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TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013

Northern elders reject six-yr single term for president, govs •P.4

MUTILATED CORPSE: Medical doctor denies tampering with baby's •P.6 remains

You're an ingrate, FG lambasts Ribadu •Says he is a tyrant, hypocrite


•FG appoints new Immigration boss, retires 7 DCGs—P.5 A

BUJA—THE Presi dency, yesterday, reacted to the assertion by former chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu that Nigeria under President Goodluck Jonathan is a ‘sinking ship’. It said that Ribadu is an ingrate considering what the Jonathan administration did for him on his return from selfimposed exile. Mallam Ribadu at a lecture in Kaduna on Satur

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AFRICAN ARTS—From Left: A Chinese Exhibitor, Jaky-Yan Lei; Director, National Council for Arts and Culture, Mr Mwajim Maidugu and First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, at an exhibition stand during the Inauguration of the 6th African Arts and Crafts Expo in Abuja, yesterday. Inset: Cultural troupes performing at the event. Photos: NAN.

How Wahab Dosunmu died C M Y K


2 — Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013


Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013 — 3



4—Vanguard , TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013



AGOS—FRESH details on how two-time Second Republic Minister, Senator Wahab Dosunmu, died has emerged. The politician, who had been on and off a United States hospital of recent, died on Sunday evening in the presence of his wife, Modinat Dosunmu. The deceased’s younger brother, Moruf Dosunmu, said yesterday that necessary arrangements were being made to bring his remains home “for a befitting burial.” Details of what shape the burial will take is yet to be released as members of the Dosunmu family of Lagos were making efforts to ensure that the necessary things were done in time.


Meanwhile, the polity was awash with tributes yesterday for the former chieftain of the National Democratic Coalition, NADECO, who was one of those who fought for the actualisation of the June 12, 1993 presidential mandate of late Chief M.K.O Abiola. Lagos State chapter of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, described Dosunmu’s death as a big loss to the party. In a statement by its Publicity Secretary, Mr. Taofik Gani, the party said: “The unfortunate sudden death of our great leader and true Lagosian, former Works Minister, Senator Wahab Dosunmu, has just filtered into our secretariat. “The death is a big loss to our party at this time. Indeed, he was one of our aces for the 2015 elections. May his soul rest in peace.” Reacting to the demise of the politician, a chieftain of PDP, Dr. Oluyomi Finnih, said the nation had lost a focused politician. Finnih said: “Dr. Dosunmu’s death is a great loss to Nigeria and particularly Lagos. He was one of the most focused politi-

cians in Nigeria. He was very analytical and truthful and called a spade a spade.

‘He sacrificed for Lagos'

“He was in the forefront to get Lagos the special recognition it deserves in Nigeria and had contributed immensely to the development of the state. He was very humble and focused. “He staked a lot to serve this nation. We would have loved to have and benefit more from him but God loves him most.” Also speaking, Mrs. Remi Adiukwu-Bakare, who described Dosunmu as a family friend, said the late politician would be greatly missed in Lagos PDP because “he was an erudite politician, who contributed greatly to the growth of the party.” Speaking to Vanguard in Lagos yesterday, former Minister of Communications, General Tajudeen Olanrewaju (rtd.), described his death as shocking.

RECEPTION: From right— Vice-President Namadi Sambo, Governor Sullivan Chime of Enugu State and his Deputy, Mr. Sunday Onyebuchi, during the reception for VicePresident Sambo at the Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu, yesterday.

Northern Elders reject 6-year single tenure for President, govs BY SONI DANIEL, Regional Editor, North


BUJA—AS anxiety continues to mount over the propriety of the proposed sixyear single tenure for president and governors in Nigeria, the Northern Elders’ Forum, NEF, yesterday, voiced its opposition to the plan, saying that it was unacceptable to the people of the region. NEF’s Secretary, Prof. Ango Abdullahi, said: “We in the north remain stoutly opposed to the proposal and will never

support it because it is a double-edged sword that can make a tyrannical president to continuously oppress the defenceless citizenry without any remedy. “If you have a bad president, who does not believe in the welfare and progress of the nation, it means that the people would have no way of asking him to step aside until the end of the gruesome six-year tenure. “The people of the north are comfortable with the current provision of four-year renew-

Climate change threatens Vision 20: 2020 BY LAIDE AKINBOADE & SUCCESS UZOKWE


BUJA—WORLD Bank, yesterday, said for Nigeria to achieve its Millennium Development Goals, MDGs, and Vision 20:20:20, it was imperative for the nation to address its climate change challenges. World Bank Country Director, Ms. Marie Marie-Nelly, noted this while speaking to journalists after presenting Nigeria Climate Change Report by World Bank in Abuja. She said the nation must focus on the vulnerable sectors of the economy, especially agriculture. Marie-Nelly said climate

change had the greatest effect on agriculture because of its productivity output. She said: “Nigeria’s economy can be made more climate-resilient and less carbon-intensive without foregoing growth. “The World Bank is privileged to have a strong partnership with the government of Nigeria, and I am pleased that our latest collaborative effort takes a close look at climate change and its potential impacts on Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy. “The good news is that a range of technological and management actions are available and offer promising op-

portunities to build resilience to climate change into the fabric of the economy. “The report addressed 10 practical short term priority actions that could help to address the threats that climate change poses to vision 20:2020. “These actions include strengthening the overall governance for climate action, enhancing agricultural research and extension services, integrating climate into the planning and design of water infrastructure, and promoting sustainable land management practices as part of the government’s Agriculture Transformation Agenda.”

able tenure based on performance and acceptance of the electorate so that a non-performing president can be voted out after the first tenure.” Abdullahi, who asked the Nigerian lawmakers to throw out the controversial amendment, pointed out that they should work on more beneficial laws to tackle rising monumental corruption and security challenges in the land.

Says NGF, NSGF crises a blessing

Reflecting on the crises that has split the Nigerian Governors’ Forum, NGF, and the Northern States Governors’ Forum, NSGF, Abdullahi described it as a blessing in disguise, saying that it had exposed the friends and foes of the region ahead of the 2015 election. According to him, the ongoing disagreement among the governors had made it possible for the North to know those who are in support or opposed to its clamour for the return of the presidency to the north in 2015. The NEF scribe said: “What we are witnessing now is manifestation of the self-serving struggle by some governors to protect their ego and interest and it has nothing to do with the people of the north

or Nigeria. “We in the NEF count the current face-off in the NSGF and the NGF as a blessing in a way because if the election had not been won and lost, we would not have known the black legs in our midst, actively working for their own pecuniary interest. “To us, what is important is that whether the NSGF is alive or dead, the northern people will remain alert and alive in their bid to get their political right come 2015.”


It will be recalled that many northern governors, last week, boycotted the meeting of the NSGF in Kaduna in protest against the outcome of the NGF election, which was held in Abuja on May 24. Many of the northern governors are angry that the chairman of the NSGF and Niger State Governor, Babangida Aliyu, repudiated from the consensus agreement they had earlier adopted to present Governor David Jang of Plateau State for adoption and not for election during the NGF election. Governor Isa Yuguda of Bauchi State has already opted out of the NSGF in protest against the outcome of the poll.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013—5


MINISTERIAL BRIEFING— From Left: Minister of Sports and Social Development, Bolaji Abdullahi; Minister of Information, Labaran Maku and Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister for Economy, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala at a ministerial press briefing in Abuja, yesterday. Photo: Gbemiga Olamikan.

You're an ingrate, FG lambasts Ribadu Continues from Page 1

day said Nigeria, under President Goodluck Jonathan, was a sinking ship in which the yearnings of the masses were being neglected by a tyrannical leadership. Reacting to Ribadu’s claim, the Presidency, in a statement, yesterday,

by the Special Adviser to the president on Media and Publicity, Reuben Abati, said in his quest for relevance, Ribadu has resorted to disparaging leaders of the land to satisfy his new leaders. According to the statement: “The Presidency totally rejects the false,



I learned that it is the weak who are cruel, and that gentleness is to be expected only from the strong –Leo Rosten. Be strong and cruel not!


It should be a privilege to be able to say “I love you” to someone. It shouldn’t be something people say just because they feel like it. A privilege that is earned. They say you have to earn the right to be loved; no, love is unconditional, if you love someone, they don’t have to earn it. But. The right to tell someone that you love them? That has to be earned. You have to earn the right to be believed —Joy Bell C


HIS moment is a beautiful realization to see more clearly through life experiences and to sharpen my perception of how much there is to enjoy even in ordinary things and happenings. So you may want to pause and ask yourself this question: How many ways have you shown love to another today? For most people, the ways and means to share and demonstrate love are uncountable but being able to say I love you to another being is profound. To give back in some ways, and mostly silently, rekindles a burning flame of love that is endlessly replenished in abundance. To be loved, you have to love first and knowing that the higher thought means living a more spiritual life, for the infinite intelligence from whence everything beautiful emanates, resides within. You only have to be a conduit for this beautiful energy of life! This moment! Do something for love, for someone...for love only!

hypocritical and selfserving claim by Mallam Nuhu Ribadu at a lecture in Kaduna on Saturday that Nigeria under President Goodluck Jonathan is a “sinking ship” in which the yearnings of the masses are being neglected by a tyrannical leadership. “We find it very sad and utterly deplorable that Nuhu Ribadu has resorted to shameless wolf-crying, the peddling of arrant falsehood and the denigration of the elected government of his fatherland in furtherance of his selfish quest for continued national political relevance after his wholesale rejection by Nigerian voters in 2011. “It is very unfortunate indeed that the once highly respected former EFCC Chairman has now taken to political prostitution and developed a penchant for irresponsible and reckless utterances aimed at improving the electoral fortunes of his new friends and “leader ”, who he once famously denounced as 'not fit to hold public office'. “There can be no doubt that nothing else but blind ambition for an office for which he is clearly unfit is driving Ribadu to infer that an administration led by a President who welcomed him back to the country

after his self-imposed exile, restored his rank in the Nigeria Police to save him from the shame of demotion and converted his dismissal from service to retirement has now become tyrannical and anti-people. We take special note of his ingratitude.

Ribadu was a tyrant — FG “If Nuhu Ribadu wants to talk of tyranny then he should talk of the days when he orchestrated the impeachment of governors with an illegitimate quorum of legislators who had been threatened by the EFCC under his watch. It beats the imagination that Nuhu Ribadu, a man who once presided over an EFCC which in 2007 compiled a list of disqualified politicians aspiring for office without a court order or legal backing now has the guts to accuse the man under whom Nigeria has had the most credible elections in this Fourth Republic of being the leader of a sinking ship. Can there be a greater tyranny than the tyranny of removing governors via undemocratic means and barring legally entitled persons from contesting elections? “Nothing else but misguided ambition could have driven Ribadu to urge Nigerian youths to rise up and save the country from an admin-

istration which he willingly served recently, but which he now duplicitously and insincerely claims is “imposing private interests on the majority. “It is certainly the height of hypocrisy for Ribadu who built his entire reputation as an anti-corruption crusader by completely disregarding the rule of law and recklessly trampling on the rights of perceived enemies of the government of the day, to now accuse an administration that has consistently upheld the rule of law and respect for fundamental human rights of being tyrannical. “It is only a shameless man that will turn around and accept to be the political lackey of a man he once openly accused of corruption at various times between 2004 and 2007. Now that he has been used and abused by the undemocratic overlords that reign over the ACN and fearing that he may soon be dumped now that that vehicle is about to be subsumed into the so called All Progressives Congress, Ribadu is desperately seeking fresh relevance. “Ribadu’s descent into a moral abyss since leaving the exalted office of EFCC Chairman, his

equally ethically-challenged new friends and his willingness to vituperate against any person or institution he perceives as a challenge to the fulfillment of his unattainable ambitions, have clearly exposed him for what he truly is – a thoroughly unprincipled attention-seeker whose entire career in the public service was built on bootlicking and doing the bidding of the powers of the day without a care for legality which should have been his primary concern as an officer of the law. “President Jonathan and his Administration will not be distracted from the diligent implementation of the agenda for national transformation by the falsehoods and vituperations of Ribadu and his new friends. “Far from being tyrannical as Ribadu falsely alleged in Kaduna, President Jonathan will, as he has consistently done since assuming office, continue to strengthen institutions of democratic governance in Nigeria, uphold the fundamental human rights of all Nigerians including the youth, and protect their right to elect leaders in free, fair and credible elections,” the statement concluded.

Shake-up in Immigration ....FG appoints new Comptroller-General; retires seven DCGs


BUJA—THE Fed eral Government, yesterday, undertook a major shake-up in the Nigeria Immigration Service with the appointment of Mr. David Paradang as the new Comptroller-General. Until his appointment, Mr. Paradang, from Plateau State was the Assistant Comptroller-

General in charge of State Coordination at the Immigration Headquarters in Abuja. With this appointment, all seven Deputy Comptrollers-General have been eased out of the organisation in a move said to be part of the efforts to re-position the service for better service delivery.

6—Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013

Chanchangi workers protest over unpaid salaries BY LAWANI MIKAIRU & DANIEL ETEGHE


AGOS — ABOUT 53 work ers of Chanchangi Airlines who have been on compulsory leave protested, yesterday, at the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA’s headquarters, Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos over unpaid salaries alleged to have accrued since 2010 when the airline sent them on compulsory leave. The workers who decried the airline’s delay in paying their salaries registered their grievances at the ticket counters of the company at the airport before proceeding to the NCAA’s headquarters. They alleged that they had not been paid their salaries for 36 months, a situation which they said could not be tolerated any more. The workers further said they were asked to stay off work since 2010, when the airline started having operational challenges and had not been paid since. Receiving the workers at NCAA, Director of Human Resources, Mr. Austin Amadi Ifeanyi and the Director of Consumer Protection, Alhaji Adamu Abdulahi assured them that the regulatory agency would look into their plights and provide possible solutions by ensuring that the airline does what is right.

Man, 37, bags 3-day jail for assaulting housewife


AGOS—AN Apapa Senior Magistrates’ Court, Lagos, yesterday, sentenced a 37year-old man, Ismaila Jimoh, to three days imprisonment for assaulting a housewife, Mrs Latifat Abass. Jimoh of Olodi-Apapa Area of Lagos, pleaded guilty to a three-count charge of assault, breach of the peace and damage to property. The Senior Magistrate, Mr Adeyemi Amos, sentenced the accused following his guilty plea. The accused was, however, given an option of a N6,000 fine. The prosecutor, Cpl. Friday Inedu, had told the court that Jimoh assaulted Abass, a housewife, by slapping her several times and calling her unprintable names.

Doctor denies mutilating baby’s corpse zHe is lying —Baby's father — Police zPolice arrest four suspects



BEOKUTA — THE Ogun State Police Command, yesterday, said Dr. Babawale Joshua, who was accused of mutilating the corpse of a 13month-old baby who died in his hospital, had denied his involvement. The Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, for the state, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, who spoke with Vanguard on phone, yesterday, said four suspects had so far been ar-

rested by the command. The police said parts of the boy ’s corpse mutilated included his eyes, tongue, lips, ears, private part, nails, the left hand and veins. According to the PPRO, the doctor will put up his defence on the matter. The PPRO said: “The matter has been transferred to the State CID. The doctor said when the boy died in his hospital, his corpse was taken away by the parents. “He also said the corpse was later brought back to the hos-

pital for the death certificate but the nurse they met did not know the baby’s body had been mutilated. He said the baby’s corpse was mutilated by his parents that took it away. That was his defence which he will put up tomorrow.”

Four suspects arrested Meantime, the state Police Command, Sunday, said it arrested four suspects including Dr. Joshua, the owner of Ajike Medical Centre at Sango Ota

Stranded commuters at Orile-Iganmu bus stop, in Lagos, yesterday. PHOTO: NAN.

67-yr-old church guard commits suicide BY DAUD OLATUNJI


BEOKUTA — A 67-year-old church guard identified as Matthew Isidahume, yesterday, reportedly committed suicide with his lifeless body found dangling within the premises of Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Gbagura, Ago- Oka, in Abeokuta North Local Government of Ogun State. Vanguard learnt that members of the church who converged for the morning prayers discovered the corpse of the deceased where he allegedly hung himself. When Vanguard visited the scene, men of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps and some policemen were seen at the place. Contacted, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, who confirmed the incident said three guards were supposed to be on duty when the incident happened. Adejobi said: “The deceased left a suicide note which is currently assisting us in our investigation, but the command will do a thorough job toward getting to the bottom of the matter.” However, a member of the church council, who identified himself as Adekunle Adegoke,

said the deceased was the church’s night-guard, adding that those who came for the morning prayer meeting met the gate locked and waited for about 30 minutes thinking the late Matthew was busy. He said: “When there was no trace of him, the people decided to push a small boy across the fence and the boy later returned

with the sad news that Matthew had hung himself. “Really, if you see him, the first thought will be that there was a sort of complex issue, probably there is a foul play. But looking closely you will see his footprints on the generator which showed that he climbed, tied something on his neck and then jumped.”

Army takes over Ekpan community over youths supremacy fight BY EMMA ARUBI


ARRI —MILITARY men from the 3 Battalion Army Barracks,Effurun, Delta State have taken over security of lives and property in Ekpan community, Uvwie council area of Delta State. This followed sporadic shootings by factional youth groups over leadership of the community. The shootings which started late Saturday evening till Sunday saw indigenes and residents fleeing to other safe areas and neighbouring towns of Ubeji, Jeddo, Effurun and others before soldiers were drafted to maintain the peace and restore normalcy.

Details of which groups engaged in the shootings remained sketchy at press time as most people pleaded ignorance of combatant youths or groups. They said they have not been able to move about to verify the truth about the real situation for fear of their lives. Stern looking military personnel deployed to the community have, however, secured the place with stop-and-search conducted on everybody on major roads. Divisional Police Officer, DPO, in charge of the Ekpan Police Station, Mr. Mamman Rijau, said his men stormed the scene to avert what could have been a breach of the peace and to prevent bloodshed.

in Ogun State. The PPRO in a statement said three others picked up were Oguntunde Opeyemi, Olaide Adeyanju and Temitope Muraina. They were arrested in connection with the case of mutilation of the corpse. The Police said: “The 13month-old baby, Kingsley Ole, who was Mr. Obinna Ole's son, had been on admission at the hospital for an ailment before he eventually gave up the ghost at 7.30pm on Saturday, in the said hospital. “The story became astonishing when the father, Mr. Obinna Ole, went to claim the corpse of his late baby and discovered that the eyes, tongue, lips, ears, the private part, nails and the left hand veins had been removed. “The Policemen attached to Ota Division, led by the DPO, CSP Gabriel Dibie, moved to the scene and arrested the suspects. The corpse of the late baby has been deposited at the Ifo General Hospital for autopsy. “The Commissioner of Police, Ogun State, CP Ikemefuna Okoye, has ordered the SCID Eleweran to take over the case for thorough investigation and has assured the general public of doing the needful to bring the culprits to book.”

He is lying —Father In a sharp reaction to Dr Oguntunde’s claim that the corpse was taken away and brought back to the hospital, father of the dead child, Mr Obinna Oleh said: “I did not take my baby’s corpse away. The doctor is lying. It is merely a ploy to deceive the police in their investigation. "When I got to the hospital and discovered our son was dead, I wrapped him with a cloth, kept him on the bed, after which I left. How is it possible for me to take the corpse and return it? "From our findings, we discovered that people have been dying in that hospital; pregnant women and babies in particular.” He, however, expressed regrets over his decision to take his baby to the hospital. This, he explained, was as a result of the unbearable temperature the baby developed at about 4 a.m. He said: “We decided to rush him to the hospital because it was the only one around and also not to take chances.” He, therefore, called on the Police to carry out a post-mortem report on the baby to ascertain the cause of his death, alleging that his death could have been caused by the hospital.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013—7

Lawmaker, 5 others arrested over communal clash z5 persons burnt, 50 houses destroyed during the clash BY EMMA UNA


ALABAR — LEADER of the Cross River State House of Assembly, Mr Moses Abeng Onor, and five other members of Oyadama community have been arrested by the police in connection with the killings and devastation of their neighbouring community, Inyama, two Sundays ago. Onor who represents Obubra II comprising Osopon I and II in the Cross River State House of Assembly was arrested last Wednesday, along with the Community Leader Felix, the youth leader and the clan head of Oyadama following a petition by the people of Inyima which claimed they were brains behind the invasion and destruction of their community . The Assembly Leader who is being detained at the Cross River State Police Headquarters, Diamond Hill, Calabar, according to the Inyama's petition, is alleged to have sponsored the conflict

and should therefore be held responsible for the havoc committed. “From available evidence, Hon Onor was aware of the impending attack on us and had the capacity to stop it, at least by virtue of his political position as the member representing Obubra II but he did not,” the Inyama lead-

ers claimed in the petition. Mr. Rekpene Bassey, the State Security Adviser could not be reached on phone but DSP John Umoh, spokesman of the Cross River State Police Command said the arrest of Onor and others was to let the police get into the root of the constant conflict in the area and “the attendant killings which

have become really worrisome have to stop. So, we may not release those arrested in a hurry.” It would be recalled that on Sunday, June 2, 2013, the village of Oyadama descended on their Inyima neighbours and destroyed over 50 residential houses including schools, health centres and churches with over five persons burnt inside their homes following dispute over the ownership of a parcel of land along their common border.

...another Speedwell Plaza at Industrial Street by Trinity Bus Stop off Apapa-Oshodi Expressway razed arraigned Sunday night. over alleged Kidnappers' hideout demolished, forgery Photo: Diran Oshe.



MUAHIA— THE lawmaker representing Umunneochi State Constituency in the Abia State House of Assembly, Prince Ikedi Ezekwesiri, was yesterday arraigned before an Umuahia Magistrate Court on a five-count charge of impersonation, forgery and false information. Ezekwesiri was alleged to have on January 31, 2011 in the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Form C.F. 001 while preparing for election into the State House of Assembly, falsely declared to be a legal practitioner. The offence, according to the charge was punishable under Section 192 of the Criminal Code Cap 38 laws of the federation of Nigeria 2004. The lawmaker was also alleged to have on the same date in a judicial proceeding in the High Court registry before the Commissioner for Oaths given false testimony contrary to Section 117 an offence punishable under Section 118 of the Criminal Code Cap. C 38 laws of the federation of Nigeria 2004. According to the prosecution, Mr. Sampson Onyemuche, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), the alleged false testimony was to enable him contest for the state Assembly election in 2011.

abducted queen freed BY FESTUS AHON


GHELLI— THREE build ings suspected to be hideout for those behind the kidnap of the wife of the Ovie of Ughelli kingdom, Queen Gladys Oharisi at Ovara-Orogun, Ughelli North Local Government Area, Delta State have been demolished by the police and Joint Military Task Force, JTF. The Queen, Vanguard gathered, was released after N1.1 million ransom was paid. The police, however, said no ransom was paid, adding that the suspected kidnappers released her after they closed in on them. At press time, residents of the hitherto busy community had fled for fear of being arrested by the police. Fielding questions from newsmen, the Commander in charge of Ughelli Area Command, Mr Awosola Awotinde, said: “Precisely, on June 6, 2013 at about 1:30 p.m the Queen, Mrs Gladys Oharisi was acosted at Erhoike village on her way to Abraka by three gunmen with a Sienna bus and was kidnapped and brought to this village (Ovara-Orogun) and kept in these buildings. “As the heat was on, we swung to action, the police, the military and the local vigilante. When they noticed that we were closing in

on them, they panicked and released her the following day by 11:45pm. And as directed by the state government, any facility or

house used to keep kidnap victims must be demolished. That is why these buildings are being brought down."

Slain student: Accused DPO’s husband demands justice BY GABRIEL ENOGHOLASE


ENIN —MR. Adams Afegbai, husband of the Divisional Police Officer, DPO, Mrs. Carol Afegbai, alleged to have shot a 500 level Laboratory Science student of the University of Benin, Ibrahim Momodu, on May 27, 2013, has insisted that his wife was not responsible for the murder of the student. Speaking with Vanguard in an interview in Benin, yesterday, Afegbai, a retired police officer, appealed to the state government and the police authorities to ensure that justice was done in the case since it has been forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecution, DPP, for advice. According to him, “what I expect the police authorities and the state government to do in this case is justice. We want justice. They said the case has been forwarded to the DPP for ad-

vice, so, we want justice.” Giving an insight into what may have transpired on that fateful day, he said: “It is not true at all that my wife shot the boy. My wife as the DPO was on visiting rounds of her men on duty and she came there in her car, she was driving when she saw the police interrogating the rider of unregistered motorcycle. “Then, another boy was sitting as a passenger behind. My wife sitting in that car noticed that boy was working on a bag; he was opening the bag bringing out a gun and loading it. When my wife sighted the gun, she shouted at the police that the boy was carrying a gun. As the boy jumped down, a policeman shot at him. My wife did not shoot at anybody.” Adams explained that whatever was done was in self defence, saying that otherwise, they would have killed a policeman there.

Man remanded for bathing lover with acid BY GABRIEL ENOGHOLASE


ENIN— An IkpobaOkha Area Customary Court sitting at Idogbo, Benin City has remanded a 22-yearold man, Cyril Okosun, in prison for allegedly bathing his girlfriend with acid. The accused was alleged to have on April 19, 2013 at Dumez Road in the state metropolis poured acid on the face and body of the girl after she decided to quit their relationship. When the case came up for mention, yesterday, counsel to the accused, Fidelis Oriafo, pleaded for his bail which was opposed by Police prosecutor, Inspector Victor Ehiorobo, on the ground that the victim, Blessing Ikhumuhi, was still in a critical condition at the UBTH. President of the court, Princess Esther Eweka, adjourned the case to July 23, 2013 for hearing.

Ohafia people cry out over herdsmen’s invasion BY ANAYO OKOLI


MUAHIA — AKANU Ohafia people in Ohafia Local Government Council of Abia State have sent a SaveOur-Soul call to Governor Theodore Orji over what they called the invasion and destruction of their farmland by the Hausa/Fulani herdsmen. The community also sent the Save-Our-Soul message to the Abia State House of Assembly, saying they need urgent intervention in the crisis before it escalates to threaten the peace of the community and the state at large. The community described the threat of the Hausa/Fulani herdsmen as “perennial, calculated and deliberate provocative activity meant to impoverish, maim and finally exterminate our people.” They alleged that some Hausa/Fulani cattle rearers had late last month “attacked and nearly killed the Chairman of Akanu-Ukwu Ohafia Vigilante group, Chief Thomas Onuegbe Uka.” Yesterday, hundreds of them stormed the Abia State Government House and the House of Assembly with placards and urged them to intervene by stopping the cattle rearers from further destroying their crops.

8— Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013


Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013—9

Students' protest paralyses commercial activities at UNILAG BY LAJU ARENYEKA


MEETING: From left— Navy Captain Caleb Olubolade (rtd.), Minister of Police Affairs; Ezekiel Oladeji, Director General, National Intelligence Agency, NIA; Mohammed Abubakar, Inspector-General of Police, and Vice Admiral Dele Ezeoba, Chief of Naval Staff, after meeting with President Goodluck Jonathan at the State House, Abuja, yesterday.

GDP: We're doing well, Okonjo-Iweala replies critics BY EMMA UJAH, Abuja Bureau Chief


BUJA—COORDINATING Minister for the Economy and Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, yesterday, replied critics of Federal Government’s economic growth claims, saying that the nation needed Gross Domestic Product, GDP, growth for the economy to impact positively on the people. Lagos lawyer, Femi Falana, had, last week in Abuja, told the House of Representatives that the impact of the economic growth claimed by Federal Government was not being felt by Nigerians. Speaking at the Ministerial Platform in Abuja, Dr. OkonjoIweala explained that Nigeria’s economy was strong, stable and growing at 6.75 % GDP, which had been recognised by international rating agencies such as Fitch and Standard and Poor that upgraded Nigeria’s rating at a time many developed economies were being downgraded.

Importance of GDP growth

She said: “Nigeria’s macroeconomy is strong and stable. Our GDP is growing at about 6.75 per cent and some people say that they don’t see the impact. We are doing well. “That does not mean that you have solved all the problems, but without that growth you can’t start solving the problems of this economy. “GDP is nothing but the income of the country. Growing GDP matters. If the income does not grow, you will suffer more

and more. Don’t listen to those who are saying that growing GDP does not matter. “I want Nigerians to know that growing the GDP matters so much. We need to grow our GDP up to eight percent. It is time that Nigerians don’t get deceived that growing the GDP doesn’t matter.” Okonjo-Iweala debunked reports that the Federal Government had taken a new decision to sign on private firms for the Destination Inspection Scheme.

On exchange rate, foreign reserves, crude account

The minister said that the dollar exchange rate had been stable at between N155 and N160 over the last two years, while inflation rate had slowed to 9.1 percent from 12.4 percent in May 2011. On the external reserves, the minister revealed that the administration grew it from $32.08 billion in May 2011 to $48.4 billion as of May 2013. The excess crude account, she added, rose from about $4 billion in May 2011 to around $9 billion at the end of 2012, and about $6 billion in May 2013. Okonjo-Iweala said: “ECA is now helping us since oil production has fallen from the projected 2.53 million bpd to between 2.1 to 2.2 million bpd.” On the cost of running government, she said that the Federal Government has

been vigorously pursuing the policy to reduce recurrent expenditure and complete unfinished capital projects. She said that this decision informed the reduction of recurrent expenditure from 74.4% of total budget in 2011 to 68.7% in 2013 and that it would be sustained until more funds were made available for capital projects.


The minister added that the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System, IPPIS, was paying off as it had enhanced efficient personnel cost planning and budgeting as personnel cost would be based on actual verified numbers and not estimates. According to her, 215 MDAs (153,019 staff) have been captured on IPPIS as at January 2013, with savings on payroll cost to date put at N118.9 billion. She said that work was ongoing to bring in other 321 MDAs not yet on IPPIS. The ministry, she also said, has been working to assist operators of the real sector of the economy to source funds from international windows, revealing that her team negotiated financing agreements totaling $12 billion in that regard. The funds, which were mainly from the World Bank, China Exim Bank, African Development Bank and the Islamic Development, were for various projects in agriculture, power, transportation, health , water and ports.

Sources of $12bn

They included N30 billion credit risk guarantee to Nigeria’s commercial banks to support the supply of fertilizers and seed by the private sector; US$200 million to support the ATA for staple crop processing in the six geo-political zones; US$300 million support to Fadama and commercial agriculture. Others are China Exim Bank’s $500 million for importing 18 cassava processing mills and 40 rice processing units (under discussions); and $4 billion letter of credit to support investment in the Lekki Deep Sea Port. $1 billion Eurobond (including US$600 million for gas to power) to be launched; China Exim Bank $765 million Zungeru Hydroelectric Power Project; and another Islamic Development Bank’s $54.5 million for the same Zungeru Hydroelectric Power Project, were also listed. The minister reiterated the det e r mination of t h e Fede r a l Gove r n ment to keep the nation’s d e b t low, revealing t h a t d e b t stood at N6.49 trillion.

AGOS—ACTIVITIES of campus vendors at the University of Lagos, UNILAG, yesterday, came to a halt due to students’ unrest over what they described as ‘exorbitant rates by the vendors.’ The peaceful protest was said to have commenced on Sunday evening. According to an official of UNILAG vendors association, “some students came yesterday and asked us to lock our shops complaining that our prices are too exorbitant. But they should have resorted to dialogue first before asking us to lock up.” The Assistant General Secretary of the law society, Mr. Dare Adeojo said: “This is a very welcome development, and we are well within our rights. “We have declared a 24hour boycott and lock down of the shops within the campus. How can we buy noodles for N80 when it’s being sold at N60 outside? And why should pure water be N10?” Another vendor said: “When we came here in 1996, it cost about N16,000 per annum to rent a shop. About five years ago, the rates moved up. “Now it costs between N80,000 and N100,000 to rent a shop. The electricity bills are also very high.” Deputy Dean of the university, Dr. A. K. Adebayo, said: “The school management is meeting with some of the student leaders as we speak, and very soon, the matter will be resolved.”

10—Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013

Fashola signs cremation bill, two others into law BY OLASUNKANMI AKONI


AGOS — GOVERNOR Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State, yesterday, signed cremation bill into law, which provides for voluntary incineration of corpses. The governor also signed two other bills into law. They are: A law to establish the Ibile Oil and Gas Corporation to invest and engage in oil activities and for connected purposes; A law to establish the Lagos State Christian and Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board, to regulate pilgrimages. While signing bills establishing Ibile Oil and Gas Company, a state owned oil company, and law regulating the Christian and Muslims Pilgrims’ Welfare Board into law, Fashola, explained that though, the state had laws enacted in the 80's to regulate the activities of the two boards, the state government had decided to harmonise the amendments done on the law overtime with the new law..

Three injured, N500m goods destroyed in Lagos market inferno MONSUR OLOWOOPEJO, IFEANYI OKOLIE & UJU MBANUSI


AGOS — AT least, three persons have been confirmed to have sustained severe injuries during and after the Sunday afternoon inferno that gutted the Trinity Auto spare parts market, where over 150 shops were razed in the fire that lasted more than three hours. Two of the victims; Mr. Emmanuel Chukwuka and his cousin, Mr. Chisom Chukwuka, 19 and 17 years respectively, were injured yesterday when a section of the plaza collapsed as scavengers scrambled for valuables from the rumbles. However, the third person and former president of the traders association in the market, Mr. Jerome Odinigwe, was injured during the inferno on Sunday. When Vanguard visited Elson hospital, Ladipo Close, where the two cousins were admitted, it was learnt that both cousins were still unconscious. A nurse, who spoke on condition of anonymity at the hospital, said both victims were brought to the hospital unconscious. Mrs. Josephine Chukwuka, mother of Emmanuel, who spoke on behalf of two cousins, said “Both cousins were busy assisting my husband to salvage his goods at the early hours of today, when a section of the one-storey building caved in on them and they became unconscious.” On the former president of the traders association, the Chairman of Zone E, Mr. Mike Ekeobi, said Mr. Odinigwe sustained his injury while assisting the Lagos State Fire Service to fight the fire.

Another trader, Mr. Ernest Okorie, who was in tears when he spoke, said “I have lost all that kept me in Lagos because I lost over N5 million worth of goods to this fire. I have to start all over again. I am fed up. I was asleep when the calls came in and when I woke up at about 6:00 pm, I saw over 25 missed calls. Immediately I called my friends who informed me of the fire disaster.” For Blessing Oguariri, who is in her late 20s, “When I saw the fire, I was helpless and I began to cry because this is where I raise money to take care of my siblings. I do not know what do now.” How the fire occurred Mr. Iyke Bokosun, a trader who lives few metres away from the market declared “I am still in shock because I witnessed the entire disas-

ter. It all started at about 2:00 from the shops at the back of the plaza.” Bokosun who said he lost over N4 million, lamented that “immediately, we called the officials of the Lagos State fire service but they came late after the fire had razed my shops.” A pastor, Chibuike Ikebuonu, who lost over N4million worth of goods, told Vanguard that the fire was aided by large stockpiles of tires and batteries in several shops. He said: “The fire was swift and it destroyed my three shops filled with laptop computers,

phones, accessories, books, documents and some cash. I could not save any of my property because I was not around when the fire started. Ezenwa Goddy, another victim, said his N3million cash was consumed by the fire. He lamented: “I received the money on Saturday from a customer who purchased some goods from me and I could not take the money to the bank because banks do not operate on Saturday. I left it in the shop; now I have lost it and other goods to the fire. I am finished, I need help.”

Our error - Dr. Chudi Nwike


N our viewpoint page of Friday, June 7, 2013, we inadvertently captioned the photograph of amiable Pastor Eze Iyamu as that of the late Dr. Chudi Nwike. The article entitled ‘For Chudi Nwike,

a tribute’ written by Pat Anyadubalu was published on page 19 of that edition. We regret the embarrassment this error might have caused Pastor Eze Iyamu. —Editor

N500 M goods were destroyed-Traders Speaking on loss to the fire, Mr. Ekeobi, said “Over N500 million worth of goods were destroyed by the inferno. Hundreds of traders in the plaza affected by the fire had recently stocked goods in their shops, and were unable to remove most of them from the shops.” He lamented that “larger percent of the traders went to their monthly village meetings at the time the fire occurred. Before they could rush down to save their wares, the inferno had wreck havoc on their shops.” Ten-year effort, loss in one minute — Trader Mr. Kinsley Uzoma, one of the traders that lost their wares said “I lost all I gathered in ten years in one minute on Sunday. I have to start from the scratch again. I watched my sweat burnt to ashes yesterday (Sunday) and I could not do anything. I cannot believe that all I worked for have been burnt completely. I started the auto spare part business in 2003 and ten after, all I worked for, under the sun and in the rain were burnt down.”

From left: Lagos Commissioner for Energy and Mineral Resources, Mr. Taofeek Tijani; Chairman, Lagos House of Assembly Committee on Health Services, Mr. Suru Avoseh; Gov. Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State and Attorney General, Mr. Ade Ipaye, at the signing of three bills: Voluntary cremation of corpses; oil and gas corporation and Christian & Muslim Welfare Board into law\ by Gov. Fashola, yesterday. Photo: Bunmi Azeez

Okeke allegation: Falana denies appearing for Mrs. Ibru BY ABDULWAHAB ABDULAH


AGOS — THE Intrigues surrounding allegation by retired Justice Okechukwu Okeke of the Federal High Court that a Justice of the Supreme Court tried to influence a case before him, took another dimension with a Lagos Lawyer; Mr. Femi Falana, SAN, denying ever representing Mrs. Cecilia Ibru as claimed by the judge.

In a statement by Falana in Lagos, the lawyer alleged that the retired judge used the occasion of his valedictory, to accuse a justice of the Supreme Court of interfering with proceedings before him to save his face. In his defence to the allegation that he represented Mrs.Ibru in a case before the judge, Falana said: “We wish to state, without any fear of contradiction, that contrary to Justice Okeke’s allegation we did not file

any application on behalf of Dr. Cecilia Ibru before him or any other judge. “The clients being represented by us are: 1. Engr. Chief Michael Afolabi Dada, (2) Engr.. Charles Ndubuisi O. Amadi, (3) Mallam Lawan Sheikh Muhammad, (4) Mrs.. Comfort Nduka OdiliIwuafor and (5) Anthony Abiodun Abikoye who are employees of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria."

Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013—11

Sack fever grips Ekiti teachers as govt starts recruitment BY GBENGAARIYIBI


DO EKITI — AS Ekiti State Government starts recruiting new set of teachers into the state Teaching Service Commission, TESCOM, sack fever has gripped teachers in the state who are currently on nationwide industrial action. Teachers in the state last week joined their counterparts

in different parts of the country on strike over payment of 27.5 percent Peculiar Allowance The recruitment exercise coincides with the current strike action embarked upon by the teachers But the state government has denied the sack rumour, saying it has no intention to fire any worker and that the recruitment was meant to fill all consequential vacancies in commission.

A visit to the office of the Commission in Ado Ekiti, yesterday, showed a large number of prospective applicants struggling to procure forms for the advertised vacancies. Briefing newsmen, the Commissioner for Education, Mr. Kehinde Ojo, said that Governor Kayode Fayemi gave approval for the filling of consequential vacancies in the teaching profession about

From left: Osun State Deputy Governor, Mrs. Titi Laoye-Tomori with the Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuade, Olubuse II, at the official launch of Ipo Imo, in Ilesa, Osun State.

three weeks ago at a time there was no inkling of strike. His words: “I am a teacher, the Deputy Governor of this state, Prof. Modupe Adelabu is a teacher of note, even the Chairman of TESCOM, Chief Bayo Adeniran is a member of NUT, so who among us will pursue the sack of any teacher? So, all these are lies.” According to him, the State Government had declared her intention to pay 15 percent Teachers’ Professional Allowance out of the 27.5 per cent being requested, as a way to end the teachers’ strike in the state, which he said, had already punctured any fear that teachers might be sacked. Ojo commended the teachers for reasoning with the government that it won’t be able to pay the 27.5 per cent that would gulp a sum of N170 million monthly based on its low financial profile. “The teachers being represented by NUT have seen reasons with the government that it can’t pay a sum of N170 million monthly if the 27.5 per cent will have to be paid. “But with 15 per cent, as it was done in Ogun State, the government will be paying N90 million monthly pending the time the balance will be implemented fully.”

Customs intercepts 1,526 cartons of poultry products Service in Ikeja, Lagos, weekend, intercepted 1,526 cartons AGOS — THE Fed of assorted poultry products eral Operation Unit valued at N6.4million. Confirming the seizure, the (FOU) of the Nigeria Customs BY GODWIN ORITSE


Public Relations Officer of the Unit, Mr. Uche Ejesieme, an Assistant Superintendent of Customs, ASC, said that no body was arrested as the sus-

pected smugglers took to their heels on sighting the patrol van of the roving team from the unit, led by Abubakar Mohammed, an Assistant Comp-

Man docked for stealing, possession of fake foreign currency BY GBENGA OLARINOYE


SOGBO — A 28year-old man, Oluwafunmso Wemson, was yesterday arraigned before an Osogbo Magistrates’ Court for alleged theft and being in possession of some fake pounds sterling.

The police prosecutor, Inspector Solomon Oladele told the court that the accused had on June 2, this year at about 6p.m. at MDS area, Osogbo allegedly committed the offence of stealing when he entered a shop belonging to Kehinde Adeyemo and stole N265,000. Oladele added that when the accused was apprehended and his house searched on June 8, he was found in possession of 140 pounds sterling which were suspected to be fake and which the suspect could not give satisfactory account of how he came about them. He said the offence contravened sections 390 and 430 of the Criminal Code cap 34 Vol. 11 Laws of Osun 2003. The accused who had no legal representative, pleaded not guilty to the

charges and the Senior Magistrate, Mr. Olusola Aluko who presided over the case granted him bail in the sum of N100, 000 with two sureties. Aluko added that the sureties must reside within the court’s jurisdiction and their address must be verified by the police. The case was adjourned to June 17 for hearin.

troller of Customs. Ejesieme stated that the consignment which came through unapproved route valued at N5.3million while the duty payable was also put at N1.016 bringing the Duty Paid Value, DPV, at N6.490million. The consignment, according to the unit’s spokesman, did not come through the Seme border, adding that they were brought in, in smaller vehicles before being loaded unto an articulated vehicle with the aim of evading arrest.

UNIDO, Osun partner on power generation BY GBENGA OLARINOYE


SOGBO — THE United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, UNIDO, and Osun State Government have procured two 35KW turbines for installation at Ikeji-Ile hill top in Oriade Local Government Council of Osun State to boost power generation in the state. The two turbines expected to work at cross flow purposes are to be installed at the natural water flow from Ikeji-Ile hill top aimed at solving the problem of power irregularities in the state. The project which is jointly financed by the state government in conjunction with UNIDO is expected to generate 24 hours electricity supply for the communities connected to the mini hydro power generation from the turbines.

Akure high chief dies at 66 BY DAYO JOHNSON


KURE — A High Chief in Akure, the Aro of Akureland, who is the fourth in rank to the Deji of Akureland, Adeyemi Adedipe is dead. High Chief Adedipe who became the Aro of the town in less than two yeas ago was aged 66 Before ascending the throne the late Adedipe was the former publicity secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in the state and former member of Federal Road Maintenance Agency, FERMA. Reports from his palace in Akure said that he has been indisposed for sometime now until he was said to have died in the early hours of yesterday. A family source said the late high chief had before his demise been battling with an ailment for almost a year. Adedipe was said to have collapsed in his palace and was rushed to a private hospital where he eventually died.

12— Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013


Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013 — 13

My administration ’ll not be distracted —Amaechi P


ORT HARCOURT—GOV ERNOR Chibuike Amaechi of Rivers State, has assured that his administration will not be distracted by the actions of those opposed to him. Amaechi, who spoke when forum of former members of Rivers State House of Assembly between 1979 to 2011 paid him a solidarity visit at Government House, Port Harcourt, said he will continue to deplore the resources of the state for the good of the state. The governor said: “The resources of the people must be protected by the people and you are the voice of the people. I believe that you will continue to speak on behalf of the people because you were elected at one time or the other to serve the people and you are the representatives of the people. The current members, who are serving, you and all others who are elected constitute the voice of the people and I urge you to continue to stand by Rivers people.” The governor spoke of plans by his administration to continue to deliver more projects to the state, just as he listed some of his achievements, which include construction of schools, hospitals and roads. Earlier, former Speaker, Mr.

Stephen Ezekwem, who spoke on behalf of the group lauded the achievements of the Amaechi’s administration. He said: “It becomes imperative on us to come and show you support, encourage you and also to tell you that what you are fighting for is just. If you were not fighting for justice, we will not come and democracy in the

country cannot succeed without justice. We discovered that God is with you and whoever God is with is majority. “You ran for an election, a competitive one for a second tenure and graciously you won, 19 votes to 16, that shows that you are a leader. So these are serious achievements. These things happen. There may be betrayals here and there, left and right, sometimes, you may even feel that you

are alone, but you are not alone, so you should continue to go forward, bring your people together and these are test of leadership. You will succeed and when you do, people will know that you are a born leader. We want your success. “We want an Assembly that operates in a conducive environment devoid of internal and external distractions to make good laws for the state.”

UNVEILING: From left: Mr. Bart Van Aerie, CEO, Prins Auto Gas West Africa Ltd; Alhaji Sani Dangote, Vice President, Dangote Group and Mr. Saidu Muhammed, MD, Nigeria Gas Company, at the unveiling of Prinsautogas/Saga's Vehicles Compressed Natural Gas Conversion in Lagos, yesterday. Photo: Lamidi Bamidele.

Edo PDP tasks Ihonvbere on assessment of Oshiomhole BY EMMANUELAZIKEN


ENIN—PEOPLES Demo cratic Party, PDP in Edo State, has challenged the Secretary to the Edo State Government, Prof. Julius Ihonvbere to recon-

cile his present defence of Governor Adams Oshiomhole to his past words and wars with the governor. The party in a statement took the government scribe to task over his past disapproval of the

projects and actions of the governor, wondering why and what made him to change his stance. Noting that Ihonvbere’s comment in the past that being without a board membership was a stress, the PDP said it was tempted to

ACNPN flays alleged exco dissolution report


A R R I — D E LTA State chapter of Association of Community Newspaper Publishers of Nigeria, ACNPN, has

condemned media reports by a group of “its estranged members, who purportedly dissolved the Mr. Felida Essi-led execu-

Madam Angelina Azinge passes on at 89 Azinge family of Asaba, Delta


HE death of Madam Angelina Onyebuchi Azinge, matriarch of the

Late Angelina Azinge

State, has been announced. She died on Monday, May 6, 2013. She was an acclaimed entrepreneur, community leader, devout christian and an outstanding home builder. Her remains will be laid to rest at the Azinge family compound in Umudiake Quarters, Asaba, on Friday, July 5, 2013 after a funeral service at St. Peter’s Cathedral, Asaba. She is survived by Engr. Kanene Azinge, Johny Azinge, Mrs. Alice Amuka, Kenneth Azinge, Prof. Epiphany Azinge, SAN, Mrs. Uju Okogba and Barbara Aninye.

tive,” describing the reports as the handiwork of suspended and former members of the association, who are looking for cheap political patronage ahead 2015 general elections. ACNPN in a statement by its chairman, Essi and Public Relations Officer, Mr Ebule Anthony, noted that rather than commend the administration, which rented a secretariat for the first time in its history without external support, the sponsors of the report “who are desperate for relevance, attempted in futility” to deceive the public. They wondered the rationale behind the convening of such a meeting by its suspended Secretary, Prince Charles Umejei, when article 10 section D (1) of the Association’s constitution does not give him the power to do so without the chairman’s directive, let alone dissolve the executive. They added that the national executive of the body was fully behind the leadership of Essi.

believe that the government scribe may have changed his position because of his new position and the patronage of office. PDP’s Administrative Secretary, Mr Gabriel Oloruntobi in the statement, made several comparisons of Prof. Ihonvbere’s past statements about the alleged failures of the Oshiomhole’s government and his present defence of the governor. “Lately, PDP has become the pre-occupation of this failed governorship aspirant. If one may ask, what is the business of this Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN busybody in the internal affairs of PDP? It is obvious he is being a meddlesome interloper,” PDP said. Noting Ihonvbere’s assertion that the PDP lacks transparency when he defected a year ago, the statement made reference to an interview a year ago, when the professor made a robust defence of the PDP. “Yes, some people defected to another party, but many of them are coming back (to PDP), which is something interesting and it means that the PDP is ready to regain Edo State like it always has,” PDP quoted him as saying. The PDP also quoted him as describing Oshiomhole as not having done well in the same interview.

Apologise to Oshiomhole now, groups tell Odua BY SIMON EBEGBULEM


ENIN CITY—AFRICAN Network for Environment and Economic Justice, ANEEJ and Justice Research Centre, have called on the Minister of Aviation, Mrs. Stella Odua to apologise to Governor Adams Oshiomhole for the grounding of the governor’s aircraft last Friday by Nigerian Airspace Management Agency, NAMA. Also a leader of Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN in Edo State, Elder Sunny Uyigue and the National Youth Leader of ACN has accused the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP of playing dangerous politics and describing PDP as shameless. Uyigue said: “It is PDP handworktointimidateOshiomhole. If they are not ashamed of themselves, this chopper is not outsideNigeria,theyshouldhave waited for the chopper to come back.ItwasPDPhandiwork.PDP fixed it, they are the fixers.” Oshiomhole’striptoAnambra State for the burial of the wife of the Special Adviser to the President, Senator Ben Obi, was aborted last Friday, after NAMA recalled the helicopter, which was already airborn, back to the Benin Airport.

Johnson Sakatu is dead, aged 75


L a g o s businessman, Mr. Johnson Sakatu, is dead. He died in Warri, aged 75. Mr. Sakatu was the Managing Director of Johnson White United Ltd, a popular building construction company, which built many military barracks during the military era. He will be buried in Warri, next month.

Late Johnson Sakatu


14—Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013

Ex-Imo Dep Gov, Agbaso denies going into hiding BY CHIDI NKWOPARA


WERRI—EMBATTLED former Deputy Governor of Imo State, Sir Jude Agbaso, has debunked the rumour making the rounds that he ran away from the state for fear of being arrested by anti-corruption agencies. Agbaso, who spoke this while fielding questions from newsmen, denied that he was receiving N200 million monthly as security vote or imprest when he was in office. He said: “At no time did I run away from Imo State to avoid being arrested by security agencies. I have never been in hiding. “I have gone to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission to give them my own side of the bribe saga". In debunking the huge security vote allegedly given to his office, the former deputy governor said the bill he expended in renovating the Deputy Governor’s Lodge, which amounted to about N82.7 million, had remained unpaid till date. “I used about N82.7 million in repairing the Deputy Governor’s Lodge. This bill is still hanging in the ministry up till date. Governor Rochas Okorocha did not order the refund till date,” he said.

Gov Orji not bothered by oppositions' gang up, says aide


HE Special Adviser on Pub lic Communications to Governor Theodore Orji of Abia State, Mr. Ben Onyechere, has said the governor was not bothered by the visit of opposition parties to a Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, chieftain in the state. The governor’s aide said: “No amount of brigandage or bricksmanship can derail the hard earned peace and uniformity of purpose prevailing in the state as the era of misrepresenting Abia is gone for good. “Am not bothered by oposition gang up. The recent solidarity of oposition parties with a PDP stalwat is nothing to worry about because some of them have no operational base and are merely seeking funds from their diasporal sponsors." C M Y K



BAKALIKI—PRESIDENT Goodluck Jonathan, yesterday, called on the judiciary to pursue those ethical codes that are necessary for the sustenance of judicial practice in the country. The President, who stated this during the commissioning of the Federal High Court in Abakaliki, noted that the idea would dispel every form of unfavourable perception regarding the practice of law and place the judiciary in a credible limelight. Jonathan, who was represented by Vice President Mohammed Namadi Sambo, added that the commissioning of the complex would afford Nigerians the opportunity of witnessing the expansion of justice delivery. He also applauded the Judiciary for leaving up to the expectations of Nigerians in every sphere of human endeavour.

Port Security: FG gives agencies 45day ultimatum BY GODWIN ORITSE


OLLOWING the ultimatum the United States Government gave to Nigeria to improve on the security situation at the nation’s seaports, the Presidency, yesterday, adduced reason why Nigeria cannot afford to take the threat lightly, saying that “If the issue is not treated with urgency and accuracy, it will lead to high freight rate and the economy will suffer.” The Presidency has given the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, NIMASA, the Nigerian Ports Authority, NPA, and other operators, 45 days ultimatum to put necessary measures in place with a view to securing the ports. Speaking at a stakeholders meeting in Lagos, the Senior Special Assistant to the President Goodluck Jonathan on Maritime Affairs, Mr. Leke Oyewole, said the country cannot afford to allow the United States ultimatum catch up with the industry. Oyewole explained that with the Presidential Implementation Committee on Maritime Security, PICOMMS, out of the way and transfer of Designated Authority, D/A, responsibility to the NIMASA, the issue of who is responsible for what has now been settled. He said: “The responsibility of implementing the International Ship and Port Facility Security, ISPS, code is that of NIMASA, PICOMMS did a good job but they can not continue to implement the ISPS code because they have limited capacities".

Jonathan tasks judiciary on ethics The President said: “I also wish to call on their lordships and other operators in the body of benches and the bar to pursue those ethical codes that are the hallmark of judicial practice. This will to a large extent dispel every form of unfavourable perception regarding your line of duty. “We are witnessing the expansion of justice delivery through the commissioning of the complex. I wish to call on all well meaning Nigerians, especially the elite and opinion leaders to galvanise their intellectual energies in the direction of deepening an objective understanding of the workings of the judiciary in national development. “Let me also add that the judiciary is leaving up to the expectation of Nigerians in dispensing justice and it deserves our applause. This does not, however, mean that it should play to the gallery, rather it is to serve as a morale booster to earn more praises from Nigerians. “The transformation agenda

of our administration is on course; we just celebrated our two years in office and have placed before Nigerians our mid-term report. We are very proud to say that we have attained appreciable milestones".

“We are resolutely determined to continue our electoral promises as regards to infrastructural development, job and wealth creation, economic stability, transparency, good governance and national security."

Mr. Andrew Okeleke of Marketing Communications Department of Globacom congratulating his son, Chuks Andrew Okeleke, who graduated in Computer Science from Babcock. University, Ilishan-remo, Ogun State.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013—15



BUJA—NIGERIA Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, NEITI, has uncovered unremitted taxes amounting to $9.8 billions (N1.538 trillion) by oil companies into the federation account. This came as President Goodluck Jonathan, yesterday, promised that the Federal Government would soon review the law setting up the agency to strengthen its operations for optimum performance. The unremitted taxes resulted from under-payment of taxes and

NEITI uncovers $9.8bn unpaid taxes from oil coys, others


rents, through under-assessment, process manipulation and poor management of agreements between the Federal Government and different companies. Speaking to newsmen after meeting with the President, NEITI Chairman, Ledum Mitee,

who disclosed this, however, said NEITI had been able to recover $2 billion (N314 billion), being money owed the Federal Government as unremitted taxes by companies operating in oil, gas and mineral sectors of the economy. Mitee lamented that the cut in

SHAREHOLDERS' FORUM—From left: Group Managing Director/Chief Executive, First City Monument Bank, FCMB, Plc, Mr. Ladi Balogun; Company Secretary, FCMB, Mrs. Olajumoke Bakare and Otunba Olutola Senbore, Director, FCMB at the sank shareholders’ forum in Lagos, yesterday.

agency’s budgetary allocation was negatively affecting its operations, adding that between 2011 and 2013, the agency’s budget had been reduced by about 50 percent, a situation he added was affecting its smooth operation. Mitee said: ”What we have tried to identify is that between 2011 and 2013, there has been some 50 percent reduction in our budgetary allocation which we thought was threatening the smooth operation of our work. ”The fact that we won an international award at the Sydney global EITI conference last month where Nigeria was adjudged the best country in compliance with its standards. ”Our responsibility is to identify gaps. The key issue which came out of the meeting was that we have to close the gap between what NEITI is doing and what the economic management team is doing”. He noted that of the 39 countries implementing EITI, Nigeria’s mode of implementation had been rated the best. He said: ”We are not just out to find faults. We are there to help government to even raise revenue and identify gaps so that they can be remedied and that should be seen within the larger frame work of the reforms we all pray for”. He said the agency was able to achieve this feat through the collaboration of relevant agencies working under the aegis of Inter-Ministerial Task Team, IMTT, from additional assessments.

FG to review NEITI law — Jonathan Speaking while receiving a report from the National Stakeholder ’s Working Group, NSWG, led by its Chairman, Ledum Mitee, President Jonathan pledged that the law that set up NEITI would soon be reviewed to make it more effective. According to the President, “NEITI is not just a watchdog organisation but also one playing a critical role in the economy with additional responsibilities.” Commending the leadership of NEITI for the level of successes recorded, while urging it to maintain the tempo to export the exemplary performance to other countries. The President said the issues of funding and gaps in the synergy between NEITI and certain major government bodies would soon be addressed with the setting up of IMTT which would also see to the “proper integration of NEITI into the economic agenda of government.”


Power outage: FG goes after saboteurs


INISTER of Power, Prof Chinedu Nebo, yesterday, inaugurated a technical investigative panel on system collapse to ascertain the major causes of power failure and proffer solution to mitigate future occurrences. The panel, which is the first of its kind in the power sector, is expected to complete its assignment within two weeks. It is also to determine the immediate and remote causes of system collapse, review system collapses that had occurred from January to date, review performance and effectiveness of the grid’s protection system in the period under review, consider any other system collapse related issue and recommend measures to further strengthen the protection mechanism. Speaking at the inauguration, Prof. Nebo said “the government under President Goodluck Jonathan has consistently made efforts to improve infrastructure in the transmission network with project under the NIPP to close the gap in the existing networks nearing completion".

Jega seeks media support ahead 2015 polls



BUJA—THE Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, yesterday, called for a collaboration among it, the media and other stakeholders to ensure successful 2015 general elections. The Commission also said it was committed to improving on the success recorded in 2011 elections. Chairman of the commission, Prof. Attahiru Jega, made the call while in audience with top management team of Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, FRCN, led by its Acting Director-General, Dr. Samson Shuaibu, who paid him a courtesy call. According to Jega, INEC is committed to a thorough voter education and public enlightenment before the 2015 elections. Jega, who noted that this was an area the media was essentially needed, said: “We, in INEC, are aware of the enormous responsibilities that have been placed in our hands to produce a framework and deepen democracy in our country.

16—Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013


STAND STILL: Traffic at a halt at the expressway.

PAINS OF ROAD CONSTRUCTION: Traffic gridlock as a result of road construction at Berger Yard Bus Stop and Mile 2, Lagos Badagry Expressway. Photos: Akeem Salau. C M Y K

Commuters trekking as a result of the traffic gridlock at Otto Wharf, Mile 2.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013 — 17


18 — Vanguard, TUESDAY,JUNE 11, 2013 JUNE 12 still stands even if it is as a fading political momentum. More than half the population of Nigerians younger than 30 do not know much about the election, in 1993, which Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola won but the military annulled. It remains one of the most tumultuous moments in the past 20 years. Nigeria was at the verge of another civil war. The annulment created political uncertainties that pushed the country around for six years. Nationwide strikes, civil disobediences, an interim government and General Sani Abacha’s November 1993 coup were some initiatives to resolve the impasse. Each move worsened things. Abiola publicly staked a claim to his victory when he declared himself president in Epe-tedo, a square on Lagos Island on 12 June 1994. He was detained until he died, in detention, on 8 July 1998, after meeting a US delegation. His death, a month after Abacha’s, further complicated matters. General Abdulsalami Abubakar who succeeded Abacha was apparently preparing to release Abiola. A one-year transition programme to civilian

Still Ignoring June 12 governance made Chief Olusegun Obasanjo president. Throughout his eight years in office, he ignored June 12, though it is debateable if he would have been president without Abiola’s sacrifice. Another tragedy for Abiola was on 4 June 1996 when gunmen killed his wife Kudirat, an ardent supporter of his claim to the presidency and a rallying point for the mounting opposition against Abacha. The matter is still in court. The six states the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, controls - Edo, Ekiti, Lagos, Ogun, Osun, Oyo - will honour Abiola with a public holiday. President Goodluck Jonathan retreated after criticisms of his

move last year to re-naming the University of Lagos after Abiola, it was the closest to a national recognition of the man whose death hastened the return to civilian rule. Lessons about June 12 are few, and fewer are those willing to learn them. The supposed free and fair elections are celebrated as if there were no precedents. Political forces that freely infringe in others’ spaces are still doing good business, expecting no opposition. Elsewhere June 12’s place in history: Russian Day, to mark the 1990 declaration of sovereignty of Russia from the crumbling Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, USSR. It is the 115 th Independence Day anniversary of the Philippines. Can June 12 be resolved without an official position on the result of the presidential election of June 12? Will Abiola be honoured, recognised as elected president? The main tragedy of June 12 is the expectation that it would be forgotten. We offered the civil war similar treatment, leaving us with a disjointed history of Nigeria – nations do not ignore their milestones.



F like me, you thought the distraction called the Nigeria Governors Forum, NGF, election would have passed quietly, and quickly, you would have been disappointed at the space and spats it is claiming. An ordinary election for the better being of 36 men (no women please) has been exalted to the only national issue with appropriate linkages invented to further the fortunes of those who have never wished Nigeria well. Now, everything that goes wrong with a governor, if he is supposedly in the opposition, is a punishment for not supporting the President. President Goodluck Jonathan has shouted himself hoarse over his disinterest in who leads the governors. He possibly would have congratulated the winner if there were no controversies. Panjandrums will not hear of it. They have drawn up all the conspiracy theories they can imagine. Governors voted in a certain manner, they claim, to disrespect the President. Others predict that the 2015 presidential election would follow the C M Y K

NGF - Suppose Jang won? same pattern. The President has not said he would run for another term. The link between his re-election success, if he decides to run, and the NGF is at most tenuous. Is someone imagining that 36 governors (assuming they vote) would multiple their votes to the millions of votes required to win the presidency? We have all become excitable members of the forum, holding telling views in its affairs though a couple of months ago, the forum meant nothing to almost all Nigerians. I blame the governors who escalated a club election to a national affair. When they scampered to the Vice President for succour, he should have chased them away. Everyone else they ran to should have given them the same treatment. Valuable state resources – attention, time, money – are being staked in a hollow enterprise that can only waste more resources. The usual army of peace makers are banking on prospering from the confusion by

creating more. Daily, delegations are criss-crossing the country to ease the logjam. All these cost money, our money. Governance has taken a back seat; everything is about helping governors to manage their forum, an organisation we barely know what it does beyond being a pressure for the governors, and sometimes for their States. None of the governors disputing the results has told us how the election affects governance in his State. Would there have been more jobs, if Jonah Jang, their preferred candidate, won? Did Jang promise to wrench more revenue off the Federal Government for the benefit of the States? How would Nigerians have fared better if one and not the other led the governors?


he major revelation of the tiff is the animosities, jealousies, rivalries among governors. The names they have called themselves in the

past weeks show these. Some of the governors, while stating their positions, have confirmed the level of their intelligence, something that for years was in the realms of speculations With all the challenges Nigerians face daily, what interests their leaders is the leadership of 36 people – whose cares and concerns are hardly in tune with those of more than 160 million Nigerians. If we do not ignore governors and their forum, they would continue to annoy us as they ventilate anxieties over their future, rather than ours. PS: Deputy Senate President Chief Ike Ekweremadu, a lawyer of 26 years standing, suggests that a proposed sixyear single tenure for president and governors will be retroactive. Our laws are not retroactive. The only Nigerian law in this category was Maj-Gen Mohammadu Buhari’s 1985 decree that sent drug peddler to death. According to Ekweremadu, the President and some governors would have to make the sacrifice. We are really in perilous times, more so with retroactive laws.

*Mr. Isiguzo is Chairman editorial board, Vanguard Newspaper.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013 — 19

, I

N the President’s proclamation of state of emergency in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states, he made clear that this declaration of a state of emergency was part of “steps to unravel and address the root causes of these crises.” It is apparent that the Boko Haram Insurgency is contextualized by other security issues which must be also addressed. In the present condition of the Nigerian society, the government has to address a nexus of crises, each feeding the others so much so that government finds itself confronted with increasing conditions of anarchy. Prof Akin Oyebode in his piece in The Guardian Tuesday, May 28, 2013 includes the following in his catalogue of what ails the nation. Nigeria, Prof Oyebode notes, is: “A country which has found it almost impossible to guarantee 24 hours electricity supply at any part of the country, enduring insufferable poverty in the face of incredible wealth, high levels of unemployment, unbelievable scourge of disease, and squalor .., wide spread corruption ..., armed robbery, religious strife, kidnapping and terrorism”. A society thus bedeviled cannot be

said to be a society with faults to be fixed. An objective characterisation of the Nigerian society is that its ”order” is faulty; a faulty structure must be reengineered; it cannot be fixed. Such re- engineering entails rootcause analyses. Root-cause analyses in furtherance of societal restructure is a political project of putative sovereigns. The call for a sovereign national conference is such a political project. In this essay, we briefly appraise The Patriots’ vanguard role in defining the frame work for such a national conference. For our text, we take the report of The Guardian Tuesday May 28, 2013 of the interview of Professor Ben Nwabueze, Chairman of The Patriots and a member; Chief Solomon Adun Asemota (S A N) titled: “How to save Nigeria from anarchy by Nwabueze, Asemota.” To the question: “What are your fears for Nigeria?” posed by Seye Olumide, The Patriots reply was: "This is a very large question. We are in a very desperate situation in the country and everyday the situation gets worse and more worrisome. At a point, we were optimistic that


things would get better but now, we are beginning to nurse some sense of despair due to the development around us, with the persistent fear whether we would get out of this.


overty is everywhere, illiteracy and ignorance are also a general challenge to the country and government ought to address them. This is the position of The Patriots that a National Conference can best solve some of these issues because everything seems to have failed in this country, and therefore, we need to sit on a round table to discuss. This is the only way we can address all the problems that affect all the sections of the country. The position of The Patriots on this is simple and straight. "We have met several times, deliberated on the state of the nation and issued many statements that Nigeria was heading into a situation of anarchy, like General Theophilus Danjuma said that Nigeria was already in anarchy; but we are certainly heading towards anarchy… When Jonathan took over, he said publicly he was in support of a national conference.

Democracy, tears and transformation BY USEN AKPAN


OURTEEN years back, Nigeria had a chequered history of governance. About 13 rulers rather than leaders have at different periods remote-controlled and swaggered the compass of the nation from the Sahara to the coast. The aftermath had been years of pendulum commands, staggered policies and corruption. In the circumstances of apathy, the nation and its people went through the valleys and mountains of confusion, segregation, marginalisation, imprisonment, torture and killings. Perhaps, the cost of sacking the colonial masters appear not as high as the cost of achieving unbroken civil governance in the last 14 years. The reality of that came to bear on Akwa Ibomites in 2007 as they, with prayers and tears, entrusted their fate in the hands of Chief Godswill Akpabio. Six years later, on May 29, 2013, they reassessed the situation and in joy, thanked God for their fortunes, so far. It was at an interdenominational service held at Ibom hall grounds. Thousands of Akwa Ibom people at home and the diaspora gathered to acknowledge God’s hand in Akpabio’s leadership. For them, it was not just a celebration of good governance but qualitative leadership. The fact that Akpabio has not just been internationally acknowledged as a peoplefocused leader but one who has ensured good

governance, has given the nation hope in democracy. For many, even in opposition, that is enough reason for them to celebrate. It was a happy day indeed in Akwa Ibom State. The bright weather and the songs of jubilation overshadowed the tears of the military years. It was the celebration of the six years of uncommon transformation. Obviously, Akwa Ibom State has cause to celebrate in a grand style. The people in 2007 dared the principalities and powers of governance. They took the destiny in their hands, sought for additional independence and successfully enthroned a government of the people, for the people by the people. Down memory lane, Akpabio said: “We began an unlikely experiment to find out whether God still rules in the affairs of mankind and whether His will can serve as a compass in the journey of a people”. The process of uncommon transformation has remained ongoing. From roads that link communities, urban renewal and beautifications, tourism regeneration and the overhauling of transportation systems, Akpabio has created a new Akwa Ibom State. This is the state described as a destination of choice. In very clear perspectives, to the deaf, the blind, the opposition and the doubting Thomases, the blessings of the six years of uncommon transformation in Akwa Ibom are nothing short of a big surprise. He has invested in education more than any governor before him in Akwa Ibom State.

We have discussed with him and also written a letter to him on the subject of National Conference and we are waiting for his reply. We expect that he will give our letter the necessary treatment. The memorandum we sent to the President contains all the arguments that could be advanced in support of a conference. We are not only after drawing up a constitution, there are other things we include. The memorandum includes the near collapse of Nigeria and how it could be addressed”. Giving the perspicacity of the chairman and of the general membership of the group, it can be assumed that all the President seeks answer to from The Patriots are questions raised by the modality proposed by The Patriots for convening the Sovereign National Conference. The Patriots propose that the conference be a conference of ethnic nationalities. Why ethnic nationalities and not on the basis of political parties as suggested by Northern political leaders? “We are in correspondence with the Arewa. We have exchanged in black and white, we have agreed on the need for a National Conference but the modalities are what we are still looking at. We agreed on the ultimate need to hold a conference but the modalities are a bit different but that will be settled given good will. The Arewa wanted the conference to be on political party basis but we say it should be a conference of ethnic Nationalities”. It is clear that there has to be agreement on modalities if the conference is to be convened. In this essay, let us hear ‘The Patriots’ argument on why the ethnic nationality is the unit of popular sovereignty. “Why we emphasized that the conference must be on the basis of ethnic nationalities is because they are the ones that wear the shoes, they are the people whose interests are at stake. We should bring them


Search for Nigeria's security challenge: The Patriots' proposal

The great ethnographic work done by The Patriots to accomplish the mapping and cataloguing of Nigeria ethnic nationalities must be acknowledged as an academic and intellectual feat

Nigerians have a duty to ensure that the example of true leadership set by Akpabio is replicated in their respective states; that way, Nigeria will change and regain its position as a giant of Africa


Challenged by the ignorance and poverty that had once ravaged the land and affected the psyche of the people, Akpabio is changing the fortune of his people through education. Similarly, the e-Library, the gas plant, the Ibom International Airport, the prisons built and handed over to the Federal Government; the construction of over ten buildings within the University of Uyo, a federal institution; the various contributions - structural and financial - to the University of Uyo Teaching Hospital, UUTH, another federal body, all aid in rebuilding Nigeria.” To boost the economy, Akpabio has entered into negotiations with the Federal Government to build a deep sea port.


he approval for commencement of work has been endorsed, as construction of water breakers commences soon as part of the state government proposal of an industrial city project. It is estimated that it would boost positively the

together to discuss how this nation could move forward as one entity. This must be the focal point because it will make no sense if the ethnic nationalities are not the major point of consideration for the conference. They are the people feeling the pinch of the crisis. Nigeria does not contain one set of people; whosoever is saying that we are a set of one people is deceiving himself and the country. Nigeria contains peoples; peoples make up Nigeria and this is why it is necessary to come to a round table based on ethnic nationalities and not on the basis of political parties to discuss our differences. The Patriots also have modalities that will ensure that all the ethnic nationalities are well represented. We have the numbers and list of all ethnic nationalities at hand. We have ascertained every ethnic nationality in this country, big or small; they are 389 in the list. We have included these in our memorandum to the President. We will bring them one by one to the conference. Let the President give the opportunity for the people to speak one-on-one to themselves”. The great ethnographic work done by The Patriots to accomplish the mapping and cataloguing of Nigeria ethnic nationalities must be acknowledged as an academic and intellectual feat. But can the claim be made by The Patriots that the ethnic nationality is the unit of sovereignty in Nigeria be sustained empirically? One of the essential characteristics of sovereignty is autonomy of rulers in their domains of control and interests. If this attribute is applied to examine the 389 ethnic nationalities as catalogued by The Patriots it is difficult to see how the Patriots ethnic nationalities can be the basis of representation and participation in the Sovereign National Conference. Continues next week

economy of the State, Nigeria and the entire Gulf of Guinea. Recently, as part of the Democracy Day commemoration, the Akpabio administration signed a management agreement with the Hilton Worldwide Group for the supervision of tourism and hospitality service of the Tropicana Entertainment Centre. In that agreement, the Hilton Worldwide Group, a brand in global hospitality service, has arrived to start the Uyo Hilton Gardens. At the Gardens, a wet and dry park, a world-class conference centre cineplex, a galleria and shopping mall. Moreover, the state has completed the 191 mega-matt power plant, a gas processing plant, completed the phase one of the international airport, empowered 4500 women, undertaken construction of over 305 roads with fly-over bridges. The list is endless: from sports, agriculture, security and workers welfare. No section is left behind. The cause for celebration becomes clearly justified. In the committed efforts of Akpabio, the good people of Nigeria have nicknamed him an uncommon transformer. But to Akpabio: “Akwa Ibom people are more than transformers…for whatever we have achieved we did for you”. The real aspect of the Akwa Ibom State celebration of the 14th Democracy Day and the six years of uncommon transformation is that the destiny of people can change where the people believe in God. The rest of Nigerians have a duty to ensure that the example of true leadership set by Akpabio is replicated in their respective states. That way, Nigeria will change and regain its position as a giant of Africa. We can do it together. *Mr. Akpan, a journalist, wrote from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. C M Y K

20 — Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013

Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013 — 21

Jonathan approves new package for BoI recapitalisation BY FAVOUR NNABUGWU


HE Federal Government has approved plans by the Bank of Industry (BOI) to shore up its capital base by N750 billion. Speaking at a training programme for media practitioners in Lagos, Mr. Joseph Babatunde, General Manager, BOI, explained that when the N750 billion recapitalisation is achieved, the fortunes of the bank would be turned around. He said, “The challenges militating against the effective performance of BOI include under-capitalisation. This hinders the bank developmental impact and attracts needed long term funds from international and multilateral agencies. “There is already a Presidential approval for the recapitalisation of the bank to the tune of N70 billion. Government in the last couple of years has been very proactive in the area of addressing the dearth of long term invisible funds required by the manufacturing sector. “There are several sector specific intervention funds and schemes in Nigeria today more than ever before in the history of our nation. “Although, no time frame has been set for the release of the fund, it would help to enhance the capacity of the bank to provide finance for businesses in Nigeria, particularly the Small Scale Enterprises.” Babatunde stated that undercapitalisation of the bank has hindered its ability to deepen developmental impact and attract the needed long term funds from international and multilateral agencies. Speaking further, Ms Evelyn Oputu, Managing Director, BOI, disclosed that the bank has disbursed N238 billion to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) across the country since she assumed office in 2006 to date.

From left: Bashorun Ganiyat, Head, Horticultural Research, Lagos Parks & Gardens Agency; Eme Agha, Associate Director, Client & Industries, Akintola Williams Deloitte and Toyin Utomakili, Head of Tree Planting Department, Lagos Parks & Gardens Agency, during the 2013 Deloitte Impact Day celebration in partnership with Lagos Parks & Gardens Agency, LASPARK, in Lagos.

Banking reforms should impact ordinary Nigerians — NDIC boss BY JONAH NWOKPOKU


ANAGING Director/Chief Executive Officer, Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation, NDIC, Mr. Umaru Ibrahim, has stated that there is the need to consolidate the gains of banking reforms to impact the lives of ordinary Nigerians. Ibrahim stated this at the Business Day Annual Banking Conference held in Lagos. According to him, “the reform measures undertaken by the regulatory agencies in the country, such as the banking consolidation, establishment of the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria, AMCON, risk-based supervision for banks, introduction of the International Financial Reporting Standards, IFRS, transformation of the

payment system through the cashless policy, adoption of a common year end, issuance of codes in corporate governance, review of the universal banking model and interventions in the power, agriculture, manufacturing and aviation sectors of the economy have brought about remarkable transformation of the banking industry and the economy at large.” He however added that, “notwithstanding these achievements, it leaves much to be desired, as majority of Nigerians still live below the poverty line. It is therefore pertinent that this conference comes up with ideas that would make the gains of the reform trickle down and impact the lives of ordinary Nigerians.” The NDIC boss said that the theme of the conference, “Consolidating the

Gains of Banking Reforms in Nigeria”, is apt especially at this time when a good number of policies and programmes outlined in the reform agenda could be said to have been implemented. The guest lecturer at the occasion, a professor of Political Science and International Economy, Prof. Okey Iheduru, called for concerted efforts from all stakeholders to consolidate the gains of the banking reforms in Nigeria, saying that the sector is so critical to the economy that it cannot be left in the hands of central bankers and economists alone.

NCS, Heritage Bank partner on revenue generation BY PETER EGWUATU


N a move to further strengthen its revenue generation drive,the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) has appointed Heritage Bank as a designated Customs Duty Collecting Bank. This is sequel to a signed agreement between the Nigeria Customs Service and management of Heritage Bank in Abuja. With its recent successful deployment of the Finnacle 10 banking software, Heritage bank announced a strong intention to crystallize a robust branchless banking platform that is highly technology-driven while promoting business efficiency across many frontiers.

Commenting on the appointment, Heritage Bank’s Executive Director, Niyi Adeseun, promised a revolution in duty collection administration in the country. He noted that “Heritage Bank is established on the premise of innovation, partnership and sustainability and this is a cardinal idea we bring to bear on all our engagements”. Speaking further, he said, “As a timeless wealth partner that seeks to help our customers build, transfer and preserve their wealth, our recently signed partnership with the Nigerian Customs Service will not only deliver maximum value to the Customs Service but more importantly, revolutionise how duties, tolls and fees are collected in the country. The paying public will enjoy more ease, zero time wasting and absolute support that our highly technology driven environment and systems are built around.”








154.75 239.0733 203.032 164.2781 1.5608 0.2863 230.8667 25.2171 41.2645 27.2294 233.4094

155.25 239.8457 203.688 164.8089 1.5658 0.2963 231.6127 25.299 41.3978 27.3174 234.1636

+0.51 SELLING 155.75 240.6182 204.344 165.3397 1.5709 0.3063 232.3586 25.3809 41.5311 27.4053 234.9177

CBN Exchange rate as at 10/06/2013

22 — Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013


Basic merits of bonds BY BABAJIDE KOMOLAFE


N the last edition, we explained that shares represent ownership, while bonds represent debt. When you buy shares, you buy ownership of the company that sold or issued the shares. But when you buy bonds, you are lending to the organisation (government or company) that sold the bonds. You now know the basic difference between shares and bonds. But before you decide to buy bonds, you need to be aware of the benefits, or the advantage they have over shares, and the risks, or limitations. Bonds basically offer two things. First is fixed stream of income, and secondly safety of investment. As mentioned in the last edition, the bond issuer always indicate, the interest rate he/she wants to pay on the loan being generated with the bonds. The interest rate is called the ‘coupon rate’, and it is contained in the bond offer document. Most times, the coupon rate is fixed, but sometimes, it may be tied to other rates like treasury bill rate, the Monetary Policy Rate, the Inter-bank interest rate, or inflation rate. When the coupon rate is not fixed, it is called floating coupon rate. So, the bond issuer, may offer N100 billion for three years at 10 percent. The implication is that the issuer will pay interest rate of 10 percent every year throughout the tenor of the bond.


he issuer can choose to pay the interest rate at the end of the year or quarterly or bi-annually. In the case of shares, where companies may not pay dividend, reduce or increase the dividend they pay each year, the interest earned on your investment in bond does not vary. Whether the issuer makes money or not, it does not affect it. In fact, if the company that issued the debt closes shop, and it has to be liquidated, the proceeds of the liquidation will be used to pay bondholders, before shareholders get anything. Though bonds are also traded on the stock exchange, the interest payment is not affected by what happens to its price on the exchange; market crash or collapse does not affect it. So, with bonds, you are certain of the income or return you would make on your investment. This is not so in the case of shares. The second basic advantage of bonds over shares is the safety of what you invested.

Because it is a loan, at the end of the maturity of the loan, the issuer will repay the exact amount borrowed. So, if you bought N10, 000 worth of bonds, at the end of the maturity, you will receive N10, 000. In the case of shares, the N10, 000 you invested might have increased to N20, 000 due to appreciation of the share price. It may also reduce to N2000 due to depreciation of market price. And you may even lose everything, if the company folds up. So, bonds offer certainty or safety of your investment. Another major difference between bonds and shares is that bonds have definite maturity i.e. three years, 20 years. But shares do not. Once you buy the shares of a company, it is for life. You can’t go back to the company to give you back your money. The only way you can recoup your money is to sell the shares on the stock exchange.

Top 10 performing stocks BY NKIRUKA NNOROM ON the list of top ten performing stocks last week were Livestock Feeds, Chemical and Allied Products Plc, Eterna Plc, May & Baker Plc, Neimeth International Pharmaceuticals Plc and Fidson Healthcare. Other stocks on the spotlight last week were Glaxosmithkline, Union Bank of Nigeria, Berger Paints and Presco Plc.


ivestock Feeds, which led the gainers list, has consistently recorded appreciable increase over the past few months. At the end of transactions last week, the share price rose by 48.87 percent or N1.95 to close at N5.94 from N3.99 in the previous week. The only company quoted on the livestock/animal specialties sector of the NSE, Livestock Feeds is a pioneer in the manufacturing of animal feeds in Nigeria and boasts of 45 years experience in the field. Only recently, UACN acquired 50 percent stake in the company, a move that is supposed to unlock more value for shareholders of both companies. So far, Livestock Feeds has delivered commendable value to investors. Starting the year at N0.68, the share price has ral-

lied 773.52 percent increase compared with the closing price on Friday. The company recorded an improved turnover of N5.43 billion in 2012, a 50 percent increase over N3.62 billion reported in the previous year. Its profit after tax was N139.1, earnings per share improved by 42 percent at 11.59 kobo compared with 8.16 kobo in 2011.


hemical and Allied Products, CAP, recorded 33.09 percent or N14.89 increase to emerge the second on the top ten gainers list. Listed on the building materials sector of the NSE, CAP manufactures paints and coatings, as well as fire extin-

guishers. Year-to-date, the stock price has risen by 334.62 percent from year low of N13.78 to the present market price. CAP evolved from the world-renowned British multinational Imperial Chemical Award Industries plc, which formalised its Nigerian operations in 1957 under ICI Exports Limited. It is also a subsidiary of UAC of Nigeria Plc and technological licensee of AkzoNobel, manufacturers of Dulux premium brand of paints.


TERNA Plc’s share price rose by 28.30 percent or N0.88 from N3.11 at the beginning of the week to N3.99.

Listed on the petroleum and petroleum products distributors sector of the Nigerian Stock Exchange, NSE, Eterna engages in the manufacturing and sale of lubricating oils, importation and bulk/retail sale of petroleum products including PMS, AGO, LPFO, base oils, bitumen and export of lubricants/fuels, bunkering among others. The company recently won a N2.2 billion contract for the supply of fuel oil to Egbin Thermal Station belonging to the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) as part of the efforts of the government to find viable alternatives to supplement gas supply to the plant for electricity generation. Beginning the year at N1.32, the stock price rose to N4.87, the year high before declining last Friday to N3.99 per share. It has therefore gained 202.27 percent within the year.


ay&Baker Plc gained 26.70 percent or N0.59 from N2.21 at the beginning of the week to N2.80. So far, the stock has risen by 127.64 percent from N1.23 at the beginning of the year to the present market price. M&B manufactures and distributes pharmaceutical products, such as vaccines, antibiotics, and sera. The Company also sells diagnostics, medical equipment and bottled water in Ni-

geria. The fifth highest gainer, Neimeth, added 25.00 percent or N0.25 to close at N1.25 from N1.00 it started the week at. Listed in pharmaceutical sector, Neimeth is involved in the manufacturing and sales of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and animal health products. Already, the share price has risen by 140.38 percent this year from N0.52 at the beginning of the year to N1.25 at the close of transactions on Friday. The company’s financial position both in top and bottom line has not been encouraging in recent time. The company recorded a loss after tax of N69.3 million for the year ended 30th September, 2012 compared with a profit of N113.1 million in the previous year. Though there was a 22.74 percent growth in turnover for the period from N1.89 billion in 2011 to N2.33 billion in 2012, operating profit declined from N241.14 million in 2011 to N48.18 million in 2012. Others are Fidson, which rose by 23.33 percent or N0.42 to close at N2.22 from N1.80; Glaxo added 17.24 percent or N10.00 to close at N68.00 from N58.00, while UBN, Berger Paint and Presco went up by 15.53 percent or N13.09, 14.67 percent or N1.21 and 13.33 percent or N4.00 to close at N13.09, N9.46 and N34.00 per share in that order.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013 — 23


Why shareholders reject annual reports, financial statements in CD form

On the other hand, apart from the fact that some shareholders do not have what it takes to use the CD-rum, it is not also very reliable; and that is why they prefer to have the report the way they have always had it, which is also the pattern they are used to. BABATUNDE OGUNBONA or me, some of the peo ple that are saying no to e-dividend are illiterates. Many have Saving Account, which the banks allow for use. At the moment, I am having no problem with e-dividend, all that I have seen tells me that those that are yet to embrace it need to do so in order to enjoy the various benefits associated with the plan.


•Obiora Muogbe

By WILLIAM JIMOH AKIN GBESUMI he reason why I oppose giving Annual Report and Financial Statements to shareholders using CD- rum is because there is need to download the reports for proper study which is not possible when an investor does not have the required device with which he can do this. If you have to go to the computer centre or café to do that, it will require a lot of money from you compared to what they are giving to you as dividend. How much are they giving? Sometimes, they give 50kobo per share and at other times, all they declare is 10 kobo. Or if you are the type that does not have computer system, will you have to go and get it just because you want to access your company ’s financial statements and reports? But when you talk about the e-dividend, that one is better. But at the same time, the banks are creating problem for shareholders; they slow down the process by asking shareholders to go and verify their signature which suppose not to be the case. So, if this problem can be taken care of, then e-dividend will be able to take its rightful position, because aside this, it is a very good initiative to collect dividend through electronic means compared to the old system of posting dividend warrant.


OBIORA MUOGBE f you have the hard copy of the annual report, you can study the report well. When you do that, you will be able to comment during the Annual General Meeting. The e-dividend is very good because I am using it and I know how much of my time and other resources have been saved in accessing my dividend. And I can tell you that


•Ajao Adelakun

•Akin Gbesumi

there is no difficulty with the process, that is why I use it in all the over 100 companies where I have my shares. All it requires of you as a shareholder is to collect the papers, take it to your bank(s) or registrars(s) for their signatures and you will find out that, that is all it takes before your money is paid into your account. This is how it works, if any company declares dividend today, and you are the type that operates the e-dividend

•Babatunde Ogunbona

form of payment, you will get the bank alert the second day. And for some companies, immediately they declare, within the next two hours, you will be informed that the money has entered your account. AJAO ADELAKUN ost of the shareholders prefer the e-dividend form, because with it, you don’t have to wait for a long time before you are able to get your money. It is even better; as long as you don’t have any change of information as


•Jenson Fifah

regards your account and phone numbers, your money will always be paid into your account and you will get the alert for the payment without having to even go to your bank. All shareholders are interested in the initiative, they want it but because they do not know how to go about it, some shareholders often criticise it. But if they go to their registrars, fill the forms and take all the required steps, they will know that it is very fast.

CAPTAIN JENSON FIFAH need to be frank with you, among all the companies where I have registered my edividend with, it is only a few of them that are paying the money into my account. Presently, they include: GTB, Access Bank, First Bank, and some other companies, but I am still expecting a lot of them to send because it is better for me to do the e-dividend than having the warrant sent to me. Having to go to the Post Office and from there to the bank is stressful; it takes time compared to e-dividend which is automatic.


COMPLAINTS AND INVESTIGATIONS I need update on Nigeria Bottling Company I have 200 shares of Nigeria Bottling Company but for a long time now I have not heard anything from them. Have they delisted me? (Ovierume Kayode) Investors Forum Nigeria Bottling Company voluntarily delisted from the stock exchange in 2011. This was because Coca Cola wanted to invest more money in the company and assume 100 per cent ownership. The company offered N43 per share to pay off minority shar eholders. For mor e information concerning your investment in the company contact Zenith Registrars Limited at 89A, Ajose Adeogun Str eet, Victoria Island, Lagos. Tel: 234-12708930-4. E-mail: I cannot locate my stockbroker I don’t know the where about of Omas Trust & Investment. They are my stock broker. They are no longer at Bamgbose Street, Lagos Island. So I can’t buy shares or access my stock. Please I

need another broker, how do I go about this? (Sunday, Ikorodu, Lagos) Investors Forum Omas Trust & Investment was one of the 48 stockbroking firms delisted by the Nigeria Stock Exchange, February 2012 for being inactive. The implication is that the company had probably closed shop. In any case they can’t act as stockbrokers again. You can go to Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS), 6th floor NSE Building, Custom Street, Lagos Island, to access or ascertain your shares account. You can also transfer them to another stock broking firm. For a list of licensed stockbroking firms and their addresses, please visit http:// ForBrokers/Pages/DealingMembers.aspx Where is Woodland Capital Market? On the 18th May, 2011, I Ofoegbu Adolphus Chukwuma submitted to Woodland Capital Market the share certificates of FinBank, Standard Alliance Assurance,

Ecobank Transnational Incorporated, Union Homes Savings and Loans for verification. The company gave me a CSCS number but I can’t locate them at their 94, Broad Street, 6th floor, which used to be their office. Please advise me how to locate them or what to do with the above shares possible to transfer them to another stock broker/(Ofoegbu Adolphus Chukwuma) Investors Forum Woodland Capital Market Limited was one of the 21 stock broking firms suspended by the NSE last week for inadequate capital. Our advice is that you first visit the CSCS office on the NSE building, to confirm the validity of the CSCS account number given to you, and also ascertain if the shares have been verified and registered in the account. If the shares have not being registered in the account, contact the registrars of the companies and inquire if they received the certificates and where they sent them to .

If the registrars cannot account for the certificates and the shares are not registered in the CSCS account in your name, send a complaint to the Securities and Exchange Commission. The complaint should be sent to

COMPLAINTS AND INVESTIGATIONS Do you have any challenge with your investment in the stock market or with any company (stockbroker, Registrar Company etc), write to vanguardinvestorsforum OR send text to 07043855187. We will INVESTIGATE AND REPLY

24 — Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013

Industry E&P spending to reach record $678bn in 2013


IL and gas companies will spend a record $678 billion on exploration and production, E&P, this year, 10 percent more than last year, Barclays said in a report this week, but did not say how much of this spend will come to Africa. The Global 2013 E&P Spending Update from the bank offered a bullish outlook on the energy industry, with oil demand continuing to outstrip supply and oil companies spending more to find deposits in more remote places, Reuters reported. “We do believe the industry in the early stages of a strong, sustained up cycle,” Barclay’s analyst, James West, said on a conference call, according to the news wire. Higher spending in the Middle East, as well as solid E&P budgets in India, Australia and the rest of Asia, would more than offset slowing growth in Latin America, Barclays said. E&P spending outside North America should rise 13.2% this year, a bigger increase than the more than 9% Barclays had forecast earlier. Growth in the Middle East is driven mainly by higher spending forecasts for Saudi Aramco, the world’s biggest oil exporter, and increased drilling

Revenue Watch seeks audience with DPR


Mr. Andrew Fawthrop, Chairman/Managing Director, Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL) (right), receiving an award for environmental stewardship from Chief Philip Asiodu, President, Nigerian Conservation Foundation.

in Iraq, according to the report. Barclays forecast a 2% rise in E&P spending in North America this year. It had previously estimated flat year-on-year spending levels for the region. Strong US land drilling has created a market of “haves” and “have nots” among oil service providers, though spending should still rise in the country, Barclays said. The relatively slow pace of recovery in the US land market was causing continued challenges for smaller companies, while industry leaders such as Schlumberger, Halliburton and Baker

Hughes are expected to benefit from the demand for premium technology and equipment, Barclays said. E&P companies are basing their spending budgets for the year on oil prices of $101 for Brent, $86.5 for West Texas Intermediate and benchmark US natural gas prices of $3.62, Barclays found in a survey of more than 300 oil and gas companies conducted last month. The report also said PetroChina is expected to be the world’s largest E&P spender this year, overtaking ExxonMobil for the first time since the 1980s.

Nigeria to earn N46bn yearly from pipe fabrication BY MICHAEL EBOH



HE Nigerian Content Development Monitoring Board, NCDMB, said Nigeria will earn about $300 million (N47.7 billion) annually or $1.2 billion (N190.8 billion) over the next four years, between 2013 and 2017, in the local production of steel pipes for the exploration and production of crude oil in Nigeria. The NCDMB in its ‘Nigerian Content Implementation Framework for 2013,’ said it planned to directly facilitate the increase of local steel pipe annual production capacity from 100,000 metric tonnes, MT, in 2011 to 900,000MT by 2017. According to the NCDMB, by 2017, local capacity of 500,000MT will exceed exploration and production demand for steel pipes leading to 100 per cent utilisation of locally produced steel pipes. “NCDMB’s approach is structured around radically increasing local supply of steel pipes in product categories that will have the largest impact, thus starting

with welded pipes. “Through NCDMB’s intervention, $300 million of upstream oil and gas industry spend will be retained annually, with 1,200 direct jobs and 9,000 indirect and induced jobs created,” the report stated. The NCDMB put the petroleum industry’s annual demand of line pipe at about 800,000 tonnes, saying this presents enormous opportunities for investors. According to the report, the projected annual industry demand of line pipe is put at over 800,000 tonnes, arising from the demands from the Gas Master Plans, replacement of aged pipes and new fields development projects against the current supply opportunity of 100,000MT per annum. The NCDMB said it is already promoting the establishment of three pipe mills in Nigeria, adding that it has already acquired a portion of land in Bayelsa State to support the

establishment of a 250MT pipe mill. In this regard, the NCDMB said, “Attributes of the land acquired for the pipe mill include nearness to Shell gas plant facility for accessibility to gas; proximity to the Gbaran Ubie National Integrated Power Plant, NIPP, and closeness to River Nun for easy transportation of raw materials and finished goods. “Steel line pipes are one of the critical inputs in the oil and gas industry in terms of utilisation. It, therefore, has high potential for employment generation; local value addition and retention of industry spend.” Continuing, the NCDMB said from now till 2017, a total of 4.27 million metric tonnes of steel pipes will be needed for exploration and production, gas, water and infrastructure projects in the country, adding that at present, only 10 per cent of this demand can be sourced locally, while 90 per cent are imported.

C C O U N TA B I L I T Y watchdog, Revenue Watch International, RWI, has requested an audience with oil and gas industry regulator, Department of Petroleum Resources, DPR, to discuss industry related issues. The meeting, scheduled to hold on June 17, at the DPR Corporate Headquarters in Lagos, will be the first of its kind by Revenue Watch, a non-profit policy institute that promotes the effective, transparent and accountable management of oil, gas and mineral resources across the globe. Speaking more about the proposed visit, DPR told Vanguard in Lagos that as the regulator of the Nigerian oil and gas sector, it “ welcomes and wholeheartedly supports the RWI initiative as it is for public good,” adding that “This is in line with the transparent and open policy stance of DPR management policy in conducting regulatory business in Nigeria.” The industry regulator also reiterates its “readiness to cooperate with other agencies, local and international in other to achieve government’s aspiration for a more transparent and accountable oil and gas industry.” To underscore its role, the DPR noted that parts of its functions also include the collation of production data from oil and gas activities in the country; monitoring of crude oil lifting at the terminals; generation of revenues for government through collection of royalty for oil production and gas sales, operational fees and signature bonuses during licencing rounds as well as enforcement of operational standards in the industry. Specifically, the regulator explained production figures are usually reconciled at the end of every month, but retains the maximum allowable production granted to companies until figures are reconciled. It also noted that the Department has in place a transparent system, which captures crude oil lifted from the terminals, and monitors hydrocarbon mass balance of the various oil companies. With regard to enforcing standards, the regulator said it takes “utmost interest in the fiscal metering systems in the Upstream and Downstream sectors of the industry by monitoring and supervising the engineering designs, construction and site acceptance tests and installations at operational locations.”

Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013—25


Baker Hughes unveils cost reduction technology BY KUNLE KALEJAYE


O maximise oil reservoir production from petroleum activities, Baker Hughes Nigeria said it plans to introduce a series of technologies that will reduce cost and ensure shorter scheduling time for oil and gas exploration, evaluation and production. Baker Hughes said some of the new technologies, Brownfield rejuvenation and production enhancement, will be introduced first to Marginal Fields Operators, MFOs, due to their limited access to some technologies in oil production. The company also offered to introduce an integrated service or a one-stop-shop service ranging from pressure pumping, cracking, drilling and lots more. Speaking on the new technologies, the company’s Manager, National Content, Government Relations and Business Development, Ms. Charlotte Essiet-Oduah, said the company embarked on the provision of the integrated services to help clients reduce costs and scheduling time for oil and gas production. She said the new technologies, which would be unveiled later this month in Lagos, would also provide oil industry operators accuracy of reservoir, logging and data acquisition results. The move is to ensure that Baker Hughes is responsible for every operation from reservoir to production. “When you have various contractors, who are doing all these for you, it becomes very expensive and that is the truth. But if you have one contractor, who is doing all of these for you, one of the major advantages that you will get from these integrated services that we are proposing is discount. I cannot categorically tell you how much discount we will offer you but the operators who are currently speaking to us for integrated services understand what I am talking about – companies like Sheba Petroleum, Seplat and Midwestern Oil,” she explained. She disclosed that local and foreign experts would gather in Lagos later this month on the occasion of Bakers Hughes’ Techno Day to showcase the series of technologies in the portfolio of the company.

Treat stolen oil like blood diamonds – Alison-Madueke By NICK KOCHAN


S thieves siphon 200,000 barrels a day in Nigeria, Petroleum Minister, Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke, in a recent interview said she is determined to crack down on the country’s £1billion-a-year ‘blood oil’ industry, as the well-resourced gangs are diverting some 10 per cent of the country’s oil production and channelling the money into kidnapping, piracy and terrorism. The result is not only funds lost to the country’s exchequer but also devastating damage to the environment and to the health of people in the region. Some 200 foreign oil company employees, some from Shell and BP, have been among those kidnapped for ransom in the Niger Delta over the last seven years. A campaign to close down the “crime cabals” who divert crude oil to the tune of 200,000 barrels a day is top priority for Alison-Madueke. She is leading a lobby to get the world community on side on behalf of affected Gulf of Guinea countries such as Benin, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Liberia and Togo as well as Nigeria. “We are very keen to join hands as soon as possible with the international community in fighting this terrible menace,” she said. Britain and the United States, US, are assisting in developing a fingerprinting system for tracking stolen crude. Alison-Madueke points out that the global community enjoys wide access to Gulf of Guinea oil, with some three-quarters of US oil imports from Africa coming from the region. A clampdown on revenues from stolen oil is another part of her campaign. Governments need to move against institutions that launder what she calls the proceeds of “blood oil”. “Oil theft is lucrative because •Oil thief cracking his crude thieves find it easy to sell their consignments either to private Niger Delta.” buyers or on the international tator says: “She is a tough nut to The “very powerful, very well crack.” Stolen oil needs to be in spot market. Who are the buyers funded cabals” drill holes in the the same category as blood diaof the stolen crude oil and pipelines to draw off the oil. It is through what fiscal institutions monds, she says. “Just as the “cracked” and transported via world has taken a firm stance is the money being laundered? separate pipelines to barges close against trafficking in blood diaIt is not being sold in the Ecoto shore, which move it to ships monds, so must we confront trafnomic Community of West Afrifurther out. “Those ships are goficking in stolen crude. Many can States, ECOWAS region, ing to refineries around the innocent people are losing their neither are the financial instituworld. When the refineries refine lives as a consequence of oil tions represented in ECOWAS that product, the fiscal output and theft.” The environment of the countries,” Alison-Madueke profit is laundered through fisGulf of Guinea is being hit by the says. activities of the gangs. They cal entities in other regions of the dump oil into the Gulf of Guinea world. That answers why the gloOil subsidy that they cannot “crack” (break up bal community needs to assist,” system by heating to reduce its thickness said Alison-Madueke. The Nigerian armed forces and enable it to flow through pipeShell has said that Nigeria los- lines). Their makeshift distiller- have sought unsuccessfully to es over $1.6billion (£1billion) ies are so inefficient that they combat the oil thieves. No soonannually to oil theft. treat only a third of the raw oil, er is one hole on a pipeline shut Alison-Madueke, the daugh- leaving the rest as waste. The or one illegal distillery closed ter of a tribal chief, is seen as wood used in the cracking pro- down than two others have reAfrica’s oil tsar. She was a region- cess is hacked from forests across placed them. Over a three-week al head of Shell before becom- the Niger Delta, adding to the en- period, the Navy blocked 600 iling a government minister. She vironmental blight. legal distilleries, only to find that is said to receive regular death Alison-Madueke says: “It is 400 new ones had been created threats from oil importers who devastating. There are vast por- in their place. “The Nigerian have lost their licences when tions of white landscape with trees Joint Task Forces are running found to have defrauded the falling over. The communities from pillar to post to deal with state’s oil subsidy system. Ali- don’t yet understand the extent it.” Gangs are using the proceeds son-Madueke supported the of the environmental damage.” to run other criminal operations Nigerian President Goodluck The polluted environment is in the region, including kidnapJonathan’s plan to remove the giving rise to cancers and other ping, piracy, and hostage-taking. subsidy that the state pays oil fatal conditions, and Alison-Ma- Some of the millions paid to the companies to make petroleum dueke added: “We are beginning oil gangs are thought to have products more affordable at the to see the results of this damage made their way to Islamic rebels pumps. Popular opposition with babies being born with dis- linked to al-Qa’ida in the north forced President Jonathan to re- abilities in certain parts of the of Nigeria. Some observers say verse this policy. One commen-

the scale of the theft is so vast that it could not take place without complicity at the highest level. One oil trader argued that the proceeds of illegal shipments were “an informal funding arrangement for local chiefs to ensure their support for federal government policies.” Alison-Madueke says that the growth in criminal activity in the region is “a negative consequence of the feverish crude oil business activity.” Finger-printing technology is used to identify oil that comes from legitimate sources, and so “interrupt sales of illegal crude by criminal gangs”, says the minister. She seeks international support for governments to curb the laundering of funds derived from the sale of illegal crude. “We seek to improve revenue transparency and ensure accountability for every barrel produced. Many innocent people are losing their lives as a consequence of oil theft in the Gulf of Guinea. Oil theft constitutes critical economic sabotage, causing a drastic reduction in the revenues accruing to the state from the hydrocarbons sector, negatively impacting the state’s ability to fulfill its obligations to its citizens.”

26—Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013

Chevron reiterates commitment to environment preservation By KUNLE KALEJAYE


S part of activities marking the World Environmental Day, WED, Chevron Nigeria Limited, CNL, has reiterated its commitment to the preservation of the environment as a condition for doing business anywhere in the world Chevron said that its long term partnership with a nongovernment organization, Nigerian Conservation Foundation, NCF, which is at the fore of environmental conservation efforts in Nigeria, is a clear demonstration of the company’s commitment. In commemoration of the World Environment Day, the Chairman/Managing Director, CNL, Mr. Andrew Fawthrop, gave the assurance of a responsible treatment of the environment as a condition for doing business anywhere adding that the long term partnership between the company and the NCF is a clear demonstration of that commitment. “We have a record of responsible environmental stewardship everywhere we operate and have also established enduring partnerships with governments, nongovernmental organizations, business organizations and communities. These partnerships and efforts have been recognized and rewarded within and outside the country,” he said. In response to global

initiatives against climate change, Fawthrop explained that Chevron has developed and is implementing a strategy toward eliminating flared gas. “The strategy, including the three-phased Escravos Gas Project (EGP), the Escravos Gas-to-Liquids project (EGTL), and the West African Gas Pipeline project (WAGP), are all aimed at ending routine gas flaring in its operations, while delivering other important values for Nigeria, NNPC, and for CNL. The Agbami project was also developed with zero flare. “CNL has developed and is implementing processes to identify, assesses, mitigate and manage potentially significant risk and impacts to

human health and the environment (including natural resources) associated with existing operations and capital projects, including emissions, releases and wastes. The company effectively engages its stakeholders ensuring that its projects and proposals are acceptable to all. “CNL has upgraded all its production facilities to ensure that they maintain their high level of safety and efficiency. This platform upgrade project modernized the older installations to bring them to the highest international safety standards. The gains from the upgrade include cleaner effluent discharge from the production platforms, with performance consistently

surpassing the statutory limits. “The company is rigorously implementing process safety management standards, in addition to its existing Operational Excellence processes, to ensure that our operating facilities are always safe, and the new ones are built with high safety consideration that assures zero-possibility for operational spill release. “CNL is a member of the Clean Nigeria Association, and the Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) of the United Kingdom, two co-operatives through which members pool resources to combat spills that cannot be handled by the individual companies. CNL continues to hold a leadership position in the association,” he said.

From left: Lagos State Commissioner for Transportation, Mr. Kayode Opeifa; Managing Director, Total Nigeria Plc, Mr. Francois Boussuagol; and Senior Assistant to Lagos State Governor on Transportation and Education, Dr. Mariam Masha, at the inauguration of Total Road Safety Cube at St. Georges Primary School, Falomo, Lagos.

NIPCO steps up efforts to expand LPG market N

IPCO Plc, an integrated downstream took its campaign for greater utilisation of the country’s vast gas resources especially liquefied petroleum gas, LPG popularly referred to as cooking gas to another level with the presentation of its branded cylinders in different sizes to the delight of potential users. The three sizes showcased at an exhibition organised by the Federal Ministry of Environment ,Lagos office on the occasion of World Environment Day, WED, celebrations held at the zonal office ,Surulere include 12.5kg , 6kg and 3kg cylinders , its accessories and gas stoves with the ultimate objective of improving access by the

populace . The 2013 WED event with the theme: “Think-Eat-Save”, is the biggest and most widely celebrated global day for positive environmental action, and was co-sponsored by NIPCO as part of its efforts at deepening gas usage as domestic cooking fuel over other unwholesome fuels attracted people from all walks of life The 6kg & 3kg with its accompanying camping stove was the delight of participants at the event, as it effectively fits into the purchasing power of a larger percentage of the populace. The company’s objective in this regard is to provide a more pocket friendly cylinder and gas stove that can be

affordable especially to the low income bracket and petty traders across the country. In a goodwill message, NIPCO Managing Director, Mr Venkataraman Venkatapathy, reaffirmed the company ’s commitment to sustainable environment and housekeeping in all its operation across the country. He said the organisation’s support for positive environmental action like the annual celebration of WED is in line with its overall mission of providing quality services in petroleum product handling in a safe and friendly environment He noted that the company not only ensures effective gas usage as source of energy, but also promotes greater use by

motorist and other users across the country through its plethora of actions targeted at deepening gas utilisation. Speaking through the Corporate Affairs Manager, Alhaji Lawal Taofeek, he said, NIPCO, which had been a consistent partner in the WED celebrations in the past five years also used the forum to unveil the Lukoil brand of lubricants being marketed by the company The Federal Controller of Environment, Mr Adeyemi Adefule, who stood in for the Minister, Hadiza Ibrahim Mailafia, commended the role of NIPCO, as a partner in spreading the gospel of good environment upkeep for the past five years noting that their support is exemplary.


LPG: Lagos launches ‘Eko Gas’ BY KUNLE KALEJAYE


HE Lagos State Government will today (Tuesday) launch its new clean energy programme tagged, ‘Eko Gas’, which is aimed at encouraging the utilisation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas, LPG or cooking gas in the state as an alternative to kerosene, fire wood and saw dust. The initiative, which is in partnership with the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, LCCI, and Oando, will make it easier for Lagosians to re-fill their cylinders in strategic locations across the state. Lagos State Commissioner for Energy and Mineral Resources, Mr. Taofeeq Ajibade Tijani, disclosed that the programme is expected to convert about 1 million people to the use of LPG in the next five years. Tijani told journalists that the State Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola, and his Executive Council have approved the use of LPG as a fuel of choice in Lagos, to make life easier for Lagosians with an incentive to private investors to introduce gas cylinders in different sizes ranging from 3kg to 6kg at affordable rates. He explained that kerosene was not only expensive and out of the financial reach of the masses but also scarce and hazardous to the individual and harmful to the environment. “But with the introduction of ‘Eko Gas’, cooking has become cheaper, cleaner, safer and healthier in Lagos State. “The state is more focused in promoting greater use of cooking gas in Nigeria by focusing on convenience, cost and safety through excellent gas supply services and development of innovative gas products. “The initiative would be targeted at the low income group that relies on kerosene because of the erroneous impression that LPG is more expensive,” the commissioner said. Tijani noted that LPG which is used worldwide is abundantly available in the country, adding that in neighboring countries like Ghana, everybody, including roadside food sellers and caterers had embraced LPG as a means of cooking. On the availability of gas for refill, he said the state government has made provisions for skid tanks, which would be located in strategic places across the state for consumers to easily refill their cylinders.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013—27

Siemens hands over Geregu II to NDPHC BY KUNLE KALEJAYE


IEMENS Nigeria, a major player in the country ’s power sector has successfully handed over the Geregu II gas turbine power plant in Ajaokuta, Kogi State to the Niger Delta Power Holding Company, NDPHC. The plant, which was completed on schedule, is part of a turnkey construction project, in which Siemens supplied three E-class gas turbines as well as the associated generators. With a generation capaci-

ty of 434 megawatts (MW), Siemens in statement said the plant will play an important role in increasing power supply in Nigeria. “In Nigeria, planning is already underway for additional projects using this type of turbine,” said Lothar Balling, Head, Gas Turbine Power Plant Solutions at Siemens Energy. “The Geregu II power plant has strategic significance when it comes to improving the power supply in our country as well as for the stability of Nigeria’s power grid. We’re very satisfied with how this impor-

tant project has been implemented, and we’re proud to be working with Siemens,” said James A. Olotu, Managing Director of NDPHC. The statement further reads: “Following the Afam V and Geregu I plants, Geregu II is now the third gasturbine power plant to be constructed by Siemens in Nigeria as a turnkey project and completed on schedule. “The scope of delivery supplied by Siemens for Geregu II included three SGT5-2000E gas turbines, three SGen5-100A genera-

tors, as well as all the electrical systems and the SPPA-T3000 control system. “Siemens had also supplied three E-class gas turbines, generators, and the control technology for the Geregu I power plant. Siemens has already sold over 460 SGT5-2000E gas turbines worldwide. With over 14 million equivalent hours of operation, this turbine has a very high amount of operating experience. “Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country with extensive oil deposits, and with a gross domestic product of over $200 billion, its economy is one of the largest in Africa. “The Nigerian government has

developed the Vision 2020 programme to further expand the country ’s energy system. By 2020, Nigeria plans to increase the country’s generation capacity by five to eightfold from its current level of approximately 5 gigawatts (GW). “In April 2012, Siemens met with the Nigerian President to sign a memorandum of understanding regarding the delivery of additional power plant components. “The SGT5-2000E gas turbines that were installed in Geregu II are suitable for all load ranges, particularly for peak load operation. Thanks to their reliability, robustness and service friendliness, they are ideal for the requirements of the Nigerian market.”

Community flays oil firms over Content Act BY EGUFE YAFUGBORHI


ORRIED by continuous flouting of the Nigerian Content Act by oil companies operating in their community, the people of Iwhrekan in Ughelli South Local Government area of Delta State have tasked both the state and federal government to intervene, as they vow to fight the perceived injustice by all means possible. President General o f t h e c o m m u n i t y, Mr. Judge Dukpan, made the observation during his inaugural speech on the occasion of the swearingin of the newly elected Executive Committee at Iwhrenkan. Djukpan noted that several youths of Iwhrekan, particularly graduates who are eminently qualified to work in the oil companies operating on their land are being denied job opportunities at the Utorogun Gas Plant located in their community. He alleged that since Shell handed over operations of the plant to the National Petroleum Development Company, NPDC last year, no graduate from the community

has been employed as a staff in the plant. He therefore, appealed to the Delta State Government to wade into the matter and ensure that what is due the host community gets to his people. “Since the 1989 creation of this gas plant in our community, no indigene graduate has been employed. When the plant was being commissioned by General Ibrahim Babangida, he assured that we will get direct electricity supply from the gas plant, an up till this moment that also has not been done. “So I want to make it as a duty to ensure that most of our graduates are employed. The first thing I am going to do is talk with the State Government and NPDC and let them know our pains,” Djukpan stressed. Other executive members sworn-in inc l u d e d M r. K p a ko Gbemre (Vice President,) Friday Ogba (Secretary), Mr. Victor Oluwadare (PRO), Mr. Bimode Solomon (Assistant Secretary), Mr. Gabriel Ologurei (Financial Secretary), Malam Goldsmith (Treasurer), and Mr. Ugbeje Doghor, (Social).

28—Vanguard , TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013

By Theodore Opara

Mercedes Benz recharges with 4 new models for Nigeria market L

UXURY car maker, Mercedes-Benz has added four new models to its model line up in Nigeria to boost its market share. This probably marks the first time the company is introducing this number of new models at a launch in the country. Briefing newsmen at the launch, the managing director, Weststar Associates, representatives of Mercedes-Benz in Nigeria, Mr. Mirko Plath described the new models as trendy and exciting. “We are very excited to present an excellent fireworks of new products in one go aimed at meeting customers needs. The four models include the all-new Mercedes-Benz A-class, B-class, C-class and Eclass. The managing director explained that MercedesBenz has invested so much in the new products. “Mercedes-Benz is a premium brand and we are playing in the premium segment. Speaking specifically on the models being introduced, he said that the allnew A-class debuted in March this year with an entirely new concept. “The A-class was first launched in 1997 as a mini car with safety as its core feature but today the car’s concept has changed to make it a market leader in its segment. It now has a trendy design and luxury features of a typical Mercedes with powerful engine and exceptional fuel efficiency. The B-class he said is another great car launched in Nigeria in 2009 but due to the economic down turn the car could not hit the right volume, though it was well accepted by the few who tested it. It is being relaunched because it has transformed and has a sustainable character as a family car. On the C-class, he said, though it was introduced last year, it has made a considerable progress in the market. The E-class has remained MercedesBenz cash cow in NigeC M Y K

All-new powerful E- Class ria hence Weststar introduced the E-200 version this year to consolidate its position as the segment’s number one. According to the Weststar boss, the Eclass accounts for 55 per cent of their sales while the S-class holds 20 per cent of the sales record.

“The E-class is the market leader in its segment while the S-class is leading its segment with 79 per cent market share. The E-class belongs to Nigeria, hence we are bringing the various engine variants. On why some Mer-

cedes models are not available in Nigeria, Mirko Plath said: “We have a range of models but not all models are specified for every country due to quality of fuel and other technical factors”. On their after-sales network, he said a network

of nine authorised dealers with many branches across the country are spread all over the country. In addition to this, are mobile workshops that could get to the customers at any point in the country while continuous

training and retraining of their technical staff is a regular programme in the company. Generally, he said their after sales service is very satisfactory but added that there is room for improvement.

All-new Mercedes Benz A, B, C, E class at glance O VER the weekend, another two outstanding Mercedees Benz models, the AClass and the E-Class debuted in an open-door showcasing at Weststar Associates Ltd premises at Lekki, Lagos alongside the remarkable B-Class and C-Class. Visitors were afforded the opportunity to get up-close and personal with the products on display as a testdrive experience was the highlight of the day.

A- Class The new A-Class with a completely new design setting a novel standard in the auto-industry. However, the design is not the only thing that is new. Its new chassis ensures driving stability and ride comfort at all times. It also comes with a 3spoke multifunctional steering wheel with 12 function buttons; automatic headlamp activation and saloon seats with ARTICO man-made leather upholstery. Customers will admire its ability to run with agility due to its quiet but powerful turbo charged 1.8 4-

The new B- Class cylinder petrol engine; plus the full range of entertainment systems which include the Audio 5 USB. The all-new A- Class is a solid car with amazing fuel efficiency. It comes with automatic transmission and well loaded with features. B- Class With rear seats and luggage compartment created to meet a variety of requirements, the new BClass generously spacious and suitable for the whole family. The integral aerial; luggage cover and Audio 20 CD certainly make it an attractive package. Drivers and passengers would definitely be impressed with its efficiency and shift comfort. It is also endowed with electric parking brake; Headlamp Assist with au-

tomatic activated headlamps, and the COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST which monitors the car at a speed of 30 to 250km per hour. The B 180 comes standard with the Run Flat Tyre technology and the Tyre Fit which allow the driver to continue driving to his destination without changing the tyres, in the event of a puncture. It is very spacious and comes with different equipment packages and additional optional extra offer you unrival scope for expressing your own distinctive character. C- Class Powerful and posh, the new C-Class(C 200) is ecologically responsible due to its ECO start/stop function. Blue Efficiency measures are in place which means improved

Sensational A- Class transmission; effective energy management and tyres with optimized rolling resistance. It also adapts to the road, creating a level of driving enjoyment at all timesthanks to the AGILITY CONTROL suspension. The THERMATIC automatic climate control system, in addition, controls the temperature and humidity within the car. The interior chrome detailing and fine piano lacquerlook trim, as well as exterior chromed radiator grille with 7-spoke alloy wheels gives it a striking allure. The 7G-Tonic plus fitted to the C-Class ensures quiet cabin and low fuel consumption. E- Class Then here are the all new stylish and elegant E-Class- (E 200; E 300 &

E 350). E- Class once again sets the benchmark in its segment as far as design, safety, comfort & environment are concerned. It boasts of palpable ergonomics and pronounced aesthetics giving it a completely new look and design. There are the new headlamps; bumper and bonnet with expressive flowing lines; LED headlamps; 9 air-bags; the safety fashioned ATTENTION ASSIST and COLLISION ASSIST which include Adaptive Brake assist; the enhanced steering comfort brought on by the Electromechanical Direct-Steer system; the ECO display for monitoring driving- style efficiency; and the newly developed 4-cyclinder petrol engine ( available in the E200).

Vanguard , TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013—29 By Theodore Opara

VW Centre rekindles image with 1st hi-tech showroom T

HE Volkswagen Cen tre, Nigeria’s foremost Volkswagen dealership has inaugurated the first ever avant-garde VW showroom that truly depicts the Volkswagen DNA, promising to integrate attractive pricing structure and riveting after sales service initiative that would re-enact the confidence of the motoring publics in Volkswagen automobiles. Mr. Manish Daryanani, head, sales and marketing, Volkswagen Centre Lagos gave this hint at the inauguration of the facility in Lagos, remarking that the showroom was fundamental to the harmonization of ideals and re-evaluation of the Volkswagen brand. Located between the trio of Audi, Skoda and Porsche showrooms in the high street of Victoria Island Lagos, the facility will ease access to these European automobiles

and also serve as a rallying point for European brands of automobiles marketed by the Stallion Group. “This facility is borne out of Stallion Group’s commitment to the Volkswagen dealership as well as her determination to reawaken the confidence of the teeming motoring publics in the VW brand,” the company’s sales and marketing helmsman. Mr. Daryanani who expressed the company’s excitement at the completion of the VW facility said “We are looking forward to unlocking the huge potential of the showroom which will give us great opportunity to present the Volkswagen range to our valued customers in all its variety.” A subsidiary of Stallion Motors, the new Volkswagen Centre follows VW adaptable module

All-new VW Polo

concept design that is gradually being rolled out across Volkswagen dealership worldwide. The new VW showroom is uniquely clad in white framed aluminium with seamless fusion of style and elegance to sig-

nify the Volkswagen corporate identity. Also intended as an architectural masterpiece of sort, the centre is imbued with crystal display area for up to 10 vehicles with an ambience and spacious climate controlled

Reliability, ruggedness, comfort hallmarks of Suzuki models — Jibunoh •Why we adopted Suzuki for Desert Expedition


HE founder, Fight Against Desert Encroachment, (FADE), Dr. Newton Jibunoh, has said that his many years of research was responsible for the adoption of the Suzuki brand for his expedition across the desert from Nigeria to London. Dr. Jibunoh who spoke to journalists shortly after receiving a brand new Suzuki Grand Vitara for his Nelson Mandela United Nations project at Orchid hotel in Lekki said that his many years research on automobile has proved the Suzuki brand as very reliable, dependable, rugged and comfortable.

The Grand Vitara

“Ruggedness and comfort are unique features of the Suzuki brand. All other sport utility vehicle are equally good but they hardly combine these features like in the Suzuki brand. “During my expedition, I needed a vehicle that I could rely on in the desert and the Suzuki side kick was the vehicle that gave me what I wanted and that is why I have stuck to the brand 40 years after my first expedition, he said. Going down the memory lane, Dr. Jibunoh said: “During my first expedition from Lagos to London, I used a Volk-

swagen car. As an adventurer, I knew I was not as comfortable. So on my subsequent expeditions, I carried out a lot of research on cars that could stand up to the harsh condition. It was through my study that I knew Suzuki was the car. I went to Atlanta, United States in 1998 and bought a Suzuki sidekick which I used for the expediton. My third expedition from Lagos to London however was with all Suzuki models – three in number and they never disappointed.” It was when I returned from my third expectation that Suzuki Nigeria approached

me and that was how our relationship started.” Dr. Jibunoh pointed out that all members of his family has due to the reliability of the Suzuki brand adopted it as their family car. “As I speak to you, four Suzuki models are in my garage for members of my family," he said. On his new project, the United Nations project for Mandela, a project to immortalise the former South African President, Dr. Jibunoh said he new Grand Vitara donated by C & I Motors, distributors of Suzuki brand in Nigeria will be used as a part of the project vehicle. The first phase of the park which is being built at the Asaba Airport in Delta State is due for completion in August. He commended the Delta State Government for the donation of the land for the project and vowed to continue with his fight against desert encroachment. The 75-year-old environmentalist said “I am still a desert Warrior. It is something that has given me joy, it has to do with the important part of my life. I will do it till the end of my life and it is my contribution to save the world.

drive-through reception area and comfortable customer lounge that makes shopping a cinch. Customers would also appreciate Volkswagen unique hospitality at the coffee bar as well as free WIFI access and interesting broadcasts on flat screen TVs while shopping for their choice Volkswagen cars. Mr. Daryanani noted. He also said the Centre has concluded plans

to increase Volkswagen model line-up by adding new vehicle segment such the Polo ‘G’ and new Jetta to enable teeming Nigeria motoring publics to have variety of models to choose from. Coupled with this, the sales and marketing helmsman said the centre is introducing attractive pricing structure that fits all customers that choose to drive Volkswagen models.

Dying auto sector: Nissan, Toyota to the rescue N IGERIA may witness yet another thriving automobile manufacturing era, if the two leading Japanese companies, Toyota and Nissan make good their promises to set up assembly plants in Nigeria. While Toyota representative in Nigeria, TNL, through its chairman, Chief Michael Ade Ojo hinted that they were considering the option of setting up a plant in Nigeria if the right atmosphere prevails, Nissan through its regional headquarters, South Sahara Africa representative said it was towing the same line in Nigeria. Jim Dando who led a delegation to Nigeria during the launch of the new Nissan distribution, Stallion NMN, hinted that they were negotiating with the Nigerian government to set up an assembly plant in the country. But he said that this could only take place when the right atmosphere is in place. He pointed out that the used car market in Nigeria is four times bigger than

the new car market and should be checked if the country is to make a head way in the automobile sector. Dando also stated that Nissan Motor Corporation plans to grow its market share and consolidate operating profit in Nigeria by eight per cent respectively between now and 2015. According to him, the initiative is part of Nissan’s global mid-term objectives, “power 88” designed to reposition and expose the brand to customers in a consolidated and comprehensive way, while also expanding Nissan’s influence to new places. “Our business expansion plan is expanding Nissan and Nissan’s influence where we have not previously been present here in Nigeria,” the director affirmed. Continuing, he said: “Our partnership with Stallion NMN will help us achieve these objectives and we are pleased to be working with a strong team in Nigeria, who is able to understand and serve our customers and respond to a complex market.” C M Y K

30—Vanguard, TUESD AY, JUNE 11, 2013 TUESDA

‘Medical education in Nigeria is inadequately funded’ BY CHIOMA OBINNA


ORMER Director, Human Resources, West African Health Organisation, Professor Kayode Odusote has decried inadequate funding of medical education in the country. Odusote who was guest lecturer at the 10th Annual Faculty Conference/Gathering of the Faculty of Clinical Sciences, College of Medicines, University of

Lagos, posited that Nigeria cannot talk of raising standards in medical education and research to international level in this age of nano- technology and cloud computing without adequate funding. In a lecture entitled “Financing Medical Education & Research in Nigeria” Odusote quoted a report by the National Universities Commission, showing a short fall of N1.16 billion in recurrent allocation to Federal

Universities andsimilarly in state universities. “The percentage shortfall in 2003 was 24.6 per cent and in 2004, it was 43.5 percent. For the period 1990 2001, only 58 per cent of the funding recommended by the NUC was released to the universities. With such gross deficit funding of the parent universities, it is certain that medical schools were and are still inadequately funded. NUC report in 2010 also showed that medical

education cost $5,130 per student,” he noted. “Public medical schools in Nigeria do not receive adequate funds based on the minimum required to meet criteria for medical education as proposed by the National Universities Commission.” He said gross budgetary underfunding is worsened by legislative directive and absence of specific appropriation for research and extramural sources of research

funds. He said in line with the notion that medicine is a public trust, the leadership of medical schools and the medical profession should be innovative and determined in their search for additional funds. “They should learn from happenings in other parts of the worlds and other sectors and form consortiums to advocate with government for appropriate changes in legislature and policy”

NDA makes case for dental records


IGERIANS have been urged to visit their dentists for routine dental checks every six months in order to checkmate the onset of certain debilitating diseases that may be discovered early from the oral cavity. President of the Nigeria Dental Association, NDA, Dr. Olojede Olurotimi, who made the call in Lagos, prelude to the Association’s AGM and scientific conference with the theme: “Accident and Natural Disasters in Nigeria: The role of the dentists”, said routine dental checks would encourage development of a history of reliable dental records for every individual. “My appeal is to members of the public to adopt prophylactic dental care and treatment at least every six months, even if it is just for washing and setting of the teeth. “Dental records should be a natural issue. The records should be available especially because a number of debilitating diseases can be discovered early from the oral cavity through routine checks.” Olojede argued that it is global to approach disasters holistically in recognition of the crucial role dentists have to play in disaster management. He said the objective was imperative as the role of dentists in disaster management in Nigeria has not been properly understood and hence under -utilised. Regulatory & Technical Relations Manager, Procter & Gamble, makers of Oral B toothpaste, Mrs Adebusola Opanubi, said the partnership with the NDA is driven by mutual interest in improving the oral health of Nigerians.

• Treatment for strokes could rise by as much as 250% by 2030.

Cost of treatment for stroke to increase — REPORT BY SOLA OGUNDIPE


EW projections have emerged that the routine costs of treatment of stroke and other cardivascular disorders are likely to more than double in the near future. Findings by the American Heart Association/ American Stroke Association also show that the number of people having strokes globally may increase by up to 20 percent by 2030. A statement published in Stroke, an American Heart Association journal, notes that the main reason for the increases is attributable to the ageing population. The report warns that costs to treat stroke may increase from $71.55 billion currently to $183.13 billion by 2030 while annual costs due to lost productivity could rise from $33.65 billion to $56.54 billion. Currently, the average cost of treatment interventions of acute and long term care for stroke in Nigeria is N100,000 ($610 ). However, as part of measures to tackle the burden of stroke, hypertension and other

cardiovascular diseases in Nigeria, the Federal Government has resolved to subsidise treatment of stroke. Minister of Health, Professor Onyebuchi Chukwu, who disclosed this in Lagos recently, said moves are also on to ensure expanded access to primary care and medications needed to control the risk factors, as well as improving access to acute stroke treatment. From the report, Americans currently 4564 years old are expected to have the highest increase in stroke at 5.1 percent. Stroke prevalence is projected to increase the most among Hispanic men between now and 2030, and the cost of treating stroke in Hispanic women is expected to triple. In the view of Dr. Bruce Ovbiagele, who is professor and Chairman of the Department of Neurology at the Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston,: "Ninety percent of stroke patients have residual disability and only 10 percent recover completely after a stroke. Policy makers at all levels of governance should

be aware of this looming crisis so that we can consider practical ways to avert it.” As the fourth leading cause of death and one of the top causes of preventable disability in the United States, stroke occurs when blood flow to the brain is interrupted by a blood clot or a bleeding vessel. Without oxygen-rich blood, brain cells die. "Getting patients specialized acute stroke care as soon as possible is critical. During every minute of delayed treatment, brain cells are dying. EMS systems nationwide should take patients directly to a designated stroke center equipped to quickly diagnose and administer drugs to restore blood flow to the brain," Ovbiagele stated. He added that Policy changes that increase emphasis on prevention and wellness are expected to help reduce the number of strokes, deaths and related complications. Individuals without insurance are said to have a 24 - 56 percent higher risk of death from stroke than persons with insurance coverage.

Vanguard, TUESD AY, JUNE 11, 2013 —31 TUESDA

To achieve MDG 5, there must be universal access to reproductive health — OSHOTIMEHIN BY SOLA OGUNDIPE


• Professor Babatunde Oshotimehin

ITH just over 930 days to the December 2015 deadline of the Millennium Development Goals, MDGs, Nigeria and other developing countries have been urged to strive to ensure universal access to reproductive health services and commodities. UNFPA Executive Director, Professor Babatunde Oshotimehin, who disclosed this at the 3rd Global Conference on Women held at

Adesina acknowledges increased MNCH uptake in Lagos BY CHIOMA OBINNA


S the nationwide Maternal and Child Health, MNCH Week began across the 57 Local Governments/ Local Council Development Areas in Lagos, the State Ministry of Health says introduction of the programme has increased uptake in family planning and immunisation in the State. It could be recalled that the adoption of the integrated Maternal, neonatal and Child Health, (IMNCH) Strategy in 2007 at the meeting of the National Council on Health to simultaneously tackle issues relating to neonatal, infant, child and maternal mortality. It was ound then, that full implementation of IMNCH nationwide could prevent 72 per cent of neonatal deaths, 70 percent of under – 5 deaths and two thirds of maternal deaths by 2015. Special Adviser to the Governor on Public Health, Dr Yewande Adesina, in a statement, said the main objective of improving healthcare seeking – behaviour of the whole family especially pregnant women and care givers of under – five children had been achieved. “Our women now understand the reason why they should visit the hospitals before they go into labour so that the doctor will follow the trend of that pregnancy and anticipate any challenges that will arise from that pregnancy. “We now have increased uptake in family planning; Koseofe almost doubled their uptake in family planning because they have highest fertility rate in that local government. Deworming is increasing, people are now aware of good nutrition. Our

food demonstration clinic is now full and that we are now doing over flow classes.” She was optimistic of more incremental impact even as the Grand Finale holds in July with complement of services offered free of charge including; routine immunisation, vitamin A supplementation, growth monitoring and promotion, malnutrition screening, deworming, distribution of insecticide treated nets, antenatal care, among others. Stating that the programme

will also hold in all the 287 primary healthcare centres, 200 temporary fixed posts with 400 mobile teams, Adesina appealed to leaders in the state to ensure that all targeted groups are effectively mobilised to attend Primary Healthcare. State Deputy Governor, Mrs. Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire, also Special Guest of Honour, will crown the 2013 first round MNCH Prince and Princesses selected from nominees in the 57 LGAs/LCDAs.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, said the achievement of the overall goal of improving maternal health was hinged on reproductive health access. Noting that Nigeria is not alone in not making MDG 5, the UNFPA Executive Director observed that it is an issue affecting many sub-Saharan countries. “We still have time to make things happen, and a lot of good things are happening, but let’s accelerate them and continue to affect lives of girls and women positively. “However, the approach needed to have been different. Reduction of maternal mortality requires multisectoral approach. It is not health, but a whole lot more of which stakeholders must work together to ensure that happens. So to expect that the Ministry of health will lead the charge to reduce maternal mortality is being unrealistic, he told Good Health Weekly in an interview. “When you see the way we put MDG5 together, we actually left out a significant part of maternal mortality reduction strategy which is universal access to repreoductive health services including family planning.

• Fifth from right; is Mrs. Itoro Eze-Anaba, Managing Partner, Partnership for Justice; behind her is Dr. Sarah Redvers, St.Mary's Sexual Assault Referral Centre, Manchester, UK and Mrs Ajibola Ijimakinwa of Justice For All Programme, Lagos , with participants drawn from various government hospitals in Lagos in the 2-week workshop for medical practitioners on forensic examination and support services for survivors of sexual assault, held in Lagos

When the MDGs were put together in 2000, it took several years of hard work and struggle before we had MDG 5B. I want to suggest that if we had actually had MDG 5B at the beginning, maybe we would have accelerated it even more, so, I think there are many factors, but I'm glad there is an emphasis and focus on maternal mortality.” Further, Oshotimehin pointed out that the main highlight for him at the conference was the reaffirmation that women's health is central to human development. “Whether we are talking of the MDGs going to a close or the next set of development agenda, women's health remains central,” he noted.

Documented successes Reacting to the documented successes and series of progress in many countries since July 2012, he observed that the progresses started earlier. “Take the example of the Philippines which has been struggling with the reproductive health bill for 15 years, so even though it finally obtained it about two months ago, when you look at mobilization of Community Health Extension Workers, CHEWs, and the religious bodies, you would appreciate just how much we welcome the progress. “Nevertheless, I wish to say that this is a long distance race. It is encouraging that countries are doing a lot, but we must continue to advocate to all actors to push for greater involvement. Since 2000, Africa committed to 15 percent budget to health, but just 6 or 7 countries out of the initial 52 have actually kept to that, pledge, so the political will must be translated into resources. And the good resources must be utilized judiciously,” he commented.

BA, NBA fete polio-surviving children BY SOLA OGUNDIPE


RITISH Airways in collaboration with the Nigeria-Britain Association, NBA, put smiles on faces of polio-surviving children in Lagos on this year's Children's Day at an event organised with the Shuga Limb Foundation at the Ikeja Saddle Club. The Centre for Destitute

Empowerment International was presented a cash reward, a brand new wheelchair, and opportunity to sing in a real music studio. Other beneficiaries included the National Orthopedic Special School, Modupe Cole Child Care and Treatment Home, Atunda Olu School for Mentally and Physically-Challenged

Children, and LG Igando Inclusive Unit School. British Airways Corporate Sales Manager for Nigeria, Liberia and Sierra Leone, Mrs. Adetutu Otuyalo stated: "BA has a culture of random acts of kindness. This is our second year of partnering with Shuga Limb Foundation in setting aside a day for making polio-

surviving and mentallychallenged children feel special. President, the Shuga Limb Foundation, Mr. Akinloye Tofowomo said: "Together, we want the children and those considered rejects of the society to feel the impact of being loved by members of their community."

32—Vanguard, TUESD AY, JUNE 11, 2013 TUESDA

0.3m students gear up for World Record Toothbrushing Challenge BY SOLA OGUNDIPE


•Beneficiaries queuing for free drugs and other food items during the monthly outreach of Paincare in collaboration with Reedemed Christian of God Church, Fountain of Life Area Headquarters, Idimu Lagos last week.

N readiness for the upcoming Lagos World Record Toothbrushing Challenge, 300 secondary school teachers have undergone a special Teacher's Alignment Training Session so as to host the event, slated for July 4, 2013, even as 300,000 students are set to participate in the event. The training was facilitated by HEIT Solutions, project team for the Challenge, at Immaculate Heart Comprehensive Senior High School, Maryland Lagos State. Project Head, HEIT Solutions, Dr. Lawal Bakare, a dentist and design specialist, took the teachers through the critical elements of the World Record attempt in which over 300,000 secondary school students willo gather in multiple locations across Lagos to

NMA lists solutions to ailing healthcare system BY CHIOMA OBINNA


HE Nigeria Medical Association, NMA has proposed 19 strategic solutions to lift the country’s health sector out of the numerous challenges it is currently facing. In statement, National President of the Association, Dr. Osahon Enabulele, said to revitalise the nation’s health sector, urgent steps should be taken to tackle the low level political commitment to healthcare by most governments in Nigeria, especially as depicted by the frequent medical travels abroad coupled with the poor healthcare funding. “There is need for the institution and

enforcement of a policy restricting travels abroad for medical care by political and public office holders, especially for medical conditions that can be readily treated in Nigeria.” Enabulele also recommended the institution of a constitutional framework/ policy for a universal salary structure for health professionals, irrespective of their location or operational level of care in the health sector. Further, the statement reads: “In the case of Medical and Dental practitioners, the full implementation of the 2009 approved Consolidated Medical Salary Structure (CONMESS) by all State Governments in Nigeria would help to improve the

fortunes of Nigeria’s health care sector, especially in the rural communities. “There is need for consolidation of the Public-Private Partnership policy in the health sector, policy of sustained financial releases to the health sector and improved budgetary provision for health of at least 15 percent of Nigeria’s national budget rather than the 6 percent allocation to the health sector in the 2012 budget. In other recommendations the NMA noted “Policy of rapid expansion of the National Health Insurance Scheme and commitment to Universal Health Coverage by governments at all levels, and strengthening the Primary and Secondary levels of care along with a strengthening of the Referral System.

brush their teeth simultaneously. The teachers were informed of the Guinness World Record standards for counting the number of students brushing in each school, the designed model for the toothbrushing as well as the waste recycling element to the attempt. The current World Record for people brushing their teeth simultaneously in multiple locations is 177,003 achieved in India. Nigeria hopes to smash the six-year-old record. Mr. Rasheed Banire of the Lagos State Waste Management Authority, LAWMA, spoke to them on proper waste disposal and recycling culture. Commenting on the essence of the activity, Mr Dexter Adeola a representative of Unilever, makers of the Close-up toothpaste and official partners of the Toothbrushing Challenge, observed that many families across Nigeria do not have access to proper dental health care due to nonproximity to dental clinics and high cost of the services. The Lagos World Record Toothbrushing Challenge is a School Oral Health Promotions project implemented by HEIT Solutions in partnership with the Lagos State Ministry of Health (Office of the Special Adviser to the Governor on Public Health), The Nigerian Dental Association and CloseUp Toothpaste. The project is also supported by Core Media, Vas2Nets Technologies, LASAA and LAWMA. It is enabled by Volunteer Corps, VOlunteer in Nigeria and Wecyclers, a social enterprise working to solve the urban waste management problem in Lagos is also partnering with the organisers.



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Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013 — 33 two weeks break from our relationship. She could check me up after that. You needed to see me after that. I was like a love struck, sick teenager. Everything Debby wanted, I got for her. Except when I had to go to work, we were together. At Christmas and Valentine’s day, I always strained myself to get very good gifts for her. Meanwhile, I always almost used to forget Queen’s birthday. Except when asleep, Debby was always on my mind. I kept thinking of how to make her happier. Her happiness was my concern. I would put her first before everything, even my family. Once in a while, I thought about Queen and my friends who liked her would always remind me of how much she loves me. But I kept telling myself that love is the most important thing in a relationship. I was so crazily in love that I turned a blind eye to Debby’s faults. Unfortunately, all my friends saw these faults but never told me because they said they did not want to upset me. Debby was so crazy about getting married and spent most of the time we were together talking about it. So, just one year after completing NYSC, I started contemplating getting married just to please Debby. After much badgering, I decided to take the first step and went to introduce myself to her parents in preparation for the formal wedding introduction.

When the heart is not so smart to talking to the opposite sex, I was really lilly-livered. But to my surprise, on the first day we met, the three of us spent about three hours talking about everything under the sun. At the end of the day, we exchanged addresses and she promised to get in touch with me. I did not believe at the time that she would. However, to my great surprise, I got a text from her, a month after school resumed. I replied and also sent to the bargain, a sincere emotional card. Along the line, a relationship started developing and in about a year we were both in love with each other. Then suddenly, she stopped replying my texts and I could not locate her both at home and in school. I was devastated to say the least. However, with the aid of time, my wounds healed and I was able to pick up the threads of my life once again. I eventually graduated and returned home for my one year internship. One day, I ran into Debby and we began talking. I was not satisfied with her explanations but my love for her came

, .


i,Once bitten by the love bug, one begins to see things in a different perspective. Most of the lover’s faults or rather short comings will not mean much again, they are readily overlooked. So was the case with a young I will call Tony. Tony fell heads over heels in love with Debby and subsequently could not deny her anything she demanded of him. Unfortunately, even Tony’s best was not good enough for Debby, as she eventually dumped him for another guy. But how did Tony feel about this? The story begins below. Please note that there is no time limit to contributions on any issue raised on this column. You may send in your views on this or any of the topics raised on this column. Our address remains: The Human Angle, Vanguard, P.M.B. 1007, Apapa, Lagos and e-mail add r e s s : Happy reading! I am 29, a Pharmacist, living and working in South East, Nigeria. I have a personal experience to share. It is a story of how love can turn sour when mismanaged. I met Debby when I was in my third year in the university. We met through her cousin who was my good friend. She was in her first year in a university in the South West too. Prior to our meeting, my friend had been telling me about a cousin of his he wanted me to meet. He was so sure we will hit it off immediately and fall in love with each other. Before this, even though I was 22 years old then, my only experience was one short lived, not too pleasant affair. When it comes

Without giving things a second thought, I contacted Queen and after deliberately picking a quarrel with her, I told her I needed a two weeks break from our relationship

flooding back. Before I knew what was happening, my heart took over and I found myself virtually begging her to let us start where we stopped. This went on for about one year or so. From time to time, I would go to her house to tell her how I was still crazy for her, hoping she would be convinced to give the relationship a try again. During this time, I got involved with someone else. Queen was just crazy about me. I went for my Youth Service and returned and Queen was always there for me. However, my heart remained with Debby. She was all I cared for and from time to time, I would sneak out to her place and profess my love to her. About a year after my Youth Service, Debby walked into my office one afternoon and told me she was now ready to go out with me again. Without giving things a second thought, I contacted Queen and after deliberately picking a quarrel with her, I told her I needed a


I begged her to accept this first step for the time being because I was planning to open my own pharmacy and needed all the money I could gather at the time. But Debby refused and insisted we must get married immediately. About this time also, Debby began travelling to Port Harcourt, almost every two weeks. According to her, she was looking for a job and someone there had promised to help her get one. It was that person she was going to see. this sounded strange for someone who claimed she wanted to get married to me and knew that i live and work in another state and will not be moving to the place she was looking forward to get a job from. To becontinued

Friends Searching Males

•Fegor, 24, a student, needs a girl, aged 19 and

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How to deal with jealousy By ONOZURE DANIA


EALOUSY is one of the biggest traps within relationships. The feeling of possession that usually accompanies love and being in love ignites jealousy, but it can sometimes become a bigger influence than the love itself. Many couples have been driven apart by an overdose of jealousy. There isn’t much you can do, when you tend to get jealous easily. However, this emotion is not harmful by itself if you know how to deal with it. But it should not be the cause of mistrust in your partner, or even the end of your relationship. Serious forms of jealousy can hinder your relationship. On the other hand; it is a sign of love after all. Don’t give too much power to jealousy. Jealousy is an expression of the fact that you feel comfortable with a certain person and that nobody is allowed to break this contact. Learn how to cope with fits of jealousy and your relationship will be the better for it. When you are jealous, you should not hide it. Be open to your partner about your feelings. Explain what the situation is about and find a solution together. To communicate with your partner is essential in a relationship. You have to know what goes on in his or her head and this goes both ways. It is only this way you can work together on an exaggerated form of jealousy. Give your partner the feeling that you trust him or her. It will have an opposite effect if your partner gets the idea that you suspect him or her of cheating. Suspicion will never work positively. You should believe that your partner cares as much about you as you care about him or her. If you are really convinced that your suspicions are true, you need to talk. Don’t jump up if your partner kisses somebody on the

cheek or gives someone a compliment. A relationship should not be based on the possession of each other but on freedom and trust. Allow your partner to have social contact with others. Don’t be alarmed by little things. Keep in mind that a light form of jealousy is positive, your jealousy should not take on huge shapes so it will not become disturbing. Light jealousy promotes attachment. Your jealousy should always remain an image of your love. So, as long as your jealousy does not really stand in your way, it is an honorable feeling. When we are jealous we worry that our partner might find someone else more appealing and we fear that he or she will reject us. Since we feel threatened that our partner might find someone more attractive, we may activate jealousy as a way to cope with this threat. We may believe that our jealousy may keep us from being surprised, help us defend our rights and force our partner to give up interests elsewhere. Similar to worry, jealousy may be a “strategy” that we use so that we can figure out what is going wrong or learn what our partner “really feels”. We may also think that our jealousy can motivate us to give up on the relationship so that we don’t get hurt any more. If you are feeling jealous, it’s important to ask yourself what you hope to gain by your jealousy. We view jealousy as a coping strategy. Similar to other forms of worry, jealousy leads us to focus only on the negative. We interpret our partner’s behavior as reflecting a loss of interest in us or a growing interest in someone else: “He finds her attractive” or “He is yawning because I am boring”. Like other forms of worry, jealousy leads us to take things personally and to mind read negative emotions in other people.

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34 — Vanguard , TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013

Vanguard , TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013 — 35

36—Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013

Youths warn Edo PDP over attacks on Ogbemudia BY SIMON EBEGBULEM


ENIN CITY — YOUTHS from Edo and Delta states under the aegis of the Old Bendel Youths Vanguard, have, condemned what they described as the disrespectful comments made by the Edo State Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, against the person of Dr. Samuel Ogbemudia, vowing to resist any attempt to rubbish the name of the latter under any guise. The PDP in an advertorial by its Publicity Secretary, Mr. Matthew Urghoghide, had called on Ogbemudia to refute his statement, which contradicted the PDP’s earlier claim that Governor Adams Oshiomhole begged to join PDP but was rejected. Ogbedmudia in an interview, had expressed shock over claims by the PDP, and narrated how he led some prominent PDP leaders to meet with the governor with a view to persuading him join PDP but the offer was rejected by Oshiomhole, who said his friends in the media would kill him if he joined PDP. However, in a statement by Engr. Donald Oghene, the youths described as regrettable “the comments of PDP in Edo State against our respected father and leader due to politics. It is sad that Dan Orbih led PDP in Edo State has lost focus as a result they now resort to abusing elders such as Dr Ogbemudia, who is one of the funding members of PDP in Nigeria. “Orbih, Urghoghide and their cohorts were all members of All Nigerian Peoples Party, ANPP and left the party when they could not even win a ward. "Ogbemudia is not just a partyman but a respected statesman and he must not be seen to be telling a liar at this stage of his life due to politics no matter the circumstance. "He simply said the truth as he saw it and it is sad that the Orbih led PDP in Edo State tends to forget that this man is an institution."

Fear grips Asaba residents over flooding BY AUSTIN OGWUDA


SABA—FEAR has gripped residents of Asaba and neigbouring communities within the River Niger in Delta State, following flooding that ravaged the area, weekend. Although unconfirmed report said that some persons were swept away by the flood especially those living near the flood plain, state Commissioner, Bureau for Special Duties, Dr. Tony Nwaka, said yesterday, that he was not

aware of any casualty. “Assessment of the Asaba flood is being carried out and the few displaced persons are staying with relations while the general impact of damage is being assessed,” he said. On plans to avert a repeat of last year’s severe flooding in the state, Nwaka said “persons living on flood plains are responding to government directive to evacuate the area. Structures on natural waterways are being removed. “There is on-going construction of new drains and de-silting of existing drains. Offices

of the State Emergency Management Agency, SEMA, are undergoing training on disaster management. Sensitization of the commu-

nities using radio jingles, town criers, television adverts are on-going in a bid to enhance awareness and preparedness,” he added.

NYCN drums support for Jonathan BY EGUFE YAFUGBORHI


ORT HARCOURT — NATIONAL Youth Council of Nigeria, NYCN, South-South Zone has called on Nigerians to support

AUDITION—From left: Mark Ebi, of Edo Broadcasting Service; 'Monique', a presenter on Hot FM, Edo State, and Andy Bello, a cinematographer and music producer, during MTN Project Fame West Africa Season 6 audition in Benin City, Edo State, weekend.

President Goodluck Jonathan’s determination to move the country to an enviable height. The body in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, during its regional meeting, also passed a vote of confidence on Mr. Yakubu Shendam, newly elected National President and Mr. Hope George, Vice President, South-South, hailing their election victories as well deserved. In a statement at the end of the meeting by state chairmen and leaders of the affiliate Voluntary Youth Organisations, NYCN, commended President Jonathan for his determination to move the country forward and called on Nigerians to support him. The group condemned the action of youths, who tried to disrupt the last NYCN national election by misinforming the public and unwarranted protest, adding that the South South NYCN dissociates itself from such people, who they advised to support and collaborate with the new national leadership of the youth group. The youths also expressed gratitude to the South-South governors for their development strides.

Senate urged to reject report on state creation BY JIMITOTA ONOYUME


ORT HARCOURT — THE Senate has been urged to reject the report of

Senator Ike Ekweremadu led Senate Committee on the Review of the 1999 Constitution as it relates to state creation. Former Executive Director, Finance and Administration,

Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, Pastor Power Aginighan, in a statement, yesterday, in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, said the Senate Committee erred

Groups warn PDP on Amaechi, Wamakko’s suspension BY EMMAAMAIZE


ARRI — THREE groups in the Niger Delta, yesterday, warned that the persistent crises in the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, if not checked, could trigger a dangerous implosion against the party ahead 2015 general elections. The Concerned PDP Stakeholders, led by the Arepumo-owei of Kabowei Kingdom in Delta State; Coalition of Ijaw Groups in the Niger Delta and Niger Delta Youths for Positive Attitude, gave the warning while speak-

ing separately with reporters in Warri, Delta State; Yenagoa, Bayelsa State and PortHarcourt, Rivers State. Chief Mike Loyibo, who heads the Concerned PDP Stakeholders expressed concern over the suspension of the governor of Sokoto State, Dr. Aliyu Wamakko by PDP National Working Committee, and urged the party “to rescind the decision in the interest of party cohesion in Sokoto State.” Agidee said: “You do not suspend a performing government and bridge builder. Rather than suspension, the

party should exhaust all existing alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to amicably resolve their differences.” Mr. Emmanuel Enisuo of Niger Delta Youths for Positive Attitude, who spoke in Port-Harcourt, decried the machination against Governor Rotimi Amaechi. He noted: “Governor Amaechi is somebody that has brought back our values; built schools instead of sharing guns; and given the NigerDelta child what his parent could not give him.”

when it failed to conduct signature verification of people in areas craving for new states. Calling on the National Assembly to set up joint National Assembly Committee on Creation of New States and Boundary Adjustment with mandate to conduct signature verification exercise in all the areas requesting for new states before submitting an actionable report, Aginighan blamed the Senate Committee for the failure of the various areas seeking a new state to comply with the provision of Section 8 of the 1999 Constitution as amemded. He urged the Senate to guide their various constituencies on the issue, adding that in the Second Republic, the National Assembly between 1979 and “1983 set up Committees on State Creation in both the Senate and the House of Representatives."

Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013 — 37

Coastal erosion hits Delta community again As residents send SOS to NDDC, Delta government, others


OMADI—COASTAL erosion has again hit Gbekebor community, a coastal community on River Forcados flat in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State, destroying the seawall jointly built by the community and the defunct Oil Mineral Producing Areas Development Commission, OMPADEC some decades ago. In a ‘Save Our Souls’ letter addressed to the Burutu Council chairman, by Chairman of the community, Mr. Augustine Okiwowo, the community noted that it has been facing life threatening environmental problems for many decades, which had been reported in both print and electronic media, with appeals to appropriate quarters for help with no response. The community leaders maintained that all pleas directed at their representatives in government, particularly member representing Burutu constituency in the House of Representatives and member representing Delta South at the Senate, fell on deaf ears as there was neither assurances nor visitations to their suffering constituents. Already, the community is at the brink of disaster because of the fear of the coming floods predicted by meteorologists.

They called on the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs; Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC; Federal Ministry of Environment; Delta State

Government; Delta State Oil Producing Development Commission, DESOPADEC and non-governmental organisations to come to their aid.

According to them, if the erosion menace was not given deserved urgent attention, it would certainly lead to the complete extinction of the community.

ENLIGHTENMENT: Representative of Delta State Governor and Special Adviser on Health Monitoring, Dr. Rukevwe Ugwumba (2nd left); Vice-Chancellor, Wesley University of Science and Technology, Ondo, Prof. Tola Badejo (middle); Miss Adesuwa Ero (2nd right) and others, during the sensitisation/enlightenment campaign on Albinism organised by Ero, at Ondo, Ondo State.

Part-Time UNIPORT students decry rise in fees BY EGUFE YAFUGBORHI


ORT HARCOURT—PARTTIME 200Level students of the College of Continuing Education, University of Port Harcourt, UNIPORT, Rivers State, have raised alarm over the hike in fees by the school authorities. The students, who spoke to Vanguard in Port Harcourt, are worried that returning students have been asked to pay a reviewed N105,000 for the new session to the exclusion of the second year students, who are being asked to pay N178,000. “The question is, are second year students in the Part-Time Programme not part of the returning students of the university, who are supposed to pay what other students are paying?” Mr. Victor Duku, one of the affected students

asked. Meanwhile, Director, UNIPORT College of Continuing Education, Prof. Stephen Okududu, it was learnt, had explained that the hike in fees was in line with the increasing cost of running the programme.

He said that the College Programme as established was distinct from the UNIPORT, stressing that the fees as adjusted do not amount to increment as being protested by the affected students. But other students, including

4 Delta communities lament power outage BY EMMAAMAIZE


ARRI—FOUR riverside communities, Opuedebubor, Okpele-ama, Azama and Inikorogha communities in Warri South-West Local Government Area, Delta State, have cried out, that they have been living in darkness in the past six

months. They blamed their plight on the failure of the Nigeria Gas Company, NGC, to supply diesel for the running of generating plants, provided for the purpose. According to the oldest man in Opudebubor, Pa James Agbowei, diesel supply to the community started in January

Rear Admiral Usman takes over as new CNC commander BY SAMUELOYADONGHA


ENAGOA—FORMER Flag Officer Commanding Central Naval Command, CNC, Rear Admiral Olutoyin Omoniyi Johnson, weekend, handed over to the newly posted FOC, Rear Admiral Sidi-Ali Usman with an appeal to the officers and men of the command to intensify the battle against crude oil theft, sea piracy and pipeline vandalisa-

Mr. Bright Wometi of Accounting Department and Iheduru Michael, Philosophy students appealed to the authorities to be lenient to them by allowing the second year students pay what other returning students are paying.

tion in the CNC area of responsibility. Speaking shortly after the division parade held in his honour, Rear Admiral Olutoyin said though the AOR of the CNC was beset with a lot of illegal and criminal activities, such as crude oil theft, illegal bunkering, pipeline vandalism and piracy/sea robbery, the various units in the command had

done well to curtail the scourge through constant patrol of the waterways and creeks. He said that the command had in the last 15 months, seized several vessels, barges, boats while some persons involved in illegal activities in the CNC area of operation, had been arrested and handed over to the prosecuting agencies on the directives of the Naval Headquarters.

2011, but stopped in January 2012 following an understanding with the company that it would run the plants “until they provide steady turbine light.” Chairman, Tebu-Biri Youth Forum and leader, Pipeline Surveillance, Opudebubor, who confirmed the development, urged the NGC/Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, to resume the running of the plants in the communities. The Owoboda of Okpeleama, Chief Bola Tortor; Amadiwei of Opudebubor, Chief Jacob Iyasa; Amadiwei of Okpele-ama, Chief Akin Mala; Amadiwei of Azama, Chief Meeting Jerimaighan, Amadiwei of Inikorogha and Chief Felix Ejoh, also appealed to the company to hearken to the cry of the people.

Lawmaker offers scholarship to 51 students BY FESTUS AHON


GHELLI—MEM BER representing Udu constituency in Delta State House of Assembly, Chief Keston Okoro, has given N1.4 million as scholarship to 51 students and N600,000 to 41 persons for any skill acquisition programme of their choice. Beneficiaries of the scholarship scheme, drawn from the constituency got between N20,000 and N60,000 each, while those for skill acquisition got their training fees fully paid under the ‘Liege Lord Keston Okoro Foundation,’ which was endowed by Chief Keston Okoro. Addressing the beneficiaries of the scheme, Chairman of the Foundation, Mr. Justice Iyasere, thanked Mr. Keston Okoro for the gesture, adding that the gesture will help alleviate the sufferings of the beneficiaries and urged them to take advantage of the gesture to improve on their lots.

Ukueku for burial July 13


HIEF Johnson Ukueku, a foremost pharmacist and elder statesman in Delta State, who passed on May 21, aged 87, will be buried on July 13. Inaugurating a committee to take charge of the burial, the eldest son, Chief OchukoUkueku, said the family had fixed July 12 – 14, 2013, for the burial rites. The committee has as Chairman, Chief Moses Odibo and Mr.Austin Gbinije as Secretary. Other members of the committee include Dr. E. T. Etefia, Justice Godwin Gbemre, Mr. FredInoma Ogbe, Mrs. Philomina Oyearone, Mr. Ambrose Abamun, Chief Willy Edema, Mr. Ben BaroBakpa, Mr. Solomon Osharode, Mr. Tommy Eneyi and Mr. Felix Ughubetiyin. The chairman, Odibo promised that the committee was poised to give the late sage a befitting burial. C M Y K


TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013

Anambra Assembly wades into sack of 148 ABS workers

4 arraigned for allegedly stealing N20m BY ONOZURE DANIA


AGOS—A 28-year-old manager, Uche Okafor, and three others were yesterday arraigned before a Lagos Magistrate court sitting in Ikeja, for allegedly stealing N20 million belonging to one Mr Benson Ezegulue. The other suspects are Emeka Amuluahe 36, Augustine Oboh, 39 and Beatrice Amadi, 20. The defendants, who were docked before Magistrate A. Oshodi-Makanju, are facing a two-count charge of conspiracy and stealing preferred against them by the police. The accused and others at large, were said to have committed the alleged crime on February 15, 2013, at about 2.30pm. The police prosecutor, Inspector Samson Ekikere, told the court that the defendants on the said date at Balogun Market, in Lagos, allegedly conspired among themselves to steal the money. He said they stole some beverages belonging to one Benson Ezegulue which was worth N20million. The prosecutor said the offence punishable under section 409,285 (5) (F)(9)(b) of the criminal laws of Lagos state of Nigeria 2011.

Mobile payment operators form association


PERATORS of mobile payment systems have launched an association in Lagos. The new body, known as the Association of Licensed Mobile Payment Operators, ALMPO, plans to work in partnership with government, telecom operators, relevant agencies and stakeholders to develop industry best standards and establish sustainable frameworks for the advancement of mobile financial services in Nigeria. Chairman of the association, Mr. Dare Owolabi, said ALMPO will work closely with CBN and stakeholders in formulating sustainable payment policy and promoting activities that will facilitate cashless policy.. He said members of the association drawn from banks, CBN licensed mobile payment operators, etc will provide a unified voice to shape and grow mobile payment system in the country. C M Y K



Governor Theodore Orji of Abia State (right) handing over a carton of weeds control chemical to Chief Ike Onyenweaku (left), the best cocoa farmer in Nigeria during the flagging-off of weeds control in Ikwuano, Umuahia.

Maxi Okwu-led APGA faction set up reconciliation committee BY VINCENT UJUMADU


WKA—THE Chief Maxi Okwu–led All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, yesterday inaugurated a 14 – member truth, justice and reconciliation committee to resolve the crisis that has rocked the party for the past one year. The committee, which has three weeks to submit its report, is headed by the governorship candidate of the party in Abia State in 2011, Ochiagha Reagan Ufomba. Other members of the committee include, Chukwudi Orizu,

Chris Azubogu, Alhaji Tijani Idris, Mr. Samuel Ebogbodiri, Chief Raymond Murphy and Hajia Zainab Abdullahi. Others are Mrs. Chinyere Gbugu, Alhaji Abubakar Adamu, Mr. Joseph Tondo, Mr. Ezekiel Adogbeyega, Ikechukwu Ejesieme, Chief Peter Orji and Mr. Obi Okafor who would serve as secretary. As its terms of reference, the committee is to take a holistic view of the intra–party crisis and find out its origin and what was responsible, proffer solutions to ensure that peace and harmony returned to the party

and make other recommendations that could help to move the party forward. Okwu, who inaugurated the committee in Awka, urged the members to do everything possible to reach out to aggrieved members, with a view to bringing them back to the fold. Speaking on behalf of the members, Ufomba promised to let all members of APGA and Nigerians know the truth, adding that there had been a lot of misinformation and misconception about the leadership crisis in the party, which the committee would strive to correct".

Anambra 2014: Group asks electorate to shun politics of religion BY VINCENT UJUMADU


WKA—AS the governorship election in Anambra State draws nearer, a non-governmental organisation, Anambra Youth Forward Movement Forum, has frowned on the dangerous religious politics going on in the state, advising priests of the various church denominations to desist from meddling in political matters. At a forum organised, weekend, the group regretted a situation where priests had formed the habit of standing on the pulpit to direct members of the congregation on who to vote for during elections. It noted that such a thing tended to mortgage the freedom of choice of their members. Coordinator of the group, Mr. Bonbry Obi-Okoye, said the people must always emphasize issues that united them, rather that those that tended to divide

them, arguing that it was only by so doing that the state could move forward. He said: “We must endeavour to do only those things that can move our state forward; especially at this period we are preparing to elect a new governor in the state. "Anambra had passed through many ugly experiences in the past and we should not go back to the bad days. “The present governor has

done well, but we should vote in somebody that will perform better than him. That is why we want the clergy men to stop allowing political aspirants to address church congregations and even going as far as telling the people who to vote for. “The fact that somebody has made monetary donations to the church is not a guarantee that he will perform to the expectation of the people if given the mandate.

MTN Business Next Titans contestants get commendation


HE Executive Director of Sahara Group, Mr Tonye Cole, has inspired contestants at the on-going MTN Business Next Titan Reality TV show. The business mogul, who also serves as a guest judge on the reality show, com-

menmded the participants for their deggedness in the competition, adding that, "the entrepreneurship insights that the contestants have gained are unquantifiable and will definitely come in handy as they face the realities of the business world.

NITSHA—ANAM BRA State House of Assembly has waded into the issue of disengaged 148 staff of the Anambra State Broadcasting Service, ABS, who were laid off about three months ago without redeployment to other ministries as contained in their disengagement letters. The House of Assembly has set up an adhoc committee, headed by the House committee chairman on information, Mr Pauly Onyeka. This followed a petition to the House of Assembly by the disengaged ABS staff who have since they were thrown out of job not received salaries to fend for their families and dependents. The House invited the Commissioner for Information, Mr Joe Martin Uzodike, Permanent Secretary in the ministry, Head of Service, Managing Director of ABS and some affected staff of the establishment.

...As Ubah faults Gov Obi on performance BY ENYIM ENYIM


NITSHA—A gover norship aspirant for the forthcoming governorship election in Anambra State, Dr Ifeanyi Ubah, yesterday, faulted the claim by Governor Peter Obi that his government had simultaneously developed all sectors of the state within the past seven years of his administration. Speaking with newsmen on his ambition at his Nnewi residence, Ubah said the governor’s claim was only achieved on the pages of newspapers, radio and television and not what was really on ground. Ubah said: "I am in the governorship race because this government is not the type of government that we want in this state. “What we want is a government that will develop the state in the real sense of the word and not a government of deceit. “I am offering myself to serve the state, to bring about real development and positive changes".

Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013—39

AWARD - From right, Governor Osun State, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola; Managing Director, First City Monument Bank, Mr. Ladi Balogun; Executive Director Public Sector-South, First Bank, Mr UK Eke and Anambra State Governor, Mr. Peter Obi, during the Business Day Annual Banking Awards, at Eko Hotel and Suites, Lagos

From left: Business Solution Division, Sharp Middle East and Africa Operations, Mr. Katoro Oku; Technical Manager, Altech Technology, Mr. ST.M. SundarSr. BMD-Nigeria, Altech, Mr Anand Kumar Padmanabhan;Business Support Manager, SFICO Ltd, Engr. Morakinyo Obembe and Customer Relations Officer, SFICO Ltd, Engr. Segun Ogunkoya, during a seminar/exhibition organised by EDUMARK, Altech-Dubai and SFICO, in Lagos.

From right: Kano State Governor, Alhaji Rabiu Kwankwaso; Osun State Governor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola and Publisher Business Day Newspaper, Mr Frank Aigbogun, during the Business Day Annual Banking Awards, at Eko Hotel and Suites, Lagos.

From left: Equatorial Guinea's Minister of Mines, Industry & Energy, Gabriel M. Obiang Lima; former Governor of Abia State, Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu and Mrs. Grace Clark, Chairman Board of Nigeria Export Promotion Council, during the Minister's visit to Abuja

From left: Archbishop George Amu; Mrs. Nimi Akinkugbe, guest of honour; Mrs. Funke Amba, Director; Chief Leila Fowler, Proprietress & Administator of Vivian Fowler Memorial College For Girls, during the school's 2013 graduation ceremony, at the Balmoral Hall, in Ikeja, Lagos. Photo: Biodun Ogunleye

From left: Mr. Ron Moser, President /CEO, Primeau Water Ltd; Prof. Oladapo Afolabi, Chairman of Primeau Water; Mrs. Tokunboh Awolowo Dosunmu, Prof. Dan Adebiyi, Special Adviser to President Jonathan; chairman of the occasion and Mrs. Toyin Oke Osanyintolu, representing the Deputy Governor of Lagos State, at the launching of Primeau water in Lagos. Photo: Shola Oyelese

From left: Mr. Ayo Olumoko, MD Infogem Ltd; Taiwo Shodeinde, Mr. Ayo Sadare and Idowu Adenubi, during City People Entertainment 'Exclusive evening-out' with Ayoola Sadare, a.k.a Shaddie Bobo and friends, at the Freedom Park, in Lagos. Photo: Biodun Ogunleye

From left: Executive Director, Junior Achievement Nigeria, Mrs. Kunbi Wuraola; Regional Manager, Recycling Department, Lagos State Waste Management Authority,LAWMA, Mrs. Tolulope Adeyo; Managing Director, Rofakin Integrated Services Ltd, Mr. Segun Aderinde and Executive Director, Rofakin Integrated Services, Mrs. Ayo Aderonde, during the 2013 World Environment Day, entitled 'Think Eat Save,' at Muson Centre, Onikan, Lagos.

40—Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013

ADB Fadama project achieves 87% success in Plateau

Ahmadu Bello Foundation presents relief materials to Baga, Bama violence victims


OS—THE African De velopment Bank, ADB,-supported Fadama II project has achieved 87 per cent budget implementation in Plateau from 2005 to 2013, Mr. Thaddeus Yelwa, the Project Coordinator in Plateau, has said. Yelwa told the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, in Jos, yesterday, that $4.70m was approved for Plateau, out of which $4.03m had been spent on implementation of various sub-projects in the state. He said that the amount was spent on input support, value addition, assets acquisition for 84 Fadama Community Associations (FCAs), consisting of 1,063 Fadama Resource User Groups. “Other expenditures were on small-scale communityowned infrastructure, advisory services, capacity building and facilitators' allowance.” He listed the communityowned infrastructure to include rehabilitation of 51 km road, construction of 40 km access road, 30 culverts, six VIP latrines, 79 boreholes and 180 open wells. Others were 210 stock routes, eight wash bores, three veterinary clinics, six market stalls and 20 post-harvest infrastructure. “Under the production and value addition support, five rice mills, five hammer mills, 40 pepper grinding machines, 10 threshing machine, 200 water pumps were distributed".



KADUNA NUJ—The Chairman Correspondents Chapel, Nigeria Union of Journalists, Nuj, Kaduna State Chapter Mr Luka Binniyat with the Manager Public Affairs, KRPC Kaduna, Mallam Idris Abdullahi and Hajiya Bilikisu Abba Ibrahim at the handing-over ceremony of the chapel's office furnished by KRPC yesterday. Photo: Olu Ajayi.

Yuguda accuses media of fuelling insecurity challenges BY SUZAN EDEH


AUCHI— GOVERNOR Isa Yuguda of Bauchi State has blamed a section of the media for allegedly fuelling the problem of insecurity in most parts of the country, through inaccurate reporting of events. Yuguda said that events reported in the media were sentimental, pointing out that such inaccurate and subjective reports were not only overheating the polity but encouraging hatred among the citizens. He spoke, yesterday during the 58th General Assembly of the Broadcasting Organization of Nigeria, BON, at the Yankari Resort and Safari in Bauchi.

His words: "Everything about development is hinged around security, so it cannot be pushed under the carpet. If there is no security in a state, there can never be capital generation and where there is no capital generation, the crime rate will increase and security thereby threatened. "This is the area where I feel the media have messed up because most of them are not adequately enlightened about what is causing insecurity. Many of them are ignorant of most cultures or tribes of a particular region they are reporting, hence they use derogatory statements like, Islamic terrorists, which is wrong because

Pilgrims commission allocates 3,230 seats to Jigawa BY ALIYU DANGIDA


UTSE —NATIONAL Hajj Commission has allocated 3,230 seats to the Jigawa State Pilgrims Welfare Board for onward sales to intending pilgrims for this year’s pilgrims exercise, the Executive Secretary of the Board, Alhaji Sani Alhassan has said. Alhassan who spoke in an interview with newsmen in his office said that necessary arrangements had reached

advanced stage as the state government had released the funds that would enable the board secure accommodations both in Mekka and Madina for the pilgrimage, saying it was the culture of the state government to secure decent accommodation near Haram as well as feed the pilgrims at Arafat annually. According to him, the board had also secured its office accommodation as well as made some special arrangements to enable the pilgrims have a hitch free Hajj exercise.

He said that the arrangements include, transportation; feeding at the Arafat mountain among others. "As usual, we have no doubt that our pilgrims will enjoy their annual obligations during their stay in the Holy land.” Alhassan further explained that, the board had made arrangements to reduce the problem of women going without their husband or unaccompanied, in order not to stain the image of Jigawa State in the Holy land.

there is nowhere in the Koran, where Islam is associated with terrorism.” Yuguda who described the media as the vehicle for maintaining security, however, lamented that it had aggravated the problem of insurgency by refusing to adhere strictly to the ethics of the profession. “I can vividly recall when there was this rumour that the NYSC camp was attacked in Bauchi State, where over 50 corps members died. "On the internet, the story was everywhere and it was a horrible experience for the state because the state was just recovering from a major crisis which was a fallout of the 2011 general elections, where some corps members lost their lives. "The media tarnished the image of the state and heightened tension in such a way that the news was all over the country within 30 minutes. "With this kind of scenario, how can we address insecurity?” Yuguda asked. He noted that it was during his administration that the long awaited chiefdom was granted to the Sawaya ethnic group in Tafawa Balewa Local Government Area of the state after over 1000 lives were lost, adding that it was not a religious crisis as wrongly insinuated by the media, but a land dispute. He then urged media organization, especially those in broadcasting, to change its mode of reportage of events so as to foster the bonds of unity among the people.

AIDUGURI — THE Sir Ahmadu Bello Memorial Foundation, SABMF, has presented relief materials to Baga and Bama violence victims to the Governor of Borno State, Alhaji Kashim Shettima. Presenting the materials, yesterday, at the Government House, Maiduguri, a Board of Trustee, BoT, member of the foundation and former Governor of Borno State, Alhaji Asheikh Jarma said: "The SABMF has continuously been with the government and people of Borno State in sharing the pains of the security challenges the state has been passing through in the past three years.” Jarma also said the foundation would continue to support and pray for Borno State so that the government could work seriously towards the development of the state, as according to him, Governor Kashim Shettima was poised to bring development to the state. “Allah will surely lift this lingering problem and create a space for you (the Governor) to achieve the collective dreams of the people of Borno State which you have remained steadfast on achieving. "Allah will surely reward you abundantly.” Jarma, however, reminded other well meaning Nigerians, especially northerners and Borno State indigenes living elsewhere of the need to assist those devastated by the tragedy so that they would find living meaningful again. The foundation then urged the Federal Government to do all within its power to assist millions of innocent people, especially women and children trapped in the troubled areas, through the provision of relief materials.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013 — 41


42 — Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013


Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013 — 43



LADOJA, AKALA: Friends for now RASHEED Ladoja and Adebayo Alao-Akala, who split from each other in a bitter political divorce in 2006 are back again as tag team. Their mission is to ensure that their successor in office, Governor Abiola Ajimobi as governor suffers the same humiliation they bear as one term governor of Oyo State. BY OLA AJAYI


OW time heals wounds. Just a few years ago the two immediate past governors of Oyo State, Senator Rashidi Ladoja and Otunba Adebayo Alao-Akala were practically at war with one another. Ladoja who governed the state between 2003 and 2007 with 11 months in the wilderness following an illegal impeachment that was reserved, had gone the length to describe his former deputy and successor as a traitor. Alao-Akala had stepped into Ladoja’s gubernatorial shoes upon the illegal impeachment on January 12, 2006. Though, Akala was not visible in the process, some, however, believed that he masterminded it or was keen that his principal was forced out. Both men had upon the impeachment turned a once cordial relationship into a bitter feud. The enmity and the violence that shadowed the relationship between the two all seem forgotten now as the two men have now teamed up to face a common foe as represented by the ruling Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN.

Dominant parties Putting the past behind them, Ladoja, the leader of Accord, one of the three dominant political parties in Oyo State and Akala, former governor and PDP leader in the state have teamed up with the ACN as the common foe. Just few days ago teeming supporters of the two politicians stormed the Bodija residence of Ladoja where the plans to cement the alliance were made. At the end of the two-hour meeting, a 14-man committee was set up to put machinery in motion for the onslaught. The committee members are Barrister Bayo Lawal, Abubakar Tawakalitu, Adeola Akintola, Hon Adeolu Adeleke, Wahab Oyelade, Yinka Adewuyi, Hon Ademola Ojo, Chief JG Adetoro, Mrs. Kemi Olorunsogo, Nureni Adeniran, Mr. Wale Ohu, Professor Soji Adejumo, Mr. Wole Opadeye, Wahab Gbadeyero. Akala boasts: Following the closed door meeting Akala dared the incumbent governor of the state, Senator Abiola Ajimobi to test his popularity by conducting

•Ladoja: Once accused Akala of being a traitor the long delayed local government election. “We are grassroots politicians and our support bases are growing. Can anybody beat the two of us? Let him try to conduct the local government election if he can. He will not win one local government. He cannot win any. Let him conduct it and test his popularity”. Count PDP out of the alliance – Olopoenia Remarkably, the alliance is receiving knocks from some strategic stakeholders especially in the PDP. One prominent stakeholder in the party, Alhaji Rasheed Adebisi aka Olopoenia was quick to distance the party from the Ladoja-Akala accord. “Akala cannot be meeting with Ladoja on behalf of PDP without the briefing and consent of the state party executive members and party leaders in the state. The members of the committee are Akala’s people and not PDP persons,” he said as he enjoined the national leadership to call the former governor to order. It’s a futile exercise –ACN Expectedly, the ACN in the state described the move as an exercise in futility. ACN State Publicity Secretary, Mr. Dauda Kolawole said the gang-up had shown the political desperation of the two former governors and an admission of the fact that, individually, they cannot face Ajimobi and the ACN in the 2015

elections. “We are very happy about this gang-up. Wonders indeed can never end. That these two strange bedfellows, who had, a while ago, fought a titanic battle to destroy each other, one releasing details of the corruption of the other while in government

•Akala: Once laughed with Ladoja's enemies and the other telling the world that his successor was crass illiterate, could come together to fight Ajimobi shows that our governor is now a mighty Iroko tree that these two gladiators needed to come together to fell. But, combined, the two cannot

measure up,” the ACN said. Though, many supporters of the two politicians on the surface appear to support the move, some nevertheless remain very skeptical of this reunion. For certain, 2015 still remains far away.

Sokoto: Matching words with action BY ABDALLAH EL-KUREBE


OVERNOR Magatakarda Wamakko of Sokoto has been on his toes in the last 24 months of his administration in a bid to fulfill his campaign promises. One of his promises is development of infrastructure to accelerate rapid overall development of the state. On this score, the governor has embarked on projects in various sectors of the economy. For instance, to reduce the deficit in housing, Wamakko constructed 30 units of houses in each of the 23 Local Council headquarters, built 500 houses at Bado, 500 at Mana and another 500 are being built at Kalambaina. This excludes the 300 houses built for flood victims at Tsaro village and 250 at Goronyo. To enhance security, the governor donated 60 Hilux jeeps and 1,000 motorcycles to the Sokoto State Police Command and this is apart from assistance

•Wamakko to other security agencies including DSS, NDLEA, Civil Defence, etc. He has also embarked on a rural electrification programme that would provide 30 megawatts of electricity at the cost of N3.8bn. He has spent N200m on solar power projects for the state capital. On roads, the state government

has, to date, constructed 1,100km of roads across the state. This includes rural roads linking the 23 local councils which constructed through direct labour. In the area of health, he provided mobile ambulances for general hospitals and buses for School of Nursing and Midwifery and Health Technology. He completed the Murtala Muhammed Hospital and introduced Free Medical Care (FREMCARE) and Rural Medical Care (RUMCARE) and constructed Primary Health Care Centres across the 23 local councils. The governor, who has maintained cordial relations with the other arms of government, has also embarked on ambitious projects to end the problem of water shortage. He set up a committee and provided it with N500m to find lasting solution to problems of water shortage in the Continues on page 45


Mixed grill on the Plateau THE Jang administration on the plateau is even praised by opposition elements for its efforts in road construction. But beyond that administration officials and oppositionists are agreed on nothing else


HE massive road construction in the Jos-Bukuru metropolis and in different parts of the state has been well received by many stakeholders including opposition politicians whose only quarrel is what they describe as the undue focus on Du, the governor’s village and environs. The positive efforts in road construction complement Governor Jonah Jang’s efforts in agriculture. The administration has been able to establish agricultural centres in the three senatorial districts in partnership with an Israeli farm thereby boosting youth employment and agricultural output. However, one major minus, according to some stakeholders is the failure to conduct council elections. The 17 local government areas have been under the control of appointed interim administrations for close to two years and not a few people see this as a strategy to keep the administration of the council and especially their finances under the firm control of the administration. The Jang administration at the inception of its second four-year tenure two years ago, came up with what it called “The Redemption Phase II” Programme which it said would be anchored on a three-pillar policy of human capital development, infrastructure and financial options.

Consolidating on achievements Just recently, the government in partnership with the German International Corporation (GIZ) organized what was tagged mid-term review retreat to take stock of the first two years of the phase two programme. Speaking on the occasion, Governor Jang said the administration has done well in her efforts to consolidate on the achievements recorded during the first tenure. “About two years ago, as a government, we were driven by a collective drive of consolidating the gains of Redemption I in our first tenure (2007-2011), which was anchored on the vision of ‘building a new Plateau in the plan of God; a people working together; responding positively to the developmental


challenges of building a new era of progressively’. The Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) in the state speaking through its spokesman Mr. Gambo Nbilamut, however, expressed reservations on the governor’s performance. “If you want me to assess the administration of Jonah Jang, I think the governor is a ‘road master’. If you look at what is happening in Plateau State, you will discover that the governor is beautifying the roads and I know he will sustain it until the end of his tenure. “But if you look at other sectors like education and health, we have recorded gross deficit. Although some of the schools have resumed from strike, what about the teachers welfare? The hospitals are just there for decoration.” Similarly, the state Chairman of the Congress of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP) Alhaji Mohammed Kanam said: “You are aware that last year the entire academic calendar was squashed

because teachers were on strike for one year. So currently our pupils in primary and secondary schools are one year behind. Currently as we speak in the agricultural sector, no fertilizer has been given out to any farmer; we will expect that to happen around September when the rain is over. “Go to Plateau Hospital, you will see how many doctors and nurses that have resigned, they are either on strike or not paid. Yes, he (Jang) is working on roads, but he is making the roads transportable for corpses. Then let’s come down to what he is doing in the 17 local governments where he has virtually paralyzed the administration of the councils for the past one year. He has put sole administrators to whom he dictates what they do, so what is democracy when the people don’t have a say in their own governance? “He has also rendered useless the state House of Assembly; you are aware that the state house of assembly is doing nothing. What about the judiciary, till this date I don’t know of a single case that the administration has won in the court of law”. Whatever is the reality, the pledge by Jang at the just concluded retreat provides a ray of hope as the administration coasts through the second half of its final tenure. This is anchored on the firm belief on the need for a more disciplined and well-informed process for identifying initiatives and projects based on sector strategies, clear transparency and accountability for delivering project outputs, monitoring based on results, and an action-oriented implementation roadmap for achieving Redemption II in 2015.” Many citizens of the state say they are optimistic.

Sokoto: Matching words with action Continues from page 44

state. The committee drilled boreholes across the state, provided additional three water tanks to provide one million gallons of water each. Solar boreholes were also drilled across the 23 councils and 20-million gallons per day water project is almost completed at Asare village. Other projects of the state government include provision of 150 18-seater buses for the state poverty eradication programme, 70 Peugeot taxi cars and 1,000 motorcycles for youths and commercial motorcyclists in the state; building of Sokoto State University, School of Agriculture and College of Legal and Islamic Studies. To boost agriculture, the state government purchased 146 tractors and 20 rice milling machines and gave a loan of N1billion to farmers across the state. ANPP, LP differ over Wamakko’s performance Assessing the governor’s performance two years after, the All Nigeria Peoples Party, ANPP and Labour Party

(LP) differed. While Alhaji Yusha’u Ahmed, ANPP governorship candidate in the 2012 election in Sokoto said that the present administration had done nothing, the state Chairman of LP and Chairman of Association of Sokoto State Political Parties, Alhaji Ahmed Ciroman Tangaza, said that Wamakko’s administration had done so well for the people. Said Ahmed: “Tell me, what the Administration has done; nothing! There has been no economic transformation neither has there been infrastructural development for the people of the state. This also affects the nation at the federal level.” Disagreeing, Tangaza said: “Our opposition does not stop us from telling the truth. Wamakko’s administration has done so well. Are you talking about education, health, youth and women empowerment, security, agriculture and so on? He has performed creditably and if he had not, we will say so.”



Yes, he (Jang) is working on roads, but he is making the roads transportable for corpses, then let’s come down to what he is doing in the 17 local governments where he has virtually paralyzed the administration of the councils for the past one year


46 — Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013



FTER food, housing is noted as the second most important human need. Under President Goodluck Jonathan administration’s Transformation Agenda and Vision 20:2020, the provision of accessible and affordable housing is one of the strategic national imperatives for guaranteeing the well-being and productivity of the citizenry. As it were, this strategic mandate is supervised by the Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Ms. Ama Pepple who restating this recently at a forum. According to her, “the housing sector has the capacity to reduce crime rates, insurrection, militancy, terrorism and substantially address wealth distribution and security problems, while our cities are centres of economic growth and centres for commerce and wealth creation, and for the promotion of healthy living environments.” This explains why the ministry under her supervision, has not left any stone unturned in its efforts at meeting up with its mandate. It was gathered that one of her administration’s most crucial successes, is the She further clarified that a reviewing and updating of both ministerial team for housing the national housing policy and delivery in Nigeria had been the national urban development inaugurated to propose policy. modalities for implementation of Instructively, the major aim of the reviewed policies, noting that this, according to the Minister is the benefits from the project “ensuring that all Nigerians own include; the delivery of 1,873 or have access to decent, safe housing units through the and sanitary housing in healthy agencies of the Federal Housing environments with Authority, the Federal Mortgage infrastructural services at Bank of Nigeria, the Public affordable cost, with secure Private Partnership, PPP tenure and, to promote a Initiative and directly through the dynamic system of urban Ministry. settlements, which fosters In addition, she said that no sustainable economic growth, fewer than 24,188 units were onpromotes efficient urban & going. ‘’The PPP unit of the regional planning and Ministry alone has engaged 89 development.’’ developers to build 17,267 houses

Lake view estate, Kado, Abuja developed by FHA in partnership with private developers

Reconstructing housing sector amid challenges •As ministry creates 76,000 jobs on a total expanse of 889 hectares! There are also housing schemes in Kuje, Abuja and Asaba, Delta state,’’ she added. Challenges: A key challenging area of Pepple’s mandate is in the arena of social housing. Though efforts in this critical turf were linked to a collaboration with Aso Savings & Loans and the FMBN to develop 144 mixed housing units at Lugbe, Abuja, as well as 1,000 units under another partnership with a private developer, more needs to be done here.

Notwithstanding, checks revealed that there are definitive progress in other areas, such as the partnership under the PPP Initiative with Cyrus; Projects to build unity villages in each of the six geo-political zones; 109 units by Royal Sanderton awaiting commissioning in Lagos State; the conversion of 12,500 analogue and cadastral maps to the digital equivalent; the issuance of 1,291 certificates of occupancy in respect of federal government lands; the agreement of the FCT ministry to issue C-of-Os to about 5,000

beneficiaries of the FHA Gwarimpa housing scheme; the establishing of 15 fully serviced residential plots per site in 13 states of the 6 geopolitical zones of the Federation and the FCT; Within the Mortgage Finance sector, reported developments include the opening of a loan window by the FMBN using cooperative structures to expand mortgage financing to the nonsalaried informal sector; the development of a joint working program with the Cities Alliance (World Bank Group) to undertake a comprehensive survey on housing that will assess and identify data gaps in the sector.

Nigerian roads require sustained funding — Arc. Mike Onolemenme, Works Minister tions that will lead to the professionalization of road development in a way that the sector can benefit from other sources of funding. He noted that some of the alternative sources of funding highways infrastructure being explored by the ministry include: borrowing from Multilateral Agencies; floating of Road Bonds; conventional PPP Finance, and Viability Gap Funding.



INISTER of Works, Mike Onolememen has disclosed that in the last two years, the nation’s roads had been transformed from their previous profile as death traps to a state that, most people now agree is manageable, adding however, that a lot still needs to be done if appropriate funding is available. According to the Minister, the general argument is that budgetary allocation for the nation’s roads management is grossly inadequate and that other sources of funding should be employed, pointing out that the federal government has proposed the use of money from petroleum tax and Public-Private-Partnerships, PPP but both systems require laws to enforce and make them implementable, as roads are vital to the economy of any nation, particularly in Nigeria

•Arc. Mike Onolemenme where 90 per cent of freight and passenger movement is by road. He said with such a huge project portfolio of N1.4 Trillion and outstanding commitments of about N850 billion, it is clear that budgetary provisions alone will not be able to meet the funding requirement in road development in our country. He explained that in realization of this, the present administration has initiated reforms in the road sector that would lead to the establishment of appropriate institu-

Interim certificates He added that there is evidence that the Federal Ministry of Works has made significant strides these past two years in roads development compared with what the situation was in 2011 when this administration assumed office. Onolememen said, “Many road projects were abandoned and a lot of interim certificates remained unpaid. Worse still, the morale of the Engineers in the Ministry was very low. Our

country came to that sorry state of affairs in the governance of the road sector because the leadership of our country in the past four decades failed to develop the right attitude to road development. “The ugly trend needed urgent reversal. In recognition of this compelling need, the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan and the leadership of the Federal Ministry of Works sought urgent and far reaching changes and reforms, especially in the areas of policy, management and financing. Therefore, a paradigm shift became inevitable in the development of roads infrastructure in our country, judging by the recent experiences of the near collapse of roads infrastructure. “We needed to reclaim the national road network from its state of disrepair and elevate it to an enviable state, where it could once again help to promote economic growth and national integration. Two years after the gov-

ernment embarked on an unprecedented and massive rehabilitation, reconstruction and expansion of major arterial highways. The improved condition of the roads now has good multiplier effect on the nation’s economy, particularly because travel time has reduced for both passengers and goods. “Added to this is the fact that very few accidents are caused these days due to bad roads. Also maintenance costs of vehicles have been reduced as a result of improved driving surfaces, devoid of potholes that hitherto put ‘holes’ in the pockets of vehicle owners due to frequent repairs, due to bad roads. As at the last count, 32 road projects have been completed and many more are near completion, “The ‘Operation Safe Passage’ embarked upon by the Ministry in the 4th quarter of 2012 led to the recovering of failed portions of federal highways across the country.



Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013 — 47



TERNIT Ltd, one of Ni geria’s foremost producers of high quality fibre cement roofing and ceiling products as well as concrete roofing tiles operating in Sapele, Delta State since 1974,has denied that its range of products still contain asbestos content. This is coming against the backdrop of an impression from some quarters that inspite of its ban because of its harmful nature, asbestos is still being used by Eternit in the production of its products. Believed to be harmful to human lives, asbestos was banned by the Standard Organization of Nigeria, SON over a decade ago in the production of building materials in compliance with international standards. But some people still associate the use of the harmful content with Eternit products.

Firm denies use of asbestos content in production process •says it stopped the use over 10 years ago over a decade ago”, he stated. Mr. Modderman who noted that strong competition from imported building materials in the country is a major challenge to his company, pointed out that in the face of keen competition amongst the manufacturers and dealers of building materials in Nigeria, the only way to remain relevant in the industry is not to compromise

set standards for quality of products, but to insist on improving on quality of products being produced at all times no matter the situation. The managing director who informed that his company’s products meet international standard, adding that the company has a good name in the building materials manufacturing sector of the nation’s

economy, stressed that the company wants to maintain that good name. According to him, even with the good name the company is currently enjoying, “we have to produce high quality products if we must remain in the business following strong competition with foreign products being imported into the country that are cheaper than Eternit products. This is

Damaging impression However, correcting the damaging impression last week during a media tour of the company, Mr. Dirk Modderman said the company does not make use of asbestos anymore, pointing out that “the last line of our products with asbestos content was churned out of our factory as far back as in 2001. For the sake of emphasis, and to correct the impression that Eternit products are asbestos products, none of our products contain asbestos. The asbestos component of our products mix has been replaced with synthetic new technology fibre

•R-l: Dirk Modderman, managing director; Adeniji Kayode, marketing manager; Hans Welander, technical director and Uvomata Moses, finance director during media tour of Eternit last week

why our watch word at Eternit is quality and no compromise about it”, he said. Explaining that over 800 people have been trained by his company free of charge on how to install various products of the company ranging from Duratile roofing tiles, Ultra span roofing truss, Super 7 and Ultra 7 roofing sheets and Super lightweight as well as Coolite roofing sheets, Suspended ceilings, Nailed ceilings and Decorative ceilings, the managing director said in order to cover the nation effectively with his company’s products, the company has concluded plans to offices in Abuja and Port Harcourt. Speaking earlier, the marketing manager of the company Kayode Adeniji, an engineer said the company is at present reinforcing its leadership position in the roofing and ceiling sheets market by surpassing its customers’ expectations with improved extensive distribution network, good trade incentives, quality customer service delivery and value for money. He added that “ we have recently put great emphasis on customer relations and thus we adopt as norm customer relationship marketing. As a socially responsible organization, we have contributed tremendously to our operating environment in all facets. The company is one of the few ones with certification for quality products, process and procedures, environment management and occupational health as well as safety system”, he said.

Lagos has masterplan to cope with challenges of megacity status — Hamzat By KINGSLEY ADEGBOYE



meet the huge challenges of a megacity status which the existing Lagos infrastructure may not be able to cope with, the State Government last week disclosed that it has a masterplan to build infrastructure that can cater for forty million people, hence it has commenced the building of Independent Power Plants, IPPs across the state to take care of its power needs. Making this known during a media parley, Lagos State Commissioner for Works and Infrastructure, Obafemi Hamzat added that the state is also building roads, bridges and rail infrastructure to facilitate movement across the state for enhanced human and commercial activities. The Commissioner poited out that the state has also expanded its capacity for water

transportation and that is continuing., noting that Lagos State Waste Management Authority, LAWMA is on top of waste disposal in the state and the capacities on that front are also expanding. According to him, “I can go on and on in other areas of human endeavour. Lagos State is making good progress on all these fronts. As a mega city, there are unique challenges such as transportation, refuse disposal and others. Our approach is to face each of these challenges and tackle them one by one in a strategic approach. Therefore, for each sector of the economy we have the strategic plan which we are implementing. ‘’As a state, we are not struggling with our structural plan of infrastructural challenges. We have the master-plan that we are implementing. We certainly will not finish all our plans in one calendar year. That is not

•Engr. Obafemi Hamzat realistic given the backlog that exists. Lagos State Government believes that infrastructure development is a major plank on which poverty eradication can rest on. Hence, our concentration on major life and City/State changing projects such as Lagos- Badagry Expressway, Isheri-Oshun Jakande road which is now fully awarded to Hitech Construction Company to complement the bridge works that started some time ago. ‘’Also, the blue rail line is

another of such projects. The overall target of the state is to develop sufficient infrastructure portfolio across the length and breadth of the state that ultimately allows for a competitive business environment. There are major roads across the state. Some are Federal roads while some belong to the state. The challenge is that it is important that these major roads are fully motor-able before we fix a huge number of the inner roads. ‘’Hence, the state government has gone ahead and fixed a lot of the federal roads thereby reducing our ability to fix the state road financially. However, the state has constructed a lot of the major roads and others are also under construction as we speak all across the length and breadth of the state. Last year we started the construction of 156 roads and majority of them are inner roads. It is important to also state that we have to manage

the numbers of roads we are constructing at a time to prevent gridlock’’, he stated. On government’s plans for urban and rural areas with regard to roads, Hamzat said ‘’as for the roads in rural areas, we use the same approach that is, rehabilitate as much as we can. But because we also know that we might not be able to do all in just a short time, we decided this year to grade and surface dress some roads as a palliative so as to give relief to road users. Examples are Isuti road, Powerline road in Ifako Ijaiye, Oke Agbo Street in Ojo L.G.A. and so many others. ‘’The essence is to allow for motor-able roads because it will be a traffic nightmare if we shut down all the roads at a single time for rehabilitation or construction even if the funds are available. The axle load on our roads is very high causing our roads to deteriorate faster. 93 per cent of containers coming into Apapa port will travel through Lagos roads.

48— Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013


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OMMUTERS plying the LagosBadagry express road yesterday expressed concern over the durability of the expansion work on the ever busy road, following a failed portion of the yet to be commissioned Lot 1 of the 10 lane-road. The Lot 1 is being constructed by Julius Berger Construction Company and it is between Orile and Mile 2 Bus Stop. It is expected to incorporate a Light Rail Transport, LRT, on the median and a Bus rapid Transit, BRT. Due to this failed portion, commuters have hectic time getting to their destinations daily, as the failed under bridge Bus Stop section elicit terrible traffic gridlock. The deep craters on the ever busy road force drivers linking the road from Oshodi-Apapa Express road and Orile end to either wait indefinitely in the traffic or drive on the dedicated lane for the rail transport.

Commercial bus operators People were forced to trek long distances, while commercial bus operators popularly called Danfo seized the opportunity to make brisk business. When Vanguard visited the scene, vehicles were stuck while trying to avoid the failed portions of the road. Some of the vehicles stuck, were forced to seek the assistance of miscreants who charge exorbitant fees to bring them out. Vanguard observed that a Sports Utility Vehicle, SUV, with Lagos registration number FB 363 APP was stuck while trying to avoid the failed portion. Also, police officers, deployed to manage the traffic caused by the bad portion, were overwhelmed by the enormity of the chaotic situation. And they were forced to find respite in the nearest hide out to cool off. Mr. Bakare Fadahunsi, a commuter who spoke to our reporter, regretted that the road could become a problem, even when the construction company handling the project was still on site. Fadahunsi said “When a busy road that was expected to serve commuter for several years has began to give way like this, it showed that the

road is substandard.” Mrs. Nnena Uchechi, on her part wondered why a construction will be allowed to do such shoddy job, adding “The construction company was known to be very good in road construction but for this, it is a shoddy construction.” Uchechi lamented “This morning, I had to spend several quality time in the bus. And when I realised that the traffic caused by the failed portion will delay my activities, I alighted from the bus and started to trek.” Exceptional traffic delay It started like a dream last Friday after the close of work when the traffic started building up as motorists tried to maneuver their way home. It was discovered that the failed portion of the ongoing construction work Under Mile-Two bridge was the cause of the problem as the vehicles could not easily ascend nor descend the bridge Mile 2 bus-stop serves as a transit point to road users on Apapa-Oshodi expressway and Lagos-Badagry international route. The condition of the road since the reconstruction work started has never been this bad with the sufferings of the road users aggravated


Too early to fail at Mile 2

Lagos abandons school to drug p BY MONSUR OLOWOOPEJO


ARELY one year after drug peddlers and addicts sacked teachers and pupils of Oremeji Primary School, Ajeromi-Ifelodun Local Government, the state government is yet to reclaim the public infrastructure from its strange occupiers. It will be recalled that Vanguard Newspaper had in 2012 raised concerns over the state of the school that had since been turned into full time joint for the sale of narcotics. When Vanguard visited the school at the weekend, the school building which is one of the State’s millennium schools was yet to receive any upgrade as promised by the government. Last year when the officials from the state government visited the school, they assured teachers and pupils that the government would

reclaim the school and reconstruct it for proper usage. Vanguard gathered that the space left unoccupied in the two-storey building last year by some religious outfits have been turned to full residential apartments. While the government was still busy considering how to reclaim the school structure and premises, land speculators haven’t relent, as they have further sold some portions of the school premises for about N100, 000 per plot. It was also gathered that areas left unclaimed by the speculators have been converted to refuse dump by the residents. Vanguard learnt that the school premises have also been converted into a parking lot for abandoned vehicles. One of them was an articulated vehicle with

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•Governor Fashola

5 years after: Ijegun pipeline explosion victims still waiting BY MONSUR OLOWOOPEJO


IVE years after the Ijegun Pipeline explosion, IgandoIkotun Local Council Development Area, LCDA, Lagos, which wreaked havoc on the community, victims of the disaster are still waiting for compensation. Although full compensation for the disaster is still pending, the Lagos state government has released a sum of N81 million, as relief fund to the victims of the explosion, who were divided into four categories. Victims in Category A - those

peddlers, addicts Kwara state registration No. XA 684 FFA. Mr. Gbenga Adebayo, a resident of the Tolu community, said that the school was abandoned for security purposes. Adebayo said “I have a son in the school. And when we-parents, realised that the activities of the drug addicts and peddlers who have taken over the building will not only pose threats to the security of the students, but also lead to stealing and vandalizing of valuable school property, we decided that they should vacate the building. “And since then, we were expecting the state government to dislodge the illegal occupants of the building and reconstruct it for learning. But today, the government is yet to listen to our cry. “Everyday, one illegal structure will spring up in the premises of the school. And this dampens our hope of reclaiming the school from its strange neighbours.”

who died during the disaster received over N1 million; Category B-those who had permanent disability, over N400, 000; Category C- those who lost their means of livelihood, over N200, 000 while category; D received over N90, 000 for the injuries they suffered during the explosion. It will be recalled that the fire disaster occurred on May15th, 2008 after a pipeline in the community burst and spilled Petrol Motor Spirit, PMS, which caught fire and killed several people, destroyed goods and properties which worth couldn’t be ascertained. Vanguard gathered that due to the degree of the loss suffered by the victims and the delay in the release of compensation, some of the victims have relocated from the state to their villages, citing financial constrain. Mrs. Juliet Udeh, whose husband died in the explosion, spoke to Vanguard after receiving the relief fund from the Lagos state government at the Igando relief camp, said “I have four children and since his death, joy has eluded the house. Daily, I wish I could rewind the hand of the clock.”Udeh, a private school teacher, explained; “Due to the financial requirement for the welfare of our four children in Lagos, my mother-in-law advised that I send two of them to the village while I cater for others.” Mr. Kingley Ojoye, a victim of the explosion, who spoke with gloomy eyes, said; “Since 2008, I haven’t recovered from the injury. Today, whenever I am in the house, I don’t wear cloth or sleep on the bed because of the pains I suffer whenever I try that.” Ojoye added that the explosion

has also affected his arms, as he could only lift one while the other has failed to respond. The former refrigerator technician lamented that the explosion has forced him to auction his landed property, in order to raise money to buy the required drugs for his treatment and cater for the needs of his family. According to him; “Today, due to the burn I suffered, I cannot return to my profession, that was why I had to seek shelter in my church until I could get the required fund to rent a habitable shelter.” Ojoye added that whenever he gets enough money, he will go for surgery. Vanguard gathered that apart from Lagos state government who recently released N81 million relief funds to the 233 victims captured by the six man committee for Ijegun fire disaster victims, led by Mr. Olaseni Shoewu, other parties like the Pipeline and Products Marketing Company, PPMC, are yet to come forward with any assistance. Mr Adedoyin Orenuga, whose sister, Idayat died during the incident commended the state government for giving him a token to deliver to the mother of the victim, saying that she trained the girl until she graduated from the university before her death, but lamented that the money given could not bring back his sister. Also, Mrs. Adewuyi Musiliu, a mother of six, whose husband died during the explosion, thanked the government for giving her some money to make ends meet, saying that she would channel the money into her business. It was further learnt that over 100 victims affected by the pipeline explosion weren’t captured in the 233 victims list released recently by the state government. Vanguard gathered that other parties who were yet to compensate the victims were the two Federal Government agencies: Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC and Pipeline and Product Marketing Company, PPMC, who were expected to compensate the victims of the disaster. Counsel to the victims, Mr. Micheal Babalola who spoke to Vanguard in an interview said that there concern was that not all the victims were captured in the list released by the committee. Speaking on the Issue, Shoewu argued that there are bound to be error, saying “we are human and not God.” The General Manager of the Lagos State Emergency management Agency, LASEMA, Dr. Femi Oke-Osayintolu, said; “The state government has asked the community to inaugurate a committee on the disaster that would speak on behalf of the affected victims.”

Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013 —52

Spygate: Ex-CIA man reveals identity, seeks asylum A

FORMER CIA employee has said he acted to “protect basic liberties for people around the world” in leaking details of US phone and internet surveillance. This is even as he seeks asylum in Hong Kong Edward Snowden, 29, was revealed as the source of the leaks at his own request by the UK’s Guardian newspaper. Mr Snowden, who said he has fled to Hong Kong, said he had an “obligation to help free people from oppression”. It emerged last week that US agencies were gathering millions of phone records and monitoring internet data. A spokesman for the US Office of the Director of National Intelligence

said the case had been referred to the Department of Justice as a criminal matter. The revelations have caused transatlantic political fallout, amid allegations that the UK’s electronic surveillance agency, GCHQ, used the US system to snoop on British citizens. Foreign Secretary William Hague cancelled a trip to Washington to address the UK parliament yesterday and deny the claims. The Guardian quoted Mr Snowden as saying he flew to stay in a hotel in Hong Kong on 20 May, though his exact whereabouts now are unclear. He is described by the paper as an ex-CIA technical assistant,

Syria troops ‘preparing for Aleppo assault’


YRIAN government forces are reported to be preparing for a major offensive on rebel-held parts of the northern city of Aleppo and its surroundings. A Syrian security source said it would start “in the coming hours or days”. Opposition activists in the city told the BBC that military reinforcements, including Hezbollah fighters, had been sent to parts of Aleppo. Government forces backed by Hezbollah, the

Lebanese Shia Islamist group, last week recaptured the town of Qusair. On Sunday, they retook the last remaining rebel-held villages in the strategically important area, which lies between the Lebanese border and the central city of Homs. In view of the Syrian regime’s rapid advance, Washington could decide this week at meetings involving top security officials to start arming the rebels, US officials say.

•Edward Snowden currently employed by Booz Allen Hamilton, a defence contractor for the US National Security Agency (NSA).

Mr Snowden told the Guardian: “The NSA has built an infrastructure that allows it to intercept almost everything. With

this capability, the vast majority of human communications are automatically ingested without targeting. “If I wanted to see your emails or your wife’s phone, all I have to do is use intercepts. I can get your emails, passwords, phone records, credit cards. “I don’t want to live in a society that does these sort of things... I do not want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded. That is not something I am willing to support or live under.”

Mandela remains in intensive care


ORMER South African leader Nelson Mandela, yesterday remained in intensive care , two days after he was hospitalized with a recurring lung infection. The increasingly frail Mandela was rushed to a hospital in Pretoria on Saturday. Later in the day, the South African president’s office said the 94-year-old former leader was in a “serious but stable condition.” He was breathing on his own and his wife was by his side, the office said at the time. After offering no updates for 48 hours, the government said Monday that Mandela’s condition was “unchanged.” Meanwhile, his


HE European Union has called on all armed group in Mali to show restraint to avoid acts capable of jeopardizing prospects of dialogue between the government and representatives of non terrorist and non-criminal groups that have recognized the unity and territorial integrity of Mali. A statement made available to Vanguard at the weekend and signed by the High

Representative of the union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Mrs Catherin Ashton said”the High Representative was s concerned about military developments that took place in the locality dAnefis in northern Mali. She stressed that only dialogue can create the conditions for lasting peace in Mali . In this context, the EU calls for early conclusion of talks in Ouagadougou and reiterates its commitment to support the restoration of state administration

throughout the territory of Mali and the forthcoming organization of elections, including included in the


ORMER U.S President, George W. Bush in collaboration with ExonMobil is set to organize a summit that will focus on the crucial role of African first ladies in promoting women’s empowerment in order to achieve better and


HE Queen visited the Duke of Edinburgh in hospital yesterday as Buckingham Palace described him as “comfortable and in good spirits” following the exploratory operation on his abdomen. Her arrival marked Philip’s 92nd birthday, celebrated yesterday , and he was also visited separately by his son the Earl of Wessex this afternoon. The Duke is progressing according to plans following his operation on Friday and once out of hospital will spend two months convalescing, said the Palace.


South Africa prays as Mandela remains in hospital

daughter Zenani Dlamini, who is the South African ambassador to Argentina, has flown back to South Africa to be with her father. On Sunday, South Africans offered prayers at church services, and well-wishes poured in for Mandela from across

the world. Meanwhile, the front page of South Africa’s Sunday Times read, “It’s time to let him go.” The paper quoted Mandela’s longtime friend Andrew Mlangeni as saying that the time may have come for South Africans to say goodbye to the beloved icon.

Kidal region and in the refugee camps. The High Representative noted

with great concern the allegations of violence against civilians, including racially

U.S govt to strengthen Africa BY VERA SAMUEL ANYAGAFU

Queen visits Philip in hospital

Thousands flee as German dam bursts

EU calls for restraint in Mali VICTORIA OJEME


progressive African nations. Featuring keynote addresses by President and Mrs. Bush, the summit will bring together African First Ladies, government officials, private organizations, NGOs and academicians to discuss best practices that can reap sustainable, replicable results, benefit

women and strengthen African society. Haven noted that advancement of women’s economic empowerment, health and education is imperative to development and that inclusion and active participation of women in all areas of the society increases stability and prosperity of countries.

HOUSANDS of people have been evacuated to safety in eastern Germany after a dam burst on the swollen River Elbe and farmland was flooded in an attempt to spare towns, with meteorologists forecasting more rain.

Guinea’s opposition may agree on election


FTER weeks of violent clashes, Guinea’s ruling party and opposition succeeded in drafting a framework which might allow the country to move forward with much-delayed legislative elections, according to the international mediator brought in to help bridge the chasm between the two sides.

Bombs strike Iraqi markets, kill 21


AR bombs and a suicide attack tore through food markets in two Iraqi towns north of Baghdad yesterday killing at least 21 people in unrest apparently caused by militants determined to provoke civil war.


Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013 — 53

refs for Injury hits Namibia camp Eritrean Eagles •As skipper Ketjijere, three others are ruled out


N what can be interpreted as a last ditch effort to stop the Super Eagles’ smoothrun in the qualifiers for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, rank outsiders Namibia have recalled forgotten veteran midfielder Oliver Risser ahead of their penultimate clash against the current African champions at the Sam Nujoma Stadium in Windhoek on Wednesday. Namibia based online network, New Era reports that the Warriors are still without the injured quartet of skipper Stigga Ketjijere, Rudolf Bester, Heini Isaacks and Henrico Botes, but newcomers such as Freedom Puriza and his teammates are capable of filling their boots with a great deal of

pride. The leg-weary Warriors returned home last Friday and immediately knuckled down to

sponsible for these threats - we have not had a direct discussion with him,” Muinjo said. “We have never had such a problem before and I am worried - if it is true. I’m not 100% sure if it is true, it would have been good if we had had the chance to investigate.” The Swede’s resignation comes just 48 hours before the ‘Brave Warriors’ host Group F leaders Nigeria in a must-win 2014 World Cup qualifier. Namibia have to collect maximum points to keep alive their slim hopes of making the 10nation final elimination play-off round. They trail group leaders Nigeria by four points with two rounds of matches left. Former Sierra Leone and Rwanda coach Palmgren, 50, took over only last month and his first competitive outing was a 0-0 World Cup qualifying draw in Malawi. National team assistant coaches Ricardo Mannetti and Ronnie Kanal-

qualifier clash against Nigeria’s Super Eagles – fresh from their 1-0 win against Kenya in Nairobi.


RITREAN official Mensur Maeruf Kherseed has been appointed by Fifa as match referee for Wednesday’s match-up between Nigeria and Namibia. He will be assisted by two of his countrymen and one from Djibouti. Compatriot Berhe Tesfagiorghis O’Michael will be the 1st assistant referee, Djiboutian Has-

san Egueh Yacin the 2nd assistant referee and Eritrean Luelseghed Ghebremichael as fourth official. Mady Kanoso Bora from Madagascar is the referee assessor while Ugandan Abbasi Ssendyowa is the match commissioner. Wednesday’s match will start at 8pm at the artificial turf of the Sam Nujoma Stadium.


Namibia coach resigns Continues from BP

serious business as the players went straight into camp in preparation for the eagerly awaited 2014 FIFA World Cup

elo have been put in charge for the Nigeria game. Mannetti told BBC Sport: “I’ve been in football for a long time and I’m used to coaches being changed or fired... but I didn’t see this one coming. “I had a very good relationship with Roger. His knowledge of the game and of African football was really great and I was looking forward to tap into that to make me a better coach. “But I have to adjust quickly, which is what I am doing, and I have to adjust the boys’ mindset as well to get them focused on the game against Nigeria ahead instead of losing a coach. “I told them that one has to do away with this myth that players play for coaches - I don’t believe in that. Coaches are replaceable but the Brave Warriors will remain. “I want to instil in the players that they have to play for their country, for the jersey and the pride of the nation.”

Ike Diogu (r) shields the ball against a Lithuania opponent in a 2012 Olympic qualifier

NBBF names 15 for Stankovich Cup


HE Nigeria Basketball Federation has announced a list of fifteen(15) players to represent Nigeria in the Stankovich continental cup tournament scheduled to be hosted in the two Chinese cities of Lanzhou and Guanzhou from 26th June-10th July, 2013.The tournament kickstarts the team’s international preparations for this summer ’s Afrobasket men slated for August in Cote d’Ivoire. A number of players who have committed to the national team for the Afrobasket have been excused to join the team in July after the Stankovich cup to enable them conclude rehab,sort outcontractual issues or try out with NBA teams during the period.

F/Eagles Continues from BP team’s camp in Germany. “The team was originally scheduled to set up a second training base in Germany on their return from the Toulon International Tournament in France on Sunday. “But the situation made this not to be possible, and we have now made changes,” he said. Audu said the situation forced the team to train on an open field on Monday morning and would train at the Tirol Stadium later in the day.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the team is in Europe preparing for the 2013 FIFA U-20 World Cup scheduled to hold in Turkey from June 21 to July 13. The Flying Eagles are expected to fly to Turkey on June 17 from Frankfurt, Germany and play their first match at the U-20 FIFA World Cup on June 21 in Kayseri. Their other first round games are against Cuba in Kayseri and South Korea in Istanbul.

Continues from BP “I am the Happy One. “Time flies. It feels like it was a just couple of days ago but it was nine years. “Since then lots of things have happened in my professional life — I have the same nature, I am the same person, I have the same heart and I have the same kind of emotions related to my passion for football. “I describe myself as a very happy person. “And you know this is the first time that I arrive in a club which I already love. “I think I am in the best moment of my career in terms of knowledge and experience. “I feel calm, comfortable and I am sorry that pre-season does not start tomorrow.” Mourinho is adored in SW6 for delivering backto-back titles in his first two Chelsea seasons. But the former Porto chief insists he is starting from zero and wants to win the love of the

Shed End all over again. He said: “It is a special fan base, it is a special club. I want to be respected for what I did in the past but I want to be loved for what I can do know. “The club knows my mentality and the fans can be sure that I have come here to do my best. “I haven’t chosen a comfortable position because I am returning to a house where the fans love me. “I am coming from the opposite perspective, I feel I have higher resposibility and the fans have higher expectations. “As I was saying, if I have to choose a nickname for this period I’ll choose the Happy One.” A fall-out with Roman Abramovich saw Mourinho divorced from the club in September 2007. But Mourinho insists he never went to war with the mega-money Russian owner and says there was no bad blood between the pair.

Warri Wolves Continues from BP hear of the death of the defender barely few hours after their win over 3SC. He appealed to the family of the deceased to take heart while also praying for the repose of player ’s soul. “We are still in deep shock over the death of Solomon. The news hit us in surprise. We never expected anything like that after our home win against 3SC. “He was a good player and did his best for the

progress of the club. He didn’t play against the Oluyole Warriors but he was part of our future programmes before this shocking news. We all know we shall die but dying this young is really an unfortunate incident. “We pray that God should be with his father and friends he left behind and give them the fortitude to bear the loss. War ri Wolves are in mourning,” .

54 —

Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013

Come and get me, Cavani tells Mourinho E

DINSON Cavani would relish the chance to work with returning Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho and has admitted talking to other clubs about a summer move. The 26-year-old Napoli striker is a reported target for the Barclays Premier League club, who have reinstated Mourinho at Stamford Bridge after a sixyear absence, while English runners-up Manchester City have also been linked with an approach for Serie A’s top scorer.

Cavani is among the most highly-rated strikers in Europe having hit 29 goals for Napoli in the 2012-13 season and, despite being under contract at the Stadio San Paolo until 2017, he confessed he would enjoy linking up with Portuguese Mourinho in London The Uruguayan would also consider collaborating with Chilean tactician Manuel Pellegrini, who claims to have a verbal agreement in place to become City’s next manager. Speaking at Uru-

guay’s pre-Confederations Cup retreat in Brazil, he told Sky Sports News: “The Special One? It would be a pleasure to be managed by someone like him. ‘Chelsea? I don’t know if they ’ve made an offer for me but I know that working for a coach like Pellegrini or Mourinho would be a great pleasure. ‘It would certainly be a great honour to join one of the illustrious teams that are looking at me because I dreamed about doing that as a child.

Navas excited by Man in Andalusia, but feels City move date the time is right to embrace




a fresh start at a club who have put great faith in his ability. Navas told El Confidencial: “I want to keep growing as a player. “Things have been clear for a few months. City made a strong move for me and I knew my time in Sevilla would come to an end. “They have shown great interest and I never doubted that I should go to City. It’s all been very clear.

Hiddink linked to PSG role

EAL chief Floren tino Perez has made no secret of his desire to land Ancelotti as Jose Mourinho’s replacement. However, PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi is standing firm and is seemingly not willing to let him leave. Hiddink is currently with big-spending Russian outfit Anzhi Makhachkala and PSG, despite their stance, are putting plans in place should Ancelotti depart. According to reports in France, one of the names in the frame is Hiddink, whose deal with Anzhi expires at the end of their season. “Renew with Anzhi? We’ll see. I’ll talk about my future in the coming days,” the experienced Dutchman is quoted as saying by Sky Italia. C M Y K

HE Blues have reached an agreement with Navas’ current employers Sevilla and are expected to officially announce his arrival in the coming days. The Spain international who has tasted World Cup and European Championship glory with his country - says he cannot wait to get started in England. The 27-year-old has spent his entire career to

Another option for PSG is appointing sporting director Leonardo in the

role until they find a boss they want, with Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger linked with the job in 2014.


Imoke promises exciting athletics championships T

Athletes during the AFN/CRS Athletics championship in Calabar

HE Cross River state government has assured athletes,officials and spectators that will throng the U.J Esuene Stadium,Calabar next week for the All Nigeria/Cross River State Athletics Championships of hosting a world class event comparable to the USA and Jamaican national championships. The Calabar 2013 championships will be used by the Athletic Federation of Nigeria as selection trials for the 14th IAAF World Championships in Moscow,Russia in August and Senator Liyel Imoke,the executive Governor of Cross River state has promised to

pull out all the stops to ensure the athletes get the maximum comfort that will enable them give their best. To this end,the Governor has charged the local organising committeefor the event headed by the Deputy Governor,Efiok Cobham to ensure not only a hitch free championships,but also one that will linger on in the memories of all participants till next year when another edition will be held. ’His Excellency has charged us to organise a befitting championships that will be in line with our culture of excellence.

Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013 — 55


Vanguard, TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2013

Doom looms for Namibia as coach resigns •Eagles ready to add salt to injury tomorrow •Kick-off: 8pm


OGER Palmgren has quit as Namibia coach after claiming he and his family had received death threats. Namibia Football Federation president John Muinjo told BBC Sport: “Roger emailed us to say that his life was under threat, and based on that he tendered his resignation. “It would have been good for us to investigate this but he did not talk to us prior to his resignation.” Muinjo added that he was unsure if the threats were genuine. “Roger did not raise the issue with us so we have not been able to try to find out who is re

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OSE MOURINHO yesterday breezed back into Chelsea declaring: “I am the HAPPY One!” Mourinho has returned to Stamford Bridge nearly a decade after his first arrival sent shockwaves through English football. He famously dubbed himself the Special One in a bombshell first

Press conference in 2004. And after sealing a four-year, £40million deal to replace Rafa Benitez, Mourinho insists he returns to West London in a better place than ever. Speaking at his first Press conference since taking the job, he said:

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Warri Wolves player dies in auto crash



ARRI Wolves h a v e announced the loss of their player, Solomon Oboh who died Sunday night in an auto crash in Agbarho( two kilometers to Warri), shortly after their NPFL Week 17 home win over 3SC. Oboh who was born

BYE-BYE — Palmgren

on September 13th 1989 previously played for Bisalo FC before joining Delta United in 2007. It was Delta that later metamorphosed into Warri Wolves. Warri Wolves’ media officer Etu Moses who confirmed the death of the player said the club was in deep shock to Continues on Page 55

Flood sacks F/Eagles from Germany T

HE floods ravaging Germany have forced the

Flying Eagles to change their training camp from Germany to Ebbs Bei


Kufstein/Tirol in Austria, an official has said. The team’s Media

Officer, Samm Audu, disclosed this in a s t a t e m e n t

issued on yesterday from the national U-20 Continues on Page 53


Sudoku TODAY'S




ACROSS 1 Modest (6) 5 Cease (4) 8 Scoff (5) 9 Horse (3) 10 Excuse (4) 11 Abrupt (4) 12 Worship (5) 13 Feverish (6) 16 Entrance (4) 18 Duck (4) 20 Chart (3) 22 Sister (3) 23 Newt (3) 24 Crazy (4) 25 Staunch (4) 28 Flood (6) 30 Proportion (5) 32 Cheese (4) 33 Spoken (4) 34 Wrath (3) 35 Worth (5) 36 Dregs (4) 37 Pang (6)

DOWN 1 Boat (6) 2 Sorcerer (8) 3 Reimbursed (6) 4 Plain (9) 5 Hide (7) 6 Loyal (4) 7 Compassion (4) 8 Ocean (3) 14 Aware (9) 15 Tank (3) 17 Abroad (3) 19 Outpouring (8) 20 Male (3) 21 Nightwear (7) 26 Sweet (6) 27 Ebb (6) 29 Healthy (4) 30 Rant (4) 31 Mineral (3)


How to Play Sudoku

ACROSS: 3, Admit 9, Regale 10, Talent 11, Enter 12, Mien 15, Safe 17, Pleaded 20, Lap 21, Dozen 23, Need 25, Main 26, Demon 28, Asp 30, Ravaged 33, Islet 35, Dude 36, Argue 38, Entice 39, Rafter 40, Tenet.


DOWN: 1, Cramp 2, Agree 3, Ale 4, Denied 5, Item 6, Tar 7, Legal 8, Steep 13, Illness 14, Named 16, Fainted 18, Donor 19, Gem 22, Naiad 24, Den 27, Nature 28, Aided 29, Plate 31, Gusto 32, Decry 34, Free 36, Act 37, Eat.



lace a number (1-9) in each blank cell. (No line can have two of the same number). Each row (nine lines from left to right), column, (also nine lines from top to bottom) and 3 X 3 block within a bold block (nine blocks) contains number from 1 through 9. This means that no number can appear twice in any block, column or row. No mathematics is involved – no adding, subtraction, division or multiplication, just plain logic and your imagination. Printed and Published by VANGUARD MEDIA LIMITED, Vanguard Avenue, Kirikiri Canal, P.M.B.1007, Apapa. Phone: Newsroom: 018773962. Deputy Editor: 01-8944295. Advert Dept: 01-7924470; Hotline: 01-8737028; Abuja: 09-2341102, 09-2342704. E-mail:,, Website: (ISSN 0794-652X) Editor: MIDENO BAYAGBON. Phone: 01-7742861, All correspondence to P.M.B. 1007, Apapa Lagos.


You're an ingrate, FG lambasts Ribadu  


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