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Fuel scarcity hits Lagos, Oyo, Kwara


2015: Don't distract me, Jonathan tells politicians •P.53

Bakassi belongs to Nigeria — Fresh facts reveal •How ICJ was deceived — Ofonagoro, Henshaw •Say Nigeria has good grounds to appeal verdict

BY HUGO ODIOGOR, JOHNBOSCO AGBAKWURU, DOTUN IBIWOYE, NKIRUKA NNORUM & KUNLE KALEJAIYE AGOS —FRESH facts have emerged, showing that the disputed Bakassi peninsula which the International Court of Justice, ICJ, ceded to Cameroon, Continues on Page 5


Shareholders slam SEC over prosecution of 260 market operators •PG.17


Mr & Mrs

ANTI-US PROTEST—Pakistani Sunni Muslim protesters during a protest rally against an anti-Islam movie in Karachi, yesterday. Inset: The protesters torch a US flag and an effigy of the US President Barack Obama. Photo: AFP

Boko Haram harms all Nigerians — NGE •Pg.6

Gunmen kill NSCDC official, wife, 3-yr-old daughter, brother •Pg.6







Vanguard, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2012—5

Bakassi belongs to Nigeria — Fresh facts reveal Continues from Page 1 actually belongs to Nigeria. Vanguard gathered that the jurists at ICJ might have been misled by the legal teams of Cameroon and Nigeria, who did not show vital information that clearly placed Bakassi as a territory within the geographical, political and administrative jurisdiction and control of Nigeria, contrary to the October 10, 2002, verdict which awarded the sovereignty of the peninsula to Cameroon. International relations experts, renowned historians, researchers and politicians told Vanguard in Lagos, last week, that contrary to the claims by the Cameroon and Nigerian legal teams that the first legal treaty on the Land and Maritime borders between Nigerian and Cameroon was the 1913 Anglo-German treaty, it was discovered that the limits of the Land and maritime boundaries between both countries went as far back as 1811 when the British made the treaty that went from the Lake Chad region down to the Atlantic

ocean through the Rio Del Rey Estuary.

The Great Fraud 1. There are evidence to show that in 1994 when a dispute erupted between Nigeria and Cameroon, Nigeria asked the British government to attest to the true status of Bakassi Peninsula, the British government replied to assert that the Peninsula belongs to Nigeria. 2. This was when Alhaji Babagana Kingibe was Nigeria’s Minister of External Affairs but curiously that document was not tendered at the ICJ trial. 3. There are fresh evidence to show that in the March 18, 1961 plebiscite in Southern Cameroon, to determine areas that either wanted to stay in Cameroon or join Nigeria, Bakassi Penisular was not among the areas that participated in the exercise because it was given that it was not part of Cameroun. According to Southern Cameroon gazette, Volume 7 no. 14, the areas that were asked to determine where they wanted to



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Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood –Helen Keller HE Celtic secession from the Roman Empire so many centuries ago was successful for several reasons and these lessons are still very much apparent in everyday dealings for survival in everyday relationships. The point is, being a confident person requires paying close attention to details and, often, a lack of this attribute leads to negligence; and this was at play when vassal states, like the Celt, rebelled against the powers that be at that time in history. It shows that people must keep on developing and being whatever they aspire to be and more. Always, listen to that quiet guiding voice that tells you to excel, and ignore that which belittles your dreams and goals. Keep moving forward and never rest on your laurels for too long, and pass the chance to wear the winning crown you’ve worked so hard to attain. There are many who would glee just to see you fall from that height; it’s the unmistakable dark side of human nature. So be on guard and walk that trail to the blaze of joy and a delightful awe in your life. Pay close attention to details in all you do, and you’ll know what needs to be improved upon in your life or that which needs be to done away with.


belong included Mamfe, Bamenda, Kumba, and Victoria. Also, the people of Bakassi have voted in Nigerian elections and the Nigerian Customs has been in control of the territorial waters since 1811. 4. The 1913 AngloGerman treaty which Cameroon rested its claim was not signed by both countries before the outbreak of the First World War in 1914. 5. Germany renounced all its territorial claims at the end of the war in 1919 and all the former territories controlled by Germany came under the mandate of the League of Nations. 6. There were clear cases of ethnic cleansing in Bakassi peninsula in the past 10 years in violation of the Green Tree Agreement. According to Prof. Walter Ofonagoro, a historian and former Nigerian Information Minister, who did his Ph.d thesis on Southern Oil protectorate, “fresh facts have emerged to show that the Cameroonian legal team deceived the ICJ into believing that before the Anglo-German treaty of 1913 upon which it rested its case, there were no other treaties that delineated the land and maritime boundary between Nigeria and Cameroon, which is a fraudulent claim”. Prof. Ofonagoro said that he has in his possession, 1822 documents which vested ownership of the Bakassi Peninsula to the Old Calabar Chiefs, by extension to Nigeria, and debunked claims that the 1913 Anglo-German treaty was the first recognised treaty on the land and maritime boundary between Nigeria and Cameroon. Said Prof. Ofonagoro: “This is not true because as far back as 1811, the British had already established a strong sphere of influence over the territories that eventually became Nigeria in 1914. The Anglo- German treaty upon which Cameroon built its case was contestible because after the First World war ended in 1919, all the territories controlled by Germany were taken away from them and given to the League of

Nations. He said: “There were other treaties between Nigeria and Cameroon on the Land and Maritime boundaries, which were entered into in 1884, 1885 and 1886, all of which clearly demarcated the land and maritime border between Nigeria and Cameroon from the Lake Chad region down to the Akwa Yafe River, which was the land border from Akwa Yafe to Rio Del Rey estuary to the Atlantic ocean. He said: “When the Germans got to Akwa Yafe River, they discovered that they could not gain a direct access to the sea because going toward West of Akwa Yafe River will take them straight to the Calabar Sea Port. The Calabar Sea Port was clearly outlined in the treaty. This was the main port of entry for the British merchants, and later missionaries, who were the first to establish sphere of influence in Nigeria." He said there was no way the British would have granted the Germans a boundary access that would have constrained their access to the Calabar power. The British were fully in control of the Calabar Sea Port. The Germans went East of Akwa Yafe River, which took them to the Rio Del Rey estuary to the sea. This ensured that the Bakassi Peninsula was on the West, which put the Peninsula on the Nigerian territory. The predominant population on the Peninsula then were the Efiks and Efuts, who were of Efik kingdom which stretched up to Khumba, Victoria and Bamenda.

Grounds for Appeal for review Although the Federal Government has been reluctant to listen to the calls from the National Assembly, the Judiciary, the Nigerian Bar Association to appeal for a review, Prof. Ofonagoro said “Nigeria has very strong ground to ask the ICJ for a review of its decision because there were concrete material facts and documentary evidence that were not before the ICJ in 2002, which would have helped to guide the world jurists in their de-


cision”. According to him, the Cameroonians concealed other vital treaties during the trial and told the court that the treaties were for mere adminstrative convenience, but more suprising is the fact that the Nigerian team did not do their home work to debunk the claims of Cameroon; rather they went there to resurrect a dead treaty in their attempt to justify the 1975 Maroua Declaration which was also an illegal treaty. He said: “If the ICJ should allow a judgment that was obtained by fraud and concealment of fact to stand, grave in justice would have been done to the people of Bakassi. The reputation of ICJ would have been tarnished because the whole world expects it to do justice at all time”. Ofonagora said the Nigerian defence team went to the Hague to agree with the Cameroonians that before 1913, there were no other treaties between the two colonial powers, which is false. But more fallacious is the fact that the Cameroon of 1919, was not the Cameroon of 1913, because after the end of the First World War, Germany was forced to give up all its territories in Africa, which came under the mandate of League of Nations. Germany renounced all its claims to territories and all the treaties it entered into which gave it control of territories, became a nullity. The League of Nations consisting of Britain, France and Italy, the territory of Cameroon was carved up by France which took the Northern part. Senator Ewah Bassey

Henshaw, in his reaction said: “We have evidence from the memoir of the German Ambassador in 1913, who negotiated the so-called 1913 Anglo-German treaty". He said the treaty was not signed because of the distrust between Britain and Germany at that time and the conflict between the envoy and some officials of his own country. "In 1961, when a referendum was conducted in Southern Cameroon to determine on which part of it wishes to belong to Nigeria or Cameroon, after the British ended its colonial rule, Bakassi Peninsula was not included because it was regarded as part and parcel of Nigeria. In the areas such as Issangale that were included in the referendum, they voted to be in Nigeria". Speaking at the Vanguard Conference Hall in Lagos, Senator Henshaw said the ICJ has a duty to review its judgment wich gave the sovereignty of Bakassi to Cameroon because it was obtained by fraud and deceits. He said: "We are not asking for too much for the ICJ to take a second look at the fresh facts and our action is covered by Artcle 61 of ICJ which empowers people to come back for a review of their judgment if there were fresh facts that surfaced after the decision was made, which have substantially affected the judgement. The president who has sworn on oath to defend the territorial integrity of Nigeria and the constitution should assist the people of Bakassi by asking the AGF to appeal for a review of the ICJ verdict." Continues Tomorrow

6—Vanguard, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2012

Jonathan's govt has not impacted on Nigerians—Masari Says North can't support him in 2015

Boko Haram harms all Nigerians — NGE ...tasks editors on fairness, accuracy BY OLASUNKANMI AKONI

BY SONI DANIEL BUJA—AS Nigerians prepare for the 2015 election, former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Alhaji Aminu Bello Masari, has said it will be very difficult for President Goodluck Jonathan to receive the support of the people of the North in the next polls. Masari said Jonathan has not only failed the people of the region but has also disappointed Nigerians with the way he has carried on since his emergence in 2010. The politician, who spoke exclusively with Vanguard, lamented that Jonathan’s Presidency had not impacted positively on Nigerians but had tended to widen ethnic and tribal divide and stoke the embers of disunity and disintegration. This, according to him, was borne out of the fact that Jonathan was running the country more as a tribal leader than the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and had surrounded himself with people who had little or no experience about Nigeria and governance. Masari said, “Jonathan will have it difficult in 2015 because his utterances are not unifying the nation. His failure is not only in the North but across the country. “He is dividing the people the more. He is a product of destiny and his handlers should handle him as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and not the President of Ijaw nation, Niger Delta, South-South or Southern Nigeria. “Some of the Northern leaders who ruled this country made a lot of sacrifices in order to be fair and just to other federating units, without concentrating to enrich certain sections of the country. “I wonder those in the North who will vote for him because they have not felt the impact of his government in any way. His failure is not only in the North but in all parts of the country. “I did not vote for him in 2011 and I will not vote for him in 2015,” the politician, who decamped from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to contest the

IGERIAN Guild of Editors, NGE, has called for more proactive steps to curtail the activities of the Boko Haram insurgency, which it said impacts negatively on all Nigerians. Acknowledging the efforts of security agencies to combat and commending fresh attempts to resolve the violent situation of the insurgents, the editors urged President Goodluck Jonathan and other elected officials to put in place extra measures to tackle security problems and give succour to citizens The call was contained in a communiqué issued at the end of the eighth all Nigeria Editors Conference in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State with the theme “The Nigerian Editor and National Security”. In an eight-point resolution signed by the NGE President, Mr. Gbenga Adefaye, who is also the Editor-in-Chief/ General Manager, Publications, Vanguard Newspapers and Mr. Femi Adesina, Chairman, Planning Committee, they however noted that national security was the responsibility of all Nigerians. After exhaustive deliberations, the conference noted that "without prejudice to the obligations of the security agencies to do their constitutional duty of preserving law and order, there was the need for openness and transparency with the rules of engagement in all antiterror activities, while editors should ensure fairness, balance and accuracy in the presentation of stories. The editors listed other threats to national security as illegal oil bunkering, kidnapping, armed robbery, poverty, illiteracy, injustice, unemployment, religious intolerance, porous borders and proliferation of arms. The Guild urged President Goodluck Jonathan and other elected officials to put in place extra measures to tackle these problems and give succour to citizens. Such steps should include the provision of the right security infrastructure that can help the various security agencies to keep



MEETING—President Goodluck Jonathan (left); Govs Isa Yuguda of Bauchi (right); Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom (2nd right); Dep Gov of Adamawa State, Bala Ngilari (3rd right); Govs Theodore Orji of Abia and Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State during a meeting between President Jonathan and PDP's governors in Abuja on Saturday Photo: State House.

governorship of Katsina State last year, said. Turning to the ongoing debate on oil dichotomy, Masari, who was speaker between 2003 and 2007, defended the passage of the Act in 2005, saying that it was borne out of popular demand by Nigerians at the time.

Backs Northern govs on onshore/offshore dichotomy He maintained that what the lawmakers did was in the overall interest of the nation considering the demand by littoral states to be paid oil revenue taken from as far as 500 nautical miles. But he backed demand by Northern governors for a review of the oil dichotomy, pointing out that it was their right to call for the amendment of the law based on emerging realities. “Anybody who wants an amendment is free to do so because the Act is not sacrosanct. Even the constitution is amendable. “But we must avoid playing to the gallery by calling some people sectional or tribal champions because it is the inalienable right of all Nigerians to seek redress on matters that are inimical to their well being and progress,” he said. Although the politician absolved the National Assembly and former President Obasanjo of any wrongdoing in respect of the political solution adopted to end the dichotomy crisis, Masari

warned uninformed commentators on the issue to desist from playing to the gallery in their apparent quest to distort history. He warned, “So in asking for the amendment of the Act, no one should try to play to the gallery because I was the Speaker and I

have the records. “I know those who spoke to us and those who did not speak to us considering our position on the law. But an Act of the National Assembly can be revisited based on certain information that is now available to the public.

Gunmen kill NSCDC official, wife, 3-yr-old daughter, brother BY ABDULSALAM MOHAMMED


ANO—TRAGEDY struck in Hotoro area of Kano municipality, yesterday, when unknown gunmen killed an intelligent officer attached to the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corp, his wife, three year old child and a physically challenged younger brother. Security sources told Vanguard that the gunmen had arrived the residence of the late Intelligent officer identified as Ismaila Yerima on two motorbikes, secured entrance to the building and opened fire on those found at home during the attack. Other family members killed during the attack were Aisha, his wife; Khadija, three years old daughter and Adam, the physically challenged younger brother to the late officer. The security sources confided in Vanguard that the attack lasted barely five minutes, adding that the sporadic gunshot triggered pandemonium around the vicinity as the assailants escaped in the ensuing

confusion. Vanguard learnt that neighbours’ locked up their gates and remained indoors until the arrival of security agents to the area, who met the entire family dead in a pool of their blood. While the incident lasted, a military helicopter was seen hovering round the city in a futile attempt to track the assailant as businesses suffered momentary set back in the area. Ismaila Yerima's colleagues, who pleaded anonymity told Vanguard that the late Yerima must have been mistaken for a State Security Service, SSS operative, adding “he always appeared in suit and was very popular in the area.” However, officials of the Civil Defence sector Command in Kano are keeping sealed lips over the tragic incident as efforts made to get confirmation from them was rebuffed. But the Kano police Command, which confirmed the incident, said investigation has begun to unravel the mystery with the hope of bringing the perpetrators to book.

ahead of criminal elements in the society. “It underscored the agenda-setting role of the media and urged all editors to live up to this responsibility, especially as it concerns national security. The Guild also canvassed a continuous engagement between the security agencies and the media on ways to tackle insecurity, while the media should also improve on its capacity to report conflict situations. “Participants decried the seeming absence of intergovernmental cooperation in delivering democracy dividends to the populace. It called on all the three tiers of government to collaborate and dialogue on the best ways of meeting the demands of the public and preservation of law and order. “The conference asked the editors to continue to be in the vanguard of promoting national unity and integration and be wary of those who seek to use the media to canvass issues that divide the nation.” The conference however, applauded the developmental strides of Governor Godswill Akpabio, and also commended the people of Akwa Iborn State for their warm hospitality. The conference was chaired by former governor of Ogun State, Chief Segun Osoba while the keynote address was delivered by the National Security Adviser, Colonel Sambo Dasuki (rtd). Declaring the conference open, Senate President David Mark urged the editors to strike a balance between the quest for profit in business and the need to safeguard National Security. He maintained that although there was no standard list of what constitutes National Security, the Freedom of Information Act had provided a guide for journalists in dealing with the subject matter. Mark described the media as an important tool of statecraft and national survival and advised editors to be careful, fair and conscious of National Unity, in their reportage. The host governor, Chief Godswill Akpabio, urged the editors not to sacrifice national unity on the altar of breaking news.





Vanguard , MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2012—9

Mr. Herve Chomel, MoneyGram Vice President for Africa (left) and Mr. Kingsley Aigbokhaevbo, Executive Director, domestic banking Ecobank Nigeria during the partnership signing ceremony between Ecobank/MoneyGram at the Ecobank Headquarters, Lagos. Photo: Biodun Ogunleye

L-R: Chief Ana Esin; Mr. Eze Anaba, Deputy Editor, Vanguard Newspaper; Senator Bassey Ewa Henshaw; Mr. Hugo Odiogor, Foreign Affairs Editor, Vanguard Newspaper; Mr. Emeka Mamah, Deputy News Editor; Barrister Ene Tony-Ray, representing Senator Florence Ita-Giwa and Mr. Maurice Ekong, Coordinator, Save Bakassi Group, during the Bakassi Conference in the Vanguard Newspaper premises in Lagos. Photo:Lamidi Bamidele

S-West Okada riders deny link with Boko Haram BY DAUD OLATUNJI


B E O K U TA — Contrary to the media report purportedly linking the commercial motorcycle operators with the dreaded Boko Haram sect, the South Western leaders of the A m a l g a m a t e d Commercial Motorcycle

Owners and Riders A s s o c i a t i o n (ACOMORAN) said its members are neither “Boko Haram” nor “ willing tools” in the hands of the sect. Rising from a zonal meeting held in Ogun State, the association maintained that, all its members are law

abiding citizens that engage in transport business to earn a living as well as contribute to the nation’s socio economic growth. Speaking after the meeting held in SangoOta weekend, National Secretary, Dr. Francis Banji Ayeni condemned the report made by a

PDP blames Ekiti cholera outbreak on govt BY OLA AJAYI


BADAN—The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the SouthWest has described the outbreak of cholera in some parts of Ekiti State as an evidence of failure of the Kayode Fayemi-led Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, government in the state.

The party through its Zonal Publicity Secretary, Mr. Kayode Babade, said the case of cholera outbreak in Ikere-Ekiti, Ikere Local Government Area of the state was the second in the state this year. Babade said, “a responsible government would have taken steps to prevent its

reccurrence instead of waiting for people to be killed before rushing to intervene.” He noted that the state which did not have a single case of cholera in 2010 now recorded highest cases of the epidemic in all the South West states. “In July, two persons reportedly died from cholera outbreak in Igbara-Odo, Ekiti South/ West Local Government area of Ekiti State. And now, there is another outbreak of cholera in Ikere-Ekiti. “This to us is unacceptable especially in a state where the ACN government claimed it committed N3.2 billion to provision of pipe borne water this year alone.

factional President of ACOMORAN, Muhd Sani Hassan in Abuja which portrayed the Okada riders in Nigeria as willing tools in the hands of the Boko Haram sect. The meeting which was attended by leaders of the association in the region including the Chairman Board of Trustee, BoT, in the South West, Egunjobi Adeosun, state Chairman of the association Akeem Adetola and others, Ayeni called the nation’s security agencies to investigate the statement and the people behind it to ascertain their mission.

Akeredolu accuses Mimiko of intolerance BY GBENGA OKE


HE Akeredolu C a m p a i g n Organization, ACO, has through its Director of Media, Publicity and Strategy, Mr. Idowu Ajanaku, berated the Ondo State Governor, Olusegun Mimiko and the Labour Party for pulling down the billboards and banners of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, governorship candidate in the state, Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu.

Ondo, most progressive in S-West – Mimiko


NDO State Governor, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko at the weekend in Idanre,

2015: Jonathan, PDP will fail in S-West – ACN BY OLA AJAYI

BADAN—AS P r e s i d e n t Goodluck Jonathan and notable chieftains of the Peoples Democratic Party are mapping out plans to regain the South West geo-political zone, some members of the Action Congress of Nigeria in the zone have said any plan by the PDP to foist itself on the zone will fail. Speaking under the


According to Ajanaku, “The latest in the antics of the Labour party include the cutting down of the billboards and banners of the flagbearer of the ACN, Barrister Rotimi Akeredolu (SAN) in Ileoluji, Okeigbo areas because Mimiko was set to visit the area. It is indeed very embarrassing to the lawabiding members of the ACN to continue to witness this flagrant disregard for due process by the drowning Labour Party”.

aegis of the Oyo Patriotic League, OPL, members of the ruling party through its Coordinator and Organising Secretary, Messrs. Adewale Ajani and Mutiu Oyekola respectively, the group have vowed that strategies to take total political control of the South West in 2015 general elections would not succeed.

headquarters of Idanre Local Government Area of the state during his campaign tour, stated that the state remains the most progressive in the South West contrary to what the opposition parties want to make the people of other states believe in their vain attempt at wresting political power. He lauded the vision of the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo for bringing unprecedented development to the defunct Western Region with his innovative projects, urging upcoming politicians to emulate him so that they too could be remembered by generations un-born.

Police Assistance Committee members put on security alert


OLICE Assistance Committee (PAC) has urged its members nationwide to be on security alert and be vigilant in observing happenings within their environment which could threaten security situation in the country.

Addressing PAC executive members at an emergency security meeting held in Lagos, the Director-General of the body, Dr. Martins Oni stressed on the need for members to be alert at ensuring that useful information are gathered

and disseminated to the police and other security agencies. He directed all chairmen, secretaries and public relations officers of trade associations and unions to keep passing useful information to Divisional

Police Officers and Area Commanders Dr. Oni commended the IGP Mr. Mohammed Abubakar over the ongoing police reforms, which is yielding good results in the performance of the force.



Vanguard, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2012—11

Security: Northern governors to sue Jonathan, FG BY HENRY UMORU

BUJA —THE nineteen state governors under the aegis of Northern States Governors Forum, NSGF have concluded arrangements to sue President Goodluck Jonathan over the failure of the Federal Government to allocate funds with which to address the security challenge in the north. Rising from a meeting in Abuja, the governors according to a source have also agreed to settle for compromise with their colleagues from the south on the issue of onshore/off shore crisis A source at the meeting told Vanguard that the northern governors chose the option of dragging the federal government to court because they are not happy that rather than manage the security challenge in the entire northern zone, the federal government was only concentrating on the nation’s capital city, Abuja. The governors complained that they have been spending their extra budgetary allocation to address the problem of


POWERING AFRICA EXECUTIVE RETREAT: Deputy Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Nsima Ekere (middle), with former Minister of State for Power, Mr. Nuhu Wya (left), and Special Adviser to the Governor on Technical Matters, Mr. Etido Inyang (right), during the “Powering Africa” executive retreat organised by United Kingdom-based firm, Energynet Limited, at Le Meridien Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort, Uyo.

JTF destroys 50 illegal refineries in Delta, Edo, Ondo BY GABRIEL ENOGHOLASE ENIN—NO fewer than 50 local refineries have been destroyed by men of Joint Task Force, Operation Pulo Shield, Army 4 Brigade, in several raids carried out by the command in Edo, Delta and Ondo States. Also, 11 suspects were arrested in connection with sea piracy, while others were apprehended for alleged armed robbery and kidnapping in the last four weeks. The command, in a statement in Benin, Edo State, yesterday, by the Brigade Public Relations Officer, Captain Rosalyn Managbe, said the operations were geared towards enhancing a secured environment in the


interest of national security Among items recovered from them were 100 Cotonou boats, 12 Tankers, 1,300 surface Geepee tanks and 350,000 drums of alleged illegally refined products, two FN riffles, one G3 riffle, one sub-ma-

chine gun, three AK 47 riffles and one pump action. Others included 575 rounds of 7.62mm special, 42 rounds of 7.62mm NATO, 44 rounds of shot gun cartridge, 10 AK 47 magazines, one magazine, two FN magazines, three walkie talkies, one metal

Chevron gets 7-day ultimatum to employ Ijaw graduates


ARRI—Niger Delta Indigenous Movement for Radical Change, NDIMRC, has given Chevron Nigeria Limited, a seven-day ultimatum to provide employment for Ijaw graduates from Egbema and Gbaramatu Kingdoms in Warri North and Warri South-West Local Government Areas of Delta State. The group threatened to disrupt the operations of

Chevron if, by the expiration of the ultimatum, the oil company still refused to change its hard stance towards unemployed Ijaw graduates from the two oil producing kingdoms in Delta State. In a statement by its president, Nelly Emma, NDIMRC said it supported the former students under the auspices of KOMBOT Employment Front that had earlier

Abductors of CPS to Edo Deputy Gov demand N20m ransom BY SIMON EBEGBULEM

ENIN—CHIEF Press Secretary to Edo State Deputy Governor, Mr. Kelly Odaro, who was abducted Saturday evening by armed men suspected to be kidnappers, have made a demand for N20 million ransom. Odaro was abducted at 6:30p.m. while he was about driving into his compound at Ikpoba Hill, Benin City, shortly after he left the state Secretariat of Nigeria Union of


detector and one battle axe. The JTF Commander, Brigadier-Gen. Obi Umanhi, who appealed to the public for more information that will help to stamp out criminality, reiterated the command’s resolve to rid the region of criminals.

Journalists, NUJ, Reservation Road, Benin City. An eyewitness told Vanguard that Odaro's abductors came on a motorcycle. They were said to have dragged him out of his car and taken him away in a waiting vehicle. Mrs. Odaro, who was visibly shocked, narrated: “I was surprised when people in our street came to call me that my husband had been kidnapped very close to our house by unknown gunmen. “The car doors were open and the engine was

still running. The helmet used by one of the men who came on the motorcycle and my husband’s shoe were on the ground close to the car but they went away with his phone.” Vanguard gathered from a family source that the kidnappers were demanding N20 million ransom. Contacted, Edo State Police spokesman, Mr Anthony Airhuoyo, said the command was aware of the situation and had since swung into action.

gave the company ultimatum on job opportunities. Emma said Chevron had grossly marginalised Ijaw graduates from Egbema and Gbaramatu Kingdoms in the area of employment, adding that the unemployed Ijaw graduates had attended various interviews organised by Chevron for employment, but were not considered, “ whereas their counterparts from the South-West and South-East were recruited and are currently working with Chevron.”

MOSOP orders Mexican firm out of Ogoni


ORT HARCOURT—A faction of Movement for the Survival of Ogoni People, MOSOP, led by Dr. Goodluck Diigbo, has allegedly ordered Union De Iniciativa S.A De C.V, to steer clear of Ogoniland. The firm is said to be a technical partner in a banana plantation proposed for Ogoni area by Rivers State Government.

insecurity which was really affecting governance as they were unable to deliver dividends of democracy to their people. The governors, the source said, argued that the extra budgetary allocation was spent to manage the police through the purchase of vehicles, police equipment and anti- bomb facilities. According to the source, the governors from the north have also chosen the compromise position on onshore /offshore because they were entertaining fears that the southern governors would not support them following the stand of the northern governors on state police where they backed out after the 36 state governors under the aegis of Nigerian Governors Forum, NGF had agreed to state Police. The northern governors, it will be recalled had called for a revisit of the on-shore and offshore dichotomy, just as they had constituted a technical committee to study the Petroleum Industry Bill, PIB.

12 — Vanguard, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2012 N October 10, 2002, the International Court of Justice delivered a historic verdict awarding sovereignty over the Bakassi Peninsula to the Republic of Cameroun. Exactly 10 years later in October this year, by the terms of the 2005 Green Tree agreement, Nigeria’s cession of its erstwhile territory would be completed unless, by the rules of the Court, she raises fresh issues for a re-visit. their ancestral land to another country Across the nation there is a groundswell were promptly abandoned. Those who of opinion that our past leadership were chose to stay under Camerounian authoriunpatriotic, inhuman and incompetent in ty have been victims of savage attacks and the entire processes of mortgaging the ter- humiliation by the Camerounian forces. ritory to win the civil war and approach the Frustrated, indigenes of the Peninsula ICJ for its verdict. All the way from the ne- have now decided, with support of their gotiations by the colonial authorities to the kinsmen in Calabar Cross river State, to use of the territory as a gambit for war “takn their destiny in their hands.’’ games, interests of the people of the PeninThe Bakassi Self-determination Front sula were never taken into account. Even (BSDF) has since emerged and a pirate rathe lawyers and attorneys hired to argue dio known as ‘’Dayspring’’ launched as part the case at the ICJ were people, who had of the drive towards self-rule. no passionate attachment to the cause and We are in full support of all efforts to enflunked miserably. sure that the wrongs of our past leaders are Besides, the Nigerians who agreed to re- corrected through the total reclamation of locate to Cross River after the cession of Bakassi Peninsula. We are happy with the


Reclaiming Bakassi Peninsula

House of Representatives, which has taken bold steps towards pushing the Federal Government to return to the ICJ for a revisit of this shoddy verdict. Under the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Bakassi Peninsula is still listed as part of the 774 local government councils in Nigeria. The Constitution has not been amended to cede this territory to any external country. And our Constitution is superior to any treaty or court verdict. Rather than resort to the ICJ, the United Nations should promptly organise plebiscite to enable the people of the Peninsula to determine their future. They can decide to stay in Nigeria, go to Cameroun or assume a separate sovereign identity. Anything short of this will not be acceptable to us. Bakassi people are Nigerians fully protected by the constitution. No individual has the right to barter them off to external interests in pursuit of personal glorification. To reclaim Bakassi Peninsula is a task that must be done!

OPINION BY TAOHEED ADEJARE ADEFOLAKAN HE Central Bank of Nigeria is the institution in charge of the nation’s monetary and fiscal policies with enorm ous constitutional power to drive the economy. The decisions and policies regarding what CBN does, however, rests on the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria who, in consultation with his cabinet, has the overall power to take such decision(s) not only on the economy but also on other aspects of the nation’s endeavours that will impact positively on the people to present a picture of good governance. While enjoying its autonomy, the Central Bank reserves the right to introduce any policy which, in its opinion, can improve people’s standard of living. One of the notable functions of the CBN is the “buying and selling” of treasury bills to commercial banks in order to control inflation and or inflationary trends to propel the economy aright. Recently, the Central Bank came up with the “cash-less economy” policy in which Nigerians and institutions are expected to use cash transfer procedure in their financial transactions with one another. By that policy, individuals, however rich, are not allowed to withdraw, within 24 hours, an amount in excess of N150,000. The objective of this is to prevent atrocities and crimes, especially armed robbery, that are encouraged by the availability of raw cash. Much as the “cash-less economy” policy, obviously fashioned after the developed world of Europe and America, would have been ideal, its practicability, in the face of the reality of Nigeria’s infrastructural facilities, appears very untenable and can only expose Nigerians to unnecessary punishment. This is apparent if one observes that the ATM facilities


Between N5,000 note and improved standard of living provided by banks to de-congest banking halls are in most cases ineffective. Cases of network failure, faulty machine and inability to dispense cash are rampant, making nonsense of the ATM initiative. One cannot be 100 per cent sure that the policy comes with effective safeguard against ATM fraudulent activities, the type of which many people have fallen victims to. Other factors that would defeat the cashless economy policy will include epileptic power supply and associated crimes yet to be discovered. The recent announcement by the Central Bank of its plan to introduce into the nation’s economy, a N5,000.00 denomination has been met with mixed feelings. While some people see the decision as one that would ensure safe mobility of cash, others see it as an invitation to sophisticate crime because armed robbers would intensify their efforts at the vaults in our banks, in view of portability. I wasn’t looking at the CBN decision from that perspective. The need for the introduction of any other naira denomination ought to have been defeated by the cashless economy policy. Both appear to be pursuing a common goal of discouraging Nigerians from carrying large cash for whatever reason. If that is right, then why should efforts be duplicated? Another angle to it is the cost of producing the product (N5000). The Central Bank had shamelessly told Nigerians that the project would cost a mouth-watering amount of N40 billion. This is where I have a problem, like other Nigerians who may share my position on the policy. For God’s sake N40 billion is not a small amount of money,

hence throwing it at the production of a new Naira note would tantamount to a misplaced priority and gross disserve to the good people of Nigeria. In a country whose people are disenchanted because they live in abject poverty occasioned by inadequate infrastructural facilities, with those provided not well maintained; in a country that has more than one million citizens of school age not being able to attend higher institutions for lack of vacancies; in a country with decaying health facilities; in a country where hunger and diseases are prominent features, using N40 billion to print a new naira denomination will be a criminal act. The insistence of the Central Bank Governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, on the printing and introduction of the new note is unfortunate. Sanusi is one of the very few public officers who has denominated honesty and courage when he visited the Senate sometime ago and this singular act actually endeared him to someone like me. The thinking is that people like him, formidable crusader of the people, should salvage the nation from the cabal that has held the country in bondage for decades. Throwing that credibility to the winds by being adamant on the printing of the N5000 note will be painful because he would fall out with Nigerians on an issue that concerns them most. The question is: Whose interest is Sanusi protecting? One may not need to probe too far before discovering that pretence don’t last. Sanusi is a member of the powerful clique that is under-developing Nigeria. *Mr Adefolakan wrote from the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Abeokuta





Vanguard, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2012 — 15

Iran developing nuclear bomb — Israel SRAELI Prime Minis ter Benjamin Netanyahu warned on Sunday that Iran was just six to seven months away from the brink of being able to build a nuclear bomb, adding urgency to his demand that President Barack Obama set a “red line” for Tehran in what could deepen the worst U.S.-Israeli rift in decades. Taking to the television airwaves to make his case


directly to the American public, Netanyahu said that by mid-2013 Iran would be “90 percent of the way” toward enough enriched uranium for a weapon. He again urged the United States to spell out limits that Tehran must not cross if it is to avoid military action something Obama has refused to do. “You have to place that red line before them now, before it’s too late,” Net-

anyahu said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” program, adding that such a U.S. move could reduce the chances of having to attack Iran’s nuclear sites. The unusually public dispute between close al-

lies - coupled with Obama’s decision not to meet with Netanyahu later this month - has exposed a gaping U.S.-Israeli divide and stepped up pressure on the U.S. leader in the final stretch

of a tight presidential election campaign. It was the clearest marker Netanyahu has laid down so far on why he has become so strident in his push for Washington to confront Tehran

with a strict ultimatum. At the same time, his approach could stoke further tensions with Obama, with whom he has had a notoriously testy relationship.

Libya arrests 50 over anti-US protest IBYAN authorities have arrested about 50 people in connection to the attack on the US


consulate in Benghazi in which the US ambassador and three embassy staff were killed, Libya’s par-

liamentary chief said. “The number reached about 50,” Mohammed al-Megaryef, president

of the Libyan National Congress, told CBS News in an interview on Sunday. Christopher Stevens, the US ambassador to Libya, and three other US citizens died after gunmen attacked the consulate and a safe house refuge in the eastern city of Benghazi with rocket-propelled grenades and set it on fire. “It was planned, definitely, it was planned by foreigners, by people who entered the country a few months ago. And they were planning this criminal act since their arrival,” he told CBS.

Obama, Romney jostle for key states RESIDENT Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney are embarking on a week heavy with travel through battleground states and appeals to key constituencies, with both campaigns wrangling over unrest in the Middle East and who is best equipped to rejuvenate the economy. Both candidates are courting voters in a series of must-win states and reaching out to a number of voting groups that could determine the election, from working-class white voters in states like Ohio and Wisconsin to Latino voters in Florida and viewers of a popular Spanish-language television network. Obama and Romney have dueled for an advantage on foreign policy, with attention focused on unrest in the Middle East in reaction to an anti-Muslim video that led to the storming of several U.S. diplomatic posts and the killing of four Americans, including the U.S. ambassador to Libya.




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Itsekiri youths deny protest plan ARRI—THE reported planned protest against the non-inclusion of Itsekiri and Urhobo youths in the Presidential Amnesty Programme, PAP, as alleged by the Presidential Amnesty Office has been described as a hoax and figment of imagination of some individual tribalists and ethnic bigots in the Presidential Amnesty Office. Reacting to the report in a telephone chat, yesterday, National President of Itsekiri National Youths Council, INYC, Mr. David


PRESENTATION: Chief Edwin Clark assisted by Mrs. Omotayo Omotosho at unveiling of The Global Villager, a biography of Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, National Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in commemoration of his 77th birthday in Abuja, Saturday.

2015: Don't distract me, Jonathan tells politicians


R E S I D E N T Goodluck Jonathan declared, yesterday, that he is presently preoccupied with serious governance and warned politicians not to distract him with politics of 2015, saying the next general elections in year 2015 was still three years away. The president, who spoke, yesterday, in Lagos through his Senior Special Adviser on Research, Documentation and Strategy, Mr. Oronto Douglas, at a media presentation of a book entitled Sure and Steady Transformation, said his main focus was to keep his promises to Nigerians which are already being witnessed across the country with the improvement in the power sector.

The 155-page book documents the numerous achievements of President Jonathan’s administration in first one year in office. The President said the warning had become necessary given the preponderance of reports and comments on the 2015 election in national newspapers and other media channels. He said in politics, 24 hours is a long time, and wondered why politicians are already talking about 2015 that is three whole years away. He said: “There seems to be too much politics in Nigeria than governance. In other democracies, politics stops at the end of an election, and governance starts. But in Nigeria, it is the opposite.”

SERAP petitions Gambia's AGF over Nigerians on death row BY ABDULWAHAB ABDULAH AMBIAN AttorneyGeneral and Minister of Justice, Mr. Lamin Jobarteh, has been urged to prevail on his country from going ahead with its planned execution of two Nigerians, Micheal Ifunanya and Stanley Agbaeze, condemned to death in Gambia. Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project, SERAP, in a letter by its counsel, Mr. Femi Falana, on behalf of the condemned men, had instituted an action before The ECOWAS Court, asking for a stay of action pending the final determination of the suit filed on September 11, 2012. SERAP, in a letter to the Gambian AGF, is asking him to stay action pursuant


to Article 22 (2) of the Protocol A/P.1/7/91 on the Community Court of Justice, which provides that: “When a dispute is brought before the Court, Member States or Institutions of the Community shall refrain from any action likely to aggravate or militate against its settlement.” Falana said: “We acknowledge the recent statement by your government that it has decided to suspend further executions of death row prisoners after the unlawful execution of nine prisoners that attracted widespread condemnation. “However, we are concerned that in the same statement, your government has left opened the possibility of further executions when it said that the suspension was ‘temporary’.”

Tonwe, said: “Whoever made that statement to the press is most satanic. “While I cannot speak for youths of Urhobo extraction, to the Itsekiri the idea of protesting for now is not in our agenda, when we are now on a very strong and robust constitutional, moral and legislative pedestal on this issue of unfair alienation of formally armed Itsekiri youths from PAP. “When we were unjustly alienated from PAP, we opted for the civilised method of protest firstly,

by protesting to the Presidential Amnesty Office. “When that office opted to remain obdurate and we could not get any reply from it; we again sent a petition to Mr. President protesting the noninclusion of Itsekiri youths, who openly disarmed within the stipulated time frame. “After waiting for months and no reply from the Presidency, we formally protested to the House of Representatives through our representative.”

Arepo: Fuel scarcity hits Lagos, Oyo, Kwara NNPC seeks security assurance before repairs BY CLARA NWACHUKWU, ABDULWAHAB ABDULAH & DEMOLA AKINYEMI EVERAL states in the South-West, including Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Ondo and Kwara, will suffer petroleum products shortages, pending when the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, is able to repair the Arepo distribution pipeline, which erupted in flames following the vandalisation. The pipeline repairs might take a little while, as NNPC told Vanguard that it cannot afford to send more men to the site of the damaged pipeline, since the first batch of engineers were abducted and killed, while trying to repair the pipelines last week. Fuel scarcity crept into Lagos, weekend, and by yesterday, many of the filling stations were locked, while the few that had fuel had long lines of queues. The General Manager, Media, NNPC, Dr. Farouk Ibrahim, while insisting on the corporation’s claim of 33 days sufficiency, told Vanguard in a telephone chat, yesterday, that the current scarcity is not as a result of products shortages but due to distribution challenges on account of the pipeline vandalism. He said: “What is happening now is not fuel shortages but disruption of the distribution channels. With the damage of the Arepo pipeline it has become very difficult to evacuate petroleum products in Lagos and other neighbouring states.” He also noted that the damaged pipeline carries between 9 and 11 million litres of fuel daily, adding that efforts to evacuate products by trucking has


not proved as effective and efficient as the pipelines, as “most of the private depots have not developed enough infrastructure for trucking.” Confirming the distribution hiccups, a top management of the Department of Petroleum Resources, DPR, the regulator of the industry also confirmed on telephone that with the damage of the Arepo pipeline, petroleum products cannot be pumped from the Atlas Cove Jetty to the following depots in Ejigbo (Lagos), Mosimi (Ogun), Ore (Ondo), Ibadan (Oyo), and Ilorin (Kwara). The source said: “With his kind of challenge, definitely supply will be slowed down, and we cannot say how long this will last until NNPC repairs the pipeline.” Meanwhile, NNPC said it will issue a statement on the development, adding that it will send men to the damaged pipelines only when the security operatives have assured the management of the safety of its workers. In Lagos, fuel attendants in few filling stations selling fuel in Alimosho area of the state have increased fuel price from the official N97 to N100 and above. Our correspondent was made to pay N115 at a filling station in Aboru, IyanaIpaja, a suburb of Lagos. His refusal to pay the unofficial price drew the anger of other motorists, who had been in the queue for hours. Attendants at the other stations that were not selling fuel told motorists that there was “no fuel, because we couldn’t get supply since last week.” Though, some of them opened shop for diesel and kerosene, they maintained

there was no supply of petrol. In Ilorin, motorists went through hard times before they could buy fuel to engage in their daily activities. Commuters were stranded as the busy streets in Ilorin were deserted by commercial buses, taxis, okadas and keke (tricycles). Vanguard checks revealed that this development was prompted by the scarcity of petroleum products in the state capital and its environs. Reports from other major towns from Offa, Omu-Aran, Erin-Ile, Share, Bode-Saadu were all the same. It was gathered that the fuel was selling at some filling stations in the boarder

towns at between N120 and N130 per litre. Some of the residents, who spoke with our correspondent in Ilorin, yesterday, appealed to the Federal Government to urgently intervene and address the scarcity. In his reaction, National Publicity Secretary of Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, Alh Lai Mohammed, blamed the Federal Government for the development, stressing that it has bluntly refused to take the bull by the horn by ridding the sector of corruption. Mohammed particularly described the ongoing trial of the subsidy suspects as mockery, as all the suspects were walking freely on the streets.

Osoba congratulates Adenuga ORMER governor of Ogun State, Aremo Segun Osoba, has congratulated Chairman of the Globacom, Dr. Mike Adenuga, on his conferment with the award of the Grand Commander of the Order of the Niger, GCON. Osoba said in a letter: “I am particularly glad that it


is coming to you not only because of your entrepreneurship, but also because of your innovative thinking and assiduous nature. “You are a cultural ambassador and youth and sports developer. You are a shining star for us in Ogun State, Nigeria and indeed the African continent.”

Oluwole Adeosun dies at 74 prominent Egba son and incumbent Chairman of National Pensions Commission, Chief Oluwole Adeosun, is dead. According to Adewole Adeosun, the first son of the deceased, Chief Adeosun, who was the Managing Director of First Bank of Nigeria Plc from 1987 to 1990, died on Thursday, September 13, in New Delhi, India, where he had gone for a medical check up. He was born in 1938 to Chief and Mrs. Joseph Makinde Adeosun. Wole, as he was fondly called by


his parents, attended Abeokuta Grammar School, Abeokuta from 1954 to 1958. He worked briefly as an Agric Officer with the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources Ibadan, before proceeding to University of Bradford in the United Kingdom, where he bagged a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics. Chief Adeosun was the Osi of Egbaland, and the Alagba, Ojoo, Gbagura, Abeokuta. He is survived by his widow, children and grandchildren.










Vanguard, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2012 — 59

HEN I read and listen to the moanings of my colleagues who travelled to Liberia with the Super Eagles, I thank God for diverting me as it were to Niamey as part of the delegation for the Africa U-17 Qualifier against Niger. In Niamey I was virtually on holiday. After an initial interaction with the team at the Abuja airport where I told them to avoid the distractions of comfort and look instead at a bigger picture, I was proved right when we got to Niamey to find ourselves in a run down hotel. My room for instance had a wooden ward robe that could take only three dresses, yet there was only one hangar available, so my bag was on the floor throughout. My air conditioner did not work, nothing like a fridge, while CNN was the only English channel we managed to get out of the miserable lot. Others had worse rooms. What delighted me was that I travelled to Niamey with the NFF Director of Technical department, Dr Emmanuel Ikpeme and Alhaji Mamza, the Finance Director and this lend credence to the seriousness of this assignment only for me to arrive Niamey and meet Dr Mohammed Sanusi, Head of Competitions ( He had come in by road from Sokoto ). The powerful delegation was completed by the head of delegation, the amiable and soft spoken Alhaji Muazu, board member and chairman of the referees committee. ( Remind me to tell you a story concerning Alhaji Suleiman Muazu and the NPL ) Unlike in the past when these boys would have been abandoned to their fate, here they were, having for company board and top management staff of the NFF Yes back to the terrible hotel, the horrible food ( here I am talking about a team that is camped in that part of the country where culinary expertise is the norm) the intimidating weather and the mosquitoes.( before getting to my room the spray can was always empty leaving me at the mercy of the merciless mosquitoes ) I was reminded that when the Super Eagles went there for a friendly, they were put in a four star hotel yet the Eaglets came for a qualifier and had no choice as to accomodation espite the odds, we filed out, routed the hosts and came back victorious. And the bonus given to the whole team was less than that of ONE Super Eagles Player. The rest is history. Before coming back I did tell some of my colleagues that not since the China Eaglets of Nduka Ugbade have I seen such an entertaining and hope raising bunch . Yes Nduka Ugbade. It was during the team’s warm up session a day to the match that I had my first glimpse of the U-17 team.


Back to the Golden Eaglets fairy tale B



Before coming back I did tell some of my colleagues that not since the China Eaglets of Nduka Ugbade have I seen such an entertaining and hope raising bunch.


I happen to be on the mailing list of Morankiyo Abodunrin the team’s media officer and I remember telling him that I was not impressed by the scandalous results they were reaping in Calabar and that it was only after the victory over Rwanda that I started paying attention to them. During training, I was impressed. When you see coaches leading by example, then expect success. Garba Manu, Emmanuel Amuneke, Nduka Ugbade and Emeka Amadi are by far the best assemblage of coaches presently. hey are role models. They bond together and instill discipline. Not one day, did I see any of the players loitering around the hotel despite the discomfort of their rooms. It was on Brila Radio that I said I was tempted to reel out the names of the players to their listeners but that it may not come to much since they cannot be traced to any league club as was hitherto the case. Adeyinka Adewale ( Kwara Academy ) goalkeeper of the team that won the Shell Cup and stopped three penalties in the final against Delta. Musa Mohammed (Sardauna Academy, Kano )Captain of the side, commands authority among his colleagues on and off the pitch. Izu Omego ( Standard Academy, Abuja ) Left full


Lagos in shock over Enyika’s death STORIES BY JACOB AJOM EAM Lagos prepara tions for the fast-approaching National Sports Festival, Eko 2012 suffered a setback last week when the head coach of the boxing team, Victor Enyika died. Indeed, the boxing community in Lagos is still shocked over the development. Secretary of the Lagos State Amateur Boxing Association, Adejunwo Adesoye said Enyika who died after a brief illness had been a key figure in the quiet revolution the sport was experiencing in the state. “He lived, boxed in Lagos and represented the state and country honourably. Victor was a gem in his chosen career and we will remember him al-


ways as a patriot and good man,” Adesoye said in a chat with Sports Vanguard. He eulogized Enyika as “a well known champion in the state and our chief coach, we will miss him.” On his part, acting chief coach of the boxing team, Wasiu Bisiriyu said, “Enyika was a very nice person and a champion of repute who captained the national boxing team in 1985 and ’87. As a coach, he also distinguished himself. He designed the programme we are executing now ahead of the Sports festival. We will surely miss him.The remains of the late former head coach had already been taken to Umuahia by the family. He will be laid to rest in his home town, Ariam in Ikwuano Local Gov-

back, rock of Gibraltar. Akinjide Idowu ( Nigeria Soccer Academy, Calabar ) very mobile and intelligent midfielder whose vision is exemplary. Wilfred Ndidi ( Nath FC, Lagos ) Central Defender. Deputy captain who had to stand in on match day no thanks to the reading of the FIFA Fair Play declaration. You have to kill him to get to Adewale and he does not die. Emmanuel Asadu ( Amuneke Academy ) With Idowu, a midfield partnership that is fluid and cohesive. ernard Bulbwa ( Amuneke Academy ) winger, whose control of the ball is inborn. Alhassan Ibrahim (Sardauna Academy ) A revelation. Packs shots in both legs, good dribbling skills. Success Issac ( Messab Academy Benin ) can contest for Man Of the Match award. Natural footballer this one. Does not struggle to exhibit talent. Kelechi Iheanacho ( NFF U-13,U-15) A product of the NFF Academies. Belonged to a team that was considered too good to be disbanded. Ifeanyi Mathew (Sardauna Academy, Kano ) utility player, nightmare to defenders, intelligent and focused.

Subs used. Musa Yahaya ( Mutinci Academy, Kaduna ) Heavens, if Musa should start on the bench then talent abound here. Gifted. Umar Ahmed (G-Lec Academy, Jos ) was a natural replacement for Bernard. Flowed easily with the rest. Chidera Eze (NFF) Another NFF Academy graduate whose potentials are limitless.

Subs not used. Ezekiel Emmanuel(Sachim Academy, Jos) Zaharadeen Bello (Dabo Babies Academy, Kano ) He was adjudged the best defender of the Airtel Rising Stars academy. Adamu Abubakar (GK, Airtel Rising Stars) Oluwaseun Jegede ( Airtel –Aspire Academy ) That completes the roll call of the glory boys waiting to bloom, boys whose crude phones reflect their innocence, who when asked by the air hostess “ Tea or Coffee?” Replied “ Yes”. Boys whose greatest asset is perhaps their near perfect understanding of each other. A TEAM this one. It will be very unrealistic to say here that they will win the African Championship and qualify for the world cup without kicking a ball. No. what I am saying here is that if these boys are kept together, tracked and provided the best of training, they will go places to the glory of our football. See you next week.

Crisis rocks Supporters Club HERE was a near pandemonium at the Mabo Street secretariat of the Nigeria Football Supporters Club last Saturday as the scheduled election of a new national executive was stalled by a court injunction. Sports Vanguard gathered that while the majority of the members were clamouring for change, a faction purportedly led by incumbent chairman, Isa Bashorun was bent on seeing that the status quo was maintained. We further gathered from delegates that the court order that stopped the election was sought for, and obtained by the chairman’s faction after noticing the overwhelming support for a rival candidate. In a three point com-


A TRUE VICTOR ••• Victories like this were common in his boxing days. ernment Area of Abia sponsible for the transporState at a later date to be tation of the body to decided by the family. Umuahia, the family will The Lagos State Ama- be briefing the council teur Boxing Association hierarchy this morning scribe said although the on the final burial arSports Council was re- rangements.

muniqué issued at the end of a meeting of the state chapter forum in the aftermath of the abortive elections, the forum resolved that the electoral body headed by Elder Bankole must hold a fresh election within two weeks (25 – 29 September, 2012) The document, signed by top executive members of no fewer than 35 states also resolved that those behind the court injunction “should be duly suspended” until the Police and the court conclude the matter. The vice chairman, Vincent Okumagba who is contesting for the chairmanship of the club expressed disappointment at the turn of events, insisting that he will continue in his quest to give the club a new direction.

60 — Vanguard, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2012

Vanguard CLASSIFIED IPHUENUATERE—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Iphuenuatere Glory, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Ehiremen Raymond Glory. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

IWE JAHWIN— I, Formerly know, called and address as Iwe Jahwin Levi, now wish to be known and addressed as James Russell Levi. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

EZEMA—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Ezema Lynda Uchenna, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Ezea Lynda Uchenna. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

ABUKE —I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Abuke Hellen Nwanneka, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Afakwu Hellen Nwanneka. All former documents remain valid. Delta State Polytechnic, Ogwashi-Uku and general public please take note.

OKWEGWALI— I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Okwegwali Felicia, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Asikogu Felicia. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

AGBEREN—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Agberen Oritsegbubemi Jane, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Arubi Oritsegbubemi Jane. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

ANIEZE—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Anieze Glory Ndidi, now wish to be known and addressed as Miss. Ahuchaogu Glory Ndidi. All former documents remain valid. DELSU, Abraka; National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) and general public please take note.

EZEOKA—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Chizulum Hope Ezeoka, now wish to be known and addressed as Dr (Mrs.) Chizulum Hope Ebuka-Mbonu. All former documents remain valid. UNN, VCN and general public please take note.

CHUKWUEMEKA— I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Chukwuemeka Chibuzor Miracle, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Eboye Chibuzor Miracle. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

EMEZA—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Emeza Endurance Arerobe, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Obanor Endurance Arerobe. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

MADUAGWU—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Onyekachi Juliet Maduagwu, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Onyekachi Juliet Mbagwu. All former documents remain valid. The Nigerian Navy and general public please take note.

MATTHEW—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Victoria Augustine Matthew, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Victoria Etebom Akpan. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

OWUEKA—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Owueka Oyiye Faith, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Atsebinoma Oyiye Faith. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

AGBAROJI—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Agbaroji Jennifer Ebere, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Wilson Jennifer Ebere. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

OAHIMIRE—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Oahimire Jennifer Maria, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Okodugha Jennifer Maria. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

ECHEBIMA—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Chioma Gloria Echebima, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Chioma Gloria Ukaegbu. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

OFOGBA—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Edna Ubukowho Najite Ofogba, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Edna Ubukowho Najite Eziashi. All former documents remain valid. UBA Plc and general public please take note.

OKOSI—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Esther Ebisuobodor Okosi, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Esther Ebisuobodor Sunday-Etim. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

EZENYEM—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Ezenyem Ngozi Hope, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Mordi Ngozi Hope. All former documents remain valid. University of Calabar and general public please take note.

UGWUADU—I, formerly known and addressed as Ugwuadu Kasarachi Faith, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Onyeanu Kasarachi Faith. All former documents remain valid. NYSC and general public please take note.

BADMUS—I, formerly known and addressed as Tunde Akanbi Badmus, now wish to be known and addressed as Tunde Akanbi Ayodeji. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

AYODEJI—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Oyeyemi Gbenisola Ayodeji, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Oyeyemi Moses. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

OKOLIE—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Okolie Ebele Blessing, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Kidochukwu Ebele Blessing. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

ADEBUKOLA—I, formerly known and addressed as Miss Adebukola Adebisi Martins, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Adebukola Adebisi Omoruyi. All former documents remain valid. General public please take note.

Uduaghan Continues from BP will help the country. His state, arguably, is the number one in sports development in the country. And if all states could show interest in sports the way Delta does Nigeria will be better for it. Uduaghan thinks that even Delta could do more. “This is not about Delta. It is about Nigeria. We all have a duty to develop this country and sports is one vital area that has not been properly addressed. I want experts, respected sports administrators and people knowledgeable in sports to gather together, brainstorm and be loud on where we are getting it wrong and what should be done and the way to do it,” Udughan said last week. “We want people to recall the past, analyze

the present and and proffer solution that will help shape our future. We cannot continue to be complaining without doing something about it. I believe there should be a way out because we have talents in this country. But we are not developing the talents. Why are we not doing so? These are the things the summit will attempt to answer. I believe there’s a way. Let’s find that way,” Uduaghan said. Executive Chairman of Delta State Sports Commission, Amaju Pinnick noted that what will make the Abuja summit unique is that Governor Uduaghan has promised to take the report of the summit to the Presidency for possible implementation and assured that President Goodluck Jonathan would be happy that something drastic is done to sports in Nigeria.

Keshi Continues from BP gles failed to qualify for the biennial tournament, said that there was no reason for him to be apprehensive of what lies ahead against the Liberians. Speaking last week in Lagos, when he presented computers to the primary school that he attended, Keshi said that he was not losing any sleep over the Liberian match, insisting that his target of picking the Nations Cup ticket was going to be realised. “I am keeping my cool over the match. We are going to qualify for the tournament. I am working hard to ensure that we get the ticket and I remain confident. My boys would deliver and I am not losing sleep

over the game”, said Keshi, who has been mandated by President Goodluck Jonathan to qualify the Super Eagles for the Nations Cup to be hosted by South Africa. On the computers that he alongside Paul Okoku donated to the school, Keshi said that he did it to identify with the school that he started from. “This is about me identifying with my roots. This is where it all started for me and I’m happy to be doing this for these young pupils and hope that the kids would benefit from it. I am not doing this for anyone to emulate me. I am doing this because I was once here and had to come and identify with them”, said Keshi.


ADVERT HOTLINE 01- 8737025

Continues from BP ment go on, while we wait for funds for their proper renovation and management’’. It will be recalled that the Honourable Minister issued a query to the Director of

Facilities, Magaji, over the sorry state of the Abuja Stadium recently, and shortly after the query, routine works began at the stadium, and a few days later, it is wearing a new look.








National stadium, Abuja, gets ‘’hair cut’’ Before HE Abuja National


Uduaghan moves for Nigerian sports •Hosts sports summit in Abuja HAT follows after Nigeria’s failure at the 2012 London Olympics? What shall be done to stop the plunge Nigeria’s sports has taken in recent years? Delta State governor Emmanuel Uduaghan will attempt an answer to these when he hosts a national sports summit in Abuja October 30. Crack resource persons at home and abroad have been contacted to deliver papers during the summit that will hold at Transcorp Hilton, Abuja. The idea to hold a


Osaze apologises — P63

•Gov Uduaghan sports summit was that of Dr. Uduaghan and it struck him to do so when Nigerian athletes were crashing at the Olympics. The governor was pained by Nigeria’s failure and he felt that he could play a role that


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Stadium is now wearing a new look, thanks to the Minister of Sports and Chairman of the National Sports Commission (NSC) Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi who issued a directive to the Director of Facilities at the NSC Abubakar Magaji that the stadium’s glory must be restored. When our correspondent visited the stadium over the weekend, we saw that the grasses and weeds had been cut. Repair works at the stadium started on Friday, September 14th and the following day, a major part of the renovation had been carried out. ‘’The Minister, Mallam Abdullahi is not only interested in the renovation and repair of National Stadium Abuja, but he is interested in ensuring that the routine work in all the facilities owned by the govern


RESULTS EPL Reading 1 Tottenham 3

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Liberia can't stop us — Keshi BY JOHN EGBOKHAN UPER Eagles coach, Stephen Keshi is maintaining a cool head ahead of next month’s make-or-mar 2013 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against the Lone Star of Liberia at the U.J

S •Keshi



Esuene Stadium in Calabar. When both teams met in the first leg on September 8, scores were tied 2-2 and as the date of the reverse fixture looms large, Keshi, who has offered to quit if Ea Continues on page 60


Presidential Windfall! Falconets Each player N1m .Coaches N1.2 million each

Paralympians Each gold medallist N5m and MON Each silver medallist N3m Each bronze medallist N2m Each coach got N2.5 million And those who did not win but participated got N500,000 each

ANSWERS ACROSS 3 Sharp (5) 9 Begin (6) 10 Silver (6) 11 Curt (5) 12 Speck (4) 15 Ballot (4) 17 Arm-bone (7) 20 Rug (3) 21 Swell (5) 23 Tie (4) 25 Exploit (4) 26 Raise (5) 28 Drink (3) 30 Calm (7) 33 Handle (4) 35 Sharpen (4) 36 Branch (5) 38 Example (6) 39 Lent (6) 40 Generate (5)

Norwich 0 West Ham 0 Man Utd 4 Wigan 0 QPR 0 Chelsea 0 Stoke 1 Man City 1 Arsenal 6 Southampton 1 Fulma 3 West Brom 0 Sunderland 1 Liverpool 1 Astton Villa 2 Swansea 0 Serie A Chievo 1 Lazio 3 Roma 2 Bologna 3 Fiorentina 2 Catania 0 Genoa 1 Juventus 3 Napoli 3 Parma 1 Pescara 2 Sampdoria 3 Siena 2 Udinese 1 Palermo 1 Cagliari 1 AC Milan 0 Atalanta 1

DOWN 1 Meat (5) 2 Plump (5) 3 Deed (3) 4 Angel (6) 5 Job (4) 6 Before (3) 7 Broom (5) 8 Pole (5) 13 Steal (7) 14 Instruct (5) 16 Satire (7) 18 Cut (5) 19 Bag (3) 22 Flashlight (5) 24 Epoch (3) 27 Intertwine (6) 28 Cranium (5) 29 Balance (5) 31 Youthful (5) 32 Requirements (5) 34 Nil (4) 36 Pendulum (3) 37 Heated (3)

FRIDAY'S SOLUTIONS ACROSS: 1, Period 5, Stable 9, Prior 10, Tongue 11, Lulled 12, Salve 14, Amid 17, Due 18, Safe 20, Nadir 22, Ended 23, Vestige 24, Brood 26, Galop 29, Rift 30, Fun 22, Kine 33, Polar 35, Guitar 36, Tidied 37, Naval 38, Energy 39, League.

How to Play Sudoku


DOWN: 1, Pitman 2, Rancid 3, Opus 4, Dread 5, Solve 6, True 7, Ballad 8, Eddied 13, Lustful 15, Maori 16, Divot 18, Sneak 19, Felon 21, Red 22, Egg 24, Brogue 25, Office 27, Liking 28, Peddle 30, Foray 31, Natal 33, Pang 34, Rile.


Place a number (1-9) in each blank cell. (No line can have two of the same number). Each row (nine lines from left to right), column, (also nine lines from top to bottom) and 3 X 3 block within a bold block (nine blocks) contains number from 1 through 9. This means that no number can appear twice in any block, column or row. No mathematics is involved – no adding, subtraction, division or multiplication, just plain logic and your imagination. Printed and Published by VANGUARD MEDIA LIMITED, Vanguard Avenue, Kirikiri Canal, P.M.B.1007, Apapa. Phone: Newsroom: 018773962. Deputy Editor: 01-8944295. Advert Dept: 01-7924470; Hotline: 01-8737028; Abuja: 09-2341102, 09-2342704. E-mail:,, Website: (ISSN 0794-652X) Editor: MIDENO BAYAGBON. Phone: 01-7742861, All correspondence to P.M.B. 1007, Apapa Lagos.


Bakassi belongs toNigeria — Fresh facts reveal  

Bakassi belongs to Nigeria — Fresh facts reveal

Bakassi belongs toNigeria — Fresh facts reveal  

Bakassi belongs to Nigeria — Fresh facts reveal