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Boko Haram invades Damaturu Prison, Pg 6 frees 44 inmates

** MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2012


Diya, Kolade, others pay tribute to Segun Pg 6 Olusola

Why I sacked Azazi — Jonathan


•Says terrorists can't bring govt to its knees •Speaks on his Brazil trip, Subsidy probe report •I won't be forced to declare my assets, he vows

A G O S — PRESIDENT Goodluck Jonathan, yesterday, evening stated the reason for the sack of his erstwhile National Security Adviser, Gen. Andrew Azazi, saying it was to conform with the changing tactics of the Boko Haram insurgency. He also vowed that the Islamist sect would not bring his government to


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DANA CRASH: NAICOM pressurises co-insurers to pay compensation •P. 17

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KADUNA: TEMPORARY RELIEF—Crowd at the Abubakar Gunmi Central Market as the Kaduna State Government relaxed the 24-hr curfew for four hours yesterday. INSET: Security mounted, yesterday, at the 1st Baptist Church Taiwo Road, Kaduna for the Sunday Service. Photos: Olu Ajayi.

Security frustrates Sunday worship in Jos, Kaduna

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2 — Vanguard, MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2011


Vanguard, MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2011 — 3


4 — Vanguard, MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2011


Vanguard, MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2012—5

Why I sacked Azazi — Jonathan Continues from Page 1 its knees as he pledged last night to change the face and structure of the administration to combat what he described as the varying strategies of the insurgent group. Speaking during a presidential media chat, President Jonathan gave reasons why he removed Gen. Andrew Azazi as the National Security Adviser, NSA; why he traveled to Brazil last Tuesday despite the carnage in Kaduna and Yobe states and the administration’s response to the recent scandal involving the House of Representatives ad-hoc committee on fuel subsidy management. For the first time President Jonathan also opened the lid on the differences between him and former President Umaru Yar‘adua on the public declaration of assets, noting that no one can blackmail him to now disclose his assets just as he affirmed that he would not dabble into speculations of his ambition concerning the 2015 presidential election. He,

nevertheless, revealed that he would not reveal his plans until next year. The live media chat was anchored by Ohi Alegbe with Tribune Editor, Edward Dickson; Ishak Modibo Kawu, Vanguard columnist and Maupe Ogun of Channels as panellists. Giving reasons for the recent sack of Azazi as NSA and Dr. Haliru Bello as Minister of Defence, he said that the security challenges faced by the administration has overtime evolved through various stages and forms necessitating changes in the administration to combat the growing insurgency. Jonathan said his decision to change his National Security Adviser is to conform with the changing tactics of the Boko Haram sect. According to him: “if you study the evolution of Boko Haram, they are changing their tactics every day, so you also have to change your staff and personnel to beat their styles.”

Why I travelled to Brazil — Jonathan


RTHUR C. Clarke once said: “The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.” This is a validation of the statement as quoted in Matthew 19:26: “But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” This laid credence to the fact that there is a God factor in achieving the impossible in once life. Your depth in God determines your height in life and your willingness to comply with His commandments and do His will without questioning is the key to the unlocking of your destiny. So seek God with all your heart and believe that nothing is impossible and He will grant you your heart desires.



Make it a practice to judge persons and things in the most favourable light at all times and under all circumstances —Saint Vincent de Paul


OVE allows understanding to dawn, and understanding is precious. Where you are understood, you are at home. Understanding nourishes belonging. When you really feel understood, you feel free to release yourself into the trust and shelter of the other person’s soul. No one else has access to the world you carry around within yourself; you are its custodian and entrance. No one else can see the world the way you see it. No one else can feel your life the way you feel it. Donohue sums it aptly! “Thus it is impossible to ever compare two people because each stands on such different ground. When you compare yourself to others, you are inviting envy into your consciousness; it can be a dangerous and destructive guest.” Focus on what you have and use it well. It will appreciate!

Responding to public criticism on his travel to Brazil despite the troubles in Kaduna and Yobe, he said the government would not allow the threats from the Islamic militant group to cripple the machinery of government. “It would have sent a negative signal to the international community, and the Boko Haram sect would have been seen to have achieved their aim of strangulating the government. “The aim of terrorists all over the world is to strangulate government and ensure that government does not function. If they know I did not travel because of their activities, they would rejoice. If I do not travel because of Boko Haram activities, why should foreigners want to travel to Nigeria? My inability to travel would send a negative signal to the international community,” he added. He thus vowed that the activities of the sect would not stop government functionaries from moving around or from doing their work, adding that it is committed to ensuring that all the arms of government keep faith with their various i n t e r n a t i o n a l commitments. “Boko Haram can not bring us to our knees, this government must keep faith with our international business allies, notwithstanding the threat of the sect. We must do all in our powers to stop them and we must stop them.”

Boko Haram aiming to destabilize my government Jonathan further stated that the aim of the Boko Haram sect is to destabilize the government, saying that the various attacks on churches are aimed at instigating religious violence. He also alleged that if Christians do not retaliate, the sect would adopt a change of strategy by attacking mosques, in a bid to achieve their aim. However, he promised that his government will surely bring the Boko Haram menace to an end.


“Boko Haram aims to destabilize the government. By attacking the churches, they hope that Christians will retaliate against the Muslims. If the Christians fail to retaliate, the same sect will start attacking mosques, hoping the Muslims will attack the Christians.” He said that the government is ready to dialogue with the sect, but that the only problem was that the sect is faceless and the government cannot dialogue with a faceless body or group.

Asset Declaration For the first time the President responded to critics on his failure to publicly declare his assets as he did when he was Vice-President. He explained that while he was Vice-President he disagreed with former President Yar‘adua on the principle of public declaration of assets saying that it was an unnecessary step. Describing it as an anomalous action, Jonathan said that he told the late President that they should not start something that they could not control saying that they could not as well compel all other senior officials of government to follow their action. He, however, confessed that he had to declare his assets publicly then because he was under President Yar‘adua, but affirmed that no one can now compel or intimidate him to do so, saying that would not “improve the economy, would not stop the Boko Haram menace and would not advance governance in any way.” “When I was Vice President, I declared my assets, because the President then did. In any case, between the time when I was Vice President and President was just a few months, so what would I have acquired within that short time?” He however, stated that he has nothing to hide and could even decide to declare tomorrow, if he so wishes. Speaking on the fight against corruption, he defended the government’s decision to sack the former boss of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Mrs. Farida Waziri, saying: “When I

give people work and assignment, I give them time and the latitude to do the job. It is when they are not performing that I take action. Everybody likes the new boss, Lamorde, people like his mode of operation and I do too.” He, however, noted the procedural difficulties in bringing corrupt persons to book. “To arrange a case file to prosecute corrupt criminals is difficult and it would be wrong to convict an innocent person. It is better for nine criminals to go scot-free than to convict one innocent person.” He urged the public to allow both Lamorde and the Acting Chairman of the Independent Corrupt Practices Commission, ICPC to do their job.

Fuel subsidy probe On the fuel subsidy probe scandal in the House of Representatives, he said the reference to patrons of the PDP as being behind the scandal was uncalled for. “The PDP has a board of trustees and since the fuel subsidy probe report was made known, no PDP member was indicted in that report. So the claims that PDP was indicted are wrong. All the noise that the President is part of the Farouk sting operation is wrong. Yes, I have heard about the Farouk issue and the matter is being investigated by relevant agencies. As a president I don’t have time for that. Femi Otedola is a business man, why would I be involved in the sting operation? “The questions on Farouk are questions you have to take up with the


SSS. One thing I discovered is that criticising Jonathan and J o n a t h a n ’ s administration is a serious business among Nigerians. People don’t know that I initiated the subsidy probe before the Senate and the House of Representatives started it. “Just yesterday I read a story in Punch Newspapers and I have directed the EFCC to start investigating Nigeria’s accounts in the United States following the newspaper report.” The President also asked Nigerians to give him time to fix the country’s epileptic power situation. He disclosed that some power transformers to address the issue were already on ground but regretted the absence of some needed infrastructure. “Some of the basic things needed before the importation of more transformers were not put in place. For example, the pipelines that would bring gas to the turbines have not been put in place. Where the transmission lines would pass are not ready also. However, with time we would get over it. “The gas Nigeria is depending upon belongs to multinational companies and they have invested heavily on it. It takes time to address this issue with the multinational companies, with time it would be addressed. Periodically, the Minister of Power will brief the country on this issue.”

Increase in PHCN Tariff On the increase in electricity tariff, he said: Continues on Page 13

6 — Vanguard, MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2012

Diya, Kolade, others pay tribute to Olusola BY PRISCA SAM-DURU

AGOS — NIGERIANS have continued to pay tribute to the late former Nigerian ambassador to Ethiopia, late Segun Olusola, who died last Thursday. At his family house in Surulere, Lagos, sympathisers defied the rain to commiserate with the family. From left: Deputy Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Industry, Princess Peace Nnaji; Lt.-Gen. Oladipo Diya Managing Director, Bank of Industry, Ms. Evelyn Oputu and Chairman, House Committee on Industry, (rtd) in his tribute, deMohammed Ogoshi Onawo, during a visit to the bank, at Marina, Lagos. scribed the late producer of the rested Village Headmaster as “a man embellished with knowledge, loving and kind. He had qualities any man would wish his children should emulate.” Diya said his encounter with Amb. Olusola in Enugu endeared the art patron to him as he demonstrated intellect relBY NDAHI and reputation of Islamic Islam, which is why we This is, therefore, a con- evance to the public, addMARAMA fighters, they will not are labelled ‘Muslim fun- spiracy by those that are ing that the former ambasdamentalists’, how on averse to the enthrone- sador was an intelligent AMATURU— SUS succeed, God’s willing. "Everyone knows that earth can we then at- ment of an Islamic state, and kind-hearted person. PECTED members we are waging Jihad to tempt to destroy a Mus- and they will not succeed Nigeria’s former High of the Jam’atul Ahlis restore the supremacy of lim place of worship. by God’s grace." Commissioner to the Sunnah Lidda’awati WalUnited Kingdom and head Jihad otherwise known of Subsidy Reinvestment as Boko Haram, yesterBoard, Dr. Christopher day, staged a daring atKolade, who also paid contack on the Damaturu dolence visit declined to prison on Gashua Road, make any statement, saying and set free 40 of their BY IKECHUKWU Kafarati that he was surMr Nzelu, said though he he was still mourning the members who were beNNOCHIRI prised when he heard that was with the plaintiff even culture activist. ing detained. BUJA — THE legal his name was used in fil- before the proceeding comA fleeing inmate was menced, Okoli never made He was a pillar of coast is gradually get- ing the suit. said to have been killed Okoli maintained that such allegation or informed strength while a prison warder ting clear for the possible though the principal of his him of any possible threat —Daughter recall of the suspended was injured during the President of the Court of chambers, Mr Amobi to his life. attack. He, therefore, pleaded for The eldest child of the late Police spokesperson, Appeal, Justice Isa Ayo Sa- Nzelu, appeared as his counsel in the matter, he a short adjournment of the ambassador, Ms Ronke Mr Frank Mba, who con- lami. A plaintiff, Mr. Wilfred never consented to either case to enable him sort out Ajibulu-Olusegun, defirmed the incident, said unknown gunmen Okoli, has formally applied the suit or the principal re- issues with his junior who scribed her late father as “a staged a jailbreak yester- to the Federal High Court liefs being sought against he said could have devel- pillar of strength, a fantasoped cold feet on the mat- tic human being, he cared day in Damaturu and in Abuja to discontinue fur- the suspended PCA. Besides, he told the court ter owing to the alleged for everybody without bothther hearing on the suit freed about 40 inmates, ering about a person’s naadding that a prison seeking to stop President that he had been receiving threats. Consequently, Justice tionality, grade, or whether warder was injured and Goodluck Jonathan from crank-calls from unknown that one fleeing inmate reinstating the embattled persons, threatening to deal Kafarati adjourned the case he is rich or poor. He loved with him for purportedly till September 26, even as people, was my mentor, was killed in a gunfight. PCA. In the notice of discon- frustrating moves to recall he ordered both parties to who had given me words In another developensure that the controversy of wisdom. He was a very ment, spokesman of the tinuance dated June 22, Mr Justice Salami. Meanwhile, his principal, was settled before that date. funny person and above Boko Haram sect, Abu Okoli relied on two all, he shared my humour, grounds to urge the court Qaqa, has said the sect joy, sorrow, and I will miss was not responsible for to hands off the matter. everything about him.” According to him, “I neibomb that was found in Ronke who spoke amidst a mosque in Kano, on ther gave consent nor autears, also said her father thorised that the suit be inFriday. “was a complete human Qaqa in a statement, stituted in the first instance. being. I know people say yesterday, said: “In re- I did not brief anybody Nigerian Non-Govern- nobody is perfect yet, my BY VICTORIA spect of what we heard whatsoever to commence OJEME mental Organisations, father was perfect. I saw in the media yesterday the suit on my behalf. I do NGOs. him in the hospital and said (Friday) that some peo- not have any cause of acBUJA—THE out-go Ram who expressed to him: I don’t know if it is ple attempted to detonate tion against any of the deing Israeli Ambassa- confidence in the capaca bomb in a Juma’at fendants.” dor in Nigeria, Mr ity of the county to over- the will of God that you come back to Him and I told Listed as defendants in Moshe Ram, weekend, mosque in Kano, this come the current security movement Jama’atu the suit were the National expressed confidence challenges said: “You him that if it was the will of Ahlissunnah Lidda’awati Judicial Council, NJC, Jus- that Nigeria will come must win this battle. The God, I needed him to do Wal-Jihad hereby disso- tice Salami, the Attorney out victorious in the cur- people of this country one last thing for me and that was that he waited till ciates itself from this act. General of the Federation rent war against terror. are capable of overcom"We are fully aware of and President Jonathan. The Israeli envoy spoke ing these challenges; it my sister who was in London come back. You would It would be recalled that at a farewell dinner orthis kind of conspiracy by is a matter of time and the SSS, following a simi- when the matter came up ganised for him and out- training. Nigerians are not believe it but my sister lar pattern of their coun- for hearing last Tuesday, the going Deputy Head of skillful and intelligent came back in the morning terparts in other coun- supposed plaintiff told pre- Mission, Mr George and you have no option of that fateful Thursday and tries to tarnish the image siding Justice Abdul Deek in, Abuja by some than to win this battle.” Baba died in the evening.


Boko Haram invades Damaturu Prison, frees 40 prisoners Denies plot to bomb Kano mosque


Plaintiff applies to discontinue hearing on anti-Salami suit


Israel confident of Nigeria’s victory over terror


Even in death, he did not change his good attributes.” Chief Raheem Oguntosin Taye, the Toluse of Ajaso-Ile Kingdom, Porto-Novo, who is the representative of Council of Yoruba Obas in Republic of Benin, said Olusola would be missed by the entire members of the council. He said he was shocked when he heard the news, adding that he was sent by the council to intimate Nigerians with what the late broadcaster had done in the Republic of Benin. According to him, “there was nothing like Yoruba Council of Oba until 2006 when Baba Olusola went to Benin and settled conflicts among Nigerians there. The council was the Ambassador ’s dream for the Yorubas in Benin and very quickly, it would convene an emergency meeting during which it would be agreed on how to immotalize him. We thank God that we have Jimmy Olusola who is just like his father, he will continue from where Baba stopped as the struggle continues”.

Kunle Bamtefa Kunle Bamtefa of Fuji House of Commotion fame who appeared overwhelmed with grief simply said: “My biological father brought him up, then he brought me up. He was indeed my father. He told me when I was very young that whatever I needed that I should not bother my father about it but that I should come to him. I was closer to him than my biological father because of the way he took care of me. I saw him on Wednesday and he did not recognize me anymore and I knew he was going. It's so hard to take but I wish him well.”

NANTAP president The president of the National Association of Theatre Arts Practitioners, NANTAP, Mufu Onifade, on his own part said: “I will miss him a lot, he was my adopted father. He brought me up into the larger scale of the culture sector and gave me necessary training, the kind of training you cannot get from the university environment. There were occasions when things were tough and I ran back to him especially when I became the president of NANTAP, Lagos Chapter. He was an actor so he understood the business."


Amuka urges Nigerians to eschew materialism Smart-Cole turns 70 BY JAPHET ALAKAM

AGOS — NIGERI ANS have been enjoined not to emphasize materialistic pursuit but seek things that will enrich the country. Mr Sam Amuka, publisher of Vanguard Newspapers, made the call in Lagos, weekend, at the 70th birthday celebration of musician, photojournalist, author and barber, Mr Sunmi Smart-Cole. The event attended by who is who in the society also saw the public presentation of his book, entitled Sunmi’s Lens — A medium Between Man and Nature and a photography exhibition of his works spanning 36 years, at Harbour Point, Lagos. Speaking in his capacity as chairman of the occasion, Amuka lamented that in pursuit of material things, Nigerians had lost many things that are essential to good life. Amuka said: “In the pursuit of material things, we have lost so much which is very essential to us. As a nation or country, we need to look back and speak to ourselves and ask ourselves the question: the way the country is going, are we better or happier with it? The answer is no.” He counselled Nigerians to pay attention to pictures and art works which, according to him, make for a happier nation. Describing the celebrant as a man who lived a very fulfilled life, he said he was successful in everything he did, and expressed his joy for the involvement of FirstBank Nigeria Plc in promoting his great artistic accomplishments. Amb. Emeka Anyaoku in his comment, described the celebrant as a versatile individual, noting that by virtue of what he has done in many fields, he is qualified to be called a man of all seasons. He thanked him for the great works he has done, especially the historic pictures he captured with his lens, adding that he is truly a man who belongs to all social status of the society. Yemi Ogunbiyi of Tanus Communications also described Smart-Cole as “a special breed that you don’t see often.” Recounting his days with Smart-Cole at Lagos Life, he recalled some of the spectacular jobs he


did that nearly put them in trouble but was later resolved. In his contribution, Oge Odueda of FirstBank, sponsors of the event, said the bank was very happy to partner with the brand, Sunmi Smart-Cole, because both of them are in the business of promoting culture. He said: “We are glad about the partnership because it is a partnership that is going to grow. The bank has a very robust policy of promoting the art especially theatre arts and photography and in future the public will see more of FirstBank as they continue to sponsor anything that will promote our cultural heritage.” The event was attended by many dignitaries, among them Gen. Ebitu Ukiwe, Akintola Williams, Paschal Dozie, Prof. David Araden, Prof. Yusuf Grillo, Mr Tunji Braithwait, Chief Philip Asiodu, Gen. Mobolaji Johnson, Oge Odueda, Odein Ajumogobia, Sarah Sosan, Abike Dabire-Erewa, Sammy Olagbanju.

ABOVE: From left: Chief Phillip Asiodu, unveiling the books; Mr. Oge Udeagha, Prof. David Aradeon and Mr. Sunmi SmartCole, celebrant, during the launching of Sunmi's Lens-Medium Between Man and Nature by Sunmi Smart-Cole and exhibition of photographs spanning 36 years at Harbour Point, Victoria Island, Lagos. Pix: Diran Oshe and Bunmi Azeez. RIGHT: From left: High Chief Onoye Joseph, representing Obi of Onitsha and Chief Emeka Anyaoku, former Secretary-General of the Commonwealth at the occasion.

Stop fooling Nigerians with your democratic posture, PDP tells ACN Confusion in Ogun over LG polls  As 9 aspirants accuse Amosun of imposition BY HENRY UMORU, OLASUNKANMI AKONI & DAUD OLATUNJI

BUJA — THE national leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, yesterday asked the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, to stop fooling Nigerians about its democratic posture. According to PDP, ACN is “a brood of dictators whose deceit and pretense to democracy are consistently hobbled by its habitual disregard for the rudiments of democratic process.” The PDP in a statement, yesterday, by its National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh, also asked the ACN to tell Nigerians how the former President of Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, Mr Rotimi Akeredolu, emerged as the governorship candidate of ACN for the Ondo election. This came barely 24 hours after the PDP tonguelashed ACN of non adherence to due process in the emer-


gence of Akeredolu. Metuh while reacting to the denial by the National Publicity Secretary of the ACN, Mr Lai Mohammed, that his party was yet to choose its gubernatorial candidate for the October 20 election in Ondo State, urged the “ACN to emerge from its cocoon of deceit to own up to its artful preference for the undemocratic style. He said: “Who is fooling who? The ACN apparatchiks under its Pontifex Maximus met in Lagos in clear aberration of all known tenets of democracy and handpicked Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu, the former President of the Nigerian Bar Association, as its candidate. The facts are there.” According to the PDP spokesperson, “if Akeredolu has not been handpicked in the ACN’s usual closed door, why are other aspirants protesting? Why are some of the 30 aspirants already going public with their disgust and

frustration with the on-going shenanigans in the ACN?"

list of candidates, asking OGSIEC to disregard the earlier one sent to it.

Confusion in Ogun over LG polls

Aggrieved aspirants threaten to defect

In Abeokuta,Ogun State capital, as the deadline for the substitution of chairmanship candidates by political parties given by Ogun State Independent Electoral Commission, OGSIEC, formally closed on Saturday night ahead of the July 14 local government elections, the electoral body and even the leading contending parties are in state of confusion over fielding of candidates for the crucial election. As at 4.00pm yesterday, the ruling Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, and leading opposition party, PDP, are having before the commission, two separate lists from factions presenting their chairmanship and councillorship candidates. Trouble began when the secretary of ACN, Alhaji Safi Awofeso sent another

The development has further compounded the crisis in ACN, as some aggrieved aspirants have threatened to defect to other political parties if the alleged imposition of candidates is not revisited before the end of the replacement and substitution of candidates which ended yesterday as stipulated by the state electoral body. A member of the commission and chairman of the screening committee, Mutiu Agboke, yesterday, denied receiving two lists fron ACN.

Aspirants accuse Amosun of imposition Meantime, nine chairmanship aspirants of the ACN in Remo North Local Government Area of Ogun

State have rejected the nomination of Chief Olufemi Shoyemi as the party’s flag bearer in the forthcoming council poll in the state. The aspirants, who registered their rejection in a communiqué at the end of a meeting, yesterday, accused Gov. Amosun of imposing Shoyemi on the people. Among the signatories are: Adebari Ajayi, Odofin Ajayi, Pelumi Olusola, Omotayo Ayodele, Comrade Adesegun Bamodu, Adekoya Sofodu, Olukayode Azeez Soetan, Enitan Olatunji Sofolabo and Samuel Segun Idowu. “At a meeting held at Ilara Remo, Ogun State, we collectively and equivocally reject the imposition of Chief Olufemi Shoyemi as the party’s flagbearer in the forth coming LG elections in Ogun State.” the aggrieved aspirants stated. They contended that Shoyemi did not have the political relevance in his war d 9 in Ode Remo and the entire Remo North LGA hence he shall be unable to deliver the LGA to the party during the forthcoming election.


8—Vanguard, MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2012

Lagos pastor, Chris Okotie second marriage crashes BY SAM EYOBOKA AGOS—THE second marriage of the General overseer of Household of God Ministry, Rev. Chris Okotie appears has collapsed. The flambouyant preacher and three times presidential candidate of FRESH Democratic Party made an unusual announcement himself, yesterday during his Sunday service. Sources close to the church told Vanguard that charismatic pastor whose first marriage to Tina broke down after 17 years shocked his congregation when he mounted the pulpit to announce that his celebrated marriage to Stephanie had broken down. According to the impeccable source, he said:


Director, National Open University, NOUN, Osogbo Study Centre, Dr Oluyemisi Pitan (right) presenting a gift to Governor Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State (middle) while his deputy, Mrs Grace Titi LaoyeTomori watches during their visit to the governor in his office, in Osogbo, Osun State.

Reps ask ECOWAS to stop deportation of Nigerians from Ghana BY OKEY NDIRIBE & EMMAN OVUAKPORIE BUJA—THE House of Representatives, weekend, called for the intervention of Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, parliament to prevent deportation of Nigerian businessmen from Ghana. Chairman of the Diaspora Committee of the House of Representatives, Mrs Abike Dabiri-Erewa last week led a lobby team to the ECOWAS parliament to appeal for intervention. Dabiri-Erewa, who also led the delegation to its Speaker, Sen. Ike Ekweremadu on the situation in Ghana, urged him to intervene in the matter to halt the deportation or the Nigerian government might consider breaking diplomatic ties with that country. “The Ghanaian Parliament has a law which says that before you can do petty business in Ghana, you must deposit $300,000. Most of these Nigerian traders in Ghana, deal in small things, such as CDs, videos, cassettes. So for you to say bring $300,000 before you can set up a petty business, is a bit hypocritical. This has been discussed at the Presidential level. “I remember when the Ghanaian President came here, we discussed it and he said: ‘no, it is not targeted at you and don’t worry about it.’ The Ghanaian Minister of Trade was even in Nigeria and assured that it was not targetted at Nigerians, that Nigerians are okay, but throughout last


week, Nigerian traders have been given the directive to leave within the week.” She added, “They based this on a Foreign Investment Act of 1994, which specifically directed that foreigners, including Nigerians, must register with a

minimum requirement of not less than $300,000 and this is about N46million, and even if the traders come together, I don’t think they will get N46million to do business there. “Ghana should not take us back to 28 years ago when we had issues in West

Africa”. The lawmaker, who expressed confidence in the ability of the Deputy Senate President, Sen. Ekweremadu to resolve the issue, called on the parliament to make haste and halt the agony of Nigerian traders in that country.

$620,000 bribery allegation: Olanipekun cautions Nigerians ENIOR Advocate of Ni geria, SAN, Chief Wole Olanipekun, SAN, weekend urged Nigerians not to rush into conclusions in the bribery allegation involving former Chairman of the House of Representatives ad-hoc Committee on fuel subsidy management, Farouk Lawan and oil magnate, Chief Femi Otedola until the matter has been thoroughly investigated. Speaking after the inauguration of Ikere-Ekiti Chapter of the Nigerian Bar A s s o c i a t i o n , NBA,Olanipekun said the way and manner the bribery allegation was made against the former leader of the Integrity Group in the National Assembly actually made the matter look senseless in the face of the law. Olanipekun argued that the allegation sounded unreal to every discernible minds because the claim and position canvassed by Otedola in his narration of how the 620,000 dollars was offered to Lawan , was not in tandem with the process of ‘entrapping’. According to him, the mere fact that


the bribery saga was not reported immediately the money exchanged hands left much to be desired His words: “The matter was made easy for Otedola to handle because he claimed that Lawan came to his house in Abuja to collect the bribe. If actually he put the security in the know of how he was being allegedly pressured to offer bribe against his conscience, Lawan should have been arrested at that point". “In security circle and an-

ywhere in the world, the victim is arrested on the spot when entrapping is being applied. But this was not the case in this issue and that was where I thought all these allegations against Lawan were senseless for now”. He further argued that “Marked money is usually done by applying powder on the money and this cannot last more than 24 hours. So, this issue is beyond my comprehension for now”.

“Stephanie and I are separated,” without any further explanation. His marriage to Stephanie, a mother of three in her previous marriage generated a lot of controversy with many people saying he should not have remarried in accordance with biblical principle but he quickly debunked such suggestions, saying that those people do not understand the Word of God. Since the marriage was contracted over three years ago, he had showered the bride with several gifts but the union is yet to produce a child. It is not clear whether that is the reason for the dissolution of the marriage a few days after his 51st birthday or if the marital problem was reason he did not celebrate his birthday on June 16.

NBA expresses worry over bombings, reprisal killings BY INNOCENT ANABA

AGOS — THE Nige r i a n Bar Association, NBA, weekend, expressed worry over the bombings, killings and reprisal killings in some parts of the country and called on the Federal Government to take urgent steps to check the development before it gets out of hand. The association also shifted its delegate conference earlier slated for Kaduna State to Abuja, following security concerns raised by recent bombing of three churches in Zaria and Kaduna and the reprisal attacks that followed the bombing, which left hundreds of persons dead. NBA President, Mr Joseph Daudu, SAN, who announced the shift in venue in Ikere, Ekiti State, at the inauguration


of the Ikere-Ekiti branch of the NBA said: “I have consulted widely with all segments of the Bar and the consensus is that the venue of our delegates’ conference be moved to another location. The delegates’ conference will now be held at Abuja on the dates previously agreed upon. The secretariat will provide further details.” On the state of the nation, he said: “Since the inception of this dispensation of democracy, from 1999 till date, there had been unprecedented shedding of the blood of innocent Nigerians. If it is not sectarian based riots, it is community riots. The hapless people of Nigeria have been visited by cataclysms like the Niger Delta agitations, Sharia riots, kidnappings, assassinations and all manner of crimes.

Egyptians celebrate Morsi's victory as president As experts warn Nigeria to be wary on security BY HUGO ODIOGOR, WITH AGENCY REPORT

UBILANT Egyptians yesterday trooped into the Tahrir Square to celebrate the declaration of Islamist Freedom and Justice party candidate, Mohamed Morsi, as the the country’s first democratic president as experts warned Nigeria to


be security wary of the new regime in Cairo. Morsi who enjoys massive support base of Muslim Brotherhood garnered 1.7 percent of last weekend’s run-off vote to succeed ailing Hosni Mubarak, who was overthrown 16 months ago after a popular uprising. But Senior Research Fellow at Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, Asso-

ciate Professor Fred Aja Agwu said Nigeria must be cautious on how it conducts its diplomacy with the new regime in the North Africa country which would show less enthusiasm about African affairs in preference to the politics of Arab league. Thousands of Brotherhood supporters burst into cheers on Cairo’s Tahrir Square, waving national flags, setting off fireworks

and chanting “Allahu Akbar!” or God is Great, greeting a dramatic victory, tempered by the army’s continuing role. “Say! Don’t fear! The military must go!” crowds chanted. For Morsi, a U.S.-educated engineer who spent time in jail under Mubarak, a spokesman said: “This is a testament to the resolve of the Egyptian people to make their voice heard.”


Vanguard, MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2012—9

2 killed over canoe tolls

Why bombings persist, by Don BY IKENNA ASOMBA


AGOS—TWO per sons were killed and several others injured, weekend, in a fight that broke out between factions of social miscreants over control of a canoe park in Ilaje, Bariga, area of Lagos. Three of the injured as at yesterday, were reportedly in critical condition in an undisclosed hospital. It was gathered that trouble stated after one of the factions stormed the canoe park at 10, Opere Street, close to the foot of Third Mainland Bridge, last Thursday, with dangerous weapons, to overthrow those collecting tolls from the canoe operators. But their action met stiff resistance, thereby leading to a free -for-all. The fight, as gathered, continued next day, where two persons were reportedly stabbed to death. Just as residents were smarting from the worrisome disturbance, a renewed fight broke out yesterday again, where the ear of a member of one of the warring factions was reportedly chopped off. Some Christian faithful, according to eye-witnesses were injured in the scuffle and while some vehicles' windscreens were smashed by the fighters. Contacted, Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Braid, a Deputy Superintendent of Police, said the fight was between loyalists of Ibro and Shagi, adding that policemen had condoned off the area to wade off any reprisal attack.



CELEBRATION:From left, Pastor Williams Kumuyi, General Overseer, Deeper Life Bible Church; Pastor Phillips Oluwi and Pastor John Olaosun during the church's Celebration of Miracles, at its International Bible Training Centre, Ayobo, Ipaja, Lagos. Photo: Bunmi Azeez.

NDLEA arrests widow; 66 wraps of drug recovered from her private part BY ALBERT AKPOR & DANIEL ETEGHE


KEJA—OPERATIVES of National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, weekend, arrested a 48-year-old widow, Mrs. Mande Fatima Bala, allegedly with 66 wraps of methamphetamine weighing one kilogramme, in her private parts at Murtala Muhammed International Airport,MMIA, Lagos. The suspect, Mrs. Bala, a graduate of accountancy, was apprehended when she attempted to board a Kenyan Airways flight to Nairobi.

Suspect makes history According to NDLEA, no suspect has ever inserted such a large quantity of drugs in his or her private part since its establishment in 1989. NDLEA Commander at

Lagos airport, Hamza Umar, said: “This is incredible. She was desperate, but I am happy that she was promptly detected. No suspect has ever inserted such a large quantity of drugs in his or her part in the country. Usually, cases of insertion are not more than 300 grammes. It is amazing.” Meanwhile, Chairman/ Chief Executive of the agency, Mr. Ahmadu Giadem, said everything about the suspect was disturbing.

How she was caught He stressed that the quantity of the drugs that the suspect inserted in her private part was so much that it affected her gait thus attracting attention of officials of the agency. He said: “Unfortunately, nemesis caught up with her when one of the wraps fell on the floor at the screening area as she

Litigation stalls Okota road reconstruction BY OLASUNKANMI AKONI KEJA—THE Lagos State Government has attributed the delay in the early completion of the ongoing road reconstruction of Ago Palace Way, Okota to litigation by property owners in the area. The Ago Palace Way is a strategic by-pass that not only links OshodiApapa Expressway to Amuwo-Odofin and Festac Town; it also opens up an alternative route from Festac/Amuwo to Ikotun, Ejigbo, Egbeda


and Isolo. In recent times, there had been expressions of concern about the pace and impact of the reconstruction works on the road, with the people complaining about demolition, cost of transportation, man-hours lost to traffic, non-availability of alternative routes and fear of flooding allegedly occasioned by the construction works. According to Commissioner for Works and Infrastructure, Dr. Kadri Hamzat, through Assistant Director, Press and Public Relations of the ministry, Mr. Biola

Fagunwa, arising from the complaints, the commissioner, in the company of the management and project staff of the ministry, visited the road three times recently to ascertain the state of things and find immediate solutions, adding that the visit had been revealing “and the basis for putting up palliatives.” Hamzat stated: “It has, however, become necessary to state in the overall interest of all that the effort of the government to provide a befitting road for the use of the people and residents alike is currently being hampered by litigation.”

bent down to pick up her belongings. Upon interrogation and examination, she confessed to the crime, stating that she was asked to swallow the drug, but was scared of death. In all, 66 wraps of methamphetamine with a total weight of one kilogramme was expelled from her private part.” Giade also noted that preliminary investigation carried out by the agency revealed that she lived in Australia for about two years before she was deported in 2010. Narrating her ordeals, the suspect, Mrs. Bala, a mother of three children and a widow, said she was lured into the act of illicit drug trafficking in order to pay her children’s school fees.

Why I did it, by Suspect “I am a widow with three children. It was N45,000 school fees for my child and landlord who is threatening to send me packing by July for not paying my rent that pushed me into drug business. I was instructed to swallow the drugs, but I was scared because I have never seen drugs in my life. I used to sell water and drinks after my husband died in an auto accident in 2007. Few years after, I lost everything and could not feed. I studied accountancy, but I have never practised” the 1992 graduate of accounting at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife, Osun State, said. She said: “I was given the drug in an hotel. I was afraid of death because I

have heard of people dying because of drug ingestion, so I decided to insert the wraps on my body. It was difficult because I could not walk normally, but I have to try my best to avoid suspicion. I have nobody to take care of my children.”

AGOS—AGAINST the backdrop of incessant bombing attacks by terrorists groups, Head, Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Dr. Abdul Hafeez Oladosu, has sued for national peace and unity, even as he blamed the attacks to uneven distribution of wealth in country. Speaking at the annual symposium of Lagos State University Muslim Community, LASUMC, Ojo, tagged: “Islam and Global Peace,” Oladosu flayed the incessant bombings in the country, tracing it to uneven distribution of wealth in the country. He said: “Terrorism and insecurity still pervade the country, owing to gaps which exist between the rich and poor. In our country, today, national security is taken to mean the security of the Presidency and his allies. If the citizens languish in abject poverty and their lives and properties are not secured, how will the nation be secured.”

Lagos sues Cross Country boss over alleged N595m fraud BY INNOCENT ANABA

AGOS—LAGOS State Government has filed a charge against the chairman of Cross Country Transport Limited, David Okorodudu, before a Lagos High Court over alleged property fraud estimated at about N595 million. The two-count charge is before Justice Candide Johnson. Okorodudu, according to the charge, was said to have defrauded the Chief Executive Officer of Tetrazini Food Limited, Donatus Okonkwo. Okorodudu, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of Car Link Limited, was said to have claimed that a property in Lekki area of Lagos, which he sold to Okonkwo for N595 million was free of all encumbrances. The property is situated at Plot A14, LekkiPennisula Phase 1, Lagos. But it was, discovered that Okorodudu’s claim was incorrect. Count one of the charge read: “Okorodudu, some time in April 2008, at Victoria Island, Lagos, in the Lagos Judicial Division, did obtain the sum of N595 million as full purchase


price of his property situates at Plot A14, LekkiPennisula Phase 1, from one Prince Donatus Okonkwo by fraudulently misrepresenting to the purchaser that he had paid to the Lagos State Government the full price and obtained deed of occupancy, knowing full well that such representation was false.” Trial judge, Justice Candide Johnson had threatened to issue a bench warrant against Okorodudu should he fail to appear in court. When the matter came up weekend, Okorodudu’s counsel, said his client had not been served with the charge as required by law. His lawyer, however, promised to produce Okorodudu in court at the next adjourned date, adding that he had filed an application to quash the charge on the ground that the court lacked the jurisdiction to hear same. But the prosecuting counsel said he had earlier planned to ask for bench warrant against Okorodudu in accordance with Section 258 of Administration of Criminal Justice Law in Lagos State, because the accused had been served with the charge. C M Y K


True federalism, panacea to security challenges — Mimiko BY DAYO JOHNSON

KURE—GOVER NOR Olusegun Mimiko, weekend, said that the resurgence of incessant criminal activities in some parts of the country could only be effectively curbed if Nigeria embraces the practice of true federalism. Mimiko said this while addressing participants at the 9th All-Yoruba Youth Conference organised by Coalition of Oodua SelfDetermination Groups in Akure. He said true federalism would encourage devolution of powers from the Federal Government to states and local councils and would guarantee effective policing. The governor expressed concern that the Federal Government had not been able to curtail the activities of gunmen in the northern part of the country because external security agents were drafted there.


CHIEF OGUFERE @ 80: From left, Chief Bengy Apollo; Chief Dick Gberevbie, JP; Chief Sunny Odogwu, business mogul and Ide Ahaba; Chief Jonathan Ogufere, President, Association of Sports Veterans, Nigeria and former WAFU President, celebrator and his wife, Christianah, during Chief Ogufere's 80th birthday celebration, in Surulere, Lagos. Photo: Lamidi Bamidele.

Oyelese kicks as PDP hands over list of board appointments to Akala BY OLA AJAYI

BADAN—THE hand ing over of the list of allocated federal board positions to former governor of Oyo State, Otunba Adebayo Alao-Akala, by the South-West Zonal Chairman of Peoples' Democratic Party, PDP, Mr. Segun Oni, has worsened the leadership crisis in the party. The alleged action by Oni has been described by some founding fathers of the party as robbing Paul to pay Peter. To them, the zonal leader had reneged on his promise that he would not be partisan or recognise one faction at the expense of the other. Speaking on behalf of the founding fathers in Ibadan, weekend, a former Minister of Power and Steel, Elder Wole Oyelese, said what Oni had done negated his pronouncement when he received the baton of leadership of the party.


Poser for Oni Oyelese said: “One may wish to ask Oni as to what has really changed in the situation in Oyo State PDP that influenced and encouraged his decision to hand over the list of allocated federal board positions to Otunba AlaoAkala and his self-appointed chairman.” He said it was highlydisappointing that the optimism and confidence and the attendant goodwill generated by the bold statement of Oni during his maiden visit to Oyo

State condemning the kangaroo parallel state congresses held by two factions of the party could be so easily frittered away by him.

Oyelese attacks Oni Instead of carrying along all necessary stakeholders in the party in bringing the crisis to an end, Oyelese alleged that Oni did the opposite by giving surreptitious support to a faction of the party. The former minister said: “For those who knew of the level of corruption perpetrated by some individuals in the last administration and national executive as regards Oyo State PDP crisis and used same for pecuniary benefits, an action that is responsible for the intractable nature of the crisis, Oni’s action is indeed, a worrisome and sad development.” The chieftains of the party noted that there was definitely no honourable excuse for the action as Oni had now allegedly made himself a tool in Alao-Akala’s hand. He stressed that the zonal chairman was aware and he had made statements to the effect that there had not been any credible congresses in Oyo State PDP and had stated that he would not recognise any executive in Oyo State as there was no legally-constituted one that was fair to all. He said: “The truth and stark reality is that any steps taken on Oyo State PDP crisis that does not

address the issues right from the ward to the state level would be an exercise in futility and this portends great danger to the survival of a virile party.” He reminded the zonal leader that besides the two warring groups who are of the same political root that joined the party at a later

stage, he should know that there were also the founding fathers and leaders who felt disgusted by the goings-on of the trouble makers during the congress and thus refused to be part of the madding crowd at Obafemi Awolowo and Olubadan stadia, Ibadan.

Aregbesola plans to surpass Awolowo's policy


SOGBO—GOVER NOR of Osun State, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, has said the aim of his administration was to produce students who can compete effectively and perform excellently like their counterparts in advanced countries to match and exceed the feat of the late Premier of the defunct Western Region, Chief Obafemi Awolowo. The governor said so far, his administration has reconnected with the path to sound education, economic development and social progress. Aregbesola spoke at Oduduwa Hall of Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU, Ile-Ife, during the 2012 Celebration of Obafemi Awolowo Free Education Initiative, organised by the Faculty of Education of the institution. Represented by his deputy, Otunba Titilayo Laoye-Tomori, the governor said the idea of the late Chief Awolowo was to ensure education that could empower Nigerian youths to be roundly relevant in meeting challenges.

He said: “He considered such education as so important that it has to be made accessible to and affordable for everybody.” This, he recalled, informed what he called “Awolowo’s ground-breaking initiative of free education” in Western Region, stressing that the brains, bodies and minds of those who received this form of educational training were fully developed.

Mimiko lamented the extent of carnage and destruction of valuable private and public property by the gunmen, stressing that the perpetrators and their sponsors would have been identified and arrested if the security agents on their trail were members of their community. He urged relevant arms of government to work towards achieving true federalism in the country to guarantee effective security of life and property and peaceful co-existence. He said: “True federalism is practicable and achievable in our country. What the federal authorities need do is to devolve necessary powers to states in terms of security and resource control. “Each of the states should be in control of the security of their area while the federal authorities should empower them economically to tackle any man-made, natural or environmental challenge.

Daniel eulogises Olusola


AGAMU—FORMER governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, has said that Nigeria has lost a committed patriot who spent his entire life in the service of the country with the death of Chief Segun Olusola. He stated this in Sagamu while reacting to the death of the country’s former ambassador to Ethiopia. Daniel described Olusola as a leading promoter of culture who was also deeply involved in conflict-resolution and peace-building in Nigeria and across Africa. He said the departed elder statesman was a man of many parts who

contributed immensely to the development of television, culture, diplomacy and other facets of life in the country. ”In the death of Ambassador Olusola, Nigeria has lost a diplomat, peace builder, foremost promoter of culture, humanist , patriot, a consummate writer and dramatist . ''He contributed immensely to the development of Nigeria with his sterling role in the growth of television through the Village Headmaster series which he created. The African Refugee Foundation which he founded reached out to vulnerable people all over the continent and beyond.''

Ekiti Federal varsity extends admission process


DO-EKITI—FED ERAL University, Oye-Ekiti Ekiti State, has extended the registration and biometric data capturing period for applicants seeking admission for the 2012/2013 academic session in the institution from tomorrow till Saturday June 30. The post-UTME test period, however, remains from Monday July 9 to Friday, July 20. The extention is to provide equal opportunity for all applicants who chose the institution as their first or second choice but could not for one reason or the other complete the

biometric/profile update within the stipulated period. A statement by the Head, Public Relations and Information Unit of the institution, Mr Chuka

Okoli, asked eligible candidates to endevour to complete the process within the period of extension as there would be no further extension of the period by the university.

35Mw power station for Ondo BY DAYO JOHNSON

KURE—A power plant being constructed by Ondo State Government to generate 35 megawatts of electricity using gas turbine at Omotosho town will soon be completed. Commissioner for Commerce and Industry, Mr. Omotayo Akinjomo, said


the move to industrialise the state would soon be achieved with its power generation efforts. He said the multi-million naira power plant will complement the 835 megawatts plant being constructed by the Federal Government out of which 335 megawatts had been delivered under phase one. C M Y K

Vanguard, MONDAYDAY, JUNE 25, 2012—11

YO—ALL is now set for a one-day official visit of President Goodluck Jonathan to Akwa Ibom State. President Jonathan, who will declare open the 2012 retreat of senators in Uyo, is also expected to commission the ultramodern Ibom e-library as well as the six-lane Aka/ Nung Udoe Road project, both executed by the government of Chief Godswill Akpabio. The state is hosting the President for the third time since his assumption of

11 coy chiefs arrested over alleged U N5bn tax fraud in Delta BY EMMAAMAIZE & AKPOKONA OMAFUAIRE


ARRI—ELEVEN officials of banks and chief executives of corporate organisations in Delta State, have been arrested in the past one week by the police over alleged tax frauds, estimated at N5.5billion. Their arrest followed an “operation clampdown on defaulters,” launched by the Delta State Board of Internal Revenue, DBIR, in conjunction with police to recover the N29 billon tax owed the state government by companies and corporate organisations. Amongthoseinpolicenetwere a management staff of a new generation bank, Warri, branch, allegedly indebted to the tune of N31million,beingtaxdeductions

from staff; Chief Executive of Lamesco Nigeria Limited, Warri, whosecompanywaspurportedly owing N23 million; Operations ManagerofViceloNigeriaLimited, Warri for failure to pay tax deductions, amounting to N1.8 million. Others arrested were an official ofMamatnInternationalLimited, Warri,acompanysaidtobeowing over N79Million; Assistant Manager of Mainstreet Bank, Effurun for a tax evasion of over N554Million; Chief Executive Officerof GodvicsNigeriaLimited, said to be owing N44 million tax. Chief Accountant of Wesco

Engineering Limited, Effurun alsobeingheldinconnectionwith over N123 million tax evasion; Internal Controller of Keystone Bank, was said to be discussing with the police over non remittance of over N262 million by his company, while his counterpart Enterprise Bank (former Spring Bank) Effurun, is helping the police on the N79 million owed by his bank. ZonalManagerofUtagba-Uno Rubber Estate and Financial ControllerofGrandHotel,Asaba, were also arrested for tax default of N101 million and N59 million respectively.

School of Health: Community dismisses crisis report


G H E L L I — FOLLOWING reports of a dispute between the management and students of School of Health Technology, Ofuoma, Ughelli North Local Government, Delta State, the community has called on the public to disregard the report. Speaking on behalf of the community, Mr. Chris Eriyamremu, a youth leader, said the people of Ofuoma are peace-loving

and law abiding, saying the report should be disregarded in its entirety. He commended the Provost of the School, Pharmacist Benson Ogheneroro, for managing the school effectively. He said: “The Provost of the School, Mr, Benson Ogheneroro has been doing a good job, he should be commended for creating the enabling atmosphere for effective learning."

Akwa Ibom set to host Udoe Road were ready for the Jonathan President’s visit. leadership of the country. The projects executed by the Akpabio administration, which is fast transforming Akwa Ibom into a model state, a source said, may have inspired the choice of the state by the National Assembly. Confirmingthedevelopmentto reporters,stateCommissionerfor Information and Communications, Mr Aniekan Umanah, said the state of the art e-library and the Aka- Nung

Oshiomhole now Knight of is blessed to have Mr St Paul Oshiomhole as governor. BY SIMON EBEGBULEM


ENIN CITY— GOVERNOR Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State has been invested with the Knighthood Order of St. Paul. The Bishop of Bomadi vicarage, Most Rev. Hycinth Egbebor, who represented, Most Rev. Augustine Akubeze, Achbishop, Catholic ArchDiocese of Benin City, during the Knighthood investiture of the governor and 21 others at the St. Paul’s Catholic Church, yesterday, said Edo State

He said: “The governor has brought beauty to bear in the governance of the state. I am not a politician and I am not campaigning for him. He does not know me, but as I entered Benin City, I discovered that a difference has been made.” He said that the investiture of the knighthood on the recipients was to encourage them to do much more in the service of the Lord and to do good with their resources to enable them have treasures in heaven.

The e-library which is billed for commissioning by the President is the first of its kind in Africa, with both an e-component facility with over 16,000,000 e-books and journals, and more than 30,000 hardcopybooksandotherfacilities for all categories of library users.

Passage RS ANNA Okwurionu,72,ofAliagor in Alisimie, Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State, is dead. She died on Saturday, June 16. Until her death, she was a community leader and devout Christian. She is survived by a widower , Mr. Ahiuma-Young Okwurionu, brother Gabriel Koyengwuaehi, eight children including Victor Ahiuma-Young of Vanguard Newspapers,andgrandchildren. Burial arrangement will be announced later.


Late Anna Okwurionu

12—Vanguard, MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2012

Edo guber: Bini Chief Priest flays politics of ethnicity Says Oshiomhole is Bini candidate BY SIMON EBEGBULEM


From left: Minister of Information, Mallam Labaran Maku, Senior Special Adviser to Delta State Governor on Global Relations, Mr. Oma Djebah and Abuja-based legal practitioner, Mr. Christian Akpodiete during a public workshop on freedom of information act in Abuja, weekend.

ENIN CITY—THE Isekhure (Chief Priest) of Benin Kingdom, Chief Nosakhare Isekhure, has condemned what he described as damaging propaganda of ethnic politics “currentlypeddledbysomeofour people to create disunity and disharmony across the state.” He insisted that Benin people were satisfied with the performance of Governor Adams Oshiomhole in three and half years, adding that the current propagandawillfailbecause“we have been involved in partisan politics as the constitution and

JTF kills 6 pirates in Bayelsa BY SAMUEL OYADONGHA


E N A G O A — Operatives of Joint Task Force in Niger Delta codenamed Operation Pulo Shield, have smashed a seven-man gang pirates terrorizing commuters along the River Ramos on the Atlantic fringe of Agge in Ekeremor Local Government Area of Bayelsa State. Six members of the gang were reportedly killed in a shoot out between men of JTF and the hoodlums while one other escaped. A source told Vanguard that JTF operatives were on routine patrol of the river and adjoining creeks, following report of the unwholesome activities of pirates in the area when they came face to face with the hoodlums. It was learnt that the hoodlums on sighting the JTF patrol team opened fire on them and the soldiers responded and killed six members of the gang.

A member of the gang reportedly escaped with gun shot wounds. Relieved residents of the coastal enclave, it was learnt, yesterday, besieged the Agge base of the security outfit to catch a glimpse of the deceased suspects. Contacted, Media Coordinator of JTF, Lt-Col Onyema Nwachukwu, confirmed the incident,

ARRI—President of Niger Delta Democrats, NDD, Mr Gbaboyo Wurus, has called on the new National Security Adviser, NSA, Col Sambo Dasuki (rtd) to urgently work out strategies to stem the rising wave of activities of Islamist sect, ‘Boko Haram’ and other security challenges facing the country. Wurus in a statement in Warri, Delta State, said the incessant bombings carried out by the sect, had defiled security strategies, adding that it had given Nigeria a negative image before the world, typical of what is going on in the Middle East.

the encounter while one escaped into the river with gun shot wounds.” Items recovered from the hoodlums, included one 200 horse power speedboat, two single barrel gun, seven mobile phones, two hack saw blades, four wraps of substance suspected to be Indian hemp and four torchlights.

We gained nothing from militancy —Oil communities As Tompolo, Boyloaf disagree BY EMMAAMAIZE ARRI—THREE years after militants surrendered their arms and accepted amnesty in 2009, the people of the oil-bearing communities, across the six states of South-South region, have said they gained nothing from militancy. They insisted that it was only the ex-militant


Group tasks Dasuki on The NDD President insecurity noted that it was regrettable


saying six members of the gang were killed. He said: “About 5pm on June 23, troops of JTF Operation Pulo Shield at Agge while on patrol along River Ramos encountered a gang of seven suspected pirates. On sighting our troops, the pirates opened fire and our patrol troops immediately returned fire. “Six pirates were killed in

that Nigeria had been listed as a terror country, adding that the task before Col Dasuki, was how to ensure that the activities of the Islamist sect waschecked. Noting that activities of the Islamic sect had ridiculed the effort of President Goodluck Jonathan’s drive towards attracting foreign investors, as the (investors) were scared. Wurus said the investors now described the country as an unsafe haven. He commended the former NSA, General Owoeye Azazi (rtd) for his meritorious service to the country, pointing that he remained an icon in the country and urged him to offer his services whenever it was needed in the country.

leaders, some of their fighters and backers that benefitted from militancy by enriching themselves, owning palatial houses and buying glitzy automobiles with fat bank accounts. However, two exmilitant leaders: G o v e r n m e n t Ekpemupolo, alias Tompolo, and Victor Ebikabowei Ben, alias Boyloaf, disagreed on the benefits of militancy. While Tompolo told Vanguard that the struggle succeeded, although the gains were slow in coming, Boyloaf said there was nothing on ground to show that the region gained from the struggle. According to Boyloaf, there was nothing to write home about the benefit of militancy, as the process had been hijacked by few persons, who were allegedly misinforming and misleading President Goodluck Jonathan. "As far as the oil communities are concerned, Niger Delta youths should forget about militancy as a means of attracting development to the region because it had

done the people more harm than good." Chief Austin Desiken of Bakiri community, Bayelsa State, said: “Militancy has not benefitted the people of Niger Delta, rather it had slowed down our development.” His Azamabiri community counterpart, Emmanuel Edi, who corroborated his stand, said: “I can tell you that here in Azamabiri, militancy was of no benefit to my people. We don’t want militants anymore in Niger Delta.”

party politics demand, without giving consideration to ethnicity but rather to the quality and integrity of the political actors.” Isekhure who described as misleading and untrue, rumours that the Benin royal family had directed the Bini to vote for a particular Benin candidate in the forthcoming July 14, governorship election, weekend, said that Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, underdeveloped the state for 10 years and it would be unwise for the people of the state to go back to dark ages by voting for PDP based on ethnicity. Insisting that the Binis will show gratitude to Governor Oshiomhole by giving him their

C-River spends N21bn on rural roads the 18 local government BY JOHNBOSCO AGBAKWURU ALABAR—CROSS River State Government has spent N21.3 billion for the construction of 474 kilometres of roads under the Cross River Rural Access and Mobility Project, CR-RAMP. Briefing newsmen, weekend, state Commissioner for Information, Chief Akin Ricketts, said it was the intention of the state government to provide access roads in all the rural communities that make up



ENIN—A group of Edo people in the Diaspora, the Usen Development Foundation, has thrown its support behind the reelectionofMrAdamsOshiomhole as governor of the state.. A statement by the United States of America- based group, signed by its Secretary-General, Mr. Osaro Igiede, said their decision was based on Oshiomhole’s unparalleled developmenteffortsandforgiving

areas in the state. Ricketts explained that in the past four years of the Governor Liyel Imoke-led administration, there had been massive infrastructural development despite the lean resources, adding that rural dwellers enjoyed the same facilities that those in the urban areas were enjoying in the state. He said: “Development of Cross River State rural road infrastructure objective conforms to the Federal Government policy towards the provision of serviceable, efficient and well integrated rural and urban road network in the country.”

NULGE election: Workers protest planned imposition of Ofoeyeno to impose Mr candidate Emmanuel Uwadewhe, BY FESTUS AHON

G H E L L I — P R O TESTING council workers in Ughelli South Local Government, Delta State, weekend, shut, the council secretariat over alleged moves by President of the state chapter of Nigeria Union of Local Government Employees, NULGE, Mr. David


US-based group endorses Oshiomhole's 2nd term bid BY GABRIEL ENOGHOLASE

total support in the forthcoming governorshipelectioninthestate, he said: “The Benin people voted for both Jeretom Marierie and Chief Denis Osadebey as both governor and premier of Midwestern State. “The same political feat was repeated in 1979 when Professor Ambrose Alli emerged as Governor of Bendel State against two Benin contestants. Today, the emergence of Oshiomhole is an extended gesture of our consistent political maturity that seeks to pursue politics of sound mind where the demand for servicetothepeopleformthecore consideration of who to pick to deliver the political goods.”

voice to the people. He said: “Oshiomhole, this is a first in our years of existence. We truly believed, after carefully weighing our options to unconditionally call on our brothers, sisters, parents and colleagues in position of leadership in the state to stand byyoutovictory.Youhaveshown that you are fearless, you have personal presence, a man of substance, confidence, and our mandate to take Edo State to a new level of development and security. We are here to support you all the way to victory.”

incumbent Chairman of the council’s branch of the union on them in the forthcoming union election. The 24 health care centres in the council were also shut by the workers, who vowed to resist what they described as “disqualification without any justifiable reason” of one of the chairmanship aspirants, Mr Jimmy Faka by the state executive of the union. Issuing a 12-hour ultimatum to the state executive of the union to revisit the list of those vying for the election and include that of Jimmy Faka, the workers said the council would remain closed until their demand was met. The protesting workers, carried placards with inscriptions such as “We want free and fair election,” “Ofoeyeno, don’t set Ughelli South Local Government on fire,” “No to arbitrary disqualification of candidates,” “Our union is bigger than a single individual,” among others.

Vanguard, MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2012—13

Abia to pay teachers' salaries in mission schools BY ANAYO OKOLI


From left: Chief Ayo Odubanjo, Igwe Alex Nwokedi, The Celebrant, Obi of Onitsha, HRM Igwe Nnaemeka Achebe, Oba of Lagos, Riliwan Akiolu, and Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuwade during the 10th year coronation and 71st Birthday of Obi of Onitsha organised by Diamond Bank Plc.

MUAHIA—ABIA State Government has accepted to pay salaries and allowances of teachers in the mission schools it planned to hand over to original owners in August. The government would also pay the pensions and gratuities of the teachers when the take over is executed. Governor Theodore Orji disclosed this while meeting with proprietors of the mission schools who visited him at the Government House, Umuahia to discuss modalities for the hand over of schools. Governor Orji had last year promised to handover

the schools to their original missionary owners before they were taken over by government in 1970 after the civil war. It will be recalled that an Executive Bill was presented to the Abia State House of Assembly in March last year to that effect and was passed into law in May to pave way for the exercise to take effect. Receiving the Proprietors of Mission Schools led by its chairman and Catholic Bishop of Umuahia Diocese, Dr. Lucious Ugorji, the governor assured them that his administration would also undertake to pay other entitlements of the affected teachers.

Commissioner expresses worry over discrimination against the physically challenged p r a c t i c e s . dren were not discriminatBY TONY EDIKE NUGU— THE Enugu State Commissioner for Gender Affairs and Social Development, Mrs. Ndidi Chukwu, has expressed displeasure over the continued discrimination against physically challenged children in the society. The commissioner who spoke at an event marking the 2012 African Child Day, lamented that physically children were often exploited, brutalized, trafficked and even killed despite the sustained campaign against such obnoxious


PARTNERSHIP—From left: Mr. Wasiu Alabi Pasuma, Fuji Musician; Mr. Bode Opeseyitan, Director Event/Sponsorship, Glo; Ms Collete Otusesan, Head, Marketing Communication, MTV Base; Mr. Bright Okpocha, Comedian and Mr. Kunle Afolayan during the launching of partnership between Glo and MTV base in Nigeria. Photo: Joe Akintola, Photo Editor.

Okadigbo's wife accuses Anambra police of harassment...sues IGP BY VINCENT UJUMADU WKA—WIFE of late former Senate President, Dr Chuba Okadigbo, Mrs Margery Okadigbo, said weekend that she decided to sue the Inspector General of Police, Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar to court for incessant harassment by the police. In the suit, Okadigbo is praying the court for the enforcement of her fundamental human rights, lamenting that for some time, the police had been inviting her to the Anambra State police headquarters over an allegation of forgery when she did not commit any offence. Joined in the suit are the


Assistant Inspector General of Police in-charge of Zone 9-Umuahia, Mr. Solomon Olusegun and the Anambra State Police Commissioner, Mr. Ballah Nassarawa. Okadigbo, who is claiming to be the rightful candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, for Anambra North senatorial zone in the April 2011 election, is contesting the seat with two other persons, Prince John Emeka; a former transport minister and Senator Alphonsus Igbeke, who was the immediate past senator that represented the zone. The case to determine who was the validly nominated candidate of PDP in the election had gone

up to the Supreme Court, which had fixed July 6, 2012 for judgment on the matter. According to Okadigbo, the police had consistently been inviting her to report at the station over allegation of forgery of some documents pertaining to the senatorial election. She said while she was busy making preparations for her father’s burial, she was again invited by the police, noting that she became apprehensive when the police declined to intimate her on why they were desperately looking for her. She accused the Anambra State police command of allegedly harassing her, using the

name of the Inspector General of Police and wondered why the same police that assigned some of its officers to protect her when she reported a case of threat to her life by some unknown persons, should turn around to say they were looking for her for alleged forgery. Anambra State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. Emeka Chukwuemeka, who did not give details concerning the court action by Okadigbo, explained that the matter was already being addressed by the state commissioner of police through the legal department of the command.

Mrs. Chukwu listed certain areas that needed to be given special attention to ensure that physically chil-

ed against as “the link between poverty and disability; social attitudes, stigma and discrimination.

Why I sacked Azazi — Jonathan Continues from Page 5 “Nigerians have been paying tariffs before now. What we did was to adjust the tariff for Nigerians to pay more. Those with low income will pay less than what they were paying before now, while higher income consumers will pay more. “If we can generate electricity freely and distribute it freely without it affecting our economy we would have done so.” On the time frame for steady power supply, he said the government is working to improve the power situation in the country, adding however, that the government cannot give a specific time frame." The President also spoke on his administration’s efforts to revive the railways saying that his government should be praised for what it has done.

2015 Presidency Asked on his plans for the 2015 elections, the President said that it was quite early to make a declaration saying that he would not allow himself to be distracted on the issue. Pressed on the issue, the President said he would not make his public intention until two years into the lifespan of his administration.

“When you ask me about 2015, I will say that it is not proper for any president given our circumstances. If I say so, whether left or right, people will misinterpret it. “We have just spent one year. If I say I am running, the polity will be overheated. Allow us at least the next two years before we start talking about 2015. “I said so during one of our PDP meetings that we should concentrate now and forget about 2015 debate. If we start campaigning now, we will end up campaigning for the next four years.”

UNILAG Defending the process in renaming the University of Lagos after the late democracy icon, Moshood Abiola, he said that there is no law compelling him to send a proposal to the National Assembly before declaring the name change. “In establishing a university, the university is set up first, before it is sent to the National Assembly to ratify. In name change, we have to declare the new name before sending it to the National Assembly. “There is no law that says that we must first of all consult with the National Assembly or the Senate of the University before coming up with the new name."

14—Vanguard, MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2012

Oil firm drags Reps to court over N13.2bn subsidy fund to make presentation on information about its opBY INNOCENT ANABA

NTEGRATED Oil and Gas Limited, has dragged the House of Representatives and Mr. Farouk Lawan-led Ad-hoc Committee on the Monitoring of the Subsidy Regime before a Federal High Court sitting in Abuja. The oil marketing company is contending in the suit that when the committee was set up, it wrote its Managing Director, MD,


BRIEFING: Rev. Joseph Agboli, General Overseer, Victorious Army Ministries International (middle); Elder Victor Ola (left) and Deacon Onyekachukwu Ezechina, at a briefing on the 17th faith celebration anniversary with the theme, The God of Vengeance, in Lagos, weekend. PHOTO: Biodun Ogunleye.

Azazi, Mohammed sack not enough — CNPP BY CHRIS OCHAYI


BUJA—CONFERENCE of Nigerian Political Parties, CNPP, yesterday, challenged President Goodluck Jonathan to overhaul the entire security apparatus, saying that sacking the National Security Adviser, NSA, General Andrew Azazi(rtd), and Minister of Defence, Dr. Bello Mohammed, was not enough to address the level of insecurity in the country. CNPP, in a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Osita

Okechukwu in Abuja, noted that the removal of the two security chiefs was a first step in the right direction, but called for the total overhaul of the security apparatus. He said: “To us, security apparatus architecture comprises the core commanders, equipment and strategy-cum tactics. “In this context, the removal of General Azazi and Dr Mohammed is a tip of the iceberg in the genuine effort to arresting the Boko Haram-induced dangerous slide of Nigeria to a failed state.”

Dana crash: Delta mourns industrialist HE people of Uwheru community in Delta State are still mourning one of their illustrious sons, Apostle Stafford Obruche, who died in the ill-fated Dana air crash. Obruche was the Chief Executive Officer, CEO, of Imoniyame Holdings Limited, a rubber processing factory. Speaking at the Delta Beyond Oil Forum, Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta State eulogised Mr. Obruche for his contribution to agriculture with his rubber factory in Ughelli, which employs over 1,000



people. Special Adviser to the Governor on Health Monitoring, Dr. Rukevwe Ugwumba, said: “Mr. Obruche travelled to the United States and was already on the shores of Nigeria returning home only to be snatched away from us by the cold hands of death.” During her condolence visit to the Obruches' family in Surulere, Lagos, Ugwumba said his death was a colossal loss to the Uwheru people, Delta State and Nigeria in general.

its activities as they affect the importation and distribution of petroleum products, which he honoured. It said that while the MD was making the presentation, no issue of impropriety was levelled or raised against him, neither was any impression or indication given that there was any discrepancy and its MD left, convinced that he satisfied the committee and provided all necessary

erations with regard to the subsidy, only for the committee to come up with its findings, alleging impropriety against it and a resolution that it should refund N13.2 billion. Other defendants in the suit are the Attorney-General of the Federation; Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC; Independent Corrupt Practices and Commission, ICPC, and the Inspector-General of Police.

Reps ask S/Court, others to render account or refund N393m BY OKEY NDIRIBE & EMMAN OVUAKPORIE


BUJA—CHAIRMAN of House of Representatives Public Accounts Committee, Mr. Adeola Olamilekan, has advised the Federal Government to scrap the service-wide vote as a budget head, since it encourages financial profligacy among public servants. Olamilekan advocated this, weekend, during the public hearing of the committee, when representatives of several public institutions were tongue-lashed for dipping their hands into the fund without giving account. Among chief government institutions that were given an ultimatum of one week or risk being ordered to refund their extra-budgetary expenditures were the Supreme Court, National Planning Commission and Bureau for Public Enterprises, BPE. The Supreme Court Team, led by the Deputy Chief Registrar, Ahmed Saleh was given a deadline of one week to reconcile its accounts or be compelled to refund N78 million, which the apex court claimed was used for the refurbishment

of the official residences of Supreme Court judges in Lagos in 2006. Olamilekan pointed out that while the actual amount appropriated for the Supreme Court that year was N523 million, the apex court overspent its allocation by N78 million through the allocation to servicewide vote. He observed that N26 million, which was used to refurbish one of the Houses in Lagos in 2006, could

have been used to erect a new building. The total amount utilised for the refurbishment of the houses of the apex court judges was N94 million in 2006. Olamilekan said his committee’s observation was infallible if the Director of Finance and Administration, DFA, of the apex court admitted that the Accountant-General of the Federation’s financial statements, as it related to the Supreme Court for 2006, was right.

The Committee Chairman postponed further hearing on the matter until next week to enable the relevant officials procure and present all the needed documents before the House. National Planning Commission and BPE, which also appeared before the Committee, were also given the same deadline or refund N152 million and N163 million, respectively, to the federation account.

ACN, PDP trade blames over attack on ex-ministers' houses BY PETER DURU


AKURDI—THERE is tension in Benue State following the coordinated attacks and destruction of the Makurdi and Gboko homes of former ministers and Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, chieftains— Wantaregh Unongo and Chief Issac Shaahu— by unknown arsonists. Everything in the Gboko home of Chief Shaahu was destroyed, while the Makurdi residence of Chief Unongo was burnt few days ago.

Reacting to the incidents in a telephone interview yesterday in Makurdi, Chairman of ACN, Mr. Abba Yaro, alleged that Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, was responsible for the coordinated attacks on the houses of their stalwarts. Yaro said the ransacking and razing of the homes of the former ministers were uncalled for, adding, “what has the two elder statesmen, Shaahu and Unongo, done to warrant this type of treatment? After all, Suswam had won the cases at the Supreme

Court.” He said the development was an indication that in 2015 people might go to the polling units with guns and cutlasses, adding “it seems there is no more law and justice in Nigeria.” Reacting to Yaro’s accusation, state Publicity Secretary of PDP, Mr. Godwin Ayihe, said it was an attempt to paint the ruling party in bad light. “It is not true. How can he substantiate his claim when some ACN youths were arrested after the arson,” he questioned.

Vanguard, MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2012—15

Security frustrates Sunday worship in Jos BY TAYE OBATERU & LUKA BINNIYAT OS—MANY Christian worshipers in Jos, Plateau State capital, Sunday, got the rough side of the security beef up, following road blocks that frustrated movement on many streets. Amidst the threat by Boko Haram Islamist sect to unleash further terror on the city, additional security measures were taken by security agencies and churches to forestall any attack. Meanwhile, in Kaduna, normal church activities proceeded peacefully, yesterday, but there was elaborate security arrangement in all the churches visited by Vanguard. However, many Christians going to church in Jos were frustrated as they were barred from driving through many roads. Vehicles were diverted to alternative roads, which ended up being blocked at the other end by other churches, thereby making it impossible for many Christians to go to their churches. Many returned home without attending services after going back and forth on many streets without making headway. An angry worshiper said: “I have been going round and round for an hour. I was diverted to another road and by the time I got to the end of it, I was told I could not pass. I had to go back all the way.” Attendance was low in some churches as people stayed away following rumours that churches would be attacked by Boko Haram. Rumour was rife on Saturday that movement was banned from morning till 2pm, but security agencies later dismissed the rumour. State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Emmanuel Ayeni, who went round


some churches to assess the security arrangements called for vigilance by all to checkmate any planned attack. He advised some of the churches visited to put in place additional security measures that would make it impossible for would-be attackers to penetrate their church. He cautioned members against loitering after service. Boko Haram sect had listed Jos among those targeted for renewed attack over what it called reprisal attacks against Muslims following the attack on Christ Chosen Church of God a few weeks back.

Elaborate security arrangement in Kaduna According to Vanguard findings, churches in Sabo, Barnawa and Sabon Tasha had full attendance, with most members leaving their cars at home and trekking to their various places of worship, as part of security measures agreed upon. “At the Barnawa ECWA Good News Church, Hausa section that I attend,” David Kajang said, “we have a membership strength of 420. Today's attendance was 395. A very high figure compared to other Sundays. No one can scare us from worshiping the living God.” Soldiers, Police, Civil Defence Corps and church security restricted traffic to

Suspected vandal stuck atop telecoms mast BY SUZAN EDEH AUCHI—RESIDENTS of Bayara community, a suburb in Bauchi State, weekend, woke up to the startling discovery of a suspected vandal atop a telecoms mast.


Samsung launches Galaxy III BY EMMANUEL ELEBEKE AMSUNG Electronics has unveiled its latest flagship, Smartphone, tagged Galaxy S III. The new phone, according to the company is a followup to the popular Galaxy II, which was said to be critical to Samsung becoming the world’s best-selling mobile phone maker. With the new entrant, the company said it hopes to consolidate the success it


a single lane in many areas of the town where churches were close to the streets. In Zonkwa, Zangon Kataf Local Government Area, about 150km South of Kaduna, youths were reported to be combing the bushes after it was reported that some bomb-making materials were discovered on a farm close to the town. But there was no official confirmation from the Police. Governor Yakowa, according to a statement by his Media Aide, Mr. Reuben Buhari, held a meeting with leading stakeholders in the state on Saturday to find lasting solution to the recurrent crises rocking the state. The meeting was convened to address the ethno-religious and political crises in the state. Those in attendance included the Deputy Governor, Alhaji Muktar Yero; members of the national and state assemblies, including Senators Ahmed Makarfi (PDP), Nenadi Usman (PDP) and Sani Saleh (CPC). Others were Alhaji Abubakar Mustapha, PDP National Organising Secretary; Amb. Nuhu Bajoga, state PDP Chairman, and members of the state executive council and local government interim committee chairmen.

achieved with Galaxy S II by enhancing some of its most popular features in the latest device. Galaxy S III comes with a 4.8-inch screen, an increase on the 4.3-inch screen of its predecessor, and much bigger than the 3.5-in display on the iPhone 4S. Speaking at the launch, Donald Etim, Head, Corporate Marketing, Samsung Electronics, said Galaxy S III is designed to respond intuitively and naturally to human use and interaction.

Vanguard learnt from a reliable source that the suspect, whose name was giving as Babangida Bangis, 30, had in the early hours of the day, climbed the mast to vandalise it but was unable to come down out of fear. The incident attracted the attention of residents of the community, motorists and passers-by to the scene located a few metres away from the Bauchi-Dass Road axis. It was gathered that it took the efforts of two policemen, who climbed up the mast, where the suspect was hanging, to persuade him to come down. Speaking with Vanguard on the development, state Police Public Relations Officer, who confirmed the incident, said the suspect had been arrested. C M Y K

16 — Vanguard, MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2012 ITH days to his promised end of June restoration of normalcy, President Goodluck Jonathan sacked General Andrew Owoye Azazi, National Security Adviser and Mohammed Haliru Bello, Minister of Defence. Harsh criticisms had attended the President’s trip to Brazil for the Earth Summit, while Kaduna and Yobe were in flames after series of bombing attacks. Defences of the President’s trip collapsed on all sides. On his return, he had to act. The choice of Mohammed Sambo Dasuki, a retired colonel, former ADC to President Ibrahim Babangida and a scion of the Sokoto Caliphate appears more political than all sides have been willing to admit. Dasuki had security training in America, but that would not be as important as the influences he would wield in the North, or the personal injuries that General Muhammadu Buhari would feel at the appointment of one of those, who arrested him when he was overthrown in 1985. Nigerians are more interested in restoration of security in all parts of the


Awaiting Dasuki’s magic country than in who holds which positions though there are vast implications in the country being in turmoil, if occupants of certain positions are from some sections of the country. The smart thing about Dasuki’s appointment is that it has placed the security challenges in the hands of someone, who has the family, religious, and security links to talk to the North about the importance of peace to collective progress. How Dasuki sets out on his mission and whether his appointment will stop the bombings and killings are matters that would be obvious in the next few weeks. Critics of his choice are many. They think that his links to General Babangida and his frosty relationship with General Buhari

could create another problem while solving one. Whatever happens, the President still has responsibility for the decision. Some are even wondering why it took him so long. The excuse that his visit to Brazil afforded him an opportunity to appreciate how Nigeria’s security challenges scared foreign investors is at best puerile. Most foreign investors would rate challenges with electricity (infrastructure in general) and policy inconsistences above security. It is sadder if the President was concerned about security because it would improve investments. It creates an impression of a President to whom lives mean nothing. The bloodbath has been going on for more than a year, stopping it would have been the priority of the President. Azazi’s job was on the line since he stated last April that the choice of the President contrary to the Peoples Democratic Party’s zoning policy was a major cause of the security collapse. His sack was only delayed. Nigerians await the Dasuki magic, and quickly too.

OPINION BY ANUWEZE CHUKWUNONYE Continued from Friday p.19 HY do you feign unconcern and indifference when your party people complain of being abandoned by your government, especially when a little assistance could have prodded them onto genuine electoral victory? After such a long time you have no excuses not to hold and organise local government elections in your state. Indirectly, by not holding local elections in your state, APGA as a grassroots party as envisaged by Chief Ojukwu, is being minusculed and weakened since you are making it impossible for the party to swim on your goodwill and good records of achievement as a governor. You are not empowering those party faithful that worked for you. Following the same proven political wisdom, observe closely how Chief Bola Tinubu is empowering the ACN in the West at the grassroots and you will be compelled to answer the public when they enquire from you: ‘’What sin has Chief Umeh committed by also insisting on internal party democracy, growth and toeing the path of constitutional democracy in Nigeria via APGA? Nobody destroys a house he has helped to build except he intends seeking shelter somewhere else. Is it true, as argued by Chief Will Ezeugwu of the Conference of Nigerian Political Parties,(NPP, in his The Sun interview of Thursday,May 10, 2012 entitled ‘’Obi is the one killing APGA’’ that ‘’this makes us fear that Obi, having secured his second term,is now working for the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, by trying to portray APGA’s government as one that can flout rules; he is now fighting the party Chairman


Open letter to Governor Obi on local govt elections, issues of party indiscipline and APGA (2) who is working tirelessly to grow the party’’? I pray this is not true ! The last thing you can survive is an all-out war with APGA chieftains over corrupt and undisciplined party members whose behaviour or conduct you harbour and encourage as a source of destabilization of the party. If it happens, Ikemba will be crying in his grave and, wait for it, your nemesis, Chekwas Okorie, would be drinking the finest champagnes and will be celebrating mass by saying: “I told you that Peter will not be a good party man" – meaning that since you have climbed to the top of the tree , you will not support and empower the party to develop a strong grass root base in Anambra. It remains a shock to most political scientists to witness the kind of anomaly and the electoral somersaults suffered by the party in recent memory in the state. You need to get in-house consensus and consult your bible of party discipline to stop the folds of the emerging war dance that could consume you and mess up all that you have achieved with APGA in good governance records.


he path of duty and moral governance as a philosopher king calls upon you to tread the line of modesty and amity by calling Chief Victor Umeh and other stakeholders to a blue room conflict

resolution and peace building meeting to smoothen and mend immediately the cracking walls before it is too late. This is not the way to say “thank you “ to the great Ikemba spirit of mentorship and to Chief Umeh who has chocked up the positive public profile of APGA in the country. It is beginning to look like the perfidy perpetrated both by messers T. Orji and the ‘’green planter ’’ Ohakim after Chief Orji Kalu made both of them governors. In the case of one, nemesis caught up with him quickly as he suffered the political death he deserved. In your case, you feel wrongly or rightly that, having gotten two terms as governor, you can bite the fingers of those who fed you.Even the lucre of the promised senatorial seat on PDP’s poisoned chalice by 2015 will not lead you to political salvation. Having sailed on the wings of APGA’s goodwill and Ojukwu’s grand stature in Igboland, it is too cheap for you to desert the party and start fostering ‘parapo’ politics of such green horns like Nwobu Alor and his ilk. History and posterity will not forgive you! Mark my words and remember an honourable legacy is better than a dishonourable one.Peter the Rock! Peter the philosopher! Thank you, your Excellency and don’t forget the pleadings of moral excellence and ethical governance. Please, do not be angry with me for giving a fellow philosopher king public advice through such a widely read media space in Nigeria— after all, those you sponsor also use the same to attack your party elders. Concluded *Mr. Chukwunonye, a political analyst, wrote from Awka.

Vanguard, MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2011 — 49


S I sat down to write this article, President Goodluck Jonathan was in Brazil for the Rio+20 Earth Summit. He left on Tuesday, June 19, 2012, and presidential spokesman, Dr. Reuben Abati, issued a statement saying he would return on Friday, June 22. This trip sparked off another barrage of criticisms from concerned Nigerians and the two most vocal opposition parties, the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, and the Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, which accused him of insensitivity against the background of escalating violence across northern Nigeria. Sources indicated that the President’s entourage boasted the largest number of delegates compared with other attending countries. It reportedly consisted of 116 people, made up of 25 personal assistants, 18 aides, two members of the National Assembly, two governors, five ministers and 63 technical officers drawn mainly from the bureaucracy. In addition, the wife of the President, Dame Patience Jonathan, who accompanied her husband, was reported to be on her way to Annapolis, Maryland, to attend the First Ladies’ “Youth Infusion” Summit organised by President Jonathan with other world leaders at the Rio de Janeiro, Brazil summit the United Nations Educational, Social and Cultural Organisation, UNESCO. She was said to have Islamists while two soldiers and giving the impression that the How far has our commitment to travelled with a 36-person four policemen lost their lives President would “soon” return to a greener planet gone in making delegation made up of 18 aides, defending the territorial integrity his duty post. According to Maku, us to drive down the amount of four wives of governors and 14 of the nation. All told, the the Vice President, Namadi toxic gas flared in the Niger presidential foreign trip took Sambo, had been given full “friends and associates”. Delta? Today, Nigeria is still the The source did not make it clear place in a week when over 80 presidential powers to deal with second biggest gas flarer behind whether the First Lady ’s Nigerians (by official admission) any situation and that Jonathan the world biggest gas giant, delegation was part of the 116 lost their lives. was in touch with Sambo on an Russia. One is left to conclude There was so much fear in the hourly basis. presidential crowd or a separate that the disease of wasteful group. Dr. Abati only indicated land that, perhaps, the terrorist I would like to examine three patronage for which the Jonathan that the President was were now getting what they main issues arising from this administration is notorious, was accompanied by the First Lady, bargained for: keep attacking controversy: the presidential at play here, even as Finance the Governor of Bayelsa State, Christian in their places of entourage, the trip at this time Minister and Coordinating Hon. Seriake Dickson; his Katsina worship, provoke reprisals and and Maku’s assertion that the Minister of the Economy, Dr State counterpart, Alhaji Shehu counter-reprisals, divide the ranks President can rule from any part Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, keeps Shema; two members of the of patriotic Christians and of the world. warning of a possible recession National Assembly, Senator Muslims committed to peace and Benedict Ayade and Hon. Eziuche national unity and rally Muslims Ubani of the House of Reps. to their side in their demonic Others were: the Ministers of the search for an Islamic republic Environment, Mrs Hadiza within Nigeria, just as the Salafist Ibrahim Mailafia; Water Tuareg insurgents have Resources, Mrs Sarah Reng succeeded in doing in Mali. The Ochekpe; Trade and Investment, apprehension was so pervasive Dr Olusegun Aganga; and Niger that the House of Representatives decided to invite the President to Delta, Elder Godsday Orubebe. a closed session of the House to explain exactly the steps he has Firestorm of been taking in curbing the criticisms In the first place, it will be a threat to the economy. This security menace facing our welcome development if the administration is simply unable The firestorm of criticisms came country. Many of them even allegation that the Nigerian to keep to its own terms of because this “junket” was expressed their readiness to give delegation to the Earth Summit austerity measures. embarked upon barely two days him the go-ahead to declare a in Rio was the largest -116-strong Coming to the second issue, I after the terror campaign of full-fledged state of emergency in - is proved to be untrue. The am on the same page with those Islamist insurgents in the north flashpoint states such as Borno, Presidency has a way of denying who think that the President entered a new phase which all Yobe, Bauchi, Plateau, Kaduna each time this sort of allegation attending the Rio Summit was genuine patriots have hoped and and Kano. Many were is made. If it was true, what logic imprudent. As I noted above, the prayed against. For the first time confounded by the fact that this informs this continued culture of new stage of the terror attacks is since the terror attacks started mood of the nation did not seem squandermania which this the most dangerous so far. The directly and specifically targeted to permeate into the Presidency. regime seems unwilling to give ability of Boko Haram to push Christians in church on Sundays, Rather than responding to the up, despite the bold promise by Christians to the extreme measure the Kaduna and Zaria bombings invitation of the House, the the President to henceforth travel of embarking on reprisal attacks, provoked reprisal attacks by President boarded a presidential light after the January riots over thus prompting counter reprisals Christian youth. This, in turn, jet with an over-bloated entourage the removal of petrol subsidy? Is from their Muslim opposites brought irate Muslim youth who of officials and flew out to Rio. The Minister of Information, large delegation a reflection of gives everybody reason to fear. came out shooting. The population? If so, why did China The President should have stayed exchanges defied the 24-hour Mr. Labaran Maku, mounted a and India not come with even home to take charge of measures curfew imposed on Kaduna, as heated defence of the President, more delegates? If our wealth is to prevent an escalation. He killings continued. Also in saying he can “rule” from any part the criterion, why did the USA, should have sent his Vice Damaturu, Yobe State, security of the world. He had said the China, Japan and Germany not President or even Minister of the officials engaged gunmen in same thing when former go with more delegates than Environment to read his address protracted street battles that President Umaru Yar’Adua was ours? in Rio, with a token delegation. reportedly claimed the lives of 34 dying in a Saudi Hospital, always

GEJ in Brazil as Nigeria burned

Maku’s contention that the President can rule from any part of the world is simply idiotic. Of course he can! But when a president leaves his country in a moment of disaster, mourning or severe security threat it smacks of abandonment


The First Lady should have cancelled her attendance of the Maryland carnival, or asked the Nigerian Embassy in the US to fill in for her. The new stage of insecurity is capable of precipitating military intervention, especially in the face of perceived insensitivity on the part of the nation’s number one citizen, if care is not taken. Similar perceived insensitivity by the Alhaji Tafawa Balewa regime in January 1966 when he hosted a Commonwealth ministers’ summit in Lagos while the Western Region was engulfed in the “Operation wetie” strife triggered the first military coup. The coup plotters, who had been conspiring for six months, got infuriated and struck. People who read history allow it to teach them useful lesson. Those who do not read history, if they are wise, allow those who read to teach them the useful lesson. Emperor Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus was fabled to have mounted a stage play the fiddle and sing a song entitled: “The Sack of Ilium” while a mystery fire was destroying three of Rome’s districts and severely damaged seven more. He came down from the stage and lost his kingdom - and his life.

National security In nearby Mali, the armed forces led by Captain Ahmadu Sanogo, only in March this year, returned from the war front to remove President Toumani Tuore from power for failing to provide the armed forces with the requirements to defend Mali. When the army sense that the civilian regime is no longer able to control threats to national security they often get tempted to seize power, particularly if a president is frivolously away in the face of such threats. Maku’s contention that the President can rule from any part of the world is simply idiotic. Of course he can! But when a president leaves his country in a moment of disaster, mourning or severe security threat it smacks of abandonment. It says he does not care for the plights of families whose loved ones have been slain or maimed by enemies of the state; those the president was elected (and swore) to protect. A responsible father would not leave his house to attend a town union meeting when two of his children are fighting with knives, on the ground that the mother is available and he can always call home by phone! Government’s number one duty is to protect the lives and property of citizens and preserve the nation. When these are threatened, everything waits. It is only this kind of threat that forces a president to ask for emergency powers, suspending democratic niceties temporarily. Jonathan must not compound his perceived “ weakness” with additional perception of “insensitivity”!


50—Vanguard, MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2012

HE Federal Government’s national transformation programme is expected to transform our power system, roads and railway systems; our education and health systems; unemployment, budget deficit and inflation; government’s high recurrent expenditure and so on. To achieve all these, government will have to reduce the level of governance wastes and corruption; reform the bureaucracy and eliminate ghost workers and ghost pensioners and so on! These reforms, in turn, call for a technical “nuts and bolts” team, which can begin to craft the appropriate reform initiatives! The first evidence that we need such a team is that nobody else so far, is crafting such vital initiatives! When people complain that we are not seeing enough of transformational initiatives, the question is: Who is there to craft such initiatives? Is it the Federal Executive Council, FEC, or the National Economic Management Team, NEMT, or the Economic Implementation Team, EIT? Certainly not, considering the very high level at which these bodies are constituted! That’s why we need a technically oriented “nuts and bolts” team to serve as the “engine” of the programme, while the FEC, NEMT and EIT play the driving or steering role! The second evidence of our need for this special crack reform-team, is that even when government has managed to launch some reform initiatives, they tended to be weak on some fundamental principles of reform! We can use our power


sector reform and the attempted removal of fuel subsidy to illustrate this. A very tested reform principle is to deregulate a sector before privatising the government agencies in that sector. It is a technique which not only helps in managing the opponents of change, but also one that enables government to pre-test a sector in a deregulated environment before taking the more drastic step of privatising its agencies in that sector. We leveraged this principle most impressively in our telecoms sector reform of 2001 when government, through the NCC( the sector ’s regulator) started by deregulating the sector before talking about privatising the government agencies in the sector. This deregulation allowed private firms, such as MTN and ECONET, to come in and set up their networks and sell their services at their own rates - while the government’s agency NITEL continued to do its thing. There could have been no protest from NITEL’s workers, since nobody was laid off, and since the private parties were spending their own money, not government money, and reducing the “supply” scarcity that NITEL was not coping with. Similarly, there could have been no opposition from the public and civil society groups to the higher tariff of the private-sector firms because their services were optional, and side-by-side with the NITEL’s services that the public had always had! Notice that the story would have been totally different if the reform had started with a plan to privatise NITEL, or a plan to raise tariff to attract the private sector! Now, most of the

Having the proposed crack reform team will create an efficient meeting point for government and members of the public at home and in the Diaspora


implementation bumps we have experienced so far in the transformation programme (including the last subsidyremoval protests), could well have been avoided if the process had been guided by this principle. When some people say that our power and oil sectors are different from (and should not be compared with) our telecoms sector, they are only confirming how badly we need the proposed crack reform team because, in terms of fundamental principles of reform, these sectors are not different at all!


have tried to highlight the foregoing as the kind of problems that the presence of the proposed crack team of reformers could have forestalled. I can also flip the coin to show some specific benefits that having such team will herald. The first bonus is that it will enable us wrestle the transformation programme from the gridlock of the bureaucracy which has the capacity to turn any good reform initiative into an outright nightmare, and a source of crazy wealth for public servants! The reform team will dramatically

Abia and Amuta's diminutive intellect BY KINGSLEY EMEREUWA

HERE comes a time in the history of a people when no matter how much God shows His blessing of benevolence on them, there must be a cog on the wheels of progress. Call it a plague if you like. Sometimes it comes in the form of human beings wreaking havoc, and some other times, it could be in the form of a natural disaster. Which ever way, the truth is that such situations intend to spoil the broth. In Abia State today, despite the evident change in the tide of development visible in almost all facets, there is, and always will be, a sore spot which is the natural habitation of those who can aptly be described as unrepentant detractors. Sadly, enough, this ugly trend has built a cocoon in the mould of one Chidi Amuta. For quite some time and for equally inexplicable reasons, Amuta, a one-time university teacher and one of the coordinators of General Ibrahim Babangida’s Directorate for Food, Roads and Rural Infrastructure, before his engagement as a columnist with ThisDay Newspapers, has taken delight in attempting to rubbish all the efforts of his home government towards the provision of basic necessities of life. He has never missed any opportunity to vent his frustration on the government of Theodore Orji. The latest was his comment of Monday May 28, 20102 on page 44 of BusinessDay Newspapers. Responding to questions during an interview, Amuta could not resist the devil in pouring invectives at the administration of Chief T.A. Orji, even


when it was obvious he had nothing to say. In his summation in the interview, he said that as far as he was concerned, nothing was going on in terms of democracy dividend in Abia State. According to him, there is a difference between newspaper campaign and actual dividends of democracy. And after concluding that a lot of things going on in the state constitute self-deceit, Amuta also declared that the state is poor, hence he could not expect miracles from the Governor. Nigerians and Abia indigenes in particular have not forgotten how the same Amuta of Ngwa extraction sometime abused the privileged column he has at ThisDay by raising a false alarm about his perceived state of insecurity in Abia. Then, Amuta, who was practically living on exile had claimed that he always hired a lorryload of soldiers to enable him visit home. We will come back to that. I am not known for speaking with sentiments when high-profile issues are involved, and I will not learn this lefthanded practice. Any one who wants to be objective with comments on the issue of democracy dividends to the people of Abia State under T. A. Orji’s second term tenure will decipher a very faulty faculty on the part of an acclaimed scholar like Amuta who says that what is going on in Abia is self-deceit. Abia was created in August 1991 during Gen. Babangida's military regime. That was also when Amuta was appointed into a very sensitive agency that was charged with the task of putting in place conducive local infrastructure to improve food production, as well as open up the rural communities




Transformation: Role of core reformers

raise the tempo of the programme, by, for example, developing minimum technical guidelines that regulatory agencies and other MDAs would use in carrying out their individual reforms. Note that simply allowing the ministers to “do their own things” in their ministries without the template and technical guidance from such central resource has left the programme at the mercy of the bureaucracy and made it nonexistent in most of our MDAs! The ministers, however badly they may want to change things, are not reform experts! Another bonus of having such a special, technically-oriented reform team is that it will help government to begin to leverage the ideas and suggestions that various third parties can generate for the programme. As things stand now, who is there to sit down and pore through such third party proposals to determine those that have merit for the transformation programme? Certainly not the FEC, NEMT, or EIT! Indeed, third party organisations with interesting reform ideas for the programme, have been facing frustrations, getting the attention of right people in government! For example, I know that the CLSSP did develop several ready-forimplementation reform initiatives for the transformation programme(at no cost to government), including a new Presidential initiative against corruption, a new Presidential initiative to reform our public procurement, a Presidential initiative to restore Nigerian football, a Presidential initiative for harvesting Nigeria’s abundant talents, a new Presidential assault on ghost workers, and so on. Nobody in government that the centre approached had the time to even look at these initiatives! And yet government has not been churning out any alternative initiatives! I am sure there are

If the over 5000 youth-beneficiaries of the empowerment scheme of the T.A. Orji government are victims of self-deceit, then the entire nation needs more of such deceits


via the construction of rural roads to aid the movement of produce from the rural to the urban areas. What is Amuta’s scorecard like? What is the justification of his standing the truth on the head at this time his negative alliance has placed him in pitiable solitude? Posterity will judge how Amuta, a latterday saint, discharged this function. Posterity will look at the role of the likes of Amuta at the creation of Abia which was without a befitting workers secretariat for 22 years before the present administration chose to etch its name in gold by putting up a stateof- the-art secretariat. If what Orji has done for the people of Mbom, Isiadu and Ameke who had never seen a tarred road in their communities is self-deceit, then to God be the Glory. If the over 5000 youth-beneficiaries of the empowerment scheme of the T.A. Orji government are victims of self-deceit, then the entire nation needs more of such deceits. If achieving a near-stable electricity supply by building feeders to evacuate energy which has seen the state among the areas with regular power supply is selfdeceit, then our daily prayer is that God should give us more leaders like Ochendo.

hundreds of other third party proposals, from people that want to help the government! Note also that if people with ideas for government are not told where else to go, they will tend to inundate the Presidency with their ideas and proposals; which could simply create very busy waste baskets since the Presidency officials would not have the kind of time required to pore through such proposals! Somebody in the Presidency advised the CLSSP to take its initiatives directly to the MDAs. This arrangement is not ideal, either because it allows the MDAs, which are not enthusiastic about reform, to quietly kill such ideas! It also subjects members of the public to the ordeal of being bounced from one office to the other, searching for who in government would be interested in their ideas; which will easily make them to give up in frustration! Therefore, having the proposed crack reform team will create an efficient meeting point for government and members of the public at home and in the Diaspora that may have suggestions for the transformation programme. And we all know the depth of resourcefulness that can come from Nigerians! The reform team can then pass any ideas it considers immediately implementable directly to the relevant MDAs, and very importantly, follow up on them with the MDAs. Setting up this crack reform team is not a big deal. The Coordinating Minister for the Economy, CME, can even set it up as a special resource unit which will be feeding initiatives to both the EIT and the NEMT. I don’t see how the CME can manage the very difficult assignment this country has put on her shoulders, without the support of such a vital resource. *Mr. Zowan, a reform & risk management expert, wrote from Abuja.

Where a governor will have the political will to put resources and commit time to achieve prevailing state of security in Abia and it is styled self-deceit, then that governor deserves an Oscar, for he will remain evergreen in the hearts of his people. And talking about why Amuta cannot come home without armed men, the summary response is, those who sow the wind, definitely reap the whirlwind. Now that the coast is clear and there are no kidnappers to celebrate in his domain, why has Amuta remained in exile like his fellow passers-by indigenes who chose to bury their parents at Ikoyi and Yaba cemeteries and still claim to be Abia indigenes? Can he dare go to Acha and all neighbouring communities around Nunya in Isuikwuato Local Government and make such unguarded and unsubstantiated claims? Just recently, the management of MTN, during a visit to the State Governor commended him for his giant strides in providing healthcare to the rural communities through the equipped health centres scattered all over the state. In appreciation, the telecommunication giants announced that it was going to complement the efforts of the State Government by building 18 modern health centres in the three senatorial zones of the state. Not done, the delegation also made a donation of a mobile ambulance to the state for its lead-in health care delivery. That is self-deceit and newspaper propaganda within the ambit of Chidi Amuta’s intellectual grasp. It is a pity and big shame that a man who has been provided with an undeserved leverage, courtesy of being a guest columnist in ThisDay, cannot be trusted to make objective observations on developments in his state of origin. Mr. Emereuwa, a commentator on national issues, wrote from Umuahia, Abia State

Vanguard, MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2012 — 51


52 — Vanguard, MONDAY,

JUNE 25, 2012

burner of the entire struggle? We must , as a matter of urgency, take the right decision in the best interest of the people of the Niger Delta. When amnesty was proclaimed, there was a clear implementation document, we agreed on something, which resulted in our laying dawn of arms. Where is that document today or how much of it has been implemented? We had an agreement and that agreement resulted in the setting up of several committees. Where are those committees today? Our major agitation was neglect of the region that produces over 90 per cent of the nation’s resources; amnesty in the Niger Delta was not all about training.

Issues of the agitation

•Architect of the Amnesty Programme, late President Umar Yar'Adua (r) and his successor, President Goodluck Jonathan

Stakeholders agree on momentary peace, differ on success BY EMMA AMAIZE, REGIONAL EDITOR, S/SOUTH


T was on June 25, 2009 that former President Umaru Musa Yar ’Adua proclaimed unconditional amnesty for militants in the Niger-Delta region as a step towards resolving the long-drawn-out insecurity in the region. The action led to what is known today as the Niger-Delta Amnesty programme with demobilization and reintegration phases designed to last over five years. The requirement for involvement was surrender of arms and unconditional renunciation of militancy by militants within a 60-day casement that terminated October 4, 2009. Government’s contention was that development would not come in an atmosphere of bloodshed and for agreeing to cease hostilities; it pledged its commitment to institute disarmament, demobilization, rehabilitation and provision of reintegration assistance to the militants. Government’s benefit from the exercise was the

reduction in crime rate and essentially increased business activities and foreign direct investment; and increase in revenue accruing to Federation Account. Three years on, stakeholders are sharply divided on the accomplishment or otherwise of the programme. While some claimed the amnesty programme was only a means to resolving the Niger-Delta problem and not an end by itself, others believe the programme still has a long way to go and should be reviewed.

Consensus on return of logical peace There is nevertheless a consensus that logical peace has returned to the region as a result of amnesty programme. There is also concord on the fact that oil production has increased and likewise an increase in inflows into the Federation Account. However in terms of infrastructural development, unemployment and economic drought in the region, there is basically no

change. Reduced violence but has failed – Mitee, Ogoni leader My view is that whatever it is worth, the process has succeeded in reducing to a large extent the violence in the region. Beyond that, however, in so far as it has been prosecuted as a standalone, instead of being part of a peace process that involves the peoples of the region, not just the militants, it has failed to deal with the fundamental problems of the region. Also in so far as it has also been prosecuted as a project between the militants and the federal government, excluding other critical stakeholders, especially those who have prosecuted their grievances non -violently, it has reinforced the sad impression that only violence can be rewarded. By concentration in dolling out cash stipends without work, it has also reinforced the wrong notion that money can be earned without work. Utilizing the stipends in some form of employment subsidy would be my preferred option, especially



if it also targets youths unemployed generally and not just those who used violence. We’ve not seen development yet – Boyloaf, ex-militant leader Victor Ebikabowei Ben, alias Boyloaf, was the last “General” standing in the Movement for Emancipation of Niger-Delta, MEND, Amnesty was not about training alone, but about issues of neglect, marginalization and abandonement of the NigerDelta region. Well, in my opinion the amnesty has not done so badly, but it would

Special Adviser to the President on Niger-Delta and Chairman of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, PAP, Hon. Kingsley Kuku is only doing his best based on his understanding, but the key issues of the agitation have been left behind, politicians and some group of cabals who did not even participate in the struggle have hijacked the entire process, people who have not even seen a bullet in their eyes before, talk less of fighting in our struggle days, now hide under the cover of different names in the State House and misadvise the President. It’s a win-win situation for Govt/Ex-militants- Igboanugo, leader, Nigerian community, The Netherlands The advantage so far is government and the exmilitants see the three years amnesty programmme as a win- win situation with a happy ending. There is peace in the

It is unfortunate that Umaru Yar’Adua is dead, but I see him as one the best Presidents that understood the feelings of the Niger-Delta people and we thank God for him

have been better if things were done correctly. I was one of the first leaders, who led over 32 other leaders to accept amnesty at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, when amnesty was proclaimed by the late President Yar ’Adua, I made my stand very clear when I accepted amnesty that we were giving peace a chance for rapid development to commence, three years after how much of the development have you seen? Rather, all what the people see about amnesty today is training of ex agitators, was that our singular reasons for taking up arms? What about infrastructural development, our communities, our means of livelihood, which was the front


region and the oil output has reached a peak of nearly three million barrels per day. There is no longer bloodletting in the region in the name of militancy. The local and international investors are going to the region in large numbers to put their money where their mouths are because of the peace that is securing their investments. I score amnesty programme 80 per cent – Prince Clement Bebenimibo, Conflict Management Expert I will score the amnesty programme 80 per cent. Some of the boys trained overseas and are already engaged. It is Continues on page 53 C M Y K

Vanguard, MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2012 —53

Stakeholders agree on peace, differ on success unfortunate that Umaru Yar’Adua is dead, but I see him as one the best Presidents that understood the feelings of the Niger-Delta people and we thank God for him. Amnesty programme is working – Dr, Chris Ekiyor, former National President of the Ijaw Youth Council, IYC The Presidential Amnesty proclamation of June 25, 2009 by late President Yar’Adua is a major mile stone in the history of this contraption called Nigeria. It is perhaps the only visible face of government in action. To my mind, it has provided the required peace that should pave way for monumental infrastructure development, economic enhancement and capacity building. Nonetheless, it will be suicidal to think that the amnesty program is now a replacement for the fundamentals of governance in the Niger-Delta.

Taking proactive steps In my opinion, President Goodluck would have failed Nigerians and his Niger.-Delta people, if in the next couple of months, he does not take steps to be more proactive in addressing the very gaps that hitherto cause the agitation in the first place. He must not imagine that the over 10 million non -militant youths of Niger-Delta do not count in the scheme of things, or the rest of non Alamajiri youths also do not count, he, therefore, needs to do the necessary in providing the enablers to create wealth and jobs for these groups of Nigerians It has been hijacked – Hon Emmanuel Arigbe-Osula,

former Minority Whip, House of Representatives The amnesty programme was no doubt a wise reconciliatory and affirmative program by the government of late President Yar’Adua to bring peace to the region and bridge the developmental gap created by years of neglect by past leadership of our country of the nation’s revenue sustaining region. However, I am sure that the hijack of the process by some opportunistic people has given further projection of this measure an impression distinct from the original design, which is, being a reward of some criminality which might encourage unfortunate and unintended measures across the nation. The mere fact that the prevalence of years of bad governance still exists today might have given the majority of Nigerians the impression that the only way to get respite from neglect might be collective agitation and arm struggle, even if it requires some level of illegality for the government to hear your cry before it acts or does something about it. What a shame! It is unfortunate that this present government is surprisingly going the bad path of its predecessors. N-Delta is still pauperized – Oghenejabo Ikimi Esq. National coordinator of the Forum for Justice and Human Rights Defence, FJHD Sincerely speaking, I never supported the idea of an amnesty programme as propounded by the then President Yar ’Adua’s government in June 2009 as a way of disarming the Niger Delta militants. To me the venture was both a waste of energy and public funds. My conviction stemmed from the fact that if the militants were

•Kingsley Kuku: Amnesty coordinator

•Former Niger Delta militants surrendering their weapons as part of the amnesty deal.

actually fighting for the development of the Niger Delta Region, the commencement of a massive infrastructural and human capital development of the region by the Federal Government would have been enough to disarm these patriots fighting for the emancipation of their region and her people from decades of neglect, pandemic poverty, massive under development and environmental degradation.

Environmental degradation However, three years into the amnesty programme, I make bold to say that the region has witnessed relative peace except for some pockets of militancy lately and many of the disarmed militants have since been re- integrated and have acquired new skills, courtesy of the programme, but the entire region and her people remain largely neglected, pauperized, massively under developed and environmentally degraded and subdued than ever. As a matter of fact, some of the beneficiaries of the programme are not militants and have neither seen a creek nor have they seen or handled an AK 47 riffle before, but due to their jobless state merely crashed into the programme with the aid of some “generals”, who in turn have squandered and sub- changed these youths of their monthly stipends. On the way forward, I call on the Federal Government to immediately set in motion a Marshall plan to massively develop the Niger Delta region without delay as it is the primary responsibility of government to ensure the welfare and security of her citizens in accordance with section 14(2)(b) of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

It has created peace – Joel Bisina Bisina, peace activist, and expert in conflict management mediation and founder /executive director of Niger-Delta Professionals for Development, NIPRODEV. It has created relative peace in the region, provided opportunities for government and other development partners to move into the region to accelerate development processes. The biggest challenge is consolidating on the gains and transforming the gains into a positive outcome. Transitory success – Comrade


Continued from page 52

frustrated. “The question now is that for how long will the government continue to pay? What happens if the government decides to stop the payment of these wages? It is clear that the youths will have no means to sustain themselves and with no permanent job, they will surely become vulnerable and this could lead to fatal insurgency. More funds should be provided – Mr. Opukeme Hendricks, also a Niger-Delta activist One remarkable post amnesty achievement has been the fact

There is nevertheless a consensus that logical peace has returned to the region as a result of amnesty programme

Sunny Ofehe, Founder of the Hope for Niger-Delta Campaign, HNDC, based in The Netherlands. The amnesty granted to Niger Delta militants can be seen from a tripod point as a temporary achievement looking back the last three years. First, it brought the current peace to the hitherto restive region. Secondly, it has restored Nigeria’s position as Africa’s leading oil exporter a position it had lost to Angola. Thirdly, the damaging international image of the region as a result of the kidnappings of oil experts has also improved. I say temporary because a few factors are inimical to the sustenance of these achievements. The major success story so far from the amnesty granted is the international training program that has brought exposure and higher learning opportunities to Niger Delta youths that had lost hope in life and become


that oil production has leap – jumped to pre-crisis daily production quantum of 2.700,000 barrels per day. Aside this, there exists today maximum peace and security in the Niger Delta region except for pockets of criminal activities which to say the least is not abnormal. An appraisal of the amnesty programme would be incomplete without reference to the rehabilitation and reintegration processes ongoing in the country and abroad. It is on record that thousands of agitators have been trained and rehabilitated with professional skills and competences that they hitherto lacked in their communities. The training and rehabilitation programmes have since been commended at home and abroad. The multinational oil corporations have thus heaved a sigh of relief, so also as the communities, which were daily bombarded by the Joint Military Task Force.

54 —Vanguard,

MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2012

Tunisia extradicts former Libya PM T UNISIA sent back exLibyan prime minister Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi, a stalwart of slain leader Muammer Gaddafi’s regime, to face trial in Tripoli, the prime minister’s spokesman said. “He was extradited morning,” Ridha Kazdaghli, Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali’s spokesman, said. Defence ministry official Mohammed al-Ahwal said that a helicopter had transferred Al Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmoudi to the capital Tripoli. “Mahmoudi is now in Tripoli and we are holding him in a prison.” The decision touched off a row between the president’s and prime minister’s offices, as the two clashed over whether to send Mahmoudi back. “President Moncef Marzouki did not sign any decree. This decision will have repercussionsfortherelationship between the presidency and the government,” presidential advisor Adnen Manser said, warning of a “serious crisis”. Marzouki was in southern Tunisia yesterday for commemorationstomarkthe70th anniversary of the foundation of the national army. His extradition could establish a

precedent for other countries who have given refuge to or arrested members of Gaddafi’s old entourage. Libya’s government and the International Criminal Court, which indicted Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam in June for crimes against humanity stemming from the crackdown on last year’s revolt, have argued for months over where he should be tried. Tripoli considers it a matter of national pride and a measure of the country’s transformation for Saif al-Islam’s and other Gaddafi loyalists trials to be held in Libya.

US warns Kenya of imminent terror attack HE US embassy in Kenya has warned of an imminent threat of an attack on the Kenyan port city of Mombasa and asked all its government workers to leave the coastal town, which has been hit by a series of attacks in the past. Underscoring the threat, police said they recovered suspected bomb-making material in the capital Nairobi on Sat-

P-R-O-F-I-L-E R. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party and former member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guid-


ance Bureau, was declared the first president of post Mubarak dictatorship with 57 prcent of the votes in the run off election. He is one

No more bailout for Greece, says Germany after suffering from nausea, intense abdominal pains and dizziness on Friday before he could be sworn in as finance minister. The foreign minister and outgoing finance minister will attend the June 28-29 meeting to ask for the terms of the 130 billion euro($162.96 billion) bailout to be loosened.

Americans divided on Obamacare • Former Libyan PM, Baghdadi Ali Al-Mahmoudi



REECE’s new gov ernment should stop asking for more help and instead move quickly to enact reform measures agreed to in return for previous bailouts from its European partners, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said yesterday. This came as Greece’s new prime minister and incoming finance minister, were rule out of this week’s EU summit owing to ill health. Prime Minister Antonis Samaras underwent eye surgery on Saturday and Vassilis Rapanos is in hospital

urday, the second such discovery this week in the country. The US embassy said in a statement dated June 22 on its website that it had

also suspended travel for its government officials to Mombasa, a tourist destination popular with foreigners, until July 1.


OST Americans op pose President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform even though they strongly support most of its provisions, a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed on Sunday, with the Supreme Court set to

Turkey consults NATO over Syria’s aggression Turkey yesterday consulted NATO to discuss its response to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad over the shooting down a military reconnaissance jet in

international airspace without warning. Amid growing acrimony between the once-friendly neighbors, Syria said its forces had shot dead “ter-

rorists” infiltrating its territory from Turkey, which along with Western and Arab nations has backed the cause of Syrians fighting Assad.

rule within days on whether the law should stand. Fifty-six percent of people are against the healthcare overhaul and 44 percent favor it, according to the online poll conducted from Tuesday through Saturday. The survey results suggest that Republicans are convincing voters to reject Obama’s reform even when they like much of what is in it, such as allowing children to stay on their parents’ insurance

Morsi: The new gadfly of Egypt's fundamentalist politics of the most prominent political figures of the Brotherhood, the organization that led the struggle against the ousted repressive regime of Hosin Mubarak and forced the military on a retreat. The American trained Morsi was the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc at the People’s Assembly of 20002005, and President of the Department of Materials Science, Faculty of Engineering at Zagazig University. His full name is Mo-

hamed Mohamed Morsi Issa Ayyat. He was born in August 1951 in Egypt’s Sharqiya province. He received a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Cairo University in 1975, then a Master of Engineering degree in Metallurgy from the •Dr. Mohamed Morsi, same university three years 1982.He worked as a lecafter He further received a turer and a Teacher Assisdoctorate (PhD) in engi- tant at the Faculty of Engineering from the Universi- neering, Cairo University, ty of Southern California, and the University of Southern California, US. He also worked as an Assistant Professor at the University of North Ridge in California between 1982 and 1985, and as a Professor and Head of Materials Engineering, Faculty of Engineering at Zagazig University from the year 1985 till 2010. He was elected a member of the Faculty Staff Club at the University of Zagazig. He was also selected as a member of the International Conference of Political Parties and Organizations, and founder-member of the Egyptian Resist the Zionist

Project Committee. Dr. Morsi is known to be a hard worker at each position he held – from the various fields of science, in which he excelled, to his career as a determined political leader, in which he proved his great abilities and skills. He has research in several major fields of industry in Egypt related to practical production solutions. He also conducted dozens of studies in “metal surface treatment”, which is one of the scientific precision industries, during his work at NASA on the development of space shuttle engines in the early eighties. Due to his constantly firm stance against the repressive measures and oppressive practices of the overthrown regime, Dr. Mohamed Morsi was arrested several times. After the 2005 elections were rigged, Dr. Mohamed Morsi led demonstrations in support for judges demanding independence, refusing referral of some judges to the Competence Commission to punish them for their outspoken views against blatant elections fraud.

Vanguard, MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2011 — 55


Loses tricycle to tricksters By BOSE ADELAJA

F only he had known that coming to Lagos to eke a living will turn out to be a painful tale of woes, perhaps Raimi Baruwa, a native of Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State, would have thought twice about the decision. Unfortunately, he is today bitterly regretting that decision as he presently has a debt of N620,000 hanging on his neck, while his health is fast deteriorating with nobody to come to his aid. Before his predicament which has reduced him to a near beggar started in May 2012, the 26year-old was a tricycle operator in the Okota area of Lagos. Raimi took to commercial tricycle when his mother’s petty business could no longer feed the family after the demise of their father who died some years back. He grew up in Kwara State and had successfully completed his apprenticeship in vulcanising but could not obtain a certificate due to the fact that his family could not meet up with the graduation bill issued by his master; so the young man took to menial jobs for survival. In 2009, his aunt, a petty trader in Lagos, visited the family in Ilorin and was surprised to see her nephew in such a pitiable situation and out of pity, offered relief by bringing him to her one room apartment in the Ikotun area of Lagos.


Disengagement of casual workers Few months later, when a construction firm began the ItireOkota link bridge project, Raimi was among the lucky youths engaged as casual workers. Unfortunately the joy of this was shortlived as the project was terminated in year 2010 and the casual workers disengaged. After months of idleness, he was introduced to the tricycle business, popularly called Keke Marwa, as an operator, remitting N2,000 on daily basis to his boss. In May 2012, Raimi decided to become self-employed and acquired, through hire-purchase, a new tricycle with number plate LAR 334 QA, at the cost of N620,000, payable within a period of 48 weeks at the rate of N13,000 per week. This brought joy to the entire family in anticipation that their son would soon become the proud owner of the tricycle after

completing the payment. Tragedy, however, struck two weeks later when he encountered three strange fellows who tricked and drugged him with what he thought was a harmless drink and disappeared with his tricycle. He was found half-dead the following day and this has led to his deteriorating health condition. Sources in the family told Vanguard Metro, VM, the situation was steadily getting worse as his mental state seems to have been affected. The incident happened around 9pm on Thursday, May 17, while the young man was going home after the day’s business. According to his aunt, Madam Toyin Baruwa, her nephew had stopped at a filling station near the Cele Bus-stop along the Oshodi-Apapa expressway to fuel his Keke when he was ap-

ing to be transported. On gett i n g there, his assailant p e r suaded him to wait for his boss, a female, w h o went for an engagement. After few minutes of waiting, Raimi became inpatient and decided to leave but his ‘client’ *Raimi on his sick bed after the attack kept on cajoling proached by a youngman who him to wait a while and even enhired him to transport some gaged him in a friendly discusgoods from Ago to Ijesha. After sion. negotiation, his ‘client’ took him But unknown to him, it was a to Good Day Hotel, Ijesha where ploy to drug him and steal his the goods were supposedly wait- tricycle. “He fell into their trap

by accepting their offer of a drink. After he drank from the bottle which, unknown to him, had been drugged, he lost consciousness and that was all he could recall that transpired,” said Madam Baruwa. Back home, at about 12 midnight, the family received a call through Raimi’s number. They initially believed he was the one calling, but it later turned out it was his abductors who were calling to intimate the family that their son was found helpless and unconscious in front of a hotel. They gave the address as Good Day Hotel, Ijesha and then cut short the call. The agitated family members immediately rushed to the scene and found Raimi lying helpless, indeed strapped in his clothes and seriously uncouncious. This unfortunate incident took place while the Lagos State medical doctors were on strike. This situation informed the family’s choice of alternative medicine as a first line of cure for him. But this only provided temporary respite as he has since then not regained full consciousness and remains mentally unbalanced. To add salt to his injury, the owner of the tricycle has arrested his aunt and one other person being his guarantors and the duo might be sued any moment from now for failure to continue with the payment.

Dana crash: Victims cry out for compensation By OLASUNKANMI AKONI

WO weeks after the Dana Air plane crash at Iju Ishaga area of Lagos which killed about 153 persons with millions of naira worth of property destroyed, a member of the Pyrates Confraternity, Mr. Solomon Olorunfemi, has called for adequate compensation for victims of the crash, including those who lost their property. Olorunfemi, who was speaking on behalf of the group, said he would get the authenticated list of those killed on ground and make a case for compensation for families of the victims. Olorunfemi, the Chairman of the association’s Hawkins Deck in Lagos State, who spoke during the association’s annual “Feast of Barracuda”, also commended the Lagos State government for giving succour to some children whose parents were killed in the disaster. He said the group was already discussing with its lawyer and appropriate agencies to ensure that the families of non-insured victims who were affected by the incident also get compensation. While noting that the 153 passengers who died on board the aircraft were insured, Olorunfemi stressed that something must be done for families of those killed


on ground. He said: “It was unfortunate that a plane crashed in the first instance. In that crash, the 153 on board were insured, what happens to those on ground who were not insured? We are putting our facts together and liaising with the appropriate agencies to ensure that families of those affected on ground also get compensated. You can imagine how people suddenly lost their loved ones while peacefully resting at home. We would ensure that the needful is done”. Meanwhile, most of the residents displaced as a result of the crash have sent a passionate appeal to relevant governments, Dana Air management and wellmeaning Nigerians to immediately come to their aid as they were not being carried along so far in the compensation arrangements for victims. Speaking on behalf of the displaced victims, Mr Chukwu Ebuka Lambert, a resident of Flat 6 at former 12, Olaniyi Street, IjuShaga noted that the situation has turned them (victims) to squatters without any hope from anywhere, whereas compensation plans were being worked out for the families of victims that died onboard the ill-fated plane. “We are also entitled to compensations, we lost practically

everything we owed on earth. I have proof of this. We are just leaving from hand to mouth since the incident occurred.We need immediate compensation, this thing is taking so long to sort o u t , ” Ebuka, an interior decor a t o r, stated. O n why the victims abandoned the relief c a m p prepared for them as temporary accommodation at Ipaja, Ebuka said: “It c a n ’ t work out because of the distance to our various places of work and schools of the

children”. He said the victims were at the relief camp last week to collect relief materials distributed to them by the state government.

56 — Vanguard, MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2012

Tunisia extradicts former Libya PM T UNISIA sent back exL i b y a n prime minister Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi, a stalwart of slain leader Muammer Gaddafi’s regime, to face trial in Tripoli, the prime minister ’s spokesman said. “He was extradited morning,” Ridha Kazdaghli, Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali’s spokesman, said. Defence ministry official Mohammed al-Ahwal said that a helicopter had transferred Al Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmoudi to the capital Tripoli. “Mahmoudi is now in Tripoli and we are holding him in a prison.” The decision touched off a row between the president’s and prime minister’s offices, as the two clashed over whether to send Mahmoudi back. “President Moncef Marzouki did not sign any decree. This decision will have repercussions for the relationship between the presidency and the government,” presidential advisor Adnen Manser said, warning of a “serious crisis”. Marzouki was in south-

ern Tunisia yesterday for commemorations to mark the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the national army. His extradition could establish a precedent for other countries who have given refuge to or arrested members of Gaddafi’s old entourage. Libya’s government and the International Criminal Court, which indicted Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam in June for c r i m e s against humanity stemming from the crackdown on last year ’s revolt, have argued for months over where he should be tried.

HE US embassy in Kenya has warned of an imminent threat of an attack on the Kenyan port city of Mombasa and asked all its government workers to leave the coastal town, which has been hit by a series of attacks in the past. Underscoring the threat, police said they recovered suspected bomb-making material in the capital Nairobi on Sat-

P-R-O-F-I-L-E R. Mohamed Morsi, Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party and former member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Bureau, was declared the first president of post Mubarak dictatorship with 57 prcent of the votes in the run off election. He is one of the most prominent political figures of the Brotherhood, the organization that led the struggle against the ousted re-



pressive regime of Hosin Mubarak and forced the military on a retreat. The American trained Morsi was the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary bloc at the People’s Assembly of 2000-2005, and President of the Department of Materials Science, Faculty of Engineering at Zagazig University. His full name is Mohamed Mohamed Morsi Issa Ayyat. He was born in August 1951

No more bailout for Greece, says Germany after suffering from nausea, intense abdominal pains and dizziness on Friday before he could be sworn in as finance minister. The foreign minister and outgoing finance minister will attend the June 28-29 meeting to ask for the terms of the 130 billion euro($162.96 billion) bailout to be loosened.

Americans divided on Obamacare • Former Libyan PM, Baghdadi Ali Al-Mahmoudi

US warns Kenya of imminent terror attack


REECE’s new gov ernment should stop asking for more help and instead move quickly to enact reform measures agreed to in return for previous bailouts from its European partners, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said yesterday. This came as Greece’s new prime minister and incoming finance minister, were rule out of this week’s EU summit owing to ill health. Prime Minister Antonis Samaras underwent eye surgery on Saturday and Vassilis Rapanos is in hospital


urday, the second such discovery this week in the country. The US embassy said in a statement dated June 22 on its website that it had

also suspended travel for its government officials to Mombasa, a tourist destination popular with foreigners, until July 1.

OST Americans op pose President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform even though they strongly support most of its provisions, a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed on Sunday, with the Supreme Court set to rule


Turkey consults NATO over Syria’s aggression Turkey yesterday consulted NATO to discuss its response to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad over the shooting down a military reconnaissance jet in

international airspace without warning. Amid growing acrimony between the once-friendly neighbors, Syria said its forces had shot dead “ter-

rorists” infiltrating its territory from Turkey, which along with Western and Arab nations has backed the cause of Syrians fighting Assad.

within days on whether the law should stand. Fifty-six percent of people are against the healthcare overhaul and 44 percent favor it, according to the online poll conducted from Tuesday through Saturday. The survey results suggest that Republicans are convincing voters to reject Obama’s reform even when they like much of what is in it, such as allowing children to stay on their parents’ insurance until age 26.

Morsi: The new gadfly of Egypt's fundamentalist politics arrested several times. in Egypt’s Sharqiya province. He received a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Cairo University in 1975, then a Master of Engineering degree in Metallurgy from the same university three years after He further received a doctorate (PhD) in engineering from the University of Southern California, 1982.He worked as a lecturer and a Teacher Assistant at the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, and the University of Southern California, US. He also worked as an Assistant Professor at the University of North Ridge in California between 1982 and 1985, and as a Professor and Head of Materials Engineering, Faculty of Engineering at Zagazig University from the year 1985 till 2010. He was elected a member of the Faculty Staff Club at the University of Zagazig. He was also selected as a member of the Interna-

•Dr. Mohamed Morsi, tional Conference of Political Parties and Organizations, and foundermember of the Egyptian Resist the Zionist Project Committee. Dr. Morsi is known to be a hard worker at each position he held – from the various fields of science, in which he excelled, to his career as a determined political leader, in which he proved his great abilities and skills. He has research in several major fields of in-

dustry in Egypt related to practical production solutions. He also conducted dozens of studies in “metal surface treatment”, which is one of the scientific precision industries, during his work at NASA on the development of space shuttle engines in the early eighties. Due to his constantly firm stance against the repressive measures and oppressive practices of the overthrown regime, Dr. Mohamed Morsi was

After the 2005 elections were rigged, Dr. Mohamed Morsi led demonstrations in support for judges demanding independence, refusing referral of some judges to the Competence Commission to punish them for their outspoken views against blatant elections fraud. Consequently, Dr. Morsi was arrested on the morning of May 18, 2006 with 500 members of the Brotherhood during their protest in front of the North Cairo Court and Al-Jalaa Court Complex in Central Cairo. He spent seven months behind bars. He was arrested, yet again, on the morning of the “Friday of Anger” on January 28, 2011 during the revolution of January 25 along with a large number of Brotherhood leaders across Egypt. Their arrest was a deliberate attempt by the despotic regime to prevent them from participating in the ‘Friday of Anger’ protests across Egypt.


Vanguard, MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2012 — 57


58—Vanguard, MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2012

The heart of the matter! T

Dreading their return Back to Kate and her wahala, Dean, his ex-wife, her cousin and Rafiu were still at my neighbour’s place and I was inwardly dreading their return. I mean my neighbour couldn’t keep them at his place forever. What to do? What if the group returned to my place and the rowing continued? I toyed with the idea of asking malam not to allow them into my premises, but what about Dean? He was my guest. I was having my dinner alone in the dining room; Kate having declined, saying she would wait for Dean to return before she would have dinner. The food looked good and I was hungry, but I could only pick at it. Nanny who had been hovering around, came to whisper in my ears. “Madam, we must not leave those people with Chief …....... any longer. He and his wife are old. They need their rest in the evening. Shall I go tell the Chief that , if he doesn’t mind, you would want the group back here, so that everything can be settled?” “Nanny, what you’re saying? Settle what? In my house? I have no business in the matter. I was thinking of asking malam to lock the gates for the night.” “That’s a good idea, madam, but what about madam Kate’s friend? Oga said we should treat him with caution. We can’t lock him out of here. He and madam Kate have just this night and tomorrow night to spend with us. I thought you could send Michel and me for the group, and when they get to our

gate, Michel will bring madam Kate’s friend in, and malam will shut the gate on the others. ” I told her it was a good idea, but it wasn’t neat. It had some rough edges. Kate who had been watching the television half-heartedly, came over to tell me that she strongly suspected Michel to be the one who called Rafiu and told him to ask Dean’s ex-wife to come meet him at my place. I too suspected that, but I didn’t want to fan the flames of Kate’s suspicion and let a quarrel start between her and Michel. “Coz, I know how upset you are, but let’s concentrate on the problem at hand. Er, what would you like do now? How do we get rid of Bisi and her group? We have to get them off my neighbour’s hand, but then I don’t want them back in this place.” “Michel caused this trouble. That’s why he urged me to go lock up myself in nanny’s room, saying that Dean’s ex-ex-ex-wife might want to attack me. I allowed myself to be scared into obeying him. I should have sat in here to witness the fight. After all, the woman didn’t come here to fight me, but to ask Dean to take her to where he’s hidden their children. She wouldn’t have attacked me. She would have no reason to. It’s not like I had snatched Dean from her. He had two other failed marriages/relationships after her, and this her visit wasn’t about getting him back. I was safe. Michel didn’t want me around to hear


HI Readers! HIS is not to defend myself but I was quite amazed when a reader sent in mail concurring with another reader who I reported had said that I allow other people to watch my back for me, and that I’m too lenient and soft with nanny. This second reader added that the way I discuss intimate family things with nanny doesn’t show strength of character. Well! Well! I thought that this an upbeat generation that is putting away the oga and servant mentality, and raising the status of our domestic helps so that they can be seen as friends, rather than as servants! Nanny has been with Seb and me for over twenty years, and she played a great part in helping to raise my children, and thus she knows the family inside out. Besides, is there anything that can successfully be hidden from those who work for you? Of course there’s a barrier placed on what I discuss with her and she knows that. Discussing some family issues with her has helped me keep my emotional balance, especially now that the children have left home, and mum and dad have relocated to Ghana. I can’t bottle up on everything, and I can’t go running to the gals with every upset in my life. Yes, she’s become family.


- the funloving, but hardworking single parent

nonsense with me. I’ll beat her into a pulp, and we shall all end up in a police cell. It’s you I’m sorry for. So, I’d better not go with you.” “Oh, thanks, coz. Very considerate of you.” I told her sarcastically. “Nanny, please call Michel and let’s go over. Has my driver left?” “Long time, madam. You know he doesn’t waste time. He lives in Okoko and that’s quite far. Besides, he said he has no money to take a bike down to Badagry express, so, he’s trekking all the way. Poor man! He said his wife is...................” “Nanny!” I screamed at her. “Yes, madam? Oh, sorry. You don’t want to hear the story of …....” “Exactly! I don’t want to hear it now. Thank you. I asked for Michel.” “Er, I’ve been looking for him, too, madam. I haven’t seen him for some time. Maybe he’s gone back next door. We can go join him, madam, as you said.” “Kate dear, we’ll be back soon. You’re okay here, aren’t you?” “Sure, thanks. I’m fine. I just want Dean back.” I looked at my cousin. “You’re quite taken up with this guy, aren’t you?” “You could say I am,”she replied calmly. “Someone you met barely ten days ago? A total stranger?” “Must it take one an eternity to know the right person to share one’s life with?” “Does this fel-

Michel caused this trouble. That’s why he urged me to go lock up myself in nanny’s room, saying that Dean’s exex-ex-wife might want to attack me. I allowed myself to be scared into obeying him. I should have sat in here to witness the fight

Rafiu, under pressure, reveal that Michel told him that Dean was here..” “Coz, let’s put on our thinking cap. I think it’s time for me to be decisive. I’ll go next door to get the group out. I’ll ask Dean to return here, and I’ll dismiss the others. If they don’t comply, I’ll call in the Police. I have the local DPO’s gsm numbers. I’ll go with Michel and nanny. You can come too, if you’re convinced that you won’t be attacked.” “Er, maybe I should wait here. I didn’t quite like the way that woman just rushed at Dean and clung to his neck. She looked mad” “I see. I thought you said you were in no danger of any sort, and that it wasn’t about coming to deal with a husband-snatcher.” “Well, you wouldn’t want another fight on your premises, would you. I’m staying here because of you. That woman may change gear, and decide to attack me. You know me. I would beat her up. I’m in trousers, luckily, and she’s small in size. She can’t try any


low feel the same, Kate dear?” “Coz, don’t call him a fellow. That’s derogatory. Won’t you feel insulted if your cousin falls in love with a fellow? Dean is a sweet man who has become dear to me.” It was on the tip of my tongue to tell her that he comes with a lot of baggage, and she would need to clear all the rubbish on him first before she can discern the person he is, but I held back. That would be very unkind. Seb, in his wisdom, has said we should encourage Kate’s interest in Dean so that she can finally get him (Seb) out of her system. It was best I behaved myself. Outside my gates I saw Becky and her husband, David; bibles in hand. “Becky! David! What are you doing here?” I blurted out. “Sorry, good evening. Hope all’s well.” “That’s better,” laughed Becky as she and her husband came over to hug me. “We’re here on a rescue mission. Michel took a bike down to ask us over. He said Seb told him to.”

Anger welled up in me, as I turned round to look at Michel. Couldn’t he have asked me first? But I didn’t voice this, so that my friend and her husband who had dropped everything to come help out, wouldn’t feel offended. “Ah, thank you so much,” I said with a forced smile. “Have you been to my neighbour’s house?” “Yes, everything is settled,” said David. “We were just about to say ‘hi’ to you and go back home. There’s fellowship going on at our place right now.” “Oh dear! Michel, you shouldn’t have gone to bother them. You know how busy they are.” “Oh no! He did the right thing.

Feeling sorry for her That lady is a hard nut. Your neighbour wasn’t getting anywhere with them. She insisted that she would stay with your guest until he takes her to Onitsha to see her children. She said she has neither seen nor spoken with any of the four children for more than one year.” “Hey, that was tough, don’t you think, Becky?” I asked. “Yes, it is.” “But when the man told his side of the story, you wouldn’t feel sorry for her. ” said David. “Contrary to her claims that the man was going to marry another woman because she couldn’t give him a son, it turned out that she had been having lovers all over the place, and one of them got her to leave and join him in Ibadan. That relations h i p didn’t work out, and she sort of w e n t from one man to the other. I must say she’s a very pretty woman.” Becky glared at her husband. “I only said that to explain w h y she’s perh a p s m u c h sought after, not that I adm i r e her.” he e x plained quickly. “Who s a i d she’s m u c h sought after?”

Becky wanted to know. I cleared my throat to distract the couple. I then reminded them that they shouldn’t say such things when they both have bibles in their hands. We all laughed. I asked where Dean and the others were, and how the matter stood. David explained. “Becky and I preached forgiveness to them. Dean said he didn’t want the children to have contact with their mother, because she had no settled home. He said as girls, they could have emulated her. That deflated her and she began to cry. Anyway, after much talk, it was agreed that she should be allowed to visit her children, and could stay for two days to bond with them again. Actually, when they divorced, the man was granted full custody of the children, but with visitations from their mother. David decided to remove those himself when he discovered she had no settled home. Here they come. Say, we really must leave, Treena dear.” Hugs, and David and Becky left. Michel and nanny had long disappeared into my premises, so I alone was left outside when the group got to my gate. Rafiu came forward again to apologize for bringing his cousin. The two women apologized too. “It happened and it wasn’t pleasant,” I told them. “However, let’s put it all behind us.” Goodnights all round, and they headed for a vehicle parked across the road. Suddenly, Bisi rushed back to hug Dean tightly. Confused, he held her to him briefly, and then she joined the others and they left. When Dean and I turned to enter my premises, I noticed that Kate had been watching us all from the guard’s post. Oh dear! I had had enough aggro for the day, so, I legged it to the house, went up to my bedroom and locked the door. Tara.

Vanguard, MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2011 — 59

60 — Vanguard,



By Joshua Adeyemo Phone 08056180139

LIBRA; If you back your financial plans with concrete and positive actions things’ll go according to your desire. If you fail to realise importance of your spouse you would work your way into avoidable trouble; aren’t you tired of crisis? SCORPIO; Your intelligence, competence and level of concentration may today bring you envy, which you don’t deserve within your working arena in a negative form but. SAGITTARIUS; The Moon highlights your Solar second house of money which is good but, if you try to buy true love with money, you’ll be disappointed CAPRICORN; The. Moon in your Star sign’ll gives you new confidence and with new supports from the powersthat-be, it’s like you are now un-stop-able. But be cautious, especially with the veterans within your base of operation

By Richard Eromosele

VERYONE of us has talent(s) given to us by God, our maker. And God expects us to apply the talent He gave us. He wants us to trade with it and make profit. He expects us to bless humanity with what He


The sin of laziness has blessed us with. When we refuse to use the talent given us by God, we are not better than that child that refused the employment given him after all the investment on him by his father.


Remember the parable of the talent? One of the lessons of that parable is that God abhors laziness. And that is why He took the only talent he gave one for refusing to trade with his one

in “Never say goodbye”

talent and added it to that of five. Laziness is a sin. Come to think of it: what could be more sinful than someone refusing to bless humanity with God’s blessing on him? Think about it!

By Kola Fayemi

AQUARIUS; Better days are ahead of you but, you will today need to do away with non-productive argument and/ or agreement. Try to be more diplomatic now. PISCES; If what you’re doing today’ll depend on tomorrow’s event it’s better you’re more careful now. Even things may not go according to your personal plans today. Yet it’s important you plan both your immediate and far future carefully now ARIES; If you take to aggression, your ego would be deflated by your superior colleagues, but your being cooperative in a civilised way’ll prevent trouble TAURUS; Those willing to put you to shame one way or the other’ll be disappointed with the turn of things today. It’s good to secure support of your spouse. GEMINI; You’ve had enough of fun in the recent times and it’s now time you settle down for hard work in order to prevent avoidable trouble. Be patient please. CANCER; Your concentration level and determination are the pillars of your success today. Yet you’ll need to respect your senior colleagues and protect your image



“Princess Shii’

By Andy Akman

LEO; It’s true you’re willing to work harder but you just have to drop both aggression and mental arrogance to allow things to roll accordingly. Then, you’re accident prone within your working arena. Respect the law and its agents today. VIRGO; Serious thought may be giving to matters of the heart but it’s better you tarry a while. Joint ventures of short duration today may be an invitation to avoidable trouble

ASTROLOGICAL COUNSELLING Send your date and place of birth to the Astrological Counselling, P.M.B 1007, Apapa, Lagos

Success for me? Dear Joshua, I am interested in your Astrological counselling. Kindly tell me everything about myself, especially my finance and career; would I be rich eventually, if yes what should I do to make it happen quickly. Olusola, Enugu.


Dear Olusola, There are indications of financial success for you but you can not change what Almighty God Has designed for you talking about the timing (the quickness you talked in your letter) Certainly however no failure for you YOUR CAREER LINE Mercury –the planet of education and Accountancy, together with mighty Sun at positive angle to planets in Virgo (another Accounting Star sign) attracted you to both Accountancy profession and the academic world. Truly you did not make wrong choice of career. Money will eventually come along this line but it’ll not be as faster as if you take to OIL RELATED BUSINESS. Because Neptune (the planet of OIL) was very comfortable when you were born. It will not be out of place if you have filling stations as time goes by, because you are basically a GAS PERSON. Another money spinning vocation for you include writing either along your line or for film making industry; it is important you exhibit the higher quotient of creativity in your inner-self. Yes your dream of becoming A Professor will come to reality. Politics is another area you are not looking at now but will surely come. Do you say why? Because Aquarius is equally political. Venus that was powerfully placed when you were born is all about MONEY. Thus you have special ability to make money. And as it was at positive angle to disciplined Saturn, you are not giving to serious frivolity. One major challenge here is envy by others but you will eventually overcome. Another source of challenges is your love life which looks not totally balanced. Basically you are a family minded person. You are equally loving and caring. But sometimes your love of freedom get better off you to the resentment of your closer partner(s).Then some other times it is other party’s fault making love-business very interesting. And unless you are more careful and determined you may marry more than once.


by Lawrence Akapa


Vanguard CLASSIFIED OKEKE—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Okeke Anthonia Chidimma, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Anyanwo Anthonia Chidimma. All former documents remain valid. Federal Polytechnic Oko, Imo State Polytechnic, NYSC and general public please take note.

MACARTHY—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Amakpe Macarthy, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Amakpe Macarthy Ige. All former documents remain valid. Aero Contractors and general public please take note.

OKOYE—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss May Tochukwu Okoye, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. May Tochukwu Onuegbu. All former documents remain valid. NYSC and general public please take note.

ALIKA —I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Alika Nkechi, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Obietum Nkechi. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

ETIM—I, formerly known and addressed as Isaac Offiong Etim, now wish to be known and addressed as Theodore Akwaowo Isaac. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

OGHONEMU—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Oghonemu Susanna, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Iteveh Susanna. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

UMUKORO —I ,formerly known and addressed as Miss Umukoro Edoka Magdalene, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Etuonovbe Edoka Magdalene. All former documents remain valid.Post Primary Education Board Asaba, Delta State and General public please take note.

MOBUOGWU —I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Hope Chibuotu Mobuogwu, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Hope Chibuotu Nwabudike. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

UNUAME—I, Formerly known and addressed as Miss Oghenerukevwe Joy Unuame, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Oghenerukevwe Joy Akpore. All former documents remain valid. General public and to whom it may concern to please take note

OCHU—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Ochu Jane Ijeoma, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs.Aghanti Jane Ijeoma. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

ISONI—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Isoni Ufuoma Lena, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs.Idugboe Ufuoma Lena. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

OFONI—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Ofoni Sarah, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs.Ukrakpor Ofoni Sarah. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

ORIBEI — I, formerly known and addressed as Oribei Lucky Isioma, now wish to be known and addressed as Oribei Favour Lucky. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

ONYESON—I, Formerly known and addressed as Miss Miriam Nsumai Onyeson, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Miriam Nsumai Olumai. All former documents remain valid. General public and to whom it may concern to please take note.

UKPEBITERE—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Ufuoma Tejiri Ukpebitere, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs.Ufuoma T. Teddy-Odisu. All former documents remain valid. Diamond Bank Plc and General public please take note.

ODIBO—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Odibo Ejiroghene Abigail, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Akatugba Ejirooghene Abigail. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

Confirmation of Name OPIA –This is to confirm that the name Opia A. Peter is one and the same person as Peter A. Peters. All former documents remain Valid. General public please take note.

ITEYERE—I, formerly known and addressed as Iteyere Pius, now wish to be known and addressed as Iteyere Pius Oghenemine. All f o r m e r documents remain valid. General public please take note.

OSEROHWOVO— I, Formerly known and addressed as Miss Oserohwovo Aghogho Anita, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Atamakoh Aghogho Anita. All former documents remain valid.NYSC and general public please take note.

AWEKE—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Aweke Edith B u d o n y e f a , now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Edith Budonyefa Akuen. All former documents remain valid. NYSC and general public please t a k e note.

ONYEABOR — I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Onyeabor Ngozi Favour, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Onyekwere Favour Ngozi. All former documents remain valid. Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri and general public please take note.

OLOWOOKERE — I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Olowookere Grace Toluwase Fehintola, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Olakanmi Grace Toluwase Fehintola. All former documents remain valid. First Bank Plc and general public please take note.

Confirmation of Name My correct name is UwomAlex Iberaan Mofe, but some of my documents bear Uwom Iberaan, Uwom Alex Iberaan, Uwom Alex Iberaan Ikuoritsemofe and Uwom Alex Iberaan Mofe. This is to confirm that the aforesaid names refer to one and same person. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

EIGBOKHAN—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Ofure Yvonne Eigbokhan, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Ofure Yvonne Imangui. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

TOBI—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Christiana Ogenekume Tobi, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Christiana Ogenekume Ozorgbuda. All documents bearing the former name remain valid. Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RSUST) and general public please take note.

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KAKACHE— I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Elohor Joy Kakache, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Elohor Joy Eboh. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

Confirmation of Name This is to confirm that the name Richard Sunday Agbinor, refers to one and the same person as Richard Sunday Ayenor, now wish to be known and addressed as Richard Sunday Ayenor. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

EBARE—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Mary Osazele Ebare, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Mary Osazele Chibuzo. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

OKWUDISHU — I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Okwudishu Lilian Nkechi, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Kwentua Lilian Nkechi. All former documents remain valid. NYSC and general public please take note.

UNACHU —I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Ogechi Vivian Unachu, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Ogechi Vivian Edeh. All former documents remain valid. Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT), NYSC and general public please take note.

IHUNWO—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Sonia Ozinuchim Ihunwo, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Sonia Ozinuchim Ogoloma. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.


Maternal deaths rise in Lagos BY SOLA OGUNDIPE & CHIOMA OBINNA

KEJA—DESPITE ef forts by the Lagos State Government to ensure that women do not die or suffer long-term disabilities as a result of pregnancyrelated causes, a new report on Maternal Mortality Ratio, MMR, conducted in the 20 local government areas of the state has indicated that the rate of maternal death in the state remains unacceptably high with 555 per 100,000 live births. The study, carried out by the Campaign Against Unwanted Pregnancy, CAUP, in collaboration with the Lagos State Ministry of Health, revealed that Alimosho Local Government Area has the highest maternal mortality ratio with 826 per 100,000 live births while Lagos Island Local Government Area has the lowest ratio of 310 per 100,000 live births.


Alimosho tops The findings confirmed that the rate of maternal death in Alimosho Local Government Area is extremely high and far exceeds the national average, closely followed by Epe Local Government Area with 803 per 100,000 live births. Presenting the report in Lagos, weekend, on behalf of CAUP Executive Director, Professor Boniface Oye-Adeniran, spokesperson of CAUP, Dr. Abidoye Gbadegesin, declared that maternal mortality remains unacceptably high in Lagos. Gbadegesin, who advocated the introduction of more family planning and contraceptive services in the state, pointed out that there should be compulsory registration of maternal deaths and child births in the state. He identified the fact that because women were “always poor, always pregnant and always powerless”, it was one major reason why Nigeria’s MMR can never come down. Reacting, state Commissioner for Health, Dr. Jide Idris, stated that latest study was another challenge to the state to do more in terms of improving or redesigning another strategy towards reducing MMR to the barest minimum. Idris, who affirmed that the state was not embarrassed by the high maternal mortality ratio said by 2015, the state should have reduced MMR by two-thirds.


Vanguard, MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2012


ND in the end it is not the years in your life that counts. It’s the life in your years.” Today I have decided to drop everything to celebrate a sports legend of our time. A living Encyclopaedia of our football, a man who God has given me the privilege to understudy as secretary of Association of Sports Veterans Nigeria, of which he is the President. Last Saturday he quietly celebrated his birth day and perhaps I should take most of the blame. His birthday, his 80th birth day should NOT have been quietly celebrated. If I was in town, I should have marshaled the leadership of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to his residence to pay homage, either before or after the Falcons match against Banyana Banyana. Before now, I should have reminded the world and indeed the NFF about the need to celebrate a man who Fabio Lanipekun in his Column in the Tribune Newspapers referred to as “ …one of the original football administrators this country ever produced…” Anyway, better late than never. Okakuro Jonathan Bioytre Ogufere was born in Okirighwure Amukpe Sapele in Sapele LGA of Delta State on 23rd June 1932 to a family that early realized the value of education. He attended Roman Catholic School and Zik’s Academy, Sapele for his primary education and proceeded to Enitona High School, Port Harcourt for his secondary education where he had the Junior Cambridge School Certificate in 1960. He was employed in the Department of Post & Telecommunications in Lagos on 2nd July 1951 as a postal clerk and telegraphist. In 1956, he was one of the few Telegraphist that were attached to the entourage of Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Second on her visit to Nigeria after which he received a written commendation for satisfactory performance. He attended a 2-year government sponsored course on Telecommunications with the British Post Office from 1958 to 1959. Chief J.B. Ogufere had a successful civil service career with seven promotions in the senior segment. He was the territorial controller of Mid Western re-

Celebrating J.B Ogufere at 80


Chief Ogufere significantly blended an efficient Civil Service career with successful Sports Administration


gion during most period of the civil war. He was however posted to Enugu as the territorial controller of the war ravaged East Central State where he distinguished himself in the execution of the Federal Government policy of Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Reconciliation for which a street, Ogufere Street, was named after him in the GRA, Enugu by the administrator of the then East Central State, Dr. Anthony Ukpabi Asika. After an historic and landmark six-year tenure in Enugu from January 1970 to July 1976, Chief Ogufere was transferred to P&T Headquarters in Lagos in July 1976. In 1978, Chief Ogufere was promoted Assistant Director of Telecommunications, P&T Headquarters. A position he held until he voluntarily retired from service on 14th May 1986 during the transformation of P&T into two separate corporate bodies of NITEL and NIPOST.

Olympic Day Run: Ndanusa preaches oneness, respect T HOUSANDS of Ni gerians joined the rest of the world at the weekend to celebrate Olympic Day, a day set aside to celebrate the founding of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in 1894. The objective of the marathon was to promote interest in sports and to promote an Olympic spirit in the country. From the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja to Lagos, Edo, Bayelsa, Ondo, Osun, Plateau, Imo, Ebonyi, Anambra, Ogun, Kano, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Niger, Nigerians made it a colourful outing in the spirit of the Olympic Values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect. In Abuja, President of the NOC, Engr Sani M. Ndanusa preached oneness, respect and urged Nigerians to embrace sports as a way of healthy living noting that sports is key to a sound mind in a sound body. And in Lagos where members of the support-

ers club led by Dr Rafiu Ladipo turned it to a colourful outing, the presence of dignataries and expatriates made it even more colourful. First Vice President of NOC, Dr Jonathan Nnaji, Honourable Tunde Po p o o l a ( S e c r e t a r y NOC), Lagos State Sports Commissioner, Barrister Enitan Oshodi, Prince Ademola AdenijiAdele, Hon Sultan Adeniji-Adele, Emmanuel Nweri, Austine Odijie among others graced the occasion. The Lagos carnival which was flagged off by Barrister Oshodi witnessed Lagosians dancing and jogging from the National Stadium through Ojuelegba to Lawanson, hitting Masha through Ogunlana and back to the Stadium. IOC certificates were given to those who completed the Olympic Day Celebration.Dr Nnaji described the event as highly successful as he promised that the next Olympic Day Run would surpass this year’s


T is looking like clan destine moves to stage a coup that would unseat Issa Hayatou, President of the Confederation of African Football might be hitting the rocks early on if indications from weekend goings-on are anything to go by. Last week, invitations were sent to certain key personnel in the East African region to travel to Bujumbura, Burundi. Ostensibly it was to celebrate the ele-


Since Telecommunications is his discipline and his business, in 1987, Chief Ogufere converted to the private sector by joining a well known telecommunications company, Fujikura/Ducat, in Lagos where he served as Managing Director until he resigned in 1994. Chief Ogufere significantly blended an efficient Civil Service career with successful Sports Administration. For several years he organized sports, especially football in P&T as well as the nation at large. He founded the P&T Rockets Football Club of Benin City in 1966, the P&T Vasco Da Gama Football Club, Enugu on 16 May, 1970 and P&T Satellite of Lagos in 1979. He served as Member of the Nigeria Football Association (NFA) for 15 years which coincides with the golden era or apogeal period when Nigeria football attained its greatest heights (Under the leadership of such great chairmen as Chief Ikpeazu, Alhaji Dankaro, Group Captain Ikazoboh, Group Captain John Obakpolor , Alhaji Yusuf Ali,,,,among others.) He further extended his researches outside the borders of the country following his election as the President of the 16-nation West African Football Union (WAFU) for a period of six years (1988-1944) which witnessed unprecedented football successes in the sub region. In recognition of his services, achievements and the projection of a favourable Okpe/Urhobo image, the former Orodje of Okpe Kingdom, His Royal Highness Orhoro, the 1st (JP) in December 1985 was kind and gracious enough to confer on Chief Jonathan B. Ogufere the chieftaincy title of Okakuro of Okpe. His personal title of Ugbugba of Okpe connotes the “courage and determination” of the Okpe/Urhobo people. He is happily married to his three wives Christiana, Lucy and Cindy and well blessed with children and a bounty of grandchildren. He worked assiduously to educate his children and bring them to the knowledge of God as good Christians. His friends call him JB. I dare not! Chief, may you live long in the service of humanity. AMEN

Uneasy rumblings hits CAF leadership vation of the country’s football federation President, Lydia Nsekera, to the heights of FIFA Executive Committee. However things took a twist when a meeting was convened in which a representative of a football chief who is aspiring to challenge CAF President


LOC to unveil mascot, logo for Eko 2012 on Thursday The Local Organising Committee (LOC) of the 18th National Sports Festival will on Thursday unveil the official mascot, logo and website for the fiesta holding on November this year. With the Minister of Sports/Chairman, National Sports Commission (NSC), Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi, as special of honour, the event will be used to unveil the icons of the championship. LOC Secretary General, Dr. Kweku Tandoh, revealed that the Governor of Lagos State, Baba-

tunde Fashola, will be the chief host at the event expected to feature captains of industry, sports icons and stakeholders in the sector. He said: “June 28 is the official unveiling of what we have termed “the icons of Eko2012”. By this we mean, things by which the festival will be identified and will give character to the event like the logo, mascot, and the official website for Eko2012 will be made known to the public. We are also using that day as

an opportunity to reach out to the corporate sector. The Governor will be speaking to them during his address and then we also have a little documentary that will highlight the marketing opportunities that are available for corporate partners. The marketing subcommittee will also be giving out marketing documents that have been prepared and that would show the various categorizations of partnership and sponsorship that are available.”

Issa Hayatou in next year’s general assembly was introduced to the gathering. The representative, who came from the West African state of Cote d’Ivoire, was sent to parley with the invitees to the ‘party’ to deliver a message from his boss, on the need for change at the helm of affairs of football in Africa. Football Federation chiefs from countries like Rwanda, Kenya, Rwanda, Djibouti, Namibia and Zanzibar joined their Burundi counterpart for the parley. However, one of the delegates sparked a note of discord in the small gathering, complaining of what he termed as “trickery to engage us in a political meeting under the guise of a party”. He frowned at the concept of the event, especially as the aspiring candidate did not deem them “worthy enough to make a personal appearance at this meeting and only sending an emissary”, which, in his words, “I find quite disrespectful”.


Vanguard, MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2012 — 63

Ike Uche sticks with Granada IGERIA striker Ike Uche has revealed he will stay on at Granada on loan from demoted Villarreal in the forthcoming Spanish La Liga season. The 28-year-old Uche spent the past season on loan to Granada, who did well to stay up in their first season back in the top flight after a very long absence. “I’m staying at Granada. I enjoyed myself at the club last season,” Uche said. “I belong to Villarreal but my loan deal is still on at Granada.” Villarreal were relegated from the Spanish top flight this past season after they placed 18th on the table. “I am happy where I am because the best football is played in Spain. I am not crazy about the England thing “I look forward to playing for any of the top four teams in La Liga, talking about Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid,” he revealed.


•Ike Uche

Moses owes us — Wigan W

IGAN chairman Dave Whelan has said Victor Moses owes the club for giving the winger a chance in the top tier of English football. The Nigerian attacker has attracted interest from Chelsea, while the Latics have given him an incentive to stay put at the DW Stadium by offering to double his wages to around £40,000 a week. Clearly keen to hang

Nigeria ready to reclaim lost glory rian athletes featuring prominently. Newly appointed Technical Director of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN), Navy Capt. Omatseye Nesiama said that the athletes selected for the trip to the African Championships were selected based on their current form and performance at the Nigerian Olympic trials in Calabar last week Men 100m, 200m, 4x100m; Obinna Metu, Ogho Oghene Egwero, Stanley Azie, Ike Patrick Chinedu, Seye Ogunlewe, Peter Emelieze and Durotoye Adetoyi. 400m, 4x400m; Abiola Onakoya, Segun Ogunkole, Isah Salihu, Saul Weigopwa, Tobi Ogunmola, Noah Akwu and Godday James. 110m hurdles; Samuel Okon and Nurudeen Selim. 400m hurdles; Amaechi Morton. Long Jump; Stanley Gbagbeke. Triple Jump;

ENERBAHÇE are set to sign Nigeria skipper Joseph Yobo on a permanent deal with an improved offer of two million pounds to EPL side Everton. Fenerbahçe’s initial offer of £1.5m was rejected by Everton, but it is believed they will now accept two million pounds for the 31-yearold central defender. Everton manager David Moyes has deemed Yobo surplus to requirements at Goodison Park and he is keen to offload the defender in July. The experienced centre back has settled into life in Turkey and recently told reporters in Istanbul, “I am very happy in Turkey and at Fenerbahçe as is my family.


on to the wide man, Whelan argued that Moses should repay his debt to the club that gave him his break in the Premier League by resisting the temptation of a bigmoney move. ‘We took this lad as a teenager and everything he has he owes to Roberto Martinez and Wigan Athletic,’ he told the Wigan Evening Post.

Tosin Oke. Women; 100m, 200m and 4x100m; Blessing Okagbare, Gloria Asumnu, Lawretta Ozoh, Christy Udoh, Oludamola Osayomi and Isoken Wisdom. 400m, 4x400m; Regina George, Omolara Omotosho, Bukola Abogunloko, Endurance Abinuwa, Idara Out and Margaret Etim. 100m hurdles; Seun Adigun and Uhunoma Naomi Osazuwa. 400m hurdles; Ajoke Odumosu. High jump; Doreen Amata. Long jump; Blessing Okagbare and Chinasom Amadi. Heptathlon; Uhunoma Naomi Osazuwa and Kemi Francis. Shot put; Vivian Chukwuemeka. 800m; Agber Shimenenge. Triple jump; Blessing Ibrahim Ibukun. Javelin; Patience Okoro and Benedicta Ituah. Throw; Chinwe Okoro.

However, agent Tony Finnigan hit out at the call for loyalty, commenting: ‘All I will say is: How did Vic end up at Wigan, when he could have gone to Manchester City? Who took him to Wigan?’ Moses is a product of the Crystal Palace youth system and made his switch to the north-west club in 2010.

Okagbare Continues from BP

Continues from BP

Fenerbache tempt Yobo with bumper offer

the finals of most of the events. Sometimes they had up to five athletes in the finals of events. And they emerged overall winners with 12 gold medals against eight won by the Civil Defence Corps. Star athlete of the championships, Blessing Okagbore who won the N2m jackpot has dedicated her victory to Delta State Governor Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan who has remained the pillar of the athletes especially the Olympic bound ones. Few months ago, Uduaghan released grants to top Delta athletes to prepare for the Olympics. Delta State alone will produce more than fifty percent of the Nigerian track and field contingent to the Olympics. Blessing ran 11.12 seconds to win 100m and jumped 6.97 to win the Long Jump. She has three Olympic A Standard performances in the two events and also in 200m. Gloria Asumnu is another emerging star running for Delta. “This is the result of the investment our governor has made in sports. It is paying off now and we are grateful to him,” Amaju Pinnick, chairman of the Delta State Sports Commission said after celebrating with their men’s 4x100 relay team which won the gold. But as Deltans celebrated their sports excellence, it

was gnashing of teeth for Mary Tombiri, a one time great national athlete now based in the United States. She was among the former heroes and heroines who graced the events in Calabar. She lamented the back stage Bayelsa, her own state, was taking in sports and almost wept in the public. “Where is Bayelsa?,” she kept on asking each time athletes were being called for their events and it was always Delta, Delta and Delta with few a mention of NSCDC, Cross River and Prisons. “Oh! My God, where is Bayelsa?,” Mary continued. “It’s a shame, a big one that they are not developing sports in my state. This is crazy. This is not acceptable. I’m ashamed of what they are doing in sports. They can do better and must begin to do something to develop our youth through sports. There are a lot of benefits. Athletes earn money; athletes win academic scholarships; athletes are great ambassadors. Where is Bayelsa in all these? No no no . . .,” Mary continued to lament. She left Calabar a sad woman and said she would take this up with Bayelsa authorities.

•Yobo ”I feel at home here, hopefully an agreement will be reached and I can continue playing at the club.” Last season, Yobo featured in 42 games and played an integral role in ‘The Canaries’ finishing runners-up despite a turbulent year marred by match-fixing allegations.

Federation Cup begins today IG clubs in the Nigeria Premier League have stated that they will take all the Federation Cup games serious if they must avoid the problem of exiting the competition in the first round which begins on Monday. Majorioty of the Premier League clubs will be in action Monday and Tuesday and they have vowed not to underrate any team in the amatuer cadre.


Rangers captain James Okewuosa told that they will face Hajaig FC in Ibadan on Monday with all s e r i o u s n e s s . ”We cannot afford any complancency at this time of the competition. That is why we are going to take the game like it is the last match in the Premier League. ”We don’t know anything about the team, so that is why we are not going to joke with them,” Okwuosa said.

Djokovic, Sharapova Continues from BP Tomas Berdych against the ever-dangerous Latvian, Ernests Gulbis. Another of the marquee first-round matches will open proceedings on Court One, namely Queen’s Club bad boy and runner-up David Nalbandian against eighth seed Janko Tipsarevic. Third seed Roger Federer will then take on Spain’s Albert Ramos before Kim Clijsters, playing her final Wimbledon tournament, faces former world number one Jelena Jankovic in the pick of the ladies’ openinground matches. Five Britons will be in the singles action on Monday.

Heather Watson will fancy her chances of upsetting Iveta Benesova, who does not like the grasscourts. Plenty of eyes will also be on Johanna Konta, the Australia-bor n player who recently swicthed her allegiance to Great Britain. She takes on 28th seed Christina McHale, while Naomi Broady plays Lourdes Dominguez Lino. In the men’s singles, US Open junior champion Oli Golding will make his senior Wimbledon debut on Court Two against Russia’s Igor Andreev. Five-time champion and third seed Agnieszka Radwanska will also grace that court.



Djokovic, Sharapova on centre B

Africa Athletics Championships:

Nigeria ready to reclaim lost glory BY BEN EFE THLETICS Feder ation of Nigeria officials are hopeful of topping the medals table at the African Championships, which will begin on Wednesday in Port Novo, Benin Republic. At the last championships in Nairobi Kenya, Nigeria was second on the medals table behind Kenya. It was two gold medals that separated the two countries. “We have a very strong team this time around. I know that Kenya and Ethiopia will compete for the long distance medals and that will give us the edge,” AFN president Solomon Ogba. A list of 44 athletes was released at the weekend with top Nige


— Page 63


Continues on Page 63

Okagbare dedicates jackpot to Uduaghan, Tombiri weeps for Bayelsa •Uduaghan

Top stories

BY ONOCHIE ANIBEZE ELTA State did not only excel in the just concluded All Nigeria Athletics Championships in Calabar they also made a mark that was highly commended by most of the US based former athletes who were guests at the Olympic trials. Delta had athletes in

•Spain’s ‘phenomenal’ team can tame Ronaldo — Alonso




•Olympic Day Run: Ndanusa preaches oneness, respect •Tombiri

Continues on Page 63

Continues on Page 63 TODAY'S

OTH top seeds will be in action on Centre Court on the opening day of Wimbledon. As defending champion, Novak Djokovic was always going to open up play on the main court at 1300 BST. He faces former world number one Juan Carlos Ferrero. However, organisers have also opted to put ladies’ top seed Maria Sharapova on Centre. The French Open champion will face Australia’s Anastasia Rodionova after the Djokovic match. The third and final match of the day on Centre will be one of the highlights of the first round, 2010 finalist


e nsid i s l i Deta


ANSWERS ACROSS 3 Performer (5) 9 Harbour (6) 10 Courteous (5) 11 Fear (5) 12 Dregs (4) 15 Chair (4) 17 Tolerated (7) 20 Parched (3) 21 Figure (5) 23 Petal (4) 25 Valley (4) 26 Reigned (5) 28 Donkey (3) 30 Fundamental (7) 33 Employed (4) 35 Story (4) 36 Upright (5) 38 Ruined (6) 39 Straying (6) 40 Disparage (5)

DOWN 1 Stroll (5) 2 Belief (5) 3 Plus (3) 4 Engraved (6) 5 Gemstone (4) 6 Wand (3) 7 Located (5) 8 Trivial (5) 13 Continuous (7) 14 Sweetener (5) 16 Arms-stone (7) 22 Implicit (5) 24 Sport (3) 27 Ballerina (6) 28 Presage (5) 29 Shabby (5) 31Hut (5) 32 Shelf (5) 34 Liberate (4) 36 Finish (3) 37 Attempt (3)

YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS ACROSS: 1, Abrupt 5, Sped 8, Anger 9, Bus 10, Less 11, Vote 12, Sited 13, Issued 16, Deft 18, Eros 20, Per 22, See 23, Did 24, Made 25, Pent 28, Tenant 30, Heart 32, Void 33, Arid 34, Dip 35, Deity 36, Rued 37, Prayer.

How to Play Sudoku


DOWN: 1, Albeit 2, Resisted 3, Pulled 4, Insistent 5, Severed 6, Prod 7, Deed 8, Ass 14, Desperate 15, Pod 17, Fee 19, Ribaldry 20, Pad 21, Receded 26, Tender 27, Stupor 29, Over 30, Hide 34, Try.


Place a number (1-9) in each blank cell. (No line can have two of the same number). Each row (nine lines from left to right), column, (also nine lines from top to bottom) and 3 X 3 block within a bold block (nine blocks) contains number from 1 through 9. This means that no number can appear twice in any block, column or row. No mathematics is involved – no adding, subtraction, division or multiplication, just plain logic and your imagination. Printed and Published by VANGUARD MEDIA LIMITED, Vanguard Avenue, Kirikiri Canal, P.M.B.1007, Apapa. Phone: Newsroom: 018773962. Deputy Editor: 01-8944295. Advert Dept: 01-7924470; Hotline: 01-8737028; Abuja: 09-2341102, 09-2342704. E-mail:,, Website: (ISSN 0794-652X) Editor: MIDENO BAYAGBON. Phone: 01-7742861, All correspondence to P.M.B. 1007, Apapa Lagos.


Why I sacked Azazi - Jonathan  

Why I sacked Azazi - Jonathan

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