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FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012



Senate orders IG to arrest Maina, others •P.6

US lists 3 Boko Haram leaders as terrorists •Sect's top shot Bama shot, arrested •Midnight killings haunt Kaduna residents •Enough is enough, say Niger Delta Christian leaders

BY EMEKA MAMAH & LUKA BINNIYAT, WITH AGENCY REPORT AGOS—THE United States, yesterday, named three alleged leaders of the Nigerian militant group Boko Haram as “foreign terrorists”, the first time it has blacklisted members of the Islamist group which claimed responsibility for many bomb attacks in the northern part of the country. This is just as the alleged mastermind of the bomb attack on the United Nations building in Abuja which claimed 25 lives, Habib Bama, has been arrested after a gun duel with security personnel. The State Department


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RIO+20 EARTH SUMMIT—World leaders at the ongoing Rio+20 Earth Summit, yesterday, at Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Inset: President Goodluck Jonathan and UN Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki -Moon at the event.

N300bn Aviation Intervention Fund •P.7 diverted — Senate

Bakassi: Residents protest neglect •P.11

2—Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012—3

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Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012

Uncertainty in Egypt over Mubarak, polls result P

ROSPECTS of renewed street protests loom in Egypt where officials have postponed declaring a winner in Egypt’s disputed presidential election, sending political tensions soaring as the country awaits its first new leader in three decades. Adding to the confusion and uncertainty were the conflicting reports about the health of Hosni Mubarak, who is serving a life sentence for failing to stop the killing of protesters in the uprising that ousted him last year. Instead, it has turned into a confrontation between the Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood and the entrenched elements of Mubarak’s old regime, including the

over the generals who have ruled since Mubarak’s removal on February 11, 2011.Human Rights

Naval chief seeks tougher action against piracy BY EVELYN USMAN

HE Ambassador of Sudan in Nigeria , Ambassador Tagelsir Magoub Ali weekend insisted that, the arrest warrant issued against Sudan President Omar Al-Bashir by the International Criminal Court(ICC) will not distract him from his duties. The Ambassador who spoke in an exclusive interview with Vanguard in Abuja also accused the ICC of waging war against African Heads of State. According to him, “I don’t think it is something that matters much; the President has been moving around, we don’t


•Supporters of Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo Square, yesterday. military. The Election Commission did not say when it would announce the winner of the runoff between the Muslim Brotherhood’s candidate, Mohammed Morsi, and Mubarak’s former prime

minister, Ahmed Shafik.But its secretarygeneral, Hatem Begato, told the state newspaper Al-Ahram that the winner would be announced tomorrow or Sunday. The two leading

think it has affected us that much. “So far we haven’t seen them do anything for major powers despite the fact there have been so many infringement of human rights and so many issues that make them subject to what is there in the ICC but yet we have seen only Africans that have being tagged for this” he added. He also questioned the membership of the ICC panel and the powers vested on it, adding that, “it is very controversial in terms of the ICC it self, the kind of powers vested in the ICC. Its a new institution that has got 70% of the world popula-

tion outside the panel like the United State of America and the Russia , China , India . If you take countries like USA , Russia and China and India and all these are not members of the ICC yet the ICC with very few countries with very small population would like to tag it Africa . Ambassador Ali also dismissed insinuation that the warrant of arrest against Al-Bashir has divided the African Union, saying, “ It has been coordinated with the African union, they know what is taking place and so on and that’s why I think that many African countries are not accepting this

Obama’s new poll rating raises concern FTER weeks of national polls showing the U.S. presidential race as a near dead heat, a survey on Wednesday raised eyebrows by giving President Barack Obama a commanding 13-point lead over his Republican rival Mitt Romney. The Bloomberg poll showed Obama leading Romney 53 percent to 40 percent among likely voters. Most polls show the two candidates tied, or within a couple of points of one another. An average of polls compiled by has Obama leading Romney by 2.2 percent-


HE Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Sa’ad Ibrahim has called for the need for all stake holders in hydrography in the country to form a national body like their counterparts worldwide with a view to ensuring adequate funding that would improve safe navigation of seafarers. He made the call in his opening remark at the World Hydrography Day, Nigerian Institute of Oceanography and Marine Research, Victroia Island, attributing the slow pace in the development of hydrography in the country to government’s will and poor funding and called for an urgent need to address this, considering the importance of international hydro-


candidates. Ahmed Shafik and Mohammed Morsi are claiming victory in the runoff election was long touted as a landmark moment, the choice of Egypt’s first civilian president to take

Sudanese envoy dismisses ICC on Al-Bashir BY VICTORIA OJEME

Watch (HRW) said it held concerns over the military’s commitment to hand over power to civilian rule.

age points, at an average of 46.6 percent to 44.4 percent for Romney. B l o o m b e r g acknowledged that its survey result varied sharply from other recent polls. Reuters is a competitor of Bloomberg News.

because the time will come, when the ICC will come to these African countries and if it is in Liberia today, tomorrow it is Sudan and so on and then it will go on and on within the African continent.

Bali bomber gets 20-year jail term HE main suspect in the 2002 Bali bombings, Umar Patek, has gone on trial in an Indonesian court where he faces multiple charges, including premeditated murder, for the deadly attacks. “Umar Patek’s trial is declared open,” Judge Lexsy Mamonto said on Monday, before prosecutor Widodo Supriady began reading the charges to the court in the Indonesian capital,


ORDAN has granted political asylum to a Syrian pilot who flew his MiG-21 fighter plane to the kingdom on yesterday Thursday, Minister of State for Information Samih al-Maaytah has announced. The pilot landed his

•Umar Patek Jakarta. “Defendant Umar Patek committed an evil

conspiracy with others to commit a crime by bringing in, obtaining, providing or owning firearms, ammunition or explosive materials and other dangerous materials to carry out terrorism,” Supriady read. Patek will be charged with premeditated murder and assembling bombs for the October 2002 Bali nightclub attacks killed 202 people, mostly foreigners.

Pakistani judge issues arrest warrant for new PM nominee N anti-narcotics court judge in the northern city of Rawalpindi has issued an


President Obama

Jordan grants Syrian fighter pilot asylum


graphic cooperation in promoting safe navigation globally. He noted that being a coastal state with vast marine area, Nigeria played a significant actor within the international hydrographic cooperation, as it keyed into its collaborative activities of the International Hydrographic Organisation thirty-six years ago, as member. The CNS who was represented by the Flag Officer Commanding Nigerian Navy Training Command, Rear Admiral J. A Akinwale disclosed that presently, the Nigerian navy was in the process of developing Nigeria’s hydrographic capability inline with the international Hydrographic Office’s phase 3 Hydrographic Capacity Building Strategy.

plane at the King Hussein military airbase 80 km (50 miles) northeast of Amman and immediately asked for sanctuary, Jordanian officials said. This is the first defection involving a military aircraft since the

start of the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian Defense Ministry said the military pilot who defected was a “traitor” and that it was in contact with Jordanian authorities to retrieve the aircraft.

arrest warrant for the candidate nominated for the prime minister’s post by President Asif Ali Zardari. The judge on Thursday cited Makhdoom Shahabuddin’s alleged role in a scandal involving the import of a drug that can be used to m a k e methamphetamine. Shahabuddin, a member of the ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), filed his

nomination papers on Thursday. Two other PPP leaders, Raja Pervez Ashraf and Qamar Zaman Kaira, also filed their nomination papers as alternative candidates. It is unclear whether the development could derail his nomination. Legal cases are routinely filed against Pakistani politicians by rivals as a means of weakening them. Often, the cases drag on in the courts for years, and the politician’s career is unhindered.

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012—5


US lists three Boko Haram leaders as terrorists Continues from Page 1 identified the three Boko Haram leaders who have been branded terrorists as Abubakar Shekau, who it called the “most visible” leader of the group; Abubakar Adam Kambar and Khalid al-Barnawi, who it said were tied both to Boko Haram and to al Qaeda’s north African wing. “Under Shekau’s leadership, Boko Haram has claimed responsibility for numerous attacks in northern Nigeria, its primary area of operation. In the last 18 months, Boko Haram or associated militants have killed more than 1,000 people,” the State Department said in an announcement, noting that “these designations demonstrate the United States’ resolve in diminishing the capacity of Boko Haram to execute violent attacks,” The action by the State and Treasur y departments, first reported by Reuters on Wednesday, follows growing pressure on the Obama Administration to take stronger action against Boko Haram, which has stepped up

attacks on Christian places of worship this year. U.S. officials say the decision to list individual Boko Haram members, rather than apply the more sweeping “Foreign Terrorist Organization” label to the group as a whole as some U.S. lawmakers have demanded, reflected a desire not to elevate the group’s profile. The action freezes any assets the three men have in the United States, and bar U.S. persons from any transactions with them. This is the first such action the U.S. government has taken against Boko Haram, but falls short of demands from some U.S. lawmakers and the Justice Department to designate the entire group as a “foreign terrorist organization.” The State Department has been under pressure to act against Boko Haram for months. In January, Lisa Monaco, the Justice Department’s top national security official, sent a letter to the State Department arguing that the Nigerian group met the


F you don’t stand for something you can fall for anything, likewise if you are not ready to die for what you believe in you are not worthy to live for anything, according to Socrates: “The unexamined life is not worth living for man” Living in itself does not comprise of number of years but in number of lives you were able to impact positively. It does not matter the duration of your life but the donation of it, not how long you live but how you live. The value of a man is not what he has gotten but what he has given.



Kindness is in our power, even when fondness is not —Samuel Johnson ANDOM acts of kindness are a wonderful way to reach across time and space to touch the life of another being. At every step along the path of expanding awareness, there is the opportunity to go deeper; to explore more of the potential of our divine humanness. So it is with kindness. Acts of kindness are really not difficult. An intention is formed, and you carry it out. It makes you feel good. Holding kindness and compassion in our hearts, and integrating them into everyday events of our lives brings a healing of balance and well-being. We can resolve to be kinder, gentler beings. We can treat those closest to us with the same respect and politeness that we reserve for friends and colleagues. We can refuse to litter the lives of others with negative energy. If we do this, we will be doing our part to create a world in which kindness is never a random act, but rather a way of life.


criteria for a “foreign terrorist” listing because it either engages in terrorism that threatens the United States or has a capability or intent to do so. More recently, a group of Republican senators led by Scott Brown of Massachusetts introduced legislation requiring the State Department to determine whether Boko Haram should be designated as a terrorist group. R e p u b l i c a n Representative Patrick Meehan, who chairs a Homeland Security subcommittee in the House, also introduced an amendment that would force the administration to add Boko Haram to the terrorism list or explain why it was not doing so.

Boko Haram henchman Habib Bama shot, arrested Meanwhile, Habib Bama ex-army officer allegedly responsible for bombings of UN offices in Abuja, Abacha barracks and other places has been arrested. He was said to have been brought down in a shoot out with the JTF who shot and wounded him. Habib was declared wanted early this year by the SSS, after the arrest and confessions of Boko Haram spokesman, Abul Qaqa

4 killed as midnight killings haunt residents There was still palpable tension in Kaduna State, yesterday, despite claims by the government that the area was now calm as it was gathered that four people were killed at Kujama in a renewed clash between some Muslims and Christians. The Chairman of Kujama was, however, said to have explained on the Kaduna State Media Corporation, KSMC, that the fight took place in the market and not in the night. At Mararaba Rido, Vanguard gathered that

rival groups moved from house to house in search of who to kill or maim as well as torching such houses. This came as some medical officers at the 44 Military Hospital said that the mortuary was full with dead bodies even as four other victims being treated in the hospital died between Wednesday night and yesterday morning. There were no fewer than 30 people with serious injuries in the hospital, even as more patients were brought in for admission same Wednesday night. Reliable sources said the hoodlums took advantage of the absence of both military and police officers on the streets in the night to embark on reprisal killings. It was said that the withdrawal of soldiers from the streets followed allegations that a military officer killed an adherent of a religion other than his own, thus inflaming passion on the side of the religious group which lost its member to the bullets from the soldier. A resident of Barnawa who craved anonymity said, "there is curfew but without either the military or police on the streets criminals will not be deterred from carrying out their nefarious activities. The government cannot just declare a 24-hour curfew and leave the streets empty. It must deploy security agents on the streets to monitor compliance. We expect Governor Patrick Yakowa to do more by matching

actions with words," the source said. Calm however seemed to have been restored in Kaduna town and environs, yesterday, at the time of this report. Meanwhile, most streets in Kaduna were deserted throughout yesterday, with schools, filling stations, shops and offices remaining shut, as government reaffirmed its determination to enforce the curfew. Governor Yakowa had in a statement by his Media Assistant, Mr Reuben Buhari affirmed that the 24 -hour curfew was still in force and warned residents to ensure compliance. The statement read: "The Governor of Kaduna State, Sir Patrick Yakowa, once again commiserates with all. While sharing in their grief, it is however important to inform the whole state that the 24hour curfew earlier imposed on the state is still in force and security agencies have been asked to ensure its full compliance. “As distasteful as the imposition of the 24hour curfew is, the good citizens of Kaduna State should understand that

the measure became necessary for the good of the state and the benefit of its citizens. People are expected to cooperate fully with security agencies saddled with the task of restoring full peace and order in our state. The Governor further calls on people to absolutely disregard all mischievous text messages and rumours being circulated on impending crisis or attacks. All these rumours are meant to further throw the state into chaos. He also calls on all the inhabitants of Kaduna State to show love to one another, regardless of religious or ethnic differences." However, in the suburbs, residents sat outside, while youth converted open spaces into football fields, even as the wailing sounds of sirens from vehicles of security agents who patrolled the streets rent the air once in a while. The ban on movements was said to be taking its toll on residents, most of whom did not store food and other basic items at home before the bombings and reprisal attacks between Sunday and yesterday.

BOMBINGS: Niger Delta Christian leaders say enough is enough BY SAM EYOBOKA


A G O S — CHRISTIAN leaders from the Niger Delta geo-political zone of the country have expressed disgust over the inability of the Federal Government and its security agencies to guarantee safety of lives. They have therefore called on innocent Christians in the country to defend themselves whenever

they come under attack. In its reaction to the unrelenting violent attacks on Christians and their churches in the North, the group under the aegis of the Niger Delta Christian Leaders Forum (NDCLF) said it has lost confidence in the security system of the country. “We have also lost confidence in the ability of Government to protect the lives of Christians.”

In a statement signed by its Secretary General, Bishop Eddy Bebor, the group argued that it is now clear to all that members of the militant Islamic group called are jihadists who will stop at nothing until their purpose is achieved. The statement also argued that no one is left in doubt that the “Government cannot do anything to fight this terror..."


INEC to deregister more political parties —Jega BUJA— CHAIR MAN, Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Professor Attahiru Jega, yesterday, expressed the willingness of the commission to de-register more moribund political parties. Jega made the statement in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, in Abuja, saying the exercise would be carried out after the determination of all pending electoral cases at election petitions tribunals. Jega said there were some conditions that must be met for any party to operate as a political party and stressed that “if you don’t meet them, you become de-registered. The major one is, if you don’t have a seat in either the state or federal constituency, you have automatically become de-registered.” Jega cited the Electoral


President Goodluck Jonathan (left) and United Nations Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki Moon at the ongoing Rio+20 Earth Summit at Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, yesterday. Photo: State House.


Senate orders IG to arrest, prosecute Maina, others Indicts Police, EFCC, ICPC, SSS Mark, Ndoma-Egba rain curses No records of N58bn pensions at HOS BY HENRY UMORU

BUJA — THE Senate, yesterday, ordered that the Chairman, Pension Task Team, Mr. Abdulrasheed Abdullahi Maina, John Yusuf, B.G. Kaigama and all the members of the team be sacked, and that the Inspector-General of Police Abubakar Mohammed must immediately arrest and prosecute them. According to the Senate, the order became imperative following their involvement in fraud, embezzlement, misappropriation, misapplication, illegal virement, contract splitting, award of contract to non existing companies, award of contract without appropriations and outright stealing of pension funds. The Senate said the stolen funds must be recovered from them. The Senate which also identified N43.21 billion of Police Pensions which were unspent said it should be mopped up by the Accountant General of the Federation and returned to the Pensions Arrears Account, adding: “Where the funds could not be traced, the accounting officer should be held responsible.” The resolutions of the Senate came after discussions on the Senator Aloysius Etok-led Joint Committee of Establishment and Public Service


and States and Local Government which investigated the payment of pensioners and management/ administration of pension funds in Nigeria. The committee also revealed that N1.025 trillion was received by all the pension offices between 2005 and 2011, but only N751.444 billion was spent within the period, leaving a balance of N273.941 billion.

Senate adopts c'ttee recommendation Also yesterday, the Senate while describing those involved in the pension scam as guilty of blood of those who had lost their lives struggling to receive their retirement benefits, however, adopted the recommendation of the committee that “the unspent balance of pension funds to the tune of N58,715,239.66 should be mopped up by the Accountant General of the Federation and transferred to the pension arrears with the Central Bank of Nigeria. Where the funds could not be traced in such accounts, the accounting officer should be held responsible.” In his comment, vice chairman of the committee, Kabiru Gaya, who noted that the records of the balance of N58.715billion was still missing at the office of

the Head of Service, said: “Within six years, the Head of the Civil Service received a total of N216 billion as pensions. It only spent N154 billion, remaining a balance of N58.7 billion. “We made efforts to get records of the balance of N58.7 billion throughout the period of the investigation and we did not get any.” He noted that about N1.76 billion earmarked for the settlement of the families of dead pensioners was diverted by officials of the Head of Service to recurrent expenditure, leaving the families without the benefits.

Mark, Ndoma-Egba rain curses Angered by the development where money which belonged to pensioners were embezzled, Senate President David Mark who rained curses on those involved, said: "Anybody who has been involved in this thing is not God-fearing. He is just somebody moving around in the midst of human beings. This to me is not just a monumental fraud but also a national disgrace and embarrassment, whether it is to living or dead Nigerians that we could have this level of fraud, the system is totally unacceptable. We will also insist that our recommendations are implemented.

"None of these recommendations is close to the punishment that they deserve. But as human beings, we have just made our recommendations and hope that the Almighty God will see them to hell." Also reacting and vexed by the level of corruption and inhumanity to man nature, Leader of the Senate, Senator Victor NdomaEgba said: "I have always suspected that things are bad in this country. I have always been an optimist, but today I cannot say that anyone of us here can say that he knows that things are this bad. I have friends who are pensioners. My father retired from the Court of Appeal over 20years ago and my younger brother goes to sign for his pensions. He was standing in front of the records and saw over N7 million written against my father’s name, he was forced to sign for N5 million. That is the pension of a retired Justice of the Court of Appeal, whose son, by God’s grace, is today is the Senate Leader of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. "Nobody was afraid to take N2 million from his pension, so you can imagine what lesser mortals have gone through in the hands of the people who are appointed to save this situation but they ended up being principalities themselves. ‘’That is blood money and blood money is a cursed money, not only on them but on their children’s children, it is a curse on them no matter what they think."

Act 2010, as amended, which states that “any political party which contests elections and does not win any electoral seat shall be de-registered." “Our constitution allows for a multi-party system but we have the power to de-register parties and we have started. It is a continuous process and we will continue to de-register parties that do not meet requirements for registration. It would be recalled that in April 2012, INEC de-registered seven political parties, thus scaling the number of registered political parties from 63 to 56. The affected parties are: Democratic Alternative, National Democratic Council, National Action Council, Masses Movement of Nigeria, Nigerian People’s Congress, Nigerian Element Progressive Party and National Unity Party.

Brazilian President to lead investors to Nigeria BY BEN AGANDE

BUJA — BRAZIL IAN President, Dilma Rousseff, is to lead a delegation of businessmen from the Central American country to explore areas of investment in Nigeria in order to boost economic and trade relations between both countries. The visit which is on the invitation of President Goodluck Jonathan is to seek Brazilian expertise in the areas of mechanized agriculture, power generation and other sectors that Brazil has comparative advantage over Nigeria. Jonathan, who extended the invitation at a bilateral meeting with the Brazilian President during the ongoing United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, noted that greater economic and developmental cooperation would be in the mutual interest of Nigeria and Brazil. According to him, Nigeria will welcome increased Brazilian support and cooperation for the development of mechanized agriculture, power generation and other sectors in which


Brazilians are globally acknowledged experts. Jonathan also called for the revitalization of the Africa-South American Cooperation Forum which was jointly initiated by Nigeria’s former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and the former President of Brazil, Mr. Lula Da Silva, as a platform for the promotion of economic and political cooperation between the two countries and continents. Accepting Jonathan’s invitation to visit Nigeria, Rousseff said she would come with Brazilian investors and businessmen with expertise in many fields to give them an opportunity to meet their Nigerian counterparts with a view to establishing profitable joint ventures. She assured Jonathan that Brazil, currently the world’s sixth largest economy, would be glad to deploy the skills and expertise which its people had acquired in many fields, including engineering, construction, technology, public infrastructure, hydropower generation and large scale mechanised agriculture for economic growth and development in Nigeria.


BUJA — THE N300 billion Aviation Intervention Fund provided by the Federal Government for operators in the industry was diverted by many operators, it was revealed yesterday. Aviation Minister, Princess Stella Oduah, told the Senator Hope Uzodinma-led hearing that she was totally disgusted by what she saw when she assumed office, saying she was thus motivated to seek a review of the aviation fund. “The intervention fund was in existence before I came but if it was working right. I couldn’t have gone to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to ask for a review. “I met the fund but for me to accomplish my mission, I knew that the fund was not helping the industry and, therefore, I went to CBN to ask for a review. The aviation sector is about to die except we do something urgently and that is why we developed a template to rescue the industry.”

My travail is endorsed by God, I 'll be vindicated —Lawan



From left: Minister of State for Works, Bashir Yuguda; Minister of State for Power, Darius Ishaku; Minister of Mine and Steel, Mohammed Musa Sada and Vice President Namadi Sambo during the inauguaration of presidential commitee on guidlines for the management and implementation of federal infrastructure at the State House, Abuja, yesterday. Photo: State House.

N300bn Aviation Intervention Fund diverted —Senate NCAA refuses to confirm Dana airworthiness As committee summons CBN, UBA BY HENRY UMORU

NCAA refuses to confirm Dana airworthiness In his remarks, Director General, Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, Mr. Harold Demuren, said NCAA had submitted all documents relating to the crash of the Dana aircraft to the Accident Investigation Bureau, AIB, as required. He, however, refused to confirm whether the ill-fated Dana airplane was air worthy before it took off for its last flight from Abuja to Lagos on June 3. According to him, the investigations were in the hands of the AIB which he claimed is an independent body. Asked what the NCAA does with accident reports, the D-G who explained that officials of the agency learn from such reports to prevent future occurrences, stressed that the Sosoliso accident report revealed the aging infrastructure at the Port Harcourt airport. According to Demuren, the Port Harcourt airport was closed for complete rehabilitation of facilities following the Sosoliso report. Asked whether the agency had sanctioned any erring airline, he C M Y K

BUJA — THE embat tled former Chairman of House of Representatives Adhoc Committee on Petroleum Subsidy, Mr Farouk Lawan, who is facing Police investigations for alleged $620,000 bribe said, yesterday, that his present travails were endorsed by God and that at the end of the investigation he would be vindicated. Lawan was accused by the chairman of Zenon Oil and Gas Ltd, Mr Femi Otedola, of collecting $620,000 of the $3 million he demanded to have his firm exonerated from the subsidy sleaze. Police has so far recovered $10,000 of the bribe money while he is expected to produce the remaining $610,000 before the end of the week. Appearing at the chamber for the first time since his bribery allegation began two weeks ago, Lawan declared that God decided to allow him go through the current trial for some reasons. He did not state the reasons. The lawmaker who was looking visibly embattled told newsmen at the end of the plenary session that he had no qualms with the decision of the House to shove him aside as the Chairman of Education committee and that of the ad hoc committee. According to him, the decision was taken to preserve the image and integrity of the House which he said is bigger than that of members. He said: “I think it is important to note that I have been a member of the House of Representatives for the past 13 years, of course together with several other colleagues of mine, past and present, and we have done so much to build the House of Representatives. It means that I should enjoy the respect and confidence of Nigerians. “Whatever decision is taken by the House, I believe is meant to ensure the credibility of the institution because as members, we must at all times recognize that the institution is bigger than each and everyone of us. It is an institution that belongs to this country, that Nigerians look up to for legislation, oversight responsibilities and for responsive representation."


said many airlines which ran foul of regulations had been sanctioned. On whether the agency conducted air worthy tests on the ill-fated Dana airliner, the DG told the committee that though tests were conducted on all aircraft, but he would not talk specifically on the crashed Dana plane until after the AIB had concluded its investigations. Tasked whether he was embarrassed by the double air crashes that have recently tainted his stewardship of the NCAA, he said: “I stand here before you devastated. It should have been six years by October that the country was free of big aircraft accidents. Nigeria became a case study for other African countries and the world but under one night the whole thing busted. There were two accidents. I cannot walk away. I cannot jump ship. When the going was good and Nigeria was being celebrated I was there. I cannot now jump ship.”

Mild drama A mild drama occurred at the hearing when a memorandum submitted by one of the former directors of Air Nigeria, Mr. John Nnorom, was brought up. In it,

Nnorom who has been dismissed from the services of the airline accused the chairman of Air Nigeria, Ibrahim of diverting the aviation intervention fund. The former staff of Air Nigeria further alleged that N35 billion sourced from the fund meant for refinancing existing loans was accessed by Air Nigeria and diverted to acquisition of banks in Sao Tome and Principe as well as property in Dubai. When these allegations were raised, drama unfolded as Ibrahim sought to intervene but he was stopped as he was simply told that it was not yet time for him to talk. But the insistence of the business mogul to

have his way forced the committee to instruct the Sergeant -At -Arm to call him to order.

Ibrahim denies diverting N35bn aviation fund When he finally got the opportunity to speak, Ibrahim told the hearing that he met a total debt of $275 million, when he assumed the ownership of Air Nigeria and refuted the claim of diverting N35 billion of the aviation fund, adding that the loan facility obtained from the Bank of Industry was used to offset debts he met on ground, saying he never enjoyed any grants from the fund. He said: “We never had

any money released to us in the name of intervention fund,’’ adding that he upgraded the standard of the airline from two aircraft that he met on ground to its present 15. The Air Nigeria owner described Nnorom’s allegations as baseless, saying: ‘’For him to come to this floor without telling the panel that he is currently facing criminal charges of embezzling $300,000 from Air Nigeria as one of its former director is funny.” Meanwhile, the Committee has summoned the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi and the management of United Bank of Nigeria, UBA, to appear before it today.

House of Reps insists on Jonathan, blasts Otedola •as Lawan makes brief appearance BY OKEY NDIRIBE & EMMAN OVUAKPORIE


BUJA—THE House of Representatives, yesterday, insisted that President Goodluck Jonathan must honour the chamber’ s invitation for the purpose of throwing more light on the security situation in

the country. Also sacked House of Representatives ad hoc comittee chairman on petroleum subsidy regime, Rep. Farouk Lawan, who is facing Police investigations for alleged $620,000 bribe, yesterday, went spiritual. In a briefing on Thursday, Rep Zakari Mohammed said, the House is

constitutionally empowered to invite Mr President “after all he had also invited us in the past.” Lawan in an interview said that his travails were endorsed by God and that at the end of the investigation he would be v i n d i c a t e d . Lawan was accused by the chairman of Zenon Oil Continues on page 15

8—Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012

Nigeria, Brazilian firm sign MoU on power devt BY BEN AGANDE B U J A — PRESIDENT Goodluck Jonathan’s trip to Brazil for the Earth summit recorded a major success as the federal government yesterday signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a Brazilian firm, Electrobas, on the development of power projects in Nigeria. The ceremony was performed during a breakfast meeting on the sidelines of the ongoing United Nations Summit on Sustainable Development in Rio De Janeiro. President Jonathan who spoke during the ceremony assured the investors that Nigeria and Brazil placed a high premium on the private sector due to the belief that private sector plays pivotal role in driving economy all over the world. According to him Nigeria was a virgin land waiting for foreign investors to explore. He listed the sectors that


From right: Athletics Federation of Nigeria, AFN, President, Chief Solomon Ogba, Cross River State Governor, Senator Liyel Imoke and Mrs. Maria Worphil, Secretary General, AFN, with medalists in the short put event at the ongoing Cross River/AFN athletics championship in Calabar,

2015 presidency linked to calls for emergency declaration in Kaduna BY HENRY UMORU


BUJA—THERE were strong indications yesterday that the fight for the presidency in 2015 is responsible for calls for the declaration of state of emergency in Kaduna state following bombings of Churches and reprisal attacks that led to the death of scores of

people were killed. Beyond the issue of security, Vice President Namadi Sambo, who is alleged to be nursing presidential ambition for 2015, which is pitting him against President Goodluck Jonathan and his ardent loyalists, is seen as deliberately moving towards working to destabilise Governor Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa,

who he has accused of working with former governor of the state, Senator Ahmed Makarfi against his interest. Vanguard gathered that the Kaduna State governor is believed to have told Sambo severally that he would not in any way accept to fight Makarfi, who was nice and kind to him, having appointed him

Ijaw people 're encroaching on my land, Oba of Benin tells AIG BY SIMON EBEGBULEM


ENIN CITY—THE Benin monarch, Oba Erediauwa, yesterday, frowned at what he described as the encroachment on lands belonging to his kingdom by some Ijaw youths in Ovia South West Local Government Area of Edo State. He urged the Assistant Inspector General of Police, AIG, zone 5 Benin, Mr Hashimu Argungun to find solution to the problem. The Oba, who spoke when the AIG paid him a courtesy visit at his palace, also commended the state Police Commissioner, Mr Olayinka Balogun for his efforts in combating crime in the state. The monarch lamented that some Ijaw people were stubbornly occupying large expanse of land, even when the

Supreme Court had ruled against them. He delegated the Iyase of Benin, Chief Sam Igbe to liaise with the AIG to find lasting solution to the issue. He expressed

confidence in the new AIG Argungu, saying “from your qualifications and working experience, I am happy your quality is deployed to zone 5 and I wish you success in fighting crimes in the state.

Village Headmaster Creator, Amb Segun Olusola is dead


AGOS—THE creator of popular television drama series, Village Headmaster, Ambassador Segun Olusola is dead. Aged 77, he died yesterday after a brief illness. Late Ambassador Olusola was former Nigeria Ambassador to Ethiopia, a native of Iperu Remo,Ogun State, he was the Founder/ chairman of African Refugee Foundation, AREF. A veteran Broadcaster, Diplomat and ace Television Producer, late Olusola was born at IperuRemo on March 18, 1935. He attended St. John’s

Catholic School and Wesley School, Iperu-Remo from 1941 to 1947. He did his secondary school education at Remo Secondary School, Sagamu between 1941 to 1947. He proceeded to the United States of America for his university educationbetween 1948 and 1961 where he attended Syracuse and Pittsburgh universities respectively. After his university education, he returned to the countryandworkedwith Nigeria Broadcasting Service (now FRCN), Ibadan as Broadcasting Officer, 1955 –1959, Executive Producer,WNBC/WNTVIbadan, 1959 – 1964.

first as Secretary to the State Government, and later nominated him as a deputy governor, a position he retained before becoming a governor two years ago. Vanguard gathered that the former governor of the state and Vice President Sambo may be pushing for the state of emergency in the state because of perceived political differences with his former deputy and present governor, Patrick Yakowa, just as it was also gathered that there has been cold war between them over certain appointments in the state as well as at the federal level. The move by Vice President Sambo for the state of emergency in Kaduna State may not be unconnected with the briefings on the situation and assessment report by the Chief of Defence Staff, Air Marshal Oluseyin Petinrin and the Acting Inspector General of Police, Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar to the state on Wednesday. It was gathered that the National Security Adviser, NSA, General Andrew Azazi was not comfortable with the state of emergency in Kaduna State and had kicked against such on the premise that intelligence and security report available was not enough to warrant a declaration of a state of emergency.

are open to investment in the country as power, petroleum, port and agriculture among others. “All these sectors have been opened for private sector participation and we hope Brazilian investors will afford themselves the opportunity. “Brazil and Nigeria’s relationship has been cordial. I had a discussion with Brazilian President yesterday and we agreed she will visit with robust private sector team. “This is a preparatory gathering towards that visit and meeting. I will also make a state visit to Brazil in 2013. These visits, I believe, would foster harmony between the two countries further.” Minister of Power, Prof, Barth Nnaji, in his remarks, said before now, power sector was monopolised by the Nigerian government. He said the situation encouraged corruption which in turn led to low power supply for the people.

Nigeria urged to embrace STI BY EMEKAAGINAM


AGOS—FORMER President of the Nigerian Academy of Engineering, Prof. Sikiru Sanni has said that unless Nigeria embraces Science, Technology and Innovation, STI, in all ramifications and make it as a way of life, the living standard in the country will continue to nose dive. Speaking yesterday during the 2012 annual lecture and investiture of the seventh President of the academy, Sanni, in his academy lecture titled, ‘Management of Science, Technology & Innovation, Change & Effectiveness‘ told the gathering that as a way forward, Nigeria must now be prepared to devote a substantial portion of her resources to the advancement of Science, Technology and Innovation. According to him, this can only be achieved if professional scientists and engineers were involved right from the onset. He said: “We must not continue the mistakes of the past. We have now got to a situation whereby only those incapable of learning are taking the teaching profession. This malaise in the system is a reflection of the whole society. Our emphasis is no more on the cultivation and celebration of knowledge but on

worshiping wealth. “Our youths have abandoned the study of science in schools to the pursuit of courses that will provide easy money. In order to redress the situation, we need a concerted effort and an inspired leadership, otherwise, our decision making process will be in the hands of totally uneducated and functional illiterate members of the society.”

Passage RS. CHARITY Iloh (Nee Konwea), 55, of Akwukwu–Igbo in Oshimili North Local Government of Delta State is dead. Service of songs was held, yesterday, at her residence while the funeral service holds today at St. John’s Anglican Church, AkwukwuIgbo to be follewed by interment and entertainment of guests. She is survived by children, grand children and in-laws including Mrs. Anthonia Akerairo,astaffofOshimiliNorth LGA.


Late Charity Iloh

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012—9

Akingbola: EFCC faults witness' claim on £8.5 deal

Native languages compulsory in schools BY EBUN SESSOU

KEJA—LAGOS State House of Assembly has directed the Ministry of Education to ensure that public and private schools in the state comply with the teaching of native languages at primary and secondary schools in line with the provisions of the Basic Education Curriculum Structure. Chairman, House Committee on Information, Segun Olulade, who moved the motion at the plenary session, argued that languages were most powerful instruments of preserving and developing tangible and intangible cultural heritage in human civilisation. In his submission, Ibrahim Layode said: “The problem started from home, where most parents cannot communicate with their children in their native language, especially Yoruba. The House, therefore, called on the Ministry of Information, Security and Strategy to join the campaign in prevention of language extinction by urging parents, particularly mothers to regularly interact with their children in their native language.


Sifax begins 24-hr cargo examination BY GODFREY BIVBERE

PAPA—THE management of Ports & Cargo Handling Services Limited, a member of Sifax Group, has commenced positioning of containers booked by their owners for examination round-the-clock. This operation, according to the terminal operator, would commence next week. In a statement, the firm's Public Relations Officer, Oliver Omojuwa, explained that to ensure that goods coming through their terminal are cleared as quickly as possible in line with government's directive, they are now to drop containers booked for examination between 8a.m. and 12 noon same day before 2p.m. for examination while bookings made after 12 noon will be dropped at night same day for examination next day.


BY ABDULWAHAB ABDULAH, with agency report


WELCOME: From left, Ondo State Governor, Dr .Olusegun Mimiko; former Minister of Transport, Chief Ebenezer Babatope; representative of Governor Babangida Muazu of Niger State, Professor Yaya Kuta, and Deputy Governor of Osun State, Mrs. Titi Laoye-Tomori, at Obafemi Awolowo Free Education Lecture, at Oduduwa Hall, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, yesterday. From left, Governor Ibikunle Amosun of Ogun State; Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina, Minister of Agriculture and Natural Development and Mr. Ayo Olubori, Ogun State Commissioner for Agriculture, at the flag off of Commercial Agriculture Credit Scheme and roll out of Growth Enhancement Support programme under Agricultural Tr a n s f o r m a t i o n Agency in Ogun State, at June 12 Cultural Centre, Kuto, Abeokuta. Photo: Wumi Akinola.

Doctors advise rape victims to report early for treatment L

AGOS—MEDICAL doctors, yesterday, advised rape victims to report within 72 hours of assault, so as to get PostExposure Prophylaxis, PEP, treatment against sexually-transmitted diseases, including HIV. They gave the advice in Lagos at a media forum on rape, organised by ‘Media Concern Initiative,’ a non-government organisation, that deals with issues of sexual violence in the country. Dr. Oliver Ezechi, Chief Research Fellow and Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Nigerian Institute of Medical Research,NIMR, said PEP was as a short-term anti-retroviral drug treatment to reduce the likelihood of HIV infection. Ezechi said the aim of administering the treatment within 72 hours of assault was to enable a person’s immune system to provide protection against the virus being established in the body. He decried the refusal of victims to report rape cases due to socio-cultural

reasons and fear of stigma.

Why early treatment in necessary Ezechi said rape victims were generally susceptible to contracting syphilis, Hepatitis B and unwanted pregnancies, stressing that it was, therefore, imperative for them to get some preventive treatment within 72 hours. “Victims are not presenting cases early. Some present after a week. This

is bad as any PEP given after 72 hours of assault will not be effective. “Victims should not be afraid to present themselves at health facilities that give PEP treatment because, as doctors, we have a doctor-patient confidentiality which enables us to keep all our patients tell us secret. “They do not present themselves most of the time because the perpetrators are usually close to the victims and they do not want to drag the family name in the mud. This

should not be so. “When you are raped, you should come to a health facility just the way you were assaulted. Do not bathe or change your clothes. If there is semen on the body or on the clothes, it will help to nail the culprit.” He advised ladies not to walk alone in secluded places, desist from visiting men they do not trust, desist from taking short-cuts on their way to and from work, and to always dress properly, so as not to attract undue attention.

KEJA—ECONOMIC and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, yesterday, faulted the claims by Mrs. Ayoola Akande, a defence witness, in the trial of former managing director of defunct Intercontinental Bank Plc, Dr. Erastus Akingbola. Akande had on Wednesday testified before Justice Habeeb Abiru of an Ikeja High Court, Lagos, that the transactions carried out by Akingbola as managing director of the bank were “regular.” Akingbola, alongside an associate, Bayo Dada, were charged over alleged stealing of N47.1 billion belonging to defunct Intercontinental Bank (now Access Bank). EFCC lead prosecutor, Mr. Emmanuel Ukala, SAN, while cross-examining Akande, a former Group Head, International Operations of the bank, described her testimony as “a pack of lies.” Ukala said the witness' claim that the transfer of 8.5 million pounds was financed by Regal Investment Company Ltd, contradicted her statement to the commission on December 2, 2009. He said Akande had admitted in the statement that she transferred the money on March 13, 2009, from Akingbola’s domiciliary account to the account of a UK-based law firm, Fulgher Solicitors. The witness, in the statement read in court said “the funds were transferred from the domiciliary account of Akingbola and the cover was provided for only after the transfer was made.”

Jealous wife pours hot water on hubby's manhood BY BARTHOLOMEW MADUKWE

KEJA—A 27-year-old jealous housewife, Nike Fasoyinu, has been arraigned before an Ejigbo Magistrate's Court in Lagos, for allegedly pouring hot water on the manhood of her husband, Amos, after suspecting that he was sleeping with


other women. Nike, a mother of two, was arrested after the incident at their residence, 34, Olaolu Omotoso Street, Egan, Lagos State, and charged to court. She claimed that her husband was always looking outside for sexual satisfaction; so to stop his philandering she decided to pour hot water on

his manhood, which left him seriously injured. Amos was rushed to a hospital where he is being treated. It was gathered that before the incident, Nike had a serious fight with her husband of five years, over the same issue According to the police prosecutor, the offence was contrary to Section

244 of the Criminal Code Law of Lagos State of Nigeria 2011. However, when Nike’s plea was taken, she pleaded not guilty to the charges. The Magistrate, Mrs. M. B. Folami, granted the accused bail in the sum of N100,000 with two sureties in like sum and adjourned the matter till a further date.


LG poll: Aggrieved Ogun ACN members threaten to quit




From right; Professor Ayo Ogunye, President, The Nigerian Academy of Engineering, NSE; Dr. Edet Amana, Past President; Prof. Sikiru Sanni, Past President, and Guest Speaker, and Dr. Vincent Maduka, at the investiture, life, achievement awards, and academy lecture, by NSE, with the theme, ''Management of Science, Technology & Innovation; Change & Effectiveness'' at University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos. Pix: Kehinde Gbadamosi.

Group gives Mimiko ultimatum to declare interest for 2nd term

MFM to reward 1st class graduates with cars BY OLA AJAYI

BADAN —MOUNTAIN of Fire and Miracle Ministries, MFM, now gives brand new vehicles to members of the church in Nigerian universities who make first class degrees at the end of their studies. This was disclosed by the General Overseer the church, Dr. Daniel Olukoya, in Ibadan, yesterday. This, according to the Regional Overseer, SouthWest 2, Pastor Edwin Etomi, who stood in for Dr. Olukoya, was one of the ways the church could make positive impact on youth and teenagers in the country. He said this at the Daniel Olukoya Annual Bible Quiz Competition for secondary schools at University of Ibadan. He said: ''The aim of the


Passage RS. Iyabode Akinola (Nee Williams), 65, is dead. She will be buried on Friday, July 13, after a funeral service at Dorothy Ikoku Memoral Anglican Church, Ikeja, followed by reception at Trendy Events Centre, AbuleEgba. She is survived by children and grandchildren.


The late Mrs. Akinola

bible quiz and other incentives was to serve as a catalyst of revival in our land to bring reality the prophetic promises of God for teenagers and youth of our generation.'' He explained that the passion of the leader of the church for the youths and teenagers propelled him to extend such gestures.


BADAN—PEOPLES Democratic Party,PDP, in the South-West has alleged that some judges in the country were actively involved in the activities of the Action Congress of Nigeria,ACN. This, the party warned, portended a grave danger and imminent collapse of of the nation's judicial system. The party, through its Zonal Publicity Secretary, Mr. Kayode Babade, said it was shocked to read in some newspapers that the choice of Mr. Oluwarotimi Akeredolu as the governorship candidate of ACN was the handiwork of a suspended President of the Court of Appeal. He said: “We have said it several times that Akeredolu is going to be compensated by ACN, being the party’s hatchet man at the National Judicial Council,NJC, and it must beat the imagination of sane minds how a governorship aspirant of a political party will remain as member of NJC. “It should be recalled

KURE—ONDO State Governor, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, has been given an ultimatum to declare his interest in the state’s October 20, gubernatorial election. He has been given till next month by over 1.2 million people who signed a letter written to him to that effect. Artisans, market women, entertainers, groups and associations across the state form the bulk of the signatories collated by the Iroko 2013 Platform. They handed down the ultimatum to the governor in his office, yesterday, through the State Chairman of the platform, Chief Sanya Oyinsan, during the submission of the endorsement forms collated by the group. Oyinsan, while speaking at the event, said the platform moved round the nooks and crannies of the


From right, Prof. Ayo Ogunye, President, NSE, handing over to Dr. Ogbemi Omatete, his certificate as new member of the Academy.

S-West PDP say some judges 're linked to ACN BY OLA AJAYI

BEOKUTA—PAL PABLE tension has gripped the leadership of the ruling Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN , in Ogun State following threat by some aggrieved members to dump the party over alleged imposition of candidates by Governor Ibikunle Amosun. This development came barely 24 hours after the Ogun State Independent Electoral Commission, OGSIEC, released the result of its screening of chairmanship and councillorship candidates to 10 political parties after clear-

ing 91 chairmanship candidates and 717 contestants vying for councillorship positions across the 236 wards of the state. Some aggrieved aspirants in the party across the 20 local government areas of the state had threatened to defect to other political parties ahead of the next local government election, if the alleged imposition of the chairmanship and councillorship candidates was not revisited before the end of the replacement and substitution of candidates which ends tomorrow as stipulated by the state electoral body.

that Akeredolu attended the NJC meeting in which the recommendation reinstating Justice Salami was made, and he (Akeredolu) was among the 11 NJC members who voted in support of the reinstatement. “Therefore, with the involvement of judges, including Justice Salami in the reported emergence of Akeredolu, we can then assume that the judicial rigging of the forthcoming Ondo State gubernatorial election has started. “The question lovers of democracy in Nigeria must now begin to ask is what will happen to litigation arising from the election?

“Isn’t it a fait accompli that ACN would again be awarded judicial victory should the party lose the election? And, if ACN wins, it means that any party that goes to the tribunal to challenge the election result will just be wasting its time because the judges will definitely not annul the election of its candidate. “Again, what evidence do we need to proof that the Appeal Court judgments that enthroned ACN in Ekiti and Osun states were products of Justice Salami’s convivial relationship with ACN and its leader, Bola Tinubu,” the party alleged.

Fayemi's wife lauds Ekiti family court DO-EKITI—WIFE of Ekiti State Governor, Erelu Bisi Fayemi, has lauded the inauguration of the first family court in the state as a new accomplishment by the government in its concerted effort to ensure justice for women and children and


promoting peace in the family. She stated this in an address at the inauguration of the court in AdoEkiti, yesterday, adding that the new court would also serve the general interest of families seeking redress over perceived injustice.

local government areas to sensitise the people on the need to allow the governor continue with his laudable projects aimed at transforming the state. According to him, the people embraced the call to support the governor beyond 2013 based on his landmark achievements, and filled the endorsement forms served them to make their decisions genuine. While handing over the endorsement forms and letters to the governor, he said: “This is a sample that we have not gone to hire thugs or compel people to drum support for the governor ’s reelection. “We have phone numbers, addresses and signatures of everyone in the forms who have endorsed Mr Governor for second term. This is our testimony that people want the governor back.”

Ota DPO lauded over reduction in gridlock ANGO-OTA—A com munity leader and former member of House of Representatives for Ado-Odo/Ota Federal Constituency, Mr. Remi Babawale, has commended the new Divisional Police Officer, DPO, of Sango-Ota Police Station, CSP Muyideen Obe, for the reduction in gridlock in the Ota metropolis and its environs. Babawale said he was impressed by the police officer’s effort in controlling the traffic and clearing the roads of street traders who constituted nuisance to motorists.


He noted that Obe’s management of the traffic situation in the community had impacted positively on the quality of life and economy of the people as motorists now meet up with business appointments on schedule. He said pedestrians and motorists were proud of the DPO’s initiatives in putting in place all necessary mechanisms geared at ensuring reduction in traffic jams on the Sango-Ota-Abeokuta Expressway, Sango OtaIjoko Road and OtaIdiroko road.

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012—11

Jonathan, Okara back Rivers' bid to host will strengthen UNESCO world book capital event reading culture in Africa, if BY IMITOTAONOYUME


Cross-section of Bakassi women protesting Federal Government's neglect and insensitivity to their plight.

ORT HARCOURT— P R E S I D E N T Goodluck Jonathan and literary icon, Gabriel Okara are among eminent Nigerians who had endorsed bid by Rainbow Book Club in partnership with Rivers State Government to host United Nations Scientific and Cultural Organisation, UNESCO, world book capital city in 2014. President Jonathan, in a letter by his Special Adviser on Research and Strategy,

Bakassi: Residents protest neglect BY JOHNBOSCO AGBAKWURU ALABAR—TEN years after the International Court of Justice sitting in The Hague, The Netherlands, awarded oil rich disputed Bakassi Peninsula to the Republic of Cameroon, indigenes of Bakassi, numbering over 500, yesterday, protested over what they called the Federal Government’s insensitive to their plight. Meanwhile the Supreme Court has fixed July 10, 2012 for judgment in the suit over the ownership of 76 oil wells, which were originally in Cross River, but handed over to Akwa Ibom State by Revenue Mobilization, Allocation and Fiscal Commission and National Boundary Commission in June 2009. The Bakassi indigenes, who were in black attire and with placards of different inscriptions, said that


despite the promises made to them by the then President Olusegun Obasanjo, that they have been forgotten to their fate while their God given resources removed from them. Spokesperson of the displaced Bakassi natives


Esin said: “Since the ceding, we have seen that Nigeria has not kept to its promises. We lost all the things we were promised in private by the then president and we are angry that it is getting to 10 years, and we have nothing to show from government."

Activist sues Dutch police over alleged false terrorism charge BY EMMAAMAIZE


ARRI—NIGERDELTA activist, Mr Sunny Ofehe, who was charged to court in The Netherlands for conspiracy to blow up pipelines and terrorism in Nigeria, last year, has sued the Dutch police for alleged falsification of evidence against him. Ofehe, founder of The Netherlands-based Hope for NigerDeltaCampaign,HNDC, according to his lawyers, had

N-Delta youths task Jonathan on appointments BY FESTUS AHON GHELLI—YOUTHS in the Niger Delta region under the auspices of Niger Delta Youth Movement, NDYM, have called on President Goodluck Jonathan to consider them for appointment, arguing that they worked hard to ensure his victory in the 2011 presidential election. The group in a statement by its National President, Mr Godspower Odenema, decried that the President had not looked in their direction since after his victory at the poll. The youths said: “It has become necessary for us, on behalf of the teeming

and former Chairman of the Bakassi Local Government Area, Chief Ani Esin, lamented that a lot of promises were made to them by the then president in private on how to assuage their problems, but 10 years after, nothing had been fulfilled.

members of the organisation to cry out to Mr. President to look in our direction in appointment and other forms of empowerment at least to enable us see the other side of good life after working very hard for his victory in the 2011 presidential election. “It is on record that we had written series of letters to the office of Mr. President and had several times drew the attention of his officers, we felt could bring our pitiable, deplorable and agonizing situation to the attention of Mr. President but no visible remedy seems to be in the offing."

pressed charges against the Dutch Chief Prosecutor for falsifying evidence against him. Ofehe’slawyersclaimedthatan inaccurate summary of a tapped telephone call in Pidgin English by the Dutch police was what led to wrongful accusations of terrorism against the activist. In a letter to the Dutch Chief Public Prosecutor, Ofehe and his lawyers, said the tapped telephone call with a contact in Nigeria was made for a trip by a Dutchjournalist,MarkSchenkel, who wanted Ofehe to arrange a visit to the Niger Delta to witness acts of oil theft. Schenkel, who was requested to testify before an investigative judge, had told Radio Netherlands, on whether he had

wanted to document acts of terrorism,said: “No, Ineverasked for that. The trip never materialised. It was to get behind the whole illegal oil bunkering story, to witness them in the act of stealing oil.” The journalist said he only intended to write an article and perhaps take photos at the time for his employer, NRC Handelsblad, a Dutch newspaper. WhenOfehewaschargedwith terrorism, his lawyers requested and obtained access to the wiretaps. After listening to the recordings in which they said there was no mention of sabotage, they requested a new translation from the prosecutor’s office.

Mr Oronto Douglas, at a joint briefing by Rivers State Ministry of Education and Rainbow Book Club, said the state (Rivers) should be allowed to host the 2014 UNESCO world book capital. Ms Molara Wood of the Bring Back the Book campaign in the Presidency, enjoined Nigerians to support the bid for Port Harcourt to host the UNESCO world book capital in 2014. Okara argued that that

Port Harcourt hosted same. Others who also supported the move were Dr Joseph Ngu, UNESCO Director/ Country Representative and National Secretary PEN International, Nigeria. Earlier, Founder of Rainbow Book Club, Mrs Koko Kalango, said hosting the UNESCO world for that year would raise public consciousness among Africans for books and literature, adding that it would attract global attention to Africa.

Akpabio approves N250m grant to medical students YO—AKWA IBOM State Gover nor, Godswill Akpabio, has approved N250 million grant to students of the state origin studying Medicine and Surgery in universities across the country. Commissioner for Information and Communications, Mr. Aniekan Umanah, said this in Uyo while taking stock of recent governmentactivitiesaddingthat the grant was approved for medical students for the 2009/ 2010 session. With the new review package, which came into effect from the 2007/2008 session, pre-clinical


students now receive a grant of N100,000 against the former N30,000, while clinical students now receive N200,000 against the former N50,000. For the 2009/2010 session, morethan500pre-clinicaland900 clinicalstudentsaretobenefitfrom the grant. The University of Calabar has the highest number of recipients, with 557 students; University of Uyo, 312; Igbinedion University,144; and University of Port Harcourt,130. Others are: Madonna University, 92;UniversityofNigeria,Nsukka, 55; University of Jos, 43; and ObafemiAwolowoUniversity,28.

Airhiavbere makes case for welfare, security in governance BY SIMON EBEGBULEM


ENIN CITY— GOVERNORSHIP candidate of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Edo State, General CharlesAirhiavbere(rtd)hassaid that the welfare and security of the people must be the priority of government. Airhiavbere, who fielded questions on Live Interview programme on AIT on whether he would travel outside the state, if there were security challenges, if he was elected governor, said he would not. He, however, contradicted his statement when he tried to defend President Goodluck Jonathan’striptoBrazilonofficial

engagement, but the interviewers urged him to speak on what he will do if he finds himself in such situation. He said he would only travel under such circumstance, if the trip would help bring in foreign investors. He was, however, quicklyremindedthatnoinvestor would bring his money into an unsafe environment. “Security of the people and welfare of the people is the purpose of governance in this country, it is provided for in the constitution.Forleaders,itshould be their priority when they sign that contract, to make sure that they deliver, otherwise they would have failed.”

Ex-Delta ANPP youth leader of the country. Man nabbed over alleged forgery decamps to PDP development He said, after an A R R I — IMMEDIATE past National Youth Leader of All Nigeria Peoples Party, ANPP, in Delta State, Mr. Amasuomo Kofee and hundreds of the party supporters at Ayakoromo Ward (7), Burutu Local Government Area of the state, yesterday, decamped to the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. Addressing the decampees, Kofee noted that no one can be in the opposition and make reasonable progress to the


extensive consultation, himself and his supporters decided to defect to PDP in order to joine their kindred, who were in PDP for the development of Burutu council and the state at large. Burutu council PDP Vice Chairman, Mr. Demebide Pele, who represented the party ’s Chairman, Mr. Sagbegha Korokorosei, affirmed the acceptance of Kofee and his followers to PDP, describing their decision as a welcome development to the party.


ENAGOA—A 32 year-old man, who claimed to have been detailed by President Goodluck Jonathan, to secretly employ indigenes of Niger Delta into the State Security Service, SSS, has been arrested officials men of the Bayelsa State command of SSS. Also arrested were three suspects, whose identities were kept secret for security


reason. But a source told our correspondent that the suspects would serve as prosecution witnesses against the suspect, who would be charged to court after investigation. The suspect, identified as Ebipare Pazi, a bricklayer from Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State, was nabbed at Estate Market Street in the Ovom suburb of Yenagoa, following a tip off by members of the public.

12—Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012

PTI officials, students seize policemen, revenue team It's not true —PTI spokesman BY EMMAAMAIZE & AKPOKONA OMAFUAIRE A R R I — POLICEMEN and officials of Delta State Board of Internal Revenue, DBIR, who went to Petroleum Training Institute, PTI, Effurun, yesterday, to arrest the Chief Accountant over alleged tax fraud of N3.59 billion were allegedly held hostage by irate students and officials. But, a public affairs officer of the school, who said he was not around in the school when the incident took place, denied that policemen and DBIR officials on ‘operation clamp down on tax defaulters,’ were held hostage. It was gathered that one of the institution’s security officials raised an alarm, which attracted the students and other staff, when he found out that the DBIR team was bent on arresting one of the accountants in the absence of the Chief Accountant, who failed to honour an earlier invitation by the police at Asaba. A top official of one of the new generation banks and two company executives


were arrested, in Warri , earlier on Monday, while PTI was directed to send a representative to meet with the Commissioner of Police, Asaba, the next day, following an appeal by its counsel. It was alleged that the PTI official ordered the institution’s security team to lock up the main entrance while the students molested the driver of the

Uduaghan gets kudos over noted that the laudable CDC funding achievements and success A R R I — D E LTA State Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, has been commended for the adequate funding of the Community Development Committees, CDC, in Warri North, Warri South and Warri South-West local governments respectively. Chairman of Ode-Itsekiri Development Committee, Mr Ebobo Araye, who made the commendation in Warri at a press conference,


YO—THE Noble Order of Knights of St. John’s International Calabar Grand Commandery, has urged Christians to be true messengers of peace and the good news of Christ. Speaking at the Uyo Diocesan Pastoral Centre, at the end of its Uyo 2012 Grand Master and Joint Grand Board of Trustees meeting and Holy Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Sylvanus Okon, the Grand


of the various CDCs is attributed to the adequate funding of the committees by the governor. He revealed that Governor Uduaghan was already making frantic effort to providing more funds to the various committees, adding that the adequate funding of the committees by Governor Uduaghan has impacted positively on the lives of the people and the various communities.

....As lawmaker tasks Deltans on 3-point agenda BY SIMON ADEWALE


SABA—MEMBER representing Ndokwa East Constituency in Delta

Knights urge Christians to embrace peace President, Calabar Grand BY TONY NYONG

unmarked Toyota car, belonging to the revenue team. It took the police team and the intervention of the mobile policemenonguardintheschool to secure the release of an unmarkedcar.However,thelegal consultant to the school, Mr O. Oghenejakpo, who rushed to the scene, insisted that the case was in court. MrClarkEkpebe,LegalOfficer to Chairman of DBIR, said, “it is disturbingthataninstitutionwith the status of PTI could go to the extent of inciting students, causingriotandpandemonium.”

Commandery, Brig. Gen. Maurice Effiwatt said this was the only way Christians could heed the Lord’s divine call. Effiwat who reminded the members that initiation into the order is always a four stage programme, which included screening, grooming, election and initiation, while elevation into higher degree is anchored on a two legged programme of exemplification and investiture, however decried the deplorable condition of the nation’s aviation industry.

State House of Assembly, Mr Friday Osanebi, has urged Deltans and Ndokwa people in particular, to key into the three point agenda of Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan to attract even development to all parts of the state. Osanebi, who addressed the Ndokwa people at a town hall meeting in Ashaka, promises to carry everyone along and attract more empowerment programmes to the youths, women and indegenes of Ndokwa land. Osanebi thanks the good people of Ndokwa East for keeping faith in him and his transformation programmes for the region and promises they will do better in the coming years ahead.

Task force faults PDP on kerosene the sentiment and distribution at ACN rallies that insinuations raised by the BY SIMON EBEGBULEM


ENIN CITY—THE Edo state Committee on the Effective Distribution of Kerosene products in the state, has described as diabolic and attempt to play politics with the welfare of the citizens of the state, the claim by the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the state that the committee is distributing kerosene in Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, rallies in the state. A member of the

Committee and the Special Assistant to the Governor on Politics and Strategy, Aiyemekhue Edokpolo, berated the PDP for playing politics “even with the welfare of the people of the state”, adding that it was an indication that the party is ignorant of the exercise which according to him, was an arrangement between the NNPC, some state governments and private firms. He said: “We wish to make categorically clear

PDP is diabolic and malicious and an attempt to call a dog a bad name in order to hang it because the kerosene initiative is a federal and state governmentsprogrammesaimed at reducing the sufferings of consumers in Nigeria and the policy is such that states that are interested work assiduously and with extra ordinary measures to get a Federal Government and NNPC approval before it is granted and allocation is given to privatefirmswhoaresoaccredited by the Ministry of Petroleum Resources."

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012—13

From left: Amb Kingsley Mamabolo, South African Ambassador to Nigeria; Uchenna Duru, Managing Director, Grand Towers Abuja Mall; Mr. Deon Bruwer, Head, African Property, NOVARE and Mr. Tola Akinhanmi, Manager, Property Finance, Stanbic IBTC Bank at opening of Grand Towers Abuja Mall on Wednesday.

Food crisis looms as dealers threaten to stop distribution lOver illegal levies, harassment by miscreants BY TONY EDIKE NUGU—FOOD crisis looms in the country as members of the Federated Foodstuff Dealers Association of Nigeria, FFDAN, yesterday, threatened to stop its distribution across the country if the Federal and state governments fail to intervene and stop imposition of incessant illegal levies and harassment by persons acting as members of task forces on federal h i g h w a y s . National President of the Association, Chief Christian Afiaunwu, at a briefing lamented that the association had lost over 100 members to activities of these illegal task forces operating mostly at night. He decried government alleged care free attitude to the plight of the association after several reports and petitions over the activities of the miscreants and its effect on the prices of foodstuff and the economy. Afiaunwu, who was accompanied by the Association’s secretary, Udoka Ahukanna, said the association had refused to take the law into its hands by mobilizing members against these illegal agents, “because such a clash will lead to loss of lives and we


don’t want that even though they have succeeded in killing our members on the road through their activities. We have restrained ourselves from taking an action that will affect the masses but we have no other option than to try out the strike alternative. If this strike is allowed we shall cut off the flow of food items throughout Nigeria and you know what that will mean; it will add to the hunger and starvation which is already biting h a r d . ” “We are dealers in all kinds of foodstuff and farm produce. We are engaged in the procurement and transportation of these products from one location to places where they are mostly needed; but we have been facing incessant harassment and intimidation on highways following the activities of miscreants who claim to be agent of govern-

m e n t . ” Afiaunwu identified Obollo-Afor in Enugu State as one of the most notorious points where their members had suffered untold havoc and hardship as they were regularly compelled to part with substantial sums under the guise of taxes and government reven u e s . “At night, these agents consisting of miscreants who have built and constructed tents and huts by the roadside, mount road blocks with arms and rob our people and even when you run to the police nothing comes out of such a report,” he said. He listed the areas where the activities of these hoodlums are mostly experienced to include North East, North Central, Taraba, Nasarawa, Benue, Kogi and Enugu states describing Obollo-Afor as the most notorious.

UK-APGA blasts Chime over comment on party HE United Kingdom branch of All Progressive Grand Alliance, UKAPGA, has lambasted Governor Sullivan Chime of Enugu State over his com-


ments that the party is dead as a rolling stone that gathers no moss. Reacting to this development, the General Secretary of APGA UK Chapter, Sir Onyeka Mbaso in a statement said such comment has made APGA stronger and exposed the weakness of People’s Democratic Party, PDP, as a party that does not care for the welfare of the citizens. He lamented that it was only in Nigeria that the likes of Chime is still relevant in politics with all the scandals hovering over his head. “PDP is now history in South East because they have nothing to show for their governance in Enugu and other states they are temporarily occupying."

14—Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012

Immunization: Anambra targets 95% coverage BY VINCENT UJUMADU


WKA—ANAMBRA State yesterday said it was targeting 95% coverage on immunization in the state under the maternal, newborn and child week programme flagged off by Governor Peter Obi at Orumba General Hospital, Ajjali. Obi said the state had already achieved over 85 percent coverage which was a tremendous improvement from the less than 45 percent at the inception of his administration. The success of the programme, he explained, was because government scaled up and consolidated on the gains recorded. He said immunization was one of the critical compo-

nents of quality health care delivery because it protected the children against dangerous diseases. The governor announced that completed health projects in the area would soon be commissioned, just as there would be more intervention in many schools. He added that efficient healthcare system and functional education were fundamental in nurturing quality human capital. The state director of pharmaceutical services, Mr. Gozie Anyadebelu said the huge investment made by the state government in the health sector had contributed to accelerated achievements in the drive to actualize the Millennium Development Goal, MDG, by 2015.

NUJ condemns alleged killing of Christians in the North BY TONY EDIKE

NUGU—THE Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, South East zone, has condemned the continued killing of Christians in Northern Nigeria through bomb attacks by the Islamic sect, Boko Haram. Rising from a one-day meeting of the Zonal Executive Council, the NUJ zone C condemned the continued killing of Christians in the Northern part of the country, especially in their places of worship, by the Boko Haram sect and urged the Federal Government to adopt proactive measures to stem the tide.


It also appealed to the five governors of the South East to liaise with Igbo Union leadership in the Northern states to find way to ensure the safety of Igbos leaving in the North. In a communiqué, the journalists after a deliberation that had in attendance the Vice President of the Zone, Mr. Chris Isiguzo, the Zonal Secretary, Lady Monic Okechukwu, and the Chairmen and Secretaries of NUJ in Abia, Ebonyi, Imo, Anambra and Enugu states, respectively, frowned at the deplorable condition of federal roads in the zone and called on the federal government to redress the situation.

....As Group urges Ndigbo to remain in the North BY EMEKA MAMAH HE Igbo Youths Move ment, IYM, yesterday advised Igbo living in the north not to return home but to defend themselves and their property in their states of residence. IYM President, Mr Elliot Ukoh gave the advice in a statement in Enugu. National leader of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, Chief Ralph Uwazurike, had urged Igbo leaving in the North to return en-masse to aviod further killings of Ndigbo in the affected states.


However, Ukoh said, "the IYM advises Ndigbo domiciled in the North to disregard any calls to run home, but to rather, remain vigilant and cautious. We lament the failure of the Federal Government to quell this madness. We also point out the painful failure of traditional and religious leaders in the North to bring to an early end, the activities of these murderous gangs. We plead with Ndigbo to remain calm as Igbo Governors and elders are working round the clock to ensure the safety of Ndigbo in Northern Nigeria. Panic or mass exodus will only make matters worse.’’

APGA suspends 5 NWC members for anti-party activities ...urges Gov Obi to conduct LG poll BY CHRIS OCHAYI BUJA—THE National Working Committee, NWC, of the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, yesterday suspended indefinitely five leaders of the party over alleged anti-party activities. Until their suspension, they were members of the party’s NWC. Those suspended include Deputy National Chairman, North, Alhaji Sadeeq Massalla, National Vice Chairman, South East, Mr Morgan Anyalechi, Deputy National Organising Secretary, Sunday Obasohan, Deputy National Legal Adviser, Bala Bako, National Youth Leader, Mr. Ferguson Okpara and National Women Leader, Mrs. Ella Nwabueze Ezeanya. The NWC, at its meeting in Abuja, set up a sevenman disciplinary committee headed by Alhaji Tayo Sowumi, National Vice Chairman, South West, to probe the suspended officers over alleged disobedience of the party’s constitution. However, it took the timely intervention of the antiriot policemen to disperse some hoodlums who stormed the party’s National Secretariat yesterday, ostensibly to disrupt the NWC meeting. The protesters who arrived the party office at about 9.30 am armed with placards while chanting war songs, were prevented from gaining access into the national secretariat by the policemen who had been stationed there since Wednesday.


Sets up 7-man disciplinary committee to investigate suspended members The National Chairman, APGA, Chief Victor Umeh, who announced the development while addressing newsmen after the NWC meeting, said the suspension was endorsed by 18 members of the NWC. According to him, on June 19, 2012, five members of the NWC accompanied by hoodlums broke into the party’s national secretariat and addressed the press where they purportedly announced the suspension of the National Chairman and National

Secretary of the party. “These five NWC members further declared Alhaji Sadeeq Massalla, Deputy National Chairman, North, as Acting National Chairman and one Dr. Ifedi A. Okwenna, a member of the PDP, as the Acting Nation-

al Secretary of APGA. The activities of these dissident NWC members have since been closely monitored by the party. They have been sponsored overtime to undertake in dissidents and anti-party activities in order to destabilize the

party. Their nefarious activities culminated in the unfortunate event of the 2012 aforementioned.” He said “after a thorough deliberation, the NWC unanimously resolved to suspend the following members indefinitely.”

The Celebrant Tokunbo Talabi, (third from left) MD/CEO Superflux International, his wife, Mrs Aderin Talabi flanked by his children, Wonu, Tobi and Moyo and Mr. Fola Adeola, former ACN Vice Presidential candidate and wife Hajara Adeola at Talabi’s 50th birthday celebration in Lagos.

NCAA suspends Air Nigeria operations over financial distress BY LAWANI MIKAIRU & DANIEL ETEGHE AGOS—AIR Nigeria flight operations have been suspended with immediate effect by the aviation regulatory authority, the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA. In a statement yesterday, the management of the airline said 'the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, has suspended our flight operations effective


over alleged indications that the airline is in financial distress. We wish to apologize for the inconvenience that this order by the NCAA will bring on our passengers and assure that Air Nigeria will continue to liaise with the relevant agencies to ensure that the suspension order is lifted as soon as possible.’’ It will be recalled that the airline was accused by a former staff of skipping critical maintenance of its fleet

as the owner diverts funds meant for maintenance to other businesses. Also on Tuesday, Air Nigeria and some of its management staff were charged for tax evasion by the Federal Inland Revenue Service, FIRS. The airline has also not been able to fulfil its obligations to employees, lessors and airline ground services in different countries around West Africa, Middle East and Europe.

Ebonyi collapsed building: Contractors risk 7-yr imprisonment if..., says NSE BY PETER OKUTU


BAKALIKI—NIGER IA Society of Engineers, NSE, Ebonyi State chapter yesterday said if it was discovered that the contractors and engineers of the collapsed building at Mater Miserecondia Hospital in Afikpo local government area of Ebonyi State, compromised standards, they would be prosecuted. Chairman of the State Chapter of NSE, Engr. Nwali Etche, warned that they risked seven years imprisonment if found guilty of violating laid down

standards in building cons t r u c t i o n . According to him, preliminary reports from NSE suggested that the incident must have occurred due to poor quality work executed by the contractors. It will be recalled that on June 20 at Mater Miserecondia Hospital in Afikpo, a two-storey building under construction collapsed, injuring seven persons who are still battling to survive in the hospital. He said: “We didn’t see anybody when we got there except the patients, both the hospital administrator and contractor bolted

away. We gave the administrator up till close of work today (yesterday) to report to our office. We also asked him to bring along certain things like the design of the building, approval of work certificate and the contractor’s identity". “The NSE cannot blame anybody for the collapse until it has gotten the necessary data. If the collapse is due to natural disaster, then we can’t blame anybody but if it is mechanical, then we will find out if it is the engineer’s fault or that of the contractor, supervisor or designer".

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012—15

Attacks on churches must stop— Ex-militant leaders Threaten reprisal attacks in South EMMA UJAH, Abuja Bureau Chief


BUJA—FORMER militant ‘generals’ rose from an emergency meeting in Abuja with a call to the Federal Government to halt bombing of churches forthwith. The over-40 ex-militant leaders also asked President Goodluck Jonathan to identify sponsors of the terrorists and bring them to book, as the violence had become unacceptable. In a statement, yesterday, they said: “Boko Haram must forthwith stop its

senseless and mindless killings and suicide bombings in the North. The predilection for and selective attacks on churches and Christians can no longer be tolerated by well-meaning Nigerians. “The Federal Government must forcefully stop this strange and dangerously ominous trend in our polity. We recall how the Nigerian government deployed armed troops in the Niger Delta, which decimated Odi, Ayakoromo, Gbaramatu Kingdom and other communities in its alleged bid to combat mili-

tancy. It is, however, strange to note that the government has treated the Boko Haram insurgency with kid gloves. “Enough is enough! The government must unmask and go after the sponsors of Boko Haram, which we believe are wicked and evilminded Nigerians collaborating with foreigners.” The ex-militants said the violence in the North had become worrisome and could lead to reprisal attacks in the South. They said Boko Haram was not only anti-Christians but also political, with

a view to destabilising the present administration. Some of the ex-militants leaders who signed the statement are: Gen. Busty Alemfuke, Gen. Iyela Island, Gen. Orumey Okuheuna, Gen. Blaza Abi, Gen. Adekunle Wisdom, Gen. Ameachi Adibbuo, Gen. Chibuzo Egbelu, Gen. Callos Ben, Gen. Okubo Robert and Gen. Egbema One. Others are: Gen. Fred Kenyebo, Gen Aboy, Gen Nico Sintei, Gen. Solo Osama, Gen. Solo Adabafa, Gen. Gawe Eberepapa and Gen. J.P. Greenland.

AWARD: From left— Ms Foluke Aboderin, Executive Director, Corporate Banking; Mr. Jibril Aku, Managing Director, both of Ecobank Nigeria, and Mr. Michael Speigel, Managing Director/Head, Trade Finance and Corporate Cash Management, Deutsche Bank, at the presentation of Deutsche Bank's 2011 Straight-Through Payment Process Excellence Award to Ecobank, in Lagos.

House of Reps insists on Jonathan, blasts Otedola Continues from page 7

and Gas Ltd, Mr Femi Otedola of collecting $620,000 of the $3m he demanded to have his firm exonerated from the subsidy sleaze. Police have so far recovered $10,000 of the bribe money while he is expected to produce the remaining $610,000 before the end of the week. Appearing at the chamber for the first time since his bribery allegation began two weeks ago, Lawan declared that God decided to allow him go through the current trial for some reasons. He did not state the reasons. The lawmaker who was looking visibly embattled told newsmen who besieged him at the end of the plenary session that he had no qualms with the decision of the House to shove

him aside as the Chairman of Education committee and that of the ad hoc c o m m i t t e e . He said “I think it is important to note that I have been a member of the House of Representatives for the past 13 years, of course together with several other colleagues of mine past and present and we have done so much to build the House of Representatives. It means that I should enjoy the respect and confidence of Nigerians. "Whatever decision is taken by the House, I believe is meant to ensure the credibility of the institution because as members, we must at all times recognize that the institution is bigger than each and everyone of us. It is an institution that belongs

to this country, that Nigerians look up to for legislation, oversight responsibilities and for responsive representation. “It is an institution that must continue to give hope and confidence to the Nigerian people. So, whenever any issue arises to question any particular member ’s standing, it is important to recognize that the institution itself is bigger than anyone of us." Meanwhile the House has said that Otedola is as guilty as Lawan in the bribery scandal. Reacting to a statement credited to Otedola that last week’s emergency session by the House where it asked anti-graft agencies to investigate his firm’s forex transaction was a celebration of corruption, spokes-

man of the House Hon Zakari Mohammed, argued that such comment from businessman was unfortunate and irresponsible. On the invitation of President Goodluck Jonathan over worsening insecurity in the country, Zakari submitted that contrary to claims in some quarters that the invitation was unconstitutional the House acted within its powers. He said: “the constitution gives the House the power to invite anybody if we are conducting any investigation”. He explained that the silence on the date the President should appear before the lawmakers was to allow President Jonathan choose a date that would be convenient to him.

16—Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012

JTF parades 7 suspects over Biu church attack

Man to die by hanging over N2,105 robbery OS—A Jos High Court, yesterday, sentenced a 26-year-old man, Obinna John, to death by hanging for robbing a woman of N1,705. The convict was also said to have robbed his victim, one Dorothy Olaniyi, of two rolls of satchet peak milk, valued at N400. The prosecution counsel, Mr. G. D. Fwonyon, Plateau State Deputy Director of Public Prosecution, had told the court that John, in company of an accomplice, also named John, now at large, on November 18, 2005, robbed the woman, a resident of Gada Biu, in Jos, in her shop, at gunpoint. In a 60-page judgment, Justice Yargata Nimpa said the evidence before the court had shown that the accused committed the offence and sentenced John to death by hanging. He ruled: “The accused is hereby sentenced to death by hanging, but the judgement is liable to an appeal.” John’s counsel, Mr. Tobechukwu Kekemeke, said they would head for the Court of Appeal.



M ON JUNE 12: From left— Navy Capt. Adebayo Adekoya (rtd), Chairman of the occasion; Mr. Elijar Adetunji, convener; Mrs. Ola Emela-Jacobs, Guest Speaker, and Mr. Jola Ogunlesi, President, Festac Residents Association, during a public lecture on Know Your Rights, to mark the June 12 celebration, organised by Odofin Youth Congress, Change Nigeria Initiatives, CNI, in Lagos, yesterday. PHOTO: Biodun Ogunleye.

Bombings: FG sends emissary to Middle-Belt BY EMEKA MAMAH HE Federal Government has sent the Director-General of the National Orientation Agency, NOA, Mr. Mike Omeri, to religious leaders in Plateau and other Middle Belt states with the aim of dousing the religious crises occasioned by suicide bomb attacks on churches


as well as the reprisal attacks by Christians. This followed last Sunday ’s bomb attack on some churches in Zaria and Kaduna metropolis in Kaduna State, and the reprisal attacks which led to the killing of over 100 people within three days. Sources told Vanguard that while in Plateau State, Omeri would meet the

Chief Imam of Jos Central Mosque today and meet the President of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria, Most Reverend Ignatius Kaigama, tomorrow.

Yobe reviews curfew This is even as Yobe State government has relaxed

‘More attacks on churches coming' BY TAYE OBATERU OS—PLATEAU State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Emmanuel Ayeni, has said the threat of further bombings in the state by the Boko Haram sect was real, urging citizens to be vigilant and security-conscious. He stated this, yesterday, at a meeting with stakeholders to review the security situation in the state, while also calling for


more cooperation from citizens to check the suicide attacks. He said security agencies had not got enough cooperation from religious and community leaders in the area of intelligence information that could assist in checking the activities of the sect. He said: “I want to let citizens of the state know that they need to remain sensitive and alert because more

suicide bombings are being planned targeting worshippers in the state. “I am telling you this because that is my job. The threat of more bombing in Jos is real. As security agencies we exchange information across the country. That is why I am telling you now to be aware that you should expect more attacks from the Boko Haram. “Security agencies are not pleased with the level of

cooperation by members of the public, especially community and religious leaders. We are not satisfied with your cooperation because we know these suicide bombers are coming from among the public. “They are coming from our neighbourhoods; we (citizens) know some of the plotters, but we are not ready to give the security agencies sensitive and privilege information.”

the curfew imposed on Damaturu, the state capital following the violence that erupted, Monday. Governor Ibrahim Gaidam, yesterday, approved the relaxation of the 24-hour restriction on movements in the city by six hours to allow people, particularly those trapped in their places of work and businesses, to go back to their homes and reunite with their families. Meanwhile, the NOA boss would, thereafter, meet with Evangelical Churches of Winning All, ECWA, Worldwide, (formally Evangelical Church of West Africa) in Jos. In a statement, yesterday, by Governor Gaidam’s Special Adviser on Media and Information, Alhaji Abdullahi Bego, the government said movement within Damaturu metropolis is now allowed between 10am and 4.00pm daily.

By Bartholomew Madukwe



AIDUGURI— JOINT Task Force, JTF, otherwise known as Operation Restore Order in Borno State, yesterday, paraded seven suspected gunmen who were said to have attacked the EYN Church in Biu Local Government Area of the state about two weeks ago, killing three people with many others injured. Parading the suspects at the 21 Amoured Brigade Headquarters, Maiduguri, JTF spokesman, Lt.-Col. Sagir Musa said the gunmen were arrested from various locations in Biu by a combined team of JTF and Department of State Security, DSS, personnel. Musa, however, said the military alone cannot fight crime as security of lives and property was a collective responsibility. He urged the public to always volunteer information to nearest security agency. He also said that criminals were not spirits, just as they do not come from different planets but live among the people, hence the need to expose them. Those arrested (names withheld) were all said to be from Jigawa and Katsina states. Asked whether they participated in the church attack, one of the suspects, who claimed to be a labourer in Biu market, said he was given N7,500 by someone (names withheld) to participate in the said attack, just as they accused one another of complicity in the matter.


What's your take on the subsidy probe scandal?


T is disappointing that the probe, which started well, is turning out to be a show of shame. Allegation of collecting bribe in a committee that is set up to probe fraud is disappointing? I weep for Nigeria. We have no destination.— Mrs. Gladys Welington, Journalist.


HE burden is on the government to get to the root of the matter by ensuring that the culprits are brought to justice. But first, it will be proper that we distinguish between “alleged” and “guilty”. So we will have to wait and see— Mr. Fayehun Ifeolu, Student.


BASANJO had said that all of them were rogues and they started baying for blood. Now what are we witnessing? Who are we to follow? Can we trust the probe panel set up by a House of questionable characters?—Mr. Ayorinde Kazeem, Civil Servant.


OMETIMES we make claims that are unfounded. Even if someone came out to say he gave bribe, it has to be substantiated with facts. Until then, I would not take side. However, the culprits have to face the wrath of the law.—Mr. Ajibayo Oke, Student.


HERE are lots of insincerity on the part of government about this probe. The government should take steps to ensure that the culprits are brought to book; that will make Nigerians believe in a new panel. Until then, let them do their own thing.— Mr. Emmanuel Ijegba, Civil Servant.


T has always been a case of getting to hear the beginning of a matter without its ending. The matter will probably end up as record, like we have seen in other matters that are even bigger than this one. Everyone might just go to sleep after a while.—Ms. Adetoun Omotayo, Student.

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012 — 17

Sweet & SOUR

Donu Kogbara

Another tearful farewell

HIS has been a very sad month for me. First I lost two people - a friend and an in-law - in the Dana plane crash. Then, last weekend, Angela Onyeador, a wonderful vibrant woman I’ve known since I was born, quietly passed away in an American hospital after a protracted illness. Angela - a luminous worldclass beauty who grew up in very privileged circumstances and knew almost everyone who was anyone in this country - was often described as a “socialite” or “celebrity”. But these descriptions didn’t do her justice because she was so much more than a wealthy sophisticate who flits from one high profile event to another. She was fashionable and glamorous. She had tonnes of pals who were household names. She was a regular presence at many glitzy get-togethers in her dazzling heyday. But she wasn’t an emptyheaded Party Girl, chronic materialist or soulless, superficial decorative item. Angela was a Class Act - a highly intelligent, immensely

Government contacts She told me that though she regarded me as an unambitious fool for not using my senior government contacts and media platform as Get-RichQuick tools, she loved and respected me precisely because money was not my priority. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated this affectionate



well-informed, extremely witty, formidably hard-working and kind-hearted lateral thinker, successful business person and patron of the arts. She read copiously. She invested considerable amounts of time in cultural activities - for pleasure rather than profit.

part of Austria for several weeks. She had lifethreatening ailments and we hoped that she would benefit from a combination of naturopathic and conventional medical interventions. She was in pain and needed a wheelchair because she couldn’t walk. But she constantly cracked jokes while she was going through this physical and psychological hell. Sam and I were more depressed than she was! On one occasion, she briskly sent for a local jeweller and ordered a gorgeous silver bracelet for me because my Angela Onyeador gloomy concerns about her health were irritating her she eventually relapsed. And because she had been like a cat with nine lives who zigzagged between illness and wellness for a large chunk of her adulthood, I assumed that she would recover yet again. But it was not to be. Angela was brave, feisty, generous, optimistic, amusing and super-smart. Our dads - members of the first group of Nigerian executives that Shell recruited in the and she wanted to put a smile l950s - became friends, as did on my face! our mums. And we both atThis lengthy Austrian so- tended the Shell primary journ turned out to be a major school in Port Harcourt in the tonic for Angela. She became l960s. much stronger for a while. But In those distant days, the

Angela was a Class Act - a highly intelligent, immensely well-informed, extremely witty, formidably hard-working and kind-hearted lateral thinker, successful business person and patron of the arts

endorsement from someone who saw me as a suicidal but decent kid sister. Two years ago, in 2010, Angela, her husband, Captain Sam Mayson and I wound up in a remote




Farouk Lawan...former chairman, fuel subsidy chairman

HREE thoughts strike me very forcibly whenever I dwell on the toxic scandal that is raging around Farouk Lawan – the author of the fuel subsidy probe report - for collecting a bribe from Femi Otedola: •Firstly, I am not surprised AT ALL. Lawan is a member of the House of Representatives and when I was a government worker, colleagues often told me that it is very normal for National Assembly legislators to demand pay-offs from those they are supposed to investigate/ monitor. •Secondly, the sum Lawan collected was paltry compared to the sums that many other government people corruptly acquire on a daily basis. •Thirdly, while it is certainly true that we cannot trust a messenger (Lawan) who has

been induced to only give us part of the message (or to even deliberately distort the message), Lawan’s report is still significant and provides useful insights into the state of Nigeria Inc. We should focus on the wider wood rather than on individual trees and ask ourselves which leading lights in the oil industry were either not mentioned at all in Lawan’s report…or mentioned only fleetingly/mildly? In other words, is Otedola the only heavy hitter on the government or commercial fronts who bribed Lawan or promised him juicy benefits for turning a blind eye to massive misdemeanors? I don’t think so! I strongly advise those who say that they wish to catch criminals to dig deeper for MUCH bigger paymasters or paymistresses than Otedola!

Shell school mostly contained British, Dutch and Nigerian children. And, if my memory serves me well, the Nigerians and Brits were taught in English while the Dutch had their own lessons. Much to everyone’s amazement, Angela rapidly became a fluent Dutch-speaker. She was the ONLY non-Dutch child who mastered this tough, non-compulsory challenge; and it’s not as if she set out to be a clever clogs who outshone her peers.

Stimulating conversation She just osmotically absorbed Dutch in the playground – in a cool, casual, unplanned, instinctive kinda way. I thought that Angela would stick around for much longer and continue to be one of the pals I would turn to when I needed a laugh or a stimulating conversation or a shoulder to cry on. But she’s gone. Dear Sam, sorry-o. Hope you can cope without your darling soulmate. Responses to: or to 0802 747 6458 (texts only). PLEASE KINDLY NOTE THAT UNLESS YOU SPECIFICALLY REQUEST ANONYMITY, YOUR COMMENTS MAY BE PUBLISHED IN VANGUARD, WITH YOUR NAMES AND NUMBERS OR EMAIL ADDRESSES ATTACHED.

18 — Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012 OIL theft dates back to the 1970’s when Nigeria had the first oil boom. With the return to democratic governance in 1999, many big time oil thieves became political leaders and many political leaders became oil thieves. They formed cult groups in the oil producing areas from which they linked their contacts in government and the security agencies. The younger ones became political thugs, who after elections turned to oil thievery to arm themselves for next election. Many of these armed youths embraced the militancy that shook the foundations of the nation’s economy. The armed confrontations between the security forces and the militants ended on 4 October 2009 when the regime of the late Umaru Yar’Adua offered the militants, estimated at 26,000, amnesty in exchange for their unconditional surrender of their arms and return to the confines of the law. Since that deal went through, the shooting in the Niger Delta has quietened down. The upsurge in oil thievery and the proliferation of illegal refineries in the creeks of

Ceaseless Theft Of Our Oil the Niger Delta have been dramatic. Shell estimates that over 150,000 barrels of crude oil are lost to oil thieves daily. The Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi OkonjoIweala, has a higher estimate of about onefifth of the nation’s daily oil revenue being lost to oil thieves. It would translate to about 500,000 barrels, or $50 million or N8 billion daily and N2.92 trillion annually, more than half of the 2012 budget. The post-amnesty deal did not give adequate attention to crucial aspects of “cleaning up after the party”. What other agreements did Nigeria extract from the militants, beyond the cessation of hostilities? Since

they depended on illegal bunkering to procure the arms and logistics while they fought the state, what steps were taken to remove them from this lucrative activity? Oil thieves and their illegal refineries are partly responsible for the rampant oil spills in the creeks, which worsen the environmental challenges, which many of the militants listed as one of their major reasons for embracing the armed struggle. Where is the crackdown on these economic saboteurs the President promised? What steps have been taken to arrest the problem posed by corrupt security officials who see their posting to the region as an opportunity to strike it rich? The oil companies are also accused of involvement in the stealing, which is a highly technical operation, executed with technologies that are not readily available to everyone. Beyond economic sabotage, Nigeria’s territorial integrity stands the risk of being unsettled with money and arms these thieves are accumulating. If oil theft is unchecked, Nigeria is setting itself up for more trouble in the Niger Delta!

OPINION BY GIDEON EFETIE HE almighty attitude of some governments in this country is amazing. It appears they feel that governments have absolute and unquestionable powers over those they govern. And their decision or pronouncements must always be final. Hence, the usual ‘no going back’ stance they take. It is heartening, however, that not all the governments adopt this posture. It is not hereby being suggested that a government should submit or succumb to every protestation or protest demonstration by the people; for no weak government will be respected. This is beside the fact that a weak government will be unable to execute and accomplish the objectives for which it was voted into office. A government is expected to be firm and will not lose its power and prestige if it will sometimes bend a little and go back once in a while on its decisions, where it is an unpopular one. It will bring about a cordial relationship between the government and the people. The people still know that the government is not a weak one and they will still respect it, knowing that it is a listening government. The Lagos State government must have re-absorbed all the sacked doctors after the flexing of muscles on both sides. A welcome development. There is no doubt that Moshood Abiola is a national hero after all he had done for this country; but why is his name being immortalised only in the South Western part of the country. If efforts have been made to name institutions or parks or whatever after him in other parts of the country,


Some topical national issues they must have been on a very small scale. Nevertheless, the Federal Government seems to have picked on the wrong institution, for several reasons, for a for a change name. I am not an alumnus of the University of Lagos but the reaction and indignation of the present and past students of that university are righteous. There are so many universities and other institutions in this country to name after him. It is gratifying that the decision is not final yet because the matter is now before the National Assembly. Many ethnic groups in this country declare that they are nations. We are still involved in nationbuilding; when eventually a true nation emerges, it is going to be a nation of many nations. That will be unique, isn't it?


uccessive administrations have been unable, so far, to tackle successfully the problem of the lack of constant electricity supply in this country. Constant electricity supply, inter alia, is the nucleus of a strong and vibrant econmy which we desire to make our dream of being counted in 2020 as one of the top 20 economically strong nations on this planet. But as things are at present, including the woeful state of electricity supply, unreliable and unpredictable, it seems it will be a miracle if the 20 - 20-20 dream comes true. Anyway, fanciful optimism is not harmful, it may soothe the feeling and wish.

The common denominator of the problems and ills which plague this country is corruption. Like the very tiny threats of the mould which infests your piece of bread or other food items, it has invaded and permeated all levels and sections of life in this country. Revelations that have been made in connection with the oil subsidy matter will be troubled by one of the tentacles or aspects of corruption, and all or most of the offenders will go unpunished in spite of all they are saying that there will be no sacred cows. There are always sacred cows and they will get away with impunity. Their offences are always swept under the carpet like other previous offences and revelations before the one concerning the oil subsidy revelations. Let’s hope that the Press, the media and people’s watchdog will ensure that offenders, thieves, robbers and embezzlers are all punished this time in accordance with the law. Ever heard of the crashing of planes operated and managed by British Airways, Air France, Lufthansa and KLM? If there are any then perhaps they occur once in half a century and it cannot be attributed to inefficiency or human error. Nigerian airline operators and other relevant authorities should learn from them. Some African airlines, such as Ethiopian Airlines are not doing badly. If Nigerian airlines, domestic and international, want to cut corners, operate cheaply, give excuses for their incompetence and endanger human lives they should not expect Nigerians to patronize them just because they are Nigerian airlines, their own airlines, at the risk to their lives and the lives of their loved ones. *Mr. Efetie, a retired career diplomat, wrote from Lagos.

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012 — 19

, H

EADS definitely need to roll in the Nigerian aviation industry, in the wake of the Dana airline disaster - the deadliest in our entire aviation history. Nor should a shakeup be contingent upon technical issues alone. It is for this reason that I have called for a judicial investigation: Because a judicial panel would have the authority, not only to command participation in the investigative process and punish recalcitrant individuals, but also to act on its own findings. We have seen the benefits of this approach in Rivers State, which is enjoying excellent service from a judicially imposed Governor. I am aware that judicial panels too consist of humans, who are fallible. Such bodies can and, no doubt, will, get it wrong occasionally. But a judicial inquiry could not possibly be worse than past investigations, which have yield-

ed no results at all. They’ve just been a means of conning the people. One major benefit will be to expedite the procedure. The Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) has submitted a report. But it’s only a preliminary fact sheet. It will submit an interim report sometime between September and December, with the final document due for handing one year from now - in 2013. This is, in my opinion a little too long. I realize there are very complex issues, some of them technical, to address. But that is my point. The technical, political and administrative dimensions can, I believe, be separated - without doing violence to the investigative process that is already well under way. Far from obviating the need for a judicial inquiry, the present situation suggests strongly that this is the way forward. A judicial pan-


el would not necessarily interfere with or in any way disturb the work that is in progress. Alternatively, jurists can be added to the Federal Technical and Administrative Review Panel; and it can be given judicial authority. The jurists would provide legal guidance and legitimize any punitive action the panel might be required to take. Dana Airlines, for example, is showing no sign of penitence. In what is possibly a hint of the struggle that lie ahead, its management has adopted a policy of denial, insisting that no engine went out when, according to almost all reports I’ve read, the pilots reported loss of power. Aside from anything the pilots may have said to air traffic controllers though, the

An open letter to Governor Obi on local govt elections, issues of party indiscipline and APGA BY ANUWEZE CHUKWUNONYE OUR Excellency, I wish to use this medium to write to you because no body or media would suffice to properly contextualize the issues which you and your contemporaries have raised recently in the national media, issues to which I would want to comment upon and advise you. I have also chosen this medium to advise you so that none of your personal aides or political backers would accuse me of soliciting closeness or contract from you at Awka Government House for any pecuniary reasons. As a philosophical commentator on social issues, my social conscience is my sole motivator. I know you would be heartily surprised that I have chosen an objective medium to express my citizenship rights of freedom and to express my deeply held philosophical thoughts on certain worrisome issues happening in Anambra State which border very much on constitutional issues of governance and party discipline. I am talking about APGA of Ikemba’s true soul and spirit; the APGA which Chief Okorie tried ,unsuccessfully, to steal its soul by his aborted attempt to form the cloned UPGA; the APGA of Chief Victor Umeh and other party chieftains who stood with you through thick and thin, to fight the ‘’buccaneers of Nigerian democracy’’(apologies to Professor Soyinka) and wrest the apple seed of victory from their deadly jaws. Make no mistake about it. Take note that the jaws of of the political crocodiles are still yawning and could consume, if allowed, both you and everybody, if eternal vigilance is not maintained. Why is it that Igbos seem to be so cursed that when creative party projects are crafted to save Igbos, fifth columnists also sabotage them at the last minute,at the verge of full victory and transformation for our people? It happened with Former Governor Orji Kalu, who pulled the first miracle in party formation and growth when the PPA was established to challenge the


era of the locusts who devoured the land and,as a reward for his excellent political foot works, won two states in first elections that the party participated in,Imo and Abia states, at great personal cost and sacrifice? Are you going to be a willing cudgel in the hands of political perfidists to destroy APGA, the party that gave you political visibility? Your excellency, you see, most people would fail to appreciate the fact that you were an alumnus of the great Philosophy Department, University of Nigeria, where you picked your human ethical values as a philosophy graduate. But I am shocked at the manner you are allowing some hangers- on to rubbish not only the image and integrity of APGA, after all the recent sweet victories, that I am still wondering if the press got you wrong. For six years plus, while the party fought for you at the courts, the name Nwobu Alor was unheard and unsung, a direct consequence of his sheer irrelevance and insignificance. But two issues that appeared in two recent interviews in the Nigerian media have given a lie to your rich profile and threatened to put a blemish to the record that could be described as unblemishable. The first concerned the issue of local government elections, while the second has to do with internal party indiscipline in APGA from fifth columnists which you are actively supporting and funding. I would want to elaborate for emphasis and make poignant references-‘’Quit or be kicked out-Nwobu alor tells Umeh"(Daily Sun,cover page, May 10,2012).The bogus, unsubstantiated claim from him that Chief Umeh was given N20million to run the party failed to sail in the court of public opinion.The clearance given to Chief Umeh by both the EFCC and the Accountant General of Anambra State has finally confirmed that Nwobu’s Government House -inspired blackmail and propaganda proves, once more, Chief Umeh’s innocence and the perfidy of your unphilosophical sabotage against a man that pulled off your chicken tufts during the rainy season so that you don’t drown.This man is clean and you


et me make one thing ex plicitly clear: In recommending a judicial panel, I am not dashing cold water on the present body. Nor am I casting aspersions at any individual or individuals on the panel. Quite to the contrary, I am very impressed with the caliber of its members. Group Captain John Obakpolor (rtd.), the chairman of the Technical and Administrative Review Panel, an aviation engineer, has long been agitating for change within the aviation industry; and I have no doubt but that he will prove to be a gadfly and a spur, prodding the panel when it appears to waver from its charge. Nevertheless, I would like to see the administrative and technical


Dana: Counting the dead and conning the damned (3)

A judicial inquiry would also help protect panel members from political reprisals, in the event sacred political cows have to be slaughtered

two main causes of aircraft crashes are loss or power and the failure of one or more of the crucial control mechanisms and their backup systems. In the interest of fairness and objectivity, I think I should also note that the loss of power on an aircraft does not have to be due to a faulty engine. “Bird strike” is a very common cause of engine failure. Still, Dana ought to have taken its own advice. It suggested that the Aviation Minister should not have commented on the probable cause until the investigation is completed. But this applies more to Dana’s management than to the Minister.

It’s a common Nigerian bug-once you cross the bridge break it so that no other person can come across to experience the dawn; APGA has remained the party that sustained your political career; don’t destroy the party


know it! Don't destroy APGA—The Iroko tree came from the seedlings and the branches can never outgrow the trunk, in good or bad season. APGA birthed you on Nigeria’s political space- no matter your current political stature you must never behave as if you have outgrown the party of your birth and succour. Your Excellency, you know as a political philosopher, we often resort to axioms, parables or maxims to make a good logical entendre. Don’t ‘’graduate’’ to the street equivalent of the usual Nigerian politician who is known more for perfidy and deception; don’t forget what you went through under Nigeria’s troubled democratic waters, where the likes of Chief Umeh have gone back and forth from hell, suffering for the shiny glory you are presently enjoying. It’s a common Nigerian bug—once you cross the landmark bridge break it, so that no other person can come across to experience the dawn. APGA has remained the party that gave rise and sustained your political career; don’t destroy the party. It is people like Alor Nwobu who constitute the problem of the APGA in Anambra State and it is a welcome development for political ethicalists and value bench markers that he has been disciplined by the NEC of the party. It is obvious that Mr. Alor is a hatchet man from Government House and is playing out your script. If I am to hazard a guess, the mischievous profile of that script is

review processes separated. This division of labour would speed up the investigative process and, at the same time, create a system of checks and balances, which would ensure that the findings of both panels are acted on expeditiously. A judicial inquiry would also help protect panel members from political reprisals, in the event sacred political cows have to be slaughtered. With a reduced work load, members of each panel can be focused, increasing the effectiveness of both bodies and rendering their judgments more reliable. One way or the other though, heads need to role in the aviation industry - and not just for punitive reasons. There is simply a need to infuse fresh blood into the sector. There is need for new people, with a new outlook and a new way of doing things. Hopefully, the Dana affair will provide the political impetus needed for the President to do what needs to be done. But he will need to strike while the iron is hot, act while the public’s sense of outrage is still sufficiently palpable to provide him with the required political support. Otherwise, my fear is that, if a whole year is allowed to pass, the people’s rage will have subsided; and the con artists who have subverted previous reform efforts might, once more, carry the day.

to destroy the party in Anambra State for PDP to takeover after you! If you didn’t sponsor Alor, as people claim, to use the ‘’Ndimpiawa Azu’’(the back and spine breakers) to cause mayhem and kill recently in Nnewi, Anambra State, then, what is the business of a philosopher king with the likes of Alor in a decent democracy? Internal party discipline is for members, whether serving in government or not, elected or not elected. The party has spoken wisely for you to release Nwobu back to the street elements as an unemployed party hand who soiled his hands and unethical political conduct unbecoming of APGA’s rising national profile. If Ikemba were to be alive, would you dare sponsor persons with no stable membership to openly insult the party chairman who has identified their conduct as corrupt and anti-party? No you dare not thumb your nose at the great Biafran warlord, the man who cried as he campaigned for you in the last elections, telling Anambrarians to vote for your second term as the last thing they would do for him,before death! Igbos, by obeying Ikemba and the party, proved the truth of what Chief Uzor Kalu once said that the ‘’Igbos would stand by any truthful and sacrificing Igbo leader who demonstrates integrity and commitment for their paternal cause! Hold local govt elections Why is APGA suffering such electoral dislocations and defeats even when you have such a high performance record? It was thought in political science and empirical knowledge of field politics that when the provincial governor is excelling in governance and development benchmarks that all the party scions going for little positions are usually rewarded with good electoral votes in their constituencies? A good performance by a masquerade at the village square becomes a source of gregarious accolades for those behind its emergence at the square. How come your presence in Anambra State is not rubbing off well on subsequent APGA party performance at every election, since then?

Continues on Monday on page 18 *Mr. Chukwunonye,

a political analyst, wrote from Awka.

20—Vanguard , FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012

in full swing. It was, however, found that some of the doctors are yet to fully resume to work, especially at the Isolo General Hospital where only few doctors were seen at work. Vanguard Metro, VM, investigations revealed that some of the doctors just walked in and out of the hospital without doing much, in spite of the volume of work pending since the strike. As at the time of this report, patients’ turn out was low in some of these hospitals while the turn out was high in other hospitals. During VM’s visit to Oke-Odo General Hospital last weekend, the turn out of patients was much such that some of the wards could not accommodate a number of them.


•Some of the doctors at work.

At last, sighs of relief for Lagos patients at govt hospitals BY BOSE ADELAJA

OR several weeks, it was a battle of wits, accusations and counter-accusations between the Lagos State government and medical doctors in the state over the inability of both parties to respect the terms of agreements signed by them. While the faceoff lasted, there were weeping and lamentations in many homes as the absence of doctors from their duty posts led to the death of many patients in public or government-owned hospitals. The development also left many low income Lagosians at the mercy of private hospitals who took advantage of the situation to charge exorbitant fees which only few could afford.


Sack of striking doctors A case in point is Madam Simbiat Oloruntoba whose only child took ill and was rushed to Mainland Hospital. But the child gave up the ghost at the entrance of the hospital as he was refused admission by the health officials. Another victim of the strike, Rev (Major) Olubunmi Idowu, was discharged from an Indian hospital and returned to Nigeria to continue her medication but suddenly her ailment relapsed and she was rushed to the Ikeja General Hospital where she eventually died. After announcing the sack of the striking doctors, the state government had subsequently employed some doctors from the private sector to replace them and stem the tide of serious health crisis, but the number employed was not enough to cope with the influx of distressed patients at most public hospitals

or to provide succour to them. So, it came as a big relief in the state when the strike was called off and the 788 dismissed medical doctors reinstated. The doctors resumed work on Monday, June 4,2 after the State government issued a letter of reinstatement to them. So,

for many suffering patients in the state, the storm is at last over. Some Lagosians who bared their mind on the issue expressed satisfaction at the return of normal services at the various public hospitals. A visit to some of these hospitals revealed normal activities

salon operator who simply gave his name as Mr. Kush said he was happy the strike has been called off. “I brought my aged mother for treatment here; a doctor at a private hospital had earlier asked us to deposit N30,000 before she could be attended to. Now that the strike is over, she can joyfully register at a public hospital without stress. I am happy the strike is over,” he said. A mother of three who did not want her name in print told VM she was initially admitted at the General Hospital, Oke-Odo where she received first aid treatment after which she was referred to LASUTH but after 24

hours of less attention, she was referred to Ikeja General Hospital and was there for 24 hours without a specialist to attend to her in spite of her ailment that requires full time admission in bed. She said she was placed on a bench for 24 hours where the nurses only administered drip on her. The situation infuriated her family and made her sister come all the way from Abuja to ask for her discharge her.”This is not encouraging for a mega stateowned hospital as it negates the claim of ‘health is wealth’.” The strike action somehow brought unexpected benefits. For instance, it provided opportunities for some unemployed physicians thereby boosting the number of medical doctors in Lagos. A visit to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, LASUTH, Surulere General Hospital and Ajeromi General Hospital revealed that the call off of the strike brought many patients rushing to the hospitals and such that the various wards are occupied and the doctors are now seeking for more hospital beds. Although investigations have revealed that some of these hospitals have been rehabilitated but the state government will need to go extra mile to build more hospitals and provide bed space. This will enable the government to meet up with its earlier promise to deliver effective and efficient health services to its citizens.

World Widows Day: A ray of hope for Cross River women


HE continuing plight of widows globally has been identified as a threat to the realisation of Millennium Development Goals, MDGs numbers one, three and eight which seek to end poverty, promote gender equality and engender global partnership. Most widows are said to live below poverty line, suffer gender discrimination and neglect by government, civil society organisations and the communities they live in. It is a situation still begging for comprehensive interventions at all levels. This urgency is aptly captured by the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, while speaking ahead of activities to commemorate the inaugural international widows’which will hold June 23, 2011. Said he: “We must recognise the important contribution of widows, and we must ensure that they enjoy the rights and social protection they deserve. Death is inevitable, but we can reduce the suffering that widows endure by raising their status and helping them in their hour of need. This will contribute to promoting the full and equal participation of all women in society. And that will bring us closer to ending poverty and promoting peace around the world…”

According to ‘Women 2000’ a 2011 UN report published by the UN Division for the Advancement of Women to promote the goals of the Beijing Declaration and the Platform for Action, widows comprise a significant proportion of the population of the world women ranging from seven to 16 percent of all adult women. The report also suggests that widows worldwide constitute the greatest percentage of the poorest of the poor as they lack of education.

Widows outnumber widowers The report also indicates that widows far outnumber widowers globally. It also revealed that there are more elderly widows in developed countries while there are younger widows in developing countries. This is attributable to the high incidence of armed conflict, HIV/AIDS and poverty in the developing countries of Africa including Nigeria. There are efforts internationally to intervene on widowhood issues but these amounts to a drop in the ocean compared to the weight of the issue. Key actors in Nigeria include the Federal/ States Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development, the church, civil society and private

initiatives. However, a lot of these actions are ad hoc in nature and lack coherent and sustainability elements hence, the need for comprehensive and sustained interventions. However, in some states, there just might be a ray of hope. Aligning with the world agenda, Obioma Liyel-Imoke, wife of the Cross River State Governor, will launch another initiative - GLOW, an acronym for Giving Life Options to Widows, on June 23 2012, to mark the World Widows Day. The project will be implemented by POWER - Partnership Opportunities for Women’s Empowerment Realisation, an NGO which she founded in 2007. GLOW aims to improve the quality of life of widows in Cross River State. Some of the mid to long term realisations of the GLOW project according to a document from the Office of the Wife of the Governor signed by Project Director, Tammie Kammonke, are: enhanced livelihood options for 1,980 widows across the 18 Local Government Areas in Cross River State through access to skills training, micro finance and micro enterprise services; increased cooperation between and among widows and widows-focused organisations through the formation of widows cooperatives and networking, in-

•Mrs. Obioma Liyel-Imoke

creased public awareness on widowhood issues in the State through information, education and communication, IEC, activities, enabling policy environment for widows through an advocacy campaign targeted at policy makers amongst other things. Target date for achieving these objectives is 2015. To ensure sustainability of the project, implementation will be phased, starting with a pilot to a scale up phase to ensure the methodology is tested for best result and best practices. Though statistics of widows in Cross River State are not readily available, according to project director Kammonke, there are a significant number of widows in Cross River State and a need to respond to their needs.

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012 — 21

G20 extends free trade vow despite split BY NKIRUKA NNOROM ORLD leaders extended by one year their vow not to put up new trade barriers at the Group of 20 summit in a last-minute deal that exposed deep rifts over protectionism. The agreement to refrain from new protectionist measures until the end of 2014 as part of world leaders’ efforts to foster global growth was included in the final G20 communique. Mexican President Felipe Calderon said it was hard won and struck only at the very end of two days of talks in the Pacific resort of Los Cabos. “There was resistance from some countries but beyond that we did manage to get a consensus and arrive at an agreement,” he told a news conference after the meeting. Brazil, Argentina and South Africa had resisted extending the trade pledge beyond its current expiry at the end of 2013. Meanwhile, other countries wanted to push it back to 2015, a diplomat with knowledge of the G20 trade talks said. The deadlock was broken by Russian President Vladimir Putin, the diplomat said. Ahead of the summit, Japan and the European Union had sent strong warnings that free trade was under threat as some countries respond to slowing growth by trying to protect their domestic industries. “The EU is sounding the alarm regarding a worrisome rise in protectionism,” EU President Jose Manuel Barroso said as G20 members arrived in Los Cabos. Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda called for world leaders to stamp out any efforts to lessen free trade. I see signs of protectionism emerging in the G20 debate, so we should deliver a message to counter (that),” he told reporters. Fearful that trade protectionism would slow global growth, G20 leaders at the height of the financial crisis in November 2008 first pledged













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0.2884 26.3833 196.1304 243.1699 41.4334 236.3479 163.2353 155.4 235.4118 1.9656 24.4427

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CBN Exchange rate as at 21/06/2012 C M Y K

to refrain from erecting any new trade barriers. Such hurdles are often used to shield domestic businesses from world competition at times of economic stress. In spite of that, a World Bank report released on Sunday found that G20 nations have accounted for the vast majority of the more than 1,000 new protectionist measures. The measures were introduced between November 2008 and March 2012. Brazil, for instance, has outraged fellow G20 partner Mexico by renegotiating a car export agreement earlier this year. The country is also mulling steps to protect its tiny domestic wine industry which may raise tariffs on many imported wines from countries including Chile, France and Spain. And it is not alone: Argentina, another G20 country, has

slapped tough controls on imports in a bid to keep factories open and prop up the trade surplus in Latin America’s third-biggest economy. The United States has complained to the World Trade Organization that China is backsliding on the path of trade openness and economic reform that marked its entry to the World Trade Organization in 2001. Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff launched a counter-offensive on trade at the G20 summit by proposing to re-open by 2014 the stalled Doha round of global negotiations to lower trade barriers. The idea failed to win traction with other G20 leaders. “Some countries have agricultural subsidies, some countries think that there is protectionism in services, others saw problems in industry,”

she told reporters. It’s obvious that there is a lot of resistance to reopening the Doha round.” The Doha round was launched more than 10 years ago with the goal of helping poor countries to prosper through trade. However, bitter divisions over how much developed countries should cut farm tariffs and subsidies in exchange for developing countries opening their markets have prevented a deal. Business lobby group the International Chamber of Commerce warned that the increasingly protectionist climate could derail efforts to stimulate the world economic growth and development. The message is shared by business leaders meeting on the sidelines of the G20 summit.

From left: Chairman, Fortis Micro Finance Bank Plc, Mr. Felix Achibiri; Chief Executive Officer, The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), Mr. Oscar Onyema; Managing Director/CEO, Fortis MFB Plc, Mr. Kunle Oketikun and Chief of Staff/Head, Corporate Division, NSE, Mr. Bola Adeeko at the Listing of Fortis Micro Finance Bank Plc on the floor of the NSE, in Lagos.

Chamber seeks more partnership with British investors HE Nigeria-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) has called to more trade partnership between the two countries in order to bridge the trade imbalance currently in favour of the UK. The current bilateral trade volume between Nigeria and the UK is four billion pounds (about N960 billion). Mr Emeka Awagu, President of the NBCC said there was the need to synergise efforts to actualise the doubling of existing trade figures between both countries. Awagu, who is leading a NBCC trade mission to the UK said in an interview with the Europe Correspondent of the


News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in London, that there was a lack of interest and abandonment by British investors in doing business in Nigerian. “The British have been and still are our traditional allies; we are open to doing business more with them than anybody else but somewhere along the line, they abandoned us. We want the British to come back and invest more in our economy because their products have more quality when compared to others,” he said. He noted that aside the expertise and the historical ties, Nigerians would be more comfortable in doing

business with people they speak the same language with. Awagu, who also spoke on the influx of Asians investors in the Nigerian economic sector, said it was not true that they were buying up the country. “The Indians and Chinese are more aggressive than the others in terms of doing business. They are ready to take risks where others do not,’’ he said. Awagu said the delegation was in the UK to explore market for Nigerian made goods and services. He said London, Birmingham and the Thames Valley Chambers of Commerce have indicated interest to partner with NBBC to promote business between the two countries.

22 — Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012

UACN gets N5.7bn from share sale to South African firm By MICHAEL EBOH AC Nigeria Plc said it earned N5.7 billion from the sale of its stake in one its subsidiaries to South African firm —Tiger Brands Limited. The company had sold 49 per cent of its 100 per cent stake to Tiger Brands as parts of its restructuring programme, after


securing the approval of its shareholders, last year, to proceed with the sale. Chairman of the company, Mr. Udo Udoma in a statement to its shareholders at its annual general meeting in Lagos, also disclosed that the company undertook a number of other restructuring initiatives, which in addition to other

exceptional charges, cost the company about N1.5 billion. According to him, in order to achieve the full holding company status, the company took a number of restructuring steps. “These cost of these actions and other exceptional charges amounting to N1.5 billion are explained in the notes to the financial statements,” he said.

In the notes to the financial statements, the company said its decision to adopt a holding company structure involved the carve-out of its remaining divisions and their preparation for possible co-investment with strategic partners. Continuing, the company stated, “In the case of UAC Restaurants and Ghana operations,

this involved fast-paced restructuring to 100 per cent franchise model, entailing termination of long-term contracts, disposal of certain moveable assets and investory. “MDS Logistics division resolved to sell certain haulage assets to its joint venture haulage partners and third parties leading to impairment of those assets.” The company further stated that in 2011, it entered into an agreement with Nando’s International to suspend the operation of Nando’s franchise in Nigeria indefinitely. The company blamed the suspension on the failure of the operating model, adding that the agreement led to the closure of leased shops, destruction of branded foods, branded packaging and marketing items. The company, in its 2011 financial results,

recorded a turnover of N63.588 billion, rising by 21.6 per cent from N52.313 billion recorded in its 2010 financial year and net operating profit of N8.6 billion, appreciating by 22 per cent from N7.038 billion in 2010. The company’s profit before tax and extraordinary item grew by 83.03 per cent from N7.094 billion in 2010 to N12.984 billion in 2011 while profit after tax stood at N10.202 billion, rising by 87.16 per cent from N5.451 billion in 2010. The company is rewarding its shareholders with a dividend of N2.4 billion, representing N1.50 dividend per share. Udoma said the increase in its turnover is as a result of a significant increase in volume growth achieved in Grand Cereals, UAC Foods Limited and UAC Property Development Company Plc.

Skye Bank tasks YouWin awardees on funds utilization From left: Mrs Arinola Kola-Daisi, General Manager, Retail Banking; Mrs Ibiye Ekong, Executive Director, South South and Mr. Wole Aderinkomi, Head, Small Business Group, all of Skye Bank Plc, at the engagement forum for awardees of the Youth Enterprise With Innovation in Nigeria (YouWin) Scheme in Lagos.

Fortis MFB assures investors of improved returns ...lists N8.15 bn shares By NKIRUKA NNOROM, PROVIDENCE OBUH & CHINEDU IBEABUCHI ORTIS MicroFinance Bank plc has assured investors of its commitment to ensure that it delivers superior returns to them despite the lull in the capital market. Giving the assurance at the listing of the bank’s 1.63 billion ordinary shares of 50 kobo each at N5.00 per share on the floor of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), the Managing Director, Mr. Kunle Oketikun, said that the management would leverage the huge opportunities in the banking space to grow its earnings. According to him, keen competition, thinning profit margins and slow growth rates of corporate


and commercial banking institutions serves as a catalyst for microfinancing in the country. “Nigerian has the population and a very huge market. More than 70 per cent of Nigerians are classified as e c o n o m i c a l l y disadvantaged. This means that about 100 million Nigerians are to be served by MicroFinance banks with products and services. You are as a matter of fact limited by your capital and vision,” he emphasised. He noted that the bank would within the next few months engage in deepening the existing relationship with microcredits, SMEs and expanding its retail client base for greater reach and impact. He said, “We will effectively expand existing operations by

exploiting various distribution channels. We will enhance our processes and structures to improve operational efficiencies and exceed customers’ expectations. On the comoany ’s financials, the Fortis MFB boss explained that the comapmy has been able to grow its gross earnings from mere N177.76 million in 2008 when it commenced operations to N830.35 million in 2012. The total net assets has also to N792.63 million from N39.89 million in 2008, while the balance sheet has jumped to n4.72 billion from N1.098 billion in 2008. Speaking at the event, the Chief Executive Officer, NSE, Mr. Oscar Onyema enjoined Fortis MFB to trail the path of the first Microfinance Bank (NPF MicroFinance Bank) listed on

the Exchange which has consistently paid dividends on a yearly basis despite the tough economic circumstances. “It is worthy to note that Fortis MFB is the first microfinance bank to be listed this year and the second MFB (out of over 600 licensed by the CBN) to list on the NSE. “We are quite glad to report that the other MFB listed on The Exchange has consistently paid dividends on a yearly basis and despite the tough economic circumstances and the equally tough banking sector in which they are listed, they have continued to outperform some established commercial banks. We are quite optimistic that Fortis MFB will also do very well in the Nigerian Capital Market,” Onyema stressed.



KYE Bank Plc has c a u t i o n e d awardees of the Youth Enterprise With Innovation in Nigeria (YouWin) scheme in Nigeria against the diversion of funds gotten from the government into fruitless ventures. The YouWin scheme is an entrepreneurial programme set up by the Federal Government for young entrepreneurs with excellent business plans and ideas as part of the government’s effort to create wealth and reduce unemployment. The scheme was introduced by the federal government to p r o m o t e entrepreneurship among the youth through the provision of grants to about 1,200 successful applicants who took part with 20,000 other applicants in the qualifying rounds of the competition. Speaking at a customer engagement and enlightenment forum for the YouWin awardees, in Lagos, Mrs Ibiye Ekong, Executive Director,

South South/Retail Banking, Skye Bank, said diverting the funds into unproductive ventures will lead to the erosion of their capital. She advised them to use the grants from the government for the purpose intended, adding that the bank is committed to developing the entrepreneurial and managerial skills of the awardees. Ekong said the engagement and enlightenment forum is borne out of the need to help the young entrepreneurs grapple with the challenges of starting new businesses. She promised the awardees that the bank would lend a helping hand to them at all times and advised them to embrace financial discipline in order to succeed in their businesses. Speaking in the same vein, Mrs. Arinola KolaDaisi, General Manager, Retail Banking, Skye Bank, advised the awardees against taking more loans than they would need, stressing that doing so would lead to waste and extravagance.

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012 — 23

24—Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012

CIBN addresses customers complaints in banks HE Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria is addressing various issues which pitch banks against their customers by organizing workshops on Complaints Management in three major cities of the country. The programme tagged “Complaints Management in the Nigerian Banking Industry” has been organized in Ibadan and Owerri and is also scheduled for Abuja next week. The programme, which is at the instance of the SubCommittee on Ethics and Professionalism of the Bankers’ Committee, is aimed at instilling the culture of excellence in the management of consumer complaints in banks with a view to restoring banking public confidence as well as to forestall preventable risks and losses. A team of highly experienced professionals were selected to address key strategic issues such as: Consumer Complaints Management in the Nigerian Banking Industry: An Overview; Best Practices in Managing Complaints and Challenges in the Nigerian Banking Environment; The Platinum Rule: Coping, Handling and Satisfying Difficult Customers; Framework for Complaints Management in Nigerian Banks: Practical Case Studies from the Sub-Committee on Ethics and Professionalism, among others. The speakers include Mr. Emmanuel N. Nnorom, Chairman, Sub-Committee on Ethics and Professionalism and Executive Director, Risk and Non-Bank Subsidiaries, United Bank for Africa Plc; Alhaji Umaru Ibrahim, Managing Director, Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation; Mr. Umar Faruk Shehu, Director, Consumer and Financial Protection Department, Central Bank of Nigeria; Mrs. Ifeyinwa Umenyi, Director General, Consumer Protection Council (CPC); M r. Onyema Okoroh, Management Consultant, Nican-USA Limited; Rev. G. A. Olusemore, FCIB, Chief Consultant, Nesbet Consulting Ltd; Mr. Alex Anameje, HCIB, Former Deputy Director, CIBN; among others.


From left: Mrs Sally Uwechue-Mbanefo, Executive Director (Commercial); Mr Ademola Adewale, Executive Director (Operations and Technology); Mr Oti Ikomi, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, and Mrs Yvonne Isichei, Executive Director (Retail Banking), all of Keystone Bank Plc, during the unveiling campaign, “Never Say Never” of the bank, in Lagos: Photo: Kehinde Gbadamosi.

Banks refund N5.06bn in response to customers’ petition By BABAJIDE KOMOLAFE ANKS have refunded N5.03 billion to customers in response to petitions against their services sent to the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). Meanwhile the CBN has begun to examine banks to monitor their compliance with the directive to establish Customer Complaints desk and e-mail addresses. Also, in a bid to increase channels for customers’ complaints, the apex bank is to create customers help desks in all its branches nationwide. The bank has also commenced review of the Guide to Bank Charges with the purpose of enhancing flexibility, transparency, fair practices and competition in the banking industry. A senior official of the newly created Consumer Protection Department of the CBN, Mr Ifeanyi Nwoha disclosed in this Lagos at an interactive session between the apex bank and industrial unions.. He said that between April 2nd when the department was created and April 30th 2012, the department had received about 3,645 complaints and have processed about 3,571 of them. Total claims of N8.59 billion were made by petitioners against deposit money banks within the period and about N5.03b and $201,375.40 have been refunded to consumers.” Her said that the department was created as part of the ongoing reforms in the financial sector. “The aim is to ensure that consumers receive


appropriate protection with the CBN acting as the consumer’s advocate, setting standards of customer service for the industry and ensuring that customers are treated fairly in all their dealings with the industry. “Hitherto, some consumer protection responsibilities were carried out by the Banking Supervision Department. The Bankers’ Committee also created the Sub-Committee on Ethics and Professionalism which was saddled with the responsibility of addressing disputes between consumers and providers of financial services. Additionally, the banks also received customer complaints which they were

expected to resolve appropriately. “It was observed, however, that these structures, aside their inability to properly address the avalanche of complaints from the consumers did not focus on other important aspects of consumer protection, such as consumer education, consumer complaint-index and policy formulation Nwoha said that the Management of the CBN has approved the creation of consumer helpdesks in all its branches nationwide and Head Office. The aim is to achieve automation of Consumer complaints processes .and enhance faster resolution of complaints. The

activities of the Helpdesk facility are expected to take off within the third quarter of 2012 and would be premised on a “Consumer Complaint web-enabled portal for financial consumers of banks and other Financial Institutions to submit petitions/complaints to the CBN on-line. The system would also provide an interface for banks and other financial institutions to make periodic returns to the CBN for its record and possible intervention. “For example the CBN (through CFPD) and CPC had just released the 2nd Edition of Guide to Basic Banking Transactions to educate the current and potential banking public.

Development banks support clean transport with $175 bn investment HE world’s eighth largest development banks said on Wednesday they will invest $175 billion over 10 years to support low-emission transportation programs, such as car sharing or rapid bus systems, in Asia, Latin America and Africa, whose cities are bracing for population growth of 1 billion people over next two decades. The Asian Development Bank, World Bank and six other multilateral banks announced the $175 billion commitment of loans and grant at the U.N. Sustainable Development Conference in Rio de Janeiro (Rio+20), where they called for sustainable transportation to


be set as a priority in the U.N.’s development agenda. The banks said they are making the financial commitment at a critical time for the transportation sector, as cities in Africa and Asia are expected to add hundreds of millions of people to their populations. The pace of urban growth will require new transportation systems to help these cities prevent patters of urban sprawl and congestion, according to the Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport (SLoCaT), a partnership including UNorganizations, the development banks and other development organizations.

“The breakthrough that we are witnessing allows us to plan for the one billion people who will move to cities over the next 20 years and the one billion people still living in poverty,” says Cornie Huizenga, an organizer SLoCaT’s Rio+20 campaign. In a joint statement released on Wednesday, the development banks said that with more people driving in developing countries as incomes rise, a lack of efficient transportation in some rapidly growing cities has caused major congestion, which has resulted in lost time and higher transport costs that range from 2 to 5 percent of GDP.

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012—25

82% computers imported to Nigeria pirated — BSA report ...As Autodesk, NSE collaborate to curb piracy Stories by PRINCEWILL EKWUJURU


software piracy report recently released by the Business Software Alliance (BSA), revealed that over 82 percent of software deployed on Personal Computers (PC) in Nigeria in 2011 were pirated, thus the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) has thrown its weight behind Autodesk Africa’s fight against piracy. This rate remains unchanged from 2010 and stands at almost double the global piracy rate for PC software, which is 42 percent,” says the report. In furtherance to this, research conducted by the BSA in partnership with Autodesk, revealed that most Autodesk customers in Africa would prefer to buy licensed software, but often don’t know where to find it or are unaware that they are guilty of license over-usage. As a result, they resort to pirated copies which don’t carry any of the benefits associated with buying valid licensed software, including after sales support and regular upgrades, a statement said. The report also said that following the continued influx of counterfeit software into Nigeria, Autodesk, makers of CAD software for architecture, engineering, mining and construction industries with the support of NSE, aims to

drastically reduce software piracy in the region and better protect their customers from malicious software coding that is often contained in pirated versions. To pro-actively curb software piracy in Nigeria, Autodesk has launched an amnesty period for users of pirated software to move over to legal versions of AutoCAD and related software products, offering them the opportunity to approach local Autodesk channel partners to purchase legal copies without fear of legal action. Autodesk is making legal AutoCAD-

family software available from as little as $199 until 15 July 2012, a massive 89% discount when compared to pricing in the USA. Through strategic partnerships with industry institutions such as the NSE and Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA), Autodesk is also making their industryspecific solutions available to registered members at drastically reduced rates. According to Autodesk, “As a sign of our long-term commitment to the West African region, we have set up these partnerships with highly

professional industry bodies to make our software readily available to legitimate design and engineering professionals,” says Richard Smedley-Williams, Sales Director of Autodesk Africa’s distribution partner, WorldsView Technologies.” “Following the overwhelming response received from our amnesty campaign last year, we are also offering another opportunity to customers who know they are using illegal copies of Autodesk software, to come forward and trade in their illegal software for a discounted legal copy without fear of prosecution,” he said. Autodesk however has identified 3 main areas that need addressing in order to reduce software piracy: availability, accessibility and affordability. Not only have they drastically reduced the price of their CAD software offerings.

•FROM LEFT: Mr. Cletus Onyebuoha, Brand Manager, Baby & Oral Care, P&G Nigeria; Dr. Olufemi Orebanjo, President, Nigeria Dental Association; Busola Opanubi, Technical External Relations Manager and Ngozi Coker, Brand PR Manager, all of P&G Nigeria, at the Oral-B sponsored Nigeria Dental Association, (NDA), 2012 conference in Lagos.

NAASMAC 2012: 74 students write final exam P

ROMASIDOR Nigeria Limited, makers of Cowbell Milk, at the second and final stage examination of its Cowbell 2012 National Secondary School Mathematics Competition (NASSMAC) across four zones with 74 students. The 74 students were those was scored the highest marks in the senior and junior categories in the first stage examination (state champions) held last March across 200 centers panNigeria (including the Federal Capital territory) participated in the final examination in Lagos, Enugu, Port Harcourt and Abuja zones. 14 students from across the south west states, with two from each state (1 junior and 1 senior champion) sat for the competition in the Lagos zone. The states are: Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Ekiti, Kwara, Oyo and Osun. The students representing

the South East states sat for the examination in Enugu, those representing the South South states sat for the examination in Port Harcourt whiile those representing the Northern states sat for the examination in Abuja. Mr. K achi Onubogu, Marketing Director of the company, said the best students in each category (junior and senior) from each state and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) participated in the final examination, adding that, a total of 74 students participated across Nigeria. He also said the final examination will produce the national winner as well as other best 10 students from each category. Commenting on the zoning of the examination centres, Mr. Orunsolu Ismail, a top official of the State’s Ministry of Education who represented the Honourable Commissioner of Education, said the company has

decentralized its examination centres as against the former practice of converging all the 74 students to Lagos. “The usual practice before was that all the 74 students would converge at Lagos. But now there are about four zones, Lagos, Port Harcourt,

Enugu and Abuja”, he said. The best student in the senior category from Iganmode Grammar School, representing Ogun State, Akinjide Ayokunle, described the final examination as an easy one, stating that, the competition is an eye opener.


Shoprite to unveil Abuja store


HE 3,853 square meter Shoprite store located within the newly built Grand Towers Mall will be unveiled this week. It would be recalled that the brand has its presence in key cities across Nigeria with Lagos boosting of three stores-Lekki, Surulere, Ikeja, and Enugu since 2005. Speaking to our reporter on the plan commissioning, Mr. Jan Van Zyl, representing Shoprite Properties said “Shoprite has had an excellent working relationship with this developer; as a result, Shoprite is planning on doing many more similar developments with Novare throughout Nigeria and other West African countries.” With the new store in place, Shoprite would be contributing immensely to the socioeconomic development of the FCT and the nation as a whole. Adeola Kagho the HR manager for Shoprite Nigeria has said that “each store employs approximately 200 direct jobs and 50 indirect, when summed with the total number of stores in the country; one can say Shoprite has created an environment for over 1,200 sustaining jobs”. She further restated that Shoprite is not only creating employment, but have invested so much in training and personnel development. With more than half of its product procured from local farmers and suppliers, the entry of Shoprite into Abuja will be a boost to farmers within the northern zone. Shoppers are also assured of fresh and quality products, packaged to standard. According to the store promoters the 3,853m2 store can be compared in size to the store located in the Palms shopping mall, Lekki, Lagos; and it is said to be the first of many planned for the capital city.

Nigeria CSR awards: 60 organisations beat deadline


IXTY Firms have so far submitted entries for the season Six of the Nigeria CSR Awards set to unveil Nigeria’s Most Socially Responsible Companies. With the increasing demand on organizations to conduct business ethically with minimal harm to the environment and people, business enterprises in Nigeria are increasingly committing themselves to sustainable business practices which transparently benefit stakeholders. And as the tempo of the Nigeria CSR Awards heightens, TruContact, organizers of the annual Award have received well over sixty strong entries by the May 23, 2012 deadline. Brands that beat the deadline include MTN,

Shell, Fidelity Bank, Total, Promasidor, GT Bank and others. This was in response to the call for entries placed in the print and electronic media. The entries received so far cover CSR interventions spread cross thirty states of the federation. As is the usual practice, an independent team of investigators will commence visits to the cited projects from June 18, 2012 and interview direct beneficiaries and stakeholders. Subsequently, a panel of judges made up of distinguished Nigerians and international experts will examine the entries in the light of the field reports and corporate entries in making the final selections. The Nigeria CSR Awards will take place on September 2012, in Lagos.

26 — Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012


igerian farmers are getting cleaner seed yams that promise better harvests in the seasons ahead, thanks to the healthy seed yam producing technique by the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture. The healthy seed yam producing technique involves cutting tubers of yam into small sizes of between 50 and 100 grams, treating them with appropriate pesticides and insecticides before planting. In Ekiti state, a yam producing region in Nigeria, farmers who participated in the healthy yam project in 2011 now have enough seed yams to plant this season. Mr. Moses Oguniyi, a state extensionist who is partnering with IITA scientists on the project, said farmers have more than doubled their seed yams. “Some farmers planting 200 seed yams before now have enough to plant 500 heaps,” he said. “Also the quality of the seed yams is very good and farmers love the technology,” he added. Preferred by most people in West Africa, yams are important sources of carbohydrates in the region which accounts for more than 90 per cent of production. But a major limitation to production has been the high cost of seed production, in addition to pests and diseases, which lead to poor quality seed yam. For many farmers, planting for the next cropping season usually demands

How sustainable are intensive irrigated rice cropping systems?


Cutting yam tuber into smaller pieces to get yam seeds saves yam tubers and provides more planting materials to farmers

Healthy seed yam technique brings benefits to farmers setting aside up to onethird of harvest. Using the improved technology can reduce this proportion, leaving more yams to feed the family, while the better quality seed produces more still. Bishop Samuel Oke of the Anglican Diocese of Ekiti West said he was happy that his parishioners participated in the project, citing its empowerment potential especially for those living in the rural areas.

“The healthy seed yam production came at the right time and it has produced benefits,” he said. To improve the livelihoods of members of the church, the Anglican Diocese of Ekiti West has embarked on several agricultural programs including capacity building and training. One of the modules for training planned for this year is the healthy seed yam technology. “A few people that par-

ticipated last year got benefits and we want more to benefit hence the need for training and awareness of this technology,” Oke said. Returns from yams have been impressive over the years as demand for the crop continues to grow. “Everybody in Ekiti loves yams and they eat the crop mostly in pounded form. Again, we have never experienced glut in yam production which is why we feel most peo-

ple should be encouraged to grow it,” he explained. Elsewhere in the state, farmers are equally reaping the benefits of the improved technique. Farmer Abiodun Fatoki, a father of 3, said he could not believe his harvest. “The harvest is so bountiful that my wife and I are in awe. We now have enough seed yams to plant next season,” Fatoki said.

he sustainability of highly intensive irrigated rice cropping systems is of great i m p o r t a n c e worldwide, particularly in the context of Rio+20. With German support, long-term fertility experiments (LTFEs) for intensive rice-based irrigated systems in the Senegal River valley were established at AfricaRice’s research farms in the Senegal River delta and middle valley in 1991 and these trials continue today. These trials are without doubt unique in Africa. The LTFEs contain six fertilizer treatments and rice is grown twice a year. As of December 2010, some 40 crops had been grown in succession on both research farms (Senegal River delta and middle valley). The main aim of this research is to analyze the effect of intensive irrigated rice cropping on rice yield and the soil resource base by studying the changes of soil characteristics over time and by comparing soil nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium supply in different fertilizer treatments.

FG releases 14,800 Metric tones of fertiliser to Sokoto farmers BY ABDALLAH EL-KUREBE


okoto - Under the G r o w t h Enhancement Support Scheme, GESS, farmers in Sokoto state are to enoy the supply of 14,800 metric tones of assorted fertiliser from the Federal government. This was disclosed during the launch of the state fertiliser distribution exercise by the Minister of State for Agriculture, Alhaji Bukar Tijjani at Bodinga, Bodinga local g o v e r n m e n t headquarters of the state on Monday. Under the GESS scheme, according to the Minister, peasant farmers would be reached via GSM by the accredited redemption centres and the two variety of the commodity (NPK and Urea) would be

sold to the interesting farmers at N2,500 each as against the original price of N5000. Tijjani disclosed that the scheme was aimed at fighting corruption in the distribution of fertilisers and to boost farming activities in the country . He observed that with the commencement of raining season, the timing of the distribution by the state government was correct considering the fact that Sokoto state was a major agrarian in the country. According to him, 65 redemption centres were established in the state where farmers could present their alerts on GSM or identification for paper voucher to pay for the commodity. Speaking during the launch of the distribution

of the state government owned 6,500 tones of the assorted commodity, Governor Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko advised federal government to pursue the scheme with utmost care due to the nature of the people at the grass root. “We must do all we can to support actual farmers to enhance food security. The policy is lovely and well articulated. It has showed the concern and commitment of the federal government towards revamping agriculture but for the nature of our people at the grass root it should be pursuit with care,” the Governor said. Wamakko further advised that the people should be made to understand and appreciate the use of

GSM facilities for the purposes of fertiliser purpose. The state government declared that NPK would be sold at N1,700 while Urea would cost N1,800, meaning that farmers would enjoy 75 percent discount for each of the


commodity. New food security and nutrition project for Egypt A new $3 million project that aims to improve food security and nutrition of women and young people in Egypt was announced today by

FAO. The project is being financed by the government of Italy. Unemployment rates for young people and women in Egypt are estimated at around 25percent, much higher than the national average of 10 percent.

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012—27

NTDC, NDE partner on job creation


he Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation and the National Directorate of Employment have decided to explore ways of generating employment for the teeming population in line with the transformation agenda of President Goodluck Jonathan. This was disclosed recently by the Director-General of the National Directorate of Employment, Mallam Abubakar Mohammed and members of his management team when they paid a visit to the Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation. During the visit, the DG NTDC, Otunba Olusegun Runsewe, and his counterpart at the NDE agreed to project local products like handicrafts of variegated range, hair weaving and locally produced fabrics like ‘Adire’, and production of local snacks all aimed at generating employment at the grass root especially in clustered areas across Nigeria perceived to be of economic interests. According to both DGs, the idea is to harness the innate potentials of people by way of empowerment while engaging them positively to be selfemployed and also create jobs which will translate into major gains for tourism and the economy in totality.

Istanbul, Turkey. His favorite destination

My clients determine my travel destinations —Trevor Ward T

REVOR Ward , hotel management graduate of the University of Surrey is a specialist consultant in the hospitality and leisure industries. From the late 1980s , when he started his consultancy career, he has specialised in the provision of advisory services to clients in developing countries, and since 2003 has been based in Nigeria. Trevor is the Managing Director of the W Hospitality Group with offices in the UK, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Angola. In addition, he is one of the Africa representatives for TourismROI, the world’s premier Travel & Tourism management and investment resource. His international experience includes advising clients on hotel and tourism development in more than 80 countries in Europe, North and South America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia. In this interview, with JIMOH BABATUNDE, he shares his traveling experience coming up with a verdict that Istanbul is the best place on earth. Here an excerpt . On how long have he has been travelling I have been keen on travelling all my life – I loved going on family holidays to Malta each year when I was young – but I guess I would date the start of being a real “traveler” to 1983, when I first became a consultant. I now travel virtually every week and I take at least 120 flights every year. On what inspires his choice of destinations Largely, it is my clients who decide where I go, in order to carry out research and other studies for them! I have been privileged to visit nearly 100 countries around the world, including over 30 in Africa . On the destination he likes most Istanbul is the best place on earth! On why do he likes the destination I first visited Istanbul in 1985, and C M Y K

instantly fell in love with it. I now have a home there, which we visit as much as possible. It is a fantastic city, full of life, with layer upon layer of history – so much history, it’s amazing! The food is wonderful, the people are wonderful, we love being there! On what he takes along on a trip I travel with as little as possible, I hate checking in luggage – actually, it is the waiting to collect your luggage the other end that I hate. Even more than that, I hate waiting for other people’s luggage! So in my little carry-on bag, you’ll find just the essentials – change of clothes, toothbrush, that kind of thing. Of, course all those cables and chargers you need for your laptop, iphone, mobile among others. On why he takes those items We cannot live without our gadgets,

Trevor Ward

can we?! On what inform his choice of hotels. In Istanbul , I don’t stay in hotels, as I have an apartment there. Elsewhere, I insist on value for money. If I am attending a conference, for example, I will find a low-cost , but clean hotel with internet, because I spend so little time in the hotel. Otherwise, a good midscale hotel normally does me just fine. On his best hotel and why The Shooting Star Lodge in Zanzibar . A small, beachfront lodge, simple but caring, truly relaxing in a fantastic environment. On his best airline to travel I use so many airlines, it is difficult to choose just one, but I am really impressed with Asky, which has really opened up West and Central Africa . They hub out of Lomé, and have made it so easy to get around the region. They are managed by Ethiopian Airlines, with great service. Most important, they nearly always run on time, which is incredible important to me. On where he will like to visit next Not sure it will be “next”, but I would love to go to Madagascar , I hear it is a beautiful place, with some very special wildlife. On who he expects to meet on a trip. No-one! I like to spend time alone with my family when I am on vacation. On the best person he ever met on your trip. Everyone is “best”, I meet so many wonderful people in my travels, and most important, I learn from them.

G20 recognises tourism as a driver of economic growth HE G20 world leaders have for the first time, recognised the importance of Travel & Tourism as a driver of jobs, growth and economic recovery. The Leaders’ Declaration from the annual meeting of the G20 held in Los Cabos, Mexico, on 18-19 June states “ we recognise the role of travel and tourism as a vehicle for job creation, economic growth and development, and, while recognising the sovereign right of States to control the entry of foreign nationals, we will work towards developing travel facilitation initiatives in support of job creation, quality work, poverty reduction and global growth.” This is the first time that Travel & Tourism has been included in the G20 Leaders’ Declaration and is the culmination of long-term efforts by the industry, led by WTTC and UNWTO, to encourage world leaders to see the potential of Travel & Tourism to create millions of new jobs and billions of dollars of GDP. According to WTTC the industry directly will contribute $2 trillion in GDP and 100 million jobs to the global economy in 2012. When the wider economic impacts of the industry are taken into account, Travel & Tourism is forecast to contribute some $6.5 trillion to the global economy and generate 260 million jobs – or 1 in 12 of all jobs on the planet.


28— Vanguard,


JUNE 22,


‘Pain and penury of sickle cell disease not beyond science' B Y CHIOMA OBINNA

N this year’s World Sickle Cell Day, June 19, 2012, government at all levels, civil society and well meaning Nigerians are reminded to show concern for people living with Sickle Cell Disorder, SCD, as “the pain and penury associated with the disorder is not a secret locked up beyond science” SCD, a set of red blood cell disorders that are mostly inherited, affects people all over the world and the complications that arise from it are usually fatal. Experts say in the red blood cells become tough and sticky and resemble "sickles". The infected cells perish early which leads to a constant depletion of red blood cells in the blood. Further as the blood moves through blood vessels, these infected cells get stuck to the walls and obstruct the blood flow which leads to more complications. But with good medical care people with sickle cell disease can live into adulthood but with a decreased life expectancy. The World Health Organisation, WHO ranks Nigeria as the country with the highest number of sufferers of SCD in the world. About 30 per cent of Nigerians are carriers of the mutant gene, with the prevalence rate at 20 per 1,000 births. The carrier frequency ranges between 20 - 30 per cent of the Nigerians population; it means that more than 30 million Nigerians are carriers. According to clinical records, SCD is inherited from both parents and is usually caused by some abnormalities in a type of haemoglobin called haemoglobin-S. For now, no known cure exists for sickle cell disease; the main goal is to prevent further complications due to sickle cell disease. The main emphasis is hence on educating medical professionals, care givers, and associated personnel about prevention, research, and resources to minimise the complications due to sickle cell disease. Hence June 19th is devoted mainly to spread


awareness, through talks, seminars, pamphlets, literature and consultations. In line with UN resolution,

extending awareness to millions of people around the world. He says SCD is preventable with the right approach and ad-

vocates the need for a National Intervention Fund, NIF, a heightened advocacy and painstaking research for solution, he argues:

• More than 30 million Nigerians, mostly children, suffer fromsickle cell anaemia. Chairman, Dabma Sickle Cell Foundation, Pastor Emmanuel Ibekwe, in a message to herald this year’s event tomorrow, says people living with sickle cell disease in the society remain the weakest as little or no attention is paid to their plight. The theme for this year is “Empowering Individuals Living with Sickle Cell to Live Life to the Fullest”. Ibekwe, who opined that though suffering is universal as breathing, notes: “Though the choice is yours, but the right of the unborn child must be preserved. It is important for government to know that a truly human society well Governed, benchmarks the people under their ruler ship to see those who are the weakest. A major torch bearer of sickle cell education, he adds that his experience-based foundation was established after the death of his daughter, Angela Chidimma Dickson, to highlight the complications of the disorder while


UNICEF advocates for children with disabilities B Y SOLA OGUNDIPE

OVERNMENTS, families and communities in Nigeria and all over Africa, have been called upon to provide children who have disabilities from discrimination, violence and neglect with access to all the services they require to grow up healthy and to live up to their potential. Making the call on June 16, the Day of the African Child 2012, the Chief of UNICEF’s Disability Unit, Rosangela Berman Bieler, said even though children living with disabilities continue to be the most excluded among all groups of children in Africa, only a small portion of them are in school, and far fewer receive the adequate


inclusive education they need. June 16, the Day of the African Child draws attention to the lives of African children today. It was initiated by the Organization of African Unity, OAU, in 1991 in commemoration of the 1976 historic march in Soweto South Africa, when thousands of African school children took to the streets to protest the inferior quality of their education and to demand their right to be taught in their own language. Theme of the Day of the African Child 2012 is: “The Rights of Children with Disabilities: The Duty to Protect, Respect, Promote and Fulfill” According to UNICEF, between 5 and 10 per cent of all children in Africa grow up with disabilities,

Nigeria accounts for two–thirds of global polio cases NABILITY of Nigeria and three other countries to reach all children at risk of polio with vaccination has made the global fight against polio elusive. This is because a new Independent Monitoring Board, IMB report tagged: “Every Missed Child” of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, GPEI revealed that Nigeria holds two-thirds of the 2.7 million African children who have never received a single dose of polio vaccine and are in danger of being affected by the virus without urgent action. The report which is the latest


quarterly assessment of IMB also revealed Nigeria is the only country that has three kinds of polio virus and poses a substantial risk to the global goal. The report released yesterday further noted that Nigeria, Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan were still working off track in the fight to eradicate polio from the surface of the earth. Of the six countries where polio persists, the report found that Nigeria is a continued cause for concern with large numbers of children being missed in the northern states. According to the

“We must look inward for medicinal plants that abound in the nation for cure.” He calls for the need to replicate the attention such as that given to HIV&AIDs should be extended to SCD as part of strategies to restore confidence in the Nigerian sufferers in order for them to reach their full potentials in life. “Dabma Sickle Cell Foundation’ has been writing and publishing books based on experience in serial format. Some of which are “Cruel wounds of Sickle Cell Anaemia a family experience, the challenges of sickle cell disorder in Nigeria, and Sickle cell disorder early warning signals, the last two awaiting public presentation and launch. "These books are a guide for the public, counsel to would-be couples, and encouragement to families who are under this trauma, those in guilt, anxiety, or shock. They underline how family members can be of assistance to their challenged siblings and a guide to informed decision and right choice in marriage."

report; ongoing circulation of polio virus in Nigeria is putting millions at risk in neighbouring countries. “Pakistan has shown significant progress so far this year, with half as many cases as in the same period in 2011. Chad has made progress also with only three cases this year and a new effort to reach vulnerable nomadic communities and Neither Angola nor the Democratic Republic of Congo have recorded a single polio case in 2012”, the report noted. It further expressed worry that there may be a risk of an explosive

return of polio in Nigeria adding that West Africa raises the chilling spectre of many deaths and a huge financial outlay to regain control. According to the IMB report, “the polio virus is now taking refuge in a number of “sanctuaries”, specific areas of the six affected countries including Nigeria.” The new report also called for urgent global action to build on recent progress against the disease, which will otherwise be put at risk by a US$945 million funding gap.

that largely arise as a result of complications during birth, poliomyelitis, measles, meningitis and cerebral malaria, as well as inadequate prenatal and neonatal health care services and inadequate diet leading to stunting. So far, Nigeria and 29 other countries in Africa have ratified the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, CRPD, that stipulates that children with disabilities should be protected against all forms of discrimination, and that they should have access to education, health services and protection from violence. By becoming a signature state, countries commit themselves to promote equal opportunities for people with disabilities. For instance, school enrolment among children with disabilities is much lower than among other children and such children are more likely to drop out of school than their peers without disability. Their learning achievements are often worse than those of other children, because schools are not designed to cater for them. Agnes Kabore Ouattara, Chairperson of the African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child encourages adoption of legislative measures to improve the socio-economic wellbeing of children living with disabilities and the implementation of protective and rehabilitative programmes.

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012 — 29

L-r:Dr. Chris Ogbechie, Director Etisalat, CRS Centre, Lagos Business School; Dr. Olukayode Oyeleye, Special adviser to Minister of Agricultre and Rural Development; Mr. Martin Woolnough, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Nestle Nigeria Plc; Ms. Bineta Mbaeke, Corporate communication and Public Affairs, Nestle Central and West Africa Region and Dr. Samuel Adenekan, Corporate Communication and Public Affairs Manager Nestle Nigeria Plc, during the Nestle Nigeria Plc, Creating Shared Value Media Workshop in Lagos.

L-R: Director, Mobile Financial Services, ROAMWARE, Mr. Ray Kehoe; Managing Director, Ecobank Nigeria, Mr. Jibril Aku; Head, Mobile Money, Ecobank; Mrs. Funso Oyelohunnu; and Group Executive, Domestic Bank, Ecobank Transnational Inc., Mr. Patrick Akinwuntan, at the official launch of Ecobank MobileMoney in Lagos, yesterday.

30 —Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012 — 31

32 —Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012 — 33

34 — Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012


HOUGH the Fed eral Government had in 2012, dismissed fears about possible rise in the prices of goods and services during the fuel subsidy crisis, six months down the road, the prices of items have remained on the upward increase. There is hardly any aspect of the daily lives of Nigerians that has not witnessed a steady increase, thereby leading to high cost of living. A market survey conducted by VanguardFeatures, VF, around major markets in Lagos also confirmed this. Supporting this finding was the recent report by the National Bureau of Statistics, NBS, which regretted that food prices pushed inflation to 12.1 percent in March. It stated that the inflation figure was an increase of 0.2 percentage points over the 11.9 percent recorded in the early period of the year. Disclosing how NBS arrived at the matter, Statistician-General of the Federation and Chief Executive Officer, NBS, Dr. Yemi Kale said, that about 10,534 informants across the federation provided data for the computation , noting that the items currently comprised 740 goods and services regularly priced It said: “The Composite Consumer Price Index, which measures inflation, rose to 12.1 per cent year-on-year in March 2012. This figure is 0.2 percentage points lower than 11.9 per cent recorded in the previous month. “The monthly composite CPI was higher by 1.6 percent when compared with February 2012. The increase in the headline index, composed of the core and food indices, partially was due to the planting season, which increased the price of food products in the market, and an increase in prices in the economy. However, this was moderated by lack of liquidity in the economy due to the delay in the monthly sharing of revenue by the Federation Accounts Allocation Committee.” The report also put the percentage change in the

COST OF LIVING Hard times beckon, as cost of living remain high Unlike some societies where prices stablise after increament, the reverse is the case in the Nigeria, as prices of goods and services keep growing astronomically since the January 1, 2012 removal of subsidies on petroleum products. The extent of the price hike varies from product to product and even state to state. But the painful truth is that people buy food items and pick most of their bills with pains. Though the country’s populace are used to crumbled economy from ages, low income earners, have been at the receiving end of the rising prices. CHARLES KUMOLU & ONUZURE DANIA report. relatively scarce due to the drawdown from the end of year harvest,” it added. Lagos market survey: Indeed

People who think that fuel price is the only reason for the rise in prices of goods, are deceiving themselves because the price has always been up


average composite CPI for the 12-month period ending, March 2012, over the average of the CPI for the previous period at 10.9 per cent. This, it said, was slightly down from the 11.0 percent recorded in the preceding month. On food inflation, the report said the food consumer index experienced an increase of 2.3 percent from 9.7 percent to 11.8 per cent. “The rise in the food inflation was mainly due to the increasing cost of food products, especially yams and other tubers, as food products have become


a VF visit to Agboju Market in Lagos revealed that a bag of gold cap rice now sells for N10, 200 as against N7, 900, for which it was sold for in January 1, 2012, while a bag of white cap sells for N5, 900 as against N5, 000. Another product that has suffered the same fate is Bread: a loaf which was formerly sold for N150 is now between N200 and N250. A bag of pure water now sells for between N130 and N150 against its former price of N80. This development seems to have left a lot of people with low propensity

to spend, while sellers continued to count their loss. Further inquiries on the prices of perishable goods at the poplar Mile 12 market, also showed that such items appear to be the worst hit, as they are unusually scarce and expensive. Accordingly, against its previous price, a basket of tomatoes and pepper now sells for N15,000, while a bag of beans now goes for N27,000. The case of tomatoes, appears so severe, given that four balls are now sold for N200 in the retail market, just as pumpkin leaves, which used to sell for N50 per bunch, is now sold at N100. In addition, from Hausa hawkers of dried fish, which is usually transported from Niger State and Yauri in Kebbi State, came the revelation that over eight pieces of the fish that sold for less than N1000, now goes for N1,500. Same could also be said of yam which is mainly planted in the northern States of Niger, Benue, Kebbi among others. Before January this year,

a big tumber of yam sold for N300 and N350, but now goes for N400. Also, cooking gas which is the preference of low income earners, has been on the high side, as it is now sold at N3, 400 instead of N3000. Same goes for the cost of kerosene which has moved from N150 last year but now sells for N200 to N250 per litre on the street. Fluctuating prices of petroleum products: A dealer on the product, Mr. Chizoba Nwalibe, who spoke to VF at Vine Gas in Festac Town, attributed the development to the fluctuating prices of petroleum products in the international market. He said: “You know we are in the subsidy era, since that move was made by the Federal Government, price of Liquefied Natural Gas, LNG, has gone up. People have been complaining but we don't have an option because we don't have the power to crash the prices, let's just hope for price stability in the international market."

Also speaking on the marginal increase on food items, a trade in Boundary Market, Ajegunle, Mrs. Yetunde Adewunmi, traced the history of the present price hike to the fuel subsidy removal. She said: “You know when the government wanted to remove subsidy, people feared it would affect prices of goods. That is what is happening today. Everything went up since that January and they have barely come down since then. Even the ones that came down, only reduced marginally. You can see that I deal on food items and most of them are from the North.

Growing insecurity "Since that flooding that happened in the North in 2010, we have never had it easy in terms of getting the products and even buying them because when they come, they come in small quantities at higher prices. Do you know that tomatoes is the most expensive thing now?" Her position was corroborated by a Hausa trader, Umaru Danhaske, who fingered the growing insecurity in the north as a major reason behind the scarcity of products from the northern region. Umaru said: "There is no peace in the North, so farmers are afraid. You know that our perople are mainly farmers. Apart from few states, there is no where that is spared of crisis in the North, so how can farmers farm and have the security of transporting their farm produce to the markets." Citing an example with the recent killing of traders in Maiduguri Market by gunmen, he said: "Last two months, some cattle rearers were killed at the Continued on page 35

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012 — 35

Cost of living

Government does not stop inflation In addition, he said: "The roads are not really good. Vehicles get damaged because of bad roads. Therefore, the cost of transportation has to go up because the owner of the vehicle has to charge for the extra cost he incurres in fixing his car.“Wetin you carry” is also a well known phenomenon. These are cost to the country because it is the money that illegally go into the pockets of some people. That in itself adds to the price. So, looking at the anatomy of the Nigerian pricing system, you will discover that there are people who take advantage of it. People who think that fuel price is the only reason for the rise in prices of goods, are deceiving themselves because the price has always been up. "All the things happening are inflation and cost of production based. For instance, where oranges are sold, you will discover that over 25 percent of them go bad before they get to the consumer. Even the way they are transported does not help issues, because they are usually piled together. The owner will have to add the cost to his pricing system. So, these are the reasons why the prices of food keep going up. And the poor farmer has remained poor because he does not get anything. He does not even understand what inflation means."

DANA: An account of emergency officer BY YUSHAU A. SHUAIB


IGERIA has recently contin ued to experience natural and man-induced disasters such as militia attacks, fire-outbreaks, flood, rainstorm, road accidents, among others. Most of these have occurred on weekends lately. The National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, is responsible for coordinating activities of response agencies should disaster occur, especially when it overwhelms the capacity of affected State or Local Government Authorities. Since NEMA is not a firstresponder, emergency management, therefore, requires interventions from major stakeholders such as the security agents, safety and volunteer organisations. Like on every weekend, as a Public Relations person in NEMA, this writer was on alert when on Sunday, June 3, 2012, a message was received at noon on suicide bombing in Bauchi. After ensuring that rescue workers had been mobilised to the scene, news alert was issued to editors. Few hours later while responding to subsequent press enquiries, an editor from a foreign media sent a text message: “Shuaib can you confirm an aircrash in Lagos now?” I have no reason to pretend that sometimes the media actually alert security and emergency organisations on disaster occurrences.


fter confirming from the NEMA Mission Control Centre (MCC) that there was a crash involving Dana airline at Agege Area of Lagos State and that rescue officers had moved to the scene, text messages were issued to media on the search and rescue efforts. That evening the Director General of NEMA, Muhammad Sani-Sidi, led specially trained search and rescue officers from Abuja in an hour-flight to Lagos. Since my job is to provide adequate and timely information, I kept in touch with members of Media and Information Committee on Emergency Management (MICEM) for updates, which were relayed immediately to the media through phone calls, text messages and emails. The regular updates were to guard against misconception, misrepresentation and to douse the tension among panicky citizens on the incident. At 6.45a.m the following day, I was on my way to the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, to board a

flight to Lagos leaving behind a family that understands that working in NEMA is all about responding to disaster irrespective of time and place. But on that day my family was apprehensive and prayed for my safety while flying on the same route used by the crashed airline. They appreciate the demanding nature of disaster management but at that moment, they felt resigning was better than experiencing the fate that befell victims of Dana air crash. On a normal day, the road to the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja is usually busy with traffic, but on that Monday after the air crash it was almost desolate. The few of us who were at the counter to buy tickets were not unmindful of the expressions on the faces of on-lookers


Continues from page 34 cattle market in Maiduguri. How can other cattle dealers be encouraged to come out with their cattle." Skyrocketing house rent: Besides food items, the prices of house rent, have also been on the rise, though it had been on the high side before the latest rate of inflation. Our investigations indicate that prices for a room apartment and three bedroom flat have remained high in the cities. It was even gathered that the rural areas are not spared, as rents have also gone high. While, some people have cited the fuel price increment as the major reason behind the issue, others have argued to the contrary. Speaking on the matter, a former President of institute of Chartered Accountants(ICAN) Mr. Emmanuel Ijewere said: ‘’It has to do with simple economics. Inflation is a natural phenomenon. There will always be inflation in an economy. The question is that government does not stop inflation, but they reduce it to an acceptable level. Even in the best of economies in the world there would be inflation, just that they keep it at a minimal level. Without inflation, economics will not be as efficient as it is, therefore there is bound to be increases. It is not akin to Nigeria, it is all over the world. Ours is because of the various problems we have in this country. We have a situation where infrastructure and the cost of production is abnormal. Virtually every manufacturing company in Nigeria needs generator. And that is no obtainable in some countries. If the exchange rate goes up, the price of generator goes up, the price of generator parts also goes up. If the price of diesel goes up in the world market, you pay higher because diesel is not under control. All these become part of the cost of production."

praises to Almighty. A brief meeting was held in the office of the Head of Communication, NCAA, in liaison with other spokespersons of agencies in the aviation sector. Information centres were designated at the airport and at the scene to gather information and respond to general enquiries by relatives of victims and media. The sights and scenes from the crash were only meant for the lion-hearted. A female volunteer who studied disaster management in a foreign university fainted twice while lifting a burnt corpse whose limps where falling apart. Some of the corpses looked intact even without bruises as they were motionless on their seatbelts. From their costumes, documents and other identifications recovered from the scene, it was easy to deduce the personage of the victims; religious people, pagans, government officials, business executives, fun-seekers, the young and the old. This made one realise that anyone could have been a victim no matter the background, belief or smartness. In the spirit of Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, some private organisations were on ground immediately after the plane crash, volunteering free quality services throughout the period of rescue operation. Julius Berger Construction Company provided sophisticated equipment to lift parts of the aircraft and systematically expanded some structures for the search and rescue efforts. The Airtel, a telephone operator volunteered and broadcast useful

There are many lessons to be learnt from the plane crash. While the emergency workers were prompt in their response, mobs turned the scene to cinema as some of them were either taking pictures or stealing

who could see us as unserious adventurers travelling by air less than 24 hours after an aircraft on the same route had crashed with its passengers. Though there were several airline operators at the counter, like a Day-ofJudgement, only one particular airline was patronised. Many factors were considered for the long queue behind the preferred airline; safety record, strict obedience to flight schedules and courteous services. As we boarded the plane, I realised during our conversations that most of us had urgent appointments while others were under directives from their organisations to be in Lagos that morning. But most of the passengers seemed to be truly religious; they were either clinging on to a Bible or reciting Quran. When the air hostess gave safety instruction, everyone was very attentive like worshippers listening to a sermon from a preacher on the pulpit. Any slight turbulence was greeted with terrifying scare, momentary grief and relief. The passengers completely ignored air hostesses who moved around to serve the usual snacks and drinks. In fact, the successful landing at Lagos airport received applauses and


messages on the situation and also promoted toll-free emergency call number: 0800-CALL NEMA. That day the call centre received thousands of calls every hour. There are many lessons to be learnt from the plane crash. While the emergency workers were prompt in their response, mobs turned the scene to cinema as some of them were either taking pictures or stealing. The unwholesome mob-action prevented the rescuers from having immediate access to the site until reinforcement came from well-armed security agencies in controlling the crowd. As a PR person, I was overwhelmed by the positive coverage of the incident by the media. The media have not only been very responsive with timely and objective updates, they were never induced for the exceptional coverage of the event. As government organisations, we will continue to provide sincere and accurate information on our efforts rather than using naked propaganda of defending the indefensible. For now every weekend we are on full alert.

36 —Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22 , 2012—37

MBGN Controversy: Ayuk still queen but... —Silverbird BY OPEOLUWANI OGUNJIMI


T is customary for the host to announce at the grand finale of the annual Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) pageant that “ the decision of whom to send as Nigeria’s representative to any international pageant rests on the management of the organiser, the Silverbird Group.” Given this statement, the story making the rounds that the current MBGN, Miss Isabella Ayuk was disqualified from participating at the finals of the Miss World beauty contest, holding in Mongolia, China, has been described as ‘ untrue.’ According to the Vice-President, Silverbird Group, Mr Guy Murray-Bruce “the rumour is not only untrue, but also, the handiwork of rumour mongers.” Isabella Ayuk is still the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria and at no point did we dethrone her. Isabella remains the winner of the MBGN 2012 and accordingly is expected to carry out her duties as queen until next year when another queen is chosen” “Although she will not be vying for the Miss World title, she will be contesting for the Miss Universe crown, while MBGN Second Runner up, Miss Ifeoma Umeokeke will be at the Miss Tourism International holding later in the year in China.

Fela’s Kalakuta Republic converted to Museum

The decision to swap her role with that of the first runners-up was taken by the organsiser and it was taken in the collective interest of the company and the country”, Mr Bruce affirmed. Still speaking on the issue, Mr Murray Bruce said “As we celebrate our 25th anniversary in the world of beauty pageantry, Its our wish not to only raise the bar but replicate the groundbreaking records achieved by Agbani Darego as the first Black Africa’s Miss World 2001 as well as some past queens who have achieved remarkable results at some renowned international pageants in the recent past”. “While we seek y o u r understanding, we also urge you to pray for their victory at the various global beauty pageants where they will be flying the country’s flag” Mr added. The media came during week with the news that Isabella Ayuk who was crowned MBGN in Benin, May, 2012 had been dropped from vying for the Miss World crown on the ground of age falsification. According to the story, Silverbird, the organiser of the longest running beauty pageant in Nigeria had replaced the queen with her second runners up for •Damiette fear of the queen being charles disqualified at the finals for exceeding the age limit of 26.


I died several times watching my son Tetuila, on the sick bed — Tetuila’s mum

•Isabella Ayuk

••As Agbani denies marriage tale


ONTRARY to rumours making the rounds, that Agbani Darego is cur rently engaged to Balyelsa politician, Timi Alaibe, the former Miss World has denied having anything to do with the politician. The ex-Miss World cleared the air on her social network twitter during the week. She noted that she would have preferred that the rumour was verified before being published. “Would be nice to read verified reports from credible sources, @Theagbanidarego tweeted”. A close aide of Timi who pleaded anonymity also debunked the news, saying he conferred with Timi who affirmed that he had no plans to marry Agbani Darego. . Our source insisted that Timi’s present concern is raising his kids so that they won’t feel the absence of their mother. “He has no such plan. His immediate concern for now is to raise his children and make them not to feel the absence of their mother who passed on three years ago”, he said. When news of the planned marriage broke according to close aides of the former NNDC MD, he was greatly distressed especially when it was alleged that a wor•Agbani Darego ried Agbani was said to have placed a call to him wanting to know if he was making plans to marry her without her consent. The Darego and Alaibe families are very close and so were naturally shocked by the disturbing news. Our reporter recalled that when Mrs Alaibe died three years, the hardworking former Labour Party gubernatorial candidate, said he won’t get married less than five years after her departure. Mrs Alaibe died in January 2009 and since then there have been speculations over who will be his next bride and when he would remarry. Mr. Alaibe is currently in London where he is visiting his daughters who are schooling there.

With new smartphone app the Ijaw fisherman needs no net

38—Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012

Jim Iyke signs mega deal in Gambia CONTROVERSIAL Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke has signed a mega deal in far away Gambia. The deal, Weekend Groove gathered, is worth several millions of naira. He struck a partnership deal with an investment company based in Gambia. The partnership gave birth to a film production firm called ‘Musketeers Production’. With the partnership deal, Jim Iyke will be producing three movies, which is aimed at boosting the country’s image before the outside world. . However, the deal was sealed after Jim Iyke was asked by the United Nations in May 2012, to select six less-privileged children which they will train in America. The six children would come from Somalia and the Gambia.The

deal was signed during an 8day working visit, which the actor recently made to Gambia. Production of The Coast, one of the films to be produced under the agreement will begin in July. It has been said that the film will be probably be the most expensive film shot in Gambia so far. The film will showcase various investment opportunities, which exist in Gambia, and it will also expose Gambiantalentstothe globalmovieindustry.

Synopsis gent J (Will Smith) and Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) are assigned the task of monitoring extraterrestrial activity on Earth. Things get strange when J can’t find K, then finds out his friend has been dead for over 40 years. In an attempt to save young Agent K’s (Josh Brolin) life, Agent J travels back in time to 1969 to stop his murder.


ovies Top 5 M lack 3

•Men in B ip •Battlesh ind B •Ties that w o V e h •T s ger Game •The Hun

Fela’s Kalakuta Republic converted to Museum C

OMING on the heels of a successful worldwide Broadway production of his life story – FELA and a soon to be released Hollywood production of the same, the late Afro-beat creator, musical icon and activist Fela Kuti is again being immortalized as his last residence at 18, Gbemisola Street, Ikeja, Lagos is to converted into a museum. The Lagos State Government has approved and will support ultra modern project. When completed the building will have an exhibition area, a coffee shop, a 5-room boutique hotel, a roof-top restaurant, a bar and stage, a souvenir shop, a passenger lift, the tomb area and the car park. When established, the Museum will achieve the following: the preservation of the history of an illustrious son of Africa, promotion of tourism in line with the Lagos State’s Mega City initiative, acquisitions, display and preservation of the artifacts, documents and records of the man referenced as well as those of his contemporaries of African ancestry, custodian of collectors’ and historical items-bordering on fine and folk arts for public enjoyment

Movie of the week

Movie Schedule GENESIS DELUXE CINEMAS, LEKKI Think like a Man:10:30am, 1:00pm, 3:30pm, 6:00pm, 8:30pm, 11:00pm. Madagascar 3 (3D): 10:00am, 12:05pm, 2:10pm, 4:15pm. Men in Black 3D: 10:30am, 3:30pm. Battleship: 1:00pm, 3:35pm, 6:10pm, 8:45pm. Dr Seuss: The Lorax: 10:40am, 12:45pm, 2:40pm. GENESIS DELUXE CINEMAS, PORT HARCOURT Think like a Man: 10:00am, 12:25pm, 2:50pm, 5:15pm, 7:40pm,10:05pm. Madagascar 3:10:00am, 11:55am, 1:50pm, 3:45pm, 5:40pm, 7:35pm. Men in Black 3: 10:30am, 3:40pm. GENESIS DELUXE CINEMAS, ENUGU Think like a Man: 10:20am, 2:55pm, 5:25pm, 7:55pm. Madagascar 3: 7:45pm. Ties that Bind: 10:00am, 2:25pm, 9:05pm. Men in Black 3: 2:30pm, 4:35pm, 6:10pm, 8:45pm. Dr Seuss: The Lorax: 10:00am. SILVERBIRD CINEMAS, GALLERIA Think like a Man: 12:10pm, 2:40pm, 5:10pm, 7:40pm, 10:10pm. Madagascar 3: 11:50am, 4:00pm. Ties that Bind: 5:50pm. Men in Black 3: 1:50pm, 8:25pm, 10:30pm. Battleship: 4:00pm, 9:00pm.

The New Kalakuta and for scholars to assist in researches, ready accessibility of authentic materials and relics on the man referenced, serve as an educational, historical and cultural institution of music and musicality of African origin and entertainment of visitors to the museum. The Kalakuta Museum is conceived and managed by Total Consult – a reputable firm of architects and builders of numerous projects notably the conversion of the first colonial prison in central Lagos to The Freedom Park, a fast rising historic and tourist spot in the city.

The Museum is supported by the Lagos State Government and scheduled for opening in October 2012 in time for ‘FEL ABRATIONS’the annual musical festival celebrating FELA’s life and his birthday on October 15th. The project is marketed by integrated marketing, media and entertainment m a n a g e m e n t consultants Inspiro Productions Ltd.

SILVERBIRD CINEMAS, SEC, ABUJA Think like a Man: 11:40am, 2:10pm, Tie that Bind: 11:00am, 1:20pm, Men in Black 3: 12:10pm, 2:20pm, Battleship: 11:10am, 1:40pm, American Reunion: 11:15am, 1:45pm,

4:40pm, 3:40pm, 4:45pm, 4:10pm, 4:05pm,

7:05pm, 5:55pm, 7:00pm, 6:40pm, 6:20pm,

SILVERBIRD CINEMAS, PORT HARCOURT Think like a Man: 1:20pm, 3:50pm, 6:20pm, 8:50pm. Ties that Bind: 2:35pm, 7:00pm. Men in Black 3: 1:10pm, 6:05pm. Battleship: 3:25pm, 8:20pm. SILVERBIRD CINEMAS, CEDDI PLAZA, ABUJA Men in Black 3: 4:50pm, 9:00pm. The Hunger Games: 3:40pm, 8:50pm. SILVERBIRD CINEMAS, IBOM TROPICANA, UYO The Score: 11:40am, 2:00pm. The Hunger Games: 12:45pm, 6:25pm. 21 Jump Street: 12:30pm, 4:45pm. OZONE CINEMA, YABA Think like a Man: 1:20pm, 3:50pm, 7:00pm, 9:10pm. Ties that Bind: 10:15am, 12:20pm. Men in Black 3: 4:20pm, 8:45pm. Battleship: 12:10pm.

9:30pm. 8:20pm. 9:15pm. 9:10pm. 8:50pm.



Growing Up I came from a humble background. My father was both a carpenter and bricklayer at the Tin Mines of Jos and my mother; a petty trader. I was in class two at St. Anthony ’s College, Ubulu–Uku, Delta state,when my father died during the Civil War. Things became difficult for us as we lived from hand to mouth. Going to school was a problem. Later, I won a scholarship from the Catholic Church in my community to go back to school when Reverend Father Ossai was the parish priest. He took interest in my case and prevailed on the church to sponsor my education. But that dream was short-lived as

the Reverend father had problems with the community and was transferred. The new parish priest could not continue sponsoring my education instead prefered building churches at the detriment of my education. But God used my principal, Chief P.A. Dunkwu in helping me to complete my secondary education with the assurance that I would pay back after my graduation. I did exactly that. After I left school, I worked as an Account Clerk at St. Anthony College, Ubulu – Uku between 1972-1976. But I was encouraged by my mother to further my education. Growing up was so challenging that it bruised my ego and brought out the best in me. Venturing into sports (football) y goalkeeping skill got me involved in sports, particularly football. I was the goal keeper both at my Primary, Secondary and uptil my University and finally at the state level.As a goalkeeper, I was nicked named Jagua- I guess it was because of my performances. Till date, people who knew me, especially team mates during my active days as a goalkeeper, still call me Jagua. It gives me joy. But back then, goalkeeping did not pay off because there was no money in it. It was all about zeal, interest and passion for the g a m e . I remember this match we played and in the first half, we conceded a goal. At half time, I was flogged and blamed by my Games Master


with the impression that I caused the goal. After that, I was determined to keep a clean slate. I went back to the pitch to continue my goalkeeping for the second half of the game. As a goal keeper at the secondary school level, the benefit I got was that, after a football match, students in appreciation, give us tins of milk and cubes of sugar. At the University level, I had free accommodation off campus because I was the goalkeeper. I think these were the benefits that came our way as footballer, unlike today where players live exotic kind of lifestyles. My Daily Routine wake up early on daily basis and start off my day with morning devotion, after which I go to the office. I stay up to 10-11am before going out to make my contacts and return to the office by 4pm. After the day’s activities, I return home to be with my family. I don’t go to night clubs neither do I belong to any social club. I have time only for the service of God. I also get involved in charity works.


The secret of my good dress sense I have a very fashionable wife who dresses me up. She



hief Dr. Austin Izagbo is not only an achiever, but also a showman when it comes to looking good. At 60, the Chief Executive Officer ( CEO) of Caniz Limited, former Hockey Federation President and member of Nigeria Olympics Organizing Committee ( NOC), looks younger and fitter than most younger men. He revealed to Hi Groove the secret behind his good looks and dress sense saying his wife choses what he wears. He also opens up on his personal lifestyle and many more. Excerpts:

Izagbo and wife

the Niger- Delta area, I like hats. I also wear red caps as a traditional Chief of Ide – Ibusa, Delta State. And because I love decent dressing, I always make sure that the caps I wear are of

the same colour with my clothes.I don’t wear expensive things, instead, I prefer fitted attires of good qualities. But if I can afford clothes worth N1million , I’d buy.

I had free accommodation off campus because I was the goalkeeper. I think these were some of the benefits we got then as footballers, unlike today where players live exotic kind of lifestyles


once owned a big fashion house here in Lagos; in the 80s but she dropped that for pastoral work. She dictates what I wear. For me, I don’t know what size of clothes or shoes I wear. When she goes shopping, she looks for the best for me, especially what suits me. As a Nigerian from

I also like customized Tshirts with my name inscribed on them. They cost more but they turn out better on me. For shoes, they must be of good quality. I wear good perfumes and my wife choses them for me.

My mood and dressing I dress to be comfortable and also to suit my mood. If I’m going to the office on Mondays, I dress corporate. On Fridays, I like to dress down, especially in jeans trousers. or social gathering, especially when a t t e n d i n g traditional events, I put on my Niger Delta attires. If I have to be with my Yoruba friends, I put on Agbada, Buba and Sokoto. For my Northern friends, I wear Babariga. Mostly, it is the colours , the quality of the materials, designs and good shoes that appeal to me. I think it makes one look good. Sometimes my wife disagrees with what I wear. My daughters also play the role of their mother whenever I dress wrongly. Because of the way I dress, people sometimes mistake me for an under 40.


My kind of car My love for cars varies but my best car is Land Cruiser. That is the car I gave myself as birthday gift.

40—Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012

GROOVE Extra I died several times watching my son Tetuila, on the sick bed — Tetuila’s mum B

ORN into an impoverished polygamous family with an enormous lump on his chest, a bad health condition, no doubt; and crippled as a child, Anthony Olanrewaju Awotoye, popularly known as Tony Tetuila, is proof that a man’s beginning does not necessarily determine his future. This Oro, Kwara State born recording artiste and song writer is widely regarded as one of Nigeria’s living Hip-Hop legends and in his own words, owes his success and life to God and his mother’s love, bravery, selflessness and prayers. On this week’s celebrity edition of the reality show ‘Supermom’, Mrs Cecilia Awotoye, Tetuila’s mother, tells the heart-wrenching and mindboggling story of how she succeeded in raising her children, especially the precocious Tetuila, against all odds. According to her, nothing can aptly describe the pain a mother

feels just watching helplessly as her son dies slowly because she can’t afford to pay his medical bills. Although things had been tough generally for the family, the worst of her ordeals started when she noticed a lump growing on Tetuila’s chest. “I cried every time I looked at him. I prayed endlessly to God to spare his life and I didn’t give up hope.” As any caring mother would, she took him to the places she could afford but no remedy came through until she visited the General Hospital in Ojuelegba, Lagos. There, he was operated on and grew up to be a strong child despite the pain and suffering he had to endure. Months later, just when she was beginning to rejoice at his speedy recovery, she realised the kid who would later become Africa’s music golden son couldn’t walk. “We started visiting hospitals again and every time a doctor said my son would never walk, I prayed

•Mama Tetuila

•Tony Tetuila and cried to God. I never stopped telling them that my son would walk again! There was one day I was returning to the hospital and I had to trek all the way with him on my back because there was no means of transportation; (Former Head of State, Mohammed) Murtala had just

Oge Okoye goes to Ghana


OP actress and United Nations Peace Ambassador, Oge Okoye, will be in Accra, Ghana from June 30 through July 7, for the Africa Peace Festival, which is holding there. The actress will lead a series of activities at the conference, including a NGO Executives Conference, and Peace Concert. The Africa Peace Festival is being organised by the Africa Centre for Peace Building (ACFOPB), a Ghana-based NGO. ACFOPB seeks to promote peace in Ghana through conflict prevention, youth development, peace education, and promotion of human rights.

•Oge Okoye

died and there was a bit of unrest in the country then.” Months after, her miracle came. Tetuila started walking again! “I couldn’t stop thanking God when I saw my son stand up and walk. Till today, I still thank God for him,” she recalls in an emotion-laden voice on this week’s episode of the Supermom Celebrity edition which airs this weekend on the AIT Networks, Galaxy, MITV and other terrestrial television stations across Nigeria. Raising children in a polygamous home with a husband who cared little about the welfare of his family and also suffering series of domestic violence, Mrs Awotoye had to take responsibility for the upkeep of her children and family. “I was his (Tetuila’s father) first wife but it didn’t matter to him. He beat me so hard one day neighbours came advising me to pack and leave him but to where? He will always be the father of my children and I didn’t want to raise them as a single mother so I stayed and endured the pain.” There was nothing Tetuila’s mother didn’t sell to make ends meet and put food on the table for her kids. From slippers to

Bracket storms Germany


•Bracket C M Y K

igerian superstar duo, Bracket will be storming Germany this Saturday(June 23), for their first ever live show. The show, which will be held at Rambazambar Danceclub, Neulandstreße 28, 49082 Osnabrück, will also feature popular Europe based Nigerian musicians including Mekxo a.k.a Judi Master, Ray Blaze, and many others. Only recently, the duo rounded off their month-long tour of Canada. They are storming Germany for a live show that will mark a turning point in their musical career. Bracket which came into prominence after their hit track “Yori Yori”few years ago will be thrilling their German fans with their amazing songs like ‘girl’ ft Wizkid and super smash club banger ‘Mua Mua’. Other songs to be performed by the duo include ‘No time’ ‘Me and You’ and many more! Don’t be told about the concerts! Be there!

cigarette, groundnut, sugarcane and even cooking pots, she hawked and sold them all for their sake. She continues, “I promised myself never to let them suffer or turn bad and wayward because of suffering. There was no point begging people for money when I have my hands and legs intact so I worked…I worked very hard. I did not look at the shame and insults from people around us. I knew things would get better one day”.

Enter M21 Night Club By EMMANUEL ELEBEKE


HE Nigerian entertainment industry is poised to witness a transformation soon, as the president of M21 Night Club, Mr. Chinedu Onyeagba has vowed to take the industry to its next level. Speaking at the unveiling of the hangout located in the heart of Satellite town, Lagos, Onyeagba despite the challenges facing the industry, showbiz business in the country has come of age, such that it should be seen as a major competitor at the global arena. “This is what I had always wanted to do all my life. I think entertainment is in me and I can’t live without it.” He disclosed that M21 Night Club has acquired one acre of land along Marwa road , in Ijegun area of Satellite Town. When developed, the place will be used only for entertainment purposes, talent haunt, event centre and amusement park. “By the time, I finish putting all the structures in place, I want to bring in my own personal stuff and flavour into the industry. The journey has started and I will not look back until I get there”.he said.

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012—41



right colours are in this season and neon shoes have been seen everywhere lately worn by both celebrities and ordinary fashionistas. Some use them to make their looks brighter and more interesting, while others do it to express their miscellaneous personalities. And if neon outfits can seem a little bit too much, neon shoes and accessories are just right. No matter why you choose to wear trendy neon shoes you might find these few style tips helpful.

How to wear neon shoes *Match your shoes to your outfit. It is easy. Yellow comes to yellow, pink to pink, etc. It looks very bright, so add a couple of neutral accessories to make sure you don’t overdo with neon. * Color block your outfit. You can choose other vibrant colours to mix with your neon shoes or paler and less expressive colors to keep the balance. All is up to your taste, but it is best for you to try the second variant as it is safer and already looks daring enough. *Pair neon with neutrals. Neon shoes look fantastic with black, white and nude garments by adding necessary brightness to the attire.

•Giuseppe Zanotti Neon Colorblock Platform d'Orsay Pump

•Giuseppe Zanotti Neon Colorblock Platform Sandal

• Brian Atwood Suede Colorblock Pump

•Mint and Neon shoes •Miu Miu

•Pair your neon shoes with neutral dress

42 — Vanguard, FRIDAY , JUNE 22, 2012


ruma Oteh’s encounter with lawmaking has left us with no clues Many Nigerians, with their love of drama and- in popular parlance- swagger, were very pleased with the way erstwhile Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) boss Aruma Oteh handled the probe of her office by committees of the national assembly. She was irreverent, she was sassy and she was determined to give the male dominated council as good as she got. In the end, the governor of her state, waded in, though he appeared more like some political opportunist who was boasting about the caliber of women their mutual state could produce than some tacky fellow whose ethnic instincts were more predominant than the common good, or the simple truth. Corruption is like the proverbial palm oil, which has the tendency to stain even

innocent bystanders. Yet, it has remained a controversy whether Oteh is indeed innocent, as it were, or just simply a typical bragado mistress who will escape justice or die trying. Unfortunately, the processes of filtration in our country are, at the very least, most unscientific. And since there are no hard and fast rules, it becomes easy for those who are unfortunate enough to be accused of corruption while in public office to counter-accuse their accusers of victimization, particularly if it is a woman. From the days of Tafa Balogun and governor Fayose, this has been the case. At the end of the day, the palm oil did stain, and badly enough for Oteh to be so unceremoniously thrown out of office. Suspension is

merely the beginning- or even middle- of the end. There are those who still believe her enemies had their way in the end, while others are of the opinion that she had what was coming to her, considering her luxurious

GIABA Partners with WAWA HE Intergovernmental Action Group Against Money Laundering Crusade in West Africa, an affiliate of the Economic Community of West African States



(ECOWAS) , last week made good its promise to work with the West African Women Association (WAWA). In a small conference in the ECOWAS regional office in

•Mrs. Ubeku

Onikan, Lagos, the GIABA Director General Dr. Abdullahi Shehu made a presentation to the WAWA membership of office materials including desks, water

lifestyle while in office. There is only one thing that has become exceedingly clear from the Oteh case: anyone who takes office with the Nigerian government is in danger of being rubbished, regardless of their past, or even their future.

dispensers, personal computers, air conditioners and others. Tagging the ceremony as a landmark of things to come, Dr. Shehu during the brief ceremony extolled the virtues of women, referring to them as being

•Pansy Olakanpo

hardworking, loving and pillars of the society. In addition, he referred to women as the most influential members of families, and will, as such, be invaluable in the commission’s missions of fighting against child trafficking, porous borders and money laundering in border communities. To the audience of GIABA representatives from diverse countries including Senegal, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Cape Verde; as well as WAWA members, he spoke in glowing tones about the leadership of WAWA. Full of high praise for the Focal Person whom he referred to as a “mother to all”, he fondly recalled meeting with the chairman of the WAWA board, Mrs. Toyin Olakunri several years ago under the auspices of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN). “She was a woman of integrity”, he remembers. Welcoming guests at the occasion, Focal Person for WAWA in Nigeria Mrs.

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012 — 43

have their use to the woman who wants to make her mark . Traditional severely cut black or grey suits and dresses , especially with good cut and fabric, will carry a career or businesswoman much further than colours ever will.

•Powerful black


JUBILEE: The last mornach? •Colour Karen

Beatrice Ubeku expressed deep thanks to the GIABA leadership on behalf of the Nigerian chapter of the organization. She also gave her solemn promise to work with GIABA, particularly in their common areas of interest chiefly child trafficking, child labour and money laundering across the West African borders, particularly as it affects women who are being encouraged to trade along the regional corridors. She also seized the opportunity to list the achievements of her organization in the past year, including the obtainment of an office in Abuja. Representing the board of WAWA was Mrs. Pansy Olakanpo, who also expressed much appreciation over the gifts, as well as the goodwill of members of GIABA, including the most junior, who have always been of help to WAWA within the ECOWAS Lagos premises.

ANY of her subjects are groaning under the weight of a bad economy, but the Jubilee celebrations for the 60th year on the throne of Queen Elizabeth the second have gone on, anyway. It is as good a time as any to examine the life of a woman who has been an enigma that has been uncrackable, though no less admirable. The Queen has been so genteel that she has been referred to as boring. She does not joke with her responsibilities, and these include the several countries of


the commonwealth. There is the fear that Queen Elizabeth might be the last King that will actually be a king in the sense of most African cultures, where the difference between a king and a slave is not in the vastness of wealth but in character. It is unfortunately a value that has become lost on us, with our royal fathers and mothers going to virtually be begging at the National assembly to be given a so-called constitutional role. Mind Your Colours

We have the rules down to pat in our heads about what the colours we wear signify, but at the end of the day it’s about what you wear when you wear it. White is for purity, but white is also for sophistication. Have you ever joined up to make fun of an old maid for wearing white at her wedding? You might well be the colour blind one. While the colour is traditionally virginal, it is the style, rather than the colour, that counts. A woman who wears white is confident and clean. Black and grey are for mourning, but are also for power. There is so much obsession these days about colours, but the dark, somber colours still

Pastels are girly and sweet, but not for everyone. The modern woman goes out of her way to show she is not afraid to shine or appear less than modest. Pastels have put their stamp on our fashion this millennium and are probably here to stay, yet they are not for everyone. Standard rules apply, with patterns, lines and hues to be worn according to existing laws. Also, the pastel fashion came from the West, where the majority of women are fair in complexion. When wearing pastels, mind your complexion. Purple is the royal colour, but watch out for tacky. Indeed, purple- particularly the deep, rich one- is the colour of royalty. Not surprising at all, purple has become the most abused colour, with choirs and such like embracing it in droves. So while purple is the most distinguished colour, a badly combined or ill fitting purple is the very opposite. Avoid, also, purple from head to toe. There are only two colours you can get away with wearing from head to toe: red and black.

44—Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012 With PRINCE OSUAGWU

Competition rises for iPad in SURFACE


ooking at the Surface,a new tab introduced recently by world’s largest software company, Microsoft, the quick conclusion is that the software giant has renewed a serious fight in the tab market, advancing the competition which Samsung Galaxy tab has given the hot selling Apple iPad. The new tab was unveiled last Monday in Los Angeles, where Microsoft chief executive, Steve Ballmer described it as a machine that works and plays. Also during the unveiling, there was a deliberate departure from the company ’s usual focus on software, which gives an inkling to , perhaps, a resolve to directly compete with closest hardware partners such as Samsung and Hewlett-Packard.

Meanwhile, another Apple rival, Google, may also experiment with

Competition on the rise Although, Microsoft said it designed “Surface” tablet to boost its new Windows 8 operating system, there is no doubt that the underlying factor is to counter the topselling iPad. First hint of competition target with this new machine was Microsoft’s announcement that Surface would boost its new Windows 8 operating system. Apple, is known to have revolutionised

the mobile market, specifically with its smooth, seamless phones and tablets.

*The Surface tab

With new smartphone app the Ijaw fisherman needs no net

*Deeper fisherfinder


he Ijaw people of Niger Delta area of Nigeria are known world- wide for their fishing prowess. In fact a major occupation of the average rural Ijaw man is said to be fishing. But from different interactions it appears that the success factor of this trade is also the major tool – fishing net. A fisherman is said to be as strong as his net. Now, if technology solves all problems as seems to be the case in recent times, why would an Ijaw fisherman rack his brain all day long

on how to come up with the strongest of fishing nets? But, not to worry, already, an innovation that can take care of that is in the offing. If the Deeper fishfinder app innovation from Orlando, Florida-based tech company Friday Lab ends up being commercially produced, fishing would be more fun and harvest would be plenty. The floating device would be paired with the user ’s Android or iOS device, and would let them know if fish were in the area.

To use Deeper, users would attach their fishing line to one of three attachment points, depending on what sort of fishing they were doing. Using their regular rod and reel, they would then cast the 2.4-inch diameter sphere out onto the surface of the water in which they’re planning to fish. The fishfinder would emit ultrasound waves down into the water, which would provide it with data on the location and numbers of fish nearby – it could also record things such as the depth and temperature of the water. It would then transmit that information via Bluetooth up to a distance of 150 feet, to the user’s mobile device. An app running on that device would allow the user to view that data on its screen. Should the user subsequently catch a fish, they could use their phone or tablet to take a photo of it, then post that photo to Facebook or Twitter, while remaining within the app. The device itself would be water- and shockproof, and would run for approximately six hours on one charge of its lithium-ion battery. Yes! If the smartphone and/ or tablet can do just about everything else, why can’t they help the Ijaw man catch fish?

a similar approach after buying phone maker Motorola Mobility this year. However, some tech analysts have said that making its own hardware for such an important product would be a departure for Microsoft, which based its success on licensing its software to other manufacturers. Microsoft charges hardware makers $50 or more to incorporate its software in machines and severally it has been suggested that hardware makers are struggling to

produce tablets at a low enough price to challenge the iPad. By making its own tablets, Microsoft would presumably use its software for free, bringing down the overall price. . Features It features a 10.6" ClearType Full HD display, as well as full sized USB ports and HDMI output. The product has two specifications, Windows RT andWindows 8 Pro . The windows RT features ARM chipset, weighs 676 g, has a thickness of about 9.3 mm and has a battery of 31.5 Wh. It has connections for microSD, USB 2.0, Micro HD Video, 2X Wifi Antennae and comes with Office Home & Student, Touch Cover, Type Cover. It has memory specifications of 32 GB and 64 GB While the Windows 8 Pro features Intel 22 nm Ivy Bridge chipset, weighs 903 g with a thickness of 13.5 mm and battery of 42 Wh. It also has connections for microSDXC, USB 3.0, Micro DisplayPort and 2X Wifi Antennae. On purchase, the buyer goes away with Pen with Palm Block, Touch Cover and Type Cover. It also has memory specifications of 64 GB and 128 GB

Sharp debuts with world’s biggest LED TV I

t might not be as big as the 152- inch Panasonic plasma TV, but Sharp is claiming the title of the world’s biggest LED TV with the launch of the 90-inch AQUOS LC90LE745U. Measuring nearly four tall and six feet across, you’ll need a fair chunk of free space to place this monster. Unfortunately, the device seems to be exclusively for ‘the Big Boys’ with a retail price of US$10,999.99. Despite the 90-inch screen, the new sharp innovation is less than 5-inches deep and tips the scales at 64 kg, which Sharp says makes wall mounting easy. Well, since the product needs people with deep pockets and a buyer may probably not

have a lot of spare cash to splash about after slapping down hard earned $11,000 on the TV, Sharp ensured that it uses less energy than two 75watt light bulbs. While a TV of this size might have benefited from 4K x 2K resolution the user is stuck with 1080p and also gets the benefit of its localized dimming of the 500 LED backlight array 1 dynamic contrast ratio, 240 Hz refresh rate, and 3D, with two pairs of active shutter glasses thrown in for good measure.

*Sharp new LCD TV

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012—45 Bismillahi Rahamani Raheem. Wasalatu wasalam ala seyidina Muhammad, wa ala alihi, wa ashabihi, wasselim. UST as we are still grappling with the tragedy of the Dana crash and the torment and calamities it has left to some homes, the endemic terrorists attack came again killing scores of people and worshippers in Kaduna and Yobe states. This is regarded as the most heinous crime against humanity, it is wicked and satanic. Notable Muslim leaders have said this, we have also said it on this column, no matter the guise, this has nothing to do with Islam. Suicide mission is even un-Islamic. Islam does not preach the destruction of places of worship. In fact, it is on record that the Prophet (s.a.w) talked about the preservation of monasteries and other places of worship of the Christians. The Prophet once sent Muslims to Abyssinia where he was sure they would be safe. We are not surprised that some in spite of several explanation and presentations at different fora, some still grudgingly hold it against Islam, saying senseless things against the religion. Some even sent debasing text messages to my phone. I pitied their grand ignorance of grandeur, for it is senseless to hold the action of a few against all. But that is not the focus of today’s sermon, it is rather in consonance with the last week’s topic ‘Dealing with grief and trials’; while also sympathising with the victims of the attack as they also undergo another form of grief and trials. Nothing happens in this world except through the leave of Allah (SWT). A person who has been suffering from distress should know that Allah (SWT) is fully aware of it. Not even a leaf will fall from a tree without Allah's knowledge. He is aware of every little details of everything that happens to us. He knoweth whatever there is on the earth and in the sea. Not a leaf doth fall but with His knowledge: there is not a grain in the darkness (or depths) of the earth nor anything fresh or dry (green or withered) but is (inscribed) in a Record Clear (to


Tel: 08098097290 email:

Yet another grief •Life as a testing ground those who can read). (6:59) No misfortune can happen on earth or in your souls but is recorded in a decree before We bring it into existence: that is truly easy for Allah: in order that ye may not despair over matters that pass you by … (57:22-23) At a time like this, you need to be calm and remain unflinching in your faith and steadfast in your prayers and supplications to Him. These calamities or pains might have been caused by the misdeed and wickedness of a

(swt). No matter how insignificant or how grievous the harm was, the offending parties will be called to account for their actions. No matter to whom an injustice was done, and no matter how long that aggression was committed, the matter will be addressed by Allah. Those who maimed, killed people and children in Churches, market places, or even bombed themselves will certainly face the wrath of Allah. When the heavens are cleft open and every thing is

Those who maimed and killed people, children in Churches, market places, or even bombed themselves will certainly face the wrath of Allah. When the heavens are cleft open and every thing is unveiled; when the blazing fire is kindled to fierce heat; and when the Paradise is brought near; each soul will receive what it has put forward



fellow human being, but Allah knows why it happened. It will not go without its consequences. Any harm or injustice that one has been subjected to by anyone, will not go without its punishment. Those who kill in whatever pretense or caused untold hardship to happen to others will ultimately receive the punishment of their actions. For a believer who has been a victim of wrong or injustice by others, the greatest comfort is that a day will come when he will receive full justice from Allah

unveiled; when the blazing fire is kindled to fierce heat; and when the Paradise is brought near; each soul will receive what it has put forward. (81:8-14) The wrongdoers will face the punishment of Allah (swt) for the wrong they have committed and also violating Allah’s commandments. The believer, therefore, should be patient having full assurance that Allah (swt) watches everything and will deliver justice. We have made some of you as a trial for others: will ye have patience? For Allah

UNILAG name change: Allow legal resolution — Prof Bidmus, Dean Faculty of Education BY ABDULWAHAB ABDULAH

EAN of the Faculty of Ed ucation in the University of Lagos, (UNILAG), Professor Murtadha Bidmus has challenged the students of the school and other stakeholders to allow due process in resolving the crisis generated following the change of name of the school by President Goodluck Jonathan. The don who also is the Chief Imam of the University of Lagos central mosque, said it was not in dispute that the institution was established by an Act of the National Assembly which must be amended before any effect could be made on the name of the institution. He therefore appealed to the students and other stakeholders to exercise and take their complaints to the appropriate quarters for resolution. The Don speaking at a lecture organised by The Companion, a group of Muslim profession-


als, also urged Muslims to be upright in whatever they do and be a good ambassador of Islam. This according to him will be one of the passports for Muslims to earn rewards in this world and in Al-Janat. The don, who delivered a lecture at the monthly public lecture organised by ‘ The Companion’ at the State House of Assembly mosque, said a Muslim must demonstrate that he obeys Allah’s injunction to the latter for him to earn His pleasure. Speaking on the topic,”Striving for Excellence in Religious Practices”, Bidmus encourages Muslim to strive to above board in whatever they do, even at their work places and in their relationship with their family and neighbours. He said doing this is part of worship which will be recorded as reward for Muslims. He said primarily there are five principles of worship, including taqwa, belief in Allah, Ziyam, (fasting), Zakat, (alms

giving), Salat, (five daily prayers) and Hajj (pilgrimage), however, he said a Muslim must consider Ihksan (goodness) as part of the principles of worship that can avail him to attain higher realm in this world and the hereafter. He said, “ for you to attain greatness in this world and herefater you have to consider goodness to your parents, your family, neighbour, relations and all others.” Bidmus said, “Also, the job you are doing to take salary to earn a living is part of worship. If everyone did his or her job as it supposed to be done, the country would have been better of. You must love your job and do it well to please Allah,” he added. Speaking further on worship, he said though solat is very important, especially because of its practicality, ''a Muslim must take it serious but we must learn to love Allah always by obeying His rules and regulations.''

is One Who sees (all things). (25:20) Truly the reward of the Hereafter will be greater if they only realize (this)! (They are) those who persevere in patience and put their trust on their Lord. (16:41-42) That is the ultimate comfort that a believer who has been wronged or oppressed by others can have. Remember the story of Prophet Ayub (a.s. Job); it is a heartmelting story of pain and suffering, of patience and forbearance, of faith and gratitude, and ultimately of reward and triumph. Prophet Ayub (a.s) was a very wealthy man having many animals, lands, slaves, and children. He was a very humble and patient man. He worshipped Allah and showed gratitude to Him. From his riches, he would help the poor and the needy with food and clothes. He would buy slaves in order to set them free. When he helped people, he made them feel as if they are favouring him by accepting his gifts. He was a noble person that at a time, the angels praised him as a model servant of Allah. Satan overheard their comments and decided to try him. He tried to seduce him with evil thoughts and distract him from prayers and worshipping Allah. But Ayub (a.s) was firm in his faith and did not let the whispers of Shaytan tempt him. Failing in his attempts to achieve that, Shaytan

complained to Allah that about Ayub saying that although he was continuously glorifying Allah, he was not doing so out of sincerity but to satisfy Allah so that his wealth should not be taken away from him. “It was all a show, all out of greed. If You remove his wealth then You will find that his tongue will no longer mention Your name and his praying will stop,” Shaytan said. Allah told Shaytan that Ayub was one of His most sincere devotees, and to prove this to him, Allah allowed him to do whatever he and his helpers wished with Ayub’s wealth. Happy with this authority, Shaytan gathered his helpers and destroyed Ayub’s cattle, servants, and farms and he was left with no possessions. He then appeared before Ayub in the guise of a wise old man and said to him: “All your wealth is lost. Some people say that it is because you gave too much charity and that you are wasting your time with your continuous prayers to Allah. Others say that Allah has bought this upon you in order to please your enemies. If Allah had the capacity to prevent harm, then He would have protected your wealth.” True to his belief, Ayub replied: “What Allah has taken away from me belongs to Him. I was only its trustee for a while. He gives to whom He wills and withholds from whom He wills.” With these words, Ayub went into prostration out of his humbleness and gratitude to Allah (swt). Seeing this, Shaytan was frustrated. He again complained to Allah: “I have stripped Ayub of all his wealth, but he still remains grateful to You. However, he is only hiding his disappointments, for he places great love on his many children. The real test of a parent is through his children. You will then see how he will reject You.” Allah granted Shaytan authority, but warned him that it would not reduce Ayub’s faith in his Lord nor his patience. To be continued next week

Etiquettes with Sha’ban By Harun Razaq HA’BAN is the eight month of Islamic calendar; it is the month after Rajab and preceding Ramadan. Sha’ban is one of the meritorious months in Islam which many Muslims neglect. The importance of the month of Sha’ban cannot be over emphasized in Islam because it is the month that Prophet Muhammad (SAW), used to fast most of the days. Also, Sha’ban is a month in which an account of the deeds (of human beings) is presented before the Lord of the universe; also, it is the month in which Muslims do finalized their preparation for the blessed month of Ramadan. Therefore, a Muslim is expected to do the following in the month of Sha’ban: FAST: To fast in line with the Sunnah of the prophet (SAW), though, the fasts were not obligatory but meritorious and the prophet did not like to miss the fast. Infact, it is reported in a Hadith that the Prophet (SAW), use to fast so mush in the month of Sha’ban that he was asked: “Messenger of Allah, I have seen you fasting in the month of Sha’ban so frequently that I have never seen you fasting in any other month.” Prophet Muhammad, (SAW), replied: “That (Sha’ban) is a month between Rajab and Ramadan which is neglected by many people. And it is a month in which an account of the deeds (of human beings) is presented before the Lord of the universe, so, I wish that my deeds be presented at a time when I am in a state of fasting.” Therefore, a Muslim is expected to fast in the month of Sha’ban but it should be noted that, this fasting is expected to commence from the beginning of Sha’ban to the middle of the month. And to use the other part of the month to rest before Ramadan, but those in the habbit of observing Sunnah of Mondays and Thursday fast are allowed to fast. But singling out 15th of Shaban for act of worship such as fast, tahjud, sadaqah etc. with the believe that it has special reward or that on this night the fate or destiny of people is decided etc. are subjected to criticism by Ahlu Sunnah Scholars. eg Sheikh Sayyid Sabiq in Fiqhu Sunnah p.127 said: “it lacks authentic proof.” Also Sheikh Munajih said: “the 15th of Sha’baan is like any other night, and there is no sound report from the Prophet (SAW) to indicate that on this night the fate or destiny of people is decided”. We ask Allah to make us of those who adhere totally to the Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW) inwardly and outwardly.


46 — Vanguard, FRIDAY,

JUNE 22, 2012

By EMMA NNADOZIE, Crime Editor


EN men suspected to be members of a notorious gang that specializes in stealing cables belonging to Power Holding of Nigeria, PHCN; Nigeria Telecommunications Company, NITEL, and CCTV cameras in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, have been rounded up by vigilant Immigration guard duty operatives. The operatives had on Wednesday, June 6, 2012 around 9pm observed suspicious movements in an adjoining gutter/underground tunnel adjacent the residence of the Controller-General of Immigration where some of these cables are laid. Consequently, they launched a search, firing warning shots and pepper spray to force the suspects out of the tunnel.

Officials of the immigration dept Fortunately, ten of the thieves were flushed out from the tunnel and subsequently arrested by the Immigration personnel. However, the story took a different dimension when on interrogation, five of the suspects turned out to be officials of the Immigration department. Crime Alert learnt that concerted efforts made by the suspects to sweep the case under the carpet failed as the guard duty officials insisted on making them pay for their offence. They were subsequently taken to the Immigration headquarters where the controllergeneral ordered that they be paraded without delay to serve as deterrent to others that may toe their nefarious path. While parading the suspects, the Public Relations Officer of Nigeria Immigration Services, Assistant Controller Joachim Olumba, said it was to underscore the determination and utter commitment of Immigra-

•The paraded suspects

End of the road for notorious thieves in Abuja ...Immigration record heavy catch, arrest 10 suspects indigenes of Zamfara State are Abdullahi Abubakar, Musa Ismaila, Salisu Usman, Awwal Musa and Awwal Sani. The

However, the story took a different dimension when on interrogation, five of the suspects turned out to be officials of Immigration department


tion Service towards fighting crime; whether trans-border criminality or other forms of crime. Giving vivid details of how the suspects were arrested, the service spokesman said: “We shall not fold our hands and watch unscrupulous Nigerians undermine efforts of the Federal Government to secure our environment. The names of the five suspects who all claim to be


unfortunate side of the story is the fact that some Immigration personnel on guard duty were implicated as allegedly being part of the vandalizing gang. “In view of the fact that their offence border on economic sabotage, the Controller-General of Immigration has directed that the suspected cable vandals be handed over to the Nigeria Police for further thor-

•Mrs Rose Chinyere, Immigration boss

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012 — 47

!! ! G N I K SHOC

NDLEA recovers N2. 2billion worth of heroin in container



cable ough investigation and prosecution while their alleged collaborators in Nigeria Immigration Service would face immediate Orderly Room Trial. If they are found culpable, they would be dismissed from Service and subsequently handed over to the Police for prosecution.

Eventual action I wish to inform you that we have not paraded the implicated Immigration operatives because the process of their inhouse trial is in progress and you will be duly informed of the findings and the eventual action to be taken against them by the Service. “The Controller-General of Immigration wishes to use this opportunity to warn all Immigration officers and men on the severe implications of indulging in any criminal activity or unprofessional conduct. They will not go unpunished and it could be at the expense of their job. She is also using this medium to advise all Immigration officers and men to avoid aiding and abetting any criminal group or individual as the consequences are severe.”

HE continued presence of operatives of the Na tional Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, at the nation’s seaports, especially the Apapa and Tin Can Island Ports in Lagos State has yielded positive dividends in the nation’s war against drug trafficking. This has put paid to the lingering struggle over patent right to inspect containers at the Apapa and Tin Can Island Ports before final clearance. Recently, the drug agency sounded the alarm that drug barons have resorted to using the sea port in their illicit trafficking of hard drugs after it traced a container load of hard drugs earlier cleared by the Customs at the Tin Can Island Port to a warehouse in Okota, Lagos. The drug which weighed 113.44kgs with street value put at N2.2 billion tested for heroin. The recent alarm followed sequence of cleared containers of drugs at the Tin Can Island port which were later traced and intercepted by anti-narcotic agents. In 2006, a container which was cleared at the same port carrying 14.2 tons of hard drugs said to be cocaine was traced to a warehouse at Orile Iganmu along Lagos/Badagry road and seized. Two foreigners and three Nigerians were arrested.

Seizures byNDLEA operatives In July 2007, another container cleared at the Tin Can Island port carrying had drugs said to be cocaine worth N4 billion was also seized by operatives of NDLEA after the container was cleared from the port. On January 28, 2011, the NDLEA traced another container load of hard drugs after it was cleared from the port to a warehouse where it was intercepted and a large quantity of hard drugs weighing 165kgs was seized. And last May, 28, 2012 the anti-drug agency also traced and seized a 200-foot container load of hard drugs which later tested for heroin to a warehouse after it was cleared from the Tin Can Island port. The street value of the drugs was put at N2.2billion. The seizure was made in collaboration with the British authorities. The container, reports say, was imported from Islamabad, Pakistan in a 20 feet container. The search was conducted at the Ikoyi, Lagos headquarters of the Agency. A total of 109 wraps weighing 113.49kgs of heroin was imported into the country

•The drugs in evidence pouches through the Tin Can Island Port, Lagos. The illicit consignment was cleared from the Tin Can Port but anti-narcotic operatives working on intelligence trailed the container to Okota, Lagos where it was intercepted. This is the first seizure made at the seaport this year by the NDLEA and the estimated street value of the drug is N2.2 billion. So far, the NDLEA said that five arrests have been made and the suspects will soon be charged to court. Chairman of the agency, Ahmadu Giade, who applauded the United Kingdom authorities for sharing intelligence with the Agency said drug barons have resorted to using the seaport because his men have successfully made the airports and other entry points impassable. He said: “We are thankful to the United Kingdom authorities over

•Container with 113.49kg heroin before search

the cooperation that led to the seizure. This operation underscores the importance of collaboration and mutual trust among countries in drug control. High level surveillance was carried out on the container which arrived the Tin Can Island port some months ago.

Criminal trade We shall continue to take away the profit from the criminal trade through prompt seizure of drugs, arrests and prosecution. It is clear that drug barons now fear the use of the airport and other entry points because we have comfortably cordoned off these points. Now that they have changed to using the sea ports, we shall not relent also.” Explaining further, the drug

czar said that drug seizures at the airports are insignificant compared to those seized at the seaports adding that it is a pointer that the presence and activities of his men needed enhancement. He explained the smart manner with which the hard stuff was concealed, adding: “From experience, one drug seizure at the seaport equals what is seized in a year at the airport. The implication is that the capacity of the NDLEA needs to be enhanced through funding, training and provision of logistics. The process of extracting the drugs from the machines took several hours at the Agency’s headquarters, Ikoyi, Lagos. The machines are big and heavy weighing 1,100kg each. It took industrial welders with their cutting machines long time to cut them open for the drug to be recovered.”

Court dissolves marriage over genotype By BARTHOLOMEW MADUKWE


HE five-year-old marriage between a 32-year-old factory assistant, Tunde Oluwadiya and his wife, Ronke, has been dissolved by an Ikorodu Customary court, Lagos, because they have the same genotype, AS. The marriage was dissolved after the president of the court, Mrs. Remilekun Adesanya, noted that all efforts to reconcile the couple proved abortive and directed the husband to pay N4,000 monthly for the feeding of the child as well as the medical and educational allowances of the child. The wife, Ronke, a business woman urged the court to separate them saying: “my husband lied to me that his genotype was AA, but I later discovered that he was AS, while I am also AS. Luckily for us, we had a child that is

AA. I don’t want him again because I don’t want to have a child with the genotype SS.” In another development, a 40 year-old civil servant, Habeeb Idowu, has informed an Oshodi Customary Court in Lagos that his estranged wife of five years, Mutiat, was a serial divorcee, after seeking divorce for the third time. According to the husband “she is a serial divorcee as I am her third husband and she has been jumping from one man to another. She is not content with the standard of living I offered her. I cannot allow my child to grow up with a wayward woman. I want to take up responsibility of my child as I want him to be well-trained.” In his ruling, the Court president, Mrs I.A Olorunnimbe, granted the estranged couple free divorce, saying that it was evident that the couple could no longer remain together, as they

had no more love to sustain the marriage. Granting the custody of the couple’s child to the husband, the court noted that the petitioner had no stable home and source of income to raise the child. The court said: “The court cannot grant the custody of the child to the mother because she has no home as she lives with her 72 year-old mother. We cannot allow the old woman to be burdened with the responsibility of another grandchild because she is already taking care of two children belonging to the petitioner.” However, the petitioner (Mutiat) while seeking for divorce had earlier told the court that her husband was irresponsible, adding that he abandoned her and their child for a long time and did not cater for their needs.

48—Vanguard , FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012

Eket Group seeks Akwa Ibom ticket in 2015


SOCIO-CULTURAL organisation, the New Face of Akwa Ibom, has urged stakeholders in the state to respect the principle of power shift initiated by the former governor, Obong Victor Attah, and support Eket senatorial district in its quest to produce the next governor in 2015. The group said in a statement by its Secretary General, Dominik Umosen, that it was only natural that after other sections of the state rallied to support the Annangs, the second largest group in the state, to produce the governor in 2007, the people of Eket Senatorial District should also be

supported to produce a governor for the first time since the state’s creation 25 years ago. Describing Governor Akpabio as a beneficiary of the power-shift , the group insisted that any deserving aspirant from Eket Senatorial District should be supported to emerge as the next democratically-elected governor of Akwa Ibom in 2015. Umosen said producing the next governor of Akwa Ibom State has been made easy for Eket Senatorial District by virtue of the fact that the current Deputy-Governor, Obong Nsima Ekere hails from Ikot Abasi LGA, an integral part of Eket senatorial district.

Enugu approves N1.2bn for projects


VISIT—From left; Chairman, Wema Bank Plc, Rotn Samuel Bolarinde; Medical Director, Unity Hospitals Group Nigeria Ltd, Lagos, Dr. Michael Obafunso; and Elder Statesman, Chief Doja Adewolu, during a visit on Oba Adedapo Tejuosho by the 2011/2012 District 9110 governor, Rotary International, Rotn Kennedy Ejakpomewhe in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

$620,000: Group calls for implementation of report S the $620,000 bribery scandal involving Mr. Femi Otedola and Farouk Lawan, member of the House of Representatives continue to generate mixed reactions, a group of youths from the Niger Delta region has called for the implementation of the committee’s r e p o r t . The group, Niger Delta Youths Empowerment Front, NDYEF, in a statement signed by its national president and national secretary respectively, Comrade Emma Akpovoka, and Mr. Ebipade Kingsley noted that the country was


heading for doom if the leadership dumped the House report. The statement read: “Nigerians should know that Mr. Otedola, and Farouk Lawan only acted a script allegedly written by Otedola, which was not different from every other movie or drama. “Such can not be bribe as claimed by Otedola, but a free gift willingly offered by Mr. Otedola to Farouk, because bribes are not given in that way in Nigeria, we are in Nigeria, we should not be d e c e i v e d " .

Unijos honours Late Prof Onwuliri OS—THE Senate of the University of Jos yesterday held a valedictory session in honour of Prof. Celestine Onwuliri who died in the recent Dana plane c r a s h . Prof. Hayward Mafuyai, the Vice Chancellor of the university, in his tribute described, Onwuliri who was a one-time acting Vice Chancellor of the University as “a charismatic, dedicated and committed lectur-


e r . ” The Vice Chancellor, who said the deceased joined the services of the University of Jos in 1980 and remained until his demise, added that the late Onwuliri rose through the ranks as a result of hard work. “The professor distinguished himself by the leadership and mentorship that he provided within and outside the academic w o r l d .

Firm to empower barbers with N1m


. GREEN MBADIWE and Sons Limited plans to spend N1 million on barbers during its 20th national competion in Lagos this year. Chief Executive Officer, Chief Ngozi Mbadiwe who made this known at a briefing, said the competion which started in 1992 was aimed at reducing poverty in the country.. C M Y K

Mbadiwe noted that 60 percent of clippers being sold in the country were not only fake but dangerous to the health of Nigerians. According to him, the competition would hold on July 1, at the Syrian Club Lagos, with 24 barbers competing out of over 2,000 who participated during the initial selection stages.

From left: Mr. Tarfa Zibril Aliu and Ms Amina Danesi, both past presidents of Rotary CLub of Ikoyi with Mr. Chike Madueke, Assistant Governor, Rotary District 9110 Nigeria, at the Rotary District Conference.

NUGU—ENUGU State Government has approved over N1.2 billion for various developmental projects in the state, the state Commissioner for Information, Mr Chuks Ugwoke has said. Ugwoke spoke after the State Executive Council, EXCO, meeting at the Government House, Enugu said N1,028,363,031 would be spent on ‘’the procurement of 100,000 pre-paid smart card- water metres from El-Sewedy Electricity c o m p a n y . ’ ’ According to Ugwoke, the introduction of the customer-friendly metres would enhance water supply in the state. He also said the meeting which was presided over by Governor Sullivan Chime earmarked another N153, 398,960 for the provision of infrastructure at the School of Nursing, ESUT Teaching Hospital, Enugu, including the library, administrative offices and three standard classrooms. Others include a 45-seater demonstration room, computers with internet facilities, a hostel and multipurpose hall.

Four feared dead, scores displaced in rainstorm BY JOHNBOSCO AGBAKWURU ALABAR—NO FEW ER than four persons have been confirmed dead while over 26, 000 people displaced as a result of a devastating windstorm that affected eight local government areas in the northern part of Cross River State. Apart from property worth several millions of Naira that was destroyed by the windstorm, over 2,200 public and private houses had their roofs either blown off or completely destroyed. The United Nations International Children Emergency Fund, UNICEF, Desk Officer Mr. Anthony Unoh, and Programme Manager for State Emergency Management Agency, Akpotu-Adesi, conducted newsmen round some of the affected communities. According to them, the affected local government areas include Ikom, Obanliku, Bekwarra, Obudu, Yala, Ogoja, Odukpani and



o k i . They said the disaster prompted Governor Liyel Imoke to invite the Director-General of National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, for neces-

sary assistance to the vict i m s . Students in most of the affected secondary and primary schools were however, studying under trees or shades, with the worst hit

schools being the Secondary Commercial School, Kakwagom, St. Patrick’s Primary school, Kakwagom, and the Bawop Secondary School, all in Boki Local Government Area.

Police arrest 10 in Kano as rival gangs battle for wits BY ABDULSALAM MOHAMMED ANO—KANO State police yesterday arrested 10 members of rival gangs at Gobirawa quarters, Kurna Asabe in the municipality for breach of public peace. The State Police Public Relation Officer, DSP Rilwanu Tanimu, told newsmen that the timely intervention of the police nipped in the bud, what could have been a major battle. Rival gangs struggling for supremacy clashed in a re-


prisal attack over the death of a member on Tuesday. Eyewitnesses told Vanguard that things came to a head yesterday when one of the groups again came under attack at a time the body of its deceased member was being conveyed to the cemetery for interment. Sequel to the ensuing free for all, residents panicked and the attendant’s pandemonium was felt beyond the affected area of the city which explained why the police mobilized quickly to quell the riot. The sources further said

the timely arrival of the police saved the day as nervous residents returned to their houses while commercial activities resumed imm e d i a t e l y . However, the police have assured that the 10 suspects would be charged to court as soon as investigations were completed. The police, however, commended the residents for alerting the command about the incident on time, maintaining that it would continue to act fast to frustrate activities of criminal elements in the society.

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012—49

Describing the president’s action as reflective of an insensitive and confused leadership, the ACN in a statement on Tuesday, said the President ought to have cancelled the trip no matter how important as a symbolic show of solidarity with grieving Nigerians. “Again, we are constrained to ask whether this President is getting quality advice from the myriad of aides surrounding him, or whether, like his benefactor, Olusegun Obasanjo, he has decided he may not even take any advice from his advisers.



Between job and judgement THE President’s decision to embark on an international visit at the time of heightened insecurity in the land raises questions.



HAT President Jonathan decided to visit Brazil in the wake of the escalating crises in Northern Nigeria does not make any difference,” human rights activist, Bamidele Aturu, told Vanguard in his own response to the outrage in some quarters over the President’s trip. What was a surprising response from one of the administration’s trenchant critics was to turn into a blanket condemnation of the present administration’s ways and manners. “His leaving the country does not make any difference because even when he was around the security agencies could really not do anything, so for me, his leaving for an international assignment does not make any difference which is itself, a very sad commentary,” Aturu said last Tuesday. President Jonathan’s departure from Nigeria on Tuesday for a visit to Brazil for an international earth summit was preceded by an unusual announcement of the visit. The announcement was

perceived in some quarters to be a gauge of public opinion on the visit. Only last Sunday the country was thrown into another round of crisis following the bombing of three churches in Zaria and Kaduna. It was a continuation of the almost weekly attacks on churches in Northern Nigeria by the Islamic group, Boko Haram which admitted responsibility for the bombing. Last Sunday ’s bombing, however, stretched the patience of the Christian community in Kaduna, who interpreted the attacks on the churches as a war against their faith. The response was swift leading to more deaths in reprisal attacks that also spurred response from Muslim youth groups. Kaduna was immediately placed under a 24 hour curfew. The following day, Monday, another set of gunmen attacked Damaturu, Yobe State leading to scores of casualties. With tempers raised across the country on Tuesday, President Jonathan alongside his wife and an entourage of governors and high government officials departed for the Earth Summit.

It was an action that drew surprise from many quarters including some Peoples Democratic Party, PDP enthusiasts that are normally defensive of the administration. Some, out of decorum, refused to condemn the action. Remarkably, senior government officials pressed on the issue expressed discomfort that the president may not have been fully briefed on the continuing crisis in the country with one top government official noting that close aides of the president may have hidden the truth of the situation from him.

Opposition kicks Among the president’s critics were the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, civil rights lawyer Bamidele Aturu and members of the House of Representatives. An exception came from Senate Spokesman, Senator Enyinninya Abaribe who said the president may have been compelled to undertake his trip on the basis of international commitments.

Executive aloofness Expressing its condemnation on what it described as irresponsible executive aloofness, the CPC in a statement issued by its National Publicity Secretary, Engr. Rotimi Fashaikin said: “At this time, the Nation’s tranquil atmosphere has been truncated with spate of mindless bombings and general insecurity. It is our considered view that, this is not the propitious time for frivolous travels by the Nation’s President; more so, that the reason for the journey is what a minister of environment can conveniently handle. This latest action by Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is akin to a head of family leaving his home still consumed by a raging inferno but finds it convenient to attend a village meeting on cleanliness of the village square.” The rare exception was from Senator Abaribe who tongue-incheek said, ‘’the senate is not in the habit of running the country, it is a different arm of the government and I believe that if we have international obligations, we must keep to


President Goodluck Jonathan and wife Patience arriving Rio, Brazil last Tuesday.

n other climes, the usual thing is for leaders to cancel foreign trips or rush home from such trips when their countries suffer tragedies. ‘’In April 2010, Chinese President Hu Jintao cut short his Latin American tour and returned home after a strong earthquake hit the west of China; This year, South Sudanese President Salva Kiir returned home early from his visit to China, due to the rising tension along the border of his country with Sudan, and even a phonehacking scandal was enough for British Prime Minister David Cameron to cut short an African trade tour and return.” “Since our own President has not even left Nigeria when these latest tragedies broke, it is inexplicable that he will still hop into a plane with a huge entourage and fly out. He should realise that he is attending the conference because he is the President of Nigeria, not because he is Dr. Jonathan. Therefore, Nigeria’s paramount interest dictates that he stays at home and oversees efforts to prevent the precarious situation in Kaduna from degenerating into an all-out religious war,’’ the party said. The anger was also reflected in the House of Representatives. Rep. Zakari Mohammed told Vanguard that the President’s

effectiveness, he travelled to another country to tell the world about his weakness or his transformation agenda.” Contributing to a debate on the floor of the House on Tuesday, Rep. Femi Gbajabamila, the House minority leader said: “I am taken aback that at a time when the country is under siege Mr. President has travelled to far away Brazil.” Aturu while lamenting the lack of effectiveness of the President’s security measures, said that the President’s presence would not in any way have meant anything, describing it as a sad commentary. Aturu, however, insisted that the President should have stayed put.

It is akin to a head of family leaving his home still consumed by a raging inferno but finds it convenient to attend a village meeting on cleanliness of the village square

action was tantamount to a father, who abandoned his house while it was on fire. He said “he swore to an oath to protect lives and properties of his citizens is this the right time for him to move when his house is on fire. He should be more sensitive to the plight of his people and take the right decision at the right time,” Mohammed, the House spokesman said. Rep. Abiodun Faleke representing Ikeja Federal Constituency in his reaction said, “while his people are being buried for his lack of security

them, the Senate knows that the executive arm has its own responsibility and the Senate has its own responsibility.” In a riposte from Brazil the President while addressing the Nigerian community in that country, flayed his critics for never seeing anything good in his administration. “One of the problems we have is that some Nigerians play politics with everything, but we cannot destroy our country because of personal political ambitions,” the President was reported to have said.

50—Vanguard , FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012


Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012—51



EP. Farouk Lawan’s towering achievements since the return of democratic rule can only be measured by his enduring presence in the nation’s political power circles since 1999. Given his diminutive physical frame, his staying power in the House of Representatives for four straight terms could only be traced to his mental capacities. So, what Lawan lacks in terms of physical size he has more than been compensated with in his intellectual capacities. It is no surprise that at difficult times he was usually a rallying point in times of power conflict in the House. When in 2002, Speaker Ghali Na‘Abba and his troops in the House decided to battle President Olusegun Obasanjo ahead of the 2003 general elections, it was an easy decision for them to pick Lawan as the face of the battle. Lawan who was until then Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Inter-Parliamentary Affairs was appointed Chairman of the Committee on Information making him the House spokesman. A former lecturer C M Y K


The disintegration of Mr. Integrity

given to oratory, Lawan became a spoiler to the image of the then President. When that year the House of Representatives compiled the impeachable offences of President Obasanjo, Lawan as the House spokesman was all about showcasing to the nation why President Obasanjo should be shown the way out. When in response to the Supreme Court judgment that annulled the then revenue allocation formula Obasanjo applied an executive order for the purpose of sharing the federation account, Rep. Lawan summoned House reporters to add one more offence to the then already overflowing constitutional breaches of Mr. President. The sight of the pint-sized Lawan engaging a former General in battle must have excited many. But then even among many associates and onlookers, Rep. Lawan’s trustworthiness was a little problem. Many wondered why after the dirt he poured on President Obasanjo that the wily grandees in the PDP still found a spot for him to return to the House when almost all others on the side of

Na‘Abba were shown the way out in the 2003 election. Where folks like Speaker Na‘Abba were allowed to pick the PDP ticket, the PDP inevitably worked against their return to the House in the main election. Remarkably, in the 2003 leadership contest Obasanjo preferred a submissive Aminu Masari to Lawan. Indeed, when the former President visited the National Assembly later in 2003 to present his budget proposals for 2004 and strictly warned the legislators not to adopt the manners of Na‘Abba and his associates, Lawan did not really say much. They were now buddies.

Anti third term camp Lawan could accommodate Obasanjo so long as he still had political dreams. The office of speaker was one such dream that he had had since 1999 when he battled Salisu Buhari and others for that office. Lawan, however, broke his détente with Obasanjo during the third term fiasco as he rallied to the Anti-Third Term camp. But then the leaders of the Anti-Third Term group for one reason or the other did not gel

with him. So, he was not brought into the leadership of the group. With the re-zoning of the office of the Speaker to the Southwest in 2007, Lawan turned into a kingmaker and was faithful to Obasanjo’s interest in the enthronement of Madam Patricia Etteh as speaker. Whatever happened between Lawan and Madam Speaker remains a matter of conjecture. There are tales of broken promises one of which was that Etteh failed to deliver the Chair of the House Committee on Appropriation to Lawan. Willynilly, Lawan and other foes of Madam Speaker spotted a proposal of about N50 million to renovate the Speaker ’s residence and then the Integrity Group was born with Lawan as Leader. The Integrity Group hounded Etteh out of office. But then when the leadership that succeeded did the renovation at multiple the amount proposed by Etteh, the group and Lawan did not see any foible. Besides his politicking in the House, Lawan is a consummate legislator. As Chairman of the House Committee on Education, he alongside his Senate

counterparts, especially Senator Joy Emodi, was instrumental to the restoration of sanity in the nation’s educational system. After the inauguration of the present House and the Speakership passed over him, Lawan settled down to routine legislative duties, perhaps preparing resources and rhetoric that would set him on his next political endeavour: The governorship of Kano State. Whether his political enemies in Kano set him up or he was just being naïve is an issue that would be much discussed in years to come. But what is clear is that in its bid to project itself as a caring branch of government, the Tambuwal House sought out its finest for the Ad-Hoc Committee on Subsidy Management. So, it was to Lawan the House leadership fixed its eyes on to head the panel. But the story of Rep. Lawan receiving marked dollar notes in form of bribe is a fragmentation of the character and conscience of a man Nigerians have these years enrobed as Mr. Integrity. Certainly not the sharp and skillful legislator the nation had been accustomed to. It remains a dream!

52—Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012

Mystique of ‘oil money' and a tale of deepening poverty dynasty and bear the title of Emir of Ilorin. I crave the indulgence of my readers for a relevant diversion from the main topic which touches on the embarrassment caused by the abject poverty in a country naturally endowed with oil and gas. Nigeria (including all states) derives more than 80 per cent of its total income from the sale of oil and gas. For the purpose of our logical argument, `Oil Money` is assumed to be clean unless it is proved to be badly used,improperly managed or wasted. The evidence of usage of oil money could be seen in the development of economic infrastructures and the standard of living of ordinary Nigerians. Based on these factors, the evidence is less edifying. Perhaps, a serious indictment of oil policy was noticed in the casual remarks of American Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton during her visit to Nigeria. The American could not understand why Nigeria as one of the world`s greatest

producers of gas and oil should at the same time be an importer of refined petroleum products. Her remarks were either laughed off or dismissed as


I WAS taken aback a bit, saddened but not depressed, when one of those commenting on my last week`s article on Who Will Save Nigeria wrote bluntly, `Nigeria is cursed with oil` and `No One Can Save Nigeria`. I must confess that my acquaintances with `CURSE` of any kind would be through reading books on witches in Medieval Europe and that witches would curse their tormentors. At that period, death by burning was the punishment for witchcraft. The other curse I discovered through a peep into Yoruba mythology was that of Alaafin Aole of old Oyo Ile before he committed suicide through insinuations by his chiefs led by Bashorun Gaa. The unfortunate Alaafin was reported to have shot four arrows in four different directions and said, `as you have disobeyed me, so may all your children disobey you. May they never carry out successfully any errand in which you may send them, may those who are their slaves now become their masters`. After the curse, Alaafin Aole was reported to have broken the earthenware bowl of water. He concluded that, `a broken calabash can be mended but broken earthenware cannot be mended. As it is with the bowl, so let my curse be irrevocable`. Though many people do not believe in myths, but a reconstruction of some aspects of Yoruba history tends to support the potency of the Alaafin Aole`s curse. The Fulani troops that sacked OyoIle were not soldiers from Sokoto, the seat of the Caliphate, but assault groups made up of slaves and modern day area boys under the leadership of Alimi, a religious teacher whose children later established the existing Alimi

facilitate the importation of products of which it is one of the most copious producers? The argument is that the country could not produce at home the quantity of products needed for the domestic market and had to resort to importation. It is now a question of the seller becoming, at the same time, a buyer. Is it a curse, lack of vision or calculated attitude leading to corruption? It was reported recently that the Federal Government said it would stop the importation of refined petroleum products within the next 24 months, after `it was done with the turnaround maintenance (TAM) of its traditional four refineries, which first phase has commenced with the Port Harcourt refinery`. This would sound strange for a government which promises the deregulation of the downstream sector of the oil industry in its argument on

The problem of the past is in the inability of political leaders in governments to manage oil revenue well for the development of the economy and the general well being of the people

meddlesomeness by the jokers(rulers) at the time. It was during the recent debate on oil subsidy removal that Nigerians awoke to the reality that a sum of about N2 trillion had been sunk into the subsidy valley. The propriety of such action and the correctness of the subsidy figures are still subject of enquiry. What is sure is that oil money badly utilized could be a source and catalyst of immense corruption. How could a serious nation create a gigantic bureaucracy to


subsidy removal. With this announcement of continuous importation of petroleum products, the sincerity of government`s intention to remove its control of the downstream sector is in serious doubt. It looks as if innovation as a virtue has deserted the Executive or it is not there in the first instance. There is no doubt that the use to which oil revenue or the proverbial `oil money`is put is the cause of many problems of the country. It has sharpened the acquisitive instincts of many

Power play in Adamawa Assembly BY UMAR YUSUF


HE 25 member House of Assembly in Adamawa State dominated by the Peoples Democratic Party PDP has had a remarkable adventure in the past one year since its inauguration. The PDP has an overwhelming majority with 21 members, while the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN has three with the Congress for Progressive Change , CPC having only one seat. But despite the dominance of the ruling party in the assembly that is also dominated by newcomers, internal squabbles and conflicts with the executive arm are not lacking. Dissent within the House, led to the impeachment of the duo of Ibrahim Sadiq and Mrs. Wale Fwa respectively from the posts of Speaker and Deputy Speaker. C M Y K

Fwa, remarkably was the first female to hold the position of the Deputy Speaker in the House since the enthronement of the democracy in the country. The erstwhile speaker and his deputy were impeached for alleged incompetence. They were replaced by Ahmed Umaru Fintiri as speaker and Kamoti La’ori as his deputy. The change of baton in the legislative arm, however, did not go down well with the executive arm. Prolonged negotiations between the governor and the legislators did not lead to anything and the governor stuck to his guns not to recognize Fintiri as speaker. The face off led to the closure of the House and the gates were for most of December locked up. The closure of the House was still on when the Supreme Court ruled on the tenure case which Governor Murtala

Nyako and his then gubernatorial colleagues lost leading to the installation of Nyako’s foe, Fintiri as Acting Governor! As Acting Governor, Fintiri, after some equivocation came out to support Nyako’s election.

Remarkably since Nyako’s victory in the February 24 election and his inauguration a semblance of cordiality has returned to the relationship between the two branches of government.

*Ahmed Fintiri: Speaker, Adamawa State Huose of Assembly

public figures, it has caused politics to become a monetary phenomenon, it has created the avenues to steal by governors, ministers and also the legislators to demand bribes for their oversight duties. Monetary politics continues to hinder free and fair elections and peaceful removal of bad governments. Improper use of oil money therefore, has become an avenue for corruption and stealing of public funds. It has also allowed many bad Nigerians to amass wealth unjustifiably, and has bred envy and insurgency. The problem of the past is in the inability of political leaders in governments to manage oil revenue well for the development of the economy and the general well being of the people. The free flow of funds during the oil boom was channeled through wasteful expenditure on ostentatious and riotous living. Import bills were loaded with fictitious figures to drain the increasing oil revenue. The pity was that no serious minds thought of the proper use of oil money to improve economic infrastructure and the general living condition of the people. After thirteen years of democratic experience, the problems are still there – unemployment, poor standard of living, hunger, anger, killing, maiming, stealing and kidnapping. All in the search for share in the oil revenue.

Economic growth Perhaps the present leadership would have learnt from the mistakes of the past by focusing on the use of oil money as the necessary agents of economic growth and political unity. It is a wrong policy to distribute oil money lavishly to all the tiers of government for the glorification of their recurrent budgets while leaving paltry percentage to capital development. The change of attitude by all will need constitutional amendments or agreements by all parties to reduce expenditure on frivolities and enhance spending on developing economic infrastructure. There should be a way to find funds to execute programs to stimulate the economy to greater heights and also promote political stability which is based on general happiness of the people. It is a pity that many Nigerians are yet to believe that a radical government is in place and that oil money would be a blessing in an environment of tightening monetary policy and unfavorable fiscal stance in respect of mass unemployment. Neither will political stability pervade under the condition of winning elections at all costs and winners-take-all concept of the present ruling parties. Sms only 07059197616

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012—53

54—Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012

to Lagos Island during the period to avoid the Third Mainland Bridge and make use of alternative routes. The closure, he explained, would guarantee the safety of lives and property of Lagosians during the repair. Possible alternatives: Although there has been no word either from the state or Federal authorities on the possible alternatives, if the bridge is eventually closed, ferry, helicopter and train services may become alternative means of transportation for many people moving in and out of the Lagos Island. This will, however, mean Photo: Bunmi Azeez that the Lagos State Government might have to construct road has been in need of repair emergency jetties where pasfor a while, but that can not naturally cause us to shrug off the sengers could board ferries on daunting fact that traffic in La- some of the 10 abandoned gos will be greatly affected, and routes in the state. The abandoned routes include workers will have to start getthe Marina-Ikorodu, Marinating up earlier than usual. Mile 2 and Marina-Aja. Only hen the last repairs were the Marina-Apapa route is curcarried out last year, rently operational. But the truth stakeholders held a meeting on is that the reactivation of the jetthe proposed closure. It was ties could not be achieved in learnt that the Lagos State Gov- less than a month. Another posernment objected to the closure sibility is for the Nigerian Railof the bridge during the meet- way Corporation to increase its ing to map out ways to ease the number of mass transit trains in traffic chaos that might arise Lagos. thereafter. At that meeting it was said Train that the state government offi- services cials told representatives of the The NRC currently runs three Federal Government that the state lacked resources and in- train services in the mornings frastructure to deal with the and three in the evenings. likely traffic crisis that might While two from Ijoko and Agarise as a result of the planned bado head for Iddo, the third train takes off from Iddo to Agclosure. The Lagos State Commission- bado with stop stations at Ebute er for Transport at the time, Prof. Meta, Yaba, Mushin, Oshodi, Bamidele Badejo, confirmed the Ikeja, Agege and Agbado.. The morning services begin at state’s position then. Badejo was quoted as saying “There is 7am and in the evenings at a committee working with the 4pm. Helicopter companies in Federal Ministry of Transporta- Lagos can also benefit from the closure of the bridge by comtion." The first total traffic diversion mencing “awareness flights” to on the 11.8-kilometre bridge and from Lagos Island. But the took place on Sunday, August key snag here will be affordabil31, 2008, when concrete works ity. For example, the OAS Heon two of the four defected joints licopters in Maryland, Lagos, were done. According to Ibirog- provides only charter services ba, the total traffic diversion while a charter flight on its would deny motorists access to eight-passenger helicopter to the bridge. He, therefore, ad- the Island costs N377,000, invised motorists intending to go cluding Value Added Tax.

Third Mainland Bridge to be shut from July 1 •Closure to last for four months

•Lagos' Third Mainland Bridge, be shut for repairs BY LEKE ADESERI, South West Regional Editor & BOSE ADELAJA


HE third mainland bridge in Lagos will be closed to traffic for repairs in four months starting from July 1, 2012. The first signals for the proposed closure came through several banners hung in strategic places that show that maintenance works would be carried out on the all-important bridge from July 1 to Nov 6, 2012. But yesterday, Lagos State Commissioner for Information, Lateef Ibirogba, confirmed the development and said plans are in top gear for provision of alternative routes. He also said there will be proper information and education for Lagosians on how to move throughout the period of closure. The commissioner said Lagosians are in for a good deal as Lagos State Traffic Management Agency, LASTMA, officials and all other stakeholders will work hand in hand to ensure orderliness to avoid chaos on Lagos roads throughout the period. Within this period, commuters have been advised to take alternative routes. Citizens concern: The state of the Lagos Third Mainland Bridge is no news, as many people ply that bridge with their hearts in their mouths, because of its deplorable state. Many calls have been made by Nigerians for the bridge to

be repaired, but prior to this time, only minor repair works were done on it. The latest move may have been informed by the increasing fear for lives and property. There are indications that some of the minor maintenance works have started at the time of this report. Lagosians seem not to be convinced that the closure of the bridge is due to maintenance alone. This is because the period of closure seems like a rather long period.


is the longest bridge in Africa. The bridge starts from Oworonshoki which is linked to the Apapa-Oshodi express way and Lagos-Ibadan express way, and ends at the Adeniji Adele Interchange on Lagos Island. There is also a link midway through the bridge that leads to the Herbert Macaulay Way, Yaba. It was built by Julius Berger Nigeria PLC and opened by former military President Ibrahim Babangida in 1990. It measures about 11.8km in length.

If the bridge is eventually closed, ferry, helicopter and train services may become alternative means of transportation for many people moving in and out of the Lagos Island


Some believe that it is a tactic to decongest the bridge. It would be recalled that some reports say the Boko Haram sect marked out Lagos and Ibadan for their next strike. There is fear over the pain and hardship the closure will cause as the Third Mainland Bridge is a major traffic route for people going to Victoria Island, Ikoyi and many other parts of Lagos State. The Third Mainland Bridge is the longest of three bridges connecting Lagos Island to the mainland, the other two being the Eko and Carter bridges. It

Previous closures: The bridge was shut last on Sunday, October 16, 2011 when there were reports that it was vibrating, indicating that it needed urgent attention. Remedial work was then carried out on the failed portions of the bridge. Before then there have were rumours of cracks on the bridge. This, however, was vehemently denied by authorities. However, it seems there is now a final determination to rectify the situation by closing the bridge for about four months. It has always been known that the


Vanguard , FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012—55

56—Vanguard , FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012

Vanguard CLASSIFIED ADENIYI—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Adeniyi Ponmile Mary, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Oloruntobi Abiodun Mary. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note. ODINKEMEREI, formerly known and addressed as Miss Ugonma Odinkemere, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Ugonma Ejikeme. All former documents r e m a i n valid.General public please take note.

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UTANEKWA- I, formerly known and addressed as Mr. Benjamin Utanekwa Okolie, now wish to be known and addressed as Mr. Benjamin David Okolie. All former documents remain valid.Lagos State University (LASU), Ojo,Department of Human Resource Mansgement and general public please take note.

ORDINAIRUKA- I, formerly known and addressed as Mr. Ordinairuka Cyriacus Nnakwe, now wish to be known and addressed as Mr. Ordinairuka Jude Egejuru. All former documents remain valid.The OSL, G4S Securicor,SGC/NGTL Escravos, Diamond Bank, Access Bank, IBTC Pension Fund and general public please take note.

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EZENWA— We, formerly known and addressed as Mrs. Ezenwa Anulika Nwadiogo and Miss Ezenwa Kamsiyochukwu Latoya, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Ezekwueche Nwadiogo Anuli and Miss Ezekwueche Kamsiyochukwu Latoya. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

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Confirmation of Name This is to confirm that the name Osaroh Nicholas Onoriode, refers to one and the same person as Osaroh Onos Nicholas Onoriode, now wish to be known and addressed as Osaroh Onos Nicholas Onoriode. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

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Confirmation of Name This is to confirm that the name Tsola Eyegbaghanren, refers to one and the same person as Omatsola Oyegbanren, now wish to be known and addressed as Omatsola Oyegbanren. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.


58—Vanguard , FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012—59

The marriage of the moon and the Eiffel Tower - Paris, Oct. 2010

•The Hornman of Benue, in Paris - Oct. 2010

A weekend to celebrate Sunmi Smart-Cole


UNDREDS of friends and exhibition of lovers of art will gather tomor- his works in row afternoon at the popular social cen- black and tre, Harbour Point, in Victoria Island white- that to celebrate high society persona and is, photograace photographer, Sunmi Smart-Cole, phy in art •Sunmi Smart-Cole at the presentation of his latest book form. Wole Soyinka wrote the forward to the “Sunmi’s Lens- medium between man and nature” side by side with a photo book. Above are some of Sunmi’s works:

Remembering Angela Onyeador TRIBUTE By MCPHILIPS NWACHUKWU


S unsettling as the news of death of one of Nigeria’s greatest socialites and culture promoters, Angela Onyeador is, one thing that can not be unsettled in the minds of those who knew her is her infectious magnetic aura and captivating presence. Ms Onyeador was a brand figure of the best tradition and a classic epitome of class, beauty, brain and entrepreneurship. As a self appointed cultural ambassador of her time, Onyeador, who was known and seen by many of her huge admirers as a full fledged member of the upscale society, was surprisingly at each point in time, spotted even in the midst of her so called upscale company spotting on well designed African fabrics dressed perfectly to match with her own re-invented classic African her style. Her dress sense whether seen in Nigeria or abroad singled her out as one of the finest dressers of the African brand and when she cared to go English, she dressed in the best English sense with the de- •Angela Onyeador cency of African finesse. Sister-in-law to late Igbo leader and General of the Peoples Army, General Odumegwu Ojukwu, Ms Onyeador’s colossal influence covered the areas of beauty promotion and arts development. As a beauty consultant, she was said to have been instrumental to Nigeria’s participation in the well respected Miss World beauty pageant during the era of Agbani Darego as Miss Nigeria. As an art promoter, Ms Onyedor was one of the most committed entrepreneurs, who saw possibilities in the development of Nigerian visual arts. Her love for art, which

derived from the kind of classic education that she got from Queens College, Lagos and the University College, London propelled her to protect with all deserving energy the not so much appreciated intellectual culture of music and arts. As a lover of music and arts, she was known to have promoted African visual arts, music and hairstyle as a way of helping to project the continent in a very positive manner against the background of western negative interpretations. As an avid collector of arts, she was said to have collected over 200 hundred artistic pieces from different parts of Africa, which still adorn her private collections. To cap it all, she founded the gallery, African Foundation of the Arts, AFA, where emerging and established artists showcased their creativity for public viewings. By way of biographical reading of the eventful life of late Ms Onyeador, it can be rightly said that her place of birth played important roles in the kind of engagements that she immersed herself in. Her native home town of Arochukwu is a town with fascinating history. It is on record that the Aros as the indigenes are described, offered one of the strongest oppositions against colonial inquest into Nigeria, and especially into the Igbo heart land. When many parts of the ancient kingdoms of Nigeria had bowed to the subduing power of colonial force, the Aros were said to be the last to be defeated. It is a place of rich history, culture and religion. The image of Long juju of Arochukwu still looms large in the imagination of those who know about Aro history and in the discourse of slavery and slave trade for which the juju was alleged to have played mysterious roles in its facilitations. It is, therefore, not surprising that it was from this proud and historic nation, if I may use the term, that the powerful cell that produced this rare and glamorous gem emerged. Angela, therefore, by birth, vocation and avocation was an epitome of a great tradition. A tradition that respected power, dominance, beauty and entrepreneurship. She lived well, socialised well and leaves behind lingering memories. Good night, Angela.

60 —

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012

Drug supplier is like a spirit, Ogba reveals BY ONOCHIE ANIBEZE


THLETICS Federa tion of Nigeria officials are still celebrating the arrest of a man they say has been behind the doping of many of Nigerian athletes for more than a decade. The man was arrested about 6pm Wednesday in one of the offices at the U J Esuene Stadium during Nigeria’s Athletics Olympics trials. He was using one of the offices reserved for physiotherapy here. ” Most of the Nigerian athletes who have tested positive have always mentioned his name and we have been searching for him for years,” Dr Ken Anugweje said. Anukwuje, the current NUGA Chairman is also of the Medical Committee of AFN. The suspect’s name was given as simply Chimezie by one of the athletes who just tested positive to steroid in AFN’s Golden League in Warri three weeks

ago. Dr. Anukwueje has recalled that many of Nigerian athletes who tested positive to doping fingered him and said he always told them he was administering vitamin and that they would never be caught. ”This man is like spirit. Any time we close up on him he disappears. He comes for almost all athletics events but he ran out of luck this time around. IAAF will be happy that we have made this catch,” AFN President Solomon Ogba said yesterday. ”What I saw in the man’s bag was unbelievable. I found drugs I have never seen in my life, the types I only read about in books and on internet,” Dr. Anukweje said, adding “he is well equipped with laptop which contains a lot of information. I’m happy the police took the laptop and his phone because particulars of his clients will be there.” The man is said to own a chemist shop in Mushin, Lagos

Okocha, Keshi, Rufai, others lace boots for Oshiomhole OP Nigerian football stars including Austin “Jay-Jay” Okocha, Stephen Keshi, Peter Rufai among others are billed to showcase their skills at the Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium on Sunday, July 1 in support of the second term bid of Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State. In a statement issued by the Association of Professional Footballers of Nigeria (APFON),


Latics offer Moses double deal


PRINTER Obinna Metu is living large, after completing a double and running his best ever time at the All Nigeria/ Cross River Championships. Metu clocked 10.11 seconds in the 100m and 20.91 secs to reclaim his reputation that took a battering over the years. Metu revealed in Cal-

abar that he has woken up to achieve his full potentials after many years of being a half man in the world of track and field. He rightly proved this, when he smoked a strong field in the final of the men’s 100m decided on Wednesday. The Enugu-born Metu revealed that he decided to ‘kill himself ’ with training to bring out his

Okagbare hits N2m jackpot with 6.97m leap Continues from B/P able to meet the set standard with the distance that made the A standard of the Olympics. She had won the women 100m in a photo finish, but here on the pit she totally outclassed her opponents. It was her personal best in the event, in which she won bronze at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. Also in the men’s long jump Stanley Gbagbeke recorded his personal best with a jump of 8.21m, just shy of the long standing 8.27m mark set

by Yusuf Alli in the 1987. In the men’s 200m decided yesterday, Obinna Metu confirmed his status as Nigeria’s best sprinter when he posted 20.91seconds to make it a double. Noah Akwu finished second with 20.98, while Elvis Ukale placed third with 21.28seconds. Loretta Ozoh won the women’s200m with 22. 73. She denied Gloria Asumnu the chance to win her first race in Nigeria, Asumnu finished 22.89 seconds, while Christy Udoh placed third with 22.91.

IGAN are ready to double Victor Moses’ wages to keep him out of Chelsea’s clutches. But the forward expects to be sold to the highest bidder this summer. Moses, 21, has one year left on his £18,000a-week deal after joining from Crystal Palace for £2.5million in 2010. And Latics chairman Dave Whelan said: “We’ve made him a very good offer involving a doubling of his wages over three years.


CLOSE CALL ••• Regina George (left) beats Omolara Omotosho in women's 400, foma; at the CRS All Open in Calabar. Photo: Sylva Eleanya.

Metu: I have awaken the giant in me BY BEN EFE

signed by ex-Green Eagles Player, Austin Popo, the Association noted that the match will feature ex-International footballers against their Edo State counterparts. According to the release, “it is the opinion of the Players’ Union that it is only a striker who has not scored goals during the course of a football match in the first half that can be substituted during the half time.

best as he approches the twilight of his athletics career. “I am back to my best. In fact my best is yet to come, 10.11 is not my final race bus stop it is just the beginning. “I have been changing coaches and training with the wrong programme. This is why I didn’t realise my potentials”. He said that the training stint he had in the USA with coach Innocent Egbunike and the wise counsel of his local coach Uchenna Emedolu, has brought him back to reck-

oning. He added that his main rival Ogho-Oghene Egwero gave him the push to achieve the time, which is the fastest time in Africa this season. “Egwero is a good athlete. He has been a real challenge for me. But it is my wish that more athletes should come up with good times. I want us to be like the Jamaicans and the Americans. Coach Egbunike said Metu simply decided to re-order his priorities.

Italian politician sparks Balotelli race row Continues from B/P Ciani, from the Future and Liberty party, captioned the picture in reference to claims the 21year-old elbowed Irish player Richard Dunne before launching a foulmouthed rant at Italy’s management team. The 51-year-old wrote: “He commits a foul worthy of a red card, scores then unleashes a verbal onslaught against the bench forcing them to shut him up. This clown

should go and work in the fields.” Ciani has since been accused of blatant racism. His comment came after the UEFA launched an investigation against Croatian fans for throwing bananas at Balotelli and aiming monkey chants at him. Before the tournament, Balotelli — who was born in Italy to Ghanaian immigrant parents — had vowed to walk off if he suffered race abuse in the finals.

“It’s down to whether the lad listens to sense or his agent.” Nigerian international Moses said: “I’ve heard a lot of offers are on the table. Wigan have the final say but, for me, the highest bidder would take the day. But right now I’m a Wigan man.” Everton ace Victor Anichebe is being lined up as a replacement. The 24-year-old has made 85 appearances from the bench, a club record, and the chance of regular football will appeal to the £6millionrated striker.

Seedorf looks to life beyond Milan Continues from B/P in his career. The veteran midfielder is out of contract with the Rossoneri outfit and will not sign an extension with the club he joined ten years ago from arch-rivals Inter. “I leave a family,” Seedorf said. “I will think about my future tomorrow.I would like to thank (club) president Silvio Berlusconi, (club administrator Adriano) Galliani and those that work at Milanello. “I have spent half of my career at Milan and I only took the decision to leave the club recently. I am very saddened because this is like a family but I will continue my career in another team. “I want to try to have a new experience because the time has come for a change, although I will always remember my

years spent playing here.” Seedorf, the only player to have won the UEFA Champions League four times and with three different clubs: Ajax in 1995, Real Madrid in 1998 and Milan in 2003 and 2007 - is a reported target of several teams, but the Dutchman insists he has yet to make a decision regarding his future destination. He has been linked with Brazilian club Botafogo and Premier League side Tottenham while Seedorf has also received offers from Major League Soccer clubs, the United Arab Emirates and China. “I have received a lot of offers even if I am 36 and I have to seriously evaluate many things,” he said. “Money has never been an issue and I will speak to my family before making a decision.”

Vanguard , FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012—61

62—Vanguard , FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012

Vanguard, FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2012—63


Italian politician sparks Balotelli race row

Okagbare hits N2m jackpot with 6.97m leap

— Page 63

…As Metu wins 200m BY BEN EFE, Calabar

Fake ... Ciani posted controversial picture mock-up of Balotelli working in field

LESSING Okag bare saved the best for the last in the women’s long jump when she leapt 6.97m on the final day of the All Nigeria/ Cross River Championships. The Athletics Federation of Nigeria had staked N2m jackpot for all the events, but it was only Okagbare that was


ARIO Balotelli is at the centre of a race row — after an Italian councillor posted a Facebook picture of the soccer star working in fields as an immigrant worker. Right-wing local politician Paolo Ciani mocked up the image showing the Manchester City striker in his Italian shirt and bending over to pluck cabbages. In Italy, many immigrants from Africa or South America graft as vegetable harvesters amid numerous complaints over their working conditions — including the searing heat. Continues on Page 60


Continues on Page 60

Nesiama is AFN’s Technical Director


AVY Captain Omatseye Nesiama was last night named the new Technical Director of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria. He replaces late Sunday Bada. TODAY'S

RIDING HIGH ••• Okagbare

Seedorf looks to life beyond Milan C

LARENCE Seedorf has bid AC Milan and Italy a fond farewell as he prepares to embark on a new challenge Continues on Page 60

Euro Q/final fixtures Today: Germany v Greece 7:45pm Tomorrow: Spain v France 7:45pm June 24: England v Italy 7:45pm •Seedorf

Drug supplier is like a spirit, Ogba reveals — P.60




ANSWERS ACROSS 1 Sudden (6) 5 Rushed (4) 8 Wrath (5) 9 Coach (3) 10 Minus (4) 11 Choose (4) 12 Located (5) 13 Emanated (6) 16 Adroit (4) 18 Cupid (4) 20 Through (3) 22 Observe (3) 23 Performed (3) 24 Manufactured (4) 25 Shut up (4) 28 Occupier (6) 30 Centre (5) 32 Vacant (4) 33 Parched (4) 34 Immerse (3) 35 God (5) 36 Regretted (4) 37 Collect (6)

DOWN 1 Although (6) 2 Opposed (8) 3 Tugged (6) 4 Compelling (9) 5 Cut (7) 6 Poke (4) 7 Donkey (3) 14 Hopeless (9) 15 Seed-case (3) 17 Charge (3) 19 Obscenity (8) 20 Cushion (3) 21 Ebbed (7) 26 Offer (6) 27 Coma (6) 29 Finished (4) 30 Conceal (4) 31 Attempt (3)

YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS ACROSS: 3, Weird 9, Rioter 10, Erasing 11, Tamed 12, Vein 15, Once 17, Excused 20, Old 21, Doing 23, Case 25, Duct 26, Enter 28, Sty 30, Decreed 33, Team 35, Dare 36, Human 38, Airmen 39, Totter 40, Renew.

How to Play Sudoku


DOWN: 1, Crave 2, Topic 3, Wet 4, Erased 5, Reek 6, Dad 7, Piano 8, Olgled 13, Execute14, Nurse 16, Clutter 18, Dozed 19, And 22, Guard 24, End 27, Relate 28, Steam 29, Yearn 31, Earth 32, Decry 34, Dune 36, Her 37, Now.


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