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Army has 59 new Generals .8 •Pg

YA K O WA — Fr o m Left: Mrs Titi Atiku Abubakar; Mrs Amina Ibrahim Yakowa with son Jatau and Benedicta Yakowa at the Christian Wake Keep for Late Yakowa at Government House, Kaduna, yesterday. Photo:Olu Ajayi.



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We escaped death by whiskers — Gowon, Maku •Say it was an accident, God's will •Service chiefs, IG pay condolence visit to Azazi's widow •We are yet to be officially informed — Co-pilot's family •It's not true, we've done what is needed — CDS



AFANCHAN – FORMER Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon (rtd) and Minister of Information, Mr Labaran Maku, yesterday, relived events preceding the take off of the ill-fated Navy helicopter that crashed last Saturday in Bayelsa State, killing former Kaduna State Governor, Mr Patrick Yakowa and former Na-

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Mr & Mrs

CONDOLENCE—From Left: Admiral Ola Sa`Ad Ibrahim, Chief of Defence Staff; Mrs Alero Azazi, widow; daughter, and Mr. Mohammed Abubakar, Inspector-General of Police during a condolence visit to late General Azazi's family, yesterday, in Lagos.

2 — Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012


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4 — Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012


Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012—5


WAKE-KEEP FOR YAKOWA—Vice President Namadi Sambo; his wife, Hajiya Amina and Dame Amina Yakowa, wife of late Governor Patrick Yakowa, during the Wake-keep of the late governor in Kaduna, yesterday.

Navy chopper crash: We escaped death by whiskers — Gowon, Maku Continues from page 1 tional Security Adviser, General Andrew Azazi and four others. They said they escaped death by the whiskers as they

were scheduled to board the ill-fated helicopter. General Gowon who spoke in Kafanchan, 200km, south of Kaduna




HERE are certain things that happen in peo ple’s lives that are decided by the invisible hand of God; believe in the Almighty and let Him decide the way of your life.


We don’t realize that, somewhere within us all, there does exist a supreme self who is eternally at peace —Elizabeth Gilbert


O attain inner peace, Ramon Sasson, a moti vation speaker and writer says we should learn not to take everything too personal. Some emotional and mental detachment are desirable. Try to view your life and other people with a little detachment and less involvement. Detachment is not indifference, lack of interest nor coldness. It is the ability to think and judge impartially and logically. Don’t worry if again and again you fail to manifest detachment. Just keep trying. Let bygones be gone. Forget the past and concentrate on the present moment. There is no need to evoke unpleasant memories and immerse yourself in them. Practice some concentration exercises. This will help you to reject unpleasant thoughts and worries that steal away your peace of mind. Find quiet moments to connect with your higher self, to connect with the Divine. Even a few minutes a day will make a change in your life. Inner peace ultimately leads to external peace. By creating peace in our inner world, we bring it into the external world, affecting other people.

town, during a Special Service Session to mark the 50th birthday of Apostle Emmanuel Nuhu Kure, of Throneroom Ministry, insisted that the incident was a mere accident, contrary to insinuations that it was planned to eliminate some people. Meanwhile, Kagoma village, about 230km, South of Kaduna town, in Jema’a Local Government Area, where Yakowa was born, and would be buried today, is set to receive an unprecedented number of visitors, including President Jonathan Goodluck. General Gowon in his speech recalled how he missed the tragic flight in the Naval Helicopter last Saturday. Gowon said: “As we were with the aide of the President to pay our condolence, they were arranging a Navy Helicopter to take us to Yenagoa (with Yakowa). But, another Helicopter was arranged for me and five others. And that was it.

It was an accident — Gowon “So when I heard about

this accident, it really pained me. And I want to say, well, you can never tell with some of these things. It was an accident. Don’t read any meaning to it. Don’t say that it is planned to get rid of some people or something like that. “It was an accident, yes it was an accident. There was this young Pilot of the Helicopter, who came to me after another helicopter was found for us, and he said to me, ‘sir, but I was to take you to Yenagoa, as part of my duty today’. And I said to him, ‘don’t worry, there will be another time. I really hope I will have the pleasure of flying with you again. “These were nice innocent people. Something, probably mechanical, went wrong to have caused the accident. So it was not a plan to get rid of the Governor for whatever reason people want to guess. “When, last Sunday, I saw the Governor (Ramalan Yero), who was newly sworn, I said , ‘I hope you will continue with the good work that your late governor was doing. It was the two of you that were doing the work. You were working

to bring peace to Kaduna State. I hope you will do something about this madness alluded to Boko Haram, which, unfortunately is being alluded to Muslims “If Boko Haram are Muslims, then they are not the Muslims that I have worked with over the years. So don’t just blame Muslims for the violence, but that particular group that none of us understands.”

How I missed the flight —Maku In his own narration of how he narrowly missed getting on the helicopter that crashed, Minister of Information, Mr Labaran Maku during a special Federal Executive Council meeting in honour of those who died during the crash, said: “When we arrived, the late Governor of Kaduna State, Mr. Patrick Yakowa and Gen. Andrew Azazi were already seated. The two of them were full of life, we greeted, we embraced and later we went for the funeral. unknown to us, it was to be the last moment we would have with these two distinguished sons of Nigeria. “Council members would recall that General Azazi served in this chambers with us when he was National Security Adviser. He also rose in the distinguished career of this nation to the rank of a full Four Star General. He gallantly served as the Chief of Army Staff and Chief of Defence Staff, then he was invited by Mr. President to help this nation overcome one of the most serious security challenges since the end of the civil war in 1970. “He served his nation

with distinction, he served to the best of his ability, he was able to manage the situation he found himself in until the time came for him to have relief and be replaced by another Nigerian to continue with the efforts by Mr. President to give this nation peace. “Governor Patrick Yakowa served and had a distinguished career in the Civil Service and rose to the position of Permanent Secretary in the Civil Service of the Federation. “All the time he was Deputy Governor in Kaduna State, he showed courage, humility, patience and was a man of peace and even as Governor, he was such a good man. “When we met in Bayelsa, it was a twist of fate that we did not board the same day because on that day, the Special Adviser to the Vice President, Sani Umar and myself and Timi Alaibe, we were supposed to travel together with the two of them back to Port Harcourt. Somehow just before we could take off from the funeral arena, Sani backed out and decided to travel alone, I stood up and was going with them but by some involuntary action, I returned to my seat, I said I would wait for a moment, that was simply the twist of fate that kept us alive. We must give glory to God. I tell his story because nobody goes before his time, we must give God the glory for what has happened. Their destiny was that day and that is what God has done. “We commit the souls of the gentlemen who died in the ill-fated crash to Almighty God and he will grant the country mercy,” he said.

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6—Vanguard , THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012

Soyinka wins Awolowo Prize for Leadership BY BARTHOLOMEW MADUKWE


OBEL Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka, yesterday, emerged winner of the first Obafemi Awolowo Prize for Leadership. Chairman of the selection committee, Chief Emeka Anyaoku, who unveiled the recipient of the maiden award, yesterday in Lagos, said: “Nominees for the prize are expected to have demonstrated, to a substantial degree, the attributes considered to have characterised Chief Awolowo’s leadership style. “They include integrity, credibility, discipline, courage, selflessness, accountability, tenacity of purpose, visionary and people-centred leadership, as well as respect for the rule of law and press freedom. “After very careful consideration, the selection committee came to the unanimous conclusion that of all the nominees presented before it, the individual adjudged to possess, to the highest degree, the attributes for the award and is, therefore, the first ever recipient of the Obafemi Awolowo Prize for Leadership, is Professor Wole Soyinka. “An appropriate citation of Professor Soyinka will be given at the actual award ceremony which is scheduled to hold in March 2013, to coincide with Chief Awolowo’s birth anniversary.”

BOOK LAUNCH: From left— Prof. Pat Utomi, Dr. Koyin Ajayi, Prof. Wole Soyinka, author of Harmattan Haze and African Spring; and Dr. Oby Ezekwesili, former Minister of Education, during the launch of the book in Lagos, Tuesday.

Terrorism Bill: Commotion in Senate over powers of NSA's office zTo approve 2013 budget today BY HENRY AMARA & JOSEPH ERUNKE


BUJA—THERE was pandemonium, yesterday, in the Senate as senators could not reach an agreement on whether or not the Office of the National Security Adviser, ONSA, should be made the coordinating office in the fight against terrorism as proposed by the Terrorism (Prevention) Act, 2011(Amendment) Bill 2012. Responses from the lawmakers on the Bill threw the chambers into a rowdy session as senators went about shouting, giving the leadership of the Senate a tough time to call them to order. This eventually led to the suspension of deliberations on the report of the Conference Committee on the Terrorism (Prevention) Act, 2011(Amendment) Bill 2012. Senate adjourned session, yesterday morning, to reconvene at 2pm with the hope that the 2013 budget would be passed. It later announced that it adjourned to today to

enable the upper chamber consider the Appropriation Bill and subsequently pass it. On the anti-terrorism bill, Chairman of the Conference Committee and Chairman, Senate Committee on National Security and Intelligence, Senator Mohammed Magoro, PDP, Kebbi South, presented the report of the committee, wherein it suggested that ONSA should co-ordinate the anti-terrorism crusade. The Terrorism (Prevention) Act, 2011(Amendment), 2012 was passed by the Senate on Wednesday, October 17 and in the House of Representatives on Thursday, October 11. The committee was saddled with the responsibility of harmonising the differences that came up in the two versions of the Bill.

For NSA's office

In the harmonisation process, the committee, made up of both the Senate and the House of Representatives, however, adopted the version of the House of Representatives, which recommended that the NSA’s office be the co-

Air mishap averted on Ilorin-Lagos route BY KENNETH EHIGIATOR


MARTING from the helicopter crash that claimed the lives of former Governor of Kaduna State, Patrick Yakowa, former National Security Adviser, General Andrew Azazi, and four others last Saturday in Bayelsa State, the nation would have witnessed yet another disaster but for providence, as an Overland Airways flight from Ilorin to Lagos suffered tech-

nical problems on take-off. A source told Vanguard that the flight, OJ 1188, had difficulties stabilising in the air as the landing gear failed to retract after take-off from Ilorin Airport, Sunday. The pilot was said to have continued the journey to Lagos, with the flight witnessing turbulence as the landing gear failed to retract. A passenger on the flight said the aircraft wobbled its way into Murtala Muhammad Airport with its landing gear

hanging dangerously throughout the flight. Vanguard could not confirm the incident from the operator of the airline, Capt. Edward Boyo, last night as calls put through his mobile number remained unanswered. However, Director-General of Nigerian Civil Authority, NCAA, Dr. Harold Demuren, who confirmed the development, said the aircraft on takeoff at Ilorin Airport, hit an object which made it impossible for the landing gear to retract.

ordinating office. According to their report, “in clause 2, new section 1A was inserted immediately after section 1 of the principal Act. “This new provision deals with National Coordinating Bodies in counter-terrorism offences and designates specific institutions and vest specific powers and functions. That is, the office of the National Security Adviser, the Attorney-General of the Federation and relevant law enforcement and security agencies. “The Conference Committee considered in detail the new provision vis-à-vis other extant laws in force with regard to national security and prevention of terrorism and adopted the House version. “This new section under clause 14, deals with intelligence gathering. “The Senate version amended subsection (1). The Conference Committee deliberated and adopted the Senate version. “This new section under clause 14,deals with detention of conveyance. The Senate version amended paragraph (5) (b) by introducing a fine of N5,000,000 before the words ‘imprisonment for not less than five years.’ “Whereas in the House’s version no fine was prescribed. After deliberations, the Conference Committee adopted the Senate version.”

Point of uproar

Confusion at the plenary came following a point of order raised by Chairman, Senate Committee on Rules and Business, Senator Ita Enang, PDP, Akwa Ibom North-East, on what he termed the legality of National Assembly appointing the NSA as the coor-

dinating office. Senator Enang, who noted that since the “office of the NSA does not exist in law,” the National Assembly cannot make laws for the office, just as he said that the legislature does not have power to assign role to Mr. President. According to him, the National Assembly could not dictate to the President on who should be the coordinating office, even as he prayed for that section of the report to be rejected and reworked.

Mark intervenes

Senate President, David Mark, intervened, stressing that the issue could not be deliberated on at that stage of the Bill, stressing that a new debate could not be taken on the Bill. He said: “This is a conference report. We cannot be brought here for another round of debates. We had our own version and our committee. “They went there and they did not take our version. We cannot start a new debate. If the Bill is signed into law we can revisit it.” He, however, advised that the report be approved and for that section to be amended later. However, there was uproar on the floor of the chambers as senators disagreed on whether or not the point of order raised by Enang should prevail. At this point, Mark, who had declined to rule Senator Enang out of order, asked the Leader of the Senate, Victor NdomaEgba, to move a motion for the report to be dropped for further legislative work. Ndoma-Egba, then said: “In view of the stormy session that we have found ourselves in, I move that the report be set aside for further legislative work to calm the waters.”

Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012—7

Elumelu emerges African business leader of 2012

Agbakoba sues N-Assembly, A-G, NJC over poor funding of judiciary


AGOS—WASHINGTONBASED Corporate Council on Africa has named chairman of Heirs Holdings, Mr Tony Elumelu, as one of four African Business Leaders of the Year. Elumelu was honoured at the inaugural event as one of the continent’s most successful entrepreneurs, with a track record of value creation across key sectors that are transforming the African private sector. His commitment to a new model of African philanthropy was also recognised Elumelu is the Chairman of Heirs Holdings, a pan-African proprietary investment company, and the founder of The Tony Elumelu Foundation, a philanthropic institution that enhances the competitiveness of Africa’s private sector through leadership and entrepreneurship development and impact investment. Other winners of the award were Mr. Tewolde Gebremariam, Chief Executive Officer of Ethiopian Airlines, Mr. Geoff Rothschild, Director of Government and International Affairs for the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, and Mr. Admassu Tadesse, President and CEO of PTA Bank.

Pirates attack tanker, kidnap 5 crew members



ORMER Nigeria Bar As sociation, NBA President and human rights lawyer, Olisa Agbakoba, has dragged the National Assembly, Attorney-General of the Federation and National Judicial Council, NJC, before a Federal High Court over poor funding of the judiciary. In an originating summons filed by his counsel, Mr. Chijioke Emeka, Agbakoba is asking for implementation of provisions of the Constitution that granted Judiciary’s expenditures the status of “first line charge”. Agbakoba raised five questions for determination by the court, on the interpretation of Sections 81(1}(2}(3), 84(2)(3)(7) and 162(9) of the 1999 Constitution. He urged the court to determine that judiciary’s budget ought to be taken by the NJC straight to the National Assembly for appropriation as against the practice of taking it to the budget office under the presidency. He argued that apart from

independent budgeting, funds belonging to the judiciary in the Consolidated Revenue Fund ought to be released directly to the NJC in whole for disbursement for the needs of the courts as against the practice of release of funds in warrants by the Executive Arm to the Judiciary.

In a 22 paragraphs affidavit supporting the suit, Agbakoba pointed out that the Executive has placed a ceiling on Judiciary’s budget, which he alleged has declined from N90 billion to N75 billion down to N65 billion in the current budget. NBA former president

blamed, “the poor state of court rooms, poor motivation of judges, frequent strikes by Judiciary staff, uncertain pension for Judges and corruption in the Judiciary on the failure of the defendants in the suit to comply with the provisions of the Constitution on independent and adequate funding of the Judiciary.”


From right: Mrs Irene Harriman, widow; Temi Harriman, and other children during the service of songs for Late Chief Hope harriman at the Boat Club, Ikoyi, Lagos, yesterday.


IRATES have attacked and looted a tanker off the coast of Nigeria, taking five crew members hostage, the ship’s operating company said yesterday. Medallion Marine did not give the nationalities of those kidnapped but maritime security experts AKE said in a note to its clients that they were all Indians. Piracy and kidnapping in Nigeria’s oil-producing Niger Delta and offshore are common, and the oil-rich Gulf of Guinea is second only to the waters off Somalia for the risk of pirate attacks, which drives up shipping insurance costs. “On Monday the vessel (SP Brussels) was boarded by heavily armed pirates whilst approximately 40 miles (65 km) off the Niger Delta,” Medallion Marine said in a statement. The pirates ransacked the vessel for personal belongings and took five crew members with them on their departure.” Nigerian Navy officials were not available for comment. According to a maritime tracking website, the SP Brussels is a 7,600-tonne oil and chemical tanker.

From right: Chief Kofi Edomi Kartey; Chief (Mrs) Rita Lori Ogbebor, Chief Ejeba Felix Esisi and Chief Brown Mene.

From right: Justice Roli Harriman, widow and Toju Harriman, daugther.

Cross section of people at the service of songs.

From right: Olorogun Felix Ibru and Chief Ndubuisi Anozie.

From right: Mrs Oyinade Elebute, Prof Ade Elebute and Chief GOK Ajayi, SAN.

From left: Chief Torch Taire, Prof Egerton Uvieghara and Mr Roland Dudu.


Army has 59 new generals T


HE Nigerian Army Council headed by President Goodluck Jonathan yesterday approved the promotion of 59 Generals with 22 Brigadier Generals elevated to the rank of Major Generals and 37 Colonels elevated to the ranks of Brigadier Generals. Among the new Major Generals are the Brigade Commander, 4 Brigade Benin , Brigadier General Obi. Abel Umahi, Brigadier Director Army Public Relations, Brigadier General Bola Koleoso, Brigade Commander, 2 Brigade, Port Harcourt, Brigadier General Tukur Buratai, Brigadier General SD Aliyu, Defence Adviser to China, Brigade Commander, 23 Brigade Yola, Brigadier General Jogn Nwaoga, Brigadier General Saliu Uba, Director Veteran Affairs at Defence headquarters and Brigadier General Mashudy Adekanye of the Nigerian Army Ordinance School. Former Aide De Camp, ADC, to late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, Colonel Mustapha Onoiveta of the Directorate of Peacekeeping at DHQ was elevated to the rank of Brigadier General while other Major Generals are Brigadier General NO Ojiji of the Armed Forces Command and Staff College, Brigadier General HA Salihu of Nigerian Army Depot, Zaria, Brigadier General ET Nienge of the Army School of Supply and Transport, as well as Brigadier General David Eniete of Headquarters, Infantry Corp and School. Also promoted Major Generals are Brigadier General Patrick Ogah of Army headquarters directorate of Training and Operations, Brigadier General Daniel Oji of the Army Signals School, Brigadier General Tanko Gaiya of AFCSC, Brigadier General Tamunomiebi Dibi, Commander 1 Brigade, Sokoto, Brigadier General Bamidele Ologundudu of the NDC, Brigadier General Abbas Adekanye of the Army’s Central Workshop and Brigadier General Chukwudi Odunukwe of directorate of data processing, Defence Attaché China. Further elevations to Major General are Briga-

dier General Suleiman Aliyu, Brigadier General Junaid Bindawa, Brigadier General Obidah Ethnan, Brigadier General Obasina Ogunbiyi of the Army Medical Corps and Brigadier General Friday Airende of the Special Vehicle Plant, Bauchi. For those promoted to Brigadier Generals, they include Colonel Adekunle Shodunke, Colonel Ahmed Sabo, former Director, Army Public Rela-

tions, Colonel Joseph Orokpo, Colonel NE Angbazo Colonel LM Bello, Colonel CC Agundu of Army headquarters Garrison, Colonel Henry Ayamasaowei of NDA, Colonel Peter Dauke, Colonel JS Malu and Colonel CO Ude. Also promoted Brigadier Generals are Colonel JB Olawunmi, Colonel KA Essien, Colonel CC Okonkwo and Colonel AH Sa’ad.

From left: Dr. Tokunbo Awolowo-Dosunmu; Chief Emeka Anyaoku and Sen. Felix Ibru during the maiden edition of the Obafemi Awolowo prize for leadership in Lagos. Photo: Bartholomew Madukwe.

Vanguard , THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012—9

Babalakin re-institutes action against EFCC BY INNOCENT ANABA


AGOS —EMBATTLED Chairman of Bi-Courtney, Dr. Wale Babalakin, SAN, yesterday, asked a Federal High Court sitting in Lagos, to restrain Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, from arresting or prosecuting him for money laundering. A similar suit, was last Friday, struck out by another judge of the court, Justice Mohammed Idris, who held that under Order 34 Rules 5 of the court’s Civil Procedure Rules, the plaintiff was required to depose to and file

an affidavit of service of court processes on the respondents, a requirement Babalakin failed to comply with. The new trial judge, Justice Ibrahim Buba, has, however, granted accelerated hearing in the matter, when same came before him, yesterday and adjourned further hearing till today. EFCC had filed a 27-count charge against Babalakin and four others, Alex Okoh, Stabilini Visioni Limited, BiCourtney Limited and Remix Nigeria Limited, before a Lagos High Court sitting in Lagos. The defendants were alleged

to have fraudulently transferred various sums of money amounting to N4.7 billion on behalf of the former governor of Delta State, Chief James Ibori, through third party to some foreign accounts under the guise of purchasing a Challenger Jet aircraft. On the day Babalakin was to have been arraigned, his counsel reported to the court that he took ill and was admitted at the University of Lagos Teaching Hospital, LUTH, which forced the court to adjourned the case. On the same day, Babalakin headed to the Federal High Court, Lagos, seeking to quash the charges preferred against

him by the EFCC at the Lagos court. Babalakin, who is on admission at LUTH, in the fresh suit, is contending, that he was not challenging the jurisdiction of the Lagos State High Court, but also challenging the legality of the actions of the respondents. His counsel argued that Babalakin’s rights had been seriously trampled upon, adding that the EFCC even continued to extract statements from him after the charge at the Lagos High Court was filed, not minding the fact that he had been deceived that no such thing would happen.

Police arrest Fashina, JAF leaders over Okada protest BY VICTOR AHIUMAYOUNG


AGOS —THE Po lice yesterday in Yaba area of Lagos, arrested former President of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, Dr. Dipo Fashina and four other leaders of the Joint Action Front, JAF, who were leading hundreds of activists and commercial motor cycle operators, popularly known as Okada riders, to protest the ban on Okada activities on some Lagos roads. Others arrested and still in detention at the time of this report were Comrade Abiodun Aremu, Hassan Taiwo Soweto, Usman Oloyede and Segun Oladunni. While Dr. Fashina is the Chairman of JAF, the umbrella body for pro-people civil society organisations, Comrade Aremu is the body’s secretary.

Lagos banks stop N100 charge on other banks' ATMs


Security officials inspecting relics left behind by fleeing pipeline vandals at Ije Ododo, Lagos.

Fire fighters yet to access pipeline explosion site BY MONSUR OLOWOOPEJO


AGOS—OFFICIALS of the Federal and state fire services, the Pipelines Products Marketing Company, PPMC, and National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, yesterday, were yet to gain access to the site of the pipeline explosion at the IjeOdodo community, Iba Local Council Development Area, LCDA, Lagos State, to extinguish the fire. But NEMA is said to have commenced building a foot bridge in order to gain access to the site. Mr. Ibrahim Farinloye, NEMA spokesman, disclosed this yesterday, near the marshy site of the explosion, which has continued smouldering almost 72 hours after it happened. He said that the construction of the plank bridge was

a collaborative effort between the agency and the indigenes of the area, as well as the NNPC, because of the swampy terrain. “We had to wait for the sons of the soil and the officials of the NNPC before we could move into gaining access to the site,“ he said.

Farinloye explained that exigencies of safety demanded the presence of specialists before anyone could make the last 100 metres or so to the spot of the explosion. According to reports, armed policemen arrived the scene, alongside a team of the Pipelines Products and Marketing

Company, PPMC, at about 12:40 p.m. yesterday, to ensure that the spot could be accessed and examined.

Community demands ...

The residents also demanded for the construction of a concrete bridge or sand filling of the axis to serve as a link road to the ever busy Badagry expressway. The Baale of IjeOdodo, Alhaji TaPavilion within the Secretariat’s pre- judeen Suberu, said mises in Alausa between the hours that the demand of of 9.00a.m. and 4.00p.m. daily. the community “is “Activities planned for the exercise that the PPMC include: individual and group coun- should repair the seling, health talks, screening, treat- electric poles and ment and appropriate referral if cables that were need be. damaged by the A daily schedule has already been pipeline explosion.” released to the different Ministries, The Baale also Departments and Agencies, MDAs, urged the governto know which of the schedule’s ment to repair the days their female staff members are road of the commuexpected to go for their screening. nity.

Lagos screens female workers for breast, cervical cancers BY OLASUNKANMI AKONI


AGOS —LAGOS State govern ment has commenced the screening of its female civil servants for breast and cervical cancer in an exercise designed to prevent deaths arising from two non-communicable diseases. The state Commissioner for Health, Dr. Jide Idris who disclosed this yesterday, explained that the exercise which began on Monday and will end tomorrow, holds at the Drivers’

AGOS —Banks in Lagos have cancelled the N100 charge on customers’ use of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) withdrawals from other banks, the News Agency of Nigeria reports. The agency reports that its visit to some banks on Tuesday showed that the banks had since Monday complied with the new trend. This followed the Bankers Committee’s directive that the banks should stop charging N100 with effect from Dec. 17. Some customers in separate interviews were quoted as saying that they were happy with the development and expressed the hope that more positive developments would be made in the sector in 2013.

10—Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012

Osun builds N1.3bn market BY GBENGA OLARINOYE


SOGBO —OSUN State government has expended over N1.3 billion for the construction of the new Ayegbaju International market which is billed for commissioning in April next year. Acting Chairman of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) in Osun State, Mr. Adelowo Adebiyi who disclosed this also assured that all displaced traders in Osogbo, the state capital would soon be relocated to the Ayegbaju International Market constructed by the state government to ensure rapid economic development of the state. Speaking with newsmen shortly after inspecting the ongoing work at the market, Mr. Adebiyi noted that the plight of the displaced traders was a concern to the state government, hence the decision to relocate them to the new market.

Oyo lawmakers adopt reports of US tour BY OLA AJAYI


B A DA N —M E M bers of the Oyo State House of Assembly have adopted a report of the tour they made to the United States of America. The legislators, about two weeks ago, went to the US to observe their parliamentary session which the Speaker, Mrs. Monsurat Sunmonu defended, was to enable them gain more knowledge of law making. The report was read at the plenary session by the Deputy Minority Leader of the House, Mr. Kehinde Subair yesterday.

Pandemonium in Abeokuta as PDP factions clash ty Secretariat located on the Presidential Boulevard, Abeokuta, caused a stir when they allegedly used dangerous weapons, charms and missiles against one another. According to an eye witness, the violence started at about 10:00a.m. when the members of the Bayo Dayo-led State Executive Council stormed the party premises for an emergency meeting which was resisted by the Obasanjo faction and resulted in the bloody clash which created panic among residents of the area.

Vanguard gathered that several members of the two factions sustained various degrees of injury in the fracas brought under control by security operatives 30 minutes later. Further findings revealed that, during the melee, one of the hoodlums in the Obasanjo’s faction was allegedly hit with an object suspected to be a charm which made him to vomit blood. The security operatives which included armed policemen, operatives of the State Anti-Robbery Squad and State Security

Service arrested five of the hoodlums and subsequently BEOKUTA—HELL was took over the Secretariat. let loose in Abeokuta, the When Vanguard visited the Ogun State capital, yesterday, place some armed and sternfollowing the bloody clash belooking policemen and plaintween the members of the Peoclothe security operatives preples Democratic Party, PDP, facvented journalists from gaining tions loyal to the party finanentry into the premises after the cier, Prince Buruji Kashamu situation was brought under and former President Olusegcontrol. un Obasanjo over the control The Chairman of the State of the state party secretariat Executive Committee of the leaving one person on danger Ogun PDP, Chief Adebayo Dayo list. described the development as Members of the two factions “an illegality of the highest orwhich had been at loggerheads der being perpetrated by some over the possession of the Parelders of the party in the state.” Dayo who spoke with newsmen in Abeokuta however, insisted that his exco remains the only recognised leadership of the PDP in the state. In his reaction to the fracas, the Publicity Secretary of the Obasanjo faction, Mr. Bidemi Osunbiyi accused the other faction of initiating violence. He, however, denied that there was a bloody clash. Osunbiyi said: “We normally hold our meetings From left; Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, Osun State Governor; Senator Abiola Ajimobi, Oyo State Gov- on Wednesday but this ernor and Prof. Niyi Gbadegesin, Acting Vice Chancellor,Ladoke Akintola University of Technology morning they (Kashamu (LAUTECH), during a stakeholders' meeting of LAUTECH, at the institution's auditorium, Ogbomo- faction members) came and said that they wantso, yesterday. ed use the secretariat. “They were led by some security men. But while we were still talking, one over-zealous BY GBENGA OLARINOYE boy hit one of us with a stormed the Ikirun branch of a bank and threatened to kill all new generation bank at about the bank officials if they fail to charm and people now OSOGBO – At least two per- 4.00pm when the bank was pre- co-operate with them. held him. sons were yesterday shot dead by paring to close for the day and armed robbers while five people went away with an undisclosed sustained serious injuries during amount of money. a bank robbery in Ikirun, headAn eye witness who preferred quarters of Ifelodun Local Gov- anonymity told our corresponBY DAUD OLATUNJI ernment Area of Osun state. dent that the robbers upon arrivOdubela stated this in a It was gathered that the bank al at the bank located at new InBEOKUTA—Ogun statement, saying that, Mrs. robbery which lasted about 30 isha road, Ikirun shot sporadicalState Government Aladeojebi has been barred minutes could not be resisted by ly into the air to scare customers said yesterday, it had from work pending the any security agent attached to the using the Automated Teller Masuspended the Principal of completion of investigation bank. chine (ATM) of the bank. Ajuwon High School, Iju into the matter. It was also learnt that the armed It was gathered that the robbers Odubela said the Ministry Ajuwon in Ifo Local robbers numbering about six eventually gained access into the Government Area of Ogun had invited and interrogated State, Mrs. Olufunke the school principal to give Aladeojebi for allegedly her a fair hearing. He said: “A five-man panel conducting controversial virginity test on some female consisting of officials of both KOGOSI-EKITI – The loca- where the first plane crash was students. the Ministry and Teaching tion in Ikogosi in Ekiti West recorded in 1942, is to be Commission, The state Commissioner of Service Local Government Area of Ekiti converted to tourist centre. Education, Mr. Segun TESCOM, has been set up. The Special Adviser to the Governor on Tourism Development, Mr. S e g u n Ologunleko, said the decision was to turn the state into attractive tourism destination in West Africa. BY DAUD OLATUNJI


2 killed, 5 injured in Osun robbery

Ogun suspends school principal over alleged virginity test


First plane crash site in Nigeria now tourist centre


Vanguard, THURSDAY THURSDAY,, DECEMBER 20, 2012—11

What Daba’s absence means to us— Family BY ABDULSALAM MUHAMMAD


ANO—FAMILY of the late Navy Commander Murtala Daba, the pilot of the ill-fated Navy Chopper described the Naval officer as a man of uncommon courage whose death was a big blow to the family. Family spokesman, Daba told Vanguard in their family residence located along Goron Dutse-Jakara road in the municipality, that the late military officer showed traces of bravery right from childhood, adding that they were not surprised he ended up in the military. Dr. Habibu Daba of the Centre for Nigerian Languages, however, stated that the family had put behind them the passage of the “illustrious son the family.”

Yakowa to be buried today

Kagoma, the birth place of late Patrick Yakowa is now wearing a new look as it await dignitaries who will attend the burial. At the time Vanguard visited the country home of Yakowa, workers were putting finishing touches to the grave that will be his final resting place.

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Auto crash: 10 killed in Delta zN50m property razed BY GODWIN OGHRE


APELE—TEN per sons, including a Navy personnel and a solider, lost their lives, yesterday, in a Delta Line 18-seater bus that left Sapele for Warri, Delta State, and crashed into a stationary trailer near Adeje on Warri-Sapele expressway. Similarly, an early morning inferno at Hausa/Itsekiri Road part of Sapele market, destroyed goods and property worth over N50 million. The fire consumed a block of stores, a printing press and residential buildings. It was gathered that the driver of the ill-fated bus was allegedly on top speed and crashed into the trailer, due to poor visibility as a result of fog in the early hours of the day. The driver of the stateowned transport company escaped death while 10 passengers were confirmed dead. At press time four victims of the crash, said to have regained consciousness, were under intensive care at the Central Hospital, Sapele. The fire at Sapale market, the source of which is yet to

be ascertained at press time, engulfed a block of stores, a printing press, a business centre and residential houses. The early morning fire also reduced to rubble, provision stores, a carpenter workshop and a building materials shop. A team of state fire service per-

sonnel and that of Power Holding Company of Nigeria, which arrived over three hours later, only managed to prevent the fire from spreading to neighbouring buildings. Lamenting the huge loss suffered in the inferno, Proprietor of Olumayowa Printing and

Publishing Company Press, Mr Olumayowa, said he was shocked by the discovery of his press in rubbles. Transition Committee Chairman of Sapele Local Government Area, Mr Julius Egbedi, said the inferno was unfortunate, adding that he just returned from an official trip to Asaba, when he heard of the ugly incident.

CONDOLENCE: Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State (left) with Mrs. Amina Elizabeth Yakowa, widow of Mr. Patrick Yakowa, the late governor of Kaduna State who died in last weekend’s helicopter crash.

SURE-P can’t be hijacked by politicians— FG BY SIMON EBEGBULEM


ENIN—THE Fed eral Government has vowed to ensure

that the Subsidy Re-investment and Empowerment Programme, SURE-P, was not hijacked by politicians. Speaking, yesterday, during the flag-off ceremony of the Community Services/ Women and Youth Empowerment Programme Scheme, Chairman of Edo State Implementation Committee of SURE-P, and former Deputy Governor of the state, Chief Lucky Imasuen, noted that President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration had arranged the programme in such a way that the beneficiaries will receive their pay-

ments directly and not through any politician. Recalling that the pro gramme was introduced due to the recent partial removal of subsidy on petroleum products, with a view to mitigating the impact on the poor and the disabled, Imasuen said that all Nigerians will benefit from the programme, no matter their political affiliations.

He said: “This is to complement the transformation agenda of the Federal Government’s Vision 20:20-20, which sets the target for Nigeria becoming one of the top 20 economies in the world by 2020. It is to create immediate short term employment opportunities for women and youths through the labourintensive public workfare.

Special FEC meeting for Yakowa BY BEN AGANDE


BUJA—FEDERAL Executive Council, FEC’s meeting, yesterday, was dedicated to the memory of the late Governor Patrick Yakowa of Kadua State, former National Security Adviser, General Andrew Owoyi Azazi, their aides, Dauda Tsoho and Warrant Officer Mohammed Kamal and the pilots, Commander Murtala Daba and Lt. Adeyemi Sowole, who died in the

ill-fated military helicopter crash is Bayelsa State, weekend. President Goodluck Jonathan, who led other members of council to pay glowing tributes to the victims of the crash, described December 15 as a black Saturday in the history of the nation as all the victims served their country selflessly. Speaking specifically about Yakowa, President Jonathan described him as a different breed of politician, who never exploited ethnic nor religious sentiments for selfish ends and who believed in the unity of the country. Jonathan said: “The victims are Nigerians that have served this country selflesslly.”

12—Vanguard, THURSDAY THURSDAY,, DECEMBER 20, 2012

Pastor, two others killed over land dispute BY JOHNBOSCO AGBAKWURU


ALABAR—FOUND ER of Faith Builders Ministry, in Calabar, Cross River State, Rev. John EneObong and two members of the church, have been allegedly killed over a land dispute. Rev. Ene-Obong, who was allegedly killed penultimate Monday by irate youths over a land dispute in Ikot EneObong community of the metropolis, was said to have returned to Nigeria from Canada barely a week before his death. The pastor was allegedly killed alongside two others, whose names were given as Effiong Koko-Ette and Victor Ene-Boco. Investigations revealed that the disputed land belongs to the family of the slain pastor and the death was a reprisal attack over an earlier killing of one Eton, who was killed in the same farm land over allegation that he was responsible for the maiming of another man identified as Effiong. Effiong, it was gathered, was a victim of the protracted land

dispute and now lives with just one leg after several gun shots, which led to one of his legs being amputated. A family source, who did not want his name in print, said the pastor went on an inspection visit in company of the two other victims, when the incident oc-

curred. State Police Public Relations Officer, Mr. John Umoh, said investigations were ongoing, adding that six persons had been arrested in connection with the killings, while the principal suspect was at large. He said, “The state Criminal Investigation Department had taken

over the matter. Six persons have so far been arrested in connection with that killing. There is one principal suspect that is still at large. However, those arrested are still in our custody and we would not release them until investigations had been concluded.”

DINNER: From left: Chairman, UAC of Nigeria Plc, Senator Udoma U. Udoma, his wife, Sally; former Executive Director, UAC of Nigeria Plc, Chief Samuel Bolarinde and his wife, Olufunke, during a dinner party in honour of Bolarinde, who has retired from the Board of UACN, in Lagos.

Navy chopper crash: We’re yet to be officially informed — Co-pilot’s father Continues from page 5 Meanwhile, parents of Lieutenant Adeyemi Sowole, the co-pilot of the ill-fated Navy helicopter that crashed last Saturday in Bayelsa State killing former Kaduna State Governor, Mr Patrick Yakowa and former National Security Adviser, General Andrew Azazi and three others lamented, yesterday, that five days after the incident that killed their son, they were yet to be officially informed of their son’s death. Both the father and mother of the late co-pilot, who spoke at their Iyana-Ipaja home as sympathizers, majority of whom were relatives and family friends thronged their residence to console them, described their son’s death as one of the unfortunate things that has happened to them in their life time. It was obvious they were yet to come to terms with the reality of their son’s demise. Sitting on a sofa and nodding at the words of consolation from sympathizers, the bereaved

mother, Mrs Olufunke Sowole, said her last conversation with the late Adeyemi was a promise from him that he would be back soon. Speaking in Yoruba dialect, she said: “ That conversation was on Friday evening. He called me by 5pm from Warri and told me they would be back to Lagos on Saturday evening. But rather, it was news of his death I heard. “My son used to go for at least 15 trips every three weeks. And when he arrived at his destination, he would always call to inform me. I insisted he called me so that my mind would be at rest. As usual, he called to inform me that they were conveying some dignitaries and said they had conveyed them for about 15 times so far. “We have gone through so many things to ensure our children were well to do. But I can not start relating that now. The late Femi also suffered to get to where he was. He started by attending the National

Defence Academy (NDA) for five years and when he passed out, he was posted to a ship in Lagos. “He later attended an Aviation school where he studied his kitty as a pilot for four years. Since he started flying, he had never been involved in an accident and I have never ceased to pray for him and his siblings. He only arrived from Italy last year where he had gone for a course. And when he returned, he got married. He loved his job so much that whenever he came back from any trip, he would share his experience with us. I was so fond of him”, she stated. At this juncture, she kept quiet, shook her head and tried not to betray her emotion. As expected, sympathizers consoled her again. She continued: “He also used to pilot a ship from the Apapa jetty to the high seas. He did that for about three years”. Again, she kept quiet . And the expression from her face changed

from that of sorrow to anger. She continued in a mixture of anger and sorrowful tone. “But you can imagine how bad is it when his name was not even mentioned when he died. They only mentioned the name of two prominent persons and left out his and the senior pilot’s. Is that fair? At this juncture, her husband, Prince Solomon Sowole, who seemed more composed took over. “We are yet to be officially informed about our son’s death. And this was someone that was sent on an official assignment. We only got to hear about his demise from the media. We are being treated as if our son was a nobody, or as if he fell from heaven. No! He didn’t fall from heaven. He had parents who should be treated the way they ought to. Today(yesterday) makes it the fifth day the incident happened and not even the the Navy he worked for, has deemed it right to come to inform us. Aye mi...o”, he exclaimed in Yoruba. “We have culture in

this part of the world which must be respected. I am a Yoruba man, who believes things should be done the right way. Let them come and tell me that my son is dead first, that is what we want. Then, we will know what next to do”, he said.

The family’s claim is not true —CDS The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Admiral Ola Sa’ad Ibrahim, yesterday in Lagos, however described as untrue claims by family of Lt Adeyemi Sowole, that their son was not accorded same treatment as other dignities in the plane. Rather, the CDS said the Military, particularly the Defense Headquarters had given necessary support to the family. This is just as there were indications that foreign hands could be invited to unravel the mystery surrounding the crashed helicopter. Ibrahim, countered the

claim while speaking with journalists, during a condolence visit at the Ikoyi abode of former National Security Adviser, late General Andrew Azazi, in the company of other Service Chiefs comprising the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Azubuike Ihejirika; the Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Dele Ezeoba; the Chief of Air Staff, Air Vice Marshal Alex Benden and the Inspector General of Police, Mr Mohammed Abubakar. According to him, “ the Naval headquarters has responded to that. They have placed adverts and we have given them what ever support that is needed. We have been in touch with the family of the co-pilot. The Defense headquarters in particular is posting adverts here and there. And we have done whatever we feel we owe them. We are already pained as it is”, he stated Describing the late Azazi as a brilliant man who would be missed by all, the CDS said: “ All of us have special relationship with him and we will miss him a lot. That is the least I can say. He was a highly professional man who represented us in very many areas so admirably. Even when he was the NSA, he did the job in a way as if it was an extension of the same institution we all shared. To that extent, it was so simple and a large dose of his personality and good nature helped him deliver in so many grounds.We will miss his counseling and ready smile no matter the situation. “ He presided over the national security of this country when we were most challenged. We can not but acknowledge the role he played while that lasted. And I am quite sure he was a very fulfilled man to the extent possible “. Asked how far investigation into the cause of the crash had gone, the CDS assured that that those nominated to carry out the investigation were competent hands. “We have every reason to believe that we have all the expertise to look into the bone and marrow of the issue and advise the nation about the correct position of things.”

Vanguard , THURDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012 —13


Kidnappings: Imo govt vows action against tinted glass car L owners BY CHIDI NK-



WERRI—IRKED by the growing spate of kidnapping, Imo State government has warned that any vehicle found adorning tinted windshields would be impounded. This came on a day Igbo Forum of Nollywood staged a peaceful protest to Government House, Owerri, to protest the kidnap of their colleague, Miss Nkiru Sylvester, who is Special Assistant to Governor Rochas Okorocha on Public Affairs. The government also threatened to arrest and prosecute vehicle owners plying the roads without registration numbers. Governor Rochas Okorocha, who read the riot act while addressing newsmen after superintending over the state’s security council meeting in Owerri, also warned that

similar fate awaited those using siren illegally. Okorocha noted that a task force would be deployed across the state to ensure strict compliance to this directive. He decried the high level of crime perpetrated in the state and gave an assurance that government would work hard to safeguard the lives and property of all persons living in or passing through the state.

Governor Okorocha expressed concern over the abduction of his Special Assistant on Public Affairs, Miss Nkiru Sylvanus, as well as Principal Secretary to the Deputy Governor, Mr.Emenike Ihekwoaba, four months ago. He appealed to the citizenry to provide credible information to security agencies that would help to secure the release of the kidnapped victims.

AGOS—CHAIR MAN, Ifelodun Local Council Development Authority, Shuaib Ajidagba, has donated two vehicles to the police for purposes of patrolling the area for surveillance. Ajidagba, who spoke while presenting the vehicles at council secretariat, yesterday, said the donation was the council’s way of supporting the police to fight insecurity. He also said that the best way to support the police was to see to their major needs, add-

Oil communities allege misappropriation of 13% derivation funds



BUJA—OIL pro ducing communities in six states of the federation have raised an alarm, alleging that their state governments have either misappropriated or misapplied a whoping N7.282 trillion, being payments of the 13 per cent derivation for 13 years, leaving the oil

and gas communities in hunger and abject poverty. The communities made the allegation in a letter to Nigerian Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, NEITI, and signed by Chief William IgereDelta State; Pastor Macpherson KuroboBayelsa State; Chief Harry Opaks- Rivers

State; Saviour OkonAkwa Ibom State; Princess Nomwen Uhunmwangho- Edo State, and Mr. Samuel Ebiwanno, representing Ondo State. They urged NEITI to intervene in the illegal and unconstitutional payment of 13% derivation into the state governments accounts.

LG boss donates 2 patrol vehicles to Police ing that the police force would maintain peace, if properly supported. He said Ifelodun would have been a place of terror but for the efforts of the police in the area. “Ifelodun is a peaceful society and until the past months when some groups of armed rob-

bers who paraded themselves as ‘one million boys’ terrorized the people here. “It is the police who helped checked the nefarious activities of the boys. Before the police intervened, the community had been living in fear but now, there is peace,” he said.

Winners emerge in DSTV mega promo


A G O S — M U LT I Choice Nigeria has presented an Abujabased businessman, Mr. Alloysius Onuoha, who recently emerged as the first winner of the ongoing DStv mega promo, with a brand new Renault Sports Utility Vehicle. The SUV is one of the five vehicles on offer in the DStv mega promo. Mr. Onuoha, who could not hide his joy at the presentation ceremony in Lagos, said: “Winning one of the star prizes on offer is signif-

icant, especially as it coincided with my wedding anniversary which I had planned to celebrate with my wife abroad but for providence, I had to cancel the trip and opted instead to purchase a DStv decoder just two weeks back.” His plan of buying the decoder was simply to keep him company with quality programmes and it was therefore a pleasant surprise when he was called up and informed of his winning one of the Renault Duster SUVs on offer.

14—Vanguard , THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012

6000 qualifiers emerge in YOUWIN competition


BUJA—FIRST stage winners of the second edition of Youth With Innovation in Nigeria (YOUWIN) business plans competition have been announced by the Federal Ministry of Finance. This edition, which was dedicated to empowering young Nigerian women entrepreneurs, was highlighted by “a robust stream of applications from every part of the country” according to a release signed by Dr Supo Olusi, the YOUWIN Project Coordinator. A breakdown of the 6,000 winners who now qualify for the second stage shows North Central with 1,122 candidates; North East 785; North West 845; South East 894 South-South 1,140; and South West with 1,214 winners.

Presidential c’ttee assures Abia, Imo flood victims of FG’s support O

WERRI—THE Presi dential Committee on Flood Relief and Rehabilitation, PCFRR, has assured the flood ravaged communities in Imo and Abia states, that they will be rehabilitated and given support for preventive measures against future occurrences. Leader of the Visitation Group for Abia, Anambra, Imo and Cross River states, Mr. Tony Elumelu, who visited the communities, said the Federal Government, through the PCFRR, was bringing private sector approach to solving national issues. The visitation team, embarking on the first phase of providing relief and rehabilitation support to the victims in Imo and Abia, presented relief materials, including food items, mattresses and beddings, to affected communities. During a courtesy call on Governor Rochas Okorocha in Owerri, Elumelu, who was accompanied by some members of the sub-committee, including fashion icon and wealthiest black woman in the world, Mrs. Folorunso Alakija, and

Secretary-General of the Red Cross Society, Bello Hamman Diram, observed that the PCFRR would also support rehabilitation and preventive measures in concert with government agencies. “This committee was set up to provide relief, rehabilitation and prevent future occurrence. It was bad that the flood oc-

curred and people and communities were affected, but we will see better communities come out of it,” he said. Speaking at the event, Okorocha described the gesture as the highest form of sacrifice, which only a few people would do. According to him, it is instructive that the Elumelu-led team, despite huge economic

achievements in various fields of endeavour, still showed commitment to the plight of the poor. At Government House, Umuahia, Abia State capital, Governor Theodore Orji thanked the team for its support and presented a comprehensive report of the affected communities and plans to provide succour.

Ecobank customers to get gifts for Rapid Transfer Ecobank Head of Domestic sending or receiving money


AGOS—ECOBANK customers are to receive free gifts for any Rapid Transfer Transaction they carry out from now till the end of January, 2013. This is part of the bank’s end of year product campaign to reach out to its customers. The Rapid Transfer is an Ecobank proprietary send and receive money transfer product available in all Ecobank branches in Nigeria. This unique product facilitates easy transfer and access to funds across the country and in all countries where Ecobank is represented. Announcing this in Lagos,

Bank products, Akinmade said customers will be given gifts for

through Rapid Transfer this season.

Monarch launches book


AGOS—Selected Es says on Economic and Financial Issues in Nigeria, a book written by a royal father, Oba Adebayo Awoseyila, the Alamo of Ilamo-Ekiti, will be launched today, at Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria, CIBN, House, Victoria Island, Lagos. The nineteen-chapter book by the monarch, is described as a compendium of the author’s presentations and views on economic and financial sectors

since his days as an official of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, and shortly after retirement. “The essays in the book represent overview of topical economic and financial issues and give insights into critical analyses of past developments as backdrop for researchers and scholars to evolve more efficient policies for economic management,” a statement about the book reads.

Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012 — 15

INEC set for early voter registration— Jega BY JOSEPH ERUNKE


BUJA—CHAIRMAN of Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Professor Attahiru Jega, said, yesterday, that continuous voter registration would begin early next year, preparatory to the 2015 general elections. He said such exercise was intended to avail those who were not yet up to 18 years during the last registration the opportunity to participate in the current electoral processes. Jega, who spoke at the opening of Election Observation Lessons Learnt Conference in Abuja, assured that there

would be no repeat of any of the challenges INEC faced during the 2011 elections. He said one of the steps INEC had taken to avoid the challenges was the introduction of permanent voter cards, along with card readers, which, he explained, would make double registration impossible.

‘We need ad hoc staff'

Jega disclosed that he would not stop engaging ad hoc staff in most INEC’s assignments as the staff at its disposal was not enough to carry out all the assignments, noting that it was same all over the world.

He said: “The use of ad hoc staff cannot be totally erased because INEC staff alone cannot be used to conduct elections. Most countries have volunteers.” Noting that the conference did not come at a wrong time, Jega explained that his organisation “sees election observation missions as necessary for ensuring compliance with laws and global best practices, for increasing the transparency of the conduct of elections and for building public confidence in the electoral process. “When observers issue positive reports, it builds trust in

the democratic process and enhances the legitimacy of the governments that emerge from elections.

On election observers

“On the other hand, if they issue negative reports, it would undermine the legitimacy of an elected government and pose questions on the credibility of the electoral process.” He said since the 2011 elections, his commission had accredited over 400 domestic and international observation missions, a development he said was to “underscore the importance INEC attaches to the

value of citizens-led election observation.” He charged the organisers to use the conference not only to share experiences and enhance communication, but also assist the commissions and various observer mission groups develop a partnership for action to strengthen advocacy for reform of the election legal framework.

Pray for Nigeria, Mark tells Jerusalem pilgrims BY HENRY UMORU


BUJA—SENATE President, David Mark, yesterday, urged Nigerian pilgrims to this year’s pilgrimage in Israel, to remember the country in prayer at this trying times of the nation’s history. Mark, who told the pilgrims that pilgrimage was not a jamboree but a place for complete submission to God, stressed that the challenges, including insecurity, facing the nation, will soon be a thing of the past. Speaking, yesterday, while addressing the pilgrims from St. Mulumba’s Catholic Chaplaincy, Apo, Abuja, ahead of their departure to Israel, Mark enjoined the pilgrims to devote time to reflect on the situation in Nigeria and commit it to God for divine intervention. Senator Mark said with honesty, commitment and resolve by all citizens, Nigeria would overcome the challenges. He urged them to exhibit good conduct that would improve the image of the nation abroad. Mark said: “Your conduct would go a long way to show that Nigeria is not a country of bad eggs, or otherwise. “Remember you are going to Israel on religious mission not jamboree or for any commercial interest. You must put Nigeria first in all you do. “Besides, you must go as a team and return as one group. Any attempt to abscond or behave in any manner unacceptable of a responsible citizen would not be tolerated.”

16—Vanguard , THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012

Suswam presents N130.9bn budget estimate BY PETER DURU


AKURDI— GOVER-NOR Gabriel Suswam of Benue State, Tuesday, presented a budget estimate of N130.9 billion to the Benue State House of Assembly for the 2013 fiscal year. The estimate was Christened Budget of Development and Growth Effectiveness. Suswam urged members of the House to ensure accelerated passage of the bill to enable his administration carry on with its developmental programmes. A breakdown of the estimate showed that N68.5 billion was set aside for capital projects, while recurrent expenditure would gulp over N67.5 billion. Personnel cost received N39.8 billion or 30.45% of the proposed budget, while expected overhead costs received N22.6 billion or 17.23% of the budget. Suswam lamented the increasing annual wage bill in the state, which he put at over N39 billion.

Consumers owe PHCN N1.7bn in Ilorin BY DEMOLA AKINYEMI


LORIN—POWER Holding Company of Nigeria, PHCN, Baboko Business Unit, in Ilorin, Kwara State, is being owed about N1.7 billion by electricity consumers in the area. The district comprises Sawmill, Adeta, Poly and Sobi. Acting Business Manager of the District, Mr. Bashir Oso, made this known at the Customers’ Consultative Council meeting in Ilorin. He, however, urged the debtors to pay up to enable PHCN discharge its services to them. Oso said it was unfair for customers to refuse to pay their bills and still expect good services from PHCN, adding that there was no hiding place for defaulters as a result of the newly-introduced data machine. C M Y K

27 dead as trailer plunges into river BY ABDALLAH EL-KUREBE


OKOTO—NO fewer that 27 people were reported dead, while 18 others sustained various degrees of injuries following an accident involving an articulated vehicle. The accident, which occurred along Ruwa Wuri-Tangaza road, Monday, also claimed the lives of a number of cows and sheep. Eyewitnesses said the driver of the trailer, with plate number Sokoto XA 443 SAA, which was heading to Warri, in Delta State from Mano village, allegedly lost control and plunged into a river close to Masallaci village in Tangaza Local Government. Vanguard gathered that the victims, who had been buried in Bagida village, were from Bagida, Sabiyo, Tinnigere, Ruwa Wuri and Tsoni villages,

all in the local government. Confirming the incident, Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC, Sokoto, Dr. Umaru Aliyu, said: “Our findings re-

vealed that the accident occurred due to over-loading and over-speeding,” adding that the trailer was conveying both cows and humans. He said: “27 people died,

PILGRIMS: Senate President, David Mark (3rd right); his wife, Helen (4th right), with intending pilgrims to Jerusalem, at Saint Mulumba Chaplaincy, Apo, Abuja, yesterday.

Police make N.1m from Kano-Jigawa road checkpoints daily BY TINA AKANNAM


UTSE—EACH police check point along KanoJigawa highway make an average of N100,000 daily from the compulsory N20 ‘toll’ they collect from motorists travelling on the road, which leads

to other north eastern states. No fewer than 5,000 vehicles ply the road daily. Vanguard findings revealed that motorists pay the bribe to avoid being delayed by those manning the checkpoints. Those who fail to pay are delayed until they comply.

Borno empowers 18,000 youths BY NDAHI MARAMA


AIDUGURI—IN its ef forts to tackle the security challenges bedevilling the state in the last two years, Borno State government has trained over 18,000 youths across the 27 local government areas of the state. Commissioner of Poverty Alleviation and Youths Empowerment, PAYE, Dr. Zainab Gimba, who said this at the end-of-year briefing in Maiduguri, said the state government placed more emphasis on job creation and youths empowerment.

She said over 50 youths were sponsored to Sabore farms, in line with Governor Kashim Shettima’s agricultural transformation agenda, adding that the youths were also in turn expected to train others. Gimba said thousands of youths had undergone training and retraining in various trades with a view to making them self-reliant and employers of labour, adding that 25,000 youths were currently receiving training at the Katsina School of Craft. She further said her ministry had signed a Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, with the Central Bank of Ni-

The checkpoints, which were re-introduced because of terrorists’ activities, have been turned into fast money-making avenues by the Police officers. A commercial vehicle driver, Malam Abdullahi, lamented that most drivers were compelled to pay the fee as any attempt to resist the payment could infuriate the policemen into keeping the ‘’culprit’’ for a longer time. He added that commercial drivers spend between N120 and N140 at the various checkpoints on each trip between Jigawa and Kano states. He said their union leaders once took a decision that drivers should stop paying money at the checkpoint. He said the action could not last more than 48 hours as they had to pay or park by the road side, wasting valuable time. Vanguard also gathered that the police officers, who perpetrate the act, were posted from other states and were neither under Jigawa nor Kano states police commands.

Reyenieju identifies reason for poor infrastructure


ARRI—POOR implementation has been identified as the major cause of the unhealthy state of infrastructure in the Niger Delta region. This view was expressed by Mr. Daniel Reyenieju, representing Warri Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport,

while 15 were injured. Those injured are receiving treatment at Usman Danfodiyo University Teaching Hospital, UDUTH, Sokoto, while the driver of the trailer and his motor boy fled.”

Abuja, in reaction to the call for a review of the Act establishing Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC. The call, credited to an official of NDDC, advocated “a refine Act that would effectively grant the commission leverage in addressing developmental challenges in the region.” Reyenieju said: “Our major bane, which has grossly inhib-

ited developmental efforts, is not the absence of relevant, flexible and progressive laws. “The problem is the usual desire of many of those saddled with the position of responsibilities not to continue with the policies and programmes of their predecessors in office, but to create new ones, irrespective of the costs on the economy.”



OS—UNIVERSITY of Jos, UNIJOS, has gone tough against indecent dressing with a warning that improperly dressed students will be arrested by the institution’s security men. Vice Chancellor of the a university, Prof. Hayward Mafuyai, said at the matriculation of new students, yesterday, said indecently-dressed students were also to be prevented from attending lectures. He said: “UNIJOS encourages all students to dress to acceptable standards. Undue exposure of the body parts that has the potential to infuriate the sensibilities of others will be severely sanctioned.” He urged the about 4,000 new students to consider themselves lucky to have been offered admission out of the about 40,000 candidates, who chose the university as first or second choice. Mafuyai said the large number of students applying to the institution anually was a vote of confidence on its academic excellence.

Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012 — 17


Patric k Ibrahim Y ak owa: atrick Yak ako Exit of a decent gentleman passing of that remarkable gentleman. Certainly, in Yakowa’s tragic death, Northern Nigeria lost one of the finest


HERE has been a solemnity about the city of Kaduna since the story broke of the tragic death of Governor Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa at the weekend. In death, Nigerians have been united in appreciation of the human decency of the late governor. I never had the privilege to meet the man, but when I broke the story to Kabir Mato, he paused for a while and then said: “ we have lost a gentleman; a decent gentleman”! Malam Abba Kyari informed me on Sunday evening that he was in mourning just as were the leading members of the Northern elite, resident in Kaduna. Furthermore, I was also informed that members of the IZALA sect, one of the most important Islamic groups in Northern Nigeria, had chosen to suspend the annual gathering of over one million members in Kaduna, as a show of respect for the late Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa.

Yakowa and Kaduna Texile industry


ssa Aremu, the labour leader, who also resides in Kaduna, told me tales of the depth of Yakowa’s humanity, emphasising his genuine commitment to fairness, a deep sense of justice and an ability to carry people along. He was also said to have a deep empathy for the working people, and had been a central figure in the effort to regenerate the textile industry in Kaduna, with the positive effect that effort was beginning to have on textile jobs in our city. Hakeem Baba-Ahmed has penned a very moving tribute to a governor whose sense of duty; a genuine humility and professionalism did not allow him to fall into the simplistic ethnic mind frame that seem to have

Late Governor Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa taken over the public space in our country today and a major source of crisis in Kaduna state. Similarly, the activist ShehuSani also described Yakowa as one of the best governors in Nigeria! Professor Williams Barnabas Quirix, VC of the Kaduna State University was also in that very sad mode when we spoke about the

Certainly, in Yakowa’s tragic death, Northern Nigeria lost one of the finest examples of all that was very decent about the old North; that North that members of my generation were born into, but which has almost completely disappeared under the rubble of today’s intolerance; greed; inter-religious/intercommunal hatreds and the monumental corruption that has sapped vitality out of the ethos of communal existence

examples of all that was very decent about the old North; that North that members of my generation were born into, but which has almost completely disappeared under the rubble of today ’s intolerance; greed; interreligious/inter-communal hatreds and

Muhammadu Buhari: 70 years of honest and patriotic labour T who continue to peddle it for sinister political purposes; while the corrupt members of the political elite will do everything to ensure that he does not get the opportunity to be elected as Nigeria’s president. In all that he has been faced with, especially since the advent of our contemporary civilian order, Buhari has displayed the stoicism expected of his upbringing. But in all that stand out as his greatest attributes are also embedded the elements of his

his profession; his country and its people and to his lieutenants. But he tends to over-trust those who are around him and in a lot of instances this has often been the basis for opportunism and careerism on the part of those around him. Because his politics has emphasised discipline and anti-corruption, I think it hasn’t the ideological depth or focus which makes it any more rigorously different from other ruling class factions. In fact, I think that Buhari is far too right wing, to be able to


HIS week, General Muhammadu Buhari turns 70. Buhari belongs to that generation of young officers that were sucked into the socio-political milieu of Nigeria of the 1960s and beyond. That generation of young officers saw or took part in the coups which defined most of the post-colonial phase of Nigerian history. It was their duty to also fight a very bitter Civil War which ended in the preservation of the unity of our country. Buhari is very much a man of his time, and he was to serve Nigeria in several positions: Military postings; governor; head of the national oil company; commissioner (the equivalent of today ’s minister); head of state; chairman of PTF and a presidential candidate in three badly rigged elections. The Buhari persona with its mix of stern visage; unbending hatred of corruption and the best expression of PULAAKU (the ethos of FulBe existence) has remained perpetually controversial. His political enemies have done a lot to damage him with accusations of religious bigotry; and despite the lie of such an accusation, there are those

I think that Buhari is far too right wing, to be able to meet the expectations of the millions of the poor people who see in him the leader that will take Nigeria out of the morass it has been driven into by its thieving ruling elite. This ideological deficiency has also conditioned the type of alliance he has been endeavouring to build over the past few years

weaknesses as an individual and political leader. Buhari comes from a background which emphasises loyalty. He is an example of loyalty himself: to

the monumental corruption that has sapped vitality out of the ethos of communal existence. In death, Yakowa seemed to have found the magic to unite people in Kaduna and the North, across the fault lines of religion and ethnicity. It was as if everyone saw in the passing of the man, the reason to rediscover our intrinsic human qualities which we all can unite around. The best tribute we can pay to the memory of Ibrahim Yakowa, famously described as ‘NA KOWA’ in Hausa, is to retain a united attitude to build our society. We have to uphold our essential human qualities, while respecting our different backgrounds of faith and origin, as we strive to build new foundations of an inclusive, tolerant and democratic society, in Kaduna,


meet the expectations of the millions of the poor people who see in him the leader that will take Nigeria out of the morass it has been driven into by its thieving ruling elite.


Northern Nigeria and Nigeria, in general. In my view, this will be the best way to honour the memory of the much-lamented Sir Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa. May the Almighty Allah give the family the fortitude to bear his loss.

Buhari to galvanise a n a t i o n a l movement to sweep away the kleptocracy which PDP administrations instituted in this country since 1999. But the question is whether Buhari can seize the historical moment to answer the call of an angry people. To do General Muhammadu Buhari: An this historical example of loyalty duty is to begin This ideological deficiency now, to build bridges across has also conditioned the type the country; just as much as of alliance he has been understanding that he is an endeavouring to build over old man, trying to provide the past few years. How his leadership in a country where effort to build an alliance with 70 percent of the population ethnic bigots will pan out, is now under the age of thirty. Buhari must learn to speak the remains to be seen! In his 70th year, Buhari has language that young people ot lost the trust of the mass of can understand and relate to. the people, especially in As a patriot; an incorruptible Northern Nigeria, just as and honourable man, there are much as the dread of the very few Nigerians that can thieving elite has also match Buhari’s remarkable life heightened as their margins of history. Love or loathe the manouever have narrowed, man, these are the facts of his with the way they have incredible life. Happy General continued to misrule Nigeria. Birthday More than at any point, this MuhammaduBuhari. is a historical conjuncture for


18 — Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012 THE bad news about the N2.37 trillion debt Assets Management Corporation of Nigeria, AMCON, now bears, is neither the weight of the debts nor the fact that its results would be in the red for some time. Nigerians should be more concerned with AMCON not falling into the same mode that has seen the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, and the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation, NDIC, fail to regulate unwholesome activities that make banks major obstacles to economic growth. It was pathetic listening to the AMCON’s explanations of the deficit. The summary was that AMCON under-estimated the depth of bank debts, it was also able to recover N85 billion of more than N1 trillion debts of banks. The disappointment is that AMCON, promoted as the last hope for dealing with toxic bank loans, is sounding much like CBN, under whose watch the banks went into this morass. Whatever happened to the collaterals used in securing the loans? What about strict CBN regimes on loans? Why has nobody been prosecuted over slack regulations that

AMCON Spells More Trouble

produce banks that are centres for distributing patronage disguised as loans? AMCON is CBN in another garb. It, like CBN, has continued the four-year-old routine of announcing prospective buyers for banks that CBN first failed to supervise well and finally drained public resources through, claiming it was re-capitalising them. What is fantastic about finding buyers for banks? Could the announcements not wait until the deals are finalised? Would AMCON differ from CBN by allowing the former owners of the banks to re-capitalise them? Banks are now a drain on the economy. The Ministry of Finance gave a waiver of billions

of Naira to stock broking firms without waiting for the court cases against them for using marginal loans to shore up bank stocks. The money could have been used to address more pressing matters. Some of AMCON’s burden comes from those loans. The forgiveness granted the stock brokers comes at public expense, just like the trillions of Naira CBN wasted in running banks their owners should have re-capitalised, to clear a mess they created in connivance with unscrupulous CBN officials. Mustapha Chike-Obi, AMCON Managing Director, promises to recover the debts. We wonder what is stopping him. CBN’s poor supervision that caused huge, bad bank debts cannot be used as excuse to stop banks from lending, one of the most vital ways they contribute to the growth of the economy. It is no longer feasible to throw public funds at banks their former owners want back. Only the CBN’s haughtiness stops the search for more robust ways of restoring the banks to stability and saving the economy from further quakes.



HE latest deregistration by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC of FRESH and 27 other parties, after seven others were delisted earlier in the year, point to the fact that the ruling party is already warming up for the big contest. FRESH, in keeping with the vow of its indefatigable chairman, Rev. Chris Okotie, acted swiftly to file a suit against INEC at a Federal High Court in Abuja on Tuesday, December 11, 2012, to contest the party’s delisting, claiming a breach of its fundamental human rights and freedom of association of its members, among others. The National Assembly and the Inspector General of Police are joined in the suit filed by constitutional lawyer, Dr. Fred Agbaje and Barr. Kola Dopamu. Other delisted parties are likely to do the same. And with a subsisting suit on the same vexed issue filed by the National Conscience Party, NCP in a Federal High Court in Abuja coming up for judgment in March 2013, the polity is set for a long-drawn legal battle, which may ignite passions for 2015 prematurely. This present legal battle is between two opposing political blocks – the old brigade as represented by the ruling elite, led by the PDP, versus the young Turks who are seeking a new paradigm shift in governance as represented by reform-minded Rev. Okotie

In defence of the FRESH paradigm and his Party, FRESH which has long been campaigning for a generational power shift as the way forward for Nigeria out of the present stagnation. Therefore, viewed in this context, the deregistration is a dress rehearsal for the 2015 elections; the boldest attempt yet by the ruling PDP to silence some potentially difficult opponents who could spring surprises in our very unpredictable environment, where small, presumably weak parties could suddenly become formidable forces on account of strategic realignments or alliances. Predicting humiliation for the governing elite in 2015, the irrepressible pastorpolitician, at a press conference before the GRACE programme of his Household of God Church recently said: “For us (at the FRESH Democratic Party) like I said, we believe that this aberration will be corrected and it will be the beginning of a new day for Nigeria. 2015 portends good things for the country because we are seeing the demystification of some political parties. This deregistration is not something that you can accept in a civilised society. This can only happen in a place like Nigeria and I believe that in the end we are seeing the last of the oppression in Nigeria.” INEC based the delisting on failure of the parties to win elections, as well as their

limited spread and weak structures. However, it is unheard of that an election umpire will unilaterally decide that the size, spread and strength of opposition parties should be the basis of their existence, when the constitution provides for freedom of association. At no time in our political history did a capacity to win elections at a stipulated time, form the basis of party existence. It is, therefore, without precedent and should not stand. It is also instructive that many lawyers share this view. Obviously, the ruling party is an interested party in this matter. Its officers are in power in different offices across the country; as 2015 approaches, they’d want as little opposition as possible. Avoiding small parties that could become spoilers is a wise step taken in the right direction.


owever, the PDP controlled government cannot, through its agent (INEC) remotely or indirectly adjudicate in a matter in which it has a clear, vested interest. It cannot determine by force of its present numerical strength in the federal legislature, which parties it approves to be its opponent in electoral contests. To allow this unlawful deregistration to stand in this era of deregulation is to condone a perpetration of injustice by the ruling party against the opposition. It would amount to a tyranny of the majority.

It is widely acknowledged that the PDP’s majority was secured through a combination of scientific rigging and other fraudulent devices as the upturning of some of its ‘electoral victories’ at governorship levels have shown. Nevertheless, it is anxious to strengthen its hold on governance at all levels, come 2015. The rule of law is back on trial. An important government agency like INEC isn’t taking cognizance of the fact that its action could amount to contempt of court in view of NCP’s pending suit. Besides, the Court of Appeal, Abuja Division in an appeal filed by the Peoples Redemption Party, (PRP) and others on the issue of registration stated succinctly and unambiguously that INEC had no power to refuse to register a party that has fulfilled the required constitutional provision; and by extension, no power whatsoever to deregister an existing party that has fulfilled all constitutional stipulations. Many observers have noted that the INEC decision contradicts the 2002 Supreme Court judgment on the same subject. Perhaps all the party needed to do was seek the interpretation of that judgment as applicable to the latest deregistration exercise. *Mr. Effiong, a commentator on national issues, wrote from Lagos.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2012— 19

, P

ROF. Akinyemi’s treatment of nationality as the unit of Nigerian federalist statecraft is his strategic framework as affirmed in the following: “Nigeria, made up of 250-300/ 350 nationalities (depending on which 1 study one consults) of disparate population sizes, was obviously a candidate for federalism”. Prof. Akinyemi does not problemmatise the British decision to administer Nigeria on the eve of independence as a federation and he likewise does not problemmatise the decision of Nigerian Independence Politicians to inherit a post colonial Nigeria as a Federation. Prof. Akinyemi observes as follows: “Apart from the fact that the British colonial administration had run the colonial territory as “Federation” the Nigerian leaders themselves were determined to inherit an independent Nigeria as federation. Some may argue that neither the British nor Nigerian leaders had much choice. But it

should be borne in mind that around this time, the French, on the eve of independence broke up its West African Federation and its Central African Federation into independent constituent states. I believe that the British and the Nigerian leaders were genuinely committed to the concept of Nigeria as a Federation”. In this conclusion stated above is the implication of the failure of Prof. Akinyemi to ask “the why question” about the British and Nigerian decision to organise post colonial Nigerian Government as a federation. Both the English and French founded empires and they fashioned ways to effectively administer their colonies. In their choice of federation, the British and French colonialists clearly showed they knew the difference between the Empire as a state and the federation as a structure of government. The French, as shown by Akinyemi, chose a different administrative structure through which independence was granted

to their subjects. For both the British and the French the mode of administering their colonies was a technical decision, subject to the logic of effective and efficient administration. The subjects of French and British colonisation were therefore not bound to accept the colonialist mode of administering their sovereignty unless they saw their endorsement of their colonisers administration as effective and efficient for them as successor sovereigns. The need exist therefore for distinguishing between federation as a structure of sovereignty and as a structure of government.


he French and the British were rulers of their empires and chose on the basis of expediency modes of administration that worked for them. Just as there was no inevitability in the choice of administrative mode for the British and the French, so there ought to be no inevitability for post

Race for PDP BoTChair:Between moderation and desperation BY KAYODE OJO


INCE after the November 30, 2012 meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), which was adjourned to January 8, 2013, for the purpose of picking a new chairman of the Board, I have read a series of syndicated analyses in the newspapers in which the writers, all of whom are curiously Igbo stock, had attempted to drag the reputations of all those who have been mentioned as candidates for the position in the mud. The only exception is former Senate President in the fifth Senate, Kenechukwu Nnamani, who is their kinsman and hero. Three of such jaundiced analyses have so far been published and more will still adorn the pages of our newspapers in the days ahead. Two of them appeared on the same day in Leadership Sunday and THISDAY Sunday of December 9, 2012 on pages 2122 (particularly at 22) and pages 100 and 102 respectively. While Stanley Nkwocha wrote the one in Leadership Sunday, Chuks Okocha wrote the one in THISDAY Sunday. To be sure, the analyses and ratings were bereft of any streak of empiricism and bore no weight of fairness. Manifestly, they reeked of corrupt consciences and compromised sense of objectivity in all their ramifications. I would, however, like to state from the outset that this is not a rejoinder; and, therefore, would not bother myself with trying to debunk the fallacy and mendacity which they had made in their analyses. But this is an attempt to raise a voice of reason that bears pieces of advice to the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and


the Presidency under Dr. Goodluck Jonathan in the hope that they will hearken to them and act in accordance. I quite understand that whatever is done in the PDP now is construed within the context of the forthcoming 2015 presidential elections. This is why the PDP leadership and Jonathan must be careful not to pander to the frenzy for democracy by imprudently exposing an organ of the party as important as the Board of Trustees, which is regarded by the founding fathers as the conscience of the party, to the tension of election in choosing its chairman. Since the Board only plays advisory role, why does the PDP leadership want to subject it to the rigours of election, knowing full well that the outcome of any election always produces a fractious entity or body. The winner would go home with a feeling of victory while the loser or losers would go with a feeling of defeat. This will not augur well for the BoT of the PDP. Besides, election of BoT chair which is being planned by the party leadership is novel and this novelty has the potential of damaging the conscience of the party if allowed to hold. I am very conversant with the history of the PDP BoT since the inception of the party in 1998. I stand to be corrected: The choice of successive chairmen and secretaries had never been subjected to elections. It had always been through consensus of members, acting in concert with the President. This is the most enduringly noble path that the PDP must thread and President Jonathan must apply the weight of his office to ensure that the convention is not tampered with. If the Board of Trustees is

colonial British Nigeria to opt for a federation either at the level of state form or form of government. The agitation for independence as a process that involved the end to the British dominion in Nigeria did not establish a Nigerian dominion in Nigeria. There is a transition between the end of British Rule in Nigeria and the establishment of Nigerian Rule in Nigeria. The course of the politics of bringing about the end of British rule in Nigeria is therefore not the same as the course of politics to establish Nigerian rule in Nigeria. It is the later course of politics that describes the nature of the Nigerian Rulers and the constitutional character of the Rule of Nigerian Rulers in Nigeria. Prof. Akinyemi identified Chief Obafemi Awolowo as a theoretician politician who devoted some thinking to the two phases of politics in his appropriately titled book The Path to Nigerian Freedom (1947). According to Akinyemi: “The most theoretical proponent of Nigerian federalism, who was also a practicing politician, was Chief Obafemi Awolowo, who argued in 1947 in his Path to Nigerian Freedom, that Nigerian federal structure should be based on the internal nationalities. This led him to later propose that Nigeria should have 18 states. Apart from the Fulani/Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo nationalities who were regarded as having their own regions confirmed, the so called minorities who should really be called other nationalities mounted a spirited campaign to have regions/states of their own before independence”. If inheritance of British imperial sovereignty in Nigeria would be based on each nationality in control of its own region or state or a zone, and if the Fulani/Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo were already regarded as having their own


Prof.Akinyemi's appreciation of Nigerian federalist parxes: A critique

Sovereignty politics in Nigeria has been structured as campaign for creation of regions or states controlled by putative sovereign nationalities

I do not think the PDP needs the election of a BoT chair to prove that it is democratic; it will be sardonic if the party allows election to factionalise and traumatise the conscience of the party


understandably an assemblage of the founding fathers and those who had contributed to the party by virtue of holding a public office, whether in the past or currently, and who are not remunerated for the role they play, why subject the emergence of a chairman or even secretary to election? Members should relate with the positions as offering selfless service and, in that wise, be begged to serve. They should not desperately scramble to occupy the position. Take it or leave it, election will destroy the fabrics of the Board. I was wont to believe that members of the Board are elders and statesmen who are wise in their own right. I hope they will bring that wisdom to bear in the matter of choosing a chairman for the Board. It is not too late for the Board and the leadership of the party to review their decision on choice of a chairman through election. It is not that I am averse to election; in fact, that is the bulwark of democracy. But I do not think the PDP needs the election of a BoT chair to prove that it is democratic. It will be sardonic if the party allows election to factionalise and traumatise the conscience of the party. Will it be able to moderate the desperate

region/state/zones, it made sense for the so-called minorities who according to Prof. Akinyemi should be called other nationalities to campaign to have their own regions/states/zones before independence. This observation, by Prof. Akinyemi is a significant theoretical observation for the notion of “ nationality ” in Nigerian political lexicon has come to define Nigerian sovereignty in territorial terms and sovereignty in Nigeria in ethnic terms. Since sovereignty in Nigeria is ethnic in expression and Nigeria is a multi-ethnic society, interNigerian struggle for power as structured by the British and affirmed by Nigerian Independence Politicians in the era of pro-independence colonial constitutional reforms, took the form of struggle for ethnic ownership of a Nigeria divided into portions of territorial sovereignty. With the above as a theoretical template of sovereignty on the basis of nationality, sovereignty politics in Nigeria has been structured as campaign for creation of regions or states controlled by putative sovereign nationalities. This explains the present agitation for state creation in the present review of the constitution. Elsewhere in Africa ethnic or nationality sovereignty politics has taken the course of Civil Wars. In Nigeria it has taken the course of demand for state region or state creation. From three regions the reconstitution of the territoriality of sovereignty has resulted in the 36 plus the Federal Capital Territory formation. And as evident in the present agitations the demand for more states is yet to be satiated. If there is to be an end to further creation of states, has the security implication of such grave game change been adequately thought through?

tendencies that rear their heads in the party? Will it have the sanity of mind and the selflessness to intervene in moments of tension in the party and in government? This is why Jonathan has a historic role to play in ensuring that the chairman of the BoT emerges through consensus. Regardless of the letters of intention that have been written to the party by members, he can initiate a process of engaging members of the Board so that they can agree on someone who has the qualities they expect in a chairman. Although, I do not know if a template of prescribed qualities or criteria has been drawn up, I am sure that the first thing that should count is whether the person that would chair the Board is a founding father or member of the PDP. It makes it easy for him or her to always return to the beginning to remind members of the philosophy behind the formation of the party and the Board. The person’s contributions to the party and government should count. His or her loyalty should not be discounted; it must have been demonstrated 100 percent at all material times since the inception of the party. He or she should be a man or woman of integrity, who says what he or she means and means what he or she says; a man or woman whose positions on issues are known and who would not waver in the face of filthy lucre. And if he or she compromises, it would be in the interest of the party and the nation. His or her personality must be amiable to a vast majority of party leaders and members such that he or she would earn respect of members as well as political and public office holders. He or she must have played politics of accommodation and inclusiveness such that members of the Board would be at rest that he or she is not in the saddle to feather his or her own nest; that he or she is not in the saddle to be relevant in the scheme of things. *Mr. Ojo, a political analyst , wrote from Lagos.

20 — Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012


Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012 — 21

Textile industry’s capacity utilisation hits 52% in 2011 By FRANKLIN ALLI


From left: Vice President, Greater Washington/Turkish Cargo, Shakeclah Naransamy; winner of Manchester United Ticket, Mr. Hakeem Ajiwokeu of NAHCO Aviance Plc and Executive Vice President/CEO, Greater Washington, Mr. Owolabi Awosan, during the unveiling of a new partnership contract between Greater Washington Logistics and Turkish Cargo in Lagos.



IRECTOR-General, Industrial Training Fund (ITF), Prof Longmas Wapmuk on Tuesday said that the federal government is owing students under the Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) N12 billion in allowance. He disclosed this at the 2nd Annual seminar for Trade & Investment







108.63 87.81

+0.99 +0.61


154.77 250.8512 204.0333 168.8891 1.8454 0.2915 237.6872 24.8314 41.2676 27.3465 238.4541

155.27 251.6616 204.6924 169.4347 1.8513 0.3015 238.455 24.9121 41.4009 27.4348 239.2245

SELLING 155.77 252.472 205.3516 169.9804 1.8573 0.3115 239.2229 24.9928 41.5342 27.5231 239.9948

CBN Exchange rate as at 19/12/2012

Correspondents and Business Editors organised by the Federal Ministry of Trade & Investment in Abuja. Wapmuk said that given this huge debt burden and the inadequacy of funding for the scheme, the agency would rather have the government cancel the N2,500 stipend approved per student instead of accumulating huge debt. SIWES, he explained, was established in 1973 to solve the problem of lack of adequate practical skills preparatory for employment in industries by Nigerian graduates of tertiary institutions. He however lamented that the scheme which exposes and transits students from classroom theories to the practical world had not been funded as a result of increasing demand from all strata of the economy on the federal government funds.

Employment upon graduation Wapmuk said that the whole idea of the scheme to marry practical with theory with a view to certifying them for employment upon graduation was being marred by funding. “Left to us in the ITF, we prefer that we have a cashless SIWES, because students have been taking care of themselves already during the SIWES period and since the federal government is not in a position to give us the money required because of the demands from other sectors of the economy, we feel we should have a cashless SIWES so that ITF can pay more time to supervising the students instead of accumulating debt.

“There is no need to accumulate debt that we cannot pay because we are not meeting the demand. Most of staff have been beaten and molested over the SIWES debt,” he said. The ITF boss explained that the agency was able to cope with the funding of the SIWES when practical experience was restricted to students of science and engineering but lost control when tertiary institutions maintained that all other courses should be allowed to under go the practical experience. Wapmuk said staff of the agency had over time been assaulted over the SIWES debt while the increasing number of student also made it difficult for ITF staff to bear. “You can imagine a scheme that started with few hundreds now running into hundreds of thousands as students enrollment has increased. The allowance used to be N250.00 before it was increased to N2,500 in 2004 and given the huge size of students, it is therefore very difficult for our staff to monitor the huge number” “The objectives of SIWES are very clear and good but the problem ITF has with the SIWES itself is funding. Some few years back before 2005, ITF was able to pay students their stipends but from 2006 upward, we had the problem of the budget. We had a situation whereby our requirement of SIWES for funds to pay students was approximately N2.2billion but the provision in the budget used to be in the region of N900million until last year,” he added. The DG stated that the agency needed at least N2.2billion yearly to pay students adding that money eventually released to ITF often fall in the region of N900 million.

he Federal Government ‘s Cotton , Textile and Garments N100 billion revival fund has started telling positively on the sector as capacity utilisation in the industry peaked at 52 percent in 2 011. Minister of Trade and Investment, Olusegun Aganga , who disclosed this in Abuja during the ministry’s capacity building programme for journalists, said that data made available to him by the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, showed that the capacity utilisation in the sector moved up from 29.1 percent in 2010 to 52 percent in 2011. The Textile Revival Development Fund, it will be recalled, is being disbursed through the Bank of Industry in tranches of N10 billion to qualified beneficiary companies in the sector. “The good news is that textile companies in Kaduna, Kano and Lagos who have accessed the fund at appropriate interest rate are using the money to revive their operations. That tells you that the fund is working,” he said.

FG appoints Anohu-Amazu as PenCom’s new head


he Federal Government on Tuesday appointed Mrs Chinelo Anohu-Amazu to preside over the affairs of the National Pension Commission (PenCom). Mr Emeka Onuora, Head of Corporate Communications of PenCom, said this in a statement sent to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday. Onuora said that AnohuAmazu was selected for the position as the most senior official of the commission. He said that Anohu-Amazu was directed to preside over PenCom by the Secretary of the Government of the Federation. “The appointment of Anohu-Amazu was as a result of her being the most senior officer in the commission,“ the statement said. Anohu-Amazu is one of the key players in the pension reform programme and one of the experts that “midwifed” the Contributory Pension Scheme in Nigeria. She served in the Fola Adeola Pension Reform Committee set up by former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, and which helped in the enactment of the Pension Reform Act 2004,“ the statement said.

22—Vanguard, THURSDAY , DECEMBER 20, 2012

European shares close high as US worries ease


Media and Public Affairs Manager, Nigerian Breweries Plc, Vindah Edem presenting blackberry phone to Joy Baxil winner at the Legend Real Deal Nite held recently in Lagos.

Eterna records N1.2bn PAT, denies subsidy racketeering BY WILLIAM JIMOH


terna Plc has reported a Profit After Tax (PAT) of N1.2 billion in its 2011 financial year, representing a growth of 68 per cent compared with N722 million recorded in 2010. Speaking at its 22nd Annual General Meeting, AGM in Lagos, Mr Fola Adeola, the Chairman of the company said the company achieved consolidated operating revenues of N41 billion representing overall percentage growth of 190 per cent compared with the 14.1 billion operating revenues achieved in 2010 financial year. Adeola said the company’s gross profit of N2.4 billion showed a growth of 57 per cent compared to the gross profit of N1. 5 billion achieved in 2010. “We have significantly reduced interest expenses on loans by 60 per cent, the reduction in interest costs which had adversely affected profitability in previous years, is directly attributable to success recorded from substantial repayments, as well as restructuring of existing loans into better repayment and pricing terms,” he said. Looking at the future outlook, he said the greatest challenge facing the company is that of petroleum subsidy claims, saying that the

Nigerian Government has alleged that the company was complicit in making false claims for subsidy. He said that the company and two of its senior executive have been charged to court by

the Economic and financial crimes commission (EFCC), even as he argued that it was an attempt to ridicule the reputation of the company. “As far as we know, our company has not received any

illegal benefits from subsidy claims. Your Board is determined to resolve this issue in an expeditious manner in order that we can focus on the business o the company,” he said.

SEC seals premises of fund managing firm BY PETER EGWUATU


HE Securities and Ex change Commission (SEC), has sealed the remises of an alleged illegal fund managing firm, Awareness for Wealth (A2W). The commission also dragged the Managing Director of A2W, Mr. Adeolu Akinyemi and some of the company’s key managers to the Ikeja Police Station to explain why the firm is operating without adequate registration from the regulatory body. The SEC’s move is coming after receiving several complaints from the investing public over the increasing activities of illegal fund managers. It took the combined team of both plain and uniformed policemen from both the commission and the Oduduwa Police command headquarter in Ikeja to seal off the fund manager’s premises whose office is located at Olufumilola Okikolu street , off Toyin Street, Ikeja. Speaking to newsmen on the incidence, Assistant Director, Enforcement and Compliance of the commission, Mr. Benard

Ebe, said, “ The commission has in the last three months being inundated with series of complaints of fraud from investors in the fund manager ’s scheme. So to guide against other people from fallen victim the commission had to move swiftly.” According to him, “For any entity to engage in any manner of fund management, it is expected to register with the commission in accordance with the provision of the Investment and Securities Act (ISA) 2007. Anything fallen short of this will amount to illegal operations and is also regarded as Wonder Bank or Ponzi scheme. “They lure people to bring their money to them and in the process they pay dividend or interest as the case may be in the interim. But when the initial investors have brought a lot of other investors to the scheme, the firm will no longer pay the juicy interest or dividend before the investors knows what is happening the fund managers will just shut their premises and abscond with the millions of naira that would have been

deposited with them.” A pamphlet from the organization obtained by Vanguard indicates that one of the top banks was their major banker, even as they claimed that yield on investment is projected at an average of 20 per cent per annum with a 5 year capital holding. The commission moves which saw four top officials of the fund managers, including the Managing Director, Mr. Adeolu Akinyemi being taken into custody at the Area ‘F’ Police command, said “Three month ago detailed operation of the company came to the commission, Section 153 of the Investment and Security Act showed that operators of such fund must obtained license, to ensure close monitoring by the commission and more so they are expected to file returns to the commission.” However, one of the officials who claimed to be advisor to A2W, but who did not disclose his name, said their operation was registered with the Lagos State Ministry of Cooperative and Agriculture.

uropean shares rose close to 2012 highs on Tuesday on signs that U.S. lawmakers might reach agreement to avoid looming tax hikes and spending cuts that threaten to hurt the world’s biggest economy. By 1132 GMT, the FTSEurofirst 300 was up 3.49 points or 0.3 percent at 1,136.01, nearing its peak for the year of 1,141.32, as was France’s CAC, at 3,638.87. Shares gained after U.S. President Barack Obama made a counteroffer to Republicans that included a change in position on tax hikes for the wealthy, according to a source. But with the CAC and FTSEurofirst near yearto-date highs and Germany’s DAX at fresh 2012 highs, and with no formal U.S. deal on the table, investors were not getting carried away.

Hedge funds reduce bullish bets


edge funds cut bullish commodity bets by the most in a month as the Federal Reserve warned the U.S. budget impasse may damage the economy, increasing concern about demand just as prices head for the first loss since 2008. Speculators and money managers decreased netlong positions across 18 U.S. futures and options by 11 percent to 802,817 contracts in the week ended Dec. 11, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission data show. Sugar holdings tumbled 68 percent, the most in five years, and those for wheat dropped to the lowest since June. Wagers on higher crudeoil prices tumbled 21 percent, the most since May. The Standard & Poor’s GSCI Spot Index of 24 raw materials retreated 4.1 percent this quarter, with U.S. lawmakers in a stalemate on how to avoid about $600 billion in tax increases and spending cuts that start next month.

Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012 — 23

Banks need exponential growth in consumer lending — Ayedun N

IGERIAN banks need exponential growth in consumer lending increased growth and profitability said Taiwo Ayedun, Chief Executive Officer, CR Services. Speaking at the 2012 annual Stakeholders Forum of Bank Directors Association of Nigeria (BDAN), he said there is a huge opportunity for increased credit growth and profitability in Nigeria, given the huge numbers of employed people without access to banks’ loans. He noted that out of the 42 million Nigerians that are gainfully employed, only 8.2 millions have loans while less than 1.6 million have loans from the banks. He said this offers a huge market opportunity for banks lending. He said that the problem however is that banks presently prefer to lend to corporate bodies, and high net worth individuals. He said this is due to the lack of mechanism to identify individuals who are good borrowers, who will repay their loans. He said this is further compounded by absence of a national acceptable means of identifying people, such that people cannot disguise their real identity. He said these problems were responsible for the problem of huge non-performing loans, which was the major cause of banking distress in the past. He said in the developed countries these problems are solved through the services of credit bureaus, and hence the growth and explosion of consumer lending, or lending to individuals. “Nigeria can also overcome this problem and experience exponential growth in consumer lending with the concomitant benefits to the economy, by aggressively engaging the services of credit bureaus.” he said.

He said that credit bureaus offer credit reporting, which is the exchange of permissible information on borrower performance and repayment behavior. Information collected include name, address, phone number, National ID, lender, loan amount, loan date, performance status, etc. The Information can be sourced from lenders, insurance companies,

landlords, bankruptcy records, court judgments, etc. The credit information collected is then used to determine reputation of the borrower, in terms of loan repayment. “Thus with credit reporting, it became easier and faster for banks and other lending organisations to identify good borrowers and decided whether to give loan or not.

LCCI boss urges CBN to intensify campaigns on cash-less policy


From left: Mr. John Ekpikhe, Senior Consultant with Mark-George Consultants and Mr. Jude Anele, Head Retail Banking with Diamond Bank Plc at the Diamond Bank - 26th BusinessXpress Seminar in Lagos .

40% Nigerians satisfied with economy — survey By CHINEDU IBEABUCHI


BOUT 40 per cent Nigeri ans are of the opinion that the Nigerian economy has performed averagely since independence when compared to the Ghanaian and South African economies, according to a survey by NOI Polls. However when asked if the

Vision of our founding fathers (Unity & Faith, Peace & Progress) remains the same at this present time, a majority of Nigerians (88%) responded negatively citing reasons for the failing of the vision as mismanagement of resources, the absence of peace & unity and corruption amongst others. A majority (44%) also were

ANAN trains members on new PAYE law ••Past, incumbent president honoured By PRINCEWILL EKWUJURU


This makes it easier to extend credit to the millions of individuals, house households and businesses, resulting into growth in demands for goods and services, investment by businesses and increased economic growth. It is for this reason that more and more countries are engaging the services credit bureaus, and today all suc-

cessful modern economies have established credit reporting infrastructure. Ayedun said that for Nigerian banks to grow, and make profits, they must lend to the millions of employed Nigerians and businesses that need the loans and would repay, and this can only be achieved by engaging the services of credit bureaus. He said beyond this, credit bureaus will help to reduce the incidence of non-performing loans which prompted the recent banking crisis. He said that is why the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) licensed CR Services and two other companies as credit bureaus, and directed that banks must get credit reports from at least two of the companies before making decisions on any loan request.”

HE Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN), Lagos Mainland Branch through its Chairman Mr. Donatus Amauwa said the enlightenment lecture on Pay As You Earn (PAYE) and the Tax law Amendment ACT is to acquit members with what the new law says. The Association also bestowed honours on the past and incumbent presidents of ANAN, those rewarded include; Hajiya Maryam Ibrahim, incumbent president of ANAN, Dr. Johnson Odumeru,Chif. S.B. Aloba,Alhaji. Umar Hamid, Prof. Edet Iwok, Dr. Samuel Nzekwe and Chief. Iyamide Gafar.

Speaking at the Award giving ceremony and the launching of its 2013 calendar, the Branch Chairman said the enlightenment lecture on PAYE, and the Tax Law ACT was a deliberate attempt to further guide the members on what the new law is all about, and the gains inherent as against the old law. “I believe that this will help us in answering some of the questions being asked by employers and employees in our various establishments and the need to always pay our taxes in accordance with the law.” Amauwa who said that ANAN’s mission is to build a centre of excellence for the teaching of accountancy, not only in Nigeria, but also Africa, which will serve as the cradle of professionalism and the best in professional practice.

of the opinion that our founding fathers would be disappointed at where we were as a Nation. The survey was conducted to gauge the opinions of Nigerians on the progress that the country had made as a Nation at 52, according to a statement by NOI Polls. The survey conducted between October 15th th – 18 2012 sampled a total of One Thousand and Nine (1,009) phone-owning Nigerians aged 18 years and above, across the six geopolitical zones of the country. With a sample of this size, we can say with 95 per cent confidence that the results obtained are statistically precise - within a range of plus or minus 3.1% margin of error, NOI Polls said. The survey results highlighted the top national issue Nigerians wanted the current administration to work on; improving electricity (18%), this replaces tackling insecurity down from 37%to 13% from a similar poll done by NOI Polls in May 2012 to gauge Nigerian’s perception on the current administration on Democracy Day.

IRECTOR Gener al, Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) Mr Muda Yusuf, on Tuesday urged the CBN to intensify campaigns on its cashless policy in the informal sector. Yusuf told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that more sensitisation was necessary for the informal sector to buy into the cash-less policy initiative. He said that many market women were still transacting businesses with cash which was contrary to the ideals of the cash-less economy. “To make people accept the cash-less culture is not an easy task. The CBN has to reach out more to the informal sector because quite a lot of businesses operate in that class. Success at the level of the informal sector is the true measure of success of any economic policy. “ Yusuf said that many operators of small businesses still did not know how to use the Point of Sales (PoS) terminals. “There is the need to run more newspaper adverts on instituting a cash-less economy in Nigeria in indigenous languages,“ he said. Yusuf, however, said that the issue of infrastructure must be addressed to give the needed support to the cash-less policy.

24—Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012


Citibank appoints Hafeez MDCEO C ITIBANK Nigeria Limit ed, Citi Nigeria, has appointed Mr. Omar Hafeez its new Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer. Consequently, he assumes the role of Citi Country Officer, responsible for all aspects of its franchise in Nigeria. Mr. Hafeez has been based in Nigeria since 2010, and was Executive Director responsible for Corporate and Investment Banking. Citi Nigeria was awarded Best Foreign Investment Bank in 2012 by Emeafinance. He started his career at Citi in 1994 in Pakistan, and served as Head of Corporate Banking from 2004 to 2007. Prior to relocating to Nigeria, he was the Managing Director

for Citi in Tanzania. Hafeez has 18 years of experience operating in emerging markets, covering a cross-section of industries. He has extensively advised both private sector clients and Governments on financial solutions across a range of products. The new MD/CEO has represented Citi at various forums and presented papers both nationally and internationally. Commenting on the appointment, Mr. Olayemi Cardoso, Chairman of the Board of Directors for Citi Nigeria said, “The Board and Management of the bank are extremely pleased with the appointment of Mr. Hafeez. We believe that his extensive experience operating in complex

Omar Hafeez emerging economies would prove vital for Citi Nigeria and provide the necessary leadership for the bank to continue to thrive and be successful.” 08033348923

Ovia gets IFMA Nigeria Award


MMEDIATE past Interna tional Facilities Management Association, IFMA, Nigeria Honours Award. The astute banker was bestowed with the award during IFMA 2012 award dinner held in Lagos. Others individuals and corporate organizations so honoured are Mr. Henry Ezulu (Best Individual IFMA Member Award), Provast Nigeria Limited (Best Corporate Member of the Year), Covenant University, Otta (Best Managed Educational Facility), Alpha Mead Facility Limited (Best Corporate FM Stakeholder), while the Best Graduating Masters in Facility Management 2012 was given to Mr. Onotovie Nwanago. The Palms bagged award for the Best Managed Retail Facility, Le Meridien, Uyo got “Best Managed Hospitality Facility”, Civic Centre, Victoria Island received “Best Managed Events Facility ” and Lagos State was given award for “Best Corporate FM Stakeholder”. Ikoyi Club 1938, Ikoyi, which Best

Jim Ovia Managed Recreational Facility, Churchgate, Victoria Island was given award for the Best Managed Office Facility, Beachland Estate, Lagos received award for the Best Managed Residential Facility, National Hospital, Abuja was awarded as the Best Managed Health Care Facility and Swiss Pharma, Dopemu got the Best Managed Industrial Facility. Mr. Adetokunbo Esho, representing the Lagos State Commissioner of Environment, Mr. Tunji Bello, while commending the award, said “we all are into facility management because it basically deals with maintenance. Facilities are things we enjoy and they make life more meaningful for us.”

Ford Foundation names Chukwuma West African rep


ORD Foundation has announced the appointment of Innocent Chukwuma as its representative for West Africa. He is to serve Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, The Gambia, Mali, Guinea and Sierra Leone. Chukwuma will be based in the Ford Foundation's office in Lagos and will oversee all of the foundation's work in the Innocent Chukwuma region. Chukwuma is a globally-renowned advocate for human rights and good governance as well as a leading scholar on police and criminal justice reform in West Africa. Recently, he founded and led the CLEEN Foundation, a civil society group that promotes public safety, security and accessible justice in West Africa. He has also held various posts with the Civil Liberties Organization, CLO, one of Nigeria's first human rights organizations and the CEO and Chair of the Altus Alliance, a global network of nonprofits, and is a member of the International Society for Criminology.

Wogu hails Lakemfa’s election as OATUU General Secretary


INISTER of Labour and Productivity, Chief Eme ka Wogu, has described Comrade Owei Lakemfa as a gift from Nigeria to Africa, saying the Organization of African Trade Union Unity, OATUU, will benefit immensely from his wealth of experience as the new Secretary General of the Organization. Chief Wogu spoke when the out-gone Secretary General of OATUU Comrade Hassan Sunmonu, presented the new Secretary General of the Organization Comrade Owei Lakemfa to him in his office in Abuja. Congratulating the new Secretary General of OATUU Chief Wogu declared that, “I am confident that the Organization of African Trade Union Unity will benefit immensely from your wealth of experience. African workers welfare and right will receive commensurate improvement and recognition during your tenure as the Secretary General of the Union”.

Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012 —25

BRIEF FG appoints Bello Executive Secretary of Nigeria Shippers’ Council


HE Federal Government has announced the appointment of an acting Executive Secretary/CEO for Nigerian Shippers’ Council following the expiration of the second tenure of the former Executive Secretary/ CEO Capt. Adamu Audu Biu. The new acting Executive Secretary/CEO is Mr. Hassan Bello. The appointment of Mr. Hassan Bello, who until his present appointment was Director Legal Services, was conveyed to the Nigerian Shippers’ Council by the Honourable Minister of Transport, Senator Idris Umar. The letter, which was signed on behalf of the Honourable Minister by the Acting Director, Human Resources Management E.T. Umoh, directed that affairs of the Council should be handed over to the most senior Director in the Council in an acting capacity “until Mr President approves the substantive Executive Secretary/Chief Executive Officer” for the Council.

Job seeker wins Ships & Ports Essay Competition


2010 graduate of the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Ogun State, and job seeker, Miss Funke Abimbola Olotu , has won N100,000 star prize of the sixth Ships & Ports Annual National Essay Competition. Olotu’s feat at the prize presentation ceremony which was held in Lagos recently, makes her the first female star prize winner since the competition, which has transformed into a strong brand, kicked off in 2006. While Olotu netted the Dangote Port Operation Prize for Best Overall Essay, other prize winners in this year’s competition include Mr. Onyema Emmanuel Ngwakwe, Sifax Group Prize for Creative Writing & Presentation; and Mr. Babatunde Bello, Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) Prize for Outstanding Essay. Other winners of the NIMASA Prize for Outstanding Essay were the Maritime Correspondent of Businessday newspaper, Miss Uzoamaka Anagor; and Messrs Ejike-Ume Felix Ifeanyi, Daniel Henry Onovo and Christopher Okeke. It would be recalled that one of this year’s one of this year’s winners of the NIMASA Prize for Outstanding Essay, Messr Ejike-Ume Felix Ifeanyi, a lawyer, was the star prize winner of the 2009 edition of the competition.

Destination Inspection deadline: Anxiety mounts as stakeholders express fear STORIES BY GODFREY BIVBERE

confusion presently because they do not know the exact procedure for importing into the country as from January 2. They noted that the federal government does not seem to be concerned about the situation. According to Mr. Uchu Block, National Secretary of National Council of Managing Directors of Licensed Customs Agents (NCMDLCA), Customs is not ready. He noted that as early as this week,

most of the scanning sites are still being manned by officials of the service providers and that there are no officers of the Service on ground to show seriousness on the part of Customs. According to him, “Customs is not ready and the federal government is not saying anything about it. There is no score card to show how well the service providers have performed.” Block explained that there is fear about the capability of the Service to carryout the function because already as it is, they have left their core function of trade facilitation for revenue collection. With the current revenue drive of the Service he noted, “What will it be like when they finally take charge come January 2nd? Another operator who spoke with Vanguard on the issue pointed out that government needs to come out to state its position before the end of the year to put all stakeholders in the know of what will be obtainable come next year. The operator further noted that there is need for government to state exactly what its import policy for the new year is and the process an intending import have to pass through in the cause of transacting his or her business. *Corporate Affairs Manager of Cotecna Destination Inspection Ltd, Mr. Aminu Mohammed, receiving the award of Best Service Provider on behalf of his company from Chairman of Clamouring for Indigenous Shipowners Association of Nigeria (ISAN) Chief (Dr.) Isaac Jolapamo at the a reality Maritime Reporters Association of Nigeria (MARAN) Maritime Excellence Award held in Lagos while President of MARAN Mr. Bolaji Akinola (m) watches on. However, Babatunde Shittu, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Shiba Services Ltd, said he does not foresee any problem but noted that the hand over on the contrary will lead to more efficient port deep-sea port and free trade zone which ANAGING Director operations when the service of Greenview Development Ni- is described as the modern gateway into providers finally hands over geria Limited, a subsidiary of Dangote Nigeria and West Africa. at the end of the month. On the short term solution to the trafGroup, Alhaji Issa Baba Burka, has said This, Shituu continues, fic situation in Apapa area in Lagos, the that the construction of new port at Lekwould be dependent on ki and the planned port at Badagry will Greenview Development boss called for whether Customs does its job not help in the long run in curbing the a joint effort by the stakeholders in the the way it supposed to do it. congestion in port operation in Lagos maritime industry and the government He is of the opinion that the to create a holding bay as a permanent and its environs. hand over would make the eBurka who spoke to Vanguard on the solution to the problem of perennial traftransaction which operators issue in his office in Lagos, said that de- fic congestion in Apapa. have been clamouring for a He noted that several attempts had velopment in Lagos is so rapid that in a reality. been made in the past to eliminate the matter of a decade the same problem On whether there is need which operators in the port in Apapa are perennial traffic congestion but it has for enlightenment to sensifacing now would spread to both new not been successful because trailers are tize the public, Shittu said integral to port operations. ports when they become operational. there is no need as all the According to Burka, “Whatever you do, According to him, “In terms of overall relevant operators already ports development concept in this coun- those trucks are an integral part of port know how the system would try, you know Apapa and Tin-can ports operations, we need them but as it is operate come next year. in Lagos are overstretched. There is no now, there is no truck park around On his part, the National Apapa or around the precincts of Tinroom for expansion. You have urban enPresident of National Assocroachment too. No matter what you in- can. “The only permanent solution will ciation of Government Apject into that system, the problem will be to look for a truck park so that you proved Freight Forwarders can introduce the call-up system; beremain,” he added. (NAGAFF), Eugene Nweke, cause the trucks must wait to take cargo. He explained that the way out is the said he would rather wait development of new port out side the But the highway is not the place for them until sometimes this week Lagos axis where trucks can move free- to wait. So therefore, the government, when the Comptroller Genly from such ports into the highway with- stakeholders, transport owners must look eral of Customs, Alhaji Abfor a truck park that can accommodate out having to spend hours on end in trafdullahi Dikko, would come to fic. A good example according to him is all the trucks so that you can introduce Lagos to speak on the issue. the proposed construction of Olokola the call-up system,” he concluded.


S the 2012 destination inspection contract expiration date for the hand over of risk assessment and scanning functions by the Service Providers to the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) draws nearer, some stakeholders in the maritime industry have expressed worry about it effect on ports operations. Some of the stakeholders who spoke with Vanguard explained that there is

New port in Lagos won’t curb congestion — Burka


26 —Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012

Power supply has not improved despite hike in tariffs—NACCIMA STORIES BY NAOMI UZOR


HE Nigeria Associ ation of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA), said the recent hike in tariff by the PHCN has not led to improvement in electricity supply,fsince the government’s intention to meet the 6,000MW to 10,000MW has been difficult.. Hence businesses are still burdened with running on private generators. In a review of the economy for the 4th quarter, the National President, NACCIMA, Dr. Ademola Ajayi, said NACCIMA

is worried over the recent high tariff ’ and the burden of private generators for businesses, adding that this has contributed as always to the high cost of doing business estimated at about 40 per cent. “Real sector operators and citizens alike depend mostly on their own provision of alternative sources of electricity through generating plants. “While we applaud President Goodluck Jonathan’s recent bold pronouncement in Islamabad, Pakistan during Nigeria’s moment of pride for performance at the D8 Summit, assuring

CAMA advocates express authorisation for SON to destroy substandard items


ABLE Manufactur ers Association of Nigeria (CAMA) has called on the federal government to give express authorisation to Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) to destroy any facility found to be warehousing substandard products. National President of CAMA, Mr. Ifeanyi Uzodike, who made the call on Wednesday, said that the association is appreciative of the job that the SON is doing, but for the agency to succeed in its efforts to rid the markets of substandard electric cables, the federal government should provide sufficient back-up needed for the agency. According to him, such an authorisation would enable the SON to storm markets and indeed any other outlet in the country suspected to be supporting the sale and bringing in of substandard products into the country. Uzodike said that other stern measures that should be taken include prosecuting any customs officer found to have cleared goods of questionable quality entering the country. He underscored the immense danger which the country faces when substandard products are allowed to enter the country; saying first is threat or actual loss of human lives and property, and on the long run, a big dent to the image of the coun-

try and its citizens. Making specific reference to the cable seizures, he said it was nothing short of sabotage given that it not only drains national resources, but also hinders the efforts of the Federal Government to provide more jobs and better living conditions for its citizens.

Nigerians of a stable supply of electricity in major cities by the second quarter of 2013, we expect that adequate mechanism would be put in place in the implementation of the on-going power generation, transmission and supply. This will be a comforting though for business operators,” he said. He said that NACCIMA wish to counsel that government with the private sector collaboration should not rest but intensify the commitment towards sustainable power supply of not less than 10,000MW by end of 2013, as well as make provisions for sufficient prepaid meters to consumers to ensure that every citizen pay his or her bills timely, while the era of crazy bills becomes a thing of the past. On the issue of security, Ajayi said, that the chamber ’s believe that the security challenge facing Nigerians as a nation are not insurmountable if government and its agencies remain focused, committed and intensify on-going partnership efforts with the private sector and the citizens to move the country forward by making it a safe haven for all Nigerians and foreigners alike.

Centre: Mr. Wale Sunmola, Sales Manager, East, Euro Global Foods and Distilleries Limited receives Best Schnapps Product award for Seaking Premium Schnapps from Mrs. Mae Solomon, Director, Higher Education, Rivers State Ministry of Education at the Institute for Government Research and Leadership ‘African Products Awards’ held in Port Harcourt. With them is Mr. Fred Oriunuebho of Tru-edge Communications, PR consultants to Euro Global (left).

Bama Farm advocates proper documentation of farm land


AGOS based Bama Farm Foods Limited has urged relevant authorities to take the issue of proper documentation of farms land, C of O and governor’s consent very seriously, saying it will go a long way to move the agric sector forward. Speaking during the commissioning of the Farm at Bariga area of the State, the Managing Director/ CEO, Prince Wale Oyekoya, said there’s need for proper documentation of farms land by governments and other relevant stakeholders farming. He described agriculture as a strong veritable means of the nation’s economy that a lot dread to venture into due to the craved wealth via gas & oil, banking and real estate at the detriment of our children, children’s future which to some people seem drab, adding that, financial institution should provide low interest rate to farmers in a single digit interest loan, unlike now which is 28 to 30 per cent. According to Oyekoya, it is only agriculture that can take redundant and lazy youths off the streets of anywhere and make them better citizens of a nation. He said the state government agriculture youth empowerment programme presently holding in Araga Epe and everywhere else in Lagos

US milk industry in ‘crisis’


N an age of vitamin waters and energy drinks, the decade’s long decline in U.S. milk consumption has accelerated, worrying dairy farmers, milk processors and grocery chains. The industry “is coming to recognize this as a crisis,” says Tom Gallagher, CEO of Dairy Management Inc., a farmer-funded trade group that promotes milk products. “We cannot simply assume that we will always have a market.” Per-capita U.S. milk consumption, which peaked around World War II, has fallen almost 30 percent from 28.6 percent since 1975 to 20.2 percent in 2011, even as sales of yogurt, cheese and other dairy products have risen, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture statistics. The reasons include the rise in popularity of bottled waters and the concern of some consumers that milk is high in calories. Another factor, according

to the USDA, is that children, who tend to be heavy milk drinkers, account for a smaller share of the U.S. population than they once did. To revive sales, milk companies and retailers are pushing smaller, moreconvenient packages and health-oriented varieties, including protein-enhanced milk aimed at fitness buffs. The dairy industry is also retooling its marketing to tout the authenticity of cow’s milk and to deride fast-growing alternatives like soy and almond milk as “imitation milk.” The decline’s recent acceleration is due in part to increases in milk’s retail price, a result of the soaring costs for grains fed to dairy cows, according to industry officials. But the depth of this year’s slide has surprised some foodindustry executives because retail milk prices have risen only slightly this year after surging 9.2 per cent last year, according to federal data.

state is indeed an eye opener to the fact that Nigerian’s must all join hands with the government to make Nigeria a better place for us all. “Yes Nigeria is a fertile land with space for everyone to excel in all spheres of business interact especially agriculture. However, I would like to appeal to the government at the centre to provide basic infrastructure that make business venture progress and less stressful,” he said. There is a need for a strong commitment from the government to provide improved infrastructure such as good road network, constant electricity, and water and employment opportunity for our youths and solid security network. Government must work on modalities to have consistent policies, this way entrepreneurs would experience enjoyable business venture in Nigeria, wherever they may be located,” he said. He said Bama farm food will be interested to partner with the private sector to move the agric sector forward because it will be a collective responsibility, as government cannot do it alone.

Security still major concern to investors — DG, LCCI


HE Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), said that the security situation in the country is still a major concern to investors. It noted that beyond the direct consequences for the economy, adding that it has profound effect on the perception of the country as an investment destination. In a release on the 2012 business environment report, Director General of LCCI, Mr Muda Yusuf, said the economies of the

affected states suffered setbacks following the closure of companies and relocation to other states. The impact on job losses was profound as many firms lost sizeable portion of their sales as they could no longer access most part of the northern market; “Manufacturing firms sourcing raw materials from the north faced new challenges; Projects funded by banks in the affected states are at risk; Many bank branches

have been closed, while the working hours for others have been drastically reduced; Sales representatives of many companies have fled the affected states and many projects under construction in the north have been abandoned” he said. According to him, policy uncertainty was a major issue for upstream investors in 2012. The Uncertainty about the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) persisted as the fate of the bill is still unknown.

Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012 —27

NAICOM issues new guideline on premium collection, remittance


HE National Insur ance Commission, NAICOM, has released new guideline on premium collection and remittance. A statement issued by NAICOM in Lagos said the new guideline would take effect from January 1, 2013. The statement quoted Mr Fola Daniel, the Commissioner for Insurance, as saying that henceforth only insurance policies for which payment had been received would be recognised. It said that the new guideline was to protect the interest of policy holders and other stakeholders from the existing practice, noting: “Insurance companies have continued to report huge amount of outstanding premiums, while making large amount of provisions for bad debts without the recovery of the debts thereafter.” NAICOM directed that insurance companies would pay N500, 000 penalty for each cover granted without advance premium, while brokers would pay N250, 000 for failure to notify of premium received within 48 hours.

Insurance company It said that the operating licence of an insurance company that flouted the new rule might be suspended by the commission. According to the guideline, a lead insurer should remit premium collected to other co-insurers within 30 days of receiving such premium. It said that all insurance companies should notify NAICOM within 30 days from the end of every quarter of premiums admitted. “Any insurance company or broker who failed to render this shall be liable to a penalty of N5, 000 each day of the default,” NAICOM said. It added that the evidence of remittances to reinsurers should be a condition for determining admissibility of the reinsurance debts in the insurance company’s financial statement. The guideline directed that premium for all local placements should

be paid within 14 days of receipt of such premium from brokers or insurance companies. It directed that insurance companies and brokers were required to carry out reconciliation of their accounts by March 31, 2013. It said that any penalty imposed on any company should be disclosed in the company’s annual financial statement and reported to shareholders during its annual general meeting.

L-r: Mr Laolu Akanni, Senior Special Adviser to Lagos State Governor, Raji Fashola, on SUBEB; Chief Sylvester Opara, permanent board member; Engr Tony Onyeama, MD, TecnoOil, HRM Oba Taofik Akedu Aojo, the Alahun of Imore and Apapa and Mrs Nkechi Obi, Vice Chairman, Technooil at the formal commissioning of Dr Lucas Memorial High School ICT centre, Kirikiri, Lagos sponsored by Techno Oil. Photo: Lamidi Bamidele

28 —Vanguard,


Stakeholders canvass regular screening at Paincare Ojodu free health mission


TAKEHOLDERS at the December free health mission of Paincare Outreach, a Non Governmental Organisation, in partnership with Redeemed Christian Church of God, House of Joy Parish, Ojodu area of Lagos have advocated for regular medical screening among Nigerians in order to reduce the growing incidence of silent killer diseases. The experts, who were of the view that increasing poverty among Nigerians has made access to healthcare more difficult, regretted that many Nigerians are moving around with so many silent killers such as hypertension and diabetes. Head of the medical team, Dr Femi Ajagun noted that: “In most hospitals, it is now a common place to find young people coming down with complicated hypertension. With regular screening, so many things could be averted.” Stating the need for more community awareness programme, he advised that people should look out for some

warning signs. For instance; “If you sweat a lot, for no reason or you drink water so much, pass out urine so much, you loose weight a lot and probably eat a little more, these things are common with people with diabetes, If they are catch young, they might not really be curable but you can manage them and live long with them. HIV is so celebrated but some of these silent diseases are more terrible.” Ajagun explained that the programme was a medical spiritual outfit aimed at examining the health of participants and offer support where necessary.

poverty. Earlier, the Pastor inCharge, Paincare, Pastor Steve Oluwole Akindase said the outreach have been to so many dark places around Lagos and Ogun States. He said the outreach plans to build a hospital and school for the less privileged. “A lot of communities have been transformed. The mandate of that hospital will be to win souls for Christ. The hospitals will be Cross section of beneficiaries during Paincare Outreach free health rehabilitating drug programme at Ojodu area of Lagos. addicts while schools will serve as educaAjagun listed some of the medition, diarrhea, malaria, typhoid tional backing for less privical screening at the programme and pneumococcal disease leged children in the society,” to include; High Blood Preshe added. Residents who came amongst others. sure, Blood Sugar screening, Speaking, the Founder of out enmasse to receive free upper respiratory tract infecPaincare, Mr. Peter Nwosu, at treatments, drugs and food the event which featured free stuffs including treated bed distribution of food items, nets for pregnant women urged medical consultations, drugs churches, well meaning Nigedistribution by medical ex- rians to take interest in the perts, it was a dream come welfare of less-privileged Renowned medical expert, true and another avenue to win people. On his part, Parish Pastor, Professor Oladapo Ashiru will souls for Christ. Nwosu who be presenting a paper on stated that the outreach was a House of Joy, Michael Ogbe, monthly programme aimed at while appreciating the out“Defying Age”. Among other special guests offering free medical treatments reach expressed joy over the expected at the event include to the less privileged as well large turnout of residents durHonourable Abike Dabiri and as lift more people out of the ing the alter calls and promised Honourable Jumoke Okoya hold of the devil, sickness and to do follow up on them. Thomas amongst others.

Vanguard Allure wellness seminar holds Saturday


LLURE annual wellness e m i n a r will this week hold at the Pearl Court Hotel, Aso Street, Parkview Estate Ikoyi Lagos. The wellness seminar was an initiative of Vanguard’s Fashion Pull- out- Allure Magazine. s



am dating a musician and we have a very ex citing relationship. We have not discussed marriage but I will like to marry him. The only thing that worries me is that he has a lot of female fans and they are always throwing themselves at him. I am telling you that this guy can have any woman he wants and he loves it when women flirt with him but I hate it and I worry that one of these days he will sleep with one or more of them. How do I prevent this? Adora Dear Adora, when you are dating a popular musician or actor, this is to be expected. Fans of all kinds will always try to get a piece of their favourite celebrity and the only thing the celebrity can do is to smile and be nice. There is nothing you or your boyfriend can do about it. It is now up to you whether you can cope with this kind of life or not. If you cannot cope, then maybe it is not a good idea for both of you to be together. But his fans will keep trying to get close to him. Remember that these fans are the same people that buy his albums and support his career. He cannot be rude to them or chase them away. So he has no choice but to smile and thank them for their support. That is the professional thing to do even if you see it as flirting – Uche Dear Uche, I am a man and I have a problem with the size of my penis and I was told by a friend that you can fix it. I want a fatter, longer and strong penis. Please help me out – Daniel Dear Daniel, the penis enlargement solutions we offer are not surgical solutions. We can recommend supplements and enlargement creams that you can use and then you will make your choice. For supplements, you can use Max Size or Big Bam Boo to enlarge your penis or you can use Mega Me Enlargement Cream – Uche I am a regular reader of your column. Please help me. My girlfriend gets wet very easily. I don’t

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Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012 — 29

Quality of graduates is the direct input of teachers —Prof Osarenren By DAYO ADESULU


OTHERED by the rate of academic decadence in the education sector, Professor Ngozi Osarenren, from the Faculty of Education, University of Lagos (UNILAG), has posited that the present academic state of our students is the direct impute of their teachers. She said, “a qualified teacher is not necessarily a competent teacher, a competent teacher is not necessarily an efficient teacher, an efficient teacher is not necessarily an effective teacher. Quality of our graduates is the direct input of teachers” Professor Osarenren who spoke during a public lecture on: ‘No Divorce of Education’ held at the Faculty of Education, University of Calabar (UNICAL) explained that a qualified teacher is the

Students inprocession after the chrismas carol servive of nine lessons organised by the Lagos Anglican Schools Manangement Board. Photo by Diran Oshe.

stressing that the efficient teacher, on the other hand applies the principles and methods as directed.” She told the lectures and students that whatever they sow they will reap, adding that if a teacher sows quality into their students they will reap quality of education. Osarenren who tasked the lecturers to prepare their students for success asked if the graduates paraded at the labour market were adequately equipped by teachers during their school years with the necessarily •Professor Ngozi Osarenren knowledge and person who has the required approved qualification having undergone all the prescribed courses for the qualification. She added, “A competent teacher is knowledgeable in methods and principles of improving students learning,

skills. According to her, the stipulated time frame for the course of study must not be interrupted. When it is interrupted, lecturers should look for avenues of making it up for the students when they resumed. Between 1993 to 2011, she noted that ASUU went on strike for a total of 177 weeks, querying that when the students eventually resumed, examinations are conducted within two weeks, instead of spending reasonable time to cover their syllabus.

Demand for quality teachers The former Commissioner for Education however maintained that teachers who know their onions should be proud of their profession anywhere, as they are the brain

Bes ains should be given the oppor tunity ttoo learn — Dr Nwek Bestt br brains opportunity Nwekeak eakuu eak Dr. Charles Nwekeaku is the Head of Department, Public Administration, Nasarawa State University. In this interview with Favour Nnabugwu touches on issues bordering on the decay in the education sector and the way forward. Excerpts. What is your perspective of the reforms in the education sector? We have been getting it wrong and turned the sector upside down. Initially, it was 6-54 system, later it was changed to 6-3-3-4 and now it is 6-9-4- system, and this is not good C M Y K

for our country. Our problem is not necessarily the system of education but our learning environment, which is not challenging and stimulating while our method of learning is nothing to write home about. The way we admit students and the way we promote staff are wrong and not done like that in advanced countries. In advanced countries, students are admitted on merit but in Nigeria, students are admitted based on religion, ethnic group and other primordial forces,

thereby leaving the best brains behind. The best brains should be given the opportunity to learn, which we don’t do here, rather, we promote mediocrity in our educational system which is why our institutions of higher learning produce graduates who are job seekers rather than job makers. What is responsible for this abysmal performance? Continues on page 30

behind any successful person in the world. Apart from demanding for quality teachers in our institutions of higher learning,

Continues on page 30

The Quadlifer's Christmas collection — Page 33

ITF A boos ITF,, NEC NECA boostt technical education, donate equipment to FSTC — Page 34

We can get biofuel from algae and disinfect water with solar energy — Page 35

30 — Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012

Students celebrate World Disabilities Day BY AMAKA ABAYOMI


s the Lagos State government joins the rest of the world to celebrate this year ’s International Day of Persons Living with Disabilities, attention has been drawn to government’s preparedness to create the enabling environment for them to fully maximize their potentials. Themed ‘Removing Barriers to Create an Inclusive and Accessible Society for all’, this year’s edition is aimed at promoting an understanding of disability issues and mobilizing support for the dignity, rights and well-being of 15 per cent, or over one billion people globally with disabilities, and increasing awareness of gains to be derived from their inclusion in every aspect of life. Speaking to students with disabilities, the Commissioner for Education, Mrs. Olayinka Oladunjoye, said that it is \ a punishable offence to put any barrier on the path of people with disabilities, schools in the state are being restructured to properly accommodate disabled persons to achieve education for all.

“Inclusive education is now practiced in Lagos State to ensure that our special children are educated to the best of their abilities and needs for them to be relevant to themselves and the society. “There are five model special schools and 31 inclusive education units at primary

education level, while six inclusive schools have been created at secondary education level.” Lagos State is the first to embark on inclusive education in Nigeria, which led to increased enrolment of special children into schools. Persons with disabilities,

‘the world’s largest minority’, often face barriers to participation in all aspects of society. The result is that persons with disabilities do not have equal access to society or services, including education, employment, health care, transportation, political participation or justice.

Students celebrating World Disability Day.

Best brains should be given the opportunity to learn — Dr Nwekeaku Continues on page 29 Education is the sub-system of the larger society, so what happens in the society reflects in the school. In the larger society, Nigeria, parents organise people to write JAMB and WASSCE for their children or look for special centers. People are not doing what they are supposed to do and that is why we keep having the abysmal performance every year, and we can’t continue like this as a nation. How would you rate students’ performance in Nasarawa State University? The school is about 11 years old and I think it is among the top state universities in the country today because of her academic excellence. The top student at the last session of the law school was a product of Nasarawa State University who made first class in law and was the best graduating student in law school. Our students are making waves everywhere because we don’t practice mediocrity. The management goes for the best hands not minding where you

come from and that is why the school is performing excellently well. For us to maintain this excellence, our under and post graduate students must take entrance exam. Are you aware that UBEC has 2% intervention fund for private schools? Yes, and it is not only UBEC, you are also aware that there is a standing law directing all commercial banks to set aside 10% of their annual net profit as facility to small and medium enterprises, but the banks don’t give out this funds. Since what we have is in theory, private schools don’t have access to the fund. What do you think is responsible for the numerous unqualified teachers in the sector, especially in the private schools? Well, like in this Ultimate International School, every teacher here is a university graduate trained in education. Myself, as the chairman of the board, I am a professional teacher and that is why you see we are not so big but we are

Dr. Charles Nwekeaku doing the right thing. So, we don’t have any unqualified teacher in this school. But the issue of unqualified teachers is still part of the problem of the society where we promote quacks and mediocre, people who are not qualified will give bribe and will be recruited while people who are qualified are not given opportunity to teach. What is the way forward for education sector? We need surgical reorganisation of this country;

we need to restructure the entire country, especially our economy which is being controlled by less than 10% of the population. We have a very long way to go, we need total reorganisation of Nigeria and that is the only way forward. According Karl Max, the economic foundation determines every other thing in the society because those who control the means of production, the distribution and exchange, use that opportunity to occupy sensitive positions in the production process and because they occupy sensitive position, they get lion’s share of the proceeds and with that lion share, they use it to control government. Many eople who are in government are there to steal, so we need to urgently restructure this country and when we restructure it, we solve the problem of inequality and when we solve the problem of inequality and have even distribution of resources, kidnapping, armed robbery and prostitution and all these social vices bedeviling our nation will go.

Quality of graduates is the direct input of teachers Continues from page 29 she particularly lamented the ratio of teachers to the students in Nigerian universities. Referring to the Federal Ministry of Education (FME) NEEDS Assessment Report on public universities, she pointed out that we have 37,505 academics in public universities in Nigeria. Out of the number, only 43 per cent have PhDs, while 44 per cent are senior academics. To the former HOD of Department of Education, UNILAG, this figure does not sit well with the sector, arguing that it is either people are not willing to study education as a course or those who are already in the profession are not seeing it as a noble profession. Osarenren who charged teachers to be proud of their profession said, “We should have quality of teaching and quality of teachers.” The professor of Counseling Psychology, bemoan lectures in tertiary institutions who have compromised quality for money saying that such act is unprofessional conduct which will not help to get quality graduates.

Quality graduates She enjoined Project Supervisors and Head of Departments not to compromise project writing for project exchange, adding, “Do not tear the back of another person’s project and give a student to rebind for money.” Also, Professor Osarenren who used the occasion to warn students seeking certificate on campus by buying grades from willing and ready compromised lecturers said, the use of mercenaries for assignments should be discouraged among students. Her words: “Exactly 30 years and two months ago, I came to UNICAL and got married to education. I have not thought of divorce because this marriage has remained wonderful and evergreen.”

Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012—31


Students task LASU mgt on more hostels


ith a rekindled hope that authorities of the Lagos State University (LASU), Ojo, has promised to commence the building of male and female campus hostels to accommodate its teeming student populace, the students have urged the management to fulfill its promises early January 2013. Recall the Vice Chancellor, Prof. John Obafunwa, while addressing new students during the 2012/13 orientation exercise, had assured that the rapid infrastructural and academic facelift taking place in the university will make study easier for students, even as he

•One of the off-campus hostels where the students reside noted that “very soon, the infrastructures we are putting up will be completed. The building of male and female

hostels for students on campus will commence by 2013, to be handled by a private company.”

As about 95 per cent of students of the university reside in off-campus hostels, some of the students who

spoke to Quadlife said the call for more campus hostels became imperative as the hostels which they reside in are not conducive and their rents are on the high side. Amongst the necessary facilities which they complained to be lacking in the off-campus hostels are constant power supply for reading, potable water, distraction from other neighbours who are nonstudents, and the dilapidated state of the buildings which they reside. A 400L student who spoke to Quadlife urged the varsity management to fulfill its promises of building conducive hostels for both male and female students on campus. According to him, residing in the off-campus non-conducive hostels have negative impacts on their health and academic.

Modernise NYSC scheme, Novena Chancellor tasks FG •As Novena floats Marine, Aeronautic Engineering colleges



OR Nigeria to benefit from the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme and to conform with the modern practice across the world, the Chancellor, Novena University, Ogume, Delta State, King Alfred Papapereye Diete-Spiff has urged the Federal Government to modernise the NYSC scheme in our country. Papapereye Diete-Spiff who spoke at the combined convocation ceremony of Novena University where twenty-six students bagged First Class honours degrees in various disciplines, commented on our National Youth Service Scheme, stating that what we run presently is not a youth scheme but a graduate scheme. According to him, “The government should modernise

our NYSC programme into a truly one year youth service in the military for all Nigerian youths of 18 years and above, comprising graduates and non-graduates. By modernising it, he explained that the innovation will ensure millions of non-graduate Nigerian youths are not alienated from the service of their father land. Also, he pointed out that it will give our Nigerian youths the much needed training in patriotism and military tactics necessary for the defence of our father land.

Benefits from individual contributions The benefits to derive from the individual contributions of the serving youths to the manpower requirements of

the nation for that one year, he added, cannot be quantified in financial terms. Besides, he noted that to save our country the huge foreign exchange bills usually expended by training personnel abroad, Novena University will next academic session float Marine Navigation and Aeronautic colleges in Twon Brass, Bayelsa State. To make it a world class standard, he said: “The institution has signed partnership with Amet University, Chennai, India, which is presently the university training seafarers for Nigerian Marine and Safety Administration (NIMASA). Moreover, to consolidate the programme, our school is on collaboration arrangement with Antwerp Maritime Academy and Institute of Transport and Marine Management, Antwerp.” The Chancellor disclosed that to facilitate the project, he had travelled with the Pro-

troubles are not so great as Kehinde’s while ‘Taye’s troubles are fewer than Kehinde’s implies ‘Taye’s troubles are not as numerous as Kehinde’s. ‘Less’ should not be misused for ‘fewer’. Examples: She earns less money by selling fewer products. He has less energy but fewer complaints.

Fewer – Less Fewer and Less are often confused because they are both the opposite of ‘more’. Less refers to quantity, fewer to number. Put in another way, less means ‘not as much’; fewer means ‘not as many’. Use ‘less’ in the context of ‘much’ and ‘fewer’, many. Thus, if you can count the items, use fewer. For example, ‘Taye’s troubles are less than Kehinde’s ‘means Taye’s


Generally, we use fewer when talking about countable things and less about measureable quantities that we cannot count. Nonetheless, we do use the word ‘less’ when referring to statistical or numerical expressions.

Continues on page 36

Examples: He is less than 1.5 metres tall. I spent less than three thousand dollars on my trip to Canada. Agbara is less than twenty kilometres to Badagry. Deadly – Deathly Deadly and deathly have different meanings though both refer to death. Deadly means ‘causing or likely to cause death, fatal’ as in ‘His opponent dealt him a deadly blow’ and ‘Bomb in a deadly weapon’. Deathly means ‘suggesting or resembling death; referring to death’ as in ‘Her face was deathly pale with fear. Deadly also means ‘extreme, complete’ as in ‘We sat in deadly silence’.

zCONTINUES NEXT WEEK. Send requests/problems to Gabriel Osoba, Ph.D, Department of English, Lagos State University, Ojo, through Editor, Teach Yourself English, Vanguard Newspapers, PMB. 1007, Apapa, Lagos, or email: & thurs learning DEC 18 2012

32—Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012



T was a dream come true as the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife, convoked no fewer than 5,249 graduates in an impressive ceremony that kicked off penultimate Monday and ended last Saturday, which was witnessed by eminent personalities including 15 Vice-Chancellors. Giving the breakdown of the class of degrees, the VC, Prof. Omole, said that 78 students made 1st class; 1,161 made 2nd class (upper division); 2,260 made 2 nd (lower division); 877 made 3rd class; 100 with pass degrees while 773 students (Clinical Sciences and Dentistry) were u n c l a s s i f i e d . For Postgraduate Diplomas and Degrees, 200 were awarded Postgraduate Diploma Degrees; 2,249 with Masters; 599 with Masters of Philosophy while 178 bagged their Doctors of Philosophy. Earlier, on Thursday, the Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development, also an alumnus of the university, delivered a lecture titled “Transforming Agriculture to Grow Nigeria’s Economy.” He said despite our huge agricultural potential,

OAU CONV OC ATION: Agric Minister CONVOC OCA sues for a return to agro economy



Edgewood College hosts her first Spelling Bee Competition. Nigeria, which used to be the major player in agriculture in the world, has lost its place in the global community. He posited that the entire Western Region built its economy on cocoa in the

1960s. Indeed, the University of Ife was built from cocoa money. “Nigeria accounted for 18 per cent of the global export in 1961. Cocoa farmers were

rich. While the Nigeria’s cocoa sector stagnated, the global market for cocoa rose from 1.8 million metric tons in 1961 to 2.7 million metric tons by 2008”

Why we honoured S.L. Akintola —Students BY MUSLIUDEEN ADEBAYO, IBADAN


he Federation of Oyo State Students Union (FOSSU) National Council and the local chapter of the union at the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (L AUTECH), Ogbomoso, recently conferred a posthumous honorary award ain honour of the former premier of the defunct Western region, late Samuel Ladoke Akintola. According to the students, this gesture was to recognize his great works and to celebrate the distinct legacies of the late premier as a role model to the youths in defending the unity of the nation. The students also proposed the commencement of S.L. Akintola distinguished and C M Y K

Benue Varsity medical students apologize to mgt. over protest

personality lecture / award where martyrs and distinguished personalities who have excelled in their various fields would be honored. FOSSU National Vice President, Abdullahi Adeyemi, said it is very disheartening that since the establishment of LAUTECH, no event has been organized to celebrate the great work of the martyr in the history of Nigeria politics. He said the need to celebrate him prompted thenational body of the union and the institution’s chapter to organize the event that took place at M.K.O. Abiola lecturetheatre on the Thursday 27thSeptember this year. Nwolise, Head, Department of Political Science, University of Ibadan delivered

Amb. Yomi Akintola receiving award from the students’ representatives a lecture on “Politics and Good Governance in Contemporary Nigeria: The Role of the Youths in Ensuring Good Governance, listed, among others, the roles of the Nigerian youths to include public education, enlightenment and mobilization, campaigns, constructive criticisms, excursion and visits campaigns and vote for good people in government, refuse and expose blood money and

tacking positions on various issues as they affect them and the society. Responding on behalf of the family while receiving the award, Amb Yomi Akintola, said he is proud of the honor given his late father. He equally promised to support them to actualize the yearly S.L. Akintola posthumous awards of excellence by the students which will commences next year as proposed by the students.

tudents of the Benue State University College of Health Sciences have apologized to the Vice Chancellor and the Senate of the university over their recent protests. This move was made in a letter signed by the Benue State University Medical Students’ Association (BESUMSA), President, K awen Pededo and Secretary General, Evaristus Antiev and addressed to the Vice Chancellor. It was also copied to the Governor of the State, Commissioner of Health, Commissioner of Education, Commissioner of Police, Secretary to the State Government, the University Senate and the Provost of the College. A copy made available to QuadLife reads: “I humbly write on behalf of the entire medical students of the Benue State University to tender our unreserved and sincere apology to the VC who doubles as the Chairman of the Senate, her lieutenants and all members of the Senate for the recent protests we embarked upon. “Since inception of the College of Health Sciences in 2003, efforts have been made by the state government, the Benue State University and the Teaching Hospital managements to ensure the graduation of medical students. “Our protests negated respect and constituted embarrassment to the state government, the Benue State University particularly the VC, and the Senate. We are not oblivious of the magnitude of our arrogance. Words alone cannot express how sober we are, but our apologies are for your kind considerations.”

Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012—33

The Quadlifer's Christmas collection BY LAJU ARENYEKA Ho-ho-ho! Christmas is definitely not the time to dress ‘No-no-no!’ Except you want your `course mates to laugh ‘Ha-haha’ when they see your holiday pictures. Enough with the rhymes; but really what should constitute your Christmas ensemble? •Not too dressy: Just in case you haven’t noticed, you’ve gotten past the age of wearing Christmas clothes. Let your clothing be determined by the occasion you are to attend, and not by the season. If you aren’t going anywhere serious, still to the casual-formal

look. • Accessorize: Since you’re dressing down, top your accessories up a notch. This gives you a mature sense of style that is eye-catching, but age sensitive. •Colour code: Let Santa have his day to himself; Break the red, white, and green colour code. Step out in other bright colours and make your own statement. •Loads of love: Christmas is a season of love, so look beyond what you have to wear, to what you have to give. Merry Christmas!

You are the best, Rector tells 1, 926 graduates ••as Minister commends students, mgt BY SIKIRU AKINOLA, OSUN


HE acting Rector, Federal Polytechnic, Ede, Dr. Olukayode Adebile has said that the institution’s graduates rank among the best in Nigeria. According to Adebile,the academic excellence attained by the institution has propelled them to strive harder not only to sustain the standard but to maintain a continuous improvement. Speaking at the 8 th convocation ceremony of the 20 year old institution over the weekend, Adebile noted that the institution has invested substantially in the upgrading of laboratories, workshops and staff offices to improve the quality of teaching and learning. Assuring that the infrastructural development of the south campus is ongoing, he added that virtually all ongoing projects under construction are almost completed. He charged C M Y K

public, private and corporate bodies to come to the aid of the institution as government alone cannot shoulder the responsibility of providing qualitative education. Advising the 1, 926 OND and HND graduates to be proud and be ready to finance and nurture their alma-mater, . He affirmed that the institution have secured approval to run Geological Technology and Mechanical Engineering at National Diploma level. Meanwhile, the Minister of Education, Prof. Ruqayyatu Ahmed Rufa’i has commended the management of the Polytechnic for their vision and missionary zeal in running the affairs of the institution. Without tertiary education, she affirmed, the nation’s quest for qualitative human capital development would be a mirage. “This why government will remain committed to funding this sub-sector adequately."she said. she You’ll therefore observe

that the Federal Government has reinvigorated the funding of tertiary education through Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund)”, Rufa’I said.

Polytechnics in implementing the newly developed and revised curricula is being addressed through the collaboration between NBTE

and TETFund for the procurement of state-of-the-art laboratory and workshop equipment.

French teachers seek better funding BY LAJU ARENYEKA


equel to Nigeria’s upgrading to an observer status at the International Organisation of French Speaking Countries, french teachers have called for more teachers and funds to enable more students learn the language. It would be recalled that the Minister of Education, Prof. Ruqayyatu Rufa’I, who said the observer status had became necessary as Nigeria is surrounded by francophone countries, added that a special project to develop French as a language in schools across the country was inaugurated in 1998, and is being supported by the French Government. Though government is of the view that this move would promote the teaching and

learning of French Language, stakeholders, especially teachers, doubt this will, in any measure, improve the standard of French education in Nigeria. Reasons for this speculations are not farfetche, because althoughFrench has been Nigeria’s official second language since 1991, the French speaking populaceseems not to have increased significantly. According to Mr. Lukman Adebayo, a lecturer at Lead City University, with a background in French Education, “There are very limited French language teachers and there is practically no teacher training in that regard from the State Colleges of Education. Even the Federal Government College of Education in 2010 graduated

only 10 students from the Department of French Education. In 2003 when I graduated, we were 120 in the department.” amenting on the effect of this gulf in French Language education, Adebayo said “If there is no change, Nigeria will not have much of a reputation on the foreign scene. I teach courses in Mass Communication and International Relations, and many of these students don’t really know the importance of French education. Many Nigerian students who study such courses can’t speak French.” With no commensurate improvement in French Language education, it would be no wonder if Nigeria remains on the observer status for years to come.


34— Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012

ITF, NECA boost technical education, donate equipment to FSTC BY VICTOR AHIUMA-YOUNG


NDUSTRIAL Training Fund, ITF, and the Nigeria Employers Consultative Association, NECA, have donated multimillion naira worth of electrical and telecommunication

equipment and to the Federal Science and Technical Colleges, FSTC, Yaba, Lagos. Donating the equipment, which includes automation equipment, cables, trucking boxes, PVC conduits electrical accessories and 100 chairs and tables, managements of ITF and NECA said the dearth of technical skill

manpower in the country made the donation imperative for the nation’s technological advancement. Director General of NECA, Mr. Segun Oshinowo, urged FSTC’s instructors to train and equip students to meet vision 2020-20 expectations as the condition for donating more electrical equipment

Mrs. Chinyere Eyinnaya, volunteer; Mrs. Sotonye Akujobi, Trustee DOAMF; Mrs. Shirley Bassey, Trustee DOAMF; Principal, Ikosi Senior High School, Ketu, Mrs. Gasper; Mr. Ebere Nwaolikpe, Assistant Marketing Manager, Western Union; and Permanent Secretary Education, at the library donation.

Groups donate libraries, computers to schools in Lagos T

HE Western Union Foundation, in partnership with Daniel Ogechi Akujobi Memorial Foundation (DOAMF), a non-governmental organisation, has refurbished the libraries of three public schools in Lagos State to address the problem of poorly equipped libraries in schools in the country. Tagged ‘Read to Succeed’, the project was a three-year commitment by Western Union to help meet global education needs. The three schools - Isolo Comprehensive Secondary School, Isolo, Ikota Primary School and Ikosi Senior Secondary School, Ketu selected in the first phase of the project had their libraries refurbished and equipped with variety of reading materials, furniture and computer sets. The Western Union Regional Vice President for North, Central and West Africa, Aida Diarra, said the project was a clear demonstration of the willingness of The Western Union and its C M Y K

agents to support development and educational initiatives. According to her, “The programme will provide an average of up to $10,000 per day for more than 1,000 days in potential Western Union Foundation grant funding for non profit, non-governmental organisations working in the education space, including

support for one million days of school through a new corporate cause-marketing campaign.” Speaking during the commissioning ceremony of the libraries, the programme Manager, DOAMF, Mrs. Clare Henshaw, said over N9 million has been mapped out for the first phase of the project, while

was to ensure that they utilize the equipment and impact skills on the students. He warned that ITF and NECA would visit the school to inspect how the instructors are using the equipment and tools, adding that well trained andbetter equipped students with technical knowledge possess better quality to secure jobs than others

thousands of books, 17 computer sets and printers have been donated for use in the libraries of the benefiting schools. Pointing out that the project would complement the ‘Bring Back the Book’ campaign of President Goodluck Jonathan, Henshaw said the need for well equipped libraries became expedient during the needs assessment exercise surveyed by the foundation in schools in the state, which revealed either dearth of reading materials or obsolete library facility. “Developing reading habits and culture will improve the nation’s human resources, thus supporting the leaders of tomorrow. This project is a demonstration of how DOAM Foundation is dedicated to the enhancement of education in the lives of less privileged children,” she said. In her response, the Principal of Isolo Comprehensive Senior High School, Mrs Modupe Adegbulugbe, commended the groups for their efforts, which she said had provided a source of information and inspiration for young minds.

Winners emerge in Kiddies school competition


HIS year ’s finals of the Bobo Kiddies Brainy Contest has produced a new set of young and promising primary school pupils. The contest, one of the Corporate Social Responsibilities of Bobo Foods and Beverages Nigeria Limited, had Blevour Chidren’s School, Awodi-Ora, Ajegunle the overall winner. The school went home with the star prize of 18-seater Bobobranded Ford bus. First runners up, Providence School, Fagba-Agege, Lagos, won complete library set with multi-media computers; and the second runners up, St. Bernadette School,

Gowon Estate, Ipaja, Lagos, went home with printer and photocopier machines. According to the coordinator of the programme, who doubles as the Managing Director, Advertising Options, Mr. Ayodele Salami, the kiddies brainy contest was specifically designed for school pupils to identify, recognise and reward academic excellence and especially, the mastery of current affairs activities among primary school pupils. “This is the third edition of the competition, which is part of the company’s contributions to the development of education in the state and country as a whole.”

without such opportunity. Also speaking, Prof. Longmas Wapmuk, Director General, ITF said that the donation was pertinent because development of technology in Nigeria would be a mirage without a technological base centre. “We are aware of the dearth of technical skill manpower in the country that is why we have made this donation. We are also aware that the government alone cannot be left to provide and promote acquisition of skills for the Nigeria economy.”

Dysfunctional curricular structures responsible for sundry crimes BY ESTHER ONYEGBULA


ducationists, school administrators and stakeholders in the education sector who gathered at the 26 th annual All Nigeria Confederation of Principals of Secondary Schools, (ANCOPSS) congress have blamed the rise in sundry crimes on the dysfunctional curricular structures in schools. Speaking on the theme, Functional Education in Nigeria: Vocational and Technical Education Approach, the guest speaker, Dr. Ebun Vonlonfoun, explained that most products of Nigerian education system are so theoretically circumscribed and bookbound in their thinking and orientation. “Our dysfunctional educational curricular structures that does not promote youth entrepreneurship, innovate skills and virile apprenticeship schemes is responsible for political violence, social insecurity and sundry crimes in most part of the country.” Lamenting that the number of years most job-seekers waste in looking for jobs is enough to develop the skills they have acquired or to build their relevant careers, Vonlonfoun called for an urgent and aggressively approach to improve on the administration of vocational and technical education in Nigeria that would translate to rapid technological development of the nation. In his welcome address, President of ANCOPSS, Mr. Albert B. Philip, noted that the professional body has a sole aim of raising the standard of secondary education in Nigeria.

Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012—35



rofessor Michael Chendo is the Head of the Department of Physics, University of Lagos. In this chat with Vanguard Learning in Lagos, Chendo, who had worked with EU Joint Research Centre in Ispra, Italy, says solar energy could be used to empower women and improve the nation’s economy. Excerpts:

—Gbogboade BY NAOMI UZOR



Optical window The idea then was to determine the optical window from this particular cell and then devise a means o f making the unwanted portions of the spectrum to perform maximally. So in spectrum shifting, first of all, the sunlight is focused on a particular target and then that target will absorb certain portions of the spectrum and then shift whatever is left to the solar cells.” Continuing, Chendo said; “I eventually zeroed down to beam splitting technique. Again, there were two main aspects. As I said earlier, if you allow the entire spectrum of the sun to fall on the solar cell, the unwanted portions will heat up the solar cells and cause damages so why not extract these unwanted portions and convert them to heat? So the idea was to develop a complete system. There were two options - either develop what we call optical absorption filter or interference filter. Absorption/ Interference filters: “What we did was to get a plate which we coated with different layers of tinting C M Y K

•Professor Michael Chendo

We can get biofuel from algae and disinfect water with solar energy — MICHAEL CHENDO


HE first part of my research was in this area of solar irradiation in Lagos because prior to that, there was virtually no information on that and in solar business, you have to know the amount of energy you have to enable you to plan. That was the first thing I did in 1979/80 after which I also introduced a new concept in terms of graduating the performance of solar steel used for distillation of water. We introduced what we call MTF, modulation transfer function. Then later, we embarked on how to make more efficient solar cells by ensuring that the solar cells get appropriate/ optimal photons. Professor Chendo said there were three options open to them to achieve their aim. “It is either by what we call tandem arrangement for the solar cells or selective filters. Either we do it by beam splitting or beam shifting of the solar spectrum. Normally, if you allow the entire solar radiation to fall on a particular cell, the unwanted portion will heat up the cell causing some damage.

I want to inculcate reading habit in children

The amount of smoke an African woman inhales while cooking with firewood in a day equals that inhaled by a man who smokes two packets of cigarettes


material. Let me give you a practical example, you have seen a tinted car. You cannot see those in the car but they can see you. So we coated the materials with different layers so that whatever the first layer rejects, will get to the second layer until eventually it gets to the last layer and that will be just what the cell requires. It is highly technical and very involving.” “Then we came to absorption filters. We looked at the same chemicals to see how we can optimally utilise them to match the windows. What we did was to use optical spectrometers and then manipulate the thickness with the volume of the lens of the cylinders to see how we can eventually get what we want. With that, we were able to get some good results.” Chendo said the results he got in 1987 became very useful to the science community. “When I went to Norway in 2003, a group from Australia was quoting what I did, not knowing I was in the

conference and when •Algae... could be a they found out, they useful source of were very excited. biofuel. Then in 2006, I went to another workshop in Italy, they were talking about these now, we are working on a concentrated solar cell devices. material that seems to be a You know in concentration, all nuisance, the algae, which we they want to do is to minimize will use to generate energy. A the space which means the cell lot of work has been done on has to be of thicker texture. A algae worldwide. It has been group used the concept to shown to be very potent in terms develop concentrated solar of biofuel. The question now is; cells. I was excited because I how do we cultivate algae in saw the fruit of my labour in commercial scale? We know there are different species of the 80s,” he enthused. algae. What we are doing now is first of all identify these e noted that using different species of algae and concentrated solar cell then determine the portion of devices in places like Lagos, the spectrum where they are might not be readily adopted most sensitive. They don’t all “because the sunshine here is require the same amount of very diffuse because of sunshine. The spectrum goes pollution unlike a place like from about 3 to 1.5 micrometre Sokoto with less pollution so everyone takes what he where you will be able to track wants. Whatever he does not want is a waste just like I said the sun. of the solar cells. We have Algae fuel or Algal biofuel: Prof. Chendo said he is already identified some working on the troublesome portions of the spectrum where algae, to make it useful. “Right they can thrive.


he founder of Reading is Fun book club, Mrs Tola Gbogboade, recently said that the major reason why she started the reading club was to inculcate reading habit in the Nigerian children. Speaking during an excursion in Lantern house, Gbogboade said many Nigerians do not have the habit of reading except during examinations and this habit is not proper for a growing child as reading educational books widens their knowledge to a great extent. “To most people, reading age is the same as the chronological age, but research has shown that it is never the same. Reading age is either higher or lower than chronological age. Most children are not reading because they think it is not fun to read, but there is a lot of fun in reading when it is inculcated in these young ones. I saw book clubs in America, and I said to myself, the Nigerian child should also be exposed to such knowledge” she said. According to her, the club is not a competition over which child is better than the other, but it is used to determine the children’s ability with a view to providing challenging reading materials and helpful age appropriate reading material. She disclosed that the Reading is Fun book club consists of children from different schools and is not a fee-paying clu. She also added that it fosters closer relationship between parents and child, it is an easy enjoyable way for a child to develop many literacy skills, the child learns new vocabulary and is exposed to new idea and concepts. “The children develop important language and communication skills, the discussions help them practice turntaking and encourages them to use language to analyse, make predictions and solve problems.

36— Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012


Eleven cling Indomie M.Sc Nutrition scholarship



Achieving balanced success W

L-R: Head, Marketing Dufil Prima Foods Plc, Mr. Manpreet Singh; Public Relations Manager, Mr. Tope Ashiwaju; one of the beneficiaries of the Indomie Nutrition Scholarship, Miss. Olaitan Olubukola and Prof. Tunde Oguntona, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, during the presentation of cheques in Lagos. BY MUSBAUDEEN SHEKONI


leven Masters Degree students of Food and Nutrition related disciplines have been awarded the Dufil Prima Foods Plc, makers of Indomie’s 2012 MSC Nutrition Scholarship. According to the company’s Public Relations Manager, Mr. Tope Asiwaju the gesture is to enthuse specialization in Nutrition and Dietetics, so that the awardees can impact largely and influence the society on Nutrition consciousness. The 4-year old scholarship scheme is a nationally represented initiative of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB) in partnership with the Dufil Prima Foods Plc with specific terms laid for qualification. According to Prof. Tunde Oguntona, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, FUNAAB and Coordinator of the programme, “The programme started 4years ago with the

initiative of people from University of Agriculture Abeokuta, the proposal was given to different companies but while all of them were interested theoretically, it is only Indomie that looked at it and appreciated it and decided to go into partnership.” “Through a critical selection process, we have winners from the 6 geo-political zones, because earlier we had stated in the proposal that we are going to have two representatives from each geopolitical zones. Any Nigerian can apply, he said.“The basic terms specify that whatever you have must satisfy the entry into MSC programme in a Nigerian university but it has to be in cognate discipline which include: Nutrition, Dietetics, Home Economics, BioChemistry, Food Science.

Modernise NYSC scheme, Novena Chancellor tasks FG Continued from page 31 Chancellor to Antwerp to inspect their facilities and sign a memorandum of understanding under a collaborative arrangement between the universities. According to him, Novena will be graduating the first set of Marine and Aeronautical school by 2017. Closely allied to the statement of the Chancellor, Novena ProChancellor, Mr Chuks Ochonogor quoted Henry Ford, “Thinking is the hardest work, which is probably why not so many people engage in it.” adding that Novena authority is always thinking of ways of affecting their environment positively in order to make a difference. He disclosed that the establishing College of Medical Sciences and Teaching Hospital is in process adding that it shall be of international standards. Also speaking, Ambassador (Dr) Hassan Adamu who is the Chairman, Board of Trustees stated that any nation that is able

to catalyze and galvanise its university system towards a planned process of national growth will achieve the national goal. He said:”Governments and socially responsible organisations all over the world should give university education a priority attention in their development programmes through intensive funding, establishment of research institutes and endowment of chairs for the advancement of knowledge.” According to him, the problem with our universities is not a lack of brilliant ideas to save our world but the dearth of funds to work their ideas, stressing that if the situation is bad for federal and state universities who enjoy government subvensions and grants, it is far worse for private universities which have to rely solely on tuition from students whose parents struggle through thick and thin to pay. On his part, the Vice Chancellor, Professor Joe Eze who was elated with the academic development in the university

said: “Of the six programmes presented to the NUC for accredition in April, 2012, we secured full accreditation for five of them and interim for one. We also presented our Accounting programme for ICAN professional Accreditation and got it. According to the VC, with the huge investment in the institution, the relative cost of sending a student to Novena is cheap. “Taking a profile of fees in private universities in the country, Novena will be found at the lowest rung of the ladder,” he said. Adding colour to the event, distinguished personalities were honoured nationally and internationally for their various contribution to humanity. Thus, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola, National Secretary, PDP was honoured with Drof Science in Public Policy and Strategy. Alhaji Muhammed Abubakar, Inspector General of Police was honoured with Dr of Intelligence and Security Studies.

hy are there earthquake, tsunami, flood and other natural disasters in the world? Why have some animals gone extinct? I believe the root cause of these problems is traceable to human activities that have created chaos and thrown the ecosystem out of balance; mankind has mismanaged the earth. Nature thrives on balance, organization and order to function effectively. Just as humans are experts in mismanaging the earth and its resources, we are also experts in mismanaging our lives and the resources at our disposal. Many lives are functioning at their dysfunctional state and they think is normal or that is what fate has apportioned to them. When our life is out of balance, we experience crises and stunted growth in our destinies. True success is wholesome and well integrated and not lopsided. As the year is gradually coming to an end, let’s make a commitment to begin next year with the pursuit of living a balanced life that births true success, happiness and fulfilment. Life without peace of mind is a horror that sweeps away happiness. Amassing wealth, possession and power without peace of mind is like eating a delicious meal but suffering from stomach upset or indigestion afterwards; the eating of the rich, delicious meal that was meant to be an enjoyable experience turned into a sour experience. The key that unlocks the door to our peace of mind is living in harmony with principle centred values and eradicating negative emotions such as fear, anger, envy, worry etc from our lives. When we compromise our values and disregard the leading of our conscience, we lose our peace of mind. A well balanced life is a life laced with health and energy. To achieve this we must be mindful of the kind of food we eat, what we drink and our lifestyle. Of course, we can’t eat junk foods, fill our stomach with alcohol and our lungs with smoke and engage in unhealthy lifestyle in our youthful days and still expect to be strong and healthy when we grow old; it’s an illusion. Adequate nutrition, rest, exercise and clean minds and bodies are essential for good health and vitality. Fear, anxiety and depression can cause illness. Therefore, cultivating positive emotions and a healthy mindset are also pre requisite to health and energy.


oving and satisfying relationships are another pre requisite to a balanced life. The ability to get along with people, cultivate and maintain long term friendship and intimate relationship is a sterling quality. Almost all the problems we encounter in life arise from relationships issue which disrupt our peace of mind and our general well being. Therefore, develop healthy relationships and deal with people with integrity, respect, consideration and love to enhance the quality of our relationships. Another important aspect of balanced living is financial freedom. Money worries accounts for the many of the stress and anxiety people face in life. The key word to our financial freedom is management; managing our time, self, talents, opportunities and our resources effectively. You don’t have to start big to be great but rather you manage the small resources to grow great. Therefore, you must be creative, have clarity of goals and possess the abundant mentality. Remember, money flow through ideas and your learning capacity determines your earning capacity. To live a balanced life, you must be purpose driven; this is the source of living with meaning. To be truly happy and effective, you must live for a higher cause; you must make a contribution to your world. A vital ingredient for an integrated life is self knowledge; you must know, understand, love and accept yourself. This is the key to positive self esteem and the foundation of success in life. Personal fulfilment is the reward when you apply the above principles and also grow towards realizing your full potentials and accomplishing your life’s purpose every step of the way.



Such a dangerous Counsel Corner: Constitution Review: precedent Matters arising (2) — 38 — 39

— 40

Why it’s difficult for police to prosecute criminal cases — Pedro, SAN By BARTHOLOMEW MADUKWE

MR. Lawal Pedro (SAN) is the Solicitor General of Lagos State. No doubt, if you talk about prosecutor in the state today, he is one of the most experienced prosecutors, having led the prosecution team that succeeded in convincing a Lagos State High Court that Major Hamza Al-Mustapha, former chief security officer to late General Sanni Abacha, was the brain behind the murder of Alhaja Kudirat Abiola. In this interview, Pedro stressed that for purpose of criminal justice system, the Commissioner of police must ensure that every police officer is answerable to the Attorney General of a State, noting that atleast transportation allowance should be made available to police officers going to testify in courts. Excerpts: FTEN, the Nigeria police prosecutors are being accused of fraustrating prosecutions following their absence in courts, which usually compel judges to dismiss criminal cases on ground of lack of diligent prosecution, what is your take on this? It is unfortunate that the system we have in Nigeria is a complete system failure, what do you expect the police to do? How much is the man paid? When the man investigated the case where was he and where is the man now? The policeman may have been on another assignment now. Maybe the man has been posted to Sokoto. Now you want him to come and testify in Lagos, will he use his salary to pay his transport fare? No! So I do not blame the police officer. Even the policeman in Okokomaiko (Lagos State), you say he should come and testify in Lagos High Court, will he fly? Who then is checking from the police authority if any provision is made for the policeman going to testify before a court? The answer is nobody! Don’t you think that if a bench warrant is issued, a police officer can be compelled to appear and testify before a court, so as to assist the prosecution? We cannot force them to make order to issue a bench warrant. Who is going to execute the bench warrant, another police officer? (Laughs) It is only in Lagos, by virtue of my position as the Solicitor General of the state, with the cooperation of the Governor of Lagos State and the Attorney General that made it possible to have a vote for Investigating Police Officers (IPO) and witnesses in criminal cases. So in

Mr. Lawal Pedro (SAN), Solicitor General of Lagos State. Lagos State, as I speak, if there is any witness coming from Kano to testify and the witness says he is coming by air, I will pay his air ticket and one hotel night for him to sleep to give evidence. That is what operates in Lagos now. Unless the police officer is not willing to come; this is another problem.



For the purpose of criminal justice system, the Commissioner of police must ensure that every police officer is answerable to the Attorney General of a state


As an experienced prosecutor, do you see any way forward in ensuring that IPOs and witnesses in criminal cases turn up in court whenever they are needed? How would they (police) be able to perform their duty, when there is no provision for their transportation and hotel accommodation for the period that they would stay? They can’t! But because of our experience with the police officers, we have agreed with the Governor in making money available; it is only where a police officer has been compromised and he does not want to testify, which you

cannot compel. Whatever I am saying is based from my experience and interactions with the police officers. But if the police officer is willing to come, it is his right to demand for his transport fare. This is even why we need state police. Atleast 33,731 awaiting trials are in Nigerian prisons and in some cases IPOs cannot be reached, while prisons are getting congested, what is your take on this development? For the purpose of criminal justice system, the Commissioner of police must ensure that every police officer is answerable to the Attorney General of a state. If you are afraid of giving the Governor of the state power, give it to the Attorney General of the state to ensure better criminal justice system. And that no police officer that comes to a state and would leave that state without the consent of the Attorney General, who will first make sure that the officer’s attention won’t be needed in any matter in court. Such police officer must have gotten a clearance from the Attorney General to show that he has no pending case in court. If the police officer is cleared, then he can now be transferred outside the state. What this means is that police officers will then be constant in our courts to testify. They are the ones that know the witnesses. They are the ones that granted some bail, they will fish the accused persons out. Then we would have little awaiting trials in our prisons. So that is part of my own

take. You have been an advocate of state police; can you shed more light on why you you hold the strong view on state police? A state police can enforce a state law. If there is a state police answerable to the office of the Attorney General and he has given a directive to the Solicitor General, the police officer dares not fail to comply. The police officer must comply. It is just like asking me about LASMA; they say LASMA is involved in one case, I will make a phone call and before I do that three times, the LASMA person will quickly appear in court. That is the type of thing I are talking about when I say we should have state police. When the police is been controlled by the federal, the Governor himself cannot be in control of the police without the Commissioner of police coming to Abuja to ask if he has to obey or not. And do you see any state ready for state police? I know that some states are ready for state police of their own. I can talk of Lagos state, Ogun state and others. But if the federal government and some states are not ready for state police in Nigeria, then in the area of criminal justice system, that power of control over the police, from investigation to conclusion of the case, should be reside with the Attorney General of that state, so that the police can take directive instruction. As it stands today, there is need for a change of the policing system in Nigeria. Until we do that, we will still have the same thing we have today. In the ongoing trial of Cynthia Osukogu’s suspected killers, the DPP, in her first advice, recommended that one Orji Osita should be set free; and in a second advice, the DPP said he has a case to answer, what do you make of this? Continues on page 40

EDITORIAL TEAM Dayo Benson (Editor) Innocent Anaba Wahab Abdulah Ikechukwu Nnochiri




HE death of Patrick Yakowa and five other equally important Nigerians in the ill-fated helicopter misadventure, no doubt, was a tragic incident. The outpouring of condolences from across the nation in that regard is highly commendable. In the same vein, may I also join other Nigerians to deprecate the alleged reaction to the incident by some Muslim youths who took to the street in jubilation, obviously in celebration of the opportunity it has created for one of their own who hitherto was the deputy, to succeed the late Yakowa in the saddle as the Chief Executive of the state. There cannot be a worse demonstration of inhumanity should this be proved to be true. Expectedly, the unfortunate demise of the late Governor Yakowa has created a matrix of power vacuum. While the deputy has since been sworn in line with the relevant constitutional provisions in that regard, he has also left behind another vacuum, that is to say, the position of the deputy governor of the state from whence he emerged to become the deputy. No sooner had the

Such a dangerous precedent

* Late Governor of Kaduna State, Patrick Yakowa people of Kaduna State come to terms with the reality of the demise of the late Yakowa than the strident calls from quarters began to emerge for the nomination of Mrs Yakowa as the deputy governor. No other reason has so far been given other than that her appointment will help to soothe the pains

inflicted by the death of her husband on the family. While the fact cannot be gainsaid that the death of the late governor must indeed have inflicted great pains on the family and associates alike, beyond all that, it is not insensitive for us to pause a little and do a calm review of

the agitations in many quarters calling on the governor to make the wife of Yakowa the deputy governor. Except some persons think out of the box, and fast too, Kaduna people are about to travel the same old path we travelled that has brought the entire country to the sorry pass we are currently, when the only reason why some voted for either Jonathan or Buhari during the last presidential poll was the religious inclination of the respective candidates. That path, I dare say, is one of sentiment where laudable reason is sacrificed on the altar of primordial sentiment. It beats me that some people even in a democracy could afford to think that the fact of the death of a spouse should automatically qualify the surviving spouse for political position left behind by the deceased spouse. Remember, Yakowa was a deputy who later became governor by default. It is befuddling to me that beyond the expression of sentiment that making Yakowa’s widow a deputy governor will comfort

Ekpo Nta Tames International audience on Nigeria’s anti corruption war


T a dinner put together for speakers from across the globe who recently participated in a talk shop on Africa at the New York University, African House early November issues about Nigeria, most especially, corruption dominated discussions by guests. On the day of the dinner, The Financial Times of New York had published a report on the fraud within the Nigerian oil sector in respect of the controversy generated by Mallam Nuhu Ribadu probe panel Report, back home. Nothing could have jolted international observers on corruption in Nigeria given that the New York newspaper emphasized that Nigeria has been losing a whopping sum of $6.3 billion annually to oil thieves, and that the country had lost the sum of $29 billion in the past decade. That the issue of corruption in Nigeria was discussed in hushed tones during the dinner underscored the embarrassing moment that guests from the country passed through. Incidentally, the Chairman Independent Corrupt Practices, ICPC, Barrister Ekpo Nta was at the dinner hall. Ekpo Nta, was Indeed, billed to give a speech on his efforts towards arresting corruption in his country, among other tasks he was to perform. As the ICPC Chairman got up to make his speech, a sea of eyes turned towards his direction. It

meant so much that the head of an anti-corruption agency from Nigeria was to give a speech where the guests were already distraught about cases of corruption well exposed in far away new York by the Financial Times. All the same, Ekpo Nta who was familiar with antics of the guests gave a good account of ICPC and the fight against corruption in Nigeria. He engaged the attention of guests from the beginning to the end, as he highlighted efforts by the ICPC towards combating corruption in his country. First, he drew attention to the United Nations Convention Against Corruption, UNCAC,

which he stressed was aimed at mobilising and sustaining international support for anticorruption activities and strategies. He recalled that the UN Convention had been complemented by supportive legislation from several countries, especially in Western democracies who, he added had introduced stiff laws relating to Anti-Money Laundering and Foreign Corrupt Practices. This, according to him was to ensure that their nationals and registered companies do not aid and abet corruption within and outside their shores. What he had in mind by laying the premise was that the fight

against corruption should never be localised given the high level of international compromises which for years have been stultifying the fight against corruption by countries across the globe. To him, an international collaboration on the fight against corruption could be effective more importantly in discouraging treasury looters who were in the habit of stash looted funds from Africa in foreign banks. On his approach to the anticorruption fight, Ekpo Nta said, “My dinner speech is meant to aid digestion because I am not here to discuss the usual rehash of statistics of stolen wealth or run down my country."

the family, no body seem to give any thought as to whether Mrs Yakowa is suited for the job nor the interest of other interested persons who will now be disenfranchised or denied the opportunity of vying for the position because yakowa’s death as it were, has automatically qualified the widow! While some may, with jaundiced eye, view my position as a gross demonstration of insensitivity to the feeling of the members of Yakowa family, that in itself must not make us to shy away from our patriotic duty to our fatherland, Nigeria. We must come down to the brass track! It must be borne in our minds that time, the healer of all wounds, will definitely come to play its part in the heart of Mrs Yakow, and then the cloud will settle. What then will happen in the ensuing reality when sentiment ceases to be a factor in the subsequent decisions the governor will make if in the event Mrs Yakowa is foisted on him against his will? For goodness sake, we are talking about an entity in a democracy and not fiefdom. We have already set a number of dangerous precedents in this direction. The cases of Yobe state, where the late governor’s sibling was immediately made the governor, and Plateau state, where the wife of the lawmaker who was killed by some gun men in the prevailing violence in the state, also had to replace the late husband in the state, and others, readily come to mind. That is how the seed of dictatorial dynasty is implanted in a country. The desire of the political elites to perpetuate themselves in power is rearing its ugly head in another form. The interest of a state must be seen to be larger than that of an individual. That is the only way we can make progress as a nation. My heartfelt condolence to Mrs Yakowa and family. * CHRIS AGBITI, WRITES FROM ABUJA


VANGUARD LAW IN PIX Legal Aid Council/ OSJI holds review on PDSS

Abandoned by husband of fifteen years

Legal Aid Council with the supported by Open Society Justice Initiative, OSJI, recently held a one day national conference on Legal Aid and Access to Justice through Police Duty Solicitor Scheme, in Abuja. PHOTOS BY INNOCENT ANABA.

Dear lawyer,


WAS just going through Vanguard daily and saw your column which I cherish. I work in a teaching hospital in one of the south-east states. I got married in 1997 without any issue. My husband maltreated me to the extent that I saw a ticket which he bought for his girlfriend and himself to travel. Because of that, he sent me out of our matrimonial room, told me to be feeding myself and finally drove me out of the house in March this year. This is a man I met as a mere apprentice in 1989 and I used to pay his rent then. My question is this, what is your legal advice on this case? Thanks for your concern and God bless.

Left: Mr L. L. Dapak, Controller of Prisons and Director General , Legal Aid Council, Mrs Joy BobManuel.

Left: Chief Judge of Ondo State, Justice Olasehinde Kumuyi and Mrs Uju Hassan-Baba, former DG, Legal Aid Council.

Left: Mr Tijani Ibrahim, Director, Legal Services, NYSC and Board member, Legal Aid Council and Mr Solomon Arase, AIG, Force Intelligence, Abuja.

Left:Ms Anique Chaessen of Netherlands Embassy and Mr Stanley Ibe, Open Society Justice Initiative, OSJI.

Left: Mr Godwin Odoh, Mr Bamide Ibikunle and Maxwell Kadiri.

Left: Mr Pascal Hollinger of Swiss Embassy and Ms Falicitas Aigbogun-Brai.

Maureen. It is quite unfortunate that you are experiencing this kind of situation after fifteen years of marriage. One may not be able to say precisely why your husband is treating you the way he is doing. But it may not be unconnected with the fact that the marriage has not been blessed with children , however, I’m of the view that only your husband can say why he is behaving that way towards you because there is always the other side to every story. Nevertheless, I will not dwell so much on the issue of why the relationship that I guesss started very well has suddenly gone awry. I will rather address the legal issues involved. The actions of your husband somewhat suggest that he may no longer be interested in the marriage for reasons best known to him. But since he has not openly said so, one may only assume. I don’t know the nature of the marriage between the two of you. Was it contracted under native law and customs or was it contracted at a marriage registry? If it was contracted under the former, either of the parties can approach customary court in your jurisdiction and file a complaint . However, if the marriage was contracted in a registry then it is a statutory marriage guided by the provisions of Matrimonial Causes Act MCA. In this case, you need the services of a lawyer to properly advice you on what to do.

Who foots the bill?


F the sewage system in a premises is filled up who should be responsible for its evacuation.? My landlord said the tenants should foot the bill but we are insisting that he should be the one to do so. Anonymous

Left: Mr Sule Usman, Legal Adviser, National Bar Association, NBA and Mr Ernest Ezebilo.

Left: Miss Kaine BonManel and Miss Jessica Mamren.

The question of who foots the bill depends on the clauses in the agreement between you and your landlord .It is what the particular clauses say on the issue or a related one that determines who foots the bill. So you need to refer to the agreement. If however the agreement is silent on this, who bears the responsibility has to be mutually agreed.

You can send your questions to or 08056180119 (text only)

Left: Mr Innocent Nwachukwu and Mrs Istifabus Sadus.

Left: Mr Enoch Azariah, Director, NW Zone, Legal Aid Council and Victor Labesm, Deputy Director, PRS.


Constitution Review: Matters arising (2) BY UGONNIA ANYADUBALU

State Police: Part 1, item 45 of Exclusive Legislative List


ART 1, item 45 of the Exclusive legislative list makes the police exclusively under the control of the Federal Government. Recently, there is a renewed agitation that states should be empowered to establish their own police. I do not support creation of State Police, the situation is not yet ripe for establishment of State of Police. It is also interesting that most states that survive on monthly handout from the Federal Government, are calling for increased expenditure through establishment of State Police. The country is still polarized based on ethnic sentiments. It is in this country that a State sacked all the civil servants who have been working in the State because they are not from the state. It is in this country that a judge was denied elevation to higher bench just because he is not from the State. We are all guilty of ethnic jingoism therefore a State Police will no doubt operate in that line of ethnic sentimentalism and emotionalism with it attendant hostilities to the non indigenes . As an Igbo, I will not support a State Police because we are the most peripathetic and gregarious ethnic group in Nigeria therefore a State Police will be akin to release of Alsatian dog to your us. We shall be at receiving end of the excesses of state police. Our politicians will also use State Police against their perceived political opponents even intimidate the electorate during voting. Another reason, I am against

the State Police is because it will engender disintegration of the country since States will now have their Police and equip them with arms. The Federal Government cannot regulate the amount and nature of arms that will be among the people. This will also lead to proliferation of arms and increase in violent crimes rather than check crime. Today, arms are easily smuggled into the country; you can then imagine when more arms are in the

para-military bodies is pointer to what the State Police will look like.

•Ugonnia Anyadubalu hands of more people through State Police. The existing

LOCAL GOVERNMENT SYSTEM The country should deliberate whether it intends to retain the local Government system or not. This is because, the Governors have literally destroyed the local Government system by their refusal to organize a local Government election and refusal to release the funds due to the local

•To be continued Mr. Anyadubalu, a lawyer, writes from Lagos.

Appeal Court partners Law Pavilion on 24 hours Law report


HE Judiciary has com monly been referred to as the last hope of the common man on the streets of Nigeria and more often than not, the courts strive to live up to this adage. However, in the recent past, it has become commonplace to find the judiciary being played against itself by unscrupulous lawyers who pit courts of coordinate jurisdiction against each other by canvassing and obtaining contradictory judgments from these courts, thereby creating confusion in the polity. In an unprecedented move and with a visionary resolve, the leadership of the Court of Appeal of Nigeria has partnered with the foremost Electronic Law Reporting and Legal Technologies company, LawPavilion, to report judgments from the Court of Appeal within 24 hours from the time of release of such judgments and promptly electronically circulating the judgments to all Judges in all the divisions of the court. It is expected that this will forestall a situation whereby different divisions of the Court of Appeal give conflicting judgments.

Through this groundbreaking partnership, Judges of the Court of Appeal have been provided with iPads devices, loaded with the LawPavilion Electronic Law Report/Legal Research Software with Document/Case Management capabilities. The iPads were given to the Judges during their annual conference in Abuja on

Friday. This will aid the Judges in their legal research, thereby enabling speedy justice delivery in Nigeria. In addition, it also features a dynamic tool called “My 360 Degrees” which provides the Judges a feedback alert on the status of their judgments that have gone to the Supreme Court, notifying them whether affirmed or upturned.

now say that the DPP has released armed robber. Whereas in other jurisdiction, as a police officer is investigating, the District Attorney is with him. It is the District Attorney that will be guiding him by drawing his attention to certain areas to be taken into consideration during investigation, which is known as ‘alibi’ in law. You must investigate and debunk it, if you have not gone into ‘alibi’. Forensic evidence is needed, and the question of what has been done comes to play. By the time the case file comes to the Attorney General for prosecution, you will have 80% assurance that the person you are prosecuting is going to jail. But where somebody with little knowledge of law,

According to the Managing Director of LawPavilion, Mr. Opeyemi Olugasa, this strategic partnership with the Court of Appeal is a stamp of approval on the product of the company but also a call to the pursuit of excellence and an enviable but equally enormous responsibility to contribute positively to the legal services/justice delivery and development in Nigeria.

NBA President, others honoured


HE Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) president chief Okey Wali (SAN) has been honoured with Distinguished Old Boy Award of the Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Borokiri, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Also honoured were Air Vice Marshal S. Ironabere, Justice Subare Biambo of the High Court of Rivers State and Pastor David Ibiome of Salvation Ministries in PortHarcourt. Speaking on the award Wali said: “ That is the greatest award that I have received. At the risk of

•To be concluded Mr. Anyadubalu, a lawyer wrote from Lagos

NBA President, Okey Wali , SAN, displaying his award. With him are Chairman of the Government Comprehensive Secondary School Old Boys Association, Dr. Ironabere and Vice Chairman, Dr. Abo Karibo at the award ceremony. sounding immodest, I have received a few awards, but to

Why it’s difficult for police to prosecute criminal cases Continues from page 37 If somebody is arrested today for alleged murder, like the popular Cynthia’s case, the police are investigating and they have not concluded their investigation, if you ask them to bring their file so as to see which area they are investigating, they will ask you to leave them alone to complete their investigation. It is when they finish their investigation that they will bring the file to DPP for advice. And when the DPP looks at the file, it would be noticed that the investigation was not treated properly. The DPP can ask them to go and do further investigation or say that there is no sufficient evidence to prosecute this man, he has no case to answer, Then they will

Government Areas. If we indeed intend to run an independent local Government system then we should release the local Government system from the strangle hold of the Governors. To do so we then need to amend the following provisions of 1999 constitution.

prosecutes a case and leaves an opening. And if at the court, or at the end, the DPP says ‘no case to answer’ and that the person should be discharged and acquitted they would say the DPP has set him free. It is not enough to catch a criminal, you must do proper investigation. In criminal proceeding, prove is beyond reasonable doubt. So once there is a single doubt, the man goes home. That is exactly what I am talking about on investigation. When investigation is not done in collaboration with the person who is the District Attorney or who is going to prosecute, there are chances for areas to be left untouched. You may give an advice today that Mr. A has no case to answer. Then tomorrow,

new facts emerges, will you say that because Mr. A has no case to answer, I won’t revert. And do not forget that the DPP is not the court. The mere fact that the DPP says you have a case to answer does not mean you are going to jail; so the case still has to be proved. If what the DPP says is final and conclusive, then there is no need for trial. So if the first advice that was issued was recognized and the subsequent letter says this one supersedes the earlier one, it does not make any difference. If the DPP have said that the reason why she changed her position is ABC, there is really no wrong about it. Like the Attorney General said, those to be charged would be arraigned in High Court very soon.

be honoured by your old boys association, made up of people you met as a child in school, some were your seniors, some your juniors and some never even met you at all in school dating back to when we were in Government Comprehensive Secondary School in the seventies brings back the memory of childhood days in secondary school. So being recognised by those you grew up with innocently as children was a very emotional thing and I felt most honoured and grateful to God for that growing up together, they have come to honour me, it was a great honour indeed, that those my school friends and mates would come together to honour me was indeed a great honour for me’’.

Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012 —41

Ewherido empowers 100 women in senatorial district


S part of empower ment programme for his constituents, Senator Akpor Pius Ewherido, (Delta Central), weekend, gave out various items to 100 women from the eight local government areas in the District to enable them engage in sustainable ventures. The beneficiaries who were drawn from Udu, Ughelli north, Ughelli

south, Uvwie, Ethiope west, Ethiope east, Sapele and Okpe local government areas were given equipment, funds and tools needed to establish themselves in their various economic or business ventures of choice. The beneficiaries who were among those the senator had earlier sponsored for training in hair dressing, tailoring, cater-

Colleges of education seek power to run degrees programmes


ATIONAL Del egates Conference of Senior Staff of Colleges of Education Nigeria, SSUCOEN, has called on the Federal Government to grant Colleges of Education in the country the autonomy to run degree programmes. The National President of SSUCOEN, Comrade Muhammed Sani Uwaisu, made the disclosure during the 14th National Delegates Conference held in Warri, Delta State. Comrade Uwaisu said: “Colleges of Education in the country are mere ap-

pendages running degree programmes on behalf of universities without all the necessary infrastructure yet such Colleges are not allowed to issue certificate direct to students except it is routed through the affiliate university. “The time has come for government to review its policy on Colleges of Education in the country. A situation where these colleges are restricted to just NCE programmes is not the right direction for the growth and development in the education sector.

ing and other businesses were issued certificates of competence in the trades they learnt to backup their experience. Items given out included sewing and weaving machines, hair dryers, mixers, blenders, toasting machines and many others. Cheques of different values were also issued to some beneficiaries to enable them establish their own businesses. Senator Ewherido who was represented at the occasion by the Deputy Director General, Ewherido’s Campaign Organization in the 2011 polls, Chief Adelabu Bojor, appealed to the women to make judicious use of the packages promising that by January 2013, the youth empowerment programme will commence. He added that another set of scholarship would be released, stressing that his campaigns promises during the 2011 polls would be fulfilled to the letter. Democratic Peoples Party chieftain in Delta State, Chief Henry Olori, in his comment during

Beneficiaries collecting their items from the Senator Ewherido campaign organisation

the event thanked the senator for his gesture

and urged the beneficiaries to make good use of

the opportunity to ensure a better future.

Many companies still evade taxes — expert


RESIDENT of the West African Tax Institute, Mr. Kunle Quadri, has said that many organisations were still defaulting in their tax obligation to the Federal Government. He told reporters in Lagos that many companies were also not remitting their workers’ personal income taxes to their respective state governments. Quadri said that there was the need to review the country’ tax laws to ensure more tax compliance.

While noting that “it is a crime against the state for corporate organisations not to pay what is due to the government by way of taxes,“ he called for the political will to enforce the tax policies of all the tiers of government, stressing that existing tax laws in the country should be reviewed to conform to international standards. He said: “There are new frontiers that have emerged globally that national tax laws must

conform with to attain world-wide acceptability. Administrators of our current tax laws have to explore new possibilities to make taxes relevant to the common good of the society.” Quadri said that a good tax system would enable government to meet its primary obligations to the people, stressing that it must aid the provision of public infrastructure. He said that non-payment of taxes would stall economic development.

42 — Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012

Edited by MCPHILIPS NWACHUKWU 08026350360 E-mail:

•L-r. Prof Dele Jegede, Guest lecturer, Chief Edem Duke, Minister of Tourism, Culture and National Orientation with Abdulahi Muku, DG National Gallery of Art at the lecture

When scholars, monarch rethink art for growth BY MCPHILIPS NWACHUKWU


HEN scholars, stakeholders and renowned Monarch met penultimate week, in Calabar Cross River State for the two flagship programmes of the National Gallery of Art, the two words upper most in their discussion were; imagination and re-branding. These two concepts shaped the themes of National Gallery of Art’s annual distinguished lecture and the National

provided important platforms for scholars and practitioners of art to re-examine the function of art as a social, cultural and political image marker for a nation and as well, allowed participants to contribute to the raving debate about National Universities Commission (NUC) requirement of doctor of philosophy as minimum teaching degree for art teachers in institutions of learning. Delivering his lecture,

The two seminal events provided important platforms for scholars and practitioners of art to re-examine the function of art as a social, cultural and political image marker for a nation


Symposium on Nigerian Art held at the Margaret Ekpo Cultural Complex. While the National Symposium on Nigerian Art took place under the distinguished chairmanship of His Royal Majesty, Igwe Alfred Nnaemeka Ache is, the 11th edition of the distinguished lecture on the other hand was delivered by University of Miami, Oxford, Ohio renowned art historian and professor of Art, Dele Jegede. The two seminal events


Professor Jegede identified imagination as an important catalyst for the development of nations. This concept, according to him, “encapsulates the abstract imperatives that are inherent in the creation of image and the development of nation-state”. He noted that that artistic imagination confers power and hegemony on a nation, and also underlies the greatness of nations. He cited the achievements of old Benin kingdom, which he said was

made possible through the imaginative insights of royal palace artists and how their efforts helped to project Benin’s narrative to the global world. “First, the splendor of Benin City became known to the Western world not through narratives that emanated from the Edo people but through the corpus of works that Benin artists created and used to celebrate the Obi’s aesthetic taste”. The renowned art historian also explained how imaginative artists weathered through the nation’s harsh economic conditions. He pointed out that Nigerian artists in the daunting face of the Structural Adjustment Programme imposed by the Gen Babangida led Federal military government reawakened a new creative spirit that were to flower into beautiful rewards in later years. According to him,” The economic strangulation at that time appeared to have awakened the creative impulse of the Nigerian artists who soon took over every available public and private exhibition space”. The NGA lecturer also used the opportunity of the gathering to challenge the introduction of PhD degree as a minimum requirement for teaching of art in Nigerian

universities arguing that National universities commission (NUC) has no business setting academic benchmark for teachers of art since it can not do the same for medical doctors or lawyers. “If the medical council says that that a first degree holder in medicine should be addressed as a doctor and lawyers also agree that a law graduate should be called a lawyer and their decision is approved by the legal practitioners l and Nigerian medical councils, why then should NUC challenge artists

position when they agree that an MFA degree is a terminal degree for the visual arts”? He asked. Also worried by the continued ranking of Nigeria as a failed state as well as the disheartening revelation by Transparency International that Nigeria is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, elegant Onitsha monarch, Igwe Achebe called for the rebranding of the country ’s national image. Speaking at the 5th edition of the symposium organized by NGA in collaboration with Department of Visual Art and Technology, Cross River State University, the royal father said: “We need a new brand of Nigeria. Branding a nation is not new as many countries have their brands. China is noted for cuisines, France for wine, England for football, while Brazil is noted for beaches and football”. At the well attended gathering that had in attendance the Minister of Tourism, Edem Duke, Vice Chancellor of Cross River State University, Prof. Enebong E.Enebong, renowned art collectors, Sammy Olagbaju and Eng Yemisi Shylon, notable scholars like Professor Ola Oloidi and Jerry Buhari, the Monarch lamented that the best of Nigerian arts that should be in the custody of the National gallery are unfortunately in the hands of foreign buyers and therefore appealed to government and private individuals to help patronise Nigerian artists and their works.

NTA, Kalex launch Sit Com Digital Quiz BY PRISCA SAM-DURU


ALEX Global Solutions Limited, a new global telecommunication company, in collaboration with the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) penultimate week, launched a television sit-at-home digital quiz known as “NTA-KALEX Leaders’ Yard Digital Quiz”, with the aim of empowering and promoting the reading culture in Nigeria. The mobile digital quiz which is one of the many innovations of the newly formed NTA-Kalex Leaders’ Yard is the first TV sit-athome live quiz and promises to rival the highly successful TV quiz show, “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”. Speaking during the pragramme launch, the

Zonal Director of the Lagos Network Centre of NTA, Elizabeth Aina-Scott stated that the “NTA-Kalex Leaders’ Yard club will revive reading culture among Nigerian youths and also empower them financially as well as revolutionise television broadcasting in the nation”. The programme according to her, comes under free plan, premium plan and school plan and covers English Premier League quiz, English Language quiz, food quiz, Bible Quiz and Nigerian affairs quiz. The top 25 participants will win twenty thousand Nair daily with a grand prize of one million naira monthly which goes to the best competitor.

Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012 —43

Many faces of love in yuletide BY JAPHET ALAKAM


S part of part of its mission of breaking boundaries,Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos last week presented a grand breaking exhibition tagged, The Progress of Love. The exhibition which was one of the events for the 5th year celebration was unique in many ways. First it featured the works of many artists and was also an unprecedented transatlantic collaborative project between art institutions in three cities and two continents: CCA, Lagos, The Menil Collection, Houston and The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, St. Louis. The exhibition will be held in the two other cities too. The multifaceted exhibition which tries to explore the changing modes and meanings of love in today’s global society kicked off in October 2012 and will end in January 27, 2013. The presentation of The Progress of Love at Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos explored the question or problem associated with love through a series of unfolding events and of works in a range of media, highlighting performative artistic practices that are yet to receive adequate presentation or critical engagement within the field of contemporary art in Nigeria. The exhibition opened up a dialogue through presentations that challenge the audience by expanding their positions to rethink preconceptions and prejudices even as it engaged in the multiple ways in which love affects human life.

Interactive performance The exhibition project started in October with artist Valerie Oka from Ivory Coast with an interactive performative installation which explored multiple ways in which romantic love manifests. This exhibition was followed by Wura-Natasha Ogunji(USA), whose performance explored love within the context of familial bond and personal memory. Other artists involved include, Zaneli Muholi’s(South Africa), whose In Difficult Love, 2010, a documentary made with filmmaker Peter Goldsmid focuses on the lives of a homeless couple, a transgender traditional healer, and a lesbian single mom as well as on the artist in a candid portrayal of their lives and everyday realities. Andrew Esiebo’s (Nigeria) in his multimedia work Living Queer African, 2007 documents the daily life of a young Cameroonian who by relocating to France to start a new life finds that he still has to struggle with his identities of being African and gay. Adaora Nwandu’s trilogy of short films Say My Name is a contemporary love story in which conflicting feelings about masculinity, sexuality, race, selfdefinition and love are confronted. The exhibition also features Nigerian born Temitayo Ogunbiyi’s interactive installation about expansion of love tagged The Love Text Message Booklet. Temitayo Ogunbiyi’s work revolves around her latest discovery, the Love

•I promise to love you, by Valeria Oka Text Message Booklet phenomenon that began in Lagos in early 2000. Speaking about the exhibition, the founder/ curator, Bisi Silva, said that it is different from other forms of exhibitions done in Africa. “As far as contemporary African art is concerned, curatorial endeavours over the past two de-

cades have focused extensively on interrogating recent political developments, primarily within the contexts of subjectivity and identity formation, citizenship, environmentalism and urbanism. These issues have been approached predominantly in the context of post-independence euphoria and its

disillusionment, particularly in African countries that have experienced civil strife, voluntary and forced migration and even societal disintegration. But now we are dealing on something that is very simple,something that touches on everyday life, Love”. She said.

US Consulate pledges support for Nigerian art Responding, Nike who has held the United States government played several inspiring workshops on important role in her development as reawakening the values of African an artist adding that the US HE United States Consul culture in both the United States of government is instrumental to all she General Jeffery Hawkins has America and Europe revealed that has achieved over the years. said that as part of the Consulate’s commitment to contribute immensely to the development of the Art industry, it will continue to give its support to the Nike Art Gallery. Jeffery Hawkins who made the IGERIA’s most innovative and East, Chuck Loeb and Harvey disclosure during a reception fastest growing Mason. Opening act for the night organized in honour of two new telecommunications company, was Nigerian Idol Season 2 first Public Diplomacy Officers, Rhonda Etisalat in partnership with Lagos runner-up, Stephen Onochie who set and Dehab, noted the importance of Jazz Series recently treated jazz the mood by performing Jazz classics arts and culture in the socio-economic lovers to a night of eclectic by Louis Armstrong and Nat King. development of any nation. Chairman, Etisalat Nigeria, Mr. performances by renowned The array of works from the contemporary jazz quartet from the Hakeem Bello Osagie, said it was Gallery of renowned artist and Unite States, ‘Fourplay’, as well as refreshing to have the company on designer, Nike Davies Okundaye popular Nigerian artistes at the board the third edition of the Lagos which were on display at the waterfront of the Federal Palace Jazz Series, noting that it has Residence of Hawkins during the become an event aficionado of jazz Hotel in Victoria Island. reception, were enough to The event held on the second day of to look forward to each year. “We motivate the Consulate General the Lagos Jazz Series at “The Etisalat are happy to be a part of an event who could not hide his enthusiasm Stage” and had performances by that celebrates the versatility of as he pledged his unflinching acclaimed masters of jazz, ‘Fourplay’ music and we hope that this will support to the Gallery in order to featuring the two time Grammy Award be the third of many jazz episodes empower more youths. winning artist Bob James, Nathan to come ion board.”He said. “The US will continue to lend its support to the Nike Art Foundation which has been known over the years to assist unemployed youths to be gainfully employed because HE command performance of Odia Ofeimun’s dance dramas titled it is part of our commitment to help Nigeria The Beautiful and A Feast of Return are scheduled to take the Nigeria government in order place on the 23rd of December 2012 at the Muson Centre, Lagos. According to the renowned Poet and writer, the occasion will also be to clamp down on the number of used to make a public presented of his new book, When Does A Civil area boys and girls that parade the War End? streets of Lagos”. He said. BYVERASAMUELANYAGAFU


Fourplay, Jazz Masters take Stage at Lagos Jazz Series


Odia Ofeimun’s dance dramas hold 23rd


44—Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2012

THE OGUN STANDARD: Measuring Amosun’s pace The Ibikunle Amosun administration claims to have adopted a benchmark for service delivery in the state. Many before have pursued similar dreams and hence the worry on the prospects for the Ogun Standard BY EMMANUEL AZIKEN, POLITICAL EDITOR

where the new administration has also sought to show the Ogun Standard. After retrieving the missionary schools earlier returned by the previous administration, the new administration has commenced on the construction of new school buildings which it claims would compete with the best in the country. “We then went on the offensive by renovating 100 blocks of classrooms in 100 schools in 100 days of the administration. By now, the number must have risen to 200. The enrolment figure is increasing every day. We saw the longtime neglect of the schools and so we decided to construct model secondary schools and they will be ready by early next year,” Governor Amosun told state correspondents last October during an interactive session. “By early next year, 15 of these 26 model schools would be ready. We reverted back to free education and that, to me, is the most important thing. In every one of our primary and secondary schools, each of the students collects between 8 and 12 textbooks depending on the subject he or she is offering. People never believed it is possible but we did it.”


ANY had expected Governor Ibikunle Amosun to share in the joy of the people of Ota as his administration prepared to deliver “a dividend of democracy” in the form of a road project to the people earlier this year. But amidst the pomp around him Governor Amosun was clearly indifferent. “The road is good as it will end the distress of those communities, open up the area and increase commercial activities, but this is not of the Ogun Standard,” the governor retorted. The Ogun Standard is the latest benchmark in governance in the state aimed at lifting the standard of governance above the usual. It is a standard that is now being applied across all sectors of governance in the state. The concept of the Ogun Standard emerged following a two-day investors forum last March when it was resolved that the standard of service on all government projects and the benchmark of service delivery would be raised above the normal. The state commissioner for Information, Alhaji Yusuph Olaniyonu had following the investors forum defined the “Ogun Standard” as a “high degree of quality, touch of class and uniqueness for which the Gateway State had been known for since its

•Amosun: This is the new standard

Place for distribution The Ibara-Totoro Road in Abeokuta delivered by the Amosun administration is a

the opposition in the state in its lethargy is unable to make a critical appraisal of the actions and inactions of the administration


creation.” For example, by the benchmarks set by the Ogun Standard a road in the state in the words of the Commissioner for Works, Mr. Lekan Adegbite, should “have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years barring willful damage. It will have four or six lanes with drains, sidewalk, median, lighting and greens.”


typical example of what its associates like to cite as an example of the Ogun Standard. The six lane highway has the innovation of having a pedestrian bridge that is fully air-conditioned It is a feature that the administration has promised would be replicated on other new roads to be embarked upon by the administration.

Speaking to newsmen early in October, Governor Amosun elaborated on his approach towards building a new standard in Ogun State. “We are committed to constructing these Ogun Standard roads. I can assure you that though we just have one completed now, several others would be ready by our second anniversary. We should have eight of such roads ready by our second anniversary,” he said. Following the completion of the Totoro/Sokori/Ita – Eko road, the state government followed up with the award of the contracts for the construction of 14 roads valued at N130 billion. The roads include Ilo Awela in Ota, Moshood Abiola Way in Abeokuta, BeninShagamu express/Isale Oko junction in Shagamu, and Lafenwa/Aiyetoro/Ajebo Road in Abeokuta. The Attorney-General and

Commissioner for Justice, Wemimo Ogunde speaking during the contract award ceremony said the condition of the contract required the contractors to meet the Ogun Standard. But sustaining the Ogun Standard is, however, not without a price. As in the case of the Ibara-Totoro road, the construction of the road led to the demolition of several houses to give way for the expansion of the road.

Mixed blessings The demolition was mixed blessing to the citizens. While some including some of the victims welcomed it, if only for the fact that it would pave way for the good road, several others expectedly lamented it and blamed the governor over the demolitions. Education is one sector

“We already have bags in place for distribution to those students to safeguard the textbooks. We now have challenges of people willing to come back to public schools in Ogun state. Every month we have over 3,000 applications of people willing to come to our schools. What does this tells us? It says that public confidence is back in our public schools. It says that we are doing something right. We have eradicated the menace of overcrowded classrooms. We are also paying the WAEC fees of final year students,” the governor said. Remarkably, one sector where Governor Amosun has sought to portray the Ogun Standard is the area of security. However, try as he may it is one area that the

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Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 19, 2012—45

2015:Wada’s pro-Jonathan call raises dusts Governor Ibrahim Wada’s recent call on the PDP to commence early preparations for the 2015 presidential elections receives flaks from his many opponents, but the governor regards them as impostors.


T was an unusual step for a normally reticent governor. The dusts raised by Governor Idris Wada’s recent call on President Goodluck Jonathan to flag off his campaign for the 2015 presidential campaign are yet to settle. Foes especially, are not about to allow the dust arising from the call to settle. At home where Governor Wada has attracted enmity from both within and outside his Peoples Democratic Party, PDP any such controversy is bound to elicit the enthusiasm of political foes. So, it is not surprising that his domestic foes would take opportunity of what they consider as a gaffe on the part of the governor to hit him. ACN’s attacks The Kogi State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN understandably, has been beating the war drums. The party in a statement described Wada’s call as a diversionary tactic from what it described as Wada’s lack of performance. The party also said Gov. Wada’s call is coming in the wake of the expressed angst of the citizenry and the Kogi PDP elders against what it described as the unconscionable show of profligacy, deepening poverty, and primitive state of infrastructure in the state which it blamed on the administration. Kogi State ACN Chairman, Mr. Haddy Ametuo, said: “It is a shame that, instead of giving an honest account of his almost one year in office,

Mr. Wada has embarked on a cheap and unsolicited campaign for President Jonathan for 2015. “It is a pity that this political liability who has broken the previous records for incompetence and corruption under former Governor Ibrahim Idris and has set new ones is now the Chief Campaigner for Goodluck Jonathan.” Kogi elders kick Aside the ACN, PDP elders in Kogi State have registered their displeasure over the state of affairs in the Confluence State. In a petition to the president, the elders and political leaders said it was imperative for the president to arrest the serious drift in the state or risk the sudden death of the PDP in the state. The group lampooned the one year old Idris Wada administration for “lacking a sense of direction, plain incompetence, mind-boggling corruption and illegalities”.

Crisis in the state assembly Jointly signed by Senator Alex Kadiri, Senator Mohammed Ohiare, former Speaker of the State House of Assembly and former Acting Governor Clarence Olafemi, former state PDP Chairman John Odawun, Retired Air Vice Marshall Salihu Atawodi and former governorship aspirant, Dr Adinoyi Ojo Onukaba, the group listed the underdevelopment of the state, the crisis in the State House of Assembly, alleged looting of state resources and



It is not surprising that his domestic foes would take opportunity of what they consider as a gaffe on the part of the governor


several illegalities and undemocratic practices as serious concerns. They said: “It is rather unfortunate that our beloved state has acquired notoriety for unwholesome political practices, arrested development, deepening poverty and primitive state of infrastructure –all due largely to chronic mis-governance and endemic corruption of the last decade.” Jonathan’s silence In addition, the elders said they were saddened by Jonathan’s reluctance to do something about the grave state of the PDP in Kogi State, as well as lack of governance in the state adding, “party members are disappointed that the national headquarters of the party seems to have turned a blind eye to the plight of party members in Kogi State. They are angry that some highly placed individuals in the Presidency have continued to provide underserved cover for such

•Wada: My opponents are ranting illegalities in the hope of reaping selfish political benefits.” “We feel scandalized that the party has chosen to watch helplessly as this charade and impunity continues in Kogi State. This is not acceptable. The party, our party should not cross one river and insult the crocodile, because there are more rivers ahead for the party to cross”, they stated. It’s ranting of impostors – Wada But rising to Wada’s defence, Special Adviser to the Governor on Media and Strategy, Mr Jacob Edi, dismissed the remarks against the governor. In a chat with Vanguard, Edi lampooned the Kogi Elders over their statement noting that they were impersonators. According to him, “the elders that gathered in Abuja are impersonators because the genuine Kogi elders have spoken. It is laughable that

those claiming they are Kogi Elders have their office in Abuja. They are gangs of losers who cannot win elections in their wards. The authentic leader of Kogi Elders, which has been in existence since 1990, is Gen Ibrahim Saliu (rtd).” On Wada’s performance, Edi explained that the governor has set up a thinktank to help direct the choice of projects that will affect the lives of the people. He said: “In terms of performance, the governor has set up a think-tank because governance is all about team work. As I speak with you, roads are being constructed in Kogi State. His administration is anchored on certain cardinal principles, which include honesty, rule of law and the fear of God. For someone to wake up and say he is not performing is presumptuous because they are based outside Kogi State.”

Measuring Amosun’s pace in the Gateway State standard is seriously challenged. Insecurity in Ogun State is seen in the menace of gun men who at one time compelled the banks in some sections of the state to forcefully close down. The administration’s effort in addressing was to equip the security agencies an effort that was highly applauded by the Inspector General of


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We saw the longtime neglect of the schools and so we decided to construct model secondary schools and they will be ready by early next year

Police, Mohammed Abubakar when he received some logistics from the government. “I have served in all the six


geographical zones of this country, I have never seen the kind of equipment you are donating to security agents today.

This is the first of such maximum donation I have ever seen since I have been serving as a police officer,” Abubakar said while receiving some Armoured Personnel Carriers, APCs and other logistics provided by the state government. Remarkably, while the Amosun administration pushes forward with its dreams of the Ogun Standard, the opposition in the state in its lethargy is unable to make

a critical appraisal of the actions and inactions of the administration. The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP is greatly factionalised with the different factions working at cross purposes to the obvious relief of the ruling Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN in the state. So, for some time the people in the Ogun State would be left with just the standard that Amosun now espouses.

46—Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012


From right: Mr. Tunde Mac Alabi, Bashorun J. K. Randle, Erelu Abiola Dosumu and Miss Ademide Dosumu.

Otunba Adekunle Ojora and wife

From left: Mrs. Funmi Ogunpola, Dr. Sola Oyemade, Mrs. Shade Randle and Mrs. Bukky Oyemade.

From left. Sen. Kofo Akerele Bucknor, Bashorun J. K. Randle and Mrs. Bukky Oyemade.

DONATION: From left: Managing Director, BIOFEM Group, Mr. Femi Soremekun; Managing Director, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Karim Bendhaou; Chairman, Board of Partners of Merck, Dr. Frank StragenbergHaverkam, and President, Cercle Diplomatique, Robert Blum, at the donation of 20 million doses of Cesol® [Praziquantel] tablets to the Federal Government, by Merck Pharmaceuticals, in Abuja.

MEDIA LAUNCH: From right: General Manager, SuperSport, Mr. Felix Awogu (middle), flanked by Head of Public Relations, Multichoice Nigeria, Mr. Segun Fayose (right), and Public Relations Executive, Mr. Timothy Okwu, during the media launch of a new channel, BlackBelt TV, at SWAN Secretariat, National Stadium, Surulere in Lagos. Photo: Kehinde Gbadamosi.

Erelu Abiola Dosumu (middle) flanked by Engr. & Mrs. Dominic Ekesi.

MEDIA PARLEY: From right: Segun Agbede, The Pundit, Supersport analyst; Busola Adeogun-Philips, Regional Director, Dstv Media Sales; Felix Awogu, General Manager, Supersport West Africa; Victor Ikpeba, ex-Nigerian international, and Mayo Okunola, General Manager, Dstv Nigeria, during the Supersport AFCON 2013 media parley, in, Ikeja, Lagos.

PRESENTATION: From left: Prince Emeka Onyesoh of Nri Kingdom; IYM President, Evang. Elliot Uko and former Ohanaeze Ndigbo President-General ,HRH (Justice) Eze Ozobu, during the IYM post-humous award to late Dr. Okechukwu Ikejiani, received by Prince Onyesoh, during the IYM 2012 Colloquium at Nike Lake Resort, Enugu.

Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012—47 of the time. After the marriage crashed, it afforded us the opportunity to review the whole relationship. Even though one could say that we did not have enough time to get to know each other properly, this probably had very little to do with it. Kiki’s background played a very huge factor in the whole mess. Her mother was one of those women you can refer to as “mama eko” or “city mamas”. In her younger days, she was thrice married and divorced. They were contracted obviously for the money as each man had a bigger wallet than the other. She had children by all three of them, two from her first husband and then one each for the two others. Kiki happened to be the last and it was to her father’s credit that they got the big mansion her mother dubiously inherited, even though the man had not died at the time she forced his hands to the papers. At our wedding, Kiki’s father could have been mistaken for a guest had we not met him before. This, my father had noted later that he did not like but there was nothing anyone could do about that. When Kiki’s outrageous scandal first became an open secret, I came to Nigeria and went to see Kiki’s mother in the company of my moth-

When intimacy refuses to bind (9)


I, a lot have been said about sex. Its ordained by God for procreation and recreation between a man and his wife. It has been described as the lubricating oil for a healthy,intimate relationship. Sex has also been ascribed some therapeutic and rejuvinating powers. The more sex a couple has the better for them and their relationship. However, this is not always the case in many relationships. Sex, which ought to be freely given and enjoyed between a man and his wife may sometimes turn them into enemies, eventually destroying their otherwise great marriage and relationship. In this article, our respondents share with us, their stories and how it affected their lives. Please, feel free to share your experience or that of someone you know with us too. It might be benefitial to someone out there. Our address remains: The Human Angle, Vanguard, P.M.B. 1007, Apapa, Lagos. E-mail add r e s s : Happy reading!

ly over Kiki. As expected, my brother was ready to rub it in with his did we not tell you so attitude but he later turned out to be my greatest pillar of support in the following weeks and months. He personally took it upon himself to help me break the news to the family. I was also encouraged to move out of Kiki’s flat before her arrival, at least, to show her I was not a total fool. To no one’s surprise, Kiki came back pregnant. She told me without a show of remorse that she could not continue to live with me as she was not happy. She wanted us to go our separate ways after barely six months. I asked if she had no conscience and would have said more but for my brothers who had insisted I must act manly about it. That was the end. Kiki went back to America at the end of that week and remained there for the next four years. In between, she


Deba,(37), self employed graduate has been single for the past five years. His wife left him because he was too “soft”. He shares his story: After the lavish wedding, waste of money, time and emotions, we returned to London and Kiki started a new song. I was not satisfying her sexually.That I was so gentle and slow that it made her angry, sick or cry anytime we made love. And why wouldn’t she tell me? She was sorry for me because she was sure I feel like I’m doing a good job and even takes time to ask her if she was happy and she did not have the heart to tell me the truth! At this point, I became so embarrassed that I had to tell her I’d heard enough. I am a confirmed fool and everybody except me knew. After wallowing in self pity for a couple of days, I had to call my brother and sister-in-law with whom I had earlier disagreed with initial-

I don’t have pity for these girls oh Since most of them are animals and wish to be treated as such, I am prepared to give them more than they can chew too you may say I am not being fair, Life itself is not fair, it is always the good guys that get to lick the butt, most of the time

had two children for the guy. Though various stories filtered in over the years about her and the guy, none deviate from the love and hate pattern we’d come to associate them with. Finally, after four years and some months, I got a mail from Kiki. To my utter shock, she was not only apologizing, but negotiating a come back! By this time, I was not angry with her anymore. I had moved on. I have become a changed person. Not the soft, timid, lover boy she left behind like a piece of rag. I am now a hard guy. I don’t have pity for these girls oh. Since most of them are animals and wish to be treated as such, I am prepared to give them more than they can chew too. You may say I am not being fair. Life itself is not fair. It is always the good guys that get to lick the butt, most


er, my sister and an auntie, and we got the greatest shock of our lives. Not only was she cold to us as soon as we stepped in, the only thing we were able to take away from there was that she would talk to Kiki and advice her on why she had to return to her marriage. She then spoilt everything by saying that we must realize that she is an adult and knows what she wants and no one, not even herself could force Kiki to remain with me if she does not want to. To this, my mother also told her that we were not pleading to have Kiki back but wanted to formally inform her as the mother, because it was our social responsibility to do so.

To be continued Asisted by Onozure Dania

Friends Searching Males

•Jay, 26, resides in Lagos, needs a rich and single lady, aged 25-35, for a serious relationship.08039395566 •Teddy, 33, resides in Lagos, needs a lady that can take care of his education. 08169503152, 08129218493 •Kamo, 22, a graduate, needs a sexy girl, for a serious relationship.08151855707 •Smith, 24, tall, handsome, dark in complexion, educated and resides in Benin, needs a loving girl, aged 18-28, for a serious relationship.08180138502 •Uchukwma, a businessman, from Ebonyi state, but resides in Lagos, needs an employed lady, aged 3036, for a serious relationship.08139650264, 08176955732 •Max, 30, a graduate, needs an average height lady, that is neat and financially buoyant, for a relationship.08160296833 •DE, 38, decent, humble and from Delta state, needs

a caring, responsible and God fearing lady, for a relationship, that will lead to marriage, either a teacher or a nurse, aged 29-40.08165139338 •Williams, 30, 5.9tall, slim, handsome, dark in complexion, and resides in Benin city, needs a fat, busty •Dear readers, please note that neither Vanguard, nor Yetunde Arebi will be liable for any error in the publication of requests on the Lovezone that may result in any form of embarrassment to any member of the public. Also note that we do not run any match-making agency in or outside the country. Any reader who transacts business with anyone claiming to be our agent does so at his/her own risk. Henceforth, only messages sent through the numbers readers want to be contacted on will be published. This notice is necessary in order to serve you better in our refreshingly different style. To get your requests published, just text it to the code number 33055. For further enquiries, call 08026651636. Cheers!

Intimacy, not guaranty to lasting relationship BY ONOZURE DANIA


are some mistakes that women make that get them into tough situations like, not saying anything about what it means for them to share themselves with a man. Because a lady keeps telling herself that he feels the same way she feels for him, then she assumes he wants a relationship because he wants to sleep with her. Not saying anything about your feelings or about wanting a relationship because you thought it might “weird him out” or make it awkward. Not knowing exactly how you feel and what sleeping with him will mean to you until after you sleep with man and a whole rush of feelings hits you like a tidal wave, then you will realize that sex does not guaranty you of having an intimate relationship. If you have ever felt hurt because you became physical with a man and he ended up not having an interest in dating or starting a relationship, then odds are you can look back and see that one or more of the above scenarios was at play. Of course, it doesn’t seem like it’s you who is making a mistake in these situations. It feels like is the man you are with is the one who obviously doesn’t get it and is a player for not being ready for a relationship.Unfortunately, this is the exact kind of thinking that makes it so frustrating and difficult for some women to figure out how to move from just dating a guy to becoming physical and starting an exclusive, committed relationship. If you are like lots of women who have been caught up in that moment and ended up sleeping with a man you weren’t in a relationship with, thinking that you are ok with it and that it will be a good thing, but then your true feelings snuck up on you and you started to freak out and feel awful when you saw that the man you shared yourself with wasn’t on the same page

here are common mistakes that ladies always make when it comes to issues of sex and relationship. As a lady, you need to think of sex and relationships as two completely different things that have nothing to do with one another. What makes a man see a lady’s worth and end up feeling so strongly for her, such that he wants a real relationship is something other than sex, physical desire and attraction. Some ladies want something serious right after she has had sex with a man, thinking that sex of course means there should be a relationship and he should feel the same way about her. That is not true, because it does not work that way. The decision to have sex with a woman often has nothing to do with whether a man has decided that he wants to date her more seriously. And sure, it would be nice if men were different and did not take sex so lightly. And it would be great if a man let you know how he felt and what he really wanted before he sleeps with you. But that’s not the reality of how men think. Another thing you need to understand is that you have to be honest about what you want and are looking for, before you sleep with a man. Did you say to him, “If we sleep together, I’m going to want a relationship?” Or “I only sleep with a man if he already values me and sees me for the amazing woman that I am?” What happens in this kind of relationship is that you probably did what lots of women do in the casual dating situation when it comes to sex:You weren’t clear on whether you were in it for the fun and connection of it all with him or for something more serious. You thought the act of sex alone would speak for itself. No it does not work that way. There and sexy lady, aged 25-45, for a relationship. 08185773571, 08075894623 •Ademola, 39, 4.9ft tall, dark in complexion, employed and resides in Lagos, needs an employed lady, who is ready for marriage. 08165092084, 08189044076 •Uche, 30, cute, tall, romantic and resides in Lagos, needs a sexy girl, for a relationship that can lead to marriage.08089369303 •Peter, 35, from Edo state, needs a girl, for a serious relationship, aged 25-30. 08073452870, 08067066486 •Perry, 38, needs a lady, aged 25-35, for a serious relationship marriage is an option. My number is 08082922810 •Barry, 30, resides in Ph, needs a Christian lady, aged 20-25, for an intimate and serious relationship.07036845842 •A guy, nice, needs a rich lady, for a relationship.07083525702

48—Vanguard, THURSDAY THURSDAY,, DECEMBER 20, 2012

Veteran broadcaster, Omatshola is dead


From left: Mr Sunday Anasonye, Group Head Operations; Nkpolu Ust, MFB Ltd; Mr Uju Ogubunka, Registrar/Chief Executives, CIBN; Mr Awoyemi Adeniyi; Jone Victor Onyereri, Chairman, House Committee on Banking & Currency , Mr. Segun Aina, President/Chairman of Council CIBN and Mr. Gabriel Okenwa Assistant GM Zenith Bank Plc during induction of pioneer graduates of CIBN in Lagos. Photo By Diran Oshe.

Representative of founder of the Sidoni Foundation, Prince Collins Odondiri and Bayelsa Peace Peargent Beauty Queens celebrating with orphans in Yenagoa.

NATCA, NAMA trade words over lack of communication facilities in airports BY DANIEL ETEGHE HE disagreement be tween the Air Traffic Controllers under the aegis of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association, NATCA, and Nigerian Airspace Management Agency, NAMA, yesterday took a new twist as both parties openly traded words over lack of communication facilities in the airspace, which could lead to air disaster.ken. Speaking during an interactive session with newsmen, President of NATCA, Mr. Victor Eyaru, affirmed that the communication problem with the radio had existed for three decades beyond this management and that solution to the problem had overwhelmed all managements of NAMA till date. Eyaru, however, called on the Federal Government to declare a state of emergency on aviation communication facilities in the interest of Nigerians and to forestall any mid air collusion in the airspace. The call according to the NATCA President, cannot be shrugged off as it is a wake up call for NAMA to do all it takes to correct the a n o m a l y . Eyaru expressed sadness that NAMA expended over N400 million for the total VHF coverage project and bought personalized headsets of over N400,000 each, stressing this was no solution to the p r o b l e m . He said: “If all operational Air Traffic Controllers, who are members of NATCA, through their daily loggings, are saying the communication equipment available to them should be improved upon to avert impending air disaster are termed as alarm-


ists and saboteurs, then, the system needs a curative measure fast. Reacting to the accusation of NATCA, NAMA in a statement signed by the General

Manager, Public Affairs, Mr. Supo Atobatele, debunked the claim. The statement read in part: “The management is affirmative that the seeming gloomy picture being painted by this group does not ex-

ist as statistics shows more traffic across the nation ‘s airports, averaging 500, apart from over 150 daily flights around the Port Harcourt airport axis operated by the oil companies”.

ETERAN broadcaster, Mr Emmanuel Aghanjuebitsi Ewetan Omatsola is dead. Born in Forcados on Jan 29, 1930 to the family of David Omatsola Usitaka of Mereje town in Okpe local Govt. and Etabruke of Kpokiti town in Warri South local Govt. of Delta State. He attended Igbobi College Yaba,Lagos (1945-1950) and joined the teaching staff of Igbobi College in 1951 as a teacher. In 1953 after two years as a teacher, he joined the Nigerian Broadcasting Service (Now Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria) as News Reader. He was given Nigerian National Honour of the Order of the Niger (OON) in 2002. He is survived by his widow, Mrs Elizabeth Diamond Omatsola (JP) and five children.

Reps honours LG boss

Obi swears in 2 commissioners, judge BY VINCENT UJUMADU


WKA—GOVERNOR Pe ter Obi has sworn in two new commissioners and president of the Customary Court of Appeal, charging them to work diligently for the good of the people. The two commissioners are Dr. Lawrence Ikeakor, who is in charge of the Ministry of

Health and Mr. Sebastian Okoye, who is the new Commissioner for Environment, while the president of the Customary Court of Appeal is Justice Samuel Okoye. Okoye hails from Obaofemili in Awka North local government area, while Ikeakor was until his appointment, the Chief Medical Director of Anambra State University Teaching Hospital, Amaku. Governor Obi charged them to use their wealth of experience to

contribute in building a progressive state to bequeath a better future to the children, noting that collective efforts were needed to sustain the pace of development in the state. To the president of the Customary Court of Appeal, Obi charged him to use his position to further improve the judicial system and sustain the existing cordial relationship between the executive and judicial arms of government

Tertiary institutions’ workers accuse Nasarawa govt of insensitive to education BY ABEL DANIEL


AFIA—AS the strike embarked upon by the Joint Union of Tertiary Institutions in Nasarawa State enters its fourth week, the Chairman of the union, Comrade Umar Bako yesterday accused the state government for being responsible for the collapse of education in tertiary institutions in the state. Bako said government’s insensitivity to issues affecting education led to the grounding of academic activities in the affected institutions, which include Nasarawa State Polytechnic, College of Agriculture and College of Education Akwanga. According to him, the three institutions had not issued certificates to their graduands in the last 18 years even as the Nasarawa State Polytechnics has not held any convocation since inceptions.

He said Governor Umaru Almakura had promised during his campaign in 2011 elections to address non-payment of staff entitlements which had accumulated for

18 months in the tertiary institutions and asked the union to suspend its indefinite strike only to renege on his promises after winning the election.

2015: Deltans urged to abide by zoning formula BY FESTUS AHON


G H E L L I — D E LTA N S under the aegis of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP Elite for Sam Obi 2015, have enjoined the people of the state to abide by zoning formula for the governorship position in the state. Isoko South Local Government Area chapter of the group, said yesterday, that if the zoning formula was respected, it would pave way for Delta North to emerge and also prevent unhealthy wrangling in 2015 general elections. The group in the statement by the Isoko South Chairman, Mr Ureigho Enirurue, said “Mr Sam

Obi is a reliable hand that can lead Delta State to the promised land considering the fact that he is a tested and trusted hand.” He added that Mr Obi is the most credible candidate qualified to run the gubernatorial race come 2015. “The three months achievements of Obi as acting governor of Delta State could be compared to three years achievement of some administrations.” It added that the strong foundation Obi laid within the few months reorganized PDP and brought about unprecedented victory for “our amiable governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan during the Delta rerun election.”



NUGU—THE House of Representatives has honoured the Executive Chairman of Uzo-Uwani Local Government Council, Mr. Cornell Onwubuya who emerged as the best performing council chairman in the South East geopolitical zone and in Enugu State. Onwubuya also bagged the award of excellence as the third overall best performing Local Government Council Chairman in the country after direct field assessment of physical projects and non-physical programmes undertaken at the third-tier level of government by the House of Representatives through its committee on State and Local Government Affairs.

OAU Alumni inaugurated


HE VICE-CHANCEL LOR, Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU, Ile-Ife, Prof. Omole Bamitale has said the university will not tolerate any act that will tarnish its reputation. Speaking at the inauguration of the newly constituted board of trustee of ‘Great Ife Alumni Association’, worldwide led by the former Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof Wale Omole, the VC said the institution will continue to strive to uphold the dignity and mark of excellence, it had built over the y e a r s . Members of the five committee chaired by Prof. Omole include Justice Fati Lami Abubakar, Mazi Sam Ohabunwa, Profe Solomon Okobia and Deaconess Deborah Adepoju.

Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012 — 49


50 — Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012


Vanguard, THURSDAY THURSDAY,, DECEMBER 20, 2012—51

52 — Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012


Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012 - —53

2012 deadliest year on record for journalists M

ORE journalists were killed doing their job in 2012 than in any year since monitoring started 17 years ago, with Syria and Somalia seeing a particularly heavy toll, Reporters Without Borders, RSF, said yesterday. Eighty-eight journalists were killed, a third more than last year, as security forces in various conflict zones cracked down on a new crop of citizen journalists attempting to document their activities, the Paris-based rights group said. “The high number of journalists killed in 2012 is mainly due to the conflict in Syria, the chaos in Somalia and to violence by the Taliban in Pakistan,” Christophe Deloire, the Head of RSF, said in a statement Those responsible for mistreating or killing j o u r n a l i s t s , photographers and

cameramen usually face no punishment, creating a sense of impunity which encourages further violence, he added. In Syria, where rebels have been fighting forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad since March 2011, reports by citizen journalists have partly filled a vacuum left by a lockdown on independent reporting. Amateur footage from mobile phones of street battles, hospital scenes and devastation caused by bombing has provided fodder for new organizations trying to portray life on the ground. “Without their action, the Syrian regime would be able to impose a total blockade on information in some regions and carry out its massacre with nobody watching,” RSF said. Sophisticated data surveillance allows

governments to track who is publishing news online as well as their physical location. If threatened, citizen journalists often lack the means to seek safety outside their country. While

government forces are blamed for most attacks, Reporters Without Borders said rebels may be behind some executions in Syria, the deadliest place for journalists in 2012.

can’t steadily reduce the violence.” O b a m a ’ s announcement Wednesday underscores the urgency the White House sees in formulating a response to the shooting in Newtown, Conn. Twenty children and six adults were killed when a man carrying a militarystyle rifle stormed an elementary school. The massacre has prompted several congressional gun rights


GYPTIAN Islamist groups are planning a mass protest in Alexandria tomorrow , a move that will raise tensions a day before the final stage of a referendum on a new constitution that has split the nation. The rally announced by the Muslim Brotherhood responds to a violent confrontation between Islamists and their liberal and secular opponents in Egypt’s second city last week that ended with a Muslim preacher

besieged inside his mosque for 14 hours. The run-up to the referendum on the Islamist-backed constitution, billed as a major impetus for Egypt’s democratic transition, has been marked by often violent protests in which at least eight people have died. The first day of voting last weekend resulted in a 57 percent vote in favor of the draft basic law, according to official media. The final stage on

Egyptian Islamist groups Saturday is expected to endorse that result as it covers parts of Egypt, particularly rural areas, even more sympathetic to the Islamist cause. Last week’s clashes in Alexandria involved protesters armed with clubs, knives and swords.


President Barack Obama stands with Vice President Joe Biden as he makes a statement Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2012, in the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House in Washington

supporters to consider new legislation to control firearms, and there is some concern that their

willingness to engage could fade as the shock and sorrow over the Newtown shooting eases.

•Ms Park She will be South Korea’s first female leader. Votes are still being counted, but Mr Moon

has admitted defeat. Turnout was high in a poll dominated by economic and social welfare issues. Ms Park, 60, will replace her party colleague Lee Myungbak.He is stepping down as the law requires after his five-year term. Park Geun-hye’s win means that South Korea now has its first female president. In a country where rapid modernisation exists alongside ancient

“What happened last Friday reveals the ugly face of secularism,” said a spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamist group which backed President Mohamed Mursi in his presidential election victory in June.

U.N. seeks $1.5 billion to aid suffering Syrians HE United Nations yesterday appealed for $1.5 billion to provide life-saving aid to millions of Syrians suffering in a “dramatically deteriorating humanitarian situation. The twin appeals, for $519.6 million to help four million people within Syria and $1 billion to meet the needs of up to 1 million Syrian refugees in five countries until July 2013, comprise the “largest short-term humanitarian

Park wins South Korea presidency T HE South Korean’s President elect, ParkGeun-hye has said her victory will help the country ’s economy recover as her libera rival admits defeat. The daughter of a former military ruler who won South Korea’s presidential election yesterday will become the country’s first female leader. She assured to heal a divided society. Ms Park, defeated her liberal rival Moon Jae-in.

most dangerous country for journalists, where 18 were killed, followed by Pakistan with 10 and Mexico with six deaths, mostly by organized criminals.

Egyptian Islamists plan mass protest ahead of constitution vote

Obama sets January deadline for gun proposals S

PURRED by a horrific elementary school shooting, President Barack Obama yesterday tasked his administration with creating concrete proposals to reduce gun violence that has plagued the country. “This time, the words need to lead to action,” Obama, who set January deadline for the recommendations, said, even as he vowed to push for their implementation without delay. The president, who exerted little political capital on gun control during his first term, also pressed Congress to reinstate an assault weapons ban, which expired in 2004. He also called for stricter background checks for people who seek to purchase weapons and limited high capacity clips. “The fact that this problem is complex can no longer be an excuse for doing nothing,” Obama said, adding that, “The fact that we can’t prevent every act of violence doesn’t mean we

Seventeen professional journalists, notably Marie Colvin, a U.S. reporter for Britain’s Sunday Times, 44 citizen journalists and four collaborators were killed there this year. Somalia was the second

Confucian values, many people are saying her election will prompt real social change. Ms Park has already served as South Korea’s first lady, after her mother was killed in the 1970s. Now she’s won a stint in her father’s role, she’ll face loud demands to reform the big family conglomerates he created, whilst protecting the country ’s modern economy from the effects of the global slowdown.

appeal ever”, the world body said. “The violence in Syria is raging across the country and there are nearly no more safe areas where people can flee and find safety,” Radhouane Nouicer, U.N. regional humanitarian coordinator for Syria, told a news briefing in Geneva. Noting Syria’s capital Damascus was the scene of “daily shelling and bombing”, he added: “It is a realistic appeal that takes into consideration what we commit ourselves to achieve, it is not a comprehensive response plan, it is limited to what we can do in such a difficult operating environment.” Inside Syria, U.N. agencies aim to help 4 million people in need of urgent humanitarian assistance, including an estimated 2 million displaced from their homes by fighting between President Bashar alAssad’s forces and rebels trying to topple him.

54 — Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012

Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012 — 55

56—Vanguard,THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012


rica Cosattu, Canadian CLC, British TUC, even ILO elect their General Secretaries and Directors. Let no one leads the trade unions who is afraid of workers’s votes. We must also tenure the office of General Secretaries to allow for new younger comrades to add value. Even the civil service notorious for conservatism, permanent secretaries are no more permanent. The future of trade unionism rests on more internal democracy not less. We must also allow for more women participation which tasks our capacity to unionise the informal sector where many working women reside. Future of unionism lies in more inclusion.

Labour unity, panacea for relevance Continues from last week

was as a non- state N the contrary, organ actor; two time NLC ised labour still repre- president. Just see sents the protected section of his amazing achievethe poor. This is because trade ments as a Governor unions have fought for right to and unprecedented collective bargaining which victory in all the 18 has improved wages and ben- local governments of efits in the world of work. To- a competitive state day Nigeria has minimum like Edo. Labour is wage law which prescribes the therefore a visible pay floor bellow which no work- democratic actor and perhaps the only er falls. The struggle of NLC to en- force to democraticalforce the new minimum wage ly rescue Nigeria out in all the states and at the Fed- of the current crisis of Comrade Issa Aremu eral level shows the relevance governance. Would you say, laof organised labour in ensuring income distribution in a bour has lived up to country in which few are get- the ideals of its These are the ideals that fired ting richer and many are mis- founding fathers? the imaginations of the foundThe ideals of the founding faerably poor. Money paid as ing fathers to form unions at good wages cannot be stolen thers of the labour movements the turn of the 20th century. by corrupt ruling elite, so la- are the same as the ideals of the But unionism is work in bour also minimises opportu- current members; eradicate pov- progress. It is like a nation nities for corruption. Wage in- erty, ensure property reigns for building. come tax is the most reliable all and solidarity among workThere is still more to be done. source of national revenue, ing people worldwide. The There are modern day slave meaning labour creates wealth struggle still continues for these masters masquerading as emwhich indeed is the motto of ideals. However 100 years after ployers; they hire and fire at the Micheal Imoudus (No1 laNLC. will especially in some banks In the absence of vibrant po- bour leader) would be excited and telcom companies. But litical opposition, organised to see the progress labour has much more scary is even bad labour is also the unofficial op- made and the challenges still governance that is turning Nioutstanding. In 1940s Imoudu geria into a non- working container economy that imports The likes of Jang are part of our everything and consumes every import. If there are no insad anti- labour colonial heritage dustries, there cannot be working people. If there are position in our democracy. The and other founding members no workers there cannot be orlabour struggle to ensure the were criminalised for daring to ganised labour in fact there cleaning up of the mess in pe- ask for decent wages and even cannot be an economy so troleum sector and ensure peo- for going on strikes. Minus the called! So the threat to the ideple friendly pricing of petro- likes of modern day colonial seral of founding fathers is bad leum products is one example geant major governors like Davgovernance. of relevance of labour in the id Jang of Plateau state, the current dispensation. More rights of organised are generIs there a future for labour than ever before labour is also ally respected than it was ununionism in this country? proving political relevance. der colonialism. The likes of I assure you trade unions are NLC recently had a national Jang are part if our sad antiNOT withering away in the rally for national unity at a time labour colonial heritage. There next 100 years and even bestatesmen play politics with is a whole Federal labour Instiyond. As long as there is a the destiny of the nation. tute named after Micheal Imworking economy, there will Labour Party (LP ) is a party of oudu. From few unions in coloorganised labour and it’s social nial enclave sectors of railways, be working people and their democratic allies in industry mines and civil service and few organisations called trade and society as a whole. It con- missionary schools before inde- unions. However we unionists trols Ondo state with a social pendence, we now have 50 too must relook at our methdemocratic agenda that has unions affiliated to NLC from ods of operation. We must imwon a second time. Of course industrial, banking, telecommu- prove on knowledge on orgathe main selling point of Edo nication sectors etc. Trade union nising and organising. We governor is it’s globally ac- structures are visible every- need more creative approaches to defend the working peoknowledged labour credentials where. and antecedents. There are laws fought for ple. We must deepen democComrade Adams has shown by labour to prevent racy in trade unions. Trade that labour is even more excel- indecent work. There are gra- unions have done better than lent as a state actor just as he tuities and pensions after work. political parties in internal de-



mocracy. But there are still rooms for deeper democracy; more meetings, more accountability and openness. I also believe what is good for key elected officers like Presidents, Treasurer is even more desirable for visible political appointees like General Secretaries and their Deputies. In any case our secretaries are most elected at branch levels. What is good for industrial unions is good for a labour centre.

Best global practices The best global practices demand that whoever speaks for working people must seek and get their votes. There is too much sit- tightism among some appointed officials that are unacceptable. There is also unnecessary problem of entry and exit for General Secretaries which democratisation would have resolved. Major labour centres of the world, namely Ghana TUC, South Af-

Should labour be moved from the exclusive list to the con current list? Our political elite must have a developmentalist view of labour. Labour is the the real resource that will turn around other factors of production for development. The real resource control should be labour. Even British colonial authority centralised the control of about to build railways, ports as part of the strategy for colonial administration. The first Federal Ministry is Ministry of Labour in 1914 not Ministry of Finance. We should stop treating labour at arms length. That means labour must be on the exclusive list not fragmented at concurrent list. We need minimum floor for wages and productivity for labour on the exclusive list. Let a worker justify his pay but don’t deny a worker his or her legitimate pay through silly fragmentation at the state level”. With 2013 just a few weeks to go, labour begins a new phase . Union members are optimistic that the future of trade unionism in Nigeria is bright even as it faces threats from politicians daily. The working class needs a united front to remain relevant just as politicians remain united in their perception of organized labour as a political threat. All the same the struggle continues

TUC retires Kolawole


RADE Union Congress of Ni geria, TUC, has retired its Secretary General, Chief John Kolawole. He was retired at the National Executive Council, NEC, of TUC in Lagos. Kolawole was said t have been retired on age reason. He is 61 years old. Musa Lawal was named acting Secretary General.

John Kolawole


Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012 — 57

58 — Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012

Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012 — 59

60 — Vanguard, THURSDAY,

DECEMBER 20, 2012

Shorunmu alla ys goalk eeping ffear ear allays goalkeeping S

UPER Eagles goalkeeper coach, Ike Shorunmu has allayed fear of goalkeeping headache in the side. Three domestic goal tenders, Chigozie Agbim, Daniel Akpeyi and new comer, Femi Thomas are jostling for attention at the 2013 Afcon bound Eagles’ camp in Abuja. Its believed that two goalkeepers, Vincent Enyeama and Austin Ejide will be among 17 foreign-based players yet to be named thereby heightening the competition for shirt. Shorunmu said the envisaged worry will be on selection and not on form as the trio are in perfect shape. “The three goalkeepers are doing pretty well since training commenced on Monday and I pray it stays that way. “I’m excited at their individual form, so far so good. I make bold to say we don’t have any problem with the keepers. “The worry I foresee is whom to pick but whoever that gets the nod will do a perfect job. “I think they’ve bright chance of making it to the Afcon game. They ’re capable of withstanding any challenge and will compete favourably with the foreign-based counterparts,” the former Nigerian goalkeeper said to Shorunmu said merit will be the watchword when the coaches select players for the biennial football showpiece in South Africa.

Vilanova Continues from B/P that Vilanova’s tumour has become malignant again. The 44 year-old, who took over from Pep Guardiola earlier this year, endured emergency surgery in November 2011 on his parotid gland. Vilanova guided Barca to their best-ever start in La Liga as they have gone unbeaten for 16 games, and sit atop of the table with 46 points, holding a 13-point lead over archrivals Real Madrid.

NOC Scribe sur viv es surviv vives robber ac k robberyy att attac ack


HE secretariat of the Nigeria Olympic Committee, NOC, at the National Stadium became a beehive yesterday after news of armed robbery attack on Secretary, Tunde Popoola spread like wild fire. Sympathisers thronged the secretariat to sympathise with the Olympic body. Popoola who was driving home after close of work on Tuesday night(8.30p.m) in his official Honda jeep was shot at close range at Gate 3, Festac Town, by dare-devil robbers. The ferocious shot shattered his door glass and missed him by

whiskers. He however sustained injury on the head. President of NOC, Engr. Sani M. Ndanusa confirmed yesterday that Popoola was lucky to escape as they had aimed at his head. “We thank God for his safety. He is recuperating in hospital after major scans showed that there was no pellet lodged in his body’’,


Uduaghan READY: Eagles first choice keeper Vincent Enyeama faces stiff challenge.

Teams are scared of W es Wes estt Brom — Odemwingie S UPER Eagles and West Brom forward Peter Osaze Odemwingie feels other teams have become more cautious when playing the Baggies after their impressive start to 2012/ 2013 season. Albion were third in the Premier League after their 4-2 victory at Sunderland before embarking on a winless streak in their last four league fixtures.


Continues from B/P Shola Ameobi and Bright Dike, who is based in the United States, as players who have impressed him to earn a call-up for the Nations Cup. He said he expects at least 11 of the foreignbased players mainly from Scandinavia and Eastern Europe in Portugal on this day. However, he confirmed that Inter Milan midfielder Joel Obi will not be involved in the Nations Cup in South Africa on account of a muscle injury. “Joel Obi is out and we will miss him,” lamented Keshi.

The 31-year old Nigerian believes his side have built a reputation that other teams are beginning to reckon with in the past weeks. “They’ve seen we have quality and pace. I’ve noticed people play more careful against us now. “It becomes a bit more difficult but that’s when you need to show character and belief that we are growing. We have been doing well this season, and we’ve had a bad three weeks, but

•Osaze hopefully we can score goals again,” Osaze stated.

Maigari named Football Administrator of the Year


RESIDENT of the Nigeria Football Federation, Alhaji Aminu Maigari will on Thursday in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital be honoured as the Football Administrator of the Year, at the 2012 Awards and Investitute Ceremony of the Sports Writers Association of Nigeria, Oyo State chapter. In the letter conveying the selection of Alhaji Maigari as Football Administrator of the Year, Chairman of Oyo SWAN, Mr. Seun Ajayi-Obe hailed

the achievements of Nigeria’s National Teams in the outgoing year, extolling the leadership style of Maigari and his commitment to excellence. The letter read: “Your nomination followed our critical observation of your effort at ensuring effective and result-oriented administration of our nation’s football, which is currently yielding fruit as Nigeria is parading formidable teams at international competitions.”

Continues from B/P athletes joyfully raced home, some awake all night in anticipation of the windfall. Their governor had announced a reward of N400,000 for all bronze medalists, N600,000 for all individual silver medalists and N1m for each gold medalist. Coaches and Secretaries who produced gold medalists equally got N1m each. Delta Queens who also won the Super League also got N1m each. Those who participated but did not win anything got N50.000. The hall erupted in wild jubilation. Uduaghan paid glowing tribute to athletes for their hard work. He commended their sports officials led by Amaju Pinnick for a great job. His speech was inspiring and Yakmut Alhassan who represented the minister repeatedly called him a pace setter. “Delta is undoubtedly the best in sports development and this man is a pace setter,” Yakmut continued, insisting that this reporter strongly noted the points when Uduaghan said “it’s absolutely important to secure the future of athletes so that their

labour while active will not be in vain when they retire.” Delta employs their athletes so that in retirement they would be entitled to pension. Uduaghan also announced automatic employment for all gold medalists and some outstanding silver medalists. “It’s unfortunate that some Nigerian athletes who were once heroes and adored when they were competing cannot pay their rents and even find it difficult to survive when they retire. We don’t want that in Delta and that’s why we secure their future,” Uduaghan said as ovation continued. He said that the state would strategize to win the next sports festival and sent a word to President Goodluck Jonathan that Delta would produce an Olympic gold medalist for Nigeria soon. Musicians and comedians entertained in the night although Uduaghan said the ceremony could have been bigger but for the helicopter crash that claimed the lives of four people including Patrick Yokowa, Kaduna State Governor and Azazi, the former National Security Adviser. A minute silence was observed for them.

Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012 — 61


62 — Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012


Vanguard, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2012 — 63



FIFA Rankings: Eagles move up 5 places N

IGERIA have moved five places up from 67th to 62nd in the latest FIFA rankings

released Wednesday. The Super Eagles are however still number 10 in the Africa rankings.

Uduaghan promises Nigeria Olympic gold •Rewards Delta athletes with millions BY ONOCHIE ANIBEZE


EAUTIFUL fireworks followed when the event came to an end at the Event Centre in Asaba. It was close to midnight on Tuesday. The ecstasy was such that many of the athletes hit the road, running home in

celebration. Some cars that stopped to help some home were ignored. It was excitement galore. The rewards Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan had just announced for winning the 18 th National Sports Festival in Lagos inspired a jolly marathon and Delta


•Tito Vilanova TODAY'S

Africa Top 10

Continues on Page 60

Vilano s Vilanovva suf sufffer ers cancer relapse ARCELONA coach Tito Vilanova could be forced to step down from his role after suffering a relapse in his cancer fight. The La Liga club cancelled a Christmas lunch with the media on Wednesday after reports Continues on Page 60


RECEPTION: Team Delta Captain Ruth Izenegu presenting the overall winners trophy to Governor Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan Tuesday night in Asaba during the reception for the victorious Delta athletes. Uduaghan himself also received an award from Delta State Sports Commission’s Amaju Pinnick for his support for sports in the state.Photo: Henry Unini .

Côte d’Ivoire Algeria Mali Ghana Zambia Egypt Gabon Tunisia C/African Rep Nigeria

Keshi to announce list on Christmas day N

IGERIA coach Stephen Keshi has disclosed his list of foreign-based pros will be made public on Christmas day on Tuesday. YESTERDAY'S


However, Keshi on Wednesday in Abuja gave away some of the professionals who will be on that list when he said Russia-based strikers Ahmed Musa

ACROSS 2 Moist (5) 7 Jeer (4) 8 Slice (6) 9 Gloomy (5) 11 Adhesive (3) 13 Immerse (3) 15 Check (4) 16 Pin (3) 18 Ale (4) 19 Blame (7) 20 Companion (4) 22 Breeze (4) 23 Mysterious (7) 25 Thick paper (4) 27 Cover (3) 28 Circle (4) 30 Day before (3) 31 Plaything (3) 33 Balance (5) 36 Souse (6) 37 Measurement (4) 38 Dullard (5)

and Emmanuel Emenike as well as Ogenyi Onazi will be in camp in Portugal on December 29. Keshi also said Ukraine-based striker


Brown Ideye will also join up with the rest of the squad on the same day. He also mentioned Newcastle United striker Continues on Page 60

DOWN 1 Annoyance (5) 2 Border (3) 3 Spoil (3) 4 Arid (3) 5 Enquire (3) 6 Contradict (5) 10 Retain (4) 11 Scowl (7) 12 Blend (7) 13 Shortage (7) 14 Marvel (7) 16 Cycle (5) 17 Great (5) 18 Nod (3) 21 Finish (3) 24 Pleasant (4) 26 Evade (5) 29 Nick (5) 32 The heavens (3) 33 Marry (3) 34 Tavern (3) 35 Hasten (3)


ACROSS: 1, Gloat 5, Gaping 8, Viper 10, Rapier 11, Acid 14, Boring 15, Contact 18, Gem 19, Urn 21, Deny 23, Prior 24, Meal 27, Elm 29, Fed 31, Liberty 32, Dragon 34, Rate 35, Avaunt 38, Allot 39, Prayer 40, Weepy.

How to Play Sudoku

Cote d’Ivoire are still Africa’s top ranked football nation on 14th spot in the world. The Eagles five places leap follows last month’s 3-1 win over Venezuela in a friendly in Miami. Spain retained top spot with Colombia, Germany, Argentina completing the top four. A total of 143 international matches were taken into account for this edition of the ranking. The next FIFA rankings would be published on January 17.

DOWN: 2, Lea 3, Aviate 4, Tie 5, Grab 6, Paired 7, Groggy 9, Procure 12, Cog 13, Dine 16, Ogre 17, Trill 20, Nominal 22, Nest 24, Madcap 25, Afar 26, Legacy 28, Rebate 30, Dot 33, Near 36, Vow 37, Nip.


Place a number (1-9) in each blank cell. (No line can have two of the same number). Each row (nine lines from left to right), column, (also nine lines from top to bottom) and 3 X 3 block within a bold block (nine blocks) contains number from 1 through 9. This means that no number can appear twice in any block, column or row. No mathematics is involved – no adding, subtraction, division or multiplication, just plain logic and your imagination. Printed and Published by VANGUARD MEDIA LIMITED, Vanguard Avenue, Kirikiri Canal, P.M.B.1007, Apapa. Phone: Newsroom: 018773962. Deputy Editor: 01-8944295. Advert Dept: 01-7924470; Hotline: 01-8737028; Abuja: 09-2341102, 09-2342704. E-mail:,, Website: (ISSN 0794-652X) Editor: MIDENO BAYAGBON. Phone: 01-7742861, All correspondence to P.M.B. 1007, Apapa Lagos.


Navy Chopper Crash : We escaped death by whiskers - Gowon, Maku  

Navy Chopper Crash : We escaped death by whiskers - Gowon, Maku

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