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•Accuses her of squandering N458.1bn •Says Govt can't dip into External Reserve •Ezekwesili challenges Maku to public debate

BUJA—THE Fed eral Government, yesterday, reacted to comments by the former Minister of Education, Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili, alleging that the governments of presidents

Umaru Musa Yar’Adua and Goodluck Jonathan, squandered $67 billion in foreign reserve, describing the allegation as

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Mr & Mrs STAKEHOLDERS MEETING—From left: Governor Theodore Orji of Abia State; Anglican Bishop of Enugu, Bishop Emmanuel Chukwuma; Govs Martin Elechi (Ebonyi); Rochas Okorocha (Imo); Peter Obi (Anambra) and Acting Governor Onyebuchi of Enugu State during the South-East stakeholders meeting in Enugu, yesterday. Photo: Hill Ezeugwu.

FG, states, LGAs shared N8.8 trn in 2012 •Pg.6 C M Y K

EFCC's claim on my Lekki property •P.11 bizarre — Ibori

NPAN appeals ruling in suit against APCON regulations •P.7

2 — Vanguard, MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2013


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KIZITO @ 60—Rivers State Governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi(middle), the celebrant Rev.John Kizito Wangbu(5th from left) being assisted by other dignitaries to cut the cake to mark his 60th birthday and 30 years as a Priest in Ubima, Rivers State . weekend.

N10.6 trn wasted fund: FG hits back, takes on Ezekwesili Continues from page 1 “outlandish and clearly fictitious”. Minister of Information, Mr Labaran Maku who addressed a press conference in response to some of the allegations raised by the former Vice President (African Region) of the World Bank said the damning verdict passed on the education sector by Mrs Ezekwesili was a self-indictment as she presided over the sector without making any positive impact on it. The Information Minister who was flanked by the Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs,

Dr. Doyin Okupe; Economic Adviser, Prof. Nwanze Okedigbo and Special Adviser on Performance Monitoring, Prof. Sylvester Monye, said Ezekwesili’s allegations were curious in the light of the fact that she had been part of governance in the past as the Vice President of World Bank. According to Mr Maku, Ezekwesili’s criticism of the education sector amounts to hypocrisy as she was part of the sector and contributed to its sorry state because despite receiving N458.1billion between 2006 and 2007 for

the sector, there is nothing to see in terms of achievements. The Minister said: “If she says education has not worked it means she is saying she did not work”. He accused the former Education minister of betraying a surprisingly limited understanding of government finances in her comments at Nsukka. He noted: “These statements are even more curious in the light of the fact that she has held senior positions in government, and more recently, a position as a Vice President of the World Bank. However, rather than speculate about her motives, we would focus on the facts.



Plan for tomorrow as if today does not exist, and live today as if tomorrow will not come. Do your best with what you have.



F you don’t have anything good to say about someone then you don’t know them well enough to say anything bad — David Dayton Richard Templar in his writings concludes that, it is very easy to moan, to complain, and to criticise. It is much harder to always find something nice to say about a situation or a person. But think of it now as a huge challenge. Saying something nice is hard because our natural inclination is to moan. No matter how a person is, there is always something about them that is good. Your job is to find the good and highlight it. Obviously, if you are going to say good things, then refrain from back-biting, gossiping, telling tales complaining and being rude to people. Try to find a new rule everyday or at least occasionally. It’s one of those things that will amaze you on how you’re improving, you don’t have to take this statement literally, try it for yourself and see the difference in you.

N458.1bn Education Ministry fund “The statement by the former World Bank Vice President that the governments of Presidents Musa Yar ’adua and Goodluck Jonathan have squandered $67 billion in reserves (including $45 billion in external reserves and $22 billion in the Excess Crude Account) left by the Obasanjo Administration at the end of May 2007 is factually incorrect. At the end of May 2007, Nigeria’s gross reserves stood at $43.13 billion - comprising the CBN’s external reserves of $31.5 billion, $9.43 billion in the Excess Crude Account, and

$2.18 billion in the Federal Government’s savings. These figures can be independently verified from the CBN’s records. The figure of $67 billion alleged in her statement is therefore clearly fictitious. “However, since President Obasanjo left office, the reserves have experienced fluctuations, rising from $43.13 billion in May 2007, peaking at $62 billion in September 2008 during the Yar ’Adua/Jonathan Administration when oil prices peaked at $147 per barrel, and falling subsequently to a low of $31.7 in September 2011. This fall in reserves was a result of the vicissitudes of the global financial crisis which caused CBN interventions in the currency market to defend the value of the naira. The Excess Crude savings, a component of the reserves, was also used to stimulate the economy at the height of the global financial crisis to the tune of about $1 billion (or 0.5 per cent of our 2009 GDP). As a result, Nigeria is one of the few countries in the world that did not seek assistance from international financial institutions. It should be noted that the fiscal stimulus used to shore up the economy during that period was shared by all three-tiers of government, including commitments of about $5.5 billion made under the Obasanjo Administration for power projects. “On the use of re-

serves, it is fallacious to say that the nation’s external reserves were dipped into or misapplied by the Federal Government. It is important to note that the Federal Government cannot dip its hands into external reserves. Like in other countries, the management of external reserves is one of the statutory mandates of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

External Reserve under CBN “Section 2 sub-section (c) of the CBN Act (2007) states that the Bank shall ‘maintain external reserves to safeguard the international value of the legal tender currency’ - in other words, to defend the value of the naira. No President since the democratic dispensation has contravened this Act. Other uses of the reserves are to settle both public and private sector foreign currency (e.g. payment of goods and services, settlement of external debt, etc) it must provide the naira equivalent to the CBN before the Bank sells the required foreign cur rency. As a former World Bank VicePresident for Africa, surely, Mrs. Ezekwesili must have known this. “We also found Mrs. Ezekwesili’s interrogation of the educational system somewhat disingenuous and borderline hypocritical. During her tenure as Minister of Education between 2006 and 2007, she collected total sum of N352.3 billion from direct budgetary releases. In addition, she received about N65.8 billion under the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) Fund, and over N40 billion from the Education Trust Fund (ETF) during her time as Minister of Education.

“In view of these humongous allocations, few legitimate questions arise. What did she do with all these allocations? What impact did it have on the education sector? One wonders if our educational system would have been better today if these allocations were properly applied."

Challenge for public debate Responding to Maku’s attack, Dr. Obiageli Ezekwesili challenged officials of the Federal Government to a public debate. On allegations that she mismanaged funds meant for the education sector during her 10 months as Education Minister, Mrs Ezekwesili said: “I Challenge them to a public debate of facts regarding 2007 Excess Crude Account (ECA) and foreign reserve and last five and half years oil revenue.” Also writing on twitter, yesterday, in messages prefaced with the declaration, “Nothing but Accountability,” Ezekwesili said: “In 2007, the incoming Administration was handed $45 billion in Foreign Reserve, plus $22 billion. Let Mr. Maku go further. As a citizen, all I want to know is the Mathematics of the ECA and the Foreign Reserve. I demand accountability and that’s all a citizen asks of government. I will not stop asking for accountability.” Maku continued: "These achievements have already received strong endorsement from international rating agencies. At a time when many advanced and emerging markets are being downgraded, Fitch and S&P have upgraded our sovereign credit ratings. The inclusion of Nigeria’s sover Continues on page 51

6—Vanguard, MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2013



AGOS — THE sum of N8.8 trillion was disbursed to the three tiers of government from the Federation Account between January and December 2012 from the statutory and Value Added Tax, VAT, allocations. The receipt came mostly from oil revenue, customs duties and VAT. According to a table compiled by Economic Confidential, this amount excludes other allocations that were occasionally made to the states from the excess crude account, domestic crude account, SURE-P, NNPC refund and foreign exchange differentials. It also excludes states and councils’ internally generated revenue. This came as outrage trailed the squandering of N80 trillion by the three tiers of government between 2005 and 2013 going by their budget appropriations and allocations to the local councils. A careful scrutiny of the N8.8 trillion disbursements showed that the states can be conveniently categorized into the ‘boys and men’s clubs’ with a few of the states taking hundreds of billions, others taking a little less and the majority going home with ‘paltry’ amounts. Akwa Ibom State appears to be the ‘king of boys’, coasting home with a princely N217 billion followed by Rivers which received N177 billion and Lagos N168 billion in the 12 months of 2012. States like Ebonyi (N45 billion), Gombe (N48 billion) and Nas arawa (N49billion) emerged as the poorest states. The allocation to the states included the share of their respective local government councils which they cornered since almost all the funds to the councils are controlled by governors who determine the administrators at the third tier of government. The disparity in the allocations to the states came as a result of the indices developed by the Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission, RMAFC, upon which the monthly disbursements are made by the Federation Accounts Allocation Committee, FAAC, chaired by the Minister of State for Finance. The indices include population, land mass, derivation, equality, internally generated revenue and other social development factors like school enrolment, hospital beds and road networks.

Outrage greets squandering of N80trn Director, League for Human Rights, Jos, Mr. Nankin Bagudu, said it was sad that after spending such a huge sum, most of the citizenry were still swimming in poverty. He said: “If the figures are correct, then they are mindblowing. There is no way we can spend such huge amount and

remain how and where we are today. The challenge then is not the lack of money but using it prudently and creatively.” First civilian Governor of Edo State, Chief John OdigieOyegun spoke in like manner, lamenting that the three tiers of government had not provided the much-sought democracy dividends to Nigerians. His words: “Only a few states are beginning to show that they are trying to put in place democratic dividends for their people. But for the Federal Government, it has not been a success story on the use of its share of the resources to provide democracy dividends for the people. We always raise issues in this country, but we never follow up. So, we always give them the licence to do what they like. It is a sad commentary and one day, the people will rise either with their votes or something. All these nonsense will stop.” On his part, Minority Whip in the House of Representatives, Mr. Samson Osagie, while noting that N80trillion allocation also included funds for personnel cost, however, agreed that not much had been achieved in the provision of democracy dividends to Nigerians in the last nine years. He said: “I agreed with the principle that not much has been achieved in terms of development. This has been underpinned by corruption cases by the various individuals and people that have managed the resources in the last nine years. Virtually, all the resource managers, since 2007, are facing one form of corruption charges or the other. We also run an expensive government and bureaucracy and that has affected our level of spending in the country.”

It has not impacted positively on Nigerians Chairman, Board of Trustees of International Society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law, INTERSOCIETY, said the N80 trillion spent by the three tiers of government in the past nine years had not impacted on the lives of majority of Nigerians. Speaking with Vanguard in Onitsha, Umeagbalasi regretted that the chunk of the money was borrowed from local and foreign creditors, adding that even as the country’s debt profile continues to rise, the people have continued to wallow in abject poverty. He said: “This staggering amount ought to have boosted the infrastructure in the country, including power, but the reverse is the case. Every year, Nigerians are given reasons for nonfunctioning of basic things of life in spite of the enormous resources the country has. Relatedly, Bauchi State Chairman of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, Alhaji Bappa Mohammed Dafida, regretted that the N80 trillion was not channelled towards laudable

BRIEFING: Information Minister, Mr. Labaran Maku flanked by Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs to the President, Dr. Doyin Okupe (left) and Special Adviser to the President on Projects Monitoring and Evaluation, Prof. Sylvester Monye during a World press briefing on the nation's external reserves at the National Press Centre, Radio House, Abuja, yesterday. Photo: Abayomi Adeshida.

FG, states, LGAs shared N8.8trn in 2012 zAs outrage greets squandering of N80trn in 9 yrs projects that would change the lives of the masses. According to him, “N80 trillion in nine years is more than enough to take Nigeria out of the woods. But up till now, there is still abject poverty among the people. The

question is: Can the federal, state and local governments actually account for the money allocated to them?” Also, Adamawa State Chairman of the Congress for Progressive Change, CPC Alhaji Ibrahim

Waziri, said he would not be surprised if 60 to 70 per cent of the N80 trillion went into private pockets as there is nothing on ground to show that such amount was spent on developmental projects.

Maduka retires from Access Bank's board BY OMOH GABRIEL & PETER EGWUATU


AGOS — THE Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, has sanctioned Access Bank Plc for violating the Banks and Other Financial Institutions Act, BOFIA, 1991 in 2011. This came as Dr Maduka Cosmas has retired from Access Bank's Board of Directors. The apex bank, in the sanction, fined Access Bank N3 million for violating its rules and regulations on granting of loans. However, CBN told Vanguard, yesterday, that the issue at stake is not new. The CBN official said the said sanction was based on the examination the CBN carried out on the bank on September 30, 2011. Vanguard gathered that the CBN wrote to Access Bank conveying the fine on August 8, 2012 and Access Bank paid the fine with a cheque on August 9, 2012. He wondered why the issue was just coming out now after the sanction was imposed and paid. Access Bank, on its part, said that Cosmas Maduka stepped down from the board of the bank having spent 12 mandatory years as stipulated by CBN code of conduct for bank directors. According to Mr Segun Fafore, Access Bank spokesman, Maduka joined the board of Access Bank in 2000 and his term of service as a non executive director expired in December 2012. Maduka had previously stepped aside as director of the bank following the mandatory 12 years service to the bank which some said

was as a result of the controversy that surrounded a N34.4 billion loan he obtained from the bank to finance the importation of petrol in partnership with Ifeanyi Ubah, the CEO of Capital Oil. In the CBN August 8, 2012 letter issued by the Banking Supervision Department of the apex bank to Access Bank, the CBN said the sanction was informed by the outcome of a riskbased examination carried out on September 30, 2011. The letter reads in part: ”The bank contravened Section 20(1) of BOFIA, 1991, as amended by granting credit facilities to Westcom Group to the tune of N38.4 billion which was above its single obligor’s limit of N36.4 billion. “Contrary to the CBN circular No BSD/9/2004 of July 16, 2004 which stipulates that credits to directors and their related companies shall not exceed 10 per cent of the paid-up capital without the CBN approval, the bank granted to its following directors: Mr. Gbenga Oyebode, Dr. Cosmas Maduka and Mr. Tunde Folawiyo, facilities in excess of 10 per cent of its paid-up capital without the necessary regulatory approval. Consequently, penalties totalling N3,000, 000.00 is imposed on your bank for the above infractions." Access Bank had in a statement to the Nigerian Stock Exchange, NSE, a few days ago announced Maduka’s “retirement” from the board of the bank, saying his “retirement” was sequel to his completion of the maximum 12-year term as provided by CBN’s Code of Corporate Governance for banks.

Vanguard, MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2013—7

NPAN appeals ruling in suit against APCON regulations


From left: First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan; President Goodluck Jonathan, Ethiopian Minister of Transport, Mr Deribe Kuma and Nigerian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Amb Paul Lolo during the arrival of President Jonathan for the 20th ordinary session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of African Union, AU, in Addis-Ababa, Ethiopia, Saturday.


Govs meet today to consider peace offer BY EMMANUEL AZIKEN, POLITICAL EDITOR & HENRY UMORU


AGOS — THE 24 Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, governors are meeting today to consider the peace proposal in their face-off with the national chairman of the party, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur. The peace proposal articulated by the Governor Sule Lamido-led committee on the PDP crisis in Adamawa State, Vanguard learnt yesterday, recommended the harmonization of the two state executives with varied loyalties to Governor Murtala Nyako and Tukur. Ahead of today’s meeting, the prospect of the governors sheathing their swords was still unclear as some of them were warning that allowing Tukur have his way could bounce back on some of them. Besides, last week’s decision of the national chairman to allow the inauguration of the Joel Madakiled executive which is opposed to Nyako, was also being cited as another reason of bad faith on the part of the national chairman.

Cause for concern

There was also cause for concern on the decision of the national chairman to go ahead with a meeting today with the deputies of the members of the National Working Committee, NWC. The meeting between Tukur and the deputies of the NWC follows the face-off between the national chairman and NWC members who reversed the decision to dissolve the Umaru Kugama-led state executive that is loyal to Gov. Nyako. The governors are equally concerned with the rush Tukur has moved to see the back of Chief Olagunsoye Oyinlola as the

national secretary of the party following the judicial annulment of the zonal congress that recommended Oyinlola for the post of national scribe.

Govs may demand NEC emergency meeting

The governors, it was learnt, may today consider their option of demanding an emergency meeting of the National Executive Committee, NEC, through which they hope to reverse recent actions of Tukur. Vanguard sources close to the Lamido committee disclosed that as part of their recommendations for peace in the party, the committee has proposed the harmonization of the Kugama and Madaki factions that are respectively loyal to Nyako and Tukur.

Harmonization of factions

It was learnt that the Lamido adhoc committee reasoned that harmonization remained the only option open to the survival of the party in the state. While the Kugama executive is loyal to Nyako, nearly all the other stakeholders in the state are supportive of the Madaki faction. Senator Jibril Aminu, who initially backed Nyako’s emergence as governor in 2007 at the inauguration of the Madaki executive last week said the enthronement of the Madaki executive was an opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past. The Lamido committee is expected to meet today to formally adopt the recommendation which is expected to be forwarded to President Goodluck Jonathan who constituted the committee.

Govs divided on peace move

Ahead of today’s meeting of the governors, there were indications

that the governors may come out divided on their response to the peace offer from the Lamido committee. While majority of the governors were understood to be strongly opposed to any compromise with Tukur, a few of the governors who are clearly in the minority are supportive of the national chairman.

NWC members indifference

Meanwhile, members of the NWC were, yesterday, claiming

indifference to today ’s meeting between their deputies and Tukur. The meeting which involves the deputy national women leader, deputy national secretary, deputy national organizing secretary, deputy national publicity secretary among others was believed in some circles to be another attempt by Tukur to weaken the NWC members who are believed to be disloyal to him.

Three killed as herdsmen, Idoma farmers clash BY PETER DURU


AKURDI — NO fewer than three Fulani herdsmen including a husband and wife were yesterday reportedly killed at Amla village in Otukpo Local Government Area of Benue State following an outbreak of a bloody crisis between Idoma farmers and the herdsmen. Also killed in the clash which was sparked off by the alleged destruction of several farmlands belonging to the host community, were eight cows belonging to the herdsmen just as their settlements in the village were also razed. Vanguard also gathered that farm produce including harvested yam, beans and cassava belonging to the aggrieved farmers in Otukpo had earlier been destroyed by grazing cows. According to our source, “apart from farm produce, the Amla and Emichi communities had in the past persistently lamented the manner Fulani herdsmen and

their cows trespass into their streams and ponds, making it difficult for them to have access to clean water for domestic use”. Meanwhile, Vanguard also gathered that residents of neighbouring Otukpo-Icho, Otukpo-Nobi, Odudaje, including Amla and Emichi communities have fled their homes and taken refuge in Otukpo town for fear of reprisal attacks from the herdsmen. Reacting to the development, the Och’Otukpo, Chief John Eimonye, expressed shock and called on residents of the area to remain calm, adding that the matter would be thoroughly investigated with the hope of bringing the culprits to book. The Benue State Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Deputy Superintendent of Police Daniel Ezeala, confirmed the killings, adding that investigations into the matter had commenced without any arrests made for now.

AGOS — THE Newspaper Proprietors Association of Nigeria, NPAN, has filed an appeal against the ruling of a Federal High Court in Lagos, declining jurisdiction over a suit it filed against the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria, APCON. NPAN had, in the suit, faulted some provisions of a law by APCON, requiring media houses to summit advertisement materials for vetting by the council. It argued that the provisions contained in Article 21 and 137 of the Nigerian Code of Advertising and Sales Promotion, NCASP, are inconsistent with the provisions of Section 39 of the Constitution, guaranteeing the freedom of expression and to hold opinion. Delivering a ruling on January 10, Justice Musa Kurya upheld the preliminary objection raised by APCON, and held that NPAN lacked the locus standi to file the suit. He, therefore, declined jurisdiction and dismissed the case. In its notice of appeal dated January 21, NPAN raised five grounds of appeal and prayed the appellate court to allow the appeal and grant an order setting aside the ruling by Justice Kurya. NPAN also prayed the court for an order for the hearing and determination of its originating summons, as a court of first instance in line with the provision of section 15 of the Court of Appeal Act, 2004. It also asked the court for an order granting all the reliefs being sought on the originating summons. The appellant argued that the trial judge erred in holding that it lacked locus standi or enforceable right to institute the suit against APCON. It contended that, as a body established to promote the interest of its members, it was its right to challenge regulatory provisions that affect the interest of media houses in the country. NPAN said: “It is in consonance with the objects for which the plaintiff was registered to institute an action to nullify any legislation or subsidiary instrument, which adversely affects the interest of its members.” It faulted the lower court’s decision on the ground that the judge failed to consider all averments in its supporting affidavit, but relied only on paragraphs 12 to 17 in reaching a conclusion.

8—Vanguard, MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2013

Maritime workers commend FG over scrapping of PICOMSS BY VICTOR AHIUMAYOUNG


Archbishop Akinde, right, is congratulated here by H.R.M. Oba Michael Adedotun Gbadebo, the Alake of Egbaland and the Deputy Governor of Lagos State, H.E. Victoria Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire, after the Ecclesiastical Province of Lagos, Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) held a Welcome and Thanksgiving Service at St. Jude’s Cathedral, Ebute-Meta, Lagos, yesterday, for the new archbishop of the province, The Most Revd.Adebayo Dada Akinde. Photo: Sunmi Smart-Cole

Pandemonium as Police, Naval men clash in Lagos BY IFEANY OKOLIE

LAGOS — THERE was pandemonium in Apapa area of Lagos State, weekend, when some armed naval personnel and policemen from Area B Police Command clashed. Two policemen allegedly sustained injuries, police patrol vehicles and an Armoured Personnel Carriers,

Our Error


N OUR Saturday Vanguard edition on page 7, the story, 'October 1 bombing; Court sentences Ebiware to life imprisonment,’ we inadvertently wrote: ‘Among those he was said to have exchanged such text messages with before the blast, included the erstwhile Director General of the Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, IBB Campaign Organisation and Chairman of DAAR Communications, Chief Raymond Dokpesi.’ We have since found out that Chief Dokpesi’s name did not come up at any time during the trial and sentencing by Justice Gabriel Kolawole of the Federal High Court sitting in Abuja. We like to assure Chief Dokpesi that we hold him in very high esteem and had no intention whatsoever to drag his good name into this matter. The error is regretted. - Editor

APC, were allegedly destroyed. Vanguard gathered that the incident occurred last Friday, after a team of policemen attached to the Lagos State Task Force on Environmental and Special Offences, accosted two naval ratings on a motorcycle riding against traffic at Trebo Roundabout and allegedly impounded their motorcycle. The incident was said to have thrown the entire area into panic. Eyewitnesses said the angry naval personnel ran back to their base and reinforced but on arriving Trebo Roundabout, the task force officials had gone. The aggrieved naval personnel allegedly descended on a team of policemen attached to the Rapid Respond Squad, RRS, manning an APC stationed at the Roundabout. An eyewitness, who spoke to Vanguard on the condition of anonymity, said “The policemen, in their bid to escape, drove the APC dangerously and out of the roundabout to the Area B Command Headquarters. Some of the naval personnel went after them. A police inspector attached to a leading new generation bank, on Liverpool Road, was attacked and beaten to pulp while his rifle was taken from him.” “The naval personnel on getting to Area B Command Headquarters, started shooting indiscriminately, sending motorists and residents scampering for safety. "They smashed the windscreens of some patrol vehicles and one APC was completely demobilised as it tyres were destroyed. "It took the intervention of the Area Commander, Ali Mohammed, who contacted the naval authorities for help.” When contacted, the Western Command information officer, Jerry Omodara, told Vanguard that the Navy did not attack the police area command office.

According to him, "What happened was that two naval ratings were on their way home on a motorbike after the close of work and policemen manning a check point at Point Road junction towards Liverpool stopped them. The ratings tried to explain that they were personnel closing from work and the policemen refused to let them go. The scene where the incident occurred was close to the Hydrographic office of the Navy and a Rear Admiral who saw it happened sent a lieutenant to the scene. The lieutenant pleaded with the policemen, but they refused to listen. The lieutenant then demanded that they all go to the Area B police Command Headquarters." "But on their way to the Command, an RRS patrol van approached and hijacked the situation. The RRS policemen opened fire on the Navy and snatched the motorbike from them."

AGOS — MARITIME Workers Union of Nigeria, MWUN, weekend, commended the Federal Government for scrapping the Presidential Implementation on Maritime Security and Safety, PICOMSS, saying “it is a welcomed development that must be supported by every genuine operator or stakeholder in the sector.” This came as the union called on the government to empower Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, NIMASA, to be able to do the jobs assigned to it.” PICOMSS, an adhoc creation during the regime of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, to aid security in the maritime sector as a fall-out of the terror attack on United States in 2001, was reportedly

scrapped for refusing to merge with the NIMASA. Stakeholders, including MWUN, had vigorously campaigned against PICOMSS when some vested interests in The Presidency and corridors of power sent a bill to the National Assembly for it to be legalised into a full fledged organ to provide security to the nation’s water ways. They argued that it was a duplication of one of the core responsibilities of NIMASA, and a potential drain-pipe for the nation. MWUN in a statement by its President-General, Comrade Anthony Emmanuel Nted, praised the government for listening to a wiser counsel and views of stakeholders that another security outfit was not needed in the sector.

Policemen not paid gratuities 7 yrs after retirement BY EVELYN USMAN


AGOS — A group of retired policemen, weekend, in Lagos, said they had not been paid their gratuity, seven years after retirement. They appealed to the National Assembly to prevail on the Police Pension Office to pay their entitlements. Spokesperson for the retirees, Mr. Abiodun Sanni, a retired Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), lamented that they were demobilised from the Nigerian Army in 1979 and re-absorbed in the Nigeria Police.

While some of the retirees, according to Sanni, had not been paid their gratuity or monthly pension. Others only received gratuity for 25 years, instead of 35 years they put into service, with their monthly pension still pending. He disclosed that some of the retirees died in the course of fighting to get their entitlements, saying one of them simply identified as Bamidele, was reportedly killed by a hit-and-run driver while riding motorcycle for commercial purposes.

MedView Airline makes emergency landing after take-off



NE of the newest en tries to the domestic airline operation in Nigeria, MedView Airlines yesterday, made an air return on one of its flights from Lagos to Abuja with 74 passengers onboard around 2:40pm at the domestic wing of the Murtala Muhammed Airport Two, MMA2, Lagos. Vanguard gathered that the pilot had to make an air return back to base at the domestic wing of the Mur-

tala Muhammed Airport, Lagos fifteen minutes after take-off. Investigation revealed that the air return was taken by the pilot as the best precautionary measure to averting any air disaster . At the time of this report, Vanguard could not ascertain the reason behind the air return. Unconfirmed report claimed there was a massive bang in one of the two engines of the aircraft mid

air. When contacted, Head of Flight Operations, MedView Airlines, Captain Henry Olawole Oke, affirmed that there was an incident on one of the airline’s aircraft en-route Lagos-Abuja, stressing that the pilot did not feel comfortable with the noise that he was hearing onboard the aircraft shortly after take-off, hence he had to make an air return.

Vanguard, MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2013—9

Final yr student of OOU, 5 others arrested for kidnapping BY DAUD OLATUNJU


BEOKUTA—The Ogun State Vigilance Service, yesterday, said it had arrested six suspected kidnappers including a final year student of Olabisi Onabanjo University, OOU, Ago-Iwoye, (name withheld) who demanded a sum of N25million ransom from their victim’s family. The Public Relations Officer of the Service, Soji Ganzallo told newsmen in Abeokuta, that the suspects had on Thursday trailed one Aremu Peters from his office located at number 86 Ibadan road,Ijebu-Ode, at about 7.00p.m. and subsequently kidnapped him. According to Ganzallo, the command on receiving the information moved in swiftly and was able to locate their hideout, rescued the victim and arrested the suspects. Narrating his ordeals in the hands of the kidnappers, Peters said he got his freedom 48 hours after he was abducted, saying the kidnappers pointed a gun at him, collected his car key and immediately put him inside the car booth. They later abandoned the car at Iwesi quarters, IjebuOde, at around 8.00pm.

According to him, “I was blindfolded and on arrival at their hide-out, I was tortured and asked to put a call through to my family. The gang leader demanded for N25million ransom. They called my family on my phone and ordered them to pay N25million ransom. They tied my hands. But after much pleas, they reduced the ransom to N5million. At that stage, I

asked my family to sell my house and other valuables to save my life before luck ran against them when the vigilance service burst the hideout and rescued me.” Confessing to their crime, the gang leader said they kept their victim in the car booth before they took him to the hideout located at Ajobo village, in Odeda Local Government Area, along Abeokuta-Ibadan road.

He added that they fed their victim with bread, soft drink and sachet water within 48 hours of the victim’s captivity. However, Ganzallo told newsmen that findings revealed that the victim’s car was abandoned by the gang in Ibadan. He said the suspects would be handed over to the police.


BADAN — PEOPLES Democratic Party, PDP, in Oyo State, has accused the state government of contract inflation, faulting the cost of one kilometre Mokola RoundAbout fly-over which the state government put at

From left: Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, Osun State Governor; High Chief Raymond Dokpesi, Chairman, Daar Communications Plc; Mr. Tony Akiotu, Group Managing Director, AIT/ RayPower and Mr. Kenny Ogungbe, Managing Director, Raypower, during a courtesy visit to the Governor in his office, at the State Secretariat, Osogbo.

N2.5billion. The party said something was fishy for one kilometre flyover to cost such a huge sum of money. Making comparison between the 2.5 kilometre Lalubu-Ibara-Totoro fly-over constructed by Governor Ibikunle Amosun and the Mokola bridge, the party

OYES first 20, 000 beneficiaries disengaged BY GBENGA OLARINOYE


SOGBO — THE first batch of 20,000 Osun Youth Empowerment Scheme, OYES, beneficiaries engaged by governor Rauf Aregbesola in his first 100 days in office in 2011 will tomorrow be officially disengaged from scheme. Already, the government had made various provisions for the volunteers who had been in the scheme for the past two years before their disengagement to be fully engaged in other productive



DO EKITI - EKITI State Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, weekend, challenged any of the council workers who might have been sacked wrongly to forward the letter of protest to his office. He said that government was ready to revert such sack immediately It was being rumoured had that the state government had disengaged no fewer than 8,000 local government staff for various offences. Speaking in Ado Ekiti during the disbursement of car and housing loans to the workers, the governor insisted that his administration had not sacked any single worker unjustly since he became governor two years ago.


Oyo PDP accuses govt of contract inflation BY OLA AJAYI

We've not sacked any single worker unjustly —Fayemi

ventures. Briefing newsmen in Osogbo yesterday, the Director General, Bureau of Social Services, Mr. Femi Ifaturoti, said that no fewer than 60 per cent of the volunteers would be engaged in the state civil service. According to him, other disengagement plans included the training of 200 volunteers in agriculture in Germany, 74 currently in Leventis Foundation School, 610 in O-REAP and 500 in Odua Farmers Academy.

through its spokesperson, Lukuman Agboluaje wondered how a bridge of alleged less life-span which is not up to one kilometre could cost 60 per cent more than another of 2.5-kilometre length constructed almost at the same time and in a similar physical terrain. The party noted it was baffled about “the wide gap in the cost of constructing the less than one kilometre Mokola Round-about over-head bridge that the state government says it is costing it N2.5billion and the 2.5-kilometre LalubuIbara-Totoro over-head bridge which was widely reported to have cost Ogun State

government N1.5billion”. The opposition party called for the domestication of Freedom of Information Act. According to PDP, “it would not be out of place to suspect that the construction cost has been grossly inflated. Since the financial activities of the ACN government are shrouded in secrecy, nobody can rule out the possibility of their having inflated the contract. "It is only when the government operates in a transparent environment where interested citizens can verify the actual cost of a public work that such suspicion could be removed.”

LP declares Gbenga Daramola Ekiti chairman BY DAYO JOHNSON


KURE — LEADership of the Labour Party, LP, has put to rest the controversy over the chairmanship of the party in Ekiti State, declaring Comrade Gbenga Daramola as the state chairman of LP. The National Legal Adviser, Barrister Biodun Fasakin, said the clarification became imperative because of the happenings in the state. Fasaki disowned Yemi Adebayo, who had claimed he had the support of the party ’s national leadership to reorganise the party and put it in a position to contest and win the next governorship poll in the state.

Suspensions on Oba Akamo, Chief Akinremi lifted BY DAUD OLATUNJU


B E O K U TA — O G U N State Government, weekend, said it had lifted the suspensions placed on the embattled Olu of Itori, Oba Fatai Akorede Akamo, and the Baale of Lapeleke,

Chief Adisa Akinremi. A statement by the Secretary to the State Government, Mr. Taiwo Adeoluwa said the decision followed the recommendations of the administrative inquiry set up in October 2012 on the

conduct of the two traditional rulers that necessitated their suspensions. It would be recalled that the two traditional rulers threw the caution into the wind at Itori Police Station following a disagreement over chieftaincy tittles and engaged in fisticuff.

10—Vanguard, MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2013

Lead poisoning: Saraki lauds Jonathan over funds for remediating community Former Kwara State governor, Senator Abubakar Bukola Saraki has commended President Goodluck Jonathan for approving the release of funds for the remediation of Bagega Community in Zamfara State, and thereby saving the lives of up to 1,500 children in the area. Saraki, who is the Chairman of Senate Committee on Environment and Ecology, while visiting the Bagega Community, to find ways of dealing with the challenge of lead poisoning currently ravaging Bagega, assured that work will soon commence to remediate the land. In early December 2012, the Committee received a delegation from a non-governmental body, Doctors Without Borders, whose report suggested that over 400 children have died already and another 1, 500 are at risk of death due to the effects of lead poisoning. Speaking during the visit by the committee, Mr. Ivan Gaydon, Country Director for Doctors Without Borders said he was highly impressed by the fact that the Committee Chairman did not just stop at bringing the issue back on the front burner with the Federal Government but followed it up with this visit to a very difficult terrain to see things for himself.

Oyerinde: JAC faults Oshiomhole over allegation of nonchalance by doctors BY SIMON EBEGBULEM


ENIN—JOINT Action Committee, JAC, in Edo State Hospital Management Board, has faulted the comments credited to Governor Adams Oshiomhole that his late Principal Private Secretary, Mr. Olaitan Oyerinde, died due to doctor’s nonchalance at Benin Central Hospital. The Committee, through its chairman, Dr. Paul Eighemhenrio, explained that what delayed the opening of the emergency unit when the late Oyerinde was brought to the hospital was the incessant robbery incidents at the hospital, adding that the uncompleted hospital complex in the hospital premises had become a haven for robbers, who operate in the hospital without any resistance from security agencies. The governor had, at the Nigerian Medical Association, NMA, national health summit in Asaba, Delta State, last Monday, alleged that the doctor on duty on the day of the incident did not open the hospital door for about 30 minutes. Eighemhenro, said: “It is



ORT HAR COURT— RIVERS State Government has assured of its support for the growth and development of the girl child. Commissioner for Women Affairs, Mrs. Joeba West, at the unveiling of the first Miss Teens Beauty pageant in Port Harcourt, yesterday, lauded the innovation. She said

Rev.Ugolor to the doctor ’s room. It was not as if the doctor and the nurse were together when Rev.Ugolor came. “The truth is that health workers in this hospital have been working under poor condition. Robbers come here every day and steal from patients, doctors

and nurses. We know how many times doctors have been beaten up in this hospital. Besides, the hospital complex that is being built now serves as a hiding place for robbers who terrorize people in the hospital at night but nobody has done anything about that.”

VISIT: Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta State (left) welcoming Chief Tony Anenih to his office during a visit to Government House, Asaba, weekend.

Omo-Irabor: Court lacks jurisdiction, says defence counsel BY EMMA ARUBI


ARRI—A NEW twist was, weekend, introduced to the kidnap case in Delta State involving a Warri-based lawyer, Mr. Casely Omo-Irabor, when his counsel told Magistrate E. A. Odjugo that his court lacked jurisdiction to hear the case. Omo-Irabor’s counsel, Mr. Oghenejabor Ikimi, had filed an appeal, challenging the ruling of the Magistrate court, declining to transfer the matter to another court,

Rivers pledges support for girl child devt government was commitBY JIMITOTA

not true that the doctor came out with the nurse, when the patient was brought. The nurse and the doctor were scared of opening the door because they thought they were robbers. But when the nurse realised that it was a patient, she came out to open the iron protector and she walked with

ted to ensuring that children in the state grow to actualise their potentials of being useful members of society. She commended Rolins Recreational and Resource Club for coming up with a plan to productively engage female teenagers. Earlier in her remark, Chief Executive Officer, Rolins, Mrs. Roli Akaruese, said the first Miss Royalty teens beauty pageant will hold in April in the state.

alleging bias and lack of confidence in the court. At the resumed hearing in the case, Ikimi prayed the court to stay proceedings in the matter pending the hearing and determination of his appeal, arguing that the appeal raised fundamental and arguable constitutional matters. He said since the AttorneyGeneral of the state had withdrawn from the case to allow the police continue the prosecution, there was no charge before the magistrate court, arguing that they did not intend to delay the

prosecution of the matter in any way but were only trying to protect the res, the subject matter and defend the rights of his client to fair hearing. Opposing the application for stay of proceedings, prosecution, Mr Godson, reminded the court that stay of proceedings was not granted as a matter of asking, pointing

out that “there must be a pending, valid and competent appeal on merit before the court." He argued that the defense had not provided enough material facts to support the request for a stay of proceeding and urged the court to discountenance the motion.

Vanguard, MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2013 — 11

EFCC’s claim on my Lekki property is bizarre —Ibori BY JOHNBOSCO AGBAKWURU


BUJA—FORMER Governor of Delta State, Chief James Ibori, who is serving a jail term in a London prison for money laundering, has described the recent allegation by Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, that there was a new discovery of his secret mansion in Lekki, Lagos State, as bizarre, saying he built the house five years before he became governor of the state. Chief Ibori condemned the publications in some Nigerian newspapers and on-line blogs that EFCC discovered his “secret mansion” located on 5, Alpha Beach Road, Lekki, Lagos, on January 24, 2013, adding that the claim being credited to EFCC’s spokesman, Mr. Wilson Uwujiaren, made it even more bizarre. Media Assistant to Ibori, Mr. Tony Eluemunor, in a statement, said that the house could not have been secret as it was listed in the Asset

Declaration Forms he filled in 1999, 2003 and 2007. He said: “Despite EFCC’s insinuations to the contrary, the Alpha Beach Road house was built as far back as 1994, and so could not have, by any leap of the imagination, been built with proceeds, corrupt or not corrupt, from my office as state governor because I began to live in that house five good years before I was voted into office. “The only rational explanation for the emergence of this story is well known, and that is that facts are being twisted to deceive the

public and as the confiscation process against Ibori progresses, some elements in EFCC may desperately be trying to manufacture things to uphold their often exaggerated stories about Ibori’s wealth. “If the stories published about the house were actually based on EFCC’s statement, it means that EFCC had accepted that Ibori was actually enormously rich at least half a decade before he became governor of Delta State. After all, EFCC and the media called the house a “mansion,” describing it in superlative terms.”

Massive shake up in Nigerian army BY KINGLEY OMONOBI

BUJA — THE Nigerian Army at the A weekend effected a massive shake up in its hierarchy from the ranks of Colonels to Major Generals, with the appointment of four new General Officers Commanding, new Commanders Infantry and Armoured Corps and new Principal Staff Officers at the headquarters. Major General Kenneth Minimah, the General Of-

ficer Commanding 81 division, has been moved to Jaji as Commander Infantry Corps and Center, He will double as the Cantonment Commander of the military complex housing the Armed Forces Command and Staff College, which was bombed last year by Boko Haram terrorists and led to removal of now retired Major General Mohammed Isa. Major General Gani Wahab, the General Officer Commanding 1 division, Kaduna is retained as the GOC.

N3bn paid as part of contract sum for senatorial road —Bayelsa govt


AYELSA State Government, said, yesterday, that N3 billion was paid to Chinese Civil Engineering and Con-

struction Company, CCECC, as part of the contract sum of N31 billion for the construction of the Yenagoa- Oporo-

Olu of Warri tasks youths on leadership


HE Olu of Warri, HRM Ogiame Atuwatse II, has charged members of Chambers International, JCI, to continue the good work of sensitising the citizenry on self improvement and actualization as a means of getting Nigeria out of its current leadership problem. The Olu gave the charge when War ri Chapter of JCI and some national executives of the body paid him a courtesy visit as part of activities for the investiture of Josephine Ukah as 2013 Chapter President of Junior Chamber International, Warri.

The royal father enjoined them not to relent in their determination to bring about leadership re-orientation in Nigeria and the world at large. He gave the delegation his royal blessings and promised them his continuous support. Josephine Ukah, on her part, said the visit was to seek the advice of the royal father on how they could be actively involved in making the community a better place. She said JCI has four areas of opportunities, which include the individual, the community, international and business.

ma Road. Chief Press Secretary to the state governor, Mr. Daniel Iworiso Markson, in a statement, explained that the N3 billion was not for site clearing for the road as reported in the media. He said: “CCECC had put in a bid for the contract alongside other notable firms and after going through the tender process, including DueProcess scrutiny and assessment, were awarded the contract for the entire road,” adding that site clearing was never awarded as a separate contract as was reported. “The current administration did not spend N403 million to buy vehicles for top government functionaries as was also reported in the press. The vehicles in question were actually meant for the State Protocol Services to be established soon by the state government and not top government functionaries,” he said.

12—Vanguard, MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2013

Arik introduces new payment option BY KENNETH EHIGIATOR


AGOS—ARIK Air has introduced a new payment option that allows customers to book a ticket online at its website and pay later using a number of different payment platforms. The airline said weekend that the new Bookon-Hold service, available only to passengers in Nigeria, was part of a raft of changes being rolled out to enhance its online offering and customer experience. Arik Air ’s Managing Director/Executive Vice President, Mr. Chris Ndulue, described the new payment option as a flexible strategy to provide more convenient services to passengers. He said: “We believe this Book-on-Hold option offers greater flexibility and control, especially for guests on the move. This is part of Arik Air ’s strategy of providing more convenient services to our esteem guests.” According to him, the special booking process has been developed for customers buying tickets in the Nigerian market for flights originating in the country. “It allows flight tickets to be booked on the website and held in the system, whilst giving travellers the convenience and flexibility of paying for the ticket later,” he said.

FUTO best students to get scholarship BY CHIDI NKWOPARA


WERRI—MAN AGEMENT of Federal University of Technology, Owerri, FUTO, has instituted a scholarship scheme for the best undergraduate student in each school of the institution with effect from the current academic year. Vice Chancellor of the university, Professor Chigozie Asiabaka, disclosed this while addressing 4,300 fresh students at the 31st matriculation ceremony of the university. He said: “Under this novel scheme, the best student with the highest cumulative grade point average, CGPA, from each school, will be given a scholarship that will cover tuition and hostel fees for the academic year.”

Concede presidency to S-East —Ohanaeze zAs Ezeife insists on Igbo president in 2015 BY VINCENT UJUMADU &

EVELYN USMAN AGOS—IGBO socio-cul tural organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo weekend, said the turn of the Igbo to occupy the Presidency had come, warning that any attempt to rip the South East of its due after President Jonathan’s tenure would be resisted. This came on a day former governor of Anambra State, Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife, insisted that it was the turn of Ndigbo to produce the president of Nigeria in 2015, urging the people to work hard to actualize it. Speaking at a press briefing in Lagos, new National Secretary of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Prince Osita Oganah, stated emphatically that Igbo Presidency was not negotiable and, therefore, called on the Igbo to begin to prepare themselves towards achieving the goal. He said: “As soon as President Goodluck Jonathan leaves office, be it 2015 or 2019, it is the turn of Ndigbo to take over power. Every part of the region has had its slot in government except the South East. It is only fair to ensure a level playing field for all regions. “After the South East might have had its slot at the Presidency, we can then begin to vote on merit. It is unfortunate that politics in Nigeria is run on tribal tripod. However, since that is the


exigency of the moment, there is nothing we can do but to get our share for the sake of justice and equity. For the Igbo, we must sit down and organise ourselves to know who will represent us.” He also, urged aggrieved members of the group who might have been piqued by actions of the group’s past

leaderships, to sheathe their swords in the interest of Igbo unity and support the newly elected Chief Garry Igariweyled executives. Meanwhile, former governor of Anambra State, Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife, speaking at an award ceremony in Awka, organised by the South

From right: Mr. Ajay Banga, President/CEO, MasterCard Worldwide; Ms. Omokehinde Ojomuyide, Mastercard Marketing Manager; West Africa; Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, and Mr. Michael Miebach, President, Middle East and Africa, MasterCard Worldwide, at an event in Abuja.

ACN slams NGF over poor handling of Gov Chime’s illness BY OLASUNKANMI AKONI


AGOS—THE Action Con gress of Nigeria, ACN, has condemned the poor handling of the reported illness of Governor Sullivan Chime of Enugu State, by Nigerian Governors Forum, NGF, saying it fits into the growing pattern of shrouding the health problems of elected officials in secrecy. The party, therefore, stressed

the need to do things properly in order to advance the nation’s democracy rather than personal interests. National Publicity Secretary of ACN, Ahaji Lai Mohammed, in a statement yesterday, criticized the choreographed visit to Chime in London by a delegation of NGF, which was apparently designed to reinforce the line being peddled by the governor’s supporters rather than keep the

people of the state better informed of the true situation of things. ACN posited that the reason behind all the “shenanigans” was the desperation by public office holders to hold on to power at all costs, even when it was clear that their health had failed to such a level that they were better off stepping down so they could attend to their health problems.

Empower Nigeria confab begins at UNN Jan 31


SUKKA—THE nation’s first national and regional road show on empowerment targeted at Nigeria’s millions of unemployed youths takes off on January 31, 2013, at the University of Nigeria, Enugu campus, with Corps Marshal of the Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC, Osita Chidoka, and Chairman of Nigeria’s Electricity Regulatory Commission, Dr. Sam Amadi, presenting papers. The road show, entitled, “Empower Nigeria”, organised and promoted by Anabel Leadership Academy, is designed to empower millions of Nigeria’s unemployed people across the country with the skills and direction to create jobs for themselves and not keep waiting for large companies that are not creating any new jobs.

East zone of National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, urged Igbo people to accept that time had come for them to rule the country and then begin to work towards achieving it. According to him, the Igbos have implicit confidence in Nigeria as a united country.

The “Empower Nigeria” conference is an off-shoot of that Summit with a more practical approach to inform, educate and motivate youths in different parts of the country to stop waiting for a Job, but to go out and make things happen for themselves. The event which is a collaboration between Anabel Leadership Academy and University of Nigeria, will President and founder of Anabel Group, Nicholas Okoye and Vice-Chancellor of University of Nigeria, Prof Bartho Okolo in attendance. Empower Nigeria is divided into geographical zones and is expected to cover all the parts of Nigeria on a road show. Anabel Leadership Academy has assembled a distinguished team of speakers for the Empower Nigeria South East Zone. They

include Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo, Special Adviser to the President on Technical Matters and Secretary to Subsidy Reinvestment Program (SURE-P), Special Assistant to the President on Jobs Creation, Ms Josephine Washima, and a host of others.

Okpara varsity matriculates 4000 students



MUAHIA—MICHAEL Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike [MOUAU], Abia State, weekend formally admitted over 4000 new students into its 28 faculties for the next academic session. Addressing the 20th matriculation ceremony of the university, the Vice Chancellor, Professor Hilary Edoga, assured the students that the education they would receive would equip them for the challenges in the global society. He said: “Our curricular in the different course of studies are structured in such a way as to make you not only self-employable but also job and wealth creators on graduation.”

Okorocha relocates 30,000 shoe, leather, allied products manufacturers BY CHIDI NKWOPARA


WERRI—GOVERNOR Rochas Okorocha of Imo State has approved the relocation of over 30,000 indeginous shoe, leather and allied products manufacturers in the state. Okorocha, who stated this when members of Leather

and Allied Products Manufacturers of Imo State paid him a courtesy visit at Government House, disclosed that his administration would embark on construction of 4,000 capacity shops to enable Imo indigenes in the business return to the state and contribute significantly to the economic development of the state.

Vanguard, MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2013—13



14 — Vanguard, MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2013


2015: Asari, Boyloaf, Ateke, others cannot blackmail Jonathan—Ajube A BY BARTHOLOMEW MADUKWE


S intrigues preceding the 2015 presidential election continued to play up, strong indications emerged weekend that the Presidency has succeeded in splitting the ranks of the leadership of the defunct Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, MEND. Asari Dokubo, Ebikabowei Victor-Ben(Boyloaf), Ateke Tom and Pastor Reuben, in the past three weeks, have expressed misgivings about the reported aspiration of President Jonathan to seek reelection in 2015, saying the President had done little or nothing to deserve a re-run in the next presidential election. They have equally called on the President to ease out some of his ministers, particularly those of the NigerDelta Ministry, Godsday Orubebe, and his Petroleum Ministry counterpart, Mrs Diezani Allison Madueke, accusing them of performance. But one of the key commanders of the defunct MEND, Chief Bibopiri Ajube, alias General Shootat-Sight, warned government not to succumb to blackmail by his ‘compatriots’, alleging that the comments of the ex-militant leaders were borne out of ‘failed expectations’. Ajube, who was reportedly the operational leader of MEND in a statement said, "Asari, Boyloaf, Ateke and others have lost the goodwill and character expected of leaders of freedom fighters". The statement read in part: “I am particularly amazed at some media reports to the effect that certain leaders of ex-freedom fighters have now resorted to smear campaign in the media against some targeted officials of the Federal Government, including President Jonathan. “In all honesty, I do not hold brief for such government officials, however, as a matter of morality and conscience, it behoves on me to put the records in proper perspective. “Boyloaf, Ateke Tom, Farah Dagogo and a few others either deliberately inflated the actual number of disarmed youths under them or shamelessly defrauded such youths in connivance with some bank officials by

deducting from source illegal sums from the meagre monthly N65,000 stipend. “Today, it is either that the boys feel cheated and vent their anger on the ordinary Niger Deltan, thereby heightening insecurity in the region or they have confronted most of these leaders mentioned above to the extent they no longer go to their respective communities. The noise about third phase amnesty is the consequence of this unfortunate development.

“As if this is not painful enough, these compatriots of mine also later became beneficiaries of the NNPC pipeline security contract. The idea of the deal was that all such jobless youths who did not partake in the amnesty programme be meaningfully engaged. “It is, therefore, very sad that people like Asari Dokubo, Farah, Ateke and Boyloaf decided to show the failed side of leadership in this noble direction because in spite of the millions of naira paid to them by

NNPC, they refused to justify the huge payments. They are the least qualified to label anyone as fraudulent and non-performing as they have done in the past few weeks. “I submit that not only must they account for the huge sums given to them for job not done, the Federal Government should not renew the pipeline security contracts given to them because the contrary (renewal) can only send a dangerous signal of indulgence of corruption".

BUJA—THE Federal Capital Territory Administration, FCTA, weekend, said there was no going back on the restriction of operation of mini buses, despite protests generated by the ban. Senior Special Assistant (Information Management System) to the Minister of FCT, Alhaja Jemilah Tangaza, stated this while answering questions from newsmen. She said the route designation was necessitated by the need to curb congestion, persistent gridlocks, chaos,

Restriction of mini buses: No going back—FCTA reduce traffic accidents, enhance security and ensure traffic sanity on Abuja roads. It would be recalled that the FCTA on January 14 started enforcement of route delineation for Abuja mini bus and Araba operators but due to some lapses, the Minister of FCT, Senator Bala Muhammed, suspended the ban for three weeks.

Vanguard, MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2013—15


16 — Vanguard, MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2013 MORE than a week after bodies were found floating on a river in Amansea, Anambra State, the security agencies appear helpless about identifying the bodies or making any headway about the cause of their death. Governor Peter Obi’s promise of N5 million to anyone with information that could help unravel the “mystery” has yielded no results. A few more weeks and the event would be off the news radar until a deadlier incident, when this one would be used as a reference. It is a shame that such low levels of performances are associated with the security agencies and the public accepts them. What is impossible about finding out what happened? What have the security agencies done? Is their promoted helplessness a ploy to cover up this incident? Should a single body floating on a river not elicit better concern than we are witnessing? If these bodies were discovered during the flooding, the simple explanation would have been that they drowned. What happened to them? Earlier reports said there

Anambra’s Floating Bodies were 50, 40 bodies. The police confirmed 18. Is that not enough for a more vibrant response than treating this like another crime? Speculations have no place in this matter. The security agencies have scientific assistance they can access if they are ready to find what and who killed them, though reports said they had neither bullet nor machete injuries. An autopsy would reveal the cause of death but not the killers or the motives. Vital data about at least some of the dead, since they are adults, could have been captured in the finger print data (biometrics) of any of these three organisations and they would be helpful in the investigations:

· Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, from the registrations for the 2011 elections · Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC, keeps data, with finger prints of driver’s licence holders, some of the dead could be registered drivers · All mobile telephone operators have a database of almost all their subscribers, some of them should have telephones While INEC and FRSC finger prints could identify the dead, if they used their real names, and locate their families, through who investigators can learn more about their possible killers, the GSM database holds the most promise. GSM operators can provide the call history of their telephones. The call logs hold the key to the mystery of these deaths. A lot about their daily transactions could be gleaned from a check of call histories which is the most viable lead to the killers. We indeed have a lot to worry about if the security agencies never knew the best clues to resolving the deaths or just decided to ignore them.




HOSE who have been keeping tabs on Governor Sullivan Chime’s administration since he assumed office as governor of the old Eastern Region Enugu state in 2007 could easily testify that unlike his predecessor, he does not seek undue media attention. He is the people's governor who believes strongly in people's-oriented projects and programmes which his government has continue to deliver unhindered to the state. Before the end of his first term in office, his outstanding performance in the transformation of the state to a modern city made the people realise that his predecessor wasted eight years in office except for self aggrandizement, inflicting hardship on the people with draconian policies and intimidation. Chime by his performance so far has shown that the parameter for measuring good governance is sterling performance. That is why he has never allowed anything or anybody to distract his leadership vision, not even his political enemies who had continue to wage political battle against him on several occasions ranging from the failed plot to remove him from office through the tribunal in 2009 to the failed attempt to deny him a return ticket on his party platform in 2011. But in all these battles, he has always triumphed above his detractors, not because he is richer than them or any other thing, but because he is better than them by all standard measurement of a good leader. Having monitored his pragmatic approach C M Y K




to governance since 2007 and successes recorded so far, I did not worried or panic when a group sponsored by his political enemies decided to throw the state into unwarranted panic and tension over the governor’s accumulated leave which he officially took and constitutionally handed over power to his deputy Sunday Onyebuchi to take over as acting governor of the state. The group hatched and executed their plots in different ways all in a bid to hoodwink the unsuspecting public to believe and support their fraudulent and politically-motivated agenda. They first engaged the services of state correspondents of major national dailies through whom they syndicated false stories that Chime’s whereabout was unknown. Later, they alleged that he was secretly brought into the state and flown to India for an undisclosed sickness. When the gimmicks failed to sail through, they changed tactics by raising false alarm that Chime did not transmit any letter to the State Assembly before embarking on leave and that some cabal close to him had hijacked power from the acting governor. Always available to be used by the group were the state correspondents who have made themselves Chime’s enemies and have never seen anything good in his government. It could be recall that the same set of state correspondents were also used by Chime’s opponents at the peak of the battle for the state's PDP governor ticket in 2011. At this point, balance and objectivity which are two

detractors major principles of professional journalism were sacrificed for speculations and sensations; all for selfish interest. From the false stories emanating from the state on Chime, columnists, editorial writers, etc without thorough investigation on the true situation in the state joined the bandwagon. But those who have followed the reports of some of the journalists in the state on the activities of Governor Chime’s government since 2007 were not surprise by what they have done so far since Chime went on leave. No wonder when the idea of using some journalists in the state to syndicate false stories in the newspapers against Chime and his government failed them again, the group who had been working behind the scene secretly with their sponsors to throw the state into political confusion unveiled their identity under the Save Enugu Group tag. It was at this point that people recognised the men behind the mask in the orchestrated plot to destabilise the state so that a state of emergency would be declared. We all know now the real man behind the mask and what his intentions are; snatch power from governor Chime by all means and give it to his kinsman whom he can easily manipulate for his selfish political interest.


t is now clear that those members of the so called Save Enugu Group who have threatened to occupy Government House Enugu if the acting governor is not empowered are nothing, but political foot

soldiers and cannon fodders of the real man behind the mask . This is just an attempt to bring the government of the state down by hook or crook. But in all these, kudos should go to the officials of the state government who had despite all obvious provocations by the group had applied wisdom and superior arguments in tackling the matter, instead of resorting to propaganda and crude method that was prevalent during the immediate past government in the state; they have shown that they are capable of holding fort when it was of utmost importance. Also not left out are members of state House of Assembly and the good people of the state who had by their actions shown that they have absolute confidence and support for the Chime administration. Now that Governor Chime has spoken from his resting place in London where he received some of his colleagues who came to visit him, what next for the so called Save Enugu Group and their sponsors as it is evident that they have exhausted all the political tricks in their bag. Chime’s speech and appearance in London and his assurance that he will be back soon has put to an end all the speculations, rumour, grandstanding, death wishes and propaganda by the Save Enugu Group that he is incapacitated and invisible. It has exposed the political desperation of some people who want to remain relevant politically. If the so called members of Save Enugu Group have any integrity left, they should apologise to Enugu people. *Dr. Okechukwu, a medical practitioner, wrote from Abuja.

Vanguard, MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2013— A1


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OR a very long time now I have stopped reading anything that is written by or about Barrister Godswill Akpabio the governor of Akwa Ibom State for the reason that I find most of those things sickening and I certainly wanted to avoid being provoked into making a response. When I was first told that there was another of those write ups in THISDAY newspaper of Friday, January 18, 2013, I simply ignored it. Then again in Vanguard newspaper of Monday, January 21, 2013 my attention was drawn to what must be the same write up. What alerted me and made me read this piece was the highlighted quote of what Governor Akpabio claimed was my response to him when he “over advised” me on a pending visit by the then president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. Over advising somebody is an expression that I am not familiar with and honestly do not know what it means but I can say quite categorically that Barr. Godswill Akpabio was not one of the intellectuals in my cabinet. He was, therefore, never, at any time made a member of any of my advisory committees. It is, therefore, quite difficult to figure out how he could have been in a position to advise me on an impending


visit of the president. These perceived inadequacies saw him moving from one ministry to another. In the time that he was in my cabinet, he had served in three different ministries. None of those ministries was the ministry of works. It is not possible, therefore, for him to have been the one to fix the federal roads in my state and, with his own money for that matter. Furthermore I cannot think of any one policy drive in my government that can be attributed to Barr. Godswill Akpabio. Besides, in the six years that he was my commissioner, the number of memos brought to Council by Barr. Godswill Akpabio can comfortably be counted with the fingers of one hand.

Vile and uncouth language Be that as it may, the main point is that, even the worst of my detractors, some of whom he has chosen to surround himself with, cannot say that vile and uncouth language or behaviour is part of my character. Barrister Godswill Akpabio has been reputed to be digitally brutal or is it brutally digital in his ability to mislead, to misinform and to misrepresent issues. Still I would have thought that there would be some respect for decency. To accuse me of having behaved in such an uncivilized manner and having uttered such abusive words in reference to my president is, to say the least, quite despicable. If he can allow this type of malicious misrepresentation to come out in print, I hate to think what must be going on in circumstances and situations where he knows I am not in a position to respond. President Obasanjo will be the first to say that he and I have had some serious disagreements and I would not deny it. But it can never be said that I have been disrespectful to him. I know better than that, and whatever I cannot say in front of a person I will not say behind that person’s back. It has always been my belief that it takes two to quarrel. Within my right I have commented on some unsavory as well as some very good things that have happened in Akwa Ibom State but I have studiously refused to be drawn into a quarrel with Godswill Akpabio. If

housing units to be built in 2009. In 2009 the number had reduced to 2,000 units. In the same year, 2009, the governor announced that money had been appropriated for the development of housing estates. In year 2010 the people were told that contracts had been awarded in the sum of N26.9bn to party stalwarts for the construction of those houses. The people are resentful because till today they are still homeless. In September 2009, by a full page newspaper advert the governor told the people that his much vaunted flagship project, the Tropicana, would open and provide jobs for 5,000 •Attah...Akpabio not one of the intellectuals people in the first quarin the cabinet ter of 2010. In case he the governor insists that he is quarrelling has forgotten, Tropicana was to have a sky with me, he should look for a better reason scrapper hotel of 25 storeys, the first in than that, a long time ago, he had over the country if not in Africa. It was to have advised me. What it seems like to me is a 10,000 seat auditorium in which the govthat, the governor is troubled and he ernor said he would stage world heavy weight boxing fights for Samuel Peters. should ask himself why. The governor says he is angry, but there Today all the people have is a cinema is a world of difference between anger and which the people are being told compares blind fury. Even so anger remains one of favourably with Silverbird in Lagos. Today the people are unhappy because the seven deadly sins and can never be superior to intellect as a driving force for right now they would be watching the good governance. If the governor is angry, soccer matches of the African Cup of has he considered that the people may Nations on the giant screen at their also be angry though for a different reason! favourite Ibom plaza. But they cannot The people are angry because in May 2009 because, in anger the government of the governor told them that he had built a Godswill Akpabio had closed down the dialysis centre in Uyo to which he donated people’s favourite leisure spot. The people 17 dialysis machines. The people have cannot forget that instead of an ICT park, since been searching and to date cannot all they have is an E-library that is yet to find it. The people are angry because they start to function; the specialist hospital that remember that the first aircraft landed at Uyo airport in September 2009. During the tour of the facilities, Air C o m d r. Idongesit Nkanga, the Chairman of the Airport De- they were promised is yet to receive its velopment Board, assured the audience first patient; the Certificate of Occupancy that the Maintenance, Repair and for Ibaka deep sea port has since been Overhaul (MRO) building would be com- handed over to the Nigerian Ports pleted and fully operational by the end of Authority by the government of Godswill that year. Till today the building is still in Akpabio; the Ibom Power Plant which was construction even though the steel for its fully completed and commissioned in 2007 erection had arrived since January 2008, is yet to be put into use. and the country is now crying out desperYour Excellency, you should know that ately for such a facility. the people too are angry. They have a The people are angry and resentful thousand and one reasons to be angry, because the free and compulsory resentful and unhappy. They are angry education that the governor hurriedly because they are tired of being deceived. declared has since died with its declara- They are so angry and resentful that in tion and is now a mirage. They are also December 2009, at the Niger Delta rock angry and disappointed because in 2008 concert, damning the consequences and the governor promised them 10,000 Continues on page A15


The advice that caused my quarrel with Attah: My response to Akpabio

Over advising somebody is an expression that I am not familiar with and honestly do not know what it means but I can say quite categorically that Barr. Godswill Akpabio was not one of the intellectuals in my cabinet


Vanguard, MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2013—A15

OYO 2015: Early trouble for Ajimobi BARELY a month after Governor Abiola Ajimobi was adopted as the sole candidate for the 2011 election by some Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN party leaders from Ibadanland, the murmuring against the adoption from within the fold is turning into a fight.

OVERNOR Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State had not spent up to two years in office when he was adopted on December 17, 2012 as the sole candidate for the 2015 gubernatorial election by some party elders from the 11 local governments making up Ibadan land. The chieftains of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN who adopted him cited what they claimed to be his unique achievements among others in pursuing their case for an unprecedented second term for the clean conscious governor. The governor himself has kept mum about the issue that was triggered of by his footsoldiers in the ACN in the eleven local governments in Ibadanland. The Ajimobi associates at the meeting included the State Chairman of the Universal Basic Education Board, SUBEB, Dr. Adebisi Busari and party chairmen in the 11 local governments in Ibadan among many others. Dr. Busari, who claimed to be speaking on behalf of the local governments in Ibadan, in moving for the adoption of Ajimobi for a second term, faulted the popular Ibadan slogan that no governor serves twice in the state.

Traditional institution He said that the slogan only applies to the traditional institution in the city because every family is entitled to the throne. So, it is impossible for any family to produce two kings in a succession. He asserted that it was in the party’s constitution that its governors who have spent the first tenure, would be presented for the second term. Now just weeks after the declaration of the party ’s leaders, some chieftains, not from the opposition party, Peoples Democratic Party, but within the ACN are rising against the adoption. In their ranks are a serving senator and another strong pillar of the party. Speaking through a group known as Peoples Progressive Front, they distanced themselves from those who picked Ajimobi as the party’s sole candidate for 2015 C M Y K




Some of those against the adoption of Ajimobi for a second term are not only crying out because of what some described as being hasty, some are just determined not to allow the governor to go for a second term


*Ajimobi: Endorsement sparks criticism governorship election. To them, the call was too premature and unreasonable. In pledging a boycott of a follow up meeting to the December 17 endorsement meeting that was scheduled for January , 11, 2013, they said: “The Ibadan South Senatorial Meeting slated for Mapo Hall, Friday 11th January, 2012 in which the brains behind the afore stated declaration wished to assert their immoral authorities remains a charade

as it does not enjoy the support of many key stakeholders who have all indicated their decision to boycott it”. Led by their Chairman, Mr. Kayode Omooba, the ACN members also frowned at the declaration of the governor as the party ’s leader as they questioned the relegation of Chief Micheal Koleoso who had worked relentlessly for the growth and survival of the party. “The decision of some disoriented and misguided

persons to declare Governor Isiaq Abiola Ajimobi as the Leader of the ACN in Oyo State following the shocking and painful demise of Alhaji Lamidi Onaolapo Adesina was hasty, presumptuous and unreasonable and therefore null, void and of no effect”. Governor Ajimobi, in their opinion, should not be distracted in his quest to offer good governance to the people of the State as our party had promised during the electioneering campaigns This kind of opposition is not the first time. Similar rivalry ensued during the selection of Governor Ajimobi by the powers that be in the ACN some weeks before the 2011 elections. Sources confided that there was a gentlemanly agreement at the adoption of Ajimobi prior to the 2011 election that he would only spend four years

after which another person would take the mantle of leadership. Besides some of those against the adoption of Ajimobi for a second term are not only crying out because of what some described as being hasty, some are just determined not to allow the governor to go for a second term. Busari one of the leading advocates for Ajimobi’s second term, however, pooh poohs arguments to the contrary saying that it was the tradition of the progressive parties such as the Unity Party of Nigeria, UPN and the Alliance of Democracy, AD from which the ACN metamorphosed to present incumbents for a second term. Now, there are factions loyal to late Alhaji Lamidi Adesina, who had to agree reluctantly to Ajimobi’s candidature in 2011 only after the national leader of the party, Bola Ahmed Tinubu waded into the matter.

Bottled anger Adesina’s death would seriously have impact on the togetherness of the party. While his loyalists carry with them bottled anger against the governor for not giving them their own share of the cake, some of them, after the death of Adesina, have realized that their survival is dependent on Governor Ajimobi and it would be wise for them to fall in line since there appears nobody that can whittle down the growing influence of the governor. It is as such not surprising that the kind of personal interests that make it difficult for the PDP to remain united is already splitting the ruling ACN. Busari’s argument of keeping to tradition in following the progressive culture of presenting incumbents for a second term, however, would hardly be fully accepted by Ajimobi’s core associates. After all, none of those nominated for a second term ever won in the general election.

The advice that caused my quarrel with Attah: My response to Akpabio Continued from page A14 throwing all caution to the wind, they pelted you with missiles in Uyo township stadium. This anger was carried into the way the people voted in the elections of 2011, particularly the gubernatorial elections. The people have become even more angry since the announcement of the results of those elections. My governor cannot forget that quite early in his first tenure, I had, as an elder statesman and one who had occupied that lofty

position, written a letter cautioning him against careless talk and unguarded speech. I had in that letter suggested that a statement by a high office holder, such as a governor is, can be treated in much the same way as the Catholic Pope speaking excathedra. Pronouncements that are taken as articles of faith. Unfortunately, I must say that by your utterances and indeed your actions too, you have portrayed yourself as a confused young man with a large

burden of inferiority complex. Six years ago you came into office with a determination to practice the well worn pull-himdown tactic by either repudiating or claiming the work of your predecessor. Despite what success you may think you have gained in the media, to the extent of considering yourself as the messiah that has come to revive a failed state in Akwa Ibom, the fact remains that the people know the truth. Permit me therefore to remind you of

something that Albert Einstein had said which, at some time, you had quoted: that it is only a mad man that will keep repeating the same act and expect a different result. If after six years, the technique that you had adopted at the beginning has failed you, wisdom would suggest that you consider a different course of action. I wish you well. Arc (Obong) Victor Attah, former Governor of Akwa Ibom State

A16 — Vanguard,


2012 budget implementation was 40% — Sen Maccido •How we'll ensure budget compliance this year SENATOR Ahmed Maccido, a two term senator representing Sokoto North Senatorial district is the chairman of the Senate Committee on Appropriation. In this interview, Senator Maccido traces the path the National Assembly passed through to pass the budget of the Federal Government and articulates safeguards put forward to ensure appropriate implementation. Excerpts:


ERE there issues of unspent funds arising from the implementation of the 2012 budget? Well, in time past, there used to be issues of unspent funds in the budget but this year, so far, the executive has not come with any figure or informing us that these were unspent funds from 2012. However, one thing I know is that we would be going out on our statutory oversight duty and until such a time when we come back from such oversight duty, I would not be able to tell you anything about unspent funds. What was the level of implementation of the 2012 budget? The precise percentage we were given was 40 percent. Do you mean the overall budget or the capital side? No, overall would be about 70 percent but when I say 40 percent, I’m referring to the capital expenditure; the capital budget. As you know, the recurrent budget, which encompasses the overheads, payment of salaries and allied matters, they are always implemented 100 percent. Therefore, we discount that when we talk of budget implementation. We always talk of capital budget when we ask for the level of implementation. As far as the capital budget for

•Maccido find that out and rest assured, whatever we find out, we will tell Nigerians that this is where their monies are, or this is what has been done with their monies. What was your reason for increasing the oil benchmark?


We always talk of capital budget when we ask for the level of implementation. As far as the capital budget for 2012 is concerned, the implementation is not more than 40 percent

2012 is concerned, the implementation is not more than 40 percent. So, what happens to the remainder of the funds appropriated by the National Assembly? That is exactly what we plan to find out now because as I told you earlier, unspent funds have not been brought to us; it has not been announced by anybody and we know that the capital budget has not been spent 100 percent. We need to find that out; we are going out on oversight to


In as much as the budget is an economic document, we should also know that a little bit of politicking comes into it. However, the House of Representatives raised their oil benchmark to $80, while we at the Senate increased by just $3, bringing it to $78 from the original $75 brought by the Executive. This was as a result of the alarming figure we’ve always seen as budget deficit. We’ve always had the deficit in the budget and in the 2013 budget, we had over N1 trillion as

deficit. So, based on the figure we saw as the deficit from the Executive, we sat down and decided that we had to do something because, honestly, that figure was quite alarming to us. We knew we had only one alternative; to raise the benchmark so that we can get funds to offset the deficit. That was the only reason we did that and if you look at the budget of 2013, we have reduced the deficit with the funds that has been saved from raising the oil benchmark. However, before then, it was the House which first raised its own to $80 and we settled for $78. We had to sit down again, at the committee level to deliberate on this issue comprehensively. After that, we went into executive sessions in both chambers and the Senate agreed that a committee should be raised for conferencing with the House of Representatives. It was at this conferencing that we agreed on a final figure of $79. How was the Senate able to persuade the House to back down on its earlier stand of $80?

At the beginning, they were very adamant on maintaining the $80 but as I said earlier, it’s all politicking. All you needed to do was to have a way of convincing people. We made them see reason about the effect of raising it from $75 to $80. The raise of $5, we felt, would be astronomical and that they needed to adjust and they saw reason that such raise could bring about problems within the economy and not just for the budget itself and fortunately for all concerned, they agreed on the final figure of $79. Why is the National Assembly silent on the Excess Crude Account? Well, the ECA is now tied to the Sovereign Wealth Fund; that is the problem and that is why it needs to be looked into. The Sovereign Wealth Fund, as far as we are concerned here, is yet to be made law but I can tell you that plans are already on in that direction because that is the only way those monies can be accounted for. As it is now, the account is in place and such monies are being remitted into this account but it has no legal backing yet. We need to make that a legal entity. However, be rest

assured that every single kobo that goes into that account will be accounted for. We will make sure of that. Were the budgets of some parastatals such as the NCC, NDDC, NPA incorporated into the 2013 budget? Oh yes, of course. We have captured them in the new budget; they are called agencies’ budgets. The way they were presented to us was exactly the way they were captured and approved in the 2013 budget. Even the NNPC brought its own budget in good time, too. They reasoned along with us and understood that they have to obey our laws. What’s the National Assembly roadmap for budget implementation in 2013? You see, as we go on, we see always places and loopholes where we need to make amends, where we need to make some changes. This time around the National Assembly, not just the Senate, sat down and deliberated on this issue of implementation and our leadership also deliberated at their own level and came back to us, giving us details and telling us that there is going to be comprehensive oversight this year by all the standing committees in the Legislature.

Workings of the budget They’ve told us how to go about this job. Each committee has been made to understand that they would be answerable to the Committee of the whole in both houses. Every committee would be given a tentative time as to when they are expected to present reports of the oversight they have done. It’s is this report that we will now compile and find out which ministry is performing and which is not. We also plan to have a data bank that would give us an instant insight into the workings of the budget itself by the ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs). The final report may not be ready this year but I can assure you that it is going to be very comprehensive as it would tell us immediately which MDA is working and which is not. The data bank would definitely be collated this year; all you need do is to refer to it and find out who did what and who failed. We will definitely raise questions. C M Y K

Vanguard, MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2013—49


Gov. Aliyu Babangida, chairman Northern governors forum: Can he convince his colleagues to look inward?

North must look inward grinding poverty at the grassroots has continued in spite of the fact that North and northern leaders have benefited more than other parts of the country from the coffers of the federal government since the end of the civil war. Seeds of poverty: Therefore, the misrule and corruption that sowed the seeds of poverty-induced violence in northern Nigeria was caused by northern leaders both at the federal, state and local levels. The aristocratic and prebendal structure of the northern oligarchy makes it difficult for good governance to thrive because

Dr. Junaidu Mohammed: Challenges President Jonathan to name cause of terror.

crimes in Southern Nigeria Bad leadership or misrule is the basic cause of poverty and violence in Nigeria . You can then proceed to ask: Which government? It varies from one part to the other. For instance, the Federal government, through its informal policies of exclusion and denial, economically impoverished Igboland after the civil war. The zone has received the smallest amount of federal funds compared to five other zones on the one hand. On the other hand, all three zones of the North (especially the North West ) have benefited from federal largesse more than the South East through several federal revenue drainpipes, such as the local councils, states and federal electoral constituencies unilaterally created by northern military leaders. The north cannot successfully make a case of financial marginalisation by the federal government. The continued impoverishment of the North was not caused by the federal government. Rather,


RESIDENT Goodluck Jonathan’s take on terrorism in northern Nigeria in his recent interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour was bound to elicit some verbal shoot-out. It did not take long in coming because the words he used were fraught with the germs of controversy. Hear him: “The sect was not born out of misrule, definitely not; sometimes some people feel it is as a result of poverty, but no. Boko Haram is a local terror group and that is why we call on the rest of the world to help us”. The North’s current most vocal advocate, Dr. Junaidu Mohammed, fired a repartee, challenging the president to name the cause of terror if not poverty, bad governance and misrule. Another northern voice, human rights campaigner and proponent of dialogue with terror groups in the north, Malam Shehu Sani, said Jonthan had demonstrated his ignorance of the cause of the problem, adding: “it is not possible to find people who are economically comfortable engaging in violence”. Sani’s quoted statement is also fallacious. Wealthy people do sometimes engage in (political) violence. Fidel Castro, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, Osama Bin Laden and even our own aborted aircraft bomber, Farouk Abdulmutallab, to name just a few, came from very privileged, wealthy families but still embraced violent political activities to bring about the social orders they desired. These people were not content with merely funding revolutionary activities or spending money and letting others do the fighting. They took up arms and fought personally. But this does not justify the President’s dismissal of poverty and misrule as the basic cause of Islamic terrorism in northern Nigeria , as well as the rising poverty and unemployment (also offshoots of misrule and corruption) as the trigger for violent

The aristocratic and prebendal structure of the northern oligarchy makes it difficult for good governance to thrive because government exists primarily for the benefit of the ruling class, while religion is used as the opium to keep the grassroots within their grip


government exists primarily for the benefit of the ruling class, while religion is used as the opium to keep the grassroots within their grip. The ongoing campaign of terror in the north is basically a rebellion against the ruling class. Boko Haram and its affiliate Salafist fighters want to seize power in the North and establish the form of Islamic rule that, in their view, will result in a better deal for the Muslim grassroots. But some political

forces in the region have cashed into it with a view to using it to wrest concessions from the federal government and President Jonathan personally. Such concessions include pushing for more federal funds to the northern elite (through the abrogation of the 13 per cent derivation from offshore oil of the Niger Delta) and arm-twisting President Jonathan out of his legitimate right to contest for a second term in 2015. Those calling for dialogue with the terrorists merely want to table these two core demands of the out-of-power northern elite. This is why Jonathan’s supporters see the Boko Haram campaign as “political”, more so as it made an upsurge when Jonathan decided to run for president in 2010 rather than hand over power to the North after exhausting the four years of the late Umar Yar’ Adua presidency. The fact is that even if we accede to the demands of the Boko Haram sponsors, it will not address the corruption and misrule of the ruling class, and therefore will not lead to an end of the Al Qaeda-inspired terrorism.

Man of truth and candour The north caused the problems that led to terrorism. The revered Sultan of Sokoto, His Eminence, Alhaji Sa’adu Abubakar III, ever the man of truth and candour, admitted it openly recently at the Northern Nigerian Governors’ Peace and Reconciliation Committee meeting in Kaduna on January 14th, 2013. If dialogue is one of the steps to be taken, it is the North that must take it. The core job of the federal government is to provide security and to root out the murderers and destroyers and bring them to book. The presidency can offer whatever assistance the northern leaders need to rein in anarchists in their midst. The north must look inwards first and foremost, rather than keep asking for more money and a return of power to them through undemocratic and effete acts of intimidation and contrived violence. President Jonathan must also wake up to the pressing need for good governance as the primary cure for social upheavals in the country. His statements at the interview suggest he is living is in denial of this fact. As the sitting president, he must lead the way for good governance. Unless he does something quickly, his regime will soon join those of discredited, bad leaders who have bedevilled this nation since 1960.



N its commendable strive to discharge its social responsibility, Vanguard Newspaper in conjunction with the Nigeria Police recently organised a National Summit on Security Challenges in Nigeria at the International Conference Centre, Abuja. In his comments, the Inspector General of Police, Alhaji Abubakar Mohammed explained that the import of the summit was to harness ideas and strategies on how to combat the current security impasse ravaging the country. The importance of brain- storming in such gathering to generate ideas cannot be under rated but the real fact is that the panacea for containing the pervasive insecurity of lives and property in Nigeria is for the presidency and National Assembly to revert the country to the part of true federalism as it was in the first republic. A critical and realistic evaluation of the comments and presentations at the national security summit revealed that the political leadership is grandstanding and wallowing in deception as a result of being remotely controlled by the ultra conservative northern Moslems who are bent on perpetuating its agenda to control the country directly and indirectly. The political leadership has to hearken to the clarion call for a national conference where accredited representatives of all the ethnic groups will set the modality for the C M Y K

National Security: Can Nigeria have a different definition of Federalism? country to berth a True Federalism. The concept of True Federalism has become necessary because of the blatant violation of the principles and components of federal system of government (as practiced the world over) at the eve of the Nigeria civil war when the regional police was unilaterally abolished without weighing the frightful implications for a federal set up like Nigeria. Federal and unitary systems of government have abiding principles and components born out of researches by political scientists. Since the outcomes of the principles and components are predictable, a nation has to adopt a system that would suit its geographical landscape and social peculiarities. In line with the principles of federalism, the founding fathers of Nigeria's political independence chose a federal system of government and the federating regions were in healthy competition in all the sectors like security, transport infrastructures, education, health care delivery, industrialisation, agriculture, urbanisation, integrated rural development, local government administration and parastatals. Pervasive insecurity in contemporary Nigeria would

not have attained such crisis proportion if the principles and components of federalism were continued as it was in the first republic. At independence, the Republican Constitution had provisions for decentralised security system, prisons service and justice delivery administration. The then Regional governments had their respective police which were up to the task with the security challenges, this guaranteed peaceful co-existence, security of lives and property necessary for economic and social activities while foreign direct investments created employment opportunities and facilitated poverty alleviation . It is quite instructive that the Inspector General of Police alluded to the fact that the pervasive insecurity challenges has its source and spring from the violation of the realistic federal system of government as bequeathed by the founding fathers of the Nigerian independence.

Continues on page 50 *Mr. Onwubiko, a public affairs analyst, wroteLagos.

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DEPLORE hackneyed terms otherwise the title of this article should have read “Celebrating a true icon.” But the word icon has been so trivialised and abused that its true worth has been diminished or lost in the classical sense. Chief Eleazar Chukwuemeka Anyaoku is simply speaking a historical figure, a moral beacon, an outstanding international Civil Servant, a community leader, a patriot par excellence; Pan-Africanist (unrepentant); a traditionalist; a fantastic family man; polished, urbane, sartorially elegant, orator, apolitical; a connoisseur of fine wines, a sportsman, a philanthropist and a mentor. Let me tell his story from the well known which can be googled by anyone. Emeka Anyaoku, was born in Obosi Anambra State on January 18, 1933. He is an alumnus of Merchant of Light School, Oba, Anambra State and a college scholar of the University of Ibadan. He obtained an honours degree in classics from the University of London. He later attended specialist courses in the United Kingdom and France. He was elected Secretary General by the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Kuala Lumpur in 1989. In that remarkable election, he upset every permutation as he defeated a former Prime Minister with a landslide margin. Chief Eleazar Chukwuemeka (Emeka) Anyaoku became the third Secretary-General of the

Commonwealth in 1990, a post he held until 2000. Before becoming Commonwealth Secretary General, Chief Anyaoku worked with the Commonwealth Development Corporation from 1959 to 1962, in the Nigerian Diplomatic Service from 1962 to 1966 including three years as a member of Nigeria’s Permanent delegation to the United Nations in New York, and from 1966 to 1989 in the Commonwealth Secretariat, London, where he had been elected Deputy SecretaryGeneral in 1978. In 1983 he served briefly as Nigeria’s Foreign Minister before the military coup d’etat in the country at the end of that year. His current roles include Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Council on International Affairs in Nigeria; President of the Royal Commonwealth Society; President of the Royal Africa Society; International President of the World Wide Fund for Nature 2001-2010; Member of the Governing Board of the Geneva based South Centre, think-tank of developing countries on global strategic and development issues. In 2003, the University of London established a Professorial Chair in his name: The Emeka Anyaoku Professor of Commonwealth Studies at its Institute of Commonwealth Studies. Very few Africans or indeed world figures have received the Honoris Causa degree of prominent institutions like the venerable Chief Emeka Anyaoku.


His publications include The Missing Headlines, his memoirs: The Inside Story of the Modern Commonwealth and The Racial Factor in International Politics. Emeka Anyaoku is a traditional Ndichie Chief in Obosi (Ichie Adazie Obosi and Ugwumba Idemiii). He is married to Ugoma and they have one daughter and three sons.


hief Emeka Anayaoku was appointed to the British Museum Board in June 2005 and reappointed for a second four year term in June 2009. All these and more can be gleaned from any biographical data bank about prominent world figures. To the Adazie I know and admire, a highly sensitive and sensible man, a wise man who tries his best to avoid causing any unease or hurt to anyone yet he is a redoubtable fighter when he believes in a cause. His commitment to the African cause and human race saw him deploy all his diplomatic arsenal for the liberation of Rhodesia and the death of Apartheid. The Legacy Nations, Zimbabwe and South African

National Security: Can Nigeria have a different definition of Federalism? (2) BY POLYCARP ONWUBIKO

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E said: “Having taken this noble and courageous step, we must all endeavour to put our differences aside and focus on the voyage of championing the protection of the legacies bequeathed by our founding fathers”. Ironically this apt comment contradicted his further postulations because as a northern Moslem he had align with the overt and convert agenda of his people who have been doing everything possible to prevent the country from reverting to the path of True Federalism with its principles and components like decentralised security system. Due to its self seeking agenda for political hegemony, the northern political and religious leaders in the first republic abused their regional police by preventing Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s party from holding political rallies in the northern part of the country. The revenge action by the late political sage led to the abolition of the regional police in the country. The abolition of the regional police was a faulty and unimaginative solution to the abuse of

the decentralised security arrangement since a realistic solution would have been to enact laws to checkmate the purported abuse. This inconsiderate and unilateral action born out of fear of the growing political influence of Chief Awolowo especially in the then Middle Belt of the country was a blatant violation of the principles and components of federalism as practiced all over the world. The military interregnum and the consequent Decrees and faulty constitutions were crafted to favour the northern part of the country which led the country to this sorry pass and pervasive insecurity. It is naïve for some of the participants at the national security summit to posit that Nigeria is not yet ripe for a decentralised security, prisons service; and that state governments cannot fund police. Nigeria police could have collapsed but for the illegal funding of police by state governors which is a violation of their annual budgetary provisions for the welfare of their states. What they were saying in essence is that our founding fathers committed an egregious blunder by agitating for political sovereignty and the choice of federal system of government.

have since recognised his leadership role in their emancipation by awarding him the respective highest National honours that can be conferred on anyone. There is no doubt about it The Anyaoku Years as Secretary General of the Commonwealth were the halcyon years of that organisation, he fought and defeated apartheid, he fought Abacha’s Nigeria that executed Saro-Wiwa he led a virile and effective Commonwealth Organisation that was respected and even “feared” by errant member nations. He led negotiations that were intricate, complicated, sensitive; challenging, and fiercely emotional like the Rhodesian land deals. He managed and midwifed transitional power arrangements which permitted peaceful nascent democracies particularly in the Frontier States where very powerful figures in some nascent states like Zimbabwe’s Joshua Nkomo; Robert Mugabe et al would have fought themselves to a standstill but for the deft diplomatic skills of Chief Anyaoku in consensus building. It was at the National Political Reform Conference in 2005 that Chief Anyaoku taught all of us the true meaning of consensus at one raucous meeting of the South-East delegates. He said consensus meant a resolution or decision that is not exactly what you desire, but you are prepared and willing to live with it, since it is also not exactly what the other side desires and he is also prepared to live with it. For example, at that conference, Dr. Gamaliel Onosode and the late Ambassador Dr. M. T. Mbu had counselled the South South delegation to accept the offered 25 percent derivation as a consensus agreement, but Chief E.K. Clark led a walk out




Celebrating a historical figure

As the drums roll out to celebrate this octogenarian, typical Adazie is not thinking of dancing, popping Champagne and sundry festivities; he knows there will be some or all of these

The enduring panacea for security of lives and prosperity in this beleaguered country is full implementation of the principles and components of federalism which include decentralised security system, prison service and justice delivery system


At such a summit, public servants like the Force image maker, Mr. Frank Mba should have kept sealed lips and just observed proceedings. His comment to the effect that Nigeria was not ready for a decentralised security system, he was merely currying the favour of his boss since by his education and exposure, he really knows the principles and components of federal system of government. The fact remains that the principles

that demanded “ resources control”, or 50 percent or walk out. Today even the 13 percent derivation is being challenged yet a consensus of 25 percent was offered by that conference. The lesson in this; in a negotiation, when you get a “favourable” consensus, grab it and run ! As the drums roll out to celebrate this octogenarian, typical Adazie is not thinking of dancing, popping Champagne and sundry festivities; he knows there will be some or all of these; but his mind is on lyi Enu Hospital where he was born on that January 18th 1933 day. lyi Enu hospital needs diagnostic equipments, the hospital does not have dyalisis machines and so many other pieces of equipment it should have. So Chief Anyaoku is imploring his friends and well-wishers to spare some cheques written in favour of lyi Enu hospital or better still donate these equipments and medicaments. Chief Anyaoku has always managed to get us to engage in his philanthropies, for example, the Lagos State Grassroot Soccer Development which is named after him has awarded medals to some of us who supported them with Chief Anyaoku’s encouragement. Lagos State has also celebrated him some years ago as a role model citizen in civic obligation via Tax Compliance. Chief Anyaoku since after his retirement has led a life of total service, undertaking only Pro Bono assignments of mentorship and National/ International Service. As sprite and nimble as he is, we await him to breast the tape at 120 years as promised by God in Genesis 6:3. Happy Birthday Adazie.

Mr. Azike, wrote from Lagos.

and components of federal system of government are sacrosanct, sacred and inviolate. Nigeria cannot have a different definition of federalism distinct from the universal concept; and it is this blind attempt that has placed the country on the path of self destruct or a failed state. It is about time the political leadership of Nigeria stopped brazen deception encapsulated in supposed reforms in the police and manipulation of public opinions. Modalities should be set in motion for a full blown federalism through a national conference; in the alternative, the presidency and the National Assembly can restructure the exclusive and concurrent legislative lists with the former having only three ministries namely: Aviation, defence and internal affairs. New revenue allocation formular should be put in place to reflect the new legislative lists. The enduring panacea for security of lives and prosperity in this beleaguered country is full implementation of the principles and components of federalism which include decentralised security system, prison service and justice delivery system. Anything short of this is to pander to the dictates of the northern Moslems who use centralised security system to control all Nigerians for their Concluded own end. *Mr. Onwubiko, a public affairs analyst, wroteLagos.

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Rot in Police college: Odumakin calls for probe A

chieftain of the Save Nigeria Group, SNG, Yinka Odumakin, weekend, said the Federal Government should begin the probe of all former Inspectors-General of Police who are still alive, including the current one, Muhammed Abubakar over the rot at the Police College, Ikeja. Odumakin said all of them should be made to

account for the money that was given to them by the Federal Government for the running of the college. Those indicted, according to him, should be tried for murder. President Goodluck Jonathan personally paid an unscheduled visit to Lagos last week where he observed fist-hand the decrepit and abysmal condition of the college. The President’s visit

was spawned by a documentary aired by Lagos– based Channels Television, which highlighted the deplorable state of facilities at the college built 73 years ago by the colonial government. Many civil society groups, including wellmeaning Nigerians have called for a thorough probe into how funds disbursed for the running of the college and others across the

country was spent. While describing the rot at the college as “the shame of a nation”, Odumakin said the government should also beam its searchlight on certain individuals like Chief Kenny Martins who raised billions of naira for Police Equipment Fund under former president, Olusegun Obasanjo but could not account for the money.

Continues from page 5 eign bonds in the emerging market bond indices of JP Morgan and Barclays also testifies to the growing confidence of the international investment community in our economy. “We have also focused our attention on removing the bureaucratic and structural bottlenecks in the economy to enable the private sector create more jobs for our youths. In the power sector, most Nigerians will attest to improvements in power supply even as the 10 new power plants being built by this Administration are yet to fully come

N10.6 trn wasted fund: FG hits back, takes on Ezekwesili on stream. There have also been improvements in rail services; for example, the Lagos—Kano rail line is now fully operational and serving Nigerians for the first time in over 20 years. There have been significant improvements in road development; aviation – in particular refurbished terminals; and agriculture, where new jobs are being created every day. Serious work is ongoing to improve our ports and lower the cost of doing business and the cost of consumption in Nigeria. The government has further launched a number of initiatives targeted at creating jobs for our youth, including support for entrepreneurship through the YouWin Programme; work for the unskilled through the Community Services programme of the Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme; and support for unemployed graduates through the Graduate Internship Programme. “This administration is squarely focused on promoting a stable, non-inflationary, and inclusive economic environment for Nigeria to ensure that Nigerians can live better and more fulfilled lives”, Maku said. Responding to a question on why the Federal Government waited for the former minister’s outburst before charging her for the alleged misappropriation of $458.1b, Maku said: “The essence of the briefing is not to prosecute her but to debunk her claim that Federal Government had squandered N10. 6 trillion. It is wiser that people of Ezekwesili’s calibre become more conscious than to behave like strangers in what they ought to know better in the way they condemn things after they have left office.” On the recent threat by MEND that they are going to bring the country down on the account of Henry Okah’s conviction in South Africa, Maku said since the MEND leader was not convicted in Nigeria, it will be very shocking if any Nigerian or group of Nigerians will take such actions against their own country. C M Y K

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JANUARY 28, 2013

Mali conflict: French, Malian troops capture Timbuktu *US to provide aerial refueling for French offensive *Outgoing AU chief condemns Africa’s response


RENCH and Malian troops were yesterday restoring government control over the fabled Saharan trading town of Timbuktu, the latest gain in a fast-moving Frenchled offensive against al Qaeda-allied fighters occupying northern Mali. The Islamist militant rebels, according to reports have pulled back northwards to avoid relentless French air strikes that have destroyed their bases, vehicles and weapons, allowing French and Malian troops to advance rapidly with air support and armored vehicles. A Malian military source told Reuters the French and Malian forces reached “the gates of Timbuktu” late on Saturday without meeting resistance from the Islamist insurgents who had held the town since last year. The advancing troops were working on securing the town, a UNESCO World Heritage site and labyrinth of ancient mosques and monuments and mudbrick homes, ready to

flush out any Islamist fighters who might still be hiding among the population. “Timbuktu is delicate, you can’t just go in like that,” the source, who asked not to be named, said. As part of their support, the United States has agreed to fly tankers to refuel French jet fighters and bombers attacking al Qaeda-affiliated militants who have established a foothold in northern Mali, U.S. defense officials said on Saturday. The decision, in response to an earlier French request, expands U.S. involvement, which so far has been limited to sharing intelligence and providing airlift support to carry a French mechanized infantry unit to Mali. Meanwhile, the outgoing head of the African Union, Benin’s President Boni Yayi, yesterday criticized Africa’s slow response to the Islamist insurgency in Mali. France responded to a call for military help from Mali as rebels advanced towards the capital

Bamako more than two weeks ago, reversing gains made by the militants linked to al Qaeda. French and Malian troops reached Timbuktu on Saturday. But Africa is struggling to contribute a meaningful ground force to the mission seen by foreign powers as a counter-strike against the threat of Islamist militants using Mali’s remote Sahara region as a launchpad for international attacks.

Russia says Assad’s prospects fading


USSIA has said that the chances of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad staying in power were growing “smaller and smaller”, as fighting yesterday in southwestern Damascus shut a main highway from the capital. Assad has long counted Moscow as an ally and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev ’s remarks were the most vocal Russian statement yet that his days may now be numbered, although they come after predictions from France, an avowed enemy, and from

Cameron deputy slams EU vote


HE leader of the junior party in Britain’s ruling coalition, Nick Clegg, has denounced David Cameron’s pledge to hold a referendum on quitting the European Union, as polls yesterday indicated the prime minister ’s move may gain him votes. “It is not in the national interest when we have this fragile recovery,” said Clegg, whose Liberal Democrats strongly favor


closer EU ties, in contrast to many members of Cameron’s Conservative party. “I don’t think it helps at all.” He dismissed as “implausible” Cameron’s plan to take back powers from Brussels before a referendum on a new treaty by 2017 that would let voters take Britain out. EU leaders have shown little wish to grant Cameron concessions and Clegg said EU talks would distract ministers from efforts to revive the

*Military troops helding to Timbuktu for offensive .

economy. Cameron, he told the BBC, would damage economic growth if he spent “ years flying around from one European capital to the next, fiddling around with the terms of Britain’s membership”. The LibDems were languishing in the polls and are unlikely to leave the coalition before an election in 2015, but the EU issue has added to strains.

*Putin neighboring Jordan that the Syrian president’s downfall is not imminent.

“I think that with every day, every week and every month, the chances of his preservation are getting smaller and smaller,” Medvedev said, according to the transcript of an interview in Russian with CNN that was released by his office. “But I repeat again, this must be decided by the Syrian people. Not Russia, not the United States, nor any other country,” said Medvedev,

whose administration has criticized Western, Turkish and Gulf Arab support for Syria’s rebels. “The task for the United States, the Europeans and regional powers ... is to sit the parties down for negotiations, and not just demand that Assad go and then be executed like Gaddafi or be carried to court sessions on a stretcher like Hosni Mubarak.”

North Korea warning follows nuclear threat


ORTH Korea has warned of “substantial and highprofile important state measures”, days after announcing plans for a third nuclear test. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un made the statement during a meeting with top security officials, state media said. Although the reports did not give details of what the measures might entail, North Korea has issued a series of warnings since the UN tightened sanctions against the country this week over a recent rocket test. Just last Thursday, the North said it would

proceed with a “highlevel” nuclear test in a

move aimed at the US, its “arch-enemy”.

Again, UK warns on dangers of illegal migration BY EMEKA AGINAM


HILE the quest to travel abroad in search of greener pasture continues to grow in geometric progression, the British High Commission in Nigeria has again warned on the dangers of illegal migration to the United Kingdom. At the just concluded concert and talent contest held in Lagos to raise awareness with Nigerian

youth on the dangers of illegal migration organized by the BHC in partnership with Prisoners Rehabilitation and Welfare Action (PRAWA), the Press Secretary, British High Commission Abuja, Robert Fitzpatrick in statement said that , “Every year over 170’000 people travel from Nigeria to the UK. Most of those traveling have a great time and their visits are safe and successful”.


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Bafana, Cape Verde qualify S

OUTH Africa have qualified for the Africa Cup of Nations quarterfinals after a 2-2 draw against Morocco at the Moses Mabhida Stadium. They are joined by Cape Verde in the last eight, who beat Angola 21 in the night’s other match Bafana Bafana twice went behind to goals from El Adoua and Hafidi, but responses from May Mahlangu and Siyabonga Sangweni secured the point which saw the hosts go through. The north Africans started like a house on fire and fired an early warning shit when Kadioui’s effort from just

outside the area went wide, and the same

player forced Itumeleng Khune into a save after

running onto a ball over the top.

Ethiopia coach eyes goals against Nigeria



THIOPIA coach Sewnet Bishaw believes they must face their last encounter against Nigeria with a hunger for goals if they are to go through to the quarter-finals. The Walya Antelopes were defeated 4-0 by 10man Burkina Faso in their second match in Group C. “We didn’t expect this result from the very beginning. We hoped that we would play again like the first game and take a point against Burkina Faso,” said Bishaw. The Antelopes still have a mathematical chance of qualifying for the last

eight when they play against the Super Eagles and Bishaw is determined for his side not to go out on a whimper. He added: “We’re not going to the field to defend, because defending will only give you one point. Now we must try to play against Nigeria to score goals to have three points. “If we get three points, in total we’ll have four, and may qualify for the next stage. “Not only will we just score one or two goals, we need to score lots of goals, otherwise, it is a matter of dignity for our boys.”

Group A Table Country S/Africa C/Verde Morocco Angola

P 3 3 3 3

W 1 1 0 0

D 2 2 3 1

L 0 0 0 2

PTS 5 5 3 1

GF 5 4 4 2

GA 3 3 4 5

GD 2 1 0 -3

Djokovic savours Aussie Open glory

Odemwingie faces £70,000 fine


IGERIA striker, Peter Odemwingie, could be fined £70,000 for slamming West Brom. Odemwingie is angry that his transfer request was turned down by Albion, which he views as a lack of respect. The striker has been a subject of transfer speculation to QPR in the winter transfer window but now faces a fine of two weeks’ wages for breaching the rules of granting unauthorised interview, according to The Sun in the UK. The 31-year-old has voiced his displeasure at Barclays English Premier League club, West Bromwich Albion for their perceived refusal to let him join Queens Park Rangers. Odemwingie has now released a lengthy state-

ment pleading with the club to accept his transfer request which was rejected a few days ago. “ (This represents) a new challenge, a new opportunity, and a chance to play under the stewardship of one of the most respected managers in the game. “At this stage of my career, this (QPR) opportunity may not come around again. “I’m deeply hurt and in some ways offended by the lack of reciprocal common respect from the management of West Bromwich Albion. “I am crazy haha adviser text saying don’t tweet, it weakens our position. Doesn’t weaken nothing! When I want to do something, I do it,” he tweeted.

Drogba agrees Galatasaray deal


IDIER Drogba has agreed an 18month deal with Galatasaray, according to reports in Turkey. The Ivory Coast international, who is currently representing his country at the Africa Cup of Nations, left Chelsea last

summer after cementing his reputation as one of the club’s greatest ever players. Now according to Eurosport and Turkish broadcaster LigTV, Drogba has agreed a deal to join Galatasaray.

SO SWEET....Serbia's Novak Djokovic kisses the trophy after beating Andy Murray 6-7 (3-7) 7-6 (73) 6-3 6-2 in the final. Photo: AFP


OVAK Djokovic says his ability to win crucial points in the second set were critical to him securing his third Australian Open crown in a row. Having dropped the first set in a tie-breaker, the world number one was staring down the barrel at a 02 deficit in the second set as Murray won 17 of 19 points to not only hold serve to love to open the set but then lead 0-40 on Djokovic’s serve. "It’s hard, I mean when you play one of your biggest rivals and somebody that is in the top form in finals of a grand slam, there is a lot to play for,” said Djokovic, who in the first set had squandered five break points before dropping it in the tie-breaker. “I think it went two hours, 20 minutes, the first two sets, I think that says enough about the intensity of the match. “I kind of expected that, I knew that it was going to be physically very demanding, a lot of long rallies, so I needed to hang in there (and) I’ve done that. “There was a few turning points in the match (and) maybe one of them was the second game in the second set when I was (down) 0-40 against the breeze. “He missed a few shots, I managed have that crucial hold (and) after that I felt just mentally a little bit lighter and more confident on the court than I had done in the first hour or so.”

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Vanguard, MOND AY, JANUARY 28, 2013 —55 MONDA

FG launches oral health policy T

HE Federal Government in partnership with Oral B has launched the first ever National Oral Health Policy with the introduction of new standards in medical check-ups for Nigerians. During the official launch recently, Health Minister, Professor. Onyebuchi Chukwu, said henceforth, there would be standard operational guidelines for medical check-ups, which should include dental records of every individual alongside other relevant medical data. Approved by the National Council on Health, the new oral health policy aims to lay solid foundation upon which would be established, an oral health system “that provides efficient, effective, accessible and affordable health care for the Nigerian populace.” Senate President Dr. David Mark was inaugurated as the National Oral Health care champion. Managing Director ,Procter & Gamble, West Africa, Mr. Manoj Kumar, who was represented by Mrs. Tope Iluyemi, the Global Government Relations Leader for Sub- Saharan Africa, said the partnership with the Federal Ministry of Health on the Oral Care policy launch was a reflection of P&G’s commitment to the touch and improve the oral health of Nigerians. the Oral B Mobile clinic buses have reached over 200,000 Nigerians with free dental health checks.” Oral B Pro Health All- Round protection tooth paste is the first toothpaste that combines stannous fluoride & Polychelation technology for all round protection for the mouth. It is endorsed by the Nigerian Dental Association as a multi-specialist toothpaste that provides several health benefits in the eight areas dentists check most.

Fidson recognises excellence with ACE

• R-L: Wife of Operations Director, Fidson Healthcare Plc, Mrs Ebita Adebayo presenting the ACE for Customer Service Excellence to Credit Controller, Fidson healthcare Plc, Mr Kunle Ajayi, while his wife, Mrs Ajayi Oluwabunmi looks on.


IX staff of Nigeria’s leading pharmaceutical company, Fidson Healthcare Plc., have received the maiden Acknowledge and Celebrate Excellence, ACE, Award - a newly instituted staff award for those who showed exceptional capabilities in the course of a very challenging financial year in 2012. Winners in different categories are Mrs Joke Alli, who presently holds the position of Training, Learning and Development Manager, was nominated for the ACE, based on her effort in single-handedly starting the Training and Learning Department. Mr Kunle Ajayi, Credit Controller and Femi Ajala, Product Manager were jointly awarded the ACE for their exemplary performance in Customer Service both Internal and external respectively. Rotimi Afolaogun, Divisional Manager (North and West), won the ACE for his outstanding leadership qualities, winning the Best Region Award consistently for the past two years. Abubakar Elemeje, Senior Logistic Officer, won the ACE for Process Improvement based on his ability to improve the company’s operational processes; while Sunday Adeyeye, Production Officer, won the ACE for Role Model, for being a true symbol of the company’s values, which are Integrity, Passion, Excellence, Innovation and Ownership.

• Average Nigerian family: Whither affordable health insurance plans?

In search of affordable health insurance plans BY SOLA OGUNDIPE


EALTH insurance is news every day because people are denied more coverage than they obtain and must struggle to pay medical expenses on their own. At least four out of five people who go bankrupt these days in the developing world are pushed over the edge by mounting medical bills. Recent findings show that most Nigerians do not currently have any form of health insurance. Over the past years, the number of persons without health insurance has steadily increased with the middle and low-income people accounting for a sizeable proportion of the increase. Poverty and lack of insurance are linked. Poorer people are less likely to have coverage even though most Nige-

rians have limited access to needed clinical care, including prevention services. Yet missing or delaying health care can lead to poorer health and potentially to greater long-term medical expenditures. Not having insurance has a greater impact among adults who need health care the most. Delays in receiving health care can lead to poorer health and higher medical costs over time, especially for those individuals who already have health issues. Prevention is really important and being insured improves access to clinical preventive services. For ex-

ample, increasing the number of persons who receive highvalue prevention services could save thousands if not millions of lives each year. By expanding insurance coverage and eliminating cost-sharing for these and other recommended prevention services, more persons will be eligible to receive this care. Ensuring that people follow their prescribed care regimens and promoting healthy behaviours in workplaces, in communities, and in doctor's offices can also help improve health, reduce long-term health care costs, and prevent premature death.

Health insurance titbits


NSURERS are providing 47 million women in America eight free services. They are wellwoman visits, gestational diabetes screening, human papillomavirus testing (HPV) and sexually transmitted disease counseling. Others are HIV screening and counseling, birth control and other contraceptives, breastfeeding support and supplies and domestic violence counseling. With these new requirements, insurers are undergoing a paradigm shift from a healthcare system built on diagnostic treatment of disease toward a foundation of disease prevention and wellness promotion.


TUDIES show that 80 percent of citizens in the UK and USA receive health insurance benefits via group health insurance coverage through their employer or their spouse’s employer. Group health insurance is mandatory for all companies or groups having employees more than a specified number, under which, it will provide basic health coverage benefits to its employees free of cost. Comparatively, less than 2 percent of persons in Nigeria receive benefits through any form of group health insurance coverage.

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Vanguard CLASSIFIED UMESHIE—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Umeshie Ogochukwu Abigail, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Jacob Ogochukwu Abigail. All former documents remain valid. IMT Enugu and general public take note.

E K E TA R AY E — I , formerly known and addressed as Miss Joy Aghogho Eketaraye, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Joy Aghogho Njotea. All former documents remain valid. NYSC and general public please take note.

GBEREKPE—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Kale Philomina Gberekpe, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Kale Philomina Moweta. All former documents remain valid. Nigeria Police Force and general public please take note.

ANYAEGBUNAM—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Anyaegbunam Chiamaka Jane, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Nwegwu Chiamaka Jane. All former documents remain valid. Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria and general public please take note.

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COSMOS—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Cosmos Norah Ifeoma, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Ebidi Norah Ifeoma. All former documents remain valid. Federal University of Technology, Owerri; National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and general public please take note.

ESSIEN—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Idongesit Helen Essien, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Idongesit Victor Uman. All former documents remain valid. University of Uyo and general public please take note.

ASSANGHA—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Uduakabona Elohor Assangha, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Uduakabona Elohor O b o s a m e y e Adagbon. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

A G B AT S E — I , formerly known and addressed as Miss Mary Erdoo Agbatse, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Hwande Mary Erdoo. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

MORDI —I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Cynthia Uche Mordi, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Cynthia Uche Bamidele Igbinedion. All former documents remain valid. University of Benin and members of the public should please take note.

OGEGE—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Juliet Omotunde Ogege, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Juliet Oritsemueyiwa Amaye. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

Vanguard, MONDAY MONDAY,, JANUARY 28, 2013—57

58—Vanguard , MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2013

Nigeria saves N33bn daily from introduction of amnesty programme — Kuku BY EMMANUEL AZIKEN


HE amnesty programme for Niger Delta militants recouped an average of N33 billion into the nation’s coffers, leading to unprecedented successes in infrastructure development, the Presidential Adviser on Niger Delta, Mr. Kingsley Kuku, has said. In a briefing weekend, Mr. Kuku said the recovered earnings helped the administration to achieve notable feats that included the revatilisation of the railways, rebuilding of the airports, improved power supply and accomplishments in agriculture, among others. Kuku who also revealed that the programme had been closed to new persons used the opportunity to laud the achievements of the Goodluck Jonathan's administration which he claimed had largely been underreported. He said: “From a production level of a paltry 700,000 barrels of crude oil per day as at January 2009, the rela-

tive peace that now prevails in the Niger Delta has aided the remarkable growth of Nigeria’s oil production to between 2.6 and 2.7 million barrels per day as at today. “If you compute this savings with

prevailing exchange rate of N160 to $1, daily production savings for Nigeria and its Joint Venture Partners currently stand at N33.4 Billion per day. If you break this down further, especially given that oil pro-

duction in Nigeria hovered between 2.4 and 2.6 barrels in 2012, you would discover that savings for Nigeria and the JV partners for year ending 2012 is estimated to be at about N6.3 trillion.”

EBINO TOPSY @ 70—From left: Mrs Biola Babatope (wife); Chief Ebenezer Babatope (celebrant), Mrs Bimpe Babatope (wife) and former Governor of Oyo State, Otunba Adebayo AlaoAkala, during the 70th birthday of Ebenezer Babatope at Ilesa, Osun State.

Reps to probe govt agencies BY OKEY NDIRIBE & EMMAN OVUAKPORIE


BUJA— THE House of Representatives has declared its readiness to probe Federal Government Ministries, Parastatals and Agencies by March next year, even as it plans to grant full autonomy to the Office of the Auditor-General of the Federation, AuGF. This was disclosed by Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee of the House, Solomon Adeola Olamilekan, while speaking to newsmen, weekend. Olamilekan said also that the purpose of granting full autonomy to the office of AuGF was to prevent auditors from compromising professional standards, adding that to realise this objective, the committee would soon sponsor a bill. Said he: “This proposed bill will ensure full autonomy to the AuGF’s office without going through the rigours it had gone through in the past. "Can you imagine that the budget office allocated less than N1billion for the office to oversee a N4.9 trillion budget before the House raised it?.

Rural electricity: Contractors appeal to N-Assembly


BUJA—THE Associ ation of Rural Electrification Contractors of Nigeria, ARECON, has appealed to the National Assembly to ensure that rural electrification projects in the country were captured by the Ministry of Finance in the 2013 budget. The association said the completion of such projects was paramount to economic development of the country and also necessary to complement the positive view of President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration and that of the coordinating Minister of the Economy that all ongoing projects should not be abandoned but completed before awarding new ones.

Vanguard, MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2013 — 59

Ethiopian players mob Mikel N

IGERIA and Ethi opia had their first unofficial confrontation before tomorrow’s win or burst African Cup of Nations cracker at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium, Rustenburg, South Africa. The two teams which played their preliminary matches in Mbombela were scheduled to fly out together to Rustenburg and the Eagles were the first to get to the Airport. Moments after, the Ethiopians who were humiliated 4-0 by all-firing Burkina Faso arrived later. It did not take long before the difference showed. The Ethiopian players scrambled to

Egyptian ref sent home


RISHA Ghead, the Egyptian referee who officiated the Nigeria versus Zambia match have been sent home. Sports Va n g u a rd gathered that the referee was sent home by the Confederation of African Football after it was discovered that the penalty he awarded to Zambia which resulted in the equaliser against Nigeria, late in the second half of the crucial encounter was questionable. Our checks confirmed that the decision to send the

have pictures and autographs of Nigeria’s import to Chelsea, Mikel Obi. Obi obliged them and it turned out to be a mob as many players and officials joined the queue. Super Eagles Media Officer, Ben Alaiya laughed and said that it was the beginning and a sign of who would laugh last when your opponents begin to pay respect to you before a major battle. More players with phones and cameras joined but Mikel gave them audience and beamed his trademark smile as they tucked on his dress with others holding him closely as the lights flashed. Another Ethiopian player spotted Victor Moses, another Chelsea player where he sat and the autograph seekers moved over to him. It took an announcer ’s voice that called the passengers to Rustenburg to board their aircraft that brought sanity.

•Ghead Egyptian home was taken after CAF had undertaken a review of the tape of the match and it was concluded that the penalty was uncalled for and undeserved.


Foreign coach Emmanuel Emenike outwits his Zambian opponent Continues from BP changes in a match hat-trick in one of his Amaechi, Dangote, Mbombela Mayor matches. friendlies in Faro? Yet he Sports Vanguard can situation”. brings him in three urge Eagles on revealed that he has the I gathered that the confirm that the Nigeria Football Federation which shielded Keshi from pressures from the Sports Ministry to hire an expatriate coach has finally given their seal of approval to hire a world class coach who will tinker the team for the World Cup qualifiers in Brazil. Very reliable sources here told Sports Vanguard that youthful Sports Minister, Bolaji Abdullahi had been irritated by the performance of the Eagles in the Nations Cup, a situation he attributed to the technical incompetence of the technical crew. Senate and House Committee chairmen were also said to be disappointed by the performance of the Eagles under Keshi. “NFF have seen reason that it needs an expatriate to select the best players in the land devoid of sentiments and field the best players and make appropriate

NFF officials had queried Keshi’s final list of players to the Nations Cup but kept their cool to avoid being accused of interference,”the minister reportedly said. And after the two annoying draws against Burkina Faso and Zambia, the NFF changed gear to look for a coach who can lead Nigeria out of the current embarrassment in South Africa. Questions have been asked on why Keshi dropped Chibuzor Okonkwo when he has no natural right back. “Why did he drop Kalu Uche, Nigeria’s best player at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and came with a ‘school boy’ Obiora Nwankwo? Why did he drop Raheem Lawal? Why is he leaving Ike Uche on the bench and allowing Ahmed Musa to roam around aimlessly on the pitch. Ike Uche remains top scorer at the qualifiers and scored a

minutes to the end of match”, the source asked. Keshi was also scored low with his changes which they said were not effective. However, we gathered that Keshi raised issues over the rumours on foreign coach and NFF members, apparently to avoid confusion in camp now promptly denied it. But the fact is that the call for a foreign coach was being made by the sports minister who now has backers because of the way Eagles have played so far. “I don’t think this is the time to talk about hiring a coach in the middle of a competition and with an important match at hand. The team are not bad as we have seen them improve with every match. The match against Zambia was drawn because of a dubious penalty by Egyptian referee Grisha Ghead”, a source from the Eagles fired back.

•Guinness too


IVERS State Governor, Rt Hon Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi, hassaidtheSuperEagleswill still go far at the ongoing Nations Cup championship, despite drawing its first two

games, with a group game to go. He made the remarks when he donated the sum of $100,000 to the team in Nelspruit on Friday afternoon. Governor Amaechi, who is also the Chairman of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum, further


Continues from BP of the Nigerians, Chelsea’s Victor Moses would be missing in action. Coach Stephen Keshi announced yesterday that Moses had aggravated the injury that stopped him from playing in the opening tie against Burkina Faso and remains a suspect for the all-important match tomorrow. “There are no injury worries in the team except for Moses. He aggravated the injury he sustained in Faro that stopped him from playing in the opening match. All other players

are fit and ready”, Keshi announced at the Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport on their way to Rustenburg. While the Eagles are ruing the absence of Moses, skipper Joseph Yobo is set to bounce back after he missed the match against Zambia due to a minor injury. Yobo confirmed yesterday that he was fit and may likely be on duty to guard the Eagles against the fast-running Ethiopians. “Yes, I am better now. I trained all through and may play if the coach gives me the green light”, he said.

words of President Goodluck Jonathan that the team will not lack anything to excel at the championship. “Let me also say that Alhaji Aliko Dangote has asked me to tell the team that he will donate huge amount to the team, when it reaches the quarter final and he will be herepersonallytosupportthe team and cheer you to victory”, he said. And on Saturday the Executive Mayor of Mbombela, Hon (Mrs) Catherine Dlamini paid a courtesy call on the team. She said she came to boost the spirit of the team ahead of their last group game against Ethiopia, adding that she expects Corporate giants, Guinnes Nigeria Plc has also said it will from now on give $5000 (five thousand dollars), for every goal scored by the Super Eagles at Afcon 2013. NFF President Aminu Maiagri said the deal was brokeredbyPamodziLtdand urged the players to go for thekillandgetdollarrainfrom Guinness in the remainder of the championship.

60 — Vanguard, MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2013

No draw soup for Eagles


Millions to my orphan


OU cannot beat Nigerians in trivializing is sues. Since the coming of Comedians, have you noticed that Nigerians are living longer because of the jokes that make people happy? Laughter changes the chemicals of the brain and reduces stress. Laughter is indeed the only tranquillizer with no side effect. The Super Eagles have drawn two matches at the on-going Nations Cup against Burkina Faso and Zambia and their drawing prowess has brought out the humour in Nigerians. At the Easy Stay Hotel of the NFF, they have arranged for a Nigerian who brings local delicacies. The meal keeps them away from the chain of eateries here. Nigerians love to swallow more than the ones they eat with fork and knife. Somebody remarked the other day that the woman should seize from serving them draw soup to see if the Eagles could get a win instead of drawing. I laughed and got back to my hotel to see my BB blinking red. A ping from Jemi, our own beautiful Jemi Ekunkunbor reads: “Which one draw pass? A, Okro B. Ogbono C. Ewedu D. Super Eagles. And if indeed you want Eagles to beat Ethiopia tomorrow(Tuesday) and progress further in the Nations Cup, please, don’t eat anything that ‘draws’.

Power, Enter!


OU may have seen the lurid video of a wom an who fell to the sweet tongue of some so-

I tell him?


called Pastors in Warri in Nigeria. The story was that the woman was desperate for a child and had to OPEN up to receive the ROD of miracles in an uncompleted building. Under their spell, she received ‘anointing’ by shouting Power, Enter while the hungry-looking insatiable boy jerked to and fro. It’s an eye-sore to some and eye-catcher to others. Prince Osuagwu still has the film. Anyway, my South African friend asked me why Nigerians are so gullible over miracles using the Power and Enter episode as an example. He said that many Nigerians have tried out many dubious practices from religion to drugs and to duping but that their Governments have stood firm against sharp practices. Did your authorities go after those hoodlums to arrest them and bring them to book?”, he asked again. What do

S I move from place to place out here in South Africa for the coverage of the Nations Cup, I ran into a very old woman who offered to give me accommodation. She had a mansion and offered one of the rooms to me. She said that she was a widow and had only an orphan who would inherit everything when she answers the final call. I waited to meet the orphan and she emerged with big pussy cat whose whiskers had turned grey. Cuddling and kissing the cat, she introduced her orphan as Andy, the name of her late husband. While she went to fetch the key to my guest room with her orphan, I made for the exit door. Imagine me living with a pussy cat. The orphan.

Issa sleeping with CAF lights on!


HIS is coming from a South African Newspaper(Sunday Sun). Dozy Confederation of African Football, CAF President was captured by an overzealous cameraman taking a snooze in the presidential suite at the Bafana-Angola match in Durban this past week. Not even the sound of 65,000 Vuvuzelas could stop “granddad” from taking his mid afternoon siesta. Knowing how Hayatou and CAF operate, the reckless cameraman may have filmed his last shot. What was he thinking of? Embarrassing and showing the whole world how hard our CAF President works?

Vanguard, MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2013—61


62 — Vanguard, MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2013


Vanguard, MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2013—63



Injury stops Moses W

HEN the Super Eagles step out against Ethiopia’s Antelopes tomorrow in a crunch tie that determines the fate Continues on Page 59

Nigeria eyes foreign coach T

HE Nigeria Football Federation has finally agreed with the sports ministry on the need to hire a foreign technical adviser for the Super Eagles after the team struggled in their last two matches of the Nations Cup in South Africa. The team play Ethiopia tomorrow at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium in Rustenburg in a must win match if they want to avoid the indignity of crashing out in the first round. They currently have two points from two Continues on Page 59

CONTEST ••• Victor Moses (L) vies with Zambia’s defender Joseph Musonda at Mbombela Stadium in Nelspruit. Game ended 1-1 Photo : AFP

•Bolaji Abdullahi

Drogba agrees Galatasaray deal — P53 Egyptian ref sent home — P59



Morocco C/Verde

•Maigari TODAY'S




2 S/Africa 2 2 Angola 1

Ghana Congo

vs Niger— 6 pm vs Mali — 6 pm

ANSWERS ACROSS 2 Bet (5) 7 Centre (4) 8 Uncertain (6) 9 Dullard (5) 11 Fish (3) 13 Equality (3) 15 Attack (4) 16 Donkey (3) 18 Tardy (4) 19 Voter (7) 20 Headland (4) 22 Prison (4) 23 Superintend (7) 25 Recess (4) 27 Pull (3) 28 Part (4) 30 Shelter (3 31 Bow (3) 33 Tale (5) 36 Command (6) 37 Vivacity (4) 38 Symbol (5)

DOWN 1 Beverage (5) 2 Marry (3) 3 Firearm (3) 4 Regret (3) 5 Serpent (3) 6 Important (5) 10 Box (4) 11 Decisive (7) 12 Arrange (7) 13 Model (7) 14 Answered (7) 16 Vigilant (5) 17 Twist (5) 18 Record (3) 21 Day before (3) 24 Kind (4) 26 Gem (5) 29 True (5) 32 Fastener (3) 33 Fixed (3) 34 Tree (3) 35 Longing (3)

FRIDAY'S SOLUTIONS ACROSS: 1, Avail 5, Number 8, Seize 10, Bedlam 11, Waif 14, Tiller 15, Granted 18, Lee 19, Red 21, Dead 23, Aster 24, Peep 27, Eel 29, All 31, Ripened 32, Scream 34, Name 35, Eating 38, Terse 39, Recede 40, Known

How to Play Sudoku


DOWN: 2, Vie 3, Island 4, Lea 5, Newt 6, Mailed 7, Reared 9, Immerse 12, Ail 13, Flee 16, Rage 17, Deter 20, Deliver 22, Able 24, Pester 25, Earn 26, Please 28, Beaten 30, Lam 33, Mete 36, Ask 37, New


Place a number (1-9) in each blank cell. (No line can have two of the same number). Each row (nine lines from left to right), column, (also nine lines from top to bottom) and 3 X 3 block within a bold block (nine blocks) contains number from 1 through 9. This means that no number can appear twice in any block, column or row. No mathematics is involved – no adding, subtraction, division or multiplication, just plain logic and your imagination. Printed and Published by VANGUARD MEDIA LIMITED, Vanguard Avenue, Kirikiri Canal, P.M.B.1007, Apapa. Phone: Newsroom: 018773962. Deputy Editor: 01-8944295. Advert Dept: 01-7924470; Hotline: 01-8737028; Abuja: 09-2341102, 09-2342704. E-mail:,, Website: (ISSN 0794-652X) Editor: MIDENO BAYAGBON. Phone: 01-7742861, All correspondence to P.M.B. 1007, Apapa Lagos. C M Y K

N10.3 trn WATED FUND: FG hits back, takes on Ezekwesili  

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