strong support from the US Government, has been assembling core technical, financial and managerial experts from many countries, among them, America, China and Nigeria, to run its operations. A Nigerian manufacturing engineer, who once ran the plant profitably, is among the new team being packaged by BFIG in


Nigeria Ambassador to the United States, Amb. Ade Adefuye; Minister of Works, Arc Mike Onolememen and another Nigerian participant, Patrick Omeke at the recently concluded US-Nigeria Infrastructure Conference, in Washington DC.

Kaduna church bombing: Bomber targeted to kill over 1000 —Yakowa No terror 'll frustrate me from worshipping Christ — Priest BY LUKA BINNIYAT

ADUNA — GOVERNOR Patrick Yakowa of Kaduna State ,yesterday, said the aim of the suicide bomber that blew off himself and killed eight worshippers at St. Rita's Catholic Church, Badarwa, Kaduna last Sunday was to kill the entire 1000-plus worshippers attending mass that day. The governor, who returned from a one-week holiday, Sunday evening, took a tour of the bombed church and visited the injured taking treatment in five different hospitals, saying government will foot their bills and “assist” owners of affected property near the church.


Normalcy returns Meanwhile, normal activities have resumed in the town with schools, markets, shops, and all public offices opened. But, a convoy of armed soldiers patrol the major streets of Kaduna to establish their presence. Speaking at a press conference, yesterday, after what he said was a fivehour tour to see for himself what happened, Yakowa said: “I have gone to the affected church, and I have visited all the injured patients and I am deeply saddened by what happened, but I thank God, because it could have been worse. “I met the officiating Priest during the mass. His name is Rev. Father Mike Bunni. He was able to tell me that the bomber was

very determined to kill all the over 1000 worshippers in the church. And you could see how daring he was. He did not go through the gate. He drove straight against the fenced wall of the church. "The Priest said if the fence of the church was not strong, he could have driven through the walls of the church and detonated the bomb there. But the bomb went off just outside the door of the church and brought it down. That was why the casualties were not that much. Four were killed. That was what I was told. About 100 were injured. So, you see, we have to thank God for his infinite grace, because the situation could have been worse. “I was at the 44 Army Referral Hospital, St Gerard Hospital, Garkuwa Hospital Barau Dikko and Multi-Clinic Hospitals. I want to say that though they are in various degrees of pain, they are all in high spirits. I spoke to them, and they all said it was an act of God.

No amount of terror will frustrate me from worshipping Christ —Priest “The Priest told me that no amount of terror will frustrate him from worshiping Christ, and that terror cannot dictate how we worship God. “I want to use this opportunity to also say that no amount of wickedness or terrorism will deter us from pursuing our agenda for peace, development and security. The few evil ones

in this state cannot frustrate the state. “All the victims will be treated at the expense of the state government, and I have assured all the Medical Directors of these hospitals. We will also assist the owners of the damaged property near the church. And this means that we have to spend on what we have not planned for.” He then thanked all that came out to assist the victims and praised Christian youths for not going into reprisal attacks. The Deputy Speaker, Kaduna House of Assembly, Dr. Dogara Matto, spoke at the press

conference and said the House was ready to pass into law under 24-hours any law that would improve peace and security in the state. The Catholic Archbishop of Kaduna, Matthew ManOso Ndagoso, also addressed the press and said: “I want to appeal to all our youths to always refrain from taking the law into their hands by taking on innocent people each time this kind of evil takes place. Evil cannot set the pace on how we should leave with one another. I thank them for heeding to this advice.”

readiness for its takeover of ALSCON. The Americans are said to have fallen in love with the Nigerian who successfully ran the firm to the admiration of the operators of the aluminium market leaders, in its hay days. His deep knowledge of the plant, which he also helped to set up and run with Nigerians together with his vast experience in the global aluminium market, is said to have informed his choice by the new management. Chief Executive Officer of BFIG, Dr. Reuben Jaja, confirmed in an interview with Vanguard that the firm was set to move into the Akwa Ibom State-based plant in compliance with the Supreme Court judgment of July 6, 2012. Jaja, a Nigerian, said the BFI Group was committed to an orderly takeover of ALSCON from RUSAL since they had no basis whatsoever to hang onto the place having been sacked by the apex court. “We want an orderly and peaceful takeover of the company we won to be able to put back the place in a good shape and begin the production of products to help create jobs for teeming Nigerians and assist the government in its industrialisation programme."

ACN leaders refuse to endorse Mimiko’s victory Say we are not spoilsports BY EMMANUEL AZIKEN, POLITICAL EDITOR

AGOS — THE national hierarchy of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, yesterday shied away from a full endorsement of the outcome of the Ondo State gubernatorial election even as the party leaders pledged to put the election behind them. At a top level meeting of the party ’s national leadership in Lagos, party leaders also vowed not to be intimidated into endorsing an election they claimed was characterized by “several irregularities and instances of thuggery and violence.” While vowing not to be spoilsports who would rather sacrifice the nation’s


democracy than lose an election, the party leaders vowed to continue a scrutinisation of the votes and processes of the election, saying a legal action would be instituted where sufficient evidence is obtained. Yesterday’s high level meeting was the first formal gathering of the party’s national leadership since the Ondo State gubernatorial election which took place penultimate Saturday.

Roll call The meeting which took place at the Bourdillion Street, Ikoyi residence of the national leader of the party, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, was attended by the national chairman, Chief Bisi

Akande; Asiwaju Tinubu; Boss Mustapha, deputy national secretary and four of the party’s six governors. The governors present were Babatunde Fashola, Lagos; Rauf Aregbesola, Osun; Abiola Ajimobi, Oyo and Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State. Governors Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun and Adams Oshiomhole of Edo States who were not present reportedly were linked to the meeting through teleconference. Also present at the meeting were the gubernatorial candidate in the Ondo election, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu and his running mate, Dr. Paul Akintelure. Akande, in a statement following the meeting, said while the party had resolved to put the election behind it in furtherance of

its commitment towards building a lasting democracy, it would neither be swayed to work against democracy nor be intimidated to endorse an election he claimed was marred by irregularities. He said: ”Some people have urged us to reject the INEC results outright because they do not favour my party. This we shall not do. We refuse to cynically treat our democracy as a thing to be discarded when its processes do not favour us. We believe in the longrun, the genuine processes of a genuine democracy shall favour all of us, even the loser of an election. “We are prepared to lose elections if the contest is free and the process is fair and transparent."

8—Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012

THE RAGE OF FLOOD Flood indeed washed away corpses in Patani Hospital —Vanguard investigation SABA—CONTRARY to the claim, weekend, by the Commissioner for Information, Delta State, Mr. Chike Ogeah, that corpses in General Hospital, Patani, Patani Local Government Area of the state, were not washed away by flood, Vanguard can authoritatively revalidate, today, that corpses were, indeed, washed away from the hospital’s morgue. Painstaking investigation by Vanguard revealed that corpses were swept away from the mortuary, but the mortuary attendant, Mr. Kenny Edios, did a very good job by evacuating them to a safer shelter. Deputy Speaker of Delta State House of Assembly, Hon. Basil Ganagana, representing Patani constituency, also corroborated our findings at an emergency session of the House, Tuesday, October 9, presided over by the Speaker, Rt. Hon. Victor Ochei, where he stated on the floor of the House, that corpses from Patani mortuary were floating. Besides the Patani Hospital morgue, a privately owned mortuary, Monarch, on Kwale-Ashaka Rroad, in the state, was also sacked by flood and all the corpses evacuated to Ogwashi-Uku. Former deputy chair of Ndokwa East Local Government Council, Mr. Oyibosochukwu Nwabueze, whose house in Ashaka is under water, told Vanguard in an interview that Monarch mortuary was swamped. Hon. Ganagana’s confirmation is contained in the official report, (Hansard) of the sitting of Delta State House of Assembly, on October 9. The lawmaker moved a motion under matters of urgent public importance for the House to sympathize with victims of natural disasters occasioned by flooding of several communities in Delta State. He said: “Mr. Speaker, fellow honourable members, arising from the statement, which you made concerning the flood situation in the country, particularly as it affects Deltans, I wish to move a motion on the matter of urgent public importance and before I do that, I want to give a preamble in tandem with what you said. It is really a deplorable situation that there is flooding in the country and particularly in Delta State. “The issue has become so alarming, in the sense that we can no longer sit down to fold our hands as members that are representing various constituencies on the matter. Therefore, there is urgent need for this honourable


House, and in fact, the Executive, which I know has taken some actions to do more. “As I speak, the situation is so deplorable that the constituencies which we represent here have been displaced. The flood has driven our constituents from their communities. Our people do not have where to stay. Lives and property have been adversely affected. “Using my own constituency for example, I do not know whether I still represent a constituency because there is nowhere to go to. It only exists in the map, as it were, because I cannot go to my constituency anymore. If I want to visit my constituency, I will have to go through Port-Harcourt; from Onitsha down to Port-Harcourt. When I get there, I have to hire a speedboat to go to my constituency. “Reports reaching me this morning from my constituents, revealed that about six children have died, as a result of the flood and some persons that are in the remote areas are on top of trees. I am not exaggerating. That is the true position of things and that is to tell you how devastating the situation is.” According to him, “Our people have been displaced, they do not know what to do now as they are in a state of total frustration and confusion. They have run to different places. Some of them have run to refugee camps, others do not even have camps to go to. “Farmlands are gone. You can imagine somebody who has a poultry farm or maybe a fish farm and all the fishes have fled, that is the situation, like Patani Local Government Area does not exist anymore.” “Farmland gone, you can imagine somebody that has a poultry farm or maybe a fish farm and all the fishes have fled. That is the situation. Patani Local Government Area does not exist anymore because flood has taken over. Corpses in the mortuary are floating. You can imagine the enormity of the disaster. “Therefore, we need the Federal Government to do more because it is not something that Delta State can handle alone. We will only be deceiving ourselves if we think so. I believe that it is something we must collectively deal with. “It is a problem, we cannot run away from it. We must confront the problem. I, therefore, wish to move that this honourable House sympathizes with victims of natural disasters occasioned by flooding of several communities in Delta state,” he said.

INAUGURATION: Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta State (left) and Justice Francis Tabai (rtd) former Supreme Court Judge, after the inauguration of the Management of the Federal Government Fund Released to the state over the flood disaster and the post flooding rehabilitation of victims in Government House, Asaba, yesterday. Photo: Henry Unini.

Why I invited Aki, Paw Paw to meet flood victims —Uduaghan BY EMMA AMAIZE SABA—DELTA State governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, said yesterday, that he invited popular Nollywood actors, Chinedu Ikedieze and Osita Iheme, popularly known as Aki and Paw Paw, to visit flood victims in the state as motivational speakers to alleviate the pains of the internally displaced persons. Aki and Paw Paw were first noticed by some persons at the inauguration of the 12man committee on the management of Federal Government fund released to the state over the flood disaster and the Post-Flooding Reha-


bilitation of Victims, headed by a retired Supreme Court Judge, Justice Francis Tabai, at Government House, Asaba, by Governor Uduaghan. They were conspicuous in their attire and size and that attracted the crowd, which went hysterical. Governor Uduaghan, who painted a sorrowful picture of the pains the internally displaced persons, IDPs, were going through, having been sacked from their homes by flood, said everybody who knew how to ease pains should help to ease the pains of the victims. The governor said he decided to invite Aki and Paw Paw after he visited the Institute

Uduaghan inaugurates disaster fund management c'ttee SABA —G O V E R N O R Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta State on Monday commended donors to the state flood disaster fund, and called for more support for the rehabilitation of the victims. Making the commendation in Asaba, Uduaghan said the bigger challenge ahead was how to rehabilitate the flood victims when they left the camps. The governor was speaking while inaugurating the Justice Francis Tabai-led committee for the management of the N500 million Federal Government-assisted funds for the mitigation of flood disaster in the state. He said that the state received donations from indi-


genes and non-indigenes, adding that the proceeds had continued to support the needs of flood victims without the government touching the grant from the Federal Government. He said: “I want to urge that those who have ability to give aid to people in pain, should please just assist, but it is not just food and clothes alone that they need. “They need encouragement; they need somebody to tell them that there is a future for them; they need somebody to help them plan their future. “And that is why we are here today to inaugurate this committee headed by Justice Tabai, a retired justice of the Supreme Court.”

of Continuing Education, ICE, flood victims’ camp at about 11.00 pm on a certain day and discovered that the IDPs, who were watching a Nollywood movie, were so engrossed that they barely gave him attention when he walked in. Uduaghan said: “As I walked in, half of the population were watching television; you know we provided a giant television for them. “I tried to attract their attention. Some looked at me and greeted me, but they turned to continue watching the television. When I looked at the television, I saw it was Aki, Paw Paw and Ibu that they were watching. “You see, because they were watching Aki, Paw Paw and Ibu, they forgot their pains. For them, these Nollywood actors were helping them to ease their pains. That was why I invited them to go to the different camps as motivational speakers because the victims require a lot of motivation, while they are preparing to go back home.” The governor observed that some of the victims, indeed, required psychological support, adding that he was optimistic that Aki and Paw Paw would provide it for them. “That is why they are here as motivational speakers. I believe that the few minutes they will spend will ease the pains of our IDPs. Those who have ability to ease those in pains, please help, it is not about food alone for the victims - that will not ease their pains.”

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012—9

Hurricane Sandy: Passengers stranded at MMIA BY DANIEL ETEGHE


VER HUNDREDS of the United States of American-bound passengers were yesterday stranded at the Murtala M u h a m m e d International Airport, Lagos due to the horrible weather storm, “Hurricane Sandy” that was predicted to hit most of the cities of the East coast of the United States yesterday. Vanguard was at the international wing of the airport and gathered that most of the passengers that were booked to fly to America

had their flights cancelled. It was learnt that most of the airlines that were flying to the East coast of the United States cancelled their flights for the day amongst which were Arik Air to New York, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Emirates and Etihad Airways. When contacted, the spokesman for Arik Air, Mr. Banji Ola pointed out that the airline has cancelled all its flights on the Lagos-New York route as a result of the Hurricane Sandy that was expected to hit the East coast of the US on Monday.

Falana accuses colleagues of embarrassing judiciary BY ABDULWAHAB ABDULAH


UMAN RIGHTS activist and Lagos lawyer, Mr. Femi Falana, SAN, yesterday lamented that majority of the accused in celebrated corruption cases in the country are handled by senior members of the Bar. Falana noted that majority of the cases brought shame and embarrassment to the judiciary were handled by elders in the Bar. He regretted that government lacked political will to fight corruption in the country. Falana said that this explained why lawyers, particularly the senior lawyers, have been encouraging corruption

and manipulating the judiciary and ridiculing the Nigeria’s legal system. The human rights activist stated this on Monday at a roundtable on “Promoting Ethics and Integrity in the Courts Systems and Improving Citizens’ Access to Justice” organised by Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project, SERAP, in collaboration with Royal Netherland Embassy, Abuja at Western Hotel, Ikeja. Falana cited such cases that embarrassed the government and ridiculed the judiciary system in Nigeria to include that of James Ibori, Siemens, Panalpina scandals, Dr. Erastus Akingbola and that of Halliburton.

PDP chieftain tasks Fashola over ex-govs’ pension BY DAPO AKINREFON

CHIEFTAIN of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Lagos State, Dr. Degbola Dominic has called on Lagos State governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, SAN, to as a matter of urgency, repeal the Lagos State Pension Law which provides for pension for former governors of the state. Dominic, who was also the Lagos State gubernatorial candidate of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), noted that the fact that the former governor ensured that the provision of the state



pension law took effect from his administration, showed that the law was passed with certain persons in mind. He added: “Shortly before he left office in 2007, Tinubu signed a mindless Pensions Law which gives a former governor a pension salary that is same as that of the sitting governor. In addition, he gets 300 per cent of this amount as (furniture allowance, two houses (one in Abuja and the other in Lagos) at locations of the former governor ’s choice, three replaceable brand new cars, and an almost endless list of aides and allowances.

From left: Ms. Lisa Nichols, Commercial Director; Mr. Seni Adetu, MD/CEO and Mr. Babatunde Savage, Chairman, Guinness Nigeria Plc, during Guinness Nigeria Plc's press briefing before their 62nd Annual General Meeting, in Lagos, yesterday. Photo: Bunmi Azeez.

6 injured as PDP, ACN clash in Ekiti BY GBENGA ARIYIBI

DO EKITI — No fewer than six people were injured and three vehicles damaged in Oye Ekiti yesterday when members of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, engaged in a bloody clash. Speaking with the newsmen at Afao Ekiti, the Director General, Ayo Fayose Campaign Organisation, Mr.


Gboyega Oguntuase said members of the group were attacked at Ire and Oye Ekiti where they had a scheduled meeting. According to him, the group obtained a police permit to hold the meeting before they were allegedly attacked by members of the ACN. Prior to the attack, he said, members of his group had received several phone calls, warning them of the consequence of coming

to the town for the political meeting. Vehicles that were damaged, according to him, included a Mazda car with registration number ONDO AA 661 LEL and an Audi car with registration number LAGOS DR 600 LSR But the spokesman for the ACN, Akogun Tai Oguntayo denied the involvement of members of his party in the clash. According to him, members of his party and PDP had been co-

existing in the area for long and wondered why the present attack occurred on the day the former governor was leading his group to the town Oguntayo was of the opinion that the attack could be among members of the PDP, urging the group to look elsewhere for their attackers. Oguntuase noted PDP had been attacked on several occasions, but that yesterday’s attack was the worse.

Woman, 25, docked over impersonating army officer, car theft AGOS — A 25-yearold woman, Cynthia Okonkwo, was yesterday in Lagos charged with impersonating an army officer at an Ogudu Magistrates’ Court. Okonkwo, whose address was unknown, was also charged with the theft of a Toyota Camry saloon car with registration no. KU 200 AAA, valued at N800, 000, property of Mr.


Babatunde Onibire. She, however, pleaded not guilty to the fourcount charge of impersonation, unlawful possession, stealing and conspiracy. According to Cpl. Kemi Adeniran, the prosecutor, Okonkwo falsely and unlawfully represented herself as an army officer by putting on an army cap and a jacket. She said the accused

committed the offences on Oct.16 at 2.00 p.m. at Ojota motor park, Lagos. “The accused approached Onibire at Ojota Motor Park to take her to Adeniji Adele on Lagos Island, to buy some drugs. “On the way she asked the driver to take her to a hotel to lodge, but complained that she could not afford to pay N7, 000 per night and

102 ships expected in Lagos ports


AGOS — THE Nigerian Ports Authority, NPA, says 102 ships are expected at various terminals in the Lagos ports from Oct. 29 to Nov. 20. The NPA said on Monday in its daily publication, “the Shipping Position”, that the ships were laden with rice, bulk wheat, bulk malt, general cargo,

bulk sugar, new and used vehicles,. It said that the expected ships would also sail in with petroleum products, palm oil, ethanol and base oil. The shipping position indicated that these cargoes were expected at terminals such as Josepdam, Port and Cargo, Greenview Development Nigeria Ltd.,

APM Terminals, ENL Consulting, Atlas Cove Jetty and Five Star Logistics Terminal. It reported that 17 other fuel-laden ships were waiting to berth at the various oil terminals in the port. The contents of the ships include: petrol, aviation fuel, kerosene and diesel.

convinced the driver to allow her to pass the night inside his car. “By 4.00 a.m. the next day, Okonkwo had disappeared with the car,”Adeniran told the court. Magistrate I.O. Afunwa granted the accused bail in the sum of N50, 000 and two sureties in like sum and adjourned the case to Nov.26.

OUR ERROR Our story yesterday on Page 9, about a plaza gutted by fire, inadvertently referred to the affected place as UBA plaza. We have since discovered that the building engulfed by the inferno was the EuroAsia Plaza, a five storey commercial building on Breadfruit Street, Lagos. The error is regretted – Editor

10 — Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30,


Tukur acknowledges ACN’s drive in S-West BY DAYO JOHNSON


From left: Mr. Sanya Olopade, Chairman, Osun Chapter, Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM); Chief Thomas Lasupo, fellow, Osun NIM; Mrs. Titi Laoye-Tomori, Osun State Deputy Governor and Mrs. Temitope, during NIM's visit to the Osun Deputy Governor.

Oyo kick-starts constitution review today BY OLA AJAYI

IBADAN —IN order to make residents of Oyo State contribute to the review of 1999 Constitution, Governor Abiola Ajimobi led administration has organised a public hearing on the issue. The state AttorneyGeneral and Commissioner for Justice, Mr. Adebayo Ojo disclosed the hearing which begins today will end tomorrow, Wednesday. The Special Adviser to the governor on Media, Dr. Festus Adedayo yesterday said the public hearing, will hold at the House of Chiefs, Secretariat, Ibadan at 9 am. each day.

According to the committee, individuals, civil society organizations, professional bodies and the general public are expected to appear at the public hearing. Ojo listed the areas marked out for amendment to include devolution of powers, creation of more states, recognition of the six geo-political zones in the constitution androle of traditional rulers Others are: local government, fiscal federalism, amendment of provisions relating to amendment of the constitution, state creation and boundary adjustment to remove ambiguities, immunity clause, among others.

Ekiti PDP chieftain wants govt, LG workers’ face-off resolved BY GBENGA ARIYIBI

ADO EKITI— The Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party in Ekiti State, Mr. Makanjuola Ogundipe has expressed worry over the current face -off between Ekiti State Government and the local council workers, calling on the state Governor, Kayode Fayemi to restore normalcy by paying minimum wage to them. Council workers operating under the aegis of Nigeria Union of Local Government Employees, NULGE, in the state has been on strike over the issue of minimum wage for the past seven weeks According to the statement in Ado Ekiti yesterday by the Special

Assistant, Media to the chairman, Mr. Femi Omolusi, wondered why the state government was yet to pay minimum wage to council workers when the issue of minimum wage has been passed into law. “It is not good for the governor to have grounded the local government administrations in the state for seven weeks,” he said. The PDP boss said one of the game plans of the state government was to sack over 8,000 local government workers. He said it was the determination of the state government to peg council workers to 300 per counci, while the remaining would, according to him, be sent to work in a farm.

KURE — THE N a t i o n a l Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur yesterday said that the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, has constituted itself to a “bone in the flesh of our party in the South West”. Alhaji Tukur said this in a congratulatory letter he personally signed to the governorship candidate of the party in the October 20 election, Chief Olusola Oke and the former governor of

Oke sets for tribunal, contacts INEC for documents BY DAYO JOHNSON


KURE — THE governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP in the last election in Ondo State Chief Olusola Oke has written a letter to the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, requesting for the Certified True Copies of documents necessary to prosecute his case in the Election Petition Tribunal.. The letter entitled ‘Request for Production of Relevant Documents’ written by the firm of Chief Olajide Ajana & Co was addressed to the Resident Electoral Commissioner for the state, Mr. Akin Orebiyi and signed by Chief Olajide Ajana. Chief Ajana said the PDP had instructed the firm to present before the Governorship Election Petition Tribunal a petition questioning the election and return of Mimiko as the declared winner of the said election. The documents requested for according to the letter include list of presiding officers, list of assistant presiding officers, poll clerks, list of ward returning officers, list of local government returning officers and full details of the State Returning Officers. Also, the firm is requesting the electoral commission to make available to it all voters' registers (manual and printed copies) used in

the 2011 Presidential, National Assembly and State Assembly elections, all registers of voters (manual and printed copies) used in all the units for the conduct of the October 20, 2012 governorship election in the state. It is equally asking INEC to make available to it Form EC25 and EC40C, various protest letters submitted by the PDP or its client’s campaign organisation before, during and after the election just as the firm requested for INEC Form EC8D for the governorship election of Ondo State.

The letter wants the electoral commission to release to it Forms EC.8C for 16 local government areas in Ondo State namely. Also requested for include Forms EC.8B for all the wards in the 16 local governments listed in addition to Forms EC.8A for all the polling units in the 16 local governments listed, INEC Form EC.8E, the list of party agents submitted by all respective political parties that participated in the governorship election, the INEC manual, 2011 and list of accredited observers.

the state, Dr. Olusegun Agagu. He said: ‘’I am particularly gratified that we were declared second ahead of the ACN, a party that has constituted itself a bone in the flesh of our party in the South West’’. According to him: “Although, we were not declared winner, I am quite happy and proud at the performance of our party despite all odds. This is a testimony to the fact that with dedication, unity and proper fighting spirit, we shall take back all the states that were taken away from us under q u e s t i o n a b l e circumstances”. In the letter, the Chairman said: ‘’I wish to congratulate you, the leadership and the entire members of our great party in Ondo State for good performance in the just concluded governorship election. Although we were not declared winner, I am quite happy and proud at the performance of our party despite all odds. “I assure you of my assistance and support as well as that of the other members of the NWC and indeed the other national organs of the party.” Meanwhile, the party's Publicity Secretary Wale Ozogoro said in Akure that the party will challenge the result at the Election Petition Tribunal.

Mimiko warns public servants against laxity after victory BY DAYO JOHNSON


K U R E — GOVERNOR Olusegun Mimiko yesterday charged all political office holders in his government not to rest on their oars, afer his re-election, but rather intensify efforts towards delivering more dividends of democracy to the people. He also urged them not to relax as more grounds were still to be covered before the February 24 swearing-in ceremony for the new administration. He noted that the people of the state deserve to be served better as clearly demonstrated through their faith and trust in the

Labour Party government. He stated this in Akure while receiving members of the forum of Chairmen of Boards and Parastatals of the state government who were in his office to congratulate him on his victory in the October 20 election. Mimiko then thanked the forum, led by Chief Dele Awosika for turning around government agencies for effective service delivery to the people. According to him, his administration will build more mega schools both at the primary and secondary levels, stressing that he would continue to work hard to bring more development to the nooks and

crannies of the state. He said: “It is obvious that our parastatals in the last three and a half years have all come alive. The success of this administration to some extent has been attributed to your commitment to efficient service delivery to our people. I want to implore you all not to relax in your service to our people. “After all, the present administration is not over yet and our people are still expecting more dividends of democracy from us. We have a lot to do in education and as a matter of fact, many of our mega schools are ready for commissioning”.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012—11

Senator Magnus Abe, representing Rivers South-East Senatorial District, assessing the water project he donated to Baen community.

Kono Jetty refurbished by Senator Magnus Abe for travelers to Opobo/ Nkoro, Andoni and Ikot Abasi.

Barter crude oil to rebuild East-West Road, Clark urges FG BY EMMA AMAIZE ARRI—ELDER statesman and former Federal Commissioner for Information, Chief Edwin Clark, has called on the Federal Government to produce a master plan that will enable it barter crude oil with a proficient contractor to rebuild the EastWest Road in the Niger Delta, part of which has been submerged by flood. He said total reconstruction of the road, which is the only highway linking the six South-South states, should commence immediately the flood recedes. According to him, the Federal Government should not be blackmailed to discountenance the option because it was the same strategy that was used before and during the administrations of former Presidents Ibrahim Babaginda and Olusegun Obasanjo. Clark spoke to reporters after a two-day tour of affected communities in Bomadi, Burutu and Ekeremor local government areas in Delta and Bayelsa states, where he donated relief materials to victims. He visited flood relief camps in Ekeremor, Oleh, Ughelli, and Ogbe Ijoh. Clark said: “Government should come to the aid of these people, to spend the money from oil to develop the areas. The East-West Road is partially covered by flood today. Immediately, the flood recedes, the


Federal Government should produce a master plan to ensure that the road is built in exchange for crude oil. “That is what the Federal Government did during the Babangida and Obasanjo administrations. They spent crude oil when they could not get cash. “The Federal Government should not succumb to intimidation. It owes the people of these areas a duty to

develop the areas. They cannot produce the wealth of the country and be left in poverty and in difficult terrain.” The elder statesman also urged the federal government, politicians and other government agencies not to politicise the flood situation which has ravaged many states in the country. He noted that in Delta State, no fewer than 10 local government areas, covering over 50 commu-

nities, were submerged in flood, rendering thousands of people homeless. He said the federal and state governments must adopt a holistic approach to address the dire situation and provide adequately for the victims of the flood. Clark called for the building of more dams in the country to control future occurrence, describing the disaster as a tsunami.

Oshiomhole reads riot act to doctors BY GABRIEL ENOGHOLASE ENIN—EDO State governor, Comarade Adams Oshiomhole, has frowned on the attitude to duties of doctors in the employ of the state, warning that government would not hesitate to dismiss any found wanting. He gave the warning yesterday at Central Hospital, Benin City, when he paid an unscheduled visit the hospital. He emphasized that hospitals in the state were not supposed to be death, but healing centres. He reminded the doctors that they were trained to save lives, but lamented that they were, instead, presiding over avoidable deaths due to negligence. He said: “We will dismiss any doctor who is not ready to work. “Are we supposed to beg doctors to come to work? It is a contract, it is either you service it and you


keep it or you don’t and you go. “We don’t have all the resources we need. The little that we have we don’t value. If we don’t have a hospital, we should be able to tell our people so that they can go to herbalists.

“But when you put a sign board that there is a hospital and you go there and there is no doctor, the general impression is that it does not matter. “When they don’t see a doctor in the hospital, they will now go to private hospitals.”

Ribadu report: There'll be no cover up —Jonathan BY BEN AGANDE

BUJA—PRESI DENT Goodluck Jonathan has vowed to get to the root of those who have stolen from the petroleum industry, insisting that there would be no cover up in the implementation of the Mallam Nuhu Ribadu committee’s report when received on Friday. A statement by Dr. Doyin Okupe, Senior Special Assistant, Public Affairs, said the accusation by the Save Nigeria Group, SNG, and the All Nigeria Peoples Party, ANPP, that the Federal Government is trying to cover up the conclusion of the Ribadu report is baseless and unfounded. He said: “President Goodluck Jonathan should be commended for his personal resolve to fight institutionalized corruption in Nigeria. President Jonathan or-


dered the probe of the Oil Industry for the period of ten years (2002 - 2011), which also covers the tenure of his administration. No president in our history has gone this far and this explains why the rots in our system have persisted for so long.” Okupe stated that while it is unfair for the members of the SNG and the ANPP to have accused the Federal Government wrongly, “the president has neither seen nor received any copy of the Ribadu Committee Report. "Essentially, what appears to have been irregularly released prematurely to the media is a draft copy, which still requires full accent of all members of the committee and clarifications and due process from the originating Ministry before the official handing over to the Presidency.”

Cancer: Omo Omoruyi flown abroad, begs Jonathan for assistance BY SIMON EBEGBULEM


ENIN—FORMER Director-General of Centre for Democratic Studies, CDS, Professor Omo Omoruyi, was flown to the United States of America yesterday after he was again diagnosed with cancer. He cried to President Goodluck Jonathan not to allow him die and called for his assistance with regard to payment of his medical bills. He also carpeted former military Head of State, President Ibrahim Babangida, for neglecting him over the years and threatened to take him to

court over alleged neglect. It would be recalled that the professor of Political Science was diagnosed with cancer in 2007 and survived it after a “ rigorous” treatment plan in the US. Omoruyi, who spoke to newsmen shortly before he flew to the United States, thanked Governor Adams Oshiomhole for his assistance and appealed to President Jonathan and other well meaning Nigerians to come to his rescue. He said: “ My cancer is back and I don’t know how it will end. The governor of the state, Comrade Adams

Oshiomhole, has graciously come to my aid again he is the one

making it possible for me to commence my second journey. You know in my book I said.

12—Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012

Kalabari protest alleged moves to cede 5 Rivers oil communities to Bayelsa BY EMMA UJAH, Abuja Bureau Chief

ALABARI Nation al Forum, yesterday, protested alleged moves to excise 5 oil producing Kalabari communities of Rivers States to Bayelsa and urged President Goodluck Jonathan to stop those behind the move in the interest of peace. A d d r e s s i n g journalists after submitting petitions to the National Boundary Commission, NBC, and the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission, RMAFC, in Abuja, the Forum alleged surreptitious moves by some federal government officials to take away the affected communities from Rivers State and give them to Bayelsa State for political reasons.


Communities in dispute The very rich oil communities in dispute are Kula, Soku, Elem-Sangama, Idama and Abissa. The communities which host the Soku Oil Fields/Oil Wells produce about 300, 000 barrels of crude oil per day, making them one of the richest areas in the Niger Delta.

Reasons Chairman of Akukutoru Local Government Area Traditional Council of Rivers State, Mr. Emmanuel Awoyesuau-Jack, who spoke for the forum, said the protests became necessary because of the unwillingness of federal government functionaries to ensure justice in the matter which had been before relevant federal government agencies for several years. The agencies involved included the Office of the Suveyor-General of the Federation, the NBC, RMAFC and the Supreme Court. He added that from available information,

the correction to the 11th edition of the Nigerian Administrative Map which gave the communities to Bayelsa, might not be effected in the 12th edition of the map being expected without President Jonathan’s intervention.

Provocation Awoyesuau-Jack said: “The self-explanatory effort was perceived to assuage the initial provocation of Rivers State Government. While the government patiently awaited the promised correction of the error laden 11th edition of the Administrative map of Nigeria, which ordinarily should have redressed the acknowledged fundamental misrepresentations, the RMAFC surreptitiously released all revenue accruing from Soku Fields and Wells, previously kept in an Escrow Account, to Bayelsa State without recourse to Rivers State. “In spite of every meaningful effort by Rivers State Government to seek justice in this extremely provocative matter, no progress from the NBC has been made to date. It was however, rumoured that, the assurances given disappointingly, will not reflect the promised correction but rather the provisional 12th Administrative Map said to be under production will nakedly usurp 80 per cent of Akuku Toru LGA in Rivers State by further shifting the boundary line from SAN BARTHOLOMEW River SOMBEREIRO River. “Let us, in the light of the above, state without mincing words, as inhabitants of the area under reference, that this position is totally unacceptable as it is a clear manifestation of political manipulation intent on balkanizing Kalabari territory and ceding same to Bayelsa State. “This premeditated and strategically executed action is intended to sustain and

legitimize the injustice and brazen act of aggression meted out to the Kalabari Kingdom and Rivers State, with the connivance of various federal government agencies, under the watchful eyes and supervision of His Excellency, Mr. President, whose home state, most ingloriously, is the direct beneficiary”. The group warned that the matter could shatter the peace in the area if President Jonathan failed to intervene and ensure that officials concerned did the right thing. “This matter we must say, is explosively provocative and has far reaching security implications. Let us also state, in the strongest terms, that our resolve to remain one indivisible Kalabari people with our kith and kin in the old Degema Division in the present Rivers State is unshakable and inalienable. “We, therefore, unequivocally, demand that whatever administrative maps that had been issued that do not reflect the 10th Edition of the Administrative Map of Nigeria as it affects us, be withdrawn forthwith and status quo maintained as our known historical boundary with Nembe Kingdom in Bayelsa State is the Santa Barbara River,” the spokesman added. Former Minister of Tourism, Alabo Tonye Graham-Douglas, who also later joined the briefing, urged President Jonathan to halt the interests working to upset the stability of the region. According to him, “the communities in question belong to Rivers State. For someone to stand up one day and change that or say they now belong to Bayelsa State is unacceptable. The President should ensure that the status quo is maintained. “We will do everything to ensure there is no violence because our people deserve unity and stability but we will not allow anything that will status quo as established by the colonial masters.”

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012 —13

Nigerian jailed 20yrs in UK for child trafficking using ‘juju' ENT (UK)—A man who carried out juju witchcraft on teenage girls he trafficked from Nigeria to Europe for prostitution has been jailed for 20 years. Osezua Osolase, 42, from Gravesend, Kent preyed on poverty-stricken orphans with the promise of a better life, Canterbury Crown Court heard. Judge Adele Williams told him he was devoid of conscience and compassion. Osolase was found guilty of five counts of trafficking, one of rape and one of sexual activity with a child. The jury was told in a sixweek trial which ended last Friday that West African “juju rituals” were used to instil terror into Osolase’s three vulnerable victims, one aged just 14. The judge said the recy-


TRAINING: From left: Mrs. Grace Omo-Lamai, Human Resources Director, Nigerian Bottling Company; Mr Hobson Eseoghene, Trainee Manager; Mr. Segun Ogunsanya, MD, NBC and Ms. Omaye Okoedion, Trainee Manager, at a reception for members of the 2012 Management Trainee programme in Lagos. Photo: Kehinde Gbadamosi.

Gunmen kill car dealer, kidnap another in Onitsha BY ENYIM ENYIM


NITSHA—THERE was pandemonium, yesterday, in Onitsha as suspected armed robbers and kidnappers shot dead a car dealer, identified as Chief Emeka Ekwerendu and kidnapped an unidentified person. The incident, according to an eye witness, oc-

curred at about 7.30 am at Modebe Avenue junction by St. John’s street. Speaking to Vanguard, the witness said the fourman gang, who operated in a light green Toyota Siena car that had no registered plate number, trailed their victim from a Catholic Church at Odo-Akpu after he had dropped off his children at a Primary School in

Onitsha before he was shot dead. Ekwerendu was said to have been driving in his black Sports Utility Vehicle with registration number, ABC 202AJ when the dare devil robbers shot at his tyres, causing the car to lose control and hit a stationary vehicle which gave them opportunity to shoot him from the back

windscreen. The robbers who were said to have been armed with four Ak 47 rifles, shot sporadically into the air to scare people away to enable them actualise their mission. They escaped through Anionwu Street, Onitsha. In a related development, another set of gunmen suspected to be kidnappers, abducted a businessman at Fegge, within the commercial city of Onitsha. Though the identity of the victim was not known at the time of this report, eyewitnesses said he was kidnapped on his way back from a church. Contacted the Divisional Police Officer, Central Police Station, CPS, Onitsha, Mr. Tomitope Fahugbe, and Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Anambra State, Mr. Ralph Uzoigwe, confirmed the incident, but stated that they were yet to get details of the incident.

cling worker, who has HIV, put his victims “in fear” to force their obedience and secure their silence. “You were dealing in exploitation and manipulation and degradation,” she told Osolase. “You are undoubtedly a very, very dishonest man. You are arrogant and manipulative, you are devoid of conscience, devoid of any compassion to your victims.” The judge said Osolase treated the girls as objects to be sold as sex slaves. The fact that he raped one girl knowing he had HIV was a “seriously aggravating” feature. Osolase took the girls to his home in Gravesend before sending them to work as prostitutes in mainland Europe It was recommended that Osolase be deported once he has served his sentence.

Commision wants FG to stop hanging of Edo death row inmates BY ABDULWAHAB ABDULAH


AGOS—AFRICAN Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, ACHPR, has called on the Federal Government to prevail on the Edo State Government from carrying out the death sentence passed on two Nigerians, Daniel Nsofor and Osayinwinde Agbomien, while their appeal is still pending. In a statement by the commission dated October 29, and signed by its chairperson, Dupe Atoki, it noted that it will be wrong for the state government to go ahead with the implementation of the death sentence imposed

on the duo especially when their appeal is still pending. The commission noted that the call is necessary since Nigeria is a signatory to a resolution calling on African States, still retaining the death penalty in their statute book “to observe a moratorium on the execution of death sentences with a view to abolishing the death penalty.” It added that the resolution forbids the application of “the death penalty in conditions not respectful of the right to a fair trial guaranteed under the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights and other relevant international norms.”

Briton docked over alleged $227,035 fraud BY BARTHOLOMEW

MADUKWE AGOS—A British citizen, Anthony Boyson, a.k.a. Armstrong Christopher, was yesterday arraigned before a Lagos State High Court in Lagos, by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, for allegedly defrauding Pilgrims Africa Limited of $227,035. Boyson was charged alongside Nwamadi Monica, a.k.a. Anozie C. Happiness, and Marisec Services Limited on a ninecount-charge of fraud, which they pleaded not guilty to when the charge



was read to them in English language. Monica and Boyson were accused of defrauding Pilgrims Africa Limited through Marisec Services Limited by falsely pretending to be Mr. Jacobus Marthinus Claasens, Managing Director of same company. The charge, marked No. ID/329C/2011, read in part: “Anthony Boyson, a.k.a. Armstrong Christopher, Nwamadi Monica CHA, a.k.a. Anozie C. Happiness, and Marisec Services Limited on or about February 16, 2011, in Lagos, within Ikeja Judicial Division with intent to defraud, obtained

the sum of USD98,000 from Pilgrims Africa Limited through Marisec Services Limited, Zenith Bank account Number 4071000273 by falsely pretending to be Mr. Jacobus Marthinus Claasens of Pilgrims Africa Limited, that the money represented the cost of hiring one vessel, “Lady Mary T” at USD7,000 per day from February 16, 2011 to March 1, 2011 which pretence you knew to be false.” EFCC lawyer, Mr. ABC Ozioko, told the court he had two witnesses in court for the trial, noting that the initial information in the charge be withdrawn and pave way for the amended information.

14—Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012

Kidnappers abduct Enugwu Ukwu traditional prime minister BY VINCENT UJUMADU WKA—THE tradi tional prime minister of Enugwu Ukwu in Njikoka local government area of Anambra State, Chief Dennis Anaekwe, was, yesterday, kidnapped at the


boundary between the community and Abagana, close to the Nigerian Television Authority, NTA, studios. Vanguard gathered that the chief, who is second in command in Enugwu Ukwu traditional hierarchy, returned from Lagos

weekend and was said to be visiting somebody at about 9.00 am when some unknown persons used their vehicle to block his own and dragged him out of his car to their own vehicle. No official statement has been issued on the

incident as the traditional ruler of Enugwu Ukwu, Igwe Ralph Ekpe, was said to be out of the country. The kidnappers have also not reached any member of the family as his telephone was said to have been immediately switched off shortly after he was abducted.

A'Court upholds Ekwunife's election BY TONY EDIKE NUGU—THE Ap peal Court sitting in Enugu, yesterday, reaffirmed the re-election of Mrs Uche Ekwunife of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, as member representing Anaocha/Dunukofia/ Njikoka federal constituency of Anambra State. The five-man Appeal panel, headed by Justice Lokulo Sodikpe, upheld the judgement of the National Assembly Election petition tribunal in Awka which had dismissed the petition by the Action Congress of Nigeria candidate, Mr. Dozie Nwankwo, in the re-run election in some wards in the federal constituency.


Delivering the judgement, Justice Sodikpe upheld the ruling by the lower tribunal sitting in Awka, Anambra State, on the grounds that the petitioner could not prove his case beyond reasonable doubts and awarded cost of N30, 000 and N40, 000 against him. Justice Sodikpe further maintained that the appeal was dismissed on the grounds that the ACN candidate, Mr. Dozie Nwankwo, could not establish the allegation of electoral malpractices and non-compliance with the Electoral Act leveled against Ekwunife in the re-run election conducted in some wards within the federal constituency.

Controversy trails planned reappointment of EBSU VC BY PETER OKUTU

From left: Dr. Samuel Ortom, Minister of State for Trade and Investments; Mr. Ifeanyichukwu Agwu, Managing Director, BKG Exhibitions Limited, and Mr. Jonathan Sanyaolu, Head, Lubricants, Oando Marketing Plc, at the 14th Abuja International Motor Fair.

NACCIMA to FG: Transfer 50% Excess Crude Account to SWF BY FRANKLIN ALLI


AGOS—NIGERIAN Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture, NACCIMA, an arm of the Organised Private Sector, OPS, has asked the Federal Government to transfer 50 per cent of money in the Excess Crude Account, ECA, to Sovereign Wealth Fund, SWF. In its position paper on the 2013 budget, made available to Vanguard, yesterday, NACCIMA also backed the proposed US$75 per barrel benchmark for crude oil sale in the 2013 budget. “We counsel that all excess crude oil sales revenue should be channeled to the Excess Crude Account, ECA, and Sovereign Wealth Fund, SWF, with, say, 50 per cent transferred to SWF,” said NACCIMA National President, Dr. Herbert Ajayi. “Since our economy is dominated by crude oil (a mono commodity product that contributes about 80 percent to the Federal Government revenue and over 90 per C M Y K

cent to foreign exchange receipt), “We must take the benchmark and volume of oil very seriously to avoid adverse exposure to the volatility of this product in the market. We believe that the benchmark of US$75 per barrel is comfortable while the volume of crude we export must compensate for any shortfall,” said Ajayi. Ajayi said the associa-

tion commended government’s plan to substantially increase domestic debt servicing in 2013, and requested that a substantial portion of the debts owed local contractors be paid. He said: “This will reduce the problems presently faced by local contractors and consequently boost economic activities in the private sector. Those who do

business/contracts with Government and her Agencies have a right to expect a show of good example by Government respecting its own side of contracts and agreements and payment terms. This will reinvigorate several local contractors to improve their contributions to the economy, grow their businesses, and create jobs.”

DELSU VC wins Fort Hays presidential award ARRI—VICEChancellor of Delta State University, Abraka, Prof. Eric Arubayi, has been honoured by the Alumni Association of Fort Hays State University, USA. Arubayi was honoured with the Fort Hays State University’s, FHSU, Presidential Award at “Homecoming 2012” as only the eighth recipient of the Presidential Award since inception in 1902 (112years). Vanguard reports that Prof. Arubayi and his wife, Diana, were in Fort Hays State University this Octo-


ber for the first time after their graduation in 1978. Having graduated from FHSU with Master degree in Education Administration in 1976 and an Education Administration Superintendent in 1978, the DELSU VC became a graduate and research assistant at the University and at Kansas State University, KSU, where he obtained his Ph.D. before returning to Nigeria in 1979. Vanguard learnt that the Award came at the recommendation of President Edward H. Hammond,

who said that: “In his life and career, Dr Arubayi is a wonderful exemplar of Fort Hays State graduate. His accomplishments and integrity, his commitment to education and to his students all have served to advance the profession of education.” Arubayi said on the Alumni Honour: “My reaction to this Presidential Award is that, it was an award for hard work, my alma mata trying to reward me for hard work. I felt elated; it is not something that comes easy.”


BAKALIKI—CON TROVERSY seemed to be trailing the proposed reappointment arrangement of Vice Chancellor of Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki, Prof Francis Idike, and other principal officers of the institution for another term in office by the state government. The Vice Chancellor, who was first appointed in 2008 for a term of four years in office, under Ebonyi State University Law, is now under consideration to be reappointed under the amended EBSU Law of 2011 which proposed five years in office for some principal officers of the institution. The argument among some academic stakeholders in the university community is that the vice-chancellor had no right to be reappointed under a law which did not

enable his first appointment as vice chancellor, stressing that the law had been amended to suit the selfish interest of some principal officers of the university, contrary to the expectation of others. Speaking with Vanguard, Chairman of Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, Ebonyi State chapter, Prof Emeka Nwakpu, noted that the move made by the governing council of the university towards the reappointment of the vice chancellor was wrong. He said: “The council is trying to recommend the reappointment of the vicechancellor which we are saying is wrong. The EBSU law of 2011 has not taken effect yet; you have to appoint before you reappoint. No one has been appointed under that law, let alone reappointed; because we have an amended Law in place since May 2011."

Offor donates N1.24bn books, equipment to schools BY VINCENT UJU-

MADU WKA—BUSINESS mogul, Chief Emeka Offor of the Chrome Group, has donated books and educational equipment worth N1.24 billion to universities, polytechnics, secondary and primary schools across the six geo-political zones of the country. The donation was made through the Sir Emeka Offor Foundation, SEOF,


in conjunction with U.Sbased Books for Africa. At the presentation ceremony at Oraifite in Ekwusigo local government area of Anambra State last weekend, Offor also presented a brand new Toyota Corolla to Miss Ebere Anaegbuonu, a beneficiary of his scholarship, who obtained first class in Industrial Physics from Anambra State University.

Vanguard , TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012—15

Reps probe higher institutions' revenue, expenditure BY OKEY NDIRIBE & EMMAN OVUAKPORIE

BUJA—HOUSE of Representatives, yesterday, queried the manner the InternallyGenerated Revenue, IGR, of ministries, de-


partments and agencies in the educational sector, including tertiary institutions, was being disbursed. The lawmakers raised alarm over a curious trend where virtually all tertiary institutions in the

country channel their revenue to paying utility bills and maintenance, a cost already captured in previous budgets. These were the major fall-outs of the Rose Oko-led House Committee on Education meeting on the 2013 budget defence by MDAs in the education sector.

In allocations to key sectors of the economy, education leads with N426.53 billion for 2013. In a submission to the House panel by the National Board for Technical Education, NBTE, and federal polytechnics, 22 institutions captured posted N4,949,075,112 billion in IGRs for 2012.

LAUNCH: From right— Mr. Nn’emeka Maduegbuna, member, Board of Trustees; Rita Melifonwu, Founder/CEO; Mr. Biodun Ogungbo, member, Board of Trustees; and Mr. Arthur Okolonji, member, Board of Trustees, all of Stroke Action Nigeria, at the media launch of the not-for-profit organisation in Lagos.

Stakeholders, Urhoghide in war Jonathan approves 5 of words over Edo PDP crisis new Perm BY HENRY UMORU “We guess his view was this because of my rejust to please an individual sponsibility. It is immaSecs BUJA—CRISIS rock so as to remain relevant.” ture to call for the disso-




BUJA—PRESIDENT Goodluck Jonathan has approved the posting of five new permanent secretaries. He also redeployed others currently serving in various ministries. The newly posted permanent secretaries were sworn-in on Wednesday, October 17. A statement conveying the redeployment in Abuja, yesterday, signed by Mr. Tope Ajakaiye, Deputy Director, Press and Public Relations in the office of the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation, said all the handing and taking over formalities were to be completed on or before Wednesday, November 7. Some of the new permanent secretaries are Mr. Alhassan J.Gana, who is to serve in the office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (Cabinate Secretariat); Mr. Sunday J. Jegede, Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (Political Affairs/Economic Affairs)and Dr. James Obiegbu.

ing Edo State chapter of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has deepened, with a faction loyal to former governor, Samuel Ogbemudia, and ex-Chief of General Staff, Admiral Mike Akhigbe (rtd), accusing the present executive’s position as a diversionary antic. It will be recalled that the group had last week called for the dissolution of Chief Dan Orbih-led State Executive Committee, but in a swift reaction, the State Publicity Secretary, Matthew Urhoghide, described the call as unnecessary and uncalled for. A statement, yesterday, by Prince Francis Iyasere and Omoba Ebuwa, concerned Edo PDP stakeholders, and made available to Vanguard, said: “We certainly do not want to join issues with Urhoghide, as he is not informed as to what is happening in the party. “First, it is not the matter of Iyasere. It is a matter of how PDP can win elections in Edo State. Urhoghide in his reaction could not provide alternative to the position canvassed by concerned Edo PDP stakeholders.

When contacted yesterday, Urhoghide said he was not joining issues with anybody. He said: “I am saying

lution of the PDP in Edo State at this time because the party is just coming out of election and the candidate is in court.”

The Reps, however, queried the figures presented by the polytechnics as low compared to avenues open to these institutions to generate revenue. The education panel directed all MDAs in the education sector to submit their current and detailed IGR profile for proper scrutiny. Chairman, House Committee on Education said: “The National Assembly continues to decry the unusually high budget of the recurrent expenditure to the detriment of the capital. “This exercise (budget scrutiny) should enable us to critically assess this and prune down areas of waste in the overhead budget and move them to capital.” The Chairman said the budget allocation to education sector was defective as little attention was paid to research and development. She said: “Example exist where almost all universities paid more attention to the construction of public schools, gates, fences in their 2013 capital expenditure proposals. “This is against expected focus on obsolete and sometimes dilapidated infrastructures and other teaching and learning materials needed to add value to the products of such tertiary institutions.”

FCMB, Citigroup sign N3.2bn loan deal BY MICHAEL EBOH IRST City Monument Bank Plc, FCMB, has secured a N3.16 billion (USD$20 million), three-year term loan from Citigroup Global Markets Limited, designed to help the bank increase its ability to lend to Small and Medium Enterprises, SMEs, in the country. The loan, according to a statement by Ogochukwu Ekezie, Vice President, Public Affairs Office, Nigeria & Ghana, is supported through a partial guarantee from Overseas Private Investment Corporation, OPIC, and will be channeled towards lending to already-identified SME customers of the bank. She explained that the deal was a pioneering OPIC SME Loan Guar-


anty Facility in Nigeria and will provide significant employment opportunities within the SME sector of the economy. Ekezie said: “Overseas Private Investments Corporation, OPIC, is an agency of the United States Government that mobilises private capital. “Citibank acted as the Sole Arranger and Facility Agent on the deal.” Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Ladi Balogun, Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, FCMB, said: “This transaction is an innovative collaboration between Citi and FCMB. “By implication of the size of the loan, we will be deploying it towards the SME segment of our customer base. “Most importantly, this is an indication of the growing confidence the interna-

tional community has in the Nigerian financial sector following the reforms initiated by the Central Bank of Nigeria. “No doubt the sector’s risk rating and the country’s sovereign rating will continue to improve to the benefit of the financial sector and the economy at large.”

Presidency gets Ribadu's report Nov 2 BY HENRY UMORU BUJA—AS President Goodluck Jonathan expects the Mallam Nuhu Ribadu report on November 2, he, yesterday, warned the opposition against politicising his fight against corruption. He vowed that there would be no cover up in his fight against corruption and assured Nigerians that he would not cover up anyone found wanting in Mallam Nuhu Ribadu’s report. Jonathan disclosed this in a statement by his Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe. He said he was yet to receive the report but noted that the former Chairman, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, will submit the findings to him on Friday.


EFCC tasks court BY IKECHUKWU NNOCHIRI BUJA—THE ongoing controversy over the $15 million allegedly offered by former Governor James Ibori of Delta State to Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, in 2007, yesterday, assumed a fresh dimension as the anti-graft agency asked a Federal High Court in Abuja to summon elder statesman of Ijaw nation, Chief Edwin Clark, over alleged contempt of court. EFCC, which is currently seeking to take possession of the said bribe money, via an oral application made through its lead prosecutor, Mr. Rotimi Jacobs, accused Chief Clark of issuing prejudicial statements it said was capable of jeopardising the case before the court.


16—Vanguard , TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012

Maku blames poor democratic dividends on politicians

Suspected Fulani gunmen kill 4, injure 7 Only one died— Police BY TAYE OBATERU & AKANINYENE EZEKIEL



AKURDI—MINISTER of Information, Labaran Maku, has declared that Nigerians have not enjoyed sufficient gains of democracy in the 13 years of democratic governance in the country due to complete disregard for the rules of the game by politicians. Maku also identified bitter rivalries and unhealthy competition among political stakeholders as a major impediment to political stability, growth and development in the country’s democratic culture. He spoke, yesterday, in Makurdi during the good governance tour of Benue State while on a courtesy visit to Governor Gabriel Suswam. The Minister noted that despite the noticeable hindrances to sustainable growth and development in the country, Nigeria has made progress since the return of democratic rule in the country in 1999. Maku said: “In the 13 years of democratic rule in Nigeria, we have made a lot of progress, but has this been sufficient? The answer is no and the reason for this is not farfetched. “Politicians engage in bitter rivalries rather than playing by the rules. Politics in Nigeria in even rougher than what we have in the United States of America where elections are just few days away.”

OS—FOUR persons were shot dead, Sunday night, by suspected Fulani herdsmen at a local drinking spot in Barkin Ladi Local Government Area of Plateau State. About seven others were injured. They are receiving treatment at Plateau Specialist Hospital. The victims were attacked at the drinking joint popular for local brew, called Burukutu, at Gindin Akwati village in Gashish district of the local government area. It was alleged that about 20 men armed with sophisticated guns, stormed the bar and opened fire on patrons. A source said the four people killed where friends, who went to the local bar for relaxation. Confirming the incident, state Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Abuh Emmanuel, said one Ali Iliya of Ex Land village lodged a report at the police station at Barkin Ladi that there was an attack on a drinking spot. He said men of the state Police Command swung into action, but that the assailants had escaped before they got there. He, however, said only one person was killed and four injured, adding that investigation had commenced into the incident. He said no arrest had been made at the time of this report. An eyewitness (names withheld) said the gun-


men wore masks and black dresses during the attack. He said the attackers communicated in Fulani language and that the

operation lasted for about 30 minutes before the gunmen escaped into the surrounding hills. It would be recalled that Barkin Ladi Local

Government Area is a crises-prone area, where numerous attacks had been recorded. on villages had continued despite efforts to end it.

... as ACF condemns suicide attack on Kaduna church BY EMEKA MAMAH REWA Consultative Forum, ACF, has lamented the death of about eight people during last Sunday’s suicide bomb attack on St Rita’s Catholic Church at Malali area of Kaduna metropolis. It said the act of killing oneself and others in the name of God was not in line with God’s injunction. ACF made its position known in a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Anthony Sani, yesterday. Sani said: “The news of suicide bombing of a Catholic Church in Kaduna, which took place on Sunday that resulted in loss of about eight people


and injured many, is totally condemnable because of its inhumanity. “It is bad, especially at a time when the leaders of all religious faiths are agreed that the act of killing oneself and other people in the name of God is not in line with God’s injunction in favour of sacred inviolability of the individual with clear sense of what is right and what is evil. “It is more distressing, considering the efforts being made by the youths across all faiths in Kaduna to bring about lasting peaceful coexistence in Kaduna. “Those who, therefore, derive pleasure in killing themselves in order to kill other people in the name

of God as a way of addressing their perceived grievances, should lay down their arms and embrace constructive dialogue, precisely because resort to violent conflict can never solve the problems. “ACF, therefore, sympathises with those who lost loved ones to the attack and with those who got injured. They should take heart in the hope that God would take control and make appropriate compensation. Our leaders must also note that great men are defined by great challenges, like the ones we currently have. “They should be unwavering in their effort to bring normalcy into the polity for common good.”



UTSE—GOVERNOR Sule Lamido of Jigawa State government has observed that Nigeria’s problem can only be overcome if Nigerians collectively agree to return to God, stressing that the nation had witnessed many problems including recent nationwide flood that has left million’s of people stranded. Lamido noted that the problems experienced by Nigerians this year were signs that something was wrong somewhere that required prayers by every Nigerian, adding that all hands must be on deck for the country to move ahead. He assured flood victims in the state of relief materials, just as he promised that government would use the N400 million donated by the Federal Government to assist the victims. Meanwhile, Lamido said the state was set to receive President Goodluck Jonathan, who would visit the area on a two-day working tour.

Gov Suntai's aides flown to Germany BY EMMANUEL AZIKEN, Political Editor

HE three aides of Governor Danbaba Suntai of Taraba State involved in last Thursday’s air crash in company of the governor have been transferred to Germany for treatment, the state Commissioner for Information, Mr. Emmanuel Bello, said yesterday. The movement of the


three aides to Germany came as the state government declared that there was no power vacuum in the state. Mr. Bello declared that the deputy governor, Alhaji Sani Abubakar was holding forth for the recuperating governor. The three aides involved in the air crash are Dasat Iliya, the Aide de Camp, ADC; Timo Dangana, Chief

Security Officer, CSO, to the governor; and Joel Dan, Chief Detail. They had earlier been transferred to the National Hospital, weekend. The movement of the aides from Abuja to Germany, the stage government declared, yesterday, was to ensure that like the governor all possible fears were totally removed. Bello told Vanguard:



Nigerians must return to God — Lamido

“The three aides are in the National Hospital and are all showing great signs of improvement. In fact, one of them was even walking around and others were talking with family members.” ”They are in very, very stable condition. There were only four persons in the plane and there were three aides and they are all doing fine.”

By Bartholomew Madukwe (

On the recent Kaduna bomb attack

EARING of bomb attack on a church again is something I do not understand. I thought the issue had been brought down. Well, vengeance is of the Lord. But Christians in the troubled parts of the North should be given more security.— Mrs Esupofo Lawrence, Cleric.



ELL, Sunday’s suicide bomb attack on worshippers at St. Rita’s Catholic Church in Kaduna is something that should be given serious attention. Just when we are saying the sect’s sponsors are no more in their cool zone, another attack.— Mr. Abichele John, Student.


HERE should be increase in security measures in vulnerable areas. The government there has to work handin-hand with the law enforcement agencies in those areas. This will help them fish out who the real enemies are.— Mr. Kehinde Kazeem, Businessman.


T is unfortunate that we have things like this happening in this country, considering the fact that some few years back such killings were strange to Nigerians. But now, it appears as if the killings have religious colouration. It is really terrible.— Mr. Martins Okonmah, Lawyer.


don’t really have much to say other than for the government to protect the lives and property of Christians in the North. Every Christian that is killed shows there is a weakness in government’s security measures.— Mr. Chidozie Adichie, Student.


HAT is the problem with those responsible for the bombing of churches in North? I would have known what to say if what we read on newspapers about the capturing of some key extremists were not contradictory.— Ms. Amamchi Okoji, Student.


Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012—17

HIS is not a defence of Chinua Achebe. He does not need one. No amount of abuse can dent his global standing. Ban or burn all his books, as someone suggested, he would only feel sorry for you, not angry. Achebe has since outgrown certain sentiments. On the other hand, if Chief Awolowo were alive, he would have cautioned people against some of the vituperative effusions, especially by people craving relevance with Awo’s name and who cried more than the bereaved. Awo’s daughter, Ambassador Tokunbo Awolowo-Dosunmu, made one of the most mature reactions. She simply said if what was said to have been written was true, she was disappointed but would not say more than that until she read the book! Awo was an accomplished and fulfilled man before he died. Nothing said now by ethnic jingoists and fake Awoists can add any value to his eminent standing. What the nation has witnessed since the publication of an excerpt of a review of Achebe’s There Was A Country: A Personal History of Biafra by Guardian of London is a classic decline of intellectual discourse in Nigeria. At the time the needless controversy ensued, not more than 10 people would say they had read the book. The first few copies available in Nigeria at the material time were review copies sent to some journalists by Dr. Chidi Achebe. Others were those who travelled to countries where the book had been published and were able to buy a copy, or were sent a copy by friends abroad. Therefore all those who plunged into attack and counter-attack based on excerpts of a review simply embarrassed themselves. It really did not mean that the outcome would have been radically different if more Nigerians read the book. I say so because Nigerians read with two brains. While one is reading what was written, the other is busy formulating what the reader believes you wrote! It is therefore not surprising that, in this kind of situation, the combatants in the futile but emotionally charged controversy quickly took cover behind ethnic parapets! Last week I finished reading a copy sent me by Chidi and I felt more disappointed with the entire hullabaloo about the book and the abuses that went all round. In the first place, the duty a writer of Achebe’s status owes humanity is to shock it with the truth whenever it develops amnesia. Achebe did just that with his book, 42 years after the civil war. He seems to have succeeded in rousing us from our amnesia, except that the intellectual debate is yet to ensue, and except also that, in Nigeria, my truth is a lie, and your lie is the truth! Secondly, it was wrong to make it seem as if Awo was the subject of the book. He was not even the important point in the book. The controversial reference to Awolowo did not appear until page 233 of a 333-page book, including appendices, notes and index!


There was a country, there was starvation (1) words, “it is my impression that…” We can debate whether Achebe’s impression was wrong without name calling, ethnic baiting or profiling. And that is, if we have any intellectually honest reason to read that portion in isolation of everything else he wrote elsewhere in the book about Awolowo and Yoruba nation! A few hard questions can be asked: Did Awo have ambition for power for Prof. Achebe reading from There was a Country. himself and for the Nevertheless, those who have been advancement of his Yoruba people? Yes reading will tell you that Achebe did he did. That was an ambition he spent not say anything new about Awolowo all his political life pursuing. Did Awo nor has he ever hidden his views about see the dominant Igbo as obstacle to the Yoruba leader! that desire? You may argue that Awo was not the only one who saw the Igbo Nature of Nigerian debate as obstacle but you cannot deny what happened to Zik in Ibadan in 1951. Hear t is the nature of Nigerian debate that my friend Ayo Opadokun: “What he those who insistently make Awo an ethnic champion often turn round to accuse others of diminishing Awo’s status, making me wonder if those who swear in Awo’s name really knew him. For example, Femi Fani-Kayode who effusively described Awo as “much loved leader of the Yoruba” easily turned round, tongue in cheek, to accuse Achebe of “ethnic chauvinism”. There are not many Yoruba who locate Awo beyond the ethnic enclave to a national stage, unless you tell me that Nigeria begins at Mokola and ends at Dugbe! It took Chief Emeka OdumegwuOjukwu to posthumously elevate Awo to “the best President Nigeria never had”. One thing any reader of Achebe would (Achebe) expected was that Awo should confess is that the man tries his best to fold his arms to allow the Igbo race led choose his words carefully. The by Zik to preside over the affairs of the controversial portion of the book came Yoruba nation” (The Nation 5 October under the subheading, The Case 2012). Further, he admitted that “it was Against the Nigerian Government. clear that the East and West were in There he took not only Awolowo, but contest for socio-economic and political also, Allison Ayida and Anthony power”. Tell me, could Achebe have put Enahoro to task. And he prefaced his the matter any clearer than Opadokun criticism of Awo’s motive for employing did? starvation as a weapon of war with the Just as Achebe conceded that there


HE new trend in almost all the states of South East and South West Nigeria is to ban Motorcycle (Okada) riders, and if nothing is done, state governments will completely wipe out that sector without blinking as is usual in treating the people, in this country. It has become fashionable to treat them as bad people, responsible for all the woes of our city transport systems and poor delivery in electoral promises. The use of Okada riding across the states arose as one of the impacts of closure and relocation of industries from Nigeria due to sustained very harsh and difficult economic environment in our country, which escalated the rate of unemployment, leaving erstwhile gainfully employed persons with no option than to participate in the transport sector through riding Okada. Okada riding as much as I can remember started around 1988/7, during the military era. They became more relevant as governments failed to give adequate consideration to the provision of dignified transport system and means for the people.





In the first place, Nigerian NEVER supplied food to Biafra. Whatever food Nigeria supplied was to those “liberated” areas behind Biafran lines


was nothing wrong with Awo’s aspirations, there was nothing wrong with contest between the East and West for socio-economic and political power, except that no ethnic group in Nigeria wants to contest with Igbo on equal terms or compete on a level playing field. Nigeria obviously felt happy that it has removed the Igbo obstacle by inscribing the Federal Character in the constitution. And we cannot deny that there was a sing-song of “Igbo domination” in the years leading to the crises that led to the coup and the war. Unfortunately, the fear of “Igbo domination” not only created an enduring conspiracy to cripple the Igbo but also left an unsettled issue of citizenship that has created the dichotomy of “settler” and “indigene” for which blood flows in the Plateau today.

In defence of Awo


think it was futile to defend Awo on the matter of starvation as a weapon of war after he proffered his own personal defence. In his well publicised 1983 interview, Awo did not deny the charges levied against him by Biafrans. He simply rationalised his actions. Respected elder statesman and one of the living authentic Awoists, Chief Ayo Adebanjo apparently based his defence of Awo on this interview (Thisday 13 Oct 2012). We can appreciate Awo’s rationalisation or disagree with them. I disagree with some. Awo said he went to Calabar, Enugu and Port Harcourt shortly after their liberation. “I saw kwashiorkor victims…Then I enquired what happened to the food we are sending to the victims…but what happened was that the vehicles carrying the food were always ambushed by the soldiers…and the food would then be taken to the soldiers to feed them, and so they were able to continue the fight”. The flaw in this rationalisation is that people may conclude that Awo stopped food supply because Biafran soldiers were hijacking them. In the first place, Nigerian NEVER supplied food to Biafra. Whatever food Nigeria supplied was to those “liberated” areas behind Biafran lines. Those areas were under the control of the Nigerian army. Therefore if the vehicles conveying the food were ambushed by soldiers, it could only be by Nigerian soldiers! Food that came into Biafra were direct from World Council of Churches, Caritas, International Red Cross and French NGOs. These supplies were directly administered by the churches, priests and Red Cross through their feeding centres. The humanitarian disaster in Biafra was exacerbated when Nigeria closed the air corridors by shooting down some of the relief planes. The argument about using land corridors approved by Nigeria to supply food to Biafra was still on till the war dramatically ended.

OPINION Okada riders are Nigerians not animals I remember women making a jest of each other in Imo State, when any rode to any occasion on Okada those early days, but like unwary and uncaring people we are, Okada is today a major means of movement in many areas of Nigeria including Imo. I remember that Prof. Wole Soyinka, our Nobel Price Laureate, had to procure the services of an Okada rider to effectively monitor the NADECO action against the evil of June 12 elections result cancellation in 1993. Important members of our society, Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Journalists, Top civil servants, and Industrialists have had cause at one time or the other to run to the Okada rider for assistance during emergencies. They were always there covering every nook and corner of the states. In Lagos with the traffic gridlock, many often use Okada to catch their flights, and other urgent commitments. The necessity for quick movement led to the boom in Okada business. Our beloved Charlie Boy Oputa, was a Patron and great mobiliser of the Okada group till he relocated to Abuja.

Government at all levels should have known that the growth was becoming unprecedented and should have thought of providing a safer and more acceptable means of movement for the people. Instead, civilian governors and the Federal Government, distributed Okada and Keke NAPEP, under their poverty alleviation programmes. In order to win elections politicians across the country, provided millions of these men with Okada to ride. These politicians used them as informants, agents and evil fingers in their deadly desires to acquire power during elections and after. Nudged on by politicians, the Okada riding group acquired boldness, to challenge any in the event of any accidents. Okada riders in Lagos cannot be wrong, in any accident situation, they will gather in their numbers to harass, intimidate and submerge the voice of any motorist in a brush with any one of them.They became a powerful force, especially in Lagos. Continues tomorrow pg18 *Mr. Udegbe, a lawyer, wrote fromLagos.

18 — Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012 SOME things are better not said. Nigeria’s attitude to accountability casts slurs on any efforts to fight corruption and the criminalities it sustains. How can $26.5 million (about N4.24 billion) be paid to the Federal Government, and nobody is sure who has the money? Why would it take America’s prompting for government to act on the matter? A $180 million scam involving Halliburton has seen people jailed abroad, others fined, including the construction company, Julius Berger, but in Nigeria, instead of those alleged to be involved to be prosecuted, it is the fine of $26.5 million Berger paid that is missing. President Goodluck Jonathan’s instruction to the Attorney General of the Federation Mohammed Bello Adoke to recover the money is instructive. There are conflicting statements from Berger, the police and the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation on the money. One account said the money was with the Accountant General of the Federation. Another said it was with the Attorney General. How would government be unable to trace the money, which Berger paid for a plea bargain? Nigeria has not investigated the scam in a

How Can Halliburton’s N4.24 Billion Miss? satisfactory manner. The refusal to try those indicted could be part of the inattentiveness in the matter that made it possible for $26.5 million that should have been recovered to be missing. Mr. Jeffery Tesler, a Halliburton official, jailed for the scam, listed Nigerian officials who benefitted from bribes paid to them to gain favourable considerations in LNG contracts. Tesler said he used Berger as a conduit for the money which was used to bribe top government functionaries and some prominent Nigerians.

Only a former Special Assistant on Domestic Affairs to former President Olusegun Obasanjo was charged to court. The case instituted in 2010 is still on. The new scandal became public two weeks ago, when the US government, in response to Nigeria’s request to release the balance of the bribe money held up in a US bank asked Nigeria to account for the plea bargain money. The additional condition the US gave for releasing the money is prosecution of those involved in the scam. Our concerns centre on the lax application of accountability in government affairs. The Halliburton money may be only an instance. There are many cases of money the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, recovered that nobody knows where the money is. What would make government ask for accounts of the money? Governments should be worried about their accounting standards. The standards have been lowered so much they invite insult from the likes of the US government. Halliburton money is not missing, we simply have a scandal within a scandal.

OPINION BY MAGNUS ONYIBE Continued from yesterday's Viewpoint pg. O instead of destroying the local refineries, government should conduct a census of the number of people engaged, evaluate their process of refining and their crude oil demand not with the intention of punishing those involved but with a view to having them documented and licensed after appropriate regulatory framework has been put in place. Co-incidentally, Niger Delta people have a fine history of refining raw produce into fairly good quality products.For instance,distilled spirit,derogatorily labelled illicit gin and also known as ogogoro,is often distilled and ferried to the urban centres by the Ijaws in the riverine areas of Bayelsa,Delta,Edo and Ondo states. This is what is later blended and packaged for the high end markets by the better equipped distilleries.Furthermore, it is my considered opinion that small scale refineries are not peculiar to Nigeria because they are in effect modular refineries which abound in the Western world and unfortunately not popular here because the cash-laden NNPC is only interested in megaprojects like the four refineries in Port Harcourt,Warri and Kaduna which are constantly undergoing turn around maintenance and yet hardly function at half capacity.In fact,the recent pronouncement by the Minister of Trade and Investment,Olusegun Aganga about a



A case for Niger Delta indigenous oil refineries (2) proposed foreign direct investment of $4.5 billion in six modular refineries reinforces the case for small scale refining in Nigeria. But NNPC's denial of involvement in the deal suggests that the proposal like the Liquified Natural Gas,LNG, project which was on the drawing board for over 20 years before coming on stream, the Aganga initiative maybe foreshadowing the LNG experience and therefore several years away from coming into fruition. This is why relying on the local refineries in the Niger Delta to fill the gap created by NNPC's refining shortfall ,should be given the consideration,and if viable the impetus that it deserves.For a start,the crude oil (445,000 barrels per day) allocated to NNPC for local refining and most of which is currently being refined abroad and therefore against the intendment of the policy could be re-allocated to the local refiners in fulfilment of the spirit and letter of the regulation and by so doing create jobs at home.Unlike the monstrosities in Nigeria,the Chinese in Niger Republic built at a record time of less than 24 months a much smaller production capacity refinery which is more useful and therefore instructive to Nigerian authorities that prefer constructing behemoths with attendant maintenance challenges. In making a case for the Niger Delta indigenous oil refineries,

it's pertinent and germane that we consider the experience of the United States of America,USA, the copyright owners of the presidential democracy we are practicing.At the nascent stage of US evolution, production of alcohol was prohibited via the 18th amendment to the constitution in 1920 so bootlegging was a major headache to the authorities because although importation of alcohol was banned,Americans liked to consume the commodity.Criminal gangs like the Mafia capitalised on the ban fuelling underground markets to the detriment of the economy.


he crime of bootlegging or alcohol smuggling abated when the trade became legalised through licensing in 1933 via the 21st amendment which repealed the ban.As the National Assembly embarks on the review of our Constitution ,thinking out of the box by considering quaint and innovative ideas like bringing more Nigerians into the oil/gas loop through encouragement of the establishment of small scale refineries,would do Nigeria and Nigerians a lot of good.If found to be efficacious, the initiative would not only save Nigeria the lost revenue in excess of N200 billion that the Director General of Budget Office,Bright Okogu stated as short fall in the month of August oil revenue largely

attributable to crude oil theft,it could also have a three-fold direct impact on the society as it would ,(1)save Nigeria the trillions of naira currently spent importing finished petroleum products,(2)create the much needed jobs that are currently being exported via unbridled importation and (3)boost the Gross Domestic Product,GDP, of our country when the small refineries being destroyed are allowed to thrive under close supervision with associated benefits. For too long,Nigerians have acquiesced with myths that have no rational basis but are spun by civil or public servants for enlightened self-interest.There was the myth that made Nigeria Airways an aviation monopoly until a few years ago when private airlines were licensed.See how Arik has now revolutionised air travel. How about the conspiracy that allowing private ownership of broadcasting stations would threaten security? Today, African Independent Television,AlT, ,owned by Raymond Dokpesi and Channels Television, founded by John Momoh, not the Nigeria Television Authority,NTA, or the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria,FRCN, are the dominant players in the industry.

Concluded *Mr. Onyibe, a development strategist, wrote from Abuja.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012— 19

, HE Guardian, Tuesday, June 19, 2012 carried the following story headlined: “Police unveil new strategy against terror”. Vanguard, Tuesday, June 26, 2012 headlined its own story on the Police thusly. “Insecurity: Governors call for state police; make case for security intervention fund”. Vanguard, Wednesday July 4, 2012 presented the advice of former Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Alhadji Abubakar Tsav to the Federal Government on calls for state police. Vanguard reports him in the following: “Alhaji Abubakar Tsav, yesterday urged the Federal Government to discountenance suggestions for the creation of state police in the country, warning that such a venture would worsen the security challenge facing the country. Tsav who spoke to Vanguard against the backdrop of recent calls by governors of the 36 states for the creation of state police to enhance security in the country, warned that a police under the control of state governors would become instrument of intimidation and harassment of perceived opponents”. The Guardian Tuesday July 10, 2012 headline in the front page


the past weekend, Plateau killings: “Grief, fear reign in Plateau, Nigerians mourn victims”. Of the comments of Plateau State House of Assembly, that of the Deputy Speaker employed his stringent critique of the Federal Government to make the demand for a state police. “The Deputy Speaker summed the debate thus: "The violence in the State and in the country is getting to its climax. Is the Federal Government just there to supervise the killing of its citizens every day? We have resolved as a House that this President owes us explanation and he should tell Nigerians what is going on. We have also resolved that this House is demanding for a state police because it is obvious the federal police have failed. We are also demanding immediate withdrawal of soldiers from the streets of Plateau and the return of the responsibilities of securing citizens to the governor who is the chief security officer of the state”. The demand for a state police as expressed by the Deputy Speaker provides the logic for that demand. Alhaji Tsav did not address the issue as defined by the Deputy Speaker of the Plateau State House of Assembly. The reason


given by Tsav for opposing the creation of state police can be turned on its head to support the demand for the state police. The Federal Government can be accused of partisan use of the Nigeria Police Force and that allegation can become the basis of the demand for a state police force under state control. The Deputy Speaker argues on another platform. He argues for a constitutional reform on the ground of government’s ineffectiveness in securing the citizens of Plateau State. He argues for the transfer of the functions of the police from the list of functions assigned exclusively to the Federal Government to the list of functions to be exclusively discharged by the State Government. He argues for confederal restructure of the country’s security regime. This time it is the police. Next, as it is indicated with demands for the evacuation of the Federal forces from the streets of Plateau, can be demand for state armed forces.


hen this demand for the shifting of the locus of security maintenance from the President to the state governor is coupled with calls for a national conference, it is obvious that anxiety fed by what is now

Ajagu and leadership imperatives BY JACOB TOCHUKWU T is an African philosophy that whoever is born into a society, and has the privilege to survive childhood, should endeavour to have a good view of how the environment he or she was born into, looked like. This is with a view to resolving to leave it better than how he or she met it. One Nigerian who has met that criteria is a renowned businessman, educationist, administrator, public policy analyst and revered motivational/inspirational speaker, Dr Ausbeth Ajagu. He is the President of Academy of Entrepreneurial Studies, AES, and Chairman of Betcy Group. Though a political economist and industrialist of great accomplishments, Dr Ajagu is more reputed for his transformational leadership qualities in corporate governance in Nigeria . Like all patriotic Nigerians, his political sagacity is not defined by a Machiavellian approach to politics. Rather it is the way and manner he touches lives that stands him out. His meteoric rise in his profession is, therefore, not a surprise because diligence comes with a divine promise that we will stand before kings. In the private sector of the Nigerian economy, Ajagu led an intellectual revolution in entrepreneurship and built a legacy in what has become a reference point in professionalism and political discourse. The strength of every society depends largely on the quality of its leadership. Throughout history, successful societies have been those whose leaders are able to rise to the occasion to calm storms during crises



and advance the course of prosperity during peace time. During economic hardships, poverty and wars, it is those leaders who are competent, dedicated, and visionary that are able to pull their nations and peoples from such troubles and economic misery. Such leaders also show selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty, transparency and strong leadership and are committed to democracy, rule of law, freedom and human rights in their dealings with the people. As reflected in the life of men like Mahatma Gandhi of India and Nelson Mandela of South Africa, such broad mix of commitment to citizens’ welfare and focus on concrete result is hardly achievable without innovative thought and spiritual strength. The likes of Ajagu present individuals who will remove the nation from the part of a sluggish economy, from high unemployment, and from diminished security, and leaders who will secure health insurance coverage for every Nigerian, reform the rural areas, begin a meaningful national service programme, reform the system of civil service, and invest heavily in the nation’s infrastructure. Strength of character has offered us hidden explanations for Ajagu’s greatness and leadership credentials. Simply put, Dr Ajagu has made indelible marks in the sands of time because of his character. In the ordinary meaning of the word, character is merely the aggregation of a person’s distinguishing qualities and features. But great statesmen men like Winston Churchill

incidences of war is approaching a panic loss of confidence in the Federal security regime. The issue then to be addressed in this present context of urban warfare is whether the security of society is established by governments, federal, state or local or by an agent that establishes an order that it secures. It is now reported that there are areas of the North that have become battle grounds and unsafe for citizens on occasions advertised and earmarked by the armed adversaries for operational purposes. If this is the case, then it implies that the Nigerian sovereign space has become tactically partitioned and the rule of government, Federal, state and local has ceased to prevail in areas under the operational command and control of armed opponents of government; it further implies that operationally the insurgents presently constitute a de facto state and government in the portion of Nigeria that it commands and controls. Within the context of the above scenario, it is easy to see that the creation of state police would be an irrelevant security expenditure for where the federal security operations are presently constrained, the police, Federal, state or local cannot assume the warfare security burdens of the Federal Government. Those demanding the creation of state police want at best, that the functions of the police placed on the concurrent legislative list. It should be known that such demand for constitutional reform is an uninformed demand. The security situation in Nigeria is a function of the contestation for sovereignty by the Boko Haram party. We must call a spade by its name. The Boko Haram is a party of state. It is at war to establish its rule over part of Nigeria. It seeks to establish itself as a sovereign by means of war. Only parties of state conduct wars for the purpose of creating their own order. It is immaterial whether Boko Haram


Nigeria's security politics: Who rules or who governs

The Nigerian state must prevail over all its adversaries or be effectively destroyed; the overthrow of the Nigerian state is also the overthrow of Nigeria’s Constitution

Ajagu has maintained that Nigerians should imbibe the culture of perseverance, courage, and respect for the dignity of men and women if we do not wish to confine ourselves to the level of mediocrity


of Great Britain and Charles de Gaulle of France defined character beyond the capacity of the dictionary. De Gaulle, for instance, argued that a person’s intelligence, charisma, mystique and vision are part of the building blocks of a person’s character.


any may be asking who is this business icon whose leadership acumen has made inedible impression in political and economic landscape of the country? Ajagu is an academic, business colossus and political economist who has contributed immensely to advance the cause of the economy in Nigeria. Betcy Group which he heads has interests in diverse sectors of the economy. He is also the President of AES, an institute devoted to the promotion of study and research on economic matters particularly on matters affecting entrepreneurs through the means of conferences, lectures, scholarly works and discussions, and by the preparation and publications of books, reports and many other media as may seem desirable so as to

is the only anti-Federal Government party of state. The logic of contestation over sovereignty is everywhere the same. Its outcome is zero-sum; one party prevails over the rest. It is the same in the contestation over who rules Nigeria; it is immaterial whether Boko Haram is the only anti-Federal Government party of state. The Nigerian state must prevail over all its adversaries or be effectively destroyed. The outcome of the overthrow of the Nigerian state is also the overthrow of Nigeria’s Constitution and constitutional structure of government and governance. The overthrow of government is a consequence of the overthrow of the Nigerian state. The security challenge in Nigeria is not a challenge of government, it is a challenge of the Nigerian political class. As long as the focus of the political class in the present crisis is on who governs at the Federal, state or local levels, Nigerian politicians are gravely mistaken for their survival is now the stake. The present security politics of the country must be correctly understood. The security politics is now not that of who governs but one of who rules. The party that rules establishes the constitutions and the governments they institute on the platform of their sovereign military peace. The Nigerian political class from Independence to date has been in the business of outsourcing their security; firstly to the British Colonial Armed Forces; secondly to the Nigerian Armed Forces; now some in desperation want to outsource it to the Nigeria Police. The Boko Haram insurgency has made sovereignty and therefore state making the issue of Nigerian security politics. If the political class must govern now and beyond 2015, it must first establish itself as the ruling class. Rulership is the basis and the foundation for governmentship, not the other way round.

develop a body of informed opinions on economic issues. AES operates a 500 Student- Entrepreneurs Scheme which is designed to allow the management of the Academy to assemble and teach 500 students on leadership and entrepreneurship in higher institutions in the country. Afterwards AES mentors and grooms them free of charge to be role models in both their campuses and society. The Academy has already conducted such trainings in Auchi Polytechnic and University of Agriculture, Makurdi. AES has equally trained over 5000 persons on wealth creation, transformational leadership, entrepreneurship, positive mindset and good corporate governance since its inception. His passion for education and intellectual discourse is evident when he established the AES Excellence Club. The AES Excellence Club, Nigeria’s Intellectual Club, is a nonpolitical, non-religious and non-profit making organisation dedicated to addressing socio-political and economic policy issues which affect national development. The club is made up of some of the best brains in the public and private sectors who have distinguished themselves as chairman/CEO/directors of various organisations, and serving state governors and ministers, as some of its members. Ajagu has maintained that Nigerians should imbibe the culture of perseverance, courage, and respect for the dignity of men and women if we do not wish to confine ourselves to the level of mediocrity. Ajagu’s achievements in the private sector of the Nigerian economy are legendary as they form the fulcrum upon which various stakeholders within and outside private sector measure their achievements. *Mr. Tochukwu, a public affairs analyst, wrote from Abuja.


Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30,

*Najim Oseni, father of the three missing children


*A member of the rescue team backing a crowd of sympathisers

Sallah disaster: Community mourns death of 10 in boat mishap BY OLASUNKANMI AKONI & MONSUR OLOWOOPEJO


MUDE, a sleepy community in Otto Awori Local Council Developement Area in Ojo, Lagos, was rudely jolted into shock in the early hours of last Sunday, when a boat capsized, killing all the 10 persons on board. The unfortunate incident happened as a result of a violent wave that overpowered the oarsman before upending the ill-fated boat. The travellers in the boat were said to be coming to Imode from Idoluwo in the same council. Five bodies were later recovered by a rescue team that was immediately drafted to the scene to search for survivors. It could be recalled that a similar unfortunate incident occurred when 10 pupils and two women died in a boat mishap on the Monday of February 13, 2012, at Ojota, a riverine rural community in Otto Awori Local Council Development Area. Sunday ’s tragedy which threw the entire neighbourhood of Imude community into mourning and pensive mood happened around 11 am Confirming the incident, the General Manager of the Lagos Emergency Management Authority, LASEMA, Dr Femi OkeOsanyintolu, said that five bodies were recovered from the river by the LASEMA and merchant Navy. He said: “ Five bodies were recovered at Imude out of the about 10 persons in a boat that capsized. Rescue operation by LASEMA and merchant Navy is on going to recover missing bodies. As at the time of filing this report, frantic efforts are still on-

going to recover the victims’ bodies. The victims were said

Where are my three children — father of drowned children Meantime a four-year-old child was yesterday recovered by the search and recovery team inaugurated by the state government and community. This brings to six the total number of bodies so far recovered, just as three persons are still missing. The Father of the three missing children, Mr. Najim Oseni was, yesterday, in a gloomy mood when the search and recovery team returned at about 1:00 pm from their final search for the day without his children. Strug-



to be between the ages of 10 and 16 years.

tragedy. “I know how much I spend daily on my children. Just recently I paid over N120, 000 for the school fees of the three missing children.” Najim is said to be 40 years old and a student of the Lagos State University, LASU. All efforts to speak with Mr. Mustapha Liasu, who lost his pregnant wife and a daughter in the incident, proved abortive as he was speechless. Speaking on his behalf, his younger brother, Mr. Seyi Lia-

You asked him to talk, do you know what it means to lose one’s wife, especially a wife who is pregnant and a daughter, within some minutes?

gling to control his emotion, he had asked rather plaintively: “Where are my children, I need to see them urgently.” He gave the names of the children as Risikat, 18; Wasiu, 15 and Sulaimon, 22. Najim explained that his three children were returning to Imude after the Sallah celebration when the ugly incident occurred. According to him: “Out of my six children, I have lost three. All my investments on them so that they can become respected members of the society have been destroyed in that boat


su who was also among several relatives who crowded him, said: “You asked him to talk, do you know what it means to lose one’s wife, especially a wife who is pregnant and a daughter within some minutes?” Seyi who identified the pregnant woman as Kudrat and the daughter as Ayomide, said they have since been buried by the family. The search and recovery team which sprung into action as early as about 5:30 am was only able to recover the body of one of the four missing persons.

With this incident, the state Governor, Babatunde Fashola, yesterday, said the government would in the next four weeks commence enforcement on the use of life jacket on the state waterways, adding: “The state government will not allow such incident that could be averted to occurr in the state again”. Speaking on behalf of the Governor, the General Manager of LASEMA, Dr.Femi OkeOsanyintolu said that the state government has discovered that many passenger operators of in the state have failed to

procure life jackets. He vowed that the state government will not allow such action to continue on the state water ways. On the recovered bodies, Osanyintolu said that six bodies have so far been recovered from the lagoon. He informed that the state government through the Ministry of Health and Environment would soon fumigate the lagoon to avert any contagious disease and clear the dumping site found closer to the lagoon, saying this would aid smooth navigation for the boats within the community.

Royal father laments, accuses construction firm AALE of the Imude com munity, Chief Ajayi Ashade who spoke angrily over the incident said that it occurred when a speed boat belonging to a construction company (name withheld) caused a high current. According to him: “This high current led to the boat capsizing. One would have expected the captain of the speed boat to have slowed down when he sighted the canoe. But he did not. If he had slowed down, the incident would have been avert-


ed.” Frowning at the attitude of the said captain, Ashade said: “Ido-Oluwo to Imude is a 15minute journey by a local canoe. Why did the captain wait for the canoe to pass or switch off his engine? With such current, the boat has enough speed to pass the paddling canoe”. He noted that immediately the boat capsized, the rescue team sprang into action and five of the bodies were recovered from the lagoon.

Council boss blames speedboat, residents HE chairman of Oto-Awori Local Council Development Area, LCDA, Mr. Bolaji Roberts said that both the captain of the speed boat and the residents should be blamed for the ugly incident. According to him: “Part of it came from our people. They had been warned before now on the use of life jacket but the attitude of the residents to the government policy have been negative. If they used life jacket, the situation would have been averted.” Roberts, however, compared


the attitude of boat captain and their passengers with commercial motorcycle operators in the state popularly called Okada riders, saying “they do not adhere to safety measures.” The chairman said that since the inception of his second term in office, he had distributed over 500 life jackets to the passenger boat operators, as a measure to avert loss of life. He noted the council will urgently inaugurate a committee that would enforce the use of life jacket on the community water ways.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012 — 21

Information Security: Team Naija battles at Cyberlympics


HE National Union of Textile Garment and Tailoring workers of Nigeria (NUTGTWN) has called on the Federal and States Government to urgently halt the declining manufacturing sector of the economy, warning that the country is sinking deeper into deindustrialisation. President of the union, Oladele Hunsu, who made the call while addressing the 24th Annual Joint Education Conference in Osun State, urged the Federal and State governments to step up the revival of textile industry in the country. He pointed out that before the crisis that hit the sector in 1997 when Nigeria joined the World Trade Organisation, WTO, the sector was a mega employer of labour. “As a labour movement, we realize that we cannot just be preoccupied with our traditional duties that include collective bargaining, grievance and grievance handling, occupational health and safety, industrial relations, among others without addressing the sociopolitical issues as witnessed in the present security crises which has further deepened the lingering crisis of development in our country. “Our colleagues from the once vibrant industrial city of Kano will bear witness to the real dangers of insecurity as there are several of our members who have lost their lives in recent times and several industries are forced to scale down operations as the once vibrant Kano Textile market has become a no go area for a lot of traders from other parts of the country.” “There is no doubt that current crisis is a product of


Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Diamond Bank Plc, Dr. Alex Otti (middle); President/Chairman of CIBN, Mr. Segun Aina (left) and First Vice President and Chairman board of Fellows, Otunba Debola Osibogun during the conferment of honorary fellow award of CIBN on Dr Otti, in Lagos.

Textile workers lament declining manufacturing sector in Nigeria the perennial crisis of governance and the open disconnect between economic growth and peoples welfare.” He quoted Professor Osita Ogbu, saying: “Nigeria has been growing at a fairly decent rate at around 6 per cent for the past six years. However, the Country ’s poverty rate - measured by those living on less than $1 dollar a day – has raised from 52 per cent in 2004 to 61 per cent in 2010. Income inequality has widened in every region in the country. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the top 10







107.57 85.66

-0.68 -1.01


154.76 247.8946 200.3678 165.6073 1.9384 0.2878 237.4157 24.7686 41.2638 26.8541 237.7887

155.26 248.6955 201.0151 166.1423 1.9446 0.2978 238.1828 24.8483 41.3971 26.9408 238.557

IGERIA’S quest to grow and deepen local capacity in information security received a boost over the weekend following the sponsorship of Team Naija by First Bank of Nigeria Plc to the finals of the global Cyberlympics taking place in Miami, United States of America. Information Security involves the protection of information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, perusal, inspection, recording or destruction. The Global CyberLympics is an international cyber security competition that seeks to build capacity across nations, create awareness for global cyber defense and promote global peace. Team Naija and Team Broken Cipher of Sudan will represent the African continent and compete against teams from other continents at the finals which kicked off yesterday. Team Naija’s fourman contingent comprises Abolusoro Oluboyede David (FirstBank staff), Nasiru Abimbola Jaiyeola (FirstBank staff), Oluseyi Akindeinde (Digital Encode) and Adewale Obadare (Digital Encode). FirstBank’s spokesperson, Mrs. Folake Ani-Mumuney, said the bank considers the opportunity to support Nigeria’s contingent to the CyberLympics as another platform to promote youth empowerment and contribute to the growth of information security in Nigeria. Ani-Mumuney said the inclusion of two FirstBank staff in the team was a clear demonstration of the bank’s leading position in growing capacity in the field after being conferred with the prestigious ISO 27001 Certificate in Information Security Management Systems in 2010. This certification is the world’s highest accreditation for information protection and security from the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). “The objectives of the cyberlympics resonate with what FirstBank stands for as an organisation and we are excited that young Nigerians are representing Africa at a global level to match their technical expertise with the best in the world.


155.76 249.4964 201.6625 166.6774 1.9509 0.3078 238.9498 24.9288 41.5305 27.0276 239.3252

CBN Exchange rate as at 29/10/2012

per cent income earners were responsible for about 43 per cent of total consumption expenditure.” “We must recognize that poverty weakens the people. Economic development not only raises income but it also raises the voice of citizens, their political participation and their ability to demand government accountability. As Osita Ogbu asserted ‘in pursuing what may appear essentially an economic agenda, policy makers should realize that it has political and

civic dimensions which themselves have huge implications for poverty reduction. The only way to end the paradox of growth, joblessness and poverty is to reverse the trend towards a cargo economy. From notable contribution of about 40 per cent to GDP y the manufacturing sector in 70s and early 80s, manufacturing contribution to GDP was a mere 4 per cent in 2010. Manufacturing remains the key to quality

Sephaku Cement secures N34.85bn debt funding for project EPHAKU Cement has secured a ten year tenured debt funding of N34.85 billion from two major South African banks, Standard Bank and Ned Bank. The Dangote Cement subsidiary was advised on this transaction by Sasfin Capital. The financing agreement signed last week in Johannesburg, marks a critical juncture for the company in its got o - m a r k e t preparations and signals a strong vote of confidence from the local market.


The closure of the debt and commencement of the drawdown of its loans is a major milestone for the Dangote Cement subsidiary and associate of JSE-listed Sephaku Holdings. The agreement effectively closes the gap in terms of the required capital for Sephaku Cement to be fully prepared for market entry and a significant competitor in wholesale and retail cement trade. Sephaku Cement Chief Executive Officer, Pieter Fouri said the significance of this deal, “goes beyond cement. It indicates a strong, new commitment to industrial development in South Africa. Through new infrastructure establishment in Mpumalanga and the North

West Province and the resulting local job creation, the investment benefit will extend to provincial and community development.” Sola David-Borha, Chief Executive Officer of Stanbic IBTC in Nigeria, noted : “As a result of the transaction, we will see Sephaku become a leading cement producer in the region, enabling significant job creation with wider economic benefits.” In addressing infrastructure deficits and meeting unmet needs for the likes of housing, the cement industry is a building block of socioeconomic development.

22 — Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012

Sterling Bank’s gross earnings up by 92.6% in third

Merger: Acino, Mepha combination to benefit Nigerian consumers — Oculus MD By Chioma Obinna



TERLING Bank Plc has recorded gross earnings of N50.74 billion for the third quarter ended September 30, 2012, representing an increase of 92.6 per cent from N26.35 billion recorded in the corresponding period of 2011. Interim report and accounts of the bank for the third quarter showed substantial growths across key performance indicators for the current business period under review. Specifically, interest income doubled by 109.9 per cent while net interest income jumped by 84 per cent and Profit before tax rose by 58.5 per cent. Interest income leapt to N39.56 billion in 2012 compared with N18.85 billion in corresponding period of 2011.

While interest expenses increased from N8.97 billion to N21.37 billion, net interest income also nearly doubled from N9.88 billion to N18.19 billion and non-interest income increased by 49 per cent to N11.2 billion as against N7.5 billion. Altogether, operating income rose by 78 per cent from N15.9 billion to N28.3 billion. Other performance indicators showed that profit before tax jumped from N3.01 billion to N4.77 billion; Profit After taxes and net profit distributable to shareholders inreased from N2.74 billion to N4.49 billion. Earnings analysis showed earnings per share of 29 kobo for third quarter 2012 compared with 22 kobo in similar period of 2011. At current share price, the net earnings indicated strong

double-digit returns for Sterling Bank. It should be recalled that the outstanding issued shares of Sterling Bank had increased in the last quarter of 2011 following issuance of scheme shares to shareholders of the defunct Equitorial Trust Bank, which Sterling Bank had acquired last year. Commenting on the results, managing director, Sterling Bank Plc, Mr. Yemi Adeola, said the results reflected the continuing success of the bank’s strategic growth initiatives as it continued to draw benefits from the seamless integration of Equitorial Trust Bank. According to him, Sterling Bank has been well positioned to capture emerging growth opportunities with customercentric approach to financial services and products.


culus PharmaCare, marketers of Mepha products in Nigeria says the recent merger of Mepha operations by Acino Pharma Limited, Swiss based pharmaceutical company would benefit Nigerian consumers. Managing Director, Oculus Pharmacare, Mr. Clifford Nzimako, said the merger guarantee Nigerian consumer ’s access to more advanced drug technology products in cancers amongst other pharmaceutical products. Nzimako,who spoke during a cocktail party organised in honour of the visiting Acino Pharma, Africa Business Regional Director, Mr. Gagan Datta in Lagos, said he was optimistic that the merger would also expand Oculus reach as well as be of benefit to Nigerian medical doctors, patients as well as improve the well being of Nigerians. “We will now have access to more products from both Acino and Mepha, in the next one or two years, we are looking forward to registering many of these products. The development has given us an opportunity to expand our reach as well as provide more quality products to our esteem customers.” Regional Director- Acino Pharma, Africa, Mr. Gagan Datta, said that the infusion would afford Nigerian consumers of better and quality products. He explained that Acino has completed the acquisition of Mepha’s international business and the Mepha site in Aesch (Switzerland) in a transaction payable in cash and valued at approximately EUR 94 million since February, this year. Datta explained that Acino develops, manufactures and internationally markets well – proven and innovative pharmaceuticals in novel drug delivery forms. Chairman, Oculus PharmaCare, Alhaji Abdul Latif, assured that apart from growth opportunity, customers are sure of same level of professional products, adding that there would be improvement in the company in the next few years.

PZ Cussons unveils new shape Morning Fresh By Princewill Ekwujuru


From left: GMD FirstBank, Bisi Onasanya; Governor Liyel Imoke of Cross River State;, Mrs. Obioma Imoke; Mr. Urum Eke and Mrs. Eileen Shaiyen at the interactive section on opportunities at Calabar Festival 2012, in Lagos.

Unilever grows Q3 turnover by By LAZARUS IBEA-


NILEVER Global, the parent company of Unilever Nigeria Plc, said its third quarter, 2012 turnover increased by 10.3 per cent to N2.71 trillion (•13.4 billion). The company said this shows that transformation to a sustainable growth company is well on track and is being embedded deeply in the business. In a statement, Unilever said despite continued high levels of competitive intensity, depressed economies and increasing global imbalances and uncertainty, it saw solid

growth with a good balance between volume and price, adding that emerging markets businesses delivered another quarter of double-digit growth, taking year to date growth to 11.7%, while developed markets declined in the quarter but are up 0.8% year to date. Commenting on the results, CEO Paul Polman said: “The Compass strategy and the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan are driving aligned actions across the business. We are seeing a steady improvement in the quality of our innovation, meeting the needs of consumers wherever they are. The organisational structure that we announced last year is already paying off and

we are seeing benefits in terms of our agility and discipline in operational execution.” Taking a cursory look at the performance of its various products, the company said its overallFoods growth was slightly negative. “Knorr jelly bouillon continues to do well in savoury, with the recent extension to markets such as Australia and Russia and the introduction of new variants such as Herbs & Spices in Germany and Borsch Soup in Russia. Knorr baking bags have gained share in most key countries. During the third quarter we launched our first soup made from 100% sustainable tomatoes in France,

n a bid to consolidate its position, PZ Cussons Nigeria has unveiled a new pack for its dish washing liquid, Morning Fresh in new variant, Zesty Lemon. Morning Fresh is a premium brand and recognized market leader in the Dish washing liquid market. This powerful dish washing liquid, foams richly with a strong grease cutting ability, making it very economical to use and gentle on the hand, while the exciting lemon fragrance eliminates cooking odours and leaves the kitchen refreshed. Speaking at the launch which was used to unveil the new packaging and the new variant as well as to further reinforce the brand’s message to its consumers that ‘every drop cleans much more’, the Managing Director, PZ Cussons Nigeria, Mr Alex Goma , thanked the consumers for their patronage and making it the No1 dish wash brand in Nigeria. He promised Morning Fresh will continue to offer superior performance that makes them proud of their kitchens. According to him, the essence of the event is to “demonstrate Morning Fresh’s commitment to meeting consumer needs for performance and freshness and assure that for Morning Fresh, ‘Every drop cleans so much more’. “The Morning Fresh Original new easy grip design makes it more convenient for consumers to handle and the Zesty Lemon variant gives consumers the choice of fragrance.” On the brand’s legacy over the past 20 years in Nigeria, the Brand Manager, Morning Fresh, Michael Nnochiri, explained that as the leader in the market segment, the brand is evolving with its consumers by being innovative, setting the pace in the market and providing quality value for money spent.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012—23

Unilever donates goods worth N10m to flood victims STORIES BY PRINCEWILL EKWUJURU NILEVER Nigeria Plc has donated products worth N10million to flood victims in Kogi and Delta States The products donated are Sunlight detergent powder, Omo detergent powder, Blue band, Lifebouy soap and Royco. Speaking, David Okeme, Brand Building Director of Unilever Nigeria, at a press briefing


in Lagos said the donation was the beginning of a whole series of actions of the company to support the flood victims, “because we in Unilever believes our consumers have contributed to the development and growth of the company, so moments like this are when we need to take opportunity to give back to communities. In situations like this, the company has to come to their rescue.” Continuing, he said,

Today five of our brands, Sunlight detergent powder is given to the communities for a new lease of life to help them to clean up and get back to life again. We have sent out hundreds of cartoons of lifebouy, that which guarantees absolute cleanliness and germ free society. We have sent out hundreds of blue band to deliver nutrition to the victims who are in dare need of nutrition. We have also sent out Royco to these

communities for cooking. What we are doing today is to actually demonstrate small actions that would make a difference in peoples lives. The value of what went out today is about N10 million. Okeme confirmed that the products are already on their way to the affected areas. “We have commenced the dispatch of the materials and am confirming to you also that materials are presently going out to Delta and Kogi States.”

MTN enters with SmoothTalk N a bid to give its customers more value, MTN Nigeria has introduced to the market a new value-offering called ‘SmoothTalk’. ‘SmoothTalk’ is a package that offers customers a discounted call rate per second for calls to MTN networks and other networks. The package is to deliver optimum life- enriching services to the largest community of consumers and strengthen the company’s continuous lead in offering


value-added services, the company said. As the company ‘subsists on core brand values of Leadership, Innovation, Relationship, Integrity and the Can-do spirit’, Kola Oyeyemi, General Manager, Consumer Marketing, MTN, said that the package is one of MTN’s latest value offerings that creates, within network and across-network accessibility and affordability, which are synonymous with MTN as a market leader in the telecommunications industry. The ,‘SmoothTalk’ package is ,therefore, a trail-blazer that cannot be ignored.

Vodacom Business tutors students on ICT S part of its commitment to youth empowerment and development through ICT, Vodacom Business Nigeria hosted the ICT Club members of Grace High school on a one day ICT tour of its Lagos, Nigeria office. The tour, which included a visit to the company’s data centre, was aimed at giving the students exposure to the technology behind the gadgets and applications they use on a daily basis. “For these youngsters, devices like the iPad, Smartphones and video games are fast becoming a way of life. Children are fascinated by pressing buttons and making things work. By taking them behind the scenes we’re giving them a better understanding of the industry, how it works and showing them where they can one day make a difference,” said Vernon Van Rooyen, Executive Head, Network Operations Vodacom Business Nigeria. While the tour touched on a number of areas from the development of the Nigerian ICT industry to back up and security solutions, the students were particularly interested in Vodacom’s Cloud Services. Questions relating to this were around how Vodacom provides and manages its customers’ software and hardware without being physically present at customer locations.


24 — Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012

Nigerians embracing savings culture, MasterCard survey reveals

By BABAJIDE KOMOLAFE, ELIZABETH AMIHOR & KAYODE AMOLEGBE EN months after the commencement of the cashless policy, operators in the road transport business are still reluctant to embrace electronic payment channels due to skepticism and inadequate understanding. Vanguard investigations revealed that while some transporters have set up electronic payment platform, majority still operates a cash payment system. For example, out of the eight transport companies that serve passengers traveling from Lagos to the eastern part of the country, only three of them have adopted electronic payment channels. These are God Is Good (GID) Motors, Constant Link Ventures and Express Motors According to Mr. Ifeayin Edike, branch operations manager, GID Motors, Iyana-Ipaja, Lagos office, “It (cashless policy) is very effective. We make use of POS (point of sale) too, we do online payment. We are trying to actually make sure that customers can pay with their ATM card”, said. At Constant Link Ventures located at Jibowu, Mary Chukwura a receptionist said that the company does have online payment through which passengers can make payment for their bus tickets. “Customers do pay online. They will give me the printed documents and I will place them on my desk and if passengers come they will pick it up and they will have their ticket”, she said A staff of Express Motors at Jibowu, Lagos state, who prefer to be referred to as Clinton confirmed that the company operates an online payment system. “We do have online payment but we do not have POS. And the online payment is very effective; people do make use of it”, he said. While some passengers are patronizing the electronic payment channels, some however still prefer to pay by cash, Mr. Mike Onu, an architect, aboard a GIG bus, said “Am not aware of their online payment or POS, even if am aware I will still prefer paying by cash”. Similarly, Miss Kemi Oshilano, a graduate of University of Benin, aboard a GIG bus, said, “Am aware of their online payment but am not aware of their POS. I will prefer paying by cash because it is easy and besides you can come and choose the particular seat you want and all that. All those things might be difficult online.” This preference for cash by passengers is the reason why the other transport companies are reluctant to deploy electronic payment channels. “We don’t run our business with credit cards, we run it with cash. It is not everybody that is aware of this cashless policy”, said Mr. Andrew Tunde, Manager, Iyare Motors. He said the efforts of the


•Sanusi Lamido •Okonjo-Iweala


Transporters reluctant to embrace e-payment channels




The only way we will use of the channel is to personally convince the Managing Director. We are his workers and no matter what we say, the decision can only be effected by top executives of the transport


company to enlighten passengers as a step to adopting electronic payment did not work. “A lot of passengers here are market women who travel to buy garri and oil. How can they know about the policy? It is only those business men and few educated people that know about the policy” he said. In the case of Libra Motors, the company though had acquired equipment to deploy for electronic payment channel, the management is yet to decide when to install them. “Of course we have it. We have bought several of the machines but we have not started running it. We have not activated it”, said Martins Izegor, an official of the company. When asked if the company has enlightened passengers about the epayment channel, he responded, “Partly. Some are aware but most of them are still not informed. Basically we are not ready to start operating it. Enlightening the passengers is a minor issue. The main issue is that the management has not reached a decision on whether or not the system should commence operation.

We are yet to be informed.” Vanguard was also informed that the management of Goddy Edosa Motors has commenced steps towards adopting electronic payment. But a staff of the company by name Mr. Kennedy said that the company may ventually jettison the idea. “We are actually not ready for it yet. Of course the management is doing something about it. We don’t transact business with the e-payment channel. We don’t even do it. “In fact they don’t accept it. You see, in Nigeria, we believe in accepting cash. As you rightly know if I go to an office and give them a card and say this card contains an amount. They might not even want to transact business with me. We must have the machine before we operate it. The only way we will use of the channel is to personally convince the Managing Director. We are his workers and no matter what we say, the decision can only be effected by top executives of the transport company.” Similarly, the owner of Ohonba Line is not yet convinced about electronic payment channels, hence the company still operates cash payment. Mr. Caesar Osas, an

official of the company explained, “The reason why it is like that is based on the decision of the director. What he tells us to do is what we would do. The company is doing well. We talk to the director but he is telling us to be patient saying the introduction of e-payment channel involves lots of money. Therefore the management needs time to implement it.” Officials of V.Collins Motors however dismissed the idea of adopting electronic payment channels, claiming it cannot work in the transport business. According to Charlse Akinyemi, General Manager of the company, “This cashless policy can only work when a large volume of money is involved. Not this little amount being paid for transport fare. It might not work probably for now. Except maybe they now introduce Point Of Sale terminals at some parks. That one might work.” Corroborating this position, another official of the company, Mr. Maxwell Osumah said, “There is no way it can be operated with the transport system because it is a cash and carry business? If any passenger comes to the park at any point in time, he/she pays at the point of boarding the vehicle.” Such pessimism implies that despite the publicity campaign of the Central bank of Nigeria (CBN) and electronic payment services providers especial banks, so many people and businesses still do not understand the cashless policy, which is aimed at encouraging use of electronic payment channels instead of cash, and hence are pessimistic about it and reluctant to adopt electronic payment channels.

ESULTS of the latest MasterCard Worldwide Survey on Consumer Purchasing Priorities - Money Management has revealed that Nigerians continue to understand the importance of saving their money, with 95% of respondents committing to increasing their savings in the following six months. Compared to the previous year ’s results, this latest finding represents an 8% increase on the 87% of respondents who had similarly committed to increasing their savings in 2011. Now in its second year in Nigeria, the MasterCard Worldwide Survey on Consumer Purchasing Priorities – Money Managementincludes a series of questions that investigates respondents’ financial planning over the course of the following six months and seeks to determine levels of basic money management skills in terms of budgeting and savings. The most recent survey was conducted between 24 April and 10 June 2012, and involved 11,376 respondents aged 18 to 64 across 25 markets spanning the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa regions. On the African continent, the survey was conducted in Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria and South Africa. The Index and its accompanying reports do not represent MasterCard financial performance. When respondents were questioned about their primary reason for wanting to increase their rate of saving over the subsequent six months, 84% indicated that they were wary of the impact that global economic events may have on the Nigerian market and they felt they needed to prepare for unforeseen emergency expenditure. The survey established that a significant 95% of respondents believed that they should regularly save a portion of their monthly income. The allocation of their total salaries that they intended to save in the following six months was diverse, with 26% saving one tenth or less, half of all respondents saving between 11-30%, and 11% saving more than one third of their salaries.

TUESDAY Vanguard, OCTOBER 30, 2012 — 25

FG moves to ensure sustainable energy security …harps on renewable energy By YEMIE ADEOYE


ETERMINED to sus tain its pivotal role in the global hydrocarbon map, the Federal Government has said it is committed to ensuring sustainable security of the energy mix to promote greenhouse energy initiative and to address the current flooding challenge that has bedeviled the country. Speaking on the sidelines of the World Energy Forum 2012 with the theme: “A Forum for World Leaders” in Dubai, the Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, Engr. Andrew Yakubu said the Federal Government was keying into its abundant hydrocarbon resources to fast track socio-economic development in the country. Engr. Yakubu averred that the NNPC as a National Oil Company is determined to be part of the global noble initiative that would come up with a road map that was geared towards energy sufficiency and low carbon economy. “The Federal Government under President Goodluck Jonathan is focused on gas flare down which would ultimately be converted to an energy mix that would enhance development. The gas

emergency initiative which is driven by the Honourable Minister of Petroleum, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke has equally recorded great milestone in the area of sustainable power supply to Nigerians,” Engr. Yakubu informed. The NNPC GMD opined that in line with global initiative on energy mix, the NNPC was also devising other renewable energy initiatives that would impact positively on the environment adding

that energy sustainability would continue to be the hallmark of the Corporation’s operations. He noted that as a developing nation, Nigeria would continue to key into progressive global energy initiative that would provide solutions aimed at diversifying its source of energy for development. He said the NNPC would continue to observe best practices in all its energy initiatives. The World Energy Forum which is taking place for the

first time outside the United Nations Headquarters in New York is under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates. He called for concerted efforts by global players for sustainable clean energy for the growth and development of the people. The global event attracted over 80 Presidents, Prime Ministers and their representatives from different part of the globe with their resolve to provide universal cheap energy access and sustainable development with the objective of redefining progressive energy infrastructure for all.

From left: Deputy High Commissioner of Canada, Mr. Marcello Difranco; High Commissioner, Mr. Chris Cooter; and Communication consultant, Mr. Ogie Eboigbe, during a press briefing on Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, in the extractive industries, in Lagos.

WPC endorses MEPEC 2013 T

HE World Petroleum Council (WPC) has announced its official endorsement of the Middle East Process Engineering Conference & Exhibition, MEPEC 2013, just as its President, Dr Renato Bertani, has accepted to join the MEPEC Advisory Committee. This was contained in a statement issued by the organizers and made available to Vanguard in Lagos via electronic mail. It was gathered that cross promotional activities and transfer of technical knowledge, especially designed to support and promote MEPEC 2013, have been agreed. The statement reads in part “The MEPEC 2013 team is delighted to announce that the highly respected World PetroC M Y K

leum Council, the only international organization representing all aspects of the petroleum sector globally, has agreed to support the MEPEC initiative. Mohsen Al Majnouni, Chairman of SAS-AIChE had this to say: “We are honored that such a prestigious and global organization has accepted to support our flagship conference and exhibition. Given the incredible success of the last World Petroleum Congress that took place in Doha in December 2011 and the thousands of senior executives, many of whom engineers by formation, that enjoyed attending this unique event, many of our clients and industry colleagues in the Middle East will understand the value for MEPEC being able to reach out

to this audience and to communicate its objectives” MEPEC 2013 is the only event in the Middle East to receive such accolade by the WPC and the MEPEC 2013 Organizing Committee will also take a number of steps and initiatives to actively promote the next World Petroleum Congress to be held in Moscow, Russia from 15 to 19 June 2014. Following the signature of the agreement, Dr Pierce Riemer, Director General for the WPC added: “Process Engineers are amongst the most important stakeholders in our industry to help tackle key technical, social, environmental and management issues in order to contribute towards seeking solutions to those issues. MEPEC

offers a unique focus into process engineering and our organization is proud to support the Middle East based community of chemical, petrochemical and petroleum engineers. We also have total faith that the organizers behind MEPEC 2013 will apply best standards when it comes to managing their event and delivering a first class experience to its participants” MEPEC is the major international forum for discussion and exchange of practical experience in all aspects of process engineering issues related to the process industry (including but not limited to upstream / downstream activities in the Oil and Gas and Petrochemical Industries).


FG targets 40,000Mw in 13 years …to hit 75% national population


HE Federal Government has announced its desire to boost sustainable electricity supply to about 75 percent of Nigeria’s total population within the next 13 years as it plans to have a combined supply capacity of 40,000 Mega watts by the said period. Minister of State for Power, Mr. Darius Ishaku said this at a regional dialogue on the use of renewable energy technologies to improve agricultural activities organised by the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa, FARA, in conjunction with the Office of the Special Adviser to the President on Special Duties in Abuja that the ambitious plan will see a swift increase in the percentage of people with electricity in the country. The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC, had in a survey it conducted in 2011 on the percentage of Nigeria’s population with access to electricity stated that about 35 percent of Nigerians are properly metered and captured as legitimate consumers of electricity supplied from the national grid. Represented by the Director Electrical Inspectorate Services, EIS, in his ministry, Mr. Kayode Adebisi, Ishaku said the government, in its plan to increase access to electricity across Nigeria was consciously making efforts to encourage sustained and complimentary mix in the country’s power generation profile. “The national target is to have at least 10 percent of electricity generated in the country to come through renewable by 2025, that way our 75 percent projection can be guarantee. “Already, the 10mw Katsina wind plant is about to be commissioned feasibility studies on dams across the country are going on and it is believed that such energy mixes which are also within the power sector reform document of the government will complement traditional sources of generating power here in Nigeria.”

26 — Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012



IGERIA Union of Petro leum and Natural Gas Workers, NUPENG, has petitioned the Presidency over the sack of 17 of its officials including the caretaker committee chairman, by Shell Petroleum Development Company, SPDC. The union wants the Presidency and the management of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, to call the management of SPDC to order to avoid industrial unrest in the already restive petroleum industry. It was gathered that the officials were sacked on October 22, in an exercise which SPDC management claimed was part of its divestment and outsourcing program for some departments. NUPENG and the management of SPDC have been at loggerhead for some times now following the union’s

NUPENG petitions Presidency over sack of 17 officials by SPDC …Wants management to be called to order suspension and subsequent expulsion of its former SPDC branch chairman over alleged anti-union activities. President of NUPENG, Comrade Igwe Achese, told Vanguard that the intervention of the presidency and the management of NNPC were critical to avoid unnecessary tension and industrial unrest which he said the nation could not afford the luxury of at this time. He lamented that in spite of a committee set up the Minister of Labour and Productivity, Chief Emeka Wogu, to address the lingering dispute between labour and the management of SPDC, the company had gone ahead to vic-

timize the union’s officials. He said “ we are calling on the presidency and the NNPC to call the management of SPDC to order and recall our members in the interest of industrial peace. We are aware of the tension in the country that is why we do not want to take immediate action. We hope that the appropriate authorities and agencies will address the issue as soon as possible.” Earlier in its reaction to the sack, NUPENG demanded that its SPDC caretaker committee chairman, Comrade Enomate Kingsley, and 16 other Union members affected by the severance be immediately reinstated in the inter-

est of industrial peace and harmony. NUPENG in a statement by its Deputy president and Acting General Secretary, Comrade Comrade John Eddy Ossai and Isaac Aberare, recalled that it dissolved the executive committee of Shell Branch of NUPENG for antiunion activities and set up a care-taker committee to run the affairs of the union in the interim. According to the statement “the management of SPDC refused to recognize the caretaker committee and has since been planning to victimize the union officials. Since then, SPDC planned to outsource the fire department

where majority of the workers are based notwithstanding the union’s vehement opposition to the plan. To actualize their plan, the SPDC management transferred the former Chairman, Comrade Fidelis Okandeji expelled by the union for anti-union activities and his loyalists out of the department leaving members of the caretaker committee vulnerable while hiding under the guise of divestment and management business decision to severe the union officials.” “The NUPENG leadership was taken aback when on October, 22, 2012, the SPDC management carried their threat and distributed severance letters to the Union Officials including the Chairman of the caretaker Committee, Comrade Enomate Kingsley. NUPENG takes serious exception to it, as a case of victimization for Union activity and it is unacceptable and will be resisted by the union. It should also be stressed that contract workers in SPDC will also be affected in severance and yet the management has refused to enter negotiation on collective bargaining agreement with the union and that means contract workers who served ten years and above will go with nothing.”

Chevron hits more Oz gas


Group Managing Director, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, Engr. Andrew Yakubu (2nd left) and President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe at the World Energy Forum in Durai.

Flood: SPDC donates $1 m to relief fund By YEMIE ADEOYE


HE Shell Petroleum De velopment Company of Nigeria Ltd (SPDC) has donated the sum of one million dollars towards relief efforts in support of flood displaced persons in 24 states across the country. The cash donation is part of the Company’s collaboration and support programme to the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, in conjunction with the Nigerian Red Cross Society, towards effective post flood disaster relief operC M Y K

ations in the country. The support will be enhanced by funds collected through an ongoing employee donation programme, in which the Company will match contributions by its staff. Mutiu Sunmonu, SPDC’s Managing Director and Country Chair for Shell Companies in Nigeria said: “We are deeply touched by the stories and images of the hardship the floods have brought upon our brothers and sisters in many parts of the country and our thoughts and prayers are with all affected persons at this most difficult time. I’m also happy

that our staff are voluntarily contributing to the employee donation programme we launched for the flood victims.” The planned support operations with the Red Cross will cover areas including relief management, camp coordination and management, water, sanitation and hygiene promotion, healthcare (especially maternal and child health), emergency shelter, livelihood support and early recovery, family reunification, psychosocial support and risk reduction. These will form part of the immediate and medium term activities to be embarked upon in

order to ease the hardship suffered by the flood affected persons and manage their return to normal life. Commenting on the support from SPDC, Secretary-General of the Nigerian Red Cross, Bello Hamman Diram said: “The Nigerian Red Cross Society welcomes the response and cooperation from Shell to our plan of action for the 2012 floods operation. It will certainly go a long way towards helping us meet our obligations to affected persons, volunteers and our staff, as well as to respond quickly and adequately to this emergency. We enjoin other well meaning individuals and corporate bodies to do likewise.”

HEVRON has struck another gas column at the Greater Gorgon Area in the Carnarvon basin off Western Australia. The US supermajor made the latest find at its Satyr-4 exploration well after drilling to a total depth of 4579 metres, it said on Thursday. Chevron, which operates Block WA-374-P with a 50% share, found a net gas column of around 67 metres after drilling in a water depth of 1088 metres some 120 kilometres north-west of Barrow Island. The latest find follows others at Gorgon recently. The deep-water Satyr-2 well encountering around 39 metres of net gas pay in September and in January the Satyr-3 well in the Exmouth plateau area discovered about 74 metres of net pay. Chevron vice chairman George Kirkland said of the latest find: “This latest discovery is a further demonstration of how we are achieving superior success from a focused and high-impact exploration program in a key hydrocarbon basin.” Chevron is partnered in the block by supermajors Shell and ExxonMobil on 25% each.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012 —27

CSR: Super Screen TV adopts NGO STORIES BY PRINCEWILL EKWUJURU SUPER Screen Television has adopted Inner City Mission (ICM), a faith-based nongovernmental organization, that delivers solution to the problem of child poverty in communities as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. According to the Chief Operating Officer, Super Screen Television, Mr. Dipo Isaacs, Super Screen Television adopted the organization because of its concern for the underprivileged. He added that “We felt it is imperative to use our platform to create awareness on the activities of Inner Cities mission. If we ignore them the entire society will pay a large price in the future”. At Super Screen we have our values. Television is not only for entertainment, it should also be a catalyst to strengthen institutions. There is no stronger way to do this than support the cause that promotes the wellbeing of these forgotten children. They are there through no fault of theirs.


Isaacs stated that “Beyond making available our media platform, we also solicit support from other media houses to get them involved in this lofty initiative. One of the

things we are planning is a media day out for our friends in the media to have a fly on the wall experience in the inner city where the less privileged and the poor live.

•From left: Managing Director/CEO, Mouka Limited, Mrs. Peju Adebajo and Special Adviser on Special Duties, Air Commodore Ogu Onekutu (right) during the donation of mattresses and pillows by Mouka Limited to the flood victims in Lokoja, Kogi State.

BY NKIRUKA NNOROM HICKEN Republic, a quick food service firm, has said that one of its major concerns over the next few years is to increase its outlets to 300 by 2016. Making this known in a press briefing in Lagos, the Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Tunde Ogunrinde, said that six more products would be added to the array of its products by 2013. He noted that some of the products are completely new, while some others are re-launch of the old products. “Over the next few years, we want to increase our franchise. Our plan next year is to increase our franchise by 20 across the nation, particularly in states like Calabar, Enugu, Zaria, kaduna and Benin. We already have presence in all these states, but we want to increase our presence more.


NB’s Amstel Malta boosts Williams’ sisters’ Lagos Tour


IGERIAN Breweries (NB) Plc’s Amstel Malta capitalizing on the Williams sisters visit is fusing its Breaking The Mould (BTM) campaign, a women’s empowerment initiative to support the planned visit of the international tennis icons, Serena and Venus Williams to

Lagos. The BTM is a women empowerment initiative by Amstel Malta.The visit is scheduled for October 30, 2012. The Williams sisters, as they are fondly called, are coming to Lagos on the platform of ‘Breaking The Mould’ campaign which has the primary

aim of empowering women and younger ones to achieve their inner potential. Serena and Venus Williams fit into the position of “Mould Breakers” as the story of their lives exemplifies how determination, passion, hard work and self-belief can turn dreams into reality, despite obstacles.

Chicken Republic targets 300 branches by 2016 “Already, we have seven franchises with 12 restaurants. Most of our franchises now have more than one store, but we are quite selective in the choice of our franchisees. We offer necessary support and help them in marketing as well,” he stated. He explained that the company is presently holding talks with the Bank of Industry, BoI, and other commercial banks to offer assistance to some of the franchisees in the area of provision if loans as part of efforts of increasing the brand’s reach across the nation. Ogunrinde said that as part of its corporate social responsibility initiative, it has launched a meal pack for children, ‘Cool Kids Meal’ in partnership with CocaCola to encourage good performance among primary pupils. He said that pack comprises chicken hot dog with some chips and a small Five Alive juice drink, adding that 30 public and private primary schools have been identified for start-up.

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DDB Lagos and its garlands DVERTISING practice in Nigeria has grown phenomenally in the last few years such that ad firms in the country have been gaining recognition internationally. The latest of such honours came the way of DDB Lagos and in the last few weeks, the agency has been rolling out the drums. The present award, which is for one of the company’s creative works, ‘Speechless No More’ which was named ‘Luerzer’s Archive print ad of the week’, is one of several of such awards the agency has garnered in recent years. Luerzer ’s Archive is one of the foremost advertising magazines in the world and after a painstaking process the magazine selected DDB Lagos’ advert over hundreds of other print advert materials collated from around the world. The ad, “Speechless” was done for Girl Hub, one of DDB’s numerous clients. Girl Hub is a non_governmental organization, which believes that the typical girl child in the northern part of the country is a victim of a series of social vices namely poverty, disrespect and abuse. The key purpose of their campaign, therefore, was to create a clear advocacy that seeks to give a voice to the impoverished female child. Winning awards has somewhat become second nature to DDB Lagos. In 2008, two creatives from the agency were awarded the top two prizes at that year’s Young Lions Film Competition and they represented Nigeria at the 2008 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival held in Cannes, France. History was made as it was the first time a team represented Nigeria at the Cannes event. The same year, the firm dazzled at the Lagos Advertising & Ideas Festival (LAIF) as it won a record total of 14 LAIF awards made up of two gold, seven silver and five bronze medals. It confirmed the DDB as the most awarded in the history of the festival with a record average of 10 yearly. In 2010 it remained one of LAIF’s biggest winners with 10 awards and a grand prix. Also in 2008, the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON) Advertising Standards Panel awarded DDB the most compliant agency in the telecommunications category. In 2009, the agency won the MTN Global Creative Gallery Awards. Marketing teams of each of the 21 operating countries and all marketing consultants to the MTN Group selected DDB as best in strategy and creativity for all work done



Enyi Odigbo, Chairman DDB

Speechless, the advert that won the award

on the MTN Nigeria account. In addition, marketing teams of each of the 21 operations and all marketing consultants to the MTN Group selected DDB as the number one strategic partner in developing a global platform for FIFA 2010. The agency equally won the MTN marketing Award for the most favoured campaign in 2009. These accolades didn’t just happen. The agency has an enviable pedigree. DDB Lagos is a member of DDB Worldwide, the world’s second larg-

est advertising network with over 206 offices in 96 countries. In Nigeria, it opened shop in 1987 as CASERS Advertising and over the years, the number and size of its client base has grown by leaps and bounds. The revolution witnessed in the telecom industry in with the take_off of GSM mobile telephony from 2001 gave a major boost to the advertising industry. DDB Lagos got a pitch and today, it has been doing great job for MTN, Nigeria’s biggest telecommunications company. Other pitch wins which the agency has in

its portfolio include GTAssur (now Mansard), UBA, FCMB, Mainstreet Bank, Fidelity Bank, Best Aluminum, Gillette, the Imo State Government and Mouka Foam, among others. Acknowledging these, he company’s managing director, Ikechi Odigbo, said in an interview that DDB Lagos works for some of Africa’s biggest brands across several categories, saying “each of these clients benefits from the expertise we bring to bear and as even as these giant steps are being applauded, our sights are already firmly set on a bigger and brighter future.” However, the giant strides the agency has made in the last few years in global achievement both in terms of awards and attracting ‘A’ bracket clients would not have been made possible by pedigree alone if DDB did not put emphasis on human capital development. Odigbo said apart from leveraging on the rich creative heritage of DDB worldwide as the second most awarded global network, the Lagos agency has continued to make significant investments in knowledge capital. He noted that in the last four years, the agency had made it a tradition to sponsor a minimum of two of its young promising creatives to advertising’s Mecca, the Cannes Lions Festival in Paris. Over a period of six months ending on September 12 this year, the company’ creative team received intensive training courses from tutors from Miami Ad School, Germany, reputed to be one of the world’s best advertising schools. This is evidenced by the sheer number of creative awards the Miami Ad School has received. These include the Clios, Andys, One Show and many others. Anybody in the advertising industry knows that these are the top advertising awards in the world. According to Odigbo, participants were engaged in three areas, offering six courses in Concepting/Advanced Concepting, Copywriting/Advanced Story Telling and Integrated Concepting. Though a rigorous and demanding learning experience, the results proved satisfying as all participants completed the courses successfully, he said. One of the participants, Babatunde Sule, creative director at DDB Lagos, stated that the training offered a fresh way to look at advertising in terms of best practices and a global approach to conceptualisation.

Briefs Naira gains on investor inflows, oil industry supply AIRA strengthened as off shore investors bought the nation’s short-term debt and oil companies sold dollars to lenders. The currency of Africa’s largest oil producer gained less than 0.1 percent to 157.20 per dollar as of 11:09 a.m. in Lagos, the commercial capital, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. The naira has strengthened 3.2 percent this year, the secondbest performer in Africa. Nigeria sold 111.27 billion naira ($708 million) of 91-day, 182-day and 364-day Treasury bills at an auction last week, the Central Bank of Nigeria said today in an e-mailed statement. Oil producing companies, which sell dollars toward the end of the month to meet domestic expenses, are the second-biggest source of the currency after the central bank. “The naira continues to receive some support in foreign inflows from the global search for yield,” Vetiva Capital Management Ltd. analysts led by Adedayo Idowu wrote in an e- mailed note today. Debt sold included 34.88 billion naira of 91-day bills at a yield of 12.88 percent and 45 billion naira of 182-day debt at 13.25 percent, according to the central bank. Yields on Nigeria’s 16.39 percent debt maturing January 2022 fell four basis points to 13.34 percent, according to Oct. 24 data on the website.


Oando rallies from record low on production ANDO Plc rallied from a record low after announcing the start of production at one of its wells and as a technical signal indicated the stock was oversold. The stock gained 5 percent to 11.55 naira by 12:46 p.m. in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital. The shares reached a 14-day relative strength index of 27.7 when they last traded on Oct. 24, before the market closed for two days of holidays. A level below 30 signals to some technical analysts that the stock is oversold and set to gain. The RSI was 38.4 today. “The stock was oversold, so on a technical trending, it appears attractive to traders,” Pabina Yinkere, Lagos-based of Head of Research at Vetiva, said by phone today. The Ebendo-4 well, in which Oando Energy Resources, a unit of Oando, has a 42.75 percent working interest, has started production at 2,000 barrels per day, the company announced on Oct. 23.


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FRSC 4th Annual Series to focus on safe transportation URTHER to its renewed determination to entrench safer road use in Nigeria, this year’s FRSC Annual Lecture Series will be geared towards stimulating public discourse and action on safer transportation as core element for actualizing the transformation agenda. With theme: Safe and Sustainable Transportation: Lessons For Nigeria”, this year ’s FRSC lecture is slated for 1st November, 2012 at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Abuja. Details of the programme indicate that the Speaker, House of Representatives, Hon. Aminu Tambuwal will be the special guest while the Nigerian High Commissioner to Canada, Ambassador Ojo Maduekwe will be chairman. This year’s edition which is the fourth in the series will strive to leverage on the outcomes from the 2010 and last year’s version of the FRSC annual lecture to further advocate for increased public consciousness on safer transport modes in the country with Neil Schuster, President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Association of Motor Vehicle Association (AAMVA), as guest speaker..


Kia ranks among Top 100 Best Global Brands IA Motors Corporation enters the exclusive list of the ‘Top 100 Best Global Brands,’ according to the 2012 study released recently by Interbrand, the world’s largest brand consultancy agency. Kia’s remarkable increase in brand value is now estimated at $4.1 billion USD, which firmly sets the automaker at 87th place on the ‘Top 100 Best Global Brands’ list. This is a 50% increase from last year’s estimated brand value and far exceeds the average automotive brand value growth rate of 11%. The 2012 edition of Interbrand’s annual ‘Best Global Brands’ study was executed through a comprehensive brand performance analysis using best practice research methodology by expert analysts. The study measures a corporation’s financial performance in terms of the raw financial return to investors; role that a brand plays in the actual purchase decision; and brand strength, which is the ability of a brand to secure the delivery of expected future earnings. The strong increase in Kia’s brand value closely mirrors the company’s recent surge in global sales, which have posted three consecutive doubledigit year-or-year gains to cement Kia’s position as



the world’s fastest growing major automotive brand. Over this three year period (2008-2011), Kia’s annual global sales have grown by 81% to nearly 2.5 million units. Mr. Sandeep Malhotra, Chief Commercial Officer, Dana Motors Limited, said, “Entering the ‘Top 100 Best Global Brands’ validates Kia’s commitment to continuously pro-

vide exciting and inspiring brand experiences. And it’s amazing to see what we can accomplish by staying true to who we are – a young and dynamic challenger that goes beyond expectations. In addition to the major advances Kia has made on the product front, the company has also been executing numerous large-scale marketing initiatives that

have helped raise awareness of the brand, including its sponsorship agreements with the world’s premier sporting events like the FIFA World Cup, Australian Open and National Basketball Association. Kia has also made effective in-roads towards engaging its young-at-heart customers through a strong presence on social media channels and inno-

vative advertising campaigns. According to Kayode Adejumo, Marketing Manager for Kia in Nigeria “We are excited to be in the Top 100 globally and this leadership position is also evident in Nigeria as well. Our brands are award winners both locally and internationally and we are honoured and inspired to do even more for our customers.”

Auto industry, catalyst to economic development — Sambo HE Vice President, Namadi Sambo has stressed the importance of the automotive industry in the nation development, saying it serves as an important stimulus to other economic activities. Speaking at the opening of the 14th Abuja Motor Fair recently, the Vice President said the sector is generally regarded as an engine of growth with the capability to generate employment opportunities, encourage growth of other satellite industries, enhance technology transfer and acquisition and serve as catalyst for the development of other basic industries.’’ The Vice President who was represented at the oc-


casion by the Minister of State for Trade and Investment, Dr. Samuel Ortom further explained that the trust of the National Automotive policy by the government was to ensure the survival, growth and development of the Nigerian automotive industry, using local and international human and material resources with a view to enhancing the industry’s contribution to the economy. He identified the target of the policy to include: provision of automotive vehicles for urban and rural areas; accelerated technological development; increase employment opportunities for citizens; and conservation of scarce foreign exchange.

Other targets of the National Automotive policy are: establishment of integrated automotive industry; standardization and rationalisation of the Nigerian automotive industry; increase private sector participation in the auto industry and creating conducive operational environment through the introduction of appropriate fiscal and monetary incentives. He pointed out that the Nigerian automotive industry offers significant investment opportunities in the manufacture of vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles, as well as their components and spares, adding that the government is desirous of ensuring that

more components are produced locally. According to him, Nigeria still remains an investment haven to any investor and has what it takes to become the hub of vehicle manufacture and distribution in sub Sahara Africa. He stated that the Federal Government was aware of the challenges that led to the unfortunate state of earlier efforts to attract and retain investments in the sector and have put in measures to ensure that such will no longer arise. To this end he said the government is seriously tackling the issue of poor infrastructure, low capacity utilization, low demands, multiple taxations, inclement invest-

ment environment, policy inconsistency, lack of access to low interest finance, unfavourable tariffs etc. Commending the organisers of the annual Abuja Motor Fair, the Vice President said that the fair has no doubt, in its modest way contributed to the development of the automotive sector in the country and called for support from all stakeholders. He said that the aims and objectives of the fair shows that it is in agreement with the Federal Government’s determined efforts to ensuring that Nigeria joins the league of advanced and developed economies of the world by the year 2020.

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Coscharis Motors opens biggest showroom in Sub-Sahara Africa C

OSCHARIS Motors has finally opened for business in its ultra-modern N3 billion showroom in Lekki, Lagos. The new facility which is the biggest in the country and possibly sub-Sahara Africa houses all the brands represented by the company which include BMW, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mini, as well as leading Chinese brands like Joylong, MG, Hongyang, Yueijin and Wuling. Though under one huge structure, all the brands have their own separate showrooms reflecting their identities. Before the final opening of the new facility, some of its partners like Ford, Land Rover and Jaguar visited the facility and commend Coscharis efforts describing it as the best in sub-Sahara Africa. "The showrooms’ ambience is intended to engage one on a personal level with or without any guide from the company ’s Sales Consultants", says Ifeanyi Nihe, Coscharis Motors Marketing Manager. To ensure this personal engagement, Coscharis Motors has designed the Showrooms to be highly inter-active via a series of lounges and meeting rooms; a colour-trim and table is available too. The aim is to give customers the brand’s premium-feel right from the Showroom," he said. This state-of-the-art facility offers proximity to the majority of the Company ’s customers and therefore, eases accessibility to its services. The workshop is structured to ensure faster and efficient service delivery which objective is to decongest the workshops as fast as possible and this is with the aim to be proactive, work with time, and give value-for-money; since effective and high-quality after-sales service are the key to maximizing sales. Like never before, the facility’s workshop boasts of 38 car lifts of various types, two wash bays, one state-of-the-art spray booth and 26 tool boxes and many more under one roof. Coscharis Motors is also providing a new Mobile Service assistance to manage breakdowns and other emergencies. C M Y K

•Jaguar XJ, one of the cars showcased at the newly opened Coscharis Motors, Lekki Showroom.

CFAO assures of improved haulage with IVECO trucks ETERMINED to improve the business of haulage in the country CFAO Motors Nigeria Limited, has introduced new models of the tested IVECO trucks into the market. The two new IVECO models, Leoncino and Genlyon joined the other IVECO models already in


Nigeria to offer improved haulage solution to Nigerians. Already in Nigeria are IVECO Eurocargo, powerdaily van and buses, trakker 4 x 2 and 6 x 4 models with diversed body applications. IVECO is one of the established truck brands in Nigeria and was

awarded upcoming truck brand of the year in 2011 by the Nigeria Auto Awards According to a statement by CFAO, the introduction of the two new IVECO models was in line with the company ’s corporate focus on medium to heavy duty trucks and reinforce

IVECO’s pride of place in the highly competitive Nigeria auto market. IVECO according to the statement, designs, manufactures and markets broad range of light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles, offroad trucks, city and intercity buses and coaches as well as special

Hyundai Construction Equipment aims for number one spot HE General Manager Hyundai Heavy Industries Company Ltd. (Construction Equipment Division), Mr Daniele Sarnelli has said that their intention in Nigeria was to replicate Hyundai’s position in Asia. Hyundai Heavy Industries is number one in Asia Sarnelli who was speaking at the opening of a three-day training programme for Hyundai Construction Equipment customers at their Lagos Office recently, noted that Hyundai construction equipment is number one in the whole of Asia and hopes to replicate the position in Nigeria. According to the General Manager, Nigeria is a very


important market for Hyundai heavy-duty products, hence their commitment at ensuring quality service and training for the customers. According to Sarnelli whose company is also a subsidiary of Mikano International Limited, the products have been accepted across the country and Africa too. The training which was coordinated by the company’s partners from Korea was to enable the users of the products have a good knowledge about the products. “Our partners are trying to understand us the more. We are opening a new centre in Lagos and it is a huge investment in Nigeria and the most advanced”, Sarnelli said.

Speaking further, he said the company is spreading its network across the country with major outlets in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja, adding that plans are underway to open more outlets in other states. Besides, he said the company was committed to training and retaining of its staff and customers so as to keep them abreast with revolving technological changes as regards the various ranges of products. Also speaking during the occasion, the Company’s Managing Director, David WynRicketts observed that opportunities abound in Nigeria for Hyundai, adding that Nigeria market will develop fast as Hyundai has the right

products at the right price and right backup to lead the market. He said, the company would leverage on quality services, good after sales backup, staff training and retraining, efficiency of its products and its low fuel consumption, to capture more market share in the country. “Our construction equipment are very versatile and strong and the customers can attest to this. Once you try a Hyundai product, you would never go back. “Prior to the time we started the business about a year ago, you hardly could find any Hyundai construction equipment in the country, but today these products have continued to increase by the day."

vehicles for different applications. This include fire engines, off-road missions, military, defence and civil protection. The recently introduced IVECO Leoncino and Genlyon trucks were aimed at consolidating CFAO's market share in Nigeria as well as filling the gaps balancing high quality trucks and affordability. The IVECO Leoncino is ‘born strong and agile’. The Leoncino is a new 6 tonne light truck chassis from IVECO that combines compact dimensions with impressive capabilities that will never let you down in your daily work. With its 116HP Power Output, the Leoncino is Energetic and Unstoppable offering a choice of engines to suit all jobs and boasting of an impressive load capacity. Maximum strength and reliability comes as standard. Equipped with a sixspeed manual gearbox with robust chassis, the IVECO Leoncino possesses the “power and spirit to perform any job”. The Leoncino can be equipped with either one of two turbo intercooler diesel engines – both renowned for their reliability and durability.

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Childbirth complications on the rise in US hospitals BY SOLA OGUNDIPE

RESH facts have emerged to show that complications from so-called "safe deliveries" are on the rise among women who give birth at American hospitals. This not so cheering news is an eye opener for women from countries outside the US particularly Nigeria, who have penchant for travelling abroad to give birth. New data from a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC study on pregnant women in the United States of America , say up to 75 percent of women are experiencing heart attacks, strokes, severe bleeding, kidney failure, or death and other complications during or after childbirth at hospitals across the US. The Report suggests either human health or hospital safety or both - are on the decline. Findings show that in 1998, roughly 74 out of every 10,000 women who gave birth at a US hospital had such complications. But between 2008 and 2009, the figure jumped to 129 out of every 10,000 women, or 75 percent higher, according to the CDC figures. Similarly, the number of women who experienced post-delivery complications in 1998 was about 14 out of every 10,000. Today, that number has jumped 114 percent to 29 cases out of every 10,000. Although the overall number of women who experienced hospital birth complications is relatively low - just over one percent of hospital births in America result in severe complications - the dramatic rise percentage-wise is concerning many, especially because the Report provides no specifics as to why the increase might be occurring. Sources however, claim the causes include more older women having children, more pregnant women being obese, and an overall increase in existing health problems among pregnant women.


In a related development, filthy hospitals, incompetent staff also linked to pregnancy complications Other potential causes of the rise in childbirth complications include filthy hospitals and incompetent medical staff, both of which are becoming increasingly prevalent across the U.S. Drugresistant "superbugs" have become progressively worse over the past decade, and many hospital rooms and their respective equipment and surgical tools

Researchers find new means to eradicate malaria BY CHIOMA OBINNA

have become breeding grounds for these deadly offenders. Major medical errors made by doctors and hospital staff during and after childbirth are also increasingly problematic. Negligent prenatal care, for instance, which often includes failure by medical staff to properly assess medical conditions of birth defects, puts both mother and baby at serious risk. Other errors during the childbirth process include Continues on Page 33

CIENTISTS have identified a new means to eradicate malaria infections by rapidly killing the blood-borne Plasmodium parasites that cause the disease. Malaria causes up to 3 million deaths each year, predominantly afflicting vulnerable people such as children under five and pregnant women, in tropical regions of Africa, Asia, and Latin America.


• Human health and/or hospital safety are allegedly on the decline in US hospitals.

N0.16m ‘smart bra’ detects breast cancer BY SOLA OGUNDIPE

“SMART BRA” known as First Warning Systems could help women discover if they have breast cancer. Lifeline Biotechnologies, the medical technology company licensing the bra, says it is capable not only of identifying breast tissue abnormalities at their earliest stages, but can also identify the general location of such abnormalities in three dimensions to each of the four quad-


rants of each breast. The bra is based on a novel breast health screening device and method and could become available in Europe in 2013 and then in the United States of America in 2014, at US$ 1,000 (N160,000) for a pair. Preliminary studies with the novel bra conducted in more than 650 women, resulted in an averContinues on Page 32

• The breast cancer-detecting “smart bra”.

Clean water: WET kicks off in Lagos BY CHIOMA OBINNA

NDOUBTEDLY, access to safe water re mains one of the most pressing environmental issues in Nigeria today. Although, there have been efforts by governments to ensure availability of water, growing and increasingly urban population combined with the impact of climate change has made water scarcity a serious reality in many parts of the world, particularly Nigeria. Today, most communities in Nigeria have no access to clean water. A large number of the population relies on boreholes and water vendor’s popularly known as Meruwa for their water needs. Unfortunately, the disadvantages of the trend abounds. Statistics have shown that more than 3.4 million people die each year from water, sanitation, and hygiene-related causes. According to the WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply and Sanitation (JMP), 37


From left: Corporate Communications Manager, Nestle Nigeria Plc, Dr Samuel Adenekan; Commercial Manager, Mr Anup Strwastus,Head of Human Resources ,Mrs Marie Owoniyi;D Star Bright Consulting, Mr Emmanuel Ola-Ayeni, at the Project WET workshop organised by Nestle Nigeria Plc in Lagos. C M Y K

Although treatments are available for malaria, the Plasmodium parasite is fast becoming resistant to the most common drugs, and health authorities say they desperately need new strategies to tackle the disease. The new findings published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) uses molecules that interfere with an important stage of the parasite's growth cycle and harnesses this effect to kill them. According to report, the impact is so acute it kills 90 per cent of the parasites in just three hours and all those tested in laboratory samples of infected human blood cells, within twelve hours. The research was carried out by chemists at Imperial College London and biological scientists from the research institutions Institut Pasteur and CNRS in France Lead researcher Dr Matthew Fuchter, from Imperial College London. Leader of the team, Dr Matthew Fuchter, from Imperial College London notes: "Plasmodium falciparum causes 90 per cent of malaria deaths, and its ability to resist current therapies is spreading dramatically. Whilst many new drugs are in development, a significant proportion are minor alterations, working in the same way as current ones and therefore may only be effective in the short term. We believe we may have identified the parasite's 'Achilles' Heel', using a molecule that disrupts many vital processes for its survival and development.

per cent of the developing world’s population – 2.5 billion people – lack improved sanitation facilities, and over 780 million people still use unsafe drinking water sources. Inadequate access to safe water and sanitation services, coupled with poor hygiene practices, kills and sickens thousands of children every day, and leads to impoverishment and diminished opportunities for thousands more. In recognition of the need to chart a better water future as well as educate children on issues concerning water, the Nestle waters launched a water project tagged, Water Education for Teachers, WET aimed at addressing the water challenge. Through the project, Nestle aimed to raise awareness of the importance of developing healthier hydration habits and better water conservation behaviours. For the Managing Director/Chief Executive of Nestle Nigeria, Plc, Mr. Martin Woolnough, Continues on Page 33

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N0.16m ‘Smart bra’ Continues from Page 31 age detection of at least 90 percent. Compared with the standard mammogram, the tests averaged 70 percent accuracy. Experts say while the bra is not intended as an additional step in the breast cancer screening process, it could be an accurate identifier of early breast abnormalities which generate heat via the presence of new blood vessels that nourish the area in question,” they noted. The bra, which would be worn at a physician’s office, has 16 colour-coded sensors that are taped to the patient’s breast. The sensors would then measure temperatures at programmed times over a predetermined testing period. The data is then stored in a recording device worn by the patient. Once the test period is over, the patient then submits the device to their doctor. The sensors are removed; the data is downloaded and then analysed. Once a report is returned to the physician, the patient will be called in to discuss any clinical recommendations. Based on what is described as “disruptive technology” and tissue health science, the new breast cancer detector could become a major breakthrough in making testing easier for women, however, medical experts say more studies are required before being actively used. “Most investigational medicines and medical devices, even those based on sound scientific and technical principles are not always adopted into clinical practice. He adds that once new products are rigorously tested in clinical trials, findings show they are less effective than current practices,” noted Dr. Ted Gansler, Director of Medical Content for the American Cancer Society.

Catapult: Drawing the line against gender inequality O N October 12, this year's International Day of the Girl Child, Women Deliver, the global advocacy organisation, launched Catapult - the first and only online funding platform dedicated to advancing the lives of girls and women in developing countries and worldwide, through a unique crowdfunding platform. Since Catapult’s debut, the world has been agog. Maz Kessler, Catapult Founder, designer and developer, has also been talking. Kessler first worked as a musician, songwriter and synthesist in New York's downtown music scene. In 2002, she helped to found "Keep a Child Alive, an HIV/AIDS Foundation in 2002, focusing on families and children, then joined Advocacy International as Creative Director. In this interview with Sola Ogundipe, Kessler speaks on the goals, principles and objectives of Catapult. Excerpts:

What is Catapult? Catapult is the first and only crowdfunding platform dedicated to fund raising for girls and women. We are the first site dedicated to driving funds to projects and organisations that improve the lives of girls and women around the world. Catapult connects people to projectsfor the sake of girls and women. Catapult is the way to engage the public in ending gender inequality. Engagement for solutions Catapult is only about solutions. It is about engagement. There are people and organisations in Nigeria that can solve problem. Catapult will give them access to online funding. We have a digital donation platform, so if you think of it in donation perspective for girls and women, we are to connect with people working for girls and women. Why Catapult? Economic empowerment is one of our involvements. The goal is gender equality. Girls and women organisations are underfunded, and Catapult is about enabling effective action to financing these organisations. It is about combining financial power and affirmative action to help tackle the global problem of gender inequality. We are aiming

Continues on Page 33

to end inequality for girls. What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding in this case is about getting donors to fund projects for women. It is transforming how people give and take action. It is about harnessing the power of social networks, and driving donations to organisations working to improve the lives of girls and women. The platform is designed to channel donations sourced from it directly

• Maz Kessler. works to share information and to drive donations and engagement. There are experts in behaviour change communication and financial empowerment in grassroots organisation for maternal health among other projects. Each project includes a detailed description including a budget and all the information is coming straight from the partner organi-

Identify a need to help improve the lives of girls and women in your community, apply with the details and Catapult connects people to your project to the registered projects. Identify a need to help improve the lives of girls and women in your community, apply with the details and Catapult connects people to your project. Programmes and projects We have no programmes. Catapult is not the expert; it is the organisations that are the experts and they are solving the problems. Projects are available by relevance, region, issue, lifestage, etc, and donors can use their net-

sations on ground. There are many organisations doing incredible work for girls and women, and they are ready and willing to do more, but accessing funds is a great challenge. Catapult's job is about connecting people seeking opportunities to help girls and women with other organisations to share, teach and learn from their work experiences. Criteria We set the stage. The details are

up to partner organisations who are the experts. The partners have to go through a screening process and obtain accreditation. It is required that any project should be one that works around around changing attitudes - behaviour change communication, early marriage, etc. It includes helping boys too on reproductive health issues. Who can apply Anybody who raises funds can buy into the initiative. We partner with trusted organisations and connect them with the online audience. There are so many issues that impact on girls and women. issues. Other priorities Health is one. Others are access to family planning, education, economic empowerment - all these come together to impact and prevent girls from achieving their potential, we are trying to identify and eliminate these barriers. That is why we are seeking innovative solutions. Role for Nigerian women For instance, in Nigeria, there are organisations working on health of girls and women. If you look, you'll see people working on trafficking, economic empowerment, violence, education, child marriage, etc. even at the grassroots, they are working on their own programmes and in their own communities, bringing out their own solutions and solving their problems in the way that is right for them. Catapult is merely there to assist. Expectations Our greatest expectation is to become the leverage for social mobilization and empowerment. We intend to become a long term funding infrastructure for people who are working on projects they feel most passionate about and encourage donors to fund them.

Stakeholders call for scientific evaluation of herbal medical products BY CHIOMA OBINNA ITH a sizeable number of Nigerians patronising herbal medicine, stakeholders in the medical and laboratory in-


dustry have called for thorough scientific evaluation of herbal medicines with a view to ascertaining their efficacy and safety. At the 7th Biomedical Week of the Lagos Univer-

sity Teaching Hospital, LUTH, Chapter of the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria, AMLSN concerned parties maintained that for herbal medicine to be widely ac-

From left: Mr. Olawale Oladubu, Chairman, Lagos State Chapter, ASMLN; Prof. John Anetor of the University of Ibadan and Mr. Seyi Odeyemi, PRO during the 7th Biomedical Conference/Week of the Association in Lagos. C M Y K

ceptable in the management of disease conditions in line with international best practices, the era of assumption of safety on the basis of being sourced from nature, is over. Chemical Pathologist and Toxicologist at the University of Ibadan, Professor John Anetor who spoke on the theme: “Enhancing Herbal Remedies by Scientific Evaluation: Prospects and Challenges” said it was overdue for Nigeria to uncover her hidden potentials in herbal medicine as was the case in India and China. Anetor who was the keynote address speaker, spoke extensively on the need to subject herbal products to careful scientific analysis encouraged pharmaceutical companies to go into production of herbal medicines.

“According to the World Health Organisation, WHO statistics, 80 percent of Nigerians get their healing from herbal medicine; there is the need for the pharmaceutical companies in the country to invest in herbal medicine. “The reasons are there. Whether we accept it or not, the huge segment of the Nigerian population is using herbal remedy. This calls for thorough scientific analysis or evaluation to be sure that these remedies are safe for the consumers, so that they do not inadvertently create complications for orthodox medicine to deal with,”he remarked. Anetor said a thorough scientific analysis should be embraced in all aspect of the production of herbal medicines, including risk assessment and their possibility in causing other

complications such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension or giving birth to children with deformity. “The reason for the negative perception is because they are not subjected to adequate scientific evaluation. While calling on the nation’s universities to be involved in herbal medicine research, he recommended a joint collaboration between herbal and orthodox medicine practitioners, adding that such collaboration would enable both practitioners maximise the strength of both medicines for the betterment of members of the public. Chairman, AMLSN, LUTH Chapter, Mr. Sam Adeyeloja, said Nigeria should look inward, sas it could make economic gains if herbal medicine was given the attention it deserved.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012—33

My own choices for breast cancer treatment N light of all the information I’ve pre sented you with thus far, perhaps this is a good place for me to say more about how I chose to treat my breast cancer. I do believe fi rmly that when it comes to choosing how we each respond to treating cancer, it is an extremely personal choice. I grew tired of many well-meaning words of advice from family, friends, health care professionals, and often anyone who learned of my diagnosis. I opted to not go for the radiation, hormone therapy, or chemotherapy treatments for several reasons. One of the reasons was that due to some of my own personal health issues (lower back problems), and other reasons had to do with the nasty side eff ects of these treatments. I did research, talked to women who had used these traditional treatment methods and made my decision. I ultimately chose to have a right breast mastectomy with reconstructive surgery. I also have opted to engage in nutri-


Childbirth Continued from Page 31 improper assessment of complications that arise due to a baby's size or position, or failure to order a cesarean section when one is needed. To avoid these potential instances of serious medical malpractice, many expectant mothers are now choosing to have a natural childbirth at home. Not only are midwives typically far more tuned in to the specific needs of the pregnant woman who they are assisting, but they also tend to avoid opting for unnecessary drug and surgical interventions except as a last resort in extreme situations.

tional therapy as well as treating my whole being; body, mind, and soul to beat cancer, live my life, and enjoy each day I have here. Don’t think that the traditional treatments are your only, or even best, options. There are places that will help you learn how to deal with your cancer and even beat it that are alternative to the traditional treatments we all commonly associate with cancer. I chose quality of life over quantity of life, which I believe, is a personal option and preferred to get the alternative treatment route. I have decided to cre-

Julia Oyefunke Fortune

The Cancer


ate my future with an optimistic stance versus a pessimistic one. I am aware that having a positive attitude doesn’t cure cancer but makes the journey more bearable for me. I still visit my medical oncologist every 3 months to check my CA –125 and other lab work. It’s been reporting no “traces of cancer.” I can only live one day at a time and I believe I am going to get through it by

developing healthy coping strategies. Furthermore, I surround myself with positive people and stay away from the “downers” in my life. I stay away from friends and family members who fi nd the worst case scenario in every situation. Cultivating a positive attitude has made it possible for me to attract positive people like a magnet to myself.

Clean water: WET kicks off in Lagos Continued from Page 31 water represents a serious long term risk to business and society as whole and Nestle is determined to play a leading role in tackling the water challenge. “We have developed over years of outstanding expertise in water ranging from sustainable water resource management-

reduce water withdrawals, increase reuse, use of alternative water sources, improve water efficiency of our products – to know on healthy hydration science.” He added that WET would raise awareness of water issues among school children through WET project. Wooolnough who spoke extensively on the benefits of water to mankind called on

N0.16m ‘Smart bra’ Continued from Page 32 Gansler states that disregarding mammography would have harmful, serious effects. “A woman who chooses any breast cancer screening test based on thermography instead of mammography would be making a serious mistake that could have fatal consequences. Major medical and public health organizations all recommend mammography and none recommend thermography or

any other tests based on temperature measurements for early detection of breast cancer.” Experts believe the bra could be used as part of an overall test without replacing mammography. However they stress need for more research and studies on longterm effects of the bra. “Mammograms and the bra just screen for breast cancer. The only way to actually detect breast cancer is through a biopsy where the specimen is found in the lab” they counsel.

stakeholders to get involve in the push for adequate water. He believed that commitments in water use and stewardship are key to driving water performance through their operations, supply chain and with communities. He further noted that WET was designed not just for a short term solution but long term through a sustainable and systematic approach. At the opening ceremony of the official launch of WET, Lagos State Commissioner for Education, represented by Director of Education, Mrs. Akojenu Adeyinka charged the participants who were mainly teachers from both primary and secondary schools in Lagos to also extend their training to other teachers who were not opportune to be at the training sessions. She also urged them to impact the knowledge to the students, particularly on how to conserve water, adding that knowledge about make good use of would reduce the volume water pump each day at school.



Y husband and I were married for six years without children. We tried everything from going to church to doing all kinds of fertility treatments but nothing worked. I finally got pregnant and had a baby two weeks ago. My husband has been so excited that he is planning a very big party. He says that I have given him the biggest gift anyone can give him and he is even inviting his friends from America and London and putting them in hotels for the party. But here is the problem. He is not the father of the child. I know I did a terrible thing but when you are desperate, you can do anything. I regret it but I look at this beautiful baby and I am also happy I finally have a baby. I don’t know how to tell my husband the truth – Jane Wow. I don’t know what to tell you either…. If you tell that man that he is not the father of this baby that has brought him so much joy, the truth will kill him. For this reason I say let him enjoy this moment for now. Let him be happy. The baby has been born and you cannot take it back. Jane you have to live with what you have done and avoid doing more damage. You also need to realise that no matter the difficulty that you may be going through in your life, things can change in a second. You cannot give up hope. You don’t know the future. The fact that it took so long for you to have a baby does not mean you could not have had that baby with your husband. There is a future and a time table that has been written for everybody. You should respect your destiny, rather than trying to change it by having another man’s baby – Uche I am a 38 year old married man on anti-hypertensive drugs. I am always having very quick ejaculation and my wife does not find it funny. Secondly, I love oral sex but any time I want to perform oral sex on my wife, a funny kind of odour comes out no matter how hard she washes.

Please what drugs do you advise us to take for these two problems? Thanks – David Hello David, you don’t need drugs. Use the Sex On the Go Prolong Wipes to last longer. It is a special set of wipes that desensitize the penis for some minutes to enable a man last longer and it is very effective. It also does not affect your hypertension. For your wife, she must have been wearing layers of underwear or synthetic underwear that cuts off air circulation in the vaginal region. For the odour to stop, she has to go a whole day without underwear. Afterwards, she can take a shower and you can try again – Uche Thank you sir for the Mega Me Penis Enlarger. It is working very well and I am so happy - Fred Please how often should I take Sex Voltz and is it really that good? Bernard You take Sex Volts every two to three days and yes it is very good. It works wonders for strong erections, stamina and back to back multiple performances – Uche I have been using Mega Me Penis enlarger for six months now and the result is very good. When can I stop using it? Archibong You can stop now. The Mega Me dose is six months – Uche My wife experiences low libido and never feels like having sex – Jude Jude let her take Max Desire. It is a libido boosting supplement for women and a stress reliever too. She should also use an arousal gel during intercourse like the Clit Sensitizer Gel - Uche The names of the people featured here have been changed for their privacy. Adults in need of these treatments/novelties can call 08191978308 or 08027901621 or any other number here to order or they can order online at Zee Virtual Media delivers to you wherever you are in Nigeria. For enquiries, send your emails to - Uche Edochie, MD, Zee Virtual Media.


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Succour for patients as FCTA installs imaging equipment in Gwarimpa BY FAVOUR NNABUGWA N a bid to ensure that Abuja residents get the best of treatment within their districts, Federal Capital Territory Administration, FC TA has provided state-of-theart imaging equipment for patients within Karimu, Gwagwa and Gwarimpa Districts at the Gwarinpa General Hospital. Speaking at the commissioning of the equipment in Abuja, FCT Health Secretary, Dr. Ademola Onokomaiya said the unit is paramount for effective functioning of the hospital, adding that the unit would help in reducing the morbidity and mortality rates amongst patients. The imaging unit was established in line with the vision of commitment to ensure residents access to qualitative health care and to meet the increasing demands of patients who are in need of x-ray investigations. “The x-ray machines here would help reduce the morbidity


Cross section of participants including Victor Edosomwan, General Manger ,Sunfit International Ltd, Lagos with Comrade Ayodele Adewale, Chairman, Amuwo Odofin LGA, during the Sunfit Total Wellness walk, in Lagos.

Is red meat giving you cancer? ED meats have long been associated with an increased risk of cancer- specifically colorectal, breast and prostate cancer. There has been little conclusive evidence definitively indicating red meats play a role in endometrial cancer (a.k.a. cancer of the uterus). There is no known cause of this disease. It affects women as early as 40 years old, but most often occurs for women between the ages of 60 and 70. It is likely that levels of hormones (oestrogen) play a large role, but the influence of nutrition is somewhat convoluted. A study followed the consumption of meats, endometrial cancer development and overall health in 60,000 Swedish women from 1987 to 2008. The science behind it Animal protein is composed of both heme and non heme iron. The heme iron found within the animal proteins creates the issue, as it is inflammatory. Fruits and


vegetables are proven antioxidants, where as heme iron is thought to be pro-inflammatory. The heme iron found in red meats creates more oxidative stress within the body and leads to DNA damage. Additionally, heme iron has been linked to the development of both diabetes and obesity. These two conditions predispose an individual to the development of endometrial cancer. What did the study find? The study's participants had an initial physical to screen their baseline health and rule out those who were not qualified for participation. The women filled out surveys on a quarterly basis that assessed the types of meat they were eating (poultry, red meat, fish, and processed meat), their overall health, and development of disease. There was a 20 to 30 percent increased risk of endometrial cancer for participants who had the highest heme iron and total

dietary iron intake as compared to those participants who had the lowest values. When the data was compared for a specific meat, i.e. chicken vs. beef, liver products were found to have a 30 percent higher risk of endometrial cancer. Liver has a higher portion of heme iron. No other meat types were correlated with an increased risk of developing endometrial cancer. The study also found that an increased rate of total dietary iron and heme iron were associated with higher incidence of endometrial cancer over the 21year period. Additionally, those study participants with a higher BMI (body mass index) and a greater meat intake, had a greater risk for developing endometrial cancer. Another study looked at the consumption of iron containing meats, but not heme iron, and its associated risk with endometrial cancer. There was a two-fold risk in development if the disease associated with increased intake.

‘Early intervention is key to protection of Child Rights’ degrading punishment, attacks BY SOLA OGUNDIPE & CHIOMA OBINNA

Y friend was saying that 'we have nothing to worry about, it is all fun, everyone does it and it is not new. The act continued till a point where we made it an everyday affair. Dotun was just 12 and she was having sex with a man in his late thirties. He would not have been a victim, if she was guided properly or helped to be conscious of her human dignity. He is part of what child protection experts are calling child sexual exploitation. Today, the problem of child abuse has continued to rise. Hundreds of children are being abused on daily basis. Unfortunately, several cases of child sexual abuse had ended in prosecutions. According to Child Protection Network, CPN, report, each day no fewer than 100,000 children are abused in Lagos alone. More disturbing is the fact that many


of these cases go unreported and the perpetrators go scot free. But on this year's Day of the Girl Child, the issue of early intervention through proper awareness creation, reorientation and sensitisation of those at risk was on the front burner. The goal was to reduce drastically the menace of child abuse. Child Rights' Activist, Barrister Taiwo Akinlami, "although the Child Rights Act frowns on rape and other abuses directed at children, cases of child abuse remain rampant in the country.Akinlami, who called for a re-orientation of parents and stakeholders on the rights of children in Nigeria, spoke durng a child protection stakeholders meeting held by Child Protection Network, CPN, an initiative of UNICEF, The Child Rights Act, which has been domesticated in a number of states, provides that, "no Nigerian child shall be subjected to physical, mental or emotional injury, abuse or neglect, maltreatment, torture, inhuman or

on his or her reputation. "There are many children abuses going on that we are not aware of, and the prevalence of abuse, especially sexual abuse, is massive. "Seventy per cent of child abuse happens in the home of the people the children trust." Akinlami urged parents to spend more time with their children and teach them to participate in making decisions. He said that child abuse was rampant because the parents were not available. State Coordinator of the Network, Mrs. Ngozi EkwerikeOkoro, who narrated many cases of children being abused in different parts of Lagos, urged people to always report cases of abuse, adding that such would prevent further abuses. "Parents and stakeholders should domesticate their areas of influence on the rights of children to educate others," she said, calling on government at the top to address poverty so as to guarantee child protection.

and mortality of such patients,” he said. Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Senator Bala Mohammed had approved the procurement and installation of operative laposcope in general surgery, gynecology and urology as well as endoscope to upper and lower gastrointestinal track Mohammed said that his administration had already procured, installed and commissioned some sentitive state of the art equipment under radiology which included 64 slice computerized tomography (CT) as well as digital fluoroscope x-ray machine at Asokor district hospital He stated that FCTA has installed mammography machne for detecting breast cancer in Maitama hospital. The FCT Minister said the administration had invested in basic infrastructure in Abuja as the Asokoro District hospital with ultra sound and echo cardiography machine (HD 11 machine with

DSFN seeks improved awareness on Down Syndrome BY CHARITY UGWUANYI & TOLUWANI EMDEN MIDST the sounds of trumpets, cymbals and drums, the charity walk to sensitise society about the plight of people living with Down Syndrome held around FESTAC area of Lagos recently. The event which was officially flagged off by Dr. Ogechi Nwokedi, at the Apple Junction, was part of activities to mark the 11th anniversary of the Down Syndrome Foundation of Nigeria, DSFN. The 8-kilometre walk was characterised by dancing and singing by a procession consisting of the children living with the Syndrome, parents, pupils from Grange School, GRA, Ikeja and officials of the DSFN. Passers-by took delight in the procession and joined in it while the Police and LASTMA officials were on hand to ensure smooth flow of traffic. The walk ended at the 1st Gate Bus Stop, where the National President, Mrs Rose


Mordi, explained that the Foundation came into existence 11yrs ago to help parents cope with children with the Syndrome. Mordi remarked that the main objective of the walk was “to enlighten others that children with the Syndrome have potentials to be useful to themselves and to the society at large.” Challenges facing the Foundation include funding coupled with the negative societal attitude towards those living with the Syndrome. Mordi said the major challenge encountered by those living with Down Syndrome in Nigeria is neglect because Nigerians have a wrong perception of the Syndrome. “Our society sees it as a spiritual problem than a hormonal disorder and for this reason; they often dissociate themselves from them.” Mordi said the Foundation is promoting the well-being of the children by creating a platform for them to have good education and vocational training.

• Cross section of participants at the DSFN awareness walk recently in Lagos.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012—35

Cossy set to release album

•Cossy USTY Nollywood actress, singer and dancer, Cossy Orjiakor, we love to refer to as ‘Commotion Cossy’ is in the news again. This time, it


is not about flaunting her voluptuous boobs before the cameras or getting some hapless young men drooling with fantasy with a show of

laps and cleavages, this time, the sexy MamaGamma is taking her music career to the next level. Cossy on phone told E-Daily that she would be doing an album launch come December 15, 2012 and she plans to feature several notable acts in the album. Though she declined to mentioned names but she promised that some of the names would be names already making waves in the music industry. ‘’I am putting finishing touches to the album but I can assure you that the album launch would be on December 15th of this year at the Prest Boat Cruise, Lekki. The album is a 15-track album. I am still gonna do small tidying up and work with other acts and producers’’ she said. Cossy launched her musical career some years back and she has some singles to her name. Her top singles ‘’You Want Me’’ and ‘’You and Me’’ have worked the ground for the singer/actress and have indeed established her as a promising singer. The singles ‘’You Want Me and You and Me’’ are part of the 15-track album Cossy plans to unleash.

Joseph Benjamin, Van Vicker, Jafta Mamabolo do battle in London HEN it comes to jostling for awards and battle for recognition, albeit on the international scene, the battlefield will be in London this weekend, at the African Film Awards aka the Afro Hollywood Awards on Saturday at Stratford Town Hall, 29 Broadway, Stratford, London where three top draw African actors will be slugging it out for the coveted crown of ‘African Actor of the Year ‘ Though the ‘African Actor of the Year’ isn’t the only item on the menu but being the most coveted category the organisers, African Film Awards, having decided others winners at a special ceremony in Akure, some weeks ago, have saved the best for last and the winner will be unvieled in London at a glamouous event to be attended by other winners, British African stars from film and television, British producers seeking collaboration with Nollywood practitioners and high net worth British Africans. The Best Actor (Yoruba) was won by Femi Adebayo who defeated Glo Ambassador, Odun Adekola and Gabriel Afolayan. Kiki Omeili of Married But Living Single was adjudged winner of Best Actress in supporting role in an English language film. She defeated Oge Okoye and Nse Ikpe Etim while Tonto Dike emerged Best Actress of the year, defeating Omoni Oboli and Chika Ike.


•Joseph Benjamin

Madonna booed for endorsing Obama


ADONNA drew boos and triggered a walkout by several concertgoers after she touted President Barack Obama on her "MDNA Tour" in New Orleans. The Material Girl asked during Saturday night's performance: "Who's registered to vote?" She added: "I don't care who you vote for as long as you vote for Obama." Drawing boos in touting Obama over Republican Mitt Romney, Madonna followed: "Seriously, I don't care who you vote for ... Do not take this privilege for granted. Go vote." Madonna is often outspoken. Some Colorado fans, mindful of a mass shooting there, complained she used a fake gun to shoot a masked gunman in a recent concert act in Denver. A Madonna concert in Paris in July drew ire when a video showed a swastika on a politician's forehead.


Lil Wayne released from hospital


his past Friday Lil Wayne was released from a Louisiana hospital after what was thought to be a seizure but as reported by ABC News to be a severe migraine and dehydration. Although the details of his condition have remained scarce, the rapper ’s management team has said that he’s on “mandated rest.” Wayne was initially released from a medical facility in Texas, but after falling ill again while in flight he endured another hospitalization, this time in Louisiana. Wayne was released the same evening. Following the double medical scare this weekend Wayne is thanking his fans for their prayers and reporting that he is “good” from his twitter account. The 30-year-old multiplatinum performer is reported to be recovering at his mother’s home in Louisiana and will return to work soon. Wayne is currently working on a follow-up to his last album, “The Carter IV.” •Lil Wayne

36— Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012


AGOS– Some traders in Lagos State have called on the state government to outrightly ban commercial motorcycles, popularly called “Okada”, in the state, saying that it will reduce road accidents to the barest minimum. The traders, who spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria yesterday, commended the government for prohibiting commercial motorcycles from operating on some highways in certain parts of the state. They stressed that the measure was necessary, as part of efforts to reduce road accidents across the state. Mrs Iyabo Ogundare, a trader at the Balogun Plaza Trade Fair, stressed that the ban on commercial motorcycles was in the public interest. She said that although the ban had created inconveniences for some commuters, it was still the best decision to restrict the operations of “okada” to certain areas. Ogundare noted that road accidents involving commercial motorcyclists had been so rampant, adding that motorcyclists were often very reckless. She said that it was better to ban on the operations of commercial motorcyclists so as to enhance road safety. According to Mr Chukwuma Oyema, a trader at the Okokomaiko market, a large number of road accidents on Lagos roads involved commercial motorcycles. He said that a visit to the accident and emergency wards of some hospitals would make one to appreciate the ban on ‘okada’ in a pragmatic way. “You need to observe the way

Lagos traders favour Okada outright ban in the state these motorcycle operators ride on the highways. They ride their bikes with so much recklessness, as if human lives have no meaning to them. “It is easy for people to condemn the ban on commercial motorcycles but I think people should pay routine visits to accidents wards of hospitals. “They would discover that majority of the patients there were victims of motorcycle

accidents; they would then be in a better position to appreciate the ban on ‘okada’,” he said. Oyema stressed that was no need to be unduly sentimental about issues relating to the protection of people’s lives, reiterating that the ban was the best step to take in the circumstance. Mr Ifeanyi Okafor, another trader at Okokomaiko, said that although he was an ardent user of commercial motorcycles, the

policy banning their operation was, nonetheless, reasonable. “A lot of us will not appreciate the restrictions slammed on the operations of ‘okada’ because we are lucky not to have involved in accidents involving ‘okada’. “If one had been involved in a motorcycle accident and was lucky to be alive; then, one would be in a better position to appreciate the need to outlaw the operations of ‘okada’ on our

Ejigbo LCDA takes waste management higher BY OLASUNKANMI AKONI


FFORT to make Ejigbo Local Council Development Area, LCDA, a cleaner environment received a boost, when the chairman of the council, Mr. Kehinde Bamigbetan commissioned a brand new refuse truck, acquired by his administration. Commissioning the truck at the council secretariat in the presence of the council’s executive members, top management and staff of the council, Bamigbetan stated that the decision to acquire the truck was based on the numerous complaints by residents that they are not getting the best service from Private Sector Participants, PSP, operators

adding that: “the acquisition of this refuse truck will enable us to attend to emergency sanitation situation, as the truck will be available on a 24 hours basis”. The truck will be used to complement the job of PSP operators, particularly in areas where they do not have access to the usual PSP truck, because of the size, but the newly acquired truck will get to these areas, clear the refuse, and the council get paid for the service by residents. The council chief while expressing his appreciation to the council’s executive for approving the purchase of the truck, said Ejigbo in no distant future, will now move from a dirty environment to a clean environment, with the acquisition of the truck.

highways,” he said. Okafor urged every resident of Lagos State to support the policy since it was meant to save the people’s lives. However, some commuters described the ban as a way of making life difficult for ‘okada’ operators and some commuters. Mr Jacob Olagoke, a civil servant, said that the ban had only succeeded in increasing cost of transportation in the state, alleging that commercial bus drivers had consequently increased their fares. “Yesterday, I spent close to N2,300 on transportation from Alagbado to Lagos Island,” he said. He noted the ban on ‘okada’ would make life extremely difficult for some commercial motorcyclists since the business was their only means of livelihood. Besides, Mrs Caroline Olarenwaju, another civil servant, said that the ban had increased the sufferings of the people. She said that a lot of people had resorted to trekking to their destinations because they could not afford the exorbitant fares charged by commercial bus drivers. Olarenwaju, therefore, appealed to the government to lift the ban on commercial motorcycles.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012— 37



HE Commissioner for Transportation, Mr. Kayode Opeifa, at the weekend announced that the state government has ordered law enforcement agencies to commence the arrest and prosecution of passengers on okada being arrested for violating restriction/prohibition of route in the state road traffic law. According to Opeifa, the passenger is equally liable as the rider because in the first place if there is no passenger for okada rider to commute there would be no reason to ply restricted route. The commissioner said the Lagos State Road Traffic Law, Schedule 1 on Traffic Offences and Penalties, which states

Lagos to arrest Okada passengers on restricted routes that, “operating a motorcycle in restricted area or on prohibited route shall be liable to fine of N20,000, for first offender and subsequent offender N30,000, and have the motorcycle impounded”, also apply to passenger. “We have directed law enforcement agencies charged with enforcement to henceforth, apprehend okada passenger caught on any of the restricted route as from next week, (this week). So, members of the public are hereby warned to desist from riding on restricted routes, as the long arm of the

law will soon catch up on offender(s),” he said. Also speaking at a recent forum, Attorney-General and the Commissioner for Justice, Mr. Ade Ipaye said plans were at advanced stage by the state government for Magistrate to sit on Saturdays to further ensure prompt adjudication of cases, concerning traffic offences as well as avoid congestion of cases. Ipaye explained that the law “Will return standards to our roads transport system. There will be drastic reduction in the number of accident cases on the

Baba Sala’s son tasks Govt, private sector on arts, others POPULAR artiste, Mr Em manuel Adejumo, popularly known as ‘Boy Sala,’ has urged all tiers of government, as well as the Private Sector, to join in the promotion of Nigerian art, culture and tourism. Adejumo who spoke in Lagos said that the sector needed support to enable it to be able to get ranked among the best in the world. “Government should invest in arts because art is life, because nobody knows anybody without his culture and traditions. “Artistes have tried to project



Nigerian dance, art and traditions through their various activities, both within and outside the country. “Government should, therefore, fund the Arts to help to project our uniqueness to the world,” Adejumo, who is the Chief Executive Officer, Art of Dance Nigeria Company, said. Adejumo, who is the son of renowned comedian, Moses Olaiya (alias Baba Sala), also urged the private sector to join in mobilising support for the sector. “As it is done in other countries, the private sector should

be fully involved in the promotion of the arts. “The world is beginning to recognise what Nigeria has in terms of arts and culture. “Government cannot do it alone, so the private sector should also get involved in activities to boost the development of the sector,” he said. Adejumo disclosed that the operators had gone into research by collaborating with their counterparts in other countries, adding that they needed funds to succeed in the endeavour.

*Plans weekend sitting of Magistrate Courts roads.” “And cases of robbery which are facilitated through okada riders, will also reduce. This is because at present, 95 percent of the robbery cases in the state were carried out on Okada.” Meantime, many Lagos residents have been trying to adjust to the new order on the road as many viewed as a welcome development while others urged government to relax the law. Last week, as enforcement thickened in the state, following involvement of the Lagos state police command in apprehending traffic offenders, pedestrians and commuters got stranded at various busstops while others trekked to their destinations due to scarcity of commercial buses, particularly okada riders. On the popular Awolowo Road, Ikeja, the road that usually witnessed beehive of activities by okada riders,

was a shadow of itself, as the road was virtually free of the usual traffic jam, no thanks to okada menace. Also, motorists were held up for hours following gridlocks on most major roads. LagosIbadan Expressway towards Seven-Up, Yaba, Iyana Ipaja, Ikorodu Road, Oshodi-Apapa Expressway, Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway, Oba Akran Avenue, Oba Ogunnusi Road in Ogba among others witnessed traffic snarl worsened by the Eid-el- Kabir celebration rush, as Muslim faithful were making serious preparation toward a splendid celebration. Since aggressive enforcement on restriction of okada started over 4,000 motorcycles had been impounded and destroyed by men of the Lagos state Task Force on Environment and Special Offences, Alausa, Ikeja. A recent data released by Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, LASTMA, and the Police, showed that, okada was also used in 10 out of 14 robberies in September and five out of eight robberies in August, 2012.

38—Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012

We didn't back Mimiko to spite Tinubu — Braithwaite •Says we've not endorsed Jonathan SECOND Republic politician and elder statesman, Dr Tunji Braithwaite, 76, was one of a host of Yoruba elders, who endorsed re-election of Governor Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo State, several weeks before the October 20 contest that Mimiko won. In this interview, the legal icon, who leads the Nigeria Advance Party, NAP, said his endorsement of Mimiko was not targeted against any party or individual. However, he insists that no part of Nigeria should be under one-party control.


E backed Mimiko because of his track record Asked what informed his endorsement of Mimiko and belief that the governor would win, he said: “We endorsed Mimiko for public support in the recent governorship election, particularly the support of the people of Ondo State because of his track record. I can only reiterate what I said, before the election. “We identify with Governor Segun Mimiko of Ondo State, primarily because in our country, presently, in the firm grip of knaveries, mediocre and utterly unfit persons who occupy sacred offices of state, due to the pervasive power of king corruption in the land, here, is one governor among the very infinitesimal few in government, whose sole purpose in government is the delivery of good governance, providing selfless leadership towards the development and improvement of the standard of living of the people of his state.” Our support for Mimiko not against Tinubu Braithwaite dispelled assumptions in some quarters that he supported Mimiko to spite former governor of Lagos, Bola Ahmed Tinubu saying: “Our support for Mimiko in the South West is neither against Ahmed Tinubu, nor against any individual. My politics, right from the formation of the Nigeria Advance Party, NAP is to try and relieve the Nigerian people, especially the masses and the young generation, of the destructive burden of corruption, on their lives, and the paralyzing effects of the wholesale thieving by unfit persons in governments. Unfortunately– due to the low level of the knowledge and understanding of the power, available to them, the masses allowed the rats and the parasites to become so fat that they now flaunt their illegitimate “ wealth” with impunity, – while the people C M Y K

remain helpless. “Nevertheless, we are optimistic that our revolution, our mantra in politics, will destroy these suffocating and deleterious effects on their lives pretty soon.” We must shun one-party state Asked his view on claims by the Action Congress of Nigeria that the South West must be under one party before it could witness needed development especially the South West regional integration agenda, he urged Nigerians to avoid oneparty state. “Neither the South-West, nor any geo-political zone, nor the country as a whole should be a one-party zone or state. The present trend and claims of “control” by these parties is a mirage. It is without any sincere acceptability by the people of the so-called controlling parties,” he argued. Braithwaite expressed concern over pre-election jibes by one of the contestants to his opponent that South-West was not for sale querying: “Who is the vendor, who is the purchaser? This type of mindset is characteristic of the corrupt power-mongers, in this presently unfortunate country. These individuals perceive everything, in politics, only in terms of money and never in terms of service to the people. For them, politics is a matter of “do or die”. Well, they have to die, in their ungodly and ruthless quest for money and power, by means of mammon.” Mimiko must remain focused To fast track development in Ondo State, he urged Governor Mimiko to remain focused on his agenda. “He must continue, in transparency, his track by which he earned the critical and revolutionary support of people like us and our fast growing constituencies of revolutionaries across this nation. Major parties to meet waterloo in 2015

•Braithwaite: Our support for Mimiko is not against Tinubu



We endorsed Mimiko for public support in the recent governorship election, particularly the support of the people of Ondo State because of his track record. I can only reiterate what I said, before the election


Asked to assess all political parties in the country in terms of internal democracy and party discipline, and whether any of the party is well organised to lead the country out of the woods, Braithwaite said: “None of the so-called ‘major parties’ now in control

of governments, both at the federal and state level is altruistic enough to lead the country ‘out of the woods’. I stand to be vindicated that sooner than later, indeed before 2015, the revolutionary forces, now on an irreversible course to destroy king corruption in Nigeria shall discharge that sacred duty.”


e’ve not endorsed Jonathan for 2015 On whether his call on Nigerians to support President Goodluck Jonathan, during the latter’s appearance at his book launch recently was not tacit endorsement of the President’s second term ambition in 2015, the politician said: “President Goodluck Jonathan’s launch of the Jurisprudence of the Living Oracles – was a fortuitous duty he had to perform and I am happy, he did not miss the opportunity. The book is not an ordinary book. I am more grateful to those religious leaders of all faiths, paramount

Obas, Emirs, Obis, leading scholars and civil society groups that turned up for that historic launch. “Unlike our unequivocal endorsement of Mimiko for the last Ondo Governorship election, the launch of my book by President Jonathan is by no means our endorsement of him for the 2015 election. The country still has to undertake a thorough house-cleaning before that election. Indeed, we will soon call out the people for a final showdown, unless, a National Conference, by the People is able to resolve major outstanding issues relative to the well-being of this country and of Africa as a whole takes place, in a matter of months, if not weeks. I speak authoritatively. By the way, what happens to the ugly criminality of the bribery saga, in the National Assembly and some fuel marketers over the so-called fuel subsidy removal?”

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012—39

where the Speaker of the House of Assembly Hon. Samuel Adesina , the Secretary to the State Government Dr Rotimi Adelola and a host of other political appointees including a commissioner hail from. It was gathered that the ACN was able to win the council because the area is populated by non-indigenes from both Oyo and Osun extractions. It was reasoned that the Oyo and Osun settlers in the area sought to show their support for the integration that their home governors have trumpeted. In Okitipupa, the effort of the immediate past governor Dr Olusegun Agagu paid off for the opposition PDP which scored 21,024, LP polled 11, 968 and the ACN scored 8,495. Remarkably, Agagu’s name even while he is out of office remains a force to be reckoned with in the town. Also, Oke the PDP candidate lives in Okitipupa and empowered many of the party members in the town while he was the state Chairman of OSOPADEC. So it was not surprising that they queued behind him during the election.

•Mimiko: Laughs last



The factors that framed Mimiko’s victory THE battle to dislodge Dr. Segun Mimiko as governor of Ondo State was fierce but the performance in the first four years was an unyielding tower in the time of storm for the embattled governor. As the results of the election distill among the political class, the factors that framed the governor’s re-election are equally crystallising.


ROKO as Mimiko is popularly known in political circles, proved the cynics wrong that the he would be subsumed by the forces from the four South West governors that worked round the clock and coordinated by the Osun state governor Rauf Aregbesola to uproot him with a mere “broom”. The result of the October 20 gubernatorial election has positioned Mimiko as the first governor of the new Ondo State to secure a second term mandate from the people of the state. His re-election made nonsense of the campaign of the opposition A C N that the state needed to join other states in the region for proper regional economic integration, and that of the PDP that the state should join the mainstream politics by voting for its candidate. Dr Mimiko scored a total 260,199 votes, Chief Olusola Oke of the PDP got a total 155,961 votes while the ACN’s Mr Rotimi Akeredolu got 143,512 votes. C M Y K

The shape and structure of the victory Critical analysis of the results indicated that Mimiko won in 13 local governments while the PDP won two local governments with higher votes than the ACN which won three local governments with lesser votes. It was alleged that the defeat of Mimiko in Owo and Ilaje was a result of the agenda of some political office holders in the Mimiko administration who are from the area who allegedly succumbed to the temptation of helping their brother. Mimiko scored over 25 percent of votes required in all the 18 council areas of the state including the five councils that he lost to both the ACN and PDP which is an indication that he is still a force to be reckoned with there. Some surprises noticed in the results of the election showed that in Owo which is the hometown of the ACN candidate Akeredolu, Mimiko defeated him in his both the unit and ward levels though Akeredolu eventually won the local government.



The support of the Afenifere leaders also boosted Mimiko while some notable leaders of the opposition PDP within and outside the state worked underneath for the re election of Mimiko


It was gathered that some political appointees of the governor who are from that area sold out and worked against the governor in support of Akeredolu. Akeredolu polled 17,967 votes while Mimiko polled 14,870votes. Also in Ilaje where the candidate of PDP Olusola Oke hails from, some political appointees in Mimiko government from the area also supported their son (Oke) leaving the governor in the

lurch. Oke polled an impressive 19,281 votes while Mimiko scored 8,538votes In Akoko Southwest local government, where governor Mimiko has a large number of political office holders, he still lost the council to the ACN and indeed came third in the council. The loss of this council was attributed to the squabbles between the younger brother of the governor, Prof Femi Mimiko who is the Vice Chancellor of Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba-Akoko and stakeholders in the council. Interestingly, Mimiko’s deputy, Alhaji Ali Olanusi hails from the area alongside a commissioner, a member of the House of Assembly and a recent ambassador. All of them could not stop the moving machine of the ACN on that day. Senator Ajayi Boroffice who is now in ACN and fighting to retain his seat following his defection from the LP, was believed to have partnered the family of the late Governor Adebayo Adefarati in checkmating Mimiko in the council. In fact in the council, the PDP came second to show the disdain of the people of the council for the governor whom they believed truncated Adefarati’s second term ambition. The LP was equally roundly defeated in Odigbo, a council

Coincidentally Mimiko hails from the central senatorial area of the state which has the chunk of the votes. Markedly, there are at least two commissioners appointed from each of the six councils. Winning all the six councils in the central was proof of his performance and popularity. He was able to poach other councils in both the South and North senatorial districts. Mimiko won Ose and three of the four councils in Akoko land, Ese Odo, Ile Oluji/ Okeigbo and Irele. The result of Ese Odo came as a surprise going by the vigorous campaign against the governor’s re-election by the Special Adviser to the President on Amnesty Programme Hon Kingsley Kuku. One of his former foot soldiers and an Ex-Militant leader Ajube aka “Shoot at sight” demystified him by working for Mimiko. LP polled 9137 while PDP scored 7295 and A C N 2987 Mimiko also received strong support from the national leaders of the NLC who worked tremendously in his favour as the national president of the NLC Comrade Abdul Waheed Omar and TUC President Peter Esele attended two rallies to drum support for Mimiko. The support of the Afenifere leaders also boosted Mimiko while some notable leaders of the opposition PDP within and outside the state worked underneath for the re election of Mimiko. Their stake was that the ACN should not be allowed to capture the state as the leaders of the party had vowed to do.

40—Vanguard , TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012

DONATION: Mr. Kestin Pondi, GM OFSL (2nd left); Mr. Godspower Uyabrininde, LGEA Secretary, Warri South West (middle); Mr. Job Bebenimibo (right), Director; and Mr. Paul Bebenimibo, Secretary, both of Tompolo Foundation, at the donation of education materials to primary schools by the foundation in Warri, weekend. PHOTO: Akpokona Omafuaire.

Host communities' artisans in showdown with Chevron


A R R I — GBARAMATU/ Egbema Host Communities Welders and Fitters, yesterday, accused Chevron Nigeria Limited, CNL, of failing to implement the Federal Government Local Content Act and urged government to call the company to order to avoid break down of law and order in the Niger Delta region. In a statement by George Timiyan, Chairman; Mamukemi Ekpetipu, Secretary, and Seko Eyenmi, PRO, the group threatened to disrupt the operations of Chevron at Abiteye, Otuana, Dibi, Alero, Makaraba and Opuakeba, except the lingering issue of employment with the company was urgently resolved. They claimed the host communities have been neglected and unfairly treated in the aspect of fabrication, conversion of contract staff to permanent staff in Escravos-

Gas-to-Liquid, EGTL, project. The statement read in part: “The flow stations in our area are all connected to Escravos Terminal, including offshore. But we are given an insignificant proportion of eight out of more than 115 welders and fitters working in Chevron. “At flow stations like Debi, Alero and Opuakeba, no single host communities’ welders and fitters are working with them. The government made it clear in the Local Content Act that host communities should actively participate in any company working in their area. “But this is not what Chevron is doing. The company is subverting the law and it should be called to order. We cannot be turned to beggars in our land while others are benefiting from it. This is an act of deliberate neglect and disregard to our people.”

Akwaaba: C-River wins tourism award ROSS River State came on to the spotlight again as it won, for the third consecutive time, the prestigious Tourism State of the Year Award at this year’s edition of Akwaaba African Travel Market held in Lagos. The award, which was received by wife of the governor, Mrs. Obioma Liyel-Imoke, was bestowed on the state in recognition of the pioneering, sustained and consistent efforts of the government of Cross River State in tourism development.



Mrs. Imoke said: “In Cross River State, much as we appreciate your recognition of our efforts to position tourism as an economic asset, we are equally aware that we are far off from the eldorado of our vision. “It is our desire that our tourism products, as seen in the carnival Calabar arts and industry, the arts and craft market and the warmth of our people, be translated into economic boom for our people as a way of achieving the governor ’s set objective in this sector.”

WORKSHOP: From left— Mr. Martin Woolnough, Managing Director, Nestle Nigeria Plc; Mr. John Etgen, Senior Vice President, Project Water Education for Teachers, WET, Guest Lecturer; Mrs. Akojenu Adeyinka, Assistant Director, Lagos State Ministry of Education, representing Commissioner for Education, and Mr. Adewale Ojo, Country Business Manager, Nestle Plc, during the launch of Water Education for Teachers's Train the Trainers Workshop, in Lagos. PHOTO: Bunmi Azeez.

Throne trouble: Sack your aide, Efut monarch urges Imoke BY JOHNBOSCO AGBAKWURU ALABAR—THE embattled Paramount Ruler of Calabar South Local Government Area and leader of the Efut nation, Muri Munene Effiong Mbukpa, has called on Governor Liyel Imoke of Cross River State to remove his Special Adviser, Chieftaincy Affairs, Mr. John Eyikwaje, for allegedly fueling the crisis on the traditional stool of Efut. Muri Munene Mbukpa, whose palace had been sealed up for over five months as a result of the attack on him by suspected political thugs allegedly sponsored by those opposed to his reign, said in an interview weekend, that the actions of the Special Adviser in


the matter portrayed him as one that had been compromised.

SA's ‘crimes' According to him, the Special Adviser has allegedly ignored all the court judgment and several court orders on the traditional stool of the Efut. He added that his actions had been contrary to the beliefs of Governor Imoke who, according to him, believed in democracy and rule of law. Mbukpa, who was said to have given scholarship to 34 indigent students of Calabar South Local Government Area since he mounted the throne about four years ago, said it was only God or the Court that could remove him from the throne. He said despite the harassment, intimidation and

attempt to remove him by force by some highlyplaced government officials from Odukpani Local Government Area of the state, he was loyal to the government of Imoke. Mbukpa alleged that such government officials planned to ensure that all executive, political and traditional positions in Calabar go to Odukpani Local Government Area.

Monarch's rites Also speaking, Chairman of Efuts Combined Assembly, Ndabu Obo, who also called on Imoke to sack the Special Adviser for alleged incompetence, said since October 20, 2009 when Muri Munene Mbukpa completed the funeral rites of the late Muri Munene, he had brought sanity to the

throne. Obo said it was ironical that the same people who attended meeting where the selection of Mbukpa was done, who also allowed him to perform all the traditional rites that qualified him to mount the throne, were now being used by highly-placed government official to cause crisis in Efut nation. He alleged that government officials were responsible for the crisis in other traditional institutions in the state. Obot said it was a high time Governor Imoke called his lieutenants to order, stressing that their actions were clear indication that they were out to bring the government down by causing crisis in a state that had witnessed peace for some time.

19-yr-old docked over possession of fake naira notes BY BARTHOLOMEW MADUKWE AGOS—A 19-yearold man, Solomon Banabas, has been arraigned by the police before an Ikeja Magistrate Court in Lagos, over alleged unlawful possession of fake naira notes totaling N14,000. Banabas told the court that he was guilty as charged. The prosecutor, Edet Okoi, informed the court that the accused was caught with the fake notes on October 11 along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. Okoi said: “The accused was stopped by the police.


A search was conducted on him and fake N1,000 notes, totaling N14,000 were found on him.”

Okoi pointed out that the accused could not give a satisfactory explanation of how he came about the fake notes. He said the offence contravened Section 78 of the

Criminal Code, Laws of Lagos State, 2011. However, presiding Magistrate J.A. Anabor, ruled that judgment in the matter will be delivered on October 31.

Makinde blames moral rot on govt BY ANAYO OKOLI


MUAHIA—PREL ATE, Methodist Church of Nigeria, Dr. Ola Makinde, has blamed the rot in the nation, especially high level of corruption and crime, on the take-over of missionary schools by the governments at various levels. Makinde said since the schools were taken over about 40 years ago, they never produced good citi-

zens as they impact education without God. The prelate, who spoke in Umuahia at the conferment of Knight of John Wesley, KJW, on Governor Theodore Orji of Abia State, lamented that the take over of missionary schools was more of a curse than a blessing to the nation. He, however, commended state governments, including Abia, for returning the schools to

their original owners, saying it was a wise decision which would return the nation to the path of morality and better growth. He said: “Forty years ago, government took over our schools and destroyed them. They destroyed the labours of fathers. The schools are full of decay and products are armed robbers and kidnappers because they receive education without God.”

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012 — 41

The demolished Lugbe housing estate, Abuja.


Developers berate FCDA …say we have our documents D

evelopers of the500housing unit residential estate recently demolished in Lugbe area of Abuja and its subscribers have berated the Federal Capital Development Authority FCDA, for carrying out the demolition in spite of on-going dialogue between them, FCDA and members of National Assembly committee on Federal Capital Territory FCT. Minanuel Investment Limited is the developer. The estate estimated at N3bn had 500 units of housing types and located at the Lugbe extension along Airport Road, Abuja. It was demolished by the officials of the Development Control of the Federal Capital Development Authority on September 28 and 29, 2012. The group faulted the Chairman of Senate Committee on FCT, Senator Smart Adeyemi, who was quoted by a local radio station in the FCT as saying that the land has been allocated to members of the National Assembly, insisting that “ we have approval and our documents are with us”. Speaking on behalf of the subscribers, Mr. Festus Adebayo said: “The company acquired the Minanuel Estate, Gosa, Abuja in 2004 and it received all approvals C M Y K

to build and develop these demolished residential houses which were planned to be handed over to the subscribers by the end of this month. “For purpose of clarification, this estate is designated Lugbe Extension 1 since and before we took possession of this land. We are not aware that it has been re-designated unless for purpose of this mischief. “We, however, reached Senator Smart Adeyemi and had a meeting with him. It was agreed at the meeting that we return on October 2, 2012, with our title documents hoping that the issues would be resolved amicably. “On Saturday September 29 and Sunday 30, 2012, indeed weekend before the agreed

date, in an action reminiscent of a military fiat, the Development Control of the FCDA rolled out their bulldozers and demolished all the 500 houses worth N3 billion that had already been built up. “It is sad and provocative



and bank loan could be demolished in one swoop in a country with over 18 million housing deficit. This horror, carnage,... and man’s inhumanity to man cannot go unchallenged. It has obviously vitiated the transformation agenda on mass housing of the present administration that encourages private developers like us to participate in its mass housing programme”. Consequently, the Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria REDAN, has directed all its members to step down development pending the time it will resolve all pending issues

It is sad and provocative that, without warning or notice to us, these houses built with contributors’ money and bank loan could be demolished in one swoop in a country with over 18 million housing deficit

that, without warning or notice to us, these houses built with contributors’ money


with the FCDA. The FCT Chairperson of REDAN, Mrs. Binta Ibrahim, who spoke with

journalists at the site, described the demolition as an economic waste, stressing that it would not in any way help the transformation agenda of the present administration. She said: “This is total economic waste. We want to appeal to government, particularly the Development Control of the FCDA, that the present executive of FCT REDAN is ready for discussion. We are supposed to be partners in progress. “The level of waste we are witnessing here today will definitely not help the transformation agenda of Mr. President. You cannot achieve economic stability with this kind of wastage. The number of workers that will be laid off as a result of this demolition, I am sure, will be more than 1,000. “We are talking about peace, about security. I want to advise my members today that they should step down every development anywhere in the FCT so that we will not go back to square one”. Meanwhile, the FCDA said it carried out the demolition because of the unruly attitude Continues on pg 42

Do it yourself painting R

ather than waste your scarce resources on hiring a painter to do painting jobs for you, you can do it yourself to save the fee. However, there is a process you must follow to have a good painting job done. The first step is to fill holes or imperfections on the walls with spackle, wait for it to dry, and then lightly sand the patches. If you have a crack, you must first widen it slightly before spackling, otherwise

the spackle will just sit on top. The second step is to scrape away any peeling, cracked paint, then sand the area smoothly. Then clean the walls if they are dirty, especially if it is kitchen or bathroom, and always take a damp cloth to clean the dust off trim and the tops of doorways. Then use paintable caulk to fill any gaps between the walls and trim before painting the trim. Fill any dings and divits in the wood with wood putty, wait

for it to dry, then sand smooth. When in doubt, prime. Using a primer can hide dark colours, block stains, and help your new paint job last longer. Of course, you will need the following tools to paint. They are spackle, putty knife, fine grit sandpaper, and a damp lint-free rag. You may also need paintable caulk and wood putty if you are working on the trim.

42— Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012

MATERIALS WATCH Cement Dangote cement per bag of 50kg ---N1,800.00 Burham Cement per bag of 50kg ---N1,800.00 Elephant cement per bag of 50kg ---N1,800.00 Sandcrete Blocks 6 inches vibrated per block---N130 9 inches vibrated per block---N150 6 inches hand mould per block---N80 9 inches hand mould per block---N90 Sand Soft per tipper load ---N13,000 Sharp double tipper load---N23,000 Gravel double tipper load---N25,000 Gravel single tipper load---N18,000 Granite per tipper load----N120,000

•Low income housing estate

Estate surveyors hold national housing summit BY KINGSLEY ADEGBOYE


he Faculty of Housing of the Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors and Valuers NIESV, has concluded plans to hold a national housing summit on the new national housing policy with the theme “The New National Housing Policy-An Effective Framework for its Implementation”. The one day event which has sub themes such as “The National Housing Policy-An Insight”, “Housing the Masses-The Public Sector Role”, “Access to Land at Affordable Prices”, “Mortgage Finance under the new housing policy” and “Private Sector Role in provision of housing for the masses under the new policy”, is billed to take place November 8, 2012

at City Hall, Lagos Island. According to Mr. Kola Akomolede, a fellow of NIESV and Chairman, Faculty of Housing, the housing summit is expected to address the defects in the old national housing policy which made it failed, while the event which is expected to draw participants from stakeholders in the housing sub-sector of the nation will focus on the implementation of the new policy in order to achieve its desired objective.


komolede noted that while Ms. Ama Pepple, Minister of Housing will be Guest of Honour at the summit, Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State will deliver a keynote address at the occasion. He said Mr. Fortune Ebie,

former president, NIESV and Chairman, National Housing Policy Committee as well as first Managing Director, Federal Housing Authority and Shelter Afrique will be the speaker on the “New National Housing Policy-An Insight while Tunde Agboola, a professor at the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Ibadan will be speaking on “Housing the Masses”.


ther speakers according to Akomolede, are E. Chukwujekwu, President, Housing Corporations of Nigeria AHCN, who will be speaking on “Access to Land at Affordable Prices”, Mr. Hassan Usman. Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Aso Savings & Loans Plc.

Reinforcement 8 mm (153) pieces per ton ---N125,000 10 mm (153) pieces per ton---N136,000 12 mm (93) pieces per ton---N161,000 16 mm (93) pieces per ton---N172,000 20 mm (53) pieces per ton---N122,000 Woods Timber (hard) 1x1x12---N1,000 Timber (hard) 2x2x12---N800 Timber (hard) 2x4x12---N700 Softwood 2x2x12---N260 2x3x12---N300 Plywood 3x3x8---N3,500 2x4x8---N2,400 Roofing Sheets Corrugated iron sheets per bundle---N10,000 Asbestos (Super) 4x8 per piece---N1,600 Asbestos (Solo) 4x6 per piece---N1,500 Wall tiles (ceramic) 6 x 6 per square metre----------N1,200 20 x 20 (China) per square metre----------N1,100 20 x 25 (China) per square metre---....N1,400 Floor tiles (ceramic) 14 x 14 (Spain) per square metre------------N1,800 14 x 14 (Brazil) per square metre------------N1,420 13 x 13 (Spain) per square metre---------N1, 550 45 x 45 (Spain) per square metre------------N1,900 40 x 40 (Marble Spain) per square metre--N3,800 30 x 30 (Marble Spain) per square metre----N2,000 Plumbing Materials Galvanised conduit pipes per length 20 mm diameter -----------------N170 25 mm diameter---------------N170 PVC conduit pipes 20 mm diameter per length -------N120 25 mm diameter per length------N130 Source-----------Cement tiles and building materials market along Lagos/Abeokuta Expressway.

Delta community lunches N100m house in Lagos T

he Ukwuani Foundation Union UFU, a Delta community in Lagos will this Saturday lunch N100 million Ukwuani House in Lagos. Ukwuani Foundation Union is the umbrella body of all Ukwuani people based in Lagos and in diaspora. According to Joseph Olise, a chief and president of Ukwuani Foundation Union, the building of the of the community house is to address the various housing problems facing members of UFU in Lagos, adding that the house is also to provide venue for meetings for members and venue for activities such as wedding receptions and other forms of get together for members. Olise who disclosed that his union has been renting venues for meetings and other activities concerning the union, said the union has therefore decided to build its own house in Lagos, which informed the fund raising for the project.. “‘In the past, we


have been renting venues for our meetings. But we have now decided to build our own house rather than continue to rent accommodation for our meetings and activities. “‘UFU is a non-profit organization and non-partisan. So, what we are doing today is for the welfare of our people. We are therefore calling on good spirited Nigerians to come to our assistance by donating generously towards the realization of Ukwuani House in Lagos. The aim and objective of the union is to promote the tradition of our people, promote our language and to promote the welfare of our people as well as emancipate our people. “‘In so doing, we do hold town meetings comprising about 16 clans of Ukwuani people in Lagos each holding its monthly meetings. The people send two representatives from each clan to UFU during its monthly meetings. The UFU has a project at

hand, and the project is to build Ukwuani House in Lagos. And this Ukwuani House, is to address the various housing problems affecting members of the 16 clans in Lagos. The house is also to provide venue for meetings for members and venue for activities such as wedding receptions and other forms of get together for members. This is why UFU has come together this year, that we will organise fund raising to be able to build our own house in Lagos for this purpose”, Olise stated.


e noted that the house is expected to be built on two plots in Surulere area of Lagos, pointing out that the project will gulp N100 million with facilities such as board rooms or halls including the major hall for meetings and wedding receptions. “It will also have a few chalets in case our children who come on visit to Lagos from other parts of

the country are finding it difficult to find where to lay their heads . With the provision of these chalets, our children who are visiting Lagos and have accommodation problem can be accommodated over the night before

they find their way by the next day to wherever they are going. The project will commence immediately after the fund raising event on November 3. It is expected to be completed in two and half years”, UFU president said.

LUGBE ESTATE DEMOLITION: Continues from pg 41 of some estate developers who continued to build on plots of land based on a back dated title documents from the Abuja Municipal Area Council, AMAC. The Director of Federal Capital Territory Department Control Unit, Yahaya Yusuff noted that AMAC allocation stopped being legal documents in 2004 while the building plan approval from AMAC also elapsed in 2006.

His words, “Failure of the estate developers to heed the advertorials prompted the Department to commence removal of such illegal structures. This exercise affected estates belonging to Nigerian Prison Services, Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps and Liberty estates. Also removed from a buffer zone along Outer Southern Expressway were 140 illegal structures belonging to one Messrs Sunshine Estate Limited.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012—43


Stakeholders brainstorm on sustainable energy for all national action plans on implementation BY EMMANUEL ELEBEKE

ITH over 160 million population and abundant energy and human potentials in Nigeria, majority of the citizens have no access to electricity, and are still relying on traditional biomass for heating and cooking needs, while those who have access are experiencing epileptic power supply. But experts say achieving the sustainable energy for all referred to as SE4ALL initiative, would provide the tonic Nigeria requires to join the league of nations that can boast of providing sustainable energy to their people. To them, achieving the noble objective requires rapid assessment and gap analysis on SE4ALL in Nigeria and the development of country specific strategies and action plans across government ministries and parastatals to support the mainstreaming of energy into the development process. It was against this backdrop that the Energy Commission of Nigeria in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme, UNDP, recently organised a stakeholders workshop to sensitize and domesticate the Sustainable Energy for All initiative in Nigeria and to review the draft Gap Assessment document on the initiative prepared for the country. At the workshop, various stakeholders presented their individual programmes, activities and project plans as well as targets geared towards the achievement of the SE4ALL interlinked objectives, with a view to come up with a blue print for the actualization of SE4ALL. Making the lead presentation, the representative of UNDP, Okon Ekpeyong, an engineer, said that the event was critical to Nigeria as it holds the magic wand that can fast-track the realisation of the Vision 202020 dream, through dedicated action plan for the implementation of SE4ALL initiative.



e said that sustainable development in any area in the world centers on the triple Es of environment, energy and economy, which could be achieved if Nigeria could focus on the three objectives of SE4ALL initiative with the right attitude and action plan for its

From left— UNDP Consultant, Mr. Ishiaku Mshelia, Engr. Johnson Ojosu and Mr. Abba Ibrahim. implementation. ‘‘A nexus exists between energy, economic growth and national development. Therefore, in producing and consuming energy for the growth of the national

economy, it must be done in a responsible and sustainable manner, a manner that not only meets, the needs of the present but also guarantees the future generations to meet their needs,’’ he added.

He said it was in recognition that access to modern affordable energy services in developing countries is key to the achievement of the MDGs and other development goals, that in December 2010, the

United Nations General Assembly declared 2012 the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All. Also, he said that it was for the same purpose that the UN Secretary General in September 2011, announced Sustainable Energy for All initiative, which seeks to identify and mobilize action by all stakeholders in support of energy access, energy efficiency and increasing the share of renewable energy. Earlier in his welcome address, the Director General of Energy Commission of Nigeria, Prof. Abubakar Sambo represented by Director, Energy Planning Analysis, ECN, Johnson Ojosu, an engineer, said the workshop was aimed at bringing all sectors of the society ranging from government, private sector and civil society organisations and academia together to support the interlinked objectives of SE4ALL, which is critical to Nigeria’s Vision 20-2020 objective.

Academy of Engineering decries moribund state of Nigerian steel complexes By KINGSLEY ADEGBOYE


embers of the Nigerian Academy of Engineering, NAE, comprising mainly fellows of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, NSE, have decried the moribund state of steel complexes across the country, describing the huge resources committed into the complexes by the Federal Government as a national waste. Making this observation at the October fellows’ forum with the theme “Steel: The Backbone of Advanced Economies, Wither Nigeria?" last week in Lagos, the body of fellows said the pathetic situations at Ajaokuta Steel Complex, Kogi State; Delta Steel Complex, Aladja in Delta State; Oshogbo Steel Rolling Mill and Katsina Steel Rolling Mill are giving them a cause for concern. They said the situation thus necessitates the question, where is the position of Nigeria in the scheme of international steel venture? The forum lamented that about eight years to Vision 2020: 20 when Nigeria is expected to become one of the world’s 20th economies, the state of steel industry in Nigeria is in shambles. They, therefore, resolved to boldly tackle the problem in the steel sector headlong as they successfully did to deliver the Nigerian Communications Commission when it was in crisis.

In his presentation, the guest speaker, Olusegun Ogunsola, a fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineers who said he had been a steel worker since 1972, noted that though the Nigerian steel industry had started showing signs of disequilibrium and stability in its early beginning, he pointed out that this problem became escalated during the 1975-1982 period when the struggle between the bureaucracy and the technocracy became so deep that cracks and failures began to show in the structural formation and organic systems of the steel venture.


ccording to him, the manipulations and intrigues that welcomed the replacement of the National Steel Council with the Steel Development Department under the Presidency dealt the first heavy blow to the Nigerian steel enterprise ecosystem. On the way forward, Ogunsola said since Ajaokuta and NIOMCO are strategic to the development of Nigeria, the government is advised to take all measures to ensure the objective of lighting Ajaokuta furnaces, adding that restructuring the Nigerian Steel enterprise is a must within the next three years and not later than December 2015. Continuing, he noted that as the President has professed, if Nigeria is to join the league of developing

economies, it must own functional steel plants and ASCL will be the bedrock of that initiative. He stressed that it will also be the support factor for smaller steel base plants that produce 20 million tonnes of varied steel products per annum if the nation has to satisfy the domestic market. “Because of its long term consequence in the life of the nation, Nigeria must continue to invest in steel since developing the Nigeria steel enterprise, NSE, is synonymous with developing Nigeria, arguing that the nation must develop the entire supporting infrastructure such as rail lines, ports and others. The programme for the development of flat sheets must be pursued and actualized by government. The original concept for flat steel production by ASCL should be maintained. “Since government is laying greater emphasis on private-sector driven Public-Private Partnership, PPP, and has set up management board for the Sovereign Wealth Fund, it is imperative for the steel industry to continue to receive the government’s support till the ASCL is firmly on the ground with all plants working before its starts to consider options of disinvesting /reducing her investment as in the British Government’s experience,” Ogunsola stated. C M Y K

44 — Vanguard , TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012

UN honours Nigerian peacekeepers BY UDUMA KALU ,500 Nigerian peace keepers, including 92 women, have been honoured with UN medals for their contribution to UNMIL and peace in Liberia. A UNMIL Information Note sent to the Vanguard quoted the Acting Head of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), Mr. Louis M. Aucoin on Monday October 22, 2012 of saying, “As we re-double our efforts in re-enforcing the capacity of Liberian security agencies; I count on your continued professionalism and zeal as UNMIL proceeds with the transition planning. Liberia’s stability will remain UNMIL’s top priority while we work with the Government and partners to map a critical path towards a complete transition.” Aucoin hailed Nigeria’s outstanding contribution to international peacekeeping, describing the country as a committed ally of the UN’s efforts to bring peace and security to the world. Turning to the Nigerian peacekeepers, deployed in Bomi, Gbopolu and Grand Cape Mount counties, the Acting UN envoy commended them for serving diligently in their area of operations.


Mr. Aucoin also lauded those assigned in Margibi and Montserrado counties for providing escort duties, conducting joint patrols with the Liberia National Police and UNMIL Formed Police Units, and for guarding government and UNMIL establ i s h m e n t s . The Acting SRSG thanked the Nigerian peacekeepers for going beyond the call of duty in assisting the people of Liberia, cataloguing several of their interventions aimed at improving the living conditions of Liberians. He particularly praised them for their continued effort to fill the educational gap by taking part in teaching activities in Monrovia and in other counties. Dignitaries present at the ceremony included UNMIL Force Commander Major-Gen. Muhammad Khalid; the Nigerian Ambassador to Liberia Mrs. Chigozie Felicia Obi- Nnadozie, the representative of the Chief of Army Staff of the Nigerian Army, Major General Emmanuel Bassey, UNMIL Deputy Force Commander, Brig. Gen. John Kwasie and UNMIL Force Chief of Staff, Brig. Gen. Hugh Van Roosen . The programme was also attended by other UNMIL Senior military and civilian staff..

Egyptian Copts vote for new Pope

OUTH African President Jacob Zuma has dropped a four-year-old lawsuit claiming nearly $600,000 in damages from a cartoonist who depicted him poised to rape “Lady Justice”, his office said. The Sunday Times, named as a defendant in the case, also said on Sunday it had reached agreement with Zuma’s lawyers for the suit and all claims to be ended. “The president ... would like to avoid setting a legal precedent that may have the effect of limiting the public exercise of free speech, with the unforeseen consequences this may have on our media, public commentators and citizens,” Mac Maharaj, a presidential spokesman, said in a stateC M Y K

ment. “It is the president’s view that a legal battle against individuals and institutions will be an unnecessary diversion,” the statement read. It added that it still saw the cartoon as an affront to the dignity of the president. Maharaj said Zuma’s decision to withdraw the lawsuit was informed by a series of considerations.

COUNCIL of Coptic Christians in Egypt is voting for a successor to Pope Shenouda III, who died in March. Two bishops and three monks are short-listed to become the 118th head of the region’s largest Christian minority. The council will pick three, writing their names on separate pieces of paper that will be placed in a box on the altar of St Mark’s Cathedral in Cairo. A blindfolded child will be asked to draw out one of the names on 4 November, thereby picking the new Pope. About 2,400 people have the right to vote in the ballot.


UNMIL Force Commander Major-Gen. Muhammad Khalid and Contingent Commander Brigadier General Charley Ogbonnaya Okoro Saluting the Nigerian Contingent Photo: Emmanuel Tobey /UNMIL

Mali: US, France put pressure on Algeria - most of them are Algeri- with Ansar Dine. Let us RANCE and the Unit ed States are stepping pressure on Algeria to back a military intervention in Mali, where Islamist fighters have taken control off the northern region. “An intervention in northern Mali is possible without the military backing of Algeria but not without its green light,” Pierre Boilley, the head of the Centre of African Studies, a French think-tank, said on Sunday. Algeria is the region’s biggest military power by some margin and has been dealing with northern Mali’s top Islamist leaders


an - for years. US officials on Sunday also called on greater regional involvement. “We encourage greater cooperation with the regional states in dealing with terrorist threat,” Johnnie Carson, Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of African Affairs, told the AFP news agency. “We encourage collaboration, communication with the notion that terrorists don’t recognise international boundaries... That is the key to success”. “Many countries in the region such as Algeria and several analysts think that negotiations are possible

Zuma drops cartoon rape case S


“Whereas the president believes that in an open and democratic society, a fine and sensitive balance needs to be maintained between the exercise of civil rights such as freedom of speech, and the dignity and privacy of others, that balance should be struck in favour of constitutional freedoms,” he said. Matters relating to dignity and the public standing of individuals cannot be mediated exclusively through the courts, his spokesman said. “Essentially, what lies at the heart of the Sunday Times’ publication of the cartoon was a set of deeply ingrained prejudices regarding not only the president, but which extend to views about African males

and sexual mores. “While the courts exist in part to protect citizens against racial and cultural prejudice and bigotry, those scourges will not be eradicated from our body politic through litigation alone.”

see,” Jean Felix Paganon, France’s envoy to the Sahel, told Jeune Afrique weeky. French officials discussed the crisis that split Mali in two since March during a visit by Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius in July and Mali will again top the agenda when US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meets President Abdelaziz Bouteflika in Algiers on Tuesday. French President Francois Hollande is also expected there in December. Once considered one of Africa’s most promising democracies, Mali has slid into chaos this year. Renegade soldiers overthrew the government of president Amadou Toumani Toure on March 22. The coup was short-lived but a Tuareg rebellion that had launched a major offensive two months earlier took advantage of the power vacuum to seize the entire northern half of the country.

Syrian planes hit Damascus suburb YRIAN warplanes bombarded a rebel stronghold in a Damascus suburb on Monday, the final day of a truce broken by air attacks and fighting between the two sides across the country, opposition activists said. Jets targeted Harat al-Shwam, a residential area a few kilometers east of the capital which President Bashar alAssad’s forces had tried to storm last week, activists said.


“Tanks are deployed around Harat al-Shwam but they haven’t been able to go in. They tried a week ago and failed,” said one activist who lives near the area and did not want to be named. Sham News Network, an activist group, said jets also raided farmland adjacent to the northern Damascus neighborhood of Barzeh and the city of Deir al-Zor in eastern Syria.

Al-Shabab kills Somali General TOP Somali military commander has been killed in an ambush - the first general to be killed by the Islamists. Mohamed Ibrahim Farah, nicknamed “Gordon”, was killed near Merca, a strategic town captured from the al-Shabab militants in August. The Somali government army and African Union troops have been battling the al-Qaeda-aligned group for several years. Al-Shabab has withdrawn from several key towns in recent months, but still controls much of the countryside.


Observers denounce Ukraine’s poll NTERNATIONAL ob servers say Ukraine’s election has been a backward step for democracy, marred by “the abuse of power and the excessive role of money”. The statement from the regional security body OSCE came as early results pointed to a win for President Viktor Yanukovych’s Party of Regions. Opposition leader and ex-prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko remains in prison. Mrs Tymoshenko has announced a hunger strike in protest at alleged vote rigging and is only drinking water. “One should not have to visit a prison to hear from leading political figures,” the OSCE said.


Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012 — 45

Hurricane Sandy stops Obama, Romney Obama’s lost message in sloppy campaign campaigns .S. President Barack Obama will not travel to a campaign event scheduled yesterday in Wisconsin and will stay in Washington to monitor Hurricane Sandy, the White House said on Monday. The event, just eight days ahead of the November 6 election, was scheduled to take place in the battleground state’s Green Bay area. Instead, Obama will “stay in Washington and closely monitor the impact of and response to Hurricane Sandy,” the White House said in a statement. As at today, President Obama cancelled his campaigns in Florida,Wisconsin and returned back to Washington for an emergency meeting convened by him over the disastrous Hurricane Sandy. His campaign office said he will be meeting with his team ahead of the Hurricane Sandy and will be addressing the press after on measures that has been taken to avoid human casualty while the storm lasts. Likewise, Mitt Romney has stopped his attacks on President Obama and given some space because of the national disaster that is likely to befall more coastal states in the few days ahead. Romney cancelled his campaigns in New Hampshire and has said his campaign offices will be giving relief materials to the people evacuated from their houses. Both campaigns agreed politics must take the backseat and nationhood taking the front seat as a big disaster looms. According to weather reports, over 50 to 60million people will be affected by the Hurricane Sandy while the cost of damages for homes alone was said to cost about 88billion dollars. As it presently stands, the storm is moving at about 90miles per hour and reports says it is life threatening because its about 6 to 11feet above sea level. It was also said that Hurricane Sandy is far

BY HUGO ODIOGOR, with agency report


F U.S. President Bar ak Obama fails to return to the White House on November 6, 2012, the first black man to occupy the White House would blame his sloppy campaign strategy and a campaign team that is bereft of ideas. President Obama has been everything but impressive in a campaign that has been characterised by negative attacks on peddling of half truths from both candidates. But President Obama has been timid and almost lacking in confidence to communicate his accomplishments in the past four years. With poll numbers showing that the Republicans and Democrats are running a close race in most of the states, President Obama has failed to communicate what he has accomplished in the Housing sector, which is showing some bright spot. The President is gasping for breath to tell Americans that the third quarter report on the economy shows some healthy signs of recovery, compared with 2008. The consumer spending rose solidly in September, putting the economy on a firmer footing for the last quarter. In an election year that every information matters to the electorates, Obama has failed to be his own best salesman. It took former President Bill Clinton to solidly create a message that boosted the confidence of the Democrats at the party’s national convention in August. The campaign picked up only for President Obama to slip into coma at the first round of the presidential debate. Although he picked up in the last two debates, by then he had shot himself on both feet. The first debate gave his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, the opportunity to alter the race. Since then Obama has been running on one foot. Although he has a lot that he can say about his first term, remarkably, his healthcare reforms, kill-



•Obama worse that Hurricane Irene that ravaged the United States last year. The New York subway has been short down since yesterday while more than 10million New Yorkers are stranded due to the closure of train stations as well. In the same vein, thousands of flights have been cancelled due to the Hurricane while states like Connecticut has shut down their highways to safeguard its citizens while over a million people have already lost power in a swing state of

Virginia. In Maryland, they are as well bracing up for the arrival of the Hurricane Sandy by this evening and state of emergency has been announced while flood has taken over all the highways. In North Carolina, about 14sailors were rescued while 2 were missing on a boat early this morning while evacuation processes still continues in virtually all the states expecting the storm.

British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Asian Airlines and several other foreign have cancelled thousand of flights to the coastal areas of the United States while major rail system in Washington and New York were all closed down while emergency team is being put in place in all the states ahead of the storm. Most Americans said they have never seen anything close to Hurricane Sandy in the past and some confessed they are nervous over the devastating Hurricane.

50 million people at risk Residents up and down the East Coast are preparing for what forecasters predict could be the worst storm in two generations as Hurricane Sandy is strengthening, putting 50 million people at risk. The eye of Sandy is forecast to make landfall late Monday night in Atlantic City, N.J., bringing with it life-threatening storm surges, forceful winds and rainfall that could cripple transportation and leave millions without power. But the force of the storm was already evident as powerful winds and high seas already began lashing the coast Sunday night. The size and power of the storm are almost without equal as several systems will combine to wreak havok on a large

section of the nation — from North Carolina to

New England as far west as the Great Lakes.

...sets off rush for supplies Good luck buying lanterns, generators, propane, or - if you are really unprepared - rain boots and batteries in areas in the path of Hurricane Sandy as it bears

down on the U.S. East Coast. The approach of the gigantic storm, which is expected to come ashore on Monday night set off a weekend scramble for supplies from Vir-

ginia to New England, causing long lines at gas stations, bare shelves at hardware and home-supply shops, and a run on bread, bottled water and canned foods.

ing Osama Bin Laden, the rescuing of the auto companies, the President waits for prompts from Romney to speak. Romney has been hitting hard on job creation, and the unemployment figure that is put at 23 million Americans. Obama has not been able to say what happened to the Job Act he took to Congress. He has been dumb on the near shutdown of government because of the budget deficit crisis. He has not been able to effectively challenge Romney to present his own fiscal plan for the economy or to pin point how he would create the jobs or balance the budget overnight once the Republicans take the White House in January 2013. The Republicans have used noise to drone Obama’s measure and the Democrats seem to be getting ready to write a post-mortem of the Obama years in the White House. According to CNN’s GPS anchor man Fareed Zakaria, the fiscal cliff looms ominously,but compared with the rest of the industrialized world and the arc of other post-bubble recoveries, the United States is ready for a robust revival”. This he said “is partly because of the dynamism of the U.S. economy, but also because of the timely and intelligent actions of the Fed and the Obama administration”. Zakaria asserted that “the next president will reap the rewards of work already done”. Obama is waiting till the end of the election to use this fact, and if he suffers defeat, then Romney will take credit for all the work done to put the economy on the part of recovery. Ironically Romney has “strongly criticized almost every measure that contributed to these positive trends.” According to Reuters : “Gross domestic product expanded at a 2 percent annual rate, the Commerce Department said last week, accelerating from the second quarter’s 1.3 percent pace. To be continued tomorrow

46—Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012


Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012—47

Governor Patrick Yakowa's visit to Kaduna bomb attack victims at Barau Dikko Specialist Hospital in Kaduna, yesterday. Pix: Olu Ajayi.

Archbishop Mattew Ndagoso of Kaduna Archdiocese praying for a Governor Patrick Yakowa of Kaduna State sympathises with a victim of the last victim. Sunday's bomb blast at the hospital in Kaduna.

Some victims at the hospital.

A two-month-old baby boy receiving treatment.

Ms. Janet Elisha, and other survivors.

48—Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012

As a result of the increase in pump price, many motorists now besiege the few stations that sell at N97 per litre to purchase fuel after spending several hours on the long queues

Akure, Ondo State

Typical long queue at a filling station.

Fuel scarcity to bite harder — Investigation Continues from Page 5 many filling stations refuse to sell the product at the official pump price of N97 per litre under the nose of the NNPC and the Ministry of Petroleum Resources as well as the Presidency. Investigations across the city revealed that many filling stations, especially those located in the outskirts continue to sell their products at between N110 and N125 per litre. This situation often led to long queues at stations that still bother to sell at the official rate. Long queues could be seen at major filling stations within the city, including those operated by the NNPC, who continue to sell at the approved pump price. However, commuters who may need the product in a hurry are forced to patronize the numerous black market operators strewn across major roads in the city and around the filling stations, or drive to filling stations around the suburbs which often sell at higher rates.

Abuja after Sallah Filling stations in Gwarinpa, Wuse 2, Garki, Maitama and Central Business areas are known to attract the longest queues since they sell at the government-approved pump price of N97 per litre. A few kilometers drive from the

city centre to areas like Lugbe, Gwagwalada, Nyanya and Mararaba, however, fuel is sold in many filling stations for N110 or more. Some of the commuters within the city believe that the Eid el Kabir holidays may have led to a reduction in the demand for products, as many people had to travel out of the city for the festivity, leading to worries of a possible return, at the end of the holidays, to the massive queues of the past few weeks. The NNPC, has attempted to assure that it has abundant stock of petroleum products to last for another several weeks. Ahead of the Eid el Kabir festivity and the envisaged heavy movement of people for the holidays, the Ministry of Petroleum Resources and the NNPC had tried to assure the public that it has stepped up fuel supply to the Federal Capital Territory and across the nation to meet up demands.

Bayelsa In Yenagoa, a litre of petrol is sold for N120 per litre at filling stations by independent marketers in the state due partly to what an insider blamed on the parlous state of the East-West Road and the paltry quota allotted to the state by the DPR depot, Port

Harcourt. With the Patani flank of the East-West Road in Delta and the AhoadaMbiama axis in Rivers State cut off by flood, Bayelsa State was literally cut off from the rest of the country, prompting the state government to direct construction giant, Julius Berger to intervene in the AhoadaMbiama front, a development which helped improve vehicular movement on the route. But the state, it was learnt, will continue to experience short fall in product due largely to the epileptic supply chain. The state, according to informed sources, is allocated a meager five truck daily which most times do not get to the state. Marketers in the state are compelled to source for the product in the open market in Port Harcourt with some of them travelling as far as Lagos to source for fuel from private tank farm owners if they must keep their filling stations running. The result is that product users are made to bear brunt, a station attendant who pleaded anonymity told Vanguard. Interestingly, only the NNPC mega station in the capital city is selling at N97 per liter, and as a result, always having long queues spanning 2km on very busy days. Though most of the fill-

ing stations in the state capital are under lock and key due to non availability of the product the few stations such as Emily, Ebilade, Timikon, AP, Emitari and Macary sell at N120 per litre. Surprisingly the product which is lacking in most of the stations in town is readily available in the black market where a litre costs between N180 and N200. Vanguard recalls that attempt by the state task force to compel the independent marketers to sell at the approved pump price a couple of weeks ago led to a shut down of business by the latter. One of the major players in the business, Chief Gospel Kpokpowei , blamed the seeming scarcity on the inability of marketers to source the product at the depot due to the paltry allocation allotted the state. Kpokpowei who confirmed that only seven trucks are allocated the state in a week said independent marketers in the state are forced to go to the open market to procure fuel. He noted with regret that there was no way they could sell at the government approved pump price since they bought the product at the open market at a more expensive price than the depot cost. Also, the station manager of Timikon, who simply gave his Bukola

corroborated the position of Chief Kpokpowei saying they bought the product from the open market because of the delay in supply and meagre allocation accorded the state. In his remark, the chairman of the state petroleum task force, Benjamin Abrakasa, lauded the resilience of the marketers in ensuring availability of the product in the state in spite of the crisis situation caused by flood.

It's above N97 pump price in Asaba Majority of petrol stations in Asaba, Delta State capital and environs are selling petrol above the official pump price of N97 per litre. Investigation by our reporter revealed that the filling stations sell between N110 and N120 per litre. Except the three NNPC fuel depots located in Asaba, Total and Mobile filling stations, virtually others sell above pump price. Most worrisome of it all, is that the some of the stations have even gone ahead to adjust their metres. At one of the filling stations on the Asaba-Benin expressway, the manager who simply gave his name as Chiedu explained that “it is not our fault that we are selling above N100 because of short supply”.

THE fuel scarcity across Ondo State has lingered for almost one month. Except for one or two of the major marketers all other independent and major marketers sell the product for between N120 and N130 per litre across the state. Long queues characterised the few filling stations that sell at the approved N97 per litre while dealers do not sell such product for more than three hours. Black market operations have been booming across the state in the past one month. It was discovered that majority of the major marketers in the state sell above the pump price of N97 per litre while all the independent marketers sell for N120 per litre across the state. Major marketers who sell for N97 per litre close early only to sell into jerry cans late at night at N120 per litre. Even the NNPC Mega Station in the state has run out of stock for days. Major and independent marketers interviewed said that they will be selling at a loss if they sell their consignment at N97 per litre. According to them they bridge the products from a far distance and the cost of transport has eaten into their gains. The state consumer agency has been going round to sanction filling station selling above the pump price. It has sealed many station which equally have been under dispensing the product to un suspecting consumers across the state.

Fuel Sells for N140 in C-River In Calabar there has been scarcity of Premium Motor Spirit, while hoarding of the product and the sale at black market has become the order of the day. For about two weeks now, most of the Independent Marketers in the state have been selling the product above the government Continues on Page 49

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012—49

A file photo of long queue at an Abuja filling station.

Fuel scarcity to bite harder — Investigation Continues from Page 48 recommended pump price of N97. 00 per litre. The Independent Marketers sell between N120 and N140 per litre and always have the product in stock. But that is not the case with the major marketers like Total, Oando, Conoil, AP etc, although they sell at the government approved pump price of N97, most of them claimed not to have PMS. Most often, it is the Mega station, or the stations run by the NNPC, that motorists buy the PMS but there is always long queue as the stations sell the normal pump price of N97. Investigations revealed that some of the major marketers prefer to load the product in the evening resell to the independent marketers above the pump price at night. A source close to some of the major marketers had hinted that they sell their products to the independent marketers at night at N105 per litre. Besides, some of the major marketers who operate in the night make brisk money by selling to the black marketers who sell to motorists at their own price, though based on the buyers bargaining power.

In some cases ten litres of petrol is sold between N1,500 and N2, 500. At Uddy King Filing station, Atu street, Calabar, where as at Sunday they were selling at N120, one of the fuel attendants who spoke on the condition of anonymity claimed that they always buy PMS at a higher price and most time the product was scarce. The station had sold a litre at N140 within the sallah day; the attendant said that if the government wanted the independent marketers to sell at the approved pump price, government should checkmate the sell of the product from the depot. At MRS in Mayne Avenue, Calabar, the price of the product was boldly written N130 but the attendant claimed that it was the price they sold on Saturday and that on Sunday, they were selling N110 per litre. The manager of NNPC mega station, Emmanuel Baboo said the independent marketers seemed to be extorting money from the public and it appeared government no longer have control over them. According to him, the mega station sell at the recommended N97 because they get supply from government, adding that the reason why

the product was always available in the independent marketers outlets was because they buy the products at higher price from the major marketers and some major marketers were always willing to sell to them because they make more money from it.

Ado Ekiti Petroleum scarcity has now become a daily occurrence in Ado Ekiti and some major towns and villages in different parts of the state in the last few weeks Most filling stations sell between N115 and N120 per litre, even as the two NNPC mega stations located in the state capital did not have the product. Adducing reasons for the scarcity and why the product was being sold above the official price of N97 per litre, Mr Demola Ojo the station manager of AP Filling Station ,Egbewa junction Ado Ekiti, said his station buys from the third parties as most marketers where they used to lift fuel are no more interested in supplying the product because of the high cost involved. He said the cost of lifting fuel from Ejigbo Depot to Ado Ekiti was about N110 per litre, adding that the cost of diesel used to dis-

pense petrol must be taken into consideration before arriving at selling above N97 official price

Ilorin There has been acute shortage of petroleum in ilorin and metropolis for some weeks now. From the International Airport, Ilorin road, when entering the Kwara state capital from ogbomosho axis, to Ganmo when coming into Ilorin from Offa, among others, majority of the fuel stations are always under lock and key.? But on very rare occasions when there is fuel supply in one of the stations, it is always rowdy, even as it is being sold for N110 or N120 per liter, Also on very few occasions when the NNPC mega station along Asa Dam sell petrol to the public there is always long queue because it is the only station that sells at the official price of N97 per litre. As a result of this rigour those who could not withstand it always prefer to buy at higher price Explaining the rationale behind the current experience, an elder of Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria(IPMAN)in Kwara State,Alh.Kunle

Sanni said it was as a result of the damaged supply point to the area in Ogun state which has caused drastic reduction in supplies to ilorin and its environment. He added that on rare occasion when dealers are supplied, they buy the product from second, third or even fourth party before selling to the end users hence it cannot be sold at the official pump price.

officials to put these people in check from exploiting the already exploited citizens. The managers of these filling stations are just feeding fat on innocent citizens. "I can’t wait to see these people locked behind bars for sabotaging Nigeria’s economy and exploitation of the people.”

It's between N110 and N120 per litre in Lagos

Most filling station managers who were selling above N97 per litre, were not willing to comment on the situation but one who did not reveal his identity, explained that it was not the fault of the dealers. He said they bought the last product from depot at the rate of N103 per litre because of the limited supply available in the sector, hence, the present pump price of N110. “Nobody goes into any business to incur loss, and we have to recoup our money. The manager of Ghegheto filling station, along Lasu-Isheri Road,Lagos s, Mr. Henry Oheri, said that they now buy the product above the official pump price which has left them with no option than to sell at N110 per litre. Explaining their ordeal, Oheri said: “Before now, we buy the product at N90 per litre from the depot and the marketers add their profit margin which increased the price of the product to N92 while the owners of the filling stations sell at N97. “Last week, our driver slept at the depot for four days, and even at that, he was unable to get the product until the close of work last Wednesday. But on Saturday, we went back contacting a private truck that already had access to one of the depot, who assisted us in transporting the 33, 000 litres of the product down to the station. All these do not include the unofficial negotiation that went on before we were able to get the product. “Also, we had to pay the truck N100, 000 to convey the product. All these will be added to the cost price of the product.”

In Lagos, filling stations have unilaterally hiked pump price which is now between N110 and N120 per litre in most filling stations across the metropolis. A random sampling conducted since last Friday up till yesterday, showed that many filling stations were not opened for business as their gates were securely locked. Motorists and other fuel consumers had to go round for any stations that were opened for business. Most of the filling stations that had the product sold above the N97 official price per litre when Vanguard visited. Even Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, Mega filling station along Oshodi Apapa Expressway, at Mile 2 area and the NNPC mega stations at Lasu-Isheri Road were shut. Some consumers, including teenagers and adults were seen clutching various sizes of jerry cans and kegs, searching for the product to power their generator as Power Holding Company of Nigeria, had plunged into perpetual darkness.

Consumer’s comment When Vanguard spoke with one of the buyers, Mr. Akpan Johnson, on why they are still patronizing the filling stations despite the unapproved hike, he said: “We have no choice but to buy the product because most filling stations do not have fuel to sell while some of them are hoarding it for no just cause. ”Don’t we have responsible government

Station managers comment

Continues Tomorrow

50—Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012


Vanguard, By Joshua Adeyemo Phone 08056180139 CANCER: Mercury has started going on backward motion in your Star sign, therefore you will need to re-examine both your personal ideas and advice given to you by others. Be family minded. LEO: Avoided you don’t allow others to mislead you, things will not go wrong. The more willing you are to take the initiative the better for you. Take your love life more seriously. VIRGO: Although you will need to be as secretive as you can, your success will attract others’ attention to you to the betterment of your cause. Be ambitious. LIBRA: People who more influential than you will be willing to support your cause but you will need to make the necessary move. The more self assertive you are the better. SCORPIO: Challenges of yesterday will today bring you good opportunities along your career/business lines to the betterment of your finances seek supporters of powerful ones.


— 51



THOUGHT FOR TODAY By Richard Eromosele

HE bridge here is metaphorical. It means before we get to the spot, the scene of an action, incident, act, problem etc. Thinkers over the ages have agreed that the fear of fear is more

When do you cross the bridge?


powerful than fear itself. Most times, what we fear never happens. It has no sub-


stance. It is not true. And it is not real. The question then arises — why do we fear im-

in “Never say goodbye”

pending doom, especially, when there is probability of it not happening. Just as you do not attempt to cross the bridge afar, there is no use killing ourselves over things that may never come to be.

By Lanre Kehinde

SAGITTARIUS: Think of the best way to improve on your working pattern in order to enhance your career prospects if you listen to your creative self, things will work out fine for you. Be more loving. CAPRICORN: Success is boldly printed on your cards today. Think of both immediate and far future while you are savouring goodies offered you but mother nature. AQUARIUS: You should not have it tough while trying to win the needed supports of others. Take good advice from some of your friends who are creatively gifted. PISCES: Your creativity quotient is enhanced today and if you demonstrate this within your working arena, you’ll earn success and consolidate on your recent progress. ARIES: As mercury prepares to go on backward motion it is important you don’t take things for granted. Watch carefully what you agree to do. TAURUS: Better than yesterday. Others will be willing to give you the needed co-operation both at home and within your working arena. This is a good day for lovers.



“Princess Shii’

By Andy Akman

GEMINI: Those of you who are more enterprising will have much to show for your efforts. The more cooperative you. Don’t neglect love.

ASTROLOGICAL COUNSELLING Send your date and place of birth to the Astrological Counselling, P.M.B 1007, Apapa, Lagos

What does future have for me Dear Joshua, I don’t want you to publish my data. However, I want to know how the planets lined up when I was born. And which day of the week was I born, would I record success in life ? When would my success come? Abbey Ibadan Dear Abbey,


You were born on a Jupiter ruled day - Thursday. You’ll succeeded earlier than you think. Your Horoscope Data DAY OF BIRTH: THURSDAY SUN SIGN = PISCES: SUN IN 25TH DEGREE OF PISCES MOON SIGN: PISCES: MOON IN 21ST DEGREE OF PISCES MERCURY IN 28TH DEGREE OF AQUARIUS VENUS IN 28TH DEGREE OF ARIES MARS IN 7TH DEGREE OF CANCER JUPITER IN ZERO DEGREE OF AQUARIUS SATURN IN 27TH DEGREE OF CAPRICORN URANUS IN 22ND DEGREE OF LEO NEPTUNE IN 11TH DECREE OF SCORPIO PLUTO IN 6TH DEGREE OF VIRGO NORTH NODE IN 6TH DEGREE OF PISCES CARDINAL AND MUTABLE STAR SIGN HOSTED THREE PLANETS EACH, FIXED AND WATER FOUR EACH, FIRE EARTH AND AIR HOSTED TWO EACH. PUSHFUL INFLUENCE = 40% NON-PUSHFUL INFLUENCE = 60% HIGHLY HIGHLIGHTED STAR SIGN = AQUARIUS FINAL DISPOSITOR = SATURN ANALYSIS OF THE HOROSCOPE DATA Saturn as the final dispositor-the most influential planet at home when you were born, pointed to you as an ambitious person who must have a well developed career. You are a disciplined person with higher degree of leadership quality in yourself. Although, you can be emotional, you are stable and reliable. Less than 50 per cent of push-full influence in you is an indication of your being an amiable person. Both your natal sun/moon in Pisces and Aquarius are indications of characteristic of star signs are highly pronounced in your inner-self Having your hands on public pulse will always bring you unexpected success and fulfilment.


by Lawrence Akapa

52—Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012

Revamping education

the sector

Dear Sir, heart bleeds whenever I begin to ponder about the falling standard of education in the country. The avoidable spate of degeneration in standard of education gives me sleepless nights because if nothing drastical is done to restore standard and possibly improve on it, our country would be infested with myriads of ill educated graduates by the time we arrive at the utopian year, 2020 when we are expected to be at par with other climes, in terms of development and its attendant features. Presently, Nigeria is basking on the euphoric mantra: QUALITY EDUCATION FOR ALL by the year 2015 but there are no visible signs that the cherished target will come to reality. Instead of government taking pro active and practical measures on the subject, it's rhetorics and application of cosmetic measures that worsen the situation the more. The lack lustre attitude of government civil servants in our various ministries has



infiltrated our public secondary schools. Teachers in the public secondary schools, with an exception of unity schools no longer go to classes to teach. They have tactfully abandoned that sublime part of their job and resort to staying in the staff room, chatting, exchanging pleasantries and making business connections with their cell phone and indulging in other frivolities. This discourse is built on empirical evidence and not an extrapolation or conjecture. The resultant effect of this new development is that the students are not adequately taught and so examination failure is inevitable. The teachers now decide to cover their dark side by choosing to assist the students in the exam hall and this is achieved by conniving with the invigilators Government and other stake holders should visit our public schools from time to time to make sure teachers follow the lay down procedures and anyone found wanting should be cautioned

and or sent packing from the system to serve as a deterrent to others. Moreover, our citadel of learning should be restructured and redefined in line with what obtains outside our shores. Students should be encouraged to read wide and not to confine their reading to only their lecturers' personally written text books. Lecturers should be made to understand that their mission is not to exploit the students financially but to exploit their knowledge. Marking of their papers should be on merit and not on preference.. Government should do something to revamp this sector otherwise the target year, 2015 and the vision 2020 for education would only be wishful thinking. Nkemakolam Gabriel Port Harcourt 08072257360

IGP and police brutality


State House waste and 2013 budget Why would the State House spend N327.154.931 on refreshment and N406,738,969 to purchase food staff and the Vice President, Sambo to spend

N112.5million to purchase food for the 2013 fiscal year. Why this waste? The same fiscal year, N553,056,411 will go for sitting allowance while the presidency is to spend N72,510,832 just to fuel generators set. Why not channel the funds to make power supply efficient in the country? Minister of


N igeria @ 52 IGERIA is 52 years and we are still grappling with the problems of bad roads, employment, corruption, kidnapping, assassination, delay in payment of pension/ gratuity, flooding, terrorism and a host of other challenges. These are clear indications that our past leaders did not do enough to meet the yearnings of the common man. Despite the abundant natural resources bestowed upon us by the creator, the sad truth is that most Nigerians still living in abject poverty. This ought not be. The transformation of Nigeria should be geared towards meeting the immediate needs of the common man and not about lofty ideas that do not make much meaning to them. What is governance if the needs of the majority are not promptly attended to? Anonymous 08153089490

An Abuja High Court, presided by Justice Kekemeke, delivered s judgement that should halt security agencies that make brutalising people their duty by awarding N100 million as special damages to Demond Utonwan, a Senior Correspondent with the News Magazine. It seems the Nigerian Police have forgotten that every individual is entitled to dignity of his person and no person shall be

Despite the abundant natural resources bestowed upon us by the creator, the sad truth is that most Nigerians still living in abject poverty. This ought not be

Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Alison- Madueke is to spend N25,036,076 just to maintain generators while other countries are celebrating several years of on interrupted power supply. Where are we heading to? Our leaders should spend all the 'wasted funds' on infrastructure which would be of more benefit to the masses. Anthony, Lagos State

Dear Sir, WISH to use your widely read newspaper to draw the attention of Minister of Works to the deplorable condition of Oshodi/Apapa Expressway at Mile 2 spot by Festac side which has continued to constitute a daily nightmare to Apapa and Mile 2 bound motorists. The gullies at the spot are responsible for the permanent gridlock there which sometimes extends downward to Rainbow area of the ever busy expressway. Worse is the fact that hoodlums now use the


journalist, Demond Utonwan, a Senior Correspondent with the News Magazine and the subsequent judgement of N100 million. Brutalities are not limited to journalists during protest. The police attack people under the guise of keeping the peace. The police has to take this judgement serious, apart from the cost of damages, for more telling situations where people die from police brutalities. What compensations can the Force pay to their loved ones? The IGP and Commissioner should punish the officers who dehumanised Utonwen and other innocent citizens as a lesson to others. Stanley, Lagos State



subject to torture or any inhuman or degrading statement. The Inspector General of Police should reorient his men. Anonymous 08038421109

Still on brutality

Deplorable Oshodi/ Apapa expressway


The media is the fourth estate of the realm, so I see no reason why the Nigerian police would take up violent action against a defenceless


Our refineries are not functional. They need Turn Around Maintenance( TAM). The illegal ones in Delta state region are operating and Maku says they are illegal. In the local content spirit, we should expand and

gridlock as an avenue to harass and threaten motorists. The situation becomes more helpless when it rains, as the flood on the highway covers the bad spots thereby forcing motorists to narrow the dual carriageway to a single lane in order to avoid getting stuck in those bad spots covered by the flood. I use this medium to appeal to Works Minister to use his good offices to intervene as a matter of urgency, as the situation is getting worse by the day. If it is just palliative measure by the Federal Roads Maintenance Agency FERMA, it will help in ameliorating the sufferings of motorists and commuters on the road, while a permanent solution to that portion of the Oshodi/Apapa dual carriageway is sought by the Federal government. Thanks for your anticipated intervention. Mr. Jimoh Mahmud, Mile 2 ' Lagos.

modernise these illegal refineries and then use them to refine our crude instead of exporting crude for same purpose . We have to grow and challenge Euro, American just as China has done. Ugonwanne 08064091428

National honour


The awards given to the late General Sani Abacha and former governor of Bayelsa State, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha portray the abysmal level the Nigerian State has degenerated. It is absurd, unsavoury and abhorrent that a people could honour individuals whose actions in office made Nigeria a pariah state. True, some Nigerians are shameless. Segun, Lagos State.

SAYINGS OF OUR ELDERS 1.If you do not want lizards to visit you, do not bring home firewood that contain ants. Francis Uzoaru(07025716475), Nitel Headquarter, Abuja, FCT Send us your Sayings of Our Elders. They must be African sayings or proverbs. Biblical or English proverbs are unacceptable. You will be paid N100.00 for every saying published. Address your sayings to: The Co-ordinator, Sayings of Our Elders,Vanguard Media Ltd., PMB 1007, Apapa,

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012 — 53

Chelsea vs Man U splash....Chelsea vs Man U splash Mikel’s racism claims to end ref’s career ARK CLAT TEN BURG’S career as a referee could be over if he is proven to have racially abused a Chelsea player. That is the view of former Premier League official Jeff Winter, who spent 25 years in the game before retiring at the top in 2004. Winter said: “If a match official has used racial insults or language to a player then he’s for the high jump. “He won’t be getting a four-match or an eightmatch ban, it’ll probably be the end of his career, but that is if indeed he did say anything.” Winter feels there is no way that Clattenburg can continue refereeing while the allegations are hanging over him. He added: “I feel it very unlikely that Mark Clattenburg would be allowed to referee until it’s dealt with. “We certainly don’t want this going on for weeks and months. “Initially it is insulting words and I must admit I smiled at that. “We watch football matches every week of the year hearing players use insulting words to referees. “Then somebody takes umbrage when somebody allegedly says something back. But I just hope this


can be cleared. “It’s slightly ironic that players dish it out left right and centre. “If something has been said back — and we’re not talking about racial here, we’re talking about like for like — then I don’t think anybody’s got a right to complain. “I’m not saying referees should do it but there seems to be one law for one set of people and one law for another. “But this inference that racial language has been used is very, very serious.”

Clattenburg: Ref who loves the spotlight S a top-class FIFA and Barclays Premier League referee, Mark Clattenburg is no stranger to controversy. He is one of the new breed of celebrity officials, always happy to be at the centre of attentioninaworldofglitzand glamour. BeforeSundaynighthewas marked out by FIFA as one of thetopofficialsinworldfootball. At the Olympics he was chosen to referee the final betweenBrazilandMexico,a prestigious appointment in a


RED REF.....Clatternburg with his red card

…....Pulled off Premier League duty this weekend ARK Clattenburg has been pulled off Premier League duty this weekend as the FA investigates claims he used “inappropriate language” towards Chelsea players. An official complaint from Chelsea alleges the referee twice overstepped


the mark in separate incidents during the club’s 32 home defeat to Manchester United on Sunday. One of the incidents under investigation is understood to have involved Blues midfielder John Obi Mikel.

Ref mentions ‘extraordinary incident’

SORRY PAL....Wayne Rooney of Man U offers his hand to Fernando Torres of Chelsea after he was sent off

MARK Clattenburg has referred to an ‘extraordinary incident’ in his match report from Sunday ’s explosive game at Stamford Bridge. The FA are set to review video evidence after launching an investigation into claims referee Clattenburg ra-

cially abused Chelsea midfielder John Obi Mikel during Blues’ 32 defeat by Manchester United. The specific incident referred to by Clattenburg remains unclear but referees submit them on matters that may require FA intervention.

I’m surprised dad didn’t headbutt Suarez ---- Moyes’ girl


VERTON manager David Moyes’ daughter has slammed Liverpool’s Luis Suarez for taunting her dad - tweeting: “Very surprised my dad didn’t just nut Suarez Her outburst came after the Uruguayan ace celebrated his first goal in Sunday’s 2-2 draw by sprinting towards the opposition’s manager and diving to the floor. But while the Everton boss managed to keep his cool in the face of Suarez’ cheeky celebration, his girl Lauren quickly saw red. And while she deleted her message an hour later, by that time it had been retweeted more than 700 times. She did add an apology however, saying: “Sorry if that last tweet offended anyone #caught up in the moment.”

CELEBRATION......Luis Suarez of Liverpool celebrates scoring during the match against Everton at Goodison Park on October 28. It ended 2-2.

game watched by a global audience. FIFAhavebeenmonitoring his progress and he is expected to be put forward to betheEnglishrepresentation at the 2014 World Cup. It would be a remarkable honour,butheisnowfighting to save his reputation in the professionalgame. Clattenburg,37,isregarded by the PGMO as one of their top officials, but he has been through some controversial moments in his career. In 2009 Mark Hughes and hiscoachingstaffwerefurious with him over comments he allegedly made about Craig Bellamy when he played for Manchester City against Bolton. Bellamyhadbeenhisusual volubleselfduringthefirsthalf and was later sent off by Clattenburg for a second yellow card during a tempestuousPremierLeague clash. Accordingtoaccountsatthe time,theDurham-bornreferee asked the City bench: ‘How do you put up with Bellamy?’ Hughes was incensed that an official would appear to jeopardise his impartiality by makingcommentsaboutone of his players. Thesameyear,Clattenburg wassuspendedbythePGMO after being accused of an offthe-field controversy with a former business partner. On the field he has been dogged by criticism of his handling of high-profile and importantincidents. Fouryearsearlierhewasthe refereewhofailedtospotPedro Mendes’s ghost goal at Old TraffordforTottenham. ManchesterUnitedkeeper RoyCarrollwasbeatenbythe Portuguesemidfielder’slobin 2005,butClattenburgfailedto see that the ball had crossed the line. It provoked widespread indignation and even derision. In 2007 he was involved in a bizarre incident at the Merseyside derby after appearing to take Steven Gerrard’s opinion into considerationwhenhebooked Everton defender Tony Hibbert.Clattenburgappeared to upgrade a caution to a red cardandlaterfailedtosendoff LiverpoolwingerDirkKuytfor a waist-high lunge. At Old Trafford in 2010 he was the referee when Nani took advantage of a bizarre mistake by Spurs goalkeeper HeurelhoGomestotaptheball into the net.

54 —

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012

Eaglets battle Mali for Morocco 2013 Cole eyes Man United switch A A

ll-conquering Golden Eaglets will now face Mali next month for a place in the 2013 African Junior Championship in Morocco. The first leg will be played in the weekend of November 17-18, while the return match is fixed for the weekend of December 1-2. The Eaglets eliminated Guinea 7-0 on aggregate after they trounced their hosts 4-0 on Sunday, while Mali eliminated Mauritania by beating them 5-1 at home after they lost the first game 21. The 2013 African Junior Championship will be staged in Morocco from April 13 and Nigeria have missed out on the last two tournaments. “We thank Almighty Allah for this win,” Eaglets coach Manu Garba said after another big win on the road. “Though we made few mistakes, the most important thing is that we have shown what we are capable of doing any time. “We won’t rest on our oars until we secure our qualification to the U17 tournament in Morocco.” “No matter what anybody would say, you can’t take away the quality in this team and they have proved it once again,” stated a visibly happy NFF executive member Muazu Suleiman, who was also the leader of delegation when they defeated Niger 4-1 in Niamey.

TENSE: A midfield action recorded in the first leg of the 2013 African U-17 championships qualifier between Nigeria and Guinea at the U.J.Esuene Stadium Calabar. Nigeria won 3-0

SHLEY Cole will not rule out the possibility of joining Manchester United when his Chelsea contract expires at the end of the season despite a raft of interest from abroad. Cole, 31, will be out of contract at Stamford Bridge in the summer and with the club so far refusing to offer him anything more than a oneyear extension - in line with their policy for players over 30 - the leftback is seriously considering his options. It is believed that five

Utaka seeks Afcon 2013 shirt OHN Utaka has promised a 120% effort for Nigeria if he is picked for next year ’s AFCON in South Africa. The striker, who made a goal-scoring return for French champions Montpellier at the weekend against Nice after he was sidelined by a groin injury, told his commitmenttoNigeriaisnot negotiable. “It’s the coach who decides who to invite, but for me any time I am given the chance, I will give a 120% for my country, said Utaka, who started two qualifiers under Stephen Keshi in June. Utaka started 2014 World Cup qualifiers against Namibia and Malawi and was then dropped for the 2013 AFCON qualifier at


home against Rwanda after he fired blank in both games. He said Nigeria have the quality to win a third Nations Cup trophy in South Africa because Keshi has made remarkableprogresswiththe team since he took charge last year. “We have what it takes to win the Nations Cup in South Africa,” he said. “Coach Keshi has been doing a great job and anyone who is following the work of the coach will admit that huge progress has been made.” However, he warned that a first round group that pitches the Eagles against defending champions Zambia, Burkina Faso and Ethiopia ought not to be taken lightly.


European clubs have expressed an interest and made it clear they want to be kept informed of developments, with United thought to be one of them. The England international would prefer to stay at Chelsea but while many believe a move to Europe will be his most likeliest of options, the player is refusing to rule out a move to one of his current club’s biggest rivals. “Ashley is cool, relaxed about his future and his contract,” a source told ESPN. “He wants to stay at Chelsea, but there are no further plans for more talks. “Everyone at the club can see the sense of offering Ashley a longer contract as he is only just over 30, but until the owner relents there is little point in having more talks. “As for Manchester United. Why not? Ashley hasn’t made up his mind about anything, but there are offers from France, Spain and Italy, so he has a wide choice. You would need to ask him if he fancies going abroad or would stay in England. He won’t be going to Russia though. “There is nothing Ashley has said that would preclude going to Manchester United, but it’s Chelsea where he wants to stay, so its really up to Roman Abramovich what happens next.”

Ahly fans to boycott CAF Champions League final

ALL FOR TENNIS: From Left, Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer First City Monument Bank, Mr. Ladi Balogun, Delta State Governor, Emmanuel Uduaghan and Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola, at the Finals of the 12th Governor’s Cup Lagos Tennis Sponsored by FCMB and Etisalat held in Lagos on Saturday.

THE fanatical supporters of Egyptian side Al Ahly, the ‘ultras’, say they will not be attending the first leg of the African Champions League final. Last week Egypt’s Ministry of Interior had agreed to allow around 20,000 fans to watch the game in Alexandria on 4 November against defending champions Esperance of Tunisia. But Ultras Ahly said on their Facebook page that they will not return to watch their team until they feel justice has been served with respect to the fans that died in Port Said in February. Ahly fans were among the more than 70 supporters that lost their lives during violent clashes as their

team played Al Masry. “Nine months have passed and we are still waiting for a verdict,” the statement said. “Therefore we announce that neither Ultras Ahlawy or Ultras Devils will be present at the African Final or any other match before claiming the rights of our colleagues.” The match is set to take place at the 90,000 seat Borg El Arab Stadium and is only the second game in Egypt that fans have been allowed in to see since February’s tragedy. There has been no league football in Egypt since the deaths and it has now been postponed indefinitely after several dates were proposed but then changed due to continued security concerns.


Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 30, 2012 — 55

NFF rues missing carton of white jerseys Delta sports summit holds today HE Nigeria Football Federation has lamented the loss of a whole carton of white jerseys of the Senior Women National Team, Super Falcons, on transit as the team travelled to Equatorial Guinea for the 8th African Women Championship finals. Speaking in Bata on Monday, after the Falcons’ deserved 2-1 defeat of the Lionesses of Cameroon at the Nkoantoma Stadium, NFF’s Director of Competitions, Dr. Mohammed Sanusi said the non-arrival of the carton added to the depression of Nigerian team officials at African women football’s flagship tournament. “We arrived in Malabo to poor treatment, had to found a way to connect to Bata, were rushed into a low-quality hotel and then discovered, after changing hotel, that a whole carton of white jerseys meant for the team had got missing on transit. “It was a demoralizing situation and we just had to find a way to keep it away from the players until after the match against Cameroon. Thank God, the girls went out to secure victory. “Since arriving in Equatorial Guinea, we have had to face a litany of troubles, but the Nigerian spirit doesn’t die and that is why the team is determined more than ever to crush every opposition on the way to retaining the title,” Sanusi concluded.




Eaglets exchange pleasantries with their Guinean counterparts in Conakry.

BRF win National club cricket championships RF Cricket Club on Sunday,October 28, at the Abuja Cricket Oval, defeated Crocodile on run rate to clinch the the 6th National Cricket Club Championship trophy for the 4th time running.BRF CC run rate was 4.7 while that of Crocodile CC of Kaduna was 2. 6. The match was stopped by heavy rain after Crocodile were 54 for 2 in 21 overs. In the 1st innings, BRF CC were bowled all out for 188 runs in 38 overs. Godwin Onoja accounted for 3 wickets for 34 in 8 overs. Onikoyi Ademola, Friday Udoh and Jide Bejide (BRF),were good with the bat as they scored 38, 31 and 33 respectively. In the 2nd semi final match played earlier on


Falcons Continues from BP The Super Falcons started the game on an impressive note as they dominated the first stanza and deservely took the lead at the tail end of the first half when O n y i n y e c h i Ohagugha fired a canon from 20 yards. The Indomitable Lioness of Cameroon fought back on resumption, but it was the Nigerians who would have doubled the lead in 49th minute when Stella Mbachu’s 19-yard shot hit the crossbar. Cameroon then drew level via a 53rd minute penalty converted by skipper Patience Mani after a Nigerian

defender committed an infringement inside the box. They then dominated the better part of second half and would have taken the lead when Louni fired wide in front of an open net after Precious Dede in goal for Nigeria spilled the ball. Substitute Ngozi Okobi brought life to Nigeria attack and her pullout found the durable Pe r p e t u a Nkwocha at far post to connect home with a diving header in the 90th minute to seal a hard-earned victory for the African champions. In Sunday ’s opening game, hosts Equatorial Guinea pipped South Africa 1-0.

Saturday October 27, Crocodile CC of Kaduna, defeated University of Nigeria Cricket Club of Enugu (UNN CC) by 84 runs to qualify for the final. UNN CC won the toss and opted to field. The boys from Enugu gave the

Kaduna boys a big scare as they accounted for 6 quick wickets. Ngboji accounted for the wickets of the kaduna opening batsmen. Chimeze, who claimed the kaduna middle order was the pick of Enugu bowling with his 3 for 34.

Messi, Ronaldo, Balloteli battle for Ballon d' Or Continues from BP yesterday revealed the names for the men’s awards. The candidates for the FIFA Ballon d’Or and for the FIFA World Coach of the Year for Men’s Football awards have been unveiled (see below). The final decisions will be made by the captains and head coaches of the men’s national teams as well as by international media representatives selected by France Football. The winners of all of the awards will be revealed at the FIFA Ballon d’Or gala as part of a televised show at the Zurich Kongresshaus on 7 January 2013, during

which the FIFA FIFPro World XI, the FIFA Puskás Award – for the most beautiful goal of the year – the FIFA Presidential Award and the FIFA Fair Play Award will also be presented. The list of 23 male candidates has been drawn up by football experts from the FIFA Football Committee and by a group of experts from France Football. The list of ten coaches has been drawn up by the Committee for Women’s Football and FIFA Women’s World Cup and by the FIFA Football Committee, as well as by a group of experts from France Football.

Keshi Continues from BP legs for the Venezuela friendly. They may not be new to Nigerians but I say they are new because it would be the first time they would be playing under me.” The former Eagles captain, who was not willing to give away some of the names, added,”Like I have said every Nigeria player will have his chance.”

However, top officials of the football house have revealed that “Keshi is looking at ways of strengthening his team and plans to bring in players like Obafemi Martins, Onyekachi Apam, Joseph Akpala and Peter Utaka.” Keshi will now set his pre-AFCON training camp in Faro, Portugal, after his choice of Zimbabwe was overruled for lack of facilities.

one-day sports summitinitiatedbythe Delta State Governor, Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan will holdtodayattheGrandHotel, Asaba. The Asaba summit whichiscomingoneweekafter a similar gathering in Abuja, the Presidential Retreat on Sports will focus on combat sports and track and field, unlike the Abuja retreat which covered a wider scope. The summit expected to begin early this morning has attracted some of the best resource persons from far and neartotheDeltaStatecapital. Prominent among the resource persons is Jamaica’s Track and Field coach, Bertland Cameron. He represented Jamaica at three consecutive editions of the SummerOlympics.Cameron won the 400 m title at the first World Championships in Athletics. He was also the 1978 Commonwealth Games

champion in the event and wonanumberofgoldmedals at regional competitions. He helpedtheJamaicanrunners toasilvermedalinthe4×400 metresrelayatthe1988Seoul Olympics. He was chosen as the Jamaica Sportsperson of the yearthreetimesconsecutively form 1981 to 1983. Also at the summit is the coachofLondonOlympicgold medalwinningSouthAfrican Rowing team, Barrow Roger. Topsportspersonalitieslike former Nigeria international, Adokiye Amiesimaka, Chairman of the Vanguard Newspapers Editorial board Ikeddy Isiguzo, Paul Bassey, Dr Ojeme Emmanuel, the Managing Director of Complete Communications, Mumini Alao, Managing Director Mastersports International,EjiroOmonode, Vanguard Group Sports Editor, Onochie Anibeze are amongthosewhowillsubmit papers at the summit.

Clattenburg Continues from BP Clattenburg made a racist slur when he booked the midfielder in the 76th minute. One of Chelsea’s Spanish stars is also involved after players claim they heard Clattenburg refer to him as ‘a Spanish t**t’. Spaniards Fernando Torres, Juan Mata and Cesar Azpilicueta all played against United. The FA and Premier League could ask Sky TV for footage from the 20 camera angles used for the big live matches to help confirm whether Mark Clattenburg made an inappropriate or racially aggravated comment. Premier League refs wear microphones, which means evidence from Michael McDonough and Simon Long — who both ran the line — and fourth official Michael Jones may prove crucial. The FA will now request all footage from Sky Sports from the game. While not all are recorded, they should help confirm whether Clattenburg made an inappropriate or racially aggravated comment. Chelsea made the official complaint at 7.45pm on Sunday night, but Clattenburg had already been confronted by then. Chief executive Ron Gourlay, with Mikel and manager Roberto Di Matteo, demanded an

apology during stormy scenes in the referee’s room. Clattenburg refused and Chelsea decided to take the incredible action of launching an immediate complaint to the Premier League, via match delegate Nick Cusack, over his language. According to sources close to the players, they are willing to make statements to the FA’s disciplinary committee this week. A club spokesman said: ‘We have lodged a complaint to the Premier League match delegate with regards to inappropriate language used by the referee and directed at two of our players in two separate incidents in today ’s match. The match delegate will pass the complaint to the FA.’ Clattenburg was pictured leaving his home near Newcastle on Monday morning before getting into a car with fellow official Michael Oliver. Fernando Torres of Chelsea talks to referee Mark Clattenburg Premier League referees also wear microphones, which suggests evidence by Michael McDonough and Simon Long — who ran the line — or fourth official Michael Jones could be crucial.


Ref Clattenburg under probe over Mikel HE FA are set to review video evidence after referee Mark Clattenburg was


accused of aiming a racist insult at Chelsea midfielder John Obi Mikel during Sunday’s

Falcons fly over Cameroon •Nkwocha celebrates her winning goal yesterday

Nations Cup


HE Super Falcons began the defence of their African Women Championship trophy with a hard-earned victory over arch-rivals Cameroon in the opening game of Group B in Bata. It took a late Perpetua Nwkocha goal to ensure Nigeria avenged their ouster from the 2012 Olympics by Cameroon. The water-logged pitch adversely affected the standard of play and denied both sides a chance to play a freeflowing game and express themselves.

3-2 home defeat by Manchester United at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea made a complaint to the Premier League after Mikel stormed into the referee’s room to demand an apology after claiming Continues on Page 55

PRESSURE ... referee Mark Results Clattenburg deals with John Obi Mikel during Sunday’s match

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Messi, Ronaldo, Balloteli battle for Keshi opens door for Martins, others Ballon d’Or

IGERIA coach Stephen Keshi has said he will pick several players who are yet to feature for his team for a friendly against Venezuela. Next week, the Eagles coach is also expected to make public his list of call-ups for the game billed for Miami, USA.



The match will be played on November 14 and forms part of Nigeria’s build-up to the 2013 AFCON, where they are drawn alongside defending champions Zambia, Burkina Faso and Ethiopia. Keshi said, “I have plans to invite some new Continues on Page 55


OUR days after announcing the names of the candidates for the FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year and the FIFA World Coach of the Year for Women’s Football for 2012 awards, FIFA and France Football





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ANSWERS ACROSS 1 Abrade (6) 5 Distribute (4) 8 Located (5) 9 Wager (3) 10 Dregs (4) 11 Choose (4) 12 Asunder (5) 13 Unjust (6) 16 Expensive (4) 18 Rescue (4) 20 Marry (3) 22 By way of (3) 23 Agent (3) 24 Broad (4) 25 Border (4) 28 Grow (6) 30 Revolt (5) 32 Tidy (4) 33 Pleasant (4) 34 Sheep (3) 35 Respond (5) 36 Generated (4) 37 Figurine (6)

DOWN 1 Cow (6) 2 Confirmed (8) 3 Pale (6) 4 Decry (9) 5 Dishearten (7) 6 Revise (4) 7 Enjoy (4) 8 Ocean (3) 14 Respect (9) 15 Creeper (3) 17 Help (3) 19 Obvious (8) 20 Gain (3) 21 Erased (7) 26 Anticipate (6) 27 Stick (6) 29 Slight (4) 30 Unusual (4) 31 Illuminated (3)

YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS ACROSS: 3, About 9, Menace 10, Solace 11, Egret 12, Sofa 15, Mere 17 Special 20, Did 21 Rigid 23, Note 25, Tend 26, Eased 28, End 30, Derided 33, Ague 35, Tide 36, Harem 38, Etched 39, Aerial 40, Meant.

How to Play Sudoku


DOWN: 1, Amass 2, Knife 3, Ace 4, Beggar 5, Used 6, Tot 7, Dared 8, Sewed 13, Opening 14, Acute 16, Riddled 18, Liked 19, Hit 22, Debit 24, Ear 27, Demean 28, Eager 29, Dunce 31, Digit 32, Dealt 34, Fade 36, Hem 37, Met.


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Fuel scarcity to bite harder  

Fuel scarcity to bite harder