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Multiple explosions rock •P.13 Maiduguri; scores feared dead

Budget 2013: State House, Abuja to spend N327m on refreshment •P.7


Tension as boundary demarcation begins


•Senate 'll not delist Bakassi from constitution •To gather opinions of Nigerians via sms A •Says territory can still be retrieved

BUJA—AN OTHER round of tension is building in the Bakassi Peninsula and Cross River State,

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Flood: Famine looms in Delta •P.8 — Uduaghan

‘They’ should do something.... who are ‘they’? (2) •P.17

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 SUBMERGED—Aerial view of Otuoke town submerged by flood in Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa State. Arrowed: Part of President Jonathan's house in Otuoke submerged .

2 — Vanguard,TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012


Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012—3


4 — Vanguard,TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012


Vanguard, TUESD AY, OCTOBER 16, 2012—5 TUESDA


Bakassi: Tension as boundary demarcation begins Continues from Page 1 following the decision by the Joint Technical Team on Bakassi Demarcation in conjunction with the National Boundary Commission, to undertake the final physical demarcation of the boundary between Nigeria and Cameroon. The demarcation is based on the International Court of Justice ruling ceding the area to Nigeria’s neighbour. This came as the Senate said it will not delist Bakassi territory from the Nigerian constitution. The unease in the border area of Nigeria is said to have heightened following the receipt of a notice by the NBC to the Cross River State Government asking it to prepare for the final physical boundary delineation between Nigeria and Cameroon based on the new reality of ceding Bakassi to Cameroon. The letter, which was sighted by Vanguard, last night, was written by the NBC on September 17, 2012 with reference No NBC.SEC.7/S.2/ Vol.XV/43 and addressed to Governor

Liyel Imoke, notifying him of the decision of the agency to carry out the assignment and asking him to support the operation. The communication was endorsed by S.M. Isa, a surveyor in the NBC, on behalf of the Director General of the Federal Government parastatal. The demarcation, which is scheduled to start on October 19, is expected to be concluded on November 11 and is being undertaken by the Joint Technical Team of the Sub-Commission on Demarcation corresponding to some sectors in Cross River State. According to NBC, the assignment involves ‘Pillar site assessment of the Thalweg of the downstream sector of Akwa Yafe River to the first Point of the Maritime boundary by the Joint Technical Team, JTT, of the sub-commission. In the main, the JTT seeks to physically trace the monuments and other landmarks that will serve as the boundary between the two states on the Nigerian




OU are to get whatever you want in life; you have to give, so that you can get whatsoever you want others to give to you. Give to them first and see how God gives back to you. In life, you give to get. Whatsoever you lack is probably what you have not given.


I have seen a land shining with goodness, where each man protects his brother’s dignity as readily as his own, where war and want have ceased and all races live under the same law of love and honour — Stephen Lawhead


OMPASSION is the bane of human existence, a virtue of compassion can mean a world of difference in making life more purposeful and meaningful. When we recognise our divinity as truly compassionate beings, we become more tolerant, forgiving, patient and loving to others with a greater honour for the sanctity of human life, only then can we truly become beings of love. Steven Lawhead, sums it aptly: “I have seen a land bright with truth, where a man’s word is his pledge and falsehood is banished. I have seen a land where mercy, kindness, and compassion flow like deep water over the land, and men revere virtue, revere truth, and revere beauty, above comfort, pleasure or selfish gain. A land where peace reigns in the hill, and love like a fire from every hearth.” To live a more meaningful life, practice compassion in all that you do.

side of the border with Bakassi. It was gathered that the JTT of the sub-commission on Demarcation has already assessed the boundary. The decision to carry out the demarcation of the Nigerian side in Bakassi, is said to have been reached during the last meeting of the Nigerian-Cameroon Mixed Commission at Yaounde between August 30 and 31, this year. The meeting had noted that since the commission had assessed the boundary Pillar 'V' in the Lake Chad in Borno State to the upstream sector of River Akwa Yafe in Cross River State, on the Nigerian side of the boundary, preparatory to the actual pillar placement, it should continue with pillar site identification in the downstream sector of Akwa Yafe River.

Team to be based in Calabar The tripartite team of experts for the demarcation, which is drawn from Nigeria, Cameroon and the United Nations, is to be based in Calabar, the Cross River State capital throughout the duration of the demarcation. However, it was gathered that the team was worried that the exercise might not be carried out successfully without some violence from the aggrieved natives of Bakassi, who feel betrayed by the Federal Government’s refusal to seek a review of the Bakassi judgment. In a bid to checkmate any attack, the NBC has pleaded with Governor Imoke to provide the team with necessary logistics and security support to carry out the task. Among other things, the NBC wants the governor to direct his local government commissioner and traditional institutions to mobilise and sensitise the aggrieved Bakassi people particularly those living along the areas to be demarcated to give maximum support and cooperation to the visiting team. The commission also

pleaded with the governor to assign his health commissioner to send a medical doctor to go with the team throughout the duration of the assignment. In addition, the commission has requested for adequate riot and marine police, State Security Service, SSS, Customs and Immigrations personnel to accompany them throughout the period of the demarcation to prevent any attack. Governor Imoke was also requested to ask the Surveyor General of his state to represent the state on the team and to give all necessary assistance towards the accomplishment of the task. “Your Excellency, I wish to, on behalf of the sub-committee on the Demarcation, express our profound gratitude to your administration for the support and numerous assistance accorded us that have been facilitating the successful outcome of our activities in Cross River State and the nation in general,” the NBC concluded in its letter to the governor. But natives of Bakassi and top political leaders in the state are unhappy over the latest move to demarcate the disputed area on the grounds that it would mark the final takeover of Bakassi. The natives were angry and disappointed that the boundary demarcation would finally give them out to a country they do not want to belong. There were indications last night that some of the aggrieved persons were considering a court order to stop the Mixed Commission from carrying out the final demarcation of their border with Cameroun until all wrongs and adversities visited on them were addressed and resolved. But they were also cautious about the guidelines of the Mixed Commission which stipulates that ‘the JTT regularly alternates their field operations headquarters between the two countries’. “That if conditions in one country are not conducive for the JTT to function, it is at liberty to relocate across their common frontier to the other country to operate from there for the pur-

pose of completing the demarcation”. Those who were set for trouble are reported to have been disarmed by the guidelines. It was reliably gathered that the natives might resort to a court order to stop the work of the JTT. The Bakassi natives are angry that the Federal Government opted not to appeal the ruling of the ICJ, which ceded the area to Cameroon. The Attorney General of the Federation, Mr. Mohammed Adoke, had said that Nigeria did not have any fresh fact to warrant the appeal and that it would be diplomatically damaging to do so. By midnight of October 10, Bakassi became a territory of Cameroon.

Senate 'll not delist Bakassi Meanwhile, despite the handover of the disputed Bakassi peninsula to Cameroon, the senate will not amend the constitution to delist the territory from the Nigerian constitution, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, the deputy president of the senate has said. Expressing hope that the territory could be retrieved from Cameroon, Senator Ekweremadu in an interview said the senate would sample the opinion of Nigerians on issues pertaining to constitution review through millions of free text messages to be sent out to phone users. Ekweremadu who is chairman of the Senate Committee on Constitution Review when asked on the possibility of the Senate amending the constitution to reflect the new boundary between Nigeria and Cameroon said: “The Bakassi thing, is if you like what you say in journalism, is a developing story. So, I

don’t think it is concluded. We have had just one aspect of it which is the ICJ judgment which we were unable to review because of time frame and of course as the Attorney-General of the Federation said we did not have new issues to canvass. “But there are still other options available to Nigeria including but not limited to the issue of plebiscite or referendum if you like, for those people to determine where they would want to stay. And of course, you are also aware of the human rights violations that are happening in the peninsula right now which Nigeria is entitled to petition and get Cameroon to answer for those human rights violations. So, these are some of the things that are still outstanding. It is also likely that one day that peninsula will still become part of Nigeria. So to excise it at this time will be hasty and I am aware that the money due to that local government is sent to Cross River joint account every month.” Ekweremadu said the senate would involve millions of Nigerians on the issues before it for amendment in the constitution through millions of free text messages to be sent out to mobile phone users. The responses to the text messages, he said would be free. “We are hopeful that every other Nigerian will be engaged through the electronic media, through the communication system SMS most likely so that every Nigerian will get a message on the issues in form of questionnaire and it is going to be a two-way traffic, we would have paid for that SMS so that you are not losing any money by answering those questions. “So, we want to get every Nigerian, both those within and outside Nigeria to be involved".

6—Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012



BUJA — FOLLOWING Police investigation into the killing of four students of the University of Port Harcourt at Aluu recently, the traditional ruler of the community where the gruesome murders were carried out, Alhaji Hassan Welewa, has been arrested alongside 20 other suspects. This came on a day Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas, NUPENG, called for the arrest and prosecution of the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in charge of Aluu where the killings took place. Giving an update on the investigation, Force spokesman, CSP Frank Mba, noted that some of the suspects arrested were those identified in the video footage of the murder, adding that those directly responsible for the murder included Felemo Solomon, Cynthia Chinwo, Oziomo Abajuwo and Chigozie Samuel Evans, while one Segun Lawal, aged 28, is on the run.

How the students were killed, by Police A statement from the Office of the Inspector General of Police presented by the Force spokesman read: “On October 5, 2012 at about 0700 hrs, based on a distress call that some armed robbers were arrested at Omukiri-Aluu area in Ikwerre LGA, a patrol team of four policemen from Isiokpo Divisional Police Headquarters was dispatched to the area, a distance of about 10 kilometres. “The police on getting to the scene, met a mob attack on four victims who were supposedly the suspected armed robbers. Attempt made by the police patrol team to take over the suspects was met with stiff opposition from the mob who chased the team with stones. “Consequently, the patrol team called for reinforcement, but unfortunately, upon the arrival of the reinforcement, the alleged armed robbery suspects had been stoned and burnt to death, while the mob immediately took to their heels. “The corpses were recovered by the police who by then had been joined by members of the Joint Task Force (JTF). “‘The victims were later identified to be students of the University of Port Harcourt. They are namely: Ugunna Obuzor, aged 18, a 200 level Geology student; Lloyd Toku, 19, a

200 Level Civil Engineering student; Tekena Elkanah, 20, a Diploma Technical student and Chiadaka Odinga, 20, a 200 level Theatre Arts student. “The police immediately launched an investigation leading to the arrest (based on information) of Alhaji Hassan Welewa, the traditional ruler of Omukiri Community, Aluu, where the heinous incident took place and 18 others, some of who are members of the vigilante group of the community. “Intelligence report implicated Alhaji Hassan Welewa as being the person who incited the mob to unleash terror on the victims. Further investigation conducted by the police indicates that four suspects, namely: Felemo Solomon; Cynthia Chinwo; Ozioma Abajuo and Chigozie Samuel Evans, have been closely linked to this barbarous act. “Findings have revealed that the victims had gone to the area where they met their unfortunate death earlier that morning to demand for money allegedly owed them by Coxson Lelebori Lucky, alias ‘Bright’, who raised a false alarm that the victims were armed robbers. Although Coxson has gone underground, detectives are on his trail. “Investigation is ongoing with efforts being intensified to track down others who are involved in the incident. Those who are found culpable shall be prosecuted."

Massive deployment of Policemen Meanwhile, the police said “massive deployment of Policemen has been made to the area, including detectives to assist the State Police Command. “Normalcy has been restored in the area, while the situation, especially in the university and other tertiary institutions, is being closely monitored with a view to forestalling any untoward reactions.” Emphasizing that efforts were being intensified to establish the motive(s) behind the crime, arrest all who might be directly or indirectly connected with the crime and eventually bring all indicted persons to book, the police statement appealed to Nigerians to see it as their civic obligation in the fight against crime and criminality, to assist security agencies in the discharge of their responsibility. It said: “Security is everybody’s responsibility and so, should not be abandoned in the hands of security agencies alone. The maximum cooperation of the public is needed to

Protesters hold a sit-in as others occupy the Nigerian embassy in Berlin. The protesters action was meant to bring attention to the Nigerian government's collaboration in the deportation of refugees. PHOTO: AFP.

ALUU KILLINGS: Omukiri monarch, 20 other suspects arrested How the students were killed, by Police On trail of Coxson Lelebori Lucky NUPENG demands DCP, DPO's trial ensure that Nigeria is safe for all. “Nigerians are further reminded to avoid taking laws into their hands, as two wrongs can never make a right. More so, it is criminal and against the laws of the land and those that do so will surely be made to face the full wrath of the law.” It also appealed to citizens who might have information on this and other ongoing police investigations not to turn in such information to the police, assuring Nigerians that the Force will do everything legitimate within its capacity, to ensure that perpetrators of the dastardly acts at Aluu, Rivers State, were identified and made to face the law.

NUPENG demands DCP, DPO's trial Meanwhile, Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas, NUPENG, yesterday, called for the arrest and prosecution of the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in charge of Aluu where the killings took place. President of NUPENG, Comrade Achese Igwe, noted in a statement that the murder of the unfortunate UNIPORT four was carried out with so much impunity that the police authorities charged with policing the community where it happened could not go unquestioned. He said: “You can see the video footages. It was a broad daylight murder. It was not in the night that the DPO would claim there was difficulty in rising to the

occasion. “The police should take responsibility and say there was a failure in policing at that moment. We are demanding that the DPO in charge be arrested and prosecuted.” Achese, who called for a formal public apology from the police over its failure to avert the jungle justice resulting in the murder of the four, also called for trial of the Deputy Commissioner of Police (CID) Rivers State, Sam Okaulu, for saying the police were prompt in responding to the killings. He noted: “I listened to the media where the

Deputy Commissioner (CID) was saying that the police were prompt in response. That is false information at that level in policing. He too should be prosecuted.”

Rivers ACN calls for UNIPORT VC's sack Also reacting to the development, Rivers State chapter of Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, called for the sack of Prof. Joseph Ajienka, Vice Chancellor of UNIPORT, for displacing the institution’s Acting Head of Department (HOD), Philosophy, Dr. Andrew Efemini, for his

involvement in a students’ protest following the killings in Aluu. The party in a statement by its Publicity Secretary, Mr. Jerry Needam, described the action of the VC as “irrational, unlawful, condemnable and provocative.” UNIPORT’s Public Relations Officer (PRO), Dr. William Wodi, who confirmed the HOD’s removal, however, described the ACN’s statement as baseless, claiming that the action followed due process in a decision reached at an emergency session of the university’s Senate.

Capital Oil boss, Ifeanyi Uba, to remain in custody As court rejects bail application BY ABDULWAHAB ABDULAH


AGOS — EFFORTS by the detained Managing Director of the Capital Oil and Gas Limited, Ifeanyi Uba, and four of his company ’s executives to secure their bail, yesterday, suffered a setback as a Federal High Court, Lagos, refused their ex-parte application. Uba and his officials had approached the court through an ex-parte application, praying it to grant them bail from police detention. In his ruling, Justice Okon Abang, refused their ex-parte application while directing them to put the

respondents on notice through a motion on notice. The matter is expected to be heard today. Those who joined Ubah to ask for bail are Nsikan Usoro (Head of Trading), Godfrey Okorie (Depot Manager), Chibuzor Ogbuokiri (General Manager, Operations) and Orji Joseph Anayo (Executive Director, Operations). Joined as respondents in the case are the Inspector General of Police, IGP, Commissioner of Police, SFU and Francis Idu Alonyenu, a Chief Superintendent of Police. Their counsel, Joseph Nwobike, SAN had argued that the court should release

them pending the determination of a substantive suit challenging their continued detention. They urged the court to grant them an order directing the respondents to admit the applicants to bail or release them from detention pending the determination of the substantive suit. They also prayed for an order of interim injunction restraining the respondents and their agents from further arresting and detaining the applicants in relation to the same fuel subsidy issue pending the determination of the substantive suit.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012—7

Mo Ibrahim index rates Nigeria low in governance, gender issue BY MICHAEL EBOH


From left: Vice President Namadi Sambo; Secretary General of International Telecommunication Union, ITU, Dr. Hamadoun Toure and Mr. Navin Kapila, Non Executive Director, Telkom South Africa, after Sambo's presentation at the ongoing ITU World 2012, where he represented President Goodluck Jonathan.

AGOS—NIGERIA has been ranked among the bottom 10 performers in terms of governance in the African continent, according to the 2012 Ibrahim Index of African Governance, IIAG, released yesterday, by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation. According to the report, despite improvements in governance in many countries, Nigeria along with other African regional powerhouses — Egypt, Kenya, and South Africa — have shown unfavourable

Budget 2013: State House hqtrs to spend N327m on refreshment Sambo to purchase foodstuff with N112.5m BY HENRY UMORU


BUJA — STATE House Headquarters will in 2013 spend N327,154,931 on refreshment and meals and N406, 738,969 to purchase food stuff, just as Vice President Namadi Sambo would spend N112,500,000 to purchase food for the 2013 fiscal year. According to the 2013 budget details, to fuel generators in the State House headquarters, the Presidency will spend N72,510,832 while N553, 056,411 will be for honorarium and sitting allowance. The total allocation to the Presidency stands at N35,545,673,132, with total personnel put at N11,476,593,929; total overhead is N11,569,079,204, with total recurrent put at N23,045,673,132 and total capital stands at N12,500,000,000. According to the budget breakdown, Vice President Sambo will spend N123,405,499 on refreshment and N7,020,750 to purchase cooking gas, just as State House headquarters plans to spend N14,471,035,290, with N1,510,196,776 on personnel; N7,476,942,494 as overhead, while total recurrent stands at N8,987,137,260 and total capital is N5,483,896,030. The State House headquarters also plans to spend N195,066,223 on welfare packages and N6,400,000 for cooking gas. According to the budget breakdown, the Economic and Financial Crimes


Commission, EFCC, which plans to spend N9,328,155,023 in the year 2013, will purchase a land for N2,000,000,000, while its uniforms and other clothing will gulp N24,160,048; maintenance of generators will cost N8,629,595, clearing and fumigation will cost N5,370,011; Honorarium and sitting allowance will take N17,087,106 and to fuel vehicles, the Commission plans to spend N31,976,146 while fuelling generators will cost N74,341,739. Also in the 2013 budget breakdown, the Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs Diezani Alison- Madueke, plans to spend N60,834,291,536 this year, just as water pollution prevention and control would gulp N1,200,731,099, with N22,525,507 for the fuelling of generators and N25,036,076 to maintain the generators. According to the breakdown, the Ministry of Petroleum Resources will spend N50,583,648,005 as personnel cost, N1,850,643,531 as overhead, N52,334,291,536 for recurrent and N8,500,000,000 as total capital. Also, the Minister of Niger Delta, Elder Godsday Orubebe, plans to spend N26,226,833 on refreshment and meals while security will gulp N305,000,889, just as the total allocation to the ministry for the year 2013 stands at N63,392,377,074, with N913,207,171 for personnel cost, overhead cost is N1,475,169,903; total recurrent is N2,392,377,074

and N61,000,000 as total capital estimate. The ministry also plans to spend N24,955,661 to fuel vehicles, N21,015,293 to

fuel generators and honorarium and sitting allowance will be N44,363,766.

...FERMA to patch federal roads with N10bn BY SONI DANIEL, REGIONAL EDITOR, NORTH


BUJA — THE Federal Roads Maintenance Agency, FERMA, has been given a princely sum of N10 billion in next year’s budget to fill potholes in the nation’s highways. The amount forms part of the N34.7 billion, which the agency has been allocated in the 2013 budget. The Ministry of Works under which FERMA operates, will utilise N139, 529, 704 within the year for its capital and recurrent expenditure. Of the amount, N 135,170, 900 will be used for capital projects while the balance of N4, 358, 703 will be for recurrent expenses by the ministry. This is contained in the details of the 2013 budget. Among the roads slated for rehabilitation within the year are the Umuahia-Ikot Ekpene Road in Abia and Akwa Ibom states for which N175 million has been budgeted. Others are Kaduna-Zaria Road to be rehabilitated with N 277 million and the 9th MileObule Afor Benue border Road in Enugu with N210 million. A section of the controversial BeninShagamu Road in Ondo will also benefit from the

FERMA rehabilitation programme with N187 million earmarked for the job. According to the budget estimates, all major roads across the country’s geo-political zones are slated for repairs by FERMA within the fiscal year. Similarly, the Ministry of Aviation is asking for N5.5 billion for consultancy services and construction of an airport terminal in Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa State, the home of President Goodluck Jonathan. The ministry is planning to use N32 billion for the construction and repairs of aerodromes in the country’s airports while N1.1 billion will be used for ‘ research and development’ within the year. Other ambitious projects earmarked by the ministry include the construction of a new terminal building at the Kano International Airport with N1.6 billion and the introduction of ‘new security strategy’ in the same airport with N7 billion. The ministry wants another N120 million to conduct assessment on the conversion of the Taraba State Airstrip to an Agro Airport.

governance performance since 2006. The report disclosed that over the past six years, all four countries had declined in two of the four main IIAG categories — Safety & Rule of Law and Participation & Human Rights, stating that each of these four countries deteriorated the most in the Participation sub-category, which assesses the extent to which citizens have the freedom to participate in the political process. South Africa and Kenya, the report also declared, have registered declines in Sustainable Economic Opportunity, while Nigeria has for the first time this year fallen into the bottom 10 governance performers on the continent. According to the report, over the last six years, Tanzania has climbed up the IIAG’s rankings, making it into the top 10 for the first time. Angola, Liberia and Togo have left the IIAG’s group of the 10 worst performers, replaced by Eritrea, Guinea Bissau and Nigeria. Reacting, Abdoulie Janneh, former Executive Secretary of the United Nation’s Economic Commission for Africa and Board member of the Mo

Ibrahim Foundation, said: “Given the vast natural and human resources of these four regional powers, these governance results are a concern. “Each of these countries plays a key role in the economic and political landscape of the continent. To continue to optimally play this role requires a sustained commitment to balanced and equitable governance.” The report rated West Africa lowest in gender issue, saying that the region is “underperforming in this core governance dimension in comparison to other Participation & Human Rights sub-categories.”

On gender issue

Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and Board Member of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation said: “Gender equality is a fundamental governance issue, as captured by the IIAG. It is not only a question of human rights. Africa’s women have the capacity to bring about remarkable change and therefore equity and equality between men and women is in the strategic interests of African leaders and governments.”

Court strikes out suit against Salami’s recall BY IKECHUKWU NNOCHIRI


BUJA — THE coast is getting clearer for the probable reinstatement of the embattled President of the Court of Appeal, PCA, Justice Isa Ayo Salami, as the Abuja Division of the Federal High Court, yesterday, dismissed the suit that sought to stop President Goodluck Jonathan from okaying his recall. Justice Abdul Kafarati struck-out the suit after the plaintiff, Mr Wilfred Okoli, prayed the court to discontinue further hearing on the matter. In his notice of discontinuance dated June 22, Okoli urged the court to hands-off the case, alleging that the suit was a fraud. According to him, “I neither gave consent nor authorised that the suit be instituted in the first instance. I did not brief anybody whatsoever to commence the suit on my behalf and I do not have any cause of action against any of the Defendants.”

Those listed as defendants in the suit were the National Judicial Council, NJC, Justice Salami, the Attorney General of the Federation and President Jonathan. It would be recalled that when the matter came up for hearing on July 19, the supposed plaintiff told the court that he was surprised when he heard that his name was used in filing the suit. Okoli who is a legal practitioner, maintained that though the principal of his chambers, Mr Amobi Nzelu, appeared as his counsel in the matter, he never consented to either the suit or the principal reliefs being sought against the suspended PCA. Besides, he said he received crank-calls from unknown persons, threatening to deal with him for purportedly frustrating moves to recall Justice Salami. Meanwhile, his principal, Mr Nzelu who was visibly shocked by the action of his junior, maintained that it was a calculated attempt to publicly humiliate him.

8—Vanguard , TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012


Famine looms in Delta —Uduaghan BY EMMAAMAIZE,AUSTIN



SABA—DELTA State Government, yesterday, raised alarm over possible outbreak of famine in the state after the ravaging flood.

Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan, who stated this during an interactive session with journalists in Asaba, condemned the infiltration of some of the camps by suspected hoodlums. Assuring that government would continue to improve on the management of the 18

existing camps, Uduaghan said a supplementary budget was being prepared to address the needs of the 42,271registered victims. He said that 12 of the 25 local government areas in the state were affected by the flood. Uduaghan who listed the 12

local government areas to include Oshimili South and North, Ndokwa East and West, Ughelli North and South, Isoko North and South, Patani, Bomadi, Aniocha South and Burutu, noted that farmlands of the affected communities have been overtaken by the ravaging flood. The governor said farmers in the affected communities were being compelled to harvest their farm produce prematurely, disclosing that the state government was working with the Federal Government on a long term plan to tackle the issue of the flood that had taken its toll in the state. He said the government had employed the services of the Navy to help rescue some of the victims but lamented that some of the victims were hesitant to move out of their flood ravaged homes to the camps. Lamenting that Patani as a

local government was under water, Governor Uduaghan said government was striving to meet the needs of the people in areas of feeding and health, adding that adequate security had been provided in each of the camps. Noting that President Goodluck Jonathan had been supportive, he said a committee was being put in place to manage the N500 million released by the Federal Government to assist in ameliorating the sufferings of the victims and also advised government on post-camp plan. The committee is headed by Justice Tabai (rtd). Speaking further, the governor said that skills acquisition centres had been introduced in some of the camps for the victims, adding that six football teams had been formed at the Institute of Continuous Education, ICE, Asaba, with a viewing centre to engage the victims.

Internally displaced persons, IDPs, fleeing homes in hard hit Ogba-Egbema-Ndoni Local Government Area, Rivers State.

19 women allegedly raped in Benue's IDPs' camps BY PETER DURU


AKURDI—NO fewer than 19 young girls have been reportedly raped at four of the designated resettlement camps established for flood victims in Makurdi, the Benue State capital. Vanguard investigations revealed that rape cases have become a daily occurrence in the four official camps spread across the state capital for flood victims. It was also gathered that

perpetrators of the unholy act were young men who reside in the camps with their victims and some who come from within the communities where the camps are situated. From Wurukum to Saint Catherine and Wadata camps, it was the same sad story. One of the victims, a girl of 19 who craved anonymity disclosed that she was raped two days ago at about 10pm by a young man she couldn’t identify. She said: “I just walked back into the camp after I had vis-

Flood victims relocating at Irri community in Delta State. Photo: Emma Amaize.


ited a former neighbour in town. I got into the camp that evening, while walking towards the classrooms where we sleep, somebody called my name from a dark spot. “I tried to find out who it was, but before I knew what was happening, somebody grabbed me from behind and threatened that he would stab me to death if I shouted. He grabbed me down and raped me. “I am not the only one they have done this to, there are so many other girls; there are over 19 of us that have been raped in the last few days, but we are all hiding it because of the shame, but if we don’t cry out we will not get help because we are helpless.” “And if we don’t cry out because of the shame, the people behind this evil acts will continue to torment girls and women in the camps.” When contacted, the Deputy Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, for Benue State, Assistant Suprintendent of Police Ejike Alaribe said the rape cases have not been brought to the notice of the Police. Alaribe, however, assured that the Police would intensify its surveillance around the camps in the town to stem the unhealthy development.

Flooded Irri community. Photo: Emma Amaize.

FG registers 88,740 IDP in three states Displaced Persons in seven BY LAIDE AKINBOADE BUJA—AS President Goodluck Jonathan rounds off the first leg of his nationwide tours of flood affected states, the National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, has confirmed the registration of 88740 Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs, in Adamawa, Benue and Taraba states. According to a statement by NEMA and signed by Head, Public Relations, Alhaji Yushau A. Shuaib, in Abuja, the IDPs were registered by emergency and rescue workers after the floods that submerged houses and washed away farmlands. The statement said: ”In Adamawa State which was worst hit, emergency workers recorded 46,030 Internally


affected local government councils. “In Benue State 19505 IDPs were recorded from six affected local government councils, while in Taraba, the emergency workers registered 23,205 IDPs in camps that are spread in seven local government councils of the state.” Shuaib noted that NEMA officials had collaborated with major stakeholders, especially respective State Emergency Management Agencies, SEMAs, response agencies, Red Cross Society and recognised volunteers in the establishment and management of the camps where the IDPs were temporarily accommodated. He said relief materials had also been provided to the victims.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012—9

THE RAGE OF FLOOD Delta community cries out, seeks aid for victims result of the rampaging flood.


Teeming internally displaced persons, IDP, at an Ahoada relief camp, Rivers State.

Jonathan reassures flood victims of govt's support F UFORE (ADAMAWA)— PRESIDENT Goodluck Jonathan has reassured flood victims of government’s support to enable them pick up their lives again. Jonathan gave the assurance, yesterday, while addressing flood victims in Gurin Village in Fufore Local Government Area of Adamawa. He said: “I am here to give you assurance that we will work with the state government to make sure that as you go back home you will be assisted to start your life again. “On behalf of the Government of Nigeria, I assure you that we will do our best.’’ The president said that government was making all efforts to ensure that displaced people do not spend long period in camps. He said that government agencies including the Army Engineers, had been mobilised to tackle the situation. In his speech, Gov. Murtala Nyako, commended the president for his show of concern by visiting the state, and said that the state government had set up 68 camps for displaced persons across the state.

Nyako said that so far many of the camps had been closed as the flood water receded leaving only 30. He said that his administration was planning a comprehensive package for farmers, who lost their crops, adding that they would be provided with early variety seeds of rice and maize that would mature in 60 days. “We have also ordered for irrigation pumps to be made

available to the farmers,” Nyako said. In his speech, the Chairman of Adamawa Flood Committee, Mr Kobis Thimnu, said the flood was the worst in the state since 1948. Thimnu said the flood was caused by the release of water from Lagdo Dam in neighbouring Cameroon, as well as from the Dadin Kowa and Kiri Dams in Nigeria leading to loss of lives and property worth billion of naira.

ARRI—THE home town of former Justice of Supreme Court, Justice Niki Tobi, one of the most flood ravaged communities in Bomadi local government area has cried out asking sons and daughters living outside to lend a helping hand and not to abandon the community. This message was conveyed after an emergency meeting held in Warri by the Esanma Youth Network and signed by it president, Comrade Andrew Elijah after an assessment tour to the community. Comrade Elijah noted that the people of Esanma have suffered untold hardship as a

Lamenting their predicament, they said the flood has destroyed many houses, farmlands, including the fish pond of a prominent leader, Chief Fred Anesa that has been a source of livelihood to several youths in the community. They also appealed to those who are responsible for the distribution of Federal and state government intervention funds and relief materials to do so with the fear of God. Meanwhile, they urged indigenes of the community abroad to liaise with the Esanma community Warri to channel their contributions to the affected victims.

Community chair raises alarm over flood menace


HE CHAIRMAN of Okrika (Ofonibenghan) community, in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State, Mr. Tugbofa Ferdinand, has raised alarm that the community was ravaged by the devastating flood. The community leader, who spoke to newsmen, yesterday, said not a single building was spared by the flood, lamenting that Ofonibenghan was most af-

fected by the flood, and that nothing was being done to assist the people of the community by the government and its agencies. He said no human being was still living in the community as the people have been completely displaced by the flood. He said even the community primary school, where Ijaw leader, Chief Edwin E. Clark, attended has been destroyed by the flood.

From left: Chairperson, Committee on Relief Materials, Edo State, Hajia Memuna Momoh; Chief of Staff, Edo State, Mr. Ogie Osarodion; MD/CEO, Mouka Ltd, Mrs. Peju Adebajo and Head, Commercial, Mouka Ltd, Mr. Jude Abonu, during the handover of mattresses and pillows donated by the firm to the flood victims in Edo State in Benin City.

Rt. Hon Basil Ganagana, Deputy Speaker, Delta State House of Assembly (2nd right) his wife, Joan (right) and others in truck to navigate the heavily flooded section of the East/West road to distribute relief materials to Bomadi waterside. Photo: Festus Ahon.

Oritsejafor to FG: Declare affected areas said it was worrisome to Jonathan for quickly responddisaster zones seeHethat places such as mar- ing to assist victims in the af-

Flood sacks 62 communities in Delta

BY JOSEPH ERUNKE BUJA—PRESIDENT, Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor,said recent flood that submerged houses across Nigeria and displaced thousands of people was horrifying. In a statement signed and made available in Abuja by his Special Assistant, Media and Public Affairs, Kenny Ashaka, yesterday, the CAN leader said his organisation shared the traumatic moment with victims of the disaster.


kets, major roads, schools, bridges, houses, farmlands, among others were submerged in the flood. Ashaka said: ”Pastor Oritsejafor sympathizes with victims of the disaster and prays that God will protect them from all hidden dangers and deadly diseases that may have come with the floods.” He prays also that God will grant them maximum security wherever they are settled. The CAN President applauded President Goodluck

fected areas but reasoned that those for who the N17.6 billion relief fund was meant could only benefit, maximally, if it was treated as Special Intervention Fund and disbursed directly. ”To channel the fund through Ministries, Departments, Agencies and bodies other than the Federal Government Committee set up for that purpose is to create a bureaucratic bottleneck that may end up reducing what should accrue to the victims,”he said.


ARRI—SIXTY TWO Communities in Obotebe kingdom in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State have been submerged rendering thousands of people homeless. When our correspondent visited the affected communities, many houses including the palace of Umbi Ezuwei 1, the Ebenaunowei of Obotebe Kingdom were submerged. Some of the communities affected include Kenlougbene, Laboulouseigha, Opuapale, Atiri, Bilaizigha, Ogbogbene, Itokogbene, Antonigbene,

Bulou-Abadegbene, Falewei, Tuogbene, Telemontugbene among others. In a chat with Vanguard, the king of Obotebe, HRM Samuel Akeomotubo, JP, said ”62 communities in Obotebe kingdom have being submerged, property worth millions of naira have been destroyed. I am very surprised with this kind of situation, this is my first experience in this kingdom. 62 Communities that made up this kingdom have being submerged and at the moment I don’t know what to do”.




Ogun PDP crisis: INEC shuns Obasanjo’s faction By DAUD OLATUNJI


BEOKUTA—THE Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC has distanced itself from the faction loyal to the former President Olusegun Obasanjo, insisting that, it will only recognize and deal with the faction led by Chief Adebayo Dayo. The electoral body which disclosed this through a letter signed by the Secretary to the Commission, Abdullahi Kaugama and addressed to the state Resident Electoral Commissioner, directing the state Electoral Commission to relate with the recognized executive committee in obedience to a Federal High Court order. According to INEC, the decision was hinged on the judgement of the Federal High Court which validated the congresses that produced the Dayo-led executive. Vanguard gathered that, in a bid to end the confusion on which

group to recognize in the state, the state INEC made an enquiry to the its headquarters in Abuja which prompted the reply through a Certified True Copy, CTC, of the letter, dated September 18 , 2012, which reads: “Your letter dated 5th September, 2012 on the above subject matter refers. "You will recall that the Federal High Court in suit No. FHC/L/347/2012 and FHC/L/CS/535/2012 held that the Congresses conducted by the Bashorun Dayo Soremi harmonized state executive committee and

the executive committee that emerged therefrom are valid. “The Commission as a law abiding institution has resolved to accept and relate with the said Executive Committee in obedience to the orders of the Federal High Court. Please be guided.” In a swift reaction, the Publicity Secretary of Obasanjo’s faction, Mr. Bidemi Osunbiyi in a phone conversation said they were aware, saying that, they are already working on it and would get back to newsmen.

From left: Dr. Michael Olawale-Cole, President of the Nigerian Institute of Management (Chartered), Mrs. Sarah Adebisi-Sosan, former Lagos State Deputy Governor and Senator Ibikunle Amosun, Ogun State Governor, after the conferment of Member of Federal Republic on Olawale-Cole.

Govt's money not lodged in Daniel’s account – Witness .As court closes threat to life charge against ex-gov BY DAUD OLATUNJI


COMPLIANCE officer with the Zenith Bank, Mr. Sunday Esezobor has told an Abeokuta High Court that there was no

lodgement of Ogun State Government's money into the accounts operated by Krestal Laurel Nigeria Limited, a private engineering firm owned by the former Ogun State Governor, Otunba

Gbenga Daniel. The banker stated this while being crossexamined during the continuation of the trial of Daniel by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, yesterday. “From the statement I have with me, there was no cheque from the Ogun State Government lodged into the account between 2005 and 2011,” Esezobor told the court. Earlier at the resumed hearing of the case before Justice Olanrewaju Mabekoje,, the EFCC through its lawyer, Rotimi Jacob led Esezobor in evidence.. The banker told the court that the account had various lodgements made into it and he identified the former Governor as the sole

signatory of the account.. However, during crossexamination by Professor Taiwo Osipitan, lead counsel to Otunba Daniel, it was disclosed that the account belonged to the engineering firm of the former governor and the account was opened in 1997 well before the assumption of office of the Otunba Daniel. The lead counsel said the lodgements were for transaction involving the engineering firm and some of its clients. He specifically told the court that some of the lodgements which the EFCC highlighted, took place between Krestal Laurel and Aron Nigeria Limited in the normal course of business transactions between two

Osun PDP challenges Aregbesola over security BY DAPO AKINREFON


HE OSUN State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party has called on the state governor, Mr. Rauf Aregbesola to intensify efforts towards adequate security of lives and property of the people of the state. In a statement by its Director of Media and Strategy, Mr. Diran Odeyemi, the party stated the need for the state government to “ rise up to its responsibility and deal

decisively with the ugly situation that could endanger the lives and property of the people.” Expressing worry over the spate of crimes in the state especially the recent kidnapping of the wife of the Speaker of Osun State House Assembly, Mrs. Muibat Salam, who was eventually rescued by the police, the PDP urged Aregbesola to strive hard to sustain the peace and tranquility that was reigning in the state before he became the governor.

firms. The witness also confirmed that at no time did the arm of the EFCC charged with such responsibility query the transaction. He also confirmed that the account is still active. Meantime, the court will resume hearing on November 11 and the first business of the day would be the application brought on behalf of Daniel by his counsel to quash counts one to 13. Professor Osipitan said the defence was seeking the quashing of the 13 counts because they are related to allegations bordering on land matters which a panel set up by the Ogun State Government had already adjudicated and taken a definite decision on. He said trying the former Governor on those counts will amount to double litigations. Before drawing the curtains on the proceedings of the day Justice Mabekoje informed both counsels of the report of the police investigation ordered by the court in respect of the allegation by the EFCC of threat to a witness, Adeluola Babajide of the Skye Bank. Mabekoje said the police investigations concluded that Babajide was never threatened directly or indirectly. Babajide himself had debunked the EFCC's allegation when he appeared before the court on the June 28, 2012.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012 — 11

NASU decries worsening insecurity in Nigeria BY VICTOR AHIUMA-YOUNG


SABA—NON-AC ADEMIC Staff Union of Educational and Associated Institutions, NASU, has expressed concern over the increasing insecurity and bloodletting in the country, warning that it could threaten the corporate existence of the nation if not immediately addressed. NASU, in a communiqué at the end of its National Executive Council, NEC, meeting in Asaba, Delta State, lamented AWARD: Governor Liyel Imoke of Cross River State (left) receiving award document from Mr. Ken Egbas, after being picked as the 2012 Governor of the Year by the Social Enterprise Report and Awards, SERAs, in Calabar.

Ondo guber poll: Delta LP goes spiritual BY AUSTIN OGWUDA

Ewherido to FG: Deploy military to A flood ravaged communities BY FESTUS AHON


GHELLI—SENATOR representing Delta Central in the Senate, Chief Pius Ewherido, has urged the Federal Government to deploy the military, particularly the navy, to flood ravaged communities to assist in the evacuation of victims to government designated camps to guard against further loss of lives. He also told the Federal Government to prepare a supplementary budget to address the needs of flood victims across the country, lamenting that the flood has wreaked unprecedented havoc in the affected communities and stressed the need for contingency arrangements for areas that were

yet to be affected by the ravaging flood. Ewherido, who spoke at Okwagbe, Ughelli South Local Government Area, after a tour of the affected communities in Ughelli North and South, said: “With what the Federal Government has released and what is on ground here, I believe we will even need international assistance because the flood is beyond what was perceived initially. “When that sum which was released by the Federal Government was contemplated, the areas affected were fewer. The affected communities keep increasing by the day.” The senator, who donated food items and other relief materials worth

thousands of naira to victims at the Ughelli, Ewu and Okwagbe camps and those still trapped in the riverine communities, lamented that “more areas are still being submerged by the flood and we were told that the water is not going to abate just now. “In some communities, people are dying because they could not be evacuated early enough.” He described the flood as a national disaster and a very devastating experience. “The multiplier effect of the devastation is not something that can be quantified at the moment. With what we have seen submerged today, it means that we must plan for tomorrow; we must not sit down again and

Reps task govs on rehabilitation of roads BY EMMAN OVUAKPORIE


OKOTO—MEM BERS of the House of Representatives inspecting federal roads in the North-West, yesterday, advised state governments to undertake rehabilitation of roads as exemplified by Sokoto State Government. Deputy Chairman, House Committee on Works, Mr. Mohammed

Wudil, gave the advice after inspecting the 84.87km Sokoto-Ilela federal road, singlehandedly rehabilitated by Sokoto State government. This came as Sokoto State Commissioner for Works and Transport, Mr. Umaru Tambuwal, rejected the completed Funtua-Gasau-Sokoto road, saying: ”We are not satisfied with this work because barely two years

after completion some parts have failed. ”The contractor should be summoned to this place to explain why those portions have failed when a rehabilitated road is expected to last at least ten years.“ Wudil, however, pointed out that “in our report, we will include that FERMA should immediately come to the rescue of the road before other parts are affected.“

wait for this kind of calamity to happen before we address it," he added.

that terrorism had overtaken other forms of insecurity hitherto known in Nigeria. The communiqué, issued by Mr. Ladi Ilya and Prince Peters Adeyemi, President and General Secretary of NASU, respectively, said: “Worried by the worsening insecurity in the nation, that has put the entire country under the siege of terrorist attacks, kidnappings, armed banditry and assassinations, NEC-in-session averred that these activities have always left trails of blood behind them."

SABA—MEMBERS of Labour Party, LP, in Delta State have have gone spiritual to ensure that Ondo State governor, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, was re-elected in this weekend’s gubernatorial elec-

tion in the state. Consequently, LP followers held a special mass in Asaba last Sunday to offer prayers for a violence-free election. The mass was officiated by the parish priest of St. John Bosco Catholic Church Asaba, Reverend Father Solomon Moweta.

12—Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012

Release Prof Eghagha, Okpe Youth Council tells kidnappers


KPE Youth Coun cil has called for the release of kidnapped Delta State Commissioner for Higher Education, Prof. Hope Eghagha, within the next 48 hours. Prof. Eghagha was kidnapped over two weeks ago by unidentified persons now asking for N100 million ransom. National President of the council, Mr. Felix Obodorowhan, who gave the ultimatum in a statement

yesterday, implored Delta State Commissioner of Police to ensure that Prof. Eghagha was released within the period of the ultimatum. He noted that Prof Eghagha had transformed the state’s education sector since he assumed office as commissioner. According to him, the kidnapped commissioner has given scholarships and employment to many unemployed graduates.

RSUST conducts exams after 5 weeks' lectures BY JIMITOTA

WEST AFRICA PROJECT FAIR: From left: Rotn Julius Adeluyi; Rotn Gidi Peiper, Director, Rotary International; Rotn Chen Peiper; Rotn Brad Howard, Leader of International Partners and Rotn Robert Atta, Past District Governor, during the 8th West Africa Project Fair organised by Rotary Inernational, in Lagos.

Revenue allocation: Oil communities demand 13% derivation BY GABRIEL ENOGHOLASE


ENIN—OIL Pro ducing Ethnic Nationalities of Delta State have appealed to the Senate Committee on the Review of the 1999 Constitution to amend the document to allocate derivation funds directly to oil producing communities. In a memorandum by elders and leaders of Oil and Gas Producing Ethnic Nationalities, for their people and presented by Senator Francis Okpozo to the committee in Abuja, the oil producing communities said the poor management of the fund by state governments had resulted in severe underde-

velopment and a frustrated citizenry in the communities. They said: “There is anger in the oil and gas producing communities and except the situation is reversed, militancy might rear its head again in incalculable proportions.” They also proposed the establishment of a derivation board to manage the 13% derivation fund which they suggested, should be composed of host communities who would manage the funds received according to the quantum of production of each ethnic nationality. “The derivation board will have a chairman, an executive secretary, and members of the board.

We suggest that the federal and state governments should have an ex-officio member each, on the board. The executive secretary will be supported by needed operational staff,” the communities stated. They urged the Senate Committee on the review of the Constitution to grant their request. Currently, Delta State receives an average of N10 billion monthly as derivation fund on behalf of oil and gas producing communities of the state. The communities complained in their memorandum that even the 50% of the fund which the state government was supposed to remit to Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development

Ugolor advocates law backing Public Defender Unit in Edo BY SIMON EBEGBULEM


ENIN—THE Executive Director of the African Network for Environment and Economic Justice, ANEEJ, Reverend David Ugolor, has called for a law backing the establishment of a Public Defender Unit recently announced by Edo State Government. He also announced a yearly award of N200,000 to the best investigative journalist of the year in the state, saying the

award was in recognition of the efforts of journalists in the state in the fight for justice. It will be recalled that following what he described as illegal detention by the police over the murder of the Principal Private Secretary to Governor Adams Oshiomhole, Comrade Olaitan Oyerinde, the governor had announced plans by the state government to set up a Public Defender Unit, with a view to providing free legal aid to victims of human rights abuses.

However, Ugolor, who was released on the orders of the High Court in Benin, after it described his detention as illegal, said, when the leadership of Nigeria Union of Journalists, NUJ, in the state, led by Mr. Tunde Eigbiremolen, paid him a courtesy visit, that his six weeks detention in three different prisons in the country gave him the impression that the poor masses of the country might suffer more in the hands of the police if they were unable to get access to free legal aid.

Commission, DESOPADEC, for their benefit was not being released.



ORT HAR COURT— IN spite of the ongoing strike by lecturers of Rivers State University of Science and Technology, RSUST, Year Two Chemistry students of the institution, yesterday, wrote CHS 252, a course being taught by Chairman of ASUU in the university, Dr. Felix Igwe. When contacted, the

ASUU boss said he was not aware of the examination. According to him, lecturers, under the aegis of ASUU, had been on strike for over one month. He said the students were taught for five weeks, adding that under such a situation, it was not proper to examine students because the course work had not been concluded for the semester.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012 — 13

Multiple blasts, sporadic shooting rock Maiduguri •Scores killed, primary schools, telecomm masts razed down again BY NDAHI MARAMA


ORE than sixteen bomb explosions followed by gunshots rocked Maiduguri, Borno State capital, yesterday, leaving more than 10 persons dead. Primary schools and telecommunication masts were also burnt The most affected area was Gwange ward where series of bomb blasts had occurred in the last two weeks killing JTF men. The first blast which oc-

curred at about 5:30pm in Gwange ward of Maiduguri metropolis came barely seven hours after the District Head of Gwange who was shot dead by suspected terrorists was buried at the Gwange cemetery amidst tight security. Other multiple explosions took place in Gomari Costain, London Ciki among others. The deafening explosions were heard all over Maiduguri metropolis and Jere council area. A team of JTF was

said to have engaged the gunmen in shoot out which led to the killing of innocent people who were rushing to their various homes to escape from the shoot out. A resident of Gwange told our correspondent that more than 10 people were killed in both the multiple blasts and shootings in Gwange ward alone. An unconfirmed report, however, said that over 40 people were killed.

2013 budget: Fuel subsidy may go BY OKEY NDIRIBE


HE Federal Govern ment may have decided to totally remove the subsidy on petrol beginning from next year as there was no provision for the item in the budget estimates that was presented to the National Assembly by President Goodluck Jonathan last Wednesday. The Federal Government had last January partially removed the subsidy on petrol after its earlier attempt to completely deregulate the downstream. This sparked off an eight day nationwide strike and protests that were led by the nation’s

labour movement and civil society groups. The Federal Government’s action had led to the price of fuel jumping from N65 per litre to N141. The increment in the price of fuel by over 100 percent had led to outrageous hikes in transport fares and general inflation across the country. Although the Federal Government was later compelled to reverse the decision and fix the price of fuel at N97 per liter, the inflation its action generated remained. The Government had anchored its decision to remove fuel subsidy on the need to eliminate wide scale cor-

ruption inherent in the payment of fuel subsidies. The Government had further pointed out that even though only the sum of about N400 billion was approved for payment of subsidies in the 2011 budget, it ended up paying over One trillion naira for the same purpose. This development had led to the House of Representatives setting up an Adhoc Committee which investigated the payment of subsidies to oil marketers during which huge scams were discovered.

Canada condemns killing of Muslim worshippers in Kaduna BY KENNETH EHIGIATOR


AGOS—THE Cana dian government has condemned last Sunday’s killing of Muslim worshippers at Dogo Dawa village in Kaduna State. Gunmen alleged to be armed robbers had invaded the village in a reprisal attack, killing no fewer than 24 persons who were on their way home from the mosque where they had conducted their morning prayers. Reacting to the development in a statement issued yesterday, Canada’s Foreign Minister, Mr. John Baird, said his country would do everything with its powers to assist Nigeria overcome its insecurity problem

Chime hale, hearty, says Commissioner BY TONY EDIKE


NUGU—ENUGU State Government, yesterday, dismissed as cheap and mischievous a media report which claimed that the state governor, Mr. Sullivan Chime was ill and being treated abroad, reaffirming that he was “hale and hearty.” Reacting to the report on the governor’s purported ailment by a national daily (not Vanguard) last Sunday, the State Commissioner for Information, Mr. Chuks Ugwoke, stated that the governor was enjoying his vacation, the first he has taken since he was sworn into office five years ago.

14—Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012

FG pledges to boost investment in ICT ...reiterates commitment to jobs creation BY ADEKUNLE ADEKOYA


UBAI, UAE — THE nation’s ICT sector is set for a big boost as the Federal Government has pledged that the investment profile of the sector will be given fresh fillip so that it can be expanded for job creation. President Goodluck Jonathan, represented by Vice-President Namadi Sambo, said in Dubai at the on-going ITU Telecom World 2012 that the US$15billion investment level on Information and Communication Technology, ICT, will be expanded and opened up to create additional jobs. Comparing Nigeria with the United Arab Emirates, UAE, the Vice-President said “Nigeria, with a population of about 167 million people, has an investment level of about US$15 billion in the ICT sector while Dubai with a population of just about four million has an investment level of about $60 billion.” Further, VP Sambo noted that ICT is one of the major areas of job and wealth creation and hence “it is essential that Nigeria continues to have cooperation at the international lev-

el so as to continue to expand and open the ICT sector in the country to create jobs for the teeming Nigerian populace.” At the leaders lunch hosted by Nigeria yesterday, which was attended by officials of state of UAE and other Middle East nations and industry leaders, Vice President Sambo said President Jonathan would have loved to be personally present, but had to be represented by him owing to pressure of matters of state. Noting that further success in the telecoms and IT sector will be facilitated by reliable power supply, Arc Sambo said the development of the ICT sector is important to the Federal Government. His words: “One of the aspects of this development is the issue of adequate power generation and supply. Before our administration came into power, generation was just a little over 2,000 Mw, but now we generate over 4,000 Mw. In the Lagos area, we have achieved 19 hours of daily power supply. 10 new thermal power plants are under construction, which will add 5,000 Mw to the national grid, while government has also invested in the Mambilla Hydro-electric power project, which is

expected to add another 5,000 Mw, in addition to yet another hydro power project in Zungeru which is expected to generate 700 Mw. In addition to all of these, government is working with Siemens on alternative sources of energy.” He stated that Nigeria has the opportunity to grow higher than Dubai, saying that the Federal Government was determined to create jobs for Nigerians, open the sector and create opportunities for wealth creation. According to him, Nigeria is participating in the conference in recognition of the great importance of ICT to the realisation of the administration’s transformation agenda of making it one of the most developed economies of the world by 2020. Secretary-General of the International telecommunications Union, Dr Hamadoun Toure in his remarks noted that “for Nigeria to have remained the fastest growing telecoms market for five years in a row means there are things people in that sector are doing right. Now, the giant of Africa has risen, and there is no stopping it. I am from Mali, and I should know, Nigeria is the economic power house of the West African sub-region.”

Rights abuse in prisons: Al-Mustapha asks NHRC to focus attention on judiciary, police BY ABDULWAHAB ABDULAH


ONDEMNED former Chief Security Officer to General Sani Abacha, the late Head of State, Major Hamza Al-Mustapha yesterday said little may be achieved by the National Human Rights Commission, NHRC, in its bid to eradicate violation of the rights of inmates in Nigerian prisons. Al-Mustapha who met with the visiting team of the National Human Rights Commission led by its executive director, Prof. Ben Angwe at the Kirikiri maximum prisons, Lagos like other inmates hailed the efforts of the Federal Government and the commission to ensure that inmates of the Nigerian prisons enjoy inviolable rights as guarantee by the Nigeria constitution and international treaties. The commission flagged off prison’s audit on access

to justice by inmates with attendance from other stakeholders, including police, prisons, National Assembly, and state government, represented by the Ministry of Justice. Al-Mustapha who was met and interrogated by the team like other condemned inmates on etheir experiences said there was improvement on the welfare of inmates compared to what he met when he was first brought to the prison in 1999, but disclosed that there are lots to be done by the commission to guarantee the human rights of the inmates. According to him, most of the problem was not from the prison but from the police and the judiciary who arrest and gave order for detention of suspects in prisons respectively. He said, “this is a good development. What your commission and the government are doing is commendable. But I have to tell

you that the prison is only a custodian of the inmates, but the grinding engine are the police and the judiciary. “For you to achieve something tangible, you need to focus on the police and the judiciary. They are the people who sent suspects here without trial and hid cases for several years.” He promised to offer advice on how to improve the Nigerian prisons, if he eventually win his appeal in court. The Executive Director of the NHRC promised that his commission will work towards ensuring that inmates in the Nigerian prisons enjoy their natural rights as guaranteed by the constitution and that they are ready to pursue cases of those who have spent several years in detention without trial. The complaints from the inmates were those who have spent more than 10 years behind bar as awaiting trial.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012—15

Senator faults budgetary allocations to key sectors BY OLASUNKANMI AKONI


COMMISSIONING: From left— Mr. Adamu Usman, Speaker, Niger State House of Assembly; Governor Mu'azu Aliyu and Mr. Joshua Bawa, DG, MDGs, at the commissioning of ambulances for distribution to local governments under MDG Second Track Conditional Grant Scheme, in Minna, Niger State.

ICE Chairman, Senate Committee on Housing, Lands and Urban Development, Senator Gbenga Ashafa, has expressed concern over the reduction in allocations to some key sectors of the economy in the 2013 budget proposal. The Senator, who made the comment while reacting to the budget proposal as

SEC strengthens regulatory framework BY FAVOUR NNABUGWU


BUJA—TO guard against a recurrence of capital market collapse and shield investors from fraudsters, Securities and Exchange Commission, SEC, has strengthened its regulatory framework to protect



HIEF Chidi Eze, one time AGM Finance, Nigeria Sugar Company, Bacita, Kwara State, is dead. Chief Eze, who hailed from Umuahia, AmiziOloko in Ikwuano Local Government Area, Abia State, was until his death a consultant to the Speaker, Imo State House of Assembly, Owerri. Service of songs will hold today at his residence, Joyce Balogun St,off Dipo Omotayo St, Oke-Ira, Ajah, at 4;30pm. A wake keep will hold Monday, November 19, followed by burial on Tuesday. He is survived by a widow, Mrs. Ngozi Eze; three children, Chika, Chinyere and Chidinma; father, brothers and sisters. The burial ceremony will be held in the family compound at Umuahia.

Late Chief Eze.

operators of Collective Investment Scheme, CIS, from avoidable danger. Director-General of the commission, Ms Arunma Oteh, who dropped the hint at SEC Learning Series, entitled Personal Finances: Securing your Financial Future in Abuja yesterday, stressed the need for Nigerians to embrace the culture of saving. She pointed out that because of the Pension Reforms Act of 2004, many Nigerians knew that when they retired, they would retire better than their parents because of the level of savings that had being made towards their retirement. Oteh said: “Today, we have more than N2.7 trillion savings for retire-

ment since 2004. This is significant not just because we have saved for retirement but also because of the money that is available to create more wealth in Nigeria. “This money can be used for the development infrastructure and the capital market.” She said the government understood the importance of savings, which was why it had been committed to building reserves and also establishing the Sovereign Wealth Fund for the future generation. She said: “I believe that savings mobilisation is absolutely critical to our nation. Looking back to the years of the global financial crisis, I believe Nigeria as a country was able to cope a little better because there was some savings for rainy days.”

Mr. Isyaku Tilde, SEC Deputy Director and Head of Unit Trust Division, spoke on the opportunities for wealth creation inherent in collective investment schemes. He said some 42 such funds/schemes were registered to operate in the capital markets and that anyone could invest in any of them for wealth creation and value appreciation purposes.

presented the Senate by President Goodluck Jonathan, said the Senate would critically review the budget proposal to ensure it addressed the plight of the common man. He, however, expressed concerned over the decrease on the allocations for lands and housing sector, saying “the appropriation for lands and housing has decreased by 48.4 percent, while there are no provisions in the capital supplementation for housing, apart from some allocations towards 2010 outstanding liabilities. “This is extremely worrisome since housing is a critical area that needs to be decisively addressed as it is one of the basic needs of man.” Ashafa also noted that the budget of the Ministry of Transportation was reduced by 45.83 percent. He said: “I believe it is time the government looked deeply at our transport sector. How do we complete our rail projects with these reductions?

Health was given 5.7 percent and education 8.7 percent share of the budget, while international benchmarks recommend 15 and 25 percent, respectively. “These sectors have direct impact on the masses and should be increased just like the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. “In view of the recent flood ravaging the country, the budget of the Environment Ministry should be increased, as against last year budget, to put in place flood prevention infrastructural projects in all the states.” Ashafa condemned the huge amount allocated to certain MDAs, which he felt would not have any direct impact on the masses. He said: “For example, Foreign Affairs had 49.96 percent increase and Special Duties 41.89 percent increase over the 2012 Appropriation. “As legislators, we will do our best to look at this budget from the axis of those that honoured us with their votes.”

16 — Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012

Murdered banker stabbed 76 times — Pathologist BY ABDULWAHAB ABDULAH & ONOZURE DANIA


ACN RALLY—From left: ACN gubernitorial candidate in Ondo State, Rotimi Akeredolu; Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola; Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole; former Governor of Ogun State, Aremo Olusegun Osoba; ACN National Chairman, Chief Bisi Akande; and ACN National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, during the Ondo ACN mega rally at Democracy Park, Akure, yesterday. Photo: Joe Akintola, Photo Editor. See story on Page 53.

How we rescued Osun speaker's wife—Ogun CP BY DAUD OLATUNJI


BEOKUTA—COM MISSIONER of Police in Ogun State, Mr Ikemefuna Okoye, yesterday cleared the air on the controversy that trailed the kidnap of the wife of the Speaker of Osun State House of Assembly, Mrs Muibat Salam, saying that contrary to the report, it was the police that carried out the rescue operation and not vigilante service. Okoye stated this while explaining how his men rescued Mrs Salam who was kidnapped in Osun last week Tuesday on his way from her shop, insisting that the group only gave his men a tip off. Muibat, who was reported to have been abducted in Ejigbo area of Osun, was later brought to Ogun State by her kidnappers before they met their waterloo. Speaking with newsmen at the state Police Command, Eleweran Abeokuta, Okoye said the command got tip-off from men of the Vigilante Services of Ogun, VSO, and swung into action immediately. He also said the kidnappers were mistaken for armed robbers before men of the Rapid Response Squad and policemen attached to Fidiwo division who received the tip off that the suspected armed bandits were seen in the bush. He said, “my men moved into the bush and engaged the bandits in a gun duel that led to the death of one of them, four were apprehended while others ran away with bullet wounds. “We were able to recover Muibat from them before she told us that she was the wife of Osun speaker. Let the records be straight that police did rescue opera-


tion”. While parading the suspects which include Chukwuma Usifo (28), Chukwudi Okereke (25), Ogbole Elijah and Okonkwo Lucky (27), Okoye said items recovered from the hoodlums, included two AK 47

rifles, four magazines loaded with 87 rounds of ammunition. He, however, thanked the VSO for providing the information that led to the arrest and rescue of Muibat, urging other members of the society to emulate them.

3 rescued children from Dana crash safe—Fashola's wife BY MONSOOR OLOWOOPEJO


AGOS—FIRST Lady of Lagos State, Mrs. Abimbola Fashola, yesterday, said the three children rescued by the state governor, Babatunde Fashola at the site of ill-fated Dana air crash, are healthy, doing great and in safe hands. It would be recalled that the three children, Joel, Chisom and Esther Okechukwu, were rescued from the June 3, plane crash site where over 150 lives were lost. Fashola disclosed this while speaking on the forth coming 12th National Women Conference organised

by the Committee of Wives of Lagos State Officials, COWLSO. According to her, since their rescue, the state government has ensured that the three children suffered no lack. She said, “recently the three children attended the funeral of their parents, Mr Jeremiah and Josephine Okechukwu and their aunty, who lost their lives when the plane crash landed on their apartment.” According to her, “I believe you are talking about Joel, Chisom and Esther, trust me the children are doing well and in good hands.”

Lagos to impound rickety vehicles


AGOS—THE Lagos State Government yesterday announced that it would henceforth impound rickety vehicles plying roads in the state. Mr Gbolahan Toriola, State Chief Vehicle Inspection Officer, CVIO, made the disclosure in an interview. Toriola said non-road worthy vehicles in the metropolis would also be impounded. He explained that rickety and non-road worthy vehi-

cles had caused most accidents in the state. “We are set to get these rickety vehicles off the roads to make our roads safe and to achieve the proposed plan of making Lagos Metropolis a megacity. “With the enforcement of the new traffic law in the state, motorists plying Lagos roads should obey traffic laws, make sure that their vehicles are road-worthy and they should also obtain the required valid documents,” Toriola said.

AGOS—LAGOS State Chief pathologist, Professor Oladapo Obafunwa yesterday disclosed before an Ikeja High Court that he discovered more than 76 stab wounds on the body of the late Skye Bank staff, Mrs. Titilayo Omozoje, allegedly murdered by her husband, Akolade Arowolo last year. Obafunwa who was testifying before Justice Lateefa Okunnu on his observations while carrying out autopsy on the late banker, told the judge that she had “minimum of 76 stab wounds that were inflicted on her body, including injuries on the face, chest, left and right upper limbs.” Led in evidence by the Lagos State Director of Public Prosecution, DPP, Mrs. Olabisi Ogungbesan, Obafunwa who doubles as the Vice-Chancellor of the Lagos State University, LASU, revealed that there was concentration of stab wounds from her chest to

her abdomen on the left s i d e . According to him, Titilayo’s remains were identified on July 4, 2011, but the autopsy which lasted more than five hours took place on July 6, adding that during his internal examination of the body, he found “various wounds consistent with wounds from sharp weapon with a single edge blade as well as a double edge blade.” He noted that the wounds affected the “left eye, right eye, upper chest area, right chest and collar bone left armpit. It also included a 10 x 5cm rectangular area that has multiple individual injuries on the left side of her chest and breast over lying the heart.” Obafunwa who gave graphic account of his observations through slides of still images that was burn on a Compact Disc stated that the autopsy revealed a gaping wound which was “revealed as a black hole in the chest region.” Some of the still pictures showed deep cuts on the “stomach wall” after the in-

side of the stomach was pushed to a side to allow for the autopsy. He further said the forensic investigations revealed that the injuries could not have been self inflicted as the penetration was from the chest to the back and there were stab wounds to the stomach wall. According to him, “the chest wall was lost due to multiple stab wounds, there was a damage to the diaphragm, left side of the liver, breast area and repeated stab wounds to the lungs and intestines”. He eventually summed up his autopsy report and concluded that “her death was caused by multiple injuries in the chest and abdomen due to multiple sharp wounds and long forced trauma”. On his examinations on the deceased’s husband, the pathologist said that there were wounds on his hand and abdomen and he also had a “limping gait which he admitted may be because he jumped to the ground from the fourth floor of his apartment”.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012—17


‘They’ should do something.... who are ‘they’? (2)

if every Rwandan became adept at how the model would not work. All said and done, Nigeria is an interesting place! My point is that there is always something we, as individuals, can do to bring change to our country, no matter how small. After 52 years we are not where we ought to be. We should be part of finding solution to our national malaise beyond dismissing our country as failed or failing. If Nigeria depended heavily on tourism we would have destroyed it by demarketing our country. We must never abandon hope even in the face of our disappointment. The challenge before us is to show more commitment and take more responsibility for our collective actions!

When did we lose Bakassi?

•President Goodluck Jonathan would avoid the now expensive imported rice and look for cheaper local alternative. But what if we choose to patronise smuggled rice or steal public fund to satiate our taste for imported rice? So, in effect, reform may not work here, unless of course there is a regime of unquestioned authority under which the Asian Tigers witnessed rapid economic growth. So we should be circumspect when we cite the Asian Tigers’ examples. Today Chinese wear designer suits simply because, for many years, they wore nothing but Chairman Mao’s tunic! That is deferred gratification at work! While we make excuses for profligate behaviour here, the same IMF/World Bank models have worked elsewhere, where all things were equal. Our own nationals were among the experts responsible for helping other nations, including Asian and African nations, to successfully implement these reforms.

IMF/World Bank model is working in Angola, Mozambique and Rwanda, all of them nations that recently came out of war. Our own Oby Ezekwesili, is revered

The few days leading to the October 10, 2012 deadline for Nigeria to apply for a review of the International Court of Justice verdict that awarded Bakassi to Cameroon was frenetic with huffing and puffing, typical of Nigeria’s culture of last minute. Suddenly people started weeping as if we lost Bakassi on 10 October 10! But I ask, when really did we lose Bakassi? Was it during the February 1961 plebiscite when John Ngu Foncha was backed by some elements in Nigeria to lead his


ended the first part of this article on how Ghanaians helped rebuild their broken country. The foundation for Ghana’s rebirth was laid by Flt Lt Jerry Rawlings, a military dictator who used strong arms, including the execution of three former Heads of State, to sound the death knell for corruption in Ghana. We certainly would not, and I do not, endorse Rawlings’ method, even though some Nigerians sometime call for it in moments of extreme frustration. The nearest we came to an autocratic rule was during the Buhari/Idiagbon era and Abacha’s maximum rule. Many still hold it against Buhari today, and use his tenure as military ruler to question his democratic credentials even while we deride President Jonathan as “weak”. Ghana was once what many of us described as a guinea pig for IMF/World Bank reforms. We scoffed at Ghana and World Bank while its citizens endured the pains of the IMF/World Bank “conditionalities”. In January 1977, I was returning from Christmas holiday in Accra, Ghana. I had 40 Cedi in my wallet. At Kotoka International airport, a Ghanaian customs officer asked why I was going to Nigeria with 40 Cedi. I told him it was souvenir. His eyes popped out and he screamed: “40 Cedi? Souvenir?” Subsequently the Cedi became toilet paper during the restructuring. Today it is nearly equivalent to one dollar, thanks to a re-denomination we could not carry out here! With oil find, Ghana immediately vowed not to make the same mistake of Nigeria and embarked on the removal of subsidy on petrol! Here every armchair economic expert thinks that Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Olusegun Agagu and the IMF/World Bank are the problem. Every policy, no matter the local content is seen as “IMF/World Bank prescription”. And once we utter such garrulity our job is done! But what such mindset does is to make it difficult for us to go through with any reform. It is one step forward and ten backwards with dire consequences. Of course, nobody is denying that IMF/World Bank models may never work in Nigeria. After all, economic postulations have the caveat “all things being equal”, meaning if people react rationally. In Nigeria things are never equal! For example, the government has raised the duty on imported rice to boost local production. All things being equal, Nigerians

After 52 years we are not where we ought to be; we should be part of finding solution to our national malaise beyond dismissing our country as failed or failing

in Rwanda because of the reforms she implemented in the country during her tenure as World Bank Vice President for Africa. Rwanda benefited because President Kagame and Rwandans cooperated and bore the brunt of the reforms. The policies could not have worked


people back to Cameroon, against E.M.L Endeley ’s preference to remain part of Eastern Region? Was it during the civil war when the territory was gifted to President Ahmadu Ahidjo by General Gowon for closing the Cameroonian border to Biafrans? Was it in 1971 when

Gen. Gowon ratified that exchange without expert advice? Was it when we submitted ourselves to ICJ jurisdiction over the matter? Was it when in 2002 the ICJ ruled on the matter? Why are we now weeping over Bakassi 10 years after? I am not surprised by the actions of the Federal Government. A nation that can slice off Igbo territory after the civil war and give away to other states just to excise oilbearing Igboland and deny Igbo access to the sea will not bat an eyelid to give away Bakassi!

The diminution of a debate Since Dele Momodu’s “Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense” (Thisday 6 Oct. 2012) in response to my “The Mugging of Sanusi” (Vanguard Oct. 2, 2012) many readers have urged me to fire back. Fact is, he did not make any point that deserved my reply. In the first place I am sure that Dele knows that I do not come to this business with a glass chin! But far more important is that the issue at hand is too important to be reduced to a brickbat between us. Secondly, a fallacy remains a fallacy even if dressed in the most highfalutin vocabulary. When he chose to “ignore other writers” to “concentrate on just these two” (Ethel Okere and myself), it was a well known deliberate ploy to obfuscate issues in the tradition of Nigerian debate and drag it to where the substance will be lost to sentiments unrelated to the subject matter. And before long people would be asking what the debate was all about in the first place! His main thesis was that no one had the right to react to the improvised explosive device he unleashed on a public servant trying his best to wrestle with a national problem. Well, if his quarrel with Sanusi were over a girlfriend I would not have intervened. To go to Google to serve readers cut-and-paste sentences taken from almost a decade old articles without putting them in context with what the other parties did or said was a perfect flimflam! Moreover, he did not need to enlist others to help him fight a non-existence battle. The debate is still out there. Someone wrote that CBN should have opted for N10,000 note instead of N5,000! Others insist that higher denomination per se could not have caused inflation. Whenever my aburo, Dele Momodu, is ready to debate issues and not someone’s aftershave, he is welcome!



DOUBT if there can be any act of barbarism, bestiality and brutality that can parallel the notorious attacks and gruesome murder, in their prime, of four students of the University of Port Harcourt by a mad mob? The latest victioms in the ever-increasing lawlessness in the land are Messrs Biringa Chiadika Lordson, Ugonna Kelechi Obuzor, Mike Lloyd Toku and Tekena Erikena, who were mercilessly killed by irate mobs in Aluu, River State. The gory video, which was published on various websites, showed how the crowd lynched the four naked men, who were eventually set ablaze after three of them went unconscious with pictures of the gruesome murder. The naked photographs of the students revealed that they were paraded and beaten with their bodies soaked in blood and mud before elimination. Mob actions, like the Aluu massacre, are usually carried out on the spur of the moment. Culprits are usually thoroughly beaten, tortured and burnt in a twinkle of an eye; so fast that even the fastest reacting police squad won’t get there on time! C M Y K

We must find killers of the UNIPORT four Conflicting media reports and the social networks were awash with how jungle justice was meted on the unfortunate students. The first account said the victims were robbers who stole blackberry phones and laptops. The second report said they were on a debt recovery mission before they were mistaken for armed robbers.


he third version alleged that they were cultists who went to attack a victim, who in turn, shouted for help and this drew the attention of the vigilantes in the area. “Word got out that they were around and a Vikin member ran to the vigilante guys to report that the thieves terrorisng the neighborhood were spotted. Knowing if they were spared, they would retaliate, the Vikin members, posing as ordinary students called for the head of these boys and accused them of orchestrating several robberies in the area,” it stated. A fourth, but related, angle to how the students were

murdered alleged that the four students could not meet their target and went to the bush to smoke and take hard drugs and in the process, a vigilante group was hinted that robbers were in the area which resulted in them being rounded up and killed, as a traditional ruler was also fingered to have ordered the killing of the students. The fifth source claimed that the students were actually cultists who terrorised the community but were caught in possession of dangerous weapons on them. It added: “The students involved are cultists. They went to attack someone. They were about five in number. So, on their way out, a girl saw them and screamed. "These alerted people and they attacked them. One of them escaped and the remaining four were caught with weapons and beaten by a man, hitting them mercilessly and bringing them to a slow and painful death. Continues on pg18

*Mr. Kupoluyi wrote from Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

18 — Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012 A MAJOR attempt to draw attention to the increasing cases of kidney failure in Nigeria five years ago, failed. Dr. Augustine Ohwovoriole, President, Diabetic Association of Nigeria had in the light of President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua’s hospitalisation in Germany said there was projected annual growth rate of six to eight per cent in renal failure. Then, Dr. Ohwovoriole had observed: “The exponential growth and expansion of chronic renal failure in patients calls for more renal services, nephrologists and sophisticated dialysis machines and medicaments.” Nigerians who are shocked about recent statistics that at least 32 million Nigerians had chronic renal illnesses, have not followed the trend. Dr. Chinwuba Ijeoma, President of the National Association of Nephrology, said more than 20 per cent of Nigerians have kidney problems, which is over 32 million for a population of 160 million. The number is high, but official indifference continues. The attitude of government to the sick can be judged by the quality and inadequacy of health infrastructure in the


Continued from pg 17


HE man later got fuel and poured it in their mouth and lit it, burning one student! The man was stopped with the arrival of the police so he couldn’t burn the rest; they were later taken to the mortuary where the families of the deceased came to claim the corpses …” The sixth account claimed that the boys were killed by one man: “While looking at the pictures, I noticed one particular man holding an insanely big stick over a boy’s head that was already weak, bloody and pleading for his life. I saw the man in another picture putting a tyre across another boy’s neck”, the source said. The seventh angle alluded that the existing frosty relationship between students of the university and members of the community, as being responsible for the attacks. As the permutations continue to trail the gruesome murder, the salient and pertinent question to ask is; Why this wicked calamity and jungle justice? It could be useful to give an insight into the private lives of the slain students. According to the Nigerian Tribune, two of the four undergraduates were event organisers and were very popular within the campus. Two of the boys, Ugonna, aka Tipsy and Lloyd aka Big L, were described as C M Y K

Nigerians’ 32m failing kidneys country. A crisis — not the ritual doctors’ strike — is brewing in the health services sector with the neglect of challenges like renal failure. Renal failure ranks high among killer illnesses in Nigeria, but unlike malaria and HIV/AIDS, it is ignored. Cost of treating the ailment is high. The required personnel and facilities to cater for patients are highly inadequate. Nigeria has only 75 neurologists and about 50 functional dialysis centres. Poor earnings and a chaotic medical system deny Nigerians access to these dialysis centres, which are mainly in the urban centres, far from the patients, especially from the rural areas. Nigerians with the resources seek medical

relief abroad, a practice that our leaders have etched into some of their benefits for being in power. For our leaders, local medical facilities are used as photo opportunities. They remain in their power state because they are never built to treat the high and mighty. Until Nigerian leaders can be treated in our local hospitals, the country’s health services, like education, would be run under an apartheid system that provides the best for the leaders — always at our expense — while whatever happens to the people does not matter. Without any resources to combat a problem that is clearly beyond them, they resort to cheap but untested methods of treatment that leaves them half-dead. Renal failure has been attributed to drug abuse, fake drugs, which again point at poor drugs and health management services. Any government that thinks that its people are important would tackle their health needs, instead of reserving overseas medical services for itself and its cronies, an attitude that sentences Nigerians to poor medical services.

OPINION We must find killers of the UNIPORT four (2) promising musicians who recently recorded a song entitled, ‘Ain’t no love in the heart of the city’. The song is said to be circulating widely over the social media since their deaths. They were tagged as ‘stars in the making’. Ugonna was said to have lived a cozy and comfortable life. Photographs that emerged after his death showed that he lived a life of affluence as some pictures even suggested that he was widely travelled as one of such was reportedly taken in London. Anne, Takena (Tamunokena) Elkanah’s sister, who was said to have witnessed the gruesome murder of her brother, claimed that a police van was seen at a distance while the mob snuffed life out of the boys while pleading for the release of her brother on the grounds that he was innocent. However, Mr. Toku Mike, Lloyd’s father, a broadcaster with the Radio Rivers, denied the insinuations that his son was a robber, saying his son was a decent young man, as he called on the police to investigate the killings and bring the perpetrators to book. As the tension rose, the management of the university ordered the immediate closure of the university indefinitely, to forestall the breakdown of law and order as students went on the rampage to protest the murder by youths in Omuokiri-Aluu community and set ablaze, no fewer than 12 houses in the

community. Attempts by the Vice-Chancellor to plead with the students culminated into the hurling sachet water at him. The fall-out of the crisis is the eventual disruption in the academic calendar of the university, especially, if the forced closure is prolonged more than necessary. The casualty has also increased with the death of the mother of one of the murdered student, Ugonna Kelechi Obuzor, who died from the shock of the gruesome killing of her only son, Ugonna.


rom the various accounts of who could have been involved in the brutal elimination of these young people, it is certain that the whole scenario is deeper, complex and requires a thorough investigation. The likelihood of a conspiracy in the murder cannot be ruled out. The alarming rate of criminality and extrajudicial killings in the nation is assuming a frightening dimension. Just on October 2, no fewer than 40 students were gruesomely killed by gunmen when they invaded their off-campus hostel of the Federal Polytechnic, Mubi with a hit list that was deployed in the systematic termination of the lives of innocent Nigerians. Up till now, perpetrators of these heinous

acts have really not been apprehended and brought to book. Rather, the law enforcement agents keep informing the populace that they are still investigation. It is the same old story, over and over. On the nation’s perilous situation, the Senate President, David Mark has expressed his support for the creation of state police in the face of what he described as the “perceived failure of the Police to stem insecurity in the country”. This is worth trying. This amounts to sending the wrong signals. What this posturing means is that anybody can commit a crime without been apprehended to pay for his/her atrocities. I was greatly disturbed when I learnt that those in the Aluu mob were watching the barbarism and even took video images in excitement! To say the least, this shameful killing is nothing but an expression of an angry nation that was becoming disconnected from humanity, as a result of accumulated years of frustration, disappointment and loss of ethos. This should not be allowed to happen again.


*Mr. Kupoluyi, wrote from Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012— 19

, Continued from last week


BVIOUSLY , we are con cerned that what is going on in northern Mali could have destabilizing effect on the entire region which could provide a haven for those who wish to do obvious harm, to train. We are worried about potential links between extremists in Northern Nigeria and extremists beyond Nigerian borders. Yes I think we have a right to be concerned about it. We have been very supportive to the ECOWAS’s efforts to deploy an ECOWAS force to Bamako to help stabilize the transitional government of President Traore, to allow that government to feel safe, to begin to restructure the Malian security forces and to initiate a dialogue with the elements of the Tuaregian insurgencies, notably the MNLA, towards achieving a political solution to what is going on in Mali now and deny space to extremists who wish to do us harm”. What the Ambassador demonstrates above is the US global Stability Operations Approach to combating terror; an

approach which informs the strategic analysis of security situations where governments have failed or are in the process of failing. When the Ambassador is asked about dialogue with “Islamist groups”, he gives a nuanced answer: “Well, I think it is important to differentiate between AQIM which is an AlQueda affiliate group which has kidnapped and killed Westerners, which has attacked the UN in Algeria, which has perpetrated acts of barbarity and Tureq insurgents who continue to express the moderate Malian version of Islam and really have no problems with Tureqs”. We see in the Ambassador’s answer the produce of the “whole of US Government Approach” to stability operations. We see in the Ambassador’s answer that what he meant by a holistic approach to counter-insurgency, is an approach that begins with, (1) making embattled friendly governments like that of President Traore safe, (2) the restructuring of the security forces, (3) the denial of operational space to extremists


“who wish to do us harm”, (4) all the above executed as context for initiating dialogues with the elements of insurgencies who are moderates and that can be dealt with in forging a consensus support for political resolution of pertinent conflicts.


e review the Ambassador’s responses only to buttress the point made about the capabilities of the two governments involved in the BiNational Commission- the American and the Nigerian. The American foreign policy to Africa is a stability operations policy as illustrated in the answer of the US Ambassador to Nigeria. Stability operations strategic engagement with Africa is bed-rocked in US post-cold war review of its global military capability for a new era of international politics. The US in the Bi-National Commission with Nigeria knows what it must do to bring Nigeria to the capability that fosters an equality of partnership in making the government of Nigeria safe. Bilateral relations in the context of stability operations foreign policy already implies the need to shore up the security of the

For Viemudu Igho: A tribute BY EFEROVO IGHO


HY are we here, and where would we go after now? The story of Pa Viemudu Igho tells it a little. And a great account as this should start from cradle. Pa Igho is middle child of three children of grand Pa Igho Kodi and grand Ma Sheho Kodi (nee Mavaje), both of Owhrode, in present day Udu Local Government Area of Delta State. Ezekiel, his elder brother, is believed to be the first West African to hold the B.A. Natural Science from Downing College, Cambridge, and a M.A. Cantab and Dip. Ed London; and was first Vice Principal, Urhobo College, Effurun, and Chairman Western Nigerian Education Board, and a key pioneer and pillar in Obafemi Awolowo’s free education programme before he sadly passed on in 1956, a young man. Mary is the last of the children. Born January 25, 1919 at Emuhun near Okhuaihe in present day Edo State where he grew up, young Viemudu Igho attended Enitonna High School, Port Harcourt from 1942 to 1945. A very studious and brilliant student, he passed his Cambridge while still in college, a rare achievement in those days. A teacher from 1946 to 1947, he taught across what later became Mid-West State: Benin City, Oza and Warri. You ought to see young papa, the teacher: Clean, loving yet strict, winsome yet disciplinary, good grammar and great delivery! He was already a Briton in the making. The Briton in him may have been ignited by the scholarly challenge of and great correspondences from Ezekiel, his elder brother, already then in the UK. Papa recalled a sentence from one of those letters. Ezekiel was just on his way to Cambridge University on scholarship but had a stop over in Lisbon; and wanting to share his C M Y K

feel of Lisbon with Viemudu, wrote back: “Lisbon is like a piece fallen down from heaven”. From his teaching forte, Papa moved to the Civil Service where he worked in the Department of Marketing and Export as Produce Inspector from 1948 to 1962 serving in places like Lagos, Warri, Sapele, Okpare, Ivrogbo and Asaba-Ase. His character endeared him to all and was darling of his employers and his foreign and indigenous bosses. He left the very lucrative Produce job for the UK to study law at the Holborn College of Law and the Inner Temple, obtaining the LL.B (Hons.) London and also trained as journalist at the Premier School of Journalism and the Writers School of Great Britain. He worked at the National Gallery, London as a Civil Servant and has since then contributed articles to various media, home and abroad. In Nigeria, his Benelta Law and Writers Chambers, tells his legal and writing prowess clearly. A former legal counsel to Delta Steel Company, Aladja and with spoken and written English near impeccability, Papa wrote prose and poetry. In his book: Making Nigeria a Beacon in Africa, published 2003 in his early eighties, he attempted to detail how Nigeria can come out of the woods and be the pathfinder that Africa needs. In one of his poems, “Prayer for Nigeria” (The Guardian of Monday, December 25, 2000), his love for country can be seen. Papa’s view about money and acquisitiveness must recommend itself to serious minds and shame many in a mammon-driven clime. Though closely related by consanguinity, marriage, long family ties or personal friendship to financial moguls like the Rewanes, Koloko, Edewor, Mosheshe, all of Delta and passed on, and the Olu of Warri to


Nigeria-US Bi-National Commission and Nigeria Security Interests: How to Make the Commission A Win-win Project (4)

The Commission must be contextualised in the furtherance of the capability of Nigeria to appreciate what it must develop to drive its own stability operations

Nigerian government to prevent its failure and to secure it. There are, therefore, two perspectives on the US bilateral operations with the government of Nigeria: the US and the Nigerian. For the US, its Nigerian foreign policy is that of stability operations illustrated with the US Ambassador ’s comments on Mali. Nigeria Government’s US policy must develop its capability to secure the Nigerian society and to keep it safe; the Nigerian policy, therefore, in the context of US doctrine of stability operations, is the formation of the state, in the course of which necessary project the restructuring of the society economy and of its security capabilities is undertaken. The Nigerian- US Bi-National Commission must therefore be contextualized in the furtherance of the capability of the Government of Nigeria to appreciate what it must develop to drive its own stability operations. The import of this observation can only be fully appreciated with a more detailed presentation of the US approach to security. It is in this respect that I see the publication of the US Army Stability Operations Field Manual as a generous contribution to the upgrading of global security of the component societies constituting the international community. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the Nigerian Government to appraise this US contribution and use its Bi-National Commission partnership for the appropriate upgrading of its national security statecraft. Chapter 1 of the FM 3-07 is a must read- It deals with the Strategic Context of the Doctrine grounded in the American Experience with Stability. I quote summary of American Experience with Stability:

But 1990 became a turning point for him. That year he was bornagain, and soon gave yours sincerely the privilege to burn those strange materials. In one of those feeble moments, he said to me by his bedside: “I have achieved the glory of God. Let us not be sad”


mention but a few, the Briton in him was never compromised. Homespun, Papa resented the “spirit of acquisition”, his phrase. He almost always wanted to stay and come clean in financial matters!


judiciary stinking in corruption, Papa had not the money or nature to bribe his way into sitting as high court judge. He accepted serving as President of Area Customary Court instead. Appointed in 1986 in the then Bendel State, the contract appointment stretched on and on and got renewed in the Delta State divide of Bendel till 1999 which apparently made him the longest serving Area Customary Court President in the country in his days, to put it offhand. Character! A member of both the Bar and Bench, the corruption in the judiciary always nauseated him. With sound character, knowledge and credentials, he, however, didn’t go far into politics due to the country’s brand of politics. Yes, he had a stint with the UPN apparently because of the very close relationship between Ezekiel, his elder

‘1-1 During the relatively short history of the United States, military forces have fought only eleven wars considered conventional. From the American Revolution through Operations Iraqi Freedom, these wars represented significant or perceived threats to national security interests, where the political risk to the nation was always gravest. These were the wars for which the military traditionally prepared. These were the wars that endangered America’s very way of life. Of the hundreds of other military operations conducted in these intervening years, most are now considered stability operations, where the majority of efforts consisted of stability tasks. Contrary to popular belief, the military history of the United States is one characterized by stability operations, interrupted by distinct episodes of major combat” (Page 1-1, FM 3 – 07). From the above we can learn that a country ’s military preparedness should involve training for (1) defending the national security interests where the political risk to the nation is gravest, when the danger to the very way of life is most evident and urgent; for effective defence of the national interests the Armed Forces of the nation must envisage episodes of major combat; these wars are few and should be necessarily sootherwise a country that faces threats to its very way of life as frequent and routine occurrence has no time for anything else but to be on perpetual danger alert; (2) the military must also be prepared for undertaking stability operations- engagements which do not involve threats to the nation’s value system or to its very way of life. Continues next week

brother, and Awolowo. Yes, he paired with the Oputus in a Committee to initially fight for the creation of Uduvwieokpe Local Government Area – ‘Uduvwieokpe’ being a combination of Udu, Uvwie and Okpe. He served as Secretary of that Committee. This struggle, latter joined by other groups, finally however, gave Udu, Okpe and Uvwie their separate local governments. Papa had Anglican background. His father was one of the pioneers in the planting of Christianity and the Anglican Church in Owhrode town. And at college, Papa had good grasp of many of the classic gospel hymns. With time he veered off; left the early foundation of Christ including the foundation of one man one wife of his Christian father; and attracted problems. In his relationship with the two wives of his youth, he was typically Nigerian. Though the wives are oftentimes to be blamed, he fathered it all in the first place by falling to this very damning African culture called polygamy. But, in his relationship with his children, he is British. One cannot desire a better father. Then too, he had sorry introductory relationship with Rosicrucian and Grail Message. A voracious reader, he sadly veered into other weird readings too. But 1990 became a turning point for him. That year he was born-again, and soon gave yours sincerely the privilege to burn those strange materials. He also dumped his traditional chieftaincy title, just as he disdained the show, pomp and pageantry that go with burials. As he moved into his late eighties and early nineties, feeble or strong, one could hear him day and or night freely singing those Gospel hymns without recourse to hymnals. Glorious times! In one of those feeble moments, he said to me by his bedside: “I have achieved the glory of God. Let us not be sad”. Today, Papa has left for the eternal abode of God which only matters. We speak of him now as a heavenly citizen!

*Mr.Igho, a public affairs commentator, wrote from Warri, Delta State.

20 — Vanguard , TUESDAY TUESDAY,, OCTOBER 16, 2012

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012 — 21

Unity Bank completes divestment from insurance, registrar business BY NKIRUKA NNOROM


NITY Bank Plc has said that it has completed one hundred divestment from three of its nonbanking subsidiaries in line with the Central Bank of Nigeria’s, CBN, directive to bank to sell their stake in their non-core banking arms. The two firms are Northlink Insurance Limited and Unity Registrars Limited.The bank said in an accompanying note to a notice filed with the Nigerian stock exchange, NSE, weekend that it commenced the divestment process in April, 2012 and ‘ wishes to announce the progress made so far. Additionally, the bank further noted that it made achieved 86 per cent progress in its effort to also divestment another of its subsidiary – Caranda Management limited, while it has recorded just 39.11 per cent progress in its real estate arm, Hexadix Properties Limited. The print and bureau De Change businesses, Pelican Print and Unity Bank Bureau De Change have also recorded 100 per cent and 27 per cent success respectively. The bank also stated that it has identified a buyer for the purchase of Unity Investment & Capital Limited, while Newdevco Investments & Securities Company Limited and Unity Kapital Assurance Plc are currently being packaged for sale to identified buyers. According to the bank, it intends to conclude the whole divestment process on or before 31st December 2012. Meanwhile, the bank had in the second quarter ended 30th June, 2012 declared a profit after tax of N2.99 billion.

From left: Mr Andrew Enahoro, Head, Legal/Public Relations of Promasidor Nigeria Limited and Mr. Olajide Agboola Ologun, Chairman, NIPR, Lagos State Chapter at the NIPR Annual General Meeting / PR Week, at the NECA House, Lagos.

Experts raise alarm over pollution on waterways BY GODFREY BIVBERE


XPERTS have warned that the

Enterprise Bank boss tasks chief inspectors of banks on e-payment


ANAGING Director/Chief Executive Officer, Enterprise Bank Limited (EBL), Mallam Ahmed Kuru, has said that the responsibility of improving the confidence of Nigerians on the usage of electronic payment systems is dependent on the diligence, monitoring and control












154.75 248.7297 200.6953 165.9517 1.9739 0.2866 237.4219 24.6904 41.2634 26.906 238.4852

155.25 249.5333 201.3437 166.4879 1.9802 0.2966 238.189 24.7706 41.3967 26.993 239.2558

155.75 250.337 201.9922 167.0241 1.9866 0.3066 238.9561 24.8508 41.53 27.0799 240.0263

CBN Exchange rate as at 15/10/2012 C M Y K

measures of auditors of banks to prevent electronic fraud (e-fraud). Speaking at the quarterly meeting of the Committee of Chief Inspectors of Banks in Nigeria (CCIBN), which Enterprise Bank hosted in Lagos recently, Kuru who was represented by Mrs. Nneka Onyeali-Ikpe, an Executive Director of the bank, stated that more Nigerians would embrace the electronic system of banking especially now that the country is migrating to a cashless economy, if they are guaranteed the safety of their money or transactions. Describing e-fraud as a crime that affects the society as a whole and impacting upon individuals, businesses and governments, the Enterprise Bank boss maintained that recent studies support the fact that such sharp practices have also increased in Nigeria with the dawn of cashless system, which is largely as a result of inadequate awareness as well as limited counter measures to prevent these crimes. But since the financial sector will not submit to the manipulation of a few fraudulent individuals, he challenged the CCIBN to always be a step ahead of these evil-minded fraudsters in order to prevent electronic fraud in Nigeria.

pollution of the waterways in the country poses serious dangers to health through intake of water and marine life. Speaking to Vanguard on consequences of uncontrolled pollution, Dr. Olawale Raimi of the Department of Biochemistry, Lagos State University, said human intake of water and animals like fish over time could lead to a lot of health problems and ultimately death. The university don explained that observation has shown that most rivers in Lagos and even the seas are contaminated as a result of human activities such dumping of refuse, oil spills from mechanics ship dockyards, and scrap metals etc. He said, “All these accumulate over time and are dispersed as these waters flow and are interconnected. For instance, pollution at Mile Two could flow into the sea., thus there is no safe haven as water bodies across the world are interconnected.” “These always have a great effect on the aquatic life which assimilate and accumulate such over time. Human beings too are affected as they fish for such animals and eat them. They in turn are exposed as it is a food chain. These human beings too accumulate such pollutants over time having toxicity as a result which could lead to a lot of health problems and ultimately death.” He further stated that governments of the world have to come together and look for solutions. “It is not possible to build a fence across the sea, for instance; to shield your own territory. Recall the British Petroleum (BP) oil spill in the United States which traveled beyond the US shores, causing ripple effect,” he said.

He also pointed out that such uncontrolled pollution depletes the number of aquatic life as some animals get killed directly. It also reduces the level of dissolved oxygen in the water, which in turn kills off the water animals. Raimi noted that a depleted aquatic life alters the food chain leading to scarcity of fishes and other aquatic animals. Human beings too would have less food to eat. “Most important is the health issues as these pollutants are toxic to the body system. You may buy fish to eat now and nothing happens to you, but there is a gradual accumulation over time. It is when it gets to a certain range that one begins to see the effects of such pollution on the body. On what government is doing in this regard, he said government is not doing anything about it, adding that there is no legislation that he knows of and that anybody can just do anything. “Moving around, you will see what people are doing. There are a lot of dumpsites in the rivers and lakes. Our international waters are equally affected.” On his part, a maritime consultant, Mr. Lanre Badmus, commented on the illegal scrap-yards scattered across the country, saying they have a negative effect on our industry generally. He noted that there are no standardisations or efforts to follow-up in the way they are operated. He pointed out that uncontrolled scrap-yards, create and encourage crude stealing as well as provide funds for those involved to acquire bigger vessels. “It is even encouraging a lot of illegal activities as most of these faulty barges go to such facilities and are quickly repaired. They could go back to stealing crude,” he said

22 — Vanguard,TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012

NSE records N359m deficit in 2011 …Paid N1.72bn to 238 staff in one year BY MICHAEL EBOH


HE Nigerian Stock Ex change, NSE, recorded a deficit of N358.705 million in its 2011 financial year, compared to a surplus of N357.948 million recorded in its 2010 financial year. According to its financial statement for the year ended, December 31, 2011, the NSE recorded significant decline in its top and bottom line indices, while its income was eroded by rising staff costs and operating expenses. The NSE recorded gross fees of N3.167 billion, dropping by 21.04 per cent from N4.011 billion recorded in 2010. Its share of profit from associated company rose to N467.202 million from N445.133 million recorded in 2010, while it posted other income of N351.175 million, up from N344.688 million in 2010. The NSE staff costs rose by 27.33 per cent to N1.724 billion from N1.354 billion recorded in 2010, while its operating expenses dipped significantly by 43.27 per cent to N1.129 billion, from N1.99 billion in 2010. A breakdown of the staff costs shows that N1.216 billion was paid to a total of 238

staff members as salaries and allowances; pensions and gratuity gulped N102.227 mllion, medical expenses stood at N37.876 million, while N367.913 million was due to the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service from back tax audits. Further breakdown of the average number of persons employed by the NSE, shows

that 20 staffers are in the Managerial position, 101 senior staff, 35 junior staff while it has 82 contract staff. This is in contrast to 16 managerial staff in 2010, 42 senior staff, 81 junior staff and 63 contract staff in 2010. Also, in the 2011 financial year, 34 staff and 81 contract staff were paid emoluments within the range of N0 to N2

million, compared to 34 staff and 63 contract staff in 2010; 88 staff and one contract staff fall within the N2 million and N10 million emolument range, compared to 65 permanent staff in 2010, while 16 permanent staff fall within the N10 million and N20 million range compared to 17 permanent staff in 2010. Nine permanent staff re-

From left: Mr Olumide Olayinka, Partner and Head, Risk Consulting KPMG; Mrs Yemisi Edun, Chief Financial Officer, FCMB; Mr Jim Obazee, Executive Secretary and CEO, Financial Reporting Council and Mr Tola Adeyemi, Partner and Head, Audit services, KPMG at the KPMG Chief Financial Officers Forum for all Sectors, in Lagos. Photo: Lamidi Bamidele.

Access Bank wins IFC issuing house award


CCESS Bank Plc has emerged the winner of this year ’s International Finance Corporation’s “Most Active Issuing Bank in SubSaharan Africa” Award under its Global Trade Finance Programme. This was announced at the 5th International Finance Corporation’s Global Trade Finance Programme Bank Partners’ Meeting held in Dubai, United Arab Emirate in October, 2012. The Global Trade Finance Programme has 380 member Banks from 182 countries around the world. By its emergence as the winner of this prestigious award, Access Bank Plc has reinforced its exceptional capacity in Trade services for the 5th year running, having clinched the IFC’s awards for “Innovation in Trade Structures” and Best GTFP Network Bank at the 2007 and 2008 meetings respectively. The recognition accorded the Bank by the International Finance Corporation, particularly under its Global Trade Finance Pro gramme, is an eloquent testimony to the Bank’s expertise and excellent capacity in Trade Finance. Further buttressing this enviable position is the Bank’s status as one of the very few C M Y K

banks globally to enjoy the status of being both an Issuing Bank (in Nigeria) and a Confirming Bank (in the United Kingdom). This award underscores the level of progress the Bank’s investment in its trade finance capacity, competency and delivery has recorded and is an indication of the tremendous value inherent in its compelling trade finance value proposition. The Bank joined the GTFP in 2006 to further extend its network of relationship with development finance institutions and strengthen its trade finance capacity while facilitating developmental international trade between Nigerian businesses and their counterparts in other parts of the world. This intelligent corporate initiative has significantly impacted the Bank’s capacity and capability, and consequently positioned it effectively as one of the top 4 leading banks in trade finance in the Nigerian financial services landscape. Similarly, the Bank has developed a collaborative and beneficial network of relationships with foreign commercial Banks, Development Finance Institutions and Export Credit Agencies covering all major trade centres of the world.

Under the programme, IFC offers confirming Banks partial or full guarantees covering payment risk on Banks in the emerging markets for trade

related transactions. These guarantees are transactionspecific and may be evidenced by a variety of underlying instruments.

ceived emoluments in the range of N20 million and N30 million, compared to 19 staff in the same range in 2010, while one person received emoluments in the range of N40 million and N50 million, compared to two staff in 2010. In the executive category, two staff received emoluments in the range of N40 million and N50 million, while one staff received emoluments in the range of N60 million and above compared to the same figure in 2010. The NSE further disclosed that till date, it has recovered N609.5 million from a total of N2.090 billion distributed to certain Council Members of the NSE between 2006 and 2008. The NSE said it was only able to recover N2.5 million in the 2011 financial year from one of the former Council Members, who is expected to make a total refund of N50 million. The NSE said, “Between 2006 - 2008, N2.090 billion was distributed to certain Council members as share of surplus. Because this payment is against section 26(3) of Companies and Allied Matters Act 1990, the Securities and Exchange Commission directed the Exchange to recover the money from the Council Members involved. “Refunds amounting to N609.5 million have been received and are maintained in an escrow account. Part of the outstanding balance of N1.480 billion is the subject of litigation on account of a dispute over the basis of payment.”

Conoil embarks on direct marketing of products


ONOIL, a marketer and manufacturer of industrial and automobile lubricants has introduced a new dimension to the distribution and marketing of its lubricants and domestic gas to mechanic workshops and homes. The concept is aimed, among several benefits, at improving the delivery of lubricants and cooking gas to the door steps of customers on real-time basis and at affordable prices. The new initiative, simply known as COSA (Conoil Services Associates), guarantees product availability through branded motorcycles and tric y c l e s . Through COSA, the first of its kind in petroleum products distribution and marketing in the continent, the volume of the company’s lubricant sales is projected to increase by over one million litres in one y e a r . Another value addition of COSA to retailers, and invariably end consumers, is reason-

able reduction in price. COSA is also designed as the company’s corporate social responsibility as it is expected to create hundreds of employment opportunities and promote entrepreneur-

ship among fresh graduates. According to a statement released by the company, “COSA will create direct and indirect employment opportunities and reduce unemployment rate in Nigeria.”

Honeywell Flour wins HR award


OR its contributions to the development of human resources profession, Honeywell Flour Mills Plc has won the inaugural Distinguished Corporate Awards for Human Resources Best Practice 2012 (manufacturing sector) instituted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM). The company, which produces Superfine Flour, Whole Wheat Meal, Semolina, Brown Flour, O! Noodles, Spaghetti and Macaroni, competed favorably with notable companies including four multinational organizations to emerge the overall

winner, according to CIPM President, Mr. Abiola Popoola. At a colourful ceremony in Abuja, on Wednesday, which attracted over 2000 HR practitioners and business leaders, Popoola noted that Honeywell, like every other companies, was assessed based on its human resources service delivery, creativity, results, integrity, professionalism and team work. The company, according to him, performed excellently in the categories. He added that the awards were presented to best corporate organizations in seven sectors.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012 — 23

Bank auditors critical to building confidence on e-payment -Kuru BY BABAJIDE KOMOLAFE


ANAGING Director/Chief Executive Officer, Enterprise Bank Limited, Mallam Ahmed Kuru, has said that the responsibility of improving the confidence of Nigerians on the usage of electronic payment systems is dependent on the diligence, monitoring and control measures of auditors of banks to prevent electronic fraud (e-fraud). Speaking at the quarterly

meeting of the Committee of Chief Inspectors of Banks in Nigeria (CCIBN), which Bank hosted in Lagos recently, Kuru who was represented by Mrs. Nneka Onyeali-Ikpe, an Executive Director of the bank stated that more Nigerians would embrace the electronic system of banking especially now that the country is migrating to a cashless economy, if they are guaranteed the safety

of their money or transactions. Describing e-fraud as a crime that affects the society as a whole and impacting upon individuals, businesses and governments, the Bank boss maintained that recent studies support the fact that such sharp practices have also increased in Nigeria with the dawn of cashless system, which is largely as a result of inadequate awareness as well as limited counter measures

From left: Area Manager, Piaget branch of Richmont International, Switzerland, Mr. Mathieu Delmas; Executive Director, Polo Limited, Ms. Jennifer Obayuwana; Managing Director, Polo Limited, Mr. John Obayuwana and National Sales Manager, Polo Limited, Mr. Mike Eze during the Piaget team’s business visit to Polo Head office, Lagos.

to prevent these crimes. But since the financial sector will not submit to the manipulation of a few fraudulent individuals, he challenged the CCIBN to always be a step ahead of these evil-minded fraudsters in order to prevent electronic fraud in Nigeria. According to him, “This is the time for all stakeholders to come together to fashion out robust strategies that will assist in checkmating this monster.” Kuru therefore suggested a few areas in which strategies can be developed to help curb e-fraud. These include: the development of effective controls by member banks in areas like PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and Penetration Testing; stakeholders collaboration in the provision of information during e-fraud investigation, maintenance of efficient joint industry database on e-fraud activities for knowledge sharing, collaboration with international and local agencies to develop effective strategic responses to prevention and investigation of e-frauds as well as the recruitment of professional staff. He also charged the chief inspectors to regularly perform thorough employee background checks, conduct fraud awareness training and ensure consequences are understood, make vacations mandatory and segregate duties, limit authority to initiate or originate movement of funds and meet regularly to exchange ideas on issues that affect their duties among others.

eCommerce: begins delivery services BY NKIRUKA NNOROM


IGERIAN electronic commerce space has gone a step further with the entry of, an online grocery store, delivering groceries at doorsteps at the click of a mouse on its website. The new innovation is saving shoppers time and money spent at traditional markets and supermarkets. The CEO of, Olumide Olusanya said the company which began commercial operation last week following months of beta testing said his desire is to be the Jeff Bezos of Nigeria. Bezos is the founder and CEO of, the global


number one online retailing store that has changed the way the world buys books. Now, is changing how Nigerians buy groceries. Olusanya, a former CEO of Card Technology Limited said runs on the concept of saving Nigerians money, time and stress. The concept is hinged on affordability, selection and customer service experience. As an online retailing store, prides itself on the deft execution of this concept. Well, it is working. In three months, has captured the attention of its target market due to its simple strategy of giving service. The online store is making available its increasingly wide array of grocery products to an increasing number of Nigerians. Its vision is to ultimately change the way Nigerians shop for groceries the way Amazon changed the way the world shops for books. is doing for groceries what did for books. When spreads its tentacles around the country, Nigerians would be shopping online for groceries the way the

world shops for books online. This would bring better value to customers. “One of the things the internet does is that it makes pricing very transparent so you can compare prices. It is a natural progression because e-payment is largely a financial service provision but I have always had a passion for investment management. When I look at the link from medicine, technology, e-payment, banking to investment management, I think it is a fantastic preparation for what I am doing now. All of these are functions of pushing the edge of what is possible and disrupting that which has been taken as the norm,” he said.


CIBN confers fellowship on NDIC MD/CEO, others


ANAGING Director/ Chief Executive of NDIC, two Deputy Governors of Central Bank of Nigeria, and eight Bank Chief Executives Officers are among key operators in the banking industry who would be conferred with the Fellowship of The Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) on Saturday. Among eminent bankers to be honoured at the Institute’s Fellowship Investiture include, Dr. (Mrs.) Sarah Alade and Alhaji Suleiman Barau, Deputy Governors, Central Bank of Nigeria; Alhaji Umaru Ibrahim, MD/ CE, Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation; Mr. Arnold Ekpe, GMD/CE, Ecobank Transnational; Mr. Bisi Onosanya, GMD/CE, First Bank Plc; Dr. Alex Otti, MD/CE, Diamond Bank Plc; Mr. Kehinde Durosinmi-Etti, MD/CE, Skye Bank Plc; Mr. Yemi Adeola, MD/CE, Sterling Bank Plc; Alhaji Ado Wanka, MD/CE, Unity Bank Plc; Mr. Phillips Oduoza, GMD/CE, UBA Plc and Mrs. Funke Osibodu, GMD/CE, Union Bank of Nigeria Plc. Out of the 79 awardees to be invested at the event, eleven (11) would receive Honorary Fellowship award while 68 Associates of the Institute will be conferred with Fellowship. Olorogun (Dr.) Sunny Kuku, OFR, President, Bank Directors Association of Nigeria (BDAN) will be the Special Guest of Honour at the event which is expected to attract stakeholders in the industry including captains of industry, top government and diplomatic officials. The President of the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria, Mr. Segun Aina, OFR, FCIB will be the Chairman of the occasion while Otunba (Mrs.) ‘Debola Osibogun, FCIB, 1st Vice President will be the Chief Host supported by Dr. Uju M. Ogubunka, Registrar/CE. According to a statement by the Head of Corporate Communication & Eternal Relations, Mr. Ben Igbokwe, the honour is in recognition of the awardees’ services, commitment and contributions to the industry in particular and the economy in general.

24 — Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012

DN Meyer, FRSC sensitise Nigerians on new traffic laws BY



N Meyer Plc, manufacturers and marketers of paints, industrial and protective coatings, has reiterate its commitment to helping the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) safeguard lives and properties on Nigerian roads. The Company said its partnering FRSC to educate the publiconthenewtrafficlawsinLagos recently.

The Human Resources Manager at DN Meyer, Mr. Kunle Obadina noted that, Nigerians need training and proper education on traffic laws to support FRSC efforts at safeguarding lives in the country. He stated that, the company is partnering with the organization to ensure the public is strategically sensitized on the new traffic laws. “DN Meyer is a committed, responsible and caring corporate citizen. We are strategically constituted to improve the quality of

human lives in our operating environments. We work to ensure the welfare of our employees as well as the educational and environmental safety of our host communities,” he said. The training was presented by the Ojota Unit Commander, Mr. Leye Adegboyega, who took participants through the basics of the new traffic laws for Lagos State which consists of 59 traffic offences and penalties attached. Factors leading to accidents and

Vodacom Nigeria par tner k Centre partner tnerss Rac Rack Neutral Data Centre BY NNAMDI OJIEGO

VODACOM Business Nigeria, provider of total communication solutions says it is partnering with Rack Centre Africa, a data centre service provider, to provide a neutral data facility to Nigerians Rack Center will provide Vodacom with carrier neutral data center infrastructure enabling the first premium collocation facilities in Nigeria. The Tier3 colocation data center will have a fully redundant


system, provide 99.995 percent uptime and 96 hours Power Outage Protection. According to Vodacom, a neutral data center is integral in growing the Nigerian ICT industry, stating that the partnership will not only create a cost effective platform for network operators to interconnect in a neutral facility through collocation, but will also encourage competition and diversity in the industry. Speaking on the

partnership, the Managing Director of Vodacom Business Nigeria, Mr. Guy Clarke said, “as an organization, we continuously seek out innovations that will impact positively on the industry. By teaming up with Rack Centre Africa to build Nigeria’s first Carrier Neutral data centre, we are recognizing the power of shared infrastructure which is key to supporting the growth of broadband and the adoption of cloud services in Nigeria.

loss of lives like Human factors, Mechanical factors and Environmental factors were looked into and it was advised to use the Defensive Driving techniques e.g application of seat belt, drive at comfortablespeed,bearinmindthat the aim of being of the road is to move for safety. Some of the laws and penalties include: Failure to give way to traffic on the left at a roundabout attracts N20,000 for 1st offender and N30,000 for subsequent, Vehicle license violation N20,000k subsequent N30,000. Others, bribing of marshal on duty, assaulting on marshal, fire extinguisher,driver’slicensedriving without spare tyre all attracts penalties. Mr. Adegboyega advised participants to cherish lives by driving with care and also considering other road users while driving to curb down the level of accidents on our roads. There were 50 participants in attendance. He presented the new traffic laws manual to participants on behalf of Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC). The unit Commander further revealed that they would be embarking on an aggressive public enlightenment programme to enforce the new national licence system, which makes it possible for a user to be identified without encumbrances. He advised all applicants to log on to for further information.

Air volves Airttel eevolves new thematic campaign BY PEACE ONYEUKWU


IRTEL Nigeria has taken a significant step to unify Nigerians with a new thematic campaign that focuses on friendship and the importance of building a large network of true friends. The campaign, Dubbed; Padi Na Good Thing O, reinforces friendship as a key influencer and enabler of success especially among youths. Flagging off the campaign, Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Airtel Nigeria, Rajan Swaroop, said the campaign is a celebration of friendship, as it depicts how we can, as a people, collectively achieve success with the help of our network of friends by relying on their talents, hard work and dedication. He further disclosed that Airtel is proud that Nigerians display an outlook of determination, responsiveness and self-belief in the pursuit of life goals. “These attributes, Swaroop noted “are in consonance with the universal knowledge that knowing the right people and staying connected with them helps people get ahead.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012— 25


26—TUESDAY Vanguard Vanguard,, OCTOBER 16, 2012

WAGPCo loses $30m to pipeline damage … May resume operations before year end BY CLARA NWACHUKWU


he West African Gas Pipeline Company, WAGPCo, may have lost in excess of $30million in revenues till date and still counting due to a pipeline break which occurred on August 28, 2012, when one of its vessels tried to escape a shootout between the Navy and a third party vessel in Lome Port, Togo. Trying to escape the skirmish, the WAGPCo vessel dragged its anchor across the Anchoring Exclusion Zone, thereby breaking the pipeline, although it was originally anchored in a designated anchorage area before it went on the run. Speaking at an interactive session with journalists in Lagos at the weekend, the Managing Director, Mr. Charles Adeniji, disclosed that the company was losing between $500,000 and $600,000 daily on account of the incident. In addition, he said the company was also incurring huge costs daily, as repairs are carried out on the pipeline, even as up to 80 percent of it may be offset by its insurers. He said, “Since we declared force majeure, (a legal clause that absolves the company from the responsibilities of losses suffered by customers), we have lost the opportunity of providing gas

transportation services in revenues worth between $500,000 and $600,000 per day. “Our spending on repairs has not been easy because each vessel engaged in the services charge different rates. Each rate is multiplied by the number of days the vessel is engaged and the expertise applied. “Yes, all our assets are insured, and the insurers will reimburse us to the extent permissible by the contract on the repair to a maximum of about 80 percent.” Adeniji added that the management all the information required of the

insurers to enable it recovers costs, and hoped the repairs would be concluded before the year ended to enable it resume operations barring unforeseen circumstances. According to him, “We have been significantly impacted in terms of revenue generation because we have not worked since August 28th.” Pipeline damage The company said the pipeline was broken into 2 parts on 28 August 2012 when a vessel dragged anchor over the pipe line at the Lome Tjunction, and has identified the location and the magnitude of the damage. Consequently, the damaged

pipe joints have been removed and are in the process of being replaced, while a construction barge has been hired to fabricate the replacement 6-pipe joint spools. It added that concurrently, action plans are being developed for removing water and drying the main and the lateral lines after which gas will be introduced, and expect to commence operations before December 25, 2012. WAGPCo, however, reiterated that the Incident did not affect marine life and the environment in Lome, no impact on the livelihood of the people, no sheen on the water surface, and no injuries sustained by any person Besides revenue losses and repair costs, the WAGPCo chief executive said the incident has also distracted management from other planned activities including its marketing development programmes in the West African region.

From left: Founder of Zenith Bank, Mr. Jim Ovia; Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke; and Nigerian Ambassador to the US, Mr. Adebowale Adefuye, at the 3rd Nigeria Investment Summit in New York, recently.

SUBSID Y SC AM oup calls ffor or caution UBSIDY SCAM AM:: Gr Group on Ubah’s prosecution


non -governmental organization, Centre for Truth, Justice and Fair Play (CTJFP) has called on the Federal Government and the Nigerian Police to exercise caution in the handling of the case of alleged subsidy scam, involving the Managing Director of Capital Oil and Gas Industries, Mr. Ifeanyi Patrick Ubah. The group urged President Goodluck Jonathan to intervene in what it described as plot to hijack the businesses of some Nigerians operating in the downstream petroleum industry, particularly from the eastern region. Ubah and some top C M Y K

management of the company were detained by officials of the Special Fraud Unit (SFU) on alleged fraudulent diversion of petroleum product, forgery and economic sabotage. It is imperative to inform all that Ubah and his staff voluntarily went to SFU on the invitation of the Commissioner of Police. But in a statement signed by the President of the CTJFP, Dr. Nathan Ochuko, the group noted with dismay, the manner in which the oil guru and his staff were detained and their hasty arraignment in court without proper investigation, thus eliciting concern that their travail may have other political

undertones with the intent of bringing down an establishment that has contributed immensely to the economy of Nigeria, through employment creation. They noted that “It is worthy of note that Capital Oil and Gas, one of the major players in the downstream petroleum sector, has very huge investments in the sector and providing direct and indirect jobs for over 5,000 Nigerians. “The firm boosts of the biggest state-of-the-art storage depot, with a capacity to hold over 196 million litres of fuel. The depot has a 32 arms loading gantry with a 56 million daily load out capability that can take 1,600

trucks in a day. “The company also has nine large barges and 12 tug boats and a deepwater jetty capable of docking four large sea vessels simultaneously. To ease the distribution of fuel to all nooks and cranny of the country, Capital Oil invested in the acquisition of 700 petroleum trucks and also constructed an ultra modern truck park with the capacity to house 1,100 trucks. The truck park located along the Oshodi-Apapa Expressway in Lagos, has also contributed in decongesting the heavy traffic created by trucks that queue and park along the expressway awaiting their turn to be served products at the depots.


Communities protest sale of OML 30 BY EMMA AMAIZE


IFTY-FIVE oil and gas producing families in Urhobo and Isoko communities of Delta State, under the aegis of Association of Oil and Gas Producing Communities, have called on the Federal Government to halt the sales of Oil Mining Lease, OML, 30. They made the call in a communiqué signed the president and secretary of the association, Mr. Joseph Abinogun and Mr. Felix Atojare respectively, following an extra ordinary meeting in Warri, saying that they were not contacted in the negotiations for the transfer of operatorship. The oil block is located onshore Nigeria’s Niger Delta, approximately 45 kilometres east of Warri, and covers an area of 1,095 square kilometres. In July, British Heritage Oil, in partnership with Nigerian Shoreline Power, agreed to buy a 45% stake in OML 30, divested from oil majors Shell, Total and ENI in a $850million deal for the operation of a segment of the Trans Forcados pipeline. Among those who attended the meeting were former chairman, Ughelli North Local Government Area, Chief George Osikorobia, Prof. Omo-Udogo, Prince Philip Abuke, Alhaji Mumakai Unagha, Mr. Abel Ato, Amos Akeh, Pastor Daniel Anibor and Prince Oharisi. They insisted that Shell was lawfully bound to give them first refusal under the Local Content Act of 2010, before bringing people outside the families for the purchase, adding that they would continue to resist the sale until justice is done. The association resolved to join the current suit before the Federal High Court Asaba challenging the sales should SPDC and the government fail to address their demand. The families agreed in the communiqué to collaborate with the Chief Peter Asagba -led OML 30 committee to ensure effective representation, noting that they have implicit confidence on the committee. They dissociated themselves from the various publications made by some persons purporting to be representing oilproducing communities in Urhobo and Isoko, pointing out that they were not members of Oil and Gas Producing Families.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012—27

Funding, bane of solid minerals development BY JOSEPH ERUNKE, Abuja


inister of Mines and Steel Development, Mr. Musa Mohammed Sada, has identified funding as a major problem of the minerals and metals sector of the Nigerian economy. He said a realistic method of funding was necessary if government is to achieve the goal of diversifying the nation’s economic base from oil and gas to solid minerals. Sada spoke through the Permanent Secretary of the ministry, Mr Linus Awute, during the visit of the Senate Committee on Solid Minerals, led by its Chairman, Senator Abdulahi Adamu, last week in Abuja. “Until there is a consistent funding window built on equity and justice for the development of solid minerals sector of the economy, the desired results can hardly be achieved,” he said. He explained that the sum of N340million only was released to the ministry towards the end of September, out of the N834.57million appropriated for 23 capital projects; include drilling of boreholes, procurement of geological equipments, consultancy services for reclamation of abandoned mines among others in the year 2012. “With regards to the 2012 budget, the ministry has 23 capital projects all of which are in progress,” he said. Sada disclosed that payments for completed projects have been made and the projects execution was presently 73.24 percent, and gave the assurance that the ministry would achieve 100 percent project implementation by the end of 2012, if funds were disbursed timely. He attributed the delay in project execution to untimely release of approved funds, saying that the ministry was proactive in addressing various problems confronting the nation’s minerals and metals sector. “The ministry had evolved a comprehensive roadmap that captures all the challenges and their respective solutions for the sustainable development of the minerals and metals sector,” he said. C M Y K

Nigerian Content Act: Stakeholders share experiences 3yrs on EGUFE YAFUGBORHI, Port Harcourt


gainst a self determined pass mark by the enforcing agency, at the 3rd Port Harcourt International Oil and Gas Conference, some stakeholders were less than impressed on the progress made in arresting capital flight from the industry with the instrument of the Act three years down the line. Once every year, since 2010, the Government of Rivers State which prides itself as the capital of Nigeria’s oil and gas industry, gathered stakeholders to stir debates aimed at sharing ideas to move the industry forward and to support positive developments. With the theme, “The Nigerian Content Act and Deregulation: Issues and Prospects”, the just ended 3rd Annual Port Harcourt International Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition (PHIOG), initiated by the Rivers State House of Assembly (RVHA) in collaboration with the Organised Private Sector (OPS), exposed lingering abuses and challenges while offering projections on the strength of the act. Former Petroleum minister and OPEC President now retired into royalty as the Amayanabo of Nembe Kingdom, Bayelsa State, King (Dr.) Edmund Daukoru, who chaired the occasion set the tone for robust debate during the three day conference. He noted that in some business quarters with reference to a particular air transport provider in the sector, job responsibilities that could be easily handled by Nigerians are still reserved for expatriates. “At the hanger of this air service provider, that is where trucks are employed to pull aircrafts out and in to fly or to park after landing. It would surprise you to know that Nigerians are not engaged in this task. For God’s sake, what is so technical in dragging a craft in or out of its parking lot with a truck that Nigerians cannot handle,” Daukoru wondered. “This is just one of several cases. If you understand the point I am making, you could point to several abuses where the policy concerns intellectual content on the act,” he explained. He also considered it absurd that production constituents for the industries including

From left: Business Manager, Oyo Business District, Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN), Mr.George Elkanah; Chief Executive Officer, PHCN Ibadan Zone, Mr. Folu Oyesiku; and Managing Director, Niger Delta Power Holding Company Limited (NDPHC), Mr. James Olotu, at the commissioning of the National Integrated Power Project (NIPP) injection substation, in Awe- Oyo, Oyo State, recently.



At the hanger of this air service provider, that is where trucks are employed to pull aircrafts out and in to fly or to park after landing

natural resources like Bentonite and Berite are in commercial quantity in Nigeria but they are imported to. “These are just shades of mud minerals which we have in Nigeria. Even the addictives you need to make them useful for the industry, substances like mica are all here with us, but we are not tapping them and we continue to import. This is not good for the local content implementation,” he added. Regulator ’s self appraisal While not disputing the observations by King Daukoru, the Executive Secretary, Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB), Mr. Earmest Nwapa, declared that the agency was making progress in checking continued nonconformity by industry players. In a paper presented on his behalf, Nwapa, however, decried the low public appreciation of the progress the agency had made, adding that to some extent, this is influenced by a bit of skewed perception of its responsibilities and the irregularities contained in the


Act. Nwapa noted that the law is not a ruling that every investment interest in the industry is taken over by Nigerians. “It is not about the Nigerianisation of the oil and gas industry. It is instead, about domesticating the industry mainly to ensure that the huge investment in the capital intensive nature of the industry is not repatriated to the home economies of the oil multinationals. We have discovered that in major investment projects in the sector, whether it has to do with ship, vessel or FPSO construction, rig or tank farm development, the contract components of the fabrication or equipment procurement take overwhelming 90% of the contract sum. Owing to a mix of lack of human capacity, fund and production or fabrication plants in procuring these components, the contracts are awarded to foreign interests and you just see a huge amount of Nigerian money shipped to develop other human beings and economies where the part are procured or fabricated,” he explained.

He continued, “With the Nigerian Content Act, even if Nigerians have no competence or the financial muscle to do the job, we can compel the awarding authority to ensure that the foreign corporation to do the job comes down to Nigeria to set up the production unit to produce or fabricate the tools, components or equipment. This way they cannot ignore the engagement of Nigerians in the project line because it would cost then more to import all the labour where Nigerians has competence. This ensures as much as possible that a significant portion of the 90% is dispensed within Nigeria. “In the long run, local capacity is boosted among Nigerians participating in the domesticated foreign technology. And you know in areas where there are proven local competence gaps there is a provision allowing for Nigerians to understudy the expatriates to take absolute control where full competence has been achieved sometimes with timelines set out for disengagement of the expatriates. That has challenged us to start taking a census and biometrics on how many expatriates are in our means, what each of them is involved in to determine when are abuses. It has also become imperative to procure a data of all Nigerians with valued industry skills to have a ready pool of local hands to check the influx of foreign interests at the point of engagement,” he elaborated.

28—Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012

From left: President/CEO BID, Mr. Cose Prieto; Managing Director/CEO, Midwestern Oil & Gas Company Plc, Engr. Adams Okoene; Company Secretary/Admin. Manager, Mr. Chris Omoru; and President, Total Quality Management BID, Mr. Craig Miller, during the presentation of quality award to Midwestern Oil in Geneva, recently.

Midwestern Oil grows production capacity to 19,000bpd


idwestern Oil and Gas Company Plc, a Marginal Field Operator, MFO, has given a boost to indigenous crude production by growing capacity to 19,000 barrels per day, bpd, up from 3,000bpd when it started production from the asset in 2008. One of the major focuses of the Nigerian Content ct is to grow indigenous capacity particularly in the upstream sub-sect of the Nigerian oil and gas industry, but only a handful of the indigenous operators have done well with their acquired assets. Speaking with journalists on recent breakthroughs and successes achieved by the company, the Managing Director, Mr. (A.C.) Okoene, said Midwestern Oil from the outset resolved to operate according to international best practice standards. He said the resolve is beginning to pay off as the company recently won the International Star Award for Quality, from Geneva, Switzerland based, Business Initiative Directions, BID, adding that the award is a forerunner to greater successes. “If a company is going to grow, it must have a solid basis on which it will grow and I believe that having a quality system that ensures that if the company is going to grow it has a basis that will help it grow and I think


…Wins BID quality award that is essential,” he said. Okoene said the company’s prospects are very bright especially as it was making overtures to acquire ore assets from the International Oil Companies, IOCs, to consolidate on its current assets, saying, “As we look into the future, we look to have additional assets, we need to expand the business, we have to ensure that we have a quality system in place that will enable us achieve the objectives that we

want.” He further explained that the company wants to acquire more assets because the management believed in its potential to grow. “But to grow will require additional assets nd that means one additional oil field because at the moment, we have just one. So we are actively pursuing additional assets, we have been talking with the major oil companies in Nigeria. We have been talking with

Chevron and Shell, with a view to getting an additional asset from them.” He said that Midwestern Oil has come a long way from 2003 when it acquired the asset, which originally belonged to Total E & P, formerly, Elf, during an oil block sale by the Federal Government for MFOs. He recalled, “We started operation in 2005 that was when I took over as MD/CEO of the company. The field that we own used to actually belong to a company called Elf. They drilled three wells in that field but did not do very well that is one of the reasons why the Federal Government took it over and awarded it to us.” To get to this point, Okoene, said the company started off with Canadian public quoted company, Mart Resources as its technical and financial partner, which provided the initial finance and technical support to develop the field. (OML?) “We have since paid off the development costs and the company is doing very well,” he added. The chief executive attributed part of the company ’s successes to its community engagement style, as unlike some of its peers and IOCs, Midwestern Oil has co-existed peacefully with its host communities. He said, “The indices by which you actually assess the success of a company that operates in the Niger Delta in Nigeria must include your ability to co-exist with the community because the Niger Delta is a difficult area for a company to operate in. so your ability to live harmoniously with the community, your ability to operate according to standards of Health Safety and Environment, HSE, and my company has done very well in those two areas.”

Oando launches new brake, clutch fluid


ando Marketing Plc (OMP), one of Nigeria’s leading petroleum retailers, has announced the introduction of Oando DOT 4 brake fluid, an extra high performance synthetic brake fluid available in all Oando retail stations nationwide. The fluid is suitable for automotive discs, drum and anti-skid brake systems, and clutch systems of all modern vehicles requiring DOT 4 applications. The launch of Oando DOT 4 is another significant milestone for OMP, as this category of brake fluids has been the exclusive preserve of a few major international oil and gas companies in Nigeria. Oando DOT 4 aligns with OMP’s strategy to create inventive

products that will increase value for its stakeholders, whilst advocating for the federal government to increase participation of indigenous companies in the Nigerian oil and gas sector. Commenting, the Chief Executive Officer, CEO, OMP, Mr. Yomi Awobokun, remarked, “This product is the result of years of dedicated research. As an innovative company, we purposefully strive to think outside the box to offer our diverse customers products that will improve their lives, the quality of their assets, and the environment.” Also commenting, the Head, Lubricants, Mr. Jonathan Sanyalou, said, “The chemical composition we have used to

create Oando DOT 4 brake fluid has generated a highly refined end-product that we believe will further enhance the driving experience and improve the overall safety of any motorist that uses it for his/her vehicle. The fluid offers several advantages to motorists such as firm braking pressure under all service conditions, excellent chemical stability and freedom from gummy deposits, high boiling points to prevent vapour forming in brake systems, protection for metals and rubbers used in hydraulic brake and clutch systems, and compatibility with other brake fluids meeting stringent standards set by the American Petroleum Institute.”

BRIEF Shell lights up Sokebolou, Yokri with N95.3m project EMMA AMAIZE & AKPOKONA OMAFUAIRE


ARRI – SHELL P e t r o l e u m Development Company, SPDC, has commissioned a N95.5million interdependency electrification project at Sokebolou and Yokri in Burutu Local Government of Delta State to ensure uninterrupted power supply to its host communities in the area. According to the General Manager, Sustainable Development & Community Relations, Dr. Philip Mshebila, “The commissioning of this electrification project is a demonstration of SPDC Joint Venture’s commitment to sustainable development.” Mshebila, who was represented by the Head, Government and Community Relations, SPDC -West , Mr. Donald Ovberedjo, added, “This is a significant project that will provide communities outside the national grid with steady power supply. We are particularly proud of this because it will help stimulate the local economy and enhance the economic and social well being of the people living in these communities.” He noted that the Sokebolou/ Yokri power system comprises of a 930KVA gas-driven generator, power transmission and distribution networks. Mshelbila appealed to the communities for further partnership, saying, “We hope that our host communities will continue to partner with us in an atmosphere of mutual trust and peace. We therefore solicit your continued support in creating the right environment for operations, as a panacea to development and progress for all.” Responding, Mr. Freeborn Igere, Chairman, Sokebolou Community and Mr. Fred Douperegha, Chairman, Yokri Community promised to maintain the peace, saying, “Today marks an important day in our lives as SPDC brings electricity to our communities, we know it will bring better things. The journey has not been easy but we are happy for this reality. “SPDC is not bad in every action, there are good times. We thank the SPDC staff who worked tirelessly for better relationship with our communities so that it will bring Optimum benefits for all stakeholders. We also appeal to SPDC to hasten up the completion and commissioning of water supply for our communities now that there is electricity available to pump the water,” they added.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012—29

Fuel subsidy subsidy:: Integrated Oil refutes briber briberyy allegation BY KUNLE KALEJAYE


ntegrated Oil and Gas Limited has refuted allegations levied against its top management for allegedly offering bribes to members of the Aigboje AigImokhuede-led, Presidential Committee on Fuel Subsidy Verification. It was alleged that the Managing Director, Mr. Anthony Ihenacho; the Assistant General Manager Supply, Mr. Humphrey Okoh; and the Financial Controller of the company, Mr. Akinwusi Julius, had on August 30, 2012 at the company’s head office, 19C Marine Road, Apapa, Lagos offered N1.5million to members of the Presidential Committee, an offence punishable under Section 63 (1)(a)(b) of the Criminal Law of Lagos State of Nigeria 2011. Accordingly, the accused were arraigned before a Tapa Magistrate Court in Lagos for the said offence on October 3, 2012. The company’s Chairman, Capt. Emmanuel Ihenacho, in a statement made available to Vanguard said the allegation is the latest in a long and endless list of lies and fabrication aimed at tarnishing the image of the company. “There is absolutely no truth whatsoever in the allegation of bribe giving levied against our company or our company executives. We have not given any bribe to anyone in respect of a wish to subvert the work of the Subsidy Committee. “There is no reason why we should give anyone a bribe for any reason, most certainly not to the members of the Presidential Task Force on Subsides, as Integrated Oil and Gas had cooperated fully with the investigation of all the investigative committees set up in respect of the fuel subsidy probe and there is absolutely no cause or reason why the company would wish to ‘influence’ the work of the various subsidy probe committees which have been set up. There is no reason to offer a bribe to anyone. “For the records, it bears repeating that Integrated Oil and Gas has cooperated very fully with the work of all the probe committees so far including the Ministerial and Presidential Committees on Fuel Subsidies, both headed by Mr. Aigboje Aig-Imokhuede. C M Y K

Energy conservation: Eko PHCN launches energy saving bulbs BY KUNLE KALEJAYE In its efforts to complement the Federal Government’s campaign on energy conservation/efficiency across the country, EKO Distribution Company has launched energy saving bulbs also known as LED (light emitting diodes). The Chief Executive Officer, CEO of Eko DISCO, Mr. OladeleAmoda, said the move is aimed at creating awareness for electricity consumers within zone on the advantages of using LED bulbs, which will reduce the cost of energy consumption in the country. Speaking to newsmen at the company ’s Head office in Marina, Lagos, during the launching of the bulbs, Amoda said, “Energy saving bulbs have been around for a couple of years. But they only



From left: Chairman, House Committee on Power, Hon. Patrick Ikhariale; CEO of PHCN Ikeja Distribution Company, Mr. Chris Akamnonu; and Hon. Abdul Razak Nuhu Zaki, member, Committee on Power, during the committee’s over sight visit to Ikeja DISCO in Lagos, recently.

LED light bulbs use about half the wattage of fluorescent lighting, about six watts of power versus 14 watts of power for a Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) light bulb

got popular in 2007, after the Austrian government decided to ban standard bulbs and replace them with energy saving bulbs. This reduces carbon dioxide emissions, which is environmentally friendly. Energy saving bulbs are said to be five times more efficient than standard bulbs.” Commenting on the lifespan and consumption rate of the newly launched bulbs, the Eko boss explained that LED


bulbs last upward of 60,000 hours before needing replacement. “LED light bulbs use about half the wattage of fluorescent lighting, about six watts of power versus 14 watts of power for a Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) light bulb. “For a LED bulb’s lifespan, about 340 kilowatt hours of electricity is used. CFL bulbs used over 60,000 hours (6

bulbs) will use around 840 kilowatt hours of electricity. As far as energy efficiency goes, LED light bulbs are about 5 times more efficient than fluorescent lighting.” Stressing the need for electricity consumers to embrace the use of energy saving bulbs, Amoda said, “Embracing energy efficiency and conservation can therefore make significant impact on system stability and reliability. Energy saving derived from efficient usage and conservation can be diverted to commercial and industrial usage. “The rising cost of fuel and electricity makes the need to conserve energy every more evident and the growing need to adopt environmental friendly technology and renewable energy.” He listed projects earmarked

for completion before year end in the zone to include the reinforcement of critical 33KV, 11KV feeders and rehabilitation of distribution substations for effective evacuation and distribution of power into all customers of Eko Zone and the replacement of obsolete 33KV and 11KV Switchgear in various locations among others. President Goodluck Jonathan had in May 2012, launched the energy saving bulbs in Abuja with a view to encouraging Nigerians to buy the bulbs in order to reduce the cost of energy consumption in the country. Manufacturers were also encouraged to come to Nigeria to begin the local production of the bulbs as well as encouraging local manufacturers of electricity bulbs to change to LED bulbs.

Committ ee pr omises tto o salv age abandoned Committee promises salvage power projects BY KUNLE KALEJAYE


he House Committee on Power has reiterated that it would undertake a comprehensive audit of ongoing projects in the power sector as part of its oversight function to ensure full implementation of the 2012 budget and tackle abandoned projects in the sector. Abandoned projects in the power sector have continued to escalate in recent time, resulting in duplications in subsequent budgets. In an oversight visit to

Power Holding Company of Nigeria, PHCN distribution companies in Lagos, the Committee Chairman, Hon. Patrick Ikhariale, said the purpose of the visit is to ascertain the level of implementation of the 2012 budget. Ikhariale said members of the committee have the constitutional right to clinically examine the current state of the 2012 appropriations executed in the power sector and address the increasing rate of abandoned projects.

He said, “We know that there have been lots of controversies with regard to the level of implementation of the 2012 budget, especially in the area of capital projects. “Our visit can be captioned as, ‘the Moment of Truth’ because we are on a fact finding mission to all the distribution companies of PHCN in the country. We are not here to witch-hunt anybody, but we are obliged to carry out our constitutional responsibilities in terms of oversight visit. “We have agreed during our previous visits that ongoing and abandoned projects should be given priority in

order to overcome the abandoned projects that are scattered across the country.” Speaking on the privatization of the power sector, Ikhariale said this was the only way forward but insisted that due process must be followed. “Privatization of the sector is still on but it does not mean that government should hands off completely. The Philosophy behind privatization is to improve service delivery in terms of power generation, transmission and distribution. You would agree with me that in recent time there has been improvement in power supply in the country,” he said.

30—Vanguard , TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012

Kia Optima, amazing transformation of a sedan BY THEODORE OPARA


HE transformation is beyond imagination. The Kia Optima has become the sedan to beat in the medium-size car segment after three successful model changes. From Asia to Europe and America, the Optima, like other Kia models has won great respect for Kia, giving the Japanese, American, and European models a good competition. Gone are the days when the Optima was looked down upon. It has established itself as one of the best sedans in its class. A totally grown up sedan, the Optima has been described in many quarters as a masterpiece of engineering thanks to Kia engineering team and the input of former Volkswagen Group design chief who brought his wealth of experience to bear in the new Kia models. You would not be surprise to hear people arguing whether the new Kia Optima is an Audi or Jaguar sibling, when they look at it from the rear from a distance. The same goes for the all new Kia Sportage which looks like a compact Audi SUV That is the level of transformation that has gone into a nameplate that was not reckoned with many years ago. From design to safety, comfort and engineering, the all new Kia can be rated five-star. It is modern in every sense and full of clever technology that one could hardly resist, which could have informed the award of ‘Best designed sedan’ conferred on the Optima by the Nigerian Auto Journalist in 2011, barely three months after it was released into the Nigerian market. Though the new Optima is available in two engine variants: a 2.0 and 2.4 theta II engine. But Kia adopted the 2.0 litre powerplant as the Nigerian specification. Also available are two transmissions in the new Optima line up — sixspeed automatic transmission and sixspeed manual transmission. The automatic version with advanced software ensures that gear shift occur at optimum point, the manual gate is C M Y K

positioned on the driver’s side for easier operation. The Optima automatic transmission comes with Active Eco System which optimises all the drive train elements to deliver significant fuel saving. This means that the Optima delivers higher performance with lower emissions. Parading one of the best designs ever in the medium-size car segment, the Optima looks sporty and modern. One glance at the car tell you that the designers never left anything to chance. "With a body shell conceived as a single futuristic unit, the hightech silhouette conveys all the clean, streamlined references it designers could muster. The striking, sharply styled front end is further refined by the contrasting black of the signature Kia radiator grille, bezel frame headlights and lower air dam". The well crafted rear view of the Optima with LED rear lights complete the design of the Optima as the worthy winner of ‘Best Designed Car’ by the Nigerian Auto Media Awards (NAMA). Inside, the Optima reflects Kia’s high level of creativity. The Optima’s Muscular athleticism is carried through to the cabin. A cockpit area shaped around the drivers cabin with a sturdy four-spoke

steering wheel for complete control. The Supervision Cluster with 3.5'’ colour TFL LCD is unique in every sense. This high-tech, visually striking supervision cluster gives essential information such as average fuel economy, trip distance, distance to empty, open door

warning and outside temperature. At the same time, it allows you to fully customise the menu to your own desired settings. A truly smart car, the Optima offers you Bluetooth hands-free, auto cruise control, paddle shifters, multifunction steering wheel, etc.

Though the Optima might look compact from the outside,it has amazing space inside when compared to any sedan in its category. Headroom, and legroom have become generous for both front and rear passengers while driver comfort has received

particular attention with the driver seat incorporating an advanced memory system that remembers the settings for two different drivers. Luxury materials were freely used in the Optima such as leather and ventilated seats, panoramic sunroof, infinity sound system, offering six CD changer with audio system, MP3 as well as Aux, and ipod, USB input. The Optima is not all about beauty, and performance, it boasts the best safety features in its class. The Optima incorporates a whole range of state-of-the-art features to provide to the occupants. These include electronic stability control, large disc brakes, rear view camera, active headrests, hill-start Assist Control (HAC), airbags, etc.

Toyota named most valuable auto brand


OYOTA was again named the world's most valuable automotive brand in the recently published Best Global Brands 2012 by Interbrand. This year's report sees Toyota's brand valuation by Interbrand surge 9% and securing an overall Top 10 spot across all industries. According to Interbrand, Toyota's success is due largely to the continued customer loyalty, an

impressive line-up of environmentally-friendly products such as the Toyota Prius, and a strengthening appeal with younger customers. In June this year, Toyota also emerged on top for the second year running as the Best Global Green Brand. Interbrand highlighted Toyota's continued determination to maintain environmental sustainability as a top manage-

ment priority as a key part to the company's success story. Interbrand looks at the on-going investment and management of the brand as a business asset when compiling the Best Global Brands report. The methodology of the report takes into account a multitude of ways in which a brand connects and adds value to the organisation. Kerry Roodt, General

Manager of Marketing Communications for Toyota South Africa, is justifiably proud of this latest accolade: "It contextualises the award we received earlier this year in which Toyota was ranked the number one automotive company in The Sunday Times Top Brands Survey for 2012 and shows that in the global arena, the Toyota flag is flying high."

Vanguard , TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012 —31

Vice President to flag-off Abuja Motor show T

HE Vice President, Arc. Namadi Sambo will lead other dignitaries from the public and private sectors to declare the 14th edition of the Abuja International Motor Fair open tomorrow. The 14th edition of the Abuja Motor show is holding at the traditional venue, the Eagle Square, Abuja where over 50 companies from Nigeria and abroad will be taking part. Disclosing this during a media briefing recently, Mr. Ifeanyichukwu Agwu-Chairman, of the Organising Committee of the Fair said that acceptance of the Vice President, to declare the fair open underscores the seriousness of the Federal Government to encourage and support every effort geared towards developing the automotive industry in Nigeria. Mr. Agwu who is also the Managing Director of BKG Exhibitions LimitedOrganizers of the Fair noted that the presence of the Vice President will go a long way in reinforcing the aims and objectives of the show which is the fast tracking the development of the automotive sector of in Nigeria. His presence according to the Managing Director would give the needed encouragement and boost to existing and potential investors in the industry. According to him, "the Abuja international Motor Fair remains the unparalleled gathering of established auto and

•Jeep Compass auto related brands as well as new entrants, ranging from passenger buses, cars, trucks, spare parts, accessories, lubricants, financials and many more; adding that the importance of continuously staging the show cannot be overemphasized as all hands must be on deck to

promote and support investments in the sector, as it occupies a strategic position in enhancing the economic development of Nigeria". Continuing he said, "As part of our efforts in promoting investment in the automotive sector, in addition to the usual display of products and

services by participants, there will be the Automobile companies Managing Directors' of Automobile Companies Forum with Heads of arms of government, Ministries, Departments and Agencies whose activities impact on the sector. Virtually all the major brands of

automobiles, spare parts, accessories, lubricants, banking, insurance, regulatory and policy making agencies and bodies are taking part in this years edition. Feelers from most of the participating firms indicate that visitors to the various stands will enjoy lots of goodies. Some

have packaged gift items, lucky dips and many other forms of entertainments which according to sources will last all through the fair. We have packaged a fair that has something for everybody; visitors, participants and other stakeholders." The entire days of the Fair have been laced with lots of crowd pulling fun and side attractions. Visitors, Exhibitors and the general public that would be at the fair will experience a bumper of fun-filled days at the fair arena; adding that this will be a landmark and a benchmark in auto show business in sub-Saharan Africa". "Its going to be a bumper harvest for the expected over 100,000, visitors their socioeconomic status notwithstanding; every visitor would gain one thing or the other at the fair as we have ensured that almost the interests of all segments of the society are adequately catered for at the fair".

Weststar rolls out Mercedes-Benz, Jeep, Dodge models for Abuja Motors fair W

E S T S TA R Associates Limited, authorised general distributor of Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler and Dodge brands in Nigeria will be participating in this year's Abuja Motor Show with its full range of passenger

cars, vans, buses, and trucks. The company has already booked for a space of 600 square meters to display its products. The company will be parading premium products from Mercedes Benz including

the award winning Atego and Actros as well as the new Mercedes Benz 30 seater bus concept (world premier). From the Mercedes passenger car segment, the renown car maker will showcase the new B180 Compact Sports Tourer,

all new GLK and the recently launched ML 350. Others are the highly fuel efficient C and E-Class as well as the trail-blazing S-Class. From the Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge stable will come the Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Compass and Patriot. The Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup will be making its debut at the fair. The Dodge Caliber,

Durango Crewlux and Citadel will complete the number on the Dodge stand. The Jeep and Dodge models are available in 4 X 4 and 4 X 2 Version and offer high fuel efficiency. Jeep is renowned for making 4 X 4 vehicles with over 70 year experience. Meanwhile, Weststar Associates has promise special fair price at the motor fair.

Stallion lands in Owerri


From left: Pat Olney, President, Volvo Construction Equipment; Chief Michael Ade-Ojo, Chairman, ATC Nigeria; Eberhard Wedekind, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing at Volvo CE; Knut Ulvmooen,Group Managing Director, Dangote Cement PLC and Adeoye Ojuoko, Head, Marketing/Logistics of ATC Nigeria during a visit of Volvo team from Europe and SMT Belgium to ATC Nigeria Ltd, in Lagos, recently. C M Y K

N line with global standard practice, Stallion Motors Nigeria, multiple automobile franchisees has inaugurated another ultramodern 3S facility (Sales, Service and Spare Parts) in Owerri, Imo State, South East Nigeria. Akin to some of Stallion’s facilities in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Calabar, Enugu and Kano, the centre seeks to raise the profile of vehicles marketed by the company, while guaranteeing the dealership’s commitment to prompt supply of

relevant parts and provision of efficient technical support. The new facility according to the company is crucial to the growing reputation of the products in Nigerian which has exclusive franchise for Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda, Honda, Hyundai, Ashok Leyland, Mahindra, Foton and SsangYong. A robust merchandising conglomerate, Stallion Motors recently repositioned Hyundai as Nigeria’s fastest selling passenger car and No. 2 most admired brand on the local automobile sales chart.

32—Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012

This Nigeria is a lie — ABC Nwosu •Awolowo: Chinua Achebe has been consistent •Presidency: Why S/East should field a candidate in 2015


HIS has been a long trip for you. From Ojukwu Centre Owerri to Arthur Nwankwo’s birthday in Enugu, World Igbo Day in Asaba and back to Enugu. How did you find the roads It was a harrowing experience for all of us Commodore Ebitu, Ambassador George Obiozor and myself. But it opened our eyes to the infrastructure collapse in the South East. It appears to be the same situation nationwide even though we think that the South East is worse than the rest of the country. The recent floods have greatly exacerbated the matter especially in Kogi, Benue, Anambra, Delta among other states. It is my expectation that the Federal Government will raise a serious multi-disciplinary and interministerial task-force team to deal with this matter as an emergency. It is also my expectation that by the time the rains stop and the dry season comes, the task-force team including Army Engineers shall utilize the dry season to relieve the extreme suffering that Nigerians are going through now. If countries can deal with earthquakes, Tsunamis and Hurricanes Nigerians must prove to the world that they can deal with this matter. What are the implications for the hardening of positions by the various ethnic nationalities in the country? The present disequilibrium in the polity is created by the elite and must cease so that the masses can breathe and enjoy the benefits of the wealth of Nigeria. The disequilibrium has a cause and that is because Nigeria is living a lie. First our constitution says we the people, that is a lie. Two, our name says Federal Republic of Nigeria, that is also a lie. Government must see how the nation can be enabled to practice true federalism and how the constitution must be drawn to reflect the wishes of Nigerians. When these two are done, Nigeria will begin to be true to its name and constitution, the disequilibrium will go and the masses will begin to enjoy greater democracy dividends. So do you think that the current upsurge in the agitations of the different micro nations in Nigeria will vanish through the practice of true federalism? C M Y K

PROFESSOR ABC Nwosu, a former Minister of Health is one of the founding members of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and was secretary of the National Burial Committee for the Ikemba Nnewi, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu. He is also a member of the Board of the Ikemba Odumegwu Ojukwu Centre. In this interview, Nwosu speaks on the 2015 Igbo presidency project, infrastructural collapse, the general state of the nation and the controversy trailing Professor Chinua Achebe’s latest book –‘ There Was A Country’. He spoke at the end of a long trip that took him through Abia, Enugu and Delta States. Excerpts: states has shown that whenever you constitute a minority into a majority by creating a new state, new minorities will emerge in the state. Therefore, it is best to adopt the six-regional approach. The six regions, in my view, without abolishing states, are a better guarantee for the protection of minorities. The matter of a President of South East extraction has again become a central issue with Ndigbo. Why? It will continue to be an issue until a president of Federal Republic of Nigeria comes from the South East. The longer it is delayed the more dangerous it becomes. It is a matter of pride. It is a matter of ahamefula. Beyond these two, it is a matter of a full bodied and able and competent person who can contribute to the development of his fatherland in

*Nwosu: Our constitution says we the people, that is a lie I definitely think so. The agitations arise because the constituent micro nations be them Yoruba, Ijaw, Igbo, Tiv, Hausa, Fulani etc don’t want to lose their identities and don’t want to be maltreated in a country they call their own. In Igbo land we call it ahamefula. Federalism ensures that in a plural society all micro nations are enabled to self actualize. This is why our founding fathers chose federalism and we must return to that federalism. Without true federalism there will continue to be agitations at some stage or the other by the various ethnic groups. Nigeria needs a system of shared



The present disequilibrium in the polity is created by the elite and must cease so that the masses can breathe and enjoy the benefits of the wealth of Nigeria. The disequilibrium has a cause and that is because Nigeria is living a lie

power which is implied in federalism. The states as presently constituted are too weak to share power with the centre. That is why I favour geo-political zones being created into regions without abolishing states. Creation of


solving key problems being excluded from doing so. Any day that he suffers from these problems, he will deeply resent the fact that his brethren have contrived to keep him away. For these reasons, therefore, Ndigbo should field a

presidential candidate in the year 2015. For them not to do so, will be to deliberately sentence themselves to insignificance and oblivion in Nigeria. How can this be achieved given the division in the leadership of Ndigbo? There are three key requirements. First, the Igbo must be convinced in their minds, bodies and souls that they want to produce the president not only because they are Igbo but also because they want to change the course of the nation’s history for good. Secondly, the Igbo must strategise for it and put their best foot forward by presenting a Nigerian who other Nigerians and the world will see that he is competent to address and redress the nation’s problems. The presidential contest is not for incompetent persons and certainly not for political rascals and rabble rousers. Thirdly, the Igbo must rally round and support an internal leadership in this project that can effectively liaise with other geopolitical zones in order to build a national consensus. All kinds of persons currently masquerading as Igbo leaders must stop their game so as to permit a true leader from the present crop of genuine leaders to play the role. Genuine leaders like who? The late Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu was a model in genuine Igbo leadership. The late Dr. M.I. Okpara was one too. Currently, Commodore Ebitu Ukiwe is one. He is strong-willed, decisive, focused and possesses the strength of character for this kind of pursuit. He has not shown that he can be easily compromised or distracted. I am sure there may be others like him. For example, Barrister Olisa Agbakoba, even though he is young, is very straight forward and steadfast. These are the kind of people that Ndigbo require now. How do you see the Continues on page 33

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012—33

six classrooms,. The teachers know who gave them the best training facilities and promotion without tears. They know who gave them Olokola free trade zone capable of employing over two hundred t h o u s a n d children of this state, the Ondo state University of technology. The know Ikale, Ilaje and Ijaw people know who gave them the Alape bridge, the Aboto bridge, the igbokoda – Ayetoro seaside road which was the first time man would ever drive a vehicle to those sides. They know who gave their children bursaries


PDP is united to win — Lawal BY DAPO AKINREFON


HAT is your assessment of the political landscape in Ondo state? The temperature of the people is very high. There is apprehension and frustration. The expectations of people from government have not been met. There is unemployment and poverty, the magnitude of which has not been seen before. A government with such a loud voice in the media but without anything to show for three and a half years. No single road can be pointed at as a completed project. Only one three ward maternity hospital in three years. And yet over N600b has accrued to the state since February 2009. It’s a terrible experience for the people. But how do you view INEC’s readiness for this election? First, we believe INEC must do all within its power to make this election free and fair and so far we have no reason to complain. If INEC can deliver on all measures it has promised so far, then I will say we are ready for credible elections. Secondly, the electorate must also do all within their powers to make their votes count by voting according to their conscience. The security agencies must be alive to their responsibilities and must show impartiality and

MR Saka Lawal, the Deputy Governorship candidate of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Ondo State, in this interview, he explains why he left the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN for the PDP and the party’s chances in the October 20 elections. Excerpts: forthrightness. Now I know this last count has always been the albatross of Nigerian elections. I also know that this is the absolute hope of our opponent! I believe in the President Jonathan’s deliberate efforts to make elections count in this country. Even if that is all he achieved in his tenure, Nigeria will never forget him. Ondo state is known to be very volatile and this is on account of the political sophistication of the people. The President must take particular interest in the elections as it counts either way for him in the international community. You know the greatest coup against bad governance is on the thumb of the people while the greatest coup against the people by the army or police is compromising the electoral process. We pray that will never happen. But how is your party coping with the perception problem generally attached to PDP? The PDP has no perception problem in Ondo state. In fact it has perception advantage! See, you don’t go the market to announce to the people about a falling rain. Everyone in the market sees the rain, they know the intensity and they

know its capability. One who is a hero is the one who is providing shade and succour to the people. The point is PDP and Chief Olusola Oke is the face of the opposition and hope in Ondo state, and there no one who can prove it better than me. I was in Labour Party from the beginning and I served for 22 months in that government and now I am deputy governorship candidate of the PDP. Let me tell you, the PDP is reaping the fruits of its diligence to the people in the past. So far, we have received not less than 1 million people into the party. I mean I have toured all the 18 local governments and all the 203 wards of the state with my boss and leader, Chief Olusola Oke, candidate of our party. We were never selling the party. Honestly, we were just keying into people’s frustration and desperation to get out of servitude. But Governor Mimiko described the PDP as a finished party and your ticket with Chief Oke as clueless and hopeless... The bible describes the devil as the father of perdition. The current tenants of the

*Lawal: PDP is the face of hope in Ondo Government House know that the game is over. You see, let me tell you their game. They seize the public by the juggler by suggesting some nationalistic sentiment whereas it is a strategy of deceiving and enslaving the people. They tell the people they are fighting for their rights but in the end they rape the people and enslave them. The People are no fools, the people know which party gave them 1,200km of roads. They know who gave them 400 blocks of

without tears. They know who established the popular Sunshine honey factory, the Sericulture project, the Cassava Processing industry capable of processing over 400 tonnes of cassava daily. Even the governor knows this and he is pulling up a strong face. The game is up, the plane has overshot the tarmac, the end has come for grandstanding, ineptitude and window-dressing.

PRESIDENCY: Why S/East should field a candidate in 2015 — Nwosu Continues from page 32

insistence of the South South especially Chief Edwin Clark on a second term for President Goodluck Jonathan in the light of this clamour for Igbo presidency? It is the right of any geopolitical zone to seek for the highest office in the land and so all the current six geopolitical zones are entitled. Sometime in the past, the South East reached an understanding to support the South South because it had not at the time attained the office of the president at all while South East had had it for six months (through Ironsi). Right now the situation is the reverse. It would therefore make sense to me if the South South can reach a similar understanding to support the South East. How the leaders of both zones resolve this and then approach the other four zones for support, will be a test of sincerity, C M Y K

accommodation and ability to present situations effectively by the leaders of the two geopolitical zones. The coming months will test how the leaders of the two geopolitical zones shall handle this sensitive and crucial matter. There are murmurs that you may contest the Anambra Governorship election in 2014. Is it true? No. No, no, no. It is not true. I am enjoying my retirement with my grandchildren and my major position is that young men in Igbo land should be groomed and given the chance to take up positions. As a masquerade, I have danced in the arena and I have given way. Younger masquerades must be enabled to perform. Anybody of my age who is still angling for elected office at any level should either examine himself thoroughly or subject himself to a thorough examination by a doctor. It simply means that person has

active players at 70 years of age.

*Nwosu: failed to groom a successor. In Nigeria people must learn not to hug the political space as

What is your view on the raging controversy regarding Professor Chinua Achebe’s latest book – There Was A Country? Whenever Achebe writes, it is good. His latest book is not an exception and I am not surprised that the world has taken notice of the book. The current controversy is also very good. In my view, it is forcing out into the public domain pent-up prejudices locked up secretly in ethnic minds. Hopefully, Achebe’s book will enable

Nigeria to cleanse its soul so as to permit the country to develop into a nation.

Ironically, Achebe said exactly the same thing he has just said about Pa Obafemi Awolowo in 1983 in his book titled “The Trouble with Nigeria”. In that book, he also had very unkind word for the Great Zik, for Tafawa Balewa, who he lampooned in his chapter on corruption and other Nigerian leaders. He only had kind words for Mallam Aminu Kano. This was predictable considering that he and Chief Arthur Nwankwo had dragged young Igbo intellectuals into the Peoples Redemption Party, PRP, in 1979. It is therefore clear that Achebe is consistent in what he says. His latest book is not about Pa Obafemi Awolowo, it is not about General Gowon, people should therefore not trivialize this serious book, which was about pogrom and genocide committed against Igbos and Easterners in 1966 and 1967 – 70.

34—Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012

Speed boats at Gelegele port

A sore in our democracy (2) Omoregie argues that Gelegele and other oil producing communities have symbolically become ‘sores in our democracy,' due to the neglect of the welfare and development of inhabitants of these communities Continues fromFriday edition By VICTOR OMOREGIE


N enquiry, one of the women, Madam Tejuraboh, who volunteered information, said they sent their wares through the port to places like Bayelsa State, Port Harcourt, Calabar, Warri, Lagos and even the riverine areas of Egun in Ondo State. She said it was cheaper and safer, adding that it eliminates the hassles from security personnel, who they usually met if they went by road. It was noticed that the water at the port was very turbulent, indicating that it was very close to the ocean. Another pointer to this was that nobody was seen swimming in it. While we were there, members of the Hausa community were looking for the services of local divers to help search for the body of one of their members who had mistakenly fallen into the lagoon. According to Musa Garba, the Head of the Hausa Community in Gelegele, Ibrahim (the deceased) had gone to answer nature’s call at the seaport and mistakenly lost grip of the edge of the concrete bay and fell into the lagoon.


On the concrete floor of the bay was a mixture of crude oil and droppings from aquatic animals caught, which made the floor very slippery. Next to the docking bay was the Dubril Oil Company’s loading terminal, where crude oil was being filled into one of the barges. As would be expected there were signs of illegal bunkering, with drums littering the entire port area. As we turned to leave the seaport, I shook my head in disbelief that the ‘famous’ Gelegele seaport had been reduced to mere waterside jetty.

Total neglect At the Health Clinic it was another story of total neglect. The windows and doors needed repairs. There were no signs of people, whether patient or medical staff. The young lady who called herself Nina, who sold telephone recharge cards in front of the clinic, said the clinic staff only came twice a month. At these times it was just to dispense local analgesic drugs to persons who needed it. Members of the community that needed proper medical attention usually went to Benin City,

emergency cases inclusive. At the community secondary and primary schools the state of disrepair was mild, as parents reportedly assisted the institutions with finance to meet some their needs. Although the schools were on holidays, Vanguard met some students who said, all the school needed was more staff. As if to compliment this statement, Mrs. Stella Mumea, a teacher at the primary school said “most of us are over-burdened with subjects and classes to teach. We are only managing to cope”. At the secondary school, the student population was said to be decreasing every year. The reason being that most of the students usually head for the urban towns, either to continue their education there or to learn a trade. All this to escape the boredom of village life which is over bearing in Gelegele. There is nothing appealing to keep them back. At the Dubril Oil Company flow station at Gelegele, it was case of continuous flaring of gas and its effect was noticeable. There was an unusual high temperature within the community. The zinc roofs of most of the houses were rusty. According to some members of

the community, in the dry season, the intensity of the heat would be very high, causing thirddegree burns at times. During the rainy season, the community experiences what is referred to as “acid rain”, which kills off crops and accelerates the rusting of most of the zinc roofs. The security guard was the only personnel that Vanguard met on site. He refused us access into the premises except with the permission of his supervisor. Asked when that would be, he said he could not say. However, Vanguard gathered from some members of the community, that the Dubril supervising staff came to Gelegele once a week, accompanied by a retinue of security operatives which included the JTF, Navy and Mobile Police. Asked why, one of our guides said that it was just to intimidate and put fear into the minds of members of the community. According to the youth, the

Federal representatives All this came through efforts of the elected Edo State federal representatives, in the persons of Honourable Ehiogie WestIdahosa, Samson Osagie (both of the Federal House of Representatives) and Senator Ehigie Uzamere, who worked tirelessly to ensure the incorporation of the Gelegele Seaport in the budgets of the federal government and that of the Niger Delta Ministry. The only way to get to the proposed seaport is by foot. There is no passable road that a vehicle of any make can drive through. After walking over a distance that took us about 20 minutes, we arrived at a wide expanse of clearing that still had some form of vegetation. Our guides then pointed to the area indicating

One wonders when Nigeria would learn to pay attention to its rural areas, especially those that are laying the “golden eggs” for now



per sachet. As to what they resort to as an alternative to clean water for cooking and having their bathe. One of the youths said they fetch water from streams in the bush. And this is over a journey of 12 kilometres as most of the streams in the area have been contaminated by the gradual leaking of crude oil and oil-spillage of varying degrees into most of them. The water-bed is also not spared as the oil seeps into the soil and then into the under-ground water bed. To cap Vanguard’s visit to Gelegele, we decided to get to the proposed site where the federal government intends to build a new seaport. Sometime last year President Goodluck Jonathan and the Federal Executive Council approved the design of the Gelegele Seaport in the 2010/2011 federal budget. The contract for the Consultancy Services for the design of the Seaport development at Gelegele was given to Messrs. Chris Epas Konsult Limited. The contract sum was N224, 989,864. The duration was for six months. The contract was awarded through the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs.

management of Dubril Oil Company is anticipating opposition to their continued stay in Gelegele because aside from the exploration of crude oil, the company has done nothing for the community. It was with disbelief that Vanguard discovered that in the entire Gelegele community, there was no sign of drinkable pipe borne water. To survive, the community makes do with sachet water brought from Benin City. For this, the community pays N20


that we were at the proposed site of the new seaport. From the look of what we saw, even the original surveyors would find it difficult locating the site. The different construction layout-points and beacons to indicate the exact site of the port have all been overtaken by grass and vegetative undergrowth. From the current state of the proposed seaport, the likelihood of the project taking off is very doubtful. There was nothing to indicate Continues on page 35

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012—35

Gelegele: The sore of democracy(2)

Algeria: Be sure you want to be there By VERA SAMUEL ANYAGAFU

Continues from page 34 that work might start there in the nearest future. As there was nothing more to record and coupled with the fact that the rush of the lagoon was heard close by, we decided to return to the community. We were advised by our guides that any mis-step on our part, could find us being pulled into the lagoon. The entire place was covered by green vegetation, half of which was water hyacinth that had the lagoon flowing under them. With the sun gradually setting and members of the community already retiring into their homes, one could predict that the nights at Gelegele were lonely and harsh. One of our guides said that for night life, it was just sitting around and singing songs to while away the time. Ironically, the inside of the homes were cooler and more comfortable than the outside, no thanks to the flaring of gas that is continually going on within the community. The arrival of the bus in the evening indicated that it was time to go back to Benin. If you miss the bus, the possibility of getting back to Benin is very slim as taxis are rare in the area. The only way you can get back to Benin is to board one of the motorcycles, ridden by some bare-chested young men, who dare the odds to ride to Benin. As we boarded the bus, I remembered the words of Pa Daniel Okotete, one of the elders in the Gelegele community, who summed up the plight of his community thus: “ Gelegele like other oil-producing communities have become like sores on the legs of the rich man, who is always gaily dressed to cover his legs.” One is wont to

part in the agitation that engulfed the Niger Delta, when the youths took up arms to fight for their rights and those of their communities. But at the moment, he says himself and his ‘army’ have laid down their arms and embraced peace. According to him, they still expect to be integrated into the Federal government’s Amnesty programme. Below are excerpts of Vanguard interaction with ‘General Obei’ How has life been treating you since you laid down your arms It has been hardship all the way. I believe this is the price we all have to pay for peace to reign. My lieutenants and I heeded the call of the Federal government to drop our arms, which we did, but sadly nothing concrete has been heard from the government.

Government's amnesty programme I am still wondering why we have not been included in the government’s amnesty programme. I am forced to believe at times that it might be because we are not from the core Niger Delta area. Government just concentrated on youths from Delta and Bayelsa States. It is even evident in the award of contracts to former militants to protect oil pipeline. You don’t have to be a magician to know that a majority of these militants involved in the protection of the pipelines are from the states earlier mentioned. What then are you proposing to government to help alleviate this suffering and hardship that you are talking about?


RIOR to a trip to Algeria for any intended reason, applicants should note that Algeria Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade expects them to be equipped with all existing factual laws for guidiance against unwarranted stressful sojourn. Travel Insurance: With strong emphasis on obtaining authentic travel insurance, the department of foreign affairs warns that applicants should make sure they posses a comprehensive travel insurance which is expected to cover for all medical costs,including all other imperative activities and trips intend to embark on in and around the country. Having classified the country as one large semi-desert country with possible threats of terrorist attacks, intending Nigerian applicants who have decided to embark on a trip to the country, should exercise extreme caution at all times and avoid if possible, non essential travel that may take them to desert and border regions, especially in the south and east end of the country.

Security and safety of lives It is imperative that as a foreign national and one who is not fully conversant with certain bidding laws, that you avoid being part of demonstrations and public gatherings of all sorts. It is also important that you seek the advice of any established contacts before your intended trip, and also, make arrangements so that your contact person could meet you on arrival. Be sure to stay at one of the notable hotels in the city. Although the crime rate in Algeria is moderate, there are a few serious crimes which intermitently occur in surrounding areas, and these attacks have resulted in fatalities and serious injuries and in most

cases, foreigners are often affected, the reason foreigners are advised to avoid traveling between major cities, especially when dark. Local laws and customs: Being a Muslim country, foreign nationals are expected to abide and respect its traditions, customs, laws and regulations at all times. You are mandated also by their law not to offend the religious beliefs, particularly, during the holy month of Ramadan. Modest dress should be worn at all times and women in particular should consider their dresses, especially outside main urban areas, to avoid unwelcome attention. The possession, use and trafficking in drugs are all serious criminal offences in Algeria and carry custodial sentences. Although you are not required to carry your passport at all times, you are advised to carry it on longer journeys, making sure a photocopy/ scan of your passport is kept somewhere safe. Do not attempt to take photos of any government building or security installation. This includes police and police checkpoints. Homosexuality is illegal in Algeria. Sexual acts between persons of the same sex are punishable by imprisonment and homophobic attacks can occur in this conservative society. Caution and discretion are advised at all times. Drinking rules: In as much as Algeria produces some wine and beer, which are served in some bars, hotels, restaurants and night clubs in the bigger cities, their rules however, do not permit alcohol to be served everywhere and strictly not served anywhere during Ramadan. Credit cards: In Algeria, ATM machines are not as widespread as can be found in other countries and credit card use is mostly confined to hotels and some businesses in the larger cities.

USTDA Grant supports clean energy distribution in Nigeria By PRISCA SAM-DURU

Teeming army of restless youths in Gelegele agree with Pa Okotete, as these communities have symbolically become ‘sores in our democracy, due to the neglect about the welfare and development of these communities. In sober reflection, one wonders when Nigeria would learn to pay attention to its rural areas, especially those that are laying the “golden eggs” for now.

Gov. Oshiomole should visit us – General Obei It would seem that the reoccurring decimals in every oil-producing community are a devastated environment, lack of infrastructure and lastly a teeming army of restive youths. It was this same scenario that Vanguard met when it went to Gelegele community located in Ovia North-east local Government area of Edo State. During the visit, Vanguard talked to the leader of the youths in the community, who was referred to as “General” Richard Obei. According to General Obei, he played his


The development of the seaport would have been a sure way to bring a lease of new life within the community. It would create jobs for the youths. When you entered into the community, did you see any of the youths doing anything tangible? An idle mind they say is the devil’s workshop. The youths should be empowered to take their minds off mischief. Youths the world over contribute immensely to the development of any nation. Our case should not be different. What would you want the government to urgently do for your community? Although the NNDC sometime ago laid the foundation stone for a proposed Skills Acquisition Centre, nothing concrete has been about it since then. With a Skills Acquisition Centre, a majority of the youths would be fully engaged. If government cannot integrate us into the Amnesty programme, it should complete the Skills Acquisition Centre for us.

To be concluded


S Trade and Development Agency, USTDA, an institution that helps companies create US jobs through the export of US goods and services for priority development projects in emerging economies has signed a grant worth $494,000 to Oando Gas & Power Limited to support the development of Compressed Natural Gas, CNG, infrastructure in Nigeria. The grant was awarded to fund a feasibility study to evaluate the viability of developing large-scale CNG refueling infrastructure in Lagos State, to meet Nigeria’s growing pipeline network. The new infrastructure, according to U.S. Consul General, Jeffrey Hawkins, who signed on behalf of USTDA, would include the construction of numerous refueling stations across the state, vehicle maintenance and repair facilities,

as well as provide an analysis of policy and regulatory issues surrounding development. Hawkins said: “This USTDA funded initiative holds the potential to generate significant US exports of goods and services as well as build business relationships between US industry and Nigeria’s leading gas company. The completion of the project will play a critical role in the Government of Nigeria’s efforts to broaden and deepen the country’s domestic market for natural gas.” The chief executive officer, Mobolaji Osunsanya, signed the grant on behalf of Oando Gas & Power, a company which the US Consul General noted, has identified the opportunity to develop the large-scale CNG infrastructure in order to provide cleaner and cheaper fuel to private and commercial vehicles throughout the region.

36— Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012

Okada riders slam Lagos over 3,000 crushed cycles *As task-force impounds 50 more motorcycles in a week A

s part of measure to ensure strict enforcement of the Lagos Road Traffic Law, over 3000 motorcycles, otherwise called “Okada,” impounded for various traffic offences by the state taskforce on Environmental and Other Special Offences were crushed last week. It would be recalled that Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State , had on August 2, 2012, signed Lagos Road Traffic Law. The state House of Assembly had on July 12, 2012, passed the bill into law for the governor’s assent. Men of the state task-force had recently, stormed major highways, particularly Ikeja and environs where the operation of commercial motorcyclists, popularly called, “okada riders” has been restricted under the road traffic law, impounding okada found to have violated the

restriction order. The motorcycles were impounded within the period of August to September, in the ongoing aggressive enforcement to ensure that okada riders comply with the dictates of the road traffic law. Consequently, aggrieved okada riders who spoke with Vanguard, described the destruction of bikes by the state government as anti-masses and a way to systematically wipe them out of Lagos through the destruction of their legal means of livelihood. According to Musa, an okada rider, under the umbrella of concerned riders, the crushing of the motorcycles, is a form of witchhunting by the state government to phase them out of business in the state. “It is unfair on the part of the government to go after us, we are not robbers, we work for our daily living. At least they

can sell the bikes through public auction if truly they don’t want us out of business.” Speaking on the destroyed bikes, Chairman of the Task Force, Superintendent of Police, SUPOL, Bayo Sulaimon, who supervised the crushing at the task force yard in Alausa, listed some of the offences to include riding on kerbs, driving against traffic and unauthorized places, operating at late hours, urging operators to either comply with the law or face its wrath.


ulaimon said, “This is to inform the operators that the law has started and there is no going back. The law has been passed, signed and gazetted and we are going to crush all the crush-ables at our plant in Oshodi to show our seriousness about enforcing the law. “The ones that cannot be crushed will be auctioned, but not in the state, so that they

Crushed motorbikes don’t constitute a nuisance again,” he said. He added that the taskforce has commenced gradual

warning to them because we won’t hesitate to impound any okada that contravenes any aspect of the law”.



The motorcycles were impounded within the period of August to September, in the ongoing aggressive enforcement to ensure that okada riders comply with the dictates of the road traffic law


enforcement of the law, “ we have not even enforced it fully. But this should serve as a

According to him, the operators were not arrested for prosecution as most of the

I have lost two motorcycles to govt already – Cyclist BY MONSURU OLOWOOPEJO takeholders in the commercial motorcycle operation in Lagos have continued to lament the decision of the government to crush 30, 000 impounded motorcycles that violated the new road traffic law, saying “the action is a threat to the high level of security Lagos enjoyed over the years”. The decision which came barely 24 hours after the hundreds of commercial motorcycles operators popularly called Okada riders under the aegis of the United Okada Riders Stakeholders’ Forum, stormed Alausa to protest over schedule two of the new



Okada riders law which banned them from plying 475 roads and bridges. They spoke to Vanguard with a lot of venom saying the law was draconian and crushing of the Okada would

further impoverish families in the state.


r. Nwana Boni, a commercial motor cyclist said “Since the state

government commenced enforcement of the new Lagos road traffic law, I have lost two motorcycles to the state government.” Boni added “This is the third motorcycle. “Due to the economic situation of the country, I had no option than to beg a friend who bought Keke NAPEP to sell his used Okada to me at a giveaway price.” He explained that after the “second motorcycle was impounded, I had no option than to lobby my friend to sell his motorcycle to me because I had accrued bills to pay; ranging from school fees, house rent and family members to feed.” According to him, “Arresting

and crushing our motorcycles will further increase the rate of crime in the state. The low crime rate being enjoyed in Lagos over the years was as a result of the high number of unemployed in the state who have embraced the Okada business.” Another operator whose two motorcycles were impounded and crushed, Mr. Micheal Egwu said that after he lost the second okada, he had to get another motorcycle at hired purchase term. “This was the cause of insecurity in the nation’s capital. If Okada riders were not banned from the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, the level of security would not have deteriorated as much,” he said.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012— 37

160 suspected members of 1 Million boys gang arrested BY EVELYN USMAN


offenders abandoned their motorcycles on sighting law enforcers and flee. Commenting on the protest staged by concerned motorcycle riders to the Office of the Governor recently, Sulaimon said, “They have the right to protest, but the government will be firm in what they do. It doesn’t in any way stop our job, those who intend not to obey the law, we are coming after them. They will be arrested one after the other and we will be out there on a daily basis”.


e reminded that the Road Traffic Law did not ban the operation of

commercial motorcycles but only restricted them on highways, bridges and some selected 475 roads. Sulaimon also said tricycles, also known as Keke Marwa are restricted from operating in certain areas, warning operators to comply or risk their vehicles being impounded. All Nigerian Autobike Commercial Owners and Workers Association, ANACOWA, Chairman, Mr. Ade Ikuesan, had in a statement co-signed with his secretary, Mr. Mordi Elvis, expressed misgivings at what he described as the blanket ban on okada operations in

Ikeja and its environs but stated his desire for dialogue. MOALS chairman, Mr. Tinjani Perkins, however, expressed support for the policy of the state government, explaining that it was meant to properly regulate okada operations in the state. According to Perkins, “We are not interested in protests, which some minute associations are planning. We are not interested in the court actions. If our members operate on the route the state government asks them to operate, there will not be any issue.”

he Lagos State Police Command weekend, stated that it had arrested an additional 160 suspected members of the dreaded ‘One Million Boys’ robbery gang currently terrorizing residents of the densely populated Ajegunle area of Lagos. The arrest of the suspects, brings to 290 suspected members of the robbery gang arrested in one week. The suspects according to Lagos police command’s boss, Mr Umar Manko, were arrested during raids carried out by teams of policemen from divisions under Area ‘B’ Command, Apapa, at the gang’s hideout. Residents of the area are currently living in fear following activities of the gang which usually operates in a group of 100s, daring security agencies. According to reports the gang would write letters, informing residents of their visit adding that most times, on receiving such letters, residents would flee their homes until the operation was over. It was against this backdrop that the CP reportedly directed men of Area ‘B’ command to mob up the area by combing the gang’s hideouts, which led to the arrests.


riefing newsmen, Manko said “It is going to be a sustained raid on criminal hideout in the area . We will continue till the end of this year, to ensure that the gang members are all arrested” The first raid which led to the arrest of 130 suspects he said, was carried out around hotels in the area at about 2am. It was gathered that some casual sex workers worked hand-in-hand with the dreaded gang members, by giving them information on the financial status of their male ‘customers’ and where to get them.. Manko therefore assured residents of the area of Police resolve to ensure that the gang’s name became a thing of the past, warning other members still out there to desist from crime or have themselves to blame at the end.

used to bring his materials with commercial motorcycles but after the ban, the materials were being conveyed with chartered vehicles.


Its business downturn for National Theatre food vendors, artists


ood vendors and artists at the National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos, have said that they are experiencing low patronage by customers. They made this known in C M Y K

separate interviews in Lagos a situation they attributed to the ban on commercial buses and motorcyclists. They also complained of high cost of transporting

goods into the National Theatre premises, also occasioned by the ban. Sunday Akpan, a metal sculpture artist, told the News Agency of Nigeria that he

kpan said the situation has led to increase in cost of production, adding: “the stoppage of commercial buses and motorcycles has increased the cost of producing one sculpture. “I have to charter a van to bring materials to the workshop and the van charges higher than what I use to pay using a commercial motorcycle,” he said. A food vendor, Mrs Fumi Temitope, said that she had lost many customers as a result of the ban. “My shop was usually filled with customers, especially on weekends but after the stoppage of the commercial

vehicles, it is only in the evenings that we get customers,” Temitope said. Another food vendor, Mr Yemi Williams, spoke in the same vein, added that bringing their food stuffs into the premises was becoming increasingly difficult and expensive. “I carry most of the stuff I use in cooking on the head or sometimes charter a van which add to the cost of the goods,” Williams said. While expressing support for the decision of the management, he said the ban was made for a “reasonable purpose and to ensure safety”. Williams, however, pleaded with the management of the complex to allow food vendors to carry their goods into the premises in commercial vehicles.

38—Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012

Memories are for ever (3)

Tinu, (29), a banker, recount what she described as a demeaning experience: When I got to the office, he’d asked someone to buy a can of insecticide and antiseptic. The whole can was expended on my head and I was made to tie a scarf around it for about an hour or more. Later, he put me in the bath and I was washed my head with the antiseptic. We finished the whole can and I was shocked at the amount of lice we killed that morning. I was happy for two reason. First, that I had escaped school that day and second, that I was finally rid of my tormentor. The next day, I was fished out of the assembly again. Some of the older girls had taken one look at my hair and concluded that I still had the lice eggs in it. They claimed also, that I had not scraped my hair clean as instructed by the headmistress. as soon as we stepped into the classroom, my teacher was reminded and in

turn asked me to see the headmistress, who asked me to go back home and scrape my head before I could be allowed back into the classroom. The girls started making fun of me again and kept their distance. Again, I cried all the way to my father ’s office to tell him



i, Ever yday, things happen to us. They might be good, bad, embarrassing, uplifting, disappointing, you name it. Depending on our perception of the event, years later, its memory still lingers on. It keeps springing up, even when you’ll rather forget it. Some of our respondents shared their stories of such moments with us. I know you have some wonderful stories you can share with us too. Please send your contributions to: The Human Angle, Vanguard, P.M.B. 1007, Apapa, Lagos. Or our e-mail a d d r e s s : Happy reading!

lice on my head that morning in Primary school. And guess what, she was coming in fresh, year one while I was already in year two. John, (32), an Engineer, narrates how he tried to play “Superman” to save a classmate: It happened way back in my Secondary School

Inside me, I felt like jelly but I had to put up a bold front. Should I succeed in pulling this off, I will not only be saving Andrew’s mathset but also myself from their constant jeering and abuses

of the development. He was very annoyed and ordered me into the car, driving straight to my school. That day, my father really told the headmistress off for her action. He asked her if she would treat her own daughter in such a manner. The headmistress was really shocked too because she had thought that my father was one illiterate, poor people they would usually treat anyhow whenever they follow their children to school. They made friends before he left and I was asked to go back to my classroom. Throughout that week, the girls treated me like someone with a very contagious disease, keeping me at arm’s length. I had never been so humiliated in my life. It took a while before the girls really accepted me back. But guess what, I still had the bloody lice for a long, long time after that. Those things were really stubborn. One day, while in my second year at the university, I ran into Miss Investigator herself, the girl who discovered the


days when I was in SSS1. There were some notorious bullies in the school in those days as expected, they were in all classes. So, I had some in my class. A clear picture of my person will shed more light on what I’m about to narrate to you. I was a skinny, quiet boy, just returned from Britain. One of those that usually go around minding their own business, pretending not to notice anything happening around them. Not because they want to, but because that is the only way to survive as they did not really fit into the society anyway, and neither were they really accepted. People call me omo mummy (mummy’s boy). There was this very notorious boy called Timi. Because he was so aggressive and ever ready to throw punches even for no reason, they called him Timi of Ede after the legendary warrior in one of those Yoruba fables. Timi was notorious for his insatiable desire to bully. He loved pilfering things from other students. They called it “claiming” in those days. So,

on this particular day, Timi was going about his usual unpopular rounds. He pounced on another classmate of our’s named Andrew and decided to “claim” his mathset. I watched as he harrassed the guy and when I could not stomach it anymore, I decided to step up on behalf of Andrew. The injustice was just too much for me to bear. So, I got up and walked up to Timi. It told him to give Andrew his mathset or have me to deal with. Believe me, I just didn’t know what got into my head or how I’d hoped to manage Timi if he decided to take me for real. Timi was shocked. He turned towards me, giggling and mocking, saying, ehn! John ke? As if to say, “ you John, of all people”? Suddenly, the whole class fell silent. All eyes turned on us. I guess they didn’t believe I could do such a foolish thing as that, especially since it was not my fight too. Neither did I have a clue of why I’d done it too. Then the silence became more intense as we held our cleft fists at each other, ready to start punching away. Inside me, I felt like jelly but I had to put up a bold front. Should I succeed in pulling this off, I will not only be saving Andrew ’s mathset but also myself from their constant jeering and abuses. As the seconds ticked away, neither Timi nor myself could decide on who should throw the first punch, so, we just continued to stare at each other with our clenched fists. Suddenly, I felt my lower lips trembling. It was a kind of reflex thing because it was uncontrollable. When I try to hold on to it, it will just tear itself off from the upper one, making one slurpy sound too. I was scared to death. When Timi threw a false punch at me, even though it wasn’t intended to hit me, I nearly fainted from fright. My whole body was shaking violently but I managed to swing a weak punch at him too. Asisited by Onozure Dania

To be continued

Friends Searching Males




RE you in a relation ship with a man who seems like he has one foot in and one out the door? It can really be painful and provoking to watch your man slipping through your fingers like sand through a sieve and have no idea how to fix the relationship. More painful still is realising that everything you do to fix the relationship makes things even worse. You can stop your guy from losing interest in you by redirecting your interest to something outside the relationship. Chances are he is backing away from you because he feels smothered or disenchanted with your level of attractiveness. Men need space in a relationship. When men lose interest most times in my observation, it’s because they can’t handle a woman’s emotional neediness or they don’t find her attractive enough to stay interested. By attractive, I don’t necessarily mean your looks. I am talking about how much he craves physical intimacy with you. His desire for you could be about your attitude and the way you interact with him as a sexual and compassionate woman, as much as it could be about your physical appearance. When you get interested in life outside your relationship, two things happen. One, you stop smothering him because you are getting some of your emotional needs met elsewhere; and two you have a more positive radiance about you because you are living life more fully and that glow is very attractive to most men. If you can redirect your interest outside the relationship, you will be trusting in the course of life and not trying to force your relationship. Some-

times, when we take our focus off our problems, our problems find a way of sorting themselves out. Yes, it’s always good to communicate in your relationship, but once you have spoken with him a few times about the state of your failing union, it’s best to let things settle its self for both of you. As mentioned earlier, your interest in areas outside of him will help him feel more room to breathe in the relationship and will also give him a chance to chase you around a little bit. It’s very important to know how to communicate with men and how to improve communication in a relationship. Being clear and direct from an open heart is the best way to get him to admit what’s wrong so that you both can fix the problems. Communication is how to make your relationship better. Tell him that you notice a shift in him and that you don’t want to feel lonely in a relationship. Let him know that you care about him and that you are open to constructive criticism if he is willing to open up a little bit and share his concerns. Approach him from a serious place but not a heavy place. Meaning, don’t make him feel like talking and opening up to you is going to end up hurting you even more. This will really shut him down. Find a way to feel eager to save the relationship over keeping your ego intact. Think of your relationship like a child you are raising with your man and take his criticisms or issues with a proactive attitude. You can still let things upset you and you can still show him that you are susceptible to his woundings by crying or saying that you are angry in a given moment. The important thing is not to blame him or get sidetracked from your mission to ultimately find a solution that works for both of you.

•Frank, 24, tall and slim, needs a lady aged 30-55,

•Prince, 32, 6ft tall, handsome and from Delta

state, needs a beautiful, faithful and God fearing girl, aged 18-29, f or a serious relationship, that will lead to marriage. 08094241681 •Gbolahan, 31, resides in Lagos, needs a God fearing lady, for a serious relationship, that will lead to marriage.08085733616 •Frazico, 30, a student, from Delta state, needs a lady, aged 20 and above, for serious affair. 07037593375 •A guy, dark in complexion, handsome and resides in Warri, needs a busty and beautiful girl. 07039048150 •Friday, 33, tall, humble, caring, hardworking, and God fearing, needs a comfortable, nice, caring and lovely lady who will love and take care of him, aged, 35-45.07052630006 •Onyechere, a graduate, from Imo state, needs an educated lady, aged 25-32,for a relationship, that

When he loses interest in you

will lead to marriage, as soon as possible, in Imo state. 08062355455 •A man 30, employed, needs either a nurse, employed or self employed lady, aged 30, for a serious relationship.08179472484 •Dear readers, please note that neither Vanguard, nor Yetunde Arebi will be liable for any error in the publication of requests on the Lovezone that may result in any form of embarrassment to any member of the public. Also note that we do not run any match-making agency in or outside the country. Any reader who transacts business with anyone claiming to be our agent does so at his/her own risk. Henceforth, only messages sent through the numbers readers want to be contacted on will be published. This notice is necessary in order to serve you better in our refreshingly different style. To get your requests published, just text it to the code number 33055. For further enquiries, call 08026651636. Cheers!

resides in either Warri, Lagos or Owerri, for a relationship. 07065186029 •Kehinde, 55, resides in Lagos, needs a beautiful lady, aged 35- 40, who is sexy, fat and hot, for a relationship.0802880I603 •Kenneth, 33, a graduate from Benin, needs a rich and employed lady, aged 35-40, for a serious relationship, that will lead to marriage.07089992417 •Prince,.45, tall, slim, chocolate in complexion, employed needs a matured and sexy lady, for a serious relationship.08032272625 •Victor, 42, tall, light in complexion, good looking and resides in Lagos, needs, a tall, beautiful and God fearing lady, aged 18-40, who is employed. 07055378615 •Onuabuchi, 33, tall, slim, a graduate, from south east, needs a lady, who is employed,aged 23-29 and God fearing, from south east or Benue state. 07034732954

Vanguard Vanguard,, YOUR LUCK TODAY

SCORPIO; Positive things are happening from (and around) you. The more enterprising you are the better for you today. And some of you will be mixing business & pleasure without harm. Lovers can have their way moderately. SAGITTARIUS; This is your day when things’ll go according to your plans. And you’re advised to hit very hard not minding minor pressure from your base. CAPRICORN; Once again success would come if you experiment with good ideas rightly at the right time. Those of you travelling are in for an exciting day.

— 39



By Joshua Adeyemo Phone 08056180139

LIBRA; Similar to yesterday but, today more emphasis’ll be on money. Thus those of you who are more financially ambitious’ll have better and rewarding day than others. However that is not to say you should neglect your health.


By Richard Eromosele


AM not an econo mist; but I know there is what is called ‘comparative advantage’. This simply put is the principle which encourages countries to produce goods and services for which they have comparative advantage in international trade. Under this principle, countries

Strengthening your areas of strength are expected to produce and export products in which they incur least cost. In other words, they should concentrate on areas they have advantage. As it is with nations, so it is with individuals. Every human no matter how


excellent, must have his areas of strength and areas of weakness. In other to excel, it is only proper that we further work on our areas of strength, so much that it will impact on our weakness. By way of analogy, let us exam-

in “Never say goodbye”

ine darkness and light. You don’t have to fight darkness. When the light is too much darkness will disappear on its own volition. Strengthen your areas of strength, and your weakness will continue to diminish on its own. Think out it!

By Lanre Kehinde

AQUARIUS; Early part of the day may bring you good opportunity along your business/business lines. Work and your health must be taken very seriously. PISCES; Like yesterday the Moon will operate from your Star sign again to the betterment of your cause. Think of both your immediate and far future now. ARIES You can still count on the supports of your tried and trusted friends. But it’s imperative you keep secrets as much as you can positively do. TAURUS; The more receptive and willing you are to give and take co-operation the better for you today. It’s wrong of you to neglect your friends in need now. GEMINI; You’ll have the needed opportunity to consolidate on progress you have recorded yesterday along your career/business lines. Try to work harder. CANCER; Element of luck will work favourably for you. Therefore you’re advised to expand the scope of your tentacle for better results. It’s another fairly favourable day for lovers who are more enterprising today.



“Princess Shii’

By Andy Akman

LEO; Joining forces with other people is not a sin but it’s important everybody knows the clear term of the venture , be it of short or longer duration. Be very practical. VIRGO; Many of you’ll travel either physically or within your mind; whichever one you’re involved with the out come will be favourable. Be more receptive, especially if your priority is commercial success. Take your new ideas more seriously today.

ASTROLOGICAL COUNSELLING Send yyour our dat th ttoo the As tr ological datee and place of bir birth Astr trological Counselling, PP.M.B .M.B 1100 00 7, Apapa, Lagos 007,

ASTROLOGICAL COUNSELLING BASIC CHARACTERISTICS OF AQUARIUS Aquarius is ruled by freedom loving Uranus-the planet of unpredictability, eccentricity and genius. Aquarius is friendly, loving, hopeful and very altruistic in nature. That is why they are nice persons who truly care for others, especially the less fortunate ones. They are loyal friend willing to belong to powerful social clubs or reasonable community. The quality of Aquarius is fixed. That means it is important for them to watch the way they change their minds on important issues; Uranus factor makes all Aquarius natives freedom loving and whoever tries to impose any idea on you will be resented The element of Aquarius is the air. That makes you an intelligent person with fair share of sense of humour. Aquarius is the star sign that rules considerable social influence, and the natives of this star have better chances to have at least some influential friends. Then, Aquarians are truly good friends and bad enemies; it is not in the best interest of anybody to frustrate an Aquarian.. Aquarius being a scientific sign. Aquarians can be inventive. Any Aquarian who falls to take his sudden flashes of ideas seriously is doom (to fail eventually) because, Uranus the ruler of Aquarius, usually bring success to Aquarians unexpectedly through ideas that come suddenly, and unexpected luck usually accompany their sudden inspiration and/or ideas. The most dangerous weak points of Aquarian are the tendencies to procrastinate things and willingness to take opponents or enemies for granted I mean you must not believe that some body you might have had heated argument with will not try to undermine your progress after what will look like intervention of peace makers.



by Lawrence Akapa

40—Vanguard , TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012

HONOUR: From left— Bishop Notteg, representing acting Vice-Chancellor, Wesley University, Sir Kehinde Smith; Oba Victor Kiladejo, the Osemawe and Paramount Ruler of Ondo Kingdom and Chancellor of the university; Governor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State and Bishop Ola Makinde, Prelate of Methodist Church of Nigeria, at the conferment of the Doctor of Sciences, Human Development, on Governor Akpabio in Ondo State.

‘No vessel needs clean-up in N/Delta'


IGER Delta Oil Theft Monitoring Group, NDDTMG, has debunked rumours that there were vessels in the region that needed to be cleaned up. According to NDDTMG, in a statement by its Chairman, Mr. John Denbofa, the said vessels were at Warri Port and accessible for a verification team to inspect. It said: “There is no vessel in the Niger Delta waters that requires clean-up; the said vessels are presently at the Warri Port. “We, therefore, crave the indulgence of President Goodluck Jonathan to send officials for the verification of these vessels to forestall

the intending fraudulent exercise.” The group said as believers in the seven-point agenda of President Jonathan, it was necessary to express “our displeasure over the nefarious activities of certain unscrupulous elements, who have professionally engaged themselves in oil theft without impunity.” NDDTMG alleged that it was the same persons that were claiming that some vessels needed clean-up in Niger Delta in an attempt to perpetuate fraud. It called on the Federal Government “to activate her security machinery to dismantle this impropriety.”

ACN accused of misinformation


CTION Congress of Nigeria, ACN, has been faulted on alleged penchant for false stories, lies, deceit and rumour spreading, which were said to be alien and inimical to the growth of genuine democracy. In a statement by its President, Jerome Awobote, Democratic Values Forum, DVF, said the attitude, utterances and write-ups of ACN leaders

have remained a cause of concern for genuine democrats, who rely on facts and exemplary characters to form opinion about the true state of the country’s democratic standing. The Abuja-based group said the false information being published by the party, especially against the Ondo State government, call for reaction “because people are being misinformed daily.”

Murdock, Oyedepo, others for Victorious Army convention


R. Mike Murdock, the world-acclaimed American televangelist and Pastor of Texas-based Wisdom Centre Ministry, will be speaking at the 2012 Convention of the Victorious Army Ministries International. Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo and other cleric will also be ministering.

It is billed to hold from Tuesday October 23 to Sunday 28 from 9am to 5pm daily with a thanksgiving service on Sunday at 8am. Speaking on the convention, the host and General Overseer, Rev. Joseph Agboli, said the convention, tagged Sufficiency in All Things, is scheduled to hold at the church premises in Ogba-Ikeja, Lagos.

HEALTH: From left— Dr. Emmanuel Owoyemi, CEO, Mental Health Foundation; Dr. Rotimi Coker, Consultant Psychiatrist; Dr. Bolanle Sarumi, Senior Registrar, Psychiatry, both of LASUTH, and others at the World Mental Health Day Walk organised by Lagos State Ministry of Health in collaboration with the Foundation, in Lagos, yesterday. PHOTO: Shola Oyelese.

One dead, 3 injured at Ebonyi illegal mine site BY PETER OKUTU


BAKALIKI—AT least one person was killed and three others severely injured at an illegal mining site in Ebonyi State, prompting the lawmaker representing Ezza South State Constituency in the state House of Assembly, Chris Usulor, to call on the Federal Government to intervene in the activities of illegal miners. Vanguard learnt that the illegal miner, Anele Nwite, died instantly as his head, hand and leg were severed from his body by a large stone which fell on the four illegal miners. Reacting to the development, the lawmaker stressed the need for the Federal Government to urgently intervene in the activities of illegal miners in the area. Usulor, who is also the House Committee Chairman on Education, called on the youths of the area to shun illegitimate means of acquiring wealth. He said: “I call on the Federal Government to intervene because in Ameka mining is promi-

nent and we have witnessed a lot of deaths resulting from illegal min-

ing activities. “The Minister said he will not stop the youths from mining but that they will carve out a special place for them to mine.

“He said he was going to assist them once they form a cooperative society so they could benefit from several facilities, including loan.”

Why Ekiti teachers must take test — Fayemi board. The summit, which percent in 2012.


OVERNOR Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State has reacted to the controversy generated by the compulsory test, which the state directed teachers to write, saying it was not a ploy to victimise or sack anybody, but to enhance the quality and knowledge base of teachers. Governor Fayemi said: “I organised an education summit when we came on

was chaired by late Professor Sam Aluko, came out with recommendations. The quality of our teachers was part of it. “Teachers are not in their best shape. Generally speaking, if we provide all the enabling facilities we have promised and we don’t have quality teachers, then there is problem. “A school in Ado-Ekiti that used to score 90 percent in WAEC, scored 9

“There is no way anybody can convince me to play politics with the lives of our children. I don’t have anything against the teachers. That’s why I’m not going to bow down on the test issue. “Employees have a pact with their employers. Ekiti is not the only state that will introduce test. It was done in Kwara and Bayelsa. It is not about retrenchment.”

Review death penalty, NGOs urge FG BY ONOZURE DANIA


S the world marks the World Day Against Death Penalty, human rights groups, Legal Defence and Assistance Project, LEDAP, and Nigeria Death Penalty Group, NDEPELG, have called on the Federal Government to put an end to death penalty as a capital punish-

ment in the country. LEDAP said the Nigerian government should not continue to ignore the need for the reform of the Nigerian criminal justice system. National Coordinator of LEDAP, Mr. Chino Obiagwu, said the group wanted government to reconsider its stand on capital punishment by abolishing death penalty and re-

placing it with life imprisonment. He said: “The World Day Against the Death Penalty is a day set aside for the people, the government and the world to revisit the challenges associated with death penalty. “It is also a day to remind the government of their responsibility to preserve life.”

NCAT targets W/Africa's aviation hub status BY KENNETH EHIGIATOR


IGERIAN College of Aviation Technology, NCAT, Zaria, has entered into partnership with organisers of Akwaaba African Travel Market to reach out to other countries in West Africa in the areas of aviation training. By this partnership, NCAT is to serve as the hub of training for aviation personnel in West Africa.

This comes as foreign airlines operating in the country have indicated interest to showcase their services at this year’s Akwaaba international travel exhibition coming up in Lagos from October 22 to 24. NCAT Rector, Capt. Chinyere Kalu, who disclosed news of the partnership, said it was in line with the transformation agenda of the present government. She said: “The current growth of NCAT and its

excellent positioning in the region is a reflection of the vision of the Minister of Aviation, Princess Stella Oduah, who has supported the college tremendously, and Akwaaba helps us reach more organisations to take advantage of the wonderful training opportunities available in Nigeria.” NCAT was recently rated by IATA as the best Aviation Training School in Africa and has seen tremendous growth in its services

over the past 12 months under the leadership of Capt Kalu, the first lady pilot in Nigeria. A statement by organisers of Akwaaba exhibition, signed by Mr. Ikechi Uko, said airlines such as Delta, Air Namibia and Rwandair would be attending as new comers, joining past participants such as Qatar Airways, Egyptair, British Airways, South African Airlines, Emirates and Ethiopian Airlines.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012—41


42 — Vanguard,TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012


Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012—43


44— Vanguard,TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012


Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012 — 45

Flood: Experts blame FG for laxity ••Call for mitigation, adaptation strategies By KINGSLEYADEGBOYE & EBUN SESSOU


Institute of Building Also, the immediate past Commissioner for Environment in Lagos State, Mr. Muiz Banire, had noted at a forum organised by the Lagos State chapter of the Nigerian Institute of Building NIOB, recently that the Federal Government over the years turned deaf ears to all the entreaties on her to build dams to store excess storm water and dredge rivers, especially Niger and Benue rivers to create cavity for capacity to hold water. He said accusing Cameroon of inundating the nation with flood water by releasing water from her Lagdo dam is misplaced because according to him, Nigeria was to have built her counterpart dam for water retention since the eighties, but she refused to build even when Cameroon built hers in 1982. According to him: “The Federal Government is insensitive to the plight of the people and until government

HIGH POINTS Flooded community in Delta State


xperts and environment stakeholders have continued to blame the Federal Government for the flood currently ravaging the nation. At different occasions, they have said that the consequence of floods being experienced in the flood-prone states of the federation could have been prevented to a great extent if government had listened to warnings and advice by experts to prepare for climate change which has become a reality. The experts accused the Federal Government of being insensitive to the plight of the people by not putting appropriate measures in place to tackle the challenges of climate change as other nations have done. At a conference of the Nigerian Academy of Science in Lagos last week on the forthcoming Annual Meeting of African Science Academics AMASA-8, which is billed to take place in November, the president of the Academy, Prof. Ibidapo Obe who decried government’s nonchalant attitude towards the reality of the present problem, said climate change had been predicted 15 years ago without any step taken to stem its anticipated impact.

Obviously, government has not responded properly because in advanced countries, there are signs and warnings all over the place that people should be prepared for climate change and Nigeria is not excluded


makes the welfare of the people the crux of governance and centre of development, we will continue to expose the people to avoidable danger and unnecessary hardships. The number of people killed and displaced and the property destroyed will be on the increase unless necessary measures are taken as the effect of climate change will continue to affect the people, as with the intensity of rainfall, water will always find its level. Thus all mitigative and adaptive

measures must be taken to tackle the effects of climate change while emergency management machinery should be oiled and made ready all the time,” Banire stated. Prof. Obe added that “climate change is a big issue that has been with us for a long time. We saw it when we went to Ghana. In March, we all saw its effect but it seems Nigerian government is sleeping over this serious issue”. Lamenting the consequence

of flood disasters across the country as currently being experienced, he stated that if the government had done enough in terms of prevention, adaptation and mitigation against climate change, what is happening in those states that have been ravaged by floods would not have happened. He said: “If we can predict very well the amount of water that is coming, know the size of out channel then, we will be able to know what level of overflows to expect. The fact is that, climate change will not only cause flooding in flood prone areas, it will also cause draught in draught prone areas. It will bring about more draught in the Sahara region and more water in the South. Obviously, the government has not responded properly because in advanced countries, there are signs and warnings

Climate change can be mitigated, we can set up adaptation measures to correct and accelerate the impact that it can cause. We can only reduce the effect of climate change but they are inevitable. We have all contributed to things that have caused global warming and so, it is inevitable. We need to set up mitigation and adaptation strategies to combat the effect of climate change.

all over the place that people should be prepared for climate change and Nigeria is not excluded”, he noted. Urging Nigerians to be prepared for disasters, he said, although Eko Atlantic City project in Lagos is a beautiful idea, it has destroyed the ecosystem. “I live in Lekki and whenever it rains, one needs to wait for hours, if not one would have to swim. What we are doing to the environment Continues on page 47

How to install security system in your home


O you know that you can actually save money and time by installing your home security system?Whether installing a hardwired or wireless home security system, doing it yourself is easy and extremely cost effective. And doing it yourself is much easier than you think. Don’t be intimidated by the technology and options. All it takes is planning, purchasing, and installing. First, draw a map of the area you plan to secure, and include all the various components that is, windows, doors and other things you want to secure. Then,

decide on the type of alarm system you want. The most basic system will sound an alarm in order to frighten intruders. A better system will sound an alarm and notify you right away via telephone. To install a system, the tools required are minimal. A screwdriver, measuring tape, and wire strippers are usually all that is needed. Here are some procedure guidelines: For hardwired systems, you will install battery backup, install accessories such as contact sensors and motion detectors. Then measure and

lay out wire, connect wire to sensors and configure circuit board that is simple and very easy to connect and operate. Programme the control panel as contained in the manual, mount the control panel and then test the sensors. For wireless systems, install battery backup, programme control panel and sensors, connect hardwire, power, phone and siren contacts. Then programme any alternative device, mount it to the wall, and test the sensors.

46 — Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012

MATERIALS WATCH Cement Dangote cement per bag of 50kg ---N1,800.00 Burham Cement per bag of 50kg ---N1,800.00 Elephant cement per bag of 50kg ---N1,800.00 Sandcrete Blocks 6 inches vibrated per block---N130 9 inches vibrated per block---N150 6 inches hand mould per block---N80 9 inches hand mould per block---N90

Reinforcement 8 mm (153) pieces per ton ---N125,000 10 mm (153) pieces per ton---N136,000 12 mm (93) pieces per ton---N161,000 16 mm (93) pieces per ton---N172,000 20 mm (53) pieces per ton---N122,000 Woods Timber (hard) 1x1x12---N1,000 Timber (hard) 2x2x12---N800 Timber (hard) 2x4x12---N700 Softwood 2x2x12---N260 2x3x12---N300 Plywood 3x3x8---N3,500 2x4x8---N2,400

UK Property

Home loans, prices, sales falling in UK T

Roofing Sheets Corrugated iron sheets per bundle---N10,000 Asbestos (Super) 4x8 per piece---N1,600 Asbestos (Solo) 4x6 per piece---N1,500 Wall tiles (ceramic) 6 x 6 per square metre----------N1,200 20 x 20 (China) per square metre----------N1,100 20 x 25 (China) per square metre---....N1,400 Floor tiles (ceramic) 14 x 14 (Spain) per square metre------------N1,800 14 x 14 (Brazil) per square metre------------N1,420 13 x 13 (Spain) per square metre---------N1, 550 45 x 45 (Spain) per square metre------------N1,900 40 x 40 (Marble Spain) per square metre--N3,800 30 x 30 (Marble Spain) per square metre----N2,000 Plumbing Materials Galvanised conduit pipes per length 20 mm diameter -----------------N170 25 mm diameter---------------N170 PVC conduit pipes 20 mm diameter per length -------N120 25 mm diameter per length------N130 Source-----------Cement tiles and building materials market along Lagos/Abeokuta Expressway.

HE new mortgage market research in the United Kingdom has shown that the funding for lending scheme seems to have failed to improve lending to first time buyers. Indeed, purchase loans are seven per cent lower than last year and lending to borrowers with small deposits has fallen away steeply over the last three months. Meanwhile, a second set of figures indicates that house sales fell 24 per cent as prices dipped in September, partly as a result of the Olympic effect, with house prices down very slightly on a monthly basis and annual house price increases slowing to 2.2 per cent. According to chartered surveyors, house purchase loans in September fell to 47,603, the third worst in September since records began in 1993. The fall in

loans was steepest among first-time buyers. Richard Sexton, business development director of an estate surveying firm, said: “The mortgage market has been struggling since June and is considerably weaker than it was this time last year. The period between August


Sand Soft per tipper load ---N13,000 Sharp double tipper load---N23,000 Gravel double tipper load---N25,000 Gravel single tipper load---N18,000 Granite per tipper load----N120,000

A second set of figures indicates that house sales fell 24 per cent as prices dipped in September

2011 and May this year marked a real upturn in lending. Since then, the effects of the double dip recession have sapped the

Leather World bags best furniture of the year award By KINGSLEY ADEGBOYE


EATHERWORLD Limited,the exquisite furniture maker and retailer in Nigeria was awarded the best furniture maker of the year at the recently concluded Interior Designers’ Excellence Awards 2012, known as IDEA in Lagos. The Awards with the theme: “Architecture and Interior Design in Nation Building" which has been endorsed by the Lagos State Technical and Vocational Education Board, LASTVEB, had in attendance the Vice President of Nigeria, Namadi Sambo, an architect, as Special Guest of Honour

and the Executive Governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Fashola as the Chief Host. Other dignitaries in attendance included the presidents of the Nigerian Institute of Architects and Interior Design Association of Nigeria as well as interior design experts from across the world. Some of the experts from the international community in attendance were Shashi Caan, President of the International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers IFI, from the United States; Mr. Marco Coello, the current IFI president-elect from Mexico; Horace Pan, IFI board member from Hong Kong and Iris Dunbar, IFI board member from the United Kingdom.

In the words of the company: “LeatherWorld is grateful to God and appreciates and congratulates its customers, staff and stylish people of Nigeria for making us the Best Furniture Manufacturer of the year at the Interior Designers Excellence Awards 2012”. In its two decade existence in Nigeria, LeatherWorld may have surpassed its mission to be the dominant player in the furniture making sub-sector of the interior design industry but continues to deliver the newest and best quality products available as well as offering the best after sales services. With a branch network spanning Nigeria and strategic technical partnerships with

confidence lenders have in the economy. That, combined with a squeeze on the funding lenders get from the money markets, has dragged down lending.” David Newnes, Director of LSL Property Services whose figures showed a drop in house transactions, said

international designers, there is no doubt that LeatherWorld Limited has carved its niche deeply in the interior design sector. Established about two decades ago, LeatherWorld Limited specialises in the manufacture, assemblage and retail of exquisite furniture and accessories. The company which commissioned its ultramodern factory situated in the Calabar Free Trade Zone in 2005 has continued to evolve and stay relevant by innovating and stretching the creative limits of interior design in the country.


that the housing market was still feeling the effects of the distraction of the Olympics. “The lack of lending, especially to first-timer buyers, is choking off first time buyer sales outside of prime London, while uncertainty over job prospects in many parts of the country is still affecting sentiment of many prospective buyers,” he said. “Much hangs on an improvement in the mortgage market. We are yet to see enough time elapse to feel a substantial impact from the funding for lending scheme in sales prices and numbers, or a boost to activity at the bottom end of the property market. “However, lenders are confident that it will lead to increased funding for home buyers, and expect credit availability to increase significantly in the final quarter of the year. If this is the case and the cheaper finance reaches those waiting to purchase their first home, it could provide a welcome new impetus for transactional activity, and a new source of optimism for would-be buyers.”

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012—47


Lagos reiterates commitment to liveable environment •As LAWMA rewards sweepers By KINGSLEY ADEGBOYE & OLASUNKANMI AKONI


Peculiar attributes “These peculiar attributes have a resultant effect of littering and indiscriminate dumping of refuse. We pledge on a mandate to surmount these challenges, and we must not relent at this point to improve on our previous modest achievement. I therefore want to implore you to take advantage of this annual workshop to interact more with your supervisors and employers to evolve solutions that will enhance improved service delivery individually and collectively. Let me remind you that your individual effort aggregates into our common glory and success in the administration of this state,” he said. In his address, Lagos State Commissioner for Environment, Mr. Tunji Bello, noted that the government has come to realise that the nature of highway sweeping makes the sweepers the most vulnerable to road hazards, pointing out that on many occasions they have become victims of careless drivers. According to Bello, this has

•Highway sweepers in Lagos. put many sweepers at the risk of physical incapacitation, injuries and even death, stressing that it is unfortunate that the government has recorded several cases of these ugly incidents leading to hospitalisation and loss of lives. He said it is against this backdrop that the workshop which is a forum for sensitization, enlightenment and awareness creation regarding general safety precautions in the course of duty, becomes very important. “We realise the need to sus-


AGOS State Government at weekend restated its commitment to provide a liveable environment conducive for human development. The state governor, Babatunde Fashola made the disclosure at the just concluded 4 th Annual Sensitisation and Awareness Workshop organised by the Lagos State Waste Management Authority LAWMA, for highway sweepers and stakeholders. He told the teeming participants at the opening ceremony of the two-day event that their contribution to the shared vision of the state government is very crucial and requires improved and renewed dedication on daily basis. Gov. Fashola noted that street cleaning either manually or mechanically, is a major component of sustenance of public hygiene, especially in big cities all over the world. “You are expected to discharge your duty with all sense of purpose and display of skill. Lagos has its challenges of high population density, high vehicular density and pedestrian lifestyle, especially around clustered settlements.

We realise the need to sustain our human resources because the street sweeping initiative cannot exist without you, hence the need to adequately ensure steps for your safety and protection

tain our human resources because the street sweeping initiative cannot exist without you, hence the need to adequately ensure steps for your safety and protection”, Bello said.


The Managing Director, LAWMA, Mr. Ola Oresanya who noted in his address that street sweeping initiative in the state has endeared the international community and poten-

Flood: Experts blame FG for laxity Continues from page 45 only means that we are taunting the environment and we are inviting the environment for war which we are not prepared for. “When we keep disturbing the nature, it will react. Nature has a way of reacting. We need to understand that we need to conserve nature. The fact that every house is fenced in Lagos has also contributed to the negative effect of climate change”, Obe said. Explaining the adverse effect of climate change, Prof. Babajide Alo, Dean, Faculty of Environmental Sciences and former president, Nigerian Environmental Society, noted that the road between Lokoja and Abuja down to the South is impassable currently because

of flooding. He said the people are cut off in the North and South and the link between them is broken, pointing out that it has also been reported that houses have been eaten up to the roof.

Issue of climate change “We have been talking about this issue for the past fifteen years. The issue of climate change has been on the table of the government since the 90s. We all have realised that climate was changing as far back as the 90s. We have been making noise about the fact that we need to prepare because the risks are there. The challenges will be daunting when they come and that is

exactly what is happening now. “All we need to do as a nation, is to be prepared and drop all the fire brigade measures that we are used to. We are just reaching a point where we ought to have been since fifteen years down the lane. In 2011, I told the nation openly on a TV station, that this nation will be in for a big trouble if climate change impact starts showing up in the country and I didn’t know that it could be so soon”, he said. Urging the residents in Lekki to be at alert, he said, the residents of Lagos who are living in Lekki are going to be under water in 2099. His words: “I said it using the scientific data that we have on our ocean surges and flows that

tial investors to appreciate the visible efforts of the state government towards promotion of clean environment, however pointed out that, street sweeping programme is not without its challenges. Oresanya said the sweepers are faced with the risks of infection and accident on the highway due to careless attitude of some motorists and motorcycle riders, adding that LAWMA has, therefore, expended considerable amount of money in organising training for supervisors who are the link between the sweepers and their respective service providers. “Through this workshop, stakeholders such as the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, FRCN, LASTMA, NURTW and the Okada Riders Association are brought together for necessary awareness on safety consciousness on the road which is a collective responsibility,” LAWMA boss said. Meanwhile, in recogni tion of dedication to work,Oresanya on behalf LAWMA presented cheques worth N7 million to some outstanding sweepers. He explained that the cash gift was to further encourage the beneficiaries to work harder as well as encourage others to emulate them. He noted that the street sweeping initiative was repackaged in year 2008 as a poverty alleviation programme with the recruitment of over 10,000 workforce who are deployed for intensive day and night sweeping of the state highways. Speaking on behalf of Service Providers Forum, the chairman of the forum, Apostle Akin Adewole, noted that sweepers are faced with a lot of challenges.

the entire Lekki which is called Phase 1 will be under water by 2099. But the State government has been taking measures thereby setting up series of climate change mitigation and adaptation measures towards ensuring that all the nice houses in Lekki don’t go under water by 2099. “We are also imploring the federal government to speedy up in its actions towards ensuring that the nation is not flooded. And that is the reason for the forthcoming Annual Meeting of African Science Academics AMASA-8, in Lagos. “Climate change can be mitigated, we can set up adaptation measures to correct and accelerate the impact that it can cause. We can only reduce the effect of climate change but they are inevitable.

48—V anguard, TUESD AY, OCTOBER 16, 2012 48—Vanguard, TUESDA

Maternal and Child Health:

Enhancing the lives of millions of Nigerians BY PROF. BABATUNDE OSOTIMEHIN


ITHIN the hour in which you read this article, nearly 20 women will die in Africa. Those deaths will not occur from road accidents or flooding. They will not arise from sickness or war. Instead, they will happen to women in the prime of their lives through complications of pregnancy and childbirth. Sadly, those 444 women will lose their lives on the way to giving life; a carnage that is even more remarkable because it is avoidable. These deaths are taking place despite the fact that every African nation made a solemn commitment to reduce maternal death when they pledged their support to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Nigeria’s maternal death rate is Africa’s highest. It is second in the world only to India’s. In fact, while Nigeria represents only 2 per cent of the world’s population, it accounts for over 10 per cent of the world’s maternal deaths. UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, and its partners are working together to help African leaders deliver a future where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person’s potential is fulfilled. At country level, UNFPA is pleased to note that Nigeria’s Saving One Million Lives (SOML) initiative is improving health outcomes by facilitating the delivery of life-saving medicines.

Survey of modern contraceptives However, the National Survey of Modern Contraceptives and Essential Life-Saving Maternal and Reproductive Health Medicines in Public Health Facilities, which was conducted by the Federal Ministry of Health and the National Population Commission in December 2011 in 567 health facilities, reported that while there was increased availability of reproductive health medicines, key stocks of basic life-saving medicines for maternal health were all in short supply. To its credit, the Nigerian Government has continued to work in collaboration with partners to support maternal and child health at all levels to achieve its goals and to advance efforts to achieve MDGs 4, 5 and 6. But if we are to really deliver


for women and girls, we need effective policies, innovative financial mechanisms, enhanced accountability, aligned and transparent budgets, and systems and programmes. We also need dedicated people who will work towards clear and measurable targets to improve maternal health, and our

efforts must be coordinated for maximum efficiency. Most of all, we need sustained commitment, and the support of leaders like President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria, who is the co-chair of the UN Commission on Life-Sav

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• Dr. Professor Osotimehin

New vaccine technology rekindles hope for immunisation in Nigeria BY CHIOMA OBINNA


N a move to reduce cost of stor age of vaccines as well as raise the success rates of immunisation programmes in areas where the integrity of the cold chain process cannot be guaranteed, a team of researchers from the University of Oxford, in the United Kingdom, has discovered a new technology tagged “Thermostable HydRIS vaccine technology” for keeping vaccines stable without need for fridges or freezers. The new technology was formulated by a team at the Jenner Institute, Oxford University, in the UK. Speaking to journalists in Lagos, one of the discoverers, Dr. Toritse Orubu - a Nigerian - told journalists in Lagos that the new technology would guarantee uninterrupted immunisation in Nigeria, ensure more access as well as keep vaccines stable without the need for refrigeration or freezing. Orubu who is a Public Health Physician and Vaccinologist at the University, said with the new technology, immunisation officers would no longer have challenges transporting vaccines due to inadequate cold chains or freezers because the technology allows for easy transportation. “Vaccines can easily be transported even in a Ghana-must-go

NASS member advocates more funding for NIMR BY CHIOMA OBINNA


member of the House of Assembly representing Lafia Obi Federal Constituency in Nassarawa State, Dr. Joseph Kigbu, has decried the country’s inability to adequately fund its only medical research institute,the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, NIMR, Lagos, noting that research remains key to health sector development and nation building. Kigbu who is also the Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on HIV&AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis, lamented that of the N85 million appropriated to the Institute in 2012, just N35 million was released. “Nigeria needs to commit more money in research. NIMR got only N11 miilion for research. This is insufficient.” he said. Kigbu, who made the observation during the Committee’s facility tour of the Institute in Lagos recently, expressed hope that President Goodluck Jonathan would release more money to enable the institute improve on its research level in 2013. “There is need for the country to encourage quality research

into health conditions of Nigerians, especially in the areas of genetic disorder, HIV&AIDS, tuberculosis, hypertension and malaria, among other diseases. “Nigerians need not die again of preventable and treatable ailments, hence the need for governments across tiers to give a deserved attention to the tackling of various health conditions con-

fronting the country.” Kigbu, while expressing satisfaction with the level of ongoing research activities and developmental projects at NIMR, including the e-library project, pledged his committee’s support to the Institute. “The House will ensure more

Continues on Page 49

From L-R: Director General, Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, NIMR, Yaba, Lagos, Prof. Innocent Ujah and Chairman, House of Representatives Committee’s on HIV&AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis, Dr. Joseph Kigbu during the House Committee’s members visit to NIMR recently.

• Dr. Toritse Orubu bag without fear of losing its potency. It will help reduce the cost of preserving vaccines in cold chain system. It will advance immunisation even in rural areas and millions would be reached even in the absence of electricity,” he commented. He said with the technology, vaccines would always be stable irrespective of the temperature. “Sugar is used to formulate the vaccines and the sugar captures the temperature of the vaccines at every given time.” Orubu who recently obtained a PhD in malaria vaccine research and development at the Jenner Institute added that the formulation of the new vaccine was to ensure that vaccines get to the people that need it at all times.

Getting needed vaccines “Many Nigerians are disabled today because they were not able to get the vaccines when they actually needed them and this is what the new formulation is out to achieve,” he added Apart from ensuring continuous immunisation, it would also reduce the 14 per cent cost of vaccines that goes storage and help in the fight against vaccine preventable child killer diseases. “We need this technology for all existing vaccines that work for adults and children.” Orubu, is currently in the country, conducting a pilot study in the country’s settings, is discussing with the Federal Ministry of Health towards establishing partnership with the University of Oxford on ownership of the technology. “We need to be at the forefront of research and its ownership. We have the money. We have the resources. Government needs to be interested and create platform for these. We need to start developing the attitude of ownership, rather than just going to buy,” he added. Demonstrating the technology, he hinted that the HydRIS Vaccine is formulated in glass-forming sugars and is dispensed onto the membrane. “After drying, ultra-thin, web-like sugar glass now coats the individual fibres of the inert support membrane.

48—V anguard, TUESD AY, OCTOBER 16, 2012 48—Vanguard, TUESDA

Maternal and Child Health:

Enhancing the lives of millions of Nigerians BY PROF. BABATUNDE OSOTIMEHIN


ITHIN the hour in which you read this article, nearly 20 women will die in Africa. Those deaths will not occur from road accidents or flooding. They will not arise from sickness or war. Instead, they will happen to women in the prime of their lives through complications of pregnancy and childbirth. Sadly, those 444 women will lose their lives on the way to giving life; a carnage that is even more remarkable because it is avoidable. These deaths are taking place despite the fact that every African nation made a solemn commitment to reduce maternal death when they pledged their support to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Nigeria’s maternal death rate is Africa’s highest. It is second in the world only to India’s. In fact, while Nigeria represents only 2 per cent of the world’s population, it accounts for over 10 per cent of the world’s maternal deaths. UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, and its partners are working together to help African leaders deliver a future where every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person’s potential is fulfilled. At country level, UNFPA is pleased to note that Nigeria’s Saving One Million Lives (SOML) initiative is improving health outcomes by facilitating the delivery of life-saving medicines.

Survey of modern contraceptives However, the National Survey of Modern Contraceptives and Essential Life-Saving Maternal and Reproductive Health Medicines in Public Health Facilities, which was conducted by the Federal Ministry of Health and the National Population Commission in December 2011 in 567 health facilities, reported that while there was increased availability of reproductive health medicines, key stocks of basic life-saving medicines for maternal health were all in short supply. To its credit, the Nigerian Government has continued to work in collaboration with partners to support maternal and child health at all levels to achieve its goals and to advance efforts to achieve MDGs 4, 5 and 6. But if we are to really deliver


for women and girls, we need effective policies, innovative financial mechanisms, enhanced accountability, aligned and transparent budgets, and systems and programmes. We also need dedicated people who will work towards clear and measurable targets to improve maternal health, and our

efforts must be coordinated for maximum efficiency. Most of all, we need sustained commitment, and the support of leaders like President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria, who is the co-chair of the UN Commission on Life-Sav

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•Professor Osotimehin

New vaccine technology rekindles hope for immunisation in Nigeria BY CHIOMA OBINNA


N a move to reduce cost of stor age of vaccines as well as raise the success rates of immunisation programmes in areas where the integrity of the cold chain process cannot be guaranteed, a team of researchers from the University of Oxford, in the United Kingdom, has discovered a new technology tagged “Thermostable HydRIS vaccine technology” for keeping vaccines stable without need for fridges or freezers. The new technology was formulated by a team at the Jenner Institute, Oxford University, in the UK. Speaking to journalists in Lagos, one of the discoverers, Dr. Toritse Orubu - a Nigerian - told journalists in Lagos that the new technology would guarantee uninterrupted immunisation in Nigeria, ensure more access as well as keep vaccines stable without the need for refrigeration or freezing. Orubu who is a Public Health Physician and Vaccinologist at the University, said with the new technology, immunisation officers would no longer have challenges transporting vaccines due to inadequate cold chains or freezers because the technology allows for easy transportation. “Vaccines can easily be transported even in a Ghana-must-go

NASS member advocates more funding for NIMR BY CHIOMA OBINNA


member of the House of Assembly representing Lafia Obi Federal Constituency in Nassarawa State, Dr. Joseph Kigbu, has decried the country’s inability to adequately fund its only medical research institute,the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, NIMR, Lagos, noting that research remains key to health sector development and nation building. Kigbu who is also the Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on HIV&AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis, lamented that of the N85 million appropriated to the Institute in 2012, just N35 million was released. “Nigeria needs to commit more money in research. NIMR got only N11 miilion for research. This is insufficient.” he said. Kigbu, who made the observation during the Committee’s facility tour of the Institute in Lagos recently, expressed hope that President Goodluck Jonathan would release more money to enable the institute improve on its research level in 2013. “There is need for the country to encourage quality research

into health conditions of Nigerians, especially in the areas of genetic disorder, HIV&AIDS, tuberculosis, hypertension and malaria, among other diseases. “Nigerians need not die again of preventable and treatable ailments, hence the need for governments across tiers to give a deserved attention to the tackling of various health conditions con-

fronting the country.” Kigbu, while expressing satisfaction with the level of ongoing research activities and developmental projects at NIMR, including the e-library project, pledged his committee’s support to the Institute. “The House will ensure more

Continues on Page 49

From L-R: Director General, Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, NIMR, Yaba, Lagos, Prof. Innocent Ujah and Chairman, House of Representatives Committee’s on HIV&AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis, Dr. Joseph Kigbu during the House Committee’s members visit to NIMR recently.

• Dr. Toritse Orubu bag without fear of losing its potency. It will help reduce the cost of preserving vaccines in cold chain system. It will advance immunisation even in rural areas and millions would be reached even in the absence of electricity,” he commented. He said with the technology, vaccines would always be stable irrespective of the temperature. “Sugar is used to formulate the vaccines and the sugar captures the temperature of the vaccines at every given time.” Orubu who recently obtained a PhD in malaria vaccine research and development at the Jenner Institute added that the formulation of the new vaccine was to ensure that vaccines get to the people that need it at all times.

Getting needed vaccines “Many Nigerians are disabled today because they were not able to get the vaccines when they actually needed them and this is what the new formulation is out to achieve,” he added Apart from ensuring continuous immunisation, it would also reduce the 14 per cent cost of vaccines that goes storage and help in the fight against vaccine preventable child killer diseases. “We need this technology for all existing vaccines that work for adults and children.” Orubu, is currently in the country, conducting a pilot study in the country’s settings, is discussing with the Federal Ministry of Health towards establishing partnership with the University of Oxford on ownership of the technology. “We need to be at the forefront of research and its ownership. We have the money. We have the resources. Government needs to be interested and create platform for these. We need to start developing the attitude of ownership, rather than just going to buy,” he added. Demonstrating the technology, he hinted that the HydRIS Vaccine is formulated in glass-forming sugars and is dispensed onto the membrane. “After drying, ultra-thin, web-like sugar glass now coats the individual fibres of the inert support membrane.

Vanguard, TUESD AY, OCTOBER 16, 2012— 49 TUESDA

World Sight Day: SCB walks for sight


• Patients at one of the wards of the newly unveiled Vesico Vaginal Fistula,VVF centre, by the State Government with support from SAID in Ogoja ,Cross River state.

Obioma’s battle against VVF in C-River BY JOHNBOSCO AGBAKWURU, CALABAR


ORRIED by the increas ing rate of Vesico Vaginal Fistula, VVF, in Nigeria and Cross River State in particular, wife of the Cross River state governor, Mrs. Obioma Liyel-Imoke, recently stepped up efforts to address the rising cases of the menace in the state and environs. VVF is the occurrence of abnormal hole between the bladder and the vagina that is characterized by continuous and uncontrollable leakage of urine following child birth. At the opening of a recent twoday training and advocacy workshop for wives of 18 local government chairmen in the state and other stakeholders in the health sector, Imoke called for more incisive measures against the trend. The workshop, with the theme: Reducing maternal mortality at the grassroots level in Cross River State: A Focus on Fistula Prevention and Care, was organised Partnership Opportunities for Women Empowerment Realisation, POWER, with support from the USAID Fistula Care Project in Nigeria. Imoke, founder of the programme said: “The rising case of fistula is a clog in the wheels for achieving MDGs in Nigeria. It is known to have the highest prevalence of VVF or Rector Vagina Fistula in the world with about 400, 000 to 800, 000 women living with the problem and about 20, 000 new cases occurring with 90 per cent untreated. “With these colossal psycho-so-

cial and economic consequences of fistula on women, strong efforts and collective action are therefore needed to reverse this negative trend.” Imoke said in complementing the efforts of the state in the health sector, POWER had in recent times focused on the packaging of flagship projects that promotes crosscutting concerns and synergy in maternal and child welfare as well as sexual reproductive health. In May 2012, the Cross River State Government in conjunction with the United States Agency International Development unveiled a VVF centre at the Ogoja General Hospital where over 200 patients have been treated. Country Manager, Fistula Care Project, USAID, Chief Iyeme Efem, said that there are 150, 000 backlog of Fistula cases in Nigeria, with 12, 000 cases emanating yearly. He advocated that one of the ways of addressing the backlog was to carry out massive campaign, especially at the grassroots, to stop new cases , while efforts aimed at treating existing cases were stepped up. He said the fistula centre in Ogoja General Hospital, which is the ninth to be established with the support of the international agency, is meant to repair fistula clients in Cross River State and beyond. “Let us stop women from getting fistula while we take repairs for those who already have it.” A novel approach adopted by the project in the state was the integration of the project’s community activities which include

NASS member advocates more funding for NIMR Continues on Page 48 funds will be made available to the institute next fiscal year to enable it complete the e-library and other developmental projects, as well as research activities. “ Conducting the committee members round the institute, Director General of NIMR, Professor Innocent Ujah, said the institute had recorded major C M Y K

breakthroughs in national response to malaria, HIV and TB control and management in the recent past. Ujah said NIMR engaged in partnering with local and international health- related institutions and hospitals on capacity building of its medical personnel and reiterated commitment towards improving medical research in the country.

client’s sensitisation, education and mobilisation to the activities of the Ward Development Committees, already existing in all the wards of the state.

O mark this year’s World Sight Day 2012, the management and staff of Standard Chartered Bank, Nigeria weekend organised a 10-kilometre walk as part of activities to raise awareness of visual impairment in the country. The Bank also donated N10 million realised from the walk to two sight foundations, Nigeria Society for the Blind and Sight Savers International. The walk which is the 8th in the series of the Bank’s “Walk for Sight” in support of its “Seeing is Believing Initiative” (SiB) was also aimed at raising funds to ensure that 80 percent of blindness and visual impairment are prevented. To this end, Standard Chartered has committed to raise US$100 million by 2020 through SiB – its global charitable initiative run in partnership with the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB). Speaking, Head of Seeing is Believing, Jeanette McKenna, said: “There is a lot that remains to be done to eliminate avoidable

blindness and individual organisations like SCB can only be part of the solution. Mckenna said funds raised through SiB are channelled into projects aligned with ‘VISION2020: The Right to Sight’. In support of the SiB initiative, SCB, Nigeria has held a fundraising walk annually in the last seven years, raising a total of $610,000 which has helped to fund successful cataract operations and treatment for approximately 14,000 persons between January 2006 and September 2012 Based on the funds raised from the walk, the bank doled out two cheques totaling N10 million to the Nigeria Society for the Blind and Sight Savers International. Presenting the cheques, SCB, SCB CEO, Mrs. Bola Adesola, said: “We are very proud of what we have achieved with our Walk for Sight initiative in the last seven years. It is quite gratifying to see that the $610,000 we have raised from this initiative in the last seven years has made a positive difference in the activities of our two partner NGOs.”

Ebonyi MWAN immunises 500 schoolgirls against cervical cancer BY SOLA OGUNDIPE


IVE hundred school girls in Ebonyi State have obtained the 1st, 2nd and 3rd doses of the Human Papilloma Virus, HPV, vaccine free of charge for protection against cervical cancer. The procurement of the vaccines and the immunisation process were made possible by the Ebonyi State Chapter of the Medical Women Association of Nigeria, MWAN. Disclosing this to Good Health Weekly while enumerating activities of the Association for the Cancer Awareness Month, MWAN National President, Dr. Christina Campbell, said it is an achievement vaccinating the children.

Noting that access to the full doses of the HPV vaccine is a priority of the Association, Campell reiterated calls for inclusion of HPV vaccination into the nation’s routine immunisation schedule, even as she expressed optimism that the Federal government would soon accede to the requirement. “From the developed world, we have found the main reason for the reduced incidence and mortality of cancer to be as a result of awareness and increased access to treatment.” Unhappy with fact that Nigeria is still grappling with cancer burden because there is no awareness and the management is still not widely available, she lamented that for women, cancer of the breast and cervix are the lead-

ing causes of death in Nigeria and the incidence of breast cancer is on the increase and cervical cancer comprises 6 percent of all cancers in women. Urging government to upgrade existing cancer facilities in the country, she said: “We want to remind all stakeholders of the need to upgrade all the 25 functioning cancer care centers in the country so as to avail the people with the facilities for awareness and curtail the disease. She recalled that government has tagged October cancer month in Nigeria, and is holding the 1st Nigeria leadership cancer summit during which it would be launching a N250 million mobile digital mammography and cancer screening laboratory.

LASG, others canvass for massive investment in malaria research BY CHIOMA OBINNA


TAKEHOLDERS at the Lagos State Maiden Malaria Scientific Seminar tagged: “Building a Research Culture as a Tool for Malaria Control and Elimination” have called for massive investment in malaria control researches with a view to achieving significant reduction in malaria cases. The experts were of the opinion that the Lagos State Integrated Vector Management, IVM, experience showed that such investments would provide evidence for programming and evaluation of malaria control based programme. Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Jide Idris who noted that malaria remains a serious public health challenge in the state said despite huge investments, malaria continues to be responsible for 70 per cent of the out- patient attendance

in public health facilities. “With the increasing population of the state, the free malaria programme has become stretched and currently does not meet its targets and objectives. The advent of choloroquine – resistant forms of malaria parasite, inadequate logistics system, inadequacies of PHCs and limited vector control measures were some of the challenges that the programme also encountered.” He said Governor Fashola’s multi – pronged approach with emphasis on evidence – based research for policy formulation and programme would tackle the scourge of the disease. He explained that key objectives or the scientific seminar was to highlight the state’s operational research activities for malaria control and to disseminate current malaria research findings and their implications

for scaling up malaria control interventions. Keynote speaker, Professor Fola Tayo, Acting Pro- Chancellor and Chairman, Governing Council, Caleb University, Imota, Lagos, said most governments have reduced programmes designed to address the disease to political points, noting that the high burden of malaria was a significant drawback to economic and social development in Nigeria. “Estimates of burden of malaria on the overall economies of Ghana, Mali Nigeria and Uganda reveal that malaria impedes economic growth ranging from 0.67 per cent in Uganda to as much as 3.8 per cent in Nigeria. Corroborating their views, Special Adviser to the Governor on Health, Dr Yewande Adesina, said scientific research is essential in the control of malaria.

50—V anguard, TUESD AY, OCTOBER 16, 2012 TUESDA 50—Vanguard,

Cancer survivor: Traditional Treatment Option 2: Chemotherapy


HEMOTHERAPY is a form of tra ditional therapy that uses extremely powerful drugs to destroy cancer cells. In some cases, chemotherapy is used on its own, but typically it is used in conjunction with surgery or radiation therapy. Theoretically, chemotherapy is supposed to stop or slow the growth of cancerous cells. While it may in fact do this, the drugs cannot differentiate between cancerous cells and normal cells, so cells that also divide quickly such as cells that initiate hair growth, those that line your intestines and your mouth for example, will also be destroyed. his explains common side eff ects doctors often tell us about like hair loss, nausea and loss of appetite, diarrhea and a chronic sore mouth often with ulcers. These side effects are actually quite mild when you consider the real cost of chemotherapy. One study in particular shows that chemotherapy may alter blood flow and the metabolism of the brain well after the treatment has ended, in fact for10 years or longer according to this 2006 UCLA study.31 In particular, the study looked at twenty one women who had surgery to remove breast cancer, including 16 who were treated using chemotherapy from five to 10 years earlier. Researchers used positron emission tomography (PET) scans to look at the brains of these women while they performed short-term memory exercises and also while resting. Results showed a rapid jump in brain activity in the

frontal cortexes and cerebellums of the chemotherapy patients while performing the memory tests, ultimately revealing their brains were working harder than the other women to recall the same information. Th e study further showed that women who underwent hormonal therapy alongside chemotherapy experienced marked changes to their

Julia Oyefunke Fortune

The Cancer


basal ganglia, the part of the brain that links thought with action. Other side eff ects of chemo drugs typically include heart damage that can in many cases, be permanent, so even if

a patient manages to recover from the cancer they will still experience enough damage to the heart muscle that they will have to cut back and change their lifestyles for the rest of the lives.

Enhancing the lives of millions of Nigerians Continued from Page 48 ing Commodities for Women and Children. As co-vice-chair of the Commission, UNFPA wants to ensure access to the critical supplies needed to save women and children. We are helping increase financial and political commitment to the implementation of its recommendations, with strong support from leaders in the Global South, especially the Government of Nigeria. We believe we have a strong ally in this Government because President Jonathan offered his generous commitment in New York in September, when he spoke about the forthcoming highlevel meeting this October in Abuja to discuss the Commission’s recommendations. Their implementation is part of UNFPA’s broader mandate as the UN’s principal global inter-governmental organization addressing issues of reproductive and maternal health, including voluntary family planning.

Achieving this vision will change the lives of millions of women and young people all over the world. Yet, support for these efforts is shrinking at a critical time, when the world population has surpassed 7 billion, and with close to 2 billion young people entering their reproductive years. Some 222 million women currently have an unmet need for family planning in developing countries. Fulfilling this unmet need would cost $3.6 billion annually, but current data shows that this investment would actually lower the cost of maternal and newborn health services by $5.1 billion, resulting in a net total savings of $1.5 billion. UNFPA has also taken the lead in efforts to increase access to female condoms as part of its work to foster highimpact interventions. Condoms, both male and female, are currently the most available technology to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, as well as unintended pregnancies among sexually active peo-

ple. But female condoms, in particular, are hard to find. Its ready availability on a global scale is a challenge that the international community, political leaders and civil society must urgently address. The challenge before us all is to work together if we are to improve the wellbeing of women and children and help ensure Nigeria reaches the MDGs by 2015. To that end, we at UNFPA are calling upon all stakeholders, from government leaders to health-care workers to NGOs, to make voluntary family planning available to every Nigerian. This will make a positive contribution to Nigeria’s economic development. But even more importantly, it will significantly enhance life prospects and save millions of women and children. Professor Osotimehin is a United Nations Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund.



think my husband is still in love with his ex-wife. When she comes to visit the daughter they had together, it is as if they are still married. My fear is that they will get back together someday and that will be the end of our marriage. I don’t know how to stop this – Megan Dear Megan, the presence of your husband’s ex-wife in your house will always make you feel uncomfortable. That discomfort is part of what is making you suspect something is going on. Maybe he is nice to her when she comes around and maybe they have a few laughs. That doesn’t mean that they will get back together. You have to bear in mind that this woman is the mother of his daughter. They don’t have to be enemies because they are divorced. It is only natural that he will try his best to make her feel comfortable for the sake of their daughter. If they didn’t have a daughter together, then they wouldn’t even be in touch. So don’t let this bother you. Parents always pretend to be nice to each other in front of their children – Uche Sir I have seen your passages in the newspapers on how to treat problems such as weak erection and how to last long in bed. I want to know what I can do to last long. Thank you – Joe Joe when it comes to sexual performance, a man can be healthy, physically fit and even muscular and still not have the kind of energy required to last longer in bed. The exit of sperm from the body induces sleep and temporary body weakness. That is partly because sex is a natural sleeping tablet amongst other things. But men want to have more than just one round of intercourse for the greater satisfaction of their partners and themselves. But body types vary. Some of us have that sexual energy naturally while others need performance supplements to perform. The right kind of supplement will give you performance energy and strengthen your erection all at once. Sex Voltz supplement does this and so do many other supplements such as Xzen 1200 and Cockstar. So


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52— V anguard, TUESD AY 16 Vanguard TUESDA 16,, OCTOBER 16, 2012

omne or jugular US Election Debate: Obama, R Romne omneyy go ffor A

FTER President Barack Obama’s painfully lackluster showing in his first debate with GOP challenger Mitt Romney, a journalist travelling with the Democrat joked to other reporters that he could explain what had happened: “The trouble with doing your debate prep in Vegas is that it stays in Vegas.” Whatever the reason, Romney’s victory—in front of a TV audience of 67 million—revived his campaign and appears to have fed a public-opinion poll boost (see below) with barely three weeks left until Election Day. Not surprisingly, Obama and his campaign advisers are serving notice that he won’t make the same mistake twice when he faces off with his rival on Tuesday night at Hofstra University in Hempstead, N.Y., for a town hall-style debate. Last week, the president told ABC’s Diane Sawyer that he was “determined” to do a better job of challenging Romney. And he told radio

host Tom Joyner that he had been “too polite” in the first debate. “We’re going to take it to him,” the president promised. Obama campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki, who had joked before the first debate that the worst outcome would be that the president “could fall off the stage,” set the stage for a fight on Tuesday. “The American people should expect to see a much more energized President Obama making a passionate case for why he is a better choice for the middle class,” she wrote in an email. “And he will continue to hold Mitt Romney’s feet to the fire on the facts about his

US President Barak Obama and his GOP challenger, Mitt Romney ready for today’s Town Hall debate. policies.” Vice President Joe Biden’s combative performance against Con-



RITISH Prime Min ister David Cameron and Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond have signed an agreement to hold a referendum in 2014 on Scottish independence, the prime minister’s office has said. The deal will allow Scotland to decide in a 2012 refer-

en-dum whether it should become an independent country or stay within the United Kingdom after three centuries of union with England. Scotland’s drive for sovereignty, led by its nationalist leader Alex Salmond, echoes separatist moves by other Euro-

erwise, ensure that weapons like shoulder-fired missiles not fall into the hands of anti-Assad forces that are just as vehemently anti-US? Last month’s attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, in which Islamist extremists at least loosely affiliated with Al Qaeda are thought to have used high-powered weapons acquired in the chaos of Libya’s conflict last year, serves as an example of what can happen when weapons fall

into the wrong hands.But the the threat of high-impact weapons making their way to Al Qaeda and like-minded organizations surged into the open Tuesday – a day after Mr. Romney declared in a speech that he would work with allies to ensure that Syria’s rebels received anti-aircraft weaponry – when an Al Qaeda-affiliated group in Syria claimed responsibility for coordinated attacks on Syrian Army and intelligence installations outside Damascus.

Libya elects new PM


IBYA’S national as sembly has elected a new prime minister, the second within a month to face the daunting challenge of forming a government acceptable to the country’s many factions. Ali Zeidan, a former career diplomat who had defected in the 1980s to become an outspoken critic of Muammar Gaddafi, was elected in a televised count just a

dispirited by the president’s limp outing. And now, the president, hunkered

Cameron signs Scotland’s referendum deal

Romney promises Syrian fighters heavy weapons ITT Romney an nounced this week that as president he would make sure Syria’s rebel fighters get the heavy arms they seek to bring down President Bashar al-Assad’s helicopters and fighter jets. But with extremist Islamist elements – some affiliated with Al Qaeda – appearing to play a growing role in the fight to defeat Mr. Assad, the question becomes: How could the US, under a President Romney or oth-

gressman Paul Ryan last week in their only debate appears to have reassured core Democrats

down at the luxurious Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, Va., is showing the spirit he seemed to lack the first time around. On Sunday, Obama began debate prep around 10 a.m., reading briefing books and practicing for Tuesday’s session, which will feature questions from actual voters—not from a mainstream media moderator who might more safely be brushed off. The president’s prep team is much the same, except for the addition of Ben Rhodes, who as deputy national security adviser for strategic communications is helping to prepare the president for foreign policy questions.

week after the last prime minister was dismissed in a vote of no confidence. Mustafa Abushagur was dismissed after his choice of ministers ran into protests both from within the assembly and from outside. Libya desperately needs a viable government so that it can focus on reconstruction and healing divisions opened up by the war.

•Ali Zeidan

pean regions such as Catalonia in Spain and Flanders in Belgium at a time when a crisis-hit European Union undergoes deep changes to its identity. Salmond said the agreement would mean a referendum “made in Scotland”, while Cameron said keeping the United Kingdom together was his number one priority. Nationalists have timed the vote to coincide with the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn when Scottish forces led

•British Prime Minister David Cameron and Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond by Robert the Bruce defeated English invaders. Cameron opposes Scot-

land’s push, arguing that Britain is stronger together.

Injured Malala in UK for treatment


TEENAGE Pakistani activist shot in the head by the Taliban arrived in Britain yesterday to receive specialized medical care and protection from followup attacks threatened by the militants. The attack on 14-yearold Malala Yousufzai as she was returning home from school in Pakistan’s northwest a week ago has horrified people across the South Asian country and abroad. It has also sparked hope that the Pakistani government would respond by intensifying its fight against the Taliban and their allies. Malala was targeted by the Taliban for promoting girls’ education and criticizing the militant group’s behavior

•Malala when they took over the scenic Swat Valley where she lived. Two of her classmates were also wounded in the attack and are receiving treatment in Pakistan. The Taliban have threatened to target

Malala again until she is killed because she promotes “Western thinking.” Malala, who had been receiving treatment at a Pakistani military hospital, arrived at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham in central England on Monday afternoon. Doctors believed Malala “has a chance of making a good recovery,” said Dave Rosser, the hospital’s medical director. The hospital, which is also home to the Royal Center for Defense Medicine, has extensive experience handling British soldiers injured in battle and advanced equipment that would help Malala’s treatment, Rosser said.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012—53



HE crisis in the Ondo state Peoples Democratic Party PDP yesterday became messier as a faction of the party announced the expulsion of the immediate past governor, Dr. Olusegun Agagu and five other leaders of the party over alleged anti party activities. The factional leaders had themselves been expelled from the party on Sunday also announced their endorsment of Dr. Mimiko. Addressing newsmen in Akure, the PDP factional leader, Prof Olu Agbi said that they decided to endorse Governor Mimiko for a second term because the PDP

PDP faction endorses Mimiko, expels Agagu, others candidate, Chief Olusola Oke cannot fly in the coming election. According to Agbi, "the candidacy of Oke is faulty from the foundation, the circumstances surrounding his emergence shows that he is not prepared and that he is still having “under corruption charges against him pending at the EFCC which was used against him in 2007.” Agbi, who is a former Ambassador to Austria, said that the purported expulsion of his

faction was void and of no consequence because the state executive of the party led by Alabi” is not only illegal and existing in contempt of a valid court order that has not been set aside. “The arbitrariness of this action that smacks of lack of respect for constituted authority which had been our complaints about how the party was being run has again manifested itself to the whole world. Reacting, the state PDP

described the factional leaders as “expired politicians whose economic woes have forced them to worship for a pittance at the altar of Governor Mimiko. The Special Adviser Media and Publicity of the Olusola Oke Campaign organisation, Kunle Adebayo said “instead of attempting to stop the moving train of progress driven by the masses of Ondo state, for the very last time, we urge Governor Mimiko to tow the path of

honour by throwing in the towel and joining the PDP before humiliation and disgrace drops its luggage at his doorstep on Saturday October 20th. PDP knows neither faction nor disagreement. It does not know or support Labour Party or anybody named Rahman Olusegun Mimiko." " It supports integrity, Honesty, Modesty and action which our candidate Chief Olusola Oke represents."

Tinubu launches final attack, says he's different from Anenih


EADER of the Action Congress of Nigeria ACN Asiwaju Bola Tinubu yesterday launched a final attack on Governor Segun Mimiko describing him as an ingrate and a serial betrayer even as he disclaimed any aspiration towards fitting into Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s shoes. At a rally in Akure to round off the party’s rallies ahead of this weekend’s gubernatorial election, Tinubu declared “I am not fighting for the shoes of Awolowo it is too big for me. I am not fighting for Awolowo cap. He has taken both away.” Tinubu also took time to castigate the incumbent governor Olusegun Mimiko describing him as an ingrate whom he helped but later dumped him. Quoting from the Holy Bible what will happen to those who are ingrates, Tinubu insisted that he bankrolled the expenses incurred by Mimiko at the election petition tribunal. He said that Mimiko betrayed

Group supports Mimiko


HE Akpata Community Development Association in Ese Odo local government area of Ondo State has thrown its weight behind the re-election of Dr Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo State. In a statement by its Publicity Secretary, Mr Legbe Oyerigha, the association it hinged its support for Dr Mimiko over “his giant strides in the riverine areas of the state. He has taken governance from a theoretical to a practical realm.” It added that “the Labour Partyled administration has been able to demonstrate that it is possible for a viable synergy to be created between the government and the governed by putting in place projects that will make people see themselves as part of


his two predecessors in office, Adebayo Adefarati, Olusegun Agagu and former President Olusegun Obasanjo. Tinubu however said that he was not surprised that Mimiko is denying that he collected money from him when he was in the trenches. He asked the people of the state to “”drive Mimiko out of Ondo state through their votes on October 20 this year. The leader of the party rubbished the Mega Primary Schools of the government saying the state do not have the population that would warrant the construction of Mega schools in the state. On godfatherism, he pointed out that “I am happy he calls me godfather. My own godfather is not that of Anthony Anenih in Edo state. Mine is for the development and progress of South West states. ”My own godfatherism is mentoring reliable and dependable people in the South West states for progress and development. He reiterated the need for Ondo State to join other states in the region to make integration of the region a success.

* Crowd at the ACN gubernatorial campaigns in Ondo State, yesterday. Photo by Joe Akintola, Photo Editor

We'll disgrace you, Mimiko tells Tinubu


N a sharp response Governor Mimiko described the ACN national leader, Asiwaju Tinubu of being unworthy of the title of national leader of a national party accusing him of behaving like a common street boy in his manners and utterances. Speaking through his campaign spokesman, Kolawole Olabisi, deplored the use of what he called raw and dirty language that he claimed would even be

detested by area boys. Noting that the ACN leader lacked the moral credibility to address Mimiko, he said: “Pray, isn’t it absurd that Tinubu could be asking the people to vote for his party when all over the South West where he controls, governance is at it lowest ebb. It has been strikes galore as workers and government are at loggerhead over unpaid salaries and emoluments.”

Oke accuses LP of plans to rig poll BY DAPO AKINREFON


HE Olusola Oke Campaign organisation, has raised alarm over alleged plans by the Labour Party, to hire hoodlums in fake Peoples Democratic Party, PDP T - shirts and cap claiming to be supporting Dr. Olusegun Mimiko’s second term bid. In a statement by Special Adviser Media and Publicity, Mr Kunle Adebayo, the campaign faulted the move saying it is aimed at causing disaffection

within the PDP. The campaign organisation, however, stated that "fringe members of this anti democratic force have been intruding grassroots market places, wearing PDP vests, and selling false and perfidious stories to innocent but politically conscious market women and artisans”. While accusing disgruntled politicians as masterminds of the alleged act, it said “the public show is organised by Professor Olu Agbi, Chief Segun Adegoke, Dr. Akin Olowookere

and other disgruntled, discredited and expelled elements working for the Labour party but claiming to be members of PDP. These are expired politicians whose economic woes have forced them to worship for a pittance at the altar of Governor Mimiko.” Furthermore, it stated that “wearing PDP vests and caps by LP hoodlums, days to election, show desperation, selfishness, and nervousness by Governor Mimiko and the Labour Party.

“Students of higher institutions are groaning while they pay through their noses. Yet, they say they want to capture Ondo State which is better governed than any of these states and has become a benchmark in the art of good governance in Nigeria. “When so-called leaders dance naked on national television and unleash verbal abuses on a sitting Governor of a state who has chosen nothing but high sense of respect for him as well as assault the sensibility of the people of Ondo State, then such leaders should be prepared to be disgraced.” “How can a leader also ask the people of Ondo State to re-enact the terrible episode of the 1983 election violence if his party should lose the election? We urge the security operatives to be abreast of all the vituperation and pure incitement of the people by Tinubu and other leaders of the ACN at today ’s so-called redemption rally of theirs and take note of unfolding events as the election approaches,” the Mimiko campaign advised.

54— Vanguard,TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012


Vanguard, TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16, 2012 — 55

Maigari promises Eaglets special bonus


LHAJI Aminu Maigari, President of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), has for the umpteenth time pledged the federation’s maximum support towards the Golden Eaglets qualification for the 2013 African Under17 Championship to be held in Morocco. Alhaji Maigari, who met with officials and players of the National Under-17 team at their Princeville Hotel Camp in Calabar on Monday, said the federation would not shirk in its responsibility to the team and he promised them a special bonus package after their forthcoming Second round match against Guinea in Conakry in a fortnight. On President Maigari’s entourage were NFF Board members, Chief Effiong Johnson (Chairman of NFF’s security committee), Hon. Suleiman Kwande (Beach Soccer Chairman and member of the House Committee on Sports), Nasir (Personal Assistant to the President) amongst others. “I’m happy to be meeting you again and gen-

erally, we are so happy about all the things you have done since you started camping here in Calabar,” Maigari started. “Though I have read

Gov’s Cup: Babalola, Lawal crash BY JOHN EGBOKHAN


T was a bad at the of fice for Davis Cup duo of Abdulmumuni Babalola and Lawal Shehu as they crashed out of the men’s singles of the Governor ’s Cup Futures I holding at the Lagos Lawn Tennis Club, Onikan. With no international tournament under their belts this year, it was not a surprise that the duo lost their respective first round matches yesterday. Unlike their rivals, Nigerian tennis players are an endangered species, who year after year, only get to play the Governor’s Cup, which is the only tournament that afford them computer ranking points. At a time that their foreign counterparts are busy playing a minimum of 16 Futures tournaments in the year, Nigerian players

Keshi Continues from BP Obinna Nsofor, Obafemi Martins, Chinedu Obasi and others a chance to fight for a place alongside other strikers.” Keshi’s side qualified for next year’s Nations Cup after beating Liberia 6-1 on Saturday to record an aggregate 8-3 win. And the coach is clearly intent on optimising the Super Eagles’ chances of success by trying once more to get Ameobi on board. Ameobi, who was born in Zaria, northern Nigeria, before moving to England with his parents at the age of five, was first called up by Nigeria 11 years ago but rejected the chance to play for them. However, he recently changed his mind and he was in line for his Nigeria debut in February 2011 in the botched friendly against Guatemala but stayed away because Fifa was considering his nationality switch C M Y K

and heard so much about this team, yesterday was the first time I saw you playing and I must tell you that I doubled my love for you.”

application. The way is now clear after Fifa removed the age limit for players who want to switch national allegiance. Previously, players who had represented one country at youth level had to make the choice to change by the age of 21. Meanwhile, Stephen Keshi also revealed that he will use November’s friendly against Venezuela in Miami, Florida to sort out several problems plaguing his side. The Super Eagles’ defence and midfield has come under severe criticism from local media, a fact not lost on the coach. “We are still rebuilding the team. There’s a lot of work to be done before the Nations Cup and it starts from the game against Venezuela in Miami,” he said. “It is true that our fans expect us to win and do well in South Africa, so we need to correct the lapses in the team.”

have only the Lagos Governor’s Cup to play for ranking points and prize money. So when he stepped on the Lord Rumens Court for his first round match against Alessandro Petrone of Italy, not few tennis tennis faithful expected the Nigerian number one player to progress. Babalola, who was given a wild card by the Nigeria Tennis Federation (NTF) lost the match in straight sets of 6-7, 4-6 to the Italian, ranked 816 in the world. Petrone took the opener in tie-break and stepped up the gear a bit to finish the second set 6-4 and qualify for the second round holding tomorrow. In another match that produced a Nigerian casualty, Borja Rodriguez of Spain easily brushed aside a match-rusty Shehu in quick sets of 6-0, 62, a result that means that Nigeria’s top players are out of the $15,000 prize money tournament. It is not fault of theirs. In the ladies singles, Michaela Frilicka of Germany, with a singles ranking of 1136 defeated Nigeria’s Rita Obasigie in quick sets of 6-0, 6-0, to berth in the second round of the $25,000 tournament.

SWEARING-IN: Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta State (left) congratulating Mr. Amaju Pinick (right) shortly after he was sworn-in for a second term as Executive Chairman of the Delta State Sports Commission by the governor held in Government House, Asaba, Monday. Photo: Henry Unini

World Champions storm Obudu R EIGNING world mountain running male and female champions,Mamo Petro of Eritrea and Andrea Mayr of Austria will be among the cast of elite runners who will be competing for the $50,000 top prize on offer at the 8 t h Obudu international mountain race which holds on Saturday November 17 this year at the Obudu Ranch Resort in Obudu,Cross River state. Petro,who together with his country man,Teklay Weldemariam raced to gold and silver medal glory at the 28th World Mountain Running Championships in Vallecamonic, Italy two months ago will lead the cast of male athletes while Mayr,who came tops in the 8.8km race among 88 women participants at the championships will be

Mikel Continues from BP for his Chelsea teammate, Victor Moses and firing a cannon that went wild. Keshi was moved to remark how he had distinguished himself on his first appearance since Keshi became Chief coach. “Who said he can’t move forward? I talked to him and he showed he could go forward. The whole thing boils down to approach. The whole team did well but Mikel was wonderful”. Keshi feels that the picture the media paints of Mikel has been unfair.

“My brother, you can see that that there is no bad blood between me and Mikel. The whole trouble between us has been the imagination of the Press. I talk with him all the time as well as Osaze Odemwingie. The team is for all Nigerian players who are doing well. Its not possible to use all of them at the same time’’, Keshi explained. And the way Mikel played, marking, passing and shooting, there is hope that one day, he could wear the skipper’s armband for the Eagles. If he shows good attitude. Playing on artificial and grass for his fatherland.

staging a return to Obudu. She was a fourth placed finisher in the second edition of the race in

2006 before emerging the best two years later with a new course record of 51.14minutes to the bargain.

Pepsi hails Super Eagles


EPSI, the official beverage for the African Cup of Nations and CAF-organised competitions has congratulated the Super Eagles of Nigeria for qualifying for the 2013 edition of the Nation’s Cup taking place in South Africa by defeating their Liberian counterpart in the

decisive second leg match by 6 goals to 1 in Calabar during the weekend. M r. Mazen Al Masri, Marketing Manager, PepsiCo International said the feat has erased the ugly memory of last year when the Super Eagles failed to appear in the Championship after losing to Guinea at the National Stadium, Abuja.

Eagles Continues from BP The draw will likely pit Nigeria against Ghana or Cote ‘d Ivoire in the preliminary rounds. Cape Verde, who qualified for the first time in their history by pulling off a shock 3-2 aggregate victory over four-time champions Cameroon,

are in the fourth pot. Also among the lowest-ranked teams are 1962 champions Ethiopia, who have qualified for the first time since 1982. The tournament takes place in South Africa between 19 January and 10 February 2013.

Kanu Continues from BP that a lot of work still needed to be done before the tournament kicks off next January in South Africa. Kanu, a veteran of the Nations Cup himself, made his views known at the U.J Esuene Stadium, Calabar, shortly after the encounter between the Eagles and Liberia which ended 6-1 in favour of Nigeria. A joyful Kanu stressed that he was happy to be part of those that witnessed the Eagles

deliver the Nations Cup ticket after the sour ending to the 2012 campaign when they missed out on a place to the Syli Stars of Guinea in front of their vociferous fans in Abuja. “It is an honour to witness this match. It was an emphatic win and I will advise all those that made the ticket to the Nations Cup not to relax until the Eagles make a meaningful impact at the Nations Cup and also grab a World Cup slot too,” Kanu added.


Eagles may draw Ghana, Ivory Coast BY BEN EFE


ONFEDERATION of African Football yesterday revealed the seeding for he 2013 Africa Cup of Nations draw and the Super Eagles of Nigeria are not among

the top seeds. Defending champions Zambia, hosts South Africa, Cote ‘d Ivoire and Ghana are the teams to beat in the tournament. The draws will be conducted on October 24. Mali, Tunisia, Angola

and Nigeria are in the second pot. In previous tournaments, the Eagles enjoyed the privilege of being one of the top seeds. Their failure to participate in the 2012 Nations Cup saw them drop out of reckoning in the continent and the FIFA world rankings. Continues on Page 55

Keshi eyes Ameobi for Nations Cup •Lines up Nsofor, Martins, Obasi too •••celebrates Mikel N

IGERIA coach Stephen Keshi says he will give striker Shola Ameobi a chance to represent his country of birth at the 2013 African Cup of Nations. The Newcastle striker has played for England Under-21s but has not featured for the senior team and was cleared by Fifa in November to switch nationality. And Keshi is eager to persuade the 31-yearold to be part of his plans. “Shola is a good striker and he has a chance to be on the plane to South Africa,” Keshi told BBC Sport. “I’ve been watching him closely and he’s got something unique. He will definitely bring something different to the attack. “I have Shola and [Everton striker] Victor Anichebe in my striking plans. “I will give them, Continues on Page 55 TODAY'S



HE ovation is yet to die down for the c o m m a n d i n g qualification of the Eagles to the African Cup of Nations in South Africa, next year. But much of the applauds go to midfielder, Mikel Obi, who after much vilification pacified Nigerian fans with a goal(penalty) and a work-rate that made the Eagles sparkle against loquacious Lone Star of Liberia. Mikel had been criticized for his lack of adventure upfront and his penchant to pass backwards most of the time. But Keshi, savouring a brand new Mikel, said that he talked to him on taking chances upfront. And he sparkled, scoring a goal, providing one Continues on Page 55

•WANTED — Ameobi




ACROSS 1 Rumour (6) 5 Slide (4) 8 Started (5) 9 Whim (3) 10 Revise (4) 11 Stud (4) 12 Animal (5) 13 Severity (6) 16 Ogle (4) 18 Pull (4) 20 Cot (3) 22 Wonder (3) 23 Still (3) 24 Prophet (4) 25 Hired (4) 28 Excite (6) 30 Turn (5) 32 Pole (4) 33 Prong (4) 34 Can (3) 35 Memento (5) 36 Raised (4) 37 Load (6)


Eagles have a long way to go — Kanu


WO time African footballer of the year, Kanu Nwankwo has hailed the Super Eagles

for their qualification for the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations but has insisted Continues on Page 55

DOWN 1 Improve (6) 2 Lineage (8) 3 Downcast (6) 4 Discouragement (9) 5 Grant (7) 6 Tie (4) 7 Twilight (4) 8 Tucker (3) 14 Lifelike (9) 15 Obese (3) 17 Sheep (3) 19 List (8) 20 Insect (3) 21 Dozed (7) 26 Winnow (6) 27 Glimpse (6) 29 Dress (4) 30 Weary (4) 31 Spasm (3)

YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS ACROSS: 3, Abeam 9. Active 10, Raider 11, Elder 12, Evil 15, Ogre 17, Lenient 20, Eat 21, Greed 23, Shed 25, Grit 26, Drear 28, Sot 30, Leaflet 33, Knob 35, Tide 36, Molar 38, Regret 39, Talent 40, Taken.

How to Play Sudoku


DOWN: 1, Label 2, Stain 3, Ave 4, Belong 5, Area 6, Mar 7, Adage 8, Great 13, Version 14, Lived 16, Rattled 18, Trial 19, Leg 22, Drift 24, Dry 27, Rebate 28, Skirt 29, Tough 31, Liken 32, Teeth, 34, Rota 36, Met 37, Ran.


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Tension as boundarydemarcation begins  

Tension as boundary demarcation begins