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Reps bar Jonathan from submitting 2013 budget zSuspend plenary for next week FLOOD EVERYWHERE



BUJA — THE House of Representatives, yesterday, made good its threat not to touch the 2013 budget until it was satisfied with the implementation of the 2012 budget. They refused to grant President Goodluck

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Etsako in Edo State...submerged by flood Lokoja in longer passable

Boko Haram: Govt's approach paying off —Jonathan •P. 6 Mr & Mrs

UNITED KINGDOM: British Fire and Rescue Ser vice personnel help a woman in a flooded street with an inflatable INDIA: A villager paddles his bamboo raft in flood water near dinghy after the river Ouse burst its banks flowing through a submerged house in a village near the Kaziranga National Park, about 250 kilometres east of Guwahati, India, yesterday. the city of York in northern England, yesterday.

Flood ravages Nigeria ...Claims 104 lives •Pgs 8&9 13 years after, PIB: $202bn •P. 5 •P. 42 democracy not in investment under sight in 511 councils threats

2— Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28,,2012


Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28,,2012—3


4— Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28,,2012


Vanguard, FRI DAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012 — 5 FRIDAY,


Reps bar Jonathan from submitting 2013 budget Continues from Page 1 Jonathan’s request to lay the 2013 budget proposal next Thursday. In furtherance of this, the House has suspended plenary for the whole of next week to enable committees carry out proper over-sight functions on Ministries, Departments and Agencies, MDAs. The resolution was passed after a robust debate on the letter sent by the Presidency and read by Speaker Aminu Tambuwal during Tuesday plenary. Tambuwal, who presided over yesterday's plenary, pledged to liaise with the leadership of the Senate with a view to reaching a compromise on the budget presentation. The legislators had, during the debate on the letter, unanimously agreed that the budget proposal should be suspended until the House concludes its findings. Speaking on the resolution, Abdulmumin Jubrin, Chairman, House Committee on Finance, who chaired the interactive session with Federal Ministry of Finance led by Yerima Ngama, Minister of State for Finance and Bright Okogwu, Director

General of Budget Office, explained that the resolution was passed at plenary. Jubrin who briefed the House on some of the issues raised during the ongoing interactive session with MDAs, bemoaned the state of budget implementation. The lawmakers had on resumption from the eight-week annual recess decried the poor level of 2012 budget implementation and issued ultimatum to the executive to ensure timely release of funds approved for execution of capital projects to MDAs without further delay. They also urged the President to direct Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Coordinating Minister for the Economy and Finance to release the third quarter for 2012. During the debate on the Medium Term Expenditure Framework and Strategy Paper sent to both chambers last week, the lawmakers expressed concern over the absymal implementation of the 2012 budget despite increase in the revenue generation accruing to Federal Government.

Why we suspend plenary for next week



How do we become first world ? Our early leaders were young men, who went to school in Britain . They saw 1st World life, they tasted 1st World life, they came back to Singapore and begin to dream dreams…. If these countries can be first world, how did they become first world…we can be first world too and we became. Dr. Victor Koh ……..Some of our leaders went to Britain too….


Being true to who are is as joyful and fulfilling as helping other people. Your inner self send its love and appreciation to you for providing such good care —Doreen Virtue.


OREEN Virtue writings are very insightful. She has a remarkable grasps of living in every day spirituality. According to her, you may think, well God knows what I want and need, but while heaven will give you input, decision making is a partnership. You pray, contemplate, and receive guidance that you can choose to follow but without a clear cut decision, you are like a driver without destination. Your decisions are your map. Today, make a crystal clear decision about something you desire. It could be carrying out life improvements, supporting a cause that you believe in, or something else that you feel guided to do. You don’t need to know how to reach the goals or what actions to take … simply focus on the dreams , once you do this , you ‘ll clearly see which steps are necessary, and the guiding force of life in all that you do.

Also briefing journalists yesterday, spokesman of the House, Hon. Zakari Mohammed, explained that plenary was suspended to ensure “a proper implementation of the 2012 Appropriation before we look into the 2013 budget. “We made it clear immediately we

resumed from our annual recess that we shall embark on a oneweek inspection of MDAs. So the President cannot present the budget on October 4. “Hopefully, the House will resume on October 9, then we can look into it and see what can be done. Presenting the budget on October 4 is unrealistic.“

PIB: $202bn investment under threats zAs oil majors fight to retain higher returns BY CLARA NWACHUKWU


AGOS — INTERNATIONAL Oil Companies, IOCs, have warned that about $202 billion worth of oil and gas investments in Nigeria are under threats if the fiscal terms in the Petroleum Industry Bill, PIB, were retained the way they are. The declaration came, even as the Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani AlisonMadueke,insisted that the new PIB provided for a refreshing fiscal regime with very strong incentives for enhanced exploration in the frontiers, particularly the Inland Sedimentary Basins as well as providing strong support base for the complete activation of the Gas Master Plan. But the oil majors believe that the new fiscal terms will increase the cost of doing business particularly in the deep offshore region. Already, the IOCs maintain that the costs of doing business are already the highest in the world, in terms of multiple taxes, including hydrocarbon tax, company income tax, higher rents and royalties, and levies such as the Niger Delta Development Commission levy, host community fund, and education and a host of others. Accordingly, they argued that the fiscal terms as contained in the bill were not favourable as it heightens uncertainty and endangers returns on investments. The oil majors, who broke their silence on the bill last week through Shell, which declared it was lopsided, are apparently fighting back to retain higher returns on their investments, seeing as the Federal Government is seeking to increase its take from oil

and gas resources, and in turn, enhance the contribution of the sector to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product, GDP, currently at below 35 per cent.

Projects which may be jeopardised Speaking at a conference by the Petroleum Club in Lagos, yesterday, Chief Executive Officer of the ExxonMobil Group in Nigeria, Mr. Mark Ward, identified ongoing projects which may be jeopardised if the fiscal terms were not revised as: $104 billion for oil production between 2012 and 2015; $30 billion for gas development in the next five years; $29 billion on the Production Sharing Contracts, PSCs and $39 billion on the Joint Venture, JV projects over the next five years Accordingly, he warned: “Most of the projects will not go ahead due to the onerous fiscal terms. It will render all deep water projects uneconomic and it will not meet the Federal Government’s aspirations, as the cumulative effect leads to unattractive economic environment.” Ward, who spoke in his capacity as the Chair of the Oil Producers Trade Section, OPTS, of the Lagos Chambers of Commerce and Industry, LCCI, warned that members may be forced to abandon some of these multi-billion dollar projects, targeted to be delivered between 2012 and 2017.

Toll on operations The ExxonMobil boss further argued that the intrigues surrounding the PIB had already begun to

take a toll on the nation’s oil production which has declined by about 40 per cent in the past couple of years. He added that as it were, the industry might continue to operate without new investments for the next 10 years, which will impact on the nation’s economy, which depends more than 90 per cent on oil and gas revenues. Ward noted that the operators were working in line with the Federal Government’s aspirations, especially with regard to increasing reserves and daily production to 40 million barrels and four million barrels respectively. In addition, he said the majors were equally supporting government’s efforts to boost power generation for improved supply through the Afam and Okpai power plants expansion programmes, and required government to reciprocate accordingly. He said: “You can imagine the direct impact of this investment on the economy. So, it is very important to consider a good atmosphere to spur investment and boost the economy,” adding that while government reserved the right to review its laws, it has to do so within the bounds of existing contracts to retain investors’ confidence.

Unfavourable to indigenous operations Similarly, Chairman of Indigenous Producers, Mr. Abdul Razaq Fadahunsi, also argued that the PIB before the National Assembly would impede the growth of indigenous producers. He said: “The new PIB

raises concerns on whether the growth and aspirations will be achieved. And the worries of the indigenous independent producers are whether they will continue to have access to acreages and their chances of survival due to the onerous commercial terms.” Fadahunsi also noted that the PIB was initially proposed to aid the growth of indigenous producers, adding that the current provisions are anti-growth, adding that in view of the efforts by his members, they should be encouraged rather than discouraged.

PIB not a regional bill Looking at the Bill from a patriotic stand point, Dr. Sanusi Bala, an economist and public affairs analyst, said the bill should not be sectionalised along political divide. He called on Nigerians to support government in its policies, saying: “The time has come for all Nigerians to work together to ensure that this Bill is passed quickly. We cannot afford to waste more time delaying the passage of this Bill, considering its potential to improve the economy and participation of Nigerians in the sector.” Bala, who referred to a recent criticism of the PIB by an advisory panel set up by the Northern Governors, said he was sad that such well intentioned legislation would suffer unjustified opposition. He pointed out that the original PIB languished in the sixth legislative session for years as a result of some individuals placing selfish interests above national interest.

6—Vanguard , FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012

Again, Saudi-Arabia deports 510 Nigerian women pigrims BY EMMA UJAH, ABUJA BUREAU CHIEF & EMMAN OVUAKPORIE


UDUAGHAN HOLDS MEETING WITH WHO DG—Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, Governor of Delta State (left) and Dr. Margaret Chan, Director General of the World Health Organization, WHO, during a bilateral meeting at the on-going 67th session of the United Nations, UN, General Assembly in New York.

Boko Haram: Govt's robust approach paying-off—Jonathan zSays we 're confident on reaching agreement with govs on SWF


RESIDENT Goodluck Jonathan told the United Nations yesterday that Nigeria’s “robust” approach to neutralizing a threat posed by Islamist sect, Boko Haram using military force, holding indirect talks with the group and improving education in the North is paying off In an interview with Reuters on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly’s annual gathering of world leaders, President Goodluck Jonathan also played down the significance of the killing of the sect’s spokesman, Abu Qaqa, in a gun battle in Kano on September 16. On the threat posed by Boko Haram, President Jonathan said, “If I look at it, the trend is coming down. It is not because Abu Qaqa is dead. Abu Qaqa is just one person. If one Abu Qaqa dies, it can generate 10 Abu Qaqas. Jonathan said: “The issue is not the death of one person. The issue is that the robust approach that government is taking, exploiting all possible means ... is paying off, and we believe it will continue to pay off.” The military has been accused of using heavy-handed tactics in the past and previous operations targeting Boko Haram had resulted in civilian deaths. But Jonathan made it clear that the military approach could only be one part of the solution.

Much more important, he said, was a push to improve agriculture, job prospects and access to Western-style education in the predominantly Muslim north.

Agriculture, education, job creation The President said; , “The whole approach, both the security aspects, the indirect talks, and the job opportunities that we are creating, we are giving hope to the people. The education institutions we are establishing are giving hope to the people. “One links up with the other to get to the respite we are seeing now. I cannot credit it to only one approach”, he said This week, the Joint Military Taskforce said it killed 35 members of Boko Haram and arrested several during an overnight gun battle in Damaturu, Yobe state capital. President Jonathan also spoke about the Nigerian government’s plan to put oil revenues into a sovereign wealth fund, a move state governors vowed last week to go to court to prevent. He said “Yes, we can go to court. But we believe it is not the best to solve certain problems through a court. We are discussing, and I believe at the end of the day we will get to a point where

both parties will win.” “They are not arguing because they know that the sovereign wealth fund is transparent, they trust the Minister of Finance. They feel that some of the states have challenges and they want to decide what percentage they can put in. But we feel no, it is better we do it collectively.”

Gradual phase-out of removal of fuel subsidy Jonathan also talked about his push to abolish a much-criticized fuel subsidy. He tried to halt the subsidy in January but had to reinstate it partly in response strikes. “Besides the issue of corruption, it was being abused,” he said. “All over the world, people advised that states should no longer subsidize hydrocarbons, because when you subsidize hydrocarbons, those who gain are not the ordinary people.” “Quite a lot of Nigerians agree that subsidies must go,” he said, adding that he expected to again try a gradual phase-out to soften the impact of price increases. “This time around we will properly involve the people and give a robust timeline.” Nigeria’s cities are expected to add 200 million people by 2050, more than doubling the country’s cur-

rent population, the United Nations forecast in April. But Jonathan said he was wary of forecasts based on current trends and suggested that the country’s population growth would eventually slow down. “That (growth forecast) is based on the present statistics in terms of a pattern of reproduction, which may not continue that way,” he said. “As more people become more educated and more aware, they tend to reduce the size of their population.”

AUDI ARABIA yester day ignored protests by the Nigerian government over the deportation of female pilgrims to the holyland as the Saudi authorities deported another batch of 510 Nigerian female pilgrims to this year’s hajj. 171 pilgrims had earlier been deported on Wednesday. The authorities of Saudi Arabia insisted that the women were unaccompanied by male relations which was considered against laid down rules of the kingdom. An adamant Saudi Arabia has so far refused to yield any ground to Nigeria on the issue of alleged unaccompanied female pilgrims, in spite of spirited diplomatic efforts by the Federal Government. An intriguing development was that the husband of one of the female deportees also returned home with his wife, in protest, when the Saudi Authorities refused to clear his wife, even after explaining that he was the husband of the woman. A highly placed source at the National Hajj Commission who disclosed this said that the return (in protest) by the male pilgrim in question was an indication that there was more to the stance of the Saudi authorities than meets the eyes. He said: “On board of the plane bringing the women is also a male pilgrim. He decided to return home with his wife in protest when

his explanations and entreaties to the fact that his wife was accompanied fell on deaf ears. That shows clearly that there is more to the issue than meets the eyes”. It was learnt that the Chairman of the commission, Mallam Mohammed Bello, had a hectic day in Abuja, yesterday, as he had to shuttle between the Presidency and the National Assembly to brief his bosses in the executive, as well as, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, who is the leader of the Federal Government delegation to this year’s hajj. Officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, were, until yesterday, still making efforts to get the necessary clearance for a Federal Government delegation to visit Saudi Arabia with a view to resolving the issue. President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan had on Wednesday constituted a Presidential delegation to interface with the Saudi authorities over the issue surrounding the detained Nigerian female pilgrims at King Abdul-Azziz International Airport, Jeddah. The Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF, Senator Anyim Pius Anyim, named Aminu Tambuwal as leader of that delegation. Other members are: Minister of State II for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Nuruddeen Mohammed, Ambassador Shehu Galadanchi; Sheikh Sherif Saleh and Chairman of the Hajj Commission, Muhammad Bello.

HoSF blames rot in Civil Service on past military govts BY EMMA UJAH


BUJA—THE Head of Service of the Federation, HoSF, Alhaji Isa Bello Sali, has blamed the military and especially the administration of former Military President, General Ibrahim Babangida (rtd), for destroying the federal civil service through his reforms between 1985-1988. Alhaji Sali who spoke at the opening of the 36th Annual Conference of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, ICSAN, explained that the reform which was carried out following the report of Prof. Dotun Philips was largely responsible for the

current rot in the service. According to the HoS, that reform created room for unqualified people to take up top positions in the service for which they had no capacity to effectively handle. His words: “The subsequent reforms of 1985-88 which arose from the recommendations of the Dotun Philip report was given legal effect through Decree 43 of 1988. The legislation paved the way for all comers into the top echelon of the civil service. “It also led to the abolition of the Office of the HSCF, whose functions were subsumed under the Secretary to the Government of the Federation and

the incapacitation of the Federal Civil Serrvice Commission which had most of its functions transferred to the Ministries, Extra-Ministerial Departments and Agencies. “The aftermath was the unbridled influx of low quality personnel into the civil service at career levels far above their competencies, knowledge, experience and capabilities. The cumulative impact of these influxes was the loss of civil service vitality, standard of performance and cohesion. This further paved the way for the culture of sidelining time-tested procedures and processes and the loss of officers’ self respect and integrity”.

Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012—7

WORKSHOP: From left— Rear Admiral Ameen Ikioda, Flag Officer Commanding Western Naval Command; Prof. Emevwo Biakolo, Moderator of the workshop, and Mr. Gbenga Adefaye, President, Nigerian Guild of Editors/ Guest Speaker, at Nigerian Navy's annual Naval Information Workshop on the theme Image Management as a Catalyst for Transformation in the Nigerian Navy, held at the Naval Base, Apapa, Lagos, yesterday. PHOTO: Biodun Ogunleye.

NIGERIA @52: From left— Mrs Abimbola Fashola, First Lady, Lagos State; Mrs Bintu Tinubu, President, Cosmopolitan Women Club, and Mr. Donald Duke, former Cross Rivers State Gover nor, at the 52nd independence anniversary lecture on the theme Nigeria at 52: Embracing Peace and Unity, organised by Cosmopolitan Women's Club in Lagos. PHOTO: Sylva Eleanya.

NN to partner other agencies on security challenges BY EVELYN USMAN


HIEF of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Ola Sa’ad, assured, yesterday, that the Service will work closely with relevant agencies and stakeholders to tackle the emerging threat on the nation's waters and others areas of challenges. Sa’ad made the call while declaring open the maiden edition of Directorate of Information annual workshop, on the theme Image Management as a Catalyst for Transformation in the Nigerian Navy. He noted that the Navy was faced with new and evolving challenges, part of



RM, Ogurime Rime, Chamberlain Orovwuje, JP, Okpara I, Ovie of Agbon Kingdom, is dead. He reigned from 1958 to 2012 over the six sub-clans of Okpara, Uhwokori, Eku, Urhuakpor, Ovu and Igun. A statement by Chief Efe Akpofure, Otota of Agbon Kingdom, says mourning rituals and funeral services will hold between 14th and 20th of November. He is survived by Queen Victoria Orovwuje and 15 children.

Late Orovwuje. C M Y K

which he highlighted as the provision of effective maritime security in the nation’s Exclusive Economic Zone. In his paper entitled The Role of Naval Information Officers in Enhancing Navy-Civil Relations, Mr. Gbenga Adefaye, Editor-in-

Chief/General Manager, Publication, Vanguard Newspaper, said the first phase of transformation, as the theme of the workshop indicated, was for the Service to achieve more social relevance with the civil populace, while at the same time projecting same social relevance into their consciousness.

To achieve this, he called on the Service to always communicate its needs and deeds to the civil populace and get their “buy-in or endorsement for the positive deeds,” a responsibility he said was that of the Information Officers. He stated that image management was synonymous with proactive delib-

erate and sustained efforts to establish and maintain mutual understanding between the Navy and its civil public and not “about lying and selling falsehood, denying every statement that does not favor your organisation or prevarication, but telling the truth all time, even if on a need-to-know basis.”

Senate passes Labour Safety Act BY HENRY UMORU & INALEGWU SHAIBU


BUJA—SENATE, yesterday, passed the LabourSafety,HealthWelfareBill, whichseekstoprotectworkers fromhazardsnormallyassociated with their jobs. The passage of the bill, entitled Occupational Safety and Health Bill 2012, was sequel to discussions on the report of the Joint Committee on Employment, Labour and Productivity, Health and Establishment and Public Service presented by the Chairman, Senator Wilson Ake, PDP, Rivers West, and 24 others. The Bill compels employers of labour to provide preventive mechanisms and measures for occupational safety and health, where much emphasis would be concentrated on the prevention of injuries, accidents and elimination of hazards at workplaces. The bill, which had already been passed by the House of Representatives, was sponsored by Senator Chris Anyanwu, APGA, Imo East. The Bill seeks to repeal and re-enact the Factory Act, Cap. F1 Laws of the Federation, 2004, make

comprehensive provisions for securing the safety, health and welfare of persons at work, protect others against risks to safety and health in connection with activities of persons at work as well as establish the National Council for Occupa-

tional Safety and Health and for Other Related Matters, 2012. It also aims at promoting safe and healthy work environment for employees and protect them from injury and illness at the workplace and make pro-

visions for the protection of pregnant women at the workplace. The Bill stipulates that employers who breach the relevant sections of law will be liable to imprisonment of not less than one year or a fine not less than N500,000.

IG takes over investigation of Ugochukwu's death BY KINGSLEY OMONOBI & ALBERT AKPOR


OLLOWING the unending controversy surrounding the mysterious killing of Mr. Ugochukwu Ozuah in Lagos on September 20, 2012, five days after his wedding, allegedly by men in Police uniform, Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Mohammed Abubakar, has ordered the immediate take over of the case by a crack team of homicide investigators from Force Criminal Investigations Department, FCID, Abuja. The high-powered investigation team from the FCID, which left Abuja, yesterday, is to immedi-

ately take-over the investigation of the case from the Lagos State Police Command, with the mandate to identify and fish out the killer(s). Confirming the development in a statement yesterday, Deputy Force Public Relations Officer, CSP Frank Mba, said: “The IGP’s directive is necessitated by the need to maintain neutrality, professionalism, speedy and holistic dispensation of justice.” While commiserating with the family, friends and relations of the deceased, the IG reassured the nation that the Force will do everything humanly and operationally possible to ensure that the perpetrators of the crime were unmasked and even-

tually brought to book. He appealed to members of the public, especially those who may have witnessed the crime, to come forward with useful information that could aid the Police in tracking the felons, assuring members of public that they were at liberty to use the special Police e m a i l in relaying useful information touching on this case. Furthermore, the IG promised that the Special Investigating Team charged with the handling of this case will be releasing special dedicated phone lines for purposes of interaction with members of the public as soon as they were on ground in Lagos.

Bakassi: Seadogs take protest to Abuja BY CHRIS OCHAYI


BUJA—ABUJA chapter of National Association of Seadogs (Pirates Confraternity) has said it will embark on a peaceful protest tomorrow in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, to raise awareness on the current plight of indigenes of the disputed Bakassi Peninsula. President of NAS, Abuja Chapter, Chief Ogbuehi Dike, said in a statement, yesterday, that the organisation owed the people of Bakassi and entire Nigerians a duty to bring to the fore the current plight of Bakassi people. He said: “We will hold a peaceful demonstration to raise awareness of the current plight of the indigenous people of Bakassi, the Nigerian enclave that was ceded to the government of Cameroon following the October 10, 2002 judgment of the International Court of Justice, ICJ.”

Ex-CP tasks Nigerians on security


ORMER Commissioner of Police, Mr. Frank Odita, has implored Nigerians to start thinking of how to provide security network for their lives and families, saying the issue of security was not just the exclusive preserve of security agencies only. The retired CP spoke at a safety seminar organised by Rotary Club of Amino in Lagos.

8—Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012

Flood ravages Nigeria •Apapa-Oshodi expressway in Lagos...flooded

Uduaghan deploys top govt officials on rescue mission By EMMA AMAIZE, AUSTIN OGWUDA & FESTUS AHON


ELTA State governor, Dr Emmanuel Uduaghan, yesterday, directed all top government functionaries in the state from flood ravaged communities “to immediately relocate to their communities and assist in evacuation and providing relief assistance to the people.” Uduaghan, who gave the order in a statewide broadcast, said that as part of the initial steps to give relief to the people, government will set up temporary camps in some local government areas in the state. The state government also promised build camps for the no fewer than 6,000 residents of Abari, Torou-Angiama and Asaba-Ase, in Patani and NdokwaEast Local Government Areas of the state respectively, who were

displaced by the ravaging flood occasioned by the overflow of the River Niger. Most communities in the state affected by the ravaging flood had been cut off from the rest of the state following the flooding of the access roads that links them to the outside world. Uduaghan said: “In the last few days, Delta State like some other states across the country had witnessed heavy damage to our communities, where lives and property had been lost. In our state, it has been tales of woe for our people. Lives have been lost. Property and farmlands submerged. Roads and bridges washed away. The situation has been desperate for our people. “I am aware of instances, where people rendered homeless climbed trees to survive. People have had to adopt different strat-

egies to stay alive. In some of our effected communities, the situation was so bad that we had to send the Navy to mount a rescue operation. I salute the courage of those who survived in the teeth of this great danger. I con-

dole on behalf of the government those who lost their loved ones. As the news of the disaster reached me, I took steps to set up an emergency committee headed by the deputy governor to coordinate actions in providing relief and support for our people as well as assess the extent of damage.” Meanwhile, the state’s deputy governor, Prof. Amos Utuama, SAN, who is chairman of the State

Special Emergency Committee on Flood Disaster Management and members of his committee could only access Abari, TorouAgiama and Asaba-Ase by water through Patani. Fielding questions from newsmen after the committee’s visit to the three affected communities, Utuama decried that most residential buildings had been submerged and washed away by the flood.

More families displaced in Bayelsa, gov’s home affected By SAMUEL OYADONGHA


HE flood situation in Bayel sa State, assumed crisis dimension, yesterday, with several communities in Sagbama Local Government Area, including the home town of Governor Seriake Dickson, submerged. No fewer than 700 families, six public schools and several farmlands in the council had been sacked by the surging flood. Those whose homes were sacked by the flood included two

Delta State governor, Emmanuel Uduaghan with some displaced persons

prominent traditional rulers in Sagbama council, Ekadi Aziza and the Ebidaowei of Kabowei Kingdom, Hope Torruo. The state government delegation made up of the Commissioner for Environment, Dr. Sylvanus Abila; the special representative of the governor in Sagbama, Prince Collins Cocordia; the council chairman and others, who visited the area confirmed to newsmen that the situation was getting worse and people moving out to upland.

Etsako in Edo State...submerged by flood

It was gathered from the delegation, that the flood situation had rendered scores homeless in Elemebiri, Adagbabiri, Trofani, Ekperiware, Tungbo, Ebetebiri and the governor’s home community of Toru-Orua. Contacted on the development, Prince Corcodia, said though the state government had moved into the affected areas with relief materials and others, the National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, should come to the aid of the people in the state.

Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012—9

Move out from flood prone areas—NEMA ••As rescuers evacuate victims from rooftops and trees

104 lives lost to flood in north central zone By TAYE OBATERU


BOUT 104 lives have been lost and more than 50,000 people displaced by the ravaging flood in the north central area of the country in the last two months, the Zonal Coordinator, National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, for the zone, Mr. Mohammed Abdulsalam has said. He said at a workshop on “Awareness, Preparedness and Response to Emergencies At Local Levels” holding in the Plateau State capital that the lack of proper coordination of emergency response to the disaster had compounded the problem. Abdulsalam said: “Lack of collaboration and cooperation and weak coordination is the bane of disaster management in Nigeria. Diverse stakeholders operate in isolation with neither collaboration nor co-ordination. This often leads to inefficiency in the use of scarce resources, overlapping of activities, duplication of action and general confusion”.


While describing the flood that has so far affected about 150,000 people in the zone as unfortunate, he noted that it has overwhelmed states and local governments in terms of emergency management. Edo State governor, Oshiomhole visiting an erosion ravaged Etsako village He said the Federal Government through NEMA has so far spent more than N300 million on relief materials and medicaBY GABRIEL ENOGHOLASE being affected and the water ments, among others, to ease the level is rising. We all appear pain of the victims who are mostGAINST the back drop of completely helpless and the ly women and children, adding the natural flood disasters Federal Government ought to that the flooding problem which in some parts of the country, do more than they have done. has affected 26 states in the counGovernor Adams Oshiomhole of The situation calls for a far more try was worsened by the release Edo State, yesterday, called on drastic response.” of water from various dams and the Federal Government to act Oshiomhole insisted that the the blockage of drainage system fast by making judicious use of real challenge was for the Fedin many places. the National Ecological Fund in eral Government and not the the management of flood disasstates. ters in the country. The governor said while reset up the makeshift camps in ceiving the Director General, schools in Lokoja and Idah to ca- National Emergency Manageter for about 12, 000 displaced per- ment Agency, NEMA, Alhaji sons, adding that the state min- Sani Sidi, who was in the state istry of health has been empow- to ascertain the level of damage ered to actively prevent the out- done by the flooding incidents , he said, “we are doing whatbreak of epidemic, added that the in Etsako Central, Etsako East ever we can at the level of Edo state is acquiring mobile toilets to and Esan South East Local GovState Government to provide distribute around the camps as ernment Areas, said the state materials, deploying doctors measures to keep the camp clean. government will collaborate and nurses to check the mediHe hinted that the state govern- with NEMA to provide a solucal needs. We need to act fast ment was already considering tion. because it is a national calamisome post-flooding effects of devHe said: “The situation in the astation caused by the release of flooded communities occa- ty.” The governor noted that there water from dams along rivers Ni- sioned by the overflow of the were long terms implications as ger and Benue, which brought River Niger is getting worse about surge in the water levels of because more communities are farm lands had been destroyed, domestic animals killed. the rivers. Immigration headquarters in Asaba...flooded

Oshiomhole asks FG to act fast


Kogi moves to stop epidemics By BOLUWAJI OBAHOPO


OGI State government says it is beginning to concern itself with stopping outbreak of epidemics in the nine relief camps due to the devastating effects of the flooding that has persisted nearly two weeks in the State. The deputy governor who is also the chairman, State Emergency Management Agency, Mr. Yomi Awoniyi, told journalists in his office, yesterday, “we are aware of the possibilities of an outbreak of epidemics in these camps and government is worried about it”. He said the state government

OME communities in Ibaji Local Government Area of Kogi State should do well to listen to the National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, which has urged them to move immediately to higher grounds in neighbouring councils and Anambra State due to the increase rise of water level. This is even as rescuers have continued to evacuate displaced people from rooftops and trees. The Agency’s Director General, Muhammad Sani-Sidi, issued the warning, Wednesday, after presenting additional relief materials to victims of flood in Kogi State. Sani-Sidi said: “It is now necessary to call on people living in Ibaji to either move to Idah Local Government Council of the state or to closer communities in Anambra State.” The director general who presented the relief materials to Governor Idris Wada for onward distribution to the affected victims said NEMA is using big boats and recruit the service of local canoe owners for the evacuation exercise. The NEMA boss added that the agency is working with the Nigerian Red Cross Society to explore further assistance for the affected persons.

Hoodlums loot, vandalize homes vacated by flood victims BY PETER DURU


Lokoja in longer passable

OES of victims of the Makurdi flood disaster were compounded, yesterday, as hoodlums looted and vandalized the houses they vacated as a result of the flood. The houses ransacked and looted by the rogues included those located on Gyado Villa, Judges

Lokoja-Abuja highway re-opens to traffic


HE Federal Ministry of Works, yesterday, reopened the Abuja- Abaji-Lokoja expressway which was flooded since last week, the Special Assistant to the Minister of Works on Media, Mr Tony Ikpasaja said. Ikpasaja in a text message said that the flooded portion in Lokoja was recovered through a joint effort by Julius Berger, RCC and

Gritto construction giants. Meantime, a NAN correspondent, who visited Banda where the three contractors engaged by the Federal Government to create a diversion to allow free flow of traffic are working, reports that work had reached an advanced stage. The correspondent reports that the three contractors, Julius Berger, RCC and Gitto, had deployed full complement of staff to

the site and were working to ensure that the job was completed on time. At the section of the road which was completely submerged by flood, the contractors had placed big stones to block further flow of water from the river to the road, while men and equipment such as caterpillars and escavators were seen working to create a diversion.

Quarters Annexe and some before the Benue State University Teaching Hospital. Owners of the looted property who lamented their predicament, said those behind the wicked act were inhuman and insensitive to their plight. Joseph Ikor, whose partially submerged house located at Gyado Villa area of the town, told Vanguard: “Some of us vacated our houses because we didn’t want to be taken unawares like some of the victims who lost everything to the flood. "But to our surprise, we came to see if the water is rescinding only to discover that fans, widows, doors, air conditioners and some other materials have been removed from our houses by unknown persons. "It is just unfortunate and saddening, we thought people should be sympathizing with us rather than adding to our pains

and sorrow.” Also lamenting, Joseph Usher who disclosed that vandals removed roofing sheets from his submerged houses at the Judges’s Quarters annexe area of the town, noted that those behind the looting of their houses were adding to the pains of the flood victims, advising that security agents should intensify patrols around Makurdi town. Reacting to the unfortunate development, the Senior Special Assistant to the State Governor on Public Utilities, Mr. Gadaffi Asemanya, who decried the looting, told Vanguard that men of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC, had offered to provide security for all the empty houses. Asemanya who inspected some of the looted houses assured of increased security surveillance of the affected areas to stem the ugly development.

10—Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012

L-R: Miss Chirelo Arshu, Mr. Akin Fanimokun and Mr. Bisi Onasanya, GMD, First Bank, at the Commendation Service for late Chief Oluwole Alani Adeosun (Osi Egbaiand) yesterday, at Our Saviour Chucrh, TBS, Lagos. Photo: Shola Oyelese

L-R: Suzy Adeosun, Buchi Adeosun, Oluwole Adeosun Jr., Adewole Adeosun and Mr. Deboye Sonekan: at the Commendation Service for late Chief Oluwole Alani Adeosun (Osi Egbaiand) yesterday, at Our Saviour Chucrh ,TBS, Lagos. Photo: Shola Oyelese

Guber debate: LP, ACN disagree over deputy gov’s absence BY DAYO JOHNSON

KURE - THE Labour Party (LP) and the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) yesterday differed on the reason why the Ondo State Deputy Governor, Alhaji Ali Olanusi failed to attend the ongoing debate organised by the National Election Debate Group, NEDG, ahead of the governorship election on October 20. First to fire the salvo was the Action Congress of Nigeria which accused the LP Deputy Governor of refusing to attend because he “could not face the intimidation of other candidates who are intelligent, articulate and vibrant." But in a swift reaction, the ruling LP said the unruly behaviour of the opposition made Olanusi not to attend the debate and not that he was intimidated. However, the Director


of Strategy and Communication of the Independent Campaign Network of the ACN, Bosun Oladimeji said in a statement in Akure that “viewing the AIT Live telecast on Ondo State guber debate which Ali Olanusi refused to attend is a clear testimony that Gov. Rahman Olusegun Mimiko has only handpicked a second fiddle for the revered position of Deputy Governor of Ondo State for the fact that he believes in mediocres

whom he can toss about and even under-play. “Average Ondo State people should know that there is no government in power but only Mimiko; he is the only person in power. That is why you see Mimiko sacking qualified advisers and replacing them with mere back street photographers”. Oladimeji, however, described the ACN deeputy governorship candidate, Dr. Paul Akintelure as a man who attended the debate with natural mental

OGHA grants Amosun’s N7.5 bn loan request BY DAUD OLATUNJI


BEOKUTA-OGUN State House of Assembly on Thursday granted the request of the governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun to

obtain a sum of N7.5 billion from five banks for the construction of 11 major roads across the state. Governor Amosun had written the Assembly seeking approval to

Couple implies bank’s complicity in stolen money BY GBENGA ARIYIBI


DO EKITI — A couple who withdrew the sum of N450,000 from a branch of a new generation bank in Ado Ekiti but lost the money to thieves have raised an alarm over the circumstances that led to the loss, alleging that some of the bank officials may have colluded with the criminals to steal the money. The couple, Dr. Tunde and Mrs. Josephine Akindele told newsmen in Ado Ekiti yesterday

endowment and intimidating credentials. But the Director of Media and Publicity of the Olusegun Mimiko Campaign Organisation, Kolawole Olabisi in a statement, said that unfavourable security reports made him to stay away, saying he did not shun the debate. He said Olanusi had to be prevailed upon by unfavourable security reports which pointed to the fact that the opposition was planning to unleash violence on his person.

that they came from Ife in Osun State last week on a visit to their relations at Ijelu farmstead in Ado Ekiti. According to Mrs. Akindele; “At the bank, I asked for withdrawal form but a lady at the counter said I should use the ATM, which twice did not pay. ”She added that the lady across the counter contacted the “computer operator,” to work on the computer system while making a telephone call. According to her, she was later paid by the cashier, adding that she

took the money and kept it in a safe in her car. .“We left the bank premises and but observed that a green Honda car came after us right from the bank.” She further explained that seeing their fatherin-law, they found out afterwards that their car had been vandalised and the money had been taken away .“We also discovered that our mobile handsets, my handbag and some cash on the car seat were not touched by the thieves,” she said.

approach some banks to obtain what he called "internal loan" to finance construction of major roads in the state. The motion tagged House Resolution 114/ 2012 was debated by members of the Assembly before it was granted. While passing the motion, the Speaker called for voice votes which went in favour of the governor. The Speaker, however, said, “It is the opinion of this Honourable House that the State Government should obtain Internal Loan of N7.5 billion from the combination of First Bank of Nigeria Plc.,Guaranty Trust Bank Plc,Skye Bank Plc,Sterlin Bank Plc and United Bank for Africa Plc for medium term financing of 11 major projects across the state."

Aregbesola appoints 29 Permanent Secretaries, 3 Tutors-General


HE OSUN State Governor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, has approved the list of 29 new Permanent Secretaries and three Tutors-General. Also, he has approved that the Head of Service, HoS, should emerge via an electoral process, where civil servants from Grade Level 14 and above will elect three of the newly approved Permanent Secretaries from which the governor would select one of them as the HoS. The names of the newly approved Permanent Secretaries are; Owoeye Olayinka, Akinyemi Obafemi, Oluwadamilare Oyeleke, Adewunmi Adelowo, Adegoke Kayode, Aina Ayanleye, Olajide Festus, Adesina

Olajide, Aduroja Richards, Adeagbo Nurudeen, Kolawole Adesina, Olorunsogo Olusegun, Arc. OJo Adewale and Fawole Olufemi. Others are, Ajayi O, Dr. Adeyinka Eso, Dr. Oladele Olalekan, Adewemimo Abiola, Oyeniran Bamidele, Odediran Soladoye, Olaluwoye Dayo, Olayode S.,Oyeniran Oyelade, Olayinka M.O, Bello Olajumoke(Mrs.) and Kolawole Olufunke. For the Local Government Service are Agbedaunsi Abimbola, Afolabi Aliu and Dr. Oyebola Festus. The three Tutorsgeneral in the teaching service are; Buari Kola, Adisa Olabamiji and Dr. Obisesan Tunbosun.

Ekiti adopts low key 16th anniversary BY GBENGA ARIYBI


DO EKITI —Ekiti State Government is to observe a low keyed celebration of the 16th year anniversary of its creation and 52nd i n d e p e n d e n c e anniversary of Nigeria Secretary to the State Government, Alhaji Ganiyu Owolabi,

disclosed this in Ado Ekiti yesterday,saying most of the people who worked for the creation of the country would for ever be remembered for their heroic roles The SSG who noted that the state has cause to celebrate because of the monumental achievements recorded by tGov. Dr. Kayode Fayemi

Apostolic Church leader supports state police BY DAYO JOHNSON

KURE— WORRIED by the security challenges across the country, the President of the Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide, Pastor Abraham Olukunle Akinosun, yesterday supported the call for state police. Speaking with


newsmen at the end of Pastors Conference at Ikeji Arakeji, he said that the call is now imperative going by the spate of bombings and killings in the country. Pastor Akinosun equally called for the convocation of National Conference to preserve “our unity and understand ourselves”.

Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012—11

Royal fathers commend Delta House Mr. Victor Ochei in his


VISIT: From left: HRH Ogiame Atuwatse II, the Olu of Warri and Chairman, Delta State Council of Traditional Rulers; Mr. Victor Ochei, Speaker, Delta State House of Assembly and HRM Obi Emmanuel Efeizomor, the Obi of Owa and First Vice Chairman, Delta State Council of Traditional Rulers, during a courtesy call on the Speaker.

Okogie slams FG over PHCN privatisation BY GABRIEL ENOGHOLASE


ENIN—ARCH BISHOP Emeritus, Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, Cardinal Anthony Okogie, has slammed Bureau of Public Enterprise, BPE, over its choice of core investors for the privatisation of Power Holding Company of Nigeria, PHCN. It will be recalled that BPE had, on Wednesday, named as winners of the bid for the privatisation of PHCN to include, Transcorp and Wood Rock, which has Mr. Tony Elumelu as Chairman, as winners of Ughelli Power Plc, while Amperion Power Distribution Ltd, in which consortium Mr. Femi Otedola’s Forte Oil Plc is a member, won the bid for Geregu Power Plc, among other winners. Cardinal Okogie, in a statement by the Director of Social Communications, Archdiocese of Benin, Very Rev. Father

Stephen Okojie, in Benin, Edo State, yesterday, said the outcome of the power sector privatisation exercise was unacceptable, insisting that it was another deliberate ploy by few privileged individuals to continue to hold on to the collective wealth of the nation to the detriment of the masses. He said: “Nigerians have been taken for a ride for too long. The result of the exercise, to

me, shows that government is not sincere about sanitising the power sector. How can the government allow firms of some individuals, who are still under investigation by Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, and other law enforcement agencies, the liberty of administering such a sensitive area of our power sector reforms? It will not work. Their antecedents are there for all to see. We


A L A B A R — CHAIRMAN, Council of Chiefs in Cross River State and paramount ruler of Bakassi Local Government Area of the state, Etinyin Etim Edet, has said he would support Bakassi people with prayers to achieve victory, if they chose to declare war on

office. He said the commendation was borne out of the impressive track record of life enhancing legislations, which the House had passed in its first year as the fifth Assembly in the state. He praised the legislators for their maturity and commitment to ensuring that Deltans reaped the benefit of democracy through meaningful legislations, adding that such steps were in tune with the aspirations and hopes of the royal fathers, who are eager to partner the three arms of government in its quest for positive impact on the polity.

Ovie-Whiskey for burial today BY FESTUS AHON


GHELLI—BURI AL of Chairman of defunct Federal Electoral Commission, FEDECO, Justice Victor Ovie-Whiskey, will take place today at St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church, Oviri-Agbarho, Ughelli North Local Government Area, Delta State. The burial rites, according to a statement by his son, Mr. Anthony OvieWhiskey and General O. Obada (rtd), began yes-

terday, with a valedictory court session at Delta State High Court, Warri, followed by vigil of prayer and mass at Endas Grammar School (Agbarho Grammar School) Orho-Agbarho. He will lie in state today at 8a.m., at 4 Old Ughelli-Agbarho Road, Orho-Agbarho, followed by funeral mass at St. Gregory Catholic Church, Oviri-Agbarho. The remains of late Justice Ovie Whiskey will be interred at his home town, Ohorhe, near Effurun.

Delta journalists for Oshiomhole’s educational qualification, 12 training in UK pre-election matter —Tribunal GHELLI—DELTA also included in the BY SIMON EBEGBULEM


ENIN—THE Gov ernorship Election Petition Tribunal in Edo State, headed by Justice Suleiman Ambursa, yesterday, struck out the paragraphs in the petition by governorship candidate of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the July 14, 2012 governorship elec-

tion in the state, Gen. Charles Airhiavbere (rtd), in which he had challenged the educational qualification of Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, to contest the election. The tribunal, meanwhile, over-ruled Oshiomhole’s argument that it had no jurisdiction to entertain the petition, add-

Bakassi: If my people declare war on Nigeria, I'll pray for them —Monarch BY JOHNBOSCO AGBAKWURU

will only end up in vicious circles.” Okogie, who chided past governments for their inability to address the lingering erratic power supply in the country, despite the huge amount expended on the sector, urged President Goodluck Jonathan to right the wrongs of the past by ensuring that the privatisation exercise was not high-jacked by some powerful individuals as is now the case.

RADITIONAL rul ers in Delta State have commended the state House of Assembly for the progressive and purposeful legislations it had introduced in line with the constitutional expectations of the legislature in democratic settings. First chairman of Delta State Traditional Council, HRM Atuwatse II, the Olu of Warri, through the 1st Vice-Chairman of the council, Obi Emmanuel Efeizomor II, Obi of Owa Kingdom, made the commendation at a visit by the General Purpose Committee of the body to the Speaker of the House,

Nigeria over the Federal Government’s refusal to appeal against the International Court of Justice, ICJ, judgment that ceded their land to Cameroun. Etinyin Edet, yesterday, on a phone-in radio programme on Nigeria Info 99.3 FM in Lagos, said he believed that against all odds, God will intervene in the Bakassi matter and save his

people. This came on the heels of a call by the Senate to the Presidency to appeal against the October 10, 2012, ICJ judgment. The paramount ruler said that the Federal and Cross River State Governments, had promised to resettle and compensate the displaced people, “but up till date, nothing has happened. Our people are facing all kinds of problem."

ing that it would go ahead to hear the complaints of electoral malpractices contained in the petition against Oshiomhole by Airhiavbere. The tribunal held that the issue of Oshiomhole's educational qualification was a pre- election, matter which the petitioner (Airhiavbere) ought to have contested before a Federal High or a state high court prior to the governorship election. Justice Ambursa said the tribunal decided to strike out paragraphs 4, 12, 13, 24 and 25 in the petition because they all had to do with whether Oshiomhole was qualified to contest the election or not, adding: “In my view, the facts pleaded by the petitioner in paragraph 4 of the petition challenging the qualification of the first respondent to contest the election, petitioner embarked on a wild goose chase because the issue is a pre-election matter."


State Council of Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, has sent 12 journalists for training at Reuters/Thompson Foundation in London, United Kingdom. Council Chairman, Mr. Norbeth Chiazor, said the 12 journalists were drawn from the print and electronic media, adding that some officials of the state Ministry of Information were

week-long training programme. The journalists are to be trained on Advanced News Reporting, Features Writing and Ethics of Journalism. The council said the programme will also offer participants an opportunity to understudy the operational systems and core values of Reuters as a global news conglomerate.

Delta monarch performs Inaka festival BY EMMA AMAIZE


HE traditional rul er of AkwukwuIgbo Kingdom, Oshimili North Local Government Area of Delta State, HRM, Obi David Azuka I, will perform his 2012 Inaka traditional festival on October 12. The palace, in a statement, said the chairman

of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the state, Chief Peter Nwaoboshi, will chair the event at which a new palace hall will be unveiled. Speaker of the state House of Assembly, Mr Victor Ochei and the Obi of Onicha-Ugbo, HRM Obi Chukwumalieze I, will grace the occasion as special guest of honour and royal father of the day respectively.

12—Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012

Downpour paralyses activities in Lagos BY KINGSLEY ADEGBOYE


AFRICAN BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE—From left: Trade and Investment Minister, Segun Aganga, Business Mogul, Aliko Dangote and Akwa Ibom State Governor, Godswill Akpabio during the African Business Round Table in New York yesterday.

Court sentences ex-police corporal to death for killing 3-yr-old girl BY ONOZURE DANIA, WITH AGENCY REPORT


KEJA—An Ikeja High Court in Lagos, yesterday, sentenced an ex-police corporal, Ikechukwu Nwabueze, to death by hanging for killing a threeyear-old girl, Kasufara Muritala. According to reports, Justice Olabisi Akinlade, found the 35-year-old former policeman guilty of the murder charge preferred against him. Nwabueze, who was arraigned on June 15, 2010 by the Lagos State Directorate of Public Prosecutions, had pleaded not guilty to the charge. Mrs Olabisi Ogungbesan, the Director of Public Prosecution, said Nwabueze on April 5, 2009 at a police check-point at KetuAlapere, Lagos, shot at a Nissan Sunny car conveying the deceased and her parents. Ogungbesan said the incident occurred at Obanle Aro bus stop, Ketu-Alarape at about 9.30 pm when Kasufara and her parents were returning from a naming ceremony. She said the father of the deceased, Saliu Muritala, was hit on his hand while the little girl, who was sitting on the back sit with her mother, was shot in the head. The DPP said the five policemen from Alarepe Police Station, including Nwabueze, fled from the

check-point after the father came out of the car with the lifeless body of the deceased. In her judgment, Akinlade held that the prosecution proved its case against Nwabueze beyond reasonable doubt. She said the defendant in

his confessional statement to the police after his arrest, had admitted shooting at the rear of the car but not with the intent to kill the deceased. The judge held that Nwabueze’s attempt to deny that the statement was not made “voluntarily,'' was

an after-thought aimed at misleading the court. “It is trite law that a confessional statement of a defendant is relevant and should not be discarded merely on the basis that he had retracted the statement during trial,” the judge said.

Lagos traffic law, not to make money — Fashola ...addresses NURTW members at Iyana-Ipaja motor park BY OLASUNKANMI AKONI, CHIOMA OBINNA & MONSOR OLOWOOPEJO


AGOS—INSPITE of the downpour in Lagos yesterday, Governor Babatunde Fashola said that the success of the Lagos Road Traffic Law would be determined by the level of voluntary compliance, stressing that the objective of the law was not to fine violators and generate revenue for the state, but to ensure safety and order on the roads. Fashola made the remarks while addressing traders and transport union workers as part of sensitization of the state government‘s “ Motor Park Safety and Health programme”, at Iyana Ipaja motor park. He said criticisms that the law was promulgated to make money was baseless

and untrue, stressing that the ultimate objective was the prosperity of the state and residents. The governor said: “Some people have said we made this law because we want to make money, but the question is how much money can we make from violators? “How much money can we really make? This is not about politics. It is about your lives. How much fines can we get? The fines cannot fund the budget of the state. “But your prosperity, your growth can develop the economy of Lagos in a much more fundamental way. That is the big picture that we see.“ Fashola therefore, urged residents, especially transport workers to comply with the provisions of the law, saying the success of the legislation would be determined by voluntary compli-

ance. The governor also counseled transport workers against consumption of alcohol and hard drugs before and while driving, saying this had significantly contributed to the cases of road accidents in the state. He said the state through traffic officials would begin to administer breathalysers on drivers to check the alcoholic content of their blood to ensure they were fit to convey passengers safely to different places. “We have designed this safety and health programme for our transport workers because they are a critical stakeholders in our transport sector, and that’s why we are taking it to the motor parks and garages. “This is the third park I have been to. I was at Ojota and Iddo motor parks, now I am at Iyana Ipaja and the journey continues," the governor said..

HE heavens again opened up in Lagos hitting many parts of the metropolis and paralising both human and commercial activities in the nation’s sprawling commercial nerve centre. The downpour which started on Wednesday night continued for better part of yesterday. The rain that lasted over 10 hours inflicted its usual pains on Lagos residents, as they swam through floods for several hours to get to their various destinations. The floods which took over major roads and expressways such as the popular Ikorodu Road, the ever busy Oshodi/Apapa expressway Lagos/Badagry expressway, Agege Motor Road and Lagos /Abeokuta expressway resulted in gridlock causing commuters and commercial drivers to spend several hours to get to their destinations.

Several vehicles were seen to have broken down on the flooded roads. On Oshodi/Apapa expressway, the gridlock which many motorists met before Ijesha Bus Stop, caused motorists to spend between three to four hours to get to Mile 2. The cause of the gridlock was severe floods at Rainbow and Mile 2 areas of the dual carriageway due to blocked drains. Many commuters were stranded at various bus stops along the expressway. As usual, commercial bus drivers had no option than to take advantage of the helpless situation to hike fares. Commercial activities were practically grounded to a halt as many residents in the metropolis could not make it to their offices and business places. Many road users were forced to return home or seek alternative routes while others remained at the spot, waiting for the flood to abate.

Nigeria not on the brink of disintegration—Gov Aliyu BY CHARLES KUMOLU


AGOS—CHAIRMAN of Northern Governor’s Forum, NGF, and Governor of Niger State, Dr. Babangida Aliyu has declared that Nigeria was not on the brink of collapse because of its current security challenges, noting that what the country was going through was a phase in its socio-political development. He also called on the Federal Government to avoid addressing the insecurity across the country in reactionary ways, adding that security would be enhanced through an effective national leadership that will be committed to economic prosperity. Aliyu said this yesterday in Lagos at a forum convened by the Obafemi

Awolowo Institute of Government and Public Policy in commemoration of Nigeria’s 52 independence. The governor, who spoke on the theme: The Search For National Security In Nigeria; Challenges and Prospects, called on the Federal Government to be more sophisticated and scientific in its battle against insecurity. Governor Aliyu said: "We should be more sophisticated in managing our security challenges and avoid handling the issues in reactionary ways of adopting impulsive measures and strategies that fail to address the fundamental problems on a sustainable basis. We have national security challenges, it does not mean that Nigeria is on the brink of collapse, as beign insinuated in some quarters.’’

Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28,,2012—13


14—Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012

Why we're building N13bn workers' secretariat, by Enugu govt BY TONY EDIKE


NUGU—ENUGU State government has defended its decision to construct a N13 billion workers’ secretariat, insisting that it was imperative to provide a very conducive work environment for public workers in the state in order to ensure improved service delivery. The Head of Service, Mr. Dennis Eze, who spoke on the issue yesterday in Enugu, said the new Secretariat Complex on 6.7 hectares of land also became necessary since the structures at the old site were dilapidated with leaking roofs and poor public conveniences. The government had been under intense pressure over the extra-budgetary expenditure as the critics complained that such fund should be invested in human development, including settlement of over 30 months pension arrears

for retired teachers and other civil servants in the state. Eze, who was silent on the issue of pension arrears for retired civil servants, explained that before embarking on the new secretariat complex, the performance implementation arm of government took a holistic re-

view of the project and discovered that the old building could no longer be effectively maintained, saying the cost of maintaining one building there could build two new ones with modern facilities. He said that apart from approval by the state executive council, the labour un-

ions and other stakeholders also saw the need for a modern secretariat complex for public servants. According to Eze, the new secretariat complex will resolve the present problem of office accommodation facing some ministries, departments and agencies and will also be designed to make provision for the installation of modern day office equipment for workers.

Nnamani's trial to resume 2013 BY TONY EDIKE


NUGU—THE trial of former governor of Enugu State, Chimaroke Nnamani, yesterday, suffered another setback as the trial judge, Justice Benedict Agbata, was said to be on vacation. Prosecuting counsel from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, and the former governor’s lawyers agreed with the Court Registrars to adjourn the case to February 23, 2013. Dr. Nnamani was present in court, while his supporters thronged the court premises in

Abia to have substantive CJ soon BY ANAYO OKOLI

U From left: Theresa Taiwo, Commercial Director, CBS, Mrs Ugochi Pedro, Head, Legal/Director of Special Programme, OMG, Mr Richard DayoJohnson, Director, Radio Services, CBS and Morayo Afolabi-Brown, Deputy Director, Programme, TVC Entertainment, at the partnership signing of agreement between Continental Broadcasting Services and Optima Media Group in Lagos yesterday. Photo: Biodun Ogunleye.

MUAHIA—ABIA State will soon have a substantive Chief Judge, the Chairman of the state House of Assembly Committee on Justice, Judiciary and Public Petitions, Chief Ikedi Ezekwesiri, has an-

Bende LG workers protest non-payment of five months' salary


M UA H I A — N O fewer than 300 workers of Bende Local Government Area in Abia yesterday marched to Government House in Umuahia to protest the non-payment of their five months' salary arrears. Mr Gabriel Ukpai, one of the leaders of the peaceful protest, said that the aim was to bring their plight to the attention of state government. “The last time we were paid was in April and this is September; yet there is no sign that we will be paid,” Ukpai said. Ukpai alleged that the council workers’ problem started when an official of the transition committee returned N3.5 million to the state government shortly after his appointment. He described as false, claims by the official that the money was saved from the council’s allocation following the elimination of ghost workers from the council’s payroll.

their large number singing Chimaroke – Ebeano solidarity songs and praises to God as they danced in front of the court complex. The supporters later moved to the state secretariat of Peoples Democratic Congress, PDP, at Ebeano Housing Estate where they were entertained and briefed about the next adjourned date before their departure. Ebeano supporters from the 17 local government areas of the state came to the court in several buses in solidarity with the former governor, who waived hands to acknowledge cheers from them.

Ukpai alleged that the returned money was part of workers’ check-off dues and welfare levies. He said that the negative impact of the refund was the noticeable shortfall in the monthly allocations to the council. According to him, Bende Local Government currently receives about N15 million as monthly statutory allocations against the earlier N45 million monthly.

From left: Prof. Okechukwu Mbonu, Chairman, Emma Bishop Okonkwo Foundation Ltd, Chief Emma Bishop Okonkwo, Founder, Emma Bishop Okonkwo Foundation and Chairman, Ekulo Group of Companies, Dr. Jide Idris, Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Yewande Adesina, Special Adviser on Public Health to Governor Fashola and Dr. Olufemi Olugbile, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health, during donation of Ambulance and medical equipment to Lagos State Government by the Foundation in Lagos. Photo: Bunmi Azeez.

Monarch tasks Oshiomhole on healthcare The monarch who made this communities. delivery BY SIMON EBEGBULEM


ENIN CITY—THE Onojie of Ujiogba kingdom of Esan West Local Government Area of Edo State, HRH Ojeaga Izuware 1, has appealed to Governor Adams Oshiomhole to upgrade to a full General Hospital the Primary Health Centre in the area in order to bring health care service delivery closer to the people.

appeal while briefing newsmen on the activities to mark the Ujiogba Day celebration and fund raising for the development of the community scheduled for Saturday, October 6, commended the Oshiomhole led administration for the developmental efforts in the state and stressed the need for individuals to compliment government efforts by contributing to the growth of their

He said: “Before the coming of Oshiomhole, we had serious developmental problems in my community but I am glad that today the government has done so much in the area of schools and water. So our launching is to compliment the efforts of government. As traditional rulers we all are supporting Oshiomhole because he is bringing development close to our people. “

nounced. Ezekwesiri, who represents Umunneochi State Constituency in the House, said all the impediments against appointing a substantive Chief Judge of Abia had been cleared. According to him, government and the House Committee have worked hard to resolve all the issues that have prevented the state from having a substantive chief judge. Ezekwesiri, who praised Governor Theodore Orji for the infrastructure being provided in the judicial sector, said the state could compare favourably with other states in terms of amenities provided courts in the state. Flanked by Mr. Benson Anya, the Chief Registrar, Abia state Customary Court, the lawmaker also said his committee was investigating cases of extra-judicial killings brought before it and vowed that any culprit would be brought to book, no matter how highly placed.

Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28,,2012—15


16—Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012

Police seize cache of arms in Kano, arrest 2

Kaduna targets N3bn IGR BY HENRY UMORU




ANO—KANO State Police Command, yesterday, uncovered a cache of arm at a Hotoro Haye within the municipality. The place, suspected to be a bomb factory, is located in the remote part of the restive quarters with several explosives and bomb-making materials seized. Two suspects were also arrested in a raid led by the Kano Commissioner of Police, Ibrahim Idris. Items recovered in the building included two AK-47 rifle, two pistols, two bags of TNT, readymade IEDs, remote control bombs, gas cylinders and a welding machine. Other items were two power generating sets, three motor vehicles, 90 rounds of live ammunition, drilling machine, 100 detonator heads, pyrotechnics and some welding equipment. Two suspects were arrested at the factory. The Commissioner thanked members of the community for information leading to the raid, adding that investigation had commenced to unravel more facts on factory.

BRIEFING: From left— Mrs. Funlola Olomofe, Head of Operations; Mr. Wale Adedara, Managing Director; and Ms. Ronke Adeoye, Marketing Executive, all of Edgefield Ltd, at the company's media parley in Lagos. PHOTO: Lamidi Bamidele.

Why we increased stake on offshore blocks— FG BY YEMIE ADEOYE


INISTER of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani AlisonMadueke, has said the Federal Government increased its stake in deep offshore blocks to 73 percent because of prevailing realities in the global oil and gas industry. Government’s initial Production Sharing Contract, PSC, for deep water fields was reviewed from 61 percent in the draft Petroleum Industry Bill, currently before the National Assembly for considera-

tion. Speaking at the 3rd Nigeria Investment Summit held in New York, under the auspices of the African Business Roundtable, Mrs. Alison-Madueke said: “I like to state once again that the proposed increase of government take to about 73 percent is not only competitive but considerate when we look at the scale of other entities around the world like Norway, Indonesia and even Angola, with even higher government take.” Mrs. Alison-Madueke explained that based on

prevailing realities in the global oil industry, it was only natural to review the terms of the PSC to reflect the current trend. The novel 1993 PSC agreement was based on $20 per barrel price for crude oil real time, but records indicate that since the start of production in the PSC, field’s crude prices had been on the upswing and hence the consensus to have a review of the terms. The minister also said the new PIB provided for a refreshing fiscal regime with strong incentives for

ACN to PDP: We criticise, not politicising tragedies


CTION Congress of Nigeria, ACN, has said it was criticising Peoples Democratic Party, PDPled Federal Government and not politicising issues. ACN also called on Nigerians to brace up for tougher times ahead as Peoples Democratic Party,

PDP-led Federal Government has run out of ideas. In a statement in Lagos, yesterday, by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said rather than address the issues raised in its criticism of the central government’s inept handling of the mul-

tiple tragedies and calamities the country is currently reeling under, PDP has characteristically embarked on a flight of fancy and daylight hallucination. The party said: “To accuse Action Congress of Nigeria of politicising national disasters and calamities, when

it actually only criticised President Jonathan’s lack of capacity, pro-activeness, and coordinated response to these natural calamities and disasters depicts the paucity of the thought process of Peoples Democratic Party-led Federal Government.”

enhanced exploration of new frontiers, especially in the Inland Sedimentary Basins, as well as providing strong support base for complete activation of the Gas Master Plan.

... issues new standing orders on prisons' mgt BY IKECHUKWU NNOCHIRI


B U JA — A T T O RNEY-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mohammed Adoke, yesterday, issued fresh Standing Orders to the Nigerian Prisons Service management, saying the revised regulation would impact very positively in the administration of prisons across the federation. While officially handing over the document to the Comptroller-Gen-

eral of Prisons, Mr. Zakari Ibrahim in Abuja, the AGF, who was represented by the Solicitor-General of the Federation, Abdullahi Yola, noted that the existing Standing Orders for the administration of prisons in Nigeria was made in 1961. He said: “Having been made over 50 years ago, the need to review the Orders to bring it into conformity with current realities and international best practice cannot be overemphasised.”

By Bartholomew Madukwe



BUJA—GOVERNOR Patrick Yakowa of Kaduna State has promised to increase the present Internally-Generated Revenue, IGR, base of N700 million monthly to N3 billion. Yakowa, in a statement, yesterday, by his External Affairs Relations Officer, Mr. Emmanuel Ado, said the move was a i m e d a t making the state financially free from dependence on the federation allocation and to raise the muchneeded resources to continue the delivery of democracy dividends to the people of the state. Ado said the governor was heading a committee that is working towards increasing the revenue base of the state.


Do you support FG on N5,000 note?


T won’t work because it will not better the condition of the poor. When you take such money to the market to buy something, traders will have problem with giving you change. So government should stop it. Suspending it is not even good enough.— Mrs. Christy Udoyoh, Librarian. C M Y K


ONESTLY, I don’t understand what informed such idea. When the cashless policy came, I could identify with it as it would stop people from carrying large amount of money about. But this N5,000 note? I am still waiting to be convinced on the need for it. Ms. Chioma Ani, Student.


F the N5,000 note will add value to our economy, all well and good. But I see it doing more harm than good to the economy. I remember the last time new notes and coins were introduced. The coins wasted no time in going to the graveyard.— Mr. Samson Robinson, IT Engineer.


HE N5,000 note will cause inflation and devalue the Naira. For instance, if you are working and earning N15,000 monthly, it means just three pieces of N5,000 notes. And some traders will see it as an opportunity to increase the prices of goods.— Ms. Rhoda Wurola, Student.


HEY want to use it to devalue our cur rency. It will certainly spoil our Naira that is already losing its voice in the international community. Let us fight CBN in this matter with absolute rejection for the interest of the masses. This is supposed to be a democracy.— Mr. Francis Esupofo, Musician.


would say that those who have the sole responsibility of determining our currency should be allowed to do their work. It is only when something is tried and it fails that we can start condemning it. Let us, at least, give CBN a chance concerning this N5,000 note.— Ms. Kubura Aremu, Model.

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18 — Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012

F the Central Bank of Nigeria thinks publishing the list of top bank debtors I indicates it is doing its work, it has failed to

understand the huge debts owed banks is a mark of failure of the regulator. Where else does the Central Bank wait for banks to accumulate bad debts? Publication of the list does nothing to absolve the CBN of liability for poor supervision of banks which are going through a tougher time, especially the ones that are under direct daily supervision of the CBN. It does not take courage to publish a debtors’ list. Was it a ploy to ensure the debts are not paid, since the affected organisations and powerful individuals can sue or use their connections in governments to stop quicker recovery of the debts? It is important debtors honour their obligations to banks. It is also good the CBN implements policies that make it difficult for banks to skip the rules and grant loans as favours rather than business transactions. The published list is a catalogue of



UR Olympics dreams were in tatters when our London 2012 contingent returned home empty handed, further compounding the woes of a troubled nation. But glory to God, our Paralympics champions stepped forward to redeem our battered image with a facesaving performance that put Nigeria at number 22 in the final medals table. Prince of Nigeria and Chairman of the FRESH Party, Rev Chris Okotie, joined other Nigerians in singing the redemption songs that our Paralympics representatives put in our mouths when they returned home with a total of 13 medals from London at the just concluded Olympics for the physically challenged. Speaking at a forum of his party in Lagos, the outspoken pastor-politician paid a long tribute to the Paralympics champions and expectedly took a swipe at their failed counterparts in what is now widely regarded as our Olympics of shame. To fully capture the sentiments of the cleric, the tribute titled, “Learn from our Paralympics medalists”, which was circulated in the media, is reproduced: “On behalf of our great party, FRESH, I salute our indefatigable Paralympics athletes who did us proud in the just concluded Paralympics in London. “Coming on the heels of our disgraceful showing at the Olympics – London 2012, the physically challenged athletes who put Nigeria in the 22nd position on the final medals table with 6 gold, 5 silver and 2 bronze medals, have virtually redeemed our battered image in the global sports arena. “The fact that the Paralympics ambassadors put us ahead of great sporting nations like Japan, Mexico, Sweden, Egypt, Austria, Switzerland and Norway, shows how important their feat is. “We came third in Africa on the overall medal table, behind Tunisia and South Africa. Our athletes braved all odds like


CBN learns nothing businesses and their interests that have used banks to deplete resources that could strengthen the economy, yet the CBN must admit that businesses cannot thrive without loans. The move to circulate the list to the banks, to forestall other banks from exposure to heavy bank debtors, is one of the CBN’s duties. There is no point praising it for doing its work. What remains to be seen is how it would recover the debts. CBN wasted trillions of Naira in public funds in covering its deficient regulation of banks. The banks it took over were further ruined and its refusal to discuss participation of bank shareholders in the resuscitation of distressed banks remains a major obstacle to the fate of the banks.

OPINION Redemption song of Paralympics champs poor facilities, inadequate funding, and corruption in the sports sector to post such impressive performance, whereas, our London 2012 representatives who are products of the same environment failed woefully. “This is a message for our government: no excuses for poor performance. The Paralympics champions are saying loud and clear that we can still excel in Africa in all spheres of human endeavour, despite Boko Haram, corruption in high places, and the general infrastructural deficits etc. What makes the difference is our attitude to national service”. Well spoken, Pastor Chris. The Nigerian factor is basically an attitude problem. We must address it squarely if we are to move forward. If the Paralympians share the environment with their Team Nigeria London 2012 counterparts, and they come out of the games with two opposition outcomes, the problem really must be attitudinal. To be sure, patriotism and positive attitudes do play a part in service delivery, but one must never lose sight of the fact that the government largely determines how people respond to national service. A caring government that is alive to its responsibilities to the citizenry is obliged to enjoy loyalty, commitment and genuine respect from the people. In that case, a call to serve becomes a thing of honour, of joy and pride.


f, as it is now in our case, where government virtually alienates the populace, there’s little one can expect in terms of inspiration and motivation to go the extra mile for the love of country. Going the extra mile is the stuff champions are made of. Those who excel at sporting competitions know this. A dysfunctional state as presently obtains in Nigeria cannot, there-

Loans are procured as contracts, clearly stating out obligations of the contracting parties. Organisations and individuals that borrow are meant to have collaterals to back up their loans. What happened to the collaterals? Have the banks taken over the collaterals? How did the loans become these mountainous piles? Who did not do his job? How is it possible the same punishment would apply to debtors for loans obtained under different terms? Neither the CBN nor the Assets Management Company of Nigeria, AMCON, would make the expected changes to improve banks if it adopts measures that failed woefully in the past. How many times have banks’ debtors list been published? Did the publications recover the loans? Banks officials — plus supervisors at CBN— deserve punishment for issuing unsecured loans. The CBN cannot blame others for these bad debts when its slack supervision is central to them and guarantees future bad loans.

fore, be expected to create a positive atmosphere that could encourage championship performances by our athletes in any field. When athletes are proud to display the flags of their countries, they are counted on to give their best. Rev Okotie’s argument is that, though poor performances could be a consequence of inept sports administration, it should never be an excuse for failure for those who know their onions. A thirst for sporting glory should be the primary motivation for athletes who truly desire success, notwithstanding the man-made impediments that stand in the way. We are to brave all odds to succeed. That should be our mantra. That also applies to rulership, as the reverend suggested. Our elected leaders have no excuse for their current failure to deliver on their election promises. If a leader fails to deliver, he must not blame it on the opposition or other environmental causes. In fact, the task of problem-solving is why we elect leaders in the first place. Our Paralympics champions are equally hampered by poor facilities and pandemic bad administration of sports in this country, yet they were able to prove their mettle in London. Clearly, they are saying something loud and clear. Nigerians should learn to brave the odds currently facing us and try to move this nation forward, inspite of the monumental challenges on ground. It is a good thing that the Paralympics medalists were rewarded with national honours and cash by the Federal Government. It must not end there. This is the time for government to look carefully into the plight of the physically challenged across the country. There’re thousands of potential Paralympics medalists within the ranks of city urchins who beg for alms in this country. Something must be done urgently to rehabilitate them. They need not be athletes. The government could put them into vocational training centers. Physical challenges should not be an excuse for poverty.

*Mr . Gidado, a public affairs analyst , wrote from Lagos.

Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012—19


UR attention has been drawn to the recent publication credited to Mr. Ganiyu OlaOluwa, the Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the State of Osun, accusing the current administration in the state of propaganda and misinformation, particularly concerning the manner of financial management of the erstwhile administration of the PDP in the state. As much as we had decided to ignore these disparagers, their absurdities and unending and unfounded allegations, it is important to react to the referenced publication made in Thisday of Monday September 3, 2012. This is considered necessary given that the issue of the N18.38billion term loan facility, obtained from United Bank for Africa, UBA Plc by the administration of Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola, raised in the publication, is of course in the public domain. We, therefore, have to set the records straight on the issue to avoid misinformation, capable of diverting the attention of the citizens of the state from the lessons that need to be learnt on why usurpers should not be allowed to run the economy of a

state. PDP’s claim of disbursing only the sum of N10 billion from the N18.3 billion term loan obtained by the Oyinlola administration is gratifying as it further raises some questions on the genuineness of the intention of that administration on the facility amount. This is so considering the fact that the monthly repayment obligation of more than N619,294,837.82 on the facility was calculated by the bank based on the whole facility amount (irrespective of the undisbursed portion). Thank God, PDP agreed that the loan passed to our administration was N18.3 billion out of which the party admitted that Oyinlola spent N10billion, therefore, it is no brainer to know that to bring N18.3billion loan down to N8.3billion, you require to pay N10billion which is higher than the amount left unspent by that administration when we came in. Our review and findings on the projects being financed with the facility showed that the level of work completed by the contractors (as indicated by the various certificates of completion) is abysmally low when compared with the level of disbursement. In addition, the manner of management of the facility by the lender (UBA) led to our decision

The writer’s position on the credit line further revealed his shallowness of knowledge on financial and treasury management


to negotiate a fresh and wellstructured N8.3billion term loan from First Bank of Nigeria, FBN, Plc to take out UBA. For avoidance of doubts, the referenced facility from FBN was obtained at an interest rate of 10 per cent per annum and 12 months moratorium period with five-year repayment period. So you can, therefore, see that the claim that the loan was negotiated at 13 per cent per annum was patently false. The long tenor of our refinancing makes the yield lower and therefore, a saving for Osun.


side from the fact that the purpose of the facility as clearly indicated in the facility offer letter shows that it was meant for “part financing completion of key projects in the state which include road

Geopolitics and strategy of petroleum: The Nigeran experience (3) Continued from yesterday's pg 18



EANWHILE, most of the natural gas associated with oil production was flared. In the last 20 years, production of unassociated natural gas has increased significantly. Thus, the Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas Company, NLNG, was established on May 17, 1989 to explore and market natural gas. Some European countries like Spain, Portugal and Italy are ready customers for Nigeria’s natural gas, but surprisingly Nigerians do not have affordable and available gas to cook food or power their thermal stations. Today, the Nigerian economy revolves around oil and gas, which account for over 80% of the total revenue and some 90% of the export earning. Experts have put up the theory that Nigeria has three times more natural gas than oil. Thus, in the future Nigeria will be more of a gas country than oil. As at present, nobody knows the exact amount of oil produced in Nigeria; estimates put it at 2.5 million barrels per day but this is far below the actual figure on account of illegal bunkering, outright theft and other sharp practices. Nigeria’s economic development has been directly related to the oil production. At the same time, the country has witnessed some adverse effects from the oil business. These include militancy in the Niger Delta, pollution, piracy, other security issues etc. Security has been a major challenge to the oil industry in Nigeria. People living in the oil producing areas have become worse off. Thus, pipeline break-ins and arson had increased significantly. To that effect, a conference on the Gulf of Guinea Maritime Security was organised in Naples, Italy from October 3-5, 2004, by the US Naval Forces Europe. This author was a member of the Nigerian delegation that was led by the then Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral S.O. Afolayan. All the countries within the Gulf

of Guinea were represented. There were also delegates from Portugal, Spain, Italy, UK, Belgium and Netherlands. The main conclusion of the conference was how to provide adequate security for the oil and gas from the Gulf of Guinea. Nigeria’s position was that the business would be on a win-win basis. Thus, the countries within the Gulf of Guinea would provide security, while the USA and the European countries would provide the technical and logistics support for the collective security of the petroleum and other aquatic resources (shrimps, fish, crabs, sharks, etc) caused by the upwelling of oceanic waters of the Gulf of Guinea. It is instructive to note that the report of the conference was sent to the Defence Headquarters, NNPC and PPMC. However, no adequate response has been made by the authorities concerned. Because of the paucity of security in the Niger Delta and Nigeria’s Exclusive Economic Zone, trawlers and factory ships from mostly Asian countries poach Nigeria’s maritime resources. Thus, the Federal Government should provide adequate maritime patrol aircraft for the Nigerian Air Force and fast attack craft for the Nigerian Navy to ensure improved security in the maritime region of the country. To stem the never-ending incidents of pipeline vandalism and stealing of refined petroleum products by certain uninformed persons, the Federal Government should task the Pipeline and Products Marketing Company, PPMC, to introduce the Integrated Pipeline Access Security System, IPASS, into its network of pipelines. The purpose is to counter the threat posed by terrorists or criminals who desire to either sabotage the oil and pipeline facilities or steal oil. The main motivations are: Force display in order to achieve political goals, siphon oil or gas for black market, force low-level political or corporate concessions. The IPASS is an integrated remote detection system, designed specifically to secure pipeline or other long line infrastructure. It provides an early warning and fast location of spills/damages. It has a component of




Osun PDP and the limits of denial

construction, free trade zone, technical education projects, etc”, the utilisation of the facility for counter-part funding required to facilitate some developmental grants (such as UBE and FADAMA) is spurious and unthinkable. As a matter of fact, it is financially suicidal to use medium term loan to finance normal recurrent social obligations. This is a case of financial mismatch and a reflection of the state’s inability to meet its short term obligations under the PDP-led administration. As logical as the claim of shorter tenor of three years on the referenced facility and the likelihood of lower interest charges on same is, it is, however, unreasonable to negotiate such substantial term loan with a short tenor of only 36 months. This is so given the lower level of the state’s portion from the statutory allocation from the Federal Government. How can a state survive by using more than 32 per cent of its revenue for servicing term loan, at a time when the state’s personnel and overhead costs was already over 100 percent of its statutory revenue? The unspent portion of the N18.3billion term loan was certainly PDP administration’s recipe for disaster on the suffocating monthly obligations on the term loan. Our administration’s decision to partly liquidate the N18.3billion term loan and restructure the balance with FBN Plc was borne out of our determination not to ground the state and neglect the social

This author is of the opinion that if Nigeria had used the ex-Biafran scientists and engineers in the oil and gas sector, the country would not be in this deplorable state


unmanned aerial vehicles for over the horizon detection. The system provides for a fast response prior to actual damage to the pipeline.


n refining of petroleum in Nigeria, the capacity began to lag behind local demand as early as the late 1980s. The various governments failed to act by not maintaining the refineries to operate optimally or build new ones. Thus, Nigeria began to import refined petroleum products, which led to artificial scarcity and unemployment in the sector. To stem this unprofitable act (except for the importers and some staff of NNPC) government should build mini-refineries in some states of the federation. This action will broaden the base for availability and distribution of refined products. It will also provide job opportunities for Nigerians and cushion the effect of scarcity if any of the refineries breaks down or on routine maintenance. This idea was mooted by Professor P.N. Okeke of the UNN, at the Civil War Seminar held at the National Defence College, Abuja in 2001. He further, noted that during the war, although food was scarce , petroleum products were not, because Biafran scientists and engineers built mini-refineries that kept Biafra moving. It may be recalled that: “War brings out the best in men” (Winston Churchil). After World War II in 1945, many scientists and engineers were taken to the US and former Soviet Union: Dr. Wernher von Braun and his principals continued their research on the V-2 rockets. This led to the manufacture of Saturn rockets in the USA

responsibility of government to the citizens of the state, in the name of “spurious” projects PDP administration embarked on. It is necessary at this point to point out that the allegation that our administration took N25 billion from FBN is either borne out of ignorance or deliberate falsehood (or both). The referenced N25billion facility is a credit line and only the sum of N8.6billion used to pay down the UBA facility, was drawn to date. You need to note that the state’s obligation is limited to this amount, contrary to what obtained on the last administration’s N18.3billion facility. The writer’s position on the credit line further revealed his shallowness of knowledge on financial and treasury management. How does a credit line become a loan when it has not been drawn? Our strategy of restructuring the referenced term loan is first to convert it to a long term obligation that it should be, and then take it out by sourcing a cheaper debt instrument (developmental bond) from the Capital Market. This is under processing. The PDP administration is a lame duck that lacks the initiative and vigour to go through the rigorous process of developmental bond programme, suitable for major developmental projects. Continues on Monday page 17

•Mr. Bolorunduro is the Commissioner for Finance, Economic Planning and Budget in Osun State

while those who went to the Soviet Union helped in the production of the intercontinental ballistic missile designed by Dr. Sergei P. Korolev to launch the world’s first artificial satellite, Sputnik 1 (fellow traveller) on October 4, 1957. That began the space race between the US and the Soviet Union, which led to Niel Armstrong’s landing on the Moon on July 20, 1969. Armstrong was quickly followed by Buzz Aldrin to be the first men on the Moon. The importance of this story is to show that Nigeria failed to tap from the ingenuity of Ex-Biafrans for technological advancement in petroleum refining and military capability. I wonder if any top official of the NNPC has ever visited the National War Museum Umuahia to see a sample of the Biafran Fuel Distiller or “Cooking pot” used to refine petroleum. This author is of the opinion that if Nigeria had used the exBiafran scientists and engineers in the oil and gas sector, the country would not be in this deplorable state. Consequently, Mr. President is advised to invite Profs P.N. Okeke, physicist; Eugene Arene, chemist; Dr II Nnadi, industrial engineer, for a discussion on the way forward in the refining process. These men will organise work teams, using some willing ex-NNPC engineers and some staff of PRODA Enugu to build mini-refineries in Nigeria. It is important to note that petroleum refining process is not rocket science or nuclear physics. However, some pundits in NNPC may dismiss such a plan as crude, but it must be remembered that when we travel abroad today, we fly in comfort and style in modern aeroplanes. I wonder how many of us would dare to fly in the aircraft that was the first to be flown in the World, the Flyer 1, by the Wright brothers, which took place on December 17, 1903 at Kitty Hawk North Carolina USA. A visit to the Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian in Washington DC, will present the contraption to the knowledge seeker. Therefore, any crude refinery today or now will become modern with innovation in science and technology. Concluded *Mr .Obierika, a rtd AVM, wrote from Abuja.

20— Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012


Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012 — 21

NESG, GCNN, others seek action against corruption By PROVIDENCE OBUH


HE Nigerian Eco nomic Summit Group, NESG, Global Compact Nigeria Network, GCNN,

and Siemens have come together with one voice to call on the government and the Nigeria business moguls to join the fight against corruption in line with

the United Nations’ collective action against corruption. The ´United Nations Collective Action against Corruption´ is a project implemented,

funded globally and hosted by Siemens Integrity Initiative (SII) in Nigeria as part of its penalties on corruption indictment on five countries - South Af-

From left : Mrs Jadesola Rawa; Mr Kayode Atofolaki both of Nigeria Economic Summit Group NESG; Mrs Bekeme Masade, CSR-in-Action and Mr Innocent Azih, NESG at the NESG collective Action roundtable on Anti-Corruption with the media held in Lagos on Tuesday. Photo by Lamidi Bamidele

Tony Elumelu Foundation to address vocational, technical lapses By NKIRUKA NNOROM stantial employment opportunities, the current HE Tony Elumelu state of the Nigerian Foundation, TEF, technical and vocational said it is designing training system – along series of programmes with the national curthat will address the riculum and certification vocational and technical process – has not been lapses among Nigeria set up to deliver results in a practical and affordworkforce. The programme, which able way. This commitwill be replicated across ment seeks to address Africa, will tackle two the dual problems of the major problems facing skills gap and youth unthe Nigerian labour mar- employment by introducket, namely the high ing low cost scalable youth unemployment and sustainable solurate, and the vast voca- tions to large scale and practical technical and tional skills gap. The Foundation said in vocational training in a statement made avail- Nigeria.” able to Vanguard that “The Tony Elumelu the initiative was part of Foundation is pledging its contribution towards to design and deliver a enhancing private sector technical and vocacompetitiveness, as well tional training curricuas its formal commitment lum over a five-year at the 2012 Clinton Glo- period in order to adbal Initiative (CGI) an- dress the two key isnual meting in New sues. The programme is beginning with a foYork, USA. Speaking, Dr. Wiebe cused development Boer, CEO of The Tony strategy in Lagos, Elumelu Foundation where Lagos State said, “In spite of sub- Governor, Babatunde Fashola has



recognised the importance of technical and vocational education to the development of the state. “Lagos is a vital commercial centre for Nigeria and has reported a need for 150,000 skilled plumbers, electricians, and welders. With Lagos as a pilot, the programme will expand to other key Nigerian cities including Port Harcourt, Abuja and Kano, by 2014, with other African cities to follow,” Dr. Boer further stated. He noted that the Foundation would deploy a combination of human resources, grants and impact investments as well as engage in policy advocacy, to deliver on this ambitious goal, adding that it would partner with innovative technical partners, and other interested Nigerian, African, and international philanthropists and impact investors. He explained that relevant private sector industrial and construction partners would also be sought to develop an appropriate apprenticeship ecosystem for students receiving technical and vocational training.

rica, Brazil, Egypt, India, and Nigeria, implemented globally by the Foundation for Global Compact of the United Nations while the Global Compact Local Network Nigeria is the Implementing Partner in Nigeria. The company, glo bally sanctioned for promoting unethical business practices created the project as its contribution to strengthening the implementation of the United Nations’ 10th Principle (business case against corruption) around the world, through collective action. The Principle states that “Businesses should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.” Meanwhile, NESG is the focal point of the Global Compact Local Network Nigeria, which was launched in 2007 in collaboration with the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA)

and the African Leadership Forum (ALF), while the United Nations Global Compact Office commissioned the NESG which is the Secretariat of the Local Network and her collaborators to create the forum to enable leaders in business and government sectors in Nigeria to dialogue on corruption and corruption-related issues in a ‘Collective Action” framework. Speaking at the collective action roundtable on antiorruption with the c media, SII anchor Mr. Innocent Azi, said that the aim of the project is to build trust between government and business leaders and prepare the ground for robust material incentives for Anti-Corruption Collective Action, and s u b s e q u e n t l y strengthen and sustain the business case for Collective Action against Corruption.

IOSCO, Basel C’ttee, others strengthen supervision for financial conglomerates BY MICHAEL EBOH & WILLIAM JIMOH


HE Joint Forum, comprising the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, the International Organization of Securities Commissions, IOSCO and the International Association of Insurance Supervisors, has issued its final report on the principles for the supervision of financial conglomerates, which all regulatory authorities globally are expected to abide with. The report emphasized the need for financial conglomerates to properly measure and manage liquidity risks among others. According to a statement signed by Carla Vitzthum, spokesperson, IOSCO, the updated principle is aimed at closing regulatory gaps, eliminating supervisory ‘blind spots’ and ensuring effective supervision of risks arising from unregulated financial activities and entities.

financial system.” She noted that the prinVitzthum noted that the ciples are structured in principles are orgaa manner that should nized into key sections facilitate their imple— supervisory powers mentation across jurisand authority, supervidictions and over time. sory responsibility, corDr. Therese Vaughan, porate governance, Chair of the Joint Focapital adequacy and rum and Chief Execuliquidity and risk mantive Officer of the US agement. National Association of Insurance Commissioners, stated that the prin+2.35 171.80 ciples are very useful, 2,467.00 -2.00 especially as it can be 20.21 -0.17 applied to large internationally active fi111.61 +1.57 nancial conglomer90.89 +0.91 ates. She said, “The global CURRENCY BUYING CENTRAL SELLING adoption of DOLLAR 154.78 155.28 155.78 these su- STERLING 250.8519 251.6623 252.4726 p e r v i s o r y EURO 199.0316 199.6746 200.3175 164.6771 165.2091 165.741 principles FRANC 19920 1.9985 2.0049 and their YEN CFA 0.2858 0.2958 0.3058 application WAUA 237.7103 238.4782 239.2461 in propor- RENMINBI 24.5576 24.6374 24.7172 tion to the RIYAL 41.2725 41.4058 41.5391 26.6913 26.7775 26.8637 risks posed KRONA SDR 238.3302 239.1001 239.87 will help strengthen CBN Exchange rate as at 27/09/2012 the global

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CIS seeks 25% public ownership of privatized companies … To hold annual conference Oct 10 STORIES BY PETER EGWUATU


HE Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers (CIS) has advised the Federal Government to allow the general public to own 25 per cent stake in the privatized Generation and Distribution companies (Gencos and Discos) via public offering. The Institute also revealed that plans have been concluded to hold the 16th stockbrokers conference and induction of new associates where issues affecting the Nigerian capital market and the economy would be highlighted. President of CIS, Mr. Ariyo Olushekun, at a press briefing in Lagos on Wednesday, said, “ The specific objective of the conference is to create a platform where stakeholders , capital market regulators, capital market operators, Investors , Government functionaries can articulate the short, medium and long term workable measures to sustain on-going market recovery.” He further stated that dig-

nitaries expected at the event include: Dr. Ngozi OkonjoIweala, Honourable Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister for the Economy,

Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, Governor, CBN, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, President of NSE, Arunma Oteh, Director General of SEC, Mr. Oscar Onye-

ma, Managing Director, NSE, Senator, Ayoade Ademola Adeseun, Chairman, Senate Committee on Capital Market, among oth-

From left: Mrs. Mercy Usua, the wife of Mr. Imeh Usuah, the taxi driver that returned N18 million found in his car to the rightful owner and the winner of the maiden edition of Integrity award, Mr. Usua and Arunma Oteh, the Director-General of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Odinkalu faults quashing of NSE’s forensic audit report ...SEC encourages firms to list on NSE


HE Chairman, National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Professor Chidi Odinkalu, has faulted the quashing of forensic audit report on Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), just as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) disclosed that it is making efforts toward attracting privatized companies in the power sector to list on the Exchange. Odinkalu, said rather than quashing the forensic audit report the judge should seek the details of the report. “In fact, lawyers should be blamed for some kind of integrity. How can a judge squash forensic audit that was done by experts. This is not done in developed economy. The best that could be done is to hear from the parties involved. It is only in this country that a court without professional accounting expertise could quash damning forensic audit report of that magnitude with serious implication, and set the suspect free from all charges with brazing disregard for weighty issues involved,” he said. While noting that many lives have been ruined by frauds perpetrated in the capital market in recent past, Odinkalu said that what could have been proper was for the court to institute an independent comC M Y K

mittee to re-examine the content of the report to determine its veracity or otherwise. Delivering a speech at the maiden integrity award of the Nigerian Capital Market Committee in Lagos Odinkalu, lamented the crash of moral standards in the country which according to him has not spared the Nigerian judicial system. Speaking specifically on the important place of trust and integrity as driving force of all business transactions especially the equities business whether in Nigeria or overseas, the university don stated that it was regrettable that the country has got to such a sorry pass where court of competent jurisdiction could pass a judgment nullifying an audit report by accounting experts without regard for its veracity. While faulting government’s list of national honours recipients over the years which had not recognized deserving men of honour, he extolled SEC for picking an ordinary Nigerian for its maiden award, insisting that until government’s list of honours award becomes solely for men of integrity and honour, moral decay in the country will continue. According to him,“People like the person being ho-

noured today, Mr.Imeh Usuah should be on the list of National honours. We are going to make case for a review of the categories of people that should be included in the list of national honour.” It would be recalled that a Federal High Court in Lagos quashed the forensic audit report by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) into the affairs of the NSE under its

former Director-General, Professor Ndi Okereke-Onyiuke. Ruling on suit number FHC/L/CS/1430/10, presiding judge, Justice Charles Archibong, held that since Okereke-Onyiuke was not allowed to present her reaction or given an opportunity to defend herself before the audit report or its interim version was made public, it was therefore void and of no effect.

ers. Olushekun revealed that Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola, Governor of Lagos would declare the conference open and topics to be discussed include: Stock markets recovery- panacea for economic growth and development; Relevance of Agriculture and infrastructure in the National Transformation Agenda and the future of stock broking profession in Nigeria among others. Meanwhile, on the privatization issue, the CIS President said, “It is necessary for the federal government to allow Nigerians to have stake in the privatized companies because if they are part owners of these companies the issue of vandalizing the properties of these companies will be reduced drastically or eliminated.” Continuing, he said, “The general public lost out in the previous privatization programme of the telecommunication sector as none of them has been listed on the stock exchange to allow Nigerians have stake and benefit from the huge profit they are making from our country. So in this present privatization most Nigerians would want to partake. So we advised that the 25 per cent be floated through a public offering, while 51 per cent should be left for core investor. Nigerians should benefit from these companies because the patronage they get comes from the general public.” He stated that the privatization programme is normally expected to enhance productivity of the company and as well benefit stakeholders in terms of returns on investment.

Nestlé wins ‘Creating Shared Value’ award BY RITA OBODOECHINA


ESTLÉ has been named as the best company in creating shared value in Nigeria, by the organizers of the 2012 Social Enterprise Reports and Award, SERA. In a press statement signed by the company’s Corporate Communication and Public Affairs Manager, Mr. Samuel Adenekan, in addition to the award, Nestlé was also voted as the third most socially responsible company in Nigeria. Speaking at the event, Mr Ken Egbas, Managing Director, TruContact, organizer of the event, said that the annual award is to reward

companies who have excelled in their CSR activities. He said, “Nestle was particularly commended for its partnership project with IITA on Cassava Starch; the project is aimed at building capacity of smallholder farmers and increasing productivity per hectare in Cassava through multiplication and dissemination of high yielding varieties.” He added that the company received commendation for its Quality Grains Improvement Project aimed at ensuring high quality grains by reducing Mycotoxin contamination in grains through good agricultural and storage prac-

tices. Continuing, Adenekan said, SERA’s Nigeria Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, awards is the Gold standard in the assessment and documentation of corporate social responsibility and sustainability programmes of organizations in Nigeria. He noted that the CSR Award is coming on the heels of just concluded maiden Creating Shard Value Forum in Central and West Africa held at Lagos Business School of Pan-African University. “The Forum, the first by Nestlé in the sub-region, is part of the company’s Creating Shared Value (CSV) approach.

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The Bakassi sovereignty and international politics (3)

Continues from yesterday


HE blatant falsehood im plicit in the submissions of the claimant, and the defendant’s acquiescence in this misrepresentation, has thus reduced the Honourable Court to ridicule by procuring through blatant misrepresentation, a ruling based on falsehood, since the true facts can easily be proved by reference to Agreements concluded and signed between Germany and Britain between April 29, 1885 and April 14, 1893, and by reference to readily available books containing these treaties, such as Hertslet’s Map of Africa by Treaty. The Agreements referred to above, include No. 260 dated April 29 to June 16, 1885, negotiated by Earl Granville, the British Foreign Minister at the time, and Count Munster, his German counterpart.

Right river bank This agreement specified the Nigeria/Cameroon land boundary at the end point of land, entering the sea thus: “On the coast, the right river bank of the Rio Del Rey entering the sea at between 80 and 42 ‘ and 80 and 46’ East of Greenwich”; “and in the interior a line following the right river bank of the Rio del Rey from the said mouth to it’s source, hence striking direct to the left river bank of the Old Calabar river at the point about 90 8’ of longitude East of Greenwich, marked Rapids at the English Admiralty Chart.” On the basis of this agreement, Germany engaged not to make any acquisitions of territory, ac-

Ahmadu Ahidjo, of Cameroun C M Y K

cept protectorates, or interfere with the extension of British influence on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea lying between the right river bank of Rio del Rey, as described above, nor in the interior west of the line traced in the preceding paragraph; and Great Britain also engaged not to make acquisitions of territory, accept protectorates, or interfere with the extension of German influence in that part of the coast, or in the interior districts to the East of the said line. On the basis of this treaty, Britain surrendered Ambas Bay and Victoria to German Cameroons on March 28, 1887. The two legal teams appearing before the ICJ also concealed from the court, the fact of Agreement No. 263 of July 27-August 2, 1886, negotiated by the Earl of Roseberry and Count Hatzfeldt, for Great Britain and Germany, which confirmed the Agreement No. 260 discussed above. The two legal teams also concealed Agreement No. 270 of July 1, 1890, negotiated between Sir Edward Baldwin Malet, Her Britannic Majesty’s Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, and Sir Percy Anderson, Chief of the African Department of Her Majesty’s Foreign office, on the one hand, and the Chancellor of the German Empire, General Von Caprivi, and the Privy Councilor in the Foreign Office, Dr. Krauel on the one hand at which both powers took further decisions as follows: Article IV, Paragraph 2: “it having been proved to the satisfaction of both powers that no river exists on the Gulf of Guinea corresponding with that marked on the maps as the Rio del Rey, which reference was made in the Agreement of 1885 (No. 260), a

Gen. Yakubu Gowon

provisional line of demarcation is adopted between the German Sphere in the Cameroons and adjoining British sphere which starting from the head of the Rio del Rey creek, goes direct to the point 90 8’ of East longitude, marked “Rapids” in the British Admiralty Chart.” This confirmed the Rio del Rey Boundary from the sea to the head waters of the creek making further progress inland, provisional. This Agreement, signed by the Chancellor of the German Empire, could not be interpreted as a mere “local administrative arrangement”. The legal teams of both Nigeria and Cameroon misled the ICJ by discounting and disregarding Agreement No. 273 signed at Berlin in April 14, 1893, by 1. The Honourable P. Le Poer Trench, Her Britannic Majesty’s Charge d’ Affaires and First Secretary of the Embassy, 2. Sir Claude Macdonald, Her Britannic Majesty ’s Commissioner and ConsulGeneral of the Oil Rivers Protectorate, 3. Dr. Kayser, Privy Councilor, Chief of the Colonial Department of the Imperial German Foreign Office, and

Anglo-German agreement 4. B. Von Schuckmann, Imperial Councilor in the Foreign Office, at which they again confirmed agreements No. 270, No. 263 and also No. 260 discussed above, and made further boundary definitions as follows: “Article I: that the point named in section 2, Article IV, of the Anglo-German Agreement of July 1, 1890, (No 270) as the head or upper end of the Rio del Rey creek shall be the point at the northwest end of the island lying to the west of Oron, where the two waterways named Uriifian and Ikankan, on the German Admiralty Chart, 1889-90 meet.” “Article II: that from the upper

end of the Rio del Rey to the sea, that is the promontory marked ‘West Huk’ on the above mentioned chart, the right bank of the Rio del Rey waterway shall be the boundary between the Oil Rivers Protectorate and the Colony of Cameroons.” It is truly amazing that the legal defence teams of Nigeria and Cameroons could discountenance these agreements, and claim that no agreements covering the area before 1913 existed. These Agreements defined the boundary between Nigeria and Cameroons from West Huk (or Cape Bakassi), all the way to Uriifian River which gave access to the Thalweg of Akwa Yafe River, mentioned in Article 17 of the Anglo-German Agreement of March 11, 1913. There is sufficient documentary evidence from the Foreign Office Confidential Prints, at the Public Record Office in London, to confirm that by 1907, the boundary had progressed from the mouth of the Akwa Yafe River into the interior; and that at that time, the German Government requested to be allowed to progress westwards through the Urufian or

Tafawa Balewa

Archibong River, to the sea through Calabar and Cross River channels, but the British Government refused the request according to minutes written by Mr. Strachey of the British Foreign Office, “and told the Germans the line should follow the shore of Bakassi Peninsula along the thalweg of the Akwa Yafe when the actual mouth of that river was reached." Continues next week


Prof Walter Ofonagoro in this segment argues that the two legal teams appearing before the ICJ concealed from the court, the fact of Agreement No. 263 of July 27-August 2, 1886, negotiated by the Earl of Roseberry and Count Hatzfeldt, for Great Britain and Germany, which confirmed the Agreement No. 260 of 1885

It is truly amazing that the legal defence teams of Nigeria and Cameroons could discountenance these agreements, and claim that no agreements covering the area before 1913 existed. These Agreements defined the boundary between Nigeria and Cameroons from West Huk (or Cape Bakassi), all the way to Urufian River which gave access to the Thalweg of Akwa Yafe River, mentioned in Article 17 of the AngloGerman Agreement of March 11, 1913


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Multiplicity of tax audits killing Nigerian banks — CFOs BY MICHAEL EBOH


HIEF Financial Of ficers, CFO, of banks in Nigeria, yesterday, decried the multiplicity of tax audit on their finances, saying that if something urgent is not done to address this issue, it will attain a worrisome dimension and continually erode the profitability of banks. Speaking at the KPMG Banking Chief Financial Officer Forum in Lagos, the CFOs expressed displeasure with the rising desire of almost all tiers of government, including the National Assembly, to organize different tax audits under different names, a development that is negatively affecting the banks. According to the CFOs, the Lagos State Government, recently indicated it preparedness to undertake a tax audit of the banks, prior to the banks’ year end, this, if it comes into effect, will make it the third tax audit conducted by the state on the banks.

“The Senate also released a long list of companies that it intends to investigate over tax issues. If the Senate is not stopped, this will add to the long list of audits currently conducted on the banks. Majority of these tax audits conducted by a number of these governments’ agencies, and other institutions of governance are ridiculous and unnecessary.” they said. The CFOs also decried the increasing tax burden on the banks, and advocated the setting up of a committee to engage the government on the need to reduce the tax burden on the banks. In his own view, Mr. Ayodele Othihiwa, Partner & Head, Financial Services, KPMG, advised the banks that as a short term palliative to the increasing tax burden, they should have a review of their results, especially in the dividends they declare. He, however, disclosed that caution should be applied in reviewing the results and dividends, saying

that the banks will have to communicate effectively with all stakeholders on this issue. On the long term, he said the banks should resort to advocacy, setting up a committee that will parley with the government and other stakeholders, beginning from the National Assembly and other key government officials. Mrs. Nike James, Tax, Regulatory and People Services, KPMG, said the advocacy group when set up by the banks, should seek waivers, exemptions and dispensation on the excess dividend tax among others. She further stated that the advocacy group should be able to lobby the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Federal Inland Revenue Service, FIRS, for waivers and exemption She also emphasized the need for the banks to understand and effectively manage risks associated with taxation, saying this can be achieved through a clear tax strategy that is easily understood by all internal stakeholders and members of the tax.

Ecobank to provide customised services to maritime practitioners


COBANK Nigeria has unveiled a Maritime Centre in Apapa designed to provide customized banking services to its maritime customers. The centre, which is located on Creek Road, Apapa, Lagos is specifically created to handle financing to the maritime sector. Unveiling the branch, Managing Director of Ecobank Nigeria, Mr. Jibril Aku said the Ecobank Maritime Centre will aid the provision of value added services to the bank’s customers in the maritime sector. Specifically, Jibril Aku noted that the Maritime Centre has a dedicated Collections and Payment Desk for maritime businesses. “Corporate customers, Shipping agents, and general public would be able to make payments for their transactions in the comfortable lounges at C M Y K

the Centre”. The Centre will also undertake project financing and provision of working capital in the form of short/medium

term overdrafts facilities; invoice discounting for maritime practitioners, shipping companies and vessel owners amongst other business activities.

MasterCard, WFP partner on ‘digital food’ project BY WILLIAM JIMOH & TOCHUKWU ANAETO


ASTERCARD Worldwide and the World Food Programme (WFP) have announced a global partnership on a digital food project that would be used to help people around the world break the cycle of hunger and poverty, using digital innovation. According to WFP’s Director of Communications, Public Policy and Private Partnerships, Nancy Roman, the gamechanging partnership will combine MasterCard’s expertise in electronic payments

systems with WFP’s global reach among the world’s hungriest populations to meet the nutritional needs of the most vulnerable. He said, “by drawing on MasterCard’s technical know-how and international reach, WFP will further develop both its electronic voucher programme that enables hungry families around the globe to buy nutritious food in local markets as well as its online donation mechanism that engages individuals and brands in a global community working together to solve hunger. ”

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NEW wind is blowing across Licensed Customs Agents in the Nigerian ports. The arrow head is Mr. Lucky Amiwero, the National President of Council of Managing Directors of Licensed Customs Agents (CMDLCA). Amiwero, who described licensed customs agents as cargo surgeons, said his passion is to train all licensed customs agents involved in the maritime industry to be able to actually facilitate international trade. He spoke at the graduation ceremony of Licensed Customs Agents on Free Computer Programme in Lagos. The CMDLCA boss said “the graduation is a landmark achievement which was born out of the paasion to empower the licensed customs agents by building capacity in all aspect of their profession, in view of the recently introduced e-payment and eremittance in trade facilitation process.” The training, according to him, is free to all customs agents. He explained that licensed cus-

My passion for capacity building in maritime industry — AMIWERO toms agents are involved in the interpretation and classification of cargoes and treat goods because “we are called cargo surgeons. We believe this is our own aspect of building capacity in the maritime industry and international trade industry.” He pointed out that with the “men graduating today, there is going to be a marked difference in the maritime industry. We are going to continue to do our best to bring out the best so that we can assist the government in facilitating trade. We will assist government in trying to make things work out so at the end of the day, we will have a better organised port system,” he said. Amiwero, who said that the problem “is that when you look at the maritime sector, there is a drought of capacity building concept, what you have is politics, etc also noted that over the years, “we are moving into the sea faring sector without looking at the tools for the sector. Our procedure is still

laced with one thing or the other.” According to him, without capacity building, you cannot really develop your industry. “All over the world capacity building takes a chunk of the funding because capacity building trans-

forms both the structure of an institution and the personnel of that institution and make the person a better person. “The people who have been trained today, are not going to be the same people you see six weeks back. They have now

been transformed. Workshops and seminars are not capacity building. Capacity buildings are technical materials that transform lives and make you a better person for you to be able to apply your tools effectively and enhance what you are

doing. “Customs agents are not transporters, but we are international trade experts. We are cargo surgeons, and what we do as licensed customs agents is that we classify, we interpret, and we treat cargoes.”

Nigeria has no reason to import agricultural produce — MINISTER BY CHRIS NJOKU


HE Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina, has decried lack of attention given to agriculture by Nigerians, especially the youths, stressing that Nigeria has no reason to import any agricultural produce considering the abundant mineral and human resources in the country. Dr. Adesina, who spoke at the formal launch of a natural cocoa product, ‘Frangada’ powder produced and packaged by Multi-Trex Integrated Foods Plc., Warewa, Ogun state, recalled with regret, the era in which Nigeria was

highest producer of cocoa. While commending the Multi-Trex for using locally sourced raw material to produce the cocoa beverage, he explained that agriculture should no longer be seen as a development activity, but as a business. “If we see agriculture as business, then, there is no reason Nigeria should be an importer of agricultural produce, but a major exporter. “There was a time Nigeria had the largest market in cocoa production, but today, other countries have taken over. Ghana today produces 1 million metric tones of cocoa, Ivo-

ry Coast produces 1.2 million, Nigeria is at 250,000 metric tones in cocoa production. However, this shouldn’t be so.” Also speaking, Governor of Ogun State, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, congratulated the management of Multi-Trex on its achievements, assuring manufacturers that the state government would continue to create more conducive environment for the acceleration of industrial growth. Earlier in his speech, the Managing Director of Multi-Trex, Mr Dimeji Owofemi, noted that the company has become one of the leading com-

panies in cocoa production in Nigeria and has contributed immensely to the industrial growth and development of Ogun State. He explained that Frangada was designed to create the necessary niche not only in the domestic market, but also in the international markets. According to him, Frangada could be said to be more than ordinary beverage drink, as it is produced with several health-enriching nutrients. “Frangada does not only contains natural anti-depressant, but also high in antioxidant.”

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they are also fishermen so we don’t want any problem where we have settled with the host community. What they are trying to do in the area is to cause bad blood with us and the leadership of Bakassi recently, because political grievances has caused that position. The PDP caucus in Cross River State suspended the caucus of the local government which happened to be ours that was about four months ago before these agitations. So you can see that these agitations are based on the fact that there are political grievances. And of cause you have seen the movement by the Bakasi people showing voters card, so you see it has to do with politics.

Gen. Gowon of Nigeria

Late Alhaji Ahijo of Cameroun

Gowon must speak up on Maroua Declaration The British Conspiracy: In a meeting of the Cameroons under United National Trusteeship on what action they were to take after the plebiscite, the result of which was reported in the minutes as follows ….... in the Northern Cameroons there was a 3 to 2 majority in favour of joining Nigeria; only in one plebiscite (Chamba) was there a majority in favour of the Cameroon Republic. In the Southern Cameroon there was a 7 to 3 majority in favour joining the Cameroon Republic (later information showed that in seven plebiscite districts out of the 26 the majority favoured Nigeria). There was some discussion of the possibility of frontier adjustment between Nigeria and the Cameroon Republic in respect of areas which voted contrary to the overall majority on either part of the Territory but it was agreed that any such idea was most unlikely to be favourably viewed by the United Nationals unless asked for by both Nigeria and the republic. For our part we should treat each area as one whole. In any cas;e, it would be impossible for Her Majesty’s government to suggest anything like partition at Nigeria’s expense. A meeting was held in the Colonial Office on February 16, 1961 Source: Southern Cameroun Gazette, published by Authority Beua, March 18, 1961, Vol 7. No 14


Continues from yesterday


I dare say that more than half of the indigenes of Bakassi who are suspected to have been passing information to us will be extrajudicially executed

, C M Y K

LOT of Bakassi people are comfortable where they are, since we re-settled them we have not heard of somebody who was molested or harassed by the occupants. Before we came here, Senator Ita Giwa made us to sign an agreement to accept the new location which was in the three wards mentioned by the President. We did not voluntarily sign it but she told us that it would be a good place for us. She was the number one signature. I was the number three signature and we were about 60 leaders that signed that agreement to come to the new location after that we had signed another agreement with the landlords of the place which was an MoU which was signed by about six persons including herself the paramount rule and some of us with the landlords on how to share political offices in the new location that was the agreement.

Ethnic cleansing is taking place in Bakassi But here we are talking about a territory where people have been left behind, people are even dying daily, some are recorded and some not recorded. As we speak, there is a situation in Abana where the Cameroonians are killing people and for the past two weeks that has been the situation of things in that particular area. In Abana we don’t have any burial ground but now they are forcing the people that they should be buried in Abana because, they don’t want them to bring them to this side and we know that the information will not come out, but this is the situation a native of Bakassi is facing now. That is the situation that should be arrested now not people that want political offices and if it is even a matter of politics, the

people that elected you if you did not perform to their expectation, they still have the right to elect another person. Today, it is unfortunate that the present chairman of Bakassi is not here, I want to show you the picture of how the single senator lifted his hand as the chairman. She contested the election, she supported election in the three wards of this area, so you will agree with me that in the past four years she has been comfortable in the present location so what is this grievance that has brought us to a situation of looking for a new location when we have already settled politically. What is the social and economic situation in Bakassi today? Senator Henshaw: Because of delay in the judicial process, when the palace of the Obong of Calabar through the distinguished Senator Bassey we know that we have to go into the peninsula, we have interacted with the people, we were the ones that brought out all the evidences of the violation of the GTA and the atrocities being perpetrated against the people of Bakasi if you go to the peninsula, and you see first-hand, we went there silently and if we have suffered the misfortune of being caught, we would have been treated like spies by the Cameroonian government. But in order to take the position of the present evidence in the court, we have this that we tag “the Bakassi story” this paper give a sequence report of all that is happening now in the place. So from the legal point of view,

Continues on page 29

So at 2006, the government agreed to take the first step as the chairman and the host community will take the state House of Assembly. And that is how the first chairman of the Bakassi emerged as Hon. Saviour in the new location and a House of Assembly member from the host community also emerged.

Giving away part of the agreement All these problems started recently when we now have to give away our own part of the agreement to the host community to host the chairman of the local government before they now started agitation that they don’t want the place again and as a matter of fact, the new place they are even talking about at Dayspring, is still an uninhabited part of the present local government. If the host community should be ambiguous to give you a place, remember,

Bakassi from British 1930 report sent to UN

Courtesy: Walter Ofonagoro

Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012—29

Ethnic cleansing going on in Bakassi Continues from page 28 we believe there is a very strong case. Beside and beyond the other issues a part of the fresh is the violation of the plaintiff agreement by the Cameroonians and we have talked to the people living in the peninsula. We know that this joining together will go further to give Nigerians going back to the International Court of Justice a strong basis for this judgment to be positively revisited in favour of Nigeria. The reason why look at the Green Tree Agreement and its effect as a fresh fact is because it was expected that the Green Tree Agreement would yield a frame work and form a basis of relationship that Cameroon would take over that area, and since they have violated it which we have documented it, attempts to change the people and their culture, their languages, change the names of the tribes, the local communities within that area. So, they are there in the ‘Bakassi Story’. Hon. Maurice Ekong, Coordinator, Save Bakassi Group: What I want to say is a very big thank you to Vanguard. What you are doing is really heart worming. For the sake of the Save


This document was apparently in Cameroonian custody because here the people said the source was the Southern Cameroonian Gazette and they quoted that it was published by the authority in Buea, March 18, 1961. They were quite specific. Of course the Cameroonians hid this document from the international court. We have managed to see it from people of Southern Cameroonian origin who are themselves contesting the alliteration of Cameroon



Bakassi Group, what Vanguard is doing even at this late hour gives us further confidence. When we started our campaign, the House of Representative took up. We are appealing to you not to let any stone unturned as you have started with this rigor, please continue. We read about a forth night ago, there was a powerful piece in your paper on the Bakassi issue. So all these documents that we are giving, we are thanking you in advance. The players in this matter would be assured that if Vanguard in all earnest approach them, they would have more picture, more facts that will make it clearer why some of the hasty decisions were taken and at the end of the day, we are believing and trusting God that Vanguard’s name will be indelibly written in the annals of history, of how Nigeria reclaimed and got back Bakassi peninsula for the people.

Extrajudicial execution The suffering that the people are going through today it is not just enough to talk about resettling them, these are people who have made up their minds that “This is our father land, we will die here, we will be buried and we will be resettled here.” If nothing is done, from the little that has been going on, the security clash down in the Bakassi peninsula is such that if you stop the work that you are doing, one month later, I dare say that more than half of the indigenes of Bakassi who are suspected to have been passing information to us will be extrajudicially executed. So put that at the back of your mind and know that what you have started is something that must continue to free the people of Bakassi otherwise there will be continuous stories of extrajudicial execution by some Bakassians at home who decided to join with us to give us facts that have led the matter. Senator Ewah Bassey Henshaw: We have just managed about four to six weeks ago to obtain a detailed result of the 1961 plebiscite. I found a document in England which was the minute of a meeting in the colonial office which said that there were 26 plebiscite districts that participated in plebiscite of 1961. Of these 26 districts, seven voted to join Nigeria. So I became curious and I started digging. This document was apparently in Cameroonian custody because here the people said the source was the Southern Cameroonian Gazette and they quoted that it was published by the authority in Buea, March 18,

1961. They were quite specific. Of course the Cameroonians hid this document from the international court. We have managed to see it from people of Southern Cameroonian origin who are themselves contesting the alliteration of Cameroon. What does this tell us? The entire Kumba area, that is Kumba North West and Kumba South West are the areas that voted to remain in Nigeria, the seven districts. If you take a look at this map, the closest area to Bakassi is the Kumba area. On this map you will also see ‘N’ which stands for Nigeria, where you see ‘C’ it is for Cameroon. This establishes two things. First, that Bakassi did not participate in that 1961 plebiscite. The court said in its ruling that although there was a plebiscite in Southern Cameroon in 1961 and that although they did not find any contrite evidence to show that Bakassi participated, it is in the view of the court reasonable to believe that Bakassi actually participated and therefore voted to be with Cameroon. There was no evidence before the court, they could not find anything because even in the UN I employed people to search the UN archives, nothing could be found. These results now clearly demonstrate that Bakassi’s international boundary in April 1893 Courtesy: Walter Ofonagoro Bakassi did not participate because it is not one that Bakassi voted and voted to kind of image or relationship to of the 26 plebiscite districts and remain in Cameroon? This shows develop between the governor of beyond that, the closest territory, clearly that Bakassi did not even the state and the federal the two districts of Kumba North participate and the areas closest government. Governor Imoke West and South West, they all to Bakassi, all the other districts has been reassuring at least to voted to remain in Nigeria. Take are farther away than this. The me all the times that I have met a look at this map; this is Kumba two districts closest to Bakassi him, his willingness to help. How come that the people of South west, the next option is actually voted to remain in Nigeria, the second option is Nigeria. So when you take this Akwa Ibom State are watching Cameroon and if you take a look evidence, the two foundations all these drama without a word at the figures, most of it actually that form Cameroon claim and from them, is it because of the voted to remain in Nigeria. the court judgment have clearly 76 oil wells? Comment: Jonathan did not been debunked, they don’t just cede Bakassi to Cameroon, Yar’ Entire district exist. What the court did was Adua did not; it was Obasanjo of Kumba who wanted to please the completely on false evidence. In the event of the FG not international community. They So in the entire Kumba South west six voting areas out of 10 showing interest to take up this had order from the Federal High voted to remain in Nigeria and matter, can an individual appear Court to stop the process of ceding Bakassi until we are the Isangale which is the closest before the ICJ? Senator Henshaw: heard. We want to obey ICJ, we to Bakassi is just right outside the present area called Bakassi Unfortunately not. I have have no respect for our own voted 241 to two remain in documentations where some Efik judicial system. Is this not a sons wrote to the US, the statutes product of colonial mentality? Nigeria. On that point we agree. I have If you take a look at the voting of the ICJ is that it allows only always taken a position in spite statistic, which is now Kumba sovereign nations/entities who with the oil wells, that as far I’m are signatories to that statute to North West, every single one of them, all the voting areas voted appear before it. The governor concerned I have no issue with to remain in Nigeria. The entire has been quite willing to perform. Akwa Ibom because all the pains, district of Kumba North West I think that you need to consider suffering inflicted to the people voted to remain in Nigeria. The perhaps the dilemma of creating of Bakassi has been by the question now arises. How could the impression that we are federal government. It does not the ICJ have drawn a conclusion fighting the federal government. matter to the Presidency. that it is reasonable to believe I don’t think that we want that Continues next week

30—Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012



gainst the backdrop of the rumour making the rounds that self-acclaimed Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa, Timaya and Empress Njamah have resolved their differences, three years after their bitter break-up, the latter has come out to debunk the story. Reports had it that the ex-lovers were spotted together at 2Face Idibia’s 37th birthday bash which held last Tuesday, at Club Rumours, G.R.A, Ikeja, Lagos. But reacting to the story when contacted by WG, Empress said she has nothing in common with Timaya again. “ I and Timaya are not dating again. He saw me at the party and came to exchange pleasantries with me. There is nothing wrong with that. If we are not dating again does not mean that we are worn enemies. “Empress said According to the rumour mongers, the erstwhile lovers arrived the venue at different time. Empress was said to have sat at the same table with some of her Nollywood colleagues when Timaya reportedly got closer to her and whispered something into her ear as they both laughed. “He was just trying to be nice and Empress replied him, saying “That’s that.” a source disclosed. Timaya and Empress Njamah began dating over four years back. But in August, 2009, at a church in Festac, Lagos, Timaya was reported to have been beaten by some naval men when he stormed the church with the aim to attack Empress. He was said to have caused fracas in the church, shouting that Empress should return the key to the car he bought for her. The controversial singer also reportedly called Empress a thief, a situation that led to their permanent separation. Timaya has since moved on with his life. In May 2012, he welcomed his first child, a baby girl from his girlfriend.


Paul Okoye of

P-Square set to wed C M Y K

KAREN IGHO dares men! E

ntertainment personality and co-winner of the sixth season of Africa’s biggest reality competition ‘Big Brother Africa’ 2011, Karen Igho is certainly not a hard knot to crack when it comes to falling in love. In fact, the Edo State born entertainer describes herself as “ a woman who desires to be loved and wooed by the opposite sex.” Speaking exclusively with WG on her love life, Karen expressed disappointment that men are not bracing up to woo her, despite the fact that she is not as difficult as they

think. “ Men are supposed to woo me. I’m a woman and I’m very soft. They shouldn’t be scared of asking me out. I want a decent man, and not any kind of man.” Karen said, in a recent chat with WG. Declaring however that she’s still “single and ready to mingle”, Karen who only few months ago debuted as a radio personality with the fast rising Lagos indigenous radio station, Naija fm 102.7, set a standard for her dream man. According to her, “ he must not only be ‘God-fearing’ and comfortable’ but also, he must be down-to-earth and not necessarily a bachelor.”

Posthumous award for Amadi IN recognition of his outstanding contribution to the growth of entertainment journalism in the country while lived, organiser of the prestigious Nigeria Media Nite-Out Award will this Sunday be giving a Posthumous award to late Mr. Ogbonna Amadi, former Group Entertainment Editor of Vanguard Newspapers. In a statement by Comrade Olatimwa Johnson, Amadi deserved to be celebrated as one of teh foremost entertainment journalists in Nigeria who has left his


Ibadan gears up for KSA

RIM comes to town ahead of BB10 launch

footprint in the sand of time. Amadi died on Wednesday, August 29, after suffering from an asthma attack. The event, billed to hold at Koga Event Centre, Ikeja, will be graced by top media personalities, politicians and government officials. Senator Babafemi Ojodu will be the guest speaker.

Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012—31


Paul Okoye of P-Square set to wed By OPELUWANI OGUNJIMI


nformation filtered into town during the week that half of sensational twin-singers, P-Square, Paul Okoye, is putting plans together to walk down the aisle soon. According to our sources, the name of the lucky damsel is Anita and she works in an Oil and Gas company. Squealers say the lovebirds have been seeing each other ever before the advent of twitter itself. Different reports concerning their love and impending marriage have been in the public domain for a long time but Paul seems to have kept mum about the rumor. WG learnt from one of the close friends of Anita that plans are in top gear towards the marriage, and that is what she is focusing on right now. Speaking further, the sources said Paul is known by almost all her family members and also, that Anita’s

•Paul Okoye parents like her choice of husband. He is said to be spoiling her with all kinds of treatment recently. Keep your fingers crossed as we bring you updates!

Sharon Stone hospitalized in Italy


S star actress Sharon Stone was last week hospitalized in Italy following what is reported to be a ‘medical scare’. Stone, 54, was at a runway show in Milan last Friday when she began complaining of ‘severe headaches’. She was immediately admitted. Back in 2001, Stone was hospitalized with a brain aneurysm after she had complained of similar symptoms. She was later released just in time for Aids Research fundraiser on Saturday night.

•Sharon Stone

Lurrenz tours Europe with Nollywood fun book


u s i c i a n - t u r n e d - a c t o r, Lawrence Onuzulike a.k.a Lurrenz is currently on tour of European countries where he is busy promoting his latest book project on the new face of Nollywood. The 70-page pamphlet of fun games and trivia, WG learnt is packaged as a way of educating lovers of Nollywood, as well as entertaining them. Lurrenz, who is the founder of popular Nollywood gossip, an online publication, said he decided to embark on the project in order to inculcate the culture of reading among the numerous lovers of the nation’s movies. “I was thinking of another avenue to get Nollywood practitioners to earn extra income, •Lurrenz since the industry for many years has been about producing movies and soaps.”As a acked artiste from P-Square’s ‘Square Records’, writer, I thought of May D has taken his destiny into his own hands how to inculcate by setting up a record label better known as ‘Confam reading culture Entertainment’. into Nollywood The ‘Ile Ijo’ singer was speculated few days ago to and the fun book be on the verge of joining Chocolate City music label. came to mind.”he This was after MI tweeted narrated. on Saturday that May D The glossy cover was almost joining him in pamphlet, which is the label which has Ice all about puzzle, Prince, Brymo and others trivia and quiz on it. showcases mainly WG learnt that May D the emerging but is the only artiste still hot faces in under his label. It is Nollywood. unclear if he has signed Lurrenz said he any music producer on has plans to Confam Entertainment. publish volume 2 of the book. •May D

May D survives! ...floats record label



32—Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012



he organizers of “an evening with KSA”, an event designed for the double celebration of King Sunny Adeyemi, KSA’s 66th birthday anniversary as well as his th 50 years on stage, no doubt are having sleepless nights. This is so following tremendous support and interest shown by a crosssection of Nigerians and corporate organizations, for the event holding on the 1st of October, at the Prestigious Premier Hotel Ibadan. Feelers revealed that more notable artistes across the length and breath of the country are now calling the organizers to be part of the event, even as corporate organizations continue to indicate their readiness to also partake in the event. Some of the organizations that already made commitment for the show include International Distillery, which is willing to brand the show with Veleta wine while Action bitter promised to make the event the best ever in the history of branding in the country. Also is O’net, a telecommunication company and subsidiary of Oodua Group of Companies. Many socialites, celebrities, business men and women,

Ibadan gears up for KSA

Social Clubs, Individuals are jostling for tickets for the show, as they besieged Premier Hotel Ibadan to purchase their pass which is in two categories of Regular and VIP Speaking on the event, Chairman, KSA festival 2012, Oloye Lekan Alabi, said, “ we can’t expect anything less, because King Sunny Ade is an icon and music generalissimo. You should not also forget that this is the opening of the festival that will take us to the United States and United Kingdom. Just come and see the best of King Sunny Ade and other musicians such as Kollington Ayinla, Abass Obesere, Osupa Saheed, Yinka Ayefele, Salawa Abeni, Femi Opalemo, Omo Olope, Jide Chord, Dele Abiodun, Atokowa gbowo nle among others.” The show, will run from 4 pm till dawn on Monday, October 1. On Tuesday, November 13, there will be a crowning anniversary homecoming

press conference billed to hold at the Ibadan Tennis Club at 11am. The grand finale of the festival tagged “The Crowning show” will hold in

Ibadan on Friday, November 16, while the London and Washington versions of The Crown Show will hold in December.

KSA at a function in Ibadan

Zack Orji’s son, Leo’nel steps out in style ..performs at Night of A Thousand Laughs Xtra By BENJAMIN NJOKU


ip-hop sensation, Leo’nel, son of Nollywood veteran actor, Zack Orji began his journey into the nation’s music scene penultimate Sunday when he was unveiled to the media and music promotes amid pomp. Held at the celebrity

hangout, O’jez Restaurant, Surulere, Lagos , the event almost become a full concert at the end of the day with lots of music and comedy from fellow artistes that came to show their young colleague some love. The compere of the evening Nollywood star Charles Inojie was at his best dishing out jokes that sent the crowd reeling with

laughter at regular intervals. Francis Sky set the mood for the night with his performance. He took the quality crowd to a height and left them yearning for more. SK Rootman, Greece based Nigerian ragga star who is in the country on holiday and also to promote his ‘I Don Mad’ single among other tracks did not disappoint the

MDA Season 6: How Green family won N6m By EBUN SESSOU


eason 6 of the hit reality dancing show, Maltina Dance All tagged The Most Spectacular came to a close last weekend with the Green Family emerging as Nigeria’s Ultimate dancing family. They took home the grand prize of N 6 Million and a Toyota Avensis car. The finale show sponsored by remium malt brand from the stables of Nigeria Breweries Plc, Maltina, took place in style at the Expo Hall, Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos. As guests arrived, they were ushered into the elaborately decorated aisle with the photos of the final 5 families on display. At the end of the show, one couldn’t help but scream “ what a spectacular night” and cheer for the Green’s, who in their dance to fortune, delivered the very best to the crowd and earned a standing ovation. They were presented with their cheque and car key by the Deputy Governor of Lagos State, Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire, who was C M Y K

KSA was in 977 crowned by the present Alaafin of Oyo HRM Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi as the King juju music genre.

the special guest of honor. hide her tears of joy as she The Green Family alongside gave thanks to God for the Efiokwu’s, Boyle’s, Zibe’s making it all possible. Telema and the Eghove’s that Green, the mother of the qualified for the grand finale Green’s, also expressed her gave their last performances joy and gratitude for being to thrill the audience as well the winning family . as help boost their votes. At According to the Maltina the end of the performances, Dance All rep, she sang Green family emerged winner praises to God and stated that after garnering the largest the money would be used to votes from Nigerians, while the Efiokwu and Eghove families emerged first and second runner-up and took home N 1 Million and N 500, 000 respectively. Ecstatic to be crowned the number one dancing family on TV in Nigeria, 19 year old Ibiba Green – the family representative of the Green’s – •The Green family could not

further the education of all her children. Speaking at the finale show, Nicolaas Verlvede (Managing Director, Nigeria Breweries Plc said “It was a fantastic event. All five families really did an outstanding job. They gave great performances and great entertainment.”

audience. His unique style of reggae music sent a good feeling down the spine of many as they watched with rapt attention throughout his performance. His second coming with Baby Joor was even more compelling. “I am ready for the industry, today marks the beginning of my journey into the world as a singer and I promise Nigerians that I won’t disappoint them as this is a vision I have had all my life. I just had to wait till I was done with my first degree and then begin to pursue my vision,” he said. Leo’l first acid test would be on October 1, on the stage of Nigeria ’s premier comedy show, Nite of a Thousand Laughs Xtra where his billed to perform as one of the latest music sensations. “You have all seen what I am capable of, and this evening is just a media event. I have been on a fairly big stage in the UK before now but Nite of A Thousand Laughs Xtra stage will be the first big stage I will climb in my professional career and I am truly grateful to Opa Williams for giving me this opportunity. I am quite aware that many comedians and singers cut their teeth on the stage of Opa Williams all time popular show and became popular thereafter, my case won’t be different, I can assure you all. So I am looking forward to October 1 with great expectations,” the University of Bradford, United Kingdom Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies/ Television graduate submitted.

Vanguard anguard,, YOUR LUCK TODAY

LIBRA: You’ll tend to become both creative and persuasive to the administration of others. Then those who’ve been resisting secret love may slip suddenly and become excited. SCORPIO: Even if opposition persists, supports you are getting from the influential people will be enough to see you through. Yet, the more cooperative you are the better. SAGITTARIUS: Your creativity quotient within your working arena will today be enhanced. You’ll be blamed if you keep official issues secrets from your challenges at work. CAPRICORN: After a few tension soaked days, you’ll have the needed opportunity to look through windows of the world and have your way as well. Magnetic and/or magic days is predicted for lovers today.

— 33


By Joshua Adeyemo Phone 08056180139 VIRGO: You sincerely believe in intelligent argument or discussion. And if you allow your ability to be diplomatic come to play today, you’ll be better for it. Enjoy your love life.


THOUGHT FOR TODAY By Richard Eromosele


UR elders say ‘a man does not wake up in the morning and start pursuing rabbit’. In other words a man does not start the day with some level of unseriousness. For a good morning portends a good day.

How is your morning? If I may ask you, how is your morning like? What are your programme for the day? Or do you just wake up as a matter of course without a well laid out goals for the


day? No objective, no direction, wherever the wind blows you, there you go? Haba! You can’t afford to live your life this way. You can’t be a victim of anything goes.

in “Never say goodbye”

Define your day. You can do this by charting a programme of action for your day, daily. This you can do a day before the day of execution. Some even plan weeks and months ahead. You can. Think about it!

By Lanre Kehinde

AQUARIUS: Even if you continue to work under pressure via increased workload, you will have good results to show for your efforts today. Be steadfast. PISCES: Better than yesterday. And the more co-operative you are today the better for you. Those of you travelling for love are in for an exciting day. ARIES: Those of you willing to let go hard feelings at work are for a progressive day to the betterment of your finances. Let go yesterday, move ahead. TAURUS: Once again, you’ll have the needed opportunity to assert yourself to the administration of others. Both love and financial success can be yours with efforts. Reason with your tried and trusted friends. GEMINI: You can make it a successful day with positive approach on your part. You will be in a better position to defuse tension within your working arena. Try to be more ambitious. CANCER Yes! You’re not scared a bit even, when opposition and/or competition come your way but, if you give in to diplomatic approach, you’ll fare better today.



“Princess Shii’

By Andy Akman

LEO: Pressure that came your way suddenly will give way unexpectedly, today, to the betterment of your course. The more financially ambitious you are today, the better for you. Be steadfast.

ASTROLOGICAL COUNSELLING Send yyour our dat th ttoo the As tr ological datee and place of bir birth Astr trological Counselling, PP.M.B .M.B 1100 00 7, Apapa, Lagos 007,

About day I was born? Dear Joshua, Kindly tell me how the planets lined up when I was born and the day of the week I was born but don’t publish my date of birth. Ganiyu, Kano Dear Ganiyu, With the Moon in Libra when you were born influence of Libra be pronounced in your characteristics build up but, you are mainly a Scorpio born person YOUR HOROSCOPE DATA Day of Birth = Sunday Sun Sign = Scorpio. Sun in Zero Degree of Scorpio Moon Sign = Libra: Moon in 5th Degree of Libra Mercury in 12th Degree of Scorpio Venus in Zero Degree of Sagittarius Mars in 1st Degree of Aquarius Jupiter in 29th Degree of Cancer Saturn in 10th Degree of Scorpio Uranus in 27th Degree of Cancer Neptune in 25th Degree of Libra Pluto in 26th Degree of Leo North Node in 8th Degree of Capricorn South Node in 8th Degree of Cancer No planet in earth spar sign, one in available, two in fire, three in air, four in cardinal, fixed and water star signs hosted five planets each. PHYSICAL INFLUENCE = 50% NON-PHYSICAL INFLUENCE =50% PLANET AT HOME = NONE ANALYSIS OF THE HOROSCOPE DATA You are both an intelligent and emotional person. And as there was planet at home when you were born, too many ideas will always struggle for prominent place in your mind, thus decision making is difficult but most times, your intelligence comes to the rescue. Certainly, you appear to other as a gentle person who can be mistaken for soft fellow but your inner-self is the personality with a steel like will power. You are the consistent type who may find it difficult to change once you have made up your mind as indicated by distribution of the planets as written out in paragraph two of this exercise. One major challenge you have been battling for a very long time is constant worries, some times, necessarily and the other time, uncalled for, as indicated by conjunction Mercury and Saturn formed when you were born. Placement of your natal Sun (basic self head) and Moon (your sub-conscious self) in Scorpio and Libra respectively are indications of your being mainly Scorpio born person and partly in Libran. And that is to say basic characteristics of both Scorpio and Libra are highly pronounced in you. Then, you are spiritually gifted; if you don’t develop it is another thing.



by Lawrence Akapa

34 — Vanguard, FRIDAY , SEPTEMBER 28, 2012

Prints, Colour Blocks Dominate London Shows T

HE excitement in the air was palpable in the Strand venue of this year ’s Spring/ Summer 2013 collections of the London Fashion Week. Perhaps it was the fact that the sun had come out full and warm, for the first time in a few days, or the overwhelming mix of fashion enthusiasts, junkies and stakeholders. Designers, stockists, buyers, press, bloggers and fashion photographers from more than countries converged on the Somerset House venue Friday, dying to see the signs of things to come on the high streets in

the next six months. This year ’s pieces were more exotic than ever, borrowing from more cultures, with the prints and batiks reminiscent of Africa. Though there were few designers either on the catwalks or the exhibitions with roots in Africa, most of the shows featured prints, stamping it as the international look for 2013. Models also sported braids and cornrows, adding to the ethnic outlook. In addition, the colour blocking trend that was so

well received last season has apparently returned, as it was also another recurrent theme with all the designers. Colours are generally muted compared to last year, but bright nevertheless, sometimes with a tendency towards the neon. Stripes were also a big thing, mostly big and contrasting. Others were midriffs, with a lot of cutoffs on display in both swimwear and casual wear, tents and checks/ginghams. As in the fashion week in New York, its precursor, the London Week was irreverent to hemlines, with the longest

longs and the shortest shorts side by side. Pantsuits also made a big comeback and move as elegantly as ever. If one of the aims of the London week is to expose new talents to the international as well as local fashionista, this aim was well fulfilled this year, with promising new blood such as Sister by Sibling, Henry Holland and Jasper Conran sashaying side by side with oldies such as Mulberry (which designed the gift bags for show attendees), Anya Hindmarch, Paul Smith, Nicole Farhi, Temperly of

London, Vivienne Westwood, Burberry, and so many others. For the second year running, guests watched billboard-size life streaming of the catwalk shows. London Fashion Week is a biannual feast of catwalks that is one of the four shows that define the world of fashion- New York, Paris and Milan. London was last week voted and crowned the world’s Top Global Fashion Capital by the Global Language Monitor ’s ranking of the top 50 fashion capitals for the second time in a row above New York and Milan.

Finding a Sense of Identity inspired my work- Richard Braqo


Richard Braqo was the first ever recipient of the Cesare Paciotti Accessories Award for shoe design at Parsons School of Design in 2009 after which he went on to collaborate with Paciotti on a collection that sold in New York to Saks and Barney’s launching at Vogues Fashion Night Out. As the world of fashion fuses and becomes increasingly global, Richard Braqo, a shoe designer exhibiting at the Strand venue of the Fashion Week in London born in Ghana who cut his teeth in four countries and three different fashion capitals, has a chat with Lipstick. Affable and humorous, he speaks about inspiration, aspiration and influences with regard to his work. Excerpts:-

What makes your work so interesting is that you have lived in so many different countries. How has that made any difference to your work? lot of my study was at New York so I was able to-maybe- perceive a lot of different perspectives and styles; traditions and cultures and I think that changes a lot of my design process. I think that is one of the contributing factors to making my designs international because we don’t really stick ourselves to one origin. We keep it open to the international buyer, international traveller.



Did you live in Ghana for long? I lived in Ghana on and off till I was about 15, and then I moved. That’s a long time. Yes. So do you think Ghana has any influence on the way you design? Yes, a lot of Ghanaians pay attention to the way they dress. Even if it’s not the best dress there’s a lot of detail. What inspired this

I just like to be streamlined and clean, I like plain colours, I like nice textures. I like to keep it very Sophisticated as a designer personally.


idea of accessories around the foot. It’s like a bangle but around the ankle and then sort of like an hairpin. That’s what I do.


•Richard Braqo

particular collection? It was inspired by first of all a quest for identity, astrology, the dichotomy between the genders. I have this piece like a brogue, almost, but it’s done in velvet. Just the sort of detailing you’d see on a man’s brogue but I did it to sit on a woman’s heel. And also the

know they a r e showpieces but you’ve got really high heels and very thin. You have all these stilettos. You don’t make any other heels? We do. We will do regular heels the next season but for this season we want to show a strong personality. A part of our aesthetic is to show exactly what I mean to say but next season definitely something more commercial, something more wearable. A lot of my customers are also more daring and would love to wear more

high heels. Do you do anything, ethnic? Define ethnic. It depends on what you mean, I mean, some of these pieces to me look ethnic like those gold ones (part of his collection). That is sort of a Josephine Baker sort of thing but no, I don’t use African prints, it’s never been a part of my design. Why is this? I just like to be streamlined and clean, I like plain colours, I like nice textures. I like to keep it very Sophisticated as a designer personally. What do you do when you’re not designing shoes? I am always designing shoes No, that is not possible It is possible. Because I am running the company as well so there’s a lot of clerical stuff that I do that have to do with the company

Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012—35

Hiding the state of the first lady’s health is making her look bad Nigerian First Lady Patience Jonathan has touched the Nigerian spirit in ways no other first lady has. Her down-to-earth, candour has had us more interested in her than in any other wife of the head of state after Victoria Gowon and Maryam Babangida. As her worse half ran for the presidency last year, Patience was not happy to just wear expensive dresses, stand beside her husband and look pretty. She famously took the bull by the horn, as it were, and hit the campaign trail, mobilizing women voters and making unprecedented promises, such as the one about giving an affirmative action quota to women were her husband to be voted into office. She was true to her promise, helping president Jonathan make history as the first democratically elected government in Nigeria to use the quota system to favour women in politics in his government and this, she has not been given enough credit for. It was on the presidential campaign trail

•Dame Patience

that she was to acquire the reputation she has yet to live down for colourful speech, and a single-minded, blind ambition. That is on the surface of it. On the other side of the coin is a focused, devoted wife who cares little about the million and one jokes that have been made up about her precociousness and poor English. On the whole, Patience jokes are made only half in disdain. The other half is in fondness. There is actually a threat, therefore, of the first lady’s sliding in the poll of public opinion over the darkness surrounding her health and her reason for being out of the country. We have been down that road before, and have seen an innocent man (President Yaradua) turned into a complete villain thanks to all the secrecy surrounding his illness. There is no need whatsoever for all the secrecy, and this culture of silence really ought to be done away with. She has never been one to be said to be stylish, but Yoruba screen diva (Jenifa, Omo Ghetto) Iyabo Ojo dazzled


Fashion Week

When injustice prevails, the door is open for more injustice


ECENTLY, Florence Ita Giwa, a former senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, led a protest to kick against the delay in the resettlement of folks who has lost their homes and sense of identity in the wake of the Bakassi judgement of the International Court of Justice, the Hague that gave the peninsula to Cameroun during the Obasanjo administration. Though few people were impressed with that little display and isolated part of her speech in order to reinforce her partiality for former president Obasanjo, the fact remains that her ‘struggle’ at this time touches on a very important point. Indeed there are those who think the whole Bakassi/ Hague affair was a grave miscarriage of justice and there are interests involved in seeing the nature-blessed peninsula in Cameroonian hands. There is a certain urgency, in the law community and beyond, to right the wrongs of the past, in this regard by getting government to appeal the judgement of 2002. Like everything else, we leave it off till the last minute. Still, “better late than never ” applies in this respect. If, given old and fresh facts available that suggest the Bakassi peninsula had been traditionally Nigerian, then the chorus calls trying to prevail on the Nigerian government to appeal the International Court of Justice judgement ought not to be ignored. Clearly, beyond caressing our bat-

tered ego, getting back the peninsula is not going to be of any economic advantage. A little more oil to export is not going to translate to good roads. What it will do is to give the impression that we are willing and ready to do the right thing for the sake-not of material benefits- but of our citizens whose identities have been tampered with. It is not so difficult to relate the sudden rash of violence plaguing the country to social injustice and restlessness, and the more justice is seen to be rigorously pursued, if not attained, the more confident other citizens will be that their government have their back and the more restful they are likely to be, regardless of other factors. C M Y K


RIM comes to town ahead of BB10 launch …hits 80m subscriber mark


lackberry smartphone makers, Research In Motion, RIM, has finally berthed in Nigeria to face business squarely. Although the device maker said it was merely to expand its presence in Nigeria, but further probe on officials revealed that the BB phone maker was angling on using the robust Nigerian mobile market to shore up its global market shares which has been on a free fall for some time. However, RIM continues to wax strong in many African and Latin American markets, positioning first in South Africa, second in Nigeria and first in Latin America Meanwhile, while expectations were that the company may still lose more market shares, RIM has surprisingly shocked critics posting an impressive 80 million subscriber mark for its BlackBerry services—a significant leap from the approximately 78 million announced in its last results. This was announced Tuesday by its CEO, Thorsten Heins at an event. The announcement also coincided with the company’s first official BlackBerrybranded retail store which was flagged off in Lagos same Tuesday. The move marks the expansion of RIM’s footprint in Africa from its headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa, and apparently underlines the company ’s commitment to its partners and customers in one of the world’s fastest growing mobile markets, RIM, is in association with mobile phone distributor Slot Nigeria, on the project, apparently describing while the new office is located in SLOT stores at Computer Village in Ikeja, Lagos. The stores are designed especially to provide Nigerian customers with a first-class, authentic BlackBerry purchasing experience, including free software upgrades from the facility. BB users can now easily get their devices upgraded at the store. BlackBerry smartphones that can be upgraded to OS 7.1 include the BlackBerry Bold 9900, BlackBerry Torch 9810, BlackBerry Torch 9860, BlackBerry Curve 9360 and the BlackBerry Curve 9380. In the BlackBerry by SLOT store, customers can find: A C M Y K

full-range of live BlackBerry smartphones to try free device set-up and free software upgrade facilities; fullytrained staff who provide expert advise and assistance; a BlackBerry Expert Center that offers leading after-sales service to all products.

Blackberry House

Make, Create, Innovate:

New tech inventions programme debuts on CNN


rdent viewers of US Cable News Network, CNN international, would in a few weeks ahead, get to hear the real gist about the making of most technological inventions that make the headlines. This is as a new science and technology series tagged, ‘Make, Create, Innovate’ is about to debut on CNN to tell viewers the stories behind the inventions and technological breakthroughs that reshape our world. The programme will also represent a celebration of human ingenuity and the inquisitive mind. The series launches on Thursday, 27 September, as a fortnightly segment within ‘Quest Means Business’, CNN International’s prime time business show which airs at 1900 BST / 2000 CET. To be presented by Nick Glass and filmed on location, each episode of ‘Make, Create, Innovate’ showcases the pioneers who have revolutionised the field in which they work. Each segment explores the origin of their ‘eureka’ moment, whether the result of a happy coincidence or years of trial and error experimentation; it also reveals the key economic or social value of those inventions – a patented concept that has transformed an industrial sector or

Rubik Cube Clock,


peoples’ lives. This programme will include technologies in health, medicine, space exploration, meteorology, exploration, transportation, architecture, agriculture, manufacturing, sport, telecommunications and energy. The maiden edition will focus on ‘Li-Fi’, a LED-based alternative to household WiFi. It is an Edinburgh-based story about the WiFi of the future, which uses light waves

DCR-SX22 — Sony’s new SD handycam cuts the bug


or photographers struggling to maintain high quality video shooting with excellent zoom capability, there is now a way out as electronic device makers Sony has recently debuted with a new SD Handycam camcorder tagged the DCR-SX22. The device boasts of an impressive feature set including a high quality Sony 60x optical zoom lens. If you are an experienced photographer or so in love picnic photos, you will

understand that such highperformance zooming capability captures perfectly, subjects from a distance away such as birds and wildlife. The feature helps the user also capture the most exhilarating events in the sporting world today. That experience is further magnified with the new 70x extended zoom feature. Thanks to a more effective

and could be the next generation of wireless communication. The Li-Fi theory suggests that lights in people’s homes, traffic lights or the light on a Smartphone could all provide access to the internet at broadband speed. Inventor of the technology, Prof Harald Haas, will appear on the programme, bringing his ‘light bulb’ moment to life.

X22 R-S C yD Son usage of the image sensor area, the 60x optical zoom range will become a 70x zoom lens, making that far-to-reach object all the more closer. Different from conventional digital zoom technology, there is almost no visible image degradation because of an advanced image processing algorithm, allowing for expansive shooting capabilities from wide to telephoto.

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SLAM demands that every Muslim protects the honour of the religion and the Prophet (s.a.w). That is why Muslims see the anti-Islam film of Sam Bacile, a 56-year-old Israeli as an insult of the highest order. Those who see it as a mere comedy or entertainment to serve their pleasure got it all wrong because the over 1.6 billion Muslim faithful world over are offended and ready at all times to defend their religion. Islam and Prophet Muhammad are dear to them more than anything else. Investigation reveals that the film was made in three months in the summer of 2011, with 59 actors and about 45 people behind the camera. The full film has been shown once, to a mostly empty theater in Hollywood earlier this year after which it was posted on internet (YouTube) on July 1, 2012. It initially went unnoticed until late last month when comments and anger began to pile. Bacile has since gone into hiding. What was however astound-

Tel: 08098097290 email:

Anti-Islam film:

Protest - Yes; Killing - NO! rather has the right of execution after undergoing trial in the court of law. A few days ago, an angered Pakistani Muslim businessman promised to give a $100,000 prize-money to whoever finds and presents Sam Bacile (I guess for a jungle justice) but the Pakistani authorities swiftly rejected it, saying that was not allowed. Incendiary films, literature and cartoons that poke Islam are not an expression of free speech; they are inflammatory


The West on the other hand must shift from just condemning religious bigotry to criminalising it, building on the UNHRC’s Resolution 16/18. Perpetrators must be brought to book for the whole world to see because such inflammatory words, action, film can set the world on fire


ing was that Bacile was thereafter reported to have spoken from an undisclosed location, showing no remorse, remained defiant, saying that he intended, by his film, to be provocative, condemning the religion. At that point, showing dissatisfaction through organised protest against such matter is not only right and natural but also a religious duty. What is however not accepted in Islam is the killing of people which is against the Shariah. We are not permitted to kill. Order than the time of war on Muslims, no Muslim is permitted to kill fellow human being. The state

much as they are also defamatory. Why should anyone go to that length, denigrating Islam to satisfy personal whims? I recall in 2005, a Danish newspaper published 12 caricatures of the Prophet (s.a.w) which also triggered riots in many Muslim countries. Just a few days ago, somebody sent a morbid text to me to deride the prophet and Islam and threatening thunder and brimstone on November 15. I am not surprised because much of this incendiary stuff come from the Christians bigots, who like Muslim bigots, are no better, killing people here and there.

How many times have you heard or seen a Muslim defacing or denigrating the symbol of other religion? Who are the terrorists? The enemies of Islam are frustrated in the face of the thriving Islamic consciousness, uniqueness of the religion, the untainted Glorious Quran that is devoid of error and that has surpassed all times, the unity and oneness of Islam worldover right from Adam (a.s) to Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) No matter what they do, Allah has promised to protect the religion; no matter how they attempt to dishonour and deride Islam, the Prophet or the symbol; they will never succeed. Islam which has been thriving since the days of our for-bearer, Adam (a.s.) to the present time will continue to thrive no matter the evil machinations against Islam by those bigots who think their religion is better and superior. The Quran says: “Say (O Muslim), “We believe in Allah and that which has been sent down to us and that which has been sent down to Abraham (Abraham), Isma’il (Ishmael), Ishaq (Isaac), Ya’qub (Jacob), and to Al-Asbat [the twelve sons of Ya’qub (Jacob)], and that which has been given to Musa (Moses) and ‘Isa (Jesus), and that which has been given to the Prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and to Him we have submitted (in Islam)”. (Qur’an 2:136) The killing of the American envoy and other innocent people in Libya is unfortunate. Islam does not support that and no Islamic scholar will advo-

L-R: Hon Lawal Kabir, Member Lagos State House of Assembly; Alh.Abdulhakeem Abdullateef, Chairman Lagos State Pilgrims Board; Alhaji Oyinlomo Dammole, Commissioner for Home Affairs and Culture and Hajia Fatima Oyekan, South West Commissioner, National Hajj Commission of Nigeria, during a One-day Seminar for Lagos State Intending Pilgrims recently.

cate that because the Prophet had never thought us to go that far. Infact, he never avenged insult and vituperation on him. The Prophet (s.a.w) is our leader and had set ample examples in this matter, as it was recorded in a number of hadiths. He routinely ignored insults from his enemies. One reported by Anas said: “I was walking with the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w), and he was wearing a Najraanee cloak with a rough collar. A Bedouin came and seized him roughly by the edge of his cloak, and I saw the marks left on his neck by the collar. Then the Bedouin ordered him to give him some of the wealth of Allah that he had. The Prophet (s.a.w) turned to him and smiled, then ordered that he should be given something.” Yes, as human beings, we have our emotions; sometimes we may lose control of our temper but remember that Allah has promised the righteous

(muttaqeen) who keep away from the causes of anger and struggle within themselves to control it. The Prophet (s.a.w) described the great reward for doing this by saying: “Whoever controls his anger at the time when he has the means to act upon it; Allah will fill his heart with contentment on the Day of Resurrection.” This is one of the ways of extinguishing the flames of anger. Let us even remember that our beloved Prophet forgave thousands of Pagans who committed atrocities against the Muslims and their families such as killings and rapping. Let us cultivate the act of invoking Allah to change the hearts of those who denigrate Islam and the Prophet. Allah’s Messenger never took revenge over anybody for his own sake. He only did on a few cases after he was commanded by Allah to fight back. The West on the other hand must shift from just condemning religious bigotry to criminalising it, building on the UNHRC’s Resolution 16/18. Perpetrators must be brought to book for the whole world to see because inflammatory words, action, film can set the world on fire. This is far greater than what the West calls terrorism. If the Dujail or American trial of Sadam Hussein could be applauded, then a resounding applause will resonate even from Muslim countries if similar trial and punishment is meted out on the perpetrators of this act. Ma sallam.

Deportation of 171 Pilgrims: What is National Hajj Commission doing?


T is disheartening that women who have put everything together including the huge amount of money for hajj exercise, a religious call by Almighty Allah to the Holy land, were deported on account that they were not accompanied by their husbands or (maharam) close male companion. Not less than 171 women from Taraba and Kastina were Thursday deported into the country. Government and the commission should not fold their arms while our pilgrims are being manhandled. As at press time, the fate of over a thousand of other Nigerian women currently being kept in a camp close to Jeddah by Saudi authorities on the same ground hang in the balance as they were denied entry. Some of the deportees narrated their experiences in the hands Saudi authorities. “We spent three days in the camp, kept under the watchful eyes of no nonsense security agents that neither understand our dialect nor speak English, my brother we were dehumanized by Saudi Arabian Authority for no reason,” a middle-aged woman said. We gathered that earlier, when the issue was raised by the Saudi authority a couple of weeks back, the Sultan of Sokoto, His Eminence, Alh Sa'ad Abubakar waded in and sorted out the issue. But what could have happened again, and what is the Hajj Commission and government doing about it? The intending pilgrims and others about to fly to the holy land need to know, at least to avert further embarrassment.

Some of the 171 female pilgrims deported from Saudi Arabia Thursday.

Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28,,2012—39

Rage of River Niger: Edo communities cry out against ravaging flood BY SIMON EBEGBULEM, Benin City


*Save us O Lord...Some residents trying to swim to safety after being caught in the flood completely been destroyed by the flood. Residents of the communities have relocated to Ubiaja the Council headquarters. Narrating his ordeal, one of the victims, Alhaji Sedenu Mohammed said he fled his Udochi community with his two wives and seven children without salvaging even a pin from his house. He said he was only lucky to move his family away from the ravaging flood which he said took them unawares. Another victim, Mallam Musa Aliu also narrated his ordeal. “We woke up one morning to see that water has taken over our community. Several houses have been submerged and all our property lost. We abandoned all we have to save our children and wives. I have no clothes any more, I have been wearing this cloth for the past few days. We thank God that we have not lost anybody. The river carried some of the children but we thank God they were rescued. Many people were injured but there were no deaths. The Chairman brought

Gov. Oshiomhole paddling his way in a canoe to inspect affected communities C M Y K

food to us; that's how we have been feeding. The President of the Udochi Community Mr. Zakari Jubril, an Engineer, wept at one of the centres opened for the displaced persons in Fugar... The level of devastation is very monumental. What is giving us concern is that the water took over the entire community and we are scared that an epidemic can occur. But our joy now is that with this evacuation, some of the dangers have been averted. We are praying that the water level subsides so that the people can go about their normal life again. It was quite devastating because when you see the crops that were destroyed, the livestock, the farmland, the people climbing on trees to save their lives, it was a pitiable sight. But we thank God the relevant agencies are assisting us to evacuate our people," he said . He added: “This is our ancestral home, government can come and assist by providing a place for our people to stay. Being a camp, they are exposed to many health hazards. They should get all the relevant health agencies to be on ground at least to take care of our people for this period”. The Chairman of Etsako Central Local Government Council, Suleiman Gbagudu, described the flooding in his council as worrisome. About seven communities were affected. As we are talking now, there is no land in any of the communities.We have Otumegbe, Ofukpu, Agbabu, all covered with water. In fact you cannot access that place with vehicle; you can only do that with a boat. We have been

evacuating them but we thank God that since the upsurge there is no life lost. I appeal to the State and Federal governments to come to the aid of this Council”. However some individuals, including a chieftain of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, in Etsako Central, Mr John Akhigbe, have bee providing relief materials to the victims. Akhigbe who provided five bags of rice, gallons of groundnut oil and other items expressed shock over the incident.


orried by the devastation, Governor Adams Oshiomhole went on an on- the- spot assessment of the situation last Sunday. A stunned Oshiomhole declared: “I have never seen this kind of thing in my life before”. The Governor who flew in an helicopter and also rode in a canoe to get to the affected communities to see the extent of


O fewer than three hundred persons in Etsako Central, Etsako East and Esan South East Local Government Councils of Edo State are presently counting their losses since the River Niger overflowed its banks. In the first instance, they were rendered homeless, while property worth over N1 billion were destroyed by the rampaging flood. It was a pitiable sight when newsmen visited the affected areas as parents, including the elderly, made frantic efforts to evacuate their children from the flood. Some members of the community even climbed trees in order to avoid drowning in the flood. It was said that the people went to bed that fateful Monday, but at about 11pm flood over took their homes, forcing them to scramble for safety. The ravaging flood which has taken over 20 communities with a population of over 350,000 persons, destroyed virtually everything in the affected areas. Things destroyed include buildings, house hold items and food crops in the farmlands. At the Ekperi Grammar School, Ugbekpe Ekperi, there were over 60, 000 refugees from Yuluwa village, Ofukpo, Agbabu, Iguzi-Ofukpe, Udaba, Unudoboh, Udaba-Ogho, Anegette all in Etsako Central. The palace of the Daudu of Usumegbe, Chief John Musa and that of the village head of Udaba, Chief David Inetape were among the buildings submerged in the flood. Agenebode, the headquarters of Etsako East Local Government area and its surrounding villages, have also been taken over by the flood, while Ilushi, Urho, Urhowa and Inyelen in Esan South East Local Government Area have

Addressing the victims, Oshiomhole lamented that “ the entire area is in a terrible shape. "We could not even get any where to land with helicopter because everywhere is now water. I am particularly surprised because I passed through these communities a few months back. I have never witnessed this sort of thing all my life. I understand that it has not happened like this before. This is a serious natural disaster which is affecting several communities. Farmlands have been destroyed, property have been lost. I saw dead goats and sheep foating in the river. I had to paddle a canoe to be able to move round the affected areas. The entire building of a Church is right inside the water, it is unbelievable". Continuing, the Governor said: "This is nature that is angry; we can only pray that God will take control and the water will recede so that people will reclaim their farmlands”. The Governor listed the short and long-term consequences of the disaster. “Of course there are immediate and long term social and economic consequences but in the long run, I believe both the State and Federal governments will begin to look at both the long and short term solution should this kind of thing happen again. We should look into how to protect the communities along the River Niger and perhaps River Benue. We have serious humanitarian challenges and I think the immediate one is to provide food and places for people to sleep. We are going to release money immediately to procure food and mattresses and ensure that we get people of integrity to manage it to ensure that every body that is affected, gets some relief."

Several houses have been submerged and all our property lost; we abandoned all we have to save our children and wives; I have no clothes any more, I have been wearing this cloth for the past few days

damage done by the flood, admonished the victims to remain faithful because the calamity will soon be over to enable them return to their father land. He announced the release of N100million to provide relief materials to the victims.


The Governor who said the relief is for every body, warned against discrimination in the sharing. "It is not based on how you voted, those who voted against me and those who voted for me are equal,” he said.

40—Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28,,2012


Vanguard , FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012—41

Nigerian ruling elite unpatriotic, says Prof Iyayi BY VINCENT UJUMADU


SYMPOSIUM: From left: Representative of Director General, Nigerian Investment and Promotion Commission and President, Enugu Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture, Mr. Alfred Okeke; Dr. Theo Okonkwo and Director General, Raw Materials Research and Development Council, Prof. Peter Onwualu, at the 3rd National Agricultural Exhibition and Symposium in Enugu, yesterday. Photo: Hill Ezeugwu.

Umeh drags Enugu CJ to NJC BY TONY EDIKE


NUGU—NATIONAL Chairman of All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, Chief Victor Umeh, has petitioned the National Judicial Council, NJC, Abuja, against the Chief Judge of Enugu State, Justice Innocent Umezuruike, asking the council to quickly call him to order and ensure that due process of the law was followed strictly in the case against him before the state High court. Umeh had on September 19, 2012, written to Justice Umezuruike requesting him to hands off his (Umeh’s) pending case in his court, saying he was not confident he would obtain justice from the CJ’s court, having accused the judge of bias and compromise in the matter instituted by one Jude Okuli. He asked Umezuruike to transfer and assign the case to another judge who would do justice to it. But Umezuruike at the last sitting of the court, rather than transfer the case to another judge as requested by the defendant (Umeh), adjourned the case to October 8 for hearing and was silent on Umeh’s request for his withdrawal from the case. Following the development, Umeh petitioned the NJC alleging that the CJ erred in his handling of the case, especially by refusing to rule on the preliminary objection which he (Umeh) brought before the court,

and was duly argued by both counsels. Umeh said the CJ extended the life span of the ex-parte order he made against him on July 25, 2012, by extra 48 days against the High Court Rule of Enugu State that says an exparte order could not last beyond 14 days. “By the action of the CJ, the ex-parte order which ought not to last more than 14 days was extended to 55 days without any request by any of the parties in the matter. “By 31st July 2012, the CJ took full arguments on notice of preliminary objection challenging the jurisdiction of the court to entertain the case. The CJ adjourned the matter to 17th September 2012 for a rendi-

tion of the considered ruling of the court on the notice of preliminary objection. “In adjourning the matter, the CJ stated that ‘if this court accedes to the contentions of the defendants/ applicants on any of the above issues, this suit shall legitimately come to an end. ...In the event, I shall adjourn the case for a considered ruling on the merits. “In the circumstances, the interim order of theis court shall endure against the parties and against the convention of any APGA Executive Committee Meetings as stated under the order until the court’s rendition of a ruling which I now fixed for the 20th day of September, 2012,”

Umeh recalled. However, on September 17 when the ruling ought to have been delivered by the CJ, Umeh said, to the amazement of the people gathered in court, the CJ declared that he had reserved ruling and would instead hear the main suit and deliver judgement on the preliminary objection and main suit together. This, Umeh contended in his letter to NJC, “has exposed the CJ as being desperate to get into the main matter and deliver judgement against me, knowing that the notice of preliminary objection was strong enough to have legitimately terminated the suit, the suit being grossly incompetent, as APGA was not a party to the suit.”

Anambra House to Jonathan: Declare flood affected LGs disaster areas BY ENYIM ENYIM


N I T S H A — ANAMBRA State House of Assembly yesterday called on President Goodluck Jonathan to declare the flood submerged local government areas of the state disaster areas. The local government areas are Anambra West, Anambra East, Ogbaru and Awka North local government areas where the inhabitants have fled their homes because of flood that has not only rendered them homeless but also destroyed their crops. In a resolution passed by the House and read

by the Speaker, Mrs Chinwe Clare Nwebili, the law makers appealed to the President to direct NEMA to provide palliative measures to prevent environmental hazards in the flood affected areas. The resolution further called on Anambra State governor, Mr Peter Obi, to provide refugee camps for the flood victims while efforts were being made to resettle them. Earlier, the member representing Ayamelum local government, Mr Gabriel Onyewife, decried what he described as complacency of the various agencies charged with the re-

sponsibilities of attending to flood victims. He said: ”These agencies were created by the federal government to provide social amenities to the people in times like this but they have failed in their duties in this case. NEMA and SEMA should wake up from their slumber and rescue the flood victims,” he said. He observed that if urgent steps were not taken to resolve the flood crisis in the affected areas, lives would not only be lost but that people would also suffer starvation, if their farmlands were not saved now.

WKA—FORMER president of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, Professor Festus Iyayi, yesterday in Awka described the Nigerian ruling class as highly unpatriotic, saying they do not develop the country in relation to developments going on in other parts of the world. Iyayi, who delivered a lecture at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, as part of activities put together by the institution’s branch of ASUU to honour the national president of ASUU, Professor Ukachukwu Awuzie,

also accused Nigerian leaders of lacking the vision to decipher what was good for the country. According to him, the leaders lack a sense of history and are only concerned with their pleasure and what they would reap from governance. He added that it was for that reason that the country had remained underdeveloped after 52 years of Independence. He said: “Our leaders do not invest properly. They only trade because they feel that is what will give them quick money. We do not produce anything and we even import products we ought to be exporting.”

State of ACN worries Ebonyi party chair general election, Chief BY PETER OKUTU


BAKALIKI—E M BATTLED chairman of Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, in Ebonyi State, Elder Samuel Igwe, yesterday, lamented the failure of the party to chart a new course for the state, despite its status in national politics. Elder Igwe, who stated this at a press conference in Abakaliki, accused the Deputy National Organising Secretary of the party, Princess Tonia Adol-Awam, and governorship candidate of the party in the 2011

Sunday Adol-Awam, of allegedly engaging in antiparty activities, thereby dragging the name of the party in the mud. But the duo in a quick reaction, said Elder Igwe was no longer recognised at the national level of the party as chairman of ACN in the state, noting that such development became effective since the inauguration of a Caretaker Committee, CTC, on June 30, 2012, by the Deputy National Vice Chairman, South East, Dr. Chudi Nwike.

79 Enugu communities to get electricity transformers and accessoBY CHINENYEH OZOR


SUKKA—ABOUT 79 communities are to be provided with electricity in Udenu Local Government Area in Enugu State. The state government is to provide electricity to 44 of the communities, while Udenu Local Government Council would provide the amenity for the other 35 communitities, the Chairman of the council, Dr Godwin Abonyi, has said. Speaking during the launching of some electric

ries, in the area. Abonyi said that the ‘’Operation Light Up Udenu Local Government Area’’ would take off in 10 communities, including, Amalla, Obollo Etiti, Ezimo Ulo, Ezimo Agu, Ogbodu Aba, Obollo Afor, Obollo Etiti, Imilike Enu and Ohom Orba, just as he pointed out that every community would be provided with electricity in line with the directive of Governor Sullivan Chime that they be provided power on or before the end of December 2013.

Don tasks students on IT BY GODWIN OGHRE


A P E L E —HEAD of Department of Statistics at Nnandi Azikiwe University, Awka, Dr Goddey Ebuh, has charged students of tertiary institutions across the nation to be information technology literates in order for them to be relevant in the information and communication world of the 21st Dr Ebuh, gave the charge at the Delta State Polytechnic, Otefe-Oghara, Delta State, during a three-day

conference and workshop on statistics and data management, organised by the Rector of the School, Dr Clara Sogbaike, to train staff of Statistics Department of the institution. The university don noted that presently, data management and practice could no longer be done manually but with the aid of computer for the purpose of accuracy and to foster academic excellence in schools offering statistic as a course of study. C M Y K

42— Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012

13 years after, democracy not in sight in 511 councils BY EMMAN OVUAKPORIE & JOHNBOSCO AGBAKWURU

THIRTEEN years into civil rule, most parts of Nigeria are still operating partial democracy and are still in search of full blown democracy, the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC has said. How? Only 32.69 per cent or 253 of the 774 local councils are being administered by elected officials and the bulk of 511 councils in the country are yet to embrace democratic principles as they are being ruled by caretaker committees appointed by governors. The Resident Electoral Commissioner in charge of Cross River State, Barrister Mike Igini who stated this in an interview with Vanguard in Calabar, the Cross River State capital, said that out of the 774 councils and 36 states of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory, only 253 local councils in 13 states have duly elected local government chairmen. According to Igini, it was gathered that about nine states do not even have duly constituted electoral bodies, adding that the wider implication of this development was that “Nigeria is under partial democracy.”

That is the reason for my saying that Nigeria is under partial democracy. “It may interest you to know that following the conference that was held on the August 1, in Ilorin in Kwara State between INEC and the state electoral body where we conducted an audit of the state of affairs of the state electoral bodies, we were shocked to know that nine out of 36 have no duly constituted electoral bodies. “Further more and of the 36 states of the federation and the Federal Capital Territory, only 13 as at August 1 when we had that meeting in Ilorin, have duly elected local government council. The wider implication of the statement I have made that Nigeria is under partial democracy is the fact that those 13 states have a total of 253 local governments and in Nigeria we have a total of 774 local governments. This means in effect that in 511 of the 774 local government areas, the people in these local governments are not experiencing democracy at the moment, rather what we have is an aberration called Caretaker Committees that are being used to man those local government. “It constitutes a violent breach of Section 7 of the constitution of the fatherland that says a system


In 511 of the 774 local government areas, the people in these local governments are not experiencing democracy at the moment, rather what we have is an aberration called Caretaker Committees that are being used to man those local government

The disclosure came as House of Representatives Speaker, Hon. Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, warned the Governor of Imo State, Mr Rochas Okorocha and other governors to stop usurping the autonomy of the Local Government system in Nigeria. Tambuwal said that the sacking of Local Councils in Imo State by the governor and his decision to replace them with ‘Care-taker’ Committee Chairmen was an illegal act. Igini said: “In a country where we have 36 states as well as the Federal Capital Territory with a total of 774 Local Government Areas, and at the moment, elections have not been conducted in more than half of the entire 774 Local Government Areas shows clearly, where majority of Nigeria is domiciled. C M Y K


of local government of democratically elected council should be guaranteed.” The REC said that local government areas should be the foundation of democracy but it was not so in many states, stressing that some of the chairmen of state electoral bodies were always frustrated by the governors, who had made themselves demi-gods and decide who occupy any elected position instead of allowing the masses to choose their leaders. Apart from the frustrations state electoral bodies pass through from the governors and nonautonomy, he said that the level of interference by the governors was enormous He continued: “Because of what is happening in local government areas, today the





governors are now wielding powers. In fact, the governors have become more powerful than any set of people in Nigeria because in the local government system we don’t have democracy at this level at all. “A governor determines, who should be a councilor, who can contest for an office of a councilor, a governor determines who will be a local government chair person and more often than not, people who don’t reside in the state, who don’t reside in these local governments, relatives or friends outside Nigeria are invited and they are short-listed, there is no process of proper nomination. They are short-listed by the governors and in some cases they constitute caretaker committees.

Foot soldiers during elections “A governor determines who is a councilor or local government chairmen and because they themselves will be foot soldiers during elections, the governor now determines who can contest for the House of Assembly elections, the governor also determines who can contest for House of Representatives, a governor determines who can contest the senatorial elections.” He wondered where the nation was heading to and where the governors get their powers from, adding that it was the passive and docile nature of Nigerians that had contributed to some governors deciding the fate of

others and even in some cases who becomes a minister of the federal cabinet. Igini called on the National Assembly to stop releasing allocations to local government areas that do not have democratically elected chairmen and councilors. He also said that lack of credible and democratically elected chairpersons in the council areas had contributed to the security challenges in the country. Governors must obey rule of law – Tambuwal Speaking on the issue, when the President of the National Union of Local Government. ALGON, and Chairman of Enugu South Local Government, Mr. Uzor Nwabueze Okafor led a team on a working visit to him and sought amendments to the 1999 Constitution on Local Government administration, on Wednesday,Speaker Tambuwal warned governors to stop usurping the autonomy of the councils. On Imo State, he said Governor Okorocha’s sack of the council chairmen and appointment of care-taker committees in the 27 local councils was unlawful. “Whether the Care-taker Chairmen were approved by State Assemblies, or by the Governor they are illegal. State Assemblies must pass the necessary laws to strengthen local governments in Nigeria and guarantee their autonomy instead of working against them,” he said. He called “on the Governor of Imo State to please desist from lawlessness”, in the

case of his sacking of council chairmen and his refusal to return them to office in line with a Court judgment. The Speaker went philosophical when he reminded Okorocha that “he was put in place by the law and God. Therefore, he must respect the law, adding that“ what is happening in Imo State is clearly unacceptable.” He advised the State Houses of Assembly across the country to “engage state governors to play their roles in amending the 1999 Constitution to grant political and fiscal autonomy to Local Governments and State Assemblies.” He however warned the State Houses of Assembly “to desist from passing such laws” that would further denigrate the institutions of Local Governments. According to the Speaker, “All of us must be ready to work to discharge our responsibilities effectively. We must collectively agree that no matter how highly placed, our offices are transient. No matter how much immunity we enjoy, we should note that one day we would leave office and our immunities will expire.” The Speaker also warned the State Houses of Assembly “to desist from passing such laws” that would further denigrate the institutions of Local Governments. He stated that there was little or nothing the House could do on the problems afflicting the Local Government tier, without the tier itself making appreciable efforts.

Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012 —43

Why electorate must elect credible leaders — Mimiko STORIES BY DAYO JOHNSON


OVERNOR Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo State has identified the twin problems of credible leadership and improper planning as some of the factors militating against the emergence of Nigeria as a great country. Speaking in Ode-Irele in Irele local government area of the State during his campaign tour of the area, Dr Mimiko regretted that despite Godgiven potentials as a nation, failure to plan and lack of good leadership had crippled the country and made the people to suffer in the midst of plenty. Mimiko who told the people of Irele that he was ready more than ever to provide leadership and continue to be their Governor, if re-elected, said that positive changes in Ondo State in the last three and a half years were results of planning and hard work under a credible leadership. His words: ”What we need is leadership; governance is serious business because it is not something you wake up overnight just because you h eard the sound of siren and say you want to be governor.

“It is a serious business because the decisions you take can affect a generation, it can affect two generations and even 10 generations for good or bad. That is why it is not something you toy with; it is about our future, it is about our God-given potential because in my inner mind, I can see that we can develop our land and people will come from all over the world to learn from us. “The situation must change and I can see the change and I believe it is possible. I am not talking theory and everything I am telling you is not conjectural. I have empirical evidence to prove that we can change our lives.

Maternal mortality “Through the instrumentality of Abiye, we have reduced maternal mortality in our land, and we will continue until pregnancy will no longer be a death sentence in Ondo State. “I know that it is possible for the child of a messenger and the child of a multi-millionaire to sit down in the same classroom and receive the same level of quality education. it is

not conjectural because I have in the last few days seen people, big men in the society begging us to withdraw their children from private schools to our mega schools, it is happening and it is possible if we ordered our priorities right. “If you are ready for the task of taking our land to heights hitherto deemed impossible, a utopian state, our Rehoboth, a land of abundance where there would be room enough for our people then we must pray fervently to God to bring back our prosperity. We must also be ready to work. “I will be your leader, at all times, in all seasons; I will provide leadership at all times. I will create chances that will lift our people from the morass of poverty. “I am ready to make the sacrifices that would be required. To me, leadership is not about the size of your bank account but leadership is about the amount of joy I can bring into your hearts. I am ready.” He, therefore, enjoined the people of the state to come out en-masse on October 20 with their cards to vote for him and watch their votes by waiting until the very end.

*Mimiko Deputy governorship candidates Olutope Adedipe – ACN Tolupe Clement – ACPN Ikwuewumi Rotimi – ANPP Mrs. Ijitola Modupe – BNPP Mr. Babatunde Bidemi – CAP Mrs Oluyemi Damilola – CPC Alhaji Ali Olanusi – LP Mrs. Ogbetor Benedicta – NCP Mr. Adefila Cornelius – NSDP Mr. Moses Iorsheer – PDC Mr. Saka Lawal – PDP Mr. Alonge Ahmed – PPA

Ondo in dire need of economic rebirth — Oke T

HE Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate in Ondo State, Chief Olusola Oke has said that his economic policy would unleash the much expected economic rebirth for the people of the state, if elected as a governor of the state. Addressing Intellectual Interactive forum programme organized by the Chairmen of the Academic Staff Union of University (ASUU), Adekunle Ajasin University Chapter and the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic (ASUP) Rufus Giwa Polytechnic chapter under the auspices of Intellectual Platform at the NUJ press centre in Akure, Oke said his government would target thousands of jobs in the few years of the administration. Oke, while unveiling his programme, said what the state needs most now is economic rebirth. According to him, the state desired a deliberate economic agenda that would create opportunities, generate employment and secure for her a future that could insure the state against any unexpected external financial crisis. Speaking at the forum the chairman of ASUU, Adekunle Ajasin University, Dr Busuyi Mekusi said it was important that members of academia begin to

participate in a process that would lead to the emergence of quality leadership. Dr Mekusi warned that it was dangerous for any civil servant or public officer to be partisan. He said the unions decided to finance the programme from its purse without seeking assistance from any politician because "it is a

platform devoid of any partisan politics. He added: “We provide fund deliberately for the programme because we believe this is our contribution to the society. We are out to give opportunities to the members of the public to have interaction with all the candidates of the political parties, who will

be participating in the October 20 election to bring to the public glare their programmes. “This will help the members of the public to make a choice that is based on cogent economic reasons. This is the only way we can guarantee sustainable development because it starts

from election of good leadership”, Mekusi said. Also, ASUP chairman Mr Olubamiji Kumuyi said the unions had resolved to provide intellectual support for the growth of democracy and purification of Nigeria politics.

Mega projects multiple problems BY SEGUN OBAYOMI


HE people of Ondo State must by now be wary of the gradual creeping of Mbadiwenism (with due respect to late Dr. Mbadiwe, Nigeria's first Republic Minister) verbosity and indigenous word coinage unknown to English dictionary but well understood in the Nigerian context. In this particular context, one would want to refer to Ondo States megaprojects which vary from the ‘Dome’ through primary schools, Akure City Stadium to roads in principal urban centres including Owo, Ondo and Akure . In support of the so called megaprojects, the Ondo State Government has to also obtain mega loans. It is on record that no government in the history of Ondo State, old and new, civil or

military ever inherited as much as the N38 billion inherited by the current Labour Party administration in Ondo State. It is arguable whether they, altogether ever inherited that much at their inception! It is also clear that in all preceding political Party-based civilian governments in the history of Ondo State, none has overstretched its luck as much as the current administration in the state. It is instructive that we have had three civilian governments that ran in full their first four year term in office, viz, Ajasin’s UPN (1979-1983), Adefarati’s AD (1999-2003) and Agagu’s PDP (2003-2007) respectively. It is also on record that the draconian commodore Otiko had no logical or compelling reason to abandon projects left in the pipeline by the

Ajasin-led UPN government. Whatever debts in terms of staff salaries and sundry payments left unpaid by the incorruptible Ajasin Administration were taken in and settled by successor governments. This scenario was repeated by the Adefarati led AD administration. Hence when Agagu came on board, he found it expedient to continue with virtually all the projects after negotiating the contract sums downwards to slash off the ‘political’ component of the value. The situation was very different in the change of baton between the incumbent Dr. Olusegun Mimiko led L.P. government and its predecessor government of Dr. Olusegun Agagu. Whereas, Agagu, known for his intellectual excellence, meticulous planning and forensic

attention to details had spelt out details of his program in his famous Roadmaps, all of which are elucidated in the regular approved budgets and backed with cash at the point of implementation. Agagu asserted that he left N38 billion in the state’s coffers specifically to ensure that all existing ongoing projects are not handicapped by cash constraints. In breach of the tradition of his predecessors, the LP government, through Governor Mimiko, claimed that Agagu left a whopping debt of N117 billion in irrevocable and irreversible contracts But he admitted belatedly that Agagu actually left as much as N34 billion naira only but without admitting that the fund was tied expressly to ongoing projects. * Obayomi wrote from Akure C M Y K

44—Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28,,2012


Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012—45

STATE POLICE DISCOURSE: From right— Mr. Opeyemi Agbaje, Speaker; Mr. Muyiwa Ige, representing Osun State Governor; Mrs Alero Edu, Chairman of Panel; Mr. Yomi Badejo-Okusanya, Managing Director, CMC Connect (Perception Manager); and Sir Mike Okiro, former Inspector-General Police, during public discourse on the theme State Police: To Be or Not to Be, organised by the Public Affairs Directorate of CMC Connect in Lagos. PHOTO: Kehinde Gbadamosi.

Kidney removal: Panel recommends suspension BY SUZAN EDEH


AUCHI—A Medical Board of Inquiry into the alleged illegal removal of two kidneys of a patient, Mallam Abubakar Buba at Aminchi Medical Clinic in Bauchi metropolis has recommended the suspension of the clinic’s license. The board also recommended the immediate referral of Dr. Sani Adamu, the clinic’s owner and his two nurses, Messrs Mijinyawa Abdullahi and Yusuf Zangina, to their professional bodies for further investigation and appropriate sanctions. The board further asked

the state Commissioner for Health to review and update the Hospitals Registration and Regulating Authority Edict No. 20 of 1986, apart from activating and strengthening of all health professional monitoring and inspection teams within the state. A statement by the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Isa Yuguda, Mr. Michael Adeyemi, yesterday, in Bauchi, said the board asked the Commissioner for Health to also suspend Aminchi as a health facility in compliance with Section 12(1 b) of the 1986 Health Edict No. 20.

Textile workers raise alarm over entitlements


ATIONAL Union of Textile Workers has expressed concern over the non-payment of the N687,073,346 entitlements being owed its members, who lost their jobs following the closure of the Kaduna Textiles Limited, KTL, about 10 years ago, by the 19 northern states. They also raised an alarm over what they described as “the continued vandalisation of the properties of KTL, which is causing anxiety on the part of our members as to the future of the company.” This was contained in a statement issued by the

General Secretary of the association, Mr. Issa Aremu in Kaduna yesterday, entitled Northern Governors should heed the call for settlement of entitlement of workers of KTL and reopening of the factory. The statement read in part: “We are equally worried with the continued delay in settlement of the entitlements of KTL workers by its owner—the 19 northern states of the Federation. “The union had since September 2005 obtained a court judgment for settlement of the entitlements of the workers.”

NGOs celebrate womanhood Oct 1


WO Lagos-based NGOs, Sunshine Foundation and Committee for Concerned Women, are collaborating to celebrate womanhood on October 1 in commemoration of United Nations International Day for Older Persons. A seminar will be held for C M Y K

the double celebration, as October 1 is the country’s indepence Day. The seminar, on Woman! Recognise Your Strength and How to Use It to Uplift Yourself and the Society, will hold at 2nd Avenue, 208 Road, C. Close, House 3 in Festac town, Lagos.

IT SEMINAR: From left— Rana Fares, BRS Sales Manager, EMC; Dayo Abegunde, GM, CWL Systems (A CWG Company); Fady Richmany, Zain Regional MD, Africa and Lebanon; Bimbo Owoeye, Team Leader, TELCO (WA), EMC Information Systems, and Mostafa Abdou, Snr. Technology Consultant, RSA, Security Division of EMC at the EMC/CWG IT Transformation Seminar in Lagos.

Gunmen kill 2 policemen attached to ex-SGF BY SUZAN EDEH


AUCHI—UNKNOWN gunmen, yesterday, killed two policemen attached to the

House of the former Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF, Alhaji Aminu Saleh in Azare, headquarters of Katagum Local Govern-

ment Area of Bauchi State. The killers left with the slain policemen’s guns. Alhaji Saleh is the father of the state Deputy

Gowon Estate residents battle FHA for recreational space T HE people of Gowon Estate, under the aegis of Community Development Association, CDA, have appealed to Federal Housing Authority, FHA, to urgently grant permission for the development of the only available land space at the estate for recreation centre. The appeal is coming following the disagreement over what the residents called moves by individuals within and outside the estate to acquire the expanse of land for personal reasons as against the interest of the entire community. The non-release of the piece of land by the FHA, they said, has discouraged many foreign firms willing to help convert it to a recreation centre for

the relaxation of the over 30,000 residents leaving in the estate. One of such foreign companies is Play!Ya, an independent organisation based in Berlin, Germany, which has offices in Lagos. According to information gathered from the residents, the expanse of land otherwise known as Kuwait, situated on 4th Avenue of Gowon Estate, which used to be the den of criminals for several years, was turned around by the combination of the police and residents of the area. A statement by the CDA Chairman, Nathaniel Okoro, said: “This expanse of land, which has a football field, basketball court, some ram-

shackle churches and mechanic workshops used to be the den of hard drug peddlers and their patrons. “In addition to the drug businesses that thrived on the site, many a number of armed robbery suspects and kidnappers have been known to use this site as their haven. “At various times, the NDLEA has carried out numerous raids in this area, sometimes continuously for stretches of up to two weeks, but the problem persisted. The Gowon Estate Police Division also tried their luck, all to no avail.” People of the community have lamented that all efforts made to make the FHA release the land officially has failed.

Gombe pharmaceutical society boss denies fake drugs report BY JOHN BULUS


HAIRMAN of Shongom Local Government Council in Gombe State, Mr. Sammy Barka, has denied allegations that officials of National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, visited his Gwamdum Pharmacy shop last week, where they confiscated found drugs. Barka told newsmen in Gombe that as the proprie-

tor of Gwamdum Pharmacy and Chairman of Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, Gombe State Chapter, he would not trade on fake drugs and expressed surprise over the story, which he said was fabricated by his political opponents to tarnish his image. He said as a pharmacist, he knew the danger inherent in such clandestine practice, stressing that NDLEA officials never vis-

ited the shop, not to talk of impounding fake drugs. Meanwhile, investigations by Vanguard indicated that NAFDAC carried out a routine check in three local government areas of Gombe, including Akko, Biliri and Kaltungo. A source from NAFDAC said the routine check was to forestall any attempt by patent medicine dealers to stock fake and substandard drugs.

Governor, Alhaji Sagir Saleh. Residents of the area told Vanguard that the gunmen arrived at the former SGF’s residence in a car and on sighting the policemen, shot them. Efforts to speak with the Bauchi State Police Commissioner, Mohammed Ladan, failed as at the time of filing this report. But a top security source confirmed the attack, adding that the gunmen killed two policemen and took their rifles. He also said the gunmen’s target was not the former SGF but the policemen, who might have been killed for their weapons.



R. Augustine Monwuba, who died recently aged 54, will be buried today in his home town, Awka, Anambra State. A Fellow of the Institute of Chattered Accountants of Nigeria, ICAN, late Monwuba was Principal Lecturer in Accountancy Department, Federal Polytechnic, Oko. He was also a two-term bursar at Federal College of Education, Technical, Umunze, Anambra State. He is survived by a widow, MrsOluchukwuMonwu-ba, four children, aged mother and several relatives.

Late Mr. Monwuba.

46—Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012

Vanguard CLASSIFIED OLADELE—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Oladele Comfort Oluwakemi, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Ugoakaeze C o m f o r t Oluwakemi. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note. OGHARANDUKUN— I formerly known and addressed as Miss Oritsejolomi Ogharandukun, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Oritsejolomi Ujuanbi. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

OGUJIOFOR—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Jecinta Blessing N. Ogujiofor, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Emmanuel Amarachi Blessing N. All former documents remain valid. Imo State University, NYSC and general public please take note.

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UZUEGBU—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Emmanuella Ngozika Uzuegbu, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Emmanuella Ngozika Uba. All former documents remain valid. International Organization for Migration (IOM), University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), NYSC and general public please take note.

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KARIMO-I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Karimo Pere-ere Stella, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Enock Pere-ere Etimighan. All former documents remain valid. Bayelsa State Council for Arts and Culture and general public please take note.



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Partial defence of president Goodluck Jonathan: We are all involved I

T has been observed that

no single day has passed without reference being made to the President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan either in one critical form or the other. The President has expressed his embarrassment about the constant criticism of himself as a person and that of his government by the media which should understand him and support his progressive policies. At any special occasion, the President would like to express his disappointment with those who have doubted his ability to transform Nigeria. The prevalent critical attitude of many Nigerians and the ambivalence of others towards governance seem to underscore the level of political development in the country. This has, perhaps, prompted a popular columnist to ask the question, “who is going to mediate between President Goodluck Jonathan and his critics?” Over the decades, political leaders (civilian or military) have come under public scrutiny and many have been severely structured over what many people perceive as unprogressive policies. With respect to the past political leaders, my hero is President Shehu Shagari for his patience and understanding of events in his days inspite of, at times, unjustified criticisms. A commentator once rebuked him for his inability to read as many English literature books as necessary for an ideal President of Nigeria. But that was the politics of those days.

Critical analysis As much as one would like to assure President Goodluck Jonathan that critical analysis of the personality and actions by the ruling political leaders is a process of deepening democracy, it is, however fair to reassess the level of criticism leveled against the present President. The name of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan first appeared in the political scene when he was elected Deputy Governor of Bayelsa State and later became Governor when his boss was impeached. He was elected Governor of Bayelsa State and then Vice President of Nigeria under the late Umaru Musa Yar‘Adua. When the boss died, Dr. Jonathan became

the President of Nigeria, the position he enjoys today after his election in 2011. There is no doubt in the minds of many Nigerians that he won the election handsomely, and he was seen as the ideal leader. It could be said that President Jonathan was elected with our eyes wide open, and conscious of his limitation as a human being and as a political leader with little but guided political experience. Some still believe that in spite of the new elections, nothing has changed to suggest the birth of a new revolution. It is like yesterday an exhibition of mediocrity, howbeit, seemingly conscientious. It is true that the President‘s reaction and understanding and mastering of events might be influenced by some of his selfish advisers. It is believed that President Jonathan himself might not be prepared to tread beyond his political experience even when exemplary courage is demanded. It is assumed that with the presence of domestic insurgency (characterized by Boko Haram bombings) and economic


AGU —I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Agu Ngozi Enderline, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Aneke Ngozi Enderline. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

industry. It is not a question of whether the increase in pump price of gasoline from N65 to N97 was justified or not at that particular time. Rather, it was a point of confusion brought by the government officials saddled with the responsibility of removing oil subsidy. If the local refinery could not meet the increasing consumption of gasoline at home, (as it has been proved), it would be necessary to import additional volume. If the landed cost of imported products was about N140 and the domestic pump price was N65, the difference would amount to a subsidy. Therefore, it is the responsibility of a good government to reduce or ensure that no subsidy arises. The present price of N97 still carries an element of subsidy and that is why a sum of N888 billion was put into the 2012 budget. However, the problem of subsidy raises the question of whether it is reasonable for any government to continue to import a product which it produces abundantly at home. The NNPC (which is saddled with the responsibility of ensuring the flow of gasoline products at home) could not justify the use of the allocation of 475,000 barrels of crude oil per day for the domestic use. What appeared on the scene is the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulation Agency (PPPRA) which scandalized the issue of import licenses to about 125 companies (of diverse origins). Those involved in the shame of oil importations are Nigerians. It is understood that the number of companies authorized to import has been reduced to about 39 and these companies are assumed to be behind the looming scarcity of petroleum products in the country unless they are paid what was owed to them in the past. One would certainly sympathize with a country with the possibility of being ripped-off

The prevalent critical attitude of many Nigerians and the ambivalence of others towards governance seem to underscore the level of political development in the country

uncertainties (represented by CBN‘s unfriendly monetary stance with regards to rising unemployment), the complete control of events might perhaps be difficult. IT is a pity that President Jonathan in some respect, has failed to show clear understanding of some issues and the ways of mastering them. For instance, on the question of the removal of oil subsidy, and the subsequent mob reaction in many places, especially in Lagos, the statement credited to President Jonathan that the mob action (riots) was sponsored, was rather unfortunate. The sudden New Year gift of moving the pump price of gasoline from N65 to N97 under the guise of removing oil subsidy without any explanation was itself a provocation and an invitation to untoward reaction by the already suffering public who was fed up with the slogan of deregulation of thedownstream sector of the oil


at every stage of the transaction. The import of a single product by so many importers is a stupid policy of economic waste, since a single barrel of crude oil would yield gasoline and many associated products whose sale would help to bring the cost of a single product down. The high exchange rate did not help the situation. The lasting solution to the problem of oil subsidy lies in a policy of complete deregulation of the downstream sector of the oil industry which the present government is unwilling to pursue even through the PIB Bill (now before the National Assembly). There should be no need now for any agency to cater for importation of petroleum products. What the country needs is an agency to promote the export of refined petroleum products from the domestic crude oil.

48—Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28,,2012


Vanguard , FRID AY , SEPTEMBER 28, 2012 — 49 FRIDA

HE United Nations bin Laden was blind in one eye — Tpredicted UN warns Syria of a potentially huge jump in refugee surge al-Qaida leader the number of Syrian compound in the refugees and appealed l-Qaida’s leader, Security Assistance Force Pakistani town of for nearly half a billion agency said Thursday. 52 humanitarian A Ayman al- confirmed that Abdul Abbottabad. The figure would be about organizations in the dollars as many in Syria Zawahiri, has revealed Rauf, who is also known that his predecessor, Osama bin Laden, was blind in one eye and confirmed that in his youth he had been a member of the Saudi Arabian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood. Also, special operations forces killed an al Qaeda “facilitator” from Pakistan in an airstrike in the remote eastern Afghan province of Kunar, which has served as a terrorist safe haven. The al Qaeda facilitator is the seventh senior Pakistani jihadist killed in Kunar since June. The International

as Iftikhar, was killed in an airstrike in the Marawarah district on Sept. 23. “Security force engaged Abdul Rauf with a precision airstrike, killing him and two other insurgents,” ISAF said in a press release. The strike was called in after Rauf was seen while “engaged in insurgent activity.” In a video posted on a jihadi website, the third in a series entitled Days with the Imam, Zawahiri narrates stories about Bin Laden, who was killed by US navy commandos in May 2011 at his

Dressed in a white cloak and turban, Zawahiri revealed “for those who do not know” that the Saudi-born Bin Laden was left blind in the right eye after an unspecified accident in his youth.

woke up to heavy shelling and raging gunfire Thursday. The number of Syrian refugees in neighboring countries could reach 700,000 by the end of the year, the U.N. refugee

3% of the country ’s population. The agency gave the number in an announcement seeking $487.9 million to support Syrian refugees. The United Nations is leading

The Sudans sign partial agreement


HE leaders of Sudan and newly independent South Sudan inked a deal Thursday that will resume oil exports, but failed to address other key disputes between the

recently divorced countries. The African Union and the U.N. Security Council had initially given Sudan’s President Omar Al Bashir and South Sudan’s President Salva

Kiir one day to come to an agreement on several issues that have threatened to spark an all-out war between the two nations. The two leaders began talks Sunday in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa.

effort. The funds would go toward the soaring number of refugees flocking to Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey. Meanwhile, rebels besiege Syria air base, downed jets on Wednesday on the Syrian army headquarters in Damascus. In a statement posted on jihadi Web forums, the Al Nusra Front vowed more attacks to “liberate the people of Syria from the tyrant,” a reference to President Bashar al-Assad.


50— Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28,,2012


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WAS in Liberia and I saw the Eagles play 2-2 with the Lone Star in Monrovia. When I watch a game I celebrate goals but I lay emphasis on performance. I try to analyse the performance of the players individually and as a team. That’s why, even in lost or drawn games, my question to those who watched it is always ‘but did they play well?’ You can play well and still not win a match. A team may play badly and still win. Performance matters especially to professionals like coaches. And in Monrovia the Liberians didn’t strike me as a great side. They were, however, highly motivated and they fought more than they played. It is all in the game. But it had to be so because Eagles could not lift their game. Liberia looked easily beatable after Eagles equalised and took a 2-1 lead. A match that Eagles had the chances to win with a margin of up to 4-1 or more ended 2-2. And towards the end, Liberia so dominated that Nigeria were even lucky to have gotten the draw. What a drama. Victor Moses plays good games in the Premier League but that day he did things only he understood. He was selfish. Two to three times his teammates ran into space to possibly make hay but he chose to continue running with the ball and ended up running around himself and losing the ball on those occasions. mmanuel Emenike also plays good matches for Spartak Moscow but that day he was awful. But he did not surprise me. He was so under Samson Siasia. Emenike would see a pack of opponents and rather than try to avoid them and play simple football he would prefer to pass through the crowd. Each time he did so he lost possession. But he refused to change. He kept on doing the same thing and still losing the ball. That appeared foolish. He did not believe in passing the ball quickly to his teammates. And two times he missed one-on-one with the keeper. Moses was pulled out but I was surprised he lasted long on the field. I was shocked that Emenike lasted the 90 minutes. And what with Obiorah Nwankwo?. He always tries to play a Mikel Obi on the field. If he is not moving to the side when he has space to attack in front, he is turning back and killing the pace of the game. He did so in Monrovia and has shown that he lacks the quality to play at top level for now. Modern football is about going forward and putting pressure on opponents. Modern football is pressure football. That’s why attackers mark as hard as defenders. They don’t allow defenders to build and organise from the rear. How I wish Eagles watched


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will distribute balls. He is a good passer of the ball but he must develop confidence to go forward and make attempts at goal when necessary. If Gabriel Ruben is now fit and he plays with Mikel as defensive midfielders with one attacking midfielder in front of them and behind two or three attackers Liberia will fall with ease in Calabar especially if Emenike will prefer wisdom to foolery and if Ike Uche tries to be professional and respect the basic tactic of falling back when possession is lost. However, I think that Eagles need Victor Anichebe of Everton. He is strong and runs with power. Emenike is also strong and runs with power. But he should make more use of brain than brawl. aving said this much, I think it’s also time for Austin Ejide to man the post for Nigeria. After the failure of Dele Ayenugba in the qualifier against Guinea in Abuja, Ejide kept the goal in London against Ghana in an international friendly and showed the stuff that made Berti Vogts clearly choose him as Eagles first choice keeper in the Nations Cup in Ghana. There’s an end to every time and a time for everybody in sports and other fields. This is the time for Ejide or even Chigozie Agbim. For the sake of experience and regularity in club football I will prefer Ejide to any of the keepers in Eagles now. This is time for change. This is the time for the team to play collectively in all departments and show good performance even if the margin of victory is not wide. It’s time for Nigerians to begin to have a faint picture of what they can do in South Africa during the Nations Cup. But it must be said here that a good picture will only suffice after a two or three week camping before a major competition and not the four or three days available during the qualifiers. This is time for more support to the team and the technical crew. The coaches have not failed and there’s absolutely no reason to call for foreign coaches now. We have had many them and they all failed except Clemens Westerhof who should be contacted for the job of Technical Director if the federation is still interested in keeping that office. It’s time for the federation to push the coaches to watch more league matches at home and abroad to avoid the invitation of 38 players for a few days camping. If the coaches were absolutely sure of the players they were inviting that number would not be justifiable. But so far the coaches are doing a good job and should be supported by all.

Keshi, it’s time ffor or H a change I think it’s also time for Austin Ejide to man the post for Nigeria how Seville beat Real Madrid two weeks ago. They marked more in Real’s area and made life miserable for the Spanish champions. Ike Uche finds it difficult to mark. He finds it difficult to fall back to mark and I wonder if he is not in Europe. By not returning deep he creates space for opponents to use. If he refuses to play to instruction then the coaches must do something about it. hose who play from the wings fail to fall deep too and this leaves only two players in the midfield. Ejike Ozoenyi and Ahmed Musa rarely come into the middle. The fact that Ike Uche, the support striker, does not fall deep to help and the fact that two players who man the right and left sides of the midfield stay on the wings and the fact that repeated sessions to make them change and adapt well to the system that Keshi has been playing has not been effective, I strongly call on the coach to change his tactical approach and specifically assign three or more players to the midfield. It’s time to change especially now that Mikel Obi will play. And as Mikel will play Eagles certainly need a strong defensive midfielder who can work hard to mark and cover up while Mikel


Chinwendu Ihezuo

Overhaul our sports now

Continues from BP

Continues from BP

matches in the 2010 edition. After 16 matches, the participating teams in the tournament have all played two each. While the U.S. and Japan are the only teams that have yet to concede any goal, Azerbaijan, New Zealand, Gambia and Uruguay have yet to score. The epochal encounter saw the Flamingoes riding roughshod over their helpless opponents who were no match for them. The 11-0 score line became the biggest win ever for an African team at a FIFA- organised tournament, with Chinwendu scoring five goals. Her team mates, Halimatu Ayinla and Tessy Biahwo netted two goals each, while Aminat Yakubu and Joy Bokiri scored one each. On the otherhand, New Zealand have gone

three games without finding the net, thereby setting a new tournament record for the longest scoreless streak at 345 minutes and counting. Japan’s Yui Hasegawa is only the second player to have come off the bench to score a brace in a FIFA U-17 Women’s tournament. The first was the Korea Republic’s Yeo Minji, who was on target twice against South Africa in 2010. Four of Wednesday’s goals were netted by substitutes. Besides Hasegawa’s double, there were decisive strikes by Byanca, who grabbed Brazil’s winner against Mexico, and Ricarda Kiessling, who bagged an injurytime equaliser for Germany against China. Priscilla Okyere is the first Ghanaian player to score a brace in the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup.

THE BLACK PEARL ••• Chinwendu Ihezuo is obstructed by two Canadian opponents.

Arsenal’s profit rises Continues from BP Nasri to Barcelona and Manchester City respectively. After a summer that saw the arrival of Mikel Arteta, Per Mertesacker, Yossi Benayoun, Gervinho, Park Chu-Young, Andre Santos and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, the north Londoners have also seen their wage bill jump from 124.4 million pounds to

143.4 million pounds, leaving only City, Chelsea and Manchester United ahead of them. Arsene Wenger spoke about the club’s financial position - something he has kept a keen interest in during his time at the club. ”We want to spend our money in the right way. We are not scared to spend the money,” he said.

another two years to re-organise the sports sector it wouldn’t matter because things will continue to go wrong for as long as the present administrators remain in place.” Speaking on the state of Nigerian sports since independence, Isima who was part of the 1980 Africa Cup of Nations Green Eagles-winning team recalled that “then, the game was played by the people as everybody was involved. Market women would close their shops because they wanted to watch teams like Rangers or the Green Eagles play. It is no longer so these days.” He blamed the situation on the introduction of politics into sports, a situation he claimed had resulted in the appointment of people without the relevant background to run sports. “The time has come when we, the ex-inter-

nationals should come out and rescue our sports from total decline,” an angry Isima said, insisting, “we cannot continue to sit back and watch misfits and other charlatans ruin our sports.” Speaking specifically on football, Isima stated that “in our days, the game belonged to the people. Now, football is run from government house because that is where the money is. They have to give the game back to the people. People like us who played from primary school to professional ranks and also learned the administrative aspect of the game should be brought in to practice what we profess.” He explained why the present crop of administrators cannot succeed. “No matter their enthusiasm or passion for sports, they can’t succeed because they lack the vision. It is not their call.”

Vanguard, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2012

Chinwendu Ihezuo sets Women’s World Cup record


IGERIA’S prolific striker, Chinwendu Ihezuo, has set a new tournament record for the most goals scored by an individual in one game.

Chinwendu set the record on Tuesday with her five strikes against host Azerbaijan during a group A match in the ongoing FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup at

Overhaul our sports now • Isima sends Oct. 1 message to President Jonathan BY JACOB AJOM

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ORMER Nigeria in ternational, Okey Isima has expressed anger over the continuous decline of sports in Nigeria, saying administrators should be held responsible for the poor state of affairs. Isima called on President Goodluck Jonathan to swing into action with his planned overhaul of the sports sector, adding, “We have to sit down and talk. Even if it takes us Continues on Page 55

Arsenal’s profit rises


RACING AGAINST TIME ••• Players of the Super Eagles celebrating a goal. They have a date with Lone Star of Liberia on 13th October in Calabar.

Terry guilty of racial abuse

T •President Jonathan TODAY'S

the Lankaran Stadium in Baku. She overtook Germany ’s Kyra Malinowski and Korea Republic’s Yeo Minji, who had each scored four against South Africa and Nigeria respectively in the 2010 edition. Only two games into the campaign, Gambia have already equalled the tournament’s record for goals conceded, set by South Africa which conceded 17 in three

HE Chelsea captain has been handed a suspension by the governing body following a four-day hearing at Wembley, despite being found innocent in a court of law. Terry was acquitted of abusing Fer-


dinand by Westminster Magistrates’ Court in July, but the FA’s disciplinary committee announced that the 31-year-old was guilty of abusing Ferdinand on the balance of probabilities, rather than beyond reasonYESTERDAY'S


able doubt. The offence took place at Loftus Road in October 2011, when Terry and Ferdinand became involved in an on-pitch altercation during QPR’s 1-0 win over Chelsea.The Blues star announced his

ACROSS 1 Sturdy (6) 5 Cover (6) 9 Rubbish (5) 10 Temple (6) 11 Allowance (6) 12 Trite (5) 14 Sluggish (4) 17 24 hours (3) 18 Clump (4) 20 Savoury (5) 22 Passage (5) 23 Shatter (7) 24 Wading bird (5) 26 Pang (5) 29 Afresh (4) 30 Pig-pen (3) 32 Merit (4) 33 Vapour (5) 35 Wooer (6) 36 Chillier (6) 37 Battle (5) 38 Reckless (6) 39 Prickly (6)

RSENAL have an nounced a pre-tax profit of 36.6 million pounds on turnover of 243 million pounds for 2011-12. The club also confirm player trading profit of 26 million pounds following the sale of Cesc Fabregas and Samir to

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retirement from international football with England on the eve of his FA hearing after stating that the governing body had made his position within the side untenable by pursuing the case against him.


DOWN 1 Negligent (6) 2 Chessman (6) 3 Stump (4) 4 Step (5) 5 Spurt (5) 6 Cure (4) 7 Loathsome (6) 8 Give (6) 13 Recite (7) 15 Burdened (5) 16 Relict (5) 18 Tax (5) 19 Ground (5) 21 Clamour (3) 22 Appropriate (3) 24Cab (6) 25 Depended (6) 27 Attacker (6) 28 Vigour (6) 30 Divest (5) 31 Boat (5) 33 Settee (4) 34 Insect (4)

YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS ACROSS: 4, Valid 7, Indeed 9, Eel 10, Rep 12, Tooth 13, Cup 15, Arson 17, Regret 19, Glut 20, Steal 22, Cap 24, Risible 27, Bus 28, Overt 31, Data 33, Distil 35, Bosom 37, Lawn 38, Augur 39, Nut 41, Sad 42, Geyser 43, Revel.

How to Play Sudoku


DOWN: 1, Circus 2, Admire 3, Per 4, Veto 5, Along 6, Intruder 8, Dear 11, Precision 14, Pear 16, Stab 18, Glib 21, Treasure 23, Plot 25, Suds 26, Evil 29, Elapse 30, Tenure 32, Abuse 34, Smug 36, Oral 40, Tea.


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Reps bar Jonathan fromsubmitting 2013 budget  

Reps bar Jonathan from submitting 2013 budget

Reps bar Jonathan fromsubmitting 2013 budget  

Reps bar Jonathan from submitting 2013 budget